Inside Jaws

Inside Jaws

By Wondery

From the creators of Inside Psycho and Inside the Exorcist comes a new story about a classic movie and its inspirations. A tale of a modest thriller that became an ordeal and then a disaster and then a phenomenon and then a classic. A story of one man, a fresh-faced, inexperienced director who nearly wrecked his promising career and became the most important filmmaker of our era. This is Inside JAWS.

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Where to find Episodes 2-7 of Inside Jaws

In the first episode of Inside Jaws, you learned that the inspiration behind the iconic movie was a series of brutal shark attacks in 1916 that terrified residents of coastal New Jersey. Fast forward to Arizona in the 50s and a young Steven Spielberg was struggling to find his way. He was bad at school, sports, and just about everything else. But that all changed when he discovered the uncanny brilliance he had for making movies.If you want to hear the rest of Inside Jaws, you can binge all seven episodes exclusively on Wondery Plus.On Wondery Plus, you can listen to all your favorite podcasts early and ad-free. With a library featuring over 50 #1 Apple Podcast hits and 45,000 binge worthy episodes, there’s something for everyone.Join Wondery Plus in the Wondery app or an Apple Podcasts.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Becoming Spielberg | 1

In 1916 a killer shark terrorized the New Jersey shore in one of the inspirations for the movie JAWS. Cut to: Phoenix, AZ in the 1960’s, where a young Steven Spielberg is an outsider struggling to fit in. He’s ashamed of his heritage, bad at school, bad at sports, bad at everything. And then he discovers the magic of moving images on an oversized screen. It turns out he’s good at something after all.Support us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Introducing Inside Jaws

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