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Executive Orders and Wet Ass P*ssies (Ep. 269)

This week, the hosts look at why Trump's latest executive orders will not advance the cause of pandemic relief and why Cardi B's new song about women's sexual power advances modern day feminism.
10/08/2043m 58s

The Ted Bundy Recession (Ep. 268)

This week the gang talks about Trump's threat to delay the election, how and why the the postmaster general is trying to weaken the postal service, the demon sperm doctor who endorsed hydroxychloroquine, how Louie Gohmert is capitalizing on having Covid-19, and the hosts make their best guesses as to why Joe Biden's vp announcement was delayed.
03/08/2051m 42s

Bitches Get Stuff Done (Ep. 267)

This week's podcast covers the escalating tensions on the streets of Portland and Seattle, Kim Kardashian's comments about Kanye's bipolar disorder, Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard, and AOC's perfect takedown of Ted Yoho.
27/07/2043m 48s

Portlandia (Ep. 266)

This week's podcast looks at the highly suspicious federal agents being unleashed on the streets of Portland and the highly suspicious President being unleashed on Chris Wallace and Fox News.
20/07/2050m 57s

Covid Hits Home (Ep. 265)

This week, as the coronavirus rips through the nation, everyone seems to know someone who's been personally affected by Covid-19, including the More Perfect Union family.
13/07/2059m 21s

Fundraising Fireworks (Ep. 264)

This week's podcast looks at the Conway family feud, the latest campaign fundraising numbers, Trump's bipolar phone calls with world leaders, and the Covid-19 economy.
06/07/2047m 19s

Black Actors Matter (Ep. 263)

This week's podcast looks at the face mask culture wars, Joe Biden's ever expanding lead in the polls, how Hollywood finally came around to the idea of casting diverse characters with diverse actors and actresses, and a look at the newest social media political platform: Parler.
29/06/2048m 53s

TikTok Carnage (Ep. 262)

This week's podcast looks at Trump's disappointing Tulsa rally turnout, the new John Bolton book, and how the Supreme Court continues to defy expectations with surprisingly fair-minded decisions.
22/06/2048m 2s

Black Voices Matter (Ep. 261)

This week's podcast looks at the powerful voices of comedians Dave Chappelle, Jay Pharoah and other celebrities in the black community, and the now unfortunate voice of JK Rowling as it relates to the trans community. Then we turn our attention to all things politics as the growing chasm between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
15/06/2054m 46s

Lady G (Ep. 260)

This week's podcast features comedian Ward Anderson as he and the gang discuss the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and some common misconceptions about the 2020 presidential race.
08/06/2046m 28s

The Protests Pandemic (Ep. 259)

This week's podcast looks at the outbreak of protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police, and how the coronavirus pandemic is playing out in each of the hosts' states.
01/06/2053m 47s

Killer Haircut (Ep. 258)

This week's podcast looks at President Trump's dark conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough, vote-by-mail fraud and Obamagate; Joe Biden's verbal blunder about black voters who might prefer Trump over him; and how Bernie Sanders could be inadvertently helping Biden by keeping his name on primary ballots.
25/05/2046m 27s

Unmasking America (Ep. 257)

This week's podcast hosts a spirited discussion of the latest Trump Friday Night Massacre, Michael Flynn, Justin Amash, Eric Trump, and the Facebook avatar craze.
18/05/2053m 23s

Obama Speaks (Ep.256)

This week's episode looks at former President Obama's controversial conference call remarks about the current administration and how each of the hosts is experiencing social distancing in their communities.
11/05/2053m 46s

Bleach Blonde (Ep. 254)

The week's podcast introduces DJ's wife, Ora, as she joins the gang to disinfect the week in coronavirus news.
27/04/2036m 47s

Biden Endorsements Galore (Ep. 253)

This MPU podcast catches up with the 2020 presidential race as Democrats line up to endorse Joe Biden. Then the hosts look at the week in the world of Coronavirus.
20/04/2053m 22s

School's Out (Forever?) [Ep.252]

This episode looks at how the coronavirus will affect schools, the economic recovery, and the 2020 presidential election.
13/04/2046m 25s

Unemployment Pandemic (Ep. 251)

This episode dives deep into the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the controversial decision to hold the Wisconsin primary during that state's stay-at-home lockdown. Then the hosts share what necessities of life they have learned to buy online while sheltering in place.
07/04/2056m 39s

Gimme Shelter In Place (Ep. 250)

This episode looks at the new shelter-in-place culture and then answers the burning Bernie Bros. question, "where's Joe Biden?" (Hint: you're not looking hard enough.)
31/03/2050m 10s

1918 Or 1929? (Ep. 249)

This episodes looks at the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak and the status of the Democratic primary race in a Covid-19 world.
24/03/2051m 36s

But He Persisted (Ep. 248)

This episode looks ahead at the primaries in Florida, Illinois, Arizona and (maybe) Ohio, and other news that isn't necessarily about Trump or Covid-19.
17/03/2048m 11s

VP Stakes (Ep. 247)

This week's podcast looks at the two man race between Biden and Sanders, who would make a good VP choice for Joe, how the CoronaVirus could change the way we live, and the long-term impact of Trump's new truce deal with the Taliban.
10/03/2041m 59s

Return of the Biden (Ep. 246)

This week's podcast looks ahead to Super Tuesday and the Biden endorsement surge.
03/03/2037m 35s

Goin' To Carolina (Ep. 245)

This week's podcast looks ahead to the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday.
25/02/2041m 1s

President Rick Santorum (Ep. 244)

This week's episode looks at Attorney General Bill Barr's moves to reward Trump's friends and the state of the Democratic primary race.
18/02/2020m 30s

Tweaking Mitch McConnell's Balls (Ep. 243)

This podcast looks at the senate impeachment vote, the results of the Iowa caucuses, and the shape of the Democratic race. Plus you'll learn why Mitch McConnell got his very own episode title!
11/02/2036m 56s

Iowa App Issues (Ep. 242)

This week's episode covers the confusion surrounding the Iowa caucuses, the imminent acquittal in the senate impeachment, and how the hosts reacted to the Super Bowl half-time show controversy.
05/02/2031m 52s

One Week To Iowa (Ep. 241)

This episode looks at the ongoing senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the final days before the Iowa caucus, the Coronavirus, and the public response to the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant.
28/01/2037m 13s

Inside Iowa (Ep. 240)

In this podcast episode, former SNL cast member Gary Kroeger talks about what it's like inside an Iowa caucus and then joins the gang to look ahead to the senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump.
21/01/2042m 17s

Hot Dog Eating Contest (Ep. 239)

In this episode the MPU gang looks at the upcoming impeachment trial, Trump's Iran brouhaha, the Iowa caucuses, and their choices for the Oscars.
14/01/2042m 1s

The Three B's (Ep. 238)

This episode features discussions about the new hostilities with Iran, whether it's good for Democrats to have John Bolton testify at the senate impeachment trial, and what it means now that Biden, Buttigieg and Bernie (the three B's) have risen to the top in Iowa.
07/01/2034m 19s

The Aaron Sorkin President (Ep. 237)

This week, Rebekah and DJ fly solo as they discuss the impeachment standoff, the latest Democratic debate, the person running to be the Aaron Sorkin president, and how the evangelical right has been co-opted by the conservative right (or vice versa).
24/12/1954m 58s

Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud (Ep. 236)

The MPU gang wraps up 2019 with a look at the pending senate impeachment trial, the rumored China trade deal, and the winnowing of the Democrats' presidential debate stage. The hosts end their final 2019 podcast with a personal glimpse at their wishes for the holiday season and year to come.
17/12/1944m 33s

Impeachment Carols (Ep.235)

In this episode, Greg returns as the gang banters about the articles of impeachment and how the loss of Kamala Harris affects the Democratic primary field.
12/12/1947m 38s

More Perfect Monologues (Ep. 234)

In this special episode, each of the MPU hosts speaks directly to you about issues that have been on their minds over the Thanksgiving holiday.
03/12/1913m 30s

DJ ❤️ Mayor Mike (Ep. 233)

This episodes covers Trump's interference with Navy discipline, the closing testimony in the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment hearings, the recent Democratic debate, and DJ's latest crush on a candidate.
25/11/1955m 10s

