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Sword and Scale Rewind

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Sword and Scale Rewind, hosted by Matt Fondiler and Ian Bagg, is the comedy aftershow for the popular true-crime podcast Sword and Scale. Each episode number corresponds to it's counterpart on it's sister podcast. So kick back, have a pot or two and listen to some murder-comedy...


Introducing - Sword and Scale Nightmares

Introducing Sword and Scale Nightmares! True Crime for Bedtime. Your nightmare begins now...The first three episodes will drop on 3.2.23 at 3:23pm EDT. In the meantime, please take a moment to subscribe on your preferred podcast listening platform...SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://link.chtbl.com/sasnightmaresApple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sword-and-scale-nightmares/id1657802345Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/08GhRV98AIgR0st3oUQRpaiHeartRadio: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-sword-and-scale-nightmares-109465564/Google Podcasts: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9yc3MuYXJ0MTkuY29tL3N3b3JkLWFuZC1zY2FsZS1uaWdodG1hcmVzAmazon Music: https://music.amazon.com/podcasts/094b065e-48ef-48ff-ba18-02c6d106d403/sword-and-scale-nightmaresAudible: https://www.audible.com/pd/ITEM_NAME-Podcast/B0BWP1PC94Castbox: https://castbox.fm/channel/id5326540Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/podcast/sword-and-scale-nightmares/PC:1001058998Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/show/sword-and-scale-nightmaresPocket Casts: https://pca.st/8pl80b4fRadioPublic: https://radiopublic.com/sword-and-scale-nightmares-8QwEVPPodBean: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/ikr6g-2a4841/Sword-and-Scale-Nightmares-PodcastPodcast Addict: https://podcastaddict.com/podcast/4290345Castro: https://castro.fm/podcast/935d7ee3-514a-4b2f-997a-dbd0ee1f48f4PlayerFM: https://player.fm/series/sword-and-scale-nightmaresDeezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/show/5766517
27/02/2313m 23s

Episode 170

Kevin Bacon is dead. No, not that Kevin Bacon (though Matt and Ian discuss the actor as well). This episode also features one of the most shocking case updates we've ever uncovered, and a mindblowing tangent about robo-drivers.
23/01/221h 4m

Episode 169

In an extremely meta-episode: Matt and Ian talk about Mike and Charles talking about last week's episode, as well as react to everyone else's reactions. Matt also details a very disturbing case out of Arkansas.
16/01/221h 5m

Episode 168

DON’T TALK TO COPS, MMKAY?? Ian and Matt analyze one of the worst interrogations ever, and falsely confess to what they would probably do if they were in the hot seat.
09/01/221h 2m

Episode 167

This week, Matt and Ian stall for as long as humanly possible in an effort to avoid discussing one of the saddest episodes of Sword and Scale ever. Damn you Mike Boudet and your emotional storytelling!
02/01/221h 6m

Episode 166

Don't forget your inhaler... no one is safe from this week's episode dealing with Edwin Lara- an out of control college campus security officer on a murderous rampage.
26/12/211h 7m

Episode 165

Before you call 911, and before you call your lawyer, call Ian and Matt... or just listen to this week's podcast about one seriously terrible organic farmer.
19/12/211h 3m

Episode 164

Song and dance-men Ian Bagg and Matt Fondiler discuss a case centered around the most annoying, and least trustworthy people imaginable: musical theater people. You've been warned.
12/12/2155m 17s

Episode 163

Should you adopt? This episode will help you make that important decision.
06/12/211h 3m

Episode 162

Didn't get a chance to listen to this week's Sword and Scale? Don't worry, neither did Ian! In one of the first episodes we ever taped, Matt attempts to catch Ian up on the tragic story of Baby Maddox, and the McLovin look-alike who murdered her.
28/11/2135m 18s

Episode 161

The multiple murders of rich kid Dellen 'the Felon' Millard and his rapping cohort Mark 'Say 10' Smich are the center of this week's pod. So park the truck and flip on the animal incinerator... this one's gonna get messy.
21/11/211h 6m

Episode 160

It's the COVID crimes episode! Hey all you toilet lickers and Spring Breakers-- don't cough on that open tub of ice cream... just put it back on the shelf and let Ian and Matt tell you about a world gone mad.

