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Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week

By BBC Radio 4

Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy.



Katy Brand and Katherine Parkinson write and star in a new comedy about the world of influencing, where they play Ruth and Carla – two wannabe stars of the online business world. They are bound together by a carefully controlled image that can lead to lucrative product placements and well-paid endorsements - but only if the PR is played just right. And that’s a problem because, behind the scenes, things are not always as harmonious as they seem. Episode 4: Biscuits Ruth and Carla discover a new blog called Daughters of Influencers, written by two teenage girls detailing their grievances with their toxic influencer mothers. It can’t possibly be about them... Carla – Katy Brand Ruth – Katherine Parkinson Written by Katy Brand and Katherine Parkinson Producer: Liz Anstee A CPL production for BBC Radio 4
25/09/23·14m 34s

Please Use Other Door

Can you change your sexual orientation at will? Is it ever fair to blame the children for a divorce? What happens if a therapist brings their own emotional baggage to the treatment room? The series of four is written by; Ed Amsden and Tom Coles, Simon Alcock, Sarah Campbell, Julian Dutton, Robert Darke, Julian Dutton, Sophie Dickson, Paul F Tayler, Jim Campbell, Alex Nash & Sam South, Matt Harrison, Katy Swainston, Rhyan Orrick, Charlotte Patterson, Peter Tellouche, Cody Dahler, Davina Bentley, Jon Long and Bill Dare. Production Co-ordinator Caroline Barlow Sound Design Rich Evans Original music by Bill Dare, produced by Iona Vallance Produced and created by Bill Dare BBC Studios Production for Radio 4
18/09/23·28m 52s

Paul Sinha's Perfect Pub Quiz

In each episode of Paul Sinha’s Perfect Pub Quiz, the quizzer, comedian and Rose d’Or winner Paul Sinha invites the audience to tell him their favourite quiz questions, before offering up not just different and surprising questions, but also the fascinating stories behind the answers. It’s facts, jokes, stories and puns – just the way you like them. This episode is full of things that have changed since the previous series, including new British cities and a new British Prime Minister, and was recorded in front of a live audience in Brighton. Written and performed by Paul Sinha Additional material: Oliver Levy Additional questions: The Audience Original music: Tim Sutton Sound engineer: David Thomas Producer: Ed Morrish A Lead Mojo production for BBC Radio 4.
11/09/23·28m 51s

My Teenage Diary

My Teenage Diary returns for a new series, with Rufus Hound meeting six more celebrities who will read from the diaries they kept during their formative years. The series opens with Ivo Graham reading from the diary of his last year at university. And he's not your average student - he reads Martin Amis in an adult bar, he eats bruschetta for brunch and he takes up pipe smoking. Host: Rufus Hound Guest: Ivo Graham Sound Production and Design: Jerry Peal Producer: Harriet Jaine A Talkback production for BBC Radio 4
04/09/23·28m 51s
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