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Word Balloon Comics Podcast

By John Siuntres

1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres


Boxing The 95th Anniversary Of Dempsey vs Tunney Audio Documentary

I made this audio documentary 20 years ago . Sept 22 1927 Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney fought in Chicago for the heavyweight title.
22/09/2228m 43s

Reprint Paul Dini Talks Batman TAS DC Marvel Star Wars and More

From 2020 Paul co-wrote the DC Digital First book Batman The Adventures continue with Alan Burnett and drawn by Ty Templeton . Big surprises coming in the 12 part series. We also look back at classic TAS episodes and comic books plus other TV projects at Marvel Star Wars and more.
16/09/221h 9m

I Am Batman Superman With Chris Eliopoulos

Chris talk about his new Stories That Change The World first reader books co created with Brad Meltzer. These are perfect for parents to get kids into the worlds of Superman and Batman with dynamic art and tons of easter eggs
07/09/221h 15m

Marty Pasko's DCU History Marathon Pt3

We wrap up this Multi Hour epic chat with the Late Great DC Writer
04/09/221h 37m

The DCU History Marty Pasko Marathon Pt2

Part 2 of this epic conversation with The Guy Who Chronicled DC's vast history Marty Pasko. Great never before heard behind the scenes stories. The business acumen Of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby . The pop culture career, and wild personal life of (WW Creator) William Martson, The origin of DC's Romance editor Dorothy Woolfolk, The evolution of Denny O'Neil, DC's Transition from National Periodicals, to be part of Warner Communications Corporate Structure and more , Part 3 is also posted
04/09/221h 19m

A DCU History Marty Pasko Marathon Pt1

For those doing long distance traveling this Holiday weekend. The late great Marty Pasko will keep you company with DC tales spanning from the golden age to modern times. Revamping 70's Superman, The Creation Of The Batman 66 TV Series, The exposure of Bob Kane , The classic JLA-JSA crossovers, his wariness of upcoming New 52 line, and so much more. Part 1 of 3 , all posting today.
04/09/221h 30m

Review The Taking Of Pelham 123

The Kinescope Crew gets together to review the 1974 film classic starring Walter Mathau and Robert Shaw.
04/09/221h 19m

Maria Cabardo's Doc About Jeffery Catherine Jones

Better Things is a Documentary About The Art and Life Of Bronze Age Comic Artist Jeffery Catherine Jones . The film discusses Jones career and life and the fellow creators who shared and shaped it. It features probing interviews with Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Mobius, Louise (Jones) Simonson, Mike Mignola and more ,
03/09/221h 7m

reprint art adams 2013

a Q & A With Art Adams recorded in 2013 from Cincy ComicCon
02/09/2250m 15s

Reprint 2008 Steve Rude the dude reflects and looks ahead

On this episode of Word balloon, host John Siuntres sits down with The Dude, Artist Steve Rude, who discusses his return to the worlds of Nexus and The Moth, in his self published line of books, Rude Dude Comics. As The Dude himself says. "I think back at that 10 period of nothing when all the (Nexus fans) kept writing us... there were so many more stories to tell. Internally I kept saying it myself, "this is not right, I have to use all skills I've accumulated my experience and clout to comeback to these characters , and bloody well keep going with them...The people who buy (Nexus) have expectations that every time they purchase something and know what (Baron and Rude) are capable of, they had better not let you down, and that's what's in my mind when I'm drawing Nexus.You're not going to feel horrible when you read my books, you will feel excited and elated and you'll want to see more."The current plan is to finish the Nexus return arc, Space Opera, then release the new Moth arc. "You oughta see what (writer) Gary Martin has planned. It's nuts!" In the interview, Rude discusses how he and writer Mike Baron got together to create Nexus for Capital City Comics, the early influences of Jack Kirby, and Alex Toth on his work, and his view of the 1980's direct market compared to today's comic book landscape. In addition to new stories revolving around his co created new characters Oragami and The Silencer , Rude also wants to bring back romance stories and his own spin on horror, in his anthology book, Amazing Dude Tales .
31/08/221h 24m

My ISU Hall Of Fame Award speech and other podcast honors

Just a reminder of the great guests I've had this month, and you'll hear my short my Hall Of Fame Speech at Illinois State University. Plus Podcast Magazine put me on the 40 over 40 podcaster list.
30/08/2214m 43s

Arrowverse TV writer Jen Troy Talks Supergirl and her new Comic Book Series

We discuss the TV shows Jen has worked on including many years on Supergirl, plus her new comic series Assassin G (based on the Chinese film Gan the 19th Sister) by Jen and He Tao. Part of the Immortal Storyverse check out the kickstarter campaign for this excellent series and back it.
27/08/2240m 43s

Woodstock 99 Podcasting and Chicago Radio with James Van Osdol

James in the host of an excellent interview podcast called car con carne. He also is an author pop culture historian and a former long time host at Chicago's Alt Rock Radio Station Q101. Who better to talk about Woodstock 99, current radio vs podcasting and a dash of comic book talk too? We had a blast
27/08/221h 42m

Joe Illidge Talks Heavy Metal DC Milestone and more

Joe is the Executive Editor Of Heavy Metal Magazine and their Comics line. We talk about the new series Entropy by Christopher Priest and Montos plus Joe's years at Milestone and DC
26/08/221h 1m

Simpsons Writer Mike Reiss On The Critic and his comedy writing career

Mike wrote for the Harvard and National Lampoons Johnny Carson's Tonight show, and has been with the Simpsons since Day One. We talk about his amazing comedy career.
25/08/221h 8m

Ed Brubaker on Batman Caped Crusader HBOMAX and the changing landscape of Streaming TV

A portion of my May 31st conversation with Ed Talking about being the story editor (showrunner) of The Upcoming Batman Caped Crusader animated series. The show is in the headlines this week because HBOMAX announced it will not air the series, but rather license it to another channel. What's going on here? Ed's description of the way TV works provides insight, but also adds to the current fan confusion.
23/08/2234m 6s

Observations From Tom Fowler

Life comics comedy and more with Our Man in Ottawa
22/08/222h 17m

Mathew Klickstein Chronicles The History Of San Diego Comic-Con

His new book see you in san diego is the more detailed follow up of last years amazing comic con history podcast series, with 500 pages and over 400 incredible photos. A must buy for comic book history fans.
20/08/221h 33m

Dan DiDio Pt2

18/08/221h 48m

The Legacy Of Jim Shooter

Live from Terrificon 2022. From writing DC stories at 13 to Marvel, Secret Wars, Valiant and The Comic Books 90s Implosion, Jim discusses it all.
16/08/221h 5m

Aw Yeah Podcast LIVE C2E2

Art Franco Scoot Yoko Chips Mike and The Other Mike perform live in Chicago
10/08/221h 13m

Garth Ennis The Boys Q&A With Joe Rybandt

Live from Terrificon , a great talk with me Garth and Joe about The Boys Military Comics Hitman and so much more
09/08/221h 4m

Svengoolie At C2E2

Horror Host Icon Rich Koz is back ! A great QA
08/08/221h 2m

Spider-Man's 60th With Jurgens Kavanaugh Mackie and Conway

Celebrating Spider-Man's Debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. This Terrificon Panel featuring Clone Saga Writers Dan Jurgens Terry Kavanaugh and Howard Mackie, and the guy behind the original 70s clone story Gerry Conway
04/08/221h 3m

Supernatural Chicago and Star Trek SDCC News With Scott Larson

Scott talks about his supernatural Chicago Comic Visitations. He will be at C2E2 this weekend in artists alley
03/08/222h 35m

Ryan Alexander Tanner Discusses His Ali Bio Comic

Ryan Alexander-Tanner Talks about his new Muhammad Ali Comic
02/08/221h 26m

Sci Fi and Rock Stories With Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani one of the premiere guitarists in music is a life long SciFi fan and and creator who cobined both in his music and songs. Surfing With The Alien featured the Silver Surfer on its cover. His new Album is The Elephants Of Mars, and his new Sci-Fi comic is Crystal Planet from Titan Books
02/08/2255m 4s

John Romita Jr Back On Spider-Man and Marvel

Fresh from Terrificon this past Saturday. John talks about his past and return to Marvel. His DC work and the legacy of the Romitas at Marvel.
01/08/2257m 23s

Reprint Mark Millar A Civil (War) Conversation

The writer Of Marvel's Civil War checks in for a conversation about his health, the current status civil war, and the future, as Mark prepares to dive into the podcasting world with his own show.From 2006 We'll look at Mark's early years writing for 2000AD, the origin of Civil War, The zombie storyline of Ultimate Fantastic Four, which created its own spin-off series, Marvel Zombies, and tons more.
30/07/2252m 0s

Reprint Howard Chaykin No Fakin

From 2006 What a pleasure talking to the man behind great satire and action like American Flagg, Time 2, The Shadow, The Blackhawks, and Cody Starbuck .You'll hear about his current projects like BITE CLUB, BLADE, GUY GARDNER, JLA CLASSIFIED, along with a look back at his work on STAR WARS , BLACK KISS, AMERICAN CENTURY , his television work on THE FLASH, VIPER, and MUTANT X .We'll discuss Chaykin's view of Television, from the shows he loves to what Hollywood is looking for from writers these days. Between us, we'll throw in enough obscure ancient pop culture references that would make Dennis Miller call his grandfather to confirm.As a lifelong fan of his writing and art, Howard is my kind of people.
30/07/2256m 22s

Reprint Kurt Busiek The Mayor Of Astro City

A Flashback episode from 2006. Kurt Busiek talked about his plans to reboot Aquaman, his "Up Up and Away" Superman post Infinite Crisis arc co-written with Geoff Johns, his Wildstorm WW1 fantasy series Arrowsmith, and gets into the nitty gritty of Astro City
29/07/221h 11m

Reprint 50 Questions With Gail Simone

29/07/2256m 8s

Reprint Jack Kirby's Fourth World Saga With Cecil Castellucci and Tom King

From 2020's Baltimore Comic Con. an epic discussion about Jack Kirby's Fourth World-New Gods saga. Moderator Robert Meyer Burnett talks about Darksied Mister Miracle The Female Furies and more with Fourth World writers Tom King and Cecil Castellucci
28/07/221h 8m

Reprint Brian Michael Bendis-Gerry Conway One On One

The title says it all from Baltimore Comic Con 2020 Brian interviews Gerry about his career.
28/07/221h 6m

Reprint Amanda Conner 2012

On this 2012 episode of Word Balloon, Amanda Conner joins us to talk about her Before Watchmen series Silk Spectre co-written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. We also talk about Amanda's work on DC's digital Anme Comic Girls Wonder Woman.
26/07/2239m 36s

Reprint Marvel Cosmic chats with Starlin Thomas Lim and Rubenstien

Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin, Ron Lim and Joe Rubinstein talk about the infinity gauntlet Thanos and Captain Mar-Vel
22/07/221h 53m

