By Omnibus

Every week, Ken Jennings and John Roderick add a new entry to the OMNIBUS, an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that they are compiling as a time capsule for future generations.


Somerton Man (Entry 1189.PS7902)

In which a clue-filled dead body appears on a beach in Adelaide, Australia, sparking a tantalizing 75-year mystery, and Ken is not a team of seventh graders. Certificate #35821.
16/05/241h 41m

Kim's Video (Entry 687.MT0542)

In which the collapse of the video rental industry sends one valuable and eccentric archive to an obscure and disaster-plagued town in western Sicily, and E. coli is no match for John. Certificate #43318.
09/05/241h 31m

Kilroy Was Here (Entry 687.EZ0810)

In which a mysterious World War II inscription marries image and text to create the modern meme, and Ken does not think gangrenous limbs are a meme. Certificate #25622.
02/05/241h 20m

The Rainbow Bridge (Entry 1028.EC0319)

In which the bountiful gifts of American advice columnists include a now-ubiquitious happy afterlife for pets, and John might lose a swordfight because he's too heavy for a chandelier. Certificate #29810.
25/04/241h 34m

The Principality of Sealand (Entry 987.IS6022)

In which a self-crowned prince founds his own nation on a tiny piece of concrete in the North Sea, complete with commando raids, and Ken is only in favor of 3-D awards. Certificate #6611.
18/04/241h 13m

Stickball (Entry 1225.MK0608)

In which a village pastime for Sussex dairymaids gets urbanized into an exciting neighborhood pick-up sport in American inner cities, and John wants to pick the bittle up. Certificate #13472.
11/04/241h 5m

Bioplastics (Entry 124.EZ3629)

In which attempts to replace petrochemical plastic with corn and sawdust face fatal challenges of scale and efficiency, and Ken has never made a Prius. Certificate #32944.
04/04/241h 13m

The Push Button (Entry 1012.DE0611)

In which the influence of spinet pianos and telegraph keys produces a satisfying new device interface for the electric age, and John thinks aliens just want a cuddle. Certificate #42007.
28/03/241h 15m

Jersey Barriers (Entry 671.IS5714)

In which the development of guardrail and concrete divider technology makes highway driving massively safer over the decades, and Ken lies under oath in a deposition. Certificate #40991.
21/03/241h 16m

Joanna Southcott's Box (Entry 673.GN4910)

In which twenty-four bishops refuse to open the secret prophecies that will save Britain from war and banditry, and John wants to be called "Dicebox." Certificate #49596.
14/03/241h 33m

Episode 590: Vanity Plates (Entry 1383.EC1208)

In which car registration numbers become modes for personalized creative expression and eventually a multimillion-dollar commodity, and Ken does not say "auto." Certificate #37808.
07/03/241h 30m

Episode 589: The Earth from Space (Entry 391.GN0115)

In which centuries of inaccurate illustrations of our planet are abruptly upended by satellites and awestruck astronauts, and John never drew spaceships, just Japanese fighter planes. Certificate #35817.
29/02/241h 15m

Episode 588: The Food Pyramid (Entry 487.MT0611)

In which budget-conscious Swedes rearrange American ideas about nutritious eating, and Ken is pretty sure M&Ms are not getting smaller. Certificate #54063.
22/02/241h 21m

Episode 587: The Guano Islands Act (Entry 554.PS10407)

In which we celebrate 167 years of Americans being able to claim any island they like as long as it has enough bird poop on it, and John thinks you can dip a pole in liberty. Certificate #39867.
15/02/241h 6m

Episode 586: The Great Idaho Beaver Drop (Entry 548.JL0202)

In which a remote part of Idaho solves its beaver dam problem with some surplus parachutes and an even more remote part of Idaho, and Ken applies the transitive property to mules and culverts. Certificate #31297.
08/02/241h 20m

Episode 585: Naturism (Entry 827.GE0225)

In which German health nuts give the world the idea of social nude recreation before the Nazis can tell them not to, and John thinks of something that is better than itching. Certificate #53668.
01/02/241h 19m

Episode 584: The Ice Trade (Entry 615.PS14717)

In which the ponds of New England become the wellspring of a new worldwide web of perishable foods, and Ken learns that gum is a forest treat. Certificate #23725.
25/01/241h 11m

Episode 583: Einstein's Brain (Entry 399.JB1909)

In which the estate of the century's greatest scientist becomes a $200 million enterprise even as his brain tissue languishes in a cider box, and John compares it to pastrami. Certificate #21917.
18/01/241h 17m

Episode 582: Warren Miller (Entry 789.IS5707)

In which a ski bum with dad jokes explores new frontiers of film distribution and extreme sports, and Ken is a water machine. Certificate #48941.
11/01/241h 18m

Episode 581: Yu-Mex (Entry 1455.1C1408)

In which the rift between two Communist dictators leads to a blooming of mariachi culture in the fertile soil of the Balkans, and John is baffled by Vietnamese karaoke. Certificate #46465.
04/01/241h 9m

Episode 580: Prodigies, Failed (Entry 990.LK0240)

In which the smartest people in the world bloom early but often struggle to live up that promise later in life, and Ken's phone thinks he lives at the zoo. Certificate #50285.
28/12/231h 20m

Episode 579: The Eggnog Riot (Entry 398.RO1313)

In which a late-night Christmas party in a West Point barracks gets out of hand, almost changing the course of the Civil War, and John is not anti-Julius. Certificate #32683. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
21/12/231h 18m

Episode 578: The Caning of Charles Sumner (Entry 180.PR2314)

In which tensions over slavery and its westward expansion boil over into an assault on the floor of the United States Senate, and Ken does not have a single cloak. Certificate #46116.
14/12/231h 10m

Episode 577: Legal Baby Names (Entry 710.LK0160)

In which governments around the world deliberate on how creatively parents may name their children, and John thinks "Tilden" sounds like a kind of cheese. Certificate #26934. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
07/12/231h 23m

Episode 576: Jellyfish Blooms (Entry 671.PS10425)

In which the world's overfished oceans begin to teem with a sudden surplus of ancient and puzzling invertebrates, and Ken just wants sex tourists not to pee on his bunion. Certificate #23757.
30/11/231h 15m

Episode 575: Winamp (Entry 1433.PR2603)

In which a teenaged slacker from Sedona with a love for llamas jump-starts the digital music age, and John explains why large people prefer old things. Certificate #38550.
23/11/231h 32m

Episode 574: London Bridge (Entry 733.LK1626)

In which the successor to one of the great medieval bridges is shipped to the Arizona desert by an American tycoon, and Ken is skeptical about product placement in slasher movies. Certificate #28472. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
16/11/231h 12m

Episode 573: Cryonics (Entry 302.1C1535)

In which a science fiction-loving professor dreams of conquering death with the cold, hard science of low-temperature preservation, and John just wants to be a brain with a nose. Certificate #48643.
09/11/231h 31m

Episode 572: Christian Rock (Entry 220.EP0519)

In which evangelical Christians wrestle with the problem of whether rock music is inherently good, evil, or neither. and Ken wonders about angel monkeys. Certificate #34822. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
02/11/231h 21m

Episode 571: Lodge Night (Entry 731.GN2922)

In which the rituals of Masonry and its more casual offshoots produce a "golden age of fraternalism" for American men, and John is discomfited by noisy day care teachers. Certificate #35320.
26/10/231h 10m

Episode 570: Uranium Cubes (Entry 1376.1K0710)

In which the remains of a useless Nazi "chandelier" unexpectedly emerge in Maryland and Washington, and Ken thinks about Bilbo Baggins too late. Certificate #35410. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
19/10/231h 9m

Episode 569: Raised by Wolves (Entry 1028.GE4927)

In which the legend of feral children is traced from ancient mythology all the way up to Smurfs and Russian street dogs, and John cannot recommend the Madrid Zoo. Certificate #22714. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
12/10/231h 13m

Episode 568: Tom of Finland (Entry 1315.EX0402)

In which an adman who survived Nazi and Soviet invasions goes on to reinvent gay eroticism, and Ken wonders which Founding Father looked best naked. Certificate #7136. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
05/10/231h 17m

Episode 567: The Magic Gang (Entry 747.EX0722)

In which a ghost-written memoir explains how a great British stage magician defeated Rommel in North Africa with his trickery, and John considers saying "Abracadabra" as a swear. Certificate #37883.
28/09/231h 1m

Episode 566: The Traffic Jam of the Century (Entry 1325.EZ1704)

In which a perfect storm of construction, coal mining, and Communist commemoration creates twelve days of gridlock in central China, and Ken imagines an ancient Roman in a stadium parking garage. Certificate #34985. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
21/09/231h 7m

Episode 565: One Glass of Red Wine (Entry 866.DE3233)

In which one Canadian newsman convinces America for several decades that daily drinking is the key to solving the "French Paradox," and John thinks Ken looks inhibited holding a spatula. Certificate #13766.
14/09/231h 15m

Episode 564: (LIVE) Hiroo Onoda (Entry 867.1C1526)

In which Japanese soldiers, unwilling to believe that World War II is over, hold out for decades on islands all over the Pacific, and Ken will never give up on bar soap. Certificate #44164. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
07/09/2359m 1s

Episode 563: Kids on Milk Cartons (Entry 686.DE2407)

In which a nationwide panic over "stranger danger" turns regional dairies into activists for missing children, and John likes when things are "de minimis." Certificate #25468.
31/08/231h 19m

Episode 562: The NS Savannah (Entry 849.MK0436)

In which the world's first nuclear-powered merchant vessel is launched in all its modernist glory, and Ken wants an infinitely long ship. Certificate #26615.
24/08/231h 13m

Episode 561: The DuMont Network (Entry 386.LK2417)

In which the three nascent American broadcast networks face a challenge from a scrappy engineering lab, and John thinks gadgeteers should be certified. Certificate #28450. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
17/08/231h 19m

Episode 560: Universe 25 (Entry 1350.GE0907)

In which the "behavioral sink" of rodent utopias is discovered in a Maryland barn, and Ken sings about a urinal trough. Certificate #38792.
10/08/231h 17m

Episode 559: Enneagrams (Entry 415.JM0124)

In which Sufi mysticism inspires a Bolivian philosopher to divide all of humanity into nine personality types, and Ken visualizes the ur-cow. Certificate #25935. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
03/08/231h 36m

Episode 558: The Doomsday Clock (Entry 372.1P0407)

In which a panel of concerned atomic scientists quantify the dangers of the nuclear age with a timely visual aid, and John's mother has a favorite fact about Benjamin Franklin. Certificate #26973.
27/07/231h 28m

Episode 557: Foundling Wheels (Entry 495.IS4915)

In which a medieval pope's disturbing nightmare leads to the addition of "baby doors" at convents and hospitals across Europe, and John thinks robots could replace orphans. Certificate #43431. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code OMNIBUS.
20/07/231h 3m

Episode 556: The Sanaa Manuscript (Entry 1100.2T0316)

In which a Yemeni construction crew finds a priceless trove of Quranic literature and promptly stuff it into potato sacks, and Ken would like to burn some French translators at the stake. Certificate #24503.
13/07/231h 12m

Episode 555: The Sarajevo Haggadah (Entry 1102.EX1243)

In which a unique piece of Jewish medieval art barely survives two European wars, and John imagines that the Venetian papal censor was a chill guy. Certificate #48606.
06/07/231h 17m

Episode 554: Salton Sea (Entry 1098.GN1403)

In which California's largest lake, created by accident in 1905, teeters on the brink of collapse, and Ken complains about a hotel sink. Certificate #44008.
29/06/231h 12m

Episode 553: 101 Uses for a Dead Cat (Entry 606.LV0724)

In which an asthmatic British cartoonist sells two million copies of his books of non-jokes for cat skeptics, and John knows what the handle of a gun is called. Certificate #29573.
22/06/231h 9m

Episode 552: Crackers (Entry 290.NA0302)

In which a Shakespearean insult for an obnoxious blowhard comes to be used as an anti-white slur, and Ken wants to test the Appalachians for testosterone. Certificate #38163.
15/06/231h 4m

Episode 551: The Tartarian Empire (Entry 1279.NA0206)

In which a QAnon-like conspiracy theory insists that fancy 19th-century architecture was all built by a mysterious, long-lost superstate, and John is concerned about neighborhood dogs with heads the size of pumpkins. Certificate #20354.
08/06/231h 12m

Episode 550: The Kruger Millions (Entry 693.JB2801)

