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Yet another podcast where friends get together and discuss random movies.


Framed Episode 22: Fargo

In an historic first that rocked the cinema world, the Framed gang gathered together, live and in person (albeit in a large, echo-y concrete room) to discuss the Coen brothers' black comedy masterpiece, Fargo.
02/09/2155m 21s

Framed Episode 21: Raising Arizona

This week, the Framed gang kicks off a round of Coen Brothers films with the classic 1987 comedy Raising Arizona.
06/08/2159m 38s

Framed Episode 20: The Conversation

Elliott, Robert, and Brenen complete their round of thriller films with a conversation about The Conversation.
16/07/2158m 18s

Framed Episode 19: Knives Out

Robert, Elliott, and Brenen discuss Rian Johnson's modern murder mystery film Knives Out.
01/07/211h 19m

Framed Episode 18: Searching

In this week's episode, Elliott, Robert, and Brenen view, like, and comment on the 2018 computer screen thriller film Searching.
17/06/2157m 53s

Framed Episode 17: Strangers on a Train

Robert, Elliott, and Brenen kick off a month of thriller films with their analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's 1951 classic Strangers on a Train.
05/06/211h 33m

Framed Episode 16: Crank

The Framed gang completes their round of guilty pleasure films with Crank, the (literally) adrenaline-fueled action film starring Jason Statham.
27/05/211h 13m

Framed Episode 15: Quest for Camelot

Robert, Elliott, and Brenen discuss Robert's guilty pleasure pick: the 1998 animated family musical Quest for Camelot.
20/05/211h 20m

Framed Episode 14: Napoleon Dynamite

Basically in this episode, Robert, Elliott, and Brenen discuss pretty much the best movie ever. It's Napoleon Dynamite, whaddya think? Gosh!
10/05/2154m 9s

Framed Episode 13: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The Framed gang kicks off a brand new category - guilty pleasure films - beginning with the quirky 1980s family comedy film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
10/05/211h 1m

Framed Episode 12: Your Name

Robert, Brenen, and Elliott conclude the month of anime films with the teenage body-swapping romance film Your Name. (Originally recorded September 24, 2018)
10/05/2148m 39s

Framed Episode 11: 5 Centimeters Per Second

Continuing on with the month of anime films, Elliott and Brenen discuss the romantic drama film 5 Centimeters per Second. (Originally recorded August 22, 2018)
08/05/2152m 54s

Framed Episode 10: Tokyo Godfathers

Intrepid podcast hosts Elliott and Brenen discuss the 2003 tragicomedy anime film Tokyo Godfathers, pointing out the film's many coincidences and discussing its animation style, but also coming to a stupefying realization midway through recording the episode... (Originally recorded August 2, 2018)
08/05/2134m 46s

Framed Episode 9: Perfect Blue

The Framed gang embarks on a new category of anime films, beginning with the psychological thriller/horror film Perfect Blue. (Originally recorded July 25, 2018)
03/05/2146m 38s

Framed Episode 8: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

We wrap up our review of films from 2017 with the controversial eighth Star Wars episode, The Last Jedi.  To liven up the discussion, we structured things as a three-against-one debate, with Robert defending the narrative and stylistic choices of the film. (Originally recorded July 16, 2018)
03/05/211h 22m

Framed Episode 7: Blade Runner 2049

After an absurdly long delay, the Framed boyz review Blade Runner 2049, an obscure little film that came out in 2017. (Originally recorded July 8, 2018)
24/04/211h 2m

Framed Episode 6: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Framed gang reviews Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.
20/08/1842m 40s

Framed Episode 5: The Shape of Water

Intrepid podcasters Elliott, Robert, Phil, and Brenen move on to a new category - movies that came out last year - and discuss the Guillermo Del Toro Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water.
11/08/1852m 2s

Framed Episode 4: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Elliott, Robert, and Brenen finish their round of Spielberg movies with A.I. Artificial Intelligence.
03/08/1853m 11s

Framed Episode 3: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Robert and Elliott discuss Raiders of the Lost Ark, the action adventure masterpiece that introduced the world to Indiana Jones.

Framed Episode 2: Saving Private Ryan

Robert and Elliott discuss Steven Spielberg's WWII masterpiece Saving Private Ryan.
03/07/181h 8m

Framed Episode 1: Duel

The first episode of Framed is here!  Framed is a weekly podcast where friends choose a movie to review and dissect.  In this episode, Robert, Elliott, and Brenen discuss Duel, Steven Spielberg's first feature-length film. Theme Song:  "What To Expect" by Jake Bradford
24/06/181h 4m
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