Roger Stone Table Dance (Ep. 232)

This MPU podcast episode looks at Roger Stone’s conviction, the latest impeachment testimony, new twists in the 2020 primary race, and how the latest high school shooting affected the hosts personally.
20/11/1945m 53s

OK Boomer (Ep. 231)

This week's podcast looks ahead to the opening of the public impeachment inquiry, the entry of Michael Bloomberg into the Democratic primary race, the new education plans proposed by Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, and what the "OK boomer" culture war is really about.
12/11/1948m 27s

Pathological Liar (Ep. 230)

This episode talks about how Democrats can use Trump's documented pathology of lying to their electoral advantage, the latest from the primary campaigns, and what the outcomes of this week's statewide elections can portend for the 2020 race.
05/11/1949m 7s

The I-vote Cometh (Ep. 229)

On this week’s podcast, the hosts discuss the sad sagas of Katie Hill, Harvey Weinstein, Trump versus Pelosi, and the GOP candidate who's shoplifting America’s heart.
29/10/1950m 10s

Repackaging Medicare For All (Ep. 228)

This episode covers Trump's sellout of the Kurds, John Bolton's sellout of Rudy Giuliani, Mitch McConnell's sellout of Thanksgiving, DJ's sellout of Christmas music, and Kevin's attempt to sell Medicare For All,
22/10/1950m 32s

Rudy's Partners In Crimea (Ep. 227)

This MPU episode covers the Turkish incursion into Syria and what ethnic cleansing of the Kurds might look like, Rudy's unfortunate Ukrainian pals and what a straw donor scheme might look like, Trump's growing impeachment headaches and what a senate impeachment trial might look like, what the fourth Democratic debate might look like, and AOC's 30th birthday and what a $300 haircut actually does look like.
15/10/1943m 43s

Whistleblowers-palooza (Ep. 226)

This episode covers developments in the impeachment imbroglio and the latest on the Democratic primary campaign trail.
07/10/1941m 58s

Impeachment Cobbler (#225)

This week's episode the gang discusses the obvious implications of the Ukraine scandal and we are joined by our new social media coordinator, Sarabeth.
01/10/1949m 18s

Ukraine - Gate (Ep #224)

This week's More Perfect Union podcast has us trying to get to the bottom of the Ukraine-Gate and takes a look this week's changes in the Democratic Primary race. Also DJ tries to explain interest rates to Greg (and fails).
23/09/1939m 32s

The Three Hour Debate (Ep. 223)

In this podcast the MPU gang looks back at the third Democratic primary debate, the Iran attack on Saudi oil fields, Trump’s continued parade of corruption, and how the Felicity Huffman, Brett Kavanaugh and Shane Gillis controversies are redefining justice in America.
17/09/1944m 52s

Spy Games (Ep. 222)

This episode covers the fallout from the burned Russian spy, how the Trump administration is dangerously rewriting the rules of federal agency independence, and what to look for (and not look for) in the upcoming Democratic debate.
10/09/1948m 30s

"F" The Gun Culture (Ep. 221)

On the heels of yet another mass shooting in Texas, the More Perfect Union hosts discuss the second amendment, the rationale for hunting as a sport, and how to take on the out-of-control gun culture in this country. Then they turn their sights on the 2020 primaries and the rest of the week in Trumplandia, then finish with a look at Dave Chappell's new Netflix special and the state of standup comedy in the #metoo era.
02/09/1955m 23s

Nuking Hurricanes (Ep. 220)

In this episode the MPU gang discusses Trump's antics at the G7 summit, his idea about nuking hurricanes, and the latest entree into the Republican presidential primary contest.
26/08/1941m 47s

Buying Greenland (Ep. 219)

This week the MPU gang takes on the idea of buying Greenland, Ken Cuccinelli's idea of what the Statue of Liberty means, And Stephen Miller's idea of what being ruthlessly Machiavellian means.
19/08/1952m 19s

The Orphan Photo Op (Ep. 218)

This week the gang discusses Trump's "consoler-in-chief" trips to El Paso and Dayton, the Jeffrey Epstein suicide conspiracies, and how they deal with political differences in their own families.
12/08/1944m 49s

Cold Civil War (Ep. 217)

This episode looks at the aftermath of the back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the second round of Democratic debates, the sudden stock market correction after China devalued its currency, and the Democrats' chances of retaking the senate in 2020.
06/08/1931m 25s

Debate Nachos (Ep. 216)

In this episode the gang talks about the aftermath of Robert Mueller's congressional testimony, Trump's racist attacks on Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, what they expect in the new round of Democratic debates, and the secret ingredient in Greg's world-famous debate nachos.
30/07/1941m 45s

Mr. Mueller Goes To Washington (Ep. 215)

This week the gang talks about the impending Mueller testimony, what the public doesn't understand about Medicare For All, the propensity for convicted sex offenders to end up in the Trump orbit, and why FaceApp is the #1 menace to society.
23/07/1950m 31s

Birther 2.0 (Ep. 214)

This episode covers President Trump's feud with four progressive congresswomen, Nancy Pelosi's feud with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezi, Alex Acosta's feud with his own Jeffrey Epstein plea bargain, and Tom Steyer's feud with logic and reason.
16/07/1945m 27s

Whole Lotta Shakin' (Ep. 213)

This week, the MPU gang discusses the California earthquakes, Trump's rain-soaked military parade, and the latest developments in the 2020 presidential race.
08/07/1950m 49s

Debating the Debates (Ep. 212)

This week, the MPU gang looks at the first set of Democratic debates and Trump's international diplomatic travels.
01/07/1954m 20s

Biden v. Booker (Ep. 211)

This week, the gang looks at Trump's backpedal on Iran, Joe Biden's segregation revelation, and a give their preview of the upcoming Democratic debates.
24/06/1954m 41s

Opposition Research (Ep. 210)

This week, the MPU gang discusses Trump's comments about accepting opposition research from foreign governments, Sarah Sanders leaving the White House, and the four year anniversary of Trump's 2015 escalator ride into history.
17/06/1958m 40s

Trade War Retreat (Ep. 209)

This week, the gang talks about the end of the threatened trade war with Mexico, the Trump family's visit to England, the latest turns in the 2020 Democratic primary race, and they share some very personal anecdotes from their non-political lives.
10/06/1957m 7s

Life After Mueller (Ep. 208)

Portland radio personality Carl Wolfson joins the gang to discuss Robert Mueller's press conference, the state of the trade wars, the state of the Democratic primary race, potential primary challenges for Trump, and LGBT Pride Month.
03/06/1949m 21s

Reproductive Justice (Ep. 206)

On this episode, Kevin, DJ, Greg, and Rebekah discuss the latest assault on Roe v. Wade, the Trump v. China trade war, and the primary campaign prospects of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
20/05/1959m 0s

A Mother's Day Brother's Day (Ep. 205)

This special Mother's Day episode features each host talking about their Mother's Day plans, their families, and a political issue that's been on each of their minds this week.
11/05/1936m 55s

Barr Room Brawl (Ep. 204)

On this week's podcast, Greg, DJ and Rebekah chat with comedian John Wing about the Barr hearings and the rest of the week in politics.
06/05/1953m 56s

The Acrimony Primary (Ep. 203)

This week's "More Perfect Union" podcast features comedian and radio personality Carl Wolfson as we discuss Joe Biden entering the Democratic primary race and what that portends for the 2020 election.
29/04/1958m 0s

I Spy With My Little FBI (Ep. 201)

This episode covers Attorney General William Barr's testimony about the FBI spying on the Trump campaign, Pete Buttigieg's official entry into the 2020 primary race, what it means to be a "millionaire" running for president, and alleged billionaire Donald Trump's latest assault on asylum seekers and sanctuary cities.
15/04/1948m 38s

Our 200th Show! (Ep. 200)

This week, the MPU hosts celebrate their 200th broadcast by reflecting on the week in politics. They also talk about the history of the podcast, let us meet their families, and share some fun surprises along the way.
08/04/191h 0m

Special Olympics & Special Sandwiches (Ep. 199_b)

This short podcast serves as a prequel for the upcoming 200th More Perfect Union episode, covering Betsy DeVos and her attack on the Special Olympics.
01/04/1915m 12s

Life After Mueller (Ep. 199)

