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Radio 1's Scott Mills Daily Podcast

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Scott & Chris entertain the nation – The podcast that walks the line between the funny, awkward and outrageous.


Joel Domett From The Loft

Comedian Joel gives us a mix from his loft, Chris gets to speak to a real life Pitmaster and we hear from estate agents with many a sordid tale.
28/05/2056m 9s

Alison Hammond In The Mix

Everyone's favourite TV presenter Alison drops a fantastic mix, Chris is still obsessing over the pitmasters of the U.S of A which leads Scott to a great programme idea and listener Grace runs through the "Love Contract" she had to sign at work.
27/05/201h 7m

Tom Grennan On The Roof

Tom gives us an amazing mix from the roof of his parents' house, Chris has become obsessed with videos of men barbecuing, and "love at first sip" - hear how listener Tom bonded with his girlfriend over a sip of vinegar - yuk!
27/05/2056m 38s

Is That An Ice Cube In Your Shorts Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

Now the weather seems to be getting hotter we look back at an idea Scott had in 2013, to cool down. Expect some loud screeching.
21/05/209m 27s

Remember Chris the Mexican performer?

Back in 2012 Chris came up with yet another way to become a millionaire - and it involved dressing up as a sexy mexican and getting out the guitar! But, did the local diners appreciate his serenades?
20/05/2013m 5s

Remember When Chris Flew A 747?

Back in 2013 - Scott feared the worse when two 747 pilots asked for Chris to be their Plan B - Did he manage to land the plane without risk to the passengers? Exactly how much of an idiot did he sound making annoucements on the PA system? And did he ever take off the Top Gun style shades?
19/05/2020m 10s

The Demon Mistress

Remember when Chris wrote a book? Way back in 2011 he was convinced he would make his fortune with a saucy novel.
18/05/208m 33s

Laura Whitmore In The Mix

Our daily mix comes from Laura's Casa D'Amour (or shed), Listener Henry has arrived in "virtual" Australia and has a drink with one of the locals (who is "as dry as a dingo's dinger!") and we look back a The Stark Guide to Mad-chester - Whooo?
14/05/2059m 36s

Mo Gilligan's Sofa Mix

Mo gives us our daily supermix, Scott gets a bit angry at the Don't Look It Up Quiz and Listener Henry missed out on his holiday to Australia, so Scott and Chris recreate the holiday experience for him, including a rather thorough security procedure at the airport!
13/05/201h 2m

Mel C In The Mix

Actual Spice Girl Mel C gives us a mix from her house and its AMAZING! Chris gives us a Stark Guide to Hull and tributes to our great polititians get in touch - Hello, Matt Tancock and Boris Johannson!
12/05/2043m 56s

Niall Horan & Robert The Hoover

Niall gives us a special mix from his place in London, we hear from listeners who believe they look cuter in lockdown and we revisit a classic Stark Guide to the Isle Of Man
11/05/2058m 5s

When Scott Met Rihanna

A great interview with Rihanna from back in 2010, where she gave us all the goss on Katy Perry's 'bachelorette' party, her views on Russell brand and what Eminem is reallly like. Oh and did Scott have the courage to call her Ri Ri? Find out.
07/05/2014m 14s

Is Chris Batman?

Some classic Chris moments from 2011 like when he auditioned for the part of Batman and when he made his own reality TV show called It's Chris!?
06/05/2022m 27s

When Scott First Met The GC

A classic from the archives with Gemma Collins's first appearance on the show in back in 2011. Hear about her becoming a top car seller to what happened when she took Scott out for a night in Essex.
05/05/2010m 41s

A Pig & A Fox Play Innuendo Bingo

Scott and Chris are off this week so we take the ooportunity to remember some great bits from the past. Today...Remember when Greg James and Chris played innuendo Bingo dressed as animals?...It's a good'un.
04/05/2014m 32s

Luke T & Siannise In The Mix

Tik Tok superstars Luke & Siannise provide us with a mix from their homes, Scott wonders if he is cuter during lockdown, we play great Whoo Game and Don’t Look It Up quiz and look back at Chris’s world famous interview with Mila Kunis.
30/04/2054m 55s

The G.C. In The W.C.

Gemma Collins gives us a super mix whilst rubbing her elbows, Quirky Quarantines finds us speaking to the Cornish Carol Baskin and find out which Radio 1 DJ used to deliver pizza in the Don’t Look It Up quiz.
29/04/2053m 8s

Joe Root's Mancave Anthems

Cricketing legend Joe Root MBE brings us a mix of some of the best indie songs and even throws one in for team mate Ben Stokes. Plus, Dicky of Dicky's Dribbles is back - still laughing, J.C Stewart calls with some amazing news involving Jennifer Aniston and we look back to the opening of The Scott Mills Bridge at Fleet Services.
28/04/2056m 39s

Turnip Shepherds & Cow Bangers

The "Don't Look It Up" quiz is back and question-master Will has some weird ones. Also, remember when Jennifer Aniston was horrible to Chris? We look back and Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall is on the mix from her kitchen.
27/04/2048m 51s

Eddie Hearne In The Mix

Oh Go On Then!! Sports promoter and meme specialist Eddie provides us with a filthy dirty R&B mix from his lounge, we learn some of the pitfalls of the new feature on some dating apps, Tap-End re-lives Chris’s first outing to a night club and we find a drumming Welsh Weatherman.
16/04/2059m 19s

The Beast In The Mix

Mark Labbett, AKA The Beast, from The Chase gives us a monster mix from his house, Tap-End tells the tale of Chris at the school disco, another contender tries to reach the Beyoncé high notes and The Whoo Game is back with intriguing caller Mike.
15/04/201h 5m

Dina Asher-Smith In The Mix

Today's mix from home is provided by the fastest woman in British history and it's a corker! Also, classic Tap-End recalls the story of "Bish Bash Bosh" Chris's exploits in Prague and 1D 10 years on - Scott and Chris choose their favourite One DIrection, X Factor auditions from yesteryear.
14/04/2059m 46s

Peter Crouch's Wendy House Anthems

Chris's old mate Crouchy joins us from a Wendy House in his back garden, classic Tap-End brings us a tale of barbecues and theme parks, Jordan North has a Korean sing off with Chris and have we finally found someone who can hit the Mariah Carey high note?
09/04/2054m 57s

5SOS Live From L.A

Calum and Luke from 5 Seconds Of Summer give us a mega-mix from their Kitchens in L.A. Also, Scott fixes his own teeth, more listeners try the Mariah Carey High Note Challenge and Ali Plumb lists some of the best comedy movies for you to search out.
08/04/201h 5m

Out Out - While In In

Daisy May Cooper AKA Kerry Mucklowe from This Country gives us a Mega Bog Mix from her toilet, We hear stories of listeners having it large on group chats, Ask Me Anything brings a "Goga" teacher and more of you try to hit that extremely high Mariah Carey note.
08/04/2052m 1s

Watford Vs Southampton – The Decider!

Scott and Chris host the R1 Breakfast Show for a week with all the great features of both shows. All The Latest Things - with news about dogs that deliver wine, Better Days Quiz, The Whooo Game, Bangers, Tap-End and old Radio 1 legend, Chappers, joins us to settle the matter of Watford vs Southampton.
06/04/201h 4m

Tom From Blossoms Is Bored!

Tom Ogden from Blossoms gives us a tune in today’s Bored & Famous, a brilliant round of The Whoo Game sparks a debate about Piñatas and the tale of a German exchange student is re-lived in 24 Years At The Tap End.
02/04/2051m 52s

Pawel’s Gay!

Yesterday listener Bella said thank you to her dear friend Pawel in such a beautiful way that rumours started to fly. Today those rumours are laid to rest. Also, classic Tap-End brings us a tale of Chris and a girl called Maud on a very strange date, JC Stewart sings us a song because he’s Bored And Famous and we play another gameof the great (but flaky in places) Don’t Look It Up quiz.
01/04/201h 7m

All Time Low & Goats

Alex from All Time Low serenades us from his farm in Maryland U.S.A – surrounded by goats, we re-live the classic Toga Party story from 24 Years At The Tap End and another round of the super (although slightly shambolic today) quiz, Don’t Look It Up.
31/03/2057m 35s

Bored And Famous & The Return Of Tap End

In our new feature Bored And Famous the amazing Masie Peters serenades us from her bedroom, 24 Years At The Tap End returns with a classic story of Chris in a school Assembly, Ask Me Anything brings forward an expert in rude words and the nation’s favourite quiz, Don’t Look It Up, reveals an amazing fact about Boris Johnson.
30/03/2058m 13s

Dua Lipa Pop Emergency

The alarm bells are sounding, one of pops greatest, Dua Lipa delivers her new song and chats to Scott and Chris. Also highlights of when Cheryl went up against Superfan Steve, a brilliant Whooo Game and another Don't Look It Up Quiz.
26/03/2054m 51s

Rylan vs Supefan Steve

We relive another classic Superfan Steve moment, play radio’s most loved quiz, Don’t Look It Up and one of the team desperately needs a haircut…what are we going to do?
25/03/2049m 49s

Tickle Dickie Is Back!

Everyone’s favourite Cider maker is back to cheer up the nation with his amazing laugh, we re-live a classic Superfan Steve vs Gemma Collins, and another round of our big quiz – Don’t Look It Up.
24/03/2047m 45s

Don't Look It Up!

Scott & Chris aim to relieve the nation from boredom with a new super quiz called Don't Look It Up! Also we hear an amazing music performance from a top opera singer and Ask Me Anything brings us Terry Turbo - who's fast...but fast at what?
24/03/2050m 29s

Free Gigs For All

They’re doing it in Italy and now they’re doing it here - musicians playing loud and proud, from many a balcony, to help cheer the nation. Also, a great Whooo game brings back Mysterious Mike and we get proof that Tom Grennan is really the nicest man in pop.
19/03/2039m 16s

Triple Bangers and a Big Bamboleo

Scott and Chris look forward to the time everyone can go out and have it large again, so decide to have it large now with three lots of Bangers and a massive Bamboleo Gap. Also, more of you are confused about what your partners do for work and (for some strange reason) Gareth Malone calls the show.
18/03/2039m 33s

The Bigger Awkward Question

Following listener David’s proposal to his girlfriend on yesterday’s show, we also find the audio of the, all important, question to her father. Also, Funny Business is on and someone at Radio 4 has been sticking the boot in on our Chris.
17/03/2037m 45s

Will You.....

A listener has a BIG question to ask his girlfriend so gets Scott and Chris to help him out, which then leads to Scott and Chris wondering what their respecitive partners actually do for a living. Cue, awkward phone calls to find out . Also our Ask Me Anything caller plans marriage proposals, but on a massive scale.
16/03/2031m 58s

What’s Grennan Really Like?

Tom Grennan is here to review his Live Lounge performance and (whilst he seems really nice) Scott gets the lowdown on what he is really like, from an old school friend. Also in an attempt to support Sport Relief challenger Phil, Scott attempts to climb the staircase in the BT Tower. But how far up will he get?
12/03/2034m 45s

The Eilish Acid Remix

Superstar DJ, Bontan has finally delivered his acid banger version of No Time To Die – Let’s Go! Also, pupils from Phil’s school give him encouragement on his Sport Relief mission and Jordan North’s gaff goes down well in the Bamboleo Gap.
11/03/2038m 30s

Always Gonna Be Another Staircase!

Pop legend Becky Hill is here not only to appraise her Live Lounge performance but also to sing encouragement to our Sport Relief hero Phil, as he climbs the steps to Everest. Also, we have another round of Funny Business, Scott becomes obsessed with subtitled films and Chris gets misquoted.
10/03/2040m 36s

A Thank You For Saying A Thank You For Saying A Thank You

Listener Hannah, who sent us an amazing letter last week, is surprised by the amazing response. Chris surprises Scott with his rapping skills to a classic Disney song and Ask Me Anything reveals an instructor to the stars.
09/03/2037m 10s

MoreTiny Beans and Yorkshire Puds

Chris steps ups the stakes by requesting more of your pet names, but this time for your ex! Plus a classic round of The Whooo Game and products mistaken for hand sanitiser.
05/03/2036m 5s

GooGoo, Spudge & Pickle

Following Biebers confession Scott asks for some of the pet names you and your partners have – and some of them are truly awful. Plus, Stark’s Guide To Britain is back and we find out all the fun to be had in Cheltenham and Scott offers Chris a personal dry cleaning service.
04/03/2042m 0s

Double Bangers And No Forks!

