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The Bubble Hour is a weekly podcast hosted by recovery author and blogger, Jean McCarthy. Real People. Real Stories. Real Hope. The "Bubble" is what we use to stay safe and happy in sobriety (especially early sobriety). We surround ourselves with things and people who bring us joy, laughter and comfort. What do you put in YOUR bubble?


Sherry Hoppen, Author of SOBER CYCLE

Sherry Hoppen is the founder of She Surrenders, a ministry encouraging women into faith-based recovery. As a Christian woman who has lived through the nightmare of addiction to alcohol, she helps others battling addiction through writing, speaking, coaching. Sherry leads weekly meetings for faith-based recovery in the group she started, Joyful Surrender. She regularly shares her journey with her trademark honesty and humor at women’s events, Bible studies, recovery retreats, and podcasts. In her book, Sober Cycle (New Hope Publishing, 2021), she shares her personal story of alcohol addiction and the nonsensical things she did to escape it.  An avid reader and cyclist, Sherry and her husband enjoy traveling and loving on their three grandsons. * Visit host Jean McCarthy's website for more links and information about this episode and The Bubble Hour.
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Summer Update from Jean

Host Jean McCarthy returns from an unplanned 3-week break and shares stories and insights from her time away. Plus information from Recovery Research Institute on the effectiveness of various recovery programs, celebrating and recognizing Bubble Hour milestones, listener letters, and thoughts on the one-year anniversary of the release of The Ember Ever There by Jean McCarthy.
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Jenny Dalton

Jenny's path to recovery included several "fasts" from alcohol - planned, supported breaks for 30 or more days as she worked to envision her life without drinking. When her father died, she longed to honor her grief by feeling it fully. She now sees how living alcohol-free allows her to live engage more actively in her life. As a writer, Jenny feared that alcohol was entwined with creativity--but has discovered the very opposite is true! She has used the down time during the covid pandemic to turn her attentions to a novel she wrote decades earlier. Of Butterflies and Bullies is loosley based on Jenny's experience of being bullied in her pre-teen years, and the project has been healing and gratifying. Visit to learn more and purchase the book. Follow Jenny on Instagram at  * Host Jean McCarthy's website is and her blog UnPickled is at
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Bev Sartain

Beverly Sartain is a Psyche Strategist who helps helpers heal their wounds so that they can serve Self and humanity from wholeness. Image of Healing Roadmap created by Bev Sartain:  Website - Book - Transcending Trauma: How I Use Spiritual Psychology To Heal My Life Workbook - Spiritual Psychology Healing Workbook Course - Spiritual Psychology Healing Course FB Group - Holistic Coach Network Podcast - Holistic Coach Legacy Podcast
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Nicole Cameron

Nicole has overcome great losses and built a life full of joy, but it was not an easy path to arrive where she is today. Grief was all too present in her life, even as a child. Nicole was just 11 when her mother died unexpectedly. Then, as newlyweds, Nicole and her husband suffered multiple pregnancy losses. Though she didn't necessarily see alcohol use as a coping strategy, her dysfunctional drinking patterns escalated throughout her teen years and into adulthood as life became more and more complicated. Nicole is now 13 years sober and her passion is to help others develop the skills to change the direction of their lives. She says, "My mission is simple. I help successful people create change. Change in their stories, change in narrative, and change in their relationship with themselves, others and substance, by providing solutions in healing their worth, practicing self compassion, living into core values, identifying character strengths and creating healthy and positive thought life." Learn more at Join Nicole's Mindful Recovery Community on Facebook here: For more books and resources discussed in this episode, extended shownotes are here :
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Cybele Botran

Cybele Botran of Wide Awake Recovery shares her story of recovery and healing. Cybele believes that each of us can be our own healers once we get past the judgement, guilt, and shame that hold us back. She teaches transformative practices of self-love, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness to help others find the powers within to let go of unconscious beliefs and embrace joy. Cybele has a free download for listeners interested in learning more about inner-child work: Free e-booklet: Self-Love for Your Inner Child Website: Instagram: Facebook: (Pleae note: This conversation includes discussion of adverse childhood experiences including sexual trauma.)
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Lori Massicot

Lori Massicot is a sober woman on a mission to help women over 40 create a life they love alcohol-free. For thirty years, Lori thought that alcohol was the solution to her anxiety and shyness, and on August 11, 2013, she decided to quit drinking and become the solution she had always been. Lori uses a simplistic approach to sobriety and helps women create a deeper relationship with themselves as they age through connection, self-care, and self-compassion. Lori is a Life and Sober Coach, Nutrition Coach, and host of the To 50 and Beyond podcast, where she talks openly with her guests about aging sober and creating overall wellbeing in midlife and beyond. She's lived in Southern California her whole life and is a mom and wife and a dog lover who strives to live a simplistic lifestyle in recovery.   * Host Jean McCarthy's website is and her blog is
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Penni Moussa

Founder of Recovery Buddha and woman in recovery, Penni Moussa is also a Clinical Psychologist, intuitive healer, writer, creative & mother of 3 young adults; the youngest of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Having travelled a journey which includes recovery from addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma & grief, Penni’s lived experience informs her work as a trauma therapist within the recovery community. Website:  Instagram: Facebook:  * Host Jean McCarthy's website is
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Will Black

Will Black is a young man in recovery who shares his passion for wellness through his expertise in yoga and meditation. Will relates his experiences with using alcohol to alleviate symptoms of social anxiety and depression, only to realize drinking then became a problem of its own. Will is now three years sober and lives life to the fullest while inspiring others to do the same.  Episode website: Host Jean McCarthy's blog, books and links to other Bubble Hour info are available at
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Maureen Towns

In Broken Open, parenting and family consultant Maureen Towns shares her journey through her teenage kids’ mental health and addiction issues to help parents find freedom in chaos.  Maureen Towns BScN, MA is a relationship mentor with over 25 years of nursing experience in both public and private health care across Canada. After experiencing mental illness and addiction with her own children, she founded Maureen Towns Consulting to help families struggling to care for their own loved ones. Her work with parents inspires them to rediscover themselves within chaotic and challenging situations. Website:  Broken Open Podcast: More links and show notes at * Host Jean McCarthy's website is with links to her blog Unpickled, more Bubble Hour epsiodes, her books, and more
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Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington is the author of Sober Curious (2018) and The Sober Curious Reset (2020). Her books have given voice to a movement that embraces an alcohol-free lifestyle as a choice, and encourages people to explore their relationship with alcohol proactively. Ruby shares her personal story and digs deep into some unexpected results in her personal life, like deeper intimacy and greater authenticity. Ruby's website is  More links and shownotes here *** Host Jean McCarthy's blog is Her latest books are available through her website
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Spring Check-in

Host Jean McCarthy hosts a solo show with updates on her recovery, a big upcoming milestone, reflections on grief and celebration, plus heaps of encouragement for YOU! Learn more about Jean at where you can link to her blog UnPickled, buy her books, and hear more episodes of The Bubble Hour.
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Dr. Alice Kerby

Dr Alice Kerby is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. She uses her decades of experience and training  to focus on the stress response from an autonomic nervous system and physiological perspective. She helps her clients to identify areas where they feel stuck, and provides a well regulated and supportive environment for them to begin gently touching past trauma or overwhelm, and heal these states through presence and awareness of the body in the present moment. She specializes in working with sober and sober curious women who are seeking additional tools to manage stress, increase a sense of calm, and move forward in creating their lives.  Learn more at and checkout her podcast Beyond The Pink Cloud For links to resources mentioned in this episode, click here Host Jean McCarthy blogs at UnPickled. Her latest books are available at
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Sean McCann and Andrea Aragon

Sean McCann and Andrea Aragon are the husband and wife team who co-wrote the recovery memoir “One Good Reason.”  Sean McCann rose to fame as a founding member of the multimillion selling folk group Great Big Sea. But all of that performing and partying allowed Sean’s alcoholism to flourish in plain sight, as he drank to cope with the long-buried pain of childhood abuse by a trusted family priest—a secret he kept until 2014 when he shared his truth and began using his music and stage presence as a mental health advocate. “One Good Reason” includes the parallel narrative of Sean’s wife, Andrea Aragon. Her balancing insights give this memoir extraordinary insights into the nuanced and complex effect of addiction on the family.  For more information visit Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at and her latest books are available at For more episodes of The Bubble Hour please visit
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Deb's Story: Sober Life with BPD

Looking back, Deb can see that she was self-medicating mental health problems with alcohol. When she entered a partial hospitalization program to assess and treat her symptoms of anxiety and depression, it was necessary to address the issue of alcohol use disorder that had developed as a result. She describes quitting alcohol as 'low hanging fruit' that made way for prescription drugs and therapy to work more effectively. Deb's diagosis is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), sometimes called 'emotional hypersensitivity.' She says that with BPD, "every emotion feels like a knife to the chest."   (To hear another Bubble Hour interview about BPD, check out "Michelle's Story" Season 5, Episode 5) For links to resources mentioned in this episode, click here. Host Jean McCarthy's books and blog can be linked to through her website
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Kelly's Story

Kelly created a self-image as a party girl that became eventually an uncomfortable way to live. Self-centered partners who also drank problematically appeared one after another. She leaned on others for her self-worth and thought, “if you like me then I’m less broken." Now she realizes that her biggest relationship problem was with herself. Today Kelly is standing in her authenticity and learning to love and appreciate herself as a sober woman. “It’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done for myself.” “Therapy is like peeling the layers back trying to get to the root issue, because if you don’t get to the root out you’re likely to relapse. It’s really painful drudging up all of the old stuff but after suppressing it for so long, there was just so much to work through…” “I’ve gotten comfortable in my own skin and actually enjoy being around myself so I don’t have this desperate need to be with somebody like I always had.” Click here for links for the resources mentioned in this episode: Host Jean McCarthy's blog and books are available through her website
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Matt Salis

Matt Salis shares his story and insights on recovery. Matt and his wife Sheri have co-authored a book about marriage and recovery, Sober Evolution: Evolve into Sobriety and Recover Your Alcoholic Marriage. They also host a podcast together called UnToxicated. Visit to learn more about their work, download free resources, and connect to Matt's blog Sober and Unashamed. Learn more about their recovery programs SHOUTSobriety and its partner program Echoes of Recovery at www. Host Jean McCarthy's blog is and her latest books are available at
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Nichol's Story

As a little girl, Nichol was not protected the way a child should be. The abuse she suffered left emotional wounds that she kept hidden from the world. Through her teens and adult years, she leaned on alcohol to cope and, despite a strong work ethic and deep love for her daughters, dependency unfolded. Her pattern was unpredictable and she suffered frightening blackouts frequently. Then came an experience that changed everything. Nichol woke up one morning caked in blood and did not recognize the disfigured face in the mirror. A drunken fall the night before nearly ended her life, but she summoned her strength to use the experience as a catalyst for change. Nichol recently celebrate her 50th birthday and a 3-year milestone of sobriety. She shares her story in hopes of taking away some of the stigma and shame others might feel who have been through similar experiences. For links to resources mentioned in this episode, click here: * Host Jean McCarthy's blog is and her latest books are at
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Shelby John

Getting sober is just the beginning for recovery coach and therapist Shelby John, who believes that we can then go on to reach higher for a more joyful, fulfilling life than we ever imagined.  Now 18+ years sober, Shelby recognizes that she not only hit a bottom with her addiction but also then hit what she calls a "sober bottom"; a point at which she saw a need to live differently. Learn more about Shelby at and check out her podcast Shelby has created a Facebook group for women in recovery here: * Host Jean McCarthy's blog is UnPickled and her latest books are available at
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New Year's Wishes

Welcome to Season 9 of The Bubble Hour! Host Jean McCarthy shares some thoughts about this special time of year, looks back over 9 years of this podcast and offers inspiration for the days ahead. Recovery is better together and The Bubble Hour is honoured to be part of your recovery toolkit! Jean shares excerpts from her books, which are available at Jean's blog is
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Darcy's Story

Darcy noticed she was becoming increasingly reliant on alcohol to relax after her twin boys were born. Then came the double trauma of a miscarriage followed by a devastating decision to end another ill-fated pregnancy.  Darcy tried to push through her emotions, carrying on with her job and meeting the demands of parenting her young sons. She began using alcohol to cope, and the progression took off. She began to question her own value and when she wondered if her family might be better off without her, she knew it was time to ask for help. After some time of being alcohol-free, as well as a joyfully successful pregnancy, Darcy contemplated moderation and found that her drinking returned to previous patterns. It was alarming and quick. Soon she was back in care and determined to do whatever it might take to be free of the hold that alcohol had over her. * Host Jean McCarthy's blog is UnPickled and her lastest books are available via
29/12/201h 4m

Kathy L.

Kathy's busy, active life was disrupted abruptly when her husband was diagnosed with a dibilitating and ultimately fatal disease at a young age. The stress of being a caregiver led her to lean on alcohol and the pattern continued into her second marriage, which also ended in tragic loss. Grief and lonliness fuelled Kathy's reliance on alcohol even more, until the day she decided to take her power back. * Learn more about host Jean McCarthy through her blog UnPickled and find her latest book releases at
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Danielle's Story

Danielle is a multiple suicide attempt survivor, a kidney cancer survivor, and a stroke survivor. She started writing about her sobriety publicly in 2018 after she suffered a massive stroke four months into her sobriety journey. That stroke took away her ability to speak, read, and write. Her speech therapist suggested that she write to stimulate her brain function to regain these abilities. She began writing in the early morning, each and every day. She wrote authentically and raw about her struggles with sobriety, marriage, and motherhood. Writing quickly became therapeutic and played a crucial role during her first year of sobriety. During her first year of sobriety, she overcame multiple struggles and obstacles. Sobriety did not come easily for Danielle, but she 'embraced the suck' of sobriety, with faith and hope that she would experience the miracle and the promises. She is an active member in the recovery community and currently works at a treatment center. She is a public speaker sharing her experience, strength, and hope any time she gets the opportunity to do so. She wrote Stroke of Sobriety - The Essential Daily Guide - Embracing the suck of sobriety in hopes that she will inspire someone to not give up before the miracle.    To learn more visit * Host Jean McCarthy's books and blog UnPickled are available via
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Michael Blanchard "Through a Sober Lens"

Michael Blanchard's work combines photography and personal essays to illuminate the recovery experience and show the beauty and hope beyond the darkness of addiction. His books include Fighting for My Life: Finding Hope and Serenity on Martha's Vineyard and Through a Sober Lens: A Photographer's Journey.  Michael is a gallery owner on Martha's Vineyard who sees his storefront as more than a place to present art; it is also a way to connect with others and share his message of hope. Visit Michael's website to purchase his books and learn more about his story at * Host Jean McCarthy's blog is UnPickled and her lastest books are available at
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Louise A

"This was a T-intersection. This was not a crossroads. If I carried on drinking, I knew exactly where I was going to go." Louise A. shares her story of reluctant participation in the recovery process. It took some time for her to accept that she was like the other people in the meetings that she'd been attending. "It was like waking up on a rollercoaster every single day," she says. "Full speed. Strapped in. Tied down. Unable to do anything or think about anything until it stopped." Now Louise sees those meetings as "a place where we are able to practice being ourselves" and explore what it feels like to live more authentically. Louise's poetry page is on Instagram @mypoetryismytherapy * Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at and her latest books are at
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Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher is an author, speaker and coach, whose recovery has involved peeling back layers of childhood trauma and family instability while examining the effects of highly controlling religious teachings. His book, Waking Up: A Guide for Transformation, is part memoir and part self-help guide. In it, Michael details dramatic events that shaped his early life and how being disfellowed and shunned from his mother's religion fuelled his mental and physical decline into addiction.  For more information, visit  * Host Jean McCarthy's blog is UnPickled, and her latest books are available at
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Julie's Story

Julie could feel the way that alcohol was creeping into her life in unwanted ways. She knew all too well what it's like to worry about a parent's drinking and didn't want her own children to live with that burden. Julie pre-empted her relationship with alcohol before it could go any further and celebrates the freedom this choice has given her. Visit Julie's website to learn more about her and to connect:   Find more info and other episodes at Host Jean McCarthy's latest book releases are at and her blog is
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Dr Maureen Talks Alcohol and Health

Dr Maureen is a diagnostic radiologist whose work often includes the devastating effects of alcohol on the human body in the form of liver disease and cancer. She is also a woman in recovery, which allows her to have great compassion and understanding about the patient experience when having difficult conversations about the role of alcohol in her patient's lives. In this episode, Dr. Maureen explains the many ways that alcohol impacts health and why we need to think differently about drinking as a normal activity. *** Be sure to check out host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled at Jean's latest book releases are available at
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Kate Baily and Mandy Manners

Kate Baily and Mandy Manners of share their personal stories and chat about their new book Love Yourself Sober. Their website includes links for personal coaching, an online community for women in recovery and tons of resources. Kate and Mandy are dedicated to helping others find a workable recovery plan that makes sense for the individual. *** The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean McCarthy Jean's books are available here:
02/11/201h 2m

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer had begun to question her relationship to alcohol when her body started to show some strange symptoms. Even though both Jennifer and her husband are medical professionals, it took a while to realize that alcohol was the root cause of her episodes of muscle weakness. Jennifer shares her story as a way to celebrate her one-year milestone and to give back to the podcast that helped her so much throughout the journey. Host Jean McCarthy's blog is and here latest books are available at
26/10/201h 7m

Lotta Dann and The Wine O'Clock Myth

Lotta Dann talks about her latest book "The Wine O'Clock Myth," which takes a look at the way alcohol seeps into all aspects of life and why we need to take a strong stand against the persuasion of the alcohol industry. Lotta's blog is Mrs. D is Going Without. She is the author of two other books as well, Mrs. D. is Going Without and Mrs. D is Going Within. Lotta runs an online recovery community called Living Sober Host Jean McCarthy's blog is UnPickled and you can find her books here.
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MaryBeth Murphy on Holistic Wellness in Recovery

MaryBeth Murphy is a registered nurse and a holistic wellness and recovery coach. Her style as a integrative nurse coach is to combine her medical training with alternative therapies such as reiki, craniosacral therapy, crystal healing and armoatherapy to develop strategies to heal the body, mind and spirit and restore balance to the nervous system. To learn more about MaryBeth's heart-centred care, visit her website at For links to the books and resources mentioned in this episode, please click here Host Jean McCarthy's books are available at and to read her blog UnPickled click here
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Dawn's Story

Dawn left home in 1979 and didn't look back. She left behind cold Canadian winters and a turbulent relationship with her parents, and headed to LA to embrace all the glamour of the late 70s: sex, drugs, and parties were her life. Her lifestyle was dangerous and dramatic, but eventually she tired of it and returned to Canada full of regret and shame. Her past guided her choices over the years to come. Despite her efforts to live a good life, Dawn found herself in one desperate situation after another. Learn how she not only took her power back from the drugs, alcohol, and men who controlled her but then channelled her energy into helping other women in similar situations by becoming a lawyer. *** Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is available here and be sure to order her latest recovery books from
06/10/201h 8m

Adam Fout

Adam Fout is an addiction / recovery / mental health blogger and a speculative fiction / nonfiction writer in North Texas. Adam recounts his early experiences with drugs and alcohol, and describes how he tumbled instantly into addiction at a young age. His problems began to compound as drug use led to legal troubles, disrupted his education, and caused relationships to breakdown. Adam recounts how he worked through anger and resentments to find healing, and also how taking charge of mental health issues has affected his success in recovery. Visit Adam's website to connect and learn more about his work:  Host Jean McCarthy's blog, books, and other information are available at
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Dr Heidi Dalzell on Eating Disorders and Alcohol Addiction

Heidi J. Dalzell, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist, with 25+ years experience specializing in addictive behaviors, eating disorders, and trauma. Dr. Dalzell has a busy private practice and also offers courses/ online coaching. Dr. Dalzell is prolific author covering subjects such as addiction, eating disorders, gender identity, mindfulness, racial justice and spirituality. She has spoken nationally and internationally on these topics. Dr. Dalzell is a featured contributor on She Owns It, and has had articles published on sites including Tiny Buddha, The Good Men Project, and Elephant Journal. She has been quoted in Forbes, My Fitness Pal Blog, Fatherly, Yahoo Style and A Sweat Life. Dr. Dalzell is a teacher on Insight Timer and has appeared on MLN network’s Minding Men. She has been a guest on podcasts including Peace Meal, The Bubble Hour and The Body Image Podcast. She is the co-author of A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Identity and Body Image and is currently working on a book about mindfulness and eating disorders. Visit her website at or join her Eating Disorders at Midlife Facebook group Be sure to visit host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled and check out her latest book releases at
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Chekesha Kay Ellis

Chekesha Kay Ellis had a busy, full life that she loved. The product of a strict upbringing, she worked hard at two jobs and had no interest in partying or trouble. But trouble found her. A fall at work resulted in an injury that required surgery, and she developed an addition to the pain medication she was prescribed in followup care. A dacade-long sprial took her to lows she will never forget and impacted her health permanently as she lost her hearing due to opioid  abuse. Now after a decade of sobriety, Kay shares her joy and lives her truth by shinging a light for others. Visit to learn more about Chekesha Kay Ellis and follow her on Instagram at Host Jean McCarthy's website is - visit it for links to her books, blog Unpickled and bio
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Dennis Berry

