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August 10, 2020: Trump takes executive action on coronavirus relief

Plus, it's back to school season, USA TODAY launches the Women of the Century project, a new hurricane forms in the Pacific and it's been one year since the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.(Audio: Associated Press)
10/08/206m 31s

August 9, 2020: An interview with "John Lewis: Good Trouble" director

USA TODAY’s Leaders of Change project is spotlighting activists across the country—people who we think will be in the history books because of their work advancing social justice in 2020. Leaders of Change nominee Dawn Porter makes films highlighting political struggles that help everyone, like Congressman Lewis' crusade for voting rights. Look out for more from Leaders of Change later this month.
09/08/2043m 24s

August 8, 2020: Relief deal talks fall apart

Plus, progress continues on COVID-19 vaccines, thousands of people remain without power in the New York City area, a new documentary on Jeffrey Epstein's alleged abuses airs on Lifetime and the NHL wraps up qualifying series.(Audio: Associated Press, Lifetime)
08/08/208m 35s

Aug 7, 2020: Is a relief deal on the brink of collapse?

Plus, activists push to suspend prison admissions in Arizona amid a massive outbreak, Los Angeles will shut off power for party houses that repeatedly violate COVID-19 protocol, job gain numbers are out for July and Lady Gaga debuts a new show on Apple Music.(Audio: Associated Press)
07/08/208m 16s

August 6, 2020: Fauci says COVID-19 plateau is 'unacceptable'

Plus, France's president heads to Lebanon, it's been 75 years since the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the Labor Department releases its latest job numbers and the PGA Championship is here.(Audio: Associated Press)
06/08/2011m 12s

August 5, 2020: Lebanon searching for answers after deadly Beirut blast

Plus, governors from six states collaborate to get quick coronavirus tests, lawmakers say they're closer on a new stimulus deal, Isaias leaves millions without power and the Europa League is back.(Audio: Associated Press)
05/08/209m 16s

August 4, 2020: Isaias makes landfall in North Carolina

Plus, Trump and Pelosi both go after Dr. Deborah Birx, Michigan holds its primary, Chad Daybell's hearing continues after his wife's kids were found dead and there's a new book in the 'Twilight' saga.(Audio: Associated Press, AccuWeather)
04/08/207m 12s

August 3, 2020: Both sides cite progress on relief bill

Plus, Dr. Deborah Birx warns rural areas to take the coronavirus seriously, Tropical Storm Isaias heads for the Carolinas, Pac-12 athletes push for changes with unity group and Google releases a new phone.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/08/206m 18s

August 2, 2020: Introducing a new season of The Sneak

How did Jack Roland Murphy go from world-champion surfer to notorious jewel thief? How did it all go wrong and end in at least two murders in the murky waterways of southern Florida? Find out on The Sneak: Murders at Whiskey Creek. "5 Things" is bringing you the entire first episode.
02/08/2023m 15s

August 1, 2020: U.S. strikes another coronavirus vaccine deal

Plus, lawmakers throw jabs on stimulus disagreements, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retires citing pressure from Trump, Hurricane Isaias is on the move and the NHL returns.(Audio: Associated Press)
01/08/207m 49s

July 31, 2020: Daily U.S. coronavirus cases have fallen since last week

Plus, the countdown is on for a stimulus agreement, hurricane season continues, Muslims begin celebrating Eid al-Adha and Beyoncé releases a new visual album.(Audio: Associated Press, WH.GOV, Walt Disney Studios)
31/07/207m 22s

July 30, 2020: John Lewis' funeral held in Atlanta

Plus, Trump retweets a Houston doctor touting hydroxychloroquine, a Mars rover makes history, the U.S. GDP falls and the NBA is back.(Audio: Associated Press)
30/07/207m 58s

July 29, 2020: Poll finds majority of Americans think country is heading in the wrong direction

Plus, Democrats and Republicans continue to debate a new stimulus, tech CEOs testify before Congress on anti-trust issues, John Lewis lies in state at the Georgia State Capitol and the Federal Reserve may signal zero interest rates for even longer.(Audio: Associated Press)
29/07/2013m 1s

July 28, 2020: WHO says health emergency is most severe ever declared

Plus, the GOP reveals its stimulus bill, a woman will lead the Army Reserve for the first time, Johnny Depp's libel trial is expected to end and the Emmys are announced.(Audio: Associated Press, WHO)
28/07/208m 24s

July 27, 2020: New pandemic relief bill expected Monday

Plus, Trump talks testing, Rep. John Lewis lies in state at the U.S. Capitol, a Chinese researcher is expected in court for fraud and the Delta Aquariid meteor shower lights up the sky.(Audio: Associated Press)
27/07/206m 24s

Honoring civil rights icon John Lewis as national protests rage

The death of Rep. John Lewis marks the end of an era. We're bringing back his speeches from the 50th anniversary of the Selma voting rights march and interviews in which Lewis looks back on 'Bloody Sunday.' Members of Congress and veteran activists share their memories of Lewis' fight to secure protections against voter disenfranchisement. They also look ahead to how a new generation of activists will walk in Lewis' footsteps. Click here to find our 40-page special edition commemorating his life's work.
26/07/2012m 54s

July 25, 2020: CDC finds 'prolonged illness' common with COVID-19

Plus, $600 weekly unemployment supplements expire, new international college students won't be able to study in the U.S. this fall if their university goes fully online, the WNBA returns and Puerto Rico closes most businesses on Sundays as cases surge.(Audio: Associated Press)
25/07/208m 0s

July 24, 2020: Trump admits some schools may need to delay opening

Plus, lawmakers work toward finalizing the latest pandemic relief bill, Michael Cohen is out of prison again, hurricanes spin in the Atlantic and Pacific and Taylor Swift releases a surprise album.(Audio: Associated Press)
24/07/208m 33s

July 23, 2020: U.S., Pfizer agree to deal for 100 million doses of vaccine

Plus, C.T. Vivian is laid to rest, Major League Baseball is back, Tropical Storm Gonzalo strengthens into a hurricane and Microsoft unveils more Xbox games for its new system.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Gavin Newsom)
23/07/2011m 5s

July 22, 2020: Trump encourages mask use

Plus, protests in Portland continue as federal agents remain, storms form in the Atlantic and Pacific, Comet Neowise gets close to Earth and Prince Philip makes a rare public appearance.(Audio: Associated Press)
22/07/208m 8s

June 21, 2020: More vaccine candidates show promise

Plus, negotiations continue for the next COVID-19 relief bill, a primary suspect is named in the shooting death of a New Jersey judge's son, Vanity Fair puts the work of a Black photographer on its cover for the first time and Alex Trebek tells his story in a memoir.(Audio: Associated Press, Jeopardy!)
21/07/2011m 40s

July 20, 2020: UN head says pandemic exposes global inequality

Plus, more stores require masks, a nationwide strike pushes for racial justice, Florida voters register after the Supreme Court deals a blow to felons and a new NBA show tackles issues on and off the court.(Audio: United Nations)
20/07/206m 33s

July 19, 2020: Six summer stories from the Corona Diaries global project

We're sharing personal stories we received as part of the Corona Diaries project. You'll hear from parents in Florida and Rhode Island, an elderly couple in Denver, Colorado, as well as international audio submissions from Wiesbaden and Munich, Germany, and Bangalore, India. Corona Diaries is part of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. You can share your pandemic stories by clicking here, and telling us how you're preparing for the upcoming school year.
19/07/2013m 53s

July 18, 2020: Remembering Rep. John Lewis

Plus, federal law enforcement officers using unmarked vehicles are arresting protesters in Portland, Americans defy travel bans during the pandemic, Trump appears in a testy Fox News interview and Major League Baseball gears toward a restart.(Audio: Associated Press, whitehouse.gov)
18/07/2010m 2s

July 17, 2020: Georgia governor, Atlanta mayor feud on masks

Plus, Chicago extends its quarantine list, listeners share summer coronavirus stories, The Chicks release their first album in 14 years and it's Black Friday in July.(Audio: Associated Press, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms)
17/07/2011m 5s

July 16, 2020: Trump defends relationship with Fauci after Navarro Op-Ed

Plus, the Labor Department releases new job numbers, Twitter responds after a massive hack, Trump's reelection campaign shakes things up and scientists will reveal the closest photos ever of the sun.(Audio: Associated Press, European Space Agency)
16/07/206m 18s

July 15, 2020: Vaccine candidate appears to be safe and provide some immunity

Plus, tax day is here, Segway retires its most famous vehicle, NASCAR allows 30,000 fans and Peacock joins the streaming wars.(Audio: Associated Press, Segway, Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service)
15/07/2010m 3s

July 14, 2020: California shuts down most indoor gatherings once again

Plus, Mary Trump's new book talks about President Donald Trump, Ghislaine Maxwell appears in court, actress Naya Rivera's body has been found and voters in Alabama head to the polls.(Audio: Associated Press)
14/07/207m 48s

July 13, 2020: Florida breaks another grim COVID-19 record

Plus, Tucker Carlson addresses racist and sexist remarks made by one of his writers, NHL training camps open, it's been 17 years since the last federal execution in the U.S. and Ford unveils its newest Bronco after changing the date from O.J. Simpson's birthday.(Audio: Associated Press)
13/07/207m 0s

July 12, 2020: These COVID-19 survivors are coping with lingering symptoms

Many of the more than 3 million people who have gotten COVID-19 report lingering body pain, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, breathing problems, chronic fatigue, and even organ failure. John Holdridge, 55, and Marjorie Roberts, 59, share their stories of recovery. You can check out our Coronavirus Chronicles video series to hear from more survivors. Get the Coronavirus Watch newsletter and stay informed about the spread of the virus.
12/07/2012m 35s

July 11, 2020: California set to release more inmates amid pandemic

Plus, a COVID-19 patient shares a recovery story, Walt Disney World reopens, Jimmie Johnson returns to the racetrack after a positive test result scare and New Yorkers are treated to a 'Manhattanhenge' sunset.(Audio: Associated Press)
11/07/209m 29s

July 10, 2020: Florida coronavirus deaths soar

Plus, Trump responds to a Supreme Court ruling on his taxes, Pearl Harbor resumes tours, remembering Charlie Daniels and Juice Wrld's posthumous album releases.(Audio: Associated Press)
10/07/207m 31s

July 9, 2020: Supreme Court set to rule on Trump tax returns

Plus, the White House ramps up pressure to reopen schools, an ousted prosecutor will testify before a House committee, some NBA teams return to practice and Japanese theme parks give a peculiar recommendation on roller coaster screaming.(Audio: Associated Press, Queensland Police Service)
09/07/2010m 2s

July 8, 2020: Trump wants schools open this fall

Plus, Mexico's president visits the White House to celebrate a new trade deal, the Ivy League will make a decision about whether to play fall sports, Major League Soccer is back and SpaceX sends more internet satellites to Space.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/07/208m 7s

July 7, 2020: Fauci gives an update on the vaccine timeline

Plus, primaries continue, Blackout Day encourages Americans to support Black-owned businesses, Johnny Depp sues The Sun and Ringo Starr turns 80.(Audio: NIH)
07/07/208m 29s

July 6, 2020: To reopen or not to reopen

Plus, remembering Nick Cordero, a suspect is due in court after running over protesters in Seattle, stock markets reopen and Japanese leaders discuss next summer's Olympics.(Audio: Associated Press)
06/07/204m 36s

July 5, 2020: Introducing Changing The Game

In Changing The Game, a new podcast from USA TODAY Sports, award-winning journalist Nancy Armour interviews icons, Olympians, and trailblazers to explore how women are revolutionizing the world of sports and society as a whole. In this Sunday's 5 Things, host Claire Thornton brings you parts of Changing The Game episodes featuring Los Angeles Sparks forward Nneka Ogwumike and U.S. Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez.
05/07/2035m 23s

July 4, 2020: Happy Fourth of July!

Plus, Joey Chestnut tries for hot dog eating glory again, COVID-19 cases are rising in 40 states, a lunar eclipse combines with fireworks and a NASCAR driver will have a Trump 2020 design on his car.(Audio: Associated Press)
04/07/206m 51s

July 3, 2020: Daily U.S. coronavirus cases surge past 50,000 for first time

Plus, the Senate approves legislation penalizing China for Hong Kong actions, Los Angeles cuts police funding, Trump attends a fireworks ceremony at Mt. Rushmore and 'Hamilton' hits streaming.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Greg Abbott, Governor Gavin Newsom, Walt Disney Studios)
03/07/2013m 21s

July 2, 2020: States hit rewind on reopening

Plus, Allegiant Air requires mask use, dueling jobs reports paint different pictures of the economy, intelligence officials brief lawmakers on a reported Russian bounty scandal and John Bolton's memoir is a best-seller.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Gavin Newsom)
02/07/207m 54s

July 1, 2020: When can we expect a coronavirus vaccine?