Reprint Flying With Jeph Loeb pt 2

In our first 2005 WB conversation, Jeph and I spoke on his car phone, while he made his daily commute from his home to the studios of ABC's LOST . The travelouge nature of our talks continued in this chat, which starts in the cab ride from Wonder-Con, To The SF airport, and finally wraps up at stately Loeb Manor, and his new office digs at HEROES. In part 1, Jeph gives us the background behind his Wolverine run, and his involvemnt in Civil War, which led to the creation of FALLEN SON, THE DEATH OF CAPT AMERICAThen we wrap things up with the writer of many Marvel Comics and The Co-Executive Producer of NBC's Heroes. We discuss the Buffy Season 8 comic book from dark Horse and jeph's eventual association with the series. We also get into a detailed debate about the amount of publisher wide events that DC and Marvel are serving non-stop to their readers. Finally we wrap up with an insider's view of the breakout hit tv series of this season, Heroes
16/07/222h 2m

Reprint Riding Shotgun With Jeph Loeb 2005

Sure, the thermometer was in the mid 20's all day in Chicago , but through the magic of wordballoon, I spent a good chunk of wed morning in 80 degree Los Angeles traffic, talking with writer Jeph Loeb on his sunny commute to his new gig, as a supervising producer on ABC's hit series, LOST. Jeph gives an amazingly funny and frank interview on his TV writing on Smallville , DC Comics like Superman-Batman, Batman-HUSH, behind the scenes comments on the Buffy animation series, his upcoming run on The Ultimates, and how the memory of his son Sam motivates his writing.
16/07/221h 18m

The Gil Thorp Comic Strip With Henry Barajas and Mike Murphy

Henry took over the classic sports soap opera July 11th. What's in store ffor miford high school's student athletes ? Joining me is Chicago sports talk host and Gil Thorpe enthusiast Mike Murphy of ESPN
13/07/221h 11m

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 1 Review.

Plus The Boys season 3 wrap up review and the latest Orville
13/07/221h 30m

Colleen Cover and Paul Tobin

we discuss their past collaborations and solo work
12/07/221h 10m

Reprint MonkeyBrain Comics 10th Anniversary with Baker and Roberson pt 1

10 years ago Chris Roberson and Allison Baker debuted their digital publishing effort Monkeybrain Comics which gave oppurtunities to creators like Christopher Cebella Ibrahim Moustafa and Adam P Knave among others. This is the first chat we had about the imprint. Tommorow, you'll hear pt 2 with a new chat from Allison and Chris looking back on the experiment.
05/07/2255m 14s

IDW Captain Action Collection With Ed Catto

Captain Action was a 60s action figure phenom, that DC licensed for 5 magic issues featuring Gil Kane and Wally Wood art. Ed tells us the story behind the stories.
04/07/221h 18m

Comic Book History With Author Tim Hanley

Tim's latest Comic History is called not all Superman. He's written histories of Wonder Woman, Lois Lane Catwoman, and Betty & Veronica
01/07/221h 24m

Reprint Batman 89 memories with Robert Wuhl (Knox)

Comedian Robert Wuhl shares his memories making the Tim Burton 1989 film With Michael Keaton Kim Bassinger and Jack Nicholson. We also discuss his 90's HBO series ARLI$$ and other things
27/06/2259m 2s

Paul Kupperberg TBT tales from the 70s

A new conversation with Paul about his days in the 1970s DC Bullpen. Editors artists and fellow writers
23/06/221h 9m

Trek Watch Serious Star Trek Crossover

Larry Young and John H Price, two of the 3 hosts of the serious star trek youtube show join me to talk about many trek subjects. spoilers
18/06/221h 37m

Stephen Bissette The Anatomy Lesson

A look at Steve's whole career, Swamp Thing Kubert School, Teaching and his help on a new Horror Anthology
14/06/221h 21m

Strange New Worlds Ep 6 The Orville Obi Wan The Boys Ms Marvel Reviews

Our weekly review catch up with Nu Trek, plus these other current streamers
14/06/221h 41m

The Bendis Tapes Part 2

Part 2 Of Our New Talk
13/06/221h 8m

The Bendis Tapes pt 1

Pearl, Naomi, Joy Operations DC and More Part 1
13/06/221h 42m

Reprint Steve Orlando and The Boulet Brothers Took Over Heavy Metal Magazine Oct 21

From 2021 Great meeting The Boulet Brothers of Dragula and The Creatures Of The Night podcast, who with Steve Orlando are taking over the Halloween Issue Of Heavy Metal Plus Their Dragula tv show moves to Shudder next month, along with their documentary film Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection debuting on Oct 20th . We talk a lot about their favorite comic book runs too
12/06/221h 12m

Michael Jan Friedman's New Superhero Anthology and Star Trek Talk

Mike is editing a new Superhero Anthology and we talk about his work in the Star Trek Universe on TV Comics and Novels, plus we discuss Nu Trek TV shows.
12/06/221h 41m

strange new worlds ep 4 review

It's The Gorn...really?
05/06/221h 22m

Reprint Star Wars Billy Dee Williams On The Origins Of Lando Calrissian 2019

It's Star Wars Celebration Weekend, so let's go back to my 2019 chat with THE MAN Billy Dee Williams. We talk about many facets of his career, including his creation of Lando
29/05/2218m 58s

Strange New Worlds Ep 3 Review Trauma Drama

Space Virus, Pattern Buffers Kahn Vs Una and lots more
24/05/221h 40m

Reprint The Legacy Of George Carlin With Kelly Carlin

From 2018 my interview with Carlin's daughter Kelley. The New HBO documentary series about George is a warts and all look at the groundbreaking comic
22/05/221h 3m

Jonathan Frakes Talks Star Trek SNW TNG PICARD DISCO and more

Thanks to my pal Warren Drummond I got the chance to talk with Cmd Will Riker himself. We not only do a ton of trek talk we also get into his work directing The Orville, Producing Roswell and much more.
20/05/2252m 46s

Geoff Johns On Flashpoint Beyond, Stargirl TV, and a glimpse of his creator owned universe

Geoff Johns On Flashpoint Beyond, Stargirl TV, and a glimpse of his creator owned universe
19/05/221h 4m

Strange New Worlds ep 2 review Trek Watch

Uhura Sings Sam Kirk is snarky and Spock laughs, but it was still a decent episode.
17/05/221h 33m

reprint neal adams part 2

From 2013 Neal Discusses his solidarity with Gary Friedrich on his Ghost Rider Creation dispute with Marvel, The Pilipino 70s art explosion, motion comics and more
16/05/221h 38m

Reprint George Perez RIP

From 2009, my one on the record chat with the Master. George tells us a lot about working with Geoff Johns On Legion Of 3 Worlds and the release of Teen Titans: Games the 1980's original graphic novel project with Marv Wolfman, that remined un-finished for over 25yrs . Thanks for all the great stories and memories George, you won't ever be forgotten.
07/05/2210m 49s

The History Of Neal Adams Pt 1

From Dec 2005, The man who redefined the DCU. The man who smacked the camp out of Batman, and made him the dark knight badass once again. The man who had Superman fight Muhammad Ali...and Supes actualy lost the battle! Legendary artist Neal Adams actually tolerated my silly questions for over 90 minutes, and was ready to give me even more time!!!! Listen , as Neal brings us tales from the early days of Comics Bronze Age. You'll hear about his Green Lantern-Green Arrow run with Denny O'Neil, The Deadman Saga, and many behind the scenes stories of the Dc Offices of the 1960's & 70's. Neal also goes in depth on his scientific theories about an expanding earth, and answers the obvious question, how does an un-accredited science enthusiast pitch his theory, when the conventional science world refuses to listen?
30/04/221h 45m

Bill Sienkiewicz Pop Culture Revolution

From The Dunn Museum's own description : Bill Sienkiewicz is an Eisner-winning and Emmy nominated artist, best known for revolutionizing the style of comic and graphic novel illustration over the past four decades. Landmark works such as Marvel Comics' Elektra: Assassin and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters, have earned him an international reputation and cult status across media industries.This exhibition features 50+ framed original works on paper from his comic books, graphic novels and pop culture artwork. Hear first-hand from Bill Sienkiewicz in this exclusive WB interview. 
28/04/221h 11m

Nick Pitarra's New Barbarian Comic Ax Wielder Jon

Support Nick's book! visit axwielderjon.com
25/04/221h 4m

Ram V on Detective Comics Batman Aquaman and more

Ram talks about his Gotham Nocturne run that's about to begin in Detective plus his upcoming Aquaman Black Label Book
22/04/2254m 50s

PORNSAK PICHETSHOT Talks Marvel, Comics Noir And The Good Asian

Pornsak talks about his upcoming Shang Chi Jimmy Woo Marvel story and the wrap up to his 30s detective comic from Image
22/04/2252m 32s

Alex Segura's New Novel Seret Identity and The Reboot Of Micro Face

Alex Segura talks about his new murder mystery set in the 1970s comics industry, plus the rebooting of the golden age hero micro face
17/04/221h 7m

Ibrahim Mostafa's New SCI-FI Spy Epic Retro-Active

Ibrahim Mostafa's New SCI-FI Spy Epic Retro-Active New From Humanoids
17/04/221h 33m

Kinescope Studio One The Arena By Rod Serling 1956

Reviewing the Rod Serling drama directed by Franklin Schaffner It takes place on the us senate floor. Starring Wendell Corey and Chester Morris
03/04/2254m 29s

the aw yeah podcast no slapping

with appearances by michael caine donald trump paul mccartney john lennon robin williams and bruce willis
01/04/221h 55m

Ronald Wimberly's Gratuitous Ninja

Iconic Comics creator Ronald Wimberly Talks GratNin
31/03/2257m 49s

Kevin Mellon animates Archer Hit Monkey and dazzles us with his music

Kev is a comic book artist, the art director of Hulu's Hit Monkey with Jason Sudekis worked on 8 seasons of FX's Archer including the upcoming one, and share his new rock ep Songs from the Giant's Chair
31/03/221h 17m

Mr. Skin's 2022 Anatomy Awards

Is Sexuality in Pop Culture is bigger than ever? Jim McBride aka Mr. Skin himself is back to talk about the best nudity in TV and Film for this year's anatomy awards.
30/03/2255m 33s

Kinescope CBS Shower Of Stars 1955

Kinescope CBS's Shower Of Stars we look at 2 episodes starring Jack Benny Vivian Vance and William Frawley. This was CBS's first dramatic show broadcast in color
28/03/2257m 26s

Elsa Charretier Talks Love Everlasting

Elsa discusses her time travel romance comic co-plotted with Tom King . The first two issues are up and free at their substack page
26/03/2247m 57s

Knights and Fantasy In Winds Of Numa Sera OGN

Writers Morgan Rosenblum and Johnny Handler discuss their new epic OGN coming in June from Dark Horse
22/03/221h 20m

