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Andrés Cantor, 'Spinner' Spencer's Life, Ultramarathoning Origins

Announcer Andrés Cantor is famous for his (lengthy) "gol" calls, but there's much more to his life and career. This week on Only A Game, Cantor shares his story of coming to the U.S. as a teenager — and reaching the top of the soccer commentating world. Also, revisiting the deaths of NHL enforcer Brian "Spinner" Spencer and his father. Plus, the story of a man who entered a horse race without a horse ... and invented the sport of trail ultramarathoning. Join us!
07/08/2048m 38s

Coming Up: Live Virtual Event — Sports, Racism And The Myth Of Meritocracy

Join us for a live virtual event on August 12 at 6 p.m. ET! We'll delve deeper into our recent special episode on sports and racism.
06/08/2049m 44s

Swimming While Black, Origin Of Modern Women's Swimwear, 'Sail Like A Girl'

On a recent Sunday, G Wright Muir and her son went to a pool near their Florida home to swim laps. This week on Only A Game, the story of the racism they encountered — and the discrimination Black swimmers face. Also, how the second deadliest day in New York City history and a creative Australian helped make swimming more accessible for women. Plus, do you really have to wait an hour after eating before going in the water? And, the story of the all-women sailing team and the 750-mile ...
31/07/2048m 37s

MLB All-Star Tells Jokes, Pioneering Sportswriter, Olympians' Mental Health

During his 16-year MLB career, pitcher Ryan Dempster won a World Series and twice reached the MLB All-Star Game. This week on Only A Game, Dempster turns his attention to comedy and late-night TV. Also, Diane K. Shah is believed to be the first female sports writer for a daily paper. She was also once accused of trying to destroy the American family. Plus, when it comes to their mental health, Olympic athletes say they need more help. Join us!
24/07/2048m 48s

Boxing Coach Fights COVID-19, Ex-Athlete Dreams Education Reform, Exonerated Golf Artist

In a lifetime full of challenges inside and outside the boxing ring, Termite Watkins recently faced his toughest opponent yet: COVID-19. Also this week on Only A Game, former basketball star Kimijah King often felt out of place at her private high school. That experience has informed her current dream: starting a school. And how Valentino Dixon's artwork led to his exoneration after 27 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Join us.
17/07/2048m 17s

Origins Of Clay Court Tennis, A Golfer's Secret, Lou Gehrig's Writing

Tickets went on sale this week for the French Open, the only Grand Slam played on clay. This week on Only A Game, the dark tale behind the origin of clay court tennis. Also, why 1969 Masters Tournament champion George Archer and his family kept his undiagnosed dyslexia a secret until after his death. And the recent discovery of long-forgotten newspaper columns written by baseball legend Lou Gehrig. Join us!
10/07/2048m 24s

Satchel Paige And A Religious Cult, Fritz Pollard, Basketball And NASA

This week on Only A Game, a baseball fan investigates the day his father donned a House of David jersey and caught for the great Satchel Paige. Also, the story of Fritz Pollard, who is credited with being the first African American to play quarterback and coach in the pros. And how Marcie Washington brought lessons from her basketball career to her time as an engineer at NASA. Join us!
03/07/2048m 30s

Special: Sports, Racism And The Myth Of Meritocracy

Sports are supposed to be the great equalizer. Movies like "Remember The Titans" and "The Blind Side" promote the idea that sports bring everyone together — and offer a path for upward social mobility. But it's not that simple. In a special episode of Only A Game, we investigate the many ways sports actually perpetuate racial inequities in the U.S.
26/06/2049m 4s

Athletes Fight Racism, Sports Tackle Empty Stadium Problem, And More

Athletes continue to take a leading role in the Black Lives Matter movement. This week on Only A Game, a look at Oklahoma State where players spoke up after football coach Mike Gundy was photographed in an OAN T-shirt. Also, as sports leagues plan their returns, a look back at two attempts to carry on without fans, one involving a giant mural; the other a cell phone app. Plus, we re-air our story on Wyomia Tyus, whose protest at the 1968 Olympics is often overlooked. Join us!
19/06/2048m 31s

Bonus: A Conversation On Sports, Racism And Police Brutality

Why have most sports teams and leagues stopped short of calling out police brutality? How much hope should we draw from NASCAR's — NASCAR's! — decision to ban the Confederate flag? Could the NFL franchise in Washington D.C. be next? And what's next for Colin Kaepernick?
13/06/2039m 18s

Hoops Coach Calls Out Colleagues, Sports Leagues' Next Moves, 'Basketball Peaceful Protest'

North Carolina Central men's basketball coach LeVelle Moton recently criticized fellow coaches for not speaking out against police brutality. This week on Only A Game, Moton shares his own experiences with the police. Also, a conversation about what teams and leagues can actually do to combat systemic racism and police violence. And the story of a woman who traveled to Minneapolis with a portable hoop to play basketball with protesters and cops. Join us!
12/06/2048m 22s

The Black Lives Matter Protests And The Sports Community

Some of the loudest voices condemning racism and police brutality have come from the sports world. This week on Only A Game, Kenneth Shropshire details how and why athletes are taking a leadership role. Plus, we speak with high school football coach DJ Boldin about his family's tragic experience with police violence — and his recent message for his players. Also, a sports writer's open letter to his white friends. And former MLB All-Star Garry Templeton looks back at a moment when he faced racism from fans.
05/06/2048m 21s

100 Miles Around A Living Room, Transgender Pro Wrestler, Onion Vs. Secretariat

Since 2018, Michael Henry Ortiz has been trying to run 100 100-mile races in 100 consecutive weeks. So what did he do when the COVID-19 pandemic kept him inside his New York City apartment? Run around his living room, of course! Also this week on Only A Game, the story of Sam Khandaghabadi, the Iranian American trans pro wrestler who created Hoodslam. And, we re-air our story on the horse named Onion who took on Secretariat ... and won. Join us!
29/05/2048m 16s

Jeremy Lin, First Female Hitting Coach In MLB, Upset At The '64 Olympics

Jeremy Lin joins us from China to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic — and his Be the Light campaign. Also this week on Only A Game, Rachel Balkovec shares her story of overcoming gender discrimination to become the first female hitting coach in an MLB organization. And Billy Mills revisits his historic underdog win at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. And a sports writer tries — briefly — to train like an NFL player during the pandemic. Join us!
22/05/2048m 13s

