The Archers

The Archers

By BBC Radio 4

A contemporary drama in a rural setting.



Writer, Sarah McDonald Hughes Director, Julie Beckett Editor, Jeremy Howe David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Rex Fairbrother ….. Nick Barber Brad Horrobin ….. Taylor Uttley Chelsea Horrobin ….. Madeleine Leslay Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Joy Horville ….. Jackie Lye Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Stella Pryor ….. Lucy Speed Mick ….. Martin Barrass Paula ….. Therese Collins
02/12/22·13m 22s


Tracy is given something to think about, and Kirsty offers some romantic advice.
01/12/22·13m 14s


When Ben calls round for Chelsea, Jazzer’s not sure it’s a good idea for him to see her. Ben promises he won’t cause any stress and insists he has a hairdressing question. Then, Ben talks rapidly to Chelsea about what he’s been up to – listening to classic albums and using music to keep focused while studying. The reason he’s called round is that Bess’s coat is matted and he’d like Chelsea’s advice. Chelsea states that she doesn’t do animals and Ben apologies. He then says he wants to apologise for everything. Chelsea doesn’t think he needs to and Ben is impressed with how strong she seems. After Ben has left, Jazzer wants to know if he said anything about the abortion. Chelsea reassures Jazzer that he doesn’t have to worry about her – she’s doing fine. She’s not so sure about Ben though and she wonders if she should do something. Jazzer advises her to not get involved, it’s not up to her to worry about Ben. Struggling with creating a spider costume for Rosie’s nativity play, Pip’s glad to see Stella who has come to help. Pip really wants to get it right and admits that sometimes she doesn’t feel like she’s managing without Toby around all the time. Together they try to make a spectacular spider costume but then resort to looking at ready-made ones online. Stella suggests that she buys it and gifts it to her nephew after Rosie’s worn it for her nativity play.
30/11/22·13m 16s


Joy chivvies Mick along to tell Jolene he signed up for the wrong choir. Before Mick has a chance to speak, Jolene hands him a rehearsal schedule and asks if he’d be interested in a solo or a duet. Mick eventually explains he wants to be on the same choir as Joy. Jolene thinks the answer is simple; Joy can join her choir. Jolene tells Mick she’s counting on him – he’s not going to leave her in the lurch is he? Joy laughs at Mick’s predicament but then reassures him that it might be more fun that he’s expecting. Joy offers that they can practice their songs together after their respective rehearsals, which cheers Mick. Jovial Pip, David and Ruth decorate the events barn for Christmas. Their attention turns to their own Christmas festivities, and to Pip and Ruth’s surprise, David offers to make the Christmas dinner. After teasing him they acknowledge it’s a thoughtful gesture and all agree it will be weird to have Christmas without Jill. Pip and Ruth offer to help but David is determined to cook the dinner entirely unaided. Later, David discovers Jill has taken all her Christmas recipes with her while researching what to make for Christmas Day. Ruth updates David on the land sale – she hopes it should be complete by the end of next week. Ruth has also heard from Jolene that Jill has been regaling Lynda with tales of Brookfield Christmases past. David is keen to look forward rather than back – surely a happy family Christmas this year is achievable?
29/11/22·13m 12s


Ben’s been called in for a one-to-one with his university tutor. She’s got some concerns, not only with the standard of his work but the fact that he’s not been his usual positive self. She wonders if she can help. Ben apologises and says he’s had some stuff on recently that’s been distracting but promises to improve. When she suggests the university counselling service and other support, Ben says he’s ok. The thing he was dealing with is done now. Pip tells Stella she’s worried about Ben, and that Ruth and David still aren’t talking to Jill. And she’s dreading picking up Rosie from school; she’ll find out her school Christmas Nativity part today and she desperately wants to be a sheep. Later Pip tells Stella that Rosie’s distraught – she’s got the part of a spider. When Stella suggests finding a way to show Rosie that the spider is the star of the show, Pip agrees but wonders how? Pip catches up with Rex, telling him Ben’s really stressed and hasn’t been out for ages. Rex suggests taking Ben fishing again and later drops in on Ben. But Ben says he’s got too much uni work to do. When Rex mentions Pip’s worried about him, Ben says he’s fine. Rex tests Ben on his coursework, but Ben’s really hard on himself. He worries he’ll be kicked off his course when it’s the one good thing in his life. He asks Rex to leave him to study. Rex says he’s there if Ben needs anything.
28/11/22·13m 11s


Tracy discusses Christmas with Jazzer, Chelsea and Brad. She’s buying Christmas lunch bit by bit as she can’t afford a massive food shop. When talk turns to presents, Brad and Chelsea say they don’t want any. Jazzer points out that it’ll kill Tracy not to buy presents for them. But Chelsea’s adamant she doesn’t want Tracy running up debt. Later, Tracy tells Jazzer her children deserve a proper Christmas, but she can’t afford it. Jazzer comes up with the idea of blagging a totally free Christmas by signing up for free stuff online. He’s already entered a load of competitions. He thinks it might be fun and Tracy agrees he might be onto something. Tracy helps set up the Winter Warmer at the Bull. Kenton’s worried no-one will come, but later when lots of people arrive, including the Horrobin household, Kenton and Jolene agree that it’s been a great success. Kenton notices Jolene’s a bit down and she explains that when she took Jill Christmas shopping earlier, Jill took her to one side to say she hadn’t wanted Jolene there as she wanted to be alone with Leonard. Jill’s been feeling a bit smothered by Jolene. Joy chats to Mick about her first choir rehearsal with Fallon this week, suggesting Mick joins too. They head to the Winter Warmer where Jolene’s looking for choir members. Thinking she’s Fallon, Mick asks Jolene if he can join her choir, and she takes him on. But when he tells Joy, she points out he’s just joined a rival choir to hers.
27/11/22·13m 7s


Jolene and Fallon are united on both the Tearoom and The Bull running Winter Warmer schemes – that way they can help more people who are struggling to afford heating. However, when mother and daughter talk about their respective choir plans, things don’t go so smoothly. Jolene takes against Fallon’s desire to attract younger people to her choir, it sounds ageist to her and she won’t stand aside or collaborate. It looks like Ambridge will get two choirs this Christmas. Alistair’s noticed Paul’s not his usual self. Paul admits that while he likes Ruairi he’s had to accept that nothing’s going to happen between them. Instead, Paul’s going to focus his efforts on getting to know more people in Ambridge. Paul suggests a work Christmas party. Alistair isn’t keen, but then becomes more enthusiastic when Paul mentions he’s confident his mum, Denise, would come along. David and Ruth discuss a serious cash offer for the land they are selling. They’ll have to turn down Home Farm’s offer, but they are both relieved that they’re getting closer to never having to deal with Vince again. The pair talk over Ruth’s row with Jill and Jill’s consequential departure from Brookfield. Recognising they have been distant from one another recently, they reconnect and share their feelings on the whole saga. They notice how quiet the farmhouse is now it’s just the two of them living there. They agree to go back to working as a team and David is hopeful they can all move on.
25/11/22·12m 57s


The atmosphere’s awkward between David and Ruth as Stella visits Brookfield. David offers to leave Stella and Ruth alone to chat, but Stella explains Home Farm might be interested in the land they’re selling, for use as a biofuel crop. David suggests they should be thinking more about quality, affordable crops people can eat. Ruth sides with Stella, observing Home Farm should be able to use the land as they want. David obfuscates, suggesting there’s other interest in the land, and that they’ll let Stella know. When Stella’s gone Ruth declares they should accept the offer tabled, even though it’ll be lower than the asking price. David disagrees. They need the maximum they can get, especially now Vince wants the New Zealand money too. They can’t agree, and they bicker. Julianne greets Ruairi with champagne in an upmarket restaurant. She’s found him a job placement in the city. Ruairi’s reaction is subdued. Julianne detects something’s wrong, and wonders why he’s been ignoring her texts. Defensive Ruairi says he was just out having fun. He confesses he’s conflicted about their arrangement. He feels he’s missing out on normal life. Julianne counters that he’s a free agent, but Ruairi disputes this. It’s hard to explain, but he’s not sure this is the life he wants. Fine, says Julianne, if Ruairi wants out, he can go ahead. Ruairi gears up to ask some questions, but Julianne expertly turns it round and makes a convincing case for him keeping the status quo. Is Ruairi really sure he’s ready to give all this up?
24/11/22·13m 11s


Paul takes Ruairi to a bar and regales him with entertaining stories of previous raucous nights out. There’s a jukebox and they enjoy choosing favourite tracks. Ruairi reveals a liking for Diana Ross, a passion Paul reveals his mum shares too. Ruairi explains about his own mum, and confesses he misses her. Paul sympathises. They play Diana Ross, for both their mums. Ruairi wants the night to continue but Paul thinks not. He has to work early in the morning. Ruairi goes in for a kiss but Paul holds back. He’s noticed all the texts from JW. Is Ruairi seeing someone? Ruairi replies it’s complicated, but basically it’s not monogamous so it’s fine for them to get together. Paul’s not fine with it – he doesn’t want something casual and it’s clear they want different things right now. Downbeat David comes to the Bull, not really knowing what he wants. Tracy sees he’s preoccupied, and offers to listen if he wants to talk. David explains they had to tell Jill about Chelsea and Ben after Vince’s outburst in the pub, and that Ben’s devastated at Jill’s reaction. David doesn’t know what to do. Tracy recommends giving it space and time. Vince comes into the bar and needles David. He wants his money for the solar panel loan. And further, he wants reimbursing for the New Zealand trip he’d booked for Beth and Ben. When David protests, Vince threatens to go to Ben for the money. David retorts that he was right about Vince from the start. He’s a petty, underhand lowlife.
23/11/22·12m 57s


Tracy admits to Jolene they haven’t put the heating on at No. 6 The Green yet. A bonus of working at The Bull is that she stays warm through the evening. Jolene reports this to Kenton and shares how awful she thinks it is. She suggests they open the pub to anyone, even if they don’t want to buy food or drink. Kenton thinks it’s madness; their own bills are already high. Jolene begs for them to give it a go and Kenton relents, adding “don’t say I didn’t warn you”. When Kenton and Jolene share their Winter Warmer idea with Tracy, she tells them Fallon’s had the same idea for the Tearoom. Kenton thinks this means they can cancel their scheme but Jolene isn’t backing down – by both venues doing it they can help more people. After attending to Rex’s pigs with Alistair, Paul gets chatting to Elizabeth about the Hunt Ball. Paul says he hardly saw Ruairi because he was so busy pitching in with the organising. Elizabeth is sorry for ruining their evening by depending on Ruairi so much. Elizabeth encourages Paul to see Ruairi again before he goes back to London. Later, Paul asks Alistair his opinion of Ruairi. Alistair says he doesn’t really know him. Paul opens up about looking for a connection with someone rather than casual hook-ups. He then asks Alistair about his love life. Alistair replies that it’s a bit complicated. While it isn’t advice that he’s always lived by, Alistair thinks Paul should go for it with Ruairi.
22/11/22·13m 3s


Neil and George meet Fallon to talk through the vision for the choir. Fallon wants to do contemporary Christmas songs. George’s role is to encourage younger people to join the choir though he won’t be singing himself. He quickly changes his mind when Fallon offers to teach him. Fallon chooses her words carefully after hearing George sing. George’s choice of song did make it quite difficult for Fallon to assess his vocal ability. They try some vocal exercises. Later, Neil returns to collect George and Fallon happily reports on the progress they’ve made. Neil’s impressed and thinks if Fallon can inspire George then the choir could have a really positive impact on the whole community. Kenton can’t believe Jolene is dropping everything to drive Jill to get more baking ingredients. With Jolene away, Kenton moans to Alistair about living with his mother. He’s worried Jill’s stay at The Bull will go on and on. Alistair suggests taking a leaf out of Jolene’s book and using the time to bond with Jill. He cites that he’s become a lot closer to his dad since living with him. On her return, Jolene is shocked by Kenton’s apology for not appreciating the effort Jolene is making with Jill. He credits Alistair for helping him shift his perspective. Jolene’s relieved Alistair didn’t share the trouble he and Shula had with Jim when he stayed with them after breaking his leg.
21/11/22·12m 55s


In the absence of a village Christmas Show, Neil’s had the idea of setting up a choir that could raise money for charity. He wonders if George might be interested in joining as he’d like to spend more time with him. Eddie volunteers himself and the two men try to persuade George. George isn’t interested. Even when Eddie points out that Neil’s hurt by George spending all his time at the Berrow pig unit with Martyn Gibson, George still can’t be persuaded. But when he hears that Fallon will be coaching the singers, George has a change of heart. Kenton and Jolene are in the dark about Jill’s argument at Brookfield. Jolene is keen to make Jill feel welcome at The Bull. Jill seems pretty settled, getting to work with Stir Up Sunday. Kenton gets an explanation from Ruth who is still cross with Jill for being cruel to Ben, and is adamant she should apologise. Kenton is eager to help Jill patch things up with the family at Brookfield but Jolene thinks they should let the dust settle first. Moreover Jolene wants to make the most of the opportunity to build more of a bond between herself and Jill. Kenton reckons in a week’s time Jolene will be begging to send Jill back to Brookfield!
20/11/22·12m 56s


Eddie’s managed to source a replacement wing mirror for the limo, though actually fixing it to the car is proving tricky. Oliver considers the diversion fiasco at the Ball aggravating, but while Eddie agrees, he can’t help feeling it was a little bit of genius too. Eddie’s pleased to see Mia’s still a helpful girl, and Oliver comments it was good to see Chelsea and Brad working at the Ball. Eddie thinks it’s great Oliver’s helping Brad. It reminds him of what he did for Ed. He believes with role models like Oliver, all their kids will steer clear of trouble. David’s feeling pulled between his wife and his mum. He thinks Ruth and Jill should talk. Ruth protests she’s tried. She insists she’s done nothing wrong, this is on Jill. She can’t let it get swept under the carpet – Jill’s aware how much she means to Ben, and yet she still hurt him. They’re interrupted by Leonard, who’s concerned that Jill is very quiet. He wonders whether Ruth can make the first move. This is too much for Ruth and she bites back at Leonard, who retreats. David’s appalled that Leonard was made to feel bad, and in spite of herself Ruth agrees. Later she apologises to Leonard, who accepts with grace. He fetches Jill and they all sit down to a tense dinner. Jill can’t help but object to the proposed land sale, and when Ruth states it was the best option, Jill insists it’s very wrong. She knows when she’s not wanted – she’s leaving the farm.
18/11/22·13m 3s


With an hour to go until the start of the Hunt Ball, Mia and Brad are scrambling to finish mixing up road signs to confuse the guests. When Brad wavers due to guilt about Oliver, Mia assures him that the greater cause is more worthy than the feelings of one man. Brad’s galvanised, and they complete the job. Elizabeth conducts her last minute checks, assisted by Ruairi. She can’t wait to meet Ruairi’s mystery plus-one. Paul arrives early and finds Ruairi puzzled by the lateness of the guests and reports of road closures. Elizabeth’s equally bamboozled. The caterers are late, there are no guests and the staff are becoming restless. Ruairi points out it’s still early – not time to panic yet. But Elizabeth’s mystified by reports of random road signs around Lower Loxley. En route to the Ball, Oliver’s in Eddie’s limo and they’re trying to negotiate the diversion signs. Encountering a huge traffic queue, Oliver calls Elizabeth and explains the situation; they’re going to be late. As they begin to go round in circles, Eddie smells a rat and removes some of the diversion signs, sustaining damage to the limo for his trouble. There’s no flood, or roadworks – it’s clearly a scam. The Ball is back on track at Lower Loxley, and Elizabeth releases Ruairi from his duties, wishing him an enjoyable evening with Paul. Anxious Brad locates Mia, having had a close shave earlier with Ruairi. Mia considers the minor disruption not bad for a first attempt – what should they do next?
17/11/22·13m 0s


Brad calls in at the food bank. Oliver lets him know he’s booked his accommodation for the maths programme next month. Brad protests at his generosity but Oliver insists everyone is proud of him and wants him to do well. They chat about the Hunt Ball, and Brad feels more and more guilty about his sabotage plans with Mia, as Oliver explains how he loves the event – it was one of Caroline’s favourites too. What’s more, they’ll be raising money for charity, including the food bank. Brad observes thoughtfully how much the Ball means to Oliver. He calls Mia; they have a problem. Ruairi’s trying to find someone in busy Ambridge to connect with. Elizabeth leaps on the chance to have a break, and they arrange to meet up later. Meanwhile Ruairi goes in search of Freddie and encounters Paul calming a ruffled Cranford Crystal. Ruairi expresses his regret that he missed Paul’s night out, and they walk up to the Orangery together. Later Ruairi leaves a message for Julianne saying he’s available next week. Over tea, Elizabeth mentions she noticed the messages on Ruairi’s phone from JW – she could do with some good relationship news right now. When Ruairi hints he’d be interested in two tickets for the Hunt Ball, Elizabeth is excited to meet JW. But Ruairi says there’s someone else he might ask. He approaches Paul, who at first puts up obstacles but finally caves. He’ll come. But he’ll have to borrow a suit so it had better be worth it. Ruairi assures him it will be.
16/11/22·12m 56s


Brad shows Mia his plan to sabotage visitors to Thursday evening’s Hunt Ball. They cycle the lanes around Ambridge collecting up signs, and plot how they’re going to carry out their scam without being noticed. They agree to take low key roles at the Ball which won’t draw attention to what they’re doing, and work out cover stories to use if they’re spotted together. Ruairi and Ben reconnect. Ruairi apologises for his behaviour when they were last together, and sympathises with Ben for the situation with Chelsea. He brings a welcome peace offering in the shape of birthday cake made by Jennifer. He’s missed Ben, and Ambridge. Ben brings him up to date with events at Brookfield, Vince’s demands and the row with Jill. They’re interrupted when vet nurse Paul asks for Ruairi’s car to be moved. Ben apologises for Ruairi blocking in some clients, and banters with Paul while Ruairi obliges with his car. Ruairi suggests to Ben that they should go out – his treat – but it’s the last thing Ben wants to do. Paul re-joins Ruairi as Ben disappears for an early night. He wonders if Ruairi would like to join him for a karaoke and buffet evening. Ruairi laughs that it’s too nineties, but Paul mentions the bar he’s going to in case Ruairi changes his mind. Ruairi admits he’s never been to a karaoke night; Paul reckons you shouldn’t knock it ’til you try it. Ruairi’s tempted but holds his ground, sighing as Paul walks away.
15/11/22·13m 5s


Ruairi and Julianne prepare to go to one of his favourite restaurants for his birthday dinner. Julianne’s keen to know what Ruairi was doing when he went off radar the previous day. He makes an excuse and she doesn’t press him. Over dinner she shares her philosophy on life with him: the best feeling in the world is getting what you want, when you want, because you can. She gives him a bonus to spend on himself. He announces proudly that he may have secured an internship, but she thinks he can do better, and questions his methods. The wind’s taken out of Ruairi’s sails. Ruth’s shaken by Jill’s outburst at Ben, concerned it will set him back even further. David entreats her not to dwell on it, but Ruth’s response is brusque. He tries to distract her by suggesting some inexpensive changes to the Christmas decorations in the barn venue, but Ruth can’t stop thinking about Jill. She wishes Jill had kept her strong opinions to herself, and that David would support Ruth, and Ben, by talking to Jill about it. Saying nothing means he agrees with Jill. David denies this. He thinks his mum was just shocked, and admits she can be stubborn. But Ruth wants an apology. If David won’t talk to Jill, she will. Later Ruth releases both barrels on Jill, maintaining that Jill has always judged her, and she won’t let her do that to her children. David walks in on Ruth’s tirade. He tells her to stop, but she leaves in tears.
14/11/22·13m 2s


Mia reckons Brad isn’t thinking of enough sensational ideas to disrupt the Hunt Ball, but Brad’s finding big holes in Mia’s more outlandish suggestions – he’d rather have a plan that doesn’t risk them getting arrested. Later on during his break Brad catches Mia attempting to break into an office at Lower Loxley, before they know it they’re sprung by Elizabeth. Brad improvises, telling her that he and Mia were in search of somewhere for some alone time. Elizabeth buys his story and suggests he gets back to work. The pair are relieved when she disappears into her office. Mia’s impressed with Brad’s quick thinking, but dejected that they’re no further on with their plan. Then Brad spots a map on the wall – it gives him an idea. Leonard wonders how Ben is. Ruth comments that Ben thinks he needs to carry everything alone, in spite of their offers of support. This reminds Leonard of his own son, and he shares some wisdom. He reassures Ruth she and David are doing the right thing, Ben will get back on track. Later Ben assures his mum he’ll catch up on his coursework. He offers to help Leonard fix Jill’s henhouse, and notices Jill’s frostiness with him. When probed, Jill lets rip, accusing Ben of doing the right thing by everyone except the baby and his own family. She’s ashamed of Ben, and thinks they should keep their distance for a while. Ben sobs as a bewildered Leonard wonders what’s going on.
13/11/22·13m 6s


Lynda’s lost patience with interrogating Tony about his Christmases past, she still hasn’t got any clues. When Jim mentions Lynda’s ‘Christmas Chronicles’ she admits they don’t exist, she made them up to get out of a tricky situation. Lynda’s heart sinks when they’re interrupted by Tony apologising for his lack of positive Christmas memories, he goes to fetch his box full of Christmas memorabilia. When Lynda says there won’t be any Christmas Chronicles, Tony and Jim protest that it’s a lovely idea; people have already started collecting their Christmas memories. Jim thinks Lynda’s had an excellent idea by accident and she really ought to follow it up. Neil tells George that Martyn jumped at the chance of having George at Berrow for some work experience. Later when George meets up with Martyn, George tells him he wants to be in farming, but he wants to be rich. He asks Martyn how he could’ve improved the way he negotiated the deal with the pheasants. Martyn says he’s asking the right questions and shows him the ins-and-outs of the business side of the pig unit. When Neil appears, Martyn says that as George has an aptitude for business, and he should shadow Martyn instead of Neil. David and Ruth check in on Ben, but he’s adamant that he’s still considering leaving uni. Later David and Ruth tell Ben they’ll pay Vince off by selling some Brookfield land. Ben needs to finish his course and the family are all behind him. Ben agrees but wonders whether Jill’s behind him too?
11/11/22·13m 13s


Brad sheepishly asks Chelsea if she’ll give him a smart haircut for the Hunt Ball – he’s working there next week. Brad mentions he went to see their dad with Oliver when Chelsea went missing. But Den was only friendly to Brad because he wanted to wangle money out of Oliver. After that he couldn’t wait to see the back of them. Chelsea tells Brad not to think about it – their dad’s a waster. Brad talks about being different from Chelsea and Tracy as they’re quick thinking and funny. Brad feels like he doesn’t belong. Chelsea agrees he’s different but that’s because he’s clever. Brad has brains and is a Horrobin – a winning combination. When she shows him his hair she tells him he’s super smart and super cool. If this is for some girl, she’d better watch out. George asks Chris if he can help out at the forge. When Chris agrees, George asks what the rate will be. Chris makes it clear there wouldn’t be a payment, George would just be observing. George asks about being a tenant at Chris’s cottage, but Chris tells him it’s already promised to someone. Downcast George says he wants to move out because he feels stifled at home. He wants more than Grange Farm, but he just needs to take the first step. George manages to hide his horror when later Chris takes him to the Berrow pig unit; he’s arranged for Neil to discuss the possibility of doing some work experience there. Neil just needs to persuade Martyn Gibson first.
10/11/22·13m 5s


Elizabeth tells Ben she’s concerned about him. She thinks that what Vince has done is completely wrong and she’s told him so. But it’s because Vince is upset about Beth. Ben says he doesn’t blame Vince. Elizabeth unwittingly reveals to Ben that Vince has asked for his loan back for the solar panels. David and Ruth discuss options to pay back the loan. Things get a bit heated and Ben walks in on them arguing. When he asks whether it’s to do with paying back the loan, they realise he knows. Ben asks why they didn’t tell him, because it’s all his fault. David says they were going to tell him once they’d found a solution. Elizabeth apologises to David and Ruth for telling Ben. She says Vince is behaving like a spoiled brat at the moment. Ben announces he’ll sort the loan by giving up his course and getting a job. Later David and Ruth agree they can’t let him do that. They have to pay off the loan, and quickly. Chris tells Alice a couple from Penny Hassett want to look around the cottage today; they’re hoping to rent it. Alice offers to be there too so that Chris doesn’t get taken advantage of. Afterwards they laughingly agree that the couple wouldn’t make good tenants. They’re interrupted by Jakob asking to come and view the cottage too. Alice warns Chris not to let Jakob push him around. Later after pinning down all of Chris’s responsibilities, Jakob tells Chris he may consider himself a landlord in waiting.
09/11/22·13m 1s


Pip tells Chelsea she felt betrayed when Chelsea didn’t tell her that Ben was the father. And now they’ve got Vince trying to ruin Brookfield because of it. Chelsea wonders what difference it would’ve made if she had told Pip? Later Pip apologises, saying she was feeling stressed. Chelsea opens up saying it feels like everyone thinks she’s trash and only getting what she deserves. Pip says she’s thought about what Chelsea said and she wouldn’t have changed her advice to Chelsea even if she’d known about Ben. And it’s wrong to blame Chelsea for what Vince is doing to them. When Pip mentions Ben’s giving himself a hard time, Chelsea says to tell Ben he’ll do alright. Pip thinks Chelsea will too. She seems so mature. Alice is at her old rehab centre with Chris waiting to give a talk. When Chris mentions the stained glass window, Alice says she’s keeping out of it. Chris worries when Alice goes to get some air because she’s feeling unnerved by being back at the centre. She feels she can’t do the talk and asks Chris to fetch the car. Meanwhile Sally, one of the residents, asks Alice a favour – she’d like Alice to read a diary she’s written about her life before rehab. She wants Alice’s opinion before reading it to the group. When Alice asks why, Sally says it’s because Alice has survived the experience. Alice decides to do the talk. Afterwards Sally says she noticed Alice was holding her diary throughout the talk. Alice said it helped; Sally’s story is her story too.
08/11/22·13m 10s


When Emma asks George if he’s now paid back Eddie for the pheasants, George admits he’s held back some money from selling them to Martyn for reinvestment. Emma tells George she’s not feeling very well, but George shirks helping with tea while she goes to help Fallon out at the Tearoom, pretending he’s doing some college work. When Fallon sends Emma home because she looks so peaky, George surprises Fallon by turning up as Emma’s replacement. Fallon offers to pay George and he quickly accepts. Lynda and Tony discuss the malicious gossip surrounding Chelsea’s pregnancy and Ben being the dad. But Lynda can’t see any similarities when Tony says it’s like Alan being unreasonable over the stained glass window. Lynda asks Tony about any memories he might have of Christmas presents from times past. When Tony asks why, Lynda stumbles into saying she’s putting a collection of Ambridge residents’ memories of Christmas together. Lynda broaches the subject of gifts, asking whether there were any Tony had asked for from Father Christmas, but didn’t receive. Perhaps musical? She’s thrown when Tony remembers there was – it was when he’d been given a jumper instead of an expected trainset. He then invites Lynda to look at his trainset, which used to belong to John. After a suitable period, Lynda makes her excuses to go but is interrupted by the arrival of Jakob. She’s trapped when Tony suggests that she interviews him too. Lynda then listens as Jakob begins his recollection of many childhood Christmas memories.
07/11/22·13m 10s


Emma reminds George that Eddie wants his money back from his investment in the turkeys that were actually pheasants. George says he’s paid some already and the rest he’ll get from selling the pheasants. Martyn Gibson’s surprised when George rings him, but agrees to drop by and take a look. When Martyn sees the pheasants he offers fifty pounds because they’re scrawny. But when George asks for sixty, Martyn offers even less and George unwittingly agrees. After Martyn leaves Emma says Martyn’s a shark, but George disagrees. In five years he’ll be where Martyn is. Ruth, David and Pip discuss Vince’s demand to pay back the loan for the solar panels. When Ben appears they quickly change the subject. Afterwards they agree that Ben mustn’t know about Vince’s edict – Ben’s got enough on his plate. They decide to fight Vince on the loan. Pip catches up with Ben in the Tearoom admitting she knew Chelsea was pregnant but hadn’t realised Ben was involved. When Pip says Ben shouldn’t blame himself, Ben says he should ask gossipy Jean Harvey and Wendy Brink whose fault it is. They keep looking over at him and they’re right to stare. Ben wishes he could turn back the clock and start again. When Pip suggests counselling Ben says it won’t change anything that’s happened. Later Pip tells David and Ruth that Ben blames himself, and it won’t help if they go to war with Vince. Ruth and David agree they should pay off the loan but wonder where they’ll get the money from.
06/11/22·13m 11s


Chelsea tells Ben that when she heard what Vince said she wanted to crawl into a hole. But she can’t hide for the rest of her life; they both need to get on with things. When Ben says he doesn’t know how to, Chelsea says he could start by going back to uni. David worries to Leonard about who now knows about Ben and Chelsea. He doesn’t know what makes him angrier – Vince threatening Ben or that he’s made a very private matter, public knowledge. Leonard and David agree that Jill should know before she hears it from someone else, to Ben’s chagrin. Later Leonard says Jill took the news surprisingly well, although she was horrified by Vince’s outburst. Elizabeth’s furious when Chelsea reveals that Vince told the whole village that she’s had an abortion. Elizabeth offers Chelsea some behind the scenes work, rather than having to face customers in the Orangery. Later Vince tries to apologise to Elizabeth, but she tells him it’s Chelsea who needs the apology. Vince tells Chelsea he was angry with Ben, not her, and he hopes his actions haven’t caused her extra heartache. Chelsea says they have. Vince says he’s truly sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do to make it up to her, but Chelsea leaves before he can say anything more. Elizabeth tells him he also needs to resolve things with David and Ruth. But Vince sees red at Brookfield later when David comments on the way Vince behaved. Vince withdraws his investment in the solar panels.
04/11/22·13m 9s


Jolene asks Lynda about her plans for a Christmas show but Lynda says she’s not doing one and suggests Jolene takes it on. Jolene declines even though she craves a creative project. Lynda apologises to Lilian about her insensitivity when she discovered the message in the bottle was from Tony. Lilian admits it was hard reading that Tony wished their parents would stop arguing. It reminded her how unsafe she felt at home as a child. When Lynda points out that she and her siblings have all made a success of their lives, Lilian agrees. But she can’t remember if Tony ever got his wish of a guitar for Christmas. She’ll investigate and if there’s a chance of granting Tony’s wish, then she wants to try. Leonard visits Ben to offer support but Ben says he finished with Beth, so he doesn’t deserve to be heartbroken. Leonard decides the best thing is to take Ben to the Bull for a meal. Vince appears and spying Ben, tells him he’s a coward and a cheat. Ben seduced Chelsea, got her pregnant and packed her off for an abortion and then threw Beth on the street. Jolene intervenes and asks Vince to leave. Afterwards Jolene apologises to Tracy for believing the rumours that Tracy was pregnant when all the time it was Chelsea. When Tracy worries about word getting around the village, Jolene is reassuring saying she thinks it was just her and Leonard who were close enough to hear. Tracy hopes Jolene is right.
03/11/22·13m 1s


Lilian, Kirsty and Lynda get together to open the bottle that they found in the woods. They tease out the paper inside it. There’s writing on it. It’s an affecting letter from a child to Father Christmas, asking for a guitar, and for their parents to stop arguing all the time. It’s signed, but they can’t make it out. Lynda is inspired. She’ll get out all the old Christmas cards and try and match the handwriting. They set about it, and Lynda exclaims the author is Tony Archer. Lilian is quiet. If it was him, then he was talking about her mum and dad too. Natasha bumps into Chelsea on the Green. Chelsea’s having some time away from Tracy, who’s hugging her every five minutes. Natasha finds out that Chelsea has had a termination, and she can see that she’s vulnerable. She has an idea. Thinking they need to cheer each other up, she invites Chelsea to April Cottage. She’ll do Chelsea’s makeup, and Chelsea can do her hair. Chelsea wonders how it could have taken her so long to decide what to do. Natasha tells her she was juggling two different futures. Chelsea describes how she’s been, saying she woke up very relieved, but felt bad about that. Natasha tells her firmly that she didn’t plan to get pregnant, and she didn’t want to have a baby. Which means she made the right choice. Then she’s amazed by what Chelsea has done with her hair. Chelsea has a real talent – she’s going to be okay.
02/11/22·13m 3s


Vince has had a long trip, and is Ben getting the cold shoulder?
01/11/22·13m 9s


David and Ruth are struggling in different ways, knowing what Chelsea is going through today. It’s shaken David’s faith in their parenting. While Ruth wants to nurture Ben, David is glad Ben is finding it difficult. He thinks he should be. He tries to talk to Ben but can’t find the words. Ben says he’s let David and Ruth down as well as Chelsea. When David says his mum thinks Beth would have stuck by him, Ben insists Beth’s better off without him. He tells David he knows how David really feels, but he couldn’t hate Ben more than Ben hates himself. Ben goes round to see Chelsea before she goes into hospital. He tells her he’s not going to university today, and she rounds on him. They’ve both been idiots already; Ben and Beth have split up over this. Why be more stupid still? In hospital, Chelsea is frightened. Tracy is there for her. So is the nurse, who is practical and kind. She tells Chelsea to look to the future. When Ben finds out that it’s all over, he goes for a walk with Bess. Tracy settles Chelsea at home, and Chelsea asks her to wait with her until she sleeps. There’s a tender moment between them, as they remember a favourite children’s book, and how Chelsea loved it. Tracy thinks that the nurse was right. There’s a promising future out there, waiting for Chelsea.
31/10/22·13m 9s


Lilian is suffering from a nasty cold. Lynda persuades her that she can’t possibly be a witch in the rewilding woods. Faced with the possibility of disappointed children, Lynda volunteers. Lilian shows her the rather haphazard ropes, and Lynda quails a little. Nervously, she awaits the children and her cue to flit through the woods. Once they arrive, she is swept up in it all. Her performance is lovely. She accepts congratulations with great relief. David and Ruth have brought Pip and Rosie to the Halloween in the woods. But David is still bitter and angry. Ruth tries to help him understand, but he blames Ben for what he’s done. While the others are enjoying the Halloween Trail, he phones Ben, but gets no reply. Ruth is thinking how awful it must be for Chelsea and Tracy. She gives Tracy a call. Words are hard to find, but she wants them to know she’s thinking of them. Focussed on Chelsea, Tracy finds it hard to respond. Chelsea is hiding away in her room, pleading college work, but worrying about the procedure she faces tomorrow. Tracy and the whole family are caring and want to help. Tracy brings her specially chosen food, all her favourites, which she doesn’t really want. She tells her mum to thank Brad for the chocolate he’d given her, and thanks her mum for being there. She might just eat a little. She doesn’t think she’ll sleep tonight. Tracy comforts her daughter.
30/10/22·13m 3s


Patient Beth is standing by Ben, and trying to get him to talk. He tells her that the pregnancy will need to be induced. Beth is upset for Chelsea. Later she finds Ben slumped on the bed. She tries to talk to him, but he knows how distressed she is, what she’s hiding from him. He hears her crying in the living room at night. And it’s all his fault. Beth will always stick by him, because she’s a good person. But he’s not. Beth protests, but Ben starts to pack for her. He’s got to save her from herself. Ruth reports back to Alice from Shula, who’s been in touch. She’s very confident about Alice running the Stables while she’s away, and the work she’s doing is hard but rewarding. Ruth is about to take a meal over for Ben and Beth. As they arrive in the Stables yard, Ben throws Beth out of the house. Ben and Beth are both deeply distressed and Beth is begging him not to do it. Alice looks after Beth, while Ruth hammers on the door to make Ben let her in. Ben breaks down completely and tells her everything. Ruth assumes Beth has left because he’s the child’s father, but Ben tells her he’s told Beth to leave. Beth has been nothing but kind and tried to help him. Chelsea has to go through hell, he’s put Beth through hell, and he gets off scot-free. He doesn’t know who he is any more. Ruth holds him in her arms.
28/10/22·13m 5s


Brad, Chelsea and Mia are at a training session for new staff at Lower Loxley. Brad asks Mia to go easy with Chelsea; she’s having a bad time. Chelsea’s astonished when Mia is nice to her as they work together in the cloakroom. Mia admits she’s sometimes a cow, but she’s not going to put more pressure one someone who’s already feeling it. Banter ensues. Later the three of them find some gruesome pictures of the hunt, and Mia suddenly wonders if there’s something they could do to mess up the Ball. She’s sure they could do it without getting caught. Ruth goes to the rewilding to discuss the Brookfield soil results. When Kirsty goes to walk Lilian round the Halloween Trail, Rex chats to Ruth. He asks if Ben’s okay. When Ruth wonders why, he tells her how distracted Ben was when they were fishing together. Ruth’s alarmed at what he says. She was planning on taking them a meal soon – she’ll do it tomorrow. Meanwhile Lilian’s having misgivings about being a witch in the cold, dark rain. Kate is anxious, and Lilian tells her she knows why. This is all about sucking up to Kirsty to get in her good books and get some work. Kate admits it. Lilian bites the bullet for her niece. On the walk-through of the trail, Kate tags along, but is studiously ignored when she tries to fish about the yoga sessions. Then Lilian trips over something – it’s an old bottle, with an intriguing message inside it.
27/10/22·13m 5s


Kate is trying to wriggle out of being the witch for the Rewilding Halloween event – but has failed to find anyone else. Gleeful Kirsty tells her she’ll have to do it. Kate says she’d rather be a mother-earth kind of witch than a green evil one. But Kirsty wants the classic. Kate complains to Lilian, while they watch Eddie poring over the soil results in the pub. He’s not happy with the Grange Farm score. Kate tells Lilian that Kirsty wants the tired old interpretation of witches, rather than representing them as the wise women they were. When Lilian cackles with laughter though, it gives Kate an idea. Lilian says no, but Kate is not above begging her. She tells Lilian her whole business is at stake, and Lilian finally relents. She’ll be the witch. What exactly does she have to do? Tracy is stressed about what Chelsea’s having to go through, and Jazzer is very supportive. He asks her gently if she’s okay with it herself, and Tracy says she just wants what Chelsea wants. When she asks Jazzer how he feels, he opens up a bit. He knows she’s not ready for a child, and he’s not one for having kids no matter what. But he finds it hard that there’s the beginnings of a baby right now, and next week, there won’t be. He’s not sure he could do it if the decision was his. Tracy is touched. It will be tough, but they’ll get through it together.
26/10/22·13m 2s


Chelsea is at the hospital for tests and a consultation before the termination, which is next week. Ben arrives in the waiting room. Chelsea tries to cover, but Ben tells shocked Tracy that he is the father. There’s a strained conversation between Ben and Tracy while Chelsea has a blood test, then they all go in to see the doctor together. All are shocked and upset by what Chelsea will be facing. Chelsea says it’s her own fault for leaving it too late. Tracy and Ben are both very anxious. Privately, Tracy thanks Ben for his support, he’s doing well. Ben says he’s there for Chelsea. Tracy promises she won’t tell Ben’s family, or Jazzer, that he is the father. Ben says whatever Chelsea wants is what matters. Competition and speculation have been rife in the village over the soil test results. Kirsty’s now looking through the results, which are fascinating. Bridge Farm has some surprises coming. She thinks she’ll display them in the pub rather than email them out – a more relaxed approach. Meanwhile, Rex has trouble of his own. He’s told Kate about them doing outdoor yoga and meditation, and she’s spitting fire about the Rewilding taking business from her. Kirsty listens to Kate rail, then says they were going to offer her first refusal on the sessions, but she’s clearly not interested. Wrongfooted, Kate tries to backtrack. Kirsty tells her she can be the witch on their Halloween walk. They’re desperate to find someone.
25/10/22·13m 12s


Ruth and Pip haven’t seen much of Ben and Beth recently. When they do see Ben he’s always in a rush and doesn’t answer his phone. They photograph the bed and breakfast room for the website. It’s looking good, apart from a dreadful watercolour by Leonard. Later, when Jill drops a hint to say Leonard should have the first night there, they realise they’ve been had. Leonard has arrived with his overnight bag. And it’s the room next to Jill’s… Rex has taken the boat to a quiet spot. He’s fishing, and remembering Bert, who died a year ago. Ben comes by, having just come off his bike. He’s not hurt, but he’s having to push the bike. Rex says he’s got a spare rod if Ben would like to join him. They reminisce about Bert, who valued and liked Ben. Ben finds that hard to hear. He’s bitterly self-deprecating; Bert was wrong about him. Rex is concerned, and asks if Ben’s ok. Ben says he’s fine, there’s nothing to tell. Chelsea’s trying to do some coursework, but Jazzer can see that her mind is elsewhere. He’s concerned about her, so he stays with her. He helps her to think it through. She tells Jazzer that it’s been so hard, but she knows she’s doing the right thing by ending the pregnancy. She’s scared though. Jazzer tells her to let the doctors and nurses know how she’s feeling when the time comes. He’s kind and comforting, and encourages her to sleep.
24/10/22·13m 11s


