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About All That

Lauren Theisen joins Drew and Roth to discuss the news on everyone's mind—Andy Dalton being benched. Also some other things about the last few days at Deadspin, but mostly it's Dalton, baby.
31/10/19·50m 10s

Can Simone Biles Dunk?

Dom Cosentino joins Roth and Drew to talk about the recent surge in panicky NFL trades, and also the question on everyone's mind re: Simone Biles.
24/10/19·49m 17s

Nats: What We're Talking About

Those plucky Washington Nationals, those somehow-worse-than-ever NFL refs, those uh Miami Dolphins, and more.
17/10/19·46m 42s

That's Duh, Morey

Glib online politics, the inherent debasing effects of globalized mega-business, sad bootlicking media commentary on all of the above, things of that nature. Also some Jay Gruden stuff.
10/10/19·50m 59s

A Hater's Guide To The MLB Playoffs

Which of baseball's October teams is the worst and why is it the Cardinals? Lauren Theisen joins Drew and Roth to unlock the answers.
03/10/19·49m 31s

We're Going To Do Something About These Wet Bags, Folks

A frank discussion on the need for moisture-wicking base technology, other tragic baseball topics, and a whole lot of old-dude culture discourse.
26/09/19·47m 13s

The Truth About Mononucleosis And Football

Drew and Roth talk about all the ailing NFL quarterbacks, bad comedy's intersection with bad politics, plus various other crap.
19/09/19·54m 41s

Should A Homer Automatically End An Inning?

This, and other howlingly inessential questions, addressed in a forthright manner.
12/09/19·51m 36s

Summer Funbag (Recast)

As we continue to sort through technical difficulties, we cast our minds back to a simpler time—when the weather was slightly warmer, and we wondered whether Philip Rivers could dunk.
05/09/19·51m 17s

The Art Of Leaving

Beloved outgoing champion Megan Greenwell joins Drew and Roth to discuss Andrew Luck's abrupt peace-out and life at Deadspin.
29/08/19·48m 8s

Strokes, Ranked

Now this 'cast don't move to the beat of just one drum...
15/08/19·40m 10s

Iss A Premier League Preview It Is!

Luis joins Drew and Roth to talk HOT SOCCER, plus your Funbag questions!
08/08/19·48m 32s

How NFL Teams Become Deranged

Drew and Roth break down more sucky NFL teams and how arrogant fans and arrogant coaches feed off each other.
01/08/19·53m 39s

Your Team Sucks

Roth and Drew welcome the NFL preseason by talking about teams that suck (all of them!)
25/07/19·49m 25s

More Summer Funbag!

Megan Greenwell joins the cast to talk french fries, children at Wimbledon, goodbyes on TV, and other light beachy topics.
18/07/19·46m 58s

The Russell Westbrook Situation

Guest host Luis Paez-Pumar and Drew talk about how an MVP became curbside goods, plus talk about the USWNT and more!
11/07/19·50m 24s

America! Fuck Yeah!

Drew and Roth break down the USWNT victory over shoddy England and bitch about VAR. JOLLY GOOD!
04/07/19·53m 20s

Name of the Year! (RECAST)

Drew, Roth, and Greenwell break down an insanely competitive bracket of ludicrous names! 
27/06/19·43m 26s

Summer Funbag!

Summer funbag... have you a blast... Summer funbag happens so fasssssssst...
19/06/19·51m 17s


Drew and Roth discuss the fallout from Kevin Durant's hideous leg injury.
12/06/19·41m 48s

Let's Truther Drake

Did the NBA deliberately repress sideline shots of the Raptors unofficial mascot? We say OMG yeah they did!
05/06/19·52m 1s

NBA Finals For Morons

Drew and Roth preview Raps-Dubs and then talk about what a weirdo Magic Johnson is.
30/05/19·46m 17s

Game of Thrones for Morons

Luis Paez-Pumar joins Drew and Roth in an attempt to explain Game of Thrones (all of it) to them. SPOILERS ABOUND!
23/05/19·54m 17s

The Shot

Tom Ley joins Drew and Roth to talk about Kawhi's still-insane buzzer beater, plus the NBA Draft lottery and more!
16/05/19·51m 6s

Introducing Sports Wars

Sports rivalries can fuel fans and athletes to fight and argue for years. But what’s the real story behind these epic rivalries? From Wondery, the company behind “Business Wars” and “American Scandal” comes Sports Wars, an electric new series that offers an immersive, courtside look at some of the greatest athletic rivalries of all time: starting with Aaron Rodgers vs. Brett Favre.Subscribe to Sports Wars at
13/05/19·4m 58s

The End of Golden State?!