In which a vast hoard of gold and diamonds disppears near the Mozambique border during the Boer War, and Ken thinks most penguin species look like hoboes. Certificate #15845.
01/06/231h 13m

Episode 549: Project Cybersyn (Entry 993.AC0245)

In which Latin America's first Marxist democracy tries to collectivize the means of production by inventing a proto-internet in 1970, and John just hopes it was orange and brown. Certificate #53432.
25/05/231h 13m

Episode 548: The Gimli Glider (Entry 528.PS6104)

In which the pilots of a Canadian commercial jetliner abruptly realize over Ontario that they're entirely out of fuel, and Ken likes sad character licensing attempts at amusement parks. Certificate #41746.
18/05/231h 22m

Episode 547: Dueling Scars (Entry 385.PR0633)

In which German university students create a new status symbol when they add swordplay to their drinking society meetings, and John's closet skeletons are all bar fights. Certificate #36857.
11/05/231h 9m

Episode 546: Alligators in the Sewers (Entry 033.LV1142)

In which generations of New Yorkers read about, and lasso, a series of not-legendary-at-all interlopers beneath their city, and Ken doesn't think you should trim a reptile like a bonsai tree. Certificate #36161.
04/05/231h 21m

Episode 545: Magic Alex (Entry 747.JE0708)

In which a self-proclaimed electronics prodigy from Greece wows the credulous Beatles with five years of inventions he will never invent, and John insists that his recursive t-shirt feature Wil Wheaton. Certificate #45939.
27/04/231h 24m

Episode 544: Saul Zaentz (Entry 1455.1S1435)

In which a future three-time Oscar winner becomes the nemesis of America's favorite fake swamp-rocker, and Ken has prepared a little skit about the death of Stalin. Certificate #42240.
20/04/231h 24m

Episode 543: The Green River Ordinance (Entry 549.RV0320)

In which underslept Wyoming railroad workers strike back against a tide of pushy brush and encyclopedia salesmen, and John appreciates the Jehovah's Witnesses. Certificate #12881.
13/04/231h 18m

Episode 542: Mad Cow Disease (Entry 746.GE4120)

In which the unsavory feeding practices of British dairy farms introduce Europe to a new degenerative brain disease, and Ken believes Prince Edward is not necessarily human. Certificate #41602.
06/04/231h 16m

Episode 541: The Amazing Randi (Entry 038.EX0711)

In which mediums and other charlatans wage a 150-year war with their sworn enemy, elite stage magicians, and John would never yell at a lake or birdbath. Certificate #44722.
30/03/231h 35m

Episode 540: Kevlar (Entry 684.EX2822)

In which a pioneering chemist never sees a cent of the billions of dollars that her tough new polymer earns for her employer, and Ken wonders how many Alaskans fake their own deaths. Certificate #34836.
23/03/231h 21m

Episode 539: The Defector General (Entry 326.IS3301)

In which the greatest turncoat in Chinese history betrays every single warlord or government he ever serves, and John had the 4chan version of the '90s. Certificate #40824.
16/03/231h 23m

Episode 538: The Devils Hole Pupfish (Entry 342.PS10529)

In which a playful-looking but delicate little species is unable to thrive anywhere but its 11-foot wide home near Death Valley, and Ken witnesses a jellyfish tragedy. Certificate #41036.
09/03/231h 8m

Episode 537: The Sight and Sound Poll (Entry 1158.DE0413)

In which a British magazine very gradually takes over film culture with its once-every-decade top ten list, and John is careful not to endorse an invasion of the Sudetenland. Certificate #51403.
02/03/231h 32m

Episode 536: The Bhopal Disaster (Entry 118.JE2106)

In which a series of lapses at a Union Carbide India chemical plant leads to the worst industrial accident in history, and Ken can't get behind a midnight tea break. Certificate #52760.
23/02/231h 20m

Episode 535: The Osage Headrights (Entry 877.MT2508)

In which an Oklahoma tribe becomes the world's richest people before the swindling and the murders start, and John enjoys a web of intrigue. Certificate #47911.
16/02/231h 23m

Episode 534: The Voynich Manuscript (Entry 1403.DA0515)

In which a bizarrely illustrated codex baffles codebreakers for almost four hundred years, and Ken should not have sent that text about the collected works of Dickens. Certificate #42634.
09/02/231h 22m

Episode 533: Rhinos in Europe (Entry 1069.JB3910)

In which Europe is so besotted with exotic ungulates that Roman emperors battle them, artists engrave them badly, and salons honor them in wig form, and John asks about Ken's milk bags. Certificate #27983.
02/02/231h 11m

Episode 532: Cannikin (Entry 180.IS0219)

In which underground nuclear testing in Alaska leads two Jewish Quakers into a new age of direct action in environmental activism, and Ken is grateful for the air fryer. Certificate #53211.
26/01/231h 9m

Episode 531: The Royal Touch (Entry 1087.MT1902)

In which the divine right of kings, along with golden amulets, is considered the only cure for a disfiguring disease, and John considers which celebrities might be carved from wood. Certificate #22347.
19/01/231h 9m

Episode 530: Blue Fugates (Entry 137.DA1006)

In which a rare oxidized form of hemoglobin changes the skin color of a whole holler full of Kentuckians, and Ken wonders when elves got plastic surgery. Certificate #26015.
12/01/231h 7m

Episode 529: Korean Age (Entry 692.JB1117)

In which the world's first cultural superpower decides to make all its citizens a year or two younger overnight, and John could not have been a better baby. Certificate #38756.
05/01/231h 20m

Episode 528: Emperor Norton (Entry 408.MT2221)

In which a colorful newcomer to San Francisco loses a fortune on Peruvian rice and declares himself American royalty, and Ken would have pixelized Kiss. Certificate #42631.
29/12/221h 11m

Episode 527: The Grey Album (Entry 550.MT1906)

In which a future music megastar bridges the gap between rock and hip-hop with one ambitious, illegal remix album, and John is such a good ally that he listened to Suzanne Vega. Certificate #19205.
27/12/221h 19m

Episode 526: Christmas KFC (Entry 220.DE1411)

In which a western religious holiday becomes a romantic poultry-eating occasion in modern Japan, and Ken destroys all his Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. Certificate #24940.
22/12/221h 11m

Episode 525: The First Council of Nicaea (Entry 472.AC1502)

In which an emperor convenes the first ever ecumenical council to figure out just whom Christians have been worshiping all this time, and John thinks the invention of the wheel led to mass depravity. Certificate #23027.
20/12/221h 24m

Episode 524: Custer the Wolf (Entry 308.JN1012)

In which a national campaign to eradicate a misunderstood predator from the United States very nearly succeeds, and Ken would like to see John James Audubon burning in a pit. Certificate #52363.
15/12/221h 10m

Episode 523: The Phone Book (Entry 931.RV2015)

In which utility companies take it upon themselves to provide the informational staple of every 20th-century household, and John is looking for a missing Jordanian. Certificate #48730.
13/12/221h 35m

Episode 522: The Futuro House (Entry 510.1K0609)

In which a Finnish architect upgrades the prefab, modular homes of the 1960s by turning them into flying saucers, and Ken wants to know his table's name. Certificate #49729.
08/12/221h 6m

Episode 521: The Red Ghost (Entry 1042.LV1104)

In which southeastern Arizona is menaced by a giant, murderous cryptid with a macabre rider, and John conjures up Mr. Clickety-Clack. Certificate #45334.
06/12/221h 8m

Episode 520: The Quadro Tracker (Entry 1016.LK1202)

In which a man who can't find his golf balls solves every law enforcement problem known to man, and Ken has some bad news about parking tickets. Certificate #21137.
01/12/221h 12m

Episode 519: The Johnstown Flood (Entry 674.NA0108)

In which an earthenwork dam enjoyed by millionaires fails and a town of steelworkers disppears from the map, and John is terrified by the menace of West Virginia. Certificate #33180.
29/11/221h 6m

Episode 518: The Last Solviet Citizen (Entry 702.LA0417)

In which one lonely cosmonaut is left in space while his nation disappears from under him, and Ken thinks couples therapy should be about Mars. Certificate #35916.
24/11/2254m 32s

Episode 517: Twilight (Entry 1352.DE1223)

In which a bored Phoenix mom has a sparkly dream that ends up changing both teen literature and Washington State tourism, and John explains that his virginity had little to do with vampires. Certificate #18573.
22/11/221h 18m

Episode 516: Mother Trees (Entry 810.LK2129)

In which forests and their fungi form such close relationships that they essentially become a giant leafy brain, and Ken is excited about pre-Wil Wheaton science. Certificate #46162.
17/11/2254m 53s

Episode 515: The Goodwill Moon Rocks (Entry 539.JB1804)

In which a space detective learns that hundreds of Richard Nixon's tiny gifts to the world have gone missing over the years, and John wonders if religious sacraments are more effective in space. Certificate #25614.
15/11/221h 9m

Episode 514: Up with People (Entry 1376.MT0715)

In which the counterculture of the 1960s encourages powerful institutions to create a square but multiracial song-and-dance troupe that takes the world by storm, and Ken imagines President Eisenhower as a stern ad executive. Certificate #53773
10/11/221h 14m

Episode 513: Loyalists (Entry 738.1S0819)

In which half a million colonists decide the American Revolution isn't really their thing, and John needs to know how many lanterns there were, just in case. Certificate #13747.
08/11/221h 16m

Episode 512: The Stone of Scone (Entry 1229.PS11822)

In which a medieval legend about a chunk of sandstone means that Scottish cooperation is necessary for Charles III to be crowned king, and Ken passes a Bible quiz. Certificate #42504.
03/11/221h 8m

Episode 511: The Popemobile (Entry 965.JE4615)

In which the history of papal transportation is traced from sedan chairs to Hyundai sedans, and John has been researching the care and upkeep of Catholic moms. Certificate #15163.
01/11/221h 10m

Episode 510: The Dempster Dumpster (Entry 332.LA0345)

In which cities, over the centuries, gradually discover the most efficient way to collect garbage for disposal, and Ken hasn't looked in his pocket since Christmas. Certificate #28712.
27/10/221h 5m

Episode 509: Modernist Cuisine (Entry 798.PR2303)

In which a computer millionaire takes early retirement to self-publish a 50-pound reference work about the chemistry of food, and John discovers a surprise cherry tomato. Certificate #24537.
25/10/221h 11m

Episode 508: The Batavia (Entry 103.AC2741)

In which one eventful Dutch voyage to Indonesia leads to a mutiny, a shipwreck, and a massacre off the coast of Australia, and Ken claims he has a bed in a port somewhere. Certificate #20229.
20/10/221h 14m

Episode 507: The Last Train Robbery (Entry 702.EZ0722)

In which two Depression-era "drugstore cowboys" let their Wild West outlaw fantasies lead them into a life of crime, and John breaks the news to Ken about pirates. Certificate #26056.
18/10/221h 1m

Episode 506: The Thanh Hoa Bridge (Entry 1293.2C0409)

In which the "Dragon's Jaw" across the Song Ma River in North Vietnam proves a challenge for the most advanced air weaponry on earth, and Ken thinks teens should be in parking lots. Certificate #22691.
13/10/221h 3m

Episode 505: Dissociative Fugues (Entry 363.HE1017)

In which human memory and identity are so fragile that a series of people simply walk away from them, and John wishes more things were the movie Tron. Certificate #28975.
11/10/221h 13m

Episode 504: Lem Billings (Entry 121.PR2705)

In which a high school Kennedy confidante becomes an influential White Hoise voice while hiding a delicate secret, and Ken wants to blur some of John Lithgow's wrinkles. Certificate #36906.

