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Jemma Bolt and Helen Shephard chat all things health, wellness and lifestyle in a candid, lighthearted and honest way. Each week the girls welcome a different guest to get their prospective on a topic. No edits, no filter - just pure 100% girl chat!


Living a More Eco Friendly Life -With Max McMurdo

This week we are joined by designer, upcycler, author and TV presenter, Max McMurdo. In his ever amusing way we hear all about his interesting life as well as talking about what we can do as individuals to live a more eco friendly life. He tells us all about his inspiring project to build schools in Africa out of plastic bottles and his and Professor Green's run in with the police! Well worth a listen!
15/08/1922m 15s

The Egg Freezing Journey - With Dr Zoe Williams

This week we are joined by Dr Zoe Williams who openly talks us through her egg freezing journey. We hear the highs and the lows of the process, the reasons she chose to do it and the outcome she is hoping for. In a frank and honest conversation, Zoe shares her professional and personal points of view.
04/07/1932m 21s

My Fight Wth Life - With Leon McKenzie

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast we chat to footballer turned boxer, author and mental health advocate Leon McKenzie, who opens up on his battles with depression, his time inside and the inspiration behind his book, 'My Fight With Life', in a very frank and honest conversation.
11/06/1929m 54s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Live Show

Jemma Bolt and Helen Shephard are joined by Sarah Mulindwa, Stuart Sandeman, Eden Blackman, Niamh McGrady and Dr Larissa Corda in the first ever The Lifestyle Edit Podcast live show! They discuss everything from dating, the pressures of social media, mindfulness and mental health to women's health and fertility, plus Stuart had everyone doing some breath work exercises too. The panel definitely didn't hold back, we promise it's a very entertaining listen!
07/05/191h 16m

Nurturing A Healthy Mind - With Niamh McGrady

This week on the Lifestyle Edit Podcast we chat to the super lovely star of 'Holby City' and 'The Fall', Niamh McGrady. She tells us what makes her happy and gives us her top tips for self love and how to get organised by creating a vision and plan - by journaling!
10/04/1935m 48s

Breathing Easy - With Stuart Sandeman

This week we are joined by breath therapist and founder of Breathpod, Stuart Sandeman. He talks openly about his personal journey that lead him to becoming a breath coach. He explains the importance of focusing on and harnessing your breath and the benefits it can bring to your health and life. He tells us why he thinks stress gets a bad name and also gives us a taster of what he teaches. Well worth a listen, you’ll be feeling more zen in no time!!
26/03/1926m 24s

Becoming a Blogger and Influencer - With Megan Taylor

This week award winning blogger and influencer, Megan Taylor joins us. We discuss her top tips for becoming a blogger and Instagram star! She spills the beans on the best and worst things she's been gifted, plus she tells us how she started out, the difference between being an Instagrammer and an Influencer and her insta-husband!! Have a listen and let us know what you think.
14/03/1931m 7s

Fertility; Advice and Myth Busting - With Dr Larisa Corda

This week women’s health and fertility expert, Dr Larisa Corda joins us again to talk all things fertility. We talk about the impact of stress, the importance of connecting with friends throughout the process of trying to conceive, how to offer support and the correct terminology to use when helping others going through the process. Larisa also busts some fertility myths and touches on alternative therapies, including, yoni steaming, acupuncture and past life regression. Have a listen and let us know what you think!
27/02/1932m 37s

First Date Dilemmas - With Cici Coleman

This week we chat to everyones fave waitress, First Dates, Cici Coleman. We get the goss on how being in a bad mood landed her the job at the First Dates restaurant, getting chatted up by another girls date on national TV and being lumbered with a £120 bill after a first date that she went on! Have a little listen! x
13/02/1928m 57s

Adulting - With Arielle Free

We're back with our first episode of the year and a brand new series packed full of exciting guests! Do you find the concept of 'adulting' hard? Well this week we chat to 'Adulting Avoider', DJ, TV and Radio Presenter, Arielle Free, about hiring through 'Task Rabbit', automatic cars, wild nights out and festivals! Have a listen and don't forget if you'd like to book a ticket to our live show, check out our Instagram page @TheLifestyleEditPodcast for details! X
29/01/1940m 50s

Friendship Goals - With Jemma, Helen and Lucy.

