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From the people who brought you Open Run comes...THE NIGHTTIME NETWORK! Here, you'll find your old pal Stefan's new talk show NIGHTTIME featuring guests like Open Run's own Jesse Williams, photographer Daniel Arnold, actor Zoe Lister-Jones, and musicians like Hamilton Leithauser (The Walkmen) & Martin Rev (Suicide). You'll also find spinoff shows like IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHTTIME—the movie podcast Stefan co-hosts with Ben & Mo—as well as all kinds of bonus content! So pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and throw on a nice warm pair of headphones, 'cause you're not alone in the Nighttime.


"KING OF NEW YORK STORIES" with Richard Price | In the Heat of the Nighttime

We couldn't think of a better gift for you this morning than KING OF NEW YORK STORIES featuring the king of New York stories himself, RICHARD PRICE! Yes, the man behind movies like The Color of Money and Sea of Love, TV shows like The Wire and The Night Of, and books like Lush Life, Clockers, and Ladies' Man joins IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHTTIME to talk Abel Ferrara's batshit brilliant King of New York (1990) and his own absolutely perfect Life Lessons—an unsung Scorsese classic from New York Stories (1989). In the process, he tells us a thing or two about how to write a movie, what it's like working with Scorsese, and the kind of fruit Paul Newman most liked eating in the shower! Baby, we're your allies against horse dung and fraud this week because it's time for...KING OF NEW YORK STORIES! • Complaints? Compliments? Concerns? Call the HOTLINE at 347-NYC-0066 and tell us what's on your mind! That's 347-692-0066! • Follow along on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube
25/12/231h 35m

"THE EVIL DEAD PRESIDENTS" | In the Heat of the Nighttime

This SHOCKTOBER episode is bringing all kinds of scary: a haunted cabin in rural Tennessee, a doomed Bronx bank heist, wartime in Vietnam, and demons summoned by the text of the Necronomicon! This week we're talking about a pair of films fueled by the fiery ambition of youth! Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981) and the Hughes Brothers' Dead Presidents (1995). So join us, join us, join us for...THE EVIL DEAD PRESIDENTS! Complaints? Compliments? Concerns? Call the IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHTTIME HOTLINE at 347-NYC-0066 and tell us what's on your mind! That's 347-692-0066! • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here • Follow along on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube • Find every single movie we talk about on our Letterboxd page
19/10/231h 20m

"SEXY/BEAST" | In the Heat of the Nighttime

We're now in the middle of SHOCKTOBER which means there's a whole lotta scary on the movie podcast this month! This week we've got a lion gone wild and one of the most terrifying gangsters in movie history! Listening to this podcast is your job and I've just got one question, it's not a difficult question, are you gonna do the job? Yes or no?! Because it's time for SEXY/BEAST! Complaints? Compliments? Concerns? Call the IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHTTIME HOTLINE at 347-NYC-0066 and tell us what's on your mind! That's 347-692-0066! • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here • Follow along on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube • Find every single movie we talk about on our Letterboxd page  
18/10/231h 42m

Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen + Catfish's Nev Schulman | Stefan's Nighttime

Stefan's Nighttime is back with one of Stefan's favorite musicians, Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen! Hamilton joins him (4:08) to share stories of early Walkmen days spent destroying pianos on tour and hiring horn sections off Cragislist, talks about his evolving approach to being a frontman, and does two beautiful acoustic performances: "Hearstruck (Wild Hunger)" (34:35) and "In a Black Out" (1:05:18). Then they're joined by Nev Schulman of Catfish (39:00) who regales them with tales of tech-crossed lovers, what he's learned in his travels talking to hoodwinked citizens across the country, and his crusade to be a good Brooklyn neighbor (which means there's a lot of talk of dead rats and abandoned cars). • Watch this episode on YouTube • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here • Follow along on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube
17/10/231h 9m

"THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY" with Todd Strauss-Schulson | In the Heat of the Nighttime

This week on our movie podcast In the Heat of the Nighttime: we've got a New York New York episode for you, and it's an absolute killer! It's all big dreams and big schemes this week as we take on all-NYC double feature absolutely loaded with legends! Lucky for us, we've got the brilliant filmmaker and Queens native Todd Strauss-Schulson to help us get to the bottom of...THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY! Complaints? Compliments? Concerns? Call the NIGHTTIME HOTLINE at 347-NYC-0066 and tell us what's on your mind! That's 347-692-0066! • Watch this episode on YouTube • Follow Nighttime on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here • Subscribe to our movie podcast In the Heat of the Nighttime • Find every single movie we talk about on our Letterboxd page • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube  
28/09/232h 11m

"OFFICE SPACEBALLS" with Ajay Naidu | In the Heat of the Nighttime

Every week on our movie podcast In the Heat of the Nighttime Stefan, Ben, & Mo take two movies whose titles naturally connect, figure out what they have in common, and turn them into a double feature podcast! This week: our printer and radar both appear to be jammed but don't worry, we've called in the very man who showed us how to deal with unruly machinery as Samir in Office Space...the one and only Ajay Naidu! Ajay talks growing up on Mel Brooks and working with Mike Judge as he takes us behind the scenes of an absolute comedy classic! So break down your cubicle walls and prepare the ship for ludcirous speed because it's time for OFFICE SPACEBALLS! Complaints? Compliments? Concerns? Call the IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHTTIME HOTLINE at 347-NYC-0066 and tell us what's on your mind! That's 347-692-0066! • Follow Nighttime on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Subscribe to our movie podcast In the Heat of the Nighttime • Find every single movie we talk about on our Letterboxd page • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here  
21/09/232h 18m

Jesse Williams + Daniel Arnold | Stefan's Nighttime

From the people who brought you Open Run, it's...STEFAN'S NIGHTTIME! Host Stefan Marolachakis and Executive Producer Jesse Williams bring you a new late-night talk show filmed on location at Ray's Bar on the Lower East Side. For this series premiere, Jesse joins Stefan for a few drinks as they talk about the good old days of temping together, Jesse's recent Broadway run, and how he went from a would-be civil rights lawyer to a Tony-nominated actor. Then they're joined by photographer Daniel Arnold for a talk about hacking it in New York, how he captures those impossible images of his, and all the things that scare them half to death but they choose to do anyway. Come for the conversation, stay for the theme song singalong! "You're not the Nighttime." • Watch Stefan's Nighttime on YouTube • Follow Nighttime on Instagram at @nighttimenyc • Subscribe to Nighttime's YouTube channel by clicking here
21/03/231h 5m

Empire State of the Union | Open Run

Stefan is back to talk about free agency, and not just any old free agency! We're talking Knicks free agency and Nets free agency. KD. Kyrie. It's a battle o' the boroughs—and the winner may not be as clear as you think. Or is it?! Only two ways to find out: buy a time machine, or download this fresh-out-of-the-oven episode of your favorite podcast's favorite podcast: Open Run.
01/07/1920m 18s

