The Archers

The Archers

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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.



Is Brookfield coming under attack? Clarrie and Susan are swotting up.
20/03/23·13m 5s


Adam welcomes Debbie, who apologises for leaving in haste after the funeral. She’s enjoyed spending some time in Scotland with her father, Roger. She’s thrown by Brian’s intention to move from Willow Cottage. Adam remarks wryly that they all are. He shows Debbie the Bridge Farm edible garden, which impresses her. Debbie’s amazed Brian agreed to a new disc drill at Home Farm. Adam admits it was him, not Brian, who gave Stella the final go ahead to purchase. They both agree they’re happy at where they find themselves, even though it’s strange not having family involved so much in the farm. The loss of her mum, and the family home, has made Debbie realise how much where you come from matters. Adam tells her he’s started looking for his birth dad. Adam reports to David that he, Kate and Alice have been to lay flowers on Jennifer’s grave for Mother’s Day. Later as David stocks up on chocolate to see him through lambing, Jim raises the EV charging station. It would add weight to their campaign if David got on board. David sighs that he’ll sign the petition but no more. Justin doesn’t think David should be hounded; the station application isn’t his responsibility. Whose is it then, challenges Jim. Justin insists it’s not unusual for companies not to make themselves obvious at this stage. Jim maintains that Brookfield is part of the problem. Justin warns David he might have trouble from Jim. Then Justin makes a call, advising the recipient he’s kept Damara’s name out of it.
19/03/23·13m 4s


Paul, Jakob and Alistair are at an escape room, Paul’s choice for his leaving event. They’re having great fun and Jakob’s a whizz at it. As they solve the riddles Jakob’s put off by both Alistair and Paul’s phones buzzing. Paul spots a missed call from his mum. They switch to airplane mode so Jakob can concentrate. They escape with minutes to spare, with Jakob disappointed there isn’t a prize. Paul’s amused. Suddenly he remembers he has to ring his mum, who gives him the same news Alistair’s heard: Lovell James are sending Denise to cover another post. Paul isn’t leaving after all. Alistair hides his disappointment not to have Denise back. The three pledge to continue their fun evening, newly dubbed a ‘we’re glad you’re not leaving’ celebration. Alistair suggests Paul could now take up Josh on his offer of the room at The Stables. Paul’s delighted and makes the call. Jakob and Alistair brace themselves for more high-octane veterinary nursing. Brian’s being shown around Blossom Hill Cottage by Usha, with a view to renting it. He has some memories of his time there with Jennifer so he knows the place. He reminisces about his marriage proposal, and his certainty that it was the right thing. The fact the cottage is a little out of the village is a selling point. He doesn’t want to burden his children with responsibility for him, though he appreciates they mean well. He confirms he’ll take the cottage. He’ll stay a while now and get a few things sorted. Home sweet home.
17/03/23·13m 6s


Susan’s looking forward to her new summer house, and is pleased for Clarrie that she’s loving the pergola. Susan’s new Bridge Farm uniform has arrived. It’s smaller than the last and she frets. Neil assures her it looks good on her. Susan reckons the new window might give them more than they bargained for, but reports later it’s been an uneventful day. Neil spots Jim has left his petition clipboard with Susan. She confirms they need to get on with the objection to the vehicle charging station. She mentions Jim’s looking for a top hat. Neil warns her Jim can be like a dog with a bone when he’s on to something. Brian’s intention to move from Willow Cottage worries Adam and Alice. Alice wonders if he’s waiting for one of them to suggest he moves in with them. When Adam asks if Alice would consider having Brian at The Nest, she mentions his penchant for an evening tipple might not be ideal. Adam understands; he’ll have a word with Ian. Later Jakob points out to Alice the benefits to children of having a grandparent living with them, which gives Alice food for thought. Jakob admits he’s dreading Paul’s leaving do tomorrow – he’s worried just what he might have organised. Later Alice tells Adam she’d like Brian to live with her after all. Adam also wants Brian; it might benefit Xander too. They agree to ask Brian to choose. Later Alice reports she’s spoken to Brian; he doesn’t want to live with either of them. As to where he’s going, it’s anybody’s guess.
16/03/23·13m 12s


