The Good Fight

The Good Fight

By Mrs Laduin

Welcome to The Good Fight. This is where we talk about mental health and how we survive our struggles. The show is a very blunt, and forward podcast. Please know there are possible triggers.


Episode 30-Helen

Helen has battled with PTSD since she was a child. After battling with her sexual identity and coming out as a proud lesbian woman, she later discovered severe bouts of depression and was diagnosed with bipoar II. She and I discuss the impacts our sexual identities have on us, the need to protect others from our illnesses and issues, and so much more. It's so important we discuss the unfortunate fact that children are dealing with these things and to hear from those who did. 
15/08/18·1h 22m

Episode 29-"Charlie"

"Charlie" tells us about her struggles with depression, anxiety, bipolar and addiction. She dealt with self medicating and numbing with substances and behaviors until she was finally diagnosed as bipolar. She says that finding her diagnosis helped her "make sense of it all". Her biggest suggestion to us all is to find our art, and express ourselves in whatever way that may be. 
25/07/18·1h 33m

Episode 28-"Borderline Me"

Today, its just me. I'm gonna speak loud and proud about living with borderline personality disorder. I talk about how its affected my life, what the criteria is to be diagnosed, how its stigmatized, and what its like to live day to day with this diagnosis. I urge you to please listen and educate yourselves. There are so many people out there not getting the help they need because of this illness, stigmas, and a lack of education. 70% of borderlines will attempt suicide. Things have to change. We have to be aware and learn to judge a person by their character...and not by their illnesses. 
18/07/18·43m 43s

Episode 27-"Bree"

Bree has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. After a traumatic experience when losing her aunt, her grief grew until she developed PTSD. We talk about her story of coming out as a bisexual woman, and how that impacted her mental health. She and I discuss respect for ourselves and others and realize how key it is to any situation or any conversation. 
05/07/18·1h 35m

Episode 26-The Husband

I am so thrilled to say that in this episode, I do an interview with my husband. He and I talk very openly and honestly about how my mental health issues have affected him, how he's coped and how he's learned to help me. We later go into talking about situational depression and stigmas surrounding men and mental health. As much as some of this was very hard for me, I have to remember to have an open heart and open mind and to listen to him while he shares how its truly impacted him. These are conversations that should happen in relationships where mental health is an issue, and sometimes they're not so easy. I'm lucky to have an amazingly supportive and sarcastic as hell husband.  This episode is dedicated to Carlos Martinez for becoming our very first $10 patron! THANK YOU CARLOS!
27/06/18·59m 54s

Episode 25-Jess

Jess has dealt with trichotillomania since childhood. As a form of OCD, her battle with “trich” has become a form of comfort. This diagnosis is not really discussed, and is actually quite common. We discuss the difficulties of overcoming trauma, and the ways we deal, whether positive or negative. Jess’ story is going to help others like her to understand they aren’t alone and to help spread awareness on a topic/diagnosis we need to be aware of.  This episode is dedicated to our newest patreon donor: Amber Schweitzer
20/06/18·1h 24m

A Very Special Guest

In a special mini episode, we hear from an amazing 10 year old who opens up about dealing with anxiety, understanding others and the importance of parents helping their kids through their struggles. I am a lucky woman to have this kid in my life. He's going to do amazing things.
13/06/18·30m 44s

Episode 24-Katie

Katie is a social worker who does amazing work while still battling depression and anxiety. She has also had to live with epilepsy and its affects. Katie spent a while discovering and accepting herself as bisexual woman. We discuss the profound mental affects of not living a life as your true self and not accepting yourself as you are. I think that anyone questioning their sexuality or sexual identity will find a kinship in hearing her story. Remember, you are loved as you are, and you are never alone.
06/06/18·1h 27m

Episode 23-"Nicole"

"Nicole" was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD. As a survivor of childhood sexual assault, with an abusive mother, and multiple assaults as an adult, she has dealt with more pain than anyone should. She is a recovering addict and used drugs as a way to cope with her pain at an early age. She is now sober for many years and is learning to heal from her past. She is an inspiration and a true survivor. *WARNING: we discuss content and events of sexual assault which may be triggering*
30/05/18·1h 15m

Episode 22-Nichole

Nichole is a social worker who has battled anxiety most of her life. College years for Nichole, weren't easy. She dealt with so many personal issues on top of being sexually assaulted, being in unheathy relationships, and finally being in a place where she was ready to take her own life. We talk briefly about the stigmas surrounding the HIV illness, talk about our personal sexual assault stories and being in a suicidal mindset. We're lucky to have kind hearted people like her, helping to make people's lives a little bit better.
22/05/18·1h 25m