Ray Ratto joins Drew and Roth for some way too early speculation about the possible demise of the Warriors.
09/05/19·53m 3s

Olde Tyme Hukky

Lauren Theisen joins Drew and Roth to break down the remaining NHL playoff bracket, plus your questions and a White Sox minute we wish had never come.
02/05/19·51m 8s

NFL Draftmania!

Are you ready draftboys?! Drew and Roth preview the biggest night in draft nighting!
25/04/19·56m 13s

Emergency Lazy NBA Playoff Report

Giri Nathan joins Drew and Roth to optimize the NBA Finals.
18/04/19·48m 15s

Spring Funbag!

Drew and Roth talk pro wrestling in bars, march madness, and other delights! 
11/04/19·40m 34s

Name of the Year!

Drew, Roth, and Greenwell break down an insanely competitive bracket of ludicrous names! 
04/04/19·43m 26s

Opening Day!

Drew and Roth preview the 2019 baseball season.  A few teams might even be trying to win this year!
28/03/19·52m 38s

Hater's Guide To The 2019 NCAA Tournament

Gabe Fernandez joins Drew and Roth to determine the most despicable team in the bracket.  Somehow it's NOT Duke!
21/03/19·1h 8m


Drew and Roth talk about baseball free agency and how this may be the last of the insane contracts.
07/03/19·53m 20s


Diana Moskovitz joins Drew and Roth to talk about the Robert Kraft arrest, plus more stupid crap!
28/02/19·53m 0s

Bobby Costas Is No Maverick

Lauren Theisen joins Drew to talk about sports media meltdowns, bad football men, AND your Funbag questions!
14/02/19·46m 27s

Look Who's Back!

Drew is back with Roth, and still complaining about all the same garbage. Plus, the Super Bowl!
07/02/19·57m 59s

The End Is Nigh

Marchman, Megan, and Dom discuss the most dispiriting ways the Patriots could win the Super Bowl, the merits of lime Red Bull, and other horrors.

These Fucking Guys Again

Tim and David talk to resident Patriots fan Luis Paez-Pumar in an attempt to get to the bottom of that whole thing, and mostly just get mad. Also: the surprisingly satisfying Baseball Hall of Fame vote, the worst micro-communities on Twitter, and a warehouse full of discontinued hairspray.
24/01/19·1h 4m

Trump Serves Clemson Burgers As Cold As His Heart

Marchman, Roth, and special guest Lauren Theisen discuss the NFL playoffs, MLB's heavy collusion vibes, and our Big Boy President's burger party with his football friends.
16/01/19·1h 1m

Several Wrong Ways To Say 'Philadelphia Eagles'

Tim Marchman and David Roth take a deep and digressive dive into the folkways, foodways, and hideous accents of the Mid-Atlantic region with guest Dan McQuade.
10/01/19·54m 21s

Pancakes Are Bullshit

A frank exchange between Megan, Roth, and Marchman about which breakfast foods belong in the trash and other pressing food-related questions.
03/01/19·57m 32s

The Year In Sports Media Beef

Marchman, Roth, and chief beef correspondent Laura Wagner look back fondly on a year of venal/idiotic sports media clownery.
27/12/18·51m 52s

Sweet, The NBA Season Is About To Start

Roth, Marchman, and special guest Lauren Theisen talk about the NBA on the eve of its unofficial opening day on Christmas.
20/12/18·45m 32s

The Hall of Guys

Roth and a guest discuss how baseball's Hall of Fame has dedicated itself to Remembering Some Guys and more!
13/12/18·42m 35s

2018 Haters' Guide to the Top 25 (RECAST)

Nick Martin joins Drew and Roth to preview the most corrupt sport on earth.
06/12/18·1h 7m

The Ballad Of Mike McCarthy

Drew and Roth talk a LOT of football, plus stupid questions.
29/11/18·54m 59s

Thanksgiving Funbag!

