Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

By BBC Radio 4

Nick Robinson has a conversation with, not an interrogation of, the people who shape our political thinking about what shaped theirs.


The Robert Jenrick 2024 One

Robert Jenrick on what went wrong for the Conservative Party and how to turn it around
19/07/2441m 48s

The Pat McFadden in Power One

Nick Robinson talks to the man at the heart of the new Downing Street government.Producer: Daniel Kraemer
12/07/2442m 45s

The Caitlin Moran One

Bestselling author and columnist talks to Nick Robinson about why, after years of writing about women and girls, she decided to turn her attention to problems with boys and young men with her latest book "What About Men?"Producer: Daniel Kraemer
24/05/2425m 29s

The Victoria Atkins One

After a damning report into maternity services in England, the Health Secretary opens up about her own traumatic childbirth experience in the NHS.Victoria Atkins also speaks to Nick Robinson about a change of tone in dealings with doctors' unions, growing up as child of an MP and what she thought when Natalie Elphicke defected to Labour.
17/05/2438m 18s

The Emma Little-Pengelly One

Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister talks to Nick Robinson.
07/03/2439m 59s

The Nigel Farage 2024 One

Nigel Farage tells Nick Robinson that "timing is everything" when it comes to deciding whether to return to frontline politics. Fresh off the plane from Florida, Farage talks about what he can learn from - and how he can defend - Donald Trump, as well as islamophobia, Liz Truss, and what he would do if prime ministerProducer: Daniel Kraemer
29/02/2452m 54s

The Mariana Mazzucato One

One of the world's most influencial progressive economists outlines her pitch to leaders across the world - and Starmer's Labour Party - to focus on ambitious 'missions' that can transform society for the better.
21/02/2436m 58s

The Emma Runswick One

The Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association Council talks to Nick Robinson ahead of the latest round of junior doctor strikes. She defends the pay demands set out by doctors, tells the story of a life of activism, and opens up about the horrors of working in Covid wards at the height of the pandemic.Producer: Daniel Kraemer
16/02/2445m 8s

The Shabana Mahmood One

The Shadow Justice Secretary and Labour's most senior Muslim MP reflects on Gaza, her faith and campaigning for Rishi Sunak's "geek vote" when they were at universityProducer: Daniel Kraemer
08/02/2444m 31s

Bonus episode: The Michelle O’Neill One - Revisited

Nick looks back at his 2021 conversation with the new First Minister of Northern Ireland
07/02/2423m 42s

The Jeremy Hunt Chancellor One

Nick Robinson sits down with the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in the dining room of No11 Downing Street. They discuss living nextdoor to the Sunaks, how much headroom he will have at the budget, and who he would invite to his dream dinner party
01/02/2435m 31s

The Blair and Hague One

Sir Tony Blair and Lord William Hague sit down with Nick Robinson to discuss their vision for a new "national purpose". They reflect on facing each other across the dispatch box 25 years ago and how to deal with an unstable worldProducer: Daniel Kraemer
25/01/2445m 30s

The Humza Yousaf One

The First Minister of Scotland sits down with Nick Robinson in Glasgow to reflect on his first ten months in power and how his family is dealing with the ongoing trauma of being caught up in the war in GazaProducer: Daniel Kraemer
18/01/2438m 52s

The Ben Wallace 2023 One

The former Defence Secretary opens up about the impact of high-pressure government jobs on family relations and tells the behind-the-scenes story of the lead-up to the Ukraine War and his take on the “poison” in British politics.
24/11/2341m 47s

The Kishwer Falkner One

Nick Robinson sits down with the Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to discuss multiculturalism, transgender rights and challenging the UK government on its asylum policies.
17/11/2338m 38s

The Michael Gove 2023 One

Nick Robinson sits down with the Levelling Up Secretary for an in-depth conversation about what lies behind his drive for reform, having first joined the cabinet 13 years ago. They also reflect on community tensions in the UK as a result of war in the Middle East, what the Home Secretary has said about protests, and what Nadine Dorries has written about himProducer: Daniel Kraemer
09/11/2346m 47s

The Pat McFadden One

Labour's campaign chief talks to Nick Robinson about how to deal with divisions with in the party, communities and families on events in the middle east. And how has he become the "great survivor" of the party, from working as Tony Blair's backroom fixer in the 90s to running Labour's election campaign?
03/11/2339m 15s

The Michelle Donelan One

The Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology talks to Nick Robinson about the UK's AI summit and how the world can balance protection against AI's dangers and harnessing it for good. Producer: Daniel Kraemer
26/10/2334m 29s

The Radek Sikorski One

Poland's former foreign minister talks to Nick Robinson about his journey from rebelling against communist rule as a child, living in exile in the UK, being a leading diplomat, and his party on the brink of returning to power after 8 years
21/10/2334m 47s

The Nick Gibb One

The Schools Minister tells Nick Robinson how his single-minded curriculum reform has kept him in his job for 10 of the last 13 years, and how his sexuality might have limited his career prospectsProducer: Daniel Kraemer
13/10/2341m 58s

The Roger Hallam One

The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, now behind the scenes in Just Stop Oil, challenges Nick Robinson to emotionally engage with the reality of climate change and take a stand against global inaction
05/10/2351m 22s

The Keir Starmer 2023 One

The Leader of the Opposition sets out his vision for getting Labour back into governmentProducer: Daniel Kraemer
28/09/2344m 44s

The Ed Davey Party Leader One

The Liberal Democrat leader talks to Nick Robinson about caring for his disabled son, the value of coalitions in politics and why the prime minister's net zero strategy 'hands the future to China'Producer: Daniel Kraemer
21/09/2338m 33s

The Theresa May One

Nick Robinson talks to former prime minister Theresa May about why she wants to call out abuses of power, what went wrong after Brexit and growing up as a vicar's daughter.Producer: Daniel Kraemer
13/09/2358m 17s

The Paul Nowak One

Nick Robinson talks to the boss of the TUC ahead of hosting his first Congress in his hometown of Liverpool, what it was like working with ministers during Covid and why we need a national conversation on tax
07/09/2334m 8s

The Anas Sarwar One

Nick Robinson has a conversation with, not an interrogation of, the people who shape our political thinking about what shaped theirs.
29/06/2334m 57s

