Thank God I'm Atheist

Thank God I'm Atheist

By tgiatheist

Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.


Madonna's Satanic Panic #649

Texas megachurch really wants a new traffic light, Vatican museum staff sues Vatican, imprisoned Rastafarian appeals to Supreme Court over cut hair, Chicago high school's quiet time crosses the line, Billy Graham statue headed to US Capitol, free books at Louisiana school, and Madonna's free concert in Brazil stokes new Satanic Panic.
21/05/241h 3m

Holy Hypocrisy: Pope's Progeny Plea #648

City council in Australia bans same-sex parenting books, Southern Baptist membership numbers in decline, more 'nones' doesn't mean more atheists, college professor fired for not hating enough, school board in Texas edits text books, Boy Scouts rebrand doesn't mean they've gotten nicer to atheists, and in the face of population decline, Pope Francis calls on Catholics to have more babies.
14/05/241h 10m

Catholic Time Machine: Undoing Vatican II #647

Priest spends diocese money on Candy Crush, Mormon Church in trouble with investors again, United Methodists approve LGBTQ clergy, Catholics in Silicon Valley, bill to fight antisemitism faces backlash in Congress, Utah hate bill meets with trouble, and US Catholic Church pushes back against Vatican II reforms. And that link Dan wanted everyone to have:
07/05/241h 11m

Costly Underwear #646

Texas nuns fight back, Spain takes action against Catholics, university students in Iran protest, Oklahoma lawmakers have an interesting idea, polling about Mormons and gay marriage, priest retires after uproar, and Mormons react to their leaders insisting they wear their magic underwear all the time.
30/04/241h 13m

School Chaplains #645

Majority of Baltimore archdiocese parishes face closure, French court decision enrages Vatican, 'religious litter' gets cleaned up, Wisconsin politician identifies source of homelessness, New York State to enforce independent oversight of clergy sex abuse allegations in Brooklyn, Dublin priest barred from blessing planes, and the next big thing Republicans are pushing on America: chaplains in our public schools.
23/04/241h 3m

The Numbers Game #644

Chips commercial sparks outrage, Louisiana Supreme Court overturns victim amnesty law, Russians go after Ukrainian Christians, Arizona abortion law reveals rift among Republicans, Vatican misses opportunity for an easy win, Huntsman lawsuit against Mormon church, and should we even care about Mormon membership numbers (or any church's numbers for that matter)?
16/04/241h 9m

Terror in the Sky #643

Trump promises to create 'Christian Visibility Day,' Kenyan priest 'sentenced' in child-rape case, Mormon leaders admit they're old, trend in Catholic parish closures, Tennessee changes law to allow anti-LGBTQ bigots to adopt LGBTQ children, possible changes to Mormon underwear, and this week's eclipse brings out the religious/superstitious crazies.
09/04/241h 26m

Donnie's Bible #642

'Blasphemous' painting of Jesus slashed, anti-LGBTQ+ Christians stop traffic in New Zealand, an Easter tradition in the Philippines, Taliban resumes stoning women to death, French soccer federation ignores Ramadan, more Americans leave religion over anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry, and Trump's blasphemous entree into bible publishing.
02/04/2454m 1s

Mormon Women #641

Haiti and voodoo, church embezzlement, Supreme Court and parents of trans kid, female genital mutilation, House Speaker's Christianity hurts fundraising efforts, Hindus mad about yogurt, and Mormon women and authority.
26/03/241h 10m

Doubling Down #640

A museum closes, victims compensated in France, Islamic police arrest snackers, problematic new law in India, Franklin Graham warns France, Wisconsin Supreme Court issues ruling, and the Mormons double down on controversial speech at BYU.
19/03/241h 14m

Poop Birds #639

LDS Church buys important (to them) historical sites, right wing Catholic website is dying, Greek Orthodox Church responds to same-sex marriage vote, anti-semitism on the rise in Europe, Biden issues rule to prevent religious discrimination in social services, Liberty University is in trouble, and recent polling looking at who is leaving the Mormon Church.
12/03/241h 10m

Alito and Religious Bias #638

Bill banning Pride flags from Utah classrooms fails, Spanish priest scolded, vast majority of Iranians want a secular government, Florida law, secularism law in Quebec upheld, a West Virginia lawmaker's view on abortion, and Samual Alito opines about fake anti-Christian bias.
05/03/241h 16m

Embryo Personhood #637

France responds (overreacts?) to an Imam's criticism of the French flag, funeral at iconic New York church for trans woman, Arizona lawmakers reject bill banning Satanic displays, Georgia bill about christianity, Trump promises religious broadcasters he'll defend Christianity, revealing tweet from Hillsong pastor, and Alabama's Supreme Court declares embryos are people too. 
28/02/241h 9m

Woo For You #636

Kate joins Dan because Frank's out of town. Greece OKs gay marriage, Israel and the Vatican in a spat, new animated series, Iowa wants to ban Satan, Christian Nationalist in Arkansas tries to de-fund libraries for Jesus, a survey asks if people trust pastors, and Dan and Kate discuss spoooooky woo!
23/02/2451m 47s

Rumors of War #635

There's a war on men in this country (according to Christian pastor), Australian teen ordered to have cancer treated, an alternative to the National Prayer Breakfast, churches and solar panel rebates, Utah lawmaker wants to expand definition of lewdness, faith on display at the Super Bowl, and Christians fear civil war is coming (at the hand of liberals).
13/02/241h 7m

Mormon Swingers #634

Christian school bans mother from dropping off kids, CVS sued by former employee, Satanic Temple display vandal charged with hate crime, Idaho constitutional amendment attempt, 'Take Our Border Back' convoy is a total mess, a radio preacher gets in trouble, and we discuss the phenomenon Mormon swingers.
06/02/241h 4m

Religious But Not Spiritual #633

TurboTax ad ruffles feathers, new polling about 'nones', pastor admits to steeling from followers ("the Lord told us to"), gays are the new colonizers, "God's army" heads to the US/Mexico border, who gets to choose the chief rabbi, and the demographic group of the religious but not spiritual kinda blows our mind.
30/01/241h 12m

Disqualifying Churches #632

Mike Johnson admits Joe Biden's presidency is 'God's will', filmmakers hurt some feelings, Prince William told to back Christianity, new Utah bill, Community of Christ appoints woman as prophet, natural disaster hits Greg Locke (guess who didn't send it), and what should disqualify a church from being legally recognized.
24/01/241h 15m

Cultural Evangelicals #631

Iran's got some screwed up criminal punishments, Baptists selling insurance to Methodists, the pope reminds us he's Catholic, Buddha Boy, Martin Scorsese is making another film about Jesus, a really nutty tunnel in New York, and 'cultural evangelicals' might be crazier (and scarier) than the church going type.
16/01/241h 3m

Bracing for 2024 #630

Italian priest speaks schismatically and gets the boot, judge rules school not responsible for child conversion, Michigan state representative works for God, Southern Baptists settle law suit, Republicans are convinced Trump is a person of faith, Vivek Ramaswamy answers atheist question, and it's a US presidential election year and things are going to get rough. Here's our survival tips.
09/01/241h 6m

New Year, Old You #629

Christian university sued for false advertising, white Christians upset about Jesus art, Navajo Nation objects to NASA moon mission, wrestlers need snacks, Church of Scotland is selling off churches fast, surprising data about Mormon population in Utah, and getting preachy about New Years resolutions.
02/01/241h 5m

Joy Eludes Us #628

Atheists are nicer to Christians than the other way around, pope has words about decision to bless gay couples, Vatican holds cardinal accountable, Catholic college update, Lindsey Graham declares war on New York, Greek lawmakers vow to keep promise to allow gay marriage, and the Catholic League advises people to avoid joyless atheists.
26/12/231h 2m

Have a Holly Heathen Christmas! #627

This week, Kate fills in for Frank, who might be dying... but is actually just in Hawaii making Dan jealous. Stories: death penalty troubles in Alabama, Church of England is going too far, or not far enough, holy sexuality is a nonsense term, small towns STILL don't understand what's wrong with governments promoting Jesus in front of the firehouse, Satanic Temple statue bravely destroyed by Christian hero, and the Supreme Court makes the best decision they've made all year. In the final segment, Kate and Dan discuss Christmas in a secular household. 
19/12/231h 9m

War on Christmas! (Songs Edition) #626

US Speaker of the House thinks he’s Moses, holiday tradition at Vatican turns 800 years old, Denmark officially outlaws burning the Quran, Pew study about our spiritual-but-not-religious comrades, school board member takes oath on stack of banned books, Catholic women’s college decides to admit trans women, and it turns out that all the fun Christmas songs were written by Jews and that pisses some Christians off.
12/12/231h 6m

So Many Rules #625

Diplomas for sale, Pope Francis wants more women involved in church, the pope punishes another vocal critic, Oregon Christian group bad for foster kids, the Mormons keep buying up farmland, monsignor relieved of duties after music video causes stir, and what are all the religious rules for?
05/12/231h 11m

Lady Mormons #624

Catholic health system takes down crucifixes, Pope Francis is worried about how nice German Catholics are being, Pope Francis invites group of trans women to lunch, lawsuit over trans athlete, Baptist pastor apologizes for creationism seminar, Christian books in schools, and sorry for the sexist title... we're not sexist, but maybe the Mormon patriarchy is?
28/11/231h 2m

Atheists No More #623

Rio de Janeiro wants to honor Taylor Swift; Church of England agonizes over baby steps; Speaker Mike Johnson has some bad ideas about separation of church and state; a bad Wisconsin law; Pope Francis fires priest; imprisoned atheists win in court; and Ayaan Hirsi Ali leaves the atheist movement for Christianity, and we wonder what retirement could look like if we followed along (hint: $$$).
21/11/231h 7m

Covenant Eyes #622

Churches in Utah open as winter warming centers for the unhoused (guess who isn't participating!), court dismisses suit against Mormon Church, America passes major milestone in evolution acceptance, India bans protest, Vatican issues surprising guidance about trans community, preacher claims victory that isn't his, and the new US Speaker of the House has a strange relationship with his son.
14/11/231h 9m

Christian Takeover #621

Someone smashed some pumpkins in Czech Republic, Texas justice of the peace sues to not do gay marriages, Catholic priest hosts gay orgy, a crappy amicus brief, Italian priest causes liturgical horror, the Synod on Synodality, and a Christian nationalist officially takes over the US House of Representatives.
07/11/231h 19m

Awe Inspiring #620

School trustee posts truly offensive meme and uses the 'but the Holy Ghost told me to' defense, our favorite Catholic cardinal tasked with solving current conflict in 'Holy Land', new student housing at the University of Utah comes with strict code of conduct, another ruling on controversial teaching in school, Oklahoma attorney general sues to stop public funds from going to religious charter school, police chief uses archaic law to harass business owner, and how something truly awesome--like a total eclipse--can break your brain.
24/10/231h 8m

Christians are the Worst #619

School board member banned from reading Bible verses during meetings, NJ political candidate, consequences for selling bleach as COVID-19 cure, poll about religion and well being, Northern Ireland's new abortion protest buffer zone law, an update about the Louisiana principal, and the Christian response to Hamas and Israel.
17/10/231h 1m

Saving Democracy #618

COVID-19 update, the pope and the environment, high school student punished by Christian principal for dancing, thing go wrong for preacher family, drag queen arrested in the Philippines, football game doesn't happen, and it's going to take atheists coming out and getting involved to save American democracy.
10/10/231h 10m

Deeper Questions #617

Faith leaders about to be deported from US, religious education in Greece, Danish artists react to 'Quran Law', poll about political figures' religiosity, majority of America now not religious, unusual Detroit church closes, and a new video game got us thinking about the human experience.
03/10/231h 12m

Fall from Grace #616

Decapitated Jesus Halloween display disturbs neighbors, drama continues for Jerry Falwell Jr, Turkish president might be a little too sensitive, pastor privacy lawsuit, Indonesian TikToker eats pork on camera, a tale of two high schools, and the founder of OUR gets in trouble with Mormon Church and things might get ugly.
26/09/231h 10m

Too Inclusive #615

Kim Davis ordered to pay $100,000 in same-sex marriage case, new podcast about surviving Bob Jones University, Belgian public schools set on fire, Florida recognizes alternative college admissions exam, ultra-Orthodox Jewish pilgrims enter war zone, a lawsuit against American Family Association, and the Michigan state legislature recently passed a law recognizing an assortment of religious holidays.
19/09/231h 2m

The Problem With Weddings #614

Weddings are a huge deal in our culture, but they can be deeply problematic. This week, along with our standard news stories, guest host Andrea is here with Dan to discuss the worst wedding traditions, and their deeply sexist religious roots. 
12/09/231h 5m

Mormons Believe the Darnedest Things #613

NYC approves Muslim noise pollution, proposed law in Denmark would ban burning of "holy" books, France bans Muslim robes in schools, New Jersey town harasses Jewish residents (and is forced to pay), Michigan lawmaker wants "Christian foundations" taught to school children, Christian school lawsuit, and the Mormons have some wacky beliefs but this one is a doozy... Adam-ondi-Ahman.
05/09/231h 9m

A Burning Sensation #612

Texas chaplains urge school boards not to use chaplains; amputees in Oregon can keep their parts, thanks to native tribe beliefs; Christians invade artist retreat because of om symbol in a chapel; San Francisco archdiocese declares bankruptcy; and BYU updates honor code, and the unique mix of religion and spirituality at Burning Man.
29/08/2351m 42s

I Love to See the Temple #611

School board member fights against inclusive classrooms, indicted pastor in Trump RICO case, the poor are going to hell, the great chicken nugget caper, church computers used to view porn (at an alarming rate), religious schools exempt from the law, and the Mormon Church behaves like a giant bully.
21/08/231h 12m

Sweet Jesus #610

A snake falls from heaven (onto woman), Christian eBay retailer arrested, the Quran gets burned (again) causing riots (again), sham charity raises money to send Bibles to China, Jesus films are all the rage these days, an new AI app responds as Jesus, and Christians seem to be souring on Christ.
15/08/231h 7m

What a Richard! #609

"In God We Trust" foisted on school children, company settles religious discrimination lawsuit, court rules Connecticut can enforce vaccinations for school children, AI in the military, Muslims stab gay man to death in NYC, new song tops Christian music charts, and we've had it with Richard Dawkins.

