The Archers

The Archers

By BBC Radio 4

A contemporary drama in a rural setting.



Writers, Liz John and Adrian Flynn Director, Gwenda Hughes Editor, Jeremy Howe Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Rex Fairbrother ….. Nick Barber Shula Hebden-Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Lee Bryce ….. Ryan Early Vince Casey ….. Tony Turner Russ Jones ….. Andonis James Anthony
21/01/2113m 9s


Russ persuades Elizabeth to find half an hour in her busy day to meet the artist he’d like to feature in Lower Loxley’s next exhibition. He’s impressed with how Elizabeth has time for fun along with everything else and tells her to “go for it” with Vince. Pip vents to Ruth about Phoebe making decisions without Pip’s input. What’s more she doesn’t know how she’ll ever trust Rex again. Pip is shocked when Ruth appears to waver on their decision to expand their dairy herd. Pip shares what she’s learned about out-wintering a herd which would save on costs including more building work. Brian’s keen to fix a meeting with Pip, Phoebe and Rex about rewilding. He proudly tells Pip that Phoebe will make sure Rex’s spiteful review about the Brookfield barn doesn’t become an issue for the project. Vince wants Elizabeth’s opinion on the wine he’ll buy for Stephanie’s wedding. Elizabeth quickly rates Lower Loxley’s own wine above all of Vince’s potential plonks. This leads to a wine tasting which makes them both merry. Elizabeth insists Vince comes with her to meet the artist that’s visiting the gallery. Afterwards, Russ tells off Elizabeth and Vince for giggling the whole time. They didn’t realise most of the works would be made out of wool. Nevertheless Elizabeth thinks it’s the right fit for Lower Loxley and urges Russ to book the artist. As a stunned Russ departs Elizabeth and Vince both agree they’ve found what they have been looking for.
20/01/2113m 17s


Pip and David discuss who could have written the vitriolic online review about their barn venue. David wonders if it could have been Toby which gets Pip thinking. Could it have been Rex? David visits Rex who quickly admits he was behind the review. David is furious but Rex stands his ground. He’s felt hard done by with The Archers in more ways than one. David accepts his point of view and Rex apologises. Later, David stops Pip from following up his visit to him. David thinks both sides have messed up and should move on but Pip won’t let Rex’s betrayal go. Back from exercising Alice’s horse, Shula asks after Jim. Alistair reports he’s fine since their visit from Philip though Jim would still like to know what’s happened to the lads that Philip forced to work for him. Meanwhile, Alistair is livid for allowing Philip into his house. He wishes he’d blanked him like Shula has done with Philip’s calls. Shula answers an unrecognised number to find it’s Philip. He’s in prison on remand and is desperate to talk to someone he knows. Gavin has handed himself into the police and given evidence against Philip. Shula tells Alistair about the call and that Philip would like her to visit him. Alistair hopes Shula gave him short shrift.
19/01/2113m 9s


Ruth tells David that an upcoming wedding booking has been cancelled after a scathing review was posted about their barn. The original post has been removed but not before it’s been copied across social media. They watch in horror as the post continues to be shared. Brian advises David to stand firm in the wake of the negative review about the Brookfield barn venue. He also points out how specific the details are in the review. Could this help them work out who wrote it? Lee finds Kirsty searching for clues to Blake, Kenzie and Jordan’s whereabouts and warns her not to put herself in danger. Kirsty bristles – anything she comes up against can’t be as bad as what those lads faced. Lee reports back to Helen and their thoughts turn to Philip and Kirsty’s house. It would have been perfect for Helen but now it’s tainted. Helen tries to convince Kirsty that searching for the lads Philip enslaved is a job for the police. But Kirsty has twigged that they must have been sold on and she can’t give up looking for them. Helen wants Kirsty to focus on herself and reminds her again of how dangerous trawling the streets could be. When Helen dithers at Kirsty’s invitation to join her, Kirsty compares their situation to her support of Helen through her problems with Rob. If Helen won’t help, Kirsty would prefer to be left to her own devices and she hangs up.
18/01/2113m 2s


Alistair’s shocked to find Philip on his doorstep. Philip insists everything he’s been accused of is fake news. Alistair finds that hard to believe and Philip admits there are some issues that need sorting. Alistair has realised that Gavin’s gambling problem wasn’t real. Philip jumps on this and appeals to Alistair as the only person who has been willing to help. Alistair invites him in. Kirsty quizzes Helen about the Elms homeless shelter. She wants to volunteer there as soon as she can. Helen thinks Kirsty should get herself sorted first before looking to help others. But Kirsty is adamant she must do something now. Helen can’t believe that Kirsty has been looking for Blake, Kenzie and Jordan in places where people sleep rough around Borchester. She’s not thinking straight. But Kirsty corrects Helen; that was the case when she was with Philip but now her eyes are open and she wants to find those three lads. Philip tells Alistair that his arrangement with his workers was equivalent to paying them at least the minimum wage. He insists it was better that way as the lads were no good with figures. He asks Alistair to get his explanation to Kirsty. Alistair doesn’t want to be involved and asks Philip to leave just as Jim arrives home. Jim is keen to hear Philip’s side of things. He lets Philip talk and then starts to throw his verbal punches. Philip walks out. Alistair asks his dad if he’s alright. Jim replies yes, he’s been needing to say that for decades but only now has he found the right words.
14/01/2112m 54s


Tracy wakes up in Jazzer’s bed. With Jim not taking his usual morning walk because of bad weather there’s no way of leaving unnoticed. Jazzer tries to persuade Jim to go to the shop but the refuses. Jazzer leaves his room to have breakfast with Jim and Jim can’t help notice that he’s agitated. Jim insists he’s comfortable in the kitchen when Jazzer tries to get him to move but then suddenly decides to go for his morning walk after all. Neil calls Brian with news that an auditor is on the way to Berrow Farm. Neil worries about what the auditor will make of their records. He’s finding it hard to sleep thinking about the lads that Philip enslaved. Brian calls for calm and asks if there is anything he should know about Justin’s running of Berrow. Neil assures him that everything has been above board. Nevertheless, Neil’s terrified that Berrow is going to go under but Brian tells him to pull himself together. Neil hasn’t done anything wrong and Brian promises that he won’t let Berrow or Neil be destroyed by the Philip revelations. Jazzer calls Tracy who reveals she’s back home after climbing out of his bedroom window. She’s exhilarated by her escape but Jazzer isn’t impressed. He feels bad for forcing Jim out into the rain. Later, Jim asks Jazzer who his mystery woman is. Jim was hoping that Jazzer was on his way to finding love but Jazzer quickly says his liaison was nothing important and will never happen again. He admits he does want more from a relationship but this woman isn’t the one for him.
13/01/2113m 16s


Josh approaches Rex for help with mending a roof at Hollowtree but for Rex the combination of the ending of his tenancy and Brookfield’s culpability in using Philip’s enslaved workforce is too much. He angrily confronts Josh about his and his family’s inability to admit their failures and mistakes. Tracy starts a quarrel with Jazzer over his motorbike blocking in her car. It transpires they staged the row to put an end to any rumours about them. Tracy is confident it will have the desired effect. They both insist that nothing is going on between them anyway and more accusations fly. Later, Tracy turns up at Jazzer’s to put him right on what he said earlier. He counters with details that she got wrong and then invites her in. Toby looks round the council farm with Rex who is still fuming about the Brookfield Archers. He compares Neil’s sorrowful reaction to being connected to Philip’s business with their lack of guilt. Toby discovers that Rex is about to post a poisonous message about Brookfield online. Toby doesn’t want Rex to post it but he does it anyway. Meanwhile, Toby wants to take on the council farm with his brother but Rex flatly refuses. Josh brings beers to Rex and apologises for everything. Josh is positive about Rex’s chances of getting the council farm and comes clean about how the revelations about Philip have affected his parents. They truly are devastated. Josh seeks assurance from Rex that he knows that Ruth and David are ultimately good people.
12/01/2113m 10s


While collecting more of her things from her Beechwood home, Kirsty gets a call from Helen. She describes how the Christmas decorations are still up but the police have confiscated some items. Then, Kirsty calls in at the shop and Jim is pleased to see her. He tells her no one thinks less of her but Kirsty says that’s not true. People have been talking and she admonishes herself for not spotting any signs about Philip’s illegal activities. Brian comes in and immediately needles Kirsty. Jim stands up for her but Brian reminds Kirsty how quick she was to judge when he was in trouble with the contamination. Kirsty leaves while Brian and Jim continue to lock horns. Harrison stops Brian for speeding and Brian can’t believe that Harrison follows proper procedures. Later, Harrison tells Fallon about catching Brian. He thinks people in Ambridge see him as a soft touch and he vows to not look at the village through rose-tinted glasses any more. He reveals that he’s not going to be part of the investigation into Philip’s slavery charges. He kicks himself for not spotting anything when he investigated the Grey Gables explosion. Helen visits Kirsty who gives a rundown of her Beechwood visit and Brian’s words in the shop. Helen thinks Brian was outrageous but Kirsty thinks he has a point. She hates that she never looked past the bubble of her own life to notice the true situation with Blake, Kenzie and Jordan. She’s determined to do something so she can live with herself.
11/01/2113m 8s


Roy says he’ll check in with Kirsty for Helen who hasn’t had any reply to her attempts to contact Kirsty. Roy finds Kirsty collecting litter, even though she no longer works for the Wildlife Trust. Kirsty admits she can’t face Helen yet. After Rob’s coercive control, Kirsty was confident she could spot liars a mile off but she ended up marrying one. Kirsty doesn’t want to burden Helen with her own experience. But Roy points out that by keeping away she’s upsetting Helen. Kirsty and Helen meet and apologise to one another. They agree to not discuss Philip. Helen offers to go with Kirsty when she’s ready to go to the Beechwood house to collect her belongings. Helen’s less than certain about buying the property now. As Alan prepares to deliver his sermon on slavery, Shula’s worried he will be blamed for her decision to get Philip to do repair work to the church. She admits the whole experience has made her seriously doubt her own judgement. Alan doesn’t think she should be so hard on herself. In his virtual sermon, Alan encourages people to not only pray for victims of modern slavery but also those who perpetrate it. Afterwards, Shula thanks Alan for helping her feel better. Her phone rings and she’s surprised to see it’s Philip. She doesn’t answer but expects he will call again. She asks Alan what she should do but he says only she can decide that.
07/01/2113m 18s


While out on a walk together, Lynda encourages Robert to let go of his anger over Philip. He says he always knew something dodgy was going on. Meanwhile, Lynda is invigorated by climbing Lakey Hill again following her injuries last year. Later, Alan congratulates Lynda on her MBE. He’s holding a special service online tomorrow to bring people together after the discovery of Philip’s slave labour. Emma reports how excited all the children are about Clarrie and Eddie renewing their vows. Clarrie’s worried about their expectations being too high but Emma points out what a big occasion it is. As they look at photos from Clarrie and Eddie’s wedding, Clarrie reminisces to Emma about the honeymoon. Though if she could go anywhere now it wouldn’t be back there but to Paris, which gets Emma thinking. Lynda notices how cheered Robert is by spotting some redwings. She tells him she doesn’t think she’ll go to Alan’s service to lift the mood of the village – she’s moved on from her time of grieving for the life she had before the Grey Gables explosion. She wonders how she can help the village overcome Philip’s crime. Whatever she decides, it will have to be spectacular, muses Lynda. She is to be Lynda Snell MBE, after all.
06/01/2112m 59s


Robert seethes over the new knowledge that Philip was using slave labour. Lynda wishes he would drop the subject for long enough for them to clear their heads. As they head out for a walk, Kirsty approaches. Lynda sends Robert out and invites Kirsty in. Over tea and cake in the garden, Kirsty shares her experience at the police station. And even though she’s been released the ordeal isn’t over yet. They think back to Philip’s explanation to Lynda for the explosion at Grey Gables. Kirsty is sickened by Philip’s false sincerity and breaks down in tears. Lynda tells her that they are both survivors and neither of them should let Philip take anything else away from them. DC Tanners visits Neil at home to establish exactly what he knew about how Philip ran his business. She questions him about Philip’s work at Berrow Farm, on the playground and the church. DC Tanners challenges Neil on why he never questioned how Philip maintained his lifestyle when his quotes were always so competitive. Afterwards, Neil bumps into Robert and admits that it felt like he was the one being investigated rather than Philip. He’s not sure if the police believe him.
05/01/2113m 0s


Ruth and David try to take in the news that Philip was using slave labour when he took on their milking parlour and barn extension projects. David kicks himself for not interrogating Philip’s low rates but Ruth points out the well-respected façade that Philip created for himself. David remains distracted by the revelations and what it means for Brookfield. He pulls back from his initial suggestion of razing the barn but wonders if they should make some sort of announcement. Ruth thinks it’s best for them to sit tight until there is more detail from the police. Lilian looks in on Justin who’s been up since the early hours. When Martyn Gibson calls, Justin attempts to shift the blame on him for hiring Philip. How was he to know Philip treated his workforce so badly? But to Martyn Justin’s misplaced trust could look like wilful ignorance and he presses Justin to resign his position. Justin reports to Lilian that he has stepped down pending investigation. And to add salt to the wound, the Borchester Land board are keen for Brian to take on the rewilding project. Lilian doesn’t think it’s fair Justin has been made the scapegoat. But Justin acknowledges it’s exactly what he would have done in Martyn’s position.
04/01/2113m 12s


Writers, Keri Davies & Sarah McDonald-Hughes Director, Kim Greengrass Editor, Jeremy Howe David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Phoebe Aldridge ….. Lucy Morris Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Jim Lloyd ….. John Rowe Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell Peggy Woolley ….. June Spencer Rhiannon ….. Shelley Rees Tanners ..... Jane Slavin
01/01/2113m 10s


Jim and Jazzer agree their Christmas has been better than expected. All went well with meeting Fiona’s partner Angie albeit via a screen. Jazzer wonders about going to the New Year’s Eve bonfire but Jim is happy to stay in. Jazzer gets a message on his phone and swiftly heads out without saying where he’s going. While on their own at the New Year’s Eve bonfire and fireworks, Peggy makes Chris aware that she knows Alice has a problem with alcohol. Chris tries to put her off but Peggy won’t be fobbed off. She warns him of the damage alcohol can do to a family. He must be prepared to leave Alice if things get really bad. Peggy shares her own experiences of being married to alcoholic Jack Archer. Chris reveals that Alice is already getting help so Peggy really doesn’t need to worry. As the midnight bells chime, Peggy reads the poem Ring Out Wild Bells by Tennyson. Jazzer helps open the broken door at the cricket pavilion to free Tracy who’s got stuck inside. Jazzer goes to grab some of his homebrew, leaving the door to slam shut. Now they’re both stuck inside the pavilion. They drink Jazzer’s homebrew. Jim calls Jazzer to check he’s OK and wish him Happy New Year. Jazzer tries the door again and it opens. Both released as the bells chime for 2021, Jazzer and Tracy kiss.
31/12/2013m 52s


Elizabeth breaks the news to Freddie that Kirsty can’t host tonight’s Christmas Show. Freddie panics and Elizabeth reminds him that, with the tenth anniversary of Nigel’s death looming, his mental health is more important than anything else. Freddie insists he’s OK. He can’t let the show be a failure. He racks his brain for what to do and then takes on the role of host himself. Afterwards, Elizabeth congratulates Freddie on his performance. Even Bernard, Chair of the Lower Loxley Trustees, enjoyed it and was impressed with Freddie. Phoebe tells Kirsty not to worry about ruining her Christmas. It was already spoiled by trouble with the rewilding project. Phoebe’s stuck between Rex and Pip’s falling out over the ending of the Hollowtree tenancy. Kirsty tries to remind Phoebe of the project’s original vision. Phoebe’s grateful for Kirsty’s consistent support and points out what a great friend she is to so many people. Phoebe manages to persuade Kirsty to take part in the Round Ambridge Quiz on New Year’s Day. It’s all socially distanced so she won’t have to talk to anyone and if anyone does approach her, Phoebe promises to be her bodyguard.
30/12/2013m 15s


Susan’s expecting a call from Radio Borsetshire any day with Tracy’s petition for her return to the station proving popular, and her replacement presenter the opposite. Susan tells Tracy she doesn’t have to pretend she’s fine with Roman’s departure but Tracy says she hasn’t got time to think about him. While on the phone to Susan, Tracy spots a light on in the cricket pavilion and suspects a break in. Tracy discovers Jazzer’s used a spare key of Jim’s to store some of his homebrew at the cricket pavilion. He’s spotted it’s been peppered with knick-knacks, and Tracy has to own up to her own personal uses of the place – space away from her family and privacy for her and Roman! Jazzer strikes a deal to keep his homebrew there in exchange for his silence on Tracy’s pavilion activities. Worried for Tracy after their phone call, Susan arrives and teases Tracy about Jazzer fancying her as he departs. Roy’s brought more of Kirsty’s things from her Beechwood home. Since Christmas Eve she’s been staying with Roy and she apologises for spoiling his Christmas. Kirsty feels bad for being nasty to Roy when he’d queried Philip being Blake’s uncle. She doesn’t think she can do the Christmas Show tomorrow and she asks Roy to call Freddie for her. Then, Kirsty’s phone rings – it’s Rhiannon, Philip’s ex-wife. Police have been to Rhiannon’s looking for Gavin but he’s not there. Rhiannon has also heard from Philip, now on bail, but he doesn’t know where Gavin could be. Rhiannon’s sure Philip’s the one at fault. She’s worried sick about her son. Later, Kirsty tells Roy she’s going to get a solicitor to start divorce proceedings.
29/12/2013m 42s


When Philip returns home Kirsty asks him if he’s having an affair. Philip comes clean about how he runs his business. He insists he’s not doing anything wrong. Those who work for him have a roof over their heads and they are a lot better off than being homeless. Kirsty isn’t fooled and when Philip uses the word ‘horses’ she corrects him with ‘slaves’. Philip tries to get Kirsty to focus on the future but she wants to know about Blake, Kenzie and Jordan. Roy calls round to check up on Kirsty but Philip tries to stop Kirsty answering the door. As she realises what Philip has done with his workforce, she shouts to Roy to call the police. Meanwhile, Poppy’s carol singing to raise money for sepsis awareness charities. Eddie’s so full of himself after lots of praise for his Christmas Show performance last night, Clarrie warns him not to steal Poppy’s limelight. There’s no answer at Philip and Kirsty’s house so they move on. A little further on, Eddie asks Clarrie to renew their wedding vows. Clarrie says yes but the moment is cut short by a police car hurtling past. With Roy inside the house, Philip tries to convince Kirsty to give him a chance. But Kirsty won’t hear it. The only thing he can do for her is to tell the police where to find Blake, Kenzie and Jordan. Philip walks out of the house and hands himself in to the waiting police outside.
24/12/2013m 16s


Kirsty finds Gavin heading out. He says he’s going to his Mum’s and doesn’t know how long for. Kirsty asks if he’s gambling again and Gavin admits all that was a lie. He tells Kirsty she’s a lovely person but needs to open her eyes, and then leaves. Eddie reports to Jazzer how Vince has been putting up the decorations at Lower Loxley. He’s not sure why he’s been putting in the effort. Tracy’s surprised to learn that Jazzer is doing a reading in the show. She needles him about the bother he caused with Brad, and Eddie has to calm things down between them. But Jazzer’s had enough and leaves. Eddie thinks Tracy should give Jazzer a break but she can’t help it if he rubs her up the wrong way. Later Jazzer’s surprised to hear Tracy compliment his performance. He apologises for selling his homebrew to Brad and the two of them agree a truce. Roy finds Kirsty as she arrives later than planned for the Christmas Show. She seems distracted and he asks if she’s OK. She insists she is. Just before the show’s about to start Kirsty tells Roy what happened with Gavin. She wonders if Philip is having an affair. After the show Roy tries to buoy Kirsty. She shouldn’t allow her past let down with Tom cause problems now. But Kirsty’s sure there is something that’s being hidden from her. Roy advises all she can do is ask Philip for the truth.
23/12/2013m 4s


David’s not looking forward to his meet up with Vince. Ruth tries to allay his worries but David would still like her to ring him after half an hour so he has a reason to leave. David’s surprised by what he learns about Vince during their chat. The Rolls Royce he drives he actually bought for his dad who kept it immaculate. They both share a household with their mothers – Vince built a granny annex for his 20 years ago. Ruth calls David and hears that things are going OK with Vince – David doesn’t need rescuing like he thought. David’s relaxed in the knowledge that Elizabeth and Vince’s relationship is only a bit of fun. But then Vince makes it clear that he wants to do right by Elizabeth and asks David to help him out if he’s not on the right track. David half-heartedly agrees. To Freddie’s surprise Eddie happily takes Roman’s place in the Christmas Show. But Eddie gives the reading a go, he’s not inspired by the words of Milton and isn’t sure if he can step in after all. Freddie pleads with Eddie, he really needs to show to go right. He reckons Nigel would be embarrassed by the state of things as they are. This gets Eddie thinking about his own dad. Freddie convinces Eddie to tell a tale about Joe instead of the Milton extract in the Christmas Show – first performance is tomorrow!
22/12/2013m 13s


Oliver finds Tracy at the bar at Grey Gables – she’s waiting on Yaz who said she’d help with the petition to get Susan back on Radio Borsetshire. Oliver enquires about Kirsty’s imminent move to Wales and then consoles Tracy on Roman’s departure. Later at rehearsals Tracy’s ready to pack it in. Everyone’s asking her where Roman is. Oliver persuades her to stay for the rest of the rehearsal. He listens to her woes – Roman was such a catch but now she has to face up to life just being about taking care of her family. After the rehearsal, Oliver treats Tracy to dinner at Grey Gables and reminds her there is so much more about her than just her family duties. With Roman off to a new gig, Freddie takes up the reins of rehearsing the Christmas show. He realises that hardly any of the cast know their lines or even how the show will be performed. He vents to Lily. After the rehearsal, Freddie and Lily walk the show’s route and find that Roman hasn’t got the timings for the readings right. What’s more Roman himself was going to perform in the prime location by the main staircase. There only one person Freddie can ask to step in…
21/12/2013m 16s


Gavin and Philip meet Victoria to arrange the sale of Blake, Kenzie and Jordan. Gavin is taken aback by Victoria’s ruthlessness while Philip tries to keep the negotiation on track. On their way home, Gavin voices his concerns but Philip bats them away. He focused on how the future is looking better than ever. Back at Beechwood, Philip gives Kirsty a sign for their new home in Wales – it reads “cartrev”, home in Welsh. Kirsty finds the gift that Blake, Kenzie and Jordan bought for Philip (with the help of Gavin). She jokingly asks who his admirer is and Philip explains. He wants to give it to a charity shop but Kirsty thinks it’s sweet and should be on show on the mantelpiece. Tracy’s hardly slept thinking about all the details for a move to the Maldives. When Roman shows her photos of where they will live, Tracy realises he hasn’t thought this through at all – it’s too small for them as well as two teenagers. Roman insists he wants her to come because he loves her. But he doesn’t love her enough not to go it seems. Later, Roman catches up with Tracy unhappy with how their last conversation ended. He admits he hadn’t thought his plan through but, while he’ll miss Tracy, he can’t turn the job down. They part on good terms.
17/12/2013m 7s


Tracy is thrilled when Roman tells her he’s got an acting job. Her demeanour hardens when he reveals it’s at a hotel in the Maldives. Roman insists he really wants Tracy, Brad and Chelsea to go with him. Tracy talks the offer over with Susan who can’t see why Tracy doesn’t jump at the romantic gesture. But Tracy’s certain she can’t leave their dad or uproot her children, especially Chelsea before her GCSEs. However, the offer is still tempting and later when Roman asks her for an answer Tracy agrees to go with him. Oliver successfully secures the turkeys Eddie needs to fulfil his orders by bidding for them at an auction. Afterwards, Oliver admits he did get caught up in the thrill of it all and Eddie grumbles about the resulting squeeze it will have on his profit. Oliver reminds him that it’s better than not fulfilling his orders at all. As they unload the turkeys they have to hide from Susan who’s looking for Emma. Oliver slips and gets soaked but the turkeys he’s holding don’t get spoiled. Thankfully Susan leaves without getting wind of Eddie’s turkey ruse.
16/12/2013m 14s


When Kirsty enquires about Blake, Philip says he’s doing well in Norfolk. Meanwhile, Blake, Kenzie and Jordon bicker in their flat. They are all optimistic about the future though, with the prospect of having a new boss. Blake’s hopeful they’ll be allowed to manage their own spending. They comment one another’s difficulties from their pasts. Jordan assures that whatever the future holds, they will look out for one another. Kenzie wonders if they should get Philip and Gavin a card before they go to their next employer. Jordan’s not sure but Blake agrees, they do have a lot to thank them for. Returning home from work, Kirsty says most people there had already got wind of her and Philip’s wedding. Roy was understanding about missing out on being Best Man. He probably couldn’t have got away from work anyway – he’s holding Grey Gables together while Oliver stays away. And Kirsty reports that Tracy is started an online petition to get Susan back on Radio Borsetshire. Kirsty asks if Philip will miss the lads he employs and wonders if he’s having regrets about winding up the business. Philip is clear that it is time for him to move on. Their lives together are going to be amazing from now on.
15/12/2012m 56s


Susan says farewell to her listeners as her final show on Radio Borsetshire comes to an end. She’s disappointed to learn Neil didn’t listen to her last broadcast but then makes out she’s actually not bothered. Neil goes online to listen back and discovers listener comments about Susan’s departure – they’re sad to see her go. Susan wonders what Tracy would do in this situation and concocts a reason to make contact with her sister. Oliver helps Eddie pluck turkeys. Oliver plans to be at Grey Gables in New Year’s Day to be there for his staff. He’s worried he’ll have to let more people go. But Eddie’s hopeful that the future is looking bright. He plans to offer other items to those he’s delivering turkeys to. Oliver twigs that Eddie’s not got a definitive list of turkey customers which makes Eddie realise he’s over-promised and is about 20 turkeys short. Oliver’s unsure about helping Eddie make up the turkey shortfall by buying some at auction but Eddie wins him round and asks him to promise not to tell anyone else of their plan, especially Clarrie.
14/12/2013m 6s


Kirsty finds Helen about to start a busy day in the dairy and springs on her that she really wants Helen to be a witness when she marries Philip – this afternoon! On the way to the register office, Helen hurriedly applies make up as Kirsty explains that she’s happy for Gavin to be their other wedding guest. She’s realised he’s been having a tough time recently which makes his previous hostility make sense. Gavin tries to shares his concerns regarding what he’s heard about Victoria, the person Philip plans to sell on his enslaved labour to, but Philip won’t change his plan. Before the ceremony, Helen chats to Gavin about her friendship with Kirsty. When Gavin asks Helen about Rob, she explains how Kirsty refused to give up when Rob was manipulating Helen to push Kirsty away. Helen apologises for bringing the mood down and asserts that Philip is one of the good guys. Then, Kirsty notices Gavin isn’t his usual self and figures it must be because his and Kelly’s wedding day never happened. Gavin’s grateful to Kirsty for all the kindness she’s shown him. He tells Kirsty he’s sorry and she assures him he’s nothing to be sorry for. Philip interrupts the formal part of the ceremony to say a few words of his own. He tells Kirsty that she makes him a better person and how today is a new start for him – for them both. They then complete the ceremony.
10/12/2013m 13s


Alice fields Peggy’s questions about her holiday in Bath as best she can. Peggy asks plainly how Alice has found giving up alcohol. Alice is thrown and tells Peggy she doesn’t need checking up on. She then quickly apologises, putting her snappiness down to tiredness. Peggy chats to Lilian in The Bull and Peggy admits she has Alice on her mind. She tells Lilian she doesn’t believe Alice went to Bath at all. Lilian can’t believe Peggy’s theory that Alice might be having an affair and Peggy accepts that maybe it is a bit far-fetched. Freddie and Lily chat about their imminent 21st birthday. They’ve spiked Elizabeth’s idea of a virtual celebration. Freddie teases Lily about being boring and how Russ only makes her life more dull. She strongly protests and decides that she and Freddie will go out tonight. Lily is refused entry at the casino because she’s forgotten her ID. Freddie jokes about going in anyway and leaving Lily outside. Instead, they go to a bingo hall. Lily is over-enthusiastic about marking off numbers which cues more teasing from Freddie. This deflates Lily, but she acknowledges this is the most fun she’s had in ages. Her mood is boosted again by getting a full house.
09/12/2013m 11s


Kirsty and Jill laugh together following a rehearsal with Roman which didn’t involve much actual rehearsing. Kirsty’s handed in her resignation at the Wildlife Trust and at Grey Gables. Jill’s going to miss Kirsty but is confident they can keep in touch with video calls. Kirsty gets upset at the thought of leaving Ambridge really sinks in. There is so much she’s going to miss. Jill reminds her she’s got a lot of time ahead of her for new adventures. Alice gets cross with Chris for constantly asking what she’s up to. He insists he just wants to be sure she’s OK. In private, Chris calls Alice’s midwife and asks about Alice’s prospects now she’s completed a detox. The midwife can’t offer any assurances nor can she rule out whether the baby will be affected by Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Alice returns home from visiting Fallon to a very panicky Chris. She made a detour to the shop on the way home so she’s later than he expected as he called Fallon to find out when Alice set off. He admits to phoning the midwife to allay his worries and apologises which in turn prompts Alice to apologise. She shows him a card she wrote in detox with five reasons for not drinking. She says it’s already helping her stay sober even though she’s scared of life without alcohol. They both feel the baby move and are reunited. They’re going to beat Alice’s addiction, together.
08/12/2013m 16s


While taking part in Kirsty’s litter pick, Eddie promises to gift her a Grundy turkey before she moves to Wales. There’s a Wildlife Trust goodie bag for whoever collects the most rubbish and when Eddie learns it will be judged by weight he seeks out discarded glass bottles. Kirsty’s heard about his run-in with the rogue detectorists at Brookfield and Eddie admits the whole experience has put him off going out with the metal detector. While Eddie and Kirsty chat, Poppy makes use of the metal detector and discovers a catalytic converter which renews Eddie’s enthusiasm for metal detecting. Though he insists it’s because of Poppy’s interest. Meanwhile, Eddie obfuscates over why he’s not in the Christmas Show this year. He thinks it’s good that Kirsty’s got the lead role of host before she leaves the village. Chris collects Alice from her residential detox. He’s keen to know what the process involved but Alice bats his questions away. Once back home, Alice catches up with Helen via a video call and spins her a yarn about being on holiday in Bath. She’s re-energised, raring to go and returning to work tomorrow. Helen tells them about Kirsty and Philip’s impending move and her plans to buy their house. Later, unnerved by how easily Alice can lie about her time away, Chris presses her on whether she really will stop drinking. Alice insists she is fine and has the midwife and doctor to talk to if she needs to.
07/12/2013m 1s


Eddie and David talk through their plan to corner a group of detectorists that are targeting Brookfield. Eddie’s confident he and David can handle them. But to Eddie’s surprise he finds the tyres on his van slashed. It’s posted online that Eddie was seen talking to David and the detectorists fled. Eddie’s stunned at the violence – they seemed like nice people when he met them. At least it seems now they won’t be turning up at Brookfield according to their online forum. David offers Eddie blanket permission to detect on Brookfield land but Eddie’s not keen; this whole incident has sullied it. He’d still like to scout for holly and mistletoe though. Will suggests that his dad should take up David’s offer of access to Brookfield for detecting. Will wants his dad to keep alive his dreams of finding gold and striking it rich. Harrison tracks down Chris at The Stables and immediately sees that he’s stressed out. He convinces Chris to go for a run and Chris eventually spills about Alice’s drinking and that he hates her for it. He explains that Alice is really at a detox clinic rather than on a holiday in Bath. He can’t believe how much Alice lied to him and how he didn’t notice that her drinking had become problematic. Chris worries about what he’ll say to Alice when she comes home. Harrison reassures Chris that he’s done the right thing in talking to him – no one should go through this alone.
03/12/2013m 8s


Jazzer tries to calm Jim who’s just agreed to spend Christmas Day with Fiona and her partner Angie via video-link. He worries he’ll make the wrong impression with his daughter’s partner. Neil recounts how Chris seems out of sorts but Susan’s not really listening. She’s pre-occupied with finding a last minute replacement guest for her radio show. She begs Neil to do a turn as the Parish Council Chair but he refuses and Susan has to settle for Bert Fry. Later, Neil says he heard Susan’s show and Bert wasn’t a thrilling listen. Susan tells Neil that her producer has told her they are bringing her show to an end. She’s sad about it but, with so many other things to do, she says it might be for the best after all. Jim breaks up a row between Tracy and Jazzer. Tracy is furious Jazzer sold his home-brew to Brad but Jazzer insists he’s done nothing wrong. Jim tells Jazzer he owes Tracy an apology. Jazzer calls round at Tracy’s to apologise, admitting he’s doing so at Jim’s request. Jazzer doesn’t think Tracy can get on her high horse; she was doing the same as Brad when she was a teenager. Tracy bites back that it’s different when it’s your own kid which is something that Jazzer will never understand.
02/12/2013m 11s


Gavin has the rug pulled from under him and Tracy has a bone to pick with another resident
01/12/2012m 55s


Helen tells Tony about her plan to look into buying Kirsty and Philip’s house. She’s nervous about telling Pat. While covering the shop, Tony lets slip Helen’s plans to Joy. Joy’s thrilled Helen could be her new neighbour. Tony puts on a brave face about Helen and the boys leaving Bridge Farm but then gets emotional. Joy lends an understanding ear. David complains to Shula about Elizabeth encouraging David to be friendlier with Vince. Jill’s supporting Elizabeth’s point of view and after listening Shula agrees they have a point. Shula tells David she really needs to get hold of Alice as her horse needs the vet, but she can’t reach her. When she called at The Nest Chris was really grumpy. With Shula’s persuasion, David texts Vince about meeting up. Vince replies that it’s a great idea and suggests they make a night of it. Helen catches up with her dad after telling Pat her about her house buying plan. Her mum had seemed OK about it but it was clearly a shock. Tony offers to help Helen with the deposit. Helen’s grateful. She’s ready for an independent life again – though she acknowledges she may not quite have the hang of it yet when she asks Tony to look after the boys and give them their tea while she finishes in the dairy. Tony reassures her they will always be there for her.
30/11/2013m 16s


Eddie runs his plan to infiltrate a meet-up of the detectorists he’s been talking to online past David. David insists on coming with him. Meanwhile, David complains about Roman’s directorship of the Christmas Show and thinks Eddie has lucked out having not been cast. Elizabeth is pleased to see Jill talk warmly about Leonard and tells her mum that she’s been on a few dates recently. Jill has no problem with Elizabeth doing online dating but her tone changes when she hears the name Vince. David walks in on Jill and Elizabeth discussing Vince, and David doesn’t hold back on what he sees as Vince’s misgivings. Elizabeth tells him that she’s dating Vince. David apologises for his strong words on Vince but Elizabeth isn’t fussed. She thinks if David really talked with Vince he might be surprised – but that’s never going to happen. Eddie stands David down when Will insists on going with his dad to the detectorist meet up. Eddie explains their alter-detectorist-egos. They observe the group before going over to meet them. Afterwards, Eddie is pleased with how well they fitted in and Will is impressed at his dad’s acting ability. Eddie hopes he can catch someone red-handed at Brookfield.
26/11/2013m 1s


Rex calls Neil for advice after he loses a piglet from a new litter. They meet up and Rex is down about all the effort he’s putting into his business when he could be winding it up soon. Neil explains he’s been in Rex’s position more than once over his lifetime. He then lifts Rex’s spirits with the news that a nearby council farm is coming available. Neil thinks he’s got a good chance even though the competition will be stiff. Their conversation turns to Berrow Farm. Neil’s starting to create the outdoor sow unit which is due to launch in spring next year. With this on the horizon, things seem to be better between him and Hannah. Alice and Chris get their cover story straight as they prepare to leave for Alice’s residential detox. Everyone thinks she’s taking a break because she’s finding the pregnancy hard. Before they leave, Alice tries to back out but Chris insists she goes – they can’t do this on their own. They arrive at the residential detox location and Chris asks if he can talk to Emma about where Alice will really be for the next two weeks. Alice flatly refuses – she couldn’t bear Emma knowing this secret. Chris will just have to find another way of making up with his sister. As they part, Chris tells Alice he’s never loved her more, which Alice doesn’t feel she deserves.
25/11/2013m 14s


Roman gets stuck into planning rehearsals for the Christmas Show – Freddie has happily accepted Roman’s offer to take on the directing. Roman’s grateful for Tracy for suggesting it. Tracy wishes they had more opportunities to be alone but her home is never empty. Roman meets Oliver and David for a social-distanced rehearsal and is keen for them to play an ice-breaker game which ends up taking up all of their allotted time much to David’s frustration. Tracy’s keen to hear how the rehearsal went and Roman reports her reservations about David held true. Tracy’s eager to hear what hidden truths Roman will extract from other villagers. Eddie’s bothered about mislaying his phone because he wants to follow any updates on a detectorist forum he’s signed up to. He tells Will that George helped him set up a fake profile. He wants to win the confidence of the other people on there and he’s posted the Jetton found at Grange Farm years ago as a recent find of his at Brookfield. Will returns Eddie’s phone which had been taken to school by Poppy. Eddie’s excited to see the response he’s had to his Jetton post. Will gets cross when he discovers that Eddie’s promised to get Poppy a phone. Later, Will puts his foot down – his seven-year-old is not having a phone. Meanwhile, Eddie is invited to a detectorist meet up on Thursday. Will’s concerned for his safety, but Eddie’s defiant – no outsiders are going to get their hands on Ambridge treasure!
24/11/2013m 12s


When the wrong materials are delivered to their site, Blake takes the blame for Gavin with Philip. Philip scares Blake saying the police know he’s behind the Grey Gables explosion and are looking for him. He’s confiscating the Playstation as punishment. Gavin is stunned to learned that Blake has taken the rap for him, and he’s truly grateful. Later, Gavin delivers an old gaming console to Blake, Kenzie and Jordan to replace the Playstation. Gavin lets Blake in on a secret that Philip’s retiring soon and Gavin will be taking over. Elizabeth finds Freddie sifting through possible material for his Christmas Show. She thinks he should at least have a shortlist for the first rehearsal later, but Freddie doesn’t think he can narrow it down until he’s sure who’ll be taking part. Freddie’s surprised by how keen everyone is at the first rehearsal and starts to doubt his ability to be the director. Tracy tries to lift his spirits and then is struck with inspiration. She goes to Elizabeth with Roman and proposes that Roman becomes the director while Freddie manages the production’s logistics. Elizabeth doesn’t want Freddie to feel side-lined and asserts that the ultimate decision rests with him.
23/11/2013m 0s


Freddie spots Eddie trying his luck with a metal detector in Marney’s. They chat about how quiet Grey Gables is, giving Freddie more time to focus on his Christmas show. Eddie’s been waiting confidently for his nod, but discovers Freddie has no plans to include him in the cast. Lynda’s radio appeal filled the parts quickly. Eddie’s shocked, and reels off his credentials. He’s not impressed with the people Freddie’s chosen, but Freddie puts his foot down – the casting is done, he’s sorry. Later however, Lynda recommends Freddie reconsider and hand Eddie a part. He might be troublesome, but he’s often the glue that holds the cast together. Freddie’s lost a valuable member. Freddie’s gutted. He’s really upset Eddie. Lynda declares that’s Freddie’s problem to solve. Alice and Chris tell the doctor about the events surrounding her confinement to the bathroom, and her hallucinations. Alice is desperate to get well and will do anything. The doctor explains gently that Alice won’t be able to come off alcohol suddenly. He suggests reducing her intake slowly, in a safe way. It would be a two-week residential medical detox. Alice doesn’t like it, and considers refusing. The doctor warns her that if she continues as she is, Child Services may need to be involved. After a mental tussle, Chris makes Alice see sense, and she agrees to the programme. Chris suggests private treatment, to speed things up. Afterwards Chris reminds Alice of their time in Las Vegas and his promise to love her forever. She’s worth the fight.
19/11/2013m 9s


Alice wakes up to a cold reception from Chris. He is perfunctory in preparing her breakfast, but her pleas to him to just be angry at her don’t wash. How will that help the baby – which is all that matters. Alice begins to sweat and shake through lack of alcohol. She insists Chris locks her in the bathroom. It’s the only way. She’s disgusting, selfish and pathetic, and needs to be shut away. Chris does so reluctantly. He’s bewildered. How can he not have noticed all this before? When did it start being different for Alice? She traces it back to stress with Pryce Baumann, and it occurs to Chris that she was sacked. Not quite, admits Alice, but she would have been if she hadn’t made the move. Chris berates himself that Emma could see it, but he couldn’t. Whimpering Alice suddenly begs to be let out, or to be given a drink. She drinks mouthwash and then screams as she hallucinates. Horrified Chris brings Alice some whisky on the condition that this is her last drink. As he sees the state his wife is in, Chris breaks down. They both weep, and Chris feels he’s let her down.
18/11/2013m 7s


Rex can’t understand how Toby can be so laid back about their eviction from Hollowtree – six months to find a new rental is no time in farming. Toby drops the bombshell that he might sell the Scruff gin brand to Shires. They made him an offer at the start of the year. But Rex is still tearing his hair out over finding somewhere for his pigs. Later Toby finds out he can still sell to Shires, at a lower price than pre-Covid, but even after Kenton takes his cut there should be enough left for him to plough into another project. He offers to shout Rex a drink at The Bull by way of celebration. Chris tries to keep Alice calm ahead of her scan. The bleeding has stopped, and none of this is her fault. They’ll deal with whatever the result is together. To their relief all is well with the scan. Chris is excited, but Alice is quiet. She flinches when he touches her belly, and starts to cry. She gradually admits the truth to Chris: not only was she drinking to excess before, but she hasn’t stopped since discovering she’s pregnant. Chris reels from this double blow. He could just about cope with the fact she had a problem in the recent past, but the second admission floors him. She begs him to respond, and is desperate for his help, but he remains silent.
17/11/2013m 15s


One of the wedding clients for next spring has called with concerns over security at Brookfield. Ruth thinks she’s allayed the woman’s doubts, but no sooner has she said this than Eddie calls to say there’s a suspicious van hanging around Marney’s field. David arrives but misses them; the van’s driven off. Eddie curses the nighthawkers – he fears they won’t give up easily. He suggests he might pose as one of them to gain their trust – but to do that he’ll need the detector David found dumped in the hedge… Eddie also suggests that once they’ve caught the wrongdoers, he could be given the rights to the area. Ruth’s more than sceptical, but David feels it’s a case of better the devil you know. Chris fears Alice’s sickness has returned as he remarks on her being missing from the bed last night. Alice insists she was just outside looking at the stars. She presents him with an outfit for the baby which trumpets his awesomeness. As Jennifer arrives at the door, both agree they want to put her off today. But as Jennifer opens up about Siobhan’s CD, Alice is happy to listen. Jennifer confesses it’s helped her see Siobhan in a new light – as a mother speaking to her son. She can no longer hate the woman who gave them Ruairi and spoke so lovingly to him. Alice is moved, and she and her mother share a tender moment. Later Alice is horrified to discover she’s bleeding.
16/11/2012m 58s