On this week’s episode, the gang does a post-mortem on the findings of the Mueller Report and its impact on the 2020 election, the once-rumored pairing of Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams, and whether Pete Buttigieg could emerge as a real 2020 contender.
25/03/1949m 19s

College Daze (Ep. 198)

This week the MPU gang talks about the college admissions cheating scandal, the rise of white nationalism, and Beto O'Roarke's entrance into the 2020 Democratic primary field.
18/03/1944m 51s

A Blameless Life (Ep. 197)

This episode looks at the Paul Manafort sentencing surprise, the latest turns in the Democratic primary race, what's behind Chelsea Manning's refusal to testify against Julian Assange, and Rebekah puts forth a strong feminist view on a woman's right to control her own body.
10/03/1948m 26s

The Cohen Mutiny (Ep. 196)

This week the gang discusses Michael Cohen's public congressional testimony and offer up their dream tickets for the Democratic nomination.
04/03/1943m 54s

MPU196 master

04/03/1943m 54s

MPU196 master

04/03/1943m 52s

Waiting for the Man (Ep. 195)

This week the gang speculates on the Mueller Report and why it most likely won't be the toothless "dud" that some cable news talking heads are claiming it could be.
25/02/1940m 1s

Hanging with Mr. Trump (Ep. 194)

This week, Kevin, Greg and Rebekah are joined by standup comedian Bruce Smirnoff, who regales them with stories about his 48 hours hanging out with Donald Trump.
18/02/1950m 7s

Agreement In Principle (Ep. 193)

This week, the gang is joined by comedian Ward Anderson, as they look at Democrats' annoying habit of taking the high road, Virginian politicians' annoying habit of wearing blackface, U.S. senators' annoying habit of running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, and Jeff Bezos's annoying habit of emailing pics of his "junk."
12/02/1949m 34s

Blackface About-face (Ep. 192)

The gang discusses the Gov. Ralph Northam blackface scandal, the latest entrees into the 2020 presidential race, the many confusing definitions of Medicare For All, and what's behind Trump's sudden turnaround on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
04/02/1948m 42s

Indicting the Stone (Ep. 191)

This MPU episode looks at the aftermath of the shutdown battle, Roger Stone's indictment in the Mueller Investigation, Bernie Sanders' imminent announcement about his run for president, and whether Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz could shake up – and mess up – the 2020 campaign.
28/01/1942m 1s

BuzzFeed Buzzkill (Ep. 190)

This week's More Perfect Union podcast takes a look inside the mind of Donald Trump, the latest on who's in and who's out of the 2020 presidential primaries, how Robert Mueller put the buzzkill on BuzzFeed News, and the controversial Gillette ad about "Toxic Masculinity."
21/01/1947m 50s

Ladies First (Ep. 189)

This week's episode looks at the first set of Democratic candidates to announce for the 2020 presidential primary race, how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is beating her critics on social media, the various nicknames for Donald Trump's "manhood," and how the walls of the Russia probe are closing in on Trump.
15/01/1949m 1s

Shutdown Showdown Hoedown (Ep. 188)

This MPU episode looks at the ongoing showdown between President Trump and the new Democratic congressional majority over his demand for $5.7 billion for his border wall/steel slats/fence/drones/security/whatever, watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance on the top marginal tax rate, and Elizabeth Warren's first week on the presidential campaign trail.
07/01/1947m 26s

Rebekah Womansplains It All (Ep. 187)

This week, The More Perfect Union presents a special New Year's eve mini-episode where Rebekah takes on the guys without interruptions or mansplaining. If 2018 was the year of the woman, this is the MPU podcast of the woman.
31/12/185m 15s

Mexican Standoff (Ep. 186)

This episode looks at the partial government shutdown and who will emerge victorious, the Go Fund Me drive to help fund the border wall, Trump's plan to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan, and the looming war between Bernie and Beto for the soul of the Democratic left.
24/12/1850m 1s

Trump Train Wreck (Ep. 185)

This episode looks at the legal asault on Obamacare, the looming government shutdown, the continuing tragedy on the southern border, and the latest in the Robert Mueller Russia probe. Plus check out our Number 1 ranking on
17/12/1833m 32s

Looking Back: An MPU Retrospective (Ep. 184)

This special retrospective episode looks back at the early days of the More Perfect Union podcast from our very first podcast in September 2015 through the end of 2016, with clips that cover the rise of Trump, chaos in the GOP campaign, and the Hillary-Bernie battle for the soul of the Democratic party.
03/12/1851m 46s

Border Disorder (Ep. 183)

This episode looks at the tragic chaos at the southern border, the comical chaos of the Trump administration, and the looming chaos of the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.
26/11/1846m 44s

Election Reform (Ep. 182)

This week's podcast looks at the fallout from the midterms, some possible ways to improve the U.S. election process, Trump's Jim Acosta banning debacle, crazy conspiracies surrounding Michael Avenatti, and rumors about Condi Rice and the Cleveland Browns.
19/11/1846m 54s

The Next Big Battle (Ep. 181)

This episode looks at the results of the 2018 midterms and what could be coming in their aftermath. Then the hosts muse about a new dating app for Trump supporters and what a dating profile there might sound like.
12/11/1847m 15s

Midterm Madness (Episode 180)

The MPU hosts make their final predictions about the midterms and what the world will look like post-midterms no matter which party prevails.And here's a link to Feedspot Blog Reader that ranked The More Perfect Union the #20 political podcast in the universe (or at least, The Milky Way).
05/11/1851m 45s

Bring Back The Balance (Ep. 179)

In this episode the gang talks about the role of social media in the horrific violence of last week and in our devolving political discourse, Trump's Hillary-esque problem with non-secure cell phones, and the best way for voters to help bring back the balance in our national politics.
29/10/1845m 31s

Uncivil War (Ep. 178)

This week's podcast looks at the final days of the midterm campaign in the age of incivility, Trump's assault on transgender and non-binary individuals, and how a Medicare Buy-In program could be the pathway to single payer Medicare-For-All without the onerous tax burden. Then the gang muses about Elizabeth Warren's prospects for 2020 and Hillary Clinton's prospects for anonymity.
22/10/1852m 0s

Kanye, Taylor, Elvis & Alec (Ep. 177)

This episode covers the tightening midterm polls and what they portend for Democrats in November and beyond, Kanye's weird White House visit, Taylor Swift's entry into politics, the Fox News obsession with Maxine Waters and "angry mobs," and the potentially dangerous effect of Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump impression on the electorate. Plus Kevin reveals the secret reason he missed last week's show.
15/10/1845m 17s

Brett and the Giant Im-Peach (Ep.176)

This week's episode of the MPU podcast looks at the possible fallout of the Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court. We also discuss Trump's foreign policy plan (or lack of one) and finally we talk about the best way to protest that won't offend your conservative friends and family.
07/10/1842m 50s

Judging the Judge (Ep. 175)

This episode of the MPU podcast looks at the dual testimonies of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, where things go from here, and cool Go Fund Me ideas for our political times. Brought to you by – the app that makes reading easy. Use promo code to start your free seven day trial.
01/10/1855m 37s

He Said, THEY Said (Ep. 174)

This week the gang speaks to Naseem Makiya, CEO of, a new app designed to help people get their friends and contacts out to vote in the midterms. Then the conversation turns to the latest Rod Rosenstein controversy, the new accuser in the Brett Kavanaugh saga, and new suggestions for Ben & Jerry's politically themed flavors.
24/09/1839m 23s

Manafort Flips (Ep. 173)

This week's episode looks at Paul Manafort's felonious flip, Bret Kavanaugh's high school harassment allegations, Nikki Haley's costly curtains controversy, and GOP mega-donors who are walking away fro the Republican party.
17/09/1843m 2s

25th Amendment (Ep. 172)

This episode covers how the Anonymous op-ed is being used by the media, how the 25th Amendment #TFA hashtag is used by the White House staff, how Trump campaign aid George Papadopoulos was used by the Russians, how SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh was used by Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, how President Obama is is being used by Democrats and Republicans, and how Serena Williams is being used by the #MeToo movement.And here's the link to Part 2 of Kevin's interview about his years writing for "Saturday Night Live" and other TV series.
10/09/1840m 23s

The 60 Day Rule (Ep. 171)

