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Radio 1’s All Day Breakfast with Greg James

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Daily chat, nonsense and extra fun after every Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James.


Jelly’s In The Jungle

Jelly lady meets Fred Again, a conspiracy theory is disproved and Clara is here to help Greg announce The Radio 1 Big Weekend’s Saturday line up.
20/03/23·28m 7s

Unhinged and Cross

Greg spices up some Hinge profiles, Lorraines on Gethin Jones’ parade and gets a call from a fuming pop star. Oh, and our favourite caller ever, Carl is back (even though he really doesn’t want to be).
17/03/23·36m 1s

Niall Horan Becomes Fact Controller

Niall joins us in wondering who Laura Averages is, we have a LIVE egg vending event from listener Craig and Greg helps out jazzing up some Hinge profiles.
16/03/23·41m 38s

Like A Victorian Ghost

Greg may have an alternate career as a singer, listener Carl dons some brown pants for Ask The Nation and Aileen buys a new hat for becoming a successful matchmaker.
15/03/23·35m 3s

Unexpected Sax in Public!

Have you ever been surprised by a musical instrument appearing from nowhere? Listener Jo has and we call the culprit. Also, Katie Thistleton is here for a game of Top Of The Shops and the show’s resident cupid Aileen has some news.
14/03/23·32m 24s

Idris Elba Sit Down Stand Up

Idris calls up some mega stars in one of the best SDSU’s yet! Also, we hear you “mum safe” gossip and Nat O’Leary explains a celeb feud.
13/03/23·35m 11s

The Final Push

Arielle Free braves the harshest weather conditions as she starts her final day of her Nose Day challenge and the generosity from all is keeping her warm.
09/03/23·36m 37s

Things Are Getting Weird!

Day 4 of Arielle’s challenge and she is joined by Dean McCullough and various Breakfast Show Allstars and Greg gives her a chance to win some extra leg power.
08/03/23·36m 0s

Tour De Dance Day 3

Arielle starts day 3 of her challenge and is helped out by Honorata who has far too many diaries, Rachel who is a spin class hero and Aileen who is a matchmaking maestro.
07/03/23·37m 26s

No Likey, No Bikey!

It’s day 2 of Arielle Free’s Tour De Dance challenge and our dating expert, Aileen, joins the “Tendem” for a speed dating session. Also, weather expert Abbie Dewhurst gives us the week’s forecast and plays Yesterday’s Quiz.
06/03/23·36m 9s

Don’t Fall Off!!

Some listeners try their best to scare Arielle Free ahead of her Tour De Dance challenge, The Cheesy Cheerleaders battle out the final of the quiz and we find out if Shereen Cutkelvin is a WrongUn.
03/03/23·30m 14s

Zara, Lloyd and a Flatulent Hedgehog

Zara Larsson is here to review the Unpopular Opinions of old and there’s one that still shocks today and comedian Lloyd Griffith is still celebrating Grimsby’s win….Also, ever heard a hedgehog fart? Well, stick around people!
02/03/23·45m 21s

Silly Sandwich Symmetry

Listener Finlay was looking forward to a long and happy marriage – then he saw his wife-to-be making a sandwich and EVERYTHING changed! Also, are the Northern Lights cheating? and is Taylor Swift getting chased by turkeys?
01/03/23·35m 27s

Don’t Eat The Daffs!

What is it with Vicars eating Daffodils? Some kind of special message maybe? Also, Nadia Jae plays What’s My Age Again and Thor the walrus and Georgie The Opera Singing Dog are both back!!
28/02/23·36m 31s

A Mega Massive Podcast!

Tensions mount as listeners compete for some mega massive prizes on a Mega Massive Monday, a team of cheerleaders begin Yesterday’s Quiz and Lewis Capaldi has a new t-shirt.
27/02/23·31m 26s

Issey Wallace?

Various Isseys and Izzys put Gregg Wallace to the test, our quiz team get a great moo from Greg for some extra ringer dingers and prawn caller Leanne is back for WrongUns.
24/02/23·29m 23s

Nobody Puts Baby in a Cloakroom!!

Jeremiah Asiamah hears a crazy club story from listener Steph, Leanne’s been buying too many protein puddings, Aileen’s back to help out Arielle and “Intelligent input darlin’” - we get your best Kate Nash impressions.
23/02/23·40m 14s

Sausage Smugglers Unite!

Stick some nuggets in your bra and a bhaji in your pocket – why go hungry when clubbing? Also, did Dylan do Dylan? listener Andy finds out and we wonder what has Erin done wrong?
22/02/23·35m 18s

From The Bottom Up

Listener David’s mum eats-ice cream oddly, Sheeran gets shunned by Robyn and her “Only one Ginger allowed” policy and a handbag full of chips is found in Wrexham.
21/02/23·31m 32s

Ali’s BAFTA Challenge

Ali Plumb picks the nose of a movie star at the BAFTAs, Quizzer Nina eats Jürgen Klopp’s cake and Arielle Free totally forgets Greg exists.
20/02/23·23m 26s

Antm’n, Colem’n, Hor’n & Thistlet’n

Paul Rudd becomes Agony Antm’n and gets prank-called by an old friend. Niall Horan plays a round of WrongUns and Katie Thistleton did something she may re-Greta at The Brits.
17/02/23·43m 0s

Free On A Bike & The Weight of a Fart

Arielle Free will need some bum butter for her Red Nose Day challenge and team member Farty Henry explains a controversial quiz question.
16/02/23·29m 49s

Tom Allen covers maternity leave...

The comedian steps in for the Fact Controller. Plus, there's a whole lot of laziness...
15/02/23·35m 43s

It's Valentine's Day, not Tuesday!

There's no love in Yesterday's Quiz but there is What's My Age Again? with Jack Saunders.
14/02/23·35m 25s

Melvin's Mega Massive Matchmaking Monday!

Highlights from Melvin's dates in the 'Love Lounge', plus all the usual shenanigans.
13/02/23·45m 16s

Greg's Unpopular Opinion (from an interview 13 years ago!)

The final of 'Yesterday’s Quiz'. The team reveal they interviewed Greg 13 years ago & prove he had an unpopular opinion! More of ‘All The Latest Things’. Sarah has some speculative showbiz news. Plus, friend of the show Debbie is back on for a round of ‘Wrong Uns’. More ‘Greg’s Anatomy’ chat. And some US-sitcom-style end credits!
10/02/23·32m 23s

Pigs In Blankets... In February?

Inspired by Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky's breakfast platter, Greg wants to find out who else is eating pigs in blankets all year round. Also, How Well Do You Know Your House? In Greg's new ridiculous game, listener Amy and her partner Cameron are put to the test.
09/02/23·37m 13s

Greg’s Anatomy

Greg Foot, Greg Hands and Greg Balls…Greg tries to build a whole body of “Gregs”. Also, Sian Eleri tries to workout what listener Lauren has been buying too much of in Top Of The Shops and if you are called Oliver…well, I’d switch off now if I were you.
08/02/23·29m 50s

Wine Not??

Wine gets sent to Beer, a horse’s nostril gets plugged, minke whales and crabeater seals chill to some trance, and a member of staff has weird sandwiches! Just another day at the office.
07/02/23·34m 2s

Mega Massive Monday & A Solitary Whooper

If Greg says a naughty word - Nat O’Leary gets noughty for 10 minutes. Surely Greg’s way too professional to fall for that!! Plus, Michael McIntyre’s phantom whooper is tracked down and a new quiz team start the week.
06/02/23·34m 11s

The Quiz Of The Century!!

Some very special guests join our quiz team as they go for a world record score. Plus, Did somebody say Justine? She’s back for a game of WrongUns and Issey Cross? You bet he is.
03/02/23·25m 26s

Custard Productions Present…

Greg needs a name for a production company, dons a squeaky pig for a game of What’s My Age Again? with Dean & Vicky and has an idea of having a Noughty Monday with Nat O’Leary
02/02/23·40m 59s

71,000 Pools Of Custard

Listener Justine sends the show into a custard frenzy. How much can you buy for £7Million? What are the perils of drinking too much of it? can Greg down a pint of it during the show? All will be revealed
01/02/23·33m 46s

The Old Dog N Duck

A Jan Slam prize for the Barney Army, a Giraffes birthday and a search for Long Boy the duck. Yes, another animal crackers day on the podcast!
31/01/23·35m 38s

Free In Dundee!

Arielle’s on a search for some Haggis in a butcher’s in Dundee, today’s Jan Slam contest is battled out in a museum in Dundee and Greg announces where Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2023 will be held - you’ll never guess where though!
30/01/23·31m 21s

KSI’s Biggest Challenge

Rapping, YouTubing, Boxing, KSI seems to be good at everything, but how will he fare in a game of Sit Down Stand Up? Find out in this podcast.
27/01/23·38m 49s

Mescal is Mine!