Jazzer’s appalled Johnny went home with Jade last night. He was hoping his own thing with her was going to go somewhere. Johnny apologises. He hadn’t realised. He was just trying to follow Jazzer’s own advice, to find a woman who knows what she wants. He doesn’t think he’ll be seeing her again. After covertly delivering homebrew to Ben at Willow Cottage, Johnny declares Jazzer should go for Jade if he really wants her. But Jazzer realises it’s futile if she doesn’t want him. They get a message from Ben: he’s found the beer, and Brian’s enjoying it. Ruairi and Jennifer chat. Jennifer gives him Where the Wild Things Are, a book from his childhood, which he loves. He confesses he’s saving Siobhan’s CD but doesn’t know how long to wait. He finally listens, and Jennifer stays with him at his request. Siobhan describes her world and surroundings in 2007, including some of Ruairi’s outfits and other poignant moments of his four-year-old life. She talks about discussing her death with him, and assures him that she loves him, whether he has a girlfriend, boyfriend, or however he turns out. Ruairi stops the CD. This is just what he wanted to hear. They continue, and at the end Ruairi declares it amazing. He’s glad he listened with Jennifer. Jennifer agrees.
12/11/2013m 11s


Jennifer’s planning a grand dinner for Ruairi’s eighteenth tomorrow. She mentions to Alice how frail Lynda sounded in her appeal about help for the Christmas show on Radio Borsetshire. Alice notices her mum is rather jumpy, and wonders what’s wrong. Jennifer comes clean about Siobhan’s CD, and admits to being worried about what’s on it. She doesn’t want Ruairi distressed any more, but she can see she needs to let him listen to it when he wants to. Alice thinks her mum’s being amazing; it’s such a difficult balance to strike. They share memories of the awful time of the affair. Alice assures her mum she doesn’t mind if she wants to slag Siobhan off – she’s every right to feel that way still. Mother and daughter have a bonding moment. As Ben and Ruairi search for the best glass and china for Ruairi’s birthday dinner, Ben ribs Ruairi about a long call to Troy. Ruairi admits that Troy is an ex. He worries whether Ben’s ok with it, but Ben’s more than ok – it means no competition for girls! Ruairi declares he’s bisexual, so that won’t necessarily work… They banter for a bit. Ruairi hasn’t told anyone else. He thinks Brian and Jennifer will be cool with it. But he’s worried about how his birth mum would have felt. Ben assures him Siobhan would be proud whatever. But Ruairi points out that he’ll never know now, will he?
11/11/2013m 7s


Kirsty drops the bombshell to Helen that she and Philip are moving to Wales. They acknowledge they’ll miss one another, but Helen thinks it’s a great new start for Kirsty. And it will make sense for Philip too, to escape the ghosts of the Grey Gables explosion. They toast the news with prosecco. Kirsty suggests Helen buys her Beechwood house – and inherit the joy of Joy… The two of them have a joke about this and the garden, before Helen admits she’s seriously interested in giving this idea consideration. Ruairi tells Brian about the CD from his mum. Brian’s angry with Ruairi’s Auntie Naimh for sending it, and loses it slightly. Jennifer brings more sensitivity to the proceedings, and shoos Brian out and talks to Ruairi. She sees the CD as a wonderful gift, and allays Ruairi’s fears as to what it might contain. She comments that Siobhan was a strong woman; Ruairi counters that Jennifer is the strongest woman he knows, and has given him all the love and care he needs. He’s scared hearing his mum might be too much. Jennifer advises him not to listen to the CD now, but to wait until he’s ready. She’s here for him and loves him, and that’s never going to change.
10/11/2013m 3s


Johhny’s grateful to Jazzer for reuniting him with his winning scratchcard, and happy to do him any favour he asks. Jazzer plies him with strong homebrew, of which Johnny heartily approves. Johnny promises to spread the ‘craft beer’ word among his mates. Jazzer has his eye on a woman from his milk round. Johnny admires his confidence; he has no-one on the horizon himself. Jazzer offers to take Johnny under his wing – starting with a house party on Wednesday night. And he’ll provide some of his home brew free to Ruairi for his eighteenth. Then he can sit back and watch the orders roll in. Lynda reports Freddie’s having no luck recruiting for the Christmas show, at which she’s outraged. She heads off on a mystery mission. To Robert’s delight he hears her later on Susan’s radio show, making an emotional plea to the community about how important the Christmas show is to her healing process. Well done Lyndy! Ben still feels guilty about his mistake broadcasting the Brookfield find, and the resultant trashing of their land. He suggests a post-birthday rave for Ruairi – and eighteen and a half party. Searching among his cards for more money to fund it, Ruairi finds a CD. It’s a recording Siobhan made for him. He’s overcome, and can’t immediately think about listening to it. It’s his mum’s voice; what’s he supposed to do?
09/11/2013m 4s


Freddie shows Lynda the new brochure for Grey Gables. Oliver was keen for her to see it. Both of them are jumpy at the loud bangs of Bonfire Night celebrations. Lynda likes the concept for the Christmas show. Freddie struggles to name which readings will feature. He confesses that only Bert Fry has responded to his callout for performers. Lynda explains that hardly anyone volunteered freely for her shows; she had to use the gentle art of manipulation. Freddie’s not sure he can match Lynda but she assures him that he can do it. Philip is angry to learn that Gavin didn’t go to the Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Kirsty tries to explain that she and Gavin have had a long chat and it’s ultimately got to be Gavin’s decision. Philip storms out. Later Kirsty tells Philip she thinks he’s being too hard on Gavin. She was impressed with Gavin’s maturity and self-awareness yesterday. Philip accepts that Kirsty is right and he’s being stubborn. Now Kirsty can see Gavin is putting his past behind him she can contemplate a move to Wales. They can finally think about their own little place, just the two of them.
05/11/2013m 6s


While on the look-out for trespassers, David spots someone hiding in a ditch. But it turns out to be Eddie who says he’s scouting for holly and mistletoe. Eddie points out the evidence of more digging on Brookfield land which infuriates David. David finds a metal detector in a hedge and Eddie feigns innocence. When he gets back home, Eddie tells Will that David’s handing the metal detector in to the police – it shouldn’t be traceable though as it’s really old. Eddie’s volunteered himself, Will and Ed to help keep a lookout at Brookfield for any more rogue detectorists. Will can’t believe it but Eddie’s sure it’ll lead to a reward for the Grundys. Philip forces Gavin to go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting with Kirsty. Outside the meeting, Kirsty is sympathetic when Gavin shows that he’s not keen to go in. Gavin tells her that he just wants to be himself and that he doesn’t have a gambling problem… any more, he quickly adds. The pressure Philip’s business is under has made him stop and think. Kirsty’s happy for them just to head home but Gavin thinks his dad will blow a gasket. Kirsty thinks that maybe it’s time for Gavin to show Philip it’s his life.
04/11/2013m 12s


Ruth and David are under the impression that both Rex and Toby are OK about their Hollowtree tenancy coming to an end. Freddie’s asked David and Pip about taking part in the Christmas show – it seems he’s phoned the whole village but there’s little interest from anyone. Ruth blames Ben for their location being publicised in connection with the coin find. David thinks Ben’s doing his best to make amends. Ben keeps watch after dark as it’s likely they’ll get more trespassers. He reports later that there was a pick-up parked where the cattle got out last week, but when he approached it quickly drove away. While Philip assesses some repair work at St Stephen’s, Shula reports to Kirsty her ordination training is keeping her busy along with running the Stables. Nice for some, says Kirsty. The Wildlife Trust job isn’t what she’d hoped, and Philip is scratching around for work. Shula’s shocked to hear that Kirsty and Philip are thinking about moving to Wales. Kirsty feels it’s much more her thing than their current Beechwood home. But they can’t leave Ambridge at the moment, because of Gavin. Kirsty explains Gavin’s gambling problem to Shula and how Alistair has been a great help, but that Philip doesn’t seem to know how to deal with it. Following Shula’s advice, Kirsty suggests to Philip that Gavin is given some responsibility to prove that he can cope on his own. Kirsty worries Gavin might relapse. Philip’s certain that won’t happen.
03/11/2013m 7s


Eddie drags Will along to Brookfield with a metal detector. Eddie’s sure there’s got to be more to find. While they’re there, they spot someone else with a detector. Eddie’s disgusted to find a group of people who tell him to get off their patch. He labels them ‘night hawkers’. Eddie reports to Ruth the carload of people with metal detectors, who’d said the location was on an online forum. Ruth calls Ben immediately. At Lily’s request, Johnny suggests her idea for the Christmas show to Freddie without letting on that it came from her. Freddie isn’t too keen but acknowledges that it would be easier than a full-scale panto. Later, Freddie asks Johnny about the show he saw that inspired his suggestion. Johnny tries to stall, but Freddie has already figured out that Lily put him up to it. The siblings bicker but ultimately Freddie comes out on top. He’s already put the concept for the show (Lily’s idea) to Elizabeth and Glen and they’ve approved it. What’s more he’s got a plan to make it Covid-secure. The only downside is that he won’t have a budget. But Lynda always managed with only voluntary effort so, how hard can it be?
02/11/2012m 37s


Rex is gutted to learn from Pip that the tenancy at Hollowtree is coming to an end. Pip’s about to tell Toby when she’s interrupted by a message from Ruth – the Herefords have got out. Toby already knows about the tenancy from Rex. He understands, for which Pip is hugely grateful. Driving back from Felpersham, Ben takes a call from Ruth. She wants to get Ruairi a shirt for his 18th birthday but Ben thinks it’s a terrible idea. Ben’s feeling sorry for Ruairi about the birthday dinner party that Jennifer’s hosting – he’s turning 18 not 80! Suddenly Ben spots cattle all over the road. Once they’re all safely returned to the field Ruth and Ben discover the padlock securing the gate has been smashed. Ruth immediately connects the break-in with Ben’s radio interview, but he plays it cool, saying it could have been anyone and was probably a one-off. Rex questions Pip about how she will benefit from he and Toby leaving Hollowtree. He’s annoyed she let him believe that she stood up for the Fairbrothers when her family were weighing up the decision to take back Hollowtree. Pip tries to explain but Rex is too angry. He no longer sees her friendship as genuine. Pip accuses him of taking the moral high-ground which he has no right to do. Her family’s duty to the farm and its future is paramount. Rex should stop wallowing in self-pity.
29/10/2012m 52s


Ruth asks Ben to mention their barn venue in his interview with Susan. She thinks he’s due to talk about life as a student during coronavirus. In a pre-interview chat with Susan, Ben persuades her to first ask him about student life. During the interview Ben mentions the coins found at the dig and name drops Evie a number of times. Ben cringes when Susan dedicates a love song to him and Evie. Just before the end of the interview Ben quickly mentions Brookfield’s barn venue. Ruth tells Ben off for lying about the interview and for giving way their location. She softens at Ben’s worry about what Evie thought about it. To his relief Evie found it funny and they’re going to meet up. At the eco-office, Alice snaps at Jennifer as she tries to find the details she needs for a meeting about the venison. Jennifer encourages her to take it easy as she doesn’t look well. Alice insists she’s fine. But during the meeting she was sick, and Jennifer has had to drive her home. Alice gets even grumpier with Jennifer when she suggests getting help with morning sickness. Alice then calms down and Jennifer offers to get her anything that she needs. Alice replies that Jennifer can’t do that; she’s got to deal with this on her own.
28/10/2013m 12s


Lily tries to find out if Elizabeth has any more dates with Vince planned and then appeals for her mum’s help in getting Freddie to share his ideas for the Christmas show. Elizabeth prepares for a meeting with the Lower Loxley trustees and bats away Lily’s requests. Chair of the Lower Loxley Trust, Bernard, quizzes Elizabeth about Freddie undertaking a Christmas show. He warns her that Freddie needs to show he is suitable to become custodian of Lower Loxley and this will be a very public test. Elizabeth vents to Lily about Bernard’s warning, which strengthens Lily’s concerns about Freddie’s capability. But Elizabeth has every faith that Freddie will show the trustees what they need to see. Meanwhile their Halloween event, organised by Lily, is looking great. Susan and Keira call on Alice. Alice tries to drop hints that she’d like to be alone but Susan gets teary remembering her mum, and Alice softens. They share memories of Ivy, and Alice gives in to Susan’s company for a while. Susan complains about her dad and then goes into detail about her brother, Stewart. He has a history of problem drinking. Unsympathetic Susan points out that these days he’d be called an alcoholic and told it’s a disease. She comments that if it was herself or Alice in his position, they’d see the hurt and damage they were causing, wouldn’t they?
27/10/2013m 15s


Ben’s glum now the archaeology students have finished their project at Brookfield. He’s not keen to get in touch with Evie without a reason and jumps at Susan’s enquiry for her radio show, but Ruth says no. Ben’s day goes from bad to worse when he learns he’s not part of Ruairi’s birthday plans. Ruairi’s sorry – it was organised by a school friend. Ruairi suggests to Ben that he finds a way to get round Ruth’s refusal to let him go on Susan’s show. Ben decides to talk about the dig on Susan’s show, agreeing it with her and planning to be ‘surprised’ by the question. Ruairi thinks it’s a terrible plan, but Ben’s oblivious. He’s got the result he was after; he and Evie are now in touch. With Pip feeling bad about ending Rex and Toby’s tenancy at Hollowtree, Josh points out it’s necessary in order for Brookfield to survive. Pip thinks it’s too soon with Josh’s egg business not yet off the ground. But Josh has a meeting with the bank. Since his machinery business trouble he’s doing everything properly this time. The meeting is tough but Josh is approved for a loan. Now they really do need to give notice to Rex and Toby. Someone’s going to have to tell them.
26/10/2013m 10s


Elizabeth and Vince meet for lunch. He’s not bothered by Lily’s outburst yesterday. It shows she cares at least – his children don’t take any interest in him. Back home, Elizabeth suggests to Lily and Freddie that could put any questions they have about Vince to him directly. To Lily and Freddie’s horror, the doorbell rings… Things start awkwardly between Vince and the twins, before Vince takes charge of the situation. He couldn’t care less what they think of him but he thinks it looks bad on them to be judging him based on gossip. Freddie and Lily report back to Elizabeth on their chat with Vince. They’re both still concerned about their mum dating him, but Elizabeth is sure she can handle Vince. Ruth reports that the archaeology students haven’t unearthed any finds from their investigations at Brookfield. Pip rolls her eyes at Ben chasing after Evie. Later, Pip and Josh argue over the use of a field – Josh says David gave him the OK to move his hens there but Pip needs it for heifers and she overrules Josh. Josh explains he needs space to expand his egg business as it’s the only way to stay afloat. There’s an impasse. They take the problem to Ruth who considers both of their needs as equally important – they just need to find the space. It looks like the only option is to use Hollowtree for the hens – which would mean evicting the Fairbrothers.
22/10/2012m 54s


Lily quizzes Elizabeth about where she’s going and gets out of her that she has met a man who is single. While Elizabeth is at a seminar, Lily wonders why she isn’t answering her phone. She declares she’d going to find her. Freddie tells her to stop freaking out. Lily explains that she is concerned about their mum because of the time she cared for her during her depression. Freddie’s sympathetic. He’s pleased Lily told him how hard that time was. Lily hopes Freddie will now come with her to the seminar but Freddie refuses. Harrison and Rex run up Lakey Hill, both feeling unfit. They agree that Chris is going to be a great dad. Harrison talks to Rex about Fallon not wanting children. He admits he probably does want kids but he’s not sure how much he wants them. Later, Harrison tells Fallon that he doesn’t want a child if it means he will not have Fallon. Lily had spotted Vince whispering to Elizabeth at the seminar, but Elizabeth’s cross that Lily went to spy on her. Freddie and Lily aren’t complimentary about Vince, but Elizabeth says she’s having fun. Lily says she just wanted to save Elizabeth from any extra stress but Elizabeth points out that Lily’s actions have merely increased it. She’s having lunch with Vince tomorrow so that she can apologise for Lily’s behaviour.
21/10/2013m 7s


Whilst no more coins have been found, Ruth’s surprised to hear that Pip would give up farming if they got rich from the discovery of a hoard on Brookfield land. Pip’s struggling with Rosie’s behaviour at the moment. Ruth outlines her idea of expanding the dairy herd which Pip thinks is a great idea. Meanwhile, Pip is confident that they have secured funding towards their rewilding project. Rex’s urgent meeting with Tom has gone well too. They plan to celebrate but Pip gets a text from Toby who’s having a bad time with Rosie and needs Pip’s help. Fallon and Harrison have an afternoon off together. Harrison notices Fallon’s not her usual self. Eventually Fallon admits that the news of Alice’s pregnancy has made her realise that she never wants kids herself. Fallon’s keen to know how Harrison feels. He’s sanguine. He thought they might have children one day but he’ll get over it. Fallon is apologetic but Harrison tells her to stop – they both love one another and that’s all that matters. Later that night, Fallon tells Harrison she would understand if he wanted to leave her to find someone who did want kids. He assures her he has all that he wants with her, but she makes him promise to give it some more real thought.
20/10/2013m 9s


Lily ponders Halloween while Elizabeth gets ready to go out. Freddie invites himself and Lily along but Elizabeth politely turns them down. Freddie tells Lily it’s clear that their mum has a date. He moves on to his thoughts for a Christmas Show but Lily’s preoccupied with the thought that Elizabeth is on a date. Freddie reassures her that their mum will be fine. They watch a DVD of village pantos from the 1990s that Lynda lent Freddie. They agree panto isn’t the right thing to do this year. Philip shows Kirsty some cottages he’s been looking at after their conversation about getting away last week. Kirsty’s surprised but Philip lays out his argument – he’s had enough of the building business and her work isn’t all that secure. While waiting for her date to arrive, Elizabeth is accosted by Vince. He offers to buy her a drink. They discuss business seminars. Elizabeth confronts Vince about his reputation for ruthlessness. Vince insists he’s a different person at home. On her return, Freddie and Lily quiz Elizabeth but she tells them to mind their own business. Although she does reveal she thinks she will have a second date with the person she’s met this evening.
19/10/2012m 57s


The archaeology students descended on Brookfield at the crack of dawn. After dropping Freddie off to join them, Elizabeth catches up with Ruth. Ruth is excited about the possibilities of what could be buried at Brookfield. Meanwhile, Elizabeth asks if Freddie can get some health and safety pointers from Brookfield as he takes on the mantle of producing the village’s Christmas Show. While at work, Philip fondly remembers camping trips when Gavin was a kid. But Gavin tells him he remembers those times very differently – he didn’t enjoy them as much as Philip thought. Then, as now, Gavin is always having to do things Philip’s way and he’s fed up. Philip defuses Gavin’s frustrations by telling him he’s proud of him and grateful for him taking all the flak. At the end of the day Elizabeth catches up with Ben. He’s a little fed up; the students are a bit too focused on their task. Elizabeth suggests he just needs to get to know them better. Kirsty is reporting the litter situation to the Wildlife Trust board. Philip is feeling down and asks Kirsty when their luck is going to change. Philip floats the idea of making a fresh start somewhere else. He doesn’t think he can take life as it is at the moment for much longer.
15/10/2012m 58s


Gavin’s not feeling great ahead of his meeting with Alistair. Kirsty tries to give him a boost, telling him he’s got a lot going for him. She’s sorry they got off on the wrong foot initially and explains she didn’t understand then what he’s going through. Gavin meets Alistair but feels like he’s wasting his time. When Alistair asks about Gavin’s gambling he struggles to answer so Alistair outlines his own experience. He says he can trace back what lay behind his gambling addiction to the death of his mother. Alistair then goes on to his relationship with his dad and how he’s tried to do things differently with his son, Dan. Gavin doesn’t reckon he deserves the happiness of fatherhood. Gavin admits he’s been living a certain way that’s made him easy money but he’s realising it’s wrong and it’s got to change. Alistair reassures him that once he’s made that decision to change things do get easier. Gavin is buoyed by their chat – he knows what he has to do now. Alice calls Emma to try to make up with her but Emma is still angry. Alice apologises and asks to put their differences aside for Chris’s sake; he’s really looking forward to being a dad. Emma admits that she doesn’t like Alice but accepts they don’t have to be at each other throats. Then Alice comments that making peace is important for the baby. This inflames Emma who thinks Alice has an agenda; she warns Alice that she will have her to answer if she drinks during pregnancy.
14/10/2013m 9s


David recounts Vince’s request for a discount for Stephanie’s wedding to Elizabeth. Elizabeth has little sympathy. She tells him to make the most of it. If it’s a success it could lead to more bookings. David’s surprised to hear Elizabeth knows about the coins that have been found at Brookfield. She’s heard from Freddie who heard from Ben. On her way out of Brookfield Elizabeth meets Vince. They recognise one another from Borchester business meetings. Vince chats to Ruth and David about the rescheduling of Stephanie’s wedding and then enquiries about Elizabeth and Lower Loxley. After Vince has gone, Ruth reads an update from Ben on the coins which he’s taken to the museum in Borchester to be identified – they are quite rare but no confirmation on value yet. Felpersham University archaeology students are due to arrive this week. They put Ben’s enthusiasm for the find down to Evie, a girl that he fancies. Kate brings round a box of goodies to Alice and advises her on how to have a good pregnancy. Kate questions Alice’s diet as she looks awful. Kate asks what other people have been making of Alice’s news. Alice explains she’s not heard from Emma because of a falling out over Alice thinking Ed fancied her. Then Alice gets teary; she’s worried her body isn’t good enough for the baby. Kate reassures her that all will be well.
13/10/2013m 9s


David’s keen to know when Vince’s Borchester abattoir will re-open but the refurb isn’t complete yet. Meanwhile, Vince pushes David for a discount on the rebooking of his daughter’s wedding at Brookfield. David makes an offer and insists he can’t go any lower. Vince teases David about the coins that have been found on Brookfield land. Kirsty’s researching gambling addiction support for Gavin. Philip tries to insist that he’s handling it but Kirsty won’t be brushed off. Kirsty’s angry Philip didn’t speak to her sooner and tells him she knew he’d been keeping secrets from her. But the truth is out now and she still wants to marry him. Alistair volunteers to help her and Philip understand what Gavin is going through. Alistair describes what it was like living a lie and he offers to be Gavin’s unofficial sponsor. Gavin’s not keen to keep up the pretence of his gambling addiction with Alistair. But Philip insists. He hopes it could actually help them out of the mess they’re in. Gavin doesn’t follow. Philip hasn’t got the details yet but is sure that if Gavin seeks help for gambling it could be a new beginning for them all.
12/10/2013m 7s


Fallon spots Jazzer’s extravagance, and remarks ruefully that Johnny might be the same if it wasn’t for Harrison losing his winning scratchcard. Stricken Jazzer calls Alistair, who urges him to consider Johnny, and Fallon, and come clean that he has the card. Jazzer does so, and is touched by Fallon’s gratitude. He turns the situation to his advantage when she offers him a finder’s fee. A meal voucher would be just the ticket, so that he can impress Jade of Warren Coppice. Beside herself with joy at the news of Alice’s pregnancy, Susan entreats Chris to tell his sister. But Chris isn’t going near Emma. Susan gets busy making her own list of who to tell first. It all goes wrong when she announces the news on her radio show, to which Jennifer happens to be listening. After the initial emotion of absorbing the news about Alice, Jennifer unleashes her fury on Susan. A tirade of insults culminates in Jennifer labelling Susan a shock jock. With both of them offended, Susan tries to point out that she assumed Jennifer already knew about the baby. Jennifer calms slightly as they accept their new mutual status. Susan apologises for her over excitement, and Jennifer is mollified. She becomes tearful; hearing the news on the radio brought back her worry of being of being pushed out from when Lexi was pregnant with Xander. Susan understands. They agree to support one another. Jennifer’s looking forward to things being far less complicated with this grandchild’s arrival.
08/10/2012m 55s


Jazzer tries to get Alistair to try some of his home brew again; now he’s perfected the recipe. Tipsily they discover a winning scratchcard amongst the laundry. As Jazzer imagines the possibilities, Alistair encourages him to find the rightful owner. But Jazzer’s not up for wasting his time doing that. He’s convinced himself the card was his and he’d forgotten he’d bought it. He intends to spend the money on motorbike leathers. Ben’s excited about the Brookfield coin find. He’s posted a picture online. Freddie teases him about his love life, notably Evie the archaeology student, who he believes is the main draw for Ben in all of this. In turn Ben attempts to turn the chat to Elizabeth’s dating adventures, but Freddie won’t be drawn on his mum. Ben persuades his reluctant friend to join him on a fieldwalk, though Freddie wants a cut of anything else they find. Ruth is less than impressed with the notion of a fieldwalk. It would be very disruptive; they should be drilling grass seed on those fields, not digging trenches. They can plan it for next year. Ben pledges to get things moving before then. Later he reports the coins have been identified as Anglo-Saxon. This excites Ruth and she acknowledges it changes things. She points out to Ben that he can’t spread this news; it needs to be kept in the family for now. Ben doesn’t come clean and denies telling anyone outside of their household.
07/10/2012m 54s


Ben and Jill are marvelling at their coin find. One of them is gold. Jill’s keen to identify them and suggests Ben asks the university. He does so, and one of the archaeology students is keen to use Brookfield for her fieldwork. Felpersham Museum is interested too. Jill thinks they can put Brookfield on the map! She thinks Eddie’s previous forays on the land with his metal detector could easily have missed more finds. Reflecting on the joys of looking after Xander, Alice and Chris anticipate their own baby filled future ahead of their first midwife appointment. The midwife probes Alice on her recent fainting episode. Alice assures her it was a one off. The conversation turns to alcohol, and Alice is in some distress to learn that the advice is to have none at all. She asks about the possible effects of drinking before she knew she was pregnant, and the midwife stresses it’s what happens from now on that’s important. Weakly, Alice acknowledges this. Later Chris is cross the midwife has scared Alice with her warnings about the dangers. But Alice insists she was only telling the truth, that stuff can really happen. She quietly admits she broke their no drinking pact, but is sparing with the truth about how much she actually had. Chris tells her not to worry. But she is worried. She feels better when she looks online and convinces herself others have drunk way more than her with no harm done. She’ll drink nothing from now on. Chris promises the same, and they agree it’s all going to be great.
06/10/2013m 9s


Fallon’s fretting over Johnny’s lost winning scratchcard, but Alice can see something else is wrong. After a little coaxing Fallon confesses she’s struggling to find a way to tell Harrison she definitely doesn’t want children. She’s tried, but she’s scared. There’s an awkward moment when Fallon asks if Alice and Chris have had any similar conversations, before Alice admits she’s pregnant. Fallon’s delighted, and promises she’ll keep it to herself. Alice is eager not to turn into a boring parent, but Fallon assures her there’s no chance of that; she’s the life and soul. Alice reckons Fallon needs to face the music about both the lost scratchcard and her big decision. Later Fallon declares Johnny was lovely and understanding about the scratchcard, but she’s still working on how to approach Harrison. Jill has loved her birthday party and photographic timeline. She might get a couple of them framed. She comments that Ben’s cake was a triumph. She’s grateful for everything, and loves Leonard’s painting of Brookfield. She’d like more adventures, but fears she’s too old. Nonsense, declares Ben, and takes her for a spin in his car. He admits he’s finding it weird being a Fresher without any of the up-close experiences of university life this year. Jill sympathises. As they rest by Marneys field they spot some old coins. Jill thinks they may have stumbled upon some treasure.
05/10/2013m 3s


While putting the finishing touches to the photo collection for Jill’s birthday, Elizabeth and Freddie chat about the Christmas show. Freddie floats the idea of him taking the director role. Elizabeth is flabbergasted. She reminds him of his traditional aversion to all things drama. He asserts that Lynda’s encouragement has spurred him on, and he thinks he may be good at it. He knows the stakes are high, and he’s learned from his errors with his Hidden Lower Loxley tour. Elizabeth proceeds to grill Freddie, interview style, and he convinces her. The show is all his! In a pickle with Jakob’s Naughty Milkman fail, Jolene butters up Jazzer in an attempt to persuade him to step up. Jazzer declares five pints of lager will ensure he’s her man, and another one will secure his silence until Jolene’s ready to break the news to Jakob. The deal is done. Meanwhile, wily Jazzer informs Jakob that Jolene intends to plaster his photos everywhere. Jakob’s horrified; he knows his pictures were hideous. Jazzer offers to help Jakob retire respectably from his modelling duties. He suggests declaring the campaign constitutes a conflict of interest from his professional duties as a vet. Relieved Jakob agrees to Jazzer’s price: a dozen pints of lager. Fallon confesses to her mum she doesn’t think she’s up for being godparent to Marcus’s new baby, Wolf. In fact, she doesn’t want children of her own, ever. Jolene’s fine with it. It’s not about her. It’s about Fallon and Harrison. And now is the time for Fallon to be honest with him.
01/10/2013m 0s


Lynda has a shocking suggestion and Lilian inadvertently makes things worse
30/09/2013m 4s


Jolene and Lilian agree the pictures of Jakob the ‘Naughty Milkman’ are awful. Jolene suggests they’ll need to do another photo shoot. Lilian asks Jolene to break that news to him. She’s not up to it; she’s been summoned to Lynda’s later and she’s dreading it. But Lilian’s hearfelt apology for her direct words a few weeks ago is brushed aside as Lynda declares tough love was just what she needed. They gave her a good shaking, and were the actions of a true friend. They move on to chat amiably about Lynda’s retirement from the Ambridge Christmas show. Lynda agrees with Lilian that she doesn’t have to prove herself, or see her bowing out as an admission of defeat. Lilian’s pleased, but does wonder where the show will get its impetus now. Gavin’s horrified Kirsty’s now watching his every move, checking he’s not putting a bet on. He’s fed up of the complication and risks. Hearing them rowing, Kirsty declares to Philip he can’t keep on at Gavin, and insists he apologises to him. Philip plays along, and Gavin goes further to throw Kirsty off the scent by admitting he’s still gambling. Kirsty reassures him; they’re all in this together, he won’t have to cope alone.
29/09/2013m 9s


Jolene and Elizabeth share a joke about the financial trials of running a hospitality business during the coronavirus pandemic. Jolene reassures Elizabeth that she and Kenton are there if she needs them. They pore over photos and memorabilia for Jill’s upcoming 90th birthday. Elizabeth likes Jolene’s suggestion of ‘A Journey with Jill’; much bigger than her own scrapbook plans. They admit these times have encouraged people to think more creatively, and remark on the unlikely result of the Best Garden competition; Robert beat Lynda to win it. Elizabeth shares some of her dating exploits, and shocks Jolene with her tactics in putting off a particularly persistent bore by requesting nude photos. Chris has planned a ‘mocktails and mezze’ birthday treat for Alice but she’s not really feeling it. He’s disappointed but understands. However he’s worried she’s having to think about work on her day off as she deals with messages from Brian about farm business. Chris admits he’s never felt happier – they can relax and look forward to the baby. He’s attentive and indulgent as he makes her lunch, so much so that Alice gets snappy and stressed. Later she struggles to communicate her issues to a counsellor. She admits she sometimes feels crowded, but also lonely – and like she doesn’t care about anything, especially the baby.
28/09/2013m 11s


Alice and Gavin bump into each other by the river. They agree they’re not getting any divine inspiration there. Gavin reveals little, but suggests he’s keen to get out of the Ambridge goldfish bowl. Alice admits nothing’s private in the village. She’s considering a termination and doesn’t know what to do. Gavin advises her to take someone with her if she decides to do it; she shouldn’t be on her own. His ex, Kelly, had one last year. It was her decision in the end. The timing was wrong. Gavin warns Alice to beware of secrets, though he doesn’t divulge any more of his. He thinks she needs to talk to Chris; she’ll need someone who cares on her side. Susan references memories of Jill, and Jennifer, on her radio show which has the theme of fathers and daughters. She declares she’ll be having her own special tea with her dad, Bert. Later she reports to Tracy that the evening was a disaster; their dad was behaving very oddly indeed. There’s more to this than just the shoplifting. Chris remarks to his mum that Alice had been quiet at Xander’s birthday party. Susan assures him he’s being a great help to Alice. Later Alice tells Chris she’s pregnant. She starts to voice her misgivings but emotional Chris is overwhelmed. He thinks it’s so right for them.
24/09/2013m 12s


Lynda has drawn up clear rules of engagement: She and Robert will have half the garden each for Sunday’s competition. Robert, however, believes she’s given herself a bigger portion, and re-draws the map. Lynda’s horrified. Eventually, and with a new map, they’re happy, but continue to bicker over shade and watering, weeding and design. Lynda maintains Robert’s just sore because he’s on his own without her back-up. Robert insists come Sunday he’ll be in the medals, leaving Lynda’s half standing. Philip wants to sell Blake on. He’s costing them time and money, and he can’t be seen as he’s meant to be in Norfolk. Gavin’s against it; they weren’t going to do this sort of thing. But Philip insists things change, and it’s necessary. Philip suffers a moment of shock when Kirsty informs him she knows about the horses. He sweats for a while as they talk at cross purposes, until Kirsty finally reveals she’s referring to Gavin’s gambling habit. Quick thinking Philip folds in the misunderstanding, inventing lies to fit Kirsty’s perspective. Kirsty thinks Gavin needs help. Is that why Kelly left him? Relieved Philip lets Kirsty fill in the gaps. He begs her not to say anything to Gavin. But Kirsty can’t leave it, and later gently presses puzzled Gavin about his problem. Philip intervenes and eventually manages to communicate the misunderstanding so that Gavin cottons on. He plays along, and Kirsty declares the three of them will tackle it together.
23/09/2013m 4s


Chris delivers and positions Lynda and Robert’s new bird feeder. It’s not quite what they expected but they don’t let on to Chris. Chris confesses to them his concerns over Alice. She’s been given a clean bill of health but he can’t help worrying, especially when his work takes him too far away to pop home to check on her. Lynda speaks from her perspective of the importance of not being fussed over. Robert suggests gently that Alice might well need some support. Lynda emphasises that it’s about trust – Alice speaking up, and Chris listening. Chris takes this on board. Lynda and Robert bicker lightly when Lynda insists on the new piece of mirrored trellis going on Robert’s ‘side’ of the garden. He believes it will detract from his star feature, the begonias. He’s not having it. They agree to move the rather ‘odd’ bird feeder to somewhere it can’t be seen, behind the willow on Robert’s side. They also agree they should enter the Best Garden competition separately, as two distinctively styled sections. It doubles their chances of winning! Alice talks to a counsellor about her pregnancy. She’s considering a termination, and admits she hasn’t told Chris about the baby yet. The timing’s all wrong and she doesn’t feel ready. She’s very confused. She pledges to get back to the counsellor soon. Later, she snaps at Chris. She tells him she’s still processing what happened last week. She just needs a few days, then she’ll be fine.
22/09/2013m 9s


Lynda and Robert are admiring the fruits of their labours in the garden ahead of their entry in the Flower and Produce Show. Lynda wonders whether they’ve been bold enough. It’s art, and needs a coherent vision. They must follow their instincts, and subvert the form. Her desire for more trellis in order to achieve this puzzles and dismays Robert, but he reluctantly goes with it. Philip isn’t enamoured with judgemental Jennifer, who’d slagged him off after the explosion. Kirsty explains Jennifer regrets this, and is very grateful to Gavin for rescuing Alice. Kirsty notes Gavin seems more sensitive these days. She tries to cheer up Philip by pointing out how their spot on Susan’s show has changed things for them. As new work comes in, he concedes she might be right. Later, Philip makes a call from his van, trying to offload Blake on to one of his contacts. Susan and Kirsty agree that Gavin’s come a long way. Kirsty’s proud of him. Then Susan shares that she overheard him on the phone; something about trouble with the horses. She hopes he doesn’t have a gambling problem. Kirsty’s sure Susan’s mistaken. Susan persists, terrier-like. Kirsty shuts her down politely, but asks her not to mention it to anyone else. Of course, agrees Susan. She knows Kirsty will keep an eye on Gavin, and won’t let such a nice young man go astray.
21/09/2013m 0s


Fallon’s working with impatient Jazzer to fashion the best look for his Naughty Milkman audition photos. They chat about Alice, agreeing it’s no surprise she’s a bit shaken after her ordeal. Fallon feels guilty for cancelling their plans to meet, but Jazzer assures her she’s not to blame. They settle on a New Romantic look, but Jazzer’s not at all keen on the make-up. By the time Fallon’s finally happy with the look and snapping away, she discovers they’re too late. Jolene and Lilian have already chosen Jakob as the Naughty Milkman. Fallon points out Jakob was put up to it by Kate, so may yet pull out. But Jazzer’s not bothered. He’s scored a result anyway by sending out the pictures and getting a very positive response from Jade in Warren Coppice… Gavin calls on Alice. She apologises and thanks him profusely; she’s glad he was there the other night. But he’s a reluctant hero, and it’s an awkward encounter. Finally he addresses the elephant in the room; she’d smelled of alcohol when he found her. Panicked Alice begs Gavin not to tell Chris. He assures her he won’t. They share some thoughts on how they find working for their respective fathers. Gavin reassures Alice she’ll soon be back to normal. Suddenly Alice nearly falls apart and Gavin’s concerned. She insists she’s ok even though she would love a drink but that might hurt the baby.
17/09/2013m 7s


Chris is full of questions for Alice when he collects her from hospital, but she’s not for talking. She’s fine; she was just dehydrated and fainted. Once they’re home he quizzes her further. She admits she’s sorry for all the trouble, but she feels stupid and embarrassed. Waking up in hospital knowing the police had been involved made her feel guilty and scared. It won’t happen again. Gavin explains he dropped Alice at the hospital, against instructions. But Philip’s fine with it; it shows Gavin’s heart’s in the right place. He admits he was hasty and tense last night, and glad Gavin ignored him. Philip speculates that if Alice had been drunk, Gavin would have smelt alcohol on her. Gavin doesn’t comment. Susan’s relieved Alice is home. She wishes Emma would get over their ‘tiff’. Disgusted Emma tries to play her Alice’s abusive message, but Susan’s had an idea and leaves. She wants Gavin to come on the radio – he’s a hero. Gavin’s against it, until Philip volunteers to join him. They do the gig. Susan inadvertently reads out an accusatory comment on the Grey Gables explosion. Appalled, she makes a heartfelt speech defending the Mosses and praising her daughter-in-law Alice. Later Emma plays Alice’s voicemail to Susan, and declares Alice an alcoholic. Susan accepts the message is out of line but thinks Emma’s wrong. She wishes she could pass a message on to Chris and Alice from Emma. But Emma’s done.
16/09/2013m 13s


Gavin’s taking Blake to a medical appointment, under cover; Blake’s not meant to be working. He assures Philip he’ll manage it. Philip ticks off Gavin for getting too matey with the slaves. Later Gavin reports Blake’s clearly still in pain with his back. Philip reckons they can’t go a man down and asks if they should get rid of Blake but Gavin’s not sure. Chris apologises to Philip for his cousin Brad sending a fake solicitor’s letter. It’s a touchy subject for Philip. He asks Chris about the birdfeeder he’s making for Lynda and Robert. He’s having a film night with Alice tonight. Philip’s heard they’ve been married over ten years. Chris still can’t believe his luck that Alice fell for him. Alice is drinking by the Am, waiting for Fallon who’s a no show. Alice has had a rough day with Adam and Brian bickering. She just wants some time on her own. As Chris wonders where she’s got to, increasingly drunk Alice leaves an abusive message for Emma. As frantic Chris calls Harrison and people are out looking for Alice, Gavin finds her out cold in a lane. He phones his dad. He wants to call an ambulance but Philip orders him to drive away. He can’t risk Blake being seen if the police come. Gavin can call for help on a burner phone later, but he has to leave Alice where she is now.
15/09/2013m 13s


Jazzer comments that working with the fish isn’t much fun. He’s less than impressed also with the Naughty Milkman campaign. He jokes he’ll issue a cease and desist letter. Fallon tries in vain to explain that the ‘milkman’ is just a photo gimmick and it will be Kenton delivering the usual stuff from The Bull. Jazzer isn’t comforted. He’s struggling with the current proliferation of delivery men; they’re too common, he doesn’t stand out any more. Fallon has a brainwave – maybe Jazzer could be the face of the pub’s milkman campaign! She persuades him with a chocolate doughnut and the promise of profile; it’s a win-win. He agrees to try out for the gig. Emma’s out of sorts with Susan, cross about her radio interview with Jolene and Kenton. It wasn’t fair to ambush them about the escaped peacock. And she’s worried they won’t give her any more shifts. With no work from Home Farm currently, Ed and Emma are changing how they run the sheep in order to drive up their value. Susan divulges that she’s discovered who the shoplifting culprit is. It’s Emma’s granddad, Bert Horrobin. Later Emma scoffs at his crocodile tears. She reckons it was so that Susan didn’t get the police involved. Susan insists it was just her dad’s way of getting attention. It was a cry for help from a lonely old man under stress… she’ll choose the right moment to tell Neil. Changing the topic to Gavin, she overheard him talking about horses. Susan hopes he’s not getting in too deep with gambling, because that always spells trouble.
14/09/2013m 8s


On her radio show Susan surprises Jolene and Kenton with questions about Prospero’s antics in Harrison and Fallon’s garden yesterday. A clip has been posted on social media. Kenton explains it was the peacock feather display that riled Prospero; Harrison just got in the way. They try to play down the incident but Susan focuses on the dangers of peacocks, which does nothing to help promote The Bull. Susan ends the interview before asking about the Naughty Milkman campaign, which she refers mistakenly as the ‘Wicked Milkman’. Jolene acknowledges that at the very least it shows Kenton’s warmed to Prospero, in the stout way he jumped to the errant peacock’s defence. Tracy leaves Susan a voicemail telling her why she suspects Joy is stealing from the village shop. When they meet Susan explains why she doesn’t think Tracy’s hunch is right, and she puts forward her theory for why Gavin could be prime suspect instead. Tracy reveals she still has Brad’s confiscated phone which they can use as an additional camera in the shop. Unlike the existing inadequate CCTV, it’s sure to reveal who’s been stealing the stock.
10/09/2013m 19s


Lilian’s not really listening while Jolene describes the problems with the new peacock, Prospero, and how Kenton is searching for him now he’s missing. Jolene asks what’s up but Lilian won’t say. Meanwhile, Jolene has some peacock feathers for Harrison for a garden display; he and Fallon are doing a virtual tour of their garden as a trial for the Flower and Produce Show. As they watch the tour later, Jolene and Kenton spot ‘missing’ Prospero attacking Harrison. Susan’s asked Jolene to be a guest on her radio show. Kenton feels a streak of jealousy; he would be an ideal candidate for interview. Jolene suggests they should go on together and promote The Bull. Lynda can’t see how Robert can find her attractive now; she was humiliated by the pills he was going to use. He apologises but Lynda wishes she felt like her old self. Lynda’s reminded that Robert is the only person that’s ever made her feel lovable, and she and Robert reconnect. Later Lynda’s shocked to see him with a suitcase. He explains that he thought they could go to Leonie’s together. He quickly apologises for jumping the gun. Lynda laughs at the way they’re tiptoeing around one another, and Robert relaxes. They agree they have a way to go to repair their relationship but they are heading in the right direction.
09/09/2013m 8s