Following so many complaints after yesterday’s late Bangers we decide to have 2 lots today – should keep everyone happy! Also, Lauv is here to review his Live Lounge performance, Funny Business brings in some outrageous company names and someone has sent us a letter – IN THE POST! Whoooo.
03/03/2037m 32s

The Cockroach Of Radio!

Ask Me Anything stirs up a conversation on Scott’s plans, should Armageddon arise. Also, previous Ask Me Anything caller – the whistling man steps up to our challenge brilliantly, listener Dylan is still rallying support for the U.K’s Eurovision entry and Chris is still buzzing from an amazing win by Watford.
02/03/2033m 39s

London Calling!

Scott rallies up support for The U.K’s entry of Eurovision with listeners all over Europe shouting from the rooftops. Plus, The Whooo Game is back, we find a Japanese version of a classic Adele song and (as a response to Chris digging out 90’s Scott clips) Scott gets his revenge by unearthing audio of Chris going all Pete Tong!
27/02/2040m 18s

A Pressure Poo Is NOT A Pleasant Poo

We have a listener with a problem with his works toilet, Chris manages to find some classic 90’s Mills and Scott digs out an Ed Sheeran classic – in German!
26/02/2031m 52s

Fancy A Mukbang?

Scott and Chris delve into all sorts of crazy questions asked to Lewis Capaldi from radio stations all over the world, and even find a Spanish version of one of his songs. But is it better? Also Funny Business is on and Chris is outraged by a Bangers scandal.
25/02/2033m 40s

God Save Our Raving Queen?

Scott thinks all National Anthems are a bit boring so requests that someone “puts a donk on it”. Also, another chef cooks up an audio dish for Chris’s delight and Ask Me Anything reveals the person with possibly the best job in the world.
24/02/2034m 22s

Who's Got Greg - The Net Is Closing

All Time Low visit the studio with a copy of their brand new single and the clues come piling in as the search for Greg continues. But, will Scott, Chris and Radio 1 listeners, all over the country, find him?
20/02/2049m 55s

Who’s Got Greg? The Investigation Continues…

Greg James has been captured and hid away somewhere, but where? And who by? Scott and Chris, with the help of Radio 1 listeners, Peter Bleksley and various hung over pop stars try to solve the mystery.
19/02/2053m 9s

Chris Discovers Next Day Delivery

Chris has left it late to order his outfit for The Brits…or has he?? Also, what’s he going to do about his black eye? Scott has an idea. Chris also books a couple of surprise guests who make Scott very star struck.
18/02/2040m 25s

Hi Lizzo, You Alright?

Lizzo is here to review her Live Lounge performance but Scott makes her uncomfortable by just saying hello! Plus we hear the reactions from the partners as they are presented with some weird Valentines Day pressies and Ask Me Anything reveals a man with a furry travelling companion.
17/02/2046m 5s

Sam Fender & Juan Sheet

Sam Fender reviews his Live Lounge performance and tells tales of tea round Elton’s. Plus, Chris has a (not so) amazing fact and The Whooo game reminds us of Juan Sheet, a TV legend.
13/02/2039m 37s

Tickle Dickie

Cider making Dickie, has a very infectious laugh, so we tickle him in the hope of cheering up the nation. Also, it’s Bamboleo day and Scott & Chris decide to by each other’s partners their Valentines gifts. What can possibly go wrong? This podcast is soooo good!
12/02/2036m 14s

Niall Horan - 10 Years On

Since his One Direction days Niall has probably answered every question imaginable but, 10 years later, will his answers still be the same? Scott and Chris put him to the test. Also, Funny Business reveals a very jolly cider maker and is an evening out with a hologram a bit weird?
11/02/2046m 6s

Is Anne-Marie A Bit Too Happy?

The last time Anne-Marie was on the show she got the Superfan Steve treatment and her reaction was amazing. We’ve decided that she is just too happy so pull out all the tricks to try and make her cry. Also, Ask Me Anything brings a man from “Far Far Away”, Scott blows popcorn out of his nose and (after their little spat last week) Scott & Chris do a compatibility test to see if they are right for each other.
10/02/2047m 0s

Love Island Live With Becky Hill

Whenever a drama unfolds on Love Island, you inevitably hear Becky Hill. Well today she was here, so we re-enacted a whole scene, singing and all, in the BBC canteen…Yes, Cringe Time!! Also, a great round of The Whooo Game and find out why one of our team failed to get any takers on a dating app.
06/02/2032m 38s

Factory Sirens in Whiffy Towns

Do you live in a town that smells lush? Maybe, because of some factory? Also Scott is thinking of getting a dog but what dog would suit him? An Afghan hound maybe? Well, they do have nice hair.
05/02/2031m 43s

Hayley Williams' Self Assesment

Hayley off of Paramour listens to her Live Lounge performance, Funny Business brings some hilarious company names and the man with the best name ever is on Bangers.
04/02/2031m 53s

Just Put The Tip In And See How It Feels!

Quirky messages that you see on tip jars – do they make you dig deeper? Also, more of your surprises that go disastrously wrong, a very tasty job in Ask Me Anything and what has Zayne Malik has been up to?
03/02/2032m 7s

Hotdog Legs and Filthy Food

We have another chef try and get Chris excited with a sultry food description, another great round of The Whooo Game and - it's January - the last thing we want to see is pics of sun tanned legs and exotic sunsets!
03/02/2032m 13s

Touching Encounters and Pointless Compliments

Scott and Chris are a little despondent at a "Pointless" compliment, we get more stories on touching with strangers accidentally and could it be that we have a famous 90's TV star working here at Radio 1?
29/01/2029m 6s

Awkward Encounters

Ever had one of those awkward moments when you thought you were talking to someone you know, but turns out to be a complete stranger? Or, even worse, accidentally touched them inappropriately? Many of our listeners have. Also, Its Funny Business day and we take a photo of world famous activist Greta Thunberg to Stupid Street to see if they know who she is.
28/01/2032m 8s

Dundee, Dundee, Dundee!!

Radio 1’s Big Weekend is coming to Dundee so there’s only one thing for it! Another Chris Stark Guide. Also, more angry DJ’s have been in touch with tales of annoying clubbers and Scott has an idea to smuggle a “seat filler” into The Brits.
27/01/2037m 20s

Act Your Age, Not....

Scott and Chris are still in dispute over the actual size of Scott's feet, time to get the rulers out. Also Jack & Suren from Bombay Bicycle Club review their own Live Lounge and The Whooo Game brings back an old friend.
23/01/2037m 24s

A Sticky Fishy Peppery Mess

It’s Bamboleo Wednesday with a great Bamboleo Gap. Plus, more of your weird and nerdy e-mails at work, a Lewis Capaldi styled food description (for Chris to salivate over) and … “Oi Mate…. Oi Mate…. Oi Mate….” - yes, more stories of the annoying DJ hasslers.
22/01/2040m 8s

Where’s My Hummus??

Do you get mad or mundane emails at work? Are you a DJ who gets pestered for requests? Have you appeared on Naked Attraction? What would you do if the world was about to end? Do you get off on descriptions of food? If any of the above apply to you then listen to this podcast, if not – well, listen anyway (cos it’s funny).
21/01/2040m 12s

Britain’s Biggest Mug Revealed

Scott and Chris are suspicious about Instagram, can it hear us? If so it seems to think Chris likes girls on beaches and ladies dresses! Also they don’t believe in Blue Monday – but have an assortment of clips to brighten your day just in case and Britain’s biggest mug is finally revealed.
20/01/2035m 32s

Bouncy Bouncy Whoooper-Mare

A bouncy castle comes into play as listener James hears the story of when he was made, we have another round of The Whoo Game and Stark Guides is back, with all the info you'll need on Weston-Super-Mare.
17/01/2044m 7s

Tallywacker Tanning Mist

Scott and Chris wonder what goes on, behind the scenes, on the TV show “Naked Attraction”. Do they really use make up down there? Plus, more contenders for the giant Mug, people who just love being sick and a shock revelation from a Pussycat Dolls song.
15/01/2036m 16s

"Are You Into Watersports Mr. Wetter?"

Georgia is “in the radio” to scrutinise here Live Lounge performance, more Funny Business and some people are just plain WRONG! More Mug Nominations call in, hoping to win the giant -head sized mug.
14/01/2033m 19s

The Biggest Mug For The Biggest Mug

We have a massive mug and would like to give it to a self-confessed mug; someone who’s behaved badly in the past and are willing to fess up! The stories come in thick and fast. Also, Ask Me Anything reveals a Theme Park ride designer - Wow!
13/01/2027m 44s

Free Love At Glastonbury

Arielle Free becomes the first Radio 1 DJ to endure Where Do You Think They Were? as her Ma Jackie recalls a wet and windy night at Glastonbury. The Whooo Game is back, stronger than ever and The Generator is programmed to allocate previous “BBC Sound Of” winners - You could be brown, You could be blue, You could be Mika!!
09/01/2037m 39s

Meghan Trainor - Your Lyrics Different Song

Meghan comes in and sings one of her songs, but to a different tune and the result is AMAZING! Also, Scott looks back at some of the awks texts Chris has sent Alan Shearer (not Sugar) over the years and the generator is wheeled out again. This time it’s been programmed to compare you to a National Treasure – Sir David Attenborough or Joey Essex maybe?
08/01/2036m 12s

The Love Island Generator

You’ve all played the Disney generator but Chris expands on the idea and builds a Love Island Generator – which sort of works. Also, another round of Funny Business brings up some hilarious company names and we stroll down Stupid Street, once more, to ask what it’s residents would cook a Vegan guest – some nice duck rolls maybe?
07/01/2039m 26s

Stormzy Vs Wiley - Mills The Peacemaker

Mills plays Rinder as the Stormzy - Wiley beef escalates, more of your stories of when club photographers have got you into trouble and Ask Me Anything reveals a reader of feet – Chris wonders if an old rumour is true.
07/01/2038m 57s

Lewis Capaldi & Highlights of the Year

It’s the last show of the year and who better to spend it with than show friend Lewis Capaldi. Listen out for his beautiful rendition of a Christmas Classic. Also, the Christmas confessions are getting worse with listener Brian getting caught on camera and The Whoo Game brings in a new crazy character.
19/12/1952m 53s

Lewis Capaldi’s Rude Review

Hear Lewis’ review of the year, uncut and un-broadcastable. From discussing headlines (was he offered the chance to become a Pornstar?) to whether anything happened between him and Noel Gallagher’s daughter?
19/12/1911m 2s

Harry Styles, Rebel Wilson & Steve

Rebel Wilson gets the Superfan Steve treatment, Harry Styles reviews his Live Lounge performance and the last Bamboleo of the year has an extra long gap.
18/12/1950m 14s

One Week And A Day!!

More Christmas Confessions with listeners Laura and Jack, who both (like naturists on a rush hour tube train) have very inappropriate crushes. Also, Dermot Kennedy appraises his Live Lounge performance and get ready to wrap yourself in paper - its Magnus Carlsson day!
17/12/1945m 23s

Stormzy Is Walking In The Air

Stormzy is here to review his Live Lounge and gives us an impromptu performance of a Christmas classic. Also, we speak to the king of mince pies, Dial-a-Carol is back and listener Luke has got himself in a VERY sticky situation.
16/12/1936m 35s

Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart Pull Crackers

Stars of Jumanji Dwayne and Kevin are visited by a very weird Santa and Butler, Where Do You Think They Were brings a tale of snow-ploughing in Lapland and The Whooo Game stirs up a little controversy.
12/12/1944m 30s

Gemma Collins Vs Superfan Steve

The GC faces what she believes is her biggest fan, or her “Spirit Animal”. Also, do you fancy someone you really shouldn’t…seems quite a few of you do and day 11 of the Whooovent Calendar reveals an old BIG DOG!
11/12/1938m 19s

An Accidental Slip Of The Tongue

The debate on whether an actor in a love scene is cheating or not deepens, Chris loses it in Funny Business and Scott composes “A Ode Watford” to celebrate the arrival of their new assistant manager.
10/12/1933m 11s

But…Do You Like Chicken Soup?