Dennis Berry is a life coach in Colorado, but has been working with people worldwide for over 15 years.  His expertise is in Addiction Recovery for men. He has firsthand experience, having been sober since April 8, 2003. His journey in sobriety and recovery from drug abuse has helped him find his mission in life, which is to help others on their journey through sobriety and achieve inner peace and success in every area of their lives. Dennis knows what it is like to be helpless and hopeless with no positive direction. He was able to climb out of the gutter and transform his life and he spends his life helping others do the same. Connect with Dennis and learn more at Bubble Hour host Jean McCarthy's blog in UnPickled. Find her latest book releases at
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Kate Russell

Kate grew up in a household with two alcoholic parents who constantly subjected her to neglect and abuse. Much as she swore she would never follow in their footsteps, the pain she carried in her heart called for escape and she turned to drugs and alcohol as a teen. Over her 9 years of sobriety, Kate has been working on a memoir that is now available. Visit to find her book, Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction and Recovery. Host Jean McCarthy's website is - pop by for links to Jean's blog UnPickled and her lastest book releases.
25/08/201h 7m

Jenny's Story

Jenny, the youngest child in a big family with little parental supervision, was introduced to alcohol at a young age by her older siblings. She soon became an episodic blackout drinker and the pattern continued into her adult years.  Now in her 40s, Jenny is celebrating a year of sobriety and shares her story to mark the occasion.  For links to resources mentioned in this episode, click here: Visit host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled and be sure to check out her latest book releases at
03/08/201h 13m

Guest Ben Heldfond

After 25 years of freedom from heroine addiction, Ben realizes that his sobriety has the power to transform every aspect of his life. When he and his wife divorced, he used the principles of recovery to examine his role in the breakdown of the marriage and shifted from anger and resentment into a solution-seeking frame of mind. Ben and his ex-wife Nikki DeBartolo wrote about the experience in their book, Our Happy Divorce.     Host Jean McCarthy's books and blog are available via and
28/07/201h 4m

Listener Q&A with Jean

Topics discussed in response to questions from listeners include: OCD/BFRB (body-focussed repetitive behaviours)What happens if a former podcast guest relapses?Former co-hostsStaying creativeShedding anonymityA few poems about recovery from The Ember Ever There by Jean McCarthy  Links to purchase Jean's books are at
20/07/2053m 0s

Maria's Story

"Being a grateful alcoholic means no living in the wreckage of my past," says Maria R. as she looks back on six years of sobriety. Maria did not start drinking problematically until her 40s, but once addiction took hold of her life it dragged her to a bottom that would not be easily escaped. Learn more about Maria on her blog, Sober Blessings Read host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled at and learn abou ther latest book releases at
13/07/201h 0m

Erica C. Barnett, author of QUITTER

A must-listen episode for anyone struggling to understand chronic relapse. Erica C. Barnett had her first sip of alcohol when she was thirteen, and she quickly developed a taste for drinking to oblivion with her friends. In her late twenties, her addiction became inescapable. Volatile relationships, blackouts, and unsuccessful stints in detox defined her life. By the time she was in her late thirties, Erica Barnett had run the gauntlet of alcoholism. She had recovered and relapsed time and again, but after each new program or detox center would find herself far from rehabilitated. “Rock bottom,” Barnett writes, “is a lie.” It is always possible, she learned, to go lower than your lowest point. She found that the terms other alcoholics used to describe the trajectory of their addiction–“rock bottom” and “moment of clarity”–and the mottos touted by Alcoholics Anonymous, such as “let go and let God” and “you’re only as sick as your secrets”–didn’t correspond to her experience and could actually be detrimental. With remarkably brave and vulnerable writing, Barnett expands on her personal story to confront the dire state of addiction in America, the rise of alcoholism in American women in the last century, and the lack of rehabilitation options available to addicts. At a time when opioid addiction is a national epidemic and one in twelve Americans suffers from alcohol abuse disorder, Quitter is essential reading for our age and an ultimately hopeful story of Barnett’s own hard-fought path to sobriety. Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at Learn about her latest book releases at
06/07/201h 0m

Wanja's Story

Wanja Joy believed in hard work and good behaviour. She had strict rules for her daughters, a career she loved, and thought she was doing everything right. But one day she felt a desire to escape rising within her, and she answered it by allowing her daughters a rare morning of cartoons and cereals as she added wine to her orange juice. It seemed to come out of nowhere, this desire for alcohol, but it helped.  In time, Wanja learned that the need to escape was stemming from the pain of past events, long buried and disregarded. Today, Wanja lives her life in connection with herself and her gifts. She has faced the trumas of her past and helps others do the same. Learn more abot Wanja Joy on her website Host Jean McCarthy's blog is at and her latest book releases are at www,
29/06/201h 9m

Maestro George Marriner Maull

George Marriner Maull is a conductor, violist, television host and music educator with over 50 years of experience as a professional classical musician. He has conducted at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and venues in Europe and has recorded for the Naxos label leading the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.  Founder and Artistic Director of The Discovery Orchestra, a nonprofit music education organization, Maull has devoted his career to making classical music accessible. He has helped millions of individuals around the world develop the active listening skills to deeply connect with music and become "virtuoso listeners."  Maestro Maull reflects on the ways in recovery has changed his life. With over 36 years of sobriety, Maull continues to maintain an active program of recovery and exlain why this is important to him. Resources discussed in this episode: The Discovery Orchestra "Inside Music" on WWFM "The Discovery Orchestra" on Amazon Prime Video Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at Learn about Jean's latest book releases at
23/06/201h 4m

Guest Lucy Hall

Her mother died of alcoholism when she was six and left behind seven children some of whom later lost their lives to substance abuse. The impression her mother left in her life inspired Lucy to reach out to women who suffer from addiction and women with children. She desired to help bridge the gap from troubled lives and help women become independent and self-sufficient. Today, her dream has become a reality with Mary Hall Freedom House (MHFH), named in memory of her mother. Through a community of sisterhood, Lucy coaches women to free themselves from the past and live every day for the future. Over 10,000 women and children have achieved recovery through Mary Hall Freedom House since founded in 1996; by empowering them to end the cycle of generational addiction, poverty and homelessness. Visit to learn more about Lucy's book Hope Dealer and to find the documentary about Mary Hall Freedom House entitled Hope Village.   Host Jean McCarthy writes the blog UnPickled and her latest book releases, including her collection of recovery poetry The Ember Ever There, can be ordered via
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THE SOBER LUSH authors Amanda Eyre Ward and Jardine Libaire

The Sober Lush authors Amanda Eyre Ward and Jardine Libaire share their personal stories of recovery and explain how their friendship unfolded into a writing partnership. The Sober Lush is not your average recovery memoir, but a collection of essays and reflections on how life's beauty and decadence can be heightened by sobriety. For resources discussed in this episode, click here Visit host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled at and learn about her latest book releases at www.jeanmccarthy,ca/books
08/06/2057m 0s

Margaret's Celebration

Margaret shares her story as part of her double celebration: 50 years old and 1000 days sober! As a kid who felt awkward but just wanted to fit in and be liked, Margaret lost herself into the expectations of others, choosing a career she wasn't passionate about and allowing her own wishes to fade into the background in an effort to stay agreeable. When she discovered wine, it seemed like a solution to her discomfort. As her pattern with alcohol became problematic, she had to overhaul her thinking completely. Links for resources mentioned in this episode are listed here:   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at Check out Jean's latest book releases at
01/06/201h 6m

Lynn Matti of Sobersoul Recovery

Lynn Matti is a therapist who has been sober since 2010 when she checked herself into Hazelden Betty Ford to free herself from alcohol and benzodiazepines for good. She hosts a weekly podcast called The Sober Therapist and is the author of 5 Weeks to Self Confidence. Learn more about Lynn at and follow her on Instagram at Sober Soul Recovery.   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is here and her latest books are at
27/05/201h 20m

Kara's Story

Kara epitomized the image of a good girl. She was brought up in a deeply religious family, followed the rules, and helped to care for her younger siblings. She did not drink alcohol until her 21st birthday, and even then it was an innocent experience. After she was married and became a mother, she discovered that a bit of wine helped her get through hard days with little ones and things quickly unravelled. Resources discussed in this episode: Educated by Tara Westover We are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen But It's Your Family by Sherrie Campbell Jean's blog UnPickled is at Learn about Jean's latest book releases here
11/05/2059m 0s

Audrey's Story

Audrey reflects on the effects that her dysfunctional family of origin dynamics have had relative to her slide into a problematic relationship with alcohol and subsequent sobriety. Resources discussed in this episode include: Information on codependency and narcissism from Sherry Gaba "Embrace" body image documentary Body Kindness Podcast  "This Naked Mind" by Annie Grace Stages of Change explained on Jean's blog UnPickled "Drinking: A Love Story" by Caroline Knapp    Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is here. Be sure to watch for her newest book releases at
04/05/201h 4m

Jill's Story

Jill spent her life trying to control her sensitive emotions and reactions. The demands of being a military wife and mom added extra pressure, and she found that alcohol helped. After the 911 attacks, her relationship will alcohol escalated, as the aftermath of that day impacted her family. When Jill quit drinking, she learned about the concept of the 'highly sensitive person' and understood herself differently. Resources discussed in this episode include: Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Quit Drinking"  Elaine Aron's book "The Highly Sensitive Person" "Drink" by Ann Dowsett Johnston and Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at  and information about her latest book release be will be posted here when available:
27/04/2051m 0s

Leslie's Story

Leslie's growing reliance on alcohol was her main way to cope with the overwhelming emotions of having a son struggling with a drug addiction. His tragic death made it even harder to have clarity around her own relationship with alcohol, as she experienced grief along with guilt and shame. Now 18 months alcohol free, Leslie looks back on these difficult times and shares how sobriety has allowed her to find greater healing and a deeper connection to her son's memory. Resources discuss in this episode include The Unruffled Podcast and SheRecovers Meetups and Sharing Circles. Follow host Jean McCarty's blog UnPickled here and watch for news of her latest book releases here
21/04/2056m 0s

Gigi Langer

GIgi Langer is a presenter, retreat leader, and author of the award-winning book, "50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection." Gigi is also a woman in successful long-term recovery with over 34 years of sobriety. Learn more about Gigi at Gigi has generously offered a free audiobook for listeners of this show! Just visit her website and use the contact form to request, mentioning this Bubble Hour episode. Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at and watch for her latest book releases at
13/04/2054m 0s

Barry's Story

Barry reflects on the role of her life experiences have played in setting her up for a pattern of addiction, and recounts the devastating effects that a 52 minute relapse in 2018 had for herself and her son. Barry's recovery page on Instagram is @self_healers_shine  Resources mentioned include:  The work of Dr. Gabor Mate "The Drama of the Gifted Child" by Alice Miller well as a Facebook page called Narcissism and Adoption Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at  and be sure to visit for updates on her latest book releases.
06/04/2055m 0s

Adrienne Enns of "May You Know Joy"

When Adirenne went into rehab eight years ago, it was not exactly a joyful experience. But Adrienne came to learn that she had so much more power than she ever knew and that her recovery could be full of happiness and positive intentions in ways she'd never imagined.  Learn more about Adrienne at   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at and you can keep an eye out for her latest books at
31/03/2057m 0s

Winged Victory

Today's guest uses the name "Winged Victory" to honour her anonymity. Under this name, she has created a wealth of recovery resources including a blog site called "Booze Musings" and an online community called BOOM ReThink the Drink. She reminds us of this message: "The spirit is not in the bottle. It's in YOU."  Other sites discussed in this episode include: Hello Sunday Morning Article: Coming Out Sober  Video about Winged Victory statue: Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at Visit to learn about her latest book releases.
24/03/201h 10m

Kristie's Story

Kristie began using drugs and alcohol as a teen to help her escape from the unhappiness of her difficult life. The partying habits stayed with her into adulthood and eventually began to interfere with the things she valued more. Recovery wasn't a straight line though, and she had many "day ones" before she was able to make sobriety stick for good. Kristie recently celebrated a year of sobriety and shares her story as a way to mark the milestone.  Online meetings from "In The Rooms" mentioned in this episode can be accessed here: Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is available here and be sure to watch for her latest book releases here:
17/03/2058m 0s

Kathy Robbins, Psychotherapist and Recovery Coach

Kathy Robbins is a psychotherapist who is in successful long-term recovery. She has been alcohol-free for 31 years and is also in recovery from codependency, and food addiction. Kathy shares openly about what is it like for her to be a mental health professional in recovery and answers questions from listeners. Kathy encourages others to see "The Three C's" : commitment, change and celebration. She hosts recovery retreats for women and is a SheRecovers Sharing Circle facilitator. Visit Kathy's website at to learn about upcoming events or to contact Kathy directly.   Host Jean McCarthy's blog "UnPickled" is here: Learn about Jean's latest book releases at
02/03/201h 28m

Gayle Macdonald of Sober Bliss

Gayle and her husband moved to a village in Spain in search of a safer, quieter life. The tranquillity and isolation of their new location were wonderful in many ways, but also set off an escalation of alcohol use that eventually seemed to take over their lives. Hear how Gayle and her husband made positive changes and how she is now helping others through her website Sober Bliss at   Host Jean McCarthy blogs about her own recovery at UnPickled Stay up to date on her latest book releases at
24/02/2058m 0s

Clare Pooley

Clare Pooley began writing about her sobriety in 2015 and her blog, "Mommy Was a Secret Drinker," became a book in 2017, "The Sober Diaries." Clare's latest publication is a novel, "The Authenticity Project." Clare shares her story of acknowledging a dependency on alcohol and finding recovery, plus chats about her life as a writer and mom.   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is here: Learn about Jean's latest book releases here:
17/02/2051m 0s

Jen McNeely of She Does the City

Jen started a blog to document the party life she enjoyed in 2007 and it became a huge hit. So what happened years later when she gave up alcohol and settled down? Listen in to learn how she incorporated her new lifestyle into her work. Learn more at   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is and you can learn about her latest books at
11/02/2054m 0s

Guest Heidi Busche

Heidi Busche is a woman in recovery, as well as a relationship expert, podcaster, coach and author of the book "Relationship Ready."    To learn more about Heidi, visit her website   Bubble Hour host Jean McCarthy writes the blog UnPickled - visit Learn about Jean's latest book releases on her website:
03/02/201h 8m

Guest Kendra Ogden

Kendra Ogden is a woman in successful long-term recovery who is shining a light for others in her work as an IOP counsellor. She joins us to share her story and explain what outpatient programs are and who are the best candidates for this type of treatment.   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is here:  Learn about Jean's latest books here: Follow Jean on Instagram at
27/01/201h 0m

Guest Kendra Ogdon

Kendra Ogdon is a woman in successful long-term recovery who is shining a light for others in her work as an IOP counsellor. She joins us to share her story and explain what outpatient programs are and who are the best candidates for this type of treatment.   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is here:  Learn about Jean's latest books here: Follow Jean on Instagram at
27/01/201h 0m

Natalie's Story

Last summer, Natalie decided to take charge of her relationship with alcohol. Now in her sixth month of sobriety, she reflects on her decision and explains how her life is different today. Visit Bubble Hour host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled at and learn about her latest book here:
20/01/201h 7m

Linda Parmar on Addiction, Recovery and Money

When Linda Parmar embraced a life of sobriety more than five years ago, she thought she was putting her worst impulses behind her. However, not only did her time in active addiction result in enormous debt, but she also spent money impulsively in early recovery as a means of comfort and distraction. Eventually, Linda's recovery lifestyle had to expand to include financial recovery as well as sobriety. Linda now helps others navigate similar situations in her role as a Certified Money Coach, Professional Recovery Coach, and a SheRecovers Coach. Her website is   Host Jean McCarthy's blog UnPickled is at and info about Jean's most recent book is available here:
14/01/2055m 0s

Linda's Story

Linda is a woman in successful long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. She got sober in 2011 together with her husband and the pair have stayed alcohol-free together since. Linda shares that alcohol took her to many places that "weren't pretty" but hopes that her story will help others take charge of their lives, too.   To read Jean's blog UnPickled, visit Jean's book is available via
07/01/201h 1m

How They Did It

Jean McCarthy asks twelve women to share how they found their way into recovery. Recorded live at a SheRecovers retreat in Mexico in December 2019, this is the third installation of the women's stories.  Various ways to approach recovery are discussed, including traditional twelve-step programs and newer programs like SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery, inpatient and outpatient treatment, and self-directed "patchwork" methods. To learn more about SheRecovers retreats, visit To read Jean's blog UnPickled visit and to learn about her book visit
01/01/2054m 0s

Perspectives on Recovery and the Holidays

Numerous women in recovery share how they navigate the holidays. These interviews were recorded on-site at a SheRecovers retreat in Mexico and include women in various stages of recovery. To learn more about retreats, visit To order UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide by Jean McCarthy, visit
28/12/1943m 0s

Holiday SOS

Have you ever wondered what is said when someone calls a sponsor? Or what kind of advice someone with decades of recovery might offer to a person who is feeling triggered? What about the newly sober - how do they suggest coping with cravings or awkward moments?   This episode has it all! 12 women with recovery ranging from a few months to thirthy+ years share offer their words of comfort and encouragement for staying sober in the face of adversity.
25/12/1936m 0s

Holiday Greetings Episode

Friends of the show and former cohosts offer their warm wishes, tips and advice for getting through the holidays with your sobriety intact. Be sure to check out  "UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide" - the new book by our host Jean McCarthy, available as an ebook on Kindle, Kobo, and AppleBooks, and in print from Amazon, Chapters, and your local bookstores.
22/12/1930m 0s

2019 Year End Update from Jean

Bubble Host Jean McCarthy chats about recent events, including walking a labyrinth in Mexico, creating a family recipe book, her favourite crafts, update on her book and hints at the upcoming holiday special episodes.  To see pictures of the labyrinth, visit Jean's Instagram @jeanmccarthy_writes UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide purchase info here
09/12/1927m 0s

Emily Lynn Paulson

Emily Lynn Paulson is the author of Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life. Emily is an entrepreneur, certified professional recovery coach, She Recovers Designated Coach, and a member of the long-term recovery community. Formally trained as a chemist and a teacher, she rose to success in the top tiers of a skincare company, where she gained her voice and a platform for sobriety and healing.   Sober since January 2, 2017, her recovery path is focused on ruthless honesty, grace, and self love. She is passionate about connecting women with resources for recovery from trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse, and believes that sharing our truth with each other is the best resource of all. Emily lives in Seattle with her husband and their five children.   Learn more at   Pssst - have you picked up your copy of Jean's books yet? Click here for more info on UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide by Jean McCarthy
02/12/1952m 0s

Jessica F.

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Coach, and a She Recovers designated Certified Professional Recovery Coach. Since childhood, Jess experienced debilitating anxiety. As an adult, she suffered from distorted eating and low self-esteem. Feeling completely alone, Jessica started self-medicating with alcohol. However, it was only when she stopped numbing the pain and had the courage to work through what was really going on that she began to recover.  Jessica's website is Psssst - Have you got your copy of UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide yet? Learn more at
27/11/191h 5m

Jessica F.

