The Greatest Discovery: New Star Trek Reviewed

The Greatest Discovery: New Star Trek Reviewed

By Uxbridge-Shimoda LLC

The unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow for all the new Star Trek television: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks, and anything else they throw at us. Each Tuesday after a new episode of Star Trek, Adam and Ben recap and review while making each other laugh. Check out our other show, The Greatest Generation, a Star Trek podcast by a couple of guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast!


Butcher Shop Chic (Discovery S3E2)

When the crew of the Discovery makes their way through the time-butt-hole, it's not long before they realize their calculations were not correct. But when Saru and Tilly have a run-in at the local saloon it's quickly understood that this future doesn't play by the rules they're used to. How fast does parasitic ice spread? Do spores use dilithium? Will Detmer lose control?It's the episode that keeps you on your toes, but not before giving you your snow-boots.Support our podcast!
27/10/201h 4m

Tantric Ambition (Discovery S3E1)

When Michael Burnham lands safely on the wrong planet she finds signs of life and fulfills her final Red Angel duty. But when she meets a technopagan named Book, it's quickly realized that her plans for the future might be more complicated than originally thought. Do all foreheads glow in the future? Will there be flashbacks to Ithyk and Ithor? What other animals represent alarm clocks? It's the episode that gives you the burn, and the relief.Support our podcast!
20/10/201h 2m

Hall of Sexual Innuendo Mirrors (Lower Decks S1E10)

When the crew of the Cerritos encounters some familiar faces, the speed of destruction is faster than expected. But when the Pakled's Voltron ships seem to be no match for our heroes it's time to break the rules and distribute some contraband. Will Tendi be more selective with her friendships? Can Mariner step up to the plate?  Will Boimler's pips go to his head? It's the episode that gives you an ending, that's only just the beginning. Support our show!
13/10/201h 15m

Fish vs. Dog (Lower Decks S1E9)

When an away mission goes awry Mariner is forced to go to therapy. But when she's venting to her pals on the holodeck she ends up scripting some therapy of her own. Will relationships evolve in the movie universe? Can Boimler keep a secret? Is Crisis Point part of the Kelvin timeline? It's the episode that pokes fun at itself and its temple! Support our show!
06/10/201h 4m

Chicken Tendi (Lower Decks S1E8)

While beginning in medias res our Lower Deck heroes  think themselves  to be on trial and forced to tell their side of a covert mission. But when their Rashoman-esque adventure raises more questions than answers, we as viewers acknowledge and accept how silly space-adventures can be. Do all of Starfleet get the cool covert pajamas? Will [REDACTED] ever [REDACTED]? Is it truly that easy to outwit Q? It's the episode that tells a tale while questioning authority.Support our show!
29/09/2056m 2s

Dr. Katz, Medicine Woman (Lower Decks S1E7)

When Captain Freeman leaves the Cerritos in the hands of one of Mariner's besties our main star has the weight of the ship on her shoulders. But when an away mission proves that maybe Beckett isn't living up to first officer material it's time for our Lower Deck fave to start favoring herself. Will Boimler's Farm visit heal his annoying tone? Does a dog need special powers? What would you say Tendi does on the ship? It's the episode that gives you friendship alongside with an uncomfortable tone!Support our show. 
22/09/201h 4m

Amuse-Burger (Lower Decks S1E6)

When classic party-animal Fletcher offers to help Mariner and Boimler so they can attend the Chu Chu Dance, it seems like our favorite ensigns will finally get to breathe a sigh of relief. But when a malfunction leaves Fletcher on the floor it's time for Mariner and Boimler to once again save the day. Will Tendi and Rutherford go on more holodeck missions together? Can Fletcher learn from his mistakes. How many Chus are too many?It's the episode that plugs into your brain but leaves the debris. Support our show. 
15/09/201h 2m

USS Weekly (Lower Decks S1E5)

When members of the Cerritos have a moon-mission on the Vancouver, Boimler is super excited to visit his girlfriend Barbara. But when Mariner finds out Barbara is real, she'll do whatever it takes to find a fault in this pairing. Will Tendi and Rutherford's equipment jealousy get them into trouble? How many moons do rich people need? Are pheromone parasites the new nubbin bug? It's the episode that builds bonds but leaves you with a husk. Support our show. 
08/09/2057m 56s

The Only Way You Can Ascend (Lower Decks S1E4)

When the USS Cerritos is on a new mission it'll take two ships to tow some old mummies. But when Ensign Mariner's boredom makes Captain Freeman look bad, Carol decides to make Beckett's life miserable. Will a family bond break through a corporate infrastructure? Is genesis-goo on the rise? Does Tendi have what it takes to bang the gong? It's the episode that reaches ascension but at room temperature!Support our show. 
01/09/2050m 19s

Self Petered (Lower Decks S1E3)

When Boimler accidentally spills the replicated-beans about "buffer time" the Captain institutes a new order to increase efficiency on the ship.  But when lack of prep time results in a mistaken gesture on an away mission, Mariner and Ransom must help solve a whole new problem. Will the crew be able to find a happy medium? Can the captain do a deep dive into workplace relations? Are crystals just further proof that content is king? It's the episode that attempts a growth-hack but pivots to disruption!Support our podcast.
25/08/2048m 28s

Cup O Gagh (Lower Decks S1E2)

When Boimler and Mariner set off on a high profile away mission, Mariner's experience in the field leaves Boimler feeling less than qualified. But when an unexpected alien arrives, it's time for Boimler to take charge, and ask for the access code. Will Tendi and Rutherford get to have a chill-hang? Does every department have its own Kobayashi Maru?  How many carbs are necessary for a Bloodwine party? It's the episode that gives you a garden hose and a monocle!Support our show! 
18/08/2045m 32s

A Very Angry Zit (Lower Decks S1E1)

When Ensign Tendi has her first day on the USS Cerritos her excitement doesn't outweigh a shipwide crisis. But when Boimler and Mariner are tasked with a Second Contact meeting it's time so steal farm equipment and play with giant spiders. Will Rutherford's implant ever be fixed? Where do these pigs get their overalls? Who actually are Mariner's parents? It's the episode that breaks the rules while  keeping it fresh. Support our show. 
11/08/2047m 38s