Korea Baseball Organization, Historic Hockey Stick, Dating As An NBA Beat Writer

While most sports leagues around the world remain shuttered, the KBO returned to play last week. This week on Only A Game, the story of one American man who's been following the league for years. Also, a Vermont couple prepares to part with a very valuable piece of wood. Plus, with the NBA season on pause, a reporter has some time to focus on his personal life. And we-revist one of our all-time favorite stories about hockey and the 1970 movie "Love Story." Join us!
15/05/2047m 46s

Sports #Hometasking, Unusual Play-By-Play, Search For A Basketball Hoop

Two months into the Almost No Sports Era, we're devoting this week's episode to the creative ways sports fans around the world are still getting their fix. First, a look at the British TV show "Taskmaster," which inspired people around the globe to turn their kitchens into tennis courts, ski slopes and other sports venues. Meanwhile, professional play-by-play announcers are calling everything from chicken feedings to street crossings. And a mother and son embark on a quest to play basketball. Join us!
08/05/2048m 15s

Minor League Baseball's Future, U.S. Gymnast Speaks Out, Sports Columnist Tries Teaching

Last fall, MLB announced its plan to cut ties with dozens of minor league affiliates. This week on Only A Game, how the COVID-19 pandemic makes the controversial proposal more likely to become reality. Also, within two years of becoming the U.S. all-around champion, Jennifer Sey left gymnastics. Now she's speaking out against abuses in the sport. Plus the WSJ's Jason Gay is learning that writing sports columns didn't prepare him to teach his own kids. And we re-visit our story on the birth of the Savannah Bananas. ...
01/05/2048m 50s

A Solo Marathon, 'Coach Pop' Inspires San Antonio Food Bank, 66-Year-Old Jockey

After what he calls a "wake-up call" on his 55th birthday, author John U. Bacon started training for the 2020 Boston Marathon. But the the race was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This week on Only A Game, Bacon's 26.2-mile backup plan. Also, the San Antonio Food Bank gets a little "halftime coaching" from the Spurs' Gregg Popovich, the story of a 66-year-old jockey who's not ready to quit, and we re-visit one of our favorite stories about a sporting episode of "The Office." Join us!
24/04/2047m 31s

Virtual NASCAR, Peloton Racing With PGA Pros, Predicting Fan Behavior, And More

With most sports leagues on hiatus, NASCAR is trying to fill the void ... with virtual racing. This week on Only A Game, driver Michael McDowell talks about the transition to iRacing. Also, the story of a GOLF Magazine editor who beat Rory McIlroy ... in a Peloton race. Plus, most respondents in a recent Seton Hall poll said they wouldn't go to sporting events until there's a COVID-19 vaccine. But predicting sports fans' behavior is complicated. And a tale about the "Hot Hand," Steph Curry and "The Princess Bride." Join ...
17/04/2048m 19s

Megan Rapinoe And Sue Bird, 'Jeopardy!' College Championship, Fenway Organist

The global pandemic has put sports on hold, and that comes at an especially bad time for women's sports leagues. This week on Only A Game, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird talk about the NWSL, the WNBA and COVID-19. Also, the story of one man who split his time between pitching and punk rock. And in a world without live sports, can the "Jeopardy!" college championship fill the void? Plus, there may not be any MLB games, but you can still be entertained by Fenway Park organist Josh ...
10/04/2048m 15s

Gary Gulman's Tips For Sports Fans, Dr. Anthony Fauci's Athletic Career, And More

It's normal to be feeling anxious during the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, comedian/sports fan/mental health advocate Gary Gulman returns to Only A Game with some tips for staying healthy. Also, a look at how Dr. Anthony Fauci's basketball career prepared him to lead the U.S. response to the pandemic. Plus, the story of a former Super Bowl champ who's now treating COVID-19. And the City College of New York basketball team used to outdraw the Knicks — until a district attorney got involved. Join us!
03/04/2048m 22s

Olympic Postponement, Spanish Flu And 1919 Stanley Cup Final, Fenway Groundskeeper

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games are officially postponed. This week on Only A Game, a discussion about the economic impact of the delay. Also, lessons from the Spanish flu pandemic and the 1919 Stanley Cup finals. And Fenway Park groundskeeper David Mellor discusses getting treatment for PTSD after being hit by a car three times. And we re-revisit our story of a former Illinois state senator who spent several hours in a car with baseball Hall of Famer Ernie Banks following the 9/11 attacks.
27/03/2048m 14s

March Mammal Madness, Duke Poetry Feud, Chess City, Expos Fest

Missing the thrill of the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments? We have an alternative for you: March Mammal Madness, where science and bracketology collide! Also, this week on Only A Game, the story of one family's poetry battles ... about Duke men's basketball. And the controversial origin of Chess City, which is tucked away inside the Russian republic of Kalmykia. Plus, the story behind Expos Fest, an annual celebration that's about more than baseball. Join us!
20/03/2048m 22s

Sports World Responds To Coronavirus, Hockey And Treason, AAGPBL

The NBA and NHL seasons have been suspended. MLB Opening Day is postponed. March Madness has been canceled. This week on Only A Game, a look at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting sports. Also, we'll look back 70 years to uncover why 12 members of the Czechoslavakian national hockey team were charged with treason. And the story of a young artist who found her place among the women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
13/03/2048m 21s

Texas Football's Long Road To Integration, HS Hoops Stalemate, Olympic Qualifier Upset

In 1969, the University of Texas football became the last team to win the national championship with an all-white roster. This week on Only A Game, the story of Texas football's long road to integration. Also, six years ago in Minnesota, a high school basketball game slowed down ... way, way down. And the story of Chris Clark: the 37-year-old doctor and mother of two who surprised everyone by winning the 2000 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. Join us!
06/03/2048m 25s

Rising Rugby Star, OTQ Near Misses, Chilean Soccer Rivals

Two years ago, Kristi Kirshe was working at a law firm when she decided to join a friend who was playing on a recreational rugby team. Now, she has a good shot of making the Tokyo Olympics. Also this week on Only A Game, the story of the fastest man who won't be on the starting line at this weekend's Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta. And the story behind a photo of rival soccer fans that became a "symbol of unity" during recent protests in Chile. Join us!
28/02/2048m 28s