The George Freeman One

The Science minister talks to Nick Robinson about how his troubled childhood instilled conservative values from a young age and the challenge of dealing with buccaneering tech billionaires
23/06/2334m 19s

The Lord Finkelstein One

Lord Daniel Finkelstein talks to Nick Robinson about what it is like preparing Conservative leaders for PMQs and how having two refugee parents shaped his politics of 'moderation'
17/06/2339m 58s

The Louise Casey One

Baroness Louise Casey has become one of the most influencial non-politicians in the UK. She tells Nick Robinson why it all started with a passion for homelessness and what might be next on her list.
09/06/2342m 46s

The Peter Kyle One

How does a politician with the reading age of an 8-year-old operate as a Shadow Cabinet member?
02/06/2340m 17s

The Feargal Sharkey One

The former Undertones frontman tells Nick how his youth in Derry during the Troubles led him to becoming one of the most prominent environmental campaigners in Britain today.
26/05/2334m 46s

The Stephen Flynn One

The SNP's Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, on what he will demand in the event of a hung Parliament, and how living with a disability shaped his politics.
18/05/2335m 55s

The Penny Mordaunt One

Penny Mordaunt reveals the secret to holding that sword throughout the Coronation, whether she’s planning another tilt at the Conservative leadership and being PM, and why culture wars may not be such a good idea for her party.
11/05/2334m 56s

The Suella Braverman One

In the week the government introduced tough, controversial new rules on stopping illegal immigrants entering the UK, Nick Robinson talks to the home secretary, Suella Braverman, about her father's journey to Britain while fleeing persecution in Kenya, how her mum's admiration for Margaret Thatcher introduced her to the Conservative Party and how she, as the wife of a Jewish man, feels when people compare her policies with those of 1930s Germany.
10/03/2342m 48s

The Lee Anderson One

Nick Robinson talks to the Conservative Party's deputy chairman, Lee Anderson, about following his father's lead in becoming a miner, how he went from admiring Tony Benn and Arthur Scargill to being deputy chairman of the Conservatives and whether his new job is forcing him to be more diplomatic when talking about issues such as migration and poverty.
03/03/2339m 6s

The Kwajo Tweneboa One

Nick Robinson talks to the housing campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa about his own experience of poor social housing and his father's death, how he harnessed the power of social media to become a powerful voice in Westminster and whether he fancies a go at elected politics himself.
24/02/2337m 40s

The Steve Reed One

Nick Robinson talks to the shadow justice secretary, Steve Reed, about why the collapse of a factory that employed most of his family led to him joining the Labour Party, how being mugged at knifepoint helped inform his new approach to antisocial behaviour and why he thinks the parentsof young offenders should be sent to mandatory parenting classes.
17/02/2338m 59s

The Iain Anderson One

Nick Robinson talks to the influential lobbyist and new chair of Stonewall, Iain Anderson, about how the case of Isla Bryson has brought gender politics to the top of the news agenda and how he thinks the heat can be taken out of the debate. Anderson, a lifelong Conservative who founded the lobbying firm Cicero and ran Ken Clarke's leadership campaigns, talks candidly about why he's now moving away from his political roots.
10/02/2334m 8s

The Mary Bousted One

Nick Robinson talks to the joint general secretary of the National Education Union, Mary Bousted, about how her headteacher father inspired a passion for education, why she quit her job as an English teacher and whether, in a week of widespread teacher strikes, she can see the current crisis coming to an end anytime soon.
03/02/2339m 14s

The Tony Danker One

Nick Robinson talks to the director general of the Confederation of British Industry, Tony Danker. They discuss what it was like to grow up in a Jewish family in Belfast during 'The Troubles', why he chose to join the Treasury three weeks after Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008 and how his calls for post-Brexit Britain's economy to grow more led to ministers accusing him of talking the country down.
27/01/2335m 57s

The Sharon Graham One

The leader of the Unite union gives a frank and engaging interview to Nick Robinson. She defends the new wave of strikes by ambulance workers, sets out how under her leadership Unite is 'following the money' to target bad employers and explains why Keir Starmer's Labour party is a 'bad tribute act' to Tony Blair and reveals she was threatened by former colleagues when she began an investigation into 'potential criminality' within the union. She tells stories from her early life, including how she led a walkout of silver service restaurant staff aged just 17 in a protest over pay.
20/01/2339m 4s

The Liz Truss's Big Gamble One

A bonus episode, as Nick tells the extraordinary inside story of how Liz Truss gambled her premiership on a dramatic challenge to decades of orthodoxy.
05/12/2259m 5s

The Bridget Phillipson One

Nick Robinson talks to Labour's shadow education secretary, Bridget Phillipson, about her mum standing up to the people that burgled their house, her grandad's love of books sparking her passion for education and how she ended up as an extra on Byker Grove.
25/11/2236m 23s

The Clare Moriarty One

Nick Robinson talks to the chief executive of Citizens Advice, Clare Moriarty, about her and her family's long history with the civil service, how she coped with having cancer while running the Brexit department and what more the government needs to do to help people suffering in the cost of living crisis.
18/11/2249m 47s

The Carla Denyer One

Nick Robinson talks to the Green Party's co-leader, Carla Denyer, about discovering grassroots campaigns at sixth form, declaring Europe's first climate emergency and why she chooses to wear both a red and white poppy.
11/11/2238m 46s

The Gillian Keegan One

Nick Robinson talks to the new education secretary, Gillian Keegan, about leaving school at 16 to work in a car factory, the time Derek Hatton bought her a glass of champagne and why sometimes cabinet ministers should just admit it when they don't know something.
04/11/2241m 50s

The Angela Rayner Deputy Leader One

Nick Robinson talks to Labour's deputy leader, Angela Rayner, about how her own experience of poverty has shaped her views on the cost of living crisis, her relationship with Labour's leader Keir Starmer and whether working class politicians need to shout louder about their roots.
28/10/2235m 21s

The Rishi Sunak PM One - From the Archives

Nick Robinson revisits his interview with the new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, from late 2019. The then-chief secretary to the treasury discussed working in his mother’s pharmacy, why he chose to vote Leave and his knowledge of The Force
24/10/2232m 9s

