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The Steve Austin Show

The Steve Austin Show

By PodcastOne

Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to

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That Damn Pecker - SAS CLASSIC

Steve returns from his BSR trip with entertaining road stories and the tale of his shotgun battle with a woodpecker.
21/09/23·52m 52s

Chris Jericho - SAS CLASSICS

Y2J finally comes to 317 Gimmick Street as Steve welcomes Chris Jericho to the podcast! Join Chris and Steve for a diverse discussion about rock bands, Chris's wrestling origins in Canada, podcasting adventures and, of course, lots of pro wrestling.
19/09/23·1h 41m

Trish Stratus - SAS CLASSIC

Trish Stratus, sexy 7 time WWE Women's Champion, joins Steve to talk some hogwash, then delve into her early life, pro wrestling, and her current doings at
14/09/23·1h 13m

Superstar Bill Dundee - SAS CLASSIC

Bill Dundee is a Memphis wrestling legend and one of the early influential figures in Steve's pro wrestling career. Join Steve and Bill as they talk about Bill's decades-long feud with Jerry Lawler, becoming the "Superstar," the origins of the Thesz Press, having a big house in Memphis, territory stories and the epic Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl of 1979!
12/09/23·1h 32m

Jim Ross Pt. 2 - SAS CLASSIC

Legendary Wrestling Announcer and good friend Jim Ross joins Steve in part two of a two episode look at the crazy world behind the square circle.
07/09/23·54m 59s

Jim Ross Pt. 1 - SAS CLASSIC

Legendary Wrestling Announcer and good friend Jim Ross joins Steve in part one of a two part look at the crazy world behind the square circle.
05/09/23·54m 8s

Bray Wyatt Part 2 - SAS CLASSIC

It's part 2 of Steve Austin's conversation with WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt! And this time you'll hear the story of Sister Abigail & the origins of that finishing move. You'll also hear about the match that Bray Wyatt learned the most from, get a glimpse at his relationship with his pro wrestler brother Bo Dallas, find out how Bray spends his time when he's not in the ring, and discover the one thing you'll never catch Bray doing! Plus, Ted Fowler interviews our favorite Global Icon And National Treasure about the business of pro wrestling! Betcha learn something about Steve Austin himself that you didn't know before!
31/08/23·1h 29m

Bray Wyatt Part 1 - SAS CLASSIC

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has plenty to say about being a 3rd generation wrestler, the evolution of his character, the advice he got from Freddie Prinze Jr, how he found his theme music & character name, how Axel Mulligan fits into it all, and the role Rage Against The Machine & Slipknot played in his career. Plus, Bray talks Dusty Rhodes, Undertaker, Arn Anderson, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. AND THIS IS ONLY PART 1!
29/08/23·1h 12m

Kevin Nash - SAS CLASSIC

On today's SAS CLASSIC, we take it all the way back to Episode #10, Wrestling legend Kevin Nash joins Steve for part one of a look behind the scenes of his career.
22/08/23·1h 6m

Secret Location - SAS CLASSIC

Stone Cold Steve Austin is tellin' tall tales and weavin' yarns...and making chicken salad out of chicken shit! And this is some seriously funny chicken salad! Jerry Lawler, Brock Lesnar, The Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, and Spanx for men! The story of the scuba-diving, whale-saving hero; extraordinary one-arm bench presses, and... they're "pictures of myself BY myself" they ain't no damn selfies!

Keto Diet Q and A and Steve Discovers California - SAS CLASSIC

Steve along with his wife Kristin talk about a fun mini-vacation they had out in Mammoth Lakes, California, filled with beautiful scenery, interesting folks and pastrami sandwiches. On the back half of the show, Steve answers YOUR questions about the Keto Diet!
15/08/23·1h 7m

Phil Keoghan From The Amazing Race - Part Two - SAS CLASSIC

Phil Keoghan returns to talk about The Amazing Race! Find out how he got the gig, what other reality show host was up for it too, and what it really takes to film the incredible race around the world. Phils also talking about his bungee jumping world record, the Nude Awakenings TV show he hosted and how that may have indirectly inspired the Austin Powers movies, and the scuba diving accident that nearly took his life when he was 19. Plus, Phil reveals some of the crazier items on his bucket list, and gives a little 411 on his new Smithsonian Channel series, Flying High.
10/08/23·1h 10m

Phil Keoghan From The Amazing Race - Part One - SAS CLASSIC

Phil Keoghan is host of TV's "Amazing Race," and he's also put together an incredible documentary about the 1928 Tour de France. The doc is called Le Ride, and Phil and his buddy Ben rode the 3,300+ mile course on bicycles from that time. They filmed their race, and are now sharing their story. Phil talks about the search to find the bikes, plotting and recreating the original course to the best of their ability, and why the 1928 race was so important to document. He talks about nutrition and training back then compared to what he & Ben did today, the conditions of the road now vs 1928, the gear, and the support team now vs then. He also recounts the mental and physical strain of riding 150 miles a day for 26 straight days. It's a fascinating, nearly unbelievable journey, and a must-listen!
08/08/23·1h 2m