Tearing Me Up #608

Jews and Muslims unite, Jewish stock photos, Texas church firebombed, belief in spiritual entities, update on the hijabless Iranian chess player, Fox News and the devil, and Sinead O'Connor was right about the pope and was canceled for it.
01/08/231h 9m

Pie and Beer Day #607

Muslims protest LGBT movement in Canada, Christians design chatbot with biblical worldview, man arrested in Turkey for looking gay, Fort Worth rejects Atheist groups banners, court blocks religious prison program in West Virginia, Einstein letter for sale, and a chat about Utah's Pioneer Day holiday.
25/07/231h 4m

Which Witch? #606

Sweden is the place for religious book burning, Trump delivers a bunch of dog whistles, LDS Church pushes Constitution celebration, transphobic salon owner in Michigan, the UN enters the discussion about Qur'an burning, a school clinic closes, and a new museum in Scotland prompts us to talk about witches.
18/07/231h 17m

After Church #605

Minneapolis City Council dust up, religious chalk art at Arkansas governor mansion, Taliban outlaws beauty salons, denied dean, turns out Josh Hawley might be a Christian nationalist, a proposed satanic concert, and the crazy things we do when we leave religion.
12/07/2359m 16s

Stuff on Fire #604

Frank really ties to give us all some good news this week: US church attendance officially lower than before the pandemic (and continues to fall), SCOTUS and the mail carrier, German Catholic Church hemorrhages members, amendments to military code, atheists emerging as an important voting bloc, Mormon mom sues school district, and some confusing protests in Iraq over something an Iraqi did in Sweden.
04/07/231h 11m

Vintage B.S. #603

AI-gerenated images stoke more satanic panic, a fake priest takes confessions at California restaurant, the road to Hel leads to a very beautiful place, survey in the UK, Muslim majority city council acts just like you'd expect (unless you're one of the town's liberals), Catholic hospitals, and a discussion about religions getting super fussy over the minutiae.
27/06/231h 6m

Follow the Leader #602

Prankster Democrat angers Arizona Republicans, Southern Baptists in upheaval over female clergy, study shows many American Atheists hide their non-belief, states remove statute of limitations, Utah city bans Pride Month Displays and then threatens employees, an AI clergy delivers sermon, and a conversation about the usefulness of the word "cult".
20/06/2355m 8s

Ding Dong! He's Dead #601

AI images of fake Satanic products at Target cause stir, pope's heirs say nope to inheriting his money, Mormon Church issues warning about voting straight Republican, Oklahoma school board approves public funding for religious school, domestic terrorists demolish abortion clinic, Baptist seminary ran up huge deficit, and our little celebration for the passing of Pat Robertson.
13/06/231h 10m

A Celebration #600

Parents win fight to name son Lucifer, Salt Lake suburban school district bans Bible, school board "denies" lease to church, pride flag on film shoot causes stir, India revises school textbooks, and a Q&A with out listeners.
06/06/2345m 42s

Drowning in It #599

American Atheists get Mississippi to change their license plates, Catholic priests in Chicago, Mormon Church makes large investment in UK, dorm managers fired for specifying genders, Target pulls some LGBTQ+ merchandise after conservative backlash, those shunning Jehovah's Witness, and the Mormons and their billions get the "60 Minutes" treatment.
30/05/231h 13m

Brains and Patterns #598

Lauren Boebert files for divorce, California's hate speech law, Americans are switching religions, a bishop gets fired, Proud Boys are planning Pride Month disruptions, getting kicked out of the ballgame, and Betelgeuse really needs to blow up right now.
23/05/231h 13m

Bad Dreams #597

School cancels play so students produce it themselves, Florida crosses yet another anti-LGBTQIA line, Christians object to 'three-parent' babies, Pope Francis scolds the childless, Southern Baptists bleed members, IRS hikes taxes on private jets, and assigning divine meaning to dreams is a little annoying.
16/05/2358m 46s

Words to Live By #596

Leather daddies worship Jesus, professor loses her job, Anglican 'cult' leader, prisoners get new choice, Libyans face death penalty for converting to Christianity, street pirates clean up, and the Ten Commandments are just plain terrible.
09/05/2359m 25s

Kooks #595

"It's okay to be single," a new Christian music gets some serious funding, Mormons get outdoor lighting code changed for new temple, finally a successful lawsuit against the Mormons, a starvation cult in Kenya, a unique Mormon mission, and what to do when kooky ideas interfere with life.
02/05/231h 10m

Dogma Meets Data #594

Please be advised that there are trigger warnings during this episode: A church gets its power cut off for not paying their bills, a cardinal is charged for his crimes, a ritual suicide in India, an anti-trans lawmaker in Missouri, the upcoming coronation is a religious service, surprising gay violence, and a visit by Dan (ours) and Dan (not ours) from a new podcast called "Data Over Dogma."
25/04/231h 2m

Underrepresented #593

California church fined $1.2 million for violating COVID health orders, Mormon Church gets away with not reporting child abuse, HBCU honors Mormon leader, Christians in the 'Holy Land,' Minneapolis and the call to prayer, the polygamists are pissed off, and the role of secular groups in interfaith organizations.
18/04/231h 5m

A Mess in Jerusalem #592

Catholics in the Philippines just won't get down from their crosses (literally), Christian mom denied right to adopt, Catholic charter school tests the public funding waters in Oklahoma, Jewish school principal in Melbourne charged with abuse, Mormon leader given medical excuse, a new official at NASA sworn in, and the absolute mess caused by three (mainly two) ancient religions whose followers just can't get along.
11/04/231h 5m

Celebrating Jesus' Murder #591

Christians make such good hypocrites, Vatican rules against itself, LDS Church keeps tearing down historic buildings, religious high schools in Maine sue state, a Connecticut miracle, Ukraine evicts monks, and Happy Jesus' Murder, everyone!
04/04/231h 15m

Pornography vs. Nudity #590

The miracle of the toes, Catholic views on the Jews, parent requests for Bible to be removed from school library, NYC Christian college in financial trouble, Catholic Church takes action against priest for advocating for victims, magazine sues over trademark infringement, and principal gets fired for allowing 'pornography' in school.
28/03/231h 5m

Mid-Apocalypse #589

Mormons drop in the polls, Christian university sues public school district, Oklahoma school abuse disabled students (and cite the Bible), teacher uses physical violence to make student recite Pledge of Allegiance, anti-gay Mormon leader to speak at public university commencement, dioceses declare bankruptcy instead of paying victims of clergy abuse, and supposedly there's an anti-Christian bias in Hollywood.
22/03/231h 15m

Abracadabra! #588

Catholic group tracked gay priests using hookup app data, French church victims, Tennessee tries to ruin gay marriage, white supremacy on the rise, Christian charity angry they have to hire nonbelievers, John Paul (the pope and saint), and getting pretend magic right on TV.
14/03/231h 4m

Give It Up #587

Video surfaces of an anti-LGBTQ legislator in drag, legislation stalls in Utah, Australia schools see massive drop off in religious education enrollment, Biden administration scraps rule, some Iowa legislators propose ban on gay marriage, a holy city in peril, and our take on Lent and what it means to give stuff up (for a little while).
11/03/231h 10m

Preying on Schools #586

Superspreader event in Kentucky, Southern Baptists kick Rick Warren out, Catholic university to cut theology program, San Diego diocese hides assets to avoid paying abuse victims, how the LDS Church hid its investments, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod makes surprising announcement, and Christian nationalists poised to win another culture war battle: prayer in schools.
28/02/231h 4m

Religiously Dum #585

Utah lawmaker looks to allow pregnant women to drive in commuter lane, he Anglicans gear up for a potential skiz, Mormons revise temple ceremony, a canceled concert, lesbian teacher fired at Catholic school, a long overdue exoneration, and the Mormons are upset that the "religiously illiterate" don't know more about them.
21/02/231h 2m

Holy Holidays #584

Mormon Church investigated by SEC, kinda cool Christian school shuts down, Dutch prosecutors go after IS member, church in Southern Utah offers ayahuasca ceremonies, Democrats condemn Christian nationalism (by another name), a Pew poll, and holy days turned holidays (like Saint Valentine's Day).
14/02/231h 5m

Anti-Trans Laws #583

West Virginia bill to require 'In God We Trust' displays in schools, Colorado baker loses appeal over transgender birthday cake, George Pell gets a funeral and one final protest, church punishes investigator they hired, BYU takes another step away from academic freedom, US Hispanic Protestant churches, and Utah's new law banning gender-affirming health care.
07/02/2355m 29s

Control Your Births! #582

Minneapolis church buys gas station to stop crime, Pope Francis says something nice about gays and lesbians, Mormon Church extends birth control coverage to employees, an update about Nick Fuentes and Twitter, Scientology leader disappears amid human trafficking allegations, an ad campaign about Jesus, and a conversation about sex trafficking.

Virtue Signaling #581

Church of England offers an empty apology, Mississippi considers a trigger law about school prayer, right wing nut job burns Quran, Hamline University reconsiders position about islamophobia, an eight year old enters monkhood, the worst country in the world for Christian prosecution, and the value of virtue signaling.
24/01/231h 3m

Christianity & Forgiveness #580

Imam blames women for drought, pastor gets away with major crime, pastor story hour, report about Kansas Catholics, SCOTUS to hear postal worker's religious claim, Cardinal Pell is dead finally, and Christianity has gotten forgiveness completely wrong.
17/01/231h 20m

Superstitions #579

Trans woman denied health care by "Christian" manufacturing company, new data about church attendance, US Congress doesn't represent America religiously, professor in trouble after showing image of Mohammed, man found guilty of heinous sex crimes finds Jesus, another fine product from the Trumps, and a chat about superstitions.
09/01/231h 18m

Eggs Benedict #578

Utah Supreme Court sides with polygamist father, NY governor vetoes law allowing alternative to court-ordered AA, US Marines ordered to accommodate Sikh beards, Orthodox Jewish schools in NYC defraud city, in Iranian woman competes at international chess tournament without hijab, Christmas in Ukraine, and Pope Benedict XVI is dead (not that you'd notice).
03/01/231h 7m

Free To Not Believe #577

Churches cancel services for Christmas, religious schools legally doxxed, New York City councilman's home attacked, Catholics defrock priest (in a good way), selling of unused churches, Amy Grant in trouble for hosting gay marriage, and over 70% of human beings live in a country that discriminates against the non-religious.
27/12/2259m 5s

Bah, Humbug! #576

Pastor and son arrested in $8 million COVID scam, a nativity on government grounds, a darling Baphomet now adorns the Illinois Capitol, a school district's book banning policy, an attempt to outlaw porn nationwide, new baptism theme park, and Dan's evolving attitude about Christmas.
20/12/221h 13m

What a Drag! #575

Homeless man breaks into Mormon temple to stay warm, South Dakota legislature and christianity, restaurant cancels reservations for Christian hate group, polygamous prophet with child brides caught, Christmas at the Vatican, and traveling drag queens come to Utah and get the passive aggressive treatment.
15/12/221h 10m

The Quiet Part Out Loud #574

Believers' health and happiness benefits might be as fake as their god, Rideshare drivers try to ruin everyone's day, BYU Idaho fires professors, Scientology cares more about celebrities than the safety of their members, happy demographics in the UK, a Thai Buddhist monastery that knows how to PARTY, and Frank and Dan discuss [Kan]Ye's love of Hitler.
06/12/221h 9m

We Did Nazi That Coming #573

Evangelical leaders turn on the Donald (what will they do when he's the nominee?), Christian pastor raises money for theme park, Christian hate group's headquarters vandalized, legislators introduce anti-drag bill, US Religion Census has some problems, counter terrorism in Ukraine, and the terrifying rise of antisemitism in America.
29/11/221h 10m

What a Relief! #572

Rachel sits in for Dan, and we discuss drag brunch, Iranian protests, the Mormon Church backs gay marriage, religious Americans' attitudes about the environment, and our response to the not so bad midterm elections.
22/11/221h 1m

A Very Special Episode #571

Americans know very little about the Mormons (despite gobs of marketing money spent by the LDS Church), and our review of "God Forbid," the Hulu documentary about Jerry Falwell Jr's pool boy.
16/11/2243m 42s

Surviving the Midterms #571

Possible rifts between Christian nationalists, congregation responds to anti-gay sermon, houses of worship beef up security, murder trials in Australia, atheists and political engagement, the Mormon church and their dodgy tax practices, and you might just want to brace yourself for the post midterm world.
08/11/221h 4m

Two Evils #569

Jewish schools in NY are failing but at least some people were getting rich in the process; meanwhile, Yeshiva University tries to placate the queer community with a non-club; poll asks if America should be a Christian nation; a Catholic diocese agrees to extreme measures; a cannabis-based church shocks the world by being bad at their job; the Canadian census shows a good trend-line; and Kate and Dan discuss the depths to which they'll sink to get rid of a political toad.
01/11/2255m 28s

Spooky! #568

'Pornographic' mural tears Utah city apart, podcasters have (bad) advice for women, Christians react to Falwell 'pool boy' documentary, fetuses and personhood, pastor steals $900k from church, Mormon father really wants his son to serve a mission, and Christian pastors just cannot let Halloween be fun.
25/10/221h 8m

I Heart Hot Jesus #567

German mosque sounds first public call to prayer, lawyer's good deed does not go unpunished, a few BYU students stage walkout, Satanic Temple donation to school refused, Muslim parents shout down LGBTQ+ speakers at school board meeting, youth pastor hands out questionable swag, and damn, Jesus is looking good!
18/10/221h 2m

For the Strength of Youth $566

American tourist throws tantrum wanting audience with the pope, Catholic cardinal stands against German bishops, Church of England report reveals 400 new cases of abuse, plagiarism at Mormon General Conference, new research seeks to answer why atheism's global spread, Disney's latest offense, and the Mormon Church issues new guidance to youth on dress and grooming, dating, and dancing.
11/10/221h 7m

Mormons and Gay Marriage #565

Witches and web designers, Hindus and the caste system, Cuba goes super gay, Jewish cult gets raided, Russian Orthodox Church hands out "get out of hell free" cards, a homecoming dance gets ruined by prudes, and Frank and Dan discuss new polling about Utah's view of gay marriage.
06/10/221h 11m

The Equinox is Real #564

Prayer for gay couples, school abuse in Canada, unrest in Iran, new FFRF lawsuit, Republicans support for Christian nationalism, Yeshiva University update, and Happy Mabon, everyone!
27/09/2250m 19s

Satan Rises Again #563

Pope announces god's new stance on war, SCOTUS and Yeshiva University, Christianity's future in America, Indiana abortion law challenge, Jewish groups protest for abortion rights, La Luz del Mundo guy, and the Satanic Panic is back, baby!
20/09/221h 2m

Royally Dead #652

Netflix ordered to remove offensive content (I'll give you one guess), judge rules on gay men's healthcare, Utah lawmaker tells LDS bishop not to report sexual abuse of minor, Pennsylvania's governor's race, a good Christian harasses a trans woman, a list of the worst campuses for LGBTQIA folk, and the Queen sure did live a long time, and now there's a king.
13/09/2256m 48s

Right to Blasphemy #561

'In God We Trust' signs in Arabic, Satanic Temple vs. City of Boston, background checks for clergy, women at the Vatican, Evangelicals and the environment, preparedness gone wrong, and Salman Rushdie's (and all of ours) right to blasphemy.
06/09/221h 21m

BYU Gets Trashy #560

The J-Dubs are coming to a front door near you, LDS clergy abuse reporting, Florida judge loses election, street preachers vs pagan festival, Singapore decriminalizes gay sex, Christians burn a very surprising book, and BYU goes back on their word and trashes pamphlet that provided LGBTQ resources.
30/08/221h 8m

'Spiritual' Practices #559

School librarian fights back, school district bans the Bible, parents complain that some female high school athletes aren't 'feminine enough,' a skiz in Australia, a school board makes right decision about Pledge of Allegiance (and then the wrong one), Jesuits take their time on promised reparations, and the benefits of 'spiritual' practices like yoga and mediation.
23/08/2246m 56s

Mormon Moment 2.0 #558

Wandering monks poo where they may, Japanese cabinet faces reckoning, German bishop who helped wanted pedophile priests escape consequences in Europe, little girl kicked out of school, Hungarian Prime Minister speaks at CPAC, church adds Christian message to the musical Hamilton, and the Mormons are having a big media moment. Why aren't they happy about it?
16/08/2259m 59s

Help Line #557

Georgia allows fetuses to be listed as dependents on tax returns, furries and evangelical christians, an update about the pastor robbed at gunpoint, anglicans skip LGBTQ issue at mega-conference, a Michigan town defunds their library over LGBTQ books, US federal prison stats, and the Mormon church has been running an abuse helpline. Guess who it's really helping!
09/08/221h 9m

Talking to Believers #556

Christian missionaries kicked off reservation, Arkansas lawmaker blocks constituents on social media, conservatives send letter to Mitch McConnell, Pope Francis visits Quebec, preacher robbed of more than $1 million worth of jewelry, Seattle Pacific University's hiring practices, and talking to believers and gently challenging them.
02/08/221h 15m

An Image of a Prophet #555

Catholic Church forced to sell off property, Pope offers apology to indigenous people, send us a man to do your job, UK human rights statement, blasphemy charges in Pakistan, a judge in Kentucky actually understands the law, and a photo of Joseph Smith from the 1840s emerges.
26/07/221h 5m

Death & Grief #554

Pope Francis says eat less meat, Albertan church fined for COVID violations, PrEP under fire, massive mudslide hits Hindus on pilgrimage, Sudan woman sentenced to death by stoning, a kosher internet, and a conversation about grief with Dr. Robert Neimeyer.
19/07/221h 1m

The Wrong Frequency #553

Sandwich shop faces ire of local religious nut jobs, super-spreader Hajj set to start, Pope has the wrong idea about abortion, praying with SCOTUS, executioners must allow religious leaders into death chamber, the Georgia Guidestones bombed, and CERN attempts to open portal to hell once again. 
12/07/221h 5m

Keep Sweet #552

Company fires employee for not participating in daily prayer meetings, SCOTUS sides with Christian coach allowing him to pray with high school team, Lauren Boebert promotes Christian Taliban during church speech, armed police monitor Hindu pilgrimage, Florida retrains public school teachers to promote Christian nationalist version of US history, Nancy Pelosi takes communion from Pope Francis, and our conversation about "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey."
05/07/2259m 50s

An American Mess #551

World Cup in Qatar is probably going to be really boring, Presbyterian Church of America parts with National Association of Evangelicals, ski resort sprays sacred mountain with sewage, army chaplain celebrates end of Roe v. Wade, Pixar's gay kiss ruffles feathers at Oklahoma theater, FBI finally raids some churches, and celebrating the 4th of July feels extra crappy this year.