Episode 159

Mike Boudet returns for an episode dedicated to some very strange siblings, and a disturbing double-murder in small town Maine.
07/11/211h 13m

Episode 158

Trigger warning: this is a story about Bakersfield, Flat-Earthers, and the Anti-Christ. It was also Ian’s Audition Tape.
31/10/2145m 27s

Episode 157

Matt Fondiler is back for some more victim-blaming fun in this sad tale of an 8-year-old boy murder. Seriously, what's wrong with that Fondiler guy? He works for Adam Carolla, you know... Ian and Mike join in the wacky good times with their zany nonsense. Regardless, all women are somehow to blame and it's your fault for even listening to this.
23/10/211h 3m

Episode 156

Crank up the Porno Grind Metal music and hear our thoughts on how the media covers mass shooting a-holes in this week's episode.
17/10/211h 4m

Episode 155

This is the conclusion to the Ezra McCandless story, in which the guys discuss what really happened to Alex Woodworth, Ezra's bizarre behavior at her trial...... and stuff like that.
10/10/2157m 44s

Episode 154

In Part 1 of the Ezra McCandless story, the guys discuss sudden amnesia, intellectual hipster douchebags, and selling your artwork from prison.
03/10/211h 1m

Episode 153

Have you ever had neighbors so lousy you wanted to kill them? Let Ian, Matt and Mike talk you out of it with this cautionary tale about what happens when you mess with a man's emotional support chickens.
25/09/211h 10m

Episode 152

This week, the guys wrap up Part 2 of the Sheila Davalloo saga. Brace yourself for catfights, wacky news guys, and unlimited breadsticks.
19/09/2156m 4s

Episode 151

Wanna play a sexy game? Here- put on this blindfold, handcuff yourself to a chair, and then let Ian, Matt and Mike tell you all about the case of Sheila Davalloo.
12/09/2159m 52s

Episode 150

Ian and Matt discuss the strange behavior of Jake Patterson-- who made an impulsive decision one day to kidnap teenager Jayme Closs. They also break down her incredible escape, reactions from the family, and Mike Boudet's attempts to scare the crap out of us each week.
05/09/2150m 29s

Episode 149

Father and Son relationships are at the forefront of today’s episode, as the guys discuss the confusing case of James Scandirito II- a man found guilty of dismembering his dad, but not guilty of murdering him.
29/08/2156m 31s

Episode 148

Ian Bagg and Matt Fondiler uncover the heartwarming world of YouTube rant videos and Joker impressions; and more specifically they break down the ‘war against atheism’ being fought by users Tony48219 and Venom Fang X.
15/08/2151m 24s

Episode 147

This week, the guys react to the anonymous fan who called in with a story of trauma as a young boy. They also discuss the notion of ‘statute of limitations’, what happened to ‘Surviving This’, and how much things have changed since the 1980s.
08/08/211h 5m

Episode 146

The gruesome murder of Bianca Devins is at the heart of this week's episode, so Ian Bagg, Matt Fondiler, and Mike Boudet discuss incels, orbiters, emo culture, and all you twisted folks who look up pictures of dead people.
25/07/211h 8m

Episode 145

Ian Bagg, Matt Fondiler, and Sword and Scale creator Mike Boudet break down the case of killer twins Jas and Tas Whitehead-- two out of control teens who don't like being told what to do.
18/07/211h 2m

Episode 144

We're going to Vegas, baby!! Mike Boudet joins once again as the guys examine the weird world of Reality TV, TMZ stalkers, and a brutal murder following a poker tournament.
11/07/211h 1m

Episode 143

The relaunched, rebooted Rewind has returned… really! This week, co-hosts Ian Bagg and Matt Fondiler are joined by Sword and Scale mastermind Mike Boudet to break down an episode about wrong way drivers, and nerds who watch other nerds play video games.
04/07/211h 14m

Episode 142

Dr. Drew calls in to discuss the startling phenomenon of 'targeted individuals'. Plus, Matt and Stefanie comment on Gavin Long's shooting rampage against Baton Rouge police officers.
04/02/2026m 35s

Episode 141

The answer to a decades-long mystery is literally dug up by the son who always subconsciously knew the truth about his mother's murder.
21/01/2034m 45s

Episode 140

Stefanie and Matt (aka the 'Forensic Voice Forensics Unit') takes on the case of Mark Duenas, and the importance of sticking together as a family.
31/12/1934m 44s

Episode 139

Jennifer Asbenson barely escapes death at the hands of Andrew Urdiales, a serial killer with military training. This week, Matt and Stefanie discuss the first episode of Sword and Scale that Matt researched, wrote and produced!
10/12/1931m 56s

Episode 138

The Murder of Brandy Rosine. After a love triangle takes a very dark turn, the two young suspects go on the run and discover just how much they enjoyed killing. Stefanie and Matt break down yet another super messed up story of Millennial love gone wrong.
26/11/1939m 21s

Episode 137

Mark Twitchell. Things hit a little too close to home for Matt as he tries to talk with Stefanie about online dating, Dexter obsession, and of course a terrifying murder.
12/11/1936m 33s

Episode 136

Stefanie and Matt discuss the Anjum Coffland interview, as well as the series of highly disturbing 911 calls that follow.
05/11/1936m 37s