Warriors Fans Have Feelings, Too | Open Run

It's a bona fide homecoming as old-school Open Runner Ben Cruz rejoins the pod to talk about his beloved Warriors, their heated series against the Rockets, and the offseason that lies ahead. Will the Dubs win it all one more time? What will the team look like next season? Does Stefan finally...empathize with the Warriors? • Ben Cruz on Twitter • Listen to It Doesn't Matter What Your Podcast Is Called As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.
08/05/191h 3m

Dagger Dame & the Future King of New York | Open Run

Our host has a lot on his mind this week: Dagger Dame and the shot heard 'round the world, the mysterious inner workings of Russell Westbrook, the Rockets-Warriors matchup, NBA Finals predictions, and a whole mess of Knicks hypothesizing to Du-rant & rave about. It's officially time for another installment of Deep Thoughts with Stefan, a.k.a. "Stefan My Mind."
27/04/1935m 27s

The NBA Fan's Guide to the Sweet 16 with J. Kyle Mann | Open Run

J. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop is back! And he's here to school Stefan and all the other college hoops ignoramuses on what to watch in this year's Sweet 16. The players to look out for, the most competitive games, the nicknames we need to work on—it's all here in Open Run's Guide to the Sweet 16. • Follow Kyle Mann on Twitter • Watch Kyle's Ja Morant video on The Dime Drop  • ...and watch his Rookie Midterm video on DeAndre Ayton for The Ringer As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.
28/03/191h 8m

Playing Possum with Krishna Andavolu | Open Run

Vice News Tonight correspondent, Weediquette host, and fellow Knicks fan Krishna Andavolu joins Stefan to talk about the evolving definition of NBA success, the legacy of Kevin Durant's strange "The Servant" nickname, avant-garde rebuild theories, and doin' it for the Gram. • Krishna Andavolu on Twitter and Instagram • Watch Krishna's show Weediquette As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.
20/03/1954m 28s

A Different Kind of Grouchy with Andrew Kuo | Open Run

It’s all Knicks all the time as Stefan is joined by Andrew Kuo of our other favorite hoops pod, Cookies! Stefan and Kuo put on their GM hats and architect the Knicks rebuild of their dreams. Want a side of Mitchell Robinson with your Mitchell Robinson? You’ve come to the right place. • Andrew Kuo on Twitter and Instagram • Cookies on Twitter and Instagram  As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.
06/03/191h 15m

Does This Player Spark Joy? with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs and Nightlands is back to talk about the state of The Process, the battle at the top of the East, and how good it hurts to get emotionally attached to a team. Other topics include: Is the Greek Freak the best player in the NBA? Will Mitchell Robinson be the new logo? What do Marie Kondo and Sam Hinkie have in common? And of course, don't miss an instant classic edition of the fan favorite segment, "Should I Buy This?" • Dave Hartley on Twitter • Stefan on Twitter and Instagram As always, be sure to follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.  
04/03/191h 7m

Leaning Into Yes with J. Kyle Mann | Open Run

Friend o' the show J. Kyle Mann is back and he's here to help Stefan tackle all the big questions! What is the proper way to pronounce Luka Dončić? Will he and Porzingis thrive in Dallas? Is LeBron James psychic? Is KD coming to the Knicks? Should Stefan by the KD 11s? Is Zion Williamson as good as everyone seems to think he is? And once more, with KD coming to the Knicks??  • Kyle Mann on Twitter • The Dime Drop on YouTube • Kyle's Luka Dončić Rookie Midterm video for The Ringer • Stefan on Twitter  As always, be sure to follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.
21/02/191h 6m

Valentine's Day for KD & the Knicks | Open Run

Our special Valentine's Day edition of Open Run is all about NBA relationships. Jesse calls Stefan from the Grey's Anatomy set to dole out some tough love about KD and the Knicks, Stefan makes his case, and then they both ponder what the future holds for LeBron and the Lakers. Come for the hoops talk, stay for the surprise Debbie Allen cameo.
14/02/1925m 5s

A Tale of Two Cities with Thomas Beller and Nathaniel Rich | Open Run

Aaaaaand we're back! Stefan heads down to New Orleans to talk about a pair of franchises in flux with two of his favorite writers and basketball minds: Nathaniel Rich (New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, New York Review of Books) and Thomas Beller (novelist, essayist, hoops columnist for The New Yorker). Treat your ears to a three-man weave that covers the aftermath of the Kristaps Porzingis trade, the future of the Knicks, the fate of Anthony Davis, and the state of modern NBA fandom. Follow Nathaniel Rich on Twitter: @NathanielRich Check out his work at Follow Thomas Beller on Twitter: @ThomasBeller Click here to check out his basketball writing forThe New Yorker.
09/02/191h 4m

NBA Rising Stars with J. Kyle Mann | Open Run

J. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop checks in to talk about the NBA's youth movement and his new video series about it for The Ringer called The Leap. Stefan & Kyle revisit their Summer League predictions to see what they got right—and so Stefan can mention Mitchell Robinson as many times as possible. Then, they tackle the big questions. Can the young core of the Celtics match the might of the Warriors? Are the Sixers real contenders in the East? Should you leave your phone at home when you walk your dog so you can really stop and smell the roses?? Find out...on Open Run. • Follow The Dime Drop on YouTube • Watch The Leap on YouTube • Follow @jkylemann on Twitter • Follow @dimedrophoops on Twitter
09/11/181h 9m

Jay Williams on Life After Near-Death | Open Run

Basketball player, ESPN analyst, and bestselling author Jay Williams joins our man Stefan Marolachakis to talk about his recent experience coaching high school basketball and his quest to become the Oprah of the sports world. Other topics covered: the Celtics's chances of winning it all next season, the future of the Porzingod, what he learned from Coach K, and the art of living a full life.
25/07/181h 5m

Rod Strickland a.k.a. The Point God + J. Kyle Mann | Open Run

Rod Strickland a.k.a. the Point God joined Stefan and J. Kyle Mann to weigh in on the incoming rookie class, the comparisons to Kyrie, and Boogie's decision to join the Warriors. He also talks about Charles Oakley's unique ability to foul you and talk trash at the very same time, as well as just how dirty a player John Stockton was/wasn't. Oh, and you'll want to stick around for the Arvydas Sabonis portion of the conversation.
23/07/1839m 20s

NBA Summer League Wrap-Up feat. Kyle Mann & Nat Johnson | Open Run

Our man Stefan headed out to Las Vegas with longtime friend o' the show Nat Livingston Johnson for their first—but certainly not last—visit to NBA Summer League, where they did their due diligence on the incoming rookie class. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop joins the show to talk about the standout rookies, so-so basketball, and fantastic hobnobbing on offer at Summer League. Viva Las Vegas.
17/07/181h 9m