Human Compost #550

Bishop bars school from calling itself Catholic, opponents of abortion ban in Florida, US belief in god at all-time low, cops and nasal swabs, 'Drag Queen Story Hour' disrupted by Proud Boys, truckload of white supremacists, and a chat about human burial.
21/06/221h 6m

Christian Nationalism vs America #549

This week Kate fills in for Frank who’s out with the plague. Anti-abortion sentiment finds a witchy backlash, an Army chaplain sees the U.S. military as ripe for exploitation, an Islamic hate-charity gets the treatment it deserves, Josh Duggar gets 12 years and counting, Muslim readers might be exposed to humanist children’s books, Poland’s Boy Scouts become more inclusive, and Dan and Kate discuss Christian Nationalism and the crumbling of U.S. democracy.
14/06/221h 6m

Pride and the Church #548

Christian nationalist prophet Lance Wallnau has a gripe about a new US coin, Mennonites and the gays, Fortune 500 creates space for religious diversity, a big Lutheran mess, American support of same-sex marriage at all time high, religious infection, and should we be happy religious organizations are celebrating Pride month?
07/06/2258m 38s

Not Much to Laugh About #547

The Taliban orders female news anchors to cover their faces on TV, Southern Baptists release sex abuse report (and it ain't great), the GOP is running some seriously dangerous candidates for public office, Hindu nationalists harass muslims, Turkish police break up campus Pride event, a story about reparations, and a woman stands up to pastor who raped her (he says it was adultery).
31/05/221h 2m

So Special #546

UPDATED AUDIO! Pastor charged with DUI produces excellent excuse, Southern Baptist report, 'In God We Trust' license plates, Louisiana court vs Tony Spell, just because you can burn a Quran doesn't mean you should, Catholic bishop threatens to deny Nancy Pelosi communion, and the specialness of 'creation'.
24/05/221h 2m

Death by Mormonism #545

Catholic bishops seek to block sexual assault claims, United Methodist schism faces problems, exorcism ends in child's death, trouble in Jerusalem, update on Mormon membership, Idaho's crazy lieutenant governor, and a chat about grief causes by leaving Mormonism and other high demand religions.

Bad TV #544

Catholic Church pay off priest's gambling debts instead of paying sex-abuse victims, Anti-Defamation League goes off the rails, former troops allege 'religious purge' of US military, recent SCOTUS round up, Pope Francis has a warning for Russian Orthodox patriarch, Christian TV show ad campaign, and our response to 'Under the Banner of Heaven' TV series.
07/05/221h 9m

Doctor Dan #543

Frank runs away to paradise leaving Dan and Kate to cover the news. Florida man wants to ban the right book, Canadian religions rank each other, anti-semitism is on the rise, U.S. Rep Jamie Raskin says his colleagues are in a cult, street preaching might be hate-speech, Utah GOP go with blasphemy, and Dan decides he need a new diploma.
01/05/221h 14m

Worship Tech #542

Praising Jesus (and torturing everyone else) at 30,000 feet, cellphone Goliath defeats Christian college David, health-share ministry does exactly what we expected it to, Episcopal church considers being less anti-semitic, Christians fight amongst themselves about whether they've discovered a fictitious place, BYU-Idaho covers their naughty bits, and Frank and Dan predict ways that religion will use technology in the future. 
23/04/221h 3m

Easter Doesn't Make Sense #541

Trump has a claim about god's creation, giving up whiteness for lent, the least religious generation ever, drugs, a new Mormon chapel in SLC, international christian group threatens to kick out Russian Orthodox Church, and the oddness of Easter. 
17/04/2256m 50s

Land Ho! #540

Americans stop reading the bible, Mormons still hate LGBTQ+ folks... even the ones who need speech therapy, Franklin Graham sets up hospitals in Ukraine but uses them to proselytize (of course), Canada allows more legal dying, the Mormons might be tax-fraudsters in Australia, and Frank and Dan discuss what it means that one of the largest land owners in the U.S. is a religion (you'll never guess which one).
09/04/221h 12m

Joseph Smith Hero Worship #539

The Netherlands passes major milestone, another "don't say gay" bill, right to laying on of hands protected during execution, Mississippi politician tweets, Mormons have a mysterious female deity, the Buddha, and Mormons take their hero worship of Joseph Smith just a little too far.
02/04/2254m 45s

Lady G Throws a Tantrum #538

Observant Jews protest law that would make daylight saving time permanent, Hillsong church has a serious problem, Kim Davis guilty of violating constitutional rights of gay couples, congregations are reconvening, turns out Mormons support LGBTQ rights, a statue in Italy, and Lindsey Graham invokes a religious test for US Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.
26/03/2259m 23s

The Great Call Center in the Sky #537

"Don't Say Gay" guy's home destroyed by tornado, Russian Orthodox churches not in Russia, Jesus™ coming to a commercial break near you, a study about atheists, religious freedom watchdog warns of upcoming oppression should Russia gain control of Ukraine, Episcopalians take poll about how Christians are perceived, and a chat about saints and sainthood.
19/03/221h 10m

Apocalypse Then #536

Texas "family values" Republican congressperson Van Taylor surprises nobody by being a two-timing piece of crap, the Satanic Temple just wants some nice billboards, and Frank and Dan talk to you from doomsday bunkers buried deep in the earth.  
12/03/2238m 37s

Russia's Religious Claim #535

Witches send Greg Locke glitter bombs, Russia exiles Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Russian Orthodox claim on Ukraine.
05/03/2240m 46s

Dan Gets Mad #534

Satan takes over essential oil company, new COVID-19 vaccine promotes itself as fetus free, America stops trusting pastors, a report about Reformed Jews and sexual abuse, Colombia legalizes abortion, a survey about belief in god, and the Texas state government targets trans kids.
26/02/2252m 17s

Ejukashun #533

Kevin Sorbo finds filmmaking a herculean task, Catholic school enrollment is up...ish, pastor Greg Locke on a literal witch hunt (in his own congregation), an Australian Christian school gaslights everyone about their hatred of the LGBTQ+ community, no-longer-United Methodists schizzing, Canadian Pastors want to torture gay folks, and Frank and Dan dive into why the right wing is trying to destroy education.
19/02/2248m 19s

Jews to the Rescue #532

Hubbub in India over airport city code, problems in Bible class, Christian revival at public school causes stir, prayer apps, US military denies religious exemptions for COVID vaccine, Christianity and wokeness, and my God is a stickler God--religious rituals that require precision.
12/02/2258m 46s

TGIA Does Death #531

Dating app ad rankles Christians, Oklahoma bill would control teachers, town limits free meals, Norway makes decision about Jehovahs Witnesses, GOP governor candidate says rape victims shouldn't have abortions, a nurse wins settlement, and a chat with Dr Death herself... Terri Daniel. Check out the upcoming conference at
05/02/221h 28m

Fall Well #530

African atheists sue Christians, religion fails to help prisoners, Christian adoption agencies are anti-semitic not just homophobic/transphobic etc, German Catholics come out, Mississippi mayor withholds funds from a library, and Frank and Dan discuss the new interview with J.Fal.Ju. (hint: he's still a sh*tbag)              
29/01/2254m 43s

Strange Bedfellows #529

Anglicans resign from committee for actually good reasons; Supreme Court agrees to hear a case that they shouldn't; an animal sacrifice goes as wrong as could possibly be imagined; some other stories; and Frank and Dan discuss what it means to find yourself in partial agreement with bad people.
22/01/2250m 30s

We Resolve! #528

Christian ASMR offers whispery bible readings, The Taliban continues their long struggle against mannequins, a prayer log of the January 6th attack on the US Capitol, African beauty queens don hijab, Pope Francis criticizes Catholicism, researchers chart Catholic priest pedophile network, and a discussion about New Year's resolutions and why Kate and Frank like them.
15/01/2259m 19s

The Pope's a Dope #527

Megachurch goes exclusively online, wounded rabbi charged with financial crimes, Mother Teresa's charity targeted by Indian government, COVID outbreak hits Mormon missionary training facility, Oklahoma law would allow preachers and bibles into classrooms, Utah tech nazi sends antisemitic email to industry leaders, and the pope calls adopting pets "selfish".
08/01/2256m 17s

Prejudice and the Mormons #526

Catholic Church imports clergy to US, ultra-Orthodox Jews vs. COVID-19, Putin insults our intelligence, California offers abortion vacations, theologians help NASA ahead of alien life discoveries, Israel makes exception to their travel ban, and speaking out against the prejudice of a top Mormon leader puts anti-prejudice resources in jeopardy.
01/01/2258m 25s

Frank and Dan Diary #525

A sample of the "Frank and Dan Diaries." Bonus content for financial supporters on Patreon. 
25/12/2122m 51s

How to Pandemic #525

Rainbow toys deemed un-Islamic, Mormon billionaire resigns from church with a splash, all-Muslim government takes over small Michigan city, state capitol dressed up for the holidays, Donald Trump Jr. suggests conservatives aren't playing rough enough, charity run by Christian couple ousts them for being wretched people, and a 'pep talk' as a new (possibly worse) year approaches. 
25/12/211h 4m

Remembering Hitchens #524

Italian bishop denounces Santa Claus to a group of children, a camel revolts during Kansas nativity, 'nones' are growing fast, Dave Ramsey sued for religious discrimination, South Dakota schoolchildren will soon have to be quiet for at least one minute a day, Greg Locke's church blown over, and we take a moment to remember Christopher Hitchens.
18/12/2156m 27s

Grieving Without God #523

War on Christmas rages in Europe, minister dismissed over drag performance, Pope dismisses French bishop's sexual harassment, witched and right wing both mad, teacher refuses Covid-19 testing citing religious exemption, Jewish billionaire hoards stolen antiquities, and a conversation about grief without all that god and heaven stuff involved.
11/12/211h 20m

The Mormon Welfare State #522

Dr. Oz announces run for US Senate, Richard Dawkins doubles down on trans stance, proposed Mormon temple remodel draws criticism from some members, Christian mother kills her child to send them to heaven, UK Premier League promotes LGBTQ+ equality, famous TV pastor dies of COVID-19, and how the State of Utah has farmed out welfare responsibilities to the Mormon Church.
04/12/211h 8m

Surviving Xmas #521

Church kicks woman out for bringing in herb, Southern hospitals limit legal abortion, misogynist pastor endorses marital rape, hospital bandages statue's broken arm, Mormon church numbers slip, pastor fund raises from prison, and a quick talk about surviving the Xmas holiday season.
27/11/2157m 34s

Building Awe #520

Kate fills in for Frank who does NOT have Covid! Italians reverse their baptisms, Texans want to send their pregnant women out to pasture, Mormon leader Dallin Oaks lies through his dentures, the Archdiocese of New Orleans adds fraud to their already full rap-sheet, and Dan and Kate discuss worship spaces and the architecture of awe.
21/11/2148m 40s

Pooping Out the Virus #519

Billionaire funds work to prove there's an afterlife, toxic foam fails to stop holy dip, Middle East countries ban Marvel film, restaurant responds to anti-masker wrath, and a discussion about anecdotal evidence in light of Dan catching Covid.
13/11/2143m 3s

Unhappy Believers #518

No exorcisms for Covid-19, the Supreme Court does the right thing by doing nothing at all, Christian radio host imprisoned for Ponzi scheme, a Qanon influencer, Indigenous lawyer fights to keep U.S. missionaries out of Amazon, a report on religious affiliation in Canada, and a chat about whether or not Christian conservatives seem happy to us.
06/11/2158m 57s

Halloween Hullabaloo #517

Polish school cancels Halloween, Biden visits the pope, Sikh men rescue two hikers, Liberty University "think tank," Supreme Court lets Maine vaccine mandate stand, school revises clothing ban, and Christians can't help but be upset about Halloween.
30/10/211h 3m

Alternate Universes #516

Baylor students mock mormonism ahead of game with BYU, Southern Baptists lose leaders, Bangladesh reverting to secular constitution, Texas considers constitutional amendment to protect religious observance, Saudi Arabia welcomes bikini-clad sunbathers, a Baptist group judges fashion, and a chat about religious conservatives choosing to live in their own version of reality.
23/10/211h 9m

Humanity is Humanity #515

Lizzo says twerking is a spiritual expression, military archbishop says Catholic troops can claim religious exemption for COVID vaccine, Mormons double down on not wanting to be called Mormons, FFRF rids another school system of religious symbols, anti-kink pastor says Jesus plants dirty dreams to warn away sin, President Biden tries to save Christmas, and a discussion about whether we would ban all religions if we could?
16/10/211h 3m

Pure Truth #514

Priests and nuns in India ordered to pay taxes, Tennessee's governor offers time-honored solution for COVID-19 outbreak, French commission uncovers shocking number of Catholic Church sex abuse cases, Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua, a priest actually doesn't sexually molest child, Pat Robertson makes way for next generation, and the Mormon prophet just said something mighty revealing about his real level of influence over membership.
09/10/2158m 26s

Broken Brains #513

Christian Facebook pages largely run by troll farms, fake pastor does the wrong scam, female prophet sentenced to death in Pakistan, Milo and Bannon cancelled in Baltimore,Taliban fails to keep their promise to the women of Afghanistan, Washington judge rules on Planned Parenthood case, and our theory about COVID deniers and why they're being such jerks.
02/10/211h 3m

No True Christian #512

Pro-Trump billboard, an orphanage, white Americans flock to evangelicalism, a mosque site in China, president of Egypt open to atheists, two famous pastors on COVID-19 (one will surprise you), and Christianity under review.
25/09/211h 2m

Believers in Space #511

Arkansas hospital requires consistency from those seeking vaccine exemption, James Huntsman's lawsuit seeking refund of tithing money hits roadblock, Mormon Church responds to members seeking religious exemption to vaccine mandates, an Oklahoma town plans to erect massive "Christ tree", Mormons to pay $250M to abused Boy Scouts, Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster offers interesting religious exemption, and how will believers practice religion in space?
18/09/2156m 5s

Too Many Loves? #510

Guest host Andrea fills in for Frank. Coach Dave's fundraising scheme, a ruling on if a Catholic school can fire a gay man, some faith leaders aren't horrible on abortion, Mexico proves it's better than Texas, a Norwegian church holds an unusual ceremony, a Spanish bishop finds a good reason to leave the clergy, and Dan and Andrea discuss Harvard Law Today's take on polyamory (and reveal some stuff along the way).
11/09/2152m 8s

Abort Texas! #509

Guest host Kate joins Dan for a religious news roundup: Kat Kerr can't control weather, Los Angeles forced to pay damages to a church for trying to keep their parishioners safe against their will, Christian network fires senior VP Dan Darling for encouraging intelligence, Myanmar is slightly less awful than they could have been, Ken Ham hoards all the Jesus for Earthlings, a new deity takes out his righteous anger against the Mormons, and Kate and Dan feel like they're taking crazy pills because the U.S. Supreme Court is packed with religious zealots who let an insane Texas law go into effect.
04/09/211h 2m

Schism, Schism, Mormonism #508

Zambian pastor's stunt leads to death, church in Australia fined for violating COVID restrictions, more Americans accept evolution than don't (FINALLY), Harvard has a new chaplain, the Taliban attempts to protect women (from the Taliban), belief in aliens, and a Mormon leader is gunning for dissenting professors at BYU. 
28/08/211h 11m

Schism Approaches #507

Anti-vax cardinal on ventilator, COVID-denying pastor dead, inmate on Texas death row asks for pastor to join him during execution, thousands of new molestation cases emerge, whistleblower shares his story about Mormon funds, a Baptist university cancels far right event, and the Mormon prophet goes on the record encouraging the vaccine and calls of 'false prophet' emerge.
21/08/211h 6m

Religious Exemptions #506

McDonald's advertising entices woman to sin, anti-gay 'treatment' group forced to pay $3.5 million in court case, 'moderate' Norwegian imam in trouble over antisemitic comments, Indonesian military ends virginity test for female recruits, Turkmenistan finds new way to enforce VPN ban, Christian group calls on Fisher-Price to modify one specific playset, and Christians scramble to find religious justification for their vaccine refusal (hint: there isn't one).
14/08/211h 13m

Men #505

Wedding website designer loses case, Kent Hovind gets arrested, atheists face intolerance at work (says study), Israel's gold medalist can't marry, megachurch still designated a hate group (says court), romance novel loses award, and our musings on men who always think they're right. 

