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Chicago Chef/Restaurateur Rick Bayless and award-winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky have known each other for 20 years, and now they're teaming up to tackle everything from food trends to seafood sustainability. Jump around the globe each episode as they teach you how to make delicious dishes like ramen and Korean fried chicken, with amazing guest chefs to guide you along the way.


IC: Softshell Crab

A softshell crab challenge with Jennifer Kim, the chef and owner of Passerotto in Chicago, as she and chef Rick Bayless attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just softshells, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
06/06/1937m 0s


After biking to wherever you’re going, and then walking through the museums of Amsterdam, admiring the Van Goghs and Rembrandts, you quickly work up an appetite, or a thirst. How to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time? By taking a food tour, of course. We’ll check out a Tours by Locals experience, drink a lot of genever, and pop-in for a few surprises, which came as a result of social media intel. Then getting a taste of genever back here in Chicago. How to create a dutch-inspired cocktail - Stateside. Eating and drinking Amsterdam…it’s all straight ahead.
30/05/1947m 0s

St Lucia Eats

The indie-pop group St. Lucia is on tour now, promoting its most recent studio album, Hyperion, with a U.S. tour. They stopped in Chicago for a sold out show, but took some time before their sound check to stop by the test kitchen. We’ll talk food, cooking, eating on the road and, for at least one half of the duo, how growing up in South Africa and Germany affected their approach to food.
23/05/1935m 30s


A taste of the city formerly known as Constantinople, where Asia and Europe meet. Whether you’re sitting down to a bottle of raku and an overloaded table groaning with mezze, or wandering the backstreets of the old bazaar, sharing borek and with your friendly neighborhood usta, the city lures you into its labyrinth passageways filled with all sorts of delicious discoveries. Steve spends a day with one of my colleagues who guided us through breakfast, lunch and dinner…then takes a full-day Culinary Backstreets tour – finally – to get a local’s perspective on pretty much everything. Plus, a lesson in Turkish breakfast, right here in Chicago, which you can duplicate for yourself, thanks to a new company that ships.
16/05/1953m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Asparagus

An asparagus challenge with Michael Sheerin, Chef from Taureaux in Chicago, as he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just asparagus, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
09/05/1932m 0s

Celebratory Drinks

We’re entering peak season for graduations, weddings and other celebrations (I’d raise a glass to the end of winter I was so happy it was over), and so today, we’re asking the experts for help us choose some appropriate bottles to help mark the occasion. We begin with champagne of course. An obvious choice for a special occasion that requires toasting and celebrating. And joining us in our first segment to talk French bubbles is Collin Moody, the General Manager of Income Tax, a bar and restaurant on Chicago’s North Side. Then we continue drinking bubbles, but rather than France, we’re headed to Italy. Steve talks with Adriano Adami, the partner and wine director at Osteria Langhe about his beloved Italian prosecco. Then later, a trip to whisky fest, to raise a celebratory glass of barrel-aged bourbon with Jeffrey Lindenmuth, the Executive Editor of Whisky Advocate Magazine, and asked him to suggest a pair of whiskys that anyone could get their hands on.
02/05/1945m 0s

Where to Eat in Chicago 2019

The food industry’s “Oscars” are set to take place yet again in Chicago on Monday, May 6th, but you can bet a lot of industry people are in town the weekend before, and they all have one thing on their mind: where do we eat (and drink)? We’re giving you the lowdown on where to do both, like a local, as we talk with the founder of a local food site that does quite a bit more than just listicles and Top 7 places to eat steak with Fooditor’s Michael Gebert. Plus, we’ll meet Shelby Alison, one of the women behind the 2nd annual Chicago Style, a cocktail conference going on for a few days after the Beards. Talk about a hangover. We’re rolling out the red carpet, and you don’t even need an invitation.
25/04/1938m 30s

Ingredient Challenge: Tofu

A tofu challenge with Jenny Yang, the owner of Phoenix Bean, as she and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some tofu, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
18/04/1934m 30s

Bonus Episode: Enrique Olvera

In this Bonus episode, Steve Dolinsky sits down with Chef Enrique Olvera Interview at the Arts Club of Chicago to talk about his new book, Tu Casa Mi Casa: Mexican Recipes for the Home Cook.
16/04/1941m 0s

Food Styling

On this episode, the art of food styling. We talk to a trio of professional stylists about how they got their jobs, and what they do to stay on top of food styling trends. Plus, some tips on how to improve your online food styling game. Getting paid to play with your food. Yes, it’s a career choice.
11/04/1939m 30s


A trip to Montreal in the middle of winter is not for the faint of heart, but rather, the truly hearty. Steve braves a few days in the cold of Quebec to eat and drink his way around town, while taking in a little bit of a mid-winter festival. There is more to this incredible city than poutine, smoked meat and bagels. Did we mention Leonard Cohen?? We’re going a little bit beyond maple syrup-soaked foie gras, eh?
04/04/1954m 30s


A deep dive on bread, as Rick and Steve talk to a couple of people involved in the burgeoning bread scene in Chicago, and learn what it takes to make truly transcendent loaves. Then Rick reports from Saigon, aka Ho Chi Minh City, getting up extra early to see how a team of men makes the unforgettable banh mi loaves that have come to signify a large part of the street food scene there. We’re headed right for the eye of the gluten zone.
28/03/1952m 0s

IC: Purple Sweet Potato

On this week’s show,a purple sweet potato challenge with Louie Yu, the Chef de Cuisine at Sunda, as he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some purple sweet potatoes, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
21/03/1933m 0s


On this episode, cider, cheese tea and natural wines. A disparate, yet delicious triumvirate. We’ll get a report from CiderCon, and talk to some of the folks behind this annual cider fest; I’ll head to the branch of a beloved Taiwanese tea shop – only in Chicago – where they’re making cheese tea (it’s not as weird as you’d think). Then we wrap things up with a deep-dive on the world of natural wines. Lots of options for all sorts of drinkers today, so no need to pace yourself.
14/03/1950m 0s

The Good Expo 2019

The Good Food Expo comes back to Chicago, but that doesn’t mean you have to live here to learn more about growing, making and cooking good food. We’ll talk to some of the key players, and discover why it has become one of the leading events of its kind in the Midwest, if not the entire country.
07/03/1935m 0s

Food Innovation

We visit the 11th annual Food Innovate Summit, where chefs and scientists come together to share their findings and predictions on where the industry is headed. We’ll talk scaling, data analysis and product development, but you don’t need an MBA to understand all of it.
28/02/1931m 30s

Ingredient Challenge: Veal

A veal challenge with Aaron Lirette, the Chef from Free Rein in Chicago, as he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just veal, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
21/02/1933m 0s

Food in Class

Coming up on this episode, a trio of organizations and individuals all dedicating their professional lives to improving food education in primary and elementary schools. We’ll talk to the Executive Director of Pilot Light, which works to develop food-centered curriculum; talk to a food ethnographer about the Readers to Eaters program, and then learn more about Kimbal Musk’s “Big Green” program. Enriching young minds with real food and a more rigorous approach to food education.
14/02/1935m 0s

Bonus Episode - Hugh Acheson

Steve and Ina talk with chef Hugh Acheson about how a Canadian fell in love with Southern Food, his new podcast and what he is enjoying in NYC these days.
12/02/1913m 0s


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day, or is that just a marketing tag line? Coming up on this week’s show, Ina Pinkney, the Breakfast Columnist at The Chicago Tribune, and the former chef/baker and owner of Ina’s in Chicago, sits in for Rick, as we talk breakfast. Not just menu suggestions, but how to succeed in a crowded field and where to go to find some of the best breakfasts in the world.
07/02/1940m 0s

Filipino Food

Coming up on this week’s show, What is Filipino food, and how is it being presented to the American audience? From the heart of Manila to a couple of 1st generation restaurateurs making names for themselves in New York City and Chicago, Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky explore the tastes of Philippines.
31/01/1959m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Bok Choy

On this week's show: a bok choy challenge with Josh Kulp, the chef and owner from Honey Butter Fried Chicken, as he and Rick Bayless attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some bok choy, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
24/01/1933m 0s

Pizza City Episode #1

Changing things up a little this week to share the first episode of Steve Dolinsky’s new podcast, Pizza City.
16/01/1931m 0s

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Coming up on this episode, Is there more than tequila, sunshine and waves in Puerto Vallarta? Steve Dolinsky takes us on a culinary tour of the city, visiting some of the favorites on the locals.
10/01/1948m 0s

New Years Traditions

In Denmark, they craft a towering cake called a kransekage with layers of marzipan. The shape is reminiscent of a cornucopia, promising a new year of success. In Italy, the coin like shape of lentils represent luck and prosperity. And in the Philippines, they hold Media Noche parties with circular fruit – think coins again – and plenty of roast pork. It does seem like every culture has some sort of New Year’s tradition, usually with the intention of good health, happiness or wealth. Maybe it’s just an excuse to eat. On this episode, What does “Happy New Year” look like in other countries? It might be lentils in Europe, baked goods in Scandinavia or something as simple as black-eyed peas in the American South.

The Best of 2018

On this episode, some greatest hits from the past year, as Rick and Steve share some of our favorite sounds and interviews from 2018. It’s a lot better than another re-run of “A Christmas Story” and a fruitcake.
27/12/181h 8m

Ingredient Challenge: Coconut

Coconuts are one of the few ingredients that immediately conjure images of palm trees, and by extension, warm, tropical days spent sipping the refreshing water out of the cavity of their tough shells. Not sure people realize there’s young coconut, and the water inside, but the milk we often see in Thai restaurants comes from pressing on the grated flesh from the inside of the more mature coconut. Coming up on this episode, a coconut challenge with Chef Patty Neumson from the upscale Thai restaurant Herb, as she and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some coconut, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.

