Susan Calman's Mrs Brightside

Susan Calman's Mrs Brightside

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Susan invites friends over for a cheerful look at depression.


Ep 08: Mark Watson

Mark Watson joins Susan to talk taxi drivers, Twitter and therapy in the last episode of the series of Mrs. Brightside.
23/07/1855m 33s

Ep 07: Bethany Black

This week, Bethany Black and Susan discuss gender, representation and Doctor Who.
16/07/1852m 33s

Ep 06: Jack Rooke

This week the lovely Jack Rooke joins Susan to talk about granola, grief and being angry.
09/07/1851m 42s

Ep 05: Sophie Willan

Susan meets rising star and Edinburgh Award nominee Sophie Willan for a lovely chat about maintaining control, experimental theatre and fear of flying.
02/07/1852m 13s

Ep 04: Al Murray

Al Murray joins Susan to talk about the highs and lows of touring as The Pub Landlord, their love of mediums and abandoned victorian asylums.
25/06/1849m 31s

Ep 03: Felicity Ward

Susan Calman and comedian Felicity Ward talk meditation, anxiety and toilet troubles in this latest episode of Susan Calman's Mrs. Brightside.
18/06/1854m 47s

Ep 02: Jessie Cave

Comedian, actress and professional doodler Jessie Cave stops by to chat with Susan about anxiety, motherhood and having to choose between dating and therapy.
11/06/1854m 3s

Ep 01: Jordan Brookes

Edinburgh Award nominee Jordan Brookes sits down with Susan to discuss depression, pure OCD and teen angst in the first episode of Susan Calman's brand new podcast. Over the series Susan will chat with comedians about what's going on in their own heads. They'll discuss how they navigate the world of tricksy mental health but manage to keep a smile on their face. Pushing back against the cliche of the Sad Clown, Susan Calman's Mrs. Brightside is an uplifting and positive view of living with depression and mental health problems from the point of view of funny people.
04/06/1850m 47s

Ep 00: Come on in!

Welcome to... us! What you can expect to hear in Mrs. Brightside? Glad you asked.
01/06/182m 56s
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