Radio 1 Breakfast Best Bits with Greg James

Radio 1 Breakfast Best Bits with Greg James

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Daily chat, nonsense and extra fun after every Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James.


DCI Megan Investigates

Greg has a missed call from a BIG celeb so tries to call back...but will the celeb answer. Also, Detective Chief Inspector Megan's investigation into her mum's daily routine continues, a fox attends a picnic in Animal News and (as the BAFTA's launch their nominations) Greg presents some of his favourite TV moments to Rylan.
04/06/2028m 4s

Prunes Not Prawns

Al Pacino and Tortoises are two of the subjects of confusion as Alice Levine joins Greg and Roisin for Fact Controller. Also, we take a trip to the show aviary in door 72 of the Sadvent Calendar and Greg gets very excited about some items he's been sent in the post.
03/06/2030m 44s

Where's All That Water Coming From?

Stories of floods and mayhem in Everyone's Rubbish, show favourite Ava is back to open door 71 of the Sadvent Calendar and Greg designs a playlist designed for sheep shearer David, and it's not baaad!
02/06/2032m 10s

You Like Smelling What??

Unpopular Opinion brings some more shocking revelations - especially from listener James, Door 70 of the Sadvent Calendar remembers a funny Radio 4 moment and hear what happened when Greg appeared on Saturday Kitchen.
01/06/2022m 43s

All About The Birds!

Today's show seemed to be very bird heavy. Listener Kate revealed her dad feeds a pheasant called Phil, Sadvent Calendar remembers the Merry Christmas Magpie and to top it all off Ali Plumb appears and acts like a parrot! Also, Have you ever felt papped at your own doorstep - by a delivery driver?
28/05/2033m 59s

So Many Questions!!

Who's Tom? Who's Jerry? Are pigeons spying on us? Why is there a giant kookaburra in the high street? What came first Orange or Oranges? What does that washing machine sound like? All these questions and more answered on this Radio 1 Breakfast show Best Bits Podcast!
27/05/2029m 52s

Flying Penguins, Walking Pigeons & Racing Sheep

Noisy Neighbours, Everyone's Rubbish, Sadvent Calendar and Alan Carr on a farm. Things that ensure The Radio 1 Breakfast Show remains as wacky as ever!
26/05/2026m 17s

Greg James, Chris Martin & Barney The Dog

A special bonus podcast featuring the whole conversation with Coldplay front man Chris Martin. Hear him reminisce about the time Coldplay played at Big Weekend in Exeter, recall a poignant dream he had about his grandfather, his love for The 1975, how often he has a bath and he even has a chat with Barney the dog.
21/05/2012m 42s

(Not So) Better Days

Better Days Quiz turns out to be a bit of disaster for poor contender Cassie, All The Latest Things reveals a cooking tip from Annie Mac and we recap all our favourite moments of the week.
21/05/2019m 56s

Warning: Contains Baby Sharks

Arielle Free gives us a Kitchen Rave, Everyone's Rubbish reveals an embarrassing Zoom meeting, Simon from Biffy Clyro calls to chat about their upcoming Big Weekend performance and Ava is back once again for the Sadvent Calendar.
20/05/2039m 14s

Panto's Are Rubbish (Oh No They're Not)!

Pantomimes and Yorkshire puds come under fire in Unpopular Opinion, yesterday's star of the podcast Ava is back to open a door on the Advent calenadar and we have a special playlist for listener Maria who is busy painting "pawtraits" of dogs.
19/05/2028m 6s

Katy Perry Calls A Fan

Katy Perry surprises her No.1 fan, 8 year old Charlotte, penguins get a fun day out in Animal News and funny but, inventive, ways you've all been observing the 2 Meter rule.
18/05/2033m 46s

Do Cars Have Eyes?

More evidence that even superstar DJ's are feeling the strain of being in lockdown as Friction tries to answer some of his son's strange questions. Also, find out what creature leaves cubic poos in Animal News and the Sadvent Calendar gets really cheesy.
14/05/2031m 28s

It's All About You, Lisa!

Listener Lisa gets to see her new boyfriend Josh for the first time since lockdown and she is nervous. Also Danni has a great idea to improve lockdown TV. An idea that has her housemate Lucy laughing uncontrollably and Ali Plumb brings us some joy with clips of the biggest stars in Hollywood laughing uncotrollably too.
13/05/2033m 3s

Ten Thousand Peters

Confusion reigns once more with the return of The Fact Controller and Sideman, Blue Peter's Lindsey Russell helps Greg make his own facemask and a listener's impersonation of Sean Paul comes up in the Sadvent Calendar.
12/05/2034m 8s

Oxo, Oranges and Knobs!

Greg has seen the maddest thing ever on TV involving Cilla Black and an Orange, so we got Listener Georgia to experiment. Also, news on the annual Dorset Knob Eating Contest and strange things our mums have been up to.
11/05/2026m 10s

Banana Bread Is Horrible

A very lockdown themed Unpopular Opinion, a catch up with lockdown lover Nigel and Ainsley's in The Sadvent window. Why Hellooo Jill!!
07/05/2025m 49s

Young T, Bugsey & Anne-Marie

Greg chats to some of the stars of the coming Big Weekend, Aisling Bea is back to discuss Inside The Factory and listener Anne poses an important question to her best friend.
06/05/2046m 48s

Follow That Car!!

Radio 1's film bod Ali calls in from Plumb Towers to talk about those lines that seem to be in every film but you'll never get to say. Also, Everyone's Rubbish reveals a disastrous plumbing job and Sadvent Calendar brings up a classic line from Cure front-man Robert Smith.
05/05/2026m 44s

Aisling Bea & Grandma Baskin

Greg is excited to find out that Aisling is a fan of Inside The Factory, a sculpture of a tiger sparks a major incident so we speak to the perpetrator, and Danny Howard calls with a gripe.
04/05/2032m 13s

Dua Lipa Gives Her Verdict

Dua listens to Ben’s News remix of her song, but will she like it? Also, Helen gets to open door 38 in our Sadvent Calendar and All The Latest Things brings the new love of Jake Gyllenhaal’s life.
30/04/2020m 51s

Gregg Wallace’s Wednesday Workout

Show favourite Gregg give us a workout mix as well as advice on what to do with your borlotti beans, Plus, Listener Sophie has her strange dream realised, more of the odd things bought online by mistake and we find out how Ben’s BBC News / Dua Lipa mash-up went down - on the actual news!!
29/04/2033m 24s

The Weirdest Dream!

Listener Sophie has had the strangest dream where Matt Edmonson will never be seen in the same light again! Also, Fact Controller is back to help with confusion between Aitch and H, and..can anyone sing "Time Like These" as good as Simon Neil? We audition a few contenders.
28/04/2029m 56s

Monks In The Jungle & A Talking Mummy

Sean Paul calls the show to chat about his part in the Live Lounge All-stars song, Greg launches a new feature – The Sadvent Calendar and are your dreams during lockdown getting weirder and weirder? That’s definitely the case with some of our listeners.
27/04/2030m 13s

Ricky, Jack & Robyn

Jack Whitehall surprises a listener, Greg tries to rope in Ricky Gervais to the Bath Club, and Robyn has the perfect song to help us cope with isolation.
23/04/2031m 11s

Ainsley's Quarantine Kitchen

Why hellooo podcasters! Ainsley Harriott gives some listeners advice on what to do with the contents of their fridge, Simon Neil from Biff Clyro calls with news of a Stay At Home Live Lounge and can yesterday's disastrous Better Days Quiz be beaten? (Probably).
22/04/2033m 27s

Onions, Teeth and Spanners

Following a story about a 1 year old accidentally ordering a very expensive bag of onions, we hear stories of things you have ordered online by mistake. Also, Everyone's Rubbish reveals some disastrous blunders and it's listener Susie's birthday and she's all alone (sad face) but don't worry, a member of the public comes to the rescue.
21/04/2032m 58s

Mable & Olive News!

Sports commentator Andrew Cotter explains how fame is affecting Mable & Olive – the competing Labradors, we catch up with our Lockdown Tinder date couple Nigel and Lauren and a listen back to rather disastrous Better Days Quiz.
20/04/2044m 19s

Remember … The Fantastic Beasts?

A special podcast of fantastic beasts. Remember the great Middlesbaaah Sheep Dash? Or the time Eddie Redmayne visited and who was Joe Lycett’s mystery Live Lounge guest? And everyone’s favourite beast, Greg, is back on the show next week.
16/04/2031m 51s

Remember … Lewis Capaldi’s Bleak Mornings?

Greg is still on his well-earned rest, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to hear some of the best bits from the archive, like Lewis Capaldi singing your Bleak Mornings, Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan with the Fact Controller, Prue Leith’s reaction to Greg’s impression of her and Chris Pratt playing Unpopular Opinion.
15/04/2032m 10s

Remember … Louis Theroux’s Cheese Piñata?

Greg is still on his well-earned rest, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to hear some of the best bits from the archive, like The Newbridge Bum Tree, Jack Whitehall playing What’s My Age Again and Louis Theroux totally destroying a Piñata full of cheese.
14/04/2031m 28s

Remember When…Sean Paul Was Here?

Greg is having a well-earned rest this week, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to hear some of the best bits from the archive, like Jodie Whittaker playing What’s My Age Again, Greg’s mischievous Tweet to a supermarket, Lewis Capaldi’s awful Unpopular Opinion and Sean Paul, hater of blackbirds, judged Impossible Karaoke.
09/04/2036m 0s

Remember …The Big Hootenany?

Greg is having a well-earned rest this week, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to hear some of the best bits from the archive, like Mumford & Sons creating songs from Radio 1 listeners’ bleak morning stories, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish playing a hilarious round of Unpopular Opinion and the time the whole of the U.K beeped their horns to Fisher’s Losing It.
08/04/2026m 51s

Remember… Beale Over Beckham & The Hotdog Debate?

Greg is having a well-earned rest this week, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to hear some of the best bits from the archive, like a granny reading the Winky Wonky Donkey story, Chloë Grace Moretz trying to persuade Amber's mum to take her to Thorpe Park, Matty from The 1975 in Game Of Phones and a shocking revelation about David Beckham in Unpopular Opinion.
07/04/2024m 16s

Remember When…A Gecko Called?

Greg is having a well-earned rest this week, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to hear some of the best bits from the archives, like Zara Larsson singing and playing Unpopular Opinion, an Ask the Nation about going for dinner with a bear, an amazing Harry Redknapp story and the time Greg got a gecko to call people.
06/04/2021m 33s

Egg In Da Hole!!

The wonderful Gregg Wallace has stepped up to our request for a special cooking class, Jordan North is back learning more Korean phrases and the ANIMALS ARE RUNNING RIOT!! We hear all about it in Animal News.
02/04/2021m 26s

Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick - Unpopular Opinion

Greg gets Justin and Anna singing along to the Unpopular Opinion theme – although Justin claims he “doesn’t do singing!” What?? Also, we get listener Lauren’s response to Nigel’s amazing revelation on yesterday’s show and Ali Plumb calls in with some great ideas of what to watch at home.
01/04/2029m 57s

Rose Matafeo & A Big Confession

Comedian Rose Matafeo calls from her “Self iso” in New Zealand with advice to avoid mirrors at all cost, more couples are finding some strange things out about their partners in these strange times and who better to cheer us all up than Gregg Wooow Wallace cooking some beef bourguignon?
31/03/2032m 58s

Welcome To Club Isolation!

We catch up with all the inventive ways you have been keeping yourself amused, including a family who had a pub crawl all around their house. Also, more stories of everyone being rubbish, a new twist on Yesterday’s Quiz and 여보세요! - We catch up with Jordan North-Korea.
30/03/2030m 37s

Big Narstie & Reverend Kate

Big Narstie calls up some listeners using a myriad of crazy accents, TV's Reverend Kate Bottley helps out listener Sophie with a marriage problem and we hear from listeners in new relationships that have taken the plunge and have decided to isolate together.
26/03/2024m 34s

Boss, North & Plumb

Joe Lycette (or should we say Hugo) calls to let us know how he’s coping in lockdown, Jordan North (or should we say North-Korea) is learning how to speak Korean BTS style, and Ali Plumb (or should we say ..err Ali Plumb) gives us the lowdown on all the wonderful stuff to watch on our screens.
25/03/2030m 33s

Katherine Ryan Calls

Greg speaks to comedian Katherine Ryan who has some serious questions about the lockdown, more stories of “Everyone’s Rubbish” including a man inviting a prison break and a challenge is set to Radio 1’s very own Jordan North.
24/03/2022m 33s

Giant lasagnes & Patrolling Lions

Fake news with Shannon and Fact Controller with Róisín and Sideman bring up the usual bizarre situations, Burnley V Watford is the latest RPS fixture and Radio 1’s money-saver turns life-saver as Matt Edmonson gives an important announcement.
23/03/2028m 55s

Out A Shovel On It!