Dark Beers

When faced with placing an order in a bar or restaurant, I always gravitate to lighter, more quaffable, or sessionable beers, because I don’t want to get hammered after one round. Coming up on this episode, we are going dark. Beer, that is. Imperial Stouts, brown ales, schwartbiers, you name it. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, why not pour yourself something a little more beguiling to ease into winter.
12/12/1839m 0s

Cookbook Show 2018

On this episode, our annual cookbooks show, featuring interviews with two prolific authors. One, the chef of a few well-known Israeli restaurants in Philadelphia and New York; the other, one of the nation’s baking experts whose new book takes a broader approach to the kitchen. Then, in our final segment, Rick and Steve talk about a few of the books we really like this holiday season.
06/12/181h 1m

Ingredient Challenge: Pomegranate

When one thinks of pomegranates, we think of the drink, or pomegranate seeds scattered across something only as a garnish. Coming up on this episode, a pomegranate challenge with Brian Jupiter, the chef from two restaurants in Chicago, as he and I attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some pomegranates, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
29/11/1835m 0s

Belgian Beers

Belgium is a tiny country. You might think of chocolate as its most famous export, but beer is just as important, if not more so. There are nearly 200 breweries in this country of about 11 million people, so you know beer there is practically a religion. Coming up on this week’s show, we dive deep into the world of Belgian beers, with a few experts. We’ll talk to a legendary bar owner, Michael Roper, who carries more Belgian beers on his list than just about any bar in the U.S. Then we’ll meet a pair of brewers, each of whom are producing some Belgian-style beers, right here in the middle of the country. Claudia Jendron, the Head Brewer at Pipeworks Brewing in Chicago, and Tom Korder, the Founder of Penrose Brewery in bucolic Geneva, Illinois, who'll tell us about Belgian-style session ales, aged in oak barrels with alternative fermentation.
22/11/1842m 0s

DIY Beer and Sausage

Attend any local farmer’s market, and you’ll see a few vendors selling homemade beer, sausage or cured meats. Like any do-it-yourselfer, they probably started in their basement or garage, with a few tools, a couple of buckets and a lot of enthusiasm. On this episode, doing things yourself this winter. Become your own craft brewer or sausage maker, or even charcuterie master. First, Steve visits Derek and Yolanda Luscz, the brother and sister owners of Gene’s Sausage Shop and Deli, a legendary sausage-maker here in Chicago. Then, he meets up with Patrick Whistler, the Manager of Brew and Grow, a home brew and hydroponics hobby store that’s been in business for more than 20 years. And finally, he and Rick welcome Joe Frietze, the Chef de Cuisine at Publican Quality Meats in Chicago, into the test kitchen and they talk curing meats.
15/11/1844m 0s


Coming up on this episode, a trip to Seattle reveals a lot more than legal weed and oysters. It’s a chance to talk with a couple of writers covering the area, to learn more about the Emerald City, as well as a local chef who has pretty much dominated the Seattle food scene for more than a decade. Plus, the bonus discovery of a fantastic Chicago-style deep dish.
08/11/1859m 0s

IC: Catfish

Catfish is pretty much at every soul food restaurant in town, having a fried one on their menu. Coming up on this episode, a catfish challenge with Hunter Moore, the chef of Parson’s Chicken and Fish, as he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some catfish, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
01/11/1831m 0s

Restaurant Music

We would put music right up there with lighting, ambient noise and décor, when it comes to creating a mood. Coming up on this episode, how does music play a role in the design and function of a restaurant, and who actually gets to decide on what to play, when? We’ll talk to two industry experts to actually get paid to listen to music and then curate playlists for dozens of different types of restaurants.
25/10/1838m 0s


As a guy so closely associated with Mexican food, people may not realize Rick, at one point, was in the pastry department, and mixed with his Southern upbringing, pies are a big deal. Both sweet and savory pies seem to come to the forefront as summer moves into fall, but there are debates about which type of fat to use. Butter? Lard? Shortening? On this episode, Rick and Steve break it all down, then visit a legendary Middle Eastern bakery where they’ve been making savory pies for decades.
18/10/1841m 0s

Ingredience Challenge: Chorizo

Like the salmon that swim upstream to spawn each year, we find ourselves, once again, navigating our way through the thicket of hungry and thirsty festival-goers at Chicago Gourmet in Millennium Park. On this episode, a quick check-in on the beginning of the second decade of this citywide culinary event, with the added bonus of a chorizo challenge, featuring the Chef Diana Davila, the Chef and owner of Mi Tocaya Antojeria, in the Logan Square neighborhood. She and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some chorizo, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. Plus, a very special guest stops by to help me out in the kitchen.
11/10/1836m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Bacon

We’ve been doing Ingredient Challenges for about three years now, and can’t believe we haven’t done this one yet. On this episode, a bacon challenge with Andrew Zimmerman, chef of two successful restaurants, Sepia has earned a Michelin star for each of the last seven years and just last year, he and his business partner, Emmanuel Nony opened Proxi. He and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some bacon, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
04/10/1834m 0s


Fall is in the air. The apple trees are flush with fruit and while the kids love hot apple cider, those of us old enough to partake 21, have fermented cider to look forward to. But this isn’t really a seasonal drink anymore. Coming up on this episode, a cider revolution. We’re not talking about the sweet stuff, but rather, drier, leaner fermented cider that’s made by top-notch brewmasters. Rick and Steve are joined by Hayley Shine, the “Lady of Liquids” at Eris Brewery and Cider House in Chicago, then Kim Vavrick, Communications Director for Virtue Cider, joins us to talk about their style of cider.
27/09/1831m 0s

Best Pizza in U.S.

It always been America’s favorite comfort food. Pizza is so much more to your favorite pie than just cheese, sauce and dough. There’s tavern-style in your local bar, popular chains, mom-and-pop storefronts, chef-driven pies, Neapolitan classics and so many more styles, all calling for cheese – mostly mozzarella – and sauce – mostly from tomatoes. On this week’s show, we’ll talk to the king of New York City pizza tours. Scott Weiner is the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours, which leads about a dozen tours per week, but he also writes about pizza for Pizza Magazine, and happens to hold the world record for the number of pizza boxes. Then, we widen the lens a bit, looking at both the city of Buffalo, but also the entire East Coast with Arthur Bovino a pizza writer who says there’s a “Pizza Belt”. And finally, we talk with Tony Gemignani about the west coast flavors. Tony is the first American (and non-Neapolitan) to become World Champion Pizza Maker at the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy, 11 years ago.

LA Korean

A trip to LA’s massive Korea Town, in search of a trio of dishes that speak to the Korean experience: kalbi, dokbokki and soontofu. Steve heads to the left coast to talk with the owners of three well-regarded restaurants there about the stories behind the dishes that have made them famous.
13/09/1845m 0s

IC: Mango

There are several Michelin-starred restaurants in Chicago, but only one brewpub has a coveted star. Ian Davis is the Executive Chef at Band of Bohemia joins Rick Bayless as they attempt to come up with easy weeknight meals in 15 minutes or less, using just some mangoes, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
06/09/1830m 0s


Coming up on the show, a trip to Kansas City yields a lot of slow-smoking, including some cuts with which you’re probably not as familiar. Steve talks with a few experts, including a food writer who spent nearly 30 years at the Kansas City Star, as well as a few Hall of Fame barbecue judges, who give me the lowdown on all things KC. A trip into the heartland for barbecue at all times of the day.
30/08/1839m 0s

Labor Issues

How tough is it finding a dishwasher, let alone a good server these days? The restaurant industry has all sort of challenges – a rising minimum wage, the high cost of food and rent… but nothing has captured the industry’s attention like a labor shortage. Staffing new projects has become a tricky enterprise. We’ll speak with a trio of industry experts this week, all focused on the daily challenges of hiring, training and retaining.
23/08/1846m 0s

Food Journalism's Next Wave

A lot of shakeups in my industry as of late. In just the past year, Food & Wine moved editorial from New York to Birmingham, Alabama, canning its Editor, Saveur cut production from 6 issues a year to four, and canned their Editor and publications like Chicagoist disappeared, while other online-only operations such as Tasting Table and GrubStreet pulled the plug on their Chicago bureaus as well. It’s not all bad news, but it does signal a shift in where consumers will be getting their food information in the future. On this episode, the new school of food journalism. Where do you go for recipes, food news, restaurants, chefs and reviews? We’ll talk to three people working on that very issue as we speak. Chris Ying writes restaurant columns for the San Francisco Chronicle, and is now working with David Chang on Majordomo Media, a new endeavor, where they are in the process of launching a new website. Kevin Pang knows a little bit about daily life at a major newspaper. The USC grad worked in L.A. before coming to work for the Chicago Tribune, where he wrote reviews and food stories for the Trib for more than a decade. He left to start up The Takeout, a project that the A.V. Club started, and that of course is part of The Onion. And in our final segment, we head to Toronto, the birthplace of – brainchild of Chris Nuttall-Smith who was the Restaurant Critic at The Globe and Mail, then left and did a stint at a judge on Top Chef Canada, and most recently, has launched The Taster.
16/08/1838m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Tomatoes

On this week's show, a tomato challenge with a chef who has literally grown up in the birrieria business here in Chicago. Jonathan Zaragoza is the 2nd generation helping his family with their legendary restaurant on Chicago’s Southwest Side. He joins Chef Bayless in an attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some tomatoes, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
09/08/1835m 0s

Drink Pink

Hot weather means sipping something easy out by the pool, right? Something a little fizzy maybe, or at the very least, easy to drink with lighter food. On this episode we drink pink with three different experts from the beverage world here to help guide us through some options this summer. Joining us are Craig Perman, the owner of Perman Wine Selections; Alisandro Serna, the Sommelier at Boka and Joseph Perez, the Wine Buyer for one of the Whole Foods stores here in Chicago
02/08/1827m 0s


Coming up on this show, a trip to Bilbao in Northern Spain gives Steve a chance to see and taste what this part of the world truly values, pretty much anything placed on a thick piece of bread, paired with a crisp, refreshing white wine that is as common in the Basque Country as iced tea is in the American South.
26/07/1841m 0s

PBS Vs. Food Network

Food television continues to produce more programs and more networks and now streaming shows – David Chang’s “Ugly Delicious” is a good recent example on Netflix. The Food Network has been around for about 25 years now, and of course PBS does its own sort of programming. Coming up on this week’s show, the state of food shows. Who makes them, who pays for them and who greenlights them. We’ll talk to a few experts in the field, like chef and TV personality Marcus Samuelsson, who now has his own show on PBS, as well as Food Network veteran Maneet Chauhan, a fixture on “Chopped.”

