Close Encounters

Close Encounters

By The Guardian

In this podcast, journalist and sex educator Alix Fox visits individuals and couples who have something interesting to say about their past and present loves, taking us through their sexual encounters from the first time to the last. It will be messy, sometimes sticky and often downright rude. So you might want to wear headphones


Comfort Eating with Grace Dent: episode one of a new podcast

Have you ever wondered what famous people actually eat? In our new podcast, Guardian restaurant critic Grace Dent does just that, asking well-known guests to lift the lid on the food they turn to when they’re at home alone – and what comfort foods have seen them through their lives. In the first episode, screenwriter Russell T Davies tells Grace about his childhood in Swansea, the delights of Woolworth’s pork and egg pies, and how his husband’s death informed his latest TV series, It’s a Sin. Future guests will include Nish Kumar, Rafe Spall and Aisling Bea. Episodes willl be released every Tuesday – search for it wherever you get your podcasts
01/07/2139m 46s

Reverberate: episode 1 of our new series

The Guardian has launched a new series called Reverberate that we think you’ll like. Each week, Chris Michael will explore incredible stories from around the world about when music shook history. In the first episode, we hear from Kashy Keegan, an unknown singer-songwriter in a sleepy English town who became the voice of Hong Kong’s nascent pro-democracy movement. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to hear the rest of the series
08/02/2125m 34s

Innermost: another episode of our new series

We wanted to bring you another episode from our Innermost series. In the last episode of our first season, two callers tell Leah Green how their relationships sent them down unexpected paths, one with criminal consequences Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to hear the rest of the series
03/08/2020m 21s

Innermost: episode 1 of a new series

The Guardian has launched a new series called Innermost that we think you will like. Each week, callers will tell Leah Green what’s going on behind closed doors. In the first episode, we hear how an uncle’s funeral and meals with an emotionally distant brother help James and Jess think about their families in new and unexpected ways. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to hear the rest of the series
25/06/2016m 34s

Listener feedback with Jacqui Gabb - Close Encounters sex podcast

Episodes six to eight of our Close Encounters sex podcast got people talking. Here we share listeners’ own tales, comments and questions WARNING: explicit content
26/09/1626m 7s

Sex when you're asexual – Close Encounters podcast

WARNING: explicit content Jords has always known he was asexual, but his partners have struggled to understand. Can you compromise over your sexuality for the sake of companionship?
05/09/1636m 30s

Polyamory, sexual unicorns and Google Calendar – Close Encounters sex podcast

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT Michelle and Reuben live together, sleep together and date other people together. Alix Fox finds out how their polyamorous relationship works
27/08/1632m 30s

Be brave, but don’t be stupid - Close Encounters sex podcast

Omar speaks to Alix Fox about his sex life. As a gay man of Pakistani descent, how has his choice of relationships been influenced by his parents?
20/08/1635m 58s

Listener feedback with Miranda Sawyer - Close Encounters sex podcast

Episodes one to four of our Close Encounters provoked a big reaction. Here we share listeners’ own tales, comments and questions
13/08/1627m 6s

Two vaginas and lots of questions – Close Encounters sex podcast

Hazel has an unusual case of uterus didelphys: put simply, she has two vaginas. What does this mean for her love life? WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT
02/08/1633m 55s

Learning to love my small penis – Close Encounters sex podcast

The latest in our series of podcasts about real, revealing and revelatory stories of sex and relationships. Ant’s penis is officially smaller than average – but it hasn’t made his love life any less interesting WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT
26/07/1635m 10s

Kirsty's Close Encounters: tight vaginas and fishnet baby-grows

In this edition we hear from Kirsty who has a set of Russian-doll-style dildos, which start off tiny and grow in size. But why? WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT
19/07/1635m 29s

Simon's Close Encounters: cookies, calamity and sex without erections

Simon’s love life changed dramatically after an accident two years ago just before his honeymoon. Alix Fox hears what happened and how he and his partner have not let it get them down WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT
19/07/1640m 53s

Close Encounters: the Guardian's new sex and relationships podcast – trailer

Coming soon: the latest podcast from the Guardian is an honest, unguarded series of conversations about sex and relationships, with journalist and sex educator Alix Fox WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT
14/07/161m 30s
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