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Stuff Mom Never Told You

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Through an intersectional feminist perspective, hosts Anney and Samantha dive into science, history, and culture to make sense of the everyday and unpack the stories that brought us to where we are today. This podcast aims to better understand the challenges facing women and marginalized folks all over the world and highlights the tools we can use to tackle them head on.


SMNTY Classics: Women and Happiness (Part 3)

As we continue our mini-series on women and happiness in this classic, we ask the question: who is happier? Are queer couples happier than straight couples?See for privacy information.
18/05/2430m 48s

The Bumble Fumble

Recently, online dating service Bumble went viral for all the wrong reasons with an ad campaign. We break down what went wrong, why people were so angry, and the company's response.See for privacy information.
17/05/2441m 35s

Happy Hour #128: Wedding Reflections

Weddings can be beautiful expressions of love and a place for reunions and celebration. They also can sometimes bring out questions about singlehood, in yourself and in strangers.See for privacy information.
16/05/2416m 32s

Introducing: Bridgerton The Official Podcast Season 3

Hi, SMNTY listeners! We are super excited about the return of Bridgerton: The Official Podcast and want you to share in the excitement with us. Alongside a new season of the TV show is the companion podcast, which takes you behind the scenes through interviews with actors, writers, directors, and more. We think you'll want to tune in, but don't just take our word for it. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself! Ready for more? Tune in weekly to Bridgerton: The Official Podcast. Available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
16/05/242m 40s

SMNTY Interviews: Emma Grace the Entomologist

This is a big year for bug science as two broods of cicadas are set to emerge. We connected with Emma Grace the entomologist to learn about women in entomology, bug science, cicadas and Star Wars.See for privacy information.
15/05/2453m 57s

Feminists Around the World: Legends of Hawaiian Surfing

We highlight some of the Hawaiian women making waves in the surfing world. See for privacy information.
14/05/2411m 41s

Monday Mini: Hyper Independence

What is hyper independence? What does it have to do with women, trauma and relationships? We explain.See for privacy information.
13/05/2417m 50s

Spoiled Saturdays: Past Lives

The 2023 film Past Lives is a beautiful, critically acclaimed look at diverging paths and identities. We talk destiny, true love, childhood sweethearts and wondering about the path not taken.See for privacy information.
11/05/2437m 59s

Happy Hour #127: Politically Erect (SATC S3 Ep2)

We continue our watch of Sex and the City, chatting about dating politicians, politics and figuring out who you want to date. See for privacy information.
10/05/2426m 45s

SMNTY Classics: Mentors and MomStuff

Mentors and role models can be hugely empowering for women. In this classic, Anney gushes about her mom, and we discuss the value of having strong women in our lives.See for privacy information.
09/05/2430m 38s

Book Club: The Gangster We Are All Looking For

The Gangster We Are All Looking For by Vietnamese-American author lê thi diem thúy is a poetic look at immigration, memory, trauma, identity and loss. See for privacy information.
08/05/2432m 4s

Feminists Around the World: Hawai'ian Women in Surfing

In the first part of our look at Hawai'ian women surfers and history, we delve into the work of surfer and writer Mindy Pennybacker. See for privacy information.
07/05/2413m 19s

Monday Mini: Why Are We Still Sexualizing Women's Athletic Uniforms?

Recently, Nike got in some hot water after debuting a very revealing women's uniform for Team USA's track and field competitors. We chat about the internet firestorm that ensued, the company's response, and why it is (and has been) an issue.See for privacy information.
06/05/2418m 55s

SMNTY Classics: The Star Wars Prequels

In this classic, Anney and Samantha talk crop tops, space politics, forbidden love and Padmé Amidala. We hope we're not breaking your heart and going down a path you can't follow. Also all who hate sand are welcome.See for privacy information.
04/05/2447m 36s

Feminist Movie Friday: 10 Things I Hate About You

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film 10 Things I Hate About You, we take a look back at the popular retelling of The Taming of the Shrew.See for privacy information.
03/05/2439m 15s

Happy Hour #126: Always In Motion Is Star Wars

Got blue milk? Anney does, and in anticipation of Star Wars day, she breaks down some what-could-have-beens and theories circulating in the Star Wars fandoms.See for privacy information.
02/05/2419m 15s

Women, May Day and International Workers' Day

For many of us, May Day conjures images of Spring Festivals, but also a day dedicated to workers' rights, known as International Workers' Day. The two are related, and shine a light on so many intersectional issues that continue to be important.See for privacy information.
01/05/2422m 34s

Feminists Around the World: Tawakkul Karmān

Yemeni activist who has been working for the rights and nonviolent resistance for women’s rights and freedoms.See for privacy information.
30/04/2414m 54s

Monday Mini: Man v. Bear

Would you rather be stuck in the woods with a man or a bear? This hypothetical question went viral and exposed so much more.See for privacy information.
29/04/2426m 56s

SMNTY Classics: Women and Happiness (Part 2)

In part two of this classic, we talk about all of the pressures and responsibilities impacting women's happiness, the happiness gender gap, and the importance of parity in government.See for privacy information.
27/04/2427m 10s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus, Part 2 (Chapter 5)

In the wake of a dire message, Tilda and Madison ponder the 'right' course of action and wrestle with morality in a dying world.See for privacy information.
26/04/2436m 41s

Happy Hour #125: Where There's Smoke (SATC S3 Ep. 1)

Our watch podcast of Sex and the City is back! We open Season 3 with a bang, bringing in our friend and executive producer Maya to discuss the idea of women and rescue, independence, and not so great dudes.See for privacy information.
25/04/2436m 28s

The First Lady of the Internet

Bridget Todd shines a light on the Lenna image, an image that became foundational to the internet and has an enduring legacy. The story of how this image became so widespread without the consent or fair compensation of the model in question highlights problematic attitudes around women in tech spaces.See for privacy information.
24/04/2446m 40s

Fictional Feminists Around the World: Samantha Carter

In Stargate SG-1, Samantha Carter held many titles and shattered many stereotypes (while also upholding some). We decode her fictional and IRL accomplishments and legacy.See for privacy information.
23/04/2420m 44s

Monday Mini: The Song of Cicadas

As we prepare for the historic emergence of two broods of cicadas, we unearth the story of the often forgotten woman behind a key cicada discovery.See for privacy information.
22/04/248m 33s

SMNTY Classics: Women And Happiness, Part 1

What's the state of women and happiness? It's a mixed bag. In this classic, we react to some opposing takes on women's happiness. Send good news please.See for privacy information.
20/04/2432m 33s

The Gendering of Weed

With the decriminalization and commercialization of weed in some of the US, we've seen some very troubling marketing towards women (and blatant ignorance of the past). Friend of the show Joey stops by to go over the history, the issues and the positive potential of cannabis. Links: Sexism and the Weed industry:  Women and the War on Drugs:  Indigenous Women Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry:  See for privacy information.
19/04/2454m 28s

Happy Hour #124: Video Made the Podcast Star

At one time, Stuff Mom Never Told You had a big video component. Anney looks back at when editing video was her primary job as part of this show, the constant second-guessing and some accomplishments.See for privacy information.
18/04/2421m 11s

Female Firsts: 50th Episode Extravaganza!

For the 50th episode of Female Firsts with Yves, we came together in person to celebrate, reflect, and tease the future. See for privacy information.
17/04/2443m 50s

Feminists Around the World: Dr. Purnima Devi Barman

Dr. Purnima Devi Barman fell in love with birds as a child, and that has translated to her educating her community on the importance of protecting a local species of bird under threat.See for privacy information.
16/04/2410m 47s

Monday Mini: The Eclipse

Since the beginning of time, eclipses have caused fascination and stories. We shine a light on some of these stories and beliefs. See for privacy information.
15/04/2412m 48s

SMNTY Classics: The Trouble with Complimenting Weight Loss

Weight loss is not always a good thing, yet it's often something that is complimented. Anney and Samantha dig into why it's complicated in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
13/04/2421m 48s

Feminist Movie Friday: New Moon and Eclipse

In a special double feature episode on New Moon and Eclipse, we continue our take on the Twilight saga with super producer Christina. We break down the themes, take a quiz and do dramatic reenactments.See for privacy information.
12/04/241h 6m

Happy Hour #123: Preparing for a Funeral

Funerals and death can bring up all kinds of feelings that can be hard to make sense of, and also highlight family traditions and fault lines. Samantha shares a recent experience.See for privacy information.
11/04/2430m 23s

Book Club: Tentacle

A dystopian climate change time travel novel that tackles issues of environmentalism, colonization, gender, queerness, race, class, art and all kinds of other things, Indiana Rita's 2015 work Tentacle almost defies explanation. We break down this futuristic vision and what it says about our past, present and future.See for privacy information.
10/04/2424m 7s

Feminists Around the World: An Update on the 4B Movement

We take a look back at the 4B feminist movement in South Korea, and discuss where some issues are.See for privacy information.
09/04/2415m 39s

Monday Mini: The Landlord

The power dynamic of landlords goes back centuries, and persists today.  And there are a lot of gendered stereotypes wrapped up in it. See for privacy information.
08/04/2424m 16s

SMNTY Classics: Eco-Friendly Sex Lives

How can we make our sex lives more environmentally friendly? The internet has some answers in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
06/04/248m 48s

SMNTY Interviews: Meredith Goldstein

Advice columnist, author, journalist, podcaster, and pop culture enjoyer Meredith Goldstein joins us to talk about the power of the breakup story, the art and importance of advice columns, changing dating landscapes, and the podcast Love Letters. Also vampires.See for privacy information.
05/04/2459m 20s

Happy Hour #122: Horror Movie Roundup

Anney lays down her feminist thoughts of some recent horror movies: Late Night with the Devil, You'll Never Find Me and The Royal Hotel.See for privacy information.
04/04/2419m 11s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus, Part 2 (Chapter 4.2)

Our duo continues to flee from mysterious forces and tries to find shelter from the cold, when they are contacted by a surprising person from their past with unclear motives.See for privacy information.
03/04/2433m 2s

Feminists Around the World: Trans Non-Profits

Today we highlight four organizations doing hard and important work in the realm of trans rights.See for privacy information.
02/04/2413m 26s

Monday Mini: An Update On Home Ownership

With the anniversary of buying her home coming up, Samantha gives some updates and advice on home ownership.See for privacy information.
01/04/2423m 53s

SMNTY Classics: Women and Reddit

Reddit is a huge collection of online communities that house everything from toxic misogyny to beautiful feminism and the most niche things in between. We break down some of the popular site’s issues, and how one particular subreddit is shining a light on gender inequality in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
30/03/2448m 9s

Female Firsts: Frances Anne Rollin Whipper

Yves joins us to crack open the pages of the life of Frances Anne Rollin Whipper, a Black author and diarist with a couple of firsts under her belt.See for privacy information.
29/03/2428m 57s

Happy Hour #121: The Power of Food

We talk about comfort foods, food memories and traditions - and how things have changed between generations.See for privacy information.
28/03/2421m 31s

Teen Magazines: On the Edge of Seventeen

In our ongoing look at magazines, we dig into teen magazines - the big players, their success, the helps and harms, and their evolution. And quizzes. Oh the quizzes.See for privacy information.
27/03/2445m 22s

Feminists Around the World: Elyse Fox and The Sad Girls Club

Today we showcase the work of Elyse Fox and the Sad Girls Club and their work to highlight mental health issues and provide support particularly within in the Black community. See for privacy information.
26/03/247m 39s

Monday Mini: SMNTY Reflects

On the podcast anniversary of Samantha joining the show with our mini-series on trauma, we take a look back out how it came about and how it impacted us.See for privacy information.
25/03/2434m 49s

SMNTY Classics: Women Candidates, Misinformation and Disinformation

In this classic, Bridget Todd joins us once again to discuss disinformation this election cycle, how it specifically impacts women and especially Black women and women of color and ways we can combat it.See for privacy information.
23/03/2458m 16s

SMNTY Interviews: Park Cannon

SMNTY is overjoyed to once again be joined by Georgia House Representative Park Cannon. We check in on reproductive rights, voting rights, and why elections matter.See for privacy information.
22/03/2450m 10s

Happy Hour #120: Savoring Savor

Take a jaunt down memory lane with us as Anney reflects on the anniversary of becoming a podcast host.See for privacy information.
21/03/2417m 30s

What's Going On with the US TikTok Ban?

