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Taylor Swift's 'Folklore': The Ultimate Breakdown

Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to go track-by-track through Swift's surprise release
05/08/2046m 25s

The Adventures of Bob Dylan in the 21st Century

From "Things Have Changed" on, we look at the best of Dylan's 21st-century catalog, with Angie Martoccio, Jon Dolan and Simon Vozick-Levinson joining host Brian Hiatt
31/07/2042m 19s

Jimmy Buffett: The Rolling Stone Interview

The singer/songwriter talks about the early days of his career, the future of concerts, his encounters with Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan and much more with host Brian Hiatt
21/07/2041m 33s

The Birth of 'Hamilton'

With the 'Hamilton' film now streaming, we look back at the genesis of the show and more with musical director Alex Lacamoire
16/07/2044m 14s

Alanis Morissette Looks Back, and Ahead

In a revealing conversation with host Brian Hiatt, Morissette talks about her new album, the 'Jagged Little Pill' musical and 25th anniversary, and her whole career
02/07/2039m 8s

A Conversation with John Legend

John Legend talks with host Brian Hiatt about his just-released album Bigger Love, why the current wave of Black Lives Matter protests have made him hopeful, life as the sexiest man alive, and much more
24/06/2036m 45s

A Conversation with Killer Mike

Killer Mike talks with Jamil Smith about Run the Jewels' great new album, the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, and much more
16/06/2044m 16s

Ice Cube on the Making of ‘F–k tha Police’ and N.W.A’s history

In a 2015 interview, Ice Cube looks back on the N.W.A. classic that’s climbing the charts again now – and tells the story of the birth of N.W.A
09/06/2051m 26s

A Conversation with Robbie Robertson

With the new documentary 'Once Were Brothers' out now, Robertson looks back on the story of the Band, his time with Bob Dylan and much more
03/06/2043m 10s

Britney Spears' 'Oops!... I Did It Again' – A 20th Anniversary Celebration

Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to look back at Spears' classic second album. Plus: video director Nigel Dick on his time with Britney
27/05/2046m 21s

The Life and Music of Little Richard

We celebrate the barrier-smashing career and timeless music of a rock n' roll founding father, with Rob Sheffield, David Browne and Patrick Doyle joining host Brian Hiatt. Plus, Steve Van Zandt pays tribute
20/05/2041m 0s

Is 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' Fiona Apple's Best Album?

A journey through the entire catalog of Fiona Apple, one of the most consistent artists of her generation, with Claire Shaffer, Brittany Spanos, and Rob Sheffield joining host Brian Hiatt
04/05/2042m 46s

A Conversation with Dua Lipa

The pop star on on her great new album 'Future Nostalgia,' whether she's a "female alpha," and much more
27/04/2041m 17s

The Greatest Concerts We've Ever Seen

In a time without live shows, we look back at the highlights of lifetimes of concert-going, with Brittany Spanos, Rob Sheffield, and Andy Greene joining host Brian Hiatt (plus special guests Brendan Benson and Brian Fallon)
21/04/2042m 6s

Remembering John Prine and Bill Withers

We play an unheard interview with Bill Withers by Andy Greene and look back on John Prine's singular career, with Patrick Doyle joining host Brian Hiatt
13/04/2041m 29s

The Songwriting Genius of Adam Schlesinger

From Fountains of Wayne to "That Thing You Do" and beyond, Alan Sepinwall and Rob Sheffield join host Brian Hiatt pay tribute to a great songwriter, gone too soon
07/04/2043m 34s

Songs of Comfort, with Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow

We discuss songs of solace in our current crisis, with some very special guests – including Taylor Swift – joining host Brian Hiatt
27/03/2045m 8s

Cancellations, Chaos: How the Pandemic Halted the Music Biz

We go deep on an unprecedented challenge for the music industry in the face of COV-19, with reporters Amy X. Wang, Samantha Hissong and Ethan Millman joining host Brian Hiatt
23/03/2037m 18s

A Conversation with Jason Isbell

Isbell, one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, talks about his upcoming album, Reunions, A Star is Born, and his entire career with host Brian Hiatt
18/03/2045m 18s

The Magic of BTS - and the History of Boy Bands

We look at the triumph of BTS, and how they fit in with the long history of boy bands, with Jezebel senior writer Maria Sherman (author of an upcoming boy-band history) joining Brittany Spanos, Rob Sheffield and host Brian Hiatt
11/03/2041m 18s

The Holland Brothers: How We Wrote Motown's Classics

Brian and Eddie Holland, who co-wrote Motown hits from "Heat Wave" to "Stop! In the Name of Love" – and authors of a new memoir – share tales from a pop golden age
05/03/2044m 56s

The Best (and Worst) Live Albums of All Time

Rob Sheffield and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to discuss the highs and lows of classic live albums. Plus, engineer Bob Pridden shares the story of The Who’s ‘Live at Leeds’ on its 50th anniversary
19/02/2039m 38s

Sheryl Crow: The Rolling Stone Interview

In a revealing conversation with host Brian Hiatt, Sheryl Crow discusses her final album, her early days and much more
11/02/2046m 19s

The Weird Vibes and Unlikely Triumphs of the 2020 Grammys

From Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish to Aerosmith and beyond, Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield join host Brian Hiatt to dig deep into Music's Oddest Night
03/02/2043m 55s

From Nine Inch Nails to the Doobies to Biggie: Inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2020 Class

Trent Reznor talks about Nine Inch Nails' Hall of Fame induction with Andy Greene; plus, Doobie Brothers history with founding member Patrick Simmons and a look at the RRHOF's future with host Brian Hiatt
28/01/2043m 4s

The Life and Music of Neil Peart

In 2015 interview audio, Rush's late drummer and lyricist reflects on the pains and pleasures of his work. Plus, Hank Shteamer and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to look back on Peart's legacy
21/01/2041m 55s

The Best Songs of 2019

Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt for an in-depth look at 2019's musical highlights
16/01/2036m 9s

A Conversation with the Black Keys

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney sit down with Rolling Stone's Patrick Doyle to discuss their new album and their entire career
08/01/2037m 4s

Debbie Harry: My Life in Blondie and Beyond

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie discuss their career and Harry's new book with host Brian Hiatt
26/12/1933m 35s

The Life and Music of Juice Wrld

In early December, Juice Wrld died not long after his 21st birthday. Brendan Klinkenberg and Simon Vozick-Levinson join host Brian Hiatt to look back at the rapper's genre-hopping, too-short career
18/12/1939m 19s

Billie Eilish, Van Halen, and Musical Generation Gaps

Billie Eilish doesn't know Van Halen – which is totally fine. Andy Greene, Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield join host Brian Hiatt to talk about two acts who couldn't be more different, and yet somehow surprisingly similar
11/12/1940m 16s

Rediscovering Janis Joplin

Holly George-Warren, author of Janis: Her Life and Music, joins host Brian Hiatt to offer fresh perspective on a rock legend
27/11/1940m 53s

The Secret History of the Black Crowes

Former Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman, author of a new memoir, tells host Brian Hiatt the harrowing, occasionally hilarious story of his former band's self-destructive tendencies
19/11/1944m 13s

Exploring the Rage Against the Machine and My Chemical Romance Reunions

Brittany Spanos and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to discuss the just-announced reunions of Rage Against the Machine, My Chemical Romance and the Black Crowes
12/11/1937m 47s

Kanye West's Road to 'Jesus is King'

Brendan Klinkenberg joins host Brian Hiatt to discuss 'Jesus is King' how Kanye West's musical path headed towards gospel
06/11/1934m 53s