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Coach, and a She Recovers designated Certified Professional Recovery Coach. Since childhood, Jess experienced debilitating anxiety. As an adult, she suffered from distorted eating and low self-esteem. Feeling completely alone, Jessica started self-medicating with alcohol. However, it was only when she stopped numbing the pain and had the courage to work through what was really going on that she began to recover.  Jessica's website is   PSST - Have you got your copy of UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide yet? Learn more here.
25/11/191h 15m

Jessica Foody

Jessica Foody is a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Coach, and a She Recovers designated Certified Professional Recovery Coach. Since childhood, Jess experienced debilitating anxiety. As an adult, she suffered from distorted eating and low self-esteem. Feeling completely alone, Jessica started self-medicating with alcohol. However, it was only when she stopped numbing the pain and had the courage to work through what was really going on that she began to recover.  Jessica's website is   PSST - Have you got your copy of UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide yet? Learn more here.
25/11/191h 15m

Robin K's Story

Robin was in a serious car accident that nearly took her life. After nine surgeries and months of slow, painful healing, she began to use alcohol to manage the lingering pain and emotional trauma of the event that changed her life forever. As an artist, she was fortunate that her drawing hand was spared but as the alcohol took over her life, her connection to her art withered. Alcohol took Robin to tragic lows and her path back to wellness was not easy or swift. Sobriety has given Robin back her life, her family, and her art.
21/11/191h 14m

Terri Hug of The Sober Box Company

Terri Hug's path to sobriety was not simple or direct. It took lots of stops and stars before she was able to unwind the patterns that kept leading her to relapse and discover tools that could help support sustained recovery. Now at 4 years sober, Terri has created a subscription box program to help others build a new life in recovery. Learn more at
11/11/1954m 0s

Guest Colleen Schroeder

Colleen looks back on how social drinking went sideways from a young age, and how she normalized it as she got older. She got sober just three weeks after her wedding, and the change brought a lot of adjustment into her relationship.  Now she is a proud recovery advocate, coach and supporter of others. To learn more about Colleen, visit
04/11/191h 11m

Updates from Sara N and Renee C

Surprise! It's a bonus episode of The Bubble Hour featuring updates from previous guests! Sara N. told her story at three months sober on Season 6 Episode 24 (Sara's Story)  A lot has happened since the year since her interview, and recovery has served her well through it all. Sara's Medium article can be viewed here: Renee C. was a guest on Season 6 Episode 30 She calls in from her car to share an update on the development of her recovery. Renee's website is
31/10/1938m 0s

William Schaberg, Author of "Writing the Big Book"

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous use a text known as the "Big Book" that was written in 1939 as a guide to recovery.  Over time, the book has become revered by program members, who treasure the wisdom they find in its pages and also embrace much of the popular mythology about its creation. William Schaberg spent eleven years researching the origins of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and seven years writing this revealing page-turner about the stories behind the myths. The definitive history of the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, told through extensive archival research into the eighteen months between when the Big Book was proposed and published. Relying on primary, real-time documents, the author pieces together the narrative of conceiving, writing and producing the “Big Book,” while demythologizing popular anecdotes about the early history of AA. To learn more about William and learn how to order the book, visit
28/10/1940m 0s

Michellene's Story

Michellene first considered sobriety at 26 after it became clear that her relationship with alcohol was out of control. Despite attending a program and doing stepwork, she was easily dissuaded from an alcohol-free lifestyle and continued to drink through her 30s and 40s. Her alcohol use escalated when she became a parent, as she struggled with feelings of guilt and shame over not enjoying motherhood as much as she felt she "should'. Eventually Michellene realized that she didn't need to hit a low bottom to change her relationship with alcohol and she decided on January 1, 2017 to leave it behind for good.
22/10/191h 14m

Karl's Story

Karl was frequently embarking on alcohol-free challenges and began exploring resources about the effects of alcohol on the brain and body. Realizing he had slipped into an addictive pattern, he gave up alcohol for good in February 2019.  Karl and Bubble Hour host Jean went to high school together and have kept in touch via social media from afar. When Karl posted recently to acknowledge his new alcohol-free lifestyle, the pair had a lot to talk about!
15/10/1940m 0s

Maria's Story

Maria reflects on aspects of life that contributed to her increased alcohol consumption as a way to cope. Motherhood, divorce, and work pressures were handled more and more often using wine as a release valve until the need for change became overwhelming. Now in her third year of sobriety, Maria looks back on her alcohol trajectory without regret, because it has helped her to evolve to a better way of life.
07/10/191h 0m

Lori's Story

Lori was functioning well in her high-pressure career and alcohol was both a problem and a crutch. Her addiction kicked into overdrive when she had to deal with an overwhelming family issue, and this ultimately led her to make a much-needed change. She learned the difference between being simply 'dry' and true recovery, along with other discoveries along the way. Lori celebrates her second soberversary by sharing her story.
01/10/1957m 0s

Keith Keller, Author of "The Infinite Recovery Handbook"

Keith Keller is a recovery expert and activist, and author of "The Infinite Recovery Handbook". To learn more, visit
16/09/191h 3m

Mo's Story: Nine Months Sober

Mo suffered through public embarrassment due to her drinking and has embraced life without alcohol for the past nine months. She shares her story, including insights on gastric bypass surgery, going to her first recovery retreat, and sober life in wine country.
09/09/191h 7m

Sober Mom Tribe Founder Alyson Premo

Alyson Premo began Sober Mom Tribe as a way to being together women who were feeling isolated as moms in recovery. Her goal is to create connection and eliminate the shame and stigma of being alcohol free in a culture that pushes "mommy juice" and "rose all day" on women as the wolution to every day stress.
02/09/1958m 0s

Liv Pennelle and Tiffany Thoen of Breaking Free Recovery Podcast

Friends Liv Pennelle and Tiffany Thoen had such great discussions about recovery that they decided to start recording them. The result is the new recovery podcast "Breaking free Recovery" Learn more about Liv at and check out her Bubble Hour interview Season 5 Episode 26 (April 2017) Tiffany's website is
27/08/1954m 0s

Guest: Jacob Evans

By all accounts, Jacob was a young man with success in his sights. He was a law student and student body vice-president - all the things that are assuring to others as a sign of a positive youth. Listen as he explains why things went sideways, how he took back his power, and what it is like to spend his life helping others.   Learn more about Jacob at and
20/08/191h 11m

The "Ask Me Anything" Episode

When the guest doesn't work out as planned, UnPickled and Bubble Hour followers save the day by sending questions and topics to help fill the hour. PS - On vacation for two weeks after this episode, so back in mid-August. Links to other episodes mentioned in this show: Chris Engen Nurtition for Recovery Sarah Roberts Sarah Talks Food Danielle of Real You Revolution (re interventions)
30/07/191h 12m

"This Way Up" Author Patti Clark

Author Patti Clark has been described as a cross between Elizabeth Gilbert and Julia Cameron. Her book 'This Way Up: Seven Tools for Unleashing Your Creative Self  and Transforming Your Life'  was the winner of the prestigious International Excellence Best Self-Help Book of the year in 2017. Patti is an accomplished speaker and workshop leader, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others for more than 30 years in several countries.   Patti has been featured on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show and numerous radio shows and podcasts; her work has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Thrive Global  and The Mindful Word.   Patti’s links:   Books, authors and podcasts discussed in this episode: “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron Brene Brown Anne Lamott “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” and “When the Body Says No” by Dr. Gabor Mate “Recovery Revolution” podcast, Omar Pinto “Chasing the Scream” by Johann Hari
23/07/191h 3m

Jenn's Story

Jenn's 40th birthday party was one that left her feeling a truth that couldn't be ignored. The heavy use of alcohol to offset the pressures of being a trial attorney and a busy wife and mom was taking away more than it was giving to her, and she decided to make a change.
15/07/191h 9m

An Update from Lisa N

Part 4 of this special summer series featuring all 4 former Bubble Hour hosts, returning to share where life has taken them since their time on the podcast. Visit UnPickled to see the wiritng that Lisa mentions, "The Tiny Voice".
01/07/1934m 0s

An Update from Catherine

This special summer series features, former Bubble Hour hosts sharing the lastest in their recovery since moving on from the show
01/07/191h 4m

An Update from Amanda F

In this special summer series, all four former Bubble Hour hosts share updates on their lives and recovery since their time on the podcast
01/07/191h 9m

An Update from Ellie S.

In this special summer time series, we spend some time with the previous Bubble Hosts, including Ellie, Amanda, Catherine and Lisa.
24/06/191h 9m

Vanessa Klugman of Resilience Recovery Coaching

Vanessa understands what it means to lose everyting you've worked for. Her bottom took away her profession but today she is uisng her skills as a healer to help others avoid a similar fate. Learn more about Vanessa at
18/06/191h 0m

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer is a nurse and a mom of three who struggled for a long time with alcohol before finally deciding to accept treatment. She went to rehab for two weeks, then did an outpatient program for two weeks, and had been successfully sober for nine months.
18/06/191h 3m

Nancy's Story

Like many people in the mental health industry, Nancy felt an extra dose of shame that she couldn't simply "fix herself". She is a successful psychotherapist with a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression, and over time the alcohol that helped her symptoms when she was younger became more and more problematic. Nancy shares an insightful account of her history and ongoing recovery, as well as a poem she's written called "I'm Sorry".
11/06/191h 3m

Chris Engen of Nutrition for Recovery

Chris Engen has combined her passion for recovery with her nutrition expertise to help others.  Chris believes that recovery is “a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and strive to reach their full potential” (per Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). She shares her personal story of sobriety and recovery, and how nutrition can help to repair the body and brain from addiction.  Learn more at
05/06/191h 6m

Julie's Story: Sober in England

Julie is a teacher in England who left alcohol behind when it became a burden within her busy life. Now with a year of sobriety to refect upon, Julie shares her understand of herself and the changes that have occurred in her life. Her recovery program includes a 12 step group as well as several on-line support groups.
30/05/1958m 0s

Casey McGuire Davidson of Hello Someday Coaching

Casey McGuire Davison is many things - world traveller, 3x triathalon athlete, wife and mom, gardener and amatuer photographer. She is also a woman in recovery with a passion for helping others find their way and take back their power. Learn more about Casey at and see download her free resource, "The Sober Girl's Guide to Quitting Drinking - 30 tips to get you through your first 30 days".
21/05/191h 12m

Sarah's Story: Recovery after Relapse

Sarah had several years of sobriety and decided that perhaps she could drink normally again. This began a period of relapse that proved to be anything but normal. Now in early recovery for the second time around, Sarah joins us to share her story.
03/05/191h 1m

Jessica P of "Mother Where Are Thou" Podcast

Jessica can attest to the generation effects of addiction, having seen her parents' lives spiral as a consequence. She can also tell you what it is like to break the cycle and take charge of her own relationship with alcohol, and how her life in recovery is a story of strength and hope. You can hear Jessica's podcast about motherhood here:
02/05/191h 4m

Bonus Episode: A Callback from Courtney

Sometimes guests hang up after an interview and remember something they meant to say. Sometimes they want to touch base months or even years later to give an update on their progress. Here is a voice memo from Courtney following her interview the day before (Season 7, Episode 16).
28/04/1927m 0s

Courtney from Canada

Courtney returns to The Bubble Hour to reflect on the aftereffects a recent accident that left her in casts on BOTH arms.  How does an over-acheiving, fast-moving, SuperMom manage with she is forced to ask for help to even brush her own hair? She draws on the lessons of recovery and turns it into an opportunity for growth. You can hear Courtney's original BubbLe Hour interview here:
26/04/191h 3m

Shanna Whan of "Sober in the Country"

Sober in the Country is an online grassroots initiative led by one passionate woman bringing a positive, peer-led culture shift to what has been the traditionally-worshipped rural Australian booze-culture. It all began when SITC founder and NSW/ACT AgriFutures Rural Woman of the Year finalist Shanna Whan decided to break stigmas and go public with her story of recovery from trauma, PTSD, interfility and subsequent alcoholism. Today Shanna is a public figure, sought-after motivational speaker, health-coach, rural advocate; and now official country ambassador for leading national alcohol awareness charity and ally, Hello Sunday Morning. She has volunteered full-time for 4 years while establishing a profile that's since seen her travel extensively, address Parliament House, and deliver a TEDx talk. She is seeking funding and Government support to get this real, relatable, information and education to all rural and remote working Australians who struggle to access adequate support and services locally into this gap.
09/04/191h 9m

Liz's Story

Liz realized quite some time ago that she had a problematic relationship with alcohol, and it took several stops and starts before she dug into sobriety and began living alcohol free. Now into her seventh month of recovery, Liz reflects on her experiences and shares her insights.
02/04/191h 9m

Telling Stories with Author Catherine Greer

Your precious story deserves to be told thoroughly and well. In this bonus episode of The Bubble Hour, Jean introduces a special person in her life who has been helping her learn the ropes of writing and publishing.  Catherine Greer is an author, blogger and educator who believes that everyone has a story to tell. Based in Australia, Catherine writes a Happiness Blog, teaches an online writing course and has just celebrated the release of her newest publication, "Love, Lie, Repeat". Catherine and Jean share a special connection as cousins and pig-tailed childhood playmates, who have reconnected as adults to discover they have even more in common as time goes on.
27/03/1954m 0s

Guest: Sam Anthony Lucania

Sam is a drug addict and alcoholic in recovery who is using his sobriety to help others. He is a public speaker and author of "Hands Like You're Praying" - a memoir co-written with his wife Rachel about his long journey from addiction to a life of service. To learn more about Sam visit his website
25/03/1956m 0s

Anna's Story

Anna works in the criminal justice system and sees all kinds of dysfunction on a regular basis. This is likely why is was hard for her to face a growing problem in her own life which, though troublesome, was not creating the kind of consequences she saw in others. Now at six months sober, she joins us to discuss how her transition to living alcohol free has taken place and why she decided it was time.
19/03/191h 14m

Listener Letters Season 7

Host Jean McCarthy reads some of the stories and letters sent in from sober and sober-curious Bubble Hour listeners. All material used with permission. Be sure to check out Jean's blog at and visit to see all the back episodes of the show
12/03/1940m 0s

Patrick from Ireland

Patrick is married with three children, just a regular Irish guy living his life. When he realized he needed to deal with a growing addiction to alcohol, Pat found that one size does not fit all. Now nearing his first sober-birthday, Pat joins us to reflect on finding the right combination of support and information to help him stay alcohol-free in a culture that is alcogenic.
04/03/191h 3m

Guest: Virginia Kerr

Everyone who struggles with addiction feels the burden of hiding a secret, but that feeling can become greatly exaggerated for people in the public eye. As a news anchor and tv host, Virgina felt she was living a double life as someone who looked perfectly pulled together on screen despite battling the daily compulsion to drink. She recently celebrated 100 days alcohol free and is experiencing life with a new level of clarity and understanding. Instagram @thisisvirginiakerr
20/02/191h 14m

Guest Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts is the creator of Sarah Talks Food and Sobriety Starts Here, as well as producer and host of REALtalk with Sarah, a video-series dedicated to a holistic view of health that tackles the bigger subjects like shame, addiction, trauma, mental health, stress, grief and more. She is the author of "The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge" and also created an ecourse for kicking the sugar habit, 6 Week Sugar Freedom. Sarah lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with her partner Roger.
12/02/191h 11m

Sherry Hoppen, Founder of She Surrenders

Sherry Hoppen is a Christian wife, mother, grandmother and a recovering alcoholic. She writes and speaks about overcoming the shame of being a Christian woman trapped in a secret life of addiction. She is the founder of She Surrenders.  A ministry to help women confront and surrender the secrets we keep.   You can read more at her blog at Instagram: @shesurrenders_sherry     Facebook: she surrenders Sherry is currently taking classes to get her certification for Christian Recovery Coaching.  She wants to learn all there is to know to help the many women that reach out to her through her blog and her speaking but NOT looking to start another profession.  Also to aid in helping her in writing the material for a recovery study group for women based on the fruits of the spirit. Her biggest project right now (besides building a house and planning a wedding)  is writing her book about the very unconventional way she got sober on a bicycle. She hopes to inspires others to to take off their masks of shame and guilt and embrace a life in recovery. While sharing her personal experiences with honesty and humor, Sherry wants to help you see your true, authentic self. She is the Executive Director of the Maranatha Christian Writers Conference which is a fall event on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. Sherry currently serves on the board for Journey of Hope Yoga. A non profit Christian organization that teaches Yoga for all things recovery.  Her favorite things include reading, writing, cycling, decorating, traveling, and loving on her three grandsons.  On a snowy blustery day you will find her snugged up with a homemade afghan, coffee and a good book.
29/01/191h 10m

Jill's Story: The First Soberversary

Jill had offered to tell her story as a way to mark a significant milestone in her recovery: the one year mark.  Reflecting on the ups and downs of the past twelve months, plus a previous 90 day stint of sobriety and what happened in between.
25/01/191h 16m

Brendan's Story

Brendan liked to drink with his friends, at parties, work functions, camping trips, and all the seemingly usual things. But as he progressed through his thirties, the amounts escalated and blackouts became a regular occurance. Eventually, this began to take a toll on his family life and health, and he knew something had to change. Brendan took a simple approach to quitting an dnow six months later, his life is radically different.
22/01/191h 9m

More Voices in Recovery

Meet Linda, Carol, Anji, Andie, Elizabeth, Marine, Barry and Erica - eight sober women who speak candidly about their expereiences at various stages of recovery.  Recorded live at a recovery retreat, these conversations will give you a glimpse of the type of people you will meet in any recovery gathering, be it a 12-step meeting or a sober yoga retreat. You may be surprised how much you have in common!
20/01/191h 1m

Sober in Sweden

Tina lives in Sweden and travels frequently for her work in television. She joins Jean for an interview from the road to share her story and perspectives on recovery. Tina will share her personal story, and reflect on the drinking norms in her region as well as insights on the local recovery community and attitudes regarding sobriety.  Learn her strategies for staying sober while staying in hotels and what it was like for her to visit LA recently for a recovery conference.
08/01/191h 3m

Voices of Early Recovery

Welcome to Season 7 of The Bubble Hour. Since January can be a time of new recovery for so many, Jean shares recent recordings of conversations with women in the earliest days of their sobriety.
31/12/1843m 0s

Andrea Owen on Planning for The New Year

Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and professional certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life. She is the proud author of How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness (Seal Press/Hachette Books) which has been translated into 16 languages, as well as her inaugural book, 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster). When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or hosting retreats, Andrea is busy competing in triathlons, chasing her 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain”. Learn more about Andrea at and join the fun and wisdom at and
18/12/181h 4m

Kelly Beck of Shining Bright Recovery

As a young mom home-schooling four children, Kelly found within herself a deep passion for teaching and life-long learning. When her children grew and everything changed, she recognized a need to focus on her own life and attend to nuturing her sobriety and recovery. In time, the two threads became woven together and Kelly now combines education and recovery to help other women learn to take back their power and thrive without alcohol and other problematic forms of coping. Kelly pursued Karuna Training, a contemplative psychology program, and has now moved into the graduate stream. She is a She Recovers Recovery Coach, one of only 3 to receive the prestigious "Signature" designation, and is the administrator of the SheRecovers Together online group, a private support group with over 2000 members. Kelly operates Shining Bright Recovery, where she helps women from around the world take charge of their recovery through coaching and personal support. Kelly also organizes and facilitates a monthly SheRecovers Sharing Circle in Seattle. On a personal note, Kelly's life took an intresting turn on a vacation overseas, where - no kidding - a handsome windmill owner stole her heart. It is a true-life love story that Kelly never imagined for herself! Connect with Kelly at
13/12/181h 11m

Guest: Heidi Ferrer

Heidi Ferrer has worked as a screen and TV writer and is the founder of the blog, where she now writes about her recovery from alcoholism. Girl to Mom reaches up to 65,000 unique readers per month in 178 countries. As a screenwriter, Ms. Ferrer has worked successfully for over a decade. Her first Hollywood "spec" screenplay sale was in 1997, when her script The C Word, sold to producer Arnold Kopelson, (The Fugitive, Seven, Best Picture Oscar winner for Platoon), and 20th Century Fox Studios. Since then, she has sold and optioned many original screenplays, as well as having been hired to re-write other feature projects, for studios including: Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, and New Line Cinema. In TV, she wrote for the TV series Dawson's Creek, among other projects. Heidi’s movie Princess premiered in April 2008 on the ABC Family Channel to three million viewers. It was the top rated cable movie in that month, in the key demographics of women 18-34, and females 12-34. Ms. Ferrer’s first novel Crooked Love is available on Amazon and is based on the true story of her own young son’s rare form of potentially fatal scoliosis, and a mother’s desperate race for a cure with time running out. She’s currently writing the story of her addiction and recovery as a memoir. Heidi lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her family, where she’s passionate about being an advocate for recovery and spiritual growth. You can follow her on Instagram @RecovHer
29/11/181h 11m

"Betty Ford" Biographer Lisa McCubbin

Today, most of us associate the name Betty Ford with the world-famous addiciton treatment centre in California. But there are so many ways that the life of this remarkable woman has influenced each of us, by advancing the causes of women's rights, speaking openly about taboo subjects like breat cancer, abortion, and premarital sex, and most notably to being the naitonal conversation about drug and alcohol addiction. Though much has changed since Betty Ford took to the national spotlight in the 1970s, there is still so far to go. Author Lisa McCubbin helps us understand the life that continues to radiate hope and light. Learn more about LIsa's work at
22/10/181h 7m

Emily's Story: Six Months

It is important to mark and celebrate milestones in recovery and there are may ways to do so. Emily has chosen to acknowledge her sixth-month mark by sharing her story here. She is celebrating by giving service to others in a way she has found helpful in her own recovery. Listen in to hear Emily reflect on the experiences and lessons of life after alcohol in the first six months.
21/10/181h 6m

Kate's Story: Alcohol-free by choice

If the writing is on the wall, is there any reason to continue until things get worse? Kate found herself in a troublesome relationship with alcohol and realized she didn't have to take it any further in the wrong direction. There is a downside to deciding on abstinence without a "rock bottom" incident, though, and that can be staying motivated for the long haul. Listen in for Kate's take on things, and how her perception has shifted looking back. Kate's blog is
14/10/181h 19m

Laura Ward, Blogger and Recovery Coach

Laura is a busy wife and mom with a PR consulting business who writes about recovery on her blog She is also a community contributor for and   Sober since 2014, Laura is dedicated to helping others and has become a recovery coach to further her ability to share the freedom she has found in sober living.
10/10/181h 9m

John M. of Sober Speak Podcast

John M has been sober since 1989 using a tradtional 12-step program. He will share his story of recovery and also discuss the impact of his podcast, "Sober Speak". Listen in and learn about looooong term recovery from John's perspective. Be sure to check out John's podcast at
04/10/181h 6m

Renee's Story - 3 Months Sober

Renee was sucked into "wine mom" cultrure and found herself quickly spiralling. She shares candidly about regrettable behavior, betraying a friend, and drinking even more to numb the shame and isolation that followed. Now, just a few months later, she is digging into recovery to uncover the "why" behind it all and to truly nuture hersef to a better place. Follow Renee at @soberwitch on Instagram and on her blog at
02/10/181h 12m

Lisa Boucher, Author of "Raising the Bottom"

Lisa Boucher is the author of Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture, an award winning book that won the 2017 Best Book Awards in the category of women’s health and placed as a finalist in the category of addiction/recovery. She is also a speaker. After short stints where she trained polo horses, worked as a flight attendant, hairdresser, and bartender, she realized that the time to implement serious change had arrived. She gave up drinking, revamped her life and settled in as a registered nurse where living a life in recovery became her way. Follow Lisa Boucher on Facebook: Raising the Bottom L. B. Speaks where she shares inspiration daily and read Lisa’s blog where she likes to keep it real when talks about the drinking culture and how as a society, we’ve normalized, abnormal drinking.
06/09/181h 14m

