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A Story About My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day! This story is dedicated to my mother and is about my mother Susan Tan. For the past nine years, I’ve recorded most of our telephone conversations. In 2019, when my mother found herself in her 70s, newly divorced after more than 40 years of marriage and looking for the next love of her life, I started to record more of our conversations. What started as daughter-to-mother exchanges of advice, has turned into an eight-part Audible Original series called “Now or Never: How to Find Love When Love Feels Impossible.”  Together, we made this series with the intention to inspire and encourage anyone who has given up on love. Throughout the series, I am my mother’s dating coach. I help her navigate making a dating profile, scammers, ghosters, going on a first date, getting heartbroken — all the ups and downs of love and dating. This is episode one. To listen to the entire series go to Thank you so much for listening!
14/05/2339m 26s

WILD: Erick Tells Megan His Love Story (Part II)

Erick continues telling Megan his wild rom-com love story. He’s excited about a trip to Mt. Rushmore, but he’s upset when one of Luna’s exes crashes the party. This is part two of a nine-part serialized rom-com for your ears. The scenes and characters in this episode are inspired by Erick Galindo's life, but it's a fictional story. To listen to the full rom-com go to or subscribe to WILD from LAist Studios wherever you get your podcasts. The episode is intended for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised.
04/05/2330m 50s

WILD: Erick Tells Megan His Love Story (Part I)

Erick Galindo tells Megan Tan the wildest thing he did for love. It all goes back to meeting Luna, a woman from Southeast Los Angeles. She could be the one. This is part one of a nine-part serialized rom-com for your ears. The scenes and characters in this episode are inspired by Erick Galindo's life, but it's a fictional story. To listen to the full rom-com go to or subscribe to WILD from LAist Studios wherever you get your podcasts.  The episode is intended for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised.
04/05/2331m 15s

WILD: Megan Tells Erick Her Love Story

We made a rom-com! Megan Tan tells Erick Galindo a rom-com inspired by the time she fell in love during a wild time in her life when time itself felt distorted and sped up to an exponential degree. It’s a fiction meets non-fiction romantic comedy… sort of. Megan Tan explains. The episode is intended for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised. To listen to more audio rom-coms go to or subscribe to WILD from LAist Studios wherever you get your podcasts.
04/05/2344m 1s

#Bonus Welcome Back

Megan is back behind the mic with a brand new podcast Snooze by LAist Studios. She’s still tackling life and dreaming big. So big, that she’s made a podcast dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and dreams. How millennial.
02/05/2240m 41s

#47 Saying Goodbye

When you’re saying goodbye to a big part of your life, where do you begin?  
16/08/1719m 17s

#46 Sharp Turns

When life puts roadblocks in front of your dreams how do you recover?
02/08/1720m 7s

#45 In Cases of Unusual Dependence

On today’s episode, something we’ve never done before: a round table. How do you define yourself as an individual while also defining yourself as part of a couple?
19/07/1714m 57s

#44 Chuck & Choice

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions. I sit down with Chuck, my boyfriend’s father and a 70-year old swift decision maker, to understand how he approaches big decisions.
07/07/1714m 25s

#13 Long Distance Love Story (Rerun)

To celebrate Pride month, we’re replaying an episode about two young women, a 10-year relationship, and 4,500 miles between them.
21/06/1726m 50s

#43 “Unrehabilitatable”

What happens when a judge brands you “unrehabilitatable” at age 28?  This month, each of the Radiotopia shows is interpreting the theme Doing Time, to welcome the new member of the collective, Ear Hustle. Visit to hear all the Doing Time episodes, and to subscribe to Ear Hustle – you’ll hear a preview of it at the end of this episode.
07/06/1715m 26s

#42 Growing Pains

I love Maine, but sometimes I feel isolated here. Could my creative problems be solved if I moved to New York City? 
17/05/1717m 28s

#41 Not By Accident

What happens when you become a single mother by choice? We’re featuring an episode from Not By Accident.
03/05/1719m 10s