The Making of Bruce Springsteen's 'Western Stars' Movie

Longtime Springsteen collaborator Thom Zimny, who co-directed 'Western Stars,' joins host Brian Hiatt to go behind the scenes of the acclaimed documentary
29/10/1931m 46s

Billy Idol on the Birth of Punk Rock and His Life in Music

From hanging with the Sex Pistols at their first gigs to his own roller-coaster career, Billy Idol tells all to host Brian Hiatt
22/10/1939m 28s

A Conversation with the Pixies

The Pixies (Black Francis, Paz Lenchantin, David Lovering, Joey Santiago) sit down with Andy Greene to discuss their new album Beneath the Eyrie and their whole career
16/10/1935m 16s

A Conversation with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy joins host Brian Hiatt to discuss the making of Wilco's new album, 'Ode to Joy,' and much more
09/10/1934m 10s

The Life and Music of the Cars' Ric Ocasek

The quirky musical path of the Cars frontman, with host Brian Hiatt and David Browne. Plus: Remembering Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter
02/10/1933m 58s

Taylor Swift's "Lover": The Ultimate Album Breakdown

In the wake of Rolling Stone's cover story, host Brian Hiatt, Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield go track by track on Swift's new album
25/09/1937m 19s

The Life and Music of Linda Ronstadt

Longtime manager Peter Asher joins host Brian Hiatt explains how Ronstadt became a '70s superstar; David Browne and Angie Martoccio tell the rest of her story
17/09/1935m 24s

An Intimate Look at Harry Styles' Life and Music

Rob Sheffield, author of Rolling Stone's Harry Styles cover story, joins Brittany Spanos and host Brian Hiatt to give an up-close look at one of the most singular stars in modern music
10/09/1937m 3s

How Spoon Made Their Greatest Hits

Spoon's Britt Daniel, Jim Eno and Alex Fischel tell the story of the band and the making of songs on their new best-of compilation
27/08/1940m 58s

How Migos, Lil Baby and Atlanta Hip-Hop Conquered the World

With their new compilation album out, Quality Control co-founders Coach K and Pee tell the story of their Atlanta label's underdog triumph, from Migos to Lil Baby to Lil Yachty and beyond
21/08/1933m 49s

Woodstock at 50: The Untold Stories

Country Joe McDonald and Santana's Michael Carabello join Andy Zax – producer of a comprehensive new box set – and host Brian Hiatt to look back at the original Woodstock
13/08/1937m 49s

The Secret Origin of Sublime

Founding bassist Eric Wilson digs into his early days with Bradley Nowell; plus, Rome Ramirez explains how he helped revive the band
06/08/1929m 13s

Was There Anything Good About Woodstock '99?

From Limp Bizkit and Korn to Bush and the Chemical Brothers, Rob Sheffield and host Brian Hiatt look back at their messy experiences at a disastrous festival
30/07/1940m 16s

The Best Hip-Hop Songs and Albums of 2019 (So Far)

Charles Holmes and Brendan Klinkenberg join host Brian Hiatt to discuss the moments defining 2019 hip-hop, from DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion to J. Cole and Lil Nas X
23/07/1938m 29s

The Best Songs of 1999

Rob Sheffield joins Brittany Spanos and host Brian Hiatt to dip into his list of the 99 best songs of 1999, from Mandy Moore and ODB to the Chemical Brothers and Fiona Apple
16/07/1938m 24s

The Best Albums of 2019 (So Far)

Hear a breakdown of the year’s stand-out albums – Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos and Jon Dolan join host Brian Hiatt to discuss
02/07/1935m 28s

Duff McKagan: The Rolling Stone Interview

The Guns N' Roses co-founder discusses reuniting with Axl and Slash, his new solo album, his road to sobriety, the loss of Scott Weiland and much more with host Brian Hiatt
25/06/1939m 30s

True Tales of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue

Byrds leader Roger McGuinn and Rolling Thunder Revue producer Louie Kemp share memories of the legendary tour and discuss Martin Scorsese's fiction-spiked documentary with host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene
18/06/1937m 3s

Justin Townes Earle: The Rolling Stone Interview

Songwriting secrets, addiction, the glories of Springsteen and much more in a wild conversation between Justin Townes Earle and host Brian Hiatt
12/06/1936m 8s

Jakob Dylan on His New Laurel Canyon Documentary and the Wallflowers' Hits

Jakob Dylan and director Andy Slater discuss 'Echo in the Canyon' documentary and the making of the Wallflowers' hits with host Brian hiatt
04/06/1937m 58s

A Conversation with Billy Joel

Billy Joel talks with Rolling Stone's Andy Greene about turning 70, quitting songwriting, making The Stranger and much more
29/05/1939m 12s

A Conversation with Stephen Malkmus

The former Pavement frontman sits down with host Brian Hiatt to talk about his new album, '90s indie feuds, the possible future of Pavement and much more
21/05/1937m 53s

How Apple's GarageBand Changed Music

Rolling Stone music business reporter Amy X. Wang joins host Brian Hiatt to break down the story of GarageBand, and the history of home recording
16/05/1935m 27s

The Zombies: The Rolling Stone Interview

To celebrate their induction into the Rock and Roll of Fame, the Zombies' Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone sit down with host Brian Hiatt for a frank, hilarious discussion of their entire career
01/05/1943m 18s

How Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X are reshaping music

We take a deep look at two of 2019's biggest new stars – Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X. Rob Sheffield, Charles Holmes and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt
23/04/1939m 16s

The 50 Greatest Grunge Albums of All Time

From L7 to Pearl Jam, inside Rolling Stone's list of the best grunge albums ever. Suzy Exposito, Angie Martoccio and Kory Grow join host Brian Hiatt to discuss
15/04/1940m 46s

Hear Untold Tales of Bruce Springsteen and CSNY

Host Brian Hiatt and David Browne tell stories from their acclaimed new books on the songs of Bruce Springsteen and the roller-coaster career of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (with assistance from Andy Greene)
09/04/1942m 32s

Can Hollywood Save Rock? Inside the Biopic Boom

Rock lives – but mostly at the movies. Andy Greene joins Brian Hiatt to discuss 'The Dirt,' 'Rocket Man,' and all the rock movies to come: Why is Hollywood investing so deeply in rock, and what does it bode for the future?
04/04/1937m 57s

Rob Thomas: The Rolling Stone Interview

Rob Thomas breaks down his new solo LP, the making of "Smooth," the glories of weed and much more in a career-spanning interview with host Brian Hiatt
31/03/1933m 48s

Was Lil Peep Destined to Be The Next Kurt Cobain?

Inside the short life, promising career and tragic death of Lil Peep, who could've been the voice of a generation, with David Peisner, Christian Hoard and host Brian Hiatt
20/03/1931m 45s

Green River and the Birth of Grunge

Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Mark Arm go deep on the story of Seattle's Green River with Kory Grow
13/03/1946m 11s

The Many Lives of Weezer

The weird story of how Weezer became rock’s most unkillable band, as told by Steven Hyden and Andy Greene, with host Brian Hiatt
07/03/1935m 26s

The Life and Music of the Monkees’ Peter Tork

We play unheard interviews with the late Peter Tork – while Rob Sheffield and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to make the case for the Monkees’ greatness
25/02/1936m 30s

Best and Worst Moments of the 2019 Grammys

Did the Grammys pull off a course correction this year? Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos break the show down with host Brian Hiatt
18/02/1938m 32s

The Secret History of "Walk This Way"

How Run-DMC and Aerosmith changed music: Geoff Edgers, author of a new book on the song's history, and producer Jack Douglas join host Brian Hiatt
12/02/1936m 11s

The Best and Worst Super Bowl Performances of All Time

From the glories of Prince, Beyonce and Bruce to the Who's flop, we praise and roast the whole history of Super Bowl performances – with Rob Sheffield, David Browne, Andy Greene and host Brian Hiatt
10/02/1936m 30s

