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Fantasy Basketball Podcast at Razzball

Fantasy Basketball Podcast at Razzball

By Viz & Tehol

A fantasy basketball podcast to help you win your league, or at least not embarrass yourself.


Son Pod 75 – The Racco Show

Racco is one of the best fantasy basketball players in all the land. Here are thoughts on this past season and his process in general.
24/04/23·1h 36m

Son Pod 74 – The RazzJam Champ Michael Kimball Slobberfest

We are blessed to chat with Michael Kimball, who dominated and was crowned the 2022-23 RazzJam Champion. Kimball provides excellent insight into his process and how he plays...uh, sorry...dominates fantasy leagues.
19/04/23·58m 18s

Son Pod 73 – The Joel Coronation Pod

Joel took down the head-to-head championship in the 30-deep salary cap league. We slobber over his accomplishment and listen to him break things down with his squad.
28/03/23·54m 48s

Son Pod 72 – Losing Steam on Jalen Green?

Joel is in the championship round for the 30-team salary cap league. He talks about his thoughts and process. We also touch on general head-to-head strategies. We also delve into Damian Lillard, Jalen Green and Cole Anthony.
21/03/23·1h 6m

Son Pod 71 – Are the Clippers Frauds?

Joel does an excellent job breaking down the Clippers. Are they frauds in his mind? We also talk about Cory Joseph and Brook Lopez while rapping about our teams and draft prep/strategies.
14/03/23·1h 14m

Son Pod 70 – Silly Season

Joel and I highlight some players who could benefit in the upcoming silly season. We also talk about some of his teams, including an epic sweat in our 30-team salary cap league. I also touch upon my Main Event team, which has a chance of doing some things.
07/03/23·1h 22m

Son Pod 69 – Get to Know Ossie

Joel and I welcome Ossie to the pod. Get to know him and listen to him drop knowledge on a variety of topics, especially things pertaining to the Portland Trail Blazers.
28/02/23·1h 15m

Son Pod 68 – Chilling with Jay Long

Jay recaps the Monday games for hoops, but he is my Miyagi, the one who brought me onto Razzball way back in the day. We talk about the state of the NBA, being asian in this space, get nostalgic about 90s basketball and just rap about his background and history.
22/02/23·1h 13m

Son Pod 67 – Menage with Ehran

Joel and I are joined by Ehran, who writes the Thursday recap for Razzball hoops. We rap about in-game entertainment at arenas, ways to make the game better, most memorable games that we've attended, and a bunch of completely useless stuff about hoops. Enjoy!
21/02/23·1h 8m

Son Pod 66- Talking with Rory Ostrow

Rory writes the Wednesday DFS article at Razzball. We get into his DFS process and talk about how the trade deadline and end-of-season funny business can affect teams like the Spurs, Hornets and Pistons.
20/02/23·52m 17s

Son Pod 65 – Trades

Joel and I talk about the Kevin Durant trade and trades in our 32-team fantasy league.
14/02/23·55m 47s

Son Pod 64 – H2H Guru, Eric Meeder

Eric, aka PB, writes the Midweek Guidance piece on Razzball. We talk about his process, mindset and things he's learned over the years to becoming a potent head-to-head fantasy player.
13/02/23·1h 5m

Son Pod 63 – Kyrie Irving Trade

Joel and I talk about the Kyrie Irving trade and some other ramblings in the NBA landscape.
08/02/23·1h 16m

Son Pod 62 – Floor-wards

Joel and I pay homage to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the future prospects of Bol Bol, My Precious, and the forward (floor-wards) landscape for fantasy and how it affects roster construction.
31/01/23·1h 25m

Son Pod 61 – Already Thinking about Next Year’s Drafts

Joel and I talk about things we've learned and how we are looking to approach draft's for next season.
24/01/23·1h 15m

Son Pod 60 – Nature vs. Nurture

Joel and I talk about a ton of random stuff like nature vs. nurture, what differentiates greatness from the rest, injuries, not needing to galaxy braining it for fantasy, making the NBA game better, and players such as Michael Porter Jr., Walker Kessler, and Victor Oladipo.
17/01/23·1h 28m

Son Pod 59 – Atlas and the Peter Principle

Joel and I talk about Giannis, Dyson Daniels, Tyus Jones, John Collins and a bunch of other random stuff.
10/01/23·1h 7m

Son Pod 58 – Trading

Joel and I talk about trading in fantasy hoops. Please, blog, may I have some more?
03/01/23·1h 29m

Son Pod 57 – Making Mistakes is Healthy

Joel and I talk about how making mistakes makes us better fantasy hoops players.
27/12/22·1h 13m

Son Pod 56 – 33.33333% of Season Recap

Joel is in Milwaukee while I'm in Hawaii. "Ha Ha" in Nelson from Simpson's voice. We talk about where our drafts are at 1/3 of the season and go over a mid-season draft we are currently in.
14/12/22·1h 25m

Son Pod 55 – The Joel Show

After Joel allowed me to rant like a psycho last week, it's only fair to make this week his show. But before I handed over the reigns, I espoused wisdoms from RZA and how they can make us better fantasy players. Joel then focused on the Minnesota Timberwolves, in particular Rudy Gobert. He also dives into how to value young players and organizations that hinder or allow them to prosper.
06/12/22·1h 30m

Son Pod 54 – We Talkin’ Bout Process?

Joel and I talk to improve our process to become better fantasy players.
29/11/22·1h 5m

Son Pod 53 – We Got Mics!

Joel and I finally got mics! I have a therapy session in which I espouse about where I'm at as a fantasy player and how to get better. We also talk about Jaden McDaniels, Rudy Gobert, and a trade proposal in Joel's 14-team dynasty league.
22/11/22·1h 13m

Son Pod 52 – Process Over Results

Joel and I talk about Jalen Smith and Jordan Goodwin. Shoutout to the Saint Louis Billikens, Joel's alma mater. We also riff about lessons learned and process over results.
15/11/22·1h 12m

Son Pod 51 – The Greatness of Bane

Joel and I talk about: Raptors without Siakam Christian Koloko Desmond Bane Tobias Harris Isaiah Hartenstein Jabari Smith Jr. Michael Porter Jr. and Bruce Brown Collin Sexton
08/11/22·1h 20m

Son Pod 50 – Brooklyn Bombs

Joel and I talk about the Brooklyn shituation, Nikola Jokic, the Bucks, Pistons, Kawhi and a bunch of other random, useless stuff.
01/11/22·1h 14m

Son Pod 49 – Bol Bol!

Joel and I talk about: Benedict Mathurin, Alperen Sengun, the Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, the Lakers and Bol Bol! We also ramble about some other random things but those were the main highlights.
26/10/22·1h 9m

Son Pod 48 – We got our first sponsor!!!

I go over my NFBKC Main Event draft while Joel reviews two of his H2H drafts. Did I mention that we got our first sponsor?
18/10/22·1h 28m

Son Pod 47 – Reviewing Our RazzJam Drafts

Joel and I review our RazzJam drafts out of the 12 slot.
04/10/22·1h 36m

Son Pod 46 – Ryan Turner, King of the Big Men Strat

I chat with Ryan Turner, a high-stakes fantasy basketball player. We delve into his fantasy history and he expounds on his big man strategy.
30/08/22·59m 52s
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