Plus, the European Union opens up to international travelers but not those from the U.S., Delaware removes its last public whipping post, minimum wages increase in some states and new cell phone driving laws are on the way.(Audio: Associated Press)
01/07/208m 50s

June 30, 2020: Northeast quarantine travel order could apply to nearly half of US population

Plus, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will testify on the pandemic response, an investigation will look into the Louisville mayor's handling of Breonna Taylor's death, primary results are expected in Kentucky and the New England Patriots owner's prostitution case goes to an appellate court.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Doug Ducey)
30/06/208m 27s

June 29, 2020: Congressional hearing set on clearing of peaceful protesters before Trump photo op

Plus, coronavirus cases drop in some states as they reach record highs in others, most Americans say it would be inappropriate for Trump to dispute the election, there's a gap between Black and white home ownership in America and flight tests will begin for the Boeing 737 Max.(Audio: Associated Press)
29/06/207m 5s

June 28, 2020: Teenagers reflect on growing up Black in Tamir Rice's America

We talked to dozens of teenagers about growing up Black in Tamir Rice’s America. They’re all turning 18 this year, the same age Tamir Rice—who was shot and killed by police at age 12—should have turned this past Thursday. We also hear from Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, who is fighting to advance legal and policy changes to the criminal justice system.
28/06/2012m 27s

June 27, 2020: White House Coronavirus Task Force returns for first press conference in 2 months as cases rise

Plus, Louisville fights for justice for Breonna Taylor, the House votes to make DC a state, Pride Month wraps up online and the BET Awards will honor performers and activists.(Audio: Associated Press, Louisville Courier Journal)
27/06/2010m 57s

June 26, 2020: CDC says coronavirus cases might be 10 times higher than the number reported

Plus, Minneapolis votes on whether to dismantle its police department, the House votes on making Washington, D.C. a state, it's been five years since the landmark Supreme Court decision extending marriage rights to the LGBTQ community and the Daytime Emmy Awards go virtual.(Audio: Associated Press, CDC, General Hospital)
26/06/209m 19s

June 25, 2020: Remembering Tamir Rice

Plus, House Democrats bring forward a new police reform bill, states announce quarantine orders amid a spike in coronavirus cases, millions more file for unemployment and a Saharan dust cloud is expected to reach the Gulf Coast.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
25/06/2010m 36s

June 24, 2020: Local communities rethink policing

Plus, get ready for baseball, governors create mask rules, an attorney will testify that the DOJ gave Roger Stone favorable treatment and a new documentary looks into the investigative journalism behind stopping Larry Nassar.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Doug Ducey, Governor Jay Inslee, Netflix)
24/06/2013m 38s

June 23, 2020: John Bolton says the Trump White House is 'like living in a pinball machine'

Plus, health leaders testify on coronavirus, an Atlanta police officer says he did nothing wrong after the death of Rayshard Brooks, voters head to primary polls and NBA head coaches can once again work with their players.(Audio: Associated Press)
23/06/209m 53s

June 22, 2020: Protesters continue to topple statues

Plus, Oregon considers early release for some inmates due to COVID-19, a noose was found in Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace's garage, Apple kicks off its WWDC event virtually and Chipotle introduces a new Facebook bot for online orders.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
22/06/207m 43s

June 21, 2020: Oral histories from our 1619 Voices Project

This Juneteenth weekend, we're bring back an episode from our 1619 Voices Project. Readers share personal accounts of escaping slavery that were passed down in their families for generations. USA TODAY editors reflect on the meaning of freedom in 2020. We're remembering our past because it's proof of the struggles it took to create this nation. Go to 1619.usatoday.com for more.
21/06/2014m 40s

June 20, 2020: Majority of Americans support protests

Plus, Trump hits the campaign trail, coronavirus cases are rising again, a rare solar eclipse can be seen in parts of the world and Major League Baseball facilities close due to positive cases.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
20/06/208m 26s

June 19, 2020: Americans celebrate Juneteenth as the nation continues to grapple with systemic racism

Plus, the Supreme Court issues a major DACA decision, Florida sees a spike in COVID-19 cases, the White House continues to fight with John Bolton over his new book and JetBlue adds routes as travel picks back up.(Audio: Associated Press)
19/06/2012m 40s

June 18, 2020: Fired Atlanta police officer faces felony murder charges in Rayshard Brooks killing

Plus, 22 states report a rise in coronavirus cases, United Airlines announces punishments for passengers who refuse to wear a mask, the Labor Department will announce the latest job loss numbers and Prince Charles hosts Emmanuel Macron on the anniversary of a famous World War II speech.(Audio: Associated Press)
18/06/2011m 53s

June 17, 2020: Senate bill tackles police reform

Plus, it's been five years since the Charleston church shooting, new coronavirus cases pop up in Texas and Beijing, PG&E hears from family members of fire victims and 'The Bold and the Beautiful' resumes production.(Audio: Associated Press)
17/06/209m 21s

June 16, 2020: Trump plans executive order to encourage police to limit deadly force

Plus, Hawaii lifts quarantine between islands, the Supreme Court grants federal job protections to LGBTQ workers, Texas resumes executions and a Melania Trump biography hits shelves.(Audio: Associated Press)
16/06/2010m 18s

June 15, 2020: 'March on Georgia' set following Rayshard Brooks killing

Plus, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame reopens, Greece welcomes foreigners, Michigan opens up salons and the clock is ticking for Major League Baseball.(Audio: Associated Press)
15/06/207m 13s

June 14, 2020: Protest is the origin story for Pride and Black Lives Matter movements

The pandemic and turmoil over police brutality and racial injustice are pushing the 50th anniversary of Pride in new directions.
14/06/2011m 33s

June 13, 2020: CHAZ - Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone remains active

Plus, the Clemson football team leads a demonstration, the CDC issues new COVID-19 guidelines, West Point cadets graduate under unusual circumstances and SpaceX launches its latest Falcon 9 rocket.(Audio: Associated Press, ClemsonTigers.com)
13/06/2011m 39s

June 12, 2020: Congressional Black Caucus hears testimony on police reform

Plus, a vigil is set for two missing Idaho children, Friday is Loving Day, coronavirus cases rise in Arizona and Spike Lee's latest film begins streaming.(Audio: Associated Press, Netflix)
12/06/208m 46s

June 11, 2020: New research shows majority of protests peaceful

Plus, more unemployment news is on the way, Yosemite reopens, chains announce closings and we get a peak at the Play Station 5.(Audio: Associated Press, Play Station)
11/06/208m 14s

June 10, 2020: George Floyd's brother set to testify before Congress

Plus, the latest on Tropical Depression Cristobal, coronavirus updates, the Fed is expected to give a grim economic outlook and Bubba Wallace promotes #BlackLivesMatter on his racecar.(Audio: Associated Press)
10/06/2010m 5s

June 9, 2020: The debate around defunding the police

Plus, Cristobal heads north, New York City begins reopening, primaries are held in Georgia and West Virginia and Oprah hosts a two-night special on the nation's future following the death of George Floyd.(Audio: Associated Press, OWN)
09/06/206m 48s

June 8, 2020: New legislation against police violence to be proposed

Plus, protests continue around the country, Derek Chauvin appears in court, Tropical Storm Cristobal weakens and New York City reopens amid the pandemic.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/06/207m 1s

June 7, 2020: 12 days of protests for racial justice

Protesters in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. are publicly condemning racist acts that kill Black people like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. This week, reporters from around the USA TODAY Network covered calls to defund the police in Nashville, use of excessive force in Florida, and how reading anti-racist books is one step to bring about racial justice.
07/06/2020m 6s

June 6, 2020: Second memorial set for George Floyd in North Carolina

Plus, protests continue against police brutality, a tropical storm heads for the Gulf Coast, a massive asteroid swings 'close' to Earth and graduating seniors settle for virtual ceremonies.(Audio: Associated Press, NFL)
06/06/209m 41s

June 5, 2020: Many police go unpunished for violence during protests

Plus, a list of books to fight racism, more reopenings are set after coronavirus lockdowns, the Strawberry Moon hits the night sky and it's National Doughnut Day.(Audio: Associated Press, Mike Desmond/WBFO/AP, Justin LaFrancois/AP, Drew Brees/Instagram)
05/06/2010m 16s

June 4, 2020: George Floyd to be remembered at service in Minneapolis

Plus, three men accused in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery will appear in court, mass unemployment continues, health experts talk about COVID-19 fears at protests and NBA fans may finally get some good news.(Audio: Associated Press)
04/06/2012m 50s

June 3, 2020: Protests mostly peaceful Tuesday, but police still strictly enforce curfews

Plus, police departments begin banning chokeholds, the coronavirus pandemic continues, Major League Soccer announces its plans for the rest of the season and Global Running Day offers comfort during protests.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/06/2011m 47s

June 2, 2020: More curfews imposed as protests continue

Plus, Latino homes are reporting COVID-19 symptoms more often than others, several states go to the polls to vote, the music industry takes part in Blackout Tuesday and Tropical Storm Amanda is weakening.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/06/2010m 6s

June 1, 2020: George Floyd protesters fight for change

Plus, USA TODAY journalists give their account of a busy demonstration weekend in Washington, coronavirus fears continue as thousands take to the streets, hurricane season begins and Pride Month is here.CORRECTION: A previous version of this episode misquoted President Donald Trump. The misquote has since been corrected.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo, @sahluwahl/Twitter, @holyfaulkner/Twitter, @andreamsahouri)
01/06/2016m 46s

May 31, 2020: Bonus COVID-19 interviews from past episodes

We're bringing you extended interviews with everyday people from earlier this year. A Colorado postal carrier, a Washington, D.C. pastor, and an Alabama healthcare worker tell us how their lives are impacted by the pandemic.
31/05/2011m 41s

May 30, 2020: Protests intensify as America's anger grows over George Floyd's killing

Plus, lingering symptoms are felt by many coronavirus survivors, SpaceX tries once again to blast astronauts to space, the Supreme Court refuses to force states to reopen churches and Part 2 of 'Lance' will look further into the cyclist's doping scandal.(Audio: Associated Press, ESPN)
30/05/207m 20s

May 29, 2020: Protests continue following police killing of George Floyd

Plus, Brazil fights a severe COVID-19 outbreak, Americans' feelings on coronavirus are partisan, the NBA considers ways to resume play and Lady Gaga releases a new album.(Audio: Associated Press)
29/05/209m 16s

May 28, 2020: Protests erupt over death of George Floyd

Plus, more than 100,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S., China approves new legislation jeopardizing Hong Kong's autonomy, the Kennedy Space Center reopens to visitors and NASCAR at Charlotte moves to Thursday.(Audio: Associated Press)
28/05/2011m 28s

May 27, 2020: New York COVID-19 deaths drop to lowest levels since outbreak began

Plus, HBO Max launches, Rocky Mountain National Park reopens, SpaceX is set to launch its first humans into space and Eminem reaches a new milestone.(Audio: 'Friends', Studio Ghibli, Associated Press, @eminem/Instagram)
27/05/2011m 34s

May 26, 2020: WHO warns of second COVID-19 peak

Plus, lawsuits are being filed against state restrictions, the New York Stock Exchange reopens the trading floor, Puerto Rico slowly reopens and Americans' spending habits are changing during the pandemic.(Audio: WHO, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
26/05/208m 25s

May 25, 2020: Large gatherings reported around the country as health officials urge caution

Plus, honoring the fallen on Memorial Day, California's governor will issue new guidelines on religious gatherings, Memorial Day sales might be different than usual and NBCSN airs classic 'SNL' episodes hosted by athletes.(Audio: Associated Press, Saturday Night Live)
25/05/206m 25s

May 23, 2020: Chinese vaccine shows promising results

Plus, Muslims celebrate Ramadan in quarantine, meatpacking workers continue to face risks, Tiger and Phil face off in a charity golf event and a new ESPN documentary profiles the life of Lance Armstrong.(Audio: Associated Press, ESPN)
23/05/208m 1s

May 22, 2020: U.S. bets big on British coronavirus vaccine

Plus, a third man is arrested in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, Macy's reopens dozens of stores, travel takes a backseat during coronavirus and Jane Roe speaks out.(Audio: Associated Press, FX)
22/05/208m 16s

May 21, 2020: Trump says he's nearly done with hydroxychloroquine

Plus, what cell data tells us about Americans' movements in recent weeks, the latest unemployment numbers will be revealed, more homeowners than usual are overdue on mortgages and Michael Cohen leaves prison early.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
21/05/2010m 24s

May 20, 2020: Trump defends hydroxychloroquine, goes after Pelosi

Plus, a look at the beef industry during COVID-19, residents evacuate parts of Michigan due to flooding, a major cyclone heads for India and Bangladesh and McDonald's workers go on strike.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Gretchen Whitmer)
20/05/208m 45s

May 19, 2020: COVID-19 vaccine trial gets early promising results

Plus, Mnuchin and Powell testify before a Senate committee, the U.S. pause in executions is scheduled to end, the NFL green lights opening practice facilities and seniors can get free Krispy Kreme doughnuts.(Audio: Associated Press)
19/05/207m 26s

May 18, 2020: Reopenings continue in the U.S. and Italy

Plus, COVID-19 complicates lives of foster kids, Tropical Storm Arthur heads for North Carolina, WHO holds its assembly online and the last dance for 'The Last Dance.'(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo, ESPN)
18/05/2010m 21s

May 16, 2020: Trump wants a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year

Plus, states continue reopenings, Obama speaks at a virtual graduation, a Taylor Swift Paris concert from last year hits primetime TV and NASCAR returns.(Audio: ABC, Associated Press, Oprah Winfrey)
16/05/208m 29s

May 15, 2020: Whistleblower and ousted vaccine expert Rick Bright goes after Trump administration

Plus, House Democrats work to push a new stimulus bill to the Senate, New York State begins reopening parts of the economy, English learners have added challenges during coronavirus and celebrities feature in online graduation ceremonies.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
15/05/2013m 2s

May 14, 2020: Trump pushes back on Fauci's caution about school reopenings

Plus, the pandemic is hurting state budgets, more Americans file for unemployment, an ousted vaccine expert testifies at a congressional hearing and Joe Biden holds a virtual town hall.(Audio: Associated Press)
14/05/209m 57s

May 13, 2020: Fauci warns against opening up too early

Plus, what businesses need to do to keep customers safe, South Dakota clashes with tribes, the Supreme Court hears cases on 'faithless electors' and the UFC rolls on. (Audio: Associated Press)
13/05/2011m 59s

May 12, 2020: U.S. ramps up coronavirus testing but experts say more is needed

Plus, the Supreme Court hears a case on Trump's finances, three states hold in-person elections, MLB and its players negotiate pay and nurses honor their fallen and fight for more PPE.(Audio: Governor Andrew Cuomo, Associated Press)
12/05/209m 50s

May 11, 2020: Pence goes to work, won't self-isolate

Plus, Shanghai Disneyland reopens, black and Latino communities organize food pantries, Apple reopens a handful of stores and 'The Last Dance' continues.(Audio: Governor Andrew Cuomo, ESPN)
11/05/2010m 3s

May 9, 2020: Pence staffer, Secret Service members test positive for COVID-19

Plus, how the pandemic is hitting LGBTQ Americans hard, cold weather slams the East, UFC becomes the first major U.S. sports organization to return and Happy Mother's Day!(Audio: Associated Press, AccuWeather)
09/05/208m 42s

May 8, 2020: The White House reportedly shelved a CDC guide on reopening

Plus, advanced placement testing in high schools is changing during the pandemic, a historic unemployment rate has arrived, supporters run for awareness for slain Georgia man Ahmaud Arbery and a survey finds women are doing more of the share of quarantine parenting.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/05/2011m 15s

May 7, 2020: Coronavirus task force continues after all

Plus, 3.2 million more Americans file for unemployment, the Flower Moon lights up the night sky, the NFL announces its 2020 schedule and Microsoft unveils new games for the Series X console.(Audio: Associated Press, HALO)
07/05/207m 54s

May 6, 2020: Trump administration talks winding down coronavirus task force

Plus, advice on resources for rent help, NYC shuts down its transit system to disinfect daily, the Supreme Court hears a case on religious objection to contraceptives and Joe Biden will be endorsed by a major LGBTQ rights group.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
06/05/209m 19s