The Open Run x Dime Drop NBA Draft Preview Extravaganza! | Open Run

Open Run's favorite NBA Draft Nostradamus, Kyle Mann of the Dime Drop, joins us for the one-stop NBA Draft pop-up shop of your dreams. That's right: it's the official Open Run x Dime Drop 2018 NBA Draft Preview! Heart-stopping predictions and life-changing new nicknames abound. The draft won't know what hit it. Follow Kyle Mann on Twitter: @jkylemann ...and Instagram: @jkylemann Follow The Dime Drop on Twitter: @dimedrophoops ...and Instagram: @thedimedrop Subscribe to the Dime Drop on YouTube:
21/06/181h 24m

Diss Tracks, Free Agents, and Flat-Earth Drama! | Open Run

There's a whole lot of drama this week as Jesse and Stefan wrap up the NBA Finals, crown a Championship Parade King, and look ahead to what is going to be a wild summer of free agency. We're talking LeBron, Kawhi, Paul George—oh, and don't miss their dramatic reading of Kyrie's latest flat-earth musings. You're gonna like the way you look, we guarantee it!
15/06/1856m 45s

Midnight in the Garden of Game 5 | Open Run

It's Midnight in the Garden of Game 5! So Jesse and Stefan met up on an NYC rooftop to talk about the Celtics' strong Game 5 victory and the impressive Game 4 performance by the Rockets. Can the Rockets withstand another old-school Warriors haymaker? Can the young Celtics really oust LeBron James? Does making it to the Finals another time without winning the chip actually hurt LeBron's legacy? So many questions, not enough rooftops. It's time for...Midnight in the Garden of Game 5 a.k.a. It's Not Me, It's Them!
24/05/1833m 22s

The Podcast Gotham Deserves | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan meet at an undisclosed NYC location to have a much-needed playoffs catchup. We're talking about: LeBron's scary new level; the dismissal of Coach of the Year Dwane Casey; the Rockets' chances against the Olympic team—er, the Warriors; the seeming inevitability of Cavs-Warriors IV; and Becky Hammon, and the path to the NBA's first female head coach.
13/05/1851m 51s

It's NBA Playoffs Party Time | Open Run

Who knew Round 1 would be this fun?? Jesse and Stefan share their thoughts on the high-flying Pelicans, the surprising Jazz, and the arrival of The Process: Playoffs Edition. The new guard has arrived!
26/04/1844m 0s

Abe Streep on "What the Arlee Warriors Were Playing For" | Open Run

Journalist Abe Streep joins the show to talk about his experience reporting a New York Times Magazine cover story about the Arlee Warriors of Montana's Flathead Indian Reservation. This high school basketball team started the season looking to repeat as state champs, then found themselves starting a "warrior movement" to help prevent suicide. • "What the Arlee Warriors Were Playing For" by Abe Streep for The New York Times Magazine • Arlee Warriors State Dedication video • Follow Abe Streep on Twitter: @abestreep
12/04/1846m 20s

Ray Allen on Hitting THAT Shot | Open Run

Newly minted Hall of Famer Ray Allen joins Jesse and Stefan to talk about the art of shooting, the best teams of the modern era, and how he hit one of the greatest shots in NBA history. He takes the guys behind the scenes of his legendary career, shares his take on the G.O.A.T. debate, and decides which animals best represent the members of the 2008 NBA champion Boston Celtics team.
05/04/1854m 20s

The Return of Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs! | Open Run

It's a big week for Open Run! We've got the homecoming of co-host Jesse Williams AND the return of longtime friend-of-the-show Dave Hartley of the *Grammy-winning* band The War on Drugs! First, Jesse shares tales from the Grey's Anatomy set (2:35) before Stefan puts him on the Hot Bench to talk about all the hottest NBA matters (10:56). Then we go to Philly (29:20) where Stefan and Dave catch the Sixers-Knicks game before discussing the state of The Process, the magic of Ben Simmons, the surprisingly surprising playoff picture, and the delicate dance of rooting for a rebuilding team. Prepare for a hoops epic!
30/03/181h 20m

Luke Bonner on Player Advocacy and the Real March Madness | Open Run

Former NCAA and professional basketball player Luke Bonner joins the show to talk about his new life as a player advocate, taking us behind the scenes of NCAA hoops and outlining how he'd like to change the broken system of so-called "amateur" athletics. He shares tales of his time playing ball for both West Virginia and UMass, as well as his tenure in the Lithuanian league—letting us know just what the Ball brothers should expect over there, and rhapsodizing about his life-changing experience seeing ELO in Vilnius.

The Shape of the Process to Come a.k.a. Deep Thoughts with Stefan | Open Run

Your man Stefan is out here roaming the NBA podcast wilds all by his lonesome this week! He ponders what the future might hold for the injured Splash Brothers, The Process, LeBron James, his tanking Knicks, and soon-to-be free agent Isaiah Thomas. Throw on your headphones—it's time for a little basketball walkabout.
15/03/1819m 33s

The Rise of the Brow and the Thrill of the Tank with Nathaniel Rich | Open Run

Open Run's special New Orleans correspondent Nathaniel Rich joins the show to talk about the state of the Pelicans and the utterly dominant play of the Brow. Then, it's time for the hard questions: Why can't the NBA embrace the thrill of the tank and the weird, wild race to the bottom? Will the Rockets finally, finally, finally pose a threat to the Warriors? Should Porzingis be up and walking around already?? Is Kawhi Leonard going to play basketball this year??? There's one way to find out...
08/03/1855m 32s

NCAA Funny Business and the Slam Top 100 | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan weigh in on the latest NCAA scuttlebutt, and then talk about being on the panel for Slam's new Top 100 issue—and which player earned their much-deserved Honorable Mention spot.
01/03/1833m 27s

The Mystery of Kawhi and the Emotional Cost of Tanking | Open Run

The All-Star break is over and the NBA is back in full swing! We have questions. What on earth is going on with Kawhi? Who will win Rookie of the Year? If your team is tanking, do you have to watch them do it? And once more, with feeling: can anyone give the Warriors a run for their money?
23/02/1833m 7s

All-Star Weekend Wrap-Up feat. Draymond Green | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan slept a total of 47 minutes during All-Star Weekend just so they could return with a full report for you, our dear listeners! From a conversation with 3-time All-Star Draymond Green, to the game at Staples Center, to one of Dave Chappelle's legendary juke joint parties, to the best Wakanda pun you've ever heard, THIS is the one-of-a-kind All-Star Weekend recap you won't find anywhere else.
21/02/1851m 38s

