David C. Smalley

David C. Smalley

By David C. Smalley

A skeptic comedian has questions about your beliefs.


#568 - Talissa Smalley: Growing Up Godless

Talissa Smalley answers your questions about what it's like being raised without religion. Follow her TikTok: @talissa.smalley Full show with no ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
21/12/211h 9m

#567 - Christian Listener Returns

Redemption, Evil, Satan, and God's Torture vs. Forgiveness. Extended 2.5 Hour Show with NO ADS: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
15/12/211h 3m

#566 - Live From the Hollywood Improv

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Celebrity Comedians weigh in on Republicans Saying the Darndest Things, A Country Song of the Week, & Pastors wanting to run the country. And up and coming comedians perform for the pros to get instant feedback! Only one comic will be chosen to return for the next show. Featuring Alonzo Bodden, Trae Crowder, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Reem Edan, & Michael Regilio. FULL SHOW - NO ADS: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
11/12/211h 27m

#565 - Christian Listener

A thoughtful Christian explores his beliefs. 3-hour bonus show with no ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
30/11/211h 33m

#564 - Kyle Rittenhouse

Brief thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and verdict.
20/11/2130m 22s

#563 - Get To Know David

Anthony Boese of The Freakin Awesome Podcast interviews David to find out what makes him tick.
12/11/211h 31m

#562 - Christian Apologist vs. Atheist

David appeared on a Christian YouTube channel hosted by SJ Thomason, and she moderated this debate between David and an apologist who he first learned about via Twitter attacks. Remove ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
09/11/211h 46m

#561 - Aaron Rodgers vs. Science

David reacts to audio of Pat McAfee's interview with Aaron Rodgers, and fact checks the claims on vaccines and science. No ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
08/11/211h 51m

#560 - 3 Christians 1 God

I joined a panel of believers and nonbelievers for Javier Javier's YouTube Show. To support my podcast with no ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
05/11/2142m 4s

#559 - Pastor vs. Evangelicals

Pastor Paul is fed up with Evangelical Christianity. We talk about what makes him still a Christian at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
02/11/211h 9m

#558 - Christian Listener

From fathers selling their daughters, to commands of stoning sexual assault victims, what does the Bible really say about God's character? We address Adam & Eve, sin, and science w/no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
26/10/211h 23m

#557 - Mom Returns For Fact Checking

My mom sent me a video this morning. So we decided to have a chat about where it came from.
22/10/211h 43m

#556 - Calvinist vs. Comedian

When God orders you to commit sex crimes, do you still go to jail, or do we arrest Jesus?
19/10/211h 41m

#555 - Angry Smalley vs. Messianic Jew

You can only hear nonsense so many times before you lose it. The conversation ends abruptly at: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
12/10/211h 27m

#554 - Mormon Answers Questions

Seth Lawrence is finally back to answer the rest of the questions.
08/10/211h 8m

#553 - Mom

David's mother finally agrees to a recorded phone call.
29/09/211h 16m

#552 - Calvinist Answers Bible Contradictions

Missing White Woman Syndrome, Predestination, Bible Contradictions, Immigration, and The Gospels. This one has it all w/ an extended version at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
24/09/212h 2m

#551 - African Witch Doctors

17/09/211h 17m

#550 - Mormon

Seth Lawrence: comedian, father, and member of the LDS Church.
10/09/211h 9m

#549 - A Christian Atheist?

Todd Connor claims to be a Christian Atheist, and says atheism is a belief.
01/09/211h 21m

#548 - Psychic Medium

Nancy The Psychic: David gets a private reading in the Patreon version: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
25/08/211h 7m

#547 - Debating A Street Preacher

When Stuart Knechtle isn't screaming at College Students with his dad, he's usually debating me. This is the Modern Day Debate on 'Does God Exist?'
16/08/212h 11m

#546 - Christian Missionary

Are Missionaries spreading the best message to the world? And what Bible verses do Missionaries wish weren't there? Extended commercial free version on Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
08/08/211h 5m

#545 - Cop vs. Activist

Former Federal Agent & State Trooper, Joe Flynn, faces off with Constitutional Law Expert and anti-police activist, Chille De Castro.
31/07/212h 27m

#544 - Christian Reality TV Star

60 Days In star, Matt Reed from Season 4, was labeled as the 'Mormon' participant, along with his son Andrew. But what does he really believe? Book of Mormon questions are exclusive in the extended version: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
26/07/211h 54m

#543 - Leaving Religion: Trae Crowder & Mike Kim

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder, and TikTok Star Mike Kim discuss their exits from religion with Michael Regilio & David C. Smalley.
16/07/211h 10m

#542 - Jesus Bans Liberals

Anti-vax update, Jesus banned a liberal group from YouTube, and comedy stuff with comedians Paul Antonio & Michael Regilio.
07/07/211h 32m

#541 - Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium and popular IG Influencer, Christina Dawn Eagle, joins David & Talissa. In the Patreon extended version, they both get shocking readings. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
29/06/211h 22m

#540 - Anti Vaxxer Debunked

A new viral video is being passed around calling vaccines into question. Let's check the facts ourselves.

#539 - Q&A

David C. Smalley & Michael Regilio take live questions from Patrons. Special thanks to producer: Pasta Mike.
19/06/211h 43m

#538 - Pastor Challenges Humansim

Is Humanism superior to Christianity? Yes. But listen anyway.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
01/06/211h 47m

#537 - Disfellowshipped Jehovah's Witness

He's on a few fences, but wants to defend the faith that raised him, and eventually kicked him out.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
27/05/2153m 58s

#536 - Q Anon Supporter

Who will get offended first?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
23/05/211h 9m

#535 - Atheist Finds God

He was raised as an atheist, and became a Catholic. No, you didn't read that backwards. The 2.5 hour extended version covers the government's role in our lives, and the separation of Church & State: available with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
11/05/211h 14m

#534 - Gay Christian Minister

Peter Ross was asked to resign from his church position when he came out as gay. So why is he back in the church? The extended 3-hour version with no ads is at Patreon.com/davidcsmalleyLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
04/05/211h 36m

#533 - Dogmatic Buddhist

Is Michael Regilio a cat serial killer? From losing a family member to putting pets down, how do non-spiritual people cope? Is atheism becoming a cult? Comedian James Inman is the anti-atheist, atheist. And David almost gets into a fight at a bowling alley. In the extended show: James defends Christians and their science. Available with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
21/04/211h 22m

#532 - Christian Bible Scholar

Matthew J. Korpman wrote a book titled Say No To God, but he's a Christian graduate from Yale University Divinity School. There's an extra hour on the extended show at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
12/04/212h 13m

#531 - Libertarian Christian

Peter is a listener who is airing his grievances with David & Michael. A mind is changed in the extended version with no ads: patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
06/04/211h 38m

#530 - Mormon, Comedian, Father

Seth Lawrence is a very funny LA Comedian. But today, he defends Mormonism with questions from Michael Regilio & David C. Smalley. In the 3.5 hour extended version at patreon.com/davidcsmalley, it's all about Temple secrets, failed prophecies of Joseph Smith, and why mainstream Christians reject Mormons.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
23/03/211h 36m

#529 - Pastor Greg Locke & Bible Contradictions

Controversial Pastor Greg Locke, challenged anyone to list a single problem with the Bible. David C. Smalley accepted. An extended hour is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley with no ads.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
19/03/211h 39m

#528 - Conservative Believer

Known only as "SW," he disagrees with "the scientific worldview" and believes the education system is biased against conservatives. Michael Regilio joins David C. Smalley to challenge SW on Climate Change; and in the extra hour on Patreon: women's rights, equality, sex education, and same-sex marriage. Patreon.com/davidcsmalleyLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
12/03/211h 36m

#527 - Hollywood Actress Leaves Religion

Co-host Michael Regilio joins David to hear the journey of Alice Greczyn's terrifying "persecution training" & her recovery from evangelical indoctrination that inspired her brand new book, Wayward: A Memoir of Spiritual Warfare and Sexual Purity. Remove Ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
09/03/212h 4m

#526 - Youth Pastor's Last Show

Ravi Zacharias sex scandal & Cancel Culture: Jon Geary's 8th time on this podcast, and he never wants to come back. An extra hour of the recording with no ads is on Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
06/03/212h 14m

#525 - Liberal Pastor

Pastor Paul pisses off Republicans. Is abortion in the Bible? Get an extra hour with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
03/03/211h 22m

#524 - Former Pentecostal Believer

No sports, No songs, No shorts: From Pentecostal to Patreon, Benjamin's journey is unbelievable. Full show with no ads: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
02/03/211h 42m

#523 - Meet The Show Announcer

Pete Gustin is not only a world famous voice actor; he's also blind. Hear his inspiring story and check out the remarkable documentary about his life at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pD_9Ym6k70

#522 - Christian Missionary in Africa

Does God give us realistic expectations? Is evolution really proven? Why doesn't God show himself to nonbelievers? 3-hour extended version is at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
24/02/211h 35m

#521 - Christian Motivational Speaker

He visits public schools and inspires kids to be successful. So how does he walk the line of religion and God? Michael Arterberry is an author and public speaker from New York. The 2-hour extended version is available with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
16/02/2151m 26s

#520 - Trump vs. America

Comedy TV Writer, & Author, Ian Gurvitz, joins Michael Regilio and me to discuss Trump's 2nd Impeachment & the parallels with Adolph Hitler. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
10/02/211h 21m

#519 - Pastor Greg Locke Video vs. David C. Smalley

I'm not my usual nice self in this one. Greg Locke has refused to come back on the podcast, yet constantly lies about the Liberal position, and continues to release videos with false, inflammatory rhetoric. The full 2-hour podcast is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
08/02/211h 15m

#518 - Christian vs. David C. Smalley

Eddie's views aren't like the average Christian. The extended show is 3.5 hours, with no ads, at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
31/01/211h 50m

#517 - Lawrence Krauss: The Physics of Climate Change

The audiobook just dropped today! Lawrence Krauss' new book, The Physics of Climate Change, just released on Audible moments ago, 15 days before the hard copy releases on Amazon. Lawrence and I sat down to discuss the audiobook process, political pressures, and what you can do to help combat climate change.