May 5, 2020: Daily U.S. deaths could reach 3,000 by June 1

Plus, more states relax social distancing, FedEx workers search for answers amid deaths, Cinco de Mayo brings the fiesta home and Korean baseball hits U.S. airwaves.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Jay Inslee, Governor Ralph Northam)
05/05/2013m 48s

May 4, 2020: Trump hopes for fewer than 100,000 U.S. deaths

Plus, how coronavirus is hitting different zip codes within the same cities, the Supreme Court hears oral arguments by phone, Teacher Appreciation Week begins and May the Fourth be with you.(Audio: Governor Mike DeWine, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Associated Press, Star Wars)
04/05/2010m 25s

May 2, 2020: Remdesivir authorized for emergency coronavirus treatments

Plus, pet owners worry about infection, Warren Buffett hosts Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders meeting online, the Kentucky Derby goes VR and Princess Charlotte turns 5.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/05/208m 4s

May 1, 2020: Federal social distancing guidelines expire

Plus, Joe Biden speaks out on an assault allegation against him, looking at how Florida cut public health funding before the pandemic, Trump heads to Camp David and most U.S. airline travelers need to wear masks.(Audio: Associated Press, Office of the Governor of California)
01/05/209m 31s

April 30, 2020: Remdesivir drug shows hope in treating COVID-19

Plus, the USNS Comfort leaves New York, new unemployment numbers will be released, Ohio gives lessons in voting by mail and 'Parks and Recreation' is back for one night only.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Ron DeSantis, NBC)
30/04/209m 35s

April 29, 2020: Experts warn of risks as states reopen

Plus, a government report outlines the first economic quarter, severe weather heads through the Plains, an asteroid approaches Earth and the NCAA discusses letting student-athletes make money off their likenesses.(Audio: Associated Press, Office of the Governor of California)
29/04/207m 36s

April 28, 2020: States begin first phase of reopening

Plus, Ohio holds an election by mail, some European countries reopen, postal workers adjust to changes during the pandemic and a federal court hears an appeal to force former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress.(Audio: Governor Greg Abbott, Associated Press)
28/04/208m 23s

April 27, 2020: New York outlines plan for reopening

Plus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to work, Tulane's Teshaun Hightower has been charged with murder, CBS soap operas air vintage shows and 'The Last Dance' continues to steal sports fans' hearts.(Audio: Governor Andrew Cuomo, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ESPN)
27/04/207m 13s

April 25, 2020: Trump's iffy medical advice

Plus, the IRS plans outages for its payment tracking tool, a South Dakota race track allows limited fans at an event, the NFL Draft wraps up and 'American Idol' returns.
25/04/207m 6s

April 24, 2020: New York estimates nearly 3 million infected based on antibody tests

Plus, the race is on to find a COVID-19 vaccine, another cruise ship deals with coronavirus in Japan, victims of a Canadian mass shooting are remembered at a vigil and the NFL Draft moves to the second round.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
24/04/209m 40s

April 23, 2020: Trump disagrees with Georgia's governor on reopening

Plus, EU leaders meet to discuss economic aid, the Labor Department reports new jobless numbers, severe storms are expected across the South and the NFL Draft will select players remotely.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Brian Kemp)
23/04/209m 23s

April 22, 2020: Senate approves new stimulus package

Plus, anti-quarantine protests continue, looking into toilet paper shortages, Earth Day goes virtual and New Jersey artists band together for their state.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
22/04/2011m 14s

April 21, 2020: Three months since first U.S. coronavirus case

Plus, Cuomo heads to the White House, protests continue against stay-at-home orders, the Lyrids meteor shower brightens the sky and Queen Elizabeth II turns 94 without celebrations.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
21/04/2011m 32s

April 20, 2020: States slowly continue reopening

Plus, more money heads toward small business relief, Walmart and Sam's Club require employees to wear masks, 'The Last Dance' lights up the sports world and Duchess Meghan helps feed families in need.(Audio: Associated Press, ESPN)
20/04/207m 18s

April 18, 2020: Cuomo and Trump in a spat as states consider reopening

Plus, food workers are at risk on the frontlines, protests continue against state stay-at-home orders, the South braces for more possible tornadoes and ESPN debuts a Michael Jordan documentary on Sunday.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo, ESPN)
18/04/208m 54s

April 17, 2020: Governors will make their own decisions on reopening

Plus, cruises are at a standstill, Congress works to save a small business stimulus plan, the WNBA Draft is held remotely and the new iPhone SE has a home button.(Audio: Associated Press)
17/04/2011m 19s

April 16, 2020: Trump set to issue new guidelines for reopening economy

Plus, more job news is expected, a CDC team visits a South Dakota plant hit hard by coronavirus, a U.S. judge holds a hearing about the Keystone XL pipeline and the high five may disappear.(Audio: Associated Press)
16/04/209m 25s

April 15, 2020: States begin plans to reopen

Plus, a new saliva test could revolutionize coronavirus testing, Michigan residents protest an extended stay-at-home order, getting advice on relationships in quarantine and Mrs. America hits streaming.(Audio: Associated Press, FX Networks)
15/04/209m 48s

April 14, 2020: Multi-state coalitions consider how to reopen

Plus, an update on postponed primaries, deadly weather in the South lightens up, a coalition makes it easier to donate directly to hospitals and fast food restaurants give away free food.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo)
14/04/208m 19s

April 13, 2020: New York City cancels school for the rest of the year

Plus, a look at state government preparedness for COVID-19, General Motors begins volume production on ventilators, parts of the East Coast are bracing for severe weather and stock markets reopen after their best week in decades.(Audio: Associated Press)
13/04/207m 22s

April 11, 2020: Surgeon general warns that most of the country will not reopen by May 1

Plus, Passover and Easter are celebrated virtually, Trump meets with airline executives, the South braces for tornadoes and 'Saturday Night Live' airs remotely.(Audio: Associated Press)
11/04/209m 1s

April 10, 2020: U.S. expects 60,000 deaths from coronavirus

Plus, Americans on food stamps are hit hard by the struggling economy, Iceland tests 10% of its population for coronavirus, FEMA restricts PPE exports and 'Trolls World Tour' hits streaming.(Audio: Associated Press, DreamWorks)
10/04/209m 9s

April 9, 2020: Health officials warn that easing social distancing could bring second COVID-19 wave

Plus, more unemployment numbers will be released, Americans could begin receiving stimulus money, people are impersonating cops during stay-at-home orders and astronauts head to the International Space Station amid the pandemic.
09/04/2010m 34s

April 8, 2020: U.S. coronavirus deaths top 13,000, some states see case plateaus

Plus, black Americans are dying from coronavirus at higher rates than others in major cities, the acting Navy secretary resigns, many Americans say $1,200 isn't enough and 'Modern Family' says goodbye.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Andrew Cuomo, ABC)
08/04/2013m 37s

April 7, 2020: New York may be approaching peak of coronavirus curve

Plus, airlines continue cutting flights, 3M commits to more domestic masks, a mass grave is found in Rwanda before the genocide anniversary and Wisconsin holds an election despite coronavirus.(Audio: Associated Press)
07/04/209m 30s

April 6, 2020: U.S. braces for rough week as Trump sees 'light at end of the tunnel'

Plus, a GM plant begins making masks, Walmart steps up cleaning at a Chicago store after two employee deaths, Quibi launches with bite-size videos and Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams bring back new episodes.(Audio: Associated Press, Quibi)
06/04/208m 40s

April 4, 2020: The CDC now recommends using masks

Plus, Walmart and Target limit shoppers, there's a new basketball Hall of Fame class, cruise passengers may face an uphill battle in lawsuits and Queen Elizabeth II addresses the U.K.(Audio: Governor Andrew Cuomo)
04/04/209m 28s

April 3, 2020: White House debates mask guidelines

Plus, the Labor Department releases the March jobs report, new restrictions begin in Florida, some small businesses start getting relief money and HBO offers free streaming.
03/04/208m 5s

April 2, 2020: U.S. suffers deadliest coronavirus day yet

Plus, more grim unemployment numbers could be on the way, some healthcare professionals are being furloughed, Florida residents will be allowed off cruise ships there and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer holds a town hall.(Audio: Associated Press, Governor Ron DeSantis/Facebook)
02/04/2012m 9s

April 1, 2020: Projections say U.S. death tolls could reach 240,000

Plus, some renters get relief for the next few months but others don't, new COVID-19 treatments are being developed, two cruise ships remain in limbo off the coast of Florida and ESPN will air classic NBA Finals games.(Audio: Associated Press)
01/04/208m 26s

March 31, 2020: White House set to give more details on social distancing guidelines

Plus, the USNS Comfort has arrived in New York, Whole Foods employees strike, Harry and Meghan begin their post-royal life and a poll shows many Americans won't return to restaurants and other businesses for some time.(Audio: Associated Press)
31/03/208m 28s

March 30, 2020: Social distancing guidelines extended until at least April 30th

Plus, stocks are expected to continue losses, employees strike for better coronavirus protections, James Corden hosts a TV show from his garage and ESPN airs old Monday Night Football games.(Audio: Associated Press)
30/03/207m 50s

March 28, 2020: New York works to contain COVID-19 outbreak

Plus, China prohibits foreign nationals from entering the country, Elton John holds a virtual benefit concert, severe storms are set to slam the Midwest and many stores remain closed.(Audio: Associated Press)
28/03/205m 54s

March 27, 2020: The United States has the most COVID-19 cases in the world

Plus, Southwest Airlines cuts 40% of daily flights, Grand Canyon National Park closes certain trails, MLB considers options for restarting the season and new albums drop on Friday.(Audio: Associated Press)
27/03/206m 11s

March 26, 2020: Senate passes economic relief bill

Plus, Steph Curry chats will Dr. Anthony Fauci, tips for staying fit at home, the Space Force is set for a satellite launch and Strat-O-Matic tries bringing some of the Opening Day baseball magic.(Audio: Associated Press)
26/03/209m 21s

March 25, 2020: White House, Senate leaders agree to stimulus package

Plus, some companies have ramped up hiring, some states require self-quarantines for arrivals, India shuts down and the NFL closes facilities.(Audio: Associated Press)
25/03/208m 29s

March 24, 2020: Lawmakers close to agreement on stimulus package

Plus, tips for homeschooling kids, the Olympics have been postponed, passengers from the Grand Princess are set for release from quarantine and more movies hit streaming.(Audio: Associated Press, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures)
24/03/2012m 12s

March 23, 2020: Can lawmakers agree on an economic stimulus?

Plus, Sen. Rand Paul has coronavirus, stocks extend losses, the Tokyo Olympics future is in doubt and the State Department charters flights to bring home Americans.(Audio: Associated Press)
23/03/208m 15s

March 21, 2020: Lawmakers continue to work on stimulus package

Plus, New York bans non-essential travel, the 2020 census may run into some hiccups due to the coronavirus outbreak, the U.S./Mexico border closes for non-essential travel and movies hit streaming services early during the pandemic.(Audio: Associated Press, Pixar, Universal Pictures)
21/03/2012m 28s

March 20, 2020: States ramp up restrictions

Plus, the FDA considers existing treatments for coronavirus, economic relief is nearly here for coronavirus, the Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo and Hallmark Channel brings Christmas to March.
20/03/2010m 17s

March 19, 2020: More coronavirus economic aid on the way

Plus, stores dedicate special times for elderly shoppers, tornadoes may hit the central U.S., Queen Elizabeth II moves to Windsor Castle for the coming weeks and spring has arrived. (Audio: Associated Press)
19/03/207m 1s

March 18, 2020: Canada restricts most international travelers, Trump administration may offer checks to Americans

Plus, Joe Biden wins big in primaries, the Iditarod sleds to a finish, Tom Brady heads to the Buccaneers and SpaceX continues its Starlink mission.(Audio: Associated Press, Prime Minister of Canada)
18/03/209m 5s

March 17, 2020: Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold primaries; Ohio postpones

Plus, Bay Area counties shut down, it's St. Patrick's Day, McDonald's is closing its dining rooms and 'Nightline' returns to its original time slot.(Audio: Associated Press, The Ohio Channel)
17/03/206m 56s

March 16, 2020: Beginning a new week of the coronavirus pandemic

Plus, G-7 leaders hold a virtual summit, U.S. stock markets are likely heading for another tumble, legislation for economic relief hits the Senate and the NFL grabs some offseason headlines.(Audio: Associated Press)
16/03/206m 4s

March 14, 2020: The coronavirus outbreak is now a national emergency

Plus, theme parks close around the world, Biden and Sanders will debate on Sunday, 'Westworld' premieres its new season and it's Pi Day.(Audio: Associated Press, Walt Disney Studios, HBO)
14/03/207m 56s

March 13, 2020: US ban on travel from Europe begins Friday night

Plus, more shutdowns sweep the nation, Chelsea Manning is released from jail, Modell's is nearly out of business and it's Friday the 13th.(Audio: Associated Press)
13/03/208m 53s

March 12, 2020: Trump bans travel from most of Europe

Plus, the NBA suspends its season, the Olympic torch will be lit without spectators, it's been a year since an FBI raid on parents who cheated in college admissions and Pete Buttigieg hosts 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'(Audio: Associated Press, World Health Organization)
12/03/207m 1s

March 11, 2020: Biden has another big primary night

Plus, the U.S. State Department reduces staffing in Italy, sentencing is set to begin for Harvey Weinstein, a Trump asylum-seeker policy may have a chance to return and George Pell appeals his child sex abuse conviction.(Audio: Associated Press)
11/03/207m 41s

March 10, 2020: Biden and Sanders go head to head on mini-Super Tuesday

Plus, the Trump administration meets to discuss financial relief for businesses during coronavirus, Italy restricts travel for the entire country, sports leagues close locker rooms to media members and Ethiopia remembers a deadly 737 Max plane crash one year later. (Audio: Associated Press)
10/03/208m 1s

March 9, 2020: Grand Princess ship set to dock in California

Plus, a relief concert is held for Tennessee, Harry and Meghan attend their final royal engagement, a worm moon appears in the sky and 'Onward' jumps in front at the box office.(Audio: Associated Press, Pixar)
09/03/205m 48s

March 7, 2020: More states see coronavirus cases

Plus, Harry and Meghan continue their royal farewell tour, Daylight Saving Time is here, Sanders and Biden hit the weekend campaign trail and Sunday is International Women's Day.(Audio: Associated Press, Bernie Sanders 2020)
07/03/209m 8s

March 6, 2020: Trump visits Tennessee after tornadoes

Plus, Idaho mom Lori Vallow appears in court, SpaceX launches a Dragon 1 spacecraft for the final time, a Hulu series dives into Hillary Clinton's story and Pixar's 'Onward' hits theaters.(Audio: Associated Press, Hulu, Pixar)
06/03/206m 23s