After the Flood #504

More priests defend the indefensible with Canadian residential schools, the Museum of the Bible is in hot water... again, Missouri clergy jump on the vax train, meanwhile vaccine hesitancy in the U.S. is dropping (even among the religious!), new curriculum among New Zealand Maori rankles scientists, and Anchorage loses a strip club and gains some Jesus. Also- will somebody get Frank an Ark?
31/07/211h 8m

Funny Undies #503

A new holiday hits Utah, abortion rights activists fight new Texas law, a top US official in the Catholic Church outed for Grindr use, women sue Liberty University, Alaska assistant attorney general outed as a Deseret nationalist (a far right, Mormon hate group), robots go to Hajj, and a discussion about Mormons and their wacky underwear. 
24/07/211h 6m

Evangelical Bible Tinkering #502

Woman lets god drive and he wrecks her car, it turns out the Southern Baptist Convention isn't liberal after all, an alternative to traditional burial draws Catholic opposition, highest EU court rules that employers can restrict religious apparel, new numbers about religion in America, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus causes controversy, and a chat about Bible translations.
17/07/211h 15m

Gaslighting Writ Large #501

A fatwa group declares fatwa about video games, a Florida couple sues school, the Catholic Church plays poor to avoid paying residential school survivors, a Canadian archbishop cries persecution, India jails activists for speaking undeniable truth about cow poop, the US Supreme Court refuses to hear religious bigotry case, and the Mormon Church quietly changes their doctrine about Mormons becoming gods in the afterlife.
10/07/211h 16m

Cute Little Cults #500

Nigerian state bans mannequins, a Canadian priest is in hot water over defense of residential schools, Missouri offers itself up as a delta variant test case, Pat Robertson misunderstands what critical race theory is, an Air Force fighter pilot is suspended over refusal to wear a mask, a new conspiracy theory emerges about Bill Gates, and a discussion about some cute little cults and how religion ruins everything.
03/07/211h 24m

Mormon Customers #499

Exorcism at the Home Depot, Mississippi license plates, Italian prime minister stands up to Catholic Church, anglicans subject school children to a lesson in misogyny, a nun gets ejected from convent, Jim Bakker in hot water (again), and the Mormon Church slips up and calls its members "customers."
26/06/211h 20m

Ideas About God #498

Mormon 'American Idol' star comes out as LGBTQIA+, news from the Southern Baptist Convention, Michigan governor ends government funding of 'conversion therapy,' a new rug for the forgetful Muslim, Florida now requires daily moment of silence in schools, a mysterious donation to hate preacher, and the very strange ideas people have about god.
19/06/211h 10m

Lots of Water #497

Drought-burdened Utah gets a little rain during weekend of prayer, two new christian apps, Uyghurs deported from Muslim countries, a hateful Nigerian pastor goes away, Burger King taunts Chick-Fil-A with support of LGBTQ organization, hats off to Justin Trudeau for calling out the pope, and the story of Noah's ark is just plain stupid.
12/06/211h 2m

Make It Rain #496

High school coaches force Jewish student to eat pork, indigenous schools in Canada, Louisiana votes to honor aborted fetuses, Catholics release new rule priests, Texas enacts law to target anyone aiding in abortions, high-profile anti-vaxxer goes to hospital with COVID-19, and Utah's governor tries to end drought with a weekend of prayer.
05/06/211h 7m

Entitled #495

Wheaton College disposes of offensive plaque, Southern Baptist numbers decline significantly, fetuses flee to Ohio town for safety, street artist takes on Vatican, Legos celebrates diversity, the shocking case of Saudi Arabia continues, and a discussion about religious titles and how we feel about honoring them.
29/05/211h 13m

Christian Tyranny #494

Saudi Arabia opens up a little to non-Muslims, why college turns people secular, 'religious knives' in Australia, abusive summer camp for future ministers, Muslims boycott White House celebration, anti-vaccine conspiracies come from the same twelve people, and the Christians are about to get everything they've ever wanted.
22/05/211h 17m

We're Confused #493

A god has died, German Priests defy Vatican, Hindu sect engages in forced labor, shop owner hides crosses in furniture, Lutherans ordain new bishop, Southern Baptists ordain new pastors, and we try to give some credit were credit is due (with a couple of caveats). 
21/05/2155m 4s

A Godly Man #492

A stampede at an Israeli festival leads to dozens of deaths, Mormons and the COVID-19 vaccine, evangelicals promise to terrify Democrats, atheist 'prayers' at council meetings lead to similar responses in Florida, antisemitic crimes up in Germany, Jerry Falwell Jr. promises big party for graduates, and a discussion about Josh Duggar and why we usually don't talk about stories of religious types sexually abusing children.
08/05/211h 20m

Think of the Children #491

This week, Kate fills in while Frank takes a much needed vacation, and tells us about leaving the church she had indoctrinated her children into. Catholic bishops are mad at Joe Biden, a Canadian MP tries to defend conversion therapy but ends up with a hashtag, bleach drinking "church" indicted and more! Find Kate and her amazing art on Instagram and TikTok @kebirch
01/05/2151m 55s

Ditching Richard Dawkins #490

Liberty University wants its money back, activists seek more accurate Poland census, Bavaria orders secular crosses hung in public buildings, Pakistan calls on West to criminalize blasphemy against Islam, study finds poor health outcomes for women in sexist churches, Facebook announces a new prayer feature, and Richard Dawkins' fall from grace.
24/04/211h 4m

For Crying Out Loud #489

US Supreme Court continues push to officially establish Christianity as state religion, Mormon sex therapist faces excommunication for promoting sexual health, a Hindu holiday poses public health threat in India, bigger and better Jesus coming to a Brazilian town near you, Mormon Church growth slows, Planned Parenthood announces new board members, and a discussion about Mormon men and their odd public displays of emotion. Link to Conference on Religious Trauma 2021:
17/04/211h 17m

Rehearse Your Doubts #488

Tennessee wants to expand eligibility to serve in legislature (in a bad way), RCMP close down church in Alberta, Alabama allows atheists to vote, god worshipped by cargo cult dies, t-shirt angers Muslims in Kenya, COVID-19 vaccine required for entry to Mecca, and Mormon prophet has a message for anyone doubting Mormonism, "you're lazy."
10/04/211h 8m

The Wong Motivations #487

Catholic Church lobbied against suicide prevention hotline, Christian schools reconsider mascots, new Arkansas law allows medical workers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people, Panera Bread discriminates again pagan worker, fewer than half of Americans now belong to a church, a Christian school apologizes for the wrong thing, and a discussion about heaven and hell.
03/04/211h 11m

LDS Church Accused of Fraud #486

Jehovah's Witnesses face fines in Belgium, bakery faces another lawsuit, a US Air Force shooting range disrupts meditation, a poll of American values, Franklin Graham promotes vaccination, Texas lawmakers consider new HOA rules, and a wealthy former Mormon sues LDS Church over accusations of fraudulently using tithing money.
27/03/211h 20m

The Atlanta Shooter and His Religion #485

COVID-denying president of Tanzania dies, Georgetown University announces plan for reparations, the Mormons remodel Salt Lake Temple (and make it even more boring), the Vatican announces decision about same sex weddings, twelve house republicans oppose medals for Capitol Police who protected them, evangelicals have a penis problem, and we dive into the ongoing and developing story about the Atlanta shooter. He is a religious zealot.
20/03/211h 6m

Murmur Among the Mormons #484

Mormons cancel final year of the Hill Cumorah Pageant, prophet apologizes for wrong prediction, a study looks at atheists and health, a pastor who was right about Trump, Tennessee lawmaker tries (again) to make Bible 'state book,' pope experiences wardrobe malfunction, and 'Murder Among the Mormons' gets the Frank and Dan treatment.
13/03/211h 11m

Path to Forgiveness #483

CPAC features graven image of Trump, Methodists take step toward schism, Eurovision entry promotes devil worship, a satanic license plate approved in Alabama, pastor admonishes wives for not being thin enough, Christian adoption services extended to LGBT families, and a discussion about forgiveness and whether the canceled ones can ever come back into the fold.
06/03/211h 15m

Canceling Christianity #482

Survey shows atheists know right from wrong, animated female characters must wear a hijab, more American adults identify as LGBT, Souther Baptists expel congregations, Catholic mom causes trouble for kids, Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia face prison, and cancel culture's next target (according to Fox News) is the Bible.
27/02/211h 7m

Rushin' to Hell #481

Christian missionaries convince Brazilian tribes against vaccine, Utah school district ends equity reading program due to it being too inclusive, Evangelicals in trouble in Jordan, Biden reestablished White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, lawmaker wants women to get permission for abortions, Catholics try to hide money from abuse victims, and we talk about what a horrible person Rush Limbaugh was and his lasting legacy in America.

Where is the Middle? #480

President of Tanzania denies COVID-19, an unexpected Christian rock album hits the top of the charts, new data shows evangelicals sliding further from reality, new abortion law requires women to argue with call center worker, Catholic school system shows signs of collapse, the Supreme Court sides with churches (again), and Jeep tries to sell us a crock of s#!t.
13/02/2153m 18s

Atheists on TV #479

Waterboarding infants for Jesus, the very real consequences of anti-gay laws, ultra-orthodox Jewish communities and the spread of COVID-19, a survey about online harassment, Rick Warren makes fun and gets in trouble, the tale of an exorcism, and our take on the popular sci-fi series "Raised By Wolves" (hint: we hate it).
06/02/211h 5m

Any Port in a Storm #478

Jewish leaders in UK draw focus to Uighur genocide, immigrants take sanctuary in churches, a new Mormon temple 'opens' in Salt Lake City, COVID denying preacher faces legal consequences, conspiracy theories run rampant in American churches, lawmakers attempt to limit abortion, and we chat about the effect the pandemic has had on faith in America.
30/01/211h 2m

The New Guy #477

Cadbury Creme Eggs ad draws wrath of One Million Moms, lawsuits against Trump administration, North Dakota considers new law, rabbi predicts side effect from COVID vaccine, indecent cakes cause trouble in Egypt, harsh measures against LGBT people in Malaysia, and our take on how religious the inauguration was.
23/01/211h 7m

Mormon Insurrection #476

Pastor urges parishioners to keep guns loaded, PayPal blocks fundraising site that helped provide funds to insurrectionists, survey reveals religious composition of the 117th Congress, progress made toward ending female genital mutilation, Dave Ramsey is a crappy boss, megachurch pastor in trouble, and Mormon leadership tries to calm the masses.
16/01/211h 12m

The Meltdown #475

Frank and Dan break their normal format to talk about the events of January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol.
09/01/2155m 59s

Keep Calm and Run for Office #474

Abused scouts sue Mormon church, uptick in faith amongst UK teens, juror listens to 'holy spirit' instead of evidence, a German Catholic bishop sees writing on the wall, Liberty University students surprise us, churches fined by state of New Mexico, and guest Teresa English tells us what she learned running for office in Massachusetts.
02/01/211h 6m

Mormons Seek Reliable Sources #473

Christians offer offensive prayers at Native American sacred site, Christian rocker excluded from Rockin' New Year's Eve, Pat Robertson faces reality, religious leaders ignore pork and abortions, Kirk Cameron is being a real douche, Christmas will happen in LA County, and Mormon leadership tries to stay current with new handbook.
26/12/201h 14m

Racist Believers #472

Pastor buys jet with PPP money, religious organization funds "election fraud" attack, religious leaders call for end to gay conversion therapy, T**** administration protects religious discrimination, Australian rehab horror, some Evangelical pastors aren't idiots, and it turns out that the Southern Baptists might just be racist after all.
19/12/201h 3m

Hey Mormons, Are You Guys Alright? #471

Labor department legalizes workplace discrimination, one fire department's toxic work environment, a back to school guide, a white supremacist church opens in small Minnesota town, a Supreme Court ruling, megachurch pastor urges congregants to not get COVID-19 vaccine, and a storm's a-brewin' amongst Mormon laity.
12/12/2059m 9s

A Dangerous Mix #470

Secular Democrats respond to the rise of Christian nationalism, Jehovah Witnesses in Australia face losing tax exempt status, a live nativity annoys passersby, upcoming super spreader events announced by republicans, a new group of Methodists, a monolithic mystery solved, and Noah Lugeons joins us to talk about his new book "Outbreak: A Crisis of Faith: How Religion Ruined Our Global Pandemic."
05/12/201h 5m

Too Much Thankfulness #469

List of naughty and nice retailers according to evangelicals, religious sentiments hurt over a kiss in an Indian Netflix show, US Supreme Court does't understand science (and that's troubling), Florida court decision about conversion therapy, update on priests abusing children in New York, and the Mormon Church found a way to be even more annoying than usual this week with their hashtag #givethanks.
28/11/201h 4m

Happy Thoughts #468

Vatican demands answers about pope's like, Muslim woman kicked off flight because white man complains, Jehovah's Witnesses force girl to listen to recording of her own rape, a pastor gets COVID, a Tennessee mayor consults with Holy Spirit about everything, a pretty bridge in Edmonton, and with all the crap in the world, Frank and Dan go to their happy place.
21/11/2059m 35s

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo #467

Let's talk exit polls, the ten wealthiest US pastors, why queer people leave religion, United Arab Emirates relaxes laws, counties with worst virus surge also were worst by voting for Trump, lots of uses for old Catholic school, and thank god those prophets were wrong about Trump.
14/11/201h 4m

Un-American Lies #466

Current Supreme Court case bodes poorly for separation of church and state, Mississippi makes progress (but not for us), two recent exorcisms in America, 'flights to nowhere' go nutty, pastors preach against COVID and get sick and/or die, Trump supporters vandalize Michigan cemetery, and Andrew Seidel from the Freedom From Religion Foundation joins us to talk about Christian Nationalism and the need to un-f*ck the courts.
07/11/201h 13m

Witches and Demons and Priests, Oy Vey! #465

Muslim world boycotts French products, Franklin Graham responds to pope's call for civil unions, school sends girl home for the wrong reason, witches try their best against Trump, a representative's tweet, farewell to James "Amazing" Randi, and Andrew Gold—journalist and podcaster—joins us to talk about his BBC documentary that follows an Argentine exorcist and the people he casts demons out of.
31/10/201h 10m

This Pope... #464

Sham health coverage plans under fire, pastor leaves ministry over Trump, a survey about 'nones' leaving religion, a millennial saint, possible anti-abortion sit-com, new university policy, and a discussion about news that Pope Francis supports civil unions for same-sex couples.
24/10/201h 8m

Persecution Complex #463

Uncle Mark from The How To Heretic sits in for Frank and discusses the week's news with Dan. They also have a conversation about Christians and their obsession with being persecuted all while holding all the keys to power in America.
17/10/2059m 15s

Atheists in Office #462

Evangelical leaders getting sick with COVID-19, Chinese textbook fixes Bible story, Donald Trump 'literally' saves Christianity per Eric, Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy, Orthodox Jews pissed at Cuomo and de Blasio, Mormons for Biden continues their work, and Utah State Senator Derek Kitchen joins us in an inspiring conversation about the need for atheists to run for public office.
10/10/201h 11m

Weird by Design #461

Trump mocks religious Americans, Muslim man sues employer over bottle of cognac, Christian groups march on Washington DC, cops in Idaho arrest protesters flouting mask order, COVID restrictions in UK, Icelandic church has a new take on Jesus, and a discussion about the power of religions requiring weird actions by members. Watch the speaking in tongues clip: Support us on Patreon:
03/10/201h 15m

Call to Action #460

Politically active congregations, study on spirituality, Oman tells shoppers to cover up, young minister gets the boot, two "young and dumb" party promoters cause epic COVID-19 outbreak in Utah, Methodists face trouble over logo, and Frank and Dan have an idea.
26/09/201h 10m

Political Atheism #459

Southern Baptists consider dropping 'Southern' from their official name, Wisconsin archbishop warns that skipping mass (even during COVID-19) is a 'grave sin,' a 'million' moms bothered by fruit commercial, the strange story of Utah lawmaker Steve Urquhart, a surprising survey of Iranian religious beliefs, Trump finds new way to insult Jewish Americans, and when oh when will atheists get the respect from politicians they deserve? Support us on Patreon: This episode's cover photography by Phil Roeder (Creative Commons):
19/09/201h 8m

Suck it, 2020 #458

Husband and wife in court over right to die, Senator Mike Lee upset at Mormon-owned news outlet, Pope Francis takes off his mask, LDS women form group to appose Trump, town handles disagreement with aplomb, police handle situation poorly, and it might not the be apocalypse, but it sure feels that way.
12/09/201h 16m

Christians and QAnon #457

Research about religious prejudice by public school administrators, surprising results from sleep study, street preacher breaks man's leg, Eric Metaxas in trouble, survey about Christian attitudes about sex, parking lot dinosaur targeted by Christians, and what in the hell is going on with Evangelicals and QAnon?!
05/09/201h 17m

Here's the Church #456

LDS leader defends Brigham Young, Donald Trump talks to god and god talks back, Jerry Falwell Jr. steps down from Liberty University, immigrant detention facilities refuse Muslims halal food, good news from atheists, Mormon father urges son to go on mission (by choking him), and what to do with all these churches!