Gary Clark Jr.: The Rolling Stone Interview

The guitar hero breaks down his whole career and his bold new album, This Land, in a definitive interview with Patrick Doyle
31/01/1934m 14s

Fyre Festival and the Long, Wild History of Disastrous Music Fests

From Fyre Festival to Altamont to Woodstock '99, we examine some of the most disastrous music fests of all time – and look forward to the 50th Woodstock anniversary – panelists Brittany Spanos, David Browne, Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt
28/01/1937m 18s

Pete Townshend on the Past and Future of the Who

Andy Greene sits down with Pete Townshend in his London home to discuss the Who's orchestral tour, surprise new album, why they can't play 'Tommy' anymore and many other topics
22/01/1937m 15s

The Best Albums of 2018

Inside our list of the year's best albums, from Nicki Minaj to Paul McCartney.  Brittany Spanos, Brendan Klinkenberg, Rob Sheffield and Simon Vozick-Levinson join host Brian Hiatt to break it all down
14/01/1938m 21s

Life Lessons from Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart shares some wisdom, musical and otherwise, in a career-spanning interview with Andy Greene
27/12/1839m 10s

Will Radiohead Show Up? And Other Pressing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of '19 Questions

Andy Greene and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame CEO Joel Peresman join host Brian Hiatt for a deep dive into one of the strongest Rock Hall of Fame classes in years. Plus: interviews with the Zombies' Colin Blunstone and former Cure drummer Lol Tolhurst
17/12/1845m 17s

2018: The Year in Pop

From Ariana Grande’s chart domination to Taylor Swift’s monster tour and much more, a deep look at a weird year in pop with Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos and host Brian Hiatt
10/12/1842m 51s

2018: The Year in Hip-Hop

Inside the artists and trends that defined the year’s dominant genre, with Brendan Klinkenberg, Charles Holmes and host Brian Hiatt
04/12/1841m 39s

Elvis Costello: The Rolling Stone Interview

Costello sits down with host Brian Hiatt for a career-spanning chat, from his debut album to his just-released latest with the Imposters, Look Now
26/11/1843m 43s

Rediscovering the Beatles' 'White Album'

Rob Sheffield and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to dig into the highs and lows of the Beatles' massive new 'White Album' reissue
20/11/1841m 55s

The 98 Best Songs of 1998

From Harvey Danger to Fatboy Slim to Aaliyah, Rob Sheffield breaks down his list of 1998's greatest with host Brian Hiatt
12/11/1848m 55s

'Bohemian Rhapsody' – and Why Even Flawed Music Biopics Rule

We (lovingly) roast Queen's smash-hit biopic, and break down its factual inaccuracies – host Brian Hiatt is joined by Brittany Spanos, David Fear and Andy Greene
06/11/1837m 35s

The Making of Bob Dylan's 'Blonde on Blonde'

How Dylan went to Nashville to make one of the greatest albums ever – Daryl Sanders, author of a new book on the album, and guitarist Wayne Moss join host Brian Hiatt
30/10/1835m 32s

Johnny Marr: The Rolling Stone Interview

From the Smiths' break-up to his excellent new solo album and everything in between, Marr sits down for a career-spanning conversation with host Brian Hiatt
23/10/1838m 42s

What's Up With Kanye's MAGA Adventure?

Taylor Swift made an eloquent political statement; Kanye West says his red hat gives him superpowers. We dig deep into Kanye's Oval Office visit, as well as Taylor's own political move, with host Brian Hiatt joined by Tessa Stuart, Brittany Spanos and Simon Vozick-Levinson
15/10/1836m 31s

"A Star Is Born": Inside Lady Gaga's Triumph

Brittany Spanos and David Fear join host Brian Hiatt for an obsessive discussion of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's instant classic (is it anti-pop?)  – and the long, campy lineage of "A Star Is Born"
10/10/1840m 58s

Phil Collins on the Weirdest Moments of His Career – and His New Tour

Collins talks to Andy Greene about playing with Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel and more, and previews his U.S. tour
02/10/1830m 18s

Paul Stanley Explains Why Kiss Is Saying Farewell

The Starchild himself joins host Brian Hiatt to break down Kiss' impending retirement, his relationship with Gene Simmons and much more; plus, Andy Greene takes on the larger trend of rockers leaving the road
24/09/1844m 9s

The Life and Music of Mac Miller

We look back at the far-too-short career of Mac Miller, who died at the age of 26 on September 7th, with Brendan Klinkenberg and Brittany Spanos joining host Brian Hiatt, who also plays some of his 2016 interview with the rapper
18/09/1841m 33s

Britney's "...Baby One More Time" At 20!

Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos and host Brian Hiatt go deep on how a teenage Britney Spears changed the face of pop
11/09/1843m 35s

Ice Cube on the Secret History of N.W.A.

In a revealing 2015 interview with host Brian Hiatt, Ice Cube dug into the earliest days of N.W.A. – and gangsta rap itself – while also explaining exactly why he left the group
28/08/1840m 10s

The Life and Music of Aretha Franklin (Plus, Aretha on Her Favorite Songs)

Biographer David Ritz joins host Brian Hiatt, David Browne and Patrick Doyle to talk about the formative influences behind Franklin's music, and we play Doyle's emotional 2014 interview with her, where Franklin goes through decades of her favorite music.
20/08/1839m 17s

Best Songs of the 21st Century (Pt. 1, feat. Patrick Carney and Amerie)

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and Amerie join host Brian Hiatt (along with Brittany Spanos and Simon Vozick-Levinson) to talk about “Tighten Up” and “1 Thing” – their entries on Rolling Stone’s list of the 21st century’s best songs
14/08/1840m 13s

Roger Daltrey on the Legend of the Who

The Who's frontman talks with Andy Greene – plus, Andy joins host Brian Hiatt to discuss the band's legacy
06/08/1846m 20s

50 Years of the MC5's Rock Revolution: Wayne Kramer Looks Back

Soon after the MC5 changed rock forever, guitarist Wayne Kramer was in prison. Kramer, author of a new autobiography, joins host Brian Hiatt to look back on one of rock's wildest lives
30/07/1837m 20s

Interpol frontman Paul Banks: The Rolling Stone Interview

As Interpol prepare to release their strong new album, Marauder, frontman Paul Banks joins host Brian Hiatt for a look back on their entire career
24/07/1843m 56s

What is 2018’s Song of the Summer?

From Drake to Kacey Musgraves, we evaluate the candidates for the defining song of summer 2018. Rolling Stone’s Sarah Grant, Brendan Klinkenberg and Simon-Vozick-Levinson join host Brian Hiatt to discuss
17/07/1842m 4s

The Life and Music of Paul Simon

From battles with Art Garfunkel to the Graceland controversies, Paul Simon's biographer, Robert Hilburn, takes host Brian Hiatt inside the surprisingly dramatic artistic journey of a great American singer/songwriter
02/07/1845m 32s

Inside 2018's Best Albums, So Far

Take a guided tour of Rolling Stone's list of the 50 best albums of 2018, so far, with staffers Sarah Grant, Simon Vozick-Levinson and Chris Weingarten, plus host Brian Hiatt
26/06/1843m 35s

Bowie, "2001" and The Secret History of Sci-Fi Rock

Author Jason Heller breaks down his the new book "Strange Stars," which traces the weird, fascinating synergy between classic rock and science fiction, with host Brian Hiat
19/06/1848m 0s

Drake vs. Pusha-T and The Greatest Hip-Hop Beefs of All Time

Brendan Klinkenberg, Simon Vozick-Levinson, Chris Weingarten and host Brian Hiatt break down the Drake vs. Pusha-T battle , and trace the rich history of rap beefs
12/06/1847m 40s