Example has been accused, by many, of blocking fans on Twitter, so we call him to face the music. Plus, our Ask Me Anything caller dispels a myth about jellyfish and … Are actors actually cheating on their partners when they do love scenes?
09/12/1933m 3s

Creepy Crawlies in the Bush

It’s an Aussie special in Where Do You Think They Were as Brad listens to a tale of love in the Outback. Also, another Whooo Game brings out an old classic chocolate bar, we open day 5 of the Whooovent Calendar and we catch up with Rob, our former Fresher of the Week, who got married twice!!
05/12/1941m 44s

Andy Murray Vs Superfan Steve

Tennis legend Andy has a superfan! Or does he? Hee hee. Also, we get a special message from Daddy Pig & Freya Ridings and hear of more celebs that have been blocking you and...Well, quite frankly, we don’t blame them.
04/12/1938m 15s

Whooovent Calendar: Day 3

More chocolate surprises in your advent calendars (ANOTHER ONE?) Celebs that have blocked you and you don’t know why and Scott reveals the next superstar to meet Superfan Steve, Oh and also makes a mess of introducing CamelPhat.
03/12/1937m 45s

Go Home Bounty, Nobody Likes You!

The Scott Mills Fake Boyfriend service has opened once again for listener Lianne, but will her brother be convinced? Also, many of you are having problems with your advent calendars and another Instagram stockpiler turn out to be a rat!!
02/12/1939m 36s

Tingle Toes Tony

Listener Simon hears the ins and out of how he was made from dad Tony and it’s CRINGE! Also, we have a member of the team that gathers photo content to trickle feed her Instagram (weird) and another listener believes Scott has been pilfering her Whooos.
28/11/1938m 36s

Christmas, Stephen Graham Style

Everybody’s favourite hard-man actor, Stephen Graham adds a menacing twist to your Christmas favourites – and the ladies seem to love it! Also, we speak to another legend – Pete Mills about parking spaces and fact check some of GC’s outrageous claims .
27/11/1939m 49s

A “Momental” Podcast

Gemma Collins is here to bring some light to Radio 1 and super fan Nicole from Pontypridd gets to speak to her. Also, Scott is a bit suspicious about what his boyfriend is asking for Christmas and Funny Business goes international.
26/11/1936m 25s

Scott Mills, The Sweet Old Lady

Chris helps listener Liz by being a fake boyfriend and rescues an old lady and her cat along the way. Also Lewis Capaldi calls in and treats us to some new melodies and Ask Me Anything reveals a high flyer.
25/11/1939m 21s

A Breeze Through The Flaps

Listener Emma has to listen to an “in tents” story from her mum in Where Do You Think They Were, we have a few complaints about the show and suspect that Chris may really be a General.
21/11/1942m 28s

A Lesson For Fender

Sam Fender is going on tour and desperately needs his voice to be in top form, bring on top vocal coach Mills. Also Scott & Chris try to think of alternatives for coffee enemas and get obsessed with a Tottenham fan.
20/11/1932m 6s

A Christmas Enema

Scott decides to go for a coffee for a Christmas outing and Chris is shocked to discover that they will NOT be drinking it! Also listener Liz needs a fake boyfriend, Kev has confession to make and Funny Business reveals a first class gardener.
19/11/1933m 34s

Tyson Fury Is Here

Boxing legend Tyson gives an inspiring pep talk to a listener who’s not having the best time lately and Scott and Chris are trying to organise a Christmas outing involving some very strange beauty treatments. Oh, and you won’t believe what our Ask Me Anything caller has to do for a living!
18/11/1937m 27s

Jay Z & The Caribbean Queen

Where Do You Think They Were reveals a classy story of Superyachts and Global Superstars. Also, we play another round of The Whoo Game and there’s a problem with our tune of the week.
14/11/1938m 26s

Lewis Capaldi Innuendo Bingo

Show favourite Lewis experiences the wetness in Innuendo Bingo, listener Lydia has an idea for a Christmas hit and it’s Wednesday people! Time to Bamboleo.
13/11/1936m 16s

Masie Peters Turns Summer To Winter

Masie is here to winterize some summer bangers, Chris claims to have proof on his theory that people may only be attracted to Scott because of his “celeb” status and Scott makes a faux pas that gets the Emos raging.
12/11/1936m 26s

Cuter In Winter?

Are you cuter in winter... or a hairy mess? Plus, Scott & Chris try to help out another listener who’s boyfriend has appeared on another embarrassing reality TV show and Ask Me Anything reveals The Luckiest Man Ever (but why?)
11/11/1935m 15s

None Of That Keys In The Middle Business!

Listener Will endures a tale of Tenerife from mum Jan, in Where Do You Think They Were? Also, Niall Horan is here to review his Live Lounge performance, Melissa has a murky TV past and Laura (not real name) learns the hard way about listening to Innuendo Bingo while at the dentist!
07/11/1940m 49s

Peter Crouch Innuendo Bingo

Footballing legend Crouchy is in the wet seat for some classic innuendos, listener Harriet gets to hear her boyfriend embarrass himself on an old TV show and an apology goes out to all of the unfortunately named people of the world.
06/11/1942m 49s

Ghosts of TV Past

Following listener Emily’s concern over her new husbands dark TV past, your stories come flooding in, from Dinner Dates (whoo) to Sing Date (bigger whoo). Also Funny Business and Bangers reveal two of the funniest names ever and Scott loses it.
05/11/1934m 48s

A Dark TV Past

Listener Emily is a bit worried about who she has married after finding out her new hubby was once on a very dodgy reality TV show. Scott and Chris try to help her out. Also, Ask Me Anything is back and is it snowing in Wales?
04/11/1932m 13s

England Rugby Prop Joe Marler

England Rugby legend Joe Marler calls from Japan and becomes an instant show favourite and Emily finally gets to date Jamie – or does she? Oh, and it’s Halloween, so the annoying menus come out – Devil Cursed Fish Fingers anybody?
31/10/1943m 31s

Trump & Greta Maybe?

Scott & Chris try to decide on their Halloween costumes – a horny Brexit maybe? Also, there seems to be lots of you who listen to the show in the bath (weird) and one of our three contenders is chosen to date listener Emily, live on tomorrow’s show.
30/10/1940m 51s

The Search For Emily’s Partner… Continues

More contenders line up to be Emily’s date for Christmas, we surprise listener John with a birthday treat (as he had a rubbish one last year) and Scott is not that happy with Chris’ ad, for the show, in the Southern Daily Echo.
29/10/1935m 44s

Chris Triggers Article 69

The clocks have changed, winter is coming and it’s cuffing season, so Chris triggers Article 69 – a bid to find people their Christmas sweethearts.
29/10/1928m 8s

Moo Do You Think You Are!

Jordan and Chris explore whether cows have regional accents by talking to Helga – the cow from Leicester. Also, Bangers brings a Festival Special and Chris gets to speak to one on his own super-fans Bea.
24/10/1932m 59s

A Very Loud Yungblud

Yungblud is here singing to a different tune , we have more examples of Funeral Karaoke and a fact about cows blows Jordan and Chris’s minds.
23/10/1931m 59s

Foals Judge Themselves

Yannis and Jimmy from Foals review their Live Lounge performance, an update on the “Dirty Debs” saga and Jordan and Chris perform a bizarre experiment with their nipples.
22/10/1930m 28s

Mind Blowwwwn!

Jordan North is with Chris today for another amazing Ask Me Anything, a new feature called “Mind Blown” and a catch up with listener Greg, who was due to go to his new girlfriends family party over the weekend. Did he mess things up?
21/10/1936m 55s

A Hole In One At The Zoo!

Where Do You Think They Were is back with a wild time at the zoo, Scott helps out a listener who’s worried about his behaviour at a family party and another round of The Whooo game. Remember Buckaroo?
17/10/1938m 8s

Harry Potter And The Gobfull Of Water

Daniel Radcliffe joins us for an epic Innuendo Bingo, we have a listener test their partner in swipe or no swipe and Bangers reveals a new show favourite in Nathaniel.
16/10/1935m 59s

Total Swipe Out

Scott and Chris wonder which way each of their partners would have swiped, if they had met on a dating site, so they call them to find out – CRINGE ALERT! Also, it’s Funny Business day and Scott finds some funny old announcements in the system.
15/10/1935m 50s

Spread It!

Scott is put on the spot in the best Ask Me Anything ever! Plus Scott and Chris speak to highly educated people who are actually quite stupid, Chris has a nervous moment texting his mother-in-law and is there a new best episode of Don't Tell the Bride?
14/10/1944m 2s

The Ghost Hunt

Where Do You Think They Were is back with Jesse’s mum Pat revealing all about a spooky weekend away. Plus Chris’ Guide to Hull, Fresher of the Week and the Who Game is back!
11/10/1951m 17s

Saffron Barker Innuendo Bingo

She’s been dazzling the Strictly audience but can she keep a straight face, Saffron Barker kicks off a new season of Innuendo Bingo. Plus, our Fresher of The Week is getting strange deliveries and someone wants Matt Edmonson to go top less.
09/10/1937m 13s

You’re Barred!!

More stories of the places you can’t go back to (because too awks) a lot of you are relating to our Tune Of The Week by Masie Peters and Oxford Fresher Rob gets us thinking about whether you can be clever AND have common sense.
08/10/1939m 20s

Oh, Look Who It Isn’t!

Chris has a dilemma about going back to the gym (after skiving for so long). What will his P.T say? Also, new Fresher Of The Week Rob is feeling slightly out of place at Oxford so Scott gives him a pep talk and Ask Me Anything reveals a profession we never even knew existed.
07/10/1937m 31s

Boom Boom Boom

Where Do You Think They Were is back and it’s cringe time for listener George, as he hears his dad, Ian recall a fun time on a beach - WITH AN AUDIENCE! Plus, Matt and Molly are here to lay The Whoo Game and we find out who is getting sneaky about getting Glastonbury tickets.
03/10/1931m 59s

They Can’t Hear Us…Can They?

We eavesdrop on Fresher of the Week Hanny and his mum Jane as they wait to play The Fresher’s Game, Camilla Cabello seems to be a bit critical of her Live Lounge Performance and Chris has made a trailer for the proposed “Move In With Mill’s” reality TV show.
02/10/1934m 34s


The countdown to B.F moving in day begins and Chris wonders if the goings on at Echo Falls should be a reality TV show. Also, Chris wonders who chased who in the early days of his relationship with his wife and we have another round of Funny Business.
01/10/1930m 56s

Scott and That 5:15 Call

Scott and boyfriend are moving in together which can only mean one thing - that 5:15 phone call each day “Are you O.K. my sexy moon face?” Also, Ask Me Anything brings a peculiar tailor, we get the result of another Banana Test and speak to a new Fresher Of The Week – Spread it!!
30/09/1933m 25s

That's Roger Amore

Chris Stark shares his remake of That's Amore in a Durham University addition of his Guide To Great Britain. Plus The Who Game, Fresher of the Week and Christmas music complaints.
27/09/1930m 38s

What's a Sexy Brexit?

We hear your rubbish claims to fame (wiping Ellie Goulding's toilet seat?) and our Freshers' mum is quizzed... did her daughter do a Sexy Brexit?
25/09/1927m 20s

Calling Doctor Toga

Bath Uni is putting on the pressure for Scott & Chris to “Toga Up” for their Fresher’s party so there’s only one thing for it - call Doctor Toga of course! Also, funny business is back with some outrageous company names and Rex Orange County is here to review his Live Lounge performance.
24/09/1931m 36s

Royals, Bananas and Togas

We have a new guinea pig to test our banana theory, a new Fresher Of The Week, a new idea involving togas (uh oh!) and a very regal Ask Me Anything.
23/09/1938m 43s

The Big Banana Test

We test out a theory about banana eating on listener Jay, Mark Ronson comes in to review his Live Lounge performance and Chris gives a fresher his guide to Warwick University, which is rumoured to have a racist swan!
19/09/1941m 27s

Toshers and Knocker Uppers

The Scott Mills CV Clinic has many a job from yesteryear to help liven up your job applications, fancy being a “Tosher”? Also Sam Fender is here to review his Live Lounge performance and listeners advise our Sophie on how to respond to “that message”.
18/09/1934m 4s

You Could Be Pam Boleyne!