Episode 503: The Murder of Herbert Lee (Entry 817.EX2307)

In which a racist Mississippi state legislator kills his childhood friend, a civil rights organizer, in broad daylight with no consequences whatsoever, and John thinks Ken pronounces "Montgomery" like a Southern belle. Certificate #34239.
04/10/2257m 34s

Episode 502: Adbusters (Entry 014.HG0105)

In which a pair of outraged Canadians, kept off the TV airwaves, change the world with their anti-consumerist art magazine instead, and Ken thinks Mr. Ed should have had pop-up ads. Certificate #29414.
29/09/221h 11m

Episode 501: Luke and Laura (Entry 739.MT2210)

In which the first daytime "supercouple" briefly makes soap operas a part of 1980s mass culture, and John wonders if a bride is "zaftig." Certificate #32511.
27/09/221h 19m

Episode 500: Bitcoin Pizza Day (Entry 126.JB1304)

In which $300 million in 2022 money is unwisely spent on the world's first real-world cryptocurrency transaction, and Ken explains why a bro should not have an army. Certificate #11904.
22/09/221h 25m

Episode 499: Exclaves (Entry 436.NU2021)

In which we explore life in parts of the map that are bizarrely separated from the rest of their nations, and John thinks Alaska looks like a very fertile octopus. Certificate #51829.
20/09/221h 23m

Episode 498: The Boots Theory (Entry 143.LK2104)

In which a British fantasy writer reframes cost-of-living calculations for future economists, and Ken doesn't notice cobblers. Certificate #28114.
15/09/221h 14m

Episode 497: Farmer Burns (Entry 166.GN3224)

In which a gifted grappler with Iowa's biggest neck becomes America's first national wrestling celebrity, and pro wrestling reminds John of many of his past relationships. Certificate #29766.
13/09/221h 29m

Episode 496: Tom Thumb (Entry 1315.PR2131)

In which America's first locomotive faces its greatest challenge, a group of angry teamsters, and Ken decides horses are his Sammy Hagar. Certificate #17918.
08/09/221h 6m

Episode 495: The Winchester Geese (Entry 1434.JG1601)

In which a church bishop's sanction makes the London borough of Southwark a haven for sex workers and other outcasts for centuries, and John would like to pay someone to chide him. Certificate #49605.
06/09/221h 1m

Episode 494: Hobby Tunneling (Entry 591.JB2416)

In which a series of largely male and largely odd people over the centuries start digging something and just don't stop, and Ken explains how Canadian lakes are named. Certificate #39623.
01/09/221h 13m

Episode 493: Gillian Hills (Entry 588.PS12101)

In which the daughter of a famous adventurer and hostage does landmark work in 20th-century music, film, and art, and John wonders whom he has talked to for the most hours. Certificate #39582.
30/08/221h 19m

Episode 492: O'Shaughnessy Dam (Entry 877.EX1508)

In which a great American city got its water rights by illegally flooding John Muir's favorite valley, and Ken has opinions on where egrets should poop. Certificate #53464.
25/08/221h 18m

Episode 491: The Placebo Effect (Entry 946.IS3821)

In which people find they can feel better about almost any ailment while taking nothing at all, and many of John's friends are Batman villains. Certificate #42734.
23/08/221h 31m

Episode 490: The Dingo Fence (Entry 351.EZ1415)

In which 3,500 miles of wire mesh are intended to keep the southeast corner of Australia dingo-free, and Ken thinks his dogs are choosing not to do jazz hands. Certificate #51283.
18/08/221h 15m

Episode 489: The Battle of Bamber Bridge (Entry 104.HE1302)

In which wartime Britain reacts skeptically to American racial segregation, leading to a firefight in the village streets of Lancashire, and John ponders the post-apocalyptic looting of opticians. Certificate #53093.
16/08/221h 16m

Episode 488: Be Here Now (Entry 111.JM0414)

In which an LSD-loving psychologist is fired from Harvard and reborn in India, and Ken would like to be in a control group. Certificate #30296.
11/08/221h 14m

Episode 487: The Swamp Dragons (Entry 1261.MK0118)

In which one of the most hapless teams in NBA history has a rebranding brainstorm, and John is mistaken about Jesus riding a dinosaur. Certificate #27789.
09/08/221h 23m

Episode 486: Jobbers Canyon (Entry 673.LK1218)

In which one of America's most historic warehouse districts is threatened by urban renewal, and Ken wants only the best rutabagas in his body. Certificate #48481.
04/08/221h 7m

Episode 485: Twee (Entry 1352.1TH0207)

In which an achingly innocent, gentle, and earnest new aesthetic spawns a decade of music, art, bangs, and Etsy stores, and John has forgotten every band except Kajagoogoo. Certificate #16065.
02/08/221h 18m

Episode 484: The Mother Sauces (Entry 810.PS7825)

In which a taxonomy of five simple French recipes are used to define haute cuisine for generations, and Ken wants noodles named for Drake. Certificate #48504.
28/07/221h 15m

Episode 483: Roller Derby (Entry 1080.NA0302)

In which a Broadway legend retools a Depression-era endurance contest into a thrilling contact sport, and John wants Portland to succeed. Certificate #26834.
26/07/221h 17m

Episode 482: Blackout '77 (Entry 129.PS1828)

In which a crippling power outage strikes New York City during the worst summer in its history, and Ken receives strange wisdom from Nikola Tesla's severed head. Certificate #50165.
21/07/2254m 51s

Episode 481: A Message to Garcia (Entry 779.PR2513)

In which fake news from the Spanish-American War inspires a self-proclaimed socialist to write a pro-employer business classic, and John believes sadness can sink ships. Certificate #42914.
19/07/221h 10m

Episode 480: The Hand of God (Entry 565.JB1921)

In which long-simmering resentments over the Falklands War boil over on the soccer pitch, and Ken thinks that Margaret Thatcher was actually a giant marionette. Certificate #38221.
14/07/221h 1m

Episode 479: Facilitated Communication (Entry 447.MK0737)

In which a discredited pseudoscience from the 1980s makes a modern resurgence in the autism community, and John never wants to hear a second record by one of his favorite bands. Certificate #25222.
12/07/221h 6m

Episode 478: Slag (Entry 1170.EZ2218)

In which the waste byproducts of smelting iron become an annoyance and then a hotly contested resource, and Ken wants some aquarium gravel. Certificate #24789.
07/07/2256m 17s

Episode 477: The Princeton Incident (Entry 987.RU0310)

In which the worst naval accident in U.S. government history almost kills a president but inspires romance instead, and John doesn't love the coquetteish head-tilting in old photos. Certificate #52488.
05/07/221h 9m

Episode 476: The Appaloosa (Entry 059.ZC0603)

In which the indigenous people of the Columbia River Plateau breed a new horse with a "leopard complex," and Ken notes you can't milk an emu. Certificate #36454.
30/06/221h 7m

Episode 475: The Chronofile (Entry 221.ES0601)

In which a great American futurist spends decades experimentally recording his own personal data every fifteen minutes, and John wants to know if Ken is a good kisser. Certificate #49146.
28/06/221h 18m

Episode 474: Ice Capades (Entry 614.PR0322)

In which figure skating produces the biggest movie star in the world and then a half-century of traveling live entertainment, and Ken believes in promoting peanut vendors. Certificate #43376.
23/06/2257m 37s

Episode 473: Riot Dogs (Entry 1075.MK0728)

In which some tail-wagging strays become mascots on the frontlines of social protest, and John has an idea for treating arthritic cows. Certificate #53229.
21/06/221h 7m

Episode 472: The Viking (Entry 1395.IS3321)

In which a proud Norwegian sea captain decides to one-up the fleet of Spanish boats at the Chicago World's Fair, and Ken wonders how well Elvis knew Nixon. Certificate #21995.
16/06/221h 11m

Episode 471: The Babalon Working (Entry 088.RV1703)

In which an American rocketry pioneer gets over a breakup by trying to summon an ancient sex goddess into our dimension, and John has a modest proposal on school prayer. Certificate #36297.
14/06/221h 26m

Episode 470: The Video Game Crash of 1983 (Entry 1394.GE4130)

In which the biggest segment of America's entertainment economy almost disappears in a single year due to lousy product, and Ken is too shy to play Zaxxon in public. Certificate #24180.
09/06/221h 23m

Episode 469: Why Is a Mouse When It Spins? (Entry 1431.JG1414)

In which a great Victorian master of nonsense creates a world of riddles that aren't really riddles, and John thinks a roast chicken has definitely caused a murder. Certificate #35725.
07/06/221h 25m

Episode 468: Waterbeds (Entry 1413.IS5720)

In which the history of water mattresses is traced from ancient goatskins up to 1970s hedonism and even science fiction, and Ken's bed is not moving his butt. Certificate #40450.
02/06/221h 2m

Episode 467: Safety Coffins (Entry 1095.LK0852)

In which a series of questionable legends about premature burial lead to an inventors' boom of escapable caskets, and John has been handcuffed at least seven times. Certificate #35676.
31/05/221h 1m

Episode 466: Sovereign Citizens (Entry 1194.1C0612)

In which a surprisingly broad spectrum of conspiracists discovers a secret set of rules for outsmarting the U.S. government, and Ken wishes some of his enemies could be flogged more. Certificate #29113.
26/05/221h 10m

Episode 465: The Goodwill Games (Entry 539.EP0607)

In which an upstart media mogul hatches a plan with Moscow to challenge the Olympics and end the Cold War, and John looks for the sexiest pictures of a former First Lady. Certificate #21182.
24/05/221h 16m

Episode 464: Moose Cheese (Entry 806.JB1010)

In which brave souls from Siberia to Zimbabwe try riding and milking some rarely domesticated animals, with mixed results, and Ken wants to put a newborn baby on an ostrich. Certificate #52260.
19/05/221h 25m

Episode 463: Billy Jack (Entry 122.LV1933)

In which one low-budget action flick forever rewrites the rules of how movies are marketed, and John thinks Spider-Man's aunt is the only real movie star. Certificate #33734.
17/05/221h 16m

Episode 462: The Milgram Experiment (Entry 788.GE2708)

In which a Yale psychologist attempts to explain the Holocaust using research techniques considered unethical today, and Ken has a theory about the origins of Jeopardy! Certificate #20495.

Episode 461: Potsdamer Platz (Entry 972.NE0406)

In which the "Times Square of Europe" is bombed into 150 acres of rubble and eventually the greatest real estate opportunity of the post-Cold War world, and John lists the only three places in Germany. Certificate #38531.
10/05/221h 2m

Episode 460: The Holy Prepuce (Entry 594.JS0503)

In which Apocrypha gospel adventures and medieval miracles are ascribed to the sacred foreskin of Jesus of Nazareth, and Ken disapproves of hand magic in our schools. Certificate #52348.
05/05/221h 8m

Episode 459: Missing in Action (Entry 795.2CH2811)

In which the majority of Americans become convinced that American POWs are still being held captive decades after the Vietnam War ends, and John assumes those dancing inflatable tube men enjoy Primus. Certificate #49382.
03/05/221h 19m

Episode 458: Sleng Teng Riddim (Entry 1172.PS3303)

In which the first ever all-electronic groove revolutionized Jamaican music, and Ken thinks there should be more songs about baptism. Certificate #52239.
28/04/221h 18m

Episode 457: Point Nemo (Entry 958.JB3826)

In which the dead center of the Pacific Ocean is revealed to be the home of microplastics, sunken spacecraft, and possibly giant sea monsters, and John refuses to leave his keyboard player in the desert. Certificate #49394.
26/04/221h 20m

Episode 456: The Titanic II (Entry 1311.PR1618)

In which an Australian national treasure and a Chinese resort race to revive the most disastrous brand in maritime history, and Ken is fed up with the sulfurous steel of Belfast. Certificate #50231.
21/04/2253m 50s

Episode 455: Ranz-des-Vaches (Entry 1030.PS5010)

In which Swiss mercenaries will desert their post if you whistle a folk song about cows, and John wishes you many goods and cheese. Certficate #26419.
19/04/221h 15m

Episode 454: Solidarnosc (Entry 1187.EC0409)

In which a well-mustached electrician starts a labor movement that even Ronald Reagan can get behind, and Ken is working on a chess novel. Certificate #26170.
14/04/221h 13m

Episode 453: The Presidential Fitness Test (Entry 983.PR3117)

In which terror of falling behind the Swiss leads the White House to introduce America's children to a new and tramautic form of physical education, and John wants to landscape the top of Mount Rainier. Certificate #39398.
12/04/221h 15m

Episode 452: The Torch Lady (Entry 1319.MT2507)

In which a multitude of actresses and one journalist remember being the model for the Columbia Pictures logo, and Ken's fuse box is in the wrong place. Certificate #28564.
07/04/2252m 23s

Episode 451: Minitel (Entry 791.IS4209)

In which a French-only precursor to the World Wide Web appears in the late 1970s in a wave of Gallic futurist fervor, and John may have been making long distance calls from a Parisian prison. Certificate #23054.
05/04/2256m 57s

Episode 450: Camel Beauty Pageants (Entry 177.MT2324)

In which a Bedouin cultural revival in modern-day Arabia leads to a thriving circuit of competitive camel events, and Ken thinks Brazil is acting a little desperate. Certificate #37337.
31/03/221h 5m

Episode 449: Eyebrows (Entry 446.IS4804)