This week the gang debates the impact of the Justice Department's 60 day rule on the midterms and the Mueller investigation, the Florida governor's race, Colin Kaepernick's new Nike deal, the fallout from Louis CK's surprise comeback performance, the push to rename the Senate Office Building after John McCain, and which historic senators are also worthy of having a DC building named after them. And here's the link to hear Part 1 of Kevin's interview about writing for "Saturday Night Live":
04/09/1851m 35s

Not-So-Super Delegates (Ep. 170)

This episode looks at the legacy of John McCain, the latest legal developments threatening to sink the Trump presidency, and how the DNC has changed its superdelegate rules to help win back the hearts and souls of progressive Democrats.
27/08/1846m 22s

Verdicts and Plea Bargains (Ep. 169)

This special episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the upshot of the Paul Manafort guilty verdicts and the Michael Cohen plea bargain.
22/08/1831m 39s

Clown Parade (Ep. 168)

This episode looks at the demise of beloved Trump's military parade, Rudy Giuliani's "truth is not truth" gaffe, Trump's security clearance disappearing act, Omarosa's continuing tale of the tapes, the dust-up over whether Russia hacked into Florida's election system, and Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti's lapdance toward 2020.
19/08/1856m 7s

The Further Adventures of SPACE FORCE (Ep. 167)

This week the guys look at the recent primary results, the innate racism of the 'Unite The Right' marches, the prospects for seeing Robert Mueller subpoena Trump to testify, and the further adventures of Trump's beloved Space Force.
13/08/1851m 40s

Another Type of Puppet Show (Ep. 166)

This week the gang talks about th ups and downs of the economy, the pluses and minuses of picking a fight with a King and shadowy world of a completly fake conspiracy group (our favorite kind!!).
05/08/1847m 57s

Two Americas (Ep. 165)

DJ, Greg, Rebekah and Kevin discuss how the Democratic Socialist movement in the age of Trump is impacting the political and cultural divide in America. Then they turn to the Michael Cohen tapes, Ivanka's political ambitions, and the economic "sugar high" caused by the Trump trade wars.
30/07/1859m 58s

Pallin' With Putin (Ep. 164)

This week the gang is joined by music professor and musical satirist Wes Flinn as they discuss the fallout from the Trump–Putin summit and the latest twists in the Mueller investigation.
23/07/1858m 2s

From Russia, With Love (Ep. 163)

On this episode, Greg, Rebekah and Kevin discuss the NATO summit, Trump's summit with Putin, the Peter Srtzok hearing, and Sacha Baron Cohen's new TV series that's rumored to tear up Washington.
16/07/1840m 8s

Calling Shenanigans (Ep. 162)

This week the gang discusses the allegations against GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, whether Scarlett Johansson should be playing a trans character, and Greg calls shenanigans on pretty much everyone in D.C.
09/07/1853m 56s

Courting Disaster (Ep. 161)

In light of the retirement of Anthony Kennedy and the now open SCOTUS seat, author and voting rights advocate David Daley joins the MPU gang to discuss the tenuous future for Roe v. Wade, the terrifiying future for gerrymandering, the tragic future of U.S. trade policy, and the tantalizing future of soon-to-be congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.
02/07/1852m 54s

The Red Hen (Ep. 160)

This episode of the MPU podcast covers the Trump immigration fiasco at the souther border and Sarah Huckabee Sanders' dining fiasco at The Red Hen.
25/06/1845m 15s

Space Force (Ep. 159)

This episode covers the Trump's newly announced "Space Force," the immigration debacle, the ballot initiative to break up California, the sexual abuse allegations surrounding Chris Hardwick, and the rumored "Roseanne" spinoff. Then Greg wraps it all up with a space force serenade!
19/06/1846m 32s

Summit Fever (Ep. 158)

This MPU episode covers the North Korean nuclear summit, the G7 summit, primary talk, the SCOTUS voter roll purge decision, and how the Trump administration's continued attacks on Obamacare may help the Democrats in the fall elections.
12/06/1847m 2s

The New Blacklist? (Ep. 157)

This week's MPU podcast looks at the SCOTUS cake baker decision; the dueling scandals of Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee, and how they relate to the Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s; Trump's escalating trade wars; and the California primary. But beware: due to the controversies of last week, the language here is extremely raw. So if you have sensitive ears, just skip this one and we'll See You Next Tuesday.
05/06/1840m 29s

Across the Pond (Ep. 156)

Introducing a European version of our MPU weekly political roundtable, with DJ McGuire, Greg Matusak and Cliff Dunn discussing the latest turns in Italian, Irish and other European politics.
01/06/1838m 55s

Taking a Knee and a Fine (Ep.155)

This week's episode looks at the fallout from the NFL's new rule to fine teams when a player takes a knee, Jeff Sessions' decision to separate immigrant children from their undocumented parents, and the off-again-on-again North Korean summit. Will Donald meet Kim? Will Kim take a knee? And will Trump be separated from his new baby, the Indonesian theme park being financed by China's ZTE? All that plus the derivation of "Oy vey, Maria!" on this week's More Perfect Union.
28/05/1845m 32s

Leave No Stone Un-Indicted (Ep. 154)

This week's episode looks at the Royal Wedding, Trump and Giuliani's tag team assault on the rule of law, the possibility of Roger Stone being indicted, and some of the cultural reasons behind all the young white male school shooters in America. Real debate without the hate... and plenty of chuckles to boot.
22/05/1838m 19s

No More Memes (Ep. 153)

This week's More Perfect Union podcast looks at how Trump is cashing in on Chinese bribes; Facebook memes and Russian trolls; the strange worlds of Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti; the Trump-Hannity phone bromance; lots of juicy gossip about all of them; and a catty look at the Royal Wedding.
15/05/1845m 22s

Trumpier Than Trump (Ep. 152)

This episode of the MPU podcast covers primary results in Ohio and West Virginia, where senate candidate Don Blankenship claimed to be "trumpier than Trump." Then they take a look at Trump's very trumpy withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal and what the resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman following allegations of domestic abuse means for the #MeToo movement and beyond.
09/05/1840m 51s

Republican Snowflakes (Ep. 151)

This episode of the MPU podcast looks at comedian Michelle Wolf's turn as the headliner at The White House Correspondence Dinner, dictator Kim Jong-un's turn as a statesman in South Korea, President Donald Trump's turn as a guest on Fox and Friends, and Bill Cosby's turn as a convicted sex offender. Amazingly, the only one who came off well was Kim Jong-un! What does that say about the world we live in?
30/04/1848m 41s

Violent Agreement (Ep. 150)

The 150th episodes of "The More Perfect Union" podcast finds the hosts in violent agreement on some issues, in wide disagreement on others, and even saying nice things about President Trump a couple of times. (Well... sort of nice.) Then the gang looks back on their 150 episodes together and reminisce about their favorite moments.
23/04/1853m 12s

Multiple Bombshells (Ep. 149)

Episode 149 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Trump's military strike on Syria and its ramifications, James Comey's new book and its ramifications, Michael Cohen's rumored 2016 trip to Prague and its ramifications, the upcoming Senate vote to protect Robert Mueller and its ramifications, and Greg's ability to do foreign accents and its ramifications.
16/04/1849m 23s

Whack-A-Mole (Ep. 148)

This week's The More Perfect Union podcast celebrates Sen. Tammy Duckworth's blessed event and Trump attorney Michael Cohen's blessed FBI raid.
10/04/1843m 30s

Roseanne & Donald: Life Irritates Art (Ep. 147)

This week's MPU podcast looks at Roseanne Barr's love affair with Donald Trump,  the differences between what liberals and conservatives watch on TV, Laura Ingraham's cheap shot a Parkland shooting survivor, and what a remake of Red Dawn might look like.
02/04/1847m 0s

Spank Me Kindly (Ep. 146)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the Stormy Daniels "60 Minutes" interivew, the March For Our Lives, John Bolton, Trump's congratulatory call to Putin, China tariffs, and Joe Biden's ominous prediction for 2020. It's real debate without the hate...and with the laughs.
25/03/1848m 50s

Darlings of the Left (Ep. 145)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the new crop of darlings of the left – the Trump appointees who have turned on him or were dumped by him. Or in the case of Don Jr.'s wife, the person who dumped a Trump. Plus you'll learn the names of DJ's current band and of all of Greg's college bands.
19/03/1846m 19s