Episode 135

Emma Walker received a series of frightening texts before she was murdered in her family home. Stefanie and Matt break down this case of an abusive relationship, double crossing friends, and a very upsetting 911 call.
29/10/1943m 13s

Episode 134

In response to the Christopher Dorner case, Stefanie and Matt invite 'Officer Tim' to talk about the stresses of being a police officer, and the healthiest way to cope with that immense pressure.
22/10/1931m 27s

Episode 133

Matt and Stefanie break down the case of the Failed Assassin... who turns out to be a lost little boy searching for a father figure. Don't feel sympathy- this is yet another monster who could have turned away before committing an unspeakable act.
15/10/1930m 46s

Episode 132

The Disappearance of Aleah Beckerle. Redditor theories abound as Stefanie and Matt cover this week's very strange case involving a false confession, and one seriously bizarre kidnapping and murder where the pieces just don't add up.
01/10/1936m 19s

Episode 131

Chris Watts, Part 2. Mike Boudet returns to wrap up the Chris Watts case, proving once and for all, ‘the truth will set you free’… unless you murdered your family, in which case you’re going to jail.
24/09/1940m 8s

Episode 130

Chris Watts, Part 1. Mike Boudet is back in studio for the Season 6 premiere of Sword and Scale Rewind to discuss all the lies that lead up to this horrific quadruple murder.
17/09/1935m 21s

Episode 129

Aaron Wulf, a former child actor grappling with the death of his fiance, writes a 600 page manifesto to explain his impending plans of murder and suicide. Stefanie and Matt also discuss other child actors who committed violent crimes.
10/09/1935m 7s

Episode 128

Abusive parents, crappy cops, and a murdered child are the focus of this week's blood-boiling case. Matt and Stefanie question everything about Child Protective Services, and Matt pitches a new Parental License Test.
03/09/1937m 15s

Episode 127

Baby Zahra had a tough enough life fighting bone and lung cancer, but two absolutely despicable adults turned an awful situation into an even more horrific tragedy. Stefanie and Matt discuss this terrible murder, narcissistic goths, and weirdos who live life inside a video game.
27/08/1937m 52s

Episode 126

Mike Boudet returns once again to chat with Matt and Stefanie about this week's horrific case: Serial Killer Shawn Grate. PLUS- tons of new case updates, with a little help from Sword and Scale's own "Agent E".
20/08/1931m 53s

Episode 125

Christopher and Cameron Ervin, two spoiled little brothers, decided to drug and kill their parents. Nothing goes according to plan, but most shocking of all are the reactions from Mom and Dad.
13/08/1932m 2s

Episode 124

18 years after a little girl goes missing, new DNA evidence links the crime to a next door neighbor. Stefanie and Matt discuss the narcissistic murderer who never left the neighborhood-- PLUS, Sword and Scale producer Ryan Williams joins the show to reveal an exclusive, unedited 911 call.
06/08/1948m 30s

Episode 123

Mike Boudet is in studio to comment on the disturbing saga of Adrian Loya: a Star Wars obsessed loser who spent years planning his revenge after a perceived sexual assault.
30/07/1939m 1s

Episode 122

After Ruth Pyne is found murdered in her garage, suspicion turns to her son Jeffrey. Stefanie and Matt debate whether or not he committed the crime, and discuss yet another mother-son relationship gone sour.
16/07/1932m 28s

Episode 121

Neil Entwhistle did what ANY rational person would do after finding your wife and child murdered at home: book a one way ticket to the UK, and pretend it never happened!
09/07/1929m 25s

Episode 120

The Bever Family is annihilated after two teenage brothers go on a knife-wielding rampage in the hopes of becoming celebrity serial killers.
02/07/1937m 28s

Episode 119

A dismembered body is found amongst alligators in a Texas creek. Two people have two different versions of how the crime unfolded, and Stefanie and Matt attempt to figure out who- if anyone- is telling the truth.
25/06/1932m 16s

Episode 118

Stefanie and Matt break down a bizarre case involving an abusive a-hole, a hit man, and for the first time in Sword and Scale history, fake death!
18/06/1941m 43s

Episode 117

When a man kills his son and claims he did it while sleepwalking, it's up to Stefanie and Matt to decipher whether or not he's telling the truth.
11/06/1938m 30s

Episode 116

Some acts of violence are completely random- and that makes them even more terrifying. Stefanie and Matt break down a home-invasion murder that went almost exactly to plan.
04/06/1928m 41s

Episode 115

Stefanie and Matt discuss what happens after a suuuper laid back guy is falsely accused of killing his wife following a night of heavy drinking and angry texts.
28/05/1933m 37s

Episode 114

Matt and Stefanie cover one of the most disgusting Sword and Scales ever (and that's really saying something). This is a story about a boy and his mother...
21/05/1927m 35s

