Minority Korner

Minority Korner

By James Arthur M

Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, queer, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Welcome to Minority Korner, where we take an introspective look at the world. through an intersectional lens. Join James: a queer, political, comedian, self proclaimed, sexy blerd (that’s Black Nerd) and each week he's joined in the Korner by another fabulous minority tackling pop culture, the news, media, and history all with a little self care, and self love sprinkled throughout! It’s time to Learn, Laugh, and Play, right here at Minority Korner- because together: we’re the majority! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)


(Corrected) MK272: Interrogate All of It w/Ashley Nicole Black (Writing Tips & FAQ's, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Deaf U, Glow, Ted Lasso, Harvard Study on Prison, Angela Davis)

Re-Released with the Full Episode Content, the Previous release was missing the back half. Sitting in the guest co-host chair it’s writer, actor, Emmy winner Ashley Nicole Black (she/her) we talk TV that is like a warm blanket like Apple TV's Ted Lasso (which Ashley is working on season 2), and since James and Ashley met in college, they discuss why the drama on Netflix's Deaf U is the reality TV gold you didn't know you were missing. Ashley has some more Tea on the sad cancellation of Glow and as a huge stan of HBO's A Black Lady Sketch Show James asks Ashley all the behind-the-scenes burning questions you've been dying to know about this groundbreaking show. Then, school is in session as we are going to the Ashley Nicole Black Institute for writers, where Professor Black is going to answer the FAQ’s that she’s been getting on writing and to give you all the tips you need to get your butt into gear... James!  James just might be inspired enough to dust off all of his old screenplays. And finally, the two pay homage to their former UCSC Professor and revolutionary activist Angela Davis, and apparently Harvard conducted a study which has concluded the ONE reason why so many Black people are over-represented in prison? Hmmmm...  Ashley Nicole Black, Guest Co-Host:  a writer, actor, and comedian you’ve seen on the Emmy award-winning Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show. IG: @ashnb1  TW: @ashleyn1coleLINKS:Harvard study: https://www.theroot.com/a-judge-asked-harvard-to-find-out-why-so-many-black-peo-1845017462Highlights from Ava DuVernay and Angela Davis ConversationCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
23/10/201h 27m

MK272: Interrogate All of It w/Ashley Nicole Black (Writing Tips & FAQ's, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Deaf U, Glow, Ted Lasso, Harvard Study on Prison, Angela Davis)

Sitting in the guest co-host chair it’s writer, actor, Emmy winner Ashley Nicole Black (she/her) we talk TV that is like a warm blanket like Apple TV's Ted Lasso (which Ashley is working on season 2), and since James and Ashley met in college, they discuss why the drama on Netflix's Deaf U is the reality TV gold you didn't know you were missing. Ashley has some more Tea on the sad cancellation of Glow and as a huge stan of HBO's A Black Lady Sketch Show James asks Ashley all the behind-the-scenes burning questions you've been dying to know about this groundbreaking show. Then, school is in session as we are going to the Ashley Nicole Black Institute for writers, where Professor Black is going to answer the FAQ’s that she’s been getting on writing and to give you all the tips you need to get your butt into gear... James!  James just might be inspired enough to dust off all of his old screenplays. And finally, the two pay homage to their former UCSC Professor and revolutionary activist Angela Davis, and apparently Harvard conducted a study which has concluded the ONE reason why so many Black people are over-represented in prison? Hmmmm...  Ashley Nicole Black, Guest Co-Host:  a writer, actor, and comedian you’ve seen on the Emmy award-winning Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show. IG: @ashnb1  TW: @ashleyn1coleLINKS:Harvard study: https://www.theroot.com/a-judge-asked-harvard-to-find-out-why-so-many-black-peo-1845017462Highlights from Ava DuVernay and Angela Davis ConversationCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
23/10/201h 27m

MK271: The White People's Apology Tour (Indigenous Cultural Burns, Megan The Stallion, Misogynoir & HipHop, Regina King Slay, Coming 2 America, Amy Comey Barrett, Gretchen Whitmer's Sign Language Lady, Furiosa)

 Today is like therapy cause sometimes in the middle of a pandemic with so much happening- you’re just not okay. With returning guest co-host Samantha Nzessi, we talk “why are we trying to confirm Amy Comey Beheret and her questionable originalist self when folks still waiting for more stimulus checks?" Beware of the Republicans latest tactic to steal the election. We'll let you know why everyone needs a hype sign language person like Governor Gretchen Whitmer- don't fuck with her!  On the pop culture front, Regina King’s latest project is about to Slay, and Coming 2 America might be coming to you on Amazon, and why that's a bummer, and why the new Furiosa casting has us furious with ageism in Hollywood. In the main Korner's we are celebrating Indigenous People’s day highlighting the cultural traditions that First Nation’s people were doing that had been banned for centuries, that could have helped the fires in California, had Westerners leave them be, plus 5 things you can do to celebrate and support Indigenous folks!  Samantha breaks down the case of Megan The Stallion’s treatment after she was shot by ex boyfriend Tory Lenz and how this is an example of Misogynoir, it's historical footprint in hip hop, and 5 ways you can stop it. Plus- our proposal for reparations which may include a white butler for all.Guest Co Host Samantha Nzessi- IG & Twitter: @samanthal_nSamantha (she/her) is about equity of all kinds. Racial, gender, class, you name it. She is co-host and producer of MASKulinity podcast, which is dedicated to unlearning patriarchy from the masculine side of the spectrum. Like Issa Rae, she’s rooting for everybody Black. Unless you’re a misogynist! Then she’s rooting for you to be held accountable for your fuckery.LINKS:Ugh , Amy Comey Barretthttps://www.theroot.com/the-why-are-we-doing-this-and-not-passing-a-stimulus-p-1845350212https://www.themarysue.com/amy-coney-barrett-constitution/Regina King: Slay:  https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1151761-slay-regina-king-producing-supernatural-drama-in-development-at-the-cwComing 2 America: https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1151719-amazon-in-final-negotiations-to-acquire-coming-2-americaRepublicans have been trying to steal ballots: https://www.themarysue.com/ca-gop-doing-some-election-crimes/Anya Taylor Joy as a young Fruiosa : https://www.themarysue.com/anya-taylor-joy-furiosa-prequel/Indigenous People’s Celebrationhttps://www.npr.org/2020/08/24/899422710/to-manage-wildfire-california-looks-to-what-tribes-have-known-all-alonghttps://www.themarysue.com/five-amazing-creators-and-advocates-to-support-on-indigenous-peoples-day/https://www.smithsonianmag.com/blogs/national-museum-american-indian/2020/10/07/indigenous-peoples-day-2020/https://www.bustle.com/life/5-ways-to-celebrate-indigenous-peoples-day-2797591https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/12/us/indigenous-peoples-day-2020-states-trnd/index.htmlMegan Thee Stallion + misogynoir in hip hophttps://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/13/opinion/megan-thee-stallion-black-women.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepagehttps://www.npr.org/2020/10/08/921902926/rapper-tory-lanez-charged-in-megan-thee-stallion-shootinghttps://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/art-books-music/a33471010/megan-thee-stallion-shooting-misogynoir/https://www.vibe.com/2019/04/dee-barnes-silent-on-dr-dre-sexual-assault-questionhttps://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/arid-30170006.htmlhttps://www.google.com/amp/s/level.medium.com/amp/p/63311c8fa0dbCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM 
16/10/201h 18m

MKREWIND: Christopher Columbus Was an A$$#%!@ (EP270)

In Celebration of the TRUE holiday Indigenous People's Day, we revisit our Korner on the OG Asshole Christopher Columbus. Don't think he was, well don’t worry James has got the receipts to back it up, CC is worst than you think! We also examine why this sociopathic lunatic even got a holiday in the first place. LINKS: Christopher Columbus was an Assholehttps://bit.ly/335VeFT, https://bit.ly/34blkbMSamantha Bee Full Frontal Segment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHLer9kOWIMCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
13/10/2023m 15s

MK269: He Owe Somebody Monay! (VP Debates, 355 Trailer, BIPOC, Tyra Banks DWTS, Jessica Chastain vs January Jones, Reparations, Quizlet Korner, BLACK, Disneyland)

The whole team is here! We’ve got Sam Jackson (she/her) our Marketing Manager and Production Coordinator, and editor Sarah Brown (she/her) on the show fresh off having watched the VP debate and we’ve got your hot HOT takes, takeaways, and wow was this not the burning trash fire the Presidential debate was. Kamala was not here to play, she had all the receipts, did everybody's homework, but the real winner was the fly. Plus the 355 trailer was released starring either Jessica Chastain or January Jones...? Do they look like? Sam walks us through the term BIPOC, and the history behind the ever-evolving name change and community classification of Black folks. With both Sam and Sarah here James pits them against each other in a head to head matchup (that neither of them are that keen on) in a Quizlet Korner- yes it’s back! We talk reparations- which states, and cities are moving forward? We talk Pop culture how Tyra’s hosting on Dancing with the stars, is there a new Black Superhero movie in the works at Warner Bros? Is our BAAP Megan Markle snatching a new crown?BIPOC:What is BIPOC"The BIPOC Project"CBS "BIPOC What does it mean, where does it come from?"John Belton O'Neall's The Negro Law of South CarolinaAn article for the Jim Crow Museum of Racist MemorabiliaQUIZLET:Gavin Newsom has signed a bill establishing a task force to study and make recommendations on Ahsville, North Carolina City Approves Reparations for Black ResidentsSurvivors and Descendants of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre File Lawsuit Against the City for Its Role in the RiotTyra Banks Hosting Dancing With the Stars- no time for the hatersBAAP Megan Markle continues to live her best life untouched by the Crown but one degree of Separation from... the Crown,  Returns home dong the work-Warner Bros is adapting a comic book super hero called BlackDisneylandELECTION! GET INVOLVEDSwingleft.orgVote Save America Adopt -A-StateResistancelabs.comJoebiden.com, scroll down to volunteerpostcardstovoters.orgFairfight.com – go to get involved and select nationally or in georgiaVolunteerswinelections.comWomens march Text banksCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMSam Jackson: IG: @little_miss_sj
09/10/201h 22m

MKREWIND: The History of the Taino's (EP268)

Continuing our rexploration of the Caribbean, as we have revisited Hispaniola, another group that has been mentioned was the Taino people, their culture, where they existed and thrived before Christopher Columbus and his destructive ass decided to come stopping into town- who were eradicated. Time to end the practice of Columbusing- which has morphed to it's new form that still exists today. LINKS:http://endgenocide.org/learn/past-genocides/native-americans/https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/pre-colonial-history/taino-indigenous-caribbeans/CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
06/10/2031m 44s

MK267: You Wanna Democracy, You Betta Work Bitch! (#FreeBritney, Presidential Debate, Campaign Volunteer Tips, Putin's Puppy, Carmelita Torres, Gasoline Baths at the US Border, BREAKING: Drumpf Got Rona)

Well, the first debate happened, and that was a mess! Well good thing Amanda E (she/her)  is here, a former professional canvasser, current committed campaign volunteer, and Amand's going to help us navigate through the ramblings of Britney Spears. Oh yeah, first it’s a pit stop to #FreeBritney as two former diehards of the Britney Army, Amanda & James, are still concerned. Then we get to the shit storm garage fire that was the first Presidential debate and we unpack our raw feelings, thoughts, takeaways... fears... a lot of those... but luckily Amanda is going to turn our fears into action with things that we can do to get involved this election cycle with some tips to help you navigate your fears about text/phone banking, and why we don’t have any other option: we each have to step it up at a level that's right for us! You’ll definitely be feeling the fire and empowered. Then a quick History Korner in honor of Hispanic heritage month Carmelita Torres the LatinX Rosa Parks, and where the Nazis got their idea for fumigating human beings in "gasoline baths", here's a hint: it's the US. Where to get involvedSwingleft.orgVote Save America Adopt -A-StateResistancelabs.comJoebiden.com, scroll down to volunteer postcardstovoters.orgFairfight.com - go to get involved and select nationally or in georgia Volunteerswinelections.comWomens march Text banksCarmelita Tores - watch the video here. CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
02/10/201h 20m

MK SIT DOWN: New Conservatory Theater Center's 'In Good Company' (EP266)

It is an artistic Thanksgiving as James invites the Director, one of the writers, and actors of the Radio Drama produced by LGBTQ Theater Company New Conservatory Theater Center’s radio drama In Good Company which also features our very own! James!  Youll meet his artistic family: Ed Decker (Director/Artistic Director), Jewelle Gomez (Writer/Author), Desiree Rogers (Actor/Artist) As they talk about creating art in the middle of a pandemic, how this show addresses the current social climate around race, the pandemic, and the things 2020 is challenging us with. Can theater survive, what is its future? All from the perspective of the people who've been creating art at one  the country's longest-running LGBTQ Theater Companies, which has navigated turbulent times before, and how it's driving the conversation, and creating a space of healing. You'll definitely want to check out their radio Drama In Good Company ! Catch In Good Company Wherever You Get Your Podcast:https://www.nctcsf.org/In-Good-Company-PodcastMeet the Cast & Crew:https://www.nctcsf.org/In-Good-Company-Podcast/learn-morehttps://www.nctcsf.org/index.php/shows/events/InGoodCompanyPodcast/learnmore/BiosDesiree's Sunday Poems: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnYicYRso9bJsrjxHbW68gCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
29/09/2056m 56s

MK265: Snatchin Power for Ourselves (WandaVision Trailer, Voter Suppression, China's Concentration Camps, ICE Forced Sterilizations, Jovita Idár, Stacy Abrams' All In' Doc, Returning Citizens Rights, Shelby v. Holder)

Nnekay is back! We are going to get real nerdy-looking at the trailer of the new Marvel Disney+ series WandaVision, and Nnekay went down the YouTube video easter egg rabbit hole, plus other exciting MCU announcements! We pivot to Judd Apatow's call out for Hollywood's silence on China’s Concentration Camps and then turn the mirror back at us here in the US as forced sterilization practices are happening in ICE detention centers. The election is coming up and if you’ve seen the Stacy Abrams doc All In you know one of our biggest hurdles is Voter Suppression. James goes, all in, on a deep dive of some of the most surprising facts about voter suppression, it’s origins, and how it is currently stealing our votes! Also, what we can do about it! And as part of Hispanic Heritage month, Nnekay takes us back in time to Texas, to the inspiring story of Jovita Idar, activist, teacher,  journalist, for La Chronica and all-around American badass who stood up to the Texas Rangers. Inspiring! Hollywood take note, and we’ve got a director in mind for you.LINKSWanda... Fucking... Vision....!!!!Judd Apatow Calls Out Hollywood’s Silence on China’s Concentration CampsCA Inmate FirefightersReports of forced hysterectomies at Georgia ICE facility stir dark memories for someVoter Suppression and 'All In' - hereJovita Idar - hereCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
25/09/201h 11m

MK REWIND: Riots of the 1960's & How Detroit The Movie Fails (EP 264)

Inspired by last weeks conversation around the racist history around curfews, we’re going to look at our Korner on a few historical riots in the US.  We cover just how many riots heappened  from 1964-1971, and specifically focus on: the: Harlem Riots of 1964, Watts Riots 1965, Newark Riots, and the Detroit Riots of 1967, all on the heels of James having seen Kathryn Bigelow’s Kathryn Bigelow, Detroit, and how it's is NOT FUBU aka For Us By Us. This opens up a conversaiton of why it’s important to have folks of a specific community and culture working on a project it's refrencing. We dive into what REALLY happened during the Detroit Riots,  and why you can skip Bigelow’s movie! SorryKathryn Bigelow they can’t all be winners!LINKS:https://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/30/business/the-consequences-of-the-1960s-race-riots-come-into-view.htmlhttps://www.highbeam.com/topics/race-riots-of-the-1960s-t10642https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/detroit-is-the-most-irresponsible-and-dangerous-movie-this-year_us_5988570be4b0f2c7d93f5744https://www.alternet.org/culture/detroit-not-movieCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
22/09/2037m 32s

MK263: Gonna Make Magic Out of Nothin (Lovecraft Country, Niecy Nash's Coming Out Wedding, Sundown Towns & Racist Curfews, Politicization of Black Women's Hair, CROWN Act, Adele, John Boyega, Appreciation v. Appropriation)

Sam Jackson is BACK! She/her, A San Francisco based black, pan, actor, vocalist, teaching artist, burner, CFO of Cirle Twerk: A Twerkshop, and all-around magical being. We are celebrating Niecy Nash who had the best way to come out, and John Boyega is not here for Disney/Star Wars’ bullshit. Go off John Boyega! In the first Korner, we’re going to explore the racist history behind city’s implementing curfews, and also the history of Sundown towns which were featured in the first episode of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. Do curfews unjustly effecting Black and brown folks and give police the excuse to arrest an already targeted and disenfranchised community? Are we already in a police state? Did we give up our rights? Then in Sam’s Korner, we explore how Black women were required by law to cover their hair, and how they’re STILL fighting, proving once again Black women's hair is always political. We revisit appropriation vs. appreciation when it comes to Adele's choice in celebrating a Jamaican holiday. EPISODE LINKSNiecy Nash’s Coming Out Wedding Party!!!Go Off John Boyega on Star WarsCurfewshttps://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-06-18/the-racist-history-of-curfews-in-americahttps://amp.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/17/ferguson-clampdown-brief-history-curfews-protest-us-citieshttps://thebolditalic.com/the-racist-history-of-curfews-a546144f4c9aBlack Women’s Hair:http://hnrs109sp18.blog.sbc.edu/2018/01/25/the-tignon-law/DeAndre Arnold-- cut dreads or dont gradhttps://www.cnn.com/2019/08/02/us/ga-school-hairstyle-policy-black-students-trnd/index.htmlAppropriation vs Appreciation? Adelehttps://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/sep/01/adele-accused-of-cultural-appropriation-over-instagram-pictureSam Jackson, Guest Co-Host: (she/her)  a San Francisco based black, pan, actor, vocalist, teaching artist, burner, CFO of Cirle Twerk: A Twerkshop, and all around magical being. I’ll love you so hard, you’ll have to use a safe word. IG: @little_miss_sj CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
18/09/201h 12m

MKREWIND: History of Hispaniola (EP262)

This week on Minority Korner we are going way back in time to a Korner from episode 3! Early on in the Minority Korner journey, such babes, who had no idea what lay ahead, but trust the racist bullshit was still there. Inspired by Guest Co-Hosts Glory Mora's Korner a few episodes ago, about the history of the Dominican Republic, we are going back to its genesis, along with Haiti's talking about the history of Hispanola and the first successful slave rebellion, and the ramifications from that still felt today, there, in the US, and around the world.  Plus a bit of a time capsule, as for a bonus tangent we talk about the craziness that was the BET Awards in 2015. Sigh. Simpler times. LINKS!Hispanolahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HispaniolaDominican Republic and Haiti http://fusion.net/story/156597/junot-diaz-and-edwidge-danticat-jointly-call-for-travel-boycott-of-the-dominican-republic/CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
15/09/2031m 55s

MK261: Take Several Seats & Pivot w/Guest D'Arcy Drollinger (Gender Reveal Fires, New Oscar Inclusivity Rules, Scientology, The Batman & COVID, Rachel Dolezal Part II/Rachel Kruger, Shit & Champagne The Movie, Drag)

This is an action-packed week full of so much goodness! First, up the oh so talented actress Sam Jackson is here joining us for some HOT, HOT topics: Gender reveals have gone too far, underneath these orange fire skies did we wake up and miss the rapture? There are new Oscar rules for inclusivity! It’s the summer of sequels because it’s Rachel Dolezal part two except this time she’s “Afro-Latina” (but still white). The Batman set went back to work- in the middle of a pandemic but too early? Sam can testify to the fears of going back to work on a set in the age of Corona- advocate for yourself. Then it’s James' interview with writer/director/actor/drag queen/choreographer/night club owner/web series host/friend/mentor D’Arcy Drollinger is here to talk so many things: how a popular dance move helped turn crisis into opportunity, navigating keeping a nightclub afloat in these times, working as an artist, D’Arcy’s hilarious web/drag/news show Hot Trash and the new movie featuring both D'Arcy and James, premiering at Frameline Film Festival NEXT week Shit & Champagne!D'Arcy Drollinger:  an actor, writer, musician, director & choreographer known for his high-camp / vaudeville-style stage productions that combine slapstick, farce and often drag. He was a founding member of the post-punk art band Enrique. He is an owner of the San Francisco nightclub Oasis. Drollinger is also the creator of the dance-fitness brand, Sexitude.https://darcydrollinger.com/darcy/ TW: @DarcyDrollinger, IG: @DarcyDrollingerSee Shit & Champagne! Get tickets for the premiere on Sept 17th or catch it online: https://frameline.org/festival/film-guide/shit-and38-champagne Check out D'Arcy's Hit web-drag-news show Hot Trash: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFX1qGPFvK-hfo1A-1iJYVA Become an SF Oasis patron: https://www.patreon.com/sfoasisVisit Club Oasis for a social distance cocktail, a drag show, or Meals on Heels: https://www.sfoasis.com/Sam Jackson, Guest Co-Host: (she/her)  a San Francisco based black, pan, actor, vocalist, teaching artist, burner, CFO of Cirle Twerk: A Twerkshop, and all around magical being. I’ll love you so hard, you’ll have to use a safe word. IG: @little_miss_sj CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM
11/09/201h 22m

MKREWIND: The Black Panther Party (EP260)

Inspired by Black Panther, and because we don't know our history, we are digging into the vaults for Nnekay's korner on the Black Panther Movement, their tenants, actions, and what they actually stood for not what many have been told they were by mainstream media. James also dives into required viewing 'The Black Panther Mixtape'. Knowledge is power!  BLACK PANTHER HISTORY CORNERhttp://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/protesters-to-hold-anti-beyonc-rally-at-nfl-headquarters-to-protest-black-panthers-halftime-show-reference-w163965 CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
08/09/2045m 0s

MK259: Not A Callout, A Call to Action (Zoe Saldana/Nina Simone, Power and Control Wheel for Queer Partnerships, Afro-Latinx Culture, BLM, Dominican Republic's Black History, Cancel Culture, Guilt vs. Shame, John Leguizamo)

James comes up from his week off from his media blackout and finds out what a "Kenosha" is... wow 2020. Not ready to go there so we pivot with our two guest co-host.  First:  Avi Roque is here to chat cancel culture, using our social media for social activism, and how to come correct when challenging someone as we explore shame vs. guilt. Then our resident Afro-Latina comedian Glory is here to dive into something that has been weighing HEAVY on her... and she is coming for fellow Afro-Latina Zoey Saldana, who played Nina Simone and probably should not have, which opens us up into a deep conversation about Afro-Latinx heritage, and specifically Dominican history, slavery, colorism, and just how deep anti Blackness is. Also John Leguizamo we may have some words for you too, as Glory has a callout for colorism within the  Latinx community, and exclusion of Afro-Latino’s. Then we’re going to finish with some self-care and do something we rarely do here on the pod and talk about relationships. Whether you're currently in one, or not you will get some great healing tools as Avi walks us through some exercises from the Anti Violence Projects’ Power and Control Wheel for Queer Partnerships. RESOURCES:New York City Anti-Violence Project (https://avp.org/) / Intimate Queer Partnerships -- LGBT Power & Control Wheel (https://www.lgbtagingcenter.org/resources/resource.cfm?r=594)Chadwick Boseman's Agent's article in The Hollywood Reporter  CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMGlory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmoraAvi: www.avirroque.com. TW: @ok_roque, IG: @amroque
04/09/201h 17m

MKREWIND: Chadwick Boseman; Wakanda Forever (EP258)

In this emotionally charged Rewind, we celebrate the life, the legacy of Chadwick Boseman. James shares what the actor meant to him. James had the fortunate pleasure of interviewing Chadwick Boseman for Marvel, at the Black Panther Purple Carpet premiere. We revisit that interview, along with James' insights of the experience of the event, along with all the research, history, fun facts about the film, the actors, the characters, the production design, and what the film of Black Panther means as it has shifted and impacted Hollywood, and the world. We also hear the amazing and inspiring speech he gave at the SAG Awards. Thank you Chadwick, this episode is for you! Wakanda Forever! Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James:http://marvel.com/blackpantherliveCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
01/09/201h 11m

MK257: Democratic National Convention 2020

On a special episode of Minority Korner our very own political analyst, Ben Randle, joins us to debrief this historic Democratic National Convention as we swing into the general election. We provide our key takeaways, our highlights, our thoughts on republicans speaking, and who inspired us. Was there behind the scenes Democrat drama- or just something the media made up. We have our calls to action, strategies for moving forward, how to deal with white cynicism, and how to jump into the arena as the stakes couldn't be higher- this could be our endgame. Get involved!https://votesaveamerica.com/CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMBen Randle: IG:@BenRandleTheatre or benrandle.com
25/08/201h 27m

MK256: A Dippin Dot of Hope (The Old Guard, Black Medical Mistreatment, The Wire, West World S3, Taxes, The Vito Russo Test)

 The DNC just wrapped, and we are going to take a beat, and circle back to that next. So this week, we're going to have a little fun, Moury is here and we are going to dive into three shows that are tapping into the cultural Zeitgeist that we have devoured during the Pandemic: The Wire which has been eye-opening in understanding underserved communities and issues surrounding policing systems, West World Season 3 and what it means to be human, and The Old Guard which as us feeling seen as they are including diverse folks in their action storytelling and breaking ground and passing the Vito Russo Test for Queer representation.  Moury takes us through a deep dive into the systemic mistreatment of Black folks in the medical industry, where that comes from, and why it still persists today. LINKS!Black Medical Mistreatmenthttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1924632/https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1913079/https://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/healthcare/347780-black-americans-dont-have-trust-in-our-healthcare-systemhttps://www.aamc.org/news-insights/how-we-fail-black-patients-painCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMMoury Minhaz: Twitter: @MouryM, IG: @mourym
21/08/201h 17m

MK REWIND: Shirley Chisholm (EP 255)

We are still  running with all the emotions from Michelle Obama's amazing speech at the 2020 DNC, and in honor of that Black woman who slays DNC conventions, we are celebrating Shirley Chisolm and historic run for President back in the 60s. She was a person of many first! Get ready to get inspired! Books to read more about Shirley Chisholm Unbought and Unbossed (1970)- Chisholm- which is literally written on her grave (vault)The Good Fight (1973)- Chisholm Shirley Chisholm: Catalyst for Change - Barbara WindslowPBS P.O.V. documentary. Chisholm '72: Unbought & UnbossedLinks!https://www.britannica.com/biography/Shirley-Chisholmhttps://www.britannica.com/biography/Gloria-Steinem#ref671225https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_presidential_campaign,_2012https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_ChisholmCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
18/08/2029m 35s

MK254: Know it For Yourself (Kamala VP, Sharecropping, Black Farmers, Warrior Nun,Progressive Purity Tests, 2020 Election Stakes, George Washington Carver)

Kamala Harris has been selected to be Joe Biden’s Vice President and we air out all of our grievances over the Kamala Harris VP selection, not over the pick, but from the toxic responses within our own faction of the party on this historic moment, with so much at stake. We sound the alarm reminding folks of the big picture, and bring the receipts on Kamala’s record, what this means to us having her on the ticket, and what it should mean for all of us, the root of why it is that maybe having an issue with this selection, and our strategy for getting folx on board. Plus James has a progressive purity test?  In the main event, we're still trying to find the right words to describe Melania with being disrespectful (sorry Akon, sorry Michelle we are going low) but James is on his Farmers apology tour. James went in hard on farmers a few years back, so he's giving Black farmers, the tribute and respect they deserve as we explore their history from slavery to sharecropping to farming. We also discover why there are so few black farmers, and  why George Washington Carver was more than just Mr. Peanut. Black Farming & SharecroppingCNN - https://cnn.it/3fYA6YtPlotline - https://bit.ly/3fWVCgnMother Jones- https://bit.ly/2PRZCUGKamala Harris How Liberal is She? https://bit.ly/30UP79fHer Chief of Staff Pick  https://bit.ly/3gXq8rEHer Record: https://cnn.it/2E5FmvXHer Record on Climate: https://bit.ly/30XIdAqCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
14/08/201h 24m

MKREVIEW: Black Is King (EP253)

She has not only taken over Disney+ but also this podcast. It needed an episode all on its own, it's Glory and James' conversation on Beyonce's Film Black is King. We dive into what it means to us as, the community, and how it uplifts the movement. It's a celebration of Black culture,  connecting us with roots back to the continent. We do have one note Bey, and what we would like to see from you next time!  CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMGlory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmora 
11/08/2036m 12s

MK252: The Confederate Flag - A Flag of Losers for Losers (Wilmington Coup D’État/Massacre, Kerry Washington, WNBA, LeBron vs. Jordan, The Fight, Mulan, Herman Cain, BLM, White Supremacy)

Welcome to Civil Rights Part 5. We think we have discovered the perfect meme that describes our 2020 month to month journey through the many faces and reactions of Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope. Speaking of, will bringing up Kerry Washington, and American Son, AGAIN, reignite James and Glory's feud? Kerry Washington is doing it up, her Emmy nods, The Fight documentary, and with theaters closed, movies are having to be released on-demand at home, but with all of our streaming platforms and subscriptions,  are folks willing to pay? Is Glory willing to pay? We think the not really a movement “Blue Lives Matter” thing was trying to paint a mural but we can’t figure out what they were trying to say and are completely missing the point. The feuds continue as we settle it once and for all LeBron or Jordan... yes... we will talk sports or more so do we look to celebrities to be too much or our societal saviors? Someone not saving anyone, Ellen, uh oh is she canceled? We’ll talk about Agent Orange more than we want to, but hey he is part of the white supremacy plague, and light is the best disinfectant... except with Corona- it does not cure COVID.  Another day another historical race massacre, but this time it is about the town of Wilmington Virginia, where the ONLY successful Coup D’État occurred on American Soil. It did not bode well for the Black people living there. And it’s the final week, final push, final day, final hours of the Maximum Fun Drive!HOT TOPICS:Blue Lives Matter/Back the Blue Mural WNBA- Walked off the court during the National AnthemLeBron James Donates $100,000 to Ex-Felons "Poll Tax" for Voting Rights Ellenhttps://bit.ly/3a60TAYhttps://bit.ly/3a6113qHerman Cain died as he lived:  Shucking and JivinThe Fight Documentary MulanWilmington Coup D’État/Massacre :The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/08/wilmington-massacre/536457/Black Past.org: https://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/wilmington-race-riot-1898/NPR https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93615391CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMGlory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmora 
07/08/201h 14m

MK REWIND: History of the American Slavery Epidemic (EP251)

History (as usual) is under attack. For this week's MK Rewind, on the heels of Senator Tom Cotton trying to restrict the 1619 project being taught in schools because it was a “necessary evil”, we are ringing the school bells, because we've got a Quizlet on the history of the American Slavery epidemic.  We’re going to show you just why it’s important to have things like the 1619 project taught in school, because there is probably a lot you didn’t know about the sheer numbers, magnitude, horrific nature and it’s true impact that went on for centuries.  If you’ve listened before it’ll be a good review. We have to learn from our history understand who’s blood upon the soil do you we stand on, who truly built this country. Quick Cavet we didn’t realize till after I believe that Nnekay’s Mic was messing up. So bare with it, but I think we got her a new mic shortly after (this is why we have the drive) keep upgrading Beyonce style. Speaking of, and it’s the last week of the Maximum Fun Drive and it’s a brand new celebrity call-in,  who could it be- there has been a theme... could they have a connection to Beyonce- they think they still do? LINKS: SLAVE TRADE QUIZLET KORNER: https://www.politico.com/story/2009/03/congress-votes-to-ban-slave-trade-march-2-1807-019465https://www.thoughtco.com/the-trans-atlantic-slave-trade-44544https://www.thoughtco.com/interesting-facts-about-slavery-in-america-2834587https://www.thoughtco.com/african-slavery-101-44535http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/ism/slavery/https://www.gilderlehrman.org/content/historical-context-facts-about-slave-trade-and-slaveryhttp://www.bl.uk/learning/histcitizen/campaignforabolition/abolitionbackground/abolitionintro.htmlhttps://www.thoughtco.com/the-trans-atlantic-slave-trade-44544*** Sign up to dance with James, Pussycat Dolls React,  Saturdays at 12pm PST on Zoom: https://forms.gle/T5v5fs2Cn9cVW96HA CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
04/08/2049m 6s

MK250: Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It (Lovercraft Country, Avatar Sequels, The Rosewood Massacre, AOC vs. Yoho, Hidden Figures the Musical, 1619 Project, The Smollets, The Woman King)

Confused on who to vote for? Well Nnekay and James have a personalized way to help you get on the right side of history with our new campaign slogan and initiative that James thinks is kind of sexy’. In the age of Corona what will be the future of movie theaters be? And how come some directors and theaters can’t read the room on Corona? We have a HUGE coming attractions news roundup from a musical based on some historical Black, mathematician ladies, to Lovercraft Country on HBO, and a Black remake of a beloved 90s show. Nnekay blows James' mind with some pop culture facts. What makes good horror - good, as we are in a Black horror movie renaissance. James asks Nnekay about her experience of dealing with misogyny in the workplace on the heels of what AOC experienced from senator Yahoo/Yoho- whatever. And in other "fuck you" GOP news, apparently, slavery was a necessary evil, and they have a bill they're trying to pass to make sure we are taught no different.  In the main event Nnekay takes us through a detailed recounting of the Rosewood Massacre in  1920, Florida, what led up to it, and how it mirrors what we see happening to Black people today.Sign up to dance with James, Pussycat Dolls React,  Saturdays at 2pm PST on Zoom: https://forms.gle/T5v5fs2Cn9cVW96HAHOT TOPICS:THE WOMAN KING MOVIEHidden Figures MusicalBlack Teen Sentenced to Jail for Failing to Complete HomeworkSaving American History Act of 2020- Fuck you Senator Tom CottonRecord amount of Black Women running for CongressROSEWOOD MASSACRE:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosewood_massacrehttps://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/national/rosewood-reparations/https://www.history.com/topics/early-20th-century-us/rosewood-massacreCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
31/07/201h 27m

MKREWIND: The Texas Rangers and The Mexican-American Massacre (EP 249)

This week we revisit Nnekay’s Korner on the slaughtering of Mexican-Americans, at the hands of the Texas Rangers, not Walker Texas Ranger, but... we have choice words for him too. This story is jaw dropping, and parallels  many of the other stories we’ve covered around America’s bloody past to just about everyone. Black folks, Indigenous Peoples, LatinX folx you name it. It showcases this countries early gentrification and brutalization of police force. Also it’s the Maximum Fun Drive and ohhhh we have a NEW never before heard call from another celebrity who’d like to become a member. Who could it be?  Plus speaking of Destiny's Child (did we say Destiny's Child) I complete our deep dive into the drama behind the girl group. Sign up to dance with James, Pussycat Dolls React,  Saturdays at 2pm PST on Zoom: https://forms.gle/T5v5fs2Cn9cVW96HA CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
28/07/2043m 18s

MK248: Plenty of Fucks to Dish Out (Nick Cannon, Gay's Donating Blood, McGrit V. Oklahoma, Trail of Tears, Destiny's Child, Bubba Wallace/NASCAR, Ali)

We find out why James has such venom for Destiny's Child's, "Say My Name" music video which leads to Detective Moury on the case to crack what happened to the other two original members of Destiny's Child.  Nick Cannon is under fire, rightfully so, for anti semitic remarks, is he canceled? We unpack why it's ludicrous for there to ever be beef between Black folks and Jewish peeps- makes no sense.  We look into the hysteria, hypocrisy, and history of gay and bisexual men’s history of donating Blood. NASCAR is fucking with James' boo Bubba Wallace, he's not having it.  In the main korner James takes us through a deep dive into McGrit v. Oklahoma, the landmark supreme court decision that upheld that a huge chunk of East Oklahoma was still under Indigenous jurisdiction, and the history that lead up to this moment that dates back to the Trail of Tears, what the argument was, and what this means for the future for Native rights in the area and across the country.  McGrit V. Oklahoma: The Supreme Court’s landmark new Native American rights decision, explained - VoxLandmark Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Native American Rights in Oklahoma - NYTWhat a New Supreme Court Decision Means for Native American Sovereignty- Smithsonian The McGirt Case Is a Historic Win for Tribes - The Atlantic This Land Podcast: https://crooked.com/podcast-series/this-land/Who's land are you living on?:   https://native-land.ca/HOT TOPICS:Gays Giving BloodFuck You NASCARNick Cannon Apologizes Farrah of Destiny's Child's last moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObPS0RnDrtISign up to dance with James, Pussycat Dolls React,  Saturdays at 2pm PST on Zoom: https://forms.gle/T5v5fs2Cn9cVW96HA CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykorner James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMMoury Minhaz: Twitter: @MouryM, IG: @mourym
24/07/201h 27m

MK REWIND: Rep. John Lewis Tribute (EP 247)

In honor of the passing of legendary, iconic, civil rights hero and activist Representative John Lewis' passing, we revisit our Quizlet Korner on 10 facts of why you don't fuck with John Lewis.  There's a lot of talk about how to honor John Lewis, but there's one way around voting rights that stands out the most. Also we revisit that time Queen Bey called into become a member for the Maximum Fun Drive.Join or Upgrade your membership for the Maximum Fun Drive: https://maximumfun.org/join/CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
21/07/2038m 21s

MK246: Freddy D- Not Yo Slave! ( Frederick Douglass, MaxFun Drive, Scary Spice, Race Wars, Tupac Alive?)

It’s the Maximum Fun Drive! Woohoo! It’s feels like Christmas in July and not only do we have our neighborhood librarian jumping back into the mix for the drive, but we are going to unearth so many of the questions that have been plaguing us as of late. Is Agent Orange trying to incite a Race War? Is Scary Spice Racist? IS Tupac Alive? And on the heels of Nnekay’s fabulous Korner last week where we got introduced to Anna Marie Douglass, James is taking a deep dive into her husband, the man himself, Freddy D, with 10 facts you probably didn’t know abut Fredrick Douglass, but first there will be a quiz. You think you know Fredrick Douglass you have no idea. Become a Maximum Fun Member and support this show and others: https://maximumfun.org/joinThe Strike for Black Lives: j20strike.org/minorityLinks: https://www.npca.org/articles/1736-10-facts-you-might-not-know-about-frederick-douglass-in-honor-of-his-200thhttps://www.mentalfloss.com/article/539306/facts-about-frederick-douglassLady Of the LakeCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @nnekay, IG: @nnekayEmerald Collie:  IG: @emeraldcollieFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
17/07/201h 9m

MK REWIND: Why Your Camera Is Racist (EP245)

In honor of the Maximum Fun Drive we are digging into the archives for one of our favorite, most popular Korner's: the history behind why your camera is racist, yes even in the digital age. Plus we resurface one of our celebrity guest callers, who've called to become a member during years past Maximum Fun Drives. A one: Jennifer Hudson. No, that's not James attempting to do an impression sounding like a drunk Fat Albert- that's offensive- don't make fun of the way the talented J Hud talks. CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
14/07/2044m 59s

My Scottie Pippen's Not Throwin' Away My Shot (Hamilton, Thandie Newton, Cast of Dawson's Creek, McGrit v. Oklahoma, The Bad Ass Wives of: Fredrick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvy)

Having never watched a single episode of Dawson’s Creek, we give our Black takes on the cast, and all the juicy bossip. Thandie Newton has been giving some compelling interviews recounting her experiences of sexual assault, the industry, and shooting Mission Impossible 2 with Tom Cruise which sounded TERRIBLE. We’ve got our hand on the cancel button- is it time to press it on party game Cards Against Humanity, or the Broadway hit now streaming into our Disney+’s Hamilton? Is James the next Lin Manuel Miranda? Probably not but that’s not gonna stop him from taking his: shot. Big wins for the Indigenous Peoples at the Supreme Court, and sports teams. Nnekay walks us through spouses who be workin it,  the unsung heroes behind notable Black figures like Fredrick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, and Marcus Garvy and when we say wives, we mean W I V E S. See how these bomb ass wives helped these men excel into greatness;  because behind every great Michael Jordan, is a Scottie Pippin.  LINKS:Cards Against Humanity Is CanceledHamilton Canceled? SCOTUS- Decision McGrit v. OklahomaThandie NewtonOlivia A. Davidsonhttps://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/davidson-olivia-1854-1889/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivia_A._DavidsonFanny Smith Washingtonhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fannie_Smith_WashingtonAmy Ashwood Garveyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Ashwood_GarveyAmy Jacques Garveyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Jacques_GarveyCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
10/07/201h 28m

MKREWIND: 5 Racist Rides at Disneyland (EP243)

This week for the Minority Korner Rewind, we are going to take you on a Ride, five rides to be specific. It looks like Splash Mountain, based on the very racist Disney film Song of the South, is finally getting a makeover that we’ve been calling for, for YEARS. Five down, four more to go. We cover the history of Song of the South, Disneyland’s relationship with Black folks from it’s opening, and just what these other four problematic rides are that need fixing too. Also James' recounts how triggering the death of Breonna Taylor has been to his own traumatic experience with the police kicking down his door a couple of years ago. Hold onto your butts! It’s gonna be a racist ride, on this week's Minority Korner Rewind as we revisit: 5 Racist Rides at Disneyland. Breonna Taylor Podcast Recommendation: https://www.vox.com/today-explained  (Episode Justice for Breonna Taylor)  CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekay
07/07/2038m 2s

MK242: Decolonize Your Bookshelf (Umbrella Academy, Lady World Leaders COVID Response, Confederate Flag, Mary J. Blige, Your Books)

In honor of America’s Birthday (cue the eye roll) we take a hard look at this country’s short fallings and how it can be doing better with both the Coronavirus, and your education and knowledge. Nnekay and James discuss the Confederate Flag being banned across the nation, and it’s beyond about damn time this is happening. James finally caught up on The Umbrella Academy which is essentially messed up version of the X-Men and gets a thumbs up from him, but not when it comes to Mary J. Blige. Why does he have beef with her? James and Nnekay have prophetic dreams and visions about the 2020 election- That's so Raven Style. Our Librarian in Chief, Nneaky, is here to help us Decolonize our bookshelves with her 4 step process, just in time for the holiday where we celebrate the end of colonization. Time to be about it!  Also what to do if you’re dating someone and they don’t have books on their book shelves? Does that make them just shelves? Then, Emerald joins back in the fun to further side eye America, get ready to gag when you hear about the female world leaders, and their response to Coronavirus. Beyoncé was right- who run the world... or at least who should be? GIRLS! Plus we’ll catchup with Nnekay to find out what she’s been up to, I’ll give you a hint... it’s pretty crafty.  LINKS!https://www.npr.org/2020/06/06/870910728/your-bookshelf-may-be-part-of-the-problemhttps://bound2books.co/2019/03/20/10-ways-to-decolonise-your-bookshelf/https://seattle.bibliocommons.com/list/share/279600817/1065717567CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekayEmerald Collie:  IG: @emeraldcollieFacebook Minority Korner Kids PlaygroundROTMAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: uoft.me/maxfun
03/07/201h 17m

MKREWIND: History of Black Folks & The 4th of July (EP241)

The 4th of July is upon us, we were thinking about taking a knee and not doing an episodes for this week, and we remembered their was a time when the 4th of July was a Black holiday. We revisit Black folks complicated history with the 4th of July, and how it was a Black Holiday, celebrated on a different holiday, in addition to Juneteenth, post Civil War. Also Fredrick Douglas’ has the original 4th of July mic drop moment and get ready to Tu La Lu, the 4th of July hit dance craze!CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekayFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
30/06/2029m 59s

MK240: Pay It No Mind! (Pride In Place, Marsha P. Johnson, Aunt Jemima, Pose S2, Disclosure, Gender Reveals, Queer Class Presidents, Bubba Wallace, NASCAR, Trans POCs)

Avi Roque is here, for our Pride Celebration, or Queer Christmas, as we Pride in Place. We are gathering around to watch the NEW classics since we can’t be celebrating out in the streets together. James finally caught up on Pose season 2, it's giving me all the feels (you aren't ready), coupled with the Netflix Documentary Disclosure, both shows really highlight the journey, struggles, and stories of trans POC’s who really are the pillars of the Queer Liberation movement. Speaking of in honor of PRIDE we dive into life, and story of the mother of the movement herself, Marsha P. Johnson, her origins story, who she was, why she is to be celebrated, and what happened to her? Also James has a theory as to why many a school class President is queer, find out what happens when someone leaves him in charge of a gender reveal, plus Band-Aides, finally now with more skin tones, and why James might finally be tuning into NASCAR (the answer is a combination of activism and sexiness). Happy Pride!  Free Therapy for Black Trans FolksMarsha P. Jonsonhttps://www.vogue.co.uk/arts-and-lifestyle/article/who-was-marsha-p-johnsonhttps://www.cnn.com/2019/06/26/us/marsha-p-johnson-biography/index.htmlhttps://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/marsha-p-johnson-1945-1992/Aunt Jemima- https://www.themarysue.com/aunt-jemima-branding-is-no-more/Gender Reveal VideoCONTACT USJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMAvi: www.avirroque.com. TW: @ok_roque, IG: amroque Twitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykorner Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
26/06/201h 19m

