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By John Siuntres

1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres


The Punisher MIA With Gerry Conway and Declan Shalvey

Marvel was going tom start a new Punisher story in 2020 featuring his MAX adversary Barracuda's debut in the 616 universe. Then came pencils down, due to the COVID pandemic, followed by the Violent reactions to civil unrest by the Police and Military who in some cases were wearing the Punisher Logo. Some critics called for Marvel to "Cancel" Frank Castle. Here are disocussions with artist Declan Shalvey, whi was the artist for the Barracuda story, and creator of The Punisher Gerry Conway
10/01/2136m 18s

Best Of 2020 Justice League Cast Table Read

Here is the full Justice League Animated Cast table read from August. A very special table read with the cast of The Justice League Animated Series featuring LIVE appearances by: Andrea Romano (Voice Director), Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor), Phil Lamarr (Green Lantern), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman), Maria Canals-Barrera (Hawkgirl), George Newbern (Superman), Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter), Michael Rosenbaum (The Flash)
07/01/211h 31m

Best Of 2020 Phil LeMarr

From Pulp Fiction to Mad TV ...From Hermes and Futurama to Static Shock and John Stewart on Justice League... Phil Lamarr is an incredible comedy and acting talent. We discuss all aspects of his amazing career
28/12/201h 16m


The best interviews of 2020 continues Animation writing took a big leap forward with The 90's Batman animated series. Alan Burnett was a big part of that with other creative greats. Alan gives many fond memories along with what's coming in the new DC digital Batman The Adventure Continues With Paul Dini and Ty Templeton. Plus many stories of other great DC Animated films, The creation of Batman Beyond and the Live Action BB film that almost happened.
28/12/201h 6m

Best Of 2020 Joe Quesada On the creation of Marvel Knights

Joe tells us how he and Jimmy Palmiotti were brought in to create the Marvel; Knights Imprint . That lead to Marvel's company wide turnaround from near failure to being bought by Disney for Billions . Thanks Bill Cox and ComicArtFans.com for setting up this chat.
27/12/2058m 18s

Stephanie Phillips Talks Taarna Batman WW Harley and DC Future State

Steph talks about new books at Aftershock and Heavy Metal, plus the Batman Urban Legends anthology, Harley Quinn Sensational Wonder Woman and DC Future State stuff
24/12/201h 0m

The Ringo Awards Tribute Show With Waid Lemire Skottie Cully and More

For this year's Ringo Awards I co- hosted the Red Carpet Pre show, featuring tributes from many creators who worked with and were mentored by Mike Wieringo . You'll hear great testimonials and fun stories from Mark Waid Cully Hamner Jeff Parker Jamar Nichols Jeff Lemiere Skottie Young and many more
18/12/202h 0m

Ed Brubaker Talks Reckless

The New OGN is out and Ed discusses why he and Sean Philips are releasing their stories as OGNs moving forward , no longer as monthly chapters first.
16/12/201h 39m

Justice League The Bwa Ha Ha Era with DeMaties and Magurie

Hilarious stories from the creators JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire in tis conversation from Baltimore Comic Con
16/12/2058m 7s

Harley Quinn Season 3 Preview With Showrunner Patrick Schumacker

Patrick Schumacker Previews season 3 of Harley to debut on HBO MAX
13/12/201h 14m

Fred Van Lente and The Comic Book History Of Animation pt 1

Fred discusses issue one of hus new series with Ryan Dunleavy and we play 4 rounds of trivia with a live video audience
11/12/201h 40m

DC Arkhamniacs HBO Max Vs Legendary with Art & Franco

It's a special edition of The Aw Yeah Podcast as we discuss art and Franco's new all ages DC book Arkhamaniacs with Art Baltazar and Franco! Plus we debate The HBO Max Streaming controversey and review The Mandalorian
09/12/202h 53m

AWA's E-Ratic and Directing Films and TV with Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews talks classic Marvel runs directing films and television and his new AWA Book E-Ratic
08/12/201h 14m

Stray Dogs An Adorable Murder Mystery With Tony Fleecs

What happens when Lady and The Tramp becomes a David Fincher Serial Killer film? Tony Fleecs and Trish Fostner have the answers with their new upcoming Image book Stray Dogs.. It's out in February and Tony gives us a preview
08/12/201h 7m

Hangin In The Batcave with Norton Bechko Hardman and Parker

A loose Batman talk with past and present creators who've had runs on Batman Mike Norton (Trinity, Batman Annual) Corrina Bechko Gabriel Hardman (Batman B/w Gotham Knight) and Jeff Parker (Batman 66)
04/12/201h 17m

Batman Black And White Zdarsky Thompson Jones Williamson

Join creators Josh Williamson, Chip Zdarsky, Jill Thompson and Kelley Jones for a look at the new Batman Black and White comic book series from DC Comics.
01/12/201h 26m

Batman Catwoman Preview With King Mann and Gerads

A Bat Black Friday hang out with Tom King Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads previewing this week's Batman Catwoman premiere
30/11/201h 5m

Alex Ross Talks about Batman and His New Marvel Anthology Series

We discuss Alex's new art Art Book Unseen, his Marvel anthology series and look back for thoughts on Batman, Superman, The Fantastic Four and more
27/11/201h 39m

Batman 66 memories with Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker revisits the TV and comic series based on the portrayals' of Adam West Burt Ward and the great guest stars.
27/11/201h 31m

James Tynion IV On Batman's Future

James discusses the Joker War Aftermath and the additions of Punchline Clownhunter and Ghost Maker to the Bat mythos.
23/11/201h 15m

Live at The Draft Board With Mike McKone

Mike McKone (Teen Titans, Spider-Man, Avengers Academy) sketches live as he talks about his career at Marvel and DC
21/11/201h 1m

Shannon Wheeler Cartoons for The New Yorker and...The Muller Report?

Shannon Wheeler The creator Of Too Much Coffee Man discusses his New Yorker comics, and his comic book adaptation of The Infamous Muller Report
21/11/201h 31m

Noir Comics and Films With Tom King and TCM's Eddie Muller

TCM's Eddie Muller Tom King and the men of Noir City talk Crime Comics and Film
18/11/202h 21m

Mark Russell Talks Superman Future State and Billionaire Island

Billionaire Island is a biting satire on the 1% and is now collected into a great Ahoy Comics graphic novel . Plus we discuss his upcoming Superman Future State Comic
18/11/2053m 56s

In Conversation Tom King and Dave Gibbons

A one on one chat with the man who co-created Rorschach and the current writer of a Rorschach Black Label series for DC . King interviews Gibbons about his art and writing.
17/11/201h 7m

Comic Art LIVE Fall 2020 Panel with Comic Artist Matt Wagner

From Saturday Nov 14th- Matt Wagner has worked in the comics biz for almost 40 years and has crafted two of the most beloved creator-owned titles - Grendel and Mage. He has also worked with several mainstream characters including Batman, The Spirit, Zorro, The Shadow, and several others, with his efforts earning him multiple Eisner Awards. Join us at 3PM EST for a live chat with Matt moderated by Word Balloon.’s John Siuntres, about his career in comics, where he’ll be completing several sketches during the panel and offering them for sale for some lucky attendees.
17/11/201h 3m

InkPulp Crossover with Shawn Crystal

Acclaimed artist and podcaster Shawn Crystal joins us to talk about his podcast InkPulp Audio, his youtube channel and how he's innovating with his videos.
16/11/201h 11m

Rylend Grant Talks Peacekeepers and action comics

Rylend Grant talks about his comics TV and Film Skateboarding and being a contestant on American Ninja Warrior!
12/11/201h 14m

The Streets Of Gotham

A great conversation with Joelle Jones, Cecil Castellucci Bryan Hill and Tom King moderated by Amy Dallen from Baltimore Comic Con
10/11/201h 2m

Comics Spies Like Us Bond Cody Banks Bourne and Other Spies

A conversation about the Spy Genre in nerd culture with Robert Meyer Burnett (Agent Cody Banks Producer) Jeff Parker (James Bond Comics) and Thomas River creators Brian Stelfreeze and Doug Wagner
07/11/201h 6m

Rodney Barnes 2 Comics Film and TV talk With RM Burnett

A great talk with two guys who know the ins and outs of Comics Film and TV . Barnes is the creator of Killadelphia, and exec produced Runaways on Hulu American Gods on Starz and is making a Lakers TV show for HBO. He spoke with Robert Meyer Burnett Director of Free Enterprise, Femma Fatales Producer of Agent Cody Banks and YouTube host of The Burnettwork
04/11/201h 9m

Comics Vote2020 Sanford Greene Emil Ferris and Craig Yoe

Craig's new collection Voting Is Your Superpower has examples of comics vcreated to get citizens to vote spans decades of free comic books and pollitical comics from Windsor McKay to the silver age of Harvey and Marvel . We're joined byaward winning cartoonists Sanford Greene (Bitter Root) and Emil Ferris ( My Favorite Thing Is Monsters)
03/11/201h 43m

Jack Kirby's New Gods Remix With King and Castellucci

From Baltimore Comic Con an epic discussion about Jack Kirby's Epic Fourth World-New Gods saga. Robert Meyer Burnett talks about Darkseid Mister Miracle The Female Furies and more with writers Tom King and Cecil Castellucci
01/11/201h 8m

Halloween Horror Hang out with Richardson Moreci Terry and Seely

A great chat about horror comics TV and Film with Afua Richardson (Lovecraft Country HBO) Michael Moreci (The Coffin) Jim Terry (The Crow) and Tim Seelly (Hack Slash)
31/10/201h 3m

Great Radio Horror Dramas With Steve Darnall

Old Time Radio expert and host Steve Darnall talks about the great Radio Horror Shows from the 40s and 50s. Listen to hos Those Were The Days OTR show live Saturday's from 2pm-6pm easter, 1pm Central at WDCB.org and at his website NostalgiaDigest.com
31/10/201h 33m

Comics Paul Cornell 's Newest Vault Horror Comic

paul talks about I walk with Monsters plus Dr Who, Hammer Horror Wild Cards and more.
30/10/201h 26m

TV The Truth Behind Lovecraft Country With Stanford Carpenter PHD

Chicago history through the prism of HBO's Lovecraft Country
30/10/201h 10m

Comics Kingdom Come Voice Over Theater

Justice League Animated stars George Newburn (Superman) and Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) Perform scenes from the epic 1996 graphic novel. Co-Creator Mark Waid Narrates and the hour is moderated by John Siuntres Of The Word Balloon Podcast. This performance happened at Baltimore Comic Con Online Sunday October 25th 2020
28/10/201h 5m

Comics Bendis Conway One On One

A great discussion between the two writers and their common work on Spider-Man Superman JLA Avengers TV writing and The Punisher.
28/10/201h 3m

Comics Shelly Bond Spotlight Hosted by Vita Ayala

Vita and Shelly reflect on Shelly's incredible editing career at Vertigo IDW and on Her Own' From "discovering Ed Brubaker to editing this year's award winning Bitter Root, Shelly talks about her style and her views on the comics world
28/10/201h 10m