Bridget Todd joins us to break down the proposed TikTok ban in the US, what's behind it, what it means, and who it would most impact.See for privacy information.
20/03/2453m 13s

Fictional Women Around the World: Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and at the heart of it is Aerith, a woman who embodies so much more than the various stereotypes people like to bestow on her. A woman who sells flowers, a warrior, a flirt and the last of her kind, her story resonated with so many.See for privacy information.
19/03/2428m 28s

Monday Mini: Cozy Game Updates

Samantha does a check in with cozy gaming, and some games she's enjoying right now. See for privacy information.
18/03/2422m 8s

SMNTY Classics: Persuasions

In this classic episode, SMNTY formally requests your listenership of this tasteful and of course classy discussion on the hot goss and spilling of the tea in Jane Austen's Persuasion. See for privacy information.
16/03/2446m 24s

Feminist Movie Friday: Moana

The 2016 movie Moana was groundbreaking in a lot of ways. We go over some of the reasons why as we find our way to the heart of this movie.See for privacy information.
15/03/2436m 22s

Happy Hour #159: The Lost Druid

We return to roots and celebrate with beer from The Lost Druids.See for privacy information.
14/03/2423m 59s

Book Club: Pride and Prejudice

It is time for the long-awaited episode on Jane Austen's enduring classic novel Pride and Prejudice. We navigate issues of class, romance, expectations, first impressions, and of course, pride and prejudice.See for privacy information.
13/03/2452m 18s

Feminists Around the World: Nzambi Matee

Today we share a piece of the amazing works of Nzambi Matee when it comes to sustainability, recycling and environmentalism. See for privacy information.
12/03/2410m 6s

Monday Mini: Post Pandemic Social Anxiety

If you are feeling extra awkward or heightened anxiety after the pandemic, you are not alone. We dig into some numbers and some personal experiences around Post Pandemic Social Anxiety.See for privacy information.
11/03/2428m 47s

SMNTY Classics: Emotional Affairs

When is it cheating if there's no sex or physical contact? Welcome to the murky world of emotional cheating. In this classic, Cristen and Caroline confront its warning signs, hallmarks and social media minefield.See for privacy information.
09/03/2449m 13s

The Declining Birthrate

Around the world, the birth rate is declining and it is sounding a lot of alarms. What is behind the decline? While some would like to blame feminism, there are many factors at play.See for privacy information.
09/03/2452m 17s

Happy Hour #158: SMNTY Wants to Play A Game

Anney gives an update on her gaming, from Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy and Last of Us. See for privacy information.
07/03/2416m 7s

The Comstock Act and Abortion

What is the Comstock Act? Why is it coming up in many conservative conversations about banning abortion in the US? In the wake of 'fetal personhood' bills like the one recently seen in Alabama around IVF, we look at the Victorian era law being used to further the attack reproductive rights.See for privacy information.
06/03/2431m 2s

Feminists Around the World: Guerline Jozef

Today we're highlighting the work and activism of Haitian activist Guerline Jozef.See for privacy information.
05/03/2412m 10s

Monday Mini: Doth SMNTY Speak Too Much?

Where does the stereotype that women talk too much, and talk more than men, come from? Turns out there is a long history that we are still feeling to this day.See for privacy information.
04/03/2414m 33s

SMNTY Classics: Abortion is a Tech Issue

As we enter a post Roe v Wade world, Bridget Todd sheds some light on the misinformation and disinformation permeating the conversation around abortion, and tells us why abortion is a tech issue in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
02/03/2441m 22s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus, Part 2 (Chapter 4.1)

After their mysterious pursuer finds their safe haven, Tilda and Madison are forced to flee.See for privacy information.
01/03/2424m 27s

Happy Hour #157: The Leap Day Special

It's Leap Day, and we're feeling celebratory, so we look back over a very busy month.See for privacy information.
29/02/2419m 59s

Female Firsts: Belinda Sutton

Yves joins us to discuss the story of Belinda Sutton, a Black woman who wrote one of the earliest known American petitions arguing for reparations.See for privacy information.
28/02/2427m 36s

Feminists Around the World: Byllye Avery

For this episode, we dig into the impactful work of Byllye Avery in the realm of healthcare.See for privacy information.
27/02/249m 1s

Monday Mini: The Work Spouse

What exactly does 'work spouse' entail, and should we retire the term altogether? We discuss examples, history and problems.See for privacy information.
26/02/2426m 2s

SMNTY Classics: Sissieretta Jones

In this classic episode, Yves joins us to shine a light on the compelling and storied life of Sissieretta Jones, the first Black American woman to headline a concert at Carnegie Hall.See for privacy information.
24/02/2440m 37s

Book Club: Pride

It's a truth universally acknowledged. For this month's book club, we dig into issues of class, gentrification, prejudice, sisterhood, coming of age, family, home and love with Ibi Zoboi's 2019 novel Pride: A Pride and Prejudice Remix. Anney and Samantha share their different takes based on their differing familiarities with Jane Austen's work.See for privacy information.
23/02/2448m 22s

Happy Hour #156: Zero Proof

Executive producer of the show Maya joins us IRL to delve into the world of zero-proof, spiritless cocktails, and shares one of her favorites.See for privacy information.
22/02/2430m 58s

Deep Fakes 101

After some high profile recent cases and a long history of non-high profile cases, Bridget Todd joins us to break down the basics of deep fakes, cheap fakes, how it impacts women and what companies are doing about it (or not).See for privacy information.
21/02/2451m 8s

Fictional Women Around the World: Monica Rambeau

Marvel's Monica Rambeau, AKA Lieutenant Trouble, has had a wild ride from looking up as the stars as a child, to confronting a witch, getting her own powers, and reaching the stars as an adult. We track her journey and ponder her future.See for privacy information.
20/02/2412m 30s

Monday Mini: The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered

The new Last of Us 2 Remaster came with a making-of documentary addressing topics like the pandemic, work-life balance, toxic fandom and women and violence. Anney has thoughts. See for privacy information.
19/02/2417m 36s

SMNTY Classics: Alice Ball

Yves shares the story of Alice Ball, the first woman to get a master's degree from the College of Hawaii and so much more in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
17/02/2427m 49s

Feminist Movie Friday: Waiting to Exhale

The 1995 movie Waiting to Exhale featured a blockbuster cast and centered around friends navigating loss, change and new beginnings. We talk themes around friendships, love and renewal.See for privacy information.
16/02/2431m 53s

Happy Hour #155: Yola Mezcal

We sip cocktails made with Yola Mezcal and talk about the women behind the company.See for privacy information.
15/02/2416m 19s

SMNTY Interviews: Joan Michelson

Joan Michelson of Electric Ladies Podcast (and a million other things) joins us for a very special episode to discuss climate justice, women in leadership and the amazing work women are doing. She also gives us a much needed pep talk.See for privacy information.
14/02/241h 7m

Feminists Around the World: SIHA

Today we discuss the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa, or SIHA, and the work they've done for women in Africa.See for privacy information.
13/02/2411m 26s

Monday Mini: Mistress Day

Galentine's Day, Valentine's Day and...Mistress Day? We unpack what Mistress Day is and how it got started.See for privacy information.
12/02/2413m 58s

SMNTY Classics: A Salty SMNTY Valentine's

Whether you celebrate Galentine's Day, Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day, or none of the above, Anney and Samantha have you covered with a chocolate box of history, traditions and Vinegar Valentine's in this classic episode. Will you be our Galentine?See for privacy information.
10/02/2434m 27s

Online Dating Update: The Price of Love

The world of online dating has undergone a lot of changes recently, introducing new paid tiers and AI. We talk about the cost of matching, harassment, scams and technology.See for privacy information.
09/02/2439m 45s

Happy Hour #154: Marking the Passing of Time

There are a lot of holidays and events going on at the moment. We run through traditions (or non-traditions), and ask if listeners have any they want to share.See for privacy information.
08/02/2414m 11s

TikTok's Crisis of Femininity

Friend of the show Joey joins us to explain girl trends on social media, what they say about where we are societally, why they are popular and why we need to critically question them. Links:   Trad Wives:    The Feminization of Self-Care:    Pick-me’s:    Coquette Capitalism:    Girl Hobbies:  The suffocating trend cycle:  See for privacy information.
07/02/2458m 40s

Feminists Around the World: Paris Hatcher

Paris Hatcher is a Black, queer feminist who has been integral in the fight for reproductive rights, voting rights and defining and living Black feminisms.See for privacy information.
06/02/248m 20s

Monday Mini: Listener Mail (02/05/24)

Its time again to bust open our digital inbox and read messages from you amazing listeners, ranging from Disney Princesses, tabletop games, haunted houses, AI and asexuality.See for privacy information.
05/02/2427m 33s

SMNTY Classics: Getting to the Heart of Heartbreak

From ill-advised haircuts to sobbing over breakup songs, heartbreak is a powerful thing that can make us do all kinds of stuff. In this classic, Anney and Samantha examine the gender differences in heartbreak, dig into whether it can be deadly, share some personal experiences, and ask the ever-important question: will our heartbreak go on and on?See for privacy information.
03/02/2449m 58s

Women's Magazines, Diet Culture and Sex Advice

SMNTY continues flipping through the history and impact of women's magazines, this time focusing on diet culture and sex advice.See for privacy information.
03/02/2452m 56s

Happy Hour #153: SMNTY Checks In

SMNTY talks about how they are doing.See for privacy information.
01/02/2424m 12s

What's Missing from the Online Discourse on Trad Wives?