Ingredient Challenge: Canned Artichokes

Coming up on this week’s show, a canned artichoke challenge with the Chef and owner of The Chopping Block in Chicago, as she and I attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some artichoke hearts, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. Shelley Young grew up in that mecca for all things gastronomy and innovation: Fort Dodge, Iowa. And we joke, but that rural upbringing shaped her philosophy about food. In the summer, she put up beans, corn and tomatoes for the winter. She pitted sour cherries for pie, hunted morel mushrooms and caught fresh catfish on camping trips. It was with these intense food memories and experiences that she launched The Chopping Block in 1997; quite simply, Chicago’s premier recreational cooking school. Guests have fun, drink wine, eat great food and learn a lot along the way. Shelley now oversees two locations, including a massive one inside the Merchandise Mart here along the Chicago River.
12/07/1834m 0s

Grilling Steak

We are in prime grilling season across the country right now, so we decided to share one of our favorite episode from last year. Coming up on this week’s show we talk beef. Steve visits a distributor on Chicago’s West Side, to learn more about how cattle is processed and aged before it gets to your favorite steakhouse. Then we head to a steakhouse that actually dry-ages their beef in-house. Finally, we're back in the test kitchen where Randy Waidner of DemiStoks cooks up some choice cuts from Niman Ranch and Plum Market for Rick and Steve to enjoy.
04/07/1838m 0s

Paletas and Other Icy Treats

From paletas to patbingsu, a wide range of icy, creamy treats to keep cool this summer. We’re going around the world to taste the creations from five different countries. We’ll help you avoid brain freeze.
28/06/1848m 0s

Mexican Fusion

Definitely more frequently than Chinese and Indian or Swedish and Thai, it seems like whenever a cook wants to bridge two cuisines in their kitchens, it’s Mexican and Korean; or maybe Mexican and Southern. Coming up on this week’s show’s, a chat with a pair of chefs talk Mexican Fusion. First, the co-owner of a successful chain in Atlanta and Nashville, Eddie Hernandez joins us to talk about a new book, Turnip Greens & Tortillas, all about his blending of Mexican and Southern cooking. Then, a Korean-American who has adopted tacos and burritos, and given them a kimchi twist for college kids and millennials. David Choi, the chef and owner of Seoul Taco talks about Korean and Mexican flavors.
21/06/1854m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Potatoes

Dan Salls has worked in bars, did a two-year stint as a financial advisor, then took the leap and started a company called The Salsa Truck, which not only served busy Chicagoans lunch, but did catering as well. Since the summer of 2016, he has been the owner and driving force behind Quiote, one of the city’s most dynamic, casual yet modern Mexican restaurants, with a serious mezcal program. Dan accepted our challenge this week, using potatoes as the main ingredient. He and Rick both attempt to make an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less.
14/06/1836m 0s


We are talking coffee this week. First Rick and Steve welcome Metric Coffee’s Xavier Alexander to the show. Metric Coffee is a collaboration between the owner of Caffe Streets in Chicago and the former Roasting Manager at Intelligentsia. It roasts all of its beans on a restored, 1961 Probat UG 15 coffee roaster. (Just now, a few coffee geeks listening got super-excited.) Then, they are joined by Hannah Neuschwanger, the Communications Director at World Coffee Research, whose mission is to grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.
07/06/1844m 0s

Pizza Expo

The annual Pizza Expo draws several hundred vendors and thousands of attendees, for a three-day conference. Steve Dolinsky is in the middle of writing a book on pizza, so headed to Las Vegas for the annual event. He wanted to take a more holistic approach to the subject of pizza, so he began by looking for someone who knows something about flour to make a great crust. Then he went in search of the perfect toppings to create a perfect pie.
31/05/1837m 0s

Grilling and Beyond

In the Midwest, Memorial Day is the serious start of the summer and grilling season. On this week’s show: we talk grilling with Mr. How To Cook Everything, Mark Bittman. Then chat with Ethan Brown, the guy behind Beyond Meat, a company selling products in more than 20-thousand stores and restaurants in the U.S., including his Beyond Burger, the first plant-based meat to be sold in the meat aisle.
24/05/1848m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Rhubarb

On this week’s show, a rhubarb challenge with Debbie Gold, the Chef of Tied House in Chicago, as she and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just some rhubarb, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
17/05/1832m 0s

Belgian Beers

Belgium is a tiny country. You might think of chocolate as its most famous export, but beer is just as important, if not more so. There are nearly 200 breweries in this country of about 11 million people, so you know beer there is practically a religion. Belgian beers have been the go-to, the Valhalla, the king of the beer geeks’ preferred beverage. Coming up on this week’s show, we dive deep into the world of Belgian beers, with a few experts. We’ll talk to a legendary bar owner, Michael Roper, carries more Belgians than just about any bar in the U.S. Then we’ll meet a pair of brewers, each of whom are producing some Belgian-style beers, right here in the middle of the country. Claudia Jendron, the Head Brewer at Pipeworks Brewing here in Chicago. Claudia has worked has brewed beers for some of Chicago’s best breweries. And Tom Korder is the Founder of Penrose Brewery in bucolic Geneva, Illinois gives us a lesson in Belgian-style session ales, aged in oak barrels with alternative fermentation.
10/05/1839m 0s

Da Beards (AKA Where To Eat in Chicago Now)

The James Beard Awards, yes, the food industry’s “Oscars” are set to take place yet again in Chicago on Monday, May 7th, but you can bet a lot of industry people are in town the weekend before, and they all have one thing on their mind: where do we eat (and drink)? So, we’re giving you the lowdown on where to do both, like a local, as we talk with Michael Gebert, the founder of the local food site that does quite a bit more than just listicles and Top 7 places to grab brunch. Then, we’ll meet Sharon Bronstein, one of the women behind the first-ever Chicago Style, a cocktail conference going on for four days after the Beards. Talk about a hangover. We’ll have all that, plus a note about pizza tours in Chicago. We’re rolling out the red carpet, and you don’t even need an invitation.
03/05/1842m 0s

From Kimchi to Kefir

We do an annual cookbook show in December, intended as ideas for holiday gifts, but it seems like every week there’s another book or two to check out. Coming up on this week’s show, we dive deep into two books. Chef Bill Kim has been the driving force behind such restaurants as Urban Belly and Belly Q. He joins Rick and Steve to talk about his new cookbook Korean BBQ: Master Your Grill in Seven Sauces. Then we switch to kefir, that glorious fermented milk with Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway joins them to talk about her new book The Kefir Cookbook.
26/04/1844m 0s

Ingredient Challenge - Fennel

Fennel has the potential to be as divisive as cilantro, in that either you love it or hate it. It’s so closely associated with anise and licorice – another polarizing item. On this week’s show, a fennel challenge with the Chef Jill Barron of Mana Food Bar in Chicago, as she and Rick attempt to come up with easy weeknight meals in 15 minutes or less, using just some fennel, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
19/04/1834m 0s

China Tour

A taste of Chinese food from the source, but not the usual dim sum or Peking duck. This time, it's all about the fiery, chili-laced food of the Sichuan Province. Rick Bayless talks to a few chefs about what it's like to cook there, then Steve Dolinsky joins him for a visit to Chicago's Chinatown to see how the hot pot experience stacks up.
12/04/1847m 0s

Risotto and Beyond

On this week’s show, we dive deep into the world of Italian rice, with the author of a new book on the subject. Chef John Coletta is a respected veteran in the Chicago food community as Executive Chef and Managing Partner of Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar. He is the author of the new cookbook, Risotto and Beyond. Rick and Steve talk about risotto of course, but also soups, one-pot meals and even dessert.
05/04/1838m 4s

Bock Beer

It is Spring and for many people in the beer-loving community, that means Bock. German in origin, it’s a strong lager, usually dark, malty and lightly hopped. This week we dive deep into maibocks, helles bocks and don’t forget doppelbocks. We might even spot an eisbock along the way. We’ll talk to a couple of bar owners who know as much about beer as my co-host does about Mexican food. Then a pair of brewmasters stop by to share some of their handiwork.
29/03/1837m 0s

Ingredient Challenge: Pistachios

You may have thought pistachios were just for eating out of hand or maybe sprinkling on a Middle Eastern dessert like kanafeh or baklava. But coming up on this week's show: a Pistachio challenge with Stephen Gillanders the Chef and Owner of S.K.Y. here in Chicago, as both he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using just some pistachios, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
22/03/1835m 0s

Good Food Expo 2018

Building a food business, running a farm and marketing a new product all take skill and know-how; and of course money. Coming up on this week's show, The Good Food Expo comes to Chicago. We'll talk to some of the key players and discover why it's become one of the leading events of its kind in the Midwest, if not the entire country. Jim Slama, the C-E-O of Family Farmed and Producer of the Annual EXPO, the Executive Chef of Fat Rice in Chicago, Abe Conlon, and one of the nation's leading experts, Michael Harlan Turkell, author of "Acid Trip: Travels in the World of Vinegar" tell us why we should care about these potent potables. Garden Educator, Corenna Roozeboom from Big Green schools us on gardening programs for students. And Kara Babinec is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana on Meat Labeling: What's the Meaning Behind the Label?".
15/03/1841m 0s


We've heard for years that overfishing is a problem and farm-raised fish often have diseases. How do we as consumers, sort through the confusion presented by both sides? Coming up on this week's show, we talk with Sean Dimin creator of "Sea To Table," a distribution company that partners only with wild caught fisheries on both coasts to help bring the best fish to your door. Then, we learn about "craft raised" salmon. We talk with Max Depondt, Midwest Marketing Manager at Skuna Bay Raised Salmon. They maintain nets off the Western coast of Vancouver Island, where they assure customers there is a way to responsibly raise seafood. And finally Steve and Rick talk with Peter Adame, Seafood Watch Engagement Coordinator for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They monitor ocean health and created a standard that restaurants, fisherman and farmers all subscribe to.
08/03/1845m 0s

What Makes Great Service?