Comics Mark Millar Millars Pub

Mark Millar is back with a chat and update on his Netflix show Jupiter's Legacy
26/10/201h 2m

Comics 1985 With Chaykin Simonson Cowan and Sienkiewicz

Dean Haspiel hosts this Baltimore Comic Con conversation with the artists he assisted in their 1985 studio. Great memories of a key moment in comic history. Stories aboit DC Marvel the creator owned market and more.
26/10/202h 3m

Comics Rodney Barnes On Writing Killadelphia and TV Shows Runaways and American Gods

Rodney talks about his comic work including Marvel Books Falcon and Lando , plus his hit Image series about Vampires In Philly drawn by Jason Alexander
23/10/201h 27m

Comics Townhall With Sal Crivelli Of Comics Pop

Youtuber and fellow Baltimore Comic Con panel host Sal joins me an a fan QA
20/10/202h 23m

Comics relaxing With Dave Gibbons

A great hang out with Dave Gibbons
19/10/201h 17m

Comics Anthony Snyder Comic Art Dealer and Son Of The Greek

Anthony is one of the top comic book original art dealers, and is the son of Jimmy The Greek, once the most famous Sports Bookmakrer in the Country
19/10/201h 37m

Film Alexander Nevsky Diary of an Action Hero

Nevsky is a former Mr. Universe Bodybuilder and star of 7 action films. His latest is Red Prophecies with Eric Roberts Michael Madsen and Casper Van Diem . You can watch several of his films on Amazon Prime . He talks about his career path from armature boxer to fitness tv host to filmmaker movie star
15/10/2059m 18s

Comics The King Kirby Podcast Drama with Fred Van Lente and Crystal Skillman

Check out the new audio drama based on The Life and career of Jack Kirby https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/king-kirby/id1534026739
12/10/201h 19m

Comics Doug Wagner Talks Thomas River Spy and Crime Comics for 12 Gage Studios

Doug talks about his new comic Thomas River with Brian Stelfreeze
12/10/2058m 54s

Comics NFL Star Lance Briggs and Kyle Higgins Set The Trap

This isn't Lance's first comic. He created the hero Seraphin for Top Cow.. This time he and Kyle are creating a futuristic world that's relatable as sports is the way out of the oppressive under-dwellings people live in. We talk about a lot of 90s comics like the punisher and a lot more .Check out their campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/457252441/the-trap-presented-by-nfl-star-lance-briggs-and-kyle-higgins
08/10/201h 59m

Comics John Romita Jr

So glad to welcome back John Romita talking about his approach to art and all the great collaborations he's had at DC and Marvel
07/10/201h 6m

Film Horror Quiz With Tim and Paola Seeley and Mike Moreci

It's Quiz time with the Seeleys annd Mike Moreci.
28/09/201h 57m

Comics Phillip Kennedy Johnson The End Of The Marvel Universe

Phillip talks about his new dramatic spin on Marvel Zombies Resurrection we also discuss hgis Captain America arc in the Empyre event. Plus Kill A Man his new Aftershock OGN co-written with Steve Orlando, The Last God 12 issue maxi series from DC and much more
24/09/201h 19m

Comics Gerry Conway- What do we do with The Punisher in today's society ?

Gerry talks about the current controversies surround his creation, Frank Castle and the use of the Punisher's logo by police and military personnel.? Plus TV writing for Dick Van Dyke, Movie writing for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also Luke Cage, Spider-Man, His Justice League run, and much more
22/09/201h 25m

Comics Chuck Austen vs The Internet

Sometimes it looked that way ...From King Of The Hill To Steven Universe From X-men and War Machine to Superman and JLA Chuck Austen has seen it all in animation and comics. During his time on books like x-men at Marvel and Superman at DC you could call Chuck patient zero as one of the first internet targets of social media. We talk about one really harsh moment of fan rudeness Chuck endured and I witnessed at C2E2 back in the early oughts. Regardless Chuck has had an incredible run in animation working on King Of The Hill, Steven Universe and Rocky and Bullwinkle to name a few shows. He's also working on a new project for Dreamwork he can't talk about and has a great new Comixology Originals Sci-Fi adventure called Edgeworld, with Pat Olliffe Here's a link to my first audio talks with Chuck https://www.spreaker.com/episode/17014147
20/09/201h 9m

Comics Inside Top Cow with Hawkins Phillips Barajas and Kaplan

From Mainframe Comic Con - The Top Cow panel Moderated by writer Henry Barajas witth Publisherb Matt Hawkins and writers Stephanie Phillips and Zack Kaplan
18/09/201h 8m

Comics The Hard Road With B Clay Moore pt 2

More writing adventures with Clay at DC Comics with the Whistling Skull and Batman, plus consumer tie in comics for gatorade and Subway. Then we get fukll details of Clay's new crime comic for aftershock Miles To Go
17/09/201h 27m

Comics The Hard Road With B Clay Moore pt 1

In the early 2000s Clay was a hot Image writer with a critically acclaimed series Hawaiian Dick, and life got in the way, We discuss great books Clay wrote that get optioned and shelved . From The Leading Lady to Billy Smoke to many close calls at DC. More stories from Clay in part 2
17/09/201h 46m

Comics Andrew Pepoy Learned From The Legends Ditko Swan Kirby ...

Check out Pepoy''s Kickstarter for Simone and Ajax at this URL http://bit.ly/simoneandajaxAndrew is here to promote his kickstarter campaign for his delightful all adventure collection of Simone and Ajax stories. We also talk about his work over the years inking over some of the legends of comics like Steve Ditko Mark Buckingham and Curt Swan . Plus many creator encounters with Jack Kirby Ramona Fradon Leonard Starr and others.
15/09/201h 46m

Comics Chip Zdarsky Mainframe Comic Con

Chip is back to take audience questions about Daredevil his new Boom! book Stillwater his marvel work and sex criminals . Plus his upcoming story for Detective 1027 with Matt Fraction
14/09/201h 0m

Comics Trivia Quiz with Fred Van Lente

Fred also discusses his new OGN on The History Of Basketball
13/09/201h 43m

Comics Erica Schultz On Her Comic Book History

A great spotlight panel from Mainframe ComicCon Erica lays out her comics career, From working as art director at Neal Adams continuity studio to writing Daredevil at Marvel, and her new Comixology Original series Forgotten Home
10/09/2058m 19s

Comics Green Lantern Earth One with Bechko Hardman

Corrina Bechko and Gabe Hardman talk about their latest volume of Green Lantern, which features a more realistic spin on Hal Jordan-Astronaut. We also talk about Corrina's new mini series based on The Expanse for Boom! Studios coming in December and some DC digital first Batman stories they both have coming up.
09/09/201h 17m

Comics AWA crime panel with Axel Alonso Christa Faust Jason Starr Mike Deodato Will Conrad

A fun conversation from Mainframe Comic Con, featuring the stars of AWA's Upshot Imprint. Featuring Axel Alonso Christa Faust Jason Starr Mike Deodato and Will Conrad
07/09/201h 3m

Pop Culture During Covid With Robert Meyer Burnett pt 2

more with Rob including our obligatory chats about Star Trek Star Wars and comics
06/09/202h 42m

Pop Culture During Covid With Robert Meyer Burnett pt 1

Rob checks in to talk about what he's been up to since the virus hit. we talk about growing up in the 80s watching the pop culture nexus between film tv and music, and a lot more
06/09/202h 11m

Comics Insider Art Kickstarter With Shelly Bond and Kris Simon

Shelly and Kris discuss the comics anthology and their kickstarter campaign raising money for Female LGBTQ and non binary comic shop owners
04/09/201h 1m

Comics Powers 20th OGN Launch Party With Bendis and Oeming

The creators of Powers join me for a spoiler free discussion about their final OGN on the series and a retrospective of the comic and tv shows. How does it all end?
02/09/202h 24m

Comics Jamal Igle Stuart Moore Mark Russell and The Ahoy Comics Team

Some Of The Men and Women Behind the hilarious comics of Ahoy. Featuring Mark Russell, Richard Pace, Jamal Igle, Stuart Moore,and Soo Lee
31/08/201h 0m

Comics Howard Chaykin Jim Mahfood and The Creators Of Neo Text

A great panel discussion about the new publishing initiative NeoText, created to present novellas of genre fiction non fiction and essays on geek culture featuring spot illustrations and with the text. On the panel are Howard Chaykin, Jim Mahfood, Chloe Maveal, Nicholas Mennuti, and Adam Roberts. Check out their new line of books priced at 99 cents at https://neotextcorp.com/
31/08/201h 5m

Film Mr Skin The History Of Nudity In Cinema a wb scene missing special

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Internet pioneer Jim McBride aka Mr Skin has made an incredible documentary about the history of film nudity
31/08/2030m 16s

Comics A Coffeehouse Romance With Johnnie Chrjstmas

Johnnie is back to discuss his new Comixology OGN Crema
30/08/201h 11m

Chadwick Boseman RIP With Jeremy Haun

During this conversation Friday night with Jeremy on Word Balloon Live we learned the sad real time news of Black Panther Actor Chadwick Boseman's passing. At 28:55-54:26 of the conversation, we discuss the loss, and his obvious impact on the World with his incredible body of work. His films and performances will stand the test of time. Haun also discusses his rec ent comics like Red Mother from Boom, a new Comixology Mini Series 40 seconds and Haunthology a great series of horror stories.
29/08/202h 42m

Comics Foreign Intrigue With Stephen Mooney

Stephen talks about his WW2 Action comic Half Past Danger
26/08/201h 6m

Television Lucifer Season 5a Spoilers With Joe Henderson

Lucifer's Co-Showrunner Producer Joe Henderson discusses all 8 new episodes that are running now on Netflix. We go episode by episode character by character. From the start of episode one to the cliffahnger in episode 8. Plus we tease details of season 5B and season 6.
23/08/201h 10m

Comics 50yrs Of Superman With Jurgens Ordway Kupperberg and Maggin

Writers Dan Jurgens Jerry Ordway Paul Kupperberg and Elliot S1 Maggin chat about the Man Of Steel in this Mainframe Comic Con Panel
20/08/201h 6m

Animation The Justice League Table Read From Mainframe Comic Con

Saturday the entire JLU cast got together for an epic script run through with Voice Director Andrea Romano . Join Maria Canals Barerra Phil Lemarr Susan Eisenberg Clancy Brown Carl Lumbly George Newbern Michael Rosenbaum and Kevin Conroy for an epic live acting session and in depth discussion .
18/08/201h 28m

Comics Friday Night Hangout With Bendis Fraction DeConnick Mack Oeming Soma and Walker pt2

More of Mainframe Comic Con's Preview night featuring a loose conversation with Brian Bendis David Mack Mike Oeming Taki Soma Matt Fraction Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Walker
17/08/202h 30m

Comics a Friday Night Hang Out With Fraction DeConnick and Bendis pt1

From Mainframe Comic Con's Preview Night a casual hang out in 2 parts. First up Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick joins us to talk Aquaman Wonder Woman Jimmy Olsen Sex Criminals and their stories featured in Detective 1027
17/08/201h 36m

Comics Mark Waid Talks Marvel Humanoids his DC Past...and Future?