Drew and Roth talk turkey, plus drunken world leaders!
21/11/18·43m 16s

Warriors Beef!

Drew, Roth and Lauren Theisen get into the catty ass Warriors infeuding.
16/11/18·49m 33s

Live from Nashville!

Drew, Roth, and Megan Greenwell head to Nashville to talk football, sodas, hot chicken, and more!
08/11/18·48m 25s

BONUS: Election Lunacy Arghhhhh!

A special emergency election minicast-arito!
08/11/18·12m 37s

2018 Election Special!

Stick to sports?  NOT THIS WEEK HUMANS.  Drew and Roth preview the 2018 midterms and the end of the earth.
01/11/18·53m 2s

BONUS: Deadcast is Coming to Nashville 11/5

Deadcast is coming to Nashville and y’all are invited! We’ll be at Headquarters Beercade (114 2nd Ave. South) the night of November 5th. Tickets are just $15 and you get a free drink. The doors to the bar open at 5:30, we’ll tape a live Deadcast at 6:15, and then we’ll all hang out and get loaded and play pinball and watch the Monday night game starting at 7:15. You can buy tickets right here:
30/10/18·1m 5s

World Series INSANITY

Drew and Roth talk baseball, plus NFL trades and more!
25/10/18·50m 53s

NFL 3/8ths Season Report!

18/10/18·55m 27s

The Scourge of NBA Previews

Drew and Roth complain about basketbloggers run amok, plus other delightful random garbage.
11/10/18·53m 17s

Haters Guide to the 2018 MLB Postseason

04/10/18·48m 22s

Summer Funbag! (RECAST)

Drew Roth and Patrick Redford answer your toughest questions.
27/09/18·35m 0s

Live from Chicago

Drew, Roth, and Megan remember some Chicago guys, live on stage from Thalia Hall.
20/09/18·45m 57s

Sexy NFL Rumors!

Drew and Roth loosely break down Week 1, plus other crap.
13/09/18·48m 39s

2018 NFL Preview

Dom Consentino joins Drew and Roth to predict the season.
06/09/18·54m 2s

2018 Haters' Guide to the Top 25

Nick Martin joins Drew and Roth to preview the most corrupt sport on earth.
30/08/18·1h 7m


Drew and Roth answer your finest stupid questions.
23/08/18·37m 5s

Is This The Worst Baseball Take?

Drew and Roth talk shitty baseball takes, plus your NFL letters.
16/08/18·57m 8s

Your Team Sucks!

Drew and Roth read the best letters from irritated NFL fans.
09/08/18·53m 48s

Can Trump See? (RECAST)

Drew, Roth and Lauren Theisen explore the most SHOCKING conspiracy theory yet!
02/08/18·53m 33s

Name of the Year! (RECAST)

Megan Greenwell joins Drew and Roth to break down the annual NOTY bracket.
26/07/18·47m 3s

Summer Funbag!

Drew Roth and Patrick Redford answer your toughest questions.
19/07/18·35m 0s

It's Coming Home!

Drew, Roth and Patrick Redford talk soccer, cave subs, Papa John, and more.
12/07/18·48m 16s

NBA Madness OMG!!!!!!!!!

Tom Ley joins Roth and Drew for an EMERGENCY BASKETCAST.
04/07/18·53m 19s

Civility is for Losers

Drew and Roth talk politeness in the age of assholedom.
28/06/18·52m 50s

NBA Draft Preview

Drew, Roth, and Giri Nathan talk about the NBA, horny movie reviews, and more.
21/06/18·52m 56s

Hater's Guide to the World Cup!

Billy Haisley joins Drew and Roth to angrily preview the biggest sporting event on earth.
14/06/18·56m 9s

Pointless Arguing About Greatness

Drew and Roth and Megan Greenwell talk about team greatness versus individual greatness, plus funner crap.
07/06/18·57m 0s

The Colangelo Affair

Drew and Roth talk about a HISTORIC week of bad Twitter,
31/05/18·53m 15s

Can Trump See?