Taylor's Story

Taylor's recovery from alcohol addiction revealed many other ways that pain was showing up in her life: struggles with weight, grief, relationship troubles, overachieving, perfectionism, and anxiety all turned out to be connected. The more she heals, the more she learns about herself
04/09/181h 11m

Cathy Taughinbaugh of Treatment Talk

Cathy Taughinbaugh helps parents and family members of young adults who struggle with addiction. We will hear about how Cathy has chosen to make this field her life's work and what we all need to know about helping the young people in our lives. And, as always, we are likely to learn a little more about ourselves in the process. Cathy's website is
15/08/181h 2m

Dana Bowman, Author of "How to be Perfect Like Me"

Full of humour and insights, "How to be Perfect LIke Me" follows up on Dana's recovery story in "Bottled: A Mom's Guide to Early Recovery" Dana will discuss relapse, writing about recovery as a healing tool, and all she has learned about getting and staying sober. To read more about Dana and order her books, visit
14/08/181h 2m

A Letter from Ella

A "normie" by all appearances throughout her life, the unstructured freedom of retirement caused a shift in Ella's drinking pattern that triggered a pattern of addiction and spiral out of control. Listening to podcasts became such an important supplement to Ella's traditional 12-step program that she wanted to give back by sharing her story. Though not comfortable appearing on air herself, Ella took the time to write her journey in letter form.
13/08/1852m 0s

Sara's Story

Sara is a therapist who has been alcohol-free for three months. She reflects on what has made the difference after unsuccessful attempts in the past, and why people in the mental health profession may feel additional shame and stigma in recovery.
08/08/1855m 0s

Thoughts on Recovery from Dawn Nickel

Dr Dawn Nickel, co-founder of SheRecovers, has over two decades of recovery and has helped thousands of women find their way to a better life. Along the way, her perspective has shifted and grown, as each person she encounters has shaped her understanding of what it truly means to be "in recovery".  Host Jean asks Dawn some difficult questions about the harder aspects of recovery - accepting the choices of others with whom we may disagree, how to be supportive of someone who relapses while staying on our own side of the street, and how recovery from one maladaptive coping skill can infuence other aspects of life.
30/07/181h 8m

Erin W Part 2: Jean Becomes The Guest

Jean and Erin W continue their conversation from the previous week, only Erin turns the tables and puts Jean on the hotseat as the guest. They touch on using the word "alcoholic" as a label, having enough, being enough, imposter syndrome, the theme song (aka Jean's singer-songwriter days), Jean's dream guest, and more.
23/07/181h 6m

Erin W., Managing Editor of She Recovers Blog

Erin W is tired of being silent about the imperfections of life and done being quiet about life after alcohol. No more playing it small. She shares her perspectives and insights on the SheRecovers Blog, where she is managing editor and lead writer.
16/07/181h 18m

Victoria's Story: A Crisis of Health

Recovery touches many aspects of our life and often people find that when they quit drinking, seemingly unrelated parts of life are impacted by the process. The same can be true in reverse order, and this has been the experience of Victoria who has found that a diagnosis of breast cancer and the ensuing treatment has given her a new energy and determination to kick alcohol for good.
11/07/181h 4m

Cycling Her Way Sober (Guest Marie G)

Marie overcame addiction and trauma from sexual assault by getting on a bike. Cycling has helped her to find a new passion in life that provided an outlet for the pain and energy that was being misdirected by addiciton. Join us for this inspiring story and consider what passion you might tap into to fuel your big life changes!
06/06/181h 0m

Sober in Ireland (Guest Brid McGill)

Brid is a fitness professional, wife and mother of two who lives in Ireland. She blogs about life after alcohol at and hopes to bring a new energy and message of hope to women in Ireland who are struggling to find recovery in an alcogenic culture.
29/05/181h 0m

Kayak Time with Jean

Jean stuck her phone into her lifejacket and chatted away while paddling across a pristine lake in the Canadian woodlands. Enjoy this brief episode! To see footage of her adventure, pop over to
24/05/189m 0s

Marie's Story

Marie had gone without alcohol for years, but out of the blue let it back into her life. When she quit drinking for the second time, she discovered a whole new world of resources on the internet and realied she had never used sobriety as an opportunity to heal and change. The difference in her life has been remarkable and Marie will share insights that have helped her understand what is behind her need for comfort in the form of alcohol and how she has learned to live differently.
03/05/181h 2m

Becky's Story

Becky just celebrated a year of sobriety, after being in and out of addiction for a lifetime. She has hit some low bottoms and burned a lot of bridges along the way, but the words that changed her life came from the most unexpected source. Becky considers why, this time, sobriety is here to stay.
01/05/181h 3m

Amanda's Story

Amanda initially began to question her relationship with alcohol because she wanted to lose weight. Realizing that quitting was harder than expected began a process of undoing that required a lot of effort and learning. Amanda will reveal "how she did it" and how she manages her busy life as a mom in recovery.
11/04/181h 15m

Jan's Story

The endless loop of on-again-off-again sobriety attempts can be draining and demoralizing. Jan knows the pattern all too well - she was caught in it for years on end and was starting to think she would never "get it". But she kept trying and something clicked. Hear Jan's story and what made the difference to her eventual success in freedom from alcohol.
09/04/181h 3m

Guest: Kelley Kitley

Kelley has spent her life helping others, as a teen volunteering for service programs and as a therapist. But her own struggles with alcohol brought her to a point of needing to turn her attentions inwards and work on healing herself. The result is an even greater level of compassion and understanding that helps her connect and heal. Learn more about Kelley at
03/04/181h 4m

Pete's Story

Having recently celebrated two yearsof sobriety, Pete reflects on some of the reasons he may have developed an addictive pattern with alcohol and how leaving it behind has changed his life for the better.
27/03/1858m 0s

Retail Therapy as Problematic Numbing

Sometimes in reovery, new problematic behaviours can emerge as we find new ways to self-soothe without the crutch of alcohol. This can take many forms, and this episode will look at shopping and overspending in recovery. Guests Wendy and Marie will share their personal experiences, and recovery expert Veronica Valli will offer insights on reasons this problem can emerge and what to do about it.
21/03/181h 11m

Amy Dresner, Author, Columnist, Comic

Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic, having appeared at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv. Since 2012, she has been a contributing editor of the online addiction and recovery magazine She’s also written for the Good Men Project, The Frisky, Refinery 29, and has been a regular contributor to and, where she has her own addiction blog entitled “Coming Clean.” “My Fair Junkie” is her debut book.
14/03/181h 23m

Shelli's Story of Recovery

Jean talks to a member of her online group who she has always wanted to have on the show. With humor and insight, Shelli reveals her story of addiciton and how she changed her life for the better.
09/03/181h 7m

Sherry Gaba on CoDependency and Love Junkies

You wanted to hear more from Sherry Gaba so here she is! Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Recovery and Transformational Life Coach who has helped hundreds of people cope with lifelong addictions of all kinds, including substance abuse, love and relationship addiction, and codependency. Sherry offers individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Her latest book "The Marriage and Relationship Junkie" was released on Valentines Day and became an instant besteller.
27/02/1858m 0s

Emails from Charles

In the fall of 2014, Charles wrote to Jean after reading her blog to ask for insight. He continued to send updates over the weeks and months that followed, and then disappeared. Eventually he wrote again, this time with even more to share. His emails are read by Jean with Charles' permission, painting a story of insight and hope.
23/02/1827m 0s

Bonus Edition: Jean's Interview on Recovery Today with Sherry Gaba

To welcome you back to the new season, we kick off with Jean's session on the Recovery Today series hosted by Psychotherapist and Recovery Coach Sherry Gaba.  Jean will return next week with new eipsodes of The Bubble Hour! If you would like to be a guest or have topic suggestions, please visit us on Facebook and send a private message.
03/02/1856m 0s

ODAAT Chat Podcast Host Arlina

Arlina is the host of "ODAAT Chat" - a podcast about sobriety - and joins Jean to reflect on her own recovery and the influence that interviewing others has had on her own personal healing and growth.
01/02/1851m 0s

"Suburban Betty" Blogger Christina

Sober blogger Christina of "Suburban Betty; Clean and Serene" is reknowned for her light-hearted approach to challenging situations. Two years ago, she had enough of sitting alone and drinking for hours at the end of each day. Since quitting, Christina is amazed at all the possibilities life now holds. Christina shares her story and offers encouragement for anyone who finds themselves struggling to get through Christmas and New Year's with their recovery intact.
12/12/171h 9m

Guest: Andrea Owen

Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life. She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster). Her second book: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness is due out in January 2, 2018 (Seal Press/Hachette Books). Learn more about Andrea at and join the fun and wisdom at
30/11/171h 1m

Jessica's Story: Back and Forth on the Decision to Quit

Sometimes recovery is about connecting the dots. Jessica never considered how other behaviours related to her alcohol addiciton, but in recovery she is learning that OCD-related patterns (hair pulling, or trichotillomania) relates to anxiety, which relates to childhood trauma, which relates to her eating disorder and drinking patterns. Over many years of attempted sobriety and relapse, these truths became revealed and now Jessica is celebrating 100 days of recovery.
26/11/171h 8m

Mini Pod: Holiday Pep Talk

Are you hiding in a bathroom or closet at a family event? Turn the volume low, put your phone to your ear and listen to this message. I am sharing a lesson form my therapy for getting you through a family gathering that is pushing all of your buttons and making you wonder what happened to all of your recovery tools. Find two more BONUS PEP TALKS on
23/11/1710m 0s

Guest Annika O'Melia of Mother Recovering

Annika shares her story of life after alcohol, and how she juggles life with four little ones and still finds time to give service as a podcast host. You can find Annika's blog and podcast at - be sure to subscribe to this great resource!
20/11/171h 7m

Guest: Shelly-Anne McKay

Living life in the fast lane while working in the entertainment industry meant Shelly-Anne's norm was a work hard/play hard world. "You want me to come where there isn't any booze or drugs? Don't invite me!" was her motto. This plus a lifetime of disordered eating behaviours led her to a crisis of health that would nearly take her life, but thankfully led her to a healing path. Now nine years sober, Shelly-Anne devotes her life to helping other women to overcome the brokeness that leads to self-destruction. Learn more about Shelly-Anne at
14/11/1757m 0s

Guest Deborah Baska

Deborah was a high-level corporate executive with a secret. This wife, mom, and girl scout leader was quietly leaning hard on alcohol to get through the demands of her busy life. A frightening incident that could have taken her life instead gave it back to her, as it made her realize something needed to change.
09/11/171h 6m

Guest Kate Bee, Creator of The Sober School

On April 6, 2013 journalist Kate Bee quit drinking and created a blog to chronicle her experiences. The first comment came from another sober blogger, UnPickled (Bubble Hour host, Jean!). Now, over four years later, the two sober bloggers will speak for the first time in this episode of The Bubble Hour. Kate will share her story and explain a program she has created to help other women shift to alcohol-free living, The Sober School.
07/11/171h 2m

Alison's Story: Stone Cold Temperate

Blogger Alison writes about her recovery experiences on . She sometimes thinks there is nothing special about her recovery, yet listeners know that every guest is full of insight and wisdom to which we can all relate. Joining us all the way from Australia, Alison tells her story of getting sober and getting out of her comfort zone - including being a guest on our show!
20/10/171h 9m

Evelyn's Story - Sober at 27

Evelyn loved her life, so why was she drinking a bottle of wine a night? And why did no one seem to think it was a problem? This young mom awoke to the changes that were necessary in her life, and turned to honestly face her problematic relationship with alcohol. In a world that constantly offers "mommy juice" and "wine time" as the antidote to motherhood stress, Evelyn is braving a new path and finding it offers her so much more than alcohol ever did.
03/10/171h 9m

Ekka Recovery Creators Nuria and Yvette

Nuria and Yvette share their stories of recovery and how it has led them to the establishment of Ekka Recovery, a business that uses subscription boxes to provide support and encouragement for people in recovery. Join us for a discussion that is sure to inspire.
28/09/1751m 0s

Jessie's Story

Today's guest is a listener who has used the Bubble Hour as a tool in her own recovery, and is now paying it forward by sharing her story to help others. Jessie has overcome a lot in her recovery - alcohol addiciton, self-harm, codependence and shame. Whatever our circumstances, the core of truth that supports sobreity and recovery is the same: honouring ourselves, valuing honesty, and reexamining old beliefs that no longer serve us well. Jessie shares how these principles serve her day to day.
29/08/171h 7m

"Crazy Bananas" Blogger Megan Peters

Recovery and lifestyle blogger Megan Peters of shares her insights on how being a person in recovery has helped her approach the current social and political dischord with empathy and compassion.
22/08/171h 18m

An Interesting (Sober) Life: Meaghan's Story

If you think sobriety has to be boring then this show is for you. Meaghan has a dream job as an interior designer and she keep things interesting by gigging as a stand up comic for fun. After more than three years of sobriety, Meaghan has learned alot about what fueled her addiction and how life has changed in recovery.
04/08/171h 9m

Quitting Everything: Ingrid on dumping cigarettes, booze, and diets

Long before many of us turned to alcohol, we learned to numb our feeling with other behaviours. These old habits may resonate into adulthood and become normalized by a world full of quick fixes. For Ingrid, healing from alcohol addiction has meant simultaneously addressing other harmful behaviours that many people don't even question. Visit Ingrid's blog at
02/07/171h 10m

Mary of Life Without Vodka Rocks Blog

Mary faced an issue that every parent dreads: seeing her children caught in the deadly grip of drug addiction. Her own alcohol use paled in comparison and even appeared helpful as she got her family through the time of crisis. Eventually, though, she turned to face her own problematic relationship with alcohol and began a life of sobriety. Her journey is detailed in the blog "Life Without Vodka Rocks".
27/06/171h 1m

Shauna's Story: It's Complicated

How do we make time for recovery when our day already starts at 5 am and doesn't stop until late evening? This episode will cover everything from doggy day care to relapse to adult children of alcoholics, and more than a few things in between. Join Jean and Shauna as they talk about meeting online when Jean first got sober, and review where life has taken them since.
05/06/171h 5m

Jessica's Story: Treatment and Multiple Diagnoses

Jessica G. is recovering from alcohol addiction, bi-polar disorder, and an eating disorder. After more than a decade of trying unsuccessfuly to stay with a rogram of recovery, her final in-patient treatment led her to pursuit a career in recovery services as a sober house manager and later an outreach coordinator. She shares her story and an insider's view of recovery treatment on this episode.
31/05/1753m 0s

The Sober Hipster: Lisa's Story

Revealing her true self meant redefining everything about her life but Lisa had no choice: living a lie was slowly killing her. Today, Lisa is a sober woman who stands in her truth and invites others to do the same. Her website,, offers "The Story Box" - a tool designed for women to explore their recovery creatively through guided art therapy. Bubble Hours listeners receive a special discount - use the code BUBBLE at checkout for $10 off your Story Box.
23/05/171h 13m

Help Others But Stay Humble: Veronica Valli and Julie Elsdon-Height

Is it difficult to share knowledge without becoming a know-it-all? Is it possible to help thousands of people get sober and avoid becoming egotistical? Does shedding anonymity automatically make someone a spokesperson for recovery? What are the potential pitfalls of recovering out loud and how are they best avoided? Therapist and author Veronica Valli (, and recovery advocate and lifestyle blogger Julie Elsdon-Height ( return to the show to discuss lessons they have learned from interacting with followers of their work.
16/05/171h 13m

Olivia Pennelle of Liv's Recovery Kitchen

Depression, addiciton and weight gain were slowly overtaking her life, so it is that Liv's recovery encompasses mental health, sobriety, and healthy eating. She understands the importance of recovery touching all aspects of life, so this approach is reflected in her blog, Liv's Recovery Kitchen, and her many other projects. Having recently relocated from UK to USA, she is currently facing the challenges of reestablishing herself personally and professionaly, while maintaining her recovery. A passionate advocate for people in recovery, Liv shares her personal story and her efforts to encourage stories of recovery that shatter stigma and spread hope.
25/04/1757m 0s

Taryn Strong: Growing Up in Recovery

Taryn's parents entered into recovery when she was a youngster, so she spent her childhood playing in church basements during their meetings and knew the language of recovery inside out. Later she applied her heart for recovery as a trauma-informed teacher of Yoga for Recovery and led SheRecovers retreats together with her mom Dawn. Yet still she found herself awakening to her own need for healing and turned to bravely face her inner demons with the same honest aproach she offered to others.
21/04/171h 11m

Listener Letters on Staying Sober Through Grief

The death of a loved one has caused many in recovery to stumble. In this first Bubble Hour since the passing of her father, Jean shares some of the letters and comments that have helped her through this difficult time.
12/04/1742m 0s

Guest: Sasha Tozzi

Sasha Tozzi got sober when she was just 26 years old and learned a lot about herself in the process. In her words,"my strongest addictions were to alcohol, uppers, food, cigarettes, love relationships, people-pleasing & perfectionism."  Many young people are afraid that a sober lifestyle will be a less-than life, but Sasha proves otherwise. Learn how she is living life to the fullest and helping others to do the same.
13/02/171h 11m

Veronica Valli: Recovery and Relationships

Veronica Valli is a woman in recovery who has devoted her life to informing the public on problematic drinking and addiction. She is a therapist specializing in addiction, as well as an author of two books, "Why You Drink and How to Stop" and "Get Sober, Get Free". She joins Jean to share her story, as well as discussing relationships and parenting in sobriety. Learn more about Veronica's work and read her blog at
02/02/171h 6m

Sober Julie on Life Straight Up

Jean talks to one of the recovery world's most popular bloggers, Julie Elsdon-Height of Julie knows there is nothing boring about life after alcohol and she wants the rest of the world to know it, too! She tells her story of addiciton and recovery, plus give great tips for sober people on every topic from travelling to finding recovery support and even parenting.
25/01/171h 1m

Laura Silverman of The Sobriety Collective

Laura was a party girl, the friend that had that had to be "babysat" by others because her antics with alcohol were dramatic and full of calamity. That ended in 2007 with a girls' trip to NYC, when police officers found her drunk, lost, crying and wearing one flip flop in Madison Square Gardens. At 24, she went into rehab and embarked on a new way of life. In the decade since, Laura has become a ray of light in the recovery world as the creator of The Sobriety Collective, a recovery hub of resources, information and creative works by and for people in recovery.
24/01/171h 3m

"A Hangover-Free Life" Author Louise Rowlinson

Louise worked in health care and saw devasting effects of liver disease from alcoholism first-hand. She saw herself as different from low-bottom alcoholics, but eventually she realized she was in the grip of addiciton and needed to quit. Now she uses her medical background to inform others about alcohol risks and to help people make imporant changes in thier lives. In addition to her blog "A Hangover Free Life", Louise was written and ebook and an online course, and many other recovery-related pursuits.
17/01/1754m 0s

An Update Interview with Ellie, Co-Creator of The Bubble Hour

The first guest of 2017 is THE person you've all been wondering about - series creator Ellie Strong. Ellie returns with an update of what has been happening with her life and recovery, and chats with Jean about The Bubble Hour and its impact.
12/01/171h 2m

Celebrating One Year: Cory's Story

Cory first wrote to Jean (via when she was just 14 days sober. The two stayed in touch over the months that followed, encouraging one another and checking in with updates. When Cory wrote to say she was celebrating one year of sobriety, Jean invited her to share her story with listeners of The Bubble Hour.
11/11/161h 9m

Kirsten's Story

Still waters run deep. Kirsten was a quiet, thoughtful child who kept a lot in. She learned to be an outgoing, independent woman who moved through the world with competence and yet, the feelings and thoughts she kept to herself were eating away at her from the inside. Here is her story of pausing to turn inward and heal herself from the inside out.
08/10/161h 13m

Courtney's Story

Courtney is someone you wouldn't expect to struggle, but she has. Born with a malformation of her right hand, she always felt flawed and tried to compensate with exacting standards and high levels of acheivement. Her inner pain crept out in other ways, though. This episode is a solid reminder about comparing our insides to others' outsides.
27/09/1655m 0s

Sober Mom, Grateful Daughter (Guests Leslie and Amy)

The mother and daughter relationship can be complicated under the best of circumstances. Many times more so when addiciton comes into play. Mom Leslie recently celebrated one year of sobriety. She and her daughter Amy share their individual perspectives on life before and after Leslie quit drinking.
20/09/161h 0m

Express Yourself (Guest: Julie)

Many of us spend our time in active addiction keeping secrets and staying silent. We feel like the WORST thing that could happen would be to tell someone, only to find in recovery that it feels GREAT to talk to others about the things we kept locked away. Guest Julie has been recovering on her own and recently connected with a group of other sober women. She has also discovered the joys of writing funny pieces about her experiences and observations.
14/09/161h 8m

Relapse Around Us (Guest: Former Co-Host Catherine)

It can feel awful when someone we care about returns to drinking. How to respond? How to be supportive? What about feeling rejected and diminished? How do we protect our own sobriety while helping others? Jean discusses these questions with a special guest whose voice you may have been missing!
30/08/161h 12m

Karlyn Pipes: "The Do-Over"

An Olympic hopeful whose dreams were cut short by addiction, Karlyn explains how sobriety gave her a second chance at athletic success and at personal happiness. But neither of those achievements came quickly or easily.    Karlyn speaks frankly about her addiction to alcohol, and the many ways that affected her life. Her book, "The Do-Over" will have readers moving from tears to cheers to nods of understanding, and is a great read for people in recovery as well as those who long to understand addiction from the inside.
25/08/161h 5m

Who Am I Now? (Guest: Margaret)

If we define ourselves by what we do, it can be hard to remain stable when a big change comes along. For Margaret, retirement could have left her searching for meaning and purpose. Instead, she is looking forward to the freedom to fully be herself.  Join us for a discussion about knowing ourselves from within, instead of that which others say we are.
23/08/161h 2m

Yvette's Story: From Dieting to Addiction

Yvette's battle with bulimia and addiction began simple enough, with a desire to lose a few pounds, and led her to a life that included homelessness and hopelessness. Today she owns a fitness business in New Jersey and an online gym where she helps women empower themselves to lead their best lives. She invites listeners to visit her website at Yvette shares her story and shines a light on how helping others helps her stay sober and strong.
22/08/1653m 0s

Gaby's Story: Back from the Edge...Twice

Gaby had it all...until it disappeared overnight. Alcohol was a comfort through the difficult years that followed...until it nearly took her life. You might think this would convince her to never drink again, yet she chose to try moderating after regaining her health and was soon back in care fighting to stay alive. Today she is thriving in sobriety and hopes her story will convince others to stay alcohol-free in recovery.
22/08/161h 15m

Listener Letters and Questions August 2016

Jean answers your questions about everything from skin picking to song writing with so much honesty she makes herself cry, and shares the feedback from our recent episode about perfectionism and motherhood ("Karen's Story"). Also covered is the meaning of the words "sobriety" and "recovery" - at least what we mean here on The Bubble Hour.
15/08/1650m 0s

Karen's Story

Karen's story will resonate with anyone who has ever drank to numb feelings of inadequacy or depression. Karen was a hard-working high-achiever with everything  under control until she embarked on a challenge she didn't feel she could master to her usual standards: motherhood. What she believed should be the happiest time of her life instead spiralled in a very different direction. Karen looks back on these low times and reflects on how far she has since come as a woman in recovery.
22/07/1656m 0s

Sobriety and Borderline Personality Disorder (Guest: Michelle)

It's not necessarily common for alcoholics to have Borderline Personality Disorder, but it is quite common for people with BPD to struggle with addiction. Jean welcomes Michelle to explain her experiences with BPD as a person in successful long term recovery.
06/07/161h 3m

The First Year (Guest: Robin)

Milestones are an opportunity to take stock of how far we have come, and to celebrate the way that day by day, time adds up!  Jean welcomes guest Robin, who recently celebrated one year alcohol-free, to share her experiences and insights.  When asked what made her decide to quit drinking, Robin said (in her charming accent), "Well it was bad enough that I was getting old, I didn't want to be old and pathetic!" It is that kind of plain-spoken wisdom you can expect from this interview. Enjoy.
28/06/1659m 0s

Sobriety Through a Crisis (Guest: Anne S.)