The Scott Mills Travel Agency is in full swing as listeners advise our friend from the U.S of A on where to visit in the U.K, Jordan North joins us for a round of Funny Business and Little Simz reviews her Live Lounge performance.
17/09/1930m 3s

Old Castles and Naked Butlers

Scott and Chris are back from their break with stories of dodgy hair spas and people stripping at weddings. Also, Katy from Chicago is visiting the U.K and needs an itinerary, which prompts the launch of the Scott Mills Travel Agency and we help fresher Lauren make a grand entrance in her first ever Uni lecture.
16/09/1938m 11s

Charli XCX Plays The Who Game

Charli XCX is here for a round of The Who Game, we find out what’s in your Fresher’s welcome bags and revisit Rylan V Superfan Steve.
05/09/1929m 37s

blanco, Yungblud, Neeps & Tatties

benny blanco gets some of your U.K advice including where to get a kebab the size of a small baby. Plus Yungblud is here and we review his Live Lounge session and Chris gives us a Stark guide of tropical Dumfries.
04/09/1943m 39s

Anne-Marie Music Video vs Adult Video

Anne-Marie guesses where certain comments came from. Plus your driving test fails and Friendly Fires review their own Live Lounge.
03/09/1940m 30s

Geraint Thomas and the Prince of Pork

Geraint Thomas advises Chris on how to take care of his undercarriage out cycling. Plus an actual Professional Sausage taster aka The Prince of Pork.
02/09/1930m 30s

Rylan vs Superfan Steve

Rylan goes up against one of his biggest fans, Eliza Wholittle kicks off the Who Game and we revisit terrifying TV shows including the Demon Headmaster
29/08/1934m 41s

How Sorry Is Joel Corry?

Joel attempts to work out which listener confession he needs to apologise for, another Bamboleo Wednesday and our intern's secret recordings are back on
28/08/1942m 38s

CamelPhat on 'Colagate'

Scott speaks to CamelPhat about not playing their hit Cola, listener Nicole shares her Reading festival experience and an update from the World Gravy Wrestling Championships
27/08/1941m 59s

Guide To Bradford

The latest in Chris Stark's epic Guide To Britain series. Plus the Who Game, an update from listener Nicole and Tidy Friday terror.
22/08/1939m 55s

Alexa, Who Is Scott Mills?

Scott and Chris quiz an actual real-life Alexa, our intern gets a Scott Mills show initiation and another mid-week Bamboleo celebration.
21/08/1933m 25s

The Dev Sweepstake

There's a sweepstake on Dev for Strictly, but for what?
22/08/1935m 29s

The Tim Tam Slam

The chairman of the biscuit appreciation society plus an unbelievable cheating story.
19/08/1927m 30s

Return of the Who

The Who Game returns with a fine selection of retro references plus Chris Stark's Guide to Hastings featuring the man with the massive pier.
16/08/1942m 58s

Jax Jones Plays Celebrity Detective

Can Jax Jones guess which of his fans is telling the truth? Plus it's Bamboleo Wednesday and we meet Ian the Ian fluencer.
14/08/1938m 45s


Why has a man in America got a TV on his head? Why are Radio 1 Deejays not using their full names? and why is everyone still making up stories for likes? Scott & Chris investigate all of these issues as well as squeezing in a quick round of Funny Business.
13/08/1933m 43s

Bloom On A Paddleboard

Have you completely faked a story or situation, online, just to get the likes? Mollie King has. Also we speak to a sporting champion on Ask Me Anything and is it O.K to find friends on dating sites?
12/08/1937m 19s

Curtis Pritchard V Superfan Steve

Love Islands Curtis Pritchard gets the Superfan Steve treatment, Scott is having trouble with computers and salad boxes and Chris has new Stark Guide – this time of The Forest of 200 Pigs!
08/08/1936m 26s

Is Mills Getting Crabby?

Radio 1’s very own Dev has been announced as a new Strictly contestant, but does that make Scott a bit crabby? Also Chris has a clear out of his locker for the first time since 2013 – who knows what he’ll find.
07/08/1934m 35s

What About The Volume Of Your Fingers?

Scott has sent a picture of his hands to a hand modelling expert and the result is less than flattering. Also, we speak to Mark who has applied for every reality TV show ever and hear more of those phrases that drive your partner mad.
06/08/1927m 37s

New Teeth and Expensive Hands

Chris reveals that he is a bit self-conscious about his teeth and is wondering whether to buy cheap veneers, cue the angry dentists!. Also the return of the “Doing Bits” game comes to Ibiza we discuss the world of hand modelling.
05/08/1934m 8s

Holiday T-Shirt Day is Here

The first ever Holiday T-Shirt day is here and Aussie DJ Fisher and Becky Hill join in the laughs and we hear the stories behind your chosen bangers.
01/08/1952m 37s

Holiday T-Shirt Day Is Coming!

It’s the eve of Holiday T-shirt Day so Chris gets some more promo by chatting to Radio One Mallorca. Why not join in the fun? Wear your Holiday T-Shirt to work tomorrow and send in your summer banger requests or holiday stories to
31/07/1930m 36s

Peeled Prawns & Peanuts

A listener takes on the Bieber verse in Bad Guy, using the recipe for Pad Thai. Also, another round of Funny Business brings a hilarious towing company and we try to promote Thursday’s Holiday T-Shirt day on a Zante radio station.
30/07/1928m 46s

Skinny Dipping With Baby Dolphin!

Looking ahead to Thursday’s Holiday T-Shirt Day, we get an idea of the sort of inappropriate shirts you’ll be wearing. Also, Scott worries he may have upset Freya Ridings with horse chat and Chris tries to come up with a new user name for yet another social media site.
29/07/1928m 4s

Halibuts Halibuts Everywhere!

Listener Sam is trying to persuade his fiancé to move to Peterborough from Orlando, so Chris comes to the rescue with a classic Stark Guide, even writing a new anthem for the city. Also, Chris competes with Bieber on the Billy Eilish song and the Secret Snog is still unsolved.
25/07/1938m 41s

The Search Continues

The Search continues Hide and Seek continues and Scott and Chris get that little bit closer to finding Greg and Grimmy on this sunny Bamboleo Wednesday.
24/07/1948m 6s

Hide & Seek Is Back

Greg James and Nick Grimshaw are on the run to a hiding place. Scott & Chris begin the search with the help of Hunted expert Peter Bleksley and Grimmy’s Niece Liv. Also, another round of Bangers and Secret Snog.
23/07/1932m 47s

Is It Rihanna Kissing A Dog?

Following all the cringe kissing on Love Island Scott has a brilliant idea for a new quiz "Secret Snog". Plus, the wasted wasps of Zante are on the rampage and listener Bethany finally gets nick-names for her festival T Shirts.
31/07/1933m 6s

The Boys Are Out Of The Barracks

The last in the series of Where Do You Think They Were reveals a tale of a Squaddie on a mission; we help to choose the next Mayor of Muff and the names to go on more holiday T-shirts.
11/07/1936m 2s

Zara Larsson plays Celebrity Sleuth

Zara Larsson is here to play our brand new game Celebrity Sleuth – which listener’s, Zara related, story is true? Also Grimmy is here for Bamboleo Wednesday and Scott asks Masie Peters if she’s in the money now her tune was used once again on Love Island.
10/07/1938m 56s

Funny Business With AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey joins Scott following his Live Lounge appearance to play Funny Business, as he “Loves a bit of immaturity” Also, Is there ever a time it’s good to get down on one knee to ask someone out? Apparently not! And more nightclub liars and a caller you may own Leicestershire.
09/07/1924m 55s

One Night In Zante

Listener Annie goes on holiday and decides to become a different person. Plus Craig David on Love Island and Scott's new bangers strategy.
08/07/1929m 57s

Cockadoodledoo - It's Top Gun Time!

The most outrageous Where Do You Think They Were yet from listener Ollie's mum. This one involving sturdy furniture. Also James is going to a stag do but needs nick-names for the T-shirts - you don't disappoint with your suggestions.
04/07/1924m 28s

Big Muff News

It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and Scott has received a mysterious voicemail** on his phone, more guess the T-shirt nicknames, this time with a rowing team and there’s big news from Muff. (** - Whoooo!)
03/07/1939m 13s

Nice Buns & A Concrete Member

Singer, footballer and all round amazing talent Chelcee Grimes calls in to wish The Lionesses success in their big game, a concrete company has one of the best names yet in Funny Business and we try to guess more of your holiday T-shirt nicknames.
02/07/1935m 33s

Magic Roundabouts

We have a very interesting caller on Ask Me Anything, holiday T-Shirt weather is on so we find what outrageous things you’ve had printed on them for your hols, and embarrassing times when your parents or grandparents turn up to your workplace - like when you are running the bar on an LGBT night or wrestling a bear for instance!
01/07/1934m 23s

Is Wendy A Horse?

Chris is on his holiday messing about with barbecues so Charlie Hedges joins us to hear tales of horses, jodhpurs and riding crops in Where Do You Think They Were. Also, Jack Saunders stops by for a Bangers Glastonbury Special and embarrassing times when parents come to see you at work.
27/06/1933m 4s

Freddie Flintoff Innuendo Bingo

Freddie Flintoff is here for some hilarious Innuendo Bingo, tune of the week artist Maisie Peters surprises a listener and we hear some strange requirements in ads for flat sharing.
26/06/1933m 13s

5 Seconds Of Summer

Actual 5SOS are here to play Music Video/Adult Video, we finally name the show rat and Scott has developed a mistrust for people whose names end in “i”. Yes, we’re talking about you Vikki and Henri!
25/06/1946m 4s

Hero To Zero In Seconds!

After the blunder by Tom on Love Island we ask about the shortest relationships you’ve had. Also, we attempt to cheer up the Wulfrunians with another Stark Guide, the debate about who would suit Scott as a partner goes on as we speak to his mum and Chris is worried about his thigh gap.
24/06/1941m 53s

The Only Way Is Up!

Listener Chris finds out where he came from (under the watchful eye of The Pope), mass crisp eater Ashley gets a message from Gary Lineker and who would make a good partner for Scott if things were different? Laura Tobin or Carol Kirkwood maybe?
20/06/1933m 38s

Do Scott & Chris have Trust Issues?

The naming of The Rat brings a shocking story that almost starts an argument. Plus, we try an experiment with fried chicken and try to work out what “Discrete Maths” or “Pure Maths” is.
19/06/1942m 23s

Rodger Big & The Demon Cuddler

Scott is back and asks about the Tee Shirts you’ve had printed up for your holidays (yes, it still happens!) Also a dog grooming parlour and a plastering business reveal their Funny Business names and our resident Plane Licker returns.
18/06/1937m 1s

A Big Chef’s Kiss

Scott (or should we say Simon) is “pooly” so Jordan North is here to save the day. A round of Ask Me Anything gets a big Chef’s Kiss, we have more nominations for the naming of the rat and do you have a “Bedingfield moment”? A song that triggers an awful memory.
17/06/1939m 48s

The JP Cooper Chant

J.P Cooper is here and Chris tries to get “Sing It With Me Chant” going in the BBC canteen – CRINGE WARNING! Also, poor listener Meghan finds out what T&R Time is in Where Do You Think They Were and you know what day Sunday is…but what’s the question?
13/06/1940m 38s

Home Of Tulia & Max Factor

Chris delivers the first ever International Stark Guide, we find out that Superfan Steve has an impersonator, and we get a bit carried away with Bamboleo Wednesday.
12/06/1936m 26s

Where’s Your Tongue Been?

Another round of Funny Business brings Fanny’s Business, Boomerangs and Prawns line up in the naming of the rat and (because of a strange TV show Chris likes) we ask “Where has your tongue been?”
11/06/1939m 7s

What day is Father’s Day?

What day is Father’s Day? Yes – it’s coming but what’s the question? Also Ask Me Anything brings a roller coaster rider with a twist and another listener needs a name for their pet – this time a RAT! We are sure you know a few.
10/06/1934m 43s

Simply Dread!

Another listener endures the agony of Where Do You Think They Were in a tale involving Simply Red and Champagne and Chris has discovered something amazing - Dissolvable Swimwear - The possibilities are endless.
06/06/1932m 57s

Cheryl Vs Superfan Steve

Cheryl gets the Superfan Steve treatment and it’s CRINGE! Also, why do people’s pets love Scott’s voice and more songs that just bring you bad luck.
05/06/1933m 50s

The Drake Curse Returns

We investigate more instances of The Drake Curse, our fake Donald Trump tries to book accommodation in a castle in Blackpool and we have another "dad's eye" view of Love Island.
04/06/1930m 24s

A Pompadour For POTUS?