A story about a NASA machine on Mars inspires your stories of “silly ideas…that actually worked. Also, Romesh Ranganathan calls in from his tetchy, isolated home and the show’s favourite school teacher Mr. Burton offers words of encouragement to the nation’s students.
19/03/2028m 36s

We Are Here To Help

When the world seems a bit crazy, we set out bring you some joy! What with flatulent Mayors, bored sports commentators, whacky pop stars and Jordan North. Bless them all.
18/03/2021m 40s

Liverpool Vs Everton Is Back On!

Liverpool fan Linzi and Everton fan Tom decide the outcome of the Merseyside derby in an epic Rock, Paper, Scissors showdown. Greg celebrates all “The Kindest Things” and it seems a lot of you out there are still sometimes a bit rubbish, whether it be in a pizza parlour or a funeral parlour.
17/03/2022m 7s

Turkey On My Knee

Fact Controller is back with a classic case of misheard lyrics, we catch up with Sport Relief hero Phil and Burnley fan Jordan North and Man City fan Kieran play Rock, Scissors, Stone to decide the winner of the weekend’s cancelled match.
16/03/2032m 50s

Swerve the handshake!

Greg reckons it’s about time to get rid of the handshake so tries out a Jane Austin style, curtsy and a bow. It works! Plus, Phil The Hotstepper slowly makes his way up and down the BT Tower in London for Sport Relief.
12/03/2021m 18s

I thought every school did this…

Owls, Eagles, Meerkats and Weddings, no wonder this country is weird when these things go on in our schools! Also, we won a TRIC Award, yay! But did Roisin, Róisín, Ainslee and Alan The Robot Hoover pick up the award as planned? Also, Our Sport Relief hero Phil continues his quest to climb Everest. Today he’s climbing the steps of The Orbit Tower in London’s Olympic Park.
11/03/2031m 33s

Just Foaling Around!!

Animal News brings out many a horse pun, Alan The Robot Hoover is sent to a prestigious awards ceremony and footballing legend Alex Scott cheers on our Sport Relief hero Phil as he continues his ascent of Everest via the stairs.
10/03/2028m 14s

Step To Everest – The Launch

Listener Phil becomes Radio 1’s Sport Relief Hero as he embarks on an amazing challenge, to climb Mount Everest, without having to leave his home!! Plus, more of your stories of being rubbish at work, including someone who accidentally made the world’s largest omelette and find out if Greg managed to smuggle The Royal Pencil on to Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.
09/03/2025m 52s

Why Hellooo Liz!

We won an award don’t you know? And show favourite Ainsley did too - although a slightly bigger one! Greg speaks to him as he makes his way to The Palace. Also, schoolchildren all over the nation are washing their hands to the Unpopular Opinion theme (with new lyrics provided by listener Jules) and we hear more stories of you being a bit rubbish at your job.
05/03/2025m 37s

Uh Oh!

Greg gets your stories of when you were a bit rubbish at your job, I mean even Bear Grylls messes up sometimes, right? Plus, Ask The Nation has a sock dilemma, we have another washing hands singalong and Ali Plumb has chat with Tom Holland.
04/03/2029m 15s

Nowhere Else To Go Really!

Greg’s cab driver asked him an awkward question that he had no comeback to, so asked for your stories on “Questions that have ruined your day”. Also, there’s an update in the phantom greeting card scandal and we offer hand washing advice with the help of Ed Sheeran and Barack Obama.
03/03/2020m 6s

Grandparents vs Tech

Greg gets your hilarious stories of Grandparents getting in a right kerfuffle with modern technology, like Hannah’s Nan who was held captive by her own TV! Plus, The greeting card mystery continues, a wall with a hole in it becomes famous in Ilkestone and Scott Mills brings all the excitement of Eurovision.
27/02/2033m 27s

Mashed Potato & The Highland Gritters

Donald Trump’s former doctor has revealed that he used to hide cauliflower in the president’s mashed potato. This got Greg thinking – what’s the weirdest thing YOU’VE ever hidden in your mash? Also, Jordan North joins us for Fact Controller and Melton John, Gritter Thunberg and Saline Dion all appear in our list of favourite gritters.
26/02/2028m 37s

A Goose On The Loose

Lots of Animal News today, including a flying miniature horse and a mad goose on a shopping spree! Also, another Ask The Nation dilemma that Tom from Blossoms helps to solve and an investigation is launched into a mysterious Engagement card.
25/02/2027m 48s

Who’s Got Greg? The Analysis

Detective Peter Bleksley is here to answer some FAQs about the Who’s Got Greg? stunt and chat about how his investigation went. Greg speaks to Arielle Free about her “old Violin” voice and listener Oli reveals how he decoded the distorted voice of Alan Carr.
24/02/2030m 47s

Who’s (still) Got Greg?

Strange phone messages, lost USB sticks and coded messages…Arielle Free and Jordan North, along with super detective Peter Blexley, gather more clues as to the whereabouts of our missing Breakfast Show presenter.
20/02/2041m 0s

Dirty Little No-Show

Chaos reigns on a hazy morning after The BRIT Awards – Greg James has failed to turn up for work. Adele Roberts, Arielle Free, Jordan North and Matt Edmondson do their best to work out what’s going on…
19/02/2014m 33s

Stormzy, Monopoly, Badgers & Unicorns

Following Stormzy’s rant about bad Monopoly players we find some CHEATERS, here in the studio! A half term special of Unpopular Opinions reveals Libby’s contempt for Unicorns and we have an update on the Northampton Badger.
18/02/2026m 52s

A Man Called Chicken & A Pizza Dilemma

A story of a man named Chicken prompts stories from those of you with unfortunate names, Ask The Nation produces a shock result and as The Masked Singer was unveiled Greg kicks himself for not guessing before.
17/02/2024m 9s

Soggy Biscuits and Margot’s Rat

Ask The Nation brings a biscuit dilemma and Ali Plumb has been chatting to Margot Robbie about her pet rat-Rat. Plus Greg warns of potential proposal danger over the weekend and we try a new game called What’s That?
13/02/2022m 50s

Drop Badger & The Reaper Of Death

A story about a badger falling into a pharmacy makes Greg’s day and 6 year old George, our dinosaur expert, is on with news of a new discovery. Oh, and cats, dogs, cheese and Spongebob all feature in Fact Controller with Kat Collins and Sideman.
12/02/2029m 9s

Lloyd Griffith in the Phone Room

Comedian Lloyd Griffith takes calls about times you’ve ‘woken up to a surprise’ like listener Tom who woke up at Glastonbury with a very odd pillow. Also, Shannon is back to test Greg’s ability to sniff out fake news.
11/02/2024m 32s

Blame It On The Wind…

Storm Ciara arrived over the weekend and left many a strange discovery in people’s gardens, everything from slow roasted chickens to a spare horse! Also, Adam from Wisconsin U.S of A, was our Oscars representative and came up with a great alternative to Unpopular Opinion, and… Was an opportunity missed when Sean Paul appeared on Love Island?
10/02/2027m 57s

Err, Why On Earth Are We Here?

Times when you’ve gone into auto-pilot and ended up in completely the wrong place - even, as one listener told, re-plastered someone else’s ceiling. Also, Radio 1 movie bod, Ali Plumb, has been chatting to no other than Robert Downey Jnr. And Maya Jama joins us for some more Fact Controller.
06/02/2026m 55s

A Penguin Called Primrose

It turns out that penguins can talk! Greg tries to find a penguin translator and ends up adopting one. Plus, Star of Man Like Mobeen, Guz Khan takes calls on failed responsibilities and listener Meg sings a Star Wars version of the Unpopular Opinion theme.
05/02/2036m 1s

Stick With Me Kid, You'll Wear Diamonds!

We hear your stories of overpromising on a date, like Helen who was promised a romantic picnic, but instead ... well let's just say it was anything BUT romantic! Also, Tom from Blossoms sends in an Unpopular Opinion and (following Kim and Kanye’s interview about their HUGE house) Greg invites listener Shannon to do the same, and it turns out the she has TWO bathroom sinks! Somebody’s doing very well!!
04/02/2024m 44s

Superb Owl Special

A selection of the nation’s favourite owls cheer up some listeners, Ask The Nation wraps up a wrap dilemma and we hear examples of when you tried your best to help a situation – but only made it worse.
03/02/2022m 9s

Stormzy Unpopular Opinion

Stormzy gives us a new slant on the Unpopular Opinion theme tune, escaped leopards and fat owls make Animal News and listener Lorna spots a very young and trendy Greg on an old TV show.
30/01/2018m 47s

Douf… Douf…Douf Douf Douf D Douf

To celebrate today’s Jan Slam prize (EastEnders set tour), record producer Richard brings in the ACTAUL douf douf machine used in the EastEnders theme. Then, to add to the complete madness and nonsense, we find the man who did the whistling bit at the end! Also, Greg tells his first football related joke ever (then gets very defensive about it) and Ali Plumb chats to movie star Dev Patel about his wedding dance moves.
29/01/2034m 33s

Weird Families, Blushing Brides and Bleak Mornings

Following Roisin’s revelation, that her mum would throw a shoe at her for good luck, Greg asks for examples of how weird families can be. And yes…they can be VERY weird. Also, Shannon is back with another Fake News Challenge and after hearing about a disastrous day for a blushing bride Greg collects some more of your Bleak Mornings.
28/01/2026m 35s

Radio 1’s Big Weekend Reveal

Listener Carys has the massive responsibility of revealing the location and the first 6 big acts to appear at Big Weekend 2020. Plus, we get an update on the Royal Pencil and Bombay Bicycle Club have an Unpopular opinion which leads Greg to reveal a very peculiar thing he does whilst on the toilet.
27/01/2022m 2s

Queen Of Uniforms

Does Beyoncé’s new clothing range look like a supermarket uniform? Greg investigates and speaks to Queen of the Fast Food Chain Uniforms Abby. Plus, The Royal Pencil is sent on another outing and what’s listener Gary‘s beef with A Place In The Sun?
23/01/2024m 11s

Bongs, Baps & Bad Ideas

Plenty of silliness on today’s podcast with more animal news, more bad ideas that came to you in a dream and Greg getting annoyed at a missed opportunity in a sausage bap promotion.
22/01/2023m 32s

Zombie Paninis & A Royal Telling Off

Jayde Adams In The Radio 1 Phone Room, taking your calls about being told off by a stranger and ideas you had in your sleep that, in the morning, turned out to be complete rubbish.
21/01/2033m 14s

Stop It! It’s Not Funny

A special co-host in today’s podcast, in the form of Pasty Sarah from “Pass The Pasty” fame. Plus, a windy noise at a snooker tournament prompts stories of mischief in the classroom - times when a teacher wants to laugh but has to remain professional and Arielle Free joins us for more Fact Controller.
20/01/2021m 39s

R1 Breakfast with Mr. Morning Melt

Sex Education’s Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa play What’s My Age Again? We have an update on The Royal Pencil and Greg has a new nick-name that he’s not entirely happy about.
16/01/2033m 19s

Triple Gammon!

Following Billie Eilish’s double of Bond theme and Grammys appearance, Greg asks if anyone has had a triple? Al from Stratford upon Avon said ‘Triple gammon’! Plus an old Ask The Nation is revisited and a new one debates someone’s showering habits.
15/01/2027m 40s

Phil Wang In The Radio 1 Phone Room

Comedian Phil Wang takes calls on the times when you’ve disgraced your family and Fireman Chan has a sad tale to tell. Greg also hears about time when windy weather is used as a good excuse and Shannon is back with Fake News. Is her story of Mitchell Bros. knees real?
14/01/2029m 25s

Turn It Off!! Turn It Off!!

Many stories of when smart speakers let you down - times when a connected device creates some very embarrassing moments. Also, Greg investigates a police station’s address and we catch up with Roisin Hastie at the Love Island Villa in South Africa.
13/01/2022m 32s

Things You Forgot To Tell Your Nan

On hearing the news about Prince Harry and Meghan, Greg asks about the things you forgot to tell your nan. Plus, we hear of the weird and funny ways you add a bit of drama to everyday mundane tasks and Greg gets his gong out for Annie Mac.
09/01/2018m 45s

Sheerah, Nachos and Bond

Newcastle football icon Alan Shearer speaks to super fan ‘Sheerah’. We have another dilemma to Ask The Nation about sharing Nachos and Greg imagines how the Bond soundtrack by Hans Zimmer might sound.
08/01/2018m 52s

A Love Island Insertion?

Greg has an idea to sneak the Royal Cabello pencil into the Love Island house and some of you are not happy. Also, listener Shannon is back with her Fake News game and we look back upon an awkward moment for Beyoncé and Jay Z
07/01/2022m 7s

Why Hello, 2020!

We kick off the new year in a big way with a special guest presenter for the first podcast of the year, (said to be the most charismatic and good looking person since George Clooney!) Greg looks back at interesting and wonderfully weird moments that happened while he was off (including a man drinking a strange substance from 1840) and launches Radio 1’s Jan Slam with an amazing 007 prize.
06/01/2025m 59s

The Quizmas Tree Of The Year!

