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Get inspired by Tally, Zanna and Vic – aka the #GirlGains crew - as they talk all things fitness and body confidence. Want to get fitter, healthier and feel amazing doing it? You’ve come to the right place!


Dr Hazel Wallace: Your Questions on Coronavirus Answered

NHS Doctor and Nutritionist Dr Hazel Wallace - AKA The Food Medic - joins The Girl Gains to answer your questions on the coronavirus. They discuss nutrition and taking supplements, to how to deal with stress.
02/04/2028m 8s

The Coronavirus Explained

Dr Joshua Wolrich joins Zanna, Tally and Vicky to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and offers his advice on how we can try to stay healthy at this time.
01/04/2034m 23s

Exercise and Isolation

Tally, Zanna and Vic get together - virtually - to discuss how they’re dealing with being in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, share tips for exercising whilst at home and answer some of your questions.
31/03/2026m 47s


Dr Sophie Bostock is on a mission - to change the way many of us think about sleep. She joins Zanna, Vicky and Tally, in the last Fit and Fearless of this series, to discuss the science behind a good night’s kip and how sleep can impact both our physical and emotional health.
04/03/2053m 32s

Grief and Exercise

Journalist, author and powerlifter Poorna Bell joins Tally and Vicky to share her story of how weight training and exercise has helped in dealing with the death of her husband. If you’ve been affected by anything we’ve been talking about then you can find information and advice at BBC
26/02/2037m 20s

The Power of Sport

Para-triathlete Joshua Landmann joins Fit and Fearless to share his inspirational story of how sport and exercise helped him to overcome a life changing injury. 5 years ago, Josh was left in a wheelchair after an accident in a swimming pool on holiday. But, he says he wouldn’t change his life.Josh also talks about what it was like to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show and how he’s hoping to be selected for this Summer’s Paralympics in Tokyo.
19/02/2039m 13s

Exercise and The Menopause

Dr Philippa Kaye, author of The M Word, joins Zanna, Vicky and Tally to talk about the menopause. Even if you're not going through it now, chances are you might know someone who is, or will be. Dr Philippa shares her tips to not only survive the menopause, but thrive - from the role of exercise, to what we can do to try to help our future selves.
12/02/2041m 44s


Looking for a new way to get moving? Fitness professional Bami Kuteyi, the founder of Bam Bam Boogie and creator of her ’Twerk After Work’ classes, joins Vicky, Tally and Zanna to discuss the benefits of dancing as a form of exercise. WARNING - This episode contains twerking!
05/02/2031m 33s

Sustainable Fashion and Minimalism

A former, self confessed, fast fashion addict, Madeleine Olivia, joins the Girl Gains to discuss how making small changes to the way we shop could make us more sustainable. From ‘shopping your wardrobe’ to living a minimalist lifestyle, Madeleine shares her fashion and beauty tips, which could be good for the planet and your bank balance.
29/01/2033m 27s

Fitness Tech

Garcia Ashdown-Franks from the University of Toronto’s Department of Exercise Sciences joins Tally, Zanna and Vicky to discuss the rise of the fitness tracker. Is the tech really worth the money? How accurate are they? What is the deal with 10,000 steps? Garcia also shares her tips on how we could potentially use trackers in the most effective ways in our workouts.
22/01/2030m 5s

Intermittent Fasting

Nutritionist Jenna Hope joins Tally, Zanna and Vic to talk intermittent fasting, one of the big trends in the wellness industry at the moment. They discuss what intermittent fasting is, the potential pros and cons of it and what the science is telling us about it.To learn more head to the NHS website here:
15/01/2027m 37s

New Year, New Strength

Tally, Zanna and Vic are back for a new series and a celebration of strength. The girls are joined by trainer Laura ‘Biceps’ Hoggins, whose motto is ‘nothing looks as good as strong feels’. Laura shares her tips for making those New Year’s resolutions last a lifetime and discusses what could be the big health and fitness trends in 2020.
08/01/2038m 21s

What is health?