Donald Trump landed in Britain today so we celebrated by getting friend of the show and celebrity impersonator Luke Kempner on, to be the president and try and book a state visit haircut. We got listener Gemeni on, along with her father Simon, as she failed in her attempt to be on Love Island and we wanted to see what he thought of the contestants this year. Also and amazing instalment of Ask Me Anything, where the inventor of one of the best games of all time features.
03/06/1934m 42s

Garage Freya Ridings and A Stark Guide to Norwich

Freya Ridings comes in to debut her new track and ends up singing over some garage beats. Plus Chris gives a guide to Norwich for listener Megan and a visit to Arsenal Fan TV.
30/05/1934m 23s

Lewis Capaldi Interviews Anne-Marie

Scott & Chris were too busy to interview Anne-Marie at Radio 1's Big Weekend so they sent Lewis Capaldi to do it and the interview takes a very strange turn. Plus it's Bamboleo Wednesday and how do you get over someone you never dated?
29/05/1929m 6s

BBC Nudes at Ten

It's a busy one! Newsreader and Welsh legend Huw Edwards reviews Stormzy's Vossi Bop but Chris has a strange request for him. Plus Funny Business returns, Chris visits the doctor, Scott teaches Lewis Capaldi to sing better and Jax Jones goes undercover at Radio 1's Big Weekend.
28/05/1935m 6s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Salamader & Swifty

We revisit May 2015 when Chris booked a room in Norwich for "Mr. Salamander" an intimate waxing for Olly Murs and a bowling alley for Taylor Swift. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Kench on BBC Sounds for some classic 24 Years at the Tap End.
24/05/1928m 26s

Home Of The Stuffed Kym Marsh

Another Stark Guide, this time to Blackpool, home of a famous waxworks museum and more hotels than Greece! Also listener Max is on to hear how he was conceived in Where Do You Think They Were and his mum charms everyone with her soothing voice.
23/05/1931m 58s

More Poly-Bangers

We bring more of your favourite polyphonic ringtones – remember Encore Une Fois? or Babycakes? Also listener Ryan has a problem with his works Instagram and has Lewis Capaldi been on Radio 1 more than anyone else ever?
22/05/1930m 31s

Creepy Clive Is Watching

Jackie the pet psychic chats to a troublesome cat who likes to watch owner Natasha in the shower, Funny Business brings up one too many “Poutines” and listener Izzy gets to chat to Sam’s Nan Patricia who gives her a stern warning.
21/05/1929m 34s

Scott The Gaffer & Chris The Nana

Could Chris be the new manager of Middlesbrough? Scott certainly couldn’t – we put him to the test and he just doesn’t do angry. Also, listener Sam, who had trouble finding a date, is back so we audition another contender with Chris role playing the part of Sam’s nan Patricia.
20/05/1934m 24s

24 Years At The Tap End Revisited

From next week on Radio 1's Kench podcast, Chris Scott wander the rooms and vaults of Scott's mansion "Echo Falls" in the search for some lost tapes. Tapes of Chris's "Autobiography" 24 Years At The Tap End. Every day from Monday 21st May for 12 days, hear tales of strange foreign exchanges, unintended nudity and embarrassing drunken moments in Chris's life.
13/05/193m 26s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Fish Pie Sue & A Cheap Holiday

We look back at May 2013 when Lorraine sat in the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo, we devised a very odd feature called Fish Pie Sue and Chris was booked to go on a suspiciously cheap holiday.
10/05/1934m 52s

You French Ambulance Baby!

'Where Do You Think They Were' returns with listener David hearing his dad tell the story of where he was conceived. Plus Chris embraces the role of Patricia, a hard to please nan, to question some potential suitors for listener Sam.
09/05/1938m 16s

HRVY Fan or Animal?

Popstar HRVY joins Scott for a game of 'HRVY Fan or Animal' and Dan from Bastille calls in to critique a live ukulele rendition of their new track Joy. Plus someone has made a Dion Dublin Homes Under the Hammer compilation and Chris is away so an actress plays his part for Bangers.
08/05/1931m 18s

Home Of The Big Nodding Dog

Another Stark Guide takes us to Huddersfield, Chris also goes to Buckingham Palace to search out all the Royal Baby fans, we have another round of Funny Business and listener Sam is having trouble finding a date, so Scott and Chris offer their services.
07/05/1939m 44s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Scotty The Fish & A Rapper On The Loo!

Chris and Scott are here to take you back to the golden days of May 2012, when Chris used to applaud buskers, Scott wanted to be a Mob Wife and be called “Scotty The Fish” and David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff was in guiding our listeners through awkward situations.
03/05/1938m 7s

Taylor Swift Talks About Her Love of Stormzy and Bastille Pop In

Taylor Swift talks to Scott and Chris about her new album and her love of Stormzy as they both battle it out for the number 1 spot in the charts. Bastille pop in for a Pop Emergency and reveal the date of their new album. And we hear how another listener was conceived as their parents reveal all in Where Do You Think They Were.
02/05/1935m 32s

Line of Duty’s Hard Man Stephen Graham

The man who seems to always play baddies is here and Scott is a little bit scared. He needn’t be though as Stephen is a nice man who likes nothing more than sitting in the bath with his rubber ducks. Also we have a special Bamboleo recorded with the actual Gipsy Kings at The Royal Albert Hall and we look back at the good old days when TV shows were low-budget rubbish - remember Airline?
01/05/1936m 19s

Weird Exchanges and A Leg Off!

We speak to more of you who have had a bad time during student exchanges including Sam who was given a sumptuous meal of… cucumber and water soup! Also listener Aniella gets to speak to her old French exchange student Pierre (which is actually Chris in the other room) and a simple Love Island application turns into Scott and Chris fighting over who has the best legs.
30/04/1937m 57s

Forget Your Toothbrush

Listener Leanne had some shocking goings on with her toothbrush, we reveal what would get you disqualified in your Love Island application and is Basshunter a superhero in disguise?
29/04/1932m 6s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Remember The Sack O Shame?

Chris & Scott look back at April 2014 when they photo-bombed The One Show, they rode the radio 1 lifts wearing The Sack O Shame and Chris inadvertently called Alice Levine a pig.
26/04/1933m 45s

Birthplace of the Sleeping Bag

Chris brings another Stark Guide, this time all about Cardiff, but again some facts seem a bit dubious. Also, Ali Plumb guides Scott through the new Bond announcement and more of those typical but odd poses in the photos of your profession.
25/04/1926m 50s

Chris Hemsworth & Scarlett Johansson Playground Insults

Avengers: Endgame is looking to become one of the biggest movies ever and two of its stars Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth are here - to throw insults at each other of course! Also Chris is a bit put out that Scott appeared on Match of the Day and why do DJ pics always have them wearing headphones?
24/04/1933m 20s

But I’ve Got Hairs On My Chest!!

Hilarious ways of trying to prove your age when you find yourself out for the night - without your ID, another round of Funny Business and Chris is in big trouble with his mates because he thought it was Monday.
23/04/1928m 17s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Little Mix and the Chocolate Button

We revisit another classic month from the Scott Mills Show, this one from 2013 when Little Mix played a shocking game of Truth Or Dare, Chris thought he could make big bucks by selling nude drawings of Scott and TV magician Dynamo played Innuendo Bingo.
19/04/1933m 53s

Home Of The Binvolope & Crumbcatcher

It’s all about Brighton in another Stark Guide. Plus we learn how to kiss via the internet and Arielle visits a dog food factory – cue the dog puns.
18/04/1932m 13s

Turn It Off! Turn It Off!

We discover why you should ALWAYS check that your Bluetooth is disconnected, more innocent injury stories (including one from Chris) and a very special Bamboleo announcement. Oh, and Sam Smith calls out of the blue.
17/04/1930m 20s

Normal For Westeros

Chris tries to explain some Game Of Thrones details to Scott who compares it to living in London. Also, why has Scott has never seen the same film twice? Listener John tells of an injury which raised suspicion in his girlfriend (which does indeed sound very suspicious) and is Drake cursed?
16/04/1934m 6s

Throne To The Stars

Arielle Free sits on a loo that has supported many a famous behind in her quest to get Radio 1 on in everyone’s workplace, Listener Lizzie gives her Hen Do Review from the weekend and a man that can do wonders with a worm calls in Ask Me Anything.
15/04/1928m 43s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Horses, Bears and Cocks!

What has been billed as a lazy attempt at a podcast actually turns out to be really good. Remember Zoe Ball playing Innuendo Bingo? Remember when Scott & Chris judged horses at Haydock? Or when Bear Grylls got scared by a bear (or rather Chris dressed up as a bear)? Was Zayne Malik ever a bird whisperer? All this happened in April 3 years ago and we dig them all out of the archives.
12/04/1932m 33s

Feeling Supersonic

Listener Jamie hears the ins and outs of a supersonic night between his mum and dad in Where Do You Think They Were, Chris brings a Stark History on The Isle Of Man and the debate about where builders “go” rages on.
11/04/1943m 4s

Secret Tradesmen Rules

A builder at Scott’s house has him questioning about builders boundaries and also what are their secret rules. Plus, he gives hen do advice for listener Lizzie and an official apology to all pigeons.
10/04/1933m 23s

Tarred With The Gull Brush

Scott upsets the pigeon community, we have another round of Funny Business and Gordon Ramsay gives Scott a job interview…as a mortgage advisor?
09/04/1931m 53s

Blackpink, Dani Dyer & Superfan Steve

Scott speaks to the new queens of K-pop Blackpink, Love Island’s Dani Dyer pits herself against Superfan Steve A.K.A Chris in the room next door and Ask Me Anything features a man with a strange collection.
08/04/1939m 22s

Where's Chris?

Chris is being naughty and can’t be found so Scott is here to bring you highlights of the week from The Scott Mills Show.
05/04/1924m 49s

It Happened On The Shagpile

Another Where Do You Think They Were has listener Ashley hear tales of blue shagpile carpets and Chris is away, so Rickie, Melvin & Charlie from Radio 1’s Rickie, Melvin & Charlie are here to help.
04/04/1924m 53s

Do You Have A Hot-Point?

Is there a “Hotpoint” your partner has? Some everyday thing that they do that just makes you go YASS! Also, a listener gets a tattoo that leaves us a bit stunned and Chris gives a Stark History of Manchester, but are the facts correct?
03/04/1937m 27s

Is That Real Money?

Nicole finally gets to speak to her second hero, Deborah Meaden, Chris makes a blunder on Funny Business that comes back to haunt him and it’s time to get an idea of what the public think Scott does for a living, just by looking at his photo. Flight attendant maybe?
02/04/1932m 51s

You Wash What??

The strangest job ever comes up in Ask Me Anything, a caller has a bush problem and what are peoples impression of Chris just by looking at his photo? Scott takes to the streets to find out.
01/04/1934m 13s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: With Scott Mills

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills is Chris's special guest as we relive some highlights of the week and listener Bryony calls in with another tale of when showering together goes very wrong.
29/03/1920m 13s

Volcanoes & Hot Tarmac

A tale of volcanoes and tarmac in Lanzarote is heard in this week’s Where Do You Think They Were, we have another Stark Guide telling the history of one of Britain’s major cities and Chris gives Scott a rather unusual birthday card.
28/03/1934m 38s

Scottie Mills?

It’s Bamboleo day with an especially long gap and should Scott get a dog? (and if so what kind?) Also, why on earth do people shower together? It’s really awkward. Scott and Chris re-enact.
27/03/1942m 15s

Yungblud Is Here

Yungblud is here for a quick game of Music Video or Adult Video, we set another interview for Nicole from Pontypridd and Chris sees an opportunity, during Funny Business, to solve his rat problem.
26/03/1937m 27s

Is That A Pepperami In Your Bra?

Are you one of those people who smuggles snacks into a nightclub? Are you one of those people who takes a spare pair of pants on a night out? Or are you one of those people that secretly listens to Radio 1 when you should be working? Confession time!
25/03/1939m 0s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Secrets of Southend

More behind the scenes chat and a chance to hear an extended chat with Natalie about Southend On Sea. Plus Chris takes your calls about the week's best features like The Great Escape from a houseboat and John Newman getting a coaching session from Scott.
22/03/1932m 7s

A (Very) Quick One!

Listener Simone endures the tale of her conception whilst travelling at the speed of sound in Where Do You Think They Were and after Chris’s accusation that Scott has never had a job, the offers come flying in – answering the phones at Babe Station maybe?
21/03/1939m 8s

One Insult After Another!