The David Frost One

Nick Robinson talks to Conservative peer David Frost, the former chief Brexit negotiator, about Boris Johnson's potential return as Prime Minister, the downfall of Liz Truss and how he went from foreign office diplomat to Brexit architect
21/10/2242m 57s

The Lisa Nandy Levelling Up One

Nick Robinson talks to Lisa Nandy, the shadow levelling up secretary, about preparing for government, the political lessons she's learned from football and whether she disagrees with Keir Starmer's stance on strikes.
14/10/2240m 52s

The Paul Johnson One

Nick Robinson talks to Paul Johnson, the director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, about attacks from the left and right on so-called economic orthodoxy, how to stay impartial during moments of political turbulence and what his self-proclaimed nerdy teenage self would make of his career now.
07/10/2235m 14s

The Kit Malthouse One

Nick Robinson talks to the new education secretary, Kit Malthouse, about growing up in Liverpool, battling Labour students at university and his priorities for education in England.
30/09/2244m 5s

The Jeremy Corbyn One

Nick Robinson talks to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about how he became a socialist, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and whether he'll be allowed to stand again as a Labour candidate.
23/09/2253m 55s

The Christopher Steele One

Nick Robinson talks to Christopher Steele, the author of the 'Trump-Russia dossier'. They discuss his time as an intelligence officer in the Soviet Union, how he became an overnight public figure and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
17/09/2240m 49s

The Christopher Steele One

Nick Robinson talks to Christopher Steele, the author of the the 'Trump-Russia dossier'. They discuss his time as an intelligence officer in the Soviet Union, how he became an overnight public figure and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
17/09/2240m 49s


Nick Robinson has a conversation with, not an interrogation of, the people who shape our political thinking about what shaped theirs.
09/09/2224m 52s

The Liz Truss One - Revisited

Nick Robinson revisits his interview with the new prime minister, Liz Truss, from July 2018. The then-chief secretary to the treasury discusses her transition from Lib Dem to Conservative, her plans for a low-tax, small state UK and comparisons with Mrs Thatcher.
05/09/2236m 0s

The Rishi Sunak One - Revisited

Nick Robinson revisits his interview with Rishi Sunak from November 2019. The then-chief secretary to the treasury discusses working in his mother’s pharmacy, why he chose to vote Leave and his knowledge of The Force
21/07/2232m 34s

The Liz Truss Foreign Secretary One - Revisited

Nick Robinson revisits his interview with Liz Truss from December 2021. The foreign secretary discusses facing down Russia on the global stage, the way we view British history and comparisons with Mrs Thatcher
21/07/2242m 48s

The Johnson Succession One

With Boris Johnson having resigned as Conservative leader, Nick Robinson takes a look through the Political Thinking archives, to see what has shaped the thinking of the men and women hoping to become the UK’s next prime minister
08/07/2230m 2s

The David Lammy Shadow Foreign Secretary One

Nick Robinson talks to the shadow foreign secretary, David Lammy, about loneliness, belonging and Britain's place in the world
01/07/2237m 29s

The Martin Lewis One

Nick Robinson talks to the journalist and founder of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, about his love of numbers, the cost of living crisis and his application to become a crossbench peer
22/06/2242m 26s

The Naomi Long One

Nick Robinson talks to Naomi Long, the leader of the Alliance Party and Northern Ireland's Justice Minister, about growing up during the Troubles, the ongoing implications of Brexit and her decision not to identify as nationalist or unionist
17/06/2237m 57s

The Yvette Cooper One

Nick Robinson talks to Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, about immigration policy, being a working mum in politics and Labour's chances of winning back power.
10/06/2237m 14s

The Sara Khan One

Nick Robinson talks to the government's social cohesion adviser, Dame Sarah Khan, about her efforts to counter extremism and the upcoming review of the Prevent counter-terror strategy
03/06/2234m 29s

The Mick Lynch One

Nick Robinson speaks to Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, about his union's planned strike action this summer
27/05/2235m 45s

The Nimco Ali One

Nick Robinson speaks to Nimco Ali, the government's adviser on violence against women and girls about her campaigning on female genital mutilation, calls for street harassment to be made a crime and her friendship with Carrie Johnson.
20/05/2234m 24s

The Nadine Dorries One

Nick Robinson speaks to the Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries MP about her efforts to clean up social media, her upbringing in Liverpool, and being a bestselling author.Producer: Jack Fenwick.
13/05/2236m 20s

The Jacob Rees-Mogg Leadership Crisis One

Nick Robinson talks to Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg about the Prime Minister's survival, cake, dead cats and banned words
28/01/2246m 38s

The Steve Baker One

Nick Robinson talks to Conservative MP Steve Baker about the PM, the pandemic and parachutes
21/01/2239m 28s

The Gary Neville One

Nick Robinson talks to Gary Neville about his footballing career, the state of English football and his own political ambitions
14/01/2224m 0s

The Wes Streeting One

The Shadow Health Secretary on bouncing back after illness, living with Covid and his connection to Christine Keeler
07/01/2249m 40s

The 2022 New Year Special One

Nick Robinson reviews the highlights of Political Thinking in 2021 including interviews with leading politicians and public figures
01/01/2224m 56s

The Ed Balls Christmas Special One

The former Cabinet Minister on his passion for cooking, dancing, documentary-making and his previous career in politics.
27/12/2137m 48s

The Katharine Birbalsingh One

The Chair of the Social Mobility Commission on why she ‘came out’ as a conservative, the purpose of education and the perils of smartphones
17/12/2142m 52s

The Liz Truss Foreign Secretary One

The Foreign Secretary on the ‘network of liberty’, those Mrs Thatcher-styled photoshoots and being too busy to hold Christmas parties
10/12/2146m 33s

The Chris Bryant One

The Chair of the Commons Standards Committee on upholding the rules, being gay and why he could never have been 007
03/12/2143m 4s

The Keir Starmer Opposition Leader One

The Labour leader on his family, the migrant boats crisis and why Boris Johnson makes him angry
26/11/2149m 6s

The Nick Carter One

The Chief of the Defence Staff discusses the lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, and being kicked out of his school's cadet force for playing golf.
01/10/2137m 33s

The Rachel Reeves One

The Shadow Chancellor on learning from Labour’s defeats, playing aggressive chess and that ‘boring snoring’ Tweet
24/09/2136m 15s

