The Scott Mills Weekly

The Scott Mills Weekly

By BBC Radio 2

All the best, and sometimes more questionable, bits from Scott's weekday afternoon show on BBC Radio 2. Including the Music Police, Birthday Game and anything else that makes the cut.


It's written in the stars... Holly predicts the Euros results!

Can the football results be predicted with astrology? Scott tracks down Brendan from Coach Trip and Rylan's got a new nickname.A certain someone is missing from the Radio 2 In The Park line-up in Preston! Grab your glitter, this needs fixing...Plus, how many eggs is too may eggs in a day? And DCI Mills is on the case of another annoying earworm for James in Essex.Hit subscribe to get Scott's latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
12/07/2442m 58s

The motorway marriage, a tennis earworm and Scott's Shania remix!

Meet the bride who wanted to have her wedding reception on the M25, there's a Wimbledon themed case for the Music Police and Scott's Shania remix has gone to the next level.Radio legend Mark Goodier pops in to see Scott, before taking over Pick Of The Pops on Radio 2. Scott's putting his chart countdown skills to the test!Jo Whiley turns all Phil Mitchell and is there an armchair TV critic in your life?Hit subscribe to get Scott's latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
05/07/2437m 57s

Marrying your love's lookalike and Pixie Lott pops in!

Scott's meeting an Ed Sheeran lookalike that ended up marrying a super fan of the real Ed! They had a full lookalikes wedding...Pixie Lott pops in to take the Same Interview challenge. How will she answer the same questions from a pop magazine 15 years ago?The Music Police are back on the beat cracking the case of another annoying earworm! And Scott's waking up some of your kids that, frankly, should be up by now.Hit subscribe to get Scott's latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
28/06/2448m 56s

Gelsenkirchen, footie chat and Rag'n'Bone Man

Scott's keeping an eye on the Euros, but can he pass for a fan with your help? And how do you pronounce the German city of Gelsenkirchen?Rag'n'Bone Man pops in for a chat and Scott's got an idea for Michael Ball, ahead of Radio 2 In The Park in Preston later this year.There's shark chat, Taylor Swift speaking Welsh and a fresh case for DCI Mills and the Music Police too!Hit subscribe to get Scott's latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
21/06/2442m 32s

Bridgerton, beavers and Taylor Swift excitement!

Scott's got a theory on how to make Bridgerton even more naughty... listener Rhiannon gives it a go! Beaver fun on Springwatch and we learn about the Taylor Swift millipede.It's a Coronation Street special Birthday Game and there's a dressing up conundrum for 8 year-old Griff and his mum.Plus, the Music Police are on the case of Emma in Kent's annoying earworm... DCI Mills calls in the help of Radio 2's Garage division, with Detective DJ Spoony.Hit subscribe to get Scott's latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
14/06/2442m 25s

Weddings, KT Tunstall and calling all Keiths!

Scott didn't realise he had to write his own wedding vows... he needs your help! KT Tunstall takes the Same Interview challenge, to celebrate 20 years making music... and Scott's on the hunt to find Radio 2's youngest Keith.The country begins the countdown... to Taylor Swift's arrival in the UK! Scott launches the Taylor Tracker.Plus, can DCI Mills crack an earworm that's been bothering listener Wayne for nearly 30 years? Music Police, assemble!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
24/05/2442m 7s

BAFTA outfits, Jeremy Vine and pets that listen to the radio...

Jeremy Vine is playing the Birthday Game, Dr Ranj pops into the studio and Scott's found some pets that love listening to Radio 2.Bridgerton is back, but why aren't there any Radio 2 song covers on the soundtrack?!Plus, tracking down the man that was sat behind Joe Lycett at the BAFTAs... he couldn't see for Joe's Queen Elizabeth I ruff!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
17/05/2447m 37s

Eurovision 2024: Meet the acts!

Scott meets some of the acts competing in Malmö at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. From denim hotpants to singing twins, the glitz and glamour of the competition is heading to Sweden!In this bonus edition of the podcast, hear from Switzerland's Nemo, Sweden's Marcus and Martinus, the Netherlands' Joost, Italy's Angelina Mango and Finland's Windows95man.Search 'Eurovision' on BBC Sounds to hear all 37 of this year's Eurovision entries. Then join Scott and Rylan on Radio 2 for commentary of the Grand Final at 8pm on Saturday 11th May - listen live on BBC Sounds.
07/05/2427m 0s

Tony Blackburn and Dermot O'Leary go head to head!

Scott's pitting Dermot O'Leary and Tony Blackburn against each other for a dad joke-off. They're the kings of terrible jokes on Radio 2, but whose gags are worst?Joe Lycett has made a bet with his Aunty Margaret. He's on the show to explain and talk about his new Channel 4 show... and Margaret drops in too.Plus, Rylan and Richie help launch the Radio 2 Eurovision sweepstake and Scott's catching up with Finland's act, Windows95man.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
03/05/2444m 54s

Charlotte Church and surprise Jane McDonald!

Has Scott ruined the Radio 2 In The Park announcement? And why's there an emu in Preston?Singer Charlotte Church takes the Same Interview challenge - answering the same questions from an interview in 1999, when she was 13. Scott's comparing her answers from then and now!Plus, surprise Jane McDonald in the studio and there's news for Charlie from Casualty fans.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
26/04/2445m 33s

Perrie, pauses and the Music Police!

Welcome to officially the second least distracting radio show in the world! It's official... and we're not taking offense.Perrie Edwards pops in to see Scott - she's gone solo after Little Mix and talks wedding planning and kids TV. As well as a bit about her new music.Meet The Netherlands' entry for Eurovision 2024... the mullet-loving Joost Klein. And Scott's got a gap problem... do you leave a massive chasm at the start of your voicenotes?Plus DCI Mills inducts PC Owain Wyn Evans to Radio 2's crack team of detectives... the Music Police! Can the force solve listener Hayley's annoying earworm?Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
19/04/2446m 2s

RSVPs and Girls Aloud bonus bits!

Girls Aloud are in the studio telling Scott all about the tour, with some bonus bits you didn't hear on Radio 2! Scott's turning all bridezilla about his wedding RSVPs and meet the listener who invoiced her guests that didn't turn up.Pop star twins Marcus and Martinus are representing Sweden at Eurovision 2024, they pop in for a chat. Plus DCI Mills is back on the beat with potentially the most popular case the Music Police have ever faced!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
12/04/2438m 15s

Sheridan Smith and surprise Charity Shop Sue!

Scott gets a surprise on his first day back, as Charity Shop Sue pops in to find out where he's been!Sheridan Smith plays the role of Sheridan Smith in an interview on Radio 2, to talk about the new play within a play that she's performing in.Plus, DCI Mills is back on the beat to review the Music Police cases that PCs Spoony and Clark have attempted to crack and Minister Mills marries off Radio 2's biggest fans... yes, they're having a Radio 2 themed wedding. That one is real.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
05/04/2444m 22s

Mystery shoppers, Natasha Bedingfield and Scott's got his tapes out...

Scott will show you his old cassette tapes if you show him yours... what's he found in the loft now?!Natasha Bedingfield completes the Bedingfield duo on afternoons, or does she?! And she takes the 'Same Interview' challenge with questions from 20 years ago.Plus, your stories of mystery shopping and an annoying earworm goes rogue for the Music Police... DCI Mills is up against it with this one!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
23/02/2440m 32s

Rita's Rack and bonus Ella Henderson!

Scott finds out if his CD has made it onto Rita's Rack in The Kabin. He's been trying to get on Coronation Street for ages!Radio 2's Jo Whiley's turned all Del Boy, but did she mean to post that?! And Ella Henderson takes Scott's vocal challenge, singing her lyrics to another song. Plus, some bonus bits that didn't make it on the radio!And Scott pays tribute to Steve Wright MBE, who passed away this week.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
16/02/2436m 33s

Watch out, the Potato Warden's about! Plus, Steps are here!

Scott's on a mission to get some of SpudMan's world-famous jacket potatoes delivered to Broadcasting House... but you wouldn't believe the faff to get a spud into the BBC!Claire, Lisa, Faye, Lee and H are in the studio for an exclusive chat with Scott about the Steps musical.Baroness Karen Brady and Tim Campbell MBE from The Apprentice are in the studio with Scott to review your top life improving tips. But are there any that they'd hire?And Scott's learning to play the triangle with the BBC Concert Orchestra's Principal Percussionist, Alasdair Malloy. It's harder than it looks, you know!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
09/02/2448m 30s

Calum Scott, historic haircuts and Scott's fat fingers!

There's birthday drama with Bobbie, Radio 2's regrettable haircuts of the past and Scott's had a wedding ring debacle.Singer-songwriter Calum Scott is in the studio with new music, almost 10 years after he shot to fame on Britain's Got Talent.Plus, Scott's chatting to man who's got the UK's first masters in pantomime! Oh no he hasn't... etc.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
02/02/2434m 47s

Daniel Bedingfield is back and plenty of horsing around!

After 20 years, Daniel Bedingfield pops in to see Scott! But where's he been? And what's this about recording all his songs naked?!This week has been dedicated to all our horsey listeners. Scott's got plenty of equine entertainment, so why the long face?Baking champion Candice Brown is on the phone after a tragic accident being dubbed The Great British Break Off!Plus, the first ever Antiques Roadshow game and DCI Mills cracks another annoying earworm with the help of the Music Police.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
26/01/2440m 45s

Layton Williams, Teddy Swims and what is Jeremy Vine up to now?!

Scott's chatting to Strictly finalist and actor Layton Williams. Plus he's trying to convince soccer loving singer Teddy Swims that he knows loads about football.It's been another big week of TV and Scott's found some fans of Gladiators and The Traitors. Including the fan who's watch thought they'd had a fall... they were just watching Claudia in her gloves.There's more Jeremy Vine fun and Scott's getting some help with his singing after the panto! And the Music Police have been tracking down a suspect song from the early-00s for Rob in Plymouth... but have we cracked another case?Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
19/01/2437m 12s

Scott's panto song and bonus Jonathan Bailey!

He's back from treading the boards, so it's only right that the nation hears Scott's solo song... thanks to Fairy Godmother Sam Bailey for turning evil and sending it in. Who knew there was an original cast recording?!Actor and heart-throb Jonathan Bailey talks Bridgerton and Bond, as well as real bum or stunt bum? Plus there's some bonus bits that you didn't hear on the radio... find out which superstar singer Jonathan embarrassed himself in front of. Also Sophie Ellis-Bextor on the return of 'Murder on the Dancefloor', theme tunes with words and turns out loads of people are scared of UK landmarks!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
12/01/2444m 33s

Rylan's in for Scott with Cher, Olly Alexander, Michelle McManus and more!

It's a Christmas cracker of a podcast this week, with Rylan in for Scott and a feast of festive guests.Olly Alexander pops in, as he's announced as the UK representative at Eurovision 2024 in Sweden. There's more from Rylan's chat with Cher and she has a a couple of huge revelations.Plus, Michelle McManus is celebrating 20 years since she won Pop Idol and there's a Christmas KaRYoke with singing sensations The Overtones.Oh and there's a surprise call for Rylan... from someone close to his and Scott's hearts!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
22/12/2353m 54s

David Guetta tries his first mince pie and how well do know your Christmas carols?

Scott's feeling festive with superstar DJ David Guetta trying his first mince pie and reviewing classic Christmas hits. Plus, do you know the words to some carols? Or are you just making them up?Singer and Broadway sensation Billy Porter gives Scott an acting lesson, as he's about to take to the stage for the first time!And Radio 2's King of the 80s, Gary Davies, plays the Birthday Game. But it turns out that there's one disgruntled listener who shares Gary's big day.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
15/12/2350m 44s

Sam Ryder sings Christmas... after a big night out!

Getting baubles deep in Christmas with singing sensations Sam Ryder and Leona Lewis. Can Sam smash out a vocal even after a big night out? And Leona's celebrating a big anniversary!Bobbie's got a festive blockage and there's news from The GC on her Christmas tree.Plus, Scott's hearing about your kids that are a bit old before their time... whether they love Elvis, wear a waistcoat or do their homework on a typewriter.Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
08/12/2337m 11s

Anneka Rice gets melted down and Natalie Cassidy's on!

What happens when celebrity waxworks get melted down? Anneka Rice has got a pretty solid idea of where hers has gone to.Loads of chat about proposals and partners. Scott's found a new test to see how well your partner knows you, it's called 'The Orange Peel Theory'.Plus, Natalie Cassidy is in the studio as we kick off Christmas. Hear what happened when she interviewed the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 5 and she's celebrating 30 years of Sonia in EastEnders!Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
01/12/2335m 3s

Alesha Dixon raps in her sleep!?

