You're Doing It Wrong

You're Doing It Wrong

By BBC Radio 4

Adam Buxton takes a sideways look at some of our confusing modern ideas.



Mum, Dad and 2.4 children... how old-fashioned. Single parent families, multi-parent households, step-brothers and half-sisters and the rest - it's old news that the 'nuclear family' model is outdated. So why does society keep on telling us it's the only way to be? Single-mother stigma is still alive and well, and unmarried people in their 40s and over are universally assumed to be sad, lonely, and yearning for a partner. Adam Buxton wonders how our ideas about family came about, and whether there might be a better way to organise things. Is the 'decline of family' really such a bad thing? Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight.
28/03/1820m 5s

The Environment

Recycle your plastics to replenish the rainforest; share showers to save the whales; turn your washing machine down 3 to give the polar bears a fighting chance! Modern environmentalism is well-meaning, but horribly muddled. We diligently wipe out yoghurt pots and despair over plastic bottles.... yet jet off on holidays, buy new cars and pop out another kid, or three. We install solar panels, but eat imported guava. Replace our lightbulbs, but bin our batteries. Do we have any idea which strategies are actually effective? Does anything work? Adam Buxton digs down into our approach to saving the planet to see if anything makes sense. Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight.
21/03/1818m 15s


A Mediterranean diet for longevity, low-fat to protect against cancer, and make sure you're getting your omega-3! The world is full of dietary advice, but it's impossible to keep up with all these rules. No sooner has a new 'miracle ingredient' been announced, than it's furiously debunked. Does red wine contribute to cancer this week, or help cure it? Adam Buxton explores the weird and wonderful world of the ludicrous, billion-dollar diet and nutrition industry, and tries, rather desperately, to sort the good advice from the well-meaning rubbish. How on earth can we figure out what works and what doesn't? And how does this help Adam decide what to have for lunch? Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight.
14/03/1815m 58s


What kind of parent are you? Did you rush to the cot every time your baby cried, or let her 'cry it out'? Does your toddler eat strictly rationed organic produce, or allowed to eat what he wants? When did YOU go back to work? It doesn't really matter what you answer to these incessant questions, as long as you know that you are wrong wrong wrong, and have probably done irreparable developmental damage to your kids. Parent of three Adam Buxton gathers new parents, experienced parents, blogging parents and judgemental parents just to hear what they actually think - about parenting. Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight.
07/03/1816m 32s


"Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!". Or so we're told. Usually by some kind of nauseating lifestyle blog or motivational poster. These days it's not enough just to turn up, work hard and bring home a wage; we should all be following our passions, chasing that dream job, and waking up every morning raring to get to the office. If your job is tedious, you hate your boss, and Monday mornings make you want to cry, it's probably YOUR FAULT for not being ambitious enough. Adam Buxton takes a sideways look at some of our confusing modern ideas about work. Is the idea of a 'dream job' - one that inspires and fulfills us and makes our lives worth living - really possible? Or idealistic nonsense designed to make you feel guiltier, work harder, and complain less? Can we really be happy at work and should we be? Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight.
28/02/1819m 27s
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