Declan Shalvey Talks Old Dog Moon Knight X-Men DD Creator Owned stuff and more

Lost of projects writing and drawing are discussed with Declan
17/03/221h 18m

Reprint Marv Wolfman by night

Yes another flashback episode from 2006. John talks with the Man who created Crisis On Infinite Earths  and Nova, brought new life to the undead in Tomb Of Dracula , Devised the revitalizations of Dick Grayson, Wally West, and the other New Teen Titans with George Perez , and made major impacts on so many other Marvel and DC characters.We look back at Marv's time at Warren publishing, when he edited and wrote for Vampirella, Creepy and Erie , Editing Marvel's black and white magazines from Crazy to Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, his time in the 1970's Marvel bullpen and breathing life back into DC on The New Teen Titans with George Perez. You'll hear Marv's views on publisher-wide event books, "story-decompression" , and his genuine pride in the Teen Titans animated series. Marv also "previews" his 2006 work on The Infinite Crisis Annual, The Teens Titans annual and collaborating with Geoff Johns. Yes a re-run, but a damn fine conversation.
16/03/221h 14m

Khary Randolph's New 80s Punk Comic Substack and more

Finally! An easy hang out with Khary. We talk about his new comic with Joanne Starer Sirens Of The City and a whole lot more .
15/03/221h 17m

Brad Meltzer's New novel The Lightning Rod

Brad takes a moment from his siging book tour to hang out and talk about his latest novel and comics
15/03/2245m 23s

Kinescope Judgement At Nuremberg

The oscar winning film was first this 1959 Playhouse 90 production . Just as powerful, with performances by Claude Rains Melvyn Douglas and Oscar winner Maximilian Schell
13/03/2250m 7s

Joshua Williamson Is Killing The Justice League

We Talk JL #25, Dark Crisis Batman Robin Deathstroke and The Shadow War
11/03/221h 39m

Stewart Kenneth Moore's Spies LSD and The CIA Comic

Moore discusses his new OGN MK Ultra Sex Drugs and The CIA Vol 1 from Clover Press
10/03/221h 12m

kinescope mister peepers

One of the earliest successful sitcoms of the live TV era . Starring Wally Cox (Underdog) and Tony Randall (The Odd Couple)
07/03/2246m 6s

Trek Talk Picard season 2 ep 1 and The Mess That is ST Discovery

Trekspert Wayne Mousseau joins me to discuss the latest Trek episodes, and the start of Picard season 2
06/03/221h 18m

Classic Film and TV talk with Svengoolie

A new hang out with Rich Koz talking Monkees Don Knotts The three Stooges and Sven's METV show
04/03/221h 9m

Boxing During Wartime with Nigel Collins

The Hall Of Fame scribe talks about the current Ukrainian fighters and how the Russian Conflict is effecting the sport. We also look at other historic fighters affected by civil wars in their countries, and other international war hero boxers.
03/03/221h 7m

Agents Of Slam With Scoot McMahon and Dave Scheidt

The creators behind Wrapped Up are back with a new Wrestling Hero Spy Action OGN from Oni Press out April 20th
28/02/221h 10m

Kinescope Paul Newman

Like many stars, Newman cut his acting teeth with TV anthologies at the start of his acting career. we look at 3 live performances , including Bang The Drum Slowly , and episodes of Danger, and Tales From Tomorrow
27/02/221h 0m

Reprint Gerry Conway 2013 DC Bronze Memories

Gerry Conway returns to talk about his days at DC Comics, from his first works starting in 1969, and his early 70's return that included a lot of work on Superman. Jose Luis Garcia Lopez collaborations, How DC worked in general compared to 70's Marvel, and a lot more.
25/02/221h 17m

Walt Simonson Reprint 2005

A WB classic from 2005 Walter Simonson looks back at his classic work. From Thor The Frog and the creation of Beta Ray Bill, to Orion and The New Gods.From his collaborations with Martin Pasko to put the bronze age spin on Dr Fate, to reviving Manhunter with Archie Goowdwin.We talk about the Fantastic Four, his spin on X-Factor co-plotted with his wife Louise , to working on the Marvel Star Wars comic at that awkward time between The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi.Tales of wonder, from a true master.
22/02/221h 11m

Tim Bradstreet Reprint Pt2

From 2007 More words and memories with artist Tim Bradstreet, who not only gives us some news about the double sized Punisher #50 issue from Marvel's Max line, featuring interior art by Howard Chaykin...But he also talks up books from the Raw Entertainment Studios like Bad Planet written by Thomas Jane & Steve Niles , Todd Farmer's Alien Pig Farm, future projects like the Bloody Pulp anthology ,and what fans cam expect from the Raw booth at the San Diego Comicon.
20/02/221h 2m

Reprint 2006 Tim Bradstreet Pt1

From 2006 a chat with artist Tim Bradstreet, who breaks down his style of art, and answers the fans who think light box artists are just "tracers".They also talk about his years of covers for books like The Punisher, Hellblazer and his current work with his Raw Entertainment Partners Steve Niles and Thomas Jane. You'll get the details on Tim's longtime pet project Red Sky Diary, and they preview this month's return of the Sci-Fi story Bad Planet , written by Tom Jane with new interior artist James Daly.
19/02/221h 13m

Brion Salazar Talks Reel Crimes Movies and Comics

Sal created the Around Comics podcast in 2006, and now made Reel Comics a look at films based on true crimes. We talk about both podcasts and the movie and comics business
18/02/221h 27m

Wonder Woman Historia Creator Commentary Pt2

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez are back to talk through more details on the epic Black Label WW book.
17/02/221h 57m

Heavy Metal's New Sci-fi OGN Stable

From The people behind Heavy Metal Magazine Authors Matt Medney and Morgan Rosenbloom present their new graphic novel about a dying earth the prospects of sending the best of the human race to an alien world, and the people left behind. The book is out now.
15/02/2249m 40s

Augie DeBleick Talks Euro Comics Podcasting and More

Check out Augie's Articles and Podcasts at pipelinecomics.com
14/02/221h 15m

Reprint Kevin O'Neil Talks Marshal Law and League Of Extraordinary Gentleman 2009

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we present aconversation with artist Kevin O'Neil, to discuss this month'srelease of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol III):Century #1 ("1910") drawn by O'Neil and written by Alan Moore.Kevin discusses the background of the story, and his views on past characters likeMister Hyde Mina Murray, the mysterious Orlando, and the Family line of Captain Nemo.His thoughts on the LXG film, and the origins and future plans of his co-creation with Pat Mills, Marshal Law .The interview does cover plot points and setting that have been discussed in other previewarticles and reviews of the book, so beware.Her are some non spoiler quotes from the talk...On the inclusion of Nemo's daughter in the 1910 League."She occupies a great part of the story, and we will follow her in later books."On the process of putting the literary cameos and pop culture easter eggs in a subtle way."We just have to tread a careful line as to how we populate the book..as we proceed with incredible numbers of different characters in street scenesand backgrounds or newspaper headlines ...it's a lot of work, but we realizewe have these Jess Nevins books analyze every single panel and we knowa lot of people who like that it...however if you don't know the references,it won't spoil the enjoyment of the story, it's just another layer offictional stuff going on alongside the main story."
13/02/221h 0m

Kinescope Yul Brynner Marsha Hunt The Storm Studio One 1949

This was a horrible teleplay, but we focus on Yu7l's TV directing career and the Incredible Marsha Hunt who is still with us at 104 !
12/02/2239m 56s

Susan Eisenberg On Wonder Woman MOTU Classic Hollywood and More

Another fun Q&A Chat with the Animated Amazon herself
11/02/221h 19m

Jason Inman's Super Best Friend Oscars Star Trek and More

Jason discusses the latest issue of his Super Best Friend series, plus we talk Star Trek The Oscar Nominations and more
10/02/221h 34m

Scott Koblish Talks Deadpool A George Perez Hang Out plus more DC and Marvel stories

Scott and The Deadpool Writing team of Gerry Duggan and Brian Posen are back with THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WAR ON WEED coming in April from Image
09/02/222h 5m

William Meyer's Audio Sci-Fi Drama The Transposition Of Chloe Bronte

We go behind the scenes of William's Fully Dramatized series. Check out the show at chloebronte.com
07/02/221h 5m

Origins The Neal Adams Story

From 2005 My First Converstaion with Neal Adams From his Comic Strip beginings drawing Ben Casey and Bat Masterson dailies to his work at DC. Your hear great silver age and bronze age stories.
06/02/221h 41m

Christian Alamy It's All In The Inks

DC Artist Christian Alamy is here to talk about his latest story in Wonder Woman Black and Gold , and reminice about drawing Lobo Batman Superman Aquaman, and stories about hanging with Alan Moore Archie Goodwin, Chris Cleremont and More
05/02/221h 20m

Kinescope The Many Faces Of Boris Karloff

Comedies Religious Drama and Of Course Horror, Karloff could do it all . We explore Karloff performances on Hallmark Hall Of Fan=me, The Elgin Hour and Studio One
04/02/2245m 48s

Gareb Shamus The Original Wizard Starts Hero Maker

The former Founder of Wizard Magazine and Conventions has a new business . Hero Maker is a new comics publisher that wants to be digital first in comics and NFTs. I ask for more details and a layman's clarification on what it all means.
04/02/2249m 27s

Gareb Shamus Building a New Comics Community With Hero Maker

The former Founder of Wizard Magazine and Conventions has a new business . Hero Maker is a new comics publisher that wants to be digital first in comics and NFTs. I ask for more details and a layman's clarification on what it all means.
03/02/2249m 27s

In Memoriam Brian Augustyn 1954-2022

I wish I was replaying this for a happy reason. Stunned by the news we lost Brian last weekend. 2022 has been pretty cruel. Listen to this great conversation with the man who co-created DC Elseworlds. From December of 2018...Brian is here to talk about his Archie 1941 story. It's a poignant realistic look at The Riverdale gang dealing with the uncertain onset of WW2. Written by Augustyn and Mark Waid and drawn by Peter Krause, its a great story. We also discuss the creation Gotham By Gaslight which became the first DC Elseworlds title, featuring a 19th century Batman taking on Jack The Ripper. Brian takes us through the whole creative process including encticing a pre-Hellboy Mike Mignola to the project. Great stories about DC Comics in the late 80s.
02/02/221h 17m

Tom King Pt 2 Supergirl, Human Target CIA memories and More

Part 2 of last night's live chat with Tom
01/02/221h 23m

Tom King Pt1 Substack Romance Comics Batman Catwoman and More

Here's part 1 of Monday's marathon chat with Tom about his new comic via Substack Everlasting Love co created with Elsa Charretier . Plus Batman Catwoman, John Paul Leon's last comic book work, and his upcoming Batman book with David Marquez Batman Killing Time Part 2 on the way today as well
01/02/221h 26m

Dan Slott FF The Reckoning War Doctor Who and More

Dan's New FF event starts this week, plus we discuss his coming Doctor Who Special In April
31/01/221h 41m

Art Spiegelman 2019 Replay On Maus and Comics Decades Long War Against Fascism

From 2019 , amidst the current news controversy of a Tennessee School Board banning Maus from it's 8th grade English curriculum, we represent this talk with Art about the culture wars of yesterday, and today
30/01/2240m 59s