MK REWIND: History of the Pride Flag (EP 239)

It’s PRIDE! And you might be seeing rainbow flags waiving all around your town but do you know the history of the Pride Flag? For this week's MK Rewind we go back to our exploration of the history of the Pride Flag,  what it means, what it stands for, on the heels of in 2018 in  Philadelphia when they introduced new colors to the flag to address intersectionality for Black and Brown folks, and the controversy it created. But the history of the PRIDE Flag lends itself to adapting towards the needs of its community. HISTORY OF PRIDE FLAGhttp://www.sftravel.com/article/brief-history-rainbow-flaghttps://unicornbooty.com/phillys-pride-flag-black-brown/CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekayFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
23/06/2034m 46s

MK238: 5th Anniversary Partay! (8 Can't Wait, Black Trans Lives Matter, SCOTUS Decision, Da 5 Bloods, Elmo, Silent Solidarity)

Like a rash that we like Nnekay is back, ready to take us through Tangentown. So much has happened since she last visited, so we check in with her, and how she is dealing, handling, processing with all the civil unrest. We take issue with folks expressing “silent” solidarity. The definition of racism is finally being updated by Miriam Webster. Black Trans Lives Matter protests erupted around the country in mass, and we also try to remember how to celebrate good news with the recent Supreme Court ruling.  Nnekay has issues with Elmo. James saw the latest Spike Lee joint DA 5 Bloods on Netflix, which opens up a conversation about Black veterans, and the legacy of Spike Lee. In the main event we kick it up a notch in our actions you can take on police reform with 8 Can't Wait- 8 things you can make sure are in place in your city now to help end police violence on it’s citizens. LINKS!https://8cantwait.org/Miriam Webster Changing the DefinitionSpike Lee's Short Film : Three BrothersTony McDade- Black Trans Man killed in Police Custody CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekayFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground 
19/06/201h 36m

MK REWIND: Juneteenth (EP 237)

To celebrate Juneteenth, and why Agent Orange's (as Spike Lee him) attempt to have a rally ON Juneteenth in TULSA was such a slap in the face... and if you listened to last weeks episode, combined with this week’s rewind you’ll know just why.  So for this weeks rewind we have Minority Korner Co-Creator Nnekay’s TWO segments on Juneteenth, as we go full circle with Nnekay’s Journey on the American Holiday. The first segment, which is from the vaults of our SECOND episode, (so bare with audio- but you're here for the content), Nnekay gives us a brief history, and then we’ll jump forward two years to Nnekay’s revisit, highlighting the Black Land and Liberation’s movement for  #40Acres40Cities. Juneteenth really is an American holiday and those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So let’s travel back in time a few times for this week’s MK Rewind: Juneteenth.LINKS!http://www.colorlines.com/articles/movement-black-lives-reclaim-black-spaces-juneteenthhttp://www.pbs.org/wnet/african-americans-many-rivers-to-cross/history/what-is-juneteenth/CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @nnekay, IG: @nnekayFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
16/06/2035m 41s

MK236: The Roots Are Rotten, Let's Plant a New Tree (Campaign Zero, Defund the Police, Black Lives Matter for Businesses, What YOU Can Do)

When it comes to reforming our police structures and the violence  against Black folks from those structures, so many people are like: what can I do? Well, we're gonna tell you! This week we dive into Campaign Zero which is a 10 point initiative and policy program to bring about change in our communities, based on data and practices that already exist in this country or around the world. It is detailed, it is dope, and should give us all so much hope for the future and the better society we can create especially for Black folks. You'll leave this episode with concrete policies to fight for, and bring to the table, as we reshape our country.  Certain businesses are jumping into the Black Lives Mattering- some better than others. Also we discuss where you, the individual can make the biggest impact, and beware of Russian bots- they are still out there meddling in our lives ya’ll! LINKS! https://www.joincampaignzero.org/CONTACT US:Twitter: @minoritykorner, Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com,  IG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM, www.mjamesarthur.comCymatic Bruce: https://cymaticbruce.com/, YouTube/Twitter: @CymaticBruceFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
12/06/201h 17m

MK REWIND: Tulsa/Greenwood Massacre (EP235)

It’s the Minority Korner rewind, each Tuesday we will have a bonus episode of MK digging into the archives and selecting a Korner that is appropriate to revisit for the moment. With so many new listeners, and even for the veteran Korner Kids we’ve had around 400 Korners, and sometimes it can feel like cramming for an exam. The best line of defense in the war against systemic racism is knowledge and information: knowledge is power. So on our last episode, Bruce walked us through the history of police in America, and we began talking about HBO's The Watchmen, and thus Tulsa which reminded James of Minority Korner, co-creator, Nnekay’s segment on Tulsa/the Greenwood Massacre. With everything going on it seemed fitting to revisit the story of Greenwood. Who were the people that made up the Black Wall Street town of Greenwood, and what caused, what would ultimately be, the massacre and destruction of this town at the hands of white supremacist? For some you’ve never head this before, or just snippets, and there’s a reason why this wasn’t taught in history class. Strap in as we see the microcosm of what happens when a town of Black people get too successful.Checkout the original episode in full:Episode  83: Rip, Roaring, and Ready to Go (Tulsa Race Riot, AIDS Quilt, La Croix, Implicit Bias, Catwoman, and Halle Berry)https://bit.ly/3h99aqMLINKS: https://www.ebony.com/black-history/destruction-of-black-wall-street/#axzz4j6Kxaj5YCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @nnekay, IG: @nnekayFacebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
09/06/2029m 41s

MK234: The Emperor Has No Clothes (History of US Police, Protests, Ivanka & PRIDE, #BlackOutTuesday, Coping through Systemic Racism while Black, White Ally's, Bush, Photo Op)

Cymatic Bruce is back- and thank the goddess because it has been a week! We dive into the four deaths that led up to the mass protests around the world responding to the killing of unarmed Black people and anti-blackness in America. These events didn't happen in a vacuum. We talk about #BlackOutTuesday and it’s effects, once everyone finally figured out how it worked. Will all this public out cry for justice, and equity for Black folks, will this actually be the moment, catalyst for change, or just the news cycle and trend of the moment? We talk about the other pandemic this country has been facing for centuries (racism), and what we've dubbed the background radiation of oppression/racism that Black people have always felt and learned to live with. James is proud to be a millennial and he'll tell you why. And also why he's wishing, First Karen, Ivanka Trump a very UnHappy Pride. Unfortunately but necessarily, we have to talk about that Guy in the white houses photo op, how he’s proven to be even more dangerous, and the holes and failures he’s shown that we must patch in our government. Bruce takes the main Korner as he walks us through the History/Origins of Police in America, its eye opening and like most American things it’s rooted: in racism. LINKS:Ivanka Ruins Pride: https://bit.ly/2XW2l2QGeneral Mattis Denounces Trump: https://bit.ly/2Y7s8FoBush Denounces Trump and Praises Protesters: https://wapo.st/2z4jr6jJustice for Breonna Taylor Petition: https://www.change.org/p/andy-beshear-justice-for-breonna-taylor CONTACT US:Twitter: @minoritykorner, Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com,  IG: @minoritykorner James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMCymatic Bruce: https://cymaticbruce.com/, YouTube/Twitter: @CymaticBruce
05/06/201h 41m

MK233: From Karen to Karen (Joe Biden's Gaffe, George Floyd, Christian Cooper, 12 Year Old Black Oil Tycoon Sarah Rector, Alison Roman, Lana Del Rey, Chrissy Tiegan, Marie Kondo, Call to Action, #Blackout2020, #BLM)

We go from Karen to Karen this week. Have you heard of social media chef Alison Roman- well she seems to be dragging Chrissy Tiegan and Marie Kondo, while other Karen Lana Del Rey seems to also be dragging women of color, and Ariana Grande - what is going on white women? Joe Biden might not be a white woman but that didn’t stop his whiteness from stepping in it too, we unpack the gaffe heard around the social media scapes and while some may be outraged, some are just shrugging our shoulders. Also Black women are being negated on TikTok. Have you ever heard of the little rich Black girl Oil Tycoon? I hadn't’ either until one of our listeners pointed me to it: Sarah Rector, and her essentially slavery to riches story. And then finally stick around till the end as I unpack the two latest incidents showcasing Americas racism that had two very different outcomes involving Black men: Christian Cooper, and George Floyd and our call to action about what you can do about it. This is a jam packed episode. LINKS:https://nyti.ms/3cg6Jikhttps://bit.ly/3gyLGeehttps://bit.ly/2yJqAJfGET INVOLVED: Adopt a State:  https://votesaveamerica.com/states/ George Floyd Actions:Text “Floyd” to 55156 to demand the officers that killed him are arrested.Email Hennepin County DA at citizeninfo@hennepin.us and demand the officers are arrested -Donate to the Floyd Family, or @mnfreedomfund who collect funds to bail people (protestors) out of jail Sign the petition at www.justiceforbigfloyd.com CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykorner James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMEmerald Collie:  IG: @emeraldcollie 
29/05/201h 23m

MK232: Realize I Create Happiness (James R. Nowlin, Motivation, Healing, Crisis & Trauma, Gratitude, Releasing Perfection, Resetting Dreams, Financial Goals)

James R.  Nowlin, is back! He  is a dynamic keynote speaker, executive coach who is an expert on purposeful living, leadership, and professional development, and award-winning author of “The Purposeful Millionaire: 52 rules for creating a life of wealth and happiness, he’s been called the “Napoleon Hill” of our generation, and he is here to shed some light in these seemingly dark times. We dive deep! And answer some of your questions. We discuss can we return back to normal when we get to the other side of the pandemic? James gives us his tips and tools for navigating these times, dealing with trauma and crisis, why there’s no need to compete, what you should be filling your head with, what you need to release in order to move through this, how to save and earn money in today’s new pandemic world, what to do if you just don’t seem to have any motivation right now? What to do when your Plan A can’t go forward because of the current circumstances, a healthy ego vs and inflamed ego, how to avoid suffering for a life time, and the key to achieving happiness. Oh yes! This and so much more! James is here to help our lights shine brighter ya’ll!  It’s double the James! James R. Nowlinhttps://jamesnowlin.com/TW: @JamesNowlinTPM,  IG:  @speakerjamesnowlin CONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMDance with James every Saturday at 2pm PST on Zoom! This Month: ‘Dirrty Slave 4 U’ Britney vs. XTina: Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
22/05/201h 2m

MK231: Darkies from Dixie (Black Folks & The 1918 Pandemic, VP Picks, Steve Urkel, Breonna Taylor)

Everything old is new again, we are going to go back in time to check and see how did the last pandemic effect Black people? Spoiler alert: not well. As we look into the Pandemic of 1918 (not the Spanish Flu as it has been mistakenly called, as that’s NOT where it originated from) we examine, once again, how pandemics can bring out a countries racism, and how Black people endured, overcame, and preserved  her in America. Yet, 100 years later are we repeating the same mistakes? What lessons can we learn from The Pandemic of 1918? Before Joe Biden picks his VP Ben Randle is back to help us speculate, and fantasy football. Oh the possibilities! And does it NEED to be a Black woman specifically? Should it? And just why do I hate Steve Urkle? All this and more on Minority Korner. Plus another police shooting of an unarmed Black person: Breonna Taylor. This needs to stop.Resource Links: https://theundefeated.com/features/in-1918-and-2020-race-colors-americas-response-to-epidemics/https://portside.org/2020-04-05/1918-and-2020-race-colors-americas-response-epidemicshttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/11/closed-borders-and-black-weddings-what-the-1918-flu-teaches-us-about-coronavirushttps://www.history.com/news/spanish-flu-second-wave-resurgenceCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykorner James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMNnekay FitzClrke: TW: @nnekay, IG: @nnekayBen Randle: TW: @BRandleTheatre IG:@BenRandleTheatre or benrandle.comDance with James every Saturday at 2pm PST on Zoom! This Month: 'Dirrty Slave 4 U' Britney vs. XTina: Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
15/05/201h 12m

MK230: This Too Shall Pass- Thanks P. Diddy! (Georgia, #BlackAF, Murder Hornets, Mrs. America, Cold Civil War,Black Businesses, Hercules, P. Diddy, Janelle Monae, Life in Quarantine)

Nnekay is back in part one of an EPIC two part Minority Konrer. We catch up about navigating life through a Pandemic! If you’re stressed don’t worry P Diddy's got your back to relax! So something else to worry about: Murder Hornets! Nnekay let’s us know just how scared we should be, which is apparently not at all.  We talk about areas that have been hit hard by COVID19 like nursing homes, and the meat packing industry and how it looks like we might be in a Cold Civil War. With Georgia reopening it puts Black business owners in a catch 20/20 especially those who own barber shops and businesses with 80% of the deaths in Georgia being Black! And is all of this happening for humanity’s second chance? Lots of great new TV shows/Movies on the way, some new Disney reboots to have mixed emotions about, don’t worry it’s not Pocahontas.. yet. Amazon’s Homecoming is coming back, Nnekay takes on one of our favorite artists acting ability. And we examine Kenya Barris and his new Netflix show #BlackAF, and the hard hitting FX/Hulu show Mrs. America which tackles the event surrounding the Equal Rights Amendment. Dance with James every Saturday at 2pm PST on Zoom! This Month: 'Dirrty Slave 4 U' Britney vs. XTina:  CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Nnekay FitzClrke: TW: @nnekay, IG: @nnekay Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
08/05/201h 20m

MK229: This is for Ruth! (Joe Biden, Patti LuPone, Jeff Goldblum on Drag Race, Whitney Houston Movie, 2020 Election, Winning the Senate, Wendy Williams, Darren Criss, Lyndon Johnson vs. Goldwater, RBG)

Ben Randle is here to help us wade through the political forecast of election 2020 and what we can do! But first, a new AUTHORIZED Whitney biopic by her estate has just been green-lit, no more Lifetime originals on to the big leagues, but will this be truthful or fall short, like Bohemian Rhapsody and vilify her hidden queerness. We might be in quarantine and lockdown but when it comes to Patti LuPone  the library is still open as she is out her reading folks, spilling the tea, and throwing the shade in only the way that Patti LuPone can do, on Watch What Happens Live. Speaking of the state of TV... we need to talk about Wendy Williams. What is going on? Like more than usual. Is this a cry for help on live TV? While some celebrities have no filter, are some too filtered, and do some need to be filtered? Jeff Goldblum may have stepped in it, on an episode of drag race that has some raising the islamaphobia bells, or was he just asking a question about the art of drag? In the main event Ben is going to walk us through the upcoming election painting it as our generations Johnson v. Goldwater moment, how Biden may not be as bad as progressives think, and the key Senate races that are going to need our help.  LINKS! Michelle Goldberg, NYTimes Opinion: A Biden Presidency Could Be Better Than Progressives Think Neera Tanden, USA Today: A lesson about Lyndon Johnson and Joe Biden for progressives in doubt Jonathan Martin, Maggie Haberman, NYTimes: Nervous Republicans See Trump Sinking, and Taking Senate With Him Dance with James every Saturday at 2pm PST on Zoom! This Month: 'Dirrty Slave 4 U' Britney vs. XTina:  CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Ben Randle: TW: @BRandleTheatre IG:@BenRandleTheatre or benrandle.com
01/05/201h 16m

MK228: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Skincare, When a Ja Rule vs 50 Cent Feud Is Enuff (FUBU Skin Care, JaRule v 50 Cent, Amanda Seales, DMX, Ashanti, JLO, Zoom Party Tips, Gaybraham Lincoln)

It's a double guest co-host whammy with Glory and Moury back on the podcast! Glory and James jump back into their conversation about Insecure this time focusing on actress Amanda Seales, her chameleon like performance, being on The Real, and why isn’t she catching on? Ya’ll sleeping on Amanda Seales! Zoom has taken over everybody’s lives from the Kansas City Supreme Court to our Birthday Parties, and Trivia nights, but they’re getting out of control and we’ve got some tips for our new lives on Zoom. Why is Kim Kardashian James' hero? It's not because she slapped one of her sisters on their show, now in it's 18th season. She's doing something dope! And Glory is here to tell James which sister got slapped. Which European country is also seeing attention brought to the Black female mortality rate? Moury is back to give us some FUBU skin care tips, and recommendations, with skincare founded by POC folks FOR us melanin proficient folks. Also she lets us know why most sunscreens don't really rub on our skin.  In the age of Zoom calls we all deserve to be looking our best. Glory is going to give us our "This Week in History," about Gaybraham Lincoln. And her main event we are going to get the full timeline of the age ol Ja Rule v 50 Cent Feud which opens up a can of worms: is JLo just a glorified backup dancer? Would JaRule have a career if it wasn’t for DMX going to prison? Would Ashanti even exists if Aaliyah was still alive??.. is she really a “true” talent as Glory put it? What was the REAL reason Christina Aguilera couldn’t make friends in the Mickey Mouse Club? And just how many times has 50 Cent punked Ja Rule? And is this feud just because they’re actually: in love? So many questions, and we have answers... to some.. LINKS! Naomi Campbell Coronavirus pre/post flight process she was always ready: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-U_jT9qWvs FiveXmore- Black British Mama’s Campaign to raise awareness about UK Black female mortality rate https://theglowup.theroot.com/fivexmore-black-british-mamas-campaign-to-raise-awaren-1842586396 Epara Skincare (Luxury brand) Founder: Ozohu Adoh Unsun Cosmetics Founder: Katonya Breaux Ayele & Co. (pronunciation: eye-yell) Founder: Danielle Bahi Bavel (Men’s skincare) Founder: Tristan Walker Iman Cosmetics Founder: Supermodel Iman Bolden Founders: Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie Forest Essentials Founder: Mira Kulkarni (New Delhi, India) Brujita Skincare Founder: Leah Guerrero   Sources: POPSUGAR - 19 Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Deserve a Spot in Your Makeup Bag. Author: Tembe Denton-Hurst REFINERY29 - 5 Skin-Care Brands To Shop If You Want To Buy Black. Author: Raven Baker HipLatina - 10 Latina-Owned Skincare Brands You Need to Try Now. Author: Johanna Ferreira  Vogue Australia: 5 Indian skincare brands you need to know now. Author: Anjan Sachar   JAMES' FIRST STANDUP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHZb_hriqks GLORY’S FIRST STAND UP:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu9smt8iDZw Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Glory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmora Moury Minhaz: Twitter: @MouryM, IG: @mourym
24/04/201h 12m

MK227: Square Dancing, a Virus that Won’t Go Away (Cheetah Girls Reunion?, Insecure, The Real, Square Dancing's Racist History, Coronavirus East vs West Responses, Henry Ford)

Glory is back and has to try to figure out how to work her side of the tech in New York, and she lets us know... it’s still crazy. Just what’s across the street from Glory that is a cold rude awakening to make every day count? The Cheetah Girls are having a reunion, but maybe not after their Instagram Live where two of the members dropped some Tea about one of the other members. Insecure is back! We discuss how these ladies are our best friends, but now that we're in season 4 are they just phoning it in? Did you have to Square Dance in High School? Why is Square dancing the ultimate virus there doesn’t seem to be a cure for? The answer might not be Henry Ford (though he may have helped) but a much older American pastime: racism. Just how did it succeed in becoming the National folk dance in the 80s? And just like anything crafted in the US, did Black folks have a hand it making it what it was, and in turn recieve no credit? They don’t call it whitewashing for nothing- and no- that’s not a Square Dancing call.    Links: America’s wholesome square dancing tradition is a tool of white supremacy Thanks to Twitter user @elliotjunkyard for inspiring this weeks topic of Square Dancing!  Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Glory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmora   Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playgroun
17/04/201h 7m

MK226: Evil Doesn’t Take a Break (Little Fires Everywhere, History of Racism and Pandemics, Andrew Yang's "Americanness" OpEd, Tiger King, COVID19, Wisconsin Primary, Tik Tok, Opportunistic Republicans, NYC Update, Mask19, Japanese Americans in WWII, Th

We’ve got Moury Minhaz reporting from ground 0, in NYC, where they’ve been hit by the biggest cases of COVID19. But you think you’re having it bad... The Karen’s of the world are really having a time of it as a journalist has taken THIS as the opportune time to ask, "Is Karen the N word for White Women”.. Hmm... let’s discuss. That Rona is still raging and we have so much to talk about: how it’s effecting transplant patients, effecting the Wisconsin Primary, how some politicians are using this as an opportunity to pass laws, mostly on the evil side (but one good one), Italy's high death rate, domestic violence is on the rise, and the Queen gave a speech making us wish we had lost the American Revolution. In the main korner it’s a tale as old as time: it wouldn’t be a pandemic without some racism. We explore America’s history of racism in times of pandemics, how it’s effecting the Asian American Community, and how Andrew Yang’s op Ed pushing for Asian Americans to prove their "Americanness" is bringing up past feelings of WWII Japanese American Internment camps amongst some.  On the entertainment front Moury watched the Tiger King and has a quick review... We both are burning with love for Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s Little Fires Everywhere, which fuck "daddy issues" this show is brining front and center the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters and what spawns into: mommy issues. Moury talks about from experience, and the challenges of immigrating here and balancing this with assimilating to a new culture, and holding up traditional expectations. James is late but jumping into The Wire which has ruined television for him. Plus Ozarks season 3 we couldn’t sit or unclench or butts. And words of encouragement for Bernie Sanders supporters at the very end!  Harboring Hearts links and social media:   Donate here: http://www.harboringhearts.org/donate Twitter: @HarboringHearts IG: harboringhearts FB: http://facebook.com/harboringhearts   LINKS: - Wisconsin STILL votes ! Thanks Republicans - Black folks are dying/contracting it at a higher rate - Women are using codewords at pharmacies to escape abuse during lockdown - Corona Beer Halts Production! - Idaho Passed two Discriminatory Laws against Transgeder folks - French doctors suggest experimental COVID-19 vaccines should be tested on Africans - HISTORY OF PANDEMICS AND RACISM - For Asian Americans there are two Pandmeics: COVID19 & Racism - Andrew Yang.... Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Moury Minhaz: Twitter: @MouryM, IG: mourym Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playgroun  
10/04/201h 35m

MK225: We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (Hustlers, Census Cont'd, Video Games in Quarantine, Mindfulness & Yoga as a POC, Half Life Alex, VR)

Unclench your butt it's a double whammy! Double the guest co-hosts with Michelle and BJ back! James saw Hustler's with Jennifer Lopez and his reaction might surprise you. Michelle and James continue their conversation about the Census and the exclusion of leaving LatinX folks off the race category. Are you hitting boredom in you quarantine? Well video game evangelist and aficionado Cymatic Bruce is here about some notable video games, specifically one's featuring POC leads. We dive into a conversation about the demographics of video gamers, and why diversity is important not only on the screen but behind the scenes, to avoid whats happened in some video games even today. Plus their Madame CJ Walker impressions continue! With all this COVID19 madness, thankfully Michelle is here to help us practice mindfulness. She also talks about her journey of being a Latina and learning yoga and mindfulness, and dive into work/life balance. Also Michelle being the bad ass that she is, is starting a bank!  MICHELLE'S RESOURCES: Yogini Kala: Black Women Meditation: How to Reduce Stress w/ Meditation Book (NVC): What We Say Matters by Judith Hansen Lasater Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Michelle Peralta IG: @mish.peralta Cymatic Bruce: https://cymaticbruce.com/, YouTube/Twitter: @CymaticBruce Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
03/04/201h 24m

MK224: We Got Cabin Fevah! (Madame CJ Walker Quizlet, COVID19 Check-In, Tips For Surviving Quarantine, Digital Divide, Stimulus Package, Gen Z, Mandalorian 2)

You’ll have to forgive us, as we might be experiencing cabin fever, but this is our first pandemic ya’ll, and we’re coming to you LIVE - whatever that means in podcast world. We do a Coronavirus/Self Quarantine check-in. Fox News finally joins reality that this pandemic is real, but they’re blaming ... millennials... but wait who do they think millennials are? The dangers of generalizing a single generation. James gets on his soap box as he blames a specific group of people dating back to 2016. What will it take for us all to unite and fight this invisible enemy? We look at how COVID-19 is furthering the digital divide for youth in rural areas without internet to continue their schooling. How is this effecting LGBTQ homeless youth? An economic stimulus package was finally agreed on, and we look at what that means and when you can expect it. Guess who’s coming to the Mandalorian season 2 this October? Hint: they’re kind of connected politics. Quizlet Korner is back! To honor Madame C.J. Walker on the Netflix series inspired by her life. We’ve got tips for surviving The Rona: a daily questionnaire, actions you can do, how you can help, managing your anxiety, and how to come out of the other side of this changed as an individual and hopefully as a society. Be Well!  LINKS: LGBTQ Homeless Youth Struggle during COVID19 DONATE: Visit crooked.com/coronavirus to donate to all of this in one fell swoop: FOOD:  Feeding America Meals on Wheels No Kid Hungry INDUSTRY: National Domestic Workers Alliance Restaurant Workers Community Foundation One Fair Wage HEALTH: CDC Foundation Direct Relief FOR THE HOMELESS: People who are homeless are also especially at risk. To help those in your community, you can look up shelters near you here and donate directly to your neighborhood shelters: https://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/ DAILY QUARANTINE QUESTIONAIRE: What am I grateful for?  Who am I checking in on or connecting with today?  What expectations of “normal” am I letting go today?  How am I getting outside today?  How am I moving my body today?  What beauty am I either creating, cultivating, or inventing today? How will I contribute to my community/society today?  What have I been putting off?  Who do I want to be when I come out of this?  Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Cymatic Bruce: https://cymaticbruce.com/, YouTube/Twitter: @CymaticBruce Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
27/03/201h 32m

MK223: The Rona & The Census (Hillary Documentary, The Census, Coronavirus, Contagion, The Crown, Online Culture, Gay Trees, Holistic Health)

Disclaimer: this episode was recorded last Saturday, so 6 days ago so when it comes to talking about COVID-19... so much has changed so bare with, me in particular. It’s sort of like looking at a time capsule. Guest co-host Michelle Peralta is here to help us navigate the beginnings of our lockdown. We talk about The Rona (the Coronavirus), James has been watching Contagion for comfort. As we all bunker down and figure out how to brave through this never before done pandemic there has been a flood of racism erupting towards Asian American folks. We talk about how to stay healthy through a holistic approach on top of washing your hands. If you live in the Bay Area have you ever wondered why you have such terrible allergies? We dive into the Hillary documentary on Hulu, and Michelle, being from the business world, provides a lot of great insights into the inherent sexism towards powerful women, and what the documentary revealed for us both. The Census is here! We talk about why it is so damn important, what groups will be included and what groups will be excluded, and 10 myths about the census. It’s so important ya’ll! Also The Crown... James watched the first season and Michelle watched some.. We have thoughts.   Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Michelle Peralta IG: @mish.peralta Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
20/03/201h 13m

MK222: How Was the Funeral? (#BisexualMenExist, Coronavirus Karaoke, Bernie/Biden Bros, White Liberals, High Fidelity, Love is Blind, The Golden Girls)

She's BACK! The Queen of Minority Korner herself: Nenkay FitzClarke is back just to take in James' new muscular bod.  Have you ever asked someone, "how was the funeral?" If you have, chances are: you're Black! We explore how we view age today vs back in the 80s looking at Grace & Frankie, vs The Golden Girls. With Nnekay here we can finally dive fully into Hulu's High Fidelity starring the amazing Zoe Kravitz. With the Democratic Primaries potentially drawing a close we need to have a talk with white liberals: ya'll doing too much! James & Nnekay have a PSA for this group: stop blaming Black people for Sanders and Warren not winning in the primary - scapegoating is not the key. It's time for Coronavirus Karaoke, as Nnekay takes us through songs we can sing while we wash our hands for 20 seconds to stay healthy and not get bored while doing it. Did you know Bisexual men exist? They do and they have their own hashtag to prove it! We unpack this wave of a hashtag inpsired by Netflix's Love is Blind, which thankfully Nnekay is here to walk us through this show. Biphobia is real especially for Black men, but so are negative views about Black women. We discuss! A Candidate is not a savior, we all have a role to play as we gear up for the 2020 election! All hands on deck!  LINKS:  FLORIDA CAN’T BAR PEOPLE FROM VOTING BECAUSE OF INABILITY TO PAY, APPEALS COURT SAYS #BisexualMenExists Songs to sing wil washing hands to fight Coronavirus Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Nnekay FitzClrke: TW: @nnekay, IG: @nnekay Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
13/03/201h 11m

MK221: Gurl Wash Your Face, And Run That Race (Crown Act, Obama, Lark Voorhies, Saved by the Bell, Keke Palmer, Democratic Primary)

Two guest co-hosts this week as we continue where we left off from last week, still trying to figure out what Rihanna said. Glory kicks it off and gets real personal, taking a break from giving horoscopes, she leads us through a conversation about hair, being Afro-Latina and why things like the Crown Act are necessary. We kick it back over to Kyle who poses the question of: should Obama come back and wrangle the Democratic party? Are we a doomed mess headed for a brokered convention? James made Glory watch Lark Voorhies Dr. Oz special which brings up a lot of questions about mental illness and the real reason she wasn't asked to come back to the Saved By the Bell Reunion. Was it raceism or her issues with mental illness? So much has happened with the Democratic Primary in the past two weeks, and what to do if you find your candidates is out of the running and your heartbroken?  LINKS:  Keke Palmer / History of Hair in the workplace (reference) 2019 Dove CROWN Study (here) DeAndre Arnold, Teen suspended over dreadlocks (here) Political Spectrum Test Lark Voorhies Interviews Dr. Oz. Entertainment Tonight I Entertainment Tonight II   Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Glory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmora Kyle Ishamel: IG: @kyleim Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
06/03/201h 10m

MK220: And THAT’S What Rihanna Was Trying to Say (Coronavirus, Black and Latino Voter Issues, NAACP Awards, Rihanna’s Speech, Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein Verdict, Kobe Bryant Memorial, Beyonce, Democratic Primary, Katherine Johnson RIP, BEGGGO

Glory is back which means: Mercury must be in Retrograde. We have a Coronavirus update which will hopefully keep you calm and moving on- though the Man in the White House doesn’t seem to have a plan, local governments do! Glory gives her Hot Takes on the Goblin Mayor himself Michael Bloomberg, having lived in NYC during his Stop and Frisk reign. The verdict is in! Not only is Harvey Weinstein trash (which we already knew) but he’s been found guilty - and off to Riker’s, which Glory finds amusing. The NAACP Awards happened... or was it the BET Awards? Lizzo and Rihanna both took home awards, and Rihanna gave a speech.. And we think she was trying to say some pretty inspiring stuff. Beyonce sang at the Kobe Bryant memorial and we have a spirited debate about when did Beyonce hit the iconic saturation point? With so much is going on in the current state of affairs it can be overwhelming, Glory asks how do you keep up to be a good citizen? As we look at the South Carolina debate that happened this week, and the conversations happening amongst our white options for President, that seem to pander towards Black and Latino voters, inspired by the Root’s Michael Harriots twitter... posts.. Blog.. (I don’t understand how twitter works) we dive into looking beyond buzz words: issues that matter to Black & Latinx voters, it’s more than just the criminal justice system and poverty ya’ll, and does your candidate really walk the walk when it comes to these issues? Plus we try to figure out what Rihanna was really trying to say. LINKS:  Supreme court to rule on same sex adoption (JAM)  Fulton v. Philadelphia https://bit.ly/3846C7p https://nyti.ms/2T4Woj6 NY TIMES: Black and Latino Voters Are Looking for ‘More Than Just Some Token Words’ Michael Harriot at the Root: There Are more 'Black Issues' Besides Crime and Poverty Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Glory Mora: TW: @prettyfunnyglo, IG: @glorelysmora Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
28/02/201h 11m

MK219: Swing Left, Swing Chariot (Bloomberg, Lovers and Friends Festival, Democratic Orgs that Need Your Help, Zoë Kravitz, High Fidelity, American Factory, Lil Kim)

It's a house party as we have half of cult podcast House Party on the pod with Kyle Ishmael! So The Debates are literally happening, as we speak. Is Elizabeth Warren going Arya Stark on everyone up on that stage mainly a certain billionaire? We don't know because they are literally happening as we speak. Speaking of Michael Bloomberg  - he’s going full swing with his ads, so what do you do when you have family members who are considering voting for him? Is he the Progressives’s Trump? We look at his complicated record from Stop & Frisk to other classic Mike Bloomby racist policies. It’s like a Mike Bloomby mixtape up in here. We look at the Democrat primaries so far: our thoughts, feelings, woes, and Bernie Bros. There's a new festival in town- the Lover’s and Friends Festival- but is it real? Is this the New Fyre Fest? Did Kyle already fall for this and buy his ticket? Is Lil Kim really going to be there? Speaking of the Notorious K.I.M. did she have a shoot out back in the day with Foxy Brown? We have some recommended streamers: American Factory, and High Fidelity with Zoë Kravitz and we figure out how many degrees of separation I am from the coolest person on the planet.  In the main event James walks you through a couple of orgs to get involved with who need your time, money, and awareness this political season regardless of who you’re voting for to help ease anxt of hopelessness to help combat: Gerrymandering, voter suppression, protecting the right to vote, winning back the senate, helping kids in cages, and more! Plus impressions, from Snoop Dog to Michael Bloomberg LINKS: Fair Fight Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Vote Save America  SWING LEFT RAICES - No kids in cages Kids In Need of Defense (Kind) How to help kids in cages ------ Follow Kyle Ishamel: @KyleIM Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground
21/02/201h 15m

MK218: Put Down Your Torches, It’s The Black Criterion Collection (Black Movies, Tips for Surviving the Primaries, Pussycat Dolls, Jameela Jamil, Dwyane Wade, Gayle King, Ronan Farrow, Just Mercy, Birds of Prey)

Jen is here to make our lives all better as we dive into this primary political season with a 'how to protect yourself during a fiery, political season' ... will we make it to November? But first not only is Jen back- but so are the Pussycat dolls, and we define their mission statement. But which one’s are back aside from the obvious lead singer Nicole. Bet you can’t name them. The Good Place’s Jameela Jamil may have stepped in it, while trying to defend her seemingly controversial pick as a judge on a new Voguing competition reality series- but has cancel/outrage/pitch fork culture gone too far? Gayle King might know a thing or two about that as she received death threats for her interview with Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryan bringing up his rape allegations- is this part of the larger problem with our ‘heroes’ having troubled past, and our inability to reconcile the two? Dwayne Wade and Gabby Union are being bomb ass Queer ally parents. Somebody blocked James on Facebook. Ew. For Black History month James has a gift for you: the Black Criterion Film Collection which features the broad diaspora of Black storytelling spanning 70 years and 3 generations of film making. How many have you seen? From Carmen Jones, to School Daze, Foxy Brown, to Amistad, Eves Bayou, Friday, The Goldenchild, Watermelon Woman, The Wiz, The Color Purple (which James has only seen in French) and more! We touch on some of the highlights from this expansive list, cue up your streaming services! Also Birds of Prey, and Ronan Farrow's book: Catch and Kill.    LINKS:  Jameela Jamil controversy  Dwayne Wade being a bomb ass parent Gayle King/Snoop Dog Time Line The Minority Korner Black Criterion Collection - Enjoy!  ------ FOLLOW JEN: Facebook: www.facebook.com/JenniferCovingtonFanPage/ Instagram: instagram.com/therealjcov/ Website: www.JenniferCovington.com   Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground 
14/02/201h 35m

MK217: She’s a Natural Memer (Super Bowl: Commercials, Shakira/JLo, Jay-Z & Beyonce, NFL, Major League Out Sports Stars, Black Queer Music Trailblazers, Lil Nas X, Documentaries: Taylor Swift & Aaron Hernandez)

Comedian Cole Steffensen of Sports for Gays and Curious Straights is here to help us understand all things Super Bowl! Especially that halftime routine! OMG JLO and Shakira shut it down, they got a little political, but was it enough? Speaking of getting political, Taylor Swift’s documentary may have James walking back some of his ‘basic’ comments thrown in her direction in past episodes. The Super Bowl commercials catered, once again, to rainbow capitalism- but isn’t it nice just to be included? And were these commercials directed by M. Night Shaymalan because they were: WEIRD. We unpack the problematic nature of the NFL (and there’s a lot to unpack here between the Colin Kaepernick, the PSA with mothers who lost kids to police violence, Jay-Z’s involvement,  but then again he and Bey sat out the national anthem. The generational divide is shown where Cole has to explain to James who grammy award winner Lil Nas X is.  We have our own Super Bowl halftime show where James walks us through Influential Queer musician trailblazers that have influenced modern day music- from Sylvester toMa Rainey and more!  Did a gay athlete invent the hi-five? The tables turn as Cole Puts James in the hot seat Quiz Korner as it’s back to SPORTS! Cole learns us about out gay sports stars in major league American sports, and right in line with Black History month they happen to be Black! (Don’t worry it’ll get really gay again as we take a break to debate Kylie vs. Madonna). Also, the Netflix Documentary ‘Inside the Mind of Aaron Hernadez’. Side bar: can we just stop with football and all drool over Rugby?  LINKS:  8 Black Queer Musical Trailblazers  Minority Korner Black Queer Music Trailblazers Playlist Sign the Equality Act Petition courtesy of T-Swift -------- COLE STEFFENSEN: IG: @coleorwhatever, TW: @colesteffenson Sports for Gays: @sportsforgays ------------ Get Your Shirt at the Max Fun Store: CONTACT US Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground 
07/02/201h 24m

MK216: Bad BAPS, Bad BAPS (Ku Klux Klan Act, Bambi, Gentrafarming, Megan Markle, Bad Boys 4 Life, 2nd Amendment, Chick-Fil-A, Equal Rights Amendment, Megyn Kelly, Reparations)

Joining us again,it’s Emerald! With our animation expert on board, we talk about the new animated series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts that is breaking ground on the LGBTQ+ and diversity front! Which movie is Disney reaching into the animated vaults to get the live action treatment, to ruin your childhood? Emerald has a mini review of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s reunion Bad Boys 4 Life- will we be able to create our own repetitious theme song by the end of the episode like the Bad Boys? We talk about our very own BAP herself Megan Markle, her Megxit, and this seemingly popular friend chicken joint (which sucks) may be flying the UK coup as well.. It’s Chickxit... does that work? Also... did the UK really have a burial for the N word?  Also we invent a new game... you’ve heard of Marry, Fuck, Kill... Well we play a game called Beyonce, Kelly, or Michelle...  In the main Korner James walk's us through the Root’s expose that shows the 2nd Amendment may not have as much to do with protecting your right to protect yourself as a citizen, as much as it does to protecting the institutions of slavery, and how this Amendment has, and continues to oppress and kill Black folks. All on the heels of the 2nd Amendment rally held in Virginia. And Virigina was on such a roll with passing the Equal Rights Amendment, and some other dope legislation in this now Blue state. Plus the tragic death of Alberta King, MLK Jrs Mother.  Emerald leads us through a conversation of a term she’s coined ‘Gentrafarming’ as she examines the history of farming, black agriculture, and with this huge focus on sustainability, and organic foods- but who has access to it? Looking at you Whole Foods. Plus The Watchmen, Black hair care products, and how Emerald has instituted her own form of modern day reparations.  ------- Emerald (her/hers) he Miami Queen dancing to the NYC shuffle - she is a Maker of Cartoons and a little comedy on the side. Can be found on the C train passionately singing In the Heights under her breath and reading a Gothic horror novel. IG: @emeraldcollie  LINKS:  Equal Rights Amendment passing in Virginia  Bambi Live Action NAACP- Lays the N word to rest Kippo and the Age of Wonderbeasts  Megyn Kelly Talking Blackface... Again 2nd Amendment March/Connections to Slavery ----- Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com IG: @minoritykorner  James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Facebook Minority Korner Kids Playground 
31/01/201h 30m

MK215: Let's Put Some Wigs On (The Morning Show, Gayceañera, Tips for A Broken Heart, A Trans Journey, Moulin Rouge Broadway, SAG Awards, Rainbow Flag)

This week on the pod we’ve got Avi (they/them) LatinX Trans, non-binary, Queer artist and actor, a bit of a foodie, a fan of craft beer, loves a dance party, and currently searching for a hobby. We have so much fun today starting off with a little bit of good news! Some dope parents in Maryland through their child a Gayceañera! YAAAS! We debate the rainbow pride flag, and the commercialization of it. We both DEVOURED the Morning Show: It was amazing! It brought up some deep stuff for both of us around sexual assault, masculinity, sexism, and more. Though James was a bit distracted by someones wig. James saw Moulin Rouge on Broadway and may have been disappointed, representation matters even in your understudies. It's voting time- for SAG that is- and we both... forgot to vote!  But it shows how political and bullshit awards really are. When we jump into the Korners it is finally here: my 10 Tips for Healing Loss and a Broken Heart, we all experience loss in different ways and these 10 tips and tools can be used to heal as your heart reopens from whatever hurt you may have experienced. Avi takes us through a quote that has them thinking about a lot of things, which leads us into a beautiful conversation where Avi talks about their transition to becoming their full self, their journey to be being seen clearly for who they are.  Reese Witherspoon's Wig  James Arthur Twitter: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Korner Kids Playground  Avi: www.avirroque.com. TW: @ok_roque, IG: amroque  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com
24/01/201h 11m

MK214: I’m Meryl Streeping You (Warren v. Sanders, 4 C's of Life, Meditation, She Devil, Meryl's Process, Cynthia Enrivo, BAFTA's, Yoga Nidra)

This is a Take Two! Guest Co-Host Shannon Algeo and James's, previous episode was lost to the either, and they had to gather to do it again! Awe the world of podcasting! We re-dive back in to highlights from this week’s debate, Mom & Dad are fighting? What is the beef between Warren and Sanders, or is this just tribalism amongst their supporters taken to extreme degrees on the social webs? Are the media, and Russia at it again? Find out why Lev Parnas has James throwing tables and where he believes we should really be focused and unified. Cynthia Enrivo said “un uh” to the BAFTA’s over POCs being snubbed AGAIN. Also... what is Meryl Streep’s process: we have theories! Could the She Devil herself Roseanne be at the center of it? In the main event, Shannon is going to align our chakra’s highlighting an ancient yoga practice James dubs Adult Napping. We look into why in these times we need to become awake to the things that are sleeping inside of us, how we become what we repeatedly practice (whether that’s stress, or anxiety), Shannon defines trauma, what the Four C’s of Life are, how we contain multitudes, and scientifically, why diversity is beneficial to everyone. We are going to connect to our inner world! Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com James Arthur Twitter: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM Korner Kids Playground  Shannon Algeo: https://www.shannonalgeo.com/ Soulumination 2020 Webinar: https://www.soulumination.com/2020
17/01/201h 4m

MK213: Talk Nerdy to Me (The Witcher, LOTR, The Matrix, Video Games, Black and in Tech, DDR)

It’s going to get so nerdy! More than usual- this is going to be a 12 off the nerd scale so get ready! We've got The legendary Cymatic Bruce a VR Evangelist, DDR World Champion, Co Founder of Alt Space VR, and just a fabulous blerd! We are going to revisit some of our favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy movie epics like Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, The Matrix Trilogy, leading into a discussion about the Witcher and how best to enjoy this diverse fantasy epic (you can tell what I did over the break). And in the main event Bruce leads us in a conversation about video games and tech by first talking about the god father of video game consoles... Jerry Lewis, who was an early Black Silicon Valley engineer and creator of the Fairchild Channel F. He’s kind of like Bruce’s Obi Wan because through him we get Bruce’s origin story, and being Black and navigating the tech and video game world. This of course launches us into so many conversations about the Black Silicon Valley Exodus, toxic masculinity in the competitive video game world, the history of marketing video games to boys how that came to be, and the inclusivity of some pockets of the video game world over others and the direction it’s all heading in. Get your Star Wars Mandalorian Nerd goggles on and your Witcher’s Sorcerer's tarp on because you well get wet... with all this sweet sweet nerdtastic talk.   Cymatic Bruce: https://cymaticbruce.com/, Twitter: @CymaticBruce, YouTube, co-founded Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR), an international organization for VR professionals and pioneers; AltspaceVR, a socialVR platform that has since been acquired by Microsoft; created and delivered hundreds of hours of science curriculum via The Tech Museum in San Jose; accrued over a million views of his gaming/VR video content; and has presented, performed, and competed worldwide. Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Korner Kids Playground 
10/01/201h 17m

MK212: U Got Kwanzaa'd 4! (Voter Purges, Impeached, Kwanzaa, Nnekay)