The Traditional Wife, or 'Trad Wife', is getting a lot of traction online lately. Bridget Todd breaks down what a Trad Wife is, what they represent, why they may be having a bit of a moment on social media and how it may reflect the not so great situation women are in right now.See for privacy information.
31/01/2445m 13s

Feminists Around the World: Lady Shug

Lady Shug or Ky Victor is an Indigenous nonbinary queer drag activist working for equal rights and protections.See for privacy information.
30/01/2411m 14s

Monday Mini: SMNTY Reviews Girl Talk

Continuing our reviews of tabletop games, we go retro with the very dated (and gendered) game Girl Talk. We talk tech and tropes. Will we ever get a date??See for privacy information.
29/01/2425m 36s

SMNTY Classics: Uncle Nearest Whiskey

For this classic happy hour, we're enjoying Uncle Nearest whiskey and talking women and whiskey.See for privacy information.
27/01/2419m 23s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus Part 2 (Chapter 3)

Tilda and Madison experience a brief respite as the cold rages outside their temporary safe haven, and Tilda's past decisions continue to cling to them like a shadow.See for privacy information.
26/01/2433m 39s

Happy Hour #152: SMNTY Just Wants to Have Fun?

Why we gotta make things so complicated? We discuss what happens when hobbies - everything - becomes work. See for privacy information.
25/01/2422m 0s

Book Club: Y/N

Esther Yi's 2023 novel Y/N delves into fandom, obsession and loneliness, all while blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.See for privacy information.
24/01/2458m 24s

Fictional Women Around the World: Xena, Warrior Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess took the world by storm, at one time the  most popular show in the world. Xena served as a huge inspiration, left a lasting impact, and had a whole generation of Xabrielle shippers taking to the internet. We look into the history and legacy of this groundbreaking character.See for privacy information.
23/01/2422m 1s

Monday Mini: Tabletop Game Reviews (Wingspan and Dutch Blitz)

After a recent game night in part inspired by our episode on women and tabletop gaming, Anney and Samantha review the games Wingspan and Dutch Blitz.See for privacy information.
22/01/2424m 1s

SMNTY Classics: How to Breakup with a Friend

While friendships can be beautiful and powerful, unhealthy friendships can be draining and detrimental. In this classic episode, Anney and Samantha discuss toxic friendships, abusive friendships, friendship fades and when and how to end a friendship.See for privacy information.
20/01/2452m 15s

Female Firsts: Drusilla Dunjee Houston

Yves joins us to breakdown the historical publishing first of Drusilla Dunjee Houston, and a beef that it caused at the time.See for privacy information.
19/01/2442m 12s

Happy Hour #151: New House, Who Dis?

Sometimes you hear from someone you haven't heard from in several years, and you have to wonder - how did they find you? Samantha opens up about a recent experience.See for privacy information.
18/01/2422m 56s

Feminist Movie Wednesday: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The 2002 film My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a huge hit, and examined themes of gender roles, family, love and of course weddings. We take a look back on the film's impact and the messages that many of us can connect to.See for privacy information.
17/01/2449m 49s

Feminists Around the World: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Pakistani activist, journalist, documentarian and filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has made documentaries that have changed policies around gender rights, earned numerous accolades, and is now set to direct a new Star Wars movie.See for privacy information.
16/01/2418m 3s

Monday Mini: What's with Women and the Stanley Cup?

If you've been on social media recently, you've probably heard of the hugely popular Stanley cup. We break down what's going on, and how some calculated marketing targeting women is a part of it.See for privacy information.
15/01/2422m 19s

SMNTY Classics: The Feminization of Self-Care

What actually is self-care, why has it been gendered and why does it matter? Anney and Samantha dig into the ins and outs of self-care and the danger of gendering it in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
13/01/2457m 18s

SMNTY Reflects on 2023

Now that 2023 is over, we reflect on some of our favorites episodes and moments, and look towards want we want for the future.See for privacy information.
13/01/2449m 25s

Happy Hour #150: The Feminist Is Coming To Town

Coming back to a small town as a feminist can make waves, good and bad. We share some recent experiences.See for privacy information.
11/01/2417m 39s

The History and Growth of Women's Magazines

Women's magazines have a long legacy of influence that exists to this day. We flip through the past of some of how some of the most impactful examples came to be.See for privacy information.
11/01/2447m 54s

Feminists Around the World: Amazing Feminists of 2023

We look back on some of the amazing feminist accomplishments of 2023.See for privacy information.
09/01/2413m 5s

Monday Mini: New Year's Blues

A new year comes with resolutions, reflection, and sometimes sadness. We look into how the commercialization of the new year isn't always the greatest for women, and the science and reasons why you might be feeling down.See for privacy information.
08/01/2419m 59s

SMNTY Classics: Uncorking Women and Wine

Historically, women have been banned from most of the wine-making process, but it's a much different story today. In this classic episode, Cristen and Caroline detail how and why women not only are the primary wine consumers but also are becoming viticulture's most celebrated taste-makers.See for privacy information.
06/01/2440m 25s

SMNTY Classics: What is Normal?

The average-sized woman in America is between a size 14-16. But we hardly ever see that in our media or clothing choices. Anney and Samantha dig into why, and discuss the new 'normal' in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
05/01/2452m 50s

Happy Hour # 149: Ethical Buying

As we enter the new year, Samantha and Anney discuss the difficulties around ethical gift-giving.See for privacy information.
04/01/2424m 23s

SMNTY Classics: The Impossible Goal

Anney and Samantha talk about impossible goals, chasing perfection, fear of failure and self-sabotage in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
03/01/2437m 22s

Feminists Around the World: Nia DaCosta

Nia DaCosta is a record-breaking filmmaker. We highlight her story and accomplishments.See for privacy information.
02/01/2414m 54s

Monday Mini: Perimenopause

Even though perimenopause impacts so many people (and the economy), it has largely been ignored. We dig into the what, why, and the future.See for privacy information.
01/01/2419m 15s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 9

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.In the ninth and final episode, we discuss religion and trans people, and the harm caused by Christian Nationalism.See for privacy information.
31/12/2348m 27s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 8

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.Conversion therapy has a long, disturbing history, and it has not gone away. In the eighth episode, we dig into the intersection of religion and the queer community.See for privacy information.
31/12/2345m 13s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 7

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.There is a long and complex history around queer people and Western Christianity. In the seventh episode, we trace that history, and talk about how it's being weaponized in our current political environment.See for privacy information.
31/12/2342m 55s

SMNTY Classics: A DIY Guide to Martha Stewart

How did Martha Stewart get her start? How did she lose -- and recover -- her reputation and wealth? Is Martha Stewart good for women? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
30/12/2333m 37s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus 2, Chapter 2

Tilda and Madison finally have an intense conversation about the past and the future while taking shelter from the cold.See for privacy information.
30/12/2349m 0s

Happy Hour #148: The Self Comparison Trap

With a new year comes resolutions, but when you're comparing yourself to who you used to be when you were younger, this isn't necessarily helpful. We talk about new traditions and learning to accept change.See for privacy information.
28/12/2323m 47s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 6

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.How does Western Christianity impact views on divorce, especially for women? We dig into some numbers, theories and examples in the sixth episode.See for privacy information.
27/12/2348m 44s

Fictional Women Around the World: Regina Mills (Part 2)

In the second part of our breakdown of the Evil Queen Regina Mills from the show Once Upon A Time, we sift through what makes her 'evil', her redemption, and why people love her.See for privacy information.
26/12/2323m 19s

Monday Mini: End of the Year Wrap

Bidding farewell to 2023, Anney and Samantha recall some highlights, from writing and recording a book with an amazing team, finding our voice, and the magic of the the people behind SMNTY, both co-workers and listeners.See for privacy information.
25/12/2322m 16s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 5

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.In the fifth episode, we delve into how harmful religious ideas play into marriage and family.See for privacy information.
24/12/2347m 52s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 4

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.In the fourth episode, we discuss sexual abuse and religion.See for privacy information.
24/12/2329m 26s

SMNTY Classics: SMNTY Plays Wayhaven

Vampires, romance and murder, oh my! In this classic episode, Anney and Samantha compare their choices and experiences playing the choose-your-own-adventure game, Wayhaven.See for privacy information.
23/12/2346m 55s

Tech Things to Leave Behind in 2023

As the year comes to an end, Bridget Todd shares things in tech we need to leave behind, and what we need to take with us.See for privacy information.
22/12/2349m 3s

Happy Hour #147: Friendsgivemas

Samantha recounts a recent holiday gathering, the anxiety it inspired and what TikTok might have to do with it.See for privacy information.
21/12/2326m 46s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 3

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.In the third episode, we focus on the damages of purity culture, especially in the context of rape culture.See for privacy information.
20/12/2357m 45s

Fictional Women Around the World: Regina Mills (Part 1)

It's a SMNTY swap! In a special two part episode, Samantha takes over Fictional Women Around the World to shine a light on Regina Mills, AKA The Evil Queen, from the show Once Upon A Time.See for privacy information.
19/12/2321m 56s

Monday Mini: Dr. TikTok

More and more people are learning about mental health - and maybe self-diagnosing - on TikTok. We dig into the good and the bad of that.See for privacy information.
18/12/2327m 53s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 2

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks.In the second episode, we discuss religious trauma syndrome and the pain of walking away from religion.See for privacy information.
17/12/2337m 1s

SMNTY Playlist: Religious Trauma, Episode 1

SMNTY presents a playlist of our mini-series about religious trauma, women and marginalized folks. In the first episode, we delve into the history, numbers and some personal experiences in the world of Western Christianity.See for privacy information.
17/12/2353m 37s

SMNTY Classics: A Tale of Two Holiday Superhero Movies

Anney and Samantha dive into the feminism of two holiday classics: Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 (with bonus discussion on Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse) in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
16/12/2343m 31s

Feminist Movie Friday: Die Hard

Ho Ho Ho! For a special treat, Lauren Vogelbaum swings in to talk about her holiday classic Die Hard. We have a blast unpacking themes of women in the workplace, male friendships and an array of accents.See for privacy information.
16/12/2356m 58s

Happy Hour #146: A Disturbance in the Happy Hour

The Star Wars Special strikes back, in the form of a documentary. In this self-indulgent happy hour, Anney dishes on some of her recent Star Wars experiences.See for privacy information.
14/12/2319m 3s

Book Club: Wayhaven (Books 2 and 3)

We're back, choosing our adventure in The Wayhaven Chronicles 2 and 3! We compare notes of our choices, attempt to make sense of our very differing stories, talk love triangles, friendships, mothers, and of course, vampires.See for privacy information.
13/12/2350m 57s

Feminists Around the World: WARN and Madonna Thunder Hawk

Today we highlight the work of Madonna Thunder Hawk and WARN (Women of All Red Nations).See for privacy information.
12/12/2313m 39s

Monday Mini: Bored with Boardgame Sexism

Several months ago, a discussion around sexism in the realm of table top gaming garnered a lot of attention. We go over what happened, the ramifications and how things have changed since then (or not).See for privacy information.
11/12/2317m 53s

SMNTY Classics: The One With Friendsgiving

Gather around the Friendsgiving table with SMNTY in this classic episode to learn more about the history of this holiday, where it comes from, why it's popular and what it has to do with women and marginalized folks.See for privacy information.
09/12/2339m 53s

Unthawing Frozen: Part 2

In part two of this look back at Frozen, we dive into the themes and the legacy.See for privacy information.
08/12/2342m 36s

Happy Hour #145: Spiritless

We cheers to non-alcoholic drinks while sipping on Spiritless cocktails.See for privacy information.
07/12/2315m 54s