Harry Styles takes on the role of Quiz Master as Sally and Kelly - both on cherry pickers - get hoisted up the biggest Christmas tree in the UK. Also, the Scottish Jingle Bells kid is back and we relive some of the silliest moments and cheesiest remixes of the year.
19/12/1931m 24s

Greg Vs. Dina Asher-Smith

The fastest British woman in the world Dina Asher-Smith is here to play What’s My Age Again, Stormzy has recorded a festive treat for us and we get a Jungle debrief from Adele Roberts.
18/12/1925m 52s

Chris Martin Plays Your Bleak Mornings

Chris from Coldplay creates some memorable songs to help some of our listeners with their morning mishaps, Greg sees a familiar face at a traffic incident and we find our first contender to crank up Yesterday’s Quizmas Tree.
17/12/1938m 46s

D Double E Rap-Up of 2019

It’s the week before Christmas so what better way to kick things off than with a D Double E rap-up of 2019!? Also, we catch up with Mr Pie and his students on the Isle of Jura to find out how their Panto went and listener Hannah has the biggest Christmas tree in the land. What can we do with it?
16/12/1922m 38s

A Christmas Sacking?

A Christmas party dilemma arises in Ask The Nation, Charlie is in the hedges with a bowl of pasta and single rose, ready for another Festive Feeling surprise and listener Shannon relays a story of a man who has a unique way of repelling mosquitos.
12/12/1943m 54s

Festive Feeling: Charlie In The Hedges

Charlie’s hiding in a bush in Scotland next to dog poo in a bin - the things she’ll do to give someone a Festive Feeling surprise! Also Greg receives an exciting message from King of Cheese Rick Stein, destroys Tailor Swift’s Christmas song forever and is shocked by an Unpopular Opinion given by Clara about one of the biggest villains in the world of Christmas movies.
11/12/1927m 41s

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Festive Feeling & A School Drama

Fleabag creator and Bond writer Phoebe is here to help some listeners with their personal dilemmas, it’s day one of our Festive Feeling, so Charlie Hedges is prowling around someone’s bush hoping to surprise them and a school in Scotland has had a dramatic turn in their Christmas Panto preparations.
10/12/1932m 4s

Daisy Ridley & John Boyega Unpopular Opinion

The stars of Star Wars are here for your Unpopular Opinions and it turns out that Leo DiCaprio is not Daisy’s cup of tea! Also, The Fact Controller Stormz in with an emergency fact, and Greg thinks Question Time should be changed to "Question Wine".
09/12/1932m 2s

Hum, The Bees Are Coming!

Dev and Alice join us for a Christmas Fact Controller, we hear of all the crazy things Grandads do and a conspiracy theory emerges about Yesterday’s Quiz.
05/12/1932m 8s

Finger or Forks?

We Asked The Nation if people should be eating chicken wings with their hands or cutlery. Greg drops some lullaby tunes - Snoop Dogg style and listener Alfie want to know if shopping with a suitcase is weird.
04/12/1920m 50s

Poop The Potato and A Flying Champagne Cork

Greg hears about your favourite Christmas parlour games, Krept and Konan are manning the phone lines, taking your calls on ‘times when chat up lines went well’ and we have a mission for D Double E.
03/12/1933m 6s

Adele, Advents & Adversity

Greg believes if you have anything other than a chocolate advent calendar it’s just not right – pork scratchings, fragrances and couples making each other advent calendars can all GET IN THE BIN! Also Adele speaks to us from the jungle, Clara is angry and Alan the Robot Hoover is getting too big for his boots!
02/12/1922m 22s

Onceupona Podcast!

The Fact Controller is here with Grimmy, helping out listeners with some strange ideas. Also, The Palace Pencil news has spread globally and we chat to Adele’s girlfriend Kate all the way from The Jungle.
28/11/1917m 12s

Mo Gilligan Is With Egg James

Comedian Mo Gilligan gathers your ideas for T.V shows. Cathy for instance loves Caribbean food so would love to watch The Great British Jerk Off. Also, Greg remembers those funny primary school injuries that would get you sent home early and we are treated to another Rick Stein Big Cheese Remix.
27/11/1930m 40s

Camila Cabello, Cold Trousers and Talking Magpies

Camila Cabello joins us for Unpopular Opinion and sings the theme tune beautifully. Plus, “why does everyone keep accidentally insulting Taylor Swift?” and we welcome the return of our favourite talking Christmas magpie.
26/11/1930m 32s

Crimbo or Crimno?

Is it too early to start playing Christmas songs? We Ask The Nation and whatever the nation decides will be Radio 1’s policy FOREVER! Also, we hear about your friends or family that have a hidden past and have more animal news including a driving dog.
25/11/1921m 46s

Consume By 1963

A stupid talking point about out of date food spawns one of the greatest stories about one woman, her grandad and a frozen parakeet…Also, a few of you have hijacked the Newsbeat phone line and Greg loves you for it!!
21/11/1925m 9s

A Change Of Plan!

The Holyhead Chippy that became known as the Hippy Chippy when the C of the Chippy fell off - then tried to become the Chippy again but got complaints and so decided on going back to being the Hippy Chippy. Only now they no longer can be the Hippy Chippy because there is another Hippy Chippy and so they have to remain The Chippy…..Romesh Ranganathan wonders what it’s all about!
20/11/1919m 41s

Just Another Day

Hot tubs, toast crumbs & backward pizzas. Hippy chips, oven gloves & Olympic weight-lifters. BBC poos, musical gates and a croissants warbling presenter…It can only be The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James!
19/11/1922m 6s

HAIM Sing Your Bleak Mornings

HAIM help some listeners with their Bleak Mornings, including a man was buried under a sea of bread and crumpets and we have news on The Hippy Chippy and the naming of the under-7s rugby team.
18/11/1924m 48s

Mambo Number Cheese

Greg has another Rick Stein cheese mix, Ask The Nation brings a kissing dilemma and (ahead of her debut on I’m A Celebrity this Sunday) we speak to Adele's girlfriend Kate about keeping the secret for so long.
14/11/1928m 7s

Weird Houses & Cheesy Riddims

We hear about the weird things in your house, like using yoghurt pots for mugs for example. Also, Scott Mills and Chris Stark are here for Fact Controller and Greg gets creative with Rick Stein, a lot of cheese and Tion Wayne’s track ‘Kesha, Becky’.
13/11/1933m 46s

Advice From Lizzo

Lizzo is here to help listeners with their dilemmas and she truly is the most upbeat person! Listener Lauren has a complaint to make about a missing handkerchief and it’s true! Radio 1’s very own Adele Roberts is going into the Jungle and Greg and Clara are very excited.
12/11/1927m 23s

David Yoghurt Live!

Everything has built up to this moment, one man, his assistant and a row of different yoghurts. Can David Yoghurt finally get a clean lidder? Also, Greg and Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russel are getting suspicious about Adele Roberts’ absence and we receive a letter from Simon Cowell.
11/11/1934m 10s

Niall Horan, The Faker?

Is the video of Diplo and Niall Horan a deep fake? Niall calls in with the truth. Also, Greg sings some nice hymns to Simon Cowell and we Ask The Nation about duvet habits.
07/11/1928m 55s

Emilia Clarke’s Unpopular Opinion

Mother Of Dragons Emilia has a shocking Unpopular Opinion involving one of the greatest Christmas songs ever!! Also, following Skepta’s very sleepy interview on Annie Mac’s show Greg asks about the times you’ve over-Skept.
06/11/1924m 30s

14 Orangutans And A Raw Chicken

Greg attempts14 different pronunciations of Oooorangutan, more incidents of listeners getting stuck in things and..Is it Grande Finale time for David Yoghurt? Superstar Welsh commentator Eddie Butler thinks it may be.
05/11/1925m 21s

Dua Lipa Plays What’s My Age Again

Dua proves to be remarkably good at What’s My Age Again? We hear tales of times you’ve been stuck in awkward positions and names that sound like an illness – a touch of Valtteri Bottas maybe?
04/11/1925m 57s

Harry and Dua and Greg and James

Listener Ellie gets a big surprise when THE Harry Styles turns up on Unpopular Opinion and Dua Lipa plays her new song exclusively to eight year old Sam. But, what does he think of it? Also, David Yoghurt tries, once again, for a clean lid and Greg and James are getting married. Yay!
31/10/1929m 22s

Jonathan Van Ness - Beard Or No Beard

Greg tests Queer Eye’s Jonathan with his beard knowledge, by getting him to guess which caller has a beard, we hear of times when a Halloween costume has raised an alarm, and can David Yoghurt finally get a clean lid?
30/10/1924m 37s

Paxman, Bieber & Dog Accounts

Luke got in touch with Greg to ask, is it acceptable for dogs to have an Instagram account? We Asked The Nation. Plus we had an update on Bieber’s crazy post and an amazing audio montage of Jeremy Paxman.
29/10/1919m 51s

Sean Paul Calling Sean Paul

Sean Paul calls up various Seans and Sians, there’s a new alphabet song that Greg’s not a fan of and you send in examples of non-sweary insults – you teapots!!
29/10/1923m 51s

Radio 1’s Treasure Hunt

Today was the day! The Treasure Hunt to find 4 Golden tickets kicked off, with Huw Stephens, Arielle Free, Mollie King and Phil Taggart all out in the field…but was there a winner?
24/10/1934m 9s

Treasure Hunt Clue

BBC Sounds listeners get it first - listen closely...
24/10/191m 3s

What’s My Age Again? With Dotty

Greg was joined by Dotty to play the game What’s My Age Again? David Yoghurt has another attempt at a clean lid, and Greg answers all the FAQ’s on the up and coming Radio 1 Treasure Hunt.
23/10/1926m 55s

A Letter From Coldplay

Listener Mia has info on the new Coldplay album (straight from the horse’s mouth), Greg has unknowingly become a matchmaker for Emma and poor Flo had a strange experience after a bout of food poisoning.
22/10/1932m 50s

Blink 182 Play What’s My Age Again?

Actual Blink 182 are here to play What’s My Age Again? (Of course) and Greg launches a chance to win tickets to Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds in Radio 1’s Treasure Hunt.
21/10/1928m 14s

Josh Widdicombe In The Phone Room

Josh is in phone room and the topic today is ‘Games you came up with in the pub’. Plus, we catch up with The Chairman of The Knobs, David Yoghurt and Craig, whose girlfriend wonders what eggs taste like!
17/10/1931m 48s

Unpopular Opinion With Paul Rudd

Hollywood superstar Paul Rudd does Unpopular Opinion (even singing along to the theme tune). Also, some awful deeds committed in your stories of sibling rivalry and Greg is sad because the Dorset Knob throwing competition is off!!
16/10/1928m 19s

Chippy or Hippy?

It's decision time for landlord Tudor, but will his chip shop be changed back from the 'Chippy' to the 'Hippy'? Chris Stark drops by for a round of The Fact Controller. Plus Dave's yoghurt saga continues.... and he's made his own jingle!
10/10/1924m 32s

Teacher Mistakes

Tyre marks, gravy and mascara ruining exam papers? Yes, even teachers mess things up now and then. Plus, Greg goes of a search to find an early opening pub for Scotland’s Rugby match and further updates with David Yoghurt and the Hippy Chippy.
09/10/1928m 20s

To Flush or Not To Flush?

Listener Kelly was on Ask The Nation to ask if you should flush the toilet in the middle of the night, Greg’s massive head on the IMAX in London has been putting some people off their lunch and an update on the Hippy Chippy chip shop sign scandal!
08/10/1921m 15s

Niall Horan Unpopular Opinion

Niall Horan was here for one of our best Unpopular Opinions yet, singing the theme tune ‘n’ all. Plus, after watching a video of a girl popping a chocolate balloon and throwing chocolate up the walls Greg asked - When was the last time you had to call for “muuuuum!?”
07/10/1929m 32s

Claiming Dina Asher-Smith

Just like when people claimed they knew Olivia Coleman ‘before she was big’ we find people claiming they knew, had met or had a loose connection to Dina Asher-Smith after her 200m win. Plus, more of your mum questions and an investigation is launched into some outrageous claims by Cardi B.
03/10/1922m 38s

A Wobbly Man, A Cow’s Nose and A Wild Goose

Greg speaks to Megan and Ashleigh the Wobbly Man inflators, finds a cow with an amazing skill and hears of some strange goings on in Nottingham.
02/10/1933m 4s

Romesh Ranganathan Mans The Phones

Romesh is here to hear about what mundane or weird things are people’s towns known for, we find a dog that can unlock a phone and Greg helps listener Chloe send a confusing birthday message to her dad.
01/10/1929m 27s

Well Done! But Who Saw?

Following Dina Asher-Smith’s great win in the World Championships over the weekend, which was witnessed by very few, listeners tell us of their achievements that weren’t witnessed by anyone. Also, we catch up with Tom who was on a mission get his date to open her phone with her toe! But did he dare ask?
30/09/1927m 33s

Take A Toe For The Team!