Do you have high expectations when it comes to friendship groups? Have you felt the need to cut off negative energy and streamline your social circle? This week the girls discuss 'friendship goals', and as normal, are very open and honest about it! x
29/11/1823m 56s

Going Undercover - With Ellie Flynn

This week we chat to investigative journalist 'Ellie Flynn', about going undercover! Ellie has put herself into some tricky situations to report on some tough matters for her BBC series 'Ellie Undercover' so we got the lowdown on how she really felt putting herself on the front line and coming face to face with criminals. It's well worth a listen! x
14/11/1820m 13s

Running For A Clearer Mind - With Bryony Gordon and Tim Weeks

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast the girls chatted to very special guests' writer, Bryony Gordon and personal trainer to the stars, Tim Weeks. After the initial 'fan-girling', the girls discussed past battles with mental health and how running has had a positive impact over the dark cloud of depression. Please note the sound quality unfortunately, is not great, however it is still audible so we hope you can bear with us through this blip!
01/11/1834m 42s

Eating Your Way To A Healthier You - With Hazel Wallace (The Food Medic)

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Lucy and Helen chat to the brilliantly informative and oracle of nutrition, Hazel Wallace aka ‘The Food Medic’. Have you ever wondered what’s really considered a superfood? And do you know the best foods to eat for a healthier brain? If you’re trying to navigate a healthier lifestyle and are open to some quick and easy foodie tip’s - this is well worth a listen! x
17/10/1833m 46s

Are We Simplifying The English Language? - With Tom Read Wilson

He has a voice, dialect and vocabulary that you could listen to all day long, which is why we thought Tom Read Wilson would make the perfect guest to discuss whether millennial Brits are responsible for simplifying the English language? It's a very funny listen as the girls, along with Tom, discuss everything from abbreviations, slang, drag queens and vulvas! x
02/10/1825m 20s

Dying Of Embarrassment - With Sarah Mulindwa

When was the last time you took a trip to the sexual health clinic? If the answer is 'too long', you'll want to hear from this weeks guest, host of E4's 'The Sex Tester's', Sarah Mulindwa. As we chat all things STD's, Sarah will put your mind at ease by busting a few common myths and with sexually transmitted infections on the rise, there has never been a more important time to give yourself a health check.. we loved chatting to her and learnt so much that we're even going to do a part 2 in the future!
18/09/1825m 2s

The Dating App Dilemma - With Eden Blackman

Have you ever experienced the world of dating apps? With more and more apps being launched it's hard to know which ones to go for - and even if you are dating-app savvy, how do you know whether or not your being 'catfished'? Never fear because this week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Lucy and Helen chat to dating guru and app creator 'Eden Blackman' about everything you need to know to navigate your way around the app's safely and securely - plus will Eden manage to convince Lucy to join a dating app?! Have a little listen and check us out on Instagram @TheLifestyleEditPodcast x
03/09/1832m 47s

Are We An Over Apologetic Society? - With Allegra and Jared Harris

Do you find yourself saying 'sorry' even when you're not at fault? This week on the podcast the girls chat to the beautiful presenter, Allegra Harris and her Hollywood actor husband, Jared Harris about whether we are an over apologetic society. We get all the goss about what goes on at ceremonies such as the Emmy's and SAG Awards.. and don't even think about treading on one of Allegra's dresses at such an event - as you certainly won't get an apology. Have a little listen and let us know your thoughts, its worth tuning in just to hear Jared's 'Angelina Jolie' story!
22/08/1823m 27s