Unfrozen Caveman Eugenicist  (TAS S1E2 / S1E7)

With the first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks on the precipice of The Greatest Discovery, Adam and Ben once again take a look at past animated Trek. But what happens when a show that on the surface feels like it’s for children, in turn, has some very adult themes? Will time traveling portals continue to be a thing? How much can you expect of an artichoke alien? Will we learn about even more of Spock’s family tree?  It’s the episode that draws a conclusion but doesn’t draw a mouth!Support our podcast here!
04/08/2049m 44s

It's Always a Problem for Kirk (TAS S1E1 / S1E5)

When The Enterprise encounters a dead star and an old pod ship it's not long before the crew belt-up and investigates. But only time will tell what happens when they encounter an ancient fart! And on another journey Kirk and co. battle with a familiar foe... The TRIBBLE! Does a unique color scheme help a new trek medium? Can Klingons just say what they want? Are cartoons supposed to leave you feeling existential dread? It's the episode that's double the fun, with half the budget!Support our show!
28/07/2054m 43s

The Dread Dinghy (Star Trek Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke)

When the rebel ship Voyager finds itself stranded from the ruins of the Terran Empire, Captain Janeway decides to take up the profession of Delta Quadrant Pirate Queen. But when tricky local scavengers Neelix and Kes decide to put up a fight, Voyager may be in for more than they bargained for. Who is Annika? What are Doc's rules? Will Pirates reign supreme? It's the episode that reflects on decisions while also turning over a new page!
21/07/2049m 8s

Cafeteria Android

After watching and then rewatching Star Trek: Picard, Adam and Ben revisit moments of Data's life that developed the character over many decades. But when one of the hosts has to rewatch Nemesis this journey of historical canon takes a wild turn. Will Lore ever return to the screen? How long was Data an ensign? Was Brent Spiner the best actor in all of Star Trek? It's the episode that plays the hand it has been dealt. Support our show.
07/07/2046m 34s

A More Thoughtful Brand of Q (Question and answer with Ben and Adam)

When Picard is over and Disco is done, Adam and Ben have begun watching some TOS. But when Robs searches the web for audience questions the boys decide it's time to give Q's to oh-so-many A's. Will everyone's question be answered? Are electric busses a real thing? How many zippers does one producer need? It's the episode that may give you more than you bargained for!Support our show!
23/06/2054m 43s

Pre-Bow Mall Santa Display (TOS S1E26)

When the Klingons are on the rise it's up to Kirk and team to thwart an upcoming invasion, but when the Organians are a little too chill, it's time to burst into a beam of light and put some Qo'nos and Earth perspectives aside. Will this renaissance world survive? How breezy are those outfits? Will the Kling'ns be back? It's the episode that introduces stage-one of a loafed evolution.Support our show
09/06/2053m 57s

The Skin of Kermit the Frog (TOS S1E14)

When some cloaked Romulans interrupt Space-Church, Kirk feels it necessary to investigate. But when a crew person with a bad attitude harshens the bridge’s vibe it’s time to follow a comet and learn some Vulcan history. Will Spock remember this Romulan? How many people does it take to fire a missile? Where’s the stained-glass window? It’s the episode that feels like a submarine, but lives like a warbird.Support our show!
26/05/2058m 36s

Issue 217 (TOS S1E10)

When Kirk and co. stumble upon an unavoidable-glowing-cube-boi they get stuck in an awkward spot. But when Balok toys with the way The Enterprise normally handles new encounters, it’s time to see what the alien looks like and escape the tractor beam. Is Spock too cool for school? What’s that big ear-spring? Have Halloween decorations improved? It’s the episode that gives you a Howard over the wrong frequency! Support our show.
12/05/201h 2m

The Shimoda Awards

When Star Trek: Picard Season 1 is over and done with, and no clear path to Disco season 3— Ben and Adam throw an awards ceremony with guests from all over the Gamma Quadrant! Will any loose threads be tied up? What makes an audience go wild? Who will take home The Picard Season 1 Drunk Shimoda? It's an episode that's 3 seasons and 2 podcasts in the making!Support our show!
28/04/2057m 45s

Supernova by Cop (Picard Season One Review)

When season one of Picard has come to a close and The Greatest Discovery moves into its bi-monthly release schedule, Ben and Adam decide they must celebrate! But when your hosts drink a shot of beer every minute for one hour it's time to gain confidence and burp uncontrollably. Does this season work better as a binge? What's the difference between gold and non-gold synths? Was the soccer ball necessary? It's the episode that listens the way 5.5 crushable pilsners feel!Support the show!
14/04/201h 11m

Synthetic Rumspringa (Picard S1E10)

When the Romulans are mere light years away and Picard is on lock-down, Soji and the Synths will do whatever it takes to protect their community. But when Raffi and Rios decide to team up with Hrai Yan, all the soccer balls are in place for a swift and safe saving of the planet. Does Oh have a dramatic monologue? Will we see future synths in Disco season 3? Where's the Golem twin? It's the episode that gives you an orchid and the instructions on how to take care of it!Support our show!
31/03/201h 26m

Shades of Gold (Picard S1E9)

When the orchids bloom and a new planet is found J.L. and Co. have two spots to visit before the Romulan's arrive. But when Synthtopia turns out to be a little more like Rubicun III this penultimate episode goes in a direction you may not have expected. Will Picard have to share a cell? Do all synths share a cell? If a synth can mind meld, what does that say about Vulcans? It's the episode that's possibly the evil twin of a two-parter!Support our show.
24/03/201h 2m

They Don't Keep Making Titanics (Picard S1E8)

When The Grief World is shown to hold the data of the Zhat Vash synth stats, Picard's crew plus Jurati, attempt to be the first to reach Soji's home. But when Rios makes a bad first impression it's time for him to open the box, and open his heart. Who is Beautiful Flower? How many siblings does Soji have? Is there an "Eighteen Visions" planet? It's the episode that introduces a phaser in the first scene and uses it five seconds later!Support our show.
17/03/201h 2m

The Vomit Hat Trick (Picard S1E7)

