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Comedy of the Week

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You Heard It Here First

Chris McCausland asks Donna Preston and Jon Long to take on Glenn Moore and Sara Pascoe. Sara Pascoe finds a child's description of a famous film scene impossible to decipher. The two teams must figure out what on earth is being advertised on TV, guess what famous objects or locations children are trying to describe, and work out the age of members of the audience from their voice alone.Producer: Sasha Bobak Assistant Producer: Becky Carewe-Jeffries Executive Producer: Richard Morris Production Coordinator: Dan MarchiniA BBC Studios ProductionAn EcoAudio certified production
27/05/2428m 10s

Michael Spicer: No Room – Pink

A long overdue enquiry into an ill advised away-day. Episode 5 in the original series. May contain strong language.No Room features an up to the minute take on current events, alongside character-filled sketches which brilliantly capture everything that provokes us - culture, politics, work...and other people.Michael is famous for his Room Next Door government advisor character whose withering take downs of politicians have amassed more than 100 million views and helped keep his audience sane in fractured times.Writer, Performer and Co-Editor: Michael SpicerComposer and Sound Designer: Augustin BousfieldProducer: Matt Tiller
20/05/2414m 54s

Aurie Styla: Tech Talk

Stand-up comedian Aurie Styla, a 90s nerd, takes an autobiographical journey through technology history.We begin in the early 90s, with the tinny sound of the Nintendo Game Boy and his first 13-inch television which only worked if asked very nicely, and he re-wired to show all the channels available - in total, four.A technology lover since those days of that 13-inch TV and his first console, the Sega Master System – featuring ‘Alex Kidd In Miracle World’, the most frustrating video game of all time – Aurie has seen technology transform in a manner that would have been hard to believe in the 90s.This show charts his personal relationship with machines, looking at the past (computer games that you had to load from cassette tapes), the present (houses that are lit and warmed via apps on your phone, cars that drive themselves without you) and the future (AIs that tell you how to dress and what to eat for dinner, and superior intelligences that command your every move whether you want to object or not).Technology has moved on rapidly, from being a fun sideshow to the bedrock of our understanding of human life. Aurie guides us through this landscape with infectious wit, taking time to remember the awkward interface of MSN Messenger while also negotiating the modern culture of having to check with a virtual assistant before you turn your lights off. A warm, human show about the way the world has become less and less warm and human, celebrating the march of tech while being appropriately terrified of it.An Impatient production for BBC Radio 4
13/05/2414m 39s

Gary Little: At Large

Stand-up comedy from Glaswegian comedian Gary Little, who hilariously shows there’s always two ways of looking at things.Growing up in the second poorest area of Scotland, Gary’s life seemed inevitably set to be marred by depression, addiction or incarceration.The violence and social deprivation in Glasgow’s Springburn boiled down to survival of the fittest, where Gary’s honed wits kept him alive and prosperous.But dodgy childhood deals led him to darker places - selling drugs to his friends, then their friends, and then… everyone’s friends.In this episode, Gary reflects on the lies he swallowed as a child, including Uncle Elvis, and how being a people pleaser ultimately led to trouble he couldn’t talk his way out of, and eight years inside.More true criminal than true crime, this series gives a different perspective on life before, behind and beyond bars.Written and performed by Gary Little. Produced by Julia Sutherland A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4.
06/05/2414m 54s

It's A Fair Cop

In this week's case Alfie turns bounty hunter and goes on the hunt for a wanted man (an infamous bike thief).Join Alfie and his audience of sworn-in deputies as they decide how to get their man.Written and presented by Alfie Moore Script Editor: Will Ing Production Co-ordinator: Katie Baum Producer: Sam HolmesAn EcoAudio Certified Production A BBC Studios Audio Production
29/04/2428m 27s
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