Div. I Player With Autism, XFL Running Back, Presidential Baseball Collector

When Anthony Ianni joined the Michigan State basketball team, he kept his autism diagnosis a secret from his teammates — including from star Draymond Green. This week on Only A Game, the argument that led to understanding. Plus, we share the story of Darius Victor's journey from the Ivory Coast to Maryland to the XFL. And we re-share — and get an update on — one of our favorite stories: about the man who collects signatures from world leaders ... on baseballs. Join us!
21/02/2049m 22s

The Flying Fathers, Ashlee Yates Takes The Stage, Astros Scandal

This week on Only A Game, the Flying Fathers, a team featuring a former NHL player, two horses that played goalie, seven frozen toes ... and a bunch of hockey-playing priests. Also, Ashlee Yates' life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. But her health struggles ultimately led her to stand-up comedy — and to telling jokes about her husband, San Diego Padres pitcher Kirby Yates. Plus the Astros say "sorry, not sorry" for their sign-stealing scandal. Join us!
14/02/2048m 21s

Sports And The Golden Age Of Hollywood

The Oscars are Sunday night, and we wanted to get in on the fun. So this week on Only A Game, three sports stories with a Hollywood connection. First, the story of the Universal Pictures basketball team, which went to the Olympics — with a little help from Frankenstein. Also, swimmer-turned-movie star Esther Williams and a decades-long game of "exceedingly low cunning and vile stealth." Also, how Major League Baseball's first $100,000 bonus baby helped shape modern baseball. Join us!
07/02/2048m 21s

Kobe Bryant, Jai Alai, College Football Player Grad Rates, Super Bowl Haiku XXVI

Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others, died in a helicopter crash. This week on Only A Game, how players, fans and sexual assault survivors are responding. We'll also revisit our 2015 conversation with Kobe's "muse": his former English teacher. Also, the story of a Basque expat who found a home in Mexico City with the help of ... jai alai. And with Super Bowl Sunday coming up, a look at the connection between college football graduation rates and the lack of NFL head coaching diversity. Finally, our ...
31/01/2048m 21s

Anna Horford, Girl Quarterback In Sicily, Baseball Brit

After NBA All-Star Al Horford joined the Boston Celtics, a different Horford became a fan favorite. This week on Only A Game, the ongoing love story between Al's younger sister Anna and the Celtics community. Also, a former high school quarterback remembers her experience as the only girl on the gridiron in Sicily. And what a British baseball fan learned on his mission to attend 162 baseball games and visit all 30 MLB ballparks in a single season. Join us!
24/01/2047m 24s

Davidson Athletics' Math Edge, Classic Arcade Museum, Girls' Wrestling Grows

The Davidson College men's basketball program is best known for producing NBA superstar Stephen Curry. This week on Only A Game, another story out of Davidson ... about the math-minded students who are helping the athletic department. Also, the story of the American Classic Arcade Museum. And while participation in most high school sports is down, there are a few exceptions ... like girls' wrestling. Join us!
17/01/2048m 19s

ESPN Editor-Turned-Priest, College Football's Growth, Unified Korean Hockey

In early 2012, New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin became a global star. This week on Only A Game, the story of an ESPN editor whose headline about Lin sparked outrage — and ultimately helped prepare him for the priesthood. Also, high school football numbers are down, but the sport is actually growing at the college level. What gives? And members of the unified Korean national women's ice hockey team share the inside story from the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Join us!
10/01/2048m 22s

Clemson Fan And 'The Hat,' Indigenous Runner Rosalie Fish, WNBA's Tamika Catchings

Aaron Ritz was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. This week on Only A Game, how Clemson football fans — especially super fan Dean "The Hat" Cox — supported Aaron. Also, the story of Rosalie Fish, a college student who runs on behalf of missing and murdered Indigenous women. And Tamika Catchings, one of the best players in WNBA history, on living with a hearing impairment. Join us!
03/01/2048m 22s

Bob Cousy's Letter To Bill Russell And Other 'Teammates' Stories

This week on Only A Game, we revisit some of our favorite stories of teammates: Bob Cousy explains why he regretted not being closer to Bill Russell off the floor. Also, the story of Nicki Collen, who after years as her husband's assistant coach became the WNBA Coach of the Year. And a radio producer's reunion with his high school lacrosse teammate, who was also his nemesis. Join us!
27/12/1949m 52s

A Golfer's Secret, Athlete Of The Decade, A Dangerous Horse Race

During his career as a professional golfer, George Archer won 13 PGA Tours events, including the 1969 Masters Tournament. This week on Only A Game, the story of Archer's dyslexia, which he and his family kept secret for his entire life. Also, Jason Gay looks backs on the decade and reminds us of the athlete who must not be forgotten: the Monday Night Football Cat. And the story of Lata Brandisová, who took on Nazi SS riders in one of the world's toughest horse races. Join us!
20/12/1949m 42s

Peking To Paris Challenge, NFL Magician Jon Dorenbos, WADA Bans Russia

In 1907, Auguste Pons tried and failed the 10,000-mile race from Peking to Paris on a trike. This week on Only A Game, Anton Gonnissen's attempt to finish what was started 112 years ago. Also, the story of former NFL player Jon Dorenbos, who found solace in magic and football after a family tragedy. And, in response to the World Anti-Doping Agency's latest ban on Russia, the country's boxers are threatening to boycott the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Join us!
13/12/1949m 46s

Michigan Football Injury, Ping Pong At 73, Pro Hoops At 50

Grant Newsome was starting at left tackle on the University of Michigan football team. Then, a single play nearly cost him his leg. Also this week on Only A Game, writer Laura Arenschield tells the story of her father, who became a competitive ping pong player in his 70s. And how Nancy Lieberman made it onto a WNBA game ... at 50 years old. Join us!
06/12/1949m 41s

Thanksgiving Leftovers

In a Thanksgiving tradition that dates not quite as far back as the pilgrims, we've got tupperwares full of leftovers — tales that didn't fit into other episodes — this week on Only A Game. First, the story of Marcellus Wiley "stealing" a pair of shoes from his childhood idol's locker. Plus, a look at the friendship between running back Marshawn Lynch and kicker Stephen Hauschka — both in real life and in cartoon. And a song about Canadian hockey player Eddie Shack that topped Toronto's music charts. Plus, many more. Join ...
29/11/1949m 34s