Ironically, the same difficulties in life that shake the foundations of recovery can be when sobriety is needed more than ever. In this episode, Anne (author of "A 30 Day Journey to Stillness" and joins Jean in person to share how she and her family have made it through a traumatic event that saw them evacuated from their community as it was threatened by out-of-control wildfires that displaced 90,000 people in one day. With just moments to leave, they escaped and could not return for weeks. This is a story of love, courage and commitment that will inspire you to keep going through rough times.
23/06/1655m 0s

Kelly's Story

Does being in recovery make it easier or harder to handle the curve balls that life throws our way? That is the question I will be asking Kelly, who will tell us if being sober helped or hindered her through difficult times. We will talk about everything from kids to yoga to travelling. An intersting lady with lots of wisdom and insights to share!
21/06/1656m 0s

Update from Jean

Jean drops by with a quick update on what is happening with The Bubble Hour - where we have been and what is happening with the show. Our mailbox is full of messages from listeners and we have heard you, loud and clear! You have missed us as much as we have missed you. Listen to this update to find out what to expect in the weeks to come.
20/06/163m 0s

Things We Used To Drink Over, And What We Do Today

On this episode we will talk about those moments in recovery when we realize we're doing something (or feeling something) that used to make us want to drink, and yet here we are able to do them sober. Along with special guest, Author Dana Bowman, we will talk about what these moments were like for us when we drank, in early recovery, and what they are like for us now.  Lots of people, when contemplating getting sober, think: "But what about that vacation/wedding/holiday? How will I get through that sober?" It's not always the big events, though, that can be difficult to navigate; sometimes it's just a long, boring day, or a disappointment, or even when things are going really well, that make us think about a drink. Before we get sober, or in early recovery (or heck, sometimes even well into recovery) it can feel like we can't make it through these thoughts/feelings/moments without a drink, an escape or a way to numb. The good news is that in recovery there are so many ways to not only survive these things, but actually learn and grow in life-changing ways. Dana Bowman is an author and speaker who lives in a sweet small town in the Midwest. She has been published in, The After Party Magazine, The Fix, and others, and is the proud author at Her book, Bottled: How to Survive Early Recovery, published by Central Recovery Press, is now available on and at bookstores.
21/03/161h 8m

Special Guest Nikki Myers from Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

An accomplished teacher and practitioner, Nikki Myers is an MBA, Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist. Born from her personal struggle with addiction, Nikki is the founder of Y12SR, the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery. Base on its theme, "the issues live in the tissues," Y12SR is a relapse-prevention program that weaves the art and science of yoga with the practical tools of 12-Step programs. Nikki's work has been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Origin Magazine, and more. She is honored to be a co-founder of the annual Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Conference at Esalen Institute and Kripalu Center. In 2014, Nikki was honored as a recipient of the NUVO Cultural Visionary Award for her work with Y12SR. Y12SR meetings are now available all over the United States and the curriculum is rapidly becoming a feature of addiction recovery treatment centers.  Join us as we talk to Nikki about her addiction/recovery journey, all about feelings, boundaries, spirituality, yoga/meditation and how we grow and evolve in recovery.
29/02/161h 8m

Special Guest - Mary Killian, Author, "The Roustabout Heart"

We are excited to have Mary Killian, author of "The Roustabout Heart: Adventures in Recovery" as a special guest on our show!  We'll talk to her about her addiction/recovery journey, what her life is like today, and discuss her amazing book!  More about Mary: She loves talking about her recovery. It's her favorite topic in the whole world. Being sober is the most important thing in her life. All the other neat stuff she knows and enjoys depends on this commitment. She has wonderful friends, a solid marriage and a happy, healthy family. She believes in her heart that she deserve these privileges. Her relationship with God is strong and beautiful. She's got dreams and goals. These are all huge developments. She's okay with letting folks know the details of her experience.She likes sharing her feelings. She is hopeful and proud of the person she is becoming. Find Mary on the interwebs here: (Website) (New blog) (Old blog) (Book)
08/02/161h 5m

Special Guest - Anna David, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, AfterParty Magazine

We are very excited to welcome special guest Anna David to our show!  Anna is the NY Times bestselling author of six books as well as a journalist, TV talking head and college speaker who focuses on addiction, recovery and relationships. She’s the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of AfterPartyMagazine and RehabReviews, is the host of the AfterPartyPod podcast and has been sober over a decade-and-a-half.   We talk with Anna about all kinds of things, including pink clouds (and what to do when we fall off them), how we grow in recovery, learning to get comfortable with discomfort, accepting life on life's terms, and what her life is like today.
01/02/1659m 0s

Dropping the "A" Word - Moving From Contemplation to Action

We get a lot of emails from people saying they are still drinking but are concerned they may have a problem, or are trying not to drink and listen to this show as one of their tools. We are so grateful that the show helps people on their journey towards, or in, sobriety.  One pattern we see is that the arc of contemplating “am I or aren’t I an alcoholic?” looks very similar for most people.  This is especially true of people who are earlier on in this process and who have yet to experience many outward ramifications from their drinking. We can spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not we are truly an alcoholic, and this is an obstacle to taking action about your drinking. So we thought it would be helpful to talk about what this contemplative arc looks like, for many people, and provide a few resources that can be helpful in finding community that can help (because, as we talk about all the time on this show, community is the key to getting sober).
25/01/1653m 0s

Signposts of Alcoholism, and An Honest Conversation About Hitting Bottom

On Sunday's show Ellie, Amanda and Catherine talk about early warning signs and symptoms of alcoholism, as we reflect back on our own sobriety journeys.  We also have an honest conversation about "hitting bottom", what it means to hit an 'emotional' bottom, and some of the different challenges faced by people who get sober before any dire legal, financial, familial or medical issues occur.
04/01/161h 13m

Speaker Discussion 'Meeting" with Liz F.- Getting Sober When You Are Young

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We have recreated that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.   On this show, our guest Liz F., who is currently 23 years old and got sober young, will share her story and the impact recovery has had on her life. Liz's message of recovery applies to any age, but if you are young and struggling, or newly sober, or if you are the parent of a young person who is struggling, or new to recovery, this message is particularly relevant for you.
21/12/151h 0m

Teaching People How To Treat Us - Setting Boundaries in Early Recovery

Setting boundaries is an essential skill in life, especially for people in recovery. Alcoholic and addicts often have dysfunctional boundaries: either too rigid (leading to suppressed emotions or distant relationships) or too enmeshed (depriving us of a sense of personal identity). If we don't learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries interpersonal relationships may continue to be defined by old roles and patterns, increasing the risk of relapse. As part of recovery, we learn how to set boundaries and to respect other people’s boundaries in return.  But, especially in early recovery, this can be daunting.  An important aspect of setting healthy boundaries is learning, simply, how to say "no".  Another important part of setting boundaries is identifying how we are feeling; something that can take practice when we are newly sober. We can't teach other people how to treat us if we can't identify our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. On this show we will discuss what boundaries are, why they are important, and share tips, tools and advice on ways we identify, build and strengthen them, with an emphasis on how to do this when you are newly sober.
07/12/151h 4m

Plan Ahead for a Sober AND Fun Holiday Season!

The holiday season is upon us once again, starting (for those of us in the US) with Thanksgiving this week. In light of this, we thought it was timely to revisit tips and strategies for not just surviving the holiday season, but also reaping the gifts, choices and freedoms we enjoy as people in recovery! If you are newly sober, there is no doubt this can be a challenging time.  On tonight's show we will share tips, tools and advice and our own personal stories of what worked for us - and some things that didn't - when we were newly sober, as well as what we do today.
23/11/151h 0m

How To Navigate The Dating World When You're Sober

Dating is confusing enough, at times, but it can be especially tricky to navigate when you're sober.  On tonight's episode we will talk about Sober Dating. We will address questions like:  When/how do I tell someone I'm sober? How do I maintain healthy boundaries and keep focus on self-care/program of recovery? What about dating in early recovery? The person I'm dating is sober, too, which is great, but what pitfalls should I look out for? What do I do if the person I'm dating drinks?  And more...
09/11/1554m 0s

Let's Talk About Recovery Meetings

On the Bubble Hour we do not endorse or promote any particular program or pathway to recovery. We honor the traditions of twelve-step programs, and as such we do not discuss them by name, and we will continue to honor this policy. We receive emails from listeners who are considering going to a recovery meeting, or who have gone and have questions.  We have received requests to do a show about what recoovery meetings are like.   On this episode, our co-hosts will talk about recovery meetings, with the following important caveat: we can only share our own experience, strengh and hope. We do NOT speak on behalf of any program, nor do we endorse any one pathway.  On the Bubble Hour we strive to create community, which to us is the cornerstone to all forms of recovery. We honor and recognize that for many - but not all - this community is found in twelve step meetings.  Many listeners message us that they made the decision to try a recovery meeting to seek community.  Others tell us they are curious but fearful and want to know what to expect. If you are considering a twelve step recovery meeting, this episode is for you.  Please bear in mind, though, that nobody speaks on behalf of ANY twelve step program, and that all meetings are different based on culture, locatin and each group's conscience.
02/11/1557m 0s

Speaker Discussion with Debble B.

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We have recreated that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this episode to hear our guest Debbie B. share her story as she recently reached ONE YEAR of sobriety!
26/10/1555m 0s

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" with Tammy L.

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We have recreated that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this episode to hear our guest Tammy L. share her story and our discussion following her share.
19/10/1556m 0s

Unite To Face Addiction Rally - The Day The Silence Ended

On October 4, 2015, tens of thousands of people convened on the Mall in Washington D.C. to Unite to Face Addiction.  Our co-hosts Amanda and Ellie were there, along with our guests, John, and Courtney Webster of Your Recovered Life. On this episode we share what it was like to be there, why this is such an historic event, and where we go from here. A special thank you to Greg Williams and the other organizers for making this AMAZING event happen! #UniteToFaceAddiction #TheDayTheSilenceEnds
12/10/151h 8m

Interview with Dana Bowman, Author of "Bottled; A Mom's Guide To Early Recovery"

We are so excited to have special guest Dana Bowman, Author of "Bottled; A Mom's Guide To Early Recovery" on the show!  About "Bottled": "An unflinching and hilarious memoir about recovery as a mother of young kids, Bottledexplains the perils moms face with drinking and chronicles the author’s path to recovery, from hitting bottom to the months of early sobriety—a blur of pain and chaos—to her now (in)frequent moments of peace.  Punctuated by potent, laugh-out-loud sarcasm, Bottled offers practical suggestions on how to be a sober, present-in-the-moment mom, one day at a time, and provides much needed levity on an issue too often treated with deadly seriousness." This book is fantastic, and we highly recommend it for anyone in recovery, who is struggling with drinking, or who loves someone who is in recovery or dealing with addiction. Dana's prose is poignant, vulnerable, honest and funny; this book is a must-read for anyone navigating early sobriety. We are thrilled to have her on the show!
28/09/151h 1m

Back From Summer Break! And An Honest Conversation About Balance

We are back from our summer hiatus, and excited to start a new season of The Bubble Hour! We talk a lot about the importance of balance and self-care, and tonight we are going to have an honest conversation about making decisions in our lives that put recovery and balance at the top of our priority list. Sometimes it's hard to take a step back from things we love in order to keep balance in check, and sometimes we have life circumstances that require us to take on more, and maintaining balance can be a challenge. Co-hosts Ellie and Amanda will talk tonight about why balance is important, about how we make decisions - even in the face of a lot of change - to maintain our recovery. We will also talk about this upcoming season of The Bubble Hour, and some changes we're making to the show based on your input!
21/09/1538m 0s

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" With Greg

The heart of every show is our guests and their recovery stories.  Everyone who participates on the show is a volunteer, whose willingness to honestly share their experience, strength, and hope helps keeps us all sober.   So this episode is an open format episode in the style of a speaker/discussion meeting, where one guest shares their recovery story.   We are thrilled to welcome Greg to the show!  Greg will share his experience, strength and hope with us.
13/07/151h 5m

The Truth About Honesty In Our Recovery

When we are drinking, we may find ourselves mired in dishonesty. This can be subtle or extreme. We may try to cover up our drinking and tell lies or exaggerations to avoid consequences, responsibility, or conflict. Dishonesty is at the root of denial including telling ourselves we can safely drink when we have evidence to the contrary. Lying may even become a habit as we hide from our addiction to cover up our true mental and emotional health to protect our ego, reputation, self image. Choosing sobriety may be the first truly honest thing we've done in awhile. On this episode, we talk about how honesty has shaped our recovery, the choices we have to make to get and stay sober, how our definitions of honesty have evolved, and how dishonesty figures into the 11 stages of relapse if we let it.
29/06/151h 5m

Special Father’s Day Speaker Meeting With Frank F. – It’s A Family Disease

The heart of every show is our guests and their recovery stories.  Everyone who participates on the show is a volunteer, whose willingness to honestly share their experience, strength, and hope helps keeps us all sober.  In honor of Father’s Day, Co-Host Amanda’s father, Frank, who is also in recovery, will join us on the show. Frank will share his own story and talk about what it was like for him to see his daughter showing signs that she was headed down the same path. It is often said that alcoholism is a family disease. In this case, that certainly seems to be true, but this is proof that families can and do recover together.
22/06/1555m 0s

Sober In The Summer

Summer is an amazing time to be sober and fully present in our lives.  However, for many people - especially those in early recovery - summertime can be full of triggers.  Cook-outs, beaches and fun with friends can still be a ton of fun, but it is best to be prepared so you can enjoy yourself AND stay sober!  On this episode all four co-hosts will share their experiences with summertime triggers and what we do to stay sober in the summer AND have a great time!
15/06/151h 11m

Special Guest: Andrea Owen of Your Kick Ass Life Discusses Isolation

Do you find yourself mistaking isolation for strength? This is a common pattern among people in active addiction and the habit can persist into recovery. There is a saying in recovery rooms which states, “Addiction is the only disease that tells you that you are alright.”, so when we isolate, we are putting our recovery at risk. On this episode of The Bubble Hour we discuss the issue of isolation with Andrea Owen, certified life coach and author of “52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life”.
08/06/151h 5m

Speaker Meeting with Emily S.

The heart of every show is our guests and their recovery stories.  Everyone who participates on the show is a volunteer, whose willingness to honestly share their experience, strength, and hope helps keeps us all sober.   On this episode we'll hear the inspiring story of recovery blogger Emily S., writer of Emily will discuss her experiences throughout her journey to sobriety and as a recovery advocate.
01/06/151h 5m

Speaker "Meeting" with Raquel A.

We’re always trying to think of topics that are compelling to our listeners, but the heart of every show is our guests and their recovery stories.  Everyone who participates on the show is a volunteer, whose willingness to honestly share their experience, strength, and hope helps keeps us all sober.   So tonight will be an open format episode in the style of a speaker/discussion meeting, where one guest shares their recovery story.   Tonight we are thrilled to welcome Raquel A.  to the show!  Raquel willshare her experience, strength and hope with us.
18/05/1559m 0s

Meet The Creators of "I Am Not Anonymous"

Did you know that there are over 23 million people in recovery in the US alone?  Organizations like "I Am Not Anonymous" are working to break the stigma of addiction, and share peoples' stories of recovery to help others who are suffering and feel they are alone. From the "I Am Not Anonymous" website:  "For years, those suffering from addiction have done so in silence as a result of the negative stigma surrounding it. The truth is, people DO recover. Our mission is to bring the SOLUTION into the conversation in hopes of helping the millions of people who remain untreated and help the world understand that addiction is not a moral failing. It is a powerful disease and the stigma associated with it is just as deadly as the disease itself." On this show we are so excited to welcome the Creators of "I Am Not Anonymous", Tom and Kate.  Through the power of story and photography, Tom and Kate are at the forefront of the ever-increasing movement to break down the stigma of addiction. We will talk to them about their own journeys in recovery (Tom) and loving sommeone in recovery (Kate), as well as learn more about the project and the impact it is having on the stigma of addiction.
11/05/151h 10m

Speaker "Meeting" with Dayna B

We’re always trying to think of topics that are compelling to our listeners, but the heart of every show is our guests and their recovery stories.  Everyone who participates on the show is a volunteer, whose willingness to honestly share their experience, strength, and hope helps keeps us all sober.   So tonight will be an open format episode in the style of a speaker/discussion meeting, where one guest shares their recovery story.   Tonight we are thrilled to welcome Dayna B to the show!  Dayna is coming up on one year of sobriety, and she is here tonight to share her experience, strength and hope with us.
04/05/151h 1m

Interview With Sherri VandenAkker, Creator of the Film My Name Was Bette

On this episode, we will interview Sherri VandenAkker and her sister, Krystyn White Sherri is the creator of the film My Name Was Bette:  The Life and Death of an Alcoholic. This stunning documentary offers a shocking yet moving look at women's alcoholism.  The film chronicles the progression of the disease in Sherri and Krystyn's mother, Bette VandenAkker -- a nurse, wife, and mother -- who died in September, 2007.   The film, which was also created by Josh WE Hays, employs interviews, family photographs, medical records and graphics, and court documents to provide a personal and detailed look at the physical, emotional, and mental toll of alcoholism.  The film also also offers hope to those affected by the disease who seek to heal their pain and strained relationships.   On this show we will talk with Sherri and Krystyn about their personal journeys with their mother's alcoholism, as well as discuss what it was like to create the film.  If you have ever loved someone who struggled with alcoholism, you understand the challenges of loving someone with this disease. This film is avaialble to rent on Amazon; to view the film click HERE.  Visit the film's website by clicking HERE
27/04/151h 2m

Sober Vacations

The very idea of having fun on vacation without drinking can be daunting, especially for those of us who once planned our resort time around swim up bars and vineyard tours. Is it possible to have fun travelling and stay sober? How do we ensure that we have the support we need away from our usual recovery-centered routines? Whether it is a summer camping trip or a mid-winter beach getaway, vacations require a little extra planning and consideration in sobriety. On this week’s show Jean, Amanda and Catherine will all recount their recent vacations to explore what worked well, what went wrong, and what they might try differently next time.
20/04/151h 19m

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the feeling that you’re a fraud—that you’re somehow less qualified, less deserving of success. There is the fear that you’ll be “found out," which may lead you to attempt to work longer and harder than others. This can be a source of resentment, exhaustion, and a sense of impending doom. While Impostor Syndrome is not solely the domain of alcoholics, many of us report deep attachments to perfectionism and, it's cousin, Impostor Syndrome. Many of us drank over our feelings of resentment and fear arising from the core belief that we were frauds. Now that we are sober, we can bring these fears into the light of truth. When we think, "I'm a fraud," instead of drinking, we ask, "Is that true?" We connect with our recovery communities and see the truth of our own self-worth reflected back at us in the faces of our sober friends. We learn to discard these old patterns of thinking and replace them with healthier, more balanced ones. In recovery, we find freedom from the tyranny of Impostor Syndrome.
13/04/151h 9m

Speaker Meeting with Lisa U.

