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Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket...


The Tractor

Nearly 14 months after they last saw each other in real life, The Tailenders assemble for a podcast recording at the home of cricket. Includes special guests, the return of GCS, a ’spicy’ revelation for Felix, kazoos, ’Mattchinmind’ and a tractor.
04/05/211h 16m

Mattchin Abandoned

Mattchin’s new (stolen) game ends in chaos, car crash confessions from Greg, Felix’s Indie Music Quiz and a Lancashire Cricket lesson from Jimmy. Plus, does the ball swing in Thailand?
15/04/211h 0m

Crease Lightning and Brazil

A day later than planned, Tailenders assemble to review the India ODI series, plus Mattchin pilots a new quiz, another round of ‘Felix’s Mystery Indie Song’ and we’re going to Brazil.
01/04/211h 2m

For Matt

How long does it take to go ‘from naked to pads’? This is just one of the key questions answered in this week’s podcast. Plus Nas, Call of Duty, Record Breakers and vaccinations.
16/03/211h 8m

The Anderson Obama Method

Everyone gets misty eyed as they reminisce about the live show in Manchester from a year ago, Jimmy receives some mind blowing news, Mattchin provides an Indian Cricket history lesson, University Challenge and a lot of ‘unnecessary honesty’. Plus a look back at the third Test against India and a preview of the fourth and final match in the series.
03/03/2157m 29s

Two Chaps in Hazmat Suits

Greg, Jimmy and Felix look ahead to the third Test against India, ably assisted by Mattchin and his ’scientific research’ into how the pink ball might behave in Ahmedabad. Plus a new quiz, a quest to find Mattchin a Serbian girlfriend and Jimmy reveals how Dua Lipa helped him in the first Test.
23/02/2152m 32s

Chennai Cheers

The inside story of THAT over, plus Mattchin slides into Jack Leach’s DMs, sweaty hands, zing bails, big cheques, County Cricket cheese on toast, the hunt for clay and Who Are You?
11/02/211h 8m

Pacino and De Niro

Jimmy brings a very special guest to the podcast while Mattchin ‘reinvents’ the sporting interview with a dramatic twist. Plus beans, cheese, Macca, Weller and ovens.
27/01/2149m 19s

Antlers Are Necessary

An emergency podcast (sort of) as The Tailenders assemble to look back at the extraordinary events at The Gabba in the final Test between Australia and India. Plus, Felix enters the ‘Sharky Tank’, cheese on toast cancel culture, tight shorts, thumbs up photos, heckling and the battle for The Moose Cup.
20/01/211h 20m

Howzat, Hamzat and Whozat

New Year, New Tailenders but still the usual mix of ’Twaddly Chat’ covering a wide range of topics, including Australia v India, England’s upcoming series against Sri Lanka, cheese on toast and the return of ‘General Cricketing Sadness’. Plus Mattchin brings back a ‘classic’ game and Felix has been using his time in Lockdown to come up with a new formula for the World Test Championship.
08/01/2159m 32s

Christmas Cheers

Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin assemble for an ‘Emergency Tier 4’ podcast to make sure no Tailender is alone this Christmas. Featuring listener stories, a special guest, Mattchin’s quizzes (including arguably the greatest Crusic of all time) and more cheese chat. Plus a look back at THAT India collapse and a preview of the Boxing Day test at the MCG.
25/12/201h 16m

Cricket, Christmas, Cheese and Serial Killers

A definite ‘end of term’ feel as Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the extraordinary year that was 2020, aided by Mattchin and his ‘virtual advent calendar’. Plus a look at the England squad heading to Sri Lanka, Jimmy gives his verdict on the current Australia v India series and Mattchin has a surprise for the end of the show.
18/12/2052m 21s

South Africa, Statues and Sangria

Greg, Jimmy and Felix review England’s T20 series win over South Africa, plus plans for a road named after Jimmy in his hometown of Burnley go up a level and Mattchin is back with a new quiz called ‘Wicketless’, which is in no way similar in any way to ‘Pointless’.
04/12/201h 9m

Burnley News

All the big and important cricketing questions are tackled in the latest podcast including - will we ever see a $10 million IPL player, are the new rules for the Big Bash any good, which road should be named after Jimmy, and will Mattchin make it in time to his ‘virtual’ parents evening?
20/11/2059m 12s

Lockdown Quiz 2.0

As England enters its second lockdown, Mattchin is back for another of his ‘famous’ quizzes, complete with special guests, new rounds and some family favourites.
09/11/201h 0m

Death. Blood. Death.

