All of the Above with Norman Lear

All of the Above with Norman Lear

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Join us on an enlightening ride of conversation, from comedy to family, current events, music, politics, social issues and more. While topics will cover any and everything you can think of, the show will always feature the unique perspectives of celebrities, politicians and everyday folk. Celebrity guests include Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jordan Peele, Rashida Jones, RuPaul, Katy Segal, Judd Apatow, Brian Grazer, Amy Poehler, Charles Barkley, Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and more. At ninety-five years old, World War II veteran, writer, producer, director, and creator of such legendary sitcoms as All In The Family, Good Times, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Maude, and many others that defined and revolutionized American television, Lear brings his progressive and boundary-moving voice to the microphone with this rare and intimate weekly conversation.


Bob Saget

Actor and comedian Bob Saget joins Norman and Paul to discuss how they became friends and bonded over cigars, censorship in entertainment, the upcoming documentary he’s making on Martin Mull, and his most recent Amazon Prime special, “0 to 60.”
09/07/181h 1m

Dave Koz

Saxophonist and restaurateur Dave Koz joins Norman and Paul to discuss the joys of sharing food, cigars, and music with Norman and the gang, the power music has to bring people together, discovering the saxophone instead of sports, and finding his Dad’s face in a cannabis store.
02/07/1854m 44s

Greg Berlanti

Writer and Producer Greg Bertlanti sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about his managing 14 different shows, using TV to help influence society into new ways of thinking, Jim Henson influencing his storytelling from a young age, how his career got started in TV, and meeting Norman over the phone while working on Everwood, and working alongside his husband.
25/06/1849m 40s

Judith Light

Actress Judith Light joins Norman and Paul to talk about the beginning of her career and her relationship with her parents, the importance of good writers and directors guiding you, saving the arts from being the first thing to be cut in schools, the significance of “Who’s The Boss?” and the play “Wit” on her career, and how no human being is one note.
18/06/1847m 37s

Antonio Banderas

Actor Antonio Banderas talks to Norman and Paul about his role as Picasso on National Geographic’s “Genius”, the artist’s remarkably long name, his TV binge watching habits, starting his acting career without knowing English, finding performing after a halted soccer career, and the stage being his true love.
11/06/1847m 35s

Lara Bergthold

RALLY Principal Partner Lara Bergthold joins Norman and Paul to help breakdown the shift is Conservative values, working to end gun violence, the important litigations she’s assisted with, and children being some of our best and most important messengers on issues.
04/06/1857m 27s

Christine Lahti

Actress Christine Lahti joins Norman and Paul to talk about her new book, “True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness: A Feminist Coming of Age” and shares some important stories from it. Plus, winning an Oscar for her directorial debut, being in the bathroom when she won a Golden Globe, her challenging experiences as a feminist in Hollywood, and the honor of being called a “Feminazi” by Rush Limbaugh.
28/05/1853m 33s

Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness

Actors Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness sit down with Norman and Paul to talk about Criminal Minds' 13 season run so far, its marathon running on WE TV through the summer, and raising awareness for National Missing Children's Day on May 25th.
21/05/1853m 13s

Carol Burnett

The legendary Carol Burnett joins Norman and Paul to talk about her storied career, her new Netflix show "A Little Help with Carol Burnett", a chance encounter with the person who would send her to New York, and her upcoming Peabody Career Achievement Award.
14/05/1855m 17s

Bob Greenblatt

Chairman of NBC Entertainment, Bob Greenblatt joins Norman and Paul to talk about his dream of wanting to be an executive, the power and importance of good show runners, how difficult producing is, and his involvement in Broadway.
07/05/1857m 25s

Diane Warren

Songwriter Diane Warren joins Norman and Paul to talk about the unnecessity of learning scales, starting her song writing career at 15, the fortune of having talented performers take on her work, and Willie Nelson performing one of her latest songs.
30/04/1845m 13s

Sean Penn

Actor and author Sean Penn sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and the journey it took to write it, writing satire in a time of satire, taking time away from the collaboration of filmmaking to work alone, and using bad reviews to work in his favor.
23/04/1856m 37s

William Friedkin

Director William Friedkin discusses his time with Sonny and Cher, the importance of “The People v Paul Crump”, his upcoming documentary “The Devil and Father Amorth”, and the present day concept of exorcism being based in fiction.