March 5, 2020: Cruise ship docks in San Francisco with potential coronavirus passengers

Plus, Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a rally in Arizona after a tough Super Tuesday, Nathaniel Woods' family pleads for a halt to his scheduled execution, a California town flirts with universal basic income and NASA names its newest Mars rover.(Audio: Associated Press, Bernie 2020)
05/03/209m 34s

March 4, 2020: Biden does well on Super Tuesday as Sanders takes California

Plus, Tennessee is reeling after deadly tornadoes, 9 people have now died of coronavirus in Washington State, abortion clinics are set to face a serious Supreme Court test and 'Black Panther' joins Disney Plus.(Audio: Associated Press, Marvel Entertainment)
04/03/209m 3s

March 3, 2020: Super Tuesday is here

Plus, billions in coronavirus funding may be on the way, Chris Matthews leaves MSNBC, college basketball tournaments heat up and a Vermont basketball player gets a chance to play after a coma.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/03/2010m 14s

March 2, 2020: Travel restrictions ramp up amid coronavirus

Plus, Israel votes, candidates campaign a day before Super Tuesday, Wendy's and McDonald's fight over breakfast and it's Read Across America Day.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/03/206m 28s

February 29, 2020: South Carolina's turn

Plus, another Disney park closes amid coronavirus, Krispy Kreme offers delivery, Saturday is Leap Day and Major League Soccer kicks off the new season.(Audio: Associated Press)
29/02/2011m 0s

February 28, 2020: Stock markets continue spiral amid coronavirus fears

Plus, Trump holds a rally in South Carolina, data centers' effect on the environment, Prince Harry makes another appearance in the U.K. and there's a new take on 'The Invisible Man.'(Audio: Associated Press, Universal Pictures)
28/02/207m 23s

February 27, 2020: Molson Coors campus remains closed after deadly shooting

Plus, Pence takes charge of coronavirus solutions, American high schoolers are bad at math, a former Baltimore mayor will be sentenced and the NFL Combine rolls on.(Audio: Associated Press)
27/02/2010m 21s

February 26, 2020: Democrats go after Sanders on debate stage

Plus, U.S. health officials make statements on coronavirus, U.S. stock markets take more hits, Latinos are opening small businesses at a higher rate than anyone else in the U.S. and a winter storm slams the Midwest and Northeast.(Audio: Associated Press, CBS)
26/02/2011m 46s

February 25, 2020: Debate Night in South Carolina

Plus, a winter storm hits Chicago, Trump continues his trip in India, Amazon opens a full size grocery store and Whitney Houston returns as a hologram.(Audio: Associated Press)
25/02/209m 2s

February 24, 2020: Italy rushes to contain coronavirus outbreak

Plus, Kobe Bryant will be remembered at a public service, Trump heads to India, the jury in Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes trial continues deliberating and an extradition hearing begins for Julian Assange.(Audio: Associated Press)
24/02/206m 19s

February 22, 2020: The Nevada caucus is here!

Plus, the Yosemite 'Firefall' may not happen due to a lack of rain, it's been 40 years since the Miracle on Ice, the NFL Combine kicks off and celebrating 75 years since one of the most famous photos in American history.(Audio: Walt Disney Pictures)
22/02/207m 8s

February 21, 2020: Trump heads to Vegas for a rally

Plus, a memorial service is set for 6-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik, we hear from a reader on his black heritage, Iranians vote for a new parliament and 'The Call of the Wild' hits theaters.(Audio: Walt Disney Pictures, Associated Press)
21/02/205m 31s

February 20, 2020: Bloomberg makes his debate debut

Plus, Roger Stone is set for sentencing, Trump holds a rally in Colorado, hundreds more leave the Diamond Princess and California issues an apology for Japanese American internment.(Audio: NBC News, Associated Press)
20/02/2010m 50s

February 19, 2020: Bloomberg joins Dems for first debate appearance

Plus, a 14-day quarantine comes to an end on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, Trump attends a Larry Ellison fundraiser, the jury in the Weinstein trial continues deliberations and the NASCAR world waits for updates on Ryan Newman's condition after a brutal crash.(Audio: Associated Press)
19/02/208m 14s

February 18, 2020: Judges' association calls for emergency meeting amid Roger Stone case

Plus, Harvey Weinstein's trial heads to the jury, Democratic candidates reach another deadline to qualify for a debate, the Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy and Mars will disappear behind the moon.(Audio: Associated Press)
18/02/205m 36s

February 17, 2020: Happy Presidents Day

Plus, SpaceX launches a delayed flight, the Daytona 500 resumes after a rain delay, Mike Pompeo visits Africa and coronavirus evacuees continue to return to the U.S.(Audio: Florida Today, Associated Press)
17/02/206m 27s

February 15, 2020: NBA's best show off skills at All Star Weekend

Plus, a recanvass of the Iowa caucus, the Nevada caucus begins, Americans on cruise ships stuck in coronavirus limbo head home and 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' is back.(Audio: Associated Press, HGTV)
15/02/205m 18s

February 14, 2020: Happy Valentine's Day!

Plus, cruise ships deal with coronavirus, prosecutors make their final case in Harvey Weinstein's trial, Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale and it's been two years since the Parkland shooting.(Audio: Associated Press)
14/02/208m 43s

February 13, 2020: Cruise ship stuck in coronavirus limbo finally gets permission to disembark

Plus, the future of the Equal Rights Amendment is up for grabs, Klobuchar and Bloomberg hold campaign events amid new momentum, the trial of Harvey Weinstein is nearly done and the tainted Houston Astros head to spring training.(Audio: Associated Press)
13/02/208m 25s

February 12, 2020: Sanders wins New Hampshire

Plus, looking at the coronavirus effect on the economy, a new report finds LGBTQ progress is uneven across states, wet weather continues in the South and 'Survivor' premieres its 20th anniversary season.(Audio: Associated Press, Survivor on CBS)
12/02/207m 28s

February 11, 2020: New Hampshire voters head to the polls in the nation's first primary

Plus, WHO organizes a forum on coronavirus, Chinese Army members have been charged in the 2017 Equifax breach, a Louisiana man pleads guilty in church fires and the Westminster Kennel Club crowns Best in Show.(Audio: Associated Press)
11/02/207m 40s

February 10, 2020: 'Parasite' wins best picture

Plus, President Trump hands over his latest budget, Harvey Weinstein's trial continues, Black News Channel launches and the Westminster Dog Show rolls on.(Audio: Associated Press/A.M.P.A.S.)
10/02/205m 36s

February 8, 2020: Democrats campaign in New Hampshire after debate

Plus, the Oscars are here, an American dies of coronavirus in China, Swiss voters decide on whether homophobia should be criminalized and the XFL is back.(Audio: Associated Press, NEON, Universal Pictures, ABC News)
08/02/208m 8s

February 7, 2020: Democrats turn to New Hampshire

Plus, officials in Japan announce new coronavirus cases on a quarantined cruise ship, January employment numbers are out, former Astros manager A.J. Hinch speaks out after a cheating scandal and 'Birds of Prey' hits theaters.(Audio: Associated Press, Warner Bros. Pictures)
07/02/207m 34s

February 6, 2020: Trump set to speak at Prayer Breakfast after impeachment acquittal

Plus, Iowa caucus results continue to trickle in, more Americans return from China amid the coronavirus outbreak, the NBA trade deadline arrives, and winter weather is on the move.(Audio: Associated Press)
06/02/207m 26s

February 5, 2020: Trump impeachment trial wraps up after State of the Union

Plus, waiting for more Iowa Caucus results, coronavirus deaths continue to rise and it's National Signing Day in college football.(Audio: Associated Press)
05/02/209m 50s

February 4, 2020: Iowa Democratic Party says delayed caucus results expected late Tuesday

Plus, Trump delivers the State of the Union, winter weather returns, Jessica Mann will return to the stand in Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes trial and Jessica Simpson opens up with a new memoir.(Audio: Associated Press)
04/02/207m 17s

February 3, 2020: Iowa caucuses kick off primary season

Plus, the impeachment trial nears the end, millions are expected to skip work after the Super Bowl, the Ad Meter results are set and KFC expands plant-based chicken.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/02/207m 11s

February 1, 2020: Dems hit Iowa campaign trail ahead of caucuses

Plus, a look at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, new coronavirus measures are put in place, Black History Month begins and a groundhog predicts the weather.(Audio: Associated Press)
01/02/207m 20s

January 31, 2020: Is the Trump impeachment trial about to come to an end?

Plus, the Lakers return to the court following Kobe's death, the UK officialls leaves the EU, a high-profile witness will be called in the Harvey Weinstein sex crimes case and a new documentary pulls back the curtain on Taylor Swift.(Audio: Associated Press, Netflix)
31/01/209m 38s

January 30, 2020: WHO convenes over coronavirus outbreak

Plus, counting down to the Iowa caucuses, saying goodbye to the Spitzer Space Telescope, a look at the Super Bowl matchup and 'The Good Place' finale airs.(Audio: Associated Press, NBC)
30/01/2010m 1s

January 29, 2020: Written questions get underway in Trump impeachment trial

Plus, the U.S. evacuates some Americans from Wuhan, the NBA world continues to honor Kobe Bryant, an earthquake hits the Caribbean and satellites could crash in orbit above Pittsburgh.(Audio: Associated Press)
29/01/207m 9s

January 28, 2020: Trump's defense team wraps up arguments at impeachment trial

Plus, the NBA postpones the Clippers-Lakers game following Kobe Bryant's death, Trump campaigns in New Jersey, the CDC advises against travel to China and Trump announces a Middle East peace plan.(Audio: Associated Press)
28/01/206m 20s

January 27, 2020: Tributes pour in for Kobe Bryant

Plus, Trump's impeachment trial rolls on, SpaceX takes another shot at a Falcon 9 launch, it's been 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and 2020 tax filing season is here.(Audio: Associated Press)
27/01/206m 3s

January 25, 2020: Billie Eilish and Lizzo will make Grammy Awards stage debuts

Plus, Trump's legal team begins defense in impeachment trial, new documentary on Russell Simmons sexual misconduct allegations, 34 U.S. service members injured from Iran airstrike and Trump's speech at March for Life rally.
25/01/205m 26s

January 24, 2020: Trump becomes first president to attend March for Life rally

Plus, Democrats complete impeachment opening statements, coronavirus lockdowns, 'birth tourism' visa rules and Eli Manning's retirement.
24/01/205m 11s

January 23, 2020: Coronavirus outbreak in China

Plus, 'Doomsday Clock' update, Prince Charles in Jerusalem, the Sundance Film Festival and Florida's cold-stunned iguanas
23/01/206m 14s

January 22, 2020: Senate adopts rules for impeachment trial

Plus, Boeing's 737 won't fly until summer, Weinstein trial opening statements, Derek Jeter's hall of fame vote and CDC coronavirus airport screenings.
22/01/207m 14s

January 21, 2020: Senate resumes impeachment trial of President Trump

Plus, Virginia's state of emergency ends, it's the deadline for states to opt into refugee program, China's coronavirus outbreak and this year's Super Bowl teams.
21/01/207m 6s

January 20, 2020: MLK Day history, Virginia's gun rally

Plus, the Australian Open begins, a new product line from El Chapo's daughter and SAG Awards results.
20/01/206m 8s

January 18, 2020: Women's March hits D.C.

Plus, it's Championship Sunday in the NFL, winter weather slams half the U.S., SpaceX launches a test flight and the Screen Actors Guild Awards honor film and television.(Audio: Lionsgate Movies)
18/01/205m 51s

January 17, 2020: Winter weather spreads across U.S.

Plus, a state of emergency bans guns near the Virginia state capitol this weekend, jurors are nearly decided in Harvey Weinstein's rape case, LSU heads to the White House and 'Bad Boys for Life' and 'Doolittle' open.(Audio: Associated Press, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment)
17/01/205m 58s

January 16, 2020: Senate opens impeachment trial of President Trump

Plus, Lev Parnas reveals more on Trump's involvement with the alleged Ukraine scandal, Prince Harry makes royal appearances amid drama, the Senate is expected to pass a rewrite of trade rules with North American neighbors and Trump offers new guidance on school prayer.(Audio: Associated Press,
16/01/206m 31s

January 15, 2020: House set to send articles of impeachment to Senate

Plus, President Trump is expected to sign the first phase of a trade deal with China, an investigation continues after a plane dumped fuel over schools, minorities spend more on banking fees than white people and the newest Pro Football Hall of Fame class will be revealed.(Audio: Associated Press)
15/01/205m 29s

January 14, 2020: Dems take the debate stage in Iowa weeks before caucuses

Plus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets with House Democrats on impeachment, the Supreme Court looks into Bridgegate, Australian fires postpone Australian Open practice sessions and 'Jeopardy!' gets closer to crowning its greatest player of all time.(Audio: Cory Booker, Associated Press, Jeopardy!)
14/01/205m 11s

January 13, 2020: LSU and Clemson battle for college football's national championship

Plus, Oscar nominations are announced, Florida teachers protest for more funding, British royals meet to discuss Harry and Meghan and '1917' is the new box office king.(Audio: Sony Pictures Entertainment, NEON, Universal Pictures)
13/01/208m 7s

January 11, 2020: Iran admits to firing missile at Ukrainian airliner, says it was an accident

Plus, the NFL Divisional Round is here, Democratic presidential candidates are on the campaign trail ahead of Tuesday's debate, the Critics' Choice Awards give more insight into Oscar predictions and a wild mix of weather slams the East.(Audio: Associated Press, Netflix, Sony Pictures Entertainment)
11/01/206m 25s

January 10, 2020: Democratic hopefuls face big debate deadline

Plus, Friday's weather won't help bushfires in Australia, wild weather hits the eastern U.S., get ready to howl at a wolf moon and '1917' opens nationwide.(Audio: Associated Press, The Ellen Show, Universal Pictures)
10/01/205m 51s

January 9, 2020: House set to vote on Trump's war powers

Plus, the president takes his re-election message to Ohio, Australian bushfires escalate, many Puerto Ricans are still without power after earthquakes and the British royal family responds to Harry and Meghan's bombshell announcement.(Audio: Associated Press)
09/01/206m 16s

January 8, 2020: Trump to address the nation after Iran missile attacks

Plus, more details are expected after a Ukrainian plane crash in Iran, it's Kim Jong Un's birthday, Carlos Ghosn speaks publicly after escaping house arrest in Japan and the Dallas Cowboys introduce their new head coach.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/01/207m 39s

January 7, 2020: The world watches Iran and the US

Plus, jury selection begins in Harvey Weinstein's trial, space mice are set for splashdown in the Pacific, CES 2020 gets underway and 'Jeopardy!' crowns a GOAT.(Audio: Associated Press, ISS National Lab, 'Jeopardy!')
07/01/208m 15s

January 6, 2020: Harvey Weinstein's trial begins

Plus, Tua Tagovailoa will make his decision on the NFL Draft, the Golden Globes give some surprises, an Australian tennis player pledges winnings to bush fire relief efforts and 'Star Wars' and 'Frozen 2' make Disney money.(Audio: Associated Press, NBC, Star Wars)
06/01/206m 0s

January 4, 2020: Mourners gather in Baghdad for Soleimani

Plus, Australian wildfires are expected to get worse, it's win or go home time in the NFL, Sunday could be the busiest online dating day of the year and the Golden Globes get award season underway. (Audio: Associated Press, NBC)
04/01/206m 50s

January 3, 2020: Trump makes first public appearance after Soleimani killing

Plus, a decision will be made on whether former White House counsel Don McGahn needs to testify in Trump impeachment hearings, Australia's New South Wales declares emergency over wildfires, a meteor shower lights up the sky near the Big Dipper and the supect in Hanukkah stabbings is due in court.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/01/206m 54s

January 2, 2020: It's National Returns Day!