Radical dietician Lucy Aphramor joins Tally, Zanna and Vicky to discuss her views on why health can be about much more than just our weight or BMI, and why social factors could also play a part. Public Health England figures show 63% of adults in England were classified as overweight or obese in 2015, and the Royal College of Physicians has called for obesity to urgently be recognised as a disease.To find out more - including a BMI calculator - head to the NHS website here:
05/08/1931m 2s

The Mindful Personal Trainer

Vicky, Tally and Zanna are joined by personal trainer and wellness expert, Harry Jameson, whose approach to training is as much about the mind as it is the body. Harry shares his tips on exercising when tired or stressed, how to deal with DOMS and why we should all make time to be mindful.
23/07/1939m 1s

'I Feel Fat'

Boston-based Therapist Nina Manolson joins Vicky, Tally and Zanna to discuss her work helping more women to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Nina takes the Girls through some practical exercises and discusses how we could re-think the way we use the word “fat” and “overweight”.
17/07/1934m 45s

Fit & Fearless: The Truth About Sugar

Zanna, Tally and Vicky are joined by Dietitians Helen West and Rosie Saunt from 'The Rooted Project' to bust some myths around sugar - from sweets and chocolate, to cakes and kids' parties!
10/07/1935m 58s

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Planet

Zanna, Tally and Vicky are joined by Marco Springmann of Oxford University to discuss sustainable eating. What is it? Why is it important? And why we should all be doing it!
03/07/1931m 19s

Your Nutrition Questions Answered! With Pixie Turner

Nutritionist Pixie Turner joins Tally, Zanna and Vic to answer your questions about food and bust some nutrition myths.
26/06/1934m 24s

'I was re-born when I gave birth to my daughter'

Blogger and first time Mum, Megan Rose Lane, joins Zanna, Vicky and Tally to share her story of how Motherhood taught her to love herself and her body for the first time in her life.
19/06/1928m 47s

Beach Body Confidence

The summer is here and Tally, Zanna and Vicky are joined by one of the experts on Channel 4’s 'Naked Beach’, Natasha Devon. She shares her tips on how we can all find our beach body confidence and sets the girls ‘naked homework’!
12/06/1932m 35s

Cutting The B-S Around Fitness and Food

The Fashion Fitness Foodie, AKA blogger Lucy Mountain, joins Zanna, Tally and Vicky to share her 'no b-s' approach to health, fitness and food. They discuss how eating what you like isn’t just about eating doughnuts and how we can embrace our cellulite!
05/06/1931m 11s

Healthy Hormones

Dietician and author Renee McGregor joins Tally, Zanna and Vic to discuss how our hormones could be the key to our training, why they are important and how our hormonal health can be affected by what we eat. Renee also discusses the rise in orthorexia, gives us the dietician’s view of food fads and offers advice about our periods.
29/05/1940m 56s

How to Be You - with Bryony Gordon

Best-selling author and journalist Bryony Gordon joins Tally, Zanna and Vic to discuss her new book, 'You Got This' and shares her tips for how we can be ourselves, whether you're a floodlight or a bedside lamp! (All will be revealed...)
22/05/1930m 12s

Our Fitness Mistakes

Fit and Fearless is back for a brand new series on the 5 year friendaversary of when The Girl Gains met!Now Tally, Zanna and Vicky 'fess up to their health and fitness blunders of the past and discuss where they are now with their relationship with exercise and food.
14/05/1931m 2s

We want YOUR ideas for Series 4!

Tally, Vic and Zanna pop by to share their news ahead of the new series of Fit and Fearless, which starts in May.You can get in touch @bbc5live using #FitandFearless.
10/04/193m 40s

Witness the fitness - with Mr Motivator

Vic, Tally and Zanna are joined by nineties fitness icon Mr Motivator and a live audience to talk about how to stay motivated during your workout
27/03/1938m 38s

Life's a marathon

Vic and Tally are joined by EastEnders actress Emma Barton (aka Honey Mitchell) who is running the London Marathon to raise money for the Dementia Revolution in aid of Barbara Windsor. Joining the panel is UK Athletics coach, ultra-marathon runner and sports dietitian Alex Cook, who is on hand to give you advice if you're training to run a marathon.
20/03/1941m 36s

Define your own path

Vic, Tally and Zanna are joined by endurance athlete and adventurer Sophie Radcliffe who in her own words "ripped up the rule book" by quitting her 9-5 job to take on extraordinary challenges.
13/03/1935m 31s

Size doesn't matter

Vic, Tally and Zanna are joined by England women's rugby players Vicky Fleetwood and Leanne Riley to talk fitness, training and body confidence.
06/03/1939m 16s

"The ugly face of beauty"

Blogger and youtuber Grace Victory talks about how she overcame an eating disorder with the help of body positivity and learning the art of self-care
27/02/1936m 53s

The power of running

Author Bella Mackie discusses how "running saved her life," improved her mental health and when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, her motto is "Always Be Jazzy!"
20/02/1935m 58s

Couple goals with Gemma and Gorka

It's a Valentine's Day Special as presenter Gemma Atkinson and her boyfriend, Strictly's Gorka Marquez, join Tally and Vic to discuss dancing, weightlifting and keeping up with your fitness while in a relationship.
13/02/1935m 10s

What's your superweapon?

