Sooo Many White Guys

Sooo Many White Guys

By WNYC Studios

Phoebe Robinson is tired of being the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians. So in this podcast, Phoebe’s calling the shots. She’ll host intimate, funny and super honest conversations with musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are killing it in their fields — AND who aren’t white dudes! Stay tuned for the one token white guy (it’s only fair), cameos by Phoebe’s ball-busting executive producer Ilana Glazer, and a whole lot of hijinks. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many more. © WNYC Studios


Introducing Come Through with Rebecca Carroll Featuring Issa Rae

Hey SMWGers! WNYC Studios has a new show you might like! It's called Come Through with Rebecca Carroll: 15 Essential Conversations About Race in a Pivotal Year for America. In this episode, Rebecca is joined by very special guest Issa Rae to talk about the return of Insecure, how she’s supporting the next generation of black artists, and why black audiences matter the most to her. And how cookie dough is getting her through coronatine. More about Come Through with Rebecca Carroll:  It’s an election year, and whether people want to admit it or not, race is at the center of every issue -- healthcare, jobs, climate change, the media, and more. Join host Rebecca Carroll for 15 essential conversations about race in a pivotal moment for America. She talks to great thinkers, writers, and artists about faith, representation, white fragility, and how it’s all playing out in 2020. Liked the show? Subscribe and follow Rebecca for updates on all things Come Through! 
23/04/20·28m 6s

Phoebe and Adam Scott Go to a U2 Concert

It’s the last episode of the season - and so we bring you our token white guy! And what a great white guy he is! Phoebe’s joined by Adam Scott (Big Little Lies, Parks and Recreation). He talks about his fascination with overconfident douchebags, screwing up his first Parks and Rec. audition, and playing a beta male on Big Little Lies. And, Phoebe and Joanie Mitch sign off the season talking about their summer plans and Phoebe’s year as an RA (she was not asked back).
28/05/19·44m 50s

Phoebe and Michelle Buteau Get Cozy

For the first time in Sooo Many White Guys history, Phoebe conducts an interview entirely in bed! She is joined by her dear friend and fellow comedian Michelle Buteau. Michelle is launching her new podcast Adulting with WNYC Studios - and it drops today! Plus, Michelle talks about her latest film Always Be My Maybe, how she decided to become a stand up comic in the days after 9/11, and her challenging path to becoming a mom. Michelle’s new podcast Adulting launches today - subscribe now!
21/05/19·49m 53s

Phoebe and Eric Nam Are Idols

K-pop star Eric Nam is a singer, songwriter and TV host who has become a household name in South Korea. He’s so beloved that he’s even called “the nation’s boyfriend.” Eric joins Phoebe to talk about his surprising journey from growing up as a Korean-American kid in Atlanta to becoming an international idol, as well as some of the less glamorous aspects of the job (like being on a televised bubblegum blowing competition). Plus, Phoebe and Joanie Mitch pitch to Shark Tank.
14/05/19·56m 17s

Phoebe and Reese Witherspoon Vote for Themselves

Phoebe talks to actress and producer Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies). They dish about the new season of Big Little Lies, the gender pay gap in Hollywood, and about that time that Reese had to park Denzel Washington’s Porsche when she was just an intern. Plus, Phoebe revisits one of Reese’s most infamous characters, Tracy Flick.
07/05/19·56m 40s

Phoebe, Javier Muñoz, and Gayle Smith Fight the Good Fight!

On this special episode of Sooo Many White Guys, Phoebe talks about the fight against AIDS and HIV in Africa with Gayle Smith, President and CEO of the ONE Campaign. The Organizations ONE and (RED) fight HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty, particularly in Africa. They are joined by actor/singer/performer Javier Muñoz, who talks about why he decided to go public about being HIV positive and how being in Hamilton on Broadway changed his life.
30/04/19·43m 37s

Phoebe and Trevor Noah DJ Your Next Party!