Ben gets curmudgeonly Sykesy talking about his memories of Brookfield. As he warms to his subject Ben uses the moment to announce it’s his birthday, and Sykesy should join them for tea and cake in the residents’ dining room. After some obfuscation, Sykesy agrees. As Ben tries to jolly him along Jill appears with homemade cake, and the two are introduced. They have common ground as Jill remembers his name and that he worked the farms around Ambridge. Ben’s horrified when Jill asks if Sykesy’s still grumpy, but Sykesy laughs it off. He enjoys Ben’s embarrassment at his Gran’s birthday fussing, and offers enthusiastically to help cut the cake. Eddie’s under the impression Clarrie’s at work, but Neil tells him the dairy’s shut while the observation window’s being installed. They wonder what’s going on, and where their wives are. Neil calls Susan but gets no response. Later Eddie gets a text from Ned; Clarrie’s been spotted at a music festival. The men are even more puzzled, but at least it means they won’t be disturbed while they work in the garden at Grange Farm. When Clarrie gets home Eddie makes it clear he knows where she’s been. Why didn’t she tell him? Clarrie says it was payback for his own mysterious behaviour recently. Eddie shows her the reason. He and Neil have relocated Susan’s pergola to Grange Farm, while Susan’s having a new summer house. Clarrie’s delighted and touched he made this effort on his birthday. He declares Clarrie is the best birthday present he could have.
15/03/23·13m 9s


Clarrie’s attempting to fix a leaking pipe. Susan suggests escaping to a craft fair. If Eddie thinks she’s at work he’ll be none the wiser, and she can leave him a to do list. Clarrie capitulates. She has a great time, but keeps getting odd texts from Eddie asking about her colour preferences. Susan’s smugness is punctured when Neil too sends a text saying he might be late home. They note wistfully there’s a music festival on tomorrow. Clarrie arrives home to find Eddie’s to do list untouched. Why should she bake him a birthday cake when he can’t be bothered to pitch in? She tells Susan she’ll go to the music festival after all. At the Cheltenham Festival Adam and Brian happily eye up winning prospects. Brian’s grateful. This was a good idea. They’re amused that Brian was ambushed by Lavinia Rafferty, but at least she didn’t avoid him like most people do just now. Adam remarks he’s really enjoying working at Bridge Farm. Brian’s pleased to hear it. He’s really proud of what Adam’s achieving there, and of his young family. He’s been a good son, and Brian hasn’t always been the father he ought to be. Touched, Adam says if he’s thought of anyone as his dad, it’s Brian. He confesses he discovered the letter from Paddy and might try to find him. Worried he’s upset Brian he apologises, but Brian’s more taken aback at Jennifer keeping the letter than at Adam looking for Paddy. He thinks it’s sensible, assuring Adam he’s there if he needs him.
14/03/23·13m 10s


Paul’s delighted to witness his first Brookfield lamb birth. It’s his last week in Ambridge. He’ll miss the farming side of vetting very much, but Denise is due back at the practice. He’s in no hurry to go back to city life. Josh suggests he might like to consider living at The Stables. There’s still a room available in addition to the one Lily’s having, and he’s clearly reliable and clean. Paul admits it would be ideal, but he doesn’t know where he’ll be sent next. Alistair reckons Paul will be an asset wherever he works. He offers him drinks and dinner as a leaving do on Friday. Paul asks if he can organise his own do – watch this space! Clarrie grumbles to Susan. Eddie’s spending so much time helping his mate Ned, things aren’t getting done – and he just keeps telling her not to worry. Susan admits Eddie was out for a drink with Neil when he claimed to be with Ned. At that moment Helen walks in and declares the window will be done tomorrow – so they’ll need to do all the packing up tonight in readiness. Clarrie’s still not keen, but resigns herself. It’s the lesser of the evils; she’s reluctant to go home and tackle Eddie, so she might as well stay on and work. Helen tries to get her on board with the promise of new uniforms, but Clarrie’s struggling to see the silver lining. Helen adds that they’ll get two days off while the window’s being fitted. Excited Susan wonders what they’ll do?
13/03/23·12m 55s