It’s the Team Chase at the Stables; the opening of the cross-country course. Mia is asking questions about the horses. She seems very engaged with it. Her interest grows in the work of the Stables, though Alice says there are no job opportunities there just now. Mia’s a bit shocked by some of the riders’ use of the whip. Mia also talks to Oliver about the Hunt Ball which is on again at last. When she learns there could be work available there, she tells Oliver she might be keen. Elizabeth is impressed with the whole event. Elizabeth and Oliver think the return of the Hunt Ball is something to celebrate, though we hear that Peggy is not in celebratory mood. She’s boycotting St Stephens over the stained-glass window saga. Meanwhile Beth is surprised when Chelsea turns up on the doorstep. She’s looking for Ben, who isn’t there, but Beth is welcoming. When Ben arrives, it’s difficult for Chelsea. She tells him she’s decided to have a termination. It will have to be next week, because she’s decided late. Ben is quiet. He tells Chelsea how brave she is, and says he wants to come with her. But Chelsea doesn’t want him to – her mum will be there, and she doesn’t know he’s the father. Later with Beth, Ben is tense. Beth is trying her best to back him up, but Ben is volatile. He despises himself. He can’t bear to talk about it, and leaves.
23/10/22·13m 3s


Alistair briefs Paul before taking him to Berrow to observe routine checks and talk to the staff. He forewarns Paul that Martyn Gibson needs careful handling; Paul’s chat might need to be more measured. All seems to be going well until Alistair notices some unpleasant asides from Martyn, who declares he’d prefer Alistair to check the pigs. It would be best all round if Paul doesn’t work with Berrow. Alistair challenges Martyn on his attitude, asking if Paul’s flamboyant behaviour makes him uneasy. Martyn responds that it’s unnecessary, and that he’s allowed to express his opinions. Just as Paul was doing, counters Alistair. Martyn later dismisses his earlier comments as light hearted, and apologises for any offence. Paul guesses Alistair put Martyn up to this, and is appreciative. Not everyone would do that. They share a good-natured exchange, this time Alistair genuinely enjoying Paul’s chat. Chelsea shows Brad some childhood playing cards their mum used give them to help them make their minds up on things. She’s used them to make her decision about the baby – she’s keeping it. Brad’s not convinced about this method. Later Chelsea tells her mum she’s changed her mind. Saying it out loud has made her realise she’s definitely not ready for a baby – one day maybe, but not now. Her decision has to be based on facts and advice, not random cards. Tracy gives her a big hug. As she makes Chelsea’s favourite mushrooms on toast, Chelsea gets Brad to bin the cards. Her mind’s made up, once and for all.
21/10/22·13m 2s


Mia explains to Clarrie how Brad asked her out, and now he’s shutting her down and won’t talk. She blames George. Clarrie reckons kids like George can be full of themselves but might be hiding insecurities. She takes Mia to the Stables to distract her. Mia’s not keen, but Alice shows her how well treated the horses are, and how good they are to be around. Afterwards Clarrie thanks Alice – she doesn’t know what she said to Mia but it’s really cheered her up. Alice comments Mia’s a nice kid: bright, interested and highly principled. Alice takes the opportunity to apologise to Clarrie for her behaviour at Nic’s funeral. Clarrie concedes this is hard for Alice to say, and thanks her for her effort. It means a lot that’s she’s tried. Alistair thinks Paul’s withholding of his identity as Denise’s son was deliberate, to get one over on them. Jakob disagrees; maybe it was so that he could be judged on his own merits. Later Paul does well with a sick dog, and Alistair relents. He apologises for being overly formal, and the two seem to reach concord. But then Paul returns to quipping, and Alistair complains to Jakob that he doesn’t like the way Paul conducts himself. Jakob suggests Alistair seeks a replacement. Prior to the meeting about the church window, Alan makes clear to Natasha that it’s precisely that – the church’s window. He won’t be supporting any application for a redesign. He doesn’t agree with the plans and means to do anything he can to stop them.
20/10/22·13m 15s


Chelsea’s heard the gossip about her mum being pregnant and believes it. Jazzer quickly puts her right. Chelsea reckons he should stop the rumour, but Jazzer explains Tracy doesn’t want that. It’s better this way than the village guessing it might be Chelsea instead. When Chelsea discovers it’s Natasha who set the rumour ball rolling, she goes to see her. Natasha holds her hands up and is sorry. Chelsea tries to explain it’s not Tracy who’s pregnant but gets in a tangle when she’s faced with the twins. Later Chelsea admits to Natasha she’s pregnant. She feels she gets everything wrong; she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Natasha reassures her, confessing she once had a termination. They chat about it, but confused Chelsea still has questions. Natasha counsels that it comes down to just one question in the end. Does Chelsea want the baby? Alistair feels the surgery’s too quiet. He and Jakob hope Cheryl’s replacement, arriving today, will be more lively than she was. New nurse Paul duly arrives, and is a chatty whirlwind of energy. Jakob thinks he’s a bit full on, and Alistair deems him lacking in decorum and restraint. Come back Cheryl! Later Alistair tells Jakob Paul’s too familiar with the clients – it’s not a game show. Jakob is more forgiving. He thinks Paul seems competent and should be given a chance. He suggests if Alistair isn’t happy, he should have a word. When Alistair tries, Paul ties him in knots. Alistair protests that Denise was more professional, but Paul reckons she’d approve – Denise is his mum.
19/10/22·13m 15s


Mick’s back at Beechwood and has noticed a slight problem with the hot tub. Mortified Lee explains Jack and Henry’s trick with the bubbles. He feels responsible and wants to fix it. Mick suggests they look at it together. When they do, Mick ends up doing the work, with Lee providing the bag of tools. Joy reckons it’s fine, Mick’s good at this sort of thing and enjoys it. Lee detects Joy’s a bit subdued. She confides that Mick’s told her he loves her. She doesn’t know what to do about it. It’s very quick; she’s not sure she can say it back. And what if he doesn’t mean it? She confesses she hasn’t told Rochelle about Mick for fear of being judged. Lee suggests Joy doesn’t need to reciprocate with Mick if she’s not ready. Later Joy tells Mick they should take their time; there’s no rush. George expresses his gratitude to Brad for doing his essay for him. They spot Tilly Button, and Brad disapproves of George’s comments, feeling he’s disrespectful. George scoffs. Brad needs to get some notches on his belt. He suggests Mia’s into Brad and might be worth an approach. He continues to badger until reluctant Brad agrees. His attempt goes wrong and he ends up friend zoning himself to a bewildered Mia. Later George crows to Mia that he made Brad ask her out. Mia thinks it was a horrible, unkind thing to do. She reckons there’s something wrong with George – he needs to go home and stay out of her sight.
18/10/22·13m 12s


Alan defends to Jim his ‘wait and see’ policy regarding the church window. He wants to avoid stirring up division in the community. The window might still never be made. He resolves to hold a meeting with Peggy and all the family members, to clarify things, in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect. Helen and Lee are looking after Ena the cat for Joy in return for unlimited use of her hot tub. They’ve banned the children from using it so it’s just the two of them. However when the garden goes quiet they wonder what’s going on – until mischievous Jack appears and sabotages the tub with soap bubbles. Lee tries to clear it up but it won’t stop foaming. He judges it more as a mess than anything mechanical. He’ll ensure the tub’s left pristine. Mia tries to persuade reluctant George to accept her help with his essay writing, as per Eddie’s request. George is having none of it; he reckons he doesn’t need academic success when he has other deals going on. Mia shrugs – okay, if George is happy with that, why should failing all his assignments matter? He soon changes his mind, but Mia’s busy with her own essay. George turns his attention to Brad, enlisting his help instead. Later Mia points out to Brad that he’s been had – George is gone and Brad’s writing his essay for him. She reckons George shouldn’t let Brad walk all over him; he’s better than that. Brad is a little embarrassed and makes a flustered exit.
17/10/22·13m 14s


Chelsea updates Ben on her clinic appointment. The atmosphere’s awkward as Ben pledges as much support as he can in the face of wired Chelsea. Tensions boil over and they bicker noisily. Brad appears, surprised to see them talking so animatedly. He quickly works out why, and in a misguided attempt to defend his sister, ends up throwing a bungled punch at Ben. He misses and hits a gate post, and as Ben gives first aid advice, Brad calms a little. Ben and Chelsea explain that despite the stressful appearance of the situation, they’re handling it and Ben’s supporting Chelsea. Later chastened Brad apologises to Chelsea, which she accepts whilst pointing out she can look after herself. She tells Brad to keep his knowledge about the baby’s father to himself, and thanks him for trying to stick up for her. Jim points out to Alan he has an interest in the broken Jack Woolley window at the church, as Natasha approaches the vestry. She brings a proposition from Peggy, to replace the window with the proposed new one. Alan points out the lengthy process for a new design; repairing the existing one would be a lot quicker. Peggy could help fund this if she likes? Natasha’s not impressed; she’ll talk to Peggy. She later reports Peggy wants the Jack Woolley window restored, but redesigned to incorporate key ideas from their original plan. Jim’s not happy; this is just advertising for the Archer family. Alan counsels a wait and see approach. At some stage it still might get turned down.
16/10/22·13m 2s


Lily tells Elizabeth she feels old compared to her university friends. None of them have lived or worked with a partner. But mainly she feels unmoored – she and Russ had been together for so long. Elizabeth convinces Lily to go to the Bull quiz with her and Freddie; Lily won’t feel unmoored there. The ‘Quizzie Lizzies’ come second in the quiz and Lily admits to Elizabeth that she did the right thing making her come. She’s had a lovely evening. Susan gossips with Tracy about the broken Jack Woolley memorial window and wonders if it was vandals. Susan says Tracy looks terrible and should take the night off, but Tracy’s counting the pennies and can’t afford to miss a shift at the Bull. Tracy tells Susan that Chelsea went to her appointment with the Pregnancy Advisory Service today on her own. They debate Chelsea’s choices and Tracy says she’ll respect Chelsea’s decision, whatever it is. Later at the Bull, Susan buys Tracy a drink. When Kenton sees Tracy drinking he wonders whether it’s wise, with her being pregnant. Susan asks what he means, and Kenton explains that Jolene told him and he thought it was common knowledge. Tracy says she should’ve known word would get out and presumes it was due to Natasha seeing her at the baby clinic. Later Susan wants to know why Tracy doesn’t put a stop to the rumour. Tracy explains it’s because she doesn’t want Chelsea to be the subject of gossip. So if people want to believe false rumours about Tracy, let them.
14/10/22·13m 15s


Emma’s suspicions are well founded after George offers to help with the housework and then asks for an advance on his allowance to buy a gaming chair. Emma agrees, if he commits to more housework. Later Eddie catches George buying the chair and points out that George still owes him seventy five pounds for the pheasants. When he asks George why he isn’t at college, George says his lecturer is off sick. But just as Eddie’s about to check if this is true with the college, George admits he’s skiving because he hasn’t done his course work. He loves the practical stuff, but finds the writing side much harder. He tells Eddie he’s been thinking about dropping out of college and getting a job on a farm. Later Eddie tells Emma about George struggling at college. When Eddie suggests Mia helping him, Emma thinks it’s a good idea and says she’ll ask her. George isn’t pleased and wonders if the day can get any worse. Alan and Usha try to remove the pigeons from St Stephens and clean up the mess they’ve left. There’s still one pigeon on a high ledge that won’t budge. Usha’s happy to leave it there, but Alan won’t risk it creating more mess before Friday’s wedding. Alan gets a ladder and a broomstick, but as he struggles to reach the pigeon, the ladder topples over taking Alan with it and smashing the Jack Woolley window. Alan’s fine apart from a minor injury to his hand – but the window isn’t.
13/10/22·13m 3s


Helen tells Alan she’s heard the good news about the PCC being in favour of Peggy’s stained glass window. Emma’s suggested that local schoolchildren create a design for it. Alan reminds Helen that the window hasn’t been approved by the diocese yet; perhaps it’s best not to get the hopes of local children up. Later Alan tells Jim he feels the entire village is against him about the window. He wonders if he should just accept the inevitable. Jim tells him he needs to stick up for his principles even if the whole process takes years. Meanwhile Alan is exercised by another issue – pigeons fouling the church pews and there’s a wedding on Friday. When Lee talks to Mick about the hot tub, Mick explains Joy’s reaction to sell it was because Helen, Lee and the boys are like family to her and she can’t forgive herself for offending them. When Lee says he and Helen feel terrible, Mick gets an idea. He tells Joy that Lee and Helen would love a go in the hot tub and were wondering if they could use it one evening when Mick and Joy are out. Later Helen tells Lee she’s up for it, and reluctant Lee agrees. Mick offers them the chance tonight, as he and Joy are out. Later as Helen and Lee start to relax into the hot tub experience, Joy arrives home early in her swimming costume and gets in next to them. They’re further alarmed when Mick appears, also in his swimwear, and lowers himself in.
12/10/22·12m 51s


Chelsea and Tracy wait to see the midwife; Chelsea nervously wonders what she can tell her that she doesn’t already know. Chelsea goes in to see the midwife alone, explaining she’s got to make her own decisions. When the midwife asks Chelsea how many weeks pregnant she is, Chelsea tells her the date of the rave. Chelsea’s shocked when the midwife points out it’s calculated from a couple of weeks prior to this, so Chelsea’s further along than she thinks. Tracy bumps into Natasha at the clinic. Tracy fudges that she’s there to meet up with one of the nurses who’s a friend. But when Natasha asks which one, flustered Tracy can’t identify the nurse’s name. When Chelsea comes out of her appointment she bursts into tears, saying she’s been an idiot. She’s got the dates wrong. Tracy explains gently that’s why she’s been on at Chelsea to make a decision. Chelsea says once she’s seen the Pregnancy Advisory Service on Friday, she’ll have all the facts and then she’ll know what to do. Helen tells Lee that Joy’s buyer for the hot tub has fallen through but she’s still trying to sell it. As it’s so difficult broaching the subject with Joy, they decide they should talk to Mick. Later Natasha tells Helen and Lee about seeing Tracy at the clinic. Although Tracy said she there to see a friend, she was sitting outside a midwife’s room. When Lee asks Natasha if she thinks Tracy’s pregnant, Natasha can’t think of any other reason for Tracy being there.
11/10/22·13m 13s


Lily tells Elizabeth she’s going to try to sell Russ’s painting of her to an art dealer who admires Russ’s work. Elizabeth wonders whether the dealer will be interested now it’s got “Prodosia” on the certificate of provenance. Later Lily explains to the dealer that she and Russ have split up; she can see that Russ had unwittingly captured the seeds of Lily’s betrayal in the painting. When the dealer offers eight hundred pounds, Lily says it’s worth considerably more and he accepts. Later Elizabeth can’t believe what Lily did and tells her to keep all of the money – she’s earned it! Alan despairs when Emma says that Neil’s in favour of Peggy’s stained glass window, and she now thinks he may have a point. Alan worries to Usha that if Neil’s daughter can’t convince Neil, what hope does Alan have? He later tells Usha the PCC meeting was a disaster, with a unanimous vote in favour of Peggy’s window. When Usha’s hopeful that someone higher up the church might pull the plug, Alan’s not convinced. Eddie’s set for his romantic evening with Clarrie, with wine, desserts and an offer to help with dinner. But later as they settle down to watch a romantic film, the baa-ing from a distressed Texel sheep disturbs them. They notice it’s stuck in the hedge, and with Ed away, Eddie has to sort it. Clarrie’s roped in to help and Eddie’s sent flying into the mud by the freed sheep! They laughingly agree that their romantic evening hasn’t turned out quite as planned!
10/10/22·13m 11s


Emma tells Eddie that Clarrie’s upset he was only pretending to be offended about her teenage kiss with Kenton. When Eddie can’t understand why, Emma points out he wasn’t defending Clarrie, he was just trying to scam Kenton. Emma says Clarrie’s upset at how dismissive Jolene was when she didn’t feel threatened by Clarrie. It made Clarrie feel really unattractive. When Eddie says he still fancies Clarrie, Emma wonders if he’s told her that, and suggests he make a romantic gesture. Tracy tells Susan she’s glad Chelsea’s agreed to see a midwife as Chelsea’s running out of time. Susan observes Tracy’s looking tired and wonders if Chelsea has any idea of the strain she’s putting Tracy under. Susan offers to have a word with Chelsea, but Tracy doesn’t want her put under any pressure. They discuss Chelsea’s options, with Tracy making it clear that it has to be Chelsea’s decision. Alan tells Jim he’s concerned that Jean Harvey, who’s on the PCC, is in favour of Peggy’s stained glass window. Jim’s on Alan’s side saying it’s inappropriate for the church. Alan thought the PCC would see sense at tomorrow’s meeting, but with Jean’s opposition that seems unlikely. Eddie tells them he’s buying chocolates for Clarrie because Emma’s thinks he’s been neglecting her. Alan and Jim make suggestions for further gestures, including wine and a romantic film. Emma overhears the stained glass window conversation and agrees with Alan. Although Alan’s not keen on lobbying, Emma says that as Neil’s on the PCC, she’s going to have a word with him.
09/10/22·12m 57s


Helen and Lee discuss the noisy installation of Joy and Mick’s hot tub, and how loud Mick and Joy are when they’re in it! They hope the novelty will wear off, but in the meantime decide to have a word with Joy. Joy’s horrified when they broach the subject. She knew it was a mistake having it; she’ll sell the hot tub and give the money to charity. Tracy tells Chelsea that Jazzer’s made it up with Alistair. She asks Chelsea if she’s decided about her pregnancy, suggesting that whatever decision she makes, she should really see a doctor or midwife soon to talk through her options. But Chelsea’s still confused and says she’s not ready. Chelsea turns up at Pip’s on the pretext of dropping some hair chalks off for Rosie. Talk turns to Toby and the impact on Rosie of Toby moving away. Chelsea wonders whether some people aren’t cut out to be parents. Pip confesses she wasn’t sure if she was herself when she became pregnant with Rosie. She was young and not in a relationship and admits Rosie was an accident. Chelsea tells her she has a friend who’s pregnant by accident and confused about what to do. Pip discloses that she’d initially thought about a termination, but now can’t imagine life without Rosie. However, she tells Chelsea there are no easy answers and suggests that Chelsea’s ‘friend’ gets some professional guidance. Later Chelsea tells Tracy that she still hasn’t decided what to do, but agrees that she needs to get some professional advice.
07/10/22·13m 11s


Ben worries to Josh about Beth; she hasn’t gone to work and is hardly speaking. Ben knows it’s all his fault. He also needs to know how Chelsea’s doing, which will hurt Beth even more. He half wishes Beth would dump him, then she could start again with someone better. Later Beth tells Josh she knows that Ben’s made a stupid mistake, but she can’t get over him sleeping with Chelsea and the idea of a baby. Beth knows it would be easier if she left, but she also knows Ben’s really trying to do the right thing. Later Ben tells Beth he needs to speak to Chelsea. Beth respects him for that and says Ben needs to tell her everything even if it hurts her. It’s the only way they might survive this. Kenton gives Eddie a pint on the house to make up for all the hurt he’s caused. Eddie’s surprised when Tony mentions that Jolene and Kenton are selling up. When he checks it out, Kenton and Jolene ask him to keep it secret. Kenton can’t live in the same village as Eddie, having caused such disruption to his marriage. Distraught Eddie owns up that it was just a scam to get a free pint or two. Kenton tries to keep up the pretence but ends up admitting the joke’s now on Eddie. They’re not selling the Bull – it was just a wind up as revenge for Eddie’s scam. To make up for it Eddie will have to buy drinks for the winning side!
06/10/22·13m 9s


Ruth helps Leonard decorate the guest bedroom. They chat about Beth’s refusal to be in Jill’s birthday photos. Ruth wonders if it’s just teething troubles from moving in with Ben. Ruth tags along with Leonard and Jill when they go furniture shopping for the guest room. But when Leonard sees the furniture in the flesh, he thinks they should go a bit more upmarket. When Clarrie asks Eddie to prepare the vegetables for their tea, Eddie says he’ll get George to do it. Clarrie thinks that’ll be a first, but Eddie reckons he can easily persuade George. Kenton chats to Shula on the phone and reports back to Jolene that she sounded very positive and well supported. When he worries that he’s ruined Eddie’s marriage, Jolene scoffs. How can Eddie be upset by a stupid kiss nearly fifty years ago - it’s got out of hand. But later when Jolene discusses it with Eddie, she ends up offending Clarrie when she says she wouldn’t feel threatened by Clarrie. When Eddie points out that Kenton’s going to have to go a long way to make it up to him, Jolene smells a rat. She apologises, saying she’ll talk to Kenton. When she goes, Clarrie says it’s wrong to deceive people like this, but Eddie’s dismissive – if it gets them a few freebies from the Bull, what’s the problem? But back at the Bull, Jolene tells Kenton she’s sure she’s on to another Grundy scam. It’s time for revenge!
05/10/22·13m 13s


Helen and Lee pop round to Joy’s to apologise for Henry playing loud music, but Joy doesn’t mind at all. She gives them an apple pie and when they thank her, she says it’s because she’s got an ulterior motive. Mick’s uncle has given him a hot tub which Mick’s having installed at Joy’s. So there might be a bit of disruption from noisy workmen for a couple of days. George’s turkey contact Bronco lets him know that his 15 turkey poults are ready for collection. They’re a bit smaller than their regular turkeys, because they’re a slow-growing heritage turkey. George reckons they could charge more for rare breeds, so they’ll make a good profit on them. Eddie and Clarrie are impressed and tell George he’s being very enterprising. But when George collects them, it’s clear to Eddie that they’re not turkey poults – they’re pheasants! Clarrie says it sounds like Bronco’s nothing but a con artist, George has been had. When they question George about Bronco’s whereabouts, George doesn’t have any details apart from his phone number. Quick-thinking George reckons Eddie will still get his money back; George can raise the pheasants and sell them to the shoot. Later Eddie’s impressed when he sees George building a shelter and sourcing food for the pheasants. But he then tells George he’ll need reimbursement straight away for his outlay. When George protests, Eddie threatens to spill the beans about his mistake to everyone. George reluctantly agrees to start paying Eddie back in small instalments and to be at Eddie’s beck and call until the debt’s paid off.
04/10/22·13m 2s


Toby tells Kenton he’s going to miss working at The Bull. When they discuss Toby’s Ambridge achievements, they agree that Rosie’s his greatest success. Toby worries about saying goodbye to her, but Kenton reminds him he’ll see Rosie at weekends and holidays still. Toby vows to be at every significant event too but it’s the everyday stuff that’s going to hurt. Later at Rickyard Cottage, Pip finds Toby in a thoughtful mood. They say they’ll miss each other but they’ll make the new arrangement work. At Jill’s 92nd birthday gathering, Toby says his final goodbyes. Kenton comforts Pip saying she and Toby will always have a connection. Leonard surprises Jill with a gift of a photographer to take some family portraits. Jill says that Leonard’s now part of the family and should be in the family photo too. Ben’s grateful that Beth’s there, but when Leonard suggests that she’s in the photograph too, Beth says she can’t and rushes out. Leonard goes after her, explaining that he thought that if he’s in it, Beth should be too. He wonders if she and Ben have had a row and advises Beth to take the rough with the smooth. But when Leonard suggests coming back in for the photo, upset Beth says she has to go, asking him to apologise to Jill. Jill wonders what all the fuss is about, it’s only a photo. She hopes it’s not a sign of things to come for Ben.
03/10/22·12m 55s


Desperate Pip asks Chelsea to cut Rosie’s hair ready for Jill’s 92nd birthday tomorrow. Initially reticent, Chelsea agrees to do it. But when they arrive at Chelsea’s, Rosie won’t get out of the car. Pip thinks it might be to do with Toby moving out tomorrow. Chelsea remembers what it’s like not to have a dad around as a child and manages to persuade Rosie to come in. Pip’s impressed and admits to Chelsea that it’s going to be weird not having Toby to hand. At the Flower and Produce Show, Eddie and Tony wait to hear where they’ve come in the ‘Soiled Pants’ competition for the healthiest soil. Clarrie’s pleased when she gets some firsts for her produce, particularly when she gets a second place for her chutney when Carol’s disqualified! Tony’s disappointed when his Bridge Farm pants don’t win and Eddie and Tony are both surprised when Stella wins for her garden at the Brookfield bungalow. Tony reckons that means Bert Fry’s the winner, after all of his years of gardening there. Eddie’s dismayed because it means that Bert’s still managing to win at the Flower and Produce show. Next year he’s going to make sure Joe wins something. Tony thinks it’s priceless – he knew the rivalry between Bert and Joe was strong, but he didn’t think it would continue into the afterlife. When Tony mentions to Kirsty that it would’ve been good to compare soils among the farms, Kirsty says she’s happy to coordinate a benchmarking scheme between farms. She heads off to present Stella with her winner’s trophy.
02/10/22·13m 10s


Lilian ambushes Alan in the Tearoom. She’s keen to progress the scheme for a new church window, but Alan suggests Peggy needs to be prepared for some negativity about the project. Lilian reckons he’s overthinking it, but Alan’s keen to pursue other ideas that Peggy could gift instead. He runs through some of them but Lilian sticks to her course; she’s sure her mum would prefer a window. It’s all about children and the joy of family life. Her case is convincing, and for now Alan’s defeated. He tells Usha he doesn’t want to upset the family, but he can’t support this idea. On Usha’s suggestion, he calls Shula. Shula’s response to Alan’s question about how she’s doing gives him pause for thought. Everything comes back to trusting in what you believe is right. Alan thanks slightly bewildered Shula for her help. Jill visits Ben. She’s fishing, trying to find out what’s wrong with him. Beth interrupts them and Jill gets no further. When Jill’s gone Beth tells Ben they need to talk. She wants to make it work, despite the situation they’re in. She doesn’t know if they can, but she wants to try. She loves Ben, and hates him too – she can’t help it. Upset Ben’s grateful she’s willing to give them a chance. They go to Brookfield for dinner and Jill continues to push for information. She encourages them to work their difficulties through; she thinks they’re soul mates and have a great future. They all hold hands, and Jill makes a toast to them.
30/09/22·13m 15s


Mischievous George draws Kenton into the conversation he’s having with Clarrie, who gets embarrassed and bustles away. George discloses to Kenton that his grandma and grandpa have fallen out big time, recounting to mortified Kenton the tale of Clarrie’s ‘affair’ of years ago. Kenton rushes to Grange Farm to speak to Eddie, who plays the wronged husband to a tee. He makes Kenton squirm; Kenton insists his kiss with Clarrie when they were teenagers meant nothing, it was years ago and he certainly would never laugh at Eddie. Eddie continues to tie Kenton in knots, and turns on the tears. Kenton declares he’ll do anything to put things right. Later George congratulates his grandpa on his performance, and for securing free drinks for the foreseeable future. But Clarrie smells a rat when she finds them giggling, and wonders what scheme they’re cooking up. Beth visits wrongfooted Chelsea, who in a bizarre turn of events ends up doing her hair. Beth asks Chelsea for the truth, and Chelsea recounts the events of the night of the rave. Beth asks Chelsea if she’s decided what to do about the baby. In turn Chelsea asks Beth whether she’ll stay with Ben. Beth hasn’t a clue. Chelsea points out Ben was heartbroken when Beth ended it last time, and that he’s desperate not to lose her again now. He’s also offered help to Chelsea and is a good person. Beth can’t cope anymore and leaves.
29/09/22·13m 11s


David and Ruth compare the merits of Meadow (green) and Ferret (also green) paint for the Brookfield refresh, and speculate on what might be wrong with Ben. They can’t believe their children will have all finally left, after nearly thirty years. They feel lucky none of them have gone far. Later with Leonard the pair disagree mildly again over the new décor. Ruth favours boutique and cosy, whereas David would prefer minimalist chic. Leonard reckons there’s a way of satisfying both of them. He makes some notes on what they’re each after, and offers to play around with some ideas. They’re very impressed with the sketches Leonard comes up with, and he declares he’d be happy to take the whole project off their hands if they want. Jolene can’t believe Kenton’s teenage kiss was with Clarrie. Kenton declares it wasn’t effective in winning Janet Adkin back, it’s water under the bridge and he and Clarrie have never spoken of it since – so Jolene had best keep it to herself. Jolene’s lips are sealed. But she winds him up, and mentions Janet to Clarrie and Eddie when they come into the bar. Tense Kenton warns her to stop, especially when it’s clear Clarrie’s flustered. Jolene teases Kenton: maybe Clarrie still carries a torch? Eddie quizzes Clarrie and she admits to the kiss with Kenton. George walks in and is horrified. When unfazed Eddie says it was years ago and he’s ok with it, George observes with guile that Kenton doesn’t know that, does he?
28/09/22·13m 11s


Lilian’s keen to show Alan the Bridge Farm family’s ideas for a dedicated window in St Stephen’s. Alan tries to explain that any decision would involve a complicated process, and that church window designs these days tend to focus on broader Christian thinking rather than individual or family dedications. Lilian mentions it would be based on a psalm. Alan goes on to point out the sustainability issues around replacing a good window. Later Alan confides to Usha he feels it’s a vanity project. Usha agrees it’s probably not appropriate. How’s Alan going to tell Peggy? Lilian walks in on Jolene rifling through Kenton’s old diary. Between them they try to find out what happened next in the story of Kenton and Janet Adkin. They discover he gave Janet an ultimatum and she ditched him. Jolene’s about to reveal the identity of the girl Kenton used to make Janet jealous, when he rumbles them. Beth’s pleased to be home from Magaluf. She’s missed Ben. Ben covers his lack of enthusiasm for Vince’s holiday offer by claiming his own gift of Jill’s pendant can’t compete. Beth insists the pendant means much more to her than her dad’s extravagant present. She thinks he’s being weird. Ben confesses the truth behind his mood. When Beth hears he slept with someone and she’s pregnant, she runs for the bathroom. She wonders when he was going to tell her, and wants to know who the girl is. When Ben says it’s Chelsea, and tries to explain, Beth doesn’t want to know and leaves.
27/09/22·13m 5s


Eddie updates George on the growing Grundy Borsetshire Bronze turkeys, including his tried and tested sales patter, as they watch the comical poults’ antics. George is impressed with the money they’ll make, and later he asks his Grandpa for a loan of £75 for a ‘business opportunity’. He wants to buy fifteen more turkey poults to supplement their stock. Eddie thinks the price is suspiciously good, but George entreats his Grandpa to trust him. Later when George tells him the deal’s done, Eddie reckons he’s done good. George talks Eddie into promising a ten percent cut of the profits, and Eddie laughs he’s been well and truly fleeced. George wants to start a social media campaign featuring video of the poults – everyone loves pictures of animals doing daft things. Ruth worries Ben’s ill, and Josh covers for him, advising her not to fuss. Ben’s horrified to learn Vince is coming over to talk to him. After Vince has discussed putting extra solar panels on one of the barns he raises the topic of Beth’s birthday present; how would Ben feel about a holiday in New Zealand? Beth’s always wanted to go, and there’s no-one she’d rather go with than Ben. Ruth waxes lyrical, and can’t understand Ben’s lack of enthusiasm. Ben tries to tell Vince he’s too busy to go, but Vince announces the trip will be in the Christmas holidays. Josh reassures Ben. Depending on Chelsea’s decision, he might not even need to tell Beth about the baby. But Ben insists he has to, whatever happens.
26/09/22·13m 10s


Kenton confides to Jolene that he’s already missing Shula. He knows it’s silly. Jolene thinks it could be linked to the discovery of his old diary. He admits she might be right, and wonders where all his passion and principles have gone. Jolene asks if she can take a look at the diary. Kenton acquiesces, but she should know there’s lots about girls – and particularly Janet Adkin, his teen crush. Jolene’s soon engrossed – did Kenton manage to get close to Janet on their trip to the cinema? He explains Janet ran out halfway through the film. When Jolene asks what happened next, he becomes defensive and snatches the diary away. Ben’s slumped under his duvet on the pretext of a headache. He insists to Josh there’s nothing wrong between him and Beth, but further than that he won’t talk, and shouts at Josh to go away. Later Ben asks Chelsea to the Stables, and apologises for his panic reaction on Friday to her news. She goes over the events of the night of the rave, and Ben listens awkwardly. Whilst he admits he had sex with her willingly, he was hoping not to have to revisit that night ever again. He establishes Chelsea hasn’t made any decisions, and they discuss who knows about it. He offers Chelsea support, in any way he can. It dawns on him he’ll have to tell Beth. When Josh sees distraught Ben he insists on the truth. Ben tells him, and shocked Josh asks him what he’s going to do. Ben just doesn’t know.
25/09/22·13m 6s


Writer, Tim Stimpson Director, Kim Greengrass Editor, Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene David Archer …… Timothy Bentinck Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Beth Casey ….. Rebecca Fuller Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Brad Horrobin ….. Taylor Uttley Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden Jim Lloyd ….. John Rowe Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence
23/09/22·13m 11s


Alistair has some answers for Chelsea around the practicalities of the paternity of her baby. The father can’t have any influence over her decision whether or not to keep it, but he must support her if she does. Alistair can’t advise her on whether to tell the father or not; that’s for her to decide. Meanwhile at No.6 Tracy speculates fruitlessly to Jazzer about who the father is. It’s all she can think about. Brad divulges that he saw some research on Chelsea’s laptop about fathers’ rights. Tracy wonders if this means she’s keeping the baby, and to Brad’s horror she tackles Chelsea the minute she walks in the door. Cornered, Chelsea says she hasn’t made any decisions, and lets slip Alistair’s been helping her with her research. Furious Jazzer confronts Alistair, who insists that like everyone he’s just trying to do the right thing by bewildered Chelsea. Grudgingly Jazzer acknowledges this, but tells Alistair to keep his nose out in future. Meanwhile Tracy cradles upset Chelsea in her arms. Chelsea cries that she’s been an idiot; she wishes the baby just wasn’t there. Tracy reassures her. They’ll work it all out. Feeling a little better, Chelsea forgives Brad his indiscretion as they finally sit down to tea. There’s a small spat as Jazzer arrives home and admits he’s given Alistair an earful, but it’s put aside as they discuss the options for Chelsea, who’s still very conflicted. Tracy suggests letting the baby’s dad know what’s going on as a first step.
22/09/22·13m 15s


It’s the day of Martha’s naming ceremony, and as the family wait for Jennifer to be ready, Alice is the calmest person in the room. There’s an awkward moment when Brian expresses his surprise that Lilian hasn’t yet appointed a new manager for the Stables; she’s brave to take it on herself. Neil’s confides to Chris he’s dreading having to cross paths with Brian, but in the end the two make a good fist of polite civility. Alice admits to Chris she’s aware there was a time when this occasion couldn’t have happened, and she’s grateful. Shula confirms with Alice and Chris that both grandfathers will speak, and that Fallon will sing, and the ceremony gets underway. Afterwards it’s clear both grandmothers were moved to tears, and Alice misinterprets Susan’s squeezing of Tracy’s hand as the emotion of the occasion. She comments that Tracy must be relieved to have Chelsea back home, and asks about Blake. Tracy asserts Blake and Chelsea are just friends, nothing more. Shula mentions to Neil the delicate issue of their crossed wires last year; she hopes it doesn’t affect things with Susan. Neil insists it’s all forgotten about, and the two warmly acknowledge their mutual friendship. Neil reckons she’ll be brilliant in her new role. Lilian finally admits to Alice it was she who was reluctant to offer Alice the Stables job, not Justin. Alice understands and forgives Lilian, but thinks the Stables would be perfect for her. Lilian agrees. They’ll make a fresh start together.
21/09/22·13m 6s


Shula’s struggling to decide on what clothes to pack for her trip, keen not to make the wrong impression. Dan advises her to be herself. He comes to her rescue and soon has the packing efficiently completed. Grateful Shula thinks he’s remarkable, and just like his father, who always travelled light and took just the right amount on their holidays together. Dan suggests a visit to Mark’s grave. As they chat quietly at St Stephen’s, Dan affirms his dad’s grave is important to him. Even though Alistair is his dad to all intents and purposes, he does wonder how things might have been – another possible life. Shula admits she’s wondered about her own life choices recently too. She’s concluded that if Mark was still around, she doesn’t know who she’d be. Dan thinks Mark would be proud of her, and will always be there in her heart. Jazzer tries in vain to catch up with Chelsea as she heads off for a walk; she’s still not keen to talk. Alistair finds her wandering and she confides in him. She has lots of questions and he offers to look into some answers for her. Chelsea’s grateful, but makes him promise not to divulge that she’s let slip the baby’s father’s from the village. Later Jazzer shares with Alistair his distress over Chelsea’s lack of communication. Guiltily Alistair tries to reassure Jazzer that whilst Chelsea’s not talking to him, it doesn’t mean her head’s in the sand. Jazzer thanks him for being straight with him; he’s a real mate.
20/09/22·13m 5s


Shula and Dan chat in the stable yard, joined by Lilian who heartily approves of Dan’s surprise visit to see his mum off on her travels. Wistfully acknowledging Dan’s confidence and drive, Lilian moves on to business matters. She doubts they’ll recruit a Stables manager before Shula goes. They discuss Alice, who’s spoken to Justin about the role and must think his reluctance is due to her alcohol issues. Lilian emphasises it’s not Alice’s ability to handle the job that’s in question, but more the pressure she’d be under. Shula believes Alice has made huge progress recently; and Lilian would be there as a safety net if she struggled at any point. Lilian sticks to her guns – if she felt confident in Alice, she’d have offered her the job. Tracy tries to coax Chelsea into talking about her options, but Chelsea’s reluctant. She needs space and won’t be rushed. Bumping into Jim, Chelsea thanks him for passing on the message that she was safe last week. He’s sympathetic. He knows what it’s like to hide from problems, even though it doesn’t work. Chelsea agrees with him. Dan joins them, and there’s light hearted banter between him and Jim. Chelsea notes their closeness, and learns Dan’s adopted. She reckons Dan’s lucky to have Alistair and Jim. When she gets home Chelsea feels her mum’s still on her case, and that she wants her to have a termination. Tracy denies this, assuring Chelsea they’ll make it work, whatever she decides.
19/09/22·13m 9s


Beth’s not looking forward to a hen party trip to Magaluf. Josh reckons it won’t be as bad as she thinks, and Ben promises they can make up for it with a celebration for her birthday when she gets back. They agree a cosy night in will work. Unimpressed Josh raises a ‘no smooching’ house rule for the Stables, but Beth counters with a few household rules of her own, to both boys’ alarm. Shula and Beth compare notes on packing up to leave their respective abodes. Shula comments Beth’s better organised than she is, and Ben notes Josh is nowhere near ready either for their move into the Stables. Shula lists all the things she still has to sort out, including Martha’s naming ceremony, and getting Lilian up to speed with running the business until they find a manager. She’s adamant she doesn’t want a fuss when she leaves for Sunderland. She’s not planning a big send-off. David and Kenton meanwhile are pleased Shula’s being kept talking on Brookfield yard – they need to keep her there until a surprise guest arrives. They chat with Josh about their mutual disappointment in Russ, but when Shula comes in to say goodbye she notices they’re acting oddly. They keep her talking but need to stall her again when she makes to go. Kenton manages to stop her on the yard, and hidden Dan emerges from a horse box. Delighted Shula couldn’t hope for a better surprise than her son!
18/09/22·13m 11s


Brad declares it’s not Chelsea’s fault that Russ and Lily have split up – it’s his. But at least it’s diverted gossip away from Chelsea . When Brad tentatively asks why Chelsea rang Jim and not him, Chelsea says she was worried he’d be angry. Chelsea tells Brad she thinks she now knows what she’s going to do about her pregnancy, but it makes her feel sad. Later Chelsea asks Tracy if she’d be disappointed if she had an abortion. But Tracy says it’s Chelsea’s decision and if that’s what Chelsea wants, then that’s what she should do. But later Chelsea’s not sure she can go through with it – maybe she would make a good mum. Tracy tells her although it’s scary, she’s going to have to decide one way or another as the clock’s ticking. Lily and Elizabeth prepare for the gallery exhibition and Lily wonders whether Russ will come. When he appears he tells Lily there’s a painting he’d like to sell as a late addition to the exhibition. It’s called ‘Prodosia’ – Greek for betrayal. He unveils the painting and it’s Lily’s portrait. He then says he’s resigning as Gallery Manager. Later Elizabeth says Russ really showed his true colours, but Lily says it’s complicated. She slept with Sol at the time when Russ was painting her portrait, and it was the painting that made her fall in love with Russ all over again. Elizabeth offers to buy the portrait if it gets Russ off Lily’s case. Lily agrees but doesn’t want to look at the painting ever again.
16/09/22·12m 54s