Replay JMS Talks Babylon 5 Comics Twilight Zone and More

From 2019 J Michael Straczynski discusses his vast career
30/01/221h 36m

kinescope johnny carson and the queen of the orange bowl

we look at the early pre-tonight show years of johnny carson,in this us steel hour comedy from 1960
28/01/2235m 49s

Creator Commentary Wonder Woman Historia Vol 1 DeConnick and Jimenez Pt 1

As promised a panel by panel breakdown of this epic WW story with the creators Phil Jimemnez and Kelly Sue DeConnick
27/01/222h 18m

Hanging Out With Scott Shaw Pt2

More Monkee memories , Working with Comedy Legend Jonathan Winters , comic observations and more.
26/01/221h 13m

Hanging Out With Scott Shaw Pt1

Flintstones Hip Hop, Monkees Memories SDCC SCTV and More with Cartoonist Animator and TV Comedy Producer Scott Shaw
25/01/221h 13m

Stephen Mooney Celebrates The Rocketeer 40th Anniversary In April

Coming from IDW, this 4 issue series is written and drawn by the man behind Half Past Danger
24/01/221h 6m

Reprint Denny O'Neil , The Batman Conversation

One of my marathon conversations with the great Dennis O'Neil from 2018 . An epic discussion with the acclaimed writer of Batman, and so much more. We talk about his early days at Charlton Comics, why did he leave DC for Marvel in the 80s and why did he return to DC in the 90s? We talk about the Knightfall event, the story choices Dc wouldn't allow him to do and a lot more.From his first days at DC, to the Hard Traveling Heroes run of Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and the social justice agenda , The master writer shares many stories from the silver bronze and platinum ages
23/01/222h 3m

Kinescope Days Of Wine And Roses

We discuss the 1958 Playhouse 90 production
21/01/2250m 40s

Catching Up With Skottie Young

Skottie announce the return of I Hate Fairy Land, Talks about his substack stuff, and previews other new series coming up in 2022
19/01/221h 23m

Erica Schultz 10 Min In The Future With Bylines In Blood

From Aftershock, a new Conspiracy Crime Story set in the near future when Media, Gov't and other parts of society collapse. Erica and Van Jensen laid our an interesting scenario
18/01/221h 8m

Kinescope The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis

We salute Dwayne Hickman and Max Shulman's ground breaking teenage series
17/01/221h 8m

Kolchak The Night Stalker 50th Anniversary Kickstarter Anthology Project

Moonstone Books Presents a new Kolchak Comic Book Anthology. We talk with the editor James Aquilone
16/01/221h 6m

Best Of 2021 Matthew Klickstein Podcast Documentary about SDCC

There is a new 6 part deep dive podcast series that explores the creation and evolution of The San Diego Comic Con Called "Comic Con Begins" . From it's hotel basement beginnings to today's status as the Ultimate Nerd Culture event that the whole world follows every year. With tons of interviews and archival audio. It's a time travel experience. Podcast creator and comic book writer Mathew Klickstein (You Are Obsolete) and SDCC founding member Roger Freedman discuss the creation of this iconic festival that not even Covid could stop.Later this year Fantagraphics will publish the book version of Comic Con Begins
11/01/221h 31m

FearClub and Dragon Training with Richard Hamilton

Richard talks about his latest Aftrershock book FearClub, his days at CNN, , and being a big part of the How To Train Your Dragon Franchise in film, tv and comics
09/01/221h 16m

90s Brit Pop OGN Geezer with Philip and Shelly Bond and William Potter

In their latest OGN, 90s brit pop is celebrated by the Bonds and William Potter, writer and former bassist for the 90s brit pop band Cud. It's hilarious.
09/01/2253m 58s

Best Of 2021 Batman TAS Panel Nightwing Ivy and Harvey

A great chat with Diane Pershing ( Poison Ivy ) Robert Costanzo (Harvey Bullock) and Loren Lester (Nightwing) about their animation and film careers
07/01/2255m 20s

Best Of 2021 Lev Gleason and The Golden Age Daredevil With Brett Dakin

Brett Dakin wrote a new book about his Great Uncle Golden Age Publisher Lev Gleason, whose comics career was cut short in the Mid 50s due to the senate hearings on Juvenile Delinquency and comics. We discuss Gleason's career and life and the creation of The Original Daredevil. Read Brett's Book American Dare Devil Comics Communism, and the Battles Of Lev Gleason
07/01/221h 0m

Best Of 2021 To The Outer Limits of Joseph Stefano Pts 1 and 2

This was supposed to be a full WB Live but we had a couple tech problems, so it became this 2 parter. A celebration of Outer Limits Co-Creator Joseph StefanoFirst Dave Rash joins Gabe Hardman Ian Brill and myself to talk about the new book from Gauntlet Pres FROM THE INNER MIND TO…THE OUTER LIMITS SCRIPTS OF JOSEPH STEFANO. . pre-order the book at gauntletpress.comThen Stefano's son Dominic joins us giving his perspective on his father's works from Outer Limits to Hitchcock's Psycho to friendships with Gene Roddenberry and Sally Kellerman
06/01/221h 45m

Best Of 2021 Justice League Animated Table Read W Maria Canalas Barerra and George Newbern

A Hawkgirl Superman Cliffhanger audio play by Maria and George From a 1981 Jim Starlin DC Comics story . Plus how they got their gigs other film and TV projects like Scandal Larry Crowne Father Of The Bride Back To The Future and favorite JL and JLU stories and moments
06/01/221h 6m

Best Of 2021 Devin Grayson Q&A Batman Black Widow Green Arrow The Titans and More

Devin Talks Batman Nightwing Black Widow and her new stuff, like Volume 1 of Omni from Humanoids and Her new Berger Book Rewild
04/01/221h 2m

Best Of 2021 Ed Brubaker Talks About Friend Of The Devil

If anyone started cracking the code of how to adapt to the covid crisis, it was Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips with their OGNs . Here he spoke about Vol 2 of their new character, Ethan Reckless
04/01/222h 30m

national lampoon and sketch comedy history with Tony Hendra

From 2015. Tony died in March of 2021 Comedy legend Tony Hendra joins us. You might remember Tony best as Ian Spinal Tap's Cricket bat welding manager , but he has a long history of comedy starting as the writing partner of Monty Python member Graham Chapman. Tony spent years working at national Lampoon as an Editor and writer for the magazine. he co-wrote Lemmings Their stage revue featuring Bill Murray John Belushi Chevy Chase and Gilda Radner, long before their Saturday Night Live TV careers. As a performer, Tony wrote produced and acted in many National Lampoon comedy sketches that debuted on the very popular National Lampoon Radio Hour and later on their Lampoon comedy albums beginning with Radio Diner. Tony played John Lennon in this classic bit Magical Misery Tour. Tony is here to promote the first new Lampoon Comedy Album in 35 years ARE THERE ANY TRIGGERS HERE TONIGHT? We talk about his new comedy group The Final Edition , the beginnings of satirical British comedy when Tony was at Cambridge University with The Pythons, Making The Spinal Tap Film, and so much more.
03/01/2257m 30s

Trek Watch ST Discovery Season 4 ep 7 Review

Scott Larson Joins Me To discuss the politics (or lack thereof) in this episode of Discovery
02/01/2257m 50s

Paul Kupperberg Presents Julie Schwartz's History Of Superman

Bronze Age veteran Paul Kupperberg presents this 1988 presentation Julie toured with giving stories about the history of The Man Of Steel, . We also discuss his work on Peacekeeper Vigilante and several new novels and books Paul has written
01/01/221h 51m

Hang Out With Mike Choi pt 2

We continue our conversation
31/12/211h 43m

Hang Out With Mike Choi Pt1

My good buddy and XMen artist Mike Choi is on to talk about new projects for AWA like Moths with J Michael Straczynski , and a whole lot more
29/12/211h 41m

Aw Yeah Podcast New Years Eve Eve Eve Eve

It's the end of the year as we know it, and we feel fine
28/12/212h 38m

Kinescope Lights Out

The Horror Anthology started on radio in 1934m and started on tv in 1946
27/12/2147m 32s

Patton Oswalt

From 2009 Comedian Patton Oswalt stars in theindie film BIG FAN, written and directed by Robert Siegel , the man who wrote the screenplay for last year's indie hit, THE WRESTLER.There's funny stuff in this film , but like THE WRESTLER, BIG FAN is a realistic look at sports. This time the focus is on an obsessive football fan named Paul (Oswalt) , who's loner lifestyle is defined by his voice on the phone fandom persona as a regular caller to sports talk radio, He has an awkward hero worship moment with his favorite player that turns violently ugly, and upsets his cocoon like world. Oswalt discuss the film's character and the obvious similarities of this sort of fan worship compared to pop culture fans. We also talk about his one shot Firefly story for Dark Horse Comics, and the release of his Stand Up DVD MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG.
25/12/2131m 8s

Aw Yeah Xmas Special With Art Franco Scoot and Skokie Spidey

our yearly xmas special with stories, songs and more
21/12/212h 30m

Kurt Matilla Co Prod Of Oliver Stone's New JFK Documentary On Film and Comics

Kurt talks about the new film on Showtime JFK Revisited Thru The Looking Glass, a true crime investigation of the 1963 assassination. We also talk about him working with Steven Spielberg on Minority Report , comics and more
18/12/211h 35m

Kinescope Person To Person

Kinescope Looks at TV's first reality show Person To Person With Edward R Murrow. Celeb interviews include Groucho, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin Sammy Davis and Jerry Lewis
17/12/2156m 55s

C2E2 Chicago Comics Culture With Reinhold Rosberg and Seely

Newsarama's Chris Arrant Moderates this panel featuring Caitlin Rosberg (AV CLUB) Artist Bill Reinhold (Punisher, Earth X ) Tim Seely (Robins Superman Vs Lobo) and myself . We discuss the strengths of Chicago as a major comic book hub.
14/12/211h 11m

Axel Alonso Al Madrigal and Carlos Barberri discuss AWA's Primos

The Creatives discuss AWA's new Mayan Mythology Superhero Book
13/12/2151m 52s

The ryan Browne charles Soule panel at C2E2

Charles and Ryan talk about their greatest hits book wise, and give a sneak on their new Image Series coming in May
12/12/211h 8m

Chatting With Mr Skin and His Top Ten Nude Scene List 0f 2021

Internet Pioneer Mr Skin is back to promote his new list for 2921, including a Y The Last Man entry. We also talk about his documentary SKIN A History Of Nudity In Hollywood , now streaming on HULU
12/12/211h 1m

Spider-Man and Star Trek With Robert Meyer Burnett and Dieter Bastian

Here's my guest shot on Rob's Midnight Metal show, with Pop Culture Guru Germany's Dieter Bastian
08/12/211h 51m

Kinescope The Velvet Alley 1959 Playhouse 90

Written By Rod Serling, starring Art Carney Jack Klugman Leslie Nielsen
05/12/2156m 11s

