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Gaza: No let up in violence

Hamas remains defiant and the Israeli military considers possible ground invasion. Also 3 Kenyan MPs meet the speaker of parliament to explain allegations of widespread bribe-taking by their colleagues, and Bitcoin takes a nosedive as Elon Musk announces Tesla will no longer accept the cryptocurrency to buy its cars.
13/05/2130m 13s

Gaza: Dozens of deaths as Israel and Palestinians exchange fire

Israeli air strikes kill senior Hamas military commanders in Gaza City, as fighting with Palestinians goes on. Also, international leaders urge both sides to back down amid warnings of a full-scale war. And US Republicans oust Liz Cheney from a leadership position in Congress, over her opposition to Donald Trump.
13/05/2127m 40s

Israel-Gaza: More casualties as violence continues

At least 53 Palestinians and 6 Israelis have been killed since latest fighting began. Other nations have appealed for both sides to end confrontation. Also, the WHO issues damning report on global response to Covid-19 pandemic, and is another migrant crisis looming in the Mediterranean ?
12/05/2131m 2s

UN warns Israel and Hamas are heading for full scale war

Palestinian militants fired hundreds of rockets into Israel and Israel carried out heavy airstrikes on Gaza. We hear from the Israeli Defence Force and a man being bombed in Gaza City. Also: bodies wash up along India's River Ganges as crematoria struggle to keep up with Covid 19, and the Brit Awards are back in London with a live audience.
11/05/2129m 58s

Several killed in Russian school shooting

At least seven pupils and one teacher died in the attack in Kazan..Also, further heavy exchanges of fire between Palestinians and Israelis, and the legacy of Bob Marley 40 years after his death.
11/05/2126m 37s

Pleas for calm as Jerusalem violence escalates

The EU, the US and the UK have called for the violence to stop after the Palestinians and Israel exchange fire. Also: billions of cicadas are going to emerge in the US after living underground for 17 years, and NBC cancels Golden Globes over lack of diversity.
11/05/2126m 11s

Jewish nationalist march cancelled in Occupied East Jerusalem

Police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse stone-throwing crowds in and around Al-Aqsa mosque. Emergency legislation has taken effect in the United States to protect fuel supplies, after a cyber attack forced the closure of a major pipeline. German priests defy Vatican to bless gay couples.
10/05/2124m 24s

Russian doctor who treated Alexei Navalny goes missing

Police said Alexander Murakhousky had not reported back from a hunting trip in a Siberian forest since Friday. Also: more than 1,000 migrants arrive on the Italian island of Lampedusa, and Dracula's castle offers tourists Covid vaccine.
09/05/2127m 58s

Deadly attack at secondary school in Afghanistan

The attack took place as the students were leaving the school in Kabul. Also: India's PM asks EU support for Covid19 vaccine patents waiver, and high speed rail services cancelled in UK after cracks found in trains.
09/05/2128m 26s

US jobs fall short of expectations

Employers hired 266,000 people in the US last month, despite a $1.9tn stimulus package. Also: WHO approves Chinese covid vaccine, and California condors swoop on home.
08/05/2130m 39s

India: Communities take action to tackle Covid crisis

Sikhs in Delhi convert temple into hospital for Covid patients. And Supreme Court orders government to supply 700 metric tonnes of oxygen to capital's hospitals every day. Also, UN urges Brazil to investigate police raid which resulted in at least 25 deaths, and the refugee athletes who dream of Olympic glory - despite having no country to represent.
07/05/2130m 23s

WHO: India accounts for nearly half of Covid-19 cases

More than 4,000 Indians have died in 24 hours, and some experts say the real Covid-19 figures could be much higher. Also, South Africa’s governing ANC party is plunged into a power struggle. And Malawi’s government orders refugees to move to a camp, after decades of integration in society.
07/05/2128m 48s

Blinken: US will respond to 'reckless' Russian acts

The US Secretary of State urged Moscow to end its 'reckless and aggressive' actions to Ukraine. Also: the Ugandan former child soldier sentenced to 25 years in jail by the International Criminal Court, and the plight of women in Afghanistan.
06/05/2127m 51s

Facebook's Trump ban upheld for now

Facebook’s Oversight Board however criticised the permanent nature of the ban and ordered the site to review the decision and “justify a proportionate response” that is applied to everyone. Also: the World Health Organisation sets up a global intelligence centre in Berlin to identify future pandemics, and scientists have uncovered what may be Africa's oldest ceremonial human burial 78,000 years ago.
05/05/2128m 24s