Greg thinks the perfect ice breaker is to suggest that you can unlock your phone with your toe-print, Tom’s got a date tonight and fancies giving it a go. Also an investigation is launched into why AJ Tracey has such young fans and Ask The Nation delves into the matter of the fake Mud Run!
26/09/1922m 5s

There's Too Much News!

There's so much going on right now, so Greg buries listener's bad news. Listener Ellie has been buying pasties with the money her mum has given her for gym membership, so Greg and Roisin play a new game to help her compose a text message confession. And there's a two year old who is obsessed AJ Tracey (live and direct)!
26/09/1927m 59s

A Bit Of A Rough Selfie

Scott Mills comes in to play the hilarious new game Who Met Whom, we hear some rather sad Bleak Mornings and catch up with our two Freshers as they hit the town.
24/09/1927m 8s

Nish Kumar In The Phone Room

Following on from Jamie Laing having to watch his Strictly replacement dance in front of him, we got Nish in to gather stories from a time you’ve watched someone else doing your job (but better!). Also, the Rugby World Cup is in full swing and we wonder what songs would sound good in the stadiums, Aaliyah’s Try Again maybe?
23/09/1929m 25s

Dog Fashion Disco

Woeful tales of making a mess of things and trying to style it out, ideas about starting a disco for dogs and a poll about weeing in the shower – it can only be Radio1 Breakfast with Greg James!
19/09/1924m 31s

Sam Fender What’s My Age Again?

Sam Fender plays What’s My Age Again? ahead of his Live Lounge appearance, Meg runs through her new Meg Hates List (one of them being that she hates getting homework from Radio 1) and listener Jess has a musical fridge - but what is the tune?
18/09/1932m 32s

Fact Controller & Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade takes on The Fact Controller, Greg gets together his strongest cast of Toy Story named callers and “Macaroni Cheese - Everybody Freeze!!” Teachers call in with a variety of ways to greet their students and make them listen.
17/09/1928m 5s

The Guinea Pig Whisperer

We find out the show’s news presenter Roisin talks to guinea pigs, Lana Del Rey, Mahalia and Jax Jones feature in a pop star edition of Unpopular Opinions, Listener Matt brings us some more Moaning Millionaires and we hear about disastrous coffee incidents from around the world.
16/09/1929m 25s

Cara Delevigne Judges Impossible Karaoke

Cara is in to judge Impossible Karaoke and an investigation into inanimate objects that ruined your day and a man who ended up with a solitary bean!
05/09/1923m 47s

Mike V Ali Showdown

Our very own little film critic Mike (who hates chocolate AND films) challenges Ali Plumb's movie credentials, Greg launches a heated Ask The Nation topic about dating profiles and Jack from Friendly Fires gives us an AMAZING Unpopular Opinion about pebble beaches.
04/09/1923m 35s

Happy Birthday Miranda

Inspired by Emily Atack's mum attempting to prank her on the show yesterday, listeners call in with their stories of parental mischief. Greg has received an email from Emma, with a list of all the things her colleague Meg hated at the age of 18. And we delve into the world of celebrity birthday messages courtesy of Kim Woodburn.
03/09/1922m 56s

Taylor Swift's Unpopular Opinion

Taylor Swift kick started Radio 1's Live Lounge Month earlier today, but she also found time to share her Unpopular Opinion. Arielle Free, host of Radio 1's brand new Weekend Early Breakfast Show, takes part in today's Fact Controller. And Emily Atack returns to answer the calls in our phone room.
02/09/1922m 32s

The "We Definitely Didn't Forget To Make a Podcast" Podcast

Just the one day late... here are the best bits of yesterday's show. Darren the train manager presents Yesterday's Quiz. Also, there's been a randy lady on Naked Attraction, PPI calls are no more and Greg ponders another Ask The Nation Dilemma.
30/08/1925m 42s

I Don't Like Chocolate Cake OR Movies!

Comedian Iain Stirling takes listener's calls in the Radio 1 Phone Room. Plus, five more kids disclose their Unpopular Opinions and Greg asks: "do people really calm themselves down with a bucket of cold water"?
28/08/1926m 29s

Stitch Up!

Chris Stark drops by to play a new game... but it doesn't work out well for either him nor Greg. Also, Greg has taken issue with one of the tracks on Taylor Swift's album and we head to BBC Wiltshire for an update on the rooster that listener 'Nice Dave' named on the show last week.
27/08/1921m 5s

Dele Ali's Least Favourite Toe

Greg finds out what happened when Reece Parkinson asked footballers questions sent in by the listeners. Also, we've found Darren - the train manager who does quizzes on the train! And Greg's friend was on the phone to a company recently... but there was something not quite right with the 'on hold' music.
23/08/1927m 26s

The Fart Doctor

Greg counts down the top 5 farts from an actual scientific survey. The voice over lady is in the building, so Greg gets her to read out some listener messages. Richard - the star of last night's Inside the Factory calls in to give some behind the scenes tales of Gregg Wallace. And listeners help a farmer name a Rooster....
21/08/1917m 19s

One Year On

Greg celebrates a year of early mornings with the blast of a massive horn! Sarah from 'Pass The Pasty' returns to play 'Yesterday's Quiz'. Plus, there are more 'Unpopular Opinions' and Greg has a surprise in store for one unsuspecting listener.
20/08/1935m 47s

Is It Acceptable To Talk During Film Trailers?

When you're in the cinema, is it acceptable to talk over the trailers for new films, or should you remain silent? Greg lets the nation decide. Also today: there's a train manager who uses the public address system to entertain passengers with a quiz; a bride whose husband included 'Are You Well' in his wedding speech and newsreaders are awkwardly reading jokes in the news.
19/08/1926m 11s

You've NEVER heard Mr Brightside?

Greg speaks to comedian Sofie Hagen, who has just heard The Killers - Mr Brightside for the first time. Plus - Radio 1's film reviewer Ali Plumb thinks he's related to Kate Winslet. And it's the morning after his 18th birthday party, so did Mikey wake up in time for Yesterday's Quiz? Greg's sorted out a backup just in case.
15/08/1921m 6s

All The Latest Bins!

Heroic train announcers, phoney moon rock, and everything you didn't need to know from the world of bins...
14/08/1925m 8s

Salmon Suckers & Rubbish Helpers

Times you’ve tried to help - but made things worse, Salmon getting fired through tubes and Impossible Karaoke. Oh and listen out for a cameo appearance by a rapping Joe Lycett!
13/08/1925m 26s

Greg Saves The Earth!

Listener Alistair has an “ambitious” idea for a TV ad for the show, Harry Potter and Justin Timberlake come under fire in a special kid’s edition of Unpopular Opinion and a date at The Shard that went VERY wrong.
12/08/1917m 41s

Aisling Bea, Staring at Seagulls & A Face Like A Rock!

Comedian Aisling Bea takes your calls on the weird hacks your parents have, Greg launches “The Peoples Transfer Deadline Day” and Newsbeat has a solution to a seagull problem.
08/08/1921m 59s

Have You Ever Touched A Mole?

Greg welcomed Gareth back to the show to catch up on last night’s episode of Inside the Factory with Gregg Wallace asking very peculiar questions. Plus, is it ok or not ok to like someone’s holiday photo? - We Ask The Nation and more of the lies your parents said to make you behave.
07/08/1919m 45s

Miss Jeffries Will Get Ya!

Greg revealed his parents would threaten him to behave, when he was little, with a made up lady called Miss Jeffries. It seems he is not the only one with a sinister disciplinarian. Plus Joe who works on the show has NEVER cracked an egg, so we get him on the case and dinosaurs and cupcakes are questioned as we hand over Unpopular Opinion to the kids.
06/08/1929m 5s

Dads On Holiday

Greg, fresh back from his hols, was keen to find out about all of the weird things that dads do on holiday - cue tales of special flying suits and laminators. Also, Inside the Factory is back and an apology is issued to Jordan North.
05/08/1924m 13s

Hide & Seek: The Net Is Closing

With the help of Scott Mill’s resident detective James and the commitment of listeners all around the country the net starts to close on Greg and Grimmy….but does it?
24/07/1951m 3s

Hide & Seek: Breaking The Code

Theories involving Blackpool, The Space Centre and Drake all come flying in. Then comes a breakthrough.
24/07/1927m 17s

Hide & Seek: Takes To The Skies

The hunt continues with clues coming from aeroplanes and drive thru’s.
24/07/1940m 55s

Hide & Seek: The Game Is Afoot

#HideandSeek is underway and Chris Stark and listener Sophie think they may have solved the puzzle early, then Chris tries a “Horn-Along” and big wanted posters go up cross the nation.
23/07/1935m 20s

Hide & Seek: The Set-Up

Greg and Grimmy are hiding in the biggest ever game of Hide & Seek. As the fugitives head for their hiding hole, speculation runs amok. "Hunted" expert Peter Bleksley and Grimmy's Niece Liv are called on for help. #HideandSeek
23/07/1924m 7s

Beefeaters, Speed-boats and Deception!

Something sinister was happening at Radio 1 today. Greg, Jordan, Adele, Maya, Scott and Grimmy were all summoned to the studio, only for some of them to be whisked away to The Tower of London. Treachery was in the air as they awaited their fate.
23/07/1926m 22s

The Devil’s Lettuce Tried To Kill My Mum!

Sigala and Becky Hill give a couple of VERY Unpopular Opinions. 1Xtra’s Reece Parkinson claims 5:30 is dinner time but Greg disagrees, so we Ask The Nation and Greg starts a national duty on announcing ice-cream vans locations all over the country.
22/07/1928m 38s

A Soggy Potato Waffle Wrapped Up In Loo Roll

It’s the end of term for lots of teachers so we took a look at the worst gifts they've received and there were some more Unpopular Opinions including a shocker about Beyoncé.
18/07/1925m 34s

Michael Dapaah Mans The Phones

Big Shaq Comedian Michael Dapaah was on the show taking your calls on mistaken identity. Plus, a report on how long people take on the toilet triggers another Greg experiment, this time involving Amy sitting on the toilet for half an hour and Freya Ridings gives us a strange Unpopular Opinion.
17/07/1933m 37s

Run And Let Out A Wee

Denise gave us a call from the steepest hill in the world and shouted ‘weeeeee’ as she ran down it, another round of Fact Controller includes crumb trays and trolley bays and Shane sends in the weirdest idea for a promo ever!
16/07/1926m 54s

A Super Over Show

It was all about the cricket today (of course) and Greg got to speak to Joe Root’s Nan! Another Cricket legend Jimmy Anderson calls in to celebrate the retirement of Alan the Robot Hoover and listeners Dean & Ruby compete in a round of Impossible Karaoke.
15/07/1927m 32s

Can You Out-Trump Trump?

Trump was giving a talk about kidneys yesterday and seemed to really not know what he was talking about at all. It gave Greg an idea… Also, Michael Vaughan and Ebony Rainford-Brent were on to hear the result of Alan the robot hoover’s cricket prediction and Unpopular Opinion reveals someone who hates the “Are you well” catchphrase.
11/07/1931m 30s

I Want To Ride A Hippo!

Ali Plumb is here for movie-based Fact Controllers including someone thinking Jumanji was based on real life. The Queen planted a tree yesterday at 93! We get some examples of “Granual Labour” and, if someone sneezes in a toilet cubicle, is it right to say “Bless you”? We ask the nation.
10/07/1925m 55s

Ellie Taylor Takes Your Calls

Comedian Ellie Taylor has recently been on the Crystal Maze with Gemma Collins who had a mega tantrum, even trying to tell the producer to stop the game, so Ellie takes your calls about times when you’ve done a “Gemma” – had a massive tantrum over a tiny thing. Also, BBC Political reporter Laura Kuenssberg became our new hero as she threw an “Are You Well?” to Jeremy Hunt.
09/07/1927m 26s

Lil Nas X: Old Kent Road

Lil Nas X does a British remix of his hit ‘Old Town Road’ with Greg, Grimmy and the listeners! Plus, has the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg been listening to the show? Greg also helps a very confused listener and has a bumper edition of all the latest things which includes some worrying geography questions from the Love Island contestants.
08/07/1920m 3s

Sigala & Becky Hill: The Thommo Remix

Becky Hill and Sigala’s big hit ‘Wish You Well’ has had our listeners wanting an ‘Are You Well?’ inspired remix for some time now. Greg answered their wishes. Also, Analogue Doug plays Yesterday’s Quiz and some BIG news from the Ainsley Harriott camp.
04/07/1921m 48s

Katherine Ryan Takes Your Calls

Comedian Katherine hears your tales of High School Nemeses – people that become hometown heroes and leave you a bit jealous. Plus, Greg was super excited to see an “Are You Well” flag at Glastonbury, we hear the tale of Joe’s amazing proposal to Sarah and wonder how to retire Alan, The Robot Hoover!
03/07/1932m 45s

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland

The stars of Spider-Man: Far From Home are here and Greg is shocked to find out that Jake Gyllenhaal is a massive fan of Unpopular Opinion. Plus, Alan The Robot Hoover is back and gives a prediction of England’s World Cup tie against Norway to footballing legend Alex Scott and we track two cars of festival goers on their way to Glastonbury.
27/06/1932m 13s

A Serenade For Perrie

Listener Will, who lied to his “current girlfriend” and said he could play the guitar, has been practising and he serenades Perrie from Little Mix. Plus, another go-to video that makes you smile (in the form of Feargie’s Star Spangled Banner rendidtion) and we hear of the time when Newsbeat’s Cat Collins won a strange Radio 1 competition.
26/06/1925m 22s

Oh Grandad! What’s Your Thing?