Coming up on this week's show: service. How to hire, train staff and then deliver it with the utmost grace and professionalism. We'll talk with the founder of one of the most successful restaurant groups in the country, then spend time behind the bar with a successful Bar Manager on a busy night, and finally, shadow a server and Floor Captain at one of the world's best restaurants. We're happy to make special arrangements, accommodate dietary restrictions and do whatever we can to ensure you have a pleasant listening experience.
28/02/1851m 49s

Ingredient Challenge: Winter Citrus

Coming up on this week's show, a Winter Citrus challenge with Bo Fowler, chef and owner of Owen & Engine here in Chicago, as both she and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using just some citrus, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. Fowler emigrated from Korea and was raised in Minnesota, where she attended the University of Minnesota and, like all future chefs, got a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. She has opened two restaurants in Chicago: Fat Willy's Barbecue Shack and just up the street, an English gastropub called Owen & Engine, where the menu features much more than just ale and meat pies. She joins us here in the test kitchen, to work out a main dish relying on winter citrus.
21/02/1834m 33s

Sexual Harassment in the Industry

The issue of sexual harassment in the food and beverage industry. On this week's show, we talk with Brett Anderson, reporter at The Times Picayune in New Orleans who broke the John Besh story, then speak with two women - both of whom are chefs working within successful companies - one in Chicago, the other in New York City - and hear from them about what they feel the industry needs to do to right the ship. Dana Cree, pastry chef for the Publican in Chicago stops by to talk to us about the story she wrote recently for Food & Wine Magazine, then Amanda Cohen, the chef and owner of Dirt Candy in New York City talks with us about her online essay that ricocheted around the industry.
14/02/1838m 42s

Japanese Whiskey and Sake

Foundation Day is the nationwide holiday commemorates the accession to the throne  of Japan's first human emperor. The day was originally known as Empire Day in 1872. It is observed in Japan with fireworks and speeches. One of the most elaborate parties is in Tokyo, where special rites are performed at the Imperial Sanctuary. So a good excuse to throw down some Japanese spirits. On this week's show, we're using the occasion of a Japanese national holiday as an excuse to talk about Japanese whisky and sake, with a pair of experts who spend much of their day sipping and analyzing both of these remarkable beverages.
07/02/1835m 30s

Southeast Asia Tour

Thailand is a must-visit for any food lover, roast pork, crab soup, grilled goat, mung bean crepes and even baby frog for those more adventurous. Coming up on this week's show, four different food tours across Southeast Asia, some walking, some driving and others, from the back of a Vespa. Steve Dolinsky and his family travel to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and eat their way through the cultures.
31/01/1853m 54s

Ingredient Challenge: Cabbage

Produce options in the middle of winter, especially in the Midwest, are kind of bleak. Coming up on this week's show, a Cabbage challenge with the Chef of Kimski here in Chicago, Won Kim. Chef Kim and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using just cabbage, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
24/01/1834m 13s

Ice is So Hot

Next time you go to a bar and your drink come with a perfectly cube cube, that just fits into the glass you're sipping from, there is a good chance the bar outsourced it to someone else.  Bars are turning to ice experts to get the job done. On this week's show, a behind the scenes look at how and where bartenders are getting their ice.
17/01/1835m 24s

Crafting a Menu

One of the things you notice after spending so many years in this business, is how chefs write their menus. Coming up on this week's show, a behind-the-scenes look at how chefs write their menus, from casual to high-end, and some tips for budding restaurateurs who might be writing their own one day soon. Rick will weigh-in on the subject, then Steve and Rick will talk to the chef of a two-star Michelin restaurant about how he approaches his menu writing, and finally, a chef from a vegetable-centric restaurant tells us how he gets his customers excited using words to convey a feeling, and even more importantly, flavor.
10/01/1838m 17s

Ingredient Challenge - Brussels Sprouts

Seems like every restaurant that opens in America, seems to have either fried or roasted Brussels Sprouts. Coming up on this week's show, a Brussels Sprouts challenge with Chef Joe Frillman, owner of Daisies here in Chicago, as both he and Rick Bayless attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using just Brussels Sprouts, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
03/01/1834m 17s

To A Healthier 2018

Maybe you're going to do a cleanse or maybe you don't really give a damn, but for most of us, New Year's is the time for resolutions, albeit fleeting for most. On this show, we cover several bases when it comes to approaching the new year with a new outlook. First, Rick Bayless talks with Jason Hammel, the chef at Marisol, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's new restaurant, about the wonders of using nut oils. Then, we turn to the issue of juicing, and talk to Alex Curatolo, the owner of Belli's, a cold-pressed juice bar about how they maintain quality, even in the wintertime. And finally, learning about some good eating habits with Matt Lampson, the goalie for the Chicago Fire.
28/12/1739m 42s

Modernist Bread

Flour, water, yeast, salt, as elemental as bread is, we never knew it could be quite so complex. Coming up on today's show, a chat with the co-author of the impressive and massive new "Modernist Bread" cookbook, Nathan Mhyrvold. This FIVE volumes, loaded with technique, history and science is eye candy and practical knowledge for the amateur baker, but also, a comprehensive understanding of one of the kitchen's most elemental components for the professional as well.
20/12/1729m 21s

Annual Cookbook Show

Despite the consolidation and downturn in newsprint, it seems like cookbooks proliferate like potholes in Chicago. On today's show, our third annual Cookbooks Show, just in time for any last-minute holiday shopping. We'll talk with cookbook authors, Paul Kahan and Gail Simmons, then Rick and Steve recommend a few others worth your time.
13/12/1745m 32s

Ingredient Challenge - Negro Modelo

A very specific ingredient challenge against the Chef and owner of O Ya in Boston, as both he and I attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just a bottle of beer, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. Tim Cushman accepted our challenge, using Negro Modelo as the main ingredient. After earning a bachelor's degree in Jazz and Classical Guitar from the city's renowned Berklee School of Music, Tim Cushman moved to California in search of musical success. As many aspiring musicians do, Cushman took a job in a restaurant. That was the start of what would become a culinary adventure around the world. He spent the next 30 years cooking around the world in Japan, France, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Taiwan. In that time, he also served for seven years as a Corporate Chef with Lettuce Entertain You in Chicago, where he developed menus for the group's new concepts.
06/12/1734m 23s

Alice Waters: Coming to Her Senses

On this week's show, a chat with the one person who has been raising the flag and telling us all how important it is to work with local farmers for the past 46 years. Her love of the French lifestyle, culture, food traditions and wine, led Alice Waters, at the age of 27, to open Chez Panisse in Berkeley, where it has remained a force in the food world for the past 46 years. She joins Rick and Steve to talk about food and her new book: "Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook."
29/11/1742m 22s

Bone Broth

We're talking about the basis of any good bowl of soup by digging down to the bones, that is, the broth they create. From the basics to making one, to a Japanese icon, even a pair of entrepreneurs who are making bone broth the basis of their business. We start in Portland, Oregon with Tressa Yellig's business called Broth Bar, by Salt, Fire & Time. Then Steve heads the chef at Strings Ramen in Chicago, about how the magical tonkotsu broth is made for her bowl of ramen, then later in the show, the Chicago Bone Broth team Dan and Kassie Houlihan, founders of Chicago Bone Broth, stop by for a tasting. Their mission: To provide the most nutrient dense, best tasting broths to fuel life's adventures.
15/11/1737m 43s

Ingredient Challenge: Black Beans

Coming up on this week's show, a black bean challenge with the Chef and owner of May Street Café & Steakhouse here in Chicago. Chef Mario Santiago joins Rick in the Test Kitchen to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using a can of black beans, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
08/11/1735m 21s

A Taste of Bangkok

So many cookbooks hit our desks each month, it's a little mindboggling to think about all of the trees that were sacrificed. But a recent cookbook, Bangkok: Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Thailand stood out because of its thoroughness and vivid representation of what eating and cooking in Thailand is really like. If you've ever been curious about how the Thais truly eat, this is the book for you. Coming up on this week's show, a chat with the author, Leela Punyaratabandhu, of a stunningly gorgeous new book about the food of Bangkok that makes you want to cook, or at the very least, go to your favorite Thai joint after reading through its pages.
01/11/1730m 32s

Chef David Chang

On this week's show, a chat with the force behind the Momofuku restaurants that have seemingly opened all over the world. David Chang joins Steve and Rick for a wide-ranging conversation, including what happened to Lucky Peach?
25/10/1736m 39s

Food Podcasts Episode

It seems like there is a podcast these days for pretty much every niche interest. We realize we're not the only game in town, so this week we're introducing you to some other food-focused podcasts you might want to keep on your radar, including a pair of James Beard Award-winners.
18/10/1740m 42s

Ingredient Challenge: Apples

Coming up on this week's show, an apple challenge against the Chef and owner of Belly Q and Urban Belly here in Chicago, Bill Kim, as both he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less, using just a few apples, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
11/10/1738m 54s

LIVE Chicago Broadcast

This week Steve and Rick venture out of the Test Kitchen for a LIVE Broadcast at the Chicago Podcast Festival. They invite 3 people to join them to look at the Chicago Food Scene. Iconic Chicago encased-meats maven, "Hot" Doug Sohn hops up on stage to talk about Chicago Style hot dogs, Darryl Townson of Dat Donut or Uncle John's Barbecue shares his southside pride and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks Chicago's food scene, food tourism and the James Beard Awards. Plus there will be treats.
04/10/1754m 31s

A Beer for All Occasions

A hundred years ago, there were dozens of breweries in Chicago. A lot of them were the result of German and Czech immigrants who brought their expertise with them. Prohibition stopped most of that progress in the 1920s. Goose Island began a second wave in the 80s, and over the past five years, the pace of new brewery construction in Chicago has quickened significantly. One of Steve's favorites, the little Moody Tongue, launched by a professionally-trained chef.  They produce several lower alcohol beers that are perfect for pairing with food. Beer with cake, FOR REAL!  Moody Tongue's Founder and Brewmaster, Jared Rouben, joins us for the whole show.
27/09/1730m 53s

Kugel Show

Coming up on this week's show, to celebrate the Jewish New Year, a pair of kugels worth trying at home. Steve spends the afternoon in his mother-in-law Nina's kitchen to see how she goes about making one of her family favorites.  Then, Meme Hopmayer shares her great kugel recipe, so she let Steve stop by and watch her process.  Shanah Tovah and Let's Eat!
20/09/1747m 3s

Ingredient Challenge: Salmon

Tony Mantuano grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the son of a Calabrian meatpacker, watching his grandmother stretch and roll pasta for many family meals. Mantuano and his wife Cathy, wanted to create a restaurant of their own that would carry on the extraordinary flavors he found at his grandmother's table. On this week's show, a salmon challenge with the Chef and partner of Spiaggia here in Chicago, as both he and Rick Bayless attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using salmon, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
13/09/1755m 33s

L.A. Food Scene 2017

Let's immediately dispel the stereotypes about Los Angeles. Sure, there are juice bars and vegan-friendly cafes aplenty, but the City of Angels has been on the culinary map for quite awhile, showcasing some of the best talent in the country. Seasons are fluid - it's actually just one season pretty much all of the time - sunny and 70 - so great produce is a yearround thing. There are amazing ethnic enclaves, Mexican, Korean, Chinese and Japanese come to mind, but also more burger joints and donut shops than I've ever seen in one place. This week, Steve spends a week in L.A. and speaks with a few professional eaters about what's going on right now.
06/09/1742m 10s