Lilian’s surprised when Lynda turns up with Monty to see Justin. When Lilian explains it’s not a good time because Glenda Belcher from the BL Board is due any minute, Lynda says she knows – it’s all part of the plan. Lynda explains that as Glenda’s on the board at Berrow, Justin’s hoping to get her vote to get out of their contract with the meat processor so they can negotiate a better deal elsewhere. That’s why Monty’s here – Glenda loves dogs and Justin thinks she might also hand over some dosh for the dog shelter while she’s at it. Later Justin and Lynda congratulate each other over Glenda’s donation and her support for Justin’s vote. Lilian’s nonplussed and even more so when Justin invites Lynda and Robert for dinner in their new kitchen. At the Bull, David winds Kenton up about the discovery of his 1974 diary and its contents, particularly Kenton’s unrequited love for Janet Adkin. Kenton’s annoyed that David read his diary but admits he would’ve done the same thing. When David says it’s obvious from his diary that Shula’s Kenton’s favourite sibling, Kenton admits he’s dreading her leaving. David reminds him she’s only going for a year, but Kenton says it’s a twin thing. When Kenton asks what he’d written about Shula in his diary, David tells him that he’d said she was the best sister in the world. Talk then turns back to Janet Adkin and David asks if Kenton ever sealed his love with a kiss. Kenton replies that some things need to stay a secret.
15/09/22·13m 11s


Tracy tells Kenton that Jolene’s been really great over Chelsea’s disappearance and that from now on she’s going to be totally reliable. Kenton knows she’ll be good, but asks if something comes up again, to let them know. Leonard chats to Tracy and afterwards asks Kenton whether he thinks Tracy’s alright. When Kenton says no, Leonard has an idea. Later he asks Tracy if it would help if he took over the cricket training until the Darrington match. Tracy says that would be great – she’s got a lot on and needs to keep an eye on Chelsea. Russ appears at Lower Loxley and tells Lily he just wants to collect his stuff and go. He’s going to find a new flat. When Lily asks what she can do to make it right, Russ reminds her that he gave up everything for her – his job, his relationship with his parents and on top of this Freddie hated his guts. When Lily mentions that Freddie didn’t believe the stuff about Chelsea, Russ questions why Lily didn’t have faith in him. Russ asks Lily when she slept with Sol and realises it was when he was painting her portrait. He tells Lily she can have the portrait because he doesn’t want it. He’s not sure about coming back to work either, or the exhibition opening on Friday. Lily really hurt him, and he hadn’t ever shown any interest in Chelsea. When Lily says she knows that now, Russ wants to know why she didn’t know that then and didn’t trust him when he promised it wasn’t true?
14/09/22·13m 2s


Josh is upset when David asks him to sort through his things from the loft. When Josh wonders why it can’t all be left in his bedroom, David says they’re planning to turn his and Ben’s bedroom into B and B accommodation. Josh is hurt that they’re thinking of doing B and B so soon. David says that although he’ll miss them, it’s long overdue for Josh. Josh says that’s because David and Ruth are such good parents. Later they accidentally knock a bit of skirting board off in Josh’s room and find an old tobacco tin, a magazine and Kenton’s 1974 diary. They can’t help reading Kenton’s teenage thoughts, including his crush on Janet Adkin. When Lily asks Freddie’s advice about Russ, Freddie reminds Lily that she accused Russ of getting Chelsea pregnant. Russ will contact Lily if he wants to talk. And if the baby was Russ’s, he would own up to it. Lily can’t believe that last week they had a bright future and now it’s all in ruins. They’re interrupted by Chelsea who tells them her pregnancy is nothing to do with Russ and it’s obvious that Russ was mad on Lily. Lily thanks Chelsea for coming and Chelsea asks them not to tell anyone she’s pregnant. After she goes, Lily’s desperate to contact Russ. When Freddie reminds her that Russ loves her, Lily admits Russ knows about Sol. Russ might not believe her if she tells him she loves him, like Lily didn’t believe Russ about Chelsea.
13/09/22·13m 16s


Jazzer tells Blake he’s a hero for looking after Chelsea and bringing her home and it’s brilliant to see him looking so well. Having heard that Blake’s at Tracy’s, Lynda calls round. Blake tells her he’s now working at an animal sanctuary and apologises for running away from Lynda’s, when both she and Robert had been so kind. Lynda’s understanding – he’d been through so much. He also mentions that he’s having counselling and now realises that Philip Moss manipulated him. When Lynda offers to give Blake a lift home, he accepts. Tracy and Chelsea go for a walk and Tracy admits she’s worried she’ll say the wrong thing and then Chelsea will run away again. Chelsea reassures her that she won’t do that again. When Tracy asks if it was her fault, Chelsea says no, explaining that she ran away because she needed to put the whole situation on pause. She went to Blake’s because he was outside of everything and not judgemental. When Chelsea says that it was Blake who persuaded Chelsea to ring Jim, Tracy wonders why Chelsea didn’t ring her. Chelsea doesn’t have an answer. Tracy brings up the subject of Chelsea’s options saying whatever she decides, they’ll face it together. Chelsea needs to get this right for herself, nobody else. She suggests it might help her decide, if Chelsea talks to Russ because he’s the baby’s father. Horrified Chelsea says he isn’t. Tracy’s really embarrassed about accusing Russ and Chelsea despairs.
12/09/22·13m 5s


Lynda and Lilian reminisce about where they were on the day of the Queen’s coronation. There is a book of condolence at St Stephen’s for the death of the Queen and the two women become emotional when Lynda shares what she wrote. Chelsea’s at Blake’s flat where he kindly tells her it’s been really nice having her to stay, but Chelsea needs to go home where she has a lovely family worrying about her. Blake offers to hitch back to Ambridge with her. When Tracy opens the door to Chelsea and Blake she’s overjoyed. Chelsea quickly explains that Blake’s not the dad and Tracy says she didn’t think he was. She thanks Blake for bringing Chelsea back. When Chelsea worries about people knowing about the reason for her running away, Tracy makes it clear that no-one knows about the pregnancy and Chelsea doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone. Tracy invites Blake to stay the night with them and he accepts. With that sorted Tracy asks Blake what he’d like for tea. Lilian’s desperate to get home to her new kitchen but has difficulty getting Justin to leave Ambridge Hall, while he’s in the middle of yet another interesting debate with Lynda. When Lynda mentions fundraising for Monty’s old dog shelter, Justin’s happy to help. Back at the Dower House, Lilian’s keen to use her new kitchen, but Justin suggests having a takeaway. Undeterred, Lilian says she’s making a meal. Justin asks whether they can invite Lynda and Robert over to eat with them, as thanks for their stay at Ambridge Hall. As Lilian’s pointing out that they did pay them for it, Justin’s already on the phone and Lynda accepts his invitation for her and Robert.
11/09/22·13m 16s


Tracy’s appreciative of Fallon covering her shifts at the Bull. Susan thinks Jolene and Fallon should get a medal constantly rallying people and coming up with new ideas. Fallon says it’s the least they can do. Chelsea’s absence affects Jolene too and she tells Fallon she will never take her for granted. Later Tracy tells Susan she can’t do this anymore and breaks down in tears as Jazzer arrives home. He tells Tracy how much he loves her. At Jim and Alistair’s, Jazzer explains that any leads about Chelsea have dried up, but the police are still busy behind the scenes. Tracy’s a wreck and he doesn’t know how much longer they can cope with it. The police also think yesterday’s text might be from a scammer. Jim reckons if they could work out why Chelsea left, they could work out where she is. Jazzer hesitates before telling him Chelsea’s pregnant. When Jazzer thinks Russ knows more than he’s letting on, Jim counsels focussing on being there for Tracy, not flinging around accusations. Jim can see it’s all taking its toll on Jazzer and tells him he’s welcome at Greenacres for respite any time. Later Jim sends another text to Chelsea. He’s already sent a few messages in the hope she turns on her phone and sees them. She might contact a neutral person. Suddenly Jim’s phone rings and it’s Chelsea. She asks Jim to tell Tracy she’s ok, but she can’t come home. She’s safe and staying with someone, but she has to go. Chelsea then hangs up.
09/09/22·12m 48s


Jolene tells Jim and Alistair she’s got a lead from the Chelsea social media campaign. Someone who looks like Chelsea has been spotted working at a soft play centre, and they need a volunteer with a car. Jim’s keen to go with Alistair. When they arrive it turns out that she’s just a doppelganger. But Alistair says they will find Chelsea. Jim agrees, because the alternative is unbearable. Oliver notices Tracy’s looking tired. She admits she’s barely slept all week and won’t feel better until Chelsea’s home. They’re interrupted by a text from an unsaved number. It’s Chelsea saying she’s fine and not to worry about her. When Oliver expresses his relief, Tracy worries who’s sent it and why it’s not from Chelsea’s phone. And when she rings the number the phone’s turned off. Oliver suggests passing it on to the police. Brad accepts when Oliver offers to take him his dad Den’s to double check whether Chelsea’s there. Den is a dead-end on the Chelsea front. However when he hears that Oliver used to own a hotel, he suddenly becomes interested in visiting Brad. He just needs a couple of hundred pounds to fix his car first. Oliver declines and suggests they leave. Later Brad admits to Oliver that he’s missing Chelsea. When Oliver says he’s sure she’s missing him too, Brad asks why hasn’t she come home then? And there’s no proof the text came from her. What if she’s gone off with someone who won’t let her go?
08/09/22·13m 15s


Tracy keeps trying Chelsea’s phone to no avail and no-one’s seen or heard from her. Tracy checks Chelsea’s room once more to see if she’s missed any clues. When Brad goes up to investigate, he stops Tracy in her tracks when he says he may know something that might help; he thinks Chelsea had a crush on Russ. Tracy surprises Lily and Russ when she turns up unexpectedly at Lower Loxley. She accuses Russ of taking advantage of a teenager with a crush on him. He must’ve won Chelsea’s trust when he tutored her and then made his move at the rave. She wonders if Chelsea told Russ she was pregnant. As Russ tries to deny it Tracy leaves, saying she’s going to the police. Lily’s unsettled and later admits to Freddie that she wonders if Russ could actually have done it – Freddie used to call him a cradle snatcher. When Russ gets back from the police station Lily asks if there was anything going on between him and Chelsea. Is this what he does – gets bored and seduces teenagers? Russ tells her he’s had enough, but stops when Lily says she had felt so guilty after… Russ fills the gap and guesses that Lily slept with someone. Lily admits it was a stupid one-off with Sol. When Russ asks when it was, Lily retorts when did he get a 17-year-old girl pregnant? As Lily goes, Freddie appears and offers to talk to Lily. Russ says it’s too late to do anything. He’s done with Lily. It’s over.
07/09/22·13m 25s


Susan and Freddie help with the search for Chelsea by printing missing posters for volunteers to distribute. Susan’s really worried as there hasn’t even been a text from Chelsea; Tracy’s beside herself. When Freddie wonders why she’s gone, Susan’s lips are sealed. Tracy thanks Harrison for getting the ball rolling so quickly last night. He says just because Chelsea hasn’t been in touch, it doesn’t mean that she’s not safe. The most likely scenario is that she’s with a friend. When Tracy worries about whether she’s injured or lost, Harrison says Chelsea has her head screwed on. He’ll contact Chelsea’s dad, Den, in case he knows anything. Tracy tells Susan she’d give anything to hear Brad and Chelsea bickering again like normal. She’s really scared; every day Chelsea’s away makes it less likely she’ll be found. Freddie and Lily discuss missing Chelsea. Lily thinks maybe Chelsea’s got a secret boyfriend. She’s sure she’ll turn up later today wondering what all the fuss was about. When Lily admits to being nervous about her university induction, Freddie’s says he’s glad she’s going back, she’s too good to get stuck selling kitchens. Lily admits that last time her heart wasn’t in it, but this time she’s excited. Later Russ apologises to Lily for postponing a back to university celebratory drink with Freddie. Instead Lily and Russ are in Borchester handing out missing Chelsea flyers. Russ admits it’s horrible to think of her out there and Lily comments he was always really sweet to Chelsea. She’s glad they’re doing their bit.
06/09/22·13m 7s


Oliver and Harrison chat about the upcoming Flower and Produce show. Clarrie’s making chutney and Oliver will be burying underpants for the ‘soiled pants’ competition. When Harrison comments that Oliver’s not the first person he’s caught doing that today, Oliver explains that everyone who’s taking part has to bury a pair of new cotton pants between nine and midday today. Later Harrison and Fallon have to cancel a romantic meal out so that Fallon can cover Tracy’s evening shift because she can’t make it. Jolene doesn’t think Tracy would let them down without good reason. Anxious Tracy goes up to Chelsea’s room to wake her. When she’s gone Brad admits to Jazzer that he heard them chatting last night and he knows that Chelsea’s pregnant. He thinks Bert might have overheard too. They’re interrupted by Tracy rushing in; Chelsea’s not in her room. Jazzer’s reassuring but when Tracy rings her it goes straight to voicemail. Later Tracy notices that all Chelsea’s things have gone including her rucksack. Jazzer thinks that might be a good sign; she’s probably staying with a friend. But Tracy’s messaged all the friends she knows, and no-one’s seen Chelsea. Tracy’s worried she’s run away because she made Chelsea feel really rubbish about herself. She contacts Harrison who takes all the details, including the fact that Chelsea’s pregnant. He tells Tracy she’s right to report it and is keen to get things moving. Jolene offers her support and tells Tracy if Chelsea’s not back by morning, she’ll get everyone in the village on the case.
05/09/22·12m 57s


Lily and Russ chat about the ‘soiled pants’ competition for the Flower and Produce show. Lily’s taking part, but Russ declines. Russ reluctantly agrees to go to Lily’s leaving barbeque for Felpersham Kitchens. Whilst there, Lily’s delighted when Russ suggests buying the flat they saw yesterday in Felpersham. She wants to settle down with Russ and she couldn’t be happier. Tracy worries to Jazzer about Chelsea’s pregnancy and how she’s going to deal with it all. When Chelsea appears, Tracy encourages her to open up. Chelsea admits she took the morning-after pill and thought that would sort it out. When she found out she was pregnant, she didn’t tell Tracy because she thought Tracy would go mad. When Tracy asks Chelsea what she’s going to do and who the father is, Chelsea makes a swift exit saying she has a hair appointment with Harrison. Later Tracy broaches the subject of options available to Chelsea but she won’t engage. Chelsea admits that she knows who the father is, but when Tracy starts digging further, things escalate. Tracy ends up telling Chelsea she was stupid to get pregnant. Upset Chelsea says she knew she shouldn’t have told Tracy and storms out. Later Tracy tells Jazzer that she feels really guilty and has made things worse; Chelsea’s in her room and won’t come out. When Tracy thinks she should go and say sorry, Jazzer advises leaving it until the morning – Chelsea knows Tracy’s there for her. Tracy hopes so, because she’s really worried Chelsea’s avoiding making the biggest decision of her life.
04/09/22·13m 7s


Tracy’s nervous for her first shift at the Bull, but grateful it isn’t the chicken factory. Brad and Chelsea assure her she’ll be fine. They wish her luck and she departs leaving them bickering in her wake. Tracy’s settling in behind the bar, and David’s milking the benefit of freebies from her rusty pint pulling technique. Kenton’s unimpressed and there’s brotherly banter. Kenton’s still keen to do something to mark Shula’s departure from Ambridge, but David’s suggestions fall on stony ground. Tracy’s on a high from her first shift. Kenton’s very impressed with her, she’s smiley and great with the customers. She admits she’s loved every minute. Tipsy David offers more outlandish suggestions for Shula’s goodbye, mainly involving the soiled pants scheme – but in doing so he gives Kenton a bright idea. As Chelsea becomes more argumentative Brad finally lets rip at her, accusing her of selfishness. She shouldn’t have attitude – it’s her fault their mum lost her job. Deflated Chelsea caves. Brad’s right, it’s all her fault and there’s nothing she can do. On hearing why her mum kept the job loss from them, and more importantly why she decided to confess, Chelsea’s full of remorse. Tracy comforts her. She doesn’t want her feeling bad or worried; things are slowly getting better. As Chelsea cries quietly, Tracy jokes Chelsea can tell her what’s wrong, as long as she’s not pregnant. There’s a pause. Chelsea’s really sorry.
02/09/22·13m 11s


Alice chats to a rather distant Susan about a venue for Martha’s naming ceremony. Alice would like somewhere informal, where Martha can be outdoors without any restrictions. Susan says if she thinks of anywhere she’ll tell Chris. Alice suggests she could text her, and they could look together. Later Alice tells Susan she’s thought of somewhere – the garden at Ambridge View would be perfect. Susan’s delighted, but cautions it might not be an idyllic coming together of the two families. Neil’s still sore at Brian for things he said to him recently. Alice understands; she’s sorry. The ice thaws between the two women. Tracy explains to Oliver she’d rather have a job secured before admitting her plight to her family. She rues that nothing gets handed to her on a plate, but experiencing the food bank makes her want to give something back, from the first wage she gets. Then she spots the Bull needs bar staff – Oliver thinks she should go straight to Kenton and talk to him. Tracy does a big selling job, but Kenton’s happy to take her on. Tracy can’t believe it! Now she can go home and tell the truth. At a city hotel, Julianne’s happy Ruairi’s going along with what she wants. Ruairi bumps into Justin, and covers that he’s attending the same convention. When Julianne joins them later Justin realises he knows of her in a business capacity, but is unfazed. He congratulates mortified Ruairi on his taste, declaring he too has learned a lot from smart women in his time.
01/09/22·13m 15s


Beth offers to help Josh pack eggs. Josh agrees grudgingly, and Beth presses on, steadfastly friendly. Josh assures her she’s no need to be polite – they’re good. Beth can tell this is disingenuous and cuts to the chase – Josh doesn’t think she and Ben should have got back together. Beth explains her side of the incident with Steph, finishing with the sincere affirmation that she loves Ben. In that case, declares Josh, it really is all good. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea for Beth to move in to the Stables. Alice and Shula look through old pony club photos, and Shula gives Alice one of herself at her first pony club event. Shula comments that now she’s got Ben and Josh as house-sitters she needs to find a replacement for her at the Stables. She asks Alice how she’d feel about managing things there in her absence. Alice is hesitant but cautiously excited; she’ll give it some thought. Kenton and David are casting about for ideas for Shula’s farewell gift. After some brotherly banter Kenton admits he doesn’t want her to go. David asserts that Shula’s strong, talented and determined, and needs to do this. They can visit. Kenton points out they all have jobs they can’t easily leave. Shula joins her brothers for lunch, insisting she doesn’t want a present. When Kenton counters that she deserves a special send off, Shula points out she’ll be taking the memories of the people she loves. He will always be her brother. Kenton sighs; he’s going to miss her.
31/08/22·13m 11s


Oliver discovers Tracy hasn’t been as good as her word; her family still don’t know she’s lost her job at the chicken factory. Jazzer remarks it’s good to see Tracy happier; he’s pleased she and Oliver are getting on again. Jazzer’s eager to give Chelsea and Brad a big celebration and Alistair has to remind him that it’s in fact his party. He quizzes Alistair on plans for music food and decorations. Later, Jazzer calls a busy Alistair at work with a few suggestions of how to make the party more appealing, Alistair struggles to keep his cool. Josh is helping Shula with her move. Shula susses that Josh is avoiding David, who also needed a hand back at Brookfield but is a harsher taskmaster. Josh is confident that good boy Ben will help their dad. Shula’s impressed that despite the teasing Josh has been there for Ben recently. She unexpectedly offers Josh first refusal on her house while she’s away – and Ben too if he wants. Both are overwhelmed and excited. Josh is less than impressed when Ben mentions how good it will be with Beth staying over too. She’s still not Josh’s favourite person. He tells Shula they’d love to move in. She’s delighted to think of her nephews in the house; it’s been a while since the place has had the energy of young voices in it. Later Ben tries to persuade Josh to let Beth move in – it would help with the rent. But Josh is having none of it.
30/08/22·12m 56s


Tracy’s not keen on the idea of Chelsea and Brad sharing Alistair’s party, and is even more discomfited to learn Jazzer’s made it clear to the Greenacres household that their finances are tight. She leaves the house as Jazzer tries in vain to reassure her. Brad and Chelsea bicker, and Jazzer advises Brad not to bait Chelsea. Later their row continues and Brad wants to know what’s eating Chelsea. Jazzer tells him it’s not been easy for anyone lately, and tries to distract him with a game. Oliver finds Tracy in a park in Borchester, and wonders why she’s there. Tracy makes a valiant effort to hold it together but finally caves and tells him everything. She’s lost her job, can’t afford essentials for her family and can’t find another post. She feels invisible and a failure. Oliver takes her to a food bank. As appalled Tracy hovers at the door, a kind helper invites her in, filling a food bag for her efficiently and without fuss. Tearful Tracy thanks Shelly for making everything more bearable. Oliver gives Tracy a lift home, assuring her that her bright, sensible children won’t have any trouble dealing with the truth of her situation. Tracy agrees; Oliver’s right. She’ll tell them as soon as she gets home.
29/08/22·12m 59s


Alistair’s not keen on a party for his birthday, but Jim’s determined and Jazzer’s on board. He remarks that Chelsea similarly doesn’t want a fuss for her upcoming eighteenth. Money’s tight, so she won’t be lucky enough to get a big do. Alistair suggests kindly that she shares his party, and that Brad could come too to celebrate his exam results. Jazzer thanks him for his generosity. Alistair reckons both kids deserve it. Shula suggests to Justin that Alice might make a suitable replacement for her to manage the Stables. She’s spent all her life around horses. Justin agrees but questions Alice’s business experience. Shula reckons she has the necessary skills. Justin also points out Lilian’s reservations – she’d be worried the responsibility might hamper Alice’s rehabilitation progress. Shula’s confident Alice’s skills outweigh the risks, and offers to sound her out. Ben laments the loss of the old Ruairi, but Beth points out it’s important to allow people to change a little and still have room for them. She can’t see what Ben has against Ruairi’s girlfriend when he hasn’t even met her, but Ben remains stubborn. They’re distracted by Bess, who’s dug up some pants in the field. To their surprise Jill admits they’re hers. It’s part of a soil health monitoring initiative – you bury cotton pants and see how well they rot down. Jill comments it’s nice to see Ben and Beth walking the fields. Beth reminds her of herself, a townie with a good country boy who cares deeply for her. Beth assures Jill the feeling’s mutual.
28/08/22·13m 4s


Brad’s keen to continue his film binge with Chelsea, but Chelsea has a work shift. Brad invites Oliver instead, but Oliver points out it wouldn’t go down well with Tracy. Later at the Orangery Oliver offers Chelsea a tip. But she doesn’t want charity. If he’d wanted to be supportive, he shouldn’t have sacked her mum. Chelsea relents when she spots how sad Oliver is that Tracy hasn’t forgiven him yet. And she acknowledges if it wasn’t for Oliver’s help, Brad would miss his maths trip. She’s sorry she was harsh. They reconcile, and Oliver mentions he saw Tracy in Borchester earlier. Chelsea insists he can’t have – her mum’s at work. Ruairi and Julianne have spent the night in a hotel in Birmingham, where Julianne has a meeting. They agree it was fun; they must do it again. She’s paid Ruairi, and books him for the following week. Later Ruairi tells Ben he had a date with a girl. Ben’s pleased to hear it wasn’t ‘that weird woman’. Ruairi’s not happy with this description, but Ben just wants him to get out and live life. When Julianne calls, Ben guesses who Ruairi’s talking to by the tone of his voice, and susses he was with Julianne last night. He’s still lying! Ruairi accuses Ben of being judgemental, but Ben thinks the arrangement is totally screwed up. There are other ways to make money. Ruairi protests Ben’s being ridiculous, but Ben asserts he’s trying to be a friend. This is not okay – Ben is essentially a prostitute.
26/08/22·13m 13s


As Will and Ed service the hay baler they agree Mia and Brad are good kids; their GCSE results have been great. Ed wishes George was more like them, but Will reckons he’s just finding his way. He broaches George’s request to move from Little Grange into the farmhouse. Will’s not sure what Emma would think about it and Ed says he’ll run it by her. Will says carefully that George wants to move partly because of Ed having a go at him all the time. Ed insists he loves George and wants the best for him. Will suggests he lets George know that. Later Ed promises George that he won’t be so hard on him. He says he’ll support George’s request to move if George agrees to keeping a bedroom at each property – his mum’s more likely to go for that. George readily agrees. Tracy and Chelsea are delighted that Brad smashed his exams. But he’s disappointed in a few of the grades and it takes Tracy’s skill as a mum to buoy him up and turn his mood around to a positive state of mind. Chelsea’s got him a Star Wars related present. Brad’s amazed and touched, and Chelsea promises to watch one of the films with him. Later George suggests to shocked Brad that they vape, before bragging that his sob story about finding it hard to live at Little Grange has earned him a place at Grange Farm. What’s more he’ll have two bedrooms, and his dad and Ed are being lovely to him – genius!
25/08/22·13m 4s


Alistair assures Denise that he’s spoken to Jakob and there are no romantic feelings there from him. Denise feels embarrassed; it’s a good thing she’s going. To Alistair’s surprise and dismay, Lovell James have offered Denise a six month placement elsewhere. Alistair asks if she can say no, but Denise has accepted the offer. Her husband’s doing his own thing and a new challenge might improve things for her. They agree marriage isn’t easy. Commenting on her dull lunchtime sandwich, Denise observes you sometimes have to put up with what you’ve got. Alistair’s not sure he agrees. They admit they’re going to miss one another. Alistair declares he’ll buy Denise a tomato to liven up her sandwich. Will tries to explain to George the seriousness of his vaping incident. George counters that he’s only following tradition; his grandpa Eddie and Joe got up to all sorts in their day. Will says times have changed. He was worried George had sepsis, like Nic. George is sorry. He promises never to do anything like it again; he gets it. He wishes he could move into Grange Farm house with Will. Will offers to talk to Emma. Brad expresses gratitude to George that no-one knows his involvement in the vaping idea. He reckons George must miss Nic. George retorts he didn’t like Nic, and wasn’t sad when she died. However he admits to crying buckets when his great granddad Joe died. Brad’s shocked George wants to continue the vaping business plan – all he really cares about right now is tomorrow’s GCSE results.
24/08/22·13m 6s


Denise needs some advice on a friend’s bad hair. Chelsea confirms she’d be happy to rescue it. As they chat about the fete, Chelsea comments that she wouldn’t want her fortune told – she doesn’t want to know about the bad things that might happen. Denise counters kindly that there could be good things too. They’re interrupted by George Grundy, an unwelcome guest as far as Chelsea’s concerned. She has a booking and wants him out. Denise heads off to the Post Office, mentioning the inconvenience of the burnt-out post box. George agrees the culprit should be locked up. He insists he’s booked in for a cut – for Poppy’s guinea pig. When Chelsea protests and refuses, George declares he’ll sue her for false advertising; her window says ‘guinea pigs wanted’. He continues to wind up Chelsea until she divulges that she knows it was him who set fire to the post box. She makes him promise not to get Brad involved in anything else dodgy, or she’ll go to Harrison and spill the beans. Ruairi confirms to Ben that he’s still seeing Julianne and it’s all good. Ben’s non-committal. Later Julianne calls Ruairi. Ruairi covers to Ben that it’s a uni mate. Persistent Ben wonders how often Ruairi sees Julianne. Isn’t she stopping him having the full university experience? Ruairi declares he admires her; they’re in a bubble and she makes him feel safe and happy. He insists they’re not sleeping together. Julianne rings again, and Ruairi tells her he’s not available to meet. Ben thanks him for prioritising their friendship.
23/08/22·13m 6s


Convalescing George can’t see why Ed’s giving him a hard time when everyone else is being nice to him. Ed reminds him he did a stupid and dangerous thing – a nicotine overdose can be fatal. George downplays it, accusing Ed of overreacting. Clarrie tries to keep the peace, but when Eddie walks in it becomes clear he knew about the vaping enterprise. Ed’s furious with his dad. Eddie’s sorry, but insists he didn’t know the health risks of what George and Brad were doing. He begs Ed not to tell Emma and Will he knew what was going on. Ed won’t promise, and storms off. Clarrie gives Eddie her own brand of a telling off. She reminds him of his duty of care to his grandson, and advises him to have a good think. Denise is canvassing opinions on the new paint colour for the vet surgery waiting room, and whilst Alistair isn’t in favour of her choice, Jakob is all for the colour she’s chosen. She’s surprised Jakob’s leapt to her defence. She confides to Alistair Adil’s suggestion at the fete that she has a secret admirer at work. She believes it’s obvious the admirer is Jakob, and it’s all very awkward. She can hardly look Kate in the eye. Alistair offers to have a chat with Jakob. Alistair cuts to the chase with Jakob, who immediately declares it’s Alistair who has the crush on Denise, not him. Alistair denies it, but Jakob points out that if even he’s noticed it, there’s definitely something going on.
22/08/22·13m 1s


It’s the day of the summer fete and Oliver’s been minding Will’s artwork stall. He hasn’t sold any pieces, and Will reckons they’ll have to change their strategy. Their tactics of moving the stall and reducing prices have no effect, until they’re approached by one interested party who engages Will in conversation about his style and method. Halfway through their conversation Will’s stunned to realise he’s talking to Toyah Willcox. Will’s a big fan. Toyah takes a shine to one of his works. Will offers it free, but Toyah insists on paying. When she’s gone star struck Will can’t believe it – who cares what anyone else thinks of his work when Toyah loves it! Lilian reassures nervous Adil in the fortune telling tent; he’s doing really well and his last client was very famous. Adil’s oblivious, and later is keen to quit while he’s ahead having given Jean Harvey a reading she was happy with. Lilian reckons he’s found his calling. She encourages him to go and look round the rest of the fete, but when Denise turns up Lilian can’t help offering Adil’s services for one last reading. With no knowledge of Denise, terrified Adil does his best. He hits on the idea that she has a secret admirer at work. Denise is amazed, and confides to Lilian that this knowledge has helped her with a dilemma she has. Lilian chides Adil for begin irresponsible, but he insists he was hinting that the admirer was in fact an animal. Well that wasn’t obvious to Denise, observes Lilian grimly.
21/08/22·12m 58s


Lilian orders Justin to have dinner with Lynda by himself. She accuses him of treating her friend with cold indifference, and that needs to change. Lynda and Justin’s meal doesn’t go well. Every topic of conversation turns into an argument with each of them having opposing views. They agree to differ but then find they do have some common ground. To her horror, Lilian returns to find Lynda and Justin comparing notes on how best to manipulate people. George tries to assert his authority over Brad but Brad wins out claiming he won’t be part of George’s vaping enterprise if he can’t do the science properly. The pair of them have very different ideas of how they would spend a lot of money. Ed’s suspicious when George ends a call as he and Eddie find him. George claims he’s quit vaping after what Ed said earlier in the week. Ed apologises for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Ed and Eddie need a hand fixing a gate but George says he’s not feeling well so stays on the sofa. Ed and Eddie are grateful to Will for helping out with the gate repair. Will’s pleased it took his mind off worrying about displaying his pottery at the Fete. When Eddie gets a message from Brad about George being unwell, the three of them laugh at what a character George can be. A second message gets them worried and they head back to Little Grange. Seeing George’s symptoms, Will panics he could have sepsis and they rush him to hospital.
19/08/22·13m 2s


Pip and Stella go to a swimming pool but Stella stalls when it comes to actually getting in. She explains to Pip that her fear of water began when she got stuck underwater in a kayak while on a family holiday. Pip reminds Stella that she’s looking out for her, and they get in. Stella succeeds in putting her head underwater for five seconds for which she is hugely proud of herself. Once out of the water Stella considers signing up for swimming lessons and affirms that she will go through with Dunk the Vicar at the Fete. Their conversation turns to Toby’s departure. Stella advises that Pip needs to trust Toby to maintain contact with Rosie while not living in Ambridge. Pat interrogates Joy for an update on Mick after he handed over his number at the festival. They’ve been in touch by text and they’re meeting for a drink at The Bull later. But Joy’s regretting making that plan and considers backing out. Pat offers to go with her as a chaperone. At The Bull, Mick and Joy talk incessantly and laugh while Pat struggles to be part of the conversation. Mick reveals that Toyah came to the juice stall while he was overseeing it for Joy. Even though she didn’t meet her, Joy’s pleased that at least one celebrity came to the stall. Mick and Joy continue to laugh with one another and Pat announces she’s heading home. When she asks Joy if she wants a lift, Joy says she’s fine where she is.
18/08/22·13m 10s


George’s plans leave a bad taste for Ed, and Lilian cuts to the chase.
17/08/22·13m 15s


Pip’s noticed an improvement in Rosie’s wellbeing recently, but Toby’s downbeat. He’s been thinking about moving out, but at the same time is saddened by the thought of leaving Rosie. Pip’s confident they could make it work. Toby reveals his dad has offered him a job in his wine import business – he’d have to leave Ambridge. He’s ready to turn his dad’s offer down but Pip challenges him to think again. She reassures him that he can still very much be in Rosie’s life while living and working away. Tracy’s called in to speak to HR at the chicken factory. She’s shocked to learn that Gemma’s accusing her of bullying. Tracy tries to explain that it’s the other way round, but she struggles to put specific examples into words. When the car scratching incident comes up, Tracy’s position looks pretty weak. HR manager Ray asserts that he’s there to listen, but it’s hard for him to do much with the general instances Tracy’s given him. Gemma’s said she’s scared to work with her. What Ray can tell her is that Gemma isn’t keen to prosecute Chelsea. Her feelings are exacerbated by the difficulties between her and Tracy. Tracy sees that the problem is perceived as being her. She can’t afford to lose the job, but Gemma’s not going to leave her any choice. Later Tracy tells Jazzer and Chelsea that the lawsuit for the car damage has been dropped. She lies that her and Gemma will now work different shifts. Chelsea doesn’t have to worry, it’s all been sorted.
16/08/22·13m 16s


Lynda and Stella meet while walking their dogs. Stella offers to help out with anything for the fete. Later, Stella tells Pip that Lynda has assigned her to replace Alan, who’s away, in the Dunk the Vicar event. Stella asks for clarification which Pip finds hilarious, and Stella gets annoyed. She reveals that she has a fear of water. Pip encourages her to tell Lynda she can’t do it, but Stella is unsure so Pip offers to go with her. Stella has a crisis of confidence, and faced with formidable Lynda she can’t go through withdrawing from Dunk the Vicar. Stella feels useless and Pip offers to help her out. They’ll go to a swimming pool together to try to get her used to water. Tracy thanks Chelsea for owning up to scratching Gemma’s car, and Chelsea apologises for not thinking through her actions. Under Russ’s supervision, she’s written a letter to Gemma apologising for what she did. Out of earshot from Chelsea, Tracy worries about what will happen when she hands the letter over. Jazzer checks in with Tracy at work. To Tracy’s surprise Gemma’s not said anything to her since she gave her the letter. They hope this means it’s all blown over. Back at home the relief felt by Tracy, Jazzer and Chelsea that the letter seemed to do the trick is short lived. Tracy receives an email threatening a private prosecution against Chelsea. Jazzer thinks Jim can help but Tracy feels overwhelmed by it all. Jazzer promises they’ll sort it.
15/08/22·13m 11s


Pat and Joy take in the atmosphere of the CotsTravaGanza festival as they set up their juice stall. Joy’s keen to bump into someone famous. She gets chatting to Mick, who pretends to be a well known musician. Joy’s face falls when he admits he’s actually one of the stewards. Mick mans the stall while Joy goes to get what she needs to clear up a juice spillage. While she’s gone, Toyah Willcox approaches. Mick hopes Toyah will come back; he knows someone who’ll be gutted she’s missed her. Pat gets chatting to a woman and tells her about the Ambridge fete. She then goes into detail about how she’s a big fan of Toyah Willcox who’s performing at the festival. Only when it’s too late does she realise she’s been talking to Toyah herself! Later Pat recounts her encounter to Joy. Mick reappears and subtly hands over his phone number. Joy’s confused but to Pat it’s clear that Mick wants Joy to call him. Susan points out to George that recent illegal acts in Ambridge amount to a crime wave. George asserts his innocence on all counts. He can’t believe his own grandmother thinks he could be the culprit. Susan’s shocked to hear that George knows she’s served a prison sentence and that he thinks it gives her credibility. Susan makes it clear to George what an unpleasant experience being in prison was. She hopes it will make George want to stay out of trouble, but the lesson he takes is simply not to get caught.
14/08/22·13m 2s


Pat and Joy pack Summer Orchard juices ready for the weekend’s food and drink festival. Pat has some flyers and samples of Helen’s cheese to take. When Pat asks after Joy’s daughter Rochelle, Joy admits they’ve fallen out. The letter and photos she’d sent as an olive branch have gone up in flames with the post box fire. Pat’s comforting; Joy’s very much part of the Bridge Farm family. Russ pops into The Orangery to see how Chelsea is and puts her out of her misery by explaining that after his chat with Freddie last night, Freddie and Trent have agreed to keep Chelsea on. Chelsea’s delighted and hugs Russ. When Russ warns Chelsea that this is her last chance, Chelsea says she’s learnt her lesson. He advises her to admit to the police that she was responsible for scraping Gemma’s car. Chelsea reluctantly agrees but asks if Russ will go with her. At the police station Harrison says Chelsea’s doing the right thing. When Chelsea’s out of earshot Russ is keen that Harrison knows Chelsea had nothing to do with the other recent incidences of vandalism in Ambridge. Harrison agrees he’ll keep an eye on Chelsea’s case to ensure the waters aren’t muddied. Changing tack, he asks reluctant Russ if he’ll help him practice for the ‘Beat the Goalie’ stall at the fete. At a kick-about later, Russ passes on to Harrison that Chelsea might get a conditional caution. She made a mistake that she’s going to put right, and Russ has every faith in her.
12/08/22·13m 1s


Loading up veg boxes, Pat tells Tom she doesn’t think they’ve ever sold so many salad crops. Tom thinks it’s helped by their personalised social media content, including the diary about Nova and Seren. Tom worries how Pat’s going to cope on her own at the food and music festival. When Tom delivers Joy’s veg box, she notices he looks a bit ragged. She invites him in for a cuppa and something to eat. Later Joy tells Pat that Tom had mentioned how under the cosh they all are. Pat’s relieved when Joy offers to help at the festival. At the Orangery Freddie mentions to Chelsea that she seems distracted. When Adil tells Chelsea that his lunch guest has a nut allergy, Chelsea says she’ll deal with it. But later Adil complains that his guest has been served a dressing containing hazelnut oil. Adil’s not impressed and Freddie’s cross with Chelsea. He tells Chelsea to buck up her ideas; she could’ve killed that customer. He’s not sure if they can continue to employ her; he’s going to have to talk to Trent about Chelsea’s future. Later Russ bumps into Chelsea sobbing in the storeroom; it’s all too much for her. She tells him all about her troubles at home and how she scraped Gemma’s car. And now she might be fired. It’s a mess. Later he asks Freddie to give Chelsea a second chance. Freddie understands that Chelsea’s having a hard time. He’ll have a think, but it’s up to Trent so he’s not making any promises.
11/08/22·13m 7s


Lilian chats to Adil about his palm reading duties at the upcoming fete. But she’s concerned when he appears not to have done his homework and mixes up everyone’s personal details. Adil worries that they’re the ‘knowns’ – but what about the random strangers who turn up on the day? Lilian decides she needs to be his glamorous assistant; she can give Adil a few pointers before the customers go in. For the rest he’ll just have to look for visual clues. Adil starts to feel a little more positive about it all. When Joy appears, Lilian tells Adil that although she’s one of the more sociable women in the village, she’s hard to read. So Lilian invites Joy to join Adil under the guise of canvassing opinion about Grey Gables. But Joy finds out rather more information from Adil than he does from her. Natasha and Tom adjust to life without Caitlin. When Pat asks Tom if he wants a hand with the farm work, he suggests visiting Natasha to see how she’s doing. Natasha’s relieved to see Pat – it’s not just the babies who are causing her stress. Her dad’s mental health is also on her mind. And now the organisers of the food and music festival ‘CotStravaGanza’ have been in touch. They need a replacement juice supplier for this weekend. Natasha says there’s no way she can do it and assistant Louise is busy this weekend. Pat says there is one other possibility – she could do it. Natasha thinks it’s a great idea.
10/08/22·13m 7s


