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Two of the advertising industry’s most innovative and thought-provoking voices provide an unfiltered perspective on the signals in the noise -- exclusively on the iHeartPodcast Network.Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon host conversations with the advertising industry’s best practitioners on the new and next in marketing, media, and creativity every other Tuesday. Each episode, Laura and Alexa spot marketplace trends, introduce inspiring talent, and debate ideas and business models - providing listeners with actionable perspectives to bring back to everything from brainstorms to boardrooms.Adlandia is a practitioner's podcast where critical thinking meets creativity, and pitch points, talk tracks, and the “way it’s been done before” aren’t allowed.Follow the show on Twitter @adlandiapodcast and please subscribe for future episodes. #iHeartAdlandia


Building and Scaling Niche with Morning Brew

Alex Lieberman (Executive Chairman) and Austin Rief (CEO) of Morning Brew drop by Adlandia to talk about their newsletter’s college campus start and future roadmap to serve their 3MM+ subscribers. Hear how they are finding product market fit, building and scaling niche audiences, and creating horizontal extensions for IP franchises including commerce ideas and curriculum services for the next generation of business leaders. Ted Lasso x Morning Brew collaboration anyone? Plus, our partners from Yieldmo return for a new 4-part series on how they are reimagining contextual targeting. Learn more about your ad-choices at
21/09/2158m 1s

You Said, We Did with Dara Treseder

On this episode we're catching up with Peloton's SVP of Global Marketing and Communications, Dara Tresder, to talk all things Peloton - from brand access to programming to influence and beyond. Dara gives us insight into Peloton's data-driven "you said, we did" approach to supporting members as well as a look into the brand's communications framework. Plus, the power of community and Dara's thoughts on creative effectiveness and brand authenticity. See you on the leaderboard, Adlandia!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
29/06/2146m 57s

Are we there yet? The Audio Expanse with Steve Wilson

In his podcast debut, Steve Wilson, a staple name in podcasting, stops by Adlandia to talk about where podcasts are going next, creating scripted fiction in audio, the opportunities that exist for brands in the space, and why he is excited about his new role as Chief Strategy Officer at podcast studio, QCODE.  Plus Alexa and Laura talk about innovation in the podcast industry and where we could see new audio experiences emerge.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
02/06/2157m 2s

Beyond Brand Purpose with Alain Sylvain

This week we have another independent agency feature with Founder and CEO, Alain Sylvain, of Sylvain - a strategy consultancy focusing on brand and product. Alain walks us through becoming a B-corp, the evolution of brand purpose to brand responsibility, not getting caught in becoming the everything agency and much more. We also get nerdy on media formats and evaluating agency partners beyond their work by considering the practices and actions they uphold against their beliefs. Learn more about your ad-choices at
22/04/2142m 20s

Intentional Words with Rakia Reynolds

Adlandia, we continue to highlight independent agencies and founders. In this episode you’ll meet Rakia Reynolds, Executive Officer & Founder of multimedia strategic communications agency. Skai Blue Media focuses on supporting people, product, and places and is working with some of the biggest brands and talent in the industry. Rakia shares her thoughts on moving from the Year of Words to the Year(s) of the Works and what intentionality with language looks and sounds like. She gives us perspective on the role of talent, communities, and why marketers should consider the impact of nano influencers and meeting them at the kitchen table. Rakia also shares additional projects she's working on to drive the industry forward - including building an AI communications platform and a community to support women in the industry. Plus, Alexa and Laura talk about the intersection of content, channel and commerce in the form of everything from creators to shareholders to open-source briefs. Learn more about your ad-choices at
25/03/2141m 23s

The Power of Connection with Jolie Hunt

This week kicks off a few new upcoming episodes spotlighting Founders and CEOs of independent agencies in the marketing/comms world.  First up, the formidable Jolie Hunt, Founder and CEO of Hunt & Gather. Hunt & Gather is a marketing and communications agency with a special ability to connect influential people and brands through all sorts of experiences - from analog to digital. Jolie shares how she started building relationships both in life and her career, including how selling cars at fifteen honed her ability to listen for the details and make personal connections - skills for which her business has become known. This episode has many simple gems to consider when building community and lasting relationships.  Also, we're back with the fourth segment of our four-part series on making attention actionable with our partners at Yieldmo, and share a few thoughts on media formats that we're currently interested in and thinking about.  Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Adlandia!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
02/03/2140m 58s

The Future of Work is (We Are) Rosie with Stephanie Nadi Olson

We have a packed show ADLANDIA!  First up, Stephanie Nadi Olson, Founder and CEO of We Are Rosie and AdAge's 2020 Creativity Awards Visionary/Founder of the Year, joins us on the mic. A success story still in the making, Stephanie imagined an inclusive marketing/advertising industry, and in just over 2.5 years built We Are Rosie - a flexible, diverse remote workforce with over 6.5k Rosies. Stephanie takes us through her diverse family background which inspired the creation of We Are Rosie, how she bootstrapped a now 7-figure revenue business, how she defines corporate culture, and the conversations she’s having with big tech who are calling her to build a more diverse marketing org of flexible talent to integrate into their full-time teams. We also drop our first segment of The Burning Question with Ian Schafer, Co-Founder and CEO of Kindred. Ian is joined by Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Equity and Impact at Carta to answer this episode’s burning question: Is FoFu (Fear of F’ing Up) holding back CEOs and leaders from making bold decisions? How do we get beyond cancel culture that has seeped into corporate decision making? This episode is dedicated to the life of Marie “Mama” Totaro, June 25, 1930 - December 7, 2020. -- A message from Goodlandia [an Adlandia x Ad Council partnership]: For information on loneliness and mental health support, please visit:   --  Thank you to our partners at Yieldmo for supporting this episode of Adlandia.  To learn how Yieldmo is making attention actionable, visit Learn more about your ad-choices at
15/12/201h 4m

