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The Steve Austin Show

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Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to

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Post Malone Pt. 2 | SAS CLASSIC

Steve welcomes back rapper Post Malone for this week's UNLEASHED to continue their conversation. Post and Steve talk about life on the road, what's next creatively for Post and Steve shares the story behind the double knee braces. Also, Steve Austin displays his great affinity for watches! All this plus updates from the Broken Skull Ranch and much more!
23/03/23·1h 7m

Post Malone Pt. 1 | SAS CLASSIC

The incredibly talented rapper Post Malone stops by 317 Gimmick Street to talk about his recent rise to fame as one of the hottest acts today. Post shares how he and Steve were introduced to each other, how Post ended up wearing one of Stone Cold's vests on the BET Awards, country music influences, mutual love for Nevada and Stone Cold Steve Austin gets his rapper name!
21/03/23·1h 1m

Colt Cabana | SAS CLASSIC

Anything goes with indie wrestler Colt Cabana... WWE, the indie scene, comedy, road trips, movie making, podcasting, and even book reading.
16/03/23·1h 9m


Bret Hitman Hart, professional wrestling legend, joins Steve Austin for a no holds barred conversation about the business of wrestling and answer questions from fans via twitter.
14/03/23·1h 27m

Shower Mishaps & Fan Appreciation | SAS CLASSIC

Steve talks about almost dying in the shower, truck stops, buying tampons for the Mrs. and then dives into emails and fan phone calls.
09/03/23·1h 1m


Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight champion Booker T finally makes an appearance on the Steve Austin Show! Join Booker and Steve as they cover some of Booker T's early days training in Texas under Scott Casey and Ivan Putski as well as correcting some history from King of the Ring 2001. Also, with Steve and Booker being into MMA, the guys break down this past weekend's UFC 228 as well as thoughts on Conor McGregor and other topics in the fight game.
07/03/23·2h 5m

Sean XPac Waltman | SAS CLASSIC

Sean "XPac" Waltman and Steve Austin are doing it Unleashed this time! No holds barred & no four-letter word restrictions! They're having a very frank discussion about doping in professional sports, XPac's new podcast on the AfterBuzz Network, and the shocking death of Chyna. XPac and Chyna dated for four years, and he's talking about all of their ups & downs - from the drugs and the sex tape to some of her incredible matches both at WWE and in Japan... and they both have plenty of thoughts as to whether Chyna should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
02/03/23·1h 8m

Q&A with Adam Cole | SAS CLASSIC

Adam Cole returns to answer your questions, and they range from everything from The Bullet Club and The Young Bucks to AJ Styles to the Panama City Playboy gimmick. Adam also talks about a potential match with Kenny Omega, working in Japan, winning the ROH World Championship, traveling with Jay Briscoe, and whether the WWE/NXT might be in his future. Plus, he's offering advice for succeeding on the indie scene, eating clean on the road on a limited budget, and mastering your merch!
28/02/23·1h 19m

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake | SAS CLASSIC

Former WWE and WCW superstar Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake joins Steve this week for a look at the stories behind his new book, BRUTUS “THE BARBER” BEEFCAKE: STRUTTIN' & CUTTIN'. Brutus and Steve discuss Brutus's early athletic years, how he was hooked by pro wrestling, his entry into the WWF and working at the first-ever (and subsequent five) WrestleManias, life on the road, his relationship with Vince McMahon, his life-changing parasailing accident, how Brutus "The Barber" came to be and much more!
23/02/23·1h 15m

Luke Bryan | SAS CLASSIC

Country music superstar Luke Bryan joins Steve on the podcast today, talking about his new album WHAT MAKES YOU COUNTRY. Sit in with Steve and Luke for hunting stories, Luke’s pre-show ritual, his influences as a performer and his and Steve’s mutual admiration for chocolate labs and watches.
21/02/23·58m 41s

Brian Knobbs | SAS CLASSIC

Brian Knobbs of The Nasty Boys joins Steve. Don't miss the stories about Wrestlemania 7, shaved eyebrows, the infamous pit stop, and being stabbed in Peoria.
16/02/23·1h 27m

Brock Lesnar | SAS CLASSIC

Brock Lesnar grew up on a farm, played football and wrestled in highschool, spent 8 weeks in training camp with the Minnesota Vikings, competed for Dana White in UFC, and is back for round two with Vince McMahon and WWE. Hear about Wrestlemania 19 & 20, his first WWE match in Australia with Triple H & The Rock, what he learned traveling down the road with Curt Hennig, his connection with Paul Heyman, and why Brock just doesn't really like people.
14/02/23·1h 11m

Big Van Vader | SAS CLASSIC

Leon White aka Big Van Vader had a heck of a conversation with Steve Austin... and this here's only the beginning! He talks a little Colorado college football, some stories from his days in the NFL with the Rams, and it's all wrestling from there - from how he got his name to his early training days to his first match against Bruiser Brody to landing with New Japan Pro Wrestling.
09/02/23·1h 25m

