Word Balloon Comics Podcast

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

By John Siuntres

1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres


Introduing The Nacelleverse With Brian Volk Weiss Hunter Gorinson and Melissa Flores

Oni Press and Brian Volk Weiss have rebooted some favorite 80s and 90s animated properties into a cohesive sci-fi universe of comics cartoons and action figures. They include the return of Roboforce and Bikers From Mars.
25/02/24·1h 15m

Man's Best With Pornsaak Picheteshote and Jesse Lonergan

From Boom Studios PETS IN SPACE. 3 service animals have to save their astronaut masters in an Alien abduction story.
25/02/24·1h 5m

Madame Web Review

24/02/24·1h 54m

Chgo Sports Radio Stories with Author George Ofman

Reporter and Podcaster George Ofman talks about our days working at The Score In chicago and colleting great personal stories in his new book Tell Me A Story I've Never Heard , now available at Amazon
22/02/24·1h 12m

Josh Trujillo Talks Blue Beetle Keith Giiffen and More

Blue Beetle 7 is a great tribute to the lae Keith Giffen. In general Josh has been expanding the blue beetle history present and future.
21/02/24·1h 16m

Mad Magazine's Up The Academy Film Review with star Harry Teinowitz

In 1980 Warner Bros released a teen film sex comedy that wasn't very sexy or funny. It had many elements of good comedy with actors and writers. Even Robert Downy Sr was the dirtector. What could go wrong? Plenty. Harry has great stories. about Downey Jr hanging out on the set, Ralph Machio, Barbara Bach, (Ringo's future wife) and more.

Blue Beetle and Secrets Of The Golden Age With Chris Irving

Time for another comics history lessson. Christopher Irving is back to discuss the original golden age Blue Beetle and his notorious original publisher Victor Fox.
15/02/24·1h 44m

Paul Kupperberg talks DC and his new interview book

Paul wrote a new collection of onterviews with comic creators. Support his kickstarter campaign for the book. For details visit his website PaulKupperberg.net
13/02/24·1h 26m

Amy Chu Returns

Comics Anime and Scotch Drinking are discussed
12/02/24·47m 14s

aw yeah it's the Stupid Bowle Nostra Dumb Ass

Predictions for 2024. and other stuff
11/02/24·2h 1m

The Lost 50s History Of Marvel's Atlas Years With Dr Michael Vassallo

Fantagraphics has begun to release 2 types of Hardcover collections of Marvel's years as Atlas Comics from the 1950s . Comics historian Dr Michael Vassallo joins us to talk about The First Volume featuring the art of Joe Maneely, one of the essential artists working for Martin Goodman and Stan Lee. .In this pre Marvel superhero era, Maneely co created characters like The Black Knight Jimmy Woo and The Claw. He also did a daily newspaper comic strip with Stan , many westerns and Korean War stories.

Dan McNeil and The Decline Of Chicago Radio

A fixture in Chicago Sports Radio and my friend for many years, Dan I I discuss our glory days at WSCR Chicago's first full time sports radio station. Beyond our good time talk, we lament the fact that local big city radio has lost it's impact, just like TV has.
05/02/24·2h 6m

Keith Champaign Talks He Man and Daybreak From New Pain comics

Keth is wrapping up his series from Neww Pain Comics, Daybreak check out the kickstarter campaign herehttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/newpain/daybreak-1-4
01/02/24·1h 14m

Happy Birthday Denys Cowan

Celebrating his Birthday with a repeat of this 2020 chat aabout his career.
31/01/24·1h 4m

Tim Sheridan On Alan Scott and The Red Lantern pt 2

Tim is killing it on his Golden Age Green Lantern story. Issue 4 drops today, and we finally get more details on The Red Lantern. Don't miss this preview, and recap of Alan's early encounter with The Spectre in issue 3.
30/01/24·59m 15s

Tim Sheridan Talks Masters Of The Universe pt1

Season 2 Of The MOTU Kevin Smith series dropped last week on Netflix. Tim wrote 2 of the 5 episodes, while Smith wrote the rest. This is a behind the scenes deep dive on the making of this series.
30/01/24·57m 43s

Terry Dodson Flashback

Marvel Books and Adventureman talk from 2020
29/01/24·1h 19m

Comic Strips & an Al Williamson Tribute With Bryant and Schultz

From 2012 This was supposed to be a friendly conversation with Mark Schultz, todiscuss his work on DC books like The Spirit with Moritat, Mark's scripting of the Sunday Prince valiant newspaper comic strip with Gary Gianni, and past and future Schultz projects.Then we learned of the death of artist Al Williamson Mark was good friends with Al and his wife Cori. The good news is Mark and I spent part of conversation talking about Al's seminal work on Flash Gordon. In addition I wanted another guest to talk about more of Willamson’sincredible art, so I roped Athena Voltaire creator Steve Bryant into a short interview about Al.The result ? A history lesson of Williamson, Comic Strips, and 2 great conversations
25/01/24·1h 33m

DanJurgens On The Bat-Man 1939

Jurgens and Mike Perkins are doing a Bat-Man story set in the days after Detective 27 1939. A very different Bruce Wayne from the Modern era
20/01/24·1h 20m

Tom King Pt 2

18/01/24·1h 18m

Retro TV Memories with Mitch Hallock Pt 2

More 60s and 70s tv talk.
15/01/24·1h 14m

Mike Perkins Retro Batman

Mike discusses The Batman First Knight, a 1939 first year look . The Black Label mini series start in March
12/01/24·1h 8m

Mike Allred Pt2

10/01/24·1h 4m

Mike Allred Pt1

The name says it all. Part 1 of a great conversation.
09/01/24·1h 5m

Teen Titans Go To The Library With Franco

Franco talks about the latest Titans Graphic Novel
08/01/24·1h 4m

Giants Frankensteins and The FF, With Gary Conway

Actor Gary Conway tells his life story, from being The Title Character in I Was a Teenage Frankenstien to his run in Land Of The Giants. Alex Ross chose him as the model for his 2022 Graphic Novel Fantastic Four Full Circle.
02/01/24·1h 46m

Toxic Fandom With Paul Jenkins Pt 2

The discussion continues as Paul describes the times both sides of comic political spectrum had issues with his story and character ideas startiing with the creation of journalist Sally Floyd and the Superhero Registration Act.
29/12/23·1h 2m

Toxic Fandom With Paul Jenkins Pt 1

Paul has been the subject of a very expenseive lawsuit. The claims against him are false and costly. With the person accusing him expecting a settlement. He is fighting back. There is a go fund me account created to help Paul with his kegal fees.
29/12/23·1h 12m

2023 Year end Round Up With Sal Crivellii

The Host Of Youtube's Comic Pop joins me for a discussion of the end of year topics
26/12/23·1h 49m

Christopher Priest Its Not What You Think

Priest wants us all to know that His Vampirella story isn't the typical Vampi story of cheesecake shots and humor. The same goes for his cosmic Superman Lost Plus Comic Biz observations and memories of being on the set for Avengers Endgame
24/12/23·1h 48m

Jim RuggTalks Cartoonist Kayfabe Comics History and More

The co-host of Cartoonist Kayfabe talks about his new zine 1986 and his anthology True Crime FunniesThere's a big discussion about the seminal year in comics that was 1986
19/12/23·1h 15m

Frank Frazetta The Legend with Frank Frazetta Jr

From 2017Frank Frazetta died in 2010. The fantasy artist left a body of work in comics book covers film posters and paintings that modern fantasy artists continue to emulate. Fisrt Moises Chiullan joins us to explain the amazing new limited edition silk screen t-shirts they're selling based on 4 classic Frazetta paintings, and the painstaking process to recreate the texture of the originals.Then a great chat with Frank Jr telling great stories about his father's works process and legacy.
18/12/23·1h 11m

Joe Quesada Early Marvel Movie and TV Days

From 2014As the opening weekend of the Thor film approached Joe Quesada joins us for a candid look at his position as Chief Creative Officer at Marvel. We talk about how the position has changed since Avi Arad had the title 10 years ago, and the lessons learned from the Marvel films of the last 10 plus years. Joe tells us why Kenneth Branaugh is a great collaborative director , how Robert Downey Jr has influenced Tony Stark’s persona in comics and animation. Plus we explore questions regarding the monthly comic products. Have we reached a price ceiling at 3.99 for a 22 page comic? How will the conversion to digital effect the price point of single chapters and the current 5-6 part structure of story arcs? Can Marvel take a longer gestation risk on a new ongoing title beyond the store order numbers of a first issue? We also discuss the Marvel Television projects. From the animated Ultimate Spider-Man to live action projects like Jessica Jones, and the challenges of bringing spandex clad heroes to the small screen
17/12/23·54m 9s

Rich Johnston WTF Are Cancel Pigs ?