The Hitmaker Formula with Bob Pittman

Get out your notebooks, Adlandia. Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, joins us for a masterclass in marketing, sharing anecdotes and examples of how he's built hit brand after hit brand from MTV to AOL to Six Flags and more. Bob breaks down his thoughts on the balance of "Math & Magic" (also the name of his own podcast), placing bets, creative generation, frequency caps, and the future of subscriptions. He also defines audio, unpacks the power of radio, and reminds us that word-of-mouth should be a marketer's primary KPI.  We'll be rewinding this episode over and over again as Bob sheds light on how he's built businesses through the power of marketing and media.  -- Thank you to our partners at Yieldmo for supporting this episode of Adlandia. To learn how Yieldmo is making attention actionable, visit Learn more about your ad-choices at
03/12/201h 9m

In a Marketing World that is Known

With creative agencies buying up data shops and data shops buying up creative agencies, the advertising/marketing industry is in a constant struggle over gut vs. science.  And while we all continue to debate the answer, Kern Schireson (Chairman & CEO) and Ross Martin (President and CXO) created Known to put creative, strategy and data science on the same playing field. Join us as Kern and Ross talk about why Known’s approach is a world away from the legacy model of tacking on capabilities, how to design for outcomes and intelligence, why they're pairing data scientists and creative directors, and how they're building multi-layered campaigns to deliver great consumer experiences.  Plus, this episode includes the first of a four-part mini-series on making attention actionable with Adlandia partner, Yieldmo. Please visit for more information.  For more of the new and next in media, marketing and creativity, sign-up for Newlandia (it's free!) - a digital content and community platform from Adlandia and New Stand.  Don't miss this week's The Burning Question with Kindred CEO Ian Schafer. Follow @ischafer and @adlandiapodcast on Twitter to join the conversation.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
18/11/2056m 50s

MVPs & Mindfulness on Election Day 2020

It’s here! November 3, 2020. Election Day. On today's episode we catch up with Christian Tom, Head of Digital Partnerships for Biden for President, to learn about his experience on the campaign. Christian shares examples and insights about creating minimum viable products (MVPs), the balance of data versus gut, how the campaign leveraged digital partnerships (Cameo, TikTok, Animal Crossing) to reach consumers where they are, and more. Plus, we spend time with Kristin Mitchell, Founder of Nourish the People, and take a deep breath as she shares wellness tips to transform busy into being. — A message from Goodlandia [an Adlandia x Ad Council partnership]: For information on where and how to vote today, please visit: — For more of the new and next in marketing, media, and creativity, sign-up for NEWLANDIA [an Adlandia x New Stand partnership]. It’s free to register!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
03/11/2056m 8s

Speed Over Perfection with Lisa Sherman

Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council, drops by to share best practices on how to lead during a crisis. Lisa talks through how the Ad Council prioritizes speed over perfection in getting out public safety messaging during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, and how the organization pivoted to open-source briefs to bring ideas to life quickly. We learn more about the history of the Ad Council, how the ad community can get involved, and more on Lisa's career journey to leading the Ad Council's industry-defining agenda. Plus, Nate Nichols, Co-founder of Allyship and Action, stops by to share information about Allyship & Action's State of Equity Summit on October 29-30. To learn more and register visit: — For more of the next and next on marketing, media and creativity everyday, sign-up for Newlandia - an Adlandia x New Stand collaboration: A message from Goodlandia - an Adlandia x Ad Council partnership: Have a voting plan for the election on November 3rd. Visit for more information. Learn more about your ad-choices at
20/10/2044m 40s

ADLANDIA Returns with Malcolm Gladwell

Adlandia returns on it’s new home on the iHeartPodcast Network with special guest Malcolm Gladwell.  Laura and Alexa are back on the mic to share their plans for the future of the show including new feature segments & partnerships. Plus an interview with Malcolm Gladwell, New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of Pushkin Industries, and podcast host of Revisionist History and Broken Record, on what makes great storytelling and even better ads. Malcolm shares some of his favorite ads and his thoughts on the immediacy of and connections built within podcasting. Learn why loyalty is a conversation and novelty is a monologue. Plus, an all new #KillBuyDIY. NEW! Register for Adlandia’s new digital content and community experience, Newlandia, on New Stand. It’s free!  A message from Goodlandia [an Adlandia x Ad Council partnership:  Make a plan to vote early! For more info: Follow Adlandia on Twitter at @adlandiapodcast #iHeartAdlandia Learn more about your ad-choices at
06/10/2045m 14s

