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Join Chad Prather for ”Chad Prather Show,” where humor meets the heat of today’s burning issues. Each week, Chad brings his signature Southern charm and witty perspective to the table, engaging with a diverse lineup of guests. From political pundits to cultural influencers, and from grassroots activists to celebrities, this podcast is a melting pot of opinions and insights. Expect lively debates, unexpected laughs, and an in-depth look at the topics that are setting social media on fire. Whether it’s the latest in politics, social trends, or entertainment, no subject is off-limits. Tune in, as Chad Prather and his guests unpack the complexities of our world with a blend of humor, honesty, and a touch of Southern hospitality.



Today I’m joined by Damani Felder. He’s an independent thinker that is dropping some absolute truth bombs on us in this episode. He is a host along with his brother, Eddie, on The Right Brothers YouTube channel.   Follow Damani on Socials!   Facebook: Damani Bryant Felder Twitter: @TheDamaniFelder Instagram: @TheDamaniFelder
04/04/2452m 17s

Southern Comedians Have ZERO FILTER with Jesse Peyton

Today I'm joined by my friend Jesse Peyton. We've done many comedy shows together in the Houston area and other parts of Texas. He's a very funny guy with a fascinating story. In this episode we examine the current comedy scene and joke about a whole bunch of stuff we probably shouldn't be. Follow Jesse! Instagram: @jesseisfunny
02/04/241h 58m

ROASTING the Madness of Modern America with Anthony Michael Russo

Today I'm joined by Anthony Michael Russo. He's the host of the Truth Will Set You Free Podcast and pioneered the #BeTheChange and #AwakeNotWoke Movements among many other great slogans. He's a strong voice for political and cultural change and he's just released his book The Art of Doubling Down. E Anthony is super funny and we had a great time filming this episode and laughing about the absurdity of everything going on right now.  Follow him on socials: Instagram Truth Will Set You Free Podcast
28/03/241h 56m

Is America Collapsing All Around Us?

Let's get To The Point and discuss a number of crazy happening in our world today.  The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a collision from a cargo tanker in the middle of the night. What are the implications as it relates to other things happening in our country right now.  Thanks for joining. Check out and grab a bundle deal as we close out inventory. 
27/03/2431m 34s

Zeek Arkham Discusses Democrats' Impact on Black Communities

Today I'm joined by Zeek Arkham. He's a police officer, body builder, conservative commentator, husband and father.  In this podcast we talk about Democratic policies that have had a negative impact on black communities, leading to a decline in safety, economic opportunities, and family structure. We also discuss how the Black Lives Matter movement has marginalized black men and promoted the idea that they are not needed in the family structure. Zeek gives insight into the growing need for hiring high quality police officers, especially in deep blue cities where crime is rapidly growing.  It's a great episode!   Follow Zeek:
26/03/241h 9m

Men and Depression -It's Another Manic Monday

Let's talk about men and depression.  Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Chad takes a stab at what men are dealing with in their minds and how to approach the pressure productively and successfully.  This may be a life changing episode for your family. Visit and check out some of the close-out bundles as we make room for new inventory. 
25/03/2427m 10s

Isabel Brown Breaks Down Gen-Z's Radical Shift to Conservatism

Today I'm joined by Isabel Brown. Isabel has dominated TikTok and Instagram with her common sense approach to challenging Gen-Z about leftist ideologies.  Isabel is a former U.S. Senate and White House Intern, has produced content with PragerU, and is a spokesperson for Turning Point USA and the proud host of a TPUSA production. She is actively speaking at university campuses to engage with the youth. Isabel's new book, The End of the Alphabet: How Gen-Z Can Save America, is an excellent insight into how the pendulum is swinging back to more conservative values for the next generation.   Special Offers: Patriot Mobile: Nationwide Cell Coverage from a Company That Supports Your Values. Get FREE Activation at Use Code "CHAD" Pure Health Research: Get A FREE Gift When You Go to Warrior Essentials helps you remove toxins from your cells, repair your circulatory health, and restore your immunity and DNA stability. Go to to receive up to 50% OFF and FREE SHIPPING. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
21/03/2452m 4s

Border Patrol Chief Warns of Impending Disaster w/ Chris Clem

Chad is joined by Chris Clem. Chris is a retired senior border patrol federal agent. He has over 25 years of border patrol experience. Chris sheds light on the sheer magnitude of what's really happening on the U.S. southern border, what that means for our country, and what we need to do to rectify this threat to our nation.
19/03/241h 55m

Crooked Media Blasts Trump For His "Bloodbath" Prediction - What's Missing?!?