The strange things your Grandads do – from turbo charged lawnmowers to a misunderstanding of what a “selfie” is. Plus, listener Kate was awoken by some “Squeeky Fish Scientists” and Barney was a bit trigger happy on his food app after a night out.
25/06/1919m 59s

Stupid Things You’ve Seen At Gigs

We spoke to some people about the funny stuff they’ve seen at gigs and festivals including a guy with a toilet seat round his neck! Plus, Jeremy Vine brings news on the Eggheads investigation and Greg is fascinated by a Japanese Detective with a bum for a face.
24/06/1918m 19s

Rose Matafeo Mans The Phones

Comedian Rose Matafeo is in the phone room hearing all of your stories of rubbish romantic gifts. Also, does travelling on aeroplanes make you do weird things? After all Greg thought that Ratatouille was the best film ever after seeing it on a flight, and Ali Plumb is here after chatting to Tom Hanks about Toy Story 4.
20/06/1925m 17s

Taylor Swift, Jeremy Vine & Alan The Hoover

A trio of big guests on this podcast! Taylor Swift speaks about that shower incident, Jeremy Vine joins the Eggheads Investigation and Alan The Psychic Hoover makes a Women’s World Cup prediction.
18/06/1925m 57s

Little Mix Give Dilemma Advice

Following in the footsteps of Louis Theroux, Little Mix give listener Will some advice. After his appearance on TV over the weekend we bring back Harry Redknapp’s Storytime and Radio 1’s very own Dev has a spot of bother with a buggy at the Isle of Wight festival.
17/06/1920m 4s

Knickerless Panda Haters & Mash

Unpopular Opinions reveals some shocking confessions, listener George has an A-Level exam task to critique the show from yesterday and football legend Alex Scott was on the phone to convince teacher Mr O’Neill to let his classmates watch the Scotland Women’s Football match tomorrow.
13/06/1920m 21s

Lewis Capaldi Sings Your Bleak Mornings

Lewis joins Greg for Bleak Mornings and he admits that he would only pay £9 to see himself play live! Also, have you had a worse 45 minutes than the Thai football team had last night? And the search is on for a lost piece of Eggheads memorabilia.
12/06/1933m 39s

Stella Argos Anyone?

More nans doing incredible things, a Love Island revelation and a bossy American woman. Grab yourself an expensive coffee, put your feet up and have a listen.
11/06/1920m 5s

Chris Stark, Oliver Heldens & An Old Friend

Chris Stark joins us for Fact Controller which results in Greg getting a wedgie! Also, Greg hears from an old mystery friend and puts DJ Oliver Heldens to a very important task.
10/06/1925m 56s

GOT & Dark Phoenix Star Sophie Turner Is Here

Sophie Turner joins us for Unpopular Opinion and she reveals one about her in the shower. Also we hear of many ways in which you have destroyed a laptop, like Beth who set down her dad’s on the hob. What could possibly go wrong??
06/06/1920m 24s

Oh Nana What’s Your Thing!

A big sigh of relief as Greg managed to wake up without an alarm today! Lots of listeners got involved in today’s show sharing their Nan Things and a heated debate on Ask The Nation…
05/06/1921m 3s

Professor Brian Cox Live From Mars!

Professor Brian Cox joined Greg and was this morning’s Fact Controller, Greg was also keen to find out what people’s disappointing purchases were, and is planning an alarm free zone tomorrow morning…What could possibly go wrong?
04/06/1923m 22s

Millie Bobby Brown and Miley Cyrus

Millie Bobby Brown plays What's My Age Again and Greg introduces Miley Cyrus to squash at Radio 1's Big Weekend.
30/05/1933m 13s

Little Mix, Mumford & Sons and Children In Knees

Little Mix share their Unpopular Opinions, Mumford & Sons play What's My Age Again? and the nation unites for Children In Knees.
29/05/1922m 5s

Matty Healy backstage at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Matty Healy joins Greg for a backstage tour of the Big Weekend dressing rooms. Plus Sean Paul reacts to our Sean Paul festival idea.
28/05/1927m 30s

The 2019 Sheep Dash Live From Middlesbaaa

The day has finally arrived, the tension has been building all week to find out the winner of the 2019 Sheep Dash. Ram Fender, Bleater Ora, Little Bo People and many others are in the running but who will win? Reporting legends Andrew Cotter and Derek Thompson provide the commentary.
24/05/1916m 44s

The Madness Continues

Only one day to o until Radio 1’s Big Weekend so we continue the madness of Sheep Dash, with Zara Larsson claiming a sheep and we hear from the sheep themselves! Plus, inspired by wonderful Rick Stein, we hear where more people named Rick are off for the weekend.
23/05/1922m 32s

Mabel, Lamb Marie & Little Bo People

Mabel is here to play What’s My Age Again? and we gather more artists who want sheep for our Big Weekend Sheep Dash so look out for James BAAA-thur, Lamb Marie and BA BA JAX’ SHEEP! Not forgetting the people’s runner ‘Little Bo People’.
22/05/1923m 46s

Radio 1’s Big Sheep Dash Is On!

Greg reveals all the details of Radio 1’s Big Sheep Dash and Lewis Capaldi is the first to respond. Also, quick fixes that just make things worse – producer Will had one that has outraged his fiancé.
21/05/1921m 12s

Ellie Goulding Plays What's My Age Again?

With the Big Weekend just a few days away, Greg is getting a sheep-based idea around the weekend, Ellie Goulding visits to talk Big Weekends past, karaoke and play What's My Age Again? and there were NO GAME OF THRONES' SPOILERS.
21/05/1924m 53s

The Mac Controller, Lineker & McDonald

Annie Mac is here for Fact Controller ahead of her MASSIVE gig at the FA Cup final, listener Flora hopes to speak to Gary Lineker in Game Of Phones and 9 year old James gets to chat to his idol Jane McDonald (of Loose Women and cruise ship fame).
16/05/1925m 18s

Joe Lycett’s Grand Kitchen Opening

Joe joins us on air the morning after his kitchen opening from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, listener Amy hopes to chat to Gary Lineker in Game Of Phones (even though she thought he was just the crisp guy) and should Jane McDonald be on the BIG Weekend line up?
15/05/1918m 42s

Jack Whitehall Mans The Phones

A busy show packed with guests; Jack Whitehall is in the phone room, Joe Lycett announces the opening of his new kitchen and Gary Lineker waits by his phone for a listener to call him in Game Of Phones, but do they get through?
14/05/1936m 34s

Cow-Pats Smell Great!

Another round of Unpopular Opinions includes one that nearly makes Greg swear on air, should we share a bath with our dog? And Bobby Berk from Queer Eye is on to talk with Greg and Clara to about some of the unfamiliar faces at last night’s BAFTAs.
13/05/1915m 8s

That's a Good One - Print It Out!

Dan and Kyle from Bastille play What's My Age Again. A listener has tipped Greg off about something Gregg Wallace has been doing on Instagram, which has spawned a new catchphrase. There's a dilemma from a Spurs fan. Do they go to see Muse Live as planned... or do they watch Tottenham in the Champions League Final? Plus, there are some Ricks on the phone! But... where are they going this weekend?
09/05/1923m 17s

Does Ainsley Harriott Have Doors?

Greg's heard that Ainsley Harriott has no doors in his house... so he investigates. Liverpool's victory over Barcelona last night has left listener Lauren with a dilemma. She's getting married to a massive Liverpool fan on the day of the Champions League final - so should she stream the match at her wedding? We let the nation decide. Plus there's an update on the plane that was accidentally part of history, as it took off while Prince Harry announced the birth of his son. Greg's found the flight number... but has he tracked down one of the passengers?
08/05/1920m 41s

A Plane Investigation

Greg’s back from his holidays and it was a busy show with all the usual nonsense. We heard some great Unpopular Opinions; relived Greg’s live remix of Derek Thompson and Meduza/GOODBOYS, and launched an investigation into finding passengers who were on the plane that can be heard in the background of the audio where Prince Harry announces the royal birth.
07/05/1922m 33s

Hey Rick! Where We Goin’ This Weekend?

Inspired by Rick Stein’s amazing theme tune Greg has an idea. Also, we Ask The Nation about whether it’s right to wear your luggage and “Hello Jill!!” - What’s Ainslee doing in the Hellboy movie?
18/04/1919m 9s

The Weird Thing About Mum!

We revisit some of our favourite Mum Habits like Bloss’s mum who puts the TV remote in a food bag! Also the investigation into Greg’s cousin’s stolen shopping bag continues with an eyewitness account and the Christmas magpie creates a stir in a dental lab.
17/04/1920m 24s

That Cow Shouldn’t Be On The Road, It Should Be On The Stage!

Listener Dulcie texted Greg to say she’d seen a sassy cow on her hazard perception driving test, Arielle Free sings us a song over the P.A system at Forest Green Rovers football stadium and Greg’s cousin Guy had an unfortunate situation involving a train door and a bag of shopping.
16/04/1920m 57s

A Spoiler-Free Game Of Thrones Podcast

It’s a big day for Game of Thrones fans and listener Anna is desperately trying to avoid the spoilers, so Greg monitors her progress. We also get some more Unpopular Opinions like “Tarantino is a rubbish director” and Matt is back with some more brilliant Moaning Millionaires.
15/04/1923m 35s

Tiffany Calver Talks Drake

Tiffany Calver dropped by to talk about the massive Drake shows she’s been DJ’ing at and listener Megan threw a bra at Drake and had to get the security guard to pass it back to her! Greg also launches an investigation into Nick Knowles and we get your styling it out tales - like going for a hand stand when someone swerves your high five.
11/04/1926m 21s

Expert Blaggers

After Greg had to make small talk with a taxi man about the football yesterday, he decides to compile a small-talk cheat sheet. Tips on everything from GOT to F1 will arm you for any conversation that may arise. Also, Greg is fascinated by a horse trying to mate with a car and a strange alert from Radio 4.
10/04/1912m 46s

Scarlett Nose Day

Listener Scarlett is 3p short for her rent so Greg puts out an appeal to the nation. Also, The Fact Controller is back, Bieber does poetry and Are you well? The Derek Thompson obsession continues.
09/04/1917m 51s

Good Morning, Jack Toff!

Following Maya Jama’s slip up on Friday you start to put Greg to the test with your silly names. Also, more of your startling unpopular opinions and the difference between us and America is illustrated in 2 funny clips.
08/04/1915m 13s

Chickens Don't Have Arms!

Comedian Joe Lycett is here to go through some Fact Controllers, we hear from people who have very important jobs but can’t do the normal everyday things and Greg creates a list of very British things that Drake should be using at his gigs - Mary Berry on a giant cupcake maybe?
04/04/1919m 38s

Dad! What Are You Doing??

What strange habit does your dad have? Washing the car with bath water maybe? We find out your weird ones. Also, Greg investigates friends that are nice but REALLY ANNOYING online and some more listeners are put on the spot in Fake Britain.
03/04/1917m 16s

Table Or No Table?

Greg and Nichola had lots to share from their day trip to Geneva; most importantly the question of whether it is okay to slump over and sleep on your tray table on a flight - It was time to Ask The Nation. Also, Greg had a very bleak morning when he came home to find a lovely Barney parcel in his living room and teacher Dom reported back about his April Fool’s attempt to convince his students that polar bears have been spotted in Scotland.
02/04/1922m 44s

Shocks Away!

More Unpopular Opinions including another shocker from Battle Of Hastings Guy, shocking scenes on Blue Planet Live and a shocking rip off of our favourite Gregg Wallace show. Anyway, are you well?
01/04/1916m 52s

All ThePast Papers In A Box To The Left

Zara Larsson helps us make a maths song for some Year 11s and we get some brilliant suggestions on what should fill the 2 hour Brexit-shaped hole on BBC One tomorrow! Also, Katy from The Crown Hotel in Bawtry actually phoned us and she is well! We thought so.
28/03/1924m 52s

Are You Well? I Thought You Were

After our discovery of Derek Thompson and our new favourite catch phrase, Greg catches up with teacher Grace who had given the phrase a go at her parents evening last night. Also, Greg heard a horn yesterday that sounded just like the one from our hootenanny last month so he starts an investigation to find it and The Fact Controller returns with a load more nonsense including toasters having different settings.
27/03/1920m 49s

Chris and Rosie Ramsey Man The Phones

Chris and Rosie Ramsey were in the Radio 1 Phone room chatting to the R1 listeners about the ‘unveiling of the mask’ moments in relationships, Greg’s favourite racing presenter Derek Thompson from ‘that’s a man actually Derek’ is back with something even better and in the midst of all the hard Brexit news, we were given another great moment from the world’s most relaxed newsreader Simon McCoy.
26/03/1924m 4s

Greg Snubs Corden!!