Could a new Superman run be in Mark's Future? Listen closely. We also talk about The invisible Woman Dr Strange and other recent Marvel runs, his EIC job at Humanoids and fans talks about The Flash FF and other great story runs from Mark's past
13/08/201h 16m

Comics Tom Taylor Talks 7 Secrets Suicide Squad DCeased Injustice

Tom talks about his hit new book from Boom out today and already a sell put. The International Mystery Seven Secrets Then we go over all of Tom's hit books from DC The new slew of characters he's created for Suicide Squad , The extinction level events in DCeased and the latest volume of InjusticePlus a preview of his Marvel What If series in this year's free comic book summer book. That series starts early next year
12/08/201h 20m

Comix Mike Hawthorne On His OGN Happiness Will Follow

The great Marvel artists stretches with his autobiography . Mike and his single mom had a rough life growing up in Puerto Rico and in Philadelphia in the 80s and 90s filled with crime and violence to survive and dealing with those mixed feelings .
12/08/201h 18m

TV Rewatch To The Outer Limit(S) Ep1 The Galaxy Being

Co Host Gabe Hardman and I discuss the classic 1963 sci-fi series. Today it's epsiode 1 with Cliff Robertson starring in The Galaxy Being
09/08/2059m 10s

Comics Eisner winner Chip Zdarsky Talks Daredevil XMen Vs FF Stillwater and more

Along with his Marvel books Stillwater is a new Image book Chip is doing with Ramon Perez
01/08/201h 29m

Comics Jim Terry Man Of Two Worlds

Jim's new autobiographical OGN Come Home Indio tells the story of a man born half Irish and half Native American, but feeling apart from both cultures. It's a gripping story that any teenager from divorced parents can relate to, but also gives insight to growing up in the 80's surrounded by an indifferent pop culture. Comics saved Jim and this is his story.
30/07/201h 3m

Comics John Con pt2 with Seeley Percy Bond Cantwell Chu Oeming Soma Ayala Sharp Slott

Featuring: Tom King, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Liam Sharp, Dan Slott, Shelly and Philip Bond, Mike Oeming, Taki Soma,Tim Seeley, Chris Cantwell, Robert Venditti Vita Ayala, Ben Percy, Amy Chu, Phil Jimenez, Franco! and more...!
27/07/201h 35m

Ep 1120 Comics John Con pt 1 W Ordway Jimenez Ayala Chu Bensons Sharp Vendetti

The Only thing missing from Comic Con At Home was an after hours hang out . Enter JohnCon. Julie and Shawna Benson and I reached out to friends to join us, like Jerry Ordway Phil Jimenez Amy Chu Vita Ayala Liam Sharp amd Dan Slott .More guests and conversation in parts 2 and 3
26/07/201h 17m

Comics The Rucka Debrief

Talking Lois Lane The Old Guard film and comics, Stumptown, Batwoman, Batman Marvel runs Lazarus Gotham Central Queen and Country, Greg's Novels and more
24/07/202h 7m

Comics Dan Jurgens and The Sons Of Batman

Dan discusses his runs on Nightwing Batman Beyond, plus past runs on Superman Thor and Captain America
23/07/201h 22m

Comix The Pandemix Charity Anthology with Dean Haspiel and Whitney Matheson

Dean and Whitney discuss this fantastic anthology with full proceeds going to the hero initiative . it's only 6 dollars and is reminiscent of the McSweeny comix collections featuring works from Dean, Whitney. Josh Neufeld Marguerite Dabaie Peter RostovskyJoan ReillyN. Steven Harris and Frank Reynoso Kristen Radtke Morgan Pielli Dave ProchJen Ferguson J.J. Colagrande and George O’ConnorEllen Lindner Jeffrey Burandt and Christa Cassano and Owen Brozman.Order it at patreon.com/pandemix
23/07/201h 39m

Comics Getting Kids back in Comic Shops with Richard Starkings

Rich talks about his local shop @Infinity_FluxHis series @elephantmennow publishing as a @comixology originals series Alan Davis runs like Batman in Detective The great Brian Bolland and The Killing Joke, His years at Marvel UK, editing Doctor Who Monthly with Dave Gibbons art, 2000AD memories and much more
19/07/202h 20m

TV Jamie Farr Duck Tales and Disney Animation With Tad Stones

First Jamie Farr MASH's Corporal Klinger shared his favorite comic books with us, then Tad is the Creator Of Darkwing Duck and worked on Disney film and Tv shows like Buzz Lightyear and Hercules for over 30 years. He also made The Hellboy animated features . He shares great stories
18/07/203h 36m

Axel Alonso His Vertigo and Marvel Years and AWA's Upshot Comics

Axel covers past triumphs and controversies in his years at Vertigo and Marvel, and gives us details on his new line of books Upshot Comics from AWA.
15/07/201h 28m

Comics Frankenstien's Kung Fu Journey With Tom Kelly

Foot Fist Frankenstien takes the monster from the end of the original story to a pastiche of the far east. Tom Kelly has a kickstarter campaign for his monster martial arts graphic novel that deserves your attention and support
12/07/201h 11m

Movies Greg Rucka The Old Guard Review SPOILERS

SPOILERS! The new Netflix film based on Greg and Leandro Fernandez Image series has dropped. It's a tight military espionage action film asking big questions about mortality. Charlize Theron and the cast are welll cast . We discuss the films themes and plot, and the potential for sequels
10/07/201h 18m

Comics Batman Joker War Death Metal with James Tynion IV

The creation of Punchline and other vilians, his detective comics and justice lague runs and a preview of joker war and Death Metal . All covered in this conversation.
09/07/202h 4m

Comics Legend Elliot S Maggin on Superman JLA Joker and More

Elliot has a great new podcast wher he reads from his novels "Elliot Makes stuff up." We talk about various DC Runs stories from the DC Bullpen in the70s and lots more.
09/07/201h 40m

Animation Harley Quinn Season 2 wrap with Patrick Schumacker

Think of these conversations as the DVD commentaries. SPOILERS All the Harley Ivy fans finally get what they've wanted for a long time. The admission of both that they love each other. Co-Showrunner of The Animated Harley series, Patrick gives us great stories and the episodes of season 2. From Darkseid to The team-up of Two Face and Bane from the betrayal of one of Harley's crew, to the introductions of Batgirl, Catwoman and...The Macaroni?
07/07/202h 15m

Comics It's Katie Cook's Multiverse We Just Live In It

Katie is the Guardian Of Marvel's Earth-10 where she's writing The Avengers and Spider-Verse stories. We talk about those plus Star Wars Frozen 2 Tangled and her creator owned stories like Gronk (and her NFL Superbowl Moment with the series) and Nothing Special for Web Toons the South Korean based web comics platform that has millions of subscribers globally.
07/07/201h 7m

Comics Paul Jenkins Talks Batman Spider-Man Hellblazer,The Inhumans,

Paul joined us live to revisit runs on Batman, The Inhumans Spider_Man The Sentry and Captain America for Marvel, plus he touted his upcoming Kickstarter for Fairy Quest Volume 3Please hit the like and subscribe buttons above. Hear the full archive of 15 years of word balloon interviews here www,wordballoon.com https://www.spreaker.com/show/word-ba...questions? Email john at john@wordballoon.comsupport the show's patreon page patreon.com/wordballoon
06/07/201h 34m

Comics The Irish Zorro ? With Eoin McCauley

Think of this guy as Zorro's father and Batman's grandfather. Eion is writing a graphic novel about William Lamport a real 17th century historical adventurer who left Ireland to spy on Mexico for the King Of Spain only to become a hero for Mexican Independence. How's that for a 4th of July story?
03/07/201h 21m

An Aquaman Deep Dive With Kelly Sue DeConnick

An intense conversation with Kelly that also addresses the recent sexual harassment behavior by various creators. This includes Warren Ellis whom hass mentored Kelly Sue in positive ways without any abusive behavior. Kel addresses what she feel needs to be done to clean up this terrible abuse towards women and men in the comics industry by people of power.The we get into fun discussions about her work on Aquaman, The upcoming Wonder Woman Black Then the conversation gets into lighter subjects like her Aquaman run at DC Her upcoming Wonder Woman Black Label series with Phil Jimenez her Detective 1027 story with John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson, and her creator owned books Pretty Deadly with Emma Rios and Bitch Planet with Val D'Landro .
02/07/202h 23m

Comics Nicola Scott A True Wonder Woman

Birds Of Prey Secret Six Wonder Woman are among the DC work we discuss with Nicola. Collaborations with Gail Simone JT Krull and Greg Rucka along with her creator owned book with Greg, Black Magick
01/07/202h 3m

ep 1097 DC Animation, The James Tucker Era

From Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox To Justice League Dark Apocalypse War, Writer/Supervising Producer James Tucker Cast and Crew told a 15 film 7 year story continuity. We talk about the characters comic book influences and philosophies. We also Talk about James' extensive TV work work with Bruce Timn and Dwayne McDuffie , and showrunning Superman and The Legion Of Superheroes, and Batman The Brave And Bold. Hear the full archive or word balloon interviews here https://www.spreaker.com/show/word-balloon-comics-podcastquestions? Email john at john@wordballoon.comsupport the show's patreon page patreon.com/wordballoon
29/06/201h 48m

Games Lockdown Trivia With Fred VanLente

Play aloing as Quizmaster Fred challenges our brains with rounds of nerd culture questions.
28/06/201h 17m

Comics The Strange Adventures Of King Gerads and Shaner

We talk about Adam Strange Mr Terrific and the maxi series by Tom King Mitch Geards and Doc Shaner
25/06/202h 10m

Comics Insider Art and Garage Bands With Chynna Clugston Flores and Shelly Bond

Shelly and Chynna talk about their efforts on the Insider Art Anthology and our mutual love of 80's Music and the History of Garage Band Rock
22/06/201h 18m

TV Marc Bernardin's Celeb Nerdalouges and Star Trek Picard Season 2 talk

Marc's charity initiative matches our favorite nerd celebs with famous TV and Film monologues. All supporting Black Lives Matter organizations
19/06/201h 0m

The Birth Of Digital Comics with Richard Starkings

Writer Richard Starkings talks about his belief in Digital comics from over 10 years ago with his Hip Flask and Elephantmen series. We talk about his new Comixology Original Supernatural Adventure series Ask For Mercy with Abigail Jill Harding and His hilarious vegan satire The Beef with Tyler Shainline and Shaky Kane
17/06/201h 54m