Entrepreneur #EEEEEATS: Lessons in Building (The) Infatuation

We'd rate this one 5 stars: on this episode we're sitting down with the authentic, creative, and hysterical founders of The Infatuation, Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, for a masterclass on entrepreneurship. We learn what it takes to build a business like theirs, how they decided to become co-founders, and what growth looks like while staying true to your mission and values. The duo shares why they're becoming known in the ad industry more for the things they won't do, what it means to have good taste, how they got lucky and why they think they'll become the default for restaurant recommendations (and more?). Plus, the latest on EEEEEATSCON (LA, May 18-19) and developing their first original podcast. This episode also marks a defining moment for the show - it's our last episode produced by our friends at Megaphone, fka Panoply. We're indebted to Jacob Weisberg, Matt Turck and Andy Bowers for giving us the opportunity to create this show and give a voice to a like-minded (advertising) community of practitioners who are also innovators, thought leaders, creators, disruptors, and more. Thank you to our Panoply colleagues and producers Laura Mayer, Cameron Drews, Laura Morris & Dana Bialek ( who helped us execute our vision. And a huge thanks to you, our listeners, who have urged us on (and the ad industry!) while joining in on the head nods and wtf's. While this is our last episode at Panoply, it is the beginning of what's next for ADLANDIA. Stay tuned to our Twitter account, @adlandiapodcast, for updates on what we're up to and where we're headed.  We'll talk to you soon, ADLANDIA. - L & A   Learn more about your ad-choices at
04/03/1947m 17s

Take Back the Customer: Social Commerce in 2019

Who better to kick off 2019 than Rachel Tipograph, Founder and CEO of social commerce platform, MikMak, and 2x guest on Adlandia. Rachel calls in to talk about what’s driving MikMak’s incredible growth (up 350%!) with clients including Bose, L'Oreal, P&G, T-Mobile, Under Armour, Unilever and more. Rachel explains how to stop forfeiting your customer to 3rd-party retailers (it may not be worth trying to beat ‘em, so join ‘em, just smarter), shortening the path to purchase, and how DTC and legacy brands ultimately have more in common than we think (also see Rachel’s WARC white paper on DTC impact on legacy brands Come for the education in social commerce, stay for 2019’s first #KILLBUYDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
15/01/1942m 40s

Content Marketing as a Service

We’re talking all things content marketing on our last episode of 2018 with Citia Founder & CEO, Linda Holliday.  Linda talks with us about the paradigm shift from advertising to content, the (invisible) role technology should play for marketers, pursuing a new infrastructure and designing for entirely new spaces. Hear why she thinks B2B advertisers tell big stories in small pieces well, why marketers should always be publishing, and what brands we think did content marketing best in 2018. Plus an all new #KILLBUYDIY. Happy holidays and wishing you the best in 2019, ADLANDIA! Learn more about your ad-choices at
22/12/1839m 11s

A New York (Mag) State of Mind

The CUT, Grub Street,  Intelligencer, Vulture, The Strategist and the list goes on - New York Media, one of the few privately owned media companies, has created a network of largely digital brands, all starting with the beloved and mainstay legacy publication, New York Magazine. Pam Wasserstein, CEO of New York Media, stops by to talk about how brand perspective guides business decisions. We discuss the impact of leveraging the New York lens as a differentiator, launching a subscription model (this week!), and the future of product development through an editorial lens.  Also Pam’s #KILLBUYDIY Learn more about your ad-choices at
01/12/1832m 19s

A Thanksgiving Special Served up with Sara Fischer

Happy Thanksgiving, ADLANDIA! We're back with a Q4 serving of the latest ad industry headlines with Axios media reporter, Sara Fischer. There's much to talk about: the latest planning and buying decisions around scaled digital platforms like Facebook, automated advertising on traditional platforms, new ways to test creative, the collapse of the linear funnel and what to consider when investing budgets in 2019. Sara emphasizes the need for platforms to go digital, and what traditional channels show promise. Don't miss an all-new #KillBuyDIY where Sara bends the rules on what she's killing and (spoiler alert!) buys sports betting. Plus we discuss launching an ad industry book club (who wants in?!). We hope you enjoy this episode over your favorite leftovers.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
24/11/1832m 27s

TLDR: Communications [and courage] in 2018

Deirdre Latour, former GE Chief Communications Officer, reputation consultant and host of podcast FlackU!, visits us to talk about brand and executive communications in 2018. On this episode we talk about the relationship between corporate communications and marketing, and how that manifests in culture. Deirdre shares insights on why brands should avoid packaging the message and focus on authenticity. We discuss the balance of gut and data with a focus on courage, and what skills are required for great communicators (vulnerability, empathy and more) in today's marketplace. Listen to why Deirdre believes every brand can stand for something, and how we can all become better professional communicators externally and internally. This episode may have you starting an F U fund, thinking about being present and changing your email habits. Don't miss an all new #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
30/10/1829m 28s

Start with the Headline

On this episode we're talking PR and communications with Kimry Blackwelder, Sr. Director of Global PR and Social at Cole Haan. We discuss the importance of integrating comms and marketing from the beginning, or concept phase, of ideas and planning, and it’s impact on our obsession with generating earned value. We learn how the PR industry has evolved, the one rule that must be followed, the impact of (micro)influencers and what skills are required to be effective today (hustle is key!). Plus, don't miss an all new #KillBuyDIY where Kimry is killing the traditional press release and tells us how she plans to do it. Learn more about your ad-choices at
18/10/1830m 18s