Spanish Vermouth

In France, you might start off a meal with some bubbly from Champagne or Riesling from Alsace. In America, it seems like everyone is happy to make you a hand-crafted cocktail before you peruse the menu. But in Spain, vermouth is the spirit of choice to lead off an afternoon of day drinking; in fact, there is a beloved tradition known as "Vermut Hour" in Barcelona, a tradition Steve and Rick have enjoyed recreating here at home on more than one occasion. Coming up on this week's show, not just any vermouth, we're enjoying Spanish vermouth with Mercat a La Planxa chef and Barcelona native chef Diego Amat and General Manager John Williams.
30/08/1730m 10s

French Cooking

On this week's show, trip to France leads to all kinds of questions back here in the U.S., about what French food is, and how you can appreciate it whether you're in Montparnasse or Minneapolis. Rick spends a whirlwind day (and night) in the City of Light, then we come back to the U.S., to talk with some of the leading voices behind French food here. We talk with Daniel Boulud who is the epitome of French hospitality. He has made a career out of bringing some of his memories as a child in Lyon to New York City. Then, Gavin Kaysen talks about returning home to the Twin Cities opening his fantastic restaurant, Spoon and Stable and now his second restaurant, Belle Cour, which feels and tastes like something you'd find in France, except it's all tucked away along a sleepy main street in west suburban Wayzata, across the street from one of Lake Minnetonka's many bays.
23/08/171h 2m

Ingredient Challenge: Lettuce

As much as you think we've moved on from iceberg lettuce, you still see it on every steakhouse menu in the country, as a "wedge" salad. Coming up on this week's show, a lettuce challenge with the Chef and owner of Restaurant Michael in Winnetka, Illinois, Michael Lachowicz, as both he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in less than 15 minutes using lettuces, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
16/08/1730m 1s

Crisps, Cobblers and Crumbles

This time of year, the fruit is really getting good, especially stone fruits. So we are making the most of late summer's bounty, with a trio of easy desserts that require little more than a knife, a bowl and a baking dish. First, Stephanie Hart, owner of Brown Sugar Bakery on Chicago's South Side joins Rick and Steve to share some of her favorite cobblers.  Then, Ben Shartar, Manager of Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits in Chicago, shares one of their favorite crumbles.  And our intrepid intern, Lynnea Domienik talks with Amy Emberling from Zingerman's Bakehouse in  Ann Arbor, Michigan about the half crumble, half cake treat, the Buckle.
09/08/1731m 52s

Hong Kong and Singapore

From some of the best Cantonese-style barbecued pork and bubble waffles in the world, to the infamous hawker centers preparing fiery pork noodle soups, curried laksa and of course, chicken rice, a taste of the best of both Hong Kong and Singapore. Steve travels to Asia to eat as much dim sum and barbecued pork as he could in Hong Kong and to taste his way around Singapore, which includes both the gritty, as well as has some of the most exquisite dining rooms in Asia. Then Rick and Steve enjoy some tasty Cantonese treats you can find without traveling to the other side of the world.
02/08/1739m 35s

Ingredient Challenge: Eggs

Coming up on this week's show: an ingredient challenge with chef Matthias Merges.   He is the owner of Yusho and Billy Sunday here in Chicago and the founder and driving force behind the Folkart Restaurant Group.  Merges joins Rick Bayless to come up with an easy weeknight meal using some eggs bought at a local grocery store, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere and what they each comes up with is so good.
26/07/1729m 32s

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Coming up on this week's show, Rick and Steve talk with one of the stars of ABC's "Modern Family", Jesse Tyler Ferguson. We'll talk about his Instagram recipes, eating in L.A. and hitting it out of the park as host of this year's James Beard Awards.
19/07/1728m 46s

New Cookbooks to Inspire

Coming up on this week's show a chat with the authors of two new cookbooks, each with a very different perspective and a different mission. Rick speaks with Jeremy Fox about On Vegetables.  Then, Steve talks kugel and kreplach with Joan Nathan, about her 10th book, King Solomon's Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World.
12/07/1736m 26s

Ingredient Challenge: Strawberries

On this week's show, a berry challenge with Chef Bruce Sherman of North Pond here in Chicago. His cooking draws upon influences he's picked up living all over the world. He and Rick Bayless come up with easy weeknight meals using strawberries bought at a farmer's market, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.
05/07/1732m 19s

Drinks 4th of July

Coming up on this week's show, drinking options for July 4th weekend, or any summertime cookout, as we welcome special guests to help us sort through the scenarios. From low alcohol cocktails to juicy red wines that pair well with beef. We're talking about what to drink this weekend, as we head into the July 4th festivities in America, but really, anyone can try these creations anytime this summer. Chicago's top tiki mixologists Paul McGee treats us to a porch pounding, beat the heat, summer low alcohol cocktail.  Then, Craig Perman, owner of Perman Wine Selections in Chicago, joins us to taste rosés and reds, since there will be a fair amount of pork and beef that's tossed onto backyard grills this weekend.
28/06/1734m 23s

Food and Wine Classic in Aspen

For the last 35 years, through different owners and corporate partners, the Editors and Publishers at Food & Wine Magazine have attracted the nation's top culinary talent every June, with the promise of mountain breezes, stunning scenery and a seriously deep bench of winemakers and producers from around the globe. It's also very good marketing for a magazine brand. It is commonly referred to as "The Classic" in Aspen, and having attained elder statesman status, it is still a showcase for the magazine's top talent, as well as a chance to showcase their "Best New Chefs" issue that comes out in July. Coming up on this week's show: Why so many food festivals? A reflection from the granddaddy of them all, the Food & Wine Classic at Aspen, as Steve talks to some of the people responsible for putting on one of the nation's biggest food events of the year, all tucked away, high in the Rockies.
21/06/1742m 28s

Steaks on the Grill

Father's Day is this Sunday, so what better way to celebrate dear old dad than cooking a big juicy steak on the bar-b-cue. We are in prime grilling season across the country right now.  Coming up on this week's show we talk steaks.   Steve visits a beef distributor on Chicago's West Side, to learn more about how cattle is processed and aged before it gets to your favorite steakhouse. Then off to one of those steakhouses that actually dry-ages their beef in-house.  Then head back to the test kitchen where Randy Waidner of Demistoks cooks up some choice cuts for from Niman Ranch for Rick and Steve to enjoy.
14/06/1740m 24s

Ingredient Challenge: Trout

On this week's show, a trout challenge with the Chef John Hogan from River Roast here in Chicago, as both he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal using some trout we both got at a local grocery store, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. Chef Hogan is a fixture in the Chicago culinary community. He started his career at the four-star Everest, moving on to cook casual French at Kikki's Bistro and then the Park Avenue Cafe. When he opened his own restaurant, Savarin, the Chicago Tribune named Hogan as one of the "Top 10 Chefs in Chicago" while Travel + Leisure honored the restaurant with a Top 50 in America rating. Just as steakhouses exploded across the country, Hogan took the helm at Keefer's when it launched in 2001, developing a signature menu of Chicago-style dishes inspired by American classics. At River Roast, Hogan is sharing his straightforward but unique brand of cooking, and collaborating with chef Tony Mantuano, a friend for more than 20 years.
07/06/1729m 43s

The Food Scene Down Under

From the urban bustle of Sydney, to the narrow alleys and coffee shops of Melbourne or even the laid-back wine country vibe of the Barossa Valley and Adelaide, eating in Australia is a lot more delicious than you might think. The World's 50 Best Restaurants held its annual awards ceremony in Melbourne in early April. And since Steve was able to attend,  he spent a few days on either side of the event, first in Sydney, then in Adelaide.  It's all worth biting into, even if it takes a few days to get over the jet lag.
31/05/1739m 28s

Hello, Ice Cream Season

Summer season is about to begin and Rick and Steve welcome the author of a fantastic new book all about ice cream.  The book is called "Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream".  Dana Cree has traveled the world creating pastries and deserts and she stops by to chat, cook and taste with us, sharing her unique passion and expertise.
24/05/1738m 9s

The Global Flavors of Dubai

Coming up on this week's show, Steve Dolinsky travels to the United Arab Emirates, exploring what Dubai has too offer.  The city is flush with cash, new construction never stops and the hometown airline is bringing in Europeans, Russians and yes, even North Americans, all with an appetite for tasting the best of the region and beyond.  From ultra high-end to food trucks and everything in between Steve tastes the offerings of this global city.
17/05/1737m 1s

Ingredient Challenge: Canned Tomatoes

Rick invites Chris Curren, Chef at Fulton Market Kitchen here in Chicago, as both he and I attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal using canned tomatoes as the main ingredient. Chris Curren has more than a decade of experience, cooking in a number of Chicago and Cleveland restaurants. Beginning his culinary career under the direction of James Beard-nominated chef Bruce Kalman, Curren first worked at "3 Birds" where he helped the team land a spot on Bon Appetit's "Top 50" list. In 2008, Curren moved to Chicago and opened Blue 13, which eventually earned a Michelin recommendation. Chris is inspired by the flavors that come from locally-sourced Midwestern ingredients, and Fulton Market Kitchen's current menu displays that inspiration.
10/05/1731m 6s

Louisville Bourbon Tour

The Derby is this weekend, and a lot of people well be celebrating, the horse race with mint juleps. For a long time, if you wanted to see a bourbon distillery up-close you had to first get to Louisville, then either rent a car or hire a tour service to head out to one of the many distilleries in the rolling hills outside of town. Now, Bourbon Country is getting a dose of competition. Gone are the days when you had to leave Louisville to see how bourbon was made. In addition to Whiskey Row and the Urban Bourban Trail, the city now boasts distilleries, such as the Evan Williams Experience, the Bulleit Frontier Whisky Experience and the massive Angel's Envy Distillery, to name a few.
03/05/1741m 4s

Where to Eat in Chicago

Chicago is about to get a lot of hungry visitors over the next few weeks for both the James Beard Awards and the National Restaurant Show.  And while here, of course some people will try to squeeze a food tour.  Chicago Tribune's restaurant critic Phil Vettel and staff food writer Nick Kindelsperger join Rick and Steve to come up with some of the most unique places to try in town.
26/04/1737m 56s