Unthawing Frozen: Part 1

Ten years ago, the movie Frozen completely upended the Disney movie formula and caused and avalanche of conversation. In part one of our look at the impact Frozen, we set the scene for how this movie got made and how it compares to the fairy tale. See for privacy information.
06/12/2340m 15s

Feminists Around the World: Eun Jung Lee Ok

Today we're talking about the inspiring and lasting career of Eun Jung Lee Ok, or EJ OK, a Korean basketball phenom.See for privacy information.
05/12/239m 59s

Monday Mini: Listener Mail (December 2023 Edition)

Time once again to open our virtual mail bag and read some messages, covering topics from childless by choice, pet ownership, media and character suggestions, and women of urban legends.See for privacy information.
04/12/2319m 27s

SMNTY Classics: Emotional Labor (Holiday Edition)

When it comes to the holidays, women often shoulder a bulk of the responsibility for making them magical, whether it's meal-planning, meal-cooking, gift-buying, gift-wrapping, gift-shipping, decorating, cookie-baking, card-writing, phone-calling, peace-keeping, are you stressed yet?? We unwrap holiday emotional labor in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
02/12/2353m 14s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus Part 2 (Chapter 1)

We are back with our ongoing fiction series with the second part of the Terminus trilogy! After the climactic finale of part one, part two finds our protagonists in a cold, dark forest evading enemies and pondering the future.See for privacy information.
01/12/2331m 18s

Happy Hour #144: Stressin' Around the Christmas Tree

Anney and Samantha chat about their holidays, and the stress of decorating. Anney shares a harrowing tale of Christmas tree transport.See for privacy information.
30/11/2322m 57s

Taking Stock of TikTok Shop

Many of you may have noticed an influx of ads on TikTok. Bridget Todd joins us to breakdown why that is, why it feels different than other platforms and why it matters.See for privacy information.
29/11/2347m 30s

Feminists Around the World: Amira Osman Hamed

Today we're talking about feminist political activist and engineer Amira Osman.See for privacy information.
28/11/239m 9s

Monday Mini: The Power of Friendship

Friendships between women are science approved. We talk about the benefits of these friendships, and how they can help during stressful times.See for privacy information.
27/11/2318m 51s

SMNTY Presents On Theme: TV FOMO IRL

In this episode of On Theme, Katie and Yves talk about how Art inspires. But what happens when the lives we see on the screen leave us feeling disappointed with our own lives? In this episode, Katie and Yves talk with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy for Black Girls about what to do when our expectations don’t match our reality. Follow Dr. Joy on social media @hellodrjoy Buy Dr. Joy's book "Sisterhood Heals"   Follow On Theme on Instagram @onthemeshow Email On Theme at hello@ontheme.showSee for privacy information.
26/11/2334m 50s

SMNTY Classics: Men and Cars

What's the sociocultural deal with men and cars? Cristen and Caroline take a drive through the gendered history of car advertising, early electric cars for women and why guys are still behind the wheel more often in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
25/11/2342m 1s

Feminist Movie Friday: What's Cooking?

Four families come together for the holidays and drama ensues in the 2000s Thanksgiving movie What's Cooking?See for privacy information.
24/11/2336m 46s

Happy Hour #143: Reflecting on the Holidays

With everything going on the world, we reflect on our state of minds and the state of the world.See for privacy information.
23/11/2323m 47s

Female Firsts: Susan Smith McKinney Steward

Yves is back to share the story of Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Steward, the first Black American woman to earn a medical doctorate in New York state.See for privacy information.
22/11/2324m 50s

Fictional Women Around the World: Elisa Masa

Competent, capable skeptic Elisa Masa found herself at the center of a supernatural drama in the animated series Gargoyles, and left a lasting legacy along the way.See for privacy information.
21/11/239m 11s

Monday Mini: SMNTY Gets Their License

In response to a recent listener mail, Anney talks about her history and relationship with driving.See for privacy information.
20/11/2316m 58s

SMNTY Classics: Life Day

Join us in this classic episode as we discuss the Star Wars holiday Life Day, the women behind it, and the absolute experience it is to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special. Also, Bea Arthur is a treasure.See for privacy information.
18/11/2317m 25s

SMNTY Interviews: Raquel Willis

Activist, author and podcaster Raquel Willis returns to SMNTY after accomplishing so much to talk about her book The Risk it Takes to Bloom and her new podcast Afterlives.See for privacy information.
17/11/231h 3m

Happy Hour #142: Happy Life Day!

Life Day, the Star Wars holiday at the center of the infamously bad Star Wars Holiday Special, has gone mainstream, though it is still pretty niche. This Life Day, Anney pontificates about the state of Star Wars canon, the holiday special, and being a gigantic, galactic nerd who just wants to celebrate Life Day.See for privacy information.
16/11/2328m 17s

Book Club: The Sea Cloak

 For this month's pick, we dig into Nayrouz Qarmout's The Sea Cloak, a collection of powerful fictional short stories about growing up in Gaza.See for privacy information.
15/11/2333m 47s

Feminists Around the World: Julienne Lusenge

Today we spotlight  journalist, broadcaster and activist out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Julienne Lusenge.See for privacy information.
14/11/238m 20s

Monday Mini: SMNTY Plays a Game

In an update roundup on our gaming, we take a look at the players, industry and communities behind mobile games. Samantha issues a warning to an nemesis.See for privacy information.
13/11/2327m 51s

Spoiled Saturdays: Scream 6

What's your favorite scary movie? It's a question that has been haunting the characters of Scream since the beginning. We go over the plot, the themes, and the absence of Sidney Prescott.See for privacy information.
11/11/2347m 56s

Self-Disclosure and Women

Self-disclosure can be really empowering, but it can also be re-traumatizing. We go over some basics.See for privacy information.
10/11/2329m 56s

Happy Hour # 141: Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

We love youuuuu! Samantha talks about embracing being a dog mom.See for privacy information.
09/11/2326m 6s

SMNTY Classics: Cyberstalking and Sextortion

Cyberstalking is a frightening (and often misunderstood and dismissed) experience. Anney and Samantha dig into the facts and numbers around cyberstalking and sextortion, and discuss some ways we can we protect ourselves online in this classic.See for privacy information.
08/11/2331m 3s

Feminists Around the World: Farah Nabulsi

Today we're talking about activist and filmmaker Farah Nabulsi.See for privacy information.
07/11/2310m 24s

Monday Mini: Daylight Saving Time

Since the beginning, Falling back and Springing Forward have drawn ire, discussion and research, but Daylight Saving Time has a specific impact on women. See for privacy information.
06/11/2316m 54s

SMNTY Classics: Scream

We all scream for Scream - the original and the 2022 requel. Anney and Samantha lay down the rules and talk feminism, final girls, the horror movie-metaverse, mothers, and toxic fandom in this classic episode.See for privacy information.

SMNTY Interviews: Jo Piazza

Author, podcaster and friend of the show Jo Piazza offers a future cheese plate while discussing her upcoming book The Sicilian Inheritance and her podcast Under the Influence. We chat about family history, murder, motherhood, and the influence of the internet, good and bad.See for privacy information.

Happy Hour # 140: Halloween Grab Bag!

Welcome to Anney and Samantha's catastrophic anxiety corner, the Halloween equivalent of a pumpkin puking its innards.See for privacy information.
02/11/2323m 20s

Book Club: Goddess of Filth

V. Castro's 2021 coming of age novel Goddess of Filth explored ancient goddesses, friendships, sexuality, faith and identity. We dig into the story and the themes.See for privacy information.
02/11/2334m 44s

Feminists Around the World: Yurshell Rodriguez Hooker

Today we're talking about the inspiring works of Indigenous climate activist Yurshell Rodriguez Hooker.See for privacy information.
31/10/2310m 53s

Monday Mini: Haunted House Recap

Anney and Samantha are baaacckkk! With a follow up on their trip to LA and their whirlwind tour of haunted houses.See for privacy information.
30/10/2335m 49s

SMNTY Classics: Halloween and Women

For centuries, girls and women have used food on Halloween to divine any clues about the identity of their future spouse. Anney and Samantha bite into past Halloween soothsaying traditions like snap-apple and nut-crack night. We also take a quick look at gender differences in costuming and why they matter in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
28/10/2347m 21s

What Scream Has to Say About Tech And Media

When it came out in 1996, the horror movie Scream touched on a real anxiety around violence in media. Bridget Todd lays out the commentary this film had on media and tech.See for privacy information.
27/10/2357m 13s

Happy Hour #139: Joey Checks in about Comic Con

Friend of the show Joey stops by for a very special happy hour about Comic Con and cosplay.See for privacy information.
26/10/2328m 52s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 12.2)

In the finale of Part 1 of Terminus, Tilda and Madison get some answers, confront their past, and a monumental decision is made.See for privacy information.
25/10/2353m 34s

Fictional Women Around the World: Sally

Sally, the Ragdoll from 1993's The Nightmare Before Christmas, resonated with a lot of people. We piece together her history, and talk about the good and the bad of this character.See for privacy information.
24/10/2315m 35s

Monday Mini: Why Do People Love (and Hate) Haunted Houses?

As Samantha prepares for SMNTY's upcoming trip to some haunted houses, we unearth some data around people love and hate them, and if there is a gender divide.See for privacy information.
23/10/2319m 59s

SMNTY Classics: A Tale of Two Short Stories

Get your Swoodies and religious trauma here! In this special classic Book Club episode, we discuss two short stories: Lose Now, Pay Later, and The Problem of Susan, while digging into issues around weight, fad diets, and women and religion.See for privacy information.
21/10/2359m 33s

Feminist Movie Friday: Sissy

For our Halloween Edition of FMF, we discuss the recent horror movie Sissy, and discuss toxic friendships, the dark side of wellness and the cultivated lies often present on social media.See for privacy information.
20/10/2345m 53s

Happy Hour #138: A Haunting Episode

Anney recaps her recent trip to the Last of Us Haunted House, and teases a trip she is taking with Samantha to the West Coast version.See for privacy information.
19/10/2319m 14s

On Theme and the Power of Black Storytelling

Hosts of the new podcast On Theme Yves and Katie join us to talk about the show and why Black storytelling is so important.See for privacy information.
18/10/2337m 29s

Feminists Around the World: Warsan Shire

Warsan Shire is an accomplished advocate and poet that has published works and worked with Beyoncé.See for privacy information.
17/10/2311m 27s

Monday Mini: Childless Women Just Wanna Have Fun?