Teddy Roosevelt Vs. Baseball, Worst High School QB Ever, Sid Luckman's Family Secret

Among all presidents in U.S. history, Theodore Roosevelt stands out for his love of sports. But apparently he didn't love baseball. This week on Only A Game, the drastic measures baseball took to woo the president to the ballpark. Also, a journalist reflects on his high school sports career ... and makes the case that he was perhaps the worst high school quarterback ever. And the story of Meyer Luckman — father of Hall of Fame QB Sid Luckman — who was convicted of murder. Join us.
22/11/1948m 6s

Global Kid Media, Tacko Fall Learns To Swim, Rat City Roller Derby

If you see a 13-year-old reporter with a yellow-tipped mic at a sporting event, it's probably Vedant Gupta. This week on Only A Game, the story of Global Kid Media, and Vedant's plan to become a household name in sports media. Also, the Boston Celtics' 7-foot-5 rookie Tacko Fall decides to learn how to swim. And the story of Rat City Roller Derby, a roller derby league that lost its home due to Seattle's gentrification. Join us!
15/11/1948m 26s

Running With A Donkey, Lessons From Rowing, #SaveTheCrew

This week on Only A Game, the story of a donkey and a college student who helped each other heal through running. Also, a writer and artist shares her story of finding her place at an indoor rowing studio. And how the city of Columbus came together to #SaveTheCrew. Join us!
08/11/1948m 5s

Paralympian Podcaster, Early ESPN Experience, Rugby's Origin In Japan

After losing her right leg at the age of 9, Lacey Henderson says she was in "disability denial." This week on Only A Game, how Henderson came to accept her disability, reach the Paralympics — and start a podcast. Also, looking back at a sports columnist's first time watching ESPN. And the real origin of rugby in Japan, which involves a samurai, British warships and an armed cricket match...? Join us!
01/11/1948m 33s

The NBA's Real Birthday, Fighting Mike Tyson Blindfolded, Running Ultras With One Leg

The NBA says its first game was played Nov. 1, 1946. But history suggests a different date. This week on Only A Game, a look back at the origin of the NBA — and how one of its founding leagues got boxed out. Also, in the midst of a record-setting snowstorm, a Canadian man decided to challenge Mike Tyson ... blindfolded. And the story of elite ultramarathoner Dave Mackey who lost his leg — and then set his sights on returning to the grueling Leadville Race Series. Join us!
25/10/1948m 21s

Gov. Gavin Newsom, Black Sox Scandal, LeBron Faces Criticism

Gavin Newsom says he would not be the governor of California if not for college sports. So why did he decide to sign a law that challenges the entire NCAA system? Also this week on Only A Game, the story of Boston gambler Joseph "Sport" Sullivan's role in the Black Sox Scandal. And LeBron James is facing criticism for his response to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's tweet about Hong Kong. Join us!
18/10/1948m 19s

White Sox Announcer, A Special Baseball Card, Joe Frazier's Generosity

Jason Benetti grew up with cerebral palsy and with dreams of becoming the White Sox announcer. But as he got older, he gravitated toward radio because he didn't want to be seen. This week on Only A Game, Benetti's path to his dream job. Also, Keith Comstock was tired of doing the same poses for his minor league baseball card, so he decided to take a ball to the crotch. And Joe Frazier wasn't outspoken publicly. But one writer delves into Frazier's quiet acts of kindness. Join us!
11/10/1948m 5s

Tight End-Turned-Comedian Gary Gulman And Other 'Curveball' Stories

Sometimes, things don't go as expected. This week on Only A Game, stories about the metaphorical curveball — moments when life takes a surprising turn. There's comedian Gary Gulman, who went from playing football to pursuing comedy. And there's Tori Petry, who went from covering the Detroit Lions to playing semi-pro football. Also: the story of a man who ran a marathon ... in prison. Join us!
04/10/1948m 34s

UNLV Hockey Coach's Recovery, Dodgers' Fantasy Football, NCAA Scandal Fallout

UNLV men's hockey assistant coach Nick Robone was one of the hundreds wounded during the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 58 people. This week on Only A Game, Nick discusses the importance of the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the aftermath of the shooting. Also, the story of a young Los Angeles Dodgers analyst who teamed up with star third baseman Justin Turner ... in fantasy football. And a look at the NCAA's case against Kansas. Join us!
27/09/1948m 26s

#WearPinkForWendy, Cave Diving ... In An Iceberg, Tommy John's 3-Error Meltdown

After losing his wife, Wendy, to breast cancer, Arkansas State football coach Blake Anderson found support in an unexpected place: enemy territory. This week on Only A Game, the story of why Georgia Bulldogs fans chose to #WearPinkForWendy. Also, cave diver and underwater filmmaker Jill Heinerth's brushes with death as she and her crew became the first-ever to cave dive inside an iceberg. And how Tommy John set an undesirable MLB record in a matter of 12 seconds.
20/09/1948m 31s

Curtis Granderson, Ballplayer Remembers 9/11, Sports Romance Novels

Curtis Granderson is a 16-year MLB veteran. This week on Only A Game, Granderson talks baseball, community and why he doesn't Instagram photos of food. Plus, the story of former minor league baseball player Pete Murphy who was working in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. And from "Check, Please!" to "The Bromance Book Club," a look at the popular genre of sports romance novels.
13/09/1948m 34s

Pohnpei Gets Soccer Back, Fantasy Football Boredom, Crawling To The Finish

Pohnpei is an island in Micronesia with a population of less than 40,000. By 2009, its national soccer team — which had never won an international match — had effectively disbanded. This week on Only A Game, the story of soccer's return to Pohnpei. Also, why listening to people talk about fantasy football is the worst. And the story of the crawl that kept one woman's running dream alive. Join us!
06/09/1948m 31s

From The NFL To Outer Space, Andrew Luck's Retirement, Clemson's $2 Bills

Leland Melvin went to training camp with the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. And he went to space with NASA. This week on Only A Game, Leland Melvin chronicles how he got there. Plus, what does Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's retirement at age 29 mean for the NFL? And Clemson football fans are known for spending $2 bills whenever they travel to away games. Why? Join us to find out!
30/08/1948m 59s