It’s you got Kwzaa’d 4! Kwanzaa is next week so we are going to dig into the vault, Nnekay is back, for our annual Kwanzaa special. This is fun every year!  If you’ve been with us before: how much do you remember about Kwanzaa- will you ace the Kwanzaa quiz this year? We go over the Seven Principles and Seven Symbols of Kwanzaa along with it's history, so you can know everything you need to know to celebrate this dope ass African American holiday to connect, rejuvenate, and empower your family, community, and self before the new year! We are going into 2020: it’s A BIG year for us in the US and we don’t just mean because all of the Marvel and DC movies being released next year are female driven, but it’s an election year, the fate of our democracy hangs in the balance and we need us as unified, calibrated, focused, and ready than ever. Plus Brandy or Monica, and Ashanti #notmyprincess. At the top of the show we have a PSA for Georgia and Wisconsin registered voters. Plus impeachment rally, and it looks like 45 has indeed been impeached!  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
20/12/191h 19m

MK211: That Boom, Baboom, Boom, Boomer! (Ok Boomer, Kamala Harris, Lizzo, Aladdin Spin-Off, Miss Universe, Presentism, Golden Globe Snubs)

So much to discuss this week as Glory rejoins the podcast. Kamala Harris drops out of the primary race, there’s going to be an Aladdin spin off- but not on the character you think of or remember, and did the Golden Globes snub women and people of color this year? You can bet Lizzo’s thong she shook at the Lakers! OK Boomer has ignited the generational divide. We look into and debate its merits, as we look into the meme and hashtags origins, highlight noteworthy Baby boomers, define generations, look into how a concept called “presentism” helps to recclye these age old feuds between the generations. The Miss Universe pageant happened, Glory didn’t watch it, but she has notes and insights as another Black woman snatches a crown through victory. And one of us rewatching Friends...  LINKS: Things Baby Boomers have done: shorturl.at/asJU9 Meaning behind OK Boomer: shorturl.at/swGKR, shorturl.at/anvVX  Problems with OK Boomer Washington Post: shorturl.at/hijlK  Misconceptions about Boomers & the 60s: shorturl.at/gKOW2 Minority Korner Taino's Episode: shorturl.at/enrAJ  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
13/12/191h 12m

MK210: Blow the Whistle (Impeachment Hearing Breakdown Points & Facts, Madonna In Concert, Winter is Here, Phone Concert Etiquette)

The first part of the Impeachment Hearings have been held by the House Intelligence Committee and our heads our spinning! It was a lot of important information that is setting the ground work for moving forward, and what exactly is all the bru ha ha- so we have Ben Randle here, our Minority Korner Resident Political Analysis Scientist, to help us break it all down, key points and takeaways. He's braved the weather to join us! The holidays are coming up and you might need some talking points and it's our duty to be educated citizens of the United States. But first, since Ben is also our Resident Madonna Expert and we talk her latest concert. What is proper phone filming etiquette at a concert? 10,000 hours is it really a thing to become an expert- Malcolm Gladwell may have proven it? Also James is becoming a painter? By the end of the episode you will have a clear grasp on all things impeachment, the intentional confusion by the Republicans stops here!  LINKS: Business Insider: https://bit.ly/2DOBdsX Politifact- https://bit.ly/2DOBdsX LA Times https://lat.ms/351dRww Come see James at Yaaas Queer Comedy Fest in NYC. Dec 12th @6:30pm Broadway Comedy Club. Tickets are $25.  Be sure to call 212.726.2665 to make a reservation (I know supes old school) Show will sell out so be sure to reserve! Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner    
06/12/191h 11m

MK209: FEAR-less (Monday Moment, History of Christmas, Zig Ziglar)

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: 'Forget Everything And Run' or 'Face Everything And Rise. ' The choice is yours.” - Zig Ziglar For your Monday Minority Korner Moment we empower ourselves to fear-less. Also James has the history of Christmas.. again.  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
02/12/197m 44s

MK208: Little Shop of Korners (Oliver & Company, Little Shop of Horrors, Great Things of 2019, Animation, Self Partnering & Emma Watson, England)

We have a very special, hilarious, episode to help you laugh off that post Thanksgiving food if you were so fortunate to partake, or if you are out in the midst of Black Friday- we’ve got some funnies for you with the hilarious Emerald Collie from UCB’s Improv team Token and the world of Animation. We dig into those Disney+ archives, Emerald try’s to jog James' memory of Oliver and Company he can’t seem to remember. Speaking of Disney+ they have new disclaimers for culturally insensitive material but is it enough, and is another studio showing them up? We put James' theater theory degree to use and talk about the Brechteian Effect and how it’s used effectively in storytelling. We talk traveling to England, the Theater!  And Emma Watson has married herself? What’s that about? Self Partnering? We have questions. We review 25 amazing things to be grateful for that are dope that happened in 2019 amongst POCs, LGBTQ, media, politics, the environment, and Emerald being from the world of animation takes us into a look at that world in terms of it’s diversity, the challenges, where it is, where it’s going, and who’s doing it right with some awesome recommendations. LINKS: Great things that have happened in 2019:  https://bit.ly/34HquN7 https://bit.ly/2R2ElJz https://nbcnews.to/2P8zFj5 https://bit.ly/2rCdTMi Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
29/11/191h 14m

MK207: Overcoming Loneliness (Minority Korner Monday Moment, In Living Color Reunion, Baywatch, Divergent, More Charile's Angels, Overcoming Loneliness)

James went to a workshop that he found quite healing and wants to share those insights with you as the holidays are coming and that feeling of loneliness can creep up whether we're with loved ones, partners, or by our wholesome (not lonesome).  Everyone experiencing loneliness so we're not alone. We look at just how united and interconnected we are, how to train in love and compassion, and tools to help us love and be loved unconditionally. What do you want to expand and nourish in your life?  On the pop culture front: Did you know there's an In Living Color Reunion in the works? Did Angelina Jolie and Ben Affleck almost end up in a spy thriller crossover? Which Divergent house are you? Who should've been in Charlie's Angles?  "I have my own source of peace and happiness within me" Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
25/11/1928m 57s

MK206: Christopher Columbus the OG Incel (Charlie's Angels, Christopher Columbus an A$$#@!%, Incels, Facebook Protocol, Steven Miller)

This week we are joined once again by Samantha Nzessi of the Maskulinity Podcast. James poses a question to the Korner: what do you do when you see someone you kind of know on your Facebook wall... posting some real, misguided, misinformed bullshit?... Like some really fringe pro Trum stuff!?! Did I mention this person was a Black woman? Oh goddess! James has a movie review of Charlie’s Angeles as he's one of the few who saw it. What happened ya’ll? The first Charlie’s Angeles written and directed by a woman free from the male gaze... and ya’ll missed out- he'll give you the scope of why it’s so dope and why you need to give it some money! In 1492.. an asshole sailed the ocean blue. You don’t think Chris Columbus was an asshole? Well don’t worry James has got the receipts to back it up, CC is worst than you think! And just how did this terrible man get a national holiday to begin with?!? As our resident masculinity expert, Samantha, is going to take us on a deep dive into the world of incels. Just what are they? And was the idea really started by a queer woman and co opted by men who took it, and ruined it?... yes... This is an eye opening conversation putting a lot of dudes like Chris Columbus, Steven Miller, and Trump into a hugely perspective. LINKS:  Christopher Columbus was an Asshole https://bit.ly/335VeFT, https://bit.ly/34blkbM Samantha Bee Full Frontal Segment:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHLer9kOWIM Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
22/11/1958m 39s

MK205: Anger into Action! (Motivational Monday Moment, Quote of the Week, Syrian Refugee Tents)

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it. - Goethe How can you turn your anger into action? Sometimes the most simplest step is just to being. We look to brilliant architect Abeer Seikaly who created tents for Syrian refugees that collect rainwater for sustainable use, and store solar energy. What will you begin to create this week?  https://egyptianstreets.com/2018/12/27/female-architect-invents-refugee-tents-that-collect-rainwater-and-store-solar-energy/?fbclid=IwAR1NBFjSxJ_24DlcZs--BvTnR00ytVfFiDJS5fqtoC9Lknvon0vH0YE2ZoQ
18/11/199m 37s

MK204: Black Lady Superheroes- Yesterday & Today (Harriet Tubman, The Watchmen, Tips for the Holi-daze, Disney +, Big Mouth, The Good Place)

This week we are joined by resident life coach and guru: Jennifer Covington of the Shine on Sista Podcast. Her third time on the show- so you know we’re gonna leave feeling sparkly! James tries to pitch Jen shows and movies he thinks she should be watching. Gotta come correct with Jen! Today’s episode really feels like a send up to Black Lady superheroes of yesterday, and today (hence the title). James saw Harriet the movie starring the almost EGOT Cynthia Enrivo, about the bad ass real life superhero herself. We talk about what the critics are saying, and James gives his full review, but seeing the movie inspired him to dig deeper into who this woman was! We think we know Harriet Tubman but we have no idea! Guaranteed you will be GAGGED with the fact bombs James is going to drop on you- and no exaggeration she is one of the most inspiring, extraordinary, individuals that has ever lived! And a black lady superhero that’s kicking ass today: Regina King in The Watchmen which is taking a problematic dope ass comic book and mixing our favorite things: superheroes and social justice: whaaaaat??? And with the holidays just around the corner Jen’s got some tips to keep us sane during the Holidaze (as she's coined) and dealing with our family. These tips are hot- and just might save your upcoming holidays with the fam bam! Why aren't you all watching The Good Place!? Also looks like James may have caved and joined the Disney + train another platform, but take note he might be able to help you swindle the system. Also James took a DNA test turns out he’s 100% that Grinch? And which Holidays are Jen side eyeing?  Lets get into it Korner Kids! It’s time to Learn, Laugh, and Play, right here at Minority Korner- because together: we’re the majority! Harriet Links: shorturl.at/iQWX8 shorturl.at/ckL79 shorturl.at/wMNPW MK EP 83: Tulsa Massacre: shorturl.at/aq246  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
15/11/191h 13m

MK 203 Monday Minority Korner Moment (This Week in History, Whitney Houston, Arsenio Hall, Abraham Lincoln, Orlando Bloom)

It's Monday and you must be so confused- but it's our first ever Monday Minority Korner Moment! We help to jump start your week with a quick something, something. Left on the cutting room floor for time last week was Glory's This Week in History (which I guess is now last week in history) but it's good nonetheless. From Abraham Lincoln being shot by disgruntled actors, why is Aresino Hall being mistaken for Wesley Snipes, how many Orlando Blooms are there, and is it ok to be outed once your dead? Looking at you Whitney Houston, as her lover Robyn is revealing all in a tell all book. Getting your week jump started!  Quote of the Week:  “You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” - Brene Brown   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
11/11/1912m 27s

MK202: We in a Cold Civil War (American Son, 2019 Elections, Buffy/Charmed, Black Lives STILL Matter, The Maribel Sisters, T.I., Jock Straps, If You Seek Amy)

We're joined this week by friend of the podcast, New York comedian Glory Mora! Election day just happened and we talk about all the exciting things happening, and why ya’ll need to mark your calendar for every 1st Tuesday in Nov: go VOTE! Big wins for Queer candidates. James almost dies... AGAIN... from a peanut allergy attack- thanks healthcare system. Is it okay that he used that excuse to get out of things for the next week? Also TI seems to know way too much about his daughter’s hymen- Glory has notes male patriarchy. We both watched American Son, starring Kerry Washington, was on Broadway, now on Netflix for the whole world to see tackling issues on race, police shootings of unarmed Black men and the debate is on! Is it good! Is it effective? Should you watch it? Is Kerry Washington just being Olivia Pope? That segues into our first Korner where James takes a look at since Ferguson, the Michael Brown shooting four years ago, have things changed, are police killing less unarmed Black men, and if not why isn’t the media talking about it? Glory gives us some Dominican History celebrating three Latina activist who changed history: the Mirabel Sisters. Plus James has PSA announcement about jock straps. Glory and James continue to try to name tunes- they're not good at it.  LINKS: POLICE KILLINGS OF UNARMED BLACK MEN LA Times- https://lat.ms/36KIyXR City Lab- https://bit.ly/2Q1sdrR Washington Post- https://wapo.st/2CptBfT , https://wapo.st/36KIPKn Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
08/11/191h 5m

MK201: Disney: Casually Racist (Charmed, Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, Marry Poppins, Disney's Racist Rides)

We are passing the baton as we enter in a new era of Minority Korner! We have our new co-host Glory Mora jumping into the fold as we review our two hottest Korners of the past 100 episodes! James and Glory discuss their halloween costumes: Kitty man, and... Pilgrim lady... is Glory Selena or a Pilgrim? Was Glory a model for the House of Dereon? She seems to know a lot about Tina Knowles' design house. Glory also seems hell bent on proving that the center divides in streets are not only called meridian's.. but malls... fact check please! The debate is on whether or not Charmed was... a good show worthy of a cult classic, as Glory does a Charmed rewatch- James and Glory's first debate takes place. Are the Black Buffy/Charmed reboots a good idea? We dig into the archives and bring out two of our BEST korners from the past 100 episodes. First up, remember when James walked us through Disneyland's racist rides. For example do you know the racist movie Splash Mountain is based on? Song of the South, which gave us complicated songs like Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, and characters like Uncle Remus. James breaks it down! Keeping on the Disney track we celebrate Nnekay's expose on Marry Poppins and the racist undertones. Get ready to have your childhood bubble burst! Here's to the next 200 episodes!  DISNEY'S RACIST RIDES http://www.cnn.com/travel/article/disneyland-60th-anniversary-feat/index.html http://screencrush.com/song-of-the-south-racism/ http://www.vulture.com/2013/12/walt-disney-anti-semitism-racism-sexism-frozen-head.html MARY POPPINS: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/28/movies/mary-poppins-returns-blackface.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Movies     Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
31/10/191h 15m

It's a Celebration! 200 episodes Extravaganza (Black Herman, Marvel, Lizzo, Big Mouth)

It is our 200th episode! Can you even believe?! We have a treat for you, first and foremost we're talking, Lizzo, Megan Markle, Marvel, Jeremy Renner, Big Mouth, and Rachel Maddow. James enlightens us about Black Herman the hottest Black magician this side of the Harlem Renaissance. Then Nnekay has a GIGANTIC announcement- and the winder twins look back at 200 episodes and 4 years a of fun. 
25/10/191h 26m

An Intimate Evening w/ Minority Korner (Teen activist, Gina Rodriguez, Zoe Kravitz, Slave Play)

Do you like fun?! Well we got an episode that will satisfy that desire! We're diving in deep with Gina Rodriquez and her messy ass, The Watchmen is coming out soon, and Zoe Kravitz is gonna be Catwoman. In the Korners Nnekay is talking about all those amazing teen activist that are out there trying to change the world. James has been traveling! He's talking us through Slave Play, The African American History Museum, and Madonna. Let's get into it!   Links   https://www.teenvogue.com/story/teen-climate-activists-fighting-future-of-the-planet     https://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a27253797/little-miss-flint-water-crisis-five-years/
17/10/191h 20m

One Bad Minority Korner (One Bad Mother, Madonna, Motherhood)

Nnekay stops on by the Maximum Fun Podcast One Bad Mother and has an honest conversation about motherhood, being a new mother, and about biases affecting African American maternal mortality rates and librarians on the front lines of the war on facts. Do we have too specific ideas of what a librarian is? Nnekay also goes over a history of how Minority Korner came to be, and how other celebrities are making Podcasting more chic, but we've been in the game along time. Also, James went to Madonna's very intimate tour Madame X.  Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
04/10/1934m 50s

Don't Fight, Make Love Tonight (Hustlers, Weird LGBT History Facts, The Emmy's, Billy Porter, Mayor Pete, Libra Season, JLO)

Glory's back on the podcast sitting in the co-host chair and she is ready to read all of our astrologies as an unofficial astrologist. Glory saw 'Hustlers' and she has notes- and isn't sure why it's getting Oscar buzz. The Emmy's happened and Billy Porter is inspiring us all: the category is Love! Michelle Williams is showing what it means to be an ally! Keke Palmer lives in a blissful world where she has no idea who Dick Cheney is. Glory got digitally flashed on the subway! In some gay news: Is Mayor Pete Gay enough? What does that even mean? Do people still need to come out as HIV+? Oakland's Gay men's chorus office was vandalized. James is still writing the history wave with random/weird LGBT Facts: what was the oldest gay chat line? We revisit the Sacred Band of Thebes, a group of 300 men who fought, loved, and fucked each other. What does the ancient Chinese saying 'cut of the sleeve' mean? Glory, our resident astrologist lets us know that it's Libra Season and what we can expect. Water signs it's going to be a bumpy season- so find the balance!    LINKS:  Weird LGBTQ History Facts - https://bit.ly/2lG6uZU  Jonathan Van Ness - https://bit.ly/2nMlIgt  Emmy's- https://bit.ly/2m8cx9c  Oakland's Gay Men Chorus was Vandalized- https://bit.ly/2ne0GHe  Digital Flashers - https://bit.ly/2m8inrR 
27/09/191h 16m

Shake Dat 4 Me! (Call Out Culture, Shane Gillis, SNL, Chelsea Hendler, Ancient Queer History Facts, Knives Out Trailer, Shadow Force)

James is coming in singing, once again, to another... nasty song! Before the Wonder Twins could even jump into this story, it had already been processed, we're talking about SNL's latest hired (now fired) cast member: Shane Gillis. Can racist jokes be funny? Did SNL make the right move? Why did they hire him? Chelsea Handler's new documentary "Hello, It's Me Privilege," is out on Netflix, and according to James it is mandatory viewing for white folks. Nnekay is still on the fence about Hendler, but is she showing how we can people can evolve, and how we must give space for that? Did the new 'Knives Out Trailer' give out too much of it's plot? Who creates these trailers anyways? James has the scoop on old Hollywood. Hold onto your butts because Kerry Washington and Sterling K. Brown are joining forces in a Mr. & Mrs. Smith esque movie: SHADOW FORCE, and the Wonder Twins can't wait! In the main event Nnekay has found a new website that is singing to her heart and walks us through an article by Maisha Z. Johnson, about call out culture: 6 Signs that Your Callout is About Ego and not Accountability- a great check for all of us navigating our activism spaces, and trying our best to make the world a better place. James is still riding high off his last weeks corner about the Moor's and is keeping his Quizlet Korner in the past with some Queer History facts! Did archeologist find a pair of gay lovers buried next to each other from the 6th century? Did Shakespeare coin the term 'Drag'? When was the first porn created? Is Batman older than you think? All this and more on this week's Minority Korner!  LINKS: 6 Signs that Your Callout Is About Ego not Accountability https://bit.ly/2m0iN33 Quizlet:  Lovers of Modona- https://bit.ly/2m0HnRd, https://bit.ly/2lMUUMg Ancient Batman- https://bit.ly/2lX4I6u Oldest Porn, DRAG - https://bit.ly/2m4TH2I  Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner    
20/09/191h 12m

Send In The Clowns (The Moors, LGBTQ Hate crimes, IT, Oklahoma!, 9/11, Nasty 90s)

It's halloween, which means something scurry that maybe used to bring joy to many is lurking around every corner: Clowns! Ah! And they even have a sequel to a very particular clown coming back to haunt us. The twins lament over their fears: IT! It's back! Is there a scientific reason as to why people don't like clowns? The Wonder Twins also piece together the real meaning behind a very popular 90s dance jam and surprise: it's nasty. It's the 90s! James is freshly back from seeing the new and exciting version of OKLAHOMA! This ain't yo mamma's Oklahoma, on this dark take on this usually up beat American musical. This transitions into a conversation of how to do a remount of a classic play.Nnekay has some suggestions for him to see next. The duo talk about the rise in violence against the LGBTQ community, and is the economy really booming in Trump's America? Also the shitty tactics employed by the North Carolina State Representative to get bills paid on 9/11. The main event is all about The Moors! James breaks down who they are and how they brought alllllll the magic to Europe, brining them out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance giving us advancements in education, hygiene, food, medicine, dining, sexuality, music, technology, agriculture, the modern city, and more! The Moore's are giving us more, and it's time we give them credit, as once again Black folks and their contributions have been washed out of history. Not today on Minority Korner! James will probably drag Europe for there sad dark living before the Moors came in and Fixed Their Lives! Get ready to have your mind blown about the Moor's!  Links The Moors! https://bit.ly/2kIIJzQ https://bit.ly/2kxR3m4   Hate Crimes on Rise: https://bit.ly/2lRYQeq   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
13/09/191h 18m

Glitter Bombs of Truth (Rep Illhan Ohmar, Jay-Z & the NFL, Sex in the Stacks, Missy Elliot, Dreams of Beyonce)

The Wonder Twins are back- no more voicemail messages they are talking person to person! Missy Elliot may have been celebrated at the VMAs (a little too late) but Nnekay noticed a huge problem with her performance... a certain R&B princess was missing. Is James really friends with Beyonce & Jay-Z? Or was it a dream? Speaking of Jay-Z sure did step in it this week. Jay-Z Mr. Got Colin Kapernick's back on take a knee, seems to have flipped the script and aligned himself with the NFL. Is he shcukin' and jivin, or jumping into the arena? The twins discuss. James seems to have come back from Europe more able to see both sides to everything. Does Nnekay get her comedic writing from her dreams? In the main event Nnekay stops the rumor mill for Representative Illhan Omar. Nnekay breaks down her heroic story, truly representing the American Dream, and the work she's done, and what she's been up against. In a new segment called "James Asks a Question" he poses to our friendly neighborhood librarian his burning question over the last few weeks: Sex in the stacks? Fact or fiction based on the latest season of 'Dear White People'. Also please watch the Great Hack on Netflix if you haven't!  https://www.colorlines.com/articles/rep-ilhan-omar-claps-back-alabama-gop     https://omar.house.gov/     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilhan_Omar    https://web.archive.org/web/20161114004716/http://www.aaiusa.org/from_refugee_to_st_house_race_ilhan_omar_looks_to_break_new_ground     Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
06/09/191h 8m

MK Voicemail Conversations PT2 (VMA's, D23, The Amazon, Equal Pay for WOC, Karamo Brown, Koch Brothers)

Ring, ring, ring leave another message at the Minority Korner Beep! The wonder twins are still separated by land, and sea and try to reach each other! First up James calls Nnekay and gives her all the snaps on her voicemail korner of last week. Also the VMA's happened, and James is feeling old and out of the loop. D23 Happened and James has some hot exciting takes on what else Marvel/Disney+ will be rolling out to take all of our money and eyeball time. One of the Koch brothers died and James is conflicted on how to respond. James also shares some Bossip with Nnekay around Queer Eye/Real World's Karamo Brown who stepped in it this week. Also the Glow Up did a great deep dive into why we still have unequal pay for women of color. Nnekay hops on the horn and tries to give James a call who's still over in Europe. She has to tell him all about how the Amazon is burning, and what we can do to help! All this and more on PT2 of Minority Korner Voicemail Conversations!  LINKS:    The Amazon - https://cnet.co/2NAmAQ9 Koch Brothers - https://bit.ly/340HhKK  Women of Color Equity in the Workplace- https://bit.ly/2PoHiVW  Karamo Brown Steps in It- https://bit.ly/32cuZgJ    Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
30/08/1936m 18s

Voicemail Conversations Part 1 (Gay European Adventures, Black Chefs, Circuit Festival, Amsterdam Pride, #boycottmulan?, New on Netflix)

The Wonder Twins are stretched across the world, as James is still over in Europe, and Nnekay is holding it down in the Bay, and they're trying to get a hold of each other for this weeks episode! What ensues are two very lengthy voicemails for each other catching up on their lives and the state of the world. Nnekay gets James up to speed on her life, and black chefs who are changing the course of dining in America- YUM! James gives Nnekay a very long ramble about his misadventures in Amsterdam and Barcelona. From Circuit Festival- the largest gay circuit dance festival (why did he pay the circuit past), to navigating micro aggressions in Amsterdam (no place is perfect), Amsterdam Pride (they have actual floats), and how the Google Pixel can save your life while traveling abroad with cute pictures and internet everywhere! James has mostly been away from current events but has peaked his head in to see #boycottmulan, and the racist in chief and his usual shenanigans. Also sadly two Pulse shooting survivors have become loud, outspoken, ex-gay activist. Also he's somehow managed to squeeze in quite a few Netflix series and they're is some good stuff floating around out there! So get caught up with the Wonder Twins of Podcasting through some voicemail conversations! LINKS: Black Chefs: https://nyti.ms/2SjEt62 Pulse: https://bit.ly/2TYJWjv Mulan: https://bit.ly/2ZjLRnX  Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
23/08/1942m 59s

Judge John Hodgman Crossover!

Nnekay pops in to the Judge John Hodgman show to help make some judgments during SF Sketchfest! But first she rattles on about things in her life.
09/08/1947m 20s

I Know Their Lips (Drag Queens, The Yankees, Stranger Things 3)

We're heading into this episode with a little story about James potentially starting a ruckus at a Yankees games. Nnekay felt old in an Urban Outfitters, and the NYPD is at it again with James. In the corner, James is tackling the New York Magazine profile of Powerful Drag Queens, why it's problematic. To combat this list, he is giving you some alternative Drag Queen that are Powerful and not featured on this list. This week we got Nnekay's recommendations for the summer!! 
02/08/191h 7m

We're Going To Cat School! (Black Cosplayers, Comic Con, Marvel)

We are breaking down everything San Diego Comic Con and Marvel, In fact, we're breaking down the whole 4th phase of the Marvel Universe. We're Excited Nerds!!!! Flowing with the Comic Con Theme, Nnekay has some Black Lady Cosplayers to follow on Instagram. James has some TV and book recommendations to get you through the summer!
26/07/191h 7m

My Therapist Is A Pervert (Diverse Cartoons, Scarlet Johansson Black Lady 007, Punisher, More Racism In the Whitehouse)

Another day another racist comment from The Occupant in the White House. This time he's targeting four amazing Congresswomen. When are the Republicans going to step up?! Does J.Lo know that Africa is a continent? There is an update about the Maternal Mortality Crisis with the app Mahmee. Also a Black Lady 007?! What nonsense is ScarJo spewing now about all the roles she should be able to play? Nnekay is giving you some names of awesome diverse cartoons that feature LGBTQ and POC kids as their leads. James has a Quizlette for you that features: Punisher, Alan Turning, PETA and more!   QUIZLET LINKS:  Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex - https://bit.ly/2Lt7knV  Gay Millennial challenging a 76-year-old homophobe for a NY Congressional seat- https://bit.ly/2Y1sgEz  Alan Turning on the £50 Note - https://logo.to/2Y0HLwq  A Police Union Is Telling Cops to Use the Punisher's Logo Amid an Investigation Into Racist Social Media Posts/And the Punisher has told them to go fuck themselves, https://bit.ly/2SfBDz6 , https://bit.ly/2LVyjZ0  5. PETA- https://bit.ly/2YfFmC0   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
19/07/191h 9m

The Aloha Experience (Close the Camps, Racist Anthropology, Drop Dead Gorgeous)

James went to a party and some said some rancid stuff that might include a taboo word during Taboo. We're also talking about the new Little Mermaid with excitement. Also Bette Midler needs to learn how to read a room especially at World Pride. James is tackling how we can do our part to help close the detention centers, actually let's call them what they really are: concentration camps. Nnekay is talking about how anthropology needs to be reexamined because it is alllll mixed up with racism and bias.    Links: https://daily.jstor.org/anthropologists-hid-african-same-sex-relationships/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/timeline.com/amp/p/7a45289071cf https://undark.org/article/nubia-sudan-amara-west-archaeology/   What You Can You Do to Close the Camps- from Yopp Voice https://bit.ly/2G8Q1V1  (Bookmark & Share) Texas Tribune’s list of Orgs to help immigrant children separated from their families: https://bit.ly/2YhWLqC    Find  your Gov. Officials to contact:  https://www.usa.gov/local-governments ICE using Solitary confinement for LGBTQ+ - https://bit.ly/30wgNhE  Follow @Lights4Liberty- to find out about demonstrations and protests in your area.  Know Your Rights: helpful videos for undocumented workers via the ACLU: https://bit.ly/2GU56ZB (Share)
12/07/191h 12m

It's Our Anniversary! (Toy Story 4, Gabrielle Union, Gullah Geeche Nation/People, Stage Coach Mary, Robert Smalls, Glory Mora)

It's time to celebrate our 4th year anniversary.... or is it our 5th year anniversary? We don't know how numbers work. James just had a birthday and there is controversy surrounding his age. Is he 43? Or 34? We dive into a tangent surrounding Gabrielle Union and all the projects she's up to, also Scream the TV series seems to be making a comeback with some surprise people involved. James saw Toy Story 4 is it good? Was it necessary? What is proper party etiquette? James has some thoughts! We also spoke another movie into existence this time starring Viola Davis! We also celebrate each other and our accomplishments of 4... or 5 years. We dip into the vaults of our two favorite corners through this past year. First up Nnekay covers the Gullah Geechee Nation and it's people- it's history might surprise you! James is giving you the low down on 2 Black folks you probably haven’t heard about and that should become movies asap! One was a bad ass stagecoach driver known as Stage Coach Mary, and the other an escaped pirate slave Robert Smalls. Happy Anniversary and thanks for listening over the past 4... or is it 5 years?!  Links!   Gullah Geeche Nation   gullahgeechenation.com Color Lines- https://bit.ly/2XeVSCB  Cultural Herritage Corridor Commission- https://bit.ly/2GICRjZ     Stage Coach Mary  https://bit.ly/2G9trx0   Robert Smalls https://to.pbs.org/2XkQaQ1   Follow Glory Mora on IG: @gloryisprettyfunny Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
28/06/191h 11m

Wait What About, Baloo? (Travel Tips, Taylor Swift, Reading Rainbow)

Nnekay is giving us some feminist travel tips and lady travel bloggers to follow on instagram. James has a Quizlette which tackles gaydar, Clarence Thomas AND Rachel Dolezal... what?! We also cover the B-sides of Disney shows, Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers, Taylor Swift's new song and video, and should Nnekay be the next host of Reading Rainbow? (yes.)   Links:   https://hellogiggles.com/lifestyle/travel/feminist-travel-trends-2019/amp/   https://feministglobetrotter.com/best-travel-blogs/
21/06/191h 13m

A Reason For The Season (Underground Railroad Game, LGBTQ History Changers, Pride, The Tony's, Alan Turing, Bessie Smith, Straight Pride Parade)

Happy Pride Everyone!!!! James went to the theatre and saw quite the show in the off Broadway production of "Underground Railroad Game"... who was this really for? Hold onto your butts! The Tony's happened! Who won, who lost, who watched... who didn't? This week we're celebrating with a list curated by James of history LGBTQ  game changers! Some you may know some you may not! Also we got a Ask Minority Korner Anything! This one tackles Cardi B. James and Nnekay reminice about going to the Scissor Sister's concert. Oh- and Ninja Turtles... yup... we're going there!      LGBTQ History Game Changers:  Buzzfeed- https://bit.ly/2RdSl1i Logo - https://logo.to/1NNqSIJ Huffpost- https://bit.ly/2MOGY1p    Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
14/06/191h 8m

And Baby Makes Three! (When They See Us, Alvin Ailey, #CancelLindaFairstein, Wanda Sykes, Jeopardy, Baby Maya)

We are coming in hot today as we are joined with a special guest: baby Maya is making her debut on the korner as Nnekay is literally juggling all things at once: all the snaps to our very own mother of dragons (except she ain't as mad - but she will burn it down: looking at you Linda Fairstein). But first! Should Nnekay be on Jeopardy? James puts on his Dina Lohana Momager tiara to push his baby girl to the top! We talk about Wanda Sykes new comedy special on Netflix which is a great reprieve while watching Ava DuVernay's "When They See Us" - the important new series unpacking the unjust criminalization of 5 innocent Black children for the rape of a young white women in Central Park. If you had time to watch 'Game of Thrones' you have time to watch this! With Barry Jenkins setting his sights on a new film about revolutionary dancer Alvin Ailey, Nnekay breaks down who he is, and why he's so important. James circles back to the Central Park 5, and dives into the climate of New York around this time, who Linda Fairstein is who lead the prosecution and spun this web of chaotic lives that saw these children lose decades of their lives, and how she profited. Also what you can do to turn the beat around on our criminal unjustice system!  LINKS:  Alvin Ailey: https://bit.ly/2MJ7rNU #CancelLindaFaristein: https://bit.ly/2QVxpMe https://nyp.st/2K0yUbI   5 Black Men React to "When They See Us" https://bit.ly/2WQ2jLz   Visit Winning Justice to join campaigns to stop over-policing and racial profiling in our communities: https://bit.ly/31kqZLN   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
07/06/1957m 22s

Most of History Is Shitty (Asian Pacific American LGBTQ History, Quizlet, Brene Brown)

James has invited Tara Reid to the podcast after his wild bachelor party in Palm Springs this past weekend. It was a wild ride. Nnekay has been scrolling through Netflix and finnally landed on Brene Brown and her amazing words. James tackles the complex intersectional timeline of #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth and LGBTQ milestones within it. Nnekay is taking over Quizlet Korner.... is she going to stump James? Other topics include, Tia & Tamera Mowrey, Storm, and the Statue of Liberty.  LINKS:   Timeline of Asian and Pacific Islander Diasporic LGBT history  https://bit.ly/2JQxUqy    https://bit.ly/2JPyCUF    https://bit.ly/30ZxHq4      QUIZLET!   Baby Anacondas- https://bit.ly/2MnYd9m      Statue of Liberty- https://wapo.st/2JOfiY4    Netflix- https://bit.ly/2Z4GyVX    Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
31/05/191h 11m

X Gonna Give It To Ya (Unheard of Black Feminist, Malcolm X, Game of Thrones Spoilers)

We are BREAKING DOWN this season of Game of Thrones and yuppppp- there are Spoilers. Do we disagree on some stuff? Maybeeeeee In the Korners, Nnekay is bringing you some Black Feminist that you might not have heard of, and you bes believe they should be honored in the cinemas. James is giving you a refresher on Malcolm X to celebrate the date of his birth.    Links   https://msmagazine.com/2014/02/19/how-many-of-these-early-black-feminists-do-you-know/     https://face2faceafrica.com/article/civil-rights-icon-malcolm-x-was-born-on-this-day-in-1925?fbclid=IwAR0aIZuINNuOjLvzdXW5k-r0OF9eDcciG1TCY84dE5oxNMu9IyHihiY44WI
24/05/191h 11m

A Gift From Chauncey (2020 Election, Mother's Day, Constance Wu)

Mother's Day has come and gone, it's a first for a Nnekay and shares with us what's it been like to be celebrated. James brings up the Constance Wu controversy with the Fresh off the Boat Renewal. This was recorded before the HORRIBLE Alabama Abortion Bill- but our thoughts and comments are still on target. James takes us through the 2020 candidates that are NOT white dudes. We look at their platforms and how we can best support and find out more!
17/05/191h 3m

It's the Pooh Prescription (Black Women Authors, Met Ball, Salt n Peppa)

This week Nnekay is brining another book list for you babies, this time it tackles Black Women Writers of 2018 from famed black lady magazine, Essence. James is bringing another Quizlet to cover some hot topics including but not limited too, Sam Smith, Brunei, and Salt n Peppa. Before we get into the korners, we're talking about Beyonce (still), the Met Ball, the Royal Baby, What is Camp, and James has a TV show recommendation for ya.    Links:   https://www.essence.com/entertainment/12-favorite-books-written-by-black-women-authors-in-2018/
10/05/191h 9m

Rated R for Risque (LGBTQ Books for Kids, John Singleton, Avengers: Endgame, #FreeBritney, BelAir)

Stomping into May with James' list of LGBTQ books for kids! Keep this list handy for all your LGBTQ families. We start the show off by talking about the legendary director John Singleton. The #FreeBritney hashtag and the controversy with some of our friends from the podcast Lady2Lady. What would you do if your friends took a picture with and posted a photo on social media with a very controversial figure? It happened to these gays at Coachella. And of course we're going to talk about Avengers:Endgame! Some of us didn't like it as much as others and what are the consequences of not quite liking a cultural juggernaut? Also there's a gritty Fresh Prince of BelAir reboot! All this and more on this weeks Minority Korner! This episode is Rated R for Risque!    Links!   https://www.mombian.com/2019/04/09/new-lgbtq-inclusive-books-for-the-very-youngest-children/?fbclid=IwAR2YbQOQaV4CcV2QN-W6vzgl8BbuxxgOt2oytHqai19K1DKt-d4R3SEKZm8 Pride Colors Rainbow: A First Book of Pride  Love Makes a Family- My Two Moms and Me My Two Dads and Me I’m a Librarian  Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#yTis7MEX1SiwRADe.99
03/05/191h 0m

Tackling the Topics with some Giggles (Homecoming, Slavery Marketing, Mary Poppins, Russia)

We're all gobsmacked by Beyonce and her amazing Homecoming performance! We're also giving out takeaways from the documentary and why some people be getting deleted on FB for saying some ridiculous stuff about Queen Bey. We're also confused by this new trend in using Slavery in Marketing... what? Who thought this was a good idea? Nnekay is talking about Mary Poppins and the racist undertones. James is covering how Russia used Black journalist and activist to help rig the election for Trump. Then James is tackling 5 top headlines. Lets get into it!   Links!   https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/28/movies/mary-poppins-returns-blackface.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Movies     https://www.theroot.com/mueller-report-reveals-how-black-activists-white-tears-1834150537     http://www.newnownext.com/harrys-shaving-ad-trans-man/04/2019/?fbclid=IwAR1x_H_NO1gw79xd2EbLAzgJkRdtRkViOGaOQ8OEF7jh3xb-WUyc4ioZ4r8    http://www.newnownext.com/pope-francis-discard-gay-people-dont-have-human-heart-pilgrimage/04/2019/?fbclid=IwAR2NvzY8fYOd-4hBXftwsUz5230gehaWM2W88UmhrxaRcKpZmq0eSqyAYr4   https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/439116-white-house-offers-to-assist-france-in-notre-dame-rehabilitation?fbclid=IwAR3XgeZDv5Ug_g3kVT3AtwqkVbS_lkxIXjgOqmMTGQgJ5jMiJBtCPA_xmLQ   https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/16/us/notre-dame-rebuild-louisiana-churches-trnd/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0B5T7fyg2iRbwhXFyMsZkwqd0TkgcapY-tvwjAo4hU-R8_J0aK0zSvEas   https://www.blackpressusa.com/chairwoman-waters-introduces-bill-to-end-homelessness-in-america/?fbclid=IwAR2SL-z3yhzTxek5mFiN2PHIm9f_SbkTcwj1ebpZxJJdfmdQDQ2JiFL3mLk
26/04/1959m 40s

Reunited and It Feels SO Good (Nnekay is Back! Captain Marvel, Michelle Yeoh, Preeclamsia, C-Sections, Pete Buttigieg)

We have returned to form because Nnekay has returned from her maternity leave. First we gotta thank all the wonderful guest hosts that helped James hold down the fort while Nnekay was away. What a gift! Next up, it's just some casual chit chat time with the wonder twins of podcasting, talking pop culture! Then Nnekay catches us up on what has been happening in her life! All the good and the grit, then we wrap things up with a quick splash of politics! It's a good one ya'll!   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
19/04/1959m 58s

Homecoming (Democrats 2020, Twitter, Lori Lightfoot, The Black Church, Madonna, Ben Randle, Robyn)

We welcome back Ben Randle to the korner, as it’s technically his second time back, but due to some traveling and a technology mixup years ago, this is the first time you listeners are going to be entreated to his brilliance! It’s a Minority Korner Homecoming, for James and guest co-host Ben Randle as they sit in the very theater in San Francisco, at New Conservatory Theater Center where their friendship first started as they went on to work with each other, live with each other, and have super soul conversations together.  Ben is fresh off the heels of winning the prestigious Drama League Fellowship- next stop broadway. With Ben around, it's a politics gab sesh, as we dive into a deep dive into the current political landscape. Ben leads an eye opening conversation on how the very visible Democrats on twitter are not the same as the democrats in the electorate, which would account for why we are, and have in the past seen different polls and results than what we might see on our echoey twitter fees and media. James looks into the recent election of Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s first openly Lesbian Mayor, in this landmark election, it was the Black church that got her elected, but how does this hold up with some of their conservative values? How did this happen? Is this a change in the Black Church (which is not the Black Community as a whole)? Plus Ben says Robyn was the best concert he ever went to, all this and more!  Nnekay's back next week!  LINKS:  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/04/08/upshot/democratic-electorate-twitter-real-life.html?fbclid=IwAR1ZqwZS0suzec2CLtwjSi7FoN03MF_sGUecT2CqPIpViXXyWG4KgDgmtGs https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/07/us/chicago-gay-woman-mayor-black-church/index.html?no-st=1555051017 https://www.theguardian.com/world/commentisfree/2019/apr/06/lori-lightfoot-chicago-mayor-criticism-progressive-record https://www.advocate.com/politics/2019/4/02/lori-lightfoot-has-become-chicagos-first-lesbian-mayor   FOLLOW BEN RANDLE:  TW:@BRandleTheatre IG: BRandle Theatre http://www.benrandle.com/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#QDqtHqlzjLpHvzDb.99  
12/04/191h 4m

FYBY: For You, By You (Reading Glasses, Ask Minority Korner Anything, Us, LatinX, Digital Blackface, South Africa, Appropriation, Book Recommendations)

You, the Korner Kids, are driving the episode this week! Mail Call! Flying solo this week, James dips into the Minority Korner mail bag. James navigates learning how to run the show solo, and still manages to go into tangent city, and seems to spook himself talking about 'Us'. We get letters from around the world, and James attempts to answer questions like: what's the difference between Latino/Latina and Latinx? Who gets to tell who's stories? Naming your baby from a name that's not of your culture is that appropriation, digital blackface, and more! James manages to creep himself out throughout the episode. Then we jump over to Nnekay on Reading Glasses, as it's a Maximum Fun Crossover Event! It's like the Avengers but with books! Nnekay gives some amazing book recommendations, and how to give book recommendations to other people.  Reading Glasses Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
05/04/1959m 10s

In Bed W/ Steven LeMay (Maximum Fun Drive, Marriage Equality Under Attack, Female Illusionist, Drag Queens, Ru Paul, Project Runway, Ageism, The Cockettes)

It’s the last week of the Maximum Fun Drive - ya’ll have been rocking it, and Nnekay is back to ring in all the Maximum Fun Drive fun! We also have a special Guest Cohost Bay Area Legend Steven LeMay, star of the SF drag stage production of of Sex & the City, he’s been on Project Runway and he shares so many great insights especially into the evolution of drag, history of drag, ageism in the gay, and performance community, his thoughts on current Drag Queens and the popularity of mainstream Ru Paul’s drag race, along with his journey into finding himself as a “female illusionist”. James is taking you to court with 5 cases across the country that are dismantling marriage equality, and could get pushed up to the Supreme Court... or is it 6? James and Steven will debate about that. Plus politics, the election, and lots of fun, and Nnekay will be back to chime in to tell you how you can get involved in this year’s Maximum Fun Drive! Let’s do it! LINKS: https://www.thedailybeast.com/these-five-court-cases-could-change-the-future-of-lgbt-rights?ref=scroll https://www.huffpost.com/entry/michigan-lgbtq-adoptions-deal_n_5c9565aae4b057f7330addab https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-high-school-at-the-center-of-pennsylvanias-trans-bathroom-showdown Get involved with Maximum Fun Drive! Become a member or upgrade your membership: https://maximumfun.org/donate Follow Steven LeMay: IG: @chezlemay Shop at Steven's Store Retrofit vintage clothing: https://www.etsy.com/shop/retrofityourworld?ref=l2-shop-info-avatar&listing_id=664118158 http://www.retrofityourworld.com/ Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
29/03/191h 36m

Put a Ring On it! (Jennifer Covington, Maximum Fun Drive, Cults, Affirmative Action, MANKind Project, On My Block, Surviving R. Kelly, 5 Levels of Interaction, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar)

We are so chuffed for this weeks episode! It’s the Maximum Fun Drive and we have an action packed episode! Nnekay will be joining throughout the episode in our Maxim Fun Drive segments. We have returning to Minority Korner Jennifer Covington, self help guru, extraordinary and host of Shine on Sista Podcast. With all the hard hitting documentary series what makes a series like Leaving Neverland, Surviving R. Kelly, or My Strange Addiction, helpful and when is it just voyeuristic? What makes a cult a cult- how to know you’re in one, and why Jen and James might be susceptible to cults. Remember hit Netflix show “on My Block”? ... We kind of do. We remember enjoying it but can’t remember what it was about- but it’s BACK! Jen leads us through a great conversation about the 5 Levels of Interaction she learned at a seminar by the MANKind Project, and these tips will help you navigate this debate filled world, and how to use your power and privilege. With the college admissions scandal plaguing our psyche’s James focuses in on the real scandal: White Affirmative Action. It’s a thing! Plus gay prime minister Leo Varadkar, visits... Mike Pence? Whaaaaat?  All this and more on this special episode of Minority Korner: Maximum Fun Drive edition! LINKS: https://www.theroot.com/government-study-school-is-racist-1825014607 https://www.theroot.com/separate-and-unequal-the-real-education-scandal-is-ame-1833273732?fbclid=IwAR02-3q7Ag8AiBz7xfYMF5sUY6QRSV1Im81vTANRyer_wtHSc2js4mjLsD8 https://www.huffpost.com/?icid=hjx004  https://phys.org/news/2015-03-african-americans-elite-college-degrees-advantage.html http://www.newnownext.com/irish-prime-minister-leo-varadkar-presidential-visit-mike-pence/03/2019/?fbclid=IwAR02bNAKl1tkGn76t-uSyUhmTZ_m81tPHZY2z453CpIm7F4EEP8Devj6ewk Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#vQj4hU7vBAxM36QO.99 FOLLOW JEN: Facebook: www.facebook.com/JenniferCovingtonFanPage/ Instagram: instagram.com/therealjcov/ Website: www.JenniferCovington.com
22/03/191h 18m