A very close friend of The Bubble Hour was asked to share her story at a 12-Step recovery meeting so we asked her to record it so we could share it with all of you. Lisa U. has faced many challenges in her recovery, but she got through them all with courage and dignity. We hope her story will inspire you as much as it inspires us.
06/04/1529m 0s

Increased Alcoholism Rates Post Gastric Bypass Surgery

In 2012 a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that reports the percentage of patients abusing alcohol increased from 7.6% to 9.6% two years after gastric bypass surgery - potentially creating 2,000 alcoholics every year in the US. There is more than one theory on why this occurs.  Some say it is addiction transfer: a patient switches an addiction to food to an addiction to alcohol.  More recent evidence suggests an anatomical explanation - metabolic and hormonal changes triggered by gastric bypass surgery that leave patients especially vulnerable to alcoholism.  Maybe it is both - or neither?  The truth is nobody is 100% sure of why alcoholism rates increase post surgery. If you are struggling with alcoholism post-surgery, however, the reason why may not be as relevant as what to do about it.  There are unique challenges that face people whose alcoholism may be attributed to gastric bypass surgery, and on this episode of the Bubble Hour we will discuss this startling trend.  We will share more information about why experts feel this increased vulnerability to alcoholism occurs, and speak with special guest Jessica about her own experience with gastric bypass surgery, alcoholism and recovery. We are also excited to welcome Diane Grimaldi, DNP, PMHCS, BC as a guest on the show and an expert on this issue. Diane started her psychotherapy practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1984 after receiving her Masters Degree in Adult Mental Health Nursing from Boston College and becoming a board certified Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing.  In 2014 she received a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  For more information about Diane and her practice please visit
30/03/151h 13m

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting With Kristin S.

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We have recreated that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this episode to hear our guest Kristin S. share her story and our discussion following her share.
23/03/151h 10m

Special Guest: Lori Butterfield, Director of the Documentary, Lipstick & Liquor

A cold December day. A mystery unfolds. Thirty-nine year old Julie Kroll stumbles away from a minor car accident, leaving behind her eight year old daughter...and an open container of alcohol. As darkness descends, she disappears. This is the opening of Lipstick & Liquor, a documentary which explores the rise in alcoholism amongst women. As Julie's story unfolds, the film introduces us to four women who tell their recovery story. Lipstick & Liquor seeks to shake off the stigma associated with women alcoholics and to provide understanding and insight into the effort to stay sober. Join us on this episode for a discussion with the director of Lipstick & Liquor, Lori Butterfield, an Emmy Award-winning producer, director and writer, as she shares about the making of the movie and her journey in understanding the disease of alcoholism and the stigma around it.  You can learn more about the film on their website:
16/03/151h 4m

Drinking Dreams

Whether you are newly sober or in successful, long-term recovery, awaking from a dream about drinking alcohol can be unsettling. Drinking dreams do have significance and we can use them to reinforce our recovery. On this episode of The Bubble Hour we will discuss our various experiences and explore research on what different types of dreams mean at various stages of sobriety.
09/03/151h 2m

Interventions: What They Are, Who Needs One, And How To Do Them

On this episode, we will talk about interventions:  what they are, who needs one, and how to go about doing one. When a loved one is struggling with an active addiction, it is an exremely powerless and oftentimes hopeless feeling. Because the symptoms of the disease of addiction are behavioral as well as physical, and denial is such a huge component of the disease as well, it is difficult (if not impossible) to reason with an active alcoholic/addict.  Many people turn to an intervention to get help for an addict who is not able to break the cycle of addiction.   But where to start?  On this episode we will walk through the steps of an intervention, as well as provide advice on what works, and what doesn't.  We will talk about ways a family can be helpful to an active addict, both with an intervention and in general, share our own personal experiences with interventions, and talk to a nationally certified recovery coach. Please tune in to this informative episode!
02/03/151h 15m

Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

Getting sober is not easy and many say the first 90 days are critical. This is a time when we are learning a whole new way of life and it can be very difficult and confusing. Celebrating milestones, whether it’s 24 hours, 30, 60, 90 days or years, helps us to see how far we have come and re-commit staying sober. Most recovery programs celebrate milestones by giving out a token (chip, keychain, etc.). This is helpful to the recipient and to others members of the group to see that long-term sobriety is possible. On this episode of The Bubble Hour, we will talk about how celebrating milestones has helped us with our recovery and some of the special things we have done to celebrate.
23/02/151h 8m

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" with Lisa B.

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We thought it would be great to recreate that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this week's episode to hear our guest Lisa B's story and our discussion.
16/02/151h 5m

Alcohol and Hormones: Menopause, Peri-Menopause and Recovery

Did you know that heavy alcohol use can bring accelerate menopause onset by as much as 5 years? Do you know how to distinguish between the symptoms of detox and menopause when the feelings are remarkably similar? How is long term recovery affected by onset of menopause? Listen and learn more about an issue that affects all women, eventually.
09/02/151h 16m

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" with Lisa N. (Co-Founder & former Co-Host of TBH)

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We thought it would be great to recreate that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Our featured guest on this show is a voice many of you will recognize - Lisa N., one of the founders and former Co-Host of The Bubble Hour. Tune in to this week's episode to hear our guest Lisa N's story and our discussion.
26/01/151h 1m

Getting Unstuck

How many times did we wake up saying, "Today is Day 1," only to pick up a drink later? Maybe we said, "I'm just a binge drinker. I can go weeks without a drink," but we still have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong and can't quite figure out how to break the habit. Or we get some sober time - 30, 60, 90 days or more - and then think, "Surely I have figured out to moderate by now!" We cycle through dark thoughts of shame and defiance to willingness mixed with confusion. How can we get unstuck and into a sober life? Join us on this episode as the co-hosts of The Bubble Hour discuss the stages of change from around a table at our first ever in-person meeting. We talk about getting into action to move out of stuck thinking and into a life of recovery.
19/01/151h 14m

Feeling Our Feelings: A Brave New World

While we are active in our addictions, we are numbing all of our feelings.  Although the initial impulse might be to dull the hard emotions - fear, anger, hurt - the actual result is that we dull of our emotions, limiting our experience of joy, contentment, and connection.  When we get sober, we find a crazy new rush of feelings - good and bad - that can be overwhelming.  On this episode, we’ll discuss our experiences with our emotions and techniques for processing them.  Sobriety is a brave new world, which includes the full range of human feelings.  We're glad to be showing up for them all!
12/01/151h 6m

New Years - A Time For Reflection & Hope

On this episode of The Bubble Hour our co-hosts Ellie, Amanda, Catherine and Jean look back on 2014 and discuss what lies ahead for each of them in 2015. They also reflect on their favorite moments on the show from the past 12 months. Lessons learned, hope for what lies ahead, and insights on the pain and joy of life from these four strong women in recovery.
05/01/151h 17m

Relapse Triggers

When people stop using alcohol and drugs they are given a second chance on life. Some embrace this new life and never look back. Others find living without alcohol and drugs to be a struggle every day. Regardless of your experience, we are all susceptible to triggers which can cause us to relapse. Recognizing and managing these triggers is important to maintaining our sobriety. So what are triggers? A “trigger” of addiction involves any high-risk situation or stressor that “cues” a thought, feeling, or action to use alcohol or drugs. There are two types of triggers: internal, which occur within us, and external which occurs outside of us.  On this episode we will explore common triggers and discuss ways to counteract these unhealthy reactions and develop an action plan to keep ourselves safe and sober.
29/12/141h 13m

Shame Does Not Define Us: Tools, Tips and Advice on Working Through Shame

All alcoholics and addicts feel shame. It’s impossible to avoid, and while shame is painful and can keep many of us stuck in the throes of addiction, there is hope.  We do not have to be defined by our shame, and indeed learning tools to cope with shame and learn and grow as people is an integral part of recovery. To begin with, though, it’s important to define shame.  One way to do this is to clarify the difference between shame and guilt.  Guilt is feeling badly about something we’ve done, and shame is feeling badly about who we are.   Guilt is based on actions, and shame is built on feelings.  Another way to put it is this:   When we feel guilty we feel we made a mistake.  When we feel shame we feel we are a mistake. In this show, we will talk about building tools to identify shame, build awareness of it, talk about the importance of reaching out to reduce the power shame holds over you, and discuss the power of story and voice in reducing and even eliminating the hold shame has in your life.
22/12/141h 14m

Sober Fun - "We Are Not a Glum Lot!"

A common fear of getting sober is that we won't ever have fun again. Our memories of celebrations, nights out, socializing with friends typically include alcohol, so we can't imagine what we will do without it. Will our friends still want to hang out with us? Will we still laugh? What on earth will we DO now that we don't drink? Join us for a discussion that will quell those fears! Sober life opens the door to a life of fun and laughter that we never contemplated. As a famous recovery saying goes, "we are not a glum lot"! Come have some Sober Fun with us!
15/12/141h 6m

Holiday Survival Guide for People in Recovery

The months of December through January are a hectic time of year that are chock full of stress, expectation and temptation. It can be a particularly challenging time of year for people in recovery, especially early recovery, as we can feel vulnerable and be blindsided by triggers and cravings. Even people with long term sobriety can find themselves susceptible to the pressures of this busy time of year.  It is a time for us to prioritize self-care so we don't become complacent.  Preparedness is the KEY to surviving the holidays with our sobriety (and our sanity) intact! On this week's Bubble Hour, we will be discussing the difference in strategies required depending on one’s stage of recovery.
08/12/141h 14m

Intimacy and Sex In Recovery

Intimacy…allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with another person, can be very difficult.  Many of us have used alcohol or other substances to help remove our fears intimacy so the thought of being intimate while SOBER can be terrifying. Some of us were sexually abused as children. Some of us engaged in unhealthy sexual behaviors as a result of our substance abuse and still hang onto feelings of shame about our sexuality. Some of us were afraid of getting sober because we thought it would be the end of our intimate relationship with our partner. Some of us simply find it hard to let go.  On the other hand, some of us have foundintimacy to be much more fulfilling and, well…intimate in sobriety. We are thrilled to have a very special guest, Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW, life coach and psychotherapist, to help us with this topic. We have four guests joining us on the show to share their experiences with intimacy in sobriety and Tanya will offer insights based on her experience with this topic. Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW, is a life coach and psychotherapist since 1995, in private practice since 2000.
01/12/141h 36m

The Power of Gratitude

It seems to us that Gratitude just might be the answer to even the most complex life problems. We know for sure that it keeps us sober by shifting our perspective just enough to get us out of stuck-mode (self-pity, blame, defiance, anger) and into action (service, connection, honesty). Join us on this episode as we share our experiences with the power of gratitude in recovery and offer suggestions on how to build an active gratitude practice. Gratitude just might become the most potent tool in your recovery toolbox!
24/11/141h 3m

Surviving & Striving During The Holidays for Recovering People Pleasers

Are you ready? Because here comes holiday season – the most wonderful time of the year say many and for those of us in recovery, possibly also the most triggering time of the year. There are a lot of contributing factors to the challenges we face over the holidays, but tonight we will zero in on “people pleasing” and how it undermines our ability to enjoy the festivities.
17/11/141h 8m

Understanding PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)

Most people are aware that alcoholics, whether they are heavy drinkers or not, will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, both physical and emotional, when they first get sober. Some of the more obvious signs of this “acute” or early withdrawal include: shaking, sweating, racing heartbeat, muscle twitches, insomnia and acute anxiety. These symptoms are mostly physical and may last as long as 2 weeks, but we are prepared for them and if we stay sober, most people think it will be smooth sailing going forward. It is true that people may feel better after the first couple of weeks, however it is the sobriety–based symptoms, known as Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAWs) that cause many people to relapse. PAWs may last as long as 2 years, so understanding what it is and learning ways to manage these symptoms is critical to maintaining long-term sobriety. On this episode of The Bubble Hour we will discuss these symptoms are share ways to deal with and relieve the effect of PAWS. Whether you’re just getting sober or have been sober for a while, this is a very important show for YOU.
10/11/141h 31m

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" with Lisa

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We thought it would be great to recreate that concept here on The Bubble Hour. Hearing that there are other people just like us...with the same experiences, thoughts and feelings is revolutionary.  Tune in to this week's episode to hear our guest Lisa's story and our discussion.
03/11/141h 1m

High Functioning Alcoholics - Addiction in the C-Suite

High-powered executives can be some of the most notoriously difficult people to treat for alcoholism and addiction. What can we learn about addiction and the “C-suite” to inform our own recovery?  On this episode of The Bubble Hour, we chat with a recovery coach about the particular challenges of the high-functioning alcoholic. Tune in for an insightful discussion!
27/10/141h 10m

An Open Discussion About Rehab - Why, When and How To Go

You think you have a problem with alcohol, and you have tried everything you can to stop on your own, and nothing works. You vacillate between “I’m not that bad”, and “I need help”, but don’t know how to go about getting the help you need.  You think you may need to go to a detox and/or a rehab, but you are afraid. What would it be like? How do you get in? Who do you ask for help and what resources are out there?  How long do you need to stay?  Do you need a medical detox?  What IS a medical detox?  How do you juggle the complexities of work and/or family life while you are there?  How can friends and family be helpful, and what is their role? On this Sunday’s show, co-hosts Ellie, Amanda and Jean, along with special guest Lisa, will discuss their own experiences going to detox and/or rehab, answer the questions above, and also discuss the common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab, the difference between a detox and a rehab, and more.
20/10/141h 29m

I Relapsed: Now what?

On this episode, we talk about defining relapse, getting honest with ourselves and our loved ones, finding help and support, and starting over. We touch on the early warning signs of relapse and how to quell that little voice that wants to rationalize its way into a drink. Our guests share their recovery journeys through relapse, which show us that recovery is always waiting for us, without judgment or fear. We can always return to our true, sober selves, so we must never give up hope.
13/10/141h 20m

Sober On Stage

Many people share a common fear of standing before an audience . Whether giving a wedding toast, a sales pitch or a musical performance, alcohol is a frequent antidote for the jitters. Does sobriety make taking centre-stage harder or easier? Are we doomed to sweat and stammer without the use of liquid courage? Must we stay out of the limelight, or does sobriety make us perform better in other ways? Join us as we discuss our experiences in front of an audience, both before and after recovery.
06/10/141h 10m

Special Guest: Dr. John Kelly - The Science of 12 Step Facilitation

What Does Science Tell Us About The Effectiveness of 12 Step Treatment and Other Mutual Help Organizations In Addiction and Recovery?  The most widely recognized 12 Step recovery organizations globally are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.   Most people who seek to get and stay sober are referred to a 12 Step recovery program at some point, and some people resist attending based on fear, shame, or the idea that 12 Step programs “don’t work”.  Even within the 12 Step recovery community there is discussion, sometimes, about the effectiveness of these programs. Statistics are thrown around –both for and against – but what does the science say?  How effective are these programs? On this episode, we are honored to have Dr. John F. Kelly as our guest.  Dr. Kelly is the Elizabeth R. Spallin Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, the founder and Director of the Recovery Research Institute at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the Program Director of the Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) and the Associate Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine at MGH. Dr. Kelly will discuss with us how 12 Step recovery groups impact an individual’s recovery from a scientific perspective.   How well do these programs work?  Is there a difference in their effectiveness for early versus long-term recovery?  Are they more effective following a treatment program?  What studies have been done to demonstrate “success” rates of 12 step group members, and how exactly is “success” defined in this environment? If you participate in a 12 Step recovery program, are considering participating or believe they don’t work but are curious to learn more, this show is for you.
29/09/1455m 0s

Strength in Numbers: How Community Helps Us Stay Sober

When we find we have the desire to stop drinking, we may have the urge to get sober alone. "I can do this by myself" is a common refrain in early recovery. But the solo route is a difficult trek through the thickets of recovery. At worst, it may set us up for relapse; at best, it's a lonely row to hoe. Connection with other sober people creates a safe landing place where we can wiggle out of isolation and fear and into a community where we are loved and supported. Building a network of sober friends is one of the great joys of recovery. Community helps us stay sober, as we learn from each other: we learn about the disease of alcoholism, about how to stay sober, about being of service. On this episode of The Bubble Hour, we talk about how to build and belong to a sober network - from the "new kid" jitters, to the anniversary celebrations, to the gifts of sober meet-ups. Join our podcast community, and let's stay sober together!
22/09/141h 13m

Sober "Firsts" - Part 2

Early recovery is full of sober "firsts”. They seem to come fast and furious in the initial weeks and months, and can be overwhelming at times. Eventually, the “firsts” are fewer and further between, but their infrequency can make them feel more jarring. This episode is a continuation of an earlier show called, Sober "Firsts” - Part 1, which turned out to be such a rich subject that we continued the discussion. We cover everything from going to meetings to going to work and we will even be talking about sober s-e-x.
15/09/141h 27m

Special Guest: Greg Williams, One Year Later

A year ago, in September 2013 we interviewed Greg Williams and discussed his ground-breaking film, "The Anonymous People", which had just begun showing in theaters through a "theatrical-on-demand" format where individuals were able to request a showing at their local theater and then invited their communities to view the film. Word of this life-changing film spread quickly throughout the recovery community and screenings are being held all over the country and the world. Join us as we talk to Greg about the changes he has seen as a result this powerful film.  Greg Williams is a person in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs since age seventeen. He is a health policy advocate, and award-winning documentary filmmaker who specializes in the creation of compelling and purposeful content. At age 30, "The Anonymous People" is Greg’s first independent feature-length film. His new film is bringing lasting solutions to the screen for one of America’s top health problems. "The Anonymous People" has already received widespread critical acclaim and a variety of industry awards.
08/09/141h 7m

Getting Sober When You Live With Someone Who Drinks

On The Bubble Hour, we often talk about ways to protect our sobriety. We have suggested removing all the alcohol from your home and avoiding events where there will be alcohol served. But what do you do when you live with someone who drinks? Whether they are a normal drinker or a heavy drinker, this can be very challenging. On this episode we talk with our guests about how they handled getting sober while living with someone who drinks.
25/08/141h 11m

Service in Recovery

When we were drinking, we felt afraid and lonely. We craved isolation on the one hand, but on the other hand, we were terrified at how alone in the world we felt. Now, in sobriety, we have learned to let down our guard. Vulnerability and honesty make room for authentic connections with our family and friends, with other people in recovery, with our communities. Building a true network fills us with joy and a new sense of safety in the world. How do we make this good stuff last? How do we keep our fears and our egos from busting up our serenity, especially in a way that threatens our sobriety? The answer is simple: Service! Join us for this episode to find out why service to others is fertile soil where our recovery takes root.
11/08/141h 12m

The Gift of Desperation

When most people hear the word “desperation”, they certainly don’t think of a gift. In fact, the dictionary defines desperation as, “a strong feeling of sadness, fear, and loss of hope”. But as with so many other things in recovery, like surrender, vulnerability and powerlessness, desperation has an opposite meaning. Taking that first step in stopping drinking is extremely difficult for most of us. We can’t even begin to imagine how to live our lives without alcohol…until we become desperate. When we are in enough pain, when we become desperate...we make a change. We surrender. We ask for help. This is why we call it, “The Gift of Desperation”. On this episode we will discuss what the gift of desperation felt like for us and how we use that same gift as a tool in maintaining our sobriety.
28/07/141h 14m

Special Guest: Lotta Dann of “Mrs D is Going Without”

Lotta Dann’s readers know her best as “Mrs. D”: the formerly anonymous sobriety blogger (Blog: Mrs. D Is Going Without) who stepped forward as a recovery advocate with the recent New Zealand release of her book, “Mrs D is Going Without”. Lotta will share her story and chat with us about life before and after she found her way to living alcohol free.
14/07/141h 8m

In Recovery, We Find Freedom!