Comics: Batman In The O'Neil Style, With Greg Rucka

Greg talks about Denny O'Neil's philosophies in writing and editing Batman adn The Question . O'Neil recruited Rucka to write Bat stories after reading his Novel Finder and it resulted in a 21 year friendship.
15/06/201h 39m

Comics Denny O'Neil The Comics

2 talks from 2007 and 2018 all about Denny's stories. From Batman To Green :antern Green Arrow and beyond.
14/06/203h 11m

Comics Dennis O'Neil: The Man

From January 2018. In his own words Denny talks about his life.
14/06/202h 23m

Comics Scott Snyder On Death Metal Batman Joker and The Undiscovered Country

Scott has a lot to say about his Metal story which culminates in Death Metal Starting Wednessday the 17th. We discuss the Batman Who laughs, his Batman and Justice League runs and a whole lot more. Plus insight about his new Image Sci-Fi series The Undiscovered Country with Charles Soule.
12/06/202h 9m

Movies and TV Talk With Robert Meyer Burnett and Larry Young

Rob Larry and I Talk about Rebooted Tv and Film James Bond Star Trek and More
12/06/202h 10m

TV The Toys (And Movies) That Made Us Creator Brian Volk Weiss

Brian Tells us about his new series A Toy Store Near You, featuring stores from all over the country dealing with the small business challenges of running a store during the Covid-19 Virus. Watching the show generates royalties proceeds to help the stores featured in the series. It airs on Amazon Prime and YouTube. We also discuss future projects with Disney + and The Rock, plus his work on comedy stand up specials and documentaries featuring Kevin Hart Aziz Ansari and the late Bill Hicks.
08/06/2047m 27s

Ep 1080 Creator Comics David Hyde Breaks Through The Noise

David Hyde Of Superfan Promotions talks about helping his client creators get to the right publicity outlets to promote their books, his years at DC Comics, and how the Market has changed in the last 20 years.
08/06/201h 21m

Comics The Origin Of Marvel Knights With Joe Quesada

Joe gives us his memories of how he and Jimmy Palmiotti were approached by Marvel to take over a couple Marvel titles. The result was Marvel Knights and it led to a massive turnaround when Marvel was facing bankruptcy, to becoming the pop culture juggernaut it is today.
04/06/2058m 18s

Comics Lockdown Trivia With Fred Van Lente

Fred is the quizmaster and it's mne versus you in this quiz featuring comics, movies tv and more. We also talk about the new releases of Action Presidents featuring true stories of George Washington and Abe Lincoln
04/06/201h 17m

Television Stargirl S1 Episode 3 Recap with Geoff Johns

Geoff goes deep behind the scenes with the new episode Icicle
03/06/2039m 55s

Comics Heavy Metal's Past Present and Comic Book Future

Heavy Metal Creative Execs Matt Medney and Dave Erwin talk about the legacy of Heavy Metal Magazine, with issue 299 coming out in 2 weeks, and issue 300 in August. They talk about the new monthly Heavy Metal comic books like the new Tarna monthgly series.Dave also has great stories about working at DC during the production of the Dark Knight film, and creating the transformers backstory bible for Hasbro and their films.
01/06/201h 16m

Comics Star Wars and Curse Words With Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

Charles gives us a Star Wars Update on his upcoming new Novel and Ryan tells us about his work on Quantum and Woody. Then they both talk about their Curse Words Omnibus Kickstarter Campaign
01/06/201h 38m

Classic Films Scene Missing With Hilary Barta and Will Pfeifer

Old movie talk about Hollywood's golden age
31/05/202h 5m

ep 1070 Comics Hangout With Allison Baker and Chris Roberson

Allison gives us a Winonna Earp Syfy TV Update and Chris Talks Writing Hellboy, with lots of other geek subjects in the conversation mix. We also look back at their digital imprint Monkeybrain Comics, still going on with the dgital version of Bandette by Colleen coover and Paul Tobin
30/05/201h 45m

Comics Chip Moshier Talks Comixology and His New LA Crime OGN Blacking Out

Chip Moshier and peter Krause have a Kickstarter Campaign for the book that deserves your attention
28/05/201h 15m

Comics Peter Krause New Crime OGN Blacking out

Peter and Chip Moshier have a Kickstarter Campaign for the book that deserves your attention
28/05/2053m 35s

Geoff Johns Reviews Stargirl Eps 1 and 2

SPOILERS Behind the scenes facts from Geoff about the new CW and DC Universe TV Series
27/05/2045m 18s

Writing Your First Comic Tips From Sam Humphries

The Hammer is back! Sam talks about writing Harley Quinn and Dial H For Hero . We also talk about him co-hosting DC Daily on DC Universe , but Sam has a ton of tips about writing your first comic book .
26/05/201h 38m

Animation Harley Quinn review Season 1 eps 11 12 13 with Patrick Schumacker

Behind the scenes stories about episodes 11 12 and 13 from Patrick. Watch the videos at word balloon's YouTube channel
25/05/201h 35m

Comics Alex de Campi on Bad Karma Madi Dracula Mother Fu**er and More

Alex's Bad Karma is another new Panel syndicate Pay what you want digital comic about 2 former army vets in an action packed homefront story. We talk about her upcoming 70's Dracula Book set in 70's LA and a new kickstarter OGN co-written with filmmaker Duncan Jones set in Jones's Moon and Mute universe.
21/05/201h 8m

Ep 1059 Geeking Out With Mark Waid An Aw Yeah Comics Special

From The Aw Yeah Comics Podcast Mark Waid hangs out with Franco and Marc Hammond , talking about being life long comics fans. No agenda, just fun conversation
18/05/2037m 56s

A Mike Norton Moment With the AwYeah Podcast

Me Franco Art Baltazar Scoot McMahon and Skoke Campobosso chat with Mike Norton about drawing for DC and Marvel, The Goon, Grumble and Mike's run with Art and Franco on Billy Batson and The Power Of Shazam
17/05/202h 9m

Sci-Fi Comics Comedian Rick Green On The History Of Prisoners Of Gravity

POG was an incredible sci-fi interview tv show that featured Will Eisner Jack Kirby Ray Bradbury among their guests. Rick hosted and co-created the show and was a staple of Canadian Television Comedy on hit shows like Red Green and the sketch comedy troupe The Frantics. Today Rick does a lot of work helping people with ADHD . It's a fascinating conversation.
15/05/2051m 6s

Ep 1053 Comics Mike Oeming and Taki Soma Talk Powers 20th OGN and After Realm

Checking in with one of my favorite comics couples. Mike gives us an update on the upcoming Powers 20th Anniversary Giant graphic novel with Brian Bendis. Mike and Taki also have a new Kickstarter for their series After Realm that deserves your attention.
13/05/201h 58m

Ep 1051 Comics History A Marty Pasko Meditation Pt1

From 2011 Marty and I did a couple marathon sessions that explore his work his time at DC and his reflections of Comic book History and it;s possible future. Look for Part 2 on the feed as well
12/05/202h 53m

Ep 1049 Comics Walter and Louise Simonson an AwYeah Podcast special

From The Aw Yeah podcast, A great chat with the Simonsons. Support the Aw Yeah Comics Store Patreon Page at patreon.com/awyeahcomics
10/05/2051m 43s

Aftershock Comics Joe Pruett

An in depth discussion with Aftershock's chief creative officer
10/05/2037m 4s

The Comics Biz At This moment with Heidi McDonald & Vaneta Rogers

Sharp Points Of View with 2 of the top reporters in the comics biz. Heidi at The Beat and Vaneta one of the top reporters at Newsarama
10/05/202h 44m

ep 1044 Comics Everyday Feels Like Friday With Ed Brubaker

Ed and Marcos Martin had planned their panel syndicate comic Friday long before the pandemic. Who saw this becomming thge hit comic of the spring? Ed talks his view on Digital vs paper comics...or how the 2 can compliment each other in the creative process, We also preview his newest book with Sean Philips Pulp, and he gives new things to watch and read to keep us distracted.
06/05/202h 36m

ep 1043 Comics Lincoln DaVinci and Batman Walk into a Bar, with Brad Meltzer

Brad talks about his latest non fiction novel The Lincoln Conspiracy about the foiled 1st attempt to kill the President by Confederate spies. We also talk about a new Batman story Brad made with Jim Lee for the Our Fighting Forces anthology, and his latest children's biography with Chris Eliopolous I Am Leonardo DaVinci
05/05/201h 0m

ep 1042 Comics The Art Process With Tom Fowler

Tom talks a lot about his art process, in general and the specifics working on DC's Books Of Magic. . We also talk about his years at Mad Magazine, then fall into a wide discussion of the best examples of Canadian Pop Culture from Comedy to film and of course comics
05/05/202h 39m

ep 1041 Animation Harley Quinn S1 Eps 1-4 Analysis With Co-Creator Patrick Schumacker

This is an adult show that isn't afraid of anything. Just like Harley
04/05/202h 19m

ep 1039 Comedy and Animation The Voices Of Phil Lamarr Futurama Justice League Mad TV and more

From Pulp Fiction to Mad TV ...From Hermes and Futurama to Static Shock and John Stewart on Justice League... Phil Lamarr is an incredible comedy and acting talent. We discuss all aspects of his amazing career
01/05/201h 16m

ep 1038 Comics Rick Remender: Well , how did I get here

Not only does Rick have new comics on the way from his Company Giant Generator, bur Netflix adapted Last Day Of American Crime into a new film debuting in June. We talk about his career journey from animation to designing games and finally his comic runs including creator owned books and his run at Marvel with books like Venom and Uncanny X-Force , to creating Deadly Class and it's TV run on Syfy
01/05/201h 35m

Comics Mark Siegel and The Origin Of :01 Books

Have you read American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang? Or books By Faith Erin Hicks? Have Have you read American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang? Or books By Faith Erin Hicks? Shannon Hale? Dan Rather ? They all have books at Marc's great Macmillan Imprint. He tells us the incredible story behind this unique comic publisher. Plus his own OGN Sci-Fi series Five Worlds. The Adventure Zone Podcast becomes an OGN series, and more.
29/04/201h 11m

Comics and TV Geoff Johns Talks Stargirl, Doomsday Clock 3 Jokers and more

Geoff Johns is back discussing his new CW/DCU TV show Stargirl which starts May 18th. We talk about many comic projects including Doomsday Clock, 3 Jokers, Flashpoint and DC Rebirth.
27/04/201h 13m

Comics and Animation With Writer Alan Burnettt on Batman TAS and much more

Animation writing took a big leap forward with The 90's Batman animated series. Alan Burnett was a big part of that with other creative greats. Alan gives many fond memories along with what's coming in the new DC digital Batman The Adventure Continues With Paul Dini and Ty Templeton. Plus many stories of other great DC Animated films, The creation of Batman Beyond and the Live Action BB film that almost happened.
26/04/201h 7m