From Middlebury To NFL, Fort William FC, Arm Wrestling In Chile

Vermont's Middlebury College is perhaps better known for its Quidditch team than its Div. III football team. But this week on Only A Game, the story of a Middlebury grad who's now an NFL veteran. Plus, the worst team in Scotland's lowest-tier pro soccer league needed help. That's when a local police officer on medical leave stepped in. And the story of a man who is trying to bridge the social class divide in Chile ... via arm wrestling. Join us!
23/08/1948m 46s

Bud Selig's White House Adventures, Hennessy, LAX Dad

After MLB players walked off the job in 1994, President Bill Clinton intervened. This week on Only A Game, former baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recounts his dealings with the White House. Also, the connection between cyclist Major Taylor and the cognac brand Hennessy. And John Grant Jr. retired from Major League Lacrosse in 2017. Then his daughter made him reconsider... Join us!
17/08/1949m 5s

Investigating A Track Coach, Team Challenge ALS, Dolphins Owner

ESPN's Outside the Lines recently investigated track coach Conrad Mainwaring, who has been accused of abusing 41 boys and young men over 44 years. This week on Only A Game, the story behind the investigation. Plus, pro basketball player Sean Marshall is helping his former college roommate — and Ice Bucket Challenge inspiration — Pete Frates challenge ALS. And Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills has spoken out against team owner Stephen Ross, who is holding a fundraiser for President Trump. Join us!
10/08/1949m 10s

NBA 2K League Star, Soccer Family, Don Jackson Challenges The NCAA

In 2018, the NBA launched the 2K League, in which elite gamers compete in a video game version of NBA basketball. This week, the story of Albano Thomallari, aka oFab, one of the league's biggest stars.
02/08/1948m 56s

Scott Hamilton, Pickleball in Jail, Pete Rose's Trip To Vietnam

Long before he won an Olympic gold medal, Scott Hamilton was just a sickly kid, trying on skates for the first time.
26/07/1948m 59s

A Hockey Sponsorship From A Dictator And Other Sports 'Hail Marys'

This week on Only A Game, we share some stories of last-chance efforts off the field.
19/07/1948m 54s

Disco Demolition Night, A'ja Wilson Fan, Mascot Successes ... And Failures

In between a 1979 doubleheader at Comiskey Park, the Chicago White Sox took a giant pile of disco records to center field ... and blew them up.
12/07/1948m 57s

Vlad and Vlad Jr., Wheelchair Tennis Journey, Basketball And NASA

This week on Only A Game, a lifelong Montreal baseball fan remembers Vladimir Guerrero's Expos career — and discusses his excitement for the Hall of Famer's son.
05/07/1949m 1s

Andre Iguodala, Ultramarathon Origin, 'The Office' Plays Basketball

Golden State Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala started the first 758 games of his NBA career. But when Steve Kerr took over as Golden State's head coach, he had a new challenge for the 10-year veteran.
28/06/1949m 0s

Lauren And Aaron Holiday, The '69 Mets, Kalin Bennett's Basketball Journey

Last June, the Indiana Pacers selected Aaron Holiday in the first round of the NBA Draft. His older brothers, Jrue and Justin, have already established themselves as NBA veterans. But Aaron says his sister, Lauren, was the best basketball player in the family.
21/06/1949m 8s

Father's Day Show: Dale And Yogi Berra, Dad And Barkley (Plus An Update)

Dale Berra used cocaine throughout his career as a Major League Baseball player. But when his family had had enough of his drug use, Dale's father, Yogi, showed his tough love. Join us!
14/06/1948m 34s

Women's World Cup: The '99ers' Fight For Equity, Soccer In South Korea, Norway's Champion

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. women's national soccer team's 1999 World Cup title. This week on Only A Game, we hear from Kristine Lilly, Julie Foudy and others about the '99ers off-field fight for gender equity. Plus, American Georgia Cloepfil reflects on her experience playing professional soccer in South Korea. And why Norwegian soccer star Ada Hegerberg won't be taking the pitch at the Women's World Cup underway in France. Join us!
07/06/1948m 51s

Warriors Superfan, Running Marathons While Homeless, Syracuse 8

With Golden State in the NBA Finals for the fifth straight season, we tell the story of Lloyd Canamore — a superfan who started working as a snack vendor at Warriors games in the late '70s. Also this week on Only A Game, we'll meet Leigh Ann Harris, a Seattle woman who lost her home but kept pursuing her goal of running seven marathons. And the story of the Syracuse 8 — a group of nine Syracuse football players who boycotted the 1970 season to protest racial discrimination. Join us!
31/05/1948m 59s

Aussie Bucks Beat Writer, Pizza Shop Encounter, Gymnastics Comeback

Kane Pitman left his job at an oil refinery in Australia to move to Milwaukee to cover the Bucks as a freelance reporter. This week on Only A Game, the story behind Pitman's 9,800-mile journey. And decades after meeting him at a pizza shop, OAG's Gary Waleik reconnects with former Celtics big man Rick Robey. And former Olympic hopeful Kristal Bodenschatz (née Uzelac) makes a comeback at age 32. Join us!
24/05/1948m 57s

John Urschel's Math Career, Hockey Friendship, Wizdom Dancer

In 2017, Baltimore Raven John Urschel left the NFL to finish his doctorate in mathematics at MIT. This week on Only A Game, we learn how Urschel's passion for math developed. Plus, the story of a friendship between NHL winger Ryan Reaves and broadcaster Scott Oake. And a former Washington Bullettes dancer gets back on the hardwood with The Wizdom — the Washington Wizards' over-50 dance team. Join us!
17/05/1948m 51s

Girls' Lacrosse Headgear, Mother's Day Tribute, Soccer With Messi

Last year, high school girls' lacrosse players in Florida were required to wear specially designed protective headgear. It's the latest chapter in an ongoing debate about whether adding more protective equipment will really make the sport safer. This week on Only A Game, we take a dive into this history. Plus, we give a "Double Play" to a Mother's Day tribute from LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke. And a former college soccer player gets an unexpected call to take the field with Lionel Messi. Join us!
10/05/1949m 0s

Bonus: The 'Good Dude' Closet

Our friends at the show "Death, Sex & Money" recently released an episode that features a conversation between writers Damon Young and Kiese Laymon. Some of it is about basketball. A lot of it isn't. We think you'll enjoy the whole thing.
09/05/1928m 0s

