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Everything is Alive

Everything is Alive

By Radiotopia

Everything is Alive is an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. In each episode, a different thing tells us its life story--and everything it says is true.


Everything is Alive Presents: The Animals

Starting next Wednesday, September 27th, the Everything is Alive feed will host a five episode special series called “The Animals.” We’ll get to know a beaver, a jellyfish, a flamingo, and more, all sharing the joys and heartaches of life elsewhere in the food chain. Find us at
20/09/23·1m 9s

Miriam and Peter, Playing Cards

Miriam and Peter are quite a pair. Featuring Peter Grosz & Miriam Tolan. Radiotopia is in the midst of its annual fundraising drive right now. If you’re able, please support the most creative, fulfilling, groundbreaking audio in the world by making a donation here:
16/11/22·21m 14s

Sneak Preview: In The Scenes Behind Plain Sight

Hear the first episode of Ian’s new show: In The Scenes Behind Plain Sight. It’s a rewatch podcast for a TV show that never existed. Radiotopia is in the midst of its annual fundraising drive right now. If you’re able, please support the most creative, fulfilling, groundbreaking audio in the world by making a donation here:
16/11/22·22m 10s

Charles, Party Horn

Charles is a party horn, and he’s just trying to make a name for himself. Featuring Vinny Thomas. Find Vinny on Twitter and Instagram @vinn_ayy. Recorded live on stage at On Air Fest in Brooklyn, New York, with Zach Brown on cello.
02/11/22·18m 37s

Jes, Baguette

Jes is a baguette, and they were made to share. Featuring Jes Tom. You can find them on Twitter @jestom and Instagram @jesthekid. You can see their solo standup show “Less Lonely” as part of the New York Comedy Festival November 9th at the Bell House. Tickets and more information here.
19/10/22·18m 42s

Ginny, Roomba

Ginny is a Roomba, and she’s been taking it all in. Featuring Ginny Hogan. Find her on Twitter @ginnyhogan_.
05/10/22·20m 45s

Alzo, Rental Car

Alzo, a rental car, is just trying to find his agency. Featuring Alzo Slade.
21/09/22·23m 5s

Season Five Trailer

Everything is Alive returns September 21st.
14/09/22·1m 25s

Making Trouble: Deleted Scenes from Sal the Sock

This special episode of Everything is Alive is a part of Radiotopia’s winter fundraiser. Your support helps foster independent, artist-owned podcasts and award-winning stories. Donate today at Thank you! We loved making our “Sal, Sock” episode. Trouble was, there was a lot more Sal than we could fit. So for this special fundraising edition of the show, we present some of his never before heard scenes.
23/02/22·11m 3s

Sal, Sock

Sal is a sock. He’s had a good life, but it feels like something’s missing. Featuring Sebastian Conelli.
15/12/21·22m 33s

The Wait

A special episode produced in conjunction with Pop-Up Magazine, this is the story of a bike locked to a bike rack a little too long. In June of this year, Pop-Up Magazine placed bicycles at bike racks in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and you could walk right up to them and hear what they had to say. Featuring Larry Owens.
01/12/21·12m 19s

Michael, Phone Booth

Michael is a phone booth, and he’s been on hold for a while. Featuring Michael Kostroff. Additional credits for this episode can be found at
18/11/21·16m 52s

Anonymous, Mousetrap

What do you do when the thing you were made to do is the last thing you want to do? Featuring Mel Shimkovitz.
03/11/21·18m 16s

From the Archives: Annie, Jack O' Lantern

Our Halloween special! This episode first aired in 2018 and since then it’s delighted and disturbed parents and children alike. If you’ve heard it before (or if you’re scared), you can skip it. Annie is a jack o’ lantern, but she doesn’t want to scare you. Featuring Ann Donley.
27/10/21·20m 27s

Atsuko, Bagpipes

Atsuko is a set of bagpipes, and she’s looking for some peace and quiet. Featuring Atsuko Okatsuka. Find her on various socials, her handle is @atsukocomedy.
20/10/21·23m 32s

Dina, Pacifier

Dina’s not in a good place, but maybe she’s headed to one. Featuring Dina Hashem. You can find more from Dina on the social media of your choice @dinahashem_.
06/10/21·20m 1s

Vinny, Vending Machine

Vinny has been through a lot, and a lot has been through Vinny. Featuring Vinny Thomas. Find more from Vinny on Instagram and Twitter @vinn_ayy.
22/09/21·25m 31s

Season Four Preview

A few of the inanimate objects you’ll meet on the new season of Everything is Alive, launching September 22nd.
15/09/21·1m 24s

Adam, Stool

Adam has been the stool on stage at a comedy club for a long time. What do you do around standup when you were made for sitting? Adam is played by Adam Burke. Radiotopia is a network of creators who are able to follow their curiosity and tell the stories they care about the most. Show your support for my fellow Radiotopia shows during our Spring Fundraiser. Donate today at
28/05/21·21m 9s