Myanmar: Opposition say they'll create armed protection force

Opponents of military coup have announced setting up of armed wing. This follows months of clashes with security forces, in which more than 700 demonstrators have been killed. Also, entire Indian delegation at G7 talks in London must self-isolate after Covid cases detected, and how Napoleon's controversial legacy still divides France 200 years after his death.
05/05/2128m 48s

Mexico City metro: Authorities promise full investigation into deadly crash

The Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said “nothing would be hidden” while the mayor of Mexico City said an external company would be involved in the inquiry. Also: the American drugmaker Pfizer has markedly increased its projected revenue and profits as a result of increasing demand for its coronavirus vaccine, and a diplomatic crisis is averted in Belgium, after a farmer there accidentally redraws his country’s border with France
04/05/2130m 10s

Mexico City train crash kills more than 20 people

The Mexican authorities promise an independent investigation. Also: India suspends the IPL cricket tournament; and Bill and Melinda Gates are to divorce after 27 years of marriage.
04/05/2129m 45s

WHO wants more funding for Covax

The World Health Organization has appealed for more help from rich countries to protect poorer nations against the coronavirus as the global vaccination gap widens. The EU unveils plans for overseas tourists to return. Escape from China by boat - one man's perilous dinghy ride to what he hopes is a new life in Taiwan.
03/05/2134m 13s

German police shut down online child abuse platform

Officials say the site had more than four- hundred- thousand members across the globe. Four men have been arrested in an international operation. Also: the European Commission says restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU should be eased, and scientists discover a way to redress the shortage of male sea turtles due to climate change.
03/05/2128m 28s

India: Modi loses battleground state amid Covid surge

The BJP has been defeated in state elections in West Bengal where it had held huge rallies despite a surge in coronavirus cases. Colombia's president has cancelled planned tax reforms which had triggered days of violent protests. Manchester United v Liverpool game postponed after fan protest.
02/05/2125m 21s

US commander warns against attacks in Afghanistan as deadline passes

The Taliban have warned they are no longer bound by an agreement not to target international troops in Afghanistan. Also: Turkey arrests two hundred people in May Day protests, and the Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis dies aged 89.
02/05/2127m 56s

Brazilian Amazon now a net emitter of greenhouse gases

The Brazilian part of the Amazon rainforest has released 20% more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in the past decade than it has absorbed. Also: Israel buries first victims after festival crush, and the surge in men using Botox to look better.
01/05/2131m 32s

Israel: At least 44 killed in stampede at religious festival

Prime Minister Netanyahu has pledged an investigation into disaster. Reports say it began when people leaving Orthodox Jewish event slipped in overcrowded passageway. Also, India's supreme court warns government not to silence criticism over its handling of pandemic, and why US podcaster Joe Rogan has described himself as a 'a moron.'
30/04/2129m 54s

Brazil hits 400,000 deaths amid slow vaccination

The 14-day average of deaths and coronavirus cases in Brazil has seen a slight fall but remains high. Also: Turkey enters first full Covid-19 lockdown, and wasps don't get enough credit for their work!
30/04/2127m 1s

Alexei Navalny appears in court virtually - gaunt but defiant

The Kremlin critic told the court President Putin was turning Russians into slaves. Also: China launches the first module of its new space station, and the contestant who begged to be voted off a reality TV show.
29/04/2126m 46s

Biden: 'America is on the move again'

President Biden delivers his first address to a joint session of the US Congress. He outlined massive spending packages to create green jobs and ensure all children had access to a good education. Also: hospitals in India are overwhelmed as Covid-19 pandemic continues, and the Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies aged 90.
29/04/2127m 50s

US investigators raid Rudy Giuliani's home

The former New York mayor and lawyer to Donald Trump is being investigated for dealings with Ukraine. Also: hospitals in India are overwhelmed as Covid19 pandemic continues, and the Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies aged ninety.
29/04/2127m 41s

India: Official Covid death-toll is now above 200,000

Experts warn that the true number of deaths could be much higher. We speak to emergency workers, and hear how major cities and rural communities are affected by deepening crisis. Also, how neighbouring Pakistan is responding to India's plight, and Britain's PM Boris Johnson to face investigation over funding for his apartment.
28/04/2130m 50s

Rising anger in India

The government is under pressure to reveal the true number of Covid deaths as India's healthcare system buckles under a huge second wave of infections. Also: teenage girls could be at a higher risk of concussion than boys when playing football and the women who pioneered electronic music are celebrated in a new film.
27/04/2128m 36s

India: Covid pandemic 'beyond crisis point'

It's thought officials have under-reported the death rate. Also: Brazil launches inquiry into President Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic; and police officers in the Philippines are cleared of wrongdoing after they were found holding people in a secret jail cell.
27/04/2126m 10s