How Camilla Cabello Conquered Pop

Brittany Spanos, Joe Levy and Alex Morris – who wrote Rolling Stone's new Camilla Cabello cover story – join host Brian Hiatt to go deep on the pop star's rise
04/06/1841m 1s

Secrets of Def Leppard's Hits

As Def Leppard hit the road with Journey, frontman Joe Elliott breaks down the making of their greatest hits, their unlikely hip-hop influences, working with a young Taylor Swift and much more with host Brian Hiatt
30/05/1845m 20s

Confessions of A Frontman: Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody on His Hard-Fought Return

Why did it take seven years between Snow Patrol albums? Frontman Gary Lightbody tells host Brian Hiatt about overcoming depression and a drinking problem to make some of his best music
22/05/1847m 51s

Questlove's Secrets of Musical Creation

The Roots' Questlove, author of the new book Creative Quest, breaks down a dazzling list of musical influences, from Michael Jackson to Meg White, in a wide-ranging interview with host Brian Hiatt
14/05/1838m 55s

The Long Life and Slow Death of "Classic Rock"

What exactly is "classic rock"? And are we in its last days? Steven Hyden, author of "Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of Classic Rock," weighs in on the legends of the Doors, Led Zeppelin and more with host Brian Hiatt
08/05/1839m 49s

A Conversation with Fleetwood Mac

Where did Lindsey Buckingham go? As they prep for a new tour, the members of Fleetwood Mac (including new additions Mike Campbell and Neil Finn) explain it all to Andy Greene
01/05/1844m 59s

Beyoncé at Coachella: The Ultimate Play-by-Play

Suzy Exposito, Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield join host Brian Hiatt to analyze the highlights of Beychella
23/04/1841m 4s

Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Kiss: Desmond Child Tells the Stories Behind the Hits

As Bon Jovi enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, legendary songwriter Desmond Child tells host Brian Hiatt about co-writing their hits – plus tales of Aerosmith, Kiss, Ricky Martin and more
17/04/1840m 32s

The Genius of Nina Simone, Remembered by Her Brother

As the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame prepares to induct Nina Simone, her brother Sam Waymon joins host Brian Hiatt and David Browne to share intimate memories of his genius sister
09/04/1841m 26s

The Death of Downloads and CDs; Artist to Watch: Soccer Mommy

Steve Knopper joins host Brian Hiatt to trace streaming's conquest of music sales back to Napster; Sophie Allison of Soccer Mommy explains the influences behind her great new album
03/04/1836m 29s

Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls: The Rolling Stone Q+A

The bassist for England's loudest band sits down with host Brian Hiatt to discuss exploding drummers, his new solo LP, Spinal Tap's break-up, Brexit, Satan's toupee, erectile dysfunction and much more
26/03/1842m 53s

Craig Mack's Life and Career – and Jack White's new LP

We go deep on the life of Bad Boy Records legend Craig Mack – as well as Jack White's new album and Rolling Stone cover story. Host Brian Hiatt, who wrote the White story, is joined by Christian Hoard, Chris Weingarten and Jon Dolan to discuss.
20/03/1842m 42s

The Making of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks – and 1968's Secret History

Author Ryan H. Walsh discusses his new book, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968, with host Brian Hiatt – and musician John Payne shares stories from the making of the LP
13/03/1838m 45s

Kelly Clarkson: The Rolling Stone Q+A

Clarkson joins host Brian Hiatt to talk about returning to TV with The Voice, her new album, her dramatic clashes with her old label, and much more
07/03/1847m 5s

Julian Casablancas on his Voidz reinvention, the Strokes and the Looming Apocalypse

Casablancas and his Voidz bandmates Beardo and Jake Bercovici join host Brian Hiatt for a deep conversation on their new album, the disappointments of modern pop, the dark state of the world and much more
26/02/1840m 10s

Is the Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Really a Reunion?

The Pumpkins just announced a major reunion tour – without bassist D'Arcy Wretzky. Host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene dig into how we got here, and whether fans will buy three-quarters of the classic line-up – while also going through the band's entire fraught history.
21/02/1843m 28s

Why is Everyone Picking on Justin Timberlake?

Timberlake just scored a number-one album in the face of a huge backlash. Host Brian Hiatt goes deep with Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield on how Justin went from beloved pop icon to online punching bag.
13/02/1841m 52s

Can the Grammys Be Saved?

This year's Grammys ceremony made almost no one happy. Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to discuss its ups (Kesha, Kendrick) and downs (no Lorde performance?), the awards' oft-bizarre history (Natalie Cole!), and its possible future.
06/02/1842m 23s

The Life and Music of Dolores O'Riordan

Legendary video director Sam Bayer and Rolling Stone reporter David Browne join host Brian Hiatt to dive into the late star's story – and the making of the "Zombie" video. Plus, Bayer talks two of his other '90s classics: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "No Rain"
30/01/1837m 26s

Franz Ferdinand: The Rolling Stone Interview

Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and Bob Hardy join host Brian Hiatt to go deep on their new album, Always Ascending. They also look back at their classic debut LP, review the new Justin Timberlake song and much more
23/01/1841m 36s

Lana Del Rey vs. Radiohead (plus: one of Clarence Clemons' last interviews)

Brittany Spanos and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to break down the history behind the Radiohead vs. Lana Del Rey battle; plus, to celebrate what would've been Clarence Clemons' 76th birthday, we play one of his final conversations
16/01/1838m 38s

Can Greta Van Fleet Save Classic Rock?

Host Brian Hiatt talks to Greta Van Fleet, the young Michigan buzz band who make songs that sound like unearthed Led Zeppelin outtakes. Plus: rock critic Steven Hyden explains why the band might have a shot at mainstream success
08/01/1842m 30s

Bob Seger: The Rolling Stone Interview

Seger talks to Andy Greene about his recent health scare, his new album, his rock n' roll legacy and more
02/01/1841m 7s

What's Next for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, the Moody Blues' Justin Hayward and more talk about their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction with Andy Greene, while Greene and host Brian Hiatt discuss the future of the institution
26/12/1740m 30s

Steely Dan's Donald Fagen: The Rolling Stone Interview

In his first major interview since Walter Becker's death, Fagen talks about their decades-long partnership, Becker's final years and much more with host Brian Hiatt
19/12/1745m 15s

The Best Songs of 2017

Exploring the hits and shoulda-been hits of 2017 with Rob Sheffield, Sarah Grant, Chris Weingarten, Jon Dolan and host Brian Hiatt
12/12/1741m 10s

The 50 Best Albums of 2017

Inside our list of the year's best albums, from hitmakers like Lorde and Kendrick to discoveries like Open Mike Eagle. Brittany Spanos and Jon Dolan break down the list – and the year's music trends.
04/12/1744m 6s

Scott Weiland: The Lost Interview

An intense, never-before-heard 2007 conversation between the late singer and host Brian Hiatt about drugs, rock n’ roll and Weiland’s hopes for the future
27/11/1751m 9s

Taylor Swift's "Reputation": The Ultimate Breakdown

Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to go track-by-track on Taylor's just-released new album
20/11/1737m 57s

Bowie's Last Years – and Nile Rodgers on Making "Let's Dance"

As a new Bowie documentary looms, host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene look at the star's insanely productive final years – an in-depth chat with Nile Rodgers on making 1983's "Let's Dance."
14/11/1752m 40s

The Mystery of Dylan’s Gospel Years

Biographer Clinton Heylin, gospel singer Regina McCrary and drummer Jim Keltner join host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene to weigh in on Bob Dylan’s most mysterious era, as he releases the box set Trouble No More
06/11/1741m 21s