The crooked mainstream media is at it once again proving they will twist any narrative and take everything they can out of context if it means taking down President Donald Trump.  This time it's over his speech in Ohio regarding the US motor industry.  What's the message that they are sending to the American public and what does that mean for YOU? Let's unpack their nefarious plan and strategy. Be sure to check out my friends at and get involved.
18/03/2427m 7s

Biden Admin is Flying Immigrants into the U.S. From South America w/ Larry Alex Taunton

In this episode of the Chad Prather Show, Chad and Larry discuss the Biden administration's role in flying unvetted illegal aliens into the US and the globalist agenda behind it. The guest, Larry Alex Taunton, shares his experiences traveling to Colombia and witnessing the humanitarian crisis caused by the Biden administration's policies.    Special Offers: Pure Health Research: Get A FREE Gift When You Go to Patriot Mobile: Nationwide Cell Coverage from a Company That Supports Your Values. Get Free Activation at Use Code "CHAD"  
14/03/241h 8m

I Asked Conservatives Burning Questions – This Is What They Said

Chad attends a Mitch Little rally and gets people's opinions about current politics and American culture. Chad also spends an afternoon at the Blaze interviewing the staff.    Special Offers: Go to to get 5 free gifts with your purchase of the Liver Health Formula Go to for investments opportunities in Gold, Silver, and other precious metals
12/03/2445m 41s

Meet the Journalist Who Was CHARGED for Reporting on January 6th

In this episode, Chad Prather discusses various topics including the January 6th Capitol incident with Steve Baker, the Supreme Court, the changing guidelines on BLAHBLAH-19, the consequences of BLAHBLAH-19 policies, political divisions and rhetoric, the spiritual battle and evil in society, the open border and immigration issues, the state of journalism and media bias.
07/03/2451m 52s

Biden Busted Flying Folks into the Country and Fani Willis' Skeletons are on Parade

What in the world was Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis thinking when she decided to target President Donald Trump when she knew what all she was hiding? Let's discuss what is about to happen to her. We now know that Joe Biden has been flying hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants into the United States in order to reduce the numbers of his border encounter statistics. Theres a ton to get into and you're gonna love it so let's get To The Point on The Chad Prather Show. 
06/03/2423m 51s

Climate Change ALARMISM: One Super Effective Way to Control the WORLD

Why are the Hollywood Elites all up in arms about the effects of Climate Change on our world but, in the process, making even more giant carbon footprints than all of us combined? What is the real agenda behind this issue, and what myths is our culture buying into? Chad explores the impact of influencers like Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist, and the trending narrative of sustainability bought into by the rich. He unpacks the perceived global effect of greenhouse gases and pollutants on our world and shares some practical ways to respond sensibly to this issue.
05/03/241h 8m

American Cities Are CRUMBLING Under Pressure of Illegal Immigrants

Was Jesus really an illegal immigrant? I hear this argument all the time, but I think Jesus would have a few words to say about that...In this episode I show you some devastating clips of immigrants from all over the world flooding out of buses into major cities like San Diego. Our infrastructure and government programs cannot take more people than it wasn't intended to care for in the first place. Take a look at what's happening folks.
29/02/2454m 40s

The FBI is Creating False Realities and Getting Roasted For It Online

Let's get To The Point on another episode. More information has emerged about the death of a "trans" teenager in Oklahoma. What does it prove.  Pfizer has been doing something sneaky and hiding information you probably want to know. Hint: It's about your kids. Another manifesto has been found for a potential church shooter and you will TOTALLY BELIEVE what the authorities did to him. We will also explore a public service announcement from 1961 and try to figure out what Ralph did to Jimmy. Buckle up!
28/02/2426m 34s

America Will NEVER Look the Same After This (w/ Sara Gonzales)

Chad is joined again by Sara Gonzales. They catch up on the current state of politics in the U.S. and trash a bunch of RINOs in the process. They talk revisionist history and the weird diversity inclusivity that's for some reason more important than the truth or common sense.
27/02/2456m 25s

Who Wants to Live in Venezuela? Me Neither!