Warning: This edition of 'the loosely cricket based podcast' was recorded in the evening and includes folk metal, tall cricketers, the IPL, moustaches, pagodas, super super overs and the 38th coolest person in Bristol.
26/10/2054m 45s

The Dream Apprentice

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are joined by psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace to help decipher Joe Root’s ’Tailenders / Tenacious D / Spaghetti Guitar / Jimmy 600 Tribute’ dream. Plus England’s Tammy Beaumont joins us from Australia ahead of the start of the WBBL, Mattchin is back with a new ‘video messaging-based’ quiz and Tailenders unite and takeover for a special musical finale. #GoWell
12/10/201h 13m

Hey Joe

Welcome to a Tailenders special as England Men's Test captain Joe Root joins Greg, Jimmy and Felix to discuss dreams, blackberries, haircuts and even some cricket. Plus Mattchin is back with a new quiz/podcast concept/stolen format (delete as appropriate) and Adam Collins pays tribute to the late Dean Jones.
28/09/201h 16m

Signings, Sibley and Sixer!

Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the Pakistan T20 series, we discover who is ‘half as famous as Richard Osman’ and Mattchin debuts his new game - ’Sixer’! Plus, Will Flynn from England’s Physical Disability Cricket Team shares his ‘General Cricketing Gladness’.
03/09/2058m 43s


The Tailenders assemble for an emergency podcast to celebrate Jimmy becoming the first fast bowler to claim 600 Test wickets. Plus Mattchin reveals his 'secret role' within the England camp and a surprising email arrives from Los Angeles.
27/08/201h 3m

The 500 Club

Stuart Broad, the latest member of the 500 Test wickets club, joins Greg, Jimmy and Felix to discuss the art of bowling, the Ashes and life in a bubble. Plus, Mattchin is back with a new game, more on ’The Declare Flare’ and the odd technical difficulty!
05/08/201h 2m

The Declare Flare

Greg, Jimmy and Felix review the second Test between England and West Indies, plus Mattchin has an idea to improve the game, the genius that is Ben Stokes, a new nickname for Jimmy, boring innings and Happy National Mango Day.
23/07/2059m 20s


Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the first Test between England and West Indies, plus ‘Parachutes’ at 20, sweaty players, 1980s camera angles, cardboard cut outs and awards.
15/07/201h 13m

99 Not Out

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are joined by two special guests to celebrate Tailenders reaching 99 not out. Plus Mattchin has been digging through the back catalogue for his latest quiz, a new take on ‘Project Mobilisation’ and Jimmy gives an insight into life in the ‘Bio-Bubble’ in Southampton.
02/07/201h 22m


Greg, Jimmy and Felix celebrate Father's Day plus a plan is hatched to get Mattchin into the first Test between England and West Indies, General Cricketing Gladness, an update on Jimmy’s magpie problem, the best worst batsman in the world and the return of Twelfth Mansplaining.
22/06/201h 15m

The Phone In

Greg, Jimmy and Felix open the phone lines to the wonderful Tailenders listeners. Plus, Isa Guha is our special guest and the return of ‘Poetry Cow Corner’.
12/06/201h 8m

The Sound Bath and Twelfth Mansplaining

With no real cricket due to Lockdown, Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin evoke their inner ‘Brian Eno’ to immerse themselves in a ‘cricketing sound bath’. Plus a new game from Mattchin, ’Twelfth Mansplaining’, an incredible ‘GCG’, Jimmy gives an update on his solo training regime and an appeal for the Tailenders community to help us out with the next show.
01/06/2038m 49s

Thrown under the bus (sort of)