Every now and then, a post goes viral hating on childless women at theme parks. We break down a recent, famous example, and chat about what is going on here.See for privacy information.
16/10/2322m 19s

SMNTY Classics: Twisted

In this classic episode, SMNTY kicks off a new fiction segment with the twisted tale of nostalgia, conspiracy, grief, and most importantly, candy.See for privacy information.
14/10/2327m 16s

Female Firsts: Susie King Taylor

Yves is back to talk to us about Susie King Taylor, the first Black American army nurse and the first Black American woman to publish a memoir about her experiences during the Civil War, among other things.See for privacy information.
13/10/2328m 27s

Happy Hour #137: Birthday Reflections

With birthdays come reflection. We share some of our own thoughts on getting older.See for privacy information.
12/10/2324m 35s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 7.3

In the long awaited finale of our miniseries on religion, we discuss religion and trans people, and the harm caused by Christian Nationalism.See for privacy information.
11/10/2348m 27s

Feminists Around the World: Angela Maldonado

Today we are celebrating the works of Colombian ecologist Angela Maldonado.See for privacy information.
10/10/235m 47s

Monday Mini: Listener Mail

We open up our virtual mail box and talk about fandom, identity, names, and a bunch of random other things with messages from our listeners.See for privacy information.
09/10/2329m 29s

SMNTY Classics: The Women of Urban Legends (Part 2)

Dim your lights, pump up the volume and gather round for part two of our look into the women of urban legends in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
07/10/2342m 42s

Making Space for Being Ace

After somewhat of a second public coming out, Anney offers some basics about asexuality, and discusses some of the biggest misconceptions around it. See for privacy information.
06/10/2343m 0s

Happy Hour #136: A Tale of Two Trips

Anney and Samantha recap their recent trips, and the members of the SMNTY team they got to hang with along the way.See for privacy information.
05/10/2325m 39s

Divorce, Misogyny and the PR Machine

The high profile divorce of celebrities Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas has put a spotlight on the misogynistic treatment of women and mothers, but also showcased how we aren't necessarily falling for it anymore.See for privacy information.
04/10/2341m 23s

Feminists Around the World: Lilián Abracinskas

Today we're talking about all the work Lilián Abracinskas for reproductive rights and feminism in Uruguay, and around the world.See for privacy information.
03/10/239m 29s

Monday Mini: Spotify Stalking

The Internet is rife with ways to stalk people. One that many don't realize is called Spotify Stalking.See for privacy information.
02/10/2319m 15s

SMNTY Classics: The Women of Urban Legends (Part 1)

Don't say her name five times while looking in a mirror. Beware of the clicking of a high heel approaching. Anney and Samantha unearth some terrifying women of urban legends and discuss why these stories are so powerful in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
30/09/2334m 43s

Feminist Movie Friday: Twilight

Once in a blue moon, we do a combination book and movie episode. This is one of those times. Come along with us as we break down vampires, werewolves, love, baseball and camp with pop culture phenomenon Twilight. See for privacy information.
29/09/2352m 21s

Happy Hour #135: Covid Contemplations

Samantha is back from having Covid! She talks about her experience.See for privacy information.
28/09/2322m 7s

Digging into the X-Files

In a very special episode, guest host Lauren joins Anney in Vegas to discuss the impact of the X-Files from shipping, fandom, pantsuits and women in STEM on the 30th anniversary of the show.See for privacy information.
27/09/231h 2m

Fictional Women Around the World: Dr. Jo Harding

We've got cows! We're back with a more disaster movie heroines, this time Twister's Dr. Jo Harding.See for privacy information.
26/09/2314m 34s

Monday Mini: Sexism in Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are a big business and it has historically been dominated by men who often cast women in the roles of the victims (or the sexy monster).See for privacy information.
25/09/239m 12s

SMNTY Classics: Mexican Gothic

A creepy mansion, shifty family, burgeoning romance and a determined heroine. Come join us as we get to the roots of Silvia Moreno-Garcia's 2020 horror novel Mexican Gothic in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
23/09/2347m 51s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 12)

Things come to a head when violence breaks out as the Resistance tries to obtain the vaccine, and Tilda learns more hard truths, and makes even harder choices. See for privacy information.
22/09/2327m 42s

Happy Hour #134: You Should Be So Lucky

In the wake of the strikes and missing Samantha, Anney contemplates when by helping, you might actually be hurting, and this idea 'you should be so lucky' to have your job.See for privacy information.
21/09/2311m 42s

What the Treatment of Shay and Ruby Tells Us

In the wake of Trump's loss in the 2020 election, he and his cronies attacked two Black women poll workers, Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss, baselessly claiming they had tampered with votes. Bridget Todd breaks down why this was so effective, the online eco-system that amplified it, and the ramifications.See for privacy information.
21/09/2357m 41s

Fictional Women Around the World: Dr. Ellie Sattler

Jurassic Park's Dr. Ellie Sattler will dig through dino droppings and inherit the Earth. We talk about her legacy and why she was important. And Anney provides an update on her very important Jurassic Park cards.See for privacy information.
19/09/2318m 3s

Monday Mini: What Possession Movie Tropes Say About Us

A lot of movies about possession have been in the news lately, from The Exorcist to Talk To Me. But who gets possessed and why? Are these movies inherently conservative? See for privacy information.
18/09/2315m 0s

SMNTY Classics: The Mummy

While the 1999 action-adventure classic The Mummy might not top a lot of feminist movie lists, that didn't stop us from finding some feminist elements in it (and due to Samantha's insistence, The Mummy Returns) to talk about. Come along on this sometimes terribly CGI-ed adventure as we discuss the feminism of these movies and the iconic heroine Evie in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
16/09/2343m 47s

Sexism in Survival Situation (Movies)

Disaster and survival movies don't have the best track record when it comes to their treatment of women. From who deserves to die, consumption of female bodies, to ice queens who, gasp, don't want kids, what are these movies saying about who deserves redemption and who deserves to die? We look into two examples - Jurassic World and Deep Blue Sea.See for privacy information.
15/09/2338m 3s

SMNTY Classics: Sex and the City

In this happy hour classic, we revisit the first episode of our SATC watch episodes and discuss tropes, friendship, toxic masculinity, dramatic exits and of course, 90s fashion.See for privacy information.
14/09/2319m 52s

SMNTY Classics: Women Writing Horror

This classic episode is ALIVE! Anney and Samantha delve into the history of women crafting the stuff of nightmares in the realm of horror fiction. Bonus dramatic reading included.See for privacy information.
13/09/2334m 12s

Fictional Women Around the World: The Guide

The Guide from What We Do in the Shadows is powerful, knowledgeable and just wants to have friends. See for privacy information.
12/09/2310m 31s

Monday Mini: The Trick Date

Anney and Samantha dish on the phenomenon of tricking people into dates (oopsi-dating), and some of our own experiences around it.See for privacy information.
11/09/2333m 5s

SMNTY Classics: Sports Boobs

Studies have found that breasts have a significant impact of if and how girls and women exercise. in this classic episode, Cristen and Caroline work out how breast variety, bounce embarrassment and sports bra technology impact female fitness.See for privacy information.
09/09/231h 1m

SMNTY Classics: The Curse - Supernatural Menstruation Horror

In a whole new take on the 'period piece', Anney and Samantha finally discuss the genre of horror known as 'supernatural menstruation horror' in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
08/09/2347m 18s

Happy Hour #132: Con, Sweet

Dragon Con 2023 has come to an end, and we go over some of the highlights, lowlights, and Disco Luke Skywalker spotlights. Also a recap of Star Wars Family Feud.See for privacy information.
07/09/2326m 32s

SMNTY Ships It

Shipping has gone from a derided part of fandom to a mainstream component, and with that has come good and bad. We talk about the history and psychology of shipping, and why shipping should be included in our conversations about the beauties and toxicities of fandom.See for privacy information.
06/09/231h 4m

Feminists Around the World: Suhani Jalota

Today we're highlighting the work of social entrepreneur, scholar and activist Suhani Jalota. See for privacy information.
05/09/239m 8s

Monday Mini: An Update on the Women's World Cup

The fallout continues from the forcible kiss at Spain's Women's World Cup awards ceremony. We dig into what is going on.See for privacy information.
04/09/2320m 56s

SMNTY Classics: Post-Pandemic Confidence

As we begin re-entering society, women are reporting low self-esteem around job performance and self-image. Anney and Samantha dig into the science of why that is, and how to deal with it in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
02/09/2325m 40s

Edward Blum v Black Women

After bringing about the legal action that struck down Affirmative Action, Edward Blum is back, going after grants and fellowships that support marginalized people, especially Black women. Bridget Todd breaks down what's going on and what the future may hold.See for privacy information.
01/09/2354m 1s

Happy Hour #131: Gotcha!

In this episode of b*tch and wine, we talk about a recent enlightening experience with a gotcha question in an interview and what it tells us about how necessary intersectional feminism is.See for privacy information.
31/08/2330m 28s

Female Firsts: Lin Huiyin

For today's episode, Yves highlights the storied and multifaceted career of Lin Huiyin, known as the first female architect in modern China.See for privacy information.
30/08/2327m 12s

Feminists Around the World: Us!

We wrote a book! We did some semi-successful promoting for it! We give each other - and the audience and crew - flowers for making it happen. See for privacy information.
29/08/2320m 37s

Monday Mini: The Day Before the Book

The SMNTY book is almost here! In honor of the book's release, we talk about our feelings and when celebrating feels messy.See for privacy information.
28/08/2318m 50s

SMNTY Classics: Cosplaying While Woman

Genderbending, fake geek girl, sexualization - these are just a few of the things you may encounter or think on when cosplaying as a woman. We revisit these issues in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
26/08/2321m 27s

The Power of Women's Soccer

Now that the 2023 Women's World Cup has concluded, we bring on friend of the show and soccer fan Whitney to go over some highs and lows, some news and why it all matters.See for privacy information.
25/08/2350m 35s

Happy Hour #130: Surprise, It's Your Birthday

Another year, another birthday, which means introspection, mishaps and people pleasing. And surprise parties that are truly a surprise.See for privacy information.
24/08/2319m 28s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 11.2)

Tilda grapples with new revelations about the motives of the Resistance, the potential of a vaccine and why the State is withholding it. A ghost from her past contacts her and she considers her name.See for privacy information.
23/08/2325m 7s

Fictional Women Around the World: Hera Syndulla

Star Wars' Hera is a talented pilot and skilled leader who brought together a crew that was pivotal in overthrowing the Empire. We share some of her history and wonder what's in her future.See for privacy information.
22/08/2311m 53s

Monday Mini: What's Going on In Reality TV?

A few recent incidents and reactions to them in the reality television world have raised a lot of questions. We dig into some of the implications.See for privacy information.
21/08/2326m 48s

SMNTY Bonus: The Pantsuit Revolution

In this bonus episode, we share a sneak peek of our upcoming audiobook Stuff Mom Never Told You: The Feminist Past, Present and Future, all about the history of the pantsuit revolution.See for privacy information.
20/08/2348m 11s

SMNTY Classics: Ahsoka Tano

Once Anakin Skywalker's padawan, Ahsoka Tano walked away from the Jedi Order to become a prominent spy in the Rebellion. We trace the story of how she went from a despised character to a beloved one, and what her future might hold in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
19/08/2318m 19s

Feminist Movie Friday: Fried Green Tomatoes

Anney and Samantha talk feminism, sexism, racism, friendship, love and queer elements with the film 90s Fried Green Tomatoes.See for privacy information.
18/08/2358m 46s

Happy Hour #129: Names and Identity

Samantha chats about identity and the implications of changing names. See for privacy information.
17/08/2320m 21s

How to be a Feminist Business with Renee Powers

Renee Powers of Feminist Book Club stops by and shares her thoughts on how to run a feminist business in a capitalist society. See for privacy information.
16/08/2355m 59s

Feminists Around the World: Rukka Sombolinggi

Today, we are celebrating the works of AMAN (or the Alliance of  Indigenous Peoples of The Archipelago) Secretary General Rukka Sombolinggi.See for privacy information.
15/08/239m 38s

Monday Mini: Misinformation and Trafficking

The film The Sound of Freedom is the latest in a long line of misinformation when it comes to trafficking. We talk about why it is so damaging.See for privacy information.
14/08/2322m 24s

SMNTY Classics: Involuntary Celibacy

Who are incels, and how did they go from people searching for connection and support online to a group largely composed of male supremacists calling for and sometimes committing real-life acts of violence against women? Anney and Samantha break it down in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
12/08/2328m 11s

What is KOSA and Why is it so Scary?