Robert leaves a message for Leonie asking if he can stay for a few days as he seems to be getting under Lynda’s feet at the moment. He then calls Lilian to ask if she will keep an eye on Lynda in his absence. Lilian is stunned that things are so bad between Robert and Lynda. She thought they were set for a night of passion but Robert explains how it went wrong. Lilian urges him to not give up so easily on the woman he loves. So bombarded is Robert, he hangs up. Tracy explains that she’s confiscated Brad’s phone as punishment for the fake solicitor’s letter. Susan thinks shoplifters are targeting the shop as there are anomalies with the stock, but Tracy doesn’t think someone would steal from a community enterprise. They discuss potential suspects and then look at the CCTV but it doesn’t yield much information. Tracy insists they can do their own detective work rather than call in Harrison. Lilian confronts Lynda and they argue. Lilian points out to Lynda that Robert loves her as much as he ever did. Lynda is shocked to hear that Robert plans to stay with Leonie, and Lilian reminds her that she is the woman who chained herself to the sign outside The Bull – she needs to fight for her marriage.
08/09/2013m 10s


Jolene senses Emma’s low mood. Emma reveals she’s had a row with Chris and Alice but won’t give all the details. Jolene encourages Emma to make amends but Emma’s not sure she can. Meanwhile, Jolene’s keen to get Emma thinking about how to boost business at The Bull. She and Kenton already have a promotional idea for the pub’s delivery service – a model dubbed as The Naughty Milkman. Susan recounts to Tracy the awkward family barbecue at the weekend. Chris and Alice avoided Emma and Ed, and Chris grabbed Alice and left early. It was a disaster. Susan took the leftovers to her dad while Tracy was out with Roman. Emma calls Tracy after hearing from Gavin that Tracy is threatening legal action over the explosion at Grey Gables. Tracy worries that someone has stolen her identity – she never sent a letter and hasn’t heard of the solicitor firm on the letterhead. Later, Tracy reports to Susan that she’s worked out who sent the letter in her name – Brad. He confessed when she challenged him about it and said he wanted to bring in some money for the family. Susan tells Tracy she will have to explain to Philip and Gavin.
07/09/2012m 56s


Alice is eager to out-do Kate with plans for celebrating Xander’s first birthday. She wants Chris to make something impressive because Kate is organising a baby tea at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Alice’s plans for a surprise birthday party for Ian are ruined by Adam and Ian booking a last minute trip to the Lake District. Brian has already bought loads of alcohol and she’d arranged party bags. Tracy puts Susan on the spot by ringing in to her Radio Borsetshire show under a pseudonym, asking for advice with persuading her sister to help with their elderly dad. Susan tries to defend her position but the listeners take Tracy’s side. They think Tracy’s sister is being unfair. Emma wants to talk to Chris about Ed’s concerns for Alice, but Alice butts in saying that Ed had told her that he fancies her. A huge row ensues and Emma calls Alice an alcoholic. She points out Ed found her drunk in the eco office and that Alice was vile to him. Angry Chris jumps to Alice’s defence and turns on his sister. Is Emma calling Alice a liar? He reminds Emma of her dark days begging for money round the village, and accuses her of being jealous. They decide to keep their lives completely separate from now on. Writers: Katie Hims & Sarah McDonald-Hughes Director: Peter Leslie Wild Editor: Jeremy Howe Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O’Hanrahan Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley Gavin Moss ….. Gareth Pierce
03/09/2012m 58s


Emma’s upbeat mood cheers Ed who’s discovered Eddie’s using the sheep shed for extra turkey poults. Emma wants to talk to Fallon about extending the use of the Tearoom’s orchard seating area. Both Philip and Gavin are shocked to discover they are being sued by Tracy for the explosion at Grey Gables. A letter from a solicitor on her behalf claims it’s caused her psychological distress. Gavin convinces Philip not to rush to confront Tracy. Alice rehearses what she’ll say to Ed. Thinking that he has a crush on her she wants to be kind but clear that she is one-man woman. She doesn’t believe him when he tells her she’s got the wrong end of the stick. Ed explains the miscommunication to Emma, who’s horrified. She feels this is a typical assumption from Alice; so entitled she thinks the whole world’s in love with her. But Ed explains he thinks Alice has a drinking problem. She was clearly drunk, and not for the first time. Ed’s cautious about relaying this to Chris but Emma’s adamant that he has a right to know.
02/09/2013m 10s


Gavin’s pleased to be back working after living with Blake, Kenzie and Jordan through lockdown. It was alright for his dad living the life at Beechwood, while he was stuck in a poky flat. He acknowledges he’s over his relationship with Kelly and feels happy to move on. Philip isn’t being too chatty. He’s keenly aware how important their current job is; they need to build the business back up. This year so far has been awful, and a wake-up call for Philip. Once the business is in a good place he wants to get away from Ambridge and have adventures with Kirsty. He can’t wait to get away; Ambridge is claustrophobic. In his head he lays the blame for all his problems on Gavin. He makes lazy mistakes that cost them money. Gavin feels he’s a disappointment to his dad. He tries to impress him with his work and also buys him lunch. Philip’s not sure if they should have Blake on site but Gavin’s confident no one from Ambridge will find out. Gavin apologises for inadvertently causing the Grey Gables explosion and Philip softens towards him. They agree to look forward from now on.
01/09/2013m 15s


Susan calls Tracy regarding a negative comment she’s had about her radio show. Tracy’s busy tidying up after her kids and waiting on her dad. She asks Susan if Bert can stay with her for a couple of weeks. When Susan says no Tracy plays a practical joke on her, and suggests she, Chelsea and Brad move in with Susan instead. Despite her initial resistance, Alice has agreed to job share with Adam at Home Farm. She enjoys having the office to herself. She can’t believe Adam’s not planning anything for Ian’s 50th birthday. She thinks about organising a party for Ian herself. Ed thinks it’s odd that Alice is acting like their interaction last week never happened. Then he ponders how you never really know what’s going on with other people – like with Will last year. He considers how for a moment he wished Will had killed himself, though he would never admit that to anyone else. Ed tries to subtly tell Alice that she can talk to him at any time but Alice misinterprets Ed’s offer of support as romantic interest.
31/08/2013m 16s


Lynda sends Lilian a photo of herself in her chosen wig, but is disappointed when Robert doesn’t notice it. Chris takes Lynda by surprise when he turns up with the hanging basket Robert commissioned. He noticed her hair immediately which flusters Lynda. While out shopping, Robert worries about what to say to Lynda about the wig; he doesn’t want her to have to pretend with him. Lynda apologises to Chris for her manner earlier. She warms to the hanging basket but can’t help thinking it’s not really a gift that says passion. She considers how Chris and Robert are similar in some ways and decides to freshen up for Robert’s return. Before he returns home, Robert takes a call from Lilian. She gets him to open up about his worries when it comes to returning to a physical relationship with Lynda. When she hears that he’s feeling overwhelmed by it all, Lilian tells him she has just the thing he needs. However, Lynda catches him taking a pill in the kitchen and she is appalled. She sees it as proof that he no longer finds her attractive. Lynda is furious with Lilian for sharing their conversation with Robert, and Robert has been banished to the shepherd’s hut. She’s not sure she’ll ever feel the same about him again.
27/08/2012m 54s


Chris wakes Alice with a cup of tea and she challenges him about having a beer with Ed. He admits guilt and she’s cross, but not for long. Though afterwards Alice wonders if she and Chris are drifting apart. Chris is happy they didn’t row and plans to do something to make up for his mistake. Ed expects an earful when he’s summoned to Home Farm by Alice; she’s told him Brian wants a word. But Ed’s surprised at how nice Brian is. Brian puts his short fuse over the grain mix-up down to the stress of Adam’s accident, and he offers Ed a bonus. Later Ed drops in on Alice to try to clear the air, but she can’t forgive him for how he spoke to her last week and she gets nasty. Afterwards, Ed thinks over how Alice was – she was clearly drunk. She reminds him of himself from a long time ago when he got really low. He wonders whether to tell anyone. Talking to Chris might do more harm than good. After weighing it up he decides to stay quiet for now, and vows to look out for Alice himself, as a guardian angel. He feels she might need one.
26/08/2013m 16s


Lynda’s trying on wigs. She’s beating herself up about the surprise dinner last week. She feels Robert is obsessing about housework to avoid her. She considers getting Robert’s opinion on the wigs but thinks he won’t be truthful. She calls Lilian for an honest opinion and ends up telling her about the failed romantic evening and her request to Robert to argue with her. Her call with Lilian has improved her mood and Lynda realises she’s had enough of the politeness that her and Robert have fallen into since her injuries. Meanwhile, Lilian hopes Robert will get the message, otherwise Lynda will snap. Alice is low after telling Brian the wheat and barley mix up was her fault. She’s done a deal with Borchester Land to buy the spoiled grain for pig feed. At the end of the day her hackles rise when she thinks about Chris breaking their no drinking during the week pact. She’s had confirmation from Emma that Chris and Ed did drink beer together. She decides to wait to see if Chris owns up by himself.
25/08/2012m 59s


Ed is fired by Brian after unloading harvested wheat into a bay that already contained malting barley. Brian lets off steam to Alice about the error, and she realises Ed’s mistake might have been her fault. Ed collars Alice and insists she comes clean to Brian. She delays but Ed insists if she won’t tell Brian, he will. While working on the hanging basket for Lynda and Robert, Chris ponders on how little he sees of Alice now – she’s either working late or out running. He’s regretting their agreement not to drink alcohol during the week. He can’t believe he’s the one that broke the pact when his job is great and Alice is stressed working for her dad. Alice calls Chris, upset after being confronted by Ed. Chris reassures her and advises her to talk to Brian about the mistake as soon as she can. Alice worries that doing her best isn’t good enough. Afterwards concerned Chris wonders why the Aldridges have to be so tough on one another. Alice mulls over a conversation with Ed who seems calmer now. She twigs that Chris might have broken their non-drinking agreement by having a beer with Ed. She pushes this thought to one side and calls Brian to talk about the wheat and barley mix up.
24/08/2013m 13s


Fallon finds herself bombarded and Natasha questions her own judgement Writers, Daniel Thurman & Sarah McDonald-Hughes Director, Kim Greengrass Editor, Jeremy Howe Natasha Archer ….. Mali Harries Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O’Hanrahan Fallon Rogers ….. Joanna Van Kampen Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Robert Snell ….. Graham Blockey
20/08/2013m 18s


Robert misunderstood Lynda’s suggestion of an early night yesterday and offered to make cocoa. He thinks she understands that he does want to return to their usual sex life but not just yet. Meanwhile, Lynda feels humiliated by the misunderstanding. She can’t expect him to feel desire for her anymore. She thinks on how Robert sees her and admits to herself that she has been difficult to live with recently. She doesn’t know how Robert puts up with her. Emma rehearses what she will say to Fallon about hearing from Natasha that her job is on the line, and what working at the Tearoom means to her. After confronting Fallon, Emma’s sorry to have ever thought Fallon was going behind her back. She ended up comforting Fallon, who hopes business will improve enough that Emma doesn’t have to go. Meanwhile, Emma focuses on something that’s within her control. Banishing any self-doubt, she plans a trial livestream to demonstrate how her idea for a virtual Flower and Produce Show would work. Fed up of Robert’s saintly behaviour, Lynda challenges him to write down what he doesn’t like about her. He struggles to fulfil the brief, finding no anger at how Lynda has been during her recovery. He worries that he is failing her and could lose her all over again. She keeps slipping away and he doesn’t know how to bring her back.
19/08/2013m 13s


Alone in the bird hide, Robert is pleased to have found Edmund to be fraudulent in his birdwatching claims. He resists calling Lynda to see how she is and wonders what the surprise is that she is setting up at home. Meanwhile, Lynda’s preparing a meal for her and Robert – she wants it to be a special evening – but she worries about how she looks. She’s glad she’s got over her back trouble from last week, to which Monty was the only witness. Emma’s still not heard anything from Fallon about her job, but seeing Lynda has put things in perspective. Emma told her she looked beautiful when she dropped off some cake for her surprise supper. Emma’s impressed with Lynda’s recovery and the effort she and Robert make for one another. She’s inspired to make time for her and Ed as everyday life has got in the way of their reunion and brought their honeymoon period to an end. Robert loves Lynda’s surprise and puts any quietness on Lynda’s part down to tiredness. Anyway he’s happy to sit in silence with Lynda knowing that she is happy. But while fetching the dessert, Lynda worries the evening is not going well. She feels silly, shy and out of conversation. She assures herself everything will be fine once they are upstairs – their bodies can do the talking. She decides to return to the table and kiss Robert; surely everything will then fall into place.
18/08/2013m 17s


Natasha is upbeat when she bumps into Fallon ahead of Fallon’s meeting with Helen to discuss the rent for the Tearoom. But in truth, Natasha doesn’t think Fallon’s got any chance of persuading Helen to extend the rent reduction. She decides to use the Tearoom as an example in the webinar she’s hosting later only for the event to be cancelled at the last minute. After hearing from Helen that the Tearoom’s rent reduction can’t continue, Fallon contemplates sacking Emma and whether their friendship will survive that. But before Fallon can speak to Emma, Emma gets angry when she hears from Natasha that her job at the Tearoom is under threat. Fallon returns home after spending time with Alice by the river. It’s Fallon’s wedding anniversary but she thinks she’s already drunk too much to open a bottle when Harrison gets home. When she gets a text from Emma, Fallon tells herself now is not the right time to tell Emma that her job at the Tearoom has to go. Emma is furious at Fallon’s reply but, remembering Ed’s advice, stops herself from voicing her feelings by text message and instead sends a benign response.
17/08/2013m 13s


Jim’s set Robert the challenge of proving that Edmund’s rare bird-sighting claims are false. Robert analyses Edmund’s blog and finds an image on there to be fake. He reports his findings to Jim and hopes he’ll report Edmund to the ornithology society. Robert’s happy to have seen Jim again, he hopes Lynda can get out and about soon as well. Adam couldn’t sleep last night because of his injury and he was also going over what Ian said about work. He’s keen to get back in the kitchen but he feels like he’d be abandoning Xander. Adam is pleased to finally have communication from Alice. He’s pleased Ed is back working for Home Farm and gives Alice credit for persuading him. Alice is surprised to hear Adam say she has done well in hiring Ed. Adam teases her about being Brian’s golden child. Alice feels the pressure of high expectations. Alice has seen the video of Xander taking his first steps. Alice baulks at Adam’s suggestion that she could work at Home Farm on a more permanent basis so he can have more time with Xander. Chris has found an empty vodka bottle in the shed at The Nest and has sent Alice an angry message. Alice tells herself there is no proof that she drunk its contents. She decides to not reply to Chris and let him stew. Later, she gets some air after an argument with Chris when be brought up the vodka bottle again. Her thoughts turn to Home Farm which she finds exhausting and she worries that ultimately she will let everyone down.
13/08/2013m 5s


While Adam can’t get through to Alice he’s going to have to trust Brian’s updates on how she’s doing. He joins Ian and Xander in the garden playing with the toy farm. Later, while Xander sleeps Adam makes sure the toy farm is set up correctly. Ian thinks he’s a control freak for doing so. Alice calls Ed to ask if he can drive the grain trailer instead of Josh but Ed says he’s busy. She calls again and tells him to name his price. Alice agrees to pay him double time. To Ed’s surprise, Emma is fine with this news even though he’s going to have to work late. He reflects on how things are different for them now compared to last year. Xander took his first steps today and Adam is so pleased he was there to see it happen. His accident has made him think of how Johnny has grown up without knowing his dad. Adam admits that he was tired and stressed before the accident. He wonders what kind of childcare they should have once Ian’s back at work. Ian gets annoyed when Adam brings it up with him. Adam realises that he would like to work less and have more time being a dad but he’s not sure it’s possible.
12/08/2013m 17s


Robert goes to meet Jim at the bird hide but frets about Lynda being OK on her own. Robert’s surprised to see Jim has brought another person with him - Edmund. Robert is put out about this intrusion. He leaves the hide because with three people inside safe social distancing isn’t possible. Edmund, a new resident in Ambridge, has been boasting about the rare sightings he’s had. Alice panics when she discovers Josh can’t haul grain this week because she didn’t confirm the work with him. She finds Brian’s whisky to add to her coffee to help calm herself. She decides to call Ed as a last resort. While gardening, Lynda’s back goes and she can’t move. It makes her feel terrible – every time she thinks she is making progress, something knocks her backwards. She screams in frustration which scares off Monty. Lynda hauls herself up through the pain to get to her bed. On the way she sees Robert but she hides her pain from him. She doesn’t want to spoil things for him so she will manage on her own.
11/08/2013m 9s


Lynda looks forward to some time to herself while Robert takes Monty for a long walk. Her doctors are pleased with her recovery. About a month ago she had a very sore back but all seems well now. While gardening she muses on the plans for this year’s Flower and Produce Show and how Emma is running things as chairperson. Lynda prefers Fallon’s idea over Emma’s. She’s going to join the next (virtual) committee meeting for the Flower and Produce Show. When she gets a stab of worry about her appearance she talks herself into being confident. After not getting the answers he wants from Alice, Adam tries to get up to visit Home Farm but it causes him too much pain and Ian insists he’s not going anywhere. He accepts he’ll just have to trust Alice; Brian had to keep the harvest going somehow in his absence. Feeling guilty for drinking beer with Ed at Little Grange, Chris calls Alice but can’t bring himself to come clean. She’s working late and tells him to start making dinner without her. Chris doesn’t want to admit he’s fallen off the wagon first. Alice appears to have not drunk anything since their pact to not drink during the week. Even on weekends she refuses to have a single glass. He decides to ask Emma to keep his beer with Ed a secret.
10/08/2012m 56s


Alice calls Brian about an unhappy farmer that Home Farm has an arable contract with and he reassures her that she can handle it. Brian’s pleased he convinced Alice to step in while Adam is recuperating, she’s doing really well. Meanwhile, Alice has to tell herself she’s up to the job even if she doesn’t feel like she is. Brian’s visited Adam at home and thinks he looks worse than when he was in hospital. He tells him he’s drafted in Alice but that doesn’t lift Adam’s spirits, which Brian puts down to sibling rivalry. Brian thinks about his sister and how they’re no longer in touch. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen with the next Aldridge generation. At the end of the day, Brian relaxes with a drink. It’s been a good day on the harvest, Alice is off to a good start and Adam looked happier when he told him that the work is doing Alice good – giving her a sense of achievement by helping Adam when he really needs it. Chris rings Alice at the Home Farm office. He wants to tell her that he’s thinking of her but she cuts the call short saying she’s too busy. He decides to cook something special to celebrate delivering the tree sculpture and Alice’s first day at Home Farm. Alice is pleased with how her first day has gone. She wants to celebrate and her heart sinks at the thought of Chris’s plans for the evening. She calls Chris to say she’s working late and will miss dinner. Chris understands there can be a lot to get used to in a new job. He loves Alice’s determination. He leaves the dinner in the oven and the table laid for Alice for when she gets home.
06/08/2013m 14s


Emma emails the Flower and Produce Show committee with some video clips that Ben put together for her to prove her point that an ambitious live streaming plan will backfire on them. Chris has rung Emma on Alice’s behalf about giving up being on the committee for the Flower and Produce Show. Alice hides in the old shed from Brian when he calls round. She wishes she was on holiday and remembers happy times with Chris in Valencia. Alice gets a message from Brian to be at Home Farm tomorrow morning. She doesn’t feel qualified for the work but then thinks about the eco-office which makes it more appealing. Emma doesn’t know why Fallon is avoiding Natasha. Emma thinks Natasha is nice and seems happy, though she can’t be as happy as Emma is with her family and job – she feels like she’s really making a difference at the Tearoom. Meanwhile, Fallon has Natasha’s message of the Tearoom ‘embracing change’ on her mind as she does a stock take. If business at the Tearoom doesn’t improve, Fallon only has one option; Emma’s job will have to go.
05/08/2013m 12s


Brian has asked Alice to take over running the Home Farm office while Adam is out of action but Alice is not keen. Chris thinks it’s a good idea but she’s annoyed with him for encouraging her to volunteer for the Flower and Produce committee. Alice moves some bottles of alcohol out of the house to an old shed. She sees it as a way of helping Chris because he can’t handle temptation whereas she can take control. When she goes to turn down the Home Farm work over text, Alice sees Brian has already messaged to say Home Farm needs her and she has to accept the job. Fallon has an email and then a visit from Natasha. Fallon’s got two weeks to come up with a plan to improve the Tearoom business. Fallon thinks that’s unrealistic but really has no other option. She doesn’t tell Emma as she doesn’t want to burden her with these problems. Chris prepares for a shoeing customer, Mrs Parkinson, he hopes by doing a good job it will off-set the negative things Thandi has been spreading about his work. Chris gets a call from Alice but instead of clearing the air after their row last night, tension between them remains. Alice insists she was only drinking tonic water and she tells Chris he’s boring.
04/08/2013m 11s


Brian finds Adam injured and calls an ambulance. It seems he didn’t put the handbrake on the Land Rover and it rolled over his foot – he needs surgery on his ankle and had badly twisted his knee. It’s crucial harvest time – Brian can do the combining but wonders who he can call on to pick up the rest of the slack. Emma and Fallon are busy with baking orders. As they work they discuss the Flower and Produce Show committee meeting – Emma’s first as chairperson. The committee voted in favour of her proposal to have a virtual show but they seemed to like Fallon’s idea of how to do it more than Emma’s. Emma doesn’t want people to know her for begging for money to save her Beechwood house dream but instead see her as a useful person doing things to bring the village together. Fallon looks at the Tearoom’s figures which aren’t great. She wishes she could use the winnings from the scratchcard Harrison found. Later, Fallon’s shocked to hear from Helen that the Tearoom may not have a rent reduction for much longer. Natasha was also at their meeting and Fallon doesn’t appreciate her input on the Tearoom business. Fallon reminds herself to be more like Harrison and see the best in Natasha – she’s going to draw up a plan to help the Tearoom.
03/08/2013m 0s


Going by how he felt when she arrived, Harrison never thought he’d be sorry to see Daisy go home. He thinks Fallon’s been brilliant with accommodating Daisy. Harrison’s now looking forward to a rest but Fallon has invited Joy over for a cup of tea. Fallon’s parceled up a panda that Daisy took a shine to during her stay. When Harrison searches for his wallet to post it, he finds a scratch card that Daisy found. Tony needs to get the Flying Scotsman model train off Henry after Pat let him take it to his room. He finally hears from Johnny that he doesn’t want the train set. Tony wishes he’d set it up permanently somewhere during John’s childhood. Henry and Jack weren’t keen on it after all so Tony sets it up in his workshop. He looks forward to expanding it now it’s working with a new transformer. After Joy’s visit, Harrison wants to set a romantic mood for him and Fallon but then Joy rings. The man who took away her rubbish that was then fly-tipped is back. Harrison can hear how intimidating he’s being so heads round there. Outside Joy’s house, Harrison watches Tim Oatey being arrested for number plates not matching his vehicle. The police will pass Tim’s details onto the Environment Agency which is looking at his waste disposal scam. Harrison has a quick chat with Joy but is eager to get back to Fallon to – finally – have the couple time he’d planned at the start of the week!
30/07/2013m 7s


Fallon catches a few moments rest while Daisy plays with Rosie and Pip on The Green. Fallon wasn’t expecting Daisy to not sleep through the night. Meanwhile, Joy watches Daisy and Rosie from a bench on The Green and worries that Pip might be avoiding her after her rubbish was fly-tipped. Watching the girls play makes Joy miss her grandchildren. She wishes Rochelle would get in touch more. Johnny doesn’t want to have John’s old model railway set on display at 1, The Green. As he tries to drum up the courage to talk to Tony, Johnny finds another scratch card. It’s not a winner but when he reads the small print he wonders if one that he’s already thrown away actually qualified for a prize. Later, Joy spots Johnny going through the bin outside 1, The Green. Johnny can’t find the thrown away scratch card. He’s not even sure it’s a winner. He thanks Joy for picking up some rubbish that has escaped his bin. Fallon watches Harrison and Daisy have fun in the garden. Daisy’s settled with them now. Fallon’s surprised by what’s she’s enjoyed about looking after a toddler. Her thoughts turn to Joy and she realises she’s quite lonely so vows to be in touch with Joy more and to be a better neighbour.
29/07/2013m 10s


Tony bumps his head in the attic as he tries to sort out what’s stored up there at Pat’s request. He finds a Flying Scotsman toy train which was John’s. He sets it up but something seems to be wrong with its electrics. Pat thinks Henry should have it but Tony’s worried it’ll get damaged. Tony looks through old photo albums to place when the train was a gift for John. Tony decides the train should go to Johnny – it’s his birthday on Saturday after all. Tony asks Johnny to deliver an extra veg box to Joy. Johnny’s relieved to take a break from weeding. He’d love a holiday, the money he was saving for a hair transplant could fund it but he can’t see he’ll get away anytime soon. He’s been getting compliments on his shaved head and thinks he should have done it sooner. Now, he’d like a better car but will need more money than what he’s already saved. After hearing his horoscope from Joy, Johnny takes up Freddie’s suggestion and spends £50 on scratch cards. None of them come up good. Johnny’s not keen on the model railway Tony wants to show him.
28/07/2013m 17s


Harrison prepares Woodbine Cottage and its garden for a surprise ‘holiday at home’ for Fallon. He receives another fan message after giving Susan his email address following his appearance on her radio show last week. He runs through the plan for when Fallon gets home; airport security at the front door, paddling pool in the garden, cocktails, games then dinner and disco. Tired after a full day of baking at the Tearoom, Fallon looks forward to Harrison picking her up. She reflects on his radio interview last week – she didn’t know he had been bullied. She thinks she will always worry about his safety while he’s a police officer. Harrison messages her to ask her make her own way home as he’s got a surprise for her. Fallon’s impressed with Harrison’s surprise ‘holiday at home’ while lounging in the garden she answers a call from Harrison's brother Marcus. They have to cut their romantic plans short as Marcus needs to leave two-year-old daughter Daisy with them. Harrison is grateful Fallon is so understanding, especially as they don’t see much of Marcus and family.
27/07/2013m 13s


Emma’s incredulous Ed isn’t prepared to grass on fly tipper and old foe Tim Oatey. He was partly responsible for their marriage crisis! She ruins her trial bake of Nic’s Harvest Pie, and has to start again. Her second attempt’s better, and she’s able to follow through on her plan to deliver fresh slices with handwritten notes from the children to the gardening community, asking them to reconsider her Flower & Produce Show idea. It works! Bert and Jill are behind it; she just needs them to persuade the others, and for Clarrie to relinquish control of the veg patch. Alice is out of booze. She heads to the shops to re-stock. She’s unhappy with her dad’s idea that she works at the farm. She’s had enough of being told what to do. As she drives she relents; she might have been a bit harsh. She resolves to call Brian and apologise. Later, having shared things with her dad and prepared a delicious dinner for Chris, she’s happy to have no more worries about working on the farm. She has a well-deserved Rioja break. Ed thinks it would be a bad move to shop Tim Oatey. He considers just warning him off. Then he considers how Tim’s treated Emma in the past. After a tussle with his conscience he decides it’s Emma he owes, not Tim. He calls Crimestoppers.
23/07/2013m 10s


Emma’s exasperated with Chris pouring cold water on her Flower & Produce Show idea, but she thinks he might have a point about some people struggling with the technology. She’s sure Bert will be up for it though and eager to show off his prowess with veg. Disappointingly she later discovers even Bert isn’t on board with it. Ed’s shocked to find the padlock has been removed from his field gate and replaced with a new one. He’s been locked out by the fly tippers, and surely this means they’re coming back. He enlists Will’s help to plan a stake out. Emma’s not happy – it’s bound to end in a fight. Some escaped pigs come to her aid, and she hopes the delay caused by the round up means Ed will have missed any returning fly tippers. As they set off she settles in for an anxious wait. Chris has been getting some savage treatment online from Thandi over the injury to her horse’s foot. He thinks it’s just embarrassment over the gossip about her affair. But on Jakob’s advice he apologises to her, hoping she’ll lay off the online abuse now. Undeterred by the delay caused by the escaped pigs, Ed and Will lie in wait in the dark. And Ed can’t believe what he sees.
22/07/2013m 12s


Brian’s combining, to take some of the load from busy Adam. He muses that Xander’s growing fast. He’d briefly wondered if Alice might be next for parenthood, but her announcement earlier to Jennifer was that she’d quit her job. Brian has no problem with Alice setting up on her own, though is a bit surprised she didn’t speak to him first. But she has her head screwed on. Later he’s mystified when he’s cold shouldered in a chance encounter with someone she used to work with. Emma’s still frustrated Clarrie’s not letting her have the run of the veg patch, and that she opposes her Flower & Produce Show idea. She thinks Clarrie’s against change. But later she finds out Clarrie’s just worried about letting Joe down. Alice is feeling the worse for wear. She tries to knuckle down to the task of finding new clients, but can’t shake thoughts of her mum’s disapproval of her decision. She has another drink to clear her head, but hurriedly hides the alcohol when she realises her dad’s about to drop in. She needn’t have worried. After he’s gone she finishes the whisky he’d recommended as a steadier. He had faith in her when she explained the stress she’d been under at work. Finally remembering her laptop password, she drinks to her wonderful dad.
21/07/2013m 8s


Ed’s appalled to find evidence of more fly tipping on Grange Farm land. It’s in a field of sheep, and a ewe’s injured. He tends to her cut lip as best he can, and resolves to fit a strong padlock and chain on the field gate. Emma’s growing veg, though she’s wary of trespassing on Clarrie’s domain. She has to admit, however, that her tomatoes are tastier than anything Clarrie’s grown. She used some old seeds she found in Joe’s collection. Having endured a long call full of helpful gardening tips from Jennifer, who’d been put up to it by Chris, she laments that all she needs is new ideas, not chapter and verse. She wonders whether she should take over the organisational bits of the garden to lighten Clarrie’s load. An idea for an online Flower & Produce show occurs to her. Chris is irritated that Emma’s left it to Alice to get birthday presents for Gary and Tracy, instead of their usual joint arrangement. Emma doesn’t agree with Alice giving up her job, but Chris reckons she doesn’t understand how stressful it was for Alice at Pryce Baumann. Chris is amused by client Thandi’s latest boyfriend, who’s married. Later Chris is accused by Thandi of pricking a horse’s foot. He’s sure the horse was fine when he left her property. Thandi’s a keyboard warrior and he’s worried for his reputation.
20/07/2013m 13s


Elizabeth’s happy with Jolene’s three word summary for her online dating profile: ‘sophisticated – quietly wild’. The rest of it needs some minor tweaking but on the whole Jolene’s done a good job. With some trepidation Elizabeth clicks ‘submit’. Cooped up in his car, Harrison’s nervous about his appearance on Susan’s radio show. He doesn’t want to be awful. He wishes he hadn’t agreed to it, especially with the way Fallon’s feeling about the date night non-event. Once on air he recounts a couple of policing experiences, before moving on to his own personal story, and how he got into his career. His past meant he vowed never to ignore someone in trouble. Kenton listens in incredulity and with some sympathy. He had no idea Harrison had been bullied at school. All his tips suddenly seem irrelevant; Harrison’s way ahead of him and has gone down a storm. Someone’s messaged to suggest applause for Harrison. Kenton’s happy to oblige and make some noise on the Green. As Harrison gives a shout out to his wife, he hears people clapping outside. He realises it’s for him, and that Fallon’s joining in.
16/07/2013m 18s


David rehearses what he’s going to say to the fly tipper – who he believes is Joy Horville. However when he arrives he’s offered cake, and feels bad when he realises it wasn’t Joy at all. She was just as much a victim, having had her rubbish removed by conmen. David’s embarrassed and amused all at once, both by his mistake and Joy’s reaction as they screeched apologies to one another across the garden. Jolene can’t work out yet what Kenton’s up to with the new peacock aviary. Later she realises what he’s doing, and stops him in his tracks. Elizabeth has sent her a draft profile to use on the dating app. It’s not great. Jolene sets about improving it. She’s glad to see Elizabeth getting her sparkle back and seeking new company. Comparing Sid and Kenton, Jolene observes wryly that no two peacocks are alike. Harrison’s distraught that Fallon’s still upset with him – serves him right for having his head turned by the radio offer. Even David thinks he’s no longer interested in ‘little crime’, which isn’t true. He misses Fallon. He should have noticed earlier that she wasn’t happy. With little work to do herself lately, their date night was important to her. He needs to make it up to her.
15/07/2013m 14s


Elizabeth reminisces about Nigel. She admires Jolene’s ability to move on, but also to keep Sid alive in her memories. Perhaps now’s the time for her to move on and stop procrastinating. She struggles to describe herself in three words on a dating app, and gives it up. Kenton thinks if he helps Harrison to be brilliant on the radio not only will it encourage Fallon to forgive him but will also get Kenton noticed. He concedes Jolene’s been smart with her ‘name the peacock’ campaign, and hatches a plan to prevent the peacock’s arrival by offering to build an aviary with materials which have an impossibly long delivery time. Frustrated David’s waiting to take delivery of Josh’s new henhouse. He reads about the competition to name the Bull’s new peacock, and amuses himself with possible names. News from Brian about the mess from the fly tippers causing damage to the combine is disturbing. The batch of grain will have to be dumped. It makes his late henhouse delivery issue seem rather small. Amidst the fly tipped rubbish he finds an envelope, and believes he’s unearthed the culprit.
14/07/2013m 13s


Kenton’s not keen on Jolene’s plan to have a peacock from Elizabeth. He also has radio envy. He’s a little jealous of Harrison’s upcoming appearance on Susan’s Radio Borsetshire slot, showcasing a ‘dreary’ week in the life of a police sergeant; he’s eager to give Harrison tips on what makes a good interview. He feels he would have made a better candidate: the panics and perils of a post-pandemic publican. He has the personality, and the chat. Jolene misses Eccles, and says yes to one of Elizabeth’s peacocks. She knows Kenton won’t be happy, but she’ll make it a big deal on social media and get the punters onside, so that Kenton won’t be able to object. She’s spotted Fallon’s out of sorts, and is on the verge of ringing her when she has second thoughts. Fallon and Harrison are grown-ups, they don’t need her interfering. She decides to follow Kenton’s advice and let them sort it out between them. Excited Harrison’s doing some practising for his interview, before clocking with horror that it clashes with his date night. Fallon’s hardly seen him lately… but he’s sure she’ll understand. He’s going to do an interesting spot on the radio show and make Fallon proud.
13/07/2013m 6s


Adam organises those who have come to help with the cherry harvest. Brian is overseeing them all. The Grundys are running the transport and the cooler. Ed was nervous when he arrived but he shook hands with Adam. Ian is also picking cherries while Adam spends the day with Xander. Adam thinks he’s got the easy side of the deal but then quickly realises entertaining Xander is hard work and messy! But he’s had a good time with his son nonetheless. Debbie is happy she spoke to Chris, any concerns she had about Alice have been put to rest. She feels that being separated from her family makes the need to fix everything much stronger. She thinks she’s been trying to prove how responsible she is ever since she quit her degree because of Simon Gerrard. Debbie enjoys speaking to Roger, she hadn’t realised how much she misses him. Later, Debbie muses on how chaotic the Aldridges can be and it’s Jennifer that holds them together. She wants to keep up her reconnection with Roger. She passes on her update on Roger to Adam which Adam is pleased to hear. Adam is grateful to Brian for his help with cherry harvest – and he’s no better than Brian when it comes to fidelity. Adam recognises the madness of the Aldridge family but that somehow it works.
09/07/2013m 11s


Content with his semi-retired status, Brian doesn’t envy Adam running Home Farm and juggling family time. He’s surprised Adam didn’t mention his trouble finding cherry pickers. Brian visits Grange Farm and recruits Eddie, Clarrie, Ed, Will and Emma for the cherry harvest. Brian’s pleased to see Eddie looks happy after the year the Grundys have had with Will. Alice also helps with picking, persuaded by Chris. Alice tells Adam she’s pulled a sickie with Pryce Baumann. She wants to come up with a plan for her future before she tells her family she no longer has a job. After talking to Jennifer, Debbie video calls Alice. She’s relieved both Jennifer and Brian are healthy. She wonders whether Jennifer would have been happier staying with Roger and feels bad for not staying in better contact with Roger herself. Over a call, Alice has a lot to say about why she has left Pryce Baumann. Debbie notices that Alice was drinking a lot of wine and calls Chris to check that Alice is OK. Alice reflects on why she talked so much, reasoning that she had no choice but to quit after she was threatened with the sack. But she worries that Pryce Baumann may not give her a reference and it’s not a good time to find employment. Meanwhile, Chris thinks Alice looks peaceful and like the girl he married ten years ago. He reassures Debbie that Alice has done the right thing - and he likes a drink as much as she does. Chris feels the effects of their drinking last night but Alice looks great and stress-free. Chris’s sculpture commission for a new baby has changed from an oak to a birch tree. Chris wonders if this time next year he and Alice might have a child of their own.
08/07/2013m 12s


Alice is annoyed by Arun’s request to discuss a re-launch of GPS crop monitoring software. He was recently chosen over her for a promotion to manager. Meanwhile she’s waiting for a wine delivery to arrive. Alice rang Adam to ask for some cherries to make homebrew cherry brandy and hears about his picker problem. She thinks working for Pryce Baumann is a lot worse than struggling to find people for the cherry harvest. Then Adam asks her to ring round people in Ambridge to see if they will pick cherries. Emma gives Alice short shrift about helping with the cherry harvest. Alice has only recruited Molly Button so far. Freddie’s unavailable and she doesn’t have Bert’s number. Her focus on finding pickers is interrupted by an email from the Pryce Baumann Managing Director. Chris has had a commission off the back of the garden ornament he made for Harrison and Fallon’s wedding. Harrison’s friend Louis wants a tree sculpture for the birth of his baby. Chris thinks about the willow tree in the back garden at The Nest. Alice used to get Debbie to help her climb it until Jennifer found out. Chris decides on an oak tree for the commission. Chris has a call from Alice and is amazed to hear that she’s quit her job. He thought she loved it but admits the office politics got her down. She sounded happier than he’s heard her in months. Meanwhile, Alice muses on what her MD said. He phoned to give her a pep talk. She doesn’t feel she’s being shown any respect so she’s taking her qualifications, expertise and contacts elsewhere.
07/07/2013m 6s


Brian looks after Xander while Jennifer catches up on sleep. Xander stayed the night with them last night but he woke up a lot. Brian misses the Home Farm farmhouse and tells Xander that the Aldridges are a funny old bunch. He draws a parallel between Xander and Ian and himself and Debbie and Adam – even though they’re not biologically his children he loves them. Adam is struggling to find enough people to pick cherries. He’s finding that UK-based people aren’t as reliable as Eastern Europeans. He doesn’t want to tell Brian about the picker problem. He reminisces about Brian’s affair with Siobhan and Jennifer agreeing to raise Ruairi. Debbie comes off the phone with Elaine, Roger Travers-Macy’s wife. Roger has been recovering from coronavirus but has gone downhill again. Adam’s shocked to hear how badly Debbie's taking it but thinks she can’t expect much of him in her absence – he’s too busy with work and Xander. Debbie thinks Adam is being unfeeling in his lack of enthusiasm for getting in touch with Roger.
06/07/2013m 15s


Hungover Susan’s appalled that she ended up with Tracy on her quiz team, but happy that some of her revision questions came up. She also managed to get one over on Jennifer with some Latin phrasing. As she drinks a hangover cure made up of what she can remember of Clarrie’s recipe, she recalls her tongue running away with her last night, and is glad she was muted for some of it. She knows she made a mistake when she let slip about Tracy’s ex on the radio. When she’s asked later to fill in the drivetime slot on Radio Borsetshire she says no in favour of calling Tracy, to put things right with her sister. Tracy recalls Susan calling Jennifer a ‘snotty cow’ last night, and is proud she pitched in on her sister’s side; it’s the right thing to do. There’ll always be privilege in the village, and it makes it more important than ever for her to cling on to her status of cricket captain. Later Tracy recounts a phone call from Susan. They’ve had a long chat and put their heads together to come up with a text to Jennifer to smooth things over. Tracy recalls an incident over some shoes for Susan’s wedding years ago – she laughs that sisters give you grief, but you’ve got to love them. Susan also concludes she wouldn’t have Tracy any other way. Delighted Freddie’s had success with his plumbing repair, and has found some nostalgic objects along the way. He enjoyed the quiz last night even though his team bombed. Having spotted Lynda on screen at the quiz, he finally replies to her letter, telling her how much Lower Loxley means to him now. He signs off ‘Love Freddie’.
02/07/2013m 3s


Susan’s starting to panic about the upcoming quiz. She’s glad her team’s a family affair with Jennifer, and is looking forward to pitting her wits against Tracy’s cricket team. She relishes using her newly discovered rich vocabulary on her radio slot. But as evening approaches and her show comes to an end, the nerves kick in. She has a drink to calm herself, which only makes her more confused as she goes over her revision flashcards once more. Ed’s not looking forward to the quiz. The toss of a coin decided which team he’d join, and he’s landed with Tracy, to his mother-in-law’s annoyance. He’s tired after shearing and would rather just settle down with a beer and his wife. He thinks Emma is more of a Carter than a Horrobin. Tired of pussyfooting around Will, he’s lost his rag with him over parking on the yard and feels much better. They ended up laughing about it. He’s ducked out of the quiz and relaxes with a beer, watching his children play and being thankful for his clever, resourceful wife. Elizabeth has an online date – with Ifty. She frets a little over her greying hair, but applies lipstick and perfume and goes for it. The ‘date’ is boring and a let-down, but it does show her she’s ready to consider not being on her own forever.
01/07/2013m 12s


Freddie’s still wrestling with fixing the toilet, following some instructions from Reg. His mum wants it fixed before the quiz – she doesn’t like everyone traipsing into her en-suite. But Freddie notes she’s not even going to the quiz. What’s she up to? In the attic looking for parts, he discovers some old toy soldiers, a picture of what could be part of the Lower Loxley grounds near the ha-ha, and to his shock the picture of Lynda that was used for the Ghost Stories last Christmas. It reminds him of her letter, and he opens it. It’s an apology for her outburst when he went to visit her in hospital. Freddie pledges to reply. Susan and Tracy have been virtual scrapping. Emma doesn’t want to take sides, but perhaps she’ll support her mum. Meanwhile, Ed’s in Wales with Jazzer on a shearing job and feels he’s caught in a tug of war between Tracy and Susan. He can’t be on both of their pub quiz teams so he tosses a coin for it. Emma’s aware it’s down to her to get Eddie and Will to turn the hay so it can be brought in before the weather breaks. In the end, she decides to do the job herself, with George’s help hitching up the tedder to the tractor. Savouring her success, she can’t wait to tell Ed.
30/06/2013m 12s


Freddie struggles with some tricky bathroom plumbing. But a dodgy cistern isn’t the only thing he’s grappling with. He has a letter from Lynda which he is putting off dealing with. Out on his dad’s beloved Tree Top Walk, he wishes he’d brought it with him to read there. He daren’t tell Lily it was him who broke the toilet and now he can’t fix it. He resolves to ask Reg for his help. Tracy’s still unimpressed with her sister’s radio slot; Roman’s parents didn’t hear her own embarrassing story, but it’s still agony. She pulls herself together for her online team talk, reassuring everyone she’s not bitter about disloyal Susan poaching team members for the pub quiz. No wonder Emma chooses to seek the advice of her aunt rather than her own mum… Elizabeth’s doing one of Kate’s online yoga classes. She feels Kate and Jakob are an unlikely pairing, in a nice way. Ifty’s at the classes too. He’s looking good. Elizabeth receives a message from him. Later as she pores over Lower Loxley’s unhealthy books, she tells herself they’ll survive. Lily, Russ and Freddie have rallied round, and Ifty’s being kind and sending funny messages. What would Lily and Freddie think she got together with Ifty? When her phone pings and it’s Tracy asking about the pub quiz, Elizabeth realises she’s disappointed it wasn’t Ifty. She’ll say yes to his invitation to a video chat.
29/06/2013m 8s