Everyone loves Paul Mescal right? Although he has become such a global superstar we must claim him back as our own. Also, Charlie Hedges is here for a game of Top Of The Shops to find out what listener Jessica has been buying too much of.
26/01/23·38m 22s

Nose Boopers, Haggis Hunters and Angry Apes

Hi Kissers and Nose Boopers of the world confess all to Iain Stirling, Arielle Free admits to being a Haggis Hunter and Quizzer Han got chased by an Orangutan.
25/01/23·37m 7s

Avoid The Splashback!

Listener Oliver behaves strangely at the urinals and asks Is It Just Me? and a mad ferret goes straight over Greg’s head.
24/01/23·27m 38s

Love You, Hi!

Greg creeps out the whole nation with a question about kissing, Lewis Capaldi reacts to Naomi’s pants throwing frenzy and a trip to Ibiza is up for grabs in today’s Jan Slam.
23/01/23·43m 56s

A Pants Phone Call

We catch up with the Lewis Capaldi pants girl, Naomi, Danny Howard comes in to announce an announcement and our team of teachers battle out the final of Yesterday’s Quiz.
20/01/23·34m 10s

Hair Of The Dog!

Listener Dave takes something weird on holiday with him, another Dave knows Fiddy and plays Yesterday’s Quiz and a naughty Duck and a punching cat make an appearance in Animal News.
19/01/23·34m 43s

It’s Story Time!

Dame of Dance - Sarah Story is here for a round of Top Of The Shops, we have some exciting news about Roisin Hastie and a School Deputy Head tells off Greg in the Quiz.
18/01/23·37m 50s

A Vetting Procedure And A Lack Of Mothering

Remi Burgz listens to peculiar behaviours from your exes in Lucky Escapes, an oversized basketball player tries to fit in a small car and the Newsbeat studio turns into a discoteque.
17/01/23·35m 44s

Off With The Milkman?

Jeanie Willox! Things our Nans say that just leave us baffled. Plus, “The Knitting (pub) Club” join us for the Yesterday’s Quiz.
16/01/23·37m 37s

Pick Up, Hang Up?

Ant & Dec are here and play a disastrous game of Sit Down Stand Up, we have another tense Jan Slam battle and The Floorers are back for the final of The Quiz
13/01/23·43m 41s

Too Posh To Push?

Greg tries to deceive the listeners but a noisy mouse gives the game away. Also, Snoochie Shy asseses your inebriated festive voice-notes and Liv The Young Coach Driver made the awful mistake of listening to the show whilst at the dentist.
12/01/23·36m 17s

Choke Up Chicken!

A strange saying at the dinner table, a wasp in the snooker hall and a fox at the hairdressers. A show so good that Greg wants to enter himself!
11/01/23·39m 46s

Goo Goo G'joob!

I am the Walrus and I’ll do as I please! Lowri brings us an update on Thor. Plus, we hear from the girl with the most famous thumb in the world and get some reassuring words from Kate Winslet.
10/01/23·26m 35s

..And We’re Off!!

Hooray! The podcast is back and we kick off another year of madness with singing dogs and donkeys, more mad Matty Healy moments, Ask The Nation and a daily battle for a Jan Slam prize.
09/01/23·29m 33s

A Montage Of Madness

A master traitor, a dating Niamh, a festive Plumb, a giant Jigsaw, some victorious Lionesses, a Stormzy Sit Down Stand Up, a race to The Big Weekend, Ezra Vs Morgan, a Merry Christmas Magpie, Ainsley and a fish in the bath, a murder mystery, The Rock Unpopular Opinion, wacky quizzers, talking dogs and plenty of wronguns! What a year for The Radio 1 Breakfast Show
23/12/22·43m 39s

Radio 1’s Christmas Wishes

Greg with the help of a few celebs, grants Christmas requests for some very special people.
22/12/22·39m 4s

Father Christmas Live From The North Pole

North Star Caller is back and Santa surprises two young listeners. Also, Sit Down Stand Up’s Maia calls to relive some classic moments from the year and Greg has a Traitors dilemma.
21/12/22·38m 16s

Step Into Christmas

Listener Justine’s family have a unique way of getting Christmas underway, we get Gregg Wallace’s annual Christmas tree count and could the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra have made the best Christmas song ever??
20/12/22·39m 26s

A Bumper Christmas Request Show

The Doubtfire Dog, Acoustic Cow, Talking Duck and many, many more – it’s the Radio 1 Breakfast end of the year request show. Also, our youngest ever quizzers attempt to escape the boiler room, Danza Sarah plays WrongUns and the Mike the Merry Christmas Magpie has sent Greg a Christmas pressie.
16/12/22·47m 34s

Mo Gilligan’s Christmas Unpopular Opinion

Listener Jamie shocks Mo and Greg to the core with a very un-Christmassy opinion. Plus, do you struggle with the lyrics of your favourite song? And where did Arielle lose her phone?
15/12/22·37m 6s

Back Of The Net!!

Greg helps Sam MacGregor fulfill his wish of being wrapped up like a Christmas tree, overlooked by an elf and safety expert. Also, listener Heather and family love a good Christmas Conga - but is it just them?
14/12/22·34m 31s

Tell Me Something Christmas!

Show favourites Morgan and Spanner are back for a festive game of Tell Me Something Good, Sam and Danni are here and aim to do some networking and we get more flannel chat from Greg’s Tailenders podcast.
13/12/22·41m 16s

Stick With The Theme!

Is it ok to skip the titles of your favourite TV shows? Listener David Asks The Nation. Also, a touring Walrus and a cat transfer in Animal News and why did Greg appear on Strictly in the bath??
12/12/22·36m 31s

“…she Brings Me A Sausage Piece”

Listener William explains some Lewis Capaldi lyrics and plays a round of WrongUns, Greg’s been winding up a Fred Again crowd and Steve Aoki’s going to the moon.
09/12/22·28m 10s

Jack Whitehall Sit Down Stand Up!

Jack is here and gets a chuckle in our favourite game, Holly from York Uni becomes agent for Long Boi The Duck and quizzer Mike has never peeled an orange.
08/12/22·30m 46s

Romesh Ranganathan Is The Fact Controller

Romesh is charged with correcting your misunderstood facts, quizzer Jacob is planning a heist and we bring the first ever Roy Keane Unpopular Opinion Special.
07/12/22·31m 35s

Out For A Duck?

Greg wants Long Boi the longest duck on the last show but worries that Long Boi won’t be around long enough or that the show won’t be on for long enough for Long Boi to appear. Also, Danny Howard and Sarah Story judge your nights out, Clara Amfo hears your stories of Irish Dancing and Baywatch re-enactments , making her think that you had some Lucky Escapes.
06/12/22·39m 7s

Count Yer Currants!

Listener Linn has a strange tradition with her mince pies, Aileen is back for another round of her special quiz and Greg has a new favourite lyric from The 1975.
05/12/22·35m 12s

Mad Friday With Lewis Capaldi

Lewis is here to deliver a very Scottish Christmas Tale, we have a special appearance of Anna from the 7th Floor café and 1Xtra’s Tiffany Calver has a guest that leaves her breathless.
02/12/22·40m 48s

“I’ll Go For The Poo At 4:30 Please”

Greg opens up the lines for you to ask him anything but wasn’t prepared for Lyle’s bombshell question. Also, things are getting Christmassy so we bring out the Stormzy Christmas Story and we catch up with new show favourite Aileen.
01/12/22·37m 34s

Go Football Huns!

Listener Ellen tries to impress her boyfriend with football knowledge, Greg steals a quiz from Aileen and we find out if Rickie and Melvin think they could fight a bear.
30/11/22·40m 32s

Send Me A Vole!!

Claudia Winkleman reveals her favourite animal and plays What’s My Age Again. Also, Calum Leslie becomes the new Robot Hoover and listener Cassie over-hears a tasty conversation.
29/11/22·34m 45s

Pardon My Turkey!

Love Island winners Ekin-Su and Davide judge your weekends, President Biden has been using fowl language and “Why hellooo Queen of The Jungle”! - we celebrate all things Jill.
28/11/22·34m 42s

A Game Of “Socker”?

Sock re-user April is back to play WrongUns, listener Evelyn is warming up her voice to cheer on Wales in the World Cup, and Katie Thistleton helps Greg get a message out to Ant N’ Dec in the jungle.
25/11/22·28m 23s

…and then he whipped out a…

We help listener Tasmin try and piece together a half heard conversation, we conduct a live experiment in an actual laboratory with a pizza and an iron and worry that Calum from Newsbeat is dead inside as he doesn’t have a favourite dinosaur.
24/11/22·40m 4s

Bye, I Don’t Miss You!