It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and we speak to a dating app user who was insulted when someone fancied the other person in her profile picture, Scott is insulted when Chris accuses him of never having to work for a living and poor Cheryl who had to swim for it to escape a rather insulting date.
20/03/1942m 22s

John Newman Vocal Coach

John Newman gets a vocal coaching lesson from Scott, we have another round of Funny Business and more of your Great Escapes, including an amazing confession from an airline cabin crew member.
19/03/1937m 11s

Armoured Goats and Great Escapes

Scott reflects on his amazing weekend singing the Welsh National Anthem alongside an armoured goat. Also we hear of the times when you’ve managed to escape from a tricky situation and felt quite elated and we hear from a world class muncher on Ask Me Anything.
18/03/1935m 2s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Jeffrey The Cock

Chris takes some of your calls about the week on The Scott Mills Show, including Harriet who won the honour of naming the cockerel and Garin, a real Welsh Rugby fan.
15/03/1925m 21s

Shane Williams To The Rescue

Welsh Rugby legend Shane Williams give’s some useful tips to Scott ahead of his visit this weekend’s big Six Nations clash and poor listener Kelly endures the agony of learning how she was conceived in Where Do You Think They Were.
14/03/1933m 37s

Katherine Ryan Plays Innuendo Bingo

Comedian Katherine Ryan sits in the wet chair for another Innuendo Bingo, Scott is furiously trying to learn the Welsh National Anthem and the cock finally gets named.
13/03/1934m 37s

Mae Hen Wlad Fy What?

Scott has set himself a task for the weekend and if he fails he will let down a whole nation! Also, we have some shocking contenders in our search for the name of our cock and (after Chris threw a tantrum on a train) we ask for your total meltdown stories.
12/03/1937m 38s

More Cock Noms'

We get a few more nominations for the naming of our cockerel, Ask Me Anything reveals a guitar legend and people that but “the-something” in between their names – what is that all about?
11/03/1939m 8s

The Lolathon...The Home Stretch

Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon is on the home run and the boys are very tired. Will pop star Mabel, comedian Sharon Horgan, News reader Simon McCoy, Michael Dapper, Anne-Marie and Louis Tomlinson help them over the line?
08/03/1956m 57s

The Lolathon Goes Into A New Dawn

Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon continues. It's morning so all is nice and clean again. Vanessa Feltz, Eyal Booker, Luke Kempner, Tom Kerridge, Ricky Gervais and David Beckham all join in the fun.
08/03/191h 7m

The Lolathon Continues With More Rude Stuff!

Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon continues with more rude stuff, not for sensitive ears. Scott and Chris start to tire as the night goes on but Alix & Riyadh from the Unexpected Fluids podcast keep them awake with some awful tales of sex going wrong andThe Drag Queen's Den's Glyn & friends make up Chris to be an amazing Queen.
08/03/1943m 52s

The Lolathon Continues With The Rude Stuff!

Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon continues with all the rude stuff. Not for sensitive ears, the jokes come fast and furious from the likes of Jack Whitehall, John Newman and Radio 1 DJs Cel, Katie, Jordan, Jack Matt and Mollie all having to tell outrageous jokes whilst looking Big Boss Ben in the eye.
08/03/191h 4m

The Lolathon Begins

Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon begins with lots of your jokes and help from Love Island's Dr. Alex George & Jack Fincham , Top Gear's Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff & Chris Harris, Queer Eye's Tan France, and T.V legend Emma Willis.
06/03/1955m 22s

The Road To The LOLathon – The Giant’s Ring

Chris’s journey around the U.K’s funniest place names almost ends in disaster in Muff. Also, who’s been tampering with Scott’s T.V box? Keith Lemon maybe?
05/03/1930m 6s

The Road To The LOLathon - Dick Dancing Lane

Louis Spence finds out that Scott has sent Chris to meet the residents of Mann Wood in Essex. Chris is trying to fill in his Book Of LOL in preparation for the LOLathon and Louis gate crashes the party. We also get a man called Richard to dance in Dick Dancing Lane along to the theme of Blue Peter. We also played a round of Ask Me Anything with a man who used a space hopper to cross the Alps in France.
04/03/1923m 14s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: The Snail Master Extended

Chris brings more behind the scenes fun from Radio 1 including the full interview from The Snail Master with an in depth discussion on how snails get down to business. Plus Rag 'N' Bone Man's interview in full and a listener's very nerdy question is answered.
01/03/1928m 59s

Pirate Rob & His Sword Fight

This week’s Where Do You Think They Were is a swashbuckling affair as listener Sam hears the story of when he was created. Plus, we launch the Lolathon with Jordan North reporting live from Dick Lane and Lewis Capaldi sabotages Bangers.
28/02/1939m 28s

Emily Atack Innuendo Bingo

Emily Atack joins us for another drenching in Innuendo Bingo, Scott gives Rag'n'Bone Man a vocal coaching session and Chris tells us the historical facts (?) about Middlesbrough.
27/02/1943m 2s

Nicole Interviews Eamonn Holmes

Listener Nicole finally gets to chat to her hero, Scott is accused of being antisocial because he keeps eating fish in the studio and following the news that Ariana Grande is the most followed person on Instagram, we try and find out who is the least followed.
26/02/1931m 57s

Name That Cockerel!

Another animal needs to be named and this time it’s a big cockerel, which prompts Scott and Chris to wonder why there’s so much cheating going on in the animal world. Also, we speak to a man whose activity is quite NFN (Normal for Norfolk) and find out who amongst you have a secret “dirty” Instagram account.
25/02/1930m 33s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Extended Nicole

An extended chat with our favourite Welsh girl Nicole is a lot of fun and more Classic Innuendo Bingo with Jack Whitehall.
22/02/1918m 8s

In Sickness & In Sunburn

Poor Callum listens to a tale of bad food and too much sun as his dad tells the story of when he was made, we have a surprise for our favourite Welsh girl Nicole from Pontypridd and listen out for a BIG announcement. (No, it doesn’t involve Scott retiring)
21/02/1931m 18s

Smooth as an Otter

Nicole from Pontypridd reveals the celebs she wants to interview and practices on Scott and Chris. Plus it's Bamboleo Wedneday, Chris is 'upper average' and is a beard a game changer?
20/02/1943m 35s

The Great Escape

Scott and Chris help Greg escape! Plus Scott is having doubts about Bangers and they ask is it cheating if your partner shaves their beard?
19/02/1939m 49s

Naked in Greg's Bed

Scott and Chris try to help Greg James out of the #R1EscapeRoom, Chris gets naked in Greg's house and Jesy and Jade from Little Mix offer their support.
18/02/1939m 43s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: The Proposal Is Set Up

More Extra bits from Chris including: what was said before Thursday’s on-air marriage Proposal, an extended chat with a listener who won a million and a look back at one of the wettest Innuendo Bingos ever, with our very own Grimmy.
15/02/1928m 40s

A Turnip For The Lady?

It’s a Valentine’s Day special with surprises all around, for listener Becky on Where Do You Think They Were, Lauren on Bangers and Jordan North who thinks he is just getting a birthday wish.
14/02/1935m 3s

James Acaster & Josh Widdicombe Innuendo Bingo

It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and James & Josh get wet in another round of Innuendo Bingo. Plus, we find out what happened with the Snake's double date.
13/02/1926m 6s

Nicole Is Getting On!

Nicole from Pontypridd is back inspiring us all to look at the brighter side of life, we have another round of Funny Business and do you have a Finsta?
12/02/1933m 53s

Roses Are Red...

We hear more of your nominations for the naming of our snake, real life snakes with some awful stories. Plus Scott & Chris are writing each other’s Valentine cards and posting them to their loved ones. What could possibly go wrong?
11/02/1932m 20s

Innuendo Bingo Classics

Chris' Extra Bonus Podcast with ...err Scott? Where's Chris? Never-mind Scott answers some of your questions about the behind the scenes life here at Radio 1 and we dig up 3 classic Innuendo Bingos from the vaults at Echo Falls.
08/02/1926m 21s

The One With The Buckfast

Where Do You Think They Were is on and it’s extra cringe for listener Logan. Plus Chris suspects Scott has been lying about the size of his feet so get out a ruler and some news about Zac Efron that may just ruin your childhood.
07/02/1931m 28s

Innuendo Bingo With Davina McCall

It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and IT’S BACK! Innuendo Bingo returns with Davina McCall sitting in the wet seat. Plus the search for the ultimate name for our snake continues with more stories of your horrible ex’s.
06/02/1936m 35s

Sorry, Who Have I Called?

It’s Tuesday so More Funny Business. Scott and Chris call businesses with funny names and they are not allowed to lol. Plus they discuss their favourite Piers Morgan promo photos and Bangers reveals some shocking revelations from about N-Dubz.
05/02/1924m 41s

A day of contradictions!

We speak to a ghost hunter that doesn’t believe in ghosts, another listener who woke up their partner in an awful way and wants to know if they are a bad person and listener Jack, who said he was not going to date at all in 2019 is on the phone – looking for a date.
04/02/1928m 13s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Extra Cringe For Billy

Chris is back with extra! Extra Where Do You Think They Were (more rude bits) and extra Innuendo Bingo (from the archive). Plus Chris answers more of your questions about the day to day life here at Radio 1.
01/02/1930m 42s

The Postwoman and the Plumber

It's Where Do You Think They Were and poor Billy has to endure a tale of a plumber with a poem. Also Scott is disappointed with Drake and the Gerry Cinnamon chant takes on a whole new level.
31/01/1936m 14s

The Return Of Innuendo Bingo, The Big Reveal

We speak to the ultimate serial returner – she can’t stop buying things just to return them the next day. Also we reveal our first guest for the return of Innuendo Bingo.
30/01/1931m 50s

Refunders Beware!

Are you a serial refunder? Buy clothes and send the straight back? We speak to an offender. Plus another game of Funny Business and is someone imitating Chris on Grindr?
29/01/1929m 51s

Bohemian Tragedy!

We get reactions to our Instagram live session with Lewis Capaldi and they are not quite what we expected. Plus we have another round of the "Newsbeat" game, listen to you stress over your dissertations and speak to a man who foiled a burglary in Ask Me Anything.
28/01/1932m 3s

Monday Morning Horns

As a fan of the MASSIVE horn in Fisher’s track ‘Losing It’, Greg was on the hunt for some of his own horn sound effects. Plus, Greg caught up everyone on the weekend antics including Gemma Collins falling on Dancing On Ice – something Greg likened to a curling stone and poor producer Will had a ball of cheese in his pocket for a whole day.
28/01/1914m 54s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Classic Innuendo Bingo

From the Archives at Echo Falls Chris brings a classic Innuendo Bingo with Daniel Radcliffe.
25/01/1913m 43s

Screen 1 Row C

Another Where Do You Think They Were makes listener Sam squirm as his Dad recalls a night at the cinema, we get the truth about Barry Obama and we have a pop emergency involving Dua Lipa!
24/01/1933m 40s

Remember Barry OBama?

Did you go to school with a “Famous”? We get some suspicious sounding ones and we get an update from Rhianna the (lucky?) listener who won a bottle of the show’s own fragrance, “Love You Bye Scott”
23/01/1935m 38s

Sigrid V Shazam

Everyone’s favourite Norwegian, Sigrid is here and plays the Beat Shazam game and a caller has a great idea of how to put all the unused phone boxes to good use.
22/01/1927m 20s

Hello, I Lick Planes!

Scott has watched a TV show that has made him throw everything out of his house, we speak to a listener that likes to lick planes and wonder what certain popstars may have on their washing lines!
21/01/1938m 29s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: More Frolics In The Sand

Chris brings more extra stuff including an extended 'Where Do You Think They Were' where Olivia hears the sordid details of fun and frolics her parents had in Benidorm and the whole un-cut story from Jack and his dodgy text from his ex. Also, to celebrate the return of Innuendo Bingo to the show, we have a classic from the archives at Echo Falls.
18/01/1937m 27s

Benidorm Beach Baby

Another Where Do You Think They Were, this time last week’s victim Tom’s sister Olivia hears the grim details of a trip her parents made to Benidorm. Also listener Jack is back to read out a review someone gave him after a date and we speak to possibly the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan.
17/01/1931m 53s

Big Bamboleo

It’s Wednesday and we have an epic Bamboleo Gap, Lewis Capaldi sends us something very special and the big announcement that we were going to make but didn’t know what it was? Well we still didn’t we made one up and it seems to have excited a lot of you.
16/01/1932m 2s

Theresa May is on the Phone!