'Game Of Zones,' Lakers PA Announcer, Finding Sports At A School For The Blind

"Game of Zones" is an animated video series that imagines what would happen if real-life NBA drama unfolded in a medieval, "Game of Thrones"-inspired universe. This week on Only A Game, the story of the two brothers behind the hit series. Plus, how a St. Louis runner continued his career after losing his sight. And the PA announcer who's been behind the mic for eight Lakers championships. Join us!
03/05/1949m 46s

Chicken Nuggets, Howard Soccer, Jason Collins And President Obama

From 2015–2018, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers made four straight NBA Finals appearances. But when LeBron left for the Lakers this past offseason, the Cavs success left with him. This week on Only A Game, how Clevelanders found solace ... in a 10-piece chicken nugget giveaway. Plus, how Howard University became the first HBCU to win a Div. I NCAA championship ... twice. And the time former NBA player Jason Collins met President Obama. Join us!
26/04/1949m 6s

Tutsi Goalie And The Rwandan Genocide, Satchel Paige And The Religious Cult, Bat Flips

In 1994, Eric Murangwa played goalie for one of Rwanda's top soccer clubs. He was 19 years old and one of the country's most beloved players. He was also Tutsi. When the Rwandan genocide began, he was forced to run and hide. This week on Only A Game, Murangwa shares the story of how he survived. Also, the story of Satchel Paige and his connection to a group called the House of David. And to flip or not to flip?The "controversy" surrounding baseball bat flips. Join us!
19/04/1949m 6s

Newest Hall Family Runner, Ernie Banks, José Feliciano's Anthem

In 2015, Hana Hall and her three sisters joined the family of elite runners Ryan and Sara Hall. This week on Only A Game, how Hana began an impressive running career of her own. Plus, the story of a former state senator who spent several hours in car with baseball Hall of Famer Ernie Banks following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And singer José Feliciano tells the story of his controversial national anthem performance at the 1968 World Series. Join us!
12/04/1948m 47s

Des Linden, Texas Western Rap, Wright Thompson And Golf

Des Linden returns to Boston on April 15 looking to defend her 2018 Boston Marathon title. But in the year leading up to last year's competition, Linden almost abandoned elite running entirely. This week on Only A Game, Linden shares her journey. Plus, how an 82-year-old amateur poet and a college football walk-on honored the 1966 Texas Western basketball team in a rap. And Wright Thompson shares memories of Augusta National Golf Course and his late father. Join us!
05/04/1949m 34s

'Screwball,' Hockey In 'Love Story,' March Madness

In 2013, filmmaker Billy Corben met with Alex Rodriguez to discuss his involvement in a documentary about the Biogenesis steroid scandal. This week on Only A Game, how Corben's documentary "Screwball" found a more compelling story to tell. Also a former Harvard hockey coach and player remember their roles in the making of the 1970 movie "Love Story." And a look at the graduation rates of this year's NCAA tournament teams. Join us!
29/03/1948m 37s

International Hooper, Eternal Fandom, Soccer Dreams From Syria

Tyler Smith started on the 2000–01 Penn State men's basketball team that reached the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAAA tournament. But he knew he wasn't NBA material. This week on Only A Game, how Tyler's international basketball journey took him places he never imagined. Also, how one British soccer club remembers its lifelong fans. And a Syrian refugee pursues his dreams of playing pro soccer. Join us!
22/03/1948m 49s

Sofi Tukker, Ping Pong At Work, Le Chevalier De Saint-Georges

Tukker Halpern is a 6-foot-8 former college basketball player. Sophie Hawley-Weld is a fellow Brown alum who had no interest in college sports. Together they're Sofi Tukker, a twice-Grammy-nominated musical duo. They share their story, this week on Only A Game. Plus, a young woman who used ping pong as a form of feminist resistance. And how the Chevalier de Saint-Georges fenced his way into the hearts of 18th-century French nobility. Join us!
15/03/1948m 40s

Basketball Coaching Couple, NBA Happiness, Rich Hill

Nicki Collen was named WNBA Coach of the Year in her first season with the Atlanta Dream. But before she pursued her basketball head coaching dreams, Collen spent years working as an assistant coach — for her husband. This week on Only A Game, Nicki and Tom Collen share their journey. Plus, we talk about happiness in the NBA in the age of social media. And we revisit the story of Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill and his family. Join us!
08/03/1948m 42s

Peter Sagal, Basketball Tragedy, Hall Of Fame Duo

Peter Sagal is the host of NPR's Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! He's completed 14 marathons. But his relationship with running hasn't always been smooth. This week on Only A Game, Sagal discusses his struggles with male body image. Plus, tragedy strikes a basketball-crazed community. And two Indiana high school football coaches share a lasting bond. Join us!
01/03/1948m 40s

Cousin Stizz, Basketball And Depression, Olympic Surprise

Cousin Stizz wrote his first rap lyrics on his hours-long commute to his suburban high school. Today, he's the voice of the Boston Celtics. This week on Only A Game, Stizz shares how he did it. Plus, a story about basketball, mental illness and friendship at a San Diego junior college. And the story of an Olympian who got an unexpected second chance. Join us!
22/02/1948m 42s

Bodybuilding Dreams, Reporter Plays Football, Classic Arcade Museum

Jared Wells has cystic fibrosis, and he weighed just 117 pounds a year ago. But in 2018, Jared started bodybuilding. This week, Only A Game and WBUR's Endless Thread team up to share Jared's incredible journey. Plus, an NFL reporter joins a women's semi-pro team. And the story of the American Classic Arcade Museum. Join us!
15/02/1948m 40s

McGill Mascot, Scotiabank Hockey College, Sportswriter Couple

The McGill University athletic teams used to have a lot of nicknames. But in 1927, one name took center stage: the Redmen. This week on Only A Game, the controversial history of the Redmen name — and the student-led campaign to change it. Plus, a Canadian bank's partnership with NHL stars. And we celebrate Valentine's Day with a press box love story. Join us!
08/02/1948m 33s

Super Bowl Haiku, Pirate Biking Trails, Haitian Hockey Player

The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams face off this weekend in Super Bowl LIII. This week on Only A Game, the 25th installment of Super Bowl Haiku. Plus, the story behind mountain bikers' "pirate trails." And we meet a Haitian immigrant who fell in love with hockey. Join us!
01/02/1948m 39s