This week, Phoebe is joined by The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah! He talks about what it was like to be a kid growing up during apartheid in South Africa, his career as a DJ (unsurprisingly, crowds love Montell Jordan), and why he first turned down hosting The Daily Show. Plus, Joanie reads Phoebe for her use of abbrevs.
23/04/19·45m 23s

Phoebe and Jemele Hill Won't Shut Up

Phoebe breaks it all the way down with sports journalist/writer Jemele Hill (The Atlantic, ESPN).  Jemele talks about her infamous tweet calling President Trump a  “white supremacist,” and the controversy that followed, what it’s like practicing “journalism while black,” and her biggest faux pas from when she was starting out in the industry. Plus, Phoebe tries to teach Joanie Mitch about tennis (it doesn’t go very well).
16/04/19·41m 56s

Phoebe and Padma Lakshmi Swim Through a Lake of Shit

Phoebe sits down with host/author/goddess Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef)! Padma talks about the realities of Top Chef palate fatigue, growing up as an immigrant often separated from her mother, roller skating around New York City as a kid, walking the runways of Europe as a model, and swimming through that lake of shit to get what you want. Plus, Phoebe and Joanie Mitch make bongs in woodshop.
09/04/19·43m 14s

Phoebe and Vanessa Bayer Invite You to Brunch

Phoebe visits with her pal, Vanessa Bayer (Saturday Night Live). They chat about making the movie Ibiza together, inviting Julia Roberts over for brunch, being a Make-A-Wish kid, and how SNL wouldn’t even buy her dinner.
02/04/19·42m 55s

Phoebe and Roy Wood Jr. Bomb Their Daily Show Auditions

Phoebe is joined by Roy Wood Jr. of the Daily Show! They get real about shitting the bed during their Daily Show auditions, on the fear of turning into your dad, and how the prospect of prison made Roy commit to stand-up comedy. Plus, Pheebs and Joanie Mitch ask the age-old question, which Golden Girl are you?
26/03/19·38m 27s

Phoebe and Jameela Jamil Stop Being Polite

We kick off the new season with Jameela Jamil of The Good Place! The actress, writer, and activist talks to Pheebs about her embarrassing audition to get the role of Tahani, dealing with paparazzi in her native England, taking on companies whose ads make women feel bad about themselves, and not giving a fuck about being polite anymore.   
19/03/19·45m 7s

Season 4 Trailer: Back With a Vengeance

Phoebe Robinson's back with a brand new season of Sooo Many White Guys - and it's gonna be fiercer than ever! This trailer is just a little taste of what you're going to hear this season. From throwing shade at Kim K. to daddy issues, we get into it! Special guests include Jameela Jamil, Vanessa Bayer, Padma Lakshmi, Roy Wood Jr. and more. First episode drops March 19th. 
14/03/19·2m 3s

Phoebe and Bill Hader Go Live

Our token white guy tells Phoebe about getting schooled by women in the writer’s room, coping with years of anxiety at SNL, and raising badass daughters. Plus, Joanna has a crush.
29/05/18·31m 55s

Phoebe and Joanna Flip the Script

Joanna turns the tables… with the questions she’s always wanted to ask Phoebe — from her very first joke to how she finds the funny in this trash time. Plus, how much Bono is *too* much?  
22/05/18·25m 18s

Phoebe and Jimmy O. Yang Watch BET

Actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang talks about moving from Hong Kong to LA at 13, how DJing at a strip club helped his stand up, and why filming Crazy Rich Asians felt so. damn. good.  Jimmy O. Yang’s memoir is How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents.
15/05/18·37m 41s

Phoebe and Hannibal Buress are Huge in Norway

Phoebe meets up with Hannibal Buress in Portland, in the middle of his stand-up tour. They chat about sobriety on the road, how to deposit an empty envelope (don't), and his plans to open a new arts center in Chicago.
08/05/18·31m 47s

Phoebe and Terry Gross Make It A Girls' Night

Radio legend Terry Gross (we’re not worthy!) is in the studio to tell Phoebe about her early days in radio, her marriage, and how the Trump administration is ruining her music listening. 
01/05/18·35m 55s