When Picard splits up from his crew, he and Soji are forced to regroup at The Great Wolf Lodge of Nepenthe. But when the team on the LaSirena attempts to join J.L., they're faced with a little Narek that just won't go away. Can an Empath help an Android? Does Papa Riker bake the best pie? Is all of this a setup for the P-Stewniverse? It's the episode that keeps you grounded by reminding you that friends are wonderful.COME SEE US LIVE!#MaxFunDrive Starts next week!
10/03/201h 12m

Haunted and Horny (Picard S1E6)

When Picard sets his goals to boarding The Artifact, there’s no telling what may trigger him next. But when Narek finds out that guided meditation is the way to Soji’s “mind” it’s time to crack your knuckles and open the dream journal. Does Locutus sign autographs? Can Raffi’s charm effect warp drive? What are Borg floors made of? It's the episode that asks for permission, moments too late. Support our show.
03/03/201h 6m

Lethal Lenny Energy (Picard S1E5)

When Picard and Co. make their way to Freecloud the heist can soon be implemented. But when Seven's past throws a wrench into the plan, it's time to stick a couple extra feathers in the hat and bedazzle Bjayzl. Is Vup the new Morn? Does Freecloud offer a subscription service? Can ships upgrade their pop-up blockers? It's the episode that gives you characters without the hassle of a holodeck!Support our show.
25/02/201h 5m

Ten Forward of Twenty (Picard S1E4)

When Picard makes a pit-stop at Vashti, Raffi is a little more than upset. But when it turns out Picard needs a young assassin, absolute candor is the only way to proceed. Is there a "real" Rios? How do swords hold up against phasers? Are we at Freecloud yet? It's the episode that introduces a boy, but not The Boy. Support our show.
18/02/201h 4m

The Romulans that Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Picard S1E3)

When Raffi’s shields are up, Picard must apologize in order to make up for his past and continue his future. But when Soji meets Ramda the foundation of the reclamation center begins to crack. Is Laris following Picard? Does Hugh know Soji’s secret? Will you remember tomorrow? It’s the episode that closes a chapter, but opens up the back-door!Support our show!
11/02/201h 14m

Sexual Checkers (Picard S1E2)

When Picard dips his thumbs into mystery-pie he soon realizes he’s got a mess on his hands. But After the Federation denies him the help he needs, it’s time to turn off the hubris and turn on warp core of friendship. Can old ties bring new adventures? Are more spitting-Romulans on the horizon? How much hubris is too much hubris? It’s the episode that blames the crazy theories on the old man!Support our show
04/02/201h 6m

B-4 in a Drawer (Picard S1E1)

When on a 14 year vineyard-vacation Jean-Luc Picard starts experiencing some restless nights. But after a young woman named Dahj visits him, he learns that—with help from the past—his future may still have a purpose! Will the wild hogs take over the galaxy? Are we going to see more checkerboard outfits? Will Adam's Five-Queen Theory topple his Three-Temples theory? It's the episode that reconnects you with an old friend while engaging in a new tale!Support our show!
28/01/201h 11m

Federation News Network (Short Treks: Children of Mars)

Lil and Kima are having trouble adapting to each other's company at school, and are constantly getting into trouble. But when a synth attack hits both of their families the children put their differences aside in hope for a better future. Do Adam and Ben own matching tuxedos? Will we see the children of Mars in their adult-form? Can we get more stock photos of Admiral Picard? It's the episode that pushes you away before holding your hand. Come see us at SF SketchFest!
14/01/2044m 27s

Anachronistic Poop Emoji (Picard: Countdown 2)

When the new Picard series is mere weeks away, your hosts Adam and Ben continue the prologue with the Star Trek Picard: Countdown comics. But what happens when the end of the countdown comes after the beginning of TV show? Will there be more story to tell? Do you remember Romulus? Are Jumble uniforms next? It’s the episode that gives you a mission, but not a communicator!Come see us at Sketchfest!Support our show.
31/12/1949m 23s

Into what you insert Dot (Short Treks: "The Girl Who Made the Stars" & "Ephraim and Dot")

When two new Short Treks episodes are released it's time for Adam and Ben to watch, take notes, and repeat. But when a new style of storytelling enters the Trek universe, once again our hosts must think outside the tube. Do the animation styles play a bigger role in Trek? Can a tardigrade feel time? How'd they grow all those crops with no stars? It's the episode that plays double duty, as well as cat & mouse!Support our show.
17/12/1942m 12s

Fear of a Blond Romulan (Discovery: Aftermath & Picard: Countdown)

It's December and your hosts have comics to read—like Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath Part 3. But what happens when Adam and Ben can't get to the bottom of Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath part 4? They read the first issue of Star Trek Picard: Countdown, of course! What aftershave does Spock use? What does that wine taste like? What year is it? It's the episode that engages in the interest of giving back.
03/12/191h 2m

Geodesic Gimp Mask (Short Treks: Ask Not)

When the shortest of Short Treks explodes on impact, it's time for cadets to trust their guts. But when Thira Sidhu has a choice to trust her Captain or her gut; She must take 5 minutes to raise a phaser or unlock the shackles. Will the tests be more elaborate in Disco season 3? How big is engineering, really? Is Anson Mount going to be in the final Tarantino film? It's the episode that let's you bring note cards to the test!Come see us on tour!
19/11/1935m 45s

Greatest Hot Chicken

When Adam and Ben are between short treks—and between cities—they must venture into a vaguely familiar universe to continue the Disco Story. But when your hosts find out that Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath is in 3 parts, it’s time to put on the white gloves and read two issues! Will we hear from all of our dedicated Klingons in season 3? What else happened before the season 2 button? Will aspects of this comic make it to the small screen? It’s the episode that’s a real page turner and Gagh eater!Come see us on tour!
05/11/1956m 27s

A Very Thick Ankylosaur (Short Treks: The Trouble with Edward)

When Capt. Lynne Lucero takes command of the USS. Cabot she’s ready to take the universe by ion-storm. But after an introductory round table meeting, she learns one of her science officers—Edward Larkin—may be less of a scientist and more of a ball of meat. Will Larkin’s Tribble theory help feed the hungry? Do we ever find out who’s dumb? Can we please get some Trek PJs in the online store? It’s the episode that gives you two Benjamins and a hell of a lot of Atoms. Tickets for GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek III ON SALE NOW!Support our show.
22/10/1940m 22s