The Bleeding Cool EIC discusses the latest controversies, and throws in some comic book recommendations too.
15/12/23·1h 40m

Saturn Award Nominees Dr Who Monarch reviews

A big TV and Film Review chat.
14/12/23·1h 53m

JSA Thy Kingdom Come Review

An episode Of The Splash Pages Podcast where I guest star . We review the classic JSA story, where the Kingdom Come Superman gets pulled to Earth One and becomes a member of the JSA. Watch the splash page folks on youtube.
13/12/23·2h 16m

Batman Santa Claus Team Up With Jeff Parker

Jeff is back to talk about his new weekly comic featuring Santa Claus teaming up with Batman and many of the DC Universe.
12/12/23·1h 15m

aw yeah podcast almost christmas

our holiday mess around show, with art, franco scoot skoke, and a great taylor swift report with art's daughter audrey
11/12/23·2h 20m

Behind Ghost Machine with Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok

Geoff and Jason Preview the Ghost Machine line and look baack at their past collaborations like Batman: 3 Jokers, Justice League: Darksied War, Souless and more
07/12/23·1h 23m

Ram V Talks Batman, The Vigil, Venom Carnage and More

Ram is back talking DC Marvel and New creator owned books.
06/12/23·1h 8m

Matt Singer Talks Movies TV and his Siskel Ebert Book

Marvel Movies DC Films Godzilla Minus One Thoughts and Matt's new book about Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert
04/12/23·1h 32m

Christos Gage on Iron Man 2020 Gwen Stacy & Netflix Daredevil

As we hold our breath wondering what DD Born Again's TV Adaptation will look like, we go back to 2019, when Marvel and Netflix DD writer Christos Gage joined us for a conversation.
03/12/23·1h 22m

How To Write Comics The Pat Mills Way, Dr Who and More

Pat has a new book, Pageturners that really lays out many tips on writing comics in the current era.He also is in the midst of a victory lap with Dave Gibbons as the new 60th Anniversary Specials oF Doctor Who started with an adaptation of their origibal comic story, the star beast Many stories and observations from Pat in this conversation.
02/12/23·1h 38m

Dr Who The Star Beast Review

Plus reviews of Monarch and For All Mankind
28/11/23·1h 42m

Aw Yeah Podcast The Fall Classic

Finally all the strikes are over and all six aw yeah panelists are back with new stories to share. Skoke has a new weird vynil album to share, lots of nerd TV and Movie talk and more
27/11/23·1h 56m

JFK 60 With Kurt Matilla Co Prod Of Oliver Stone's JFK Documentary

Kurt talks about the 2021 film on Showtime JFK Revisited Thru The Looking Glass, a true crime investigation of the 1963 assassination. We also talk about him working with Steven Spielberg on Minority Report , comics and more
26/11/23·1h 29m

Monarch and Godzilla Talk With Matt Fraction Part 2

More Questions and Conversation with The Co-Creator Of The New Godzilla TV series starring Kurt and Wyatt Russell on Apple TV
24/11/23·1h 2m

DC Unpublished stories and more with Keith Champagne

Superman, The Joker and Green Lantern. Keith pitched and in some cases was working on these stories before DC pulled the plug on them. What happened?
22/11/23·1h 21m

Cameron McWhirter Mild Mannered Reporter

The WSJ Reporter and Co Author Of American Gun tells us about his newsbeat, a crazy Thanksgiving Story, and how a military weapon like the AR 15 got in the hands of civilians through side stepping gun control laws
21/11/23·1h 16m

Chris Eliopolous On Marvel, Xavier Riddle, and The I Am Kids books

Chris and Brad Meltzer are back with a New I Am Mister Rogers Book. We talk about Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum from PBS Marvel stuff and more
19/11/23·1h 18m

Sina Grace Talks Superman Iceman, and more

Sina wrote and drew an amazing new YA Graphic novel. We talk DC Marvel and more.
17/11/23·1h 8m

Filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman Of Troma Films

A career spanning interview with the King Of The Underground Film Movement, Troma's Lloyd Kaufman
16/11/23·1h 10m

Christian Gossett Talks Comic Book U

Chris is part of the UCLA Seminar this saturday featuring Howard Chaykin and Mark Waid. We talk about the details of the event, The Red Star graphic novels, plus Films and TV shows Chris has been working with.
15/11/23·1h 4m

Stories Of The 70's Comic Scene With Howard Chaykin

Howard tells stories of assting Gil Kane Wally Wood , Lessons From Dick Giordano and more.
14/11/23·57m 25s

Kelley Jones and Matt Wagner Part 2

More Dracula and Greatest Hits talk from Matt and Kelley
13/11/23·58m 7s

The Superhero In Prose, With The Crazy 8 Writers

Talking to Michael Jan Friedman, Paul Kupperberg and Geoffrey Thorne about Vol 3 of Phenomenons . A collection of Super Hero Short Stories
11/11/23·1h 17m

Enter The Punisher With David Pepose

The New Punisher debuted this week, and David has all the details. Plus we cover his Moon Knight Series City Of The Dead, and a new horro comic from Mad Cave Studios
10/11/23·1h 3m

Tim Seeley Live from South Dublin Libraries Comic Fest

This episode was recorded before a live audience in Tallaght Library as part of South Dublin Libraries annual Comics Fest /Tim Talsk DC Marvel Hack S;ash GI Joe and his new creator owned series like Local Man from Image
08/11/23·54m 30s

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4 review Marvel Movie woes and more

We talk about the wrap up of Lower Decks Season 4, the Variety Magazine Marvel in Distress article and more
06/11/23·1h 38m

aw yeah podcast not to my interest

Jamie Farr once again provides us with fresh comedy . Plus post Halloween thoughts
05/11/23·1h 32m

Bendis Tapes Masterpiece and More

Brian and Alex Maleev have a new crime comic out in December from Dark Horse
04/11/23·1h 40m

Hero Initiative and Wizard memories With Jim McLauchlin

Jim is also promoting the upcoming UCLA comics seminar with Mark Waid and Howard Chaykin called "Comic Book U"
02/11/23·1h 2m

Vertigo and Summer Camp Memories With Shelly Bond

Shelly shares stories of Editing Izombie and Bodies (which is now a new Netflix TV Series) and talks about her new creator owned series looking back at the weirdness of summer camp.
01/11/23·1h 48m

The Loeb Report Pt 2

finishing our conversation with Jeph Loeb. We start with how he broke into writing comics at DC with Challengers Of The Unknown. Plus what the Marvel writer retreats were like during Civil War, and other major story arcs, and many other fan questions of DC Marvel and more.
30/10/23·59m 13s

The Loeb Report Part 1

Jeph Loeb is back to talk about the Long Halloween, The Marvel Hero Color Books Like Hulk Gray Spider-Man Blue and Daredevil Yellow. Lot's of talk about his colaborations with Tim Sale at both DC and Marvel. Part 1 of 2
30/10/23·52m 53s

Joe Brusha Zenescope Talking Horror Comics

Brusha discusses Zenescope's line of Horror Comics and his plans to expand into true crime and other genres in 2024
29/10/23·43m 44s

Checking In With Mike Oeming and Taki Soma

We Talk Blue Book, Project Monarch Murder INC and More withg Mike and Taki . Plus a Brian Bendis cameo pop in .
28/10/23·1h 12m

Top 5 Old Time Radio Horror Stories

5 Great Old Time Radio Dramas for The Halloween WeekendHighlihghts drom these sci-fi and Horror Dramas Featuring Hghlight clips Starring Boris Karloff Orosn Welles William Conrad and Robert Taylor
27/10/23·36m 47s

Matt Wagner Kelley Jones Together Again for the First Time

We'll talk about their new kickstarter campaign creating a Dracula OGN . Plus many memories of their greatest hits
25/10/23·1h 30m

trek gen v horror films and more

reviews recomendations, and discussions about the actor's strike and the morals of The Boy's Spinoff, Gen V
23/10/23·2h 1m

Judd Winick On Jason Todd Batwing The Real World and more

My first conversation with Judd from 2013.
22/10/23·1h 34m

The Story Of Lloyd Kaufman And Troma With Mathew Klickstein

Mat is in the process of editing a new collection of interviewss with The Man behind Troma Films we discuss his career and our favorite Troma movies.
20/10/23·1h 24m

Robin Lives With Jim Starlin Denny O'Neil Mike Barr and more

DC has announced they are releasing the Death In The Family story with the Full Alternate scenes with Jason Todd surtviving The Joker''s attempt to kill him.With that in mind, here's a 2018 Terrificon Panel , in which Batman Editor Denny O'Neil and writer Jim Starlin map out the entire details of how the story happened. From the 1-900 phone gimmick of allowing fans to vote and decide Jason's fate, to the DC corporate fallout Denny and Jim faced by killing Jason off. Also on the panel telling Robin stories are Mike W Barr Peter Tomasi and Tim Seeley. A great discussion.
18/10/23·57m 45s

Ed Piskor Talks Hip Hop Family Tree Cartoonist Kayfabe and More

Ed's Hip Hop Family Tree Omnibus is out today. We also talk about his excellent podcast with Jim Rugg, his horror comic Red Room, and More.
17/10/23·1h 39m