Sorting Comics With Dan DiDio and Art & Franco

From The Aw Yeah Podcast we present this special conversation with DC Publisher Dan DiDio
24/04/201h 2m

Comics Matt Fraction Fireside Chat Pt1 of 2

Matt is back talking Jimmy Olsen, November and many film TV and book recommendations
24/04/201h 43m

Comics Rob Liefeld Talks Snake Eyes Eko 92 Marvel Creations and Creator Owned History

This was a live streaming conversation held Tuesday Aptil 21st on YouTube Rob looks at his past present and future.
22/04/202h 35m

Comics Paul Dini On His New Batman Digital Book and Batman TAS Memories

Paul is co-writing the New DC Digital First book Batman The Adventures continue with Alan Burnett and drawn by Ty Templeton . Big surprises coming in the 12 part series. We also look back at classic TAS episodes and comic books plus other TV projects at Marvel Star Wars and more.
21/04/201h 9m

The Comics Biz At This Moment With Rich Johnston and Retailer Patrick Brower

Friday DC Comics announced they were partnering with 2 other distributors than diamond to put out the month;y comics starting Tuesday April 28th. I thought this was great news for retailers, but it's more complicated than that. To explain while this "solution" may not be feasible for all comic shops, I spoke to Bleeding Cool's Founder Rich Johnston and Patrick Brower Co-Owner Of Challengers Comics in Chicago for a retailer's point of view
19/04/201h 35m

Animation Co-Showrunner Patrick Schumacher On DCU's Harley Quinn TV series

The title says it all. Patrick gives us the ins and outs of show running the very funny adult animated comedy. Fantastic behind the scenes stories
17/04/201h 26m

Documentary The Masters Of Comic Book Art Filmmaker Ken Viola

Ken Discusses his 1987 documentary which features candid Interviews with Jack Kirby Harvey Kurtzman Neal Adams Will Eisner Art Spiegelman Dave Sim, Frank Miller, Bernie Wrightson and narrated by Harlan Ellison.Great Behind the scenes stories about interviewing these men.
16/04/202h 20m

Comics Staying Indoors With Howard Chaykin

A new discussion about old topics like Howard's 80s pitch for Superman leaving Marvel for First Comics to create American Flagg, Howard's Roman A Clef about the comic book business Hey Kids Comics, and more
15/04/201h 33m

Comics Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp On The Green Lantern

Grant and Liam discuss their excellent run which combines crazy sci-fi and a tight police procedural. Hal Jordan's journey is as much an inward look at himself as it is an exploration of The DC Multiverse
13/04/2045m 4s

Comics Declan Shalvey Talks Crime Comics Writing The Punisher and his OGN Bog Bodies

sorry the previous release had audio issues. Dec tells us about his upcoming Punisher run which includes the debut of Barracuda as a 616 foe. He was created for the Max series by Garth Ennis.We also preview Dec's excellent new crime comic Bog Bodies for Image
11/04/201h 3m

Television Preacher's Julie Ann Emery Talks Bosch Catch-22 Better Call Saul and more

A conversation with Preacher's Lara Featherstone herself! Julie talks about her recent roles and her debut on the 6th season of Bosch dropping next week on Amazon Prime . We discuss the various show runners she's worked with from Vince Gillian to George Clooney and Seth Rogan
10/04/201h 9m

Comics The Bendis Tapes Covid 19 Edition

Brain Checks in to let us know his situation during the virus but also has a message of creative hope. We also squeeze a few laughs in
08/04/201h 25m

Frank Conniff On MST3K Cheesy Movies and Comedy / Steve Bryant The Catch Kickstarter

First up Frank Conniff TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic, and The very funny podcast Movie Sign With The Mads gives us his origin stories and the various comedy projects he's made over the years. Then Steve Bryant joins us to discuss his new crime comic The Catch
08/04/201h 18m

Comic Books Pencils Down With Tim Seeley

You may have seen the Hashtag #PencilsDown. Many comic creators are feeling the pinch of the Covid19 economic downturn. Tim Is here to discuss it. We also talk about Valiant's bad luck with the Bloodshot film and Tim taking over as Editor In Chief Of Heavy Metal Magazine
06/04/201h 14m

Trivia Lockdown Quiz Superheroes with Marc Andreyko and Jason Inman

The category is superheroes, and we played it live last night on YouTube
03/04/201h 25m

Comics Paul Kupperberg DC Bronze Age memories and his How to Write Comics Book

Paul tells tales about writing the Last Jack Kirby story Super Powers, Superman memories from Krypton Kandor and The Superman daily comic strip. Writing movie parodies for Crazy and much more
02/04/201h 20m

The State Of Star Trek Panel Discussion

Featuring IDW Trek Artist JK Woodward, Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle The Question) John Layman (Batman Chew Outer Darkness) David Gallaher (Last Living Boy High Moon) and Scott Larson (Visitations)
02/04/202h 1m

Lockdown Trivia Quiz With Joshua Fialkov and Christina Rice

Old Hollywood The Beatles and Horror Films are the categories in this edition of the Lockdown Quiz with Author And Old Hollywood expert Christina Rice and her husband Television writer and Comic Book Scribe Joshua Hale Fialkov
01/04/201h 49m

Comics Judd Winick talks Hilo Batman Exiles reviving Jason Todd & Killing Dick Grayson

Judd is back with a listener q&a. We talk Shazam, Exiles, Infinite Crisis (nearly) killing Dick Grayson , the seminal return of Jason Todd in Under The Hood, Barry Ween, and his popular all ages graphic novel series Hilo. Plus Judd teases his contribution to the Robin 80th Anniversary book.
30/03/201h 44m

Comic Books Terry Beatty Talks Ms Tree Batman and the Rex Morgan MD Comic Strip

Terry recalls the 80s black and white boom and bust and co creating the Hard Boiled Detective Comic Ms.Tree with Max Allan Collins, he was on the art tem For Batman Adventures, and has spen the last 8 years drawing comic strips. First The Phantom and currently the medical soap opera Rex Morgan MD. How is Rex dealing with Covid19 ?
30/03/201h 38m

Geek Biz COVID19 impact on the business of Pop Culture with Rob Salkowitz

Rob covers the Geek Culture from a business stand point for Forbes.com and ICV2.com he wrote the book Comic Con and The Business Of Pop Culture . We talk about the virus's impact on comic books film TV and live events.
27/03/201h 8m

Trivia The Lockdown Trivia Quiz #1 With Julie and Shawna Benson and Tom King

Julie Shawna and Tom face off in the subjects of classic nerd tv cartoons and films . Play along!
25/03/201h 50m

ep 1004 Comic Books Joe Casey On All America Comix, Ben 10, MCMLXXV (1975), SEX & More

Casey and Dustin Nguyen are back together to tell the story of America Vasquez a legacy hero that discovers the secrets of the universe. She is a screen-ager who is doing the superhero bit her way . Today's generation gap is part of the meta text of this one shot. Plus thoughts on Ben 10 his books 1975 and SEX. Plus his POV on the role of the big two and the creator owned market.
23/03/201h 23m

Comic Books Stephanie Phillips On Artemis and The Assasins Red Atlantis Pirates and More

Stephanie is back to talk about new Aftershock books like the Time Traveling Pulp series artemis and The Assassins and Cold War Intrigue with Red Atlantis . Plus a new historical look at Female Pirates in A Man Among Ye
23/03/2044m 53s

Ep 1001 comic books Dan Slott on FF Iron Man 2020 Empyer Spider-Man and More

Dan Talk about Present Past and future stories, plus nerd talk about Star Wars Doctor Who and Star Trek
19/03/203h 12m

Ep 1000 Comic Books After Hours With Tom King

While we're all sitting in our homes, why not spend the time talking to a friend? Tom and I talk about being at the last convention held before the virus C2E2 and our relief that we didn't get cooties from it. Plus old movie and TV talk comic books, creator and celeb encounters and more.
17/03/202h 21m

Television Whedon Panel Nathan Fillion Elizabeth Rohm Nicholas Brendan

Word Balloon At 15 flashback A crazy panel I moderated from 2008 With Nick Brendan (Xander From Buffy) Elizabeth Rohm (Kate From Angel) and Nathan Fillion ( Mal FromFirefly)
14/03/2046m 35s

Comic Books Jerry Ordway talks Batman 89 Joker, New Projects and more

A fun breezy chat with behind the scenes stories of Batman 89. How did Jack Nicholson react to his comic book likeness? Also we talk about the other great Joker performances new projects for Jerry with P Craig Russell, and a lot of looks at past comic runs and future projects.
11/03/202h 42m

Comic Books Coronavirus Cancels Comic Cons With Ed Catto

Ed, one of the organizers of Ithacon talks about the health problem that has cancelled his show, SXSW Emerald City Con and who knows how many more? We also discuss his work with Captain Action The Twilight Zone Comics and a new collection of Pirate Comics created by golden age masters
11/03/201h 12m

Television Star Trek Picard Ep 6 and 7 Review SPOILERS

Making up time coveringthe last 2 eps
07/03/201h 2m

Television Svengoolie Live at C2E2 2020

Rich Koz takes live questions at his C2E2 panel. There's a video of the panel too on Wordballoon's Youtube channel
06/03/201h 9m

The Comic Book History of Animation With Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

The men behind The Comic Book History Of Comics are back and need your kickstarter support!
06/03/201h 25m

Comic Books Money Shot A Rated R Talk with Sarah Beattie and Tim Seely

Sarah and Tim talk frankly about their sci-fi sex comic Money Shot from Vault Comics. WARNING STRONG SEXUAL TALK in this conversation , because that's where the funny comes from. Sarah talks about writing jokes for SNL's weekend update and her battles with the comicsgate folk. Both she and Tim talk about how they got together to write this very funny book.
02/03/201h 7m

Television Pop Culture Robservations Pt 2 With Robert Meyer Burnett

The conversation Continues With Looks at new TV Film Books and classic Sci-fi and Horror
25/02/201h 41m

Television Mid Season Star Trek Picard Review With Trekspert Robert Meyer Burnett

Part 1 of our new marathon talk is all about Star Trek Picard SPOILERS
25/02/201h 41m

Comic Books Dave Gibbons Talks New Projects HBO's Watchmen Kingsmen and more

Dave Gibbons is back talking about a New Video Game and other new projects in development, plus thoughts on his art process revisiting the British Invasion years at 1980s DC, The Kingsmen/Secret Service phenomenon and his thoughts on The HBO Watchmen
21/02/201h 42m

Comic Books History Word Balloon at 15 - Gene Colan

As we get closer to Word Balloon's 15th anniversary May 10th I'll be re-presenting classic conversations. Like this one with The Dean . A career spanning conversation from 2005
21/02/201h 3m

Comic Book Documentary Han Allred's Space Face The Mike Allred Story

Han talks about his documentary and kickstarter campain on his unconventional look at the life and career of his Father- Artist Supreme Mike Allred
19/02/2043m 40s

In Memoriam Archie Comics EIC Victor Gorelick

The former EIC and Co-President Of Archie Comics passed away this weekend. He had been with Archie since 1958. Here's a December 2018 conversation with Victor on all the changes and innovations Gorelick oversaw, from the 1969 debut of Sugar Suger, to the CW's Riverdale and Netflix Sabrina series and thoughts and storise about Victor and the new Archie CW show Katy Keane with Archie Exec Mike Pellerito
11/02/202h 19m

Comic Books The Spy Series BANG with writer Matt Kindt

Matt is back to talk about his new Spy Seriers BANG, with a sci-fi twist.
24/01/201h 22m

TV Star Trek Picard Ep1 Review SPOILERS with Franco

A Full breakdown of the new Patrick Stewart Star Trek TV Series with plenty of spoilers and observations
24/01/201h 6m

TV Star Trek Picard Discovery Previews with W Blaine Dowler

Podcaster Blogger Blaine Likes Star Trek discovery. I don't. Let the conversation begin...
22/01/202h 33m

Television Robert Meyer Burnett on Star Trek Picard Discovery Watchmen and more

The Director Of Free Enterprise and the host of You Tube's Robservations is back to talk Trek and Other TV and Films
11/01/203h 8m

Movies The Matrix 20th Anniversary With Geof Darrow

From 2005 Geof was one of the conceptual artists on the groundbreaking 1999 film. He shares many behind the scene stories about who were other actors considered for Neo. We also talk about Geif's comics like Hard Boiled and Big Guy & Rusty The Robot with Frank Miller, Shaolin Cowboy, and working with Mobius .
31/12/191h 3m

Comic Books Hero Of The Decade Miles Morales with BENDIS!