"Looking back, we see that our freedom to choose badly was not, after all, a very real freedom."* When we romanticize our drinking days, we may feel like they were carefree and we had the freedom to do as we pleased. We liked doing things our way (and we don’t like being told what to do!). Then again....on further reflection, we remember that alcohol didn’t leave us with many choices - no matter how hard we tried, no matter our best intentions, and no matter the consequences, it always called us back. It left us with shame and sadness. And, we see now, drinking was either at the root of or exacerbated all of our problems! In sobriety, we come to find that life is for living, not enduring! We are no longer burdened with “feeding the beast,” which leaves room for a full life. We make authentic connections with our true selves and with others. We have clear sight about how to show up for our lives, without fear! In recovery, we find freedom! *reference: The Grapevine, May 1960
30/06/141h 12m

Sober "Firsts" - Part 1

Early recovery is full of “sober firsts”. They seem to come fast and furious in the initial weeks and months, and can be overwhelming at times. Eventually, the “firsts” are fewer and further between, but their infrequency can make them feel more jarring. On this episode of The Bubble Hour we look at “sober firsts” of three major types: “Mixing with the Normies” – going back to the places and situations where drinking is part of the milieu, now as a person in recovery“Engaging in Recovery” – new places and situations you encounter once you quit drinking“Sober and Solo” – the things you go to or through on your own. Join us and our guests as we talk about what these experiences were like for us and some tips for navigating these challenges of early sobriety.  We had so much to talk about on this show we couldn't get to it all, so stay tuned for Part 2!
23/06/141h 19m

Codependency: Detaching With Love

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to maintain a healthy relationship? Do you feel like people take advantage of your kind heart and generosity? Do you feel a sense of responsibility for your loved one's happiness? If any of these questions ring true for you, you may be a codependent. Codependency is an emotional behavior that affects our ability to have healthy, mutually-satisfying relationships. It is often found in individuals who are in a relationship with an addicted person or someone with a mental illness. Codependents often have low self-esteem and look for anything outside of themselves to make them feel better…including drugs and alcohol or other compulsive behaviors so you can see why this is an important topic for us to understand and address. On this episode of The Bubble Hour we will dig into the nature of a codependency and discuss how we can “detach with love” so that we can enjoy healthy, happy relationships with our loved ones.
16/06/141h 11m


When we are active in an addiction, we can feel like there is no one else in the whole world like us. “Alcoholics are screw ups and losers,” we tell ourselves, “whereas I seemed to have developed this drinking problem in spite of doing everything else in my life to a high level of excellence. I am the most unlikely alcoholic ever.” In fact, alcoholics share many common personality traits, and surprisingly that includes perfectionism. On this episode we discuss the various ways perfectionism can manifest in our lives, why it is so common to those who struggle with addiction, and some suggestions for easing perfectionist ways.
09/06/141h 12m

Speaker/Discussion "Meeting" with Jo

In recovery meetings it is common practice for one person to share their experience, strength and hope and then to pick a recovery topic for the group to discuss. We thought it would be great to recreate that concept here on The Bubble Hour. This week we've asked Jo to share her story with us and then we will all discuss a topic of her choosing. There is no telling where this show will go so be sure to tune in!
02/06/141h 8m

Beyond Our Best Thinking: Surrendering the Ego in Recovery

We all want to be individuals and to present an image to the world that we are capable, in control, and essentially put together.  Besides, the world is a scary place:  vulnerability and honesty might put us in danger if people really knew us. Our egos say, “I am responsible for your survival.  Trust me.  I’m in control.”   This is our best thinking.   We hang on to it even though our Egos can lead us to feel angry, resentful, defensive, frightened.  Or completely alone and fraudulent, afraid that people will find out who we really are at our core.  We scramble to maintain the image that we’re in control.  We want to do things our way, on our own steam.  We are still cautious about letting people in. This kind of thinking can persist even in sobriety and can present a danger to our recovery.  Join us as we talk about how Ego-thinking contributed to our drinking and disturbed our peace of mind, and how connection, compassion, and authenticity  brought us serenity and keeps us sober.
19/05/141h 25m

Motherhood & Recovery: Perspectives on Telling our Kids

Although there are many common truths and shared experiences in addiction and recovery, family dynamics may differ from person to person. When it comes to motherhood, there is no magic formula or handbook for anything including talking to our kids about recovery. What we can do is share our experiences and perspectives with one another, and be willing to thoughtfully consider the best fit for our family. This episode explores a variety of positions, from being completely open to selectively shielding our children from our experiences, and why those choices make sense.
12/05/141h 17m

Early Sobriety - Am I Ever Going To Feel Better?

When we stop drinking most people experience physical withdrawal symptoms (acute) which can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It's not fun, but most people expect it and are rewarded with immediate physical benefits once the alcohol or drug is purged from their system. Our lives begin to improve and we are happy, BUT then there are other things that seem to be getting worse - mood swings, anxiety, irregular sleep, etc. - and we want to scream, "I did NOT get sober for this!"   The good news and bad news is this is completely normal. What we are experiencing is called PAWS or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, which feels like an emotional roller coaster. PAWS can be very difficult to deal with and is a huge trigger for relapse, but drinking will only make the process start all over again and who wants to do that?!!!  So how do we get through it? How do  we manage the roller coaster ride of early sobriety?  Join us on this episode of The Bubble Hour as we talk to our guests about their experience with early sobriety and the tools they used to alleviate PAWS symptoms.
28/04/141h 27m

What Do You Put In Your Recovery Toolbox? (Part 2)

This week on The Bubble Hour we will continue our discussion about what to put in your Recovery Toolbox. In Part 1, we discussed some great reading materials, and in Part 2 we extend the conversation to comfort food, activities, self-care practices and music. Listen and discover ways to support your recovery in all that you do!
14/04/141h 7m

Special Guest, Dr. John Kelly: Changing the Stigma of Addiction Through Science

Many people think that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a lost cause when in reality there are approximately 25-40 million people who consider themselves to be in active, stable long-term recovery. Based on those numbers, most people probably interact with someone in recovery on a daily basis, but they don't even know it because it's not talked about openly. Dr. Kelly and the Recovery Research Institute's mission is change that stigma and show people, through science, that recovery is not only possible, but it is the likely outcome. On this episode we will talk to Dr. Kelly about addiction, stigma and recovery and how understanding the neuroscience of addiction will help alleviate that stigma. For more information about Dr. Kelly and the Recovery Research Institute, please visit:
07/04/141h 24m

From Self-Medicating to Self-Care

“I need a drink” is a common catch phrase people use to sum up a bad day.  The culture is rife with advice that a “nice glass of wine” is all it will take to feel better about whatever challenges life dishes up.  So, when we are faced with big health issues, like anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses; physical illness or changes in our physical health; or stress caused by any social or familial changes or losses, it can seem like an easy fix to pick up a drink to “take the edge off.”   As alcoholics, this response becomes our go-to.  We come to depend on alcohol to deal with our problems.  It becomes a vicious cycle as our bodies and brains are stressed from processing the alcohol, as we stuff our emotions deeper and deeper down inside, and as we become dependent on the drink to fix us. We find great freedom from that dependence in sobriety, but it can be daunting to realize that even though we are now sober, we still have the same issues we had before we sought relief in the bottle - the same anxiety, the same depression, the same hormonal changes, the same trauma.  On this show, our guests will share their experiences about how they found new and better ways to deal with their lives.  From menopause to dual diagnoses, we can move from self-medicating to proper self-care!
31/03/141h 20m

What Do I Drink If I No Longer Drink?

It's a simple question that can cause a person in recovery to stammer incoherently: "What would you like to drink?" After years of ordering a go-to favorite that is now forbidden, it can be hard to answer that question truthfully. What DO people in recovery drink on social occasions? In restaurants?  At parties?  At home after a hard day? Can anything bring the same satisfaction that alcohol once did??? Julie Elsdon-Height, author the recipe book "Mocktails and More" and the blog will join us as we discuss practical answers to the much asked question, "What do I drink if I no longer drink??!"
24/03/141h 24m

A Little Willingness Goes A Long Way

As the song says, "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..." For those in recovery, the starting point of every day is willingness. Willingness to be honest about our relationship to alcohol and about our behavior and thought patterns. Willingness to rearrange our lives and our relationships. Willingness to show up for our lives by being present instead of escaping into addiction. It's as essential a mindset for the newcomer as it is for someone who has been sober for years. Join us as we share our experiences around this fundamental building block of recovery. Remember: a little willingness goes a long way!
10/03/141h 17m

Soberiety Bloggers

The earliest stages of recovery are marked by an inkling that something needs to change, and a budding curiosity emerges to ask such questions as: “What is normal drinking?” “How much is too much?” “Am I an alcoholic?” And “how do I quit drinking?” From behind the safety of our computers screens we pose the uncertainties that trouble our souls, seeking information and all that comes with it: guidance, comfort, direction, and hope. So it is that many stumble upon the frank world of sobriety bloggers: others in recovery who chronicle the ups and downs of their own personal journeys, sharing the experience as both an exercise in healing and in service to others. Join us as we speak to the authors of four popular recovery blogs: Mrs D is Going Without, Bye Bye Beer and UnPickled.
03/03/141h 19m

Special Guest: AnnMarie McCullough, Faces & Voices of Recovery Canada

What image comes to your mind when you hear the term 'alcoholic'? A man with a bottle under a bridge?...A woman with smeared lipstick who drinks every day, can't hold a job and doesn't take care of her kids? Unfortunately, our society has created this stigma for alcoholics and it's simply NOT true.  There are more people like us than not, but many people don't get help because of this stigma and they are dying.  On this episode of The Bubble Hour we will be talking to our very special guest AnnMarie McCullough, co-founder of Faces & Voices of Recovery Canada, about what the face of an alcoholic really looks like and why it's so important that we change the way society treats this disease.  Recovery advocate Ann Marie McCullough is a maven of reinvention with a serious social conscience and a need to give back. A certified Project Manager with over 20 years experience in a variety of roles within the Healthcare and IT sectors, she now works as the Director of Communications and Community Relations at the Orchard Recovery Center.  AnnMarie combined her background in project and event management with her passion for recovery to help launch the REEL Recovery Film Festival in Vancouver and initiate the first RECOVERY DAY in Canada. Her latest projects: co-hosting Vancouver's first Recovery Radio show and co-founding Faces and Voices of Recovery Canada. In long-term recovery herself since 2008, she inspires with her energy and enthusiasm, embodying hope for others who struggle with addiction.
24/02/141h 17m

What Do You Put In Your Recovery Toolbox? (Part 1)

As we begin to change our lives in recovery, we find that “not drinking” is about so much more than what is in the glass we raise to our lips. The tools for recovery include the books we read, the activities we enjoy, and the new healthy indulgences we discover. While there is no definitive list, we’ll discuss some of our favorite things, why we love them, and how they support our recovery. Grab a pencil and paper, because you’ll want to take notes! Join Amanda, Catherine, and Jean for a lively discussion as we examine all the goodies inside our respective “Recovery Toolboxes”.
17/02/141h 17m

Adult Children Of Alcoholics

Did you grow up in a home with a problem drinker? If you did, you may have been impacted more than you know. Adult Children of Alcoholics share several common characteristics. They tend to feel different or isolated and uneasy with other people. They are intimidated by authority figures or people who are angry. They seek approval from others and lose themselves in the process. They are people-pleasers. They feel responsible for other people and put their needs before their own. They are terrified of abandonment, and will do almost anything to maintain a relationship even (or especially) if it is unhealthy. They tend to hide their feelings both as children and as adults. They often confuse love with pity and tend to love people they can rescue. They thrive on drama rather than healthy relationships because that is what they grew up with. They often become alcoholics, marry alcoholics or both. The list goes on. On this episode of The Bubble Hour our guests will share their experience both with growing up in an alcoholic home and in a home with someone in recovery.
10/02/141h 15m

Staying Sober While Traveling

You're doing great:  you've built a secure sober bubble at home.  You've dumped all the booze, you've built a network of sober people to support you, you're praying and reading about recovery, you've stocked up on candy or started an exercise program.  You feel good!  You feel prepared for anything...until you have to leave your bubble.... The vacation looms with its open pool bar.  Or the cruise with the flowing cocktails.  Or your best friend's wedding in Napa.  Or maybe your work requires travel with its temptations of hotel mini-bars and boozy client dinners away from judging eyes of family and friends. Fear not!  You CAN stay sober while traveling.  Join us as we discuss the pitfalls and triggers of travel, how to sidestep them, and how to carry your sobriety bubble with you no matter where you are in the world.
27/01/141h 22m

The God Thing - Spirituality / Religion / Humanism

We have experienced the far-reaching impact of our addictions on every aspect of our lives.  We have heard that the damage is physical, mental, and spiritual.  It stands to reason that our recovery should expand to encompass and heal all the hurt parts - physical, mental, and spiritual.  The latter is a fluid and perhaps unknowable thing.  Spirituality is a shape-shifter, taking different forms for different people.  Some find the structure of a religious practice to provide comfort and guidance; others prefer a more undefined spirituality; and still others do not identify with a Higher Power.  On this show, our guests will share how their personal views on this rich subject have informed their recovery.  We can all learn from their varied experiences in our recovery journeys.
20/01/141h 23m

How To Talk To Family & Friends About Your Recovery

Many of us spend years agonizing over the question..."am I an alcoholic?" before finally admitting to ourselves that "yes, I am an alcoholic". Saying those words out loud for the first time takes a whole lot of courage...and that's just the beginning. Getting and staying sober takes a lot of work and involves changing just about everything about ourselves. Many people join support groups where people suggest we go to a meeting every day? Get a sponsor? Believe in a power greater than ourselves? Let go of our resentments? Practice acceptance, patience and tolerance? Practice self-care? It's a whole new world for us, but if we want to stay sober, we learn to embrace these changes and we thrive.  But what about our loved ones and our friends? How do we explain our recovery process to them? Many of us have hidden our disease so well that our loved ones had no idea we were drinking too much. Some will tell us to just stop. Some will suggest we only drink on the weekends or on special occasions. Even the ones who pleaded with us to stop drinking may find it difficult to understand our recovery process.  On this episode of The Bubble Hour we will discuss ways to talk to our loved ones about our recovery process and why it needs to be the number one priority in our lives...even above them.
13/01/141h 23m

Sobriety Anniversaries - The Celebrations & The Triggers

You've kept sober for a year, doing daily work to shine gentle, healing light on the roots of your disease, to heal yourself and your relationships, and to recover the core of who you are.  A sober birthday is a cause for celebration!  Then why does it feel so...strange?  Sobriety anniversaries are a mixed bag of emotions - elation and satisfaction as we reflect on the positive outcomes sobriety has brought to our lives - but also fear and uneasiness, perhaps even the potential for relapse.  Join us as we speak to guests at various stages in their recovery who have dealt with recent anniversaries and share their experiences with these emotional landmarks.
06/01/141h 20m

Keeping It Simple In The New Year

"Keep It Simple" is a phrase we hear often in recovery, but what does that really mean? On this episode of The Bubble Hour we talk about how we plan to keep it simple in the New Year. We will share some tips and suggestions that have worked for us in recovery, as well as some things that didn't work that we plan to avoid doing this coming year. This show is not about high expectations or extreme New Year's resolutions. In fact, it's really the opposite of that. We will focus on ways we plan to be kind to ourselves and let go of trying to do everything perfectly in the New Year. So much pressure goes into the resolutions we make for ourselves. Let's talk about how we can be more gentle on ourselves.
30/12/131h 0m

Grief in Recovery

In recovery, we are promised a safe landing, not a calm passage. We will have to experience grief like anyone in this life. Grief can arise from many of life’s challenging situations such as the ending of a relationship, the death of a loved one, the loss or change of jobs, a serious illness or operation. Even getting sober - giving up our addictions - can give rise to grief. Now that we are sober, we will sit with many strong emotions - anger, frustration, fear, sadness, guilt, hopelessness, relief, loneliness. And although grief can be a major trigger for relapse (that old impulse to numb our feelings), we find that in sobriety we can handle hard things. We seek fellowship with others in recovery, we use our tools, and we have compassion for our grieving hearts. Join us as we meet some people who are healing their grieving hearts in recovery. With loving kindness, we share this journey and find that our hearts are capable of holding the sacredness of grief.
23/12/131h 29m

Other Addictions

We here at The Bubble Hour recognize that our friends and family members may be suffering from a more diverse array of addictions than alcoholism and drug addiction. The Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health offers this definition of addiction: “A primary, chronic, neurobiologic disease, with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors. . . . It is characterized by behaviors that include one or more of the following: impaired control... compulsive use, continued use despite harm, and craving” (Savage et al., 2003) And every addict knows the pain of being separated from his or her ideal self by this complex web. Join us as our guests share how the compulsive use of gambling and food can lead into darkness followed by recovery. We will discuss how these addictions share roots, characteristics, triggers, and recovery methods. As complicated an issue as addiction is, the faith and hope of recovery exists for everyone.
15/12/131h 6m

As they say..."A Grateful Heart Will Never Drink"

Google the phrase 'the power of gratitude' and you'll find many links to articles and research that show how living a life in gratitude can increase our sense of well-being and optimism and can decrease our levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  Those benefits alone would make this a worthy topic - who doesn't want to feel happier? - but for the alcoholic and addict, an active gratitude practice can be a game changer. Alcoholism and addiction are characterized by a mental obsession. Our behaviors and thought patterns can defy logic, such as when we drink or use despite consequences or vows to stop. We may feel justified in our drinking or using by anxiety, worry, anger, depression. We may get stuck in this thinking with self-pity, shame, and blame, and the painful cycle continues.  Gratitude is the fastest way out of the despair caused by this cycle! This is why many people in long term recovery subscribe to the notion that an active gratitude practice is an essential part of their sobriety. Join us as we discuss with our guests the ins and outs of a gratitude practice - the ways it helps them stay sober, examples of its benefits, and how to build a practice. In sobriety, we can have Thanksgiving every day!"
02/12/131h 3m

A Sober Holiday Is A Happy Holiday!

The holidays can be a joyous and festive time, but there are pressures that come with family and social gatherings, entertaining, and juggling a busy calendar.   These events and stressors can be big triggers for the sober merry-maker! Join us as we discuss the anxieties and triggers to watch for and the methods to avoid minefields and old habits, defuse tension, and enjoy the holidays to their fullest potential. A sober holiday is a happy holiday. Let's prepare for the festive season together!
25/11/131h 13m

Ann Dowsett Johnston, "Drink, The Intimate Relationship Between Women & Alcohol

We are thrilled to have a Special Guest, Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of "Drink, The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol" on our show! While women over the past few decades have been closing the gender gap in their professional and educational lives, they are achieving parity with men in rates of alcoholism with alarming momentum--in the U.S., rates of alcoholism among women have risen more than 50 percent in the past decade. Johnston illuminates this startling epidemic, dissecting the psychological, social, and industry factors that have contributed to its rise, and exploring its long-lasting impact on our society and individual lives. Drink is groundbreaking and EVERY woman - whether she struggles with alcohol or not - should read this book.
18/11/131h 28m

On Balance

On this show we will talk about balance - in life and in recovery. Our co-host, Lisa N., has a lot of exciting things happening in her life, and she is taking a hiatus from co-hosting the show for awhile.  We will talk to her about this decision, catch up on how she is doing and have a conversation about the importance of balance in our lives. This is the one year anniversary month of the show, and so we will also talk about what the past year has been like for us as we continue to grow and learn.
04/11/1352m 0s

Denial Equals Death

There is an epidemic of addiction in our country, especially amongst younger people, and it is EVERYWHERE. In this show will talk with Jeff Bertolet, a father who is in recovery himself and whose daughter Morgan is recovering from a nearly fatal drug overdose.  His heartbreaking and hopeful story will amaze you. We will also talk with Dr. Mark Libon, Chief Clinical Officer at Gosnold, Inc. - a treatment center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts - about his experiences talking with both young people and communities about how they feel about drug use and addiction in their communities.  What he has to say will startle you, and hopefully call you to action in helping to speak out about this deadly epidemic. We will also talk about ways to help people struggling with addiction and what you can do within your community to help. Please tune in to this very important show!
21/10/131h 18m

Accepting Acceptance

We hear often that acceptance is key in both getting sober and staying sober. But what does this really mean?  What does acceptance mean to you?  We know that in order to get sober, we must accept that we are powerless over drugs and/or alcohol.  But even during sobriety, accepting things we do not have control over - which turns out is all people, places and things - is critical to maintaining recovery. In this show we'll talk all about Acceptance:  why it is important, how it can be elusive, what gets in the way of acceptance, what is means to us, tools we use to find acceptance, how we know when we're not accepting something and what we do to get it back.  We will also share stories of times lack of acceptance has made us struggle or suffer, and share our experiences with times acceptance has helped us not just stay sober but maintain a healthy recovery.
14/10/131h 18m

Recovery Advocacy

More and more, we hear about Recovery Advocacy.  But what does that really mean?  Why should we care about Recovery Advocacy? What resources are out there?  How can people get involved? We get these questions frequently, and as National Recovery Month comes to a close, we wanted to wrap up our experiences from this past month: what we witnessed, what we learned, what resources we found and how we got active. We will also share resources for where you can involved in Recovery Advocacy right in your own community - how to help with policy change, how to get more drug/alcohol education in your school, what organizations are already out there who need your help.  We will also talk about what we are doing from a grass roots standpoint with our non-profit Shining Strong; one of the most valuable things we have learned over the past year is that if you can't find the resources you want or need, you can create them!  We are blessed to have found many partners and fellow advocates willing to help spread the words that there IS hope, and RECOVERY WORKS.
30/09/131h 4m

Shame. How it hurts our recovery, and ways to overcome.

Guilt and shame are frequently thought of as the same concept, and the terms are often used interchangeably, they seem to go hand in hand; however, they are not the same.  Both emotions involve concepts of “wrong” behavior or having done something “wrong,” either by omission or commission.  They also both involve negative emotions and feelings. On this show, we will explore the difference in these two heavy words. "Guilt says I've done something wrong; shame says there is something wrong with me. Guilt says I've made a mistake; shame says I am a mistake. Guilt says what did was not good; shame says I am no good."  Shame is so common in recovery - especially early recovery. Coming to terms with the things we did while actively drinking is a big part of healing. In recovery, we face not just the reality of our own past actions, but the stigma that surrounds addiction as a whole.   There is so much hope, though. By sharing our stories and our truths, we learn we are not alone, and the power of honesty and community help us move out of the darkness of shame and into the light of recovery.
23/09/131h 18m

Special Guest - Joy Rigberg from Next Step Recovery Coaching

Have you ever been curious about Recovery Coaching and other recovery paths? We're very excited to have Joy Rigberg, Founder of Next Step Recovery Coaching as a guest on our show! As an Addiction Recovery & Life Coach, Joy blends Masters-level credentials in Counseling & Education with transformative life coaching to help people rebuild self-trust, connect with your strengths, and create the future they want & deserve. We will talk with Joy about her own experiences as someone who loves a recovery person (and what it was like to love them when they were active), as well as about what Recovery Coaching is .. what types of recovery paths she explores with her clients, and what resources are out there for people seeking to learn more.
16/09/1359m 0s

Special Guest - Greg Williams of The Anonymous People

We are very excited to have Greg Williams, Creator of the full length documentary film The Anonymous People on our show!    The Anonymous People is a documentary film about the over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Social stigma have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades. Courageous addiction recovery advocates have come out of the shadows and are organizing to end discrimination and move toward recovery-based solutions. The Anonymous People story is told through the faces and voices of citizens, leaders, volunteers, corporate executives, public figures, and celebrities who are laying it all on the line to save the lives of others just like them.    Learn more about the Anonymous People by going to the website HERE, and/or liking their Facebook page HERE.
07/09/131h 8m

Getting Sober When You're Young

Getting sober when you are young is amazing in many ways - you get to be present for most of the major milestones in your life.  It also presents it's own challenges, with the pervasiveness of drugs and alcohol abuse in today's culture. We are thrilled to Welcome Devin Fox as a featured guest on our show, along with several other inspiring young people who will share their experience, strength and hope about what it's like to be young and sober. Devin is Executive Director of Young People in Recovery, which is a movement that is united at all levels to empower young people to find and sustain recovery. They use our voices and lived experience to advocate, educate, and collaborate. Young People In Recovery envisions a world where all young people in or seeking recovery have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Please join us for this important show!  9pm EST, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain and 6pm Pacific.
26/08/131h 0m

Too Old To Get Sober? NEVER.