In which we follow the evolution of the human brow from prehistoric man up through the Kardashians, and John looks into Sanskrit. Certificate #22352.
29/03/221h 9m

Episode 448: Hang In There, Baby (Entry 566.MT2413)

In which a Beverly Hills celeb photographer, a Siamese kitten named Sassy, and a Broadway legend collaborate to create modern poster culture, and Ken hates the ticking of a giant Garfield watch. Certificate #19046.
24/03/221h 13m

Episode 447: Winnipeg the Bear (Entry 1436.PR1712)

In which a Canadian veterinarian saves an orphaned cub on his way to France, unwittingly giving the world a great literary gift, and John thinks there should be a railway car just for thrash metal. Certificate #51029.
22/03/221h 15m

Episode 446: The Hudson Brothers (Entry 604.1J0210)

In which an Oregon pop trio become near-stars of record, TV, and screen in the mid-1970s, and Ken wonders who the Bee Gees are romancing in the afterlife. Certificate #37614.
17/03/221h 6m

Episode 445: The Great Lisbon Earthquake (Entry 548.1S1415)

In which a new breed of Portuguese statesman rebuilds his capital after the worst natural disaster in European memory, and John thinks a rainbow would never hold up in court. Certificate #30150.
15/03/221h 8m

Episode 444: Fanta (Entry 453.EX1524)

In which a wartime shortage of secret ingredient 7x gives the world its second favorite soda brand, and Ken pronounces beverages like an Okie. Certificate #25939.
10/03/221h 8m

Episode 443: The Royal Anus of Louis XIV (Entry 1086.2CH2118)

In which modern surgery begins at Versailles inside the most beloved bottom in all of France, and John has Moroccan gravel in his foot for years. Certificate #52937.
08/03/221h 7m

Episode 442: Nadia's Theme (Entry 823.PS5707)

In which a minor bit of a movie score improbably becomes a chart-topping hit thanks to daytime soaps and Olympic gymnastics, and Ken doesn't enjoy the bongo as a lead instrument. Certificate #25729.
03/03/2257m 52s

Episode 441: Lisztomania (Entry 726.MT0908)

In which a Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist becomes Europe's first rock star, and John is looking for a German countess with the right braids. Certificate #39341.
01/03/221h 3m

Episode 440: The Megavitamin Craze (Entry 772.PR2516)

In which a two-time Nobel Prize winner believes he has discovered the cure for the common cold, and Ken wants cilantro to tell him what to do. Certificate #31531.
24/02/221h 1m

Episode 439: The Mill (Entry 788.MK1242)

In which a coinage act officially defines American currency much smaller than a penny, and John has an important question about a shrimp restaurant. Certificate #40326
22/02/2254m 13s

Episode 438: Beanie Babies (Entry 106.PR2105)

In which 1990s America becomes convinced that the world's least cuddly stuffed animals are the road to financial freedom, and Ken's very valuable comic book gets covered with jelly. Certificate #47159.
17/02/2259m 24s

Episode 437: Vinegar Valentines (Entry 1396.PS10105)

In which Victorians use February 14 to woo their sweethearts but also to insult all their enemies, and John reveals the best night of the year to play a concert. Certificate #36155.
15/02/2249m 33s

Episode 436: The Hays Code (Entry 572.MT2325)

In which scandal-plagued Hollywood hires a Harding Administration official to clean up suggestive movies, and John is a student of kissing. Certificate #29282.
10/02/221h 11m

Episode 435: The Anarchy (Entry 024.DA1106)

In which a German empress comes within a whisker of the English crown during a bloody civil war, and Ken discovers history's most fateful case of diarrhea. Certificate #45359.
08/02/2251m 45s

Episode 434: Trofim Lysenko (Entry 743.MT1325)

In which a Soviet agronomist misunderstands genetics so badly that millions of people die, and John finds giraffes to have the sexiest eyelashes. Certificate #27832.
03/02/221h 9m

Episode 433: Chindogu (Entry 215.PR0812)

In which a Japanese college dropout invents a new kind of not-entirely-useless invention, and Ken enjoys a tidy sum. Certificate #36799.
01/02/221h 9m

Episode 432: Ledger Art (Entry 709.2P0115)

In which accounting records become the basis for an important new genre of Native American painting, and Ken gets nostalgic for his childhood dog food invoices. Certificate #25974.
27/01/221h 14m

Episode 431: Penguin Classics (Entry 915.EC1212)

In which a boring train ride from Devon leads to the creation of the modern paperback library, and John's daughter is a snob about sans serif typefaces. Certificate #41769.
25/01/221h 4m

Episode 430: Roxas v. Marcos (Entry 1086.PR1506)

In which a humble locksmith sues the dictator who stole his golden Buddha, and Ken thinks teaching multiplication to juries was a mistake. Certificate #46804.
20/01/221h 1m

Episode 429: Welsh Patagonia (Entry 1421.DE2609)

In which a small group of nationalists leave Wales for the prairies of Argentina, and John explains why he pronounces "Nazi" to rhyme with "snazzy." Certificate #53240.
18/01/2258m 8s

Episode 428: The Fastest Bicyclist (Entry 445.IS0526)

In which the world land speed cycling record reaches incredible heights using the power of the slipstream, and Ken doesn't need to hear the word "torque" so much. Certificate #43944.
13/01/221h 8m

Episode 427: Damascus Steel (Entry 314.PS4503)

In which the technology used to make the world's strongest and most beautiful swords is lost to time, and John is suspicious of redheads. Certificate #26207.
11/01/2251m 56s

Episode 426: Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death (Entry 853.PS13709)

In which an American heiress leverages her dollhouse enthusiasm to invent a new scientific discipline, and Ken's aunt knows more about cyanide than his uncle. Certificate #34368.

Episode 425: The Law of the Tongue (Entry 705.JB0712)

In which an Australian whaling village learns to hunt cooperatively with the local apex predators, and John identifies the "ferrets of the sea." Certificate #46594.
04/01/221h 2m

Episode 424: Der Grosser (Entry 551.EX1407)

In which an ultra-luxury Mercedes becomes the car of choice for rock stars and despots worldwide, and Ken wants to buy the least fascist doorbell. Certificate #49472.
30/12/211h 30m

Episode 423: The Public Universal Friend (Entry 1006.JE3122)

In which a Rhode Island Quaker emerges from a coma rebranded as a nameless, genderless prophet, and John predicts the Temptations will get boils. Certificate #29297.
28/12/211h 6m

Episode 422: The Halifax Explosion (Entry 562.JB0409)

In which a maritime comedy of errors in a Nova Scotia harbor leads to the biggest non-nuclear explosion in human history, and Ken learns why you should never buy an old yellow shirt. Certificate #21795.
23/12/211h 10m

Episode 421: The Jefferson Bible (Entry 671.LK2270)

In which the President of the United States secretly produces his own version of Jesus without any miracles or narrative incident at all, and John produces a healthy, nutritious bowl full of Kurt Cobains. Certificate #30782.
21/12/211h 12m

Episode 420: Cask 263 (Entry 191.PR2321)

In which a forgotten barrel of single malt whiskey becomes a multimillion dollar collector's item, and Ken refuses to drink beer out of a squirrel's butt. Certificate #13321.
16/12/211h 17m

Episode 419: Vortex I (Entry 1403.JM0318)

In which the governor of Oregon keeps the peace by throwing the country's only state-sponsored rock festival, and John refuses to introduce two celebrities to each other. Certificate #21362.
14/12/2155m 15s

Episode 418: The Amargosa Opera House (Entry 038.JE1543)

In which a borax ghost town improbably becomes the performing arts center of Death Valley, and Ken is somewhat hazy on mules. Certificate #26351.
09/12/211h 4m

Episode 417: Single Taxers (Entry 1164.LV2716)

In which a forgotten Gilded Age celebrity suggests reinventing the tax code so that landowners pay their fair share, and John is discomfited by the city of Altoona. Certificate #41467.
07/12/2156m 39s

Episode 416: Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons (Entry 145.1T0515)

In which a national hysteria erupts over the Satanists controlling your children's role-playing games, and Ken is just a big thimble. Certificate #38501.
02/12/211h 20m

Episode 415: The Phantom of New Guinea (Entry 928.IS0117)

In which a purple-clad comic strip hero becomes a warrior totem in the western highlands of Papua New Guinea, and John locates the Dominican Republic of Asia. Certificate #24126.
30/11/2158m 3s

Episode 414: The Ma Bell Breakup (Entry 744.LK1214)

In which the U.S. government finally succeeds, after decades, in breaking up a massive telephone monopoly, and John is unfamiliar with a funny poem about an elephant. Certificate #22481.
25/11/211h 17m

Episode 413: The Longest Prizefight (Entry 733.HE1032)

In which a seven-hour boxing match tests the patience of New Orleans crowds and changes the rules of the sport, and Ken thinks straws should be made of cornstarch. Certificate #26215.
23/11/211h 7m

Episode 412: The Smiley Face Killer(s) (Entry 1177.JB2414)

In which investigators differ on whether binge-drinking or a homicidal conspiracy is killing American college students, and John plays Frogger to get to the East River. Certificate #23582.
18/11/211h 5m

Episode 411: The Great Bell of Dhammazedi (Entry 548.EX3925)

In which the largest bell ever cast spends four centuries in the mud at the bottom of a Burmese river, and Ken makes a terrible grandfather clock decision. Certificate #50855.
16/11/2148m 57s

Episode 410: The Kalakala (Entry 681.2S1918)

In which a burned-out ferry becomes an art deco American icon of the future and then a derelict eyesore, and Ken blames Seattle for the great San Francisco fire of 1906. Certificate #19361.
11/11/211h 12m

Episode 409: The All-Americans Go to Japan (Entry 032.1K0728)

In which a Tokyo newspaperman with big dreams lures Babe Ruth onto a pre-war baseball barnstorming tour, and John regrets that fancy lounges are mostly for drinking. Certificate #36360.
09/11/2156m 54s

Episode 408: Eternal September (Entry 428.1C1533)

In which the 1993 back-to-school week that never ended kills an early outpost of the internet, and Ken annoys online Winnie-the-Pooh fans. Certificate #47957.
04/11/211h 10m

Episode 407: Salmon Chaos (Entry 1098.LK0506)

In which a viral craze inspires hundreds of young Taiwanese folks to put a fish in their names, and John hits a cement wall in his attempts to mate. Certificate #50920.
02/11/211h 15m

Episode 406: Myers-Briggs (Entry 821.2T0223)

In which two pioneering women and amateur Jungians devise a way to classify sixteen different types of human personality, and Ken explains his Star Trek slash fiction. Certificate #36282.
28/10/211h 23m

Episode 405: Bloody Mose (Entry 134.EZ1106)

In which America's first city for free black people rises from the salt marshes of Spanish Florida, and John regrets quoting a Monty Python sketch. Certificate #31305.

Episode 404: Ramtha (Entry 1029.AC1616)

In which the discovery of quantum mechanics leads inevitably to the reappearance of a 30,000-year-old warrior god from a lost continent, and Ken proposes missionaries for silverware. Certificate #27324.
21/10/211h 25m

Episode 403: The Cahokia Mounds (Entry 173.IS2502)

In which a complex of massive earthworks in southern Illinois is assumed to have been built by Vikings, Hindus, or Welshmen, and John is fascinated by sexy voodoo. Certificate #34924.
19/10/211h 10m

Episode 402: The Cheapside Hoard (Entry 210.MT0620)

In which a mysterious treasure is founded in a central London basement, and Ken has a question about the various beads and bangles of Aerosmith. Certificate #7089.
14/10/211h 6m

Episode 401: Potsdam Giants (Entry 972.1S1704)

In which the "soldier king" of Prussia recruits and kidnaps Europe's tallest men to serve as his grenadiers, and John admires "merry" people of every height. Certificate #10109.
12/10/2157m 4s

Episode 400: Merkins (Entry 777.1C1115)

In which we trace the surprisingly long and eventful history of body hair grooming, and Ken wonders if Brad Pitt will be hot forever. Certificate #33732.

Episode 399: Laetrile (Entry 696.MK1618)

In which apricot pits are discovered to be a cause of cyanide toxicicity rather than a cure for cancer, and John wanders Europe under the protection of a United States Senator. Certificate #527.