The Now & Next in Podcasting

Podcasting, we’re still figuring it all out. Nick Quah - founder of podcast newsletter, HotPod - calls in to talk about the current state of the industry. On this episode we're decoupling podcasting from audio, talking about the advertising model (host reads, programmatic and more), discussing formats and why 2014-2018 was an interesting in-between period for the medium. We talk best practices, the biggest signals around acquisitions, and what scale looks like when we move from organic to paid growth. Don't miss why Nick thinks we should think more Headspace, less Netflix about the future of podcasting models and what pods he recommends we all listen to this weekend. Plus, his answers to #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
06/10/1835m 46s

Breaking Down the Blockchain

Returning guest Jarrod Dicker, now CEO of,, a blockchain company for creators,  visits us to talk all things blockchain. In this episode, we get an education on what it is, why we need it and some provocative use cases for how it may just be the thing that upends the media industry. We debate the meaning of premium and who gets to define it, along with the role of publishers in a world where creators carry all the value. We learn about the 3 R's the internet is built from (recency, relevancy, and reputation), and can't help but think out loud "scale f'd it all up".  If you’re not thinking about the blockchain, this episode will change your mind. Can you hear us…BLOCKCHAINLANDIA? Learn more about your ad-choices at
18/09/1841m 3s

The Agency of Others

When the existing system isn’t working, reinvent it. That’s what this week’s guest, Cindy Gallop, industry renegade, stops by the studio to talk about and tells us her philosophy on radical simplicity.  With an unwavering perspective, A + L talk with Cindy about how to live and work your values (regardless of brand, business or individual) to fully capitalize (and monetize) your unique talents, point-of-view, creativity while embracing serendipity and the non-linear career path.  Hear her playbook for finding new business opportunities and why she takes issue with ‘leaning in’ to the current system.  This one is for the ‘misfits’ and ‘others’ who refuse to take the already paved path and knows that reinventing a new system, including a new holding company model is an undoubtedly lucrative and fulfilling path. Also, hear her on-point #KILLBUYDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
04/09/1838m 2s

A Supreme Collaboration: Media and Local Culture

Many New Yorkers stopped what they were doing (us included) when they heard brand phenomenon Supreme wrapped the NY Post with their logo, making a bold, but simple statement. Fascinated with consumer reaction and the clear message around the power of print, L + A sat with the co-leads of Post Studios for a convo about how this NY-based brand collaboration happened, what success looks like at the local level and how to zero in on the asset competitors don’t have. Authenticity and tangibility take center stage when discussing how ads can become collectibles, and strategic collaborations can become iconic cultural moments. Find out what NY’s next media (or marketing-as-a-product) bundle could be, and stick around for #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
22/08/1823m 35s

Sink or Swim: An Agency Model Revolution

Who better to learn about the shifting demands and challenges for ad agencies than from an agency sherpa? Nancy Hill, former CEO and President of the 4As, agency veteran, and Founder of Media Sherpas, shares insights on talent, structuring engagements more like a design firm and the shift in the agency culture that will prepare us for the next creative revolution. Hear how she’s advising the next gen of independent agencies by borrowing from the lessons learned over her career at some of the world’s biggest shops. She tells us how agencies need to be more courageous by sometimes saying no to work and contracts that will ultimately undermine their value (paying for talent and ideas vs. hours and execution). Plus, don't miss her agency-focused #KILLBUYDIY Learn more about your ad-choices at
08/08/1838m 58s

Data Back, Insights Forward

We've all been chasing ways of measuring and understanding consumer sentiment - but have we been doing it right? That's what Knotch CEO and Co-founder, Anda Gansca, questioned as she started her company. Founded in Silicon Valley and pivoting to support brands, Knotch focuses on tracking consumer feelings via content marketing in real time. Anda schools us on blending art and science to create measurement products with compelling rates of return. We learn about System 1 (feeling) vs. System 2 (analytics), and why we shouldn't converge the two if we really want to know what consumers think. We're talking why CMOs should demand first-party data from partners, and the need to shift from cleaning data sets to analyzing insights. Hear why Anda thinks if you're not using data in real time, you're already behind. Come for why she doesn’t really believe in benchmarks, stay for the #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
24/07/1837m 5s

The Changing Face(s) of Cannes

There’s the expected tracks at Cannes and then there’s another track - where collaboration over competition is the spirit, where experimentation is the currency, and where the ones doing the work challenge convention by leveraging unique partners and new ways of thinking. They are meeting after-hours and seeking out new faces and ideas regardless of title or public accolade. It’s a movement that’s uncovering unlikely pairings and new players while quietly, but surely, creating a new way of working for our industry. Alexa and Laura chat with Giant Spoon's participants (hi David, Josh, Janina!) in HP’s #MoreLikeMe program and get candid with Lindsey Slaby, founder of Sunday Dinner, about the change happening at Cannes. Learn more about your ad-choices at
11/07/1840m 51s

Summer of Media Mergers w/ Sara Fischer

Axios’ media star, Sara Fischer, calls in to give Adlandia a deep dive on the AT&T acquisition of Time Warner - now known as Warner Media - what you should know, the upsides for marketers, the things to watch for in other mergers, the future of programming mixes, and what happens to creativity when telco and tech companies are taking over content. Plus hear her newest #KILLBUYDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
22/06/1830m 25s

Should curiosity be a new metric for leadership?