Felix reveals his ‘bus-related anxieties’, plus ‘Pavement No-Balls’, ‘Walking Cricket’, more ‘GCG’, ‘Poetry Cow Corner’ and news on the next album by The 1975.
26/05/201h 0m

Time Travel and The Voice of the Sea

Michael Vaughan joins Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin as they head back to 2005 to review England’s two-run win over Australia in the second Test at Edgbaston. Plus Mattchin’s latest game 'The Vaughan Ultimatum', 'Go Wells' and more on The Maccabees' Norwich Arts Centre 'ticket fiasco'.
12/05/201h 2m

2005 and all that

Ahead of the Test Match Special replay of the iconic 2005 Ashes Test at Edgbaston, Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin look back at how cricket gripped the nation in the balmy summer of 2005. Plus more poetry, General Cricketing Gladness and Ball Wax.
06/05/2054m 3s


Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin hear listeners tales of cricketing joy in a ‘General Cricketing Gladness Special’. Plus Jimmy reflects on when we might have some cricket this summer, ‘Go Wells’, the trials and tribulations of playing the Norwich Art Centre and a touch of poetry.
30/04/201h 8m

The Instagram Live Quiz (The Second Innings)

Following the debacle of Mattchin’s first Instagram Live Quiz, that didn’t go well, this is his follow-up which, in true Tailenders fashion, is neither live nor on Instagram. Plus we have a new take on ‘GCS’, wedding updates and Felix explains why Tailenders are like dolphins. Oh, and we have a very special guest but ’No Surprises’ for guessing who that is.
24/04/2053m 27s

The Emergency Post Quiz Podcast

Following a weekend of Tailenders activity, Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin assemble to review the replay of Headingley, the ’Scorealong’ and Mattchin’s post match Instagram Quiz, which it's fair to say did not go well. Warning: This podcast contains some strong(ish) language. Go (Stay) Well.
14/04/2044m 47s

Scorecards and Hoovers

Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin are joined by TMS scorer Andy Zaltzman as they look to get ‘match fit’ for the upcoming ’score-along’. Plus Jimmy relives the time he was most nervous during a Test Match and Felix creates a playlist for household chores #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakehoover
07/04/2050m 39s

Seattle, Say it, Salford?

Greg, Jimmy and Felix continue to broadcast ‘in isolation’ but this week they are joined by a new guest listener. Plus Mattchin takes us on our ‘virtual’ holidays, a review of ’The Test’ - the new documentary series about the Aussie cricket team - and Felix has some explaining to do about last week’s ‘Isolation, Interactive Quiz’.
02/04/201h 12m

The Tailenders Interactive Isolation Quiz

Mattchin is your quiz master for the first ever Tailenders Interactive Isolation Quiz. Rounds include Literature, Crusic and an unusual singing round. Go (stay) well.
25/03/201h 0m

The Isolation Special

No DPRs, no viking embraces and definitely no Dizzee fist bumps as Greg, Felix, Jimmy and Mattchin isolate themselves in various locations across the UK in order to record the latest Tailenders. Expect the usual nonsense, plus a review of the Manchester show including a final update from scorer Katie, a new take on ‘Project Mobilisation’ plus an idea to really get Tailenders of the world to unite and takeover.
18/03/2053m 24s

Live from The Palace - Part 2

More nonsense from the live show in Manchester, including a surprise for Jimmy, GCS and a special listener reunion.
10/03/201h 15m

Live from The Palace - Part 1

Tailenders of the world united and took over the Palace Theatre, Manchester, for a night of ’twaddly cricket chat’, stupid games, songs and the odd special guest. Contains mangoes, live shredding, batting jackets and Allan Lamb (sort of).
10/03/201h 0m

Off Piste

Greg, Jimmy and Felix talk Trump, Thailand and T20 plus crowdsurfing, detectives, set lists, a different take on ‘GCS’ and ‘Project Mobilisation’. Go Well.
27/02/2039m 33s

The Romance Special (The Third Date)