Ian Begley on the Porzinjury and the Knicks' Rebuild | Open Run

Stefan has been inconsolable ever since Kristaps Porzingis tore his ACL, so we called in ESPN's Knicks specialist Ian Begley to help bring him back from the edge! They discuss the future of the Unicorn, the team's plans for rebuilding, the latest on the Joakim Noah situation, and how on earth the Knicks will ever claw their way back into title contention.
12/02/1852m 12s

NBA Trade Deadline Madness! | Open Run

There's no sleep for your Open Run hosts when it's NBA trade deadline time! Jesse and Stefan hop on the phone at the midnight hour to talk about the flurry of trades by the Cavs, the Lakers, and...well, that one trade the Knicks made. Then they marvel at the Quincy Jones interview for a while. The question is: Y'all like Brazilian music?
09/02/1830m 57s

Gilbert Arenas a.k.a. Agent Zero | Open Run

Gilbert Arenas a.k.a. Agent Zero joins us to talk about dropping 60 on Kobe, the state of the point guard position, and the mystery of Markelle Fultz. He shoots us straight on the whole gun issue and shares his picks for the All-Star team—and even explains why he once wanted to own every DVD ever made.
17/01/181h 3m

Comin' in Hot in 2018! | Open Run

Open Run is back to take 2018 by storm! It's a Shame or Fame marathon as Jesse and Stefan weigh in on Klay's assist comments, Rodney Hood's phone etiquette, and Lauri Markannen's dining habits.
13/01/1852m 47s

Kobe's Ceremony, Kyrie's New Kicks, and Chicago's Silent Treatment | Open Run

There was a whole lot of NBA action for Jesse and Stefan to tackle this week: Kobe had both his numbers retired, the Bulls are on a hot streak even though two of their stars aren't on speaking terms, Kyrie's out here dropping illuminati kicks, and the Southeast division has driven their fans to puking in public! (Which raises the question: Is there a "right" way to puke in public?) Download the latest Open Run to find out all about it. NOTE: Since this pod had a lot of visual references, here's a link to a gallery of all (or at least most) of the stuff discussed:
20/12/1748m 45s

KD Is for the Children! | Open Run

Kevin Durant is out here making kids cry tears of joy! So the Open Run crew had to draw up their list of the players who move them to tears. Also on the menu: Joel Embiid's NBA Finals prediction, the debut of the Big Baltic Brand, the continuing concern about OKC, and David West's magical ability to make old men feel relevant.
12/12/1747m 33s

Sixers and Lakers and Rockets, Oh My! | Open Run

Can the Rockets give the Warriors a run for their money in the West? Are the 76ers and the Lakers poised to be the next great rivalry? Should Stefan blow all of his Christmas money on the Knicks jacket of his dreams?! And do we still not know what "basketball reasons" are? All this, and more, in the latest episode of Open Run.
09/12/1746m 48s

Western Conference Woes | Open Run

Jesse gets us up to speed on his recent work with Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Demi Lovato and then he and Stefan weigh in on all the pressing issues of the young '17-18 NBA season. Is OKC better or worse than their record? Are the Clippers in a state of panic? Who is the best and brightest young megastar? Can Stefan dare to wear the Pippen Uptempos Jesse bought him as a "present"?! We tackle all the hard questions this week, AND unveil our brand-new, soon-to-be fan favorite segment: Should I Buy This? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/12/1755m 7s

The Process, The Unicorn, and Simmonsanity? The Ball Rises in the East! | Open Run

The Open Run squad reconvenes to talk about the shockingly fun Eastern Conference. Are the Hayward-less Celtics building something sustainable? Are the 76ers poised to take over the world? Is Kristaps Porzingis of this planet? It's time to talk about the East.
17/11/1745m 37s

Porzing-a-palooza + Earl Watson on Life After Phoenix | Open Run

Stefan weighs in on the rise of Kristaps Porzingis and shares a Ruffalo-related tale of epic proportions. Then, 13-year NBA veteran and former Phoenix Suns head coach Earl Watson joins the show to talk about his time in Phoenix, the challenges of the modern NBA, and the next wave of NBA mega-stars.
10/11/1732m 8s

Al Harrington, Steve Kerr, and "The Concept of Cannabis" | Open Run

NBA veteran Al Harrington joins the show to talk about the new Uninterrupted short film "The Concept of Cannabis," a documentary about his second career as a cannabis entrepreneur. Then Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr calls in to share his thoughts on medicinal marijuana, why he tried it for his chronic back pain, and its potential viability as a tool for NBA players.
25/10/1750m 3s

Reggie Miller on the Epic Rivalries of the '90s and the Lost Art of Not Making Friends | Open Run

It's an emotional Open Run this week as Stefan takes a trip down memory lane with a player who gave him so many nightmares as a young man: Indiana Pacers legend and NBA Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller! They talk about how Reggie would fare in the modern NBA, Michael Jordan's super-team comments, and how Reggie was there when Kyrie learned he'd been traded. AND, of course, they dig deep into the epic Knicks-Pacers rivalry of the '90s (including the push-off on Greg Anthony and Reggie's beef with LJ's 4-point play).
16/10/1740m 48s

Metta. World. Peace. | Open Run

The day has finally arrived: Metta World Peace makes his Open Run debut! Stefan talks to the NYC basketball legend about how his game was influenced by growing up with the likes of Nas and Mobb Deep in Queensbridge, his time in LA with Kobe & Phil, his take on the state of both the Knicks and the Lakers—and, of course, the animal he'd most like to be.
06/10/1742m 41s

Jordan Clarkson on Life with the Young Lakers | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan reconnect to break down one hell of a week in the world of sports. Then Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson joins the show to talk about what life is like with the up-and-coming squad, his goals for the year, and what to expect from the Lakeshow this season.
29/09/1728m 12s

Malcolm Brogdon on Winning ROY and the Right Way to Say Antetokounmpo | Open Run

Stefan caught up with reigning Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks at The Meadows Music and Arts Festival last week to talk about what it's like playing for a legendary PG like Jason Kidd, the delicate art of pronouncing "Antetokounmpo," and the staying power of Jay Z and Nas.
22/09/1713m 41s

KD and Kyrie's Excellent Adventure | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan discuss Kyrie's game of interview dodgeball, KD's notorious tweets, and the weird world of social media. Then they answer your Open Run Hotline questions on topics like next season's MVP race, the finest nicknames of the '00s, and the best of the incoming rookie class.
21/09/1746m 11s

Robert Horry a.k.a. Big Shot Bob | Open Run

This week: Jemele Hill makes a whole lot of sense, KD unveils some new kicks, and NBA fans are in an uproar about Melo's ESPN ranking! Then Robert Horry a.k.a. Big Shot Rob joins the show to talk about the coldest dude he ever played with, why he was shocked by Kyrie's trade request, and how he thinks Grandmama-era LJ is underrated. He also tells us which legendary coach gives the best halftime speeches—and reveals which one of his many big shots is his all-time favorite.
14/09/171h 7m