Greg rejects TWO Face Time requests from James Corden who was hanging out in LA with Jan Slam winner Phil, listener Sam claims that nose picking is ‘great fun’ in Unpopular Opinion and Blue Peter legend Valerie Singleton shows off her impressive Grime knowledge like a ‘Big Man Ting’.
25/03/1918m 20s

Tan France Asks The Nation

Tan France helps Greg resolve Squirrel Gate. Plus, we ask people what songs their exes have been listening to on their Spotify and Suchitra reads us a beautiful poem about Goat Watch.
21/03/1922m 25s

Alan The Robot Hoover

It’s the first day of spring so we had a big spring clean on the show, which all started with Roisin’s robot hoover Alan. We heard some great clips from the archive, dug out a few bonus bits, and gave the studio a good clean. Plus, Impossible Karaoke was as impossible as you would expect.
20/03/1927m 11s

The Goat Investigation Continues

We tried to get a bit further with the goat investigation this morning, and got a few theories about what could’ve happened to Trammy. Plus, a dentist has been filmed using Gun Lean to teach students in a school assembly how to brush their teeth and (as it’s the first day of Spring tomorrow) Greg decided the show needs a spring clean of the bits that have happened on the show since it started in August, like Joe Lycett’s poem and Coldplay’s song for the first show.
19/03/1921m 48s

Lepechauns, Goats & Bradley Cooper

In the wake of St Patrick’s Day Greg is fascinated by a Leprechaun Whisperer, sets up an investigation into the appearance of a goat waiting at a tram stop and has some brilliant unpopular opinions like, “Bradley Cooper is ugly” ??
18/03/1917m 21s

Social Media Struggles

Social media went down last night for a few hours and it hit the nation hard so Greg asked listeners to send in the stuff that they missed posting. Also Greg overheard someone answer their phone whilst on the toilet and asked the nation if you should or shouldn’t pick up the phone if it rings when you’re on the loo.
14/03/1916m 31s

Would You Like A Polo??

A senior MP was going around Parliament yesterday offering stressed MPs Polos so Greg asked for scenarios where Polos could be great to break the tension. Plus, Gregg Wallace had the usual amount of fun in a beer factory on last night’s Inside The Factory and we catch up with everyone’s favourite grandma Beryl.
13/03/1915m 41s

The Number One Sausage Eater In Town

Rapper Dave is our Deputy Fact Controller and assures us that melancholy is not a dog. Plus Greg counts down the Top 10 supermarket shoppers in the country and catches up with grandma Beryl after her first ever gig.
12/03/1919m 56s

Lady Martha Meringue & Lord William Spotted Dick

After a pug at Crufts was called Randy Andy, Greg comes up with a way of finding out your pedigree name. His turns out to be King Donald Flan. Also, as more names are added to Radio 1’s Big Weekend line-up, we speak to Rita Ora, Sam Fender and Billie Eilish (who had never heard of Middlesbrough!)
11/03/1920m 25s

The LOL-a-thon!

It's the LOL-a-thon with Scott & Chris. Ricky Gervais shares his unpopular opinion, they go live on ITV with Lorraine plus Rob Beckett critiques a joke from a (massively famous) mystery celebrity.
07/03/1924m 19s

Gregg Wallace: Inside The Radio 1 Factory

An Inside the Radio 1 Factory special with Gregg Wallace and a bunch of petty people this morning on the breakfast show.
06/03/1923m 32s

Mum For President!

Greg gives Chris Stark a fanfare as he enters Muff, we track down the breakfast in a bag man and collect the best “Mumifestos” - things your mum may say if she was running for president.
05/03/1921m 13s

A Quick One In The Donut Hole?

Today’s Fake Britain saw the R1 listeners name their imaginary pubs, the missing hamper has been found (but some of the contents are missing) and Greg catches up with Chris Stark in a very peculiarly-named place, on the road to the Lolathon.
04/03/1922m 57s

The Hunt For The Hamper

Yesterday on the show Greg went to award someone with a Star Listener prize and realised our hamper of goodies had gone! He launches an investigation to find the wicker hamper, with various DJ’s pleading their innocence. Also Jordan North is out and about, in some amusingly named places, gathering jokes from the locals in the lead up to Scott and Chris’s Lolathon.
28/02/1924m 34s

Why, Hello Middlesbrough!

Radio 1’s Big Weekend is coming to Middlesbrough and Greg begins to reveal the line-up. He chats to Leigh-Anne from Little Mix, Zara Larsson and Matty from The 1975. We also hear from some of the locals themselves including one who would like to build a swan pedalo especially for Greg.
27/02/1917m 28s

Stephen Merchant Mans The Phones

Stephen Merchant is in the phone room taking calls about people’s first job disasters, including a hair raising experience in a restaurant, we hear poor Mary Anne Hobbs slipping up on 6 Music and Ryan from last year’s Festive Feeling is back in touch.
26/02/1921m 35s

Claiming Colman!

Olivia Colman won an Oscar last night and now everyone’s claiming Colman! We had people saying they had seen her on a zebra crossing and one who had sold her sun cream. Also, What was the story behind a Yorkshire pudding getting flushed away??
25/02/1918m 35s

BRITs, Weddings & Cucumbers

Katie, who we took to the BRITs last night after she was dumped by her boyfriend, gives her verdict on the night. Plus, all the details of the other bug events like The Welsh Wedding Awards and a cucumber eating competition.
21/02/1923m 38s

An Escape Room and a Party Bus

The crazy inner workings of the Escape Room and Greg is taking listener Katie to the Brits on Sam Fender’s ‘Speedo Bus’! Plus the alternative events for those who don't care about the Brits...Welsh Wedding Awards anyone?
20/02/1931m 58s

Jack Whitehall to the Rescue

It's day two of #R1EscapeRoom and Jack Whitehall pays a visit. Plus Greg pops on to BBC Breakfast, Ria plays Yesterday's Quiz and more listeners' try to help Greg break out.
19/02/1945m 37s

What's Going On!? #R1EscapeRoom

Strange things are happening! Greg is joined by Scott Mills but neither know why. Greg gets kidnapped and locked away by a man in a hat. Lewis Capaldi and Greg’s dad offer some help. #R1EscapeRoom has begun…
18/02/1928m 51s

Take Moo Out

Greg finds some a-moosing news about a new app called ‘Tudder’ for cows, has a very special surprise for listener Kate, who’s having a bleak morning and chat’s to Radio 1 film bod Ali Plumb about sucking chips!
14/02/1915m 3s

Moaning Millionaires

Today’s show included some of the most jaw-dropping Unpopular Opinions we’ve ever had, we revealed the start of something secret that’s happening next week on the show and we talk about millionaire’s moaning!
13/02/1918m 28s

Sean Paul Judges Impossible Karaoke

Sean Paul, hater of blackbirds is here to judge Impossible Karaoke as three listeners attempt ‘Get Busy’ and ‘Like Glue’. Also Greg decides to host a news interview master class with Roisin which ends up with him having to ring the shame bell and a giant dog has been seen all across London.
12/02/1921m 19s

A Grizzly Affair

Greg holds a Gregerendum Ask the Nation to see if they would be for or against going for dinner with a bear, finds out that The Grammys are quite boring and speaks to listener Steph all about her Hen party (that involved hockey sticks and swimming hats)!
11/02/1921m 10s

Chris Pratt Does Unpopular Opinion

Super cool movie star Chris Pratt was in to talk about the new Lego movie and play Unpopular Opinion, but his attempts to sing the theme tune left a lot to be desired. Also Greg gives the nation a remix to Post Malone’s ‘Wow’ featuring Owen Wilson and Greg Wallace and Jessica calls (a week late) to take part in the hootenanny from her massive Queen Elizabeth ship with a horn that can be heard from 5 miles away!
07/02/1920m 11s

Fridges & TED Talks

We had a load of people on sharing the things they listen to to get them to sleep, like fridges and TED Talks, Fake Britain goes bonkers with your quick fire animal noises and to celebrate the return of Innuendo Bingo to Scott Mills’ show, we have a classic from old featuring a younger Greg getting very wet.
06/02/1920m 4s

Triceratops & Pastry Chefs

The Fact Controller brings a ‘misheard lyrics special’ featuring Yxng Bane the pastry chef and Rihanna singing about triceratops. Also, we look at when news and pop culture collide and Greg has a great idea involving Grace Carter and Radio 1’s D&B presenter, René LaVice.
05/02/1916m 56s

Daffodil Donna and the Everton Moggie

Greg sent a mischievous Tweet to a supermarket yesterday and gives Donna from their complaints dept. a chance to tell him to “shove off” live on air. Plus, The Superbowl has a big glamorous half-time show but it’s nothing compared to throwing rubber ducks and kicking footballs into a skip and hear what happened when a cat strayed on to the pitch at Everton.
04/02/1914m 41s

The Great Hootenany

Loads of people got in contact with their horns for the final time this week to toot them along to Fisher’s ‘Losing It’. Ferries, Super tankers, steam trains, cherry pickers and didgeridoos – it seems the whole nation was blowing.
31/01/1916m 28s

I Hate Tom Hanks!

Another round of Unpopular Opinions includes some shocking views and we have horns-a-plenty from the QI elves and Craig in his big old tanker in Portsmouth.
30/01/1913m 6s

Harry Styles Tastes Horrible!

Listener Julie phones in saying she has synaesthesia which means she can ‘taste’ people’s names and Greg’s not happy with his! Plus, the hunt for horns continues with Matt, captain of a ferry, blasting his MASSIVE one and The Fact Controller returns to talk through more ridiculous things people believe.
29/01/1923m 1s

Monday Morning Horns

As a fan of the MASSIVE horn in Fisher’s track ‘Losing It’, Greg was on the hunt for some of his own horn sound effects. Plus, Greg caught up everyone on the weekend antics including Gemma Collins falling on Dancing On Ice – something Greg likened to a curling stone and poor producer Will had a ball of cheese in his pocket for a whole day.
28/01/1914m 54s

Bacon Brew Anyone?

The Fact Controller is back setting you straight on issues of tea and rat droppings, Greg is loving the new TV show about H.R.H. Danny Dyer and a Game Of Thrones Challenge is set to the listeners.
24/01/1917m 35s

Fake News of 1066

Top Gear presenter Chris Harris was in the studio talking about today’s Jan Slam prize, we had a major Unpopular Opinion about the Battle of Hastings and needed BBC historian Dan Snow to help clear things up… Plus Greg’s favourite Yesterday’s Quiz caller yet!
23/01/1924m 17s

Live From Snugglebum Town!

Greg has thought of a ridiculous new game (not like him at all) involving fake place names, has an awful realisation whilst listening to his wife on Radio 4 and gives us a wonderful mash-up of Ariana Grande and …Gemma Collins??
22/01/1915m 28s

Basic Big Shop Boasts

A Norwich City footballer in a Q&A said the best thing about the area is the Argos! Greg loves the Pets At Home in Cornwall and asks what basic shops make your area that little bit more special? Also, today’s Jan Slam winner called to apologise for sounding slightly underwhelmed at his win so Greg give him another chance to shine.
21/01/1914m 7s

Ainsley Harriott is here!

After trying to book Ainsley in for so long, it finally happened. Greg admitted that he’s such a huge fan of his after the “Why Hello Jill” moment and decided to surprise some listeners with a big hello!
17/01/1916m 39s

Big Bath Club & Hairy Dinosaurs

Greg spoke to three callers about their morning bath time including one who was milking cows this morning and had a messy accident whilst under one of the cows. Also, Yesterday's Quiz contestant Angharad proved to be a handful and George our dinosaur correspondent told us about their hairstyles!
16/01/1925m 24s

Fact Controller With Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan

Margot and Saoirse reacted to listeners’ beliefs like: cauliflower isn’t just white broccoli! Greg does a radio version of the 10 Year Challenge and also has trouble thinking up some Sam Smith puns.
15/01/1918m 48s

Zoe Or Greg? The Big Question

Greg was in trouble for running past the scary Luther house and did Zoe Ball’s daughter listen to her mum on Radio 2 today or was she loyal to Radio 1?!
14/01/1913m 57s

Buttery Mash & Fine Beans

Greg welcomes back Josh from Tuesday’s Yesterday Quiz to give us his top 3 crushes (which feature some very odd choices) and enjoys another episode of ‘Inside the Factory’ which see’s Gregg Wallace in a pasta factory trying to do an Italian accent. Also, Will The 1975’s next album be called Roast Chicken, Buttery Mash & Fine Beans?
10/01/1913m 56s

Beale More Buff Than Beckham?