AstraZeneca: US to share up to 60m vaccine doses

The US has announced it will share its supplies of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine with other countries once a safety review by the Food and Drug Administration has been completed. Also: Opposition forces occupy key parts of Mogadishu in Somalia and we hear from Italy’s Robinson Crusoe, who has been forced to leave his secluded island home after 32 years.
26/04/2129m 57s

India's relentless Covid crisis

New Indian cases of coronavirus top 300,000 for a fifth day. Moscow's prosecutor has ordered that the political offices of Alexei Navalny suspend their activities across Russia. The British-Iranian charity worker, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, has been sentenced to another year in an Iranian jail.
26/04/2122m 15s

Deadly inferno devastates Iraqi Covid ward

The blaze, which killed at least 82, is thought to have been caused by an exploding oxygen canister. Some people were forced to jump from windows to escape the burning building. Also: Iran's foreign minister is caught on tape criticising the hardline Revolutionary Guards. And lockdown languishing – how the pandemic is creating new states of mind.
25/04/2130m 12s

President Biden describes mass killings of Armenians in WWI a genocide

Turkey reacts angrily to the US president's remarks, also, debris from missing Indonesian submarine found, dashing hopes that crew has survived, and the award nobody wants - who got the Razzies this year?
24/04/2124m 40s

Desperation as Indian hospitals buckle under Covid

The health-care system is failing as a record surge in cases drains oxygen supplies. Also: the diplomatic row sparked by pomegranates, and saving the northern white rhino from extinction.
23/04/2128m 22s

Russia: Opposition activist Alexei Navalny ends prison hunger-strike

Announcement by outspoken critic of president Putin follows 24 days of refusing food. He began hunger-strike to demand better medical care while in jail. Also, Tokyo faces new Covid restrictions but Olympic Games' organisers say tournament will go ahead, and why 'new nomads' are hitting the road in the US.
23/04/2130m 14s

European leaders welcome Biden's pledge to halve emissions by 2030

But can the US persuade other countries to step up efforts to fight climate change? Also: hundreds attend the funeral of the black man shot by US police, and the stranded sailor - allowed to leave his ship after four years.
22/04/2127m 59s

Biden: 'Decisive decade' to tackle climate change

The White House says the US has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 50-52%, as leaders take part in virtual summit. Also: India sees world's highest-ever daily Covid cases, and breathable oxygen made on Mars for first time. The podcast was updated on 28 April 2021.
22/04/2126m 32s

US launches federal probe into Minneapolis police

The justice department will probe police practices after the George Floyd murder verdict. Also: Russian police arrest hundreds of opposition protesters, and the Italian employee who was paid for fifteen years - without doing a day's work.
21/04/2129m 12s

Putin accuses West of picking on Russia like 'jackals round a tiger'

Russian President makes criticism in annual 'state of the nation' address. He also warns West against crossing a 'red line' with Russia. Also, US President Joe Biden welcomes conviction of Derek Chauvin for murder of George Floyd, and Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli says European Super League football project cannot proceed.
21/04/2129m 35s

George Floyd officer convicted of murder

Jurors found Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges over Mr Floyd's death. Also: all six English football clubs have left the European Super League, and the Burmese food entrepreneur turned activist - who's now fled Myanmar.
21/04/2125m 13s

Chad's president dies 'in clashes with rebels'

Chad's President Idriss Déby has died suddenly in clashes with rebels in the north. Also, the head of world football has attacked plans to form a breakaway European super-league, and Youtube says it won't let a beauty influencer earn money from his videos.
20/04/2127m 59s

George Floyd: Jury deliberates Chauvin verdict

Security has been ramped up around the court building in the US city of Minneapolis, as jurors retire in the trial into the death of George Floyd. Also: Delhi announces a new lockdown as Covid-19 cases in India surge; and Marvel releases the trailer for its first Asian superhero in a Hollywood film.
19/04/2131m 1s

Mars: Nasa carries out the first flight on the planet

A small helicopter controlled from Earth has become the first craft to take off from the surface of Mars, as Nasa works towards sending humans to the red planet. Also, Russian authorities say the opposition activist Alexei Navalny has been moved to a prison hospital after 20 days on hunger strike. And outrage grows in the world of football, as the biggest teams in England, Spain and Italy announce the new European Super League.
19/04/2130m 42s

Europe's top football clubs form breakaway super-league

At least twelve European football clubs have signed up despite warnings from UEFA. Also: Moscow announces tit for tat diplomatic expulsions in an escalating row with the Czech Republic, and how to get into good habits and help your health during a pandemic by doing just one thing.
19/04/2129m 0s