Hoodie Melo and Flat Earth Hijinx | Open Run

Stefan, Jesse, and Open Run's Special OKC Correspondent Garrett Colton tackle how to deal with the doldrums of the NBA offseason, the future of the Thunder, and whether or not Kyrie really believes the earth is flat.
06/09/1725m 49s

Will Anyone Ever Ever Beat the Warriors Again Ever? | Open Run

Will this Warriors squad face any real challengers this decade? What are the ramifications of the Cavs-Celtics drama? Is there an added layer of meaning to the parking habits of Kristaps Porzingis?! Our Special Correspondent Nathaniel Rich helps us unpack it all on this week's Open Run.
30/08/1757m 34s

Taj Gibson on Reuniting With His Old Pals in Minnesota | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan talk to Taj Gibson about reuniting with his old teammate Jimmy Butler in Minnesota, making the transition from young buck to seasoned veteran, and the time a little Knicks talk took his relationship with Coach Tom Thibodeau to a whole new level. Trainer Travelle Gaines also joins the show to shed light on what pro trainers do to help players deal with the rigors of the NBA, and just how all these epic offseason pickup games come together.
26/08/1754m 33s

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope a.k.a. "Bread from Heaven" | Open Run

We talk to new Laker Kentavious Caldwell-Pope about how he's liking LA so far, and what it feels like to be called "bread from heaven" by his new team. Then we ask him about the hardest player to guard in the NBA and his go-to pregame soundtrack before workshopping some new nickname ideas together.
16/08/1743m 43s

Kenyon Martin and Marc Spears | Open Run

We've got three, count 'em THREE guests for you this week! First, The Undefeated's senior NBA writer Marc Spears tells us about his fantastic times at the NBA Africa Game, and why he left Harrison Barnes's wedding before any infamous dance sequences occurred. Then legendary NBA badass Kenyon Martin checks in to talk about his undefeated Big 3 Squad, where he thinks his former teammate Melo will end up, and the best trash talkers he's ever met. And we talk to Jeff Chen, organizer of the NYC Jam (sponsored by Bleacher Report), about the new basketball tourney that pits the nation's best high school ballers against each other in an NBA Jam-inspired, full-court, 2-on-2 battle. BOOMSHAKALAKA!
10/08/1755m 19s

Muggsy Bogues and Director Sheldon Candis on the Greatest High School Squad of All Time | Open Run

What is the greatest high school basketball team of all time? Many would argue it was the Dunbar Poets of the early '80s, which featured future NBA players Muggsy Bogues, Reggie Lewis, David Wingate, and Reggie Williams. Director Sheldon Candis joins us to talk about his upcoming documentary about the team, "Baltimore Boys," and then the legendary Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues tells us what it was like being part of that celebrated squad, the secret to making it in the NBA at 5'3", and the time he blocked Manute Bol in a game of one-on-one.
02/08/171h 12m

Larry Sanders on Kyrie, the Cavs, and Life Outside the NBA | Open Run

Former Milwaukee Buck and Cleveland Cavalier Larry Sanders joins the show to talk about why he first stepped away from the NBA, his decision to join the Cavs this past spring, and why he wasn't actually all that surprised by Kyrie Irving's trade request.
27/07/1746m 39s

Houston, We Have a Problem | Open Run

Carmelo Anthony wants to leave the Knicks and join the Rockets, but can the two teams actually make that happen? Does Lonzo Ball's Summer League MVP win mean he's going to turn the NBA into the BBA? And then: a story about a man ripping off NBA players by masquerading as Adele's manager inspires Stefan to share his own tale about the worst compulsive liar he ever met.
19/07/1746m 49s

Is Knicks Owner James Dolan the Donald Trump Jr. of Sports? | Open Run

The guys return from vacation to answer this, and other pressing questions! Will Paul George end up on the Lakers? Will LeBron join him there? Will Melo soon be a Houston resident? Are we going to do color commentary at a Lakers practice soon?!
12/07/1747m 54s

Paul George to the Thunder! Emergency Call with OKC Correspondent Garrett Colton

Well, it's safe to say we didn't see this trade coming: Paul George is joining reigning MVP Russell Westbrook on the Oklahoma City Thunder! Moments after the news broke, Jesse and Stefan got Open Run's OKC correspondent Garrett Colton on the phone to see how people are feeling in Oklahoma City, a.k.a. Action City, and to talk about how this might change the Thunder's standing in the West next season.
01/07/1726m 5s

David West, NBA Champ | Open Run

David West of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors joins the show to talk about his epic post-Finals speech, why he could afford to prioritize winning, and the breaking news about CP3 joining the Houston Rockets.
28/06/1737m 56s

Emergency Hoops Therapy & NBA Draft Talk with Jonathan Wasserman | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan stage an emergency meeting in NYC to help each other deal with their Jimmy Butler and Kristaps Porzingis stress. Then Bleacher Report's NBA Draft Writer Jonathan Wasserman joins up to recap the Draft and share his favorite picks o' the night.
23/06/1748m 10s

Tim Bontemps on All Those Trades & Rumors | Open Run

The Washington Post's Tim Bontemps joins the show for a quick breakdown of the very first moves of the offseason, and the countless rumors floating around—including all that Porzingis trade talk that had the internet abuzz, and Stefan's heart aflutter.
21/06/1722m 25s

Caron Butler & Anthony Slater Help Us Put This Season to Bed | Open Run

NBA Champion & two-time All-Star Caron Butler joins us to share his unique insight into these finals as a former teammate of Kevin Durant in OKC. Then, we talk to current Warriors beat writer—and former OKC Thunder beat writer—Anthony Slater about the arc of KD's career, good ol' superteams, and the state of the NBA. And that's not all! Open Run's OKC correspondent Garrett Colton shares his thoughts, and our producer Ben Cruz takes a little time to gloat. It's all here in the Open Run Finals Wrap-Up!
14/06/171h 38m

Festus Ezeli and Myles Brown Talk NBA Finals, Superteams, LeBron vs. Jordan | Open Run

Former Golden State Warrior and 2015 NBA Champion Festus Ezeli joins the show to tell Jesse and Stefan what it's really like to play against the Cavs in the NBA Finals. Then we talk to writer Myles Brown about the challenges LeBron is facing right now, the differences between his and Steph Curry's paths to greatness, and our complicated feelings about seeing Durant in a Warriors uniform.
07/06/171h 28m