#40 One Way Ticket

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless stream of bad news on social media. But what happens when you stop scrolling and take action?
19/04/1719m 31s

#39 Seeing Red and Blue

When you start to see the world in only two colors — red and blue — how do you burst your own bubble?
05/04/1727m 57s

#38 We Grew Up Here

My parents have lived in the same house for over 40 years. It’s where we all grew up. But when they want to sell it, we say goodbye to more than just the house.
22/03/1734m 4s

#37 Your Tax Return, Yourself

Taxes can be scary and confusing. Maybe it’s because all of that paperwork forces us to take responsibility for our choices. But what happens when the IRS sees you differently than you see yourself?
08/03/1724m 36s

#36 Patria o Muerte

Is it possible that a country’s policies can change the way people see themselves? How much of your identity is you — and how much of it is your country?  
22/02/1733m 13s

#35 Alas Para Volar

Can a woman have it all?  It’s an age-old question. But in Cuba, a country caught between a machismo culture and some of the most progressive policies in the world, the answer isn’t easy.
08/02/1725m 34s

#34 Pies Secos, Pies Mojados

“ Pies Secos, Pies Mojados” or “Wet Foot, Dry Foot.” In the U.S., it’s the nickname of a piece of legislation, but in Cuba, it’s been the key to a dream. To what lengths will Cubans go to make that dream a reality?
25/01/1728m 13s

#33 No Es Fácil

I’ve always romanticized Cuba as a mysterious forbidden island. But when I go there to visit a friend, I learn growing up on the island is far more complicated than anything I could have expected. This is the first episode of a four-part series on Cuba.
11/01/1726m 24s

#32 Auld Lang Syne

After a year of making Millennial full-time, my editor Devon and I sit down together to reflect on what’s happened and make a plan for next year. But how do you set goals when you don’t know exactly what you want?
21/12/1621m 48s

#31 Three Turkeys and Some Egg Rolls

Holidays are stressful, especially in an election year. But things get more complicated when you’re bringing someone home with you ** and even more stressful when you’re the person they’re bringing home. **** How do you successfully maneuver your significant other’s family? **** Make it into a game.**
07/12/1628m 55s

#30 Thirty-Year Plan

It’s scary to make long-term commitments, but living year-to-year isn’t always comfortable. For the first time, I’m starting to consider the 30-year-plan.
17/11/1625m 41s

#29 You Can’t Go Home Again

The plan is to grow up and chase after your dreams, but what if getting closer to your goals means moving farther from your family?
04/11/1625m 50s

#28 With Love From The Heart

Even after you break up with someone, they’ll always be part of you. We’re featuring an episode on jealousy from The Heart.
19/10/1622m 6s

#27 Work in Progress

I’ve always heard you shouldn’t meet your heroes because they might not live up to your expectations. But is there something to be gained from getting real?
05/10/1622m 23s

#26 Werner

Time capsules come in many forms. When you stumble upon one, you never know what part of your former self you’ll remember.
21/09/1620m 4s

#25 Must Love Podcasts

I thought hiring Millennial’s first apprentice would be easy but I quickly realize judging people based on so little information is daunting. How do you decide who’s the right match for you?  
08/09/1630m 38s

#24 Will Work for Free

I always thought I knew where I stood when it came to unpaid internships until I found myself with two unpaid interns of my own.
17/08/1632m 56s

#23 Systems Check

When you sprint toward your career for years and you finally get there, how do you prevent yourself from burning out? How do you pace yourself?
03/08/1629m 50s

#22 Screw It, I’m Going Outside

It’s summer and I want to go outside. So I shut down my computer and go off on an expedition to understand an unknown world unfolding right under my nose — The Poké-world.
20/07/1626m 14s

#21 Moving Out

When you move back home with your parents it’s hard to feel like you’re growing up. But what really makes you an adult? And what if parenting an adult child is just as confusing as being your 20s?
06/07/1624m 41s