Following the success (?) of the first two Romance Specials, Greg, Jimmy and Felix find out if true love can be found via a shared passion for cricket. Plus Mattchin is back with a new quiz, a look back at the one day series against South Africa and former England batter and TMS regular Ebony Rainford-Brent is our special guest.
11/02/201h 11m

Siri, Sachin and South Africa

Greg, Jimmy and Felix review England’s series win against South Africa, discover which players have the worst timekeeping and ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ makes a welcome return.
03/02/201h 1m

The Palace, The Debate and The Victory

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White reveal the location and date of the next live show, review how ’Tailenders’ infiltrated Sky TV and look back at England’s comprehensive victory over South Africa. Plus another round of ‘Whozzat’, Go Wells and the tantalising prospect of one of the most bizarre duets in musical history.
23/01/2053m 1s

The Mattchin Report

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson are live (sort of) on the radio for another edition of Tailenders, including a ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ 20 years in the making, Banner Update and a unique Mattchin Report.
22/01/2050m 52s

I’ll Tell You What It Is. It’s Felix’s Dirty Secret.

Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the second test between England and South Africa, plus Jimmy gives an injury update, Mattchin has a new game and Felix has a dirty secret.
15/01/2052m 3s

The Sickness Episode (aka The Perils of Playing in White Trousers)

An emergency ’Tailenders Assemble’ podcast to look back at the first test between South Africa and England which was blighted by a sickness bug that swept through the England team resulting in quarantined players and plenty of antiseptic wipes. Plus how to make a cup of tea while scoring and an update on project mobilisation.
31/12/1943m 4s

We’re Having Xmas in March

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White announce they are going to postpone Xmas and move it to March. Plus they preview England's upcoming series against South Africa, look back at the career of the late, great Bob Willis and Mattchin Tendulkar reveals how he became the new singer of The Maccabees.
13/12/1951m 11s

Sandra Bullock

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at the NZ Test series, Mattchin returns for an edition of ‘Our Jimmy’ and we get the latest on Jimmy’s ‘lads holiday’ with Mark Wood in South Africa. This podcast was recorded before the sad news of the death of legendary England fast bowler and broadcaster Bob Willis - one of our favourite players. We’ll do a full tribute to one of England’s finest on the next episode.
05/12/1936m 38s

The Net Session

It’s our second birthday and to celebrate we headed to The Oval to record the podcast and to have a net session, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Plus Mattchin Tendulkar pitches a new cricketing idea, we look back at England's T20 series versus New Zealand and several cricketing legends are ’thrown under the bus’. Go Well.
20/11/1948m 50s

See It. Say It. Salford.

Greg, Jimmy and a grumpy Felix assess the NZ series so far, find out which grounds are most popular among England players and Mattchin has a new game. Plus Xmas singles, Alan Lamb and Logistics.
06/11/191h 1m

Comedowns and Conditioning

Greg, Jimmy and Felix review the events at ’Tailenders Live’, pass judgement on ’The Hundred’ draft and discuss the important topic of hair care.
25/10/1951m 36s

The Hackney Special: Part Two

Part two of when Tailenders took over The Hackney Empire: includes ‘Freudian Slips’, ‘Crusic’, glass cleaning and an unusual Q&A with the audience. Go well! #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover
18/10/1945m 36s

The Hackney Special: Part One

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are joined by an all star band, the odd special guest and the legend that is Mattchin Tendulkar to take over the Hackney Empire for a live Tailenders Special. Expect shredding, Brimful of Ashes, Elly Oldroyd in the Windy Gantry, General Cricketing Sadness and Mattchin’s Summer Report... Go Well! #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover
18/10/1954m 15s

Hackney Preview (aka The Short Episode)

Greg, Jimmy and Felix assemble for a Hackney Empire thought shower, brain storm, health and safety briefing. Plus the Hundred and England’s new coach.
11/10/1925m 28s

The Therapy Special (aka Look at the Sheep)

With the sun now set on an extraordinary summer of cricket, Greg, Felix and Jimmy try their hand at ’therapy’ in the hope of trying to alleviate the pain felt in the ’Tailenders’ community.
04/10/191h 6m

Mercury, Maps and Memories

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at an incredible summer of cricket. Plus there’s some breaking ‘Indie News with Felix White’ and a final round of ‘Brimful of Ashes’ from Mattchin Tendulkar.
18/09/1956m 42s

Tattoos, Tunes and Tissue

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White - plus an augmented band - find out about a cricketing bet that went wrong, discover Mattchin’s latest ‘game’ (it didn’t go well), another GCS and a song for Mark Wood.
02/09/1950m 3s

What Have We Just Witnessed?