NBA Finals Preview w/Marcus Thompson & Allie Clifton! | Open Run

It's NBA Finals Preview time! In this corner, representing the Warriors: Mercury News columnist, co-host of the Dray Day podcast, and author of Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry....Marcus Thompson! Aaaaand representing the Cavs: Fox Sports Ohio sideline reporter and co-host of the Road Trippin’ podcast...Allie Clifton! And, of course, as always, we bring you a fresh and tasty Shame or Fame—and we dive into your hotline messages. It's all happening, folks.
31/05/171h 9m

Playoff Talk and Open Run Hotline Messages | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan catch up on the playoffs and how they're coping with blowout boredom. We've also got breaking news o' the day, updates on last week's date night Shame or Fame, and listener messages from the all-new Open Run Hotline!
24/05/1752m 35s

NBA Insider Sam Amick on the Conference Finals & the Neverending Zaza Saga | Open Run

USA Today’s NBA insider Sam Amick joins the show to talk about the Conference Finals matchups, the NBA Draft Lottery results, and Zaza vs. Kawhi, Pop, and the entire city of San Antonio.
18/05/171h 22m

Desus and Mero! Bodega Boys in the Building! | Open Run

Open Run. Desus & Mero. It's all Big Baller Brand everything when the duos unite to talk about $500 sneakers, the playoffs, all-time NBA greats, and Knicks, Knicks, Knicks.
05/05/171h 32m

Jeanie Buss, Owner & President of the Lakers | Open Run

Los Angeles Lakers owner and president, Jeanie Buss, joins Jesse and Stefan to talk about the shuffle within the Lakers' braintrust, her belief in current head coach Luke Walton, and the future of the Purple and Gold.
21/04/171h 19m

NBA Legend Rick Barry a.k.a. "The Miami Greyhound" on the Art of Being Different

Hall of Famer Rick Barry joins the show to talk about coaching in Ice Cube's new Big 3 league, his plans to shake off his bad reputation, and why he really left the NBA to join the ABA.
05/04/1754m 43s

Stephen Jackson on the We Believe Warriors & Partying with Woody Harrelson | Open Run

Baller, rapper, NBA Champion, and self-described jack-of-all-trades Stephen Jackson joins the show to talk about life as a member of the "We Believe" Warriors, partying with Woody Harrelson, his favorite active players, and how the NBA might have overreacted to the Malice at the Palace.
24/03/1754m 24s

Sam Amick, USA Today NBA Insider | Open Run

Sam Amick of USA Today joins the show to talk about life in Sacramento post-Boogie, the state of the Lakers, and the Warriors without KD—and then shares a theory about Kawhi Leonard's surprise postgame drug test.
08/03/171h 1m

Kenny "The Jet" Smith Live at All-Star Weekend | Open Run

Kenny "The Jet" Smith joins the show to talk about life as a back-to-back NBA champion, the differences between '90s hoops and the modern era, and the time Vernon Maxwell slapped a waiter for not putting enough respect on Kenny's name.
22/02/1754m 19s

Charles Oakley Sets the Record Straight | Open Run

After the debacle at The Garden, New York Knicks legend, Charles Oakley, joins the guys to explain what really happened, his thoughts on James Dolan, what toughness really means to him and this current iteration of the Knickerbockers.
10/02/171h 5m

Emergency Knicks Episode with Seth Rosenthal of Posting and Toasting

Stefan and a fellow lifelong Knicks fan, writer Josh Koenigsberg, try to figure out what is going on with the Knicks. During this episode, they are visited by three spirits: the Ghost of Knicks present (Seth Rosenthal, Posting and Toasting), the Ghost of Knicks past (Stefan's dad), and the Ghost of Knicks future (Knicks insider/outsider Nat Johnson). Prepare for an emotional roller coaster.
02/02/171h 15m

Doc Rivers, President and Coach of the LA Clippers | Open Run

Doc Rivers, president and coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, joins us to talk about his days playing with Dominique in Atlanta, his championship run with the Celtics, the unique experience of coaching his son, and the challenges that lie ahead for the Clippers. Oh, and he shares some of the best Pat Riley stories you've ever heard.
19/01/171h 29m

Chicago Bulls Great Craig Hodges on Why He Risked Everything | Open Run

Craig Hodges is many things: NBA Champion, 3-point sharpshooter, social justice activist, and now, author. He joins us to talk about his days playing alongside Michael Jordan on the legendary Bulls squads of the '90s, facing off against the Bad Boys, the ins and outs of the Triangle offense—and the visit to the White House that would change his life forever.
09/01/171h 2m

Baron Davis | Open Run

California hoops icon Baron Davis joins us to talk about the state of the point guard position, the magic of Russell Westbrook, and why L.A. ballers play with so much flair. He also shares some classic, crazy tales from his days playing with the likes of Anthony Mason, Derrick Coleman, Stephen Jackson, and more.
21/12/161h 20m

Chris Paul | Open Run

Chris Paul, one of the greatest point guards of all time and the Mayor of Lob City, joins us to discuss the keys to the Clippers' great start, how his game has evolved over 12 years in the NBA, and the toughest players he's ever had to guard. Then we open up to CP3 about our problem with initial-based nicknames, and attempt to work through it...together.
07/12/161h 38m

Maverick Carter | Open Run

In a stunning move, Maverick Carter (CEO of UNINTERRUPTED and SpringHill Entertainment) appears in studio POSSE-free to set the record straight. Some hoops analysis by Chris Broussard peppered in for flavor.
21/11/161h 3m

Nick Young, Rachel Nichols & Jinx Live from ComplexCon! | Open Run

It's Open Run's first-ever live taping! We talk early NBA season business with ESPN's Rachel Nichols and Complex's Jinx—and then Nick Young aka Swaggy P joins us to talk about the surging Lakers, his newfound defensive prowess, and what it is that makes Coach Walton so special. Uncle Swag also shares the magical tale of how he got his nickname, and the time Kobe threw his sneakers in the trash.
10/11/161h 19m

Season Preview Mixtape, Vol. 2 | Open Run

It's season preview time, which means...Mixtape Madness! Welcome to our 2nd annual musical season preview, in which we choose songs that represent how each team will do this year. In volume two, we’re taking a look at the Eastern Conference. Our pal Garrett Colton joins us again to talk about the Eastern Conference.
25/10/1654m 6s

Season Preview Mixtape, Vol. 1 | Open Run

It's season preview time, which means...Mixtape Madness! Welcome to our 2nd annual musical season preview, in which we choose songs that represent how each team will do this year. First up: the Western Conference. Our pal (and OKC native) Garrett Colton joins us to talk about the Wild West.
24/10/161h 12m

Luke Walton, This Is Your Life! | Open Run

We talk to Luke Walton about his playing days, his time as the Warriors' assistant coach, and his new job as the head coach of his former team. His old friend Richard Jefferson also swings by to surprise him and talk about the good ol' days.
12/10/161h 42m