Episode 21-"Michelle"

Michelle is a wife, mom of 3 and deals with depression, anxiety, PMDD and ADHD. We talk about the difficulty of growing up in too intense of religious environments, self harm, the stresses of being "the perfect mom", the lack of diagnosis for ADHD in the female community, and the effects that giving birth can have on our mental states. I think it's so important that we talk about the issues we can have in being moms. Whether its having issues we bring in with us into motherhood, or just the struggles of raising a person and the toll it takes on us. We'll never be perfect, and its ok to admit that.
16/05/18·1h 21m

Episode 20-Carlos

Carlos shares about all the differenct facets of his life and the "hats" he wears. As a dad, husband, law enfocement officer, and family therapist/hypnotherapist, he is learning to be proud of who he is. After dealing with anxiety, depression, his emotionally abusive narcissistic father, his friend's suicide in high school and later going on to deal with forms of addiction...he found a passion for helping others and in making a change in the world of mental health. His ability to share so honestly, is refreshing and I'm sure will be inspiring to any man who listens.
08/05/18·1h 17m

Episode 19-Lindsay

Lindsay has known real grief, from the loss of her mother, then her sister and then her father. While dealing with those losses, she has battled health issues and dealt with difficult surgeries all while being a mom. She is also a sexual assault survivor. With all has always struggled with anxiety and with all she’s been though, it’s only made it worse and brought about her depression. She is such a strong woman and is a testament to the strength we all can find in ourselves.
30/04/18·1h 27m

Episode 18-Jessica

Jessica has battled anxiety for most of her life while also watching her family battle it as well. As an adult, she has learned to find a balance. Learning to put herself first, to know her limits and to search for a true acceptance of herself, is helping her find her way. Finding laughter in the most difficult times is a medicine that we all need (as she's found out). She's a beautiful spirit and I'm lucky to call her my friend. 
17/04/18·1h 30m

Episode 17-Nikki

This episode, was by far the most difficult I've done so far. Nikki is a survivor. Her story involves her battle with depression, anxiety, self harm, her suicide attempt, her constant hospitalization, sexual assaut and rape, and the mistreatment she received simply because she had a history of mental health issues. Nikki's story reminds us of how far we still have to go in the world of mental health. No chlid should have to go through what she did. As painful as it was, Nikki and I cried through it together, and she inspired me. What she has endured, reminds me of the strength of the human spirit. EDIT: I accidentally shared the wrong info about Nikki's youtube channel. order to not get her in trouble, I had to take down the original, and post the edited version. Hopefully, it doesn't cause too many issues for everyone. Note to self: don't edit at 3 in the morning.
10/04/18·1h 14m

Episode 16-Olivia

Dealing with autism, is never easy...add depression, anxiety, self harm and an eating disorder to the mix? It's a lot to handle. Olivia has overcome her addictions with food restricting and self harm. That alone, says so much about her strength. She talks about living with autism, misconceptions, awareness and so much more. I was so glad to have someone on the show talk about something that so little want to talk about. Please check out Olivia's blog at 
03/04/18·1h 18m

Episode 15-Brett & Claire

Brett and Claire understand the struggles in dealing with anxiety and depression. Their experiences have made them more empathetic to others, and helped them become advocates for mental health. They are incredibly involved in amazing volunteer and charity work and are an inspiration. We discuss the difficulties in stigmas about mental health in the medical field, the causes and stigmas surrounding homelessness, and we discuss our views on the shootings we've been experiencing lately. Brett himself, witnessed a school shooting when he was in high school. These things are so vital for us to be talking about and could potentially save lives if things are changed. Please stay tuned till the end of the show, for info on both Claire and Brett's projects including their soon to air podcast, blogs, and more.
26/03/18·1h 9m

Episode 14-Halley

In this episode, Halley shares with us about her depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, the difficulty of having a parent with bipolar I, her sexual assaulit, and the loss of her loved sister to suicide. With all she's been through, Halley shows so much strength and inspires me. She is proof that we may have pain. we may have loss, but we can pick ourselves up. I'm honored she wanted me to help her share her story.
19/03/18·1h 11m

Episode 13-"Kate"

Kate shares with us all about her depression, anxiety, ADHD and eating disorder with anorexia and bulimia. Her unhealthy relationship with food began as a child, and maybe by speaking out about eating disorders, we can see these problems early on and help more kids. I think her honesty and love for others are really going to make a difference.
13/03/18·1h 11m