She has a really busy day but we speak to Theresa May, we have another excellent game of Funny Business and how did a listener get a date just from listening to our podcast?
15/01/1923m 24s

Pin The Trunks On The Hunk?

Scott baffles Chris by suddenly having a knack for footy chat, we find out all there is to know about Extreme Ironing in Ask Me Anything and need some hen party advice? Who do you turn to? Why, Scott and Chris of course!
14/01/1932m 14s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: More Capaldi & More WDYTTW

Everyone seems to love Lewis Capaldi after he appeared on the show, so Chris brings you an extended version of his interview. Plus extra naughtiness from this week's Where Do You Think They Were where listener Tom heard the grim details of when he was conceived and a classic from the Mills archive - When Chris Met Jennifer Anniston.
11/01/1920m 45s

Lewis Capaldi Sings Miley Cyrus

Lewis Capaldi is here with the funniest interview ever and also treats us to a bit of karaoke. Also another listener endures Where Do You Think They Were, this one involves Toy Story - To infinity and beyond!
10/01/1931m 19s

Double Tinder Trouble

Chris has purchased a slightly odd item believing it will be worth a fortune, Bamboleo is back and we hear more of listener Ross' Tinder troubles - but things are not quite as they seem.
09/01/1932m 53s

Love Island, Foxes & Fleas

Should Scott go on celebrity Jeremy Kyle and if so what should the title be? "Are you sniffing my pants" maybe? Also, noisy foxes are back, we have another round of Funny Business, and we try and help out some new applicants for Love Island.
08/01/1929m 21s

The Return of Meat & 2 Veg

Scott and Chris are back for the new year and there's so much they want to unload. Plus for the new year it's the return of Meat & Two Veg - Chris goes into a strange trance to decipher whether you are a meat eater or a vegan.
07/01/1935m 33s

December 28th: The Return of 24 years at the Tap End

Chris discovers his new Uni Flatmate getting intimate with a Sock
28/12/1812m 50s

December 27th: Tap End Season Two Episode 32

Chris looks back on his German Exchange in 24 Years at the Tap End
27/12/1813m 0s

Boxing Day: 24 Years At the Tap End- The Kavos Massage

Chris reminisces about THAT Kavos massage incident in another Tap End Special
26/12/1810m 51s

Christmas Day: Year 10 – I’m the Sunscreen

Scott and Chris give you a Tap End as a Christmas Present: Chris goes on Work Experience and does a school assembly and ends with a massive sunscreen incident
25/12/1811m 55s

Christmas Eve: Obviously a Halloween Special Tap End

As an extra special Christmas Eve present – Chris and Scott delve in to the Archive and look back on a 24 Years at the Tap End Halloween Special
24/12/1812m 16s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Kunis Revisited

Chris has more extra bits including an extended Where Do You Think They Were with listener Sam hearing all the grizzly details of when he was conceived. Also we hear the complaints of the complaints we received when Sir Cliff was cut short and a classic from the archives - when Chris met Mila Kunis,
21/12/1815m 21s

Where Do You Think They Were - The Comedy Night

Another cringe fest ensues as listener Sam gets the Where Do You Think They Were treatment, this time involving a half dozen oysters and brown nylon bed sheets. Plus a few more of you bid to win the only bottle of the show's fragrance and more classic 24 Years At The Tap End when Chris attempted to break the world record for eating chicken nuggets.
20/12/1833m 27s

A Festive Bamboleo

It’s Bamboleo Wednesday with a really festive gap. Also Chris has a stamp with Whooo on it and is stamping everything, more of you want to get hold of our new fragrance and another classic episode of 24 Years At The Tap End.
19/12/1842m 31s

David Guetta v Superfan Steve

David Guetta gets the Superfan Steve treatment and on this podcast we have an extended version as well as another classic episode of 24 Years at the Tap End from the archives. Also Scott has to make an apology to a Knight of the Realm and a few listeners try to get their hands on the show’s new fragrance Love You Bye (Scott)!
18/12/1852m 30s

The Return Of Francois The Nose

Francois The Nose finally brings in the finished Show fragrance, but what's it like? Also Scott and Chris wonder how they can help Greg in his quest to provide the ultimate party for young carers (crab costume maybe?) and have you been a "liability" plus one at a Christmas party? Plus special podcast only, bonus archive as we recall a classic 24 Years At The Tap End episode.
17/12/1843m 32s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: The Bridge Revisited

More highlights of the week including an extended cut of Where Do You Think They Were with listener Abbey and her French Horn blowing mum, a look back at Claude from The Apprentice's reaction to our show fragrance and some classic archive of the opening of the Scott Mills bridge back in 2016.
14/12/1832m 25s

French Horns & Beef Candles

Another listener has to endure Where Do You Think They Were and this one involves an orchestra. Plus the show’s own fragrance is almost ready and Scott wonders if there is such thing as a beef candle.
13/12/1835m 59s

Awks Pitch To Claude From The Apprentice

Scott is back and so is the podcast! It’s Bamboleyo Wednesday, Scott’s had the cheapest haircut ever and Claude from The Apprentice hates us and our perfume!
12/12/1840m 23s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Do You Have Big Baubles?

Chris plays some highlights of his week with Alice Levine including a game of Wrong Number Right Answer (which he is a bit rubbish at) and some ads for fantasy Radio 1 Christmas Shows that we'd love to see actually happen. Plus, we get another chance to hear his Christmas Song from back in 2012.
07/12/1813m 42s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Chabuddy G vs Ellie Goulding

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris catches up with the latest victim of Where Do You Think They Were? and shares highlights from the show including Chabuddy G vs Ellie Goulding.
30/11/1829m 6s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Chabuddy G Does Planet Girth

Chris speaks to florist Helen who reveals more funny messages people send with flowers and plays a trailer for an idea he had that was never broadcast - Chabuddy G: Planet Girth.
26/11/1826m 53s

WDYTTW - The One With The Boat

George Ezra was in the Live Lounge today and saw Scott & Chris do something quite rude. Also another listener gets the Where Do You Think They Were treatment, this one involving boats we find out what “millsing” means from a couple on their honeymoon.
22/11/1833m 13s

I Have The Same Pants! Lol

Jax Jones plays a game in which he has to guess whether a comment was made about his video or a saucy adult video. Plus we have another round of Funny Business and more song lyrics that NEVER happened!
20/11/1825m 0s

Rita Ora v Superfan Steve

It’s time for Rita Ora to get the Superfan Steve treatment, we do some market research on our new show Eau De Cologne, but Chris sabotages the exercise and Did Adele really set fire to the rain? We question more suspect lyrics in songs.
19/11/1830m 29s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Kitty and the Kebabs

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris chats to listener Kitty about her online review fail and catches up with Scott ahead of the weekend.
16/11/1826m 57s

The One With The Curry

Do you have a go-to place or routine for first dates? An ice-hockey game maybe? Also, listener Mikey goes through the agony of Where Do You Think They Were – this one involving curry and more ridiculous pop lyrics that NEVER HAPPENED!
15/11/1833m 44s

Lewis Capaldi Plays Music Video or Adult Video

Lewis Capaldi road tests a new game made up by one of Chris’s mates. We also hear about lots of inventive ways in which people have tried to slip you their phone number, which makes Scott & Chris both realise that it’s never happened to them (sad face).
14/11/1837m 15s

It's Not Mayfair Mate!

Reviews of nightclubs tend to be really bad, and funny. We read out some of the best ones. Also, Scott has been sending late night DMs to Scarlett Moffatt, Chris has a new addition to the bedroom and we play another round of the Homes Under The Hammer game.
13/11/1833m 6s

Zara Larsson V Superfan Steve

Zara Larsson (or should we say Lardon?) falls victim to Super-fan Steve and this time it’s very awkward. Also “Man hid pork down trousers” - It can only be more local news stories, this time from the Isle of Man.
12/11/1828m 10s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: LL Mouse Update

Chris brings the latest news on the Live Lounge Mouse, intern Leila chats about playing Ukulele to Dan from Bastille, more of the Radio 1 Emergency links and What was going on at the end of Wednesday’s podcast??
09/11/1831m 19s

All Aboard The Love Train

We bring another super cringy Where Do You Think They Were? and this one involves getting “bendy” on a train. Also Nicole from Pontypridd is back and we have a special favour to ask her.
08/11/1836m 16s

Charli XCX V Superfan Steve

Charli XCX is the next victim to go up against Superfan Steve. Plus it's Bamboleo Wednesday, we have a full remix of One Pound Fishman's Michael Jackson song and more of your local news including Elvis the ASBO Parrot!
07/11/1837m 30s

A Ukelele Playing Intern and a Rampaging Seagull.

Dan from Bastille and Marshmello get to hear Radio 1 intern Leila’s amazing ukulele playing, Scott discovers Pete & Bas the OAP MC’s and Gulliver, the hooligan seagull is on the rampage…it can only be more of your local news!
06/11/1830m 1s

Harriet, The Diva Donkey

Chris was Best Man at a wedding over the weekend but wonders why everyone was asking him stupid questions. Also our Bangers stats guy is back, an opera singing Donkey turns up in your local news, Chris has a moth problem and we have another round of the Homes Under The Hammer game.
05/11/1833m 51s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Always Available For Sniffing

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris discusses his shopping phobia with Scott and catches up with new intern Leila about the sniffing incident. Plus highlights from the show including Where Do You Think They Were and Superfan Steve.
02/11/1831m 44s

Anne-Marie & Where Do You Think They Were?

Today the show comes from The London Eye, which is very high and Scott doesn't like it one bit. Also Anne-Marie speaks to a super fan (who turns out to be Chris having a laugh) and another listener goes through the agony that is - Where Do You Thing They Were?
01/11/1833m 19s

Devil's Fingers & Ketchup Please!

Scarlett Moffatt is here for a Halloween special of the Whoooo Game, we find some absurd Halloween names on food dishes and we speak to a ghost and a ghosted.
31/10/1838m 24s

Mouse In Da House

The saga of the massive Live Lounge mouse continues, we have another round of Funny Business (will Scott or Chris laugh) and what is your Facebook rule for accepting friend requests?
30/10/1825m 50s

The Smell Of Fear

Francois The Nose is finally here, but can he smell fear? Also listener Zoe is furious because her husband stole her fourth finger and producer Will reaches up for the stars.
29/10/1831m 35s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Live Lounge Mouse

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris discusses Live Lounge mouse, the latest addition to the Radio 1 family.
26/10/1827m 12s

The original Netflix & chill

We hear another cringe Where Do You Think They Were & do people sit on the loo backwards?
25/10/1835m 12s

Sexy Halloween

Jack & Jack pop in to play 10 Seconds To. Plus, another round of Bamboleo!
24/10/1831m 56s

Francoise the nose

Scott & Chris look further into making a perfume before x-mas. Plus, more Funny Business!
23/10/1832m 20s

Do Boys Wipe..?

Scott answers listener Danni's question and The Homes Under The Hammer game returns!
22/10/1836m 36s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: How Chris Met Scott

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris talks about the first time he met Scott and catches up with Good News Jamie to check he’s done his homework.
19/10/1829m 3s

HRVY & Where Do You Think They Were

HRVY is here for a game of 10 Seconds To, Chris has some theories about The Apprentice and Listener Emily suffers a game of Where Do You Think They Were.
18/10/1832m 7s

Smelly New Balls Maybe?

Scott and Chris are amazed to see their old mate BJ from Zante on T.V. They also look into mysterious airport hotels and do some market research on what their brand of perfume should smell like, new tennis balls perhaps?
17/10/1837m 23s

Eau De Tap End or Bingo Juice?

Celebrity perfumes a back for Christmas and listener Sophie is fuming about it! Then Chris has an idea that could bring in millions. Also companies with more LOL names in another game of Funny Business.
16/10/1827m 48s

We're running out of music..!

It's going to happen eventually, Scott & Chris prove that we're running out of music.
15/10/1826m 15s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Poo With A View

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris reconnects with Good News Jamie and talks to more listeners about their epic tattoos. Plus he chats to Adam, the latest star of a brutal 'Where Do You Think They Were?'.
12/10/1829m 41s

Oh no...Grandma Joyce was there?!