The Tailenders assemble for an ‘emergency podcast’ to try and get their collective heads around what happened at Headingley.
26/08/1939m 53s

Archer, Ashes and The ‘Ackney Empire

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White review all the action from a gripping second Ashes Test at Lord's. Plus Greg reveals he’s ‘made plans’ for the next live show, another round of ‘Brimful of Ashes’, an insight into Felix’s flat and can the guys deliver on their promise of a song for Mark Wood?
20/08/191h 5m

Calf, Crash and (Hair) Cuts

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at the first Ashes test and get the lowdown on Jimmy’s injury and rehab, plus cricketing haircuts, the return of ‘Brimful of Ashes’ and what not to listen to on a train from Birmingham to Manchester.
10/08/1953m 36s

A second attempt at an Ashes Special

Tailenders breaks new technological boundaries for a ‘multi location’ podcast to preview the Ashes (sort of). Plus a ’special guest’ direct from the shower, a (long) question from Mattchin and the usual nonsense.
30/07/1936m 30s

We should have been talking about The Ashes

It was supposed to be ‘An Ashes Special’ but Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White got a tad diverted by bum pats, a new Mattchin Quiz and a call from a Sri Lankan legend.
27/07/1949m 11s

The Inside Story

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at an incredible week for English cricket in the company of World Cup winner Mark Wood. Plus a special ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ dedicated to the New Zealand Team and The World Cup Final ‘Mattchin Report'.
20/07/1949m 7s

The Best Day Ever

On the morning after the night before, Greg, Jimmy, Felix (with a very croaky voice) and Mattchin, look back at THAT game with a very Special Tailenders recorded in the pub.
15/07/1942m 36s

The World Cup Final

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are at Lord's for England v New Zealand plus a special 'GCS' from Jeremy Coney and will Mattchin get a ticket for the match?
14/07/1942m 3s

Was That Real?

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White reflect on England's semi-final win over Australia, plus GCS, a banner update, go wells and can they get a World Cup final ticket for Mattchin?
12/07/1949m 40s

The Viking Embrace

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are joined by England fast bowler Mark Wood to discuss fake tans, teeth whitening and Viking Embraces, plus Crusic gets a new twist, more ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ and Mattchin tells us about his latest World Cup Trip.
06/07/1950m 33s

Handshake, Hug or Two Pat Release?

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White discuss male greeting etiquette, what to buy you team mates for their birthday and the small matter of England v India. Plus Mattchin, Crusic, General Cricketing and where Felix buys his jackets.
29/06/1948m 53s

Shut Up Balls and Sackings

A cricketing Sadness with a twist, what do players do when it’s raining, more Crusic and Mattchin invents ’The Shut Up Ball’
15/06/1949m 6s

How’s the Windy Gantry?

For the second week in a row the BBC allow Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White to broadcast live to the nation and beyond. Mattchin is back, a heartbreaking ‘General Cricketing Sadness’, Shredder Update and more listener ‘ Go Wells’.
08/06/1949m 58s

They let us on the radio

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White were live on the proper Radio for more ‘cricketing twaddly chat’ plus Mattchin Tendulkar, Crusic, General Cricketing Sadness and live music from three fifths of The Maccabees. Go Well!
01/06/1948m 58s

Recorded Messages

Not one, not two but three special recorded messages on this edition of ’Tailenders’ plus our second ever guest and we find out where Jimmy keeps his balls.
24/05/1939m 27s

Just a Wicket

Greg, Jimmy and Felix return to play a new game from Mattchin - any similarity to any other game heard on the radio is purely coincidental! Plus, Jimmy tells us about his own ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ and we have an apology from the top brass.
14/05/1950m 3s