Tyronn Lue on the Art of the Comeback | Open Run

The head coach of the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers joins us to talk about his record-breaking rookie season, and his team's unprecedented NBA Finals comeback. He also shares classic stories from his playing days about Kobe, Rodman, Jordan, and Iverson, walks us through a certain moment from the '01 finals (yes, that one), tells us what it was like learning from the likes of Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers -- and lets us know which Hall of Famer practiced in his pajamas.
28/09/161h 28m

Chris Bosh on Being "Ready to Play" and Arian Foster on the Anthem | Open Run

Jesse shares some thoughts on the National Anthem drama (2:48), Arian Foster takes a knee and calls us up to talk about it (11:33), and Chris Bosh stops by the studio to tell us all about the road back to training camp (31:50).
14/09/161h 38m

Kyle Lowry on the Rio Olympics, Modern Trash Talk, and the State of the Raptors | Open Run

Fresh off the cruise ship in Rio, NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Kyle Lowry calls Jesse and Stefan while he's out on a little shopping spree to talk USA basketball, Drake's unique hoop stylings, and how close he came to becoming a Knick (hint: very close). The three then discuss Raptors basketball, trash talk in the modern world, and the state of the NBA nickname.

LeBron James Sits Down with Open Run—on Purpose! | Open Run

Jesse and Stefan welcome The King himself into the studio: LeBron helps kick off a new era of Open Run with a historic sit-down interview. The trio dives into the making of a magical comeback, discovers what animal JR Smith would be, examines how LeBron builds his team—on and off the court—and, most importantly for Stefan...did the Knicks ever have a chance during the decision?!
17/08/161h 28m

Game 7 a.k.a. The Best Two Words in Sports

Jesse and Stefan discuss the masterful play of LeBron, the sad state of Kevin Love, the pros and cons of Draymond Groin, and the marvelous sight of a blonde Andrew Bynum.
19/06/1657m 21s

The Finals, The Thunder, and The Greatest of All Time

Game 1 of the NBA Finals wasn't the greatest—but Ali certainly was. We talk Warriors, Cavs, Ali, and the end of OKC's playoff run.
06/06/161h 8m

Feisty Phil Jackson, Conference Finals Matchups, and Playoff Thunder

Jesse and Stefan meet up in New York to talk about the Knicks' hiring of Jeff Hornacek (and Phil's feisty ways), the Conference Finals matchups, the madness of Gilbert Arenas, and the endless joy Russell Westbrook brings them.
23/05/1653m 54s

Western Conference Finals Preview

Jesse shares behind-the-scenes tales of his recent visit to Inside the NBA, and then the guys talk Dwight Howard, Curry's unanimous MVP, and LeBron's reaction to it—all before diving into what looks to be a playoff matchup for the ages: Warriors vs. Thunder.
16/05/161h 3m

Bad Boys with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs, Nightlands) joins Jesse and Stefan once again to talk about Frank Vogel, Phil Jackson's coaching search, the ousted Detroit Pistons, the Bad Boys documentary, and Charles Oakley vs. Charles Barkley.
10/05/1657m 6s

The Curry Worry and Memories of Prince

Stefan and Jesse rejoin the living, kick off the NBA Playoffs, wax poetic about the '90s Orlando Magic, and fondly remember our beloved Prince.
23/04/1647m 3s

Open Run's First Anniversary Party

Just in time for Valentine's Day, hosts Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis celebrate the first anniversary of the show. Also discussed: All-Star weekend, what it's like to work with Denzel Washington, and a Draymond-centric Shame or Fame. Happy anniversary to us!
13/02/1643m 6s

LeBroogie Nights

This week, Jesse and Stefan find that all conversational roads lead to David Blatt's firing at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the future of the organization, and its big, bright shining star: LeBron James.
24/01/1639m 18s

A Tale of Two Boroughs

Jesse and Stefan catch up on the high-flying Knicks, the chaos in the land o' the Nets, and play a game of God or Shammgod. Then, it's time to answer listener questions on #TweetsIsWatching.
14/01/1646m 41s

The Bulls, The Knicks, & One Spicy Batch o' Mayo

It's a new year, but Jesse and Stefan can't help talking about their ol' favorites: the Bulls and the Knicks. Jimmy Butler and Kristaps Porzingis lead Open Run into '16, and O.J. Mayo is the subject of this week's Shame or Fame.
07/01/1634m 54s

Warriors v. Spurs, Fisher v. Barnes, 2015 v. 2016

Jesse and Stefan talk December b-ball, Fisher vs. Barnes, and Warriors vs. Spurs before discussing the confusion of nostalgia and taking a misty-eyed look back at the inaugural year of Open Run. Here's to 2016! 3...2...1...
01/01/1639m 9s

Hoop-y Holidays

Jesse and Stefan reconvene for a holiday hoops catch-up of epic proportions, and are visited by 3 holiday spirits: the Ghost of Mike D'Antoni Past, the Ghost of Bulls Present, and the Ghost of Shumpman Future! They also talk Kevin Durant & Kristaps Porzingis—aka THE FLAMINGO!—before engaging in another rousing game of: God...or Shammgod? Hoop-y Holidays!
23/12/1546m 17s

God...or Shammgod?

Jesse and Stefan tackle the big issues of the week, namely: the outlandish success of the Warriors, the trials of Jahlil Okafor, and the legacy of Kobe Bean Bryant. Then the gloves really come off for a game of God...or Shammgod?
05/12/1532m 35s

Pod-zingis with Jon Schulman of Posting & Toasting

Jesse & Stefan talk Wizards, Thunder, Detroit's Mr. Drummond, and the dark art of frequent flyer miles before hoops writer Jon Schulman of top-notch Knicks blog Posting & Toasting joins them to talk Knicks biz & all things Porzingis.
16/11/1543m 36s

Western Conference Preview with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Open Run's NBA Season Preview continues as Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs, Nightlands) joins up again to help put together the ultimate Western Conference mixtape.
28/10/151h 11m

Eastern Conference Preview with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Open Run's resident Hoops Insider Expert Analyst Extraordinaire Dave Hartley (of The War on Drugs & Nightlands fame) calls in to help the guys do a musically themed preview of the Eastern Conference squads.
26/10/1557m 2s

Lakers President Jeanie Buss

Lakers president Jeanie Buss joins us in studio to discuss Lakers past, present, and future before playing a round of #NameThatBaller and taking her chances on...the #HotBench!
20/10/151h 29m

Every (Derrick) Rose Has Its Thorn

Jesse & Stefan talk Derrick Rose and, of course, Kristaps Porzingis before calling the sexy new Atlanta Hawks hotline. Then Jesse delivers a dramatic reading of poetry from—that's right—Charles Oakley.
30/09/1546m 46s