Poor Dylan finds out from mum, Paula that his grandma was there when he was made..!
11/10/1830m 28s

Freya Ridings Vocal Coaching Session

Scott gives Freya Ridings one of his world famous vocal coaching sessions, but are you posh enough to hear it? Also listener Jess has a problem she needs Scott's help with and another animal gets to choose the banger.
10/10/1832m 2s

A Shop Called BJs

A new game of Funny Business has Scott and Chris crying as they hear more hilarious shop names from around the country. One of our famous listeners phones in as her husband annoys her by mimicking her Scottish accent whilst he tells her off. A horse is the judge in today’s bangers, and listener Adam got a tattoo on his hand of the entry stamp for his local nightclub so he wouldn’t have to pay entry. A decision he regrets. Terribly.
10/10/1825m 2s

Freckles Are Where??

Misheard song lyrics, phantom flatmates, half-marathon toilet breaks and weekend blowouts! It can only be another Scott Mills Daily. What other shows get a dog to choose the banger?
10/10/1831m 32s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Beds and Bangers

More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris catches up with Becca of millennium conception fame and answers your nerdy and not so nerdy questions about the show.
10/10/1824m 4s

Jason Derulo Vocal Coaching

Jason Derulo may have sold 30 Million records worldwide but that doesn't mean he can't improve - well that's according to Scott who gives him some vocal coaching and we have another round of Where Do You Think They Were and it's a classic.
10/10/1830m 21s

Olly Murs Does It With His Eyes

It's Bamboleo day and Olly Murs is here to defend himself from accusations of being overly flirtatious with his eyes. Also, did S Club 7 put an "UP" in their hit song Reach at last night's gig and Scott completely loses it, in another round of Funny Business. If you have anything you would like to share with the show get in touch -
10/10/1829m 11s

Up or No Up? That Is The Question.

The big debate about the words to the S Club 7 classic Reach continues, so Scott gets word straight from the horses mouth (err, not that we are calling Tina Barrett from S Club 7 a horse!) Also Nicole from Pontypridd returns with tales of her adventures in Amsterdam.
10/10/1826m 21s

Reach Up For The Stars!

Why do people in Chichester not know the words to Reach by S Club 7? Plus, did listener Georgia get revenge on her boyfriend that she's lost to a video game? and petty weekend arguments you have with your partner.
10/10/1827m 1s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Doing What With Christmas??

Another behind-the-scenes look at Radio 1 including podcast descriptions that go worng, a chat to Nicole who's about to board a plane for the first time ever and more answers to your nerdy questions
10/10/1823m 53s

Jack Whitehall in Where Do You Think They Were?

Jack Whitehall and his dad join us for a Celebrity Where Do You Think They Were? Plus, we have some more travel tips for Nicole from Pontypridd who's never been on a plane or abroad in her life and a 3 FOOT long pig in blanket that we just have to show off about.
10/10/1835m 50s

Scott - You Big Soppy Custard Cruncher!

We had an influx of complaints about Scott playing a Christmas song yesterday and why is there a “husband calling” competition in America? Plus, are you one of those people about to be abandoned by your partner because of a video game?
10/10/1829m 26s

Time For Pigs In Blankets?

So many questions! Do people on the street think Scott's drinking wee? Are pigs-in-blankets getting out of control? Has listener Adam achieved his goal of having eye sex with 50 Cent? and how did the lady obsessed with Christmas get through on the phone again?
10/10/1827m 40s

Hello, Tony's Tackle Here!

Scott & Chris were in for Greg on Radio 1 breakfast because Greg only went and got married! Also, Scott desperately tries to avoid any Bodyguard spoilers, Kate Silverton sounds like a car alarm on Strictly and we play a game called Funny Business - it's calling businesses with funny names.
10/10/1846m 8s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Mick's On The Telly!

Chris catches up with Scott on the set of Strictly, speaks to listener Nicole (who's never been on a flight,) about her family's reaction to her being on the radio, plus Good News Jamie spits a few bars.
10/10/1822m 37s

Couscous Omlette Anyone?

Isn't it annoying when restaurants discontinue your favourite dish? Also when you are a fresher at Uni the last thing you have time for is to cook properly which results in some very weird dishes being conjured up.
10/10/1823m 8s

Dress Up and Salute The Pilot

It's Bamboleo Wednesday and we speak to Nicole from Pontypridd who's never before been on a plane and when your parents set you up on dates.
19/09/1833m 19s

The Return Of The Freshers Game

More ridiculous places you've had arguments, pre-drinks in garden centres, Harry Styles' new image and student Max and his mum play the Freshers Game.
18/09/1833m 35s

Number 38? - Perfect Date!

Have you ever been convinced that a famous is staring from the stage straight into your eyes? Plus Cuffing Queen Kate is back to tell of the last few dates before she found The One and where is the worst place possible to be having a massive argument with your partner.
17/09/1830m 33s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: A Giraffe Walks Into A Bar…

More behind the scenes stuff from The Scott Mills Show. Find out why Scott had an argument on a plane, hear Good News Jamie’s extra-long giraffe joke and Ella from this week’s “Where Do You Think They Were” tells of how the fame went to her parent’s heads.
14/09/1830m 30s

Where Do You Think They Were - Gold Edition

All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week.
13/09/1832m 7s

Real Men Wear Bow Ties!

Beware of men with small hands! What rubbish dating advice you been given from your dad? Plus, Peter Crouch gets to join a listener's WhatsApp group, our cuffing queen Katie is back with more dating stories, Chris misunderstands the meaning of "Going Dutch" and It's Bamboleo Wednesday. so listen out for your favourite clips in the gap.
12/09/1833m 20s

A Footballer Walks Into A Bar...

We send footballing legend Peter Crouch to a bar to tell some jokes to find out if he really is the funniest man in sport. Also our cuffing queen Kate is back with some more of her dating stories, listener Dave and his mates have an amazing WhatsApp group and do girls really look at your feet on a first date?
11/09/1834m 56s

Cuffing Queen: A Diary Instalment

Kate from Devon, our Cuffing Queen dated 38 different men in 2 months to find a boyfriend before winter last year. On date number 38, she found her true love. But, she wrote a review of every single date. Today she starts the countdown and reads the first 4 entries, including a Prosecco King! We also recap what happened when Gemma Collins made an appearance on Celebrity Master Chef on Friday. We also speak to Paul who is part of a whatsapp group where by only recordings of the participants farts are sent.
11/09/1833m 37s

Conceived On A Bridge: A Bridge Baby’s Tale

Listener Jessica discovers she was conceived on a bridge when she plays Where Do You Think They Were? In turn she receives a happy birthday message from all her favourite BBC Radio 1 presenters. Jax Jones popped in to deliver his montage of farts. A fartage. This was inspired by a guy in America who filmed himself farting over a 6-month period. He got the sack from his employer, so we stand with him in support. We in turn, give Jax Jones a gift, our Ring Ring (Donald Trump Edit), mixing clips of Trump failing to connect to the new Mexican president on the phone. Meanwhile, Chris plays a genius prank on Scott because after 27 days he has still not returned the suit Chris hired for him. Chris drafts in Dotty to call Scott, pretending she works for the suit company and that Scott has racked up a bill over £1000 in late returned fines.
07/09/1836m 9s

38 Dates Later: Cuffing Season Special

We speak to a listener who went on 38 dates with 38 different boys to get a boyfriend for the winter. She succeeded on the last one, after writing reviews on EVERY SINGLE ONE! Chris discovers his wife is watching TED Talks on relationship advice, and we learn more about the amazing new series of Don’t Tell The Bride.
07/09/1836m 14s

I’m Single And I Love It - 04 sep 18

We speak to listeners who are happily single, and even stump Scott and Chris as to why being in a relationship is so great. Greg James’ pasty gets sent up and down a ski slope as it makes its way from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire and Chris rediscovers the TV show Don’t Tell The Bride.
07/09/1830m 44s

Pasty On A Rollercoaster - 03 Sep 18

As Greg James sends a pasty from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire via listeners. One of those takes it on a rollercoaster. Also, Donald Trump struggled to put through the New Mexican president to his phone, which lends itself very nicely to Jax Jones’ Ring Ring song. Speaking of Jax Jones, he’s been sending videos of him farting. All explained in today’s podcast.
07/09/1832m 53s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Embarrassing scenes at Radio 1

Chris takes you behind the scenes of a week of embarrassing scenes at Radio 1 - for him and Scott on stage with Deaf Havana at Reading Festival, and for listener Sam who was the first victim of the Happy Birthday game. Chris also speaks to Jack Saunders who starts his new show at Radio 1 next week, and catches up with Good News Jamie. Plus listeners questions answered goes back in time to 24 Years At The Tap End (whoooo).
07/09/1838m 33s

The Birthday Game - 30 Aug 18

Scott and Chris invent The Birthday Game, meaning birthday shout outs on the radio will never be the same again... The best caller ever from Reading Festival and do they find a celeb to record their farts for a week? Plus has Jason Derulo ruined a classic?
07/09/1829m 13s

She was really on form, did all the hits - 28 Aug 18

Scott and Chris adopt a new favourite phrase you can use anytime you've been to a gig... Another reason why Australian TV is the absolute best, the ghost story lady on This Morning has a new lover and did Example's promise to get a listener to one of his gigs actually pay off?
07/09/1817m 56s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: What swear words can't we say?

Chris is back with his behind-the-scenes podcast. Chris talks to Jordan North about which swear words he'd love to say on air but can't. He also catches up with listener Brad whose speakers blew on Bangers, speaks to Good News Jamie, and answers listeners questions.
07/09/1838m 15s

Polish Paulina - 23 Aug 18

Listener Will has a LONG story about unrequited love with a Polish lady called Paulina. What is Love Island's Dr. Alex doing on his socials, seriously?! Scott and Chris just can't hear George Ezra burping in 'Shotgun', PLUS! Are Scott and Chris ready to perform with Deaf Havana on Saturday at Reading? NO CHANCE!
07/09/1838m 0s

Sending My Best, Honey! - 22 Aug 18

Chris is off sick so Scott calls to make him even sicker and the things you say just to annoy your partner. Plus, Liam Payne's dad is back in touch, Slaves call us after someone disgraces themselves at their gig and Scott is starting to get nervous about his Reading festival appearance this weekend.
07/09/1828m 50s

Penguins, Pizza's and Pete - 21 Aug 18

Is there really such a job as "Penguin Erector"? Plus, how people dated by video in the 80's, a listener who loves pizza even more than Chris and why Scott could never go out with Pete Davidson!
07/09/1837m 31s

Chris's Friday Extra Show: Answering all your Radio 1 questions

Since there’s no show on Fridays anymore, Chris thought he’d make his own podcast to put in the Friday slot. Chris reviews the week with show favourite Good News Jamie, and calls back Nathan the Boring Story Guy to find out how his week has been since being on the show. He calls Greg James to ask him about the new breakfast show, and he answers a load of behind-the-scenes Radio 1 questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
07/09/1848m 24s

Why can’t your phone smell things? - 16 Aug 18

Scott and Chris’s final Radio 1 Breakfast Show, featuring popstar Robyn, the phrases that really annoy your partner but that you do on purpose and the famous people’s names you mix up. Plus, Scott’s obsessive for Australian TV continues.
07/09/1839m 47s

The longest story ever to be told on the radio - 15 Aug 18

It's Bamboleo Wednesday: Scott and Chris continue the shortest Breakfast Show in the history of Radio 1 with the longest story ever to be told on the radio, more Entertainment News from Scott, Chris experiences a power cut and they track down the people you fancy off of adverts.
07/09/1829m 11s

The next Strictly contestant revealed - 14 Aug 18

Scott and Chris on day 2 of the shortest Breakfast Show in history. Scott shares his ways to celebrate left-handed day and takes it upon himself to bring us the Entertainment News again. Ever fancied somebody on an advert? Scott and Chris will try and track them down. Plus, Scott announces the next Strictly Come Dancing contestant, but who could it be?
07/09/1822m 3s

The Radio 1 Watford Junction Breakfast Show - 13 Aug 18

Scott and Chris are presenting the shortest Breakfast Show in the history of Radio 1, but what to call it? Scott takes it upon himself to bring us the Entertainment News, including some cheese-based Strictly chat. And Chris bigs up a colourful character he met on a night out at the weekend.
07/09/1820m 8s

Ellie's Not Amused - 09 Aug 18

James the P.I is back with news of a celebrity he's been working for and listener Ellie rates some more of your dating app bio's. Plus Freya Ridings calls to talk about her new track Lost Without You.
07/09/1839m 16s
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