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5 Live Sport: All About

5 Live Sport: All About

By BBC Radio 5 Live

From rugby legends, to Premier League managers & beyond – the biggest names in sport tell us their stories.


The Ange Postecoglou one

Gary Lineker speaks to the Tottenham head coach Ange Postecoglou. They discuss his upbringing in Greece and how that led to his love of the sport. Postecoglou also reveals how his early playing days have influenced his coaching philosophy, and talks about his intentions for turning Tottenham into serial trophy winners. TIMECODES 03:00 His upbringing, his father and how his love of football developed 09:10 Early career, including his time in Amsterdam 13:00 Changing the mindset at Tottenham 14:35 Coping without Harry Kane 20:30 The importance of James Maddison and Son Heung-Min 26:00 His goals and aspirations at Tottenham
22/09/23·26m 6s

The Martin Johnson one

On the latest All About podcast, Mark Chapman is in discussion with England Rugby Union World Cup winning captain Martin Johnson. They discuss the historic 2003 success, Johnson's managerial inspiration and his World Cup emotions 02:00 Johnson's presence 04:05 Turning professional 11:30 Team success 16:00 The complex nature of rugby 21:00 Union versus League 25:30 Coaching education 30:00 Being the best 34:00 Physicality of the game 43:00 World Cup emotions
07/09/23·54m 33s

The Michael Johnson one

Sprint legend Michael Johnson joins Katharine Merry and Allison Curbishley on the podcast to discuss his many career highlights that have included winning eight world titles and four Olympic gold medals. The American chooses as his 'gold medal achievement' his sensational 200m and 400m double at his home Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. It wasn't easy to find a 'wooden spoon moment' but Johnson explains that he still holds some regret about losing a race at high school. 03:35 Bronze medal achievement 10:00 His favourite distance to run 13:18 Best achievement by another athlete 16:40 Silver medal achievement 25:38 Wooden spoon moment 27:30 Gold medal achievement
25/08/23·40m 34s

The Steve Backley one

In this episode Steve Backley reflects on the greatest moments of his career as a javelin thrower. He talks about being a world record breaker on three occasions and winning Silver at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He discusses his famous rivalry with Jan Železný and how they pushed eachother to achieve their best. Plus, what’s the strangest object Steve Backley has ever been asked to throw? 04:20 - Bronze medal achievement 10:00 - Best achievement by other athlete 20:15 - Silver medal achievement 23:25 - Wooden spoon moment 27:20 - Gold medal achievement
24/08/23·35m 52s

The Colin Jackson One

Former World Champion, World Record holder, and Olympic silver medallist Colin Jackson is the latest legend to join the pod and sit down with Katharine Merry and Allison Curbishley. Colin reminisces about winning the world title in 1999 in Seville shortly after the death of a training partner, winding sprinters up by winning the 60m flat in Paris, and a jet ski fiasco with Linford Christie and John Regis. Timecodes 04:17 – Bronze medal performance 18:36 – Silver medal performance 26:49 – Wooden spoon moment 36:51 – Gold medal performance
23/08/23·42m 26s

The Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill One

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill is the latest athlete to discuss the most memorable moments from her career and she looks at some of the highlights in the sport that stand out for her. She reminisces on watching a remarkable world record breaking run from Usain Bolt in 2009 and having an unlikely fan in Denzel Washington. Ennis-Hill also talks about returning to compete as a mum and how that impacted her Olympic performance in 2014 and reflects on her gold medal win on Super Saturday at London 2012. 02:50 Bronze medal achievement 07:10 Best achievement by other athlete 11:40 Silver medal achievement 18:10 Wooden spoon moment 22:45 Gold medal achievement
22/08/23·34m 59s

The Paula Radcliffe One

In the next episode, Paula Radcliffe relives some of the greatest moments in her career on the track, on the road and cross country. She looks back on the moment that Ingrid Kristiansen set the marathon world record and discusses her heartbreak at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Radcliffe also reflects on happier times with setting the world record at the London Marathon in 2003 and she also discusses the personal significance of the number 17. 04:00 Bronze medal achievement 07:00 Best achievement by other athlete 12:05 Silver medal achievement 16:05 Wooden spoon moment 22:50 Gold medal achievement
21/08/23·40m 7s

The Dame Denise Lewis one

In this latest episode the spotlight falls on Dame Denise Lewis as she shares her experience of claiming Gold in 2000 Sydney Olympics, seeing the Commonwealth games come home to Birmingham and her journey to the top of the sport. She also details how her life changed following global success. TOPICS 02:10 Bronze medal achievement 09:30 Best achievement by other athlete 13:30 Silver medal achievement 23:40 Wooden spoon moment 27:10 Gold medal moment
20/08/23·38m 17s

The Steve Cram one

On the first episode of the All About: Athletics podcast, Steve Cram takes centre stage to talk about his medal laden career in the 800 and 1500 metres. Hear the former World, European and Commonwealth champion discuss his love for Oslo, his admiration of Usain Bolt and his greatest achievement. Cram also relives his most embarrassing moment, including an almost ‘royally’ awkward situation at the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. TOPICS 04:00 Bronze medal achievement 09:20 Best achievement by other athlete 11:30 Silver medal achievement 22:30 Wooden spoon moment 30:10 Gold medal moment
19/08/23·44m 55s
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