England netballers Sasha and Kadeen Corbin join Tally to discuss the resurgence of the sport, the importance of body positivity and owning your strengths.Plus, what's it like to play against your sister?
06/02/1941m 23s

The Dancing Boxer

Former dancer, turned boxer, turned fitness trainer Jamie Ray opens up about his issues with body confidence, as we find out that men can struggle with their body image too. Jamie also discusses the mental side of training and why more men should do yoga.
30/01/1935m 13s

Music to boost your workout

Need some inspiration for your workout playlist? Zanna, Tally and Vic are on hand to share some of their favourite gym jams.
23/01/1921m 15s

Fit and Fearless on the road

Zanna, Tally and Vic get together with a group of listeners to discuss all things fitness, health and body confidence. They're also joined by curve model and body positivity ambassador Charli Howard, comparison coach Lucy Sheridan and The Sista Collective's Jessie Aru-Phillips.
16/01/1955m 54s

Realising your worth - with The Slumflower

Award-winning blogger and author Chidera Eggerue, AKA The Slumflower, joins Zanna, Tally and Vic to share her inspiring message of self worth. She also talks about her #saggyboobsmatter social media movement and creates a new hashtag just for us - #chooseyourself.
09/01/1938m 46s

Time to ditch the diet?

New year, new you? Before you make any resolutions for 2019, listen to nutritionist Dr. Laura Thomas, whose advice on our diet could change the way we eat.
02/01/1938m 33s

The Mind Medic: How to cope with Christmas

Psychiatrist Dr Sarah Vohra, AKA The Mind Medic, joins Vic, Tally and Zanna to pass on her practical advice to help our mental well-being and shares her top tips for how to cope with Christmas. Fit and Fearless will return in 2019 with a live episode - keep across social media for details of how you could be in the audience!
13/12/1840m 24s

Full-Figured Fitness

Tally, Zanna and Vic are joined by Lauretta Johnnie, a personal trainer who specialises in training full-figured or obese clients. Lauretta is a size 26 who was once a size 36. She describes how she got fitter and her approach to training people in a bigger body.
05/12/1836m 13s

The movement coach

Zanna, Tally and Vic are joined by Personal Trainer Roger Frampton, who says he can get us all moving like we did when we were kids, by training using our own body weight, stretching more and ditching our shoes!
28/11/1831m 41s

The Energetic Narcoleptic

Vic, Zanna and Tally are joined by personal trainer Belle Hutt, who has narcolepsy - a condition that causes her to fall asleep up to 10 times a day. She talks candidly about how it affects her life and how exercise helps her manage it.
21/11/1829m 12s

Food and Mental Health

Psychologist and former Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberley Wilson joins Zanna, Tally and Vic to discuss the relationship between food and our mental health. Plus some cinnamon buns chat!
14/11/1844m 0s

The science of exercise

Former Gladiator and This Morning Doctor, Zoe Williams, joins Tally, Zanna and Vic to discuss the scientific benefits of exercise. Plus, she shares her tips for getting us moving more.
07/11/1837m 34s

Fit and Fearless in the London Eye

Zanna, Tally and Vic are back for a new series with a very special pod from a pod on the London Eye! They're joined by Fit and Fearless fans Ebony, Melanie and Laura who are all looking for some advice about their fitness, health and well-being. Curve Model Abby Russell is also on hand to discuss body confidence.
01/11/1836m 46s

The Comparison Coach

We all compare ourselves, right? To our friends, colleagues, siblings and peers. But when does it become a problem? Zanna, Tally and Vic are joined by Lucy Sheridan, AKA The Comparison Coach, to find out how we can all live more comparison-free.
12/09/1831m 15s

Gut health

Vic, Tally and Zanna are back and they're joined by the Gut Health Doctor, Megan Rossi, to discuss everything to do with our tummies - from bloating to bacteria, to wind and poos!
06/09/1832m 45s