Mother of God! Forget ’who is H?’, Tailenders is rocked by a scandal that needs investigation from AC12.
07/05/191h 0m

I Want An Apology

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White call out some of the BBC’s biggest names in an effort to get an apology for the recent ’Tailfinders’ TV trail gaffe, plus the joys of the County game, fire extinguishers, epic zooms and the Hick-Lehmann scale gets a new name. Oh, and there’s even some serious cricket chat.
18/04/1948m 42s

The Twitterstorm

This week, Greg, Felix and Jimmy found themselves at the centre of a Twitterstorm. Plus, Mattchin’s Guide To The World Cup parts three and four, meat thermometers, the Hick-Lehmann scale, Gladiators, the start of the County Championship and swang.
09/04/191h 9m

An Amankad Idiot

Greg, Jimmy and Felix discuss the ‘Mankad’ controversy, The ‘Hick/Lehmann’ scale returns and Felix receives an unusual job offer.
29/03/1937m 59s

Autographs and Severed Toes

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at the recent T20 series and implement the ‘Hick Lehmann Scale’ for the first time. Plus there's more cricketing sadness and Mattchin has a guide to the upcoming World Cup (chapters one and two).
14/03/1947m 42s

The Romance Special (The Second Date)

Following on from the first Romance Special last year, it’s back for a second date. Can cricket help love blossom? Plus questions from Mattchin and a new cricketing ’scale’.
08/03/1954m 54s

The Long Episode

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White are joined by Mattchin Tendulkar, who has a new quiz, and a ’surprise guest’ for an epic episode that includes a ‘banner update’ and more autograph stories.
28/02/191h 14m

Don’t Touch It!

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White are reunited on the 6th floor of the BBC to review the recent Test Series in the West Indies, plus a special ‘guest’ and ‘Felix’s Indie News’. And Jimmy’s bat gets a makeover.
22/02/191h 0m

Tell Them You’ve Seen Me

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look ahead to the third Test between England and the West Indies, plus haircuts, more autograph stories and Mattchin’s best ever question.
08/02/1943m 12s

Alan or Antigua?

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White review the first test between The West Indies and England, plus Jimmy’s ’Top 5’, xylophones, autographs and a new quiz (sort of) from Felix.
30/01/1940m 24s

Barbados, Banners and Batteries

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson look ahead to England's first Test against The West Indies, plus Mattchin has a new quiz, Jimmy is the subject of ‘GCS’ and where are Felix’s batteries?
23/01/1953m 34s

Nipples, Fat Folds and Banter

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are back for 2019 to discuss the big cricketing issues of the day - including third nipples, The Chuckle Brothers, fat folds, changing room banter and beach cricket.
11/01/1945m 18s

The Live Show / App Launch / Shredder Fest

After months (minutes) of rehearsals Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White present the first ever Tailenders Live Show complete with: live shredding, Mattchin quizzes, the best of General Cricketing Sadness and a very special house band. Merry Xmas and Go Well!
20/12/181h 22m

Ravi Shastri’s Balls

Greg, Jimmy and Felix discuss - in no particular order - the England Test squad, being German, cricket in Uruguay, shredders, swearing, the disposal of confidential material, Mark Ilott, Peter Such, great West Indian fast bowlers and... Ravi Shastri’s balls. Go well.
12/12/1842m 59s

Through the Keyhole and The Shredder

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson look back at the England v Sri Lanka Series, plus a brand new quiz with a new quizmaster, an unexpected audio tour of Jimmy’s house and The Shredder!
04/12/1856m 59s

Champagne Super-Shambles

It’s our birthday (sort of) and to celebrate we have an extra special Mattchin Quiz, plus Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the second test between England and Sri Lanka.
19/11/1839m 40s

G.C.S and F.P.S.P.Y.W.H.O.T

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson review the first Test in Galle, plus more ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ and not one, but two new features!
13/11/1848m 19s

Sri Lanka Preview and Al Pacino

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look ahead to the upcoming first test between Sri Lanka and England, plus Mattchin reveals another celeb encounter, a Latin lesson and touch of ‘Bromance’.
05/11/1841m 49s