The First and last Conversations about The creation of Miles Morales with Brian Bendis from 2011 and 2017
30/12/191h 9m

Movies and TV Pre New Years Eve Party with Art & Franco! Scoot And Skokie Spidey

More loose movie and TV talk about CATS! The Irishman and recasting The Rise Of Skywalker with other celebs, featuring the almost voices of Bill Cosby Joe Pesci Donald Trump, Jamie Farr and Mathew McConaughey
30/12/191h 10m

Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker Spoilers With Art & Franco

SPOILERS! A crazy discussion about Episode 9 and the Star Wars Mythos in general with The Cast Of The Aw Yeah Podcast Art Baltazar Franco! Scoot McMahon and Skokie Spidey
27/12/191h 46m

The Rise and Fall Of The Marvel Comics Movie Panel With Joe Q and Bendis

During The Holiday Weeks Word Balloon is re-releasing important conversations from 2010-2019. Here's a few talks with Joe Quesada Marvel's Chief Creative office talking about the the Marvel Movie panel's involvement in the MCU films, Netflix and ABC TV and Animation. He, Brian Bendis Publisher Dan Buckley and Alan Light would confer with filmmakers with input on scrips and film direction. and a talk with Brian Bendis when the news dropped that Kevin Feige would no longer work with the panel.
23/12/192h 29m

Television Comic Books Mark Millar The Barefoot (Netflix) Exectutive

In this new chat, Mark Millar opened up about being a Netflix executive. In April 2017 The streaming company bought Millarworld Mark's comic book imprint and story library , and hired him to oversee their adaptations to film and TV properties and create new concepts.In this interview he discusses the production progress on several of his comic creationsbeing adapted into films and television series including Jupiter's Legacy,American Jesus, and Huck. You'll hear about casting choices, screenwriters and directorsfor the various projects. Plus he talks about the status of the Millar propertiesat other studios made prior to the Neflix deal like Kick-Ass KingsmanStarlight and Nemesis.Millar also talks about his observations on the TV Film and Comics markets.He gives his reactions to Brian Bendis choice to reveal Superman's Clark KentIdentity, thoughts on DC and Marvel, and the current strength and growth ofcreator owned comics. Plus Mark chats about the return of his American Jesus story arc. The firstissue of the second chapter dropped this past Wednesday
19/12/191h 27m

Cartoons Ralph Bakshi Talks Wizards, Spider-Man 67 Mighty Mouse TerryToons and more

From Feb 2013 . Ralph talks about making cartoon movies with out thinking about the merchandise. We talk about his early days of animation and his most recent release Last Days Of Coney Island now playing at Youtube and Vimeo
17/12/1941m 47s

Comic Books Matthew Rosenberg Talks Marvel Hawkeye FreeFall Black Mask and The Wu Tang Clan

Fun talk with Matthew as he previews the New Years Release Of Hawkeye FreeFall drawn by Otto Schmidt . We talk about past runs of The Punisher Kingpin and Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man . Plus Matt's comics at Black Mask Studios Adventures with Rza and Ghost of The Wu Tang Clan and more
13/12/191h 39m

Comic Books Time Travel With Tony Fleecs Plus Star Wars My Little Pony and More

Tony is back talking about his new Action Lan Graphic Novel Timeshopper Drawn by Christian Meesey. It's hilarious and beautiful! Plus My Little Pony and Star Wars talk
13/12/192h 2m

Comic Book TV Jeph Loeb and The History Of Marvel Television pt1

As Variety reported the coming end of Marvel Television, we look back at conversations with Marvel TV's President Jeph Loeb on the beginnings of the TV production company
11/12/191h 30m

Comix David Lloyd Talks Aces Weekly V For Vendetta Kickback and more

In case you haven't noticed, David Lloyd isn't drawing comic books any more. He's still very much involved in the medium creating the digital comic anthology Aces Weekly, a weekly digital only comic featuring serialized stories in genres from humor to crime adventure and sci-fi. David's current creativity is pointed at publishing this digital only comic. He's stopped drawing to concentrate on this effort. He talks about his view on the current comics market and looks back at V For Vendetta, his war comics with Garth Ennis and his crime graphic novel Kickback
10/12/191h 35m

Cartoons Batman Gotham Knight DVD Talks With Bruce Timm Alan Burnett Greg Rucka Brian Azzarello

A look back at the 2008 animated collection of Batman shorts that came out just before the 2nd Christopher Nolan Batman film The Dark Knight. Conversations about Batman with Bruce Timm Greg Rucka Brian Azzarello Composer Christopher Drake and Alan Burnett
10/12/191h 23m

Cartoons Batman The Brave And Bold Cast and Producers Look Back

Ten Years later a retrospective look ar interviews with showrunners James Tucker and Michael Jelenick, and Stars Diedrich Bader and John DiMaggio
08/12/191h 49m

Cartoons Harley Quinn Showrunner Patrick Schumacher Streaming On DC Universe

We go behind the scenes of the new Harley cartoon starring Kaley Cucco, (Harley) Alan Tudyk, (The Joker) and Lake Bell (Poison Ivy)
06/12/191h 16m

Comic Books Henry Barajas Great Grandfather and the Urbanization of Tucson

Henry Barajas is a Latinx author from Tucson, AZ. He is best known for his graphic memoir about his great-grandfather Ramon Iaurigue titled La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo. We talk about his family and life in his tribe and the Urbanization of Tucson .
06/12/191h 8m

Comic Books Matt Fraction Is Torturing Jimmy Olsen

Matt talks about his spin on Jimmy working with Greg Rucka and Brian Bendis in the Superman universe and much more
02/12/192h 23m

Comic Books Happy Birthday Keith Giffen

From 2006 Keith talks Lobo The Bwa Ha Ha Justice League years, the creation Of Power Girl Legion Of Super Heroes and much more
02/12/191h 30m

Comic Books The Horrors Of Social Media Children With Mathew Klickstein

Mathew's You Are Obsolete puts a 21st Century spin on The "Village Of The Damned/ Children Of The Corn" Trope . It's a great new Aftershock Comic . Plus we talk about his many cool books like co-writing the Simpsons Chronicle Springfield Confidential, The Oral History Of Nickelodeon TV and more,
30/11/191h 43m

The Anatomy Of DC Universe Animation With Andrea Romano

Casting and Voice Director Andrea Romano joins us with great behind the scene tales of Justice League, Batman : The Animated Series and many DCU Animated Films. Plus The Boondocks, celeb casting choices and more.
27/11/191h 1m

Comic Books Superman Vs Spider-Man Killing Gwen Stacy and Other Tales From Gerry Conway

2 great chats from 2009 and 2013 with the legendary writer. We talk Spider-Man, Superman The Creation Of The Punisher The Last Days On Animal Man, Marvel B/W Magazines and so much more.
25/11/192h 15m

Comics & Television Christos Gage on Arno Stark Iron Man 2020 Gwen Stacy & Netflix Daredevil

100% Marvel talk! Chris is back to discuss Tony's Brother Arno taking over as The Iron Man of 2020., The upcoming Gwen Stacy 616 solo book with Todd Nauck , plus his TV writing days on Hawaii 5-O and The Netflix Daredevil series.
22/11/191h 31m

Television From Get Smart To Love Boat and Silicon Valley Actor Bernie Kopell

One Of Televisions funniest actors. Bernie talks about many highlights in his career from playing the diabolical Sigfried of KAOS in Get Smart to happy go lucky Jerry in That Girl to 13 years as Dr Adam Bricker on the iconic Love Boat . In between, Bernie would have featured roles on shows like The Odd Couple, The Doris Day Show, and had recent stints on CBS's Mom and HBO's Silicon Valley. Bernie has shared his skills with many of the great comedy creators like Mel Brooks Carl Reiner Marlo Thomas and Chuck Lorre . He tells many hilarious tales about his adventures in show biz, including playing the voice of an evil secret agent chimp in Lancelot Link
21/11/1957m 22s

Comic Books The Art Of Dave Gibbons on Watchmen Kingsman The Secret Service and more

From past conversations, Dave talks about Watchmen, Kingsman: The Secret Service , Superman For The Man Who Has Everything, Rouge Trooper and more
19/11/191h 42m

Comics And Film Small Press and B Movie Adventures With Dave Baker

Dave talks about his comics, his screenwriting adventures and his YouTube work for Total Nerd. We talk about Dave Gibbons encounters , our love of low budget films and a lot more.
15/11/191h 21m

Comic Book History Remembering Tom Spurgeon

So sad to hear about the passing of Tom Spurgeon, whose comics criticism was an important point of view for 25 years. His work at the comics journal and his own comics reporter blog was so vital in covering all aspects of comics.I'm proud to say Tom was a friend to me and this podcast and was always delighted when he'd link to my interviews in his blog. I will miss our after hours conversations. We lost a true advocate of the medium.I hope you'll join me in celebrating his life as I re-present our 2015 conversation
14/11/191h 33m

Classic Hollywood The Story of Steve McQueen's Racing Film LeMans With Don Nunley