Listener Georgia flips the bird to her old workplace, we find the biggest goldfish ever and hair dryers as air fryers and irons as ovens – what appliances have you used to prepare food?
23/11/22·33m 41s

Talking Dogs, Scary Birthdays and Chicken Fillets

Greg has found a talking Scottish dog, we hear of birthday treats that have gone bad and chicken fillets on the dancefloor!! - Katie Thistleton reviews your crazy nights on the town.
21/11/22·30m 33s

Rugby League Superstar Seb Bechara

Greg chats to Seb ahead of the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup final. Also, previous World Cup winner Martin Norris plays WrongUns, listener Donna wakes up her boyfriend with the Opportunity Clock and The Big Disco Balls battle out the quiz final.
18/11/22·36m 33s

Opportunity Clocks!

Listener Alan wakes up his partner with a Bear Grylls clock, Sarah earwigs in on a bunch of hens, and Charlie Hedges is appointed Queen of Christmas.
17/11/22·32m 41s

The Coffee Shop Nemesis

Is Greg an evil nutter when out in public? Someone seems to think so. Also, a death moth and a slice of Billy The Bear give some listeners a sigh of relief and Ali Plumb is here – bones and all!
16/11/22·36m 55s

1 Billion and Counting

Jack’s in his van watching the population grow, Cassie’s trying to book a shopping delivery, Andy and his dad are at the wrong gig, and Gavin is wrapped up in a towel debate.
15/11/22·29m 47s

Dirty Towels But A Clean Heart!

Listener Gavin both repels and attracts us in Is It Just Us? Plus, Animal News brings us Gaga loving rats and Jade and her talking dog appear in the quiz.
14/11/22·33m 26s

Sam Smith Judges The Unholy

Sam Smith is here and hears your unholy confessions, Radio 1’s newest recruit Daniella Gualtieri plays WrongUns and Ali Plumb is getting excited for the new Black Panther movie Wakanda Forever.
11/11/22·41m 34s

The All Day Breakfast with Trouser Gregory Flapjack III

Greg works out a formula for conjuring up your U.S Politician name, Nikita Kanda from Asian Network pays a round of What’s My Age Again and is your work voice different to your normal voice?
10/11/22·33m 51s

Water Boring?

A not so thrilling Ask The Nation divides the team, we re-program listener Anna’s sat-nav and all together now…Kendrick’s in a box, Kendrick’s in a Box.
09/11/22·28m 7s

Greggie McBrekkie & the Pilfering Parrot

Could villainous parrots from Chile be targeting Radio 1’s DJs? Plus, Greg gets your ideas for a new name for the show and a black and white issue makes listener Margaret believe she’s had a Lucky Escape.
08/11/22·31m 51s

A Shocking Engagement

A celeb attachment creates concern with one of our team, a pop star has been spotted on a beach and Greg may have upset Taylor Swift fans…(again)
07/11/22·29m 43s

The Peaks and Troughs

Jordan North makes Greg worry that he has passed his prime, Carolyn’s back for a bit of this and a bit of that and The King of Korf is the final contender in this week’s quiz.
04/11/22·32m 9s

Shopping List:

2 x Double Disasters, 2 x Adele soundalikes, 30 x Guinea pigs, 24 x Rabbits, 2 x Pairs of trousers (down).
03/11/22·37m 25s

Pencils or Sausages?

Would you judge a date by their fingers? Listener Ian Asks The Nation. Also, Greg may be going extinct and we listen in to DJ conversations from the afterlife.
02/11/22·34m 49s

Free The Murderer!

Following Radio 1’s Halloween Murder Mystery Greg gets a real drama teacher to assess each DJ’s death scene. Also, bad beatboxing and baby blue Chinos – times when you had to have a quiet word with your partner.
01/11/22·42m 54s

Greg gets summoned!

Greg gets summoned, drama on the quiz and Daisy plays wrong-uns!
28/10/22·26m 2s

Arise Your Majesty

Can His Royal Majesty be awoken this morning to The Thong Song? Can Super train buff Francis Bourgeois guess the horns in What’s My Train Again? and can we recreate Adele’s river of wine…so many tasks.
27/10/22·39m 13s

Boojie Bloodsuckers & Snogable Shreks

We Ask The Nation – Is it O.K to get off with someone in their Halloween costume? Plus, the show goes medieval as a crate of mead is delivered to the studio and Arielle Free gets a scare.
26/10/22·34m 29s

Don’t Bow To Tear Pressure!

WhatsApp is down so we receive your telegrams about times you have fake cried. Also, Dean & Vicky play a round of What’s My Age Again and a Royal Marine no less, plays the quiz.
25/10/22·32m 45s

A Corking Good Show

Listener Jordan’s family have a unique way to pop their corks, Meow The Mayor of Animals appears in Animal News and Greg has found a solution to the Taylor Swift / Lana Del Rey problem.
24/10/22·24m 34s

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson In Full

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the biggest movie star on the planet, plays Unpopular Opinion! Here's the full interview with all the bits you wouldn't have heard on the show.
21/10/22·20m 12s

An Allergy To Chaos

Greg has a theory that the mayhem in parliament is making newsreaders sneeze, Vick and Jordan Ask The Nation about toe drying and poor old Phil from down under gets a hard time in the quiz.
20/10/22·33m 30s

Five Meters Of Cheese!!

Cheesy games (What Are They Cheering?) Cheesy Lucky Escapes (from Nichola and Millie), cheesy dances (from Strictly) and cheesy singing (from soap stars).
18/10/22·29m 6s

Stormzy, Be Real & Ice Cream

Stormzy hears your Unpopular Opinions and calls Spiderman himself, Tom Holland. Greg wonders if you can ever be taken seriously whilst holding an ice cream and we play the first ever radio version of Be Real.
17/10/22·37m 54s

Stormzy Is Back!

Stormzy is, at last, back on the show and here’s the extended chat – with all the extra bits not heard on air - from what inspired his new music to more of your Unpopular Opinions.
14/10/22·20m 45s

Welcome To The Pdgodcdgast!

If you can understand the title then you’ll understand what listener Steve is asking. Also, the Ainsley controversy is spreading, Tom TYF may have a stalker and Europe’s BIGGEST Dance Show is coming to…Giggleswick??
13/10/22·36m 17s

MMA Champion Leon Edwards

MMA fighter Leon is here to motivate our listeners, a gift to Sam Smith inspires a new game and the Blackpink song inspires yet another.
12/10/22·29m 40s

Extra bits of Greg’s chat with UFC Champion Leon Edwards!

Britain’s second ever UFC Champion Leon Edwards joins Greg to chat about winning the title and motivate some listeners!
12/10/22·14m 34s

The Royal Wee

Turns out that the Prince and Princess of Wales and family listen in on their school run, much to Ainsley's dismay. Also, The 1975 present an ick and Amy and Claire are Double Disasters.
11/10/22·35m 21s

Boyega, & The Boss

John Boyega is here for a game of Sit Down Stand Up and get’s Greg into some hot water with the boss. Also, listener Rich has another triggering song and Greg plays a sneaky little trick on Rickie, Melvin and Charlie.
10/10/22·34m 28s

Look Who’s Talking!

Matt Edmondson has found a machine that makes him sound like Greg and makes Greg sound like Matt. So Matt becomes Greg and chats to Greg, then Greg becomes Matt and chats to Matt. Then Matt chats to himself (which is actually Greg) and Greg chats to himself (which is actually Matt). Then Matt says something nasty about Molly, but it might have been Greg pretending to be Matt…or was it Matt saying it, but making out it was Greg saying it while sounding like him? ? ?
07/10/22·31m 18s

Toe Hookers and Flingers

Listener Jack Asks The Nation about the removal of socks, we get a list of shops you’ve been “unholy” in and Greg has found a new theme tune for the Chess scandal.
06/10/22·28m 53s

Not To Be Sniffed At!

Listener Toby and family have a strange problem when full of food and asks – Is It Just Us? Also, the nation gets ready with Lewis Capaldi, and Cailin has a problem with a Taylor Swift song.
05/10/22·33m 2s

The Banning Of The Banner

King Tom TYF has taken action against Greg for being too harsh on previous listeners. Also, why does The Notorious B.I.G. leave listener L.J blushing?
04/10/22·30m 13s

Snakes Everywhere

There was a snake in the grass at a cricket match, another one hiding a fish within a fish in a fishing match, and yet another one making listener Dusty realise she had a lucky escape.
03/10/22·26m 52s

The Trial of Fake Jake

King Tom TYF is here to give the verdict on whether Fake Jake’s lifetime ban from the show is lifted. Also, Becky is back for WrongUns and Sam Ryder’s been sitting in a cab listening to himself in a cab, from another cab…errr!
30/09/22·27m 54s


The cheaters of the world come forward with some crafty admissions, Is It Just Us will get you looking closer at the sell-by dates in your local supermarket and Greg suspects that the woes of the world might be the fault of Callum at Newsbeat.
29/09/22·25m 6s

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts!