The barbaric murder of University of Georgia/Augusta University student Laken Riley is yet another consequence of Joe Biden's open border policy.  Venezuala has now invaded the US and the results are catastrophic. Chad provides you with an argument as to why this particular death is different from others that happen in the country.  What is the media hiding from you and why? Thanks for tuning in.
26/02/2427m 16s

Biden Won’t Make it to November – Who’s Going to Replace Him? w/ Buzz Patterson

Chad Prather and Buzz Patterson dive into a range of pressing topics and crazy stories, from the treatment of Clarence Thomas to the mental state of Joe Biden. They explore leaked stories from the White House, the legal battle against Trump, and concerns about Ron DeSantis supporters. With insights on potential presidential candidates like Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom, they also discuss the challenges facing the American military and the state of government accountability. 
22/02/241h 9m

Libs of TikTok Blamed by Activists for Death of Teenager

We get To The Point (sorta) and discuss the tragic death of a "non-binary" student in an Oklahoma school fight that is now being blamed on Libs of TikTok owner Chaya Raichik.  We will unpack the mental gymnastics necessary to reach such a ludicrous idea on the part of so-called "journalists." 
21/02/2422m 56s

Traditional Southern Values Ain't Dead Yet w/ Stacy Lyn Harris

Get Stacy’s New Cookbook!   Today I’m joined by Stacy Lyn Harris, the prolific cookbook author, blogger, TV host, gardener, and public speaker. She’s the total embodiment of southern hospitality and values. Her accomplishments speak for themselves: 4 cookbooks published, 7 children raised and homeschooled, and 1 epic southern legacy.    In this episode we discuss grandma’s biscuits, southern history, generational relationships and wisdom, the best chili recipes and so much more.
20/02/241h 4m

The Legitimacy of the Trump Ruling and America's Judicial Tyranny

The Chad Prather Show gets To The Point to discuss the legitimacy of the NYC court ruling against President Donald Trump by AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron. What will happen next?  Check out what's going on with residents of Massachusetts being asked to open their homes to illegals and you WON'T BELIEVE what the Biden administration is doing at the southern border. One hispanic woman speaks out!
19/02/2427m 48s

Lawyer Defends Citizen’s Freedoms Through U.S. Constitution w/ John Hullihan (JAG)

Chad is joined by John Hullihan, a lawyer who fights for legal battles for citizens. With over 13 years of service as a Navy JAG officer, including work with SEAL teams and Special Operations units, Hullihan brings a wealth of experience in law and policy. He believes our constitutional republic is at a tipping point and seeks to lead an America First agenda to preserve individual liberty, respect for state sovereignty, and freedom of speech. We unpack the souther border crisis, and how the left has strategically branded it as an immigration issue. We also discuss what will happen in the 2024 presidential election and much more.  
15/02/241h 5m

The Government Just Doesn't Love Me No More

Happy Valentine's Day...or whatever. Let's get To The Point today on The Chad Prather Show: Alejandro Mayorkas has been impeached as Secretary of Homeland Security as the southern US border remains wide open with no relief in sight.  Joe Biden refuses to take a cognitive test and we are going to make fun of the reasons why. The American Dream may be dead to all of us very shortly.  Good luck, everybody. 
14/02/2422m 24s

Let’s Get Something Straight. Fairness Does NOT Equal Freedom

There's a difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes, folks. Let me explain the problem with all these socialist activist, feel-good ideologies. I'll show you why America has historically been the greatest country on this side of heaven and what we need to do to protect our values. What do you think about social programs like social security and medicare? Follow Chad everywhere - Join The Community -
13/02/2454m 24s

Puppet Politicians for a Puppet Population (Thanks Taylor Swift)