Alesha Dixon is in the studio as she takes the Same Interview challenge. Scott shares an alarm clock hack that will change your life and has a few ideas for who might be this year’s Christmas Number 1. Plus, someone gets shushed by Her Majesty, Madonna. Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
24/11/2338m 54s

Well done Vernon Kay!

Vernon has completed his incredible Ultra Ultramarathon Challenge for BBC Children in Need.Powered only by his own two feet, Vernon Kay travelled 116 miles all the way from Victoria Park in Leicester - the site of Radio 2 In The Park – to the home of his beloved Bolton Wanderers, between Tuesday 14 and Friday 17 November. Visit to follow his journey and to find out how to donate. And for more behind the scenes action head to Radio 2’s Instagram & TikTok.Normal service resumes on the podcast next week, with Alesha Dixon!
17/11/232m 17s

Take That, Sam Ryder and a singing dog!

Gary, Mark and Howard are in the studio, as we find out how well Take That know the work of Take That with the help of Gary Barlow... not that one.Scott turns on Christmas with the help of Sam Ryder and meets a singing dog called Jessie who loves ABBA. Will we see Jessie in the Radio 2 Piano Room anytime soon?Plus, grab your white slimline telephone with last number redial as superfans of Keeping Up Appearances William Hanson and Jonathan Vernon-Smith are in the studio to celebrate the hit 90s sitcom.Hit subscribe to get the Scott's new podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
10/11/2344m 30s

Our naughtiest national treasure, Miriam Margolyes!

The Scott Mills Weekly is back with more Miriam Margolyes than we could handle on the radio! She's got advice on life and love, reveals her guiltiest pleasures and talks trumps and radishes.Plus, Scott and Bobbie learn how to speak proper Norfolkian, thanks to listener Paul.What are the worst songs to have at your wedding? Scott needs your help to work out what he should avoid at his!Oh and the show gets rudely interrupted by the cast of 'Back To The Future: The Musical', ahead of their gala performance for BBC Children in Need.Hit subscribe to get the Scott's new podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
03/11/2341m 33s

Rylan bought Britney a snake?!

Welcome to the all new Scott Mills Weekly podcast! All the best (and some of the more questionable) bits of Scott's afternoon show on BBC Radio 2.This week, Rylan plays the Birthday Game after his Eurovision husband forgot that it was his birthday. Oops! And Ry reveals why he bought Britney actual Spears a snake?!Plus your parents' group chat drama, yellow pillow confessions and Dame Jo Whiley celebrates her 30th 'on the radio' birthday.Hit subscribe to get the Scott's new podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
27/10/2329m 32s

The all new Scott Mills Weekly is coming!

Scott's back with all the best, and more questionable, bits from weekday afternoons on BBC Radio 2... but now in a handy podcast dropping every Friday. It's the appropriately titled... Scott Mills Weekly! Coming soon to BBC Sounds and wherever you get your podcasts.Love you, hi x
26/10/231m 23s

Love You Bye!

Live from 82 Mills, after more than 24 years, the world’s greatest radio show ever draws to a close.
25/08/221h 5m

The Last Ever…Bamboleo Wednesday

Timmy Trendy, A.K.A. show legend Beccy is back! Also, the presenters taking over from Scott & Chris, Dean & Vicky grill the boys on Ask Me Anything and the longest but last Bamboleo Wednesday gets us over the hump.
24/08/2253m 15s

The Last Ever…Innuendo Bingo!

Scott and Chris take to the wet seat for the first time ever for the last Innuendo Bingo ever and the legend that is Mark “Chappers” Chapman returns to say farewell to his “little orange friend”.
23/08/2246m 37s

The Last Ever…Whoo Game

As we head in to the last week of Scott and Chris on Radio 1 we celebrate with some of the classic games from the past. Today, The Whoo Game, Oh! What’s Occurring and can Scott still pull off It’s Only Bley Friday? – Find out in this podcast.
22/08/2238m 0s

The Last Ever Quiz

James The P.I. is back one last time and he’s stalking badgers, we ask Zofia if she’ll go on a date with Granny T’s choice and producer Amy treats us to one last quiz.
18/08/2237m 54s

The Last Ever Granny Tinder

Granny T is here for the last time judging some LIVE contenders, it's Bamboleo day and Scott and Chris have finally decided what the last song they'll ever play on Radio 1 will be...but they keep it to themselves of course.
17/08/2240m 29s

The Last Ever Brother Or Lover

Pete teases us one last time as to whether he’s Sarah’s Brother or Lover, another round of Pitbull or philosopher in the quiz and the boys try to decide what the last song they ever play on Radio 1 should be.
16/08/2239m 24s

It Bites!

Rylan gives us an update on the creature lurking in his house, we listen back to Davina McCall’s classic Innuendo Bingo and Jordan’s here for the quiz.
15/08/2235m 10s

Newquay – The Final Day

It’s the last day at Newquay and Chris tries to trick the seagulls, Dean McCullough goes on the zip wire and Vicky Hawkesworth does her first ever Radio 1 DJ set.
11/08/2237m 57s

Scott and Chris' Sunset Chat

Scott and Chris' honest, no-filter love letter to Radio 1 and each other as co-hosts and friends. Recorded on Fistral Beach, Newquay, as the sun was setting, this special episode of the Scott Mills Daily contains strong language and adult themes. This is Scott & Chris speaking as we've never heard before.
11/08/2236m 57s

Brother or Lover - Cornwall Edition...

It's last day of term vibes on day 2 of the summer holiday. Scott & Chris have lined up Vicky Hawkesworth's first DJ gig in Newquay, and are ready to gift her the golden USB... Plus, the lads take on Cornwall with a round of Brother or Lover.
09/08/2234m 51s

Life's A Beach!

Live from Newquay, The Who Game returns and it's Band or Sand in the Quiz.
08/08/2238m 14s

Returning Rasputin, Suspicious Selfies, and Laughable Liquor

Throwbacks from Rasputin and a liquor shop. Plus a strange selfie set-up, and the quiz!
04/08/2223m 58s

The Last Ever Barryoke!

It's the final Barryoke, and there's a midweek boogie in Bambaleo!
03/08/2228m 36s

Acoustic Love Island Covers

Acoustic Love Island Covers form part of the quiz, and there's an edition of Sister Or Kisster. Plus, we hear from a listener planning to take the last show day off work...
02/08/2235m 39s

"He can literally pull off anything!"

Scott and Chris invite two Hollywood superstars for a game that's quite awkward to explain... There's more things you haven't heard for ages in the Whooo game, and it's all about video games on the quiz!
01/08/2235m 10s

The longest website in the world!

Pete Tong reads long websites and Chris drunk DM's!
28/07/2230m 29s

Made In Chelsea or Disney Prince

Made In Chelsea or Disney Prince in the quiz, brand new words and soggy T-shirts...
27/07/2233m 42s

What's a Poonami?

Do you know what a Poonami is? Producer Amy's on with the quiz, with a round all about the Love Island Talent Show... Plus, can the boys figure out if a pair of listeners are dating or just siblings in Brother or Lover? Oh, and Charlie Puth's been sliding into the DM's!
26/07/2232m 23s

Piece By Piece

Scott and Chris still rule the breakfast show roost as Greg tries desperately to collect the missing pieces of the Radio 1 Puzzle.

Scott & Chris – The Usurpers!

The boys have landed their dream job, new hosts of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show! But, Greg and the listeners have a mission to win it back.
20/07/2236m 57s

More! More! More!

Scott’s fiancé believes he started a chant at a Coldplay gig, so he thinks. Plus, Richard and Dan are on, but are they Brothers or Lovers? And Helena’s here with the quiz.
19/07/2236m 27s

The 2022 Official Chart Olympics

Scott goes head to head with Jack Saunders to find out who is King of The Charts. Plus, Chris has received an amazing message from Jedward and Betty Spaghetti! It’s the return of The Whooo Game.
18/07/2239m 4s

Another Rant

Our favourite singer is back for another BECKY HILL RANT!! Plus, Google have been snooping about and a golden moment with James the private investigator.
14/07/2228m 16s

The GT Returns

Everyone’s favourite granny (well apart from your own maybe) is back and the boys have to break the leaving news to her. Also, Chris has his eye on buying a sea fort and it’s time to celebrate the hump! It’s Bamboleo day.
13/07/2230m 32s

Like Pigs In…

Phew it’s hot! What are you sweating like? Also, Chris has a great idea for a date night gift, and Sarah and John are hear for Brother or Lover?
12/07/2232m 55s

Not Now Surely!

Where’s the worst place to break up a relationship? Is it right to have a pic of yourself as your screen-saver? Who’s got the best Whooo today? All will be revealed.
11/07/2234m 35s

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Do single people change their bed sheets less often than those in a relationship? Also, Troy from The Greeter’s Guild calls in with an amazing coincidence and a Mills golden moment remembers Superfan Steve vs Andy Murray
07/07/2232m 45s

The 72 Hour Rule

Scott has takes Drake’s advice with social media, Chris finds some behind the scenes footage of Scott doing the chart and Amy brings us a round of Paint Colour or Indie Band in the quiz.
06/07/2228m 54s

Replacement Service?

We spin the wheel to try and guess who will be the new presenters of the show, before the big reveal. Also, Charlie is here with Amy for Brother or Lover and our very own Amy brings some Accordion Covers in the quiz.
05/07/2233m 59s

Scott Mills Whooo??

The rather large elephant in the room is addressed, more of the strange things you imagine whilst trying to get to sleep and a round of Bard-core returns for the quiz.
04/07/2239m 21s

The Greeters Guild Welcomes You!

Troy Hawke from The Greeters Guild welcomes people into the BBC building, a golden moment of Becky Hill and Arielle Free helping Chris re-create a Love Island Scene in the BBC canteen and there’s a song that Scott just can’t eat to.
30/06/2220m 1s

Hail The King!

Rich the Service Station King is back but where is he? Plus, X Factor Auditions in the quiz and get ready to celebrate the hump – it’s Bamboleo day.
29/06/2231m 45s

Hot Jobs & Supernoodle Butties!

Go to first date meals, jobs that make you look hot and a new game of Brother Or Lover with James and Abbey.
28/06/2232m 52s

Glasto Top Trumps

Been hanging out backstage with Louis Tomlinson? Or around the loos with Sam Fender? Listeners try to out-trump each other with their Glastonbury stories. Also, Ice-bucket challenge is remembered in The Whooo Games and School Assembly classics comes up in the quiz.
27/06/2237m 9s

Will Smith, Margot Robbie and They're a Ten But...

Will Smith and Margot Robbie trade insults, they're a ten but, and Kids Bop in the Quiz!
23/06/2231m 35s

Library Tennis Returns

Library tennis returns, it's Bamboleo Wednesday and Aitch vs Shakespeare in the quiz!
22/06/2230m 27s

Brother or Lover

Surely, you've recreated the 'I'm on Top of the World' scene from Titanic?
21/06/2232m 53s

Iain Stirling…In The Box!

Love Island’s Iain Stirling plays Innuendo Bingo, more islands in the quiz with Amy and a classic game of Library Tennis comes up in the Mills Golden Moment.
16/06/2237m 26s

Tulisa – In The Box

Day 3 of an Innuendo Bingo fest brings us the one and only Tulisa – getting wet. Also, Rylan tells us something we didn’t know and a round of Dance Anthem Drops in the quiz.
15/06/2236m 3s

Aitch Innuendo Bingo

Aitch is here for day 2 of IB The Box! Also, has Scott been hanging around in his pants again? And more of your 7 year old made-up songs.
14/06/2232m 43s

Innuendo Bingo – The Box

It’s back and covid compliant. So we put Joel Corry in the Innuendo Bingo chair once again as we kick off a whole week of wetness. Also, The Whoo Game remembers slow worms and the quiz brings a round of International TV show Real or No Real.
13/06/2238m 31s

Now That’s What I Call…

New from L-Tel – all the hits of the 7 year olds. Who can forget such classics as Head Like A Washing Machine, The Creepy Scary Song, Toes In The Pan or even I Am Sad by the one and only Helena. Available now on one collector edition podcast!!
09/06/2229m 40s

Table For Mills Please!