The Sajid Javid Health Secretary One

The Health Secretary on the reshuffle, health inequalities after the pandemic and a missing pair of scissors
17/09/2144m 36s

The Jeffrey Donaldson One

The DUP leader on his fear of further unrest in Northern Ireland, what he learned from Boris Johnson and the Mountains of Mourne
10/09/2133m 44s

The Tom Tugendhat Afghanistan One

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee Chair on shame, Afghanistan and Global Britain
03/09/2129m 52s

The Oliver Dowden One

The Culture Secretary on culture wars, suburban values, football heritage and treading the boards
25/06/2143m 15s

The Alok Sharma One

The COP26 President on the ‘decisive decade’ to tackle climate change, why Swampy runs Britain’s boardrooms and being Mr Boring
18/06/2142m 26s

The Gordon Brown One

The former Prime Minister on tips for chairing the G7, footballers taking the knee and ‘not being silent’ on Scotland’s future
11/06/2140m 47s

The Ed Miliband Reunion One

The Shadow Business Secretary and former Labour leader on thinking ‘big’, standing against his brother and emergency-charging his electric car
04/06/2144m 45s

The Christina McAnea One

The Unison General Secretary on Red Clydeside, the art of negotiation and words of advice for Labour
28/05/2135m 18s

The Kate Forbes One

The Scottish Finance Secretary on growing up in India, her faith and how another independence referendum will be fought
21/05/2135m 35s

The Rachel de Souza One

The Children’s Commissioner on tackling failing schools, online safety and knowing your Aristotle
14/05/2139m 12s

The Len McCluskey Election Special One

The Unite General Secretary on Labour’s electoral woes, Starmer’s ‘failure’ and the politics of football
07/05/2144m 0s

The Jonathan Reynolds One

The Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary on Labour’s ‘vast’ challenge, having an autistic child and why he would like to run Sunderland FC
30/04/2141m 48s

The Justin Welby One

The Archbishop of Canterbury on being involved in politics, how leaders today are more moral than their predecessors, the need for reconciliation, and why he likes The West Wing
23/04/2144m 34s

The Alistair Carmichael One

The longest-serving LibDem MP on the benefits of island life, why beef farming in Shetland shouldn’t be stopped by fears over global warming, working with Tories, and the perils of nationalism
16/04/2133m 59s

The Jeane Freeman One

Scotland’s Health Secretary on her journey from communism via Labour to the SNP; why she says Alex Salmond is not fit to hold office; and what went wrong in Scotland’s care homes over covid
08/04/2144m 46s

The Nadhim Zahawi One

The vaccines minister on fleeing Iraq, losing and making money, the role of entrepreneurs in vaccine development, and Shakespeare.
01/04/2129m 11s

The Kwasi Kwarteng One

The new Business Secretary on whether he’s changed his mind on Thatcherite economics, his ‘Sunday’ name, views of Empire, and the quality of Nick’s interview research
29/01/2131m 59s

The Michelle O'Neill One

Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister and Sinn Fein leader discusses the likely impact of Joe Biden, her Irish Republican childhood and fighting covid
21/01/2133m 52s

The Mark Sedwill One

The former Cabinet Secretary on handling crises, the end of the Trump era and speaking frankly to Boris
15/01/2136m 59s

The Kate Bingham One

The former head of the Vaccine Taskforce on finding a vaccine, getting caught in the political crossfire and whether the UK can be ‘world-beating’
08/01/2139m 14s

The Jake Berry One

The Conservative MP on a year of heartbreak, his friendship with the PM and his ambitions for the North
18/12/2033m 53s

The Kate Green One

The Shadow Education Secretary on her despair at Jeremy Corbyn, abolishing Eton and reforming the honours system.
11/12/2040m 39s

The Steve Rotheram One

The Liverpool Metro Mayor discusses his city’s image, Hillsborough, class politics, and why he did he a deal with Boris Johnson but won’t shake his hand
04/12/2041m 25s

The Kemi Badenoch One

The Equalities Minister on redefining Black History Month, racial inequality and her love for Mrs Thatcher
27/11/2037m 56s

The Siân Berry One

The Green Party co-leader on her childhood love of wildlife, taking on 4x4s and whether the Greens can change politics
02/10/2032m 43s

The Simon Coveney One

The Irish Foreign Minister on his Anglo-Irish roots, the prospects for a Brexit deal and taking his centenarian grandmother to Lords
25/09/2039m 51s

The George Eustice One

The Environment Secretary on the spirit of Poldark, answering questions for David Cameron and the price of fish fingers.
18/09/2035m 3s

The Anneliese Dodds One

The Shadow Chancellor on her Presbyterian roots, being a student protestor and whether she’s prepared to say ‘no’
11/09/2034m 55s

The Douglas Ross One

The new Scottish Conservative leader on football refereeing, his unusual knowledge of cattle and whether he can stop a second independence referendum
04/09/2033m 37s

The Layla Moran One

The LibDem leadership contender discusses the meaning of liberalism, the threat of fat-shaming, and the common humanity of being stardust but not necessarily pansexual
24/07/2036m 21s

The Thérèse Coffey One

The Work and Pensions Secretary on her Liverpudlian roots, applying science to politics, dealing with the rise in unemployment and her passion for karaoke
17/07/2032m 54s

The Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds One

Labour's shadow home secretary on his village with seven MPs, the collective spirit of the Welsh valleys, what Michael Foot told him as a teenager, and his golfing name
10/07/2032m 38s

The Mark Regev One

Israel's former ambassador to the UK on arguing his country's case, why he doesn't like being called 'silver-tongued', why he changed his name, and his reasons for optimism
03/07/2035m 37s

The Neil Ferguson One

The leading epidemiologist on how science and politics can best work together, being forced to resign from a government committee, and his media nickname of 'Professor Lockdown'
26/06/2035m 46s

The Robert Buckland One

The Justice Secretary on loneliness in politics, kneeling, how courts respond to covid, and why there is no such thing as 'normal' - plus he demonstrates his love of music
19/06/2038m 9s

The Maro Itoje One

The leading England rugby player on racism, Black Lives Matter, statues, finding middle ground, the diversity of Harrow School, and being impressed by Keir Starmer
12/06/2036m 51s