The Untold Story of New Order and Joy Division

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook (author of the new book Substance: Inside New Order) breaks down how Joy Division turned into New Order, remembers Ian Curtis, and much, much more in a hilarious, deep, career-spanning interview with host Brian Hiatt
30/10/1745m 44s

Kurt, Janis, Amy: The Stories Behind the Photos

Three legendary photographers – Baron Wolman, Mark Seliger and Max Vadukul – join Rolling Stone's creative director, Jodi Peckman, and host Brian Hiatt to share tales of creating some of the magazine's most famous images, from a drugged-out Amy Winehouse to a playfully rebellious Kurt Cobain
23/10/1743m 3s

Inside Springsteen on Broadway

Breaking down the hottest show on Broadway with host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene, who also explore Springsteen's extensive history as an solo acoustic performer and storyteller
16/10/1739m 59s

Tom Petty: His Life and Music

The late star speaks in unheard interview recordings – plus, Mike Campbell recalls the early days of the Heartbreakers and biographer Warren Zanes joins host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene to recall his time with Petty
10/10/1744m 26s

The Secret Lives of Lou Reed

Before Lou Reed changed rock history, he had to invent himself.  Anthony DeCurtis, author of "Lou Reed: A Life," joins host Brian Hiatt to discuss the life, music and decadent times of one of rock's most essential artists
03/10/1742m 38s

The Case For Taylor Swift – And Every One of Her Songs, Ranked

Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to break down Rob's ranked list of every single Taylor Swift song
25/09/1746m 12s

Prophets of Rage: RATM + Public Enemy + Cypress Hill

The supergroup explains to host Brian Hiatt how Rage Against the Machine merged with Public Enemy (Chuck D and DJ Lord) and Cypress Hill (B-Real) – and became a real band along the way.
18/09/1743m 53s

The Genius of Steely Dan's Walter Becker

Inside the complex life and brilliant music of the co-mastermind of one of rock's greatest and most singular bands.  Longtime Steely Dan collaborator Eliot Scheiner calls in to discuss his time with Becker (and reveal the secret origin of "Haitian Divorce"); Hank Shteamer, David Browne and Rob Sheffield join host Brian Hiatt to break down Becker's story.
11/09/1737m 28s

Alice Cooper: The Rolling Stone Interview

In a deep, hilarious, career-spanning conversation with host Brian Hiatt, Cooper talks about breaking up his original band, touring with Johnny Depp, his friendship with Glen Campbell, and much more – plus, he reviews the new Taylor Swift single.
05/09/1743m 55s

Sammy Hagar's Life Lessons

The singer shares 69 years worth of rock n' roll wisdom with Andy Greene  – plus his thoughts on a reunion with Van Halen
28/08/1749m 46s

The National Break Down Their Great New Album

The National's Matt Berninger and Bryan Devendorf join host Brian Hiatt to go deep on the making of their new album, Sleep Well Beast. They explain how weed, Donald Trump, Karl Rove inspired some of the songs, and  why "rock n' roll in general is on its way out."
21/08/1734m 35s

The Story of the Strokes – and NYC Rock's Most Decadent '00s Moments

Did the 2000s NYC rock scene change the world, or fizzle out? Or both? Lizzy Goodman, author of new oral history Meet Me in the Bathroom, joins host Brian Hiatt to discuss.
14/08/1739m 58s

Liam Gallagher: Confessions of a Frontman

The former Oasis singer joins host Brian Hiatt to talk about his new solo LP, his relationship with Noel, the possible future of his band and much more. Plus: Andy Greene gives the odds on rock reunions
07/08/1742m 24s

The Life and Music of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington

Hybrid Theory producer Don Gilmore and Machine Gun Kelly pay tribute to the late singer, and Rolling Stone's Brittany Spanos and Kory Grow join host Brian Hiatt in the studio
31/07/1745m 23s

Iggy Pop: Why I'm Done With Rock Albums

Iggy tells Rolling Stone's Kory Grow about making the new documentary American Valhalla, his album Post-Pop Depression and the mysteries of his musical future
24/07/1739m 8s

Adele, Taylor Swift, Semisonic: Dan Wilson on a songwriting life

Semisonic's Dan Wilson spills secrets of writing hits for Adele, Taylor and the Dixie Chicks – and explains how he got there from "Closing Time"
17/07/1737m 33s

Radiohead: The Making of OK Computer

How Thom Yorke and his bandmates channeled millennial angst, a haunted castle and the agonies of touring into the final masterpiece of the alt-rock era: Rolling Stone's Andy Greene joins host Brian Hiatt to talk about his cover-story interviews with the band
10/07/1742m 57s

The Wildest Van Halen Stories Ever Told

From throwing guacamole at Steve Perry to dissing Michael Anthony, former Van Halen manager Noel Monk (author of the new tell-all Runnin' With the Devil) tells host Brian Hiatt about some of the band's most outrageous (alleged) behavior
03/07/1737m 22s

The Greatest Metal Albums of All Time, with Rob Halford

Judas Priest's Rob Halford joins Kory Grow, Hank Shteamer and host Brian Hiatt to discuss Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest metal albums of all time
27/06/1747m 24s

The Best Albums of 2017 (So Far)

From Kendrick Lamar to Father John Misty to Lorde, host Brian Hiatt is joined by Jon Dolan, Brittany Spanos and Will Hermes to  break down this year's must-listen albums
19/06/1743m 32s

Dan Auerbach on His New Solo LP and the Black Keys' Future (Plus: Remembering Gregg Allman)

Dan Auerbach breaks down his wildly different new album, Waiting On A Song, looks back at The Big Come Up's 15th anniversary and more.  Plus, Rolling Stone's Mark Binelli remembers his time with Gregg Allman.
13/06/1745m 7s

"Sgt. Peppers" at 50! (With an all-star panel: David Crosby, Micky Dolenz and Rick Nielsen)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, David Crosby and the Monkees' Micky Dolenz (who both visited the Beatles during sessions for the LP), along with Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, join host Brian Hiatt and Rolling Stone's Andy Greene and Rob Sheffield to go deep on the album that changed the world
06/06/1739m 59s

Steve Van Zandt Tells All

From his LSD experiments to his days as Bruce Springsteen's roommate to the origins of his Sopranos career and his great new solo album,Soulfire, Little Steven gets real in a live-in-the-studio chat with Andy Greene and host Brian Hiatt
31/05/1737m 15s

The Life and Music of Chris Cornell

We remember the late Chris Cornell, and play audio from Cornell's in-depth, revealing Rolling Stone interviews with Kory Grow and Andy Greene.
22/05/1746m 3s

The Secret History of the Beatles, with Rob Sheffield

Rob Sheffield, author of the new book Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World, joins host Brian Hiatt and Brittany Spanos to explain why the Fab Four will be relevant forever
15/05/1742m 43s

John Lennon: Hear Jann Wenner's Legendary 1970 Interview

In December 1970, Rolling Stone founder and publisher Jann Wenner sat down with John Lennon in New York City as the ex-Beatle prepared to release his solo debut. It became one of the most legendary rock interviews ever, thanks to Lennon's brutally honest thoughts on the Beatles' then-recent breakup and much, much more. This is part one of the audio, presented in celebration of Rolling Stone's 50th anniversary.
10/05/1756m 25s

Sheryl Crow: My Life in Music

Sheryl Crow guides host Brian Hiatt through the winding road of her career, explains why she thinks grunge killed rock n' roll and tells the story of how she made her new album during school hours
02/05/1746m 21s