Lynda meets the new-born twins and is impressed at how calm Natasha seems. Natasha credits her mum for all the helping out she’s doing including with Summer Orchard. Harrison arrives and Lynda wastes no time in trying to recruit him for ‘Beat The Goalie’ at the village fete. Harrison denies he’d be any good but Lynda presses him, and he announces a hand injury makes it out of the question. Later at The Bull, Lynda deftly engineers a situation in which Harrison quickly catches a falling pint of beer, proving that he isn’t hindered by an injured hand. Harrison admits defeat and agrees to be goalkeeper. Natasha tells Pat that Caitlin has to leave tonight because her dad’s unwell. He’s bi-polar and has gone into a manic phase. Natasha feels guilty for keeping her mum away for so long, and knows it’s going to be a lot harder without her. Chelsea tries to boost Tracy’s confidence before she joins a work social organised by Gemma. When Tracy emerges from the pub she recounts Gemma’s mean words, which angers Chelsea. Tracy just wants to go home, but indignant Chelsea deliberately scrapes the side of Gemma’s car with the buckle of her bag as they leave. They flee, and Tracy worries what will come of it. On their doorstep, they clam up when Harrison asks if they’ve seen or heard anything about the vandalised car. They deny any knowledge, Chelsea rather too forcefully. After Harrison leaves, Chelsea assures Tracy they won’t get found out – they’ve just got to keep denying it.
09/08/22·12m 57s


Tony’s enjoying milking again while he covers for Johnny. He and Pat realise one cow needs Alistair’s attention. Tony’s not sure if Pat should tell Peggy how Helen feels about the stained-glass window, but Pat is certain that she needs to know what a sensitive issue it is. Later, Pat relays Peggy’s surprise at Helen’s reaction to the planned window. Peggy has said she’ll talk to Helen, but she’s still pressing on with the window. Pat tells Tony that Peggy then went on to say nice things about her. Pat felt like Peggy was making her peace with her. They agree Peggy’s an extraordinary woman. Tracy’s aware trouble at work is making her grumpy and now Gemma has organised a work social at The Bull, only Tracy’s not invited. It gets heated as Jazzer tries to encourage Tracy to stick up for herself. Chelsea walks in and asks what they’re arguing about. Tracy quickly changes the subject, but Chelsea isn’t fooled. She later berates Jazzer for giving her mum a hard time. When Tracy realises this, she finally tells Chelsea what’s really going on. Chelsea feels bad for thinking it was Jazzer who was giving her mum grief. Chelsea offers to go with Tracy to The Bull tomorrow. She’s sure once she gets chatting to Gemma socially they can start to work things out. Jazzer agrees it’s got to be worth a try.
08/08/22·13m 12s


Lynda eventually finds a role for Adil at the fete that he can’t say no to – palm reading. It’s much needed with this year’s fortune teller pulling out. Lilian arrives and Lynda ropes her in so that Adil can demonstrate his skills. Lilian can’t help but snigger when Adil refers to her prominent Mount of Venus while reading her palm. She then feels sorry for Adil for having his arm twisted by Lynda. Adil really doesn’t want to lose any credibility in the village so Lilian offers to brief him on those who visit the fortune teller tent’s regulars. A grumpy Tracy drags the cricket team out for practice. Natasha chats to Pat and Tony during a break – she’s taking Seren for a stroll while Caitlin looks after Nova at home. She then asks if they can keep an eye on Seren while she makes a work call. The person employed to help cover Natasha’s maternity leave isn’t shaping up as hoped. Natasha’s surprised to learn that all is well with Summer Orchard and that her mum had helped out without taking over. Tony assures Natasha that Caitlin can stay as long as she likes at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile Tracy pulls up Tony for gossiping when he should be training. Tony can’t understand what’s got into her recently.
07/08/22·13m 7s


Caitlin bumps into Lynda on a walk and explains about her mix up with the veg boxes and the trouble she caused. Lynda urges her not to blame herself. They’re interrupted by some loud popping coming from Natasha’s Summer Orchard unit. Some bottles have exploded due to a broken fridge. Caitlin says it was good she was passing, and Tom apologises about the veg boxes. When he goes Natasha tells Caitlin how grateful she is to her for everything – especially missing her wedding anniversary to help her. Natasha admits to feeling like an outsider in Tom’s family, promising to bring the babies up to see Caitlin and her dad as soon as she can. Lilian and Shula discuss Justin’s course modifications. He was supposed to be developing the Stables, not sabotaging it. Lilian surprised Shula’s being so calm about it. Shula admits the possibility of becoming a pioneer for an inner-city parish in the north is on her mind. They want someone by September, but she’s needed at the Stables. Lilian says she’ll have a think about who might be a possible replacement. Lynda and Lilian chat about how Adil saved the day with Ruby and supported Justin. They joke about how they’d misjudged Adil. Lynda admits it’s because she felt loyal to her former colleagues at Grey Gables. Lilian knows it was a dreadful shock. They both agree they were wrong about Adil. In fact Lynda’s wondering whether the summer fete might not be the perfect vehicle for Adil’s many talents.
05/08/22·13m 11s


Alistair and Denise make a great team as Alistair operates on Ruby. Adil comforts Justin whilst they await news. When Alistair rings, it’s good news and Adil and Justin can’t contain their joy. Justin again tries to discuss a possible link-up between the Stables and Grey Gables. Adil interrupts him saying Justin should take the day off – it would be understandable if he did, as he obviously cares deeply about Ruby. Embarrassed Justin bats him away saying Ruby’s more Lilian’s than his. Can Adil please not say anything to Lilian about how ‘concerned’ he was about Ruby? Alistair buys Denise lunch as a thank you for helping Ruby pull through. They comment on how attached Justin is to Ruby – Denise thinks he may’ve shed a few tears. Alistair makes Denise blush when he says that Denise was robbed of the Vet Nurse of the Year award; she’s the best one he’s ever worked with. Helen enjoys a bit of baby therapy holding Seren. She tells Tom that he and Natasha are doing an incredible job. He responds it doesn’t feel like it. Helen apologises for adding to Tom’s worries by overreacting to the church window, but Tom says he and Natasha were wrong to agree to it. They’re going to thank Peggy, but refuse the offer. Helen insists Tom should accept, as Henry and Jack don’t mind, but Tom says Natasha’s dead-set on refusing now. Helen says she’ll try to convince Natasha to change her mind, then they all can enjoy the beautiful window when it’s done.
04/08/22·13m 16s


When Tracy asks if there’s been any more gossip about the post box fire, Susan quickly changes the subject. Susan thinks Tracy looks tired and says what made the work bearable for Emma at the chicken factory was the mates; they never stopped laughing. It’s Tracy’s turn to change the subject. Oliver appears and broaches the subject of Brad’s Maths summer school. There’s another one at Christmas – he’d like to pay Brad’s expenses. When Tracy declares she not a charity case, Oliver says it was his fault Brad lost the harvest work. He doesn’t blame Tracy for losing trust in him, but Brad has so much potential, and nothing should get in the way of that. Tracy’s taken aback and agrees to think about it. When Oliver asks how her job’s going she says it’s fine. At Ambridge Hall, Adil comments it’s a shame Justin missed the Grey Gables launch event. Justin tries to engage Adil in possible partnership options between Grey Gables and The Stables. But Adil’s only half listening, noticing that Ruby doesn’t look right. He suggests that Justin ring the vets. When Justin tells Alistair that Ruby’s really not well, Alistair agrees to see Ruby before he closes up. Adil drives Justin there. It’s bad news – there’s a tumour on Ruby’s spleen, which can’t be removed until tomorrow because Ruby needs a blood transfusion first. When Adil asks if Justin’s ok, Justin covers saying he’s fine, it’s Lilian who’ll be upset. Supportive Adil suggests getting back to Ambridge Hall for dinner, but Justin’s lost his appetite.
03/08/22·12m 58s


At Bridge Farm Tony and Helen tell everyone that people were bowled over by the Grey Gables launch event. They’re interrupted by a customer complaining about food missing from the veg boxes – it’s the third complaint today. Tom insists he’d checked the boxes twice, but everyone blames it on his sleep deprivation. When Caitlin brings up the subject of Peggy’s church window, it’s clear no-one’s told Helen about it. Later Tom admits to Helen that he and Natasha were so amazed by the idea they didn’t think about anyone else. Helen feels that Peggy’s implying her children don’t deserve something unique, but that Tom’s do. Tom thinks it’s simply because he’s had twins. He asks Helen not to spoil it for Natasha, who thinks it’s an incredible gift. Later Tom’s cross with Caitlin when she admits she’s been taking things from the veg boxes – she thought she could help herself. She’s apologetic when Tom asks her to steer clear of farm stuff. When Pat tells Helen that Tom should’ve told her about the church window, Helen’s more cross with Peggy as it’s so unfair on Henry and Jack. When Pat points out it also affects Peggy’s other grandchildren, Helen admits she’s discovered they’re all really happy for Tom and Natasha and that makes her feel selfish. Pat says she doesn’t always understand Peggy’s actions, but not to let it come between Helen and Tom. Later Pat talks to Tony saying Peggy’s so clumsy in the way she does things. Tony says it’s unintentional and it was a heartfelt gesture. Pat agrees; Peggy will always remain a mystery to her, but no-one could question her love for their family.
02/08/22·12m 54s


It’s the Grey Gables launch event at the Village Hall. When Oliver, Adil and Roy arrive to set up, they find the hall’s been double-booked with the Borsetshire Scottish Dance Society and they’re not budging. When they discover Audrey Fisher and Hilary Noakes are involved Roy thinks they need to get in the big guns, and he contacts Lynda. Meanwhile Adil goes in to talk them. When Lynda arrives, Adil still hasn’t reappeared, and they realise he’s joined in with the dancing. When he emerges he says it’s all sorted. Oliver and Roy agree that Adil’s brilliant in a crisis. Tony’s at the launch with Helen – he admits that one of the reasons he’s there is to get away from Pat and Caitlin reminiscing about all things Welsh. There’s a large turnout and Tony points out that anyone who’s anyone in their area is there, including Ambridge residents. Adil makes a speech outlining their plans, from sourcing food from Grey Gables land and nearby farms to bringing finance and prosperity to the local economy via guests. Oliver chips in saying they’ll be staffing the hotel as much as possible from Ambridge. Afterwards Helen, Tony and Lynda are all impressed. Roy says it was a fantastic presentation and the audience really got the point of what they’re trying to do. However he’s less impressed when he finds that he, Adil and Oliver will have to take part in the Highland fling – the only way Adil could get the dance society to budge was by agreeing to make up the numbers!
01/08/22·13m 15s


Alice and Shula walk the cross country course and chat about the Grey Gables launch event tomorrow – it’s now at the Village Hall. Shula’s touched when Alice asks her if she’ll lead Martha’s naming ceremony, explaining that it was Shula who helped her get back to rehab and so back to being Martha’s mum again. As they walk the course it becomes clear that the design has been altered – even novices would struggle with it. Initially dismissive, Justin finally concedes that he and an old business friend thought the first section was a bit tame, so they tinkered with it. Alice says it needs putting right. Chris knows someone who could help, but he won’t be cheap. Shula says that’s fine; Justin will be footing the bill. Peggy and Tony are with Nova and Seren while exhausted Tom and Natasha are sleeping. Peggy loves getting to know the babies. When Tony gets Seren off to sleep with his special rock, Peggy says he obviously makes her feel safe. It’s no surprise, he does that with everyone. As Peggy holds Nova she comments that all babies are special, but twins have a special connection. She’d like Nova and Seren to have a stained glass-window in St Stephens, like Jack’s which has been such a comfort to her over the years. Tony thinks it’s a wonderful idea and agrees to ask Tom and Natasha about it. Peggy hopes it would give the babies joy and strength whenever they’d need it.
31/07/22·13m 16s


Russ gets in the mood for Freddie’s DJ’ing gig by listening to some ‘nineties bangers’. Lily reckons Chelsea fancies him – she saw her looking at Russ last week. Russ thinks that’s ridiculous; last time he spoke to her she could barely give him the time of day. Lily worries about going back to university – she’ll be much older than everyone and they won’t be drop-outs like her. Russ reminds her of all the things that were happening in her life at the time; it wasn’t her fault. Later Russ suggests they share a place together in Felpersham, near the university. Then Lily will feel more part of things. Lily thinks it’s a wonderful idea and tells Russ she loves him very much. When Kirsty notices things are a bit fraught between Natasha and Caitlin, Caitlin admits they’re always arguing, but she wants to make sure Natasha can cope on her own when it’s time to go home. Tom tells Kirsty that Caitlin’s driving Natasha up the wall and Kirsty thinks Caitlin’s feeling a bit put upon. Later Natasha’s surprised when Caitlin says she’s accepted Pat and Tony’s offer to stay at Bridge Farm – Natasha needs to be more independent. Natasha counters she would love her own routine, but everything has to be done Caitlin’s way. After Caitlin’s gone, Natasha and Tom enjoy some alone time with the babies. Tom admits he might’ve had something to do with Caitlin’s defection and Natasha concedes that although she likes having her mum around, you can have too much of a good thing.
29/07/22·13m 8s


Alice and Chris discuss having an outdoor naming ceremony for Martha. When Chris says he’d quite like Alan to do the blessing, Alice says there’s someone else she’d like to ask. Toby asks Chris if he knows who torched the post box but Chris says Susan kept saying it will have to remain a mystery. Later Eddie also comments it will have to remain a mystery. Toby declines Eddie’s sweepstake on Chris and Alice getting back together. Eddie joins Chris and Alice and is confused when Alice says it’s their wedding anniversary and then talks about having a ‘Suddenly Single’ party like Steph. When Eddie goes, Chris admits he’s doesn’t regret their Las Vegas wedding. Alice says she’s found a photo of them there – one she’d ripped up. It has a corner missing. Chris has the missing piece in his wallet. Alice suggests repairing the photo and putting it in Martha’s baby book. Later Chris overhears Eddie’s talking about his sweepstake to Toby and tells them that he and Alice will only ever be friends and he hasn’t felt this happy in years. Chelsea’s stressed when The Orangery till packs up, and suggests turning it off and on again. Brad has a better idea – he can add the orders up in his head. Freddie’s impressed with Brad’s mathematical genius and tells him he’ll get a bonus. Chelsea’s put out and when the till comes back on she points out that her idea worked, so Brad’s not that smart. Oliver praises Freddie for taking Brad on.
28/07/22·13m 9s


Caitlin’s unhappy to discover Natasha turned off the baby monitor so that Caitlin could get some sleep. There’s no point being there if Natasha won’t let her help. But Natasha’s determined to do things for herself. Later when Natasha confides that her mum makes her feel incapable, Tom suggests she clears the air. Natasha declines; it would a difficult conversation. Later Tom tries to talk to Caitlin, but she’s dismissive. She understands his concerns and she’s sure between them, they can keep Natasha on the straight and narrow. When Clarrie finds a can of lighter fluid in George’s hoodie, he innocently explains he was using it to degrease his bike chain. He promises that the post box fire was nothing to do with him. Anyway, Clarrie and Susan got what they wanted – no more letter. Clarrie’s thinks it’s a very strange coincidence. Worried Susan tells Clarrie that Harrison wants her to do a witness statement. He might ask some awkward questions and she can’t lie. Clarrie says it’s a better alternative than admitting to planning to blackmail Jean! Afterwards Susan tells George it was excruciating pretending to Harrison she had no clue who did it. When George says now no-one will ever know what was in Jean Harvey’s letter, Susan asks what he means. He explains he’s pieced it all together from things he’d overheard. Now the letter’s burned there’s no evidence – like there’s no evidence it was George who torched the post box. It’ll have to remain one big mystery.
27/07/22·13m 16s


Tom shares the responses he’s had to his past about the birth of the twins. He hopes the good will turns into orders. Tony says it’s just nice that people care. He jokes he feels done out of a job now Caitlin’s arrived – it must be great for Natasha to have her mum around. Tom concedes that it is. His anxiety about the farm, and his assertion that he’s not needed at home, concern Tony. Tom admits he feels like a spare part at home. Everything he does is for the girls, and right now he feels excluded. Tony reassures him: he’s still tired, it’s been a lot and it’s early days. But Tom’s come a long way, and Tony’s really proud of him. Susan’s dumbfounded when Clarrie says Jean’s article is already on the Echo website. But it’s positive and about how Ian saved Jean’s life. George reminds Susan that she’s never liked Jean. Susan sends him off to sort stock, and admits to Clarrie that she’s already posted a note to Jean saying if she didn’t make the article go away people would hear about her affair. She’s put it in the post box. She panics when she realises the post’s about to be collected. Quick-thinking Susan tells Clarrie to ask the postman to give her letter back but Clarrie’s refuses; it’s Susan who’s got them into this mess. As they quickly try to think of ways to fish the letter out, they’re stopped in their tracks when they notice the post box is on fire!
26/07/22·13m 7s


Brian’s back in Ambridge having missed his old life. He’d have found it stressful staying away in Hungary any longer. Alice catches him up with the news, including Chris’s decision to settle for a holiday cottage and nothing more from Home Farm. Brian’s delighted. Chris arrives, and while Alice tends to newly mobile Martha, he and Brian chat awkwardly. At last Chris declares that since Martha’s accident he’s realised what’s really important, and Brian in turn thanks Chris for being so decent about the divorce. They both apologise for their parts in the battle, and Chris announces he’ll probably rent out the cottage. He needs to move on properly. Brian tells him he’s a good man. Later Brian confides to Eddie that things are looking a lot more positive between Alice and Chris. Clarrie and Susan are worried that folk are spreading rumours that Jean Harvey’s pizza was deliberately nobbled when she choked on an olive stone, and that it might scare people away from the pizza van. Eddie doubts that – one sniff and they’ll love the pizzas. Susan suggests Clarrie has a chat with Jean to put a stop to it all. Clarrie discovers Jean’s spoken to a reporter from the Echo about the incident. Susan suggests that they head it all off by anonymously outing Jean’s past affair with Derek Fletcher. Clarrie feels blackmail’s a bit sordid, but she’s won over when Eddie reveals later that a report has approached Adam and Ian. Susan insists they need to fight fire with fire. What choice have they got?
25/07/22·13m 12s


Freddie charges Chelsea with looking after a new member of the Orangery serving team. He thinks she might find they have things in common. Chelsea’s horrified when she later discovers the new recruit is her brother Brad. Chelsea reckons she can’t train Brad, he’s hopeless. Freddie asserts that while he understands it’s hard for her to work with her brother, she can’t pick and choose, and reminds her of her own shaky early days at the Orangery. Chelsea’s impatient with Brad but puts on a good front to Freddie. Oblivious Freddie declares he knew Chelsea would be the best person to show Brad the ropes. Privately Chelsea hisses to Brad that she doesn’t want him showing her up. She’s worked hard to get to this point, so while they’re at work, they’re not related. Freddie offers to put tickets aside for Russ to his upcoming 90s DJ night. He asks Russ to cast his expert eye over the proposed playlist, which Russ is delighted to do. Fussy Tom helps Natasha get the twins over the April Cottage threshold, but before they can make it Natasha’s mum emerges to greet them. Caitlin’s happy to take over from here. Later with the new parents frantically juggling babies, and Tom finding it hard to settle wailing Nova, Natasha reckons they should call on their mums' help. Sure enough Caitlin and Natasha are soon happily singing a lullaby to the sleeping babies. Realising he’s surplus to requirements, Tom sets about posting an announcement of the twins’ arrival on their business website.
24/07/22·13m 12s


Lilian and Justin are enjoying staying at Ambridge Hall while their kitchen is being completed. Their breakfast is interrupted by Adil pointing out that Ruby is on his bed, could they please remove her? When they go up to look, Lilian and Adil discover Ruby has actually got into his bed. Adil admits to Justin that his stay at Ambridge Hall hasn’t all been plain sailing. Lynda’s been very vocal about her views on the closure of Grey Gables. Adil hopes when she sees the plans for the ‘Future of Grey Gables’ she’ll change her mind. When Lilian reappears, it becomes clear that Justin’s the one who spoils Ruby and allows her on his bed at home. To Justin’s consternation, Lilian and Adil tease him about the funny little voice he puts on when he’s talking to Ruby. Justin flatly denies he has any feelings for her. Natasha has her caesarean and first out is a girl, Nova. But they’re all surprised when the second baby out is… another girl! They agree to call her Seren, naming both after stars. When the doctor asks whether they’re disappointed she’s not a boy, both Natasha and Tom say that all that matters is that she’s fit and healthy. When Natasha asks Tom whether he minds about not having a son, he says he couldn’t be more thrilled to be the father of girls. They both declare they’ll dedicate their lives to keeping their children safe and well. Tom’s never realised it before, but this is all he’s ever wanted.
22/07/22·13m 14s


Oliver wants to drop a birthday card round to Tracy, but Brad puts him off and says he’ll take it. Tracy’s still mad at Oliver for putting Brad out of the job at Grange Farm. Oliver wishes he and Tracy could be friends again. When he asks if Brad’s found another job, Brad says he’s just had an interview, but won’t say what for in case he jinxes it. Oliver’s concerned when Brad says he’s no longer doing the maths summer school. Brad explains that his mum’s struggle with debt has made him realise how unimportant it is. When Tom worries about handing over his Bridge Farm tasks, Pats says they’ll cope without him. Tom admits he knows where he is with farm work, but he hasn’t a clue about babies. Pat reminds him she’s only a phone call away. She can’t wait to meet her new grandchildren. At the hospital Natasha’s feeling anxious about tomorrow’s caesarean, on top of coping with the twins when they’re born. Natasha’s mum Caitlin rings and Tom’s unsettled when Natasha says Caitlin’s coming to stay with them on Saturday, earlier than expected. She’ll be there when they bring the babies home. Natasha explains knowing her mum will be there makes all the difference; she needs her mum. Later Tom shares his concerns about Caitlin staying to Pat - he had a vision of him and Natasha alone with their little family. But Pat’s pragmatic, saying it will be great for them to have an extra pair of hands. And Pat will still be there if he needs her.
21/07/22·12m 56s


Jill tells Pip that the WI were won over at Adam and Ian’s pizza tasting, but then Jean Harvey choked on an olive. Ian had to give her the Heimlich manoeuvre. Now Jean’s saying they’re going to rethink having the pizza van at the fete. When Jill says she’s buying Rosie an ice-cream making kit for her birthday, Pip broaches the subject of Rosie’s diet. Pip points out that Rosie’s getting quite plump, and she doesn’t think Jill’s baked treats are helping. Jill’s mortified and says she’ll take the ice-cream maker back to the shop. Alice mentions to Shula that she was thinking about her future and couldn’t imagine Shula as a vicar, it’s too staid. Shula admits it chimes with what she’s thinking. She’s really inspired by the pioneer project, particularly one up north. And she could continue with her training there. Alice says she can’t imagine Ambridge without Shula, but she must go where her heart’s pulling her. Lilian despairs at the mayhem the kitchen people are making in her house. Lynda suggests she stays at Ambridge Hall, Adil shah’s the only guest there and Robert’s away so she’d be glad of the company. Lynda admits she finds it hard having Adil as a guest; he’s ruined so many lives in the village. Talk turns to Adil’s ‘Future of Grey Gables’ event – they’ve both been invited. Later Lynda’s very civil to Adil. When Lilian remarks on this, Lynda replies she’s “keeping her friends close, but keeping her enemies closer.”
20/07/22·13m 12s

Limelight Trailer: How to be a Mind Reader

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Josh is avoiding David – he can’t face another rant about how they wouldn’t have embarked on the new cow house and slurry system if they’d known about rising costs. But they do have solar panels, which should earn their keep. Pip asks Josh if he thinks Rosie’s getting a bit fat. They’re really careful with her diet. When Josh says Jill loves baking treats for Rosie, Pip realises where the problem lies, though she’s anxious about talking to Jill. Josh suggests Rosie exercises more; he and Ben will give her a balance bike for her birthday. Chelsea wants to treat Tracy for her birthday on Saturday. Jazzer can’t afford much, but Chelsea tells Susan that Brad and Chelsea could pay for a spa day and say it’s from them all. Initially Brad refuses to use his Grange Farm earnings, but later he changes his mind. When Chelsea asks what he was going to use the money for, Brad won’t say. Alice pays Shula the outstanding balance on her rehab loan, telling Shula she’s been amazing. Shula reciprocates, saying Alice was her saviour last week over equine therapy with Justin. Alice explains the secret is to persuade Justin there’s a profit to be made. Alice notices Shula’s tired and Shula admits it’s because she’s thinking of making a fresh start, maybe working for the Anglican Community of Pioneers. She’s not sure what to do for the best. Alice says Shula has the gift of empathy – she helped Alice, and also Alistair through his gambling addiction. She should use her talent.
19/07/22·13m 1s


When Natasha has Braxton Hicks contractions, Tom worries the babies are on their way. Natasha reassures him; she’s sure the babies will be born on Friday as planned. Helen mentions to Adam that their new marketing strategy on the website seems to have been successful; telling the truth clearly works. Adam talks about the WI pizza tasting at the Village Hall tomorrow – he and Ian have been practising all weekend. Tom tells them that Natasha’s anxiety levels about the babies have sky-rocketed and wonders if it was something Clarrie said. Helen admires Clarrie’s knitted cardies for the babies, but Natasha scoffs at the pink and blue. She thought the world had moved on from gender distinctions, and her boy will be wearing the pink one. Natasha thinks Tom’s terrified something will go wrong with the twins because of what happened with Wren. And she’s scared - when the babies arrive she can’t imagine how she’s going to cope. Her mum’s visiting in a couple of weeks, but she wishes she was here now. Jazzer finds Tracy crying and feeling guilty about Brad. It’s heartbreaking that she can’t scrape enough cash together for his summer school expenses. All she can do is put in a good word for him at the chicken factory – but she won’t do that because it’s a hell hole. Gemma, her supervisor, has got it in for her. Tracy makes Jazzer promise not to tell anyone. She can’t afford to leave, but what she can do is make sure Brad never sets foot in the chicken factory.
18/07/22·13m 11s


Clarrie visits Natasha to see how she’s getting on, but instead of it being a relaxing visit, Clarrie unintentionally winds Natasha up about how exhausting it is having little ones. Natasha anxiously exclaims there’s no way she can cope on her own with two babies. Clarrie gives her a gift of hand- knitted cardies – blue for the boy and pink for the girl. Oliver tries to apologise to Brad for hiring the telehandler – he hadn’t realised the impact it would have on Brad’s work. Tracy appears and is icy with Oliver for pulling the plug on Brad’s haymaking. Oliver’s contrite, saying he knew Brad was saving up for a summer school. Tracy must be proud. Later Tracy asks Brad what he meant? After some coaxing Brad tells her about his free scholarship for a Maths summer school. But he can’t go because he can’t afford the expenses. When he mentions he’s thinking of working at the chicken factory, alarmed Tracy explains he wouldn’t be able to deal with the banter there. Despondent Brad says he’d better get used to it, hadn’t he? Later Oliver tells Clarrie about his bruising encounter with Tracy; he’s reinforced Tracy’s conviction that he’s a penny-pinching fat-cat who doesn’t care about people and she’s not the only one who thinks that. Clarrie’s reassuring; where would they be without Oliver’s generosity? She’s glad the village will be welcomed to the launch of the ‘Future Grey Gables’. When Oliver reveals his plans, she’s sure there’ll be opportunities for everyone.
17/07/22·13m 14s


Alice covers Joanne at The Stables where Shula’s just finished a riding lesson with some young people with disabilities – her favourite part of the job. Justin says they’re on track for opening the cross-country course next month. When he goes, Shula mentions her plan for Equine Assisted Therapy and possible funding for community groups. Alice thinks it’s fantastic – it was spending time with Banjo, when she was at her lowest, that got her through. But later Alice lets slip to Justin about Shula’s plan, and he’s dismissive, calling it another of Shula’s ‘do-gooding’ schemes. Angry Justin says as much to Shula – it’s got financial disaster written all over it. Shula counters that making money isn’t the only focus of the Stables. When Alice intervenes, saying that private customers pay a fortune for this kind of therapy, Justin makes a U-turn and suggests Shula investigates it. It’s Tracy’s day off from the chicken factory. She admits to Chelsea she misses the craic when she’s not there. Chelsea brings up Oliver sacking Tracy, but Tracy’s philosophical about it; she’s made friends at the factory and she, Chelsea and Brad are all in paid work. Things could be a lot worse. When Brad talks excitedly about haymaking, Tracy says it’s lovely seeing him all giddy. When he says Oliver’s really helpful, Tracy agrees that sounds about right. Later she and Chelsea are surprised by angry Brad coming home early. The haymaking all’s done; Oliver’s stupid telehandler finished it. There’s no more work. Chelsea exclaims that basically Oliver’s got Brad the sack too.
15/07/22·13m 17s


Oliver surprises Eddie and Clarrie by hiring a telehandler for their haymaking – it’ll speed things up. When they say it’s too much, Oliver says it’s a selfish gesture really; it’ll save his back. Later Eddie checks that George didn’t put the idea into Oliver’s head, but George denies it, saying Oliver has a heart of gold. When Pip returns Poppy’s school clothes to Clarrie, Clarrie senses that Pip’s upset. Pip admits she’s checked, and Rosie is overweight, but she can’t understand why when she eats so healthily. Clarrie says it will even out as she gets older and mentions that she kept giving Poppy treats after Nic died and in the end Poppy needed fillings. Will gave her a right talking to. Pip’s thoughtful and thanks Clarrie for being reassuring. When Chelsea questions why Oliver’s at the haymaking at all, Brad says it’s George who’s the pain. Oliver’s a laugh. Chelsea calls Brad a traitor for having fun with the man who gave Tracy the sack. Tracy’s grateful that Chelsea has her back, but says Brad’s got no choice who he works with. When Tracy tentatively asks how Oliver is, Brad plays it down, saying he’s a boring old duffer. Later Chelsea warns Brad that family is family – if you cross one of them, then you cross them all. Oliver Sterling’s the reason they’re in this mess. Brad’s defensive: Oliver really cares about Tracy and all of them. But Chelsea’s having none of it – Brad had better work out which side he’s on.
14/07/22·13m 14s


Susan, Clarrie and Adam check out their biogs on the Bridge Farm website, but Susan’s shocked when she sees “Bridge Farm Needs You” on the front page. She wonders what Tom was thinking. Later Helen says the website traffic’s increased. She wasn’t sure about Tom’s strategy but it seems to be hitting the mark. He’s worked really hard to do all this before the babies come next week. Clarrie cautions that Adam and Ian may have to steel themselves for opposition from the WI for their planned pizza van launch at the village fete. Jean Harvey and Pat Fletcher are going to formally object about it to the fete committee. Adam wonders about launching somewhere else, but Susan says they’re not backing down. Later she comes up with the idea of offering the WI an exclusive pizza tasing session. Once the WI have tasted them, they’re sure to fold. Brad enjoys listening to Oliver’s tales of childhood haymaking and admits he’s doing it to pay for a place at a Maths summer school. Brad’s nervous about going because he finds it hard making friends. But Oliver says that Brad didn’t know him until recently – now they get on like a house on fire. However when Oliver admires Brad’s self-funding the course, Brad says it’s because Tracy is broke; she was sacked from a job she loved. He walks off, but later apologises – his temper got the better of him. It’s the only way he takes after his mum. Oliver says he’s got a good heart too. Same as Tracy.
13/07/22·13m 16s


Helen tells Susan that she and Tom have been making plans to boost online cheese sales. As a result Tom’s been overhauling their website and social media with a more personal touch. They’re going to include postcards with every order, with a picture of the Monteys drawn by Henry and signed by everyone on the back. They’re also going to put staff photos and biogs online. Later whilst Susan almost has too much to say about herself for the biog, Clarrie struggles to know what to write. But Susan gives her some tips and Clarrie’s writer’s block lifts. They’re interrupted by Helen saying that some customers have complained that their cheese has arrived ruined. Susan unhelpfully points out that she did warn Helen that the packaging needed careful consideration. Later, based on her past postmistress experience, Susan comes up with a packaging solution and Helen calls her a genius. Susan says she might pop that in her biog. Clarrie drops off some of Poppy’s old school clothes for Rosie. But when Clarrie unwittingly says Rosie looks like she’s made of strong stuff, Pip wonders what she means. Things are awkward between Pip and Ben until Pip mentions an incident with Rosie after Clarrie left – Rosie couldn’t fit into any of Poppy’s hand-me-downs. Pip admits that Ben was right; Rosie has gained weight even though her diet is balanced. When Ben comforts her saying it will be ok, Pip counters that it feels like she’s taken her eye off the ball and let Rosie down, badly.
12/07/22·13m 4s


Lilian sets up generating some interest for the cross-country course which should be finished next month; Justin wants to launch with a bang. Shula and Alice go to see how the course is getting on. Alice can’t wait to try it. Shula comments that Alice has turned a corner these last few months – she seems settled, calm and grounded. Alice agrees – the solicitors just need to work out an amicable financial settlement and then she and Chris can put it all behind them. Alice thanks Shula – she couldn’t have survived the last year without her. Coming to The Stables and talking to Shula was such a help. George is being a hard taskmaster for Brad and Oliver haymaking at Grange Farm. George teases Brad about wanting to go to college to do his ‘A ’levels – he’s better off getting a trade and earning some money. Oliver gently sticks up for Brad, but George counters that he’s only bantering. When Oliver offers to have a word with George, Brad says he’s used to it; people at school do it too. Oliver discovers Brad’s interested in maths, and says Brad must get it from Tracy, she was always good with numbers. Brad asks gently how Oliver is after Caroline’s anniversary yesterday. Oliver says he’s alright, but he’ll always go on missing her. Later George calls Oliver boring and a soft touch, and Eddie tight. But Brad defends them and suggests they get back on with their work.
11/07/22·13m 3s


Pip and Toby discuss Rosie’s imminent start at primary school. Rosie’s looking forward to it, it’s Pip who’ll be in bits. Ben turns up and Pip comments that he’s in a good mood; it must be because Beth’s back on the scene. Ben thinks school will be good for Rosie – she’ll learn how to have a ‘healthy lifestyle’. When Pip questions this, Ben clumsily says that he’s pretty sure that, medically speaking, Rosie’s a bit overweight. Pip and Toby think Ben’s out of order. Furious Pip tells Ben she doesn’t want him babysitting for Rosie again and asks him to leave. But it gets Pip thinking and she worries to Toby about Rosie’s diet and exercise. They eventually agree that Ben’s being over the top. It’s Brad’s first day of a summer job, haymaking at Grange Farm. When he worries whether he’ll be any good at it, Tracy says it’s got to be better than slaving away in the chicken factory. Eddie shows Brad the ropes, but Brad’s alarmed when he mentions Oliver will be there. Initially distant, Brad warms up when he and Oliver get chatting about family life and Brad admits he’s enjoying the work. Eddie asks Oliver how he’s doing. Oliver says he’s bearing up, explaining to Brad that five years ago today he lost Caroline and will always miss her. When Tracy rings to see how it’s all going, Brad doesn’t mention that he’s working with Oliver and says it’s going fine. Tracy’s proud of him.
10/07/22·13m 17s


Alistair and Denise are tired after their night out at the awards. Alistair thinks it’s a scandal that Denise didn’t win. Chelsea gives them both some advice on updating their wardrobes; you can’t put a price on feeling good. Denise gives her some chocolates as a thank you, and Chelsea says she can keep the dress she lent her. When Denise insists on paying for it, chancer Chelsea suggests an outrageous price. Alistair knocks her down to twenty pounds and pays for it himself. Denise is embarrassed but Alistair declares it an award from him and Jakob – she’s the only winner in their eyes. As they pack up for the day, Alistair wishes her a good weekend. At the chicken factory Tracy’s puzzled by Gemma’s attitude, and asks if she’s done something wrong. Gemma lightens up and sympathises with Tracy’s tiredness. Later Susan notes Tracy’s already got her eye on promotion – Jazzer’s proud of her and so is she. All Tracy wants to do this weekend, apart from an afternoon cleaning shift, is sleep. However, Gemma calls and wants her in tomorrow. Conflicted Tracy accepts the extra shift rather than risk losing others. She feels she hasn’t the energy to go out tonight with Jazzer. Chelsea offers to help so that she can go; her mum works hard for them all and Chelsea thinks she’s great. Tracy’s touched. Later she asks Susan about Gemma. Susan remembers her from Emma’s days at the factory as being nice, and an ally for Emma. She asks Tracy to give Gemma her love.
08/07/22·13m 5s


Gatekeeper Josh won’t let Beth in to Brookfield to see Ben. Beth persists and Josh agrees to tell Ben she’s there. Later Beth and Ben are out walking. They make small talk for a while before Beth tells Ben Steph’s finally admitted the truth. Beth’s really sorry she’s been so stupid, but when she saw Ben and Steph together she couldn’t think straight. Ben understands. The hardest thing for him has been knowing she’s hurt and doesn’t want to be with him. He gets why she felt that way. Beth feels she doesn’t deserve him. They agree that they’re ok again; they love each other. Josh lightly teases Ben that he’s all loved up again so quickly – Ben’s been hard to be with recently. Ben just wants to forget the last few weeks ever happened. Josh thinks Beth doesn’t deserve Ben, but if Ben’s happy, Josh is happy. Alistair and Denise prepare for the vet awards event, each commenting that the other looks nice. Denise is nervous, but Alistair thinks she’ll win, especially with Jakob’s endorsement. Alistair attempts to solve a dress zip malfunction for Denise, but the zip breaks. Denise is all for bailing on the event, but Alistair has an idea. He calls Chelsea, who arrives with an assortment of her own dress options for Denise. They settle on a fuchsia pink dress with fake diamonds. Alistair is wowed – it’s perfect. He thanks Tracy for saving the day, and as they head off to the awards, Alistair can’t think of a more deserving winner than Denise.
07/07/22·13m 5s


Tracy’s on afternoons at the chicken factory today. She’s left some ideas for safety improvements on Gemma’s desk. She wants to do the job properly. Jazzer thinks she’ll smash it; she’s management material. Gemma rings and asks her for a chat. She stops enthusiastic Tracy in her tracks, pointing out her role on the production line is simply to get on with the job. She accuses Tracy of chatting during her induction and has asked Paddy, in charge of the production line, to keep an eye on her. She’s moved her to the less salubrious back end of the line. She hopes Tracy’s ready for a 6am start tomorrow. Later Tracy tells Jazzer and Jim it’s all going well. She’s tired, but she’ll get Saturday off. Steph’s grateful to her dad for getting Beth to agree to talk to her – she needs Beth’s forgiveness. Vince counsels her to always face up to her mistakes. Truth will always out. But later with Beth, Steph sticks to her story that it was Ben who made the running. Vince calls her out, demanding she tell the truth, which she finally does. Beth’s furious, and asks why Steph lied. Steph’s so sorry. She’s jealous of Beth; she just felt stupid and ugly. Beth struggles to forgive Steph for causing unnecessary misery. Vince asks Steph to move out – he needs to stop treating her like a princess and looking after her. It’s Beth’s turn. Later Vince reassures Beth – Steph will be ok. Beth’s left Ben a message. What if she’s lost him for good?
06/07/22·13m 14s


Will talks to Lynda about his pottery stall for the fete. She’s admiring of his new hobby. Will’s sorry Lynda’s refused Oliver’s offer to help fund the fete. Lynda insists she can’t get over her disappointment with Oliver about how he handled the Grey Gables closure. Will continues to defend Oliver, pointing out he paid staff out of his own pocket. Lynda acknowledges this, but declares they were a family, and Oliver let them go. Will promises her he had no choice. Lynda goes to see Oliver, who’s building a shelving unit for Will’s pottery stall, and relents. She appreciates his generosity of spirit, and accepts his offer. Oliver’s delighted. Will approaches with some of his ceramic pieces. Lynda attempts to hide her opinion. Tracy’s nervous about her induction day at the chicken factory. Jazzer’s not happy about her working there, or juggling two jobs, but Tracy points out it’s better paid than her cleaning work. Jazzer wishes he could get enough hours to fund them both, but Tracy reminds him they’re a team. Her supervisor Gemma shows her the ropes and soon has her down as a quick learner. Keen Tracy spots a safety hazard, which doesn’t go down well with her new boss. Oblivious Tracy reports later how nice everyone seems. Jazzer’s prepared a dinner of chicken nuggets, and as they banter Jazzer reckons it’s good to see Tracy laughing. Perhaps this job won’t be so bad after all.
05/07/22·13m 12s