Religion and Politics #455

South Korean Christians put nation at risk, Trump speaks the truth (but only when he shouldn't), Catholic school teachers forced to sign COVID-19 waiver, California megachurch defies court order, Kenneth Copeland canceled, social distancing in Brazil, and why we are forced to talk politics on a show about religion and secularism.
22/08/201h 2m

Better Call Sal...t Lake #454

A Bible burns in Portland and wreaks havoc on the internet, Ding dong Jerry Falwell Jr. unzips his pants, a Nigerian singer blasphemes against Mohammed, a shocking truth is revealed about Americans, theories on the cause of the Beirut explosion, trouble in an Arizona school district, and the Mormon Church takes secrecy to a new level.
15/08/201h 12m

Extracurricular Activities #453

Billy Graham statue headed to US Capitol, Baptist pastor speaks at party for KKK leader, the Satanic Temple adopts abortion ritual, nuns face gag order, hajj numbers hit record low during COVID-19 restrictions, Florida pastor joins up with lawmaker to promote facial autonomy, and a conversation about doctors and our expectations about their personal beliefs.
08/08/201h 6m

Hurting for Money #452

New research on atheists reveals something about our nature, a beach revival, Alaska Supreme Court protects woman from religious daughter, Jason Rappoport gets COVID-19, a new scholarship, a member of Congress faces consequences, and your taxes just went to propping up the Catholic Church.
01/08/201h 26m

Toxic Masculinity #451

Hundreds exposed to COVID-19 at church camp, couple sues state to allow their large wedding to go forward, Bible reading down during pandemic, trans-man denied operation at Catholic hospital, the military and chaplains, Jehovah's Witnesses bully religious watchdog group, and the appeal of Trump's toxic masculinity to white evangelicals.
25/07/201h 26m

The End is Near #450

Flight forced to land, Mormons shirk leaders request to wear masks, the story of a church that opened too soon, the Hagia Sophia, Sudan protects some human rights, Brazilian beer brand draws ire of activists, and maybe it's time for the end of the world.
18/07/2059m 0s

Why, America... Why? #449

Churches that must sing, summer camps spread COVID-19 (surprise, surprise), god calls Kanye West to run for president, religious appropriation in night clubs drawn into question, Satanic Temple makes sense about Mississippi flag, US Supreme Court update, and what we grew up believing about America.
11/07/201h 4m

A Post-Mormon Speaks #448

HUD threatens to pull protections for homeless transgender people, Mississippi drops racist flag (but there's a catch), more about White Jesus, a pastor in Mississippi does the right thing, recent US Supreme Court decisions, God-TV gets pulled from Israel, and a new member of the ex-Mormon community proves she's way better than the rest of us by shitting on some made up ideas about all of us.
04/07/201h 4m

Christianity is Racist #447

Conversion therapy network shuts down, hajj limited due to COVID-19, Americans uncomfortable going back to church, city tries to stop muslim cemetery, Graham vs. Fauci, newspaper ad causes stir in Tennessee, and a discussion about depictions of White Jesus and the white supremacy that follows.
27/06/201h 5m

Good Thinking #446

Supreme Court surprises nation, Vatican issues investment advice, Brigham Young was a vile racist, Trump and Uighur Muslims, a stained glass window in Boise, Washington National Cathedral lays off workers, and your in-group might be making you a bad thinker.
20/06/201h 6m

Deep Church #445

Catholic archbishop warns Trump, porn star rallies sex workers against Lindsey Graham, new poll on Trump and faith, a hashtag gets banned, parolee files lawsuit, Tanzania, and a discussion about believers who over-claim.
13/06/201h 2m


Asking what Jesus would do might not be the right question, Supreme Court rejects bid for churches to reopen, Trump and his Bible photo op, a prophet fails at prophesy, faith leaders call racists to repentance, Jerry Falwell Jr. might actually be in hot water, and a Christian father writes a horrible letter.
06/06/201h 19m

New Atheist on the Block #443

Churches reopen across America, conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccine reach church leaders, a wedding in Wisconsin, tithes drop off threatening survival of small churches, priest beheads man to end COVID-19, a baptism lawsuit settled, and what happens when a high profile Christian joins the atheist ranks.

Churches Reopen #442

LDS Church loses $8 billion, Jane Roe's deathbed confession, Texas mayor only lets men pray, yet another problem for the Museum of the Bible, a TV station in Israel, and what does it mean for churches to be reopening and how many churchgoers will stop going?
23/05/201h 3m

Hardened Hearts #441

Salon tries to convince authorities it's a faith-based business (and therefore essential), Vatican faces financial woes, olive oil used to sanctify stairs, wedding venue in trouble, Australia takes action against bleach church, a theater opens, and a discussion about what happens when your beliefs become your identity.
16/05/201h 22m

Atheist Identities #440

Apparently some Christians want their very own Underground Railroad, Minneapolis violates own ordinances allowing a mosque's call to prayer, an Ohio lawmaker comes up with unique reason not to wear a mask, cardinal not okay with new rules, an update about the Russian Orthodox Church, a court ruling, and American Atheists is out with a new poll about how non-believers identify and the results are very interesting.
09/05/201h 17m

Pick a Religion #439

Pakistan cleric blames women for coronavirus, Muslim call to prayer heard in Minneapolis, Saudi Arabia introduces another reform, NYC mayor in hot water, an arrest in Nigeria, pastors dying from coronavirus at high rate, and Frank and Dan take up a hypothetical: if forced to join a religion, which would it be?

Hate Charity #438

Mass funeral in Bangladesh risks lives, LDS Church pushes "Fairness for All Act" promoting discrimination, BYU gets COVID-19 relief funds, traveling flames, a pastor in Louisiana gets arrested, an ultra orthodox charity, and a discuss about Samaritan's Purse and their medical charity work.
25/04/201h 5m

Bad Predictions #437

Pastor who refuses to social distance dies from coronavirus, poll about shifting opinions in America about LGBT rights, Jim Bakker faces financial consequences for peddling bunk, a court ruling on school prayer, church showdown Ukraine, LDS think they invented Good Friday fast, and predictions from the 1990s about Mormon growth don't pan out.
18/04/201h 16m

Pass Me Over, Easter #436

Mormons hold "solemn assembly," a good time for religious leaders to get away with bad stuff, Melbourne cathedral vandalized in wake of George Pell acquittal, pope has comment about coronavirus, Jerry Falwell Jr. presses charges, landlord in California locks up church building, and what a couple of crappy holidays are Easter and Passover.
11/04/2057m 25s

Forced Lent #435

Hajj on hold, abortion during Coronavirus, COVID-19 cases linked to church gatherings, religious people getting together in defiance of lockdown orders, evangelical hospital tents set up in NYC's Central Park, zoom bombing online church services, and what we're all being forced to give up this lenten season.
04/04/201h 2m

Keep Your Distance #434

Bangladeshi imam performs funeral for sex worker and later regrets it, priest give communion with shared spoon, Trump's personal bible instructor clarifies God's wrath, Irish government denies religion change, Mormon missionary fiasco at SLC airport, a proposed resolution in Pennsylvania, and our guide for not going crazy during a quarantine.
28/03/201h 11m

Shaken #433

"Halal" hand sanitizer, Angel Moroni statue damaged, Muslim pilgrims refuse to self-isolate, churches refuse to close for COVID-19, European nurses, the news for the Bible Museum keeps getting worse, and cataclysmic events and our need for comfort.
21/03/201h 10m

No Time for the End Times #432

American church engagement down by half since 2000, Coronavirus boosts "culture of life" according to cardinal close to pope, Alex Jones gets DWI, opposition to new burial technique, American cities rebuke India's prime minister, high school coaches still can't pray with teams, and a rundown of different religions' response to Covid-19.

Maybe Don't Lick That #431

Update about Iran's coronavirus situation (hint: it's bad), Lourdes denies pilgrims its healing waters (because it doesn't work against coronavirus?), rabbi indicted of charlatanism, priest denies first communion to autistic child, church-based coronavirus prevention, Argentina set to legalize abortion, and is there a difference in how to treat Mormon missionaries vs. Jehovah's Witness when they come knocking on your door.
07/03/2056m 10s

Foreheads for Jesus #430

Iran responds to Coronavirus to comedic effect, Indonesia tries the pray-it-away approach to Coronavirus, US Supreme Court turns away religious bias case, Pakistani court rules horribly, secular day at Arizona state capitol, Ash Wednesday and Coronavirus, and is there value in practicing Lent?
29/02/2058m 16s

BYU Makes a Change #429

Jaegermeister sued over logo, trouble in the Holy Land, Hinduism and mensuration, the wacky Utah state legislature, the Southern Baptist Convention does something right, tiger widows, and does Brigham Young University's policy change about gay and lesbian students actually change anything?
22/02/201h 4m

Very Special People #428

Utah attempts to decriminalize polygamy, a Bible that secretes oil, a new law in Virginia, demographic update on Gen Z and nones, University of Texas receives endowment, Republican lawmaker wants to cut funding to public broadcasting over appearance of gay man on "Sesame Street," and a discussion about white supremacy and religion.
15/02/201h 3m

The White Horse and Mitt Romney #427

Antisemitic carvings allowed to stay on German churches, Texas attorney general’s religious beliefs cited in refusal to do his job, Malaysian pilgrim arrested in Mecca for being trans, Franklin Graham’s world tour stymied, international religious freedom alliance, federal court rules on the side of defendants’ religious freedom, and Mitt Romney surprises the nation by showing some integrity.
08/02/201h 9m

A Bad Case of WWJD #426

Kevin Bolling from the Secular Student Alliance joins us to talk about their work on school campuses, and we do a rundown of the week's news including a bill to end bishops' automatic right to sit in House of Lords, the religious make up of the Republican and Democratic parties, Jerry Falwell Jr. has an idea, news from Central and South America, and Paula White casts a spell for "Satanic pregnancies" to miscarry.
01/02/201h 10m

Doomsday #425

A new eternal standard for Mormon temple clothing, China finds a new use for Uyghur Muslims, BYU hosts dancing competition featuring same-gender dance partners, bishops in France adopt new rules for baptism, Utah bans so-called LGBT conversion therapy (sort of), poll reveals public's level of knowledge about the Holocaust, and a discussion about the Doomsday Clock.
25/01/201h 13m

Stacking the Deck #424

Trump defends school prayer, "anti-Catholic" laws that are about to be struck down, religious sect kills seven during ritual, Christians cede all rainbows to LGBTQ+ movement, women reach new heights in religion, trouble for the two popes, and the FFRF hit by religious judge.
18/01/201h 8m

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't #423

Public grant to protect churches, English courts offer same protection to ethical veganism as religious belief, United Methodists separate over LGBT issues, anti-gay pastor blamed Australian fires on his being denied entry into the nation, atheist are cat people, a muslim's perspective on fake pork, and the case of the very strange lawsuit against the Mormon church.
11/01/201h 17m

Not to Scare You, But... #422

Pope Francis gets slappy, fried chicken restaurant sends hijab wearing employee home, Brazilian production company firebombed for "gay Jesus" Christmas special, Mormon fanboy makes trailer for upcoming General Conference (see it here..., man who quit job over 666 on his paycheck doing fine, and a discussion about the status of the atheist movement and the religious right's response at the start of a new decade.
04/01/2052m 28s

Best of 2019 #421

A look back at the stories we covered in 2019: Saudi phone app for men to track "their" women (from 2/9/2019); foster agencies allowed to discriminate against LGBT community (from 2/3/2019); measles outbreak among Orthodox Jews in NYC (from 4/20/2019); the distribution of religious materials at Veteran Administration hospitals (from 7/13/2019); China harvests organs from religious and political prisoners (from 06/22/2019); members of attacked synagogue oppose death penalty for shooter (from 8/31/2019); and a discussion about the rise of antisemitism (from 5/26/2019). Happy New Year, everyone!!
28/12/1949m 50s

Mormons' $100 Billion #420

Christian couple looking to raise $100k for daughter's resurrection, church elder offers Arby's for sex, new guidelines for Muslim inmates at federal prisons, Pope Francis issues new rule about secrecy, Netflix releases new Christmas classic featuring a gay Jesus (Christians respond), prominent evangelical publication sides with Donald Trump's impeachment, and news breaks about Mormon Church's $100 billion stash.
21/12/191h 14m

Sudden and Unexpected #419

Millennials’ flight from religion appears permanent, men go on trial under Nigeria’s anti-homosexuality laws, flight crew rejects passenger’s ’Hail Satan’ t-shirt, inappropriate speaker at White House Hanukkah event, trends in baby names, Vatican keeps charitable donations for themselves, and what to do when a display of devotion happens right in front of you.
14/12/191h 12m

Christmas Blues #418

Roy Moore back from the dead, family hopes for dad's resurrection (while keeping him in the other room), Jesus' manger makes a grand return to Bethlehem, a prison chaplain pleads guilty to sexual abuse, atheists take over holiday display, Jewish schools in UK try to avoid sex ed, and a talk about letting Christmas get you down.
07/12/191h 8m

Xmas Wars #417

Uproar over proposed float in Christmas parade, a judge rules on religious freedom, man in India fights for recognition of his atheism, Pope honestly answers a question, LDS Church wants to turn community garden into parking lot, Iranian cleric says the Quran mandates torture, and yet another take on the War on Xmas.
30/11/191h 17m

Topless #416

Americans' perception of Evangelicals, religious exemption for doctors not to treat LGBTQ patients struck down, freedom of the press, publisher refuses to print an Alabama magazine, a school board in Florida makes the right decision, a student body's response to a very large donation to their college, and a woman is charged with lewdness for baring her breasts in her home.
23/11/191h 13m