‘David Beckham is not god’s gift to women’ – it can only be the return of Unpopular Opinion! Plus, following a sad fact tweeted by BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood Becky from Jersey came on to give the listeners a Jersey weather update and Greg tries an experiment that sends everybody’s Siri into meltdown.
09/01/1914m 7s

The Fact Controller Is Back!

The Fact Controller is back and we find out that ambulances don’t have a special switch to turn traffic lights green. Plus, Josh ‘The Catherine Wheel’ plays Yesterday’s Quiz, and Greg considers getting a new laugh for the New Year.
08/01/1915m 42s

Jason Bell & Osi Umenyiora Kick Off 2019

Jason & Osi from The NFL Show give a pep talk to a listener suffering from major holiday blues. Plus, Greg is hoping to get Stormzy out on a karaoke night and is suspicious that the BBC Four Documentary on twin musicians Bros was in fact a parody of People Just Do Nothing.
07/01/1915m 55s

Queer Eye’s Tan France Gives Some Christmas Advice

It’s the day before the Festive Feeling Christmas party for our young carers… Nick Knowles told Greg he’ll be there tomorrow! Today we also had Queer Eye’s Tan France in to give listeners some Christmas advice, and Greg imagined what the ‘punch Santa’s beard off’ kid would sound like in Eastenders.
19/12/1829m 52s

Fantastic Priests And Where To Find Them

The Reverend Kate Bottley plays Fantastic Priests And Where To Find Them. Festive Feeling continues with more listener donations, and the suggestions that animal man Steve Backshall and the hand bell ringers from Britain's Got Talent should be at the party… Plus we have a Festive Edition of Unpopular Opinion!
18/12/1818m 41s

Emily Atack Is On The Phone

Greg spoke to Carly who wanted to give something back to some young carers. There’s a venue booked, but we need YOUR help to make this the best party ever on Thursday! Also Emily Atack was in the Radio 1 phone room and spoke to someone who calls himself the ‘cheese grader’
17/12/1826m 21s

The Festive Feeling Finale

Ryan from Blackburn, decided to raise money for charity off his own back by running every day this year – all alongside doing an apprenticeship and at only 19 years old! Greg and the team decide to give him a victory lap round a local course accompanied by a 35-piece choir, a team of cheerleaders, a hula-hooper and the Mayor of Blackburn!
14/12/1827m 13s

Nick Knowles And The Truth About Biffy Clyro

Day 3 of Festive Feeling brings a surprise for a grandmother in Neath, South Wales. Plus Greg speaks to Nick Knowles and gets his side of the story on the Biffy Clyro collaboration claim and we cross live to Downing Street for an update on…Porridge?
12/12/1821m 3s

Greg Davies Mans The Radio 1 Phone Lines

Adele was hiding in what she thought was a ‘bilberry’ bush as she attempt to surprise another special listener in Radio 1’s Festive Feeling - It was actually a blueberry bush. Plus, comedian Greg Davies was in the phone room speaking to callers who claim to have sold him a filing cabinet and a pair of swimming goggles.
11/12/1834m 22s

Radio 1's Festive Feeling

Greg has one last Harry Redknapp story time and catches up on Theresa May’s rubbish Christmas lights countdown. Plus Radio 1 launches its Festive Feeling with a big surprise for a very special listener, who thought he was getting a call from his nan.
10/12/1818m 10s

Tom Walker Sings The Baby Shark Song

Yesterday Greg mentioned that he’d had a dream that Tom Walker had done a Christmas advert with the baby shark song and overnight, Tom Walker brought the dream to life. Also, Annie is moving house tomorrow, and there’s still one space left in the van. We’ve had offers from Chris Stark and Baby Shark but more offers are coming in. Who will Annie choose?
06/12/1820m 24s

Donald Trump Is Not Rich Uncle Pennybags!

The (deputy) Fact Controller finds out who Rich Uncle Pennybags is and Postman Pat is a rubbish postman! Do you watch TV and see someone doing your job all wrong? Plus we have another catch up with listener Annie who's moving house and needs a celebrity to help her.
05/12/1821m 19s

Kim Jong Who?

Following the shock revelation that Harry Redknapp has never heard of Toy Story we find out what some of our listeners have never heard of. Plus, in the search for a celebrity to help listener Annie move house, Chris Stark has put himself forward and Greg catches up with Skip Lady (AKA ‘Non’) about her week since being made famous for standing in skips.
04/12/1822m 0s

Abacus To Zanzibar - The New Phonetic Alphabet Game

Listener Annie is moving house this Friday and Greg has agreed to help – but which celeb would be nice enough come along and help? Also we introduce the 1-2-3-5 Kid and a new game in which the answers could be Abacus, Bongos, Cat, Daffy Duck, Elephant and Flapjack.
03/12/1815m 30s

Joe Lycett and the Mystery Live Lounge Guest

Joe Lycett positioned himself in the Live Lounge with a mystery guest and we had some great and ridiculous guesses, including Kylie, the skip lady, Billy from DIY SOS and Jake the Snake. But who was the guest?
29/11/1820m 28s

Can Jake Make The Flight?

Listener Jake texted to say he slept through his alarm and was in danger of missing his flight to Dubai. The tension rose as Greg and the whole nation got behind him, but did he make it on time? Also we had a BBQ-related Storytime with Harry Redknapp and some listeners told us their own Don’t Say It situations.
28/11/1819m 38s

Don't Say It... Don't Say It...

The fact controller confirms the height of a penguin, listener Ben hears a strange sound on a plane and Greg adapts the Don’t Say It meme for radio and tries it out on Theresa May.
27/11/1815m 58s

Jon Richardson, Skip Woman & Strictly Fist Pumps

Jon Richardson manned Radio 1 phone lines and we found out Greg and him have a mutual love for Nick Knowles. Also Greg spoke to the woman who stands in skips to measure they’re size, and reviewed the success of Saturday night’s Strictly crowd fist pump!
26/11/1825m 36s

Biffy Clear-Up & Strictly Come Pumping

Ben from Biffy Clyro clears up Nick Knowles’ claim that he’s gigged with them, Greg has a Strictly Come Pumping request and why is Comedian Chris Ramsey making jokes about Greg’s Aunty Pam?
22/11/1815m 50s

Lorraine Kelly, ‘Lorraines’ on Your Parades

Actual Lorraine Kelly came in to ‘Lorraine’ on Radio 1 listeners’ parades and she threatened to smack Greg’s bottom... we had another edition of Storytime with Harry Redknapp, and we heard about games you play that you haven’t said out loud before.
21/11/1814m 50s

Birds Don't Cry

Harry Redknapp is like that guy down the pub who tells all sorts of stories… He was telling some tales on I’m A Celeb so Greg popped them over some laddy music. The result was delightful. We also have another edition of Fact Controller with Dotty & Roisin and some Lorraine On Your Parade news (announced live on Lorraine!)
20/11/1816m 5s

Louis Theroux And A Piñata Full Of Cheese

Louis Theroux pops in to give some non-judgemental advice to listeners, and we hear the incredible sound of him hitting a piñata full of cheese... Plus Radio 1 listeners settle the ‘Who Farted at the Darts’ debate.
19/11/1826m 40s

Mumford & Sons Brighten Your Day

Mumford & Sons create songs from Radio 1 listeners’ bleak morning stories and we hear a traumatising Unpopular Opinion from Lewis Capaldi involving bananas…
15/11/1816m 23s

A Very Cheesy Live Lounge

Today’s nonsense included sneaking cheese into Jess Glynne’s Live Lounge, Riding horses through the drive-thru and Unpopular Opinions from DJ Ace.
14/11/1813m 38s

Eddie Redmayne Lights Up Christmas

Eddie Redmayne is here to spread some magical Christmas spirit by turning on a listener’s Christmas lights. He also talked about the new Fantastic Beasts film, Jude Law as a sexy Dumbledore or should we say 'Dumblephwoar' and he reacted to Dan from Bastille’s unpopular opinion that Harry Potter should’ve died at the end of the last book.
13/11/1815m 3s

Zara Larsson Hates What??

Greg noticed that Lorraine Kelly gave away Louis Smith's big announcement leaving him with nothing to say, and then decided to Lor-RAIN on a few other people's parades. Plus Zara Larsson gave us her Unpopular Opinion which lead to producer Will revealing a shocking habit involving apples.
12/11/1812m 18s

Russell Howard Mans The Phones.

Russell Howard mans phones chatting to listeners, and hearing stories of when celebrities have helped or shunned them, Hozier gives us a very dark Unpopular Opinion and listener Matt rates celebrities based on how likely they would be to help you move house. Kevin McCloud and Emma Stone would be great, but would Kim and Kanye?
08/11/1819m 20s

Cheese, Sheep and Harry Potter

The Fact Controller was in and blew Dotty’s mind with some cheesy sheep facts, Dan from Bastille had a very unpopular opinion about Harry Potter and Greg shared some more messages from moments when shuffle has let listeners down, like listener Chris who was in a car full of lads playing heavy metal when High School Musical came on. Cringe!!
07/11/1813m 13s

Benedict Cumberbatch Plays What’s My Age Again?

Benedict Cumberbatch plays What’s My Age Again? Greg imagines what Gregg Wallace sounds like watching fireworks and Danny Howard’s holiday music mishap inspires some great awkward shuffle moments.
06/11/1817m 18s

Why, Hello Mrs. Berry!

Greg tries to cheer everyone up on a gloomy Monday morning with some of his favourite audio clips, including Leigh-Anne gargling the Strictly theme song and Joe Lycett’s beautiful R1 breakfast poem. Also Jorja Smith has sent Greg an outrageous Unpopular Opinion and have you ever mistaken a famous person for an old friend? Seems lots of you have.
05/11/1813m 43s

Eyes, Ears, Sugar and Beans

Today’s show was live from a pod on The London Eye (called Ear for today) to help launch the new BBC Sounds app. Can your day be any weirder? Plus Gregg Wallace got excited about beans and Lord Sugar does another stand-up routine.
01/11/1817m 57s

Greg's Been Framed!

Jack Whitehall plays What’s My Age Again, we find out Benedict Cumberbatch goes trick or treating, and a listener sees a photo frame, being sold in the Maldives, containing a very odd photo!
01/11/1820m 2s

It's Wall Over!

Comedian Tom Allen is in the phone room and listener Nikki visits the lobby before the refurb team bring down the wall and her picture that has greeted Radio 1 guests for 6 years – complete with choir and newsreader Simon McCoy for the send-off.
30/10/1822m 7s

Gordon's Alive!!

Game Of Phones concludes as listener Stephanie gets through to Gordon Ramsay then Greg has an idea!
29/10/1811m 51s

"Hello... is that Gordon Ramsay? It's my birthday!"

Day 2 of Game of Phones. It's Isaac's birthday, but can he get through to Gordon Ramsay? Plus Greg gives Lord Sugar the Live at the Apollo treatment and Gregg Wallace is at a crisp factory.
25/10/1813m 10s

Torquay isn't near Turkey... but Turkey is (half) in Asia

Game of Phones is back! Can Georgia get through to Gordon Ramsay on the first attempt? Did you know that Torquay and Turkey aren't actually geographically close together, despite sounding similar? Learn more things like this with The Fact Controller. Plus, what can you say to someone that instantly annoys them?
24/10/1815m 15s

Unpopular Opinion with Zara Larsson

Greg invests in the help of Zara Larsson to sing the theme tune for Unpopular Opinion. Elsewhere we catch up with 'Wall Face'... but there's some bad news.
24/10/1812m 51s

Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling, Honey G... Have All Seen Your Face!

A listener has spotted themselves in a picture on the wall at Radio 1, so Greg decides to write a list of all the famous people who would have seen their face. Plus, Comedian Lloyd Griffith is answering calls in the Radio 1 Phone Room.
22/10/1817m 50s

It's Not A Train Set!!

Little Mix's Leigh-Anne took part in the final instalment of the People vs Little Mix, taking on Adam in a challenge that involved gargling the Strictly Come Dancing theme song. We also got the verdict on new TV show The Great Model Railway Challenge from listener Becca, and Greg imagined what Lord Sugar would sound like if he appeared on Live At The Apollo.
18/10/1819m 58s

Jack's No Cheetah!

It's day 3 of The People vs Little Mix and Perrie takes on listener Jack in an animal spelling game. Plus The Fact Controller is back and whatever you do, don't touch your belly button!!
17/10/1815m 41s

Jade and Jayd

Day 2 of The People vs. Little Mix features Jade doing an amazing rendition of a Macklemore rap. Also comedian Jayd Adam is in Radio 1’s Phone Room giving a listener a very operatic shout out.
16/10/1816m 57s

The People Versus Little Mix: Ellie v Jesy

All this week, Greg pits members of Little Mix against members of the public in: 'The People Versus Little Mix'. Today, Jesy from Little Mix tests her memory skills against listener Ellie... but was the challenge won through foul play? Elsewhere, Greg finds out whether Stuart (our man behind the scenes at Strictly) managed to pull off his clapping challenge over the weekend. Plus, why is host of 'The Chase' Bradley Walsh still asking so many questions on Doctor Who?
15/10/1814m 56s

Unfinished Business: The Great Dinosaur Debate

Nat's Unpopular Opinion is that dinosaurs aren't real... George (aged 5) tries to persuade her otherwise. The BBC News broke! Was it really due to a technical error... or was it down to 'The Curse of the Dog's Head'? Plus, will Danny finally answer the phone when the Gecko calls.... at 5am?!
11/10/1814m 26s

Gecko Calling!