A squirrel has been going nuts in a bakery, Arielle Free is nuts about Scotland and avocados and we get an update by bus-nut Reece.
28/09/22·31m 23s


Greg thinks NASA should big-up themselves, Ask The Nation questions Ainsley’s method of keeping the bath water warm, and listener Mairead helps solve the national Nigel shortage.
27/09/22·26m 33s

Do Worry Darling!

Ali Plumb and listeners review the Harry Styles film before Greg drops a bombshell that stuns Mr. Plumb to his very core. Also, Alison Hammond has been cheering up the Nation again and the Nigels of the world are gathering.
26/09/22·26m 43s

The Duke of Glasgow

Lewis Capaldi, the self proclaimed Duke of Glasgow, is here for a classic round of Sit Down Stand Up, listener Mia (and a lot of baby bunnies) are back for WrongUns and the Quiz team battle out the final ahead of Tim and Mary's wedding.
23/09/22·31m 38s

Lewis Capaldi - Sit Down Stand Up - In Full!

Lewis is back with new music and coming back to the Live Lounge next week. So Greg challenged him to a game of Sit Down Stand Up with hilarious results. Here's the full conversation with exta funny bits we didn't have time for on the show.
23/09/22·23m 30s

Hake News!

Liam attempts to cook an egg in the bath. Then Ainsley gets involved and things take a fishy turn.
22/09/22·32m 16s

Eccentric Aunty Chic

Greg is in hot water with his “mothy” wife, listener Lorna finds pumpkins and eggs on her desk and an appearance on Naked Attraction makes listener Mia think she had a Lucky Escape from her ex.
21/09/22·32m 14s

Dogglebox Episode 1

Greg gets many a dog’s reaction to Frozen Planet 2, Dan and his family have a strange bedtime ritual and would you believe it? Tom The Young Farmer has saved a life.
20/09/22·33m 29s

Panel Of Animals

Frozen Planet 2 sends Abbey’s dog barking mad, there’s chaos in the quiz final and Emma is back to play WrongUns.
16/09/22·36m 49s

Keep It In Yer Pants!

Greg is intrigued by an accusation from a Grandmaster, Vick and Jordan play a game of Sit Down-Stand Up and listener Gabs has found another talking dog.
15/09/22·38m 45s


Tom The Young Farmer is here, answering all your farming questions. Also, what celebs have turned up at your school? and listener Lee has found a talking dog.
14/09/22·28m 44s

A Bitter Plumb Amongst The Usual Fun

Ali Plumb is feeling feisty, plus What's My Age Again?, Yesterday's Quiz and more!
13/09/22·29m 29s

Attenborough Is The Answer

National treasure David Attenborough shines light during dark times via Frozen Planet II.
12/09/22·30m 17s

Toe Story 2

Listener Nick betrays Greg's toe chat ban, spuds and Toy Story make some listeners think they’ve had a lucky escape and Mike gives us a cheeky mash-up.
08/09/22·34m 5s

A Real Nail Biter!

Listener Jake’s “friend” has a disgusting habit to Ask The Nation, a weather person makes a boo boo in Everyone’s Rubbish and Ricky gives Emma the lowdown on how football chants are made.
07/09/22·34m 37s

The Plane Boss, The Plane!!

Boris and Liz take to the skies to visit another Liz on the ground and we do our best to track their flights. Also, Cricket and Game Of Thrones come under fire as a myriad of Radio 1 DJ’s give their Unpopular Opinions and Self Esteem sends us an ick message.
06/09/22·43m 20s

Don’t Speak!

Listener Katie talks so loud that she has been banned from talking before midday, Jan Slam winner Jenny had a great day at The Hundred final and Cat reviews the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert.
05/09/22·30m 31s

Issy Wong - In Full!

Extended highlights of Greg’s chat with England and Warwickshire cricketing superstar Issy Wong. Plus, listener Joe gives Gregg Wallace some D&B treatment and why didn’t Greg eating a massive nan bread make the news?
02/09/22·34m 54s

Let It Go, Let It Go

Listener Neehar has a strange toilet habit, but is it just her? From heartbreak to lucky escapes, have you ever seen an ex and breathed a sigh of relief? Plus, goats, seals and seagulls run rampant in Animal News.
01/09/22·36m 53s

Scott and Chris' Extended Unpopular Opinion.

A special All Day Breakfast bonus podcast featuring Scott & Chris' Unpopular Opinion - UNCUT! - where Chris proposes a preposterous new idea to the boss.
26/08/22·23m 33s

The Morning After

A tired (but NOT drunk) Greg is here after Scott & Chris’ leaving party and play’s a quick game of Real Or No Real about what celebs he was hobnobbing with. Plus, the quiz battle out the final and Charlie Hedges gives us the lowdown on being a mother and offers to send Greg a strange video.
26/08/22·37m 56s

Goodbye Old Friends

Scott Mills and Chris Stark join us for one last Unpopular Opinion and spill the beans on Jameela Jamil and her chicken outfit. Also, national exam coordinator, Abbey gets her results and listener Molly heads off to Reading with a squirrel costume.
25/08/22·39m 46s

Whatever Floatopias Your Boat

Jack Saunders is here for Top of the Shops and we hear all your drunk purchases and escalator stories
24/08/22·32m 8s

The Biggest Sucker In The Universe

Black holes in space – what do they sound like? Cue the wacky voice notes! Also, Laura & Ashley have been responsible for the erection of more signs and Greg explains BBC Sounds in the (un) simplest of terms.
23/08/22·33m 17s

It’s Mouldy Milk Anyway!

Joe calls in to find out if anyone else has his cheesy habit, Greg has been hanging out with Coldplay (no biggie) and more signs that YOU were responsible for.
22/08/22·31m 48s

Goodbye (for now!) Roisin

It's Roisin's last day reading the news on Radio 1 Breakfast so Greg's letting her takeover the podcast and there's definitely a magpie involved!
05/08/22·22m 11s

Stand Up Idris Elba, Sit Down Diplo!

Greg plays quite the game of Stand Up Sit Down with Danny Howard. Plus a non-human beatboxing guest, and Yesterday’s Quiz.
04/08/22·33m 9s

Alessia Russo and Fran Kirby

Please stand for sporting royalty! Greg is joined in the studio by Euro champions, Alessia Russo and Fran Kirby!
03/08/22·40m 44s

Belly Buttons Divide The Nation

Greg's asking the nation if they wash their belly button and people are spooked! Plus, aftermath of the Love Island final and it's day two of the quiz!
02/08/22·29m 20s

The Lionesses Brought It Home

Greg's seeing through his rogue promise and playing Sweet Caroline EVERY hour as England's women became Euro 2022 champions!
01/08/22·38m 16s

All Eyes on England for the Euros Final

Greg is joined by Alex Scott ahead of the Euros Final and there's a prediction from Alan the Robot Hoover! Also, Greg's new mate GK from Bad Boy Chiller Crew is on for WrongUns and some very weird sounds made by Scott Mills and Chris Stark are unearthed.
29/07/22·38m 11s

Make Haste for Regé-Jean Page

Regé-Jean Page is in for Unpopular Opinions and Greg reveals the new Official Chart presenter who he identifies by his very muscular knees! Plus Animal News and All The Latest Things!
28/07/22·48m 13s

Baba Ganoush & Morning Glory

Greg's celebrating the Lionesses win with a 'Double Diamond', doorbells are having their moment and Joe Lycett is in with Fact Controller.
27/07/22·40m 58s

No Days Off!

After a very busy few days running all across the country, Greg is back in his lukewarm studio. There's a guessing game for Roisin and Alan the Robot Hoover is making predictions on the Lionesses game tonight so all things back to normal!
26/07/22·37m 2s

The Jig Is Up!

Let's be honest, it took longer than expected but Greg got it done! He found all the pieces scattered across the UK and finally put together Radio 1's Giant Jigsaw and won back his show!! Woohoo!
25/07/22·1h 10m

How Many Pieces Do We Have Now?

Scott and Chris continue their R1 Breakfast Show takeover as Greg attempts to find all the pieces of Radio 1's Giant Jigsaw!
22/07/22·52m 30s

Piece By Piece

Scott and Chris still rule the breakfast show roost as Greg tries desperately to collect the missing pieces of the Radio 1 Puzzle.
21/07/22·1h 1m

Radio 1 Breakfast With…Scott & Chris??