Can’t get a table at your favourite restaurant? It’s easy – just say you’re Scott Mills. Also, a real life Doctor questions the safety of Innuendo Bingo and Helena brings us a round of Stunning Boys in the quiz.
08/06/2230m 32s

A Load Of Pants!

Joe Wicks calls in to justify his shortage of holiday pants, Amber and Tom keep us guessing in Brother or Lover? And Boomwacker covers are back in the quiz.
07/06/2234m 7s

The GT Vs Love Island

Granny Tinder is back to assess the new Love Island contestants, Amy brings a round of “Fruit or Root?” To the quiz and look out tweeps! The Whooo Game is here.
06/06/2233m 16s

Happy Plat Jubes Everybody!

Today’s show is all about the Queen. Chris is on the roof of Broadcasting House watching aeroplanes and Scott’s below, bringing some jubilee bangers.
02/06/2224m 0s

Full Brit On

The country is ramping up the Britishness ahead of the Plat Jubs and does anyone else but Her Majesty own a corgi? Also, team member, Josh has made a Big Weekend boo boo that’s keeping him awake at night – and it seems he’s not the only one.
01/06/2230m 23s

Ready for The Platty Jubes?

Scott doesn’t like the latest abbreviation for upcoming celebrations, Chris get’s stuck into a game of Locker Lottery and Amy brings the trickiest round of the quiz ever.
31/05/2231m 34s

Coventry, Coventry, Coventry!

All the fun of an amazing weekend including Tom Grennan riding Scott and Chris onto the Big Weekend Stage, a great Stark guide to Coventry and questions posed to George Ezra that he’s never answered before.
30/05/2219m 5s

It’s Coming!!

Scott and Chris are getting very excited for the Big Weekend in Coventry and have found a panto horse costume. Also, Alfie Templeman reviews his Live Lounge performance and we remember Library Tennis in our Mills Golden Moment.
26/05/2229m 18s

Giddy Up Coventry!

Scott and Chris have a unique idea to introduce Tom Grennan to Radio 1's Big Weekend stage, Jeremy Vine has bought Scott a new pair of trousers and Rapper Or Accountant returns for the quiz.
25/05/2230m 21s

Calvin‘s in Lady Herbert’s Garden!

The Big Weekend Rumour Mills are back, is Paddy Louis’s Brother or Lover? And We wonder what is in the old deejay lockers here at Radio 1.
24/05/2234m 22s

Happy Wife, Happy Life Lads!

Listener’s Amy and Joe have a Big Weekend dilemma, Chris has been leaving his pants lying around and remember ponchos? The Whooo Game is back.
23/05/2235m 12s

The Free Degrees

Don’t pay for uni and sweat for three years, do what Scott and Swifty have done, become famous and get the doctorates thrown at you. Also, is it wrong to dump someone at exam time and get your boomwwackers out! Amy’s here with the quiz.
19/05/2224m 36s

One Way PDAs

Are you neglected by your partner on Insta? If so, don’t worry we have Bamboleo to cheer you up and a round of Craft Beer or Lord Of The Rings character? in the quiz.
18/05/2224m 22s

Can I Milk It? Yes You Can…

Scott upsets cockroach fans around the world, Chris has been hanging out with The Queen (well, sort of) and Ryan and Grant are on, but are they Brothers or Lovers?
17/05/2231m 7s

Our Hero Of Eurovision Is Back!

What a weekend! An exhausted Scott chats to Sam Ryder about his spectacular achievement at the Eurovision final. Chris had a weekend dodging celery sticks and Amy is back for the quiz.
16/05/2232m 36s

Ryder on Cabello

Sam Ryder reacts to Camila Cabello reacting to him, The Stark Guide to Wolverhampton is our golden moment and a classic piece of literature provides the questions in the quiz.
05/05/2226m 8s

Cabello, Bamboleo & Farmer Maggot

Camila Cabello tells us what she thinks of Sam Ryder, it’s Bamboleo day (and Star Wars day -whooo) and a round of Craft Beer or Lord Of The Rings Character in the quiz.
04/05/2230m 17s

The Space Man High Note Challenge

Can you reach the dizzy heights of Sam Ryder’s high notes? Also, Scott wonders what actually goes on at the Met Gala and the U.K’s happiest person tries to win the chance to meet his heroes - Chris and Matt Edmondson.
03/05/2232m 38s


Scott shuts up people Lorde style, the good people of Stupid Street try to recognise Sam Ryder and Dicky from Dicky’s Dribble is back for our Golden Moment (cue big and elongated laugh).
21/04/2229m 26s

Not Here Surely!

What’s the worst place to break up with someone? We get your stories. Also, Scott is worried about appearing on The Wheel and Amy brings a Rapper or Accountant round in the quiz.
20/04/2230m 23s

Dove Cameron Reviews Herself

Dove is here to cast a critical ear over her Live Lounge performance, 1Xtra’s Remi Burgz plays Bangers and we wonder if Lewis is Ellie’s Brother or Lover.
19/04/2233m 49s

Glug Glug Glug Then Brush Brush Brush!

Tik Tok hacks – where would we be without them? Also, a trip back to Stupid Street is our Golden Moment and Vick and Jordan join us for the quiz.
14/04/2222m 34s

It’s Gloss Time Baby!

What time is it for you if you are newly single? Also, a final demand for the release of The Royal Pencil and Henry is back for probably the most ludicrous round in the quiz ever!
13/04/2240m 3s

Open Wide!

Scott and Chris get some weird vibes from their dentists, Henry Hoover’s on the quiz, and Dean and Luke are here, but, are they Brothers or Lovers?
12/04/2230m 9s

You Want It? We Have It!

Greg guessed right, Scott and Chris do have the Royal Pencil and waste no time in firing off their demands. Also, a woman who gets into trouble by NOT farting in front of her boyfriend and remember lady petrol??? The Whooo Game is back.
11/04/2233m 19s

Eurovision Mash Up

Sam Ryder is here to play Your Lyrics, Different Song and did the Iceland Phallological museum use his song for their hold music? Find out on this podcast.
07/04/2227m 36s

It’s All The Collabodrama Mick, I Just Love It!

More on the Tik Tok drama, it’s Bamboleo Wednesday so get ready to dance and brush up on your nursery rhymes in the Don’t Look It Up quiz.
06/04/2233m 12s

Enter The Dragon!

Listener Tom gives us the ultimate update on Chris’ latest obsession, Cal The Dragon on Tik Tok. Also, Paul and Mike are on but are they Brothers or Lovers? and if you want a case of Bad Woodwind, then listen to the quiz.
05/04/2237m 45s

You’re The Bun That I Want

John Travolta from the movies has been seen at the bakery aisle in a Norfolk supermarket, we have another Whooo Game and Pokémon or Prescription Medicine becomes Scott’s new favourite quiz round.
04/04/2233m 30s

A Cast For Votes

We need more support for our Eurovision entry – there’s only one place to call - The Iceland Phallological Museum of course! Also, Scott, Chris and Sam Ryder got excited by the Camilla Convoy and when Nicole met Eamonn Holmes is remembered in our Golden Moment.
31/03/2227m 25s

The G.T and Snoop Dogg Candles

Super Swiper Granny Tinder IS BACK! Also, is there anything Snoop Dogg doesn’t have as merch?
30/03/2235m 17s

Scott and Chris – 2 In A Million

There are a million reasons to listen to Radio 1 apparently and Vick Hope is here to name them all. Plus, mixed messages from your “wearable” and a game of Brother Or Lover with Ben and Katie.
29/03/2234m 57s

Whatever happens, DON’T Sing

Scott and Chris appear on one of Finland’s biggest radio shows to gain support for our Eurovision entry. However, as Sam Ryder was not available, Chris donned a wig and took his place. Surely they can’t fall for that can they? Also, It’s Scott’s birthday and Chris has bought him some interesting Danish sweets and Charlie Hedges joins us for The Whooo Game.
28/03/2234m 37s

“We Call It The Pinch”

An old Apple launch gets Chris wondering if we take our phones for granted, Scott wonders what jobs add a few points to your “hot” rating and we all try and cheer up moody Gavin with a Happy Mix.
24/03/2231m 55s

It’s Bamboleo Time!!

Ben has a ginger beard! Sounds like he’ll go far. But how far? Find out in Hook Up Higher or Lower? Also, can Gavin (our most miserable listener) be cheered up with a happy mix and Does this animal burp? Quiz time.
23/03/2236m 12s

Putting A Show On!

Listened Connie says dating a deejay is like dating a stripper. We call Scott’s boyfriend to find out. Also, Gina & Tiff play Sister or Kissed Her? And Chris has come in dressed as another app.
22/03/2235m 17s

Cringe Ahoy!

He’s back! Superfan Steve, the most annoying man, goes up against Supercoach Joe Wicks, the most patient. Also, Chris has turned up in a BBC Sounds outfit and it’s time for The Whooo Game – Coolio!
21/03/2236m 51s

Every Vote Counts

Scott calls Sweden in an effort to drum up support for Sam Ryder’s Eurovision entry, we remember when Superfan Steve went up against David Guetta and Amy has a Bad Karaoke round in the quiz.
17/03/2232m 39s

Becky Rants!

Becky Hill is playing Big Weekend and Scott breathes a sigh of relief. Then she comes on for another classic rant. Also, it’s Bamboleo day and “Dead Salmon!” Is it Paint or an Indie Band? Find out in the quiz.
16/03/2228m 20s

Sniff One Ball and Never Go Back!

Chris shows Scott his latest hobby and yes, it’s a bit weird! Also, many a food stuff crops up in The Whooo Game and Scott bets a year’s wages on the Big Weekend line up.
15/03/2230m 56s

I Hope He Smells…

Our Eurovision entry Sam Ryder is here and sings your comments. Also, remember when Zayne Malik used to make you cry?
10/03/2232m 17s

Nice Outfit Rihanna!

Scott has discovered an Instagram hack that will ruin your day, it’s Bamboleo day, Yay! What’s hyperpop? Find out in the quiz.
09/03/2232m 10s

The Ghosts Of Radio 1 Past

Chris is obsessed with his Ghostfinder app and tries it out in the studio. Also,should he have bought flowers for his wife for International Women’s Day? Scott calls her to find out and Luke and Tony are on… but are they Brothers or overs?
08/03/2231m 54s

The Home Of Eurovision?

Scott wants the U.K to rally together to make the ultimate Eurovision Song entry. It's going to have to be good as Tiramisu and Meghan Markle’s hair are some of the subjects of the competitors. Also, The Whooo Game brings some more “blasts from the pasts” and producer Amy is back for the quiz, after a very unusual holiday.
07/03/2233m 23s

He Rows and He Rows…

Real life Becky Hill is here to serenade Jordan as he continues his rowing challenge and we revisit the time Chris did his “Fake Boyfriend” service in a Mills Golden Moment.
03/03/2230m 37s

Riverside. Let’s Go!

Poor old Jordan is hurting all over but still treats us to a round of Bangers and Katie Thistleton joins us for the quiz.
02/03/2227m 45s

Soon may the Rowerman come!

Scott & Chris devise a sea shanty to cheer up Jordan North as he gets tugged in a tunnel, as part of his Comic Relief Challenge. Plus, Katie Thistleton plays the quiz.
01/03/2233m 9s

We’ve Started So We’ll Finish!

Snoochie Shy has the ultimate answer to every Mastermind question, Jordan North takes a break during his row from London to Burnley for Comic Relief to play the quiz and remember James Bay’s hat? The Whooo Game is on!
28/02/2229m 19s

Very Good Very Niceeee!

Scott & Chris finally manage to track down one of the biggest stars on TikTok, the lads dig through the archive for a Golden Moment, and it's bad woodwind covers in the quiz.
17/02/2222m 10s

Hand Fans & Spray Cans

Chris wants to be given an official role at Scott’s wedding, and Hook-up Higher or Lower returns with listener Racheal's WILD story about Banksy - at least we think it's him?
16/02/2233m 12s

Beware Of The Sea Men!

Can the team work out if listeners Dan & Tom from Portsmouth are Brothers or Lovers?
15/02/2225m 59s

Hairy Gardeners & Lesbian Vampires

Which way is Granny Tinder swiping for green fingered Sam? Plus, the Whoooo game!
14/02/2233m 43s

“One Sticky Willy Please”

Chris calls a florist for Valentine’s day but some of the flowers that Scott suggests are a bit suspect to say the least. Also, Scott is getting excited about Eurovision early and loves Moldova and a Golden Moment remembers the Fanny Fudge guest house.
10/02/2229m 13s

All Hail the King!