Clarrie has a list of outstanding jobs for Eddie, who protests it’s Sunday. Irritated Clarrie’s weighed down with things to do, and still anxious about the installation of the observation window at the dairy. Later she comments to Susan that maybe she should have a word with Helen about it. Susan points out they’ve agreed the window’s a good thing, but Clarrie still has worries. Susan reckons she’s overthinking it. Reporting this back to Eddie, Clarrie’s frustrated to find he’s only half listening, in a hurry to head off to help a mate, and declaring he might be late home. Brian knows his children are trying to keep him busy. Lightly denying this, Alice is pleased Adam’s arranged a trip to Cheltenham Festival this week. Suddenly Alice is distracted by something she sees, and heads towards the shop. It’s clear she’s following Joy, but is embarrassed when Joy turns round. Brian later explains to Joy that Alice had caught a glimpse of her scarf and had briefly mistaken Joy for Jennifer. Joy’s mortified. She’s bought the scarf from a WI stall, not realising it had been Jennifer’s. Brian’s kind; he’s just glad to see it being worn. She takes it off, but Susan reassures her – she shouldn’t feel bad about it. Later Brian comforts Alice. She was clearly taken by surprise; he assures her Joy understood. They share the history of the scarf. Brian asserts memories are what matter, not the material stuff. And that’s why he intends to leave Willow Cottage.
12/03/23·13m 7s


Lily finally tells Freddie she’s moving to The Stables and begs him not to take the third room. To her relief he’s not interested. Elizabeth tells Susan she’s got a special meal planned to mark Lily’s departure. They touch on Neil becoming a Lower Loxley tour guide and Justin’s volunteering efforts. Elizabeth’s cross to discover that Freddie ignored her instructions on what to do with the controversial painting. Freddie wants to reassess their entire art collection; the previous audit clearly wasn’t thorough enough. Lily chips in her opinion but Elizabeth is clear the painting will stay on view with a redrafted text panel. Freddie wants to get rid of it but Elizabeth maintains they have a duty of care towards history. Lily suggests they keep the text panel and auction the painting for charity. Freddie thinks it’s not a bad idea. Elizabeth reminds them the trustees have to be consulted. She’s happy for Freddie to take this to them but in the meantime her word is final. Adam thanks Susan for her sensitivity around Paddy’s letter. He’s rescued it from the bin and it’s made him think about his relationships with Roger Travers-Macy and with Brian. He hasn’t told Brian about the letter, not wanting to be disloyal to him or Jennifer. Adam seeks Susan’s opinion and she’s understanding of Adam needing to know more about his roots; Neil would say without roots you can’t stand straight in the storm. Even though he’s only got a name to go on, Adam’s going to endeavour to find his father.
10/03/23·13m 9s


Ian reports to Susan his pizza van business is doing alright; he’s on his way to cater an office party while Adam sorts Jennifer’s belongings. There’s still a lot to get through. Susan’s reminded of how she couldn’t face sorting her mum’s things when she died, and she offers to help Adam with the task. Having told Freddie that one of Lower Loxley’s paintings may have a slave ship depicted in it, she’s confused to see he’s covered it with a sheet. Won’t that attract more attention? Freddie wanted her to see he’s doing something about it. He’s having the painting removed and hopes to be rid of it completely. Noluthando questions whether hiding the image away really solves the issue. Freddie appreciates this but isn’t sure what else he can do. He doesn’t want to court controversy. Noluthando suggests that controversy in a place like Lower Loxley won’t be limited to only one painting. As Susan and Adam sort through his mum’s clothes, Adam finds a letter to Jennifer that he assumes is from Brian. On closer inspection he’s astounded to see it’s from his biological father, Paddy Redmond. Curious, he can’t stop reading it. Ian reads it aloud and they both marvel at the affection in it. Adam wonders why his mum held on to it. Ian points out she may have forgotten she had it. She’d moved on with her life, as Adam has too. Adam agrees it’s in the past. He doesn’t want it to take up too much headspace, and drops the letter into the bin.
09/03/23·13m 0s