Our hero has been kicked out of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show and replaced by Scott Mills & Chris Stark. It’s up to you, the listeners to help him win it back.
20/07/22·45m 46s

A Wet Blanket & Tin Foil

Greg’s been getting your heat hacks in order to stay cool and as he starts to worry about what radio 1 has in store for him over the next few days, a mysterious list comes through.
19/07/22·31m 27s

Hot Hot Hot!

Be careful out there – there are pigs in sun cream, Hungry Unicorns on the beach and people doing all sorts in the sea.
18/07/22·30m 52s

A Prepubescent T-Rex...

Harry steps up to wrap up another week on the quiz. There's a game of Wrong Uns with listener Niamh who's back for an update on her first ever date, and Alan's back with another Women's Euros prediction.
15/07/22·23m 48s

Tok Tok. Who’s There?

Niff Niff! Cockericko!! Did you know that noises are different depending on where you are in the world. Also, we get info on Radio 1’s Summer Games and an update on the mystery flight.
14/07/22·24m 23s

Mad Dogs And Englishmen…

It seems the heat has made us all go a bit doolally, listener Ellie for instance, she waves at the TV...but is it just her? Plus, we find a very dramatic poem by a four year old and launch an investigation into a mysterious flight from Dublin Airport.
13/07/22·36m 0s


Greg tested your opera singing skills and now it’s time for yodelling - get out the reverb Roisin! Also, singing parrots and donkeys in Animal News and Shawn Moondez takes us to the edge of the universe.
12/07/22·34m 24s

Nosey Siblings and a Stroppy Host

Niamh went on her date (closely followed by her family), a controversial game of Top Of The Shops sees Greg storm off in a huff (or was it a minute and a huff?) and What time is it when a horse stands on your roof? (find out in Animal News). (ok, ok, enough of the brackets)
11/07/22·37m 1s

Good Luck Niamh

Listener Niamh is going on her first date so Greg attempts to give her some advice. Plus, an ex-Teletubbies star appears on the quiz and it turns out that Roisin can do opera...Laaaa
08/07/22·34m 53s

Stark, Thor and a Robot

Chris Stark joins us as finger nails and candles cause confusion in Fact Controller, Ali Plumb has been hanging around with Chris Hemsworth and yay! Alan The Robot Hoover was correct, The Lionesses won.
07/07/22·36m 41s

Alan Is Back!!

Alan The Robot Hoover is out of retirement to predict tonight’s Lionesses football result, listener Josh’s family like a good old fish and chip supper during sad times and we hear your attempts to bury some bad news.
06/07/22·34m 8s

Eat Up & Scram!!

Romesh Ranganathan has a problem with unwanted guests, Gabby Logan is on but doesn’t know it and Munya Chawawa has gone totally conkers!
05/07/22·41m 29s

Adele &The Flag of Pride.

Listener Dean had an amazing experience at an Adele gig, Isabel had trouble getting it up twice in Double Disasters and a multinational team joined us for the quiz.
04/07/22·36m 54s

A Donkey On The Edge!!

Animal news brings us Amy The Donkey Stealer, the quiz team battle out the final and Chris the food clapper is back for WronUns.
01/07/22·29m 25s

Let’s Hear It For The Beans!

Listener Chris gives a standing ovation to his food and Ed Sheeran reveals some dark secrets involving "The Box" and farting on stage during his ballads.
30/06/22·32m 34s

Ed In A Box?

Greg investigates Ed Sheeran’s stage entrance, Katie Thistleton is here for Top Of The Shops and British “Ball” Dogs appear in Animal News.
29/06/22·29m 49s

Where Was Green Day??

Greg goes through some of the rumours around Glastonbury, listener Natalie has a new game called Job In A Box, and Reece the Bus Boy is very excited about a new busway.
28/06/22·35m 53s

A New Podcast Host?

Greg says bye to producer Will who's on hosting duty for the podcast today!
24/06/22·29m 47s

Glastonbury Moaners

Double disasters, Glastonbury moaners and a Julia Fox update!
22/06/22·32m 4s

A Gorilla Fart!

Roisin has the best clip ever in animal news.
21/06/22·29m 35s

Harry Styles likes to yodel

Greg recreates the Harry Styles gig and Danny Howard is in with the Fact Controller. An unexpected winner for the UK’s best theme park causes quite a stir. Listener Josh’s mouth singing goes to the next level, plus all the latest things from Aitch and Dame Kelly Holmes.
20/06/22·39m 52s

We love a Friday!

Update on the missing oyster catcher, WrongUn's and Greg says bye to Wendy Williams.
17/06/22·24m 39s

A Buying Frenzy

1Xtra’s Nadia Jae is here to play Top Of The Shops and we get news on a pizza-eating oyster catcher... Yes, you heard right!
16/06/22·29m 17s

It’s Destiny!!

Have you ever tried to connect with someone by the smallest of links? Do you use different bowls for sickness and snacks? Have you ever seen a bull waiting for a train? Have you ever sung a song into someone’s mouth? No?? What’s wrong with you?
15/06/22·38m 29s

Mills' Unpopular Opinion

Scott Mills joins us as a listener takes the pith! Another listener tracks down the "Huddersfield Wood" and a third (Covenger Josh) gets an amazing gift.
14/06/22·41m 31s

Mouth To Mouth Resonation

"Wonderful Maniac" Josh tells us of a strange singing technique he and his girlfriend have developed. Also, Greg has details of a TikTok / Netflix romance and pays tribute to the wonderful Hilary Devey.
13/06/22·29m 31s

It’s Gold Rush Kid Day!

George Ezra is here and his new song is scrutinised by listener Morgan. Also, show accountant Vicky is back for WrongUns and it’s the final of the quiz.
10/06/22·30m 53s

And Now The News....

Roisin comes out with the most amazing fact ever in Fact Controller, there's cowboys chasing cows on the motorways in Animal News and the algorithms are loving Bus Boy Reece.
09/06/22·31m 59s

A Milky What??

Tales of bush fires and stinky sinks in Double Disasters, we hear from Lucy who accidentally became the star of the Jubilee Pageant and a greedy Ostridge makes an appearance in Animal News.
08/06/22·33m 49s

A Sense of Nonsense

Seems the BBC’s Jubilee presenters had their senses working overtime at the weekend, so Greg devised a new game for Roisin and Melvin. Also, Love Island’s Luca Bish - sells fish…of course. Does your name rhyme with your game?
07/06/22·27m 18s

All The Fun Of The Fair

After an amazing weekend of celebrations Greg brings you up to date with all the fun and mayhem of the Jubilee weekend. Also, Laura Whitmore Asks The Nation about festival romances and we finally find out what Gregg Wallace has been up to.
06/06/22·42m 51s

Jubilee Bangers (and mash)!

As the long Bank Holiday looms the shops are starting to fill with plenty of jubilee tat. Salad Queen anyone? Also, George Ezra apologises for a shocking revelation and Yungblud's been flying about on a buggy.
01/06/22·30m 17s

What An Honour!!

Did Gregg Wallace cause an earthquake? Does anyone have strange rituals involving watermelons? Where is Lesley Dolphin? All will be revealed.
31/05/22·31m 2s

The Day After…

Greg is back after an exhausting weekend of meeting all-star listeners, being rubbish with pyrotechnics, watching Harry Styles become a pilot and sending Sibby to the pigs.
30/05/22·39m 41s

The Race Concludes!

It’s the finale of The Race to Big Weekend, but who will be the victor Stella or Sibby? Both are cheered along and Andrew Cotter provides the commentary.
27/05/22·34m 37s

The Heat Is On!

The Race to Coventry continues but will be Stella or Sibby travelling in the fancy sports car? Also, it’s Covenger Josh’s turn on the quiz and Nick updates us on the weather
26/05/22·44m 28s

The Race To Pig Weekend!!

Covengers Stella and Sibby begin a race to either get a ticket for the festival or visit some pigs. Also, it’s Coventry Cathedral’s birthday so Greg has another bright idea, only to end up being up-staged by some seagulls.
25/05/22·51m 55s

Day 1 Coventry

Greg’s team of super listeners have arrived in Coventry and we go on a search for Sean Paul’s Nan, review Harry Style’s Bedtime Story and come up with a plan to get everyone into The Big Weekend.
24/05/22·38m 16s

The Rise of The Coventry Gang

Greg recruits new members for his big Coventry road trip, Radio 1’s Elliot Darby has received a strange text and Greg has bought enough toothpaste to buff up the side of an ocean liner.
19/05/22·36m 12s

Nice One Rooster!

Cockadoodledoo!! We revisit Greg’s Bedtime Story, Fact Controller becomes Fax Controller, Greg gets grumpy with our quiz contestant and Arielle is excited to meet Bus Boy Reece.
18/05/22·34m 43s

Gregabug Is Back!!