The Service Station King is back! But, where is he? Plus, Scott & Chris are thrilled at their besty Becky Hill winning a Brit and Amy presents some Kazoo covers in the quiz.
09/02/2233m 16s

“It’s Just A Tomato, Darling!”

Chris calls Amy’s favourite restaurant and pretends to not know what a tomato is. Jimmy the Italian is “totally Shocked”. Also, Katie and Tom play Brother or Lover? And we remember when Chris embarrassed Scott on the tube whilst on the way to the Brits.
08/02/2233m 18s

Empty Mugs and Coconuts

What annoys you in film and T.V? Sound FX maybe? Also, Connell's Chain - Whooo!! Your favourite Monday game is aback and despite the new shorts, Chris’ running dilemmas continue.
07/02/2230m 29s

I Wasn’t Looking For Love Until…

More unusual places you found love, a look back at Chris’s hilarious guide to Krakow and producer Amy comes to the rescue for his chafed bits. Oh and did we mention that we are the Greatest Show? – It’s official dontcha know?
03/02/2234m 16s

Chub Rub & Nipple Stickers

Chris has taken up running but wasn’t prepared for its many pitfalls. Also, many miles are racked up in Hook-up Higher or Lower? and Amy has a round of Can You Milk It? in the quiz.
02/02/2235m 24s

Lingerie Shopping With Cheryl Hole

To celebrate BBC Three coming back to our screens Drag Race’s Cheryl Hole helps Chris choose a Valentine gift and Frances and Mark are here to play Brother or Lover?
01/02/2235m 2s

Mars Without Shades

A photo round in a quiz mistakes Scott for Bruno Mars (what??) Ever linked up from Linked In? – more unconventional online places you’ve found love and boulder holders and eggy bread…it’s Monday’s Whooo Game.
31/01/2230m 56s

We Don’t Sell Nozzles!!

Chris (under Scott’s guidance) calls a lingerie shop for Valentine’s day – Cringe Alert!! Also, the boys hunt for Ms. Sue Perb, play a golden Innuendo Bingo moment and run the risk of being sacked by extending Down Under.
27/01/2234m 9s

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

It might be Bamboleo Day for us but it’s Australia day for our cousins down under, so Amy gets a Wiggle on for the quiz. Also, many more miles are racked up in Hook-up Higher or Lower?
26/01/2238m 25s

A Question Of Sport

Amy questions Chris’s Watford’s management – then Chris questions hers! Bring in Deborah Meaden maybe? Also, is Rob Kerry’s Brother or Lover? and a Gemma Collins or Philosopher round in the quiz.
25/01/2232m 17s

The Return Of The G.T

Granny Tinder is back with some advice on restaurant ghosting, Chris is WFH so has fired up the barbie, and Scott got told off at the gym.
24/01/2236m 55s

Bad Woodwind, Hastings and The Gram!

Poor Chris got the dreaded double line, Scott wonders if any of you have you found love via a DM slide on Instagram and 1Xtra’s Reece Parkinson is here to play the quiz.
20/01/2229m 0s

A Nude Alan Carr Painting Maybe?

An amazing prize for tomorrow’s Jan Slam winner creates some confusion. Plus, it’s Hook-up Higher or Lower and Bamboleo day.
19/01/2235m 48s

Redemption Tone From A C66

Francis The Train Guy is back with a tribute song for Class 456, it’s happy gotcha day for Scott’s dog and tonight’s cancelled Watford v Burnley game is battled out between Chris and Jordan North in the quiz.
18/01/2230m 31s

Jordan North & Famous Siblings

Scott and Chris Meet Becky Hill's Brother and Jornan North joins the Whooo Game!
17/01/2224m 29s

Jordan Gets Relegated

Scott has a new favourite TV show so has revised his top 5 favourite people list. Listener Lorna has too and Jordan North is not happy. Also, did Chris get a Royal Emogi sent to him?
12/01/2234m 42s

Scott The Anti-Rex-er

The quiz reveals Scott to be a dinosaur sceptic, Zoe & James play Brother or Lover and a Latino who smells of horses? or a small ginger lawyer maybe? – what is “a bit of you”?
11/01/2233m 48s

I’d Like To Go Clutch-less Please!

Scott is curious about clutch-less driving, Chris is aiming to be Golden Bowls by the time he is 70, listener Josh starts another game of Hook-up Higher or Lower? And Tiny Crisp Packets???Whooo!
10/01/2233m 51s

Celebrity Bother Or Lover

Ant & Dec are here to decide whether Jacob is Abbey’s Brother or Lover. Also, listeners who find the most basic life skills difficult and..Are You A Buffet Slayer?- listeners who have out-stayed their welcome in an “all you can eat” restaurant.
07/01/2232m 19s

Are You Worried About Soggy Chicken Balls?

Listener Declan has a food question to Ask The Nation, brothers and sisters of the famouses get their shout and Oi Oi! More phrases you claim to have invented.
06/01/2229m 34s

Not To Be Sniffed At (Or Eaten)

Does the whiff of a two stroke remind you of an ex? Have you nibbled on something you shouldn’t have? or did you invent something that became massive? Also, Scott and Chris are finding the early mornings hard and are not showering – thank God for social distancing!
05/01/2247m 37s

The Smell Of An Ex

Scott and Chris sit in for Greg James who by his own admission is being a “lazy toad”. It’s like the Scott Mills Show but at breakfast…or is it like the breakfast show but with Scott and Chris?...or is it a bit of each?...mmm…anyway, Loner Dan stops milking his cows for a moment to play the quiz and 220 Kid calls in with a smelly dilemma.
04/01/2230m 52s

Prezzie Time!

It's time to exchange gifts and Scott gets a real buzz out of his. Also, we hear a classic Tap End episode of Christmas in Watford and Racehorse or Racy Novel? appears in the last quiz of the year.
23/12/2128m 33s

The Long Goodbye

Granny Tinder is back and on this podcast only – the extended edition. Also, festive Bangers, festive Bamboleo and another door opens on The Whooovent Calendar.
22/12/2140m 34s

A Christmas Becky Hill Rant

Our favourite pop star and super ranter Becky Hill is back. A festive twist as Brother Or Lover? becomes Mother Or Lover? and Chris gets an early Christmas present in the form of Danny Mainus.
21/12/2129m 55s

It’s Dial-A-Carol Time!

Friend of the show, impressionist Luke Kempner as back to call our favourite Carol service, the last Whooo Game of the year is a festive one and DJ Majestic has sent use a Christmas remix, but should we send it back?
20/12/2127m 59s

When Lewis Capaldi Did Christmas

Scott is amazed at the expanding mileage in Hook-up Higher or Lower?, we remember when Lewis Capaldi came in at Christmas and we find out what’s under door 16 of the Whoovent Calendar.
16/12/2135m 26s

Introducing Radio 1’s Pop 101 with Scott Mills

A new Scott Mills podcast for you to listen to! From Taylor swift’s mixtape to Sam Fender’s beer pump, Scott Mills goes deep on the unexpected objects that made the Radio 1 playlist look the way it does today. First up is a sneak peek into how a futon set Billie Eilish on a path to stardom… Want to hear more? Listen to Pop 101 on BBC Sounds now.
16/12/2117m 54s

The Scrooge Scale

We hear from the Christmas haters, Scott is still haunted by the ghost of Michael Finnegan and (as Chris is off) Vick & Jordan join us for the quiz.
15/12/2124m 30s

With A Chance Of Meatballs

Chris calls the meatball guy to find out where his extra ball is, Scott has developed an aversion to tinsel, and Sophie and Tully play Brother or Lover.
14/12/2132m 14s

Not a week and a day but…

…Magnus Carlsson gets a spin (whoo) anyway, yay! Christmas has definitely arrived. Also, it’s Meatball Monday again at Chris’s favourite café but is his theory about the flirtatious server real? Will he get an extra ball today? Find out only on this podcast.
13/12/2129m 32s

Do You Have “One In The Bun”?

Scott & Chris play a new game involving filthy books. A classic Mills Golden moment remembers Dial-A-Carol and Sarah Story brings a dance inspired quiz.
09/12/2125m 52s

The Service Station King Is Back!

It’s one of the most exciting games to ever hit the U.K – Where is the S.S. King? Also, another door opens on the Whoovent Calendar and a Bangers selection that has the nation in tears.
08/12/2127m 37s

Can You Concentrate Please?

Scott's had a scary experience at the barbers, Hailey and Owen play Brother or Lover? And a round of Operatic Hip-Hip makes an appearance in the quiz.
07/12/2127m 19s

Meatball Monday

Chris got an extra meatball today from is favourite café and wonders if there’s anything in it. Also, callers try to beat the Bosun in Hook-up Higher or Lower? and remember Dominic The Donkey? The Whooo Game is back.
06/12/2135m 23s

“There’s No Such Thing As A V-String”

CRINGE ALERT! - Scott tasks Chris to order some women’s lingerie. CRINGE ALERT! - a look back at a Where Do You Think They Were involving a horn blower – CRINGE ALERT! - Last Christmas covers on the quiz.
02/12/2131m 37s

The Whoovent Calendar is back!

It’s that time of year again, but what’s behind door one of The Whoovent Calendar? Also, "is that it??" - more underwhelming landmarks and a round of Did Chris Really Tweet This? in the quiz.
01/12/2132m 3s

BVs 10 – Dave Bayley 5

Dave from Glass Animals reviews his own Live Lounge but is very harsh on himself, a machine at the Radio 1 reception thinks Chris is really hot and there’s a problem with the upcoming Magnus Carlsson day.
30/11/2134m 18s

“Would you holiday in Wolverhampton?”

One of the longest journeys ever comes up in Hook-up Higher Or Lower? An unexpected eggy brainteaser unexpectedly opens the show and has Chris upset some Highlanders in The Whoo Game?
29/11/2136m 40s

TV Cheats Beware!

The Big Wheel Of Punishment is rolled out again for Bea, who’s been cheated on by her own mother. Also, some Scott Mills gold with Cheryl vs Superfan Steve and a round of Christmas movie plots in the quiz.
25/11/2128m 13s

Not Illegal – But Not Right!

Eating pizza crusts first or ordering a glass of milk in a pub? – should these people be arrested? Also, Scott gets excited by a round of Mastermind and angry at a song intro (yes- that one again!)
24/11/2137m 58s

Brother, Lover, Mother Or Other

Katie and Andrew are on to play Brother or Lover?, Chris comes up with an idea for a twist on the game and Scott’s dog is getting way too frisky. What should he do?
23/11/2128m 29s

On The Bauble!

Chris got so excited at the football over the weekend that he had trouble with his baubles, team member Zofia kicks off another game of Hook-up Higher Or Lower? And remember Funny Bones? The Whooo Game is back.
22/11/2130m 41s

Becky Hill Rants!

Becky is a singer who’s never afraid to speak her mind and on today’s show – SHE GOES OFF ON ONE!! Wow. Plus, we get a golden moment from Lewis Capaldi.
18/11/2128m 49s

The Big Wheel Of Punishment

What should happen if your other half sneakily skips ahead on a TV series you are supposed to be watching together? You have to face the big wheel of punishment- that’s what! As Phoebe’s fella Luke finds out.
17/11/2135m 30s

Sent To Coventry?

So Big Weekend is coming to Coventry, but what have you lot been getting up to there? Also, Kylie and Ashley are on for Brother or Lover? And listener Ben comes back to explain Duck Duck Goose to Scott.
16/11/2134m 3s

Camel Milk Latte Anyone?

Scott has been travelling to places with an unusual taste in coffee. Also, remember “I’m in my mum’s car brum brum”? We track down the star in Memes Where Are They Now? And Brian Badonde whoooooo? - The Whoo Game is back!
15/11/2132m 45s

Slide On In

Jay-Z joined Instagram (Yay-Z) Then deleted it straight after (Doh-Z). Also Celebrity DM Slides and a golden moment with Chris’s Guide to Cardiff.
04/11/2125m 31s

Do You Have Boxsetiquette?

What should the punishment be if someone you are watching a TV series with, skips ahead without you? Also, U.S listener Emily loves Bamboleo – which is good, cos Bamboleo day today innit!
03/11/2135m 2s

Stark Meets Stark

Crazy scenes at COP26 and it seems there’s another Chris Stark who is a BIG deal. Also, Matt and Louise are on, but is Matt a Brother or Lover?
02/11/2131m 47s

Our Obsession Becomes Your Obsession!