#516 - The Church State Inauguration

Attorney Andrew L. Seidel, from FFRF joins me to discuss the religious boundaries leaped over during the Inauguration of Joe Biden on a day that was meant to "unite" Americans. Support my work at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
23/01/211h 8m

#515 - Black Nonbelievers of DC

White Supremacy in Christianity; DC Riot; Questions from Patrons; Log Cabin Republicans; Black Churches
22/01/211h 42m

#514 - Christian Biochemist vs. David C. Smalley

Fuz Rana is the Executive Vice President of Reasons To Believe, and holds a PhD in Biochemistry. He says science and religion can co-exist, and discusses evidence for the Bible. The extended 2.5 hour version is at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley with no ads.
16/01/2159m 15s

#513 - Republican Congressman vs. David C. Smalley

Rep. Denver Riggleman joins Michael and I to discuss the state of the Republican Party and answer some questions from Patrons. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
14/01/211h 18m

#512 - Domestic Terrorism

Michael Regilio joins me to discuss the attempted insurrection of our Nation's Capitol, and debunk conspiracy theories surrounding the attack.
11/01/211h 51m

#511 - Full Trump Phone Call vs. David C. Smalley

Donald Trump threatens Georgia's Republican Secretary of State if he doesn't "find votes." Michael Regilio joins me for some of Bruce Buffer's Puncher's Chance Kentucky Bourbon, and the entire phone call. Ad free: Patreon.com/davidcmalley.
04/01/213h 12m

#510 - Dr. Peter Hotez: Vaccines, Autism, & Covid19

World-renowned pediatrician and vaccine expert, Dr. Peter Hotez, takes a break from his many appearances on CNN, to join me in discussing the development of the Covid19 vaccines, and the recent discoveries around early detection of autism. Ad free: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
30/12/2045m 17s

#509 - Conspiracy Theories vs. David C. Smalley

My mom sent me a viral video tweeted by Donald Trump. I took 3 days to fact check and address each detail. Please share this with at least 1 Trump supporter.
25/12/202h 50m

#508 - Skeptical Pastor vs. David C. Smalley

He's a pastor, questioning his faith but defending the Bible. Tithing, Hell, Original Sin, Women in Church: Does it really matter if the Bible is true? The extended version is nearly 3 hours, with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
18/12/201h 17m

#507 - Christian Debate Champion vs. David C. Smalley

Cooper is a collegiate champion in formal debates. Topics: Origins of the universe & the rationality of Christian faith. We also cover Slavery, Objective Morality, God's Decisions, and Cooper's Bible at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley. Cooper will be in the comment sections on Patreon!
13/12/201h 12m

#506 - Progressive Influencer vs. David C. Smalley

Can Whites be victims of racism? What's it like to create content in 2020? Progressive TikTok Influencer BunDaddy joins me. We also discuss sexism in the 3-hour Patreon extended version. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
10/12/201h 39m

#505 - Republicans vs. Republicans

Sitcom Announcement, Martial Law, Republican Audio, Pardons, and President Pence. Ad free extended version on Patreon includes talk about vaccines and pardons: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
04/12/202h 4m

#504 - Live Callers vs. David C. Smalley

Grief as a nonbeliever, Live Callers, and a Christian: Parts of this were streamed live on the new YouTube Channel: davidcsmalleyclips. Go Subscribe to be a part of the next live show! In the 3 Hour Patreon Extended Version we call a Christian and have a passionate discussion about God. I'm joined by Pasta Mike, Oz, Jeff, & Kay, from The Atheist Round Table. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
28/11/201h 18m

#503 - Natural Election

Michael Regilio joins me to discuss his biggest fears that follow this election.
10/11/2047m 31s

#502 - Cult & Trafficking Survivor

Brooklyn is now 23, living in a homeless shelter in Seattle. Her move out deadline is Nov 18. This is the story of how she ended up there. And on Nov 7, I am doing a live 12-hour Broadcast for Brooklyn to raise money for her new life. You can find her Amazon Wish List & Fundraiser at davidcsmalley.com.
02/11/201h 48m

#500 - Christian vs. Christian

Youth Pastor Jon Geary defends Free Will, while Calvinist Adam Szydlowski presents Predestination. I moderate, and then debate them both. Strap in, and Happy 500th Episode! Please support the show at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
31/10/203h 36m

#499 - Anthony Magnabosco vs. David C. Smalley

We put Street Epistemology to the test with Anthony Magnabosco, as I take on the role of the Christian. And Javier Javier calls in to reveal if he is still voting for Donald Trump. Get the full show with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
28/10/201h 24m

#498 - Dave Silverman vs. David C. Smalley

Final Update before Election Day: Will Dave Silverman still vote for Donald Trump? The full show with no ads is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
24/10/202h 8m

#497 - Black Conservative Atheist vs. David C. Smalley

Javier Javier, a black atheist conservative returns for an update on his thoughts on the upcoming election. The extended show gets heated: available with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
21/10/201h 12m

#496 - Worship Pastor vs. David C. Smalley

Listener, Patreon Supporter, and Worship Pastor, Evan joins me to talk about his own questions surrounding faith, God, and the Bible. In the 3-hour extended version, I make the claim that Heaven is impossible, and of course I ask his opinions on Trump: no ads with extra audio at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
17/10/202h 6m

#495 - Smalley Short: Guns & Voter Fraud

Los Angeles has fake ballot boxes and conservatives stocking up on guns.
14/10/2054m 6s

#494 - Death To America?

Author and Television Writer, Ian Gurvitz, discusses the rise of Trump, and what it means for the future if he's re-elected.
10/10/201h 55m

#493 - Christian Minister vs. David C. Smalley

Kathy Taylor's Dad joins me to talk about his faith in God, talking to teens about The Gospel, and in the extended version, I find out his reasons for supporting Donald Trump and make a solid attempt to change his mind, at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
07/10/201h 36m

#492 - Smalley Short: Covid Parade

Trump just left the hospital to wave at supporters. Let's discuss.
05/10/2035m 16s

#491 - Kathy Taylor

Ex-Pastor, Kathy joins me to talk about how Evangelical Christians don't seem very "Christian" when it comes to politics.
03/10/201h 33m

#490 - Unpresidential Debate: Trump vs. Biden

Michael Regilio and I weigh in on audio from the debate, commentators, and opinions from undecided voters. New 4th Listener Store: davidcsmalley.com
30/09/201h 45m

#489 - Responding To Believers

A listener asked me to read his exchange with a friend on Facebook and provide feedback, and I have a mind-numbing Twitter battle with a pandemic-denying Trump supporter.
26/09/201h 8m

#488 - Psychic vs. David C. Smalley

Psychic Michael Bodine gives mini-reads to 3 skeptics: me, Michael Regilio, and my daughter, Talissa.
23/09/201h 33m

#487 - Christian Apologist vs. David C. Smalley

She's a professor of Business Management, and an apologist of the Christian faith. SJ Thomason joins me for a discussion on scripture and belief.
19/09/201h 26m

#486 - Secular Strategies for Politics

Sarah Levin is back to talk about her new organization, Secular Strategies, weigh in on the current political climate, and how you can get involved to actually make a difference. Listen ad-free at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
16/09/201h 55m

#485 - Mormon vs. David C. Smalley

Joshua is not only a patron of this show, he's an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, known to most as The Mormons. He answers questions on LDS history, prophecy, Joseph Smith, and much more. The 3 hour extended version includes race, polygamy, and your questions. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
12/09/201h 55m

#484 - Christian Athlete vs. David C. Smalley

Is God still good if he sends good atheists to burn in hell? The extended ad free version is at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
05/09/201h 26m

#483 - Dave Silverman vs. David C. Smalley

He is leaning towards voting for Trump. Can Michael Regilio and I talk him out of it?
02/09/201h 15m

#482 - Christian Apologist vs. David C. Smalley

Randal Rauser wrote the book entitled Conversations with My Inner Atheist: A Christian Apologist Explores Questions that Keep People Up at Night. The extended version is 2.5 hours long, with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley where the $5 option is only available through 8/31!
29/08/201h 39m

#481 - Christian Science Quiz vs. David C. Smalley

I take a science quiz from a Christian organization, and in the extended version I listen to Donald Trump Jr's speech from the RNC. The $5 Patreon Offer expires 8/31. Get no ads and extra content at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
26/08/2057m 18s

#480 - Former Prison Inmate

WARNING: DETAILS OF CHILD ABUSE & ADULT CONTENT. Patreon supporter Sam Jordan details his childhood, cult-based drug rehabilitation, his belief that he was once a Prophet of God, and how it all landed him in the Georgia Prison System. Hear more "crazy stories from prison" with no ads, in the extended version available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
23/08/201h 56m