Greg’s in his kitchen, Barney’s in the kitchen, Arielle’s in the studio. Featuring Disclosure’s goats, Jade The Snake and a Beat The Bride quiz.
17/05/22·29m 41s

Mastermind Vs WrongUn's

Adele Roberts is here for our very serious quiz and Greg confesses to an embarrassing situation at an awards ceremony. Plus, Scott Mills is getting excited for Eurovision and there's news of goat crimewave.
06/05/22·29m 47s

Benedict Cumberbatch Unpopular Opinion

Doctor Strange himself is here and confesses to a love for Ariana Grande, we go behind the scenes of the Star.One/Ed Sheeran remix and could it be that Anton Du Beke appears on Jack Harlow’s new album?
05/05/22·28m 38s

A Landing Ovation

Kirsty Grant is here asking if when a pilot lands, is to clap’em common? Also, Liverpool and Bournemouth fans are waking up with sore heads and look-out - ‘ol Mac is back, with some fox ‘n sox Animal News.
04/05/22·34m 55s

The Long and Winding Road

Ring roads and mischievous dogs create trouble in Double Disasters, the celebs line up to give their views on the Met Gala and Greg has a new brain-teaser for Roisin.
03/05/22·29m 58s

Bits Of A Show, Within A Show, Within A Podcast

We get your examples of things, on other things, carrying more things, whilst already on top of things. Also, Greg and listener Ebony try to fool a Coventry newspaper and – if it’s any constellation - Katie Thistleton joined us for Fact Controller.
28/04/22·30m 11s

Let’s Roll!

A Coventry special Unpopular Opinion, DOUBLE Badger news and Tom The Young Farmer being serious!! It’s enough to send producer Will head over heels.
27/04/22·38m 44s

Tan France Asks The Nation

Tan France is here and has a problem with birthday cards, Greg has a strange noise in his house and listener Beth has beef with some milk.
26/04/22·30m 13s

Cue The Bird!

Players get snookered by a pigeon at the Crucible, Billy’s baffled by buttons in Is It Just Us and you’ll never believe who’s coming to Coventry.
25/04/22·30m 48s

All Demands Are Met

Greg finally shakes the weight in an effort to release the royal pencil, a new radio beef starts between Greg, Zoe Ball and the 7th floor coffee bar and Asian Network’s Nikita is here for WrongUns.
22/04/22·27m 21s

In With A Whimper & Out With A Bang!

A funny noise intro, some sweaty pants, a somersaulting donkey owner, a bus boy and a Lizzo style outro.
21/04/22·31m 18s

It’s Mayhem Out There!

Ceilings and cars crash in Double Disasters, there’s been more food spilled on our streets and producer Will feels the nation’s backlash over the toothbrush scandal.
20/04/22·33m 42s

On Top or Down Under?

Listener Jay has a bunk bed dilemma to Ask The Nation, producer Will makes a shocking confession and someone’s been talking about Greg on Welsh TV.
19/04/22·33m 24s

Who Threw The Cheese?

Greg puts out an appeal for cheese throwers, Josh and Katie are on for a Tell Me Something Good Coventry Special and Danny Howard is here to kick start the early weekend.
14/04/22·32m 32s

Wheezy, Sneezy and Breezy

Young people with old voices, sneezing news readers, flying lambs and thieving sea lions.
13/04/22·35m 22s

Additional Training Required

Disasters you’ve made at work that have caused everyone to re-train, a caller who wears boots in bed and a quizzer that cleans the toilet with vodka?? Welcome back to another All Day Breakfast.
12/04/22·35m 58s

Do As We Say, Or...

The captors of The Royal Pencil have been in touch and Greg suspects Scott Mills has something to do with it. Also, we get more stories on disasters that have struck twice, Ainsley has missed a golden opportunity and Chico De Bing is ready for the quiz.
11/04/22·34m 57s

The Mysterious Envelope

Greg finds an intriguing message on his desk, our cow rescuing fireman is back for WrongUns and The Stag team battle out the final of the quiz, before embarking on their night out in The Toon.
08/04/22·27m 35s

Tom Vs Tom

Tom The Young Farmer has a rival in the form of Tom The Young Trucker, so they battle it out to become King of the airwaves. Also, Ali Plumb reviews the film that everyone’s talking about, The VelociPastor and beef has arisen between Greg and Vick & Jordan.
07/04/22·33m 5s

The Entertainment Technician

A podcast featuring 1Xtra’s Remi Burgz, a fleeing flamingo, a cow in a swimming pool, a spit sucker and the boss of the world. Let’s go!
06/04/22·38m 3s

It’s Just Crackers!

A highway full of biscuits, an April fools prank, the king and queen of Tell Me Something Good and a new doggy friendship. What’s not to like?
05/04/22·35m 5s

Camila Cabello Asks The Nation

Camila is here with a social media dilemma and to chat about THE pencil. Also, did you sense something fishy going on last Monday? Well maybe Ant, Dec and Stephen Mulhern had something to do with it!
04/04/22·43m 29s

When Harry Met Eda

Harry Styles is here with a new song and fan Eda is very excited. Also, Radio 1 newcomer Seb Bailey plays WrongUns and more dodgy accents from the world of showbiz.
01/04/22·31m 26s

Mendes V Moondez

Actual Shawn Mendes was on the show (yes, he made it) so we pitch him against our resident moon expert for a moon-off. Also, strange things you carry around in your bag, we find the show’s official drummer and listener Rachel needs a “Bovine Manager”.
31/03/22·41m 36s

Drumroll Please!

Greg goes on a search for a drummer, Chris Stark joins us for Top Of The Shops, and we look at infectious accents that celebs’ just can’t help picking up.
30/03/22·28m 59s

Bridgerton Unpopular Opinion

Nicola Coughlan and Simone Ashley from Bridgerton are here and one of them hates goat cheese! Also, Animal News is a Duck Special and did you know that everyone has a theme tune?
29/03/22·45m 59s

Lycett, Live From The Oscars

Joe Lycett calls live from Hollywood to give the lowdown on all he saw (or didn’t see) at the Oscars ceremony. Also, listener Max celebrates his 10 thousandth birthday and we have a special 10 Minute Takeover in tribute to Taylor Hawkins.
28/03/22·38m 58s

Greg - The Cat Protector

Are Lauren and Nigel, our lockdown lovers, still together? Will bride to be and Captain, Zoe win Yesterday’s Quiz? How will spuddy Scarlett do in WrongUns? All will be revealed in this podcast.
25/03/22·28m 54s

Peculiar Pubs and Revolting Pop Stars

Barmy boozers, spilled pints, bruised waitresses and mutinous musicians - Here we go again!
24/03/22·32m 11s

The Best Podcast Ever – It’s A Gibbon!

We delve into the darkness of The Three Little Pigs in Fact Controller, Scarlett gives us an update on the sea of spuds and we review Clara’s Leaping Leopard biscuits on last night’s Bake off.
23/03/22·32m 54s

Pinocchio, Peckers and Potatoes

Yungblud brings a wee festival dilemma, we have special Hen Minute Takeover for all the hens in lockdown, a question in the quiz nearly gets out of hand, and a hundred thousand potatoes rain down on Scarlett’s street. Just another day at the office!
22/03/22·41m 45s

A Quiz Scandal!!

The final of the quiz brings some controversy, Radio 1’s new family member Matty Chiabi plays WrongUns and both Greg and James have big faces.
18/03/22·27m 49s

You’re ‘avin Half A Giraffe

We get news of a strange landing from space, Danny Howard ties to sort the Chum from the Flora in Top Of The Shops, and Tom The Trucker’s had a “DOUBLE DISASTER!” (boom boom)
17/03/22·34m 54s

A Big Old Boat & A Big Old Line Up

Big Weekend announcements, silly scratching games with pop stars, a boat-man called Bryn and fruity flavours with Fay. Here we go!
16/03/22·32m 38s

A Quick Kip in the Pic N Mix

Inspired by Phil Vickery making a chip butty, we hear your stories of putting the least effort into your work.
15/03/22·29m 26s

Big Weekend Sit Down Stand Up

As Greg announces some of this year's Big Weekend acts we get Coventry listener Josh on for a special game of Sit Down Stand Up. Also, a new superstar in the making, Simon takes the place of Gregg Wallace in our 5-minute warning.
14/03/22·24m 36s

A Mystery Pie

Greg has been sent a fancy pecan pie but has no idea who from, fart taster Ashleen is back for WrongUns and Greg finds out that we’ve been singing Katy Perry wrong all this time.
11/03/22·26m 10s

Florence & The Machine is Rubbish

Florence Welch is here for Everyone’s Rubbish and it turns out she can be rubbish too. Also, Scott Mills is here to reveal this year’s Eurovision entry and One Direction are being melted down... but what parts can we salvage?
10/03/22·41m 37s

Quick – Thumbs On Head!