Friend of the show Joey breaks down the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) and why we need to pay attention to it.   Action:   Teen Vogue article:    Social Media Surgeon General report:    TikTok Series: for privacy information.
11/08/2353m 49s

Happy Hour #128: Specific Type of Nerdery

What is a nerd? Anney and Samantha discuss. See for privacy information.
10/08/2325m 34s

When Fandom Hurts

What happens when you love something with all your heart and it hurts you? We delve into the emotional, grieving process of losing a fandom - specifically, Harry Potter - and why it hurts so much.See for privacy information.
09/08/2349m 3s

Feminists Around the World: Mai Khoi

In the face of censorship and government surveillance, Vietnamese musician Mai Khoi kept fighting to be heard and to change things in Vietnam.See for privacy information.
08/08/238m 47s

Monday Mini: Entertain Us

Anney and Samantha discuss media they are enjoying, and ponder if there is something even more relaxing than cozy games.See for privacy information.
07/08/2325m 33s

SMNTY Classics: "Perfect" Teeth

What "perfect" teeth look like depends on where in the world you are. In this classic episode, Cristen and Caroline shed light on the intersections between beauty, social status and teeth.See for privacy information.
05/08/2344m 50s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 7.2

Conversion therapy has a long, disturbing history, and it has not gone away. We dig into the intersection of religion and the queer community.See for privacy information.
05/08/2345m 13s

Happy Hour #127: SMNTY Checks In

What is adulting, and how is SMNTY doing at it? We ask each other the dreaded question: "How are you?"See for privacy information.
03/08/2323m 17s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 11.1)

After finding the Resistance, Tilda learns not everything is what it seems.See for privacy information.
02/08/2327m 37s

Feminists Around the World: COPA 71

SMNTY achieves a goal of talking about the history of women in soccer.See for privacy information.
01/08/2316m 46s

Monday Mini: Toxic Cosmetic Surgery

In recent years, there has been an uptick of self-identified incels getting cosmetic surgery, and it points to a lot of darker trends.See for privacy information.
31/07/2327m 22s

SMNTY Classics: The Birds of Prey

In this classic episode, Anney and Samantha flip through the pages of the Birds of Prey comics, digging into past portrayals of Batgirl, Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress, special guest Harley Quinn, and others.See for privacy information.
29/07/2337m 28s

Female Firsts: Mary Eliza Mahoney

Yves joins us to shine a light on the first Black American professional Nurse, Mary Eliza Mahoney.See for privacy information.
28/07/2324m 26s

Happy Hour #126: A Toast To Your Health

Anniversaries, recent events and messages from you all have us reflecting on women, health and medicine, and not being believed or being dismissed.See for privacy information.
27/07/2320m 25s

Women of Hip Hop

Over the years, hip hop has evolved and women have been at the heart of it since the beginning. We highlight some of the legends.See for privacy information.
26/07/2331m 42s

Feminists Around the World: Tarcila Rivera Zea

Today we talk about the work of Indigenous activist Tarcila Rivera Zea.See for privacy information.
25/07/239m 13s

Monday Mini: What's Going on with the Entertainment Industry?

In a historic strike of both writers and actors, we shine a light on what's going on and why it is an intersectional feminist issue. We also pull back the curtain on some Emmy news and why it has caused some controversy.See for privacy information.
24/07/2326m 54s

SMNTY Classics: A Love Letter to Fanfiction

Fanfiction has long been a very queer, very woman-dominated space. One of the biggest names in fanfic is AO3. We trace the history of this site, and ponder its future in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
22/07/2330m 9s

Book Club: Care Work

For this month's book, we discuss Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha's powerful 2018 book "Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice."See for privacy information.
21/07/2340m 54s

Happy Hour #125: Ex and the City (SATC S2 Ep. 18)

In this very special season 2 finale episode of our Sex and the City series, we welcome listener Lou to discuss etiquette around exes, dramatic exits, and the age old question of platonic friendships in a heteronormative sense.See for privacy information.
20/07/2338m 17s

Digital Control

Bridget Todd joins us to discuss two high profile and vastly different instances of famous men using social media to shame or control women and their bodies.See for privacy information.

Fictional Women Around the World: Lauren Olamina

Octavia Butler's The Parable of the Sower featured still relevant conversations around race, climate change, gender, and religion. It also featured a young Black protagonist with hyper-empathy named Lauren Olamina, who created her own religion when she saw a change that needed to happen.See for privacy information.
18/07/2312m 3s

Monday Mini: Disability Pride Month Check-In

For Disability Pride Month, we do a check-in on our personal experiences with disability and internalized ableism.See for privacy information.
17/07/2323m 42s

SMNTY Classics: Digging Up Women Archaeologists

Where are the women in archaeology? What is the 'Indiana Jones effect'? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the lives of Agatha Christie and other notable women in archaeology in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
15/07/2327m 32s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 7.1

There is a long and complex history around queer people and Western Christianity. We trace that history, and talk about how it's being weaponized in our current political environment. See for privacy information.
14/07/2342m 55s

Happy Hour #124: The Princess is In Another Castle

The nostalgia fueled Super Mario Brothers movie is a huge financial success, and Anney has some thoughts about it.See for privacy information.
13/07/2321m 54s

Feminist Movie Wednesday: Coda

The 2021 coming of age film Coda won many people's hearts (and some Academy Awards), but it also started a big and important conversation on representation and opportunity.See for privacy information.
12/07/2340m 5s

Feminists Around the World: Olu Niyi Awosusi

When it comes to the internet and technology access and eliminating tech bias, Olu Niyi Awosusi is a force to be reckoned with.See for privacy information.
11/07/2317m 37s

Monday Mini: The 50 Shades of Grey Defense

Victim-blaming takes a lot of shapes. One of them is the so-called '50 Shades of Grey Defense', or the 'Rough Sex Defense'. We do a brief overview of what this entails, and just how insidious victim-blaming in cases of sexual assault and death is.See for privacy information.
10/07/2317m 39s

SMNTY Classics: The Pretty One

Anney and Samantha discuss disability activist Keah Brown's joyous work The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me in this classic episode.See for privacy information.

To Date or Not to Date in 2023

What is it like dating these days? We swipe through some data, advice, trends, including the disturbing chad-fishing, in this episode.See for privacy information.
07/07/2342m 16s

Happy Hour #123: Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women (SATC S2 Ep. 17)

Our Sex and the City watch continues! We discuss the differences our twenties and thirties, men dating younger women, ageism and surprise run-ins with exes.See for privacy information.
06/07/2328m 30s

Unearthing Mary Anning and Women in Fossils

When it comes to women digging up stuff, there's a lot to uncover. We shine a light of one of the most tenacious historical examples, and give an overview of what these fields look like today.See for privacy information.
05/07/2325m 59s

Feminists Around the World: Nasreen Alkhateeb

Today, we are celebrating the achievements of activist and award winning filmmaker Nasreen Alkhateeb.See for privacy information.
04/07/239m 1s

Monday Mini: A Survey of July 4th Movies

What do aliens, sharks, and environmental horror have to do with Anney's July Fourth traditions? Find out in this very un-serious episode.See for privacy information.
03/07/2317m 56s

Spoiled Saturdays: Across the Spider-Verse

We're back with another spoiler filled Spoiled Saturday with Across the Spider-Verse! You might say it's a canon event. We travel the multiverse delving into the discussions happening around Gwen Stacy and queer and trans representation, toxic fandom, animation, and Easter Eggs.See for privacy information.
01/07/2337m 41s

SMNTY Classics: SMNTY Takes a Vacation

As Anney and Samantha once again prepare to go on vacation, we dig into vacation stress for women, the difficulty of unplugging and importance of friendships, traditions and relaxing. Basically asking the does one vacate?See for privacy information.
30/06/2322m 45s

Happy Hour #122: D&D (and Fanfic) Saves the World

Anney gives an update on her D&D campaign, channeling George Lucas, endings, and how fanfiction can save us all.See for privacy information.
29/06/2320m 35s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 10.2)

A bridge is crossed and a deadly confrontation had. New people enter the scene, but are they trustworthy?See for privacy information.
28/06/2323m 56s

Feminists Around the World: Sherenté Mishitashin Harris

Sherenté Mishitashin Harris, a Narragansett dancer and TwoSpirit, fights discrimination through traditional dance.See for privacy information.
27/06/238m 56s

Monday Mini: The Pushback Against the Pride Flag

Pride flags have been destroyed and even banned in public spaces across the country. We talk about how that has played out on a larger scale and a more personal one.See for privacy information.
26/06/2314m 21s

SMNTY Classics: A Fabulous History of Drag Queens

Where did drag originate? Where does it fit within the queer community? Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore the history of drag -- along with the stories of some notable drag queens -- in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
24/06/2328m 27s

Book Club: Gender Queer

For this Pride month book club, we discuss the most banned/challenged book in the US, Maia Kobabe's heartfelt graphic novel Gender Queer: A Memoir. We chat about gender, sex ed, being true to yourself and the importance of books like this.See for privacy information.
23/06/231h 4m

Happy Hour #121: Was it Good for You? (SATC S2 Ep. 16)

The Sex and the City watch podcast goes on and we discuss addiction, sleepiness and sex classes. See for privacy information.
22/06/2331m 14s

The Feminism of K-Pop

We break down the terms, history and feminism of K-pop, and how it has taken over the world, the impact it has had, the fandom of it, and the future.See for privacy information.
21/06/231h 1m

Fictional Women Around the World: Willow Rosenberg

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Willow started dating Tara, it was groundbreaking in a lot of ways. We explore the issues, accolades and legacy of this powerful witch, and her arc from shy wallflower to Dark Willow to confident hero.See for privacy information.
20/06/2330m 6s

Monday Mini: This is SMNTY

Let us reintroduce ourselves!See for privacy information.
19/06/2321m 7s

SMNTY Classics: Sad Murder Dad

What is a sad murder dad, and what makes him so sad and murder-y? In an on-brand check-in on grief, Anney explains the popular trope over drinks for Father's Day.See for privacy information.
17/06/2324m 8s

Female Firsts: Ethel Waters

Yves shines a spotlight on the fascinating and storied history of entertainer Ethel Waters.See for privacy information.
16/06/2343m 52s

Happy Hour #120: Coming Out to Strangers

Still recovering from recording an audiobook, Anney and Samantha share their experiences. Anney discusses the emotions of coming out to strangers.See for privacy information.
15/06/2322m 51s