Todd Grinnell

Actor Todd Grinnell joins the show to talk about the announcement of “One Day at a Time” being picked up for a third season, originally feeling like he wasn’t right for the character of Schneider, finding sobriety when he moved to LA, and his humanitarian work with his company “This Bar Saves Lives”.
09/04/1854m 23s

Mary Kay Place

Actress, singer, director Mary Kay Place sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about how she went from studio secretary to her big break on All in The Family, the origin of the character Loretta Haggers, growing up in a funny family, and how spirituality sustains her.

Gabe Fleisher

16-year-old “Wake Up to Politics” founder and editor-in-chief, Gabe Fleisher, joins the show to discuss the genesis of his non-partisan newsletter, publishing before going to school every morning, the potential for his generation to shape politics, and his journalistic ambitions.
26/03/1854m 15s

Bruce Bozzi and Chris Brugler

The Palm restaurant owner Bruce Bozzi and Chris Brugler, founder of Chris Brugler catering, sit down with Norman and Paul to talk about the Bozzi family generations The Palm has seen, when Chris discovered his passion for cooking, his company being one of LA's premiere catering companies, the way The Palm has branched out to multiple locations and the intricacy of its management, and Bruce changing the landscape of the restaurant after coming out to his family.
19/03/1859m 36s

Michael Angelakos

Passion Pit lead singer Michael Angelakos joins Norman and Paul to talk about his studying of Norman’s career, their both going to Emerson College, his bi-sexuality and his being bi-polar, using art to shield and expose yourself, his relationship with his former wife, and getting better with age.
12/03/1859m 36s

Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline

The Middle creators Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline join Norman and Paul to talk about the show running 9 seasons, Norman’s shows inspiring them, their long careers working together, going to “The University of Murphy Brown”, Paul’s role as Reverend Tim Tom on the show, and breaking the last story for their final episode.
05/03/1851m 2s


Norman and Paul sit down with RuPaul to discuss the political correctness of words and titles, the etymology of “Drag”, his mother as his strength, being a born entertainer, his background in musical theater, RuPaul’s Drag Con seeing the future of acceptance and celebration, and his dream of opening a daytime disco.
26/02/181h 12m

Katey Sagal

Actress Katey Sagal sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about Norman's role in her life as her Godfather, her career really taking off with "Married with Children", working with her husband, and her music career. Plus, her and Paul play a song together!
19/02/1858m 15s

Jordan Peele and Catherine Keener

Writer, Director, Producer Jordan Peele and Actress Catherine Keener join Norman to talk about their Academy Award nominated “Get Out”. They discuss how he got started in comedy, getting out of acting and into the director’s chair, dealing with rejection as an actor, the editing process, and the importance of what “the sunken place” represents.
12/02/181h 1m

Rita Moreno

One Day at a Time actress Rita Moreno joins Norman and Paul in studio to talk about working on a show about serious issues, being a SKEGOT winner (SAG, Kennedy, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), what it’s like to date Elvis Presley, and her relationship with Marlon Brando.
05/02/1857m 59s

Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce

One Day at a Time creators Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce join Norman and Paul to talk about season 2 of the show on Netflix, how to find the balance between hot and fresh, giving voices to Latina characters, how Gloria kickstarted her career, the difference between Network TV and Netflix, and not leaning on the crutch of profanity.
29/01/1851m 47s

Peter Tolan

Writer, director, and producer Peter Tolan joins Norman and Paul to discuss their new show “Guess Who Died?”, getting started as an actor, moving to LA from New York at 30, his sexual discovery later in life, and his new life afterward.
22/01/181h 2m

Garry Marshall Theater - Modern Masters

All of the Above brings you Norman's evening at the Garry Marshall Theater as part of their "Modern Masters" series. Hosted by Christine Lakin and discussing Norman's incredible career and the changing landscape of television. Plus, he takes listener questions!
15/01/181h 10m

Rashida Jones

Actress Rashida Jones joins Norman and Paul to talk about her TV work and Angie Tribeca, being the child of famous parents, and the importance of having discussions about being bi-racial.
08/01/1858m 12s

Steve Levitan

Writer/Producer Steve Levitan joins Norman and Paul to talk about his career, the enormous success of Modern Family, how he stays healthy, and adjusting to modern ways of life.
01/01/1857m 52s

Bob Scheer

A re-airing of Bob Scheer's podcast, Scheer Intelligence in which he and Norman discuss the state of affairs today. Plus, Norman recaps his time at the Kennedy Center honors.
25/12/171h 12m

Gretchen Carlson

Journalist and author Gretchen Carlson sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about her new book, "Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Back Your Power".