Only in Chicago Part 1

Every city has its unique places. Restaurants or food shops that can't be duplicated anywhere else. New York has Katz's and Russ & Daughters. Legends. New Orleans: Galatoire's and Commander's Palace. Now, Chicago has some unique places, such as Topolobampo, Alinea and Arun's.  Coming up on this week's show,  we talk with Jenner Tomaska of Next and  Phillip Fos of El Ideas, two chefs in Chicago whom oversee startlingly original concepts, you are unlikely to find in any other city in America.
19/04/1737m 33s

Ingredient Challenge: Chicken Thighs

Coming up on this week's show, a chicken thigh challenge with the Chef Sarah Rinkavage from Lula Cafe here in Chicago, as both she and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal, in 15 minutes or less, using some thighs we bought at a local grocery store.
12/04/1735m 18s

Ethnic Toronto

Canada's telegenic Prime Minister has been in the news lately, photographed at airports, welcoming Syrian refugees to his country. Much of Canada is colorblind, especially in places like Toronto - North America's 4th largest city - where there's not only a huge Chinese immigrant population, supporting two Chinatowns, but also the largest Sri Lankan diaspora anywhere in the world and a Little India along Gerard Street that puts most cities to shame. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, by 2036, nearly half of all Canadians will be immigrants or the children of immigrants. Places like Markham and Scarborough, a good 30 minutes outside of town, along the Northern edge of Lake Ontario host a number of ethnic restaurants. On this week's show,  deep-dive into the suburbs of Toronto, where a veritable United Nations of eating exists, in places like Scarborough and Markham. Eating around the world in pretty much one place. All you have to do is bring an appetite, eh?
05/04/1738m 42s


We've been fans for it for years.  Pouring over its coverage every Wednesday, reading the recipes, the reviews and of course, Florence Fabricant's food news and its the one section of The New York Times that has mostly avoided any criticism from the President. Coming up on this week's show, a discussion with the Food Editor at The New York Times, Sam Sifton, about how the business of food coverage has evolved, and how digital, social media, even virtual reality may play a role in how you consume food news from a national newspaper. Then the paper's Restaurant Critic, Pete Wells joins us, to talk about reviewing restaurants both in New York City and on the road.
29/03/1743m 29s


While everyone is on the pursuit for the freshest foods, others are finding their way with decay.  From the fermented cabbage and radishes in Korean restaurants, to the sourdough in your bakery and even the pickles at your local co-op or neighborhood joint. Fermentation is going on everywhere these days, and we love it, so why not try to figure out how it works, and why it makes food taste so good? On this weeks show, Rick and Steve talk fermentation.  What it means, how it's achieved and more importantly, how chefs are using this technique to create bold, unique flavors that extend far beyond a jar of kimchi in your fridge.
22/03/1742m 59s

Ingredient Challenge: Mussels

Growing up on the Southeast Side of Chicago, Rey Villalobos has been immersed in the restaurants industry most of his life. In 2005, he began working in the test kitchen at The Chicago Tribune's food section. That led to a job with Chef Art Smith, who had recently left working for Oprah Winfrey, Villalobos became Chef de Cuisine at Smith's newly opened Table 52 in Chicago's Gold Coast, focusing on seasonal ingredients. More recently, they re-conceived the restaurant - turning it into Blue Door Kitchen and Garden - appointing Villalobos the Corporate Executive Chef of the entire portfolio at the parent company, Ideology Entertainment, including Chicago Q and La Storia Ristorante. Chef Rey accepted Rick's Ingredient Challenge this week,  making an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less using mussels as the main ingredient.
15/03/1727m 14s

Good Food Festival 2017

The Good Food Festival, a conference promoting local foods, comes back to Chicago next week. So Rick and Steve talk with Jim Slama, the President of FamilyFarmed and Producer of the Conference; Dr. Geeta Maker-Clarke, a board-certified family physician, specializing in Integrative Medicine. She's participating in the Good Food is Good Medicine Panel;  Alex DeSorbo-Quinn, the Executive Director of Pilot Light talks about bringing Food and Nutrition Education into schools; Meg Barnhart is the founder and co-creator of Zen of Slow Cooking started the company in 2006, as a way to ease her mom-guilt and get a healthy dinner on the table, while employing individuals with learning challenges and Jordan Buckner is the co-founder of TeaSquares, a tea-infused energy snack made with small-batch organic tea, pepitas and puffed millet. It's mission is to fuel economic development in urban centers.
08/03/1727m 43s

Tucson: City of Gastronomy

In 2015 Tucson joined a pretty prestigious list of more than a dozen cities from around the world to become the only place in the U.S. designated a "City of Gastronomy" by UNESCO. Coming up on this week's show: Tucson. Yeah, I know it sounds unlikely, but this desert city has some pretty interesting history, and is at the forefront of resuscitating a long-lost agricultural movement that goes back thousands of years. It's also home to Sonoran-style cooking, which means beef. Steve heads to the southwest to sample the old, the new and a lot of the tried-and-true dishes that have made this town a favorite among both college kids and retirees.
01/03/1735m 43s

Fooditor 99

As the man behind The Fooditor, Michael Gebert talks to chefs about what they do, he reviews, he comments and he documents his meals, like we all do, taking pictures and offering his opinions. Unlike most writers in Chicago, he actually goes deep into the neighborhoods - which is why Rick and Steve get along with him so well. His new book out, The Fooditor 99, chronicles some of this beloved city's best eats, from high to low. On this week's show, we discuss some of Chicago's greatest ethnic eats with a guy who eats out as much as we do, exploring pretty much every nook and cranny of the city's 77 neighborhoods.
22/02/1728m 37s

Ingredient Challenge: Ground Beef

When buying ground beef at the store, should you treat it the same way as you going to make burgers? That is, a beef-to-fat ratio of about 80-20? And what about grass-fed v corn-fed? Same rules as buying steaks? On this week's show: an Ingredient Challenge with chef and co-founder of Quartino restaurant here in Chicago, John Coletta stops by, to show what is his idea of a quick, weeknight meal is, using just five extra ingredients. The challenge is, of course, is to finish the dishes in 15 minutes or less.
15/02/1732m 13s

Food Icons: Barbacoa and Italian Beef

This week we begin an occasional series on Iconic dishes, beginning with tender Barbacoa and meaty Italian Beef Sandwiches. There's a reason political candidates are always seen taking bites of Ben's Chili in D.C. or Giordano's pizza in Chicago, it's because those iconic dishes are woven so tightly into the fabric of a city. If an outsider can be photographed enjoying something so locally beloved, they've gotta be decent, right? We were thinking about what constitutes an Iconic dish, and decided we would take an occasional look at how that dish has come to define a certain place. No surprise here, but Rick chose barbacoa from Mexico City and Steve tastes the Italian Beef sandwich in Chicago over the beloved iconic stuffed pizza.
08/02/1734m 19s


Coming up on this week's show vermouth takes center stage behind the bar. Not just in a supporting role, as a wingman in your favorite cocktails, but also as the star of the show, especially if you're Spanish. It's kind of like the John C. Reilly of spirits - always playing a supporting role, rarely taking the lead. But if you've ever been to Spain or France, you know this is not the case. Peter Gugni is a Bartender in Chicago, as well as the Brand Ambassador for Fratelli Branca, and like a lot of spirits professionals, he enjoys the odd, the esoteric and the little-known.
01/02/1724m 50s

Grande Taco Show

On this week's super-sized show, Steve and Rick travel to five cities in two countries for a major taco crawl. Some are traditional, while other versions are being reinterpreted by ambitious chefs. When seeking out the best taco, why not head to the epicenter of taco culture.  Rick heads to Mexico City to meet up with Nick Gilman, author of "Mexico City's Best Tacos."  Steve is in San Diego for some fish tacos at Rubio's before heading south to Ensenada, on Mexico's Baja Peninsula.  He then samples the Sonoran-style tacos in Tucson, before winding up back home in Chicago, where one chef is inspired to make tacos inspired by the best Midwest farms at Antique Taco.
25/01/1755m 45s

Ingredient Challenge: Noodles

Born and raised in Chicago's northwest suburbs, Edward Kim attended New York University, earning a B.A. in political science with the intention of becoming an attorney. Choosing, however, to go in a much different direction, he enrolled in Pasadena's Le Cordon Bleu, where he rekindled his passion for food and cooking, and eventually graduated with a culinary degree. After culinary school, he honed his skills in various New York and Los Angeles kitchens under a number of acclaimed chefs. Starting out with a caterer in Pasadena, he moved on to an externship at Per Se, then the job of Garde Manger at Meson G in Los Angeles. In 2011 he opened his first restaurant, Ruxbin, in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. Two years later, Kim and his partners opened their second concept, Mott Street, a more casual restaurant that showcases family-style Asian street food in a relaxed environment. His restaurants have been honored with awards and accolades from Michelin, Bon Appetit and The New York Times. Edward Kim accepted our Ingredient Challenge this week, using noodles as the main ingredient. Although I'm not sure which type he's selected - dried, fresh... egg, rice or wheat... it's up to him. He and Rick attempt to come up with a weeknight meal using the noodles of our choice, plus five extra ingredients. The challenge is, both have to finish our dishes in 15 minutes or less.
18/01/1732m 51s

Visiting Food Markets of Canada

Part two of our North American Food Market Crawl, we talk to the experts in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, sample the best fare from favorite markets and food halls of Canada. Lesley Chesterman, Restaurant Critic at the Montreal Gazette strolls through the massive Jean-Talon Market; Suresh Doss, Editor of Foodism Magazine in Toronto takes us downtown to Village by the Grange and Lee Man, Food Writer at Vancouver Magazine joins us from Vancouver  to take us to Granville Island to explore their food culture of BC.
11/01/1730m 16s

Visiting U.S. Food Markets

One of the most important things to do when traveling is to try to find out where the locals eat, and often times, that's in a food hall or market. Coming up on today's show: we talk to the experts, and sample the best fare from the best food markets and halls in 10 cities.
04/01/1746m 16s

Favorite Flavors of 2016

On this week's show, we celebrate 2016 by sharing some of Rick and Steve's favorite moments from the past year.  They each select three of their most memorable segments, for Rick they focused on Cooking Baking and Drinking, while Steve's topics are ingredient origins, an ethnic dish and a visit to a world class restaurant.
28/12/1646m 3s