Feminist Movie Wednesday: Media That Made You Question

Jessica Rabbit. Scully and Mulder. We change things up and discuss the media and characters that made us (and the Internet) question our sexuality.See for privacy information.
14/06/2341m 11s

Feminists Around the World: Munroe Bergdorf

Today we are celebrating trans model, activist, writer and trailblazer Munroe Bergdorf.See for privacy information.
13/06/239m 42s

Monday Mini: The ABCs of LGBTQ+

Anney breaks down a quick history of all the letters of LGBTQ, and the conversations around the pros and cons of it.See for privacy information.
12/06/238m 7s

SMNTY Classics: Queer People We Admire

Anney and Samantha share some of their queer icons, discuss the risks of putting icons on pedestals, and Anney talks about coming out in this classic.See for privacy information.
10/06/2326m 51s

SMNTY Classics: Diary of a Queer Kid

In this classic episode, Anney shares her journey of realizing she was queer.See for privacy information.
09/06/2317m 49s

Happy Hour #119: Shortcomings (SATC S2 Ep. 15)

In our continuing Sex and the City watch and react podcast, we talk about a wide range of shortcomings and dating (and breaking up with) the family. Anney scores a minor win.See for privacy information.
08/06/2328m 36s

An Update on the Queer Community

In this already slightly outdated episode, we survey some recent news impacting the queer community, and discuss the poor ways some politicians and companies handle Pride.See for privacy information.
07/06/2343m 55s

Feminists Around the World: Mawjoudin

For today’s episode we are talking about a non-profit organization from Tunisia fighting for justice, equity and respect for bodily and sexual rights, the Mawjoudin.See for privacy information.
06/06/237m 54s

Monday Mini: The Self-Deprecating Episode

Why do we self-deprecate? What does it have to do with women and trauma specifically? Will Anney and Samantha ever be able to attend a party without making a podcast about it again??See for privacy information.
05/06/2318m 12s

SMNTY Classics: An Ace on Our Sleeve

Anney and Samantha sip some drinks and Anney talks about Pride, being ace, and belonging in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
03/06/2312m 53s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 10.1)

Tilda and Madison reach their destination, but not without perils.See for privacy information.
02/06/2321m 34s

Happy Hour #118: You Have a Fanfiction Update!

Anney revives the comment thread on publishing fanfiction, fanart, community and getting out of your own head.See for privacy information.
01/06/2312m 18s

Google and Abortion Data with Bridget Todd

Nearly a year after the overturning of Roe v Wade, Bridget Todd breaks down Google's public statement that they would delete private data around abortion, and the reality that they have not followed through.See for privacy information.
31/05/2353m 57s

Feminists Around the World: Maya Lin

Today we are talking about Chinese-American activist and artist Maya Lin, and all the work she has done in the world of Human Rights and environmental activism.See for privacy information.
30/05/239m 48s

Monday Mini: When Expressing Your Boundaries Makes You Feel Bad

Many women have difficulty expressing boundaries, us included. We talked about recent steps forward and steps back we've had, and the guilt around all of it.See for privacy information.
29/05/2321m 10s

SMNTY Classics: The Original Star Wars Trilogy

The Star Wars celebration continues with a look at the original trilogy in this classic. Anney and Samantha use their visual scanning to shine a light on the secret weapons of Star Wars, the women both fictional and behind the scenes who gave these movies life, heart and helped make them the cultural juggernauts that they are. You'll love it. We know. Pew pew!See for privacy information.
27/05/2342m 42s

SMNTY Classics: Mabel Ping-Hua Lee

Yves brings us the fascinating story of Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, the first Chinese woman to get a PhD in economics and a force to be reckoned with in the Suffrage movement in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
26/05/2337m 10s

Happy Hour #117: The F*ck Buddy (SATC S2 Ep. 14)

We pick back up with our Sex and the City watch podcast with a discussion on f*ck buddy relationships - how they work and why they fall apart, along with 'double-booking', the 'nice guy', and awkward first dates. See for privacy information.
25/05/2335m 31s

Book Club: Kim Ji-young, Born 1982

Today we're talking about Cho Nam-Joo's international bestseller Kim Ji-young, Born 1982: A Novel. It follows the life of the titular character as she moves through her life as a Korean woman.See for privacy information.
24/05/2335m 20s

Fictional Women Around the World: Bo-Katan Kryze

Bo-Katan Kryze's impact on Mandalorian history, and the Star Wars universe at large, is hard to overstate. We set our sights on her past, her politics, her family, and her journey to rectify her mistakes.See for privacy information.
23/05/2325m 28s

Monday Mini: Vicarious Embarrassment

After an awkward experience at a high school play, Samantha discusses vicarious embarrassment and how it impacts her. Meanwhile Anney showcases her stubbornness and relives that one time she made her parents watch a spicy episode of Roswell. You know the one.See for privacy information.
22/05/2314m 25s

SMNTY Classics: Sabine Wren

Artist, builder, rebel, Mandalorian and one-time Darksaber wielder. Sabine Wren has gone through several arcs as a character, including reconciling with her family and grappling with her role in weapons-building. In this classic episode, we dig into her history and the role she played in the Rebellion.See for privacy information.
20/05/2317m 11s

Female Firsts: Aurora Reyes

Yves helps us brush up on the history of Aurora Reyes, Mexico's first Mexican woman muralist.See for privacy information.
19/05/2336m 52s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 6

How does Western Christianity impact views on divorce, especially for women? We dig into some numbers, theories and examples.See for privacy information.
18/05/2348m 44s

Happy Hour #116: What Happens On SMNTY, Stays On SMNTY

Samantha went to an awkward play! Anney went to Vegas! We talk about both, and navigating tricky situations and exes.See for privacy information.
17/05/2318m 37s

Feminists Around the World: Wai Wai Nu

Today we're talking about an activist and advocate who has been working to empower people all over the world, Wai Wai Nu.See for privacy information.
16/05/237m 22s

Monday Mini: A Checkin on House Ownership

A year after buying a house, Samantha shares an update.See for privacy information.
15/05/2312m 4s

SMNTY Classics: Dr. Aphra

In this classic episode, Anney and Samantha dig into the chaotic, queer, morally ambiguous Star Wars answer to Indiana Jones, Dr. Aphra.See for privacy information.
13/05/2319m 58s

Feminist Movie Friday: Strong Girl Bong-soon

In this special Feminist Movie Friday, we're talking about not a movie but a K-Drama called Strong Girl Bong-soon. Join us as we dig into tropes, super powers and love triangles.See for privacy information.
12/05/2342m 58s

Happy Hour #115: Games People Play (SATC S2 Ep. 13)

Our Sex and the City watch party continues! Games are played, metaphorically and not! Break ups! Therapy!See for privacy information.
11/05/2325m 30s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 5

Our ongoing mini-series on marginalized communities and Christianity continues as we delve into how harmful religious ideas play into marriage and family.See for privacy information.
10/05/2347m 52s

Fictional Women Around the World: Fennec Shand

Ming Na Wen's Fennec Shand is a Star Wars fan favorite bounty hunter and assassin. We uncover some of her past.See for privacy information.
09/05/2313m 46s

Monday Mini: When Men Don't Get It

Sometimes it is hard to put things into words. Anney dishes on her recent and ongoing fridge drama, and what it has to do with gender differences.See for privacy information.
08/05/2313m 55s

SMNTY Classics: May Princess Leia Be With You (Part 2)

No, this is the Princess Leia episode you're looking for. In Part 2 of our classic deep dive on Princess Leia, we talk about the infamous metal bikini in 'Return of Jedi', the feminism of Princess Leia and her transition to General Organa, Carrie Fisher, and Anney shares with Samantha her views on the feminism of the Force, from a certain point of view. You'll find this episode is full of surprises. Help us dear podcast listener, you're our only hope.See for privacy information.
06/05/2356m 21s

SMNTY Classics: May Princess Leia Be With You (Part 1)

A not so long time ago, in a galaxy not far, far away, two podcasters came together to discuss the feminism of the original badass princess icon, Leia Organa from the Star Wars universe. Because Anney has been dreaming of this day for so long, it's a two-parter. In this one, we focus on our own experiences with Star Wars, the cultural impact of the original series, and the basics of Leia's character in 'A New Hope' and 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Listen, or listen. There is no listen not. It's not a trap!See for privacy information.
05/05/2353m 59s

Happy Hour #114: May the Fourth Be With You

In celebration of Star Wars Day, we talk about fandom and some recent big news stories.See for privacy information.
04/05/2315m 40s

The Force is Strong With This Episode

On the eve of Star Wars Day, we present to you a camtono (AKA grab bag AKA an ice cream maker) of Star Wars thoughts and topics, the Light side and Dark Side of fandom, and why things like this matter.See for privacy information.
03/05/2336m 50s

Feminists Around the World: Cecilia Chung

For today's episode, we're talking about the trans activism and accomplishments of Cecilia Chung.See for privacy information.
02/05/237m 36s

Monday Mini: Problematic Responses

David Choe's comments about sexual assault are back in the news. We talk about what he's said, actions he's taken or not taken, and the responses from those around him.See for privacy information.
01/05/2316m 44s

SMNTY Classics: The Myths of Virginity (Part 2)

In part two at our classic episodes on around the misinformation and disinformation around virginity, Anney and Samantha discuss Western (and particularly American) Christian ideas around abstinence, purity, morality and virginity.See for privacy information.
29/04/2351m 10s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 4

In our on-going series on the many intersections of Christianity and marginalized communities, we discuss sexual abuse and religion.See for privacy information.
28/04/2329m 26s

Happy Hour #113: La Douleur Exquise! (SATC S2, Ep. 12)

We're back with our Sex and the City watch and react podcast with discussions around pain and power dynamics in relationships.See for privacy information.
27/04/2322m 30s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 9)

With threats closing in and the barest hope of a cure, Tilda and Madison leave relative safety for the dark and dangerous night.See for privacy information.
26/04/2323m 11s

Fictional Women Around the World: Mara Jade (Part 2)

Mara Jade's journey continues! Wedding bells are ringing! Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, babies, murder. And a hot mess of an enemies to lovers romance.See for privacy information.
25/04/2322m 59s

Monday Mini: More Pontificating on AI

As a followup to our recent AI episodes, we share some personal updates and fears. Anney defends her fanfiction honor.See for privacy information.
24/04/2313m 21s

SMNTY Classics: The Myths of Virginity (Part 1)

History has long made a Big Deal out of virginity, and also created a lot of (harmful) myths about it. Anney and Samantha shift through the history, unsubstantiated science and cultural importance of virginity, and the myths that surround it in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
22/04/2344m 7s

Feminist Movie Friday: Boy Meets Girl

For this month's pick, we chat about the 2014 rom-com-drama Boy Meets Girl, and discuss themes around trans folks, sex-positivity and being your true self. See for privacy information.
21/04/2335m 8s

Happy Hour #112: Mistakes and Anxiety

Welcome, enter our anxiety corner where we discuss pressure and making mistakes.See for privacy information.
20/04/2328m 34s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 3