Kate admits to Noluthando she’s still not feeling fully committed to Spiritual Home. Noluthando reports she might have found a new flat share in Durban. Freddie wants to try out his revamped tour of Lower Loxley on Noluthando. He’s recruited Oliver and Neil as volunteer guides. The two set off. Helen announces to Clarrie and Susan the installation of the observation window. Both are unsure, and raise potential pitfalls. Helen’s surprised by their negativity and she plays to Susan’s previous experience as a radio presenter. This sets Susan on a roll. She suggests an intercom system so that they can interact with those looking through the new window. Helen thinks it’s a great idea while Clarrie isn’t won over. Kate’s surprised to see Brian turn up at Spiritual Home. After some stalling he reveals that he’d like to have a treatment to relieve his general physical discomfort. Kate can vouch for the benefits of massage while grieving, and books him in. After his treatment, Brian’s feeling a lot better and will be back for more. Brian declares Spiritual Home Kate’s calling. Kate decides that instead of coasting with the business for the next five years, she’s going to really make it flourish. Noluthando congratulates Freddie on an engaging tour, but he can see she’s distracted on her phone. She confesses she’s trying to do some research on one of the paintings they passed on the landing. Freddie wonders if he got some information wrong, but Noluthando says it’s more about what he might have left out.
08/03/23·13m 16s


Helen and Tony discuss the planned electric vehicle charging station. They can see both sides of the argument and agree to keep a close eye on how things progress. Helen turns the conversation to her new idea for the dairy. Inspired by Adam’s Edible Forest Garden project, Helen would like a window into the dairy so people can see how their cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream are made. Tony likes the idea and Pat and Tom have already given it the nod. Helen wants it installed as soon as possible and has found an available builder via Lilian. Tony warns her that Clarrie and Susan will need informing. Lily’s moving into The Stables at the weekend, but she’s yet to tell Elizabeth and Freddie. Later Elizabeth interrupts Lily’s phone call with Josh, and Lily quickly reveals she’s moving out. Elizabeth isn’t upset as Lily thought she’d be. Lily reveals her insecurities over her relationship with Russ and how she’s fared since they broke up. She isn’t ready to tell Freddie, which Elizabeth isn’t pleased to hear. She wants Lily to tell him as soon as possible. While Lily measures the room she’s moving into, Josh apologises for Elizabeth finding out about Lily’s house move because he had told Shula. Josh raises the option of Freddie being the third housemate again. Lily refuses, saying she’d rather accept a previous suggestion of Josh’s, which she’d previously vetoed as unsuitable. Josh thinks their options are limited and sets Lily the challenge of finding another housemate by the end of the week. Lily is insistent that Freddie is not going to follow her to The Stables.
07/03/23·12m 54s


Lily complains to Ben about living with Freddie and Ben suggests he could move to The Stables as he’s staying at Brookfield for the time being. Freddie would be out of her hair. However, Lily tracks down Josh to say she’d like to move in to The Stables herself. Over beers, Josh is cautious about agreeing to Lily moving in, but Lily convinces him. Josh also wants to rent out the third bedroom and feels like he should give Freddie first refusal on it. Lily points out she and Freddie would just argue all the time and promises to find an alternative before Freddie even gets wind of it. Ben collects the last of his things from The Stables and then mentions he’s been looking online at the resistance to the planned EV charging station. Josh warns him about going down that rabbit hole. Josh offers to keep an eye on it to save Ben the stress. Alice and Adam are relieved to hear Kate is going to stick with Spiritual Home at least for the next few years. Before they start looking through Jennifer’s things, Adam shows them the box Ian discovered yesterday. It’s full of mementos from their childhoods. The three siblings squabble over the items (apart from the set of milk teeth). Then, at the bottom of the box they find a list written by Jennifer itemising what belongs to whom. Jennifer always had the knack for resolving arguments. The only remaining problem is who will get to keep their mum’s list?
06/03/23·13m 9s