Phoebe and Tyra Banks Walk The Walk

What does it take to be a mogul? Tyra Banks knows. The model/author/producer/goddess tells Phoebe about her earliest runway days, raising her son, and her ever-changing definition of "beauty". Plus, she brings her mom into the studio!
24/04/18·35m 12s

Phoebe and Sam Irby Launch a Lifestyle Brand

Author Sam Irby sits down to chat about her New York Times best-selling memoir, her struggle with depression, and being a cool stepmom. Plus, Phoebe watches Lady Gaga at The Kennedy Center Honors!
17/04/18·38m 58s

Phoebe and Vivica A. Fox: Two Can Play That Game

From Days of Our Lives to Kill Bill, the actress Vivica A. Fox has been a force in Hollywood for the last three decades.  Now she’s added “Author” to her resume.  She drops by to talk to Phoebe about growing up in the Midwest, fighting for her roles, and how getting into the hair business has allowed her to control her own destiny.
10/04/18·31m 45s

Phoebe and Gayle King Take The High Road

She’s Editor-at-Large of “O" magazine. She’s co-host of "CBS This Morning." She wakes up at 3:22am every damn day! Gayle King opens up about motherhood, black pride, how she survives the 24-hour (bad) news cycle.
03/04/18·41m 15s

Phoebe and Buck Angel Talk About Sex, Baby

The trans activist and former adult film star joins Phoebe to talk about DIY porn, the challenges of transitioning, and his journey to self-love and acceptance.
27/03/18·38m 13s

Phoebe and Awkwafina Get Matching Tattoos

The rapper/actress drops in to open up about Asian-American representation in Hollywood, the perils of searching for a place to pee in NYC, life on the come-up and making her family proud while rapping about her vag. Plus, Phoebe does her best to recap 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf'! 
20/03/18·36m 1s

Phoebe and DeRay Mckesson: The Revolution Is Live & Streaming

The Black Lives Matter activist and "Pod Save The People" host stops in to drop knowledge about revolution, combating homophobia, and hashtag activism. Plus, Joanie Mitch loves "Seinfeld"! 
13/03/18·39m 38s

Phoebe and Yvonne Orji Put It On God

Actress and stand-up comedian Yvonne Orji stops in to chat about her "overnight" success, the role of religion in her life, and the nuances of being first generation Nigerian-American.
09/03/18·33m 38s

Phoebe and Gloria Steinem: The Buddy Movie Edition

The famous activist and writer joins Phoebe and opens up about sex after 60, her early days in NYC, and how to make better feminists of our men. Plus, Joanie Mitch sings a song! 
06/03/18·42m 27s

Phoebe and Zoe Kravitz Are Witchy AF

The fashion icon and actress joins Phoebe to talk about her experience of tokenism in Hollywood, what a lifetime of fame feels like, and how she embraces her witchyness #manifest. 
27/02/18·40m 10s

Season 3 Trailer: Here We Go Again!

Hey boos and baes, we're back! Time to strap on those big girl lace fronts, because Season 3 is coming at you, and it's lit. Can you handle it? Check out these hot-ass guests: From left to right: famous feminist Gloria Steinem, activist DeRay McKesson, adult film star Buck Angel and actress Yvonne Orji. The first episode drops on February 27th. Subscribe now so you don't miss all this knowledge we're dropping!     
22/02/18·3m 9s

Phoebe and Tom Hanks Make a Biopic

Surprise! We're back with an encore episode, and we've got Tom Hanks. Maybe you've heard of him? Plus, Joanna gets a fax! 
30/03/17·46m 19s

Phoebe and Chris Hayes Are Capable of Terrible Things

Our token white guy details his harrowing journey from the middle to the top, and comes clean about his unending quest to not look fat on TV. Chris Hayes hosts All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Watch this excerpt from All In With Chris Hayes on the topic of Black Lives Matter plus an interview with DeRay Mckesson:
28/03/17·47m 30s