Episode 113

One of the all time most frustrating 911 calls is featured in this week's episode, along with a South African home invasion story where not all is at it seems. Stefanie and Matt also cringe along to some more of the worst 911 operators ever.
14/05/1931m 4s

Episode 112

Two families are destroyed when a dead girl's body is found hidden in her neighbor's waterbed. Matt and Stefanie help determine whether this was a monstrous act, or the act of a monster.
07/05/1940m 56s

Episode 111

Who would have thought God's Plan involved Costco samples, poisoned pudding, and a whole lot of swinging? As Robert Limon unfortunately found out, He works in mysterious ways...
30/04/1934m 46s

Episode 110

Tricia Griffith chats with Stefanie and Matt about hosting new episodes of Sword and Scale, the internet community on Websleuths and beyond, and her close encounter with serial killer Ted Bundy.
23/04/1931m 18s

Episode 109

A homeless man stalks a teenage girl who ends up dead. Was he responsible? And how many lives will be destroyed on the internet before the truth is finally revealed? Stefanie and Matt answer it all!
16/04/1940m 19s

Episode 108

Bob Bashara, aka Master Bob, paid to have his wife killed so he could be with his S&M mistress... or did he? (He did). Matt and Stefanie comment on this incredibly awkward case.
09/04/1937m 14s

Episode 107

The disappearance of Jamie Rose Bolin ends as one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking Sword and Scale stories thus far. Stefanie and Matt break it down for ya!
02/04/1937m 30s

Episode 106

The 'Leaves' Episode. Matt and Stefanie cover the bizarre case of Matthew Hoffman, involving a kidnapping, missing bodies, and a whole lot of leaves.
26/03/1929m 27s

Episode 105

Mike Boudet and Mark Geragos both comment on the story of Austin Harrouff, an all-American teenager facing murder charges after attacking a random couple and cannibalizing them.
05/03/1950m 14s

Episode 104

Alice Ruggles died at the hands of her obsessed ex-boyfriend because no one took her claims of stalking seriously enough. Stefanie and Matt comment on the case, and also speak with a fan whose daughter had a harrowing experience with a stalker as well.
26/02/1933m 42s

Episode 103

The Machete Episode. Two horrifically violent stories are covered this week, PLUS Matt reveals an unforgettable, real-life machete encounter.
19/02/1932m 3s

Episode 102

Raymond McCann thought he was doing the right thing by helping the police locate a missing girl. Unfortunately for Raymond, no good deed goes unpunished...
12/02/1934m 38s

Episode 101

Matt and Stefanie cover BOTH parts of an incredible story involving body parts found scattered across the city, a troubling mother-son relationship, and a man with red and yellow eyes.
05/02/1936m 31s

Episode 100

Stefanie and Matt celebrate 100 episodes of Sword and Scale by counting down their Top 10 Favorite Cases!
29/01/1943m 4s

Episode 99

Male Sexual Abuse is under-reported, and frankly, under-discussed. This week, Stefanie and Matt talk with a sexual abuse survivor brave enough to come forward with their harrowing story.
22/01/1927m 5s

Episode 98

You may think you know your best friend, but as Stefanie and Matt learn, sometimes the biggest deceits come from the people least expect.
15/01/1935m 35s

Episode 97

A gender reveal party goes horribly wrong when two men start shooting. Adding to the confusion: the mother-to-be was never pregnant. Stefanie and Matt discuss this shocking, still unresolved story.
08/01/1932m 8s

Episode 96

Myron May was certain that he was a targeted individual, and constantly being monitored and harassed. This week, Matt and Stefanie talk about the horrible act he committed to bring attention to an alleged secret government program.
01/01/1936m 22s

Episode 95

Corpsewood Manor. Matt and Stefanie return to the era of 'Satanic Panic' to discuss a double murder that sadly became sensationalized.
25/12/1833m 20s

Episode 94

Mike Boudet calls in to address the various controversies that came to light after the release of this chilling two-part episode about a mass shooting at a supermarket.
18/12/1839m 38s

Episode 93

Randy Stair, Part 1. Stefanie and Matt break down a horrific mass shooting at a supermarket by an angry animator who went by the pseudonym Andrew Blaze.
11/12/1838m 21s

Episode 92

Ed Kemper, The Co-Ed Killer. Matt and Stefanie break down the deeply disturbing case of a sadistic serial killer with serious 'mommy issues'.
07/12/1830m 13s

Episode 91

A mother's worst nightmare comes true when her car is stolen with her 6-year-old son in the back seat. Stefanie and Matt discuss the tragic events that followed.
04/12/1832m 1s

Episode 90

What happens when a journalist gets too close to their subject? Stefanie and Matt discuss this sometimes complicated relationship of mutual manipulation, as well as the killing spree of Kendall Francois.
30/11/1830m 24s