Ben wants a quiet birthday even though it’s his 21st. He confirms with Josh that he won’t be moving back to The Stables. When Josh says he’ll start looking for another housemate, Ben panics about Josh coping with the rent on his own. Ben quickly spirals into thinking about all the ways he has caused trouble for people around him. Josh tries to reassure him. Ben uses a technique his support worked showed him to bring down his stress levels. He thanks his brother for being so understanding. Ian delivers lunch to Brian who is surrounded by boxes and belongings. When Ian learns it’s mostly Jennifer’s clothes, he gently suggests it feels a bit soon to be doing all this. Adam joins them and tries to contain his anger at what Brian is doing. Brian thinks everyone will feel better once all these kind of jobs are done. Adam tells him he’s far from feeling better right now. As Adam and Ian look through Jennifer’s clothes they find the hat she wore to their wedding. As tension starts to build again between Adam and Brian, Ian suggests that they take all the clothes back to their house to give everyone more time to look through them. Adam describes to Ian the shock of seeing Jennifer’s clothes all over the floor at Willow Cottage. He also found the funeral surreal – he’s unable to fully comprehend that his mum’s gone. Ian spots a box labelled ‘For the children’ and they open it to see what’s inside.
05/03/23·13m 16s


Jennifer’s family and friends prepare for the funeral St Stephen’s. Kate is grateful that Tony and Lilian have taken on the tribute. Lilian is wearing the perfume Jennifer always wore to try to keep her close. Meanwhile Brian wants to wear the tie Jennifer got him for Christmas, but worries that it’s too bright. He stalls when Alice tells him the car has arrived to take them to church with Phoebe, Noluthando and Sipho. He misses Jennifer so much. Lilian comforts Alice when she arrives at the church while Alan tracks down Brian in the churchyard. Brian continues to ponder his tie and Alan reassures him that whatever he selects, it’s the right choice. Alan leads the service and Tony and Lilian remember their sister’s many talents and their shared upbringing at The Bull. Afterwards in The Bull, Brian gently asks Kate about her plans to give up Spiritual Home. She’s surprised he knows. Brian compliments Kate on her talent in caring for others and how she’s turned that into a successful business. Kate is touched by Brian’s words. Alice and Brian walk back to Willow Cottage. Alice is prepared to keep her dad company and even stay the night, but Brian insists he needs to get used to being on his own. Alice departs and Brian goes inside. He speaks to Jennifer, realising that he doesn’t have to say goodbye because she is with him in his heart, and always will be.
03/03/23·13m 14s


Chelsea finally finds a piece of Lower Loxley history that she doesn’t find boring for the guide interview. Neil takes her through the details while Susan and Alice discuss arrangements for Jennifer’s funeral. Susan has made one of Jennifer’s classic recipes for the buffet: avocado and asparagus terrine. Disaster strikes when she turns it out of the tin – it’s not set properly. Before Chelsea gives her Lower Loxley presentation, Neil explains to her the full scope of the planned EV charging station. Not only will it be a blot on the landscape, but according to Neil there will also be competition for already struggling local businesses. Neil’s presentation on a section of Lower Loxley history pleasantly surprises Freddie and Noluthando. While Neil waits outside, Freddie admits that Noluthando and Lily were right – the older applicants are the most promising. After Chelsea’s presentation, Freddie and Noluthando check a few of the facts and Chelsea admits to some embellishments. They think Chelsea and Neil would make a good double act but Chelsea quickly bows out. There’s no way she’d work for nothing; she only came to prove that she was up to it. Susan apologises in person to Brian about failing to provide the centrepiece for Jennifer’s funeral tea. Brian has an idea and gets a pie out of the freezer. Brian reveals that Jennifer herself made it, not long before she died. Moved Alice laughs, commenting that only Jennifer would be organised enough to contribute to her own funeral tea.
02/03/23·13m 10s