Episode 398: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (Entry 182.PS4303)

In which erosion on North Carolina's Outer Banks prompts the government to move a twelve-story lighthouse half a mile inland, and Ken is in favor of shipwrecks when the ships are bad. Certificate #6374.
30/09/211h 9m

Episode 397: The Cotsworth Calendar (Entry 283.JB0306)

In which a gifted Yorkshire boy fails to talk the League of Nations into a thirteen-month year, and John thinks autumn gets short shrift. Certificate #25901.
28/09/211h 2m

Episode 396: The Erie War (Entry 424.PR2822)

In which America's richest men invent many, many types of securities fraud while tussling over a New York State railroad, and Ken imagines a zoo full of cows. Certificate #32641.
23/09/211h 12m

Episode 395: Kennewick Man (Entry 683.GN2304)

In which a prehistoric nomad becomes the center of a heated legal battle nine thousand years after his death, and John announces a hydroplane race. Certificate #17567.
21/09/211h 12m

Episode 394: The Town of Bent Necks (Entry 1323.SS0701)

In which two Nazi brothers divide a German town into rival athletic shoe factions, and Ken plans a hotel heist. Certificate #31961.
16/09/211h 9m

Episode 393: The Prince Philip Movement (Entry 987.PS8207)

In which one Melanesian village decides, sight unseen, to worship the Duke of Edinburgh, and the gods imprison John in a small ravine. Certificate #50227.
14/09/2158m 21s

Episode 392: The Wave (Entry 1415.1K0814)

In which the invention of a Bay Area cheerleader becomes science's most exhaustively studied stadium ritual, and Ken doesn't think harbor seals come in different colors. Certificate #4418.
09/09/211h 5m

Episode 391: Middle Initials (Entry 786.LK0161)

In which twentieth-century America becomes the only time and place in history when people drop letters into their names, and John renames himself in the phone book. Certificate #21831.
07/09/211h 2m

Episode 390: The Great Diamond Hoax (Entry 548.MT1344)

In which a clever drillbit company accountant cons banking bigwigs into believing an acre of Wyoming is covered in precious gems, and Ken suggests a touching tribute to Paul Anka. Certificate #52348.
02/09/211h 18m

Episode 389: The Chicago Seekers (Entry 213.RV0103)

In which a failed Chicago flying saucer cult leads to a landmark study in social psychology, and John blames religious fervor on diet pills. Certificate #17854.
31/08/211h 27m

Episode 388: The Fresnel Lens (Entry 501.1C1312)

In which an efficient new piece of French glassware changes the history of lighthouses, and Ken learns the exact age of Discovery. Certificate #52246.
26/08/2155m 37s

Episode 387: Goodnight Moon (Entry 539.PR0324)

In which a modernist Manhattan bohemian accidentally writes the great American bedtime story, and John regrets making his professor voice Austrian. Certificate #44141.
24/08/2159m 17s

Episode 386: The Mpemba Effect (Entry 813.JB3829)

In which scientists from Aristotle up to modern-day Tanzania try to understand the paradoxical way water seems to freeze, and Ken thinks baseball should have cheerleaders. Certificate #25481.
19/08/211h 1m

Episode 385: The Mafeking Cadet Corps (Entry 746.IS2903)

In which a hero of the Second Boer War turns an ill-advised siege into a worldwide youth movement, and John isn't sure if one can tell time with a cannon. Certificate #31247.
17/08/211h 8m

Episode 384: The Cuyahoga River Fire(s) (Entry 309.IS4302)

In which the American government only gets serious about environmental cleanup after a river in Cleveland bursts into flame well over a dozen times, and Ken believes he could manufacture gravel. Certificate #12398.
12/08/211h 4m

Episode 383: Fiji's Declaration of Independence (Entry 467.EC0306)

In which a Pacific nation loses its founding document and has to ask nicely for a photocopy replacement, and John missed his chance at an assumed identity. Certificate #23621.
10/08/2154m 54s

Episode 382: The Oosik (Entry 868.GN0223)

In which walrus genitals supply an important element to Alaskan folk art, and Ken will not inspect the underside of a wallaby. Certificate #45999.
05/08/2158m 44s

Episode 381: The Next Dalai Lama (Entry 836.MT0208)

In which the uninterrupted 600-year succession of Tibetan Buddhist leadership is threatened by political oppression, and John admires a hat that looks like a banana. Certificate #32762.
03/08/211h 5m

Episode 380: The Fulda Gap (Entry 505.2K0316)

In which a series of valleys in central Germany become the focus of Cold War military strategy for generals "fighting the last war," and Ken orders a baby online. Certificate #51668.
29/07/211h 3m

Episode 379: Lieutenant Nun (Entry 718.2C1102)

In which a "Basque transvestite" leaves her San Sebastian convent in 1607 to become one of the most dangerous men in South America, and John thinks an Italian pope would be a little naughtier than a Spanish one. Certificate #11658.
27/07/2152m 6s

Episode 378: Games Buddha Wouldn't Play (Entry 514.PP0203)

In which a great spiritual leader lists all the kinds of dice and pick-up sticks and toy windmills that are off-limits to the enlightened, and Ken wants to lick a tetherball pole. Certificate #25968.
22/07/211h 13m

Episode 377: Union Dixie (Entry 1368.EZ2046)

In which the same folk song is embraced by both sides of the U.S. Civil War, albeit with different lyrics, and John accuses a Supreme Court justice of having a racist ringtone. Certificate #27330.
20/07/211h 8m

Episode 376: Mulberry Mania (Entry 815.2S0523)

In which early America, hoping to keep up with the Chinese, is caught up in an obsession with white mulberry trees, and Ken marvels at the hanky-panky that must go on in every Olympic Village. Certificate #26780.
15/07/211h 27m

Episode 375: An African in Greenland (Entry 022.JB3132)

In which a young man from French Togoland survives a snake attack and embarks on a lifelong quest to see the Arctic, and John loses a large rooster. Certificate #36809.
13/07/211h 30m

Episode 374: Wuppertal Schwebebahn (Entry 1448.DE0227)

In which a German industrial town builds a unique new type of suspension railway that fails to catch on worldwide, and Ken disses the Eiffel Tower. Certificate #36460.
08/07/211h 9m

Episode 373: Goat Glands (Entry 536.AC0409)

In which a Midwestern quack becomes a radio tycoon (and almost governor of Kansas) by extolling the virtues of animal testicles, and John eats cheese out of a pocket. Certificate #42674.
06/07/2159m 47s

Episode 372: Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath (Entry 423.JB3104)

In which we are introduced to the most exclusive cinema-musico-academic club on earth, and Ken volunteers to provide a guest rap. Certificate #32655.
01/07/211h 19m

Episode 371: The Zaire Space Program (Entry 1455.PS11516)

In which a maverick German engineer tries to give an African dictator his very own space program, and John reminds us that astronauts are often quite short. Certificate #48059.
29/06/211h 14m

Episode 370: The 1871 Whaling Disaster (Entry 399.1T0119)

In which a city-sized segment of the world's whaling fleet is trapped together in Arctic ice off Alaska, and Ken blames the horrors of the industrial world on whale ghosts. Certificate #31403.
24/06/211h 19m

Episode 369: James Frazier Reed (Entry 1044.EZ0510)

In which one pioneer's midlife crisis leads him to a brush with Donner Party death and then prosperity in gold rush California, and John is tempted to murder a bassist with a whip handle. Certificate #51638.
22/06/211h 10m

Episode 368: The Erika Typewriter (Entry 424.JB0412)

In which contraband East German equipment helps create an underground publishing movement in the Soviet Union, and Ken's favorite typeface is now tainted. Certificate #37914.
17/06/211h 16m

Episode 367: Four-Leaf Clovers (Entry 495.JE3623)

In which a rare recessive plant gene produces a persistent superstition and a cutthroat collectors' competition, and John will never mock Allah. Certificate #12598.
15/06/2159m 33s

Episode 366: The Panorama of the Monumental Grandeur of the Mississippi Valley (Entry 895.NU2406)

In which very, very large oil paintings become the 19th-century precursor of the modern movie theater, and Ken has never seen the sun rise by choice. Certificate #14751.
10/06/211h 9m

Episode 365: Left Behind (Entry 709.1T0416)

In which some controversial Bible theology sells 65 million apocalypse thriller books and even shapes American foreign policy, and John can identify sinners on a plane. Certificate #40618.
08/06/211h 22m

Episode 364: Nudie Suits (Entry 850.EX2631)

In which a Ukrainian-born tailor brings the first outrageous stage wear to the American music scene--but in country and western, not glam rock--and Ken is unsure about his sky-blue pants. Certificate #27201.
03/06/211h 2m

Episode 363: Officials General (Entry 861.MK0640)

In which English inherits some "postpositive adjectives" from the Norman Conquest that continue to confuse high-ranking federal officials to this day, and John thinks companies should have one vice president tops. Certificate #18999.
01/06/211h 19m

Episode 362: Interrobang (Entry 655.LK2040)

In which a series of typographic attempts to improve on the exclamation point and question mark are doomed to failure, and Ken is unable to justify the existence of the backslash. Certificate #22311.
27/05/211h 19m

Episode 361: Mister Rogers's Operas (Entry 795.RO1502)

In which America's most beloved television host and moral exemplar composes a series of now-mostly-forgotten children's operas, and John thinks Star Wars is what ends childhood. Certificate #29242.
25/05/211h 33m

Episode 360: Concordski (Entry 258.JE4606)

In which the Soviet Union attempts to close its "Concorde gap" with the West by developing its own terrible supersonic passenger jet, and John is okay with pilots showing off as long as they're in a bar. Certificate #36689.
20/05/211h 3m

Episode 359: Olestra (Entry 864.LV0723)

In which Procter & Gamble spends almost thirty years trying to bring its fat substitute to market, only to see it vanish from the public memory almost immediately, and Ken just wants to eat devil's food cake. Certificate #51232.
18/05/211h 6m

Episode 358: The Worst Poet in History (Entry 1445.PR2622)

In which Scottish mill-worker William McGonagall becomes notorious for his utterly sincere but terrible poetry, and John plans to instigate a sex riot. Certificate #44448.
13/05/211h 5m

Episode 357: The Back of a Napkin (Entry 090.LK1920)

In which we study the long history of inspirations getting jotted down on scrap paper, and Ken learns he's too lively to be a rock musician. Certificate #44181.
11/05/211h 14m

Episode 356: Dagen H (Entry 313.EZ2116)

In which Sweden literally changes directions overnight, and John feels that the samurai spirit is all in the details. Certificate #30932.
06/05/211h 14m

Episode 355: Cholitas (Entry 218.1C1110)

In which a poltitical revolution in Bolivia produces a new wave of visibility for the nation's hat-wearing indigenous women, and Ken wonders which communist dictators were cuddly. Certificate #16179.
04/05/211h 8m

Episode 354: Drywall (Entry 384.LV1442)

In which a new gypsum miracle product takes more than a century to replace lath-and-plaster walls in home construction, and John thinks lizards have ears. Certificate #35059.
29/04/2146m 35s

Episode 353: America's Joan of Arc (Entry 040.2S1412)

In which a now-forgotten Quaker teenager becomes the most fiery and most famous woman orator of her time, and Ken has no idea if Norman Schwarzkopf is alive or dead. Certificate #44568.
27/04/211h 23m

Episode 352: The Bottle Conjuror (Entry 145.PS11983)

In which an aristocrat's private bet about gullible audiences leads to a 1749 theater riot, and John thinks Dick Cheney should have a podcast. Certificate #16793.
22/04/211h 9m

Episode 351: Mother Earth's Plantasia (Entry 810.1CH1633)

In which the Moog synthesizer and the "plant consciousness" movement of the 1970s produce a rare collector's item for lovers of weird music, and Ken refuses to buy his children reptiles. Certificate #27581.
20/04/211h 11m

Episode 350: The Tan Suit Controversy (Entry 1277.EZ3403)

In which the president wears beige to an August 2014 press conference, suddenly creating three or four new kinds of political discourse, each worse than the last. Certificate #35844.
15/04/211h 17m

Episode 349: Magic Eye (Entry 747.PR0425)

In which we trace two centuries of people being briefly interested in three-dimensional images, and John gets a bad case of "Intellivision thumb." Certificate #27012.
13/04/211h 16m

Episode 348: Rasputin (Entry 1031.MT2411)

In which a Siberian mystic gets so cozy with Russian royals that he ensures the success of the Bolshevik Revolution, and Ken wonders if he blinks the normal amount of times. Certificate #38899.