Ben continues to search for Jill’s bees. He’s getting teased about it and he recounts going round to Tracy’s in his bee suit which Chelsea filmed and put on Instagram. Ben buys ingredients to make dinner – tonight is a second attempt in as many nights to make a Thai meal after hearing from Chloe that she’s been to Thailand. Josh hopes Jill’s cooking tonight’s dinner after Ben’s iffy meal last night. He hears from someone who’d like to buy something from his remaining machinery stock. Later Ben reports the bees were found in Josh’s baler. Josh got stung, which amuses Ben. He’s glad he got the swarm back, and Chloe enjoyed the story. He’s relieved his Gran cooked for tonight – the Thai cooking is hard work, and Chloe’s happy with pizza. Kirsty has a virtual hen night and struggles to interpret Pat’s charades over a poor internet connection. After resetting her wifi, the virtual hen is hilarious and Kirsty feels a lot happier for it. She enjoyed all the activities she was set and went through with Tracy’s dare - a prank call. She calls the last person that Philip called on his phone, Kenzie. Philip is annoyed, which puzzles Kirsty. But it leads to the two of them having a long chat. He’s agreed to try to relax more. Kirsty still loves him no matter what and can’t wait until they’re able to get married.
25/06/2013m 8s


Susan waits for Sabrina to take over from her in the shop so she can get home for her next stint on Radio Borsetshire. Meanwhile, Tracy nervously waits to meet Roman’s parents for the first time via a video call. Relieved Tracy sunbathes after her call with Roman’s parents went well. She calls to Chelsea to bring the radio out so she can hear Susan’s show. She doesn’t think Susan will last long on the radio station – people will lose interest. Tracy’s pleased with how many people are watching her cricket team talk posts. Susan encourages people to get in touch as she half-heartedly punts the “Susie’s Chatroom” idea thought up by producer Danny, and asks people for their ‘disappointing dates’ stories. She relishes telling a story about someone she knows accidentally squeezing the leg of the dad of their boyfriend. Angry Tracy recognises herself as the subject, and calls into Susan’s show but is quickly cut off for swearing. This riles Tracy further and she decides to get her own back on social media. But just as she’s about make a start Jill’s bees invade the garden. Tracy’s terrified of bees.
24/06/2013m 10s


Susan puts out an appeal on her Radio Borsetshire show on behalf of Ben and Jill about the missing swarm of bees. Not many people are calling in, but she disagrees with her producer Danny that people are losing interest; they’re just busy doing other things. Perhaps they’re waiting for her to talk about herself again… She tries to drum up interest with topics inspired by her fellow Ambridge residents. Kirsty mulls over what to do with the garden at Beechwood. Philip doesn’t come out to help her as he’s busy on the phone inside. Helen registers Kirsty’s low mood after giving her a call. She can appreciate why Kirsty isn’t happy at the moment. Meanwhile, Helen is feeling good with things looking up at Bridge Farm. Helen decides to organise a virtual hen party for Kirsty. Kirsty is looking forward to it. It even cheered up Philip when she told him about it. Helen’s pleased Kirsty will have a whole evening without worrying about Philip – it will be an absolute ball.
23/06/2012m 45s


Kirsty’s disappointed that Brookfield will be giving priority to wedding bookings when they re-open, which means her and Philip’s ‘engagement’ party is way down the list. It’s so ironic that theirs is secretly a wedding reception. She’d have liked to give Philip some cheerier news; he’s so depressed and grouchy. She wishes later that she hadn’t told him. She thought he might be ok with it, but it upset him, and he had to apologise to her for snapping. She hadn’t realised how important their wedding was to him; it was the only thing getting him through the fallout from the Grey Gables explosion. Josh films himself talking about how not to buy farm machinery, hoping it will help him sell his remaining stock. He needs the money to rebuild his egg business – he’s getting more requests than he can fulfil with his current number of hens. Scornful Ben laughs at his brother’s efforts. He reckons Josh’s online video was his idea in the first place. But Josh won’t take any advice from him on where or how to film it. Ben goes to add a super to one of Jill’s hives and finds the bees have swarmed. He loses them while distracted by a call from Chloe. He goes in search of the swarm, buoyed by the prospect of making dinner for Chloe sometime, but equally nervous of what Jill will say if he doesn’t find the bees.
22/06/2012m 38s


Has Lilian’s plan backfired? Justin seems to be having way too good a time with his new found family contacts. The irony of this does not escape her. She feels a little jealousy creeping in. One distant female relative in particular is taking up a lot of Justin’s time. Justin spots Lilian’s green eyed monster and is amused. In reality he’s helping his long lost relative with her cake business. But he resolves to keep the mystery going a while longer and make Lilian squirm. He’s loving talking business again. It’s what makes him tick. Meanwhile Lilian’s enlisted Kate’s help in once again distracting Justin, this time away from the family tree research and his phone. Kate’s solution is to present Justin with a computer golf game she’s discovered unused at the Lodge. However, to Lilian’s dismay this proves to be just as much a stealer of Justin’s attention. She admits defeat; she’s been hoisted on her own petard. She curls up with the television and an early night. At least Justin is now wearing the ‘purple’ outfit – much the most comfortable attire for golf!
18/06/2013m 12s


Lilian’s happy Justin’s attention is being held by the family tree record book given to him by James. He’s busy in the study researching parish records, finding amusement in the bankruptcy of a cousin. It gives Lilian a chance to go and see to the horses, and just as importantly keeps Justin out of the kitchen. Whilst lunging Aziz she ponders on how well her nieces and nephews are keeping in touch with her – unlike her son James, who she hasn’t had a proper conversation with in ages. She’s flattered that Kate has confided her news, and gratified she’s been able to offer the benefit of her wisdom. Kate’s discovered she’s begun the approach to menopause. Shocked and saddened, she agonises over whether to tell Jakob. He was so thrilled when he thought he might become a father. What if he leaves her? But Jakob accepts her news with his scientist’s pragmatism. He’s relieved it’s nothing serious. It makes no difference to his feelings for her; he loves Kate. After some of the useless advice and comments from her female relatives, his advice to accept the process and go with nature is like gold for Kate. He’s got it so right. She decides her next project will be yoga for the menopause!
17/06/2013m 10s


Kate’s facing an uphill battle, trying to teach Jakob yoga in a virtual private lesson. He needs to switch off his analytical brain – though she is appreciating the opportunity to admire his body from afar. She’s missing him; one of the drawbacks of isolating with Peggy. Kate’s also miffed that her manager Lucy beat her to it in setting up her own online yoga tuition sessions. She needs to find her own USP. Jakob’s seizing the chance while he’s separated from Kate to re-order his wardrobe and enjoy the tidiness of his life. He feels he has plenty to do and it’s good for them to take a break from each other. Though he admits… he does miss Kate. Meanwhile Kate’s isolation problems mount as she struggles with poor wifi, an unwanted gift from Hilda the cat and a wayward gran. She’s also had a text from her GP, arranging a phone call for tomorrow. Her symptoms were only moodiness; though she is sleeping badly and sometimes feels like she’s got a terrible hangover. She hopes she’s ok.
16/06/2013m 6s


Lilian’s congratulating herself on the successful weight loss regimes of her animals – unlike her own efforts. She blames Justin’s penchant for cooking rich food for her expanding waistline. Justin in turn is horrified at the matching purple outfits Lilian has acquired for them both. He’s feeling a little redundant with nowhere to go and all running smoothly at Berrow for a change. And Lilian’s taken to leaving him notes! The last thing he needs is a reminder to cut the grass. Perhaps he’s past it… He concedes that Lilian looks cute in her tracksuit, but there’s no way he’s wearing his; he’s his own man. Lilian bemoans the fact she’s stuck with Grumplestiltskin. She’s determined not to let Justin’s negativity cramp her style. Irritated with his boredom and interference with her own plans, she’s come up with a scheme to entice him away from his discontent and into an exploration of his family tree. It works. The threat of joining Lilian for a run in their matching suits was too much, and he finally acquiesces. Lilian enjoys the peace as Justin remains quietly holed up in his study.
15/06/2013m 8s


Tony contemplates the reactions of the villagers to his lack of hair. He’s incredulous it’s sparked such interest. He’s flattered by the compliments of Helen and Joy, and only wishes his wife could be more positive. He’s fed up of covering his head all the time. Tom was surprised to hear his dad on the radio being ambushed by Susan. Her assumption that he’d shaved his head as a fundraiser has really started something – his dad had to go along with it. He’s glad Helen managed to steer the chat back to the Bridge Farm Dairy. Although he wishes someone could have mentioned the veg boxes after all his hard work. He was pleased to see Natasha happy with the online call to her parents. It did them all good. Tony’s proud of Helen for agreeing to the radio interview; she sounded relaxed. He feels Lee is good for her. The events of the past had eroded Tony’s trust in people, but it’s all gradually coming back. He’s embarrassed he managed to get himself on the radio accidentally towards the end of Helen’s interview. But he’s glad he thought of saying his head shave was to raise money for Borchester General’s burns unit. The donations are now pouring in! Helen’s managed to get a bottle supply, so she can now start selling the excess milk, and she has some new cheese orders too. Being separated from Lee has made her realise how much she loves being with him and she looks forward to when they can be together again. Her small steps forward are leading somewhere new, and better.
11/06/2012m 58s


The thought gremlins are creeping in for Natasha. Her mum’s reported her dad’s having a big clear out at home, and she feels sorry for her while being grateful that she herself isn’t there. She goes over events in her childhood around her dad’s bipolar condition. She’s surprised by Tom’s message that he’ll be home at six and cheered at his suggestion of a call to her parents. It’s quite a turnaround; Helen must have spoken to him. Tom’s confused by some of Natasha’s business decisions. He wants to cheer her up but wonders if he’ll ever understand her. He chuckles at Joy’s comparison of Tony to Yul Brynner. Pat wants him to keep his hat on in public. Tom feels like everyone’s losing their minds except him. Later he begins to see Natasha’s point of view. It must be hard for her being so far from her parents. He decides to make an evening of it with Helen’s gifts of cheese and wine. Helen’s loved meeting Lee across a river bank. It made her feel almost normal. She’s still battling with obtaining milk bottles though, and Tom’s hounding her about her radio interview. She’s enjoyed a chat with Natasha. It makes her realise how she’s usually reticent about letting people in –and that she needs to care less what people think about her past. She resolves to do the interview with Susan.
10/06/2013m 15s


Tony’s mulling over whether to trim his hair or his beard. He decides on the beard, but his clean shaven look doesn’t cut it with Pat, and she threatens to come at him with her scissors – for a restyle. Tony resolves to let Helen deal with the excess milk difficulties and her doubts over Radio Borsetshire, herself, tempted though he is to get involved. Johnny, on the other hand, he feels he might be able to help; he reassures Johnny he’s doing a good job with the Monteys, and offers to take some of the work from him. Tom has him working too hard. Natasha’s trying to increase her Summer Orchard offer to existing clients. Demand is low, and she’s desperate. Tom’s gung-ho attitude and advice should be inspiring her; but what she could really do with right now is a hug. She knows she’s not handling things as well as he is, but she doesn’t thrive on her own staring at a screen all day – especially when Tom’s too busy to answer her calls or get home on time. To cap it all she gets a notification of a problem with the refrigeration system, and the engineers can’t come out until tomorrow. She misses her parents, and her husband. Things seem to be slipping through her fingers. Johnny’s got Tom barking orders in one ear and Tracy in the other about cricket. The only thing amusing him is the before and after pics of Tony that Helen sent. Granddad really shouldn’t have tackled his own hair; he had to sort it by shaving it off – to Pat’s horror. It gives Johnny the idea to shave his own off, and he does so. He won’t have to cover up his encroaching baldness any more.
09/06/2013m 8s


Tom lines up Eddie to do deliveries for Bridge Fresh. Eddie agrees as long as Grange Farm Cider is added to Bridge Fresh’s website. Tom doesn’t think they’d have coped with the surge in demand without the Bridge Fresh app. He’s working flat out. They are also selling Josh’s eggs, Toby’s gin and Tearoom cakes. They’re paying wholesale prices. Pat and Tony think Tom and Natasha should take a smaller cut. Helen’s got excess cheese stock stacking up. It’s a shame; the wheels in the maturing room Helen tasted yesterday were perfect. At least she’s selling more through Bridge Fresh, and Emma and Fallon are using the cheese in their baking. She’s also on an email quest for bottles for the excess milk she can’t process. Interrupted by a call from Susan asking her to go on her radio show, Helen rather envies her. Susan’s using every opportunity this crisis is bringing, despite her and Clarrie not being able to work at the Bridge Farm dairy. Helen just wishes she had the courage to say yes to appearing; it would do her business profile some good. She’s missing Lee. She wonders what he would think of her prevaricating over five minutes on the radio, while he’s working all hours at the hospital. Finally she puts her finger on her problem with it; she’s worried some listeners might recognise her name, and the spectre of Rob looms large. But surely she can’t let that beat her.
08/06/2013m 16s


Emma has made sure Keira’s VE Day school project will be finished in time. Keira hadn’t said anything about the project to her because she would have asked Joe about his wartime memories but he’s no longer here. Emma can’t believe how relaxed Helen is about not getting Henry’s VE Day school project done. Ed was grouchy this morning. He’s lost his shearing bet with Jazzer and walked into the coffee table. Emma thinks about where the coffee table is best placed. It has extra importance because Ed saved it when they didn’t get their Beechwood home. Susan is on the radio again and she reads out Robert’s story of his dad being given the Military Medal. Susan mentions that on the village website are some pictures done by Keira that go with Jill Archer’s wartime memories that were read out earlier in the week. Susan also makes an apology to her family. Emma hears it and is grateful. Before the end of her show, Susan describes what she loves about Ambridge landscape and people. Ed has asked Emma if they can have a chat later which sets Emma’s mind wondering about what he wants to discuss. Is he not enjoying being back together with her? On Ed’s return home, he tells Emma that he hates the coffee table and she is relieved that’s all that was on his mind.
04/06/2013m 9s


Embarrassed by what she said on the radio yesterday, Susan worries about the gossip it will cause and how it’ll impact on Neil. Emma is still in a mood with Susan and Jazzer has won the shearing bet because Ed was thrown by hearing Susan’s revelations. Susan isn’t answering Tracy’s calls. Susan admits she can’t stand people talking about her. She recounts leaving prison and trying to go back to life in Ambridge. Neil shows Susan all the comments online about her divulging her chilli recipe. They are positive about Susan’s frankness about sex in later life. Radio Borsetshire want Susan to do a regular slot and she’s trending on Twitter. Susan regains her confidence and celebrates with some more honey rum. Ed and Jazzer are shearing at Brookfield; Ben is a catcher for them. Ben recounts laughing with Jill at hearing Susan talking about her chilli recipe. Ben recognises he gets on really well with Jill and he saw how much having her wartime stories read out on the radio meant to her. Ben remembers Chloe is a junior doctor and decides to send her a text. He’s amazed she replies and seems pleased to hear from him. He asks Susan for her chilli recipe in the hope he can make it for Chloe one day.
03/06/2013m 12s


Susan prepares for her first show on Radio Borsetshire with breathing exercises that Roman told her about. Susan thinks her qualities naturally lend themselves to radio. On her show, Jill’s wartime memories are read out by Danny from Radio Borsetshire and then Susan describes her role at the village shop. She pays tribute to all the essential workers before being reined in by Danny. Ed kicks himself for agreeing to the shearing bet with Jazzer – there’s 10 pints riding on it – Ed thinks Jazzer knows Ed's the better shearer. Ed looks forward to The Bull re-opening as he wants to properly celebrate getting back together with Emma. He hopes Emma doesn’t mind if he falls straight asleep tonight. To calm her nerves Susan sips some honey rum. She’s doing a phone-in about community and extolls her community-minded virtues as well as Neil’s high standing in Ambridge. She then launches into a story about how she keeps Neil happy. Prompted to listen by Emma, Susan’s revelations stun Ed and he gets behind in his and Jazzer’s shearing competition. Tomorrow is their third day shearing and he hopes he can do enough to make it a draw.
02/06/2013m 3s


Ben doesn’t think much of Radio Borsetshire’s competition to find a new DJ to present from home. He really hopes it’s not his dad. He’s typing up Jill’s hand-written notes of her wartime memories to submit to the radio station. Ruairi is doing the same for Peggy. Emma makes cakes in an empty Tearoom for the village shop and the Bridge Farm shop. Emma’s finding it hard to keep Keira and George both cheerful and doing their school work. She doesn’t want George to miss out on the chances that she did when at school. Meanwhile, Ed’s preoccupied with a shearing bet he has with Jazzer. Ben wonders what the future holds for him as the coronavirus lockdown has meant he hasn’t done his A-Levels. He was hoping to do very little but is sent on an egg delivery mission to Emma. On his way home he reads Jill’s notes about living through the Second World War. Ben muses on Jill’s childhood and what it must have been like to lose both parents and then go to live with Daphne and her family. Emma gets a text from Helen about a VE Day school project Henry and Keira’s class are meant to be doing. It’s the first Emma’s heard of it and she worries how she’ll manage. Helen in comparison seems to do so well with two kids and running her own business. Emma always feels two steps behind. Then, Emma gets a text from Susan saying “Hi Emma, you’ll never guess what I’ve just won!”
01/06/2013m 5s


Josh has hesitated before telling his dad he won’t be taking the offer at Home Farm, or getting the spraying licence. He wasn’t sure he’d understand. He doesn’t want to be a hired hand for the rest of his life. At least he neatly fulfilled his task to get the harvester mended, courtesy of his contact Miserable Mick. And telling David about his decision was so much easier after that – even if he did have to put up with his dreadful taste in music, and his bad guitar playing. No, ‘Disco Dave’ can prance around all he likes as long as Josh can expand his egg business. It was great to find out about the history of his name: the initials JM coming out of his baby name ‘Junior Me’. So he is kind of named for his dad, after all. David’s happy about the silage. He marvels at how Josh managed to get the forage harvester mended. He doesn’t know how his son does it. He observes Josh is an odd mix: cocky but only up to a point. He’s relieved Josh didn’t laugh at his guitar playing. He feels Josh’s plans for upsizing the egg business make sense. Even though Josh gives him a lot of headaches, just as he must have done to his own father, it doesn’t stop him praying his children’s dreams will come true.
28/05/2013m 15s


Josh has some decisions to make. Who to vote for in the cricket captaincy battle? Tracy’s great fun, and Harrison might be well organised and up for picking him for the team, but his style is boring and predictable. Josh knows who his dad would favour. At least the discussion had got them off the topic of the forage harvester. As he drills linseed, Josh wonders whether he should consider getting the spraying certificates Brian’s recommending. He’ll get more work from Adam; his dad thinks it’s a no brainer. But does he really want to be known just as an agricultural contractor. The lure of ‘rural entrepreneur’ could be a little stronger. This could be the best time to start a business… Tracy’s canvassing like crazy right up to the closure of the captaincy vote. Her killer blow is that she’s secured team sponsorship from Vince Casey. All he wants in return is his logo on the kit. Hopeful of persuading several of the team, her last call, to Chris Carter, proves one too far, and he pledges his support for Harrison. Harrison discovers Tracy’s hardline campaign tactics from Jolene. He ups his game and makes some calls. But it’s to no avail, and he loses by one vote. Probably his mum in law Jolene. Ah well. Tracy doesn’t know what she’s let herself in for. He raises a glass to her, wishing her luck. She’s going to need it.
27/05/2013m 14s


Tracy’s making a video – Brad reckons she should call it a vlog, but she doesn’t want to look a prat does she? Not when she’s delivering the first of ‘Tracy’s team talks’. Congratulating herself on her part in Emma and Ed’s reunion, Tracy feels it’s this sort of straight talking that the cricket team needs at its helm. They need to be practising in their gardens and discussing tactics until they can play together again. And nice guys don’t get you to the top of the league. They need her as their captain, not Harrison. She launches her campaign manifesto. Harrison reads it with horror. It’s clearly a cut and paste job, and full of well used quotes, but Tracy’s getting some good responses to her campaign. Five members are supporting her nomination. He needs to do something. Tracy’s a gutsy player but she’s not skipper material. He begins work on a statement of his own, but has trouble striking the right tone. Eventually he’s happy with his work, and posts his counter attack.
26/05/2012m 56s


David’s at the top of Lakey Hill, clearing his head. As he looks down on Ambridge he observes how life in the village has changed in recent times. Brookfield’s new business with their barn venue has gone on hold. Both Kirsty and Philip’s engagement party and Stephanie Casey’s wedding have been postponed. While a lot of things have changed, the larks and the ewes still provide their bucolic backdrop. He tries not to stress about getting the silage in; the forage harvester broke while Josh was driving it. He compares his relationship with Josh to that between him and his own dad, Phil. David finds Josh the hardest of his three kids to read – Pip’s getting on and keeping busy on the farm, Ben’s keen to get to university and is never much bother. But Josh… just as he gets your hopes up, he lets you down again. More prosaically, David agonises over tonight’s lasagne. While he collects a good haul of eggs from his hens, Josh puts his side of the argument. Josh is adamant the forage harvester’s malfunction wasn’t his fault. It just went kaput while he was driving it. He appreciates how his parents dealt with his arrest but he feels like they treat him differently from Pip and Ben. He can see family links with both of their names but none with his own, Joshua Matthew. Josh is emboldened after an offer of more work from Adam. He can’t wait to tell his dad – though he saves this news for now. He’s just happy someone has confidence in him. David vows to keep battling on, and see if he can get anywhere with his son this week.
25/05/2012m 54s

Returning to Ambridge

From Monday 25 May, there will be new episodes of The Archers.

The Archers returns

New episodes of The Archers return on Monday 25 May.

An Announcement From The Archers

Things are happening a little differently in Ambridge at the moment, which means there will be no new episodes of The Archers until 25th May. But don’t worry! Until then, we will be revisiting some of the programme’s most memorable moments, with specially selected episodes from the past twenty years. Ambridge is celebrating this week. Join in different festivities each day as the village marks its great annual traditions. There’s controversy at the Flower and Produce Show, drama at the Hunt Ball and cause for celebration as the Christmas lights are switched on. We’ll spend a contemplative bonfire night with Peggy and head to Lower Loxley for a riotous New Year’s bash.
16/05/201m 2s

An Announcement From The Archers

Things are happening a little differently in Ambridge at the moment, which means there will be no new episodes of The Archers until 25th May. But don’t worry! Until then, we will be revisiting some of the programme’s most memorable moments, with specially selected episodes from the past twenty years. There’s no place like home, as the good people of Ambridge well know. This week, we’ll listen in to moments that tested each of the family farms. There will be sad farewells, an emotional reunion and an earth-shattering confession. One family makes a difficult decision for the good of their farm and we’ll hear the flood that affected all of Ambridge.

An Announcement From The Archers

Things are happening a little differently in Ambridge at the moment, which means there will be no new episodes of The Archers until 25th May. But don’t worry! Until then, we will be revisiting some of the programme’s most memorable moments, with specially selected episodes from the past twenty years. This week, we’re attending notable matches and dispatches in Ambridge. Dust off your hats and gloves and join the guests at four unforgettable Archers’ weddings. Have you ever wondered why things can feel a little frosty between Kirsty and Tom? You’ll soon find out. We’ll also give a rousing send off to one of the village’s most-loved residents.


Writer, Liz John Directors, Kim Greengrass & Peter Leslie Wild Editor, Jeremy Howe Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O’Hanrahan Eddie Grundy ….. Trevor Harrison Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley Gavin Moss ….. Gareth Pierce Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Robert Snell ….. Graham Blockey Leonie Snell ….. Jasmine Hyde Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell
30/04/2013m 17s


Ed meets Robert in Borchester – Robert’s collecting Lynda’s medication Ed’s looking forward to shearing season and Jazzer is fully on board now. Leonie rings Robert after hearing he’ll be opening then B&B again. She thinks it’s too much work for him as well as looking after Lynda but Robert won’t be persuaded otherwise. Leonie then speaks to Lynda about taking on B&B guests and insists that she comes to help them. She’ll also bring Mungo who is desperate to see Lynda. Eddie keeps Ed busy with errands all day to keep him away from Grange Farm. When Ed returns, he’s shocked to see a mobile home in the yard. Thinking it’s travellers he marches over to order them to leave. To his surprise, Emma opens the door. Emma explains this is was what the money from the joint account was for. She’s realised they don’t need a fancy house, just a home of their own. When Emma asks Ed if he will live there too, he agrees. They’ll be a proper family again and they say “I love you” to each other.
29/04/2012m 58s


Jolene and Emma discuss plans for VE Day and Emma thanks Jolene for putting her in touch with a friend who’s helping her get her life back on track. Roy, who’s found his phone, has had an odd message from the DJ for Philip and Kirsty’s wedding reception. Kirsty will return the call. she’s also made some decisions about flowers. Later, Kirsty reprimands Roy for cancelling the DJ and shows him the message the DJ received from Roy earlier in the week. Roy explains he couldn’t have sent it then as he was in bed after Philip’s stag night. Kirsty wonders if it was a drunken prank which Roy denies. He can’t understand how it happened. Kirsty storms off. Adam is on Tracy’s side when it comes to cricket practice. He hardly broke a sweat tonight as they spent most of the time talking tactics. Harrison reports star player Johnny has pulled out of Sunday’s match and Tracy is horrified to learn that he’s recruited Jolene. She offers to get Jolene up to speed for the match. Jolene isn’t too pleased plus she wants an apology for the trick Tracy pulled on Valentine’s night. But the pair make up when Tracy thanks Jolene for helping Emma move forward with her life.
28/04/2012m 58s


Adam finds Pip at the playground while out for fresh air with Xander – Rosie’s enjoying the sandpit. They discuss Justin withdrawing investment from Pip, Rex and Phoebe’s idea to convert some derelict barns. Pip thinks it’s distracting them from their main rewilding project but Adam points out it’s a venture that fits nicely with their ethos. Pip decides to ask Lilian for advice on how to deal with Justin. Roy looks worse for wear after last night and what’s more he’s lost his new phone. Tracy has no sympathy when they meet in the shop. Meanwhile, Susan remarks how much better Emma is doing. Tracy agrees she’s got her mojo back. Later, Susan calls round to Tracy’s and worries about what the future holds for Emma. Tracy tells her she’s got to let her daughter be independent. This ruffles Susan but ultimately she is grateful for the pep talk. As Pip catches up with Adam on their way to cricket practice, Gavin joins them. He’s keen to give cricket a go. In the changing rooms, Adam teases Johnny about his thinning hair. Later, when Tracy reports that Harrison won’t let Gavin join the team because he’s not a permanent Ambridge resident, everyone is stunned, especially as Gavin is a great batsman.
27/04/2013m 13s


Philip tells Gavin that Robert turned up to apologise. Gavin wonders if the Snells will cause them any problems but Philip reckons they’ve got enough on coping with Lynda’s injuries. When Gavin suggests finding out what Roy’s thinking while they’re on Philip’s stag tonight, Philip warns him to tread carefully. Roy’s not sure he should go to Philip’s stag after the scene he caused last week. Kirsty insists it’s all forgotten and that he should go. Meanwhile, Tracy reminds Roy about cricket practice, she thinks they should be training more if they want to beat Little Croxley. Tracy bumps into Gavin at The Feathers and then invites herself along to the stag night. Tracy is about to get Roman to join them too when Philip suggests that Tracy gets the next round in which makes her leave quickly! Roy apologises to Philip for what he said last week. Gavin strong-arms Roy to go on clubbing after Alistair and Philip call it a night. As they leave the club, Roy complains about the lack of street lighting. Gavin tells him not to worry, he’ll look after him.
26/04/2012m 22s


Kenton collects Shula from her Bishop’s Advisory Panel as a way of saying sorry for their row last week. Shula is pleased to see him the weekend has been full on. She’s pleased with how it went but now has to wait two weeks for the outcome. Robert has a heart to heart with Jim at The Bull. He’s finding it hard with Lynda at home when she’s keen to do things herself and get back to normal. Lynda wants Robert to apologise to Philip which he’s not looking forward to. Jim advises to do it for Lynda’s sake and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t mean it. On his return home, Lynda tells Robert they’ve had an enquiry from a regular B&B guest event though their website says they’re currently not taking bookings. Lynda is keen to host them early next month while Robert’s not so sure. Is Lynda ready to have guests? Lynda argues it’s what she needs to feel like she’s making progress, so Robert agrees.
23/04/2013m 9s


Philip catches up with Gavin who’s fed up of doing the building work and looking after Blake. Gavin’s not sure if Blake did as he was told in his interview with police and he wonders if they should get rid of him. But Philip’s adamant that they have to keep everything normal until it blows over. Later, Kirsty relays to Philip that the Snells would like to see him. Gavin doesn’t think Philip should meet them but Philip says he’s got no reason to avoid them. Robert tries to persuade Lynda to get out and see people more but she doesn’t feel like she face that yet. She’s interested in getting hold of an account of what happened at Grey Gables on the day of the fire which Robert finds difficult. He thinks she should wait a while and Lynda gets annoyed at him not helping with her request. When Kirsty and Philip arrive at Ambridge Hall, Robert tries to send them away but Lynda stops him. She invited them herself seeing as he wouldn’t help her. Robert apologises to Kirsty for how he opened the door on her and Philip. Kirsty tries to convince Robert that Philip’s not to blame for the Grey Gables fire while Robert shares how much Lynda is struggling to return to normal. Lynda is grateful to Philip for asking her questions. When she and Philip return to Kirsty and Robert, Robert lays into Philip. Lynda orders him to stop and tells him she doesn’t need his fussing. This breaks Robert and he lunges for Philip only to fall to floor completely distraught.
22/04/2013m 16s


Tracy bombards Jolene with details of the training session she’s organised for the cricket team. Jolene’s wise that Tracy may be trying to put her off but holds her own and asks if Tracy will be giving up smoking. At Tracy’s request, Lee pushes everyone hard at the cricket training session. Tracy adds to the pressure by shouting through a megaphone. Harrison and Jolene both perform badly. After Lee’s fitness session, Tracy moves everyone onto fielding practice. Roman gives the cricket training a miss because he’s working on his latest script idea. Afterwards, while Tracy and Harrison argue how to run the cricket team, Roman mentions his cricketing experience. Harrison says he can’t join the team because he doesn’t live in Ambridge. Tracy thinks she can do a better job than Chris at running cricket practice but Harrison won’t hear anymore. Roman tells Tracy she has to do as Harrison says as he is the captain, unless there’s a coup d’etat. Phoebe meets Justin at the barns they’d like to develop. Justin thinks her, Rex and Pip’s plan for the barns to be used for ethical business start-ups and flexible office hire is unrealistic. Phoebe insists they’ve done their research but Justin’s not willing to invest.
21/04/2013m 10s


To stop Kirsty fretting about his interview with the police, Philip has invited Helen and Roy round for dinner tonight – he’s cooking a curry. Once dinner is served, Philip suggests that he and Kirsty have stag and hen nights. Roy asks if Philip wants to invite any family to his stag night. When Philip says it wouldn’t possible with them all in Wales, Roy asks about his nephew, Blake. Philip explains that he’s not actually Blake’s uncle, but he told the hospital he was so that they would allow him to visit. The atmosphere grows tense with Roy refusing to drop the subject of Blake. When he asks about Blake leaving hospital, Philip explains it was safer to be there than having Blake walk out on his own and that he’s now in Norfolk with his parents. Kirsty grows angry with Roy, and he apologises for ruining the evening. Later, Kirsty can’t believe Philip’s compassion for Roy. Shula is sticking very closely to Jakob’s weight-loss programme for Amir and Aziz. Shula’s impressed that Kenton recognises Amir. In a change of plan, Kenton interviews Shula as a practice for her Bishop’s Advisory Panel instead of Alistair. Initially Kenton’s impression of a bishop puts Shula off, and then she struggles to describe her strengths. Kenton tells her she’s imaginative and kind. When they move onto weaknesses, they descend into a row and Kenton leaves.
20/04/2013m 20s


Roy’s preoccupied with the fact that the investigation into the Grey Gables fire found that Blake had lit the grill. He offloads to Phoebe and asks her to promise not to share the information with anyone else. Roy doesn’t think Philip should take the blame if the cause of the explosion was down to the recklessness of one of his workers. Lynda refuses breakfast and chastises Robert for taking her right into the middle of the Easter Festival yesterday. He didn’t consider her feelings and she doesn’t want to see him. When Lilian calls round she barges in to see Lynda sends Robert out for a walk with Monty. When Robert returns he finds Lynda in much better spirits. Lilian has cheered her up with talk about her mistaken Easter Bonnet prize and the chocolate bunny prize trans-morphing into a frog. Roy goes to the hospital only to find out that Blake is no longer there. He gets caught in conversation with Geoff, the patient in the bed next to Blake’s, who tells him that Blake was discharged even though the doctors didn’t think it was a good idea. Geoff also says Blake’s uncle picked him up who was thick-set, in his fifties and Welsh. Geoff suggests Roy asks one of the nurses for more information but Roy’s pretty sure he knows who collected Blake.
19/04/2013m 12s


At the Easter Festival, Kenton asks Emma, who’s running craft sessions for kids, to join in when he’ll mark Lynda’s arrival with a special announcement over the PA. When Lynda, with sunglasses and hat, arrives at the Easter Festival, Chris asks how she is but struggles to find the right words. Lynda wants to stay on the edge of the event but when Kenton announces Lynda’s arrival over the PA, which makes her heart sink, Robert pushes her wheelchair closer to the action. At the unveiling of the refurbished old sign for The Bull, Lynda is invited to say a few words. Kenton holds the microphone in front of her but she can’t find anything to say. Kenton quickly moves on from the awkward moment while Lynda asks Robert to take her back to the car – she doesn’t want to be here. Emma tells Ed that she needs to withdraw quite a bit of money to secure a new place to live for her and the kids. She assures Ed that he will still see Keira and George. Later, glum Ed gives Kenton a hand to set up for prize-giving and he explains just as he was about ask Emma about giving their relationship another try she’s told him that she’s looking for a new place to live without him in the equation. Then, when Chris asks him about collecting Emma’s furniture, Ed realises Emma’s move is much sooner than he was led to believe.
16/04/2013m 19s


Still processing the explosion at Grey Gables, a few of its staff visit St Stephen’s, including Roy who tells Shula he’s trying to make sense of what happened. Shula’s expecting Lynda at the Easter Festival tomorrow and wonders if Kenton should make a special announcement as the event’s master of ceremonies. Alan reports that Freddie’s art project is finished. He won’t say what it looks like though, the unveiling is planned for the V.E. Day anniversary. Shula’s feeling nervous about the next step in the ordination process. Both Alan and Alistair tell her not to worry. Alistair convinces Shula to practise for her personal interview with him. Tracy complains about the state of the cricket team to Emma. Emma sees her point about making changes, she feels the same about life generally. Emma tells her she’s a got a big plan for her and the kids not to live with Susan and Neil. Jazzer teases Ed about whether he can take part in shearing. He’s on board, really. Ed tells him he turned down Emma’s offer of getting back together because if they split up again it would be even worse for the kids. Jazzer keeps on at him about telling Emma he’s changed his mind. Ed says he’ll speak to her this week.
15/04/2013m 12s


Tracy tells Harrison that his decision to open up nets to anyone local is not leading the team to victory. Last night’s session was full of old people. Fed up with Tracy’s complaining about his leadership of the cricket team, Harrison suggests she runs the next training session. Tracy is delighted. Lilian visits Lynda who expects Leonie has told Lilian about Lynda’s ungrateful attitude. Lilian keeps the mood light and the conversation turns to the Easter Festival. Lynda’s not keen to attend but Lilian insists that she must be there. Roy fills Oliver in on a disgruntled couple staying at Grey Gables. He thinks they’re finding fault so they can get a discount or freebie. With Oliver not feeling positive about getting Grey Gables back on its feet, Roy tries to put things in perspective for him. Later, they discuss the findings of the investigation into the explosion at the hotel. Roy describes his weird encounter with Blake when he passed on Lynda’s message to him. Neither Oliver nor Roy can fathom why the grill was on at the time of the explosion.
14/04/2012m 37s


Lynda arrives home on crutches and is greeted by Leonie. Lynda is disappointed the Monty has been taken for a walk by Ben and Ruairi and then horrified there’s a bed downstairs for her. She insists she’ll be sleeping upstairs. Leonie gets annoyed by Lynda’s lack of thanks and she starts to speak her mind; Robert takes her away from Lynda and tells her off. Later, Robert brings a towel for Lynda while she’s in the bath. She doesn’t want him to look at her. He reminds her that he bathed her in hospital and loves her as much now as he ever did. Once in a bathrobe, Lynda apologises to Robert – she doesn’t know why she’s being irritable – and promises to do better. Robert reunites her with Monty and Lynda is overjoyed. Tracy’s enthusiasm for the new cricket season quickly fades at Harrison’s talk for recruiting new players. She thinks everyone over 50 should be booted off. They realise that the kit has gone mouldy since last season. Kirsty turns up to help Shula decorate eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt after rearranging her plans with Helen. Shula asks about Philip and Gavin but Kirsty doesn’t really want to talk about it. It’s hard having Gavin still living with them. Shula doesn’t think Philip deserves what’s been said about him round the village. Kirsty knocks over the chocolate bunny Lilian donated for the Easter Festival. It breaks so Shula decides to share it with Kirsty.
13/04/2012m 56s


Philip’s interviewed by Harrison about what happened the day of the fire at Grey Gables. Philip says he’s known Blake for years and explains that Blake didn’t get on with school but has done really well since working for Philip. Philip can’t fathom what happened at Grey Gables, it seems completely out of character of Blake. Philip makes clear that Gavin wasn’t involved in getting the materials for the job; he only gave Blake a lift there. Freddie and Robert manoeuvre Lynda’s bed downstairs. Lilian points out she won’t have much privacy and offers to lend them a screen. Robert hangs up a call from Leonie and then is surprised to find her outside. While Lilian and Freddie transport the screen, Freddie says he thinks Lynda might be acting happier than she really is for Robert’s sake. Lilian assures him she’ll be fine. Leonie helps provide tea for everyone as well as a belated birthday cake for Robert.
12/04/2013m 22s


Freddie changes his clothes before being trained on reception at Grey Gables by Tracy. Oliver tells them both not to be disheartened if it’s quiet today. Tracy doesn’t like the posters Harrison’s made to recruit people to the cricket team – asking people to ‘have a go’ is not the strategy of a winning team. Lilian finds an overwhelmed Robert overloaded with shopping. She persuades him to let her help him prepare for Lynda’s return home. He wants it to be perfect. Lilian takes Robert to Grey Gables. Lynda really wanted him to be there to show their support for its re-opening. Lilian recruits Freddie to help prepare Ambridge Hall for Lynda’s return. Meanwhile, Oliver finds Robert looking at where Lynda was brought out of Grey Gables after the fire. Robert’s emotional about Lynda’s recovery. Tracy asks Emma how the family theme park trip went. Emma says she was with Keira while Ed was with George. Later, Emma tells Tracy to stop asking about her and Ed – they are definitely over as a couple. Tracy thinks Emma can try harder and not settle for no as an answer from Ed. Despite the day being busier than expected for Grey Gables, Tracy finds Oliver feeling flat. She tells him he’s got to fake it before he makes it, like how she approaches the cricket team, believing they’ll do well despite a poor record of league wins. This invigorates Oliver who goes to talk to his staff.
09/04/2013m 13s


Roy visits Lynda in hospital and brings gifts from Grey Gables staff. Lynda plays down the plan for her to be discharged this week. Roy thinks it’s great news – it’s the boost everyone at Grey Gables needs and she’ll be back on reception in no time. Roy says he passed on Lynda’s message to Blake though he’s not sure how much Blake understood him. Shula meets Oliver at Grey Gables where it’s all hands on deck to get the place ready for re-opening tomorrow. He gives her vouchers for the health club at Grey Gables for the Easter Festival. He hopes, along with other promotions, it will encourage people back to the hotel after the fire. Hugh is running the kitchen from a catering van out of sight. Kirsty apologises when she realises she’s double-booked herself and won’t be able to help Shula with the papier-mâché eggs for the children’s egg hunt. She’s been a bit all over the place with everything at work and the stress Philip’s under. Philip bumps into Roy and tries to allay Roy’s concerns about Blake seeming scared when he relayed Lynda’s message of forgiveness to him. He recommends that Roy passes on any other messages for Blake to him or Gavin. They’ll make sure Blake gets them.
08/04/2013m 13s


Ed and Jazzer put up a gazebo for Keira’s 9th birthday party while Emma puts the finishing touches to the cake. Ed and Emma are trying to steer clear of one another after their awkward encounter on Friday. Tomorrow they’re going to a theme park for George’s birthday. Emma asks Tracy if she can go in her place but she’ll be at Grey Gables which is reopening this week. Ed’s getting lots of requests for shearing but Jazzer’s lukewarm about taking them up. Ed’s desperate for the cash and Jazzer, enjoying the position of power – the tables are turned on last year – says he’ll see if Adam will give him the time off. As Robert unwraps his birthday present from Lynda, she explains that the choice of gift and card had been Kate’s. Leonie and James have had to cancel their visit because of car trouble. Robert suggests Lynda could help out at the Easter Festival but Lynda’s less positive about when she will be discharged from hospital. Gavin’s worried that Kenzie, who keeps asking after Blake, will cause them problems. He can’t understand how Philip can appear so calm about it all, especially with Roy talking to Blake. Later, Gavin returns from visiting Jordan and Kenzie, having bribed Kenzie with beer and cigarettes to stop asking about Blake. Philip says they both need to keep calm until it all blows over.
07/04/2013m 15s


Pip and Rex are at Willow Farm for a rewilding meeting with Phoebe. Pip feels as though Justin has the Midas touch; everything he touches turns to offices. Rex thinks it would be good to have meetings somewhere proper. Phoebe suggests they could exclusively rent the spaces out to environmental or ethical businesses, which brings Pip around. There’s only one way to find out whether Justin will be on board… Ed mentions to Emma that Keira had been acting up in her dance class. Emma asks Ed to come for a walk with her so they can talk properly. The incident at Grey Gables has put things into perspective for her; she could have been killed. She tells Ed she doesn’t want a divorce. She wants to be a proper family again; she will always love Ed. Ed stops her. All the reasons they split up in the first place are still there. Them loving one another isn’t enough. He can’t put himself or the children through another break up. Roy pays Blake a visit in hospital and tries to pass on Lynda’s message of forgiveness. Blake panics and tries to call a nurse in, he can’t talk to Roy. Later, Gavin comes to see him, and Blake explains Roy visited him. Gavin leaves hastily and makes a call to Philip. They may have a problem.
06/04/2013m 15s


Brian’s helping Jennifer source recycled materials for her Easter bonnet, when Alistair arrives to look at the sheep. He diagnoses them with contagious bovine digital dermatitis, not foot rot as Eli had thought. Foot rot treatment won’t work; they’ll need an antibiotic injection and special spray. Alistair confirms that Josh was right to raise the alarm. Adam resolves to thank Josh. Adam’s been preoccupied with Ian’s aunt dying and needing to care for Xander. Brian thinks Adam will need more help in future and volunteers to drill the barley straight away. He reports to Jennifer later that he got on so well, he did an extra field. Robert phones Lee in need of a favour. Lynda’s been struggling recently as her physiotherapist is a bit of a hard taskmaster. He wonders whether Lee might take her on as a patient. Lee explains that physio for burns is a very specialised field, though he’d be happy to have a chat with her about the treatment. He pays Lynda a visit and explains that Robert asked him to call in on her. Later, Lynda lets loose on Robert. What does he think he’s doing, interfering with her treatment and trying to replace her physiotherapist without even consulting her? Lee will think she’s weak. If that’s Robert’s idea of support, he may as well not visit at all. Moved to tears, she asks him to leave her alone.
05/04/2013m 4s