#479 - Christian Listener vs. David C. Smalley

Reformed Baptist (Calvinist) Adam Szydlowski discusses his faith, the infallibility of Scripture, and human vs. animal intelligence, and gets into the doctrine of pre-destination, and even calls out another Christian for a live debate on this show in the extended version with no ads on Patreon/com/davidcsmalley!
20/08/201h 29m

#478 - Youth Pastor 6 vs. David C. Smalley

Jon Geary returns to discuss atheist parenting: do we indoctrinate? The extended 2.5 hour version includes "speaking in tongues" and some abuses of Scripture that Jon has seen in the church, available with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
12/08/201h 33m

#477 - Autonomy & Activism

Can atheists be connected to the Earth without spirituality? I mostly whine about being attacked online, and Marie D'Elephant talks some sense into me. We get into polyamorous relationships in the ad-free extended version at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
08/08/201h 23m

#476 - White Nationalist vs. David C. Smalley

He was once a progressive atheist, but became a staunch White Nationalist amid atheist in-fighting in 2014. Extremes beget extremes, and those who demonized "all white men" led him to believe "white genocide" was the next step. If you play a drinking game with strawman arguments, I'm not responsible for your alcohol poisoning. The extended 3.5 hour conversation is available with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
05/08/202h 11m

#475 - Anti Masker vs. David C. Smalley

This almost didn't get released. It will be one of the toughest episodes to get through, if you make it that far.
01/08/203h 57m

#474 - Homosexuality & The Bible

Is homosexuality really condemned in the Bible, or is it a translation error? Is BLM a Marxist organization? Why are most conservatives and Trump supporters Christian? Annie Buell is a growing TikTok influencer known as @AnnieKabannie and joins me to discuss these things and more. The extended 3 hour version with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
29/07/202h 30m

#473 - Christian Influencer vs. David C. Smalley

He went from Soulja Boy's Hype Man to Christian Author & Influencer: Rashawn Copeland joins me to discuss God's Sacrifice for humanity, and some difficult Bible verses. The extended version is 2.5 hours with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
25/07/201h 12m

#472 - Christian Missionary vs. David C. Smalley

Due to religious violence in Mozambique, my guest is anonymous. He's a Christian from Oklahoma who has dedicated his life to mission work in Africa. What happens to those who never hear the Gospel? Can naturalism explain the world around us?
22/07/202h 9m

#471 - Christian Nurse vs. David C. Smalley

Does God protect everyone, or just the people he deems as special? What hope do atheists have? Is the Bible trustworthy for any purpose? I discuss this and much more with Deb Wrenn, a traveling nurse. The full extended version with no ads is at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
18/07/201h 18m

#470 - Black Nonbelievers

Mandisa Thomas, the founder of Black Nonbelievers joins me to discuss coming out as a black atheist, the BLM movement, and the intersection of white supremacy and Christianity. Join the Live BN Discussion on July 16th 3PM EST via YouTube or Facebook! Commercial free content available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
14/07/201h 45m

#469 - A Millionaire Answers Questions

My good friend and atheist activist, Todd Stiefel, opens up about being a millionaire: how he achieved it, and some surprising pros and cons of being wealthy. An extended 3.5 hour version is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley (because I'm not a millionaire).
11/07/201h 17m

#468 - Refuting Ben Shapiro

Ben is known as a fast-talking conservative beast, knocking down liberals with his mighty verbal judo. This is a deconstruction of his most recent arguments. Get the ad-free version at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley. @BenShapiro
01/07/201h 2m

#467 - Christian Minister vs. David C. Smalley

His online ministry is inspiring thousands on TikTok. He's back to join me for a discussion on faith, letting God have control, and repenting before the afterlife. An extended 3-hour 20 min version is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
27/06/201h 44m

#466 - Response To Sam Harris

My response to Sam Harris, from episode #207 of his Making Sense podcast. Support my show at patreon.com/davidcsmalley for ad-free shows and extended versions.
20/06/201h 47m

#465 - Michael Regilio and Black Lives Matter

Michael Regilio and I breakdown statistics and discuss discrimination from a unique angle. Extended version is available with no ads at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
17/06/201h 59m

#464 - 7th Day Adventist vs. David C. Smalley

Is there really an eternal fiery hell for those who don't believe? Did the story of David & Goliath really happen? How much power does God have? An unexpected guest pops in, and an extended 3-hour version without commercials includes a deep discussion on hell and is available at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
09/06/201h 52m

#463 - Bryan Fischer Hangs Up on David C. Smalley

#AllLivesMatter activist & Controversial Christian Radio Host, Bryan Fischer, abruptly ends an interview with me as we discuss #BlackLivesMatter.
05/06/201h 38m

#462 - I Can't Breathe

The murder of George Floyd has sparked outrage. And it should. I have a nuanced conversation with Michael Regilio about this issue as we are on a 6PM curfew in Los Angeles due to the riots. We discuss police responses, government action, the charges being brought against the officer, and even my own personal brush with LAPD, when they held me at gunpoint, and now differently that could have gone.
01/06/201h 55m

#461 - Christian YouTuber vs. David C. Smalley

Original sin, the origins of life, and why kids get cancer, all from a Christian perspective. The extended version is over 3 hours, and includes an explanation of how science proves God. That's available commercial free at patreon.com/davidcsmalley
30/05/201h 22m

#460 - Ken Shamrock vs. David Smalley

UFC Legend Ken Shamrock is a man of deep faith, and now has a ministry. His tweets on Bill Gates and The Mark of the Beast, led to an online discussion with David, which sparked this conversation. A commercial-free version is at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
22/05/201h 32m

#459 - Black Atheist Trump Voter Returns vs. David Smalley

Javier tells the story of his criminal past, his time locked up, and debates Michael and David on his stance on guns. We get his take on the Confederate Flag and Monuments in the extended version without commercials at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
13/05/202h 20m

#458 - Eckankar Cult Exposed

Current Eckankar member, and Dogma Debate Patreon Supporter, Larkin, reveals the real history, secrets, and chants of the worldwide cult. An extended conversation of over 3 hours is available commercial free at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
07/05/201h 58m

#457 - Michael Regilio Responds

Michael joins David to discuss #456, and respond to feedback on voting "Blue No Matter Who."
02/05/201h 13m

#456 - How I'm Voting: A Message to Progressives

As a long time Bernie supporter, I've made a decision on how I'm voting in 2020.
29/04/2031m 38s

#455 - Youth Pastor 4 vs. David Smalley

Jon Geary returns to discuss how churches are handling coronavirus, the roles of women, The Garden of Eden, and his evolving views on evolution. The extended Patreon version is 4 hrs 41 mins with no commercials. Join us at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
26/04/201h 41m

#454 - Worship Leader vs. David Smalley

He's a Southern Baptist Worship Leader from Flordia. This one gets interesting.
21/04/201h 54m

#453 - Leaving The Jehovah's Witness Cult

After 20 years, Kiersten Larson walked away from the JW cult, and as a result, relationships with her family struggled. She opens up about her dark history with the organization. She's now a proud Patreon supporter of Dogma Debate, and we're lucky to have her in the community.
12/04/201h 57m

#452 - Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorist vs. David Smalley

You've seen him on America's Got Talent as stand up comedian, "French Accent." Kevin Bennett is a Young Earth Creationist who believes in interesting theories about the pandemic. David & Michael attempt to address the conspiracies.
06/04/202h 39m

#451 - Anti-Vaxxer vs. David Smalley

When the COVID19 vaccine is released, many will refuse it, and encourage others to do the same. This conversation reveals the mindset of the growing anti-vaccine and vaccine-hesitant communities, as David researches and fact-checks the information they spread on social media.
29/03/202h 49m

#450 - Psychic In Studio

Sloan Bella is in studio to discuss being a psychic medium. In the full Patreon version, she gives David and Michael both a private reading. Patreon.com/davidcsmalley
21/03/201h 9m

#449 - Yakov Smirnoff

Legendary comedian Yakov Smirnoff joins David & Michael in studio, to discuss the Socialism he escaped in Russia, and his concerns that Bernie is advocating for that same future in America.
13/03/201h 33m

#448 - Christian Listener

A Christian presents 8 reasons atheism is a flawed worldview: David & Michael defend their position. ONE EXTRA HOUR is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
08/03/202h 10m

#447 - Rebecca Vitsmun Responds

Rebecca Vitsmun joins David to discuss her allegations against Dave Silverman.
29/02/202h 53m

#446 - Dave Silverman's Court Hearing Audio

New audio released from a court hearing requesting a restraining order against the former President of American Atheists, over alleged sexual assault, features the accuser, Rebecca Vitsmun, admitting to a judge that Silverman just touched her back to ask a question. How does this abuse of the system affect the actual #MeToo movement, and those of us with daughters must wonder; does this make it more difficult for women to seek help?
23/02/203h 46m

#445 - Divorcing Religion

Former Fundamentalist Christian, turned Secular Therapist, Janice Selbie, discusses dealing with the grief of losing your religion. We will both be in Vancouver B.C. April 24-26 for the Conference on Religious Trauma. CORT2020.com
13/02/201h 10m

#444 - Black Atheist Trump Supporter vs. David Smalley

Javier defends Trump, as David and Michael Regilio try to get him to see the Liberal side of life. In the bonus extended version, they walk him through iSideWith.com to see what candidate he actually aligns with most! The results may surprise you. That's available with NO ADS at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
08/02/202h 50m

