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Nick van der Kolk's Love and Radio features in-depth, otherworldly-produced interviews with an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime. Get inside the mind of a rogue taxidermist. Find out what it's like to experience a stroke firsthand. Or spend time with an artist who gives away her life savings every night. You've never heard anything like it before.


Imagine What I Could Do To You

Originally published in 2018. RIP Adrian Street: 1940-2023. The Exotic Adrian Street grew up in a three generation family of Welsh coal miners, but he wasn’t destined to be in the dark.
02/08/23·38m 52s

Marriage is a Religion

Sarah found the perfect husband.
20/07/23·34m 6s

L+R Presents: Future Ecologies

A sympoietic stream of consciousness; on language, art making, and more-than-human interconnection, from our friends at the Future Ecologies podcast. Listen to more future ecologies at !
05/07/23·50m 27s

Rotting with Style

Sandor Katz has had a deep and longstanding love affair with fermented foods that spans decades. His book The Art of Fermentation is considered by many to be the Bible of DIY fermentation (although if you're just starting out his book Wild Fermentation is a little less overwhelming). His latest book is Fermentation Journeys. PLAYLISTS AND CITATIONS: SUPPORT THE SHOW:
21/06/23·36m 42s

No Bad News

Three decades ago, American hypnotist Larry Garrett committed himself to abstaining from the news. So, in 2001, when he received a phone call inviting him to Iraq, he said yes.

Fearful Symmetry

One of the great ironies of today's "Golden Age" of podcasts is that it's hard to find work that stands out and has creative ambitions. Fearful Symmetry--a mix of surreal monologues, conversations, and ephemera from Bob Paris--is definitely an exception. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. MUSIC!
24/05/23·38m 34s

The Other Hand

Ed does the unthinkable for a young friend. SUPPORT THE SHOW! PLAYLIST! Marc Barreca - Music Works For Industry - Music Works For Industry Richard Horowitz - Bandit Nrah Master of Rajasthan - Eros in Arabia Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani - Closed Circuit - Sunergy Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani - A New Day - Sunergy Helado Negro - Calienta - Private Energy Helado Negro - Tartamundo - Private Energy Michele Mercure - The Intruder - Eye Chant Helado Negro - Runaround - Private Energy
10/05/23·23m 36s


Marilyn York is Reno, Nevada's only attorney specializing in Men's Rights. PLAYLIST! Artist - Song - Album Dialect - Invert Yr Path - Under~Between  Flore Laurentienne - Petit Piano - Volume I Dialect - Mesa - Keep Going... Under   Carlos Niño & Friends - Commend, NYC Peace 2 - Live at Commend, NYC  Orieta chrem & selvagia - Punta Uva - Ramho EP Carlos Niño & Friends - Commend, NYC Peace 4 - Live at Commend, NYC  Dialect - Flame Not Stone - Under~Between  Isik Kural - yeniden (feat. spefy) - in february Melodium - 26 Septentri - Exhibition #100 Autistici & Justin Varis - Red Grey Orange (Isnaj Dui - Remix) - nine Steve Gunn & David Moore - Over the Dune - Reflections Vol. 1: Let the Moon Be a Planet Cue Shop - Multilane Traffic Interchange - Disquiet SUPPORT! SECRETS!
26/04/23·35m 47s


It took Anwen almost a year to realize that it wasn’t just a bad hookup. Listen to more from Reckonings at Support Love + Radio: Playlists, transcript and more:
12/04/23·32m 36s

Mr. Jones Goes to Washington

Art Jones wants your vote. SUPPORT THE SHOW PLAYLIST Emily Sprague - Dock - Water Memory/Mount Vision Marc Barreca - Vs Chorus - Music Works for Industry Palmbomen II - Caitlin Ross - Memories of Cindy Capitol K - City - Island Row Li Yilei - 0.00 - The Wiretapper 49 Capitol K - Breakers - Island Row Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - A River Song - Music and Poetry of the Kesh Capitol K - Celestial - Andean Dub Champagne Dub - Drops - Drops Wharp & Rom - President Pullman's Elephanthead Patriarchy - Radical American Hippy Kraut Wharp & Rom - Computers - Radical American Hippy Kraut Quixosis - Plan A - Zorroxxe Syrinx - Chant For Your Dragon King - Tumblers from the Vault Quixosis - Carbo'n - Zorroxxe Mess Noir - Fdbck Trpsm 4 - The Wiretapper 49 Wharp & Rom - The Suite - Radical American Hippy Kraut Li Yilei - 0.00 - The Wiretapper 49 Time Wharp - Halpern - Feel No Pain Syrinx - Journey Tree - Tumblers from the Vault Capitol K - Jamboree - Nomad Junk
29/03/23·33m 48s