Let's get TO THE POINT: What is controlling the minds of the American populace as we get closer to the presidential election this November?  Is Taylor Swift a CIA plant...probably not...but what's the real deal? Joe Biden receives devastating news but will it affect his re-election goals? Chilling revelations from Microsoft and the future of journalism should scare all of us.  I'm going to include a sentence about the Super Bowl just to help the algorithm but does anyone really care? Nope. The feds still want your menthols and we want you to visit our friends at MYFIRESIDE.COM. 
12/02/2429m 50s

The Bigger the GOVERNMENT, the Smaller the CITIZEN

The health of our nation's future is in jeopardy and trusting in the Government to take care of you is futile! In this episode, I discuss the impact that Big Government has on our society and the consequences that incur as a result. The more people rely on the Government, the more that people become entitled, ungrateful and resentful - it's a vicious cycle! Join me as we explore the roots to this and discuss how we should respond in light of it.  Follow Chad everywhere - Join The Community -

Losing a Legend; Losing a Nation

The world of country music mourns with the loss of legendary icon Toby Keith. I look at the legacy he leaves behind and what it means to so many of us. Chad takes an opportunity to dissect the border bill that is being proposed by Washington DC and the dangerous implications that will come from passing it. What will the future of America look like with this new legislation? Joe Biden takes a stab at Donald Trump, but at his own peril. Join us as we get right to the point. 
07/02/2425m 11s

Baptiste Marchais Shares How France ANNIHILATES Your Freedoms

What happens when the bank and other large agencies cancel you based on your political affiliation?! Chad welcomes Baptiste Marchais, a Frenchman now living in Texas, who shares how he experienced Cancel Culture in France. Baptiste warns that the USA is heading that way too! How can we respond as this starts to occur in the US and how do we stand our ground with what is going on?   Follow Chad everywhere - Join The Community -
06/02/2424m 29s

The Texas Border is CLOSED! Check out these numbers

The numbers are starting to show the effectiveness of Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott’s new border policy, and the results will astound you. Let’s discuss America’s strange strategy in striking back against Iran, and the current department of defense priority will absolutely shock you! After two NYPD officers were attacked by illegals we now see how badly the justice system is failing the citizens of America. Just when you thought it could not get worse…it has.
05/02/2423m 42s

The Tyranny of Big Business is CHOKING Patriots' Freedoms

This is what happens when Corporate America sells out as big government shells as mouthpieces to the Left and they do it in the name of what is "good for humanity". Why is a conservative opinion so controversial?  Can you imagine what Big Tech would do to the Founding Fathers?  Join me today to discuss what is going on.  Follow Chad everywhere - Join The Community -
01/02/2453m 57s

Is Joe Biden Out? Donald Trump Gets a Nomination!

Chad gets to the point with todays headlines to discuss what US voters are saying about Joe Biden's re-election efforts and Donald Trump has been nominated...yet again! Find out what's going on with the spat between Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep Ilhan Omar while Rep. Cori Bush gets super spiritual with her personal security detail. Is drone warfare here to stay and is Taylor Swift a government plant to guarantee Biden's second term?
31/01/2423m 36s

His Country Was DESTROYED by Socialism - Now He's a Texan!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to flee your home, chased by the shadows of tyranny? What happens when a citizenship bows down to a government which is their overlord? In this episode, I sit down with Baptiste Marchais, a former resident of France who found refuge in the heart of Texas. Folks, what's happening in Europe tends to find it's way to American civilization so Baptiste will inform us on the warning signs of what we can do to prepare.    Follow Chad everywhere - Join The Community -  
30/01/241h 2m

America is Collapsing All Around Us!

America is under attack from Iran and being invaded by multiple nations at the southern border. How much longer can America survive with the Biden administration asleep at the wheel? Chad unpacks the ramifications of Iranian drone strikes which killed three American service members and also discusses the constitutional violations that are happening at the Texas southern border. Will Trump be forced to pay E Jean Carroll $83 million? How does the farmers’ rebellion in France affect our way of thinking? And finally, the Academy Awards has snubbed the Barbie Movie in a hilarious way. 
29/01/2435m 17s