#443 - Christian Friend vs. David Smalley

John Christy, the Christian filmmaker behind My Week in Atheism, and longtime friend of David's, joins the show to discuss Hell, God's Justice, and the impeachment trial. Skip the ads for $5 at: Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
29/01/203h 34m

#442 - Impeachment: Day 6

Comedian Michael Regilio joins David in studio to cover the president's defense team and the evidence they presented.
26/01/202h 43m

#441 - Day 1: Impeachment

David watched all 12 hours of the impeachment trial and breaks down a quick summary of everything you need to know.
22/01/2052m 49s

#440 - Sean Hannity Exposed

David watches an impeachment episode of Sean Hannity on FoxNews, exposing the tactics used to brainwash the millions of Americans we hold dear as family and friends.
21/01/202h 11m

#439 - Youth Pastor 4 vs. David Smalley

Evolution! We're finally beginning the conversation on the basics of evolution. Jon gives his account a demonic interaction he had in the extended Patreon section, which adds nearly an hour of content to this episode.
17/01/202h 48m

#438 - Part 3: Former Atheist Activist vs. David Smalley

Jeremiah returns to discuss the roles of women in the Bible, and Trump's latest airstrike on Iran's top General.
09/01/202h 22m

#437 - Part 2: Former Atheist Activist vs. David Smalley

Former atheist activist, Jeremiah Bannister, has now become a Christian, and a Trump Supporter.
28/12/191h 57m

#436 - Part 1: Former Atheist Activist vs. David Smalley

Former atheist activist, Jeremiah Bannister, has now become a Christian, and a Trump Supporter.
25/12/192h 30m

#435 - The Science of CBD

David discovers a popular atheist activist has turned Christian; David reads your messages, plays secret hidden audio from Church, and talks with Dr. Jason Mitchell about the science behind CBD.
21/12/191h 46m

#434 - Youth Pastor 3 vs. David Smalley

Jon Geary returns to give his take on a recent debate he had with an atheist, and the conversation David had with Kathy Taylor. You'll hear about claims of divine healing, sexual preference being a choice, and defenses for Paul and Jesus' behavior in the Bible, plus so much more.
08/12/194h 15m

#433 - Christian Rejects His Faith: Becomes Atheist

An actual de-conversion happens on this episode. Christian, Dylan Pratt, joined David back in July for a live show in Phoenix as his atheist wife, Noel, wanted them to meet. Dylan's brother, who is a pastor, converted Dylan to Christianity in recent years. On this episode, Dylan starts as a Christian defending his faith, but soon comes to face to face with his own atheism and tells his wife live on the show.
27/11/191h 24m

#432 - Christ Follower vs. David Smalley

Kathy Taylor returns, and has a moment of serious doubt regarding the goodness of Jesus. Listen to the powerful thought process and emotion of a person who has connected her love for humanity, with her faith in God, and what happens when that faith is challenged, but the love is kept intact with Humanism.
20/11/192h 24m

#431 - Cancel Culture vs. Comedy

Emery Emery & David Smalley are in Kansas City November 14, 15, & 16 for 5 stand up comedy shows at The Comedy Club of KC. So the two sat down to discuss cancel culture and its effect on stand up comedians and atheist activists.
11/11/191h 41m

#430 - Christian vs. David Smalley

He's a father with a tragic story. Now, he's a friend, guest, and Patron of Dogma Debate. Chris shares a heartbreaking story that may disturb you. How has that affected his faith?
07/11/192h 37m

#429 - Spiritual Catholic vs. David Smalley

David weighs in on the Always brand removing the Venus symbol, and Louie discusses his personal experiences that give him his faith. Commercial free version at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.

#428 - Richard Dawkins

David sits down with Richard at his hotel in Los Angeles to discuss his new book, Outgrowing God. They engage on topics like dealing with death as an atheist, how we view spirituality and biology, and they both weigh in on questions from listeners who are atheists and Christians. Richard even takes a few questions from recent Dogma Debate guests! Please visit centerforinquiry.org to get involved with their special projects you'll hear about on this episode!
25/10/191h 4m

#427 - UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer

Some just pray for success. Others make it happen. This episode captures the inspiring success story of Bruce Buffer; a spiritual, yet secular celebrity, who respects religion and people who believe, while making the most of his time on earth.
20/10/1958m 43s

#426 - Sunday School Teacher vs. David Smalley

In one of the most controversial episodes yet, Nick McClellan, who leads Sunday School in a small town in Georgia, gives reasons why humans deserve school shootings, rape, and cancer. His explanations may upset you, and his descriptions of how he's had a direct encounter with Jesus may shock you. The extended version is available with no commercial interruption at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
11/10/192h 11m

#425 - Reformed Christian Mom vs. David Smalley

AD-FREE SHOW ON PATREON! Her atheist brother is a Patreon 4th Listener, and she is a Christian listener who debates with her brother quite often. They both join David for a discussion on women in the Bible, the sins of gay sex, and why evil happens in the world. In the extended portion, she talks directly with her brother: patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
04/10/191h 45m

#424 - Youth Pastor Returns vs. David Smalley

Bible Contradictions: Adam & Eve, the fallen world, the morality of God, and so much more is covered in this one. The full Patreon version is 4.5 hours! Jon Geary is a Pentecostal Youth Pastor, and is here to defend his faith.
27/09/192h 16m

#423 - Preacher vs. David Smalley

He's a Christian Minister and friends with our Immortal Christian friend from #418. Robbert Bleacher asks David to defend more hardline atheist positions held by Hitchens and Dawkins, and offers some insight into the previous guest, as he was roommates with William G. Peter in Israel. He also defends his faith, the Bible, Free Will, Creationism, and much more.
18/09/191h 26m

#422 - Youth Pastor vs. David Smalley

Jon Geary is a Pentecostal Youth Pastor who posted a video online answering the common question: Can God make a rock so big he can't lift it? This launched David and Jon into a nearly 4 hour conversation! The first 3 hours and 10 mins are right here for free! The bonus portion of the show is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley. The free portion is brought to you by: SimpleHabit.com/DAVID and Brooklinen.com - promo code: DAVID and BetOnline.AG - promo code: PODCASTONE.
13/09/193h 14m

#421 - Basketball Star vs. David Smalley

The Professor is a Global Hooper, an international YouTube sensation for his basketball skills; and often credits his faith for his current position in life. He's in David's living room to discuss his road to success, and the reasons for faith that he has. Isak Allen starts us off with some comedy & sports talk, and we reveal a way for you to make $100. Maybe.
05/09/192h 51m

#420 - Christian Pornstar vs. David Smalley

From Quantum Physics to Butt Sex, London River is in studio to troll atheists. And we had a blast.
26/08/191h 50m

#419 - Ex Gay Christian Returns vs. David Smalley

A shocking revelation by "Ex Gay Christian" Arnold Wagoner, 6 months after his original appearance on Dogma Debate.
14/08/191h 34m

#418 - Immortal Christian vs. David Smalley

This almost didn't get released. When you listen, you'll know why. The guests' claims on the recent mass shootings may offend you; and his open challenges to the world should not be carried out. A man claiming to be an immortal witness of Jesus Christ joins David for a conversation; and in the Patreon version, he challenges David to test him physically, because he asserts that he can't be harmed. Please listen to the disclaimer at the beginning. Use the promo code DOGMA at ManScaped.com and SimpleHabit.com/DAVID
09/08/191h 44m

#417 - Recent Christian vs. David Smalley

Noel is an atheist. She married Dylan, an agnostic. And then Dylan became a Christian. David talks to both of them in front of a live audience at the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix. And the entire show is made free - thanks to the promo code DOGMA at Manscaped.com and SimpleHabit.com/DAVID.
04/08/192h 22m

#416 - Offensive Women of Crayons vs. David Smalley

The hosts of Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast join David and Isak in studio for some offensive topics and colorful language. You'll get that in a minute. Just click play.
28/07/191h 27m

#415 - Atheist Defending Christians vs. David Smalley

An atheist comedian from the south defends Christians in this weird atheist on atheist battle. Featuring Mitch Burrow and co-host Isak Allen. There's an extended pre-show cut on Patreon, but this episode includes the extended version that is normally for paid patrons only, just to show you what patrons get who support the show at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
17/07/192h 50m

#414 - Christian Actor Returns vs. David Smalley

Andrew is back, and is shifting in his belief! He responds to Patreon comments, and has a special revelation in the extended version, which is over 2 hours long. Join us at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
09/07/191h 31m

#413 - Palestinian Christian vs. David Smalley

It took 413 episodes, but finally, a Christian has a shift in position during the Patreon version of the show! He wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, so we don't give too much away about his identity, or do a proper introduction. He was born and raised in Bethlehem, but thinks for himself during this informal episode.
28/06/192h 41m

#412 - Pro Life Atheist vs. David Smalley

Ryan Price is the son of our beloved Kathy Taylor. He's an atheist, but dropped by my studio in Beverly Hills to tell me why Humanists should be Pro Life.
16/06/192h 18m

#411 - Christian Actor vs. David Smalley

He seems to be changing his mind during the show, and applying logic and reason to his answers. Do we finally have an on-air de-conversion?
05/06/192h 5m

#410 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

He believes humans are evil, God is good, and atheists are dead wrong. Chris Ullery joins David and KT for a 3.5 hour conversation, leaving David feeling like he may have pushed a little too hard for the first time, in the Patreon version. The full show is available without commercials at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
30/05/191h 43m