Stormy Weather (Ep.144)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast covers Trump's confusing tariff proposal, this week's Pennsylvania special election, the growing Stormy Daniels scandal, and whether Sen. Elizabeth Warren is really going to take a knee in 2020.
12/03/1849m 18s

Trade Wars Are Good (Ep. 143)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at trade wars, little white lies, the exit of Hope Hicks from Trump's inner sanctum, the West Virginia teachers' strike, and some things that may secretly be making the president more cranky than normal.
05/03/1841m 26s

Teachers Packing Heat (Ep. 142)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the idea of arming public school teachers, the latest in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, and the possibility of Ohio Gov. John Kasich challenging Trump in 2020.
26/02/1846m 0s

13 Reasons Why (Ep. 141)

Episode 141 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the aftermath of the Parkland High School shooting, the indictment of 13 Russian nationals in the special counsel probe, the failed DACA negotiations, and Laura Ingraham's diss of LeBron James. Then the gang takes a look at other political podcasts and talk about why they do the show and what they think sets it apart from other podcasts. Features an interview with Jordan Cooper, host of Public Interest Podcast ( ).
19/02/181h 8m

Black Eyed Prez (Ep. 140)

Episode 140 of the MPU podcast looks at the two-hour government shutdown, the domestic abuse scandal that has given the White House a black eye, and President Trump's questionable understanding of the word "treason."
12/02/1857m 31s

Little Donald Trump (Ep. 139)

This episode looks at the stock market meltdown, the government shutdown, the Mueller showdown, and a Dirty Dancing ho-down.
06/02/1853m 47s

Little Donald Trump (Ep. 139)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the dualing Carter Page memos, the stock market freefall, Trump's war with "Little Adam Schiff," the new developments affecting the midterm elections, the looming government shutdown redux, and our favorite Super Bowl commercials. It all culminates with a Dirty Dancing tribute.
06/02/1853m 17s

Perjury Trap (Ep. 138)

Episode 138 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Trump's overseas trip to Davos, his upcoming State of the Union address, and whether Trump's possible testimony in the Russia probe could be a perjury trap. Or is it a bear trap? Is it all leading to a constitutional crisis? Listen and find out.
29/01/1849m 43s

Trump Takes USA Chapter 11 (Ep. 137)

Episode 137 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the government shutdown, the "Release the Memo" movement, Kremlin Twitter bots, Russian Facebook trolls, the latest Trump mistress rumor, and the Aziz Ansari bad date broohah.
22/01/1845m 2s

Diagnosing Trump (Ep. 136)

Episode 136 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the Hawaii nuclear alert scare, President Trump's sh*t hole comment, Medicaid work requirements, The Donald's star problem, the Oprah's presidential chatter, and whether it's appropriate to psychologically diagnose the president.
15/01/1845m 53s

Fire and Fury: The Movie (Ep. 135)

Episode 135 of The More Perfect Union podcast discusses the new book about Steve Bannon and the Trump White House, "Fire and Fury," and muses about who might be cast in the movie.
08/01/1840m 29s

A More Perfect New Year

Episode 134 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks back at milestones of 2017 and closes with some new year's self-reflection about our podcast and our audience.
01/01/1846m 11s

The Gender Equation (Ep. 133)

The Christmas episode of "The More Perfect Union" podcast looks at the evolution of teenage gender identity and transgender issues, and then turns light as the hosts discuss their unusual political gifts and tattoo preferences.
24/12/1739m 28s

How the Trump Stole Christmas (Ep. 132)

This week's The More Perfect Union podcast covers the post-script on the Alabama senate race, the imminent passage of the Trump tax reform ("tax deform") bill, the net neutrality debate, the latest in the Russia investigation, government revelations about UFO sightings, and Greg's very strange "Dayton Conspiracy." Plus lots of holiday cheer from your friends at The More Perfect Union.
18/12/1741m 7s

Let Them Eat Cake (Ep. 131)

Episode 131 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the Alabama senate race, the Supreme Court's hearing on same-sex marriage wedding cakes, yet another major news scandal involving Russia and pee, and other headlines of the week as Greg toots his own horn and Rebekah craves cake.
11/12/1747m 19s

Franken's Fall: How It All Began (Ep. 130)

This special episode of The More Perfect Union podcast talks with KABC radio host Doug McIntyre, who first broke the Al Franken sexual misconduct scandal. Doug explains his role in breaking the story and the humorous, strange path of how it came to light. Doug also talks about the Kate Steinle murder after the acquittal of the illegal immigrant who shot her, and his take on the Trump-Russia investigation.
07/12/1746m 39s

Men Copping Pleas and Feels (Ep. 129)

In episode 129 of The More Perfect Union poccast, Toronto radio host Ward Anderson joins the gang for a wide ranging discussion of sexual mores in the age of Trump, Moore, and Franken.
04/12/1748m 3s

The Devine Mystery of Net Neutrality (Ep. 128)

Episode 128 of the More Perfect Union podcast covers the mystery of what "net neutrality" really means, the latest in the ongoing GOP tax reform debate, the looming battle over the new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, more charges of sexual harrassment in Washington, D.C., and who should be Time Magazine's Person of the Year.
27/11/1746m 16s

Kiss of Death for Al? (Ep. 127)

Episode 127 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the latest sex scandal involving Sen. Al Franken, infamous D.C. sex scandals of the past, and which senators might help kiss the tax bill goodbye.
20/11/1758m 16s

Sex Sinners Abound (Ep. 126)

Episode 126 of "The More Perfect Union" podcast covers the sex scandals surrounding U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore and comedian Louis C.K., plus a look at what the Virginia election results portend for 2018 and beyond.
13/11/1731m 34s

Rand Paul Gets Punched

Episode 125 of The More Perfect Union podcast finds the gang mourning yet another mass shooting, looking at the upcoming off-year elections, expressing dismay at Senator Elizabeth Warren, and showing compassion for Senator Rand Paul.
06/11/1749m 5s

Christmas in October

Episode 124 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the first waive of Mueller indictments, the ongoing saga of the dysfunctional Trump presidency, a new conspiracy theory tied to the JFK assassination document dump, and why otherwise honorable 93 year-old-men should not be judged by the size and location of their hands.
30/10/1757m 2s

Of Gods and Generals (Ep. 123)

Episode 123 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the General John Kelly feud with a goldstar marine family, former presidents speaking out about Trump, the looming tax reform debate, and the story of an undocumented teenage girl who is being denied an abortion while in migrant detention.
22/10/1741m 46s

Stopping Future Harvey Weinsteins (Ep. 122)

Episode 122 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at how we can deter future Harvey Weinsteins, why it was a bad idea for Trump to decertify the Iran deal and stop Obamacare subsidies, and how allowing girls to become Boy Scouts both helps and hurts the fairer sex.
16/10/1755m 13s

Leaving Las Vegas

Episode 121 of The More Perfect Union podcast finds the hosts clashing about the need for gun safety legislation in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting attack. Then the gang turns their sites to all things Trump as they share stories, theories and gossip about the day care president and the worrisome world around him.
09/10/171h 3m

The Price Is Wrong (Episode 120)

Episode 120 of "The More Perfect Union" podcast covers Trump's various feuds with the Mayor of San Juan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Price, Rex Tillerson, Kim "Little Rocket Man" Jong-un, Cuba, China, Canada, Boeing, the estate tax, John Kasich, Bob Corker, and even Alec Baldwin. And that was one of his good  weeks!
02/10/1750m 1s

Trump vs. the NFL

Episode 119 of The More Perfect Union podcast has some of the gang taking a knee to protest President Trump's attack on the NFL, and then laughing through the pain at his week of bad news from Kim "Rocket Man" Jong-un, John "Maverick Man" McCain, Jared "Email Man" Kushner, and Don "Secret Agent Man" Trump, Jr.
25/09/1745m 41s

The Impeachment Clock (Ep. 100)

In the 100th episode of The More Perfect Union podcast, the gang talks about the prospects for impeachment now that Robert Mueller is on the case. They also look at what Democrats can do to sure up their case to voters in 2018, and why Calista was the Gingrich appointed Ambassador to the Vatican.
19/09/1732m 57s

International Man (Ep. 101)

Episode 101 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at President Trump's first overseas excursion, trouble brewing for Jared at home, the Trump budget, and the infamous Saudi glowing orb.
19/09/1734m 44s

More Perfect, After Dark: Book Deals (Ep. 99)

This "after dark" episode of the More Perfect Union podcast finds the gang dishes about who's on the outs with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton's deal to cowrite a novel, ideas for the name of Jame's Comey's tell-all book, what's happening in German politics, and personal stories from everyone's Mothers' Day.
19/09/1719m 45s

Don and Clinton and Chuck and Nancy

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Ted Cruz's Twitter escapade, Hillary's new book, Trump's pivot to the left, and some idle speculation about 2020 primary challenges from the right, from the left, and from the past.
18/09/1756m 23s

Debt, DACA, DeVos, Don Jr.