Soft Parents Are Raising a Generation of Snowflakes w/ CJaye

Chad and CJaye tackle the hottest trend in child-rearing: Gentle parenting. They'll share their own parenting experiences, both the wins and the tantrums, and offer their unfiltered opinions on whether Gentle parenting actually works in the real world. Follow Chad everywhere - Join The Community -  
25/01/2453m 13s

CJaye & Chad Test Gender Stereotypes

Join Chad and CJaye as they dive into the often-heated topic of the traditional woman in today's world. Has feminism rewritten the script entirely? Chad and CJaye discuss the challenges that come with relationships and the Woke media's influence on gender roles. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even change your mind.   Follow Chad everywhere - Watch Chad's episode on YouTube - Chad Prather 
23/01/2446m 41s

The People Have Spoken – They Want Trump BACK w/ Sara Gonzales

Hey Y’all! Today I’m back with my OG work wife, the one and only Sara Gonzales! Did you miss us? We know you did!   We are sitting down to catch up on Donald Trump winning the Iowa Caucus, getting kicked out of Greg Abbott’s campaign event for confronting Texas Rep Kronda Thimesch, and Sara’s new show – Sara Gonzales Unfiltered, premiering January 29th!
18/01/241h 21m

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Fake Fairness is Destroying Excellence

A door ripped off a Boeing 737 plane mid-flight and made everybody think twice about flying. Is DEI to blame for this oversight? Companies like Boeing and United Airlines have loosened their regulations on QC checks and have prioritized hiring based on DEI standards vs. hiring based on who is the best person for the job.   Claudine Gay, the President of Harvard University, had to step down from her position after facing backlash for plagiarizing academic work that contributed to her accolades. The response from some people? That Harvard needs to hire another black woman to replace her. Why is that the most important factor for determining who is the right person for the job?   DEI is dangerous, discriminatory, and worst of all, it devalues the real accomplishments of people that ACTUALLY achieved something. Let’s break this down guys. I love you, God bless!
16/01/2452m 26s

Are THEY HIDING Jeffrey Epstein’s Video Tapes?

It's time to stop giving in to the insanity around you! In this episode, Chad brings to light and discusses the information the media and Hollywood elite desperately want to keep hidden. From Epstein's island to the predatory shadows of Harvey Weinstein, from the silenced voices of Palestine to the muffled whispers of Hollywood's Hamas sympathizers, Chad peels back the layers of cover-ups and suppression. Why are THEY so desperate to hide the evidence and tapes from Epstein Island? Chad exposes the hypocrisy of celebrities who preach social justice while turning a blind eye to injustice closer to home. Join Chad to expose the insanity of Hollywood's cover-ups.  
11/01/2445m 32s

The No Bullsh*t Guide to Getting Your Life Together in 2024

Hey Y’all! Pull up a chair and drink some bourbon with me tonight. We will surely see some political tricks and media twists this year, but there is hope! In this episode, I want to talk about how to cast a vision for your life and remain hopeful in 2024 because it is going to be a great year. Love y’all!
09/01/2440m 52s

Liberals Tried to BREAK US for 3 Years —We’re Still Here!

Hey y’all! Happy new year and welcome to the new, independent, Chad Prather Show. We are very excited to share all the new things we are cooking up. In this episode I want to talk to you about all the insanity that’s happening in our world and how we should respond to it. Although the news looks more terrifying every day, I am hopeful and encouraged about the future. I hope you are too. Thank you for tuning into the new show. Love you, God bless! Sign up to receive my weekly newsletter and updates:  
04/01/2443m 29s

The Chad Prather Show - Brand New Season!

Welcome back to our long-time listeners, and welcome to those of you who are new to the family. Chad shares in this short episode after seven years of running this show, we are relaunching with a new season focusing more on cultural topics that affect you, your family, your city, your state, and the country. We've lost the ability to think critically in our world today and common sense isn't so common anymore. Ideas do have consequences and we're seeing those consequences play out in the world around us right now and many of those to detrimental reasons. It's time for us to sow some good seed into our minds and so we're going to have fun doing it!  We appreciate those of you who have been with us for all of these years and want to encourage you to tell others about the show and let's grow our family!  These episodes will also be available on Rumble and YouTube - Chad Prather. 
02/01/245m 6s
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