The Slient Partner Gets The Scene Missing Review Treatment

A great Canadian Neo Noir Starring Elliot Gould Christopher Plummer Susanna York and John Candy. The Scene Missimng Crew Of Gabriel Hardman Ian Brill and Myself dive into the review.
15/10/23·49m 7s

Howard Chaykin's New Men's Adventure Graphic Novel Teaching Comics and More

Fargo is a western "hero" facing the new 20th century in Howard's adaptation of the first Fargo novel. He's crown funding the project through Zoom, and if you're a Chaykin fabn you won't want to miss it.We also discuss Chatkin's Image Series Hey Kids Comics Vol 3, which wrapped up last month Chaykin and Mark Waid are holding a comics writing seminar in November at UCLA and i's a great chance to learn the trade from 2 masters of the craft.
13/10/23·1h 4m

Keith Giffen In Memoriam

One of the greats has passed. In 2006 I spoke to Keith about many projects, including The JLA Bwa Ha Ha Years, His JSA Super Squad work from the 70's , drawing Power Girl With Wally Wood, Creating Lobo. His runs On The Omega Men and Legion Of Super Heroes and much more.
12/10/23·1h 21m

Aw Yeah Podcast Franco Clanco Lousy Smarch Weather

Just me and Franco BSing
08/10/23·1h 40m

Tom Servo Speaks Kevin Murphy Of MST3k and Rifftrax.com

In this special edition of The Word Balloon podcast, we speak withWriter/performer Kevin Murphy best known to fans as the voice of Tom Servo,the Gumball machine shaped robot sidekick to humans Joel Hodgeson and Mike Nelson (and fellow robot Crow) on the 90's cable comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000."I started playing Tom Servo in the 2nd season, the first year on the Comedy Central, but I was involved with every episode of MST3k from the pilot of the local tv show, to the last episode aired on the Sci-Fi Channel."Murphy is still cracking wise, firing one-liners at the screen, whilefans view films from the cheesiest black and white b-movies to today's box office hits as a member of RiffTrax.com with former MST3K co-hosts and writers Mike Nelson and Tom Corbett (The 2nd actor who played Crow)Just like their cable shows, rifftrax sells .mp3 performances of the trio lampooning sci-fi staples like Plan 9 From Outer Space and newer films like Daredevil, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Harry Potter films,and The Dark Knight. "We're the commentary that isn't available on your DVD, but should be." Kevin also talks about the upcoming nationwide live Christmas Rifftrax show December 16th, and an encore presentation the 17th beaming to nearly 500 theaters in the country.
03/10/23·39m 12s

Mark Waid Owns The DC Universe

We talk Shazam, The Last Days Of Lex Luthor and The World's Finest Boo, Batman and Super man, and The Teen Titans Mini Series, and lots more digging in the DCU with Mark.Plus he promotes his upcoming writes seminar at UCLA with Master Artist Howard Chaykin
27/09/23·1h 24m

Very Short Treks 3 and Lower Decks Reviews

We review the latest Star Trek Lower Decks Episode, and the most disgusting 3rd very short Trek Worst Contact, plus other nerd news
27/09/23·58m 56s

Hollywood Storyboard Artist Warren Drummond

Spider-<Man Fast and Furious Shaft, Planet Of The Apes. Warren has conceptualized them all for TV and Film. He has stories about Ron Howard John Singleton and other filmmakers he's worked with.
26/09/23·1h 20m

Kevin Maguire and JM DeMaties On their JLA Run

Hilarious stories from the creators JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire in tis conversation from the 2020 Baltimore Comic Con about the memprable JLA run
24/09/23·53m 35s

ChristopherYost Back In Comics

Yost has a new comic from Vault Unnatural Order coming out in October. It is being sent to comic stores for free, allowing the stores to choose to give them away to customers or sell them at whatever price point they choose.We talk about his new book, plus Marvel Memories on X-Men Spider-Man, animation and the The Thor Movies Dark World and Ragnarok Also TMNT Memroies and a glimpse at his upcoming animated Turtle series
23/09/23·1h 4m

Crime Comics and Marvel with Declan Shalvey

Dec's Old Dog Is out as a first volume OGN From Image Spy stuff action mixed with some sci=fi. We also talk about Dec's take on Alien from Marvel.
21/09/23·1h 12m

Celeb Radio Memories With Judd Sirott

Judd Sirott Is The Radio Voice Of The Boston Bruins . We both worked at the spoprts talk radio station The Score in Chicago for several year, and had a Forrest Gump like experiences getting to know many celebs at games and in studio interviews.We swap "war stories" about our encounters.
20/09/23·1h 36m

The Fables Writers Speak Pt 2

From The Cincy Comic Con. A chat with Bill Willingham Chris Roberson and Lilah Sturges .This was recorded as Fables was reaching its final issues.
17/09/23·1h 27m

The Fables Controversy With Bill Willingham Pt1

I talk about the Fables Public Domain controversey , them share a 2012 talk with Bill Willingham, who was putting together a fantasy genre based convention in Minnesota We also get Bill's perspective of the current creator owned era, and how he sees the differences between today, and the 80's black and white boom, or the 90's Image Revolution. Of course we talk about what's coming up in Fables and Fairest, and his Fables OGN Werewolves Of The Heartland.
16/09/23·1h 7m

Robots Auto Racing and World Building with Pye Parr and Rob Williams

The 2000AD vets have a new future comic called Petrol Head from Image
15/09/23·45m 31s

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4 Premires Review

Ed Whitfield joins me to dissect the stories
11/09/23·1h 50m

Birth Of The Comics Code Death Of EC Comics

There's a new play all about The Dr Wertham Book Seduction Of The Innocent that discusses EC comics and the creation Of The Comics code. Horror Crime and adult comics were deemed unacceptable by the US Senate. This play depicts the real life drama and consequences. It's playing in Chicago Thru Oct 8th at the City Lit Theater.
06/09/23·1h 9m

how to be a freelance comic pro with Gamal Hennesey

Gamal has anew book coming out that spells out the ins and outs of starting your career breaking into comics.
03/09/23·57m 24s

Bendis Tapes Aug 23 Pt2

31/08/23·1h 11m

Bendis Tapes Aug 23 Pt 1

30/08/23·1h 22m

Pulp Hero Novels With Author WIll Murray

Doc Savage The Shadow and more. Will has written new novels of the greatest pulp and Superheroes.
29/08/23·40m 6s

Writing Star Trek Novels and Games With Derek Tyler Attico

Here's a Trek Watch with a different angle as writer Derek T Attico talls us about writing for Trek, including The Autobiography Of Benjamin Sisko
28/08/23·50m 22s

Franco Unfiltered From Dublin Comic Con

Franco discusses his career with Eion McCauley at Dublin Comic Conm
27/08/23·32m 14s

Kyle Starks Talks DC Marvel His books and More

Kyle Starks Talks DC Marvel His books and More . Peacekeeper Pet Avengers, Rick And Morty Sex Castle etc
25/08/23·1h 12m

Dr. Travis Langley discusses 'Batman and Psychology'

Author of ‘Batman and Psychology’ Dr. Travis Langley joins Dublin Comic Con via Zoom for its 10th anniversary in the Pulse College room to discuss his series of popular culture psychology anthologies. Dr. Langley provides an interesting look at the minds of comic book characters while discussing various fandoms in general from Dr. Who to Star Wars and beyond.You can Find Dr. Langley on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drtravislangleyAnd on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Superherologist
23/08/23·44m 30s

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D A Look Back

Larry Young, agent of SHIELD (first in-universe appearance: CABLE #60) and national security expert and SHIELD counsel Brad Moss join Peter Parker's vice principal John Siuntres in this wide-ranging, and tangential discussion of a wide range of interesting topics.
22/08/23·1h 40m

Andrea Romano Talks Animation at Dublin Comic Con 23

World-renowned Voice Director Andrea Romano joined Pulse College live via Zoom to discuss her career at length and share advice for aspiring voice actors. The discussion covers everything from Andrea's own educational background and industry break-through moment, to her experience working on legendary shows such as Tiny Toon Adventures, DuckTales and Batman: The Animated Series. This conversation is a must see for any fan of animation and VO artistry.
20/08/23·1h 15m

Paul Jenkins Discusses the Media Strikes Wolverine Inhumans The Sentry and More

We hit the WGA and SAG strikes at the start of the conversation, then Paul Points out that the strikes are also a general anaolgy of Corporations and the working class in all walks of life...At 46:30, We get into AI and it's possible impact on Studio/Comics StorytellingThen it's a look back at some of Paul's best comic book stories Like Wolverine Origins, The Sentry , The Inhumans and more...
19/08/23·1h 53m

In The Guest chair With Radio Girl Margaret Larkin pt2

Part 2 Margaret AKA Radio girl is a fellow podcaster WGN Radio reproter and Chicago Author . We discuss where podcasting broadcasting and medoa copamnies are in this volatile period.
17/08/23·1h 34m

In The Guest chair With Radio Girl Margaret Larkin pt1

Margaret AKA Radio girl is a fellow podcaster WGN Radio reproter and Chicago Author . We discuss where podcasting broadcasting and medoa copamnies are in this volatile period.
17/08/23·1h 36m