Vince is frosty with Steph as he worries about Beth. He tells Steph he’s going to a meeting and will be back late, but Steph persuades him to come over for dinner. She’ll cook and they can celebrate the builders finishing. Vince agrees and Steph thanks him – she knows she’s let him and Beth down, but she’ll make up for it. She’s not proud of herself. Vince suggests she tells Beth that. Steph insists she doesn’t have feelings for Ben – but she feels he’s always been flirty and may have had an ulterior motive the night of the kiss. She begins to heavily bend the truth about events leading up to it, but Vince advises she tell the truth to Beth. It might be her last chance. Tom and Helen discuss Natasha’s mum’s upcoming visit. It’s made such a difference knowing she’ll be there to help. Tom hopes Pat’s ok with it. Helen reassures him, before they move on to discussing strategy for the online cheese venture. They have to be bold and turn the Grey Gables setback into something positive. Helen picks Susan’s brains, and believes her Post Office know-how will be vital. Tom takes Lynda a veg box. Oliver joins them with a proposal for tonight’s fete meeting. Lynda cuts him off, suggesting he attends the meeting. She’s still annoyed with him over Grey Gables. Later at the meeting Oliver offers to put money into the fete, to give back to the village. Susan’s interested, but Lynda snubs him – it’s a definite no.
04/07/22·13m 7s


At the cricket match, Jim’s feeling put out. He’s overheard some of the Darrington players mocking him over his scoring prowess, suggesting he’s past it. Tracy suggests he ignores them, and confirms Jim’s mind and eyes are still pin sharp. Needled Tracy reckons they should bend the rules a bit by putting the better Gleeson in to bat twice. Pat’s not sure it feels right, but Tracy goes ahead. Later she acknowledges it didn’t really work and she felt so worries she couldn’t enjoy it – turns out she’s not made for cheating! Pat suggests they chalk it down to experience, and practise so that next time they win fair and square. Jim has spotted Tracy’s subterfuge, and declares that all play in future should fall within the letter and spirit of cricketing law. Tom and Natasha load veg boxes; she’s fed up of being told to put her feet up and wants to work. Helen calls in to talk new markets. She wants to opt for strengthening existing cheese sales via an online offer, rather than diversifying too soon into mozzarella. Natasha agrees – find your sweet spot in an already established market. The business chat and banter about baby names continues later as they all prepare a family tea at Bridge Farm. Tony’s absent seeing to the Monteys, which disappoints Helen. She was keen to share his research on buffalo. Natasha and Pat think it would be best to focus on the cheese by post for now, but Helen and Tom think there might be room for both enterprises. Pat cautions they’ll have their hands full with the babies soon, but Natasha announces her solution – her mum’s coming to stay after they’re born.
03/07/22·12m 51s


Russ feels awkward at the illicit rave, not open to persuasion by Lily or Chelsea to get involved. He asks Chelsea how she always stays so positive, and she shares some homespun philosophy. Chelsea drags reluctant Russ off to try and get some of his preferred tunes played. She teases him over his lack of movement, but he asserts he could dance her under the table if the music’s right. Lily bumps into old flame Sol at the crowded bar area and he offers to get her drinks for her. They chat, Sol making it clear he’d rather she was with him than with Russ. He makes some not unkind comments about the age gap between Russ and Lily. Lily asserts she’s happy with Russ. She concedes they have disagreements, like everyone, but she’s committed to him. Sol speculates on what could have been, but doesn’t want to cause trouble. Lily’s flattered, but insists she’s not interested and says goodbye. She finds Russ on the dancefloor, a little the worse for wear but having fun. She likes this side of him and joins in. Josh has allowed Ben to attend the rave on the condition he goes with him. Ben spills his beer over unimpressed Chelsea, and storms off for some space. Josh promises to buy Chelsea a drink by way of apology for his brother. Josh finds tearful Ben wandering alone. He sobs that he loves Beth, but however hard he tries he can’t stop things falling apart. He’s messed up everything and doesn’t know how to fix it.
01/07/22·13m 5s


Helen’s excited to hear all the gossip about Adil from reluctant Kirsty, and when they meet up later Kirsty gives her the lowdown on the previous evening. She explains how Adil had to spend the night on their sofa as he missed locking up time at Ambridge Hall. Helen can tell Kirsty likes Adil and gently teases her before remarking how nice it is to see her happy. She and Adil clearly have chemistry. Kirsty agrees it felt effortless, and that if he’d have made a move she would have responded. Elizabeth asks David how Ben’s doing. He admits Ruth’s worried about him. Elizabeth can’t see Ben doing what’s he’s been accused of. She comments Vince is worried too about his daughters, and doesn’t know what to do. She offers to talk to Ben, who arrives having been sent home for falling asleep on the ward. Ben declares to Elizabeth that his relationship’s over – whatever he does or says he’s always going to be the bad guy. Elizabeth’s concerned Ben seems to have given up, and suggests to David someone should keep a close eye on him. Alice and Chris negotiate an agreement for Kate to have Martha overnight after a toddler gym session, and discuss plans they each have for taking Martha on holiday. They can’t believe how easy this all seems now they’ve called a truce. They discuss trying to bring their families back together – both sides are struggling to adjust to this new friendship. Alice suggests another christening for Martha. Chris thinks it’s a great idea.
30/06/22·12m 56s


Beth calls Ben, giving him some hope when she says she wants to talk. But she continues to bat away his protestations of innocence, still insisting she’s heard it all before, and doesn’t know whether to believe he didn’t want to kiss Steph. In spite of herself she reciprocates when Ben declares he misses her. They chat further, both of them enjoying this time talking together like they used to. But then Beth explains she’s sick of being the brainy alternative one while her glamorous sister gets everything she wants. She can’t trust Ben completely. She wants to believe him, but it’s not enough. To Ben’s utter dismay, Beth says goodbye. Roy’s invited Adil over for dinner. He really wants Kirsty’s help with the prep, but she escapes to freshen up. When they’ve eaten Roy’s attempt at an authentic curry, diplomatic Adil struggles to describe it, breaking the ice. They chat about Phoebe’s recent birthday and how she’s enjoying her time in Scotland, and a little about Kate the goldfish, before tired Roy hints at calling it a night. Kirsty’s keen to keep the evening going. She learns Adil knows a little about palmistry, and along with the other things she discovered about him, she likes what she hears. When she accidentally spills scalding hot tea over him, he quickly removes his trousers. Roy comes in and jumps to conclusions, before making a hasty exit, much to Kirsty and Adil’s amusement. Adil thanks Kirsty – he was finding it difficult to warm to Ambridge, but tonight he’s had the best time.
29/06/22·13m 12s


Lily’s shoe shopping for an exhibition she’s agreed to attend with Russ. She asks if they might go to a rave on Friday in return for the favour. Russ is disparaging of the rave, so Lily playfully gives up on the shoes. She continues to work on him – she wants a chance to let her hair down. After more flirty teasing, Russ gives in. He maintains he’d always have agreed to go to the rave, he just wanted to see how long Lily’s sulk would last. Ben’s incredulous that Steph’s still at Beth’s. He assumed Beth would have thrown her out by now. Steph insists she and Ben are in this together. Ben can’t believe Steph hasn’t told Beth that she instigated the kiss. He’d never look twice at someone like her! Stung, Steph calls her dad, who’s convinced Beth to sit down and talk to her. With Vince sitting between them, unimpressed Beth wants the truth, and confronts Steph with the question: was the kiss all her doing? Steph’s reflex is to say no. Vince urges her to be honest. But Steph feels she always gets the blame for everything; she puts the responsibility as much with Ben as herself. Vince ventures that Ben doesn’t seem the type, but Beth counters grimly that they never do. Steph pushes it too far when she comments that she always picks idiots and Beth always attracts cheaters. Vince tells Steph to go and get her things from Beth’s place, as Beth cries in his arms, wondering what she’s going to do.
28/06/22·13m 6s


Vince has two daughters on his hands to deal with after yesterday. Elizabeth sympathises and brings him lunch while the builders continue to work in his kitchen. She says she’s spoken to Ben, and tries to put his point of view to Vince. She emphasises how unlike Ben it would be to do something like kiss his girlfriend’s sister, but Vince is able to focus only on Beth and Steph and how they’re feeling right now. Tom and Helen joke good naturedly about name suggestions for the twins, before Adil arrives to be shown round the farm. Tom’s determined he should see the thick of the action around their beautiful veg, as Helen points out to Adil that losing Grey Gables as a customer wasn’t something they were expecting. Adil’s impressed with the farm, reassuring them they’ll have the Grey Gables business back in eighteen months. He further suggests a mutually beneficial relationship – Grey Gables could lease them some grazing land to allow Bridge Farm to diversify into other cheese varieties. After he’s gone Tom and Helen can see possibilities, but Helen’s keen to guard against empty promises. They agree it’s worth exploring some options. Alice is taking Martha to a Borchester park. Envious Chris has tedious paperwork planned, so Alice suggests he joins them. She admits the trip is to take her mind off today’s social services assessment result. Chris is worried too. Alice reads the email when it arrives. There will be no further action regarding Martha’s accident. They’re both elated; they’ve been handed a clean slate.
27/06/22·13m 7s


It’s the day of Steph’s Suddenly Single party at Brookfield Barn. There’s early disaster as Steph’s hair and make-up artist cancels. Ben comes up with a solution in the form of Chelsea Horrobin. When Chelsea arrives she’s a little starstruck by influencer Steph, and at first the two of them hit it off. Chelsea ends up encouraging Steph, and taking pictures for her social accounts. However the party bombs, and Steph’s demands get a bit much for Chelsea. With few guests other than the male stripper even Steph can’t pretend it’s going well, and Chelsea tells it like it is. She points out that people are siding with Steph’s husband Liam online, before declaring she’s leaving. She doesn’t know why she bothered helping Steph. Steph protests she’s paying Chelsea to be there, but Chelsea doesn’t care. The party well and truly over, Steph is left crying over the pinata. She admits to Ben that the whole event was to show Liam what a good time she was having, and to try and win him back. Now she’s just an embarrassment. She looks awful on social. Ben comforts her, taking her phone away from her; not everything’s about looks. Steph misreads Ben’s sympathy and goes in for a kiss just as Beth walks in. Shocked Beth leaves, bumping into bewildered David on her way out. Ben tries to follow her, protesting his innocence, but Beth runs. David counsels his son to let Beth go and cool off. Distraught Ben insists he didn’t do anything.
26/06/22·13m 3s


Lynda comments to Kirsty that Adil wouldn’t stop talking about rewilding after his tour. Kirsty has no luck in persuading Lynda to be kinder to Adil. Adam joins them; he’s keen to work out logistics for his and Ian’s pizza van at the fete meeting later. Lynda warns that the WI may not welcome their new enterprise. Lynda thinks Adam should have beef with Adil as he made Ian redundant but Adam remains neutral – something had to change with Grey Gables losing so much money. Lynda isn’t convinced the village will benefit at all when the hotel reopens. When Adil arrives at the Tearoom and Kirsty and Lynda introduce him to Adam, Adam wastes no time in promoting his and Ian’s pizza van venture. This makes Adil and Kirsty hungry. Adil asks if he can buy her breakfast. Uncooperative Martha has delayed Chris getting her dressed, and she isn’t ready when Alice comes to collect her. Chris invites Alice in and is amazed how compliant Martha becomes. With Chris’ first client of the day cancelling, Alice stays on a while with him. They compare their experiences of being interviewed by the social worker, and Alice announces she’s cancelled the care hearing. Chris is over the moon and they agree to no more fighting. They tell one another how amazing they are as a parent and Alice is touched when Chris says he believes she’ll never drink again. They can only hope the social worker sees that they’re good parents and pursues no further action.
24/06/22·13m 6s


Beth and Steph both enjoyed their recent night out but that doesn’t help Beth make sense of Steph’s plans for her Suddenly Single party, which includes a stripper. Beth tries to persuade Steph to cancel the party. Steph’s defensive at first but then seems like she might come round. Ben arrives with the decorations Steph requested. Steph quickly dismisses her and Beth’s conversation. They look through the items and Steph gets more excited to Beth’s consternation. Later Beth asks Ben why he’s supporting Steph’s party when it’s a terrible idea. Ben accepts she might be right but tries to offer a more positive view. Beth apologises for having a go at him but then accuses him of encouraging Steph just to get their own space again. Ben talks her down, saying there is only so much she can do to protect her sister. She sees his point and agrees it would be great to have her room back to herself. Alice gives her version of Martha’s accident in the playground to Sam the social worker. She declares that she’s an alcoholic in recovery and Sam assures her he’s not there to catch her out. Alice explains it’s been fraught between her and Chris lately due the financial settlement and care hearing for their divorce. Alice is surprised when Sam asks about Chris’s relationship with Amy. Alice defends Chris and denies the relationship had any impact on his care for Martha. She concludes that it’s money that has poisoned their divorce and she’s not even sure how it has all become so stressful.
23/06/22·13m 1s


As Neil tries to calm Chris before the imminent social worker visit, Chris can’t remember the last time he felt vaguely relaxed. Sam the social worker asks Chris about what happened with Martha’s accident. Chris is full of guilt. When Sam asks if Chris thinks Alice’s recovery has lapsed, Chris emphatically replies no. Chris praises Alice’s strengths as a mother and then gets tearful. He admits he’s heartbroken that their marriage is over. Kirsty ties herself in knots as she compliments Adil on his appearance when they meet for a tour of the rewilding land. Adil’s amused, and teases her. Kirsty explains that part of her role is to grow the number of visitors the rewilding site has. Adil asks for advice on winning round Lynda. Kirsty’s sure Lynda would like him if she gave him a chance. Kirsty’s impressed with how Adil handled yesterday when Lynda was rude to him. Adil’s determined to keep trying with Lynda. He hopes the new Grey Gables will have approval from the whole community, including Lynda. The social worker thanks Chris for the tea and biscuits before heading out. Neil arrives and tells Sam that Chris is a fantastic father, embarrassing Chris. Neil also mentions it’s Chris’s birthday. Once Sam has left, Chris worries that his dad’s words might have made it look like he was asking for special treatment. He also frets that he’s been too nice about Alice in his social worker interview. He feels like his whole future depends on whatever Alice says in her interview.
22/06/22·13m 16s


Chris relays to Neil that a date has come through for the court hearing for the care of Martha. Neil suggests Chris fills in his solicitor about Martha’s accident. Chris calls Neil to let him know the solicitor’s response – it could be used as evidence against Alice, and is Chris sure that Alice hadn’t been drinking? Later Neil tries to reassure Chris who is stressed about his social worker interview tomorrow, and consumed by anxiety over his solicitor asking about Alice’s drinking. Neil carefully asks how sure he is about Alice’s sobriety but Chris doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Kirsty and Lynda reflect on the closure of Grey Gables and Lynda admits it’s not easy having Adil as a guest. Adil interrupts them, keen to hear about rewilding. Listening to Kirsty he is reminded of his grandmother who practices zero budget natural farming in Pakistan. Adil tries to compliment Lynda by likening her to his force of nature grandmother. But Lynda remains cool towards Adil. Robert joins them and Adil jokes about Kirsty leaving rewilding to work for the new Grey Gables. Robert ticks off Lynda for not finding it funny. Lynda changes the subject by reminding Adil he has to stop singing in the shower; they’ve had a complaint. Adil asks for a tour of the rewilding, something Lynda would also like. However, she claims to be unavailable at the time suggested by Kirsty. Kirsty says that’s absolutely fine – they’ll just have to have separate tours.
21/06/22·12m 56s


Ben finds Steph in the freshly cleaned kitchen at Beth’s place – Steph’s gesture of thanks to Beth for letting her share her room. Steph knows she’s been driving Beth mad, but it’s been a weird time for her. Beth gets home from work to find Ben and Steph chatting away. She’s blown away by the spotless kitchen and fridge. When Steph offers to make tea Beth jokes she’s like a totally different person! Ben tells Beth how overwhelming his prep for work is next week, and Beth suggests they stay in tonight. Ben thinks Beth should go out with Steph, and seeing her sister in a new light, Beth agrees. As Martha and Xander play in the park, Adam chats to Alice about his and Ian’s artisan pizza van venture. Alice is unhappy when Chris arrives to pick up Martha earlier than agreed. Alice and Chris argue over who’s unreasonable, but as Adam attempts to mediate they all miss Martha climbing up a slide. Martha falls and injures her head. In A&E Chris and Alice are tense as a doctor confirms Martha can go home when she wakes up. Neither want to leave Martha tonight. They argue about who she should go home with, and whose fault it was that Martha fell. Having overheard their ugly row, the doctor explains she understands this was an accident, but she is concerned for Martha’s welfare. She’s made a referral to children’s social services. Alice and Chris are horrified.
20/06/22·12m 55s


Lynda asks Robert to speak to Adil about his singing in the shower. Robert thinks Adil has an excellent voice; Lynda should cast him in her next production. As Lynda remarks her production days are over, Robert notes Lynda isn’t Adil’s biggest fan. Lynda confronts Adil herself about the singing, but when Robert drops in Lynda’s history with local productions, Adil’s keen to get involved. Lynda tells Adil she has no interest in working with someone who is out to destroy her community. Cautious, Adil tells them he’s planning on holding a consultation with the village – he hopes Lynda will join. As he leaves Lynda berates Adil’s cheek. Robert can’t see Lynda’s problem; Adil is a paying guest, a nice person and just doing his job. Chris bumps into Usha and asks after Amy, but Usha’s more concerned about Chris. Chris feels bad about how things ended with Amy, but Usha tells Chris he did the decent thing. When Usha informs him Amy’s met someone new, Chris says she deserves to be happy. Usha reminds Chris he deserves to be happy too. Chris confesses he’s avoiding the family Father’s Day lunch – he’s too depressing to be around and his family have earned a day off. Usha is sympathetic as Chris tells her about the court hearing. She asks if he can talk to Alice, but Chris thinks it’s too late. Usha encourages Chris not to catastrophise but to focus on the here and now, and enjoy Martha. Chris promises to try and do that.
19/06/22·13m 11s


Alistair congratulates Denise on making it to the final of the vet nurse of the year competition. He’s delighted for her. He gives Jakob some feedback on the supporting statement Jakob’s written that will be read out if Denise wins. Alistair remarks that Jakob’s statement is a bit cool and clinical, and he gives some examples of how better to describe Denise’s warmth as a person. Jakob hurriedly types up Alistair’s words. Before the end of the day Jakob reads out a few passages from his improved supporting statement. Denise is touched at how kind Jakob’s statement is – she comments to Alistair she had no idea he possessed such deep feelings. Alistair holds his tongue. Neil’s grateful to Jazzer for working overtime even though he won’t get paid for it. Neil’s covering Hannah’s work while Hannah’s gone to visit her mum. He’s given Martyn a cover story for her absence. Martyn’s yet to say anything more on the further economies that need to be found at Berrow. Jazzer’s concerned as he can’t afford to lose any more hours. Neil tracks down Martyn so that he can give Jazzer his word that his hours won’t be cut any further. Martyn then suggests other ways they can save money, which Neil and Jazzer diplomatically bat away. Privately neither Jazzer nor Neil are sure how much they can trust Martyn on not cutting Jazzer’s job. Neil can’t give any guarantees, but he’s going to try his damnedest to find other ways to save on costs.
17/06/22·12m 59s


Susan prepares a Mediterranean spread for Hannah, who’s feeling the strain of stress at work combined with supporting dementia care for her mum. Susan’s planning to knit booties for Natasha and Tom’s new-borns. Over dinner, Hannah wistfully reminisces about visiting Lisbon with her mum before her dementia set in. These days Hannah’s taking calls from her step-dad who is caring for her mum, and she wonders when the right time will be to find residential care for her. She’s grateful to Neil and Susan for listening to her. Neil wants her to know that they’re friends as well as colleagues. Hannah then gets a message from Con, her step-dad – she needs to call him. It won’t be a quick one so she reluctantly takes her leave. Susan sends her off with a food parcel to take home. Hannah tells Neil he married a really good woman. Neil agrees Susan’s the very best. Tom’s grateful that he and Natasha are being fed at Bridge Farm. They’re still settling in at April Cottage. Tony’s pleased to hear it was all good news at yesterday’s scan. Natasha joins them and Tony heads off on an errand. She’s unperturbed by Tom’s shock on learning that she’s told Pat what she learned about the sex of their babies. After realising that Tony also knows the information having being told by Pat, Tom relents and agrees to be told. Natasha announces that they are having a girl and a boy. Tom thinks that’s perfect. He couldn’t be happier.
16/06/22·13m 4s


David and Ruth try to placate Ben who’s fed up with Steph being in the way at Beth’s home. David checked in with Vince yesterday about Steph’s Suddenly Single party. Vince was grateful for David’s concern for her wellbeing. Steph requests a punchbag and a pinata with Liam’s face on for the party. David insists she’ll have to source those herself. He’s not happy about holding the party, but Ruth reminds him they can’t pick and choose their customers. Beth joins Ben as he moves a group of sheep. They share one another’s frustration with not having their own space. Neither of them feels comfortable being intimate at Brookfield. Ben’s hopeful that the Suddenly Single party will help Beth move on and out of Beth’s place. Beth complains about Steph eating her food and leaving the kitchen in a mess. Ben thinks she should challenge Steph but Beth says she only ends up crying. Beth is at a loss as to how to tackle it. Ben gives some supportive advice based on what his course mates have said. Beth is put out that Ben’s been sharing details of their sex life, or lack of it, with other people. Tom’s tense while he waits with Natasha for her scan. She reassures him – their babies are going to be fine. They chat about Stella running Home Farm in Brian’s absence, wondering how Adam will feel. The sonographer confirms everything looks well with their babies. Tom leaves the room and Natasha can’t wait to find out if she’s having girls or boys.
15/06/22·13m 9s


Justin’s caught out when Hannah calls him out on his visit to Berrow; it must be due to Brian’s resignation. Hannah and Neil are suspicious as Justin talks about his attitude towards Berrow. He appears to be setting the scene for him to return to the B.L. role there. Martyn arrives and asks for a word with him. Tony and Natasha watch a new-born Angus get to its feet. Natasha’s using her time away from Summer Orchard’s day-to-day running to assess the future of the operation. Tony’s grateful for all the effort she, Tom and Helen are making with Bridge Farm’s businesses. Tony’s bemused by Natasha and Tom’s compromise over finding out the sex of their babies – Natasha will know, but Tom won’t. Natasha explains Tom doesn’t want to tempt fate after his and Kirsty’s experience of a late miscarriage. Tony hopes Natasha will share what she learns with him and Pat. Hannah shares with Neil the difficulties she has with her mum, who has dementia. She acknowledges that Neil also has it hard with the stress of Chris’ divorce. She expresses her annoyance at Brian’s departure and remarks that anyone but Justin would be better as their new boss. Meanwhile, Justin presents to Martyn his case for taking up the reins again at Berrow. Martyn explains that he and the rest of the B.L. board have agreed that while they think Justin would be adequate, they’ve decided that Martyn himself should take the position. All he needs to do now is break the good news to the staff.
14/06/22·13m 2s


Tom’s surprised at how much unpacking and rearranging Natasha has done at April Cottage. Natasha assures him she only supervised; Tony and Johnny did all the heavy lifting. Tom explains how he and Helen want to be more proactive in securing business after losing a number of contracts. Natasha offers to help set up meetings but Tom reminds her she’s supposed to be relaxing. Natasha mentions her conversation with Susan yesterday. It’s made her rethink not finding out what their babies are before they are born. Jakob reveals to Denise that he and Kate still don’t agree on what happened with Amy and Chris. Furthermore, he and Chris haven’t made up yet either. Denise is sympathetic and Jakob recognises her concern. He mentions he may include this quality if he has to supply extra information for Denise’s Vet Nurse of the Year nomination. Both Neil and Jazzer didn’t sleep well knowing B.L. are discussing Berrow’s future today. Much to the relief of both of them, Brian delivers the news that the pig unit will remain open. While further economies need to be made, there won’t be any job losses, but Jazzer will remain on reduced hours. Neil thanks Brian for his effort in keeping Berrow open. Brian clocks that the conversation is awkward and assures Neil that their personal and professional lives will not clash again. Brian announces that he’s taking a holiday, and also stepping down as B.L.’s representative for Berrow.
13/06/22·13m 6s


David and Ruth admire Brookfield’s newly installed solar panels. Meanwhile David’s still unsure about hosting Steph’s Suddenly Single party. He’s not sure they should accept the booking while she’s in a vulnerable state. Ruth thinks a party could be the best way for Steph to move on from her marriage break up. At the first Borchester Show in two years, Jazzer helps Ed prepare his ram lamb for the show ring. Plenty of people from Ambridge are at the show. Jazzer’s stunned to learn that Will has taken up pottery. Then, Jazzer spots Ed’s ram lamb has a limp. Jakob extracts a small thorn from the lamb’s hoof and to Ed’s relief, they’re able to take part in the show. Jazzer asks if Ed has any shearing work as he’s not sure if he’ll have a job after tomorrow’s B.L. board meeting. Ed offers to turn down who he’s already booked but Jazzer won’t take work off another person. At the shop, Natasha and Susan share their experiences of having strange dreams while pregnant. Natasha explains that they’ve decided to wait until the birth to know the sex of the twins. They laugh at the myths around how to tell if a baby will be a girl or a boy. Susan thinks she’s inherited some of her mother’s intuition when it comes to unborn babies. Suddenly she feels like she gets a sense of Natasha’s babies but they then both dismiss it as nonsense.
12/06/22·13m 14s


Ben and Beth have a luxury afternoon tea at The Orangery. Chelsea serves them and Beth teases Ben about Chelsea giving him special attention. Beth feels flat after her dad sided with Steph over her infidelity. Ben encourages her to forget all about it for the weekend. But then Steph turns up. She can’t stay at Vince’s anymore – he’s trying to persuade her to make it up to Liam but she’s sure they’re finished. She asks Beth if she can stay with her, and Beth immediately says no. Steph walks off and Ben wonders if Beth was too harsh on her sister. When Steph returns after a walk she tells Beth she’s right. She doesn’t blame her for not wanting to room share with her. Beth relents and says Steph can stay for a few days – but then wonders what she’s let herself in for. Jazzer turns up at Greenacres, this time to attend to a towel rail he thinks is need of repair. Jim asks him how things are with the Horrobins. Jazzer admits he’s finding it too loud over there. At Greenacres he was the loud one but at Tracy’s it’s all so raucous! Jim advises that Jazzer needs to commit to his new home, and Jazzer realises he needs to stay true to his word to Chelsea that he’ll be sticking around. Later, as Jim looks ahead to an evening to himself, he’s interrupted by Chelsea. She’s fed up with Brad having friends round so she’s come over for some peace and quiet.
10/06/22·13m 8s


After a successful birdwatching walk, Jim asks Robert to stay for dinner. Jim hasn’t yet adjusted to Jazzer’s absence and has over-catered. But Robert needs to get back to look after Adil. Lynda hasn’t taken to him. Jim tells Robert he doesn’t want to look for another lodger. Meanwhile, at 6 The Green, Jazzer trips over the vacuum cleaner and he and Tracy bicker. Their disagreement worsens when he tries to switch it on and it’s unresponsive. He seeks sanctuary at Greenacres. Jim doesn’t mind if Jazzer needs a few minutes after a heated situation but it looks like he’s set to spend the whole evening there. Tracy calls round at Greenacres and apologises to Jazzer for their earlier disagreement. She’s stressed about money and the vacuum cleaner breaking was the last straw. Jim facilitates Jazzer’s acceptance of Tracy’s apology. Jazzer returns to Tracy’s, apologising to Jim for curtailing their evening together. Jim tells him not to give it a second thought. Brian stalls his yoga practice with Kate with news of Brookfield’s booking for Steph’s Suddenly Single party. Kate emphasises how she can help Brian’s health with her knowledge. Brian eventually gives yoga a go but concludes it’s not for him. However, Kate has made him think about taking his health more seriously. He’s pleased to have had an insight into what Kate does for a living. Father and daughter tell one another what they admire about each other and Brian congratulates Kate on the success she’s made of Spiritual Home.
09/06/22·13m 13s


Steph’s feeling sorry for herself on the sofa at Vince’s house. Beth holds her tongue as Steph puts in her order for breakfast. Beth questions why Liam isn’t the one moving out when Steph explains her plans to stay at Vince’s for a while. With Vince voicing his anger towards Liam, Beth and Ben offer to collect Steph’s things. Steph advises to blank Liam if they find him at home. Everything seems to be ticking over nicely at Brookfield until an emotional Steph unexpectedly turns up. She explains that her and Liam are over and requests the promotional interview they did for the Brookfield events barn is taken down. Steph lays the blame for her break up with David and Ruth after they recommended honesty for a successful marriage. She books the barn for a Suddenly Single party, saying it will bring her closure. Ruth wonders if it’s a bit soon for that kind of event but is willing to take the booking. David is less enthusiastic but is happier once they’ve confirmed that Steph doesn’t expect the booking to be free of charge. Ben and Beth discover from Liam that it was actually Steph who cheated. Ben brings the news back to Brookfield. Meanwhile, Beth goes back to Vince’s and challenges Steph, who pleads with her sister not to tell their dad. She’s relieved when Beth says she won’t but then Beth makes Steph tell Vince herself. To Beth’s disgust, Vince sympathises with Steph. Beth leaves, saying sarcastically that she has an appointment with the real world.
08/06/22·13m 13s


Brian assures relieved Kate that Spiritual Home won’t be taken into account in the negotiation with Chris over Home Farm’s assets. Kate ministers to her convalescing dad, offering him various remedial strategies none of which he’s finding the least bit attractive. He seeks some peace in the eco office, where Stella finds him contemplating the future of Berrow. She scolds him gently, and he accuses her of being in league with his hyper attentive family. When he persists with work talk she becomes seriously agitated, explaining that her father worked himself into an early grave, and that she’d been there when he had a heart attack. She doesn’t want history to repeat itself with Brian. Brian softens, and agrees that maybe he should take some time out. Stella suggests he takes Kate up on her offer of yoga sessions. He agrees – as long as there isn’t a leotard involved. Ruth’s grateful to Beth for sharing her expertise at the cattle auction. Beth’s more than happy to oblige for her boyfriend’s mum. Ruth’s bought thirty five milkers and half a dozen in-calf heifers, well within budget thanks to Beth. Vince stands Beth and Ben a champagne dinner at a posh restaurant. Vince is full of jolly anecdotes, and Beth teases him fondly. A call from hysterical Steph halts proceedings. She turns up at the restaurant and informs them Liam’s had an affair, and she’s walked out. Can she stay with Vince? Her dad assures her she’ll have everything she needs. All she has to do is ask.
07/06/22·13m 6s


Ben’s reluctant to leave for uni. He gets the result of a theoretical assessment today and he’s not confident. Beth assures him he’ll have smashed it. David explains the cow missed from their delivery last week is arriving today, having recovered from a bruised leg. He asks Beth if she’d be prepared to give Ruth some advice on the auctioneers handling tomorrow’s dispersal sale. Beth would be happy to help. David gets a message from Vince; he’s coming over this afternoon. Beth laughs that there’s no escape from her dad. Later when Vince is at Brookfield, Ben announces he came second in the group for his assessment. Vince reckons it calls for a celebration at the Bull. But the drinks are on Beth, who’s just had a bonus from Rodway and Watson. Ben tells her she’d done amazingly, and Vince asserts they both have. He wants to take them all out for a meal. He’s alone this week – it would have been Nigel’s birthday, and he wants to give Elizabeth and the family space. Beth thinks that’s really sweet of her dad. She’s glad they managed to make up. Jim helps Jazzer pack. He finds some remarkable items, and is suitably diplomatic. They find a history book Jim lent him, which Jim lets him keep. It gets emotional as Jazzer gives him a card, declaring Jim’s the nearest thing to a dad he’s ever had. They laugh – Jazzer’s only moving across the Green! Jim suggests Jazzer keeps a key to Greenacres, and they share a long hug, before Jazzer leaves.
06/06/22·12m 55s


It’s the Ambridge community picnic. Fallon recounts the difficulty around the logistics of judging the perfect pudding competition. Natasha agrees the whole process must have been tiring for Fallon. They chat about Natasha and Tom’s move to April Cottage, until Fallon’s called into action once again due to an errant child. Jim catches up with Jazzer at the croquet game. He tries to return to the subject of Jazzer’s departure from Greenacres. They’re interrupted by Lilian, who’s excited they’re about to announce the result of the Unsung Hero vote. To Jim’s astonishment, he’s the winner. Initially overwhelmed, he takes the opportunity to make an impromptu speech about the value of true friendship, and dedicates his award to the ones he’ll miss when they’re gone. Jazzer gets the reference, and is choked up. Close on the heels of this comes the reveal of Natasha as the winner of the perfect pudding competition. Chelsea’s pleased about Jim – she’d voted for him. Lilian reckons he must have been campaigning, but Chelsea assures her that’s not so. He’s not like that, unlike Lilian. Jim isn’t at all keen for the next part of his prize: posing on a throne for a press photo. Jazzer bails him out by suggesting Natasha takes his place. Jim and Fallon are both grateful for Jazzer’s neat solution, and Natasha enjoys her moment in front of the camera. Fallon pledges the first portion of Natasha’s prizewinning dessert free to Jazzer. Jim wonders meaningfully what he’d do without Jazzer, musing pensively that he’s about to find out.
05/06/22·13m 2s


Alistair points out to Jim that his actions yesterday hurt Jazzer. Jim obfuscates. Alistair tells him he can’t keep battening down the hatches when something affects him. Jim admits he’ll be sad to see Jazzer go, but he is after all just the lodger. Alistair’s exasperated. Finally Jim confesses he didn’t want Jazzer to see that he minded about him leaving. He agrees to talk to Jazzer, at the appropriate moment. Ruairi’s late for breakfast and apologises to Julianne. He turns on his phone and there’s an avalanche of alerts. He races back to Willow Cottage. Alice is determined her dad shouldn’t downplay what’s happened to him. It was an angina attack, and they won’t know how serious it is until he’s visited the chest clinic. Brian can’t believe the fuss everyone’s making. He’s miffed that Stella has banned him making work calls. He’s delighted when Ruairi arrives. Alice tells Ruairi how well Stella did with it all, and Ruairi responds that he’s glad at least someone knew what they were doing. Stung, Alice leaves the room. Ruairi wishes he hadn’t gone out last night. His dad could have died. Brian reassures him all’s well. Perhaps between the two of them they can get everyone off his back. Seeing Ruairi has been a tonic for the soul. Ruairi says he won’t leave Brian’s side. Julianne’s keen Ruairi doesn’t renege on his commitments. Alice sees Ruairi as Julianne drives off. She asks if he can stick around for a few days. No, replies Ruairi, he needs to get back to London.
03/06/22·13m 14s


Ruairi’s home, and Brian suggests a drink in Borchester if he’s up for it. It’s the anniversary of the death of Ruairi’s mum Siobhan, and Brian wonders if he’d like to chat. Ruairi hesitates before agreeing. His friend Julianne calls him and requests that he attends a charity auction with her this evening in Birmingham. There’ll be a bonus in it for him. Ruairi accepts, fobbing off Brian with an excuse about old school friends. Julianne flatters Ruairi and hands him a key to a superior suite for the night. She successfully bids on a prestige lot and gifts it to Ruairi. He gets an alert on his phone; unimpressed Julianne reminds him it should be switched off. Jazzer’s attempting to cook everyone dinner at Greenacres. Alistair and Jim quietly wonder what the occasion is. After a false start Jazzer duly serves up a meal to his hungry housemates, and drops his news that he’ll be moving in with Tracy. Alistair’s delighted for him, but Jim reacts badly. Despite being on leave and promising not to work, Brian’s in the office late into the evening. Now that he’s not seeing Ruairi, he’s got work to do. He tells Stella to go and enjoy the Lakey Hill beacon with Alice and Jennifer. She does so. However when they arrive back later they’re surprised to see the office light still on. They find Brian inside, slumped over in great pain. Stella entreats Alice to stay calm and call an ambulance – she thinks he’s having a heart attack.
02/06/22·13m 7s


As David and Ruth review the photos he took of Steph and Liam on the farm, they agree influencer Steph knows how to get the best out of social media. She’s already posted some pictures; now all they have to hope is that some of her followers are getting married soon. Ruth wonders how Josh is getting on dismantling the old cowshed. David reckons he can use some of the timber for the beacon on Lakey Hill. They’re surprised by the early arrival of ten cows Ruth bought at auction. Alistair acknowledges they’re fine looking beasts, before declaring he’s only counted nine! Ruth reports the auctioneer’s blaming the farmer and the lorry driver’s blaming the auctioneer. With only a promise that they’ll look into it, Ruth’s left wondering how on earth you mislay a cow. Sad Jazzer waves a fond goodbye to Webster. Parting with her is a small price to pay for moving in with Tracy. He gives Tracy the money for the sale, and she’s touched. But Chelsea’s appalled; they have to get Webster back! Finally she admits she wasn’t just scared of the spider. It’s more to do with worrying that yet another of Tracy’s relationships will go wrong if Jazzer moves in. He’s the best bloke her mum’s had; Chelsea would be heartbroken if he did a runner like the others. Tracy and Jazzer promise he’ll be there to stay. Later Jazzer helps Chelsea with her personal statement. All is happy until Jazzer realises he has to update Jim. He resolves to tell him tomorrow.
01/06/22·13m 6s


Roy attempts to continue the conversation with Adil that he began yesterday. He suggests they go to the pub for lunch. Adil observes that as Roy’s been in Ambridge all his life, he must like it. Roy agrees that on its day, there aren’t many lovelier places. Adil thinks so too. They relax and exchange chat. Adil reassures Roy he has no problem with his past – and in turn Roy needs to stop worrying about what other people think of him working with Adil. They need to forge ahead with the future of Grey Gables. Steph Casey’s taken over the Brookfield kitchen as she prepares herself and husband Liam for photos to help promote the farm. She’s full of ideas for good shots, though Ruth observes Liam’s not looking too happy. Stella arrives to finalise arrangements for shearing the Brookfield flock at Home Farm. She raises her eyebrows at the sight of David photographing flamboyant Steph. Ruth suggests they leave them to it, and instead shares with Stella the plans for the new winter housing for the cows. Stella confides to Ruth her concern for Brian. He’s clearly very tired with the fallout from Alice’s divorce. They’re interrupted once more by Steph, who’s had enough of Liam. He’s stormed off the shoot. She wells up, asking David and Ruth what their secret is. They impart some wise words of advice, and Steph pronounces them a great example of a happy marriage. She longs for this for herself and Liam. David suggests she starts by picking up the phone.
31/05/22·12m 48s


Chelsea’s keen to enjoy some space now her Uncle Gary has moved out. But Tracy asks her instead if she’d mind Jazzer moving in. Chelsea doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Tracy points out it would help them financially, but Chelsea counters that she’s sure Tracy will get a new job, so it will all be fine as it is. Jazzer seeks out Chelsea, and gives her a hand with her bike chain. He asks her why she doesn’t want him to move in, and at last she reveals the problem’s Webster. She can’t bear the thought of having a big spider in the house; she’s phobic. But she knows how much Jazzer loves Webster. Jazzer’s just relieved it’s not about him. Adil fills Roy in on some of the plans for the new look hotel. Roy admits he feels like a pariah in his own village. Adil assures him it will pass, and people will come round. He’s had similar experiences in his own past. He moves on, emphasising the focus on local for the new Grey Gables; he wants to connect the hotel to the community, to give guests a sense of place. Later Roy’s prompted to confess the racist incident against Usha he was involved with in the past. This rattles Adil, and he suggests they move forward with work matters. Roy tries to explain his current stance, and that this episode was very much in the past, but Adil excuses himself – he has calls to make.
30/05/22·13m 5s


Brian’s looking on the bleak side of things. He mentions to Stella that the forensic accountant is taking things no further over the farm’s finances, and she exclaims this is fantastic news. She’s puzzled as to why Brian seems so miserable. Brian shares that Neil’s venomous words have been playing on his mind. He bitterly regrets how hard he was on Chris, who he admits was a wonderful husband to Alice and a fantastic dad. If Brian had been in Neil’s shoes he probably would have said the same. Stella feels Brian’s tired, and needs a break away from the farm. She suggests he has time off to unwind when Ruairi returns for the holiday. At the cricket Jazzer admits to Jim he hasn’t told Tracy he’s been sacked. But Jim feels she’d understand; and it’s not as if the two of them are sharing a household. When Tracy pops into the scorebox Jazzer bites the bullet. As predicted Tracy takes a pragmatic approach to the news, but admits it’s not great. Jazzer suggests he moves in, to make up Gary’s lost rent? Tracy’s unsure. They’re interrupted by Roy, and the atmosphere turns icy as Tracy and Jazzer give him a hard time, and he beats a hasty retreat. Jazzer feels this proves his case. They make a formidable team; look how they saw Roy off! Tracy begins to lay down house rules and things get a little raucous as Jim returns wanting to know why the scoreboard isn’t up to date. But Jazzer just thanks Jim for putting the idea in his head.
29/05/22·13m 6s