3 and Twenty Band Part 2 - SAS CLASSIC

3 And Twenty return for another hang and jam session! This time you'll hear some of the ATL music that influenced them (and it ain't country). Plus, you'll hear Steve Austin bust out a little of his own musical knowledge - strings, guitars, playing styles and picking!
03/08/23·1h 4m

3 and Twenty Band - Part One - SAS CLASSIC

How 'bout a little jam session and Q&A with one of Steve Austin's favorite bands - 3 And Twenty! They set up, mic'ed up, and played a hell of a set at Steve's place in Hartwell, Georgia. So here's your chance to get to know and hang with Butch, Adrian, Daniel, Jim, and Rusty! Swig of beer with the 3 And Twenty band!
01/08/23·1h 7m

Backstage at WWE and Other Shenanigans - SAS CLASSIC

What's it like backstage at WWE on a TV taping day? Where did the Smoking Skull version of the WWE title belt come from? And who the heck is Auto Von Ruthless? Ask Steve.
27/07/23·1h 9m

TAZ - SAS Classic

Taz, the Human Suplex Machine, lets loose on Unleashed - pile driving, the tap out, the black singlet, and more four-letter words than you can count!
25/07/23·52m 33s

A Wake-up Call, a Ringmaster, a Texas Tattoo, & Sly Stallone's Broken Neck! | SAS CLASSIC

Steve's answering your questions... and that means stories about Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Daniel Cormier, Sly Stallone, bad-ass death scenes, PED-taking rats, the squared circle water gimmick, and Steve's most prized possession! He's also got some tips about tattoos and gray shirts, a suggestion for another "Expendables" sequel, and a big "oh hell no" to hair plugs! And if you wanna know the rules of engagement when it comes to the announcers table & the squared circle - then you best hit that download button now!
20/07/23·1h 31m

Dual UFC Champ Daniel Cormier | SAS CLASSIC

Daniel Cormier is the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion AND the reigning UFC Heavyweight champion, having just recently beaten Stipe Miocic for that title. DC joins Steve for this episode to talk about his title win at UFC 226, the subsequent heavyweight challenge by former champion Brock Lesnar, his plans for defending the Light Heavyweight title as well as his rivalry with Jon Jones. We also get in some pro wrestling discussion involving Ronda Rousey and much more!
18/07/23·1h 4m

Rob Cruxall - SAS CLASSIC

If you've got the bug to brew your own beer, this is the podcast for you! Rob Croxall from the El Segundo Brewing Company sits down with Steve to talk IPA, hops, brew school, naming beers, and what it takes to turn a home operation into a legitimate craft beer company!
13/07/23·58m 32s

Eastin Corbin - SAS CLASSIC

Easton Corbin, one of Steve's favorite country singers, rolled through LA and found himself tossing back a cold one at 316 Gimmick Street. He's talking musical heroes, life on the road, calling audibles onstage, and why he won't be caught dead in skinny jeans. Easton's an avid hunter too, and shares a few deer stories of his own. Plus, you'll find out why he hasn't washed his truck in over 2 years, and if you listen real carefully, you might even hear he and Steve sing a song or two.
11/07/23·1h 11m

Shane Douglas Part 2 - SAS CLASSIC

It's Round 2 with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, and this time he's talking about ECW and its reputation for violence - what he thought of it then & how he feels about it now. He's also talking about his run at WWF, including his issues with "The Kliq." You'll hear how he mastered the fine art of being a heel & cutting a kick-ass promo. Plus, the match that ended his WWF career, his real-life feud with Ric Flair, his thoughts on his friend Chris Benoit, and dropping the belt to Taz. And then there's his time in TNA.
06/07/23·1h 47m

Shane Douglas Part One - SAS CLASSIC

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas candidly discusses his oxycodone addiction with Steve - what it was like at its worst, what prompted him to kick it, and how he finally he did. He also talks about his highschool & college wrestling days, training with Dominic DeNucci, working for Bill Watts, the legend of Bruno Sammartino, getting color at ECW, and what he learned from Eddie Gilbert.
04/07/23·1h 22m

The Bionic Redneck - SAS CLASSIC

Steve & Kristin Austin are back in not-so-sunny So Cal and doing the first podcast from 317 Gimmick Street (that's no typo)! They share travel stories, and then Steve tackles your questions about squared circle communication & talking trash, blading & kicking out of pins, Stone Cold's last match, shooting arrows at Vince McMahon, the Bionic Redneck Gimmick, Beatles vs Stones, Led Zeppelin vs Rush, and the return of the Ford Bronco. He's also ranting on some first world problems plaguing the city of angels.
29/06/23·1h 20m
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