Revisiting Eyes Wide Shut

When I first saw Eyes Wide Shut, I hated it. 20 years later, thanks to poet and sound artist Tracie Morris, I took a second look. Check out Tracie Morris's work here! Support the show!
15/03/23·23m 54s

Journey Into Manhood

David didn’t want to be attracted to men, so he created a program to fix it. Guess how that went.
01/03/23·40m 6s


They said the war was over. It wasn't. Support the show! Playlist: Artist - Title - Album AF Ursin - Reverie en mineur - Aura Legato Mushio Funazawa - Artist - The end of Negation Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - Ground - FRKWYS Vol. 14 Biosphere - 't Schop - The Hilvarenbeek Recordings Leandro Fresco - Cuando El Sol Grita La Mañana - Pop Ambient 2013 Eduard Artemiev - Untitled (Track 4) - Andrey Tarkovsky Vol. 4 Hyperspace Jelly - (Interlude) - Digital Travelogue Jan Jelinek - A Concert For Television - Tierbeobachtungen Hyperspace Jelly - City Nights - Digital Travelogue Craig Leon - The Twenty Second Step As Well As The Tenth - Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon Corey Fuller - Look Into The Heart Of Light, The Silence - Break OSSIA - Devil’s Dance - Devil's Dance Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - FRKWYS Vol. 14 Mushio Funazawa - In the Night of A Red Moon - The end of Negation
15/02/23·35m 36s

The Boys Will Work It Out, Part 2

Sarz Maxwell, whose LOTR erotica we explored in Part 1, returns for a very different story about her day job as a psychiatrist, and her controversial treatment of opioid addiction. Playlists/transcripts/more: Support the show:
01/02/23·40m 4s

La Línea

In the shadow of a murder trial, a powerful border patrol agent and a reporter/activist develop an unlikely friendship. Maybe. Playlists/transcripts/more! Support the show!
18/01/23·38m 34s

A Girl of Ivory

Davecat and Sidore had a blissful marriage together in the suburbs of Detroit. One day, a Russian woman showed up unexpectedly at their doorstep, declared her love for both of them, and asked to move in. It was a complicated situation, but that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of this unusual threesome.
12/01/23·39m 38s

Points of Egress

Cynthia discovers her boyfriend Max’s journal. Hilarity ensues.
21/12/22·47m 37s

Fruit of Knowledge

As a young Christian growing up in Michigan, Jex Blackmore decided to leave the church after making a stunning realization: Satan was actually the good guy. Final song: Inu by Satomimagae Support the show!
07/12/22·38m 40s

Calling Hours

When other funeral parlors say “no”, Graham Putnam & Mahoney in Worcester, Massachusetts says “yes.” Transcripts, playlists and more! Keep the show going!
23/11/22·40m 17s

Death Dust

Artist Robert Burch moves to a new city and finds work after calling a number on a bulletin board.
09/11/22·23m 45s

The Story of the Box

An innocent little box found in the belly of a tree. Support us on Patreon!
26/10/22·23m 24s

De Bekentenis, Part 2

Part 2. Andy confesses to the murder of his sister in a wild gambit to bring the real killer to justice. Support the show on Patreon:
12/10/22·27m 32s

De Bekentenis, Part 1

In the woods between Mierlo and Lierop in the Netherlands, a passerby found the body of Nicole van den Hurk, the victim of a brutal murder. More than 15 years later, her brother Andy would go to extraordinary lengths to find her killer. Support the show on Patreon:
29/09/22·33m 30s

The World Tomorrow

Glynn Washington and I go way back—I used to be a producer on his public radio show Snap Judgment—and I’ve heard him talk loads about his time growing up as a black child in a white supremacist cult called the Worldwide Church of God. But that didn’t prepare me for the whole story.
14/09/22·31m 57s

Insufficient Data

A simulacrum and his son. Final song: Mess Mend by Horse Lords Support us on Patreon!
31/08/22·28m 30s