Episode 347: The Crash at Crush (Entry 292.ZP0110)

In which the American love affair with demolition-based entertainment is born near Waco, Texas in an explosion of iron and steam, and John believes some flight attendants are aliens. Certificate #34659.
06/04/2150m 49s

Episode 346: Figwit (Entry 467.JE2402)

In which we follow the arc of nerd culture to the Council of Elrond where a certain kind of fan service is born, and Ken explains why people fight about Frodo and Jesus. Certificate #40170.
01/04/211h 11m

Episode 345: The Cadaver Synod (Entry 172.HE0927)

In which a zombie pope is forced to stand trial in 9th-century Rome, and Ken discovers a generation of people with strong opinions about the word "zoology." Certificate #28349.
30/03/211h 9m

Episode 344: Roady Bill and Tony the Pony (Entry 1077.PR0719)

In which an online covered wagon auction unearths an almost-forgotten genre of itinerant performer, and John refuses to identify the Tijuana of Europe. Certificate #46962.
25/03/211h 7m

Episode 343: The Underarm Bowling Incident (Entry 1363.JB2602)

In which an Australian cricket team creates an international controversy with an unorthodox but legal strategy, and Ken accidentally does a Boston accent. Certificate #30080.
23/03/2159m 35s

Episode 342: The Lost Spitfires of Burma (Entry 736.AC0219)

In which a modern-day treasure hunter becomes convinced that a priceless trove of British fighter jets is buried at the end of an airport runway, and John becomes a realtor for Myanmar. Certificate #34112.

Episode 341: The Memex (Entry 774.EX3607)

In which the Internet is born in 1945 when a radar technician in a bamboo hut reads a Life magazine article about a futuristic desk, and Ken wonders if anyone smoked weed at Los Alamos. Certificate #18461.
16/03/211h 9m

Episode 340: English as She Is Spoke (Entry 414.GE1107)

In which an inept attempt at a Portuguese-English phrasebook becomes an enduring comedy classic, and John celebrates the invention of the stirrup. Certificate #29469.
11/03/211h 16m

Episode 339: Rosa Luxemburg's Body (Entry 1082.NU1911)

In which the most famous socialist rabble-rouser of her time returns from her 1919 execution (maybe) as a headless mummy, and Ken wonders if ancient Irish peasants had combination skin. Certificate #27337.
09/03/211h 5m

Episode 338: Mobile Jubilees (Entry 797.LV2512)

In which a set of rare ocean and weather conditions in Alabama can lead to periodic seafood explosions, and Ken and John agree that Muscle Shoals must be in the wrong place. Certificate #38099.
04/03/2156m 6s

Episode 337: Henry Cavendish (Entry 197.JB2825)

In which the wealthiest and most socially awkward British thinker of his time revolutionizes science, mostly in secret, and John wants to harvest clones at Packers games. Certificate #47447.
02/03/211h 8m

Episode 336: The Beatles' Lord of the Rings (Entry 107.EX2512)

In which we consider an alternate timeline where the Beatles' third movie was a psychedelic Tolkien adaptation instead of a bummer documentary, and Ken sticks up for sanitation. Certificate #51290.
25/02/211h 9m

Episode 335: Sergeant Stubby (Entry 1136.PS1848)

In which a mutt from the mean streets of Connecticut becomes a decorated hero in the trenches of World War I, and John is only good at half of rugby. Certificate #26161.
23/02/211h 8m

Episode 334: Beaver Castoreum (Entry 108.EX3035)

In which the gross gunk from the back end of a rodent is discovered to be an invaluable perfume ingredient and even flavor enhancer, and Ken's Sunday school teacher does not want a high-five. Certificate #36682.
18/02/211h 1m

Episode 333: Flying Through the Gateway Arch (Entry 484.EZ4030)

In which Midwestern pilots are unable to resist the gaping maw of the St. Louis skyline, and John watches a Wim Wenders movie fourteen times without ever seeing the beginning. Certificate #30320.
16/02/211h 19m

Episode 332: The Whole Earth Catalog (Entry 1430.IS1426)

In which an acid trip and a NASA space photo inspire a new guide of counterculture "tools" for living, and Ken helps John get his Nixon back. Certificate #51410.
11/02/211h 10m

Episode 331: Lego Minifigures (Entry 711.EX0508)

In which we learn how a "system" of Scandinavian minimalism put on a happy face and became the most popular toy in the world, and John tries the art of the deal with Ken's kids. Certificate #50469.
09/02/211h 22m

Episode 330: The Universal Studios Fire (Entry 1370.PS10618)

In which a series of corporate mergers and one amusement park fire conspire to rob the world of a priceless musical heritage, and Ken regrets renting a fancy car. Certificate #43485.
04/02/211h 16m

Episode 329: The Great Tea Race (Entry 548.JM0304)

In which four clipper ships race to London in the most exciting contest of the 19th century, and John thinks race cars should deliver cocaine. Certificate #38646.
02/02/211h 1m

Episode 328: Bigfoot Hoaxers (Entry 120.2K0108)

In which southwest Washington State becomes the epicenter for lazy Sasquatch fakes, and Ken explains how the Jersey Devil probably reproduces. Certificate #17742.
28/01/211h 19m

Episode 327: Operation Ajax (Entry 869.PR2904)

In which a presidential grandchild with a reasonable CIA departmental budget is all it takes to overthrow Iran, and John reveals the only downside of firing a howitzer. Certificate #39131.
26/01/211h 10m

Episode 326: The River of Doubt (Entry 1076.PS7208)

In which Teddy Roosevelt and his son celebrate the end of his manly presidency by almost dying in South America, and Ken is tricked into discussing Mato Grosso. Certificate #27531.
21/01/211h 8m

Episode 325: Allegheny Time (Entry 032.MT2436)

In which a series of traumatic train accidents and a broke astronomer conspire to re-invent time as a flat circle, and John accidentally attends a clock unveiling. Certificate #13818.
19/01/2159m 16s

Episode 324: Otokichi (Entry 879.2C1125)

In which a freak Pacific storm in 1832 makes one young castaway an unusual ambassador for the Empire of Japan, and Ken is unable to justify the Gospel of John. Certificate #37850.
31/12/201h 4m

Episode 323: Woodstock '99 (Entry 1441.IS2808)

In which a fiery apocalypse outside Rome, New York marks the cultural endpoint of the 1990s, and John spends his whole childhood reading about armaments in Janes publications. Certificate #27287.
29/12/201h 19m

Episode 322: Kon-Tiki (Entry 692.MT1424)

In which a Norwegian amateur anthropologist sails a raft from Peru to Polynesia to push a pet theory, and Ken covets ink and gold. Certificate #18688.
24/12/201h 17m

Episode 321: The War Before This One (Entry 1409.NH0109)

In which we follow the long, strange journey that finally got World War I and World War II their names, and John goes for drinks with his high school principal. Certificate #24737.
22/12/201h 18m

Episode 320: Slab City (Entry 1170.IS3501)

In which itinerant snowbirds turn an abandoned desert naval base into a trash-mountain utopia, and Ken hopes a nuke lands on his head. Certificate #33204.
17/12/201h 9m

Episode 319: Carlo Gesualdo (Entry 526.HE1304)

In which modernity discovers a late Renaissance composer with a history of ahead-of-his-time harmonies and lurid murder, and John scats like Cab Calloway after midnight. Certificate #39859.
15/12/201h 17m

Episode 318: The Guardian Angels (Entry 554.EX2320)

In which a Brooklyn-born fast food manager slaps some paramilitary berets on local kids and starts a new community policing movement, and Ken wonders how to allocate the stripes on the American flag. Certificate #25639.
10/12/201h 10m

Episode 317: B. Traven (Entry 1332.PR2502)

In which we trace at least four secret identities of the most reclusive novelist in literary history, and John gets a terrible fake ID from the fake ID store. Certificate #39453.
08/12/201h 8m

Episode 316: Dingbat Apartments (Entry 351.AC2830)

In which we learn why Los Angeles and other post-war American cities have tens of thousands of the same apartment complex, and Ken wonders where Philip Johnson's water heater is. Certificate #25380.
03/12/201h 6m

Episode 315: Ultrarunning (Entry 1357.IS4031)

In which a throwback British baronet (sort of) completes seven marathons on seven continents in seven consecutive days, and John runs like a rhinoceros. Certificate #20800.
01/12/201h 12m

Episode 314: The DeLorean Cocaine Bust (Entry 330.JB1810)

In which Detroit's first "cool" car executive almost goes to jail in an attempt to save his weird car and foundering company, and Ken says it's okay for kids to climb into refrigerators now. Certificate #36728.
26/11/201h 20m

Episode 313: Elizabeth Nietzsche (Entry 837.EX0204)

In which a Prussian schoolteacher's wife founds a failed anti-Semitic utopia in Paraguay and creates fascism's favorite philosopher, and John wants to keep Nazis off the Moon at all costs. Certificate #42582.
24/11/201h 4m

Episode 312: Cottagecore (Entry 283.ZP0206)

In which we look at the long history of romanticizing rural life, from the Enlightenment all the way up to today's Instagram lesbians, and Ken accuses Thoreau of "glamping." Certificate #45989.
19/11/201h 10m

Episode 311: The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (Entry 088.MK1472)

In which we learn what causes the "frequency illusion" of recently learned facts immediately reappearing into view, and John has too many books on his bed for romance. Certificate #36846.
17/11/201h 13m

Episode 310: The Baader-Meinhof Gang (Entry 088.EZ2736)

In which far-left European terrorism of the 1970s produces West Germany's own Marxist-Leninist "Bonnie and Clyde," and Ken feels bad for that kissing nurse in Times Square. Certificate #26524.
12/11/201h 21m

Episode 309: The Cavendish Banana (Entry 197.JU0112)

In which we learn that the massive global banana export market is a precarious monoculture doomed to disaster because of a tiny fungus, and John thinks Sean Young might be a time traveler. Certificate #26039.
10/11/201h 1m

Episode 308: Wampum (Entry 1408.DE0206)

In which the intricate bead culture of the Eastern Woodlands tribes confuses new British and Dutch arrivals, and Ken refuses to let Thomas Jefferson make him be a farmer. Certificate #31448.
05/11/201h 10m

Episode 307: Election Ties (Entry 400.1CH2508)

In which we learn what governments do when election results come back exactly tied, and John swings a Seattle mayoral election by asking for directions. Certificate #30371.
03/11/201h 19m

Episode 306: Mensa (Entry 775.PR1320)

In which the era of intelligence testing produces an Oxford-based society for smarty-pants who, it turns out, mostly want to solve puzzles, and Ken is shamed for identifying an antelope. Certificate #43519.
29/10/201h 21m

Episode 305: C-Day (Entry 198.MT2527)

In which the U.S. military battles black marketing and currency destabilization by paying Korea- and Vietnam-era servicemembers in play money, and John learns about a 1990s fad for the first time. Certificate #46965.
27/10/2052m 15s

Episode 304: The Day the Clown Cried (Entry 317.PS12605)

In which an unfinished Holocaust "dramedy" gains a reputation as the worst movie ever made even though no one has ever seen it, and Ken thinks a lot about dog poop. Certificate #46512.
22/10/201h 20m

Episode 303: Eliza (Entry 404.LK0247)

In which an MIT professor worried about a digital future accidentally creates the field of human-machine conversation, and John flirts with a 54-year-old computer program. Certificate #36441.
20/10/201h 15m

Episode 302: Cynthia Plaster Caster (Entry 949.JE4817)

In which a shy Chicago student becomes one of the most famous rock fans in America by virtue of her anatomically correct artwork, and John offers Ken an unwanted present. Certificate #30889.
15/10/201h 9m

Episode 301: Washington, CSA (Entry 1412.MT1225)

In which a doddering general saves America from an alarming alternate history in which the Confederacy takes over the nation instead of seceding, and Ken objurgates against several things (but especially slavery). Certificate #15899.
13/10/201h 4m

Episode 300: Seawise Giant (Entry 1121.AC2718)

In which an unnamed Greek shipping magnate "jumbo-izes" an oil tanker so big that it can't even navigate the English Channel, and John ponders digging a canal between Seattle and Omaha. Certificate #36640.
08/10/201h 10m

Episode 299: Aztec Death Whistles (Entry 088.PS5502)

In which thousands of Mesoamerican "toys" in museums around the world turn out to be terrifying vessels for the screams of wind and death, and Ken dreams of wearing "Bespin fatigues." Certificate #34995.
06/10/201h 11m

Episode 298: White Trains (Entry 1429.IS1305)

In which the Department of Energy decides upon a bizarre way to transport nuclear warheads, and Ken applauds the conservation of Cold War consonants. Certificate #25154.
01/10/201h 12m

Episode 297: Mary Kay Pink Cadillacs (Entry 762.2K0930)

In which a feisty Texan single mom comes up with the gimmick that puts a friendly face on the appalling direct sales industry, and John recommends kicking a bear. Certificate #29266.
29/09/201h 17m

Episode 296: Take Ivy (Entry 1274.LK1619)

In which the Platonic ideal of American "prep" fashion catches on with Japanese hipsters before it does back home, and Ken finds someone to blame for his short Uniqlo pants. Certificate #21125.
24/09/201h 2m

Episode 295: The Three Governors (Entry 1302.MK0934)

In which a 1946 election in George results in chaos, fraud, public drunkenness, and broken furniture, and John decides to become a potato-hating beekeeper in retirement. Certificate #27176.