Drew, Roth and Lauren Theisen explore the most SHOCKING conspiracy theory yet!
24/05/18·53m 33s

Let's All Gamble Naked

Kyle Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the future of wasting your money.
17/05/18·50m 39s

I Think I Hate The Rockets

Drew and Roth talk NBA, Francesa, types of butter, and more!
10/05/18·55m 59s

The Bonus Hater's Guide To The William Sonoma Catalog (RECAST)

Drew, Marchman and Roth look at some more ludicrous items in this year's catalog.
03/05/18·55m 7s

Marvel vs Star Wars

Drew, Nick Martin, and an unwelcome guest preview the new Avengers movie, plus argue stupid fanboy things.
26/04/18·53m 39s

Kawhi: WTF?

Drew, Roth and Tom Ley talk NBA playoffs, plus other crap
19/04/18·54m 5s

Otani Fevah!

Drew and Roth talk about the Angels phenom, plus NFL, the Simpsons, and more!
12/04/18·50m 13s

Name Of The Year!

Megan Greenwell joins Drew and Roth to break down the annual NOTY bracket.
05/04/18·47m 3s

Baseball Preview!

Looking for a halfassed preview of the MLB season? You're in luck!
29/03/18·46m 31s

The Tiger Conundrum

Drew and Roth talk about Tiger's comeback, plus YOUR questions!
22/03/18·43m 55s

Hater's Guide To The Field Of 68!

Drew and Roth preview the NCAA tourney by hating everything!
15/03/18·59m 5s

Winter Olympic Confidential

Drew, Roth, and Hannah Keyser talk about backstage happenings at the Winter Games, plus more!
08/03/18·55m 19s

Roger Versus Jerry!

Roth, Drew, and new EIC Megan Greenwell talk about NFL owner fights, the decline of Isaiah Thomas, and more!
01/03/18·43m 23s


Drew and Roth talk about the bad skier.  Plus horny ice dancers, your funbag queries, and more!
22/02/18·48m 9s

Olympic Funbag!

Roth, Drew, and Lindsey Adler answer YOUR stupid questions about the winter games.
15/02/18·49m 0s

Super Bowl!!!!

Drew and Roth and Jorge Corona wrap up the week in Minnesota, plus YOUR Funbag questions
08/02/18·48m 33s


Drew and Roth talk Super Bowl and answer questions live from coldass Minnesota
01/02/18·51m 46s

Trade LeBron!

Roth and Drew propose the un-proposable, plus the NFL, reader mail, and more!
24/01/18·51m 35s

Omg Vikings Holy Shit

Drew and Roth talk about the NFL playoffs, the Chris Paul locker room beef, and more.
17/01/18·47m 59s

The Kayak Affair That Is Rocking The World

Drew and Roth talk dirty kayakers, college football, the NFL playoffs, and more.
11/01/18·56m 40s

2017, Our Garbage Year

Drew, Marchman, and Roth rehash the worst year of our existence.
28/12/17·50m 19s

Star War!

Drew and Marchman talk Last Jedi.  SPOILERS AHEAD!
21/12/17·55m 41s

The Bonus Hater's Guide To The William Sonoma Catalog

Drew, Marchman and Roth look at some more ludicrous items in this year's catalog.
14/12/17·55m 7s

Russia's Out!

Drew and David Roth talk the Russian Olympic ban, Eli, and more!
07/12/17·52m 47s

Haters Guide to the Top 25 (RECAST)

Marchman and Drew and Dom preview the upcoming CFB season.
30/11/17·51m 42s


22/11/17·48m 28s

Pizza Wars!

David Roth joins Drew and Marchman to talk about the NFL and it's strange pizza war.
16/11/17·53m 21s

One Year Later

Drew, Marchman, and Giri Nathan talk about the election, hot chicken, and more
08/11/17·51m 1s

NFL Trades!

FiveThirtyEight's Kyle Wagner joins Marchman and Drew to talk NBA, NFL, GoT, and more!
01/11/17·52m 33s

Bug Bites

Drew, Marchman, and Laura Wagner talk sports media, plus weird funbag questions
26/10/17·45m 6s

Wait, the NBA is Back?

Drew and Marchman talk about the NBA, Harvey Weinstein, kitchen appliances, and more!
19/10/17·46m 29s

US Soccer Is Fucked!