Plus, U.S. stock markets reopen, a funeral is set for a mother and son killed in a Louisiana plane crash, 'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek opens up about his cancer fight and T.S. Eliot's letters are unveiled after 60 years.(Audio: 'Jeopardy!')
02/01/204m 32s

January 1, 2020: Happy 2020!

Plus, divorces spike in January, gas prices are expected to remain steady, organizing your tech life and a new year means new laws. (Audio: Associated Press)
01/01/204m 58s

December 31, 2019: Time running out for North Korea's 'gift' ultimatum

Plus, shake up your New Year's, a preview of New Year's television specials, don't fire your gun to celebrate and the Newseum closes.(Audio: Associated Press, ABC, CNN, FOX, NBC, E! News/Instagram)
31/12/196m 10s

December 30, 2019: Suspect pleads not guilty in Hanukkah stabbings

Plus, the NFL's 'Black Monday' has coaches on the hot seat, the Northeast braces for severe weather, college football bowl season rolls on with the Orange Bowl and a strike inside Lufthansa's low-cost airline leads to cancellations.(Audio: Associated Press)
30/12/195m 50s

December 28, 2019: Hawaii helicopter crash investigation continues

Plus, a truck bomb kills dozens in Somalia, the College Football Playoff is here, the NFL regular season wraps up and the Santa Anita horse race begins.
28/12/195m 2s

December 27, 2019: The Iowa Wave

Plus, a full college football bowl slate, authorities investigate a plane crash in Kazakhstan, a new era begins for tobacco sales and Trump teases Canada's Justin Trudeau over a 'Home Alone 2' cameo controversy.(Audio: Des Moines Register, 20th Century Fox)
27/12/196m 23s

December 26, 2019: Happy Boxing Day!

Plus, prepare for potential traffic delays around the country, it's gift return season, Kwanzaa begins and the U.S. stock market reopens.
26/12/195m 18s

December 25, 2019: Merry Christmas!

But you probably can't expect a white Christmas. Plus, Queen Elizabeth II delivers her annual Christmas message, NBA's Christmas slate features five games, only a handful of chains are open and plenty of movies hit the cinema.(Audio: Paramount Pictures, BBC, Sony Pictures Entertainment, A24)
25/12/196m 5s

December 24, 2019: Trump gives federal workers Christmas Eve off

Plus, weather cooperates for holiday travel in most parts of the country, Prince Philip leaves the hospital in time for Christmas, a Santa Claus rally might mean good news for stocks and you can track Santa's progress.(Audio: Associated Press)
24/12/195m 47s

December 23, 2019: New Zealand volcano death toll rises

Plus, a Michigan highway reopens after green ooze, the Packers and Vikings battle on Monday Night Football, shipping deadlines hit their last straw and 'Star Wars' falls short at the box office.(Audio: Star Wars)
23/12/196m 49s

December 21, 2019: Happy Hanukkah!

Plus, get ready for busy travel days, holiday shopping ramps up, winter is officially here and Eddie Murphy hosts SNL.(Audio: Saturday Night Live, Netflix)
21/12/194m 14s

December 20, 2019: Democrats head back on the campaign trail after debate

Plus, Boeing tests a rocket launch as it prepares for human flight, holiday shipping deadlines continue to come and go, a federal law expands a ban on cockfighting and 'Star Wars' and 'Cats' open to mixed reactions.(Audio: Associated Press, Florida Today, Star Wars)
20/12/197m 33s

December 19, 2019: Impeached

Plus, Democratic candidates debate in Los Angeles, a study finds the lowest paid workers aren't getting raises, the NBA's best teams square off and Miss America will be held in Connecticut.(Audio: Associated Press, NBC)
19/12/196m 30s

December 18, 2019: A historic House impeachment vote is here

Plus, Snapchat releases a controversial deepfake technology, holiday shipping deadlines arrive, College Football's Early Signing Period begins and Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear team up again.(Audio: Associated Press, ABC)
18/12/196m 39s

December 17, 2019: House Rules Committee weighs impeachment floor debate rules

Plus, wild weather rolls across the country, a former Trump campaign aide will be sentenced, a New Jersey detective is remembered and 30 years of 'The Simpsons.'(Audio: Associated Press, northjersey.com)
17/12/196m 53s

December 16, 2019: Mississippi man accused of quadruple homicide could walk away from jail after six trials

Plus, winter weather is on its way, holiday shipping deadlines arrive, 'Jumanji: The Next Level' takes a box office lead and Jimmy Kimmel hosts a 'Star Wars' special.(Audio: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Star Wars)
16/12/195m 52s

December 14, 2019: North Korea says it conducted test at long-range rocket site

Plus, the Heisman Trophy winner is announced, Babe Ruth could set another record, 'Gone With the Wind' turns 80 and the Raiders host their final game in Oakland.(Audio: Associated Press, TCM)
14/12/196m 47s

December 13, 2019: House Judiciary Committee vote pushed to Friday

Plus, Britain's Conservatives win, the Geminid meteor shower peaks, the U.S. fights back at the Presidents Cup and 'Richard Jewell' hits theaters.(Audio: Associated Press, Warner Bros. Pictures)
13/12/195m 57s

December 12, 2019: House Judiciary Committee continues to debate impeachment articles

Plus, Britain heads to the polls, Democratic presidential candidates face a deadline, lawyers appeal the Boston bomber's death sentence and the U.S. hopes to bounce back in the President's Cup.(Audio: Associated Press)
12/12/196m 17s

December 11, 2019: House Judiciary Committee debates articles of impeachment

Plus, Time Magazine reveals its Person of the Year, cold air is on the move, the SAG Award nominations are released and the Supreme Court hears the case of a death row inmate.(Audio: Associated Press)
11/12/195m 31s

December 10, 2019: Democrats to announce articles of impeachment against Trump

Plus, Trump holds a rally in Pennsylvania, Nobel Prize winners are honored, cold weather freezes the Midwest and Ellen DeGeneres gets generous.(Audio: Associated Press, NBC)
10/12/195m 28s

December 9, 2019: Impeachment Week 12

Plus, a Justice Department watchdog is set to release a report on FBI surveillance of Trump's campaign, the Emoluments clause may put Trump under fire, a New Zealand volcano erupts and the Golden Globe nominees are announced.(Audio: Associated Press)
09/12/195m 19s

December 7, 2019: Investigations continue following Pensacola shooting

Plus, remembering Pearl Harbor, victims of a Black Hawk helicopter crash are identified, championship weekend in college football rolls on and Target unveils gift card deals. (Audio: Associated Press)
07/12/195m 29s

December 6, 2019: Will Trump participate in the House impeachment inquiry?

Plus, John Kerry endorses Joe Biden, investigations look into a Black Hawk helicopter disaster, Taylor Swift debuts a Christmas song and St. Nick pays a visit.(Audio: Associated Press, @taylorswift13 on Twitter)
06/12/195m 55s

December 5, 2019: Pearl Harbor shooting investigation continues

Plus, Trump has one last chance to keep his financial records secret, the Cowboys and Bears try to keep their seasons alive on Thursday Night Football, there's a new Rosa Parks exhibit in D.C. and Disney World unveils new 'Star Wars' ride.(Audio: Associated Press)
05/12/195m 16s

December 4, 2019: House Judiciary Committee considers impeachment

Plus, world leaders meet for NATO's 70th anniversary, NASA and SpaceX get set for a space station launch, Billie Eilish receives Apple Music honors and Aldi releases a new advent calendar.(Audio: Associated Press, SpaceX)
04/12/197m 27s

December 3, 2019: NATO nations meet in London

Plus, the Trump impeachment investigation continues, travel deals ramp up, Giving Tuesday is here and 'Halo: Reach' comes to PC and Xbox One.(Audio: Associated Press, HALO)
03/12/196m 26s

December 2, 2019: Supreme Court case may strengthen gun rights

Plus, it's Cyber Monday, a United Nations environmental summit begins, the Patriots slide in the AFC and Apple hosts a special Monday event.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/12/195m 4s

November 30, 2019: Increased police presence in London after knife attack

Plus, Small Business Saturday, hurricane season comes to an end, Kid Rock goes after Oprah and the final weekend of college football is here.(Audio: Associated Press)
30/11/197m 33s

November 29, 2019: Will Black Friday become a thing of the past?

Plus, shopping tips, Thanksgiving Part 2, the holiday movie calendar ramps up and travel woes are possible amid winter storms.(Audio: Associated Press, Lionsgate, Netflix)
29/11/196m 1s

November 28, 2019: Will the balloons get off the ground at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Plus, taking another look at the first Thanksgiving, previewing the day's football, dinner is served and Black Friday deals arrive.(Audio: Associated Press)
28/11/196m 2s

November 27, 2019: 'Bomb cylcone' blasts the Northwest

Plus, Trump talks impeachment before heading to Mar-a-Lago for the holiday, road travel could be tricky, Wednesday brings high traffic to grocers and Toys R Us is back.(Audio: Associated Press, Toys R Us)
27/11/195m 48s

November 26, 2019: Bloomberg continues his presidential campaign

Plus, turkeys get pardoned, Thanksgiving week weather could affect travel, be careful with the 'self-clean' button on your oven and Starbucks kicks off Black Friday week.(Audio: Mike Bloomberg 2020, Des Moines Register)
26/11/194m 42s

November 25, 2019: Chinese woman guilty of trespassing at Trump's Mar-a-Lago faces prison

Plus, Monday is the best day to fly for Thanksgiving, 'Dancing with the Stars' crowns a champ, Mississippians can play the lottery for the first time and 'Frozen 2' sets box office records.(Audio: Associated Press, ABC, Walt Disney Animation Studios)
25/11/195m 45s

November 23, 2019: Hong Kong votes

Plus, Democrats get back on the campaign trail after a testy debate, the American Music Awards will be highlighted by Taylor Swift, Pope Francis heads to Japan and it's the calm before a rivalry week storm in college football.
23/11/194m 48s

November 22, 2019: Twitter's ban on political advertising goes into effect

Plus, the car industry shows off at the LA Auto Show, Atlantic hurricane season isn't over, a former college baseball player waits for sentencing in a rape case and 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' opens in theaters.(Audio: Associated Press, Focus Features, Delaware News Journal)
22/11/196m 58s

November 21, 2019: Impeachment inquiry rolls on

Plus, Democratic presidential candidates take swings, an 'American Idol' alum is set for sentencing, a rare 'unicorn' meteor storm is possible and the NFL playoff picture takes early shape.(Audio: Associated Press)
21/11/197m 30s

November 20, 2019: A key Trump ally will testify in public impeachment inquiry hearings

Plus, Democrats take the debate stage, 750,000 people could be in the dark in California, it's Transgender Day of Remembrance and Myles Garrett appeals his NFL suspension.(Audio: Associated Press)
20/11/197m 55s

November 19, 2019: House impeachment hearings continue focus on Trump Ukraine phone call

Plus, an anoynmous book is released detailing the inside of the Trump administration, rain hits Southern California, Michelle Obama releases a new book and Bei Bei the panda moves to China.(Audio: Associated Press)
19/11/196m 46s

November 18, 2019: Hong Kong schools close as protests escalate

Plus, sentencing begins for a man convicted in 3 deaths, the NFL returns to Mexico, a new Davis Cup era begins and 'Ford v Ferrari' races to the top of the box office.(Audio: NFL en Español, 20th Century Fox)
18/11/194m 49s

November 16, 2019: Prince Andrew tells BBC he doesn't remember his accuser

Plus, Colin Kaepernick gets an NFL workout, investigators continue to look for a motive behind a California high school shooting, Democratic presidential candidates head to Las Vegas and the Leonid meteor shower peaks.(Audio: Associated Press, BBC)
16/11/197m 25s

November 15, 2019: California school district cancels classes after shooting

Plus, the former ambassador to Ukraine testifies in the impeachment inquiry, Chicago teachers vote on a new contract, the world's largest Starbucks opens and 'Jeopardy!' gets set to crown a Tournament of Champions winner.(Audio: Associated Press, Jeopardy!)
15/11/197m 47s

November 14, 2019: Jurors deliberate in Roger Stone trial

Plus, an El Paso Walmart reopens after a mass shooting, Kentucky double-checks governor votes, Starbucks offers buy-one-get-one free and the Latin Grammys are here.(Audio: Associated Press, WSVN-TV, Latin Grammy Awards)
14/11/195m 38s

November 13, 2019: Public hearings begin in the impeachment inquiry

Plus, Trump welcomes Turkish President Erdogan to the White House, it's the deadline to qualify for the next Democratic debate, another parent will be sentenced in the college admissions scandal and the CMA Awards crown country music royals in Nashville.(Audio: Associated Press)
13/11/196m 27s

November 12, 2019: Trump may release the transcript of another call with Ukraine's president

Plus, the Supreme Court looks into the future of DACA, Montgomery swears in its first black mayor, Jimmy Carter has a brain procedure and Disney+ is here.(Audio: Associated Press, Disney, Star Wars, Montgomery Advertiser)
12/11/196m 31s

November 11, 2019: Veterans Day

Plus, record-setting cold spreads across the country, U.S. Catholic bishops meet, Mercury will appear to cross the sun and the weekend box office disappoints.(Audio: Lionsgate)
11/11/196m 13s

November 9, 2019: Another victim of Mexico border killings will be laid to rest

Plus, it's been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, 'Sesame Street' turns 50, one of the biggest college football games of the year has arrived and British royals come together for Remembrance Day.(Audio: Associated Press, Sesame Street)
09/11/197m 40s