Phoebe and Bassem Youssef Complain About Everything

The satirist stops in to wax intellectual about the Egyptian Revolution, the universal threat of dictatorship and Islamophobia. Plus, Joanna calls Nerf! Watch this video of Fusion's Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef:
21/03/17·39m 55s

Phoebe and Melissa Harris-Perry Catch Some White Tears

The author and former MSNBC host schools us on too many things to count. But let’s start with what it’s like to have a white mother, a militant black 3-year-old, and a mentor like Maya Angelou. Plus, Phoebe smokes a cigar!
14/03/17·38m 12s

Phoebe Has a Threesome

Hey boo boos, we've got a special Thursday treat for you! Comedians John Early (TBS' Search Party) and Baron Vaughn (Netflix's Grace and Frankie) stop in and tell all.  Watch the trailer for Search Party: Watch the trailer for Grace and Frankie:
09/03/17·53m 21s

Phoebe and Abbi Jacobson Order Takeout

The Broad City co-creator and co-star admits being an alpha female, working too much and dropping out of acting school. Plus, Phoebe watches Living Single!  Watch this clip of Broad City:
07/03/17·32m 52s

Phoebe and Nahnatchka Khan: The Showrunner Edition

Phoebe sits down with Fresh Off The Boat showrunner Nahnatchka Khan, to chat diversity in television, being an outsider, and carnicerías. Plus, Phoebe and Love Jones! Watch this clip from ABC's Fresh Off the Boat:
28/02/17·38m 9s

Phoebe and Alaska Are Casual yet Impressive

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2, joins Phoebe to chat about the early years in drag, subverting norms and — porn. Plus, Phoebe visits Lululemon! Watch the best of Alaska on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars:
21/02/17·41m 21s

Phoebe and Issa Rae Super Black It Up

Issa Rae, creator and star of HBO's Insecure, is having a stellar year. Her show just wrapped its second season, she signed a development deal with HBO, and Barack Obama told her he loves her show. Recently, Phoebe joined Issa in L.A. and the two made some black girl magic. Plus, Phoebe goes to the laundromat! Watch the season 1 trailer of Insecure:
14/02/17·41m 53s

Phoebe and Margaret Cho Hope They Die Alone

The comedian and activist gets real about the end of menstruation, living in a world that's sooo white, and Tilda Swinton. Plus, Ilana apologizes to Phoebe! 
07/02/17·35m 19s

Phoebe and Lena Dunham Deconstruct the Toilet Selfie

The writer and advocate joins Phoebe for an uncensored conversation about self-censoring, what Girls would look like if it debuted today, and how to dismantle the patriarchy. Plus, Phoebe and her first bra!
26/01/17·39m 9s

Phoebe and St. Vincent: Behind The Music

Indie rock queen St. Vincent joins Phoebe to swap road stories, talk tour bus pooping etiquette, queerness and living in the spotlight. Plus, St. Vincent is overcharged for a lap dance!  Check out "Birth in Reverse" from her Grammy award-winning album, St. Vincent:
24/01/17·27m 31s

Season 2 Trailer: I'm Back, Babies!

You know you missed me. Well stop crying, cuz I'm back with a brand new season. It's me, my buddy Joanna, and my other buddy Ilana. Plus, hot new guests! Follow @WNYCstudios From left: St. Vincent, Charlamagne Tha God and Lena Dunham. The first episode drops on January 24th. Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode.    
19/01/17·4m 5s

Phoebe Welcomes Token White Guy Mike Birbiglia

The actor, comedian and director reveals the truth about maleness AND whiteness in a heart-stopping episode that will leave you breathless. Plus, a surprise visit from Kelsey Grammer!?  Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @birbigs   The leaves are changing, the temperature's dropping and school's back in session. That can only mean one thing: The return Phoebe's other dope podcast, 2 Dope Queens! Like us on Facebook to be the first to hear our Season 2 trailer, dropping September 14th. In the meantime, binge on Season 1 like your life depended on it.  Thank you to all the listeners that voted in the Sooo Many White Guys Remix Contest! Congratulations to our winner, Merritt Jacob, a broadcast engineer for Freakonomics Radio. You can hear all the remixes here.  Winning Theme Song Remix - "Manic Majesty"   
13/09/16·42m 46s