Just in time to prepare to see Ford Vs Ferarri Our guest Don Nunley was a longtime Hollywood Property Master who's written an incredible book Steve McQueen-LeMans In The Rear View Mirror. The Book is available nowThe book features incredible images shot by Mr Nunley plus his personal account of this passion project that McQueen had dreamt about for 10 years. After films like The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullet, MqQueen was dubbed the king of cool and finally had the Hollywood clout to realize his dream of making LeMans.The production was a nightmare and Nunley's book lays out all the frustrating details that destroyed McQueen's relationship with director John Sturges , His marriage, his production company and nearly cost him his reputation in the industry.We get great behind the scenes insight from Nunley, including the story about his involvement in selecting one of the most famous pieces of movie memorabilia connected to McQueen The Heuer Monaco Watch. Nearly 50 years later it's still a highly sought fashion statement for men of all ages.
11/11/1954m 3s

Comic Books Steve Orlando On Wonder Woman Matian Manhunter Gotham City Monsters and Kill a Man

Steve discusses his thoughts on Wondrer Woman, including the new annual that dropped this week , His Martian Manhunter series with Riley Rossmo, Gotham City Monsters, and his upcoming Aftershock MMA book KIll A Man
01/11/191h 7m

Halloween Weird Balloon (Planet Of The) Apes Talk, Simpsons, and more With Comedian Dana Gould

The original Planet Of The Apes movie series has freaked me out and delighted me since the early 70s. Dana Gould grew up the same way , and last year adapted Rod Serling's original Apes screenplay into a graphic novel for BOOM! We also discuss his hilarious podcast, The Dana Gould Hour , his IFC Horror Comedy Series Stan Vs Evil, Working On The Simpsons and so much more
31/10/191h 13m

Halloween Weird Balloon Chip Zdarsky On Afterlift Daredevil Invaders Spider-Man and Sex Criminals

Chip has a new Horror Car Chase Comic Called Afterlift from Comixology We also talk DD, Spider-Man Life Story and Invaders from Marvel, Tease the upcomig FF-x-men series and the wrap up to Sex Criminals coming in January
29/10/191h 34m

Halloween Weird Balloon The State Of Horror In Nerd Culture With Tim Seeley

Tim is back to Discuss his latest books Dark Red From Aftershock, Money Shot From Vault, and Bloodshot from Valiant but also celebrating 15 years of Hack Slash with a new Image anthology in December. We also take a long look at Horror's place in today's nerd culture from Comics To Fandom, Film TV And Streaming.
25/10/191h 21m

The Spider-Man Universe With Author Matt Singer

Film Critic and Comics Devote Matt Singer has made a new Att Book That looks at the Spider Verse Comic Book History, from Peter Paker, To Miles Morales, Spider Gwen , and beyond
24/10/191h 22m

Comic Books The Bendis Tapes Clark Kent Never, Superman Forever?

Where do you stand on secret identities? Necessary ? Old hat? Bendis is making Superman reveal his to the world in December's Superman #18. What does it ,mean for him his friends family and all the citizens bad and good in the DCU?
21/10/191h 49m

Halloween Weird Balloon Drew Friedman Some Of His Best Stories

Drew has a new collection of Portraits From Fantagraphics All The Presidents Featuring all 45 Leaders from Washington To Trump. To celebrate here's 2 of my first talks with the prolific satirist
21/10/191h 34m

Comic Book Films Weird Balloon Is Joker The 1st Great Supervillian Horror Film ? With Franco

We start with a discussion of the Star Trek Short Treks from thsi month, and then another long discussion on Jok,er. I must "like" this mfilm more than I realize because it's still haunting me.
18/10/192h 19m

Comics Archie Meets Thye B52s and The Black Ghost With Alex Segura

Alex Talks about a new one shot rock/archies mash up, and his new street vigilante comic series from Comixology The Black Ghost with co-creators Monica Gallgher and artist Geroge Kambadais
18/10/191h 10m

Halloween Weird Balloon Death On Stage With Burt Kearns

Burt Is The Co-Author of The Show Won't Go On An exploration of Show Biz Deaths and entertainers who literally died on stage in mid performance, Circus folk magicians, comedians and more. Perfect for the hallowween season.
17/10/1942m 10s

Comic Book Films Exec Producer/Writer James Tucker and The Evolution Of DC Animation

James has been working in DC Animation from the Days of Batman TAS To Justice League Batman The Brave and Bold and the Current DC Animated Universe. This year alone he was the continuity cop of The Death Of Superman, Reign Of The Superman Batman Hush to this month's Wonder Woman Bloodlines Ouyt Oct 22nd.James discusses the evolutions on visual scope charcterizations and storytelling . We also debate the pros and cons of a Justice League Reunion project with the core 6 actors of the JL and JLU tv shows. Fans abd the cast want it will the suits listen?
14/10/192h 10m

Comic Book Films Kareem Abdul Jabbar Plays Defense For The Marvel Film Universe

In his Essay at the Hollywood Reporter Jabbar wrote a balanced look at Martin Scorsese's dismisal of the MCU films as not being examples of "Cinema" . He understands where Marty is coming from but also points out the brilliant film making happening in the MCU.We look closely at his essay, then represent my 2017 interview with Kareem. he talks about his graphic novel from Titan Mycroft Holmes and The Apocalypse Handbook. He's a longtime Sherlock Holmes fan and we talk about his take on the elder Holmes backstory, something Arthur Conan Doyle barely hinted at in few of Sherlock's adventures. Kareem has created an exciting steampunk backdrop and envisions the young Mycroft as a dashing hero rubbing shoulders with many famous people of the 19th century. This is a great read for Holmes and steampunk fans. We also go full blast into Kareem's life long love of comcs from buying them at his local candy store as a child, to his adult appreciation of the books today. You'll hear about encounters with comic book luminaries, adventures at san diego comic cons, and much more.
14/10/1945m 48s

comic books Bryan Hitch talks Lex Luthor The Batman's Grave and More

Bryan is back with great observations on Lex, Bruce Alfred and a lot more subjects in this new conversation
08/10/192h 33m

Spoiler Free Star Trek Picard & Joker Reviews and Filmmaker Jared Cohn

My thoughts on The new Star Trek Picard Trailer and a Spoiler Free Mini Joker Film Review are at both ends of an interview with filmmaker Jared Cohn. Jared Has a new "trek" related film starring William Shatner and Jeri Ryan Devil's Revenge which is out now on VOD. He's also made a rock biopic about Lynyrd Skynyrd and their tragic 1978 plane crash.
07/10/1941m 51s

Comic Books James Bond Origins and More With Jeff Parker

Batman 66, Hanna Barbera DC Crossovers, John Carter VS Mars Attacks and James Bond Talk with Jeff
04/10/192h 21m

Comic Books The Origins Of Batwoman With Greg Rucka

As The new CW TV show debuts Greg talks about his initial ideas for Kane Kane and his incredible collaboration with JH Williams
04/10/191h 23m

Comic Books Time Capsule Geoff Johns talks 52 Infinite Crisis One Year Later JSA Titans

From October 2006 Geoff talks about ...Infinite Crisis One Year LaterSuperman Up Up And Away When Clark has no powersGreen Lantern CorpsAction Comics With Richard DonnerThe Spike Network's Blade TV Series His Teen Titans runThe Justice Society Revival 52 and infinite crisis The Death Of Superboy Vs Nightwing DebateWhy Dick Grayson Matters The Doom Patrol Titans team upBatgirlGreen Lantern Rebirth52 At Halfway Point editorial transition from Steven Wacker to Michael Siglain The Crazy 52 plot stuff Not Written By Grant Morrison
15/09/191h 11m

Father Of The Superhero Crossover Gardner Fox With Comic Book Historian Jennifer DeRoss

From The first meeting of The Justice Society, to The Flash Of Two Worlds, To The First Crisis Stories . Gardner Fox wrote them all in addition to classic Green Lantern and Batman tales. From The Golden Age To The Bronze Age Fox helped forge the modern superhero stories . In her new biography of Fox, Historian Jennifer DeRoss's examines the writer's oft forgotten contributions to DC cannon , and beyond.
12/09/191h 4m

Comic Books Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka Talk Stumptown Criminal Batman DD Gotham Central

Ed and Greg talk about the history of Crime Comics and The Influences on their works.
09/09/191h 4m

Comic Books 70s Marvel Bullpen Chat With Paul Gulacy Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom

Live from Terrificon19 A great chat about 1970s Black and White Marvel Magazines, The Passing Of Ernie Colon and much more with the guys. Also Rob Meyer Burnett 's thoughts on The Orville compared to Star Trek.
19/08/191h 26m

Comic Books Bryan Hitch On The Batman's Grave Hawkman The Ultimates The Authority and his process

Bryan previews his new Batman project with Warren Ellis reflecting on the changes in his art since their days creating The Authority. We also talk about his Hawkman run with Robert Vendetti, Making Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury in The Ultimates,and lots of great stories
07/08/192h 5m

Comic Books Tom King On Batman New Gods Adam Strange and More

A new King's Speech as we pre pare to do this in front of an audience at Terrificon this Saturday
04/08/191h 54m

Comic Books Brian Bendis-Adventures In NYC

Back from a whirlwind romp in New York, Brian shares stories about his Late Night TV Appearance With Seth Meyers His Midtown Comics signing, and seeing Jeff Daniels in Arron Sorkin's production of To Kill A Mocking Bird.. We talk Leviathan Millennium The Legion Of Superheroes and More
01/08/191h 45m

Animation Turtles Animaniacs and Talkin Toons With Rob Paulsen

A great talk with one of the kings of animation voice overs. Rob has great stories about working with Mel Blanc June Foray and Frank Welker . We talk about his work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinky And The Brain, Yako from Animaniacs, and his excellent podcast Talkin Toons.
29/07/191h 13m

Star Wars Billy Dee Williams On The Origins Of Lando Calrissian

Lando himself joins us to tell the tale of how he got involved in The Star Wars Universe. We discuss many other Billy Dee Roles, his years as a pitchman for Colt 45 Malt Liquor and a lot more
26/07/1925m 13s

Comic Books Mark Russell On The Second Coming Snagglepuss Flintstones and The Wonder Twins

One of the funniest writers in comics talks about his breaking into the business. His new Ahoy Comics Book The Second Coming, and his DC books featuring The Wonder Twins The Flintstones, Snagglepuss and more.
26/07/1951m 5s

Comic Books J Michael Straczynski On Superman Babylon 5 Marvel Real Ghostbusters & More

JMS tells us about his new autobiography Becoming Superman . We get B5 stories, His time working on the 80s Twilight Zone. Many DC and Marvel stories about his comic runs and more.
23/07/191h 35m

Comic Books A New Mike Norton Moment

Mike is back to talk about bring his web comic Battle Pug to Image Comics as a monthly in September. Plus Grumble with Rafer Roberts, his thoughts on the creator owned Market and why he stopped his political comic strip Lil Donnie
22/07/191h 1m

Comic Books The Watchmen Film 10 Years Later With The Cast And Crew

HBO is about to revisit The Watchmen Univesse and Trailers are likely to drop this weekend at Comic-Con A look back at the 2009 film with the cast Jeffery Dean Morgan Jackie Earle Haley Malin Akerman Billy Crudup and Patrick Wilson Director Zack Snyder and Co Creator Dave Gibbons . How has the film and participants fared 10 years later?
19/07/191h 8m

The Secret Origin Of Gail Simone With Art Baltazar and Franco!