Sports Storytelling With George Offman

Mad Magazine Saturday Morning Cartoons and Famous Sports figures discussed with George who hosts a great one on one interview podcast, Tell Me A Story I've Never heard Begore featuring Bob Costas Mike Wilbon Mike Greenberg and more famous sports guys and women
04/12/211h 11m

Ninjak, and Comics Super Spies With Jeff Parker

Jeff promotes the new Ninjak Trade out Dec 8th with Javier Pulido art .
02/12/211h 17m

The Beatles Let It Be Review With Professor Moptop

Chicago Beatles Historian and Radio Personality Professor Moptop joins me to discuss Peter Jackson's epic Beatles Documentary
01/12/211h 10m

Kinescope Time For Beany

A 1949 KTLA puppet show Starring Huckleberry Hound VO Actor Daws Butler and Stan Freberg , created by Warner Bros Animation great Bob Clampett
29/11/2146m 53s

Felix and The Ryans Pt 3 Ryan Sook

The final conversation and Art Sale from Bill Cox's Online event . Felix of Felix Comics Art chats with Ryan Sook.
28/11/211h 6m

Felix and The Ryans Pt 2 Ryan Stegman

Another conversation and Art Sale from Bill Cox's Online event . Felix of Felix Comics Art chats with Ryan Stegman
28/11/211h 7m

Felix and The Ryans Pt 1 Ryan Ottley

Felix of Felix's Comic Art Talks to The Great Ryans of Comic Artists, first up, Ryan Ottley
27/11/2149m 23s

Brian Volk Weis New Star Trek Documentary Series The Center Seat

Brian discusses his new deep dive Star Trek Docu Series On The History Channel aring now The Center Seat 55 years of Star Trek.
25/11/2143m 37s

Alex Saviuk Pt2 Talks Marvel, Spider-Man, DC, The Phantom, and More

Alex Saviuk Pt2 Talks Marvel, Spider-Man, DC, The Phantom, and More
24/11/211h 8m

Comic Book Trivia With Fred VanLente

Comic Book Trivia With Fred Van Lente, The Thanksgiving Edition
23/11/211h 15m

Kinescope Studio One 1984

We discuss The Studio One broadcast of George Orwell's 1984 from September 21, 1953, on CBS. Starring Eddie Albert, Norma Crane and Lorne Greene. We also talk about other film TV and radio adaptations of the novel.
22/11/211h 0m

Trek Watch Prodigy Mid Season and Discovery Se 4 ep 1 reviews

wait a minute... I actually like a new trek tv show?
21/11/211h 5m

Christopher Sebela Talks Crime Sci-Fi and The Supernatural

Chris has three new fun books that deserve your attention.
20/11/211h 1m

Mike Norton The Early Years At Marvel and DC

Spiderman-Young Justice, Creating Gravity , Green Arrow, and Trinity. Just a few books we discuss.
19/11/211h 6m

Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente Documentary Comics REPOST

The first version wasn't complete
16/11/211h 6m

J Scott Campbell and Scott Dunbier

J Scott Campbell and Scott Dunbier go behind the scenes on Jeff's art process and career
16/11/211h 8m

David Maquez and Brian Michael Bendis on their collaborations

Miles Morales, The Defenders Iron Man and Justice League to name a few
15/11/211h 4m

Ryan Dunlavevy and Fred Vanl Lente Documentary Comics

From Action Philosophers and Presidents, to The Comnic Book History Of Comic bpooks and Animation. Ryan and Fred Discuss their process
15/11/215m 2s

Jeffery Brown Talks Batman and Robin and Howard Star Wars Comedy and More

Jeffery Brown Talks Batman and Robin and Howard his hilarious star wars books, creator owned stuff and more
14/11/2157m 56s

Jason Loo The All Nighter, Star Wars Mavrel and More

Jason talks about his collaborations with Chip Zdarsky including their Eisner award winning Afterlift and their current All Nighter about Vampire Superheroes. ,Plus his solo comics and work for Marvel and Star Wars
14/11/2154m 1s

Justin Gray Talks Standstill Marvel Knights and Jonah Hex

Justin Gray Talks Standstill Jonah Hex GI Zombie and takes your questions
13/11/211h 2m

Atomika With Sal Abbinanti

Sal Abbinanti discusses his Soviet Created God for the masses
13/11/211h 20m

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez on Wonder Woman Historia Vol 1 The Amazons

It's The Backstory Wonder Woman and The Amazons have always deserved . A Cross between Hypolitta Year One and a World Of Krypton style look at her people.
11/11/211h 51m

Anatomy Of An Action Movie With Gary Jones

Gary Jones, the Director Of Escape From Death Block 13 will discuss his latest film starring Charles Bronson lookalike Robert Bronzi, Nicholas Turturro, and Lawrence Hilton Jacobs. Plus memories of other films working with Sam Rami and Peter Scolari
10/11/2150m 14s

Kinescope The Defender

we discuss The Defender Starring Ralph Bellamy William Shatner Steve McQueen in a 1957 courtroom drama on Studio One
10/11/2151m 5s

Alex Saviuk Spider-Man The Phantom Marvel DC Eisner Memories and More

Alex Saviuk Spider-Man The Phantom Marvel DC Eisner Memories and More
09/11/211h 58m

Star Trek Prodigy Talk With John Price and Larry Young

The Hosts Of Seriously Star Trek join me to talk about the new Animated Trek Series
08/11/211h 10m

Interview With Greg From Robots From Tomorrow

Greg From "Robots From Tomorrow" interviewed me at my Booth during Baltimore Comic Con, We had fun talking about the word balloon podcasts, plus lots of TV talk and I rank all the Rocky Movies and talk about the two Creed films. This was a lot of fun.
07/11/2153m 7s

Ryan Stegman talks Comics Podcasting and Substack with your Q's

Stegman talks Venon,The Vanish Substack he's doing with Donny Cates, Thor and gets bwayyy too many Knul questions
05/11/211h 13m

Max Allan Collins Part 2

Max talks about his new book with Dave Thomas from Neo Text The Sci-Fi Crime novel The Many Lives Of Jimmy Leighton, creating novels series, looks back at Ms Tree and much more
03/11/211h 38m

Cooking With Greg Pak

We talk about his Hulk run, Darth Vader Firefly and more, but Greg is promoting his new kickstarter for Cooking Will Break Your Heart as he shares Korean Texas and Midwestern recopies
02/11/211h 24m

aw Yeah Podcast Baltimore 2021

Art and Franco's Baltimore Panel, Moderated By Yoko Chips
01/11/211h 0m

Dave Thomas Talks SCTV History and Joins The Sci Fi Novelist World

Dave has co-written a new Neo Text Book with Max Allan Collins called "The Many Lives Of Jimmy Leighton" , an alternate universe traveling crime story. It's out now at Amazon. We also discuss his extensive comedy career as the head writer and troupe performer of SCTV, the Iconic sketch shows of the 70s and 80s. He also was half of the comedy duo of The McKenzie Brothers from the film Strange Brew (Which he co-wrote and directed) and their Great White North Sketches.Plus Dave is a life long Superman fan and has some amazing stories and vintage collectables from the Man Of Steel, guess who his favorite Superman actor was?
29/10/211h 28m

Andy Belanger Wrestles with his Sci-Fi Horror comic anthology Psycho Goreman

Only hours left in Andy's kickstarter campaign for Psycho Goreman . go to LethalComics.com for all the details. We also talk about Andy's side career as a wrestling heel.
28/10/211h 5m

Aw Yeah Podcast Extra Famous Cartoonist Gives An Award

Art Baltazar's Hilarious Presentation Of The 2021 Ringo Awards Dick Giordano Humanitarian Honor to our buddy from Chicago. Artist extraordinaire, Gene Ha
27/10/2117m 44s

The Ringo Awards King Brubaker Steenz Gerads Ha Baltazar Sakai Priest Quesada and more

The whole awards show, streamed live from Baltimore Comic Con last Saturday- Featuring great presentations and acceptance speeches from Ed Brubaker, Christopher Priest, Steenz, Stan Sakai, Joe Quesada, Gene Ha, Art Baltazar Leeanne Krecic Dean Haspiel, Jamar Nicholas and many more.
27/10/211h 55m

Brad Meltzer I Am Oprah, Dolly, Rosa Parks and new Comics Coming

Brad is back to discuss Oprah, The "I Am Rosa Parks" book banning controversy that had both the left and right outraged. (It's a great story) Plus a new novel in the works The Lightning Rod, and the promise of new comic books coming soon. Order I Am Oprah Winfrey today here https://tinyurl.com/zay4n64s
22/10/2156m 3s

Ed Brubaker Destroy All Monsters pt1

The latest Reckless Graphic Novel is out, and Ed is ready to talk about it Part 1
21/10/2155m 31s

Tom King Pt 2 Creator Owned News and Your Questions

More talk about Strange Adventures Batman, Catwoman, Supergirl and info about Tom's first creator owned series
19/10/211h 29m

Tom King Wraps Up Strange Adventures Previews Human Target Pt 1

Plus Batman Catwoman Supergirl and Columbo talk
19/10/211h 24m

Phillip Kennedy Johnson Talks Superman Alien and More

Phillip discusses the recent events covered in Superman from Jon Kent's secuality to the Man Of Steel embarking on The Heavy Metal Superman epic we've all been waiting for.
18/10/211h 45m

Brian Buccelato Back In Comics

Brian has a new Crime Comic From Aftershock and talks about writing for TV and film, as well as looking back on his Batman Detective run and his work on The Flash. We sneak a little fight talk in too
18/10/211h 4m

Trek Watch Lower Decks Season 2 Ep 10

Season 2 Of Lower decks ends with a somber cliffhanger...do we care?
17/10/2149m 47s

Vintage Rack Toys With Brian Heiler

Rack toys are those dollar store squirt guns parachute men plastic junk toys that have superheroes using guns and vehicles despite their ability to fly , etc. Brian Heiler of The Plaid Stalions website and Youtube Channel has a new book called Rack Toys. We discuss the goofy history of these misfit toys from superman and spider-man vehicles to Love Boat Barber shop kits .
17/10/211h 11m

Kinescope You Are There And The Blacklist

We talk about The CBS historical reenactment show hosted by Walter Cronkite that employed writers who were blacklisted during the Communist Witch-Hunt and used fronts to keep the accused writers employed.
14/10/2155m 56s

Fury Vs Wilder Recap With Chgo Promoter Don Lenza

Don recalls his days as a Manger and Promoter telling tales of Angelo Dundee Tony Demarco Boxing in the 80s and 90s along with analyzing the current Heavyweight division after all these current fights
13/10/211h 47m

Cliff Chiang Talks Catwoman Lonely City

A Future Gotham Tale starring a 55 year old Selina Kyle written drawn colored and lettered by Cliff
12/10/211h 19m

Tony Fleecs Time Shopper and a Stray Dogs Update

check out Tony's Kickstarter campaign for the hilarious Time Shopper https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/timeshoppercomic/time-shopper
11/10/211h 8m

