Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You

Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You

By Kelly&Kelly

Starring comedian Peter Oldring, Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You is a satirical show about an under-qualified, over-confident, lifestyle entrepreneur. Featuring interviews with successful people - like celebrities, thought leaders, business moguls - It is a one-stop shop for life strategies to help you “crush” it.


12: Distance Healing with Aurora Browne

Dexter is back on the investment train, going all in on chia seeds. He answers your questions in the first edition of Dexter’s Mail Sack. Finally, he chats face-to-face with a distance healer. Featuring Aurora Browne from Baroness von Sketch Show.
26/02/1922m 45s

11: New Endings with Catherine Reitman

After hitting rock bottom (a basement in Bakersfield), your favorite thought leader is back with some thoughts on new beginnings - who needs ‘em! Then Catherine Reitman from Workin’ Moms stops by to tell Dexter all about her huge Netflix deal.
20/02/1922m 58s

Trailer: Dexter Guff Is Smarter Than You

He's back and publishing weekly! Buckle up and get ready to have your life changed... maybe for the better.
08/02/192m 17s

Panoply Fall 2017 Trailer

We’re thrilled to present Panoply’s Fall 2017 lineup of shows. They include the satirical self-improvement show “Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You (And You Can Be Too),” the creepy paranormal series “Haunted,” “Family Ghosts,” in which people play detectives in their own family mysteries, “You Must Remember Manson,” which dives into the links between Charles Manson and Hollywood, the immersive fiction podcast “Tumanbay,” and “Battle Scars,” which features frank and sometimes funny conversations with the men and women fighting today’s wars.In addition to new shows, season 2 of “By The Book” launches with Jolenta and Kristen trying to go on a digital diet, “Why Oh Why” talks with the founder of a dating app for men with beards, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” offers holiday happiness hacks, “Happier in Hollywood” considers whether holiday gifts are necessary in the workplace, and “Side Hustle School” revisits some of its best hustlers.Learn more about all our shows at https://www.panoply.fmLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/11/173m 32s

10: Missing Dexter Guff

After an interview with the author of the book “How to Monetize Your Vacation” goes horribly wrong, Dexter disappears. Documentarian (and Guffhead) Craig Simpson steps in to take the case.
10/11/1718m 24s

9: Live from Innovation Now

Dexter does a special on-location episode from the Innovation Now conference in Pittsburgh. He is joined by various conference attendees including Steve Jobs and Heather Hamilton. Plus, Dexter finally sits down with his thought leader crush, Sharon Doyle.
03/11/1719m 45s

8: Quitting and Hiring

Dexter’s long-time producer, Tammy, announces she is leaving the company for another job. In light of this news, Dexter give a Thought Release about “transitions” and his feature interview is with America’s best corporate recruiter, Zeb Cooper (George Basil).
27/10/1719m 52s

7: Everyone Needs An Executive Assistant

The theme for this episode is all an elaborate ploy by Dexter to interview the executive assistant of the woman he has fallen for, Sharon Doyle. During this interview Dexter obtains information about Sharon’s likes, dislikes and most importantly the name of the conference she will soon be attending. Dex sets a plan in motion to surprise Ms. Doyle with a visit.
20/10/1722m 40s

6: Train Your Brain To Face Your Enemies

During this episode, Dexter decides to face some personal and professional enemies head on: Dex confronts the man who claims “Guff Pills” gave him kidney stones. While on a roll, he attempts to reconcile a long standing/self imposed feud with the man now married to his ex wife.
13/10/1724m 32s

5: Why Everyone Should Start A Conference

Dexter explains why starting a conference will give you instant credibility. He interviews conference organizer Heather Hamilton to learn about the “Do’s and Don'ts” of throwing a killer event. He also confides in Heather about his frustrations over his unrequited crush, Sharon Doyle. 
06/10/1718m 58s

4: How To Lead Other People’s Kids

When Dexter’s producer Tammy is forced to bring her delinquent son Conner to work, Dex shifts the focus of the episode and intervenes in this troubled teens life. After an intense one on one with Conner, the two decide to go into business with each other. Dexter also runs into some legal trouble over ‘Guff Pills’, his trademarked brain supplement.
29/09/1719m 39s

3: Creating Your Own Bubble

Dexter explains how to create a “Personal Bubble” around oneself to block out any unwanted influence. He interviews world famous “Bubbleprenuer” Russell Durant and learns why it’s important to block out negative people, including family. Dexter also begins to develop a crush on another Thought Leader”. 
22/09/1722m 58s

2: Why Meditation Makes You Weak

Former meditation guru turned ‘busy brain’ evangelist, Nancy Newman joins Dexter to talk about the benefits of having a full mind. Dexter launches ‘Hot Guff Talking Yoga’ and he gives his Twitter followers tips on upping their selfie game.
15/09/1725m 48s

1: You Don’t Exist Without a Personal Brand

Personal branding expert Steve Jobs joins Dexter to talk about how to create global envy with your public persona. Dexter gives a "Thought Release" on how a strong personal brand will help you succeed in any career. And he answers questions posed to him on Twitter.
08/09/1718m 27s

Introducing: Dexter Guff Is Smarter Than You (And You Can Be Too)

Coming soon, a new podcast from thought leader Dexter Guff, that will help you lead a better life.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/08/174m 2s
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