Our Childhood is in Retrograde (Glory Mora, Captain Marvel, Leaving Neverland, Brazillian Activist/Politician Marielle Franco, Madame C. J. Walker, Will Smith, Astrology Korner)

Glory is back in the copilot seat, and James catches her up on what a Captain Marvel is, and his thoughts on this groundbreaking movie, and why these dude trolls be trollin- don't straight dudes like women? Kuddos to Rotten Tomatoes and other platforms who are changing their systems to combat Trollism. James just finished watching Finidng Neverland, thank God Oprah had a one hour special to help him unpack it, and Glory who hasn’t seen it yet, we'll just say things stop getting pretty funny and they get into an impassioned debate, which of course this is very triggering stuff that we’re bringing to light, and probably will be for a long time as we continue to have in depth conversations about abuse, and believing survivors, healing, and stopping the cycle of abuse. In honor of women’s history month James is celebrating the late activist Marielle Franco of Brazil, a Black, lesbian, single mother politician who was assassinated a year ago, and Glory is giving us the low down on Black lady self made billionaire Madame C J Walker who was helping Black folks with their hair before it was taken over by white folks. Stick around to the end because we get in a conversation about Will Smith’s latest controversial casting around colorism, and I’m not talking about his blue roll. Also in a first ever we have Glory’s special Astrology Korner just for you because Mercury is in retrograde- or as we like to say: reset.   LINKS: https://afropunk.com/2018/08/politicians-are-involved-in-the-murder-of-brazilian-afro-feminist-activist-marielle-franco/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/18/marielle-franco-brazil-favelas-mourn-death-champion https://www.amnestyusa.org/press-releases/brazil-after-a-year-of-impunity-authorities-must-bring-marielle-francos-killers-to-justice/ Resources for those in need of help, counseling, or support from sexual assault: RAINN: https://www.rainn.org/ National Sexual Violence Resource Center: https://www.nsvrc.org/  What Therapist are Telling Trauma Survivors after Finding Neverland:  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/leaving-neverland-sexual-abuse-survivors_l_5c87fe51e4b0450ddae4ec62 Follow Glory Mora on IG: @gloryisprettyfunny Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
15/03/1957m 7s

What is Truth? W/Special Guest Samantha Nzessi (Hattie McDaniel, R. Kelly, Jussie Smullet, Finding Neverland, Masculinity, Green Book, Steve Harvey/Monique)

It's about to get real emotional and philosophical up in here as these two water signs jump into it. In the guest cohost spot from the MASkulinity Podcast we have Samantha Nzessi. Remember that governor who you thought was racist well it turns out his wife just might have him beat with her own flavor of racism. We discuss what is truth these days, do we care about facts- which leads us into a conversation about Jussie Smulllet- what the fuck happened!? Finding Neverland documentary, yikes, is this the end to Michael Jackson? We canceled R. Kelly after the 'Surviving R. Kelly' doc, are we willing to do the same to the King of Pop? First Black Oscar winner Hattie McDonald was a controversial figure in her time and still to this day. James dives into the history of this controversial figure, her history, and who she really was. You think you know... but you don't know! Is Steve Harvey yucking Monique's yum. Samantha takes us on a tour in a conversation around her podcasts main premise of masculinity. What is masculinity in our culture? What does it mean to be a man? How did we get to Trump? Where do we go with dealing with the culture of masculinity? Plus James saw Green Book- and he has notes- Samantha did not see it- and still has notes... just who was this fantasy reconstructing of racism for?  Links:  https://ew.com/oscars/2018/02/22/hattie-mcdaniel-first-black-oscar-winner-legacy/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPhyaisW7CE   Samantha Nzessi: @samanthal_n MASkulinity Podcast: http://maskulinitypodcast.libsyn.com/ @maskulinitypod Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
08/03/191h 8m

Literally in a Korner w/ Teresa Attridge (Reparations, Model Minority, Marie Kondo, Desexualization of Asian Men/Over Sexualization of Asian Women, Avenue Q, Interracial Relationships)

This week we are literally recording in a korner! We have actress Teresa Attridge stepping into the guest co host spot while Nnekay is still out on maternity leave, and as our first Asian American guest (sorry it took so long)  we have so much to talk about! Is it time to rethink Avenue Q? Is it dated? Is everyone REALLY a bit racist? Terasa weighs in on interracial relationships and how she's navigated it. Also, she breaks down the model minority myth, it’s history where it came from along with the desexualization of Asian men, and over sexualization of Asian women. She shares her theories on how those in power weaponize our differences against each other, why younger Asian Americans are drawn towards black/hip hop culture, the Black/Asian divide, and so much more! Plus we get her thoughts on Marie Kondo. But first I dive into the case for Reparations: It’s about fucking time ya’ll and we could be the generation to do it!  I break down it's history, precedents of it happening before inside the US and out, the continued growing wealth gap, what it might look like, and why it is so necessary if we are ever going to have true healing in America.    LINKS:  https://www.themarshallproject.org/2018/08/26/three-strikes-didn-t-work-it-s-time-to-pay-reparations https://solidarity-us.org/atc/87/p1637/ https://qz.com/1012692/this-is-what-reparations-could-actually-look-like-in-america/ https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/reparations-african-americans-un https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/reparations-black-americans-slavery_us_56c4dfa9e4b08ffac1276bd7   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
01/03/191h 17m

We Need a Black History Month Redux (Take that Blackface Off)! W/ Guest CoHost Angélique Roché (Blackfacepalooza, JLO at the Grammy's, Something Good- Negro Kiss, Black Buffy, Boomerang Reboot)

We've got the fabulous Angélique Roché, a journalist, attorney, content creator, and communications professional focused on the intersections of activism, policy, politics, current events, and nerd and pop culture as seen on Marvel and SYFY Wire, and she makes herself right at home! We discuss JLO and the Grammy's (who thought it was ok for to give the Motown tribute). Angelique proposes we need to get a redux on Black History because it's been ruined between all the blackface, Liam Neeson, Kanye and more. James is assuming that if you're white you've probably done blackface at some point. And then these two blerds nerd out heavily on Charmed (old/new), and Buffy (old/potential reboot?). Who's more treacherous to cross- the Beyhive or the Babylon 5 hive? James walks us through the first ever on screen Black Kiss dating all the way back to 1895 and the importance and revolutionary act of Black love on the screen. Also in honor of our guest cohost we have new mics! Enjoy that new sound in your ear holes!  SOMETHING GOOD - NEGRO KISS https://www.theroot.com/tracing-black-love-in-film-unpack-that-1832530824 https://qz.com/quartzy/1496928/watch-the-first-ever-movie-kiss-with-an-african-american-couple/ Angélique Roché IG: @a_gelique https://www.angeliqueroche.com/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#JZCSwemBZuk8rO5V.99
22/02/191h 1m

A Therapeutic Bru Ha Ha w/Glory Mora (Stage Coach Mary, Robert Smalls, Cancel Culture, The Divine 9, Siempre Bruja, Braxton Family Values, Therapy, Star Signs)

This week on Minority Korner, for our first guest cohost filling in for our neighborhood librarian as she’s on maternity leave, we have the very hilarious New York based comedian Glory Mora and we have so much to talk about we dive into Cancel Culture, the right way to apologize for some past social media shit one shouldn’t have said, Glory catches me up on the drama on the Braxton family values, and why do we watch rich people fucking up their lives on TV? I watched Netflix’s Siempre Bruja which should be a win dealing with a witch in colonial slave time Columbia, but it is a misstep, and Glory is right at home as we go into tangent city. In the main events I am giving you the low down on 2 Black folks you probably haven’t heard about and that should become movies asap! One was a bad ass stagecoach driver, and the other an escaped pirate slave- and Glory will finish out the episode giving you the insight about the divine 9- the Black Fraternity and Sorority’s and some prominent members that hail from her very own sorority Zeta Phi Beta- and along the way Glory will be fact checking and letting us know everyone’s star sign! Also I give Glory some advice: don't ever let Baby Face manage your music career.  Stage Coach Mary https://www.history.com/news/meet-stagecoach-mary-the-daring-black-pioneer-who-protected-wild-west-stagecoaches Escaped Pirate Slave Robert Smalls https://www.pbs.org/wnet/african-americans-many-rivers-to-cross/history/which-slave-sailed-himself-to-freedom/ Follow Glory Mora on IG: @gloryisprettyfunny Twitter: @minoritykorner Ask Minority Korner Anything: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
15/02/191h 2m

Goop on a Mountain (Children's books featuring Native American Women, Janet Jackson Appreciation Day, Superbowl, Liam Neeson, Fyre Festival)

Hello Hello! This week we're kicking off February with some stories about white people being ridiculous... ahem Liam Neeson and his racist predatory past, and Governor Ralph Northam and his Blackface confessions. What is going on?! Gwyneth Paltrow is looking at a lawsuit by barreling down the mountain while skiing and taking out an old man, and James has two tickets to the next Fyre Festivalllllll! Is Nnekay going to take him up on that offer? In the Korners, Nnekay is bringing you another fab book list, this time covering Children's books with Native American and Indigenous Female leads! James will be revisiting the football protest in honor of Janet Jackson appreciation day aka the Superbowl. We end the show with an important announcement, so stick till the end!   Links!   https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=10365&fbclid=IwAR33AVp4J4n0cXAriIdIBoJf9-dEFTUvFStBCt7WQy1o9G6CZJzYjYzN4xg
08/02/191h 13m

Miss Mary Mack is Back! (State of the Que-union, Stacey Abrams, Celebrity Big Brother, Jussie Smollett, Tessa Thompson)

Did Miss Mary Mack die in that nursery rhyme? Or did James have a dark upbringing? Nnekay investigates! Before we get to the korners we''re talking Stacey Abram giving the response to the State of the Union representing the Democratic Party and what that means for the future of the party. Tessa Thompson is vowing to work for more female directors, and we dig in to a little Celebrity Big Brother and their complicated ass rules. James is leading this episode with a Korner called his State of the Que-Union... see what he did there? He's breaking down the state of affairs for the LGBTQ+ community, including the horrific racism and homophobia that Jussie Smollett endured in Chicago, plus Queer superheroes on the TV screen, will we have our first out gay Presidential contender? What is this new scientific finding, and California law around HIV that is potentially going to change the landscape for those living with the virus?    LINKS: Jussie Smollet https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/jussie-smollett-reportedly-hospitalized-in-chicago-foll-1832158963 Black Lightening https://www.afterellen.com/general-news/568929-thunder-first-black-lesbian-superhero-inspires-us-to-be-bold-interview Gay President Pete Buttigieg? https://www.queerty.com/fg-perv-president-homophobes-already-coming-openly-gay-2020-candidate-pete-buttigieg-20190124 GAY BARS https://www.queerty.com/no-gay-hook-apps-arent-killing-gay-bars-actually-far-complicated-20190127 HIV LAWS CHANGING IN CA https://www.latimes.com/politics/essential/la-pol-ca-essential-politics-updates-gov-brown-downgrades-from-felony-to-1507331544-htmlstory.html?fbclid=IwAR2YclIypBMKnfDHXGtsqfKxqjdrW0p-POrDiN-BiLfeulKJBgTuMyvxonw US GOVERNMENT DECLARES HIV UNTRANSMITTABLE IN UNDETECTABLE FOLKS https://www.queerty.com/niaid-joins-300-worldwide-health-agencies-say-hiv-untransmittable-undetectable-levels-20190111 https://www.queerty.com/5-reasons-hiv-undetectable-must-now-mean-uninfectious-20161220 Greta Garbo- Original Celesbian https://www.afterellen.com/movies/469931-greta-garbo-original-celesbian   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
01/02/191h 18m

Get Your Tambourine! (Black People and Horror Movies, Election Cycle Tips 2020, Kamala Harris, and Women's March)

Nnekay and James are a splashing around in the giggle pool reminiscing about Nnekay's wild weekend- first a guest spot on the live taping of Judge John Hodgeman at the legendary Castro Theater! Then a baby shower for what James' dubs The Bay Area's Baby! James managed to help plan the shower from across the country because that's what friends are for (Thanks Dionne). Next Up- We got a little incident of trolling going on James' facebook page, mostly surrounding Kamala Harris and her Presidential Bid... by you guessed it- Nnekay. The wonder twins break down what happened and how we got to that point. In the Korners- Nnekay talks about Black People in horror movies. Some good, some bad, some are Candyman. James then helps us all with some tips on how to survive and THRIVE this next Election Cycle of 2020. We also talk Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee.    Links!   https://www.vulture.com/article/horror-films-starring-people-of-color.html
25/01/191h 21m

A Mama Bear Episode That's Just Right (Breaking In Move Review, Aladdin Live Action Remake, Letitia Wright, ASMR, Iceman in the Closet, Aquaman, Searching)

Get ready for some hot winter hot topics! First up the wonder twins react to the the live action remake of Aladdin. James has the inside scoop because he's in the "industry", and is upset, but not because of the reason you think. From there the twins easily go on a Robyn Williams tangent, which brings up the question of just why is Sally Field triggering for James? Will Nnekay entreat us with some live music? James gives his hand at ASMR, could this be a new career for him?  Which actor dominated the box office last year? The sailor gay kiss around the world has conservatives in a TWIST! Do blue characters on kids shows tend to connotate blackness? Did Marvel try to push Iceman back into the closet??? Nnekay has a spoiler free review of Aquaman- it's ridiculous. James watched John Cho's suspense thriller Searching- and it's so good, you've never seen anything like it! Then for the main event we breakdown Gabrielle Union's "Breaking In". We watched it, so you don't have to! The New year, new us continues! LINKS:  https://www.themarysue.com/iceman-was-almost-put-back-into-the-closet-by-marvel/ http://www.newnownext.com/us-navy-gay-sailors-homecoming-kiss-jacksonville-florida/12/2018/?xrs=share_copy_email Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
18/01/191h 19m

New Year, New You, New Me, New Us (Some Environmental Positivity, Setting Your Goals for Your Life)

Starting this new year off fresh after a little break! We give some shout outs to some other great black hosted podcasts. What is this decade called? Is it the Teens? With a quick detour into Dreamgirls. James gives us some BTS aka behind the scenes to his cameo on CBS Access' show Tell Me A Story. Nnekay breaks into some rare environmental successes not to have us rest on our laurels, but to motivate us to keep going to save our planet. James wants to celebrate and highlight the Kwanza day: Nia- by highlighting and creating goals for the new year. Using some of the things he learned from the Tony Robins Conference- James breaks down some tactics on how move forward in 2019 with goals set and ready to kick ass!   Links!   https://earther.gizmodo.com/the-rare-environmental-victories-of-2018-1830780065     Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
11/01/191h 9m

Going Out With A Biz-ANG and Laying Down the Ground Work! (2018 Round Up, Van Jones, Black Maternal Mortality, Black Queens)

We start this episode off with a round up of all things 2018. Can you even believe it?!?!? Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians came out, the Olympics happened- this year has been a whirlwind! We got the wind knocked out of in 2017 and we persevered in 2018. We kicked our asses into gear and plan to continued to so in 2019. Nnekay and James share their hopes and dreams for the next year. With a little detour into why mud baths are annoying and James' trip to the Van Jones' Show. In the Korners- we have our two favorite from the past year: Nnekay's korner is from Episode 140 and is all about the epidemic plaguing our country: Black Maternal Mortality. James' Korner is from Episode 124 and is about Black Queens (four specifically)... remember Queen Candice!? Also a lot of questionable pronunciations. 
28/12/181h 25m

The Annual 'You Got Kwanzaa'd!" Special (Kwanzaa, Choir Boy on Broadway, Cleopatra, Mowgli)

We have united in person for Kwanzaa, and James' Kwanzaa hormones are going! So, it's time to dust out our annual Kwanzaa special, because whether you're a new or longtime listener you may have forgotten how to celebrate! Plus we jump in between the segments to add in some new insights, retrospectives, tangents, and giggles. We'll be there to guide you through our Kwanzaa spectacular! But before we get into the gist of it James has a recommendation of a Black, Queer, Gospel, broadway musical "Choir Boy". The wonder twins also rehash the history of British pop group Cleopatra who were comin' atcha. So first how well do you know Kwanzaa? We'll take a quiz sponsored by PBS. Then we jump back into it and discuss Mowgli on Netflix, which Disney's live action Jungle Book she ain't, and James has impressions to show the difference. We also give tips on how to celebrate Kwanzaa if you're far away from your family. So then we jump back into the special and James talks about it's history, importance, meanings, and walks you through the days, and then Nnekay will walk you through how you can celebrate this beautiful holiday celebrating African American Awesomeness.  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Don't know remember Cleopatra:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_ZoJHCefY4    
21/12/181h 26m

Don't You Double Down! (Ryan Murphy, Kevin Hart, PETA, Sabrina, State of Gay Rights Around the Globe)

James is driving the ship this week, while Nnekay takes to being in that passenger side with ease! We got one korner, but man is it a korner! Back from the OutRight International Out Summit on global activism- James is MOTIVATED to talk about LBGTQ issue that are happening all over this beautiful glob we got. More specifically, he's going to focus on India's Article 377 and the the ripple effect of change it has had on many other countries. Lets decolonize and change legislation to be less homophobia and to provide liberty for truly all! We also get into chats about Kevin Hart's fuck up... yet again.  How Ryan Murphy is effecting change, Why some music videos really irked us... and why you gotta have us pay Vulture? You a BLOG! 
14/12/181h 13m

:-/ (Mexico Repatriation, The Tainos, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Scarlet Witch, Kevin Hart)

We got a frown town of an episode for you guys this week- but don't fret! We're still going to bring the entertainment! Both Korners this week are covering things you might not have learned in school- Nnekay is tackling when the US blamed the loss of jobs on Mexicans taking them and started to deport anyone who had Mexican heritage... including US Citizens... sounds familiar....welp this happened during the Great Depression. James is covering the Taino people, their culture, where they existed and thrived before Christopher Columbus and his destructive ass decided to come stopping into town. We also cover Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Sexual Misconduct, Kevin Hart and his racist dated birthday parties, Scarlet Witch getting the short stick, Barbara Lee being scammed against, and the Manhattan Young Democrats loosing it's POC leadership. Let's head into it!   Links!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Repatriation   https://digitalcommons.pace.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://en.wikipedia.org/&httpsredir=1&article=1147&context=plr   https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2015/09/08/437579834/mass-deportation-may-sound-unlikely-but-its-happened-before   https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/03/americas-brutal-forgotten-history-of-illegal-deportations/517971/   https://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/education/2006-04-04-history-books_x.htm   https://www.dailynews.com/2012/02/21/la-county-board-of-supervisors-to-issue-formal-apology-over-mexican-repatriation/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
07/12/181h 10m

Get Your Side Gaze On! (California's Indigenous Genocide, Celebrity Side Eye, The Lion King, Thanksgiving, Gina Rodriguez, Ellen Pompeo)

This week you better have your eyes lubricated because we are side eyeing EVERYTHANG- from California and it's horrible history of the genocide of Indigenous People, to a certain celebrity who just keeps fucking up! But before we get to the korners James is super excited about A Star Is Born, and Nnekay joins in on the the questionable reason as to why we even need another Lion King, is this one even "live action"? The duo also talk about when to have tough conversations with people- James gives examples and Nnekay gives more examples as to why the many tiny mistreatment of black women in the medical field could lead to Black Maternal Mortality. Let's get to it!   Links!   https://www.history.com/news/californias-little-known-genocide http://endgenocide.org/learn/past-genocides/native-americans/ https://www.history.com/topics/native-american-history/wounded-knee https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/pre-colonial-history/taino-indigenous-caribbeans/  https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/meet-gina-rodriguez-the-latina-actress-who-refuses-to-1830640955   https://madamenoire.com/1042162/gina-rodriguez-black-women/   https://fierce.wearemitu.com/things-that-matter/gina-rodriguez-latina-power-photo-race/   http://remezcla.com/film/gina-rodriguez-annihilation-premiere-los-angeles/   https://hiplatina.com/gina-rodriguez-erases-black-women-in-recent-interview/   https://twitter.com/hereisgina/status/895831108369096704?lang=en   https://atlantablackstar.com/2018/02/21/actress-gina-rodriguez-gets-much-needed-history-lesson-trying-sugarcoat-rape-erasure-african-people-latin-america/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
30/11/181h 16m

GO SIT ON A PILE OF BRICKS! (Making Black Friday BLACK, Bubonic Plague, Shanice, Kerry Washington, Widows)

We hope all of you are full off of the feast from the previous day! Now we have a FEAST for your earholes! Nnekay will be making Black Friday actually Black, by giving you guys some black owned businesses to do all your holiday shopping with! James has dusted off our friend the Quizlet Korner... this time it's all about the Bubonic Plague... of course there is a twist. But before that we get into what Shanice is up too, other than smiling and liking our smiles, notes about American Son staring Kerry Washington on Broadway, kick ass Viola Davis in Widows, and Marianne Williamson!    Links!   https://www.walkerslegacy.com/31-woman-of-color-owned-businesses-to-support-this-holiday-season/     https://www.forbes.com/sites/geristengel/2017/08/30/how-the-toy-industry-opens-the-door-to-innovative-women/#331049f74ce1   https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/black-owned-business-gift-guide_us_5845c758e4b028b32338ab43   https://imgur.com/gallery/NZI74   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
23/11/181h 22m

Celebrate Good Times with a Little YES! (Stan Lee, Homecoming, Shanice, Ace of Base, Emojis, Tony Robbins, Sam Esmail, Jaden Smith, Neo Nazis)

We kick things off with a giggle, in a burning search for where is Shanice? We may not have answers but we got questions! James has some info about 90's pop group Ace of Base... and we'll just say you'll never listen to them the same again. James sounds like a party girl but not for the reasons you think- he was off drinking the empowerment kool-aid at the Tony Robbins conference Unleash the Power Within. But what's up with all these Nazi's on the rise from high school to video games- how can we stop this madness? Does Jaden Smith have a boyfriend- and is he being a TERRIBLE boyfriend? One of the wonder twins' face can be seen on ads, and billboards around New York State- get covered ya'll! In the main event James takes a look at the life of visionary Stan Lee, who recently passed away, who was an advocate for civil rights and equality as shown through his diverse comic book characters, empowering folks of all different backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and beyond all around the world. Continuing on the celebration train, Nnekay is here to tell us about how dope Sam Esmail is in his diversity in casting in Homecoming with Julia Roberts on Amazon Prime and Mr. Robot. Phew! It's a whole lot of episode so get ready for the fun!   LINKS https://www.theroot.com/wisconsin-boys-take-prom-photo-giving-nazi-salute-inte-1830391879   https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/xwjxdq/stan-lee-was-a-true-ally-for-people-of-color   https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/11/12/stan-lee-comic-books-superheroes-justice-diversity-good-hero-column/1981744002/   https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/stan-lee-photos-marvel-comics_us_5be9e7d9e4b044bbb1a77969   https://www.history.com/news/stan-lee-x-men-civil-rights-inspiration   https://www.queerty.com/jaden-smith-tyler-creator-no-longer-boyfriends-20181114   https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/11/stan-lee-marvel-comics-legacy-jack-kirby-steve-ditko   https://www.vox.com/2016/2/23/11098942/stan-lee-death-marvel-legacy   https://www.tonyrobbins.com/events/unleash-the-power-within/los-angeles/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WJSdpE-sJQ   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#ipwOZPO5bgS0IjYB.99
16/11/181h 14m

With Some Knowledge, Funnies, and Research (2018 Midterm Elections, Les Moonves, Idris Elba, Janet Jackson)

We got your full on 2018 Midterm Election Breakdown for you! The highs, the lows, and the continual fight to make sure this country's democracy can stay afloat. Also we're getting you pumped and ready for the 2020 election. We can't loose steam, peoples! But before we get to the main event, James has a SCOOP for Nnekay- Are we talking about Nipplegate, again? Maybe... ok yes... but the details might enlighten and surprise you. Nnekay has a scoop too... but it's not what you guys might think it is.    Links!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrqRYSvfwhQ   https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/juliareinstein/historic-firsts-midterm-elections     https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/midterm-elections-voting-rights_us_5be27da6e4b0dbe871a47ce0 https://www.theroot.com/winners-and-losers-from-the-2018-elections-1830285046 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mission-accomplished-for-democrats-but-not-without-disappointment_us_5be26965e4b0dbe871a45dc7 https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/07/politics/historic-firsts-midterms/index.html   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
09/11/181h 14m

VOTE! Cause Things are Spooky AF! (Birthright citizenship, Jair Bolsonaro, Stacey Abrams, W. Kamau Bel, Rep John Lewis)

Halloween might be over, but is this a spook ass episode! But first! We're talking about James' new flirtation with fame! Stacey Abram and her monumental race in Georgia, her celeb supporters and how The View is helping her spread the news about voter suppression. We're also talking about how Kanye might be leaving politics behind... PHEW! In the Korners Nnekay is talking about Trump and his bullshit, this week it's his threat of removing Birthright Citizenship, the 14th Amendment plays into this, what can, and what can't happen. James breaks down the new spread of fascism in Brazil with the election of Jair Bolsonaro- who is blatantly sexist, homophobic, racist, and in favor of dictatorships... that's just the tip of the iceberg. Shutter... Don't forget to vote on the 6th, everyone!!!   Links!    https://www.colorlines.com/articles/can-trump-really-end-birthright-citizenship https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/30/us/politics/trump-birthright-citizenship.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jair-bolsonaro-brazil-election-media_us_5bd769f4e4b07427610a36de https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jair-bolsonaro-brazil-trump-matteo-salvini-far-right_us_5bd746d4e4b055bc948efebc https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/brazil-election-jair-bolsonaro-fascist_us_5bd1f3ece4b0a8f17ef57eee https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/john-lewis-mike-pompeo-bolsonaro-brazil-election_us_5bd3a7a9e4b0d38b5883829f Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
02/11/181h 19m

CC Me! CC Me! (Fighting Back Against The Memo, Transgender Rights, Megyn Kelly, Blackface, Halloween)

This week Nnekay and James are fighting back against the awful memo that was passed around to major agencies in our government about the definition of gender. Before we get to the main event, James and Nnekay wonder... is Halloween still fun? Speaking of Halloween, Megyn Kelly has some questions about costumes as well, specifically Blackface. Let's just say she's WRONG in her opinions. Luke Cage and Iron Fist are getting cancelled, which makes James wonder if Disney has something up it's sleeves- James also elaborates on his newest obsession: DocuDramas! James kicks of the first korner by explaining what this memo is all about, and how it can impact the lives of Transgender and Gender Non Conforming people. James also gives tips on how we can fight back against this hateful ass memo and what we can uplift and support each other. Nnekay takes the baton by giving more tips on self preservation for POC transgender and gender non conforming people. She also gives a trusty dusty list of books that celebrate and lift up the voices of those apart of the community. Also did James manage to get yelled at by George Takei? I think you know the answer.      Links!   https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/21/us/politics/transgender-trump-administration-sex-definition.html https://transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/resources/Ally-Guide-July-2016_0.pdf https://www.queerty.com/antigay-gubernatorial-candidates-campaign-no-comment-recent-grindr-activity-20181012 https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2018/10/23/stop-trump-lgbtq-americans-must-do-more-vote https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QQOERH8aGSrxjvByLGgcV31YsHC-g_olRC5h8aCevJk/edit?ts=5bbfed86&utm_source=%23TurnThisThingAround+7-Day+Challenge&utm_campaign=ef71f65300-liz%40lizkimball.com&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b8a56daff3-ef71f65300-230127185&mc_cid=ef71f65300&mc_eid=bb34910e4f     https://www.colorlines.com/articles/practical-poc-tips-fighting-trump-administrations-latest-assault-trans-people   https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2018/10/23/toward-creating-a-trans-literary-canon/?fbclid=IwAR0cnl3zWzUoWxS4Ywrkk_9C-ey-oEvFEWJp4yQ4TnA40o2DXiH6GaIYWTk Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
25/10/181h 18m

It's A Pop Culture and A Movie Review! (Nappily Ever After, Cher, Cornerstore Caroline, The Hate U Give, Dirty Money, Active Measures, Putin, Birds of Prey)

We start this episode off by talking about our legends and their Twitter personas. Cher = good, while Bette Midler... surprisingly NOT. Taylor Swift is coming up roses, while Kanye shows us his ass and his simple iPhone code. We got another false accusation from a white woman blaming a NINE year old boy of sexual assault... WHAT?! Wahooooo casting news for Birds of Prey. James breaks down two important documentaries you should check out: Dirty Money and Active Measures- Trump is just the puppet and Putin is a dangerous form KGB mastermind who must be stopped. For the Main event we got a Minority Korner Movie Review about Netflix RomCom (?) Nappily Ever After starring the fabulous Sanaa Lathan ... was it good? You'll just have to listen to find out. We also have a quickie review of The Hate U Give.  See James perform at the Broadway Comedy Club, Sat Oct 27th @6pm! Make your reservation for VIP Tickets: 212-252-2369 Run For Something Candidates:  https://runforsomething.net/candidates/   https://swingleft.org/     Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
19/10/181h 4m

POCs, and LGBTs...on TV and Queer the Vote! (Asian-American Actors on TV, Queer Politicians, Blackkklansmen, Melania's Racist Fashion, and Starbucks)

Coming in strong with the duo discuss what they recently viewed! Nnekays talks about seeing Spike Lee's Blackklansman  move, and James was inspired by Notorious RBG. James also had an interesting experience with a woman in Starbucks... should we yearn for the better days of the 1950s? Nah. What the hell is Melania wearing and what historical implications does it have. Hint: it's not good. Nnekay talks about all the new and exciting Asian and Asian-American actors on Fall TV Premiers. James wants us to Queer the Vote, but highlighting some LGBTQ politicians running this coming November!      Links! http://blog.angryasianman.com/2018/09/all-asians-on-tv-fall-2018-series.html    QUEER CANDIDATES TO VOTE FOR: https://www.shondaland.com/act/a22061885/lgbt-candidates-midterm-election-2018/   Run For Something Candidates:  https://runforsomething.net/candidates/   https://swingleft.org/     Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
12/10/181h 9m

Vote and Read For Your LIFE! (Midterms or Bust!, Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael More, Children's Books on Consent, Jane Fonda, Insecure)

Insecure just ended it's season and the duo can barely believe it. Give that show more episodes, dammit! James watched the HBO documentary on Jane Fonda and was reminded why he loved her so much. Such an amazing life! Nnekay could relate since she watched the recent Quincy Jones Documentary. It's wonderful to honor our heroes while they are alive. Nnekay found a new video game called Supreme Courtship... about dating justices... which is as problematic as you would think it is. In the Korners- James is Getting us pumped for this November with ALL the facts on why it is truly important and necessary to make sure we all get out there and VOTE. He breaks down the Michael Moore Film 11/9 and how this could be the possible end to our democracy. Nnekay has a another great book list for you- this time on how to teach your children about consent and help curb toxic masculinity. Let's get to it!!!      https://kotaku.com/video-game-about-dating-supreme-court-justices-has-a-di-1829443069     https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/07/09/five-ways-republicans-beat-democrats-2018-elections-congress-column/759931002/ https://www.shondaland.com/act/a14765925/helping-with-2018-midterm-elections/ https://www-popsugar-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.popsugar.com/news/How-Get-Involved-Midterm-Elections-45138311/amp?amp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQICAEoATgAWAE%3D#origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&prerenderSize=1&visibilityState=prerender&paddingTop=54&p2r=0&horizontalScrolling=0&csi=1&aoh=15384121715696&viewerUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Famp%2Fs%2Fwww.popsugar.com%2Fnews%2FHow-Get-Involved-Midterm-Elections-45138311%2Famp&history=1&storage=1&cid=1&cap=swipe%2CnavigateTo%2Ccid%2Cfragment%2CreplaceUrl http://time.com/5389711/black-women-voters-2018-midterms/ Learning voter registration guides in yoru city: https://vote.gov/ https://www.rockthevote.org/action-center/host-your-own-event/ https://ballotpedia.org/Sample_Ballot_Lookup      http://www.booksforlittles.com/toxic-masculinity/    https://www.amazon.com/Tough-Guys-Have-Feelings-Too/dp/1909263664/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1511285349&sr=8-1&keywords=tough+guys+feelings&linkCode=sl1&tag=booksforlittles-20&linkId=245dbbd4aa5511fbfe2209dd0d6d6994   https://www.amazon.com/Real-Cowboys-Kate-Hoefler/dp/0544148924/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1511285342&sr=8-1&keywords=real+cowboys&linkCode=sl1&tag=booksforlittles-20&linkId=e9d098258b0157e77856effde67b255b    https://www.amazon.com/Like-When/dp/0152056491/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1511284468&sr=8-1&keywords=i+like+it+when&linkCode=sl1&tag=booksforlittles-20&linkId=b47f079afb09ca6a5b35ceb6c340429e   https://www.amazon.com/Elwood-Bigfoot-Wanted-Birdie-Friends/dp/1454908793/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1511760503&sr=8-1&keywords=elwood+bigfoot&linkCode=sl1&tag=booksforlittles-20&linkId=ee2fed2ed9f0600f91b240b3b8881ef2   https://www.amazon.com/Little-Robot-Ben-Hatke/dp/1626720800/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1511285810&sr=8-1&keywords=little+robot+hatke&linkCode=sl1&tag=booksforlittles-20&linkId=f5117a710175fd1006a2104ca029456d    Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
05/10/181h 17m

Double tha Kornerz (Gullah Geechee Nation/People, Voter Fraud, American Conspiracies, Teen Vogue)

We got a jam packed episode for ya'lls! James hosted a Bar Mitzvah, will the kids think he's cool? What's up with our girl, Tessa Thompson... she's up to something cool movie wise. Nnekay covers the Gullah Geechee Nation and it's people- it's history might surprise you! James covers voter fraud and how it's not a conspiracy theory, but a straight up conspiracy. We also cover Mark Cherry, Zoe Kravitz... also what the hell is going on with Facebook TV.   Links!   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/read-black-homeowners-gullah-geechee-islands-could-lose-land-after-florence   gullahgeechenation.com https://www.gullahgeecheecorridor.org/thegullahgeechee/   https://www.theroot.com/america-s-biggest-conspiracy-theory-is-real-the-racist-1828691528   https://www.theroot.com/40-years-after-the-tuskegee-syphilis-study-the-legal-f-1795132167   http://www.msnbc.com/all/eugenic-sterilization-victims-belated-justice   https://www.cbsnews.com/news/secret-cold-war-tests-in-st-louis-cause-worry/ Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#Z3UJo4THgjGwKSQ0.99 Read more at http://minoritykorner.libsyn.com/#pUTdORe8Qus9fVBB.99
28/09/181h 8m

Look At Dem Crotchety Twins (Emmys, Back 2 Skool Quizlette, Viola Davis, Bert and Ernie, Julie Chen, Oscar Issac, Captain Marvel, Cynthia Nixon)

These wonder twins sure are cranky! Some might even say Crotchety! Not really, though! They're here to first discuss the Emmy's which neither of them watched- and dive into a deep discussion as to where IS the line between being PC and comedy. Next up, something they both did see: Captain Marvel Trailer. Whew Lawd this looks good! Also was it weird for Vulture Magazine to feature a story about Soon-Yi Previn written by one of Woody Allen's friend? On to the main event- It's QUIZLETTE Time, Back 2 Skool edition. James guides Nnekay through some of the hottest topics including, Violas Davis and The Help, Bi-Pride Parade, Julie Chen... Moonves, Bert and Ernie being lovers, Anita Hill the hero, Cynthia Nixon, and... Helen Keller? Don't forget to check out James at Caroline's on Broadway   See James Stand Up Set at Caroline's on Broadway in NYC, Sept 24th at 7pm. Get $5 tickets by calling and reserving your spot and calling 212.757.4100.   "All The Sex I Want" a new Asexual play, September 29th at 8pm $10 Donations: https://www.nationalqueertheater.com/productions      Links! Viola Davis https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/11/movies/viola-davis-interview-widows-toronto-film-festival.html Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett- the choke https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/09/tom-arnold-mark-burnett-got-fist-fight-donald-trump/ BOO to James Comey https://www.themarysue.com/comey-miniseries/ Oscar Isaac https://www.queerty.com/oscar-isaacs-latest-take-star-wars-character-gay-fans-going-hyperspace-20180911 Transgender models- Marcos Marcos all models https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/09/34-models-slayed-runway-marco-marcos-100-transgender-fashion-show/?utm_source=queerty&utm_medium=directlink&utm_campaign=directlink&utm_content=34+models+slayed+the+runway+in+Marco+Marco%E2%80%99s+100%25+transgender+fashion+show Bert and Ernie https://www.queerty.com/exclusive-bert-ernie-couple-finally-answer-20180916 Rapper’s mid life https://www.queerty.com/rapper-says-mid-life-crises-caused-make-amateur-gay-x-rated-film-20180911 Anita Hill and the New York Times’ Opinion Piece https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/18/opinion/anita-hill-brett-kavanaugh-clarence-thomas.html?action=click&module=Ribbon&pgtype=Article Voter Fraud https://www.theroot.com/america-s-biggest-conspiracy-theory-is-real-the-racist-1828691528 Samantha Bee- voter experience app https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/samantha-bee-app-gamify-midterms-crashed_us_5b9a0eb7e4b05092ceed2ecd McDonalds- https://www.themarysue.com/mcdonalds-metoo/ Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller out of history in some parts of Texas https://www.theroot.com/ny-gov-cuomos-cannabis-policy-will-leave-black-people-1829005682?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=The_Root_facebook   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#Z3UJo4THgjGwKSQ0.99
21/09/181h 16m

The Last Dregs of Summer (Dragones de Ciudad Trujillo, Gender & Sexuality Terminology, Omarosa, and Fire Island)

Coming hot from a jam packed weekend in Fire Island James has notes on... the Hunger Game movies? The duo talk about these movies, also some how Omarosa manages to squeeze herself back into the fray with their conversation as well. Nnekay takes us back with the story of the Dominican Republic's baseball team Dragones de Ciudad Trujillo- created by 1937 dictator Rafael Trujillo. A team while created in a time of fascism still managed to treat black baseball players better than the United States. James investigates the difference between various terms that we might have misused in past episodes: Pansexual, Bisexual, and Sexually Fluid. We're here to grow just like everyone else!      Links:   https://www.avclub.com/in-1937-a-dictator-assembled-a-baseball-team-for-the-a-1823978045     https://bisexual.org/?qna=what-is-the-difference-between-bisexual-and-terms-like-pansexual-polysexual-omnisexual-ambisexual-and-fluid   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#Asukdprzs5OKCHHy.99   https://www.slideshare.net/joshhopper1447/pansexuality-bisexuality-and-genderfluidity-powerpoint
14/09/181h 13m

Respect For Anita (Anita Hill, Colin Kaepernick, Nike, Whitney Houston)

Reeling from the outrage about Kaepernick's feature in Nike's new campaign, the duo discusses... is Nike doing good or is it more complicated than that?! Also they are dissecting Whitney Houston's documentary, the tragedy that she went through and why we gotta give her more respect. The main korner for the show is Anita Hill, the precursor to the #metoo movement, James breaks down everything we might not know or have forgotten about her story and everything she went through during the confirmation of Clarence Thomas. Also- who's a better actor Whitney Houston or Halle Berry?        Links! https://www.theroot.com/anita-hill-on-the-weinstein-scandal-this-type-of-shit-1819484276 https://www.theroot.com/what-has-been-the-impact-of-anita-hill-1790866460 http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/02/the-case-for-impeaching-clarence-thomas.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/anita-hill-and-her-1991-congressional-defenders-to-joe-biden-you-were-part-of-the-problem/2017/11/21/2303ba8a-ce69-11e7-a1a3-0d1e45a6de3d_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8786a334055e   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
07/09/181h 13m

American As ABBA Pie (Mama Mia, Cher, Black Maternal Mortality Rates, Hoteps)

Feeling inspired by Mama Mia: Here We Go Again, James tries out some new vocal impressions to the joy...? Chagrin... of Nnekay. Next up, the duo deconstruct HBO's Insecure, the ups and down of all three seasons and where they think they the show should head towards. In Nnekay's Korner- she tackles the national crisis of Black Maternal Mortality rates. What is happening to theses women and their babies! It's incredibly important information for all of us and hopefully highlight some of the women taking action to help fix it. We round out the episode with James breaking down Hoteps, what they are and how they are detrimental. ALSO we got a BIG BIG MK Surprise!!!   Links!   https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/11/magazine/black-mothers-babies-death-maternal-mortality.html   https://www.cnn.com/2017/11/15/health/black-women-maternal-mortality/index.html   https://www.propublica.org/article/nothing-protects-black-women-from-dying-in-pregnancy-and-childbirth    https://mic.com/articles/190906/sen-kamala-harris-introduces-bill-to-fight-black-maternal-health-disparities-heres-what-to-know#.ITUEmMoYQ   https://sistersong.nationbuilder.com/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
01/09/181h 15m

WE HAVE NOTES (Crazy Rich Asians, Janet Jackson in Harlem, Jury Duty, Althea Gibson)

This week we're coming in hot and energized from seeing Crazy Rich Asians! Holy Moly is this a film! Next up, James has some notes for Harlem and their tributes for Janet Jackson... should they be pouring money into the art programs for the kids? He says yes. Nnekay brings us to a little tid bit of information involving Tupac and Trump... what?! In the Korners- James details his trials with the judicial system after he's been received the prestigious role of First Juror. He also covers the ins, outs, and bias of the court system and why Jury duty is so important. Nnekay dabbles with a little history korner with a profile on Althea Gibson and how she opened the for for the Williams Sisters and other tennis players of color. Links! JURY DUTY:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew-guthrie-ferguson/why-jury-duty-is-a-charac_b_8004734.html https://www.lambdalegal.org/blog/20180802_civil-rights-orgs-urge-8th-circuit-to-accept-appeal-of-man-sentenced-to-death-because-hes-gay?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=button http://www.apa.org/monitor/mar01/jurorbias.aspx https://today.duke.edu/2012/04/jurystudy ALTHEA GIBSON:  https://www.colorlines.com/articles/tbt-althea-gibson-became-first-black-wimbledon-champion-60-years-ago Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
24/08/181h 19m

Comin' In Singin' (Aretha Franklin, Blackkklansman, Latin America Writers, WOC writers, James Baldwin)

Warning! We recorded this episode earlier in the week before the passing of the great Aretha Franklin. We mean in no way to pay disrespect, and pay great homage to how she pathed the way for future generations of black artist and people to live their truth. Off the bat the wonder twins talking about the queen of soul herself, Aretha Franklin, sending prayers for her and talking about some of  her past controversies. James saw Spike Lee's newest film Blackkklansman and give a spoiler free review. In Nnekay's korner- she's got a booklist for you! This time she is giving you books from Latin American literary cannon that will help you diversity the American one. Also she had some selections from WOC writers to diversify your reading list and possibly some of your loved ones, to boot! In James' korner, he is give you THEATER- by way of  teleplay! That's right we have the Minority Korner players in the house. Playing out selections from the 1984 James Baldwin Village Voice interview. James playing James Baldwin and Nnekay playing the interviewer. The interview covers the James Baldwin's views on homosexuality, the black community, the future, and more. It's a deep insight into his thoughts on the LGBTQ community in the 80s.    Links!   https://www.villagevoice.com/2018/06/22/james-baldwin-on-being-gay-in-america/    http://remezcla.com/lists/culture/latin-american-books-literary-canon/   https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/g22721520/extensive-list-of-books-woc/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.libsyn.com/#RL2vQF0XfBCc2VyL.99
17/08/181h 5m

A Civic Duty to Honor James Baldwin (Delta, Jury Duty, James Baldwin, J.Lo, Tia Carrere)