The Arlene Foster One

Northern Ireland's First Minister on what happened to her family during the Troubles, her discussions with Boris Johnson over Brexit, and what she's missed most during lockdown
05/06/2036m 18s

The Jonathan Sumption One

The former Supreme Court justice on why lockdown is 'despotic', being a libertarian, not being a politician, what Lord Hutton's inquiry got wrong and what Keith Joseph got right
29/05/2033m 21s

The Jeremy Hunt covid one

Jeremy Hunt talks about making mistakes, learning from Asia, his dispute with the junior doctors, and the trials of family life
22/05/2035m 23s

The Mark Drakeford One

Wales's First Minister on tackling the virus, working with Boris & digging the allotment
15/05/2032m 11s

The Richard Horton One

The editor of the Lancet discusses problems in the relationship between science and politics, why he thinks the lockdown must go on, and whether he is really a headline chaser.
07/05/2033m 43s

The new Keir Starmer one

Labour's new leader Keir Starmer talks about his background, upbringing, legal career and core values (in an interview recorded in 2018)
06/04/2027m 48s

The Rosena Allin-Khan One

The Labour deputy leadership candidate and doctor on being prepared for coronavirus, why she chose politics and that Love Actually video
13/03/2040m 57s

The Rebecca Long-Bailey One

The Labour leadership candidate on her Mancunian roots, why she didn't go into politics straight away and raising her eyebrows
06/03/2038m 6s

The Ian Murray One

The Labour deputy leadership candidate on uniting Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, saving Hearts FC and why Labour has to recover in Scotland if it is ever to win in Westminster again
28/02/2043m 1s

The Inside Story of Election 19 One

A bonus episode, with Anne McElvoy's behind-the-scenes documentary about the 2019 election
17/02/2029m 25s

The What Does Boris Johnson Really Think One

Pragmatist, libertarian or cakeist? Heathite or Trumpesque? Nick explores what drives the political views of Boris Johnson.
07/02/2029m 55s

The Nigel Farage Brexit Day One

The leading Brexit campaigner on the lessons he learnt as a City trader, what he thought of the 1975 referendum, and how he changed the 2019 election
31/01/2034m 34s

The Andy Street One

The Mayor of the West Midlands on his passion for HS2, why he nearly became a social worker and encouraging mavericks
30/01/2034m 44s

The Nicky Morgan One

The Culture Secretary on why she went from Remainer rebel to Boris loyalist, her decision to quit frontline politics and the uncertain future of the BBC
23/01/2035m 40s

The Lisa Nandy One

The Labour leadership candidate on her Liberal Grandfather, Marxist Dad, reviving towns and a love of Britney
17/01/2050m 48s

The Ben Wallace One

The Defence Secretary on getting the MoD's house in order, how he discovered a ticking bomb and why Boris Johnson is a 'left-wing Tory'
20/12/1933m 0s

The Prime Ministerial Debate One

A special edition with audio of Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn, plus Nick's reflections after the debate
07/12/191h 3m

The General Election One with Bartley and Hancock

Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley reveals why an encounter with David Cameron led him into politics, while Health Secretary Matt Hancock discusses his loyalty to Boris Johnson and why he keeps his mobile phone at bay
04/12/1957m 22s

The General Election One with Gwynne and Curtice

Labour's campaign coordinator Andrew Gwynne discusses mental health, Waspi women and darts commentary, while John Curtice talks about exit polls and haircuts
27/11/1951m 10s

The General Election One with Price and Cherry

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price and the SNP's Joanna Cherry on their personal journeys into politics and their ambitions for an independent Wales and Scotland
21/11/1955m 50s

The General Election One with Tice and Ummuna

Chukka Ummuna and Richard Tice on big political risks, loyalty and election high stakes.
14/11/1959m 10s

The Lindsay Hoyle One

The new Speaker on how he'll be different from his predecessor, his Lancastrian roots and the roll call of his 'political' pets
07/11/1947m 31s

The Laura Pidcock One

Labour's shadow employment rights spokesperson discusses class politics, friends and enemies, and the commentariat
31/10/1942m 23s

The Robert Jenrick One

The Housing Secretary on sleeping rough, owning homes, the Grenfell inquiry - and being the youngest cabinet minister
25/10/1933m 19s

The Sadiq Khan One

London's Mayor on the benefits of boxing, why it's good to be friends with Tories, and his arguments with Donald Trump
18/10/1943m 5s

The Rishi Sunak One

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury on why the Wirral meeting may go down in history, loosening the purse strings and his knowledge of The Force
11/10/1935m 51s

The Grant Shapps One

The Transport Secretary on planning for a no deal Brexit, using a spreadsheet to back Boris Johnson and why he's grateful to Ronald McDonald
03/10/1932m 25s

The Ken Clarke One

The Father of the House on whether he still wants the top job, the politics of discord and finding relaxation through jazz
27/09/1941m 58s

The Stephen Kinnock One

The Labour MP on being the son of a party leader, the husband of a prime minister, a difficult encounter with the Russian police, and why his colleagues should back a Brexit deal
19/09/1936m 32s

The Jon Trickett One

The Shadow Commons Leader on how a conversation with his grandfather sparked his political ambition and why Labour shouldn't turn its back on Leave voters
13/09/1937m 21s

The Alistair Burt One

The rebel Tory MP on the experience of being purged, how the Conservative Party is changing, and why Jacob Rees-Mogg should sit up straight in the Commons
05/09/1959m 39s

The Ian Blackford One

The SNP's Westminster leader discusses strategy at PMQs, parliamentary manoeuvres over Brexit, and how to deal with a procedural fankle or a political stramash
26/07/1937m 14s

The William Hague One

The former Foreign Secretary on why he thinks Parliament will prevent a no-deal Brexit, the threat to the Union and why he has no desire to return to frontline politics
18/07/1945m 22s

The Harriet Harman One

The longstanding campaigner for women's rights on why the next Labour leader and the next Commons Speaker must be women, her plans for a podcast, and why she now talks to Tories
11/07/1932m 32s

The Philip Hammond One

The Chancellor on blocking a no-deal Brexit, spreading muck, the benefits of being dull, and the 'bizarre' feeling of finding himself on the far left of the Conservative party
05/07/1940m 38s