Jazzer’s delighted the Dower House has agreed to have a kitchen fitted. When Lily says Jazzer’s earned his bonus, Jazzer admits it will be spent before he gets it as Tracy needs a new car. She’s too independent to accept any money, so he’s going to ask for his name on the insurance as an excuse to contribute. His bubble’s burst when angry Fern says she’s on to Jazzer – she knows he’s been buying drinks for people in exchange for booking kitchen sales visits. She assumes Lily’s in on it too, but Jazzer says it’s all down to him. Afterwards he tells Lily he only did it because he and Tracy are so strapped for cash. Neil bumps into Alice. She explains that she only mentioned Brian’s financial input to Chris’s business because he was being so cruel to Brian. But Neil says it was vicious; Chris now wonders if he deserves to have a business and how many other lies Alice has told. When Alice says she’s sick of being to blame for everything, and that Neil used to stick up for her, Neil cuts her short. He’s not defending her anymore. Martha and Chris are his only concerns now. Later Chris tells Neil he’s been chewing it over and it’s all got too much. He’s going to tell the forensic accountant to accept whatever the Aldridges offer. He’s also thinking of agreeing to any conditions the Aldridges want for Martha. But Neil counsels leaving the accountant to finish his report – and that Martha belongs right there with Chris.
26/05/22·13m 15s


Denise and Alistair successfully treat Barry’s ferret and then share some celebratory cake. They chat about the forthcoming ‘Borsetshire Veterinary Nurse of the Year’ award which Jakob’s nominated Denise for. Alistair’s encouraging when modest Denise feels she doesn’t deserve it. At Berrow, angry Neil tries to pin an evasive Brian down. He tells Brian that he’d been worried about Chris as they hadn’t heard from him for a couple of days. Now he knows it’s because Brian’s threatened to tell the tax man about Chris’s cash in hand payments. Although Brian tries not to get involved, saying it’s not the time or place, Neil’s having none of it. He tells Brian he won’t regret telling him exactly what he thinks of the way he’s treating his son. Brian’s a bully trying to frighten Chris into keeping his mouth shut – not to mention kicking him in the teeth when it was revealed that Brian had propped up Chris’s business when he was in trouble. Brian tries to calm things down saying they’ve all said things that shouldn’t have been said, but Neil cuts him short. People have warned him about Brian in the past – he’s not to be trusted either as a husband or caretaker of the land. Neil used to give Brian the benefit of the doubt but not anymore. He wants nothing more to do with him apart from on the most basic level – he can no longer stomach being around someone who’s so completely rotten inside.
25/05/22·13m 7s


Justin’s firm as he says no to Lilian’s kitchen sales rep visit; they have a perfectly good kitchen and he likes knowing where everything is. Lilian reminds Justin they’re not buying a new kitchen, just helping out Jazzer and Tracy by agreeing to the visit. Justin insists neither of them have time, and he thinks Lilian’s too impressionable to handle the rep on her own. Justin relents when Lilian tells him the rep’s already on her way. Fern is utterly persuasive and flattering as she gets Justin under her spell, pointing out how vintage their kitchen is. Justin’s soon taken in looking at new kitchen designs, but Lilian’s unimpressed as Fern outstays her welcome. Eventually an exasperated Lilian goes, leaving Justin to talk kitchen islands with Fern. Shula asks Jakob how Denise is, but a preoccupied Jakob says Denise mentioned something to him about Martyn Gibson being involved in upgrading the Stables. Shula clarifies it’s Justin who’s working on the expansion plan; Martyn just has a course designer contact. Jakob and Shula spot Denise coming out of the surgery, and Shula notices her hair’s different. While Lilian and Jakob are checking over Amir, Chris confronts Lilian – she must have told Brian about taking cash-in-hand. Lilian protests her innocence and Jakob is forced to confess it was he who Brian spoke to after he heard Chris settling up with a customer last week. Chris is dismayed; if he gets done in court the record would be used to stop him keeping Martha. Jakob’s supposed to be a mate. Not anymore.
24/05/22·12m 57s


Alistair tells Denise Chris looked like thunder when he got out of his car. Denise isn’t feeling too cheery herself. The spike in abandoned “lockdown” pets they’re having to put down is getting to her. Alistair sees Stella’s dog Weaver. Denise is pleased Stella’s so committed to Weaver’s welfare, declaring they see plenty of people who obtained lockdown dogs from unlicensed dealers, bringing unvaccinated puppies from abroad, that are then abandoned when they become a problem. Stella admires how much Alistair and Denise care. Stella visits Shula to explore taking up riding again. In conversation, Stella mistakes Denise for Alistair’s wife. Shula corrects Stella, explaining she used to be married to Alistair and Denise is happily married elsewhere. Lilian asks Jazzer to buy her milk when he’s in the village shop – things are awkward between her and Susan. Jazzer’s happy to help; he’s plenty of time to do favours since Justin cut his Berrow hours anyway. Lilian protests that was a BL decision. Jazzer admits he was in the shop buying food for Tracy and her family. Tracy’s car has been written off, and she’ll have to use her redundancy money to buy a new one. Lilian asks if there’s anything she can do. Jazzer suggests Lilian book a visit from a kitchen sales rep. For his scam to work, Jazzer just needs Lilian to agree to the visit and he will get a bonus. Lilian warns Jazzer that Justin hates sales people. She’ll have to ask him first and she’s no idea what he’ll say.
23/05/22·12m 58s


Fallon and Lily tell Stella about events for the picnic on Jubilee field, including human chess and the perfect pudding competition. Having decided any child under twelve can judge, Fallon is more worried about Harrison wanting to enter. For all his enthusiasm, Harrison is not cut out for baking. Stella suggests running an “Unsung Hero” competition. Fallon and Lily agree it’s a great suggestion, but who is Ambridge’s unsung hero? Tracy thinks Roy deserves having “Judas” sprayed on his car; he doesn’t give a damn about the rest of the Grey Gables staff. Jazzer reassures her he’ll have extra money rolling in soon. But Tracy’s got to get to some temporary agency cleaning work. She won’t sponge off Jazzer. Later, despairing Tracy tells Jazzer her car’s broken down, and she’s lost the job – she’s drowning in bills and now needs to fork out for her car. Brian confronts Chris about taking cash in hand for his farrier work. Chris protests it all goes through the books, but Brian turns the heat on, and asks if Chris would be happy for the forensic accountant to take a look? Chris demands to know who Brian has been talking to. He’s earned every penny himself – unlike Alice. Furious, Alice reveals Brian gave them money when Chris was behind on payments on The Forge even though she’d told Chris they were a work bonus. Chris is crushed, and leaves defeated. Alice feels awful, but Brian reminds her Chris started the war. They just need to hope it doesn’t get worse.
22/05/22·12m 56s


Will helps Mia with GCSE revision and she thanks him for everything, including afternoon tea at Lower Loxley. Mia admits she sniped at Chelsea to get back at her for dumping Jake. Later Mia catches Will looking at evening classes. He explains that helping Mia with revision has made him realise how ignorant he is. Whilst Adil walks Roy though his plans for Grey Gables, Roy is interrupted by angry messages, including ones from Jazzer and Freddie. Adil bats them away; Roy’s picture on the Grey Gables’ website may have sparked a couple of hostile reactions, but they’re already getting traffic. It will blow over. Roy’s just signed his contract; he has a lot to celebrate. However, they’re stopped in their tracks when they see that someone has graffitied Roy’s car with the word ‘Judas’. When Brian asks Jakob to do some digging with Chris on his behalf, Jakob declines - his only concern is Kate. So Brian suggests that Jakob should tell Chris to leave Spiritual Home out of it and stop terrorising Kate. Later when Jakob asks Chris about it, Chris says he’s putting himself and Martha first; he’s not going to let the Aldridges treat him like dirt anymore. When Brian suddenly reappears, disgruntled Chris heads off to settle up with a client. Brian’s delighted when Chris is paid cash in hand. Brian asks Jakob if Chris makes a habit of this. When reluctant Jakob admits he does sometimes, Brian wonders about Chris and the lies he’s been telling the tax man.
19/05/22·13m 4s


Mia’s horrified to be served by Chelsea when she goes for her afternoon tea treat with Will at The Orangery. They snipe at each other undetected by Will, but as it escalates, Freddie steps in and tells Chelsea he’ll take over. Later Freddie asserts firmly to Chelsea that he won’t tolerate such behaviour and that she needs to rise above it, even if Mia was winding her up. Chelsea says she understands. Adil tells Roy he’s negotiated a long-term bed and breakfast stay at Ambridge Hall, because of the building work at Grey Gables. When Roy asks if Adil’s given any more thought to offering Roy the job that Kathy turned down, Adil says he emailed an offer first thing – the job’s Roy’s if he wants it. Roy is less than ecstatic when he notices he'll be on less money than he was before, especially when he’d heard from Kathy there’d be a substantial increase and a car. Adil explains it’s for a different position and the salary reflects that. Deflated Roy accepts the job. Adil immediately whisks him off to be photographed for the website as ‘the reassuring face of Grey Gables’. When Adil says the holding website will go live today, nervous Roy says he’s not sure he wants his face out there – people may feel betrayed if he makes a big show of coming back to work there. But Adil’s having none of it – he needs staff who are proud to work there. Roy’s the best man for the job and Adil advises him not to blow it for himself.
18/05/22·13m 2s


Ian tells Alice that he and Adam hope to be up and running with the pizza van project in time for the Ambridge Fete. Alice is mortified when she learns Ian and Adam were asked to buy out her share of Home farm. Alice promises Chris that he won’t lose out financially in the divorce but asks him to leave her family out of it. Chris points out she brought Brian along to the forensic accountant – he thinks she’s just as devious as Brian. Jakob tries to calm them down and says Kate’s a nervous wreck because Chris brought Spiritual Home into it. Chris retorts that Kate was nasty about Amy – he’s not going easy on any of them! Later Chris apologises to Jakob – he’s just trying to get what he’s entitled to. Lily comments on Freddie’s new jacket. Freddie admits that Chelsea suggested he try a more managerial look. Lily says she’d heard Chelsea runs rings around him! Later when Lily tells Freddie she knows he’s trying really hard, Freddie admits he envies her; she’s so good at everything. Lily says the envy works both ways – he’s always got the attention, not to mention the estate! They agree to combine their talents. However when Freddie nearly messes up a booking, Lily says he’s got a long way to go. Freddie’s determined to show her – Lower Loxley will thrive thanks to him. He bets her a million pounds that in two years’ time the success of Lower Loxley will be all of his making – whereas Lily thinks he’ll still be reliant on her expertise. They shake on it.
17/05/22·12m 47s


When Will asks Mia how her revision’s going, assuring her she’s going to smash her exams, Mia says she’s been having a think about stuff. She reminds him of how stressed she got after her mum died and says with her exams coming up, she’s started feeling like that again. Will’s relieved she’s told him, and wants to help. When she explains her fears about letting everyone down if she doesn’t get her grades, Will’s reassuring; they’re so proud of her, she could never disappoint them. When he suggests taking her for a fancy afternoon tea at Lower Loxley as a treat, Mia agrees, telling him it’s really thoughtful of him. Chris, Alice and Brian meet with the forensic accountant to discuss the valuation of the Home Farm partnership and its businesses. Brian’s incensed when Chris tries to bring the three Home Farm cottages and Spiritual Home into the equation. When Chris accuses Brian of trying to hide assets, Brian says he should’ve trusted his instincts; Chris was never good enough for Alice and is a parasite. Chris retorts he’s only after what he’s entitled to. Alice tries unsuccessfully to calm them both down and Chris turns on her, accusing her of letting Brian kick off on her behalf. Chris storms off telling Brian that he’s not going to push him around anymore. After he goes, Alice says how awful it was and Brian tries to comfort her by saying it was never likely to be plain sailing. When Alice notices Brian’s shaking, she asks whether it has to be this painful.
16/05/22·13m 11s


Fallon admits to Pip that she’s beginning to regret her decision to appoint child judges for the perfect pudding competition – it’s been a nightmare! Fallon’s delighted when Pip comes up with the idea of making it so that any child can be a judge, as long as they haven’t entered a pudding themselves. Fallon says she’ll just have to make sure that all of the entries make much bigger desserts to accommodate all of the tasters! Freddie tries to give Chelsea some constructive feedback about her first shift, but she manages to brush off all his concerns. However she has a few pointers for him – he needs to dress more like a manager and be more authoritative as he comes across as a bit drippy. She finishes by telling him not to worry – with a few tweaks, she’s confident he’ll get there. Will encourages Mia about her forthcoming GCSEs; he’s sure she’ll do well. He’d put money on her and Jake being the first in the family to go to university. In fact the whole family’s made up about it. Later on a walk to clear her head from revising, Mia bumps into Stella with her new dog Weaver. With gentle probing from Stella, Mia opens up about the pressure she feels under with everyone’s high expectations for her exam results. Stella encourages her to talk about it with her family, as Mia said it had helped talking to her – a chat with someone at home might help even more.
15/05/22·13m 7s


Freddie shares with Lily somewhat reluctantly his plans for taking more responsibility at Lower Loxley. He doesn’t know whether to believe Lily’s encouraging enthusiasm, or that she’s patronising him as usual. His first step will be to shadow Trent the Orangery manager, which Lily insists really is a good idea. They’re interrupted by Chelsea, who informs them she got the job. Lily reckons this will be the first test for Freddie’s three-point management technique. She’s proved right when Chelsea comes to Freddie with a request to modify her uniform, having been refused permission by Trent. Freddie ends up essentially agreeing to her request. Lily suggests Freddie’s got ‘approachable’ nailed, but what’s happened to ‘firm and authoritative’? Jill asks Fallon whether she’s considered the judges for her perfect pudding competition. Fallon disappoints her by declaring she’s put out a request for children to do it – for a fresh eye and new perspective. Lee joins them and asks whether Henry can be considered. Fallon informs him he’s too late; the last judging spot has just been filled. Lee’s gutted for Henry. They’d only just seen the call-out for judges and he knows Henry will be terribly disappointed. Fallon relents and increases the judge number to four. Henry can be Chair! When Ed discovers this, he can’t understand why Henry should take precedence over Keira, who’s older and better placed to be a chief judge. He tackles bewildered Fallon with some force. The boss’s son gets special treatment – it’s clearly favouritism. Fallon hasn’t heard the last of this.
12/05/22·13m 52s


Jazzer’s excited. Tracy has her interview at the Orangery, and he’s secured a commission with a sales rep visit to Greenacres. Freddie informs him this will also mean some commission for Lily, as Jazzer’s recruiter. Tracy comes out of her interview and chats to Freddie about their job situation. She declares thoughtlessly that Freddie has everything on a plate. Freddie reminds her he’s taking over from his dad, and Tracy apologises for her comment. They agree they’re just on different tracks. Tracy gets the news that she hasn’t got the job – but Chelsea has! And every penny she earns will go to her mum. Overcome Tracy hugs her daughter. The Felpersham Kitchens sales rep flatters Jim on the state of Greenacres, but declares the kitchen is underperforming. Panicked Alistair has the rep fetching tile samples, while Jim rolls his eyes. They don’t need a new kitchen. Alistair just wants to help Jazzer out. Jim has a brainwave, and informs Fern the rep that they’ll need agreement from Alistair’s ‘wife’ Shula, who’s currently away. Fern’s about to leave when Shula walks in the door. Initially mystified, Shula soon cottons on to the plan, and plays along, doing an expert job of convincing Fern that she really does not want a new kitchen. Fern is finally squashed. Jazzer’s delighted her visit will mean commission for him, and will help Tracy. Jim’s less positive. They came within a whisker of buying a kitchen they didn’t want, and the odd bit of commission won’t make any difference to Tracy’s money worries.
11/05/22·13m 54s


As the veteran cricketers await a training session with Lee, they discuss the Picnic Day pudding competition, and their lack of match fitness. Lee arrives and drives home the importance of good preparation, though he assures them this session will be basic and not arduous. Pat and Tony bicker gently as they exercise. They seek Lee’s arbitration over their ongoing runout dispute of the day before, but when Tony demonstrates his action on the disputed shot, he accidentally whacks Lee with his bat. As Lee nurses his bruised knee over a drink bought by guilty Tony, he listens to Tony’s philosophical musings on the irony of the team’s trainer picking up an injury. With great restraint Lee pledges to pass on the wisdom he’s gained today to Tracy: never let Pat and Tony bat together. Lily chats to oblivious Jazzer about his telesales technique. He believes it’s all going swimmingly; the prospective customers like his conversation. Lily points out he’s not converting enough calls into actual appointments. Is he the right man for the job? Privately to Shula Lily admits she’s worried he’ll lose the job. She feels Jim and Alistair’s laughter at his methods may be undermining him. And if he goes, she’ll lose her bonus for recruiting him. Shula offers to have a word. She hints to Alistair that Jazzer might be struggling, and when Jazzer gets home Alistair tackles it. All Jazzer needs is for a customer to book a visit from a rep – and he might have an idea about that.
10/05/22·13m 54s


Stella puts her foot in it with Jim when he asks her about the slurry agreement with Brookfield. She casually brushes aside his curiosity, confirming a deal’s been done and that there’s been some sniping and moaning from ill-informed villagers. Jim tells her he’s one of the moaners. And he’s not ill-informed. As Stella tries to explain, Jim suggests she might convene a meeting in the village hall if she wants to defend her position. Later Stella apologises for being disparaging, but doesn’t want to be bullied into calling a meeting about the slurry. She’d found Jim rude and dismissive. Alistair acknowledges his father can be a little like that. As the disagreement escalates Alistair has to forge a peace. As Stella finally manages a reasoned explanation regarding the slurry movement, Jim has to admit it seems the scheme will be well managed. He’s happy to take it to parish council. Stella hears the persistent barking of a greyhound as they talk. Alistair explains it’s been abandoned. Stella’s keen to make its acquaintance. Chelsea wants to know the truth about her mum’s financial situation as Tracy rehearses an interview for a table clearing role at Lower Loxley. Reluctantly Tracy reveals more than she’d like about their troubles. Chelsea pledges her support. She’ll sell some stuff to help out. Tracy’s touched, but says it shouldn’t be Chelsea’s worry. Chelsea assures her she’s there all the way. Later Tracy has more bad news. Gary’s got a job and is moving out, so they’ll lose his share of the rent.
09/05/22·13m 55s


It’s Ambridge’s opening match of the ‘Ashes’ against Darrington, but Tracy is a no show. Worried Pat calls in to see her, sympathising when she sees how down she is. Pat tries to persuade her back to the cricket – the team needs her. But Tracy feels no-one wants a loser like her around; she has nothing to offer. In that case, declares Pat, she’ll leave. Tracy can choose to stay at home and ruminate, or join them and support her team. Tracy turns it round and goes to the match after all, which Ambridge wins. Tony tells her she made the difference. Tracy’s grateful Pat gave her a talking to. She’s seen what it’s like when a team leader lets everyone down, and she doesn’t want to do the same. Jill’s looking forward to watching Leonard at the match with his ‘lucky bat’. Fallon reckons she might wander over later too – she thinks the Veterans competition is a good idea. Fallon’s delighted when Jill takes two of her new recipe quiches to try at Brookfield. She’s using some secret ingredients. But later at the match Fallons’s chatting with Pat when she remembers she’s used the wrong jar of ingredients – Jill’s quiches will taste horrible! She rushes to Brookfield with replacements to find Jill replete, and celebrating Leonard’s winning run earlier. Mortified Fallon’s full of apologies, but Jill insists the family enjoyed every morsel of the quiches. Some of the best dishes have been the result of ‘creative mistakes’. This inspires Fallon to consider holding a competition for a brand new dish.
08/05/22·13m 55s


Roy hasn’t heard from Adil about the job at Grey Gables. He tells Kirsty he thinks he won’t be offered it and imagines Adil doesn’t want him. Their conversation stops when Tracy appears, followed a while later by Jolene with donations of food from Fallon for the staff party. As the event gets into full swing Roy introduces the surprise farewell tribute to Kathy, presenting her with a memory book. Quietly Kirsty and Tracy reminisce fondly about their years at Grey Gables. Tracy doesn’t know what she’ll do without it. This party feels like a funeral. She’s lost a good friend in Oliver and it hurts. Meanwhile Roy takes Kathy through a host of memories, Grey Gables and otherwise, including the time when Joe Grundy was in residence at the hotel and chaos ensued. Roy praises Kathy’s calm control over the years, and Kathy thanks him, in turn hailing the resilience of the staff. Later Kathy and Jolene chat. Kathy apologises for being distant at Elizabeth’s party. She thanks Jolene for digging out the old photos of her for her memory book. They agree to forgive and forget the past, and bid each other a fond farewell. Kathy, Roy and Kirsty agree it’s been a sad day. Grey Gables may be empty but it’s full of ghosts. As they close the door for the final time, it’s the end of an era.
05/05/22·13m 17s


Natasha unveils her new pad to Pat – it’s April Cottage! Pat declares Kathy a dark horse, while Natasha hopes this might be a nice surprise for Pat. But Pat’s quiet, and a little bit shocked. She tells Kathy they were all getting on alright at Bridge Farm, and Natasha will need all the help she can get once the babies arrive. It seemed ideal having them at the farm. Kathy apologises for upsetting Pat’s plans, but Pat says there’s no need. She’s just being selfish and can see Tom and Natasha will be thrilled to have their own place again. She declares she’ll miss Kathy terribly. Eddie reckons Ed’s got a good bunch of lambs for showing this year, but notices they’re not as good looking as usual. Ed admits he’s been concentrating more on the Texels’ liveweights and meatiness than their faces. Eddie helps him to choose a suitable handsome specimen for the Borchester Show. Miserable Oliver confides to Eddie he’s been keeping Grey Gables afloat from his own pocket – when Adil came along it was too good an offer to resist. Eddie doesn’t have a good word for Adil, but Oliver insists the new owner’s vision is well intentioned and chimes with him. He’ll miss everyone at Grey Gables, and hopes they’ll forgive him. He thought they’d appreciate his view that the buyer’s offer would be something Caroline would have wanted. Eddie counsels him to give them time; they’ll come round. Oliver wishes he could believe that.
04/05/22·13m 16s


Stella confides to Jolene she’s thinking of getting a dog – she has ‘empty Bungalow syndrome’. Pip joins them full of the news that Brookfield has finally settled on cattle mattresses. It will save them having huge amounts of straw bedding. Stella guesses this means her ‘muck for straw’ deal is off. She’s happy though; she’s not keen on muck spreading as a method and can easily find another buyer for Home Farm straw. A result! Later Pip informs Stella there’s unrest among some residents about the proposed movement of slurry from Brookfield to Home Farm. They agree it won’t cause any of the potential problems raised at parish council, but Pip reckons some in the village will need convincing. Adil agrees to a bonus payment for Ian, but when he finds out about Tracy’s recent Grey Gables bedroom misdemeanour, he tells Oliver she doesn’t deserve an extra payment. Roy apologises to Adil for his recent rudeness, and is forced to take back his declaration that he wouldn’t work for him and has no loyalty to Grey Gables. He’s heard about the job opportunity and would like to be considered. Adil promises to add Roy to the list of interested candidates. Jolene brings biscuits in a gesture of support for the staff. Sad Tracy’s grateful. Roy mentions a farewell for Kathy on Thursday when they have the hotel bar. Jolene agrees wryly to supply some old photos she’ll get from Kenton. Oliver hopes he and Tracy can still be friends. Tracy tells him he’s sacrificed friendship for money. She needs nothing from him.
03/05/22·13m 8s


Kathy’s made a decision about her job offer from Adil and Oliver. Her answer is no. She explains to Adil that it’s not personal, but she couldn’t bear to be part of what she sees as the destruction of Grey Gables. She’ll get a decent payout if she leaves, and would feel uncomfortable with her less fortunate colleagues if she accepted the job. Adil’s sorry but thanks Kathy for her honesty. Kathy visits busy Pat. She can’t help noticing that Pat’s fielding a lot of Tom and Natasha’s laundry, which she thinks is a bit much, but Pat insists it’s no problem. Kathy fills her in on her grand plan to travel America – a road trip. She asks Pat to go with her; after all they’ve talked about it before. But Pat doesn’t feel able to leave the farm and her grandchildren, current and expected, right now. Kathy’s disappointed but sanguine. She might move closer to Jamie eventually. She’s not ready to cut ties with Ambridge yet. Kirsty and Roy are gathering items at Grey Gables for disposal and lamenting their respective financial situations. Kathy joins them to collect some files. She tells them about the job offer, and that she’s turned it down. She forewarns Roy that Adil might offer it to him instead. Roy’s conflicted, but he needs the money, and declares to Kirsty he’d have to take the job if asked.
02/05/22·13m 16s


Pat sympathises with Kathy over the Grey Gables news; it must be very sad for her. Kathy admits she loves Grey Gables, and her job, and was hoping not to retire for at least another couple of years. It’s a nightmare and she reckons Oliver’s handled it badly. There’s been no consultation period. She’s determined to have it out with him, and Mr Shah. Oliver’s very down about the news he’s had to give the staff – they’re his friends and he feels he’s let them down. Adil reassures him; Grey Gables will be reinvented, better and with more opportunities than before. That’s little comfort to the staff right now, declares rueful Oliver. They agree it would be good to open the bar for the staff as part of their send-off. As Oliver tries to negotiate a better severance deal for Tracy with Adil, they’re interrupted by Kathy, come to express her indignation at the way everyone’s been treated. As she angrily sets out her case, Adil floors her by offering her a job – she’d be a perfect liaison officer overseeing the transition from old Grey Gables to new. Kathy shares her news with Pat. Apparently Oliver had furnished Adil with glowing reports on Kathy and Adil had seen her feistiness as a positive. She’s torn. Clearly Adil genuinely believes in the project, and she feels she could work with him. But it doesn’t look good if she takes the job. She doesn’t know what to do.
01/05/22·13m 6s


Adam’s pressed by Ian about how he’d use a small windfall – helping Brian and securing Xander’s future versus investing in Ian’s cookery venture? Adam admits Xander comes first, and Ian agrees – decision made. Susan’s pleased that the client Adam showed round Bridge Farm has put in a big order with Helen. Adam and Susan discuss Ian and Tracy having to make new starts. Susan admits that you can only try to do your best, before excusing herself to leave Adam to finish up at the dairy – she needs to do something important. Susan gives Tracy some cash to help out. Initially protesting, Tracy’s grateful for some breathing space while she looks for work and they share a tender moment. As Adam enjoys the best pizza he’s ever eaten from Ian’s new oven, Ian proposes a toast to Home Farm. But Adam shocks Ian - thanks to talking with Susan, Adam has changed his mind and told Brian it’s a no to Adam and Ian helping financially. After some prep with Tracy, Jazzer aces the job interview that she recently failed, proudly announcing that he’s the newest salesman in the Felpersham Kitchens team – with a three month trial. They celebrate with what’s left in the cupboard – schnapps. Jazzer insists that everything he earns will be shared; he’ll do everything he can to avoid Tracy going to work at the chicken factory. Tracy’s moved, and finally starts to feel better. She’s so happy to have Jazzer with his big, generous heart.
28/04/22·13m 14s


Ed reminds restless injured Clarrie to take it easy and stop fussing, and to do her exercises as directed by the doctor. To keep busy, Clarrie offers to take on Ed’s job of filling in Keira’s reading record and helping with reading after school. Ed surprises Clarrie again later, concerned she hasn’t kept her phone next to her – what if she had a fall? Feeling useless, Clarrie has been working away at her patchwork picnic rug, which should cover the jubilee field and half of Ambridge for the picnic. She welcomes a visit from Susan, who’s amazed by Clarrie’s handiwork. Susan reassures insecure Clarrie that she’s much missed at the dairy and asks for some material to make a sunhat for Martha. Snappy Tracy insists to Jazzer she’s fine, despite not getting the kitchen sales job, and learning via email this morning. Jazzer has an idea – why doesn’t he have a go at getting the job, using the same prep as Tracy, if Lily can swing him an interview? Tracy agrees to help him. Tracy shares her bad news about the job with Susan, who’s surprised to hear that Jazzer is going for it, but more shocked that Tracy is now looking at working at the chicken factory. Susan does her best to put Tracy off, with horror stories and accounts of how much Emma hated it, despite appearances. Reluctantly, Tracy asks Susan for a loan, but Susan’s so sorry she can’t help – due to helping Chris with his solicitor fees. Tracy understands – what on earth is she going to do?
27/04/22·13m 14s


Adam talks about village gossip around slurry, but Brian has bigger issues on his mind. Brian asks about Ian’s career plans and Adam wonders what’s really going on - is it Alice? It’s Chris, who wants to take the family to the cleaners and Brian hopes Adam can help - could the remaining partners raise the funds to buy Alice’s share in the business? Adam realises that the upcoming valuation will take everything into account, which made Brian think of Adam and Ian and the need for everyone to chip in. But Adam is resistant – he’s already making plans with Ian. Tracy has an interview today for a new job in kitchen telesales, via Lily, but she’s worried about not understanding the questions. Reassuring Jazzer does some practice with Tracy. The interviewer breaks the ice and gets Tracy to talk a bit about herself – being a single mum has armed her for any challenge. The interviewer realises she knows Tracy and introduces herself as Tam Brownlow, who sat next to Tracy at school. Gently grilled on specific questions, Tracy struggles and the interview breaks down, with Tracy apologising. On the phone to Jazzer, Tracy’s upset and feels like she’s not good enough - she could tell what Tam was really thinking. Jazzer tries to encourage Tracy, but she lets rip – Tam Brownlow has it all, whereas Tracy has to borrow her sister’s clothes just to turn up to an interview.
26/04/22·13m 15s


Worried Tracy checks on injured Clarrie, who has an adductor strain (not a groin injury!). Clarrie reports that Oliver looks awful – exhausted and hardly eating. Hurt by her own situation, Tracy doesn’t feel sympathy. Susan’s aghast to see Clarrie turn up at work and insists she’s fine with Adam supporting, with Pat worried about Clarrie. Adam’s showing a client around the farm, as Helen’s desperate to find new customers. Tracy tells Susan about Roy trying to make waves at Grey Gables by involving a solicitor. New face Adil Shah has got Tracy’s back up, but more happily Lily has agreed to recommend Tracy for a telesales job. Brian and Stella discuss the spring barley at Home Farm, which is coming along nicely. Stella knows about rumours going around about slurry and distracted-looking Brian admits he has other things on his mind, namely the impact of Alice’s divorce on the farm business. Hopefully for Stella she’ll keep her job. Brian feels he’d be less vulnerable if he hadn’t set up the family partnership, and regrets Alice marrying on a whim with no pre-nup. Brian is going to call an accountant friend – but Stella warns Brian not to muddy the waters by involving friends and give Chris any legal ammunition. Stella may have spotted something to work in Brian’s favour – a legal provision for the rest of the family to buy out Alice’s partnership share and leave Chris unable to make a claim. Brian will start with Adam (and Ian), and thanks Stella for giving him a ray of hope.
25/04/22·13m 4s


Brian rues that he and Jennifer only saw Ruairi briefly and now he’s gone again. Brian and Alice can’t believe Grey Gables is closing its doors next week. Brian is not looking forward to the valuation of his own assets, due to Alice’s divorce proceedings, and everything being under the microscope. Wondering whether Alice’s share in the family partnership will provide a matrimonial asset, Brian wants to press on as they are and involve the rest of the family when they have to. Alice knows how worried Jennifer is. At cricket practice, Pat and Tony sympathise with Tracy, all reeling from the news about Grey Gables. Tracy explains the plan to play a series of games against Darrington, with the overall winner lifting the trophy. Tracy’s impressed by new starter Leonard, and Tony’s reflexes, but then Clarrie takes a nasty slip catching a ball. She refuses to go to hospital. They all worry about Clarrie, and Pat realises she’ll need a plan B to help Helen in the dairy. Tony suggests Adam. Ian admits to Adam he’s upset and a bit lost without the challenge of cheffing at Grey Gables. Ian has started researching ideas to use his redundancy money. Adam says why don’t they just go ahead with Ian’s idea to buy a pizza oven? Enjoying a relaxing drink at the Bull and watching Xander play, Adam and Ian reflect – Adam’s happy as a farmhand, while Ian wonders whether Oliver and Adil have given him his ticket to freedom.
24/04/22·13m 16s


Freddie directs the volunteers he’s drafted in to staff his mum’s surprise birthday party. Roy is impressed with what Freddie’s managed to pull off. Roy then explains they might be able to challenge Adil and Oliver’s decision to fire everyone at a tribunal. Elizabeth is stunned by the surprise and Vince credits Freddie for making the party happen. Elizabeth shows off the platinum bracelet Vince had bought her. Then, Vince says he has something for Freddie as a way of thanks. Freddie struggles to hide his disappointment when Vince hands him a CD of classic 1980s music. Behind the bar Jolene tries to chat with Kathy about village news. Adil approaches and recognises Jolene. He asks if Jolene and Kenton took over The Bull from Kathy. The two women awkwardly explain their relationship histories with Sid and Kenton. Lynda interrupts to ask if they’ve seen Freddie. Adil is keen to make her acquaintance but Lynda is set on finding Freddie. She finds him in the Grey Gables kitchen, the place that Freddie rescued her from in March 2020. Freddie feels low after not securing investment from Vince for his DJ business. Lynda tells him to have faith in himself. Roy loses his cool with Adil and tells him that the Grey Gables staff will be taking him to a tribunal. Adil says he and Oliver plan to give everyone an extra bonus plus eventually there will be jobs at Grey Gables again. Roy says he’ll be lucky if anyone ever sets foot in there again.
21/04/22·13m 18s


The village absorbs the news that Grey Gables is closing and everyone is being made redundant. Brian can’t believe Oliver didn’t give Peggy a heads up. Meanwhile Vince wants to be sure that the news about the hotel won’t affect the party he has planned there for Elizabeth’s birthday. On his way in to work, Freddie takes Vince’s list of requests to Oliver for the party. Oliver interrupts him to say with staff leaving for other work it’s not feasible to host the party. Vince is livid when Oliver relays the party’s cancellation to him. Freddie interrupts them to say he’s persuaded enough people to help so that the party can go ahead. In fact he hopes to make it the best party his mum’s ever had. Brian and Jennifer enjoyed their stay in Bath which Ruairi arranged. When Brian asks Alice what’s happened while they’ve been away, it gets awkward and Ruairi makes a swift exit to pack to return to London. Alice follows him and asks if Ruairi has spoken to Ben since the party. Ruairi doesn’t want to listen but Alice presses on saying she is there if he ever wants to talk. For a moment Ruairi looks like he’s about to open up but then says he can’t trust Alice with his secrets which puzzles Alice. After dropping Ruairi at the train station, Brian calls in on Alice. He feels like there’s something she’s not telling him. She tells him that Chris has requested Home Farm to be valued so that Alice’s share can be assessed for their divorce. Brian isn’t surprised.
20/04/22·13m 11s


With no sign of Adil, whose check-out is overdue, Roy and Kathy try to track down Oliver. Tracy arrives for work and congratulates Kathy on her fundraising as the Borsetshire Bunny. When Kathy learns they don’t have Adil’s card details she heads straight for his room. Adil opens the door and explains that he was in an important meeting. Oliver appears and asks Kathy to gather the staff in the ballroom. Tracy speculates about what’s going on. She reckons Oliver is going to announce filming is going to take place at Grey Gables. To everyone’s surprise, Oliver announces that he’s sold a 60% share of Grey Gables and that he’ll be stepping down from the day-to-day running of the hotel. Adil Shah, the new owner’s representative, will replace him. The staff’s shock is compounded when Oliver says the hotel will be closing imminently and everyone will be made redundant. Afterwards, Adil tries to placate Oliver who feels bad for what he’s just done. He decides to show his face rather than hide away in Adil’s room. Roy and Kathy try to absorb the news. Although they are all reeling there is still a hotel to run. Teary Tracy returns and thanks Roy for covering the reception desk for her. She’s worried about how she’ll cope without her Grey Gables job. On Oliver’s arrival, Tracy departs again. Roy scoffs when Oliver say he is also upset. He tries to explain he had to do something to protect Caroline’s legacy. Roy replies that Oliver’s destroying it rather than protecting it.
19/04/22·12m 55s


Freddie covers when Roy asks him about how he worked out that the Borsetshire Bunny was Kathy. Roy complains how full on Vince is being with the preparations for a surprise birthday party for Elizabeth at Grey Gables. Then Freddie informs Roy of Ruairi’s party – neighbour Roy is going to need his earplugs. As Ruairi unpacks alcohol for his party at Willow Cottage, Ben questions his arrangement with Julianne. Ruairi is defensive and rude in his replies. With the party in full swing Ben tries to persuade Ruairi to slow down on the drinking but he won’t listen. When Roy bangs on the front door complaining about the loud music, Ben answers and apologises. Ruairi joins them and invites Roy in, but when he learns Roy wants the music turned down he slams the door closed. Freddie is enthralled by Ruairi’s tales of clubbing in London. Ruairi reckons Freddie will soon be DJ-ing in top venues with money on its way from Vince. Freddie clarifies the cash isn’t definite. When Ben suggests that Ruairi explains who pays for his nights out in London, they descend into a drunken fight. Freddie tries to break them up and then Alice arrives, having been called by Roy. She puts Ruairi to bed and asks Ben to end the party. Alice remains calm in the face of Ruairi’s drunken insults. When she returns downstairs she asks Ben what’s going on with Ruairi; she’s noticed he’s different. Ben doesn’t let on what he knows and puts it all down to too much alcohol.
18/04/22·13m 9s


Adil quizzes Ian about his ingredients in the Grey Gables kitchen but to Ian’s annoyance declines to stay for lunch. Roy adds to Ian’s displeasure by reporting that the oven cooking the lamb isn’t working. Ian refuses to take the dish off the menu even though it means more work for an already busy kitchen. Later, Roy applauds Ian’s determination. Going by the customer feedback Roy shares it paid off and Roy is hopeful for Grey Gables’ future. Elizabeth is pleased with the surge in ticket sales for Freddie’s Easter activities. Freddie admits he invited the Borsetshire Bunny to start the egg-rolling but people have misinterpreted it as confirmation that the Bunny will be there. Adil holds up stressed Freddie by asking about the rules for the egg-rolling event. Freddie is about to announce the Borsetshire Bunny won’t be appearing when Elizabeth rushes up to him to say the bunny has in fact arrived! Vince is impressed how Josh has used the Lower Loxley Easter events to market his eggs. Freddie remains hopeful that Vince is going to help him with his DJ-ing business. Freddie introduces Vince to Adil who despite getting mud on his suit enjoyed the egg-rolling. Meanwhile, inside Lower Loxley, Elizabeth thanks the bunny for turning up. Elizabeth worked out its true identity by looking closely at a photo posted online. Freddie rushes in just as the person inside the costume takes off the head – it’s Kathy Perks!
17/04/22·12m 59s


Vince goes on a charm offensive at Brookfield, declaring he’s grown fond of the whole family. He likes Ruth and David – that’s why he’s offered them the loan for the solar panels scheme. He’s aware of how he might come across, and regrets they got off on the wrong foot with the business over Crowthers. But they were great with Steph’s wedding, he’s got a lot of time for Ben, and Elizabeth’s bowled him over. He rates Josh, and would like to play a part in his future success. Privately Ruth and David agree the solar panel deal’s very good, and they’re confident Vince isn’t hiding anything. When they accept his offer, Vince plants a kiss on surprised Ruth. In a change of plan Beth’s in the lambing shed with Ben. As he briefs her on the nitty gritty of birthing, Ruairi arrives and informs Beth her dad’s on the farm. But then a lamb’s foot appears, and it’s clear they have a job on their hands. Under Ben’s guidance Beth delivers her first lamb. Ruairi suggests it needs a name. Beth agrees, and Baa-naby is welcomed to Brookfield. Later Ruairi remarks to Ben how happy he and Beth seem, and Ben admits the love word has been dropped. So what about Ruairi and Julianne, persists Ben. Who is she? Ruairi finally admits Julianne is an older woman he met online, and he’s her sugar baby. He keeps her company in return for money and gifts – but they’re not sleeping together. Shocked Ben agrees reluctantly to keep Ruairi’s secret.
14/04/22·13m 12s