Suppress Your Freaky (Short Treks: Q&A)

When Spock boldly beams onto Pike's enterprise as an ensign he's met by Number 1, an iPad, and a task to ask lots of questions. But when a turbolift malfunction traps the two for what seems like hours, it's time to take a seat then sing some songs. Will Spock and Number 1 drive each other mad? Does the turbolift tune-up get rid of the handle? Where are the cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse?It's the episode that traps you in a box and then gives you a sense of awe. Tickets for GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek III ON SALE NOW!Support our show.
15/10/1940m 24s

Stepping on a Ketchup Packet (TOS S2E13)

When Kirk & co. are headed to Deep Space K-7 to help with a disputed planet, the calm crew don't have a care in the universe. But when the politics get a little dirty, they must break bread—and fists—with Klingons. Is Arne Darvin who he claims to be? Will the Tribbles continue to thrive? Do creature prices vary by size?It's the episode that fluxes temporally while battling internally.Tickets for GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek III ON SALE NOW!Support our show.
01/10/1946m 27s

Hard Pipin' It (#AskTGD)

When episode 60 of The Greatest Discovery approaches, Ben and Adam are at a loss for what to do. But when a Hashtag opens the communication spore drive, it's time to spin the wheel and gear up for a black alert. Will there be dog questions? Are Game of Butt-Holes spoilers cannon in TGD? Who's the Anson Mount of this podcast?It's the episode that answers your questions, but on a trial basis.Tickets for GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek III ON SALE NOW!Support our show.
17/09/191h 7m

One Chop Chump (TOS S2E12)

When a hunky new crewman reroutes the current path, the Enterprise recalculate the logic of their mission. But when it turns out Harry Mudd and his army of Robo-people are behind this, it's time to stand-up to temptation and throw out some insane requests. Will Mudd ever feel like settling down? Are there more glowing orbs on the ship? Will Discovery season three provide androids like this?It's the episode that gives us Mudd, and leaves us searching for more.Support our show.
03/09/1942m 40s

Structure Brings Freedom with Anson Mount

When faced with a crucial dilemma—another hoof or find Nechayev's table— Adam and Ben split up at Star Trek Las Vegas. But when producer extraordinaire Robs presents a third option, your hosts bee-line it to the production area and take a quick break with an actor who knows his craft. Can Anson Mount answer the questions with no prep time? Do time crystals come into play? How many other Trek actors were listening in on this interview?It's the episode that takes you behind the scenes, and behind the convention!Listen to The Well PodcastSupport our show!
20/08/1929m 49s

Ketracel Thicc with J.K. Woodward

When Ben and Adam take a trip to the city of sin to infiltrate Big Rod's Star Trek Vegas, they only have a small idea of what was in store for them. But when greeted almost immediately by the talented J.K. Woodward it's time to grab a hoof and record some pod. What updates to the Mirror Universe can J.K. tell us? How many Vulcans fit in a swimming pool? Is anyone in the building participating in jamaharon or just craps?It's the episode that keeps the lights on 24 hours a day!
06/08/1943m 14s

Deus Ex Mendez (TOS S1E13)

When #SDCC falls in the middle of the TGD recap of The Menagerie, it's time to switch things up and mind-control the release dates. Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks and Disco season 3 in the near future it's time to talk trek, both old and new. Did Adam receive insider info while in San Diego? Can one podcast feed fit three shows? Where is Admiral Mendez now?It's the episode that releases the info to the masses!Support our show.
23/07/1951m 40s

Streisand-Effecting the Planet (TOS S1E12)

When a private sub-space message is delivered to the Enterprise, Kirk and Co. make their way to Star Base 11. But when Spock takes this opportunity to abduct captain Pike and the ship, there's no TAL-ing what can happen. Is this Spock from an alternate Trek timeline? Will Bones address the elephant on the bridge? Can Pike scratch that itch?It's the episode that doesn't say "fire" but leaves it's finger on the button.Support The Greatest Discovery at
16/07/1943m 26s

Hot Bunkin' It (TOS 001)

When in recovery mode after a battle on Rigel VII, Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise try to avoid the 18 year-old distress call from the Talos Region. But when Spock interrupts a martini meeting between Pike and Boyce it's time to gather a team and Time-Warp again! Will Pike survive the thoughts of Talosians? Will Vina be there if Pike returns? Despite all his rage, is Pike just a rat in a cage?It's the episode that gives you a beginning, but not before showing you the end!Support our show!
02/07/1956m 7s

Arching Piece of Wood (A Tale of Two Cities - TNG Fan Edit)

When the crew of the Entrepreneur find a hidden casket containing what seems to Tasha Yar, everyone immediately puts their guard up. But when it's discovered that this may not be the Yar-iginal, it's time to make the bed and figure out why this porno makes so much TNG sense! Are the beds that big on the original D? Have these actors continued to hone their craft? Will we ever get a sequel?It's the episode that is way better than you'd expect!Support our show!Watch A Tale of Two Cities
18/06/1949m 47s

Like a Doggy on a Couch (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2019: Captain Saru Part 2)

When the crew is in distress and there doesn't seem to be any solutions it's time for our Discovery team to think outside the cell. But when Saru sneaks around in the shadows, some heads get knocked and some heroes are saved. Will Saru ever be permanent captain? Did they stop by Risa before running into the Enterprise? What type of shoes does Saru wear?It's the episode that comes but once a year!Support our show!
04/06/1936m 38s

Anus Tar Trek (Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2019: Captain Saru)

When the Discovery receives a distress call. It’s up to Ganglia-full Saru to lead a crew against a surprising threat. But when Tilly comes in with a warning message, it's time to beam-down and investigate. Are Ba'ul lurking behind the corners? Did Michael secretly wish to be captain? Who's the mystery crew-person?It's the episode that comes once a year, but not before having its blueberries. Support our show!
21/05/1938m 14s

Spock Teased (Season 2 Wrap-up)