This week James is steering the ship with a korner dedicated to the greatness of James Baldwin, but before the wonder twins start their adoration- we gotta talk about Delta. Gurl, Delta you betta fix your mess! James was cast as Jury number 1 in the role of actual real life civic duty. The two also talk about heritage and slavery and how big of an impact it has on modern times. Also: remember Tia Carrere? Where is she? In the singular korner for the day, it's all things James Baldwin! First unpacking the amazing documentary I Am Not Your Negro. Then a test- who has more James Baldwin knowledge?! Lastly... who knew J.Lo would cause such a rift! Enjoy! See James do Stand Up August 11th at 9:30pm in NYC! Tickets: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07efk3gr4h8ffa11af&llr=mvldmqdab Links! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNUYdgIyaPM http://www.peoplequiz.com/trivia-quizzes-3249-James_Baldwin_Wonderful_Writer.html Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
10/08/181h 16m

Diggin' In the Archives (LGBTQ Homeless Youth & Chicano Moratorium)

We are taking a trip down memory lane this week and revisiting some early favorite segments from the early days of Minority Korner! James takes us back to a korner where he elaborates about the crisis of homelessness effecting LGBTQ Youth. With it's anniversary coming up soon, Nnekay takes us back to when she talked about the Chicano Moratorium of 1970. What it meant and how it relates to today. We hope you enjoy this travel back in time!! WE'll be back next week with a whole new barrel of laughs for you to enjoy!   LINKS:   See James do Stand Up August 11th at 9:30pm in NYC! Tickets: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07efk3gr4h8ffa11af&llr=mvldmqdab   Homelessness and LGBTQ YOUTH http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/the-forsaken-a-rising-number-of-homeless-gay-teens-are-being-cast-out-by-religious-families-20140903   http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/publications-a-z/425-the-impact-of-homophobia-and-racism-on-glbtq-youth-of-color Chicano Moratorium https://www.ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/important-day-us-history-chicano-moratorium https://www.facebook.com/fusionmedianetwork/videos/1538186869540619/?pnref=story Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
03/08/181h 9m

Intersectional Purposes (Barbara Lee, and The Return of Miss Quizlet: Buffy, James Gunn, Chick-Fill-A)

We're starting this episode with a bang! We talk Sorry To Bother You, why it's such a radical movie and what exactly is capitalism? We switch gears to talk a little more about the Handmaiden's Talk and is it White Feminism? Who is this show for, and do they have a problem with race? In Nnekay's Korner we doing a deep dive into Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Who is she, and how she might be one of the few to actually save the party and maybe... country! James bring back our friend, QUIZLET... yes she is back and ready. Covered in the Quizlet: James Gunn and Disney, Buffy Reboot, Mickey D's Shading Chick-Fill-A, is Bruno Brunal racist, and who has more registered voters Dems or GOP? Happy Friday and enjoy the show!   Links!   https://theslot.jezebel.com/barbara-lee-launches-bid-to-unfuck-the-democratic-party-1827799198   https://theslot.jezebel.com/alexandria-orcasio-cortez-to-nancy-pelosi-its-not-just-1827202918   https://lee.house.gov/   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Lee     Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
27/07/181h 20m

Finding Your Scene And Making It Happen (Deep Dive into the Lesbian Bar Scene, Making It Star: Amber Kemp- Gerstel)

In a response to last week's Ask Minority Korner Any thing filled episode, James takes us into a deep dive into what is currently going on with the Lesbian bar scene and the future ahead. Nnekay scored a great interview with Amber Kemp- Gerstel a contestant on the new NBC competition show- Making It. The two talk crafts and how to make it big with your passions. But before we get to the korners, the wonder twins discuss the new movie Sorry To Bother You, Westworld, Luke Cage, and ScarJo and her movie role choices.    Links!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JePugX1YkG4   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEtwBNiw8go https://intomore.com/culture/Where-Did-All-The-Lesbians-Go-Reframing-The-Conversation-About-Dyke-Bars-And-Nightlife/d73d6053a663480c   https://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-the-gayest-metropolitan-areas-in-america-are-running-out-of-lesbian-bars-2017-11-11   http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2016/12/20/why_do_lesbian_spaces_have_such_a_hard_time_staying_in_business.html   https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2017/12/01/what-happened-lesbia   https://damasklove.com/    https://www.nbc.com/making-it?nbc=1   Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
20/07/181h 14m

Ask Minority Korner (Listener Questions, Lesbian Bars, White People in Dreads, Queer/POC Musicals, Slavery, Chief Tuskaloosa, Queen of Pop)

It's an all Ask Minority Korner Anything episode where we answer questions form YOU the Korner Kids! Is it cultural appropriation for white people to wear dreads? Where are the lesbian bars? How do lesbians meet other lesbians? How do you create a podcast when both co-hosts are on separate coasts (sounds familiar)? Who was Chief Tuskaloosa of the Mississippian? Who is the ultimate Pop Music Queen? Also, James sat down with his Aunt and Uncle discovered his familial connection to slavery and segregation, which was a stones throw away from a few generations and the Wonder Twins delve into a conversation of the importance of knowing your family stories and lineage.    LINKS: Best LBTQIA+ Dating Apps for Women: http://www.afterellen.com/people/447093-best-dating-apps-lgbt-women Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
13/07/181h 18m

Time To Tu La Lu! (Black Women Running The Courts, Black Folks and the 4th of July, Jurassic Park, Black Lives Matter)

The Wonder Twins are still having summer time fun in the Bay Area! James watched Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom and he has THOUGHTS. Meanwhile Nnekay is reminiscing about how amazing the original Jurassic Park was. Next up is the PBS documentary, Whoes Streets, which follows the intimate lives of those involved in the Ferguson Uprising. This spurs a lively discussion on why Blue Lives Matter is ridiculous and what the true meaning of Black Lives Matters is. In Nnekay's Korner to talks about South Fulton, Georgia's municipal courts and the black women running the show and the impact it has on the community. James decides to enlighten us to the truth of Black Folks and the Fourth of July, you betta get ready to Tu La Lu, and find out why black people we so excited to celebrate in the south.    Links!     http://www.whosestreets.com/   https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/22/us/south-fulton-georgia-women-leaders-trnd/index.html    Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
06/07/181h 14m

Summer Pride! (LGBTQIA+ Travel Tips, Ideas and Blogs, LGBTQA YA Novels, Love Simon, Corporate Pride, Amandla Stenberg)

We're closing out Pride Month with a bang! But first James' is still in the Bay and the wonder twins talk about his performance as Manity Kane during Pride Weekend. They also talk about the Pride parade and if it's ok to have so many tech companies represented. James watched Love, Simon over the weekend and needs to discuss! In the Korners, James gets you ready for summer vacay with LGBTQA Travel Tips and blogs to follow for the ultimate queer vacation in the US and international. Nnekay hooks you up with a list of current LGBTQA YA novels to get your beach reading on and possibly teen gifting ideas. Omg! Amandla Stenberg came out! And boy does she have a classy way of saying it. Happy Pride ya'll and enjoy the summer :) Links!   http://www.vulture.com/2018/06/38-best-lgbtq-ya-novels.html https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/queer-women-travel-sites-to-inspire-your-perfect-vacation_us_58fbc217e4b0f02c3870eb03 https://blog.tortugabackpacks.com/gay-travel-europe/ https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/lgbt-travel/trans-friendly-travel https://www.orbitz.com/blog/2016/07/25-queer-vacations-must-take-die/   Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
29/06/181h 8m

Skip That Track, Imma Go Apeshit! (Romans 13, Jeff Sessions, California Banning Black People, The Carters, Janelle Monae, Kathy Griffin)

James is BACK in the BAY! But sadly the duo aren't in the same room, yet- but that's coming! James had his West Coast debut as a comedian at a cat themed stand up show. The wonder twins talk art history and the majesty of Beyonce and Jay-Z aka The Carters and their new album and the visual richness of the video for Apeshit. Nnekay went to Janelle Monae and has lost all of her damn edges due to the sheer amazingness black female empowerment. The night before James went to Kathy Griffin at the same venue!!! He talks abut her fight against the Trump Administration. In the Korners, Nnekay talks about Romans 13 the bible verse that has been use to give legitimacy to many horrific events in world history- including most recently Jeff Sessions' use of it to plead the case for separating undocumented families. James talks about California's dirty past of trying but (thankfully) failing to ban black people from living in the state.    Links!   https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/06/how-you-can-fight-family-separation-at-the-border.html   https://biblia.com/bible/niv/Rom%2013   http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/014610799002000405?journalCode=btba   https://books.google.com/books?id=R3QNBQAAQBAJ&dq=%22misreading+of+romans+13%22+gushee&source=gbs_navlinks_s   https://www.theroot.com/a-brief-history-of-people-using-romans-13-to-justify-wh-1826875704   https://www.bustle.com/p/what-is-romans-13-about-jeff-sessions-cited-the-bible-verse-to-defend-family-separation-9423488   https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/06/jeff-sessions-chose-romans-13-to-defend-trumps-immigration-policy-and-heres-why-hes-wrong.html   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/jefferson-beauregard-sessions-cites-bible-justify-cruel-border-policy   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/trump-administration-mulls-tent-cities-house-unaccompanied-migrant-children Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
22/06/181h 15m

Jimmy Carter Always Stealing This Show! (Wedding Cakes, Supreme Court, Gentrification, BBQ Becky, Jogger Joe)

Did you know that June is African American Music Appreciation Month?! Well now you do! The Wonder Twins try with all their might to talk about this, but Jimmy Carter just keeps showing up to steal the show! James needs tips on how to leave a date early and Nnekay has dubbed herself the Date Referee giving tips and calling it when the gig is up! Should James trust a "walk up dentist?" Nnekay says no and tells a tale of caution. In James' Korner he addresses the Supreme Court ruling in favor for Jack Phillips- who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. What does this mean for the future, what has happened in the past, and how we can stay woke to discrimination with love and respect. Inspired by the recent Oakland, Ca events involving BBQ Becky and Jogger Joe, Nnekay talks gentrification- what and what not to do. Links! https://www.gofundme.com/j98zu-help-drew https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/06/jim-crow-gay-cakes-trump-administrations-war-civil-rights/ https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/06/new-inclusive-flag-replace-rainbow-flag/?utm_source=queerty&utm_medium=directlink&utm_campaign=directlink&utm_content=Could+this+new+more+inclusive+flag+replace+the+rainbow+flag%3F https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/06/hardware-store-posts-no-gays-allowed-sign-supreme-court-cake-decision/ https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/06/hardware-store-posts-no-gays-allowed-sign-supreme-court-cake-decision/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-be-ally-to-lgbtq-friends-during-pride_us_5b16b68de4b09578259c0ad0 Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
15/06/181h 20m

Hopalong Bingo & The Joyland Jazzers (Black Owned Amusement Parks, Gaslighting, Clergy, and Matrimony)

We kick this week off, by discovering our dear lil James had grown up to be a Minister of Love!!! Yes yes, ya'll James got his licence and is ready to officiate your wedding- which he did this weekend! The twins get into it and all that went down in Central Park. Nnekay then takes us on a ride to Amusement Park Past! She talks about three major amusement parks that were owned and for black people and all the glamour that occurred at these amazing spots. Then James breaks down gaslighting- what is it, how can we protect ourselves- ESPECIALLY since our current administration are pros at it. So relax and come hopalong into this episode.   Links!   https://blackthen.com/joyland-park-first-owned-operated-amusement-park-established-chicago-1923/   https://blackamericaweb.com/2013/05/15/little-known-black-history-fact-joyland-park/   https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/remembering-suburban-gardens-dcs-only-amusement-park/2013/10/26/62bb1c9a-3d72-11e3-a94f-b58017bfee6c_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6693a314aaf2   https://seaviewbeach.wordpress.com/   http://adage.com/article/agency-news/jimmy-smith-dgwb-partners-launch-amusement-park-brands/297414/   https://www.therichest.com/business/companies-business/top-10-most-popular-theme-park-operators-in-the-world/ https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/here-there-and-everywhere/201701/11-warning-signs-gaslighting Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
08/06/181h 17m

YEEE HAAAW Buckaroo!!! (Black Latino Queer Cowboy History, Deadpool, Roseanne, Ask MK Anything)

Gather round lil doggies! You think you know about Cowboys but you have no idea! We got a the history of cowboys coming at you! You might be surprised that Cowboys might be a liiitttle more Black, Latino, and Queer than old Hollywood would have you believing- James breaks down the facts. Before that the Wonder Twins discuss Deadpool 2 and how "fridging girlfriends" is a trope that needs to go! We round out the episode with an Ask Minority Korner Anything addressing a unique form of male privilege. Enjoy the show!   Links! https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/lesser-known-history-african-american-cowboys-180962144/ https://www.americancowboy.com/ranch-life-archive/history-vaquero https://blackamericaweb.com/2012/11/19/little-known-black-history-fact-black-cowboys/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/black-cowboy-photography_us_5882237fe4b070d8cad1f79d   https://truewestmagazine.com/old-west-homosexuality-homos-on-the-range/   Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
01/06/181h 18m

Unbought & Unbossed (Shirley Chisholm, Flint's Water Crisis, Danity Kane, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Scandal)

The Wonder Twins are back in the saddle and ready to break down some more titillating bossip! First They're breaking down James' upcoming show in SF for Pride- Manity Kane (come on thru it will be at Oasis SF) where James will be choreographing a Sailor Moon themed dance to Damaged  by Danity Kane! Which brings us to some Dawn and Aubrey O'day Related DRAMA!! Next up they talk about the Royal Weddingggggg and how black excellence CAME THRUUUU. In Nnekay's Korner to celebrate Stacey Abram's historic run for governor of Georgia, Nnekay breaks down the forgotten pioneer Shirley Chisholm- who racked up a bunch of first including the first woman to run for president in the democratic party. In James' korner he gets a question from Max Fun Member, Goldilocks about the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis... which, yea is still going down. He covers how this happened and what we can do about it. You wouldn't believe who made a guest appearance in Scandal in the second season? Hint- It's apart of our Maximum Fun family.    Books to read more about Shirley Chisholm    Unbought and Unbossed (1970)- Chisholm- which is literally written on her grave (vault)   The Good Fight (1973)- Chisholm    Shirley Chisholm: Catalyst for Change - Barbara Windslow    PBS P.O.V. documentary. Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed    Links!   https://www.britannica.com/biography/Shirley-Chisholm   https://www.britannica.com/biography/Gloria-Steinem#ref671225   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_presidential_campaign,_2012   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Chisholm   http://michiganradio.org/post/four-years-later-flints-water-crisis-lingers https://www.citymetric.com/politics/flint-s-water-now-safe-drink-crisis-has-corroded-residents-trust-government-3895 https://blog.ucsusa.org/andrew-rosenberg/flint-michigan-still-waiting-for-justice-four-years-on https://www.colorlines.com/articles/icymi-nestle-donate-water-flint Who’s been charged with what: http://michiganradio.org/post/update-these-are-15-people-charged-their-connection-flint-water-crisis Doc Nor Any Drop to Drink https://www.noranydropfilm.com/ HOW YOU CAN HELP: http://www.unitedwaygenesee.org/flintwaterfund   Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#DP7uLhiHQAsFGVZT.99
25/05/181h 11m

Love Will Never Do (Without Nnekay's Tidbits) (The Repeater Show, Twitter Etiquette, Janet Jackson, 1814, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nipplegate, Loreen, Negative Bias)

The wonder twins are off on separate assignments. Nnekay is holding it down with her tidbits, and has some golden nuggets of wisdom for your around Twitter etiquette. Stop sharing ego beasts content that don't deserve our res hares! Also why is your brain wired for negative bias? Nnekay's got your answer! Next we visit Evan Forde Barden and Patrick Cartelli of The Repeater Podcast, who host a monthly talk show about people’s favorite songs. We talk about the music video for 'Love Will Never Do (Without You)', James’ early love of dance, and Nipplegate 2004 and how racism and sexism played into that debacle. Also James dishes out on all the hot Janet gossip! Plus, Evan discusses the Q&A he recently attended with Carly Rae Jepsen and gives some insight into his “obsession” with CRJ, that's right she's an acronym now, and how to handle hecklers! Get ready for this picnic for your brain! Subscribe and Listen to Repeater Show http://www.repeater.show/ IG: @repeatershow If You're in the New York area catch James doing stand up, May 21st @7pm at Caroline's on Broadway, $5 but you have to use your phone as a phone like it's the 90s and reserve your spot 212-757-4100 and tell them you're coming to see James! Would love to have you there!  Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Read more at http://minoritykorner.com/#DP7uLhiHQAsFGVZT.99
18/05/181h 3m

Six Degrees of Tessa Thompson (Bossip, Childish Gambino, Janelle Monae, Rachel Dolezal, Westworld, Kanye)

This week the wonder twins tackle a BOSSIP BONANZA, which just so happens to either include or is somehow related to Tessa Thompson. We cover it ALL: Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, This Is America (video), Janelle Monáe, Dirty Computer, Rachel Dolezal's New Doc, Avenger's Infinity Wars (no spoilers), WestWorld (yes, spoilers), Dear White People on Netflix, Kanye, ego, annnnnd empathy! What does it mean to be black and ton of giggles! So sit back and enjoy some black gossip as we go HEAVY into pop culture! Janelle Monáe's Emotion Picture Dirty Computer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdH2Sy-BlNE James does Stand Up at Caroline's on Broadway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHZb_hriqks Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
11/05/181h 22m

An Ice Cold Harlem Bird Bath (DeRay McKesson, Abortion Around The World, Update on Michael Johnson from Ep.6, Scandal Finale)

Man o Man o Man... o MAN! We got a show for you guys!!! We got the amazing host of Pod Save The People, DeRay McKesson on the show! Can you even believe?! But before we get to the interview we have an update on the story from Episode 6 about Tiger Mandingo aka Michael Johnson who was convicted to prison for spreading HIV, but the story is much more complicated than just that... We also send our pal Scandal off into the great blue yonder and chat about the Finale. We also cover the potential change in abortion laws for Argentina, which leads us to take a closer look at the laws from around the world and what status various countries hold on legality of it. Thank you for listening!!   Links! http://feministing.com/2018/04/18/in-potential-feminist-win-argentina-considers-legalizing-abortion/   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/01/opinion/chile-abortion-ban.html https://www.reproductiverights.org/sites/crr.civicactions.net/files/documents/AbortionMap2014.PDF   https://www.queerty.com/college-wrestler-faced-30-years-prison-hiv-case-gets-parole-theres-catch-20180410   https://www.buzzfeed.com/steventhrasher/how-college-wrestling-star-tiger-mandingo-became-an-hiv-scap?utm_term=.rnqEn2wo9#.gsjOwPRaj   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
27/04/181h 18m

It's Only Just The Appetizer w/ Jennifer Covington (Beyonce, Coachella, Inspiration, Life Coach)

Today we have life coach, writer, business strategist, all around inspiration giver Jennifer Covington!!! Host of the podcast Shine On Sista, she drops some amazing life tips while sitting down with James for a chat. They cover her work as a life coach, working with Budweiser, her amazing time spent with the Peace Corps and so much more!! But before all of that Nnekay decompresses about all things BEYCHELLA. Her edges are snatched and she is ready to talk about the Queen!! Links! https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-one-habit-you-need-to_b_6017610.html https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shine-on-sista-where-you-learn-to-shine-your-light/id1332855095?mt=2 https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jennifer-covington/shine-on-sista Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
20/04/181h 9m

Queenatude! (MaxFunDrive, Black Queens of History, Epsy Campbell Bell, Teenagers, Roseanne)

We are rounding out week two of the MaxFunDrive, and man are we pumped to cross that finish line!!! We are completely over joyed with the responses that we have been getting from listeners, new members, and upgrading members! what a fun ride it has been. But! It's not over! Keep and ear out because we have a few more surprise guest calling in this show. James tells Nnekay about his wild ride in parenthood this past week. He lit up New York with his 16 year old nephew, then called his parents to personally thank them. The wonder twins talk about the mind of a teenager. A little dabble in Ready Player One, then boom! Let's get into Roseanne... should we watch? Nnekay has OPINIONS. In James's korner he has a treat for us all with the break down of 4 fabulous Black Queens in history- just when you thought Beyonce was enough queenatude here's some more!!!! You might be surprised about what is left off the history books, these women are full of POWER. In Nnekay's Korner she continues the trend of black queendom by covering the newly elected Vice President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell Barr- the first black woman Vice President in the Americas! Get Those earbuds ready because you are in for a treat!     Links!   http://maximumfun.org/donate   https://womenintheworld.com/2018/04/03/costa-rica-elects-latin-americas-first-black-female-vice-president/   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/04/03/epsy-campbell-barr-is-costa-ricas-first-female-black-vice-president/?utm_term=.4ba4a19b1e83   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epsy_Campbell_Barr   http://www.blackhistoryheroes.com/2010/05/queen-mother-nana-yaa-asantewaa.html   https://thenerdsofcolor.org/2016/02/10/xena-was-black/   https://urbanintellectuals.com/2016/03/14/empress-candace-ethiopia-332-bc-humiliated-alexander-great/   http://solarey.net/queen-nandi/   https://answersafrica.com/5-powerful-african-queens-history.html   https://blackliberationlovenunity.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/kings-queens-of-africa/   Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
13/04/181h 18m

Members, Members On The Wall (#MaxFunDrive, Asian American Authors, 90s R& B Girl Groups, Who Bit Beyonce?)

Hooray it's the MaxFun Drive!!!! Remember to become a member to get our extra bonus content: Jungle 2 Jungle double movie review, because we know you guys love our reviews! Not to mention many many many amazing other gifts with each level of membership! This week, the twins talk about Beyonce, but more specifically who bit her! They take a twist on the topic and talk about the joy of the mystery and probably solve it. In Nnekay's Korner she is continuing her quest to diversify your bookshelf by blessing you with some amazing Asian American authors to enrich your mind! James takes the korner baton and educates and reminds us all about the long lost art of Girl Groups, specifically R&B 90s Girl Groups- are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Well you better be... also for some possible off tune sing alongs. Since this is the MaxFun Drive... there might be some surprise guest during the breaks... you just never know, who might show up or call in.   Links!   http://maximumfun.org/donate     90s Girl Group Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/127745239/playlist/382sTEoG2fZz8StvPwP22T?si=5uaSTb9bTtulZQ_1exaUDg   https://www.huffingtonpost.com/zola-books-/great-asianpacific-americ_b_5351911.html   https://kollaboration.org/6426/five-asian-american-sci-fi-authors-you-should-be-reading/   Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
06/04/181h 23m

A Cool Drink of Water w/ Luna Malbroux (How To Be A White Man, Playwriting, Comedy, San Francisco, Feminism, Black Girls Rock)

It's time for James to do the intro duties- what is going on with Katy Perry and dem nuns? Plus our food! What are we eating, what are food deserts, and how food in America is so cultural and political. Remember to vote!!! We are so fortunate to have Luna Malbroux as a guest on today's show! Luna sits down with Nnekay to discuss her play How To Be A White Man on the eve of opening night! The two discuss: what it's like to develop a play, the comedy scene in San Francisco, growing up in the rural south, dual consciousness, her work traveling across the country with #Mappingprivilege, and much much more. Luna is truly an inspiration so please do yourself a favor and check out her show!    Links!   https://www.lunaisamerica.com/how-to-be-a-white-man/   https://www.lunaisamerica.com/   https://www.glamour.com/story/comedian-luna-malbroux-uses-humor-to-shine-a-light-on-darkness   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZwPUT8oEIU   http://www.mappingprivilege.com/   https://fusion.tv/author/luna-malbroux/   https://www.kqed.org/pop/25342/women-to-watch-luna-malbroux   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
30/03/181h 0m

Heal And Learn It Up! (Brene Brown, Daring Greatly, Austin Bombings, Cynthia Nixon, National School Walkout)

Is Nasty Nubbin a good nick name? Couple of discoveries at the start of the show: James' beat boxing skills, and Nnekay has bars! Are the wonder twins good at these respective skills? Jury is out. Next up- Miranda is running for New York Governor?! That's right Cynthia Nixon best known as Miranda from Sex In The City is running for Governor of New York. Let's unpack it! Nnekay gives a boots on the grown account of the National School Walkout at her job. James and Nnekay are both in awe and look forward to the March For Our Lives coming up. In James' korner- he is so excited to share the information he learned from Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly-  which covers tactics on overcoming shame through debunking myths on being vulnerable and a few takeaways to live your life fully. In Nnekay's korner- she addresses the package bombs that have been terrorizing Texas Capital, Austin. Why they haven't been in the news media, who they are effecting, how the victims and suspect have been portrayed, and what it means to actually be a domestic terrorist. Don't forget to tune in to Maximum Fun Shows during April 2nd when MaxFunDrive kicks off!!   Links!   https://www.amazon.com/Daring-Greatly-Courage-Vulnerable-Transforms/dp/1592408419   http://time.com/5205181/austin-bombings/   https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/19/us/austin-bombings-explosion.html   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/congressional-black-caucus-members-want-austin-bombings-investigated-domestic-terrorism   https://splinternews.com/austin-bombing-suspect-has-died-after-blowing-himself-u-1823948499   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
23/03/181h 17m

It's a Cold Open But It's Warm In Here, Honey w/ Special Guest Michelle Buteau! (Michelle Buteau, 2 Dope Queens, Self Worth, Jenny Jones, Oprah, Shame, Comedy)

This week we are honored to have the amazing comedian Michelle Buteau!!! James and Michelle sit and have a wonderful chat that covers, Oprah, women in comedy, how to be a stand up comedian, cultural appropriation, Journalism, unpacking shame, and more. Also why is watching yourself doing stand up might be like watching yourself take a shit? Not to mention... we meet Judge Booty! Check out her new comedy, Shut Up album out on iTunes and Amazon.    Links!   https://www.amazon.com/Shut-Up-Explicit-Michelle-Buteau/dp/B014BCBOYS   https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shut-up/id1031972373   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner  
16/03/181h 14m

Diversifying Your Life! (Indigenous Authors, Black Queer Films, The Oscars, Book Of Mormon, How To Get Away with Murder, Scandal)

Let's jump right in and get to it! First- we start with a little recap break down of The Oscars. Who won, who presented, who should have won, and what confused us. Nnekay actually was busy taking in a little theater while the Oscars was airing, Book of Mormon and both Nnekay and James share their thoughts (and some side eyes) on the 2012 musical. In the Korners, Nnekay covers 8 Indigenous Authors and their text that you should check out! James' breaks down 10 Black LGBTQ movies to help you with the Moonlight withdrawals. Rounding out the episode we GUSH over he greatness of the How to Get Away with Murder/ Scandal. Kerry Washington and Viola Davis were powerhouses, the newly shared universe, and who might be crossing from show to the other. Happy Friday!     Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Links!   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/10-works-indigenous-authors-read-now   10 LGBT BLACK FILMS: Before Moonlight https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/02/moonlight-ten-films-celebrate-african-american-history-month/   https://www.pride.com/lgbt/2016/2/11/10-films-featuring-black-lgbt-characters-you-need-see#slide-0
09/03/181h 11m

Everyone's got their Vehicle! (Was Detroit the Movie For Us/ By Us, Updates on Puerto Rico, Was Annihilation Whitewashed?)

It's Friday and we are hot, fresh, sexy, and cool with this episode, bbs! James bring to discussion the new SciFi Natalie Portman thriller, Annihilation directed by Alex Garland (of Ex Machina fame)... are we sensing a little...Whitewashing?! Double N and Lil J discuss the lack of representation for Asian American woman in film, drafts of manuscripts, Tessa and Gina, and James' love for Natalie Portman. Moving forward to the Korners- James continues the Hollywood trend by discussing the movie, Detroit directed by Kathryn Bigelow, is it FUBU aka For Us By Us? They chat about the 1960s riots- how many there actually were. It will surprise you. In Nnekay's Korner- she wants to give an update on the power outage in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria on September 20th. How many people are still out power, who is in charge of fixing the crisis, and what can we do about it.   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store: https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Links! DETROIT: https://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/30/business/the-consequences-of-the-1960s-race-riots-come-into-view.html https://www.highbeam.com/topics/race-riots-of-the-1960s-t10642 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/detroit-is-the-most-irresponsible-and-dangerous-movie-this-year_us_5988570be4b0f2c7d93f5744 https://www.alternet.org/culture/detroit-not-movie PUERTO RICO:  https://www.colorlines.com/articles/federal-government-cuts-number-contractors-restoring-power-puerto-rico   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/22/world/americas/hurricane-maria-donate-charity.html
02/03/181h 15m

From Roots 2 Royalty (Hip Hop Investors, Slavery, More Black Panther, Fergie, and the National Anthem)

Disclaimer! Nnekay's vocal are slightly off, but the stuff we're talking about is so awesome we couldn't not share this episode   Nnekay has joined James in Wakanda and feels seen and embraced by the incredible representation of black women in Black Panther! Never fear this little happy dance the Wonder Twins do is Spoiler Free! In fact, Nnekay can't understand how James hasn't spoiled the movie for already. If you haven't seen Black Panther yet, please go see it!! While you're buying your tickets to Black Panther, go buy the soundtrack produced by Kendrick Lamar and how amazing it...but it wouldn't be us unless we side eyed something... and we're doing it with this! Then... we get to Fergie and her jazzy (?) rendition of the National Anthem. PHEW LAWD. Was she taking a protest in vocal form? Is it our fault for trusting Ms. Lovely Lumps herself with the Anthem? Should we even care about the racist Anthem? In Nnekay's Korner she covers the many Hip Artist and Black Athletes who found success in investments and venture capitalism. You might be surprised what many of these artist have been doing since you've heard from him. She covers, Chamillionaire, Nas, Will.i.am, Shaq, MC Hammer, and Snoop Dogg. In James' Korner we've got another Quizlette and this time its all about Slavery. Using his renewed self love and confidence inspired from Black Panther, James felt safe enough to explore "America's Dirty Secret". Nnekay serving as the audience will demonstration that even though we think we know- we do not. How did slavery start? How many lives were lost during the middle passage? Or who started the transatlantic slave trade? Let this korner inspire you, because of you are here because of the amazingness and perseverance  of your ancestors.        Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Links!   HIP HOP/ATHLETE ENTREPRENEURS:  http://time.com/money/4008116/hip-hop-rap-entrepreneurs-dr-dre/   https://www.techflier.com/2016/11/12/17-rap-artists-that-are-also-successful-tech-entrepreneurs/   https://medium.com/cuepoint/rappers-out-in-silicon-tryna-get-their-billions-on-efce368ab4b7   https://moguldom.com/7141/10-hip-hop-artists-and-black-athletes-investing-in-startups/   SLAVE TRADE QUIZLET KORNER:  https://www.politico.com/story/2009/03/congress-votes-to-ban-slave-trade-march-2-1807-019465   https://www.thoughtco.com/the-trans-atlantic-slave-trade-44544   https://www.thoughtco.com/interesting-facts-about-slavery-in-america-2834587   https://www.thoughtco.com/african-slavery-101-44535   http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/ism/slavery/   https://www.gilderlehrman.org/content/historical-context-facts-about-slave-trade-and-slavery   http://www.bl.uk/learning/histcitizen/campaignforabolition/abolitionbackground/abolitionintro.html https://www.thoughtco.com/the-trans-atlantic-slave-trade-44544
23/02/181h 19m

James Squared (Special Guest James Nowlin author of The Purposeful Millionaire, The Winter Olympics, Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother, Delivery Men)

This week kicks off with the wonder twins chatting it up about the wonderful world of the Winter Olympics! The beautiful opening ceremony... which may have or may not have made one of our host bawl like a baby over the unification of North and South Korea. They also touch down on how exactly to feel about Omarosa and her new turn as Celebrity Big Brother participant. Should we feel empathy? Apathy? Anger?! Nnekay also covers a run in with a delivery man who was less than thrilled to see her... how very odd it is to disappoint a person you don't know. Then we get to the main event of the episode! James sits down with New York Times Best Seller James Nowlin the author of The Purposeful Millionaire. Our James has shared some of James Nowlin's "52 Rules to a Better Life of Wealth and Happiness," in previous episodes and now we're getting it straight from the source. How will tips like applying the success formula, making your bed, surrounding yourself with positive people, releasing your own self worth, and waking up early lead you to a better more fulfilling life? How can you overcome obstacles no matter your race, gender, or sexuality? Listen up as James Squared explains and so so much more! Get ready to live a more purposeful life, like a millionaire!        Links!   https://jamesnowlin.com/   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Minority Korner Store   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
16/02/181h 16m

Black Roots in Music & Comics (911, Timeline of White Folks Appropriating Black Music, Black Comic Characters, Janet Appreciation Day, Justin Timberlake, Queen Nefertiti, Scandal, Today Show)

How did you spend Janet Appreciation Day (AKA Super Bowl LII)? We took a knee in support of Colin Kaepernick, and protesting Justin Timberlake's (Mr. King of Appropriation) performance after his participation of 'nipplegate' back in 2014, aiding in Ms. Jackson's dethroning, and riding his wave of white male privilege unscathed to the land of further success. Scandal seems to be showing some Janet love this week in it’s hot mess of a final season. Are you watching James’ “Auntie’s” (Angela Bassett's) show 9-1-1? Nnekay has a huge correction for the Today Show, and their unveiling facts about Queen Nefertiti, and who she really was. Note: she did not look like Gladys the soccer mom. Also King Tut was probably a bubble boy. Inspired by Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance, James takes us on a magical journey through time exploring a timeline of white folks appropriating Black music, why this has been occurring for over a century, and American music’s roots in African culture. Nnekay continues her discussion from last week exploring Black comic characters you should know! Hold onto your butts as we continue our celebration of Black culture!    Timeline of White Folks Appropriating Black Music http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/fade-to-white-black-music-white-artistsbig-money-504#axzz56IFTuf7P http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/dr-lisa-tomlinson/black-music-exploitation_b_8934870.html https://medium.com/@IRahmanJones/white-people-blues-music-and-the-problem-of-cultural-appropriation-3e61b8d25c03 https://morningsidereview.org/essay/black-rhythm-white-power/ https://morningsidereview.org/essay/black-rhythm-white-power/ https://blavity.com/confused-heres-a-breakdown-of-what-the-cultural-appropriation-of-black-music-is https://www.bet.com/music/2017/05/08/pop-stars-use-black-artists-twitter.html https://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/why-sister-rosetta-tharpe-belongs-in-the-rock-hall-of-fame-w513981 https://www.rockhall.com/inductees/chuck-berry http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/music_box/2016/10/race_rock_and_the_rolling_stones_how_the_rock_and_roll_became_white.html http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/music_box/2016/10/race_rock_and_the_rolling_stones_how_the_rock_and_roll_became_white.html   Black Comic Characters:  https://www.cbr.com/26-of-the-greatest-black-characters-in-comic-book-history/   https://www.buzzfeed.com/danielkibblesmith/sweet-christmas?utm_term=.sevxbjVgGD#.si8voAMgpj   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Minority Korner Store   Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive
09/02/181h 16m

Wakanda Forever! (Black Panther Purple Carpet World Premiere, History of Black Comics, The World of Wakanda, Who's Who in Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita N'Yongo, Angela Bassett, Cast of Black Panther)

Have we got an action packed episode for you! Fresh off of co-hosting Marvel Studios' Black Panther Red (or shall we say purple) Carpet world premiere, James has your inside scoop from the historic event, where he interviewed the cast! Legends like Angela Bassett, Forest Whittaker, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita N'Yongo, Michael B. Jordan and more! James is also going to reveal how the sausage is made when it comes to live TV. Riding the comic wave Nnekay gives you the history and relationship of Black folks and comics. While Black Panther may have been the first Black superhero to hit the mainstream, he wasn't the first. In preparation for Marvel Studios' Black Panther hitting screens February 16th, James is going to give you a spoiler free: what you need to know about the world of Wakanda, and the award winning actors, and designers bringing forth this amazing film of Afrofuturism; as this film explores a technologically advanced African nation that was untouched by colonialism. The revolution just might be televised! We've got the Black Panther insider tip! Wakanda FOREVER! Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James: http://marvel.com/blackpantherlive Diversity In the Comics in the 1940s:  https://splinternews.com/diversity-in-comic-books-began-all-the-way-back-in-the-1793848840 Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Minority Korner Store
02/02/181h 15m

Thank You for Thanking Me and Thank You, Thank You (Women's March, Mike Pence, Adam Ripon, Lady2Lady, MaxFunCon, Full House, Black Lives Matters, 100 Days of Gratitude)

Oooh weeee do we have a treat for you! You might have missed it, but Nnekay guested on a special MaxFunCon episode of Lady 2 Lady- she chats and takes audience question and more wih Barbara Grey, Tess Barker, and Brandie Posey. But before we get to the episode- The wonder twins talk about the Women's March and how to be an ally. James has a bone to pick with Mike Pence for his twitter feud with Olympian Adam Ripon. Why do we make kids do math on the chalk board in front f everyone?! We also do a quick gratitude check in following James' journey through his 100 Days of Gratitude. Enjoy the show!       Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Guide to A Gay Bar   Minority Korner Store
26/01/181h 18m

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea (Martin Luther King Jr. Quizlette, Asian American Activist, Gidra, H&M, Fast Fashion, South Africa)

Martin Luther King Jr., Asian-American Activist, Gidra, Iqbal Ahmed, Richard Aoki, Grace Lee Boggs. Larry Itliong, Vietnam War, Black Panthers, Detroit, United Farm Workers, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, H&M, Rachel Dolezal, Alameda, South Africa, Fast Fashion   Is being wished a Happy MLKJr. Day Celebration weird? Nnekay wonders if she was being singled out. The twins discuss. After that, Nnekay and James unpack the wild ridiculousness of the fiasco of H&M and their gross advertisement. Nnekay breaks down the terrible history of black people being compared to monkeys. James demands for more diversity in company- which could have prevented this. The twins also discuss the difference between nonviolent and violent protest inspired by the events of South Africa in reaction to H&M's racist ad. Rachel Dolezal decides to take advantage this opportunity by making poor choices and bad decisions once again. We kick off this episode with James' Korner- the return of our good friend Mz. Quizlette and this time she is look at you, Dr. King! James breaks down some facts that you might not have known about the legendary civil rights hero. Continuing the thread of activism, Nnekay takes us through a list of various Asian American activist who deserve a spotlight shined on them for their accomplishments in civil rights, labor right, anti-racism, and anti war efforts.      Links!    https://splinternews.com/the-forgotten-history-of-america-s-radical-asian-activi-1821046399   http://www.complex.com/life/2016/03/asian-americans-activists/   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Minority Korner Store   Guide To A Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition 
19/01/181h 10m

Titties Loose and My Hair Tied Up! (#TimesUp, Golden Globes, Racial Politics of Obesity and Food, Whole 30, Oprah, allyship, Malcolm Gladwell)

This week, the Wonder Twins are back and ready for the second week of 2018. Is Nnekay naked?! James investigates. James has discovered The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Nnekay is super excited because and has loved him for a long time and pumps his podcast: Revisionist History. Going back to Tipping Point the twins discuss if they are Connectors, Mavens, or Salespeople. Also, the current Tipping Point we may be in. Speaking of... the Golden Globes! Specifically, Oprah's amazing speech, which motivated all of us to do better, be better, and get ready to fight. Not to mention Recy Taylor- Say Her Name! Continuing the trend of the Golden Globes, Nnekay decides to cover the topic of #TimesUp and the men who wore the pins on the red carpet. Are some of them hypocrites? Do they need to take those pins off? Or is it as simple as saying a sincere "sorry"? She'll give you the facts to find out. In James's Korner- he decides to educate everyone by covering the various racial politics that surround food and obesity in America. Why does obesity effect some races more than others? What are food desserts? How does heart disease factor in killing a disproportion of people of color? As a possible solution James speaks the truths of The Whole 30 and how it might help you re-calibrate your view on food. Thanks for listening and have a good week!    Links!   #TimesUp Pins and Allyship   Minority Korner Store   Guide To A Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition Pt. 3
12/01/181h 10m

We Are Powerful Beyond Measure W/ Shannon Algeo (100 Days of Gratitude, The Greatest Showman, The Soul Feed Podcast, Marianne Williamson, P.T. Barnum, Overcoming Fear, Systemic Oppression, Abundance & Love, Becoming a Unicorn, Unpacking White Supremacy)

We have a powerful new episode to kick off your new year! Have you seen the 'The Greatest Showman'? Nnekay hasn't and she'll tell you why as she breaks down the horrific truth about it's lead subject P.T. Barnum, and you guessed it, it deals with racism. James sits down with Shannon Algeo, life coach, who bridges spirituality, social justice, and personal empowerment, and is also the co-host of the hit podcast Soul Feed. Wondering how you can make this year different than any other? Finding it hard to stay positive about life? Shannon may have the answer for you, as he started the world wide phenomenon '100 Days of Gratitude', and will tell you how you can shape, and change your life, as it's not an attitude, it's a practice that effects all things, and can change not only your life, but can create a ripple effect for those around us. We unpack shame, fear, scarcity, and the ego which are at the opposite ends of the spectrum of what we all really want: love, abundance, and your purpose. Shannon's going to help us get there, as we are powerful beyond measure! Get ready to become a magical unicorn turning shitty situations into rainbows!  Shannon Algeo: Website: https://www.shannonalgeo.com/ www.awaken.yoga Join the 100 Days of Gratitude All Unicorns Welcomed Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/331054193987474/ Shannon's Twitter: @shannonalgeo Shannon's Instagram: @shannon.algeo Shannon's Facebook: Facebook.com/shannon.m.algeo Kick your new year off right and join Shannon for his powerful 7 week coaching group Illuminate, click here to make this year the year where your dreams take off: https://shannonalgeo.mykajabi.com/a/6797/VFNWobbj Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Checkout the Minority Korner Store! Minority Korner Guide to a Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition Part 3- Understanding the History of Queer Culture
05/01/181h 17m

You Got Kwanzaa'd... AGAIN! Part Deux! (Kwanzaa, Omarosa, Peanut Allergies, TheWhole 30, Oprah & Gayle, Ashanti)

Happy Halle Days! We are bringing back Kwanzaa, straight out of the vaults. Why? Because it's some of our best segments, and... we kind of forgot how to do Kwanzaa so we figured you did too for our longtime listeners, and new and fresh info for our newer listeners. But first! James talks about his near death peanut allergy attack through the streets of New York, where his survival instincts kicked in. Kwanzaa came early, Omarosa got the boot! Maybe she'll have a Scrooge like awakening? Get ready to revisit a magical journey as we rediscover and explore Kwanzaa. How well do you know Kwanzaa? We'll take a quiz sponsored by PBS, (that gets really competitive... by James) before diving into it's origins. James talks about it's history, importance, and meanings, and Nnekay will walk you through how you can celebrate this beautiful holiday celebrating African American Awesomeness. Also join Nnekay and James as they plan their Kwanzaa Albums, and future Kwanzaa movies and TV projects. Will they beat out Oprah and Gayle for King and Queen of Kwanzaa? Stay tuned to the very end for James' special announcement!  Happy Kwanzaa!  http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/kwanzaa-history http://www.officialkwanzaawebsite.org/index.shtml Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Checkout the Minority Korner Store! Minority Korner Guide to a Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition Part 3- Understanding the History of Queer Culture
22/12/171h 24m

Protect Yourself! In Sexyland & Information Land! (Bill Murray, Native Advertisements, PrEP Debate, She's Gotta Have It, Golden Globe Nominations, JTT, Terrorist Attack, Live Theater Etiquette, Mary J. Blige, Huckleberry Finn, BLD's, STI's)

No terrorist got James this week! Nnekay went to an avant guard Bill Murray live performance and apparently the hipsters of San Francisco were drunkenly not hear for it. Also did Bill Murray set up an awkwardly racist caricature, pro confederacy moment? Nnekay's got the side eyes ready. The Golden Globes nominations are in and we've been snubbed, and by we, we mean POC's. Still so many white nominations! James is perplexed with all the Black excellence on TV from Queen Sugar, to Atlanta, to She's Gotta Have It, which brings up a great discussion. Spike Lee has updated his 80's classic of a young Black woman who doesn't have her shit together, queerness, sexuality, and feminism. And would She's Gotta Have It be more embraced by the feminist community if it were starring and written by a white woman like Leah Dunham? Let's continue our conversation about PrEP! What is it? How does it work? What is the debate? Why are some for it, and some against it? What is the fear or celebration? And who has access to it? And we have some alarming info about infection rates amongst young folks. Apparently Nnekay is the Chancellor/President of School of Don't Trust A Bitch. Nnekay's got all the tips of what to watch for when on the net, some of what you're reading is paid content known as Native Advertisement, which is growing in our media in crazy ways. Nnekay's got it's origins through advertorials, banner ads, and to sponsored content, and how it's growing, and doesn't seem to be going away. How will this impact our media sources and their credibility? How can you protect yourself when in information land? And Charles sit down or go home!  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Checkout the Minority Korner Store! Minority Korner Guide to a Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition Part 3- Understanding the History of Queer Culture   NOTES:  Library Tips With Nnekay: Native Advertisements (see full list of links) PrEP DEBATE: http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2015/03/12/truvada_debate_watch_this_short_doc_about_the_prep_controversy_video.html https://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-oneill/prep-yourself-making-better-sense-of-the-pre-exposure-prophylaxis-debate_b_5203299.html https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/prep-pep-resources.page https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-new-york-city/for-patients/prep-101 A Pamphlet on Prep By Dan W. 
15/12/171h 20m