Episode 89

Matthew Hahn calls in to answer more questions about putting his own life on the line to bring a child molester to justice.
27/11/1841m 2s

Episode 88

Philip Chism, Part 2. Stefanie and Matt learn even more about the tragic death of a teacher by one of her students. PLUS- Stefanie reveals the latest chilling updates since the original Sword & Scale episodes aired.
23/11/1833m 25s

Episode 87

Philip Chism, Part 1. Stefanie and Matt break down a disturbing murder that took place on campus during an otherwise ordinary school day.
20/11/1831m 4s

Episode 86

Don Anderson talks with Stefanie and Matt about surviving members of the Synanon Cult, and the psychological warfare they endured while playing "The Game".
16/11/1842m 31s

Episode 85

The Amber Alert has deterred many criminals from committing their crimes. Today's episode deals with the origins of this life saving alarm, as well as one sad case where it factored directly into a mother's terrible decision.
13/11/1837m 16s

Episode 84

The Dark Web. Hard to believe there is a place even more messed up than the regular internet, but Matt and Stefanie do a deep dive on The Silk Road, death betting, and a horrifying business venture called 'No Limits Fun'.
09/11/1832m 39s

Episode 83

Mike Boudet calls in to discuss the controversy surrounding an episode dedicated to love stories gone wrong that end in murder-suicide.
06/11/1840m 39s

Episode 82

911 Dispatcher Chris Swick chats with Stefanie and Matt about keeping people on the line as they experience the worst moments of their lives.
02/11/1831m 17s

Episode 81

Yeah, party time!! Today's episode features a truly SICK party-- one where the host murdered his parents and threw an all-nighter to celebrate while the bodies were still in the house.
30/10/1825m 33s

Episode 80

The Craig's List Killer, Part 2. Stefanie and Matt continue their analysis of one truly stupid criminal who left behind a mountain of evidence leading to his arrest. The guys also look at some other chilling cases where people used Craig's List to find their victims.
26/10/1831m 57s

Episode 79

The Craig's List Killer, Part 1. Stefanie and Matt listen to the police interrogation of a clueless fiancee that ultimately leads to the arrest of one particularly arrogant killer.
23/10/1833m 10s

Episode 78

Stefanie and Matt cover two horrific cases of harm done to children by their absolutely despicable families. This episode is not for the faint of heart.
19/10/1836m 23s

Episode 77

The North Pond Hermit, The Barefoot Bandit, and The Unibomber. In today's episode, Stefanie and Matt cover three cases of isolated criminals surviving in the woods.
16/10/1835m 11s

Episode 76

Aaron Hernandez + 'To Catch A Predator' Highlights. Stefanie and Matt cover the rise and fall of former NFL'er Aaron Hernandez, and laugh at some of the dumbest guys to get busted on 'To Catch A Predator'.
12/10/1833m 56s

Episode 75

The Gainsville Ripper. Matt and Stefanie cover the rare Serial Killer episode, featuring decapitated corpses, wrongfully accused suspects, and a strange little love story to boot!
09/10/1832m 49s

Episode 74

If a horrific murder takes place in your apartment, should the city tear the building down? Stefanie and Matt attempt to answer the question as they break down another very disturbing case.
05/10/1835m 7s

Episode 73

Killer Kids!! Today's show features three chilling stories of children committing unspeakable acts.
02/10/1837m 47s

Episode 72

Former federal public defender and current Loyola Law School Professor Sean Kennedy chats with Matt and Stefanie about our country's conflicted history with the death penalty.
28/09/1831m 36s

Episode 71

Let's be honest, you've probably thought about killing your husband a thousand times, but maybe you should listen to this episode before you do anything drastic. Stefanie and Matt break down two very different stories about two women who just couldn't take it anymore.
25/09/1835m 1s

Episode 70

Matt and Stefanie cover two VERY different stories in today's podcast. The first deals with a crazy casino bomb in Lake Tahoe, and the other is an extremely disturbing story of torture, rape, and murder in Japan.
21/09/1827m 8s

Episode 69

Florida sure is a craaazy place! Today's episode covers a plethora of Florida stories you've probably never heard; plus, Stefanie and Matt analyze the deeply disturbing Pulse nightclub shooting.
18/09/1827m 3s

Episode 68

Cara Marie Holley was brutally murdered by a high school classmate at age 18, leaving friends and family devastated. This week, Stefanie and Matt discuss this truly sad crime, as well as coming to terms with death and loss.
14/09/1832m 17s

Episode 67

The Freezer Mom is the topic of today's podcast. Stefanie and Matt break down this chilling story of a mother who not only did the unthinkable, but also felt zero regrets for her actions.
11/09/1831m 20s