#409 - Christian vs. David Smalley

He's a non-conforming believer who despises fundamentalist religions. He loves Jesus, but has some issues with the Bible. Chris Copeland and David Smalley sit in a living room and chat about sex education, the life of Jesus, and Bible problems. The extended Patreon version includes an extra hour on how Chris deals with the problem of evil and a good God, and his sister, who is part of the LGBT community, joins them to talk about the Bible's views on homosexuality.
22/05/191h 55m

#408 - Porn Star Atheist Kate Kennedy

Sexually Explicit Content: Kate Kennedy discusses growing up religious, becoming an atheist, how she became a porn star, and which conversation was harder to have with her parents! We discuss everything from shame, to how to properly frame and shoot a sex scene. Kate is hilarious and will also join David and Jamie Kennedy live at The Comedy Store on Sunset this Saturday May 18th! Tickets available at davidcsmalley.com.
15/05/192h 13m

#407 - Christian Astronomer vs. David Smalley

Hugh Ross is a very well-known scientist, astronomer, and Christian apologist who has authored 18 books; covering topics such as the cosmos, origins of life, and even the occult and UFOs. He joins David & KT to discuss the Bible's scientific claims, Ouija Boards, demons, and the science behind the creation story in Genesis. Get an extra hour of the conversation at Patreon.com/davidscsmalley!
08/05/192h 28m

#406 - Dying Atheist vs. His Clergy Past

A former pastor becomes an atheist, and is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. With just a few years left to live, Dave Warnock is on a mission to share his journey of finding happiness, and teaches us how to die without fear. Emery Emery is in studio to make things awkward, and exceeds our expectations.

#405 - Ouija Board vs. David Smalley

David invites his acting friends into the PodcastOne Studio to contact spirits, and test more crystals. Follow them on IG: @kttatara @syyyductions @cameronsotiangco @maddie_peterson_ @uhlexisvargas @fredmayelian
24/04/192h 36m

#404 - Female Christian Apologist vs. David Smalley

SJ Thomason returns! She debates David and KT on miracles, God saving special people and letting others suffer, God's existence, and much more. She's a college professor at a secular university, and runs a Christian Apologetics website. The Patreon version has an extra 45 mins of the discussion!
17/04/191h 41m

#403 - A Near Death Experience, Kidnapping, and David Defends Christianity

In the Patreon version, David debates from the Christian side against skeptic comedian, KT Tatara! On today's free episode, you get a sneak peak at pre-show audio as our guest Jordan Harbinger, reveals inside info about changing his public bio, and talks about being kidnapped twice. David discusses the recent car accident that nearly took his life. The David vs. KT debate is only available here: patreon.com/davidcsmalley
09/04/191h 27m

#402 - 1 Christian vs. 3 Atheists

Christian & Patreon Supporter, Ben Bramer, is back to discuss JESUS: MYTHING IN ACTION. So the author, David Fitzgerald, joins the conversation to debate him! KT Tatara tries to figure out what the hell we're talking about. A full 3 hour version with extras is available at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
20/03/191h 15m

#401 - Christian Apologist vs. David Smalley

Would you kill your child if God told you to? Dale Glover's answer may surprise you. In this episode: Does God have limitations on his power or knowledge? The extended, almost 3 hour version is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
12/03/191h 49m

#400 - Crystal Healer vs. David Smalley

David blindfolds a Crystal Healer to see if she can feel the energy in crystals; and if she can tell the difference between crystals and rocks.
06/03/191h 47m

#399 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

His views are evolving! Christian listener and Patreon supporter, Jordy Moffat, joins David Smalley and KT Tatara for a Bible Quiz game, and then a deep discussion on what beliefs Jordy still holds on to. The full episode without commercials, and an extra HOUR of bonus content is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
24/02/191h 25m

#398 - Pastor vs. David Smalley

He's a professor of the New Testament at a university in Chicago, and the Pastor of a Nazarene Church. He holds a Masters in Biblical Literature. Can he finally be the one to answer David's challenges?
14/02/1959m 59s

BONUS - Introducing Over My Dead Body

What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead? Listen to Over My Dead Body today wherever you’re listening to this or wondery.fm/omdb
12/02/197m 9s

#397 - Christian Minister vs. David Smalley

He was once a rapper and hype man for Soulja Boy, but this former Vine superstar is now preaching the gospel because of an incredible encounter he had with demons in a spiritual dimension.
08/02/191h 44m

#396 - Ex-Gay Christian vs. David Smalley

Arnold claims to be straight after asking God to take away his same-sex desires 28 days ago. David answers fan mail, and finally addresses the Patreon issues you've been writing in about.
02/02/194h 33m

#395 - Christian Troll vs. David Smalley

Only known as Triggerman1976 on Twitter and IG; he loves to spice up your life on social media. Is it all in good fun? Was the biblical Adam a real person? And finally, Original Sin is picked apart. This is one for the record books.
16/01/192h 9m

#394 - Christian Apologist vs. David Smalley

University Professor, SJ Thomason, discusses objective morality, the role of women, the reliability of the Bible, and the Old Testament: If Jesus is God, should Jesus be held accountable for the acts of the God of the Old Testament?
11/01/192h 41m

#393 - Christian vs. Atheist

Brandon Carr is a Christian, and co-worker of Brandon Schlacht, an atheist and Dogma Debate Patreon supporter. They talk about maintaining their friendship with different beliefs, and get into debates over Hell, Evil, Prison, Fine Tuning, and much more.
14/12/182h 36m

#392 - Catholic Radio Host vs. David Smalley

Scientists find human flesh in Eucharistic miracles, a sex scandal, and Hitler's in Purgatory? In one of the most intriguing DD episodes in 7 years, one Catholic analyzes the most recent Catholic episode, and then a claim is made that crackers literally turn into the human flesh of Jesus Christ, through Transubstantiation, confirmed by science. This episode is the perfect example of what Dogma Debate is meant to be.
06/12/183h 6m

#391 - Catholic vs. David Smalley

NEW $1 per month Patreon level for commercial free content and comments! Benjamin Bramer just joined us on Patreon, so come engage him in a discussion at patreon.com/davidcsmalley. He's a Catholic who responded to David's request on a recent show to have more Catholics to speak with. This conversation focuses on his faith, slavery, authoritative interpretation, the Gospels, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
28/11/182h 23m

#390 - Growing Up Religious

SkepticNikki and Shelley Segal join me to talk about growing up in a religious home, while comedian KT Tatara, who grew up without religion, is in studio, and is a little shocked at what he learns. Shelley plays some beautiful music, and we rally around SkepticNikki to help her out of a jam.
22/11/182h 22m

#389 - Christian vs. David Smalley

This guest says that being an atheist comes with an increased risk of suicide, depression, and other health problems, and atheists are "historically illiterate."
14/11/182h 9m

#388 - Former Prison Inmate vs. David Smalley

Ricky grew up in South Los Angeles, experiencing a unique side of racism. He details what landed him in prison, and how the church helped him out. Do some people need faith?
09/11/181h 37m

#387 - Baptist Police Officer vs. David Smalley

Rick is a former police officer and marine who says the Bible doesn't have a single error or contradiction, that atheism is a religion of faith, evolution is a lie, and homosexuals will burn in Hell along side those who reject God. Clear your throat now for lots of yelling in your car. - Commercial free episodes are available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
31/10/182h 37m

#386 - Church Abuse Survivor

If the abuse isn't enough, the way the church leadership handled it will disturb you. From end times prophecy, to the sexual abuse she faced in the church, proud Dogma Debate Patron, Emily Bludworth, flew to Los Angeles to tell the in-person story of her journey out of the faith and into Humanism.
26/10/182h 23m

#385 - Religious Agnostic Theist vs. David Smalley

Dallas Duff believes in the Bible, but is agnostic on the resurrection. He claims to be more religious, yet less dogmatic. And finally, he puts forward the notion that the world is a better place because of religion.
17/10/182h 17m

#384 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

He's listened to all 383 episodes of Dogma Debate. And he's still a Christian. Now, Jared VanHorn joins David Smalley for #384 to tell the world why he hasn't been convinced.
13/10/183h 37m

#383 - Black Hebrew Israelite

Aphiah Cey-Jude joins David Smalley to discuss his special lineage as one of God's Chosen People, as a descendent of Hebrew Israelites. David explores his views on biblical slavery, and why he thinks we should still follow the Old Testament while worshipping Jesus Christ.
04/10/183h 17m

#382 - Anonymous Catholic

Having a beer with a Catholic friend at my house, and we recorded the conversation.
26/09/182h 16m

#381 - Unidentified Baptist: John Doe

Known only as "John Doe" on Twitter, this guest says men should lead all households even if the woman is the more qualified leader, and that David misunderstands biblical slavery. We also surprise another 'spiritual' guest with his favorite YouTuber, Jaclyn Glenn in studio! This is our chance to discuss Atheism 101: the basics of what it means to be an atheist.
19/09/184h 31m

#380 - The State of the Movement

David rants more about the atheist movement with Emery Emery, Jamie Kilstein, and Michael Cain, along with infuriating audio on News for the 4th Listener. The full episode is available with no commercials, and extra video at patreon.com/davidcsmalley
12/09/181h 34m

#379 - Flat Earther: Travis Finley

This one goes much better! A do-over with a respectful flat earther who makes his case and listens to evidence. A surprise Patreon supporter got an invite to join us in studio. Will you be next? Get full commercial free episodes and extra content at: patreon.com/davidcsmalley
06/09/182h 24m