Scott Snyder Part 2

09/10/211h 29m

Kinescope The Magic Of Sid Caesar

The father of modern TV Sketch Comedy is examined by the Kinescope crew
05/10/211h 6m

Big Bout Ring Magazine's Dougie Fisher On The Current Fight Scene

Recapping Usyk vs Joshua, previewing Canelo Vs Plant, Fury Wilder 3, talking De La Hoya, Ali Tyson Leonard and more
02/10/211h 31m

Gamal Hennessy On Marvel Trademark Controversy and The Biz side of Starting an Indie Comic

It's Time for Gamal and The Law side of starting a comic book. Biz tips on things to consider. We also talk about The Steve Ditko Estate contesting the trademarks of Dr. Strange and Spider-Man With Marvel comics and Disney.
01/10/211h 18m

Kinescope Requiem For A Heavyweight

this week we look The Playhouse 90 production of Requiem For a Heavyweightwritten by Rod Serling Directed by Ralph Nelson and starring Jack palanceand the father and son actors Ed Wynn and Keenan Wynn. What happens to a fighter when a ring injury stops his career?
26/09/2154m 13s

Aaron Douglas's new OGN and Battlestar Galactica Memories

Aaron has a new Aftershock OGN 10 Years to Death, and he shares many on screen and off stories of BSG.
24/09/211h 40m

Boxing : The Big Bout Podcast Joshua Vs Usyk Preview With The Ringside Seat Guys

Boxing's Ringside Seat Magazine Editors Preview the current issue and Upcoming Fights, Including The Heavyweight match up this Saturday Joshua Vs Usyk
22/09/211h 11m

Max Allan Collins New Novella Series, Batman Dick Tracy and More

The man who created The Road To Perdition talks about his latest Dectective series about Fancy Anders a WW2 era detective on the homefront investigating a Rosie The Riveter Murder. We talk about his various Batman projects over the years, and his many movie novelizations of Films, From Dick Tracy and The Untouchables To Daylight and others. In Dec 2004 Max was my very first Word Balloon interview you can hear it here https://www.spreaker.com/episode/17013353
21/09/211h 14m

Kinescope The Quiz Show Scandals

Dotto Twenty One The 64,000 Question and Answer. These were some of the 50s quiz shows that became scandals of the day when it was learned the producers fixed the tv contests . We'll discuss what happened and talk about the many celebrities involved in the scandals
21/09/2155m 25s

The State Of Trek 2021 With Larry Young

Larry Young joins me to discuss The new star trek announcements and to add his voice discussing where the Franchise is today
20/09/212h 28m

20 Something Life In Margaret Larkin's Wicker Park Wishes (Fixed)

A look at single life in Chicago's 1990's, Margaret's novel evokes a Nick Hornsby like vibe in its story . Buy the book at Amazon, and wickerparkwishes.com
20/09/211h 17m

TwentySomething Life In Margaret Larkin's Wicker Park Wishes

A look at single life in Chicago's 1990's, Margaret's novel evokes a Nick Hornsby like vibe in its story . Buy the book at Amazon, and wickerparkwishes.comWe share Chicago life memories and talk podcasting too. Margaret's been hosting the Radio Girl Podcast since 2009.
19/09/211h 17m

Steve Orlando and The Boulet Brothers take Over Heavy Metal Magazine

Great meeting The Boulet Brothers of Dragula and The Creatures Of The Night podcast, who with Steve Orlando are taking over the Halloween Issue Of Heavy Metal Plus Their Dragula show moves to Shudder next month, along with their documentary film Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection debuting on Oct 20th . We talk a lot about their favorite comic book runs too
16/09/211h 14m

Lucifer Season 6 Spoiler Chat With Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson SPOILERS

Massive spoilers in this conversation with the 2 showrunners. A victory lap for a show that was on the verge of cancellation, until Netflix picked it up for 3 more seasons.
15/09/211h 41m

Vinyl And Comics Matthew Rosenberg

Along with DC talk about The Joker's Puzzle Box, Grifter, and new projects Matthew talks about his new Image Book With Tyler Boss What's The Furthest Place From Here. It's a post apocalyptic story of young people surviving amongst the rubble. But along with the story Matt has cultivated an indie music component which includes 45 discs made with top bands.
14/09/211h 36m

Kinescope The Night America Trembled 1957

This week we look at The 1957 Studio One Production The Night America Trembled, with Edward R Murrow Warren Beatty Ed Asner Warren Oates James Couburn John Astin. The story follows the slightly over dramatizedpanic reaction to Orson Welles Live 1938 production of the war of the worldsWelles had some people believing an invasion from mars was reallyhappening.
14/09/2155m 24s

Star Trek Day News With Robert Meyer Burnett

I was beside myself with all the Star Trek News Released last week, so I contacted Rob and forced him to talk to me on his 2am local time show about the news, I lost my mic halfway through but it starts working again after a few minutes and Rob covered with his viewer comments . Fun Trek talk as always. Watch Rob's YouTube channel, The Burnettwork.
13/09/211h 51m

Cary Nord Talks Conan and His New Fantasy Series Fol'Klor

Cary Nord Talks Conan and His New Fantasy Series Fol'Klor back his Kickstarter here https://tinyurl.com/wvczzmmv
13/09/2155m 3s

Astonishing Times With Frank Barbiere and Arris Quinones

The writers behind this new Comixology Original Series discuss the story. You may know Arris from his excellent YouTube Channel Variant Comics , and Frank is an old Word Balloon Favorite going back to series like Violent Love, Aftershock's The Revisionist and his Five Ghosts series from Image
09/09/211h 26m

Kinescope Captain Video 1949 Dumont Network

Welcome to Kinescope. A podcast dedicated to the history of live televisionfrom the 1940s to the early 60s . I'm your co-host john siuntres. togetherwith Gabriel Hardman each week we'll look at the formative years of televisionbefore the invention of video tape. this era of TV helped start the careers of many famous actors writers directors and producers.this week we look at Captain Video from 1949 on the Dumont network.Capt video was the first original sci-fi hero, created specifically for televison.Each week we will choose epsisodes of televsion available to watch for freeat youtube. Think of Kinescope as a video book club where we'll tell you a week in advance the subject of our next podcast discussion Like our subjects of discussion The Kinescope Podcast is performed live on theWord Balloon YouTube channel. If you wish to comment or ask us questions join us Every Thursday Night at 930pm Pacific, 1130pm central and 1230am Eastern
08/09/2148m 39s

Aw Yeah Podcast 225 The Labor Day Edition

Aw Yeah Podcast 225 The Labor Day Edition
07/09/212h 25m

Aw Yeah Trek Watch Lower Decks S2 Ep4

We all disagree on this episode
05/09/211h 9m

Sal Crivelli Of Comic Pop Talks Substack DC Marvel Streaming and The Current Nerd Culture

Sal Crivelli Of Comic Pop Talks Substack DC Marvel Streaming and The Current Nerd Culture
04/09/212h 21m

Henry Barajas Helm Greycastle Latinx Sword and Sorcery

Barajas explores the Aztec Mythologies combined with RPG sensibilities in Helm Greycastle
01/09/211h 9m

Dan Slott On The 60th Anniversary Of The Fantastic Four

This Wed, Dan Slott and Marvel Celebrate The 60th Anniversary of The FF with a 60 page story Drawn By John Romita Jr
30/08/211h 31m

Kinescope Marty 1953 Rod Steiger

This week we look at The Paddy Chayefsky Drama Marty from 1953 starring Rod Steiger directed By Delbert Mann and Produced by Fred Coe. Marty was later adapted for film and won the Best Picture Academy Award in 1955
29/08/2154m 22s

Trek Watch LowerDecks S2Ep3 Please stop yelling

We'll always Have Tom Paris. To The Lower Deck Prod Crew and Cast please stop screaming every F'n line. That doesn't make non jokes funny . it's like watching a college improv group work out rookie unfunny material.
28/08/211h 11m

From The Writers Block Ryland Grant and David Avallone

The guys discuss their current comics Suicide Jockeys (Grant) and Elvira Meets Vincent Price (Avallone) Plus their podcasts Writers Block and Avallone's Pulp Today
27/08/211h 27m

Kinescope Honeymooners Fixed

AUDIO FIXED this week we look at Jackie Gleason and The Honeymooners. Like I love lucygleason's CBS half hour version of this sketch has been widely syndicated for decades but the sketch was created for the calvalcade of stars varietyshow on the dumont network in 1951
25/08/211h 4m

Kinescope Jackie Gleason and The Honeymooners 1951-1956

this week we look at Jackie Gleason and The Honeymooners. Like I love lucygleason's CBS half hour version of this sketch has been widely syndicated for decades but the sketch was created for the calvalcade of stars varietyshow on the dumont network in 1951
25/08/211h 7m

Trek Watch Lower Decks S2 Ep 2 Review

On the latest Lower Decks ep a new crew member joins the team. Darmok, he ain't . We also talk about the latest What If from Marvel
23/08/211h 21m

From The Silver Age Comes Man Child With Nandor Fox Shaffer

Shaffer's new book is a dual track story looking at comic book fandom and honoring the 1960s style of superhero storytelling support his kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306932693/man-child-1
21/08/2156m 36s

Nigel Collins On The 70s Counter Culture and a Pacquiao Vs Ugas Preview

The former Ring Magazine editor in chief discusses his new book Travels With Mary Jane and previews The Manny Pacquiao Vs Yordenis Ugas bout this Saturday night
20/08/211h 18m

Rob Salkowitz on SubStack NFTs and Changes In The Comics Market

From Forbes.com and ICV2, Author and Nerd Culture Analyst Rob Salkowitz on SubStack NFTs and Changes In The Post Covid Comics Market
20/08/211h 34m

Donny Cates On Venom Thor and His Adventures In Daily Life

From Terrificon Donny Cates and his wife Meghan share tales of the everyday life, collaborating with Venom and Absolute Carnage artist Ryan Stegman and almost let's the cat out of the bag about his next secret project with Stegman, but gets me to bleep it out and holds the live audience to swear secrecy (16:40 of the podcast )
20/08/211h 4m

John Ostrander Talks Suicide Squad Spectre Wasteland Star Wars Marvel and More

John Ostrander takes us through his greatest hits of comic book stories.From co creating The Suicide Squad (and his movie adventures with the new flick) plus The Spectre Heroes For Hire The Western epic The Kents, His many Star Wars Stories , Creating Grimjack and First Comics, plus stories of his years as anctor and writer in Chicago.
18/08/211h 27m

Writers Roundtable Connor Palmiotti Grey Tieri

From Terrificon Amanda Connor Jimmy Palmiotti Frank Tieri Justin Grey all talk about creating comics for the big 2 and their creator owned works.
17/08/211h 9m

Comic Book and Filmmaker Ken Janssens Talks about Hindsight and The Return

Ken talks about his new film The Return Available On Demand now, and His New Heavy Metal / Virus comic series Hindsight, A Time Travel Mystery involving cops and a hunt for Jack The Ripper
16/08/211h 3m