Episode 66

Ricardo Lopez filmed over 22 hours of video diaries, much of it dedicated to his obsession with Bjork and plot to assassinate her. Matt and Stefanie also discuss other famous cases of celebrity stalking.
07/09/1832m 17s

Episode 65

This week, Stefanie and Matt talk with two women who share their harrowing stories of terrible domestic child abuse.
04/09/1840m 4s

Episode 64

The Macneill Family, Part 2. Stefanie and Matt chat further about the bizarre behavior exhibited by Martin Macneill after the death of his wife, Michelle, in an attempt to obscure his horrible crime.
29/08/1834m 14s

Episode 63

The Macneill Family, Part 1. Stefanie and Matt recount the murder of Michelle Macneill at the hands of her husband, Martin, as a seemingly perfect family falls apart.
22/08/1825m 20s

Episode 62

Mike Boudet returns to discuss the Crazy Catfishing Murders of East Tennessee. Listen to the one episode the CIA does not want you to hear!!
15/08/1835m 55s

Episode 61

Mike Boudet and Dr. Drew join Stefanie and Matt for a conversation about the devastating death of 9-year-old Connor Verkerke at the hands of 12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn.
08/08/1832m 34s

Episode 60

Over 30 years after Dave Navarro's mother was brutally murdered, Dave returns to the scene of the crime for a compelling and powerful documentary. This week's SSR delves further into Dave's story, as well as the all-too-common crime of domestic violence.
01/08/1836m 45s

Episode 59

A paramedic may be the last person you ever see alive. This week, Stefanie and Matt chat with Ambrose Stevens about dealing with life and death situations every day, and the rewarding work of saving people's lives.
25/07/1832m 25s

Episode 58

The Facebook Killer, Part 2. Stefanie and Matt chat further about the oddities of Derek Medina: a man who murdered his wife, and posted the evidence to his Facebook page for everyone to see.
18/07/1831m 6s

Episode 57

The Facebook Killer, Part 1. Stefanie and Matt discuss the tragic death of Jennifer Alfonso, and what followed when her husband posted the murder photo for friends and family to see.
11/07/1836m 33s

Episode 56

Criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos joins Stefanie and Matt for the Season 2 Finale of Sword and Scale Rewind. This week, the gang chats about how we can fix the broken Criminal Justice System.
04/07/1831m 46s

Episode 55

The Women's Medical Society run by Kermit Gosnell was home to the most horrifying nightmare of an abortion clinic you could possibly imagine. Try to keep your lunch down as Stefanie and Matt discuss this notoriously disgusting and controversial episode of Sword and Scale.
27/06/1830m 16s

Episode 54

Road Rage. We've all experienced it, but hopefully we take a deep breath before we go off murdering people. Today's ep features two stories that follow this dark path, plus Stefanie and Matt take a call from a fan who came THIS CLOSE to a knife fight on the side of the road.
20/06/1828m 15s

Episode 53

Dr. Bruce calls in for a podcast about forensic pathology, what we can learn from dead bodies, and traumatic experiences in the ER.
13/06/1828m 29s

Episode 52

Killed on Live TV. It's happened more times than you'd like to think. In today's episode, Stefanie and Matt break down two interesting cases, and one very disturbed former newscaster.
06/06/1838m 30s

Episode 51

Satanic Panic Strikes Again!! This time overseas. Stefanie and Matt marvel at how seriously everyone is taking claims gleefully made by children that their father molested them and made them murder babies. Apparently Zorro is partially to blame for this disaster.
30/05/1831m 0s

Episode 50

Drink the Kool-Aid and join Stefanie and Matt for a breakdown of the Jonestown Massacre. You'll hear clips from the infamous Death Tape, and learn what happened to the few people who survived this tragic event.
23/05/1838m 45s

Episode 49

The murder of Dee Dee Blanchard uncovered a fascinating web of lies involving a fake disability, Munchausen by proxy, and Hurricane Katrina.
16/05/1838m 22s

Episode 48

First Responder Amy Raulerson joins Stefanie and Matt for a special interview about the pressures and rewards of being an EMT.
09/05/1831m 51s

Episode 47

The Satanic Panic is the topic of this week's show. Stefanie and Matt look back on some truly bizarre cases involving human sacrifice rituals, as well as the infamous McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial.
02/05/1850m 55s

Episode 46

The Carnation Murders, Part 2. Stefanie and Matt return to discuss the terrible crimes of Joseph McEnroe, along with the unintentionally funny courtroom antics that followed.
25/04/1835m 13s

Episode 45

The Carnation Murders, Part 1. Hear the origins of what lead to the tragic murder of 6 people, including 2 children. In this episode, Stefanie and Matt listen to the monster who created the monster.
18/04/1829m 24s