The Ed Davey One

The Liberal Democrat leadership contender on why liberalism has a future (despite President Putin's comments), his call for a government of national unity and why he wants his homework back from Ed Balls
28/06/1941m 41s

The Steve Barclay One

The Brexit Secretary on his Lancastrian roots, the 'challenges' facing the new PM and his days as a scrum-half
21/06/1939m 24s

The David Lidington One

The Deputy Prime Minister on doing PMQs, the Tory leadership battle and the dreaded 3am phone call, plus some Elizabethan history and a re-enactment of University Challenge
14/06/1946m 6s

The Tory Leadership Campaign One

Nick reviews what contenders have said about their background and values on the Political Thinking podcast
07/06/1934m 54s

The Jeremy Hunt One

The Foreign Secretary on his inner toughness, the biggest jolt he's received while in the cabinet, the genius of Japan, and how to have fun dancing the lambada - plus a taste test
31/05/1936m 20s

The Michael Gove One

The Environment Secretary on why he's running to be prime minister, how being adopted as a boy has influenced his thinking, and whether he can really be trusted.
26/05/1948m 14s

The Helle Thorning-Schmidt One

The former Danish PM offers advice on life after office, dealing with populists and whether she wants to run the EU
23/05/1944m 21s

The Stella Creasy One

The Labour MP on her mum's career advice, campaigning against payday lending and trying to avoid the Pythonesque giant foot of Brexit.
17/05/1935m 6s

The Sajid Javid One

The Home Secretary explains how as a son of an immigrant bus driver he defied advice to become a banker and cabinet minister - but where will his ambitions take him next?
10/05/1945m 48s

The Rory Stewart One

The new International Development Secretary on his pitch for the top job, the climate change 'emergency' and the joy of walking
03/05/1941m 13s

The Alastair Campbell One

The People's Vote campaigner on dealing with depression, admiring Bill Clinton's speaking style and why Labour will be 'marmalized' at the European elections unless it commits to a second referendum
26/04/1953m 56s

The Jed Mercurio One

The writer of Line of Duty and Bodyguard explains his approach to writing with authenticity about politics, the police and the NHS
18/04/1944m 27s

The Steve Baker One

The Conservative Eurosceptic MP on righteous anger, herding tigers, not surrendering and why he's a left wing free marketeer
12/04/1944m 43s

The Geoffrey Cox One

The Attorney General on the 'difficult birth' of Brexit, talking to Corbyn and why 'April is the cruellest month'
04/04/1944m 28s

The Oliver Letwin One

A former Thatcherite with a record of gaffes, is he now usurping the role of prime minister or has he become a Mr. Fixit taking responsibility to tackle a national crisis?
29/03/1940m 42s

The Greg Clark One

The Business Secretary on why Theresa May's address to the nation 'wasn't a great success', finding common ground on Brexit and whether his name is actually Greg.
22/03/1933m 8s

The Esther McVey One

The former Cabinet Minister on deciding to back May's deal, ensuring a 'dignified' exit for the PM and her Liverpudlian roots.
15/03/1944m 36s

The Gavin Williamson One

The Defence Secretary on why the Prime Minister should go 'on and on', speaking plain Yorkshire and why he kept a tarantula.
08/03/1942m 9s

The Tobias Ellwood One

The Defence Minister on escaping 'Carry On Brexit', Britain's place in the world and the personal impact of terrorism
01/03/1942m 46s

The Luciana Berger One

The Independent MP on the trauma of leaving Labour, the stresses of facing anti-Semitism and the difficult process of forging a new political force
22/02/1941m 27s

The Gloria De Piero One

The Labour MP on why she dreamed of going to Skegness, the importance of listening to Leave voters and why her colleagues need to keep the faith.
15/02/1943m 16s

The Jonathan Ashworth One

The Shadow Health Secretary on coming to terms with his Dad's alcoholism, his fears over Brexit and why he's a Croslandite and not a Corbynite
08/02/1942m 29s

The Sir Graham Brady One

The Chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee on delaying Article 50, championing grammar schools and where he keeps his safe.
01/02/1949m 31s

The David Miliband One

David discusses Davos, his refugee parents, the case for another referendum, the future of British politics, and where he feels at home.
25/01/1943m 46s

The Nick Boles One

The Conservative MP on his plan to block a no-deal Brexit, why his time in Parliament may be up and why he now lives every moment.
18/01/1948m 55s

The Personal is Political One

Nick reflects on what the personal interviews from the podcast over the last year reveal about the state of today's politics
04/01/1927m 56s

The David Gauke One

The Justice Secretary on slaying unicorns, why he might quit the Cabinet and his overnight stay in prison.
21/12/1840m 0s

The Hilary Benn One

The Chair of the Brexit Committee on Theresa May's options, why he disagreed with his father's views on Europe and the art of keeping a diary
14/12/1842m 37s

The Justine Greening One

The former cabinet minister on being a Rotherham Tory, breaking the class ceiling, why resigning from government preserved her self-respect, and the case for another referendum
07/12/1843m 56s

The James Brokenshire One

The Communities Secretary on his former life as a voiceover artist, dealing with cancer and his role in negotiating the Northern Ireland backstop.
29/11/1838m 48s

The Diane Abbott One

The Shadow Home Secretary on why she's sure Brexit will happen next spring, how working at the Home Office got her into politics and why her staff persuaded her to talk about the online abuse she's received.
23/11/1845m 21s

The Mayday One

Behind the scenes on a day of turmoil, Nick explains all via banter with his colleagues, Jacob Rees Mogg, a shouting numismatist and a well-informed schoolgirl.
16/11/1835m 15s

The Damian Hinds One

The Education Secretary on why we need to 'buckle up' as Brexit approaches, asking for more than 'little extras' for schools and why he used to carry a guitar pick in his pocket.
09/11/1845m 35s

The Shaun Bailey One

The Conservative candidate for Mayor of London on his Jamaican mum, getting racist abuse from MPs and attending his first political meeting after a fight with a drug dealer.
02/11/1842m 36s

The John McDonnell One

The Shadow Chancellor on whether the profit motive is moral, how he's now careful with his language, and why he became a Marxist not a priest.
26/10/1842m 4s