Brenda Tracy Speaks Out, 'The Wave,' Backwards Runner

In 1998, Brenda Tracy was the victim of sexual assault by four men, including two Oregon State football players. Now, 20 years later, Tracy travels the country, speaking to athletic programs to try to put an end to sexual violence. Also this week on Only A Game, the day that 'Krazy George' Henderson invented "the wave." And the story of a woman who was able to run again — by going backwards. Join us!
25/01/1948m 45s

Soccer And Addiction, 'Settle Your Beefs,' Football After Hurricane Florence

Each of Jon Cross' older siblings played Div. I soccer. But drug and alcohol addiction derailed Jon's career before he even graduated high school. This week on Only A Game, Jon shares how rehab and recovery brought him back to soccer. Also, a former high school lacrosse player settles a spat with his nemesis. And a football coach brings his community together after Hurricane Florence. Join us!
18/01/1948m 48s

NFL Pension Disparity, Photographer Baseball Cards, 'Queen Of Katwe'

NFL players who retired before 1993 are not eligible for a range of benefits available to players who retired after 1993 — and their pensions are about a third the size of current players'. This week on Only A Game, the push for higher pensions for older NFL retirees. Plus, the story behind artist Mike Mandel's collection of baseball cards of famous photographers. And why Phiona Mutesi has mostly moved on from chess after it brought her fame. Join us!
11/01/1948m 55s

Marcellus Wiley, FIFA Beef, Vegan Soccer Team

Marcellus Wiley grew up in South Central L.A. determined to make a better life for his family. This week on Only A Game, Wiley shares his journey from Compton to Columbia to the NFL. Plus, a British soccer player takes issue with his speed rating in FIFA 19. And the world's first vegan sports team. Join us!
04/01/1948m 37s

Hockey In North Korea, 'Bullet Man' And Other 'Sticky Wicket' Stories

The term "sticky wicket" originated in cricket. It's become a metaphor for a difficult circumstance. This week on Only A Game, we share stories in which people face their own "sticky wickets." The hockey goalie who stood up to Hitler ... and the one who went to skate in North Korea. The man who got shot in the head while running a marathon — and more. Join us!
28/12/1849m 8s

WNBA Poet, And1 Mixtapes, Babe Ruth's Christmas Gift

Imani McGee-Stafford just finished her second season in the WNBA. But before she fell in love with basketball, she was an artist. This week on Only A Game, how Imani found her purpose in basketball and poetry. Plus, the story behind the first And1 Mixtape. And a Christmas gift from Babe Ruth. Join us!
21/12/1849m 8s

Dad And Barkley, René Lacoste, Sri Lankan Cricket

Reporter Shirley Wang tells the story of her father, Lin Wang, a scientist living in Iowa who befriended NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. Also this week on Only A Game: how René "the Crocodile" Lacoste got the inspiration for his iconic clothing brand. And 30 years after leaving Sri Lanka, a Tamil man finds cricket again. Join us!
14/12/1849m 17s

Bob Cousy And Bill Russell, Grandmother Marathoner, Rugby Referee

Bob Cousy and Bill Russell won six NBA championships together on the Boston Celtics. This week on Only A Game Cousy says he regrets not doing more for his teammate off the court. Plus, kid reporters interview a 73-year-old marathoner. And how rugby refereeing transformed one athlete's Olympic dream. Join us!
07/12/1849m 6s

Dragon Boat Racing, Latina Commissioner, Stanford Band

Breast cancer survivors had long been told that upper-body exercise was dangerous — then a group in Vancouver started challenging that idea ... by dragon boat racing. This week on Only A Game, how a 2,000-year-old Chinese sport has been embraced by women worldwide. Also, the story of Gloria Nevarez, the first Latina commissioner of a Div. I conference. And the play that cemented the Stanford band's place in history. Join us!
01/12/1849m 10s

Latest Show: Thanksgiving Leftovers

This week on Only A Game, we share a full plate of "leftover" stories that didn't fit in past episodes. A marathon swimmer's matchup against jellyfish and lampreys. A unexpected night with Mike Tyson. A WNBA legend's first pair of basketball shoes. And the rock band that may have saved Fenway Park. Join us!
23/11/1848m 52s

Verne Lundquist, Yosemite Climbers, Bluegrass And Football

Verne Lundquist has broadcast sports for decades. But he also played a minor role in the coverage of the John F. Kennedy assassination 55 years ago. Also this week on Only A Game, the story of the first team to scale El Capitan. And the story of a bluegrass radio station and a high school football team in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Join us!
16/11/1848m 47s

Exonerated Golf Course Artist, UNC Stadium, Accidental Veteran

Valentino Dixon spent 27 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. While incarcerated, he started drawing golf courses. This week on Only A Game, how Dixon's artwork led to his recent exoneration. Also the connection between UNC's football stadium and the 1898 Wilmington Massacre. And Bill Brannon's accidental journey from the baseball field to the battlefield. Join us!
09/11/1848m 51s

College Athlete Gets Out The Vote, Soccer Remembrance, Adam Greenberg

With less than a week to go before the midterms, Madison Roberts is getting out the vote ... among fellow athletes at UC Berkeley. Also this week on Only A Game, the heartbreaking story of a lost soccer lover. And MLB-outfielder-turned-politician Adam Greenberg reflects on the pitch that changed his life. Join us!
02/11/1848m 31s

50 Years After John Carlos And Tommie Smith, Stories Of Protest

On Oct. 16, 1968, Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood on the medal podium at the Olympic Games and protested for human rights by raising black-gloved fists. Fifty years later, Only A Game shares stories of protest, from fellow '68 Olympic champion Wyomia Tyus to Polish pole vaulter Władysław Kozakiewicz. Plus, a more complicated protest myth out of 1930s Austria. Join us!
26/10/1848m 50s

Women's Basketball Sneakers, Powerlifter, Land Speed Record

In 1996, Nike released the Air Swoopes, the first women's signature basketball shoe. Today, there are no WNBA players with their own shoe lines. This week on Only A Game, the history of women's basketball sneakers. Also, how powerlifting changed Colleen Tighe's life. And tales from Craig Breedlove's quest for the land speed record. Join us!
19/10/1848m 45s

Nike's HIV-Positive Runner Ad, Baltimore Colts Mania, Charm School

Nike drew headlines last month for making Colin Kaepernick the face of its "Just Do It" campaign. But before Kaepernick, Nike had Ric Muñoz. This week on Only A Game, the story behind Nike's 1995 HIV-positive runner ad. Plus, the father-son story behind a Baltimore Colts fan website. And the Women's Basketball League team that sent its players to charm school. Join us!
12/10/1848m 50s