Chris seems to be an influencer in Wisconsin USA, someone’s blown the cobwebs from Mariah and fancy a game of Mousetrap anybody?? The Whoo Game is back.
01/11/2128m 35s

Francis the Train Guy

Francis the Train Guy stops by the show, it's a spooky Quiz and Montero for Kids!
28/10/2135m 6s

Service Stations and Bamboleo

Scott & Chris go in search of Rich the Service Station King plus it's Bamboleo Wednesday!
27/10/2132m 1s

Chris Plans Scott's Stag Do

Scott got engaged last weekend so Chris plans the stag do inviting everyone and there is another round of Brother or Lover.
26/10/2127m 35s

Pub Quiz Cheaters

Scott unmasks a Pub Quiz cheating scandal, and has an extra-spooky Whoo Game!
26/10/2117m 15s

Adele’s Alt Album

Scott has news on a special Adele album, never heard before! Also Chris’s Strokes pic spikes the socials and Thrash Metal cover version on the quiz.
21/10/2128m 51s

We Demand The Cheek!

Listeners demand to see Chris’ album replication and more outrageous celeb riders - but which one was from Radio 1’s Jordan North?
20/10/2133m 59s

Topless Bananas and a Bag of Percy Pigs

220 Kid calls in to discuss his (and others’) strange riders at gigs. Also James and George are on – but are they Brothers or Lovers? and Chris is top of his Fantasy Football league, so has to do a strange task that ends up with him and Scott hanging out in the toilet together.
19/10/2138m 5s

Scott Can Make You Younger!

Scott develops a magic power to shave 3 years off your life and Memes: Where Are They Now? brings no other than BLINKING GUY!!
19/10/2136m 40s

Fruit Or Root?

A notorious Quiz round returns... plus there's a Golden Moment from Bryan Cranston.
14/10/2121m 37s

Chewing and Grabbing The Fat

Chris has been on a bar crawl with some fans and Scott thinks it’s odd. Also, it’s Bamboleo Wednesday and Chris Martin makes an unexpected appearance and grabs Scott’s fat.
13/10/2127m 0s

The Board of Shame

Chris tries to help out a fellow citizen in distress, a round of Celebrity Real Names in the quiz and Rory and Charlotte are on. But, is Rory a Brother or Lover?
12/10/2131m 34s

McStark Act 2021

Still reeling after being mis-led by an illuminated restaurant sign, a hungry Chris demands a change in the law. Also… Orgasmatrons – Whoooo? and did Aunt Bessie really exist?
11/10/2127m 3s

Heads Down Thumbs Up

Listener Ben tries to explain an old school game but just makes it more confusing. Also, remember when Chris met Mila Kunis and Jade from Little Mix brings us a Little Mix special in the quiz.
07/10/2126m 35s

50 Shades of Neigh?

What if Squid Game was in the UK? What old games would you bring in? Also, it’s Bamboleo Wednesday and Racehorse or Racy Novel comes up in the quiz.
06/10/2124m 26s

Sister or Kissed Her?

Liv & Lola are on, but are they Sisters…or something more? Also, a Cristiano Ronaldo Real Or No Real special pops up in the quiz.
05/10/2128m 4s


The world’s been flooded with the number 30. It’s on road signs and birthday cards and door numbers. Could it be Adele?? Also, Chris contemplates doing the London Marathon for all of 30 seconds – weird!
04/10/2132m 2s

Hook-up Higher or Lower

Chris has a new go to banger for the club, How far would you travel for a hook-up? Bodrum maybe? and oompah band covers comes up in the quiz.
30/09/2135m 19s

Out with Daniel & Craig

It seems the whole world was at the Bond premiere last night…or were they? Plus, its Bamboleo and chaos reigns in the quiz.
29/09/2128m 39s

Go Mimi!

Mimi Webb reviews her Live Lounge Performance and really gets into it! Also, Chris has made an awful fuel song and Andy and Beth are on, but is Andy Beth’s Brother or Lover?
28/09/2137m 39s

Memes: Where Are They Now?

Remember Blinking Guy or Bored Clubber? We try to track down some old overnight sensations. Also, Chris discovers he is too old to do an armpit fart in The Whoo Game and Scott apologises to all who got run over by his mum.
27/09/2132m 47s

Hook-up Higher Or Lower

Scott has devised a new game and has found a new Christmas song. Plus, Vick Hope and Jordan North host the quiz.
23/09/2128m 25s

Where is Rich the service station king?

A new game sweeps the nation. Also, It’s Bamboleo Weds and we have an Everyday Noise round in the quiz.
22/09/2131m 1s

No More Kebab And A Hat!

Listener Will has some devastating news about an iconic Lincoln landmark.
20/09/2130m 42s

Rag N Bone N Chloe N Steve

Rag N Bone Man reviews his Live Lounge performance, Chloe Burrows from Love Island hosts the quiz and we remember when Rebel Wilson met Superfan Steve.
16/09/2135m 50s

No To The V!

Scott has a problem with the way Shawn Mendes dresses, more of your freshers tips and do you ever make up backstories for people you have never met? Just to pass the time?
15/09/2128m 39s

The Bridge Saga Continues

Scott’s still worried about his bridge so we contact a motorway services enthusiast. Also Jody and Ben are on – but is Ben a Lover or Brother?
14/09/2136m 20s

A Bridge Too Far?

Scott is a bit peeved that no-one knows about his bridge on the M3. Also, “Excuse me, I’m a Watford Fan” - now that work places are getting busier, what excuses are good for jumping the queue to the lift.
13/09/2131m 26s

Sold Out!

Beth made boob on TikTok, Conor got fired ‘cos of Peter Crouch and remember when Davina played Innuendo Bingo?
09/09/2131m 25s

She's NOT The One!

Adam from Married at First Sight calls in and has had a total mare on the show. Also have you ever expercienced tears of embarrasmment? and we give all the young farmers, out harvesting, a little treat.
08/09/2132m 33s

What On Earth Are You Talking About?

Did you make up a special language at school, that only you and your friends could understand? Well, stop now – it’s annoying!! Also, are Sophie and Rob Brothers or Lovers?
07/09/2133m 40s

Harvest Samba

It’s the first show in the 1pm to 3:30pm slot and how well will the boys do in the quiz that's about old presenter tweets and school anthems? Plus a whoo game that might get them cancelled and in a major breakthrough, Radio 1 is now on Whatsapp!
06/09/2129m 32s

The End Of An Era

It’s the last show of the iconic 2 ‘til 6 slot and the stars line up to pay tribute (Don’t worry – back at 1PM on Monday) Also, if the worst came to the worst - what do you need your friend to get rid of? And, Fancy watching some hoof trimming? – more of your Youtube holes.
02/09/2137m 7s

Watching People Eating

What are your specialist searches on the internet? More lyrics that NEVER happened and Granny Tinder is back and she is ruthless.
01/09/2147m 28s

Sam Fender & Sister or Kissed Her?

Sam Fender answers your questions, brother or Lover? becomes Sister or Kissed Her? And we find those with a special knach for impressing parents.
26/08/2145m 1s

If Kanye Kan You Kan!

Fancy a re-brand? Kanye-style? Seems some of you do. Also, The GT is back picking a date for her granddaughter and a 13 year old listener guides us through the Track Of The Week.
25/08/2147m 22s

Steve Vs. Charli XCX

Steve Vs. Charli XCX Superfan Steve is back!! Plus, it’s Brother or Lover time and what’s Tom Cruise been up to in Birmingham?
24/08/2145m 29s

The Final Party

It’s the final of Love Island, but does that warrant a party? The Whoo Game is back and Chris has a look-a-like in a new TV drama.
23/08/2140m 43s

Beware of Magicians

More Professions to be wary of when dating, Joel Corry calls us to share some of his Insta DMs and it’s the return of Brother or Lover?
19/08/2142m 54s

This Little Piggy…

Listener Vicky has got herself an unfortunate reputation involving toes, Chris offers a “Fake Boyfriend” service and we meet Hannah – The Time Lord.
18/08/2142m 13s

Have You…

…used a Shouse lately? Bought a Vaggis? Or maybe spotted a Chaccaron? And is Josh Emma’s Brother or Lover?
17/08/2143m 11s

You Did What??

Another listener attempts to upgrade to the show's first class premier status, it's another round of Bard-core on the quiz and does Chris need to apologise for something he did at a holiday park?
16/08/2138m 11s

Family Festivals

Do you make a list of ways to persuade a loved one to your way of thinking? It seems many of you do. Also, are you the Michael Eavis of your family? And Grimmy joins for a quiz which, is all about himself.
05/08/2136m 39s

Are Garden Centres The New Department Stores?

Granny Tinder swipes left or right, plus can you have beers in a garden centre? And we celebrate Clara Amfo's time hosting the Live Lounge.
04/08/2140m 35s

Can an Octopus fart?

It's time for a huge social experiment, what body part can you grow? Plus we find out which animals can and can't fart in the quiz.
03/08/2126m 14s

Wish Your Way To Bigger Feet

Can you wish your way to bigger feet? Chris has a theory you can. Plus all your favourite retro things in The Who Game.
02/08/2132m 11s

Olympic Tinder

Olympic Tinder, the GC and Anniuendo Bingo
29/07/2132m 34s

Granny Tinder Returns

Granny Tinder returns plus It's Bomboleo Wednesday
28/07/2134m 35s

Sis or Kiss

It's Brother or Lover, BUT there's a twist! Plus how did Holly's date options go and nursery rhymes are back for the quiz!
27/07/2135m 14s

Let the music play!

Stop ruining songs by turning them off halfway through. Plus your new favourite Who Gamer, Aaron!
26/07/2127m 36s

Scott's having a party and Chris isn't invited...

Scott's having a party and Chris is having a rally with Animal Tennis...
22/07/2133m 33s

Chris is convinced he can break Greg out of a campervan

Can Scott and Chris break Greg James out of his Campervan? Plus is some funny Latin names for plants is on the quiz.
21/07/2134m 41s

Radio 1's Summer Breakout Fun

Can Greg James work out the clues and get out of an escape room on wheels? Plus we've got famous quotes, but were they said by a Love Islander or Philosopher?
20/07/2131m 43s

Can you explain a pop song in 10 seconds?

Scott says he can summarise the plot of pop songs in 10 seconds, Chris wants to test him. Plus the Who Game returns and what is your local nudist beach called?
19/07/2131m 12s

Brother or Lover? Returns

Taylor and Jack are here, Jack a Brother or Lover? Also, Greg Jordan and Vic get excited about their Summer Break and more secrets of Radio are ruined for good.
15/07/2137m 42s

The Real Reason You Need To Floss

Chris has been to the dentist and been shamed about flossing, plus the guys reveal some secrets of the radio.
14/07/2135m 56s

Chris Ruins The Magic of Radio

Chris reveals something he shouldn't plus Charlotte wants to become a premium listener and are these podcasts real in the quiz.
13/07/2132m 0s

The Whooo Game

Scott and Chris have another round of The Who Game plus we have a game of Animal Tennis to lift the spirits and we've found some classic Live Lounges for the quiz.
12/07/2128m 17s

Animal Tennis Returns

What would it sound like if animals played tennis against actual pro tennis players? Plus listener Will had a big night, how will his voice hold up singing high songs?
08/07/2129m 31s

Help! I’m dating more than one person

Granny Tinder offers some dating advice and swipes left or right on potential dates, Bamboleo Wednesday is also on and we hear some amazing commentators in the quiz.
07/07/2138m 44s

A Sausage In The Pasta

There are some things Italians just won’t do and ahead of a massive semi final football match, now is not the time to tease one. Only – Scott and Chris didn’t seem to get the memo!
06/07/2127m 48s

I’ll B The Fo Yo!

We find out if Channel 5 are speeding up Friends and The Who Game returns!
05/07/2131m 23s

Will's Last Day plus Where Do You Think They Were?

The UK's only conception feature returns plus the Production GOAT Will is leaving the show so there are some emotional tributes Long
01/07/2139m 12s

A Very Generous Granny Tinder

Scott and Chris share your awkward, outrageous and often unacceptable stories off the back of their Radio 1 show. This is the podcast home to Innuendo Bingo, Superfan Steve and The Whooo Game, plus every Friday, in an exclusive for BBC Sounds, the boys go back through the archives to relive some of their funniest moments.
30/06/2140m 33s

Your Manager is a Finger Sniffer

Scott's appeared on German Radio 1 to talk football plus Chris thinks he might take up trainspotting after a HONK FOR ME video
29/06/2136m 32s

That's why Scott goes to Iceland

Scott's been invited on German Radio 1 ahead of tomorrow's game plus Scott's had a jab at Iceland and there's a game of Brother or Lover?
28/06/2136m 56s

Is Jack Saunders a Cover Star?