Martin, Paper Towel Dispenser

Martin is a paper towel dispenser outside a hardware store, and he's wondering how he got there. Featuring Martin Morrow. Martin is a comedian, writer, and improviser in Los Angeles. Follow him on socials at @martinMmorrow and stream his album Magic of the City!
19/08/20·15m 0s

Maria and Joel

Part one: Maria is a box of tissues, without much to cry about. Part two: Joel is a water fountain thirsting for more. Featuring Maria Bamford and Joel Kim Booster.
22/07/20·20m 10s

Lillian, Song

Ian has a song stuck in his head. Imagine how the song feels. Featuring Lillian King.
08/07/20·12m 43s

Colin, Ten Dollar Bill

Colin is a ten dollar bill, and he’s wondering what he’s worth. Featuring Colin Nissan.
24/06/20·21m 37s

Deleted Scenes II

A few scenes that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. Featuring the Russian Dolls, Emmy the Pregnancy Test, Josh the Chainsaw, and more.
10/06/20·16m 52s

Eugene, Tattoo

Eugene is a tattoo, and for now, he’s staying right where he is. Featuring Eugene Cordero.
13/05/20·23m 39s

Mirror, Mirror

A restaurant bathroom mirror takes a moment to reflect. Featuring Alex Song-Xia.
29/04/20·18m 48s

Louise & William, Shirt & Pants

Louise is an oxford shirt and William is leather pants. They may hang in the same closet, but they’ve seen different worlds. Featuring Alexandra Dickson and Connor Ratliff.
15/04/20·25m 1s

Josh, Chainsaw

Josh has a warning: don't get too close, but don't stay too far away either. Featuring Josh Gondelman.
01/04/20·23m 25s

Tami and Ed, Sharpie

Tami is a sharpie, and Ed is her cap. After all these years, marriage has left an indelible mark. Featuring Tami Sagher and Ed Herbstman.
18/03/20·27m 27s

Season 3 Preview

Season Three of Everything is Alive begins Wednesday, March 18th, 2020. Mark your calendar, unless your calendar objects.
11/03/20·1m 22s

Bonus Episode: The Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball can’t tell you his name. This bonus episode is part of Radiotopia’s 2019 Fundraising Drive. Make your mark. Go to to donate today.
26/11/19·8m 4s

Scott, Stethoscope

Scott is always listening.
10/07/19·21m 13s

Charu, Satellite

Charu is a satellite. Is she alone in the universe?
26/06/19·19m 25s

Jennifer, Newspaper

Jennifer is a copy of The Canberra Times from October 24th, 1988. She might not be news anymore, but she’s still paper.
12/06/19·17m 57s

Chioke, Pane of Glass

Note: this episode is a followup to “Chioke, Grain of Sand.” If you haven’t heard that episode, we suggest starting there. Chioke just wants to be transparent with you.
22/05/19·22m 7s

Sebastian, Alex, and Alex, Russian Dolls

Sebastian, Alex, and Alex get to know each other, inside and out.
08/05/19·25m 11s

Connor, Painting

Connor is a painting, but is anybody looking at him?
03/04/19·25m 42s

Petey, Baseball Cap

Petey’s just trying to stay on top.
19/03/19·20m 5s

Emmy, Pregnancy Test

Emmy is just trying to stay positive.
06/03/19·21m 24s

Alligator, Alligator

Alligator is a stuffed animal, and things are about to get different.
20/02/19·22m 24s

Shannon, Bath Towel

Shannon just wants to be part of the story.
06/02/19·21m 31s

Bonus Episode: Deleted Scenes

A special bonus episode featuring a few scenes that for one reason or another got cut out of Season One. Featuring Louis, Can of Cola, Maeve the Lamppost, Sean the Subway Seat, and more. Support our show and Radiotopia by making a donation at
11/12/18·10m 36s

Sean, Subway Seat

Sean loves his job, and he’s looking for a connection.
27/11/18·20m 34s

Ayo, Balloon

Ayo has achieved great heights, but she would like to come back down.
13/11/18·20m 30s

Annie, Jack o' Lantern

Annie is a jack o’ lantern, but she doesn’t want to scare you.
30/10/18·20m 13s

Chioke, Grain of Sand

Chioke is a grain of sand. He’s not as small as he looks.
16/10/18·25m 4s

Paul, Tooth

Paul is a tooth. He may have been knocked out, but he’s not giving up.
02/10/18·19m 57s

Ana, Elevator

Ana is an elevator. She’s headed for great heights.
11/09/18·17m 49s

Tara, Bar of Soap

Tara is a bar of soap. She may be just a sliver now, but she’s got a lot of fight left.
28/08/18·20m 10s

Dennis, Pillow

While we are sleeping, Dennis has dreams too.
14/08/18·20m 9s

Maeve, Lamppost

Maeve is a lamppost. She sees all of us, but does anybody see her?
31/07/18·21m 14s

Louis, Can of Cola

Louis is a can of generic cola. He’s been on the shelf a long while, so he’s had some time to think.
17/07/18·24m 13s
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