Episode 117 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Trump's decision on ending DACA, raising the debt ceiling, Betsy DeVos on date rape, and Don Jr. on the hot seat.
11/09/1749m 5s

Labor Day Missile Sale!

The Labor Day episode of The More Perfect Union podcast covers labor unions in America, missiles in North Korea, flood waters in Texas, and Twerkers in our fan club.
04/09/1744m 21s

Look What You Made Me Do (Ep. 115)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the political ramifications of Hurricane Harvey, the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the latest release by Taylor Swift, and the victimization epidemic in America.
28/08/1758m 1s

You Just Might Be a Nazi (Ep. 114)

On this episode of The More Perfect Union podcast, the gang talks about rise of Nazis on the streets of America, the ousting of Steve Bannon from Pennsylvania Avenue, continuing dysfunction in the Trump Administration, and what the new Afghanistan war policy may be.
21/08/1754m 37s

Alt-Wrong (Ep. 113)

On this week's More Perfect Union podcast, the gang looks at the constitutional right of peaceable assembly in the wake of the deadly white nationalism riot in Charlottesville, the fear factor caused by the Trump Administration's nuclear showdown with North Korea, and the potential repercussions from the FBI raid of Paul Manafort's home.
14/08/171h 1m

All About the Base (No Treble) (Ep.112)

Episode 112 of The More Perfect Union podcast touches on the final days of The Mooch and who might replace him, the Trump immigration bill and his battle with sanctuary cities, and the Russia probe's new grand jury. Then the gang must make some faustian choices between hypothetical 2020 presidential opponents.
07/08/1744m 22s

It's Moochie Time!! (Ep.111)

In episode 111 of the More Perfect Union Podcast, the gang discuss the new White House Communication director, the old White House Chief of staff, how blue Putin and Trump are after this week's sanctions on Russia and the borrowed time of Obamacare. It's a wedding of fun and smart conversation
31/07/1739m 55s

Pardon Power (Ep. 110)

In episode 110 of The More Perfect Union podcast series, the gang ruminates about presidential pardons, newly released intel about Jeff Session's previously undisclosed talks with the Russian ambassador, and the co-hosts own Russian connections that the MPU podcast feels compelled to reveal.
24/07/1734m 16s

Senator Kid Rock (Ep. 109)

In Part 2 of this week's "The More Perfect Union" podcast, the gang tries to negotiate their own bipartisan healthcare bill, argues over the reliability of CBO scores, looks at the political viability of Kid Rock and other celebrities in the era of Trump, and then reveals their own thoughts about someday running for office.
18/07/1732m 0s

The Hillary Treatment (Ep. 108)

In the first part of this week's More Perfect Union podcast, the gang discusses former President Jimmy Carter, the Don Jr. meeting with the Russians, and how the Trump Administration is getting "the Hillary treatment."
17/07/1716m 2s

WrestleMania (Ep. 107)

Episode 107 of "The More Perfect Union" podcast series features discussions about the Trump-CNN Logo wrestling video controversy, the Trump family at the G20 Summit, revelations of yet another previously unreported meeting between Russian lawyers and members of the Trump campaign, and we end with some funny political chants.
10/07/1748m 23s

Trumpcare Delayed Is Trumpcare Denied (Ep. 106)

This week's MPU podcast looks at the GOP's failure to pass an Obamacare repeal and replace bill, the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, the potential for a U.S. ground war in Syria, the future of the Trump travel ban in the Supreme Court, and what the Founding Fathers might have thought of America in 2017.
03/07/1734m 4s

The Solar Wall (Ep. 105)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at President Trump's idea for a solar-powered border wall, what it will mean for the country if Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, and what it will mean for Democrats if Jane Sanders' legal troubles take Bernie down with her.
26/06/1742m 56s

Father's Day (Ep. 104)

Episode 104 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at Father's Day in Trumpland, as the gang reviews a week of unspeakable violence, unexplainable verdicts, chasms in the Democratic party, and potential names for the Beyoncé twins.
19/06/1731m 0s

Comey Time (Ep. 103)

This week's More Perfect Union podcast looks at the senate testimony of James Comey, the likelihood of impeachment charges, congress's attempt to defang Dodd-Frank, and a little gossip about Senator Dodd and Princess Leah.
12/06/1725m 38s

Political Satire (Ep. 102)

In this More Perfect Union podcast, the gang takes sides on the Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher comedy controversies, debates the social etiquette of the N-word, and looks forward to what may be coming in James Comey's much anticipated congressional testimony.
05/06/1737m 8s

More Perfect, After Dark: Dad Talk (Ep. 83)

In this "After-Dark" podcast, D.J. talks about Cliff's politics behind his back, Greg and Helena's talk about their dads behind their backs, Cory Booker behind his back, D.J. opines on the bank panic of 2008, Molly and D.J. rip on Dodd-Frank, Kevin makes D.J. choose between a Republican and a Democrat in 2020, and we end with tales of Greg's brother taking on Kevin. It's all in good fun and with lots of detailed analysis, clashing opinions, and good-natured ribbing.
09/03/1727m 56s

The Russians Are Coming (Ep. 82)

Episode 82 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the Jeff Sessions–Russian connection scandal, Trump's unsubstantiated claim that he was wiretapped by former President Obama, the Rand Paul scavenger hunt for the Obamacare replacement bill, and which Democrats the Republicans on the panel think could appeal to disappointed Trump voters in 2020.
06/03/1736m 55s

CPAC's Trump Tumor

Episode 81 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at how Trump coopted CPAC and the conservative movement, what new DNC chair Tom Perez means for the future of the Democratic party, and what are fair and unfair historical comparisons to the Trump administration.
27/02/1738m 54s

More Perfect, After Dark

This special "after-dark" episode of the #MPUpodcast finds the gang bantering about their early careers, the trials and tribulations of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the legacy of controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, and lots of Trump Administration gossip in-between.
23/02/1722m 27s

Fake News Invasion

Episode 79 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the national frenzy over fake news, fake fake news, fake Swedish terrorist attacks and, yes, fake boobs. (Sort of.)
20/02/1741m 27s

What Trump Is Getting Right

Episode 78 of The More Perfect Union podcast attempts to talk about what the 45th president is getting right after three weeks. But when we exhaust that topic after a minute or two, the discussion moves to the Mitch McConnell–Elizabeth Warren senate flair-up and how Saturday Night Live is getting under the president's skin. Then we take a look at the new administration's most lovable geek and put our spin on Ivanka's war with Nordstrom.
13/02/1736m 37s

Another Kent State

Episode 77 of The More Perfect Union podcast series looks at how Democrats are reacting to President Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, the Berkeley protests over alt-right mouthpiece Milo Yiannopoulos, the Muslim nation travel ban, and the real significance of the "Bowling Green Massacre" and Frederick Douglas kerfuffles.
06/02/1733m 31s

More Perfect After Dark

Episode 76 of The More Perfect Union podcast series is a special episode that takes you behind the scenes to hear what the hosts talk about once the real podcast ends. Warning: some of the language in this episode is saltier than an official MPU podcast.
02/02/1727m 30s

The Big Ban Theory

Episode 75 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers Donald Trump's executive orders for a temporary ban on Muslim  immigration and Lorne Michael's indefinite ban of SNL writer Katie Rich.
30/01/1731m 36s

Inauguration Day

This week's More Perfect Union podcast touches on Trump's inauguration speech, the women's march, whether government should fund public broadcasting and the arts, the confirmation hearing of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, and the biggest promise that Trump has broken so far.
23/01/1732m 40s