November 8, 2019: Mick Mulvaney is called to testify on impeachment but not expected to show

Plus, one year since the Camp Fire, an alleged former Saudi spy working for Twitter goes to court, a person of interest in the death of a New Hampshire couple is due in court and Target's HoliDeals are back.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/11/195m 46s

November 7, 2019: John Bolton is called to testify in the impeachment inquiry

Plus, Jeff Sessions is expected to announce his bid for Alabama senator, a federal ban on flavored vape products could be coming, Lufthansa cancels flights amid a strike and McDonald's marks 40 years of Happy Meal toys. (Audio: Associated Press)
07/11/195m 51s

November 6, 2019: Rick Perry and other officials are scheduled to testify in impeachment inquiry

Plus, elections bring mixed results for Trump and Republicans, Jeopardy James is back, cold weather spreads across the country and Aldi advent calendars go on sale.(Audio: Associated Press, Jeopardy!)
06/11/195m 37s

November 5, 2019: Roger Stone stands trial

Plus, it's Election Day, the House impeachment inquiry rolls on, a manhunt continues for a Halloween killer and the college basketball season tips off.(Audio: Associated Press, WSVN-TV)
05/11/196m 15s

November 4, 2019: White House officials scheduled to testify in impeachment probe

Plus, a Napa Valley vineyard owner heads to prison in the college admissions scandal, the Washington Nationals visit the White House, a Chicago teenager heads to court in a Halloween shooting and 'Terminator: Dark Fate' disappoints at the box office.(Audio: Associated Press, Paramount Pictures)
04/11/195m 21s

November 2, 2019: Turn those clocks 'fall back'

Plus, crews battle wildfires in California, Stephen Strasburg has to make a decision on free agency hours before the Washington Nationals' World Series parade, Prince Harry heads to the Rugby World Cup Final in Japan and it's National Sandwich Day.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/11/194m 47s

November 1, 2019: Students in Chicago return to class after teachers strike

Plus, winds ease up around California wildfires, Friday is Rep. Katie Hill's final day in Congress, Apple TV Plus launches and Dressbarn nears the end.(Audio: Associated Press, Apple TV)
01/11/197m 24s

October 31, 2019: The Washington Nationals are World Series champions

Plus, Halloween weather could be rough in parts of the country, the House will vote on impeachment procedures and hear another witness testimony and dangerous wildfires continue to burn in California.(Audio: Associated Press)
31/10/197m 3s

October 30, 2019: The World Series moves to a decisive Game 7

Plus, high winds continue to fuel wildfires in Northern California, U.S. reading and math scores remain stagnant, Boeing's CEO testifies before the House and the Fed gets set to cut interest rates again.(Audio: Associated Press)
30/10/196m 44s

October 29, 2019: A Ukraine expert is set to appear in the Trump impeachment inquiry

Plus, high winds continue to fuel California wildfires, the Astros look to close out the World Series, a tentative deal has been reached for Chicago school support staff and it's been one year since the Lion Air crash.(Audio: Associated Press)
29/10/196m 15s

October 28, 2019: The former deputy national security adviser is expected to testify in the impeachment inquiry

Plus, California wildfires force evacuations, Trump makes his first presidential visit to Chicago, Massachusetts reaches a deadline to rewrite a vaping ban and 'Joker' leads the box office again.(Audio: Associated Press, Warner Bros.)
28/10/195m 29s

October 26, 2019: Democratic candidates appear at a justice forum, a day after Trump

Plus, General Motors resumes production after a strike, the World Series moves to Game 4, it's National Trick or Treat Day and Toys R Us may make a comeback.(Audio: Associated Press)
26/10/195m 44s

October 25, 2019: The EU is expected to decide on a potential Brexit delay

Plus, Obama and Clinton will attend Rep. Elijah Cummings' funeral, Kanye West is expected to release a newe studio album, the World Series moves to Game 3 and Walmart offers holiday shopping deals before Halloween. (Audio: Associated Press)
25/10/195m 20s

October 24, 2019: Rep. Elijah Cummings to lie in state

Plus, more power outages could hit California, a funeral is set for Atatiana Jefferson, Kellen Winslow is back in court on rape charges and the Louvre marks 500 years since Da Vinci's death.(Audio: Associated Press)
24/10/194m 54s

October 23, 2019: Giuliani associates face arraignment

Plus, more power outages are expected in California, a documentary special on Harry and Meghan airs in the U.S., Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Financial Services Committee and teachers continue to strike in Chicago.(Audio: Associated Press)
23/10/196m 33s

October 22, 2019: A diplomat who questioned Trump's Ukraine scheme is set to testify

Plus, a truce between the Kurds and Turkey expires, the World Series begins, Montana's temporary ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes takes effect and Duchess Meghan makes a public appearance in London. (Audio: Associated Press)
22/10/195m 50s

October 21, 2019: Britain continues to debate Brexit dealings

Plus, Canadians head to the polls, an opioid trial in Ohio could have nationwide implications, the Orionid meteor shower will light up the sky and 'Joker' is no longer number one at the box office.(Audio: Associated Press, Disney)
21/10/195m 17s

October 19, 2019: A public memorial is set for Atatiana Jefferson

Plus, the Emmett Till memorial is made bulletproof, AOC endorses Bernie, British lawmakers debate Brexit deal and UAW leaders send deal with GM to workers.(Audio: Associated Press)
19/10/195m 19s

October 18, 2019: The impeachment inquiry takes a turn

Plus, the first all-female spacewalk is set to take place, Chicago teachers continue to strike, tropical storm warnings have been issued for the Gulf Coast and it's sequel time at the weekend cinema.(Audio: Associated Press, Fox Searchlight, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures)
18/10/197m 37s

October 17, 2019: US Ambassador Gordon Sondland enters the hot seat

Plus, Chicago teachers get set to strike, Turkey's leader meets with Vice President Mike Pence, autoworkers weigh a new GM deal that could end their strike and a 'bomb cyclone' blasts the Northeast.(Audio: Associated Press)
17/10/196m 9s

An ex-State official will testify in the impeachment inquiry

Plus, Pence and Pompeo head to Turkey, Democrats talk impeachment on the debate stage, Lebron James suits up to play after China-related comments and Google unveils the Pixel 4.(Audio: Associated Press, Mark Medina/USA TODAY Sports)
16/10/197m 38s

October 15, 2019: Democrats take the debate stage again

Plus, more subpoena deadlines in the impeachment inquiry, the federal tax evasion deadline is here, Cuba Gooding Jr. faces arraignment in a groping case and Ronan Farrow's new book has staggering information about Matt Lauer.(Audio: Associated Press)
15/10/195m 16s

October 14, 2019: A key subpoena deadline in the impeachment inquiry

Plus, European leaders discuss an escalating Syria conflict, Columbus Day draws debate, the National League Championship Series goes to Washington and 'Joker' once again wins the box office. (Audio: Associated Press, Warner Bros.)
14/10/194m 59s

October 12, 2019: Wildfire dangers continue in Southern California

Plus, Louisiana voters decide their governor, remembering Jessye Norman, the Empire State Building gets a facelift and playoff baseball continues.(Audio: Associated Press)
12/10/194m 50s

October 11, 2019: Ethiopia's prime minister wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Plus, Trump's ex-Ukraine ambassador is set to testify, Chinese talks trade with Chinese officials, a blizzard heads for the Upper Midwest and hundreds of thousands of Californians remain in the dark.(Audio: Associated Press, @NobelPrize)
11/10/194m 45s

October 10, 2019: Trump holds a campaign rally in Minneapolis

Plus, House depositions continue in the impeachment inquiry surrounding Trump, German officials confirm that a synagogue attack was anti-semitic, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s groping trial begins and California power outages stretch into their second day.(Audio: Associated Press)
10/10/194m 26s

October 9, 2019: Winter is coming (to the central U.S.)

Plus, NLDS series play out their deciding Game 5s, wildfire fears might cut the power to some residents in California, a meteor shower reaches its peak and NASA prepares for a launch from the air.(Audio: Associated Press)
09/10/194m 43s

October 8, 2019: The Supreme Court hears cases on gay and transgender rights

Plus, the latest witness in the Trump impeachment inquiry gives a deposition to Congress, Democrats seek grand-jury evidence from the Mueller report, Montgomery, Alabama faces a potential historic election and Yom Kippur begins.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/10/194m 31s

October 7, 2019: Supreme Court returns to work

Plus, four teams have a chance to close out their series in the Division Series of the MLB Playoffs, 'Joker' laughs its way to the bank at the box office, McDonald's brings back the McRib and Nobel prize week kicks off.(Audio: Warner Bros)
07/10/193m 53s

October 5, 2019: Nuclear talks set to resume for the U.S. and North Korea

Plus, heat finally moves out of parts of the South, a mask ban goes into effect in Hong Kong as protests continue, Target shopping becomes more rewarding and Florida and Auburn highlight Saturday's college football action.(Audio: Associated Press)
05/10/194m 15s

October 4, 2019: Lawmakers to question intelligence inspector general about whistleblower complaint

Plus, Greta Thunberg heads to Iowa, 'Joker' hits cinemas, a Napa winemaker is the latest parent to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal and get ready for a quadruple-header in the MLB Playoffs.(Audio: Associated Press)
04/10/196m 19s

October 3, 2019: House Dems will question the former Ukraine envoy in impeachment inquiry

Plus, a top attorney will be sentenced in the college admissions scandal, Sen. Bernie Sanders has a health scare, it's 'Bring Your Bible to School Day' and the MLB Division Series get underway.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/10/194m 37s

October 2, 2019: The State Department inspector general will meet lawmakers on Capitol Hill

Plus, a Sikh sheriff's deputy who was shot and killed during a traffic stop is remembered, it's been one year since the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Microsoft is expected to revamp the Surface and the American League Wild Card game takes place in Oakland.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/10/195m 20s

October 1, 2019: A New York lawmaker is set to plead guilty in an insider trading case

Plus, Hong Kong protests continue on the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, it's the last day for candidates to qualify for the next Democratic debate, hot weather bakes the South and the MLB Playoffs are here.(Audio: Associated Press)
01/10/196m 33s

September 30, 2019: The murder trial of an ex-Dallas police officer accused of fatally shooting her neighbor resumes

Plus, record snow hits the West, 'Abominable' bigfoots the competition at the box office, McDonald's tests out a meat-free burger and former NFL player Kellen Winslow II faces a second rape trial.(Audio: Associated Press, Dreamworks, LD Entertainment)
30/09/194m 51s

September 28, 2019: Rosh Hashanah arrives on Sunday

Plus, 'Saturday Night Live' premieres its 45th season, national parks offer free admission on Saturday, a new gondola system opens at Disney World and Sunday is National Coffee Day.(Audio: Associated Press, Saturday Night Live)
28/09/194m 18s

September 27, 2019: A second Climate Stirke is set for Friday

Plus, Samsung's new foldable phone goes on sale in the U.S., winter comes early in the Rockies, Kanye may or may not release a new album Friday and 'Judy' opens in theaters.(Audio: Associated Press)
27/09/197m 3s

September 26, 2019: The House Intelligence Committee questions the director of national intelligence about a whistleblower

Plus, another sentencing arrives in the college admissions scandal, members of the royal family continue their trip in Africa, a baseball broadcasting legend retires and 'The Brady Bunch' and Abby Road' turn 50.(Audio: Associated Press, HGTV)
26/09/195m 33s

September 25, 2019: The House weighs in on Trump's Ukraine controversy

Plus, U.K.'s Parliament reconvenes after a court ruling, Amazon unveils new gear, an extradition hearing will be held for a Major League Baseball player arrested for soliciting a child for sex acts and it's the beginning of the end for 'Modern Family'.(Audio: Associated Press, ABC)
25/09/196m 3s

September 24, 2019: Trump to focus on Iran in United Nations address

Plus, a second parent faces sentencing in a college admissions scandal, Puerto Rico braces for Tropical Storm Karen, Chanel Miller, the survivor of Brock Turner's rape, publishes a memoir and it's National Voter Registration Day.(Audio: Associated Press, 60 Minutes)
24/09/195m 33s

September 23, 2019: Trump faces a world of heat at the United Nations

Plus, the trial begins of a former cop who fatally shot an unarmed black man in his home, Tropical Storm Karen moves through the Caribbean and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan begin their Africa tour.(Audio: Associated Press)
23/09/194m 39s

September 21, 2019: Happy Museum Day!