Marc Bernardin Ron Salas And The Muhammad Ali Biography

From First Second Books Out Today, this is a fantastic biography of The One and Only Ali
15/08/23·1h 9m

Sci-Fi Comics And Rock and Roll From Joe Satriani

From 2022 Joe Satriani one of the premiere guitarists in music is a life long SciFi fan and and creator who high minded sci-fi concepts in his songs.His 1987 Iconic Album Surfing With The Alien featured the Silver Surfer on its cover. His new Album is The Elephants Of Mars, and his new Sci-Fi comic is Crystal Planet from Titan Books
11/08/23·52m 18s

Sci Fi and Crime From Max Allan Collins

Max talks about his book with Dave Thomas from Neo Text. The Sci-Fi Crime novel The Many Lives Of Jimmy Leighton,plus creating novels series, looks back at Ms Tree and much more
09/08/23·1h 33m

Bob Greenberger Chronicles DC's 100 Greatest Hero Moments

Writer Editor and Pop Culture Historian Bob Greenberger has begun a series of Comic Book Histories for DC. The first is The 100 greatest moments of The Justice League ,The 2nd is the 100 greatest moments of DC Heroines. These are great histories that not only give you the reasons why these are the great moments but also loads of comic book scenes in full that feature the best momentsWe also talk about his work on magazines such as Starlog and Comics Scene , his time at The Weekly World News and his thoughts on Star Trek.
08/08/23·1h 39m

Aw Yeah Podcast With The Original Cast

Terrificon Stories from Artie Franco and Yoko
07/08/23·2h 17m

Substack and Comics With The Kill Your Darlings Team

Bob Quinn Griffin Sheridan and Ethan Parker talk about their new Image Book, out in September
06/08/23·1h 5m

Trek Watch Strange New Worlds Se 2 eps 8 & 9 Reviews

Hey kid, do you like Musicals? Sure, but not on my Trek shows plaese ? Don't worry some hists liked it.
04/08/23·1h 46m

A Tom King Spotlight

A truncated Live Version Of The King's Speech at Terrificon 23
03/08/23·54m 35s

Dreadstar And Marvel Cosmic Memories With Jim Starlin And Jamie Jameson

Jim and Jaimie have massive plans to expand the Dreadstar mythos with new volumes of graphic novels.
02/08/23·56m 4s

Tales Of The X Office With Claremont and The Simonsons

I'm a fly on the wall, while Chris Claremont and Louise Simonson relive X-Men Memories in front of a live Terrificon Audience . Walt Simonson also makes a cameo with a story.
01/08/23·1h 2m

Anti Heroes With Palmiotti Levitz Kupperberg and Potts

Fromm Terrificon '23 . A fantastic discussion about the role of anti heroes in comics film and TV. With Jimmy Palmiotti Paul Levitz Paul Kupperberg and Carl Potts.
31/07/23·1h 5m

Adventures With Megos and Art Baltazar

Full Metal Artie. Just Art Baltazar Unboxing 2 Megos and discussesing his love for the classic action figures. From Terrificon 2023
30/07/23·1h 1m

How To Podcast 2023

From Terrificon 2023. This is a podcast panel with me, Joe Stuber Kyle Williamson, and Matt Herring
29/07/23·1h 3m

Svengoolie Previews His New Comic Book

The METV Horror Host previews his new comic published by Frank Miller Presents
27/07/23·1h 7m

What's Wrong With Star Trek Pt 1 With Ed Whitfield

Ed is a great UK essiast who writes citiques for many tv shows and films including Nu Star Trek
24/07/23·1h 56m

The Origins Of DC Comics With Nicky Wheeler Nicholon

with the re;ease of the history of dc dropping this weekend on MAX, this is the story of Major Malcom Wheeler-Nicholson. He was a soldier of fourtune, army officer and pulp writer who ctreated the first DC comics 3 years before the debut of Superman in Action Comics #1 His Great Grandaughter Nicky has the deyails of his work and life
23/07/23·1h 21m

Steve Darnell anf the Super Heroes Of Radio's Golden Age

Think there's a lot of Superhero TV Shows? In the 30a and 40s there were plenty too. We discuss the trend with Old Time Radio host and historian Steve Darnell
21/07/23·58m 46s

MMA and Other Sports with Stephanie Phillips

Eight Limbs is the new Humanoids Graphic Novel by Steph featuring 2 Muy Thai fighters . We discuss her own fighting experiences and other sports.
18/07/23·1h 7m

Lunch is On Garak With DS9's Andy Robinson

Star Trek veteran Andrew Robinson talks about his signature role on ST Deep Space Nine as everyone's favorite Cardassian Tailor Spy Garak. We also discuss his work on films like Dirty Harry, Charlie Varrick and playing Liberace
16/07/23·55m 59s

The Rift at SDCC With Mathew Klickstein

Klickstein wrote the definitive oral history of ComicCon International See You At San Diego from Fantagraphics . The current organizers are not happy about it.
15/07/23·1h 22m

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny Review

Wayne Mousseau and I are joined by Mitch Hallock of The Indy Cast to discuss the movie and ponder why it's failing at the box office.
11/07/23·1h 33m

Strange New Worlds Secret Invasion reviews

We review epsiode 4 Of Star Trek Starnge New Worlds Season 2 episode 4 and the 3rd epsiode of Marvel's Secret Invasion
11/07/23·44m 37s

Marvel Cosmic memories With Thomas Starlin Lim and Rubenstien

From Terrificon 2018 2 live panels and memeories.
10/07/23·1h 50m

Greatest Geek Year Ever: 1982 With Mark A Altman

1982 Had films like ET Poltergiest Star trek 2 Rocky 3 and many other geek classics.Before This project became a CW TV show debuting tonight , it was a kickstarter funded dopcumentary. Mark is one of the main producers behind it.
08/07/23·1h 30m

Joe Casey Talks New Comics Animation and General Geek Talk

Joe Casey Talks New Comics Animation and General Geek Talk
07/07/23·1h 33m

Cracking Open The DC Vault With Marty Pasko

From 2008. The publisher Running Bear created these "Museum In a Book" Packages that not only were written histories but alos came with reproductions of fun artifacts the further illustrated the subjects. Marty discusses his DC history findings.
05/07/23·1h 52m

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Reviews SE 2 Eps 2 3

The guys catch up on Star Trek and Secret Invasion.
04/07/23·1h 40m

The History Of Vintage Peg Toys With Brian Heiler

Rack toys are those dollar store squirt guns parachute men plastic junk toys that have superheroes using guns and vehicles despite their ability to fly , etc. Brian Heiler of The Plaid Stalions website and Youtube Channel has a new book called Rack Toys. We discuss the goofy history of these misfit toys from superman and spider-man vehicles to Love Boat Barber shop kits .
03/07/23·1h 11m

Aw Yeah Podcast The Flash Film Review Pt 2

We start with spoiler free observations, and then get injto the nitty gritty. Plus Yoko experiences a 4DX showing for the first time...
01/07/23·1h 36m

aw yeah podcast Hollywood news and Mash Trivia PT 1

From Casting Superman Legacy to a bunch Of MASH Trivia questions, we cover it all
01/07/23·1h 34m

Spotlight Louise and Walter Simonson Part 1

From The Covid times of late summer 2020.
28/06/23·1h 4m

Superman At 80 Panel 2018 Stern Ordway Tomasi Kupperberg

Five years ago these men got together to discuss The Man Of Steel.
27/06/23·59m 19s

DC Romance Comics History with 60s Editor Barbara Frielander

from Terrificon 2018 Former DC Editor Paul Kupperberg interviewed Barbara who edited many of he 60s DC Roamnce books and the teen music comedy swing with Scooter. A great conversation.
26/06/23·1h 5m

Star Trek Prodigy Talk With Julie and Shawna Benson

Paramount Plus announced the cancellation of Star Trek Prodigy, which surprisingly is one of the Best Nu Trek shows, furthering the stories past Star Trek Nemesis. Like Picard season three instead of being another prequel series, this show features smart all ages writing.As we hope for a new platform for season 2, We revists last decembers chat with Julie and Shawna Benson who wrote several episodess of this great series.
24/06/23·2h 24m

The 1985 studio with Chaykin Simonson Cowan and Sienkiewicz

From Baltimore Comic Con Dean Haspiel hosts this Baltimore Comic Con conversation with the artists he assisted in their 1985 studio. Great memories of a key moment in comic history. Stories aboit DC Marvel the creator owned market and more.
19/06/23·2h 3m

The History Of Queer Comics with Documentarian Vivian Klieman

Ealier this year PBS ran Vivian's excellent History Of Queer Comics Doc "No Straight Lines" . We discuss the cartoonist profiled.
18/06/23·55m 13s

Ande Parks Talks Ciudad and Nexflix Extraction Movies

Ande wrote Ciudad, a great special forces action comic with the Russo Brothers. The book became the basis for the Netflix films Extraction and Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth.
17/06/23·1h 7m