Big Balls and Black Wednesday

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson launch the ballot for the live Black Wednesday / Xmas Show / App launch plus everything you didn’t need to know about Sri Lanka and another tale of woe in ‘General Cricketing Sadness’.
19/10/1842m 47s

Speed Mating and Twisted Testicles

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson are quizzed by Mattchin, get the latest on the Spicy Flag Saga, find out if Molly is going to Edinburgh, London or Paris and hear an excruciating tale of woe in ‘General Cricketing Sadness’.
15/10/1851m 14s

Paris, Edinburgh or London?

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson answer all the big questions including; Does London and Edinburgh equal Paris? How can you make money out of merchandise? And is it easy to make a dating App based around cricket?
05/10/1848m 4s

The Romance Special

It’s the much anticipated Tailenders ‘Romance Special’ featuring callers, dodgy impressions and another quiz from Mattchin. Go Well.
24/09/1852m 52s

Let’s go to the pub

At short notice Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson head to the pub to record an impromptu edition of Tailenders looking back at the final, historic, record breaking Test match of the summer between England and India.
13/09/1836m 21s

Ready, Steady….. Alastair Cook

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson look back at the wonderful career of Alastair Cook in true ’Tailenders’ fashion.
05/09/1845m 0s

Trophies, Trent Bridge and Tampons up the nose

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson look back on the Tailenders victory over TMS, review the events at Trent Bridge and in ‘General Cricketing Sadness’ hear from a listener who had an unfortunate encounter with a bowling machine.
29/08/1844m 55s

Vegas, Vaughan and Vulgar Language.

Greg James, Felix White and Jimmy Anderson look back at England’s triumph at Lords, plus Mattchin has a new game and Felix gets a spicy caller. Warning:This podcast contains a lot of ‘bleeping’.
14/08/1841m 56s

Golf, Gifts and Glory

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White review England's incredible first Test against India, find out what happened when Jimmy played golf with Stuart Broad and Mattchin reviews his first ever cricket match.
08/08/1843m 26s

The Pedal Board Episode

Greg James and Jimmy Anderson are treated to the delights of Felix White’s ‘pedal board’, plus Mattchin makes everyone emotional, more cricketing sadness and a look ahead to the up coming Indian Test series.
25/07/1857m 17s

The Lord's Special

Greg, Jimmy and Felix have escaped from The World Service and have been allowed onto the hallowed turf of Lord's……with a guitar! Expect some ‘General Cricketing Sadness’, another Mattchin Quiz and details of the TMS v Tailenders Cricket match. Plus can the guys get any ‘Go Wells’ from the array of cricketing stars they encounter?
17/07/1834m 21s

Our Jimmy and General Cricketing Sadness

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White hear listeners tales of woe in ‘General Cricketing Sadness’, plus Mattchin has another new quiz show, but this time with prizes money can’t buy! Go Well!
05/07/1846m 25s

The Quiz Show Edition

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White are subjected to Mattchin’s new quiz. Plus a review of England’s 5-0 series win over Australia, Felix has a new feature idea and how do you pack a bat on a plane?
28/06/1837m 37s

Fat Peter Crouch and Tinder Dates

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White reflect on England’s record-breaking ODI performance, plus Mattchin gets a new nickname, ‘World in Motion’ has a Tailenders makeover and can cricketing Tinder dates work?
21/06/1840m 42s

Drunken Questions and Now 42

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White answer the big cricketing questions, including - Which reality show would Jimmy go on? What links the Vengaboys to cricket? Who runs the England cricket team WhatsApp group? Plus we play Snog, Marry, Avoid and there’s the small matter of Scotland beating England… not forgetting Mattchin and more stupid songs.
13/06/1849m 34s

Long, long, short, swinger!