A doctor in Hawaii was concerned when she saw 9 voicemails from a number – it was a gecko calling her! The gecko didn’t sound how Greg thought it would and called some listeners with the gecko. Also another edition of The Fact Controller which includes ham birds and cash dispensing video games.
10/10/1811m 17s

Any Aliens Out Tonight?

Greg launches an investigation into Strictly Come Clapping! He also imagines what it would be like if Bradley Walsh went full-on quiz mode during last night’s episode of Dr Who, and speaks to Roisin Hastie about her fake Christmas.
10/10/1813m 30s

Romesh Ranganathan Mans The Phones

Romesh Ranganathan is in Radio 1’s Phone Room and Greg confirms that CABBAGES ARE CURSED! Also, one listener claims cold toast is better than hot toast in Unpopular Opinion.
10/10/1815m 17s

Jodie Whittaker and Cursed Cabbages

Jodie Whittaker plays What’s My Age Again And BEWARE OF CABBAGES! Greg thinks they bring bad luck so we spoke to a lorry driver with 20 TONNES of cabbages. He’s prepared to test the theory tonight by be leaving one on his neighbour’s doorstep as payback for their yappy dog. Find out tomorrow if there really is a cabbage curse…
10/10/1819m 55s

Googly Eyed Hollywood Horse

Greg recreates the sound of a horse rampaging through a French restaurant, launches an investigation into the "Hollywood Handshake" and talks to listener Bea who has a habit of sticking googly eyes on everything.
10/10/1816m 35s

The Clean Bandit Spa & Rita Ora

Listener Becca phoned up about her weekend working at Bridlington Spa where Clean Bandit were playing. To their shock there was no actual spa at the venue so they actually went and bought everything to build their own sauna on the beach! – Greg had to phone up Grace from Clean Bandit to confirm this! Plus, Inspired by the lady herself, we got Rita Ora in to judge some listeners taking on Impossible Karaoke.
10/10/1820m 15s

Matchmaking with Olly Alexander

Greg chats to Olly from Years & Years about what's in his fridge, and gets him to play Matchmaking, where listeners hope to be Olly's perfect match.
10/10/1813m 31s

Not So Brightside

Another round of Unpopular Opinion condemns a Killers classic, we speak to a whale expert (well sort of) and Her Majesty The Queen stirs a dark memory within Greg.
10/10/1810m 25s

Mo Gilligan Likes Bad Jokes

Greg Got Married! But what did he do on his one day honeymoon? Also comedian Mo Gilligan mans the Radio 1 Phones and The Fact Controller is back.
10/10/1817m 46s

Purple Disco Machine Vs Radio 4

A bonus Friday podcast to confuse you thoroughly before your weekend!
10/10/183m 48s

Graffiti and Bum-Trees

On a bridge over the M25 in London a famous piece of graffiti was removed to great anger from the locals. This prompted Greg to ask for your hometown landmarks - not the cathedrals and monuments, but the odd things. Plus, Radio 1's movie buff Ali Plumb has posed some ridiculous questions to Jack Black and Cate Blanchett.
20/09/1814m 17s

Game Of Phones With Matty From The 1975

Game Of Phones player Ashley gets through to Matty from The 1975 and asks if he likes guacamole, Tiffany Haddish has a very strange vocal warm-up exercise and Kanye has announced he is moving (to a ridiculously OTT reaction) so we ask "where are you moving to?" and see if it has the same effect.
19/09/1812m 21s

Unpopular Opinon with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish

It's a fiery round of Unpopular Opinion with movie stars Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. Plus, have we really been saying Chrissy Teigen's name wrong all this time? Are there other names we've been getting wrong too?
18/09/1810m 38s

How Dairy!

Greg is fascinated by another Gregg - Gregg Wallace and how happy he gets visiting factories. Also what on earth is in Fiona Bruce's box and was Joan of Arc married to Noah? We find out from The Fact Controller.
17/09/1813m 6s

Richard Madden & Samuel L Jackson

Greg chats to Richard Madden (from BBC Radio Lincolnshire), Sam Smith (from Chesterfield) and Joanna Lumley (from Sheffield) as he builds his new database of listeners with famous names. Also he has new favourite TV show - Ill Gotten Gains!
13/09/1813m 16s

Katherine Ryan In The Radio 1 Phone Room

Greg's fourth favourite comedian Katherine Ryan is on the Radio 1 phone lines and gives advice on cat names and mortgages. Plus Roisin Hastie from Newsbeat AKA The Fact Controller is here to tell us that Barry Manilow has always had the same head and that cows do NOT lay eggs.
12/09/1819m 49s

Honky Tonky Winky Wonky Donkey!

Unpopular Opinions - What opinions do you have that leave everyone aghast? Today we heard some shockers. Also today's Viral Granny, Jackie, reads the Winky Wonky Donkey story to her grandchildren.
11/09/187m 39s

Game Of Phones With Prue Leith

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith was the latest victim of Game Of Phones and so listener Katherine got to call her. But! Will she remember Greg's Monster Mash impression of her from last year?
11/09/189m 8s

Pass The Pasty - The Finale

The day of reckoning is here! The Pasty's journey is on the last leg of it's 671 mile journey and pipers, soldiers and chefs are at Sarah's house to greet it. But will it get there on time? And if so, will Sarah even like it? We find out in the conclusion of Pass The Pasty.
07/09/1822m 44s

Pasties, Trains & Automobiles

Firstly on foot, then by car, then by bicycle, but snowboards and steam trains? Only if we can get the pasty there on time and time is running out! Pass The Pasty continues as Greg tries to get a Cornish pasty from Cornwall to Sarah in Aberdeenshire.
07/09/1823m 25s

Louis Tomlinson Helps To Pass The Pasty

The pasty's journey to Aberdeenshire continues with the help of One Direction and X Factor judge Louis Tomlinson and Olympic silver medallist Jon Mould, but how far will it get?
07/09/1816m 43s

Pass The Pasty Is On!!

Last week we heard the devastating news that listener Sarah has never eaten a pasty! Greg decides this is not right so embarks on a mission to get a fresh pasty to her in Aberdeenshire - all the way from Cornwall, by using the power of the Radio 1 Listeners. The journey for the little pastry delight begins on a ferry to Rock. #PassThePasty
07/09/1815m 49s

I Have Never… Had A Pasty

Sarah has never eaten a pasty. She’s blaming living miles away from Cornwall for this.
07/09/188m 4s

Iain Stirling answers the Radio 1 phones.

Comedian & the voice of Love Island Iain Stirling mans the phones.
07/09/1811m 5s

Can you guess Jade from Little Mix’s Phone Number? Listener Matt did!

Guess the missing number, speak to a celeb. It's a game we call Game of Phones.
07/09/189m 24s

The Greg James Podcast: Chloë Grace Moretz

Amber's mum won't take her to Thorpe Park so we got Chloë to call her to change her mind.
07/09/1811m 55s

Under The Moon

It was Julia's turn for The Banana Guards in Yesterday's Quiz and it's fair to say, it all went a bit Pete Tong for her!
07/09/185m 51s

Fan Y Big or Fan Y Small? - The Result

Fan Y Big was a mountain but now it's not!! On today's show Greg sent Ranger James up Fan Y Big to try make it a mountain again but before the show finished James disappeared into the mountain mist. What happened? All is revealed in this podcast.
07/09/185m 52s

The Grand Opening

It's finally here! Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James roars to life with a very special first guest, but who will it be? Also Joe Lycette joins us to take your calls, Calvin Harris is the target in a new feature called Game Of Phones and The Red Arrows arrive for a spectacular fly-past.
07/09/1850m 53s

A New Show - A New Podcast

As Greg plumps up the cushions of the biggest chair in radio and becomes the new host of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, he brings news of a brand new daily podcast.

Thank You and Bis Bald

As Greg begins his shiny new role as host of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show we bring a farewell to the That's What He Said podcast with a myriad of guests including the CERN receptionist & Tiny Terry & Ken and Emoji-Cat. Don't worry, before you get to miss Greg too much he will be back with something podcastardy soon.
07/09/1854m 17s

They're back!

It’s been a long, long time…. but now they’re back! Greg James and Chris Smith are both on hand to present the best bits of the show from the last week, plus all the usual Podcast bits too.
07/09/1858m 12s

He's Just a Sucker For Wayne!

Last week he was by a pool in Italy... this week, the ever-travelling Greg brings you all the highlights from his show while on a train somewhere between Stevenage and London. The best bits include: Rage Against the Answer Machine with Clara Amfo, Wrong'Uns, a tribute to Wayne Rooney and Greg's 'Man of The Match' cricket performance, plus SO much more!
07/09/1850m 56s

Secret Podcast

Sssssssssssh…. it’s a secret Podcast!! This week Greg is sending ‘pace e amore’ from his holiday in Italy. None of the usual show bits, but we do have Julia’s Word of the Week and your emails!
07/09/1810m 36s

Everything is Discovered at Some Point....

It's time for another Podcast from Greg James and Chris Smith with the News. This week: Rage Against the Answer Machine with Adele (not that one), What is This Song in Panpipes?, Rent-A-Greg rents a van and we play Wrong'Uns with one of our all time favourite contestants. Plus, all the usual Podcast extras: Julia's Word of the Week, Fruit of the Week and Tea 20
07/09/181h 0m

Rage with Alice Levine

This week we have: Wrong’Uns, Rage Against the Answer Machine with Alice Levine, Drop Blocking with Chris Stark ahead of Ibiza and Greg writes a bedtime story in this week’s Rent A Greg. Plus, all the usual Podcast nonsense, including: The Birthday Song, Fruit of the Week, Friendly Foreigners and a brand new game featuring tea.
07/09/1859m 56s

Raging with Ali Plumb

This is a serious message to all Podcastards... it’s another bumper, jam packed, super charged Podcast from Greg James and Chris Smith with the News. Featuring: What’s My Ages Again?, Rage Against the Answer Machine with Ali Plumb and Rent a Greg. Plus, there’s a fruity new feature for our new editor and … there’s a little something to test yourself with at the end.
07/09/1859m 16s

An Award Winning Podcast: Featuring Jason Bateman

'Welcome Along’ to the AWARD WINNING Greg James - That’s What He Said Podcast! This week, we have actor Jason Bateman playing Wrong’Uns, Grimmy Raging Against The Answer Machine, What’s My Age Again and the return of Rent A Greg. There’s all the usual Podcast stuff, including: a welly wanging Friendly Foreigner, Ball Head and a LIVE Podcastard. Plus, a lovely message from the Podcastards congratulating us on the award. …..did we mention we were award winning?
07/09/1859m 50s

Chris Martin from Coldplay and Rage Against The Answer Machine with Alice Levine

Chris and Jonny from Coldplay chat to Greg backstage at Big Weekend, Alice lets off some steam, Matthew Lewis is on and a Claire of Where (because Chris Smith With The News is on holiday.)
07/09/1853m 15s

Sir David Attenborough's best bits & the Going Home Song (sort of) live

We celebrate Sir David’s Birthday & Annie Mac vents in Rage Against The Answer Machine
07/09/1859m 47s

Elmo, Ross Kemp and Jesse Eisenberg

With guests as diverse as that, it’s fair to say this show is a broad church.
07/09/1857m 27s

The Pun Pong Premier

Katherine Ryan, Rage Against The Answer Machine with Scott and Chris & the Mayor Of Where
07/09/1858m 14s

Find A Famous is back

Post-Oscars chat with Ali Plumb and Rage Against the Answer Machine with Matt Edmondson
07/09/1859m 20s

Backstage at the Brit Awards and a Podcast Game Special

Chris Martin from Coldplay, James Bay and the Tiny Celebrities at the tiny Brit Awards
07/09/1849m 57s

Jason Derulo, Douglas Booth and Lily James

Greg loses it over a photo of a horse, the Clown From Which Town and Grimmy does Rage Against the Answer Machine.
07/09/1859m 47s

Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and John Krasinski

Greg hitches a ride from Kevin Hart, Ice Cube calls the Queen and we make John Krasinski cry. It’s been a good week.
07/09/1851m 10s

Danny Dyer and Alice on the BRITs Launch Red Carpet

Danny Dyer comes in to talk Sport Relief and Alice is down at another red carpet
07/09/1859m 9s

The Tiny Celebrities celebrate the New Year and Greg meets Radio 1’s new movie reviewer

Greg and Chris play the first ever international Mayor Of Where and Alice Levine has a go at Rage Against The Answer Machine
07/09/1854m 55s
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