A John McCrea Hang Out

From classics like Hitman and Mars Attacks-Judge Dredd to a new Carnage story for Marvel, John covers it all. We talk about his recovery from a long bout with COVID that affected his drawing ability and why he's never felt comfortable drawing Superman.
16/06/23·1h 23m

70s Nerd Magazine memories with Michael Kronenberg

Mike has a great new cover honoring Neal Adams in the latest Back Issue. It also has Mike's Neal interview from the book he co-authored with Michael Eury The Batcave Companion. This gives us an excuse to talk about those great 70s and 80s nerd culture magazines like Creepy Errie and Famous Monsters of Filmland along with artists like Basil Gogos .
15/06/23·2h 5m

Comic Strips History and B/W TV with Andrew Pepoy

Andrew has a new Kickstarter going for his new collection of his good gurl art adventure series Simone and Ajax . check out the details at pepoy.com
14/06/23·1h 21m

Reprint Valerie Perrine The Mystique Of Miss Tessmacher with Stacey Souther

This weekend TCM showed this incredible documentary check it out, and support Valerie and the fim.Filmmaker Stacey Souther made an incredible documentary about Valerie Perrine , who made us all fall in love with her Superman performance not to mention Lenny, Slaughterhouse Five, WC Fields and Me and other films.Step 1 Buy the documentary here https://t.co/bzS0iu8MrV?amp=1 .Step 2: More importantly you can donate to help offset the costs of care for @TheValPerrinehere: https://gofund.me/e29e4f0a
12/06/23·1h 12m

Celebrating Pride Month With Archie's Dan Parent

Kevin Keller's creator from 2013
11/06/23·26m 14s

Steven T Seagle Talks Toons X-Men Sandman and more

We cover a lot of ground with Steve. From House Of Mystery , Sandman Mystery theater to Superman, his X-Men Run and many of his creator owned stories . Plus lots of TV anf ilm animation from Ben 10, to Big Hero 6
08/06/23·1h 34m

Rob Liefeld Tells Stories Out Of School Pt 2

Part 2 Rob continues to tell more stories about craft comics and more on his new Deadpool Mini series Badder Blood out today from Marvel
07/06/23·1h 21m

Rob Liefeld Tells Stories Out Of School Pt 1

Deadpool Badder Blood hits stores today. Rob talks about the new mini series, We also chat about the WGA strike many stories of the 80s and 90s and Rob's awesome podcast Robservations which you should all check out.
07/06/23·1h 12m

David Pepose talks Moon Knight Hulk and Darth Vader

After making a nice splash with Savage Avengers , David continues to crank out great stuff for Marvel
06/06/23·1h 12m

The History Of Comic Con Podcast Series with Mathew Klickstein

There is a 6 part deep dive podcast series that explores the creation and evolution of The San Diego Comic Con Called "Comic Con Begins" . From it's hotel basement beginnings to today's status as the Ultimate Nerd Culture event that the whole world follows every year. With tons of interviews and archival audio. It's a time travel experience. Podcast creator and comic book writer Mathew Klickstein (You Are Obsolete) and SDCC founding member Roger Freedman discuss the creation of this iconic festival that not even Covid could stop.Also Available is The Fantagraphics Oral History Of SDCC " See You At San Diego" , written and researched by Mathew featuring the trascibed interviews heard on the podcast and more icluding incredible photos. This is a very large thigh breaking book.
05/06/23·1h 26m

Portrait Of Joelle Jones 2018

From 2018, Joelle talks about her Catwoman run, plus her collaborations with Jamie Rich Tom King and others .and, a lot of talk about Joelle's great crime series Lady Killer from Dark Hors
04/06/23·1h 6m

The Secrets Of The Golden Age Stardust With VanJensen

Van talks about a new Sci-Fi Graphic Novel ARCA from IDW and a crowdfunding campaign with new stories and art featuring the Bizare Golden Age Hero Stardust, created by Fletcher Marks.
02/06/23·1h 9m

Heroes Covers and More With Doc Shaner

Doc Shaner has been dazzling us with his versions of iconic heroes from Flash Gordon to the Hanna Barberra heores. We talk Shazam, Adam Strange, Mary Marvel Superman, and much more
01/06/23·1h 45m

Marc Guggenheim on The WGA Trek X-Men Star Wars and More

Marc gives his POV on the WGA strike, We also talk about his current runs of Marvel books and IDW Star Trek, plus his current creator owned series Torrent from Image
31/05/23·1h 35m

William Dettloff Talks about his latest Boxing Bio and More

Bill talks about teh fight gane ubn general and The Life and Career of former 175lb champ Matthew Sadd Muhammad
31/05/23·1h 26m

Stuart Moore Talks Marvel Ahoy and More

Stuart discusses his new Marvel Avengers Novel from Acodyte Books in The Crisis Protocol series.We also talk about new projects from Ahoy Comics.
30/05/23·1h 9m

Part 1 Phil Jimenez Kelly Sue DeConnick Talk WW Historia Vol1

To commemorate the hardcover release of the first 3 chapters of Historia, here are Phil and Kel discusing Chapter 1
27/05/23·1h 46m

WW Historia with Kelly Sue DeConnick and Nicola Scott Part 2

The conversation continues, and also we get word about future projects for both Nicola and Kelly Sue, plus stuff about Nicola's current work on Titans with Tom Taylor.
26/05/23·1h 11m

WW Historia with Kelly Sue DeConnick and Nicola Scott Part 1

To celebrate the release of the collected Hardcover out June 6th Kelly Sue and Nicola disuss their process making this epic story.
26/05/23·1h 7m

Gerry Conway The Punisher "Problem"

From 2020. At the height of the covid scare Excessive Cop Violence and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. A call came from fans and nerd critics, that maybe The Punisher had outlived his usefulness .Many violent demonstrators and even police using excessive violence had been adopting the skull emblem of Frank Castle. Gerry, the Punisher creator discussed the issue.
24/05/23·1h 24m

Tom King Wonder Woman's Daughter part 2

Tom Answers more fab questions and discusses the WGA strike
23/05/23·1h 8m

Tom King Wonder Woman's Daughter part 1

Who is Trinity? Tom Answers fan questions Part 1 of 2
23/05/23·1h 5m

Dr Voodoo Pt 2 Rick Remender

Part 2 of the 2009 look at Dr Voodoo...Rick Remender talks about what's coming up for charcters like Doctor Voodoo, The Punisher and The Thunderbolts, in books coming this fall. You'll hear about his new series featuring the current Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel's 616 universe. Plus The Punisher is heading toward a world of hurt in the months ahead, with bizare story arcs like Franken Castle with Tony Moore , and Punisher: The List, with classic Punisher draftsmen John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson.We also go in depth on The Last Days Of Crime from Radical Publishing, with art by Greg Tocchini and covers by some guy named Alex MaleevPlus, Rick talks about a special 40 page Thunderbolts issue, and the pending wrap ups to The End League With Eric Canette and Fear Agent with Tony Moore & Mike Hawthorne.
22/05/23·1h 5m

Dr Voodoo Pt 1 Bendis

From 2009 When Dr Voodoo became Sorcerer Supreme ...On this Episode Brian Michael Bendis returns with an all new Q&A session that's answers the riddles of how long will Norman Osborn's Dark Reign endure, what are the future plans for Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers and The Spider-Woman motion comic, and what was the decision process leading to Jerhico Drumm's selection as the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe?
22/05/23·59m 9s

Howard Chaykin Reading and Watching List

Sure we talk about Volume 3 of Howard's Hey Kids Comics but we also get a recommeneded reading and tv watching list from him too. Also, Howard's view of the WGA strike
21/05/23·1h 4m

aw yeah podcast May be

the usual caual hang out with art franco scoot and skokie spidey
16/05/23·2h 12m

The Secret Origin Of Jim Steranko Agent Of SHIELD

From Terrificon 2019. A sitdown with the master silver age artist Jim Steranko
15/05/23·1h 8m

Greg Rucka On The Forged and taking your questions

Greg talks about his new series with Eric Trautman. A women on a mission space opera.
14/05/23·1h 50m

Jason Douglas Talks Jane American

A post WW2 exRosie The Riveter story with a sci-fi twist. Jason's new one shot is pretty gtreat
12/05/23·1h 18m

Steve Orlando Talks Spider-Man 2099 Scarlet Witch X-Men and More

Celebrating WB's 18th anniversary today with this Orlando chat
10/05/23·1h 38m

Superhero Media Turmoil With Seth Everett

The wrap of The arrowverse, The DCEU and MCU Star Wars, So Many franchises films and TV are in flux. Seth Everett From The Hall Of Justice Podcast and I discuss it all.
08/05/23·1h 17m

Happy Birthday David Lloyd

From Dec 2019In case you haven't noticed, David Lloyd isn't drawing comic books any more. He's still very much involved in the medium creating the digital comic anthology Aces Weekly, a weekly digital only comic featuring serialized stories in genres from humor to crime adventure and sci-fi. David's current creativity is pointed at publishing this digital only comic. He's stopped drawing to concentrate on this effort. He talks about his view on the current comics market and looks back at V For Vendetta, his war comics with Garth Ennis and his crime graphic novel Kickback
07/05/23·1h 35m

Happy Birthday Bill Sienkiewicz !