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White look back at England’s victory over Pakistan in the second Test, plus cricketing ‘agony uncles’, a new theme tune (several), court room shenanigans and the return of Mattchin. Go Well!
06/06/1842m 50s

Some serious cricket chat… Once Felix bothered to turn up

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White (sort of) discuss the first Test between England and Pakistan at Lord's, plus Taylor Swift, Ben Folds Five, Radiohead and Jimmy’s childhood memories.
30/05/1836m 18s

Don’t mention Buddy Holly, plus toilets, Soft Cell and Mario Kart.

On this week’s Tailenders we get an insight into the ‘facilities’ at Lords, more songs to bowl to, why the home of cricket is like Mario Kart and the late, great Buddy Holly causes a disruption to proceedings.
23/05/1849m 24s

Jazz, Bowie, Cheese and Nick Berry

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White return to ponder the big questions like, is cricket like Jazz or Bowie? Plus cricketing cheeses, the career of Nick Berry and the small matter of the latest England squad for the upcoming test series against Pakistan.
15/05/1846m 53s

Spankers and Dirty Balls

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White discuss all things cricket (and much more besides) including the second test in New Zealand and a unique solution to the recent Aussie ball tampering scandal from our regular caller Mattchin Tendulkar. Plus Breakfast TV interviews, what is B.J Watling’s real name and a song to cheer everyone up.
03/04/1833m 6s

We’re back …and we’ve gone electric!

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White return for a second series of Tailenders: the cricketing podcast for those that love the game, but also for those who don’t know their long legs from their silly mid on. On this episode: New Zealand, Europe (the band), Duckworth-Lewis gets a re-brand, Jimmy’s travel travails and the return of Machin. Please leave us your ratings and reviews!
14/03/1841m 39s

Best of ‘Mattchin’

Ahead of Greg, Jimmy and Felix returning for a new series of Tailenders for the New Zealand test series next week, a compilation of the best bits from Matt “Mattchin Tendulkar” - a man who happens to be distantly related to Sachin Tendulkar, but doesn’t know a thing about cricket.
09/03/181h 6m

Shoes, Surprises and Sydney

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are back for the final Ashes edition of Tailenders. They look back on the fifth test in Sydney and review the series as a whole. Plus an epic (ish) surprise for Greg and Felix.
15/01/1850m 10s

The episode from a cupboard

Jimmy and Felix are in a cupboard in Melbourne while Greg is on his lonesome in London. We review Perth, ask if England bowlers are too slow, pitch some cricketing films, and Machin Tendulkar returns. Sadly no Flamenco.
21/12/1746m 38s

The Flamenco Special

Ahead of the Third Ashes Test at the WACA Greg, Jimmy and Felix get to know that well known hotbed of Flamenco music and culture……...Perth! The shark has well and truly been jumped.
12/12/1741m 22s

Adelaide, golf, and songs to bowl to...

Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back on England's defeat in the second Test at Adelaide. Plus: cricketing fruit and veg, and more from Matt the Caller and his famous family. Please keep leaving us your ratings and reviews - we might even read it out on air!
08/12/1739m 43s

Brisbane, Adelaide and Uncle Sach

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White review England's ten wicket defeat to Australia in Brisbane and look ahead to the first day/night Ashes Test in Adelaide. Plus Matt the caller reveals his very special cricketing relative.....sort of.
29/11/1748m 32s

Aroused cricketers, Nathan Lyon's insults and Rob the caller

In the hours before the 2017/18 Ashes series begins, Jimmy Anderson responds to Nathan Lyon's quotes on 'ending careers' of England's Ashes players, and talks about the overall mood in the England camp. Plus: your stories of playing junior cricket when playing with others who went on to great things, and our first EVER caller on the UK's official number one [Sports & Recreation podcast] - with Greg, Felix and Jimmy.
21/11/1734m 0s

Cricketing dogs, the greatest Ashes team and Gary Neville’s handwriting

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White reveal the inside track on England’s tour down under as the preparations for The Ashes continue. Plus we find out who would make their combined Ashes XI, what happens when cricket and dogs mix, what it’s like to share a room with former England captain Alistair Cook, and we find out how Felix caused a Twitter storm for Gary Neville.
15/11/1736m 4s

Preview: Tailenders with Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White

Coming soon: Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with their take on the Ashes.
15/11/171m 13s
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