MK107: Never a Feud for you, Black Princess (Meghan Markle, Books on Privilege, Gay Zoo, Nickelodeon, Grey's Anatomy, PrEP, Black Doctors)

This week starts off with a bang as the twins celebrate a some color entering the British Monarchy! That's right Meghan Markle is breaking barriers by blessing Prince Harry with the decision to marry him! James finally gets all the hullabaloo about the royals, while Nnekay wants to see more from Meghan. They also discuss how Ms. Markle was able to bust on through to Nick News as an 11 year old preaching about feminism. Impressive start! James finds himself in the middle of Grey's Anatomy with a Black Woman Doctor!!!!!! He also gives a little teaser to a future episode about PrEP. In the Korners, Nnekay wants to give you some hints on what to give the children in your life for the holidays... BOOKS. This time her book list includes books on how to teach children about privilege. It's a hard topic to breech and these book will make it a little bit easier and fun! James' takes us to the magical land of the Gay Zoo!!!! Did you know that animals are just as gay as we humans are? You didn't well, James spells it out for you! From elephants to hyenas to bison to dolphins and even the good ole warthog! James' covers it all- so you'll have the arsenal to counter any claim of what is TRULY natural. We also have a new winner! Remember to stay for the end to see if you're the review that won the raffle! We also have a new store!!!!! Hooray! Remember to share Minority Korner: Guide to a Gay Bar, and buy up those tickets to Nnekay's Nice Tan Show in SF on January 26th! Enjoy!   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Minority Korner Store!   https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Minority Korner Guide to a Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition part 2   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO_ZTYVotE4   Nice Tan at SF Sketchfest   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nice-tan-queen-george-hosted-by-michelle-biloon-tickets-39890355126   Episode Links!   Books on Privilege   http://www.booksforlittles.com/silence-is-violence/   Gay Zoo   http://www.nbcnews.com/id/15750604/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/gay-animals-out-closet/#.Wicq7rQ-e9a http://www.dw.com/en/10-animal-species-that-show-how-being-gay-is-natural/g-39934832 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/natalia-reagan/hooray-for-gay-animals-9-_b_7684192.html
08/12/171h 12m

MK106: Scooby Doing It! (Candyman, Quizlet is BACK, Korla Pandit, John Roland Redd, Bianca Lawson, Gay Porn and Racism, Queen Sugar, and Rutina Wesley)

The wonder twins are full, happy, and filled of love after Thanksgiving and they want to spread the wealth! They got a fun joyous episode for ya'll this week... but first! CANDYMAN... candyman, candyman! They deconstruct the horror movie from the 90s which was WAY more political than they remembered! They also discuss the amazing ageless Bianca Lawson, In the Korners...ooooooo she's back! Quizlet Korner has returned and this time she is called, What's Good In The Neighborhood? Will James finally get Nnekay with the Quiz?! SOme of the topics covered: gay porn and racism, Wes Goodman, HIV Drugs, Adoption, Grindr mysteries, and getting CAUGHT UP! In Nnekay's Korner- she takes James (and you) on a ride about two jazz pianist, Korla Pandit and John Roland Redd, and how their lives intersect and create magic. ALSO.... DRUMROLLLLLLL The winner is announced for the iTunes review raffle!!!! Happy Friday and have a good weekend, ya'll!   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Guide To A Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition Tip #1 Guide To A Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition (Full Video)   Catch Nnekay At SF Sketch Fest w/ Her Comedy Team Nice Tan! Get Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nice-tan-queen-george-hosted-by-michelle-biloon-tickets-39890355126?ref=eios&aff=eios   Links!    Quizlet   http://www.newnownext.com/two-drug-regimen-hiv-approved/11/2017/   https://www.queerty.com/adult-film-star-hugh-hunter-calls-gayvn-awards-racism-declines-nominations-20171127   https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/accidental-thanksgiving-duo-spend-the-holiday-together-1820746149   http://www.theroot.com/trump-loving-nfl-protest-hating-police-union-chief-who-1820766920   https://www.queerty.com/antigay-lawmaker-caught-gay-sex-office-scrubs-internet-existence-20171116   https://www.queerty.com/time-disgraced-gop-rep-wes-goodman-fondled-male-teen-antigay-fundraiser-20171122   https://www.queerty.com/antigay-lawmaker-caught-gay-sex-office-scrubs-internet-existence-20171116   https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/grace-in-action-black-family-of-7-adopts-6-white-sibli-1820747560   Tale of Two Pianist   https://tinyurl.com/yddm52mq
01/12/171h 12m

MK105: Thanksgiving Leftovers W/ Your Tribe (Black Sci Fi, LGBT Thanksgiving Family Survival Guide, Janet in Concert, Crocheting, Gerard Butler, Roasts, Thanksgiving History, Ticketmaster)

James is in the building, and it's a Minority Korner Thanksgiving: leftovers edition! Nnekay is a master crotcheter and all James sees is a potential business (you know his inner Dina Lohan), and the conversation moves onto passing on traditions. Speaking of let's talk about Black Thanksgiving: how/why do POC's celebrate this colonial holiday rooted in the slaughtering of First Nations People? What does it mean to us? And there's an 'aha' moment about spending Thanksgiving with your tribe. James has an unchecked idea of how Thanksgiving became a holiday.  In the Korners Nnekay has a listicle (it's the end of the year and people LOVE lists) about Black Sci Fi you should be dialing into, from comics, to fiction, graphic novels, and web series, there is a lot of dope stuff happening! Time to queer up your Thanksgiving with a Quizlet! And James has tips for all our LGBT tribe on how to survive your family for Thanksgiving. Plus spending time with your family as they get older, surprising your dad for his 60th, and all hail Queen Janet! She is on tour and James has the inside scoop on how to score great seats for pop legends the day of! Ticketmaster... we're on to you! Gobble, gobble, and get stuffed with this Thanksgiving leftovers episode of Minority Korner!  MUSIC: Brownout  EDITOR: Dr. Tara Dunderdale  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
24/11/171h 13m

MK104: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah! It's A Racist World After All! (Racist Disney Rides, Black Women's Hair, Run Disney 10K, Song of the South, Jungle Cruise, Uncle Remus)

Ready. Set. Go! James returns from Run Disney weekend, the main event he's been training for over the past 2 months to complete his first 10K... did he?... dun dun dun! While at Disneyland Resort the magic of Disney wore off of James as he discovered 5 racist rides at Disneyland that need some serious side eye, and a makeover. Get ready to have your childhood bubble burst! For example do you know the racist movie Splash Mountain is based on? Song of the South, which gave us complicated songs like Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, and characters like Uncle Remus. James breaks it down! Up next it's Nnekay's most passionate korner to date! In response to the Made Well campaign Nnekay unpacks how and why Black women's hair in particular is political and is a keen example of intersectionality of Blackness and feminism, along with it's history and protest. Also the debate over Ferris Wheels is waged, and we can neither confirm or deny if this episode will discuss or talk about sex benches.    MUSIC: Brownout  EDITOR: Dr. Tara Dunderdale  Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
17/11/171h 16m

MK103: A Sexy Belefonte (Race & TV, Netflix, CBS, AMC, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, ShondaLand, Scandal, Ask Minority Korner Anything, Toxic Masculinity)

The team is locked and loaded for another jam packed episode of amazing goodness! Our fearless duo received a listener question so they dusted of that familiar Ask Minority Korner Anything tune and jumped right in. What should one do, when your co workers keep cat calling other women in front of you? James and Nnekay work it out! James tackles a "What You Might Have Miss In the News" by talking about the murder of Giovanni Melton and paying respects to a life gone too soon. In the Korners, Nnekay uncovers the truth about POC representation in TV- mostly focusing on Showrunners and Writers. The statistics might lead to so understanding on why there is such little diversity on TV STILL. James decides to spread a little positive around with a Minority Korner Book Review! The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is all about how to reclaim your life and ignore many of the outside influences which might invade your thoughts and self perspective. We're still inching towards our 100th review so don't forget to get your review up so we can enter it into the drawing! Also we would like to extend a big THANK YOU to our new editor Tara Dunderdale! Hooray!    Links!   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/report-5-ways-hollywood-sidelines-black-screenwriters   https://hollywood.colorofchange.org/   https://www.colorlines.com/articles/donald-glover-why-atlanta-has-all-black-writing-staff   http://revisionisthistory.com/episodes/01-the-lady-vanishes   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
10/11/171h 12m

MK102: A SpoooooOOOoootacular Episode (Kevin Spacey, The Craft, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, NFL, Anthony Rapp, Thor: Ragnorok, Research Tips, Rachel True, Nipplegate, Information Literacy)

OoooOOOOOooooOOoo... it's a little past Halloween, but the wonder twins have got the spirit! They are bringing you a Spoooootacular Episode. Nnekay has got her candle set up which reminds James of The Craft and our girl Rachel True- who actually reads Tarot Cards. Nnekay recently watched The Craft and she was reminded of super sexy giant windbreakers and khakis... and some weird problematic themes exhibited in the movie which might speak to the climate we're currently dealing with in Hollywood. James is living that #blessed life and got to see a screening of Thor: Ragnorok. He literally had to use some mind trips to expand time to make it in time. He says it's amazing and we all need to rush out to go see it. They also talk about how the NFL keeps fucking up! This time they have Justin Timberlake performing the half time show at the Super Bowl. Why is this a tragedy? You might remember a little thing called "nipplegate". Nnekay and James break it down why this is a mess and a disrespect to Janet Jackson. In James' Korner, he needs help, yet again with side eyeing his heroes. This time it's Kevin Spacey. James' unpacks sexual assault and why Kevin Spacey's coming out is a distraction and how to deal when your hero fails you. In Nnekay's Korner, she is so tried and sick of people taking google for granted and wants to give some tips on how to take research seriously! She talks bias, and how to truly understand what you are reading. Enjoy the episode!   Links!   http://www.vulture.com/2017/10/actor-says-kevin-spacey-tried-to-seduce-him-when-he-was-14.html   http://www.vulture.com/2017/10/kevin-spacey-comes-out-in-response-to-sexual-allegation.html   http://www.vulture.com/2017/10/hollywood-reacts-to-kevin-spaceys-defensive-coming-out.html   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
03/11/171h 15m

MK101: Why You So Funky, Hollywood? (POCs TV Shows in Development , Joss Whedon Faux Feminist, Las Vegas Pride, Britney Spears, Bel Biv Davoe, Divas, Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

The Wonder Twins are back in action! James has just come off the plane from his magical, ridiculous, and confidential trip to Vegas! Some of the things he CAN talk about are: his run in with a Korner Kid, the Divas review, and Britney Spears. Also is Las Vegas LGBTQ friendly? In Nnekay's Korner she combs through The Hollywood Reporter to get you the hot scoop on TV shows in development staring or created by People of Color! Lots of great things coming from Jordan Peele, Gina Rodriguez, and more! James is tackling the Whedonverse and it's creator Joss Whedon. Recently his wife has claimed that his feminism might not be as truthful as he states! James tackles several different points that chip away at his self proclaimed "woke bae-ness". Never fear though, James gives advice to those who still love his work, and the duo talks about how to love the art work of someone you can't help but side eye.   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Links!   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/lil-rel-howery-fox-tv-comedy-1049904   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tvs-hot-development-trend-immigrant-stories-1043155   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/party-five-tv-reboot-works-immigration-twist-1043138     http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/jordan-peele-developing-nazi-hunting-tv-drama-1032350   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/immigration-comedy-greg-garcia-works-at-cbs-1035405   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/michael-showalter-nahnatchka-khan-fox-revival-comedy-1030577   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/miami-vice-reboot-vin-diesel-works-at-nbc-1026163   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/rupaul-tv-dramedy-jj-abrams-lands-at-hulu-1027914      JOSS WHEDON:  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/30/style/male-feminists-joss-whedon-snl.html   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/joss-whedon-5-times-blew-feminist-credentials/   https://www.themarysue.com/joss-doesnt-get-to-ruin-buffy/     POCs, Television, Pop culture, Joss Whedon, Las Vegas, Firefly, Bel Biv Davoe, Britney Spears, Buffy The Vampire slayer, Jordan Peele, Gina Rodriquez, Vin Diesel, Miami Vice, Boys Two Men
27/10/171h 18m

MKEP100: Minority Korner's Greatest Hits! (Rachel Dolezal, Greenwood Massacre, Why Your Camera's Racist, J Hud, Goldie Bitch, Catwoman, Pattie LaBelle, Star Wars Fight, Tony the Tiger, Police Brutality, and more!)

They said it wouldn't last... but here we are!!! (Also who said that... we are side eying you!) It's cause for celebration! And we are doing it clip style as we reminisce and revisit some of our favorite moments, korners, topics, quizlets, and tangents, over the past 100 episodes. Plus you'll get some insights into how the sausage is made, reactions, and how we feel now about some of our moments. Will Jennifer Hudson show up and finally end this feud?! Find out! Also stay tuned to the end, sadly something horrific, and shocking happens, involving the reason why we started this podcast: police brutality. This is the perfect episode for longtime listeners, and new folks joining the Korner! Thanks for listening, and here's to the next 100!!!  Episodes We Revisit:  EP 1: Rachel Dolezal EP 22: Rape in the Military  EP 23: History of Queer Fabulousness & Tony The Tiger Quizlet  EP 34: The Jungle Book Shiar Khan Impression EP 36: The first Jennifer Hudson Impression EP 50: Why Your Camera is Racist  EP 54: A Very Patti Christmas  EP 55: Stay Fired Up EP 56: Work 2 Da Beat: Election Acton Items MP 66: Star Wars Fight  EP 68: Bayard Rustin, & The Texas Rangers EP 73: Biphobia EP 77: Goldie Bitch EP 78: Treshella  EP 83: Greenwood Massacre, The AIDS Quilt, & Catwoman Review EP 89: Queen Califa EP 98: Francis Scott Key's trifilin ass   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner
20/10/171h 38m

Minority Korner 99: A Session on Semantics (Las Vegas, American Terrorism, Gun Control, Betsy DeVos, Harvard, BLM, Self Care, Venezuela)

Nnekay and James are back giggling in the korners. Trying to figure out how to set the record straight? No. Setting the record right? No. Setting the record on the appropriate course. Yes. They are here to discuss as what Marvin Gaye and James say, "What is going on?" They discuss horrible incident that happened in Las Vegas, what we can do about it, and how this keeps happening to America by Americans. The semantics of the media... who is called a lone wolf, a thug, a terrorist? In Nnekay's Korner, she is talking about two stories about two good things moving in the right direction, Harvard students protesting Betsy DeVos, and how Black Lives Matters cannot be sued. To round out her korner, Nnekay talks about way that we can take care of ourselves when the world looks bleak. James taking a trip to Latin America for Latinx History month, which is from September 15th- October 15th. In his korner he is taking a page from Anderson Cooper's book and doing and expose on what is going on in Venezuela. How Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela is changing the country since Hugo Chavez, and has just been declared (by the US) a dictatorship. How are the people of Venezuela are rebelling and creating their own narrative. This is your last change to enter our 100 Minority Korner review sweepstakes! We're taking a little bit of a break (two weeks) and will be back with our 100th episode!!!! Enjoy the week and thanks for listening!!!!!!     twitter: @minoritykorner facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minority.korner/   Links!   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/4-self-care-resources-days-when-world-terrible   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/harvard-students-protest-betsy-devos-white-supremacist-sign-raised-fists   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/judge-throws-out-case-against-black-lives-matter-says-movement-cant-be-sued   https://everytown.org/   Puerto Rico   https://front.moveon.org/   hispanicfederation.org
06/10/171h 17m

MK98: Minority Korner Takes a Knee (Portland, Janet Jackson, Airplane Movie Picks, NFL Boycott, Francis Scott Key, History of National Anthem, Life After Hate, Voodoo Donuts, Colin Kapernick, Baywatch, Alien: Covenant, Rough Night, The Mummy)

Synchronize your watches because it's time... to give a fuck! We weigh in on the NFL Boycott and make an attempt to see both sides. James kicks it off (see what we did there) looking at two articles from the Root on opposite sides of the conversation. We'll catch you up on the man that started it all, Colin Kapernick, and theorize the real reason he's not getting picked by a team, why the NBA isn't having this same problem supporting it's players in their peaceful protests, and just what you can do to get involved! If you haven't participated in any #resist/#persist movements this year: now's the time! Nnekay continues the conversation examining the history of our National Anthem that we hear are sports games all the time, along with it's author. It might not surprise you that it comes from racist roots, and Francis Scott Key, author of the Star Spangled Banner... was a white supremacist. Also did you know about the missing 3rd stanza? What got his beef started with Black folks, turning him into a past day Taylor Swift? But FIRST! James is back to the Estados Unidos, and is back to his Carmen San Diego tricks again. Jetsetting to Portland for a Marvel THWIP Shoot in Portland, James has something he'd like to discuss in regards to this "liberal" town. Also legendary Voodoo Donuts... we need to talk. Life After Hate is an organization that needs your dollas! It was started by former white supremacist in Portland, working to end the irradiation of the KKK... See why we need to talk about Portland? Most importantly we need to talk about our friend... Ms. Jackson- cause we at nasty (definitely living up to our EXPLICIT in this episode). James has some inside scoop on why she's crying on stage, after her divorce, and what really happened in the marriage... ALLEGEDLY (for legal reasons). Also, Nnekay has tips about the power of a Manj wig. Ever on an airplane and not sure what to watch? James has been on so many planes he's got your airplane movie reviews! Rough Night Out, Baywatch, Alien:Covenant, The Mummy, Unbreakable, which one's to watch and which to.. skip! Stick around to the end to hear James' bombshell announcement!  DONATE TO LIFE AFTER HATE:  https://www.lifeafterhate.org/donate   NFL BOYCOTT: Articles by Stephen Crockett@ The Root: Black Men Still Watching the NFL Are Running Out of Excuses If You're a Black Man Watching the NFL Here's What I Know About You Jason Johnson @ The Root:  A Black Person's Guide to Happily Watching the NFL More Articles:  http://www.theroot.com/colin-kaepernicks-nfl-jersey-is-still-doing-well-even-1818663929 https://www.themarysue.com/trump-kaepernick-curry-racism/   National Anthem http://www.theroot.com/star-spangled-bigotry-the-hidden-racist-history-of-the-1790855893 https://www.theglobalist.com/francis-scott-key-and-the-slavery-question/ http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/wheres-debate-francis-scott-keys-slave-holding-legacy-180959550/  
29/09/171h 24m

MK97: Cuantos Licks? W/ Janine Brito (Espana, John Boyega, IT, The Election, Young Activist, DACA, Trump, The Haunted Poconos, Reality TV, LA vs NYC)

Hola! We are coming to you from around the globe, as James is in Espana and being unapologetically Black overseas, while spreading the gospel about racism in America like a Paul Revere. James is also working like a bastard, why do they work so hard, training for the Avengers 10K, accidentally joining separatist protests, and making a crazy film that may bring in the Spanish new wave of film making. Meanwhile back in the states, Nnekay has fallen in love with a new dog, and her bitch Zelda might not be having it. Also, maybe British Black actors leading American biopics might not be such a bad idea in terms of overseas appeal, aka John Boyega in Detroit, has found a home in Espana. Then we go to the main event: Writer/Comedian (not Comedienne) Janine Brito! We discuss the haunted Poconos Manner, getting lost in the forest, what to do when your family voted for Trump, why you should turn off Reality TV and do something, what's it like to be a lesbian comedian in LA, and create an idea for embroidered pillows on the go! Also someone please call James' mother, and tell her that he is safe in Europe. All this and more! 
21/09/171h 23m

MK96: This Emperor Needs A Wig Cap (Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Quizlet Korner, Martin Yan, Harriet Tubman, Star Wars, KKK, Todrick Hall, Little Mix)

The Wonder Twins of Podcasting are starting off with a bang, pitching a new movie... The Emperess' New Wig! Coming soon to a theater near you! They also have a little trip down memory land to the 2000s. Nnekay also discusses her underwear choices... and James extols the beauty of jock straps. Nnekay talks about the her turn as the cheesiest audience member for Yan Can Cook. Also Whoops! We made a mistake Ed Skerin was the bad guy in Deadpol. James talks about meeting the legend...Dolores Huerta who might be side eyeing us. WHAT? In Nnekay's Korner she covers some of the ways that you can contribute still to Houston. This was recorded before Irma hit, so be sure to listen to the top of the show where we cover how you can help with Irma relief as well. Links are included in these show notes. Help is needed further than just the first few weeks. In James' Korner we got the return of Quizlet Korner! Some of the topics he covers: Harriet Tubman and the 20 dolla bill, Star Wars and Asian Stars, Todrick Hall, KKK, The Democratic Party, and Bisexual Discrimination. We are still aiming for that goal for 100 reviews by our 100th episode for the Minority Korner Give away! So please write those reviews!!!! Links! https://www.colorlines.com/articles/8-ways-help-people-color-recover-hurricane-irma http://www.colorlines.com/articles/how-donate-money-and-other-aid-communities-color-houston  
14/09/171h 31m

MK95: High Kicking 4 Jesus (Labor Day, DACA, MaxFunCon East, Climate Change, Cristela Alonzo, Chenjerai Kumanyika, Dolores Huerta)

James is back from the Poconos, making Pizza Delivery guys high kick for a tip and Nnekay is MELTING and shouting from the roof tops that climate change is here and showing it's ugly lil head. Just like Nnekay did in MaxFunCon West, James had a BLAST at MaxFunCon East!!! There he met comedian Cristela Alonzo, and also comedian Janine Brito. He taught people to P.E.E- provoke, enlighten, and entertain and of course... started a Conga Line. James leaves us with some amazing tips from Chenjerai Kumanyika (@catchatweetdown) who spoke at Max Fun Con. In James' Korner he is celebrating Labor Day by talking about and honors the POCs who are normally not recognized all that they do for this holiday. In Nnekay's Korner, she is going over what the DACA Program is, how Trump and Sessions are repealing it, and what people who benefited from this program can do and know what their rights are. We are still gearing up for our 100th episode which means, we're aiming to reach 100 reviews for the drawing for our Minority Korner Care Package, so please keep the reviews coming to be entered into the running!   Links!   http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/349095-trump-to-end-daca-with-6-month-delay-report http://remezcla.com/lists/culture/irli-daca-recipients-rights/
08/09/171h 17m

MKEP94: Don't Be A Taylor Swift, and Reclaim Yo Time, Money, & Activism! (Feminist Activism on Campus, Become A Purposeful Millionaire, Taylor Swift, Pink,, Colleen Daag, ABC'S Dinosaurs, Poppers)

Can Auntie Maxine save us from that BW (basic woman) Taylor Swift and her latest display of white lady privilege? Also, Auntie Maxine... can we say that? ABC's Dinosaurs may have been the cause of Nnekay's irrational fear of comets. Speaking of Nnekay, she has some tips for back to school college activist and how everyone can get involved and find the inner feminist! James is going to help you become a "Purposeful Millionaire"... not this James... James Nowlin, but our James will report on a few of his favorite tips from James Nowlin's new book to empower you to make them dollah's and reach your full potential! And the Library is open prepare to get read Taylor Swift, Tinay Fey, Toddrick Hall, fidget spinners, and Pink! Plus how you can get involved in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, and more!   Get James Nowlin's Book The Purposeful Millionaire http://jamesnowlin.com/ Help Out With Hurricane Harvey Relief 
01/09/171h 32m

MKEP93: Dolores Huerta Needs A Statue W/Brian Benson (Charlottesville, Captain Marvel AKA Brie Larson, Bi Celebrities, Aaron Carter, Halle or Holly Berry?)

We have been waiting to release this special interview with film maker Brian Benson for months, because we are crazy... about ACTIVISM! And with his new film 'Dolores' about Dolores Huerta coming to theaters September 1st, we finally can! Brian Benson (AKA SF legend drag persona Cousin Wonderlette) is behind hit films such as 'La Mission' with Benjamin Bratt, 'Diary of a Teenage Girl' with Kirsten Wiig and Alexander Alexander Skarsgård. Brian sits down with James while he's on a world wind tour, to talk about the activist, rebel, revolutionary, and mother herself Dolores Huerta, and the journey to get the film made and it's relevance. It's a tale as old as time involving immigration rights, racism, sexism, and more! Where's here statues across America? Speaking of statues, we weigh in on Charlottesville: white people come get your people. Plus find out how Brie Larson, AKA Captain Marvel, is defending our galaxy on the big screen and in real life. Who are all the bi celebrities coming out of the woodwork, and just how do you pronounce Halle Berry? And find out how you can enter to win a Minority Korner prize pack in honor of upcoming 100th episode!!! Get ready to get inspired!!   Check out a 'Dolores' screening in your city:  Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves  
25/08/171h 20m

Minority Korner 92: A Supa Soul Sit Down Sista Sunday (Chester Bennington, Super Soul Sunday, Protecting Children Against Child Molestation, Self Worth, Phylicia Rashad, Madonna)

Nnekay is still here, she's still in New York! James is showing her the sights! World Trade Center Monument, The High Line, The Stonewall Inn, a... bone... mall? Also James is excited to share his mutant power, which might not get him accepted into Professor X's institute. Did you know Madonna dated Tupac? The wonder twins discuss. Did you know that DeMario Jackson (from Bachelor in Paradise) asked Britney Spears out? James got to experience the fabulous Phylicia Rashad... sleep for most of the play? In James's Korner, we're discussing a tough topic (Trigger Warning). With the recent suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, James dives into one of the causes he was incredibly vocal about: Child Molestation. James breaks down some of the statistics from the website Darkness to Light, to squash a lot of the misconceptions that are spread. Also, James shares some tactics on how to protect those children that surround us. Next up! We try something new with a Super Soul Sunday. With all the intense conversations and whirlwind recording, we take a page from Oprah's book and discuss self worth, shared histories, race, and gentrification. Links! https://www.d2l.org/
18/08/171h 18m

Minority Korner 91: You Know You're In NY When You Cry: Black American GIs in WWII, Transgender Soldiers, Tom Ford, Confederate, HBO, Kidnap, Halle Berry

Nnekay is in NEW YORK!!! Any every street is her runway! Once Nnekay got off her jalopy of a plane (after being tortured by children and Tom Ford), James has shown her THE. TOWN. But before we get to that, we cover how the American AssClown sent out tweets banning the trans community from the military, Nnekay and James discuss. In Nnekay's Korner, she gives us the direct opposite of Dunkirk, and examines how American Black GIs were treated  and existed in the UK during WWII. The results might be SURPRISING. In James' Korner he starts an open conversation regarding the proposed new HBO show, Confederates. What in the hell are Game of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss THINKING by making a show imagining a world where the South succeeded in secession. Closing out the show, Nnekay and James discuss the new movie obsession- KIDNAP starring our Hollywood QUEEN Halle Berry. You know they're gonna break down that trailer.     Links!   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/12035018/Revealed-How-Britons-welcomed-black-soldiers-during-WWII-and-fought-alongside-them-against-racist-GIs.html  
11/08/171h 14m

MKEP90: Queen Califa Part Deux w/ Amelia AND Badelia! (Spider-Man, Beauty & The Beast, A Wrinkle In Time, Queen Califia & The California Blacks, Social Justice & Activism Books for Kids, Lil Kim's Face, Who's The Best Chris?)

The Wonder Twins of Podcasting have transformed into Amelia & Badelia, and one of them... we'll say Badelia (James) explains the entire plot of Beauty & The Beast- the live action version to Nnekay... or rather Amelia (no spoilers because it's pretty much the same as the animated version- but James- we mean Badelia is in to it)! Let's go over the chronological timeline of Lil Kim's face. What happened? She was so cute! We must talk about A Wrinkle in Time and how amazeballs it's going to be! Speaking of Amazing things: Spider-Man! But not The Amazing Spider-Man with angst Andrew Garfield (who Badelia ((James) was a big a fan of)) but Spider-Man Homecoming is swinging into our hearts (see what we did there)? James/Badelia continues the exploration of Queen Califia and the California Blacks from last episode. If they did exist, what happened, and where did they go? If you got a kid in your life Amelia (AKA Nnekay) has just the thing for their summer reading with another booklisticle: Social Justice & Activism Books for the younger folks. Yay!  
04/08/171h 12m

MKEP89: All Hail Queen Califa! (Xennials, Queen Califa, Game of Thrones, Sexual Harassment & Astronomy, Indiana Jones, Ewoks, George Lucas, California Blacks)

Were you down with Ewoks? One of the Wonder Twins of Podcasting confesses their love, while the other demands reparations! Don't quite consider yourself a Millennial or apart of Generation X?! Good news theirs a made up sub-sect to make yourself feel better: Xennial. Nnekay breaks down why theirs a lack of women, and specifically women of color in the field of Astronomy and fingers seem to point towards: sexual harassment. Come on Physicist! Keep it together! James is going to blow your mind with the untold story of Queen Califia. Who was this African Queen of California? Was she a myth? Or were here and many Blacks before her living in the New Lands of the Americas long before white European settlers? The answer... might surprise you... or maybe not if your'e listening to this podcast. All this and more on this EPIC episode of Minority Korner! 
28/07/171h 19m

MKEP88: Summer Skool's in Session... But Not Jeff Sessions (Medicare, GLOW, Bidets, State of the Gay Leather Scene, Frosted Tips, LGBT Travel, Iggy & Azealia Banks, Britney Spears, Maxine Waters, Stand Your Ground, Hollywood Dominoes, 4:44)

Summer Skool is in session! But not Jeff Sessions- fuck that guy! The Wonder Twins of Podcasting are still talking about the 4th of July, and try to come up with the lyrics of Stars and Stripes for Ever. Get ready to learn about the game that is changing dominoes forever: Hollywood Dominos! And what happened when James had a showdown with his Aunties at 4th of July: a star was born! .. again. Nnekay weighs in about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. And it's Nnekay vs. James in the debate about Bidet's... we've been waiting for this! It is the Minority Korner Summer Skool Spectacular Session Quizlet! We hope Nnekay studied: What city is home to the largest Book Fair in the U.S.?  Hint it's a place you might want to book for your summer travels- it's a hot place to be LGBT! Are frosted tips making a comeback? Is the gay leather scene dead? Who prefers their mens hairy or hairless, Ladies, or Gays? Iggy Azealia & Azealia Banks united together?  Did Britney bring peace to the Middle East? Is there a bias against young Black girls? Did Maxine Waters takes down HUD? Is Florida still sadly "standing their ground"? Find out! And then Nnekay walks us through Medicare, how it applies to health care debate, how it relates to race and gender, and what we can do to protect it. Also Jay-Z's 4:44! It's time to get crazy!     
21/07/171h 21m

MK 87: Be Your Own Dina Lohan (Race and Climate Change, Tips for Straight Guys in Gay Bars, Cleopatra, Madonna, Janet Mock, Bel Biv Davoe)

The Wonder Twins of Podcast break down the late nineties teen group Cleopatra. James has had a an epiphany that he's a Dinah Lohan, just supporting and boosting (and sharing) the talent and success. Nnekay has a glamour tryst in gold country, and discovers a little thing called pretty privilege as introduced by Janet Mock. Get ready to clutch your pearls because James might not be familiar with a Super Star from RuPaul's Drag Race. In Nnekay's Korner, she covers how Climate Change and Race are connected through a study that was conducted by researchers from UC Berkeley and Princeton. As the temperature rises, so does the divide the wealth. In James' Korner, he is here to give an audio pamphlet for straight guys navigating gay bars. He knows they're coming, might as well give them some guidelines so everyone can have a fun time and let gay bars remain a space space for who they were created for.    Links! http://www.colorlines.com/articles/study-3-ways-climate-change-will-have-unequal-economic-impacts-across-us   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/black-and-latina-moms-are-most-concerned-climate-change
14/07/171h 21m

MK86:A Freak In The Sheets and a Freak on the Streets (Henrietta Lacks, Oprah, Bachelor In Paradise, Drugs and the LGBTQ community, Title IX, poodles)

James's birthday came and went and for our two year anniversary of the podcast we updated our photos!!! The wonder twins give a tutorial on how to do a proper jump photo, watch out Tyra! Even though we don't mention Michael Jordan, we try to talk sports by talking about sports superstars. James breaks down the HBO movie, The Life of Henrietta Lacks- his everlasting love of Rose Byrne and mediocre appreciation for Oprah. James is confused, mystified, and interested by all the happenings with Bachelor in Paradise. Little known fact, Nnekay is apart of Bachelor Nation- so she is ready to school James on all the haps. In James' Korner, he breaks down the statistics and percentages of drug use and alcohol consumption in the LGBTQ community. Which might come as a surprise to you as it did to Nnekay. In addition to the stats, James gives tips on how to party safely and have fun without tragedy. In Nnekay's Korner, to celebrate the 45th birthday of Title IX, Nnekay references a feministing.com article to elaborate on what Title IX is and the many aspects and people it protects in our school system. Also... what's up with poodles?   Links!   http://feministing.com/2017/06/24/its-title-ixs-45th-birthday/
30/06/171h 21m

MKEP85: Rhythm Nation InFormation! (James Comey, Cosby Mis Trial, Juneteenth, Pride Flag History & Controversy, #40Cities40Acres, Queen Sugar, Implicit Bias, Elizabeth Banks, Sofia Coppolla, Beyonce's twins, Janet's Baby)

It is our 2nd year anniversary and boy do we have some presents for you! First up is it hot, or is it just these hot, hot, HAWT Topics! So much to discuss that we haven't had a change to! James Comey- let's hold up before we give this man that ruined the election a parade. The Cosby Ms. Trial- Oye Vey what is up with jury's AND the Philando Castile trial??? Meanwhile another trigger happy cop shot and killed a pregnant Black woman. Elizabeth Banks demonstrates the case for more white feminism, along with Sofia Coppola's latest film that forgets Slavery was a thing back in the confederacy. Beyonce had twins! Phew! Over in the Korner's Nnekay pricks up her feud with JuneTeenth but flips and reverses it, with this way you can truly reclaim this holiday, and some land, as we Black folks still await our 40 acres and a mule. James tackles the controversy of a new Pride flag that was revealed and gives you the history of the flag, along with his two cents. I mean you know him, he's going to give you at least 5 cents. Plus! Queen Sugar has got James WOKE to the Farmer's struggle! Join us for our 2 year anniversary extravaganza!!!     HISTORY OF PRIDE FLAG http://www.sftravel.com/article/brief-history-rainbow-flag https://unicornbooty.com/phillys-pride-flag-black-brown/   JUNETEENTH http://www.colorlines.com/articles/movement-black-lives-reclaim-black-spaces-juneteenth http://www.pbs.org/wnet/african-americans-many-rivers-to-cross/history/what-is-juneteenth/
23/06/171h 19m

MKEP84: Mz. Sizzle's Magic Skool Bus (Remembering Pulse, Black Panther Trailer, LGBT Latinx Who Slay, Feminist Monuments, MaxFun Con, Katy Perry)

Nnekay has returned home from summer camp aka MaxFun Con, and James being the Dinah Lohan mother that he is, couldn't be happier to have his baby gurl back home.  Nnekay returns home with tales of her adventure of twirling, teaching folks how to side eye through being research warriors, and found out what a Bo Jangle's is. The Wonder Twins of Podcasting unpack the EPIC Black Panther Trailer, and combat the criticism by some (racists) that it's too "militant". Also are the rumors true started in this very episode about Angela Davis being in the Black Panthers movie? Find out! Continuing our celebration of Pride, and in honor of remembering the Pulse Massacre and their victims, James gives props to 10 LatinX LGBT folk who slay all day, everyday! Move over Ms. Frizzle, because Ms. Sizzle (Nnekay) has gotten hold of the magic school bus and she is taking us on a world wind tower visiting some Feminist Monuments! Also James let's Katy Perry have it! Swish swish- bish!    LATINX WHO SLAY: http://www.latinoglbthistory.org/lgbtq-latino-timeline http://www.advocate.com/arts-entertainment/2015/9/28/13-lgbt-latinos-changing-world http://www.latina.com/entertainment/buzz/lgbt-latino-stars-celebrities http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/04/lgbt-latino-activists_n_1569277.html   FEMINIST MONUMENTS: http://weburbanist.com/2008/06/13/12-monuments-dedicated-to-women/ https://www.cheapflights.com/news/top-10-monuments-to-women-leaders/ https://www.curbed.com/2016/4/12/11413612/national-monument-feminist-history-obama https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/04/women-equality-national-monument/477828/ https://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/proudest-feminist-monument/BestOf?oid=1167156  http://www.amny.com/lifestyle/women-s-history-month-nyc-monuments-and-memorials-dedicated-to-women-1.10067879 https://www.bustle.com/articles/140423-how-to-take-a-self-guided-historical-feminist-tour-of-upstate-new-york
16/06/171h 27m

MK83:Rip, Roaring, and Ready to Go (Tulsa Race Riot, AIDS Quilt, Kathy Griffin, La Croix, Implicit Bias, Catwoman, and Halle Berry)

There is a meeting in the ladies room, and by ladies room we mean the Bay Area! That's right James is back in the SF Bay Area and our wonder twins are REUNITED!!!! James has come back to the booming trend of La Croix and needs some explanation from Nnekay. We also get to hear about James' flight which involves espionage, implicit bias, dubious toys, and some deep soul searching. We also get into The whole Kathy Griffin vs. Trump controversy. Too good? Too Far? Or Who Cares?! In Nnekay's Korner, she covers the untold story of the Tulsa Race Riot or how she likes to calls it "The Greenwood Massacre" the 1921 historic event which was covered up for decades. James uses his Korner to cover the facts, origin, history, and importance of the AIDS Quilt. Making sure that its purpose, art, and beauty get recognized for years to come and respected by those who may not have experienced it. We also have another Minority Korner Movie Review!!! This time we cover the insanity that is CATWOMAN. A year before Batman Begins came out we had Halle Berry strutting her stuff in the most ridiculous leather outfit ever to grace a superhero. Was this a knockoff of a superhero movie? Did Sharon Stone really have a stone face? Was Halle Berry robbed of an oscar?! All this an more in this week's episode!   Links!   http://www.ebony.com/black-history/the-destruction-of-black-wall-street-405#axzz4j6Kxaj5Y   https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwood,_Tulsa  
09/06/171h 15m

MK 82: By the Grace of the Nipple (Tyrus Wong, It Gets Better, Disney, Cults, Neil Degrasse Tyson, LGBT Youth, Teen Suicide, Immigration, Vegetarians, wigs)

James got that 'milk gift" and he is #blessed, he also narrowly escaped joining a cult. Thank goodness a certain body part saved him. After escaping the cult, Nnekay and James talk about Neil Degrasse Tyson and the universe, which initially freaks Nnekay out- but with Degrasse Tyson and his show, Cosmos' help the universe can be accessible and even... magical? In Nnekay's korner she tells of life and times of Tyrus Wong, the Chinese American artist who radically influenced the Disney classic, Bambi- but his journey to America and the story of his survival might be even more fascinating. Remember the "It Gets Better" Campaign? In James' korner he is seeing if there has been any change in the 7 years since it was first launched. James uncovers some currents facts about LGBT youth, analyses some recent articles that say that the campaign didn't work, and ultimately gives some tips on how to work through those moments in life when things seem bleak. We also have an Ask Minority Korner Anything!!!! This time from Eboni S. and relationships and vegetarians. We also cover such topics as: the wigs of scandal and just fake hairs in general, recommendation for Hasan Minhaj Netflix special Homecoming King and the book This Is What A Librarian Looks Like, which features one of your favorite Wonder Twins of Podcasting.  Links! http://fusion.kinja.com/the-forgotten-chinese-american-artist-behind-a-disney-a-1795380547   https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/30/movies/tyrus-wong-dies-bambi-disney.html
02/06/171h 27m

MK81: 2 Kinds of Nastay! (Guardians of the Galaxy, Handmaiden's Tale is NOW!, History of Asian Immigration, "The Model Minority", Masters of None, Boo Mike Pence, Pirates of the Caribbean)

We are going to bring TWO kinds of Nasty this week, as the Nasty Train Express takes off...choo choo! Nnekay finally saw 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and James has a question he's been burning to ask her- don't worry no spoilers, but was the portrayal of Mantis kind of offensive?  Also Nnekay gives us her takeaways from the hit Netflix series 'Masters of None', while James goes off on a tangent about 'Passions'.  As promised (from two weeks ago) James finishes the second part of his investigation into immigration, this time focusing on Asian immigration which led him to connect the dots to the myth about the "Model Minority". In Nnekay's Korner she is going to sprinkle some pop culture with her facts as she looks at "The Handmaiden's Tale", are the laws in this fantasy already a reality? Plus in Quizlet Korner: Does Mike Pence want to have sex with horses? Is Johnny Depp a champion for women? Why is there ANOTHER movie based on a ride, now in it's 5th installment? All this and more as we get... NASTY from all the angles!   Links! https://io9.gizmodo.com/10-real-laws-straight-out-of-the-handmaids-tale-1794887451?utm_source=nar.al&utm_medium=urlshortener&utm_campaign=FB  
26/05/171h 23m

MKEP80: A Peak Behind The Jockstrap (Big Little Lies, Tuskegee Study, Sports In Amurrika, Master of None, Dear White People, PWR BTTM, Drake at Prom)

"Awww sookie sookie," now we kick things off with an impromptu Quizlet Korner! Who made that phrase a house hold catch phrase in the 90's (and now looking back it is probably appropriated from Japan. James has a confession to make to Nnekay and you the audience... he watched 'Big Little Lies', but why does he feel so guilty about it? Possibly because it's just a bunch of rich white ladies, depressed, and staring into the ocean. Well we came here for Zoe Kravitz, and stayed for Nicole Kidman who turned it out! 'Masters of None' has reached perfection this season, and why are you still not watching 'Dear White People' yet? Nnekay delivers in an expose about the Tuskegee Study (not to be confused with Tuskegee Airmen of WWII) which was a true fucked up American Horror Story in it's treatment of Black men. Inspired by a recent trip, and conversion to the Yankee's, James takes a peak behind the jockstrap of Major League American Sports: a billion dollar industry. Which sports make what? How much do professional male athletes make compared to females? Why don't folks watch the WNBA? How much do cheerleaders make? What's the racial breakdown? LGBT Athletes? Does testosterone levels increase when your team wins? Why do we say "we" won, or "they" lost? Plus we take a look at the PWR BTTM controversy, and as we say: you gotta side eye your heroes. Also... did you see Drake get upstaged at his cousins prom? Tuskegee Study History and current status http://www.colorlines.com/articles/nearly-85-years-later-tuskegee-studys-descendants-still-seek-justice http://tuskegeebioethics.org/about/voices-for-our-fathers-legacy-foundation/ http://www.tuskegeecenter.org/ https://www.cdc.gov/tuskegee/timeline.htm Let's Talk About Sports Mahn:  http://www.sportsnetworker.com/2012/02/15/the-psychology-of-sports-fans-what-makes-them-so-crazy/ https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/sports-stars-out-and-about/ss-BBwLVRJ http://www.totalsportek.com/news/nfl-cheerleader-salaries-2015/   https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/28/sports/basketball/after-two-decades-wnba-still-struggling-for-relevance.html   http://ctbythenumbers.info/2013/10/10/wnba-leads-major-sports-gender-racial-diversity-baseball-mirrors-society-best/   http://www.diversityinc.com/news/measure-diversity-one-u-s-pro-sport-meets/   http://www.businessinsider.com/nfl-mlb-nba-nhl-average-sports-salaries-2016-11
19/05/171h 21m

MK79: Put It In A Pamphlet and Get The Word Out: Hashtag Historical Facts (Debra Messing, Brooke Shields, Dolores Huerta, The Bracero Program, Cheng I Sao, Women In Power, Mya, Blaque, Monica & Brandi)

Nnekay and James dabble in the reality tv arts by saving many of their weekly conversations for on air. This week, James sent Nnekay little tid bits about his exciting, action packed, and glamours week. Tired of #winelife and #craftlife Nnekay was desperate to hear. James adventures might have included and not limited by Debra Messing, Brooke Shields, bowling, and laser tag. James also teases his up coming interview with Brian Benson (aka Cousin Wonderlette) and his up coming documentary on Dolores Huerta- keep an ear our for an August debut. Nnekay is also briefly upset about the lack of diversity in the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer. In James' Korner, we're talking about the Bracero Program- started in 1942, it was a program to get labor from Mexico to come to America and work to help fill the deficit left by the war. By covering this program, James helps to clarify the continued trend America has by inviting Mexicans to America for labor then turning around and deporting them. This happened during the 1900s, the braceros program, and again today. How can we stop this cycle of xenophobia? In Nnekay's Korner, she is inspired by The amazing Lady Pirate Cheng I Sao, who in the 1800s lead a fleet larger than the Chinese Navy and was one of the most successful pirates ever to exist. So taking Cheng I Sao's cue, Nnekay decides to state some facts about the current position of women in leadership. It might be shocking, but basically it ain't good. We inspire those around us to seek higher positions of power and to support all the Baby Lady Bosses we know. In Quizlet Korner, James decides to bring it back with R&B Pop Princesses! Can Nnekay name that tune? Links! https://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/presentationsandactivities/presentations/immigration/mexican8.html   http://hsp.org/sites/default/files/legacy_files/migrated/mexicanamericansandworldwarii.pdf http://americanhistory.oxfordre.com/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780199329175.001.0001/acrefore-9780199329175-e-72 https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/616/i-am-not-a-pirate?act=2   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ching_Shih http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/03/17/the-data-on-women-leaders/
12/05/171h 34m