Happy Birthday Bill! This was our first chat from 2017, before our live panel that year at Comic Con. You'll hear Bill's origin story, breaking into comics, developing his impressionist painting style, and so much more. Plus Batman, Elektra Assasin Daredevil and The New Mutant
04/05/23·1h 31m

Manga Talk With Tom Speelman

Tom Speelman of Crunchyroll is here to talk about the current manga scene .
04/05/23·1h 10m

Cap Guardians Batman Beyond and More With Lanzing and Kelly

The writing team of Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly pop by talking about all their current comics, including Captain America, Batman Beyond and The Guradians Of The Galaxy...and of course their work at IDW on Satr Trek
03/05/23·1h 36m

Jamie Johnson Samantha Brooks From Dublin Comic Con

More great interviews from March's Dublin Comic ConFirst Comic cover artist Jamie Johnson who's doing great work on the Phantom among others.And actress/writer Samantha Brooks, (who continues the comedy tradition of her Grandfather Mel Brooks) creator of the tv series High Functioning
02/05/23·1h 19m

Trek Watch ... The Return Of Nimoy As Spock?

John Price and Larry Young from Seriously Star Trek Join me to discuss a few Trek subjects.Now tha Picard is done and the positive views and praise for Matalas coninues will this point to a new Trek direction , or was it a blip and the new shows will feel like more Discovery? This weekend The Roddenberry Archive released an incredible 2 minute film that seems to feature new footage of Leonard Nimoy as Spock. What is it? How was it made? Look for the film on youtube called regeneration.
01/05/23·1h 23m

VO acting thoughts from Susan Eisenberg and Jess Nesling

From Dublin Comic Con Last month, Eoin McCauley hosts Q&As with 2 great voice over actors. Susan Eisenberg (Injustice, JLU) and Jess Nesling (Warhammer 40k)
27/04/23·1h 10m

Mike Collins Nick Roche From Dublin Comic Con

Friend Of The Podcast Eoin McAuley interviews Mike Collins at Nick Roche at Dublin Comic Con . Two great conversations
26/04/23·1h 1m

Jerry Ordway talks Batman 89 Joker, and more

A fun breezy chat with behind the scenes stories of Batman 89. How did Jack Nicholson react to his comic book likeness? Also we talk about the other great Joker performances, projects for Jerry with P Craig Russell, and a lot of looks at past comic runs and future projects.
24/04/23·2h 40m

Trek Watch Picard Season 3 Wrap Up

Warrning Spoilers !
22/04/23·1h 44m

ITHACON! APES ! and Overstreet Guide Talk With JC Vaughn

JC Vaughn talks about the highs and lows of comic book speculation and the Overstreet Price Guide we also talk about this weekend's ITHACON and lots of love for the 70's Planet Of The Apes Comics
21/04/23·1h 15m

Brian Volk Weiss On His Star Trek Documentary Series

Brian's 11 part Trek Docu series The Center Seat is now playing on Amazon Prime and is coming out on DVD April 25th.
19/04/23·37m 29s

Dan Didio's Hide Or Seek

Dan talks about his new Novel Hide Or Seek, about a witness protection plan for superheroes and bad guys.Plus we discuss the Frank Miller presents line of comics, and more DC memories.
18/04/23·1h 12m

What If TV and Country Noir Comics With Stephan Franck

Animator and Comics Creator Franck talks about his crime comic Palomino set in 1980's LA in the country music clubs of the era,Stephan also has stories making animation like the Marvel What If TV series, The Iron Giant and more.
16/04/23·1h 8m

Part 3 John Con

The long hangout from the summer of 2020 wraps up with more stories from Cecil Castelluci, Judd Winick, Shelly and Philip Bond Julie and Shawna Benson, and more .
15/04/23·1h 42m

John Con Part 2 Of 3

From The Covid Year of 2020 Featuring: Tom King, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Liam Sharp, Dan Slott, Shelly and Philip Bond, Mike Oeming, Taki Soma,Tim Seeley, Chris Cantwell, Robert Venditti Vita Ayala, Ben Percy, Amy Chu, Phil Jimenez, Franco! and more...!
12/04/23·1h 35m

John Con Part 1

From The Covid Year of 2020 ...The Only thing missing from Comic Con At Home was an after hours hang out . Enter JohnCon. Julie and Shawna Benson and I reached out to friends to join us, like Jerry Ordway Phil Jimenez Amy Chu Vita Ayala Liam Sharp amd Dan Slott .More guests and conversation in parts 2 and 3
12/04/23·1h 18m

origins of Boom Studios With Ross Richie

Before Bezerker, Lumberjanes and Something is Killing The Children. This 2006 conversation with Boom Studios Founder Ross Richie lays out Boom's first wave of comics that always leaned towards untapped genres with big comic book names like Keith Giffen and JM DeMatties . Relive the memories on this very early Word Balloon Episode.
10/04/23·1h 5m

C2E2 8 Billion Genies Panel With Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

The guys discuss the winding down of the series and the future TV Streaming plans for an adaptation !
04/04/23·1h 9m

C2E2 Zeb Wells Azzarello Phillips Higgins Pepose

A great writers roundtable discussing the issues of making creator owned and corporate comics in today's market. Zeb Wells (Spider-Man Robot Chicken) Brian Azzarello (Batman 100 Bullets) Steihanie Phillips (Harley Quinn Rouge-Gambit) Kyle Higgins ( Radiant Black, Nightwing) and David Pepose (Savage Avenfers, Hulk)
02/04/23·1h 5m

Ike Perlmutter Out at Marvel and a Tom Brevoort Reprint

First, my thought on the downsizing of Ike Perlmutter at Marvel / Disney.Then a reprint of a 2009 Marvel Talk with Tom Brevoort talking about the Marvel books of that era, and the philosphies of event books tie ins and multiple titles of a group or hero.This is at the start of The Heroic Age which followed the Dark Reign period. You'll hear about the characterization of the Marvel Retreat Summits which would dictate the directions of the Marvel UniverseThis was all pre-disney era marvel., right after the success of 2008's Iron Man Film.
30/03/23·1h 24m

The Origins Of Tom Peyer's The Wrong Earth

What happens when an Adam West like hero is faced with the grim and gritty world of modern urban comics? Or... What happens when a grim and gritty street hero is unleashed into the silly cities of the silver age? Tom Peyer discusses the origins of Dragonfly Man and Dragonfly in the Ahoy series The Wrong Earth
29/03/23·51m 16s

Visible Women With Shelly Bond and Diana Schutz

Shelly and Diana discuss teaching comics studies at Portland State University, and Editing some of the most important comics of the last 30 years, with craetors like Frank Miller and Grant Morrison and working with other legends like Karen Berger..We also talk about the Visible Women Initiative, promoting aspiring women comic creators and how they can get their works seen and get comic jobs
25/03/23·2h 16m

A John Layman Hang Out DC Star Trek and More

John Is Busy setting up the DC adaptation of the Suicide Squad Vs Arkham Asylum Vido Game prequel, plus we talk about Star Trek Picard.
22/03/23·1h 25m

Reprint Mark Millar from a 2015 perspective

A great 2015 live chat with Mark, where I'm trying to convince Mark that Streaming TV is the place for his ideas. This is 3 yerars before the Netflix deal. Was he really anti-TV or just being coy? You decide.
20/03/23·1h 14m

P2 Rob Liefeld The 2011 Perspective

Part 2 Big things happened to Rob in 2011 and he had a lot to say about how the comics market had changed
19/03/23·1h 36m

Pt1 Rob Liefeld The 2011 Perspective

Part 1 Big things happened to Rob in 2011 and he had a lot to say about how the comics market had changed
19/03/23·1h 12m

The History of Comics In Chicago With Gary Moondog Colabuno

The Man behind Moondog Comics tell stories from the biz side of the 80s and 90s.
18/03/23·1h 39m

Pt 2 Bendis Tapes Fortune And Glory The Musical

Part 2 of our talk as Bendis tells stories about trying to write The Spider-Man Broadway Musical
17/03/23·59m 8s

Pt 1 Bendis Tapes Fortune And Glory The Musical

Remember The Spider-Man Musical,? Remember That Bendis Was first approached to write the story for it? Finally the whole story is being told.
17/03/23·56m 53s

sex In Film and TV 2023 With Mr Skin

In the wake of this years Oscars, Mr Skin is back to discuss his own 24th Anatomy Awards. They're free to view at Mr Skin.com
16/03/23·38m 42s

Reprint Terry Beatty Rex Morgan MD at the start of the Pandemic

Terry Beatty talks Ms Tree with Max Collins Batman Adventures and The Batman strikes, plus his current run on The Rex Morgan MD comic strip. This was recorded at the start of covid. Despite the anxiety of the moment we had a blast talking.
15/03/23·1h 33m

Mark Verheiden Talks Galactica Film Comics

From 2005, Mark talks about his TV film and comic book work
13/03/23·56m 32s

Origins Of The Lucifer TV Show With Joe Henderson

When Lucifer was brand new . Joe Desct=ribes the experience getting it on the air.
12/03/23·1h 16m