With mere hours left before auto-renewal updates the CBS All Access Red Angel suit, The Greatest Discovery hosts binge the entire second season. But when Adam and Ben record a new episode, we find out what moments grabbed the time crystal and what segments were lost with Airiam. Have we seen the last of May Ahearn? Will season three explain Calypso? What does spore-drive technology look like in the future?It’s the season that reunites you with an old friend just before shooting you into the future! Support our show!
07/05/1957m 59s

Travel Poops (S2E14)

When the Disco is back to back with The Entrepreneur, they may be outnumbered by more than 31 ships. But when Burnham gets the angel-suit working, it's time for her and Spock to connect the dots and start season 2. How far into the future did Disco leap? Is Number One a legal name? Will we see more Spock?It's the episode that knows what we want, and offers it at a competitive subscription price!Support our show!
23/04/191h 10m

Big Science Energy (S2E13)

While mid-evacuation, Michael Burnham decides to break the cardinal rule of time crystals. But when the evacuation fails, it's time to seek out the knowledge of the Short Treks. What does the future hold? Will the last beacon reveal itself? Does this new wormhole also have prophets?It's the episode that takes a captain, but won't give you a new one!
16/04/191h 3m

Time Cuck (S2E12)

When Pike visits a planet where time is fluid, a flashy crystal catches his eye and he must make the ultimate Starfleet business expense. But when Burnham and Spock team up on a search mission, it's time to remember old friends and meet new enemies. Will Michael Burnham connect the red dots? Has Spock let the beard go? Would you make a deal with Lisle Von Rhuman?It's the episode that gives you more nanobots than you can shake a phaser at!
09/04/191h 2m

Contreland (S2E11)

When an unplanned family reunion is forced upon Michael, she learns that watching home movies can be just as good. But when Ash and Georgiou's control sense begins to tingle around Leland, it's time to open up a big red hole and destroy some info. Will time win in the end? How many times has Dr. Burnham played this scene out? Do the replicators make sleeveless doctor's uniforms?It's the episode that gives you the rock, but has you dunk it in the trashcan.Support our show!
02/04/191h 15m

Taint on Taint (S2E10)

When an unsettling secret is revealed to Burnham, she serves up some two-fisted justice. But when Michael is also found to have a link to the Red Angel, it's time to take the satellites out of the Shenzhou's backyard and re-direct them on Michael's death. Does Culber find Bob? Is the Red Angel also tethered to a shadow? What just happened?It's the episode that deletes one memory, while altering others.#MAXFUNDRIVE 2019Support our show at
26/03/191h 6m

Star Trek Canasta (S2E9)

When Discovery pays a visit to Section 31, we find out there's more than 31 flavors and definitely more than 31 mines. But when Airiam tags along on an away team it's time for the space suits to really kick into gear. Will Spock and Michael come to an agreement? Have we lost Stamets' quips? Don't forget to save your memories.It's the episode that gives you a god shot, but saves you the Rod shot!#MAXFUNDRIVE 2019Support our show at
19/03/1954m 36s

lowercase t (S2E8)

When Spock and Michael travel to Talos IV, they're met by new-age therapists who promise to heal Spock. But when things start malfunctioning on the DISCO, we're met with both relationship and personal struggles. Will Culber and Tyler become pals? Have we seen the last of the red beacons? Does the red angel keep traveling in circles? It's the episode that gives you relief, but not before giving you grief!
12/03/191h 11m

Scramble Spock's Egg (S2E7)

While chilling outside Kaminar the crew of the DISCO send Pike and Tyler to experience the blue wave of temporal displacement. But when Burnham visits the fam it's not long until an argument erupts, and she and Spock high-tail it out of there. Will Keanu Reeves show up next episode? Where is Culber? Are we to believe these probes? It's the episode that tells two stories, but wants to tell a whole lot more!***Support our show
05/03/191h 1m

Pink Note (S2E6)

When the Red Angel's Red Signals take the Disco to Kaminar it's time for Burnham and post-ganglia-Saru to head to the beach and break bread with a priest. But when Saru threatens to fold the Ba'ul like laundry it's time for the crew to take a big bite of data pie. Will the Kelpians rank supreme? Is the Red Angel digitally enhanced? How sticky are the Ba'ul?It's the episode that's Bringing It All Back Home – AgainSupport our show!
26/02/191h 6m

Butt-Dial Georgiou (S2E5)

When Tilly is sucked into the upside down, it's time for Burnham and the crew to take a nosedive. But when Section 31 shows up in ultra-fashionable outfits, our team must steady the ship and reexamine relationships. Will Culber grow the beard—again? Is Tilly pinky promising her way out of things? Should Ben and Adam quit the podcast and become true crime reporters?It's the episode that leaves the pizza in the oven just a minute longer than needed.Support The Greatest Discover
19/02/1954m 40s

H.R. Goo-ger (S2E4)

When the Disco is stopped by a mysterious sphere, a virus attacks the ship putting the whole crew in danger—especially Saru. But the fun doesn't stop there, May also threatens the status of the the ship and more specifically Tilly. Does the crew have the courage inside to tell the orb please let it be? Can one spore change the course of history? What happens when "ball" is no longer life?It's the episode that gets you high, while dumping all the ketchup on the fries. Support our show!
12/02/1952m 42s

It Tastes Human (S2E3)

When Amanda Grayson arrives on the Disco with illegal Spock files, Captian Pike orders Burnham to break the encryption and learn about her brother's whereabouts. But when these files lead to deep family secrets, it's time for mom and daughter to have honesty-time. On Q'onoS there's a new baby, and you'll never guess who's it is! Will the red angel really be a red devil? Can Spock come home yet? Do people trust Burnham? It's the episode that gives you split-screen without the TV lightning bolt!
05/02/1950m 17s

New Weeden (S2E2)

When old Eden becomes a bore, the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery follow a stellar signal and jump to a new planet with a radiation problem. But when humans are also found to be on new Eden, It's time for Pike, Burnham, and Owosekun to beam down and investigate. Will (s)Tilly stop the acid rain? Has Burnham learned to tell the truth? Can someone dim the lights in this church?It's the episode that let's you jump, but only if the authorities give you the ok.
29/01/1953m 20s