In the third part of our ever-growing series on religion, we focus on the damages of purity culture, especially in the context of rape culture.See for privacy information.
19/04/2357m 45s

Fictional Women Around the World: Mara Jade (Part 1)

Assassin. Spy. Emperor's Hand. Smuggler. Jedi. In the Legends Universe of Star Wars, Mara Jade was a deadly, competent Force-Sensitive who managed to escape Darkside brainwashing (after a confrontation with a certain clone named Luuke Skywalker, and that is not a typo) and discover her true self. And maybe true love.See for privacy information.
18/04/2325m 10s

Monday Mini: Feminism, According to AI

What does AI think feminism is? Who does it think we are? We put it to the test.See for privacy information.
17/04/2321m 34s

SMNTY Classics: Women and Environmental Activism

When it comes to environmental activism, women have been integral throughout history. In this classic episode, Anney and Samantha discuss the eco-gender gap and highlight examples of women who have led the way when it comes to protecting our planet and everyone that lives on it.See for privacy information.
15/04/2332m 21s

Book Club: I Hope We Choose Love

For this month's book club, we discuss Kai Cheng Thom's heartfelt and moving work "I Hope We Choose Love: A Trans Girl’s Notes from the End of the World".See for privacy information.
14/04/2358m 29s

Happy Hour #111: Adoption, Identity and Unanswered Questions

Samantha does a check-in on some unanswered questions, updates, changes and challenges around her adoption and identity.See for privacy information.
14/04/2318m 40s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 2

As we continue our mini-series on the darkside of religion, especially when it comes to marginalized communities, we discuss religious trauma syndrome and the pain of walking away from religion.See for privacy information.
12/04/2337m 1s

Feminists Around the World: Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

Today we spotlight activist and icon Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and her leadership in the trans community.See for privacy information.
11/04/2311m 16s

Monday Mini: Sex Workers Protest in Amsterdam

Recently, sex workers in Amsterdam protested new regulations they argue discriminate against them. We give a brief overview of what's going on and why they're protesting.See for privacy information.
10/04/238m 49s

SMNTY Classics: Can a Woman be the Pope?

Nope! Not right now, at least. Anney and Samantha dig into why that is, and cast their thoughts towards the future and into the past, when there may have been a woman who served as the Pope in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
08/04/2314m 14s

Christianity and Marginalized People: Part 1

In the first part of this series around Western Christian religion, trauma and marginalized communities, we delve into the history, numbers and some personal experiences.See for privacy information.
07/04/2350m 33s

Happy Hour #110: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

We're back for another rendition of (un)happy hour! In this one, we discuss trauma around bathrooms, the lasting damage of it, and the hurt of connecting the trauma dots.See for privacy information.
06/04/2315m 47s

SMNTY Interviews: Dara Starr Tucker

Musician, historian, wearer of many other hats and expert of many topics Dara Starr Tucker stops by to enlighten us on topics ranging from music to using TikTok for education. See for privacy information.
05/04/231h 9m

Feminists Around the World: Nim Ralph

Today we're talking about the advocacy of UK trans activist Nim Ralph.See for privacy information.
04/04/2312m 12s

Monday Mini: Let's Uplift

In a special edition of Mental Health Monday, Samantha opens up about her mental health, ways to be mindful, and how to support marginalized communities that need it.See for privacy information.
03/04/2324m 37s

SMNTY Classics: Comedy and Activism with Chanel Ali

In this classic episode, SMNTY sits down with comedian Chanel Ali to discuss women, comedy, and advocacy.See for privacy information.
01/04/2345m 32s

The TikTok Hearings, Explained

Bridget Todd breaks down just what exactly is going on with the TikTok hearings, the implications of them, what a ban could mean, and why it matters.See for privacy information.
31/03/2344m 51s

Happy Hour #109: Evolution (SATC S2, Ep. 11)

Friend of the show and SATC newbie Joey Patt joins us to talk about queer stereotypes, dating tropes, shifting narratives and more in our continuing watch party of Sex and the City.See for privacy information.
30/03/2334m 11s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 8.2)

Tilda decides it isn't safe for her and Madison to stay in one place, and they prepare to set out in the dangerous night in order to seek out the possibility of a resistance.See for privacy information.
29/03/2327m 59s

Feminists Around the World: Ianne Fields Stewart

While the news can be so bleak, there are those that are and have been fighting. One of those people is Ianne Fields Stewart, a queer trans Black performer and activist. See for privacy information.
28/03/239m 2s

Monday Mini: We Wrote a Book!

Yes, we did, but only with the help of an amazing team of women. We talk about the process and what we're excited to share with you.See for privacy information.
27/03/2324m 22s

SMNTY Classics: Banned Books

What are the most commonly banned books? In this classic episode, Cristen and Caroline read between the (banned) lines of history, from a legal timeline of book banning to the primary reasons books are banned in the first place: sex, language and the occult.See for privacy information.
25/03/2325m 31s

Female Firsts: Madame Sul-Te-Wan

Yves joins us to talk about the accomplishments of Madame Sul-Te-Wan in the world of film as the first Black American to be hired by a major movie producer on a continuing basis.See for privacy information.
24/03/2325m 58s

Happy Hour #108: Welcome back, Settle In

It's the triumphant (?) return of Anney's happy hours! Back after a brief hiatus, we chat about the concept of settling down.See for privacy information.
23/03/2316m 15s

Book Club: The Importance of Feminist Works

The SMNTY team announces the mysterious project we've been working on (spoiler alert, it's a book), while discussing the importance of feminist works and why it is especially critical to pay attention to the recent wave of book bans.See for privacy information.
22/03/2329m 16s

Fictional Women Around the World: Marlene

In the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, Marlene fought to find a cure, while also looking over her best friend's daughter Ellie from afar. We shine a light on her backstory, her struggles with leadership and depression, and the reasoning behind her decisions.See for privacy information.
21/03/2314m 47s

Monday Mini: Millennial Midlife Crisis

Whether you call it peak survival or the early halfway, the millennial midlife crisis looks a bit different, if it happens at all. We talk about why that is.See for privacy information.
20/03/2328m 19s

The Last of Us Special: Episode 9

Look for the Light. In the finale of our Last of Us mini-series, we break down the heartbreaking decision at the heart of the final episode and its implications.See for privacy information.
18/03/2351m 34s

SMNTY Classics: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Bring out the googly eyes and find joy with us as we unpack the many multiverses of this classic everything bagel episode of Everything Everywhere All At Once, jumping from themes like motherhood, identity, being queer, the meaning of life, and of course, cinnamon rollsSee for privacy information.
17/03/2359m 24s

SMNTY Classics: Jacinda Ardern

Meet the New Zealand Prime Minister Who Gave Birth in Office in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
16/03/2325m 55s

SMNTY <3s K-Dramas

What exactly and why are they so popular? We go over some history, tropes and examples.See for privacy information.
15/03/2339m 54s

Feminists Around the World: Feminism in South Korea

We look into what's going on with the feminist movement in South Korea.See for privacy information.
14/03/2311m 29s

Monday Mini: SMNTY Team Revisit

It's time to check in on the SMNTY team and discuss what it takes to make a podcast.See for privacy information.
13/03/2320m 41s

The Last of Us Special: Episode 8

When We Are In Need. In the dead of winter and deprivation, with hope dwindling, Ellie is captured by a religious group. Their leader preaches to Ellie about her violent heart, and she reaches a traumatic breaking point.See for privacy information.
11/03/2342m 55s

Legacy and Fandom Ethics

In the face of increasing violence against the trans community, a new Harry Potter game has become a flashpoint of conversation. Friend of the show and member of the SMNTY fam Joey runs down the history of J.K. Rowling's anti-trans stances, how the fandom is grappling with it (or not), and why it matters.See for privacy information.
10/03/231h 2m

Happy Hour #107: The Caste System (SATC S2, Ep. 10)

Our journey down the Sex and the City lane continues as we power through the second season and topics of racism, class, relationships, suits, success and the big 'Love' reveal.See for privacy information.
09/03/2322m 5s

SMNTY Interviews: Elica Le Bon

Activist Elica Le Bon joins us to break down the situation in Iran and why women are and have been crucial to the revolution happening there.See for privacy information.
08/03/2349m 18s

Feminists Around the World: Dr. Rebecca Gomperts

Today we focus in on Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, and the waves she has made in the realm of reproductive rights and abortion (on a boat!).See for privacy information.
07/03/2310m 30s

Monday Mini: A Cozy Monster

Samantha updates us on her cozy gaming adventures, and shares some of the recommendations listeners have sent in. Y'all have created a monster. A very cozy monster.See for privacy information.
06/03/2322m 2s

The Last of Us Special: Episode 7

Left Behind. Ellie flashes back to an innocent mall outing that ended in love at first bite, and wrestles with survivor's guilt in the present.See for privacy information.
04/03/2336m 14s

SMNTY Fiction: Terminus (Chapter 8.1)

In this installment, Tilda is faced with a choice, confronted with realities, and gets a taste of hope. And pancakes. See for privacy information.
03/03/2332m 12s

SMNTY Classics: Daddy Issues

Are daddy issues a thing? We investigate in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
02/03/2337m 39s

The Dark Side of Mom Influencers

There's a difference between posting a picture of your child on social media and making a business out of posting content about your child. Bridget Todd joins us to talk about some new research around the detrimental impacts and consequences of using children to get clicks and engagement.See for privacy information.
01/03/231h 1m

Fictional Women Around the World: Riley Abel

The Last of Us's Riley Abel was self-sufficient, impulsive, passionate and Ellie's first crush. When she takes Ellie on a date to the mall where the two experience innocent first love, what happens there has a profound and lasting impact.See for privacy information.
28/02/2323m 27s

Monday Mini: What is 'Daddy'?

The Internet is abuzz about the term 'daddy', what it means, and why it has blown up. We explore some definitions, history and examples, and do our best not to make you cringe along the way.See for privacy information.
27/02/2319m 59s

The Last of Us Special: Episode 6

Kin. When family members reunite, histories and traumas come to light, revelations are had and pivotal decisions are made.See for privacy information.
25/02/2340m 12s

Book Club: Wake

Part graphic novel and part memoir, Dr. Rebecca Hall's Wake: The Hidden History of Women Led Slave Revolts is a beautiful and painful look into the erased history of Black enslaved women resisting and the difficulty of bringing it to light.See for privacy information.
24/02/2332m 39s

Happy Hour #106: Old Dogs, New D*cks (SATC S2, Ep. 9)

In this episode of our Sex and The City watch podcast, we chat about nap times, scheduling sex, arrogance in a partner, circumcision, and when the cigar is more than a cigar.See for privacy information.
23/02/2322m 9s

SMNTY Interviews: Paco de Leon

Author, podcast host and financial expert Paco de Leon answers our burning questions around intersectional feminism and finance.See for privacy information.
22/02/2356m 14s

Feminists Around the World: Michelle Browder

Today we highlight the works of artist, activist and historian Michelle Browder.See for privacy information.
21/02/2310m 49s

Monday Mini: Cozy Gaming

What exactly is cozy gaming and why does it appeal to so many? SMNTY investigates.See for privacy information.
20/02/2317m 41s
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