The Secrets Hotline, Vol. V

The Secrets Hotline has all grown up and has moved to its very own podcast feed! Follow it at Leave your own secret at 1-929 SECRETS or Become a Patreon member today! Final song: Child by B77
17/08/22·51m 7s

Gotcha! Part Two

A decade ago, a mysterious caller from Canada lead Australian radio DJ Amber Petty on an epic catfishing expedition. Now, the two speak together for the first time since. Final song: Just Automatic by Idiom Creak Support us on Patreon!
03/08/22·38m 43s


A rowdy breakfast radio show in Australia is turned upside down when a one-off prank call turns into a real life, on-air soap opera. Final song: Mélopée by Ezéchiel Pailhés Support us on Patreon!
03/08/22·57m 48s

Before the Law

To some, he’s “the world’s number one self-hating Jew” and to others, he’s simply “the most hated lawyer in New York”. But he’s no pushover, and he's made some unlikely friends over the course of his legal career. Final song: Jeffrey Lewis - Now We've Beat That Stupid Virus We Can Get Back to Our Stupid Lives Help us make more incredible radio. Become a Patreon member today at
20/07/22·41m 39s

Seasons 8 and 9 Are Coming!

We're back! Every episode from Seasons 8 and 9 will be available free and worldwide, beginning on July 21 and publishing every other week after that. Plus new Secrets Hotline episodes!
06/07/22·2m 4s

Cathedrals Have a Body Count

There are few lawyer/performance artists in the world but, for Vanessa Place, practicing both is a logical marriage. Each relies on the sculpting of language, whether representing indigent sex offenders, or reciting relentless, uncomfortable work to a mortified audience.
07/11/19·30m 55s

Mr. Mop

A good boy always cleans up the mess.
24/10/19·28m 5s

The Episode About Animals

The animal world is a special world.
12/10/19·30m 41s

Necessary Measures

In 1981, Alex Pacheco went undercover at the laboratory of Dr. Edward Taub, a neuroplasticity researcher conducting experiments on macaque monkeys.
26/09/19·35m 51s

Mean, Mean

The age-old question of nature versus nurture.
15/08/19·38m 48s

The Secrets Hotline, Vol. IV

Our listeners divulge their deepest and darkest secrets. To leave your own secrets for a future show, call +1 (641) 715-3900, then dial 55403#. This show has moved to Luminary! For more info, go to
01/06/19·27m 6s

Black Feminist Thot

Mistress Velvet specializes in the subjugation of white men.
23/04/19·28m 4s

Such is the Way to the Stars

Richmond, Virginia: Sic Itur Ad Astra.
21/11/18·1h 20m

The Secrets Hotline, Vol III

Our listeners divulge their deepest and darkest secrets. Sound design by Stephen Vitiello. Final song: Chipmunk Party by Maja Ratkje. To leave your own secrets on a future secrets show, call +1 929 SECRETS.
13/10/18·42m 22s

The Battle of Cumorah

Mike Norton has a change of heart. Produced by Noam Osband. Final song: Emblem by Colin Self.
01/10/18·54m 44s

F Your Feelings

Evan has a secret.
23/08/18·38m 18s

The Recruiter

Rob Navarro: gospel singer, the voice of Spanish-language Ronald McDonald, and one of the most successful gay pornographers in America.
29/06/18·54m 16s

Counter Melody

Bob Padgett, a violin teacher from Plano, Texas, believes he’s found the answer to a 119-year-old mystery. Produced by Daniel Estrin. Final song: Atmospheres Touch by Lucrecia Dalt.
17/05/18·19m 11s

L+R Presents: Secrets from Showcase

Secrets, as you probably know, have been a lifelong obsession for us at L+R. So when Radiotopia’s Showcase podcast decided to put out a series called “Secrets,” we were all over it like flies on sherbert. It comes to us from Mohamed El Abed and Martin Johnson, with additional production from Åsa Secher, from the … Continue reading L+R Presents: Secrets from Showcase →
19/01/18·34m 1s

The Secrets Hotline, Vol. II

Awkward, funny, and tragic. You tell us your deepest darkest secrets. Featuring totally original music from Build Buildings. Leave your own secret at +1 641 715 3900, extension 55403#.
21/12/17·22m 2s

44 Years

Albert Woodfox lived in solitary confinement in prison longer than any other American, confined to a 6 foot by 9 foot cell for 23 hours each day—for nearly 44 years. Produced in collaboration with Amnesty International UK. Final song: It’s My Brown Skin by Helado Negro.
06/11/17·34m 58s

Murdertown, USA

Content warning! If you’re squeamish around violent stuff, you should skip this one. Will is a collector. Final song: Pour Endormir les Démons by Merle Bardenoir from Chants D’Avant L’Aube.
24/10/17·41m 16s


Meags loves photo booths. Final song: Laisse Autant Le Vent Tout Emporter by Les Breastfeeders
13/10/17·30m 34s

For Science!