Episode 294: Article the First (Entry 070.JE0705)

In which the very first amendment to the Bill of Rights, outlining the future of U.S. government, gets forgotten on its path to ratification, and Ken insults Delaware. Certificate #21125.
17/09/201h 8m

Episode 293: Generic Food (Entry 521.JB1817)

In which a hilariously minimalistic grocery ghetto blooms in no-frills Carter-era America, and John chases a memory of uniformed women plying him with cheese cubes. Certificate #34402.

Episode 292: Joe Meek (Entry 771.PS2509)

In which the art of music recording is revolutionized by a troubled British record producer who doesn't read or play music, and Ken can't really think of any guitar pedals. Certificate #37241.
10/09/201h 19m

Episode 291: The Garbage Barge (Entry 515.LA0345)

In which our modern recycling fervor is shaped by a mob boss who can't find a port for three thousand tons of Long Island garbage, and John has a dining room full of tin. Certificate #26561.
08/09/201h 9m

Episode 290: Change of Gauge (Entry 206.LV2733)

In which the nightmarish complexity of the world's non-standardized rail systems is marveled at, and Ken hatches a zeppelin-related plan to resurrect Dame Agatha Christie. Certificate #48966.
03/09/201h 12m

Episode 289: Dragnet (Entry 378.TI0301)

In which a single TV series builds the modern image of American police as righteous and efficient, despite much evidence to the contrary, and John uses its theme song in the bedroom. Certificate #35498.

Episode 288: The Duke of Anjou (Entry 386.EC0804)

In which we trace the convoluted, "kooky-wawa" genealogy that identifies the Spanish playboy banker who should be sitting the French throne, and John wants to be a ski-town sheriff. Certificate #24409.
27/08/201h 23m

Episode 287: Billboards (Entry 121.DA0403)

In which we study the history of oversized roadside advertising all the way from ancient Egypt to Blade Runner, and Ken is skeptical about yellow-and-green election posters. Certificate #50861.
25/08/201h 8m

Episode 286: German Telegrams (Entry 525.PR2606)

In which a century of German diplomacy is repeatedly hamstrung by their inept telegraphy-related decisions, and Ken has some notes about the poster for Jaws 2. Certificate #51969.
20/08/201h 22m

Episode 285: Marilyn vos Savant (Entry 1403.PR1401)

In which the dark days of the 1980s are brightened by the sudden appearance in Sunday newspaper supplements of the world's smartest person, and John tries to buy a mean t-shirt about Ken. Certificate #51993.
18/08/201h 26m

Episode 284: George Washington's Teeth (Entry 524.JB4114)

In which the we learn that that story of America's most famous false teeth is upsetting for reasons that go way beyond dental pain, and Ken calls George Washington the ultimate NIMBY. Certificate #35120.
13/08/2056m 50s

Episode 283: Lilith (Entry 721.LK1420)

In which puzzled medieval rabbis decide that it's not Adam and Eve—it's Adam and Lilith and Eve and Eve, and John wonders if anyone ate beets in the Garden of Eden. Certificate #14309.
11/08/201h 2m

Episode 282: Ronco (Entry 1081.MI0303)

In which a kitchen gadgeteer harnesses the power of late-night television to create a new American art form, the infomercial--but wait, there's more! Ken thinks music shouldn't come from a scarf. Certificate #32041.
06/08/201h 7m

Episode 281: Vesna Vulovic (Entry 1404.EC0410)

In which a stubborn Yugoslavian air hostess sets a world record by surviving a six-mile fall from the sky, and John misplaces the Carpathians. Certificate #33008.
04/08/201h 16m

Episode 280: Dutch Elm Disease (Entry 388.JL0112)

In which America's forests and suburbs are ravaged by a strange invader brought by bark beetles, and Ken insists on comparing tree sap to mucus even though no one wants that. Certificate #27612.
30/07/2057m 46s

Episode 279: Sister Cities (Entry 1165.AM0408)

In which post-war trauma and idealism inspire world cities to try a new kind of diplomacy, and John has big plans for Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Certificate #39656.
28/07/201h 17m

Episode 278: Project MK-Ultra (Entry 993.HB0111)

In which the CIA becomes convinced that acid-laced cocktails are the solution to all our Cold War intelligence problems, and Ken suggests a new variant of foosball. Certificate #28598.
23/07/201h 14m

Episode 277: The Tibetan Memory Trick (Entry 1306.NU0774)

In which a Victorian parlor game about poultry and tweezers blossoms into a tongue twister, a comedy act, and a broadcasting test, and John tunes a guitar because Frank Zappa isn't available. Certificate #34596.
21/07/201h 14m

Episode 276: The Phoebus Cartel (Entry 931.JN0905)

In which an evil cabal of lightbulb manufacturers realizes they can sell more product if bulbs burn out faster, and Ken decides he invented Teddy Ruxpin. Certificate #24473..
16/07/2057m 40s

Episode 275: The Guru Letters (Entry 557.PR0513)

In which a Siberia-obsessed Russian mystic counts a future U.S. vice president among his acolytes, and John offers up our softest poets to the mosquitoes of Alaska. Certificate #43738.
14/07/201h 5m

Episode 274: Hanky Codes (Entry 566.EZ1321)

In which we look back at the complex and clandestine history of sexual signaling in gay culture, and Ken thinks a lot of decades have the wrong adjectives. Certificate #34366.
09/07/201h 19m

Episode 273: Fletcherizing (Entry 478.AC0754)

In which a Victorian food faddist persuades America and Europe to chew each bite of onion over seven hundred times, and John discovers what Woodrow Wilson would look like if he were an embezzler. Certificate #32596.
07/07/201h 11m

Episode 272: Deborah Sampson (Entry 1100.JG0512)

In which a patriotic young colonist serves bravely in the American Revolution without anyone realizing she's secretly a woman, and Ken accuses a lot of deadbeat dads of doing murders in Maine. Certificate #37232.
02/07/201h 19m

Episode 271: Thomas the Tank Engine (Entry 1300.TI0209)

In which children's love of model trains is reinvigorated in our era by an odd British TV property with an odd British ideology, and John thinks helicopters are probably hippies. Certificate #49600.
30/06/201h 8m

Episode 270: Sea Silk (Entry 1120.EX3816)

In which surprisingly large mussels provide the world's finest cloth to a shrinking number of old Mediterranean women, and Ken wonders what a Tibetan antelope smells like. Certificate #29379.
25/06/201h 5m

Episode 269: The 504 Sit-In (Entry 473.LK1413)

In which the Carter Administration waffles so long on a groundbreaking civil rights law that disabled protestors take over a federal building for almost a month, and John considers building a maze full of wolverines. Certificate #30708.
23/06/201h 5m

Episode 268: Le Pétomane (Entry 926.IS0324)

In which a French baker discovers an unusual muscular ability that makes him an international star, and Ken works on his Kegels mid-recording. Certificate #22584.
18/06/2054m 31s

Episode 267: Pulsars, Discovery of (Entry 1008.IS4713)

In which the discoverer of neutron stars is largely ignored for her achievement, and John wonders about the precise verbiage to summon "Beetlejuice." Certificate #52246.
16/06/201h 1m

Episode 266: TV Detection Vans (Entry 1351.MT1828)

In which the BBC employs a high-tech surveillance fleet to find out if Britons are seeing Doctor Who illegally, and Ken watches Monday Night Football on Tuesday nights. Certificate #48968.
11/06/201h 8m

Episode 265: Roald Amundsen's Airship (Entry 1077.JE0113)

In which fifteen men in a dirigible, to say nothing of the dog, conquer the North Pole while arguing all the way, and John wonders if there are Italians on the Moon. Certificate #23607.
09/06/201h 22m

Episode 264: Jesse Owens, Gold Medals of (Entry 887.LV2525)

In which we examine the secondary market for Olympic medals, Nobel Prizes, game show trophies, and other awards, and Ken and John struggle to remember if Watson or Crick is the bad one. Certificate #2504.
04/06/2050m 12s

Episode 263: The Hero of Camperdown (Entry 583.IS3323)

In which one press-ganged sailor's quick thinking and bravery ends an invasion of Ireland and changes the course of history, while John and Ken disagree over the meaning of Elton John lyrics. Certificate #50975.
02/06/2054m 51s

Episode 262: Soapy Smith (Entry 1178.2T0313)

In which Alaska chooses to make a cheerfully lawless gold rush villain into a beloved folk hero, and Ken wonders if he's married to a dice-rolling confidence artist. Certificate #35570.
28/05/201h 5m

Episode 261: Chick Tracts (Entry 214.RO0116)

In which history's most widely read theologian is revealed to be an eccentric Los Angeles cartoonist and conspiracy theorist who looks like Slim Pickens, and John notices that religious pamphlets mostly appear in places where bad things happen. Certificate #31387.
26/05/201h 17m

Episode 260: The Joy of Cooking (Entry 676.EZ2410)

In which a Listerine label-printing company publishes what goes on to become the most popular cookbook in American history, and Ken imagines Wall Street Journal portraits of seafood. Certificate #38738.
21/05/201h 12m

Episode 259: Love (Entry 737.GA0514)

In which one of the great Pop Art geniuses of his century accidentally becomes a one-hit wonder with an iconic bit of typography, and John regrets never entering into an arranged marriage. Certificate #37350.
19/05/201h 4m

Episode 258: The International Cable Protection Committee (Entry 654.IS4316)

In which we are reminded that the modern global communication network still relies on unwiedly physical cables running along the sea-floor, tempting Russian spies and itchy whales, and Ken enjoys the word "gutta-percha." Certificate #34332.
14/05/201h 5m

Episode 257: Grade Inflation (Entry 542.JB0807)

In which the phenomenon of "illusory superiority" causes a gradual creep of ratings and reputations in every field, from maple syrup to dunks to dress sizes, and John is universally praised by his rideshare drivers. Certificate #45417.
12/05/201h 13m

Episode 256: Tanzanite (Entry 1277.IS5411)

In which a consortium of gemologists tries to persuade vacationers of the hottest new thing in jewelry, which Ken considers to be the Sammy Hagar of birthstones. Certificate #48596.
07/05/2052m 45s

Episode 255: Etchings (Entry 428.GN3907)

In which filthy Restoration comedy, Horatio Alger, and a sensational murder trial conspire to create a very odd pick-up line, and John requires an extra syllable in "Tijuana." Certificate #2793.
05/05/2055m 7s

Episode 254: The Wild Goose (Entry 1432.MT0823)

In which John Wayne buys a decommissioned minesweeper as his luxury yacht and it outlasts its more famous French sister ship, which is probably now full of slugs. Certificate #28232.
30/04/201h 3m

Episode 253: (LIVE) The Wreck of the Titan (Entry 1446.EZ2734)

In which a failed periscope inventor predicts the greatest disaster of his time with apparently paranormal accuracy, and special guest Aimee Mann is warned away from the supernatural in no uncertain terms. Certificate #27264.
28/04/201h 2m

Episode 252: Prairie Schooners (Entry 975.NU0703)

In which the west is won by long fleets of covered wagons "sailing" on to the Oregon Territory, and Ken thinks it was mistake to capitalize the Northwest Passage. Certificate #18089.