There’s a new wave in consultants, coaches and innovation gurus working with C-level leadership to hone their knowledge and skills around emerging topics and trends.  And while we can learn the Mary Meeker - like insights - doesn’t it all come down to where curiosity meets action? Brad Grossman, founder of Zeitguide, sits down with Alexa and Laura this week to talk about focusing all of the data we’re digesting, and gives us some insight on how to become consciously curious by engaging new resources, thinking like movie producers and pushing beyond our ad industry confines. This episode is meant to provoke the question "Why?" and if we’re asking that question all levels of the game. And don’t miss Brad’s yogi #KILLBUYDIY Learn more about your ad-choices at
12/06/1821m 58s

Innovation is Stuck Inside a Cube

The next great idea is sitting in your office's cubes (or row of open floor desks). Bold creativity, cultural insight and new ways of working are sitting within our organizations amongst junior level talent that isn't given a voice or platform in our decision-making meetings. Rarely are they tapped or encouraged to bring their side passions and hustles into the boardroom which is why some are choosing to exit the industry in pursuit of this passion-meets-purpose utopia. Alexa and Laura sit down with two young guns, Michael Tonge and Cody Levine, who decided to leave ad agency life and turn their side hustle into real businesses.  Listen to their advice for our industry's senior leadership, how they naturally bring their interests and passions into their jobs (authenticity!) and jot down some solid one-liners we'll all be repeating in our next meeting. Don't miss their #KILLBUYDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
30/05/1843m 27s

Girlboss Gang: Creating IP with the Community

Adlandia talks to THE Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, about her journey from ecomm entrepreneur to media founder as the head of her new venture, Girlboss Media. In a cross-coastal phone call, we learn about how coming from a non-media industry has given her an advantage to spot and fill a white space for an existing audience that is seriously passionate about female success. She dishes on what authentic partnerships look like for modern millennial experiences and identifies leveraging a conversation that already exists to create tools and services that enable her community. Find out what she says about not selling impressions, taking the leap of faith every day and how failure was just more of a restart to a new direction.  Plus her girlboss'n #KILLBUYDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
16/05/1845m 51s

While you were Away: DTC Playbook

Jen Rubio, Co-founder of Away, jets in to the studio (and yes she did come toting bags on the way to her 50th flight of the year) to chat with Alexa and Laura on how brand is a crucial agent of growth in the business - - maybe even more than the physical product, focusing on the customer experience and relationship with data,  investing in talent for their mindset and capability not necessarily their resume, and how the industry isn’t thinking about TV (YES TV) the way DTC brands are and seeing it’s value.  All this and her clear-headed, with product recommendation included, #KILLBUYDIY.  Get carried AWAY with this one ADLANDIA. Learn more about your ad-choices at
02/05/1859m 11s

Broadly Speaking: Nothing Starts with No

We go to school this week with lady boss and publisher of Vice’s Broadly, Ari Wengroff, to have an enlightened conversation about what female-led content looks like, how it’s taking main stage, and how many brands still aren’t digging in despite lots of noise and proclamations. Ari talks about her first experiences at Vice and how she took “nothing starts with no” to heart, pushing into new roles and opportunities – including leading the award Emmy-nominated, Woman, on Viceland with legend Gloria Steinem. Ari, Alexa and Laura talk about a challenge to brands around building the the pipes to realize Broadly for Business (let’s do this brand marketers) and hear her well-crafted #KillBuyDIY (we think she practiced). Learn more about your ad-choices at
18/04/1843m 42s

Ditch the Pitch

Josh Sternberg, AdWeek’s tech editor, joins ADLANDIA for a spring break special (where Alexa searches for a signal while calling in from the desert of Arizona) to talk about the changing relationship between trade media & the ad industry's practitioners. Josh hits on why and how marketers should ditch the standard PR pitch to create a more meaningful relationship with trade desks to advance the industry forward. He shares his thoughts on why ideas have can become mediocre by necessity and the dangers of short-termism, while the group jams on how marketers have the opportunity to go beyond messaging to create product with impact and meaning for consumers. Don't miss an all new #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
03/04/1842m 28s

Stuntin' on SXSW: How Westworld IRL Changed the Experiential Game

Howdy y'all! HBO's Westworld raised the bar on experiential marketing at SXSW 2018. Laura and Alexa sat down with the creators behind the project from HBO (Steven Cardwell, Director of Program Marketing) and Giant Spoon (Trevor Guthrie, Co-founder) to learn about the inspiration, strategy, collaboration, and details to bring this fantasy world IRL. We explore adult theme parks, why consumers crave the physical in a digital obsessed world and what talent looks like to achieve something of epic proportions. Don’t miss the BTS gems - bride buyouts, WW coins on eBay and those cowboy hats!!! Plus an all new #KillBuyDIY.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
21/03/1846m 42s

Content or Commercial: Inside Content Studios

We're joined by our first creative this week, Otto Bell, Chief Creative Officer of Turner's Courageous Studio. It seems like every publisher has a "content studio" these days - what gives? We go there with Otto to learn what differentiates this commoditized offering, what marketers should be wary of and why he believes they're poised to become a creative agency of record. We learn why journalists are the secret weapon, and brainstorm what future formats and ad models look like for content creation and IP. Hear this creative's journey from agency to publisher and why the lines will only continue to blur. Don't miss an all new #KillBuyDIY.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
06/03/1843m 6s