From 2011 Before the debut of DC's New 52. Gail joins the guys to talk about her upcoming runs on Batgirl & Firestorm. You'll also hear her secret origin and her days as a hair stylist , writing for The Simpsons Comics and her collected blog articles in the book YOU"LL ALL BE SORRY.I ask her a few questions about story structure and catering to a digital audience, when Franco decides to answer the question before Gail. That's when Angry Yoko Chips shuts the big guy down.Dont get in the way of a reporter asking questions...or else.
14/07/191h 29m

Comic Books Jerry Ordway Talks Captain America The Invaders Superman and more

Jerry looks back at his Superman Infinity Inc and All Star Comics runs. We also talk about old TV we loved and his new Captain America Special with Roy Thomas
12/07/192h 2m

Comic Books Mark Waid TBT

From the Aw Yeah Podcast With Art Baltazar and Franco ! Mark Waid joins us to talk Superman and Flash. From September 9th 2011
12/07/192h 8m

Comic Book Movies Batman, The Question and RED All Over With Cully Hamner

After years of talking about t, Cully is finally on word balloon, and we have a blast reliving RED his work on Blue Beetle The Question and Batman.
09/07/191h 21m

Comic Books Harvey Pekar's Legacy with Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld

Cartoonists Dean and Josh just started a new podcast Scene By Scene where they breakdown the Harvey Pekar film American Splendor . We also talk about their curre nt projects and where they see the comic market going.
09/07/191h 31m

Mad about MAD Magazine With Michael Kronenberg

MAD is closing down, and we're not happy. Michael is a comics and magazine historian and designs the great Noir City and Ringside seat magazines. We discuss the great history of MAD.
07/07/191h 45m

Comic Books A Tim Seeley Sitdown

Tim talks about his active books like Dark Red from Aftershock a new Hack Slash crossover with The Crow , and his wal-mart swamp thing which finally wil be hitting LCS in a few weeks. Tim has many thoughts as usual about the current comics market for aspiring writers and artists.
05/07/1957m 45s

Archie Batman89 Spider-Man and Mystery Novels W Alex Segura

Archie EIC Alex Segura talks about all aspects of the Archie Universe. Alex is also an acclaimed mystery novelist and is putting out a new book featuring his Miami detective Pete Fernandez . We also talk about Batman'89's 30th anniversary and Alex is re-reading the entire Amazing Spider-Man run and shares his thoughts on the creators behind the webs.
28/06/191h 10m

Comic Books Bendis Tapes pt 2 Marvel, Kitty Pryde Film, Vertigo and More

Bendis and I continue the Q&A answering tough questions about leaving Marvel, Update On The Kitty Pryde Film, Bendis's audition for Vertigo back in the day, plus more on Leviathan Wonder Comics, Jinxworld, Superman, The Legion and more writing process tips.
24/06/191h 53m

Comic Books The Bendis Tapes q&a Pt1 Superman Legion Leviathan Wonder Comics Jinxworld and More

Brian is back to discuss The aging of Jon Kent and its impact n Super Sons. Tons of facts about his upcoming Legion Of Super Heroes run., Event Leviathan , writing tips and more.
24/06/191h 41m

Comic Books Flash Facts and Batman Superman with Joshua Williamson

Josh is in the midst of Flash Year One retelling Barry Allen's first days as a hero. We talk about his breaking into comics, taking Brian Bendis's comics writing class, his Captain Midnight run at Dark Horse and finding a home at DC Comics. We talk a lot about The Flash Family, and preview his Batman Superman book, coming in August.
21/06/192h 10m

Comic Books Karl Kesel Impossible Jones Final Night Superman and more

Karl and David Hahn have created a new comedy Impossible Jones . Their Kickstarter campaign is underway. We talk about their concept and look back at the Dc event The Final Night and Karl's days in the Superman office.
21/06/1951m 40s

Comics History The Rebirth Of Captain Marvel With Kelly Sue DeConnick

With the success of her debut film and Avengers Endgame Carol Danvers Captain Marvel is having a great 2019. Let's go back to this 2012 first talk as Carol took over the Mantle with the mind behind her reboot, Kelly Sue De Connick
19/06/191h 4m

Comic Books The Robert Kirkman Manifesto 11yrs Later W Kirkman & Bendis

In 2008 Robert Kirkman left Marvel and told the comic reading world that all creators should follow suit, saving their ideas for creator owned books. I spoke to Robert after he released his video Manifesto, and also spoke to Brian Bendis who had a rebuttal of sorts.
15/06/192h 0m

Comic Books The Greg Rucka Debrief Stumptown Lois Lane The Old Guard Lazarus Black Magick

Beyond his current comics like Lois Lane, Greg has three adaptations in the works. Stumptown for ABC The Old Guard From Netflix, and Lazarus at Amazon. We cover it all in this Rucka Debrief
11/06/192h 5m

Batman Outsiders Angel Titans American Carnage With Bryan Edward Hill

Bryan is back to talk about his Comics and TV work.
08/06/192h 14m

Robert Meyer Burnett Speaks Out On Cult TV Movies Star Trek and The Culture Wars

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Rob's comedy Free Enterprise. He's back in this free wheeling marathon to talk about some of his favorite books new and old Cult TV and Films, Star Trek Discovery and Picard, and what irritates him about today's culture wars.
04/06/193h 7m

Comic Books Super Soldiers a Military View With Jason Inman

Jason discusses his new book Super Soldiers Comics and Service members. Essay about various Comics characters with a military background. From Captain Marvel to Beetle Bailey, Jason uses his own experiences in the military to show what they get right and wrong. It's coming out June 18th from Mango Publishing
02/06/191h 47m

Comic Book TV Lucifer Season 4 and Skyward talk with Joe Henderson

Joe's first comic book Skyward has been nominated for an Eisner ! We discuss it and Lucifer's new season on Netflix.
02/06/191h 4m

Supergirl Season 4 review with screenwriter Eric Carrasco

Red Daughter! Lex Luthor! Eric has been on the writing staff for Supergirl from season 2-4 and reviews the season with us. We also discuss his excellent recent animated film Justice League Vs The Fatal Five
24/05/191h 35m

Batman Rumors & Game Night With Tom King Julie and Shawna Benson

I address the rumors that DC is making Tom King end His Batman run early. Then a fun trivia game of old Hollywood questions with Tom King Shawna and Julie Benson
23/05/191h 5m

Comic Books Dick Tracy Cave Carson and more With Mike Oeming and Taki Soma

Mike and Taki talks about their collaborations on Dick Tracy and United States Of Murder Inc. in addition to Cave Carson and Powers 20th anniversary plans
20/05/191h 8m

Comic Books Nerd Celeb stories With Mitch Hallock

Terrificon's host Mitch Hallock joins me to talk about hilarious celeb stories that span the decades
20/05/193h 41m

Casting The New Batman and Batman 89 talk With Robert Wuhl

My thoughts on The Robert Pattison casting for Matt Reeves upcoming Batman film. Then a great talk with actor Robert Wuhl who shares his memories of playing Gotham Gazette reporter Alexander Knox in The 1989 Tim Burton Batman film.Robert will be at Terrificon This August at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut
17/05/1959m 2s

Casting The New Batman and Batman 89 talk With Robert Wuhl

My thoughts on The Robert Pattison casting for Matt Reeves upcoming Batman film. Then a great talk with actor Robert Wuhl who shares his memories of playing Gotham Gazette reporter Alexander Knox in The 1989 Tim Burton Batman film.We also discuss many of Roberts classic film roles, and his HBO 90's sports sitcom Arli$$
17/05/1957m 51s

Updated Sci-Fi The State Of Star Trek With Larry Young and John Price

Just saw the DS9 documentary that comes out in August. It was fantastic. I wish I had the same enthusiasm for Star Trek Discovery. Trek talks with Larry Young of AIT/Planet LAR comics and longtime Planet Of The Apes and Trek fan and John Price, who's Disco critiques have lit up medium.com and sparked many online debates about the quality of the current Trek
15/05/193h 32m

Sci-Fi The State Of Star Trek With Larry Young and John Price

Just saw the DS9 documentary that comes out in August. It was fantastic. I wish I had the same enthusiasm for Star Trek Discovery. Trek talks with Larry Young of AIT/Planet LAR comics and longtime Planet Of The Apes and Trek fan and John Price, who's Disco critiques have lit up medium.com and sparked many online debates about the quality of the current Trek
14/05/193h 32m

Comic Books 70s LA Crime comic Killer Groove from Ollie Masters and Eoin Marron

Ollie and Eoin talk about there new book, plus Ollie talks about his other 70s crime comic the Kitchen, soon to be a motion picture.
09/05/191h 14m

Comic Books Isaac Goodhart Talks about Drawing Under The Moon A Catwoman Tale

Isaac is the Artist on the Catwoman Graphic Novel Under The Moon. He talks about studying at SVA with Klaus Janson, Postal his breakthrough book at Top Cow working with Matt Hawkins and Bran Edward Hill, breaking into the DC Talent development program, and his amazing mother, who opened initial doors for his comics career.
09/05/191h 29m

Comic Books Avengers Endgame Review

Ok Russos. We waited and now here's a spoiler filled review of the new Avengers movie with a panel of the Aw Yeah Podcast Hosts
07/05/191h 49m

Comic Books Chip Zdarsky on Invaders Daredevil Spider-Man Life Stories and more

Chip is back to discuss his Marvel books.
02/05/191h 30m

Comic Books Marc Laming on Star Wars James Bond British Spy TV and more

Marc talks about his Star Wars work, James Bond from Dynamite and a whole lot more .
02/05/191h 28m

Comic Book History Michael Kronenberg Talks Batman EC Comics Classic Horror and Noir Films

Michael co-wrote the Bat-Cave Companion for Two Morrows on The Batman Creators of the 60s and 70s. He's also created many covers for Back Issue Magazine . Hear lots of Batman, EC Comics Horror Films and Film Noir talk.
02/05/192h 6m

Comic Books Stephanie Phillips Talks Historic Conspiracies With Descendant

Think of the X-Files meets National Treasure . Stephanie Phillips Descendant is a conspiracy book rooted in historic fact. We talk about it, and her writing career
30/04/1952m 28s

Comic Book History Christopher Irving On Eisner and Other Legendary Artists

Chris talks about his many encounters with Will Eisner and his current Kickstarter creating a SPIRIT trading card set featuring great shots of Eisner moments. Chris has beein interviewing legendary comic book creators for over 20 yrears and got many golden and silver age creators final interviews He wrote the great coffee table book Leaping Tall Buildings with our mutual friend photographer Seth Kushner
25/04/191h 46m
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