A Very Fatal Murder

A Very Fatal Murder

By The Onion

A Very Fatal Murder sends Onion Public Radio (OPR) correspondent David Pascall from New York City to the sleepy town of Bluff Springs, Nebraska to investigate the mysterious death of a 17-year-old girl, Hayley Price. Hayley was a popular, smart animal lover, with a bright future ahead of her. Everyone in town knew her name, and now everyone in town is a suspect. Join David as he works to understand why the initial investigation of Hayley’s death failed, and how a very inquisitive and Pulitzer-hungry podcast host might shed new light on the case.


Episode 6: The Game Changer

In the finale of “A Very Fatal Murder,” David returns to where it all began to finally solve the murder of Hayley Price.
05/02/189m 27s

Episode 5, Part 2: Did My Police Department Miss Something?

David finally confronts W.O. Calloway about the murder of Hayley Price.
05/02/187m 57s

Episode 5, Part 1: Did My Police Department Miss Something?

In the first part of an extra-long and incredibly poignant episode of “A Very Fatal Murder,” David returns to the Bluff Springs Police Department to search the evidence locker in hopes of finding the long-lost key to Hayley Price’s Murder.
05/02/189m 40s

Episode 4: The Official Story

David recruits Onion Public Radio’s robust team of interns to recreate the night of Hayley Price’s murder in order to determine once and for all if a person can really die from a simultaneous gunshot-stabbing-strangling-drowning. Plus: A major twist.
05/02/189m 36s

Episode 3: Calloway Day

David attends Calloway Day to see exactly how middle-class America celebrates what little they have, and to see just how deep a hold W.O. Calloway has on the townspeople of Bluff Springs.
05/02/1810m 42s

Episode 2: What I Know And What I Don’t Know Yet

David conducts preliminary interviews with those connected to the murder of Hayley Price.
05/02/1812m 11s

Episode 1: A Perfect Murder

Onion Public Radio reporter David Pascall, who has long searched for the most resonant true-crime podcast that is also about middle America, heads to Bluff Springs, NE where the small town is reeling from the death of 17-year-old Hayley Price.
05/02/1813m 39s

Introducing: A Very Fatal Murder

From The Onion and Onion Public Radio (OPR), A Very Fatal Murder takes one intrepid podcaster, David Pascall, to the sleepy town of Bluff Springs, Nebraska to explore the unsolved murder of Haley Price, a really hot white girl. The first episode premieres February 5th.
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