Getting into the data-ing game

Alexa and Laura find out that there’s a whole lot more in the business of love that we can all learn from, when they sit down with OkCupid CMO, Melissa Hobley. Hobley and her team have struck a match, balancing marketing with data insights to make true human connections based on spotting signals in behavior. Come to find out if dating apps are killing romance, stay for the mind boggling stats in modern relationships.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
21/02/1837m 37s

Playing for the Championship

Alexa and Laura talk to media & marketing executive turned entrepreneur Ross Martin, Founder & CEO of Blackbird, on building business based on leadership, the relationship between a company’s operating and belief system, and his "free agency" version of betting on leaders now to shape the future. Hear Ross’ view on how leaders of the future will be identified by the portfolio of work they lead vs. job titles and predetermined roles they’ve filled (think: we need to build for the Championship vs. the MVP). Plus advice that framed his success (Thanks, Mom & Dad) and his #KillBuyDIY that has a restaurant recommendation included.  Come for the laughs, leave with a master class in modern leadership. Learn more about your ad-choices at
06/02/1843m 42s

Stop trying to grow fast... grow smart

Sara Fischer, AXIOS media reporter, calls in from DC to share her experience in translating prior ad sales skills into creating the hottest media trends eNL in the industry. Sara talks about how to cut through the noise by focusing on 5 key things, talking to everyone and just going with your gut. Plus she goes there on Facebook's changes being a positive for quality content, the need to focus on owning IP and changing metrics for success (buh bye reach!) and why VCs don't typically invest in media companies.  Plus #KillBuyDIY spoiler: she hopes the industry dynamic between marketers/reporters will change - stop pitching, start partnering. Subscribe to her Tuesday eNL and drop thoughts to  Learn more about your ad-choices at
23/01/1836m 47s

Infatuated with Unlikely Pairings

Welcome to 2018, ADLANDIA! Alexa and Laura kick off the new year with a conversation about unlikely partnerships and collaboration vs competition. This week's guest is Andrew Steinthal, Co-Founder of food discovery site, The Infatuation, who dishes building a brand and community from the ground up, their approach to partnerships and why trust is their most coveted asset. Plus, his very telling answers for the future of the food industry on #KillBuyDIY. Grab your favorite snack and enjoy the first episode of 2018. #EEEEEATS Learn more about your ad-choices at
09/01/1837m 31s

Don't Delegate Your Story with Beth Comstock

ADLANDIA is closing out 2017 with a person who’s had a distinguished impact on the world of business and marketing (and Laura + Alexa), GE Vice Chairwoman Beth Comstock, as she gets ready to embark on her next chapter (her book "Imagine It Forward" drops Fall 2018). Beth talks about the common denominator of great leaders, how to quiet the inner voice of fear, asking for and knowing what you want, and how growing up in Smalltown VA taught her to value the power of a network. She shares advice on sticking to it, not asking for permission, looking for patterns and taking on the job that maybe no one else wants. Listen for the pivotal "rise from the ashes" moment of her career and stay for the #KillBuyDIY. Here's to more ideas in 2018!!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
26/12/1749m 19s

Moving at the Speed of Culture

Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK stops by Adlandia to chat about how he got started as a trend spotter, where PSFK has evolved to and how today’s measurement doesn’t account for the work the industry is doing and where we’re headed. Plus, Laura and Alexa give an extra long rant on what’s inspiring them today and how they apply it to their everyday.  Let’s get at this one ADLANDIA! Learn more about your ad-choices at
12/12/1735m 51s

EXCLUSIVE: Why It's Time for Change with Linda Yaccarino

Linda Yaccarino, Chair(wo)man of Ad Sales and Client Partnerships at NBCUniversal comes by ADLANDIA to give listeners an exclusive on the eve of the highly anticipated "State of the Industry Forum" closed event on Nov. 28 with industry leaders.  Hear why she decided the time is now to act on the "lighting in the a bottle" moment to initiate change and why growing pains can't be the answer anymore. She talks bucking legacy, why the future of the upfront is always on, and leveling the playing field for measurement new and seasoned players. Linda also talks about who's vulnerable to these changes, how she's approaching culture and talent, and lessons in leadership. We're keeping up with Linda's shoe game and plus one'ing her advice to young female hustlers. Plus, don't miss the Yacc's take on #KillBuyDIY!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
27/11/1752m 14s

Mobile Collapsed the Marketing Funnel, now what?

Alexa and Laura are joined by another #girlboss who is changing the face of retail and eCommerce, Rachel Tipograph, Founder & CEO of MikMak. Rachel downloads on why she is betting her career on commerce through social video, why click attribution makes no sense, what CMOs should give a f$@! about right now (and fire their creative agencies) and how content should connect to the bottom line.  Hear why she's focused on the “other side”, predictions for the 2017 holiday season (d2c brands, bundle up) and her special #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at
14/11/1740m 11s

Experience: The New Retail Transaction

Adlandia goes bi-coastal talking to Amanda Latifi, CEO & Co-founder of start-up biz Hafta Have, a responsive sms technology that connects the in-store buying experience to the shopper.  The ladies talk all things retail, the relationship between transaction and experience and how now is the time for brick and mortars to put the power of buying back into shopper’s hands.  Don’t miss Amanda’s #killbuydiy Learn more about your ad-choices at
31/10/1732m 20s

Golden Age of Audio (+ Sugar Monsters)