Bus boy Reece is back, Mike brings us some Gregg Wallace Gold and You won’t believe what listener Ashleen’s family do when strange odours appear.
09/03/22·32m 6s

It’s Alan Carr!

Alan Carr joins us for Fact Controller, Greg tries an experiment on dogs Dougie and Oscar and Charlie Hedges is here to play Tell Me Something Good...and she certainly does.
08/03/22·35m 53s

Doors Vs Wheels

Are there more doors or more wheels in the world? Greg calls in an engineer to discuss this very important subject. Also, (as we are being very serious today) Greg and Roisin discuss racing tortoises and a man with a pigeon on his head.
07/03/22·32m 43s

The Final Row?

Today Greg was canal-side in Burnley to greet Jordan at the end of his epic journey. But…
04/03/22·30m 47s

Mischievous Crabs and Potty Trained Cows

Animal News brings up the usual madness, Greg has left a hidden message on Jordan North’s boat and Ali Plumb is here to talk about Batm’n.
03/03/22·35m 48s

A Very Cool Customer!

Listener Joseph gets out from the chest freezer (yes, you heard correct!) to play the quiz, Jordan North gets out of the boat to get in a quick game of Tell Me Something Good and Carol Kirkwood gets out of the weather room to give him the day’s forecast.
02/03/22·29m 27s

Look At The Pincers On That!!

Quizzer Tom from the Canal & River Trust, puts some fear into Jordan North who plays a quick game of What’s My Age Again before continuing his rowing challenge.
01/03/22·32m 15s

Go Jordan!

Jordan North gets a rousing send off from his brother as he begins his epic Comic Relief challenge of rowing from London to his hometown of Burnley. He seemed very confident until Greg mentioned the word “Otters!”
28/02/22·34m 6s

The Junior Doctors Final

Our team from Wigan hospital battle out the quiz, Ali Plumb has been speaking to Andrew Garfield and our favourite listener of the week, Erica, is back for WrongUns.
25/02/22·32m 27s

Fanfare For The Common Dessert

Listener, Alex and her family sing to puddings, there are beans in the park and our star newsreader gets interrupted during the news. Whatever next?
24/02/22·26m 33s

Beware The Swans!!

Jordan North is here, ahead of his Comic Relief challenge of rowing from London to Burnley. What could possibly go wrong? Well..lots, according to our listeners. Also, why is Dua Lipa being so bossy?
23/02/22·29m 5s

It’s There Because Of Me!

We get many a story of signs being erected because of something you have done. Also, Dean has a question of cinema etiquette that he needs to Ask The Nation and Bus-Boy Reece is set some challenges.
22/02/22·35m 46s

Planes, Trains & Exploding Cones

Greg finally gets to chat to Jerry from Big Jet TV, Melvin Odoom join us for some Fact Controller and another update on the “Train Jane” phenomenon.
21/02/22·37m 29s

Plumb, Cheese & Brass

Ali Plumb’s hiding from a storm, the Sweet Talkestra is getting brassy, Greg is rating cheese and bus buff Reece is back for WrongUns.
18/02/22·34m 15s

Beat The Bus!

Greg's got a new game inspired by London's slowest bus. Vick Hope stops by to play Top Of The Shops. Oh, and there's some secret news revealed about the podcast… SHHH!
17/02/22·35m 20s

The Search For Gusty Dudley

Greg embarks on a quest to find the voice of a storm, and Tell Me Something Good returns!
16/02/22·25m 19s

A Rubbish Valentines

7 year old Elise shares her Valentines mix-up with Greg in an Everyone’s Rubbish special!
15/02/22·35m 48s

Jane on the train!

Greg catches up with viral sensation Train Jane, and Daisy drops by for an Is It Just Us?
14/02/22·37m 53s

Return of the Superb Owls!

Two NFL legends stop by ahead of Superbowl weekend, and Greg's got the owls out again...
11/02/22·27m 58s

Tom Holland Sit Down Stand Up

Probably the BIGGEST movie star on the planet Tom Holland is here to play probably the smallest game. Also, we have Imogen on for the quiz, Tom Holland, Rosie the estate agent and Tom Holland. BTW - Did we mention that Tom Holland is on?
10/02/22·37m 18s

“She’s Done A Madonna"!

The Brits gets reviewed by the people that weren’t there, the nation’s musicians unite for The Sweet Talkestra and Greg has real trouble explaining the show to some school kids.
09/02/22·31m 21s

Rose Matafeo Fact Controller

Creator and star of Starstruck is here for weird facts that you really should have known before and Small Things – BIG Trouble! Times when you were told off at work for something very petty.
08/02/22·35m 13s

Well That Was Loopy!

More mahem that Greg's dad could only describe as "Loopy". Includes: graduation blushes in Everyone's Rubbish, mischeivous pranks on Rob's friend Bambi and some extra fast fiddling from Roberts for the Sweet Talkestra.
07/02/22·34m 44s

The Sweet Talkestra

The violin part of Years & Years song gets slammed by Alexandra then all sorts of instruments join in. Also, udder squeezing Spanner is back, The Hockey Huns battle out the final of the quiz and Sam Fender soundalike Ryan plays WrongUns.
04/02/22·32m 9s

Wai Ai, It’s Me, Sam Fender!

Greg goes on a search for someone who can impersonate Sam Fender and gets an avalanche of celeb impressions. Plus, Matt Edmondson joins us for Top Of The Shops and we have a special announcement about Tom Holland.
03/02/22·28m 34s

Eyes Wide Shut?

Overweight armadillos and shifty seagulls crop up in Animal News, Emma has a dilemma to Ask The Nation and Greg may have found a fast fiddler.
02/02/22·33m 25s

Find The Fiddler!

Greg tries to find a fast fiddler, a listener fights in slo-mo and a Russian man duets with a raven.
01/02/22·36m 2s

The Game Is Afoot

Listener Morgan is back for a game of Tell Me Something Good and reveals an odd fact about her feet. But, it seems like she’s not the only one. Also, new week new quiz team and Samuel L Jackson has been spotted eating fish and chips.
31/01/22·24m 30s

Deadly Gregly & George Ezra

George Ezra plays some games, The Barnet Boys battle out the final of the quiz and Vicky Hawkesworth give Greg a rasping challenge.
28/01/22·31m 50s

With the Official Judy Cater

Chris Stark joins us for Fact Controller which leads to a Sue Perb hunt for a Jack Pot. Plus, Sophie updates us on the search for Samuel L Jackson and things you should never put hand sanitiser on.
27/01/22·33m 6s

Tea Cakes And Knobs

Adele Roberts joins us for Top Of The Shops to find out if listener Fraser buys lots of trampolines for ants and an update on the annual Dorset Knob-throwing contest.
26/01/22·32m 0s

Double Burns!!

To celebrate Burns Night Arielle Free and Burns (the producer – not the poet obvs) deliver a poetical mix. Plus, a butternut squash causes all sorts of problems in Everyone’s Rubbish and listener Emma continues the hunt for Samuel L Jackson in Halifax.
25/01/22·33m 34s

Where The L Is Jackson?

A BIG movie star is in town! Time to start an investigation. Also, listener James and his dad have a strange holiday habit but "Is it just them"? and a robot vacuum cleaner has tried to make a break for it.
24/01/22·30m 33s

A Drone, Some String and a Sausage

An amazing dog rescue comes up in Animal News, the show’s favourite biscuit crusher Emily is back to play WrongUns and The Quizzer Sisters battle out the final of the quiz.
21/01/22·20m 51s

Calm Down Dear!

Ronaldo threw a strop – and so can our listeners it seems. Plus, Danny Howard’s not happy about when people think the weekend should start – time to Ask The Nation!
20/01/22·22m 50s

Sit Down Stand Up Celebrity Special

Scott Mills joins us to play Maya’s great phone game and speaking of phones…do your parents get too formal with their contact names?
19/01/22·31m 10s

It’s Not For You Jason!

Roisin takes over the 10 Minute Takeover and gets very sassy, guide dogs, hyenas and meerkats all add to the confusion in Fact Controller and Ant, the tipper driver, complains to the BBC about Greg being far too hot.
18/01/22·35m 3s

Why's The Moon So Shiny?

Moon Experts, Animal news and Everyone's Rubbish!
17/01/22·31m 47s

Sexy Complaints

The dinger boy gets chatted up by the quiz team and Greg has some sexy complaints!
14/01/22·25m 29s

Unfinished Business?