How Many?! #415

Project Blitz gets a new name, court rules Kentucky atheist can have vanity plate, BYU-Idaho stops accepting medicaid, Ohio students may gain religious exemption for being wrong, US latinos have begun leaving church, and a discussion about polygamy and whether it should be legalized in the US.
16/11/191h 3m

Christmas Crusade #414

The literal cost of religion, Trump's new rules, Rusty Nelson preaches prosperity gospel, judge knocks down rules, evangelical leaders gather with Trump, Germany bans conversion therapy, and the fictitious war on xmas.
09/11/191h 3m

Harmful Beliefs #413

Frank and Dan discuss the weeks news and muse about the harmful beliefs they grew up with.
02/11/191h 30m

Forgiving Yourself #412

Anti-LGBTQ preacher banned from another country, Halloween tips for Christians, God as clown, too many Americans believe in ghosts, baptists talking smack on baptists, new poll on religious affiliation in America, and a discussion about forgiving yourself vs. being let off the hook.
26/10/191h 9m

Lowering the Barr #411

US Supreme Court pleases atheists by doing nothing, Ugandan government seeks death penalty for gay sex, a Bible Museum update, an Australian archbishop has a message for reformers, Michele Bachmann is such a Karen, POS art teacher gets the boot, and William Barr likes his little straw men.
19/10/191h 1m

Holiday Hate #410

Melbourne wants to warn citizens about a very specific risk, firm markets Jesus shoes, Beto O'Rourke is the gift that keeps giving, that judge and that murder lady, the Catholics have an idea about the Amazon, Iranian women arrested for dancing, and a preview of this year's holiday season.
12/10/191h 6m

Seeking Transcendence #409

Iowa city causes crosswalk kerfuffle, cop abuses power in novel way, transphobic Christian doctor loses case, interesting theory about bicarbonate soda, crazy woman almost kills kids, how much woo can you do before you too have too much woo to do?
05/10/191h 10m

Who Needs a Leader! #408

UAE builds a religious complex for Jews, Muslims, and Christians; New York Catholic Dioceses in trouble; Trump's holds a religious summit for himself; god owns stake in bus manufacturer; republican lawmakers in various states working to ban marriage equality; Saudi Arabia wants to build tourism industry; and a brief discussion about leadership of the atheist movement.
28/09/191h 6m

Where's Your Moral Compass Pointing? #407

Praying (and punching) the gay away in Oklahoma, the price (literally) to avoid hearing 'thoughts and prayers,' feds threaten to defund program at Duke, artists in Arizona, Pakistani officials attempt to veil order, Indonesia outlaws sex outside of marriage, and why do atheists continue to do good in the world.
21/09/191h 22m

Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? #406

Survey about belief and anxiety, man cuts phallus off statue, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Liberty University, ABC rejects FFRF ad, weeping Mary saves church, rapture index, a discussion about protecting sacred places.
14/09/191h 16m

Making a Mockery #405

An argument between pastors’ wives, conservative groups confront Utah Board of Education over sex-ed, Swedish imam fined for hate speech, the Deaf Bible Society, Clemson football coach takes players to church, book banning, and a discussion about mockery.
07/09/191h 24m

Why Are We Losing? #404

Mormons ban guns at church, women in Bangladesh no longer have to declare virginity on marriage certificates, straight pride fail, court okays ban on atheist prayers, Jerry Falwell Jr.’s boys, opposition to Pittsburg synagogue shooter receiving death penalty, and a discussion about how to promote secularism in America.
31/08/191h 16m

Apocalypse Maybe? #403

Drag queen interrupted, shit gets real for white supremacist Texas marriage law, specialized citizen training, Wyoming investigation, and surviving the apocalypse isn’t for everyone.
24/08/191h 14m

It's Probably Got Coffee In It #402

Nonreligious facing harassment in growing number of countries, scary group of young men being trained in “biblical warfare,” racist dog costs woman job, survey on abortion in America, Pennsylvania seal, a clever school district in Kentucky, and the LDS Church clarifies stance on coffee, tea, and tobacco.
17/08/191h 1m

No, It's a Gun Problem #401

Male police trainer refuses to work with female recruit, pastor scams $631,000 from charities, El Paso shooter and hate crime charges, Mormon Church sued under racketeering laws, Josh Harris asks for forgiveness, Lutheran policy change, and a discussion about mass shootings and the right's attempts to cast it as a lack-of-prayer problem.
10/08/1956m 20s

Trip to Temple Square #400

Frank and Dan celebrate their 400th episode of Thank God I'm Atheist with a visit Mormonism's most holy site... Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. Watch the video...
03/08/1926m 4s

Should Clergy Be Exempt?

Lebanese pop band offends believers, religious monument honors police officers, baby selling nun denied bail, US State Department tries to redefine human rights, church refuses to host funeral over gay son’s involvement in service, what Americans know about religion, and mandatory reporting and the clergy exemption.
27/07/191h 16m

Nones and Nuns

Christian family forced to pay taxes after claiming religious exemption, Christian book company changes name to avoid confusion, Rusty Nelson is a strange man in a strange land, House Republicans pressure Amazon to sell gay conversion therapy books, Trump takes the “Lord’s name in vain” upsetting some Christians, Christians can be made to care about climate change if we use the right words, and “Nuns and Nones.”
20/07/191h 10m

Mother Teresa Syndrome

HOA gets fussy about Pride flags, the Veterans Administration takes action to “protect” religious liberty, Atlanta church adds psychic medium to ministerial staff, Russian Orthodox Church questions the blessing of military weapons, Trump’s trade war may increase Bible prices threatening religious freedom, school principal pulls holocaust curriculum, and a discussion about judges giving lenient sentences to sex offender ministers.
13/07/191h 5m


New York ends religious exemption for vaccinations, atheist banners rile up Fort Worth, man claims religious exemption for parking tickets, Rami Malek takes a stand about new Bond role, Haredi rabbi apposes ultrasounds, IKEA fires employee over violent religious comments, and a discussion about what sexual predators mean for the LDS Church.
06/07/191h 6m

The Nudy Show

LGBTQ prom canceled over safety concerns after Christians threaten the event, PBS children's show airs gay wedding, nudists and burkini bathers face off over swimming pool dress code, straight pride parade scheduled for Boston, nudity abounds during German heatwave, UK woman lands in court after harassing neighbor for being a witch, and for our Pride Month wrap up we ask ourselves whether we feel more or less safe in recent years.
29/06/191h 4m


Light rail opponent claims higher authority, tribunal releases details about China harvesting organs from religious detainees, drag bingo raises money and ire, church leaves school board in the lurch for fines and legal costs, Quebec bans religious clothing for government workers, hate website fined, and a discussion about homophobia and suggestions on how to respond when harassed in public.
22/06/191h 13m

The Clergy

US Embassies defy Trump administration orders, restaurant closures in Tehran (I bet it’s not for health code violations), Christian florists want special rights, seminary represents Christianity poorly, Wiccan professor sues for discrimination, “post-Christian” cities, and a discussion about the clergy and sex abuse.
15/06/191h 8m


Frank and Dan discuss the news of the day from an atheist perspective and worry about the current efforts to undermine LGBT rights in America.
08/06/191h 2m

Civil War

Florida lawmaker follows God’s direct instruction, female singer in Iran charged for singing, anti-protest tactics in Tel Aviv, Catholic church makes bad landlord, Michigan Attorney General, a British nurse, and conservative Christians see second American civil war coming.
01/06/191h 5m

The Christian Nation

Bleach “cure” spread by Christian pastor, sex-abuse victim attacked for claims, high school yearbook quote causes stir in Georgia, professor at university in Cairo faces undue pressure, America takes a stand about kosher meat in Europe, Ontario takes stand on abortion, and a discussion about Rick Wiles and the emboldened antisemitic voices in America.
26/05/191h 2m


Texas courthouse defiantly displays Christian crosses, the fall of Jerry Falwell Jr., new law at the Vatican, trends amongst American voters, Ramadan causes trouble for thirsty child in Abu Dhabi, anti-gay preacher banned from yet another nation, and our take on anti-vaxxers.
18/05/1959m 40s

Please Change the Station

LDS Church changes stance on temple marriages, city government in hot water over racist leaders, how far-right hate groups get funded, anti-science bills in Florida, Poland enforces blasphemy laws against artist, Massachusetts lawmakers try to take “so help me god” out of public oaths, and a discussion about how to ask taxi drivers to change the radio station.
11/05/191h 6m

BYU and the Gay Valedictorian

Chris sits in for Dan and updates us on Saudi Arabia’s wife-tracking app and tells us about why predators are attracted to careers in the clergy. Other topics covered include: an elementary school in the UK suspends lessons on inclusion after parental outcry, Madison church offers marijuana as sacrament, Sri Lanka bans face veils in response to bombings, Iranian clerics issue fatwa over TV game shows, and a discussion about BYU’s gay valedictorian and what that means for the oppressive school.
04/05/191h 20m

Sri Lanka

Anti-semitic ritual resurrected in Poland, Notre Dame cathedral fire god’s retribution for treatment of Jews, atheist invocations, a gun store and a muslim customer, woman threatens Easter service in San Diego, new theory about what “causes” homosexuality, and a discussion about Sri Lanka bombings.
27/04/1959m 55s

Pucker Up Popey

Pence causes stir at Christian university, case to open India’s mosques to women, Church of Sweden issues pamphlet for LGBTW children, Pope Benedict breaks his silence, new law in Missouri, no foot is safe in the presence of Pope Francis, and a chat about Notre Dame cathedral.
20/04/191h 5m

The Easter Funny

Turns out yoga does not make inmates gay, Mormon General Conference winds up being total snoozefest, NYC faces measles outbreak due to one particular religious community, a legislature and a prayer, an Easter celebration, Texan and their executions, and why oh why is Easter still a thing?!
13/04/1955m 51s

GenCon #383

Catholic priests burn Harry Potter books in Poland, one Iranian woman’s take on hijabs, Quebec’s National Assembly takes down cross, airport refreshments with a conscience, Utah legalizes sex, the pope and the women, and Mormon General Conference.
06/04/191h 11m

God and Gender #382

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week and tackle the topic of gender.
30/03/191h 10m

New Zealand #381

Are you Jewish enough?, State Department phone call, abortion laws in Kentucky, Bible classes in school, Supreme Court rejects LGBTQ discrimination case, yoga in the schools, and our response to the shooting in New Zealand.
23/03/191h 7m

Rational Actors #380

Iranian couple breaks cultural norms, churches closing in Canada, stats on humanist marriages in Scotland, a French Cardinal, Texas judge in hot water, China wants west's religious influence out, and strategies for combatting conspiracy theories.
16/03/191h 10m

Universal Morals #379

Spouses of gay and lesbian Anglican bishops not invited to world conference, judge rules man can't go to church, Missouri bill targets atheists, Pope Pius XII's archives to open ahead of schedule, religious buildings denied preservation funds, Finland revokes JW exemption from military service, and anthropologists find universal morals among world cultures.
09/03/191h 7m

Raised in a Cult #378

Priest offers special help to parishioners, international boxing organization changes rules to allow hijabs, sham resurrection, cross memorial faces legal challenges, new monastic order revives transgender role in Hinduism, YouTube, and we discuss whether or not Mormonism is a cult.
02/03/191h 23m

Mormon Predictions #377

Souther Baptists face clergy abuse, (Dis)United Methodists, Portland passes a new anti-discrimination law, Catholics test credit card machines, Vatican looks at unbelief, researchers look into Shroud of Turin, and our predictions for the LDS Church.
23/02/191h 5m

Targeted Ads #376

US Supreme Court denies muslim man imam for execution, Christian school issues onerous dress code for annual dance, Pope Francis acknowledges sexual abuse of nuns, efforts to end religious exemptions for school vaccinations, Arizona has a problematic “In God We Trust” license plate program, polls of highly religious Americans skew depending on how questions are asked, and a clever tactic for getting truth to loved ones.
16/02/1959m 51s

Happy Without God #375

Mormon filmmaker exposed for abuse, Christian student groups visit Sundance film festival, composting our dead loved ones, child killed because he didn’t learn his bible verses, oppressive Saudi app exposed, an update about an Oklahoma state senator, and what a new poll suggests about faith and happiness.
09/02/191h 12m

Baba Ga-What?! #374

New York passes landmark LGBTQ rights laws, another ding-dong American missionary, Christian foster agencies enforce their own rules, Louisiana schools, Muslim extremism, god on the souls of their shoes, and what Mormons believe about their temples.
03/02/191h 11m

The Gay Episode #373

Pence and the Christian school, guru in jail, Greek Orthodox owns a lot of property, Chechnya orders LGBT people killed, Egypt fines TV host, and an anti-gay therapist comes out of the closet.
27/01/191h 13m

Putin and the Twits #372

Woo gets sued, Methodists make progress on LGBTQ issues, Putin and the JWs, Rome city council and Catholic Church in fight over coins from Trevi fountain, Evangelicals think LGBTQ folk should be removed from anti-lynching bill, church bilks congregants who supported failed musical, and what is and isn’t art.
20/01/191h 4m

Pilgrimage #371

Drag Queen Story Hour targeted by Christian complainers, China attempts to reform Islam, religious fundamentalism linked to brain damage, dubious scientific claims in India, marriage laws in Kenya, women in Saudi Arabia, and where can atheists go to find inspiration in this world?
12/01/191h 4m

Year in Review #370

Big changes for Mormon women, two women visit temple in India causing riots, Coptic Christians consider changing when they celebrate Christmas, legal change in New South Wales lets sex abuse victims sue churches, Jerry Falwell Jr. opens his big fat mouth, Mississippi changes its license plates adding "In God We Trust," and a look back at some of the biggest religion stories of 2018. Email us at Leave voicemails for the show at 424-666-8442. Support us at
06/01/191h 19m

Tell the World #369

Germany considers "Mosque Tax," Americans trust in clergy at all time low, a fake Catholic priest in Spain, Ukrainian Orthodox schism, temple in India loses its priests, Project Blitz lays out its priorities for 2019, and a goal for all of us.
30/12/181h 1m

Freedom From Religion #368

Growing number of Americans don’t care about Christ being in Christmas, China’s forced labor camps, atheist couple causes stir at pre-school, some cases of cancer have a meaning, Republican muslims in Texas face other Republicans, some sex abuse isn’t Christian, and Andrew Seidel from the Freedom From Religion Foundation joins us to chat about their work.
22/12/181h 21m

Human Light #367

Elementary school principal bans Christmas, Trump administration halts HIV research, Salt Lake County now minority Mormon, nuns gamble away charity funds, Baptist exposé reveals deep-seated clergy abuse, Indonesian app lets users report blasphemy, and a festival for the rest of y’all.
15/12/181h 23m

Singing with the MoTab #366

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week from an atheist and exmormon perspective.
09/12/181h 23m

The Ethics of Missionary Work #365

Disney takes over Christmas, Taiwan votes against gay marriage, primitive menstruation practice leads to death of young girl, nuns stand up to abuse, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade causes outrage, India gets another really large statue, and a discussion about missionary work in light of John Allen Chau’s death.
01/12/181h 2m

Mittens Goes to Washington #364

An election in Jerusalem, a wedding magazine closes, Ultra-Orthodox wreak havoc on two trans-Atlantic flights, prying preachers cancel wedding, accommodations for holiday displays on public land, Islamist extremist hackers like gay , and Mormons in Congress.
23/11/181h 6m

Thankfulness #363

Scotland requires addition of LGBTI history to school  curriculum, Greek progress, trial in Canada, reaction to theatre, Texas lawsuit attempts to end clergy only weddings, female genital mutilation rates drop in Africa, and a discussion about Thanksgiving.
17/11/181h 9m

Seven Years of TGIA #362

Another schism, Jewish school policy, Alabama constitutional amendment, novice becomes pro, plan for peace in the Holy Land, telescopes get go ahead, and Frank and Dan discuss what it has meant to them to do Thank God I'm Atheist for seven years.
10/11/181h 4m

Tell Me What I Believe #361

LGBT books publicly burned, Stephen Fry honored for lack of belief, Catholic synod, the wrong people are reading to our children, a Christmas tree, the Church of Iceland, and the right wing loves telling atheists what we truly believe.