The B-Ball Hall of Fame & 2015-16 predictions

Jesse and Stefan talk about this year's Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees before getting into some lightning round predictions for the upcoming season.
15/09/1531m 16s

The Magic of J.R. Smith, MJ's Day in Court, & Kobe's Real Talk

Jesse and Stefan talk about the latest chapter in the magical story of J.R. Smith, Michael Jordan's recent court victory, and also deliver a very special all-Kobe installment of Shame or Fame.
28/08/1544m 35s

DJ Yella of NWA

Jesse and Stefan catch up on some summer hoops news before DJ Yella of NWA joins up to talk Lakers, new NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, and how the world's most dangerous group would look as an NBA starting 5.
14/08/1548m 18s

Sweet Basketball Nothings with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Jesse and Stefan get their pal Dave Hartley (of The War on Drugs and Nightlands) back on the line to discuss everything the offseason has to offer: the NBA Players Awards, Summer League ball and Knicks neophyte Kristaps Porzingis. And yes, there is a strong nickname in play for Porzingis, in case you were wondering. • Dave Hartley on Twitter
27/07/151h 7m

NBA Free Agency Special with Jeremiah Jackson

Jesse and Stefan get Jesse's old pal and NBA wiz Jeremiah Jackson on the horn to break down all the madness of NBA free agency Y2K15 including, of course, #DeAndreGate.
13/07/1557m 18s

Free Agency and Draft Talk with Matthew Dellavedova & Marc Stein

Your boys toss around the scuttlebutt & kick the ball around with ESPN analyst Marc Stein & Matthew Dellavedova of the Cleveland Cavaliers a.k.a. Mr. Dellvedere himself!
01/07/1556m 17s

NBA Finals Wrap-up & Draft Preview

The guys get on the horn at the break-a-break-a dawn to close the lid on the finals and open up a can of NBA Draft Preview!
19/06/1539m 41s

Jesse Reports from the NBA Finals in Oakland

Jesse reports from the NBA Finals scene in Oakland, delivering hard-hitting, on-the-ground analysis of games 1 & 2 at the Oracle! He & Stefan talk some Finals shop before administering a healthy dose of #TweetsIsWatching & #ShameOrFame.
09/06/1551m 8s

Nickname City with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Jesse and Stefan get Dave Hartley back on the line and reconvene the #NicknameCommittee for Open Run's NBA Finals Nickname special! That's right, we are  providing you with timeless nicknames for just about every player you'll see take the court during the Finals. Prepare to take some notes, people.
04/06/1552m 49s

Draft Lottery Special with Karl-Anthony Towns & Willie "Trill" Cauley-Stein

Jesse & Stefan run the Streets, Subways, Hotel Lobbies & Toilets of the Big Apple in pursuit of their Hoops Destiny, talking to Kentucky stars Karl-Anthony Towns & Willie "Trill" Cauley-Stein along the way. College greats, NBA hopefuls, legends, and subway singers gather together to grace your ears and imaginations.
20/05/1538m 43s

The Fellowship of the Rim Vol. 2 with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Jesse, Stefan & Dave Hartley (of The War on Drugs, Nightlands) reconvene the #NicknameCommittee to talk about Bill Simmons leaving ESPN and the evolution of sports fandom. (Part 2 of 2).
14/05/1545m 50s

The Fellowship of the Rim, Vol. 1 with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

The Nickname Committee is called together once more as Jesse and Stefan are joined again by NBA Hoops Inside Expert Analyst Extraordinaire Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs, Nightlands) to talk NBA Playoffs and, of course, some new nicknames. (Part 1 of 2)
12/05/1535m 30s

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Boring Ass-Sports

Jesse and Stefan discuss the highs and lows of sports consumption and share tales of high school concussions, the time Jesse took Chris Paul to bowling school, and watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on set. They also break down Willie "Trill" Cauley-Stein's name change and another installment of #ShameOrFame.
06/05/1556m 9s

Kevin Love Will Tear Us Apart

Jesse and Stefan talk Kevin Love's injury, J.R. Smith's latest madman antics, and the new Panda's Friend sneaker line from Metta World Peace (or, as we like to call him, King Midas World Peace). #ShameOrFame,'s all here in lucky #13!
28/04/1542m 44s

Jay Williams, Frank Kaminsky, Breanna Stewart, D'Angelo Russell & Stanley Johnson

Jesse and Stefan shove a mic in the faces of College Basketball's best! From Duke legend Jay Williams to 2015 Wooden Award Winners Frank Kaminsky & Breanna Stewart, freshman phenom D'Angelo Russell & star forward Stanley Johnson!
14/04/1543m 36s

Midnight Madness!

Jesse & Stefan decide that 1AM is the perfect time to break down March Madness, naked men in saunas, hot mics, tearing scar tissue & Fear and Loathing: The Upcoming Open Run Road Trip!
07/04/1551m 25s

Straight Shooters, Masked Men & Lottery Picks

Jesse and Stefan talk Final Four, NBA Draft prospects & Charles Barkley's response to the state of Indiana's latest offense. The guys also answer listener questions with #TweetsIsWatching and call the Oklahoma City Thunder with a very important question of their own.
31/03/1545m 36s

Chinese Musicals, Nut Punches & MVP Fashion

This week Jesse and Stefan talk about Steve Nash's retirement, Marcus Smart's low blow on Matt Bonner, NCAA hoops fashion, and Stephon Marbury's success in China. Also: they pay close attention to listener suggestions for their Expendables-style movie idea. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/03/1558m 11s

Shake-ups & Conspiracy Theories

Jesse and Stefan talk NFL free agency, take coaches to task with #ShameOrFame, answer listener questions in #TweetsIsWatching and share classic tales of Nick Nolte and Tom Berenger.
17/03/151h 1m

Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Special guest Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs and Nightlands joins the show. Also on the menu: #TweetsIsWatching and #ShameOrFame.
10/03/151h 23m

Tales of Mistaken Identity & How to Survive Netflix

Jesse and Stefan on the art of binge-watching Netflix & purging your DVR, the Open Run host look-alike stories, and remembering the one and only Anthony Mason.
03/03/1555m 54s

Prehab & the Trade Deadline

Jesse & Stefan get together to talk about prehab and the state of Jesse's ACL, the madness of the NBA trade deadline, and just how much Jesse's blood is worth. They also answer a whole bunch of Twitter questions.
25/02/1552m 15s

All-Star Up Close & Personal | Open Run

For this week's show Jesse and Stefan get together in New York to break down all the madness of All-Star weekend. Topics include: tearing your ACL on live television, clubbing on crutches, breaking bread with Hall of Famers, and the debut of Open Run's very own Shame or Fame.
17/02/151h 4m
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