Is Radio 1s Jack Saunders appearing on the cover of number plate magazine? Plus, Granny Tinder has made time in her diary to review some more potential boys for her Granddaughter.
24/06/2135m 24s

Granny Tinder pies us off

The GT has a residents tea party so cancels on Scott and Chris, plus stories of relationships going right and wrong in Lockdown
23/06/2134m 31s

The Muscular Arms

Scott's obsessed with a pub name, Griff reviews her Live Lounge and more of the show in 1.5x for those of you on the move
22/06/2132m 39s

Radio 1.5x

Do we sound better sped up like a Whatsapp message? Listener Scarlett's had some 'Late Night Feelings' from an Ex plus there's finish the Love Island quotes in the quiz
21/06/2134m 42s

Thank You Mr Jones

It's feel good. Pupils thank teachers, there are pirates on the quiz and Chris is distracted by North Macedonia vs Ukraine
17/06/2132m 30s

Granny Tinder and how to WFG

Granny Tinder rates some more potential matches for her grandson, plus our bangers caller gives us top tips for WFG (Working from Garden)
16/06/2133m 6s

Lauren's Suitcase Suprise

Lauren's left some interesting items in a suitcase that her Bf's parents have borrowed, plus the return of Rapper or Accountant on the quiz
15/06/2131m 57s

A Lot of Bullocks

Listener Robin has an usual job date matching cows and bullocks so she sends us her "Cattlelog" Also, Haven’t heard about it or them in ages? Scott and Chris ‘Whoo’ it!
14/06/2131m 29s

This Little Piggy...

Jura and Aaron play Brother or Lover - but can you work it out? Plus Chris takes Scott's little piggies to market and there are some bad flute covers in the quiz.
10/06/2134m 14s

Granny Tinder's had a busy day

Granny T's been having a busy day and her SatNav isn't helping things. Plus complete the nursery rhymes in the quiz and we're off to Penzance for Bangers.
09/06/2135m 44s

Trumpets, Bargains and Shreddies

It's Tuesday so it's time to blow your own trumpets, we speak to listeners who love a bargain and a Shredded Songs makes it's debut in the quiz.
08/06/2132m 11s

You Too Could Be A Show VIP!

Laura attempts to become a show VIP with her story about how she nearly got arrested., plus all the ladies are on for The Who Game.
07/06/2135m 54s

Darren's BLT Wax

Darren (not real name) applies to be a Premium Listener with a very painful story, plus is Scott really getting a gold statue in his hometown of Eastleigh?
03/06/2136m 54s

Granny Tinder's Fitness Podcast?

Should it be called 'OA-PE' or 'Only Grans' plus some awful woodwind covers on the quiz.
02/06/2135m 52s

Rob's got a Job plus an Easy Life Live Lounge Review

Rob comes on to Blow His Own Trumpet plus there's a lot of Glock on the Quiz and Easy Life review their Live Lounge performance.
01/06/2129m 23s

Don't Mention The Award

The team's won an award, but don't want it mentioned, and Chris has had the jab and it may well have given him a superpower
27/05/2132m 23s

Granny Tinder's back! But in a rush

Lynette has to cut short rating boys for her granddaughter because of a hearing test, There's a big weekend Maya Jama rumour in Real or No Real and we're off to Crieff for Bangers
26/05/2137m 18s

By My Troth it's a Podcast

The boys go full Henry VIII trying to guess listeners medieval jobs, plus in the quiz 'do dogs have eyebrows?'
25/05/2136m 35s

The Boys Are Back!

Are Medieval Jobs still on? Can James Newman score more on the quiz than in Eurovision? And can Scott run down the Premier League like it's the Official Chart?
24/05/2130m 15s

To hug or not to hug?

Scott & Chris debate if they actually would hug again when they can, plus is Rasputin on, and if so will they really get a 4 show suspension?
14/05/2124m 21s

Don't forget 'Stay Away from them Bad Boys'

Granny Tinder loves a sailor, plus Scott's Hollyoaks Cameo revisited and again more calls for a Rasputin marathon.
12/05/2135m 22s

And it was all Yellow... Rain

Turns out people do throw cups of wee at Coldplay gigs plus Real or No Real in the Quiz
11/05/2129m 10s

Dadi Issues

Scott has some Dadi issues with Eurovision contestant - Dadi Freyr, plus what would you take a pint of to the face for?
10/05/2134m 23s

Turns out Rasputin is Extra Long

Scott justifies his free degree, Lorna's got a crush on the internet man and we go Ra Ra
06/05/2129m 54s

Granny Tinder, a freelance Shepard and Naked Attraction

Listener Reanna reviews the guys audio description for last night's Naked Attraction, plus Ra Ra Rasputin the mad monk features heavily in the pod and there's a celebrity profile in Granny Tinder
05/05/2143m 13s

Don't Say Wet Wound

Scott can't handle a listener's injury plus what if the Premier League table was read like The Official Chart, and there are more Naked Attraction recording bloopers from the guys
04/05/2129m 20s

Is Matt Edmondson the thief?

The boys call in help from AC 12 to track down who stole the 'Live Laugh Love' sign from the Radio 1 toilet, plus there's more bloopers from our Nation Attraction audio description
29/04/2132m 47s

A Naked Announcement

There's been a theft at Radio 1, the boys have an announcement about Naked Attraction, plus there's some Glockenspiel YouTube covers in the Quiz
27/04/2133m 18s

Time To Pull The Pints!

We go live around the Nation as first pints in many a pub are pulled. Also, Chris is in a buoyant mood cos of Watford being promoted and did you have badges on your swimming costume?
26/04/2130m 14s

Ode To The Pub

As Scotland and Wales get to return to their favourite haunts, Chris inspires us all with a poem to get many a tear rolling. Also, it’s the launch of Radio 1 Relax so Scott practises his Chill voice and a round of MMA fighter or cocktail features in the quiz.
22/04/2124m 54s

The GT - Not The GC!

Granny Tinder has her eye on Ryan Gosling but he’s probably already been “snapped up” Also, Chris wants to know the rules on jumping in ponds and do you know what Bumerangs and Jerkers are? Find out in the quiz.
21/04/2138m 44s

Annie’s Summer Holiday

Annie Mac is going to be allowed to get muddy and be ridden around a field. Also, we blow some trumpets for a spud cropper and guess the Metal covers in the quiz.
20/04/2125m 47s

Dua Lipa Live Lounge Review

Dua Lipa listens back to her Live Lounge Performance, Scott seems to have a problem with Greta Thunberg, Grimmy joins us for the quiz and remember The Mannequin Challenge? It’s The Whooo Game.
19/04/2129m 11s

Another World of Pockets and Ragdolls

Jessie is back and pulls out another kids TV show from her Sac Magique, Scott gets into a worrying chat with a fellow dog walker and is Bruno Mars as ridiculous as his songs suggest?
15/04/2132m 5s

A Love Of "Co-longe"

Granny Tinder, Bamboleo, Quiz and a fresh crop for Stark. Happy Wednesday Everybody!!
14/04/2136m 6s

Peppa Pig's A Gangster!

Kids TV shows that are hard to describe by an adult, Pitbull or Shakespear and Mystic Meg & Terry Tibbs...Whooooooo
13/04/2127m 7s

I’d Rather Have My Lifeless Roots Back

Some listeners are finding it hard to creep back to normality, after all what to do with the hair? Also, more explaining kids TV shows as an adult and Live Lounges time forgot.
12/04/2126m 14s

An Ode to the Pub

The nan foot incident is put to bed plus a look back at innuendo bingo.
08/04/2124m 23s

It's Ollie Ball Here...

Chris' gammy foot, TikTok sensation Ollie Ball is here and twisted audio on the quiz.
06/04/2129m 35s

With Added Sax Appeal

Scott and Chris have commissioned some of your favourite tunes with added sax from Tik Tok star Evan Jacobson. Plus Don't Look It Up and Chris is back playing football.
01/04/2124m 38s

CSI: Chris Stark Investigation

Chris Stark's crime scene, Granny Tinder and mind the gap, it's Bambaleo Wednesday.
31/03/2134m 43s

Joel, What Are You Doing Now?

Joel Corry and Raye critique their own Live Lounge performance, we invite you, once again, to blow your own trumpet and has Bruno Mars turned into a Bruno Mars parody?
30/03/2128m 10s

You’re Pinocchio!

Was Tom Hanks spotted in a St. Albans coffee shop? Emma thinks so. Also, Scott is eager to get home, run the bath and use his birthday gift from Chris and we’ve found someone with same penchant as Scott, for adding Extra Brass to songs.
29/03/2131m 43s

Let’s Go To Roma!

Listener Rachel will miss her trip to Rome, Scott and Chris step in with all the dodgy Italian accents. Also, Remember when Jack Whitehall heard all about his conception in Where Do You Think They Were? And Pitbull or Shakespeare is back for the quiz.
25/03/2130m 29s

Education! Education! Education!

Scott educates us on the Postcode Lottery song (apparently done by someone called Paul McCartney), Granny Tinder learns all about foam parties and our Bangers caller has a lesson on nude candles.
24/03/2139m 46s

Do You Think Crashing A Car Is Bad?

Listener Lorna talks about her worst day ever, Scott releases an emergency press release about the “Toilet Incident” and anyone cooked a gammon lately? Well, we’ll blow a trumpet for you.
23/03/2129m 49s

The Influencer of Doom

Chris has bagged himself a Number One trophy but was the downfall of Olivia Rodrigo due to Scott's influence? Also, it's a big day at Radio 1 as the new 8th Floor toilets are opened. Chris reports live from the event and Scott has new inspirational sign to hang up.
22/03/2133m 36s

The Ted Hastings Treatment

Adrian Dunbar off of Line Of Duty gives your favourite hits the Ted Hastings Interrogation Treatment and manages to make Olivia Rodrigo sound quite menacing. Also, Gigs – remember what they are? Chris explains.
18/03/2128m 3s

Dear Mrs.Tinder

Yay! It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and The GT gets a reply from the DG about her request for Chris to join Masterchef and Chris reveals that he’s never smuggled a budgie.
17/03/2134m 33s

Tyrone Says Relax

Vaccine Jealousy, toilet refurbs, Greek holidays, eye tests, cheese, panpipes, Tyrone Mings and Conor Coady. What more do you want in a podcast?
16/03/2132m 9s

A New High!

New totals are in for our Lolathon challenge, another chance to hear Capaldi The Musical and some extra Unexpected Covers. If you missed any of the Lolathon including the hi tech game of “BattleNips” why not catch up with it all on BBC Sounds.
15/03/2137m 56s

Dear Mr. Davie

The GT writes to The DG trying to get Chris on Masterchef, Scott’s prepared his overnight bag for the Lolathon and Vicky and Katie are on to reveal details of how Scott is going to be presented with something he has never seen before.
10/03/2133m 53s

You Love This Show Don’t You?

Scott’s BF has picked up an annoying habit, the trumpets are out and Goofy, Sturdy and Rugged are on the phone.
09/03/2129m 14s

I’d Like Her, She’s Long

Tom’s sent ‘em and Long Michelle’s received ‘em! More screenshots gone wrong. Also, locked the butler in the fridge lately? The Whoo Game is on and team member Helena (of The Gossip Huns) hosts the quiz.
08/03/2134m 10s

The Cat Crept In…

Another horror story of a date that was going so well, until… Plus, screen grab disaster stories and sleeping bunnies hop into the quiz.
04/03/2126m 51s

Hairy Pop Stars & The Queen

Scott wonders how hairy the pop stars are getting during lockdown, after all Blossoms had some fair ol’ Barnets to start with. Also, its Granny Tinder day and she’s starting to sound like he Queen and Skepta.
03/03/2137m 13s

That Can’t Be True, Can it?

Dean brings a shocking tale involving a mum (or mom if you live in Birmingham). Plus, attended Zoomiveristy on time? Well, go ahead and blow that trumpet.
02/03/2132m 27s

Shared Underpants?

Matt and Simon are on, but are they Brothers or Lovers? Rubbery pencils & inflatable furniture are remembered in The Whoo Game and House-plant or Harry Potter Spell? makes it’s quiz debut.
01/03/2138m 25s

It Hit The Fan When It Went Over The Wall!