Kate asks Fallon if she can set up a massage chair at the Easter festival. Later, she goes to visit Lynda in hospital. Lynda’s pleased to see her. Robert is aghast to see that Kate’s painted Lynda’s toenails, considering how sensitive Lynda’s skin is. How dare she inflict herself on Lynda? Kate leaves in a hurry, before Lynda can explain she wanted her there. Robert runs after Kate and apologises for being over-protective. Lynda hopes Robert’s ashamed of himself for treating her like a baby. Robert realises he got things very wrong today. Johnny invites Freddie for a drink at The Bull. Unenthusiastic Freddie agrees, if only to shut Johnny up. Johnny tries to discuss The Bull’s name change with Freddie, but he doesn’t want to talk. He bats off Fallon’s praise about him being a hero and declines her offer of a drink. Freddie finally admits he wishes he hadn’t visited Lynda, she was in so much pain and as for the things she was saying… Freddie leaves and goes to visit Robert. He returns Robert’s medal. He’d feel like a fraud if he kept it. He feels he doesn’t deserve anything.
02/04/2012m 55s


Brian wants to check in on Josh. He suggests to Adam that since Josh isn’t going to be charged, they should keep him in mind for tractor work. Later, Brian finds an exhausted Adam dozing over the accounts. But he’s had some good news; Xander’s new birth certificate with Ian’s name on it has arrived. Brian reports that Josh is concerned about the number of lame ewes. He thinks they need to get the vet in pronto. Fallon wonders whether Keira might like to enter the Easter bonnet competition. She’s been trying to drum up interest with local school children at the bus stop, but hasn’t had much interest. Emma thinks that parents always end up doing the children’s craft projects for them anyway. Fallon decides on a new approach: the grown-ups make the bonnets and the kids judge. Elizabeth can tell that Freddie’s finding it hard staying at Lower Loxley with no work on. She suggests they go out and have some fun. After lunch at the Tearoom, Freddie is ready to go home. Elizabeth wonders if he should speak to someone about his traumatic ordeal at Grey Gables. Freddie wants to put it all behind him. He can see his mum’s point, but compared with what Lynda’s been through, his experience is nothing.
01/04/2013m 8s


Shula invites Kirsty and Pip along to a planning meeting for the Easter festival. She’s hoping Lynda will be the guest of honour. Pip’s way too busy, but Kirsty thinks it’d be nice to do something for the village. After a successful meeting, Kirsty and Shula reflect on how the village has come together since the incident at Grey Gables. Fallon has suggested an Easter bonnet competition. Justin wants to talk to Phoebe about income generation for the rewilding acreage. He’s found a patch of land adjoining theirs with a couple of barns for sale. He thinks the rewilders should buy them to convert into office space. They could become offices and a visitor centre in the long term, but for now they could be rented out to generate income. Justin would happily be a co-investor. Pip isn’t keen, but agrees that they will need an office and visitor centre. While Philip’s out on a walk, Kirsty asks Gavin if he thinks she should postpone the wedding. With all the business trouble, it doesn’t feel right. Gavin counters that it’s the only thing keeping Philip going right now, she can’t take that away from him. Gavin implores Justin to allow them to continue with their building work for BL. He doesn’t want the firm punished for Blake’s actions. Justin’s impressed by Gavin’s spirit and says they can restart their work. Justin says if one of his employees let him down that badly, they’d know a world of pain. Gavin assures Justin they’re on the same page on that front.
31/03/2013m 9s


Lynda’s been moved out of the Burns Unit onto a ward. She’s worried about Blake, as she’s heard he’s mortified by the damage he caused and was also seriously hurt. She phones Roy and asks him to visit Blake to explain she’s forgiven him. Roy’s busy with daily management team meetings and working on the insurance claim but promises to see him later in the week. Roy finds Josh in high spirits. He’s just heard that the police won’t be charging him. Robert intercepts Ben and Josh on their way into visit Lynda. They want to tell her how Monty’s getting on, and have bought a bag of goodies from Jill and Ruth. Robert stalls them and says that Lynda’s busy with physiotherapy. Lynda tells Robert to put the word out that she doesn’t want visitors. Robert tells Lynda that James and Leonie will arrive at the weekend. She hopes they won’t want to see her. As they’re leaving the hospital, Ben bumps into Chloe, the doctor he met on his birthday night out. He’s surprised to discover she’s 25. Keen to get away, Chloe suggests Ben gets back in touch when he’s had more practice. Josh finds this hilarious and pokes fun at Ben for punching above his weight. Ben warns Josh that if he doesn’t shut up, he’ll be walking home.
30/03/2012m 47s


Joy returns Josh’s jacket to him while he’s on duty on in the Brookfield lambing shed. While Joy recounts her hangover from the Felpersham night out, Josh discovers a problem with a lambing ewe. Brian appears and lends Josh a hand while Joy observes. Twin lambs are successfully delivered. Impressed Brian tells Josh that Ian has to go to Ireland for his aunt’s funeral so there is now lambing work at Home Farm for him. Robert tries to lift Lynda’s spirits but she’s tired and when another visitor arrives she wants them sent away. She changes her mind when she realises it’s Freddie. She gets tearful but then gathers herself. Freddie apologises for what he said before the explosion but Lynda has no memory of their argument. Lynda reveals Robert’s dad’s medal had always been on display, and not ‘gathering dust’ as Robert had claimed. This makes Freddie want to give it back but Lynda insists he keep it for Robert’s sake. Freddie tries to be positive but Lynda is frustrated by the state she’s in. She feels hideous and doesn’t think she’ll be the same again. She tells Freddie how much pain she’s in and takes off her scarf to show him that her head has been shaved for skin grafts. Freddie wants to fetch Robert but Lynda doesn’t want him seeing her like this. She also doesn’t want Freddie to repeat their conversation. She tells Freddie she wishes he’d left her in Grey Gables – she’d prefer to be dead than to be in the state she’s in now.
29/03/2013m 5s

An Ambridge Spring

Enjoy the sounds of an Ambridge spring as we take a seasonal stroll through the fields, woods and lanes of deepest Borsetshire. Overhear some Archers characters as they make the most of the lengthening days and warming weather.
27/03/2010m 5s


Ruth quizzes Josh about her children’s night out. Ben didn’t come home and Josh says he crashed with college friends. Josh and Pip agree to maintain this cover story for Ben. Jill is also worried about Ben’s whereabouts but then he sends Ruth a message telling her to chill out. Peggy visits Lynda in hospital and likens Lynda’s spirit to that of her mother’s. Lynda asks Peggy to call for a nurse. When she can’t find anyone Peggy offers to help but Lynda insists on a nurse; she needs help to go to the toilet. Ben surprises Jill when he gets back to Brookfield. Jill can see through the muddled cover story of where he stayed last night. She agrees not to say anything to anyone else. Ben then meets Josh and gives a fuller account of how he spent last night. He met a woman called Chloe who’s gorgeous. Ben plans to go out again next Saturday and reckons he won’t be home again. Josh shudders at Ben’s sudden confidence in going out and meeting women. He feels they may have unleashed a monster.
26/03/2012m 58s


Josh has a go at Ben when he finds him taking his pick of clothes from Josh’s wardrobe. Josh is cranky because there’s no work for him at Home Farm after all. Ben cheers him up with the prospect of their night out. Robert visits Freddie to thank him for getting Lynda out of Grey Gables. Robert gives Freddie the Military Medal awarded to his father. Freddie is reluctant to accept it but Robert insists he honours Freddie’s brave actions. Lynda would like to see Freddie herself but Freddie’s not sure; he feels it’s not fair as he’s barely injured. But Robert says that doesn’t matter. Pip’s car breaks down on the way to Felpersham. Ben has already started drinking. While Pip phones the breakdown service Ben gets out and flags down a passing car. Joy is behind the wheel; she agrees to give Ben a lift to Felpersham in her two-seater. Josh and Pip will catch up once Pip’s car is attended to. When Pip and Josh get to Felpersham they find Joy but no Ben. Joy says he found his friends and got chatting to a girl at the bar. Pip wants to leave but Josh insists they stay for at least one drink. Pip groans.
25/03/2012m 55s


Pip teases Ben about his new car, which is orange. Pip suggests a night out where she will buy all of Ben’s drinks and drive him home. Josh is up for it too and they decide on a student night in Felpersham tomorrow. Hopeful that he’ll get some work at Home Farm, Josh gets Pip to remind him what to do in the lambing sheds. Kirsty rails at the news that Gavin has gone to live with his mum for a while. But Philip spins it as a much needed break he and his son need from one another. Kirsty believes that it was Blake who supplied the petrol instead of proper solvent. She wants to talk to Blake but Philip warns her off. Kirsty bumps into Justin and thanks him for his support for Philip. Justin reveals he’s not sure he wants Philip’s firm doing the work at Berrow anymore and was relieved when Philip called to postpone it. Kirsty doesn’t feel like she’s doing enough to help Philip cope. Later, Philip returns home to find Kirsty looking through his business paperwork – she took a call about an invoice and is trying to help. Philip assures her he doesn’t need her to do that, he’s on top of everything. He thanks her for being a rock for him. He doesn’t know what he’d do without her.
24/03/2012m 50s


Brian arrives at Brookfield to drill the oilseed. Josh tells him how he feels like he’s the only person who’s not busy at the moment – his arrest has brought his machinery business to a halt. Brian tells him he’ll put a word in for him with Adam. Josh goes to Adam before Brian which puts Adam’s back up. He refuses to employ Josh while Josh is being investigated by the police. Rex, Pip and Phoebe take out the first piece of fencing on their rewilding land. They have nothing with them to toast the moment so Phoebe makes a speech and they agree they make a good team. They go to The Bull to celebrate and discover that Justin has provided them with champagne – none of them know how Justin knew they’d be celebrating – Justin moves in mysterious ways! Philip hears from a scared Blake how the police interview went. Blake was on the streets before working for Philip. Philip presses Blake to stick to the story that he decided to use petrol to pocket a bit of cash for himself. Blake is scared and Philip promises to do everything in his power to keep him safe.
23/03/2013m 8s


Kirsty wants Philip to take a break from agonising about the Grey Gables explosion but Philip has too much on his mind. Kirsty reminds him that he is a good man. She gets him out for a walk and suggests coming into the health club for a free massage. Gavin calls and annoyed Kirsty storms off. Philip hears that the police are interviewing Blake. He tells Gavin to sit tight until he gets there. Phoebe tells Pip that Roy’s suffering with concussion and is under strict instructions to rest. While they discuss fencing for the boundary of their rewilding land, Justin unexpectedly joins them. He looks at their estimates and reckons he can get a better deal with the buying power of Borchester Land. Pip feels patronised but Phoebe tries to get her to see the positive. Gavin is worried Blake won’t stick to the lines they’ve given him under police questioning. Philip admonishes Gavin again for supplying petrol to clean the Grey Gables kitchen floor. The police leave and Philip insists on going to see Blake without Gavin but a nurse turns him away. Gavin thinks Philip should demand to see Blake. Philip marches him out of the hospital and tells him to stay with his mum – he’s too much of a liability to have around at the moment. From now on they’re going to handle the situation Philip’s way.
22/03/2012m 56s


Jennifer worries that Adam needs to get more sleep but he insists he has too much to do. Brian pesters him about drilling spring barley which every other farmer in Borsetshire has already started doing. Adam explains they need to hold off until it’s drier. Jennifer and Brian discuss the best approach with Adam – Jennifer’s worried he’s missing out on precious time with Xander and Brian thinks they won’t be able to sell their barley if it matures too late. They agree Adam’s not in the right place to receive their advice. Brian calls in on Roy after Phoebe relayed her concerns about him. Roy has been acting out of sorts since his head injury in the Grey Gables explosion. Brian persuades Roy to get checked out by a doctor and offers him a lift to hospital. While repairing the llama shelter, Philip tells Gavin about his phone call with Moira from the Grey Gables’ insurers. He answered her questions but is concerned she’ll want to know more about their building business. Philip reprimands Gavin for not feeding Blake, which resulted in him using the grill, so causing the explosion. He also comes down hard on him when Gavin calls Lynda an “old bag”. She’s a real person, in pain. They’ve got to be careful about how they word things. When Gavin uses the word “slaves” Philip warns that he could get them both sent down.
20/03/2013m 7s


Ed’s relieved he never worked for Philip who he sees as a cowboy but Emma’s not so sure. Eddie thinks it makes sense why Philip’s quotes are so low. Emma’s not getting flashbacks anymore. Emma shows Ed a video of Neil dancing while on holiday. Ed is pleased for the relief – it’s hard going at Grange Farm with Oliver beating himself up over the hotel fire. Ed has enjoyed spending time at Ambridge View and George and Keira are well behaved when he’s there. They misbehave when he goes. Ed and Emma reminisce about their school days and they move closer but the mood is broken by a message from Susan. Emma thought they were back tomorrow but they’re on their way back now. Ed makes sure to leave before they’re back. Lynda tells Oliver not to take Robert’s outburst to heart. Oliver still feels bad for his lack of action after the explosion but Lynda insists everyone sees him as a good man. She can’t say the same thing for Philip. Lilian arrives as Oliver leaves. Lynda regrets her earlier words against Philip, blaming the pain she’s in. Lilian reports that the Grey Gables accident has sparked something in Ambridge – people are being generous for the Lent Appeal. Also, it’s been decided that the Bull should give up its new name. The old sign will be put back, and more important, Lynda will get better.
19/03/2013m 14s


Roy reports his car being stolen from outside his house to Harrison. Later, Harrison calls round to say the car has been found on the Beechwood estate – some kids must have used it for joy-riding. When Roy discovers he has both sets of keys for his car, it dawns on him that the car was never stolen. He parked it on Beechwood when he went to visit Kirsty and then got a lift back. Phoebe can’t believe how this happened. Philip gets an update from the doctor about Blake’s recovery – he should be able to walk again though he’s still not talking very much. Kenton, Jolene, Lilian and Alistair gather to think up ways to fundraise for those injured by the Grey Gables explosion. Alistair wonders about asking Philip to fix the field shelter for Lynda’s llamas which gets a mixed reaction. They wonder about doing something for Blake too. Philip arrives and makes a public apology for the Grey Gables explosion. This makes a good impression on Kenton, Jolene and Lilian. Philip will also repair the llama shelter but Shula has given Lilian another idea for making Lynda feel better.
18/03/2013m 4s


Roy’s bruising from the explosion is now coming out and Kirsty’s working at the health club tomorrow when it re-opens. Kirsty is worried about what people are saying about Philip. She wonders again about cancelling their wedding party but Roy says it’s what the village needs. They discuss what music act to hire for the night. Adam’s running on little sleep with lambing as well as Xander waking a lot at night. Brian helps with the hinds and Adam will be late to drill at Brookfield because of an aquaponics task. Brian suggests they hire someone to replace Ed to make Adam’s life easier. Adam tells him to stop worrying and that he doesn’t think they need a full time employee. Robert updates Lynda on life at Ambridge Hall and that he told Oliver he blames him for Lynda’s injuries. Lynda is annoyed by this. She asks Robert to invite Oliver to see her. She wants to tell him herself that he has nothing to feel bad about.
17/03/2013m 2s


Alistair floats the idea of a sheep healthcare group with Ed who’s interested. Ed explains to Alistair that Oliver’s not coping well since the explosion. Later Ed asks Oliver for a hand with his sheep. Oliver doesn’t feel absolved by the inspection laying the blame with Philip’s workmen, and he can’t get over how he froze in the immediate aftermath. Lilian sits with Lynda. Lilian reports that Ben and Ruairi are walking Monty. Lynda thanks her for sitting with her when she wasn’t awake. She asks Lilian for a mirror but Lilian has forgotten her usual compact. Alistair comes across Philip who whilst feeling bruised by village gossip, also thinks people are entitled to have a go at him. Philip’s worried he could be prosecuted and he’s not sure he can ever forgive himself for what’s happened. Philip wonders about cancelling his and Kirsty’s wedding party; he expects most people won’t come anyway. Alistair argues that if Philip hides away people will think he’s got something to hide. Alistair invites him to a meeting to organise a fundraiser for the explosion’s victims. Philip will come if he can muster the courage.
16/03/2013m 5s


Freddie apologises for not being in the party mood at Ben’s 18th last night but Ben’s not bothered. Ben shows Freddie the car that Jill bought him for his birthday – they got it for a good price as Leonard has a contact in the know. Freddie teases him about the colour; Ben suggests Freddie’s just jealous because he has to share a car with Lily. Ben invites Freddie for a spin and Jill joins them. Jill is impressed with Ben’s driving. Lilian brings Robert some tempting sandwiches from Underwoods and encourages him to keep his strength up. Robert’s heard about the report on the explosion and can’t believe the recklessness of the builders. Robert shares with Lilian about how he and Lynda met and his emotions at the time, and they both acknowledge Lynda’s good heartedness. The doctor calls in Robert to Lynda’s room and Lynda speaks. Robert is overwhelmed; his wife is conscious again.
15/03/2013m 0s


Kirsty is eager to come to Borchester General with Philip but he persuades her to go to the Grey Gables colleagues meet-up. Before Kirsty arrives, Tracy supposes to Roy there must be something dodgy about Philip’s workman for the explosion to have happened. Tracy is impatient for the investigation into the explosion to be done. Kirsty and Roy fill in Tracy about Robert’s outburst at Oliver and Tracy rushes off to find him. Roy reports the band Kirsty wanted for the wedding party is already booked. Kirsty’s not sure if they should be having a party when the village is so sombre. Roy insists it should go ahead. Tracy finds Oliver at Grey Gables on the bench Lynda arranged as a memorial for Caroline. Oliver is pleased that Caroline is not around to witness the explosion and the shock it sent him into. Tracy doesn’t think he should blame himself. Oliver opens the inspection report into the explosion in front of Tracy but he won’t tell her its conclusions. Oliver tells Philip that the cause of the explosion lies with his building firm and explains what the investigation found. Philip apologises profusely and hurriedly calls Gavin but has to leave a voicemail.
13/03/2013m 16s


Ed relays to Emma how Robert reacted to Oliver at the hospital. Ed wonders if the explosion was caused by Philip’s builders. Oliver comes down after refusing the breakfast that Clarrie took up to him. He apologises while Clarrie fusses over him. Later, Oliver asks Ed to pass on his thanks to Emma. Ed says she’s not sleeping well because of flashbacks to the explosion which unsettles Oliver. Lilian worries to Emma about arguing with Lynda before the explosion. She’s going to the hospital but isn’t sure if Robert will want to see her. Emma encourages her to go. At the hospital Lilian dragoons Robert into leaving Lynda’s bedside to freshen up. Meanwhile, Lilian sits with Lynda and tells her that everyone is rooting for her and that Monty is waiting for her. Lilian hopes that she and Lynda have many years of squabbling ahead of them.
12/03/2013m 11s


Kirsty complains to Roy that Jennifer is blaming Philip and his workmen for the Grey Gables explosion. Meanwhile, Philip is really stressed about the fallout from the fire. Philip and Gavin go to the hospital every day to see Blake. Lynda’s visitor allowance is still family only. Roy changes the subject – they need to put a deposit down to secure the band Kirsty was interested in for her and Philip’s party. Oliver is struggling to come to terms with the explosion. Kirsty goes with Roy to visit him. Oliver’s wearing Eddie’s clothes because he hasn’t been back to Grey Gables to get his own things. They talk about Blake, Lynda and Freddie. Lily shows Freddie the Echo story about his role in escaping Grey Gables and tells him how proud everyone is of him. Freddie thinks he’ll give Ben’s 18th a miss but Lily thinks he should go. He’s a hero. Lily turns away Freddie’s colleagues who have come to visit him, while Freddie refuses help from Russ with tying his laces. Later, Russ tries to pacify Freddie over his actions after the explosion. Oliver finds Robert at the hospital. Robert is not pleased to see him, tells him to leave and that if anything happens to Lynda he’s holding Oliver responsible.
11/03/2013m 14s


Jim finds Robert in a waiting area at the hospital. Robert is frustrated, unable to remember what happened before Lynda left for her Grey Gables shift on Sunday. A doctor summarises Lynda’s injuries. Robert is keen to see her and he’s warned that it will be hard to see Lynda in her condition. Elizabeth can’t believe Freddie is being discharged today. Freddie tries to calm his worried mum. Shula appears and hears Freddie has been interviewed by the Echo. Freddie learns Blake’s name from Shula and that Kirsty and Philip have cut short their break. Elizabeth insists that Freddie should come back from hospital to Lower Loxley. He agrees for now. Shula finds Jim who sends her away because he doesn’t think Robert is ready to see anyone else. Jim seeks out upset Robert who is distraught and hiding, and reassures him that though Lynda is broken she is alive. Robert finally remembers what Lynda said to him before she left for Grey Gables on Sunday and is upset that those could be the last words she’ll ever say to him.
10/03/2013m 15s


It’s still Sunday in Ambridge. Emma calls 999 to report the explosion at Grey Gables. Tracy finds Roy who is bleeding from the head but managing, and encouraging everyone to follow the evacuation procedure. Together they try to work out which members of staff are on site. A stunned Oliver emerges from his office and Roy hurries him out. Emma takes care of Oliver who is in shock and Roy fends off a guest trying to get back into the building. A doorway has completely collapsed cutting off any access to the staff room and kitchen. Tracy and Roy worry for the builder and Lynda; no one realises Freddie is also inside. Freddie comes to, and sees Lynda not far from him. He struggles free from fallen debris and realises they are trapped. He tries to revive Lynda but she is unresponsive. He spots the builder, Blake, who is also lying still. Freddie hears Roy calling from outside and with great difficulty he drags Lynda out of a fire exit. Firefighters and paramedics arrive on the scene and Freddie reports that the builder is still inside. Tracy, Roy and Freddie worry about Lynda while she receives medical attention. Freddie’s terrified he didn’t get her out in time.
09/03/2013m 9s


Tom and Natasha spoil one another with gifts for their first anniversary and Natasha’s birthday. They’re going to Bridge Farm later for brunch. Natasha suggests they open a joint account to save for a house. Taking a bite of the cake he baked for Natasha, Tom finds her granddad’s signet ring. Nursing a painful tooth he reveals he faked his hand injury so she wouldn’t know he’d lost the precious ring. Natasha teases him gently and forgives him. Lynda tries to apologise to Freddie but he’s not interested and then asks whether she’s accusing him of stealing food that’s being temporarily stored in the staff room. Lynda reveals that Johnny explained to her what the pills were for. Lynda pauses her attempt at an apology to reprimand a workman in the kitchen who is making a lot of noise. Emma delivers breakfast things to Grey Gables so they can continue to feed guests despite their kitchen problems. Tracy helps her unload and draws out of Emma that she suggested to Ed that they get divorced. She’s stunned at Emma’s coolness over it. Tracy follows Emma out of Grey Gables insisting that divorce for her and Ed is a bad idea. There is an explosion from inside the hotel and they run to help those inside.
08/03/2012m 48s


Oliver is left with no choice but to close the Grey Gables kitchen as a pipe has broken under the floor. They resort to ordering food in from the Tearoom to cover the lunch orders. Freddie sets to work helping Roy to rearrange the restaurant. Freddie’s concerned for the future of his job if the kitchen can’t be repaired. Roy reassures him that he’s not going to lose his job. Kirsty finds Tom scouring the lanes with a metal detector, searching for his lost ring. Awkwardly, she asks if he’d mind if she didn’t invite him to their engagement party. Tom laughs, he was concerned she’d insist on him coming and he’d have to decline. They’re pleased they’ve both found happiness with other people. Philip has some news for Gavin: he’s told Oliver that Gavin and a couple of the lads will fix the leaking pipe on Sunday. There was no way he could leave Kirsty in the lurch. They can’t wait for their mini-break.
06/03/2013m 11s


Lynda’s at her wits’ end with a tricky Grey Gables guest. She feels as though this week’s been one disaster after another. When Lynda tries to talk to Freddie, he doesn’t want to hear her apologies. He’ll tells Lynda he’ll lose his job if her rumours get back to Oliver, and leaves before she can offer an explanation. Pip tells Ruth how upset Ben will be if they don’t buy him a car. Ruth explains that they’re already at the limit of their overdraft. Later, Ruth has been comforting Josh after his outing to the market went badly. People only stopped to jeer at him. Philip has managed to rearrange his work schedule, so that he and Kirsty can have their weekend away. He’s booked a cottage in Devon and explains that the reason he as being shifty earlier in the week was because he was sussing out a wedding venue. On recommendation from one of Kirsty’s colleagues, he’s found a place called Vinders Knoll, a roundhouse on top of a hill. They visit, and Kirsty thinks it’s perfect for them. It’s a done deal.
05/03/2013m 5s


Tony finds Tom at Bridge Farm baking a surprise cake for Natasha’s birthday. They discuss the secrets of a successful marriage. Tony admits that his marriage was rocky for a while with Pat’s focus on her activism, but focusing their energy on organic farming brought them back together. While they pick salad together, Tom explains to Tony Natasha’s plans to move her business to Ambridge. Tony wonders why she doesn’t move it all to Bridge Farm – they could build an extension on the back of the packhouse. Tom’s distressed when he realises he’s lost the ring Natasha gave him, it could be anywhere. Tony gives Tom an excuse to buy some time before he needs to fess up to Natasha. Philip’s despairing at Gavin, who’s rushed off to see Kelly thinking she wants to get back together with him. He’s left the lads unsupervised, so Philip now needs to cover that. Later, Philip explains that Kelly only wanted Gavin to move the rest of his belongings out the flat. Emma calls on Ed’s help after George kicked a football through the window. Emma thanks him for buying all the furniture they’d got for the house. She suggests they start looking to the future. She thinks they need to consider getting a divorce; it’s for the best. Ed agrees to do whatever she needs.
04/03/2013m 10s


Kirsty is greeted by Gavin when she goes in search of Philip at Berrow Farm. Philip had left his phone at home and told Kirsty he was recceing the site, but Gavin explains that’s his job, not Philip’s. Philip isn’t there. At Grey Gables, Kirsty thanks Roy for sorting out their party invitations. She doesn’t particularly want to invite Tom, but decides to discuss it with him face to face. She voices her concerns about Philip; he insisted he was just stressed and must have got his movements mixed up, but she feels he’s hiding something from her. Emma meets up with Gavin for a drink at The B’s grand opening. Just as they’re discussing their exes, Ed approaches, looking for Jazzer. When Emma realises how tipsy she is from The B’s complimentary cocktails, Ed offers to walk her home. Gavin assures Ed he’ll get Emma back safe. While Emma might be able to move on, he’s not so sure Ed can.
03/03/2013m 11s


Ben hints to Ruth that he’d like to be given a car for his eighteenth birthday. Ruth and David try to manage his expectations by explaining how tight money is at the moment, but Ben assumes they’re bluffing. They worry about how Josh can make a living while the CPS decide whether to prosecute him. He’s decided to set up a stand at Borchester Market with one of his best tractors to try and drum up some interest in his business. Shula’s surprised to find Freddie packed and ready to move into No.1 The Green. She had no idea he was moving so soon. He’s sure Shula will be glad to see the back of him, but she assures him she’s loved having someone to make a fuss of. Meanwhile Freddie’s thrilled with his new room and the freedom it will bring. Johnny’s looking forward to paying less rent so he can save up for a hair transplant. Johnny tracks down Lynda and asks her to stop spreading rumours about Freddie. He explains that the pills she saw were hair thickening tablets he bought off the internet, which Freddie mistook for steroids. Lynda simply saw Freddie grabbing them off Johnny. Lynda apologises and promises to put things right. Speaking to Shula, she wonders how she keeps getting things so wrong; she tries to offer guidance, but instead ends up putting her foot in it.
02/03/2013m 9s


Robert reflects on the lovely time he and Lynda had with Mungo, but Lynda is still fretting about the row she had with Lilian. At The B, Lilian doesn’t want to hear any of Robert’s apologies. She vents to Jolene about being left out during Mungo’s visit – at this rate, he’ll have forgotten what she looks like. Back at Ambridge Hall, Robert tells Lynda that The B is hosting a launch night for the pub’s revamp. He explains that since Lynda retired from the campaign, the reBULLS’ action has started to fizzle out. Johnny’s stocked up on beers to celebrate Freddie moving into Number One, The Green with him. Kirsty gives Johnny a lukewarm response when he tells her the news. Later, Johnny calls in on Kirsty. He wants to know why she still thinks Freddie is bad news. Kirsty explains that there are rumours that Freddie is dealing again. Kirstie advises Johnny to speak out if he has evidence that the rumours are false. Otherwise, Freddie stands to lose his job.
01/03/2013m 9s

An Ambridge Spring

In the latest of our extra Archers treats, enjoy the sounds of an Ambridge spring as we take a seasonal stroll through the fields, woods and lanes of deepest Borsetshire. Overhear some Archers characters look forward to warmer weather as winter falls away and the days lengthen.
29/02/2010m 5s


Robert and Lynda are spending the day with Mungo. They introduce him to the sights of the Country Park, where they bump into Oliver, and then take him to a soft play centre. While Lynda finds it overwhelming, she does love being a grandparent. Lilian has taken Ruby to the vets. Alistair can see without weighing Ruby that she’s overweight. Lilian admits she does sometimes treat her to some Underwoods pâté. Alistair imparts some bad news about Hector the bull, who’s responsible for the extended calving. He may be for the chop if he doesn’t respond to antibiotics. Tracy explains to Oliver that introducing Roman to Brad and Chelsea went well and her relationship is getting better every day. Oliver tries to explain that he saw Roman flirting with another woman, but Tracy beats him to it. Of course she already knew! He’s just a tactile person, and she trusts him. Oliver mentions to Lilian that he saw Mungo. She’s bewildered; she didn’t even know Mungo was in Ambridge. She confronts Lynda: how could she keep Mungo to herself just to hurt her? It’s a low blow, weaponising her grandson and she won’t forget it. Lynda doesn’t think she can be blamed for forgetting to tell Lilian, considering how horrid she’s been recently. But Robert thinks that all in all they could have handled the situation better.
28/02/2013m 1s


Lilian’s pleased that Aziz has lost thirteen kilos in the first week of his new diet. Jakob reminds her that there’s still a long way to go, but congratulates her on the good start. Roy is in low spirits. He has to deal with boring admin at work and then go home to an empty house. He admits to Kirsty that he feels as though there’s nothing exciting about his life at the moment. Lilian stops Lynda outside the pub and tricks her into donating to the Lent appeal by paying her numerous compliments. Lynda donates but refuses to return the compliments. Philip suggests that he and Kirsty hold their wedding reception at the Brookfield Barn. Kirsty agrees, and asks Philip if he’d be happy for them to have one extra guest at their ceremony. Later, they arrive at Willow Farm and explain to Roy their plans for a secret wedding. They’d like him to be their joint best man. Jakob arrives at Spiritual Home and demands that Kate listens to him. She’s taught him that he can deal with the unexpected. If it’s a choice between a quiet existence alone or a life of anarchy with Kate, he’d choose her. Kate admits that she’s happy to be back at the lodge; Jakob was difficult to live with. He can’t believe her cheek, when she was impossible to live with. The two laugh and play-fight one another.
27/02/2013m 11s


Tracy’s got concerns about introducing her children to Roman. As Helen has recently met Lee’s children, she asks her for some advice. Helen advises Tracy to keep it light and casual, and reassures her that she’s a great mum. At Grey Gables, Kate’s got everything under control for Xander’s naming ceremony. She’s delighted when, at the last minute, Adam and Ian ask her to be a guideparent along with Ian’s brother Sam. Brian’s poetry reading goes seamlessly, and Debbie’s even sent over a video message. Jim tells Shula that Harold Jayston has been outed. He tells her that he’s doing remarkably well, and she’s largely to thank for that. She was the one who encouraged him to open up to Alistair, and supported him even when he was cruel to her. He never appreciated her as a daughter-in-law, but he hopes now he can count her as a very valued friend. He trusts that as a vicar she’ll help many people. In light of the compliment, she asks if she may donate to the Lent appeal. Jim would be happy for her to do so. He even agrees to a hug – just this once.
26/02/2013m 5s


Lilian checks in with Shula to ensure she’s rigidly sticking to the horses’ diet plan. While she’s at the Stables she takes the opportunity to promote The B’s pancake event that evening. Shula and Oliver show their support, but are underwhelmed by the pub’s modern new sign. Shula notices Oliver is a little subdued. He explains that he saw Roman earlier and thinks he was flirting with someone. He’d hate for Tracy to get hurt and doesn’t know whether or not to tell her. Jim’s still reeling from Harold Jayston being outed. Jim’s also received a card from Michael and his family, thanking him for helping give Michael the courage to come forward. Alistair receives a call from Cora, who brought Harold to Jim’s birthday; she can’t believe the accusations about Harold. He does his best to convince her that the allegations are well-founded. Jim has decided not to come forward to the police. He thinks he’s finally at peace with the situation. He thanks Alistair and Jazzer from the bottom of his heart for their support.
25/02/2013m 9s


Alistair is carrying out tests at Brookfield to get to the bottom of their calving issue. He and Ruth compare notes on building work. There’s a roof on Jim’s extension now, and the Brookfield Barn work is nearly finished. Roman’s upset following a disastrous audition, so Tracy tries to console him with a trip to The Bull. He worries his age is preventing him from getting good roles. He explains the theatre was the only place he felt at home growing up, as he was a bit of a misfit at school. Tracy tells Roman what a saving grace Oliver was for her. She wonders why Roman doesn’t try making his own opportunities. He admits he’s considered it in the past, and decides to get writing instead of feeling sorry for himself. Jim calls Alistair home from Brookfield. He explains that after he and Jazzer failed to track Michael down online, he researched local news stories as Michael had previously had run-ins with the police. Instead, he found a story announcing that Harold Jayston had been accused of historic sexual abuse after a victim came forward. He believes it must have been Michael. Jim is finding it all quite difficult to take in.
24/02/2012m 57s


Lynda and Kate catch up in the shop. Lynda explains she’ll be stepping back as leader of the ReBulls, and Kate congratulates her on her protest. Alice helps Kate to assemble her new bed. Kate explains sadly that she isn’t pregnant after all. Alice wonders if Kate should see a doctor about the delay to her cycle, but Kate puts it down to stress. She feels terrible for putting Jakob through such a shock; he must think she’s mad. Kate really felt the universe was giving her another chance to get motherhood right. Alice suggests a trip to the pool and a sauna, followed by a cocktail to take her mind off things. Kate explains she’s offered Jakob his freedom. She doesn’t want to put him through any more drama. At Grey Gables, Lynda and Freddie awkwardly sidestep one another. At the gym after his shift, Freddie voices his concerns about the pills Johnny has been buying online. Johnny promises he won’t be buying any more. Instead, he’s going to save up for treatment, and Freddie can help him. He needs someone else to split the rent and bills with. Perhaps Freddie could move into 1, The Green? As long as Hannah’s happy to have two younger guys in the house, it’s a yes from Freddie!
23/02/2013m 6s


Ben finds Josh cleaning out his car, as Ben’s friends have left it in a state again. Ben tells him not to bother, they’ll only mess it up again. Ben returns later to find Josh has sold the car to pay Rex back. Settling up with Rex is more important to him than Ben’s social life. Jim seems in good spirits and explains to Alistair that he’s hoping to stay with Fiona soon and meet her partner, Angie. It’s bothering him that he never heard back from Michael, though. Alistair reminds him that Michael isn’t Jim’s responsibility. At dawn Robert helps Lynda sneak back onto her deckchair outside The B. Lilian explains she’d noticed Lynda’s padlock looking worse for wear. Lilian fastens a new one on and pockets the key, then shows her some photos she’d taken in the middle of the night of Lynda – at least, she thinks it was Lynda… Robert confirms to Lynda that the game’s up. Lynda relents and agrees to cancel her interview with the Echo. Lynda asks Lilian to remove her padlock. She agrees to end her protest as long as Lilian deletes her incriminating photographs. Lilian threatens to expose to the other ReBulls that Lynda is a fraud. Lynda concedes defeat and decides to step down as their leader on the condition that Jolene deletes her back up photos.
21/02/2012m 59s


Jolene’s impressed to discover that Lynda’s still chained to the pub sign. Lynda’s been in contact with a journalist from The Echo, who wants to interview her. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if the ReBull cause was all over the press? Ed explains To Kirsty he’s just had a job interview but it was a waste of time. Kirsty wonders if he’d consider building work. She’s worried about how much pressure Philip is under. Ed approaches Philip to see if he’d consider hiring him. Philip assets that right now he needs to keep an eye on the balance sheets, and he can’t see any opportunities coming up in the near future. Later Philip tells Kirsty that she put him in a difficult position with Ed. He can’t offer Ed a job because of Gavin. He couldn’t risk the awkwardness between them if Gavin were to end up going out with Emma. Lilian tells Jolene she’s signed her horses up to Jakob’s equine weight loss clinic. During the night Jolene brings Lynda refreshments, but receives no response. When Jolene senses Lynda’s not moving she panics, and Lilian hurriedly pulls off the layers of blankets. Lynda’s left a dummy in her place! Lilian swears that Lynda won’t be laughing by the time she’s finished with her.
20/02/2013m 13s


Lynda and Lilian bicker about The Bull, and Lynda promises that the ReBulls resolve is stronger than ever. Lilian counters that the success of their events means they can survive without a few locals. Ben’s been taking liberties with Josh’s car, driving his friends all over the county and leaving take away packets everywhere. Before Ben drives Bess to her competition, Josh gives him strict instructions for how to look after the car. Freddie encounters Lynda outside The B at Ambridge. He tries to explain how complicated his situation is, but Lynda doesn’t want to know. Jolene comes outside to see what the fuss is about and discovers that Lynda has chained herself to the pub sign. Jolene’s confident Lynda will give up in a couple of hours, but Lynda tells her not to underestimate her. Freddie and Josh joke about how they’ve become the black sheep of the family. Josh just wants to turn back time, but Freddie explains that he felt the same way. Josh just has to shut out the gossip and ignore the stares – he’ll soon realise who his real friends are. Lynda gets honks of support from passing cars, and Jolene and Lilian are surprised to discover that she’s still outside when they close the pub for the evening. She bids them goodnight and promises to see them bright and early in the morning.
19/02/2013m 11s


Lilian is affronted to discover that Shula and Jakob have put Amir and Aziz on a diet. She thinks it’s no wonder Jakob was looking shifty. Shula takes responsibility for the horses’ weight gain, but she’s confident a diet is the right course of action. Gavin and Emma get to know one another over a drink. Having been roped into a game of cribbage with Barry, Gavin thinks it’s not the name of the pub that should be banned, it’s cribbage. Awkwardness ensues when Ed arrives and is introduced to Gavin. Emma explains that Gavin’s just a friend, but Ed reminds her she’s a free agent. Lilian confides to Shula that Gavin and Emma’s body language suggest they’re more than friends. Seeing Ed in the pub has made Lilian think the Grundys’ resistance to attending is waning. There’s been no action in days, and all their efforts have done is persuade The B to push harder for new customers. Ed finds Jazzer having a cheeky drink at the aquaponics polytunnel. Jazzer has plans to kit out his area with a mini fridge and curtain. Ed admits he walked in on Emma’s ‘date’. Despite Jazzer’s reassurance, Ed reckons Emma is better off with flashy Gavin. Jazzer tells him not to give up on her now. Ed wants to be happy for Emma, but he can’t.
18/02/2013m 7s


Josh has been feeling lost since having his phone and laptop confiscated by the police. Ben wants him to realise how his actions have affected the family. Ben’s getting stick from people at college and David has had to face the NFU. Taking advantage while Josh is at his lowest, Ben persuades Josh to lend him his car for the Young Farmers’ quiz and various upcoming social events. Jakob is taken aback when Kate returns home early from her course. Kate’s cross when she discovers Alice and Chris have already told Jakob about her pregnancy. Nonetheless, she feels pure joy at being pregnant. Though Jakob’s apprehensive, he’s adamant he’ll do his best for Kate and the baby. Kate thinks Jakob’s being practical and boring in trying to work out the logistics of where Kate will stay. If he had his way, he’d have been planning since the moment she took the pregnancy test. But Kate says that’s not her way, besides, she hasn’t taken a test. She’s got three children and knows her own body, all the signs are there. Later, Kate takes a test, which comes out negative. How could she have got it so wrong? Jakob assures her they’re still the same couple and tries to persuade her to stay. After all, she’s had a shock. Kate just wants to be alone and leaves for The Lodge. She apologises for everything.
17/02/2013m 17s


Lynda and Jazzer fill Tracy in on the latest meeting of the ReBulls. They have to think of ways to hit them where it most hurts: their profit margins. Ed’s concerned that the ReBulls' actions will hurt more than just Kenton and Jolene. Tracy asks Lynda why she raised drug use at yesterday's staff meeting. Lynda has no evidence it was Freddie, but she believes he's dealing again. Tracy agrees to keep an eye on him. Lynda's disheartened to find that The B's Valentine's event has had glowing reviews, and a number of people have refuted the comment she left in Dylan Nells' name. They'll have to think bigger to persuade Jolene and Lillian to restore its name to The Bull. Freddie confronts Johnny: thanks to him, Lynda thinks he's dealing again. Freddie implores Johnny to give up the steroids; they'll screw him up. Johnny breaks down and says he can't stop taking them: they're not steroids, they're for his hair loss. He feels so low about his appearance he can't even look in a mirror. That's why he's been wearing a hat. He's sure it's why Bella dumped him, and it's only ever going to get worse. Johnny tells Freddie he'll come clean to Lynda, but Freddie’s confident she’ll forget all about it in time.
16/02/2012m 58s


Determined to work out what's wrong with Johnny, Freddie riffles through his bag at the gym and finds a small bag of pills. When Johnny won't admit they're not steroids, Freddie resolves to flush them down the toilet. Lynda catches them arguing outside the changing rooms. She confronts Freddie and explains she believes he's been trying to sell drugs to Johnny. She won't tell Oliver yet, but she will raise the matter at tomorrow's staff meeting. Kenton’s pleased to see punters are taking advantage of his love letterbox at the pub. Tracy reports that there's been no sign of trouble from the ReBulls so far. Roman's been keeping her entertained by sending anonymous notes to the other diners. By the end of the night, good reviews of the pub are starting to come in online. These are dampened by a scathing review signed 'Dylan Nells' - Lynda's alter ego. They realise Tracy must have been reporting to her. This means war. When Alistair tackles Jakob, he explains he's had a rather unexpected pregnancy diagnosis. They discuss how Jakob feels about the prospect of becoming a father. Alistair explains that being a dad to Dan was one of his proudest achievements. Jakob's not ready to speak to Kate yet, and decides instead to research fatherhood online before Kate returns.
14/02/2013m 16s