Drew and Tom Ley talk soccer, baseball, football, and more
12/10/17·48m 57s

Hurry the Hell Up, Baseball

Drew and Marchman brainstorm solutions for MLB's pace of play problems, plus Tom Petty and more.
06/10/17·46m 14s

Haters Guide to the Playoffs

Lindsey Adler joins Drew to break down the potential MLB playoff field
29/09/17·51m 15s

Blood Sweat & Pixels

Drew, Marchman and guest Jason Schreier talkvideo games, boxing, and more
21/09/17·55m 43s

ESPN Jumps In The Trash

Drew, Marchman, and a special guest discuss ESPN's bad decision, Star Wars, and other nonsense.
14/09/17·52m 30s

Fight Night

Drew And Patrick Redford talk Mayweather/McGregor.
29/08/17·48m 15s

Hater's Guide to The Top 25

Marchman and Drew and Dom preview the upcoming CFB season.
24/08/17·51m 42s

The Zeke Conundrum

Laura Wagner joins the podcast to talk about the Zeke Elliott suspension, and more.
17/08/17·40m 59s

Your Team Sucks

Drew and Marchman talk about the NFL previews, plus they answer lots of dumb funbag questions.
11/08/17·49m 40s

Cowboys Fuckery

Dom Cosentino joins Drew to talk about the Zeke Elliott investigation and other bizarre news from NFL Training Camp.
01/08/17·46m 17s

The Perfect Midsummer Take

Marchman and Drew do a classic take breakdown.
25/07/17·54m 26s


Laura Wagner joins Drew and Marchman to talk mental toughness.
18/07/17·50m 23s


Drew and Marchman and a special new guest discuss the Lena Dunham dog controversy.
11/07/17·46m 29s


Drew and Marchman examine how one gif made everyone insane.
06/07/17·44m 10s

Phil Jackson Is Satan

Drew and Marchman talk NBA, Star Wars, and more
30/06/17·49m 18s


Marchman and Drew discuss athletes at the White House, plus more
16/06/17·52m 58s

NBA Finals

Drew and Marchman talk about the brutal end to Game 3, plus NFL and more
09/06/17·45m 8s


Marchman and Drew rank beans.  Oh, and they talk about the NBA Finals, which seem important.
01/06/17·53m 27s

The DC Curse

Drew and Marchman talk about DC sports woes, and more!
18/05/17·49m 22s

Boston Racism Week

Drew and Marchman talk about Adam Jones, plus they answer your dumbest questions
05/05/17·40m 11s

ESPN Layoffs

Drew and Marchman talk about the ongoing purge at the worldwide leader.
28/04/17·49m 9s


Marchman and Drew talk about food more than they should, plus more serious topics that seem ill-fitting in retrospect.
21/04/17·49m 7s

Jim Nantz Is Still Insane

Marchman and Drew cover the Masters, Spring Break, and more!
06/04/17·48m 56s

The Vegas Raiders

Drew and Marchman explain how the Raiders' move might destroy the NFL in the long term. Plus happier stuff!
28/03/17·46m 13s

Name of the Year

Drew and Marchman RETURN to stage a formal reading of the annual name bracket, plus truthers, Mayweather/MacGregor, your questions, and more!
23/03/17·46m 15s

Reintroducing Deadcast: We're Back!

Deadspin's Drew Magary and Tim Marchman are back with more sports lunacy!
15/03/17·1m 9s


Drew and Marchman engage in the oldest of debates, plus more on the NBA Finals, Any Given Wednesday, and gritty ninja turtles.
23/06/16·38m 37s


Drew and Marchman finally talk about the Hogan case, Peter Thiel, and the impending sale of Gawker Media.
14/06/16·29m 29s


Drew and Marchman break down the world's worst Muhammad Ali remembrance, plus UFC, manager ejections, and more
07/06/16·40m 52s


Marchman and Drew talk about the Cincinnati zoo fiasco, plus nut slaps, moving teams, and more
03/06/16·38m 37s


Fork vs. spoon vs. knife... WHO YA GOT?  Also: the NBA playoffs, nutshots, trick sports, and more.
24/05/16·41m 55s


Marchman and Drew look at the chances of a new and very improved Cavs playoff squad.  Plus driving, resting dad face, ruined food, and more.
18/05/16·42m 0s


Marchman and Drew attempt to rank side dishes.  Plus the end of Tim Duncan, pistachios, and more.
13/05/16·41m 15s


Drew and Marchman talk about bathrooms, secret Papal intelligence, Radiohead, and more.
06/05/16·42m 7s


Marchman and Drew recap Laremy Tunsil's bizarre draft night, plus orgies, baked goods, and more.
29/04/16·45m 50s


Drew and Marchman look into the baffling haircut that's sweeping the pro sports landscape.  Plus bus seats, comic books, baseball fights, and more.
19/04/16·46m 59s

Kobe's Last Night!