Plus, Trump goes on a road trip with foreign leaders, the 71st Emmy Awards are here, Notre Dame takes on Georgia in a top 10 college football clash and 'Friends' turns 25.(Audio: Associated Press)
21/09/194m 24s

September 20, 2019: High school students skip school to fight climate change

Plus, Trump hosts the second state dinner of his presidency, 10 Democratic candidates attend an LGBTQ forum, it's a busy box office weekend and all eyes are on Area 51 amid a alien-themed events.(Audio: Associated Press, 20th Century Fox, Focus Features, Lionsgate Movies)
20/09/194m 57s

September 19, 2019: Democratic presidential candidates participate in a climate forum

Plus, Trump revokes a California waiver on auto emissions, Apple rolls out iOS 13, the Washington Monument reopens and a trumpet player will play the national anthem at his 30th Major League ballpark.(Audio: Associated Press, Naples Daily News)
19/09/194m 43s

September 18, 2019: Trump heads to San Diego amid California backlash

Plus, Mike Pompeo meets with the Saudi Crown Prince, the Federal Reserve is expected to lower interest rates again, Hurricane Humberto is on the move and teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg appears on Capitol Hill.(Audio: Associated Press)
18/09/194m 26s

September 17, 2019: Trump's former campaign manager is set to testify

Plus, gang members charged in the murder of a 9-year-old stand trial, Israel heads to the voting booth, Edward Snowden releases a memoir and Amazon hosts a nationwide Career Day.(Audio: Associated Press)
17/09/194m 56s

September 16, 2019: Antonio Brown's accuser will meet with the NFL

Plus, United Auto Workers go on strike, drone strikes in Saudi Arabia could lead to higher gas prices, Walmart holds a car seat recycling event and it's National Guacamole Day.(Audio: Associated Press)
16/09/193m 46s

September 14, 2019: A tropical storm hits the Bahamas as they recover from Hurricane Dorian

Plus, a fashion frenzy hits Target, Ken Burns has a new documetary on country music, it may be curtains for MoviePass and a potential strike looms for General Motors workers.(Audio: Associated Press, PBS)
14/09/195m 3s

September 13, 2019: Ten Democratic presidential candidates debate Trump, guns

Plus, jury selection begins in the trial of gang members charged with killing a 9-year-old, Felicity Huffman is scheduled to be sentenced in a college admissions scandal, San Francisco cable cars are shutting down and it's Friday the 13th.(Audio: ABC News)
13/09/194m 29s

September 12, 2019: Democrats debate with a smaller field

Plus, Trump visits Baltimore, Mike 'The Situation' is scheduled to leave prison, Taco Bell introduces a new veggie menu and a Day of the Dead Barbie hits stores.(Audio: Associated Press)
12/09/194m 16s

September 11, 2019: Remembering 9/11

Plus, New York Fashion Week wraps up, the search continues for the last victim of the Conception boat fire, a Missouri couple won a big lottery prize for the second time and Antonio Brown has been accused of rape.(Audio: Associated Press)
11/09/195m 55s

September 10, 2019: Get ready for iPhone 11

Plus, the 2018 elections aren't over yet, a criminal investigation continues into a California boat fire, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has a new book and Tuesday is World Suicide Prevention Day. (Audio: Associated Press, USA TODAY Network)
10/09/194m 39s

September 9, 2019: Congress returns from a six-week recess

Plus, Billy Bush returns to television, strong winds increase Southern California wildfire concerns, 'IT: Chapter Two' dominates the box office and 'Jeopardy!' is back (along with host Alex Trebek).(Audio: Associated Press, Warner Bros., Jeopardy!)
09/09/194m 1s

September 7, 2019: Dorian moves out

Plus, Iran reduces its compliance from a nuclear deal, Hong Kong prepares for more airport protests, Serena is back for another Grand Slam final and the NFL's opening weekend is here.(Audio: Associated Press)
07/09/194m 17s

September 6, 2019: Hurricane Dorian remains a dangerous storm as it approaches North Carolina

Plus, Robert Mugabe has died, the August jobs report will give hints about the health of the economy, 'It: Chapter 2' hits theaters and Samsung's Galaxy Fold finally hits shelves.(Audio: Associated Press, Warner Bros.)
06/09/194m 34s

September 5, 2019: Hurricane Dorian is expected to reach the Carolinas

Plus, 8chan's owner testifies before the House, the NFL kicks off, Serena Williams rolls on and the Toronto International Film Festival opens.(Audio: Associated Press)
05/09/194m 10s

September 4, 2019: Florida braces for Hurricane Dorian as it drops to a Category 2

Plus, Democratic candidates participate in a climate event, Brexit gets even murkier, R. Kelly begins a busy month in court and ESPN The Magazine publishes its final print issue.(Audio: Associated Press)
04/09/194m 43s

September 3, 2019: Flight cancellations ramp up due to Hurricane Dorian

Plus, more information is expected after a deadly California boat fire, British Parliament prepares for a major Brexit vote, rival Texas high schools come together after a mass shooting affected both communities and Serena Williams and Roger Federer are both in action at the U.S. Open.(Audio: Associated Press)
03/09/194m 42s

September 2, 2019: Happy Labor Day

Plus, Hurricane Dorian is about to make U.S. landfall, Novak Djokovic is out of the U.S. Open, the death toll rises following a Texas shooting and Notre Dame wraps up the first week of college football.(Audio: Associated Press)
02/09/194m 39s

August 31, 2019: Hurricane Dorian heads toward the Bahamas, on its way to Florida

Plus, Coco Gauff meets Naomi Osaka in a highly anticipated U.S. Open match, Pence goes to Poland in Trump's place, Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns to racing after a plane crash and demonstrations are expected after Queen Elizabeth's controversial decision(Audio: Associated Press)
31/08/194m 4s

August 30, 2019: Hurricane Dorian continues to strengthen

Plus, a student is due in court after police found weapons in his car on a college campus, the U.S. Open continues, Democrats campaign following a debate announcement and prepare for high gas prices this holiday weekend.(Audio: Associated Press)
30/08/194m 22s

August 29, 2019: The U.S. Space Command launches

Plus, the third Democratic presidential debate participants will be announced, the defending champions Clemson begin their season in college football, Thursday's roads will be full with Labor Day travelers and a new Star Wars park opens at Disney World.(Audio: Kirsten Gillibrand, Associated Press, Florida Today)
29/08/195m 22s

August 28, 2019: Democrats face a debate-cutoff deadline

Plus, Tropical Storm Dorian continues to push through the Caribbean, CMA announces nominees on "Good Morning America", Mike Pence will address the American Legion at a national convention and a Swedish teenage climate activist sails to New York. (Audio: Michael Bennet, Associated Press)
28/08/194m 37s

August 27, 2019: Tropical Storm Dorian strengthens as it heads for Caribbean islands

Plus, a ruling is expected on whether Missouri's new abortion law will go into effect as planned, the son of a former NFL player will appear in court after being accused of killing his parents, pumpin spice lattes are back and Snapchat launches tools to make it easier for beginners to create filters.(Audio: Associated Press)
27/08/194m 48s

August 26, 2019: The G-7 summit is expected to end without an agreement

Plus, Harvey Weinstein faces an additional arraignment ahead of his trial, a storm may turn into a hurricane as it hits the Caribbean, the VMAs are here and the U.S. Open begins.(Audio: MTV, The White House)
26/08/194m 32s

August 24, 2019: Tensions are high ahead of the G-7 summit

Plus, 400 years since slaves arrived in America, the Amazon keeps burning, college football returns and it's been a year since John McCain's death.(Audio: Associated Press)
24/08/195m 7s

August 23, 2019: It's Taylor time

Plus, Joe Biden skips another Democratic candidate campaign stop, new Samsung phones hit stores, Disney hints at its future projects and meteor showers will be visible.(Audio: Associated Press)
23/08/195m 15s

August 22, 2019: Wildfires continue to rage in the Amazon and Alaska

Plus, Serena Williams stars in a new public service announcement, Arizona colleges vote on whether to expand tuition rates for immigrants, a serial killer will be executed and gas prices are about to drop.(Audio: The Allstate Foundation)
22/08/194m 7s

August 21, 2019: Trump heads to Louisville in support of governor's reelection campaign

Plus, suspects in a homophobic London bus attack head to court, Italy prime ministetr steps down, 401(k) millionaires are on the rise and McDonald's wants customers to pay it forward with a new promotion.(Audio: Associated Press, McDonald's)
21/08/194m 6s

August 20, 2019: Democratic presidential candidates appear at a Native American forum in Iowa

Plus, the White House may be taking steps to avoid a recession, hurricane season is about to ramp up, San Francisco International Airport bans the sale of single-use water bottles and all eyes are on Antonio Brown at Oakland Raiders training camp.(Audio: Associated Press)
20/08/195m 13s

August 19, 2019: An Ohio man is due in court after a video threat of a shooting at a Jewish center

Plus, Afghanistan mourns after a deadly bombing, severe heat bakes much of the country, the Alaska Railroad closes temporarily after heavy rains and final numbers are expected after a big opening weekend for 'Good Boys'.(Audio: Associated Press, Universal Pictures)
19/08/193m 24s

August 17, 2019: Gun protests are planned against Walmart stores

Plus, Tiger Woods is in danger of missing the Tour Championship, Portland braces for a clash between the far-right and anti-fascists, an investigation into a deadly plane crash involving a New Orleans reporter begins and Barack Obama's high school basketball jersey is up for auction.(Audio: Associated Press)
17/08/194m 18s

August 16, 2019: Visitation and prayers are held for an El Paso victim whose story went viral

Plus, one year since Aretha Franklin's death, temperatures could reach 110 degrees in Phoenix, a funeral will be held for a Colorado Springs teenager killed by police and the U.S. men's basketball team prepares for the World Cup.(Audio: Associated Press, 'Amazing Grace' film)
16/08/195m 11s

August 15, 2019: 50 years since Woodstock

Plus, Dan Coats officially resigns as director of national intelligence, a Dominican resort temporarily closes after a guest was assaulted, a Los Angeles police officer will be arraigned on rape charges and the Little League World Series begins.(Audio: Associated Press)
15/08/194m 48s

New York child sex abuse victims get new chance to seek justice

Plus, Julián Castro’s anti-Trump ad airs, A$AP Rocky will receive his verdict in Sweden, Pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong resume and the NFL partners with Roc Nation for music.(Audio: Julián Castro, Associated Press)
14/08/195m 4s

August 13, 2019: Bolton wraps up U.K. meetings following post-Brexit trade deal talks

Plus, Hong Kong's airport reopens after protests, severe heat scorches the South and Midwest, J.D. Salinger goes digital and 'America's Got Talent' goes live.(Audio: Associated Press, NBC)
13/08/194m 1s

August 12, 2019: Bill Cosby wants his conviction erased

Plus, new fast food items hit menus around the country, Andy Murray delays retirement plans, Oscar Meyer offers hot dog ice cream and 'Hobbs and Shaw' keeps running laps at the box office,(Audio: Popeyes, Associated Press)
12/08/193m 49s

August 10, 2019: White House hopefuls speak in Iowa

Plus, a veteran will be laid to rest 52 years after he left for the Vietnam War, Muslims around the world celebrate Eid, the Premier League's opening week continues and Simone Biles looks for her sixth national title.(Audio: Des Moines Register, Associated Press, Southwest Airlines)
10/08/195m 22s

August 9, 2019: The White House holds a meeting with tech companies to discuss online hate

Plus, the mass stabbing suspect in California heads to court, it's been 5 years since Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, the Manson murders are back in pop culture and the Premier League season kicks off.(Audio: Associated Press)
09/08/196m 2s

Americans are on edge after a string of mass shootings

Plus, the Iowa State Fair hosts presidential candidates, Thursday marks a decade since Sonia Sotomayor joined the Supreme Court, the NFL preseason kicks off and photos from James Dean's fatal car crash will be auctioned.(Audio: Associated Press)
08/08/196m 47s

August 7, 2019: Trump visits El Paso and Dayton following massacres

Plus, Cyntoia Brown will be released from prison, Purple Heart Day commemorates American military heroes, Pink's management team survives a plane crash landing and Samsung unveils its latest smartphone.(Audio: AP)
07/08/196m 2s

August 6, 2019: Remembering a dark day in Hiroshima

Plus, there's a dispute with Arena Franklin's will, SpaceX is ready for its next mission, AT&T offers Spotify Premium and 'Hard Knocks' returns.(Audio: Associated Press, HBO)
06/08/194m 9s

August 5, 2019: President Trump speaks on weekend mass shootings

Plus, London's Heathrow Airport prepares for a strike, excessive heat warnings are in effect in Phoenix, Verizon launches cheaper unlimited pricing plans and the NFL turns 100.(Audio: AP)
05/08/195m 5s

August 3, 2019: The Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomes its newest class

Plus, President Trump considers his replacement for the Director of National Intelligence position, 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls head to Nevada and a San Diego-area surfing beach is closed after a cliff collapsed.(Audio: Associated Press, Nickelodeon)
03/08/195m 32s

August 2, 2019: Puerto Rico's governor steps down

Plus, a funeral will be held for babies left in a hot car, 'Hobbs and Shaw' drives into theaters, an investigation continues into a natural gas explosion in Kentucky and Duchess Meghan guest edits the September issue of British Vogue.(Audio: AP)
02/08/194m 53s

August 1, 2019: Another eventful Democratic debate night

Plus, the father of twins in devastating hot car deaths is due in court, Republicans are conflicted on a Trump-backed budget bill, Hawaii keeps an eye on a pair of Pacific hurricanes and 2019 Lollapalooza is here. (Audio: CNN)
01/08/193m 57s

July 31, 2019: Democrats debate for the second consecutive night

Plus, the MLB trade deadline is here, Jeffrey Epstein is due in court, the Fed cuts its key rate and Kathy Griffin's new film talks about life after her Trump severed-head photo.(Audio: Associated Press, CNN)
31/07/196m 17s

July 30, 2019: Democratic presidential hopefuls square off for a second round of debates

Plus, A$AP Rocky's trial begins in Sweden, Virginia Democrats boycott a Trump appearance in Jamestown, the Federal Reserve prepares to cut interest rates and the United Nations wants to bring attention to human trafficking.
30/07/198m 3s

July 29, 2019: Police look for answers after a shooting at a California garlic festival

Plus, a storm heading for Hawaii may become a hurricane, Puerto Ricans look toward the future with a new governor, Coco Gauff hits the court for doubles and Quentin Tarantino sees his biggest debut ever.
29/07/194m 22s

July 27, 2019: Could a Colombian win the Tour de France for the first time ever?

Plus, women's basketball's biggest stars head to the WNBA All Star Game, Shark Week is back, a meteor shower will light up the night sky and the Yankees and Red Sox do battle ahead of the trade deadline.(Audio: AP)
27/07/193m 7s

July 26, 2019: Trump will sign a 9/11 first responders bill at the White House

Plus, Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez meet, 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' is a fairy tale only Tarantino could tell, a controversial pageant winner speaks at a Women for Trump event and Dan Le Batard returns to work after the ESPN host called out President Trump.
26/07/195m 32s

July 25, 2019: the House votes on a new budget bill

Plus, Alaskan ferry workers strike, Europe braces for another severe heat wave, older drivers may be more distracted and Flagstaff, Arizona residents keep their eyes on a nearby wildfire.
25/07/194m 43s

July 24, 2019: Robert Mueller appears before Congress

Plus, Britain has a new leader, a new rule may dump millions of people off food stamps, Amelia Earhart Day celebrates the pioneer's birthday and there's only one more year until the Tokyo Olympics.
24/07/196m 4s

July 23, 2019: Britain prepares for a new prime minister

Plus, the Senate votes on funding for 9/11 first responders, the Trump administration expands deportation authority, Florida braces for a tropical depression and a private funeral will be held for former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
23/07/194m 42s

July 22, 2019: Puerto Ricans demand their governor steps down

Plus, the nation remembers former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, extreme heat moves out, an announcement is expected into Equifax data breach investigations and 'The Lion King' sets box office records.
22/07/195m 19s

July 20, 2019: 50 years since a giant leap for mankind

Plus, a massive heat wave roasts the central and eastern U.S., boxing looks to crown a new welterweight champion, Marvel Studios returns to San Diego Comic-Con and there's a new class of baseball hall of famers.
20/07/196m 13s

July 19, 2019: Hakuna Matata!