Tracy tells Emma about the amazing afternoon tea she had for free at Grey Gables, thanks to Lynda. She can't wait for her complimentary Valentine's meal at The Bull either. Emma asks which side Tracy's actually on, the pub's or the ReBulls'. She says she's on the right side - her own. Emma tells Tracy she'll be meeting Gavin for a drink next week. Neither of them is interested in dating, but Emma still feels odd about meeting up. Tracy gives Emma her best dating advice and encourages her to go ahead. David's pleased that the cow's test results for contagious diseases were all clear. Alistair recommends checking their feed storage is air-tight, as he suspects the cow had a fungal abortion. David tells Alistair he’s decided to pay for the dairy herd health plan, as he'd never hear the end of it from Ruth and Pip otherwise. Jakob seems agitated and forgetful when tending to one of Shula's horses. He explains that it's just down to a bad night's sleep. He's decided to offer a weigh-in to the surgery's horse-owning clients, followed by a clinic for the really obese animals. Jakob points out that Amir and Aziz both have weight issues. Shula and Alistair can't help but notice that Jakob's been particularly rude today. Alistair's determined to get to the bottom of it.
13/02/2013m 5s


Ben arrives home early from college as his tutor's off sick. He finds Jill in the orchard checking the hen house roof. She congratulates Ben on his three university offers. Ben realises that it's been ten years since Phil died, and shares his memories of him with Jill. She tells Ben that when Phil suggested she keep some hens, she finally felt that Brookfield was going to be her home. Ben likes hearing about his family history, but Jill is cautious of maundering on and asks Ben about his Valentine's plans and university choices. He explains that there would be loads of advantages in going to Felpersham university, like living at home and working with Bess. Besides, he'd miss Jill's cakes and biscuits. Jakob diagnoses Cranford Crystal with laminitis and recommends putting her in a smaller stable as soon as possible with another pony for company. Jakob thinks the most plausible explanation for her condition is that she's been over-eating, as she's showing other signs of obesity. He puts her on a strict diet. After Jakob's finished treating the horse, Chris offers him his congratulations on becoming a father. Jakob is stunned - Kate's told Alice and not him. Now he understands her cryptic messages. He's going to become a father.
12/02/2013m 1s


It’s another quiet night at The B at Ambridge. Emma agrees to work on Valentine’s Day, it’s not like she has other plans. Jolene’s cynical about the event, but Kenton is confident it’ll be a success. They notice Emma has spent a long time talking to Gavin. Jolene assures Emma that’s fine, she was just demonstrating good customer relations. Jolene’s pleased that they’ve got Tracy acting as a double agent. She’s promised to keep Jolene in the loop about any planned disruptions in exchange for a free meal. Shula fills Freddie in on her meeting with Alan, in which they decided on a theme for the Lent appeal. As Ambridge is feeling fractured right now, they are going to ask parishioners to say positive, complimentary things to one another. Freddie raises his concerns about Johnny. Shula thinks Johnny's probably still hurting from the break up. Robert wants to talk llamas with Jakob. Jakob asks if Robert is angling for some free advice. He sends Robert packing with instructions to check over the llama himself before phoning Alistair and paying him for his time. Shula’s intrigued by the special news Kate wants to impart to Jakob, but Jakob's less taken in. She's probably just bought a nice new dreamcatcher.
11/02/2012m 52s


Alistair helps out at Brookfield with a cow that’s lost her calf. Ruth and David fill him in on the situation with Josh. They’ve had to deal with snide remarks from the likes of Nathan Booth about the legitimacy of Josh’s business. Alistair takes the opportunity to promote a herd health package to Ruth and David, though David is wary. Freddie and Ben call in on Johnny and are amazed to see he’s set up a make-shift gym in the barn. They try to persuade Johnny to join them for a Valentine’s night out at a club in town – they need a group of twelve to get decent drink discounts. They give him a hard sell and tell him about all the girls that’ll be going. Johnny loses his temper with them. All he wants to do on Friday is go to the gym, why can’t they understand that? Johnny storms off. They wonder what on earth could have got into him.
10/02/2013m 0s


Alistair’s surprised to see Jakob in the office on a Sunday. He explains that he’s taken on some extra work. With Kate on a course, Jakob is relieved to have free rein of his flat again. Alistair asks Jakob for advice ahead of his review with Doug Lovell. His herd health package sign-up rate is thin. Jakob’s always been successful at signing up clients to the equine packages and offers him some advice. Lynda and Robert watch a pair of blackbirds who are nesting in their paddock. Talk turns to Valentine’s Day and Lynda admits she’s agreed to work on that evening. She’s concocted a plan to send Tracy to The B’s Valentine event as a mole. Still, there’s no need to be constrained by dates. They take a leaf out of the blackbird’s book and decide to head home for some pair-bonding of their own. Alice is sad that Spearmint has died, though he reached a good age. She’s decided to start competing on her new horse Banjo, to make the most of him. While Chris shoes Banjo, they discuss readings for Xander’s naming ceremony. Chris remarks to an exasperated Alice that maybe they’ll have a naming ceremony of their own to attend one day. Chris heads off for lunch with the Aldridges and swears he won’t mention Kate’s pregnancy. He just wonders how Jakob has taken the news…
09/02/2013m 8s


Writer, Liz John Director, Jeremy Howe Editor, Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Rex Fairbrother ….. Nick Barber Bert Fry ….. Eric Allan Kate Madikane ….. Perdita Avery Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons Hannah Riley ….. Helen Longworth Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Peggy Woolley ….. June Spencer Jakob Hakansson ….. Paul Venables Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley Lee Bryce ….. Ryan Early Gavin ….. Gareth Pierce
07/02/2013m 16s


Jill tries to persuade the family to have dinner at The B at Ambridge to show their support to Kenton and Jolene. Josh is reluctant; he feels the whole village is talking about him. Jill reminds him he’s not the only member of the family who’s been on the wrong side of the law. Besides, how can Josh be worried about people staring at him when the pub is so empty? Pip attempts peace talks with Rex and offers him use of the Brookfield trailer at any time, but he’s not in a forgiving mood. Josh assures Rex it’ll all blow over soon, and then he’ll have plenty of work again. Rex lets rip. He declares he’ll never work for Josh again. That includes the egg business; he wants paying out for his wages, the trailer, and the eggs by the end of the month. Jolene’s feeling really under the weather. She and Kenton are concerned by how empty the pub is. It’s made them appreciate the importance of the locals. They acknowledge Jill’s meal was a success. Kenton hopes it will all be worth it in the end. Tentatively, he broaches the subject of Eccles, and Jolene assures him all is forgiven.
06/02/2013m 17s


Freddie’s aghast to discover how much a gym membership at Grey Gables costs. Kirsty secretly offers him some free day passes. Freddie sets about trying to show off his strength and promptly embarrasses himself when he gets stuck under some weights. Freddie’s not convinced he’ll invest in a membership, but Johnny wants to start going every day. Helen meets Kirsty after her shift for a much-needed drink. Gavin’s still being a nightmare houseguest. Helen sympathises; Lee’s girls really didn’t warm to her the other day. They agree that whatever’s going on with your partner’s children, you can’t let it get in the way of your relationship. Helen suggests a meal out on Valentine’s Day, but Lee’s wary about going out. The truth is, with the cost of rent and maintenance, he can’t afford it. Helen understands. She’s happy to stay in – that can be just as nice as a night out. Kate has fully made herself at home at Jakob’s – she’s even started getting parcels delivered to his flat. Her mess exasperates him, and she discovers that Peggy has already returned to The Lodge. He hints that he likes having his own space and suggests Kate returns home. Kate makes an excuse about hating her mattress at The Lodge. She’ll have to stay until she can buy a new one.
05/02/2013m 17s


Business is still slow at The Bull, so Jill insists on buying a drink for her and for Neil. She sympathises with him over his tricky work situation and wonders if he’d be better sticking with the devil he knows, than risk finding a job elsewhere. Meanwhile, Lynda briefs Bert on how to sabotage the cocktail night. He, Jazzer and Lynda head inside to mingle with the young crowd. Their aim is to bore them witless. Neil catches Hannah as she’s leaving Berrow. She informs him she’s accepted her job offer and is surprised to hear that Neil’s new role comes with a pay cut. He admits he’s just accepted his new job too, so from now on he’ll be supplying Hannah’s unit with weaners. Later that evening, Lynda is dismayed to discover that Jazzer and Bert’s boring stories are going down a treat. The young crowd love them. Lynda sweeps out of the pub. Kenton says it’s made his week. Lilian reckons it’s made her whole year.
04/02/2013m 1s


Lilian and Lynda have an altercation in the village shop over Lynda’s petition against The Bull’s name change. Neil’s feeling glum after a hard day at work with Hannah. He feels he’s let Susan down in having his pay cut. Susan insists she’s still proud of Neil and doesn’t care about the money. His happiness is what matters to her, and whether he decides to take the new job or quit, she’ll support him. Just as they are about to sit down to eat, Lynda arrives with her petition. Susan is uncomfortable about signing it now that Emma works there, but Neil admits that they hate the new name. He signs it and persuades Susan to follow suit. After all, no customers at The Bull means no work for Emma. Kate tries to interest Peggy in her plans for Xander’s naming ceremony, but with a broken boiler, Peggy’s too cold to concentrate. Kate makes arrangements to stay with Jakob until it’s fixed, and Peggy decides to stay at the Dower House, as long as she can bring Hilda and the kittens. Kate makes her presence felt as soon as she arrives at Jakob’s, having brought half her belongings and the contents of Peggy’s fridge. Kate insists she’s far too tired to cook and leaves Jakob to navigate her vegan cookery book.
03/02/2013m 10s


With Gavin monopolising the telly with his games console, Philip and Kirsty are resigned to the kitchen. He goes off on one when Philip switches off the telly and insists he joins them for roast lunch. It’s like having a stroppy teenager in the house. Kirsty is keen to keep the peace after Philip makes an insensitive remark and sends Gavin back to play on his game. Lee and Helen get ready for a day out cycling with his girls. Helen notices how quiet they are around her, and Lee explains it’s because they’re so protective of him. Josh reports David’s on the warpath after Vince asked for a twenty per cent discount on the wedding venue. Josh is keeping a low profile, and seeks solace in Pip, who lectures him on his poor record-keeping. Offended by a tactless remark from Josh, Pip leaves him to sort the dung spreader himself. If she stays, she might just throttle him. Ben has to take over when Josh struggles with his task. Josh isn’t sure he fits in on the farm anymore, and feels lost without his business. Pip is confident he’ll land on his feet, he always does. In the meantime, he has to stay positive and help out where he can.
02/02/2013m 10s

Tracy Horrobin's Guide to The Archers

Join one of Ambridge’s more outspoken residents, Tracy Horrobin, for her unique take on the highs and lows of life in Borsetshire’s most talked about village.
01/02/2011m 1s


Today’s the day Stephanie will decide whether she still wants Brookfield as her wedding venue. Josh is feeling the pressure. With Josh’s kit confiscated by the police, and his reputation in tatters, he’s stuck for things to do. David assigns him some tasks around the farm. David is dismayed to discover that Vince has come in Stephanie’s place, as she’s at a dress fitting. Vince plays up the risk he’d be taking in booking Brookfield when the police could show up and ruin the whole day. Josh steps in and takes all the blame. The police were there on account of his stupid mistake, and it wouldn’t be fair for the wedding business to suffer from his actions. Stephanie needs more time to mull it over. Vince admires Josh’s honesty, and hands him his business card and the details of his hot shot lawyer. While Jack is distracted by the new playground, Kirsty fills Helen in on her plans for a secret wedding. Helen is touched to be invited. Kirsty’s surprised to find Gavin waiting outside her house. As Philip arrives, Gavin breaks down and explains that his fiancée Kelly has chucked him out. His wedding’s off. With the state he’s in, Kirsty insists Gavin stays with them for a few days.
31/01/2012m 51s


Jim and Fiona take a day trip to the Iron Age site at Heybury. Jim asks Fiona whether her travelling companion, Angie, is a friend or a partner. Fiona says she’s a partner and asks if Jim is ok with that. Why on earth wouldn’t he be? Fiona wishes she’d told him she was gay sooner. All that matters to Jim is that she’s happy. The Bull is looking particularly empty, and Lilian feels that Lynda and her petition aren't helping. She’s cheered, however, when a young crowd from Felpersham make a big booking for a cocktail night next week. What with that and their Valentine’s event, things are starting to look up. Neil is convinced he’s for the chop ahead of his meeting with the BL board. At the meeting, Martyn asks Neil his opinion of Hannah’s management skills. Neil offers a diplomatic response. Back at home, Susan distracts him with talk of their upcoming holiday to Lanzarote. Neil braces himself for the worst when Justin tells him the upshot of the meeting. While they’ll be restructuring, Berrow certainly won’t be firing Neil. Instead, they’d like to launch an outdoor breeding unit. Hannah would manage the indoor unit; Neil the outdoor. It would mean a pay cut, but Justin advises Neil to give it some careful consideration.
30/01/2013m 14s


The attention during Philip’s publicity shoot at the playground is all getting a bit much for him. Gavin distracts him with photos of their wedding venue. He pointedly tells Philip they’ve settled on Crete instead of Bali to keep costs down, now that they have to factor Philip and Kirsty’s wedding into the equation. This makes Kirsty feel even guiltier. Adam and Ian wave goodbye to Xander as Kate takes him to a trial baby yoga session. If it’s a success, she’s going to look into running some sessions at Spiritual Home. Kate’s also planning a naming ceremony for Xander. Adam and Ian dread to think what it might entail. They go swimming at Grey Gables to make the most of their free afternoon. Adam sheepishly admits he’ll have to leave early to feed the deer while Brian prepares for a BL meeting. Ian suggests that they grab something to eat while they’re there. Adam can tell Ian wants to check up on Hugh’s work. Kate returns a sleeping Xander to Adam and Ian. They find her ideas for his naming ceremony a little radical, so she shows them her more traditional plan B, which sounds perfect. Ian just has one request – as Grey Gables clearly has the best food in the area, he’d like Hugh to cater for it. Then they can see what he’s really made of.
29/01/2013m 16s


Lee helps Johnny to load up his car with a mattress he’s ‘borrowing’ from Bridge Farm for his new room at 1, The Green. Johnny struggles under the weight of the mattress and reveals to Lee his plans to get fit by joining the Grey Gables gym. Lee’s been given a membership by Helen for Christmas, so he suggests they start training together. Josh returns home from the police station to a frantic David and Ruth, who won’t let him dodge their questions. After a night in a cell he’s been released pending further investigation. He assures them he had no idea that the trailer was stolen. He admits that while he keeps records of sorts, he’s got pretty behind with his paperwork. They can’t believe Josh has been so careless when they’re so scrupulous with their own paperwork. With calving starting in the next few days, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Josh admits he’s messed up big time. He’ll just have to wait and see if he’s charged. Josh is wary when Johnny comes to visit him at Brookfield. Johnny assures him that he’s not there for a confrontation about Bella, he’s happy to move on if Josh is. Josh is moved when Johnny offers his support. Ruth and David rein in their anger when they see how distraught Josh is. They try to assure him he won’t be sent to prison, but he's scared. What if it’s too late?
28/01/2013m 15s


Fiona and Alistair are pleased to see how much progress Jim has made, but Fiona is concerned that meeting Michael, another survivor, has affected Jim more than he’s letting on. Over lunch, Alistair digs for details of Fiona’s holiday. She relents and admits she was on holiday with someone new, Angie. Fiona thinks it’s the real deal and Alistair couldn’t be happier. Her concern now is how she’ll come out to Jim. Vince arrives at Brookfield bang on time. Thankfully, Philip was able to clear the builders’ mess out of the yard promptly. Vince ropes Josh into talking him through their plans for the kitchen and toilet extension, but their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of two police officers. They promptly arrest Josh on suspicion of theft. More officers arrive to search Brookfield for stolen machinery. Ruth and David’ll have to produce paperwork for all the equipment on the farm. Vince can see they have a lot on their plate and makes a hasty retreat. Later that night, a dejected David returns to the farm. The police are keeping Josh in overnight. Worried, Ruth and David go over all eventualities but come to the conclusion there’s nothing more they can do now. They’ll just have to wait and see.
27/01/2013m 3s


Kirsty and Philip are feeling loved up following their decision to marry in secret. Emma arrives at their house and congratulates them on their plans for a long engagement. But what she really wants to know is whether Philip will attend the opening ceremony of the renovated playground. Kirsty invites her inside. Emma explains that the opening will be covered in the newspaper, and they’d like pictures of Philip and Gavin – fame at last! Emma looks wistfully around their kitchen and Philip tactlessly offers her a tour of the house. Fiona surprises Jim at Greenacres. She still has some time off work following her holiday, and she’d like to stay for a few days. She’s pleased to see Jim looking well, and offers her praise for how bravely he approached Harold’s funeral. Josh is on edge after seeing Rex’s car at Brookfield. David reassures Josh that Rex is only there for a rewilding meeting. David is concerned about the state Philip’s team has left the yard in and hastily tries to tidy up ahead of Vince’s visit. There’s a lot riding on it, and they can guarantee Vince won’t make it easy for them.
26/01/2012m 56s


The Bull’s Burns Bop was a total flop. Jolene apologises to Emma for her first night on the job being so quiet. Emma admits it gave her time to think about Nic. Later, the Burns supper, though quiet, seems to be going down well. Jolene enlists Justin to give the speech and toast, which end up being rather worthy. Meanwhile, Tracy is making the most of the free drinks Lilian promised her for Roman’s work. She and Roman sneak off to the Grundys’ party, leaving an eye-watering bar tab for Jolene to settle. With the amount she’s put away, the night will hardly cover costs. Clarrie and Eddie reflect on the success of the night before: it made some decent money. Clarrie warns Eddie that this won’t become a regular occurrence. They want to prove a point, not put The Bull out of business. Kirsty recites a poem to rapturous applause. Philip’s pleased to have been approached for several building jobs off the back of his playground work. If they come off, they should be able to afford a holiday. Kirsty suggests they make it a honeymoon instead. Helen made her see sense: Kirsty loves Philip and wants to marry him; she just doesn’t want the palaver that comes with it. She’d rather it was just the two of them. It’s a firm yes from Philip.
24/01/2013m 12s


Rex has got his pigs settled in the trailer ready to go to the abattoir. Toby distracts him with news of The Bull’s Burns Night event; Tracy Horrobin’s boyfriend is going to perform a Scottish Waiter act. He wishes Rex luck with his first trip to the slaughterhouse. Later, Rex explains he was collared by a farmer who accused him of stealing his trailer. Toby suggests they check for the chassis number, and sure enough someone has taken an angle grinder to it. Jazzer and Alistair are alarmed to discover that Jim’s bedroom at the inn is empty. Jim is standing at Harold’s grave when a man named Michael approaches. As Jim turns to go, Michael descends into a panic attack. Jim discovers that Michael, too, had been abused when he was a child by Harold. Michael explains he’d come to spit on Harold’s grave. Jim encourages Michael to share the burden and discuss his past with his family. Before Michael leaves, Jim hands him his address and phone number, and asks him to call him at any time if he needs to. Jim reconvenes with Alistair and Jazzer and asks if they can head straight home. Jazzer wryly agrees to put aside his disappointment at missing the Roman fort. While it was incredibly tough, Jim’s glad he came. If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.
23/01/2013m 14s


Ian arrives at Bridge Farm in a blazing mood. There’s a whole article in Borsetshire Life about Hugh working as the Grey Gables chef. Helen calms him down and talk turns to Xander. Ian’s hopeful they’ll get the parental order. She formally introduces Lee to Ian, but their conversation is stilted and awkward. Helen can’t understand it: conversation flows so easily when she speaks to them, why are they so awkward with one another? Alistair, Jazzer and Jim have arrived for the funeral. Half the town has turned up at the church. Jim’s distraught that Harold could have fooled so many people. Jim decides he doesn’t have the strength to go into the church, and they decide to head back to their inn for a drink. Alistair suggests visiting a historical site to take Jim’s mind off the morning. They agree to stay another night and visit a Roman fort the next day. If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.
22/01/2012m 53s


Jolene and Fallon are furious that Jazzer has bailed on playing the bagpipes for Burns night. Fallon assures Jolene that she and Harrison won’t be accepting their invitation to the Grundy’s Burns Night celebrations. Jolene falters and wonders whether the name change is a good idea after all. Lillian persuades her not to be influenced by the Lynda Snells of the world. She brainstorms ideas for increasing the popularity of their Burns event. Jolene vetoes Lilian’s idea of some saucy kilt action in the form of a stripper. Helen asks Kirsty about her plans for a long engagement. Kirsty admits that they’re not going to get married at all, which Helen thinks is crazy. In an ideal world, Kirst would love to marry Philip. Helen tells Kirsty she should take heed of her own advice and stop living her life for everyone else. Helen’s starting to move on from the trauma of the past, perhaps Kirsty should too. Jim, Jazzer and Alistair head up north for their trip to the funeral. Jazzer asks Alistair when he’ll get back on the proverbial horse and start dating. He teases him and pretends to sign him up to a dating app. It’s a welcome distraction from thinking about Harold’s funeral. Jim is grateful for their support. Alistair assures Jim that whatever happens, they’ll be right there beside him.
21/01/2012m 57s


Lynda issues Philip with an invitation to be the guest of honour at the Cider Club Burns Night celebrations, in light of his work on the playground. She hopes they can count on Philip to recite the Address To The Haggis too, though he’s less enthusiastic about this. Tom and Natasha are looking forward to an evening of cocktail making at a bar in Borchester, but when they arrive Natasha can hardly keep her eyes open. Tom teases her for falling asleep, and she snaps at him – he has it easy with his work on the doorstep. As they head home, Natasha apologises for overreacting. She’s decided to move her business over to Ambridge to ease off the commute. The orchard will remain, but she will relocate the press, warehouse and office. Perhaps Bridge Fresh and Summer Orchard could co-locate. Tom thinks it’s a fantastic idea. Philip tries to get a downbeat Kirsty to open up to him. She explains how stressed the wedding is making her. The bust up with Gavin, and the disaster of her last wedding hasn’t helped. All she knows is that two weeks ago she was really happy, and now she isn’t. Philip suggests that they don’t get married. They both know how in love they are. Relieved Kirsty’s very happy – but what about everyone else? Philip assures her he’ll deal with the fallout in Ambridge…
20/01/2013m 11s


Freddie meets up with Ian to debrief him on how Hugh is getting on at Grey Gables. He explains that Bailey isn’t a fan of Hugh. Freddie hands Ian the restaurant’s new menu. Ian thinks Hugh’s revisions sound terribly dated. Ian innocuously suggests to Adam that they should treat themselves for getting a court date for the parental order. Why don’t they go to Grey Gables? Over dinner, Ian picks fault with almost everything on the menu, but when the bill arrives he discovers Hugh has gifted it to them on the house. Damn his generosity! Eddie quizzes Jim about his trip up north. Jazzer covers for him and says they’re going to visit an ancient ruin. Later, at Cider Club, Eddie voices his disdain for the pub’s new name. It’s disrespectful. Jazzer admits he’s considering pulling out of playing at The Bull on Burns Night – if it wasn’t for the free meal and whisky. This gives Eddie an idea to show how people really feel about the pub’s name change…
19/01/2012m 52s


Alistair voices his concerns to Shula about Jim attending Harold’s funeral. Shula tells modest Alistair how proud she is of the way he’s dealt with Jim’s situation. He should take the compliment! Lynda’s been walking with a limp. She explains to Jim that she acquired her injuries from the team building day. Lilian arrives at the village shop with a poster for the pub’s ‘Burns Bop’. She explains that the celebrations will last all weekend, which Jim thinks rather misses the point. Lynda notices that the poster refers to the pub as ‘The B at Ambridge’. Lynda believes the name change is undemocratic, which is why she’s started a petition. It’s time to make a stand for tradition. Lilian scoffs at the petition, but Lynda insists everyone she’s asked so far has signed it. The argument gets heated and strong words are exchanged. On returning home from work, Alistair discovers Jim researching Bed and Breakfasts to stay in after Harold’s funeral. Alistair asks him to look for somewhere that will sleep three people. He and Jazzer don’t want Jim to have to face Harold alone, so they’d like to come with him. Jim is taken aback but he would appreciate their company. It means a lot to him.
17/01/2012m 53s


Freddie arrives early for the team-building day at Spiritual Home. Kate is less than thrilled to see him, but he persuades her to let him help set up. Lynda arrives, bemoaning the pub’s name change. Kate concludes that they definitely have a problem with negativity in the workplace at Grey Gables. Tracy reckons the negativity began when they started playing for real money in the staffroom card games. Natasha and Tom are enjoying a day in the great outdoors pruning her fruit trees. Natasha thinks Tom’s incredibly lucky to have a job where he can work outside. She hopes she can find a new office manager soon. After bridge-building, campfire making, and blindfolded games, the Grey Gables team is thoroughly bruised and disgruntled. A hot lentil bake does nothing to raise spirits. Everyone is tasked with writing the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates. Kate reads out various gripes, and they all round on her. They’re all united in having had an awful day. As Freddie turns to go, Kate calls him over. She’s realised Noluthando was just as much to blame as Freddie for her overdose. She’s let go of her negativity and decided to move on.
16/01/2013m 13s


Ruth’s on an emergency biscuit run; a punter from yesterday’s wedding fayre has called to say she’d like to come round and look at the barn. The bride, Stephanie, arrives early. She’s really taken by the cows and the crumbling farm buildings, they’re perfect for her rustic theme. Stephanie promises to send her Dad over to talk prices – he’s confident they’ll give him a good deal. She’s sure David and Ruth know him. He’s called Vince Casey. Kirsty and her mum, Megan, enjoy a special lunch together at The Orangery. Megan asks all about Kirsty’s wedding plans. Kirsty admits it’s all come at her quite fast, she just wants something small and intimate. Her mum reminds her of all the extended family she’ll have to invite. Kirsty wonders if they’ll need to rethink things. Jim and Shula catch up over a drink at the Tearoom. It’s clear Jim has something he wants to ask Shula, but he can’t get it up and turns the conversation onto Shula’s ordination. They discuss her upcoming presentation, which she’s dreading. Jim assures her she’ll cope wonderfully. Shula’s thankful to him for listening and allowing her to be honest about her feelings. Jim suggests that confronting one’s greatest fears is the only way to move on from them.
15/01/2013m 15s


Ruth and David’s journey to the wedding fayre is brought to an abrupt halt when they discover their sheep have escaped into the road. They arrive late at the fayre and realise they’ve left their smart clothes back at Brookfield. But even after brushing the mud off their jeans they don’t seem to be attracting any punters. Ruth decides to take a different tack, and approaches customers herself to explain what they have to offer. Their approach seems to strike a chord, and they hand out loads of leaflets to those looking for a rustic wedding. Lilian is convinced Peggy will hate the pub’s new name. Surprisingly, Peggy completely understands the need to evolve to attract new customers. She thinks their decision makes good business sense. After all, you can’t spend fifty years working without an understanding of best practice. Lilian admits she should know by now not to underestimate Peggy. Lilian spends a happy afternoon reminiscing about the good old days of The Bull. Justin reminds Lilian to stick to her guns. The B at Ambridge is a terrific name. People will just need to get used to it.
14/01/2013m 15s


Outside the playground, Tom is introducing himself to Gavin when he’s interrupted by a phone call. It’s Natasha, she completely missed their van test drive after she left her phone and handbag in a coffee shop. Tom’s just relieved to hear that she’s safe. Later, Natasha explains that what she wants most of all is some time to prune her fruit trees. Tom offers his assistance, why don’t they do it together later in the week? Kirsty gives Alistair the run of the house so that he can escape the building site at home for a bath. He notices a nasty scratch on her arm which was given to her by Ena, Joy’s vicious new kitten from Hilda’s litter. After his bath, Alistair is startled to come across Gavin riffling through Kirsty and Philip’s wardrobe. The two threaten one another and Kirsty bursts in to find out what on earth’s going on. Gavin interrogates Kirsty about her mystery ‘lover’ while Alistair hastily retreats to put some clothes on. He’s heard that his dad is going to make an honest woman of Kirsty, but it looks like Philip’s got a long way to go. The two of them fight ferociously and Kirsty orders Gavin out of the house. Mortified, Alistair emerges from the en-suite having heard the entire row. He’ll probably go elsewhere for a bath next time.
13/01/2012m 45s


Jazzer and Roy break the news of Kirsty and Philip’s engagement to Tom. Though taken aback, he’s pleased for them both. Natasha’s thrilled to hear the news; she can’t wait for wedding bells in Ambridge. Tom goes over to congratulate Kirsty in person, and finds her house full of cards and flowers; news certainly spreads fast. He apologises to her for everything they had to go through, but in the end they both found the right people. Back at Greenacres, Jazzer and Jim are preparing a roast lunch. Jim’s still determined to attend Harold Jayston’s funeral, despite Jazzer and Alistair’s best efforts. It’s just something he has to do. Tom frets that he doesn’t support Natasha enough. Her mind is totally occupied with finding a new office manager since hers walked out. Tom offers to help in any way he can. He promises to show her just how important she is to him. He doesn’t do that enough, and that’s going to change.
12/01/2012m 56s


Pip reports she and Phoebe have finally made up. It took a few drinks to break the ice, but by the end of the evening they were singing in the taxi home. Rex and a hungover Pip go to check out Oakey Bank. They make plans for a ceremonial removal of the fence. It’s the perfect spot, a great bit of land. Pip’s pleased that they’re all working together again, and volunteers to start on a marketing strategy. Jim’s still furious about Harold Jayston’s death, but Alistair convinces him not to become reclusive again. They both know that won’t help matters. Jim decides a few days away is what he needs. And while Alistair might not like it, his plan is to attend Harold’s funeral. He needs the catharsis. Kirsty isn’t enamoured with the idea of spending a work bonding session at Spiritual Home. Philip tries to take her mind off it with a spot of bird watching at the hide. He’s heard rumour of wigeon coming in to roost and is eager for them to set off as soon as possible. Despite the cold, Kirsty’s pleased when they finally see the wigeon over the lake. Philip invites her into the hide, which he’s filled with fairy lights and cushions. He gets down on one knee and asks her to make him the happiest man alive. Kirsty tells him how happy Philip’s made her. Of course she’ll marry him. If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.
10/01/2013m 4s


Kate gives Oliver a hard sell with her Spiritual Home treatments. She thinks they’re just what he needs to overcome the stress of the card school fallout. After a massage and some breathing exercises, Oliver is feeling much better. Kate suggests one of Spiritual Home’s team building days might help to neutralise the negative energy at Grey Gables. Kenton’s had bad news from Alana, their interviewee: she couldn’t face working in such a hostile environment after witnessing Kenton and Jolene’s bickering. That leaves Emma as their only other candidate. The building work at Greenacres has come to a halt after the builders failed to turn up. At The Bull, Philip offers to pull in a favour, and agrees to try to reason with the head of the firm. Alistair thanks him with a drink, and the conversation turns to Gavin’s upcoming wedding. Philip, Oliver, Kate and Alistair share their engagement stories. The punters at The Bull are all keen to find out what Jolene’s big announcement is all about. She catches their attention and announces that very soon The Bull will be no longer. It’s being given a brand new name: The B at Ambridge…
09/01/2013m 2s


Susan’s worried about Neil. He’s lost a lot of sleep over the tail-biting incident. He can’t wait for their holiday to Lanzarote so that they can get away from it all. She wonders whether the extra money from his Berrow job is worth it if he isn’t happy. Neil meets Rex and tries to assuage his fears about taking his pigs to slaughter. Rex should see it as taking the pigs to the final stage of their journey. He empathises over how attached you can get, as pigs have such unique personalities. He offers Rex some practical tips for keeping the pigs comfortable. Jim is taking all of his anger over Harold Jayston out on the builders. First they left a small tyre-track on his lawn, then they set up base in his shed and sat around drinking tea. Jazzer and Alistair suggest that Jim might want to exercise a little more diplomacy and tolerance. But Jim is adamant: it’s his house, and he makes the rules. If they don’t like it that's just too bad.
08/01/2013m 11s


Neil’s distressed to discover there’s been more tail-biting amongst his pigs. One of the pigs has been so badly bitten he has to put it down. Sensing a lack of support from Hannah, he loses his cool and shouts at her. Hannah reckons Neil needs to rethink his management style. Josh is finally back from his holiday in Bangkok. Rex is thankful he didn’t have to produce any paperwork for the police. Ruth is still at her wits’ end and insists Josh goes to the police station to explain himself. Later Josh reports that the police meeting went very smoothly. The so-called mate who borrowed the digger has been charged and Josh will have his digger back soon. Rex fills Josh in on his progress with the pigs. He’s really bonded with them and is feeling remorse at having to take them to slaughter. He recommends Rex to talk to Neil about his concerns. Lilian wasn’t impressed with the way Jolene and Kenton bickered about The Bull’s name change the whole way through the interview for Bella’s replacement. Hannah arrives at The Bull to discuss moving into One, The Green with Johnny. Lilian and Kenton rope her into their debate about the significance of changing a pub’s name, but Hannah doesn’t get what the fuss is about. Lilian’s had her thinking cap on and has come up with a new name. She can’t wait for it to be announced.
07/01/2013m 15s

Ghost Stories from Ambridge: The Monkey's Paw

The last of three ghost stories from Ambridge, read by John Rowe (aka Jim Lloyd)
07/01/2013m 48s

Ghost Stories from Ambridge: Lost Hearts

The second of three ghost stories from Ambridge, read by John Rowe (aka Jim Lloyd)
07/01/2013m 56s

Ghost Stories from Ambridge: The Room In The Tower

The first of three ghost stories from Ambridge, read by John Rowe (aka Jim Lloyd)
07/01/2013m 41s


A nervous Kirsty takes a call from Gavin. Later, she tracks Philip down at his yard in Hollerton. Gavin was truly repentant. Philip assures Kirsty that he’ll protect her against any more hardship. Pip’s surprised to receive a visit from Justin at Brookfield. She’s thankful that David has gone to collect Josh from the airport, as he’d be less than thrilled to encounter Justin. Justin assures her that their altercation was purely business related and nothing personal. He wants to know about the falling out between the rewilders. Pip can’t forgive Phoebe’s dishonesty, but she doesn’t want to give up on the rewilding. Justin advises she makes her peace with Phoebe, and soon, because they’ll lose the land if they don’t rally together. On that he’s certain. Jazzer discovers an answerphone message from Jim’s old neighbour announcing Harold Jayston’s death, and hastily deletes it. Jazzer decides to break the news to Jim before Cora phones again. Jim is floored and doesn’t want to discuss it further. He’s dead, what more is there to say? Later, Jim apologises for his outburst. He’d always envisaged being able to meet Harold and make him confront his wrong-doings. Now he’s gone to his grave never knowing the pain he’s caused. By dying, Harold’s won. If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.
06/01/2013m 7s


Philip’s road-testing his new bird watching app, but notices that Kirsty doesn’t seem particularly enthused. He finally gets Kirsty to open up about why she’s brooding. He’s appalled to hear that Gavin accused Kirsty of sponging off him. He gets straight in the car in search of his son. Later, he returns in a much calmer state. He’s spoken to Gavin, who’s contrite and has regretted his behaviour ever since. He’s going to ring Kirsty to apologise properly in due course. Philip assures her that she’s as much a part of his life as Gavin is now. Alistair and Jazzer work to clear Jim’s plants out the way ahead of the building work. Jazzer is keen to tell Jim that Harold Jayston is dead, but Alistair advises caution. They don’t want to make things worse for Jim when he’s made so much progress of late. Kenton’s excited to tell Jolene that he’s hired Emma as a replacement for Bella. Lilian trumps his news with the results of Angus the consultant’s report. While he approves of their drink stock and events, he thinks The Bull’s image is old fashioned and could do with pulling in a younger crowd. She’s also lined up an interview with a young friend of Lily’s for Bella’s job. Later, Jolene and Lilian reveal one of Angus’s most revolutionary suggestions to Kenton, who’s not had time to read the report. They want to change the name of The Bull.
05/01/2013m 1s


Jazzer talks Jim down from helping out around the house. He doesn’t want him risking an injury that could compromise the show. Roman’s managed to buy Ghost Stories tickets for him and Tracy, but has had to pull out at the last minute. When she can’t talk Roy into going, she invites Oliver who gladly accepts. Drinks and transport are on him though – after all Tracy got the tickets… Kirsty rushes out of the staffroom at Grey Gables, where a fight has broken out. The card school is really getting out of hand and Oliver can’t believe Roy hasn’t reported it to him sooner. Written warnings are issued, and Oliver decides something needs to be done to boost staff morale. Kirsty tells Roy about her disastrous meeting with Gavin. Roy does his best to persuade her to tell Philip about Gavin’s behaviour. Jim and Jazzer are drinking to the success of the show when Harrison arrives at The Bull. He takes Jazzer to one side and tells him that Harold Jayston died on Boxing Day. They agree not to mention it to Jim tonight.
03/01/2013m 11s


Lee arrives at Bridge Farm for Henry’s birthday party. He and Helen are talk of the village at the moment. Henry proudly shows Lee his Lego Hogwarts. Helen is so pleased that Lee could be there to join in the celebrations, and finally tells Lee that she loves him. Brian fills Phoebe in on his ordeal with the BL board. They’ve agreed that he can continue as a board member, but it was a close run thing. Brian tries to raise Phoebe’s spirits about the rewilding and tells her not to give in. Kirsty meets Gavin at the playground to discuss the wedding privately. She tells Gavin that being jilted herself made her realise how unimportant the material aspects of a wedding are. She explains what a strain it’s putting on Philip, and how unfair it is to expect him to foot the bill. Gavin angrily retorts that if anyone’s sponging off Philip, it’s Kirsty. She clearly saw him as a sugar daddy who could keep her in a posh house with a nice garden. Gavin won’t compromise on the wedding and tells Kirsty to butt out.
02/01/2013m 2s


Jolene is lamenting the death of Eccles. She thinks Kenton underestimates how popular the peacock was with the punters. She raises the idea of a memorial in the garden or a book of condolences. Kenton despairs. On hearing Jolene’s threats to call for an official police investigation into Eccles’ death, Kenton finally confesses it was he who killed Eccles. Jolene admits she knew all along – she found the feathers stuck to his car. He could at least have disposed of the evidence fully, but then Kenton never did do anything properly. A feeble Jim has finally stopped throwing up, but is looking decidedly worse for wear. He surprises Alistair by saying he has every intention of performing the ghost stories that evening. Alistair explains to Elizabeth that he doesn’t think Jim will be up to it. She vetoes the idea of Russ acting as his understudy, and wonders if Robert will step in. Lynda even volunteered her services, but Elizabeth isn’t keen on the idea. She asks Robert to try reading the opening of one of the stories, under Lynda’s direction, but he falls to pieces. Elizabeth concedes that Lynda will have to perform, but just as the curtain is about to go up, Jim arrives. He takes to the stage.
01/01/2013m 2s


Keen to escape Jazzer’s bagpipe practice, Jim and Alistair head over to The Bull for lunch. At the bar, Robert is lamenting the loss of Eccles, while Kenton tries to change the topic of conversation. Later, at the party, Alistair compliments Robert on his Jacob Rees-Mogg outfit. Jim points out that Robert’s supposed to be Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Meanwhile Jim is dressed as Wackford Squeers. Helen wows Lee with her fancy dress costume: Black Widow. Helen is worried it may be a bit sinister, but Lee assures her that Black Widow is a goodie. Lee has come in his karate outfit, which Helen suggests would make him Bruce Lee. They make the ultimate power couple. Finding The Bull a bit much, they decide to call it a night early and Lee invites Helen back to his place. Just as midnight is about to strike, Jim makes a hasty exit, pursued by Alistair and Robert – he’s feeling ill and needs to be sick.
31/12/1913m 2s


Kirsty and Helen go in search of fancy dress costumes for The Bull’s New Year’s Eve party. They fall about laughing; all of the outfits look awful. Justin offers Phoebe a lift home and quizzes her about her progress with the rewilding. She admits that things are still tense with Pip and Rex. She asks Justin if he’ll put in a good word for Brian, but he’s making no promises. After all, Brian betrayed his trust. Lee catches Tony and offers his thanks for Christmas lunch. He explains that he knows all about Helen’s relationship with Rob and wants to assure Tony that he’d never hurt Helen in any way. Tony invites Lee to help him spread a straw bed for the steers. Tony apologises for his brusque treatment of Lee. He felt he failed Helen after the situation with Rob, and is now suspicious of other men coming into her life. Helen returns from her shopping trip and Lee is alarmed to discover the New Year’s Eve party at The Bull is fancy dress. Helen assures him that her costume will be a good surprise. They agree that this year, they’ll get New Year right.
30/12/1913m 16s


There’s trouble at Grey Gables and Pip’s got to make her mind up.
29/12/1912m 55s


Phoebe implores Kirsty to give her some advice. The rewilding is in a mess, and she’s especially unpopular with Pip and Rex right now. Kirsty thinks Phoebe could do with remembering that before anything else, Pip and Rex are her friends. Perhaps she needs to see them on that level again. Phoebe agrees and brings Pip a chocolate log as a peace offering. Pip can barely bring herself to talk to Phoebe, and doesn't care that she’s sourced the final piece of land for the rewilding. All she wants right now is to spend time with her family. Gavin arrives for his post-Christmas dinner with Kirsty and Philip. Before they've even sat down to eat, he announces that he and his girlfriend Kelly have got engaged. He hopes Philip might help him financially, and talks them through his plans for an extravagant wedding in Bali. It'll cost twenty grand, thirty tops. Philip is completely taken aback, but Gavin is confident he'll cough up eventually.
27/12/1912m 57s


Just as Kirsty and Philip are settling down to watch a film, they hear the Knock of Horville. Joy insists she's just come to bring some gingerbread round, but before Kirsty and Philip can stop her, she's roped them into a card game. Afterwards, Joy fills Kirsty in on the disastrous Christmas at Bridge Farm. Kirsty tells her the story of their failed engagement, and Joy counters that Kirsty probably had a lucky escape with Tom. Angus Shrimpton arrives for his consultation about The Bull. He concludes that Kenton is scared of modernising the pub. This does nothing to help Kenton's mood. After running the bar single-handedly all day, Bella has just announced she's leaving in the New Year. He storms off to the shops to stock up on tonic, but in his haste he runs over Eccles. Alistair confirms that Eccles is dead and Kenton swears him to secrecy. No one will believe it was an accident. If anyone asks, Eccles was dead when they found him.
26/12/1913m 14s


It’s Christmas day at Bridge Farm and Tom puts his foot in it.
25/12/1913m 3s


Tom gets suspicious and Joy makes a guest appearance.
24/12/1913m 1s


Kirsty and Philip can’t wait to host their first ‘post-Christmas dinner’ together. Jim catches Kirsty and Philip playing on the roundabout and berates them for their behaviour; it’s no wonder the playground is so dilapidated. Kirsty proudly explains that Philip is going to be renovating the playground at cost price as a Christmas present to Ambridge. Philip surprises both Kirsty and Jim with the news that he’s bought two tickets to the opening night of Jim’s Ghost Stories performance. At Greenacres, Alistair quietly admits to Jazzer that only four people have bought tickets for Jim’s performance that night. Jazzer rallies and agrees they have to do something. They can’t see the Prof humiliated. Jazzer rushes into the Tearooms where he persuades Helen and Lee to watch the production. With two minutes until the curtain call, only four people have showed up to watch the Ghost Stories. Jazzer is oddly calm, and right on cue a crowd of residents from The Laurels arrive. Jazzer called in on Christine and she spread the word – on the condition that Alistair covered the cost of their minibus. The opening night is a huge success, and everyone was terrified. Alistair and Jim hear rumours that one man was so scared he fainted, and can’t contain their laughter when they discover it was Jazzer. Christine comforts him with a stiff drink.
23/12/1912m 56s