Jazzer and Tracy are both job hunting – Tracy’s after something better paid than Grey Gables. It’s depressing, there’s nothing out there and it would break her heart to leave, but she comments that Adil’s told her she has a lot of potential and could do well elsewhere. Jazzer doesn’t understand; if Adil thinks she’s so good, why’s he encouraging her to leave? Jazzer declares he’s going to find another job. He’s not letting Tracy chuck in Grey Gables. Josh wants an opinion on his Easter idea for promoting egg sales, but distracted Freddie’s keen to track down the Easter Bunny and get him to Lower Loxley. He’s drawing interest on social media and is clearly a crowd puller. He cracks the clue as to the Bunny’s current location and heads off, taking Josh with him for assistance. However his plan goes awry and he reports later to Elizabeth that they couldn’t get anywhere near the Bunny. Meanwhile Josh updates Freddie on Vince’s investment in his solar panels. Freddie declares Vince is on the verge of investing in him, too, though later Vince tempers Freddie’s enthusiasm. He assures Elizabeth he’ll set Freddie straight if he thinks he’s punching above his weight. David’s insistent it’s a no to Vince’s investment in the solar panels. Elizabeth tries to win him round, unsuccessfully. Vince shrugs breezily, but frustrated Elizabeth can’t understand David and Ruth’s reticence. Vince explains the Brookfield Archers don’t necessarily see him like she does. He counsels leaving it to him. He’ll handle this one himself.
13/04/22·12m 57s


Excited Beth’s looking forward to thrashing Ben at the race track. Distracted Ben seems nervous to Jill but plays it down. In the car with the instructor Ben makes a start but soon pulls into the pit lane. Beth checks on him but he insists he’s ok, just out of breath. Beth talks about race cars, and Leonard gets nostalgic. Beth compliments him on his motoring knowledge. She suggests to Ben that she donates one of her drives to him, but Ben jumps in and offers his own. Leonard’s overjoyed and can’t believe he gets to drive. Jill comments on the generosity of Ruairi’s gift. Jill lets slip to Beth she was aware of Ben’s nerves. Beth insists to Jill that Ben had no need to act brave for her; he’s so courageous in other areas. Jill suggests she share some of that praise with him. Beth confronts Ben about pretending not to be scared – she tells him all she wants is for him to be honest. Ben admits that David and Ruth’s accident affected his confidence. They become closer and end up saying “I love you” – before wondering who’s in the car instead of Beth. Jill’s taken her chance to try a bit of racing herself – in the passenger seat with the instructor. As they speed along, thrilled Jill is up for one more lap! The instructor compliments Leonard’s skills too. Inspired, Leonard offers to whizz Jill around the Hassett Hills. But for now, sensible Ben insists he’s driving them home.
12/04/22·13m 5s


Freddie tells Tracy Adil is overstaying his welcome in Ian’s kitchen, and Kathy is equally annoyed Adil’s electric car is blocking her parking space. Who does he think he is? Adil appears, and Tracy recommends he go to Freddie’s Easter Sunday event at Lower Loxley, but Freddie is dismissive. Tracy sets Adil up so he can work in his suite. Later Freddie tells Tracy the Easter Bunny has been spotted in Hollerton, but Freddie’s put out at seeing how well Adil and Tracy are getting on. Determined to prove himself, Freddie decides he needs to get the Easter Bunny to the Lower Loxley event. Elizabeth is delighted Freddie’s drawing up a proper business plan for his DJ’ing; Vince’s talk clearly did the trick. Vince calls in on David to check about Elizabeth’s surprise birthday party. He isn’t sure what to get her and wondered if David or Ruth had any ideas. Vince is shocked to hear David and Ruth aren’t going ahead with the solar panels. David protests solar just doesn’t make the cut against everything else they need to invest in. Vince offers to lend them the money, but David is uncomfortable. Vince tells him to think about it. Back at Lower Loxley Elizabeth tells Vince Freddie reminds her of Nigel, but she wishes he had more of his business sense. That’s why she’s so grateful to Vince for taking Freddie under his wing. Vince isn’t convinced, but Elizabeth thinks Freddie will learn what he needs to from Vince.
11/04/22·13m 6s


Beth helps Ruth in the yard as Ruth tells her about the plans to upgrade Brookfield’s winter housing and slurry storage. Ben mock-teases Ruth for boring Beth with slurry talk. Ben unknowingly hits a nerve, and Ruth leaves them to it but Beth is embarrassed that Ben was so rude. Beth learns Ben and Ruairi are covertly planning a house party next week with Brian and Jennifer away. Ruairi’s phone rings and Beth sees the caller ID: Julianne. Ruairi’s tetchy; it’s a uni friend and he’ll call them back. Ben and Beth suspect she’s more than a friend. Ruairi teases Ben for being awkward about inviting an old school friend because they are dating Ben’s ex, Evie. Beth agrees it’s not a big deal, and asks if Ruairi is inviting his uni friends? Ruairi tells them they’ve all gone home for Easter, none are local. Not even Julianne, persists Beth. Ruairi tells Beth to stop going on about her. A put out Ruth asks Josh if she really goes on about slurry? Josh is sympathetic and tells her to ignore Ben. Josh wants to talk about solar panels. He thinks they should roll them out across the farm roofs. With energy prices about to soar and their consumption increasing it makes sense – the panels would pay for themselves eventually. Ruth tells him in an ideal world they’d jump at it, but they’re already borrowing so much money for the dairy expansion, there’s too much risk. Josh protests but Ruth is adamant; it’s a definite no.
10/04/22·12m 51s


Writer, Liz John Director, Peter Leslie Wild Editor, Jeremy Howe Adil Shah ….. Ronny Jhutti Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Clarrie Grundy ….. Heather Bell Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence Ian Craig ….. Stephen Kennedy Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Pat Archer ….. Patricia Gallimore Roisin ….. Cherylee Houston Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell Ruairi Donovan ….. Arthur Hughes Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Stella Pryor ….. Lucy Speed Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Vince Casey ….. Tony Turner
10/04/22·1h 0m


Tracy finds Freddie skulking in Grey Gables. Oliver’s emailed to notify them a special visitor is to book in at the hotel. Tracy says she and Roy reckon Oliver has a new girlfriend. Freddie decides to make the Royal Suite fancy and romantic in readiness. The guest introduces himself and Freddie realises he’s misread the situation. As the guest, Adil Shah, asks Freddie to carry his bags, Freddie pleads with an amused Tracy to remove the rose petals and chocolates from the pillow. Later, Adil asks Tracy for restaurant recommendations, keen to explore Borsetshire. Alice visits Ian. Ruairi’s there too, and chastises Alice for reading a text from Chris – her divorce is all she talks about and it brings people down, especially Brian and Jennifer. Alice concedes, and asks Ruairi for details about the apartment in Bath. Ian changes the subject to Alice and Martha – Alice is planning to stay at home with her. The tension continues when Alice grills Ruairi about his uni exams. Ruairi in turn asks how Alice is coping with sobriety. Ian tries to keep things light, and Alice mentions an upcoming family fun day event on Easter Monday, as part of her recovery. Ruairi gleefully points out that’s the weekend of Brian and Jennifer’s visit to the Bath apartment. Ruairi strongarms Alice into agreeing that her parents need the break. Alice picks at the detail of the Bath property owners, causing Ruairi to get details mixed up. Later, Alice confronts Ruairi. She knows the Bath trip isn’t all it seems – Ruairi had better not do anything to compromise Brian and Jennifer.
07/04/22·12m 55s


Pat and Clarrie catch up at the veterans’ cricket practice – Pat’s delighted to see Clarrie who was a whizz at Single Wicket. Pat has snuck a chocolate Easter egg to eat away from dieting Natasha and offers Clarrie some. Taskmaster Tracy promises today’s session will be less strenuous, but the apprehensive team is still exhausted. Tracy asks Clarrie about Oliver. Clarrie admits he doesn’t seem himself, but she’s interrupted when Tracy tries to confiscate Pat’s chocolate egg – which Pat throws around the team amid much hilarity. Vince drops in to see Josh’s egg enterprise in action and points out that linking up with Freddie should be good for business. Josh is wary of Vince, but Vince insists he’s a pussycat. Vince is impressed by Josh’s initiative and when Josh divulges some of his big ideas like investing in solar panels for Brookfield, Vince offers to look over some figures for him. Susan tells Chris about Ruth and Stella’s proposed slurry arrangement, concerned about it disrupting the village with tankers and the smell. Noticing Chris’s stress, Susan offers to have Martha overnight so he can catch up with work. Later, Chris is shocked to learn Alice has decided to give up work and be a full time stay at home mum – she’s bound to get custody. Susan wonders how Alice can afford it but Chris contrasts the well-off Aldridges with himself. Chris decides to go for half of Alice’s assets, enabling him to employ someone at the forge and be available for childcare himself. Alice has pushed him to this and he owes it to Martha.
06/04/22·13m 9s


Plans are afoot at Brookfield, and Freddie spies a new opportunity.
05/04/22·13m 3s


Tracy needs some extra housekeeping shifts at Grey Gables, now that a downbeat Jazzer’s hours at Berrow are reduced. But Tracy reports back to Roy that Oliver was abrupt when she approached him – guarded on a phone call, quickly dismissing Tracy. Oliver later emails Tracy to confirm he’s happy with the idea. Roy and Tracy speculate on whether Oliver has a ‘lady friend’. Roy also fishes for info on Tracy’s disciplinary last month, but Tracy deflects. Meanwhile Roy’s delighted to have beaten Kate in their fish challenge - his ‘Kate’ fish is still going strong, unlike the deceased ‘Roy’ fish. On her way to her solicitor, Roisin, Brian sends Alice a contact for a job opportunity – she’ll ring later. Alice tells Roisin about Chris and Amy, but Roisin sets Alice straight – she needs to look after her own mental health. Alice insists she’s tougher than she seems, determined to have full custody of Martha and not let Chris break her. Roisin advises it’s going to be an uphill battle as Alice is marginalised in the current arrangement, and courts prefer to stick to the status quo. Alice tells Roisin about the lecturing job her dad has put her on to, building her earning potential – but to Alice’s shock Roisin proposes Alice doesn’t return to work, and instead becomes a full time stay at home mother. It would strengthen Alice’s case though Chris is likely to contest with everything he has, but Alice agrees – it’s the right thing for Martha.
04/04/22·12m 54s


Chris feels out of sorts, exhausted looking after unsettled Martha. He texted Amy to see how things were, which he knows was a bad idea. Susan reveals that happily Alice and Amy have made up, and despite family fallouts, Susan and Tracy are talking again. Chris just hopes Alice is ok and admits it was the worst time to see whether he and Amy had potential. Susan tells Chris to move on with his life, with Martha safely with him. Chris agrees it’s best, whatever Alice thinks. Freddie is looking forward to a busy summer of DJing, but needs gear. Josh is unimpressed by Freddie’s egg rolling idea for Lower Loxley’s Easter activities, until Freddie offer to buy the eggs from Josh. Josh helps Freddie work out details, keen to promote his own business. Alice wonders whether to mention Chris’s fling to her solicitor – Brian’s not sure how much difference it’ll make. Ruairi arrives, in an expensive looking new shirt, but he plays down the cost to Alice. Polite Ruairi’s indifferent to Alice’s ideas about catching up. He’s pleased that Jenny enjoyed his amusing Mother’s Day card. He has also booked a treat for Brian and Jennifer – a trip to Bath. The posh apartment sounds expensive. Alice tries to make peace with Ruairi, but he makes it clear he has no time for her and nothing has changed. Ruairi reminds Alice of her unforgivable comments about his mother. Alice loves him but she won’t keep apologising. So if Ruairi wants to stay out of her way, fine – but Alice is not changing a thing for him.
03/04/22·13m 4s


Writer, Keri Davies Director, Marina Caldarone Editor, Jeremy Howe Alan Franks ….. John Telfer Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Amy Franks ….. Jennifer Daley Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Fallon Rogers ….. Joanna Van Kampen Hannah Riley ….. Helen Longworth Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly Justin Elliott ….. Simon Williams Kate Madikane ….. Perdita Avery Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Martyn Gibson ….. Jon Glover Natasha Archer ….. Mali Harries Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Pat Archer ….. Patricia Gallimore Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Tony Archer ….. David Troughton
31/03/22·13m 3s


Alan visits Kate and catches her performing a ceremony to mark the death of Roy the goldfish. Alan apologises for how he spoke on Sunday but stands by what he said. Kate reassures him, saying she won’t be making a complaint - on reflection she and Alan are more alike than she realised. Alan recounts this conversation to Amy, but it doesn’t put her at ease. She thinks there’s still lots of people in Ambridge who think badly of her and the best thing would be to return to Nottingham for good. Jazzer’s anxious about his Berrow Farm job even though Borchester Land isn’t closing the pig unit. After a meeting between Brian, Neil and Hannah, Jazzer learns that he remains employed but with reduced hours. Later, Jazzer tells Neil that he was impressed with how Tracy took the news and that he took the opportunity to persuade Tracy to make up with Susan. Neil’s grateful and tells Jazzer that he’s part of the family now. Amy tells Chris about her plans to return to Nottingham. She says that she’s fallen in love with him and asks if he feels the same. If he does, then maybe they can find somewhere they can be together or stay and tough it out it. Chris isn’t ready to say that he loves Amy but thinks that one day in the future they would be good together. That’s not enough for Amy and her mind is made up: she’s moving back to Nottingham. It would be easier if she and Chris weren’t in touch for a while.
30/03/22·13m 4s


Fallon asks Alice to join her looking for the Easter Bunny - the first clue’s on the village website - but Alice declines. When Alice asks, Fallon confirms she knew about Chris and Amy sleeping together. Fallon’s sorry; she was trying to protect Alice. Alice is emotional feeling she doesn’t deserve Fallon’s friendship. She opens up about Chris and Amy’s liaison; she can’t get over Amy’s betrayal. Fallon tells Alice about what happened between Kate and Alan after Sunday’s church service. Natasha chats to Pat and Tony about rewilding. She questions its economic viability while Pat and Tony gently make their arguments in favour of the project. Tom has helped Tony with a Tamworth pigs contact for the rewilding land. Later, on her return from a routine pregnancy scan, Natasha reveals to Pat that she has gestational diabetes. Natasha’s confident she can manage it and Tom’s going to reduce his sugar intake in solidarity. Tony’s dismayed when Pat suggests that they should do the same, starting today. Ahead of the Borchester Land board meeting to agree Berrow Farm’s fate, Brian’s nervous of Justin wanting to get to the bottom of the leak about its possible closure. Afterwards, Brian’s relieved that another board member is the prime suspect. Justin continues to threaten to sell his majority share in BL so, to Brian’s horror, Martyn offers Justin the role of Chair. Justin declines but mysteriously says there’s another local project he’d like to discuss with Martyn. Meanwhile Brian’s tasked with communicating the latest decision on Berrow to the workforce.
29/03/22·12m 56s


Jazzer’s switched to packed lunches since learning his Berrow Farm job is at risk. Hannah tries to stay hopeful that the pig unit won’t close. It would be bad news for both of them if it did. Jazzer misses the money his milk round brought in but admits life is different now that he’s older and with Tracy. Tom calls in to buy some overweight carcasses to make bargain sausages. While he waits for Hannah, Tom tries to lighten Jazzer’ mood with talk about the Easter Bunny and the challenge to track it down and guess who’s in the costume. The two of them also look back - Tom apologises for how he handled Jazzer’s exit from Bridge Farm and recounts Jazzer’s feelings for Hannah when they first met. Lilian calls on Alan to talk about his encounter with Kate yesterday. Alan’s embarrassed by it. Lilian’s clear she doesn’t want to blame anyone but wanted to warn Alan that Kate’s talking about making an official complaint. Alan accepts Kate’s entitled to do so. Later, Chris visits Alan to apologise for Kate’s behaviour and for Alan getting dragged into the mess of his personal life. Alan makes it clear that while he likes Chris, when it comes to Amy his first concern is her welfare. Alan will do everything in his power to protect Amy from hurt and he expects Chris to do the same.
28/03/22·13m 13s


At the shop, Susan tells Neil Tracy is avoiding her. Neil’s sorry that Berrow Farm has caused tension between the two sisters. When Lilian joins them Susan gives her the cold shoulder. Lilian doesn’t want to be involved in any awkwardness due to Chris and Alice’s divorce. But Susan is also annoyed with Justin looking to close Berrow Fam while at the same time investing in The Stables. She orders her out of the shop and refuses to serve her there in future. After delivering a Mothering Sunday sermon, Alan thanks Amy for standing in for an unwell Clarrie to do a reading. Kate attends the service with Jennifer and Peggy and approaches Alan to donate to the Lent Appeal. She then confronts Amy about sleeping with Chris. Amy flees in tears and Alan is furious at Kate for attacking his daughter in church. Tearful Amy calls in at the shop and explains what happened between her, Alan and Kate in church. Neil goes to find Alan and Susan comforts Amy. Susan goes as far to say that Alice was never right for Chris and that she’d give her backing to Amy and Chris becoming a couple. Meanwhile, Lilian and Kate chat on their way to Mother’s Day lunch at The Lodge. Kate wants to make an official complaint against Alan.
27/03/22·13m 6s


Beth bumps into Lily in a Felpersham chocolate shop and they get chatting about siblings. Later over cocktails Lily recounts cuddling the Easter Bunny who she thought was Russ. When Beth teases Lily about her and Russ’ relationship, Lily reveals she slept with a colleague a few months ago. Beth is shocked at the admission and gets cross. Lily asks her not to tell anyone else. Lily explains her infidelity has helped her see that she does love Russ and that she needed to connect with him properly. Things between them are better now. Ian pops over to Ambridge View to share some gossip about the Gleeson twins being champion ballroom dancers in their youth. The chat cheers Ian who is feeling down about Grey Gables having so few customers since lockdown. Talk turns to comfort food and Susan’s surprised to hear Ian’s choice would be tomato soup with cheese and bread followed by a particular instant dessert. Ian’s over the moon when Susan pulls a packet of that very dessert from the cupboard. After languishing in her room for days, Amy tells Usha and Alan about sleeping with Chris. They are both understanding and remind Amy that Chris also has responsibility for what happened. Amy shares with them how she poured vodka away for Alice and worries that her and Chris’ liaison might push Alice back to drinking. Alan says that alcoholism is a complex illness and she can’t take responsibility for the decisions Alice makes. He comforts sobbing Amy as she apologises for making a mess of everything.
24/03/22·13m 8s


Freddie tells Russ about his plans to upgrade his DJ kit to get more bookings and Lily excitedly announces her idea of having a Lower Loxley Easter Bunny again this year. When Russ refuses to wear the costume again, Freddie and Lily bet on whether he can be persuaded. Later, they spot the Easter Bunny and although the costume’s slightly different, they think Russ must’ve changed his mind. Later Russ is confused when Freddie and Lily congratulate him. He insists he’s been painting all day. Freddie wins the bet and Lily cringes as she remembers patting the bunny on his bum! They wonder who it was. Tony’s still feeling the effects from Sunday’s cricket training. He admits to Brian that he unwittingly spilt the beans about the threat to Berrow to Tracy and Jazzer. Talk turns to Tamworth pigs as Tony’s looking to source them for the rewilding site. He says he’s really enjoying his advisory role for the project; Rex and Kirsty talk a lot of sense. While Tony champions the nurturing aspect of rewilding, Brian wonders where food will come from if land continues to be taken out of production. Adam joins the healthy debate. Adam and Brian discuss the impact of Chris and Amy’s liaison on Alice. Brian says that Jennifer’s furious with Chris; she’s worried it will push Alice back to alcohol. Adam says Chris is a free agent although it’s not very classy getting together with Amy. Brian agrees and understands Jennifer’s concerns, but he has faith in Alice. She’s determined to win custody of Martha and won’t do anything to jeopardise that.
23/03/22·13m 10s


Tracy tells Susan she still feels she’s in the doghouse with Oliver; he’s barely spoken to her since he caught her and Jazzer in the hotel room. Tracy can’t risk losing her job especially when Jazzer’s is under threat. She wouldn’t have coped financially the last few months without Jazzer’s help. Susan shares her worry over Chris and Alice’s divorce. When Susan explains she’s worried about overloading Neil who he’s been worrying about Berrow for weeks, Tracy catches her out. Tracy’s only known about the threat to Berrow since Sunday. Tracy’s angry at Susan for not letting her and Jazzer know sooner. Susan’s stung when Tracy discredits her loyalty, saying she’s in cahoots with Brian to only save managerial jobs. Tracy orders her to leave. Chris is woken by Alice banging on his door. Amy has told Alice about them and is worried that Alice might start drinking again. But when Chris rushes round to Alice’s, she’s calm and sober. When Chris admits he messed up and it shouldn’t have happened, Alice tells him she’s heartbroken and devastated. Chris points out that he’s single and it was Alice that left him. If it was up to him, they’d still be a couple. But Alice won’t take any responsibility for Chris sleeping with Amy and says that she no longer wants to feel guilty. She’ll be in touch with her solicitor; she knows she’s a good person and is going to fight for her daughter.
22/03/22·13m 15s


Hannah tries to explain to Jazzer that she and Neil are working on a cost-cutting plan to save Berrow from closure. This doesn’t give Jazzer any hope, he doesn’t trust Hannah will not cut his job. Later, Hannah finds Jazzer in The Bull and implores him to listen to her properly. She reveals that if she loses her job, she won’t be able to support her mum and stepdad with respite care for her mum’s dementia. Justin overhears their conversation and warns them not to gossip. Jazzer and Hannah push back against Justin’s warning and once he’s gone agree that they are on the same side. Alice calls in at The Vicarage asking after Amy. Usha and Alan present a united front explaining that Amy is still away in Nottingham. When Alice asks them if Amy is OK, Alan struggles to answer. Alice wants to be there for Amy as she has been then for her, but Amy hasn’t been answering her calls. Once Alice has gone, Alan calls out to Amy who is hiding in her room. He’s never lying to her friends for her again. Over dinner, Alan and Usha press Amy for the reason behind her avoidance of Alice but have no success. Amy calls in on Alice at The Nest and confesses that she and Chris slept together. Alice laughs and then realises Amy isn’t joking. Alice insists that Amy tells her everything about how it happened. Alice is incredulous of Amy’s explanations and her anger builds to screaming at Amy to get out of her house. As Amy goes, Alice dissolves into tears.
21/03/22·13m 0s


The future of Berrow pig unit weighs heavy on Neil and Hannah. Brian confronts them about spreading word that the unit may close as it seems it’s now village gossip and the Borchester Land board have got wind of it. Brian warns if the board oust him, there’ll be no hope for the unit. Back at home, Neil asks Susan if she has told anyone about Berrow being at risk of closure. Susan is offended that he’s asked and assures him that she hasn’t and she’s not a gossip. Later, Neil apologies to Susan. She reveals how hard it’s been not being able to share the worry or give Tracy a heads up that Jazzer’s job could be in danger. Justin turns up to the first training session of Tracy’s over-65s Ambridge cricket team. He’s keen to join and has even brought his old bat. Afterwards, in The Bull, Tracy can only sing Justin’s praises – good with a cricket bat and first to the bar, what’s not to like? Tony is put out by this favouritism and mentions Berrow. He quickly realises Jazzer and Tracy are unaware of the rumours and has to come clean that Justin plans to close Berrow down. Tracy confronts Justin who won’t be drawn on the subject. He then confirms it is an option being considered by the BL board. Tracy sacks Justin from the cricket team and Jazzer wonders what he will do without his job at Berrow?
20/03/22·13m 7s


Writer, Naylah Ahmed Director, Dave Payne Editor, Jeremy Howe Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Justin Elliott ….. Simon Williams Alan Franks ….. John Telfer Usha Franks ….. Souad Faress Jakob Hakansson ….. Paul Venables Jim Lloyd ….. John Rowe Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Fallon Rogers ….. Joanna Van Kampen Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperel Peggy Woolley ….. June Spencer Nora ….. Ellie Darvill
17/03/22·13m 13s


Usha wishes Fallon all the best for Harrison’s baptism tomorrow. Fallon is equivocal, and sensitive Usha backs off. But Fallon wants to talk, and asks Usha how it is being in a mixed marriage. Usha shares her thoughts on the challenges she and Alan initially faced as a couple. They had to prove themselves and their commitment to one another, something Fallon and Harrison won’t have to do. Fallon queries whether Harrison will want to stick with her if she doesn’t share his views. Usha reckons it’s clear Harrison loves Fallon and the fact they’re together answers her question. Justin’s hard line on whether Berrow should close isn’t well received by Lilian. She points out how its closure would affect people in their community, and how bad this would be once they know he’s behind it. Justin insists that the only people who know his mind are the other BL board members. Susan’s upset when Neil mentions that Alice is seeing a solicitor regarding full time care of Martha. Later Justin rubs out of sorts Susan up the wrong way. Lilian wonders what’s wrong with her – it can’t have been Justin, as Susan was clearly distracted before they saw her. The thought occurs to Justin that word may have got out about Berrow. Why else would Susan be so tetchy with them? If news has leaked, declares Justin grimly, the culprit will be toast.
16/03/22·13m 12s


Peggy has a proposition for Tony. Rex and Kirsty would like him as farming consultant to the rewilding scheme. Tony assumes it was Peggy’s idea, and that others have turned down the role. Peggy denies this. Everyone was in agreement it should be Tony, and that his expertise could really benefit the project. He was ahead of the curve with Bridge Farm and he should be proud of its success. Tony agrees to visit to the site, and is impressed. Kirsty confirms Peggy had told her and Rex he’d be the best person for the job. Tony returns to Peggy declaring his acceptance of the role. They have a touching mother and son moment. Alice tells her dad that Chris didn’t take the news of her wish to be Martha’s main parent well. Brian points out it must have been a shock for him. He thinks Alice should have given Chris a heads up beforehand of her intentions. Alice maintains she’s better than Chris thinks, and she’s determined to prove it. Brian sees Neil, who admits the news has come as a shock to him and Susan. Brian tries to advocate for Alice, but has to admit he doesn’t know why she’s changed tack. It might be best to leave them both to sort it out through mediation. However later Alice blows this out of the water. She’s made an appointment with her solicitor. Brian feels she’s being hasty. A solicitor will be expensive, and the courts will expose everything. Alice counters all she wants is Martha.
15/03/22·13m 6s


Roy takes Kate the goldfish to the vet’s but Alistair’s out. Roy requests client confidentiality but impatient Jakob just wants to get on with it. He confirms Kate looks fine, but Roy’s worried and wants Jakob to take a closer look. Jakob vouches for the physical condition of the fish, but suggests she may be neglected – she may need clean water and a bigger tank. The penny drops with Roy that this is what they’ve done for Kate’s fish, Roy. The real Roy demands to know what type of tank has been chosen for Roy the fish. Mischievous Jakob points to the most expensive one online, and resigned Roy decides to buy it. It will be worth it to keep Kate the fish alive and win his bet with the real Kate. Chris and Alice discuss their possessions split with their mediator Nora. Chris is relieved they no longer have to cite any wrongdoing. Nora notes their conciliatory attitudes over the care of Martha, commenting they seem to have found an agreeable pattern. Chris agrees, and then announces the bigger decisions concerning Martha should be down to him as the main parent. Alice is initially quiet, before suggesting she should now have Martha more. Chris argues that Alice may not always be reliable. Alice calmly counters that Chris shouldn’t be telling her when she’s able to parent. Nora gently pushes the conversation on. Alice feels Martha’s the priority and finally declares her home should be with Alice, at The Nest. She wants to be Martha’s primary carer.
14/03/22·12m 59s


Roy’s already missing Phoebe. The goldfish she gave him isn’t much of a substitute. Kirsty tries to cheer him up as they good humouredly banter about Kate the fish. As they chat about the rewilding, Kirsty spots Kate has escaped. They find her on the floor, but Roy can’t face scooping her up. It’s left to Kirsty to return Kate quickly to the water, where she recovers. Relieved Roy pledges to take the fish to the vet – but he’ll need to make sure Jakob doesn’t see them, or the real Kate will know something’s up. Alice takes Jim some birthday cake, and a bookmark made by Martha. He’s touched. Alice is keen to make amends for her past actions. She asks Jim if there might be some shifts she could do at the shop. Jim agrees it would be a service to the village, but Alice will need to ask Susan. Jim hopes Alice’s quest will eventually allow her to forgive herself. As he holds Martha, he praises Alice’s ‘mother’s instinct’, commenting that his wife possessed a good one. He feels experiences in his life meant he was ill equipped to carry this on with his children. He’s troubled that Alice might be hanging on to the idea that she must make up for something. She’s clearly doing a good job as a mother, and she shouldn’t sell herself short. He himself realised too late that we never get a second chance to be the best parent we can be.
13/03/22·13m 13s


Tracy’s appliance misfortunes continue when her washing machine breaks down. Susan bails her out, and stressed Tracy shares her money worries over a cup of tea. She also mentions she nearly lost her job, without divulging the detail. She admits that without Jazzer’s financial help she’d be struggling. Susan’s dubious about Tracy relying on him so much, but manages not to say why. Instead she suggests Tracy comes to her if she’s strapped for cash, rather than her boyfriend. As Phoebe prepares to leave Ambridge, she takes the opportunity to tell Kate how impressed she is with her for allowing Kirsty to take the rewilding post unopposed. She also informs her that Kirsty wants to incorporate some of her ideas into the scheme; that way the rewilding will still have Kate’s stamp on it. Kate thinks it’s sweet and doesn’t mind at all. Later Roy and Kate reassure one another that Phoebe will be alright, and agree they haven’t done a bad job with her. Phoebe declares she wouldn’t be where she is without their encouragement; they’re amazing parents. When she’s gone Kate and Roy find she’s left them each a gift of a goldfish. The fish are named for them, and each has to look after the other’s namesake. Roy hates fish but can see Phoebe was being thoughtful. Kate reckons they’re stuck with them. They challenge one another as to who can keep their fish alive the longest.
10/03/22·13m 1s


Chris comes to the village hall to collect Martha from her birthday party. Alice comments that Amy’s departure was sudden, but as ever with Amy she’s helping a friend in need. As Chris tries to divert the subject he’s saved by Martha, who appears covered in chocolate. Amused Alice wants to get a photo, but Chris isn’t happy. He expects Alice to be as careful with Martha’s consumption of sweet stuff as he is. Now he’s landed with a hyperactive, grizzly child. Alice is sorry. Later she calls him, and finds out Martha’s having a good time and not bouncing off the walls. Chris explains he was stressed earlier, but Alice asserts she’s not a bad parent, and her way is ok too. Chris acknowledges this. Kate and Kirsty are thrown together at Willow Farm while Kate waits for Phoebe. Kate takes the opportunity to question whether Kirsty’s really up to pitching for the rewilding job. Kirsty isn’t fazed. As they agree that the best woman will win, they realise they have identical time slots for their interviews. Later Rex explains he and Peggy want the joint interview to be more like a conversation, in which both can hear each other’s pitches. As each candidate comments on the very different ideas of the other, it becomes clear that Kirsty has a fuller pitch. Rex and Peggy are about to dismiss them to deliberate when Kate announces she’s withdrawing. She’s there to honour Phoebe, but it’s Kirsty who has the genuine passion. Peggy’s proud of Kate, and Kirsty’s delighted when she’s offered the job.
09/03/22·13m 13s


Susan can see Neil has something on his mind. With reluctance he shares with her that Berrow’s future is on the line. Shocked Susan can’t believe everyone might lose their jobs. Neil hopes it won’t come to that. He and Hannah are going to work out some cost effective ideas to strengthen Brian’s case, which Susan thinks sounds stressful. She puts it to Neil that he might want to consider retiring. But Neil’s not ready to give up on Berrow yet. He wants to try and steer his team through this crisis. Susan declares Neil a good man. She’s glad he’s talked to her. Neil tells her she mustn’t mention this to Tracy in case Jazzer finds out. He hopes to save Jazzer’s job before he’s even aware it’s at risk. Tracy’s terrified of what Oliver’s going to say to her. Jazzer advocates simply apologising. Oliver thinks a lot of her; he’ll calm down. The meeting is set for 6pm, and Tracy’s sweating. Meanwhile Jazzer calls Oliver. He admits the whole room incident was his idea, and his fault. But his efforts fall on deaf ears and Oliver hangs up on him. Later at the meeting Oliver’s stern. Tracy begs him not to lose faith in her, but he insists he has to do things by the book. However to her joy he lets her off with a written warning. She pledges to awkward Oliver that she’ll never let him down again.
08/03/22·12m 56s


Amy begs to talk to Fallon at the Tearoom but gets an icy reception. Amy can’t bear the atmosphere between them. Fallon agrees to keep things civil, but only for Alice’s sake. She points out Alice is trying to put her life back together, and Amy’s risking her friend’s recovery. Amy crumbles; she doesn’t want any of this to be happening, and she has feelings for Chris. Her head’s all over the place. Fallon urges her gently to go home. Amy leaves to figure out what to do. Later she calls Fallon and tells her she’s decided to leave Ambridge after Martha’s party. Tracy and Jazzer are furtive at Grey Gables Reception as she sorts him out a room key card for their tryst. She cuts short his clowning around for fear of being discovered, and sends him off to open up the room. Tracy’s intercepted by Oliver, who informs her that a guest is being moved to the room she’s just put Jazzer in. Tracy rushes to oust now naked Jazzer, having despatched the guest to the bar to delay her arrival. But before Jazzer can get his clothes back on, Oliver arrives at the room and lets himself in. They’re sprung. Oliver’s furious at their breach of trust and sends mortified Tracy home. He’s suspending her immediately, pending further action.
07/03/22·12m 59s


Alice gets uncomfortable Amy on board with arrangements for Martha’s first birthday party. As they chat Amy’s horrified when Fallon arrives. Tension simmers between them as oblivious Alice presses on. But when Amy leaves abruptly, Alice demands to know from Fallon what’s going on. With an effort Fallon evades Alice’s question, but Alice can’t understand why Fallon’s taking out her tetchiness on Amy, their good friend. She couldn’t do any of this without the two of them, and begs Fallon to make things right with Amy. Fallon reluctantly agrees. Jazzer wants to know what’s bothering grumpy Alistair, who eventually gives up that he’s miffed not only to miss the tradition of being persuaded to attend cricket training, but also that Tracy thinks he’s eligible for the veterans team. Does he really look sixty-five? He’s not even sixty yet! Jazzer reckons it’s his dress sense letting him down, but Alistair counters it’s lack of sleep. The noise coming from Jazzer’s room when Tracy stays over is keeping him awake. Jazzer conveys this delicate information to Tracy, and suggests they spend more time at hers. No, says Tracy, the walls are paper thin at No.6. Jazzer has the idea of creating a secret love nest in one of the rooms at Grey Gables. As Tracy protests it’s more than her job’s worth, Jazzer can tell she’s a little excited too. It’s mad, but they have to do it – as soon as possible.
06/03/22·13m 4s


Lynda’s asked Kirsty over for cake and stern talking to about her decision to leave Ambridge. Kirsty says staying reminds her about the mess she’s made of her life. Lynda asserts she belongs in Ambridge, and the rewilding job is made for her. She and Kirsty are very similar; they’re both inspired by the village and are there to make a difference. Kirsty needs to make it impossible for the rewilders to say no to her. Harrison tells Fallon he doesn’t want a baptism party – it something that’s very personal to him. Exasperated Chris has it out with Fallon, saying if she tells Alice about him and Amy it could set Alice back. Fallon’s furious – he should have thought of that before jumping into bed with Amy. When things escalate, Harrison asks Chris to leave. Later Fallon admits she shouldn’t have lost her temper. Harrison reminds her that Chris and Amy love Alice too and want what’s best for her. But you don’t choose who you fall for. If Chris and Amy stay together, it’s their decision to tell Alice. Later Fallon visits Chris and explains that Harrison’s convinced her not to mention anything to Alice. Chris says he’s been lonely and that he and Amy really tried to stay apart. Amy was trying to finish with Chris when Fallon saw them. Fallon’s unconvinced. She wonders what she’ll do when she and Amy are helping with Martha’s party next week. She won’t be able to look Amy in the face.
03/03/22·13m 16s


Tracy despairs when Toby backs out of the cricket meeting; he was the only person coming from the cricket team. When Leonard’s at a loose end and mentions he played cricket years ago, Jazzer invites him to the meeting for moral support. Later when only Tracy, Jazzer and Leonard turn up, Tracy’s inspired when Leonard chats about Tony’s enthusiasm for cricket and Jazzer adds that Jim loves being the scorer. If the only people keen on reviving cricket are the ‘oldies’, then Tracy thinks they need to get able-bodied older people in the village – male and female - to form an OAP team. Leonard suggests the more palatable name of ‘veterans’. Chris and Amy talk on the phone. He comforts her when she continues to worry that they were seen kissing in the churchyard last night. Amy agrees to go round to Chris’s later. Chris visits Roy on the pretext of making something for Grey Gables’ garden. He works his way round to asking Roy whether he was at the churchyard yesterday evening as Chris thought he saw him. But Roy says he wasn’t. Amy and Chris are wrong-footed by a surprise visit from angry Fallon who saw them last night in the churchyard. She’s been worrying all day about what to do. She turns on Amy, asking her how she could do that to Alice, when she’s supposed to be her friend? Chris defends Amy, maintaining she hasn’t done anything wrong. But Fallon won’t be appeased – she’s going to tell Alice.
02/03/22·13m 15s


When Lilian and Justin discuss the forthcoming extraordinary meeting of the BL board, Justin says it can’t come soon enough; Berrow’s been haemorrhaging money for too long. However, the site has a lot going for it with the access road – he can think of several possible alternative uses. Brian, Neil and Hannah have a furtive meeting. When Neil asks whether it’s Justin’s idea to get the unit closed down, Brian can’t comment. But he admits that certain members of the board are threatening to withdraw investment from BL if they don’t get their way. He asks Neil and Hannah for a detailed plan for the future - examples of where they can cut back and economise, so that they can keep going for the coming months. They discuss cutting back staff and worry that might mean Jazzer losing his job. However, if Berrow closes he won’t have one anyway. Amy and Chris meet up while he’s fixing the churchyard gate. Guilty Amy says they need to stop seeing each other. But Chris says that as he’s no longer Alice’s husband, it’s up to him what he does. Amy worries that if they tell Alice, she might start drinking again. She’s clear they shouldn’t have spent the night together. Struggling to contain their feelings, they kiss but are disturbed by a noise close by and worry they might’ve been seen. When they spot Roy in the distance, Chris says he’ll have a word with him tomorrow. Anyway, he’s sure no-one saw them.
01/03/22·13m 6s


Neil returns from his mini break with Susan, to hear from Hannah about the potential plans to shut Berrow and Brian appearing to ‘accidentally’ leave behind a confidential document. Shocked Neil says at least that shows Brian’s on their side. Later Neil relays that cagey Brian didn’t deny that Berrow may close and there’ll be an emergency board meeting soon. Brian’s asked for a secret meeting with them tomorrow. Amy admits to Fallon that although she got on really well with Rex on their date, there wasn’t a spark. Fallon moans that having already planned the buffet menu for Harrison’s forthcoming baptism, he’s now given up meat for lent! Later Fallon asks Amy to visit Alice with her - she thinks Alice is struggling a bit and Amy always knows how to make Alice feel better. But Amy’s adamant; she’s busy. Phoebe wonders how Kirsty will cope away from the countryside in Plovdiv. But Kirsty says although she loves Ambridge, it’s time to move on and that Phoebe must feel the same. But Phoebe is clear that although she’s ready for a new challenge, she thinks Kirsty isn’t in the same boat; she’s part of the fibre of Ambridge and she’ll miss out on the chance to follow her passion by not taking the rewilding job. Kirsty’s insistent that she can’t stay in Ambridge after all that’s happened. Unconvinced, Phoebe’s says that she’s leaving Ambridge because it isn’t her home anymore. Can Kirsty, hand on heart, honestly say the same thing? Isn’t she already home?
28/02/22·12m 58s


Roy and Tracy discuss where Rex’s housewarming party might be – the only clue is to wear sensible shoes. When Roy says he’s not free to come to the cricket meeting on Wednesday, Tracy admits she’s getting a bit desperate - no-one has agreed to come yet. Phoebe tells Roy that although she’ll miss Ambridge, she’ll be doing her dream job in Scotland. They muse over why Kirsty chose Bulgaria when Phoebe thinks the rewilding job would’ve been a perfect fit. Roy agrees but says Kirsty has too many bad memories here and Lexi can be very persuasive! Rex invites Amy to his party. Although initially awkward after their ‘date’ Rex breaks the ice saying they can still be friends even if they don’t fancy each other. When Rex asks if Amy had someone else, Amy says there was, but not anymore; it’s complicated. Rex admits to knowing all about complicated – he wasted years being in love with someone who didn’t want to know. But he won’t be drawn when Amy asks if it was someone in Ambridge. Later, as everyone gathers together to walk to Rex’s new abode, there’s much speculation about where it is – Kate’s yurts? The cricket pavilion? When they arrive at the river they discover it’s a narrowboat called ‘Serendipity’, covered in fairy lights and moored by the country park. Rex explains that it’s much cheaper than buying a house. In lieu of champagne, everyone cheers when Jazzer smashes a bottle on the boat and makes a speech.
27/02/22·13m 0s