The Amber Rudd One

The former Home Secretary on why civil servants let her down over Windrush, why she wants her old job back and the making of Four Weddings and a Funeral.
19/10/1839m 43s

The Sir John Major One

The former PM on soapbox politics, why Universal Credit needs to change, dealing with his 'Maastricht bastards' and his sympathy for Theresa May.
11/10/1845m 24s

The David Davis One

The former Brexit Secretary on his Communist grandfather, how sugar turned him into a Eurosceptic and why he blames Philip Hammond for problems in the Brexit negotiations.
05/10/1852m 4s

The Andy Burnham One

The Mayor of Greater Manchester on why he blames social media for losing to Jeremy Corbyn and growing up in Manchester but never losing his Merseyside roots.
28/09/1835m 0s

The Vince Cable One

The LibDem leader discusses spasms, how racism affected his family, his respect for Blair and Brown, the prospects for liberalism, and his future career - as a novelist
21/09/1830m 45s

The Len McCluskey One

The Unite leader on the dangers of the gig economy, why he wouldn't weep if Tony Blair left the Labour Party, his enduring love of poetry and the end of a friendship.
14/09/1834m 33s

The Tony Blair One

Tony Blair on his fears about how Labour has changed, his hopes on how Brexit could be stopped, and what it's like being followed all the time by bodyguards
07/09/1845m 53s

Political Thinking returns next week

Nick Robinson looks forward to a momentous autumn.

Bonus podcast: Could the PM have a Brummie accent?

In a bonus podcast for Political Thinking subscribers over the summer break, Chris Mason presents an edition of Archive on 4 about the accents of politics and the politics of accents. Political Thinking returns next week.
24/08/1857m 8s

Bonus podcast: Corbyn’s Labour Episode 3

In a bonus podcast for Political Thinking subscribers over the summer break, Iain Watson presents the final episode in the Radio 4 series, ‘The Long March of Corbyn’s Labour’. He examines how the party has been transformed into a mass movement and whether it can maintain momentum. Political Thinking will return in September.
17/08/1828m 21s

Bonus podcast: Corbyn’s Labour Episode 2

In a bonus podcast for Political Thinking subscribers over the summer break, the FT’s George Parker presents the second episode in the Radio 4 series, ‘The Long March of Corbyn’s Labour’. He explores Labour’s approach to the economy and how far reaching its policies will be. Political Thinking will return in September.
10/08/1828m 19s

Bonus podcast: Corbyn’s Labour Episode 2

In a bonus podcast for Political Thinking subscribers over the summer break, the FT’s George Parker presents the second episode in the Radio 4 series, ‘The Long March of Corbyn’s Labour’. He explores Labour’s approach to the economy and how far reaching its policies will be. Political Thinking will return in September.
10/08/1828m 19s

Bonus podcast: Corbyn’s Labour Episode 1

In a bonus podcast for Political Thinking subscribers over the summer break, Steve Richards presents the first episode in the Radio 4 series, ‘The Long March of Corbyn’s Labour’. He examines the year since the general election and looks at how Jeremy Corbyn has changed as leader. Political Thinking will return in September.
03/08/1828m 21s

The Nia Griffith One

The Shadow Defence Secretary on learning Polish, how the classroom prepared her for frontline politics and Labour's wrangling over anti-Semitism.
25/07/1826m 4s

The Liz Truss One

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury on why she's a 'freedom fighter', her penchant for British cheese and why any deal on Brexit 'doesn't bind future parliaments'.
20/07/1840m 20s

The Andrea Leadsom One

The Commons Leader on backing Brexit, being baffled by Boris, being badmouthed by Bercow, boosting babies' brains and branding Big Ben.
13/07/1835m 16s

The Dominic Raab One

The Housing Minister on ticking all the diversity boxes, coping with a divided household over the World Cup and negotiating the "rocky bridge" towards Brexit.
05/07/1848m 43s

The Dominic Grieve One

The former Attorney General on his Anglo-French roots, efforts to stop a 'no deal' Brexit and challenging the actions of spooks
29/06/1835m 58s

The Tommy Sheppard One

The SNP MP on when indyref2 might come, why his party walked out of the Commons and how he was knocked out of MasterChef
22/06/1829m 57s

The Tom Watson One

Labour's Deputy Leader on how losing weight has lifted his 'brain fog', his fears when confronting Rupert Murdoch, and how he could now be 'taken out' by a former friend
14/06/1826m 56s

The Andrew Adonis One

The Labour peer and self-proclaimed 'Remoaner' on why he thinks Brexit should be stopped, his ambition to become an MP and losing contact with his mother.
08/06/1832m 39s

The Shakira Martin One

NUS President on how further education saved her, not wanting to sound like a politician (without denying political ambitions) and why it's polite to use jazz hands.
25/05/1836m 40s

The Angela Rayner One

Labour's education spokesperson on being poor but not being "a scumbag", and whether she might become leader, plus London-centric politics, shoes and the Royal Wedding
18/05/1837m 10s

The David Lammy One

The campaigning Labour MP on politicians standing up to "their bloody electorates", taking on the establishment over Grenfell and Windrush and how singing changed his life.
11/05/1842m 27s

The James Graham One

The award-winning playwright on bringing politics to life, the magic of Hull, and why politicians are only human... plus, Nick's run-in with the Black Death.
04/05/1847m 28s

The Dawn Butler One

The Shadow Equalities Secretary on her experiences of racism in Parliament, dealing with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and why she asks her constituents to pull their trousers up.
27/04/1838m 25s

The Tom Tugendhat One

The soldier turned politician on talking to your enemies, surviving in the battlefield and taking responsibility when things go wrong.
20/04/1831m 6s

The Jo Swinson One

The LibDem deputy leader says yes to an Easter egg but no to leading a new centre party, and also explains how she's changed her view on the best way to promote women in politics.
13/04/1832m 4s

The Matt Hancock One

The Culture Secretary on controlling the power of the internet giants, why he wants his own personal app and how to win a horse race
23/03/1831m 47s

The Brandon Lewis One

The Conservative Party chairman talks about popcorn, high street parking and whether he's too young to be a Tory
16/03/1828m 38s