#20 Haves and Have-Mores

After college, I thought everyone was on equal footing. But that’s not always the case. How do you come to terms with your own financial status when your close friends are living lives you can’t afford?
22/06/1630m 42s

#19 Message in a Bottle

Look around the Internet and you’ll see people sharing intimate thoughts and bearing their souls — including me. Why do we feel more comfortable publishing the secrets of our lives online — but keep them from the people who are closest to us?
07/06/1625m 16s

#18 Nothin’ But Net

It’s always been my dream to play with the pros. Now, after months of practicing it all comes down to one game and one decision.
17/05/1628m 43s

#17 Fake It Till You Make It

How do you turn a passion project into a business? After I quit my job, I have to find out. The only problem is, I don’t know anything about running a business.
04/05/1625m 26s

#16 Double Life

For months, I’ve lived a double life and suffered the consequences. Now, I’m forced to reevaluate what life I want to live.
04/05/1634m 50s

#15 Good Cop, Bad Cop

Spending most of my savings makes me anxious but when my car dies I don’t have a choice. Luckily, my boyfriend’s father Chuck comes to my rescue and guides me through the world of used cars. Our mission: to find a cheap car that’s not a dud.
02/04/1631m 7s

#14 I Never Talk About Politics

What happens when an Asian-American millennial decides to run for mayor in one of the whitest states in America? Politics gets ugly.
14/03/1636m 53s

#13 Long Distance Love Story

After 10 years, two people living 4,500 miles apart have to decide how and when they will physically live in the same place.
14/02/1626m 32s

#12 When Would We Get Married?

After four years of being in a relationship, my boyfriend and I have never talked about marriage. But after sitting down with my family, all of that changes.
01/02/1628m 15s

#11 Facebook, Mexico & Peter Pan

When things aren’t working out the way you had expected, it’s tempting to jump on an airplane or a boat and leave everything behind. I know a lot of people who have done it, including myself.
11/01/1629m 41s

Making Millennial: An Out-Of-Body Experience

What’s it like to document your life and make it into a story? It’s weird, for sure. In this bonus episode, I explain the out-of-body experience I have, my thoughts on vulnerability, and the production process behind putting this show together.
18/12/1526m 20s

#10 Best of Both Worlds

In the season finale find out what happens when you are forced to choose between a 9-to-5 job and being your own boss.
29/11/1535m 3s

#9 Becoming More of a Somebody

After an intense interview for a fellowship in Washington D.C. my future hinges on if I receive an email or a phone call — if I am accepted or rejected.
16/10/1520m 31s

#8 Let the Games Begin

Job interviews are stressful, especially when it’s for the position of your dreams and you’re competing against nine other people. But is it worth it to become something you’re not and to play the game so someone will hire you?
18/09/1528m 21s

#7 What’s Your Worth?

The big question is always, “How do you convince people to pay you to do what you love?” But what happens when the dream starts to come true and you’re not ready for it?
22/08/1526m 2s

#6 The NYC Fairy Tale

After months of submitting job applications with no luck, I find myself doing something unexpected — traveling to New York City, sitting in front of important people, and asking them for a job.
21/07/1527m 20s

#5 Men, Moms & Money

What happens when your significant other’s career takes off and you’re left behind? Tough conversations take place.
02/06/1526m 45s

#4 Nothing To Lose

Why do we become our worst enemies when it comes to pursuing the things we actually want? I’ve been there. This is the origin story of making Millennial and the nitty gritty mess that led to the first episode.
24/04/1522m 37s

#3 Brunchies

Following your dreams is not always glamorous, especially when you could get stuck in “transition.”
28/02/1521m 58s

#2 Living on “The Line”

Decisions. How do you know which ones will lead you to become the person you want to be in the future? And which ones may screw everything up?
30/01/1522m 8s

#1 Welcome To Millennial

1 Welcome To Millennial by Megan Tan
16/01/1512m 17s
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