Should you wash your hands between the toilet and the shower? Listener Claire poses the question to the nation. Also, we get an update on the darts investigation and Greg gets to speak to some BIGTIME Andy Murray fans in Sydney Australia.
13/01/22·34m 47s

It's The Size Of A Boat, Mate!

Inspector Greg investigates a statue of a naked man in Suffolk, the mystery surrounding the sound of professional darts and (along with Jack Saunders) tries to work out what listener Alex has been buying lots of.
12/01/22·31m 39s

Boom 60, Boom 120, Boom 180

Greg launches an investigation into darts tournaments on TV, Charlie Hedges and Tom The Young Farmer play Tell Me Something Good, and Billie Eilish was busy blowing grass…but what were you doing in August 2019?
11/01/22·28m 8s

The Madness is Back !

Crusty cakes, gift-giving bushes, and piano-playing ducks! Yes, Greg’s back with all the usual nonsense for 2022.
10/01/22·34m 50s

T'was The Show Before Christmas...

A very festive show today, Stormzy reading The Night Before Christmas, Quiz final of the year and John (the son of a cider lover) is back to play WrongUns. Happy Holidays Everyone!
24/12/21·20m 30s

North Star Caller Returns

Actual Father Christmas calls a very special young listener, Gregg Wallace is back making Christmas cards (much to Greg’s delight) and Beth reviews another festive Ali Plumb recommendation.
23/12/21·26m 35s

Ed Sheeran Brings Festive Cheer

Ed cheers up the nation with music, quizzes and a call to Elton. Also, Beth brings a tear to Ali Plumb’s mince pies as she reviews one of his favourite movies.
22/12/21·38m 37s

Dead Pets Society

John’s dad gets sent cider from their deceased dog, Beth reviews an awful Christmas movie and we confirm the social distancing rules for being the back end of a pantomime horse.
21/12/21·32m 58s

A Super Booster and an Elf Hater

Boosting Becca tries to break the 200 boosts in a day record, Elf hater Katie is back to play WrongUns, We bring on super sub Conor for the quiz, and Ali Plumb has been chatting to Keanu Reeves – no biggie!
17/12/21·23m 48s

Romesh Ranganathan & The Fact Controller

Comedy legend Romesh joins us for some strange misunderstandings, rugby hero Kevin Sinfield joins us for the quiz and Teen Hero Alice joins us for The 10 Minute Takeover.
16/12/21·39m 48s

I’m Sorry! Have A Llama

What have you purchased or signed up to inadvertently? What should you do with the doors on your advent calendar? Who’s Gregg Wallace having lunch with? All will be revealed.
15/12/21·30m 46s

A Thousand Christmas Magpies

Roisin rates your Magpie impressions, Elf gets a roasting in Unpopular Opinion and Olympian, Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix dives into the quiz.
14/12/21·34m 16s

Stand Back!!

Listener Katie's husband creates a major alert in Everyone's Rubbish, Newsbeat's Steve Holden has built something amazing out of Lego and Sports Personality of the Year is coming so we have a special team for the quiz.
13/12/21·33m 51s

Pete Tong Unpopular Opinion

Dance Master Tong brings us a very popular Unpopular Opinion, double Camel shenanigans in Animal News and Lemur On A Beamer!! Danielle is back to play wrongUns
10/12/21·35m 27s

Local Shops For Local People!

Following Aitch's example, Greg gives a shout out to your little local shops that mean a lot to you. Also, Danny Howard and Charlie Hedges are here for a game of Tell Me Something Good and a camel goes AWOL in Animal News.
09/12/21·28m 13s

That My Dear, Is Royal Wood!

Greg and our Teen Heroes visited Kensington Palace, but did Greg behave himself? Also, Fish In A Dish! - Danielle comes up with the craziest game yet and Nina has been buying far too much of something in Top Of The Shops.
08/12/21·41m 45s

Go To Fork Jail!

Listener Brad has a strange dinner-time habit, Gregg Wallace has loadsa Christmas trees and does a parrot have its own advent calendar?
07/12/21·31m 24s

A Teen Heroes Special

The cows are a mooing, the turkeys are a gobbling! Everyone’s celebrating our 5 very special teen heroes with plenty of surprises around every corner.
03/12/21·43m 36s

Madison & Harry Get A Teen Hero Surprise

Jack Grealish, Halsey & Tom Rosenthal help Charlie surprise another two incredible heroes and Frankie Bridge provides the most amazing Christmas pressie for her husband Wayne.
02/12/21·34m 36s

Jake Gets A Teen Hero Surprise

A very Christmassy house awaits Charlie Hedges as she calls on another Teen Hero and just in case things get too festive and cosy Greg fires some Unpopular Opinions at us.
01/12/21·35m 13s

Keah Gets A Teen Hero Surprise

Charlie is out and about again ready to spring on another teen hero and also does Everyone’s Rubbish where Greg finds himself up Pompeii!
30/11/21·37m 37s

Tom Gets A Teen Hero Surprise

Charlie Hedges begins her week of surprising Radio 1's Teen Heroes, by knocking on their doors for a cuppa. Also, lucky Anya is snowed in at her local pub and Lorna gives us the lowdown on the storm-torn I'm A Celebrity castle.
29/11/21·52m 21s

Sassy Kids and WrongUns

Greg has found another sassy kid, our team of Matty Lee’s friends play out the final of the quiz and caller of the week, Wyn, is back for WrongUns.
26/11/21·39m 20s

Get Bealey In There!

Greg is excited about the new addition to the I'm A Celeb Castle, listener Niamh Asks The Nation about a train dispute and an invasion of swans turn up in Animal News.
25/11/21·25m 56s

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Greg is worried about getting hit by an asteroid, Kieron half-demolished a local factory and Alison & Callum have been inadvertently trespassing. All the usual chaos then!
24/11/21·32m 15s

Will Smith Unpopular Opinion

Hollywood superstar Will beatboxes along to the Unpopular Opinion theme tune and High School Musical fan Roisin gets roped in for an impromptu round of Mastermind.
23/11/21·39m 34s

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Listener Ellie and her partner have a strange bedtime ritual and asks “Is It Just Us?” Lorna gives us another update from the I’m A Celebrity castle and as Olympic Gold diving legend Matty Lee enters the castle, we get his flat-mate Aiden on to play the quiz.
22/11/21·36m 5s

Young People, Old Song

Niall Horan, Anne-Marie and Zoe Ball join Greg for the launch of the new Children in Need song and it is very good indeed! Also, Alex Mansuroglu has put his dad in a song and Ali Plumb is back with more movie fun.
19/11/21·37m 53s

Lady Gaga Unpopular Opinion

Lady Gaga - will she sing the theme tune? Does she suck jelly? This is the only place in the world where you'll find out. Also, A tooth necklace anyone? What unusual gifts have you bought your partner that have fallen completely flat?
18/11/21·45m 12s

Tell Me Something Good Noreen!

Ewan McVicar is back to play our favourite game and he's brought his mum with him. Also, we get the latest on the Vic & Jack saga and a sausage dog creates a pickle for his owner, in front of some nosy cows.
17/11/21·32m 21s

A BIG Announcement

Finally we get to find out where Radio 1's Big Weekend 2022 is to be held, we hear of a telecom engineer that got paid in sausages and Greg gets very excited about Richard Madeley going to The Castle.
16/11/21·40m 59s

Is There A Cattle Herder In The House?

Has your expertise ever been called on in an emergency? Also, Fiona is back to "Drop" a new game on us, Greg wakes up Jack Saunders who's been painting Budapest red with Yungblud and superfan Kate comes to Taylor Swift's defence.
15/11/21·38m 58s

A Plumb and a Rock

Our favourite movie bod Ali has been chatting to Dwayne Johnson (as you do), our favourite listener Jemma is back for WrongUns and our favourite DJ's mum has been dropped into the mix.
12/11/21·35m 39s

Is This Real Life?

Footy star Mason Mount has a numb mouth, producer Millie has an Ask The Nation dilemma and listener Sophie has had her booster vaccine. How can you resist such a podcast?
11/11/21·31m 59s

Tell Me Something Good – The Game

Ewan McVicar plays a game inspired by his hit song, we hear your crazy dating app voicenote messages and it’s an Annivaccery! One year since the great news, Greg gives another Vaccination Call.
10/11/21·33m 1s

A Crisp Crisis

Could there be a national crisp shortage? Did Adele start it? What did Freya buy too much of in Harrow? What wacky games is Fiona going to hit us with today? Why is a duck running a marathon? ..So many questions.
09/11/21·37m 50s

A Loose Cannon!

Listener Trev tells of a Hollywood A-lister letting rip, Fiona comes up with the worst (but funniest) game ever and a pitch-invading fox dominates Animal News.
08/11/21·37m 56s
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