Plus, Mike Pompeo heads to Argentina, a Greek man charged with rape and murder of a U.S. scientists heads to court, Ford's transmission issues continue and stars struggle at the British Open.
19/07/194m 23s

July 18, 2019: Homeland Security chief testifies on migrant facilities

Plus, a federal judge will announce a decision on Jeffrey Epstein's bail, the British Open tees off, documents on searches of Michael Cohen's residence and office are released and San Diego Comic-Con is here.
18/07/196m 47s

July 17, 2019: The House votes on Saudi arms sales

Plus, El Chapo is set to get life behind bars, severe heat bakes millions around the U.S., the first NFL training camp begins and Puerto Rico's governor is marred by scandal.(Audio courtesy: AP)
17/07/195m 34s

July 16, 2019: Congress votes on whether to hold Barr and Ross in contempt of court

Plus, 50 years since Apollo 11, R. Kelly heads back to court, remembering JFK Jr. and the Emmy nominations are released.
16/07/195m 15s

July 15, 2019: Tropical Depression Barry moves inland

Plus, Novak Djokovic makes history at Wimbledon, Amazon Prime Day is here, Jennifer Lopez takes the stage again after a New York blackout and Charlottesville terrorist James Fields will be sentenced in state court.(Audio courtesy: AP, Wimbledon)
15/07/195m 2s

July 13, 2019: Immigrant communities anxiously await ICE raids

Plus, Tropical Storm Barry makes landfall, Target offers teachers a deal, Wimbledon rolls into its final weekend and it's Bastille Day!
13/07/195m 17s

July 12, 2019: Louisiana prepares for a potential hurricane

Plus, Vice President Pence visits migrant detention facilities, Federer and Nadal battle it out at Wimbledon, R. Kelly faces new sex crime charges and Friday is the last day for Alaska to avoid higher education cuts.(Audio courtesy: AP, Wimbledon)
12/07/196m 21s

July 11, 2019: Trump holds a White House event centered on political bias in social media

Plus, A hurricane watch has been issued for Louisiana, protests continue in Alaska amid university budget cuts, Pentagon leadership uncertainty continues and Wimbledon is down to the final four.
11/07/195m 30s

July 10, 2019: The U.S. women's national team celebrates with a parade in New York City

Plus, the second storm of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is forming, the Volkswagen Beetle comes to an end, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is under fire and the world continues to mourn the loss of Lee Iacocca.
10/07/196m 14s

July 9, 2019: The Affordable Care Act faces its latest test

Plus, Saturn makes a close visit to Earth, Chick-fil-A offers free food if you dress like a cow, baseball's stars descend on Cleveland and the world remembers Lee Iacocca.
09/07/194m 46s

July 8, 2019: The U.S. women's national team are champions of the world

Plus, a criminal groping case against Kevin Spacey could face a turning point, Jeffrey Epstein is arrested on sex trafficking charges, Coco Gauff hits the court again at Wimbledon and the world says goodbye to João Gilberto, one of the fathers of bossa nova.
08/07/195m 49s

July 6, 2019: Team USA looks to repeat as World Cup champs

Plus, Southern Californias reels from earthquakes, 'Forrest Gump' turns 25, presidential candidates head to New Orleans for Essence Fest and the Tour de France gets underway.
06/07/194m 16s

July 5, 2019: Trump inspires some, angers others during Fourth celebration

Plus, severe heat in Alaska continues, a 15-year-old is taking Wimbledon by storm, Directv subscribers may miss out on local tv stations and June's jobs report is here.
05/07/193m 40s

July 4, 2019: Happy Fourth of July!

Plus, stores will be closed, 'Stranger Things' returns, PBS airs its annual 'A Capitol Fourth' and Wimbledon continues with second round play.
04/07/193m 35s

9/11 first responder Luis Alvarez dies of cancer

Plus, you better hit the road now for Independence Day, the U.S. women's national team heads to the World Cup Final, an Olympic gold medalist returns to competition for the first time since becoming paralyzed and 'The Walking Dead' comes to an end in comic book form.
03/07/195m 5s

July 2, 2019: A book from Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll hits bookshelves

Plus, it's World UFO Day, the U.S. national team faces England in the Women's World Cup, NASA continues tests with a goal of returning to the moon within five years and it's been 82 years since Amelia Earhart disappeared.
02/07/195m 44s

July 1, 2019: At the tennis!

Plus, a new California law requires background checks for ammo, a Vermont tax goes into effect for e-cigarettes, NBA free agency hits the ground running and new laws in three states will limit the amount of opioids that doctors can prescribe.
01/07/194m 45s

June 29, 2019: President Trump heads to Korea as the G20 summit wraps up

Plus, Pride Month comes to an end, baseball goes to London, NBA free agency begins and a new Showtime series depicts Roger Ailes.
29/06/194m 56s

June 28, 2019: 50 years since Stonewall

Plus, the U.S. battles France at the World Cup, Trump heads to the G20 summit, The Charlottesville assailant faces charges and severe heat bakes Europe.
28/06/195m 8s

June 27, 2019: Debate Week rolls on

Plus, Iran will break the nuclear agreement, the Supreme Court wraps up its term, Paul Manafort faces arraignment and Amazon and Rite Aid are teaming up.
27/06/193m 12s

June 26, 2019: Debate season is here!

Plus, Kellyanne Conway may be facing a subpoena, Cuba Gooding Jr. is in court surrounding a groping charge, Wayfair employees plan a walkout surrounding their bosses' involvement with migrant camps, and Democrats and Republicans battle it out on the baseball diamond.
26/06/194m 51s

June 25, 2019: 10 years since the loss of the King of Pop

Plus, the first Medal of Honor to a living Iraq War veteran will be issued, Cardi B goes to court, VA health care workers will speak at a congressional hearing amid whistleblower concerns and the best place in the world to visit is?
25/06/193m 33s

June 24, 2019: The U.S. women's national team continue their World Cup march

Plus, new sanctions are set for Iran, SpaceX gets ready for a night launch, the Emmys are dealing with a vote-rigging plan and a man accused of killing a Sacramento police officer appears in court.
24/06/195m 16s

June 22, 2019: Trump appears on 'Meet the Press'

Plus, the GI Bill turns 75, Trump delays widespread ICE deportations, Cardi B leads BET Awards nominations and the Women's World Cup rolls into the knockout rounds.
22/06/193m 1s

Democratic presidential candidates head to South Carolina for a fish fry campaign event

Plus, it's the longest day of the year, 'Toy Story 4' hits theaters, a deadline is here for the last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri and the NHL welcomes its newest draft class.
21/06/194m 8s

June 20, 2019: The NBA gets ready for Zion

Plus, the U.S. women's national team is back in action, 'Jaws' turns 44, Roy Moore will announce his future Senate plans and a Trump supporter is arrested for berating a reporter.
20/06/195m 54s

June 19, 2019: Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the U.S.

Plus, President Trump officially launches his reelection campaign, Hope Hicks appears before the House Judiciary Committee, Trump unveils a new energy plan and Feds may signal an interest rate cut amid a U.S./China trade war.
19/06/193m 24s

June 18, 2019: Trump kicks off his re-election campaign

Plus, an investigation is underway into a shooting at the Toronto Raptors' championship parade, Phoenix holds a community meeting to address police aggression, a helicopter crash victim will be remembered and court documents allege that Alex Jones had child pornography.
18/06/193m 58s

June 17, 2019: Hong Kong protests continue

Plus, Toronto gets ready to party, OJ Simpson's car chase turns 25, Taylor Swift celebrates Pride in a new video and 'Men in Black' slumps at the box office.
17/06/195m 53s

June 15, 2019: Notre Dame holds its first mass since the fire

Plus, protests continue in Hong Kong, The U.S. women play Chile at the World Cup, Amanda Knox returns to Italy and Happy Father's Day.
15/06/193m 36s

June 14, 2019: Toronto has an NBA championship

Plus, Flint will hear why water crisis charges were dropped, the U.S. Open rolls on, WHO talks Ebola as the virus spreads and 'Men in Black' are back.
14/06/195m 29s

June 13, 2019: Can the Warriors survive another game without Kevin Durant?

Plus, golf's best gather for the U.S. Open, Bonnaroo is back, Amanda Knox returns to Italy and Hagrid headlines a new ride at Universal.
13/06/195m 43s

June 12, 2019: Remembering the Pulse Nightclub shooting

Plus, a House panel will hold contempt votes for Ross and Barr, the Stanley Cup goes the distance, Donald Trump Jr. will testify before a Senate panel and it's been 25 years since the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.
12/06/196m 36s

June 11, 2019: The U.S. women get ready for action at the World Cup

Plus, Southern Baptists will address sexual abuse, E3 promises video game innovations, investigations resume after a deadly NYC helicopter crash and the sex abuse crisis is in the spotlight as U.S. Catholic bishops meet.
11/06/197m 3s

June 8, 2019: Democratic candidates head to Iowa

Plus, the French Open wraps up, the Tony Awards will honor Broadway's best, PG&E will shut down power in California and the St. Louis Blues hope for their first ever Stanley Cup.
08/06/194m 47s

June 7, 2019: The Women's World Cup is here!

Plus, the Golden State Warriors may be in trouble, the latest (and maybe last) 'X-Men' film of this generation hits theaters, Prime Minister Theresa May steps down and it's National Doughnut Day.
07/06/195m 33s

June 6, 2019: D-Day 75 years later

Plus, a service will remember Virginia Beach victims, the Blues and Bruins do battle in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final, veterans will get expanded access to private doctors and Denzel Washington receives a lifetime acheivement award.
06/06/196m 36s

June 5, 2019: Trump wraps up his trip to Britain

Plus, new travel restrictions go into effect for Cuba, Sephora closes stores for diversity training, the NBA Finals moves to California and Black Mirror is back.
05/06/195m 3s

June 4, 2019: Trump shifts gears from pomp and pageantry to meet with Theresa May amid protests

Plus, Virginia Beach remains in mourning, Pompeo angers China with Tiananmen Square comments, the Big Ten names a new commissioner and an interactive monument honors the LGBTQ civil rights movement.
04/06/194m 4s

June 3, 2019: The president and first lady head across the pond

Plus, U.S. and Mexican officials talk tariffs, 'Jeopardy!' star James Holzhauer goes for the cash record, Apple gives a sneak peak at new software and the Major League Baseball Draft begins.
03/06/194m 42s

June 1, 2019: A mass shooting in Virginia Beach leaves 12 dead

Plus, 2020 Democratic candidates head to California, hurricane season begins, it's Pride Month and Illinois lawmakers pass legal pot sales legislation.
01/06/193m 44s

May 31, 2019: The last abortion clinic in Missouri is set to close Friday

Plus, Democratic presidential candidates talk immigration, a new Star Wars-themed attraction opens at Disneyland, tap and pay marks a new way to pay for NYC subway riders and 'Deadwood' comes back to life.
31/05/194m 32s

May 30, 2019: Trump to salute Air Force Academy graduates in commencement speech

Plus, a Louisiana march is scheduled after an approved abortion ban, Vice President Pence looks for a do-over in a trade deal with Canada, the NBA Finals tip off and Southwest starts selling holiday tickets.
30/05/196m 16s

May 29, 2019: Severe storm threats continues across the central U.S.

Plus, spellers try for the Scripps National Spelling Bee crown, Lance Armstrong says he has no regrets, Rihanna's new Fenty line drops and John Bolton visits the UAE.
29/05/193m 54s

May 28, 2019: Trump wraps up Japan trip

Plus, an Oregon man suspected of killing a woman and her son heads to court, Oklahoma braces for more floods, it's National Burger Day and 'America's Got Talent' returns.
28/05/194m 22s

May 27, 2019: Remember the fallen on Memorial Day

Plus, Trump dines with an emperor, a woman in Hawaii is back to safety after spending 17 days lost in a Hawaiian forest, scUber debuts as an Uber service for submarines and the puck drops for the Stanley Cup Final.
27/05/194m 14s

May 25, 2019: Trump spends the weekend in Japan

Plus, start your engines for the Indy 500, an asteroid passes by Earth, it's a record for minority graduates at West Point and record heat hits the Southeast.
25/05/193m 53s

May 24, 2019: The kidnapper of Jayme Closs is sentenced

Plus, more parents plead guilty in the 'Varsity Blues' college admissions scandal, Theresa May steps down, 'Aladdin' hits theaters and the WNBA season tips off.
24/05/193m 46s

May 23, 2019: Issues for Boeing 737 Max aren't over when planes return to service

Plus, an American who joined the Taliban will be released from prison, an EU Parliament vote could further indicate what the state of populism is, don't travel on Thursday for Memorial Day if you can help it and New Coke is back.
23/05/195m 1s

May 22, 2019: Pelosi meets with Democrats as a push for Trump's impeachment grows

Plus, a court showdown is set over Trump's financial records, your sunscreen may not be safe, more people in big cities live close to a park and classic TV shows return to the silver screen.
22/05/194m 43s

May 21, 2019: A former 'Bachelor' star will be sentenced

Plus, Italian aviation workers strike, a former White House counsel will skip a House Judiciary hearing, an inmate freed with the help of Kim Kardashian West has a new book, and the Oculus Quest VR headset goes on sale.
21/05/194m 3s

May 20, 2019: More tornadoes are on the way

Plus, Chicago swears in its first black female and openly gay mayor, a Columbine survivor has died following a long battle with addiction, the definition of a kilogram is about to change and 'John Wick' bounces 'Avengers' out of the box office.
20/05/194m 10s

May 18, 2019: 'Game of Thrones' comes to an end

Plus, Joe Biden kicks off his presidential campaign, Muslims open their mosques to people of all backgrounds, the Preakness Stakes will run without the Kentucky Derby winner and Sen. Bernie Sanders is set to call for a ban on for-profit charter schools.
18/05/194m 50s

May 17, 2019: Missouri will weigh the passage of an anti-abortion bill

Plus, the Midwest braces for tornadoes, Pete Buttigieg heads to Iowa to campaign, DJ Khaled releases a song with the late Nipsey Hussle and the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America opens in Tennessee.
17/05/193m 39s

May 16, 2019: Trump's new immigration plan

Plus, another candidate joins the crowded list of Democratic presidential hopefuls, 'The Big Bang Theory' comes to an end, Tiger Woods tries for his 5th PGA Championship and look up for the northern lights.
16/05/196m 2s

Colorado school shooting suspects are due in court

Plus, fallen police officers will be remembered at the Capitol, the spotlight intensifies on the aviation industry, the Raptors and Bucks begin their fight for an NBA Finals appearance and McDonald's restaurants in Austria will become embassies for Americans.
15/05/195m 4s

May 14, 2019: Mike Pompeo meets with Vladimir Putin in Sochi

Plus, the NBA Draft Lottery is here, William and Kate visit royal baby Archie, the NBA's Western Conference Finals tip off and the Cannes Film Festival begins.
14/05/195m 53s
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