There’s an old saying that you’re only as old as you feel. But that’s just telling half of the story. When it comes to those of us of a “certain age,” whatever that age may be, who have been comfortably ensconced in our particular drug of choice for many a year, it may often mean that we believe we are too old to get sober. Research studies, however, show the negative assessment to be largely a result of conditioning. In other words, if we think something bad about our prospects, especially about our ability to get clean and sober and stay that way, and we’re older adults, guess what? Our belief tends to become reality. On the other hand, as psychologists and behavioral health professionals readily agree, if we adopt more positive attitudes toward ourselves and our capabilities, it doesn’t matter how old we are. We can still find peace and happiness in a life of sobriety, and we won’t cut ourselves off from the chance to realize this new lifestyle. On this show we will talk to women who got sober "after a certain age" and how they faced their own doubts, the stigma and how they stay sober now.
19/08/131h 10m

Sister Addictions - Food and Alcohol

Many people in recovery struggle with both alcohol AND food disorders. This issue is so common you often hear food addiction referred to as a "sister" addiction to alcoholism. We have had many requests for a show that addresses the particular challenges for people in recovery who struggle with both, so we are thrilled to welcome Alison Ross, LMFT to our show! Alison is a licensed psychotherapist and the Founder of Center for Eating Recovery where she helps women and men of all ages heal their relationship with food and become body-confident. In addition to her work at the Center, she is a consultant for Harmony Place a drug and alcohol treatment center, and formerly Beit T’Shuvah, where she helps to create an environment in which women can heal their relationship with food and body while adjusting to sobriety. On the show, Alison and Carissa, a Mentor at the Center, will discuss three cultural narratives that keep us stuck in food addiction and body image distress and how to break free and get healthy from the inside-out. Please come listen to this important show!
05/08/131h 18m

Starting Over - Facing Ourselves After Relapse

Many people who try to quit drinking alcohol have at least one relapse before achieving long-term sobriety. For many, a relapse is part of the recovery process. If you had a relapse, all is not lost. It is time to face the facts, pick yourself up, and start back on the road to recovery. A relapse can be a valuable lesson that helps to strengthen resolve and continue to live an even more authentic and fulfilling sober life. Relapsing is not an indictment, it is simply a reality. The problem is that once it has happened to you, it can be overwhelming to face what has happened. There is a tendency to heap blame on yourself, to feel that you are a failure. That is counter-productive. This week on the show, we will be looking at constructive ways to face yourself and move forward after relapse. Join us as we hear stories from guests who have relapsed. We will take an honest look at relapse as it relates to recovery.
22/07/131h 23m

The Importance of Boundaries

Healthy boundaries create healthy relationships.  Unhealthy boundaries create dysfunctional ones.  By establishing clear boundaries, we define ourselves in relation to others.  To do this, however, we must be able to identify and respect our needs, feeings, opinions, and rights.  Otherwise our efforts would be like putting a fence around a yard without knowing the property lines. On this show, we will discuss boundaries - how we establish them, how we know when they are (or aren't) healthy, and why boundaries are important to sobriety. Please join us for this important conversation! Show airs at 9pm EST, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific.
08/07/1354m 0s

The Importance of Balance

We all strive for balance in life - a manageable blend of things we have to do and things we want to do is the ideal.  We also all know what it feels like when things get out of whack - too much work, not enough play or relaxation, not enough of the important things we do for ourselves to stay happy, healthy and sane.    We decided to do this show on balance because all three of us are struggling with it at the moment - year-end school activities, big work projects -- everything is busy. We only announced the show today because we've been so busy we didn't have time to plan a topic.  We figured this was a clear sign from the universe that we needed to do a show on balance   Come listen to the three co-hosts - Lisa Amanda and Ellie - talk about why balance is important in recovery, how we know when our balance is off, and ways we try to reprioritize things like self-care which are so important in sobriety.. Show airs at 9pm EST, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain and 6pm Pacific.
24/06/1355m 0s

SPECIAL GUEST - Dawn Nickel from She Recovers

Dawn has been in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol since 1989 and is well-qualified to work with women who want to recover their lives and pursue their passions. What started out as a daily meditation practice using social media coupled with a heartfelt belief in her own life's purpose has since turned into a business called She Recovers that, at the present time, offers yoga retreats and workshops for women in recovery. We are so excited to have Dawn as a guest on our show, where we'll talk all things recovery - including different pathways to recovery, recovering online and off, and share Dawn's inspiring story! This will be a call-in show - so please see the phone number on this page to call in with questions or comments!
18/06/131h 4m

Let's Talk About Asking For Help

One of the most important things we do to get sober is to ask for help.  We've probably tried everything we can to stop drinking on our own, but when we finally realize we need help - how do we ask? Who do we ask? What works and what doesn't?  Who is safe to turn to? On this show we will explore how we asked for help - when we finally surrendered, what we did, how it went, what happened. We will also talk about asking for help to STAY sober - otherwise known as accountability.  How do we keep accountable? What does that mean to us? Who is in our support network?  What happens when we do (and don't) stay accountable? Please join us for this important conversation on what is perhaps the most important part of getting and staying sober. Show airs on June 9th at 9pm EST, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain and 6pm Pacific.
10/06/1358m 0s

Parenting, Alcoholism and Recovery

On this show we will talk about parenting, alcoholism and recovery from several perspectives: what's it like to grow up with alcoholic parent(s), what it's like to be a parent struggling with drinking and what it's like to be a sober parent.   We will also discuss when/how to talk to your children about alcoholism and recovery.   Whether you're the child of an alcoholic, a parent struggling with drinking, or a parent in recovery, the cycle of addiction and recovery has a HUGE impact on family life.  Please come listen to this honest and open conversation where we share our own experience, strength and hope with this important topic.
27/05/131h 13m

Let's Talk About Denial

Denial is a defense mechanism that allows a person – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary – to deny that something is true, when in fact, it is true.  It is one of the most powerful and difficult problems that Alcoholics and Drug Addicts face before, during, AND after treatment, because it is always the thinking that precedes the act of picking up a drink or a drug. If you have a drinking problem, you may deny it by: Drastically underestimating how much you drink Downplaying the negative consequences of your drinking Complaining that family and friends are exaggerating the problem Blaming your drinking or drinking-related problems on othersIf any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, or someone you love, or if you're struggling with drinking, please listen to this informative and important show.
20/05/131h 20m

Special Mother's Day Episode

This Sunday's show will be a Special Episode for Mothers Day:  words by mothers and for mothers.     Motherhood introduces unique challenges in getting and staying sober, along with the incredible gifts we receive as sober Moms.   Amanda and Ellie will read the words written my mothers who are struggling with drinking, who are newly sober or who have been sober a while - powerful, courageous words about how becoming a mother impacted their drinking (or sobriety), what it's like to be a sober mother, and how mothers face a different kind of stigma as they face their own alcoholism.   Come listen to these brave truths.  We are NOT in this alone.   Show airs at 9pm EST, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain and 6pm Pacific.
13/05/1351m 0s

It's A Thinking Disease, Not Just A Drinking Disease

We have a special episode of The Bubble Hour this week - a group of sober women talking about Cognitive Distortion - otherwise known as "how we think".  Do you ever find yourself in a negtative thought pattern? Do you listen to the way you talk to yourself?  Do you ever inflate or minimize emotions?  Do you get overwhelmed easily? Listen to this open discussion among several recovering women who talk about growing an awareness of how we treat ourselves - our perfectionism, our negative thought patterns and the ways this impacts our sobriety.  We also talk about the tool we use to re-program our break addictive thought patterns. This show airs on May 5, 2013 at 9pm EST, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain and 6pm Pacific.
06/05/1353m 0s

Understanding the Addictive Personality

If you are a recovering alcoholic it is likely that you have been told you have an addictive personality, or perhaps you've wondered this yourself? People have probably even told you long before you ever realized that you were an alcoholic that you had an addictive personality…but what does that mean? If you're wondering whether your not you have an addictive personality you can take a quiz to find out - go to this link here.  We will talk about the common personality traits found in addictive personalities, as well as tools you can use to identify behaviors, habits and triggers that can endanger your recovery.
29/04/1358m 0s

Total Recovery - Ways To Get and Stay Sober

Many times when people talk about recovery they talk about recovery meetings (12 step and otherwise).   And while recovery meetings are at the core of many peoples' recovery, for this show we will discuss the myriad ways people stay sober in addition to or instead of meetings.  The is NOT a "meetings vs. no meetings" discussion.  At The Bubble Hour we do not endorse or promote any one form of recovery, and we believe in most cases it is many things that help people stay in recovery.  We also believe that at the core of successful recovery is a sober network, and we will discuss this, too. Through our own stories and those shared by others, we will offer many points of view and options to get and stay sober!
22/04/131h 2m

What You Don't Know About PAWS May Surprise You

You may think withdrawal from substance abuse only refers to the immediate physical symptoms experienced when your body is trying to adjust to NOT having drugs and/or alcohol in its system. We are all mostly aware of some of the more obvious signs of withdrawal: shaking, sweating, racing heartbeat, muscle twitches, insomnia and acute anxiety.  But did you know PAWS symptoms can occur 7-14 days after your last drink, even after the acute withdrawal symptoms recede?  Did you know recovery from nervous system damage requires 6-24 months in a healthy program of recovery?  On this show we will talk more about PAWS, share our own stories about how we were effected by the myriad of physical and psychological symptoms that can be experienced, and share ways to ameliorate the effect of PAWS.  You do not have to be a long-time heavy drinker to experience these uncomfortable side effects, and understanding them can be to maintaining your sobriety, especially in the early days.
15/04/131h 28m

Recovery and Relationships

Navigating the tricky waters of a relationship with a partner, spouse or significant other in early sobriety has its challenges. On this show we will talk about when one partner gets sober and the other is still drinking, when one partner gets sober and the other doesn't think they were "all that bad", when two partners are sober and managing healthy recoveries for both, and working through the complex emotions when one partner gets sober and the other is grappling with anger, resentment and hurt. Please join us for this important, and complex, conversation about recovery and relationships!
08/04/131h 18m

Story Time

Occasionally we will read posts from Crying Out Now, a site where women submit their stories of alcoholism and/or recovery.  This Sunday, Co-Host Lisa will be reading selected posts.
25/03/1335m 0s

Special Guest - Author Amy Hatvany

Amy Hatvany graduated with a degree in Sociology only to discover most sociologists are unemployed. Soon followed a variety of jobs – some of which she loved, like decorating wedding cakes; others which she merely tolerated, like receptionist. In 1998, Amy finally decided to sell her car, quit her job, and take a chance on her true love - writing books. Since then, she has authored five novels, and last year, her book OUTSIDE THE LINES was selected by Target’s book club and Costco as a Buyer’s pick. Her latest,HEART LIKE MINE, explores the complicated dynamics within blended families. To learn more about Amy go to: Please join us for a discussion of Amy's bookBest Kept Secret, a fictional novel about a Mom struggling with alcoholism and early recovery that is based in part on Amy's own experiences with drinking and recovery. We love Amy and her books are are thrilled to have her on the show!
18/03/131h 5m

Relapse Prevention: Tools, Tips and Tales

We often hear the expression "relapse doesn't have to be part of recovery". True enough, but the reality is relapse is often part of people's recovery journey.  On this show we will share tips and tools to protect your sobriety against relapse as best you can, as well as stories from people who have experienced relapse first hand and made it back to recovery. This is a call-in show, and we hope to hear from you with comments/questions!
11/03/131h 26m

Straight Talk About Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms

Have you ever Googled "symptoms of alcoholism"?  Have you ever wondered about the physical toll drinking takes on your body? Or about the earliest sign of alcohol abuse and/or dependence? On this show we'll have a candid discussion about the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.  They are subtler than you may think, and there are early signs that often are ignored.  Through the power of story and conversation, including two guests who will share their own tale of the descent into alcohol dependence, we will shine a light on how alcohol abuse and eventual dependence impacts our bodies.
04/03/131h 30m

Vulnerabiltity And Recovery

Quick - what does the word 'vulnerability' mean to you? Does it have positive or negative connotations for you?  Or both? The dictionary defines vulnerabitly as this:  "the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment".  Other definitions include: "reduced defensive measures" or "susceptible to physical or emontional attack". Doesn't sound so good, right? So why is vulnerability such a cornerstone to recovery? How do we navigate its potentially treacherous waters?  Why is it so pivotal? Listen Lisa, Amanda and Ellie, co-hosts of The Bubble Hour, as we have an open (and, yes, vulnerable) conversation about the topic of vulnerability.   Through the power of story and shared experience, we discuss what vulnerability means to us, and how it continues to evolve for us as women in recovery from alcoholism. Call in to the show to share your own comments and/or observations!  We'd love to hear from you!
25/02/131h 1m

Special Guest - Courtney Webster, CPCC, ACC

“I’m sober and I’ve got my life back together but NOW WHAT?” - this is where second stage recovery and Your Recovered Life kicks in, and the arena where Courtney excels.   Please join us for a discussion about the 'next chapter' in recovery.  Sobriety presents opportunities that would never have been possible when we were actively drinking or using, but sometimes there are "shadow voices" that plague us; feelings of doubt, shame, insecurity or unworthiness. Or perhaps it's been so long since we've chased a dream that we need help and support figuring out next steps.  Sometimes we feel a sense of guilt that being sober is supposed to be enough, and that we shouldn't reach for more, fearing our sobriety could be in jeopardy.  Courtney has spent years helping people understand that both are possible: healthy sobriety and finding and/or reaching your heart's dreams.
18/02/131h 30m

Let's Talk About Rehab

Please join us for a frank and lively discussion about going to rehab to treat alcoholism. Co-Hosts Amanda, Ellie and Lisa will discuss rehab in general:  do I need to go? what are some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal? what is the difference between inpatient and out patient rehab? what is the difference between a detox and a rehab?  how do I know if my insurance covers it?  how do I get in to a rehab? We will also be talking with four women who will share their experiences with rehab, detox, interventions, and other alcohol education programs. We will be taking live callers for this show, and encourage you to call in with any questions or comments!
04/02/131h 24m

Special Guest Sacha Z. Scoblic - Author of "Unwasted"

Sacha Z. Scoblic is a writer and editor. She is the author ofUnwasted: My Lush Sobriety, which is based on her popular essays for The New York Times blog “Proof: Alcohol and American Life.” Currently, Sacha is a Rosalynn Carter fellow for mental health journalism through the Carter Center in Atlanta. Among other things, she writes about mental health, addiction, and pop fiction. Sacha is a columnist at The Fix, a frequent contributor toThe Huffington Post  and a contributing editor at The New Republic. Sacha lives with her husband, Peter; son, Theodore; and terrier, SciFi, in Washington, DC.
28/01/131h 14m

Featured Guest - Andrea Owen from Your Kick-Ass Life

Author, coach and women in recovery Andrea Owen talks openly about her experiences and insights.
21/01/131h 15m

'Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic' Author/Guest

Sarah Allen Benton is author of the book, 'Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic' , and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and therapist at McLean Hospital.   She has been featured in a NY Times article by Jane Brody, has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, NPR, is a blogger for and more.  Sarah is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober since February of 2004. Sarah gives lectures and trainings on the topic of high-functioning alcoholics at colleges, boarding schools, and at professional conferences including Harvard’s Treating the Addictions.   Visit her website The High Functioning Alcoholic for more information. We are thrilled to have Sarah as a featured guest, where she will share her own story and answer questions about high functioning alcoholism.
14/01/131h 13m

The Power of Truth and Story: Drinking and Shame

THIS SHOW IS NOT ACCEPTING LIVE CALLERS. One major issue that keeps people stuck in the cycle of alcoholism, even when they know they have a problem, or a niggling doubt that their drinking is getting worse, is SHAME. On this episode we will hear from six women who are brand new to sobriety, have had more than one Day One recently, but who are still out there swinging, talking to people, becoming part of community, and telling their story - bravely - to offer hope to others and to help heal themselves. The antidote to shame is truth. Through the power of story we share our truths; we're not trying to give answers, or how-to's.   They are sharing their stories to demonstrate that the only thing anyone can do wrong is not try at all, not reach out for help, not love yourself enough to face their drinking head-on.
07/01/131h 30m

The Stigma of Alcoholism

THIS EPISODE IS NOT ACCEPTING ANY ADDITONAL LIVE CALLERS, HOWEVER FEEL FREE TO JOIN US IN THE CHAT ROOM!  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the chat room; you will need to register with Blog Talk Radio if you're not already a member! In this episode, we will have women on the show talking about how the stigma of alcoholism impacted their ability to reach out for help and get sober. We all know what the stigma is: the homeless man in a door stoop with a bottle in a paper bag, or the woman who can't hold down a job or take care of her children are just a few examples of what we picture in our head when we hear the word "alcoholic". The reality is that the stigma is one of the biggest roadblocks to getting sober (denial being the other) and it isn't true 99% of the time. One in ten people in the USA suffer from this disease, and many (if not most) are high functioning: holding down jobs, raising children, being productive members of society
31/12/121h 30m

The Gifts of Sobriety

This close to the holiday break, we thought we'd have a hopeful show and tell stories of the gifts of sobriety. Whether you have one day, or many years, the gifts do keep on coming, and we want to share some of those stories with you to offer hope. We've talked a lot about practical tips, advice, the hard parts, surviving parties, etc. - but it is important to stay focused on the fact that it DOES get better and better.  In the early days this can be hard to believe, so we'll have guests on the show - some with only days or weeks - who have already experienced these gifts first hand.
24/12/1259m 0s

Creating Your Holiday "Bubble" - Holiday Survival Tips

This time of year is especially difficult for people in sobriety, or people trying to get sober.   It doesn't matter what religious affiliation you have - the television is full of liquor commercials, Facebook is full of posts of people drinking or talking about drinking and invitations to parties reaches its peak. On this show we'll have two guests (as well as hosts Lisa and Ellie) talk about some tips for not just surviving but hopefully enjoying the holidays sober.  To make the show more fun and interactive, we will also have some people calling in with questions!   We will share stories (things that worked and things that didn't and have conversations about getting through the holidays together - SOBER!
17/12/121h 0m

To Tell Or Not To Tell People About Your Sobriety?

This show will address the oftentimes complicated decision about whether or not to talk to friends, family, co-workers and others about your sobriety.  We will have three guests on who will offer their own stories, from different perspectives, and talk about the benefits and risks of being open (with anyone) about your sobriety.
10/12/121h 1m

Surviving Early Sobriety - Or Any Difficult Time

This show talks about surviving early sobriety, or any difficult time, using practical tips, advice and stories from four women in various stages of sobriety. Still drinking and wondering if or how you can stop?  In early sobriety and struggling?  Sober but want to hear about how other people stay sober? This show is for you.
03/12/1259m 0s

"Am I Or Aren't I?" - Discussion of "signposts"

One of the most frequent questions we get from people is "am I an alcoholic?".   It's a quesiton that only the person asking can answer, however there are common signs of the disease progressing that people in sobriety talk about - commonly referred to as "signposts".   Our stories may be factually different, but many of the emotions and experiences down the road to addiction are the same. We thought it would be helpful to talk about some of the signposts we missed as our drinking pregressed. Lisa and Ellie will talk to special guest Michele, discuss their drinking history, and things they can identify now as warning signs that they were developing a problem. If you are listening and can idenitfy with any of the things we discuss, we will also provide resources where you can find safe people to talk to.
26/11/1246m 0s

Story Time - Real Words Written by Real Women in Recovery

Welcome to one of our "mini-shows" we'll be doing periodically - where we read the words written by women in sobriety, or women struggling to get sober.   Tonight's show features pieces from Ellie's blog One Crafty Mother.  Future Story Time episodes will feature pieces submitted by women to Crying Out Now, and women reading pieces they have written themselves. If you would like to submit a piece to be read on Story Time, please email Ellie at Thank you.
21/11/1230m 0s

The Bubble Hour

The co-founders of The Bubble Hour talk about their own alcoholism and recovery stories, and explain the concept behind the Bubble Hour.   Real Women. Real Stories.  Real Hope.
20/11/1230m 0s
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