Late Night Whenever

Late Night Whenever

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From the producers of 2 Dope Queens and Sooo Many White Guys comes Late Night Whenever, hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau. It’s Michelle in a chair, celebrity guests on a couch, and music director Rob Lewis at the keyboard. Plus: gut-busting monologues and audience surprises! Not for TV, but just as good.


Michelle Starts Adulting!

We know you missed Michelle - and now she’s back with a new podcast called Adulting! Did you ever think that being a grown-up would be so hard? Neither did Michelle. So she’s teamed with fellow grown-up and comedian Jordan Carlos to figure out the art of adulting. In this inaugural episode, Michelle and Jordan plan Naomi Ekperigin’s entire wedding in under a minute, Wyatt Cenac does his best muppet impression, and Phoebe Robinson shares some bathroom etiquette tips (which involve an open flame). Plus, some advice on what to do if you’re catching feelings for your dealer.
21/05/1944m 55s

Parting Wisdom

In this season finale, legendary comedian D.L. Hughley has a message for white people’s imaginations, Yrsa Daley-Ward inspires poetry, and Michelle learns about herself. Plus, Rob saves his best story for last.
24/07/1846m 43s

Bo Burnham On the Couch

How the director’s fascination with the internet inspired Eighth Grade, that movie making everyone on your Twitter feed cry. Plus, John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) in this oldie but goodie. 
20/07/1837m 31s

So Much Gravy

Michelle wonders what Justin Trudeau is listening to this summer and learns to deal with Twitter trolls with Julie Goldman and Franchesca Ramsey. Plus, Rob says yes to BDE!
19/07/1845m 5s

All the Sushi

Never travel with too-tight pants, and more advice from Michelle’s days as a movie star. Comedians Sam Jay and Aparna Nancherla grace the stage. Plus, Michelle gives Rob a new nickname!
17/07/1843m 35s

Not Being John Malkovich

It’s a mind-bending evening of comedy and existential angst as guest host Sasheer Zamata welcomes Wyatt Cenac and Emily Tarver. Plus, Rob gets a makeover!
19/06/1837m 58s


Michelle has an idea for your summer Tinder bio - and learns about her future from guests Jo Firestone and Chuck Nice. Plus, Rob debuts a new sound effect!
12/06/1835m 31s

Little Umbrella People

Guest host Jordan Carlos is filling in for Michelle this week – and he’s got some BIG opinions on weather gear. He is joined by comedian and filmmaker Bo Burnham for a thoughtful conversation about his upcoming movie Eighth Grade and how the youth of America are being influenced by people in Silicon Valley who have no idea what they are doing. Our stage is also graced by icon John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) who is just an absolute f**king delight. He educates Jordan on punks, tomatoes, and his new film How to Talk to Girls at Parties. Plus, Rob Lewis gives some really, really primo relationship advice.
05/06/1837m 31s

Tiki Tiki Boom Boom

Michelle has the driving adventure from hell after confronting someone with serious road rage. She is joined by comedian Jordan Carlos and writer/director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters) for a delightful conversation about representation in Hollywood, being bully-adjacent, and Paul’s stand-up career. Plus, Rob loves being 5 minutes early.
29/05/1839m 48s

Thanks, Waxing Lady!

Isn’t it amazing when the woman who waxes you goes the extra mile? Michelle thinks so! She is joined by special guests Chris Distefano (MTV's Guy Code), who has given many of your favorite comedians impromptu medical examinations, and Vinny Guadagnino (MTV's The Jersey Shore) schools the audience on Staten Island. Plus, Rob’s credit card gets declined!
22/05/1839m 13s

Tessa Thompson Loves Succulents

Michelle is back with an intimate in-studio interview with actress and activist Tessa Thompson (HBO's Westworld, Creed)! They dig into colorism in Hollywood, the Time's Up movement, how often Tessa waters her plants (not often), and so much more. Plus, there’s a surprising reveal in this one. Ooh, the suspense of it all!
15/05/1826m 24s

Auditioning with Ann Dowd and Sasheer Zamata

Buckle up! It’s a new episode of Late Night Whenever. You might need a drink for this one, because Sasheer Zamata and Ann Dowd share some truly horrific audition stories. Plus, Rob tries to give away some Asiago cheese bread.
08/05/1842m 9s

Doing Ayahuasca with Nico Tortorella

Things get spiritual when dreamboat Nico Tortorella, star of TV Land's Younger, joins Michelle on the couch. Plus, comedian Matteo Lane dishes on his life as a thirst trap. And Rob gets a tramp stamp!
01/05/1836m 9s

For the D

What will our guests do for the D? Find out in this very special episode with Ben Sinclair (HBO’s High Maintenance) and Danielle Brooks (Netflix’s Orange is the New Black). Plus, Rob reminisces about a roommate named John. 
25/04/1844m 58s

Rockin’ Robinson

Get ready for some R & R (hehe) with special guests Tony Rock and Phoebe Robinson! It turns out that if you fight a rock – you have to all the Rock brothers. And if you get into a hot tub with Phoebe Robinson, all hell breaks loose. Plus, Rob Lewis goes clear.
24/04/1839m 5s

Spanx Life

Hold onto your girdle, people, because Michelle’s about to get tight with guests Murray Hill and Janelle James (Netflix). Plus, Rob has a near-death experience with a New Kid on the Block!
17/04/1833m 48s

What Happens in Paris, Stays in Paris

Michelle dresses up for her big trip to France, and guests Bridget Everett and Gina Yashere rank hotel amenities. Cabaret singer and comedian Bridget, who also stars in Patti Cake$, reveals a dark past with Gloria Steinem. And Netflix star Gina gets her colon flushed. Plus, Rob goes to Six Flags!
10/04/1834m 55s

What's Even the Point of a Buffet?

Michelle gets philosophical with guests Leslie Odom, Jr. and Jason Jones in the debut episode of your new favorite podcast. The Hamilton star channels Dr. Phil and gives Michelle some life advice from his new book, Failing Up. Jason, creator of The Detour and a Daily Show legend, shares his guilty pleasure. Plus: Rob Lewis goes to a D’Angelo concert!
03/04/1841m 35s

See You Next Tuesday

My big debut is almost here! Episode 1 hits your feed on April 3 with hot dads Leslie Odom, Jr. and Jason Jones. Here’s a jalapeño popper of a preview to get your mouth watering. Yum!
30/03/182m 19s
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