MK78: Trashrella is Ready for the Ball (Solange, Marvel, Dear White People, Moapa Band of Pauites, NV Energy, Sarah Baartman, Suzan-Lori Parks, A Goose, Samantha Bee, Franchesca Ramsey)

The moment has finally arrived.... Did Nnekay meet Solange?!?!?! Nnekay breaks down her fabulous night at SFMOMA and how she may or may not have acted like a big ole trash bag... one might say a Trasharella? James also had a glamour night at a very exclusive Marvel private showing! James also talks about his newest obsession: Dear White People (the television show on Netflix). He HIGHLY recommends it! The jury is still out when it comes to Handmaiden's Tale on Hulu- we'll follow that up next week. We also want to congratulate our past guest, Ashley Nicole Black and her show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Samantha Bee hosted Not the White House Correspondence Dinner and it was a HIT. Also keep an eye out for Franchesca Ramsey's new talk show headed for Comedy Central (not VH1 like Nnekay said). Heading into our Korners, Nnekay talks about the Moapa Band of Paiutes Tribe of Southern Nevada who fought against a toxic Coal Plant, which was poisoning their land and their people. It's a successful story about grassroots efforts, looking for the right resources, and never giving up in the face of adversary. In James' Korner, he covers the life and times of Sarah Baartman, an South African woman who was stolen, displayed, and exploited even in death. James was inspired the play Venus by Suzan-Lori Parks (which is currently running NYC). The story of Ms. Baartman may enlighten you to the perception of the black female body and it's objectification which still lasts to this day. We dabble a little into the Korner Kids Playground and talk about some of the amazing things happening there (join the fb group). Also we get into how Nnekay does not like birds, James doesn't like racoons, and how Nnekay may or may not have a trash chariot pulled by Racoons. ENJOOOOOOY! Links! http://www.colorlines.com/articles/how-one-small-tribe-beat-coal-and-built-solar-plant  
05/05/171h 25m

MK77: JamKay's Fairy Tales: GoldiBitch & the Diabetic Witch (History of Pink Triangle, Solange, Books For Kids, Witches, Live Action Lion King, Visualization, Tonya Pinkins, Rachel Dolezal, Handmaiden's Tale, Goldilocks, Hansel & Gretel, Paris is Burning)

James has quite the surprise to jump start the show, what celebrity is he now one degree of separation away from? Find out! But first: several tangents! In this fairy tale themed episode JamKay break down the TRUTH behind some of these fairytales, what was really going on with this misunderstood, diabetic witch who lived in the woods before the entitled Hansel & Gretel showed up at her door? And don't even get us started on that Goldilocks... too late! Nnekay is going to a fancy event at the MOMA in San Francisco, will she meet Solange? Perhaps with some Oprah like coaching from James and his visualization techniques, and some throwing of elbows from Nnekay- she just might have a chance! As teased from last week James delivers as we explore the history of the Pink Triangle, which takes us to Nazi Germany, and the treatment of homosexuals. Could this happen again? Is it? We also look at the power and influence of queer culture as evidenced in the documentary Paris is Burning. Nnekay has another listicle for you and this time it is even more specific, like a very fine tuned Netflix sub-sub-sub category: Books for Kids featuring Black Protagonists not about Slavery, Sports, or Civil Rights. YES! But this leads into a larger conversation of Black stories in media, from Empire, to Scandal. We have some fan mail to read, thoughts on the Live Action Lion King, and we will bring up Rachel Dolezal for the last time.    http://www.pink-triangle.org/ https://scottwoodsmakeslists.wordpress.com/2016/01/30/28-black-picture-books-that-arent-about-boycotts-buses-or-basketball/  
28/04/171h 22m

MKEP76: The Gabbening (Minus Gabrielle Union) ((Chris Brown, Black*ish, Gerrymandering, 2018 Elections, Velvet Ropes, Toys R' US, Celebrity Mascots, Barry Manilow, Copa Cabana)

The Gabbening is upon us- only sans Gabrielle Union... she's busy... being Mary Jane.  The breaks have been cut on this episode and it is full speed ahead in a series of Hot Topic issues. What is Chris Brown doing on our beloved show 'Black*ish', and the portrayal of women on the show gets debated.  The 2018 Elections- it's already time to get ready, who are some interesting candidates, and how will gerrymandering effect a congressional shakeup? In tangent city James walks us through his first NYC velvet rope experience (and no we are not talking about the hit late 90's Janet Jackson album).  Do you know what James' favorite disco jam is? You'll find out! We also walk through what all the pop star mascots are. You know about the Bee hive for Beyonce- but what are Ciara's fans called? Toys R' US- are kids still playing with toys? Plus Barry Manilow is gay!  Links! http://feministing.com/2017/03/22/record-numbers-of-women-people-of-color-running-for-office-in-los-angeles/
21/04/171h 3m

MK 75:Defunk Your Mind w/ The Wonder Twins of Podcasting! (Mindfulness, Black Lady Mathematicians, Raven Simone, Virginia, Anxiety, John Ridley, and Scandal)

Welcome to the Boobie Bonanza aka Minority Korner, where James and Nnekay might just have figured out their new tag line? Do you like? James breaks down his trip to Virginia, the expected and the unexpected and came back with a souvenir... a farmer's tan! The duo discusses potentially doing a radio play and from there we get into... James's Korner. James' discusses his ongoing struggles with anxiety and decides to unpack what he's going through and shares some of the tools he's been using to help him cope. He discusses The Anxiety Podcast, Deep Breathing, and Juggling? Using The Artist Way, James has been and encourages listeners to participate in a Reading Deprivation Exercise and general unplugging to reconnect with their bodies. Also don't forget to Play! In Nnekay's Korner, she's been hearing a bunch of negative news especially surrounding black women and black people in unexpected careers including, John Ridley's omission of black women in his most recent miniseries, how ABC almost didn't want to cast a black woman in the lead of Scandal, and the neglect of praise for great black architect Paul Revere Williams. So to combat these stories, Nnekay has decided to introduce the audience to four amazing Black Women Mathematicians. In Quizlet Korner, James' goes completely off the grid and gives Nnekay questions that pertain too but aren't limited too: Plantations, Betsy Devos, Raven Simone, and Scientology. Phew! Enjoy Everyone!!!   Links-   http://gizmodo.com/these-black-female-mathematicians-should-be-stars-in-th-1792636094   http://www.vulture.com/2017/04/the-controversy-surrounding-showtimes-guerrilla.html   http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/the-architect-of-hollywood/
14/04/171h 31m

MK 74:What Have You Done For YOU, Lately? (MaxFun Drive, Vampire In Brooklyn, Kal Penn, Oprah, Fulfilling Your Potential, Ashley Nicole Black)

Oh My Oprah! This week is chock full with wonderful goodies for your ears to snack on! It's our second aka last pledge episode for the #MaxFunDrive, so this is your last chance to consider making a donation to the amazeballs Maximum Fun Podcasting Network! Up first is a Minority Korner fan favorite Korner: Movie Review Korner! James and Nnekay review Eddie Murphy's beautiful masterpiece, Vampire in Brooklyn, which includes so much that Nnekay AND James have a hard time wrapping their brains around. Just to name a few surpries: Cobras, bad and multiple wigs, Angela Basset screaming her head off, bad Jamaican accents, and John Witherspoon. Nnekay covers some of the injustice Actors of Color specifically Kal Penn have to deal with during casting, and james bring his Oprah-ish Lessons on how to break free of limits and steps on how to freach the potential your truly deserve. And lastly we have the second part of the non bonus episode portion of our interview with Ashley Nicole Black from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee! She talks about women in comedy, what it's like to work on TV, and the RNC. So hang on tight, put on your Angela Basset Pants By Basset Pants on to get comfy and Enjoy the show!  Links! http://jezebel.com/kal-penn-reveals-the-racist-roles-hollywood-wanted-him-1793299140
31/03/171h 41m

MK73: The Max Fun Drive, Starring JamKay as 2 Floppy Titties! (W/Special Guest Ashley Nicole Black, Full Frontal, Biphobia, African American Genealogy, Oprah, Santa, Nancy Drew, J-Hud, Boxcar Children, Panic Attacks, THWIP)

It's Minority Korner's first Maximum Fun Drive, so get ready to get wet, and make it rain! We are pulling out all the stops... all of them... there are no more left, as it is full speed ahead! But first James shares something very serious with Nnekay, and by default you the listeners as we unpack panic attacks, and the power of knowing what a problem is so you can confront it.  James had a very heartwarming, Oprah style, empowering korner lined up, but then Queerty came up with 5 ways you might be Biphobic, and it is time to discuss. Are you Biphobic? Nnekay is tackling this week's 'Ask Minority Korner Anything' and is going to help one of the korner kids, and Black listeners everywhere, trace their genealogy using her sexy librarian prowess. And headlining this episode we have Ashley Nicole Black, writer and correspondent on "Full Frontal w/Samantha Bee" in the first of a 3 part interview series (though the final part is only available to listeners who donate and subscribe to Maximum Fun). Ashley talks to us about all kinds of things from Shonda Rhimes, to racism in Chicago, and we begin to chart her journey to 'Full Frontal'. Plus random things like Nnekay's love for Boxcar children, was Nancy Drew really lurking? Is Santa Real? Did Jennifer Hudson (AKA J-hud) drop by the Korner? Find out! As these two floppy titties get you hyped and ready to donate for the Maximum Fun Drive!    5 Signs Your Biphobic: https://www.queerty.com/5-signs-might-biphobic-not-even-know-20170320   Map Your Genealogy: http://www.pbs.org/genealogy-roadshow/genealogy-tips/free-people/   http://www.theroot.com/do-mormon-genealogy-records-include-black-people-1790861929   http://www.genealogycenter.info/africanamerican/   http://library.uncg.edu/slavery/   http://dubois.fas.harvard.edu/   http://iaar.unc.edu/
24/03/171h 30m

MKEP72: Poets, Pioneers, & A Chip'd Tooth (Get Out, Historical Transgender Women, POC Poets, David Kaluuya/Samuel L. Jackson, Aretha Franklin vs. Patti LaBelle, Tyler Perry, Crows, Homophobic Indiana High School)

James has been horribly disfigured from an intense salad eating gone array! There goes his toothpaste modeling career, but Nnekay has some ideas on how to fix it, although they might be more entertaining than helpful. Lawwd James needs your help, as he's involved in an awful production that seems to be getting it all wrong about being gay, Black, getting news that you're HIV+, and essentially how to put on a proper production.  A production that seems to have Tyler Perry aspirations. We're not knocking Tyler Perry... (but we're knocking Tyler Perry...).  Nnekay's up first and she is going to snap us into some POC Poets you need to know about. We're going to get all NPR on your ass, as Nnekay recites, spits, and slams so dope poetry at you.  In celebration of Women's Month, James is going to take us back to school and educate us on some important Historical Transgender Women, who nobody ever talks about. Guess who's back? Quizlet! And she is looking goooooood! She is going to test your knowledge: what did Samuel L. Jackson say about 'Get Out' star David Kaluuya? Aretha Franklin is retiring, and Patti La Belle has some thoughts on the matter! And what is going on with this Indiana High School, and it's... "Straight Pride"... oh lawwwd! Get these kids some Minority Korner! Also crows are intelligent, who knew! All this and more!!! Links! http://aaww.org/three-poems-justin-chin/ http://www.rachelmckibbens.com/ https://twitter.com/azizabarnes?lang=en https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poets/detail/aracelis-girmay http://www.morgan-parker.com/ http://www.danezsmithpoet.com/ http://frannychoi.com/
17/03/171h 18m

MK71:It's Spring Break, so just give me the Fact-Facts! (Gay Loneliness, Immigration Raids, The voice, Ben Carson, #adaywithoutawoman, ICE, Toxic Masculinity)

Today we are all about the FACT-FACTS and not the Alternative facts that seems to be dominating all the media outlets these days. It is Spring Break and is Nnekay having the time of her life orjust crying at the blind auditions on The Voice? James has some questions for Nnekay: What is the origin of the term 'Becky" and what exactly is the Women's Boycott or rather #daywithoutawoman? Nnekay tried to explain the best she can. Both are APPALLED by the nonsense that has spewed from Ben Carson's dumb mouth. James wants to give him a pamphlet to educate him on slavery, meanwhile, Nnekay just wants him to float away to Island of AWAY. In James' korner, he tackles the truth about Gay Loneliness. He covers the article in the Huffington Post, the rebuttal, the truth to both sides and what falls in the middle. Nnekay's korner covers Immigration Raids currently being conducted by the ICE. She covers how we got to this point, some key facts, and what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Remember ya'll The Max Fun Drive is coming up, and we hope you enjoy this episode! Links! http://feministing.com/2017/02/16/four-things-you-should-know-about-immigration-raids/ http://mijente.net/ http://feministing.com/2017/02/13/image-of-the-day-know-your-rights-graphics-in-five-languages/ http://unitedwedream.org/thank-deportation-defense-card-handy-phone/ http://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/gay-loneliness/ http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2017/03/06/gay_loneliness_is_real_but_toxic_gay_cultures_isn_t_the_problem.htmlhttp://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~aagriots/index.htm    
10/03/171h 21m

MK 70: We See You Oscars... and We Need to Talk (Political and Commercials of the Oscars, Who Are Actually Winning Awards, Campbell Soup, Paula Abdul, Denzel Washington, Bill Paxton)

Is it really Hooray for Hollywood in this episode of Minority Korner? Yes, James and Nnekay are celebrating the Oscars this week. But first, Why does James always default to the Jurrassic Park Theme? Was it a game changer?!Dive into James' experience filming Soup Meets Sandwich... and JUST how much James loves Campbell's Soup... whereas Nnekay just wants some of that sweet soup money. The duo ponder if starting late in a career is doable and grabs inspiration from Viola Davis, Morgan Freeman, and Julia Childs. ALSO who is this James Arthur singer chap trying to steal OUR James' steez, Nnekay wants to KNOW. We start things off with Nnekay's Korner, this week she's covering the various types of protest pins celebs were sporting, and some of  the interesting political statements the commercials from New York Times, Audible, and GE made during the broadcast of the Oscars. In James' Korner he tackles if the oscars have truly moved on from #oscarssowhite. He also question the myth of the liberal media and if Hollywood's standards more open minded than what they portray themselves to be... hint... things aren't as rosy as we me all think. In honor of our new Tidbit Korner, here are some more tidbits from the episode: Bill Paxton, Kerry Washington, Moonlight, La La Land, Mc Scat Cat, Vera Wang and More! Enjoyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
03/03/171h 22m

MK69: A Star is Born! Get Nasty! (69 Boyz, Fashion Week & Activism, U.K. Period Dramas & POC U.K. Actors, David Oyelowo, Idris Elba, Sisqo, Christian Sirano, Naeen Khan, SmartGlamour, Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell v. Tyra, Party Lines, Dating Apps, Reverse

Time to GET NASTAY, because it's our 69 episode... mmmm.... In this episode you will discover the origins of how a certain MK hosts star was born in a little dance group called '9 on Time' back in the 90's, not be confused with Beyonce's 'Girl Time' though it's easy to do so. We take a trip down memory lane and talk about everything from the 69 Boys, to the Quad City D.J.'s, to Sisqo, and Nnekay has a theory about how Party Lines, may have been the birth to social media.  James goes across the pond in his korner to investigate is the grass really greener on the other side in terms of POC (or as they call it B.A.M.E. Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic) visibility in U.K. media? Should James move to the U.K. to become a big hit actor? What's with all those period dramas? Where is the non-white representation? Does it accurately reflect the truth about the U.K., and it's history? It's Fashion week, and Nnekay the fashionista is going to tell us who's in, and who's out, when it comes to designers using the runway to challenge the zeitgeist, and get political! Nnekay chooses a side between Tyra and Namoi Campbell. We also discuss some interesting topics from the Minority Korner Kids Playground Facebook group about how to combat racism, and femphobia on dating apps, and reverse sexism- is it a thing? Also Mariah Carey doesn't understand how your desk job works- so don't try explaining it to her. All this in more on our 69th episode: GET NASTY!    ARTICLES: David Oyelowo: Why No Black Actors Are in Period Dramas British Addiction to Period Drama Means Black Asian Actors are Heading to the U.S. 'NOAH' "Explains" its Lack of POC's FASHION & POLITICS
24/02/171h 25m

MKEP68: The People vs. Brother Outsider & The Wall (O.J. Simpson, Bayard Rustin, Mexican-American Massacre, Texas Rangers, Ryan Murphy)

Nnekay needs a theme song for her soon to be half hour sit-com, and James has got one for her! James has finally watched the American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ, and there is  much to talk about. Especially since this podcast didn't' exist then. Nnekay and James unpack the trial itself, the performances, and the importance of this trial as it was set in a time right after the Rodney King riots, exposing racism, police brutality, and the so called justice system. In our first Korner, Nnekay, is gonna learn you about the massacre of 1000's of Mexican-Americans, and will reveal the origins of all this "Wall" talk, and the history of the Texas Rangers and their overall awfulness.  Finishing out this week's 1-2 punch of things we should've learned in school, in honor of Black History Month, we talk about Brother Outsider himself: Bayard Rustin. The organizer behind the Million Man March. You thought that was Martin Luther King Jr? It's time to learn about the true heart and soul of the Civil Rights Movement Bayard Rustin, the Black, gay, pacifist, Quaker, activist who time seems to have forgotten. But we haven't! It's another action packed episode! 
17/02/171h 23m

MK67: What's Up Korner Kids!!!!!! (Super Bowl, Lady Gaga, Sundance, Mel B, Chicago, Pomo Afro Homo, Self Care, and William Monroe Trotter)

This week we are on FIRE! THE SUPER BOWL came and went, but we're not here to talk about sports... we are here for GAGA. She dangled her ass into the arena like a spider and killed it! Also James touches on a Sundance lady brunch of the rich and the famous where they had a moving conversation about race... Celebrities they're just like us! James took himself out on a little Broadway Baby Date with himself to go see Mel B from the Spice Girls sing it up as Roxy Heart. Did she do a good job? Has she improved since her stint as Mimi in Rent way back when Nnekay saw her in the early 00s? Nnekay surprises James with a little information regarding her foray into the world of THEATER. She might just be ready for a new chapter in her life!  Now on to the Korners! James is up first this week and is covering The Pomo Afro Homo Theater Troupe- Black. Queer. Theater. 'nough said! They have been producing incredible work work for years, so James breaks it down, by covering selections of sketches, their founders, and the future! Nnekay has a Hodge Podge Korner this week ya'll which she has titled- Just The Tips with Nnekay. She is covering books to help children learn compassion, Ariana Huffington's tips on how to combat outrage but to still stay active, as well as a tip for great cinema, the PBS documentary called Birth of a Movement about 1900s activist, William Monroe Trotter, who fought against the original extremely racist movie, Birth of a Nation. We also have a new Korner where we toss it to the Korner Kids and see what they've been up to! So hold on to your butts, get ready to rumble, and check your lace front, because we are ready to get you PUMPED.  Also if you're as stoked about Gaga as we are, check out Main Event Specials, who has all the insight, and info on Gaga's upcoming Joanne World Tour: https://maineventspecials.com/lady-gaga-tour-dates/   Article Links:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/books-to-help-children-find-hope-and-strength-in-stressful-times-a-librarians-list/2016/12/12/27f51120-bcb2-11e6-ac85-094a21c44abc_story.html?utm_term=.77da71724c76   https://journal.thriveglobal.com/how-to-get-out-of-the-cycle-of-outrage-in-a-trump-world-ffc5b2aa1b5f#.u89xlc24r   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/watch-william-monroe-trotter-fights-dw-griffiths-film-birth-movement   http://www.sfgate.com/performance/article/Pomo-Afro-Homos-Fierce-force-returns-3948178.php   https://muse.jhu.edu/article/499847/pdf  
10/02/171h 19m

MK66: Cocktails and Soup and Sandwiches (Roxane Gay, Women's March, Male Feminist, Reality Dating, STEM, American Gods, Ashley Judd)

This week we are coming in hot, hot and fresh like a Thai Breeze. That's right Nnekay just got back from her Honeymoon in Thailand and she is... SICK, but she managed to have a lot of fun in the sunnnnn. James is on the fast track to Reality Stardom, and also owning the hottest Restaurant IN THE WORLD: Cocktails and Soup and Sandwiches. Did James find love on the Reality Dating Sow? Another question answered: What type of sandwich is James? Let's get to the Korners! First up is Nnekay's Korner where she talks about the Amazing Roxane Gay: Feminist, Activist, Writer, Publisher, Professor, she does it all! Know what else she does? Stands up to giant publishers, Simon and Schuster. In James's Korner he tackles some of the hurdles young girls have to face, why STEM is important and how men can be better feminist. He also tells the tale of his travels to the Women's March in DC. Last up is Recommendation Korner! Nnekay recommends a book, and James has some hot movie picks... annnnnnd goes over how Double Jeopardy DOES NOT stand the test of time. So put on your pussy hats ya'll and enjoy the show!   http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/01/26/511767380/roxane-gay-pulls-book-protesting-breitbart-editors-egregious-book-deal   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roxane_Gay   https://www.bustle.com/articles/153209-12-roxane-gay-quotes-to-power-your-feminism   https://www.bustle.com/articles/117595-10-ways-men-can-be-feminist-allies-because-yes-feminism-is-for-everybody   http://www.xojane.com/issues/feminism-men-practical-steps   http://www.themarysue.com/study-brilliance-in-children/
03/02/171h 19m

MKEP65: Round 2...FIGHT!: Star Wars Lady Wars (Rouge One, Coded Gay Characters, Books for Black Teens & You, Carrie Fisher, Black Authors Galore, Moonlight, TV Shows With Gay Characters)

The gloves. Come. Off. It is our 2nd annual fight! And this might be the one that breaks the Korner (put probably not). Nnekay and James haven't disagreed this much since Tesla back in episode 5. Stripped from the cutting room floor it's all of our bonus segments from the past month that were cut for time, but woah is this some juicy material. First James tackles the coded gay characters in Rogue One, and calls out the film industry for it's lack of gay representation, and points out some TV shows are representing. But first there's a fight. Then Nnekay gives us another fabulous list of books every Black teenager (and/or human being) needs to read. It is an action packed episode! So hold on to your butts! 
27/01/171h 5m

MKEP64: Lace Up Your Boots its Inauguration Day! (The O.A., The History of Christmas, Ancient Egyptians, Combating Casual Racism, Immigration, Ask Minority Korner Anything, Outlander, "Passing")

It's time to "get Jazzy with it" in 2017! It's Inauguration Day! We hope you got some boots for the Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Christmas, Winter Pagan Holiday because we think you'll be getting a lot of use out of them this year! This is the year to be gellin?!  James walks us through his yearly interrogation by the British Immigration office which usually turns into therapy around his ex's. Does he share too much? Why were so many people against The O.A. on Netflix? James has a theory about this beautiful story, that we're not used to in our world of negative stories, violence, and anti-heroes, a story of hope might be a bit hard to digest these days. Meanwhile Nnekay is watching Scottish titties on Outlander.  We dive into some theories about the advance technologies of Ancient Egypt as well as the History of Christmas. It's not as wholesome as it is now, and was once outlawed by the no fun Pilgrims.  It's a new year and a New Nnekay, and she's crafted her very OWN list on how to prevent future terrorist that grow up to be crazy Dylan Roof terrorists by combating casual racism before it gets too big.  We have our first Ask Minority Korner Anything of the new year, giving "advice for those who "pass". Enjoy! 
20/01/1759m 36s

MKEP63: And I Will Always Love You... Gay Africa! (History of Homosexuality in Africa, The Bodyguard the Musical, Mariah Carey, #BLMKidnapping? , Vivica A. Fox, Shaun King, Frank Ocean, The West End)

James is back from his holiday in the U.K. and he brings news: In England the hottest ticket in town is... The Bodyguard the Musical AKA a Whitney Houston tribute, and Broadway level it ain't. After this segment Nnekay and James will probably not be allowed to visit London's theater district the West End because of all the shade but James just might be West End bound anyways. We catch up on our Kwanzaa Celebrations. As promised James is delivering just as he teased last year, we are divining into the history of homosexuality in Africa, debunking the myth that it is a thing brought to the continent by white colonizers. Surprise! Africa's always been gay! We get subversive in this controversial Quizlet Korner, where it might be time to breath, think, and put the torches down.  Is Vivica A. Fox's ladies only/no gays allowed Vegas show homophobic? Did she apologize? Does she need to? Did J LO beat out Mariah Carey in the battle of NYE performances by actually having a rehearsal? Is Frank Ocean's mom demanding a homophobic gospel singer be removed from her son's new album? Did Black Lives Matter really kidnap and torture a man? Like... Really??? Did James remove his troll from his life? What exactly IS The Bodyguard Musical? All this and more on this week's Minority Korner! 
13/01/171h 7m

MKEP62: 2017 #NoDrama W/Special Guest Shantira Jackson (2017 Resolutions, Ali Wong, Shemar Moore, Lee Daniels, Second City, Improv, Chicago, Journalism, Black Comics)

Happy New Year! We made it to 2017! What are your New Year's Resolutions? Nnekay and James share their goals for 2017, or how to not end up being bedraggled by the end of the year. We also cover what's hot to watch on Netflix. In the first Quizlet Korner of the new year it's a clean slate, as Nnekay starts off a winner to find out where is the truth behind Shemar Moore's sexuality, Lee Daniels potentially having a few more missteps with his latest series Star, a new law for hair dresser/stylists, or a local politician getting new laws in FAVOR to support trans gendered youth. And another gem from Chicago, we have our unreleased full interview with brilliant, talented, hilarious Shantira Jackson of Second City, as well as an activist, comedian extraordinaire is she is going to drop some motivating truth bombs on us. Looks like this new year is off to a GREAT start! 
06/01/171h 7m

MKEP61: The Ghost of Christmas Past... Reframes 2016 (Combating Depression for LGBTQ Action Items, 21 Black Voices of 2016, Sisqo, How to Stand up to 'isms', Lady Suspense Thrillers, Halle Berry, Issa Rea, Solange, Jesse Williams, John Legend, and Many Mo

  In Patti La Belle fashion we are late for Christmas, and so was Mos Def according to Nnekay when she went to his concert. James is back to auditioning in the New York scene and Nnekay is already demanding tickets for... Magic Mike Live! AKA James' sexy free dance class. We discuss how many 'K's' are appropriate, 2 K's are ok, 4, but not 3. Remember Sisqo? Thong Song? Let's discuss! To engage or not to engage with racist, homophoboes, and sexist? Minority Korner Kids have asked the question! It's the holidays, and folks are depressed, especially after this year.  James has been watching his favorite movie genre: Lady Suspense Thrillers (mostly Halle Berry films) and is going to use it as a vehicle to talk about depression within the LGBT community (go with us here) followed by a gift of 5 Golden Things: action items for LGBT & other Korner Folks to take into the New Year.  So many folks have been on the "2016 Has Been Terrible Bandwagon" but there is much to celebrate, as Nnekay has a list of 21 Black Voices that we are thankful for. From Solange, to Bae for the day Jesse Williams, Issa Rea of Awkward, Ava DuVurnay, John Legend and more! We are closing out this year with bang, and some great momentum into the new year as we reframe it, and own our own power! Plus we workshop our Quantico/Kwanzaa special where we are sure to, FINALLY, win our Golden Globe! 
30/12/161h 28m

MKEP60: You Got Kwanzaa'd! (A Kwanzaa Special) (Kwanzaa, Oprah & Gayle, Ashanti #NotMyPrincess, Brandy vs. Monica, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch)

Prepare to get Kwanzaa'd America as it's the first annual Minority Korner Kwanzaa special! Join Nnekay and James as the take you through a magical journey as w discover and explore Kwanzaa. How well do you know Kwanzaa? We'll take a quiz sponsored by PBS, before diving into it's origins, it's meanings, symbols, and how you can celebrate this beautiful holiday celebrating African American Awesomeness. Also join Nnekay and James as they plan their Kwanzaa Albums, and future Kwanzaa movies and TV projects. Will they beat out Oprah and Gayle for King and Queen of Kwanzaa? Also fun tangents such as Brandy vs. Monica, and Ashanti: #NotMyPrincess. Happy Kwanzaa ya'll! 
23/12/161h 25m

Eryka Baduizm & The New Renaissance (Buddhist for Social Justice, Trevor Noah, Michael Che, Spring/Winter Break, Intersectional Charities, bell hooks, Trans Charities, Prison Reform, Reproductive Rights, Henry Wallace, Special Thanks Eryka Badu)

The Royal Court of Minority Korner is pleased to present this heartwarming, sexy, enlightening episode for the whole family. First up we talk about the differences between Spring and Winter break, and James investigates a Harlem college party. Nnekay introduces us to Oakland treasure Little Cindy Oakland Woo Hoo.  We answer your questions for "Ask Minority Korner Anything" from 'What media should I be taking in?" and getting involved in local politics.  We cover Oliver Stone's documentary about the History of the U.S., The Plack Panthers Mix Tape, bell hooks, 13th, and more. We also discuss a Korner Kid's efforts in getting a seat at the table- the political table! Comedian Michael Che's comedy is slaying on Netflix, and a perfect example of using comedy for activism.  We also debate the difference between Eryka Baduizm, and actual Buddhism which leads us into James' korner: Using Buddhism to negotiate through racism, homophobia, and sexism to own your power. Are there Buddhist practitioners who are LGBT POC's, as many western teachers tend to be white men? Yes: Zenju Earthlyn Manuel , leading the forefront on intersectional leaders in Buddhism. Also have you heard about the Buddhist leaders calling for racial justice 1944, Vice President Henry Wallace: Never forget! Our first Buddhist almost President leading the charge, and what different word we'd be living in if he had succeed FDR. Buddhist leaders call for racial justice- did you hear? No because media is so focused on pundits. James encourages us to find our own personal spiritual/artistic rituals for self care and being your personal best as we move through this new Renassiance. Nnekay walks us through some Intersectional Charities who Need your Help! From Trans Latina's, to Prison Reform, to Reproductive Rights. Also Trevor Noah is showing us how it's done going toe to toe with The Gremlin (Aka Angriest White Woman in the World).  Also... what was that guy trying to slip Eryka Badu in that song!? Why was she so chill about it!?  Links! https://www.bustle.com/articles/195573-13-intersectional-grassroots-organizations-to-donate-to-right-now
16/12/161h 17m

MKEP58: A Miracle in Kristmas Kwanzatown Villiage (Gamergate Predicted Trump? Climate Change & What You Can Do. Alt Right, Twitter vs. Hate Speech, Mike Pence & Hamilton, Mark Antony, Black Lives Matter, Anita Baker)

We're still in Chicago, and it's still pretty magical! We are mesmerized by how clean this windy, cold ass city is, and they have alleys seems to amaze James (there ain't no alleyways in New York). And is everyone in Chicago a champion ice skater? JamKay also sets out to find and save Kwanzatown Village, potentially a new ABC Family/Hallmark Channel holiday movie vehicle for the Minority Korner hosts. In Nnekay's Korner we talk about climate change.. it's real. It's not a hoax, and the first to go will be Florida. So here's a list of what you can do to help save Florida. Come on ya'll... we know it's Florida... but they need our help.  Remember 2014's Gamergate? Did it predict the rise of Trump and the Alt Right through it's wishing of "simplier times", flat out racism, sexism, and ultimate trolling through social media, harassment, and chat rooms? In Quizlet Korner we there are some questions, and we'll find out the answers: Is Mark Anthony is on a Man kissing rampage? Did Mike Pence have a life changing experience at Hamilton? Is Senator Barbara Boxer going out of the Senate like a champ with a last minute call to action? Did Black Lives Matter enter into retriment as a result of Trump?! Find out! Also... what are you opinions about Anita Baker?  
09/12/161h 13m

MKEP57: LIVE From the Chicago Podcast Festival! (Windy City, Peter Thiel, #SanctuarySchool Protest, #Tamponsfortrump, Chicago Christmas Village, Jack Falahee, Bill Clinton Sex Tape?)

We are LIVE! With a real studio audience and everything, recording from the Legendary Steppenwolf Theatre at the First Annual Chicago Podcast Festival, in the Windy City! So windy, Nnekay and James had some rocky flights in. We weren't ready for Christmas until we found Chicago's magical Christmas Town Village! Omarosa, Ben Carson, and especially Peter Thiel of Paypal, James is coming for you as he investigates and potentially answers why people, minorities, women, or even LGBT folk sometimes vote against themselves.  Nnekay lifts up the millennials as she highlights their response to the election of D. Double Butt with their protest walkouts #SanctuarySchool. And it has a hashtag, so you know it's cool! Also, why didn't James and Nnekay participate in UC Santa Cruz annual naked runs? In Quizlet Korner Nnekay turns to the audience for help as we comb through potential celebrity "outings", tampons for presidents, sex tapes, and secret gay tunnels! And most importantly: WE'RE LIVE!!!  
02/12/1650m 0s

MK56: Werk 2 Da Beat: Election Action Items, Protest Songs, Safety Pins, Moonlight, Marvel

This week Nnekay and James are still trying to process the election... they're letting Pierce Brosnan guide the way. They deconstruct the Safety Pin Movement, and get into the lack of diversity still plaguing the movie industry. One movie making a big difference is Moonlight... which James HIGHLY recommends... he also recommends the Man Buffet that is New York City... and thus a new Nnekay penned song is born. In the Korners, James addresses the Election Action Items that we can do to make sure to prevent another event like this from happening again, inspired by Michael Moore's two day To Do List. Nnekay wants everyone to get pumped and ready for work by listening to protest songs that cross not only time periods, but also music genre. In the Quizlet Korner, We talk about Celebrity Twitter Election Reactions... Does Mariah know J.Lo, yet? We also have another hot and fresh ASkMK Anything segement! Enjoy!
18/11/161h 30m

MKEP55: STAY. FIRED. UP! (Election 2016, Veteran's Day, White Folks Get to Work, History of Black Veterans, Native Americans in WWII, West World, Walking Dead, Election Victories, Cleveland Mascot, Ask Us Anything)

We are here for you Korner Kids. Let's unpack this election. James was there at ground zero of what everyone thought would be the official celebratory election party of America's first female President. We walk through what happened, from voter turnout, to the reality of America. Most importantly we are going to get you FIRED. UP! Now is the time for action, and we've got some ideas, and reasons to be hopeful. Minority Korner the movement has just begun! In honor of Veteran's day we have two segments. First up Nnekay explores the involvement of Native Americans in WWII- and we have a lot to thank them for. Next James explores the history of Black folks in American wars, spoiler alert we've been fighting for America long before it was even America. Then it's our first ever "Ask Minority Korner Anything" we have a question! We explore escapism, sci fi, and fantasy and how it can be used for good like fighting oppression. All this and more! 
11/11/161h 34m

MKEP54: A Verry Patti Korner- Where My Background Singers?!?! (Patti LaBelle, Femphobia, Black Podcast, Sounding Gay, Barrack Obama, Hell Houses, Halloween, The White House, That's So Raven, Jay Z vs. Kanye West, History of Trick o' Treat)

It looks like Christmas has come early with a Flash Back Friday Patti LaBelle Holiday Presidential Christmas Tree Lighitng Extravganza circa 1996... and it is a dooze! The big question is: WHERE. ARE. HER. BACKGROUND SINGERS?!?! (Don't worry not only will we renact it for you thorughout the episode but we've posted the link). In the kornes first up it's James posing the question: Do I sound gay?! Before you answer we investigate what does it mean to "sound gay" inspired by the documtary 'Do I Sound Gay?', along with what does it mean to be "straight acting" and who all these "straight acting" gays are truly at war with. Nnekay gives us the full low down on other Black Podcast that you should be listening to.  When did Halloween become mainstream? Probably more recent than you think, and Nnekay is going to give us the history. James has another Quizlet Korner that is horrifying. Christian Hell Houses? Lesbian Bachloretts? That's so Raven? Barrack Obama and the Gays? All in this epsidoe of Minority Korner!    Patti LaBelle Christmas Extravaganza (You're Welcome): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z84QdJlPpHE http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2010/10/how-candy-and-halloween-became-best-friends/64895/   https://www.buzzfeed.com/juliafurlan/turn-up-for-podcasts?utm_term=.be0L9BVPx#.hqJOKX4ZG
04/11/161h 22m

MKEP53: Dedicated To Noah Witke (13th, Birth of A Nation, Female Nobel Prize Winners, Nate Parker, Lewis Latimer, Jennifer Aguilera, 3rd Debate, Lady Gaga, Oprah, Nasty Women)

James was boy on a train last week but not as crazy, or as exciting. We've both watched '13th' Ava DuVernay's new documentary about Mass Incarceration, and how slavery is alive and well in our American society. It is a must watch for all Americans! Does Beyonce deserve a Nobel Prize? Bob Dylan got one.. What about the Lohans? Let's give props to some of the ladies throughout history who've managed to break into this Nobel Boys Club. James breaks down all the controversy around the film 'Birth of A Nation', not the racist one from 1915, the 2016 one that's potentially more problematic in it's treatment with women. Oh and there's the director/writer/producer/lead actors history with rape. Once again we need to have a conversation about how we treat and talk about women. History Korner is back from the grave and it looks like Thomas Edison is at it again, stealing ideas, but this time from a Black man. Quizlet Korner is going to get NASTAY for you as we focus on the the third and final debate.  Also, James explains why we took the week of last week, sharing a tragic story, that sheds light on a first hand encounter of the police. In light of that this episode is dedicated to James' roommate Noah Witke, a beautiful, compassionate, loving, talented individual... may he rest in peace. 
28/10/161h 21m

MKEP52: Best Of Minority Korner Frankenstein Style (Queer History, Tiger Mandingo, Slave Tetris, Bees/Birth/Bears, Gretta Garbo, Poz Phobia, KKK, Latino History, Luke Cage, MC Skat Kat, Janet Jackson)

Due to some personal tragedy and trauma, we don't have a full NEW episode but we have Frankenstein'd the FUCK out of our old one's for our "Greatest Hits"! But first Nnekay has designed our first ever Minority Korner Syllabus giving you some fresh reads this week on Queer History, Latino History, and most importantly... Marvel's Luke Cage! For those who've listened to segments from parts of past episodes (although why not just listen to the whole damn thing) we've broken down the times for each segment.  11:45- From Episode 6, We crack the case on the infamous "mandingo" that was supposedly terrorizing a university, and uncover the real villain in a case of a population being infected with HIV, and the stigma that HIV positive folks still face today, sometimes even legally.  34:40, From Episode 13, 'Slave Tetris'. Slave Trade the video game exists... and the creator is hell bent on trying to convince you this game is a great idea and necessary. 48:05, From Episode 6, Our favorite Quizlet Korner about Joe Biden, and most importantly Gretta Garbo and some crazy shit that had Nnekay in amazement. It doesn't take Scooby Doo to uncover the mystery of Nosfaratu, just Nnekay.  53:30, From Episode 5, The gloves are off as Nnekay and James come head to head over a glass (or two) of wine, and Nikola Tesla. 1:03:15, From Episode 4, A woman has a very unlucky day, pregnant, lost in the woods, surrounded by bees, and may have started a fire... she's a regular Amelia Bedelia.  1:08:03, From Episode 4, Grand Dragons, The KKK, McSkat Kat 1:15:38, From Episode 4, Extra Chat Korner TIGER MANDINGO http://www.queerty.com/college-wrestler-gets-30-years-in-prison-for-recklessly-transmitting-hiv-20150714 http://www.towleroad.com/2014/07/michael-johnson-feature-explores-the-danger-of-hiv-scapegoating-1/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/steventhrasher/how-college-wrestling-star-tiger-mandingo-became-an-hiv-scap?bffb#.aeleZJv2L SLAVE TETRIS: http://kotaku.com/this-is-a-screen-shot-from-slave-tetris-which-i-can-as-1728483373 http://www.usnews.com/news/entertainment/articles/2015/09/03/slave-trade-video-game-altered-after-social-media-backlash   QUIZLET http://www.queerty.com/who-stole-gay-silent-film-director-f-w-murnaus-head-from-his-grave-20150715 Amber's No Good, Terrible, Bad Day, Giving Birth, Chased by Bees, and Started a Forest Fire story: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-woman-lost-forest-20150630-story.html
21/10/161h 17m

MKEP51: Explicit to the Maxx!!! (Pussygate, Luke Cage, Basket of Deplorables, Black Folks & Mental Health, 90s Jingles, Han Solo Movie, Disney Princesses)

This week we are taking it to the Maxx (our explicit nature that is)!!! James and Nnekay are all up in those jingles, like nobody's business! Do you even remember Jingles!? Well these two sure the hell do! The beauty and blackness of Luke Cage has us hooked even just one episode in, let us break down why for ya'll. In the Korners, Kid Cudi checks himself into a Rehab to work through his bought with depression causing Nnekay to investigate why Black folks generally do not seek out help for for Mental Health  We are knee and titty deep in the political season. With all this talk of Pussygate, James' dives deep, deep and deeper into the election and truly tries to understand and uncover just exactly WHO these baskets of deplorables are... could this mark the end of BROSIETY as we know it? While investigating the various supporters of a certain presidential candidate, James miiiiiight have signed Nnekay up for an undercover mission... will she choose to take it? This Quizlet corner, Nnekay is up to the challenge, also we give shout outs to our 50 goldstar listeners and Minority Korner Kids (we're still working on the name- and their prize).    Links! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mental-health-black-women-art_us_57c87f76e4b078581f11f296?section=&section=us_black-voices   http://www.vulture.com/2016/10/kid-cudi-started-an-important-conversation.html   http://www.vulture.com/2016/10/kid-cudi-depression-suicidal-urges.html
14/10/161h 18m

MKEP50: It's our 50th Extravgaynza Spectacular, So Let's have a Vakiki ! (Palm Springs, Racist Cameras, Privatized Prisons, Immigration, Solange Knowles, Helen Keller, Kodak Film)

James is back from his amazing Palm Springs Spring Break... in October?! He witnessed first hand the invasion of the Bachelorette Parties in Gay Clubs... THEY'RE TAKING OVER, and Nnekay just CANNOT handle it. She would much rather celebrate Helen Keller. Nnekay is no longer a Bridezilla... but a GUESTZILLA, ya'll betta watch out, because she's coming to tear up your NEXT wedding. In our Korners, James is educating why your camera and film miiiiight just be racist... and why is there a woman named Shirley Cards involved... and is she wearing black gloves?! Nnekay discusses how privatized prisons might be coming to an end soon... but while this is a cause to celebrate... we still have a ton of work to go. In Quizelet Korner will Nnekay be stumped by James' questions this time? We cover NBC's Mail Order Bride, Solange Knowles, Britney Spears, Shonda Rhimes, and the transgender community. Enjoy the show!   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/justice-department-phase-out-federal-private-prisons http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/what-you-need-know-about-dojs-claim-it-ending-private-prisons   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/08/18/justice-department-says-it-will-end-use-of-private-prisons/?utm_term=.9584cbddd5ce
07/10/161h 18m

MKEP49: You Got To DO Sumthin, or Go Home! (The Debates, Fox News, More Appropriation, SNL, Sexxxy Quizlet Korner, Folsom Street Fair, Master of None, Atlanta, Straight Male Sluts)

It's the last episode of the summer before the summertime sadness kicks in, and Nnekay and James head to their respective coast lines! James explains the Folsom Street fair to Nnekay like what a harness is. A new season of SNL is firing up and there's good and bad about it's upcoming cast members.  We catch up on TV like Master of None, Atlanta, and get those Oscars ready because here comes Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in August Wilson's 'Fences'. It's that time of year again, time to talk about cultural appropriation, and Nnekay is STILL pissed ya'll ain't getting it about cultural appropriation so she's gonna break it down for you... AGAIN. From dread locks to Mark Jacob's, to Miley Cyrus, to Bon Appetit, and we'll give you a hint- it deals with power. And we know... we're tired... but the election isn't over, and the debates happened... so let's check in with our friends at Fox News to see how they felt the debate went. There are 6 points they're PISSED about when it comes to moderator Lester Holt who they feel pushed the debate in Hillary's favor.  And get ready for the SEXIEST Quizlet Korner yet! You have a LOT to learn this week: Does sex get you closer to God? Are straight slutty more men more likely to get prostate cancer?
30/09/161h 17m