Phoebe and Constance Wu Invest in Mutual Funds

Actress Constance Wu stops in to chat hair journeys, the representation of Asian-Americans in media and of course, JLo. Plus, Phoebe hates Halloween!  Help us pick a theme song remix, vote for your favorite!  Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @ConstanceWu
06/09/16·34m 19s

Phoebe and Roxane Gay Toast to the Good Life

Writer, professor and noted bad feminist Roxane Gay schools Phoebe on how to drink wine and write a killer memoir. Plus, a homecoming disaster!  Help us pick a theme song remix, vote for your favorite!  Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @rgay Sooo Many White Guys host Phoebe Robinson and high school friends on the night of her Homecoming dance. (Phoebe Robinson)    
30/08/16·37m 12s

Phoebe and Hasan Minhaj Talk Turkey

He's a successful stand-up comedian, he's the senior correspondent on The Daily Show, and he's married at thirty. Phoebe can check one of those boxes -- and one out of three ain't bad?  Help us pick a theme song remix, vote for your favorite!  Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @hasanminhaj Hasan joined us in the studio about a week ago for this interview, but that's not all he did while he was here! Watch Phoebe and Hasan play Olympic Jeopardy, they're joined by producers Joanna and Daisy. Categories include: Sexism at the Olympics, Celebrities Making Olympic Headlines, and Olympic BAEs.
23/08/16·41m 28s

Phoebe and Gina Rodriguez and Eddie Vedder Walk Into a Bar

Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez joins Phoebe to swap virginity stories, talk representation and start a movement. Plus, Gina's summer playlist and the ghost of Eddie Vedder. Spooky! Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @HereIsGina
16/08/16·34m 58s

Phoebe and Nia Long Find Jesus

They both went to Catholic school. They both love diners. And they both have great hair. But only one of them has made out with Colin Firth. Find out who when Phoebe sits down with the legendary Nia Long. Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @nialong
09/08/16·29m 47s

Phoebe and Hari Kondabolu Reach Peak Confidence

Comedian, hair icon and sexy Asian man Hari Kondabolu tells America off. Plus, Phoebe almost cries! Check out Hari's new stand-up album "Mainstream American Comic." Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @harikondabolu  
02/08/16·32m 12s

Phoebe and Janet Mock Make Lemonade

Trans advocate, author and TV host Janet Mock takes on Cinderella stories and the patriarchy. Plus, Pheebs gets some feedback on her orchid!   Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @ilazer Follow @janetmock  
26/07/16·31m 36s

Phoebe and Ilana Glazer Make America Great Again

The Broad City co-creator and Sooo Many White Guys executive producer opens up about her return to stand-up, the coming sexual revolution and pegging. Plus, Pheebs gets some tips on dating dudes of color!   Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @ilazer    
19/07/16·32m 7s

Phoebe and Lizzo Get Lit

One is a dope queen and the other is the next queen of rap. In this inaugural episode, Phoebe and Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist Lizzo get into it all: black hair, Prince, My Morning Jacket, woke white friends, racist TSA officers, and what the goddamn hell is going on in this country right now. Follow @dopequeenpheebs Follow @ilazer Follow @lizzo And may Lizzo's "Good As Hell" be your song of the summer: 
13/07/16·41m 27s

Let's Intro This Bad Boy

Phoebe Robinson is sick of being the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians. So in her new podcast, Phoebe’s calling the shots. She's talking to performers, musicians, actors and authors who are killing it in their fields—and who aren’t straight up white guys! She's got music, she's got questions and she's got a ball-busting executive producer named Ilana Glazer. YAS QUEEN.  Listen to this preview and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. We’ll be dropping episode 1 soon, so tell your barista, friends, frenemies, and one-night stands.  
27/06/16·4m 0s
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