The Tight Stuff (S2E1)

When Captain Pike boards the U.S.S. Discovery he promptly begins to rally his team around some red flags. But when the away team finds an old federation ship it's time to grab some samples and save some lives. Why didn't Spock need his bells? Is there still a green dot on Tilly's shoulder? Is Airiam, Airiam?It's the episode that gives you a new boss, who's too concerned with being your buddy.
22/01/1948m 45s

Repping Breen

When Harcourt Fenton Mudd is sold to Wilbur the bounty hunter it seems as if Harry's time were up. But when we're shown multiple Mudd captures we're led to believe that Mr. Mudd can escape anything. Does Harcourt have an ace up his sleeve? Will there be more disco music in Disco? Was there a Pulp Fiction character in this Short Trek? It's the episode that slings a lot of Mudd, but promises to clean up the bots!
08/01/1939m 6s

Leaned Into the Scruff

When Christmas 2018 falls on the same day The Greatest Discovery releases a new episode, it's time to tear open gifts and use your new headphones to listen to Adam & Ben. But when it's revealed that this ep is Season 2 trailer-talk, and the second-half review of the Star Trek Discovery Annual comic book—it's time to gather your friends and family and share the pod around the fireplace. Will Spock's smile stay? Is Stamets jawline still defined? Where are the black toothbrushes?It's the episode you open in front of your family and have to explain to your grandparents!
25/12/1845m 47s

We're Lucky to Have Him

When a young Saru is jonesin' for outer space, his father quickly gives him a stern talking-to. But when a piece of a ship comes into Saru's possession, it's time to buckle-down and write some strongly worded emails. Will Saru get the answer's he's looking for? Will the balance be upset? Does anyone really know what happens when the monolith absorbs you? It's the episode that takes you from a sandy beach and into the brightest of skies!
11/12/1833m 37s

Big Doggin' the Bar

When there's still a month to go before another Short Trek, Adam and Ben look for solace in the warm pages of the 2018 Star Trek Discovery Annual. But when our hosts realize this comic reveals secrets more voluminous than Klingon hair— it's time to read, record, and navigate the mycelial network. Was Stamets always grumpy? Will Culber continue to hum? Can you really define a Rapp jaw line?It's the episode that sets Stamets up for success, but only he may deliver the goods.
27/11/1837m 34s

When the Crew is Away the Zora will Play

When Craft wakes up alone on a Starship 1000 years after the sweet-spore adventures of the Discovery, he soon realized he is a long way from home and could be in danger. But when Zora, a highly evolved Nest thermostat, interacts with him beyond navigational purposes, friendship blossoms and feelings grow. Can Craft survive this far from home? Do all starship computers evolve? Is Betty Boop used as a torture device? It's the episode that tugs at your heart, but still makes a funny face!
13/11/1838m 53s

Ornately Carved Zippo

When Voq's feelings about T'kuvma are wavering, L'Rell sits him down to brunch and gives context to why they shaved their heads. But when the back story opens up historical records and Klingon lore, it's time to flip more pages and figure out which dead bodies will be nailed to this ship. Does L'Rell finish the story? Will Voq come to terms with his past? Can any old piece of wood be a beacon?It's the episode that gives you exactly what you need before starting Star Trek Discovery!
23/10/1853m 1s

How to Fix Your Butt

Upon landing at their space stations Ben and Adam view "Runaway" the first of CBS All Access’ “Short Treks.” But when they realize a new Discovery season 2 trailer has also been released, it’s time to log in and make first contact with the couch. Can Po keep a secret? Are red angels really that calming? How many cups of coffee can one ensign ingest?It’s the episode that’s a quarter of the time, but raises 4 times the questions!Click here to support our show!
09/10/1842m 43s

What A Couple of Dicks

When new episodes of Star Trek Discovery are only weeks away, Adam and Ben decide to talk Trek news. But when our hosts realize they can read more comic books, it's time to bust out the Bics and illuminate their way to Issues 1 & 2 of The Light of Kahless.Will the color pallet be vivid enough? How graceful does T'Kuvma age? Are two comics better than one?It's the episode that continues the discovery while taking a trip to the past!Support the show!
25/09/1853m 13s

A Mamet of Double-Crosses

When ride shares are taken to their limit, television becomes a priority. But when Adam and Ben decide to take a break from rides, they both turn towards the written word—and image, of Star Trek: Discovery - Succession, Issue 4. What's new with Fuckboi Emperor? Can you trust anyone in the mirror universe? How's that gas treating you?It's the episode that finishes one arc but opens the elevator on another.
11/09/1835m 37s

J.K. Woodward

When Adam and Ben return from Risa Vegas they're filled to the brim with Trek topics. But when comic book artist J.K. Woodward shows up to the studio it's time to perform a post-mortem on Star Trek Vegas and move on to the art of J.L.'s Pipes.What's next for Trek? Does J.K. know more about Discovery than he lets on? Is there such a thing as a bad panel?It's the episode that comes home from vacation, but is still operating on island time.
28/08/1836m 16s

House Jumbo's Clown Room

When Adam and Ben come back from Las Vegas there's lots of Trek news to discuss. But when Lenny Kravitz splits their opinions on the Discovery season 2 trailer it's time to talk JL Pipes and the future canon of Big Rod. Will the Worf Chronicles still happen? At what point will the Klingons gain hair? Just how many questions at a convention are more *observations*?It's the episode that's full of news, but the scripts are still in the works.
14/08/1839m 54s

Legendarily Horny

When Kirk & Co. pick up an untrustworthy businessman named Harvey Mudd and his women associates, the men on the Enterprise are overtaken by a spell. But when Mudd turns out to be making deals behind Kirk's back it’s finally time to pry off this annoying barnacle. Will Kirk be able to withstand the spell? How much slink can you get in one episode? What’s with the groovy Spock? It’s the episode Big Rod wrote after watching a Nancy Sinatra music video!
31/07/1852m 48s