Episode 251: Ferdinandea (Entry 461.RV1620)

In which the European powers scramble to claim an infant pile of basalt in the Mediterranean, and John wonders how steampunk the Libyan submarine fleet might be. Certificate #50204.
21/04/2046m 37s

Episode 250: Green Funerals (Entry 549.1S3113)

In which John describes environmentally friendly modern alternatives to burial, and refuses to apologize for leaving an urn full of ashes under his piano for a decade. Certificate #37628.
16/04/201h 6m

Episode 249: Bode's Law (Entry 138.JB2212)

In which amateur algebra experts figure out where the planets in the solar system should be, and are (briefly) proven right, and Ken gets his hair cut by a ghost. Certificate #36737.
14/04/2058m 54s

Episode 248: Genoan Insurance (Entry 522.MT0634)

In which the modern insurance industry is born when medieval Italian merchants form syndicates to manage risk, and Ken manages risk by making people order pancakes. Certificate #46598.
09/04/2052m 51s

Episode 247: Streaking (Entry 1234.RV1615)

In which dumb campus fads return to the American spotlight in 1973 thanks to a mild winter and legions of nude undergrads, and John gradually remembers his own complicated streaking history. Certificate #41916.
07/04/201h 10m

Episode 246: The De Havilland Beaver (Entry 328.DE0203)

In which the Great White North is serviced and explored by the greatest bush plane of all time, and Ken decides that aircraft shouldn't be named after bugs. Certificate #35435.
02/04/201h 9m

Episode 245: Mesoamerican Ball Game (Entry 778.JB3122)

In which pre-Columbian civilizations spend thousands of years banging each other up with heavy rubber balls, and John tries to replace professional sports with stick-fighting. Certificate #28586.
31/03/2059m 39s

Episode 244: Naked Came the Stranger (Entry 823.MT2538)

In which a droll Long Island reporter and his newsroom buddies accidentally create one of the all-time great dirty books, and Ken is skeptical of the nudist lifestyle. Certificate #50150.
26/03/201h 4m

Episode 243: Sadie Hawkins Day (Entry 1094.GN3912)

In which a hippie-hating cartoonist accidentally creates a (slightly) gender-equalizing campus tradition, and John spends hours poring over newspaper bridge columns. Certificate #44390.
24/03/201h 20m

Episode 242: Chinook Jargon (Entry 215.1C1413)

In which a very old Native American trading pidgin becomes a regional language and 20th-century slang, and Ken goes to a movie theater that basically confessed to genocide. Certificate #5725.
19/03/2053m 19s

Episode 241: Patagonian Giants (Entry 907.MT0627)

In which the world's tallest tribe, if they even exist, are enslaved by Ferdinand Magellan and downsized by subsequent visitors, and John reminds us of the importance of good posture. Certificate #33392.
17/03/2054m 44s

Episode 240: Bill W. (Entry 122.NU0603)

In which one rough night for a traveling salesman in Akron, Ohio births a new spiritual approach to addiction recovery, and Ken suggests some interesting anagrams for post-human Presbyterian listeners. Certificate #19544.
12/03/201h 29m

Episode 239: Hikikomori (Entry 587.1K2225)

In which a generation of traumatized Japanese young people increasingly decide never to come out of their bedrooms, whereas John insists on dying alone. Certificate #50644.
10/03/201h 6m

Episode 238: Cow Magnets (Entry 289.JL0118)

In which we learn that ruminants are eating a lot more metal nowadays than they used to, and that Ken would like to have a gravel spoon at dinner. Certificate #28929
05/03/201h 1m

Episode 237: Longitudinal Film (Entry 734.PS9010)

In which British documentarians and Austin slackers alike use the movies to unveil the mysteries of aging and mortality, and John leaves a series of women waiting for him at train stations in Spain. Certificate #48149
03/03/201h 19m

Episode 236: Hands Across America (Entry 565.PR1121)

In which the 1980s fad for charity pop singles inspires an ambitious geographic stunt, and Ken plans a foolproof way to assassinate Jamie Farr. Certificate #26004
27/02/201h 13m

Episode 235: Operation Just Cause (Entry 869.EZ4510)

In which the bizarre 1989 American invasion of Panama kicks off our modern era of on-the-nose Pentagon naming conventions, and John is reminded of a dominatrix, as usual. Certificate #19345.
25/02/2052m 19s

Episode 234: Trafalgar vs. Carmania (Entry 1325.IS2314)

In which the First World War begins in an unexpected fashion, with two ocean liners blowing holes in each other off the coast of Brazil, and Ken gets gaslit into buying a tuxedo. Certificate #32056.
20/02/201h 3m

Episode 233: The Dogon (Entry 369.DE0419)

In which an African tribe proves so eager to please that they convince generations of ethnographers that alien visitors from Sirius are real, and John gets annoyed that ancient astronauts never invented baseball. Certificate #26731.
18/02/2058m 12s

Episode 232: Cincinnati Chili (Entry 223.2K0440)

In which an early fast food boom, Greek immigration, and (of course) the World's Fair conspire to trick Ohioans into redefining "chili," and John gets justifiably upset about bananas on spaghetti. Certificate #24598.
13/02/2049m 4s

Episode 231: Snow Valley, Oklahoma (Entry 1182.JB2419)

In which a Vermonter with an ill-conceived dream brings skiiing very briefly to the Sooner State, and Ken attempts to secure his family some very rare Pokemon cards. Certificate #17398.
11/02/201h 12m

Episode 230: The Tootsie Pop Indian (Entry 1317.LA0312)

In which an American candy company refuses to honor a longstanding bit of playground lollipop lore, and Ken tries to calculate the homeopathic healing power of Tootsie Rolls. Certificate #33486.
06/02/201h 9m

Episode 229: Chastity Belts (Entry 209.LV2113)

In which Renaissance satirists and modern amateur historians accidentally create a physiologically impossible medieval device, and John has a theory about locksmiths and cocaine. Certificate #49406.
04/02/2055m 19s

Episode 228: Coppicing (Entry 276.PS8015)

In which a forgotten medieval art of tree-harvesting is revived by the sustainability movement, and Ken blames the coming environmental catastrophe on "sugar energy." Certificate #22560.
30/01/2049m 29s

Episode 227: Harry Dexter White (Entry 1428.LK0817)

In which the American architect of post-World War II global capitalism turns out to have a dark and traitorous secret, and John imagines he would be a huge hassle for his spy handlers. Certificate #25923.
28/01/201h 8m

Episode 226: The Death of Trolleys (Entry 320.GN4519)

In which we find General Motors and its corporate co-conspirators not guilty on the charge of killing American streetcar lines, and Ken gets very excited about funicular railways. Certificate #14871.
23/01/201h 1m

Episode 225: George Bush's Crack Dealer (Entry 524.JB1808)

In which the president of the United States lies to the nation about how he got three ounces of crack cocaine into the Oval Office, and John is asked to leave a crime scene. Certificate #34620.
21/01/2056m 9s

Episode 224: Backgammon (Entry 090.EX2816)

In which an ancient Mesopotamian board game briefly becomes a 1970s signifier for glamour and sophistication, and Ken's life is changed by an intense childhood game of Clue. Certificate #31179.
16/01/201h 7m

Episode 223: Masquerade (Entry 763.PS10424)

In which an outsider artist hides a rabbit by a statue and thereby gets a million people to start digging up the English countryside, and John "man-solves" a Satanic temple. Certificate #14162.
14/01/201h 8m

Episode 222: The Tech Model Railroad Club (Entry 1282.1C1220)

In which a room full of MIT train nerds becomes ground zero for modern American hacker culture and computer architecture, and Ken blames Star Wars for ruining children's toys. Certificate #33564.
09/01/201h 1m

Episode 221: Byzantine Rhinokopia (Entry 170.JB4102)

In which the Byzantine throne is contested by various Machiavellian schemes willing to mutilate the noses of their political rivals, and John reveals which Marx brother he is most sexually attracted to. Certificate #34954.
07/01/2047m 59s

Episode 220: Fort Knox (Entry 493.2CH0913)

In which a World War I army camp in northern Kentucky is chosen to house over $200 billion in gold bullion, and Ken proposes nationalizing America's safety deposit boxes. Certificate #2504.
02/01/201h 6m

Episode 219: Induced Demand (Entry 637.EZ1704)

In which we learn why new highway lanes, no matter how spacious, tend to fill to capacity within weeks of opening, and John takes on a hypothetical megacorporation called Goober. Certificate #38938.
31/12/191h 5m

Episode 218: The Leafblower (Entry 707.DA0414)

In which ecologically problematic outdoor power tools accidentally become an official part of the Omnibus, all because John's neighbor refuses to call "Leafbusters." Certificate #25458.
26/12/1951m 11s

Episode 217: The Christmas Pickle (Entry 220.IS0108)

In which a Spokane antique store creates a fake Bavarian holiday tradition from scratch, and John's beard makes him look bigger. Certificate #31503.
24/12/191h 4m

Episode 216: The Max Headroom Intrusion (Entry 767.JB2415)

In which we examine the broadcast-jamming fad of the 1980s, including a puzzling incident involving a masked Chicago prankster, and Ken wants to be a font cop. Certificate #29692.
19/12/191h 19m

Episode 215: Interferon (Entry 652.PS10303)

In which a strange, sticky new protein is declared—on the basis of very little evidence—to be a cure-all in the war against cancer, and Ken refuses to make the necessary sacrifices to become a skateboarding star. Certificate #40478.
17/12/1953m 44s

Episode 214: Ada Lovelace (Entry ADA737PR3118)

In which a 19th-century countess overcomes her father's scandalous celebrity and her mother's love of parallelograms to become the world's first computer programmer, and John comes to regret renaming Alexa. Certificate #46507.
12/12/191h 21m

Episode 213: Square Dancing (Entry 1211.JB2111)

In which we learn that America's love affair with do-si-dos is a relatively recent and artificial form of nostalgia jump-started by Henry Ford's hatred for jazz, and Ken misremembers "krumping." Certificate #42537.
10/12/1954m 21s

Episode 212: The Toyota Hilux (Entry 1323.JG0119)

In which an oddly named model of Toyota pickup becomes the truck of choice for Marty McFly, Top Gear fans, polar explorers, and ISIS. Certificate #16197

Episode 211: The Duchess of Bedford (Entry 383.PR2301)

In which one of Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting atones for her gossip scandals at court by inventing a brand new meal, and John blames museum docents for all his schedule problems. Certificate #48479.
03/12/1959m 39s

Episode 210: Mother Jones (Entry 675.MK0333)

In which an Irish immigrant pretending to be an old lady becomes a star of the American labor movement, and Ken ponders the death of middle initials. Certificate #12952.
28/11/191h 8m

Episode 209: The Rite of Spring Riot (Entry 1076.EZ2613)

In which Ken blames the weirdest ballet premiere of all time on class warfare, bad hair and costuming choices, and anti-Russian xenophobia, and John renames the sport of gymnastics. Certificate #31616.
26/11/191h 8m

Episode 208: The Ambassador Bridge (Entry 039.EZ4705)

In which one canny Detroit billionaire manages to gain sole control of the linchpin of American foreign trade, and John repeatedly insists he is not giving advice to terrorists. Certificate #36634.
21/11/191h 7m

Episode 207: Grass (Entry 546.MK0639)

In which lawns are revealed to be covering three times as much of America as any other crop, and Ken explains why the tallgrass prairies of the 19th century produced no great tennis players. Certificate #31632.
19/11/1946m 2s

Episode 206: Fern Fever (Entry 462.JB0816)

In which Victorian England becomes obsessed with the beautiful fronds and sexy lifestyle of ferns, and John brings the Arts and Crafts movement to the grunge era. Certificate #31358.
14/11/1955m 45s

Episode 205: Porfirio Rubirosa (Entry 1087.1K1210)

In which a Dominican diplomat cozies up to one of history's worst dictators, marries the two richest women in the world, and creates our modern image of the macho "Latin lover," and Ken tries to revive some slang from 1980s sex comedies. Certificate #41003.
12/11/1955m 33s

Episode 204: No-Fault Divorce (Entry 840.MK1009)

In which Ronald Reagan, of all people, introduces a new legal philosophy of marriage and divorce to America in 1970, though it takes New York forty years to catch up. Certificate #27256.

Episode 203: Earth-Two (Entry 391.RV2101)

In which a single 1961 comic book births a multiverse and reshapes our modern understanding of parallel dimensions in art as well as life, and John wistfully fantasizes about an honest Hitler. Certificate #46819.
05/11/191h 18m

Episode 202: Faces of Death (Entry 447.JB1616)

In which the "mondo" shock movie craze of the 1960s inspires a morbid megahit that turns out to be more hoax than documentary, and monkey brains make their big-screen debut. Certificate #41907.

Episode 201: Haitian Zombies (Entry 561.ZC1412)

In which the origins of America's favorite 21st-century horror trope are traced back to the miseries of Caribbean plantation slavery, which is a huge bummer, and John ponders the role of squash in the afterlife. Certificate #49964.
29/10/1956m 40s
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