The Pending Death Of Star Trek Discovery

Fun chat with the Serious Star Trek Youtubers/FaceBook Video hosts Larry Young and John E Price.
08/03/23·1h 17m

Reggie Hudlin Talks Milestone TV Movies and More

So much to discuss with Reggie . Comics Film TV and More
05/03/23·48m 45s

From KAOS To The Love Boat Veteran Actor Bernie Kopell

He was the maon bad guy on Get Smart, Doc on the Love Boat and so many more shows from Dick Van Dyke to Doris Day to Silicon Valley and Mpom. It's the great Bernie Kopell.
02/03/23·57m 42s

Jeff Lemire Talks Swamp Thing and his Latest Creator Owned Series

Jeff Lemire Talks Swamp Thing and his books Bone Orchard Little Monsters and Phantom Road
23/02/23·1h 3m

Dave Gibbons Autobiography

The Watchmen Co-Creator discusses his new Autobiography and shares stories of his days as a comic book fan and many stories throught his spectacular career. Watchmen, The Kingsmen comics and films Rougue Trooper and more.
22/02/23·1h 23m

S Craig Zahler Talks Comics and Movies

The Filmmaker discusses his latest Sci-Fi OGN Epic and his movies like Bone Tomahawk and Dragged Across Concrete currently running on HBOMAX .
21/02/23·1h 46m

part 2 State Of Comics With Sal Crivelli

We continue the conversation with Comic Pop's Sal Crivelli
19/02/23·1h 7m

Michael Kupperman looks at his Dad's reluctant childhood fame

All The Answers is Michael's OGN about his dad Joel one of the original reality media stars of the 1940s The quiz kids. Joel met presidents and major hollywood stars...and hated every minute of it.
17/02/23·59m 5s

part 2 Rodney Barnes

We discuss Rodney's Upcoming TV projects Like Season 2 of HBO's Winning Time The LA Lakers Story, and an upcoming look at the life of the first Black Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Johnson.
16/02/23·56m 53s

mike zeck and john beatty discuss marvel's secret wars

the story of marvel's first great event of the 80s
14/02/23·56m 20s

Part 2 Dan Jurgens Talks Booster Gold Superman and More

Continuing our talk with Dan, which also gets into past Marvel Runs On Spider-Man and Thor , plus fan questions

Part 1 Dan Jurgens Talks Booster Gold Superman and More

With The James Gunn announcement that a Booster Gold TV series is in the works, what better time to talk to his creator? Part 1 of 2
10/02/23·57m 35s

Trek Watch The DCU New Projects and Retro TV Memories

The Trek Watch crew hangs out to discuss The DCU New slate of projects and some great retro TV
04/02/23·1h 30m

Pt 2 John Jackson Miller Crunching The Numbers Of The Comic Book Market

In Part 2 of our talk John explains his work for the comic buyers guide and on his own creating ComicCron, which explains the distribution numberts of comics and give the real "rarity" of certain magazine issues for historians and collectors.
03/02/23·52m 13s

Pt 1 John Jackson Miller Talks Star Wars And Star Trek

John has his new ST Strange Newe Worlds novel coming out Feb 21st . We discuss his contributions to the star Wars and Star Trek History through his novels.
03/02/23·1h 10m

Part 2 Tom King Talks Creator Owned, DC Comics and...Movie Plans?

Part 2 On the heels of James Gunn's announcement's of Film and TV shows for the DC Universe, Tom was mentioned by Gunn as one of the key writers he collaborated with.Among the projects announced is a Supergirl Film based on Tom and Bilquis Evrey's comic book series. Tom tells us what he can about working With Gunn, and promotes His current DC books Human Target Danger Street and Gothan City Year One. We also discuss Love Everlasting his creator owned series with Elsa Charretier whose first collection of issues is out Feb 14th
02/02/23·1h 7m

Part 1 Tom King Talks Creator Owned, DC Comics and...Movie Plans?

On the heels of James Gunn's announcement's of Film and TV shows for the DC Universe, Tom was mentioned by Gunn as one of the key writers he collaborated with.Among the projects announced is a Supergirl Film based on Tom and Bilquis Evrey's comic book series. Tom tells us what he can about working With Gunn, and promotes His current DC books Human Target Danger Street and Gothan City Year One. We also discuss Love Everlasting his creator owned series with Elsa Charretier whose first collection of issues is out Feb 14th
02/02/23·1h 10m

the autobiography of denny o'neil

DC Marvel and life memories in this 2018 interview with the pivotal writer and editor
01/02/23·2h 24m

Beatles Comics Part 2 Vivek Tiwary The 5th Beatle Brian Epstien

From 2013 Tiwary's Dark Horse Comic Examining The Life Of The Beatles Manager and his tourtured life with Art Chorse By Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker
30/01/23·46m 58s

Beatles Comics Part 1 Bill Morrison's Yellow Submarine

From 2018 Bill Morison was about to take over Mad Magazine as Editor In Chief. He also released from Titan Comics an amazing adaptation of the Beatles 1968 cartoon Yellow Submarine.
30/01/23·1h 28m

80s Rock and Monster Comic Tributes with Rafer Roberts and Mike Norton

Norton and Roberts book The Rock Gods Of Jackson Tennesee from Dark Horse combines am autobiographical look at high school garage bands and those hilarious cheesy horror action films that we all grew upon.
29/01/23·1h 6m

scene missing reviews skiddo

The scene missing crew of Gabriel Hardman and Ian Brill look at the 1968 "comedy" that tried interpret the hippie generation, with stars like Jackie Gleason Carol Channing John Philip Law Harry Nillson Frank Gorshin and many other stars. It didn't go well.
29/01/23·1h 15m

Trivia Time With Fred Van Lente #7

Our 7th Nerd Quiz with Quiz Master Fred Van Lente . Tough Questions, and a plug for a new edition of Action Philosophers Kickstarter Campaign
28/01/23·1h 7m

Vivian Kleiman's PBS Documenatry about Queer Comics

Vivian's new documentary about the History Of Queer Comics is running on The PBS series Independant Lens and is streamong on the PBS website online till the end of April. It features great interviews with Howard Cruse, Mary Wings, Jen Camper Allison Bechdel and many others. You'll seetheir cartooning process and hear their stories. It's a must watch for all comic fans.
26/01/23·53m 37s

Keith Giffen Tells his story

Lobo, The Legion Of Super Heroes The JSA working with JM Dematties Wally Wood The writers of 52b and more. From 2006
23/01/23·1h 25m

Supernatural Metal Comics with Don Cardenas

Don and Steve Bryant have a new kickstarter for their series Evie and The Helsings
19/01/23·1h 7m

Calvin Reid : An Appreciation

Calvin is stepping down from his longtime post at Publisher's weekly as a columnist crotoc and editor. He's also a co-host of The PW Comics World podcast. One of the best advocates comics has ever had. Here's oor 2016 conversation that took place right before SDCC that year.
18/01/23·46m 54s

The Story Of Archie Comics, with Victor Gorleck

A 2018 chat with the Late Victor Gorleck who had been with Archie since 1958
17/01/23·1h 2m

A Comic Book Slumber Party Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction

From 2009 ! Back when Fraction was still living in KC and visting Bendis before SDCC we had this fun chat which also features fan questions talking about things like Powers, The Spider-Woman motion comic and other stuff that mattered 14 years ago. How thing have changed.
16/01/23·1h 33m

The strange Origins Of David Walker

15/01/23·2h 4m

Danny Fingeroth and The Stan Lee Centennial

The Marvel writer editor discusses his book and perspective on Stan The Man's Life Career abd social impact
14/01/23·1h 36m

the history of 90s comics with jason sacks

Jason Sacks has co-written the Twomorrows book American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990s s. You'll hear a long discussion about the infamous decade of booms and busts
10/01/23·1h 7m

Roy Thomas all this, and World War 2

The Invaders JSA What If and More from Rascally Roy
09/01/23·1h 11m

New Books From Matt Kindt

06/01/23·54m 11s

Ben Raab Talks Quantum Leap, Days at Marvel and DC

TV and Comics Writer Ben Raab talks about the New NBC Quantum Leap and his time at the Marvel editorial offices and DC of the 90s and Early 2000s
02/01/23·1h 2m

alex ross on the state of the superhero

a 2016 chat with the master artist
01/01/23·1h 6m

A Stan Lee tribute with Fred Van Lente

To honor the Man's 100th birthday, we represent this chat with Fred , who documented Stan's history in The Com ic Book History Of Comics from IDW in 2017
31/12/22·1h 16m

Bryan Hitch Talks The Ultimates The Authority Hawkman TV Films

From 2018 The first in depth Word Balloon Conversion with the Master artist Bryan Hitch
26/12/22·2h 2m


Merry Christmas Here's quite a gift-Live from FanX in Salt Lake City Utah. A behind the scenes look at Batman TAS, the series that ushered in the modern era of superhero cartoons from story editor Marty Pasko. You'll get casting stories, design innovations , and of course the writer perspective on why this series broke the kiddie mold and brought depths of characterization drama and adventure to animated television.
25/12/22·1h 4m