"Almost Famous 2": Cameron Crowe on his Harry Styles Cover Story

Crowe, the Rolling Stone legend turned filmmaker, talks with current RS staffers – host Brian Hiatt, Christian Hoard and Brittany Spanos –  about hanging with Harry, the art of the profile, Prince and his showbiz future
24/04/1749m 19s

Album Flashback: The Making of Dylan's Empire Burlesque

As Bob Dylan continues his latest unexpected career turn with his standards LP Triplicate, Empire Burlesque producer Arthur Baker joins host Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene for an in-depth chat about the making of Dylan's most ultra-'80s album.
17/04/1747m 25s

The Wildest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Moments

As Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Joan Baez and others get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, host Brian HIatt and senior writer Andy Greene take a comprehensive look back at some of the greatest – and craziest – moments in past ceremonies, from Mike Love's fury to Prince's legendary guitar solo.
10/04/1741m 36s

Halsey Explains It All: Inside Her New Album and Much More

In her first interview about June 2nd's hopeless fountain kingdom, she goes in-depth on the creation of the album, its elaborate concept and the real-life heartbreak behind the song. She also talks with host Brian Hiatt about the making of her smash-hit Chainsmokers collaboration "Closer," her reaction to newfound fame and more.
04/04/1752m 25s

The Life and Music of Chuck Berry

How Chuck Berry helped invent rock n' roll, and changed America forever: Berry biographer Bruce Pegg joins host Brian Hiatt  – and Rolling Stone's Brittany Spanos, Patrick Doyle and Andy Greene – for a revealing discussion.
27/03/1744m 56s

Wayne Coyne on Acid, Miley, Mid-Life Crises and More

The Flaming Lips frontman goes deep on his musical and personal evolution over a 30-year-plus rock career, in an ultra-honest interview with host Brian Hiatt
20/03/1751m 33s

Why Fans Love Ed Sheeran (And Some Critics Don't)

Behind the scenes of Ed Sheeran 's new Rolling Stone cover story – and inside the critical debate over his music. Patrick Doyle, who wrote the story, joins host Brian Hiatt and staff writer Brittany Spanos.
13/03/1746m 33s

U2's Pop Turns 20: Great Acts In Artistic Confusion

It's the 20th anniversary of U2's Pop – and the 25th of Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch and Lucky Town. What happens when great artists hit moments of artistic confusion? Host Brian Hiatt is joined by Rolling Stone senior writer Andy Greene for an-depth discussion.
07/03/1741m 5s

Lenny Kravitz Looks Back

Can love still rule in the age of Trump? Lenny Kravitz ponders that, and many other questions, from the origins of his style to his views on hip-hop, in a deep, career-spanning conversation with host Brian Hiatt
27/02/1747m 49s

Confessions of a Backstreet Boy: A.J. McLean Tells All

A.J. McLean talks about the pressure of living up to his bad-boy rep, his fight for sobriety, Lou Pearlman's death, why he thinks the Grammys were right to pick Adele and much more as the Backstreet Boys prepare for a Vegas residency
21/02/1750m 26s

Is Rock Dead? An Intense Debate

Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos, Andy Greene and Steven Hyden join host Brian Hiatt for an-in-depth debate: Is the heart of rock and roll still beating?
13/02/1747m 47s

Grammy Confidential: Behind the Scenes With the Show's Producers

From private Prince concerts to arguing with Frank Ocean, longtime Grammy producer Ken Ehlrich and writer David Wild tell all
07/02/1747m 47s

Go inside Paris Jackson's Blockbuster Rolling Stone Interview – how Michael Jackson's daughter got the world talking

Host Brian Hiatt discusses the making of his Paris Jackson cover story with Brittany Spanos and Andy Greene, and they take a fresh look back at Michael Jackson's complex history
31/01/1747m 27s

The Edge on U2's Joshua Tree Tour

The Edge tells senior writer Andy Greene how the current political climate led U2 back to the Joshua Tree, how the shows will work and what U2's future looks like
23/01/1748m 9s

Inside the E Street Band, with Jake Clemons

What's it like for Bruce Springsteen to be your actual boss? Jake Clemons shares the unlikely story of his journey from fan to member of E Street Band – and goes inside his debut album as a singer/songwriter, Fear & Love
17/01/1748m 40s

Inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's class of 2017

Senior writer Andy Greene interviews some of the Rock and Roll of Fame's 2017 class –  Journey guitarist Neal Schon, Yes frontman Jon Anderson, original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen – and debates the future of the institution with host Brian Hiatt
09/01/1744m 58s

Tom Petty on his 2017 tour and his future

As he preps for a 2017 tour with the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty chats with senior writer Andy Greene about what still drives him, his plans for an expanded version of Wildflowers and much more
02/01/1746m 34s

Sebastian Bach's Most Insane '80s Metal Stories

Sebastian Bach shares some of the wildest tales from his new book, from a night on Sunset Strip with Axl and David Lee Roth to waking up in the middle of surgery.
26/12/1648m 51s

Inside "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" – with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. (Plus: Why are Kanye and Trump hanging out?)

How is making a "Star Wars" movie like recording a pop-rock song? Host Brian Hiatt and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy go deep on "Rogue One," and the saga's unlikely influence on musicians. Plus: Andy Greene and Brittany Spanos join the show to discuss what Trump has in common with Kanye – and wonder just who's going to perform at January's inauguration.
19/12/1645m 34s

Neil Young on his new album, Trump, Pono and more

Neil Young discusses the future of Crazy Horse, the possibility of a Pono streaming service and his skeptical views on technology
12/12/1649m 5s

The 25 Best Albums of 2016

Inside our list of 2016's best albums, from Beyoncé to Paul Simon to Green Day, from Young Thug to Rihanna. Brittany Spanos and Jon Dolan break down the list and discuss the year's musical trends with host Brian Hiatt.
05/12/1647m 18s

Alicia Keys on sex, love and her new album – plus "Hamilton" vs. Pence and more

Alicia Keys talks about making her raw, political new album Here, and reflects on the 15th anniversary of her debut, Songs in A Minor.  Plus: Host Brian Hiatt and associate editor Andy Greene debate the "Hamilton" cast's confrontation with VP-elect Mike Pence, and discuss Kanye West's tour cancellation and hospitalization.
28/11/1646m 22s

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on their new album, their future and much more

An in-depth conversation with the Rolling Stones about returning to the blues, the state of rock, their renewed partnership and more.
21/11/1645m 29s

The Life and Music of Leonard Cohen

He was a poet, a singer/songwriter, a monk, a septuagenarian arena headliner and much more: We tell the amazing life story of Leonard Cohen. Also: How will music change in the face of a Trump presidency?
14/11/1644m 57s

Tegan and Sara on Springsteen, Taylor Swift and more. Plus: Senator Tim Kaine goes deep on his fave music!