Drew and Marchman talk Kobe, Adam LaRoche, awful TV takes, and more!
13/04/16·42m 3s


Drew and Marchman stage a dramatic reading of Sam Hinkie's insane resignation letter.
07/04/16·52m 22s


Marchman and Drew talk about baseball, basketball, farting in chairs, incontinent presidents, and more!
25/03/16·48m 30s


Drew and Marchman break down the most hateable teams in this year's NCAA tournament.  Plus: the name of the year!
17/03/16·52m 29s

LeBron's Breakdown

Have the Golden State Warriors broken LeBron's spirit?  Plus Peyton, weed transport, and more!
09/03/16·43m 50s

The 2016 Olympics

Drew and Marchman discuss boycotting the poopy water in Rio.  Plus glass care, dog food, old man takes, and more!
03/03/16·41m 51s


Marchman and Drew talk Curry hypotheticals, plus dick pics, Mount Everest, car heating, and more.
24/02/16·44m 15s

Audio Funbag II!

Drew and Marchman talk about JPP's hand, yogurt stains, stork parking, and more!
17/02/16·43m 26s

Super Bowl Funbag!

Marchman and Drew celebrate the Super Bowl by answering all of your insane questions about shopping carts, Trump, and more.
02/02/16·37m 27s


Drew and Marchman get you ready for the upcoming Super Bowl, and argue about microwaves.
27/01/16·40m 54s

Divisional Round Preview!

The boys look at the coming NFL playoff weekend, plus Los Angeles, Maine hatred, and more.
13/01/16·43m 0s


Is the Hall of Fame screwing over Curt Schilling for his hot Facebook takes?  Plus the NFL playoffs, Game of Thrones writer's block, and more.
05/01/16·45m 4s

The Casties!

Drew and Marchman review the year in sports and name their best and worst of everything: stories, athletes, horses, penises.  IT'S ALL HERE.
16/12/15·43m 12s

The Sixers Disgrace

Drew and Marchman take a closer look at the nefarious tanking process of basketball's worst team, plus Donald Trump and more!
09/12/15·38m 25s


Marchman and Drew get into a heated argument about filmed sex scenes.  AWWW YEAH SEX.  Also: Kobe, the Lions' disaster, and more.
04/12/15·32m 18s

Rousey vs. Holm

Marchman and Drew discuss one of fighting's biggest upsets ever, plus Peyton Manning, $120,000 vacations, and more.
16/11/15·28m 45s


Marchman and Drew talk about the U-Missouri shitstorm and the flood of political correctness takes around it. Plus Greg Hardy and more!
12/11/15·41m 12s


Marchman and Drew talk about the sad, bitter end of Kobe Bryant. Plus trophy humping, the death of Grantland, and more!
05/11/15·39m 31s


Marchman and Drew debate the Cowboys resident psychopath. Plus discount candy, poopy coffee, and more.
29/10/15·37m 19s


Marchman and Drew discuss last night's Deadspin Twitter suspension. Is this the greatest human rights violation in history? PROBABLY. Plus Sark, Chase Utley, and more.
13/10/15·45m 25s

The 2015 Baseball Playoffs

Marchman and Drew go through the playoff field to find the least hateable team. Plus garbage bandits, Bill Simmons, and more!
06/10/15·40m 39s

The Kevin Johnson Scandals

Marchman and Drew take you through the numerous scandals surrounding former NBA superstar Kevin Johnson. Plus baseball choke fights!
28/09/15·43m 48s

The Kiffin Rumors

Drew and Marchman attempt to divine the origins of some sordid Lane Kiffin rumors, plus pig-loving, seasonal takes, evil Matthew Berry, and more!
25/09/15·43m 5s