Fuckboi Emperor

When the Terran empire is discovered to have a Fuckboi as a leader, Mirror Universe Michael Burnham must try and take her rightful place as heir to the throne. But when Alexander finds out what Burnham is up to, he’s none too pleased. Will Michael become Emperor? Is Airiam still angry? How much arch can you get on a mirror universe loogie? It’s the episode that accurately represents its characters, but in a universe that is foreign to us!
17/07/1852m 44s

Chris Black

When Star Trek Inc. sets its news updates to stun it’s time for Ben and Adam to compile, dissect, and discuss. But when Enterprise writer Chris Black stops by the Uxbridge-Shimoda studios it’s time to embrace some historical Star Trek facts. Have we seen the last of Picard? Will the new Trek properties be cartoons? How long until there’s a movie based on Masks? It’s the episode that looks at the hand that’s dealt, but knows, if you gotta win you gotta hit.
03/07/1853m 47s

Manu Saadia (Sexual Cousteau)

When there’s a shakeup behind the scenes of Star Trek Discovery, it’s time for Ben and Adam to grip the mics and share the news. But when emotions get hot our hosts pivot to a chat with fellow Trek fan Manu Saadia about his thoughts on the current era of Sci-Fi and his fantastic book "Trekonomics."Is season 2 still a go? Who’s driving the Disco now? Does Manu drop any economics spoilers? It’s the episode that brings the heat but cools off with democratic socialism.
19/06/181h 6m

Mirror Universe Mr. DNA

When Star Trek Discovery fan-fic presents itself as less than worthy, Adam and Ben seek out some new Discovery stories that are canon. But when the Comixology app downloads a tale from the Mirror Universe, it's time for the boys to grow some goatees and swipe some panels. Will the pages of Succession help with the Star Trek fix? Do our hosts wear white gloves while reading comics? How many copies of Heavy Metal Magazine do Adam and Ben now own?It's the episode that flips the pages but doesn't crease the spine!
05/06/1846m 41s


Upon return from the Lone Star State, Adam and Ben decide to kick up their feet and relax. But unfortunately neither of our hosts can mellow-out after seeing what Disco Klingons look like with TNG-style hair. Was the Vulture Festival panel full of spoilers? Who’s the new Spock? Are Viacom and CBS fighting? It’s the episode that’s full of opinions and Texas BBQ leftovers!
22/05/1829m 41s

Nip Woke

When floating in the between-seasons ether, Adam and Ben find solace in the fact that Star Trek Discovery released a promo for season 2. But when it’s confirmed that there won’t be another episode until 2019 it’s time to read the trades and comb the web. Will there be additions to the cast? Are Pike’s recordings OG Trek? Where did the bull-nips subreddit go? It’s the episode that reveals *just* enough Trek.
01/05/1824m 16s

Danielle Radford

When it's the second week of the 2018 #MaxFunDrive Adam and Ben pull no punches. So when Danielle Radford, of the Tights and Fights podcast joins the episode, it's time to start talking Trek origins, #boco, and Michael Burnham. Where will Disco go next? Are there Federation wrestlers? Who will face off in the squared circle?It's the episode that puts you into submission, while giving you a dusty finish.
10/04/1849m 51s

Ben Fritz

When Star Trek Discovery is in-between seasons it’s up to Ben and Adam to come up with new Greatest Discovery episodes. So when Ben Fritz—author of “The Big Picture”—is invited on the show, it’s only a matter of time before the guys talk Discovery and the film industry. Do we get to hear more about the Disco Premiere? Was the deleted emperor scene truly deleted? Will we get a Disco movie? It’s the episode that reflects on the film biz, and is hopeful for a Disco future!
03/04/1858m 30s

Season One Wrap-up

With mere hours left before auto-renewal updates the CBS All Access spore drive, The Greatest Discovery hosts binge the entire first season. But when Adam and Ben record a new episode, we find out what moments lit the beacon and what segments should have guarded their neck. Were the ships easy to identify? Where did the black badges go? When is Tilly going to be a Star Fleet Captain? It’s the season that takes you for a ride before reuniting you with an old friend.
27/02/181h 0m

21 Jump Streeting Qo'noS (S1E15)

When Georgiou assembles a rag-tag team of main characters to visit Qo’noS it’s time to throw on some leather jackets and eat some space-whale popsicles. But when Tilly smokes some dank volcano nugs she learns that the team’s mission is more dangerous than they originally thought. Has Burnham learned that it’s ok to love? What adventures will the Emperor get into next? Klingons have two dongs. It’s the season finale that brings fringe to a phaser fight!
13/02/181h 9m

Head to the Penthouse for the Party (S1E14)

When settling back into their own universe, Burhnham and Co. are struggling with how to defeat the Klingon street toughs. But when Admiral Bob agrees to the Emperor’s idea to invade Qo'noS, it’s up to Stamets and Tilly to grow some spores and everyone else to have some intense conversations. Will Tyler come to terms with his identity? Can Bob set her phaser to golden-brown? How come we haven’t seen that green spot again? It’s the episode that asks the important questions while cruising at maximum warp!
06/02/181h 9m

Half Apple and a Pancake (S1E13)

When Lorca thaws his cronies with plans to move forward with a coup, Burnham has to vent to save herself. But when Tilly and Stamets figure out how to destroy the Charon and get home in one maneuver, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and hug Pippa. Is the lesser of two evils still evil? How many soliloquies is too many? Is Stamets a Wyld Stallyns fan?It’s the episode that kicks you in the face then gives you a ride home.
30/01/1856m 35s

Gremlins In The Microwave (S1E12)

When Burnham and Lorca take a proto-Previa to the ISS Charon, their backstory ends up being a real mouthful. But when Culber’s ghost helps Stamets simultaneously come down and wake up, it may only be the start of his trip. Will Lorca develop any new scars? Do L’Rell’s gloves come in different colors? Is it the farmed or the fresh ganglia that taste the best? It’s the episode that tells the truth as a last resort.
23/01/181h 5m

That’s Going All the Way In (S1E11)

When our undercover team discovers the rebel base, it’s time for Burnham and Tyler to break bread with Firewolf, Son of None. But when Tyler acquiesces to Kahless it’s time to crack skulls and bust out the Mek’leths. Does Burnham have the strength to carry on? Will Stamets make his way through the forest? Is Lorca’s sense of humor a tad rude?It’s the episode that lays on the exposition, but keeps up with the expedition.
16/01/181h 4m