Episode 44

Fetal Abduction and Fetal Homicide are the topics of today's show, and it is INTENSE! Stefanie and Matt break down multiple stories of desperate women, stolen babies, and the truly disturbing aftermath.
11/04/1835m 31s

Episode 43

The Rodney Reed Saga, Part 2. Stefanie and Matt wrap up a story of police corruption, witness intimidation, and an innocent man on death row.
04/04/1831m 50s

Episode 42

The Rodney Reed Saga, Part 1. Stefanie and Matt discuss the murder of Stacy Stites, which ultimately led to putting Rodney Reed on death row. But did he commit the crime?
28/03/1836m 44s

Episode 41

Five-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck was thrown off a bridge and killed by her psychotic, delusional father. Lynette and Stefanie look back at the very clear warning signs, and the broken system that failed this innocent little girl.
21/03/1832m 26s

Episode 40

Charles Cullen may have been the most prolific serial killer in American history-- murdering at least 40 victims over 16 years in 9 different hospitals. Producer Matt Fondiler guest hosts this not-so-historical episode about a serial killer nurse, and the broken system that allowed him to continue his rampage.
14/03/1825m 46s

Episode 39

Familicide is the topic of today's podcast. Lynette and Stefanie break down one of their favorite episodes of Sword and Scale, which features two chilling 911 calls wherein a teenager has shot their parents.
07/03/1835m 39s

Episode 38

Are all men pedophiles? Stefanie and Lynette answer this disturbing question, and also analyze the comments made by documentarian Jan-Willem Breure, as well as Drs. Michelle Elliot and James Cantor.
28/02/1834m 24s

Episode 37

The tragic story of Wesley and Jocelyn Earnest is covered in the first segment of today's show. From there, Stefanie introduces a new crime story... one that involves the death of an infant, and two doctors whose lives descend into darkness.
21/02/1828m 13s

Episode 36

Timothy Wesley McCorquodale brutally murders multiple people in an episode that's sure to warm your heart this Valentine's Day. The guys also discuss the disturbing death of Ashton Kutcher's ex-girlfriend, and give a quick recap of Washington DC's Crime Museum.
14/02/1830m 12s

Episode 35

The sad story of quadruple amputee Sean Petrozzino is up first in this episode of Sword and Scale Rewind. Later, Stefanie and Lynette listen to a bizarrely candid interview with killer Angela M. Simpson.
07/02/1827m 52s

Episode 34

Luka Magnotta, Part 2. Lynette and Stefanie cover the disturbing conclusion of the Luka Magnotta saga; involving a vacuum cleaner, an international manhunt, and some seriously messed up YouTube videos.
31/01/1832m 22s

Episode 33

Luka Magnotta, Part 1. Lynette and Stefanie discuss the lead-up to Luka's horrific acts of violence; including his failed attempts at becoming a Reality TV star, and the weird world of 'reaction videos'.
24/01/1835m 57s

Episode 32

The final episode of Season 1 ends with the eternal question, "are humans inherently good or evil?"
17/01/1834m 21s

Episode 31

Dr. Drew joins Stefanie and Lynette to discuss Vince Weiguang Li who decapitated a stranger on a Greyhound bus after suffering a major psychotic break that nobody saw coming.
10/01/1838m 43s

Episode 30

In this wildly different episode of Sword and Scale Rewind, Producer Matt Fondiler "mansplains" the old-timey case of H.H. Holmes and his infamous murder hotel.
03/01/1830m 17s

Episode 29

Lynette and Stefanie have wuite a bit to say about "Bluebeards", otherwise known as men who kill their wives.
24/12/1734m 0s

Episode 28

There's all kind of Joshes in this episode which Lynette and Stefanie try to sort out while trying to unravel this crooked family tree.
13/12/1731m 18s

Episode 27

Lynette and Stefanie revisit the story of Trey Zwicker, a bizarre redneck mess of murder.
07/12/1729m 48s

Episode 26

We're joined by host of TrueMurder and author of the book "Trophy Kill: The Shall We Dance Murder" Dan Zupansky to discuss one of the most brutal and disgusting murders ever to take place in Canada.Check out True Murder on BlogTalkRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dan-zupansky1
29/11/1729m 6s

Episode 25

Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children. In this episode which covers Episode 25 of the regular show, Lynette and Stefanie interview two survivors about their heartbreaking stories.
22/11/1741m 27s

Episode 24

The Sword and Scale Rewind girls will tell you more about dead hookers & baby hot car deaths galore!
15/11/1733m 51s

Episode 23

It really takes something to be able to kill your own child. Is it madness or pure evil? Lynette and Stefanie exampine Episode 23 dealing with Filicide.
08/11/1733m 42s

Episode 22

Josh Powell's wife disappears and all eyes are on him. Lynette and Stefanie examine this incredibly twisted case and offer their insight.
01/11/1734m 50s