Detox and cleanse

Can you really make up for all your bad habits with a drink? Dr Hazel Wallace aka The Food Medic busts detox and cleansing myths.
01/08/1828m 22s

Easy health hacks

Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks through his four pillars of health, including the importance of sleep and why stress is the biggest risk to health on the horizon.
26/07/1849m 10s

Why down-there healthcare matters

The Girls are joined by the Gynae Geek, Dr Anita Mitra, to discuss why down-there healthcare should be just as important as your overall health and wellbeing.
18/07/1839m 1s

Fleur East: When I'm fitter, I'm more creative

Singer, songwriter, dancer and former X-Factor runner up Fleur East joins the girls to talk about the importance of fitness in her life and career.
12/07/1825m 37s


Zanna and Tally are joined by health and fitness blogger Carly Rowena to find out more about the next big thing, CrossFit. Is it a fad or is it here to stay? Plus, they bust some myths.
04/07/1833m 53s

The truth about carbs

Tally, Zanna and Vic are joined by Helen West and Rosie Saunt from The Rooted Project to talk carbohydrates and bust some myths.
27/06/1831m 21s

Gym etiquette with Nihal

Zanna, Tally and Vic chat to Nihal on 5 live’s Afternoon Edition about gym etiquette and body confidence. Plus, they take calls from listeners about their gym experiences.
13/06/1831m 28s

Getting sporty

Singing long jumper Jazmin Sawyers joins Vic, Zanna and Tally to talk the benefits of sport for fitness and why women feel more comfortable in the gym.
05/06/1833m 6s

Plant-based eating

Tally, Vic and Zanna are back talking the benefits of a plant focused diet for a healthy mind and body, with special guest Dr Rupy Aujla, a.k.a The Doctors Kitchen.
30/05/1841m 49s

Yoga, wellness and meditation

This week Zanna,Tally and Vic are joined by yoga teacher Cat Meffan and ‘Wellness Warrior’ Michael Wong to discuss the physical and mental benefits of yoga and mediation. Stay tuned until the very end, because Michael takes us through a basic meditation.
14/03/1838m 14s

Pre and post-natal fitness

Tally, Zanna and Vic are joined by new mum and Couch to 5K founder Laura Hamzic and personal trainer Charlie Launder - co-founder of Bumps to Burpees. They talk all exercise pre and post pregnancy, and discuss why your baby could be your new gym buddy.
07/03/1831m 22s


Tally, Vic and Zanna discuss the benefits of cardio and how much is too much. Plus, endurance athlete extraordinaire Susie Chan tells us how she got the running bug aged 35... and has completed more than 30 marathons since!
28/02/1829m 48s

How to be healthy when hectic

Pocket rocket Alice Liveing joins Tally, Vic and Zanna to provide some top tips on how to be healthy when you’re snowed under.
21/02/1829m 45s

Eating disorders and disordered eating

Vic and Tally explain how they managed to turn around negative relationships with food to find a healthy mind and body. Plus, therapist Laura Phelan offers tips on how to recognise eating disorders and where to find help.
14/02/1833m 44s

The pressure to be social

Tally and Vic are joined by Laurie Oliva from the charity Young Minds to discuss the good and bad of social media, with suggestions on how to use it positively.
07/02/1828m 18s

Why should I care about body confidence?

Tally and Vic welcome body confidence activist Michelle Elman and curve model Felicity Hayward to the show, to find out if a shift in what your body looks like changes your body image.
31/01/1829m 57s

Not all calories are equal

Tally, Vic and Zanna talk all things nutrition - you can’t be fit and fearless without giving your body the right fuel. Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert shares her expertise and answers listeners questions, plus we reveal next week’s very special guest!
24/01/1830m 19s

Why weights make you badass - not bulky

Tally, Vic and Zanna discuss why there’s more benefits to lifting weights than hours of cardio and why it won’t make you bulky. Plus, David Beckham’s yoga teacher shares her tips for lifting weights successfully and Tally’s got an ingenious way of keeping guys at bay in the gym...
17/01/1835m 16s

New Year, New You

Introducing Tally, Vic and Zanna with their tips for taking the first step towards your 2018 fitness goals. Plus, Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts shares her two sleep, two shower fitness routine.
10/01/1835m 6s
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