Is There Power In Meditation? - With Lucy Keavney

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Lucy and Helen along with special guest, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Lucy Keavney, discuss whether there is 'Power In Meditation?' Is it something we should all be practicing regularly? We delve into the various types of meditation and find out how to get rid of that monkey chatter when you’re trying to relax! Have a little listen and let us know your thoughts x
09/08/1821m 31s

Are We Living In A Man's World? - With Amy Christophers

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Lucy and Helen discuss whether we’re living in a mans world both professionally and personally, along with special guest, football commentator and presenter Amy Christophers. Having worked predominantly in a mostly male dominated industry like football, Amy gives her insight into the pressures that surround her line of work and the problems that she is often faced with. Enjoy and if you’d like to keep up with what we’re up to, follow us on @TheLifestyleEditPodcast on Instagram x
24/07/1821m 47s

What We need To Know About Fertility - With Dr.Larisa Corda

Do some of you feel that constant pressure cooker to produce a baby by a certain age? Or have you just been living life to the max and now panicking that you may have missed the boat on mini me's? This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Helen and Lucy chat to ITV 'This Morning's' fertility expert Dr.Larisa Corda. You may be surprised by some of her top tips.. especially for the men!
11/07/1826m 46s

Are You Fighting The War On Waste? - With Lynne Lambourne

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Lucy and Helen chat to special guest and 'Warrior on Waste' Lynne Lambourne, about how to be more sustainable in our everyday lives. Pick up hot tips on how to be more environmentally friendly just by making a few subtle lifestyle changes.. as a very well known supermarket once said: 'Every little helps! Don't forget you can keep up to date with what we're up to by checking out @TheLifestyleEditPodcast on Instagram too ;)
27/06/1823m 17s

Should We Stay In An Unhappy Relationship? - With Carrie Anne Roberts

This week on the podcast Jemma, Lucy and Helen chat to 'mumpreneur' Carrie Anne Roberts - founder of mamamerch brand 'Mere Soeur'.After deciding to make the break away from an unhappy relationship when son River was just 6 months old, Carrie Anne explains why she has no regrets about her decision. Have a little listen and rate us if you like! x
06/06/1819m 57s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 17 - Should We Idolise Celebrities?

This week on 'The Lifestyle Edit Podcast', the girls discuss whether we should idolise celebrities? Did you have a childhood crush on someone well known and how do the people you aspire to be now, compare with those when you were younger? Should the media be held to account on who our children aspire to be, or is it down to the parents?Also, find out about Lucy's (massive) crush on Jessie Ware, Helen's 'Kylie' infatuation and a three year old Jemma's love of MJ! we're on Instagram too @TheLifestyleEditPodcast x
21/05/1821m 3s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 16 - Should We Dress Age Appropriately?

This week on the Lifestyle Edit Podcast the girls discuss whether we should dress age appropriately? Find out about Lucy's issues with crop tops and Topshop, Helen abandoning her clothes on a night out and Jemma dishes on her mums affection for wild leggings! Also give us a follow @TheLifestyleEditPodcast on Instagram so we can carry on the chat! Happy listening x
08/05/1823m 8s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 15 - Are We Mindless Consumers?

This week Jemma, Lucy and Helen chat all things shopping. How many times have you fallen foul to that online advert that just begs you to purchase their goods. Find out what the girls think about everything from skincare to tomato sauce! Are we just spending our money pointlessly? Are we just mindless consumers?
24/04/1821m 41s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 14 - Age Expectations?

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, Jemma, Lucy and Helen discuss 'age expectations' - do you feel the pressure to have a life plan in place? Or are you worried about your biological clock ticking and making choices based on what you think you should be doing, rather than what you want to do?! The girls share their experiences and you may be surprised by what they reveal. Enjoy! x
11/04/1822m 24s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 13 - Is time up on 'Times Up'?

This week on 'The Lifestyle Edit Podcast', Jemma and Rosie pick up from last years 'Me Too' podcast. Discussing if whether things are really changing or is the time up on ‘Times Up’? Are women the stronger sex? Does equal mean identical? Have a listen and let us know your thoughts! X
26/03/1817m 45s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 11 - What's Mother's Day All About?