Episode 21

Stefanie and Lynette share their disdain for historical crimes, inappropriate crank calls, and fake ID's ...oh, and also Episode 21.
25/10/1732m 21s

Episode 20

Do the words "christian puppeteer pedophile cannibal" mean anything to you? This week, the ladies cover the infamous Episode 20 featuring Ronald William Brown.
18/10/1733m 57s

Episode 19

This week Elliot Roger, the supreme gentleman, is the subject of scrutiny by Stefanie and Lynette.
11/10/1734m 24s

Episode 18

Nothing like a little sound healing to get you ready for murder. This week, the ladies cover the murder of Erik Primesburger and the bizarre characters surrounding it.
04/10/1730m 45s

Episode 17

Shut your "mouthy mouth" and listen to Stefanie and Lynette cover the Julie Schenecker murders, along with a plethora of other bizarre random crime stories that were initially aired on Sword and Scale Episode 17.
27/09/1738m 1s

Episode 16

Law student Lauren Giddings was killed by her neighbor and classmate Stephen McDaniel who was obsessed with her. Stefanie and Lynette discuss how this case was solved and offer their take.
20/09/1728m 6s

Episode 15

Mike Boudet joins hosts Stefanie Wilder-Taylor and Lynette Carolla to discuss the cases of Peter Keller and Byron David Smith.
11/09/1750m 22s

Episode 14

The ladies recap the sad unsolved case of Kimberly Renea Mabry, mutilated body turned up in a Rockford Illinois creek in 1995 and whose killer remains at large almost 20 years later.
30/08/1732m 54s

Episode 13

In honor of the 13th Episode of Sword and Scale regarding imprisonment... Lynette and Stefanie talk to Saaphyri Windsor who was a contestant on Flavor of Love 2, and met former suburban housewife and convicted murderer Betty Broderick while behind bars.
23/08/1738m 34s

Episode 12

Part 2 of the death of Morgan Ingram. In this episode, we reveal Mayra Martinez's theory as to what actually happened that night in December of 2011.
16/08/1735m 41s

Episode 11

This is the episode you've been waiting for. Part one of the death of Morgan Ingram and the bizarre story that evolves after the fact. We're joined by special guest Mayra Martinez.
09/08/1736m 30s

Episode 10

The ladies dig deep and find new facts regarding the murders of Holly Bobo and Reeva Steenkamp, the former girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius.
02/08/1741m 1s

Episode 9

The death penalty is controversial and politically divisive. Everyone has their own opinions on it, including the hosts of Sword and Scale Rewind.
26/07/1738m 20s

Episode 8

Celebrity defense attorney Mark Geragos joins us for a detailed breakdown of the Curtis Reeves case and shows us the potential "bad facts" in the case.
19/07/1735m 50s

Episode 7

Roger Dean Kiser is a survivor of one of North Florida darkest periods: The Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna which systematically abused and tortured hundreds of young boys and even took some of their lives.
12/07/1735m 38s

Episode 6

A behind-the-scene look into Episodes 5&6 with special guest Mike Boudet who breaks down the more extreme elements of the Johnny Gosch case.
05/07/1733m 53s

Episode 5

Lynette and Stefanie begin to break down the bizarre case of the Franklin Credit Union Scandal and the disappearance of Johnny Gosch. Johnny's mother, Noreen, joins them to discuss the case in greater detail.
28/06/1749m 36s

Episode 4

The Jessica Ridgeway story is one of the most genuinely sad and disturbing stories we've ever told. Stefanie and Lynette chat with S&S Host Mike Boudet about whether parents these days are too protective or not protective enough. We also learn about Boudet's close brushes with child abductors when he was younger.
21/06/1736m 17s

Episode 3

Hell hath no fury... The ladies from Sword and Scale rewind prove once again that women can do everything men can do just as well, if not better. Especially murder. This episode revisits the cases of Belle Gunness and Aileen Wuornos with special guest Mike Boudet.
14/06/1734m 42s

Episode 2

What makes someone a psychopath, and would you even know it if you were one yourself? Stefanie and Lynette, with special guest Mike Boudet, delve into the mind of a psychopath and test themselves to see if they have any psychopathic tendencies.
14/06/1735m 6s

Episode 1

In this debut episode of Sword and Scale Rewind, Lynette and Stefanie (with special guest Mike Boudet) revisit the very first episode of S&S in which a young man by the name of Bruce Blackman murders his entire family and is eventually released back into the public. The one-and-only Dr. Drew pops in for a professional consultation about the dangers of untreated mental illness.
14/06/1737m 18s

EP0 - Introducing Sword and Scale Rewind

An introduction to Sword and Scale Rewind.
29/05/171m 38s
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