Susan’s surprised to learn that Lee isn’t against the plans to build an electric car charging station in Ambridge. Susan doesn’t have a chance to put her view across as Tony interrupts them and she is encouraged back to the dairy. With Susan gone, Tony and Lee discuss his daughters’ move to America in three weeks. Tony understands that the move will be hard for Lee, and reminds him that wherever Mabel and Evie are they will always be his daughters. Lee finds this comforting. Susan drops off one of Jim’s leaflets campaigning against the proposed charging station at Helen and Lee’s. They both try gently to allay Susan’s concerns. Once Susan has gone Helen lifts Lee’s mood by suggesting they start to plan and save for a holiday in San Francisco. Lee’s worried about the cost but Helen is determined to make it happen. He tells her she’s amazing and he loves her. Lilian reports to Tony that Kate feels unable to read the tribute to Jennifer at her funeral. Everyone understands it’s a big ask but no one else has offered to take it on. Tony can’t think of anyone more qualified than Lilian. Later Lilian struggles to know where to start with paying tribute to Jennifer. He and Tony think back to significant moments in Jennifer’s life. Helen catches them laughing at old photos from their childhood holidays. They explain they’d decided to focus on Jennifer as their sister for the tribute, which Helen thinks is lovely. Lilian has an idea for how to tweak the funeral proceedings.
01/03/23·12m 56s


While Josh cleans at Hollowtree, Ben talks to him about working at The Laurels. Josh congratulates him – it’s not something he could do himself. It’s hard work but Ben doesn’t mind it. The worst thing is being interrupted by his work phone while attending to residents, though he acknowledges it could be an emergency. Josh brings up Ben’s imminent 21st birthday and Ben’s clear that he wants it to be low key. At The Laurels, Ben gets chatting to the man who was especially grumpy yesterday. Today their conversation goes better and Ben learns that he likes to be called Sykesy. Sykesy’s much friendlier and they discover they have a link through farming – Sykesy’s nephew is in the Hassett Hills co-op. Ben’s attempt to help Sykesy is interrupted by his work phone. Sykesy tells him to go and not to worry about him. Freddie tries to recruit Brad as a volunteer guide at Lower Loxley, but he isn’t keen. Chelsea joins them and tells Freddie not to worry, he’s just picked the wrong Horrobin. Chelsea is put out that Freddie hadn’t planned on recruiting her. She argues her case for giving it a go. Later Chelsea discovers that the guide role is unpaid and she can’t understand why people would do it. Josh is at Lower Loxley delivering eggs and he and Brad suggest reasons why people volunteer. Chelsea isn’t impressed, so Josh assumes she won’t put herself forward for it. But Chelsea reckons that if Freddie thinks she isn’t capable, she’s determined to prove him wrong.
28/02/23·12m 56s


Before Kate and Alan discuss details for Jennifer’s funeral, Alan clears the air over the friction between him and some of Jennifer’s family over Peggy’s desire to redesign a church window. Kate’s happy to move on. It seems so trivial in light of her mum’s death. Kate rehearses the tribute to Jennifer in front of Alan but she can’t get through it without getting upset. Alan tells Kate to take it easy when she berates herself for not being able to hold it together. When she mentions she’s looking to shut down Spiritual Home, Alan advises against making such a big decision so soon after a bereavement. But Kate feels the universe is telling her that this is the end for Spiritual Home. Lee bumps into Ben at The Laurels as he’s about to start his first solo shift, and is impressed by Ben’s positivity. But everything takes longer than expected as Ben attends to residents. One is particularly cantankerous for being left in bed for so long. Ben tries to persuade the man to take up Lee’s seated exercise class but he’s not interested. Later Ben bumps into Lee setting up his new class and tells him that his first proper morning’s work at The Laurels has been really tough and full-on. Lee says he’d noticed that Mr Padry had been giving Ben a hard time, but advises that his bark is worse than his bite. Lee assures Ben that while the work will get easier, it will always be very busy.
27/02/23·13m 10s