The Illegitimate President

Episode 73 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Martin Luther King Jr. Day as it relates to the rift between civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis and President-elect Donald Trump, Sen. Corey Booker's up and down week, the latest twists in the Obamacare repeal and replace saga, and predictions for inauguration day.
16/01/1732m 1s

Meryl's Golden Speech

Episode 72 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Meryl Streep's anti-Trump Gold Globes speech and what happens when celebrities talk politics, President Obama and the history of presidential farewell speeches, the upcoming Cabinet confirmation hearings, and where the MPU gang will be for the Woman's March on Washington.
10/01/1731m 50s

Cyber Warriors

Episode 71 of The More Perfect Union podcast series touches on the looming cyberwar between the USA and Russia, compares Trump's inauguration entertainment lineup to President Obama's, looks at what Democrats are doing to mount a goal-line defense of Obamacare, and sees Greg start the new year off right by ripping on his least favorite governor.
02/01/1727m 8s

Jet Blue Jet Setters

Episode 70 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Ivanka Trump's tough Jet Blue flight, her dad's tough talk on nukes and tariffs, President Obama's tough love for Bibi Netanyahu, and the MPU gang's new year's resolutions after a very tough political year.
27/12/1632m 42s

Abortion Contortion

Episode 69 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the meeting of the electoral college electors, North Carolina's soap opera of partisan politics, Ohio's attempt to reframe the national abortion debate, and what horror movies this year's election reminds us of.
19/12/1633m 37s

The Siberian Candidate

Episode 68 of The More Perfect Union podcast takes a look at new revelations surrounding Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election, how Democrats should respond to the Trump presidency, and the possibility that Joe Biden might mount a run in 2020.
12/12/1632m 14s

Healthcare: What's Next?

Episode 67 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at what's coming in the wake of the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare.
09/12/1629m 17s

Trump's Taiwan Gambit

Episode 66 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers Trump's controversial call from the president of Taiwan, the President-elect's latest Cabinet picks, the soap opera between Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney over the Secretary of State job, the pros and cons of Trump's Carrier jobs deal, and a round of the game, "Name That Host."
06/12/1627m 58s

Wisconsin Recount

Episode 66 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the Jill Stein initiated recount of Wisconsin, Romney vs. Giuliani, why Kellyanne Conway is a bad omen for the Trump White House, and the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline protests.
28/11/1629m 11s

Hollywood Nights

Episode 65 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers President-elect Trump's power meeting with Hollywood Mega-Agent Ari Emmanuel, the Jeff Sessions's nomination for Attorney General, Mike Pence's "Hamilton" kerfuffle, the Democratic party's looming battles for the DNC Chair and House Minority Leader posts, and what our hosts are thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches.
21/11/1630m 23s

Trump Staffs Up

Episode 64 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers President-elect Trump's first staff hires, how The Donald may try to personally profit from the presidency, the anti-Trump protests, coming to terms with the election results, lessons learned for Democrats ahead of 2020, and one host tells of a new business venture to help stave off the post-election blues.
14/11/1628m 32s

Trump Triumph

The post-election episode of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the emotional twists and turns of election night, a post-mortem of what went wrong for the Clinton campaign, and a look at Trump's Contract with the American Voter for his first one hundred days.
10/11/1628m 49s

Election Confection (UPDATED)

Episode 61 of "The More Perfect Union" podcasts looks at the final hours before election day, as the hosts declare who they are voting for, make their election day predictions, and offer a special musical serenade to American voters.
07/11/1629m 3s

Election Confection

Episode 61 of "The More Perfect Union" podcasts looks at the final hours before election day, as the hosts declare who they are voting for, make their election day predictions, and offer a special musical serenade to American voters.
07/11/1629m 3s

The Comey Quake

Episode 60 of The More Perfect Union podcast features a discussion of the James Comey October Surprise letter, Obamacare sticker shock, the state of the race to control the senate, and a chat with John Hartness, the author of We Are Not This, an anthology book about North Carolina's infamous HB2 "bathroom law" that limits the use of public restrooms by transgender people.
31/10/1629m 58s

God In Politics

On this special episode of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast, Greg interviews Lutheran Pastor Lorne Hlad, co-host of the religious podcast, "To Hell With The Hotdish." Afterward, the gang discusses how religion has become a hot issue in the Clinton-Trump presidential campaign.
28/10/1628m 56s

Rigged Election?

On this week's "A More Perfect Union" podcast, the gang looks at what it takes to rig an election, claims of media bias, Trump's "first hundred days" speech, and song titles that sum up this year's election.
24/10/1629m 35s

The Final Face-off

In this episode of the "More Perfect Union" podcast, the gang deconstructs the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and then assess Clinton's chances of taking red states from Trump on election day.
20/10/1626m 39s

The Trump Kiss...Of Death

This episode of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast finds the gang looking at red states that might turn blue,  states where Donald Trump is still campaigning but shouldn't be, states that Hillary Clinton has locked down, states that could go to a third party candidate, and swing states that could decide the election. Oh yeah, and they talk about Trump's crazy sex scandal because, hey... who isn't?
17/10/1632m 57s

Trump Goes Nuclear

In this episode of the "More Perfect Union" podcast, co-hosts Kevin Kelton, D.J. McGuire and Greg Matusak analyze the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, and the guys respond to Trump's claim that controversial Billy Bush audio clip was nothing but "locker room banter."
10/10/1631m 46s

The Kaine-Pence Cage Match

On this episode of the "More Perfect Union" podcast, the gang reviews the vice presidential debate between Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine and Republican Gov. Mike Pence, and how it might affect the final five weeks of the presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The guys also discuss how law and order issues will play in with minority voters, and they then talk about their own taste in print journalism and TV news.
05/10/1622m 46s

Trump's Turbo Tax Troubles

In this episode of the "More Perfect Union" podcast, cohosts D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, Cliff Dunn, and Kevin Kelton discuss the week following the first presidential debate including the fallout from Donald Trump's billion dollar tax break, Gary Johnson's second brain freeze in as many weeks, and whether it's fair game to use Bill Clinton's past against Hillary.
03/10/1628m 57s

The Great Debate

In this episode of "A More Perfect Union," the gang gives their post-mortem on the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
27/09/1638m 48s

Born In the U.S.A.

The 52nd episode of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast series has cohosts D.J. McGuire, Kevin Kelton, Greg Matusak, and Cliff Dunn discussing Donald Trump's admission that Barack Obama was indeed born in the United States, the mass hysteria of hatred toward Hillary Clinton, whether Bernie Sanders can still move millennials back toward Clinton, and what we might see in the first presidential debate.
19/09/1629m 26s

Hillary's Health Scare

This is episode 51 of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast series. Hosts D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, Emily Brewer, Cliff Dunn, and Kevin Kelton discuss Hillary Clinton's 9/11 health scare, Donald Trump's performance at the Commander-in-Chief forum, Matt Lauer's lousy job as moderator, and Gary Johnson's Aleppo gaffe.
12/09/1630m 8s

Trump's Taco Trucks

This is the 50th episode of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast, featuring Emily Brewer, D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, and Kevin Kelton. This week, the conversation cover's the Donald Trump campaign's "Taco Trucks" faux pas, Hillary Clinton's debate strategy, Gary Johnson's chances of getting into the debates, and Jill Stein's chances of landing in the right city.
05/09/1635m 1s

An Undecided Voter Decides

This is episode 49 of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast series featuring Cliff Dunn, Kevin Kelton, Emily Brewer, Greg Matusak, and D. J. McGuire. This week, the hosts talk about Trump's one-eighty on immigration, Clinton's surprising new endorser, and one of the gang makes a  shocking revelation about who is getting that person's vote.
29/08/1629m 31s

The Trump Shake-up

The August 22, 2016 episode of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast series, featuring Kevin Kelton, Emily Brewer, Greg Matusak, D.J. McGuire, and Cliff Dunn discussing the 2016 presidential election including the Donald Trump reset, Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, Steve Bannon, Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein.
22/08/1632m 29s

Trump's Gold Medal Gaffes

Episode 49 of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast series features hosts Kevin Kelton, Emily Brewer, D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, and Cliff Dunn discussions the summer Olympics, Donald Trump's bad week, controversies at The Clinton Foundation, Clinton and Trump's competing economic plans, and the importance of vice presidential picks in the 2016 campaign.
15/08/1636m 18s