#378 - Offensive Crayons and Sexy Games

Alice Vaughn and Isak Allen join David and Michael in studio to talk about free speech, social media platforms banning content creators, and they play some sexy games you don't want to miss. Video from inside the studio and full shows without commercials is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
29/08/181h 53m

#377 - Christ Follower: Kathy Taylor

Kathy returns to talk about the feedback she's received from Christians after being on the show the first time, and dives into new territory with David on what it means to be Humanist. Comedian KT Tatara joins in on the discussion with Michael Cain, and news for the 4th Listener. And then: Is censorship a conservative principle? Iraqi born atheist Faisal Saeed Al Mutar and comedian Ian Harris, debate the meanings of Conservative, Left, Liberal, and Right, all from a secular perspective.
22/08/183h 31m

#376 - Jehova's Witnesses

Cody and Jeff were raised as strict Jehova's Witnesses, and share dark personal details about growing up outside of the world we know.
09/08/182h 55m

#375 - Christian Apologist

Tom Peeler is a contributor to Reasons.org, an Old Earth Creationist apologetic website. He discusses logic, reason, and the Bible with David and Michael. A commercial free extended version is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
01/08/182h 4m

#374 - Jon Reep

From network television, to Harold & Kumar, or Comedy Central specials and even Dodge commercials, you know Jon Reep as that comedian from Hickory, North Carolina!
26/07/181h 29m

#373 - Young Canadian Pastor

A 25-year-old pastor from Canada joins David to discuss the atheist movement, prayer, women, the LGBT community, the will of God, and much more.
19/07/183h 10m

#372 - Methodist vs. David Smalley

Allison Cords joins us in studio to explain her faith, and talk about the role of women in the United Methodist church. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
27/06/183h 13m

#371 - Flat Earther vs. David Smalley

WARNING: This one may not be one to listen to around the kids! Someone finally wears out David’s patience, and an explosion happens like never before on this show. I guess you could say a Flat Earther finally pushes David to the edge! "Flat Earth Expert" Ben Long, joins us to convince you that the world is flat and that we live in a domed enclosure. This is one for the books, and we're happy to bring it to you ad free with an extended after-show analysis at patreon.com/davidcsmalley. You don't want to miss this.
20/06/182h 8m

#370 - Sam Harris & Sarah Haider

David Smalley sits down with Sam Harris & Sarah Haider before a crowd of 3,000 people in the Sony Centre in Toronto, Canada. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
14/06/182h 6m

#369 - Christian Apologist vs. David Smalley

John Christy is the director and producer of My Week In Atheism, and holds multiple degrees in theology and apologetics. We also have offensive crayons in the studio. You read that right. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
06/06/183h 17m

#368 - Christian Radio Host vs. David Smalley

Justin Brierley, host of Unbelievable? on UK Premier Christian Radio, talks with David about why he’s still a Christian after 10 years of talking with atheists. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
30/05/183h 53m

#367 - Christian PhD vs. David Smalley

John Marriot, PhD is a social scientist studying why people are leaving religion. And patrons answer questions about homeopathy. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
24/05/182h 41m

#366 - Controversial Christian vs. David Smalley

Outspoken Radio Host, Bryan Fischer of American Family Radio, says only Christians have First Amendment rights. He joins David to talk about it. The creator of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure stops by to talk about his hilarious new book, The Trouble With God, and the guys play a game with Patrons to give away free signed copies. Get the full version with no ads at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
16/05/183h 54m

#365 - Trae Crowder, The Liberal Redneck

What you're about to hear may upset you. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, but most importantly, it'll make you think. This week our guest is The Liberal Redneck, Trae Crowder. We're going to talk about funerals, do some Atheist Bible Study, learn how to book a superstar rapper at your birthday party, and visit an old Country Song Of The Week! It’s all available with no commercials at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
09/05/181h 57m

#364 - Christian Counselor vs. David Smalley

News for the 4th Listener is back, with Michael Cain. We have a Patreon Question of the Week about dating outside your religious beliefs, and our guest is Scott Steinbarger, a Christian Counselor. The after show includes Atheist Bible Study as David reads from a Children’s Bible, and audio from Michelle Wolf’s controversial speech. It’s all available with no commercials at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
02/05/184h 36m

#363 - Evangelical Christian vs. David Smalley

A Bible Thumping Christian with a background in Molecular Biology supports this show on Patreon! Joining us in studio today is Ron Morley, and he’s willing to be challenged on his views and think through his beliefs out loud as he attempts to connect the dots from science to faith. Commercial free bonus content is available at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
16/04/183h 40m

#362 - The Bible on Homosexuality

David does a personal and private Q&A Video with patrons, and you get to hear the audio. 4th Listener and fellow podcaster, Carson Lopez, joins David, Michael, and Darius to talk about the Bible’s impact on her self-worth when she realized she was attracted to other women. And the group discusses the recent outrage and hatred towards David on social media. Support the show at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
11/04/182h 55m

Final Dogma Debate?

The show may be coming to an end. David offers an important announcement.
07/04/189m 57s

Christian vs. David Smalley

Without God, you have nothing. That’s what Alabama Christian, Sean Connelly, said in response to a Facebook post by Dogma Debate producer, Darius Reed. David extended an invite to Sean to be on the show, and he accepted. The extended after show with no commercials is available at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
04/04/182h 10m

Psychic vs. David Smalley

Psychic Medium Chris Medina is in studio to give David a reading, and attempt to communicate with recently passed family members. He also reads the producer, Darius, and in the after-show, David allows his 13-year-old daughter to have a reading as well. This is not an episode you want to miss. The full ad-free show with all the extras, is over 4 hours long, and available at patreon.com/davidcsmalley.
28/03/182h 15m

A Search for the Afterlife

Can atheists find heaven? Or create it on Earth? Will we be able to upload our brains to a server? Is there some truth to Futurama? Michael Shermer is a NY Times Best Selling author, and is in studio to discuss his new book, Heavens On Earth: The Scientific Search for the Afterlife, Immortality, and Utopia.
21/03/181h 38m

Spiritual Self Help Guru vs. David Smalley

Best-selling author and spiritual self help teacher, Derek Rydall, is in studio, and is challenged by David on his book: The Abundance Project: 40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happiness. David reads through excerpts and challenges the spiritual ambiguous language of the self-help woo industry.
14/03/183h 11m

Pastor vs. David Smalley

A pastor whose son is an atheist, joins David to discuss doubts, faith healers, and her own concerns with the Bible.
08/03/182h 16m

#355 - Christian Scientist vs. David Smalley

Paul Rimmer holds a PhD in Physics from The Ohio State University, and currently works at Cambridge studying abiogenesis (the origins of life). He’s a Christian who supports Dogma Debate at patreon.com/davidcsmalley and has a unique take on where religion meets science.
01/03/182h 44m

#354 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

Is this a crisis of faith? More progress is made in this discussion than ever before on this podcast. A well-reasoned Christian supporter of Dogma Debate on Patreon, Tyson Mohr, joins David for an in-depth conversation which seems to allow doubts to surface. Also, Alex Malpass, who holds a PhD in Philosophy, joins David to discuss the most recent show, and the problems with apologist Tom Peeler's logical syllogisms.
22/02/183h 54m

#353 - Christian Apologist vs. David Smalley

Is it possible to prove the existence of God without using the Bible? And can David make it through a conversation about God without invoking scripture? Tom Peeler uses philosophy and logic-based arguments to make his case for God.
15/02/182h 58m

#352 - Christian Becomes Atheist

A listener of Dogma Debate reveals his upbringing in an extremely religious home, and talks in detail about the serious abuse allegations toward his father, and how the church took a shocking position on it.
07/02/182h 34m

#351 - Christian Cowboy vs. David Smalley

Chad Prather is a conservative Christian, known as the Political Cowboy, and gained popularity with his controversial in-truck videos on politics and faith. He sits down with David Smalley in Beverly Hills to discuss Creation, Evil, and evidence for God.

#350 - Former SJW Speaks Out

EXPLICIT! Comedian Jamie Kilstein discusses his time as a Social Justice Warrior, the abuse allegations that sent him into hiding, his return to comedy, and his friendship with Robin Williams. This episode covers suicide, depression, online bullying, sexual abuse, harassment, and how irresponsible journalism can ruin lives. Don’t ignore that explicit tag. This one is extremely explicit. Support Jamie by signing up at patreon.com/fuckuppod and show him some Twitter love @JamieKilstein.
26/01/183h 30m

#350 - Former SJW Speaks Out

EXPLICIT! Comedian Jamie Kilstein discusses his time as a Social Justice Warrior, the abuse allegations that sent him into hiding, his return to comedy, and his friendship with Robin Williams. This episode covers suicide, depression, online bullying, sexual abuse, harassment, and how irresponsible journalism can ruin lives. Don’t ignore that explicit tag. This one is extremely explicit. Support Jamie by signing up at patreon.com/fuckuppod and show him some Twitter love @JamieKilstein.
26/01/183h 30m

#350 - Former SJW Speaks Out

EXPLICIT! Comedian Jamie Kilstein discusses his time as a Social Justice Warrior, the abuse allegations that sent him into hiding, his return to comedy, and his friendship with Robin Williams. This episode covers suicide, depression, online bullying, sexual abuse, harassment, and how irresponsible journalism can ruin lives. Don’t ignore that explicit tag. This one is extremely explicit. Support Jamie by signing up at patreon.com/fuckuppod and show him some Twitter love @JamieKilstein.
26/01/183h 30m

#349 - Texas Preacher vs. David Smalley

Psalm 14 says “The fool has said in his heart there is no God. He is corrupt. Not one of them has done good.” David talks with Eric Hernandez, a Texas Preacher, about goodness, truth, morality, and knowing God without science.
20/01/183h 31m

#348 - Dogma Debate 6th Anniversary Show!