Tavis Smiley

A re-airing of Norman's appearance on the Tavis Smiley podcast, Tavis Talks. The legendary television producer discusses the definitive chronicle documentary of his life, work, and achievements, Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You.
11/12/1752m 49s

Adam Carolla

Funny man and fellow podcaster Adam Carolla joins Norman and Paul to talk about his myriad shows and his broadcast history.
04/12/171h 3m

Jermaine Fowler and Judd Hirsch

Actors Jermaine Fowler and Judd Hirsch join Norman and Paul to talk about their show, "Superior Donuts". Plus, their working together on the show, how they got stated in the industry, and upbringings.
27/11/171h 12m

Judd Apatow

Writer, Director, Producer Judd Apatow joins Norman solo in studio to talk about his upcoming projects, producing The Big Sick, his parents divorce helping influence his comedy, his upcoming stand up special, and how his kids contribute to his humor. Plus, Norman talks about working with Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis.
20/11/1758m 45s

Sherry Lansing

Former CEO of Paramount Pictures Sherry Lansing joins Norman and Paul to talk about breaking doors down for women in the industry, the films she put in motion for Paramount, her marriage to director William Friedkin, and why she never pursued an acting career.
13/11/1757m 23s

Rob Reiner

Director and legend Rob Reiner sits down with Norman and Paul to discuss what its like growing up around Norman and friends of his father, getting a helping hand from Cary Grant, being in High School drama class with Albert Brooks and Richard Dreyfuss, and working with Norman on getting his first films off the ground. Plus, he talks about his latest film with Woody Harrelson, LBJ.
06/11/1757m 0s

John C. McGinley

Actor John C. McGinley sits down with Norman and Paul to talk about his work with Oliver Stone, putting your body through physical changes for a role, how actors self-sabotage themselves during the audition process, what it feels like when you've got Elvis dust, and advocating and working for people with down syndrome.
30/10/1757m 10s

Brian Grazer

Producer Brian Grazer joins Norman and Paul to talk about his extensive career, how something like The Nutty Professor succeeds, his 16 Emmy nominations, how his career got started, writing Splash, his friendship/work with Ron Howard, and his maybe date with Princess Diana.
23/10/171h 6m

T Bone Burnett

Musician and producer T-Bone Burnett joins Norman and Paul to discuss how he got his nickname, his writing process, modern music mirroring the musical push-back of the 60's, the story of his new musical about Roy Rogers, and a little Buddy Holly jamming. Plus, he gives us a sneak peek at one of his new songs.
16/10/171h 5m

Jon Lovett

Writer, speechwriter, producer, and fellow podcaster Jon Lovett joins Norman and Paul to talk about his show Lovett or Leave It, working on Pod Save America, writing speeches for Hillary Clinton and jokes for Barack Obama, and having a personal experience when Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet on her TV show.
09/10/1757m 55s

Voices for Puerto Rico

Norman is joined by guests Justina Machado, Luiz Guzman, Lisa Vidal, Mariem Perez & Carlitos Ruiz, and Roselyn Sanchez to discuss recovering after hurricane Maria and how people can offer relief to those in need in Puerto Rico. They ensure the donations that Voices of Puerto Rico receives go to non-profits on the Island as opposed to the government. Plus, they discuss the fact that they need more presence from the US and the strategy of the Puerto Rican government. You can go to for more information.
28/09/1747m 49s

Ryan Murphy

Showrunner, creator, and young legend Ryan Murphy joins Norman and Paul to talk about All in the Family's influence on him, Donald Trump and Jim Jones influencing the premise for American Horror Story Cult, embracing his sexuality and using it to promote change, and the kinds of TV he watches.
25/09/171h 3m

DeVon Franklin

Film and TV producer and spiritual success coach DeVon Franklin joins Norman and Paul to talk about his new book The Hollywood Commandments, starting as an intern for Will Smith, the integrity of people in Hollywood, how his faith was defined and how it has defined him, and misusing Jesus as a political tool.
18/09/1752m 48s

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer join Norman and Paul to talk about how the show got started, getting Amy Poehler to say yes to their web-series, improv versus scripted tv, and have a few questions for Norman. Plus, they all run an improv scene together!
11/09/1741m 2s

Heidi Fleiss

The last madam, author, and parrot activist discusses how her prostitution ring in Los Angeles began, working with the crazy madam Alex, her clientele and their preferences, as well as her work in Las Vegas with Macaws and the madam she inherited them from.
04/09/171h 7m