This week ADLANDIA hangs with audio veteran + Panoply's Chief Content Officer (aka our version of the #podfather), Andy Bowers. He chatted with Laura + Alexa about the rise of podcasting, experimenting with subscription models (insert kid's pod network: Pinna) and his thoughts on how tech unlocks the key to audio scale (but didn't think it would take this long!). He also divulges why he wishes the word podcast could be killed and shares a delightful version of his kid-friendly podcast character, Sugar Monster, in this week's #KillBuyDIY. Plus Laura and Alexa jam about the difference between branded content and content (what's the big friggen difference?!) along with heightened accountability around investing in a brand's promise. ADLANDIA Ask of the Episode: Tweet us about your first podcast experience including the show to @adlandiapodcast + tag a friend you introduced to podcasting! Also, don't forget to leave us a review of your thoughts on the show on your pod app of choice (this one that you're listening in right now!). Thanks #ADLANDIA! - L+ A Learn more about your ad-choices at
17/10/1743m 37s

VICE Gold Rings + Provocative Media Things

This week we kick it with VICE's SVP of Sales, Ben Dietz, to talk how VICE owns their authenticity three decades later, their unabashed approach to do content differently, and the effects of creative-led leadership. We dig into why their team's rhetoric stands out in a sea of industry jargon sameness - yes, we believe the hype! Plus, don't miss our thoughts on "sponsorships", a self-serving ad idea via voicemails and Dietz plays #KillBuyDIY. Also! Don't forget to fill out the Panoply survey at Learn more about your ad-choices at
03/10/1749m 51s

It Ain't Over, Here Comes the Take Over

Andrew Essex, CEO of TriBeCa Enterprises, author of The End of Advertising, and recovering ad man drops by ADLANDIA to talk missed opportunities for brands, building cult fandom and his advice for people early in their ad hustle. Plus Alexa and Laura talk IAB podcast upfronts and the future of audio subscriptions. Learn more about your ad-choices at
20/09/1744m 13s

Summer Rewind

It's the dog days of summer where everything slows down right before things kick back up.  Alexa and Laura go back into the lost files from earlier in the year where they talked to Brad Haugen, Partner at ATTN: an issues-based media company.  An important conversation in building organic audience in a time when attention and impact are hard to come by, they talk to Brad about educating audiences on issues, building talent and tackling topics other publishers aren't thinking about. Sit back, relax and listen to our summer close-out special. Learn more about your ad-choices at
06/09/1744m 19s

Sleep Does a Body (and Brand) Good

The marketing therapy gets real on this episode with Thrive Global Chief Content Officer, Callie Schweitzer. We talk about how well-being should be the next focus for major brands and how the the ad industry can embrace it to get to productivity and enhanced creativity. The ladies talk about how to make micro-changes, micro-hates and how Thrive Global is a conversation, transforming well-being into real action and a vision for the future of work.  Plus, an all new #KillBuyDIY. Episode 14 will have you saying OHM!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
22/08/1736m 55s

Lose Yourself in the Moment with Linda Boff

In this week's CMO Confidential special episode our hosts jam with GE CMO, Dunkin' Brands Board Member, and industry trailblazer, Linda Boff. Linda talks about being the Etsy of marketing, where to zig when others zag, what she looks for in talent and partners, and where brands can drive value. She dishes on embracing failure, why the upfront never made sense to her and what she's obsessing over for the future. Plus what work she's loving and her take on #KillBuyDIY. Bonus: Don't miss what artist embodies Linda when it's go time! Lucky #13 Learn more about your ad-choices at
08/08/1745m 18s

Is It Magic Tuesday Yet?

Imagine waking up on a Tuesday and all the world's banner ads are gone. Laura and Alexa go there with Bloomberg Media CRO, Keith Grossman, while digging in on their 24/7 news deal with Twitter, programmatic not meaning cheap and what brands are willing to pay to reach business-decision-makers. Laura and Alexa also debate renting vs. owning audience and why not every deal between brands and publishers needs media attached to it. Plus Keith's favorite marketoonist and his take on #KillBuyDIY. This is episode 12 - go binge on the dirty dozen!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
25/07/1741m 44s

A little meta, a little Mama

Episode 11 (our guest's lucky number!) is filled with innovative rabbit holes - from what we need to exploit in agency talent to future of programmatic experiences and back again - we explore some of our favorite "off record" convos with strategic partner, Corbin Brown. You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look into why we built ADLANDIA and the importance audio will play in our future as marketers. Plus a surprise phone call with one of our favorite Italian Grandmas on all things social media and bitmojis at the age of 87. Mama brings all the emoji cry-laughing faces. No shortage of side hustles and slashies this week. Learn more about your ad-choices at
11/07/1739m 15s

Focus on the D(evelopment)

Coming off Cannes, Laura and Alexa sit down with Jarrod Dicker, head of innovation and research & development at The Washington Post, who joins ADLANDIA to talk about the value of a Lion and how we democratize The Oscars of our industry. Plus, Dicker's POV on the marriage of creativity and tech, Bezos-isms, new rev models around white-labeled tech products and who he thinks are the best innovation partners (spoiler alert: we don’t hear this one often). Learn more about your ad-choices at
27/06/1745m 36s