Neil tells Hannah that he’s taking Susan away for a few days in the Cotswolds for their wedding anniversary. Brian appears unexpectedly at Berrow hoping to see Neil. When Hannah says Brian’s away for the weekend, Brian asks to use a spare desk. As he’s leaving, Hannah notices he’s left a document on the printer. Brian says it’s not his – but then Hannah sees it’s about the possible closure of Berrow. Brian says it’s confidential – but now Hannah has found out by accident it wouldn’t be ethical for her to keep secrets from Neil. Later when Neil rings, Hannah tells him everything’s ok and to have a wonderful weekend away. Chris and Rex avoid Tracy in case she hounds them about cricket. Chris admits his life now is his work and Martha – if he can keep those plates spinning, he might just make it through the year. When Rex tells him he’s going on a date with Amy to the Bull, Chris says he had no idea Rex was into her. Later Alice chats to Chris about it. Chris says he can’t really see Amy and Rex as a couple. When Alice says they’re both young and good looking, Chris is surprised that Alice thinks Rex is. At The Bull Rex and Amy get on well and enjoy several drinks together. Later it’s clear that Amy didn’t go home with Rex, but ended up on Chris’s doorstep and in his bed.
24/02/22·13m 6s


Alice and Chris discuss plans for Martha’s birthday party – Alice wants to mark the occasion with a party for family and friends, but Chris thinks a small tea will do. Later Brian tells Alice if she wants a big first birthday for her daughter, she has every right to organise one. So Alice suggests to Chris that they have two parties and Chris reluctantly agrees. Neil and Hannah commiserate over the breeding sows – they hate seeing healthy animals going to waste. Neil says things have never seemed so uncertain. Justin tells Martyn that The Stables is a good investment, but the pigs are eating his money at Berrow. When Martyn points out that Brian thinks the market might pick up, Justin retorts that Berrow is haemorrhaging money, with animals being fed up just to be slaughtered. They need to get out and close it down. And if the board doesn’t agree, he will sell his shares in Borchester land and leave Berrow to sink without him. Later, Martyn tells Brian what Justin thinks and that Brian needs to convince him that Berrow has a future. Brian asks for a couple of weeks to get his case together so he can expose Justin as a man without vision. Then he’ll call an emergency board meeting to force a discussion on Berrow’s future. Martyn tells Brian to keep this top secret – they don’t want the staff getting wind of it.
23/02/22·13m 14s


Tracy wonders if Rex is sad to be moving out of the bungalow, but he says he’s ready for a change. When talk turns to the cricket team, Rex says he’s too busy. Tracy doesn’t get any further talking cricket with Chris either. Rex offers Tracy the pick of the things he’s throwing out. Amy’s supportive of Alice when she admits it’s hard living without Chris at The Nest. She’s lucky to have family, friends and Martha – she could’ve lost it all. But it takes work keeping it all going. Amy says she’s there for her. When Alice encourages Amy to go out for a drink with Rex, Amy says she’ll think about it. Chris apologises to Amy for giving her the wrong idea the other week, but Amy says it’s fine. Later Alice asks Chris if he’s decided about taking the cottage at Home farm, but he’s decided not to – he doesn’t want to feel indebted to her parents. They agree to carrying on mediation to sort out their finances. Alice is pleased when Amy arranges to meet up with Rex on Thursday; they’re perfect for each other. But Amy says it’s only a friendly drink – they hardly know one another. However if she’s to put last year behind her, a night out with Rex is a good starting place. She thanks Alice – she wouldn’t have texted Rex without her encouragement. When Alice asks if she can tell Chris, Amy’s very clear she doesn’t want everyone knowing – it’s just a drink.
22/02/22·13m 0s


Tracy endures another cold morning in her house, and tells Jazzer that despite Alice’s treatment of Chris, she might be Tracy’s favourite person if Alice’s mate fixes the boiler. When Jazzer mentions that Alice is lonely, Tracy agrees to invite her round sometime. Tracy’s on a mission to resurrect the Ambridge cricket team and Jazzer agrees to help recruit some players. Later Tracy admits that no-one in the village wants to play. But when Jazzer suggests leaving it til next year, Tracy’s determined to get a team together. Pip shows Stella around the bungalow. When Stella says she was disappointed yesterday when Pip said it was already let, Pip says it was her mistake. Stella can really imagine living there. Pip warms to Stella and reminisces about her time in the bungalow as a child. Stella says she knows they got off to a bad start over the sheep. She screams when she comes across what she thinks is black magic in the attic; a string of bird corpses. Rex later explains that it was a joke parting gift he found in a junk shop for whoever moved in, along with some of Eddie’s cider and Helen’s cheese. Pip’s horrified until she realises their wires are crossed and he’s referring to a snorting pig toilet roll dispenser and not the birds! He explains the birds were Bert’s – he was having a go at taxidermy. Relieved Stella says in that case she’d like to move in.
21/02/22·12m 57s


Alice visits Jazzer to look at Tracy’s boiler and works out what’s wrong. She suggests an engineer who can fix it at no cost; he owes her a favour. Initially frosty, Jazzer warms when Alice admits to being lonely when Martha’s not around. Alice invites Jazzer to Martha’s birthday party to apologise for what she’s done and when jelly and ice cream are mentioned, he agrees to come! Pip helps Rex pack up the bungalow. She shares her frustration about her parents dragging their heels over the herd expansion. Rex infuriates Pip when he says his new location is a secret but confirms it’s in Ambridge - she’ll find out where at his housewarming. He hopes that after everything that’s happened, things will fall into place once he’s moved, including finding a replacement for Phoebe – though hopefully it’s not Kate. Pip says she and Rosie will really miss him, but he guarantees Rosie will love his new home. Pip’s grumpy when Stella drops by on the off chance to look around the bungalow and says it’s already promised it to someone else. After disappointed Stella’s gone, Rex cross-examines Pip and she admits she made it up; she doesn’t like Stella. Pip’s wrong footed when Ruth rings Rex to arrange for Stella to look around, and later Pip admits that Stella’s already been and she told her the bungalow was let. Ruth makes Pip ring Stella straight away to tell her it’s still very much available and Pip will be giving her a full tour.
20/02/22·13m 4s


At Greenacres Chelsea’s being a little inconsiderate of her fellow residents. However Jim’s impressed with her inquiring mind, and her recent academic achievements. Chelsea wishes her teachers had been more like Jim. They’re soon both engrossed in some reality television, which Jim prefers with the sound off. Chelsea declares Jim a genius for working out the villains and heroes in the programme, and reckons he’d be brilliant on a real date, working out whether he’s wasting his time. Jim remarks those days are behind him. Jazzer’s not impressed Chelsea’s eaten his lunchtime snack, but admits it’s a small price to pay for seeing the two of them watching TV together. Chelsea confesses she’s going to miss Jim when she goes home. Alice returned Martha to Chris last night, which she admits to Rex felt strange. She suggests to Rex that he asks Amy out – they seemed to get on well at the Valentine’s event. Rex doesn’t think he’s in the right mood. Recounting Kate’s bid to replace Phoebe, he sees his and Kate’s ideas for the rewilding scheme as totally different. Alice sympathises; Kate would be a nightmare to work with. She suggests asking Kirsty whether she’d be interested in the role. Inspired Rex goes for it. Kirsty’s flattered, but it’s a no. She’s accepted a job at a hotel in Bulgaria. Phoebe’s amazed – Kirsty belongs in Ambridge! Kirsty gets it; it’ll be hard to say goodbye. But she doesn’t want the shadow of Philip over her any more. Rex says they’ll all miss her.
17/02/22·13m 9s


Alice visits her solicitor, Roisin. She has Martha with her, who acts as an ice breaker while Roisin eases in to asking Alice about her circumstances. Alice declares the divorce her fault; she wants everything settled as quickly and easily as possible. She doesn’t want things to get messy. Roisin points out gently that Alice has rights, and needs to be comfortable with childcare, custody and any financial settlement. She recommends mediation. Alice ruefully observes she’s not great with assessments. Roisin assures her that no-one will apportion blame. She probes Alice’s view that Chris should continue to be Martha’s primary carer; Alice shouldn’t agree to anything now that she might regret later. Peggy and Kate visit the rewilding office. Peggy’s keen to impress on Rex that she’s not there to influence him in any way, and that he must make his own choices regarding a replacement for Phoebe – though she does think Kate has some excellent ideas. Kate’s late arrival doesn’t make a good first impression. Rex listens reluctantly as Kate points out various shortcomings of the site, and makes suggestions for improvements to the scheme. Pitch presented, Kate asks what her chances are. Rex points out the importance of developing wildlife habitats rather than increasing visitor numbers. Kate counters that’s what makes she and Rex such a good team. Rex concedes that one or two of her ideas are good, but he needs to do things by the book. Kate doubts he’ll find a better candidate than her.
16/02/22·13m 0s


Brian reports to Jennifer that he’s been to the solicitor, who clearly knows his stuff regarding the implications for the farm of Alice’s divorce. All the farm’s assets might need to be valued for the settlement, which would amount to an eye-watering figure. Brian’s hoping Chris can be persuaded to play nicely, helped along by Brian’s offer of a rent-free cottage for him and Martha. Jennifer believes Chris will be sensible, but Brian’s not sure. Alice is still so unpredictable it might push Chris to demand more. He hopes Alice’s appointment with her solicitor tomorrow will prove fruitful. Jazzer has a massive favour to ask of Jim. Tracy and Chelsea need somewhere to stay while the boiler at No.6 is being fixed – it will be one night, two at the most. Given the alternative scenario of playing host to Bert, Gary and Brad, Jim agrees to the request. He has a few house rules; Chelsea takes a dim view of having to be up before 7.30am but reckons she’ll get used to it. When she declares she’s used to living with wrinklies, Jazzer demands she shows kind Jim some respect. Tracy offers Jim payment, which he refuses. She assures him they’ll only be staying until the weekend at the latest, and proceeds to inform him of Chelsea’s little quirks. Rattled Jim doesn’t quite know what to make of this unexpected Horrobin influx, until Chelsea charms him with a heartfelt expression of gratitude.
15/02/22·13m 0s


It’s ‘social speed dating’ at the Bull, and Amy and Alice don’t quite know what they’re in for. The pub is packed and everyone’s having fun. Amy thinks the conversation starter cards contain some quite personal questions, and she and Alice pledge to avoid the likes of Cecil Jackson if they possibly can. Rex lands with Amy, who’s escaped from Barry Simmonds. Rex has just come away from Sabrina Thwaite, and he and Amy share outlandish stories. They discuss their idea of a perfect night before the bell rings for them to move on, and it’s Alice’s turn for Rex. But Alice is distracted by Amy’s lack of success with her pairings. She was really hoping Amy would meet someone tonight. Kate’s stuck indoors for Valentine’s, giving Peggy an opportunity to question her about rewilding. Kate admits she’s interested in being involved. Peggy’s surprised. Kate’s never showed much interest in the farm over the years. Kate readily agrees with this view. She’s more interested in the business and marketing side of the scheme. Rewilding Ambridge faces similar challenges to the ones she successfully overcame with Spiritual Home. Peggy asks her to expand, and Kate conveys some of her ideas. Peggy’s impressed at the amount of thought Kate’s put in, and even more so when she learns Kate’s motive is to continue Phoebe’s legacy, creating a bond between mother and daughter. Kate confirms she’ll go and see Rex. She would love to have Peggy’s backing when she goes for the job.
14/02/22·13m 0s


Tracy interrupts Jim watching birds in his garden. He’s recording his sightings in the bird diary Jazzer gave him at Christmas. Tracy emphasises how much Jazzer wanted everyone to have a good Christmas, and Jim twigs that this is why Jazzer fell behind with his rent. He thanks Tracy – he should have realised and given Jazzer the benefit of the doubt. Tracy counters that Jazzer really needs to learn to budget better. Having warmed herself up at Greenacres, Tracy hopes Gary’s sorted the boiler at home. Neil acknowledges to Brian that they’ve done well to keep going at Berrow. He points out he’s only brought Jazzer in to straw down and clean the arcs for an hour or two – he’s aware it’s an extra cost. Neil’s grateful to Alice for looking after Martha so well while Chris has been ill. Brian observes it can’t be easy for Chris living in the flat. He wants to offer Chris one of the holiday cottages, until the divorce is settled. Neil thinks it’s a generous offer. Brian points out Alice would be close by, adding he wants what’s best for Martha. Phoebe breaks her job news to busy Rex. He’s very reasonable about it, which makes Phoebe feel guilty. He points out the rewilding will be a challenge until he can find help – but he knows he’s in the right place, and he hopes Phoebe will be too. She thanks him, before dropping the news that Kate’s interested in taking over from her. Rex really hopes Phoebe’s joking.
13/02/22·13m 10s


Kirsty shares with Phoebe her experience at the Remembrance Garden. She’d found being there with Tom made her feel like she’s not alone with it all, and it restored the feeling of peace that had temporarily deserted her when she’d taken Philip to the Garden. She admits to being jealous about the twins, but she’s happy for Tom and Natasha and she’ll find a way to manage her feelings. Later she takes some handmade blankets planned for Wren over to Natasha for her babies. Natasha fears she might regret giving them away but Kirsty assures her it’s fine; she’s kept some other items and this feels like a joyful thing. Natasha is won over. They’ll tell the twins one day about their big brother. Wren won’t be forgotten. Chris invites Amy for a takeaway as a thank you for her understanding. After dinner and wine Amy comments that Chris seems much better. He admits there was a point recently when he was struggling and felt like an awful father. Amy thinks he’s an amazing dad. She’s sorry that things seem final between him and Alice. She affirms all the things he has going for him, including being a good looking man – as a friend. Chris in turn observes Amy’s very good looking too. Amy reports to Fallon how much better Chris seems. Fallon remarks he’s lucky to have Amy as a friend; she doesn’t know what Chris and Alice would do without her.
10/02/22·13m 15s


Amy takes matters into her own hands with Chris and starts to tidy his flat. Chris is grateful, and apologises for his rudeness when she last visited. Amy brushes it aside but Chris feels bad. Amy accepts his apology and suggests they move on. She’s enjoying having some space to work out a life plan, and is feeling happy. Chris admits to still missing Martha like a physical pain. He finally feels ready to watch the video of her that Amy had tried to show him last week. Kirsty calls Tom to apologise for how she took the news of Natasha’s pregnancy. Tom for his part feels equally to blame for handling it badly. He tells Kirsty he intends to visit the Remembrance Garden where Wren is, and they agree to go together. Kirsty shows him where she scattered Wren’s ashes, near a brook that flows to the Am. It’s a location that gives her comfort; the Garden makes her feel less alone. Tom admits he’d been afraid to hold their baby that day five years ago. In the end it was hard, but really amazing. Kirsty agrees; that’s how she felt about it too. They speculate on how their boy would be now if he’d lived, and Kirsty explains why she named their baby Wren: they’re so tiny, but their song is so loud. When Tom gets home he shares with Natasha how brilliant it was to be at the Garden, and they hug.
09/02/22·13m 23s


Phoebe arrives at The Lodge to give Peggy the news about her new job. Kate assures her it will be okay, but Phoebe’s doubtful. But Peggy thinks it’s wonderful news. Phoebe was always going to outgrow Ambridge and the rewilding project; she’s worked hard and Peggy’s proud of her. Phoebe insists she’ll remain hands-on remotely, but Peggy counsels against this. It might be difficult, and Phoebe shouldn’t make promises to Rex just because she feels guilty. Peggy’s sure they’ll find someone to replace her. Phoebe reports back to her mum that they need to consider a suitable candidate to take over. Kate agrees it should be someone passionate, who gets on with Rex. As Jake prepares to go with Chelsea to a film, Mia continues to warn him off. Chelsea’s disappointed to discover Jake doesn’t have a car, and that Will’s going to take them home from the cinema. Jake tries to engage Chelsea in chat about driving, but her friend Tara calls and her attention’s diverted. When Chelsea arranges to meet up with Tara after the film, Jake’s disappointed. He’d thought it would be just the two of them on a date. Chelsea disabuses him of this. There’s no chemistry, and he’s not old enough. Mia has her ‘told you so’ moment, but it’s clear Jake still likes Chelsea. Mia’s sorry – she won’t mention it again. Sad Jake thanks her.
08/02/22·12m 53s


Tom has a dilemma. Natasha’s excited to tell people their baby news, and so is he, but it’s the fifth anniversary of when he and Kirsty’s lost their baby this week. Understanding Natasha says she’s happy to wait another couple of weeks before going totally public, but Tom doesn’t want Kirsty finding out from another source in the meantime. After all, Hazel knows about the pregnancy and is a loose cannon. He arranges to meet Kirsty, who pre-empts him by guessing Natasha’s pregnant. She assures Tom she’s fine with it, and congratulates him. But when she finds out it’s twins, it becomes clear the news is hard for her to take. Tom reports to Natasha that he’s messed it up, and that Kirsty’s upset. When Natasha probes the history a little she wonders why Tom hasn’t told her before. He admits he finds the loss of Wren, their son, too much to talk about. Natasha suggests he visits the Remembrance Garden where Wren’s ashes are scattered. Jake’s staying with Mia at Grange Farm. She suspects he’s seeing someone, which he hotly denies. She won’t let it go, and is appalled when she discovers the mystery girl is her nemesis, Chelsea Horrobin. She warns Jake Chelsea will break his heart – because Chelsea doesn’t have one, which Jake is about to find out.
07/02/22·13m 28s


Phoebe finally manages to tell her mum about her new job and clear up any misunderstanding about her friend Salil. Kate admits she’s disappointed there’s no romantic involvement, but Phoebe’s keen to elaborate on the job. She starts to explain her role as Director of Business development for an eco start-up, but as her mum continues to talk relationships Phoebe gives up – Kate makes it too hard for her to tell her anything. Kate apologises and whilst thrilled about the job, confesses she’s sad Phoebe’s leaving. Phoebe assures her she’ll visit, but she needs a change. Kate accepts this and is mollified when Phoebe says she’d love her mum to visit Scotland. Chris rings Alice for an update on Martha. He still sounds rough, and Alice reassures him. As soon as he’s well Martha will be back with him. Alice confesses to Amy and Fallon she finally feels like a proper mum, and the best person to be looking after her daughter, apart from Chris. She admits she doesn’t know how to help him. She asks Fallon about Harrison’s wish to be baptised. Amy thinks it might be a good thing, but Fallon doesn’t get it and worries he might want to become a vicar. Alice makes her realise how ridiculous that sounds. Later Amy and Fallon visit Chris, who’s short with them. He apologises, but when Amy tries to show him some video of Martha, he doesn’t want to see, and suggests they leave. Fallon can’t believe how rude and cold Chris is being.
06/02/22·13m 12s


Poorly Chris is worried about work piling up. He’s missing Martha and is concerned about Alice. Susan counsels him not to rush things or stress about Alice, who has Brian and Jennifer keeping an eye on her. Chris asks if Susan might call on Alice. Alice guesses she’s being checked up on, but when Susan declares it’s clear how well Alice is coping, she’s pleased. They agree it must be hard for Chris missing Martha so much. Alice asks when Susan will take Martha to visit Chris, but Susan has a better idea, and later Alice visits the flat herself with Martha. Chris is very happy to see his little girl. Roy confides to Kate that Phoebe seems edgy. Kate informs him Phoebe has a new boyfriend, Salil. Roy remembers him from Oxford but thought they were just mates. Kate’s excited, both for Phoebe and by a conference she’s heard about. She approaches Phoebe with a request: her friend Burdock, the conference organiser, wants Phoebe and Rex to give a talk on rewilding. To Kate’s disappointment, Phoebe hedges – she’ll need to speak to Rex, who may be too busy. Frustrated by Kate’s bulldozing attitude, Phoebe talks to her dad, who admits to being confounded by her unpredictable mood. Phoebe apologises. Roy tentatively asks about Salil, which upsets Phoebe. She confides that her mum has it wrong. Phoebe’s been offered a job in the Highlands. But she’s worried about abandoning Rex and her Ambridge commitments. And how is she ever going to break it to her mum?
03/02/22·13m 2s


Jolene and Kenton are surprised to see Ian and Susan teaming up for a Valentine’s event pitch. Susan’s sure they’re going to love the idea – it’s a sort of speed dating. This puts Jolene off. Speed dating only appeals to people who are available. Ian explains their idea involves people moving tables as with speed dating, but it would provide an opportunity to have a laugh with different people, not necessarily to find a new partner. As Ian and Susan elaborate, Kenton and Jolene are convinced. It’s a winner! Delighted Ian and Susan can’t wait for the interesting stories their event might unearth. Alice is struggling with unhappy Martha, and is pleased when Jennifer calls in and offers help. Though Jennifer’s shocked when Alice suggests more than just a hand with the washing and ironing – she wants her mum to look after Martha full time until Chris is better. Alice feels she can’t manage; she’s at the end of her tether. Jennifer gently refuses, pointing out it wouldn’t be good for Alice or Martha if she took her. She tries to explain that Alice’s worry is normal parental anxiety and nothing to do with her drink problem. She affirms she has faith in Alice, and knows she’ll put Martha first. Later Jennifer returns to find Alice singing to sleeping Martha. She admits it was hard, but her mum’s tough love was the right thing. She thanks Jennifer, who shares Kate’s news that Phoebe seems to be dating someone. Alice is pleased for Phoebe, and hopes it works out.
02/02/22·12m 57s


Amy visits The Nest to find that Alice has settled a grizzling Martha but seems distracted. Amy’s worried – it’s a big step to live alone. Alice insists she’s looking forward to some independence. As she bends down to Martha again, she’s alarmed to notice spots on her neck. Amy’s sure it’s chickenpox, and give Alice advice on Martha’s care. Alice panics and calls Chris – she’d rather he looked after their poorly daughter. Chris confirms he’ll take Martha after work, but when Amy and Alice get there Amy thinks Chris doesn’t look too great himself. He admits he’s feeling bad, and after looking at a rash on his stomach, Amy reckons it’s shingles. Chris agrees he’ll see a doctor, and nervous Alice steps up to take care of Martha until he’s better. Ian’s not impressed that Susan’s changed her mind about coming over for the evening. She’s such a busybody. Adam thinks being in Susan’s company will surprise Ian – there’s more to her than meets the eye. Ian’s heart sinks further when it becomes apparent she’s staying for dinner. But after some flattery from Susan Ian’s won over and expands on Adam’s gossip about Jean Harvey and Derek Fletcher, before they all share their secret Ambridge crush. Ian admits to Adam he was wrong about Susan. She’s a hoot. And it’s given him an idea for the Bull’s Valentine event too.
01/02/22·12m 59s


Susan’s thrown by Adam’s appearance at the dairy as her willing assistant in the absence of Clarrie. Adam attempts to warm Susan up with some conversation openers, pointing out the two of them have never really actually had a conversation. Susan joins in and soon the two are laughing and swapping village gossip. Susan comments she hadn’t picked Adam as the sort to engage in this sort of chat but he puts her right, and Susan enjoys herself. She’s disappointed he’s not booked in to cover again, and he invites her to Honeysuckle Cottage to relieve her lonely evening tomorrow. Susan shyly declines. Irritable Brian hasn’t slept well with Berrow on his mind. Alice offers a welcome distraction with the news that she’s leaving W illow Cottage to go back to The Nest, and he helps her with the move. Understanding Alice affirms that as the only farmer on the BL board, they need to trust his judgement on the future of the pig unit. Brian admits he finds it hard to see Alice back at The Nest, but acknowledges it’s a step she needs to take. He reassures her she has his support. Jennifer remarks late on their daughter’s independent spirit. She and Brian agree you never stop worrying about your children. They discuss Adam; Jennifer feels he’s made a brave choice with his work. Later Alice invites them round for supper, admitting she wanted some company. Jennifer assures Alice she’s not alone.
31/01/22·13m 1s


Kate heads down the wrong path and Brian argues his point.
30/01/22·12m 54s


Ruth and David are grateful to Alistair for saving their cow and calf last night. Alistair says he had the help of two very capable farmers – Pip and Josh. Ben tells Beth he’s really happy with his nursing course; it’s down to her that he didn’t give it up after Bert died. Beth says that Josh thought he was great with their parents after the accident. She thinks there’s something about Ben that makes people feel better. Jill’s frosty with Leonard, but is quietly chuffed when Leonard tells her that Iris isn’t really his cup of tea; if there’s any woman he wants to look at plants with, it’s Jill. Leonard buys everyone a take-away for dinner – after the trauma of this week, he wants to spoil everyone. Ruth moots a return to work next week - she'll take it slowly, but Jill says no she won't and Leonard reckons Pip and Josh are more than capable of keeping the farm ticking over. Jill agrees that Brookfield is in safe hands – it’s another generation to step up when the time comes. Pip and Josh mutually appreciate each other’s lives. When Josh asks what she really wants, Pip says she’d like to meet someone, but neither of them know whether they’d like to take over Brookfield. Josh thinks anything could happen, but whatever it is, they’ll do alright. Pip agrees they’d smash it.
27/01/22·13m 4s


David and Ruth muse over Iris’s visit, and when Leonard drops by and offers to return Iris’s jacket, Ruth mentions that she’s not sure Jill will think much of that. Initially puzzled by what Ruth means, Leonard feels terrible when it dawns on him what Jill might be thinking. While Ruth’s resting, Kenton, Shula, Elizabeth and David enjoy themselves playing board games. Shula mentions that the car crash brought back everything with Mark, and David reflects that he and Ruth were really lucky. Kenton and Elizabeth ask who David thinks will take on the farm in the future between Pip and Josh – or even both? David says that although they’re getting on alright at the moment, in the long term no farming would get done because they’d squabble like toddlers! Kenton teases David about retirement, but David’s reflective and says that even though he can’t wait to get back on the farm, he now knows everything will be taken care of, so he’ll be able to step back occasionally to look at new projects. At the end of the evening, and as Shula and Elizabeth jokingly gloat over winning the game, David says it was just what he needed. Pip and Josh are really concerned when a cow-in-calf slips and damages her hip. Alistair’s called urgently, and with Pip and Josh’s help, Alistair manages to get the cow’s dislocated hip back into place. Relieved and thankful, they head off to share the news with David and Ruth.
26/01/22·13m 10s


At Brookfield, David and Ruth recover from their car accident. Despite still feeling sore and nursing their injuries, they both admit they would rather be helping Pip out on the farm, in the cold and rain, than be stuck indoors – despite being waited on hand and foot by Leonard and Jill. David advises Ruth to relax; they need to trust Pip and Josh to look after things. Pip and Josh get stuck into farm work, and by the end of the day, they’ve managed to work as a team and they share their list of tomorrow’s tasks. Josh mentions that the garage thinks Ruth and David’s car might be a write off. Beth asks Pip if Iris can visit David and Ruth – Iris feels terrible that they crashed coming home from Vince’s party. Beth will come too – she wants to see how Ben’s getting on with his nursing placement. Later, Jill’s edgy when Iris and Leonard discuss their mutual love of bonsai trees. Beth notices Jill’s looking annoyed and asks if she’s ok. Jill says she’s fine – she just doesn’t share the same passion for bonsais as Iris. And Leonard’s never mentioned this interest to her before. When Beth says Iris is just being friendly, Jill retorts she couldn’t have sat any closer to Leonard if she’d tried! Beth becomes defensive and Jill apologises. As she’s leaving, Iris says it was a pleasure to meet Leonard and he replies the pleasure was all his. Iris invites him over to look at her bonsais whenever he wants.
25/01/22·13m 9s


In the early hours of the morning, injured and in shock, David and Ruth arrive home after a visit to hospital. Ben takes care of them and hears that they hit a deer. Over breakfast, Jill can’t believe no one woke her when Ruth and David got home. Pip explains they didn’t want to worry her. They insist that Ben goes in for his first day of his nursing placement. After dropping Rosie at nursery, Jill broods on not being woken up with Leonard. He reassures Jill that she’s not too old to be useful and advises she needs to listen to David and Ruth’s requests. In bed David and Ruth consider how the farm will cope without them even with some things rearranged. David doesn’t like seeing Ruth in pain and feels the accident was all his fault. Ruth tells him not to worry – they have no choice but to rest. Unable to hug because of their injuries, they hold hands and Ruth tells David she loves him. Pip wonders how they are going to cope with everything that needs doing on the farm this week. Josh says he can help but can’t abandon his hens. They work out what are the current top priorities. They share their concern about seeing their parents so badly injured. Pip recommends Josh first gets Leonard to make him breakfast. In the Brookfield kitchen Leonard reassures Josh that he and Pip are already getting things sorted between them. He’s confident the two of them can survive the week.
24/01/22·12m 56s


Ruth drags a grumpy David to a Winter Blues party at Vince’s house. Meanwhile Pip returns home from a day out with Rosie to find Ruth hasn’t prepared the barn as she said she would. Pip gets stressed thinking about how much there is to do tomorrow. Josh says he can’t help – he’s got his hands full with his hens. Tension between the siblings builds as Pip rants about how much she’s got on and Josh says trying to run his own business is harder. In heavy rain, Pip tries to clear a blocked drain. Josh tries to encourage her to leave it but they only descend into a row over who works more. With the pooling water growing, Pip hopes Josh will take on the job of unblocking the drain but he insists he’s too busy. Their only option is to fess up to their parents. At Vince's party. Elizabeth comes across Ruth and David having a tour with Iris. They swap notes on how their grown-up children argue with one another. Later, fresh off the dance floor, David is surprised to find himself having a good time. Ruth wonders which of their children will take over the farm from them. David reckons it’ll be Pip. As he drives him and Ruth home, David suggests they host a party at Brookfield. Then, suddenly, they crash. David calls out to Ruth who can only groan in reply.
23/01/22·13m 10s


Kenton and Jolene enjoy Jim’s Mirror Image dancing idea for The Bull’s Valentine’s Day event and give it a go themselves. Kenton injures himself and they decide to ditch Jim’s idea. Later, Jolene checks on resting Kenton. She wonders if they could still go with Jim’s idea if they had first aiders on hand. Kenton doesn’t think it’s the right vibe for Valentine’s Day. The pair of them fall into a smoochy slow dance which appears to help Kenton’s sore leg. Chris shows Alice the unreasonable behaviour he’s cited for their divorce proceedings. He finds this hard and says he can take out anything she’d prefer not to be shared. Alice is adamant that it all has to go down; in fact there’s more he could use. She wonders if they could meet another time to just chat, but Chris doesn’t think that would be helpful for him. Harrison catches Alice at the shop, confessing he's missed her. She says she’s missed him too and asks if he can look out for Chris for her. Harrison calls in at The Nest. Chris has found a torn piece of a photo from the wedding album Alice destroyed. Chris doesn’t want to talk about it and asks Harrison for other news. Harrison’s feelings about being baptised reminds Chris that Martha’s christening never happened. Harrison feels like he can’t move forward until he’s gone through it. He helps Chris pack a couple of boxes and advises him to keep the piece of photo from the wedding album.
20/01/22·13m 11s


Tracy and Jazzer arrive to pitch their Valentine’s idea to Jolene and Kenton, confident it will outshine all other suggestions. Jolene and Kenton are wary of Tracy since she turned out to be a double agent with the ReBulls campaign. But this doesn’t put Tracy off and she and Jazzer launch into their routine to present Forfeits and Favours. Jolene and Kenton like the sound of it at first, but as they dig into the details Tracy and Jazzer get increasingly annoyed with one another and end up arguing. This puts an end to their idea being considered. Tom calls in on Chris who’s got his hands full with Martha and packing. He’s moving into the flat above the shop next week. Tom tries to put his and Natasha’s case across but Chris won’t be moved. Later Chris apologises to Tom for being so pushy earlier. Tom accepts Chris’s apology and sees the difficulty of his position as he separates from Alice. They chat about work and then Tom tells Chris that Natasha is pregnant with twins. Chris congratulates him and Tom asks after Chris’ experience of being a dad. Chris shares what he loves about parenting and what he finds tough. The conversation turns to his split with Alice. With his experience of a complicated ending with Kirsty, Tom reckons a completely clean break is what Chris needs.
19/01/22·12m 59s


Alice, Lily and Phoebe go bowling. Phoebe and Lily moan about their respective occupations. Phoebe doesn’t feel challenged and Lily is bored to the back teeth with kitchen sales. The mood deflates when Phoebe unthinkingly asks Alice about her problems. To their horror, Alice points out a new bar but then explains it’s a bubble tea bar. Alice thanks Phoebe and Lily for helping her get away from Ambridge for the evening. Alice confesses she’s glad she doesn’t have a job at Home Farm and is considering a return to engineering. Lily divulges that she’s starting a course in rural estate management while Phoebe has no plans; she was asked the same by university friends before Christmas and had nothing to share. Kenton and Jolene are about to give up hope of anyone turning up to share ideas for a Valentine’s event when Leonard turns up. He pitches his Living Board Game concept. They struggle to see the main aim of the game and get hung up on the finer details. Losing his patience, Kenton thanks Leonard for coming but rules out his idea. Jazzer has to admit to Tracy he’s lost the book she gave him for help with his accounting, but he’s bought another. Not that he’s recorded much in it so far. Tracy points out The Bull are offering a free ticket for Valentine’s to whoever comes up with the best event idea. Jazzer’s keen to give it a go; he’s sure he and Tracy will come up with an idea they can’t refuse.
18/01/22·13m 12s


Alice calls Phoebe to hear a friendly voice. Chris wants to meet on Wednesday regarding their divorce. Alice would a love a night out to forget her troubles. Phoebe promises to sort it. Phoebe phones Lily for some advice but catches her at a bad moment and Lily moans about how bored she is with her job. Phoebe’s concerned about going out with Alice in case she wants to drink. Lily offers to come too and says she knows where they could go where there isn’t a big focus on alcohol. Jolene and Kenton look ahead to Valentine’s Day and agree to book a singer well-known at The Bull. But when they tell Fallon they’re disappointed by her reaction. They agree they could have another think. With Kenton out of the way, Jolene asks Fallon what’s bothering her. Fallon shares her worries over Harrison’s preoccupation with being baptised and thinking about the meaning of life. Jolene tries to reassure Fallon but fears it could lead to the end of their relationship. As Fallon goes to leave, Kenton offers his alternative ideas for Valentine’s Day. Jolene isn’t impressed and Fallon suggests sticking to what works. But Kenton’s keen to put on a different and unique event. Fallon suggests asking people what they want and choosing the best suggestion, which excites Kenton – that’s bound to get people talking. Problem solved!
17/01/22·12m 56s


Jim collars Jazzer to pay his rent, hoping that he hasn’t fallen back into his old, careless ways. Jazzer admits to Tracy that he’s really skint but doesn’t know how it happened. Tracy points out he was far too generous with Christmas presents. He even got Tracy two presents: a necklace and an oven. Tracy offers to help Jazzer with his accounts and gives him a notebook to write down his spending. Jazzer reluctantly agrees to give it a go. Later, he proudly shows Jim he’s written nothing in his accounting book which shows he’s not spent anything today. With his rent still owed, Jim’s not impressed. Fallon tries to tell Harrison about Hazel letting the flat above the shop again but he’s preoccupied. When she asks him what’s up Harrison explains playing Jesus in The Passion has got him thinking about his own baptism as a baby. Fallon’s surprised at Harrison’s reaction to finding out that his own christening was cancelled. He worries about the implications for being his nephew’s godfather and for playing Jesus, but Fallon reassures him he’s fine. Later, Fallon tries to understand how Harrison is feeling about not being baptised. He wonders about perhaps doing it now, which Fallon finds funny. Harrison tells her this isn’t a joke; it’s important to him.
16/01/22·12m 59s


Roy levels with his dad. He knows it looks like the family’s nagging about his health, but it’s because they’re scared for him. After all Betty died from a heart attack. Before Mike can respond they’re interrupted by Phoebe with an invitation to tour the rewilding area. Out in the woodland Mike admits the pre-diabetic diagnosis is a reminder the clock’s ticking. It’s been easier to pretend it wasn’t happening, but he needs to get his act together now. You have to grab life and see where it takes you. Phoebe’s thoughtful. Later having packed his bag to leave, Mike reassures his son. Roy was spot on – and Mike wants to be around for Bethany and Vicky. Plus he has his own improvement project back home; Roy won’t recognise him next time he sees him. Peggy’s called at the flat to apologise to Hazel for the conversation she overheard yesterday. She doesn’t want Hazel to regret moving to Ambridge and wants her to be happy. Hazel’s adamant she’s leaving; she’s been seeing Ambridge through the rose coloured spectacles of nostalgia. She’s going to re-let the flat. Later Tom confesses to Peggy that he and Natasha need to find their own space – Bridge Farm isn’t going to work out for them. When Peggy breaks the news that Hazel’s leaving the flat, Tom’s incandescent. He confronts Hazel and points out the unfairness of the situation, adding that Natasha’s pregnant. Hazel softens for a moment, before admitting she’s already let the flat to someone else.
13/01/22·13m 3s


Alice is coming to terms with the news that Stella and her father have withdrawn the offer of work at Home Farm. She assures Brian it’s not his fault and that she’s not upset. Admitting to Amy that although she’s sure Ed had his reasons for speaking to Stella, she feels she stands little chance of finding work in her position. Spotting a judgemental Sabrina in the distance only serves to bear out Alice’s fears. Amy rushes to Alice’s defence, sending Sabrina running. Alice doesn’t know what she’d do without Amy. Hazel confesses to Peggy she’s finding living in the flat above the shop uncomfortable, and the shop volunteers unfriendly. Peggy sympathises and recommends she finds somewhere more suitable to live. Tony pops in and is wrongfooted to find Hazel there. He’s not warm with her but remains polite. Out of her earshot he asks Peggy to a belated birthday tea for Pat, whilst acknowledging it’s likely to be full of talk about the expected twins. Peggy’s delighted to accept, but asks if lonely Hazel might be invited too. Tony’s appalled. He reminds Peggy how manipulative Hazel’s been over the years; in turn Peggy reminds him she’s all Hazel’s got. As Tony hesitates, Hazel comes in and it’s clear she’s overheard the conversation. She won’t go where she’s not welcome. She wishes she’d never moved to Ambridge. Everyone in the village is petty and mean spirited, and a chunk of her father’s money had gone to a ludicrous scheme. She’s had enough.
12/01/22·13m 1s


Josh is coming up against costly and time consuming obstacles to his tree planting scheme. He’s wondering whether his parents might pay for the necessary geophysical survey as part of their stake in reducing Brookfield’s carbon footprint. Pip’s not sure they’ll agree, and is later proved right. Mike’s finished the paint job at the Brookfield bungalow, and Pip’s horrified to see the grey walls. Josh is rumbled as Mike declares Josh told him he was moving in. Pip and Josh have a sibling showdown, and Mike intervenes. He points out how lucky they are, and that they’ll live to regret their squabbling. Life’s too short to bicker with your family. Ashamed, the pair apologise. When Josh later considers throwing in the towel and giving up on the tree planting, Pip buoys him up. Planting trees would really help cut net emissions, and benefit Brookfield in other ways. Encouraged by Pip’s support Josh wants to seek her advice on another idea he’s had. Alice has an awkward encounter with Ed, who’s keen to get away. He’s not happy to learn Alice will be doing some work at Home Farm. He tells Stella about the difficulty last year over Alice accusing him of coming on to her, and his subsequent temporary sacking for Alice’s mistake over the wheat storage. Stella acknowledges Ed’s concern, and thanks him for raising it. She calls Brian.
11/01/22·13m 0s


Roy gets suspicious when Mike takes on another handyman job in Ambridge. He asks Phoebe for her opinion but she’s busy with work. Roy’s heard from Susan that Mike’s due to take part in a marathon. Phoebe suggests Roy just talks to Vicky to find out the truth. Roy discovers that Mike is actually supposed to be doing a Couch to 5K programme which has been prescribed because he is pre-diabetic. Roy’s furious and he collars Mike when he returns home. Mike refuses to be spoken to like a child and heads out for his planned curry. Roy’s stunned his dad is making this choice. Mike tells Roy he’ll do as he pleases. Tom and Natasha wait nervously for an antenatal scan after their A&E visit yesterday. They tell themselves it will all be fine. Meanwhile, at Bridge Farm Tony tries to distract Pat with her birthday cards. She opens one from Hazel who has bought Pat a place on a cheese tasting workshop. Tony can’t believe Hazel’s gall. Tom and Natasha return and share the good news that both are doing well. They have to clarify that they’re not talking about Natasha and the baby but in fact twin babies. Tony and Pat are over the moon.
10/01/22·13m 6s


Brian doesn’t want Alice to approach Stella about work until he’s spoken to her. But Alice wants to fight her own battles and her buddy’s agreed work would be good for her. She lays out her case to Stella, and is clear that her problems with alcohol wouldn’t affect her work, but to no avail. Later Brian shares with Stella that he’s only just managed to forgive Alice hi