Giant Barrel of Goo Gone (S1E10)

When the Discovery team realizes they are in an alternate universe, it’s up to Burnham to take the lead and for Tilly to take the ship. But when L’Rell recites ancient Klingon poetry to Tyler, there’s nowhere safe on or off the I.S.S. Discovery. Can Lorca survive the Shenzhou? Has Stamets seen enough? Is Tyler Voq? It’s the episode that sides with the empire, but dreams of the resistance.
09/01/1854m 51s

Mid Season Bonus

When the CBS Spore Drive paywall is re-activated, Adam and Ben re-watch the entire first half of Star Trek Discovery. But when they binge the entire show in a span of 24 hours, have their forearm implants become infected? Are they still fans of Tilly? Is Captain Lorca really *that* bad? How much Mudd is too much? It’s the episode that binges the past and discos into the future!
05/01/1834m 16s

Mek'leths at Dawn (S1E9)

When Starfleet asks for the U.S.S. Discovery to stand down at Pahvo, Lorca decides that instead he'll have his crew crack T'Kuvma's math. But when Burhnam and Tyler sneak around the Klingon death ship, Ash finds himself trapped by P.S.T.D. Can Bob help them escape? Why doesn't L'Rell wear safety glasses? Can Stamets survive 133 live Phish songs? It's the episode that solves one universal problem, while cloaking another.
14/11/1754m 59s

Kool-Aid Sneeze (S1E8)

When the U.S.S. Discovery is tasked with a mission to planet Pahvo, it's time for Burnham, Tyler, and Saru to have an experiential Outward Bound camping trip. Light years away L'Rell convinces Admiral Bob to escape and take her into custody. But when Saru gets too in touch with nature and L'Rell overpowers Bob, we're left with more Klingons than answers. Can Burnham stop the crystal? Will Tilly help Stamets kick his habit? Voulez vous coucher a-Voq moi? It's the episode that gives you crystals, but doesn't let you heal with them.
07/11/1748m 48s

Bridal Train Level Threat Ganglia (S1E7)

When the lower decks decide to throw a synth-kegger, Burnham and Tyler share a moment. But when a giant space fish spits Harry Mudd onto the ship, The USS Discovery becomes trapped in a half-hour loop. It's now up to Stamets to float on a fourth dimensional mushroom to help save the day. Will the time-loop continue? How good is Tilly at beer pong? Ash and Michael, will they? won't they? It’s the episode where they didn’t call the Beastie Boys *or* French Stewart.
31/10/1750m 31s

She's All Up in that Butt with the Katra (S1E6)

When Sarek seeks Burnham's help with regression therapy, she's soon partnered up with Tilly and Tyler to reverse engineer a mind meld. But when Admiral Bob questions Lorca's tactics she ends up the only Starfleet member on a Klingon Ship who retains their head. Will Lorca's secret be found out? How important is breakfast? When will we hear from Majel Barrett?It's the episode that starts with a conspiracy theory and ends with a questionable trap.
24/10/1750m 5s

Curved Like A Bat'leth (S1E5)

When Captain Lorca is heading back from the Admiral's club, he's soon kidnapped by Klingons and becomes a prisoner of war. At the same time Burnham feels a deep connection to Ripper's nipples. It's time for Lorca to get back to the Discovery, and for the science team to chart a new map with human DNA. Will the spore drive continue to work? Will Tilly continue her profane rants? How has oral hygiene improved in the future?It's the episode that gives you Mudd in a prison, and BDSM in the laboratory.
17/10/1750m 47s

All It Took Was a Buffet (S1E4)

When Captain Lorca assigns Burnham to study the newest member of Team Discovery's biology for weapons purposes, she finds the missing link to spore tripping. But when Starfleet orders Discovery to relieve the dilithium mining colony Corvan II from Klingon atttack, it's up to Burnham and Stamets to test their mushroom theory, and successfully jump to conclusions. Will they get there in time? Is Tilly still drooling? Are the writers of Star Trek Discovery sending Ben and Adam messages? It's the episode that shoots first, and replicates later.
10/10/1743m 46s

Push Triangle to Talk to Captain Lorca (S1E3)

When Michael Burnham unexpectedly finds herself on the USS Discovery, she's tasked by Captain Lorca to assist with a secret scientific assignment. But when an experiment on Discovery's sister ship the USS Glenn kills its entire crew, it's now up to Burnham and co. to investigate, and truly become a team. Will spores help calm the voices? How many Drunk Shimodas fit in one episode? Do space breathalyzers work? It's the episode that winks at you at the beginning but keeps you guessing at the end.
03/10/1745m 15s

The Georgiou Rule (S1E2)

When T’Kuvma’s pitch sesh to the heads of the 24 houses is falling apart, the Federation gives him a big assist by sending an armada of ships to back up the Shenzhou. But Michael Burnham is stuck in the brig with only the ship’s computer as her adversary. What’s wrong with the Klingon’s hololenses? Is Michael a part of Picard because of these mind-melds? Did the Klingons bring a boat to space? It’s the episode where we’re both trying to make the case for our position.
26/09/1732m 46s

Oopsie-Daisy Murder (S1E1)

When a precursor to the Argus Array gets a hole poked in it, the Federation sends its B-team: the USS SHEzhou. But when executive officer Michael Burnham pokes a hole in a nearby Klingon, the situation escalates quickly. Is Sarek the only Vulcan teacher? Has Georgiou given Burnham too much latitude? Is Saru the COB of this episode? It’s the episode that lights a beacon that can be seen across the galaxy.
26/09/1743m 25s

A Nightmare to Produce

When the world's most reluctant Star Trek podcasters announce their new show, The Greatest Discovery, one of them goes for a dick joke and can't quite stick the landing. Everybody knows the #GreatestGen is only good because of nostalgia, but what this new series presupposes is, maybe it isn't? What will the show schedule be? What are our hopes, fears and wants from the first new Trek series in over a decade? Where we are w/r/t Big Rod’s notorious pocket? It's the episode where we double down on the embarrassment.
21/09/177m 41s
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