Conundrum #360

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week from an atheist perspective.
30/10/181h 5m

Spooky #359

Witches plan Hex on Kavanaugh, Catholic scandals, activists address paedophilia in Poland, death penalty for abortions, an update about Matthew Shepard, a crucifix in Quebec, and spooky times are here!
21/10/181h 5m

The Hatred of Oaks #358

Frank and Dan present a rundown of the week's religious news through an atheist lens. They focus the second half of this episode on the hateful messaging coming out of the most recent Mormon General Conference.
14/10/181h 15m

Predictions #357

A new 24-hour news network you won’t want to miss, Trump ends visas for same-sex partners of UN employees, a horrific story about sex abuse by more Catholic priests, Cardinal watchdog group, Ireland gets its house in order, more Kavanaugh (yuck), and Frank and Dan share some predictions about Mormon General Conference.
06/10/181h 24m

Kavanaugh #356

Frank and Dan host their weekly rundown of atheist and religious news. This week they also discuss the Kavanaugh hearings.
29/09/181h 8m

In the Pews #355

Pastors attempt to ban banned books, group in UK attempts to keep Franklin Graham out of country, American doctor performs FGM, Catholics update abuse numbers, LDS church gets serious about medical marijuana, a gun goes off in LDC chapel, and a discussion about why it’s so hard to leave religion behind.
22/09/181h 6m

CrossFit #354

Giant cross coming down in Florida, AP poll finds voters don’t consider religion as much as we thought when voting, cholera outbreak linked to church, world Hindu conference, more investigations into abuse by Catholic priests, Christians in China, and alternatives for finding community.
16/09/181h 9m

Disruption #353

Catholic church isn’t happy about possibility of same-sex marriage in Cuba, future of religious television programming in question in Belgium, a ruling in Texas, White House evangelicals, terrorist attack in Amsterdam, Aretha’s eulogy, and Frank and Dan discuss ongoing disruptions of the LDS status quo.
08/09/1859m 30s

Enemies #352

Youth advocate facing excommunication from Mormon church, Vatican edits pope’s comments, construction worker tries to opt out of bible study and gets fired, Riot appears at Christian festival, Pew has a new poll, Fancy Bear has an unexpected target, and believers’ need for enemies.
01/09/181h 21m

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints #351

American Atheists make a poster, Mormons don’t want to be called Mormons, group of churches tries to own up to racist past, Oklahoma! turned gay, atheists in Kenya call for national “Atheist Day,” Russian student faces jail time for offending believers, and an uproar about David Cross’s Mormon garment stunt.
25/08/181h 24m

Memories #350

LDS Church doubles down on anti-gay policies, the story of a transgender youth in Oklahoma, Jeff Sessions, Batman is an atheist, Labor Department creates faith based exemptions for contractors, Pittsburgh priests who ran child ring, and a stroll down memory lane with Frank and Dan.
18/08/181h 16m

Atlas of Creation #349

New poll shows support for conservatives' distorted view of religious freedom is on the rise, the real reason for the California wildfires, a new video game, Catholic church priest pedophilia update, famous pastor faces allegations of sexual misconduct, prayer at school board meeting, and Frank and Dan talk about creationism, biology, and a ridiculously heavy book.
11/08/181h 19m

A Man on a Mission #348

Group seeks sainthood for five African-Americans, update on the Danish face veil ban, Trump official makes wild statement about religious freedom and anti-gay laws in Africa, Ammon Bundy comes to Utah with ideas about socialists taking over Mormon church, Jeff Sessions forms a task force, Bible removed from military display, and a discussion about current efforts by active Mormons to reforms the LDS church.
04/08/181h 15m

A Woman's Place #347

Chris sits in for Dan. They discuss good parents, bad parents, LGBT issues, and lots of ideas from men about women.
30/07/181h 25m

Prosperity Gospel #346

BYU religious police, Episcopal church presents solution to gay marriage issue, Miami man arrested for trying to burn down building to kill Jewish neighbors, ultra-orthodox men attack neighborhood women Zuckerberg refuses to remove holocaust denial content from Facebook, and the problem with Prosperity Doctrine.
21/07/181h 15m

New Religious Freedom #345

Religious parents let baby die and only face six years in prison, Amazon profits off of racist and homophobic products, First Church of Cannabis loses court case, Philippines president denies god, angry Israeli politician, bar opens in historically FLDS community, and Frank and Dan speculate about the Supreme Court.
14/07/181h 6m

Gays in the Parade #344

Harsh new laws in Denmark, religious conservatives shift focus from Roe v. Wade, Vatican fails to legally protect children from abuse, Australia considers no longer saying prayer at Parliament, Project Blitz pushes religious based laws in state legislatures, Holy Family lands in a detention center, and gays finally allowed in Provo’s 4th of July parade.
07/07/181h 16m

Hate #343

El Al airline changes searing policy, Minnesota mosque vandalized, Jim Carrey paints another Donald Trump portrait, Pope Francis weighs in on global refugee crisis, national motto on tax forms in Texas, Canadians and Mormon polygamy, and a message about hate.
01/07/181h 3m

Church and State #342

Egypt promotes women’s role at the mosque, FFRF wins court case against Texas governor, Christian national billboard taken down in Dallas, teacher quits over district’s transgender policies, Jeff Session taken to task over child separation policy, and Frank and Dan talk about a home school biology book.
23/06/1855m 10s

Topsy Turvy #341

Crosses in Bavaria's public buildings, Scouts BSA stands firm against atheist members, BYU Hawaii's failure to respond to violence on campus, European countries continue to target muslims, statue of Marilyn Monroe causes stir, Pope Francis takes a stand on fossil fuels, and Heavenly Mother.
16/06/181h 5m

Religious Propaganda #340

Gender segregation on public beaches, a new movie about Trump, Catholics in Congo respond to ebola, judge says UK’s NHS has authority to exclude homeopathy, St. Paul archdiocese faces big payout to abuse victims, In God We Trust stays on US currency, and our response to the propaganda we grew up watching at church.
09/06/1858m 36s

$32 Billion #339

Valedictorian silenced over political concerns, chaplain program in Australian schools, televangelist covets jet, baptist college makes correct decision, Ireland makes a change to their constitution, police trainer spreads anti-Muslim bigotry, and recent news reveals a small portion of the LDS Church's massive financial holdings.
02/06/181h 11m

No Apology #338

Pope Francis says nice things to gay man, school principal and campus cop fired for promoting religion in school, Catholic church loses priests and nuns, Arizona removes evolution from state education standards, religious conservatives threaten Netflix boycott, Alex Jones faces defamation suit, and the Mormon Church gets outmaneuvered on their past racism.
27/05/181h 18m

Grumpy Old Man #337

Beirut Pride cancelled, India cracks down on child abuse, pope reveals himself to be an old crank, US moves embassy to Jerusalem, crackpot causes stir at movie screening, new federal appointee, and Frank and Dan discuss wonder and awe.
19/05/181h 13m

License Plates #336

Chris sits in for Dan, Missouri lawmaker makes wild claim about rape, female genital mutilation, LDS Church quits Boy Scouts, survey about journalistic ethics at religious schools, and an observation about people with "In God We Trust" license plates/
12/05/181h 24m

The Mormon Convert #335

Dan is joined by guest host Kate for a discussion of her conversion to (and then from) Mormonism. They also discuss GQ's controvercial book list, a new caucus in the U.S. congress, changing attitudes about gay marriage, a new ten commandments monument (and what the Satanic Temple wants to do about it), Christians defending bestiality, and polling data about who believes in God! Find Kate's books at or better yet, at your local independent bookshop!
04/05/181h 4m

Waco Wackos #334

Scientology infiltrates popular online kid’s game, DC Council Member tries to rehabilitate his image after antisemitic comments only to trip over himself, research shows strong link between religiosity and LGBT teen suicide rates, and a look back at the Branch Davidian showdown 25 years ago in Waco, Texas.
27/04/181h 7m

Government vs. God #333

People are less religious when government is bigger, LDS prophet tells African crowed to pay their tithing to get out of poverty, Morrissey denounces halal meat, Silverman fired from top American Atheist post, a new dinosaur museum, another rapture prediction.
20/04/1847m 35s

Rapture Watch #332

Seven years ago, before they started Thank God I'm Atheist, Dan and Frank recorded an hour of audio for a local community radio station. This is that audio. Please enjoy.
14/04/1841m 36s

Nonconsensual Immorality #331

Mother uses stun gun to wake son for Easter services, Hindus pray to cleanse concentration camps, Church of England goes cash free, Stormy Daniels counters allegations, “nonconsensual immorality,” and the Mormons have themselves one heck of a General Conference.
06/04/181h 28m

Me First #330

UK coroner causes stir by not considering religion, why evangelicals continue supporting Trump, Muslim refugees convert to Christianity in Germany, Mormons march to Temple Square demanding reform, Putin’s Rasputin, the refugee system in the US, and a preview of this weekend’s General Conference.
31/03/181h 10m

Christophobic #329

City council member floats anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, Boko Haram and their kidnapped school girls, Jim Carrey paints a picture, appointment of humanist chaplain blocked, monks angry at the sale of their holy beer, falling rates of religious belief amongst Europe’s youth, and a rape-coverup scandal hits Mormon church.
23/03/181h 5m

The Incredible Shrinking Church #328

Vatican doctors photo to omit statement by Benedict, hate group in UK announces horrid event, top level domain woes, three racists bomb mosque in Minnesota, religious types respond to Stephen Hawking’s death, and analysis about why millennials are leaving the Mormon church and what the church could (but won’t) do to keep them.
17/03/181h 10m

Protect the Children #327

Public school teacher discovered to be white nationalist podcaster, Christians in Indonesia flogged for playing children's game, male escort releases dossier implicating Vatican officials, “dirty” churches closed in Rwanda, jerk conspiracy theorists arrested in Texas, and a Mormon movement to end the practice of private one-on-one “worthiness” interviews with children.
09/03/181h 10m

Anger #326

NRA calls gun rights “god given,” Church of England issues Lent challenge to clean up environment, lesbian couple denied application to become foster parents, religious college rescinds job offer, “In God We Trust” law, Idaho law, and atheists’ anger.
03/03/181h 15m

Jesus's Bum #325

Town faces the consequences of placing Ten Commandments monument, message in a bottom, new law in Iceland protects all babies from mutilation, woman thrown in jail for baptizing daughter (boy, it’s more complicated than that), Idaho movement to end faith-based medical exemptions, city council members censure one of their own for anti-Islam post on Facebook, and the story of an LDS woman disciplined by church for not shutting up about divorce—she recorded the conversations with her bishop after losing her temple recommend.
23/02/181h 8m

Christianity #324

Mark sits in for Frank, and Dan talks with Bart Ehrman to discuss his new book "The Triumph of Christianity."
16/02/181h 9m

Friended by Jesus #323

Indonesians Christians fear deportation, new app promises a better Bible experience for all, two new Polish laws, evangelical minister claims you don’t need the flu shot, top cardinal might support blessing same-sex unions, a new TV show puts god on Facebook, and Christian abuse victim says stay away from church if you need help.
09/02/181h 8m

Mixed Orientations #322

Satanists adopt a highway, ‘In God We Trust,’ Iranian women protest mandatory hijabs, nuns vs priest in battle over control of hospital, Clinton’s spiritual advisor accused of sexual misconduct, KFC franchisee told to stop serving halal chicken, and the possible ripple effect of a high profile ‘mixed orientation’ marriage ending in divorce.
02/02/181h 6m

#churchtoo #321

Nonbelievers turn to prayer during crisis, Buddhist scholar runs afoul of law, Missouri would like to redefine marriage, a ploy to “protect” doctors from unsavory patients, internet use reduced religiosity, judge exposes religious bias in court, and a new hashtag is sweeping the nation.
26/01/181h 4m

#churchtoo #321

Nonbelievers turn to prayer during crisis, Buddhist scholar runs afoul of law, Missouri would like to redefine marriage, a ploy to “protect” doctors from unsavory patients, internet use reduced religiosity, judge exposes religious bias in court, and a new hashtag is sweeping the nation.
26/01/181h 3m

Quiverfull #320

Fasting to save Trump, West Virginia wants to add Bible to curriculum, new study shows “Muslim Ban” may have prompted more acceptance of Islam in America, two Utahns ritually abuse children in name of religion, UK clergy unionize, Canada enforces Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how full is my quiver!
18/01/181h 17m

Quiverfull #320

Fasting to save Trump, West Virginia wants to add Bible to curriculum, new study shows “Muslim Ban” may have prompted more acceptance of Islam in America, two Utahns ritually abuse children in name of religion, UK clergy unionize, Canada enforces Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how full is my quiver!
18/01/181h 16m

Prophets for Profit #319

The New York Times runs an honest obituary about Thomas Monson and the mormons don’t like it, Supreme Court doesn’t take anti-gay Mississippi case, ten commandments monument erected at shopping mall, schism in Mennonite world, lawyers for Kansas assholes want more assholes on jury, school lunch woes in France, and the mechanics of choosing a new LDS prophet.
11/01/181h 9m

King David #318

Ritual child abuse uncovered within FLDS, climate scientists leave US for France, train station named to honor Donald Trump, archdiocese bankruptcy denied, not one of 100 largest US churches is LGBT affirming, elementary teacher fired, and Donald J. Trump as King David (and other biblical figures).
05/01/181h 10m

Back to their Old Tricks #317

Topless activist tries to steal Baby Jesus, Texas attorney general clarifies gun law, gay priest gets standing ovation, changes in abortion law, added security for Christians in India, Egypt taking new stance on atheism, and the Mormon Church has continued performing baptisms for the death for Holocaust survivors even though they promised they wouldn't.
30/12/171h 5m

Back to their Old Tricks #317

Topless activist tries to steal Baby Jesus, Texas attorney general clarifies gun law, gay priest gets standing ovation, changes in abortion law, added security for Christians in India, Egypt taking new stance on atheism, and the Mormon Church has continued performing baptisms for the death for Holocaust survivors even though they promised they wouldn't.
30/12/171h 4m

Merry Christmas #316

The Johnson Amendment survives GOP's tax legislation, religious broadcasters claim their speech is being stifled, story of Christian flag being saved from DMZ doesn't add up, Egyptian pop star in trouble for sexy fruit video, and two developments in Mormonism.
23/12/1749m 59s

Armageddon #315

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week and that gosh darn Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We look at how this is playing into Evangelical Christians' desire to bring about the End of the World.