Donald's Terrible, Awful, Not-So-Good Week

Episode 48 of the "A More Perfect Union" podcast series features hosts Kevin Kelton, D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, and Emily Brewer interviewing former "Saturday Night Live" cast member-turned-politician Gary Kroeger, and then they discuss the past week in the presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
08/08/1641m 27s

From Russia Without Love

Episode 47 of the More Perfect Union podcast series, hosted by Kevin Kelton, Cliff Dunn, Emily Brewer, and Greg Matusak. Topics include the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Khizr Khan.
01/08/1640m 36s

Bye-Bye, Debbie Downer

More Perfect Union episode 46--a preview of the Democratic National Convention.
25/07/1633m 9s

Unconventional Convention

In Episode 45 of the A More Perfect Union podcast, we chat with GOP delegate Emily Brewer about her trip to Cleveland, look at Donald Trump's new running mate, and speculate on who Hillary Clinton might tap as her vp candidate.
18/07/1639m 30s

Politics, Policing, Pride, and Prejudice

Politics, Policing, Pride, and Prejudice
11/07/1640m 59s

Bill and Loretta's Excellent Tarmac Adventure

Episode 43 of The More Perfect Union podcast – July 3, 2016.
04/07/1641m 37s

Brexit-Shmexit; Why Won't Bernie Exit?

Episode 42 of the A More Perfect Union podcast.
27/06/1638m 45s

Fathers Love Politics

Politics through the eyes of Father's Day.Hillary Clinton is still a woman, FYI.Orlando continues to suck.
20/06/1653m 48s

Presumptive Nominees Abound

Clinton gets it. Does Sanders?Gary Johnson is totally going to be the next president and we all agree on that.Orlando is much more complicated than it appears.
14/06/161h 6m

Maybe Sanders Aint So Bad

Kevin goes to a Sanders rally!DJ declares Paul Ryan #VonPapenized!Jonah invites to to his Libertarian Corner!
06/06/161h 6m

Chatting With A Bernie or Buster

This is episode 38 of A More Perfect Union, featuring Kevin Kelton, Greg Matusak and Emily Brewer.
30/05/161h 3m

The Great Democrat Conspiracy

Nevada is conspiring against Bernie Sanders!Hillary Clinton is conspiring against Bernie Sanders!Debbie Wasserman Schultz is conspiring against Bernie Sanders!Also, the Bernie Sanders campaign is a mess.
23/05/1657m 41s

Bathroom Politics and Sanders Anger

Bathroom politics.All the lefties are pissed and it's Bernie's fault.And I guess we should talk about the vice president.
16/05/161h 6m

Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic

Trump clinches the nomination (mostly).Count the names of exiting Republicans.Clinton's best strategy? Ignore Sanders.
09/05/1651m 19s

Front Runner Is As Front Runner Does

Clinton and Trump win big in New York. Surprise! Virginia allows certain felons to vote. Apparently felons arealso human.Harriet Tubman probably would have shot Andrew Jackson in theface.
25/04/1654m 27s

Republicans Love The Naughty Bits

The way you pee is very important to me!Robert's Rules of Order stages a sneak attack!A surprising Trump voter.
18/04/1659m 53s

New York State of Mind

Bernie’s Superdelegate “hit list”Roger Stone’s Mafia moveThe state of the StopTrump and StopHillary movementsTrump’s Rocky Mountain LowIs Pennsylvania Kasich’s last shot?Where are the Democratic party’s referees?
11/04/1653m 18s

Trump Under Siege; Hillary Under Cheese

Trump Momentum Gets AbortedWhy Kasich Can't Win But Still MightWill A Bernie Cheese-State Burn Singe Clinton's Campaign?
04/04/161h 1m

Cruz And Trump Think Your Wife Is Dumb

Terrorism sucks. All the candidates say so.Ted Cruz has sex! Maybe.Sanders can win not only white children.In defense of Donald J. Trump
28/03/1655m 23s

The GOP Plot Against Trump

We are beginning to see a detailed strategy to stop Trump: from the Republicans.Bernie Sanders is in to win it. Exactly how, we're not sure.Turns out Obama is popular. Is that because of Merrick Garland? Will it stop because of Cuba?
21/03/1650m 18s

Normal Political Violence

Is violence at political events the new normal? How much of the minority vote does Sanders actually need? Can he find it in the mid-west?Is Honduras a thing? Like, really?
14/03/1652m 9s

Romney Arrives to Save Us All

Romney Arrives to Save Us All
09/03/1644m 53s

Romney Arrives To Save Us All

Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Mitt is on the way!Clinton vs Sanders in a gun fight.Four Republican paths to the nomination. No, really.
08/03/1615m 15s

Super Tuesday Is Super Crazy

Will Trump run the table? Will Sanders win outside of his home state?Will D.J. leave the Republican party?Will Trump give Rubio's mom a job?
29/02/161h 0m

South Carolina and Nevada Part 1

Trump won in South Carolina. Can anyone stop him?Clinton won in Nevada. Wasn't Sanders supposed to win? And in the middle of the show we are joined by Victoria R. Tidewater, Field Director from the New Day for America Committee Supporting John Kasich.
22/02/161h 3m

The Long, Dark Shadow of Scalia Falls Over South Carolina

The GOP South Carolina debate turns into blood sport.Clinton and Sanders move from white to black.The death of Justice Antonin Scalia refocuses the eye of Sauron onto the Supreme Court.
15/02/1656m 2s

Onward, New Hampshire

Jon Owens from A Life Story just got back from covering the Iowa caucus. We start the show by talking to him about this documentary series he is producing.Then, we look forward to New Hampshire and beyond with some heartfelt views about our nation's poisonous political environment.
09/02/1658m 9s

Ep. 20

Ep. 20
01/02/1655m 7s

Episode 19: Palin Blooms as Bloomberg Looms

Episode 19: Palin Blooms as Bloomberg Looms
25/01/1638m 12s

Episode 18 promo

Episode 18 promo
19/01/161m 2s

Episode 18: Two Debates; Two Weeks to Go

Episode 18: Two Debates; Two Weeks to Go
19/01/1648m 5s

MPU Promo 1

One minute promo for More Perfect Union podcast, with artwork.
11/01/161m 2s

Episode 17

Episode 17
11/01/1645m 46s

Episode 16

Episode 16
05/01/1646m 3s

Episode 15

Episode 15
30/12/1554m 2s

A little bit of heat! (MPU14)

A little bit of heat! (MPU14)
22/12/1551m 56s

Trump, More Trump and Glass-Steagall (MPU13)

Trump, More Trump and Glass-Steagall (MPU13)
15/12/1554m 9s

episode 12: San Bernadino, gun politics and Trump

episode 12: San Bernadino, gun politics and Trump
07/12/1548m 46s

Episode 11

Episode 11
30/11/1546m 8s

Episode 10

Episode 10
23/11/1549m 10s

GOP and Dem debate, and Million Student March

GOP and Dem debate, and Million Student March
16/11/1552m 54s

2015 Election, Trump on SNL & Ben Carson's truth troubles | Episode: 08

2015 Election, Trump on SNL & Ben Carson's truth troubles
09/11/1550m 58s

Third Republican Debate Postmortem | Episode: 07

Third Republican Debate Postmortem 2015
03/11/1553m 58s

The More Perfect Union Podcast | Episode: 06

Episode 6 of The More Perfect Union Podcast
26/10/1559m 23s

Democratic Debate and GOP Infighting | Episode: 05

Democratic Debate and GOP Infighting 2015
19/10/1559m 42s

No One Wants to be Speaker | Episode: 04

This week on the More Perfect Union Podcast we talk about filling the Speaker of the House position, the upcoming Democratic debates and who's fund raising the most!
12/10/1548m 31s

The Oregon School Shootings | episode: 03

The Oregon School Shootings 2015
06/10/1547m 29s

Boehner Walks, Walker Bails | episode: 02

Boehner Walks, Walker Bails
28/09/1557m 11s

The Second Republican debate! | episode: 01

Come join Jonah, Greg, Kevin and Alan for this first official episode of The More Perfect Union podcast as they discuss the recent 2015 republican debate!
22/09/1559m 30s

The More Perfect Union Podcast | episode: 00

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