The End of Lupica

Marchman and Drew talk about the last days of notoriously awful NYDN columnist Mike Lupica. Plus Jason Whitlock, JPP's hand, and more!
16/09/15·42m 17s


Drew And Marchman take a belated look at the Top 25 and note every hateable thing about every school. Mostly Notre Dame.
10/09/15·46m 46s

IK Gets Catfished

Drew and Marchman explore the sordid tale of the NFL preseason's strangest player. Plus cricket takes, workout breakfasts, and more.
27/08/15·46m 13s


Drew and Marchman break down the hilarious fallout from the Jets locker room fiasco. Plus: Ronda Rousey, Donald Trump, and more!
12/08/15·40m 8s

The Brady Takes

Marchman and Drew break down all the insane Tom Brady cell phone takes this week from the likes of Bill Plaschke and Gregg Doyel. Plus more!
29/07/15·43m 33s

Chris Broussard Is The Worst

Marchman and Drew break down the ESPN reporter's lousy week and why he's not subject to the network's supposed dedication to cost-cutting.
13/07/15·43m 16s

What Happened to Michael Sam?

Drew and Marchman explore why the barrier-breaking former NFL player disappeared from his CFL team. Plus NBA Free agency, air conditiong, and more.
06/07/15·41m 51s

The Brady Ruling

How will Roger Goodell rule on Tom Brady's appeal, and why will that ruling be stupid. Marchman and Drew explain why, plus LeBron, Pete Rose, and more.
23/06/15·45m 50s

The Ballad of Throatzilla

Marchman and Drew explore the sordid tale of La'el Collins, plus more.
16/06/15·48m 20s

Episode 13: The Blatt Prophecy

Marchman and Drew analyze an insane theory about David Blatt and the Cavaliers. Plus hockey poop, Hope Solo, funbag questions, and more.
09/06/15·46m 31s

Episode 12: The Hater's Guide To The NBA Finals

Marchman and Drew break down the most hate-able aspects of the Cavs and Warriors. Plus Sepp Blatter, Caitlyn Jenner, and poopy talk.
03/06/15·51m 26s

The FIFA Scandal

Drew and Marchman talk about the FIFA arrests and then discuss the most difficult dad problem of all.
28/05/15·39m 21s

Episode 10: What is a Fraud?

Drew and Marchman talk about the NBA playoffs, rigging lotteries, Letterman, and more.
20/05/15·58m 43s

Episode 9: The Simmons Firing

Drew and Marchman talk about Bill Simmons' abrupt firing from ESPN and also deliver some news about the future of one of the network's other irritating personalities.
11/05/15·53m 23s

Episode 8: Is Floyd Mayweather A Coward?

Drew and Marchman talk about the national distaste for Floyd Mayweather and his fighting style, plus the worst sport fanboys, Jameis Winston, Avengers yammering, and more.
04/05/15·54m 38s

Episode 7: The Whitlock Files

Drew and Marchman dig into the leaked documents behind ESPN's doomed Undefeated site.
01/05/15·43m 59s

Episode 6: Is Britt McHenry The Perfect Villain

Drew and Marchman talk about the disgraced ESPN personality, plus a recreation of the Brian Price rant, Tebow smarm mail, and more.
23/04/15·48m 4s

Episode 5: The Worst Master Column Ever

Drew and Marchman breakdown an unholy hot take about Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods. PLUS: Aaron Hernandez, Chopped, and one man's love affair with his own spiky bracelet.
14/04/15·47m 41s

Episode 4: Name of the Year

Drew and Marchman break down the Crump-tastic Name of the Year candidates and rank the most hateable college basketball coaches.
30/03/15·40m 38s

Episode 3: Fun With Peter King

Marchman and Drew break down the latest Roger Goodell interview and all the fascinating non-information contained therein. Also, they talk awful names.
24/03/15·46m 35s

Episode 2: The Hater's Guide to the Field of 68

Drew and Marchman pick the most hateable teams in the bracket and determine the most loathsome school of all, which will be Duke.
19/03/15·46m 6s

Episode 1: Ernie Banks' Corpse

Drew and Tim talk Kobe, Harvard, odors, and Hall of Famer cadaver transport.
04/03/15·43m 27s
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