The Comic Con Begins Podcast

There is a new 6 part deep dive podcast series that explores the creation and evolution of The San Diego Comic Con. From it's hotel basement beginnings to today's status as the Ultimate Nerd Culture event that the whole world follows every year. With tons of interviews and archival audio. It's a time travel experience. Podcast creator and comic book writer Mathew Klickstein (You Are Obsolete) and SDCC founding member Roger Freedman discuss the creation of this iconic festival that not even Covid could stop.
16/08/211h 31m

Kinescope 12 Angry Men 1954 1957 1997

Three versions of the jury room classic including the original live TV version are discussed.
15/08/211h 13m

Trek Watch Lower Decks S2E1

Mitch Franco and I are back to review the new season of Lower Decks. Ep 1 was another lazy boring ep.
14/08/2149m 26s

Dick Tracy At 90 With Ed Catto

90 Years Of Dick Tracy With Comics Historian Ed Catto . We discuss Tracy's 90 year history in all media including some 21st century TV and comics projects that got squashed
12/08/211h 18m

Justice League Animated Table Read W Maria Canalas Barerra and George Newbern

A Hawkgirl Superman Cliffhanger audio play by Maria and George From a 1981 Jim Starlin DC Comics story . Plus how they got their gigs other film and TV projects like Scandal Larry Crowne Father Of The Bride Back To The Future and favorite JL and JLU stories and moments
11/08/211h 7m

An EC Comics Retrospective

The Kronenberg Family Michael Steve and Nathan Of Back Issue Noir City and Ringside Seat magazines join me to talk about that special 1950s moment, when EC was making excellent comic fiction , until Dr Wertham Seduction Of The Innocent and The US Senate destroyed the line... And Then came MAD.
11/08/212h 13m

A SubStack Editorial Pt2 Suicide Squad Review Trek Watch Preview

More comments from me regarding the Breaking news of Creators jumping to SubStack as a new creator owned platform for comics. Then the first new Aw Yeah Trek Watch Episode as we preview season 2 of Lower Decks and ST ProdigyPlus a review of The Suicide Squad film
10/08/211h 33m

A SubStack and Comics Editorial pt1 Kinescope Ep 5 James Dean TV 1953

A short editorial message regarding the news That top DC and Marvel creators are leaving the big 2 to pursue creator owned comics using the Sub Stack Platform Then The latest Kinescope Podcast as Gabe Hardman and myself look at the Iconic 1950s actor James Dean's Early TV work on the Sci-Fi Show Tales Of Tomorrow and The Crime Series Danger both from 1953
10/08/2151m 57s

aw yeah 224 the Beard show and Terrificon Review

we all have beards if you watch the youtube version of the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUNks5fKtB4&t=2splus a terrificon review as Franco and Clanko explore Mohegan Sun Casino
08/08/212h 18m

Marc Guggenheim Talks New Comics Arrowverse and where is superhero tv today?

Marc has a new Dark Horse Sci=fi Series Last Flight Out, plus a look at where superhero films and television are today between Network TV Mvie Studios and Streaming Networks
06/08/211h 22m

Terrificon Batman TAS Panel

A great chat with Diane Pershing ( Poison Ivy ) Robert Costanzo (Harvey Bullock) and Loren Lester (Nightwing)
02/08/2155m 20s

Kinescope Ep 4 Andy Griffith No Time For Sergeants

From The US Steel Hour March 15th 1955. This was the origin Of Andy Griffith's country persona that eventually led to his own sitcom. The teleplay was written by Ira Levin the author of Rosemary's Baby
01/08/211h 5m

Neo Text Ho Che Anderson Ben Percy Chloe Maveal and Francesco Francavilla,

Acclaimed writers, cartoonists, artists, authors, and journalists converse in this genre-bending panel from NeoText, a new digital publishing company dedicated to publishing short-form prose ranging from illustrated science fiction and noir novellas to investigative journalism and narrative nonfiction. Ho Che Anderson, Francesco Francavilla, Benjamin Percy, and Chloe Maveal will discuss with moderator John Siuntres their current and upcoming projects with the innovative digital publisher that's giving writers and artists a place to build their ideas from the ground up and collaborate on creating new worlds. You can follow NeoText on Twitter at @NeoText_Books.
30/07/2157m 47s

Valerie Perrine The Mystique Of Miss Tessmacher with Stacey Souther

Filmmaker Stacey Souther made an incredible documentary about Valerie Perrine , who made us all fall in love with her Superman performance not to mention Lenny, Slaughterhouse Five, WC Fields and Me and other films. Step 1 Buy the documentary here https://t.co/bzS0iu8MrV?amp=1 . Step 2: More importantly you can donate to help offset the costs of care for @TheValPerrine here: https://gofund.me/e29e4f0a
29/07/211h 16m

The Netflix Masters Of The Universe Debate With Tim Seely

Tim is a longtime MOTU writer and Expert we discuss his 2019 He-Man Injustice comic mini series and the divided reaction to Kevin's Smith new MOTU show on Netflix
28/07/211h 29m

Stuntman Documentary Astronauts and JFK With Director Kurt Mattila

Kurt Mattila's Disney+ Documentary Stuntman focuses On Eddie Braun's dream of completing Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump. He takes us into the world of Hollywood stuntmen. We also discuss his encounters with Buzz Aldrin and working with Oliver Stone on a companion documentary to his JFK film
27/07/211h 55m

Steven Grant The Punisher 2 Guns and Bronze age memories

Steven is back to talk about recent projects like His Name Is ...Savage which continues the Gil Kane creator owned 60's spy classic. Plus lot's of early memories of hanging out with bronze age Dc and Marvel creators, writing for Marvel in the 70s, and reviewing the success of The Punisher Circle Of Blood and Boom Studios 2 Guns which became a hit movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg
26/07/211h 25m

Aw Yeah 223 Gilbert, Bedbugs and Evel Knievel's Brothers

Franco Art Skoke and Yoko hang out . Skoke was on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast , yoko and franco will be at terrificon this weekend, and Artie on vacation had a serious bedbug issue
26/07/212h 2m

Kinescope episode 3 The Comedian Mickey Rooney Rod Serling

this week we look at The CBS Playhouse 90 production of The Comedian starringMickey Rooney Edmund O'Brien Mel Torme and Kim Hunter
24/07/2155m 56s

From Batman TAS Robert Costanzo Harvey Bullock Confessions

In this wonderful storytelling chat, actor Robert Costanzo talks about his iconic role as Gotham City's favorite cop. Plus memories of work with John Travolta Mark Harmon Billy Crystal and more. We also promote new projects on the way from episodes of Tacoma FD to upcoming films .
21/07/2152m 24s

Kinescope Bonus Episode The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962 Review

This is a special edition of Kinescope . Today we side step the world oflive television to explore a 1962 western film The Man Who Shot LibertyVallance Directed by John Ford and Starring Jimmy Stewart John Wayne and Lee Marvin The Film on its surface seemed to be leaning to emulate the look ofTV westerns that competed with live television audiences but in the storyand acting there lie themes that were in concert with the deeper symbolismand messages of the high quality live teleplays. That's My theory. You'llhear the contrasting thoughts of Host Gabriel Hardman and our panel regulars Jeff Parker Ian Brill and William Meyer who were also regulars on our To The Outer Limits Review Podcast.
18/07/211h 23m

Casino Royale Review A Kinescope Podcast

this week we look at The First James Bond adaptation created 8 years before 1962's Dr. No starring Sean Connery. It's Casino Royale from theCBS Anthology Show Climax! Starring Barry Nelson as American spy JimmyBond, and Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre
17/07/211h 3m

The Origin Of Joe Simon With Jesse Simon

Jesse, Joe's Grandson fills in the detailed beginnings of the elder Simon's career
15/07/2154m 6s

Jerry Ordway Remembers Richard Donner Superman 78 Batman 89 Shazam and more

Great hang out with Jerry Ordway to promote Terrificon at the end of this month . We talk about his Superman and Batman paintings, plus the JSA Captain Marvel and The Power Of Shazam and much more
14/07/212h 25m

REPOST Michael Jan Friedman Superhero Anthology

Sorry, the previous post was with the ron marz chat...Mike (DarkStars, Star Trek) has written many superhero stories for DC over the years and is now spearheading a collection of prose short stories collaborating with other veteran super hero writers like Peter David (Hulk Spider-Man) Ron Marz (Green Lantern) and Paul Kupperberg ( Doom Patrol, Superman)
13/07/211h 10m

Podcast Premiere Kinescope Episode 1 Patterns By Rod Serling

Welcome to Kinescope. A podcast dedicated to the history of live television from the 1940s to the early 1960s . I'm your co-host john siuntres. together with Gabriel Hardman each week we'll look at the formative years of television before the invention of video tape. this era of TV helped start the careers of many famous actors writers directors and producers.This week we look at Patterns, written by Rod Serling. Patterns debuted Jan12th 1955 and was a drama that looked at the backroom plotting in the corporate world of the post war 2 era. Patterns was part of The Series Kraft television theaterEach week we will choose episodes of television available to watch for free at YouTube. Think of Kinescope as a video book club where we'll tell you a week in advance the subject of our next podcast discussion . You can watch Patterns here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0SKlLb7ozY&t=196sLike our subjects of discussion The Kinescope Podcast is performed live on the Word Balloon YouTube channel. If you wish to comment or ask us questions join us Every Thursday Night at 930pm Pacific, 1130pm central and 1230am EasternOr Send us a question or comment to john@wordballoon.com Join Us Next week for Casino Royale. The first attempt to adapt the James Bond Adventures. From an Episode of CBS's action anthology series Climax performed live Oct 21st 1954 Starring Barry Nelson as Jimmy Bond and Peter Lorre as Enemy Agent, LeChife. Watch Casino Royale here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KVoU-9gzqU
12/07/2157m 2s

A New Superhero Anthology and Star Trek Talk With Michael Jan Friedman

Mike (DarkStars, Star Trek) has written many superhero stories for DC over the years and is now spearheading a collection of prose short stories collaborating with other veteran super hero writers like Peter David (Hulk Spider-man) Ron Marz (Green Lantern) and Paul Kupperberg ( Doom Patrol, Superman)
11/07/211h 13m

Ron Marz Back In Space With a New Sci-Fi Graphic Novel

Ron Marz dicusses his new Sci-Fi Epic Resolution created with Andy Lanning (Guardians Of The Galaxy) and Rick Leonardi ( Green Lantern )
11/07/211h 12m

Steve Orlando is in Command

Commanders In Crisis Project Patron, and many books to come this fall from Steve
09/07/211h 31m

Pat Mills SpaceWarp Opens New Sci-Fi Possibilities

The Dean Of British Sci-Fi has started SpaceWarp an incredible Sci-Fi Anthology . WE discuss the features within, and talk about the current British comics scene along with looking back at his 2000AD comics, a healthy look at the twisted "mean girls" history of Girls British comics , plus Pat teases some new projects comic this fall.
08/07/211h 42m