More Moore #314

Mark sits in for Dan and the discussion centers around how could Roy Moore think dating teenage girls is okay. Well... it has something to do with the Evangelical "Courtship Culture" that promotes fathers turning their teen daughters over to older men in order to protect their chastity. All that and the week's news.
08/12/171h 25m

Opt Me Out #313

Jewish children’s book causes stir among anti-vaxxers, Touched by an Angel star set for angel-hood herself, suggestive statue erected at Catholic school, countries of particular concern, divining rods used by UK utility workers, religious colleges face dark times, and the religious education workaround.
01/12/171h 1m

Sexual Harassment #312

10 Commandments guy, Australian divorced couple, church shooting, Santa Claus is too American for some Brits, fake Dead Sea Scrolls at DC’s Bible museum, Chinese government offers poor Christians money to take down pictures of Jesus, and sexual harassment.
25/11/171h 19m

Six Years #311

Religious Alabamans still likely to vote for Moore, member of Congress comes out as humanist, Trump thinks Scientology should lose tax-exempt status, Catholicism at the Costume Institute, Southern Baptist church hires female pastor and faces the consequences, Holy See says no to holy smoke, and Frank and Dan reminisce about six years of podcasting.
16/11/1753m 14s

Thoughts and Prayers #310

Coke runs ad showing Saudi woman learning to drive a car, Kentucky House speaker resigns after being accused of sexual harassment, Indonesia Supreme Court rules in favor of religious freedom, armed guards in churches, new poll about religion and spirituality, surprising election results in polygamist Utah town, and thoughts and prayers are not action and commitment to do anything.
10/11/171h 14m

Keeping Religion in its Place #309

Exclusive housing development only sells to Muslims, China wants to take control of religion, Saudi Arabia announces additional reforms for women, newspaper finds no evidence for Old Testament stories, Mike Pence to visit persecuted Christians, witches, and finding the right space for religion in our society.
02/11/171h 6m

"Bad Medicine" #308

Bill O'Reilly mad at God, JWs face class action lawsuit over child abuse, questions for Mormon missionaries, homeless shelter charges tithe, museum highlights Nazis' use of Martin Luther to justify holocaust, fight over a headstone, and Frank and Dan discuss dangerous non-medical treatments.
26/10/171h 2m

Good God! #307

SLC movie theatre sues state, new pol shows shift on attitudes about God and morality, Ten Commandments update, Kentucky clerk takes anti-gay marriage message to Romania, Boy Scouts of America announces plan to include girls, a presidential election gets religious, and a clip from Mark and Dan’s new show—“The How To Heretic.”
19/10/171h 7m

Life is not Easy #306

Church focuses prayer against proposed bike lane, city council in Idaho makes surprisingly inclusive decision, US federal judge strikes down parsonage benefit for clergy, accusations that India is neglecting the Taj Mahal, shark costume in Austria runs afoul of law, and why are the evangelicals so upset about contraception?
11/10/1757m 24s

Marriage #305

Mormon leader proclaims gay marriage will never happen in LDS Church, the Book of Common Prayer, child sacrifice in Uganda, a very special train, Christianity promoted in Kansas prison, a county seal, and the DOJ butts its nose into a court case.
04/10/171h 3m

Mormons' Millions #304

BYU allows caffeine on campus, Muslim university in Berkeley, religious unemployment fraud, judge orders teen to live, atheist donations to hurricane relief, Yemeni WI-FI woes, and Frank and Dan talk about the new developments with the Book of Mormon.
28/09/171h 5m

Hurting for Jesus #303

Warren Jeffs, Air Force chaplain, straight marriage ruined by gay marriage, gay cake update, the world is coming to an end, Belgian monks defy pope, and disasters.
21/09/171h 6m

The LDS Movement #302

National Cathedral announces they are taking down stain-glass windows, poll on evolution and belief, robocalling Christians in hot water, Singapore celebration, churches in Texas sue FEMA, and an offshoot of Mormonism.
14/09/1758m 51s

Trump White Supremacy #301

Frank and Dan discuss the week's news and the rise of white supremacy in America.
07/09/1759m 34s

Three Hundred and Counting #300

Robots of the cloth, a very spiritual sonogram, poll about discrimination, Indian guru, ministry lawsuit, and two-thirds of Americans are sinners.  Watch us on And support us at

Eclipse #299

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week and muse about the eclipse.
22/08/171h 5m

Nazis #298

Evangelical preachers giving Trump religious cover for nuclear war, Mosque bombed, Sasquatch sighting, Mormon Leaks strikes again, the Pence doctrine, and nazis in America.
15/08/171h 10m

Is Mormonism an Ancestor Cult? #297

Fatwa booths in Cairo, Christians more likely to blame poverty on lack of effort, pastor gives bad advice to bipolar woman, Pope objects to transgender people, someone new is writing laws in Utah, first gay marriage in Church of England, and Mormonism as an ancestor cult.
08/08/171h 31m

UFOs #296

Religious trafficking, Baby Charlie, Trump nominee, Ark update, ancient Canaanites, and belief.
01/08/171h 15m

Pies and Beers #295

Creative accounting and The Ark, BYU-Idaho professor fired for post on Facebook, wardrobe change in England, Saudi woman arrested for miniskirt video, BYU professor implicated in Hobby Lobby antiquities scandal, monument revisited, and Mormon Pioneers.
25/07/171h 7m

The Most Least #294

Wheat Jesus, grizzly bears present problem for Native Americans, secular cities, Malta legalizes gay marriage, Palestine and Israel, synthetic Texas, and the First Vision.
19/07/171h 9m

Lucifer #293

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week and recount the origin of the Devil according to the Mormons.
11/07/171h 9m

Patriotism #292

Frank and Dan chat about patriotism, the national anthem, and ways in which modern attitudes about the flag and nation feel icky.
03/07/1722m 15s

Court Decisions #291

Judge miraculously obeys the law, Mississippians now allowed to discriminate against LGBT community, schools in Turkey stop teaching evolution, woman wins lawsuit against Israeli airline, Texas couple exonerated, vaccination woo, and rural America vs. urban America.
28/06/171h 27m

Mormon and Gay #290

Anti-Sharia rallies across the US, British politician steps down, fake drug dealer just ‘doing the Lord’s work,’ Southern Baptists join the modern era, Mormon temple in Rome, Trump wants us to stop attacking religion, and Frank and Dan explain a viral video of young Mormon girl getting her mic cut.
19/06/171h 13m

Marriage #289

Governor Kentucky has a plan, a story of a stolen brain, a useful reason for converting to Islam, an anti-Islam billboard, religious hospitals win major court victory, a Jewish ritual, and a discussion on religious marriage.
12/06/171h 19m

Come Out #288

Robot priest blesses the faithful in Germany, survey shows trends with LDS millennials, town ordered to pay Mosque after denying building permit, man with a funny hat makes statement about homosexuality, religious types commit violence, a Ramadan warning, and atheists need to come out for the sake of the world.
05/06/171h 20m

Papa God #287

Group tries to reclaim tithing from LDS Church, new law in Texas, art heist in Salt Lake, Greg Gainforte is a douchebag, a pastor with a direct line to god, study about loans, and religious fasts.
30/05/171h 32m

Missions #286

Doug sits in for Dan: Trump speaks in Saudi Arabia about Islam, fidget spinners take the world by storm, Callista Gingrich to serve as US ambassador to Vatican, Utah’s new polygamy law, an update on the LGBT disaster in Chechnya, a new exhibit at Temple Square, and a chat about LDS missions.
22/05/171h 25m

God Commands Me #285

LISTENER WARNING: EXPLICIT SEX TALK IN THIS EPISODE (thanks, Dan…) BYU conducts study, LDS Church steps away from Boy Scouts of America, Mormon Leaks releases LDS internal survey, blasphemy law in Ireland tested by atheist celebs, secular wedding officiants allowed in Oregon, God tells woman to kill, and we explore the question of how much should we let religions get away with.
15/05/171h 20m

Creeps #284

Frank and Dan talk about 'religious liberty' and how that's cover for Christians to deny rights to other groups.
08/05/171h 8m

Prohibitions #283

Religious name ban in China, atheist sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, breast feeding in church, rates of belief in Christ’s resurrection, San Antonio mayor is a ding dong, King James bible burned in Uganda, and the Word of Wisdom.
01/05/171h 20m

Popes and Parties #282

Benedict celebrates 90th with a rager Vatican-style, another church needs armed security, Humanism recognized by the Department of Defense, Roy Moore strikes again, a pope meeting, Catholic school exercise, and Dan sits down with playwright Robert Askins.
25/04/171h 24m

Secular Awe #281

Alabama church gets its own police force, gay friendly book backed by Vatican, Swedish midwife who refused to do abortions loses case, boobies, Marvel comics, magic fire, and the power of religious architecture in secular spaces.
17/04/171h 10m

General Boredom-- Er... Conference #280

Doug fills in for Frank, and along with Dan dives down the rabbit hole of  Mormonism's bi-yearly torture of their own members. Together, they explore the scars left on them by their mandatory viewing of the most boring event EVER. Stories include Christians who are more like Pharisees, Duterte giving atheists a pass, the Chechnyan hate round-up, Mike Pence's fear of women, Bryan Fischer wants to fly his rainbow flag, and a culture clash surrounding who should perform circumcisions and when (hint: nobody. ever.). 
11/04/171h 4m

Incited Feelings #279

Mormon blogger gets racist, Mexican archdiocese warns construction companies about building Trump’s wall, “In God We Trust,” Pakistan warns social media websites, NASA funds dubious research, image of Smurfette ‘incites feelings’ among orthodox Jews, and Mormons love their personal revelation.
03/04/171h 15m

Age of Accountability #278

Weekly Bible classes at West Virginia school, hypocritical attorney general, living status for rivers in India and New Zealand, March Madness brackets, Australian commission and child sex crimes in churches, abortion, and Mormon baptism.
28/03/171h 11m

Group Think #277

Girls Council in Saudi Arabia misses the mark, Satanic Temple has new campaign, the Dutch dodge a bullet, conservative Oklahoma lawmaker engages in hypocrisy, Reza Aslan eats brains, Pat McCrory can’t find a job, and group think.
20/03/171h 23m

Believe the Lies #276

Majority of Evangelicals believe Trump’s lies about journalists, Bali will not cover nude statues for Saudi royal visit, Kansas congressman claims poor don’t want health insurance, Nike has a new product, new rule for conservative Jews, an anti-medical treatment pastor has been charged in child’s death, and men get their day.
13/03/171h 25m

Gay Face #275

Conservative gay-hating and Planned Parenthood-hating pastor rants on YouTube, dead babies and toddlers found in sewage chambers behind convent, abuse survivor quits Vatican commission, another abortion bill in Texas, Christian war memorial vandalized in Australia, Orthodox Jews take new tactics to stop women from praying at Western Wall, and why religious people think people leave church.
06/03/171h 29m

Ding Dong #274

Statue of Christ by Michelangelo rediscovered, parents guilty of 1st-degree murder in religious neglect case, Mormons fight renaming of a street in Atlanta, Ark Encounter not the boon to local tax revenue once hoped for, Christian bookstore closing nationwide, and Frank and Dan discuss Mardi Gras and their complete lack of understand of it.
02/03/171h 19m

Growing Up Mormon #273

Hate groups triple membership over the last year, Mormon church takes stance on transgender restroom issue, Boy Scout alternative sees uptick in membership, IKEA issues catalog for ultra orthodox Jews, Glitter Ash Wednesday, US Commission on Religious Freedom releases report gives poor grade to Hindus in India, and Frank and Dan remember growing up Mormon.
21/02/171h 22m

Must Protect Sundays #272

Trump appears on Christian network, a solution to Utah’s sex-ed policies, girls want into Boy Scouts of America, World Hijab Day, Pope Francis has a solution to Vatican corruption, private high schools told not to pray at state playoffs, and blue laws from around the world.
13/02/171h 17m

Destroying our Schools #271

Kosher marijuana, preaching politics, transgender boy scouts, a gay Ark Encounter, Jesus wants us to be rich, clergy abuse group sued, and the Department of Education is in serious trouble.
07/02/171h 14m

Muslim Ban #270

Churches adjust Sunday night activities to accommodate Super Bowl, using the Bible as a court room defense strategy, Trump fails to mention Jews in official Holocaust remembrance statement, dustup at the Knights of Malta, president of Philippines starts showdown with Vatican, Pakistan TV host taken off the air, and Trump bans Muslims from entering the country.
31/01/171h 7m

Killing Babies #269

School principal cheats and credits power of prayer, Imam’s prayer incites outrage, FFRF sues to stop public funding of church building maintenance, conservative Christians coming around on pot, JCCs targeted throughout the country, Church of England changes rules on clergy celibacy (not really), and our hopes for progress in America.
23/01/171h 19m

It Means He Loves You #268

Russia set to decriminalize domestic violence, Vatican McDonald’s to feed the homeless, Philippine government blocks popular sites, lesbian couple takes over Baptist congregation, federal prisoner sues for secular treatment program, After School Satan opens in Utah, and a discussion on religious tax exempt status.
16/01/171h 9m

Tax Exempt #267

Neo-nazis plan march in Montana, the family that prays together gets their SUV stolen, US military extends religious accommodations, then there were two (Shakers left in the world), LDS Church growth rate drops in US, Church of Norway status changes, and we talk with Fred Karger who is currently fighting to end the Mormon Church’s tax exempt status. Support us on Patreon.
09/01/171h 28m

Crappy New Year! #266

Scientology takes aim at A&E, NYPD makes accommodations to Sikh and Muslim officers, the Utah Secular Caucus takes form, pope on the run buys new shoes, MoTab member resigns over Trump inauguration, soccer and witches, and was 2016 really as bad as we’re all making it out to be? Yes, maybe it was, but let’s also remember that Scalia died, and that was pretty awesome.
02/01/171h 5m

Love to See the Temple #265

“Charlie Brown Christmas” causes stir at Texas middle school, freaked out liberal christians return to church after Trump victory, LGBT community center opens across from Mormon temple, Oklahoma plans for anti-abortion signs in public buildings, LDS church changes mind about new song in young women’s songbook, neopagan wins right to wear horns on driver’s license, and an interview with Michael Ferguson about his experiences with gay conversion therapy and lawsuit after the fact. Support us on Patreon.
20/12/161h 15m

God's Chosen People #264

Vatican repeats itself about gay priests, German court rules that Muslim girls must take swimming class, Marriott makes big decision about the Bible, the world’s largest nativity, the world is ending (again), Orthodox rabbis and converting to Judaism, and neuroscientist Michael Ferguson joins us to talk about faith and the brain.
12/12/161h 27m

The Memory of Trees #263

Santa vs. Jesus board game ruffles Christian feathers, Catholic priest prevents gay man from singing at own grandmother’s funeral, Norway fines Catholic church for falsifying membership numbers to get more taxpayer money, Pope Francis advocates for the climate (and science), new study shines positive light on psychedelic drugs in fighting depression, and sneaky ways Christian types try to block abortions.
05/12/161h 19m

Thanksgiving #262

Dan and Mark spend Thanksgiving in Savannah, Georgia.
28/11/161h 14m

Everyone Likes a New Friend #261

Naughty and nice retailers, Georgia tries to outlaw hijabs in public, Duck Dynasty comes to a close, German protestants stop converting Jews, humanists sue, Catholic diocese in Minnesota, and maybe we need some new friends.
21/11/161h 24m

The Power of Prayer #260

Self-appointed bishops, pope says no to female priests, China lures children away from church, Michelle Bachmann uses graph to show power of prayer, priest posts video with dead fetus, Oklahomans vote down constitutional amendment, and Dan and Frank take a moment to reflect on the election.
14/11/161h 22m

Talking to the Devil #259

Trump robocaller calls third-party candidate ‘closet homosexual’, transgender Muslim woman hacked to death, rabbi discovers code in scripture predicting a Trump presidency, Oklahoma seeks to change state constitution, county commissioners in court for right to pray at meetings, Puerto Rico gubernatorial candidate comes out atheist, and talking to believers.
07/11/161h 27m

Death and Dying #258

South Koreans experience their own funeral, Vatican says no to scattering ashes, prayer garden for pet lovers, BYU offers amnesty to rape victims, Pope Francis opens posh papal retreat to public, Mormon(s) and gay(s), and a tribute to Jack Chick.
31/10/161h 16m

Battleground State #257

Cardinals protest McDonald’s opening near Vatican, Americans trust scientists and military over clergy, Sweden gets a cemetery free of religious symbols, pastor comes out as atheist and then runs back to the church, terrorism in Kansas, a Catholic charity in India surprises us (a little), and an independent presidential candidate in Utah within striking distance of winning the state.
24/10/161h 26m

The Mormon Shakedown #256

Norwegian trickery trips up psychics, Temple Mount aggression, no more holiday displays on county courthouse grounds, US government releases report on religious freedom and many religious leaders are upset by its content, an angry pope takes on Germany, InterVarsity to fire employees who don't agree with them on gay marriage, and Mormon tithing settlement.
17/10/161h 20m

Mormon Leaks #255

High school assembly about sex, Oklahoma’s governor, Catholic diocese makes right on sex abuse scandal, an elderly bar mitzvah, not-so-shocking sculpture of Jesus shocks conservatives, clever polygamist defense, and Mormon Leaks.
10/10/161h 19m

Get Rich Quick #254

Utah legislative candidate comments online, female chess players face obstacles, untouchables find way out, Confederate flag removed from Washington National Cathedral, change comes to Billy Graham’s ministry, Danish anti-migrant spray, and Mormons and their get-rich-quick schemes.
03/10/161h 34m
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