Briana Scurry, Sports Talk Radio, Ashe And Connors

The lasting image from the 1999 Women's World Cup belongs to Brandi Chastain. This week on Only A Game, Team USA goalkeeper Briana Scurry speculates on what would have happened if it was her image — making the save — that got the attention. Plus, why sports talk radio doesn't want female listeners. And the story of Arthur Ashe's momentous upset over Jimmy Connors at the 1975 Wimbledon final. Join us!
05/10/1848m 19s

#OutrunCancer, Jim Sterkel Court And Other Sports Assists

In sports, it's usually the one who scores who gets the most glory. Assists are often less flashy, but they're just as important. This week on Only A Game, we're sharing stories of sports assists that transcend sports — from a duo who #outruncancer to the organ donation that connects an MLB Hall of Famer to the family of a former NFL player. Join us!
28/09/1848m 21s

Baseball Rule Proposal, Poet/Basketball Fan, Chicago Sting's Cuba Visit

The average Major League Baseball game this season has taken three hours and four minutes. This week on Only A Game, NYU game theorists propose a radical rule change to shorten games. Plus, the story of a poet who is obsessed with NBA guard D'Angelo Russell. And the Chicago Sting's trailblazing 1978 trip to Cuba. Join us!
21/09/1849m 4s

Battle Of The Sexes, Native Hockey Trailblazer, Atlanta Braves' Organist

This week on Only A Game, how Billie Jean King's 1973 win over Bobby Riggs sparked a scary confrontation on the Alaskan tundra. Plus, the story of Fred Sasakamoose's journey from an Indian residential school to the NHL. And the Atlanta Braves' organist who loves playing walk-up songs ... for the visiting team. Join us!
14/09/1848m 19s

Rowing The Atlantic, Kamau Murray, Med Student/Linebacker

This week on Only A Game, the story of a biology teacher who set out to row from Newfoundland to England. Also, Kamau Murray is famous for coaching 2017 US Open champion Sloane Stephens. But that's not his only job — Murray also runs a tennis center on the south side of Chicago. Plus, the story of an NFL linebacker who moonlighted as a med student. Join us!
07/09/1848m 23s

Ora Washington, Baseball Card Collector, 'Star-Spangled Banner'

Next week the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame will induct one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. Her name is Ora Washington, and her story was almost lost to history. Plus, a baseball card collector helps honor a former Major Leaguer. And the "Star-Spangled Banner" is played before sporting events at every level. But that might never have come to be if not for the 1918 World Series. Join us!
31/08/1848m 19s

College Football's Future, Judo At A Japanese Internment Camp, Urban Meyer

Despite growing evidence about the dangers of football, the number of colleges offering the sport isn't shrinking. In fact, it's growing. This week on Only A Game, we look at the morality of college football and the future of the sport. Plus, the story of an LAPD sergeant who brought LA kids to a Japanese internment camp during World War II for judo tournaments. Join us!
24/08/1848m 19s

The Story Of Women's Baseball, Uptown YWCA, Fight Doctor

If you live in the U.S., you might think that boys play baseball and girls play softball. But that wasn't always the case. This week on Only A Game, a look at the height of women's baseball — and the story of its decline. Plus, a Minnesota author writes a love letter to her gym. And the story of Linda Dahl, the daughter of Syrian immigrants who grew up to become a fight doctor. Join us!
17/08/1848m 54s

Savannah Bananas, Sportswriting Dreams, Ken 'Hawk' Harrelson

Baseball wasn't big in Savannah, Georgia. Until the Bananas came to town. This week on Only A Game, the Savannah Bananas owners share the tumultuous origin story of baseball's wackiest team. Plus, Wanda Fischer wanted to be a sportswriter. Until a Big Leaguer suggested otherwise. And Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson looks back on seven decades of baseball. Join us!
10/08/1848m 16s

Tiger Woods, Allegations At UW, NBA Vs. St. Lawrence

Tiger Woods is back among golf's elite. This week on Only A Game, Mike Pesca wonders about the broader implications of a possible Woods' comeback. Also, when it comes to coaching, where's the line between motivation and harassment? Runners at the University of Washington have been grappling that question. Plus, the story of a college basketball team that took on the NBA's Syracuse Nationals. Join us!
03/08/1848m 39s

Only A Game Celebrates 25 Years With Bill Littlefield

After 25 years, Bill Littlefield is retiring as host of Only A Game. On this week's episode, Bill shares some of his favorite memories and stories from hosting the show. There's the legend of candlepin bowling, a dog named Moses and some retirement advice from Willie Mays. Join us!
27/07/1848m 54s

Sports And The Military, Links Golf Quest, Paintball Origin

Giant flags, flyovers and camo jerseys are now common at sporting events. But that wasn't always the case. This week on Only A Game, the story of two veterans who are questioning the growing militarization of sports. Also, an avid golfer plays 111 rounds throughout Britain in just 57 days. And an ages-old argument leads to the first paintball match. Join us!
20/07/1848m 21s

Smash Mouth's 'All Star,' Swimming + Eating Myth, 'The Super Fight'

The song "All Star" by Smash Mouth became a sports anthem, but it wasn't written for sports fans — and it almost didn't exist. This week on Only A Game, the origin of the 1999 hit. Also, we take a dive into the classic myth of fatal swimming cramps. And The Super Fight: a fantasy heavyweight bout featuring two all-time greats ... and an old computer. Join us!
13/07/1848m 27s

LeBron's Legacy In Akron, Gaddafi's Hockey Sponsorship, Marathon Swimmer

On July 1, LeBron James announced he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers. This week on Only A Game, the Akron, Ohio native's lasting impact on his hometown. Also, after racking up dept, a German hockey team turns to a dictator for help. And, the story of a world-record-holding marathon swimmer who started her career at age 46. Join us!
06/07/1848m 23s

England's Imaginary '94 World Cup Bid, Egyptian Soccer, Iowa Girls' Hoops

England failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. This week on Only A Game, we revisit the fictional BBC radio drama that imagined a different fate for the English side. Also, the journey to break a curse over Egyptian soccer. And, how six-on-six girls' high school basketball became the pride of Iowa. Join us!
29/06/1848m 23s
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