Lilian finds a bleary-eyed Kenton at The Bull. He’s been kept awake by Eccles the peacock’s unseasonable calling. Lilian tries to lift his spirits with the news that Angus Shrimpton has found them a slot for a free consultancy about the pub on Boxing Day. Kenton fears that Angus will take the soul out of The Bull by modernising it or turning it into a wine bar. David is fretting about Josh’s whereabouts, as his phone is still going straight to voicemail. Pip consoles David with lunch at The Bull, where she bumps into Rex. He’s been contacted by the police too, and has to make an appointment to see them. Later, Rex finally receives a call from Josh, who realises he’s been played by a mate that borrowed the digger. Rex can’t believe his ears when Josh admits he has no paper trail or invoices for the loan. Josh asks him to forge some paperwork to cover their tracks, and the line goes dead. David is pleased to discover that Josh has been in touch – panic over, eh?
22/12/1913m 3s


David receives a call from an unknown number: it’s the police, arranging a visit to speak to him at Brookfield that afternoon. They’ve still not heard from Josh, and struggle to answer any of the DC’s questions. Grundy World of Christmas is proving such a success that the tombola looks set to run out of prizes. Clarrie sends Will, in full elf costume, and Emma to search the farm for trinkets to add to the tombola. As they open up the final shed on their hunt for prizes, Emma discovers all the soft furnishings she’d bought for Beechwood. Will confesses that Ed paid for all of it. He refuses to let Emma give away her ornaments on the tombola, and instead they decide to try their luck with a skip outside the Gills’ house. It’s found to be full of brand new clothes. Harrison arrives just in time for his star turn as Father Christmas, but Eddie still isn’t convinced he passes muster. Clarrie realises it’s because Harrison isn’t the same as Joe. Harrison declares that after Joe, Eddie would be the next best thing, and gives Eddie his costume. He makes a brilliant Father Christmas, and thanks to Will and Emma’s contributions to the tombola, the day is a success. To top it all off, Clarrie’s had some good news: Oliver’s invited them to Grey Gables for Christmas dinner.
20/12/1913m 2s


Buoyant Tom’s pleased that Bridge Fresh is doing well. He admits to Natasha he’s glad they didn’t get Peggy’s money; it would have distracted them from their main business. Later Natasha returns from making over Joy with her ear well and truly bent; Joy wouldn’t stop going on about Tony! She clearly has a massive crush. Tom’s appalled when they work out Tony was with Joy on his parents’ anniversary. Natasha defends Tony. He’d be mortified if he knew Joy might be keen on him. And Pat was fine about the anniversary, it’s no big deal. Tom insists either way something’s not right. Kirsty teases Philip fondly about his growing display of Christmas lights. He spots how downcast she is as she struggles with grant applications for the playground, and returns later with the news that he’s offering to do the refurbishment himself, for a reduced fee from the Parish Council. Kirsty’s delighted. Tracy tries to sneak Roman off for lunch, but curious Susan tracks them down and muscles in on their date at the Tearoom. She gives Roman the third degree before pronouncing he’s passed muster. She can tell Tracy really likes him. Her one piece of advice to Tracy is not to mess it up this time.
19/12/1913m 1s


Busy Adam bats away Brian’s request to raise some issues with him. At the partnership meeting Brian and Ruth exchange views on their errant sons. Brian feels Adam’s a poor communicator. He tackles Adam over perceived failings on the farm: the cherries, the quinoa disaster, even selling the tractor. Adam dismisses these as misfortune, but Brian thinks he’s missing the big picture, especially since the arrival of Xander. Things get heated as Adam accuses Brian of undermining him, reminding him that he’s the manager now, not Brian. Adam admits to Ruth afterwards that may have overreacted. Phoebe’s troubled. Adam has no sympathy for her, her granddad is cool with her, and when she locates Pip she gets short shrift. Pip wants an explanation. When Phoebe admits Brian told her his concerns over the re-wilders deal with BL sooner than she’d previously admitted, Pip’s incandescent. Phoebe admits it was a bad call, but compounds matters by calling the project her hard work. Pip stresses they’ve all worked hard, plus she’s put her relationship with Ruth on the line. She sends Phoebe away. Disconsolate Phoebe apologises to Brian – he might lose his place on the BL board due to her mistake. However she insists she can’t see what’s wrong with ambition. Brian points out she needs to take responsibility, and if she can do that and learn from her mistakes, she has a bright future.
18/12/1913m 8s


Helen admits to Lee that while her parents are fine with it, she still hasn’t told Henry that he’s coming for Christmas lunch. Lee’s surprised to see how Christmasy Kirsty’s house. Helen’s amazed to see that Philip has gone even further with the decorations inside. Kirsty comments wryly it’s like living in a lighthouse. Helen picks Henry up from school and broaches the subject of Lee. But Henry’s ahead of her; of course she can invite her boyfriend to Christmas lunch! Henry’s more interested in asking Natasha if Uncle Tom is going to the Grundy World of Christmas. Natasha tells Helen she’s had a good time at Deck the Hall but she got talked by Joy into giving her a makeover tomorrow. Jim is dismayed to learn that Lynda’s at the ghost stories rehearsal, planning to make the costume while she draws inspiration from the ambience Jim will create. Lynda interrupts the rehearsal to make alterations to the set. She notices a painting and is aghast to find it looks like her – but with a scary, unpleasant look in her eyes. Why would Russ have done that? All this distraction is too much for Jim, who insists he and Robert decamp to Greenacres, leaving Lynda to finish the costume. But Lynda can’t stay. She begs a lift home from Freddie to get away from Russ’s bizarre little joke.
17/12/1913m 14s


Eddie wants Harrison to try on the Father Christmas outfit so that Clarrie can adjust it to fit. Susan’s sure Harrison will make a great Father Christmas and tells Eddie that Keira is really looking forward to the Grundy’s World of Christmas. Harrison assures Eddie he’ll alter it himself and promises his boots will be shiny. Susan tries to get gossip out of Tracy, assuming Pip and Toby are getting married, until Tracy points out that Pip bought a wedding magazine to give David some ideas for the barn. Susan quizzes Tracy over Roman, wanting to know if she’s seeing him. Tracy’s fed up with the inquisition and refuses to tell her anything. Susan tries again later, insisting she wants to meet Roman to check him out. After visiting an architect, David and Ruth have been getting ideas for their barn. David still can’t get Justin out of his mind, until Harrison turns up and turns their attention to Josh. A digger registered to Ambridge Machinery was used in a cash point robbery in Darrington. They try to get hold of Josh but he’s not answering his phone. They learn that Josh loaned a digger to someone. This is serious – David and Ruth just want Josh to get in touch to sort this mess out.
16/12/1913m 14s


Helen and Lee bump into a sleep-deprived Adam while out walking. After chatting about Xander, Adam praises Helen’s Borsetshire Blue cheese. Lee wants to see Helen’s cheeseroom, and is very impressed by it, suggesting a bit of cheese would go well with his TV dinner on Christmas day. Helen impulsively invites him to Home Farm for Christmas dinner and he accepts. David’s working on Brookfield Barn – the best wedding venue in Borsetshire. Pip points out it’s a reception venue - they’re not marrying anyone there yet. David’s still hung up on Kenton and Elizabeth’s condescending remarks. Pip gives him a wedding magazine to help him gen up on all things romantic. Lilian arrives and wants to discuss the events at the signing. David criticises Justin’s motives but Lilian points out that BL has kept the project alive so perhaps they should be grateful. Lilian just wants to find a way forward but David can’t listen to any more. Lilian tells Pip to come to her in future. Pip acknowledges it’s Phoebe she’s really annoyed with. Lilian also goes to see Adam who tells her that Brian’s been summoned by the board to explain why he broke confidentiality. Adam can’t understand why Phoebe didn’t tell Pip and Rex what was going on. Lilian’s glad that at least Ruby is still her friend. She believes Justin is a good asset for them all. Adam agrees, but he’s not the one she needs to convince.
15/12/1913m 14s


Brian tracks down David at Brookfield. He reveals that Borchester Land’s offer to the rewilders is an attempt to “greenwash” the environmental damage of a planned development elsewhere. And Justin has put a clause in the contract so the re-wilders have to consult BL on any future plans. David decides to speak to Pip, but promises not to reveal that Brian tipped him off. Borchester Land hosts a swanky reception for the rewilders, to celebrate signing their contract. Justin floats the idea of a name change to “Borchester Land Rewilding”. Pip can’t believe his cheek, but Rex isn’t surprised. In Justin’s speech he thanks Peggy in particular. During the speech David takes Pip to one side. When he tells her everything he’s found out Pip guesses that Brian’s the informant. Pip’s shocked when David reveals that Brian told Phoebe everything last week. Justin asks if there’s a problem. David declares that his daughter won’t be signing the contract. But he’s too late. Justin threatens to remove David if he can’t be civil. Pip’s furious that Phoebe didn’t pass on Brian’s warning. Peggy diplomatically gets Rex to take Phoebe out for some air. Justin and Martyn overhear that Brian has been passing on confidential information to Phoebe and David. But Justin is smugly confident. The paperwork is signed. There won’t be any problems.
13/12/1913m 12s


Lee visits Bridge Farm, hoping to see Helen. She’s happy for him to join her Christmas shopping, although she has to be home for dinner. It’s Pat and Tony’s 45th wedding anniversary. Lee reveals that he’s broken up with his girlfriend. Helen is the woman with whom he shares the real connection. Helen suggests they meet again tomorrow, but Lee has a booking at The Laurels. Helen admits that she only visited Christine quite so often as an excuse to see Lee. He teases her, and they kiss. Tony drops off some chrome polish for Joy’s MG Midget. Joy excitedly tells him that Rochelle, her husband and the grandchildren are coming for Christmas. Tony ends up staying to chat. He’s surprised when she makes a tearful confession. Nobody is coming to hers for Christmas. She lied so he’d think her family loved her. Feeling sorry for Joy, and having forgotten his anniversary, Tony accepts an invitation for dinner. When Tony returns to Bridge Farm Pat surprises him with his present – a handmade sheepskin flying jacket. Tony has to confess to forgetting about their anniversary, but lets her think he was held up at the garage. Pat forgives him. She’s just happy they can spend time together. Guilty Tony sits down to his second massive meal of the evening.
12/12/1913m 3s


Justin, Hannah and Neil meet to decide what needs to be done about the Berrow Pigs’ tail-biting. Hannah is still defensive, but Neil gets her to admit that neither of them spotted the problem early. Hannah wants to start buying in pigs with docked tails, but Neil objects on welfare grounds. He sticks to his guns, and advocates a return to the old, more expensive, feed mix. Neil never approved of the change. He’s a little surprised when Justin readily agrees. Elizabeth shows off Russ’ set dressing of the Lower Loxley attic to David and Jill. They’re impressed. David asks Elizabeth’s advice on hosting weddings at Brookfield. David is miffed when she offers to recommend Brookfield to any clients who aren’t “high-end” enough to afford Lower Loxley. She suggests that the fad for rustic weddings won’t last. David drives Jill back to Brookfield, and Jill is delighted to tell him that Elizabeth plans to host the family Christmas. She’s surprised at David’s irritated reaction. Elizabeth’s negative comments about Brookfield weddings, coupled with Kenton’s yesterday, have made him feel that they look down on his hosting skills. David’s determined he and Ruth will prove them wrong.
11/12/1913m 12s

The Archers eavesdrops at Marneys on Brookfield Farm

The Archers eavesdrops at the gate into Marneys at Brookfield on a quiet afternoon
11/12/1910m 34s


Neil and Hannah are shocked to discover that there have been a number of incidents of tail-biting amongst the Berrow Farm pigs. As they round up the injured pigs for treatment, Hannah becomes defensive. She doesn't like Neil’s insinuation that it started at the weekend, when she was on duty. Over a pint, Neil admits to Rex that he’s gutted. It’s an awful welfare problem, and of course he had to tell Justin. Neil is also worried about his reputation as a pigman. Rex thinks that Justin is reasonable, and values Neil’s opinion. Neil just needs to get Justin to listen. David’s unimpressed when Kenton implies that he’s temperamentally unsuited to hosting weddings at Brookfield. David points out that he’s only providing a venue, but Kenton thinks it’s inevitable that he’ll be dragged into the drama of any wedding. And David doesn’t have the right people skills. David is offended. At Lower Loxley Robert isn’t enjoying rehearsals of Jim’s ghost story readings. Jim insists on sitting in the dark, and Russ has found a creepy dummy to serve as part of the set. That evening, Robert complains to Lynda that it’s a disaster. Lynda can’t believe that he’s scared of a dummy. She’s keen to go to sleep, but Robert is unnerved by an owl hooting outside.
10/12/1913m 7s


Lynda is unimpressed that Grey Gables seems to be receiving prank calls from Roman. She’s even less impressed when Tracy hangs up the reception phone without answering. Tracy insists that it’s just Roman again. She recognises the number, and she doesn’t need to hear more of Roman’s terrible Sean Connery impersonation. Later, Oliver reports that a regular guest, Mr McLeod, has complained about being unable to make his usual booking. Oliver’s very unimpressed when Tracy realises that she mistook the call for one of Roman’s pranks. Lynda argues that Tracy’s work has generally been exemplary. Oliver agrees, but this is one of a number of costly recent mistakes. Tracy is left in no doubt that she is on a final warning. At Brookfield, Pip starts to tell David about Rewilding Ambridge’s deal with Borchester land. But they are interrupted by a text from Josh. He’s at the airport. Pip and David are jealous of his holiday. A Christmas card has arrived from Lilian and Justin. David refuses to display it – he hasn’t forgiven Justin for his duplicitous behaviour regarding the abattoir. Later, Pip checks the sheep, and David admits he’s feeling pessimistic about the future, given the current uncertainty in the world. Pip finally tells him about the deal with Justin and Borchester Land. David is stunned. He congratulates Pip, but it’s a shock.
09/12/1913m 6s

Making Mince Pies with Jill Archer

Join Jill in the kitchen at Brookfield as she makes a batch of her much loved mince pies
09/12/1912m 50s


At Grange Farm, Clarrie finds Ed and Will attempting to bake mince pies for the “Grundy World of Christmas”. Clarrie’s appalled that they are heating the mincemeat, and adding brandy. She firmly corrects them on their technique. Eddie texts Ed to say that some elf costumes are ready for collection, and Ed spots a chance to escape. He and Will claim that it’s a job that requires both of their input, and Clarrie is left alone with the baking. Clarrie’s surprised when Emma arrives at Grange Farm with some mince pies. Emma stays to help with the baking. They’re soon bickering over jelly sweets – just like old times. Clarrie has missed having Emma as part of the family. They laugh as they sample Ed and Will’s awful mince pies. Lee comes to Bridge Farm, and apologises for running out on Helen. Helen also apologises for how their relationship ended earlier in the year. Lee still can’t understand why that happened. Helen finally summons the strength to tell him about her marriage to Rob. Contrary to Helen’s deepest fears, Lee doesn’t find the truth off-putting, and is in fact very supportive. Lee starts to say that he hopes they can be friends, but Helen impulsively kisses him. She apologises – this isn’t the closure he was looking for! But he kisses her back. Neither is sure where to go from here…
08/12/1913m 8s


At the Christmas Market Pat’s keen to buy Natasha an impressive gift to make up for last year. She’s hosting Tom and Natasha for Christmas and feels they should start enjoying the money from Beechwood. Pat’s also looking for an anniversary gift for Tony. Johnny shares more ideas with Tom for the Montys. Tom gets him to ditch his work and come for a drink in Borchester, avoiding the Bull – and Bella. Pat shows Tom a gift idea for Tony; it’s quite expensive but something he really wants. She’s pleased that Tom’s taking Johnny out – if things had been different it would have been John taking him. Kirsty drives nervous Helen into town for her date with Lee. At a Borchester café, Lee asks why Helen wanted to meet. Is there something she wants to say? Helen apologises for the abrupt way things ended between them. Lee says her running away from him made him question himself. Helen builds herself up to tell him about what was really going on with her, but he interjects to say that he’s seeing someone. Lee feels it has worked out well for him and Helen. Helen swallows hard and says she’s pleased for Lee. She assures him that he did nothing wrong. After Lee’s gone, Helen phones Kirsty: the date was a disaster. She’s really blown it.
06/12/1913m 8s


Clarrie and Eddie reflect on how quiet their Christmas will be, now that Will’s spending it at Andrew’s. But Joe won’t want them moping, and Eddie resolves to make Grundy World of Christmas the best yet. Harrison needs to up his game as Santa though. As Clarrie ponders making the mince pies, she sadly remembers how she used to do it with Emma to start Christmas properly. Ruth admits that Josh’s new tractor purchase was a good one, now he’s polished it up. As Josh looks forward to his trip to South East Asia, Ruth apologises for overreacting about him and Bella. Josh promises to be around on Saturday for the Christmas lights switch-on. Kirsty finds Jim reciting ghost stories to himself and is politely vague about coming to the show. She’s more concerned about the terrible state of the playground. Jim assures Kirsty he’ll raise the issue at the next parish council meeting. Kirsty tells Helen about Philip’s ridiculous Christmas jumpers and music playlist. Helen’s excited about her date with Lee tomorrow. She’s even getting her hair done, although she doesn’t want to appear to have made a big effort. Kirsty knows that Helen and Lee are right together. Helen agrees, and just hopes that Lee feels the same way.
05/12/1913m 17s


Toby’s left to rearrange his date with someone he’s met online after Rex rejects his plea to babysit. Robert and Lynda reminisce about previous Christmas productions. He encourages her to use her theatrical knowledge to support Elizabeth, who’s clearly out of her depth. Lynda can see it’s her duty to guide Elizabeth, and calls her straight away. Lynda offers her services with costumes and props, but she won’t be directing. Instead, she’s thought of the perfect person to tame Jim: Robert, of course. If he has any questions, Lynda will be more than happy to lend a hand from behind the scenes. Phoebe’s tetchy ahead of the contract meeting with BL. Pip’s anxious too, she still doesn’t trust Justin at all and knows there’s no way her parents will be on board with the idea of her working with him. Toby does his best to reassure her – she can’t spend her life worrying about what Ruth and David think. Pip tells Rex and Phoebe that despite her reservations about Justin, she trusts the two of them completely and wants to sign the deal. Phoebe agrees that they should sign it as soon as possible. Rewilding is finally coming to Ambridge.
04/12/1913m 6s


In the Village Shop, Lynda’s busy telling Will about Tracy’s new-found romance with Roman. Overhearing Jim reciting his lines for the Ghost Stories, Lynda quizzes him about the upcoming production. She’s not convinced by his ability to perform without a director, now Russ has stepped down. Elizabeth presses Jim to decide on the titles so that she can get the programmes printed. Later, she visits Lynda and implores her to come out of theatrical retirement to direct the Ghost Stories. Though flattered, Lynda refuses to be seen as fickle. Her answer is still no. Justin has told Brian about his plans for the share farming agreement between BL and the rewilders. Risking his position on the board, Brian shares his discovery with Phoebe: BL don’t care about rewilding, they’re just trying to offset bulldozing some woodland. There are alarming clauses in the agreement too. It’s a greenwash and she mustn’t agree to it. Will catches up with Andrew at the children’s bereavement event. Andrew forgives Will for the way he treated Mia. He recognises that Will was grieving too. To his surprise, Will was really helped by the grief workshop. Andrew invites Will and Poppy to spend Christmas lunch with them. Touched, Will says he’d love to.
03/12/1913m 11s


Tom’s impressed with Johnny’s plans for moving the mobile milking parlour to give the Montys a better view. Pat’s putting together home-made Christmas e-cards. Tony finds her the perfect festive photo of Henry and Jack. Pat wishes Johnny had told her about Josh and Bella, rather than finding out from Susan. Hurt Johnny makes a hasty exit. Tom attempts to comfort Johnny; things will get better. Despite his own past he feels happier than he’s ever been with Natasha. Later he reassures anxious Pat that Johnny will be fine. Pat comments it’s long time since she experienced the follies of young love. She’d like to do something special for her and Tony’s upcoming wedding anniversary. Maybe she’ll get Tony a memorable gift. Pat tries to apologise to Johnny, and she and Tom reflect on how Johnny really is his late father’s son. Kirsty and Helen look forward to the Christmas lights switch-on. Philip is ‘Christmas mad’ but she’s persuaded him to tone things down at home. Helen admits she’s been thinking about Lee since bumping into him last week – but she messed things up so badly all those months ago. She’s still attracted to him. Kirsty persuades dithering Helen to text Lee. To Helen’s amazement he replies, suggesting they meet up on Friday. Helen feels like she’s been given an second chance, and this time she won’t mess it up.
02/12/1913m 8s


Jill won’t be making Christmas dinner, but Ruth assures her they’ll cope. Pip seems a million miles away but says she’s fine – she hopes Leonard spoils Jill rotten when he takes her away over Christmas. Rex thinks he did a good job schmoozing Justin at the golf range, but he’s frustrated by Justin’s impossible offer for the rewilding project. Phoebe understands though – he’s a ruthless businessman. Pip’s not as confident as Phoebe that Peggy will be impressed by their pitch. Suspicious of Justin and the offer on the table, Pip wants more time to think things through, and Rex supports her, but Phoebe wants to press on in order to secure some cash and see if rewilding is viable. They need the money by Christmas, and although BL are tricky, her grandad Brian is on the board – is he not to be trusted either? Rex is won round, but Pip wants time to decide. Freddie pops to Brookfield to borrow speakers from Ben for his upcoming birthday party. He tells Ruth he’s enjoying working at Grey Gables, but is frosty at the mention of Josh. Ruth’s mortified at the sight of Josh’s new tractor purchase, which he wants to do up for a profit. Freddie confronts Josh over Bella – he doesn’t want Josh at his party. Josh admits what happened to horrified Ruth, who’s disgusted by Josh’s disregard for Johnny.
01/12/1913m 2s


Dimitrios's leaving party is getting off to a rowdy start at Tim's Taverna, and Lynda's mime game goes down a storm. Tracy admits to Oliver that she never got round to organising plaster crockery for the plate smashing. The memo clearly hasn’t reached Lynda, who wishes Dimitrios a 'smashing' future as she throws one of the restaurant’s plates to the floor. Freddie follows suit and Lynda encourages everyone to join in. After an altercation with the manager, Lynda bundles the team into a minibus – all except for Tracy, who’s gone home with Roman. Rex arranges to 'coincidentally' bump into Justin at the driving range. Justin is impressed by Rex’s golfing skills, and the two bond over their experiences of boarding school. Later, Justin meets Rex and Phoebe at The Bull to reveal the board’s decision: they've decided to loan them two hundred and seventy acres. Justin explains, however, that the agreement is subject to terms. It will be a share farming arrangement. Instead of charging rent, BL want seventy five percent of any profit generated.
29/11/1913m 3s


Eddie’s been inundated with applicants to audition for the role of Father Christmas at The Grundy World of Christmas, so Clarrie persuades him to host auditions at the village hall that evening. Russ is on the lookout for props for the ghost stories – Leonard tells him to check at the Village Hall, it’s where old tat from the pantos gets stored. Russ assures Leonard he isn’t looking for tat, he wants to create an atmosphere. Russ gets his wires crossed with Clarrie when he arrives at the Village Hall on the hunt for props, and ends up being added to the Santa audition list. Leonard and Harrison swap notes on their previous performances as Father Christmas. Eddie isn’t convinced by Leonard’s performance, and is very critical during Harrison’s audition. Eddie explains that it was a close call between Russ and Kenton, but in the end Harrison got the role by a whisker. Harrison agrees to accept the role, but only if he’s not subjected to such a constant barrage of criticism.
28/11/1913m 3s


Tracy fills Lynda in on her plan for a Greek-themed leaving do for Dimitrios. Lynda hopes they can find a way to weave in some historical and mythological themes into the evening. After doing her research, Lynda suggests their activities include plate smashing and a game of Which God am I? Jim arrives late at Lower Loxley for his first ghost stories rehearsal – Webster escaped at Greenacres and he had to stay in his room until the coast was clear. Elizabeth wants to introduce Jim to his new director. It’s Russ. He’s hoping to bring some objectivity and perspective to the performance, and hands Jim a detailed rehearsal schedule. Jim proclaims that he’s much better off working alone. Russ attempts emotional blackmail and tells Jim what a shame it would be if Elizabeth were to suffer a setback in her depression recovery. Jim relents, but Russ’s artistic demands become increasingly outlandish, with physical theatre and props. They each complain about the other to Elizabeth, who silences them. From now on, Russ will work on set design, and Jim will work on his performance. If they can’t make decisions in future, she will have the final word.
27/11/1913m 14s


Pip and Rex try, unconvincingly, to reassure Phoebe ahead of her pitch to the BL board. In the meeting, Justin reports that they’ve had no progress with their development project plans, but that he’s still confident he can persuade the council to grant them permission. When the time comes for the rewilding pitch, Brian excuses himself from the proceedings. Phoebe’s confidence is knocked when she realises Brian can’t cast a vote or be present for her pitch. While the board seem receptive to Phoebe’s ideas, Martyn Gibson is less positive. Justin then catches Phoebe off-guard by asking her in-depth questions that she wasn’t prepared for. The board agree to come to their decision by the end of the week. After the meeting, Martyn tells Justin that he thinks the rewilding scheme is a non-starter. Justin thinks they should keep a close eye on the rewilders as they may prove useful. Pip and Phoebe are concerned that they will have to give up on the BL land. Rex thinks they need a back-up plan: to target Justin Elliott.
26/11/1913m 1s


Freddie is aghast to discover that Bella has dumped Johnny. They head to The Bull, where Freddie pushes Johnny to talk about how he’s feeling. Johnny snaps and admits that it was Josh who Bella was seen kissing. Exasperated, he walks out. David brings Rosie home from nursery with a special card she’s made. It’s a picture of Pip with the cows. David and Ruth sit Pip down for a chat: they’ve decided to lease Oakey Bank to the rewilders. It’s only twelve acres, but they should see it as an olive branch. Kirsty, Helen, Henry and Jack squeeze their way through a crammed Underwoods, looking for Santa’s grotto. They discuss Eddie’s hunt to find a Santa for the Grundy World of Christmas. Suddenly, Helen notices that Henry has disappeared. Panicking, they search everywhere, only for Henry to reappear with Lee in tow. Kirsty takes the boys to find Father Christmas and leaves Helen and Lee awkwardly making conversation. Kirsty’s frustrated to discover that Helen didn’t make the most of their conversation, what if it was meant to be? Helen writes it off as a coincidence and lets it go.
25/11/1913m 2s


It’s stir-up Sunday and Leonard practises his moving proposal speech to Pip, who thinks it’s perfect. She leaves Leonard and Jill alone in the kitchen together to make the pudding. They chat as Leonard stirs the pudding, but suddenly he stops and tells Jill he’s got something to say. Before he can launch into his speech, Jill stops him. She loves Leonard very much, but she doesn’t want to marry him. Relieved, they return to making the pudding. Leonard does have one more proposal though… Jill breaks the news to David that she and Leonard will be spending Christmas at a restaurant with Leonard’s son, Simon. David assures her they’ll miss her, but will be thinking of both of them. Lily and Phoebe hover outside The Bull, as Lily’s not sure she can face seeing Bella. Johnny arrives and insists on apologising to Lily for his outburst. They consider the fight forgotten. Back at Bridge Farm, Johnny makes Bella a special lunch to prove his love for her. Bella asks him to stop pretending that everything’s alright – it’s over between them. Johnny is so different from the person he was when they first got together. She assures him the kiss with Josh had nothing to do with it. Shocked and angry to discover he cheated with her friend, Johnny smashes a glass and tells her to get out.
24/11/1913m 17s


Leonard is thrilled when David tells him they support his decision to propose to Jill. Jill returns from the doctors with her arm free from its sling, full of praise for how helpful Leonard has been. There’s an awkward moment between them when David tries to congratulate her for accepting Leonard’s proposal. Jill is totally confused, Leonard hasn’t proposed and she doesn’t know why he might think that’s what she wanted. Phoebe is disappointed to discover that Lilian’s not spoken to Justin about getting the rewilders an audience with BL. Lilian might be their last chance. Lilian finally explains the rewilders' plans to Justin, and to her surprise he asks her to tell him more. Justin heads over to Willow Farm to speak to Phoebe. She explains the ecological benefits they expect to see as a result of their rewilding. Justin suggests they take it to the board at their meeting next Tuesday. He thinks it may have advantages for both parties.
22/11/1912m 59s


Neil’s had a hard day at work. Hannah undermined him in front of Justin, and now they’ve been given the green light to change the pig’s rations straight away, despite Neil’s better judgment. Emma lends a sympathetic ear, but has to rush off to a dinner show at Grey Gables; Tracy’s date bailed on her, so Emma is going in his place. Clarrie and Eddie have a great time at the dinner show, as do Emma and Tracy. One of the actors caught Tracy’s eye, so Emma persuades her to go and talk to him. He introduces himself as Roman, and is full of flattery for Tracy. The two hit it off, so Emma pointedly leaves them to it. Clarrie’s in such high spirits when she gets home, and is taken aback to find the kitchen table covered in beautiful wreaths made by Jake, Mia, Will and Ed. She persuades a reluctant Eddie to help out with The Grundy World of Christmas; it is a family effort after all.
21/11/1913m 4s


In the dairy, Clarrie fills Pat in on her anniversary plans: they’ve treated themselves to tickets to a cabaret dinner show at Grey Gables. Clarrie’s plans inspire Pat to give Tony a special anniversary present, if only she knew what to get him. Justin returns from a productive meeting with Jolene and Kenton about revamping The Bull. He’s recommended a business consultant to give them some free advice. Justin is furious to discover that the protesters against the Farndale development have commissioned an ecological survey. Lily visits Pat at the shop to find out how Johnny is doing. Pat thinks he seems fine – he and Bella had dinner together last night and seemed happy. Russ persuades a despondent Lily to open up to him: she explains that Johnny called her a homewrecker. Lily feels like a hypocrite; she destroyed a marriage while Bella simply kissed someone else. Russ assures her that he’s never felt guilty for falling in love with her. The divorce is underway, so it’s time they stopped with the recriminations and got on with their lives. From now on, it’s just the two of them.
20/11/1912m 58s


Russ finds Elizabeth up working early. She’s defying her anxiety by refusing to mooch in bed. She’s really fired up about Jim’s Christmas performance. David gives Elizabeth a fright by showing up in the attic while she’s sorting props for the ghost stories. He feels alone in having doubts about Leonard’s plans to propose to Jill. Elizabeth hopes that if she meets someone else one day, she’ll have the support of her family; why shouldn’t Jill have the same? Elizabeth is left reeling after her meeting with Jim. As soon as she mentioned trying to drum up some attention in the media, Jim closed off and refused to get involved with any publicity. She asks Russ if he’ll lend his creative skills and direct the show. The last thing she needs is for the Ghost Stories to be a disaster. Ed and Will are exasperated to discover that Alf has legged it. They speculate as to whether he might have pinched any valuables before he left, but Eddie is quick to defend him. When out collecting mistletoe, Will and Ed discuss how quiet Christmas will be this year. They agree that if they had some extra money, they could make Christmas extra special. This gives Ed some inspiration: they should resurrect The Grundy World of Christmas. Eddie shuts them down; if it weren’t for the turkeys he’d be happy to forget Christmas altogether. He wants no part in it.
19/11/1913m 11s


Joy brings some jam over to Bridge Farm, as a thank you to Tony for fixing her engine. She apologises to Pat for taking up so much of her husband’s time, but is interrupted when they notice Pat’s goats have broken into the garden. Pat and Joy bond over herding the goats back into the paddock. Warming to Joy, Pat invites her in for a coffee, she can tell her what it’s really like to be a farmer. Phoebe is left disappointed when Brian tells her it would be inappropriate for him to arrange her a hearing with the BL board. Phoebe explains the situation to Lilian, who thinks this is typical behaviour of Brian. She says she’ll choose her moment and speak to Justin on Phoebe’s behalf. Eddie and Alf prepare to sell Joe’s rusted collection of metalwork for scrap. Afterwards, they celebrate their gains by sampling some of their homemade cider. They realise it was from the batch pressed on the day Joe died, the last Grange Farm cider with Joe’s name on it. Later, Eddie asks Alf if he’d like to spend Christmas with the family, but he declines. Alf doesn’t want to outstay his welcome. He leaves his share from the scrap sale for the family to treat themselves. After agreeing that they’ll share the last of Joe’s cider together one day, Alf leaves.
18/11/1913m 12s


Leonard arrives at Brookfield wanting a word with David. He explains that Jill has been talking a lot about weddings recently. While explaining that he has no intention of taking Phil’s place, Leonard steps in cow muck and has to go inside to clean up. Eventually, Leonard makes David listen to what he has to say: he thinks Jill wants him to propose. David doesn’t know what to think and asks for some time to mull it over. While Johnny’s cleaning the milking parlour, he’s interrupted by Lily who wants to speak to him urgently. She knows how much Johnny loves Bella, and while it pains her to do it, she shows him the photo of Bella kissing someone else. Johnny is sure there must be a reasonable explanation. He doesn’t want Lily’s support; she’s already destroyed one relationship, he doesn’t want her to ruin his too. At the rewilding meeting, Phoebe hatches a plan to acquire the land they need to secure funding from the Trust. Instead of trying to find land from here, there, and everywhere, they could try to claim some of the three-hundred odd acres belonging to Borchester Land adjacent to their forty acres from Home Farm. Phoebe’s already decided how to get a meeting with the BL board: she’ll persuade Brian to pull some strings. It’s BL or bust.
17/11/1913m 15s


Jill and Leonard admire Hilda’s kittens. Peggy remarks that Johnny’s girlfriend Bella is delightful. As Leonard fusses over Jill, Tony arrives. It’s a busy afternoon for Peggy. Joy came over earlier to view the kittens, and the Echo journalist is coming later. Tony stops her – the journalist was up to no good, and there is no article. He explains Peggy may be a target for scammers who are after her perceived wealth. Peggy’s shocked. Tony leaves a curt message for the ‘journalist’ saying the police have been informed, and assures Peggy she’s safe. She has Kate, and all of them are watching out for her. Tony comes across Joy in her broken down MG Midget, Madge. He helps her, explaining that he has a similar model. He offers to tow her back to the farm where he can take a closer look. Mia goes for one last time to Greenwood Cottage. She and Will reminisce. He apologises for his weakness and for losing the house. Mia tells him not to blame himself – for any of it. They share chips, and Mia reckons her mum would be proud and would want them to move on, together. Jill and Leonard agree they’re lucky to have found each other after their first loves. Jill remembers how badly she wanted to be ‘Mrs Archer’; to know that Phil wasn’t Grace’s any more. She’s sure Leonard can understand that.
15/11/1913m 6s


Elizabeth’s pleased to hear Freddie’s settling into his job at Grey Gables. She checks whether David needs help at Brookfield with Jill’s injured wrist, and arranges to pop over later. Elizabeth talks to Jim about her idea for ghost stories in the Lower Loxley attic. He informs her he’s found some potential tales online, and reads one to her. She thinks he reads brilliantly. Will he do it? Reluctant Jim insists he’s not a performer, but Elizabeth tempts him with incentives. He supposes it might be quite fun. Lily’s distracted looking at photos from the recent party, and Russ looks over her shoulder. He thinks she and Johnny look very cosy, but Lily insists he has nothing to worry about; Johnny didn’t stop talking about Bella all night. Russ makes a pass at Lily, but she’s not in the mood. He feels like he’s still in the doghouse, but Lily has other things on her mind. Confused Russ is left on his own to stew. Lily shows a photo to Freddie; it has Bella in the background, kissing someone who isn’t Johnny. How are they going to break this to him? David tells Elizabeth Leonard’s practically moved in, and is helping Jill with all her tasks. David’s beginning to feel like a stranger in his own home. He feels like they’re perfectly capable of looking after her themselves.
14/11/1913m 1s


At Peggy’s birthday celebration at the Bull, Alice enthuses to Kate over the opportunities in Newmarket. A farrier they met at Anisha’s wedding had mentioned a job – it could transform Chris’s career. Chris exclaims he hasn’t even decided if he’s going to apply. He’s surprised she’s talking about it to Kate. He points out the potential obstacles, but Alice is positive. She’s behind him all the way. As Peggy enjoys the day and her gifts, she announces the Echo wants to do a feature on her at home, as the woman behind the Ambridge Conservation Trust. She spots Joy, and insists Tony apologises to her for the ‘wounded cow’ flyer. Reluctant Tony does so, and Joy in turn says sorry for getting on her high horse. She invites Tony to join her as she’s unexpectedly on her own today. Tony fills her in on his various relatives, and she enjoys putting names to faces and learning what’s happening in Ambridge. She comments that Tony’s lucky to have his family around him. Kate shows Joy a video of Hilda’s kittens and invites her to see them. After seeking Tony’s opinion Joy agrees to take a look. She declares that Tony’s cheered her up no end. Kate hopes Pat didn’t see them together – Tony seems to have put a spring in Joy’s step.
13/11/1913m 7s


Lilian’s getting fed up of Justin’s constant nit-picking over work matters. She thinks it’s all down to Vince Casey – he’s letting him get under his skin. Justin insists he’s just trying to drive people to do better. Lilian urges him to go easy on Neil. Later Justin reports all was in order at Berrow, and Hannah’s offered to see if there are improvements to be made. He takes it close to home when he urges Lilian to persuade Jolene and Kenton that the Bull needs a complete overhaul. Will and Mia agree they both seem happier with life at the moment. Emma catches sight of Mia and they gleefully bond over chocolate and a game of Poohsticks. Mia’s dismayed Emma and Ed have broken up. She feels they’re meant to be together. They’re interrupted by Lilian, who unwittingly lets on that Will’s quit his job – and his house. Mia’s furious at Will for not telling her, and bolts again. Emma feels awful but Will doesn’t blame her. Meanwhile Clarrie calms Mia, and gently explains what Will’s been through – without going into details. Mia insists he should have discussed it with them before leaving the cottage. Clarrie agrees, but points out it was part of Will’s moving on process, making him happier in the long run. The cottage is only bricks and mortar; they need to treasure what’s important.
12/11/1913m 6s


Russ shows off the latest Gallery exhibit to Robert. He isn’t happy when Robert describes the subversive Christmas card collages as “a clever way to recycle”. Russ admits to Elizabeth he’s been feeling lonely. He doesn’t regret leaving his wife, but filling out divorce paperwork has reminded him of everything he’s had to sacrifice to start a new life with Lily. Elizabeth is still struggling to settle on a Christmas production. Robert suggests she speaks to Jim about ghost stories. He hasn’t forgotten the story Jim told in the hide. Elizabeth enthusiastically calls Jim, who agrees to do some research. Jill trips on one of Rosie’s toys and drops a casserole dish. David doesn’t like the way her wrist is swelling, and offers to drive her to hospital. But Jill is only persuaded when Leonard offers to take her himself. They’re relieved to discover it’s just a sprain. They share stories of trips to A and E with their own children, and think about how long it’s been since they lost their spouses. Jill thanks Leonard for being there for her. It’s nice not to be alone. Back at Brookfield David is wrong-footed when Jill invites Leonard to stay the night. He can have Ben or Josh’s room, and surely David can lend him a pair of pyjamas?
11/11/1913m 11s


Joy’s annoyed when a flyer’s put through her letterbox. It shows a graphic image of the Bridge Farm cow injured by a sky lantern. She confronts Tony, who’d posted it. He argues people need to understand the dangers, but then worries that he’s upset Joy. Kirsty reassures him. Rochelle is visiting on Wednesday, so Joy’s bound to forget everything else. Jim mentions to Will that it was nice to see Jake and Mia at Joe’s funeral. Will admits that he barely saw them. Jim advises Will not to give up on cultivating a close relationship with his children. Jim regrets it’s taken decades for him and Alistair. Later, Will takes Jim’s advice. The Grundy family’s planning a belated bonfire night party, and Will invites Jake and Mia. Will apologises for letting things get so bad between them. He’s glad that Mia’s happy with her Dad. Mia misses Will too, and enthusiastically accepts an invitation to spend more time at Grange Farm. As Alf and Eddie prepare the fireworks they reminisce about Joe. Alf points out that Eddie’s head of the family now, but stops short of admitting he’s jealous of everything Eddie has. Eddie was always the favourite though. Eddie sheds a few private tears, and Alf hugs him. Alf reckons he can say three little words that might help – “drinks on me”! They laugh, and the Grundys whoop and gasp at the fireworks display in Joe’s honour.
10/11/1913m 14s


It’s Joe’s wake, and Alf is taking full advantage of the delicious snacks on offer. Clarrie assures Emma Joe would have loved it. They share a wry smile over Bert’s ode to Joe at the funeral, which wasn’t all complimentary. Clarrie reckons if Joe had heard it, he’d have given as good as he’d got. Eddie marvels that it was standing room only in and outside the church. Jim’s psyching himself up to play his piano piece, which he’s learned by heart. But when Jazzer introduces him, it’s too much for him and he goes blank. Everyone repairs to the Bull, where Lilian insists on full names only being used, in honour of Joe. Each cider club member has to nominate a memorable ‘Joe’ moment and there’s much merriment. In the middle of it all a ‘telegram’ is delivered for Joe, from The Queen – the pub in Hollerton where Eddie and Alf met Carmen. Joe’s wish for a telegram from the Queen has been granted… Soon they hear the strains of ‘My Blue Heaven’; Jim is finally playing it. As the stars come out in the clear night sky, a toast is made to Mr Joseph Grundy.
08/11/1913m 17s


Oliver has no idea how to react to Tracy’s new, formal attitude towards him. He expresses his dismay to Shula that people have judged him on his relationship with Tracy. He doesn’t see why they can’t be accepted as friends. Shula observes wryly that people will always gossip, as she assumes they’re now doing about her new found friendship with Alistair. But it works; they’re happily separate. Later Oliver sees Tracy and asks for her forgiveness. He’s handled the whole thing badly and let the tittle tattle affect his judgement. They agree to make a fresh start. Jim’s trying to crack his piano piece for Joe’s funeral. He’s determined; otherwise his abuser has won. Alistair suggests it’s the Tearoom, not the music, that’s the sticking point, and he takes his father back there to break the spell. While there Alistair receives a phone call from Shula – she’s been put forward to the next stage towards becoming a vicar! Jim is inspired by her perseverance, and resolves to perform at the wake. Emma tempts Eddie with testers of the mini steak and kidney puds. She also does the ironing to ease the load on Clarrie, and helps with a limping sheep. She has fond memories of Grange Farm. Eddie reassures her she’s welcome at the church tomorrow. They’ll send Joe off in style.
07/11/1913m 0s


Very hungover Lily isn’t in the mood for a deep and meaningful with Russ. But he persists, and finally pins her down. She tells him about the advice Johnny gave her regarding how to tell whether you really love someone: can you imagine your life without them around? She confesses she couldn’t, and so yes, she does love Russ. But it’s not enough; she needs to be able to trust him too. She wants him to start his divorce proceedings straight away. Rex is still grumpy that that he can barely afford the keen priced trailer Josh has found for him. He’ll be working extra hours for months in order to make up the payments for it. Toby unearths the real reason for Rex being out of sorts. He thought he was over Anisha, but her wedding has brought everything back into focus. He knows he'll feel better once her wedding is out of the way, and apologises to his brother for his mood. Eddie has an idea; he’d like Joe’s pony and trap to take Joe to the funeral. Clarrie’s all in favour. She’s busy with decisions on getting the suit and tie for Joe to the undertaker’s. Eddie’s delighted the hangover cure seems to have worked on Johnny. When he finds out this is the only person it’s cured, he is undeterred. The recipe will just need a tweak. Clarrie laughs – Eddie sounds just like his dad!
06/11/1912m 54s