Scott resorts to some S.A.S style manoeuvres in his pants and is caught on Zoom and it not so much hit the fan but went over the wall in "It was all going well until..."
25/02/2128m 58s

The GT Is Back

Aaron tries to lure Granny Tinder withsome Bitcoin but she ain’t no Crypto Queen! Also, Chris gets an idea for an alternative Innuendo Bingo during Bamboleo and Rapper or Accountant is back for the quiz.
24/02/2138m 27s

Failed Dates & Mysterious Loops

Why The Long Face?… The Lolathon is back for 2021 (Yasss!) Plus, “It was going so well until...” more of your date fail stories and Jo has pulled something weird in her van – time to blow a trumpet.
23/02/2135m 30s

“You Will Not Be Buying Fish Today, My Friend!”

Chris set out to buy a goldfish but ran into all sorts of problems, The Vegan Whisperer is back but can he keep his 100% record? And don’t blink…it’s The Whooo Game.
22/02/2134m 36s

It Was All Going Well Until…

We get your stories of dates going really well until…You won’t believe what Dan saw on his new prospects bedroom wall. Plus, Ali Plumb takes a break from his movie watching marathon to host the quiz.
18/02/2130m 24s

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Scott's Mum is getting her vaccine but the big question is...What do you wear for such an occasion? Plus, Granny Tinder is back and seems to have a thing for Barack Obama, and Ali Plumb joins us for a 3 way movie Bangers.
17/02/2137m 47s

The Dark Web of Mills Merch

Fancy a life-size Scott Mills mask? Find out how much it will set you back in the quiz. Also, Tune of the Week band, The Snuts put Driver’s License lyrics to their own song and we blow more trumpets for your little lockdown victories.
16/02/2128m 7s

Can You Pinch More Than An Inch?

Cereal ads and upside down boobies are remembered on The Whoo Game, Ali Plumb is on a film challenge, and listener Harry had a hard time the weekend speaking to his prospective father-in-law. Buy Why?
15/02/2133m 42s

Dickie, Birds and Power Plungers

Chris plays another round of Lucky Underwear, nights out in Guernsey and Brizzle are offered to The Four Lads In Jeans, it’s Dickie Dribble’s birthday and Hoary Pufflegs invade the quiz.
11/02/2133m 54s

K A S F L A L ??

Hooray! It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and Granny Tinder hits us all with a Scrabble clue, Listener Ellen has more evidence that Tom Grennan is the nicest man in pop, and Rapper or Accountant returns in the Don’t Look It Up Quiz.
10/02/2134m 30s

“Do You Stock A Deluxe Chest Rest?”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Flossie from the team devises a new game for Chris called Lucky Underwear. Also, The GC becomes our new celeb supply teacher and The Vegan Whisperer makes a sudden appearance in Blow Your Own Trumpet.
09/02/2130m 14s

Bambi On Ice

If you think Scott is too big for his boots, think again! He has some ginormous (whooo) ones to help him cope with the snow and the team are loving it. Also, listener Ryan is worried about a camera roll that has fallen into the hands of his family and The Whooo game has a special, Superbowl style, half time treat.
08/02/2133m 40s

Viva Glos Vegas!

Fancy a Chinese Buffet in Northern Ireland or a Sticky Licky out west? The Four Lads In Jeans rate more of your nights out. Plus another Pupdate and a look back at Chris’s guide to The Isle Of Man in our Mills Golden Moment.
04/02/2135m 26s

Bamboleo & Bangers

Granny Tinder is not impressed by someone willing to share his German sausage, a nine year old listener sings in the Tune Of The Week and Rapper Or Accountant makes its debut on the Don’t Look It Up Quiz.
03/02/2133m 3s

Ten Year Old with a T

Our new favourite listener spills the tea on our Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter and Josh Bassett theory. Also, it’s that time of the week to blow your trumpets for the small victories in your life, Amelia and Louis play Brother or Lover? And a round of Drag-Horse or Race-Queen(??)in the quiz.
02/02/2131m 33s

(Don't) Watch With Mother

We discover a way of dodging the cringy naughty bits from Bridgerton, an update on The Weatherman story, some classic Whooos and The Eggman joins us for Bangers.
02/02/2135m 29s

Fancy A Game of Fingers in Chester?

The Four Lads in Jeans rate your ideal nights out once again. Also, We re-live some of your great festival moments and sadly say goodbye to our dear friend, producer and quiz-miss of the show, Grace.
28/01/2136m 14s

"I’m NOT soiling myself at work!”

Scott wonders if he should try out hi new doggy toilet facility, Granny Tinder is in a generous mood (unless you are a sales caller) and Bamboleo brings all the usual treats.
27/01/2138m 27s

"I'm Vegan And Gay"

Scott's voice stand in Charlie chats to the Pointless people but can he get away with it? Also, an pupdate on Scott's new dog and feeling smug today? - then let us blow your trumpet.
26/01/2131m 29s

I Know The Voice But, Who Are You?

Scott and Chris are desperately looking for voice stand-ins, to do the interviews they can't be bothered to. However the only ones they can find don't even know who they are! Also, The Whoo Game is back and producer Grace gets her spaghetti in a twist.
25/01/2133m 47s

Four Lads In Jeans Rate Your Nights Out

Can’t wait for a night out again? What are you going to do? The legendary Four Lads In Jeans (off of the famous meme) rate your night out. Also Granny Tinder has her vaccination and Scott’s new dog has a Zoom meeting.
21/01/2132m 25s

Granny Tinder and a Fiery Quiz

An Aussie barman wants to take our Zofia down under – but will Granny Tinder allow it? Also, some classic clips in Bamboleo Wednesday and fractious stirrings, once again, in the Don’t Look It Up quiz.
20/01/2139m 24s

Did Ella Just Say?

Ella Eyre has been so bored at home, she has been learning TV ads off by heart and it seems she’s not the only one as Kate Thistleton’s doing it too! Also, finished your assignment? – It’s trumpet blowing time and what is a Short Trip To Hell? Cocktail or Wrestling Move? Find out in the quiz.
19/01/2126m 58s

The Weatherman Cometh

It’s here, The Stark Sea Shanty with 220 Kid and you are loving it! Also, we discover Chris’s love for a geeky app in The Whooo Game and Grace presents a round of Fast Food Abroad in the quiz.
18/01/2133m 24s

Brother or Lover is Back

Listener Dominic keeps us guessing whether he is Niamh’s Brother or Lover, we listen back to some classic Funny Business moments and Pitbull or Shakespeare makes its debut in The Don’t Look It Up Quiz.
14/01/2128m 21s

Now You See It...

Lynette AKA Granny Tinder is back but will a PE teacher or magician impress her with their tricks. Also Bamboleo Wednesday brings back memories of Dickie (off of Dickie's Dribble) and something suspicious is going on with he quiz.
13/01/2133m 31s

Just A Little Prick But A Great Moment

Sound the alarms and blow your trumpets! Dan from Norfolk has had his vaccine, Ryan’s got a dentist appointment for 2:30 and Roisin and Alfie try outfox The Vegan Whisperer.
12/01/2129m 23s

Get Smart With Stark

Learning from home? Have no fear, Chris dons his mortarboard to bring wisdom and knowledge to you all (well sort of) Plus, Happy WHOO Year everybody – the first Whoo Game of 2021 is here.
11/01/2133m 29s

Sausage Sneakers Beware!!

The Vegan Whisperer is back! Chris goes into a mysterious trance to conjure up his amazing ability to sniff out a real vegan from a fake one. However, can a flexitarian fox him?
07/01/2130m 6s

The First Ever - Sister or Kissed Her

Our feature Brother Or Lover takes a strange twist and Fay and Lydia are the first contestants. Also, Chris wants to try his hand at teaching and Scott and Chris get lots of points in…err Pointless.
07/01/2136m 20s

Petrol Station Presents

Scott & Chris have got each other gifts from their respective tier 4 petrol stations, there's a festive Tap End Special and the Father Christmas tribute act is back for the Quiz
24/12/2035m 44s

Granny Tinder Christmas Special!

A Grandma reviews some particularly festive Tinder matches for her granddaughter, plus there's a Santa tribute act on the quiz and it's the final Bambaleo Wednesday of the year
23/12/2037m 58s

Ding Dong Merrily on errr.....

The boys create their own Dial-a-Carol service but it turns out no one knows the words! There's a controversial door on the Whoovent Calendar and Scott's least favourite round crops up in the quiz and he threatens to walk.
22/12/2026m 43s

A Letter To… Sam

Sam Fender joins us with a letter to his 10 year old self, and we have a Christmas Whooo Game, A Christmas Whoovent, Christmas Bangers…it must be Easter or something.
21/12/2027m 9s

Wrap Myself In Paper Day

It’s finally here – the one day a year where Scott and Chris play their favourite Christmas song ever. Also, Brother Or Lover is back and Lord of The Dance, Danny Howard hosts the Quiz.
17/12/2033m 12s

Granny Tee & Cheddar Gee

Who is Cheddar Gorgeous? Find out in the Don’t Look It Up quiz. Plus, an air steward who likes landing strips or an immunologist ready to inject? It’s Granny Tinder’s choice once again.
16/12/2038m 43s

The Lower You Go, The Lower You Go

Is it true that the deeper your voice is the more likely you are to cheat? We put it to the test. Also, more of your trumpets are blown and Celeste is here to critique her Live Lounge performance.
15/12/2034m 21s

Confessions From The Office Party

Scott & Chris join the help team at Cardiff Council’s virtual Christmas party for a special Whoo Game, some Bangers and the Don’t Look It Up Quiz. Also, we hear some awful tales of misbehaviour at your old shindigs (shindigs? – whoooooooooo)
14/12/2033m 24s

A Letter To… Fleur

Nurse Fleur writes a lovely letter to her 10-year-old self, the stars of Radio 1 share their stories of the now-decommissioned 8th floor toilets and... why did Margaret become famous? Wrong Answers Only please.
10/12/2033m 29s

A Letter To…Faith

Faith delivers a beautiful letter to her 10 year old self, Scott is upset at the loss of a valued BBC institution (The 8th floor toilets) and a classic Christmas song shrouds the quiz in controversy.
09/12/2032m 4s

A Letter To…Rosie

Listener Rosie has written a very emotional letter to her 10 year old self. Plus trumpets are blow for some bikini wearing dippers and Margaret Covid is a thing!
08/12/2026m 25s

Liam Payne – Letter to my 10-year-old self

Liam Payne writes a heartfelt letter to his 10-year-old self, we manage to track down Craig from Longbridge M&S and did Rita Ora order a scotch egg but no drinks? It's Wrong Answers Only.
03/12/2028m 50s

Big Willy's Back!

Everyone's favourite quizmaster, Will is back for the quiz, another window on the Whoovent calendar is opened and Granny Tinder is still searching for a beau for Zofia (but she won't be swiping left for Mrs Browns Boys).
02/12/2039m 49s

Whooovent Calendar Is Back!

Trumpets are blown for Vicky who resisted licking her Ripple, another round of Brother Or Lover is brought to us by Emily (AKA Scott Mills) and Joe, and Arielle Free is today's Quiz Misstress.
01/12/2030m 27s

Famalam Or Wham-Bam Thankyou Ma’am?

Scott has devised a new game called Brother or Lover and listener Alice is the first (and maybe last) to play. Also, Archbishop Of Banterbury – Whooooo yes, Who Game is back.
30/11/2035m 56s

A Nation In Tiers

Lemon & Herb or full on Hot ‘N Spicy? – Scott and Chris break it to you gently about what tier your area is in. Also, Glass Animals critique their Live Lounge performance and Wrong Answers Please on why The Weekend is upset - because people keep spelling his name wrong maybe?
26/11/2032m 34s

The Game Is Afoot

Chiropodists, Head Teachers and Influencers and face Granny Tinder (but don’t mention Botox), we find more Naked Attraction audio descriptions and Bangers takes on a strange twist.
25/11/2039m 38s

Pull, Clean and Jerk

More break-ups with people you are not actually dating, including a personal trainer who was asked for a different kind of workout. Also, the trumpets are out again. If you've done something amazing (but a bit mundane) let us blow one for you.
24/11/2025m 13s

Breaking Up Is Hard…

…and even harder when you are not even in a relationship with them. Why is it so hard to change your barber or personal trainer? Also, WhatsUpp with all those WhattApp groups? Listener Immy’s BF has hundreds and he’s only got a dozen friends.
23/11/2032m 44s

Determined Eyes & Dewy Skin

Listener Isabel requests that Scott and Chris describe each other, Naked Attraction style, and there are a couple of big things that surprised us about Chris. Also, What has Jordan North revealed about himself on I'm A Celeb' - It's Wrong Answers Only please!
19/11/2028m 28s

A Whole New World of TV

It's lady-gardens and funbags galore as a new world of TV opens for Scott and Chris. Also, Too rude, crude or lewd? Well you won't get past Granny Tinder as she swipes left or right for her Granddaughter Zofia and D&B legend René LaVice becomes René LaQuiz for Don't Look It Up.
18/11/2038m 43s

Is That Mickey or Tigger?