In celebration of Dogma Debate's 6th year, David opens up the phone lines to answer your questions.
13/01/181h 42m

#347 - Doubting Christian vs. David Smalley

Everyone questions their faith. Few have the courage to do it before thousands of people. Jordy Moffat is a believer who supports Dogma Debate on Patreon, and was willing to share his thoughts during his journey on this podcast. To interact with Jordy and David, and share your thoughts on the episode, join us at patreon.com/dogmadebate.
04/01/183h 22m

#346 - Transwoman vs. Christianity

EXPLICIT! Stephanie Guttormson recently underwent Gender Confirming Surgery, and reveals personal and private details about the process. She takes questions from Dogma Debate Patrons (atheists and Christians) on how it all works, and what Humanists and Christians can do to be more supportive of the LGBT community. Please email Stephanie with your support or feedback at stephanie.guttormson@gmail.com, and join us on patreon.com/dogmadebate for behind-the-scenes access and commercial free content.
29/12/172h 6m

#345 - Growing Up Atheist

EXPLICIT! Hollywood Comedian, Isak Allen, discusses being raised atheist, and talks about how morality, church, love for others, and his own divorce have played roles in shaping his worldview. David gets a letter from a fan about dealing with depression as an atheist, and the guys discuss celebrities who disappoint you with their political views. News for the 4th Listener by Michael Cain.
20/12/172h 51m

#344 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

Jon Sedlak, a Christian follower of the show joins us via skype to talk morality, the many interpretations of Bible scripture, and to share his reasoning as to why he believes.
13/12/173h 40m

#343 - Anthony Fedorov & Shelley Segal

American Idol finalist, Anthony Fedorov is in studio with Shelley Segal & Rob Robertson, to discuss faith, family, his time on Idol, and working with musicians from different belief backgrounds to make the world a better place.
09/12/172h 52m

#342 - In Church: Baptist Pastor vs. David Smalley

Taking questions from the congregation, Pastor Chris Legg and David Smalley take the stage at South Spring Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas to discuss the Bible and what it really means to be atheist and Humanist.
29/11/171h 49m

#341 - Christian Patron vs. David Smalley

Martin Brower, a Christian supporter of Dogma Debate on Patreon, joins David in studio to finally challenge him in person.
22/11/172h 54m

#340 - Christian Celebrity vs. David Smalley

WWE Diva, Lilian Garcia, talks with David about her faith, an atheist in her family, and the crazy audition process of becoming a WWE Host and Ring Announcer.
15/11/172h 8m

#339 - Catholic vs. David Smalley

Adam Carolla's producer and voice engineer, Mike Dawson, joins David in studio to discuss God, evil, and religion.
08/11/172h 16m

#338 - Christian YouTuber vs. David Smalley

Is the Bible compatible with evolution? Can we rely on the New Testament as historical documents? Apologist Michael Jones from the Inspiring Philosophy ministry says yes.
02/11/172h 37m

#337 - Christian Talk Show Host vs. David Smalley

Black Trump Supporter and Conservative Talk Show Host, Jesse Lee Peterson says racism doesn't exist, and leads his flock as a pastor to believe the same.
25/10/173h 7m

#336 - Gay Rights vs. Religious Freedom

Should Christian bakers and photographers be forced to offer services to gay couples under the Civil Rights Act, or does religious freedom exempt them? Executive Director of Secular Coalition for America, Larry Decker, and Executive Director of Secular Student Alliance, Kevin Bolling, join David in studio.
18/10/172h 24m

#335 - Pastor vs. David Smalley

What if God exists, but is evil? Is belief a choice? Pastor Chris Legg gives his best evidence for why God exists, and is worthy of worship.
11/10/172h 27m

#334 - Gun Control & The Lefts Problem with Language

Ian, Michael, and Brandy are back in studio to discuss Davids recent blog: How the Left is Killing Language, as well as Gun Control, Free Speech, and hope for the future as David chats with an 11-yr-old fan.
04/10/173h 7m

#333 - Christian Apologist vs. David Smalley

Patreon Supporter, Dan Ray, defends God on the The Book of Job.
28/09/173h 38m

#332 - Hollywood Writer vs. David Smalley

A secular case for religion? Writer of hit TV shows Wings and Becker, Ian Gurvitz, is a secular Jew who wrote a book making a case for a religion. Phil Ferguson joins David to discuss the Mythicist Milwaukee controversy, and Sarah Levin says thanks to you, 2,000 people are contacting their representatives!
22/09/172h 31m

#331 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

A Christian 4th Listener who financially supports Dogma Debate on Patreon, talks with David about God, evil, natural disasters, and more.
13/09/173h 11m

#330 - Animal Activist vs. David Smalley

President & Founder of Mercy For Animals, Nathan Runkle, is in studio with David to discuss his recent farming episode, and the misinformation Nathan believes is being given to the public about the farming process. Sarah Levin from Secular Coalition for America gives activists an easy way to make a difference. Please do this survey! podcastone.com/mysurvey
07/09/172h 2m

#329 - Lawrence Krauss, Disasters, & ANTIFA

With co-hosts Ian Harris, Michael Cain, & Brandy Madden in studio, Lawrence Krauss joins David to discuss physics and science. Dr. Samantha Montano joins in to talk about what not to do for disaster victims. Plus, a deep discussion on freedom of speech and violent protests, and a special live News for the 4th Listener. Commercial free episodes at patreon.com/dogmadebate.
31/08/172h 15m

#328 - Islam vs. Gad Saad

Back on patreon.com/dogmadebate! Jewish Professor, Gad Saad, who escaped Lebanon to avoid persecution from Islamic terrorists, joins David in studio to discuss tenets of Islam, Sharia Law, and immigration. EXPLICIT!
24/08/172h 2m

#328 - Gad Saad vs. Threats to Reason

Back on patreon.com/dogmadebate! Jewish Professor, Gad Saad, who escaped Lebanon to avoid persecution from Islamic terrorists, joins David in studio to discuss tenets of Islam, Sharia Law, and immigration. EXPLICIT!
24/08/172h 2m

#327 - Nationalist vs. David Smalley

White Americans have a right to defend themselves, their race, and their cultures from denigration, especially from targeted abolition! - That was the tweet from Jeremiah Bannister who joins David on this episode to defend his message.
19/08/171h 44m

#326 - Factory Farms vs. David Smalley

The Farm Babe Michelle Miller takes David on a tour of Iowa pig farms, and a dairy farm, as he records discussions with staff about slaughtering, animal housing, ethics, and their views on animal rights activists.
16/08/173h 27m

#325 - Female Pastor vs. David Smalley

Writer, Producer, and Pastor, Sharon Bollum defends religious morality vs. secular morality.
09/08/171h 30m

#324 - Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews and Aron Ra

EXPLICIT! Live from St. Louis on the main stage at Gateway to Reason, take a peek into the occasional therapeutic roasting of religion that happens at skeptic conferences, and hear an internal discussion of the lacking nuance thats happening in our community.
02/08/171h 40m

#323 - Street Preacher vs. David Smalley

Is atheism a mental disorder? Street Preacher Daniel Hedrick says so, and claims to have the cure with 3 basic forms of evidence.
26/07/172h 21m

#322 - Dave Rubin vs. The Left

Making your opposition afraid to ask questions for fear of being labeled hateful, only prevents your goal of educating them. EXPLICIT!
18/07/172h 23m

#321 - Dennis Prager vs. David Smalley

Dennis is a conservative radio broadcaster syndicated by evangelical Christian stations, and the founder of PragerU. He joins David in studio for a discussion on secular morality, and the Ten Commandments. Sarah Levin has a quick update on how you can be activist by texting!
13/07/171h 45m

#320 - Black Nonbelievers & Secular Students

After 17 years with SSA, August Brunsman is moving on. So, he gets a nice surprise while live on stage at OSU. Mandisa Thomas and Sean Omar Rivera discuss the importance of Black Nonbelievers, and Republicans Say the Darndest Things: all in front of a live audience in Columbus, OH.
08/07/1747m 13s

#319 - Peter Boghossian vs. Radical Ideology

Conservatives and Progressives aren't the problem. Extreme ideology from both sides is destroying the fabric of conversation, free speech, and discussion of uncomfortable ideas.
03/07/172h 20m

#318 - Psychics, The Secret, and Skepticism

The Law of Attraction, Facebook Fights, Psychic Mediums, and Skepticism are all covered by Skeptic Comedian Ian Harris, Podcast Host, Phil Ferguson, and David Smalley.
01/07/172h 5m

#317 - Adam Carolla vs. Safe Spaces

Pete calls in to discuss SSACON, Sarah gives quick updates on Secular Coalition for America, and Adam and David discuss safe spaces, and why Adam still hopes for a heaven, as an atheist.
26/06/171h 19m

#316 - Michael Shermer vs. The Regressive Left

EXPLICIT! - David Smalley and Michael Shermer discuss free speech, explain regressive ideology, and how the left is destroying itself.
19/06/171h 39m

#315 - PETA vs. David Smalley

Is going vegan the most healthy and ethical thing to do? Is PETA really a terrorist organization, guilty of killing thousands of animals? Davids dogmatic meat-eating is put front and center in the face of science, and PETA answers its critics and accusers.
13/06/172h 2m

#314 - Baptist Pastor vs. David Smalley

Christian Counselor & Baptist Pastor Chris Legg joins David to debate issues of the Bible, God, Jesus, and LGBT rights. Darrel Ray & Gayle Jordan also stop by to discuss Recovering from Religion, and Secular Coalition for America gives quick updates on 2 bills.
06/06/173h 17m

#313 - Part 2: Pastor vs. 2 Atheists

CONTINUED: Atheist Author, David Fitzgerald, who doesnt believe Jesus ever existed, sits down with David Smalley and Pastor Drew Sokol to discuss evidence for Jesus, the Bible, and personal faith.