Marty Kaplan

USC Professor Marty Kaplan joins Norman and Paul to talk about the impact of news and entertainment on culture, their founding of the Norman Lear center, the importance of Bollywood and Nollywood globally, and the sad truth about the amount of real news we actually receive.
28/08/171h 4m

Kris Bowers and Winky

Musician and composer Kris Bowers to talk about he and Norman's work together as well as his work on the new Netflix show Dear White People. Plus, friend of the show and Winky aka James Fairorth talks about his work in staging for live shows and how to bring audiences into an artists performance.
21/08/171h 6m

Charles Barkley

The mic is turned around on Norman as he sits down for a conversation with Charles Barkley on his new show American Race. Listen as they discuss his influence on creating monumental shows for the black community, where his inspiration for equality came from, the importance of President Obama, and racial stereotyping in entertainment and the media.
14/08/1754m 28s

Iliza Shlesinger

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger joins Norman and Paul in studio to talk about her show Truth and Eliza, whats required of women in the world, her upcoming book Girl Logic, girls shaving the hairs on their big toes, millennials having the least sex of any generation, excessive capitalism taking advantage of people, and the difficulty of the human condition.
07/08/1759m 57s

Geovanni Brewer and Jeffrey Fischgrund

TV producer Geovanni Brewer and Jeffrey Fischgrund discuss her career, taking risks, being in an interracial couple, and treating no one with a "less than" attitude.
31/07/1740m 13s

Mauricio and Katie Mota with Dean Ernest Wilson

Writers and producers of the Hulu show "East Los High" Mauricio and Katie Mota join Norman and Paul with their mutual friend Dean Ernest Wilson to discuss Latino TV, that minority audiences are not niche, and the upcoming exciting movie to conclude the show.
24/07/171h 3m

Phil Rosenthal

Producer, writer, and host Phil Rosenthal joins Norman and Paul to talk about his success on "Everybody Loves Raymond", his travel and food show "I'll Have What Phil's Having", and his exciting upcoming Netflix project.
17/07/1751m 30s

Jay Mohr

Comedian Jay Mohr joins Norman and Paul to discuss the modern eras lack of civility and our over dependence on technology, how bullshit cant save us, his being a sufficient narcissist, and how he got started. Plus, a very touching poem he wrote for his mother and plenty of Christopher Walken impressions.
10/07/171h 8m

Martin Sheen and Joe Torrenueva

Actor Martin Sheen joins Norman and Paul to talk about his recent work on Grace and Frankie, Hollywood history, and the difficult realities of world history. Plus, also joining is Martin and Norman's Barber Little Joe who talks about his long and celebrity filled career.

Kenya Barris

Showrunner, creator, and writer Kenya Barris joins Norman and Paul to talk about Black-ish, his new projects, the struggles of launching TV shows, the intricacies of the Obama Presidency, and the dangers of our political future.
26/06/171h 6m

Justina Machado

Actress Justina Machado joins Norman and fill in co-host Brent to talk about their work together on One Day at a Time, how her career got started, and all the ups and downs of being a working actor.
19/06/171h 3m

Stephen Tobolowsky

Actor Stephen Tobolowsky joins Norman and Paul to talk about his career, working on the new One Day at a Time, spirituality, and his new book.
12/06/171h 23m

America Ferrera

Actress America Ferrera joins Norman and Paul to discuss her acting career, how she got started, the new season of Superstore, and why it's important for actors to use their voice to talk about the issues that matter.
05/06/171h 8m

Kevin Bacon

Actor Kevin Bacon talks about his new Amazon show, "I Love Dick", his historic career, some of his favorite memories, and being part of a multi talented family.
29/05/1754m 41s

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda

Actresses Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda join Norman and Paul to talk about Grace and Frankie, laughter keeping you young, how social media affects activism, and the state of America's affairs today.
22/05/1732m 28s

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Actress Julia Louis Drefus joins Norman and Paul to talk about the new season of Veep, how the show got started, Norman's shows influence on her career, and their mutual love for Northwestern.
15/05/1746m 43s

Jerrod Carmichael

Norman and Paul welcome actor and stand up comic Jerrod Carmichael. He talks about his show, The Carmichael Show, his new stand up special, Donald Trump and the state of America, and the use of a particular word in our society today.
08/05/171h 4m

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler joins Norman Lear and co-host Paul Hipp on the premiere episode of All of the Above! They chat about her new movie with Will Ferrell "The House, taking religion with a dash of humor, the All in the Family theme, and raising kids.
01/05/1747m 34s

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"All Of The Above with Norman Lear" premieres Monday, May 1, 2017.
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