MKEP48: Go Tell Your Wife! AKA Morris Messes Up: A Movie Review (The Get Down, When The Bough Breaks Movie Review, The Emmys So White, Black*ish, Historical Black Surgeons, Lil' Kim, Oprah, Steve Urkell, Morris Chestnut)

It's that time of year again! Yes the Emmy's but most importantly it's the MK Black Suspense Movie Review, as every September Hollywood releases what should be a Lifetime movie to the big screen. The reviews are in: Save your money and watch last years amazing Perfect Stranger, and enjoy our Spoiler Review of 'When The Bough Breaks' or what it should've been called 'Go Tell Your Wife AKA Morris Messes Up'. But first, James might be on Mariah Carey levels of celebrity after his hit San Francisco Show, where like Mariah he doesn't know JLO. It's a historical Emmy's because Black*ish is nominated for Outstanding comedy, the first Black show since 1985... so apparently the Oscars ain't the only thing that are so white. James has some facts and figures on this surprising situation. I mean come on! Where's Urkell's Emmy!? Nnekay is throwing us some history with medical advancements created by Black surgeons in perilous times. Thank you Black doctors for so many life saving techniques and practices. You probably had no idea. Well that's why we're here! Also are you getting down on the Get Down- you will be after James' stark raving mad review (and he's only an episode in). 
23/09/161h 20m

MKEP47: Eh Bra, Let's Get a Tan! W/Special Guest Carla Lee (Dolly Parton, Black Lady Physicist, Lady Gaga, Racist Castings, Beach Blanket Babylon, Zebras)

The reviews are in, Nnekay saw James' summer show 'Champagne is Disastrous', and did you know Black folks LOVE Dolly Parton, Nnekay explains why. Lady Gaga has a new song out and JamKay is into it. Cancer sucks but there's a Black Lady Physicist who may have found a new pioneering technology that could change everything! Longtime running San Francisco institution Beach Blanket Babylon posted a racist casting notice, but is it any different than what theater companies around the country are already doing without posting? We also have some ideas on how to diversify your theater company. Also writer/comedian Carla Lee from Killing My Lobster stops by the Minority Korner and man oh man is she busy with web series, stand up, and a new comedy series "Nice Tan".  Links! http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2016/01/09/black-female-physicist-pioneers-technology-that-kills-cancer-cells-with-lasers/ https://www.yomyomf.com/all-ethnicities-welcome-to-audition-but-you-need-to-be-really-really-really-amazing/ https://www.facebook.com/nicetancomedy/  
16/09/161h 9m

MKEP46: You Know You Got That Phone Addiction (Scruff/Grindr Addiction, Nextdoor.com, White Feminism, Quantico vs. Homeland vs. Scandal, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Miss America, Back 2 Skool Sex Tips)

It's intervention time and you know it. Many of us have it: PHONE ADDICTION. And we got your back, even though Nnekay is going to go through heavy withdrawals through out the episode.  But first Nnekay and James have a different kind of addiction: binge watching and it is a battle royal between Quantico vs. Homeland vs. Scandal. Also James seems to be quite the socialite these days and witnessed the truth about what happens to a gaggle of girls when they go out clubbing, and who happened to flock towards a gay club: GIRL DOWN! Getting down to business James is going to break down how and why you're addicted to your phone- it's like an addictive casino in your pocket, especially when it comes to your dating apps (aka hookups). Nnekay applauds the social media site Nextdoor because it is FINALLY adding parameters to correct it's users from racially profiling each other! Hooray for change! .  In this Quizlet Korner Nnekay has much to say about White Feminism especially in regards to Lena Denam and Amy Schummer. Plus James has your Back to School sex tips! 
09/09/161h 18m

MK45: Minority Korner is Waiting... For a New National Anthem (Chicano Moratorium, LGBT & The Church, Colin Kaepernick, Britney Spears, and The VMAs)

James and Nnekay are hot and bothered about Britney's new album, Glory- She is also BACK with her performance at the VMA... which G-Money (whoever that is) tried to lay a big ole smooch on her face. Not to mention she had to go after BEYONCE who SHUT IT DOWN... but was it better than her concert? Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers is facing an unusual amount of grief by flexing his freedom of speech. Cause Nnekay and James to wonder... maybe it's time to pick or creaaaaaate a new national anthem.  Nnekay's topic for the day is the largest anti-war protest held by American Minorities: the Chicano Moratorium- which protested the Vietnam war as well as the ridiculously large amount of Mexican American soldier death. James is talking about the Church and it's priest who are spreading hate against the LGBT community and are closeted themselves. As well as illegally spending the money of church goers for their own gain.  Some things included in Quizlet Korner this week are: Dildos, Olympics, and Bath Houses... Think Nnekay can get at least one right this time? Remember to #BeFabulousFriday Links! https://www.ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/important-day-us-history-chicano-moratorium https://www.facebook.com/fusionmedianetwork/videos/1538186869540619/?pnref=story  
02/09/161h 10m

MK44.5- JamKay Needs a BREAK (North Dakota Access Pipeline Update, Ryan Lochte, Prince of Jordan, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears

James and Nnekay have been running ragged! James has a show debuting this week, Champagne White is Disastrous! (Oasis SF) and Nnekay's uterus is On. The. Mend! So they need a break. But of course they would never leave you guys high and dry! So here is a little bite sized episode of Minority Korner. Some how we still manage to cover the olympics including: that turd Ryan Lochte and dear sweet Gabby Douglas. We give an update on the North Dakota Access Pipeline... James lets us know about a Prince from Jordan seeking asylum. James lets us know about Britney's new album... we even manage to squeeze in a tiny little Quizlet Korner... about good ole Janet Jackson! We'll be back with a regular sized episode next week... in the mean time keep sharing the love and spreading the news!  Links!  GO SEE THE SHOW JAMES IS IN: http://sfoasis.com/event.cfm?id=170572 http://awdnews.com/top-news/jordanian-homosexual-prince-i-live-with-this-sword-of-damocles-hanging-over-my-head-every-day-stop-the-crucifixion-of-gay-couples-in-jordan http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/north-dakota-pipeline-construction-halted-court-date-41486731
26/08/1618m 21s

MKEP44: Mmmm Crystal Pepsi, But Bitch You Don't Nomi! (Gay Porn, North Dakota Access Pipeline, Soylent, Naked Sword Film Works, Lousiana Flooding, Carmen Electra, Defending Outed Olympians, Christina Aguilera, The Little Mermaid)

This week we are doing the work that 24 hour "news" networks (entertainment channels) aren't doing and we're going to report some ACTUAL stories that you all should be paying attention to.  But first, Nnekay has survived her surgery and she has all of the gory, delicious details, and photos, which you can't see because this is a podcast, but James has seen them. JettSetter Jones AKA James flew to LA for work for a day, and may have eaten people, does LA really turn you into a monster?  Also Nnekay has a mind blowing theory about The Little Mermaid, and we may have insight as to where Hamilton star Lin Manuel Miranda might be taking the new version he's helming, or at least we have some notes on where the story should go. Nnekay is shinning light on the North Dakota Access Pipeline, which is potentially going to wreak havoc on Native American reservations. NSFW (Naked Sword Film Works) could be changing gay porn forever, and for the better, it's everything we've ever wished gay porn would be, and what we always knew it could be. Also how close is James to the gay porn industry? Quizlet Korner is all about the Louisiana Flooding nobody seems to be paying attention to, and we're giving a giant fuck you to a certain reporter attempting to out athletes at the Olympics.  Links! https://www.colorlines.com/articles/north-dakota-access-pipeline-will-cross-tribal-waters-despite-their-disapproval http://rezpectourwater.com/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/native-american-protesters-oil-pipeline-north-dakota_us_57b4a481e4b04ff8839a0fac https://www.colorlines.com/articles/icymi-company-behind-dakota-access-pipeline-suing-tribal-chairman  
19/08/161h 24m

MKEP43: The Rhythm, Olympics, or Queen Sugar is Gonna Get You! (Music Festivals, Olympics, Ava DuVernay, Queen Sugar, LGBT Olympians, Lionel Richie)

Nnekay sets The Facebooks a blaze with a debate: are gay men and black women fierce? Is it time to retire this over used phrase? And "When Dez Nuts Attack" will James survive? This could be the last episode for our Korner kid James, but before he goes he'll tell all about his adventures at his first ever music festival 'Outside Lands', and he's got three words for you: Lionel Mutha Fuckin' Richie... ok that was four.  The Olympics are here and it's hella sexy, between the names, the shiftlessness, and the USA Men's Gymnastics team who are 'thirsty' for some attention- it might be too much for James to handle. So we'll switch gears and look over the history of LGBT representation and involvement in the Olympics, as we hit record breaking numbers this year.  Nnekay has the low down on a new show being headed by two Black Queens of art and entertainment called Queen Sugar.  Led by Ava Devernery, it serves as a rally cry to female directors behind a new project on OWN. Who are these ladies collaborating on a new project, and what's it about? In the Quizlet Korner: is the San Francisco Stud gay bar closing? Do you want some cream with your coffee at potential sexy new cafe in England? What beautiful thing has happened to a survivor of the Pulse nightclub attack? Find out this week on Minority Korner! 
12/08/161h 24m

MKEP42: James Misses Every Sex Show (DNC, Bernie Or Bust, #StrongerTogether, Matt Damon, Peep Shows, Dore Alley, Black Movements, Movement Politics, The Black Panther Movie, Shirley Chisholm)

We're back! In more ways than one. Nnekay and James are physically back in the same time zone, same space, and same park, that's right we're back in Dolores Park, will things get as crazy as last time? Nnekay explains the history of pigeons, and James tells his tales of cheep peep shows, and sexy fairs. In the issues korner Nnekay sheds light on other movements outside of #BlackLivesMatter, that's right there's other movements effecting change. James has a DNC news roundup! This year at the DNC we had a lot of 'firsts' as movements are having effects on our electorate and party system in more ways than you think. Also James calls out Bernie or Bust, which is big, because as you recall Minority Korner feels the burn! Quizlet Korner has a whole new set of rules as we talk about Matt Damon is everyone's savior, male body dysmorphia, and poisonous vagina. All on this weeks episode of Minority Korner!    http://www.colorlines.com/articles/why-its-dangerous-lump-all-black-activists-under-black-lives-matter-banner  
05/08/161h 7m

MKEP41: Deep Space Voyages of the HotMess Express (Star Trek, Log Cabin Republicans, Berkeley City of Refuge, GOP on the DL, Stranger Things, Muslims on a Plane, Charlize Theron vs. Sister Sister)

It's our tribute to Larry Bird episode! Just kidding! But hold on to your butts as we dish on random subjects from 'Crazy Ex Girlfriend' to the debate around the new out Star Trek character. Should you be watching 'Stranger Things'? YES! Nnekay takes sides on the feud that most didn't even know existed between Charlize Theron and one of the Sister Sister... sisters. James jumps into the perplexing nature of the RNC especially when it comes to the gays there both in and out of the Log Cabin closet. And what's Third Eye Blind doing there? In a more positive corner Nnekay is shinning some light on a community doing some good for others in Berkeley, as it lives up to it's name 'The City of Refuge'. Are Ghostbuster toys selling? Are Muslims being targeted for discrimination on planes?  Are Latinos para Trump? Does that even make any sense? Find out in this weeks Quizlet Korner.    http://feministing.com/2016/07/20/this-california-church-community-is-protecting-undocumented-immigrants/   http://thinkprogress.org/immigration/2016/07/19/3799659/berkeley-church-sanctuary/
29/07/161h 25m

MK40: Not Live From The RNC (RNC, #LoudBlackGirls, White on White Crime, Myth Busting Gender Stereotypes, The Witch, Leslie Jones, Melania Trump)

We are not reporting from the RNC- because that would be dangerous for us. We are still internationally recording, and James has a bird's eye view of all the crazy Republican politics, safely from Europe. Let's talk about the terrifying circus that is the Republican National Convention.  Nnekay speaks about a hashtag near and dear to her heart #LoudBlackWomen, and it's celebration, and empowerment of Black women to be themselves. James is going to myth bust some gender and race stereotypes, and we need to have a very important conversation about white on white crime. This week's Quizlet Korner might actually be legit. Did Stevie Wonder go crazy at a concert? Is Grand Theft Auto taking place at a Pride Parade? Are Homosexuals lacing fireworks with chemtrails to turn everyone gay?! Find out! 
22/07/161h 25m

MKEP39: Adventures With JamKay! (Police Reform, Ancient African Kingdoms, Lumpy Uteruses, EuroCup, Black Panthers)

James is STILL across the whole planet from Nnekay and living it up in Amsterdam with Bae. He met the parents and may or may not have bonded over the EuroCup and some Canal Tours. Meanwhile back stateside, Nnekay has a lumpy uterus and tells a tale on why self advocating is important. James share his method to change the police system for the better, in the Police Reform Korner. Nnekay takes us to the Ancient Africa Korner to share some stories about why learning about african ancient civilizations are important. Will James stump Nnekay in Quizlet Korner this week? One tidbit covered involves a very interesting development with the Black Panthers! So stop, look, and listen because Minority Korner is hot and fresh this week ready for your ear holes!   Links! http://observationdeck.kinja.com/5-awesome-african-civilizations-that-arent-egypt-1688047907?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=Observation_Deck_facebook  
15/07/161h 28m

MKEP38: Livin it Up Like Patti LaBelle! (Cop Shootings, Straight Pride, Black Olympians, John Lewis, Feminism for Males, Gay Male Patriarchy)

We're livin it up like Patti LaBelle, or at least trying to as Nnekay catches James up on two recent shootings of unarmed Black Men while James in Amsterdam, Nnekay is holding it down in the Bay Area. We find out how Nnekay spent Straight pride. We're giving some more side eye at Whoopi Goldberg. Nnekay educates us on 17 Black Olympians who competed in the 1936 Olympics other than Jesse Owens (who knew)? And James is laying it down on Feminism, so listen up straight dudes and gays, as it's time to unpack this patriarchal, misogynistic bullshit! Plus a Quizlit Korner which will let you know why you do NOT fuck with John Lewis!  Links! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/berlin-olympics-black-athletes_us_56bb6174e4b0c3c5504f9197
08/07/161h 26m

MKEP 37: Annie, You've Got the Right to Bare Arms & Comics (BET Awards, Guns, Pride, Comic News Roundup)

Happy Pride ya'll! James is confronted with a lot of ugly truths in this episode as Nnekay is dropping earth shattering truth bombs. Is Nnekay going to be an upcoming Actress? We dive into Pride and celebrate and discuss brilliant dream boat Jesse Williams' acceptance speech. James is going to give you a run down of the state of guns in Amurrica, historical shooting massacres, how we look in comparison to other countries, and why guns are so tough to beat in this country. Nnekay is giving us a comic book news roundup of some new series that are uplifting marginalized groups... and some that are not... and will get Nnekay's harsh side eye!    http://io9.gizmodo.com/what-if-only-black-people-could-get-superpowers-1782512086   http://io9.gizmodo.com/meet-chalice-a-new-transgender-superhero-1782495639   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/puerto-rican-comic-superhero-la-borinque%C3%B1a-stands-solidarity-orlando   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/donald-glover-voice-miles-morales-talks-join-spider-man-homecoming   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/did-marvel-whitewash-yet-another-asian-american-movie-character
01/07/161h 16m

MK36: LoveisLoveisLoveisLove (Maximum Fun, Orlando News Roundup, The Color Purple, Being a Straight Ally)

 Nnekay and James are SO excited to be apart of the Maximum Fun Network, the support has been amazing! James talks about the amazing Broadway Play, Color Purple... which is NOT featuring Jennifer Hudson anymore. Which is too bad because James has another one of his famous impressions! James breaks DOWN the play and how everyone should check it out. Nnekay takes us to the Protect Yourself/Protect Other People Korner! First, she breaks down what to do when an active shooter is present, with information from Homeland Security. The Protect Other People part covers how straight Allies can support the LGBT community. James takes us through an Orlando News Round Up Korner. He tells us stories of survivals, victims, the police officers who came to help, and some of the potential legislation. He also explains how even he has a connection to some of the victims. How this tragedy hits so terribly close to home. Also, James breaks down how the rest of the world has shown solidarity... including a very surprising celebrity.  We got another Quizlet Korner! Will James stump Nnekay?!?!?!  So enjoy! Share, and spread the word!
24/06/161h 16m

MK35:To Be... Or Not to Be Offended Part. Deux Electric Boogaloo (Orlando, Political Correctness, Subtle Racism, Kids For Cash Update, Fire Island, Niagara Falls)

James is back from his epic journey to Niagara Falls and Fire Island, Nnekay is... well stuck in her car again, this time she's a little less hot... and not alone. We also take a moment to gather our thoughts in the horror of Orlando. We'll be diving in deep on the topic in future episodes. For now  enjoy our previously recorded episode on Political Correctness, what white people can do to stop promoting subtle racism (which can be applied to straight allies and homophobia during this current time) and a follow up on the Kids For Cash scandal.
17/06/161h 8m

MKEP34: Everyone Needs A Little Side Eye (Jungle Book, BAPS, Black Female Poets, New Sexuality Scale, Bernie Sanders, Zika)

It's our first episode apart of the Maximum Fun Network and it is hot and fresh! So hot and fresh that James has a sunburn! Nnekay also looses it while James practices some new voices inspired by the Jungle Book. Nnekay takes us on a journey through some Black Girl Magic with young up and coming black women poets. James is about to blow the Kinsey Scale out of the water with the new Purple-Red Scale, where do you land?! Are you a A0 or an F5? Another quizlet korner! Will Nnekay succeed again? This week we cover Bernie Sanders, Zika, DMX, Cheese Rolls and more! ENJOY!   Links! http://blackgirllonghair.com/2016/05/7-more-dope-black-women-poets-you-need-to-know/      
09/06/161h 17m

MKEP33: Jesus Christo it's HOTT! (Black Excellence, BBMA's, Roots, Rocket Girls, Spanking, More Beyonce, Britney's Back, SD Gay Men's Chorus, Hulk Hogan, Bill Cosby)

It's the sweatiest, hottest episode to date! Nnekay is a bad mother to herself, will she survive? What does that even mean?  It' the BBMA's do you know what those are? Britney performed and we need to discuss it's importance.  Black Excellence, we need to talk about it from Lemonade, to Roots.  James investigates 'Spanking' and has some surprising numbers, and research, and we're not talking about the sexy kind, nope the parenting kind: corporal punishment.  Women in NASA, AKA The Female Computers, NOT computeresses because that's sexiest. Nnekay's got a rocket of information, and is exposing NASA's kept secret of these bad ass ladies. Quizlet Korner is a mixed grab bag from Hulk Hogan, to Gay Men's Chorus, to ... Bill Cosby... maybe he did something good... doubtful, but find out!    SPANKING:  http://inamerica.blogs.cnn.com/2011/11/10/researchers-african-americans-most-likely-to-use-physical-punishment/   http://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/04/spanking.aspx   Rocket Girls!      
01/06/161h 9m

MKEP32: Princess Twunk and The Wolf (Sex Tips, Lemonade, Gay State of Affairs, #SayHerName, SF Police Chief, Ariana Grande, Transpanic, Gay Bears, Gay Subgroups, Whitney Hologram, George Zimmerman)

Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman, and James can't stop raving about it. Game of Thrones has sent Nnekay to the crazy house. NO spoilers! James is finally drinking that Lemonade and getting in Formation- we break down the Beyonce debate as bell hooks and brilliant transgender activist and writer Janet Mock duke it out on the twitters. Did Nnekay's award winning journalism and reporting from last week help bring about the resigning of SF police chief? Also, it's the first ever Minority Korner sex tips! We're giving you a list of things that would epically suck if you do these things in bed! Or wherever you choose to rub your sexy parts on to each other. James is giving the Gay State of Affairs Union Address: Transphobia/Transpanic, bathrooms, murders, Walmart, and Bears oh my! James also breaks down gay male subgroups for Nnekay. If Nnekay where a gay man where would she fit? Will SF lose it's Pride festival this year? Is George Zimmerman still an asshole? Is Whitney Houston coming back in Hologram- find out in Quizlet Korner!    http://feministing.com/2016/05/03/things-that-are-sexually-ethically-weird/
26/05/161h 19m

MKEP 31: No Math or Meth Allowed! (Beyonce Live in Concert, Eric Andre, Marvel vs. DC, Azealia Banks vs. Bette Midler, #FriscoFive, Major TV Networks Fall Seasons, Kelly Ripa, Remember the Time, Michael Jackson, Competitive Mens Tickling, Gentrification)

Several celebrity spotings! Nnekay with Beyonce, and it's an emotional experience, and James meets actor/comedian Eric Andre and they either become best friends or James royal offends him.  James is doing a giant segment called 'Who's Fucking it Up & Who's Doing it Right" it's Marvel vs. DC, Azealia Banks vs. Bette MiKdler, and the Major TV Networks against each other. And in this weeks Quizlet Korner did Italy legalize gay marriage? Is competitive men's tickling gay? Find out! Links! http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/686951-iron-man-3-villain-was-supposed-to-be-female-says-shane-black#/slide/1 http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/687021-harley-quinn-movie#/slide/1 http://www.vulture.com/2016/05/fox-upcoming-shows-trailers.html http://sfbayview.com/2016/04/hungry-for-justice-equipto-speaks-for-the-frisco-5-on-hunger-strike-to-demand-sfpd-chief-suhr-be-fired-or-mayor-lee-resign/
 http://hoodline.com/2016/05/frisco5-hunger-strike-ends-with-plans-for-general-strike-on-monday http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-36240628 http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/He-Just-Seems-Like-He-Doesnt-Care-Frisco5-Hunger-Striker-on-Mayor-Ed-Lee-378514825.html  
19/05/161h 26m

MKEP30: 30 & NOT Pregnant! (Nnekay's Wedding, Captain America, Colton Haynes, Lemonade, QueenBey Prince Tribute, Wikipedia, The Red Cross, Janet Jackson's Baby, Mandy Moore, Ghostbusters, JLO vs. Mariah, Posh Spice)

Nnekay is married! And planning her application to join Marvel's the avengers with her new married superpower. We give you the play by play of the Minority Korner's own Royal Wedding.  Did she become a bridezilla as I had predicted on episode one of Minority Korner? We both went to Captain America: No spoilers both of us had some crazy ass movie theater's. Nnekay confronts her archenemies: Wikipedia Know it Alls. Mandy Moore makes several appearances.  Prepare for a drive by fruity of information in James' "In Case you Missed it Korner", we're going to get you all ready for your weekend dinner parties with these gems: Colton Haynes, La Pride Music Festival, QueenBey, Ya'll Means All, Lemonade, SF P.D. is apparently racists, and homophobic, Rachel Dolezeal is back, dudes  are hating on the female Ghostbusters movie and trailer, and why won't Hollywood let us see our Black Actors. We have a Prince Tribute in our True or False Rumors game, and are JLO and Mariah having a feud? Oh and we have to talk about Janet Jackson is having a baby at 50. Wiki Stats http://coolchicksfromhistory.tumblr.com/post/143454410357/cool-chicks-from-history-missing-from-wikipedia   http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-college-student-led-wikiproject-women-scientists-180958423/?no-ist
12/05/161h 25m

MKEP28: Fever Dreams of Michelle Obama (D.C., Nnekay's Bachelorette, Ghost In A Shell, Dr. Strange, Asian Hollywood White Washing, African Cartoons, GOP, Gay Lions, Martha Washington)

Nnekayy is potentially on her death bed with fever dreams of Michelle Obama. Is this entire episode just a dream of hers? James Olivia Pope'd it to D.C., and Nnekay survived her Bachelorette, though now she's on her death bed- so maybe she didn't. James tackles Hollywood White Washing: the Asian Edition- we're looking at you Dr.Strange, and Ghost in a Shell- and more! Nnekay has another list: This time of awesome African children cartoons. This weeks Quizlet has Nnekay guessing… the game itself! Is the GOP turning on itself with death threats to each other, are these lions gay? Are Jay-Z and Beyonce moving to the Bay Area? Let's Figure it out!!!!!   HOLLYWOOD WHITE WASHING: ASIAN EDITION http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-racial-erasure-essay-20160418-story.html http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2016/04/scarlett-johansson-ghost-in-the-shell-tilda-swinton-doctor-strange-asian-roles-white-actors https://www.yahoo.com/style/six-japanese-actress-could-replace-161006119/photo-kimiko-glenn-1461189737877.html  AFRICAN KID SHOWS http://www.binoandfino.com/blog/2015/10/5/a-list-of-african-focused-childrens-animation-featuring-african-lead-characters QUIZLET KORNER http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/delegates-face-death-threats-from-trump-supporters-222302 http://www.dailynews11.com/oakland/jay-z-explains-why-hes-moving-to-oakland-california/ http://instinctmagazine.com/post/two-male-lions-spotted-mating-show-no-interest-lioness    
27/04/161h 16m

MKEP27: Free Brandy! (Sailor Moon, Panama Papers, Disney, Aisle Discrimination, Black Girls Rock, Beauty Supply Store, El Cerrito, Night Out in NYC, Dawn's Old Face, #FreeBandy)

Nnekay (AKA Dawn's Old Face) tells a horrific tale of a night out in El Cerrito. James tells of a night out in NYC both are prime examples of these two aging Korner Folk. Nneaky dives into aisle discrimination involving Black hair care products.  James examines the history of LGBT characters in Cartoon, and specifically highlights the importance of Sailor Moon in most Queer kids upbringing. Quizlet Korner has you covered from Major League Baseball to the Panama papers. Plus we have to Free Brandy! And we look at Black Girls Rock!  HISTORY OF LGBT CHARACTERS IN CARTOONS & SAILOR MOON http://www.highsnobiety.com/2015/11/09/queer-cartoons-history/ http://www.vice.com/video/american-obsessions-sailor-moon-queer-indentity 
20/04/161h 25m

MKEP26: I Don't Trust No Man Poodle Around My Bitches (RuPaul Pt2, Japanese American Woman in the Civil Rights Movement, Poodles, Hamilton, DJ Quest Love)

Nnekay and James are back on their respective coasts, and Nnekay is a woman on demand. James lost his I.D and is incredibly confused as to what city he's currently in. We dive into the Hamilton casting notice controversy.  and Nnekay and James talking about breeding possibilities involving a poodle. James continues his 2 part investigation of RuPaul, and if you thought last week was problematic- hold onto your butts this week. Nnekay shines light on 5 Japanese American woman who were doing it up in the civil rights movement. And as usual we have a Quizlet Korner that is just as random as ever!    RuPaul Pt2 http://katblaque.tumblr.com/post/139269853419/re-is-ru-pauls-drag-race-racist http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kat-blaque/performative-blackness-an_b_9545212.html   QUIZLET KORNER:  http://kotaku.com/nintendo-employee-terminated-after-smear-campaign-over-1768100368  
13/04/161h 19m

MKEP25: LIVE From Dolores Park! (Hunky Jesus, RuPaul, Unfair and Lovely, Diversity in SF, Commercials, Dolores Park Shenanigans, Black Queer Coffee Shop)

Nnekay and James are reunited and recording from Dolores park, on Easter Sunday- what could possibly go wrong?! (EVERYTHING!) We scope out the diversity (lack there of) of the park. Nnekay looks into the Unfair and Lovely campaign in India. James starts his 2 part investigation into the complicated, brilliant, yet problematic RuPaul who is essentially a Minority Korner Burrito. We also plug lots of things (you'd think we're getting endorsements). Quizlet Korner gets crazy, we might murder someone in the park, and uhhhhh Joey Brown stops on by. Get ready for the wildest Minority Korner to date! #unfairandlovely https://www.facebook.com/deutschewellenews/videos/10153682290634440/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/niralishah/unfair-and-lovely#.vxPn6WmW7     RUPAUL http://www.vulture.com/2016/03/rupaul-drag-race-interview.html?mid=fb-share-vulture QUIZLET KORNER:  http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/mar/23/transgender-detainees-sexual-assault-ice-custody http://thinkprogress.org/culture/2016/03/25/3763575/netflix-time-warner-sony-and-others-speak-out-against-georgias-anti-lgbt-bill/  http://www.rawstory.com/2016/03/fresno-bar-kicks-out-two-black-women-and-it-turns-out-they-are-attorneys-for-the-aclu/ http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/new-kansas-bill-pay-2500-students-rat-transgender-schoolmates-using-incorrect-restroom/#gs.S_8AlDk http://www.clancyreport.com/tulare/miley-cyrus-moving-to-tulare-california/    
06/04/161h 15m

MKEP24: Ain't Nothin Bootsy Bout this Episode (Rihanna, Latino Civil Rights Movement, Blacks & Weed, Trump Mania, The Green Rush, Harlem, Berkeley Black Repertory Theater)

James is back in the country- yes they actually let him back in and Nnekay is ready to catch him up on all things Trump, and what Rihanna is saying. What is Rihanna saying? Is it a legit language? Let's find out!  Latino high school students feel invisible when it comes to U.S. History... why? We dive into the history of Latinos and US History and how itpaved the way for amny many other civil rights causes.  We also examine the "Green Rush" and why it's ok for white folks to sell weed legally, but not Black folks. This weeks Quizlet Korner is a grab bag of random stories filled with guns, murder, birthdays, and Heathers!  Let's go to the corners!   LATINO CIVIL RIGHTS MOVMENT:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/john-leguizamo-high-school-history-makes-latinos-students-feel-invisible_us_55cba1e5e4b0f73b20bb950f http://www.tolerance.org/latino-civil-rights-timeline http://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/latinos-1965-voting-rights-act-impact-came-decade-later-n404936  BLACK PEOPLE AND WEED http://jezebel.com/are-you-surprised-to-know-that-black-americans-are-syst-1765509425          
22/03/161h 16m

MKEP23: Live From Amsterdam! (History of Queer Fabulousness, Lack of Diversity in Tech, Oscars, Tony The Tiger, Amsterdam, El Nino)

James is reporting LIVE from Amsterdam, and Nnekay is in exotic Oakland! Did you watch the Oscars? Neither did we, except for that Chris Rock monologue, and that awkward Stacy Dash moment. Nnekay looks into the lack of diversity in the tech industry and provides some answers and solutions. Pull up tight, because James is going to take you on a magical journey through time, as we look at the history of queer fabulousness. Also Tony the Tiger is out of control in this weeks Quizlet corner. 
09/03/161h 20m

MKEP22: The Trial of Nnekay (Black*ish, Linda Tripp, Male on Male Rape in the Military, Teaching Kids to Combat Racism, Flashback Quizlet Korner, NY Kombocha Shortage, Slavery Sex Farms)

Our new challenge- how many times each episode can we mention Sister Act? The struggle is real for James since he can't seem to find Kombocha in New York. Nnekay missed Minority Korner dance practice. Racists hate crimes hit a little too close to home for Minority Korner as the son of UCSC's multicultural theater company Rainbow Theater is the victim of several hate crimes at San Jose State. Linda Tripp! You are on watch, James starts a new beef with another "celebrity".  James brakes the silence of the rate of rape in the military and it's effecting not the gender you'd think at an alarming rate, and how it dates back to the foundation of the U.S. all the way back to slavery times. Nnekay answers a question posed by a listener, how do we teach racism to kids, and she's found a list of awesome and interesting books! Also in Quizlet Korner we revisit topics from the past: Rentboy, kids for cash, and Michael Johnson aka Tyson "Mandingo. And we invite you to join the movement: #BeFabulousFriday! "Son, Men Don't Get Raped" http://www.gq.com/long-form/male-military-rape Picture Books That Teach Kids to Combat Racism http://www.whatdowedoallday.com/2015/08/picture-books-that-teach-kids-to-combat-racism.html 
02/03/161h 8m

MKS2EP4: Jesse Spano is Trapped In a Closet (Kesha, LGBT Youth Homeless Crisis, Lauryn Hill, Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes, MK Book Club, Questions Korner)

James is hiiiiiiiiiigh … on caffeine and he takes us on the ride of our life! Today we talk about SHONDA and the year of YES! Is Lauryn Hill crazy?! Who know, but Nnekay sure thinks she has the answers. James tells us all about homelessness of the LGBTQ youth community. Meanwhile, Nnekay dives deep into the #FreeKesha movement. Whaaaat a potential Minority Korner Book Club and we answer our first listener question!!! We're so excited, so excited... We're so scared! Links!  Homelessness and LGBTQ YOUTH http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/the-forsaken-a-rising-number-of-homeless-gay-teens-are-being-cast-out-by-religious-families-20140903   http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/publications-a-z/425-the-impact-of-homophobia-and-racism-on-glbtq-youth-of-color   Kesha and the music industry   http://jezebel.com/kesha-is-suing-producer-dr-luke-for-alleged-sexual-as-1646161615 http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/kesha-warns-her-career-will-825685 http://themuse.jezebel.com/kesha-asks-court-to-let-her-record-without-dr-luke-in-1739674533 http://themuse.jezebel.com/judge-rules-kesha-is-still-contractually-tied-to-dr-lu-1760109011  
23/02/161h 15m

MKS2EP3 Ring the Alarm, It's the Black Panthers! (Gayest Blackest Superbowl 50, Black Panther History, Meryl Streep vs Angela Basset, Planet Fitness, Nuns, Gay Bashing)

Today on Episode 3 of season 2... or episode 20 if your nasty... we talk about silly as Meryl Streep not understand the concept of race. The goddess Angela Bassett being the her amazing awesome self. Nnekay is just too damn tired for the club. James talks about the world thinks the Super Bowl was one big ole Black Gay Affair... which sounds familiar.... hmmmmmm Minority Korner much?!?!?!? Speaking of blackness, Nnekay actually explains what the black panthers stood for. James tries to stump Nnekay again with Quizlet Corner and there may or may not have been a mention of Planet Fitness which we SWEAR is not a sponsor of ours.... but we'll take the monies if you wanna give it ussssssssssssss.    Meryl Streep "We're All Africans" http://www.sfgate.com/technology/businessinsider/article/Meryl-Streep-responds-to-movie-diversity-6823795.php  Angela Bassett http://blavity.com/angela-bassett-could-be-star-treks-next-starfleet-captain/  Gayest Superbowl Evah! Links: Gay Agenda Superbowl http://worldofwonder.net/superbowl50-people-were-super-pissed-off-that-the-nfl-was-promoting-a-gay-agenda-huh/  Crazy ass Tomi Lahren http://www.rawstory.com/2016/02/unhinged-tv-anchor-beyonces-super-bowl-show-deprived-little-white-girls-of-racial-harmony/ Welcome to the Movement Beyonce http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/black-lives-matter-co-founder-to-beyonce-welcome-to-the-movement-20160211  BLACK PANTHER HISTORY CORNER http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/protesters-to-hold-anti-beyonc-rally-at-nfl-headquarters-to-protest-black-panthers-halftime-show-reference-w163965   http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/pacificapanthers.html QUIZLET KORNER NUNS http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Nuns-who-help-needy-face-eviction-in-S-F-s-6815676.php  KATHRYN KNOTT http://www.phillyvoice.com/knott-sentenced/  
16/02/161h 19m

MK S2 EP2: Minority Korner Barely Legal (Beyonce & Coldplay, #TweetLikeAGayWhiteGuy, Invented by a Black Person, Tyra's Baby, Happy Black History Month!)

Happy Black History Month! But every month is Black History Month at Minority Korner, and some of you might be asking: why isn't there a Black History Month? Well, Nnekay has your answer… and it's short. Did you see the Beyonce & Coldplay music video? Is Coldplay at it again in their cultural "appreciation"/appropriation? #TweetLikeAWhiteGay has set the internet ablaze! Plus there are plenty of things you use that you probably had no idea that it was invented by a Black person. And this week in Quizlet Korner, James is sure he's got Nnekay stumped! Here we go for our 19th episode!  Invented By A Black Person http://www.buzzfeed.com/michaelblackmon/things-that-wouldnt-exist-without-black-people?utm_term=.nlX07G4qN #TweetLikeAWhiteGay http://mic.com/articles/133875/what-tweet-like-awhite-gay-exposes-about-the-unspoken-race-issues-dividing-the-gay-community#.taog9i1Tg http://mic.com/articles/128056/the-painful-truth-of-being-a-trans-man-on-a-hookup-app#.6N4D9LkzL http://mic.com/articles/131288/does-it-get-better-for-gay-guys-who-happen-to-be-overweight#.YTFLPjQCd http://mic.com/articles/128984/meet-the-gay-muslim-who-was-attacked-on-grindr-just-for-being-muslim#.rYIExGAMY      
09/02/161h 13m

MKS2EP1: The Minorities Strike Back! (#OscarsSoWhite, Sarah Palin, Stacey Dash, Europe, Blizzards, Florence Flo Kennedy, Little Marley Davis)

We're back, and this season we're coming at you from coast to coast. James is finally back from Europe now in New York, and Nnekay is still holding it down in the Bay Area. James survived his first Blizzard. And if you that the Blizzard was white- did you see the Oscar nominations. We're going over the timeline of all the craziness over #OscarsSoWhite, and everyone's got something to say from Jadah Pinket, to Sarah Palin, to self hating troll Stacy Dash. There's talks of a boycott brewing. There's a new young little Black girl taking on America's lack of diversity in children books. Plus your favorite corners are back: Quizlet Korner AND History Korner. This week in Quizlet corner James tests Nnekay's knowledge of what he may or may have not done on his European Journey AND a bonus quiz about our favorite whacky Alaskan Sarah Palin. And History Korner has Nnekay sweatin'. Plus we practice our accents. Welcome back to the Minority Korner!  #OscarsSoWhite http://www.oscars.org/news/academy-takes-historic-action-increase-diversity http://www.buzzfeed.com/davidmack/oscars-so-white-visualized#.iukO17WY2M http://usuncut.com/news/students-wear-t-shirts-spelling-racial-slur/ http://www.examiner.com/article/track-palin-served-one-year-iraq-and-it-was-under-george-w-bush-not-obama http://m.sfgate.com/news/politics/election/article/Trump-The-Whites-don-t-get-BET-nominations-6772400.php http://mic.com/articles/132942/the-oscars-2016-race-controversy-isn-t-just-about-black-actors?utm_source=policymicTBLR&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=social#.NJdzx5PTw http://mic.com/articles/132942/the-oscars-2016-race-controversy-isn-t-just-about-black-actors?utm_source=policymicTBLR&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=social#.NJdzx5PTw http://www.thewrap.com/whoopi-goldberg-rips-oscars-for-lack-of-diversity-it-pisses-me-off-video/ http://www.jasmyneacannick.com/blog/black-hollywood-doesnt-need-to-boycott-the-oscars-white-liberal-hollywood-does/ Nnekay's Corner Little Girls That Be Making Her Cry: http://www.buzzfeed.com/krystieyandoli/this-11-year-old-girl-started-a-project-to-get-more-diverse#.ocrnNv7qY http://welovebam.com/1000-black-girl-books/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/soraya-chemaly/why-are-childrens-books-are-still-about-white-boys_b_4227163.html http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/06/25/193174358/as-demographics-shift-kids-books-stay-stubbornly-white http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/01/bridging-the-gap-between-black-white-feminism.html  
02/02/161h 11m

MK EP 17: The Perfect Lost Episode (The Perfect Guy Movie Review, Weddings, Viola Davis, #Itwasablackwoman, Corrupt Pharmaceutical Drug Companies, Azealia Banks)

We're going back in time to the lost episode. Remember two months ago? It was action packed! James was live in the east bay sort of. Well he was. James went to a wedding and won the shit out of it. Nnekay got a mysterious note.  Viola Davis at the Emmy's remember that? Let's go back and talk about it. It's the first ever Minority Korner Movie Review: The Perfect Guy! You like many, probably missed it in theaters but now it's time to rent it on VOD, Netflix, or whatever handy service you have at your disposal A.SAP Nnekay takes us on a tour of #itwasablackwoman. Black woman have done a lot do dope shit, and sadly we don't know it all. Remember that ultimate asshat Martin Schreely, who wanted charge a ridiculous amount of money for AIDS drugs by raising the prices by 5000%. In the Quizlet Corner it's all about Azealia Banks… and starting 2 months ago, we just might have to be done with her. She may have just flew off the crazy train. Plus dogs, and James' allergies! Will he make it through the episode… I mean… did he… (spoiler alert: yes). 
22/12/151h 8m

MK EP 15: To Be… Or Not to Be Offended (Shondaland, Bernie Sanders vs Privatized Prisons, Political Correctness, 10 Ways Liberals Perpetuate Racism, One Medical Group, Vanessa Williams & Miss America)

We are feeling easy, breezy, and beautiful this week. We further deconstruct Bitch Betta Have My Money. James went to a bourgeois club doctor. We take a trip to Shondaland! Nnekay wound up in the Bermuda triangle of San Francisco. Apparently political correctness is running rampant amongst our American Universities and reeking havoc on millennial ability to critically think... or are old professors just really wanting to hold onto saying offensive things? Bernie Sanders wants to take down private prisons. This weeks history corner looks at Vanessa Williams the first black Miss America, and we go off an deep tangent about Lifetime movies. RELATED LINKS: The Codling of the American Mind 10 Ways Liberals Perpetuate Racism
22/09/151h 9m

MK EP 14: Diary of A Minority Korner Teenage Dream w/Special Guest Anthony Williams (Diary of A Teenage Girl, Raven Simone, Chris Brown, Kim Davis, Rowan Blanchard, Marvel Comics & Diversity, Sexual Racism vs. Racism in the LGBT Community, Deconalize Your

The teenage dream episodes continue, with an episode full of teenage dreamyness! But first Nnekay's in need of a corn chip intervention, and gives hair tips that may lead to suffocation. We need to talk about Raven Simone, Chris Brown has "love" for the LGBT community, and we continue the conversation: can you separate the art from the artist? But most of all we need to talk about teenage dream Rowan Blanchard of 'Girl Meets World', the first member of the Minority Korner Party Korner!  It's time to Marvel at the Marvel Korner because they are diversifying their roster, and the people behind the scenes. Taylor Swift is still basic. Australia did a study that asks: Is sexual racism different than actual racism...? They're probably the same thing but let's look. Plus actor/activist Anthony Williams of hit film 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl' stops by the Korner. Teen sexual awakening, subtle racism, white fragility, activism through social media, and more, we talk about it all with Anthony! And then Nnekay disappears and you wont believe where James finds her.    ARTICLES FOR REFERENCE:   MARVEL: http://www.colorlines.com/articles/native-american-marvel-character-red-wolf-will-star-new-series   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/marvels-newest-superhero-black-genius-preteen-moon-girl   http://www.colorlines.com/articles/bye-bruce-banner-new-hulk-will-be-korean-american   CHRIS BROWN: http://www.newnownext.com/chris-brown-tweets-love-and-respect-for-lgbt-community-after-alleged-gay-pride-appearance-no-show/09/2015/?fb_ref=fbshare_web    SEXUAL RACISM VS... RACISM: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/09/no-blacks-is-not-a-sexual-preference-it-s-racism.html     
15/09/151h 16m

MK EP13: White Guys Explain Slavery… W/Special Guest Ryan Christo (Burning Man, Slave Tetris, Terrance Howard, DIY, Casting, SalesForce, Tech Industry, Teen Crushes, Teen Secrets, Fox News, Temple Of Poon, The Labyrinth)

It's the teenage dream episode, as Minority Korner is now a teen... in epsidoes and it's awkward! We share our teen secrets in a new segment for our teen episodes called "Teen Secret Corner". But first in adult land, James is a high profile choreographer for a local tech commerical, and even here (on the lower end of the) casting table there is some weird racial things happening. The reviews are in, Nnekay has seen 'Temple of Poon'. Adventrues with Nnekay at Michaels in the DIY section. There's white dudes trying to explain slavery... Slave Trade the video game exists... and the creator is hell bent on trying to convince you this game is a great idea and necessary. We know we were supposed to do an all teen episode, but we miss understood the assignment.   Why's Burning Man so White? The originator has an explanation.  Super Minority Korner fan, Ryan Christo from the band One Hundred Percent, stops by the corner, who also works in the tech industry and weighs in on tech folks and the changing climate of the Bay Area. Ryan faces off against Nnekay in this weeks quizlet corner. Also Ryan has a gripe about the Minority Korner and is calling us out on Empire.    BURNING MAN: http://www.salon.com/2015/09/04/burning_man_founders_bizarre_explanation_for_diversity_problem_black_folks_dont_like_to_camp_as_much_as_white_folks/     http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/21/fashion/at-burning-man-the-tech-elite-one-up-one-another.html?_r=1    SLAVE TETRIS: http://kotaku.com/this-is-a-screen-shot-from-slave-tetris-which-i-can-as-1728483373   http://www.usnews.com/news/entertainment/articles/2015/09/03/slave-trade-video-game-altered-after-social-media-backlash     RYAN CHRISTO'S BAND ONE HUNDRED PERCENT:  http://weareonehundredpercent.com 
08/09/151h 25m