Ingredient Challenge: Persimmons

Leigh Omilinsky knew she wanted to be a chef at the age of 12. At first, she thought she'd become a jazz pianist; at the same time, she grew up cooking for her family, even though they didn't eat a lot of sweets. At 15, she attended culinary camp and realized that was where she felt most at home was in the kitchen. So she attended culinary school in Denver, interned in Hawaii, then, after graduation, moved back to Chicago, because she was so inspired by what was happening at restaurants like Alinea. She worked with Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand at Tramonto's Steak & Seafood, then at Tru. From there, it was stints at L-2-0 under Laurent Gras, then to the Hotel Sofitel, and most recently, to Nico Osteria in Chicago's Gold Coast as Pastry Chef. Leigh accepted our ingredient challenge this week, using persimmons as the main ingredient and attempt to make an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or less.
21/12/1629m 2s

Notable Cookbooks of 2016

The holidays are a time for lounging around the house, cooking, eating and maybe even flipping through the pages of a good cookbook to get inspiration. There are literally dozens of books that are churned out each year; so for the second year in a row, Rick and Steve thought they'd do some of the editing for you, with a list of some of our favorites. Whether it's for yourself, or for that person in your life who loves to cook, you'll want to grab a pen and take some notes. Your holiday season is about to get a little bit tastier.
14/12/1632m 31s

Holiday Libations

The holidays are a time for family get-togethers, office parties, entertaining and of course, some occasional toasting. A lot of people go straight for champagne, others might want to kick things off with a cocktail, and of course there are those bottles of Bailey's or Irish Whiskey that get thrown into coffees in the winter time to cut the chill. On this week's episode, Rick and Steve are joined by Arthur Hon, the Sommelier from Sepia in Chicago and Natalia Cardenas, a Mixologist at Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits  to share their top three drinks during the holidays, from an opening cocktail, to a favorite wine...and of course, one or two tastes from around the world that will lift your spirits with every sip.
07/12/1635m 27s

Marcus Samuelsson: Food and Hustle in Harlem

Marcus Samuelsson has spent nearly his entire life surrounded by food. Born in Ethiopia, his mother died during a tuberculosis epidemic when he was just three years old. He and his sister were adopted by a Swedish couple, who raised them in the town of Gothenburg. Marcus attended culinary school there, then staged in Switzerland and Austria, before coming to New York City in 1991. After apprenticing there for a few years, he became Executive Chef at the age of 24, and subsequently became the youngest chef to ever receive three stars from the New York Times. He has opened (and closed) a few restaurants, won "Top Chef Masters," cooked the first state dinner of the Obama Presidency, won a couple of James Beard Awards and has written four cookbooks. His latest: "The Red Rooster Cookbook: The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem." On this show, a look at Harlem through the eyes of a chef who decided - quite a while ago - to make the neighborhood his home. Rick talks with chef Marcus Samuelsson about his latest cookbook: a love letter to both the food and the unique personalities who inhabit his beloved Red Rooster.
30/11/1641m 25s

Ingredient Challenge: Leftover Turkey

On this week's show, we tackle an ingredient everyone in the U.S. has plenty of at the moment.  "Top Chef" winner Stephanie Izard, the Executive Chef at three popular restaurants here: Girl and the Goat, Little Goat Diner and Duck Duck Goat.  She joins Rick Bayless in the Frontera Test Kitchen, as they attempt to create an easy meal using leftover turkey.
23/11/1631m 39s

Minnesota Swedes

Growing up in the Upper Midwest, you get used to cold weather dishes - lots of casseroles and pot roasts and hot dish. The Twin Cities has the largest Scandinavian population in the U.S., which may be why Marcus Samuelsson opened an Aquavit there over a decade ago.  Scandinavian traditions run deep, and a nascent movement is underway - at least at one restaurant - to try to label the region, and its food, as the "North." Native Minnesotan Steve Dolinsky heads back to Minneapolis to talk to a couple of chefs, as well as the city's long-time restaurant critic, about how the new generation of talent in the kitchen is simultaneously adapting traditional Swedish techniques, but also breaking new ground.
16/11/1636m 21s

Thanksgiving Wine Suggestions

Thanksgiving can be tricky, at least in terms of what to drink Bubbles? Big, expensive reds? Sharp, angular whites? On this week's show: some great advice, at several price points, for what to serve at Thanksgiving, or, better yet, what to bring to someone else's house for the big feast. Steve and Rick talk with Craig Perman, the owner of a relatively small, personal wine shop, who only sells what he loves to drink himself.
09/11/1626m 0s

Bon Appetit

On this week's show, covering the food world has certainly changed over the past decade, especially if you're in the magazine business. We'll talk with Bon Appetit Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Adam Rapaport and Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton as they are in Chicago for the annual Chicago Gourmet event. Rick and Steve ask what some of their challenges are producing a magazine and hear about how the magazine staff selects its annual Best New Restaurants issue.
02/11/1637m 29s

Ingredient Challenge: Canned Pumpkin

Cameron Grant was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, developing his love of food from his mother. She ran a successful catering business out of their home, and combined with the family's extensive fruit and vegetable garden, he learned to appreciate local produce at an early age. A stint as Executive Chef of "Laudisio," in Boulder, Colorado, led to a stage at a restaurant in Piemonte, Italy. Five years later, he and his wife moved back to Italy to open their own restaurant in the heart of Piemonte's wine country. Cameron returned to the U-S in 2012, opening Fresco 21 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Then two years ago, he opened Osteria Langhe in Chicago's Logan Square, where he still cooks the food he's obsessed with from Northern Italy. Just a few months ago, he and his business partner opened Animale, with an emphasis on cooking authentic Roman and Italian dishes, which means plenty of offal. This week, an autumnal challenge as Rick Bayless and Cameron Grant attempt to create an easy, weeknight meal using the fall staple, canned pumpkin.
26/10/1632m 36s

Babka and Bagels

On this week's show How a pair of businesses have adapted traditional Eastern European Jewish recipes, and made them craveable to a new generation. Steve Dolinsky starts with the chocolate babka at Breads Bakery, and then he checks out how the Montreal-style bagels at Black Seed Bagels wound up on the Lower East Side.
19/10/1631m 40s

Reality Chef

Claudia Sandoval had a number of obstacles in her quest to become the "MasterChef" winner... not the least of which was she was trying to make ends meet as a single mom. Coming up on this week's show: what its like to compete on a cooking reality show, and how things really get done behind-the-scenes. Rick talk with the most recent winner of MasterChef about her experience and discuss her new cookbook, Claudia's Cocina, which focuses on her Mexican heritage.
12/10/1630m 38s


On this week's show, a journey into the heart of Colombia. Steve spends a few days in the traffic-choked capital of Bogotá, eating a lot of corn and drinking some of the best coffee of his life.
05/10/1634m 38s

Ingredient Challenge: Cucumber

Chicago native Tanya Baker knew at an early age she wanted to be a cook. Applying solely to culinary schools, she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2006, then worked at a few restaurants before becoming the opening sous chef at The Boarding House. By the time she was 26, she was promoted to Executive Chef at the restaurant. Last year, she was named a finalist in the James Beard Awards' Rising Star category. Baker's cooking is French-influenced, yet she grew up with a Korean mother and a Louisiana-bred father, which broadened her palate. Rick asked her to stop by for one of our regular challenges this week, using cucumbers as the main ingredient.
28/09/1626m 58s

Fried Chicken

Pretty much everyone agrees that fried chicken is delicious. It doesn't matter where you're from; the combination of crispy skin and juicy meat, sometimes doused in hot sauce and served with pickles is a true Southern delicacy that is hard to resist. But what are the origins of this dish, and more importantly, why have cooks all over the U.S. started opening fried chicken joints? On this week's episode, four very different views on fried chicken, through the lens of different regions in America. We'll dredge up some history, then take a deep-fried dive into what makes the perfect platter. Paul Fehribach is the chef and owner of Big Jones in Chicago, a restaurant dedicated to preserving the traditional Southern foodways; he's probably as close to what John T. Edge's Southern Foodways Alliance would consider legitimate, mainly because he's both a historian and preservationist, when it comes to cooking Southern food in Chicago. Then, Jared Leonard, the chef and owner of The Budlong, where they specialize in Nashville Hot chicken joins us in-studio.  And on to Memphis style at Gus'. They now have several franchises outside of their native location, including one here in Chicago which Zach Goodman owns.   And finally we head to North Carolina courtesy of Joe Scruggs. He's the guy who started out with a food truck, called Roost Carolina Kitchen, and eventually opened a restaurant of the same name. He now has two locations in Chicago, and in Steve's opinion, makes some of the city's best fried bird.
21/09/1634m 11s


On this week's show, the driving force behind one of Chicago's premier cocktail lounges stops by, to talk about a category of spirits you've probably never heard of before. Don't worry, it's nothing to be bitter about. While studying Italian and Journalism at DePaul University here in Chicago, Eden Laurin began moonlighting as a bartender, and fell in love with it.  After graduating, she headed to Guatemala to volunteer, starting a school for children. She returned to Chicago and continued her non-profit work, but stayed close to the bar, hosting and serving at The Violet Hour, in Wicker Park. Her persistence paid off there, where she became one of their first female bartenders. In 2009, Laurin helped launch the bar program at their sister restaurant - Big Star - while still pulling shifts behind the stick across the street at The Violet Hour. Eventually promoted to General Manager there, she started SHE, a cocktail consulting company made up exclusively of ladies. In 2015, Laurin was part of the team that garnered a James Beard award for Outstanding Bar Program. In her current role as Managing Partner, she oversees both the bar as well as their off-site cocktail catering.
14/09/1631m 59s

Austin Food Tour

Sure, you can stuff yourself silly with all manner of slow-smoked short rib, brisket and ribs in and around Austin, but there are elements to the food scene there that defy stereotypes, namely, the fact that the casual dining scene there right now is as solid as anywhere. Austin has come a long way from the days of breakfast tacos and barbecue. Sure, you can still find both of those components all over the Texas capital, but you can also find some of the most thoughtful, delicious food, from chefs who've put in their time working all over the world. Steve was just down in Austin a few weeks ago, and managed to catch up with the one guy responsible for documenting every notable place to eat there. Coming up on this week's show, we'll talk about Austin's highs and lows with a local food critic Matthew Odam who has earned his stripes.
07/09/1632m 28s

Ingredient Challange: Corn

This time of year often dictates what home cooks and professional chefs work with in the kitchen. Right around Labor Day, the corn is high and abundant, and we're seeing it on menus everywhere. So we thought, why not feature corn in this week's challenge? We asked Jason Vincent, one of Chicago's most seasonally-focused chefs to join us this week.  He is the Chef and Owner of Giant, which recently opened in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. We asked him to come up with something using corn as the star, plus five other easy-to-find ingredients, and get a main dish on the table in 15 minutes or less.
31/08/1626m 2s