Tegan and Sara join us live to discuss their turn to pop, their future musical plans, and much more.  And in an exclusive interview, Senator Tim Kaine talks about the Replacements and his other favorite bands.
07/11/1648m 13s

The Music of 'Luke Cage' (Plus: Inside A Tribe Called Quest’s New Album)

We trace the roots of the astonishing music for Netflix’s 'Luke Cage' in an in-depth chat with its production super-team: Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Also: Muhammad shares details on Tribe’s final album
31/10/1647m 10s

Artists Against Trump

What's it like to write songs about Donald Trump? In our first live episode, Matt Berninger, Corin Tucker and Dave Eggers discuss the “30 Days 30 Songs” project, and ponder the impact of political music. Also: For Chuck Berry’s 90th birthday, Neil Strauss looks back on his wild Berry interviews.
24/10/1648m 24s

Bruce Springsteen on Youth, Manhood and his Touring Future

Greetings from Colt’s Neck, New Jersey! In this exclusive audio from his Rolling Stone interview with Brian Hiatt, Bruce Springsteen goes deep into his childhood, masculinity, his creative process and why does those four hour shows.
11/10/1640m 42s

Fred Armisen on “Stop Making Sense,” Prince and Mac & Cheese

“Portlandia” and “Documentary Now” star Fred Armisen is the hardest working man in comedy, but he still thinks of himself as a musician. In this episode, he talks about spoofing the Talking Heads, meeting Prince, working with Billie Joe Armstrong and much more. Plus: the latest from pop-punk pioneers the Descendents
03/10/1642m 15s

David Crosby Has Regrets

The Crosby Stills Nash & Young singer shares some hard-won life lessons – on everything from prison to the music biz – with Rolling Stone associate editor Andy Greene; plus: new music from the Weeknd
26/09/1635m 8s

Sting Puts Down the Lute! Police Frontman Talks About His Return to Rock

Sting’s “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” is the closest thing he’s made to a new Police song in decades. He talks to Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle about his upcoming album, 57th & 9th – as well as Prince, climate change deniers, and why he’s always working it. Plus: first thoughts on the new Lady Gaga single, “Perfect Illusion."
19/09/1629m 18s

21 Pilots’ Surprising Lift-Off: At Home with 2016’s Biggest Band

How did two guys who grew up in strict evangelical households become the biggest breakout pop success of 2016? Rolling Stone's Andy Greene got the full story from frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dunn in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Plus: New music from Francis and the Lights, the singer/songwriter/producer who has inspired everyone from Drake to Bon Iver.
12/09/1634m 23s

Apple Vs. Spotify: Who’s Winning the Streaming Wars? (And Are Fans Losing?)

There is a battle at the heart of the music business for high stakes exclusives – with Frank Ocean’s “Blond” being the most recent example. But is this good for music fans? Plus: Walkmen lead singer Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam of Vampire Weekend gang up, and Carly Rae Jepsen grows up.
06/09/1627m 55s

Lars Ulrich on Metallica's New Groove; Frank Ocean

The world’s biggest metal band is now basically a DIY operation. The ever-voluble Lars Ulrich talks about what that’s like – and how it helped them record their upcoming double album, “Hardwired… To Self Destruct,” which emerged from an iPod of 1600 loose jams. Plus: a deep dive into Frank Ocean’s long-awaited album “Blonde."
29/08/1645m 25s

Billie Joe Armstrong Breaks Down Green Day's Politically-Charged New Album

e Green Day frontman reveals how his impromptu march in a New York Black Lives Matter protest inspired him to write the title track to Revolution Radio, why he thinks that group's 2012's trilogy was a misguided project, how two cancer diagnoses shook the band's world and why he's psyched to get back on the road after the longest break of his career.
23/08/1627m 22s

Paul Isn’t Dead: Rock’s Greatest Urban Legends

From “Paul is Dead” to the harrowing supposed story behind Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight” to Jay-Z joining the Illuminati, wild rumors about rock stars have been around as long as there have been fans to repeat them. We take apart the biggest doozies, and look at how the Internet age has both helped debunk and spread many of rock’s greatest urban myths. Plus: new music from Father John Misty and Chance the Rapper pal Noname
15/08/1625m 43s

The Story of Grunge's Lost Supergroup: Temple of the Dog Returns

Before Pearl Jam existed and Nirvana broke big, there was Temple of the Dog: a one-off  album featuring Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and an unknown guy named Eddie Vedder. In this episode, Cornell, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready tell the story of grunge's lost supergroup - and why they decided to finally reunite this fall for their first-ever tour.
08/08/1626m 55s

Keith Richards on His First Guitar Hero; plus: Best Shows of the Summer

Keith Richards spoke to us about his idol, Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore, who died in June. Plus: Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle, Andy Greene, Annie Licata and Nathan Brackett talk about their favorite shows of the summer so far.
01/08/1632m 45s

When Great Artists Make Terrible Songs

You can blame bad Eighties production or a certain white powder, but even the giants of rock and pop sometimes hit a bad note; we delve into the most ridiculously entertaining examples, from musical heroes like Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan and more. Plus: new music from Wilco and the Paranoid Style.
26/07/1635m 6s

Florence Welch on What Makes Her Machine Tick

One of rock’s great leadwomen talks about her musical influences, her rules for living – or lack thereof – and much more. Plus: Jenny Lewis’s killer New Wave side project, Nice as F**k.
19/07/1634m 38s

Noel Gallagher’s Life Lessons

The Oasis frontman talks to Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene about the rules he lives by, his most embarrassing rock star purchase, the music that moves him the most, and much more. Plus: new music from singer-songwriter Angel Olsen
11/07/1640m 12s

Neil Young’s New Groove; Blood Orange

Neil Young has a new band with the kids of an old buddy (Willie Nelson), and he’s having the most fun he’s had in years; he talks about his new groove with Rolling Stone associate editor Patrick Doyle; plus, Doyle, Andy Greene and Nathan Brackett break down Neil’s wild, woolly last few decades. Also: producer Dev Hynes’ new Blood Orange album, Freetown Sound.
05/07/1632m 24s

Concert Security: Can Anything Be Done? + Rob Sheffield’s New David Bowie Book

How has the music world reacted to the Orlando mass shooting, the murder of Christina Grimmie, and the recent fatal shooting at a T.I. concert in New York? Is there anything that can be done to make shows safer? Rolling Stone writer Steve Knopper speaks to host Nathan Brackett about the steps that the live industry has – and hasn’t – taken. Plus: Contributing editor Rob Sheffield talks about his great new book, “On Bowie,” and some of his favorite David Bowie moments.
27/06/1631m 18s

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea on their New LP; Plus: Mitski, Terrible Band Names

Chili Peppers bassist Flea talks about his recent high-speed crash – and why the band are excited about their new phase without producer Rick Rubin. Plus: Country hope Brandy Clark, indie rocker Mitski, and bands that started out with terrible names.
21/06/1635m 51s

Classic Albums We Trashed

In this episode, we swallow our pride and take a hard look at underwhelming – and sometimes downright mean –Rolling Stone reviews of albums that are now acknowledged classic, from Led Zeppelin I to Weezer's "Pinkerton." Also: new music from Beck, and publicity stunts gone wrong.
13/06/1639m 55s

From “Spinal Tap” to “Popstar”: Best Rock Mockumentaries

Rolling Stone’s David Fear, Rob Sheffield and Nathan Brackett delve into Lonely Island’s new Justin Bieber send-up, “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” and ask the bigger question: Why are the best movies about music so often mockumentaries? Plus: New music from Car Seat Headrest, Joey Purp and Hotelier; and readers weigh in on Phish
10/06/1640m 14s

Meet and Greet for Dollars: Craziest Concert VIP Packages

How much would you pay for a photo with Drake? Okay, now what if he throws in a goodie bag with a special “6 God” air freshener? Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene, Jason Newman and Nathan Brackett take a tour of the most deluxe – and often absurd – concert VIP packages available to superfans this summer, from Guns N’ Roses to Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. Plus: The Magnetic Zeros hippie-folk hangover, Ariana Grande, Macy Gray and Prince’s lost music.
31/05/1644m 52s

Paul Simon on His New Album; Plus: The Triumph of Positive Hip-Hop

Paul Simon is still restless after all these years, as he proves on his excellent new album “Stranger to Stranger”; he recently spoke to Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene about his adventurous recording process, why it’s not always easy being Paul Simon – and why he won’t being touring with Art Garfunkel anytime soon. Plus: editors Nathan Brackett and Brittany Spanos go deep into the new album from feel-good Chicago MC Chance the Rapper.
23/05/1638m 18s