#312 - Part 1: Pastor vs. 2 Atheists

Atheist Author, David Fitzgerald, who doesnt believe Jesus ever existed, sits down with David Smalley and Pastor Drew Sokol to discuss evidence for Jesus, the Bible, and personal faith.
29/05/172h 5m

#311 - Richard Dawkins & David Smalley in LA

World renowned scientist and author, Richard Dawkins, sits down with David in Los Angeles for a discussion on science, religion, and politics.
22/05/1759m 12s

#310 - Atheists Sue Trump

FFRF's Dan Barker & Andrew Seidel, and SCA's Larry Decker & Sarah Levin discuss Trump's Executive Order, and why it's unconstitutional.
16/05/171h 48m

#309 - Army Chaplain Returns

A shocking announcement is made by active Army Chaplain, Tim Brown, as he returns to the hot seat of Dogma Debate.
10/05/171h 52m

#308 - Jay Mohr vs. David Smalley

EXPLICIT! David joins comedian and actor, Jay Mohr in his living room to talk about comedy, the Bible, belief, Jesus, religion, and atheism.
03/05/172h 3m

#307 - Christian Grandma vs. David Smalley

Cindi Steele joins David for a family-friendly discussion on faith and Jesus. And Cindi tells David why she believes hes an atheist.
24/04/172h 15m

#306 - Jewish Traditions vs. David Smalley

David cant pronounce Mohels, but they're giving herpes to kids. Phil Ferguson joins David to discuss Bill OReilly, Jewish Traditions, and much more.
20/04/171h 29m

#305 - Evangelist Listener vs. David Smalley

An Evangelist Listener and Twitter follower of David Smalley finally gets to chime in on where he believes David is mistaken. But first, David addresses another Twitter fight with an atheist over movie theater food prices!
12/04/171h 55m

#304 - David Smalley vs. Social Media

David talks with UCLA Professor & author, Ramesh Srinivasan about how technology shapes our world and influences our political and religious views, and its effects on personal relationships.
06/04/171h 35m

#303 - Christian Blogger vs. David Smalley

Jeremy Christian is back with a new theory on why kids get cancer, people break legs, and a unique take on why other religions have popped up. His faith may be rattled, but his skepticism is being tested.
29/03/172h 37m

#302 - Smalley vs. Silverman

President of American Atheists, Dave Silverman is in studio to discuss firebrand atheism, humanism, openly secular, love, and a midlife crisis.
22/03/172h 33m

#301 - Cara Santa Maria

David & Cara have fun with redneck audio, fact check a vision from God, discuss homelessness, and pull the curtain back on podcasting.
17/03/172h 9m

#300 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

Long time listener and Dogma Debate fan, Glen Coker, finally gets his chance to talk with David one on one about his faith.
09/03/172h 17m

#299 - Part 2! Frank Turek vs. David Smalley

Wrapping up the discussion on God from #298.
03/03/171h 26m

#298 - Christian Radio Host, Frank Turek vs. David Smalley

Frank Turek, a well-known Christian apologist, author, and radio host, faces off with David Smalley on issues of God, Jesus, and the Bible.
01/03/171h 33m

#297 - Satanist vs. Atheist

Well, you know wanna click that one! Comedian & Satanist Steve Hill joins David Smalley in studio to find out if The Satanic Temple is just another dogma to be debated, or if its simply misunderstood.
22/02/171h 58m

#296 - President Trump vs. Secular America

This episode gives you step by step instructions on how to change the future of the country, from your keyboard! Political Expert Sarah Levin joins David Smalley to go through Trumps cabinet picks and executive orders to find out why Trump is so dangerous for America, and how you can stop him.
15/02/171h 15m

#295 - Atheist vs. Church of Christ Preacher

Is David Smalley losing his nice guy approach? Gabriel Rodriguez is back, and seemingly brings out the inner firebrand that Smalley tries to hide so well. The two debate about the Bible, the biology of sexuality, and why Gabriel believes men should run the household. This one gets intense.
08/02/172h 31m

#294 - Trae Crowder - The Liberal Redneck

David and Trae weigh in on audio of Christians celebrating the election of Trump, and the immigration ban. Audio of an anti-gay YouTuber who thinks incest is the same as marriage equality. Both David Smalley and Trae Crowder will be performing stand up at The Comedy Store in Hollywood March 25th. Get your tickets at dogmadebate.com. Reply Reply to All Forward More
02/02/171h 42m

#293 - Church of Christ Preacher vs. David Smalley

We have audio from Al Franken exposing Betsy DeVos, SCA weighs in on Do marches matter? and Church of Christ Preacher, and listener of Dogma Debate, Gabriel Rodriguez joins David to debate issues ranging from faith vs. works and how God operates in todays society, to homosexuality being a sin.
26/01/172h 8m

#292 - Leftist Protesters vs. David Smalley

After writing a controversial Patheos article titled Grow Up, Liberals - David is joined by 2 leftists who staunchly disagree with his stance: Callie Wright & Dan Arel discuss liberals protesting, university censorship, Milo Yiannopoulos being cancelled at universities, and the struggles facing trans people in America.
18/01/172h 9m

#291 - Bryan Fischer vs. David Smalley

Conservative Christian and American Family Radio Host Bryan Fischer recently said that anyone who opposes Christianity is an American traitor. David challenges him directly on that statement, as well as bodily autonomy, rape, the 10 Commandments, Hell, Secular Humanism, and so much more.
11/01/172h 27m

#290 - Christian Blogger vs. David Smalley

Jeremy Christian - yes, that's his real name, joins David Smalley in studio to take questions from listeners.
15/12/163h 20m

#289 - Part 8: 24hr Broadcast - Shelley & Cognitive Dissonance

The final two hours of the 24hr Broadcast for Camp Quest! Shelley Segal & Tom and Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance.
08/12/162h 4m

#288 - Part 7: 24hr Broadcast - Keith & Greta

Greta Christina & Keith Lowell Jensen (And Keith's daughter, Max)
08/12/161h 40m

#287 - Part 6: 24hr Broadcast - Gayle, Seth, & JT

Gayle Jordan, Seth Andrews, & JT Eberhard
08/12/162h 52m

#286 - Part 5: 24hr Broadcast - Brandy, Janie, & Ami

Brandy Madden, Janie Oyakawa, & Ami Lucas - discussing Mormonism from a woman's perspective.
08/12/162h 27m

#285 - Part 4: 24hr Broadcast - Stephanie, Aron, & Adam

Stephanie Guttormson, Aron Ra, & Adam Reakes
08/12/163h 25m

#284 - Part 3: 24hr Broadcast - Callie, Todd, & Dan

Callie Wright, Todd Stiefel, & Dan Arel
08/12/162h 34m

#283 - Part 2: 24hr Broadcast - Talissa, Jerry, & Noah

Talissa Smalley, Jerry DeWitt, Noah Lugeons
08/12/163h 30m

#282 - Part 1: 24hr Broadcast - Matt, Cara, & No Religion Required

Matt Dillahunty, Cara Santa Maria, Bobby C & Ashley from No Religion Required
07/12/162h 44m

#281 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

Daniel Ray has been a listener of Dogma Debate for 2 years, and is a devout Christian. David and Daniel discuss demons, angels, talking animals, the bible, special revelation, depression, childhood, and the firmament in the sky. Daniel believes the universe points to Jesus, and that evil is NOT just the result of "free will."
29/11/163h 41m

#280 - Atheists vs. Christmas

Taking calls from atheists celebrating Christmas; a moment of prayer with David (yes, he prays with you), the Salvation Army & Target.
28/11/1659m 41s

#279 - You vs. Your Family: Happy Thanksgiving

Ready for the Trump debates at Thanksgiving? Thinking about bowing out of the prayer this year? David & Brandy give you some tips on dealing with family in a peaceful way this holiday season.
24/11/161h 2m

#278 - Noah's Ark vs. David Smalley, Aron Ra, & Dan Arel

Eric Hovind took a group of atheists on a personally guided tour of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter. This is the full audio of what happened.
16/11/163h 27m

#277 - Trump vs. Atheists: with Aron Ra & Rachel Nanon Brown

Liberal atheists react to a Trump victory, and Aron Ra & Rachel Nanon Brown discuss evolution vs. creation.
10/11/162h 32m

#276 - Christian Couple vs. David Smalley

Two Christian 4th Listeners attended David's debate with Matt Slick, and now they have their chance to talk with David directly.
02/11/162h 10m

#275 - Dan Dennett vs. Free Will

Author & Philosopher Dan Dennett joins us to talk about Free Will & Sam Harris, James Lindsay discusses his new book "Everybody is Wrong About God," David, Alix, & Brandy recap the final presidential debate, and Larry Decker gives a political update from the Secular Coalition for America.
26/10/162h 18m
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