This week on 'The Lifestyle Edit Podcast' we welcome the return of Rosie, who's back from her travels and ready to chat with Jemma all things mum related. We also have a special guest in the form of Hayley (Jemma's mum) who gives her input into the conversation on the role of being mum - a role which most people would agree is one of life's toughest but equally, incredibly rewarding tasks! Have a little listen x
28/02/1815m 36s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 10 - The Route to Romance?

Could your next train journey be a one way ticket to the land of love? This week on ‘The Lifestyle Edit Podcast’ we’ve teamed up with the lovely folk at National Rail to bring you a Valentine’s Day special show to celebrate the release of their ebook which is packed full of stories from couples who found love blossoming on the railway. We chat to childhood sweethearts Jayne & Terry who are just about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary (!) and we hear some top tips for plucking up the courage to chat to that stranger that may have caught your eye! Have a listen and if you have any experiences of romance on the railway, tweet us @_railcards or instagram @national.rail. Plus if you’d like to download your own copy of the ebook, head to ❤️
11/02/1828m 29s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 9 - Fancy A Career Change?

This week on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast, model and actress Lucy Pinder steps in for Rosie to co-host with Jemma, as they discuss career changes. Are you considering one yourself, does fear of the unknown hold you back, or do you just want to explore other options? Download and have a listen now to find out what they want to do (when they grow up!)x
20/01/1816m 29s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 8 - Are You Sticking To Your Christmas Goals?

Presenter Jemma Bolt co-hosts and chats with Yogi, DJ and Business Woman Deanne Pickard, aka DJ Blonde Ambition, aka Wild Thing Yoga! The girls dish on weather they've stuck to their goals - and what they actually are, plus Deanne gives the lowdown on balancing the disco lights of the clubs with the serenity of the yoga mat!
11/01/1820m 27s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 7 - Christmas Stress!

Christmas Stress! It's the time of year that's meant to be full of fun and cheer, but with the holiday comes a huge amount of stress for most, with pressure to buy christmas presents, cook a feast and family frictions. Jemma and Rosie give their top tips on how to survive xmas stress!
17/12/1714m 41s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 6 - Is Your Ego Your Amigo?

Is Your Ego Your Amigo? Does a little bit of ego help to push you forward or is it sometimes a front for a lack of confidence? Listen now!
10/12/1710m 42s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 5 - What's Up With The Witch Hunt On Women?

'What's Up With The Witch Hunt On Women?' Why do women get such a bad deal in the press? Jemma and Rosie discuss the witch hunt on big celebs including Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Teresa May!
27/11/1711m 51s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep4 -Me Too

'Me Too..' As more and more sexual harassment cases come to light, Jemma & Rosie, along with special guest Tessa Maye, explain why they think the conversation has to keep going on the subject and reflect on personal experiences.
10/11/1719m 11s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 3 - Entrepreneurial Mums

'Entrepreneurial Mums'. Are you a mum that finds yourself juggling the tasks of 'motherhood' and business? Or maybe you're a professional plate spinner regardless of whether or not you're a mum! Jemma and Rosie discuss on The Lifestyle Edit, what it feels like on both sides whilst trying to bridge the gap!
23/10/1715m 0s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 2 - Getting Over Self Doubt

'Getting Over Self Doubt'. Stylist, Jemma Bolt and Rosie Underwood OK! Mag's Fashion and Beauty Director, discuss free diving, getting over self doubt and why sometimes having the loudest voice in the room, doesn't mean you're the most confidant! Plenty of chat, none of the fluff!
06/10/1712m 36s

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast Ep 1 - Veganism

'Lets Go Veggie'? Stylist, Jemma Bolt and Rosie Underwood, OK! Mag's Fashion and Beauty Director, discuss vegans, Leo DiCaprio's dinner and 'Cowspiracy'. Plenty of chat, none of the fluff!
10/09/1711m 58s
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