Pig Roast

Labor Day is nearly here, and as you very well know, that means back yard barbecues, cook-outs and parades. If you want to end the summer right, how about throwing a full-fledged pig roast without a giant backyard?  On this week's show, we've got the answers. Steve heads to Michigan to meet up with his friend Rick Cooper to take you step-by-step through the process, so you can become the pig roasting king of your neighborhood. We've got you covered, snout-to-tail.
24/08/1633m 36s

Italy with Gusto

This week, food lover's trip to Italy, from the low to the high, including a stop at the world's #1 restaurant, and of course, plenty of gelato. Steve Dolinsky just got back from a 8 day tour of Rome, Florence, Modena and Siena, with a crucial stop in the town of Panzano. That's where Dario Cecchini plies his trade, as one of his nation's most famous butchers. And I love that only in a place like Italy, is a butcher treated like a rock star. Then, Steve visits other guy who is treated like a rock star in Italy is Massimo Bottura. The chef and driving force behind Osteria Francescana, in Modena, now sits atop the World's 50 Best list, and whether you agree with that list or not, he is always talked about as one of the best chefs on the planet; even being featured in Episode One of Season One of Chef's Table. Steve had a chance to dine at Mr. Bottura's restaurant to learn a bit more about some of Tuscany's most beloved dishes.
17/08/1636m 41s

Lessons Learned: Finding, Training, Retaining Talent

We conclude our three-part series, Lessons Learned by asking what it takes to finding, hiring and retaining talented staff members. Union Square Café set the standard for not only good food in New York at the time, but more importantly, great service. The mantra of "being on the same side" of the customer and offering "enlightened hospitality" seemed thoroughly ground-breaking back then.  But today, it's clear that how you treat your employees directly translates to how they will treat your guests. Since that first restaurant, Union Square Hospitality Group has gone on to open Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, The Modern, Maialino and Porchlight, among others in New York City. They also launched a little company called Shake Shack, and more recently, Green River here in Chicago. They also run Hospitality Quotient, which we're going to get into with our guest today. He is Richard Coraine, the Chief Development Officer for U-S-H-G, and the man responsible for much of what the company does in relation to talent acquisition and retention.
10/08/1623m 15s

Ingredient Challenge: Summer Squash

This time of year, farmer's markets are bursting with produce. We have local berries, local greens, herbs and of course, local squash. Green and yellow zucchini are probably the most obvious, and we were thinking, why not challenge a local chef to see what they would come up with, using summer squash as the main ingredient? So, Rick Bayless asks the co-owner and co-chef of Chicago's Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Christine Cikowski, to play along this week.
03/08/1625m 29s

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

There are so many restaurants around the country that tout their agrarian credentials, and many also name-check their farmers, giving due credit to the people responsible for supplying their kitchens with all manner of fruits, vegetables and proteins. At Blue Hill at Stone Barns, in New York State, they don't need to tell you about all of the farmers, because the restaurant is the farm.
27/07/1636m 24s

Lessons Learned: Contracts, Exit Agreements and Consulting Arrangements

In our second episode of a three part series on restaurant lessons. This month, Steve and Rick tackle the issue of contracts, exit agreements and consulting arrangements incase a partnership goes south. First they speak local chef Michael Sheerin about walking into a position after a chef exited abruptly.  Then, Freddie Sanchez shares his story of investing in business, then abruptly being relieved of his duties.  And finally, attorney Lawrence Feller gives advice on how to protect yourself in a partnership.
20/07/1635m 58s

Ingredient Challenge: Farmers Market

This time of year is such a great time to be a chef in Chicago. The markets are bursting with produce, all of it grown within an hour or so of the city. So this week, we asked one of my colleagues, from The Purple Pig here in Chicago, Jimmy Bannos, Jr., to stop by and see what he could do with a few items from this week's market.
13/07/1625m 51s

Live at Taste of Chicago 2016

Rick and Steve head to the Taste of Chicago, where guests have a chance to sample the high, the low and the ethnically-diverse cuisine in our city. They first talk to chef Chris Macchia, who just opened Nonnina, who's cooking here. Then, Ty Fujimura, owner of Arami, explains what it means to be a pop-up restaurant at an event that attracts tens of thousands of people each day. Co-owner of the Bruges Brothers truck Jacob Rush then discusses the finer points of the city's always-evolving food truck laws.
06/07/1633m 55s

Punch Party

Nothing makes a successful summer party more than a punch bowl. Don't worry, we're not tossing a bottle of vodka into some frozen concentrate. And to help Steve and Rick with their summer sipper is Julia Momose, who began her Chicago career at The Aviary, the cutting-edge, molecular mixology bar in the West Loop. Momose then joined the opening team at Green River. Momose has garnered countless accolades for her use of exotic ingredients and unique menu presentations. She is also widely respected for her dedication to impeccable service, harkening back to the traditions of her native Japanese culture.
29/06/1626m 13s

How to BBQ

On this week's show Rick and Steve talk with the winner of this year's Memphis in May Competition, Charlie McKenna, about how anyone can raise their backyard barbecue game. So get out your tongs, gloves and dry rub: we're about to start smoking.
22/06/1631m 36s

Opening a Restaurant

This spring Rick was extra busy.  Besides overseeing his numerous restaurants, Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Xoco, Tortas Frontera, Frontera Fresco, Frontera Cocina, his television show, Mexico One Plate at a Time and his packaged foods division, Frontera Foods, and of course this AMAZING podcast, he decided to open 2 new restaurants in the West Loop Neighborhood of Chicago.  In this show, we start a 3 part series on How to Run a Restaurant as Steve catches up with Rick at these new endeavors Leña Brava and the brewery, Cervecería Cruz Blanca to talk about the business of opening a restaurant.
15/06/1634m 7s


Whether it's from sugar cane or molasses, rum has captured the hearts of many, including our own Steve Dolinsky.  On this episode, Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky take a deep dive into rum with bartender Paul McGee.  He's behind the successful Tiki themed bars Three Dots and a Dash and Lost Lake and the beverage director for Cherry Circle and the 8 seat Milk Room at the Chicago Athletic Association.
08/06/1625m 22s

Koreatown, USA

The awareness of flavors and ingredients in the US has grown in recent years by people in the food industry, but the average person still seems to relegate it as a cuisine requiring a special translator and an understanding of an arcane glossary with words like gojuchang and dokbokki. Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard have attempted to not only crack the code, but explain it to the rest of us, with recipes, in a new cookbook, entitled "Koreatown."  They join Rick and Steve for a conversation and a taste of the food.
01/06/1633m 16s

Cured and Smoked Fish

On this week's show, Steve and Rick take a closer look at curing and smoking fish and how that affects both texture and flavor.  They head to the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago to the new seafood market Snaggletooth where owners Bill Montagne and Jennifer Kim are curing ocean trout. They are later joined by Ethan Forman of the artisanal salmon smoke house H. Forman & Son in London for a taste of certified smoked salmon.
26/05/1626m 20s

Fat Rice

Chicago is a melting pot when it comes to cuisine. We have pretty much every country covered, in terms of representation. Not just the obvious places, like Mexico, France, Thailand and Japan, but also lesser-known countries, like Peru, El Salvador and Kyrgystan. But up until a few years ago, there was nowhere to satisfy a craving for chamuças or lacassa rice noodles, or even mackerel chutney. Thanks to the persistence, and skill, of chefs like Abraham Conlon and his partner, Adrienne Lo, Fat Rice has become THE go-to restaurant for all things Macanese. And this week, Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky  welcome both Abe and Adrienne to the show.
18/05/1622m 56s

Ingredient Challenge: Skirt Steak

With warmer weather, the grill covers come off and summer barbecue season begins. This week, Rick Bayless invites chef John Manion of El Che Bar in Chicago to the test kitchen for a skirt steak challenge.
11/05/1626m 2s

Mothers Inspiring Love of Food

In honor of Mother's Day, Steve and Rick speak to their mothersabout their passion of good food. From barbecue joint tofour-star restaurant, Rick heads back to Oklahoma to talk withhis mom about running the family restaurant. From TV dinners to TVfood reporter, Steve Dolinsky heads back to the twin cities to talkhot dish and being raised kosher.
04/05/1638m 51s

Tastes of Chicago

We're talking about where to eat in Chicago, right now. Even if you're not coming to town for the Beard Awards, there are plenty of exciting places to eat. Mike Sula, restaurant critic for the Chicago Reader, and Sarah Freeman, contributing editor for Eater Chicago, help sort through Chicago's many options.
27/04/1633m 55s

Ingredient Challenge: Preserved Lemon

Typically here on the show, when we talk preserves we think kimchi or pickles, smoked fish or cured salmon, but today we're heading into preserved fruit territory This week Rick invites Sean Pharr, chef at The Bristol in Chicago, to stop by the Frontera Test Kitchen and see what he could do with preserved lemons.
20/04/1625m 1s

Terroir Symposium & Eating in Toronto

10 years ago, the Terroir Symposium began as a way to bring Canada's hospitality industry together, through networking, education and collaboration. But over the past few years, the annual, one-day event in Toronto has welcomed presenters.  On this week's show, Steve and Rick speak with Founder and Executive Director Arlene Stein.  And if you happen to find yourself in Toronto, we thought, why not ask Chris Nuttall-Smith, Toronto Restaurant Critic and the National Food Writer for The Globe and Mail for some places to check out.
13/04/1624m 5s

Breaking Bread with Paul Kahan

One of the most rewarding things as a chef and restaurateur, is to see young, talented, hard-working employees spend time learning their trade, then eventually moving on to start their own businesses. In this show, Steve and Rick break bread with one of Rick's former employees, Paul Kahan.  He has been on quite a hot streak the past decade or so, having launched a restaurant group responsible for such Chicago gems as Blackbird, The Publican, Avec, The Violet Hour, Big Star and Nico Osteria.  They talk mistakes being a part of creating great food, supporting staff and moving into the United Center and O'Hare Airport.
06/04/1628m 17s

Ingredient Challenge: Artichokes

On This week's show, we attempt what many would think impossible: make an easy weeknight meal with canned artichoke hearts.  We asked one of Chicago's best young chefs, Brian Enyart, the Chef and owner of Dos Urban Cantina, in the Logan Square neighborhood here in Chicago and he accepted.
30/03/1622m 47s
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