Missed Connections

Andrea Silenzi, Panoply family and host of dating + relationship podcast, WHY OH WHY, joins Laura and Alexa to chat about the impact of tech and opportunities for brands in the dating space. There's plenty of brainstorming on where brands can add value (Hello, Airbnb) and interesting insights on the world of dating today (if millennials are the most active daters, isn’t that a huge opportunity for brands to add to their experience?). Plus, L+ A jam on missed connections in media including wellness, offline experiences and talent. Swipe right! Learn more about your ad-choices at
13/06/1746m 17s

The (NY) Times, They Are A Changin'

Crazy eights! On this episode, L+A jam with Meredith Kopit Levien, CRO of The New York Times, on the fall of advertising and future proofing ad models for consumer experience (bye line items!). Levien dives into T-Brand's role at the top of the funnel, acquisitions and why she loves The Daily! Plus L + A talk what's getting their goat 🐐  on creative ad formats - just say no to pre-roll longer than content.  Don't miss an all new #KillBuyDIY.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
30/05/1742m 24s

Mammas Don't Lie

In a Mother's Day special, Laura and Alexa call their moms to talk about brands they love (@Pandora, Chase, Clinique - consumer research here!) and where they get their news, from global sources to local sites. Plus, L&A answer questions from their Twitter followers on subscription models, what works and where the opportunity exists. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this episode, enjoy!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
16/05/1733m 22s

The Power of Partnerships with Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner

Laura and Alexa sit down with the founders of Lenny Letter to talk their transition from behind the paywall to working with brands, stories that bond us, perspective as innovation, and why they'd build Twitter themselves (@jack are you listening?!). Plus they dig into what’s happening in sports programming and the smart partnership between Bloomberg + Twitter. Learn more about your ad-choices at
02/05/1746m 22s

No Winners in the Long Lines

This week Laura and Alexa answer a listener's question from the Twitterverse about the future of influencer marketing and talk about the things they would have done differently in the now infamous Pepsi ad. They also sit down with one of their favorite CEOs in media, the man behind "stay interesting", Carlos Watson of to talk about doing media differently from Silicon Valley, creating communities of “A&Es” (addicts + evangelists) and the future of Ozy as educator and/or matchmaker.  Swipe right! ALSO: You can find our Panoply survey at  Learn more about your ad-choices at
18/04/1747m 0s

BONUS: Crushing on Mika Brzezinski

Special episode…#WCW (Women Crush Wednesday!).  Laura and Alexa sit down with Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, NYT Bestselling author and Know Your Value movement founder to chat about how she found her value through the highs and lows of the news room, what could be next for Morning Joe (MoJoe going global?) and finding the next wave of talent. This #girlboss is real and funny as hell. Oh, and her Joe Scarborough impersonation, is a cherry on top.  Also: you can fill out the audience survey at Learn more about your ad-choices at
12/04/1724m 51s

Experience as Media

This week Laura and Alexa are joined by co-host of Political Gabfest and Atlas Obscura CEO, David Plotz to talk about experience as media, falcon tours, BYOH (bring your own Hipsters!) and secret forts in DC. They also debate why super pacs are forming amongst legacy media companies and how it affects finding and buying audiences for marketers. Plus, don't miss their spin on "Kill, Fuck, Marry" in this week's "Kill, Buy, DIY". Also: you can fill out the audience survey at Learn more about your ad-choices at
04/04/1746m 26s

Spicy Margs To Go: WP Next to SXSW

This week Laura + Alexa bring you inside an exclusive live taping over spicy margaritas at the WP Next Summit with Washington Post's Managing Editor, Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, and CRO, Jed Hartman. Plus, you hear their winners and losers from this year's SXSW and why brands should keep showing up. Welcome to ADLANDIA's warm weather edition!  [Disclaimer: The hosts opinions are their own.] Learn more about your ad-choices at
21/03/1745m 14s

Consultants: The New Conduits of Chemistry

ADLANDIA is back with #girlboss guests Lindsay Slaby, Co-Founder, Sunday Dinner and Melanie Altarescu, a creative marketing consultant, to talk about their fearless step away from corporate agency and publisher positions to build independent consultancies based on their networking savvy, eye for talent, and desire to see brands and creators successfully collaborate with chemistry serving as their north star. We also talk hilarious brief asks (1000 naked people in Times Square, anyone?) and why even big brands still need guidance to find the perfect partner. Plus, Laura and Alexa rant about the emergence of everyday people as citizens-in-chief and why there's no script more effective at communicating the raw emotion and experiences of consumers than consumers themselves. This one’s for the biz dev person and consultant in all of us. [Disclaimer: The views of the hosts are their own.] Learn more about your ad-choices at
07/03/1737m 46s

Trumping Your Values

On our first episode of ADLANDIA, we explore the balance between politics and values for both media companies and brands in a world where fake news has taken center stage. First we discuss the role satire plays in challenging the noise, and then we hear from Jake Horowitz (Co-founder + Editor-at-large of and Ben Cooley (CEO of about what it means to stay authentic. We also talk about which formats communities are engaging with, the role brands can play and their advice for surviving in the most unprecedented time in culture and politics. So get out your notebooks and call off the feel-good efforts! It's time to get to know your core values and think about how offline and online relationships have crossed into a new era. [Disclaimer: The views of the hosts are their own.] Learn more about your ad-choices at
21/02/1740m 16s

ADLANDIA: Coming Feb. 21st

ADLANDIA, hosted by Alexa Christon and Laura Correnti, premieres on Tuesday, February 21st. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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