Jeremy Haun Presents The Horrors Of Haunthology

Haunthology is a 144 page collection of horror stories Jeremy came up with to fight the fears and strangeness of the past 16 months. We discuss this collection of horror
07/07/211h 27m

Terrificon Preview With Mitch Hallock

We go behind the scenes of this year's Terrficon . Previewing guests and my panels
06/07/211h 46m

Wynonna Earp Monkeybrains and Mystery with Allison Baker And Chris Roberson

Chirs and Allison cover a lot of ground. First Chris discusses his new drawing room mystery in the Hellboy Universe The House Of Lost Horizons. Then Allison talks about wrapping up The Final Season of #WynonnaEarp for the Sci-fi channel and producing the special features for all 4 season. Plus we look back at Monkeybrain Comics their digital initiative that started the careers of some great current creators.
05/07/211h 20m

Karl Kerchl Talks DC and The Abominable Charles Christopher Web Comic

Karl Kerchl Talks DC and His Kickstarter campaign for the Abominable Charles Christopher, an adorable funny animal webcomic. You'll hear about Gotham Academy Teen Titans Year One and more DC work. We discuss the latest volume of Charles, the benefits of offering comics free online, then collecting them in print for purchase . Karl was also an original podcaster back in 2005 so We talk a bit about the podcasting biz.
05/07/211h 15m

Hollywood And Comics An Academic Discussion

Featuring Professors Alisa Perren Gregory Steirer and Cully Hamner discussing their new book The American Comic Book Industry and Hollywood. Now available on Amazon and other booksellers
02/07/211h 21m

Paul Jenkins Into The Wormhole of Toxic Fandom

Paul has become the victim of a pointed attack from bad actors in the fan film community. He's fighting back with a new documentary in the works called Into The Wormhole. We discuss the project and the subject of NFTs
01/07/212h 6m

Hang Out With Art Baltazar and Franco

A causal hang out taped live at their store Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie we share memoreies with their outgoing manager of the store Mike and talk about Comic Tv and Film
30/06/211h 35m

Boxing Talk With The Men From Ringside Seat Magazine

Boxing is having a hot moment The Ringside Seat men join me discussing their latest issue, recent documentaries, fight history, and previewing the big summer matches to come : Fury Vs Wilder 3, Spence Vs Pacquiao, The Bantamweights and more. Featuring Authors Bill Detloff Nigel Collins Don Stradley and Michael Kronenberg
24/06/212h 34m

Cullen Bunn Has a Few New Books He'd Like to Talk About

It's going to be a busy Summer, reading all the comics Cullen has coming out.
23/06/211h 26m

Paul Kupperberg Talks Peacemaker Doom Patrol His JSA Novel and Bronze Age Interview Book

Old and New Stories from Paul Including His JSA Ragnarok Novel, a new collection of one on one interviews with classic DC creators from the golden age to the late 80s, tales of the DC Implosion, Jerry Lewis comics and writing Peacemaker and Doom Patrol in the 80s.
22/06/211h 32m

Secrets Of Comic Book Editing With Shelly Bond and Imogen Mangle

Shelly is back with a new book exploring the details of editing comics, with one of her artists, Imogen Mangle
21/06/211h 28m

Howard Chaykin Broadway and Hey Kids Comics Vol 2

A casual chat with Howard Chaykin. Happy Father's Day
20/06/211h 13m

Jim Calafiore Talks Exiles Secret Six Black Panther and his new Graphic Novel Ned

Jim Calafiore Talks Exiles Secret Six Black Panther and his new Graphic Novel Ned
17/06/211h 16m

Mark Waid On Superman Legion Of Superhero Secrets Humanoids and More

Mark discusses his latest Superman stories Running Humanoids as their publisher and looks back at various DC and Marvel story runs. He was also a Legion Of Superheroes editor who reveals a classic LSH run, that the DC executives really hated.
15/06/211h 46m

Fabian Nicieza on his New Novel, Deadpool Marvel DC and More

Suburban Dicks is Fabian's new novel out June 22nd
14/06/211h 37m

Mark A Altman 1982 Geek Year Documentary Star Trek Pandora and More

Altman is making a documentary saying 1982 was the "Greatest Geek Year Ever"...Was it? Plus Star Trek talk his TV show Pandora and his Geek Oral history books on Bond Trek Star Wars Buffy and More.
13/06/211h 32m

Benjamin Percy On Wolverine X-Force, Old Man Starlord Audio Dramas and his new Novels

Benjamin Percy On Wolverine X-Force, Old Man Starlord Audio Dramas and his new Novels
09/06/211h 33m

Flashback 2012 A Neal Adams Look At Comic Book History

On this episode of Word Balloon, legendary artist Neal Adams returned to discuss many issues of the 2012 comic book scene. From finding a neutral way to help Gary Friedrich's financial situation, without taking sides in the Disney-Friedrich-Ghost Rider ownership lawsuit, to DC and Marvel's new place in their corporate parents structures.Neal talks about that era's Comic Book films based on DC Marvel and Dark Horse properties, and asks why wasn't John Stewart in the Green Lantern movie, given his prominent place on TV's Justice League series, which had a built in audience of millions? (Adams was the co-creator of John Stewart) You'll also hear a good dose of comic book history. From Neal's point of view of the Pinoy artist invasion of the 1970's with guys like Tony De Zuniga and Alfredo Alcala, plus other Adams peers like John Buscema, and Gene Colan.We discuss Batman Odyssey and Neal's Dark Horse Presents serial Blood. Plus some current and future projects including hints at a new Marvel project. We wrap up with an interesting look at how the idea of the motion comic has evolved into Neal's work in animatics for the motion picture industry.
07/06/211h 40m

Mike Perkins Talks Swamp Thing Lois Lane and DC Days

Mike Perkins is an illustrator for Marvel and DC Comics having worked on Captain America, Thor and The X-Men. After wrapping up the 31 issue adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand he transitioned into illustrating Astonishing X-Men and has since successfully re-launched Deathlok, Carnage and Iron Fist. After moving over to DC Comics he first made a splash on the Green Lanterns title before taking on his own launch of Lois Lane alongside Greg Rucka. This has been followed by a re-interpretation of one of his favorite characters - The Swamp Thing.Mike has been nominated numerous times for Eisner and Harvey Awards and, as well as winning the Eagle Award, counts being on the New York Times Bestseller list and being exhibited in Munich, London and Paris amongst his career achievements.
04/06/211h 4m

Ryan Browne Talks Crowd Funding During The Time Of Covid

Ryan Browne God Hates Astronauts The Omnibus!
04/06/211h 33m

Lucifer 5B Spoiler Review With Joe Henderson

Lucifer's Co-Executive Producer has all the spoilers from season 5B and preview details for Season 6!
02/06/211h 39m

Tim Seeley Previews Superman Vs Lobo, King Shark, Money Shot, and More

Seeley is back to talk about his current line of books from Aftershock Vault and DC Comics
02/06/211h 9m

Screwy Tuesdays With Hilary Barta

Like Clockwork every Tuesday Hilary delights fans and social media followrs with a new weird sketch . We cover Hil's whole career from starting at Marvel, to Plastic Man creating Splash Barnagan with Alan Moore to the Simpsons and Sponge Bob comics
25/05/211h 3m

Tony Parker Digital Versus Traditional pen and paper art

Comic Art LIVE alum Tony Parker joins us for a conversation about his experiences in the hobby as both a traditional and digital artist. Guaranteed to be a topic of interest to original art collectors, this panel will be moderated by WordBalloon's John Siuntres.Tony Parker is an Eisner nominated comic artist and illustrator. He has drawn for nearly all the major comic companies, is an Inkwell judge, and a former college professor. He was nominated for an Eisner as part of the team that adapted Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep to graphic novel form. He is a cocreator of both This Damned Band (Dark Horse) and Mayday (Image). Some say he gives a damn good hug.
25/05/211h 3m

John Paul Leon Tribute - Adlard Bermejo Jock King Reinhold Shalvey Hay

Moderated by Word Balloon's John Siuntres, we celebrate the life and works of comic creator John Paul Leon. During the tribute we'll have comics guests Tom King, Bill Reinhold, Declan Shalvey, Charlie Adlard, Lee Bermejo, jock and Mark Hay. Artists from Splashpageart.com including Charlie, Lee, Jock, Sean Phillips, and Francisco Paronzini will have art for sale in Mark's booth whose sales will benefit the GoFundMe that was set up for JPL's family by Tommy Lee Edwards. Bill Reinhold and Declan Shalvey will also have art for sale during Comic Art LIVE whose sales will also benefit the GoFundMe. Your donations are also appreciated at https://www.gofundme.com/f/john-paul-leon-family-memorial?utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
23/05/211h 5m

Christopher Cantwell On FF Doctor Doom Cap and Iron Man

We dicuss Chris's Marvel work , but also get a Paper Girls TV Update and talk about his new creator owned series for Vault coming in June, The Blue Flame
21/05/211h 31m

Joshua Williamson Explores The Depths Of DC and the Infinite Frontier

Beyond DC's Infinite Frontier With Joshua Williamson
21/05/212h 32m

Tini Howard Invests In X-Corp

Tini Howard Explores The Business Side of The X-Verse in X-Corp
20/05/211h 37m

The Fuhrer Vs The Tramp With Sean McCardle

Charlie Chaplin Vs Adolph Hitler. The action comedy we'd never think exist was rooted in fact when Chaplin shot the film The Great Dictator mocking Hitler and The Nazi regime. Sean wrote a fun adventure for Source Point. A Must Read.
20/05/211h 16m

Filmmaker S Craig Zahler Discusses His Films and Graphic Novel Future Plans in Sci-Fi

S Craig Zahler is back with a new conversation . We discuss more of his film work like on Puppet Masters 3 The Littlest Reich, and his upcoming sci-fi graphic novel. But we get more facts about his approach to filmmaking, more Bone Tomahawk stories and his approach to writing and drawing his comics
18/05/211h 2m

Ed Piskor Enters The Red Room

Ed Psikor returns to talk about his new Horror Anthology series Red Room From Fantagraphics that debuts this Wednesday . We also talk about his YouTube channel With Jim Rugg Cartoonist Kayfabe
17/05/211h 37m

Erica Schultz Delivers The Deadliest Bouquet

Erica Schultz has a Kickstarter for her new crime comic set in the 90s about sister who reunite to solve the murder of their Nazi Hunting Mother. Check out the campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deadliestbouquet/the-deadliest-bouquet-0?ref=project_tweet
16/05/211h 16m

Chicago Radio Comedy Memories With Bruce Wolf

Walking down chicago radio memory lane with Bruce Wolf, who was a staple of local TV and Radio Comedy for many years. We do voices and tell stories of our broadcast heroes.
13/05/211h 23m

Word Balloon's 16th Anniversary show Hosted By Tom King Pt1

It's the strange origin of John, with this interview conducted by Tom King
11/05/211h 49m

Garth Ennis Talks The Boys and 2020's Mini series Sara

From Oct 2020, Garth Ennis Talks The Boys and his 2020 Mini series Sara
10/05/2159m 41s
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