Episode 12-Ross

Ross is a mental health advocate and borderline personality disorder in particular. The fact that I could find a guy that wanted to talk about this stuff, inspires me. I hope that especially anyone listening as a man or someone with BPD, that this episode helps you and gives you some comfort. The work Ross, and other men like him are doing, is going to help change lives in the men's mental healh community.
05/03/18·1h 23m

Episode 11-Jordan

Dealing with depression, anxiety and panic attacks is never easy. Jordan tells us about how difficult her issues have been for her and opens up about being in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. We talk about how it affected her then and long term, and how she's learned to heal. Her ability to share some of her most painful memories, may help others like her find the strength to leave an abusive situation. If you are in the US and are in an abusive relationship and need help, please call 1-800-799-7233 for the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. You CAN break free and finally have the life you deserve.
26/02/18·1h 11m

Episode 10-Rachel

Rachel has learned how getting her ADHD diagnosis and learning how to treat it, has helped her to take her life back. We also discuss C-PTSD and the complications that come with that when it changes how we experience the world. Rachel's ability to talk about her ADHD, will shine a light on how much growth still has to be made when helping diagnosis other women who struggle with it as well.
19/02/18·1h 2m

Worthy of Help

In our first "Mini Episode"...I open up about my struggles with medical problems and the stigmas that go along with getting the help I need. Things have to change in the the world of mental health. But the fact that there are stigmas about it in the medical field at ridiculous and has to change.
17/02/18·26m 55s

Episode 9-Carleigh

Carleigh talks about her struggle with anxiety and depression. We talk about our coping techniques, and the affects of having relationships with narcissistic/controlling people. When we let poisonous people in our lives, we allow ourselves to suffer. Carleigh and I also discuss the unfortunate loss of a loved one from drug addiction.
10/02/18·1h 1m

Episode 8-Sarah

Sarah opens up about her struggle and triumph over her OCD. She truly is an example of how it is possible to heal. With her expertise in family law, we discuss a few things about the system, but a big part of our conversation was about medication. There are so many different opinions on medication for any age, and we both discuss our thoughts on it all.
03/02/18·1h 7m

Episode 7-"L"

"L" has battled with OCD, anxiety, and ADHD throughout all different periods of life. We talk about her OCD tendencies, the difficulties of school, and the loss of loved ones. We even discuss how our personal/sexual identity is such a huge part of who we are and why its so important to never deny them. 
27/01/18·1h 14m

Episode 6-Nicole

Nicole joins us this week to discuss depression, anxiety, bipolar, panic disorders, and the unfortunate and tragic loss of a loved one. As someone who works with the mental health system and has battled it herself, she gives an interesting perspective and has such wonderful insight to share.
20/01/18·1h 10m

Episode 5-"A"

This week we talk to "A". In a very difficult episode, we talk about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and sexual assault. This is a beautiful episode because of how amazing "A" was at opening up about her story. Please go in knowing there are a lot of possible triggers. Also know that there is a lot to be learned from brave women like "A" and that her story should be heard.
13/01/18·1h 7m

Episode 4-Jess

Jess is such a sweetheart. She was wiling to talk about things a lot of people have a lot of miconceptions about. We discussed depression, anxiety, OCD and hypochondria. The stigmas around OCD and hypochondria are definitely ones that should be adressed. She's so awesome for helping to end those stigmas and to spread education and awareness. 
12/01/18·1h 1m

Episode 3-France

France Gamble is a published author and child abuse survivor. We talk about her discovery of her PTSD diagnosis and how it manifested. Her book is written about her experiences in struggling with PTSD from a traumatic childhood. It's called "Fantasy Life".  I bought the book personally and LOVED it. Definitely worth a read. She also writes ficton series and has other published works. 
11/01/18·1h 14m

Episode 2-Nikki

Nikki is a good friend of mine. I've known her for years and seen first hand how shes fought against her own demons and come out the other side. We discuss depression, anxiety, self harm, suicide attempts and more.
11/01/18·1h 1m

Episode 1-Meet Mrs Laduin

In our first episode, I explain my reasons behind creating "The Good Fight" and I open up about my own struggles with my mental health. We talk about trauma, bullying, diagnosis (major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, PTSD and BPD) and recovery. Mind you, I have never done this before, so bare with me as I'm sure its a little rough lol Welcome to the good fight my friends!
11/01/18·55m 2s
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