Inside Radiohead’s Return; Plus: The Myth of Rock’s Original Wild Man

Radiohead have been one of rock’s most exciting bands for decades, but many fans had mixed feelings about 2011’s The King of Limbs. Is their first album in five years a return to form? Rolling Stone’s Nathan Brackett, Brian Hiatt and Andy Greene go deep on the gorgeous A Moon Shaped Pool. Plus: Author Mark Binelli goes deep into the myth and reality of a singular Fifties rocker with his new book “Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ All-Time Greatest Hits”; and readers respond to the new Blink-182.
17/05/1647m 48s

Inside Music Taste: Why Do You Really Like That Record? Plus: Beyonce, Drake, Pearl Jam

Why do you like what you like? And what does that mean? Rolling Stone executive editor Nathan Brackett sits down with Tom Vanderbilt, author of “You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice” (Knopf) to talk about the real roots of music taste, why people stop finding new bands at age 23, whether Pink Floyd appeals more to Republicans or Democrats, and much more. Plus: Inside the new Beyonce and Drake albums, and readers respond to Pearl Jam’s new tour.
10/05/1655m 58s

Music & Activism: When Do They Go Together?; Plus: D.R.A.M., Cate Le Bon

Many pop stars and rockers have causes - but when are they really able to make a difference, and when should they keep their mouth shut? Rolling Stone music and politics editors run down the most successful examples of pop activism, from the No Nukes concert in 1978 to Bruce Springsteen's North Carolina boycott. Plus: new music from D.R.A.M., Cate Le Bon and Pity Sex
02/05/1634m 22s

The Power and Glory of Prince; plus: A Lost Day at Paisley Park

In this special all-Prince episode, writer Brian Hiatt remembers his 2014 daylong visit with the Purple One at Paisley Park for an aborted Rolling Stone cover story, and contributing editors Rob Sheffield and Jon Dolan go deep into some of their favorite Prince songs.
25/04/1635m 34s

Punk Rock’s Greatest Albums; Plus: Schoolboy Q, Paul Simon

Punk’s not dead! For the 40th anniversary of the Ramones’ first album, we took a crack at naming the greatest punk rock albums of all time, from “Never Mind the Bollocks” to Bikini Kill. In this episode, Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield, Jon Dolan, Nathan Brackett and Elisabeth Garber-Paul go deep into the moshpit. Plus: new music from Paul Simon, Schoolboy Q and rockers Whitney.
18/04/1646m 17s

Merle Haggard’s Badass Life; Drake; Rock’s Best Drummers

Inside the epic life and music of Merle Haggard, the only outlaw-country superstar who actually spent time in prison and rode the rails. Plus: new music from Drake; Charles Bradley’s soul explosion; California rockers Bleached; and readers talk back to our 100 Greatest Drummers list.
12/04/1658m 8s

Iggy Pop’s Last Go-Round? Plus: The National; Sturgill Simpson

Rolling Stone’s David Fricke talks about Iggy Pop’s new album with Josh Homme – and why it might be the Stooges great’s last. Plus: The National unleash their secret Grateful Dead obsession with an all-star album of covers; new music from Sturgill Simpson; and reader mail on our Weezer coverage.
04/04/1642m 59s

When Lead Singers Get Replaced; Last Shadow Puppets; Zayn

What happens when a big rock band loses its head, figuratively speaking? We look at the best and worst case scenarios, from AC/DC to Van Halen to Stone Temple Pilots. Also: new music from Arctic Monkey Alex Turner’s side project Last Shadow Puppets, Zayn and Australian indie rockers the Goon Sax. Plus: readers respond to the death of Phife of A Tribe Called Quest.
28/03/1640m 16s

Inside the Guns N’ Roses Reunion; Andrew Bird & Fiona Apple; George Martin

After decades of acrimony, Axl Rose and Slash are getting back together onstage. Can they pull off the rock reunion of the year? Associate editor Andy Greene and senior writer Brian Hiatt take a deep dive into the monster band’s ups and downs; plus: new music from Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple, Anohni and Big Thief; and what did Beatles producer George Martin actually do?
21/03/1649m 56s

Bob Dylan’s Secret Stash; Kendrick Lamar’s Jazz Cats; Metallica

Bob Dylan just dropped a magical treasure trove of music, film footage and other archives onto the world; RS editors Rob Sheffield and Andy Greene delve deep into the heart of this Dylanologists’ dream, and explain why you will have to go to Oklahoma to see it. Plus: Kendrick Lamar and the (possible) return of jazz; Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” and more.
14/03/1649m 4s

Does HBO's "Vinyl" Get Rock Right? Plus: Greatest Emo Albums; Car Seat Headrest

HBO's new series "Vinyl" – produced by Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger – aims to capture the wild energy of the music business in the 1970s. So what does it get right about rock and roll, and what does it gets wrong? Editors Rob Sheffield, Alex Morris and David Fear debate. Plus: we answer very emotional reader mail about our recent "Greatest Emo Albums" list, and contributors Suzy Exposito and Brittany Spanos attempt to answer, once and for all, the big question: What the hell is emo? Also: Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos talk about their favorite new songs from Car Seat Headrest, Parquet Courts and Mitski.
07/03/1651m 51s

Rivers Cuomo on Weezer’s New Album; FKA Twigs; Elliott Smith

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo talks about the unusual places he looked for inspiration for Weezer’s upcoming “White Album” – among them, the beach, and … Tinder! Plus: the fabulous FKA Twigs’ new song; lost Elliott Smith tracks; and shoegaze superstars DIIV. With Rolling Stone’s Nathan Brackett, Jon Dolan, Andy Greene, Annie Licata, Jason Newman and Brittany Spanos.
01/03/1635m 42s

Kanye West; Courtney Barnett; Plus: A Lonely Defense of the Compact Disc

A deep dive into Kanye West’s pained, fragmented new album “The Life of Pablo” with Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos, Simon Vozick-Levinson and Nathan Brackett. Plus: Aussie rocker Courtney Barnett makes ramen cool; and, in our first debate, writer David Browne mounts a passionate, lonely defense of the compact disc, as Brian Hiatt argues that it can’t get to history’s scrapheap soon enough.
22/02/1638m 42s

Cameron Crowe on Glenn Frey of the Eagles; Beyoncé; Is the Gold Record Dead?

"Almost Famous" director Crowe remembers his friend Glenn Frey, whom he met as a teenage correspondent covering the Eagles for Rolling Stone in the 1970s. Also: Does every gold record have an asterisk now? Inside the new rule changes which some insiders say are cheapening the music sales award. Plus: Beyoncé's "Formation"; New York rockers Sunflower Bean, a.k.a. "the coolest band in the world"; and new music from Chairlift.
16/02/1642m 16s

Special Report! Bernie Sanders' Folk Album, Rubio's Rap Past and More

Is Hillary Clinton really a Lana Del Rey fan? Is Chris Christie's favorite Springsteen album really "Magic"? And why does Ben Carson like "MacArthur Park" so much? Rolling Stone writers and critics delve deep into the presidential candidates' music tastes. Plus: New music from Rostam of Vampire Weekend; the real meaning of the Grammys; and much more.
08/02/1640m 33s

David Bowie's Incredible Final Act; Rihanna

After a decade of quiet, Bowie embarked on a remarkable comeback in his final years, even as he struggled with illness; the inside story, featuring an interview with Bowie's longtime producer Tony Visconti. Also: Beck, Mick Jagger and Nile Rodgers remember Bowie; Rihanna's "Anti" and the age of the surprise album; and reader mail.
01/02/1639m 25s

Rolling Stone Music Now

The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what's playing in the office; expert insight on the week's biggest music news; and much more.
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