Superman writers from The 70s-Today Jurgens Maggin Ordway Kupperberg

Writers Dan Jurgens Jerry Ordway Paul Kupperberg and Elliot S1 Maggin chat about the Man Of Steel in this 2020 Mainframe Comic Con Panel
23/12/22·1h 5m

Reprint Grant Morrison Liam Sharp On Green Lantern

A great chat. We review Grant and Liam's amazing space cop run with HalJordan and a ton of new GL Corp Memebers designed by Liam.
22/12/22·42m 25s

Reprint Gerry Conway on his return to comic book writing

From 2009: Gerry Conway is back writing comics. The man who gave birth to the Punisher and took the life of Spider-Man's first love Gwen Stacy is here to discuss his current DC mini series The Last Days Of Animal Man.We'll talk about his return to comics, and look back at collaborations with artists like Gil Kane, John Romita and Ross Andru., The Superman - Spider-Man Crossover , and more
19/12/22·1h 5m

Anthony Tollin Pt2 Pulp and OTR Heroes

Part 2 Anthony Tollin is a noted historian on 20th century pop culture comics, pul novelss and old-time radio. He was a prominent colorist and production artist for DC Comics, contributing to The Shadow (1970's series) with articles and The Shadow Strikes (1990's series) as a colorist. He's published the pulp adventures of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Whisperer, under the Sanctum Books imprint.
18/12/22·1h 27m

Artist Anthony Tollin Talking DC in the 70's and 80s pt 1

Anthony Tollin is a noted historian on 20th century pop culture comics, pul novelss and old-time radio. He was a prominent colorist and production artist for DC Comics, contributing to The Shadow (1970's series) with articles and The Shadow Strikes (1990's series) as a colorist. He's published the pulp adventures of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Whisperer, under the Sanctum Books imprint.
18/12/22·1h 3m

Trek Watch Julie And Shawna Benson Talk Prodigy, Comics and more

The bensons wrote the latest Star Trek Prodigy episode and share their writer room experienes. They also layout a fantatstic [itch for a Dazzler series. Are you listening Marvel?
17/12/22·2h 21m

Kelly Thompson Talks Black Cloak Marvel

We discuss Kelly's new creator owned book, plus Captain Marvel Jeff the Shark Black Widow and more
16/12/22·1h 5m

Mr Skin's Top Nude Scenes 2022

Internet Pioneer and Radio Morning show staple Mr Skin returns to discuss his list and the trends of sex on tv and film
15/12/22·1h 5m

Bendis Interviews Word Balloon-The tables are turned

From 2014 Brian Michael Bendis interviews me for my 9th anniversary show.
14/12/22·2h 8m

Geoff Johns On Stargirl JSA Junkyard Joe TV Film and More

As The CW Stargirl Show wraps up, Geoff talks about the last season and series as a whole. Plus we discuss his new DC books about Courtney and The JSA plus TV and film stuff. We also talk about his new Image Book with Gary Frank Junkyard Joe.
09/12/22·57m 29s

Reprint Kingdom Come Table Read With Waid Eisenberg Newburn

From Mainframe Comic Com 2020- The Stars of the Justice League animated series Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) and George Newburn (Superman) give us what we want , and perform scenes from The Mark Waid Alex Ross Classic, with Waid providing the narration. A Q&A follows the performance
05/12/22·1h 3m

Monkeybrain Summit With Allison Baker and Chris Roberson

Allison and Chris share their thoughts on the comics market TV/Film landscape and even a little talk about the midterms (Allison is a political media consultant that worked on the Michigan State elections this year). Chris previews some MignolaUniverse projects coming from Dark Horse
02/12/22·1h 33m

Trek Watch Dal Hits puberty

Reviews of Star Trek Prodigy Asylum The Andor Finale Tulsa King and The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday special
30/11/22·1h 31m

The Black Panther Panel 2018 McGregor Priest and More

An incredible discussion with Black Panther creators Don McGregor Christopher Priest, Afua Richardson and Bob Almond . From Terrificon recorded in 2018 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut
28/11/22·1h 1m

reprint brian bendis on the clark kent superman identity debate

3 years ago bendis had superman reveal his identity to the dc universe. it sounds like clark is coming back in 2023. let's revisit bendis's reasons back in 2019
26/11/22·1h 48m

Sal Abbinanti 's The Hostage

Perfect for a long Holiday road trip. Sal and I talk about the comic store release of his haunting graphic novel The Hostage, plus con reports other BS and a great Namor discussion
24/11/22·2h 41m

Happy Anniversary Batman The Brave And Bold

Showrunners James Tucker and Michael Jellenick from 2010 talking about the tone of this classic Batman Team Up show.
24/11/22·1h 26m

Nigel Collins Talks Boxing and His Latest Book

Nigel's latest book Hooking Off The Jab is a collection of articles and essays written in the last 42 years. Boxer profiels and a look at the inside of the fight business
22/11/22·1h 11m

Happy 50th Jonah Hex With Jimmy Palmiotti

From 2010 Jimmy and I discuss the disappointment of The Hex film, and the greatness of the comic book stories of Jonah Hex including his work with Justin Grey and many great artists
21/11/22·1h 11m

Kelly Sue DeConnick Gene Ha Wonder Woman's Historia Vol 2 Pt 1

The questions and conversation continues
18/11/22·1h 7m

Kelly Sue DeConnick Gene Ha Wonder Woman's Historia Vol 2 Pt 1

Queen Hippolyta's Historic Journey continues. A deep dive into the process of creating this epic graphic novel series
18/11/22·1h 1m

My Sports Radio Memories With ESPN's Jesse Rogers

Jesse is one of ESPN's Baseball experts and was one of my closest friends at WSCR The Chicago Sports Talk Station where we shared many radio and TV adventures
17/11/22·1h 8m

RIP Kevin Conroy The Justice League Table Read Uncut 2020

Think of this as The Justice League Version of The Beatles Get Back Documentary. What was supposed to be an easy table read live streaming to fans, became a breezy conversation between the whole JL cast and director Andrea Romano. If you want to side step the pre read chatter, and get to the performance, it starts at 33:40 ish . Then more q&a from the cast Finally, I also represent Kevin's press junket interview from 2016 on the Killing Joke and his acting relationship with Mark Hamil as The Joker.
12/11/22·1h 32m

Drew Friedman presents The Icons Of Underground Comix

Drew discusses his new Fantagraphics Book.Maverix and Lunatix Icons Of Underground Comix also support the funding for The Drew Friedman documentary herehttps://gofund.me/511cdf99
10/11/22·1h 13m

RIP Kevin O'Neill Extraordinary Gentleman

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we present a 2009conversation with artist Kevin O'Neil, to discuss therelease of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol III): Century #1 ("1910") drawn by O'Neil and written by Alan Moore.Kevin discusses the background of the story, and his views on past characters like Mister Hyde Mina Murray, the mysterious Orlando, and the Family line of Captain Nemo.His thoughts on the LXG film, and the origins and future plans of his co-creation with Pat Mills, Marshal Law .The interview does cover plot points and setting that have been discussed in other previewarticles and reviews of the book, so beware.Her are some non spoiler quotes from the talk...On the inclusion of Nemo's daughter in the 1910 League. "She occupies a great part of the story, and we will follow her in later books."On the process of putting the literary cameos and pop culture easter eggs in a subtle way. "We just have to tread a careful line as to how we populate the book.. as we proceed with incredible numbers of different characters in street scenes and backgrounds or newspaper headlines ...it's a lot of work, but we realize we have these Jess Nevins books analyze every single panel and we know a lot of people who like that  it...however if you don't know the references,it won't spoil the enjoyment of the story, it's just another layer of fictional stuff going on alongside the main story."
07/11/22·1h 3m

Comedy Historian Dan Pasternack Previews His New Interview Podcast

Dan is an accomplished comedy writer performer and producer that helped shepherd IFC's Portlandia and Maron TV series. He has a new interview podcast with Paul Provenza called Obsessive Comedy Disorder that has already interviewed W Kamau Bell and John Cleese. He has many great stories to share
04/11/22·1h 27m

Bendis Tapes New Comic The Ones and Your Questions

Bendis and Jacob Edgar discuss their new Dark Horse series The Ones
03/11/22·1h 36m

Reprint Matt Fraction 2008 Pt 2 Casanova and lots of Pop Culture Fun

In this episode of the Word Balloon podcast , host John Siuntres continues his conversation with writer Matt Fraction, with a spoiler filled examination of Matt's creator owned Image series Casanova which finishes its 2ND arc, "Where In Time Is Casanova?", with this week's issue #14.Then, Fraction and Siuntres shift to free-form mode as random subjects fly back and forth. They discuss the comics direct market, creators like Jack Kirby and Steve Gerber , Filmmakers John Huston and Orson Welles, and Fraction's glee, over buying the Dean Martin Variety Show DVD set.
02/11/22·50m 20s
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