Harrison and Alan discuss Lent. This year Harrison’s giving up being a slave to his work. He can see how much Fallon gets out of community activities but he has so little time to take part at the moment. Neil lines him up to ring the bells for Jennifer’s funeral. He also suggests signing up for volunteering at Lower Loxley which he’s doing himself, but that’s not really Harrison’s thing. Noluthando comes over to Lower Loxley for a change of scene. Lily and Freddie ask after her family and when she will be returning to South Africa. She then gets roped into Freddie’s recruitment drive for more volunteer guides. Along with Lily, the pair assess Neil’s credentials to join the Lower Loxley team. Neil feels like he’s been grilled. Afterwards, Freddie thinks Neil isn’t young enough but Lily reminds him that beggars can’t be choosers. Freddie’s disappointed in the lack of interest and wants to prove himself to Elizabeth. Alan confides in Harrison that he’s feeling nervous about Jennifer’s funeral. Even though he’s taken many of them this one feels different because Jennifer was a friend. Funerals are a day families never forget and he has to get it right. Harrison attends to a repair in the church and returns to Alan’s worry. As a police offer, Harrison has to perform his job without his emotions getting involved and the same’s true for Alan as a vicar. This helps Alan and he remembers that the day isn’t about him, it’s about Jennifer and the people she has left behind.
26/02/23·13m 10s


Writer, Naylah Ahmed Director, Gwenda Hughes Editor, Jeremy Howe Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Lee Bryce ….. Ryan Early Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Adil Shah ….. Ronny Jhutti Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell
24/02/23·13m 10s


Brookfield welcomes their first ‘mock’ official booking at the B and B; Ms Innis Pectre-Goole, aka Lynda Snell. Ben’s really keen for Lynda to test out their facilities, but David’s not so sure. Especially when Lynda criticises half-naked David for washing in the kitchen sink, having come in from calving. She reminds David that it isn’t an episode of Poldark. Lynda keeps Ben on his toes as well, even pretending to have an allergy to Bess. Ben does his best to cater to her every whim. Kirsty and Roy are invited round for dinner at Willow Cottage, cooked by Brian and overseen by Alice. Brian apologises for falling asleep at Roy and Kirsty’s and explains the meal is his way of saying thank you. When Brian’s out of earshot, Kirsty admits to Roy how bad she feels about having found Brian an imposition. Particularly since Roy had told her about his conversation with Adil who’d revealed he’d lost someone close. Roy asks Kirsty to keep his conversation with Adil to herself. They agree that Brian will be welcome at theirs any time. They chat about Grey Gables and how well it’s coming along, with designs for the new part of the building really complimenting the old part. Kirsty’s really supportive when, after a few minor cooking errors, Brian says that Jennifer would be mortified if she could see him. Brian tells Kirsty that it’s been really lovely having them over and emotionally admits to missing Jennifer terribly. Kirsty thinks that if Jennifer could see Brian now, she’d be really proud of him.
23/02/23·13m 5s


David asks Lynda’s advice on running the Brookfield B and B and reluctantly agrees to her making a visit. Lynda has a very critical eye and when David’s defensive about her suggestions, Lynda tells him Brookfield needs a real guest staying there. She’s going to book in and stay tomorrow night. Roy moans to Adil about Brian popping round to Willow Farm all the time and now Brian has invited them for dinner tomorrow night. Adil suggests Roy declines the invitation, because there’s no point going without a good intention. Adil explains that for Brian, falling asleep in the armchair at Willow Farm must make Brain feel normal. It’s probably the only real sleep he gets. Adil discloses he lost someone close a few years ago. He knows the last thing Brian needs is insincerity. Tony’s upset when Lilian tells him she’s going to travel in a separate car to him to Jennifer’s funeral. Lee thanks Tony for his advice about his daughters moving to America. Tony’s helped change Lee’s perspective, which has felt like a massive weight has been lifted for Lee. Tony says he wishes Lilian was open to some sound reasoning; she’s stubborn as a mule. Later at The Stables, Lee tells Lilian that you never know what tomorrow may bring, so you have to make the most of today. He doesn’t understand why Lilian’s creating a distance with Tony after the loss of Jennifer. People should make the most of the present. If a sudden loss doesn’t teach us that, then what does it teach us?
22/02/23·13m 8s