Helen’s nerves jangle further as she awaits her cheese guru. Shula distracts her with talk of Freddie’s upcoming party at the Stables. She hopes her house survives it. She’ll be making herself scarce on the Green and at the Bull for the duration. There’s drama as Johnny reports a heifer down in the field just as Rufus Dunkley is about to arrive at Bridge Farm. Helen recounts the tale later to Shula at the fireworks on the Green. The heifer had a piece of sky lantern stuck in her stomach – there were bits of rubbish all over the field, left over from Halloween. Helen suspects the Beechwood residents were responsible. The good news is it didn’t put off the cheesemonger, and he’ll be back in touch regarding a deal for Borsetshire Blue. Perturbed Lily’s sweeping leaves. She was shocked to discover that Lara is so young, and angry that Russ didn’t mention the fact. And far from being fragile, Lara had appeared sensible and positive. Russ assures Lily he loves her and needs her to trust him. She goes to Freddie’s party on her own. She and Johnny get drunk; a chance to test Joe and Eddie’s disgusting hangover cure. They hold their noses and drink the disgusting potion.
05/11/1913m 11s


Helen’s excited that Rufus Dunkley, a high profile cheesemonger, is interested in her Borsetshire Blue. He might be coming to visit tomorrow. Could this be big news, wonders Kirsty. As Helen’s nerves build Kirsty counsels caution; does she really want to up her production levels and expand the dairy? This only makes Helen feel worse. They laugh. Rex is a little down. He still doesn’t have the cash for a trailer, Bert’s poetry trials are driving him mad and Anisha’s wedding is on Saturday. He’s not going as he can’t afford it. Toby tries to cheer him; he could get a lift to the wedding, and he’s heard Josh might have a trailer. His encouragement falls on stony ground. Lily gets Freddie to accompany her on a clandestine mission. While they lie in wait outside the appointed house Freddie shares his regret that he read Shula’s autobiography notes. They agree their Auntie Shula’s alright. Suddenly Lily sees the person she’s come for, and follows her to her door. When she re-emerges a few minutes later, Lily urges Freddie to just drive. She’s finally met Lara, wife of Russ.
04/11/1913m 0s


It’s 5am and Eddie’s worrying about the ponies, and the hangover cure. Clarrie elicits a promise from him that he won’t get himself or the boys drunk in order to test it. When later he bumps into Johnny and Lily discussing Freddie’s party, he suggests to Johnny that he and his mates can try out the amazing magic cure. To Eddie’s delight Johnny agrees to give it a try. Clarrie sees Emma in the shop, and invites her to bring Keira over to Grange Farm later. As they discuss the catering options for the wake, Emma assures concerned Clarrie that the ‘one for Joe’ scheme has paid for it all. Clarrie’s touched by people’s generosity. When Emma mentions a favourite dish of Joe’s, Clarrie’s hit by a momentary wave of grief. Eddie passes through looking for Ed. He tells Clarrie to make sure Alf doesn’t know where he is. Clarrie groans at yet another of Eddie’s schemes. But she concedes it’s keeping him occupied. Russ tries to pin down distracted Lily. Something Johnny said about Bella and how there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her has played on her mind. It’s made her wonder why Russ isn’t getting on with his divorce. Russ assures her it’s in hand; he’ll do it when the time’s right. He needs Lily to trust him.
03/11/1913m 6s


Jennifer’s put on a Scandinavian spread in honour of Jakob at dinner. There’s awkwardness as Jakob commits one or two gaffes with his direct approach, and the sideshow of fractious Xander’s crying becomes impossible to ignore. They’re all drawn in to the effort to quieten him. To everyone’s amazement when Jakob holds Xander, the baby falls silent. Brian’s impressed and Jennifer’s charmed; Jakob has ticked several boxes. Kate assures him the evening was a success, and so was he. She finds him even more attractive after tonight. Brian’s pleased to confirm with Eddie his attendance at Joe’s funeral and wake; Joe was a true Man of the Soil. Eddie’s pursuing the hangover cure recipe. He feels like Joe would have wanted them to. He recounts to Ed the insistence of Carmen that they sign a profit share agreement before taking the recipe away. When they make up the recipe the smell is pungent as they stir in the bizarre ingredients. They need the perfect guinea pig to test it out on. Ed calls Jazzer. As they agree to keep him plied with drink, Jazzer declares himself thirsty. However the experiment backfires as Jazzer eventually falls fast asleep – they can’t give him the hangover mixture! Eddie reckons Joe’s up there laughing at the situation. Ed promises they won’t give up on the cure.
01/11/1913m 0s


Tony and Helen are unimpressed with the trick or treaters from Beechwood. Helen’s glad Henry’s not doing it; he has a lovely party at Bridge Farm to enjoy. However Helen reports later that Henry’s not having a good time. He’d rather be out with the older children, like Keira. Tony offers to take him out trick or treating, but Helen insists she goes instead, leaving reluctant Tony in charge of the little ones. Helen returns with a happy Henry, and finds Tony has coped gamely. Robert and Jim go birding to escape the Halloween mayhem, but their peace is wrecked by a phone call from Lynda and an intrusive firework close by. As Robert is spooked by an owl, Jim detects his companion’s latent fear. Robert concedes he doesn’t mind a ghost story, especially at Christmas, but might draw the line at the M R James test which Jim details with relish. When Jim winds him up with a ghostly photography-based tale, Robert makes his excuses and leaves. He needs to get back and help Lynda with the tricksters. Once back home he’s jumpy, and entreats perturbed Lynda not to respond to the doorbell when it rings. You never know what might be out there!
31/10/1912m 57s


A warning from Chris to Jakob that a family dinner at Home Farm could be imminent turns to prophecy as Kate calls with an invitation. She promises it will be a once only event. He should just be himself. Oh, and baby Xander will be there too. Chris regales Jakob with some cautionary tales about Jennifer’s exacting standards and Brian’s snobbery, and advises him on topics to avoid. Alf and Eddie visit Carmen Benson, Gaz's mum. It’s clear they have the right person as she is obviously familiar with Tumble Tussock cider. They update her on the news about Joe, and she invites them in. Eddie favours the softly, softly approach, but Alf ploughs straight in. He establishes Carmen and Joe weren’t having an affair, but that they definitely had a connection. As to the potential 'fortune', the brothers are disappointed to find it's just a recipe for a hangover cure. Eddie wants to put an end to searching for legacies that don't exist. Alf can't believe he's just giving up. But Eddie's keen to have the focus on making sure Joe gets the send-off he deserves.
30/10/1913m 2s


It’s clear to Lynda that Tracy’s not herself. Tracy admits the rumours about her and Oliver are getting to her. And since Oliver’s chat with her she feels like they’re not mates any more. Lynda’s sure that’s not true, but tells Tracy stoutly that whether she likes it or not, Oliver’s the boss. They’ll just have to find a way to get along. Freddie admits confides to Kenton that Oliver’s gone a bit weird and serious lately. He lets slip about the rumours and Kenton is astonished. People are full of surprises, observes Freddie, and proceeds to bring up some unlikely events from Kenton’s own past – revealing his source in confidence. After a phone call from Kenton which raises her suspicions, Shula realises that Freddie’s read her draft autobiography. She’s furious at the betrayal of her trust after all she’s done to support him. Mortified Freddie apologises profusely. Shula grudgingly accepts his contrition, but refuses to discuss it further. Alf and Eddie find ‘Carmen’ at the pub in Hollerton that Jolene directed them to. She’s a drag act. After enduring some banter from her, they feel she’s unlikely to be the one they’re looking for. Alf persuades reluctant Eddie to talk to Carmen, and they discover he’s called Gaz – but his mum’s called Carmen. They resolve to pay her a visit tomorrow.
29/10/1913m 12s


Toby’s trying to avoid Helen. He’s putting off telling her the milk gin scheme is a non-starter. Kenton covers for him, but finally Helen catches up with him. As he bumbles through his explanation of mistakes in the figures and the bottom line that he can’t afford to pursue it, Helen laughs gently and assures him that whilst it’s a shame, she’s fine with it. He shouldn’t worry too much. Relieved Toby changes the subject; the new Borsetshire Blue seems to be going down well. Helen agrees. She’s hopeful the gamble has paid off. Alice is fed up of Kate using her as a Jakob substitute and dreaming up distraction activities for them both. Once out of Kate’s way she goes to see Jakob. She lays it on the line. Kate can’t cope without him, she’s mad about him, and any impression he has to the contrary is just a front. She recommends direct action on his part is what’s needed; she can guarantee it will work. Jakob does as prescribed, and whilst Kate makes him work for it, he manages to convince her with charm and humble apologies that he genuinely likes her. She admits the feeling’s mutual and Alice walks in to see how it’s going just as they fall into each other’s arms. Relieved Alice retreats.
28/10/1913m 10s


Freddie and Shula agree that last night’s Hunt Ball went well; Elizabeth had commented that with the return of the alcohol licence, it was like passing a test. Freddie offers to proof read Shula’s autobiography for the DDO, but Shula clocks what he’s up to and refuses. She’d really rather he didn’t read it; it’s very dull and she’s decided she’s not a born writer. She agrees to him having some friends over on Bonfire Night, with an assurance that he’ll obey the house rules; no fireworks. Alf admires the turkey poults. Eddie disappoints him; he won’t be getting a special rate. Alf’s keen to pursue the letter from Carmen that they found amongst Joe’s things. Eddie’s all for leaving it alone, so Alf tries his luck with Clarrie. Whilst Clarrie’s incredulous Joe had managed to keep such a secret, she too is dismissive of Alf’s nonsense. As a last hurrah, Alf tries to tempt the two of them with the prospect of a pot of gold. Wouldn’t they grab it if they suddenly had the chance to get Grange Farm back instead of having to vacate? They surely owe it to Joe’s memory to find out? Grudgingly Eddie agrees to help.
27/10/1913m 3s


Peggy can see Hilda’s expecting kittens - imminently. Kate suggests getting Jakob over, but Peggy doesn’t think it’s necessary. Sure enough Hilda has five kittens unaided. Charmed Kate asks Peggy if they can keep at least one, but Peggy won’t hear of it. To Oliver’s horror Tracy finds the gossip surrounding them amusing; they just have to ignore it. Oliver can’t do that. As her boss he can’t be seen to be taking advantage of her. Tracy doesn’t understand why they can’t be mates. Oliver tries to explain it’s not possible as employer and employee, but Tracy is offended and leaves. Alf’s still grumbling about Oliver. Eddie snaps and tells his brother to shut up about their landlord. Alf changes the subject: is it time to clear out their dad’s room? Eddie agrees, but once they start he doubts Alf’s motives. He can tell he either wants the room for himself or is looking for anything of value in there. Alf thinks he’s struck gold when he finds Joe’s will on a scrap of paper, but it turns out to be just a list of instructions about who should look after the animals. Then Eddie finds a letter from someone called Carmen, promising that what they have could make them a fortune… Alf’s vindicated – they need to track down Carmen!
25/10/1913m 7s


There’s a shock for Oliver and Kate’s latest drama causes debate
24/10/1913m 4s


Elizabeth has concerns about the latest Ambridge rumour and Joy adopts an unorthodox method.
23/10/1913m 16s


Joy turns up at Bridge Farm to inform Pat and Tony about missing Hilda, a fact they’re already aware of. They’re intrigued to find out how Joy knows Peggy, and Tony bristles with irritation at Joy’s familiarity. Pat’s politeness turns to amusement as Joy unveils her plan to encourage the pet owners of Ambridge to talk to their animals about Hilda, in the hope of enlisting their help in locating her. She swears this method works, though Tony thinks she’s mad. Mischievous Pat volunteers Tony to assist Joy, and he reluctantly starts with Lilian. Lilian’s on board; Ruby is a very emotionally switched on animal and gets on well with cats. David and Adam meet in the Bull to pull some figures together prior to their meeting with Vince Casey. They’re keen to get him to take their sheep. But Vince ambushes them and turns up on spec. They’re ill prepared and he starts to run rings around them, implying that Adam’s eye is off the ball now he’s a new father. He feels there’s little in this for him; after all Hassett Hills is the opposition. David points out it’s a very different market from Casey Meats, but Vince still wants to see figures. When he’s gone David and Adam agree that farming's hard at the best of times, but nothing's easy at the moment.
22/10/1913m 7s


Alf’s settling in at the Bull, and getting to know Toby. When Jill arrives it’s a great opportunity for Alf to accept a whisky chaser courtesy of Leonard as introductions are made. Alf reckons Joe kept the pub going; others are quick to point out that whilst Joe was a regular, he rarely seemed to pay for his own drinks. The ‘one for Joe’ campaign behind the bar is going well. Jill explains to Leonard that Apple Day won’t be observed this year as the Grundys are just too busy with arrangements for Joe. Alf continues to stir up gossip as he asserts to shocked Jill that there’s something between Oliver and Tracy. Rex has his pigs almost ready for slaughter, but they’re too big for Neil’s trailer. David suggests Rex needs to invest in one of his own. Toby finds Rex later preparing to sell his collection of rugby treasures to raise the money for a trailer. Toby thinks this is sad; couldn’t he ask their dad for a loan? But Rex is determined to be independent. Jill and David reminisce over Joe’s antics, swapping anecdotes, laughing and good naturedly sparring over whether Joe was a good or a bad egg. Leonard feels that Joe was a likeable fellow, and they all agree that whilst he wasn’t perfect, they’ll miss Joe dreadfully.
21/10/1913m 7s


Jim’s pleasure at having mastered a classical piece in preparation for Joe’s wake is tempered by Jazzer’s declaration that the music is too dreary. He needs something more cheerful. Defeated, Jim pumps Will for information on Joe’s tastes. Will offers to help Jim look for Joe’s old collection of 78s to see if he can get some inspiration. Jazzer reports later to Ed that Jim’s enlisted Kiki’s help with a new tune. Jazzer’s alarmed to learn the wake will be held in the Tearoom and not the Bull. Eddie and Clarrie discover Alf’s technically homeless, his latest companion having thrown him out. As he makes himself at home, Alf makes some insensitive remarks to Will and Ed about their respective current struggles, and suggests it was the idea of moving from Grange Farm which killed Joe. Clarrie won’t have a word said against Oliver, and puts Alf in his place. Alf returns twenty pounds to Clarrie that he took when he left three years ago. Clarrie’s pleased until she realises this is just money he’s borrowed from Ed. Eddie wishes he’d never bothered tracking Alf down. He thinks Alf might only be there hoping for an inheritance. Clarrie points out there isn’t one. Eddie’s fed up that they’re stuck with Alf until after the funeral.
20/10/1913m 4s


Elizabeth’s attending a final counselling session. She feels ready, and has come off her anti-depressant tablets. She knows she can re-visit this in the future, but for now she feels like she’s making progress. She’s facing situations and her feelings about Nigel with more positivity and perspective. Her next challenge is to move Lower Loxley towards Christmas with some fresh ideas. She’s looking forward to leading her own life again. Peggy’s efforts to find Hilda are proving fruitless, and Tony offers to help. But even with the whole family on the case and a social media campaign, there’s still no sign. Jazzer turns up at Grange Farm with some cans to toast Joe; he’ll miss the old ‘un. He reports Cecil Jackson is sounding off about some cribbage money that Joe owed him. Ed and Eddie are appalled. Eddie confirms Jim’s offered to play at Joe’s wake. Jazzer double checks whether Jim seemed okay with the idea of playing in front of a crowd. Eddie assures him he seemed to be looking forward to it. They’re all shocked when Alf drives into the yard.
18/10/1913m 15s


Eddie and Will prepare for a log delivery. As they chat about Joe’s bete noir Gemma Hawkins, Clarrie joins them, reminding Eddie he really needs to find Alf. Yes he’s trouble, but family’s family. Later Eddie reports he’s had no luck tracing Alf despite trawling the county. If he doesn’t turn up to the funeral, it’s not for want of their trying. Clarrie has a moment over a bottle of brown sauce, Joe’s favourite. Will returns the last of his gamekeeping chattels to Brian, to be passed on to Martyn Gibson. He’s cleaned out the cottage and locked up. They reminisce over Joe – Brian will be forever grateful for his advice over the pollution case. Will admits life got on top of him a while back, but now he’s beginning to imagine a little bit of a future. He offers his advice for when the new guy takes on the shoot, and wishes him luck. Unenthused Peggy receives a visit from Joy, whose chatter and bonhomie gets in the way as Peggy slowly realises she’s lost Hilda. As quiet panic rises in Peggy, Joy sticks like glue, and is a Job’s comforter with reminders of busy roads and careless drivers.
17/10/1913m 15s


Jennifer’s grateful to Elizabeth for alerting Brian to Ruairi’s feelings over Siobhan. Now that it’s in the open she can see a weight’s been lifted. She feels she shouldn’t have been so blinkered, but Elizabeth points out Ruairi was trying hard not to let them know anything was amiss. Jennifer wishes Brian hadn’t been so tactless in making it obvious he still thinks of Siobhan, but acknowledges it’s the prices she pays for staying with him, something she doesn’t regret. Elizabeth reminds Jennifer Ruairi thinks she’s a wonderful stepmother. Jim has a dilemma. He made a promise to Joe that he’d play at his wake, but now finds himself uneasy at the prospect of being watched. He goes for a walk with Jazzer, but they’re accosted by Joy, who’s found an injured crow. They manage to get it to Alistair’s surgery, having endured being talked at the whole way by oblivious Joy. Alistair’s for putting the bird down, but Jim persuades him to take a closer look. They chat about Jim’s reluctance to play at the wake, but Jim’s still equivocal. Later Alistair reports to Jazzer that Denise the practice nurse knows a corvid fanatic, so the crow’s had a reprieve. They speculate as to which way Jim will jump regarding his dilemma over Joe’s wishes.
16/10/1913m 9s


Clarrie’s settled the details of Joe’s funeral with Alan. She’s touched that Jennifer’s brought them a steak pie. The fridge is now groaning with food. Later Neil calls in with a flower brochure from Susan. They’re very expensive. Eddie counsels Clarrie to use her judgement; Joe would say keep it simple. Clarrie reminds Eddie he still hasn’t called Alf. There’s a new hybrid batch at Berrow – Neil reckons they’re mad as a box of frogs. Hannah thinks he could keep an open mind about new developments in pig farming. As they spar Neil notices the gate to the feed alley’s been left open, and they need to round up errant pigs. Neil reports later to Eddie and Clarrie that Justin arrived in the midst of the chaos, though with credit to Hannah, they covered well and all went smoothly. Though he does think Hannah has some funny ideas about looking after pigs. Brian carefully broaches the subject of Ruairi’s attitude to his mother’s death with Jennifer. They present a united front to a reluctant Ruairi. Eventually he admits he feels his mother’s still a mystery. That’s why it was so great talking to Elizabeth about her. Jennifer feels they should have shared more memories earlier, but Ruairi assures her she’s been amazing. When he’s gone, Brian acknowledges that it must have brought up some bad memories. Jennifer just cares that Ruairi’s happy, that’s her duty.
15/10/1913m 10s


Emma brings George and Keira to the Grange Farm field with a homemade card for Joe. Emma regrets that her last few encounters with Joe were awkward, since her split with Ed. Ed assures her Joe thought she was one in a million. He reports that Oliver’s allowing them to stay on at the farm a while longer. Ed recounts a familiar ‘Joe and ferret’ story to amused Keira. The mood’s broken when she declares she liked it when Ed came home every night. Emma hurries Keira away, leaving downcast Ed with his sheep. David admires Adam’s steers. Brian wonders whether it’ll be worth staying in beef. They laugh that the only certainty is that Adam’s about to bombard David with Xander photos. Selina at Hassett Hills has found an abattoir to tide them over, but Vince refuses to meet with her. David says he only wants to talk to him and Adam. They reluctantly acknowledge Vince is calling the shots; they’ll have to agree to a meeting. They’re less than impressed when later the meeting’s arranged all on Vince’s terms. Elizabeth tells Brian about her afternoon of reminiscences with Ruairi. Brian agrees Ruairi shouldn’t be bottling things up, and that Jennifer should be aware of this too. He’ll need to find the right way of raising it with her.
14/10/1912m 56s


Elizabeth and Ruairi reminisce over photographs of his mother, Siobhan. Ruairi admires her bravery in the face of her illness. Elizabeth gives him a photo to keep, and they pledge to re-trace Siobhan’s favourite walk at Lower Loxley. Ruairi won’t mention their afternoon to his parents. He’d prefer to spare their feelings. Ed and Eddie are in agreement that it’s good Justin didn’t get the abattoir – they just don’t know if Vince Casey is going to be any better. The Grundys are busying themselves with everyday tasks to distract from their mourning of Joe. People have been very kind: Oliver left a card for them yesterday. They worry about the cost of the funeral. Clarrie’s shocked to see Susan arrive with flowers. Awkwardness turns to warmth as the two apologise for their recent behaviour. Clarrie has her best friend back; she reckons Joe’s had a hand in it. Clarrie’s sister Rosie can’t come to the funeral. Eddie’s putting off calling Alf. Clarrie counsels that whatever else he is, Alf’s family. She’s fretting more over their imminent house move; she can’t face the upheaval. Eddie makes up his mind to ask Oliver for a stay of execution.
13/10/1913m 7s


Eddie sits at Joe’s bedside for one final chat. Joe’s got the picture of his Susan next to him on the bed, he must have wanted to say goodbye to her too. He hopes Joe will look out for Will and Ed. He’s just pleased Joe’s time came while he was in a house full of people who love him, on the farm he fought so hard to keep. He knows that he and Joe weren’t as demonstrative as Will and Ed are with their kids, but he hopes Joe will forgive him one kiss on the forehead before he says goodbye. Toby reports to Jolene that since Basil recovered from his drunken stupor, he’s been like a new pig: his libido’s insatiable. Jolene hopes Toby’s pig story will cheer up the punters at the Bull after the sad news about Joe. Clarrie and Ed find Will feeding Joe’s ferrets. He just needs some time to work out how to break the news to Poppy. Will and Ed discuss the previous night with Eddie while they see to Joe’s ponies. They don’t begrudge any of the effort they put into fixing the cider press because it gave Joe such a happy evening.
11/10/1913m 16s


Ed and Will are struggling to fix the cider press. They reminisce about the time they almost trashed Baggy's car by joy-riding it round the farm. They worked together to fix its bust wheel in no time, so they can do the same for the cider press. Ruairi catches Elizabeth as he’s walking home from school and asks her for a private word. While sorting through some old belongings he came across a picture of Siobhan and Elizabeth at Lower Loxley. He hadn’t known his mum had been such good friends with Elizabeth. He has so few memories of Siobhan, and they never really discuss her at home for fear of upsetting Jennifer. Elizabeth offers to show Ruairi some more photos and share her memories some time. Lilian presents Eddie with a tray of sandwiches she's snaffled from one of Justin’s business meetings. The cider club are going to need feeding up tonight. Later, she, Ed, Eddie and Will are the last ones standing after the cider pressing. Joe was so happy to see the cider press in action, but he headed inside early. Before going to bed, Eddie checks on him. Now he understands why Joe slipped off early: he's died peacefully in his sleep.
10/10/1913m 5s


Basil the boar is looking worse for wear. Rex is certain Toby has fed him something dodgy, because now Basil can hardly stand up. All Toby fed Basil was half a sackful of Eddie’s Borsetshire Beauties, which they thought would wake him up a bit. Basil’s drunk as a skunk. Lilian is persona non grata in the village. She’s been getting the cold shoulder off everyone since Justin’s plans to flatten the abattoir were revealed. Jolene and Lilian reflect on the success of the Beat the Brainboxes quiz. Jolene tactfully wonders whether Lilian might have more important commitments than helping out at the pub. Kirsty tells Philip that she saw Xander again today, she can’t get over how cute he is. Philip would love a grandchild, but at just shy of sixty, he doesn’t want any more children of his own. Kirsty assures him that she couldn’t be happier with the way things are, and they agree to live in the moment. They are about to abandon dinner and head upstairs, when Joy arrives: her electricity has cut out. Philip offers to help and drags Kirsty with him. Philip and Kirsty try to get away as quickly as possible, but realise they’ve locked their keys in the house. It’ll take Gavin a good couple of hours to bring their spare set round. They begrudgingly agree to wait it out at Joy’s.
09/10/1913m 12s


Roy and Lexi meet to say their goodbyes. He gives her a farewell gift: a signed Dale Hart book. They ponder on what a good family they could have made, but agree things have worked out for the best. Philip and Kirsty are caught by Joy while they’re putting up a bird box outside the house. Philip makes his excuses to head back to work, leaving Kirsty to entertain Joy alone. Ed and Eddie blag their way into Lower Loxley’s exhibition of historical artefacts. They strike gold and find a wrecked Beckwell cider press; the central screw they need is still intact. Elizabeth is reluctant to break up one of her exhibits to give them spare parts, but her arm is twisted when she thinks what Nigel would have said. She’s sure he’d rather keep the cider-making tradition alive than put the press on display. They can have the part they need, but on one condition…
08/10/1913m 11s


Emma arrives at Grange Farm with a cushion for Joe. She’d bought it for him to enjoy in their Beechwood house, but there’s no use her hanging on to it now. Clarrie’s sure he’ll be grateful. She’s missed having Emma around, but she doesn’t see how anything can ever be the same again. Toby pops in on Kate for her help with a sensitive matter: does she have any remedies for loss of libido? He wonders if she might be able to help out with a massage. Kate is less than impressed to discover that Toby’s asking on behalf of Basil the boar. She won’t be party to the creation of more piglets that will be reared for slaughter. Toby takes matters into his own hands and tries to tempt Basil with a citronella candle. Eddie shows Oliver the broken cider press. They muse on its history; Oliver thinks something with its provenance belongs in a museum. Eddie has a flash of inspiration; Oliver may just have solved their problem…
07/10/1913m 13s


Ian’s alarmed to discover that Kate has disappeared off on a walk with Xander. Adam reassures Ian that Xander will be fine, after all, Kate has more experience with babies than they do. At least they’ll have a chance to tidy the house up. Unable to relax, Ian goes in search of Kate and Xander. He finds them in a yurt at Spiritual Home and takes him off Kate as quickly as he can. Elizabeth approaches Lynda with an idea: if Lynda won’t be putting on a Christmas show, Elizabeth would like to host a small production at Lower Loxley. It’s such an atmospheric setting, but Elizabeth needs someone with the artistic vision to realise Lower Loxley’s dramatic potential. Someone like Lynda. Lynda politely declines; she really is finished with Christmas shows. At Hollowtree, Rex is full of suggestions as to how Toby could run his distillery more effectively. Toby doesn’t want Rex’s advice and tries to change the subject: he’s hoping Lilian will be taking more of a back seat at The Bull as she’s really starting to get on Kenton and Jolene’s nerves.
06/10/1912m 58s

The Archers eavesdrops at Brookfield

Radio 4’s The Archers invites listeners to eavesdrop at the gate into Marneys Field on Brookfield Farm on a particularly quiet Saturday afternoon. A soothing 10 minute soundscape features chirping birds, wind rustling through trees, and the gentle lowing of a nearby cattle herd - listen carefully enough and you might even hear David Archer in the distance. Created and mixed by Liza Wallis, a studio manager with The Archers.
05/10/1910m 34s


Pip’s apprehensive about visiting another nursery, so Ruth agrees to accompany her for a second opinion. Pip’s fears were unfounded; Rosie didn’t stop smiling from the moment they arrived. She hopes this will help her manage her farm work better. Ruth tells Pip that she did vote for the rewilding at the partnership meeting. She and Ruairi thought it would be a good use of poor land. They apologise for arguing and agree to start keeping their personal and professional lives separate. Jennifer arrives at Ambridge Hall to set things right with Lexi. She explains that she had to fight so hard to keep Adam when she gave birth that she assumed all mothers would be the same. Lexi wants Jennifer to see that she’s had to take a huge risk too. What if Adam and Ian hadn’t wanted the baby after all? She knew they’d make great fathers and that’s why she agreed to carry their child. David’s still seething about Vince Casey winning the abattoir bid. He rings Justin to offer his commiserations but Justin does all he can to avoid him. Later, David arrives at the abattoir; he’s discovered Justin’s intentions to turn the abattoir into office spaces. Justin clearly has no regard for the community. He’ll never trust him again, and neither will anyone else in Ambridge.
04/10/1913m 6s


Ed tells Clarrie that he’s spoken to George about his behaviour towards the bus driver. George has been very mature and has decided to apologise next time he sees the driver. He’s also agreed to help with the cider pressing, though Ed’s had no luck sourcing a new press. Ed gives Clarrie a lift home from the dairy and offers her an apology for being so snappy of late. He knows she’s only trying to help, but he thinks Will needs her support more than he does. Ed wonders if it’s time he found his own place to live. Justin’s concerned that his bid for the abattoir is going to fall short and asks Lilian if she will invest. She says she wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole and hopes Justin’s bid is unsuccessful; Borsetshire needs an abattoir more than it needs office spaces. At The Bull, David fills Lilian in on their plans for Jill’s birthday celebration. He makes himself scarce when Vince Casey arrives, crowing about his bid. Justin and David are livid to discover Vince’s bid is successful. Vince brags about some inside information he’s acquired. Lilian is certain Vince knows Justin wanted to turn the abattoir into offices. If word gets out, a lot of people will be furious with Justin – including her.
03/10/1913m 14s


Hannah is exasperated to discover that Neil still hasn’t booked someone with a cherry picker to unblock the gutters. She takes matters into her own hands and starts clearing the leaves herself on a ladder. When she’s finished, Neil scolds her for breaching health and safety regulations. Hannah storms off across the yard and trips on a pothole, bringing the ladder down on top of her. Noticing a cut on her head, Neil insists on taking her to A&E. Hannah phones Justin with her side of the story. Justin blames Neil’s poor management of the grounds for the accident, and says he’ll be watching him carefully for the foreseeable future. Justin tells Brian he’ll be delivering his Crowther’s bid tomorrow. Brian tries to impress upon Justin how much the local farmers are counting on him to prevent the abattoir from getting into the wrong hands. Ian calls in to Willow Cottage and explains to Jennifer and Brian how offended Lexi was by Brian’s offer of money. Jennifer explains that she’s been anxious about Lexi’s commitment since the birth, and is worried about her behaviour spiralling out of control. Ian explains that it’s Jennifer who’s lost control. She decides to apologise to Lexi.
02/10/1913m 8s


Ed gives Hannah a lift to work. She noticed George mouthing off the bus driver the other day and suggests that he may be struggling with Ed and Emma’s split. She acted the same when her parents separated. At Berrow, Hannah notices a blocked gutter that’s overflowing and ruining the straw. Neil assures her it’s on his to-do list, but Hannah thinks it needs dealing with urgently. Rex and Pip are pleased to hear that Home Farm has agreed to lease them forty acres of land, though voting was close. Neil gives Rex a tip on boosting Basil the boar’s performance. He leaves another pig, Percy, and a sow in a pen next to Basil, to show him how it’s done. Basil isn’t remotely interested. Brian calls in on Lexi. He tells her that Debbie has a contact who works at one of the top hotels in Sofia; perhaps they could sort Lexi a job there? Lexi is touched, though the logistics of relocating to Sofia with her girls will be complicated and pricey. Brian reaches for his chequebook, he’s sure he and Jenny could help with moving costs. Lexi’s mortified: is he trying to pay her off? Does he think she wants to keep Xander? If she wanted to keep the baby, she could have stayed in Bulgaria. Furious, she shows Brian out.
01/10/1913m 11s


Pip takes Rosie to see Rex and the pigs; she tells Rex she's still struggling to find Rosie a nursery. Rex explains he’s still having trouble with Basil the boar. If he can’t produce any piglets, Rex will end up looking like an amateur to Tom. After their meeting with Phoebe, they share their fears about how Kate will represent their case for Home Farm land to the partnership. Pip reckons it’ll be close. Ed wants to get a move on with the cider pressing, but Clarrie is fussing over Will. He’s pleased to be having a fresh start for himself and Poppy. Ed’s feeling smothered by Clarrie’s constant mothering; they’re not children anymore. Ed and Will work as quickly as possible to be finished in time for Poppy’s birthday tea, but disaster strikes and a key screw from the cider press breaks. The screw’s ancient, possibly Victorian, so it’ll be nigh on impossible to replace. Eddie won’t countenance buying a modern press. Grange Farm cider and the cider club are a ray of hope for the village, so whatever it takes, they’ve got to find a way to get the cider flowing again.
30/09/1912m 56s


Tracy enjoys a Sunday lunch at Lower Loxley, courtesy of Elizabeth. They discuss how well Freddie’s settling into work at Grey Gables. Talk turns to Christmas preparations and Tracy tells them her plans for murder mystery dinners. She says that Lynda is adamant that she won’t be running a Christmas show this year. Last Christmas really was her swan song. Tracy asks Lily and Russ if they have any marriage plans, and Lily explains Russ is still married to Lara. Lily asks Russ why he hasn’t started divorce proceedings yet, but he avoids her questions. An exhausted Ian is sorting through baby clothes with Helen. He’s feeling slightly insecure after Hilary Noakes asked a tactless question about Xander’s father: with Adam as biological father and Lexi carrying Xander for nine months, he feels as though he’s third in line. Jennifer arrives to collect Alice and Kate’s birthday cards and notices that Ian is feeling emotional. Helen assures Ian that he’s bonding really well with the baby. At Willow Cottage, after a successful party for Kate and Alice, Jennifer relays to Brian her concerns about Ian: she thinks Lexi’s making him anxious. If Lexi were to change her mind, Adam and Ian would be heartbroken. So what are they going to do about it?
29/09/1912m 59s


Ruth’s furious when Pip oversleeps and she has to cover her milking. Pip tries to lighten the mood with some gossip: Oliver and Tracy were seen having a private dinner together. Ruth feels as though Pip is putting the rewilding project first. What with juggling childcare as well, she should learn to manage her time better. Later, Ruth finds Pip to apologise. Pip’s found a way to juggle rewilding, childcare and Brookfield: they’ll enrol Rosie at a nursery two days a week. Jennifer’s worried sick. She feels as though everyone is ignoring red flags in Lexi’s behaviour: moving out of Honeysuckle Cottage, choosing Kirsty as her birthing partner and now struggling emotionally. She thinks there’s only one way her behaviour’s heading. Lexi arrives at Honeysuckle Cottage to see Adam and Ian. She explains that since she’s given birth she feels surplus to requirements, but they explain they’ve only been distant to give her a bit of space to recover from the birth. Adam actually worries that they’ve taken the baby away from Lexi. Lexi assures them that she’s always viewed the baby as theirs. Now they should arrange to register the birth. Later, Adam and Ian ring Jennifer and Brian to share the name of their new baby: Alexander Macy-Craig, Xander for short. Jennifer thinks it’s perfect, until they point out they’ve named him after Lexi. Jennifer’s convinced Lexi will want to keep Xander.
27/09/1913m 10s


Rex is keeping a careful eye on Basil the boar. Despite the sows being in heat, Basil’s showing no interest in them. He suggests Toby should be putting more time into childcare. As he seemingly has time to spare, he enlists Toby’s help with Basil. They agree to make his wallow deeper in case he’s too hot. Unfortunately, the wallow works too well, and Basil only drags himself out for food. Rex holds a pig summit at The Bull to determine what’s affecting Basil’s libido. Meanwhile, Toby’s worked out how to ease the childcare pressure on Pip. Vince introduces himself to Justin, who’s practising shooting ahead of pheasant season. Justin isn’t there to play games and refuses to give Vince information about his bid for Crowthers. Vince warns Justin that Casey Meats is looking to expand – he shouldn’t mess with the big boys. Vince does all he can to put Justin off his game, then wishes him luck for shooting season; he’ll need it. With his ego bruised, Justin meets Lilian at The Bull. He suggests she attends another lunch with Vince to do some spying for her. Lilian is appalled by the idea; she thinks Vince Casey is bad news and Justin would do well to pull out of the bid entirely. Bring it on, says Justin. Something tells Lilian she’ll have to deal with the fallout.
26/09/1913m 0s


Adam and Ian sit up in the night to feed the baby, still in disbelief that they have their own family. Later that morning, Ian is trying to soothe their crying baby without success. Adam takes over when Ian gets arm cramp and the baby immediately stops crying. He must have the magic touch. Roy calls in on Lexi at Ambridge Hall with a bunch of flowers. They go for a walk together and Lexi explains that her head’s all over the place. First she felt totally smothered and now she’s feeling isolated, but doesn’t want to impose on Adam and Ian. Roy hints to Adam and Ian that Lexi might appreciate their company, and they agree to invite her over. Will comes across Ian out walking with the baby. They sit down and discuss the struggles of parenthood. Will tells Ian that the urge to protect your children never goes away: his parents still fuss over him now and he’s thirty six. The chat is affirming for them both. Realising he’d do anything to protect his children, Will realises there’s something he needs to do. Back at Grange Farm, he tells Clarrie and Eddie that he’s resigned from gamekeeping. He can’t protect any of the children if he can’t look after himself. If he ends up in a dark place again, he wants his family closer to hand than a shotgun. Clarrie and Eddie are so proud of him.
25/09/1913m 6s


Tensions are running high with Lilian and Justin: she thinks he should tell David that he plans to run the Crowthers site as office spaces, not an abattoir. Justin doesn’t have time to worry about David’s assumptions. Lilian is interrupted by a phone call, it’s Vince Casey: he’d like to invite her for lunch. At The Feathers, over a bottle of wine, Vince tries to tease information out of Lilian about Damara’s interest in Crowthers. Lilian arrives back at the Dower House worse for wear after a liquid lunch. She explains to Justin that all Vince wanted to discuss was Justin’s interest in the abattoir. She held firm out of loyalty to Justin. Eddie’s still desperately worried about Will; he’s expected back at work on Friday and Eddie doesn’t like to leave him on his own. Will explains that keeping him away from guns isn’t going to protect him. He’s set on returning to work and Clarrie and Eddie had better get used to the idea.
24/09/1913m 15s


At the hospital, Kirsty attempts to distract a worried Jennifer with talk of the Flower and Produce show. As Adam and Ian take a breather, the midwife appears. He explains to them that Lexi only wants one birthing partner. She’s feeling overwhelmed and wants to focus during the final stages. She’d like Kirsty with her. Jennifer is affronted; Lexi doesn’t mind having a male midwife, why would she find two more men in the room overwhelming? Kirsty appears: they have a beautiful baby boy. Adam and Ian rush through to meet their son Lexi wants them to have the first hold. Adam and Ian are overwhelmed with pride for their new baby. Lexi can’t stop apologising for completing the birth without them, but they won’t hear it. Adam and Ian are eternally grateful to her for providing them with a child. As soon as Jennifer is allowed into the room, she fusses over the baby. Lexi assures Adam and Ian what great parents they’ll make. They gather together with Lexi for a photo, and with an awkward smile Jennifer reluctantly joins.
23/09/1913m 13s


Jill’s nervous about judging the Flower and Produce show. She can’t believe her ears when Leonard admits he’s entered the competition with her scrap cake recipe. She must make sure he doesn’t win, or she may end up being accused of nepotism. Kirsty and Lexi enjoy the backup vegan cake Kirsty’s made. They’re about to drop off the other cake at the Flower and Produce show when Lexi’s waters break on Kirsty’s new rug. She phones Ian to tell him the news, but he mustn’t tell anyone as her contractions haven’t started yet. Ian rushes away from the Flower and Produce show, leaving Peggy to judge for him. In Kirsty’s car, Ian tries nervously to calm down an already calm Lexi. In Ian’s absence, Jill does her best to influence Peggy’s decision on the unusual bakes category. Peggy doesn’t want Jill’s expert advice, as she’s already made her decision. Jill’s interventions weren’t necessary: Leonard’s scrap cakes came a respectable third. Kate wasn’t impressed to be beaten by Joy and her lamingtons. But while Joy may have swept the board, Peggy feels as though she’s a winner herself with the arrival of another great-grandchild.
22/09/1912m 54s


David accompanies Justin to look round Crowthers. Justin makes it clear he’s not looking for a joint venture with Hassett Hills. David’s just keen to guarantee that South Borsetshire has an abattoir. He’s convinced it could coexist with bigger companies like Casey Meats. David returns home to find Leonard in the kitchen, attempting to make Jill’s scrap cakes. David offers his assistance and together they make a terrible mess of the place, but the cakes turn out surprisingly well. Lily finally admits to Elizabeth that she won’t be returning to university. She assures Elizabeth that it’s nothing to do with her, she just didn’t want to disappoint Elizabeth. Lily’s happy at home, she loves her job, and things are going well with Russ, who supports her decision. Elizabeth puts her concerns aside; she’s excited to have Lily around for longer. Lilian comes across Vince Casey at The Stables. He wants to buy a pony for his daughter. Lilian dissuades him from buying an expensive, lively pony, and suggests a suitable alternative that Shula is selling. Lilian tries, unsuccessfully, to find out whether Vince is dating her friend Mariella. She mentions this to Justin, who is intrigued to hear Vince’s name for the second time today. He had a successful site visit to the abattoir and is going to make a bid to the administrators. It’s the perfect location for an office development.
20/09/1913m 11s


Brian takes a meal round to Willow Cottage for Adam. Jennifer has been practising so many dishes for the Flower and Produce show that they’ve run out of room in their freezer. Pip arrives with a bagful of Rosie’s old baby clothes. Pip offers Adam some parenting tips. She thinks the reason rewilding appealed to her so much is because she wants Rosie to grow up on a healthier planet. She apologises if she and Phoebe came across too strongly with the idea. Adam offers an olive branch: he’s still opposed to rewilding, but he’ll table their proposal at the next partnership meeting. Oliver and Tracy enjoy their night at the themed dinner performance. Oliver hopes to organise a similar event at Grey Gables before Christmas. Ian is astounded to hear that Hugh from Lower Loxley will be providing his paternity cover. Concerned that Hugh will undo all his hard work, he lays down the law of the land to the kitchen staff at Grey Gables. Freddie helps Ian out of a tricky situation, and they bond over their mutual dislike of Hugh. Freddie offers to be a spy in the camp, reporting back to Ian if Hugh tries to change anything.
19/09/1913m 8s


Ed’s decided to sell a promising-looking Texel ram. Eddie suggests keeping it for breeding, but Ed wants the money now to support the children. He’s disappointed when the lamb only fetches one thousand pounds. Later, he tells Emma he’s put the money from the sale in their joint account to help with the kids. He offers to give her some money he has spare, but she refuses to take it. Brian has bad news for David about Crowthers: investing in the abattoir would be too risky. Surprisingly, though, Justin seemed very interested on a personal level. Brian thinks it may be worth David having a word with him. Peggy’s still reeling from Joy’s visit when Kate returns, full of the joys of spring. She had a very successful night at Jakob’s, meanwhile Peggy couldn’t get a word in edgeways with Joy. Peggy admits defeat: she’ll have made a miraculous recovery next time Jakob comes over. Kate’s good mood is dampened when she discovers Jakob will be spending a month in Sweden with family and leaves on Friday. Clearly the