Karaoke is Alex’s main gig, but that’s not how he makes his money. Final song: Road Soda Reggae by Indian Agent.
28/09/17·33m 59s

The Boys Will Work It Out

Adult content. Listener discretion is advised. Since a child, Sarz had a deep connection to the Lord of the Rings books. After the movie version came out in 2003, that connection went several layers deeper. Outro song: By Your Side (Sade cover), performed by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.
06/07/17·44m 42s

Relevant Questions

A preview of our next season, coming at you NEXT MONTH! Doug Williams has been waging a war for decades against the polygraph machine (aka the lie detector). Produced by Jacob McCleland and Ana Adlerstein.
15/06/17·43m 36s

The Secrets Hotline

Recordings from the Secrets Hotline, with original music and production by George Langford. Find more of George’s work at You can leave your own secret at +1 (641) 715-3900, extension 55403#.
06/04/17·24m 41s

La Retirada, Part Three

With Carlos' enemies enraged, the Gomez family is forced into hiding with the Witness Security Program, or WITSEC. But making a clean break from the past is a lot harder than they expected.
24/03/17·30m 33s

La Retirada, Part Two

The story continues as Rocío Gómez divorces her husband Rodrigo, a master drug trafficker in Colombia. Rocío and her children move to Miami where she begins a relationship with a new man, Carlos, whose dangerous past with the mafia catches up with Rocío’s family.
10/03/17·39m 52s

La Retirada, Part One

In Colombia, Rocío Gómez marries into an empire of wealth and power. She is told the family operates a low-profile import/export business, and finds comfort in her role as wife and mother. However, she soon learns the family business is not what it seems as Rosio becomes entangled with drugs, money, and mafioso. Produced in … Continue reading La Retirada, Part One →
03/03/17·30m 13s

How to Argue

We revisit Daryl Davis and ask him, "how should we argue?"
11/02/17·40m 31s

Blink Once for Yes

When Mike comes home, his family is faced with a new reality and an impossible choice. Produced by John Fecile.

Doing The No No

Adam Zaretsky is a bioartist who explores the manipulation of DNA, the fringes of genetic modification, and butts up against the ethical boundaries of science and beyond.
02/12/16·1h 14m

Wood Fighting with Steel

Deep in the woods of Norway, a man from a strange, foreign land chops wood and reminisces over the love of his life from a bygone time. Produced by Sindre Leganger for NRK.
17/11/16·29m 51s

Upper Left

Julie needed a fresh start, so she moved back home to the Bay Area, and made a new group of friends.
28/10/16·34m 55s

The Enemy Within

A co-production with the podcast Reckonings. In the 1980s, Glenn Loury was one of the most prominent black conservative intellectuals in the United States, and was selected to be a top official within the Reagan administration. Unexpectedly, however, he withdrew his consideration before being appointed.
13/10/16·1h 5m

An Old Lion or a Lover’s Lute, Special Extended Cut

Jerome and Ana work a couple blocks from one another in Oakland, California. When Jerome called out to her in the street, she pulled out her microphone and asked if he could repeat what he said to her. This is the conversation that followed. And, the conversation that followed that conversation.
27/08/16·47m 41s

On The Shore Dimly Seen

One day in the no-touch torture of detainee 063.
22/07/16·47m 6s

The Neighborhood

Love + Radio presents: "The Neighborhood" by Scott Carrier
24/06/16·24m 54s

Deep Stealth Mode

From our friends at the Here Be Monsters podcast: Marlo Mack gave birth to a son. At least, she thought she did. But her son crawled towards dresses, wanted to be a princess, and asked to grow long blonde hair. At age 3, Marlo's son asked to go back into mommy's tummy, so he could come back out as a baby girl. Marlo thought it was a phase--it wasn't.
25/02/16·20m 47s