The Keir Starmer One

Labour's Brexit Secretary discusses the ups and downs of his upbringing, his youthful attacks on 'reformist passivity' and how he let burglars steal his television
09/03/1839m 23s

The Jacob Rees-Mogg One

The leader of the Eurosceptics on the Tory backbenches talks about why the state should respect our individuality, when the gloves should come off in political debate and why we should keep personal morals separate from politics – and of course, Brexit.
02/03/1851m 4s

The Anna Soubry One

From her tough school days to her backbench battle against the Brexiteers, the former criminal barrister tells Nick why she doesn't scare easy, how Theresa May can take back control and what could make her leave the Conservative Party.
23/02/1840m 47s

Bonus Podcast: Cameron Years Episode 3

In this final part, Steve Richards explores the record of the coalition years, comparing David Cameron's approach with that of the current Prime Minister, Theresa May, also governing in a hung parliament. He examines other key aspects of the Cameron era such as his relationship with the media, his handling of the Scottish independence referendum, and his dramatic final days in office. What will David Cameron's legacy be and what are the lessons of his premiership?The series was produced by Leala Padmanabhan.
21/02/1827m 51s

Bonus Podcast: Cameron Years Episode 2

Part Two focuses on David Cameron's mission to modernise and transform the Conservative party and its thinking, exploring ideas such as the Big Society, the major shake-up of education and health policy, social reforms such as same-sex marriage and the ambition to make the party more environmentally conscious. We examine the impact of the financial crisis and "austerity" on the Cameron governments. We ask whether there is such a thing as "Cameronism" and we assess the success of David Cameron's mission to make the Conservatives more diverse and representative of modern Britain.
14/02/1827m 50s

The Paris Lees One

The journalist and transgender rights activist talks about growing up trans and why the way media debates trans issues makes her angry.
09/02/1841m 33s

Bonus podcast: Cameron Years Episode 1

In a bonus podcast for Political Thinking subscribers, Steve Richards presents a series looking back at David Cameron's dramatic years in power. Part one explores the issue of Europe which overwhelmed his premiership.
07/02/1828m 21s

The Sam Gyimah One

The new Universities minister talks about the importance of free speech on campus, growing up in Ghana, being Oxford president and life as David Cameron's bag carrier.
02/02/1832m 30s

The Jess Phillips One

The straight-talking Brummie talks feminism, why pragmatism trumps principle and her unlikely friendship with Jacob Rees-Mogg
26/01/1833m 7s

The James Cleverly One

The new Conservative Deputy Chairman recalls his parents' sacrifices, explains why it's ok to want to be PM and reveals how he relaxes with his toy soldiers.
19/01/1839m 1s

The Ian Hislop One

The Private Eye editor and Have I Got News For You stalwart Ian Hislop talks about being a sceptic but not a cynic, his admiration for the Victorians' political energy and why the Eye's satirical journalism matters.
12/01/1828m 30s

The Emily Thornberry One

From schoolgirl ragamuffin to queen of sass, the Shadow Foreign Secretary tells Nick how life’s challenges have forged her, and the benefits of singing. Will she perform for us?
05/01/1841m 12s

The Unusual George Osborne One

George Osborne turns the tables and achieves his long-standing ambition - to interview Nick. Does he get his own back?
15/12/1727m 3s

The Peter Tatchell One

The human rights activist talks about the long fight for LGBT equality, the importance of debate and free speech, and why love drives his campaigning.
08/12/1738m 32s

The Dan Hannan One

The politician who some credit as the man behind Brexit tells Nick why it wasn't about immigration, how the British sometimes fail to appreciate what they have and why the UK should look to Switzerland as inspiration.
01/12/1732m 34s

The Armando Iannucci One

The comedy brain behind The Thick of It, Veep and The Death of Stalin talks with Nick about the importance of language in politics, why comedy needs to be more like journalism and which one of them was the bigger teenage political trainspotter.
24/11/1736m 55s

The Frances O'Grady One

The TUC leader tells us what the Remain campaign got wrong, why we were happiest in the 1970s, and what she does with her lunch break. But does she forgive Nick for using Uber?
17/11/1733m 30s

The Chuka Umunna One

Can he block Brexit? Is he a Remaniac? Does he really think Jeremy Corbyn is like Harold Wilson? Why didn't he run for Labour leader? And is he happy to be a backbencher?
10/11/1732m 33s

The Caroline Lucas One

How patriarchy works in Parliament, why her party's vision of a green economy is more radical than Jeremy Corbyn's, and when it's sometimes just too tough to go vegan.
03/11/1730m 1s

The Rob Halfon One

Rob Halfon MP tells Nick why Conservatives need to radically reconnect with the people
27/10/1726m 37s

The GO'D One

Gus O'Donnell, former top civil servant, on cabinet disunity and the problems of Brexit
20/10/1724m 35s

The Ed Miliband One

Ed Miliband tells Nick his big ideas and wonders if he should have been a redder Ed.
13/10/1730m 56s

The Ruth Davidson One

Nick discusses the implications of Theresa May's conference speech with Ruth Davidson
06/10/1731m 18s

The Jon Lansman One

Jon Lansman talks to Nick about where Momentum could be taking the Labour party.
29/09/1724m 55s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 03 Jun 2017

Students, polls and politicians - with less than a week to polling day
03/06/1727m 48s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 27 May 2017

George Osborne on the power of the press, Jacqui Smith on dealing with terrorism.
27/05/1727m 57s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 20 May 2017

Class politics or Blue Labour? Nick talks to Owen Jones and Maurice Glasman.
20/05/1728m 6s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 13 May 2017

What makes a good campaign manifesto - and how can pledges lead to future problems?
14/05/1728m 12s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 6 May 2017

Nick examines election spending and looks at strategic options for the party campaigns
06/05/1728m 11s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 30 April 2017

Nick reflects on the media coverage of the campaign and talks to the writer Paul Mason.
30/04/1723m 24s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 22 Apr 2017

Nick Robinson reflects on his interview with Theresa May and talks to William Hague
22/04/1727m 35s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 16 April 2017

Is the NHS sustainable? Nick Robinson discusses whether it needs more money and reforms.
16/04/1729m 32s

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson 9 April 2017

Is globalisation dead? Nick Robinson discusses its pros, cons and future prospects.
09/04/1728m 47s
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