Listener Amy got a shock when going through her dad's holiday pics, more mundane reasons to blow your BIG trumpets and following Clara's amazing performance on Strictly, Scott and Chris worry they'll never be 10's.
17/11/2032m 10s

Don’t Be Shy

Listener Amy reminds Scott that he offered to look at something that he has never seen before, but who would be willing to show to him what he hasn’t seen? And, how would it be possible to show to him what he hasn’t seen if they were happy to show what needed to be seen anyway?
16/11/2028m 16s

Innuendo Bingo With Maya Jama

Today was all about the last EVER Innuendo Bingo. We look back at all the classic moments with the world's biggest stars taking a soaking before Maya goes face to face with Chris for the farewell of everyone's favourite feature.
13/11/2033m 54s

Finding The Golden Chalice

Chris finds gold in TV’s Naked Attraction, Granny Tinder likes the sound of the French lawyer and Grimmy QC is brought in to adjudicate the quiz.
11/11/2042m 19s

Armpit Farts & Trumpets

Scott has a theory that the younger you are, the louder you can do an armpit fart, so we put it to the test. Also, more trumpets are blown for your mundane achievements and we hear from Young People with Old Names.
10/11/2028m 55s

Plenty Of Frogs

Listener Joe is looking for a husband, the Who Game returns, Don't Look It Up features Live Lounges time forgot and we revisit the seven second nipple technique.
09/11/2035m 19s

Chris And The Love Island Water Bottle

Chris got caught in the worst traffic jame ever yesterday and had to resort to Bear Grylls type survival techniques. Also, Granny Tinder's back and What law you be the first Scott wouls pass if he were President? Wrong Answers Only please.
05/11/2039m 56s

Poo Butler?

More stories of "Dirty Dogs" with a thing for underwear. Plus, if Scott get's a dog - will he need special assistance? and are your WhatsApp groups getting out of control?
04/11/2039m 21s

P.I James Is Back!

It's the return of the show's own Private Investigator and this time he delves into the word of the paranormal. Also, it's blow your own trumpet time and could Chris Whiity go in the jungle?
03/11/2035m 18s

Strictly Confidential

Scott suspects his "Strictly Informant" has stitched him up for being a gossip, The Whoo Game remembers The Beast From The East and Test Tickle or Snoreen? - it's another round of Racehorse Or Drag Queen in the quiz.
02/11/2032m 53s

Ruthless Granny Tinder

Zofia's Gran has super high standards on today's show. Plus Wrong Answers Only, an app notification round on Don't Look It Up and Scott's cardboard cut out is missing.
29/10/2033m 32s

Bamboleo Wednesday Saves 2020

Bamboleo Wednesday competes with the new Harry Styles video to save 2020. Plus Scott submits to a degree interview and there's a food abroad round on Don't Look It Up.
29/10/2038m 12s

Is Scott's Korea Over?

Scott's start to the week hasn't quite gone to plan. Plus a Sam Smith Live Lounge review, Blow Your Own Trumpet and a bardcore round on Don't Look It Up.
27/10/2036m 30s

Man Or Mouse

Scott and Chris are joined by wildlife in the studio, we play the Who Game, talk favourite exes and tackle another Don't Look It Up.
26/10/2040m 9s

Put Your Crocs On and Keep Your Socks On!

What four words turn your partner on the most? Wrong Answers Only. Also, Scott and Chris along with Wes Nelson have a big clear out of their Instagram and Subo and Drake are among the casualties.
22/10/2028m 58s

No Tissue - Big Issue

Scott and Chris are clearly missing club life and make up some new phrases for the toilet attendants. Plus, a new Kidz Bop album stokes their curiosity and listener Sue's doorbell starts this week's Bamboleo.
21/10/2035m 3s

Granny Tinder

Zofia's Gran is here for a live Tinder swipe and the lewdness does not go down well. She does take a shine to the guy who likes Downton Abbey though. Also, Chris has an aggressive looking snood and we find more mundane reasons to get out the tumpets.
20/10/2034m 9s

He's Crude And He's Ugly

Show team member Zofia lets her Nan help with her Tinder selections, going on holiday is remembered in The Whooo Game and we wonder if we should share our last ever game of Innuendo Bingo, what with Covid 'n that.
19/10/2034m 51s

It's A Cracker!

Will a two metre long cracker appear in a Christmas Advert? - it's Wrong Answers Only. Also, 30K followers in social media is counted as "Celebrity Status" and Apprentice Star Jemma Bird calls for Scott and Chris to get her over the line. She only needs 29950 more.
15/10/2022m 13s

etc. etc.

More Mills Stuff blah blah blah..............has lockdown made you lazy?
14/10/2034m 59s

(Definately) Maybe Don't

Maisie Peters and JP Saxe actually sound like they are in love, but (cringe alert!) can Scott and Chris sound as intimate if they sing to each other? Also Blow Your Own Trumpet time raises an eyebrow and Rachel (a FIFA widow) goes to extremes to get her boyfriend's attention.
13/10/2026m 33s

Lost To The Game

Scott and Chris offer ideas to Fifa Widow Jess, on how to regain her boyfirends attention, Crop Circles and Ghosts are whooo'd in the Whooo Game and who will be Radio 1's Hottest Employee of the day?
12/10/2034m 56s

Great British Bore Off

Students in lockdown are getting VERY much so we have a bore off between Charli and Kurt - who can be the most boring? Also Wrong Answers Only tries to work out what Lewis Capaldi didn't do for his birthday and Scott goes on the rampage with a temperature gun.
08/10/2027m 2s

Chocolate Audio

Listener Jason has a problem with people sounding different on the radio to real life, so we put Grimmy to the test and Chris is a bit worse for wear after an evening with his football "friends"
07/10/2031m 10s

Ever Changing Man

Chris accuses Scott of behaving differently when his Strictly mates are around, we add more to the list of things you need to change when you break up with someone and ridden a bike whilst holding a cup of coffee without spilling any lately? Then blow your own trumpet - LOUDLY!
06/10/2029m 11s

Get Out And Log Out!

Listener Amy has a word of caution about things to remember to do when breaking up with someone and there are calls for Chris to resign as he reaches for the bleach in The Whooo Game.
05/10/2032m 21s

Salmon Trousers Are On!

Our Oxford Mole spills the beans on the illustrious University of Oxford, a game of Wrong Answers Please asks what Little Mix are looking for and the most irritating sound in Dev's world comes up in the Don't Look It Up quiz.
01/10/2023m 57s

The Oxford Mole

Listeners pitch their questions to listener Aaron who is off to Oxford Uni - oohh errr!. Also, more holiday horror stories that you would love to have the chance of re-living today and Bamboleo wednesday gets slightly hijacked by Dev.
30/09/2029m 7s

Yungblud Gives It The Capaldi Growl

The brilliant Yungblud reviews his Live Lounge performance and loves it. Also, listener Sophie ace's Dev's embarrassing holiday story (but would do it all again if she had the chance) and it's time to blow trumpets for all those small but amazing things you've done.
29/09/2033m 58s

Grandparents Vs Technology

Dev stands in for Scott and recalls an embarrassing incident on a party bus in Ibiza, listener Lewis tells of his Grandad having trouble with technology and remember Tractor-Boy Racer? The Whoo Game is back.
28/09/2032m 16s

Where's Heather??

Scott may have made a boo boo when he listed lots of drinking games to our fresher Heather, as nothing seems to be able to wake her. Also, as Sir David Attenborough takes to Instagram for the first time, Scott asks the listeners what hisnext post might be - wrong answers only please.
24/09/2032m 26s

A Game of Bite The Bag Anyone?

It's Bamboleo Wednesday and Fresher Heather is woken up at the crack of noon after a night of drinking games. Plus, the bagpipes are back in the Don't Look It Up Quiz.
23/09/2037m 47s

London Grammar & Small Victories

London Grammar review their Live Lounge performance, more of your little victories that you should "Blow" about and it's all fake plants and fajitas in another of installment of Heather's fresher diary.
22/09/2030m 59s

Diary Of A Fresher Part 1

It's that time of year again but Freshers are getting a completely different experience this year as listener Heather reveals. Plus, Chris has hit the bigtime at last as he becomes a question on Tipping Point and The Whoo Game brings back a few familiar voices.
21/09/2033m 11s

37 Minutes Of Tripe Please!

Scott gets confused about the terminology used in local butcher shops, we catch up with our favourite listener Nicole - who's from Wales and about to go and see Whales and a classic Where Do You Think They Were? looks back at when Billy's mum, Serena, needed her lagging sorted.
17/09/2036m 45s

Peppers and Crancers

Scott's mind is blown by lot's of facts about peppers (yes you heard correct) we hear from more "Crancers" and "Merry Christmas Everyone!" What do you mean it's too early?
16/09/2038m 4s

Little Mix & Cry Dancing

Little Mix give a live review of their Live Lounge performance, Chris wants more out of his smart speaker and - Is cry dancing a thing? We have a 1D fan that believes it is.
15/09/2030m 8s

Historical Hotties

Following last week's conversation about who looked hot when young, the calls come flying in, and yes, Sir Ian McKellan is certainly one. Also, Scott has a special Mexican birthday song for listener Sarah and "Ip Dip Sky Whoooooo" It's the return of The Who Game.
14/09/2028m 26s

Not So Wondrous Wonders Of The World

Stonehenge, Times Square and The Mona Lisa all come under fire in our listener reviews, Chris takes umbrage against a word and poor listener Ollie has to hear to what happened when his mum bent over to pick up her shoes.
10/09/2037m 15s

Very Steep & Too High

Can you review a land mark? Slating Ben Nevis for not having a café at the top seems a bit harsh. Also BTS are in trouble - according to the Coronavirus laws - one of them has to go!
09/09/2029m 43s

Game Of Throw-Ins

It's Fantasy Football time again and some of the creative team names are flying way over Scott's head. Also, more hotel style reviews of parents houses and more reasons to blow your trumpets.
08/09/2028m 35s

Mostly A 5 Star Experience!

"You treat this place like a hotel" We've all been told that at one time or other, so we give you the opportunity to leave a online style review of your stay at your parents house. Plus, we herald the return of The Whooo Game.
07/09/2029m 46s

There's Some Biff In This House!

Simon from Biffy Clyro reviews their ultra weird Live Lounge cover, we learn from listener Maria more about Karaoke legends Bev 'N Bob and the twisted audio round in todays quiz twists Scott's brain.
03/09/2033m 53s

Welcome To The Voicemail Service Of...Whoooo!

Scott is worried he has been "Too loose" with his number and wonders who keeps calling him. Also, when was the last time you actually heard your voicemail message? Who even still has one? We call up some, including Joel Corry's to see what happens. Plus, Chris is upset because someone VERY childish (Greg) has defaced the sign on his new Isolation Station.
02/09/2030m 48s

Don't Call Me Jedward!

Chris is back in the studio after managing to put up a picture in his house. It's an amazing acheivement for him which prompts a new feature - Blow Your Own Trumpet - mundane things that you are super proud of. Also, more of those little word or phrases that makes you best mate seethe with rage and quizmaster Grace is back for another Don't Look It Up quiz.
01/09/2032m 43s

Billie Piper DJ Set

Pop legend Billie provides some great tunes, we hear from more of you DM Sliders and Tap End remembers Chris's amazing night doing "The Otley Run"
20/08/2052m 26s

Jonnie Peacock MBE

Super Sprinter Jonnie provides the tunes, people have been sliding in to Chris's DMs and who is your Tony Wood? The person you miss most whilst working from home.
19/08/2050m 37s


Everyone's favourite Aussie DJ, Fisher, provides some banging tunes, we hear of some of your disastrous attempts at taking a driving test and it all kicks off in the Don't Look It Up Quiz.
18/08/2058m 36s

Eddie Hearn's Ring Walk Anthems

The boxing promoter selects his favourite ring walk anthems, Uni tips you don't get from the prospectus and a classic 24 Years At The Tap End about Chris' driving test.
18/08/2059m 37s
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