Kirsty tells Roy that Brian was waiting outside their house with a shepherd’s pie as a thank you for having him over the other night. But now he’s going to help decorate Phoebe’s room. All Kirsty wants is some quiet time to herself. Later Brian’s asleep in their armchair. Kirsty and Roy wonder what to do, but they don’t want to disturb him. Kirsty’s nonplussed when Roy suggests that Brian stays for dinner. When Helen tells Tony her suggestion that Lee move to San Francisco to be near his daughters, Tony wonders why. Helen explains she doesn’t want to stand between Lee and Mabel and Evie. When Tony asks what would happen if Lee decided to go, Helen says she couldn’t join him because of Henry and Jack and her work. Although it might mean the end of their relationship, she loves Lee too much to stand in his way. Later Lee tells Tony that he thinks Helen’s looking for a way out of their relationship. But Tony explains Helen’s just trying to make it easier for him. Helen loves Lee but she also knows how much he loves his girls. When he asks Tony what he should do, Tony says there are many ways to be present in his daughters’ lives, even long-distance. Later Lee tells Helen he’s come to a decision. He’s going to accept the girls are going to move to America and trust they’ll always know he’s their dad and love them. That way he gets to be a good Dad to his daughters, and to his sons too.
21/02/23·12m 56s


David and Ruth chat about how much they’ve got on with calving, Ben and the B and B. They really want Ben to make a go of the B and B, although he’s starting at the Laurels next week. They decide to ask Lynda the secret to her B and B success. Susan offers to babysit Martha for Alice. When Lilian suggests that Alice takes up the offer, worried Alice thinks she’s made a stupid mistake. Lilian visits Susan to tell her that Alice regrets saying she was close to drinking. Alice thinks Susan only offered to look after Martha because she thought Alice wasn’t up to it. Later Alice explains to Susan, although she may always feel the urge to drink, she hasn’t and she wouldn’t. Susan clarifies she only wanted to ensure that Alice had some proper rest. Susan praises Alice, saying she’s a very good mother because she hasn’t given in to drinking. Tearfully, Alice opens up about how hard it’s been and how lucky she feels to have Susan there. Alice is touched when Susan presents Alice with a book to put Jennifer’s recipes in, illustrated by Poppy and Keira. Lee’s surprised when Helen reveals that Mabel and Evie are excited about going to America. Helen explains they thought Lee would feel hurt if they told him. Lee is loath to give Mable and Evie up, but feels he hasn’t got a choice. Helen suggests he could go too; with his skills, he’d easily find work there, but Lee wonders what will happen to him and Helen.
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Mabel and Evie are at Bridge Farm with Henry and Jack. Helen’s worried when Tony comments how much Lee seems to be enjoying himself with them. The girls have told her they’re excited about moving to California but won’t say it in front of Lee. The more they’re enjoying themselves, the more Lee’s imagining a life with them here. When he finds out about how they feel about moving to America, Lee will come crashing down. Susan offers to help with Jennifer’s funeral, but Alice tearfully admits she doesn’t know if there’ll be one. Brian’s announced there won’t be a funeral and she feels like everything’s a horrible mess. Alice feels like she has to keep it all together, but she’s not coping. Susan’s shocked when Alice says she sometimes wishes she could hide under the table with a bottle of vodka and wait for it to be over. Alice has even failed at repairing Jennifer’s recipe book. Susan offers to fix it and Alice apologises for offloading. Later when Susan visits Brian to ask what he’s playing at, Brian asks her to kindly leave him alone. Susan tells him Alice is beside herself with worry and reveals that Alice is thinking about drinking. Alice has to manage her addiction as well as Jennifer’s loss. When Brian asks quietly what he’s supposed to do, Susan counsels be a father, that’s all she needs right now. Later Brian visits Alice to apologise and suggests getting together with Kate in the morning to look at coffins. He’ll be there to help make decisions from now on.
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Making Mince Pies with Jill Archer

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