Discarnate Rebel Angel

In the remote, high deserts of New Mexico, Timothy Wyllie reflects on a life of testing the limits of reality and spirituality.
22/10/15·28m 12s

A Red Dot

Frank has been an advocate for the perhaps the most universally abhorred group in America: sex offenders.
24/09/15·55m 33s

Greetings from Coney Island

Rachel Prince receives a mysterious letter from 1938.
29/07/15·27m 57s

The Adventures of Zoe Nightingale

For the last few years, Zoe Nightingale has been recording random, often hilarious, and sometimes harrowing conversations with people from all walks of life, exploring the balancing act of sin and virtue.
25/06/15·25m 19s


Paul Wood was sentenced to life in prison for murder at age 18, and began his adult life negotiating the social dynamics of some of New Zealand's toughest prisons, including the maximum security wing of Paremoremo Prison (now Auckland Prison).
23/05/15·35m 6s

Thank You, Princess

Ceara Lynch has a ten year career as a self-described humiliatrix, catering to a wide variety of sexual fetishes over the internet, and gaining exposure to a unique part of the human psyche.
27/03/15·46m 31s

The Living Room

Diane's new neighbors across the way never shut their curtains, and that was the beginning of an intimate, but very one-sided relationship.
06/03/15·22m 53s

An Old Lion, or a Lover’s Lute

Jerome and Ana work a couple blocks from one another in Oakland, California. When Jerome called out to her in the street, she pulled out her microphone and asked if he could repeat what he said to her. This is the conversation that followed.
19/12/14·29m 1s

Of Birds and Boundaries

An eruv is a ritual enclosure that allows religious Jews to negate rules against carrying certain objects (like housekeys or strollers) during the Sabbath. This conversation is not about that.
25/09/14·29m 5s

Choir Boy

Tom Justice is passionate about cycling, and was on the shortlist for the US Olympic Team. Also, he’s a bank robber.
21/08/14·33m 37s


Charles Farrell was born to a sophisticated middle class family in Boston, but at age 12, he left home and came of age on the street, joining “low-life culture”, the underbelly of boxing, and avant garde piano.
29/07/14·49m 8s

Hostile Planet

We think of certain events as profoundly life-altering. Getting married or emigrating to a new country, say. But you can always get divorced, and you can almost always move back. Taylor is weighing a life decision from which there would be no turning back.
13/05/14·23m 54s

Another Planet

The true story of Clyde Casey, a street performer who used surrealism and abstract art to fight crime in Los Angeles’ Skid Row in the 1980s, and the creator of a place called Another Planet. Also featuring the voices of Tim Robbins (yes, THAT Tim Robbins), Lonnie Johnson, Flame Simon, and Richard Haxton.
08/04/14·31m 48s

The Silver Dollar

Music is Daryl Davis’ profession, but extreme racism is his obsession.
27/02/14·38m 31s

The Pandrogyne

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is the founding fa/mo/ther of Industrial music, a performance artist, and a very, very, very devoted husband.
10/12/13·28m 5s

Jack and Ellen

Hey kids, this interview isn’t for you. You should skip this one. Ellen was struggling for money, working as a Subway “sandwich artist” (yes, that’s a real thing). So she decided to find a new job, and settled on one that allowed her to make over $30,000 for just a couple hours of work each … Continue reading Jack and Ellen →
21/02/13·30m 3s

Greenberg’s War

Lewis Greenberg is an artist unlike any other, a winner of the coveted Geezer of the Year award, and a man on a mission–much to the chagrin of his Ballwin, Missouri neighbors.
22/12/12·22m 36s

Seventy Weeks

Andre Taylor identified strongly with Daniel from the Bible, who interpreted the visions and dreams of kings. And like Daniel, he spent 3 years in a Babylonian captivity of sorts. But Daniel never had quite the unorthodox career path of Andre.
19/07/12·34m 56s

The Man in the Road

On a late night along an empty Utah highway, Melvin Dummar says he came across a bloodied man lying by the road. It’s cliched to say this, but it’s really true: the story of that discovery would profoundly alter the course of his life forever.
26/05/11·26m 23s

The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt

Jay Thunderbolt’s business card is a little mysterious. It reads, “Thunderbolt – Party Naked” and gives a phone number.
11/04/11·28m 16s

Dirty Balloons

Amy was dead broke when she found a Craigslist ad looking for a balloon porn fetish model.
09/11/10·30m 4s
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