Wrestlemania 13 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart | SAS CLASSIC

Wrestlemania 13. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Steve takes you inside the ring & inside his head for this behind-the-scenes look at how it all went down - the big double turn, the color, and the controversial finish! What was planned, what was spontaneous, and what would Steve do differently if given the chance! Plus, hear Steve's thoughts on guest referee Ken Shamrock! It's a killer two-screen experience and a heck of a way to watch a match!
07/02/23·1h 9m

Ken Anderson | SAS CLASSIC

Steve’s back from Texas to catch up with Ken Anderson - formerly Mr. Kennedy in the WWE - to talk about Ken’s pro wrestling school, The Academy, which he runs with Shawn Daivari and Molly Holly in Minnesota. Join us as Ken and Steve break down the finer points of pro wrestling training, managing career expectations, what happened with Ken’s run in the WWE as well as his time in TNA, Ken’s battle with painkiller abuse and how he won that battle, and the perils of wearing body jewelry in the ring.
26/01/23·1h 11m

Keto Diet Q&A and Steve Discovers California | SAS CLASSIC

Steve along with his wife Kristin talk about a fun mini-vacation they had out in Mammoth Lakes, California, filled with beautiful scenery, interesting folks and pastrami sandwiches. On the back half of the show, Steve answers YOUR questions about the Keto Diet!
24/01/23·1h 7m

The Bionic Redneck Gimmick And Other Assorted Tales | SAS CLASSIC

Steve & Kristin Austin are back in not-so-sunny So Cal and doing the first podcast from 317 Gimmick Street (that's no typo)! They share travel stories, and then Steve tackles your questions about squared circle communication & talking trash, blading & kicking out of pins, Stone Cold's last match, shooting arrows at Vince McMahon, the Bionic Redneck Gimmick, Beatles vs Stones, Led Zeppelin vs Rush, and the return of the Ford Bronco. He's also ranting on some first world problems plaguing the city of angels.
20/01/23·1h 20m

Basic Brass Tacks of Ring Psychology | SAS CLASSIC

Steve Austin is sharing Stone Cold's in-ring psychology and it all comes down to two things - good guy vs bad guy, and great storytelling! He's also talking "no-selling," "wrestler's mentality," The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt, Randy Savage in the WWE Hall of Fame, promo master Paul E. Heyman... and if that's not enough - he's got moon landing musings and a list of pro-wrestlers he'd like to have with him during a zombie apocalypse! It could happen...
17/01/23·1h 20m

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell Pt2 | SAS CLASSIC

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell returns, and this time he's talking about the match that left him temporarily paralyzed in the ring, the car accident that required Doctors to reconstruct his face from pictures, road stories with Lex Luger, kicking his hardcore addiction to prescription pain pills, and his current indie wrestling career.
13/01/23·1h 6m

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell | SAS CLASSIC

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell has a new documentary coming out on Halloween. It's called "The Good, The Bad & The Buff: The Marc Bagwell Journey," and he's telling Steve all about it. You'll hear about growing up in a wealthy Marietta family, playing high school baseball and football, stripping at the "Lemon Peel" in Atlanta to make extra money, how Missy Hyatt "saved" his life, working for WWE after WCW was bought by Vince, the ribbing he took in the WWE locker room, and the controversy surrounding Buff's quick release from WWE.
10/01/23·1h 14m

Pat Miletich Tells Movie Tales, Bouncer Stories & Talks UFC | SAS CLASSIC

Pat Miletich returns with stories from the set of the "Bobby Z" movie he shot with Paul Walker, tales from his days as a bouncer in clubs around the Quad Cities, and the neck injury that contributed to his decision to stop fighting. He's also got a heck of an idea for a whole new MMA promotion, some thoughts on the UFC selling for $4 billion, and how eating gluten-free has rekindled his love of music!
05/01/23·1h 4m

UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich | SAS CLASSIC

UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich has plenty of stories about his incredible career in the octagon! He breaks down his training regimen & pre-fight strategies from his fighting days, and reveals the hard lesson he learned from his first amateur kickboxing match in Chicago! He also loves fishing, takes pilot lessons & is training hard for the upcoming Leadville Trail 100 (a high altitude, ultramarathon through the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado).
03/01/23·1h 1m

Jim Cornette Pt. 2 | SAS CLASSIC

Jim Cornette is back to share more stories from inside the squared circle... and OUT! He's got some great behind-the-scenes BS and of course, don't forget the ribs! Presented by Geico!
29/12/22·1h 7m

Jim Cornette Pt. 1 | SAS CLASSIC

Midnight Express manager Jim Cornette joins Steve. Lightning strikes, diva fights, early Memphis wrestling, and a 2014 trip to the U.K. Presented by Geico!
27/12/22·1h 3m
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