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is laid to rest

The funeral in Windsor was attended by thirty members of the British royal family. Also: the Czech government expels eighteen Russian diplomats, accusing Moscow of blowing up an arms depot seven years ago; and NASA chooses Elon Musk's SpaceX company to help get humans back to the moon.
17/04/2127m 4s

Russia retaliates for US diplomatic expulsions

Moscow expels ten diplomats and blacklists eight US officials after the US imposed sanctions. Also: Raul Castro steps down as Cuban communist leader, and "whitest ever" paint reflects 98% of sunlight.
17/04/2128m 51s

Hong Kong: Several leading pro-democracy activists are jailed

Media tycoon Jimmy Lai among prominent campaigners who've been given prison sentences. The verdicts come as Beijing cracks down on Hong Kong's rights and freedoms. Also, eight people killed in mass-shooting in Indianapolis, and why research on monkey embryos has generated much interest - and deep controversy.
16/04/2129m 42s

US imposes sanctions on Russia for cyber-attacks

The US says the measures, which target dozens of Russian entities and officials, aim to deter "Russia's harmful foreign activities". Also: ex-officer Chauvin will not testify in his defence, and the French president visits Notre Dame cathedral two years after fire.
16/04/2132m 2s

Covid-19 surge in India

The virus is spreading faster in India than anywhere else in the world. Also: the US expels ten Russian diplomats and imposes sanctions, and researchers say magic mushrooms could treat depression.
15/04/2128m 11s

US president says 'it's time to end America's longest war'

President Joe Biden pledges to support Afghanistan after withdrawing all US troops by the 11th of September. Also: police officer charged over the killing of black motorist in Minnesota, and a grandfather gets lucky after forgetting his reading glasses.
15/04/2126m 12s

Biden's envoy John Kerry goes to China for climate-change talks

Kerry to talk with Chinese leaders about co-operation in tackling global warming. He says Beijing's involvement is 'absolutely critical' in battle against climate-change. Also, we assess Vladimir Putin's strategy as tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, and UN issues report on how much 'bodily autonomy' women have across the world.
14/04/2129m 19s

US troops to leave Afghanistan by 11th of September

President Biden is to announce on Wednesday US troops will leave Afghanistan by mid-September. Also: police chief resigns over black motorist's death in Minnesota, and Mick Jagger tackles the Covid-19 lockdown by writing "Easy Sleazy" song.
14/04/2128m 30s

Ukraine urges NATO to stand up to Russia

Kyiv wants help with Russian 'aggression'; Moscow says its border troops are no threat. Also: Japan approves releasing Fukushima water into the sea, and a new form of tribal warfare in Papua New Guinea.
13/04/2130m 18s

Minneapolis: State of emergency declared

The Mayors of Minneapolis and St Paul also impose an overnight curfew in the twin US cities, after unrest that followed the police shooting of a young black man. Also, fears for the health of Russia's opposition leader, Alexei Navalny after 15 kilo weight loss since being sent to prison camp, and W-H-O warns complacency is prolonging the pandemic.
12/04/2127m 19s

Unrest as police shoot a black man near Minneapolis

Tear gas was fired and an overnight curfew imposed amid anger at the fatal shooting. Also: Iran vows 'to avenge Israeli attack' on its nuclear site, and remembering Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space.
12/04/2127m 52s

Iran says incident at nuclear facility was 'terrorist act'

Teheran said the plant had been hit by what it called a terrorist act. There’s been no official Israeli comment. Also, the US Secretary of State says he has real concerns about Russia's military build-up on its border with Ukraine, and an iconic Moscow food hall shuts up shop.
11/04/2129m 33s

Prince Philip: Private funeral to be held next week

In his first public statement since the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, Prince Charles says his father gave “the most remarkable, devoted service” to his family, to Britain, and to the Commonwealth. Also, thousands of people flee their homes after a volcanic eruption on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. And a United Nations official warns that Myanmar could be headed toward civil war after February’s military coup.
10/04/2128m 4s

Prince Philip: Tributes after Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99

Prince Philip was the longest serving consort in British history, having been married to Queen Elizabeth for seventy- three years. The Palace said he died peacefully at Windsor Castle on Friday morning. It's been confirmed that his funeral will not be a state occasion -- in line with his wishes. Also: A volcanic eruption has blanketed the Caribbean island of St Vincent in ash and, a landmark effort by Amazon workers to form a union chapter at their warehouse in the US state of Alabama appears to have been defeated.
09/04/2130m 36s

The life of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

In this special edition, we mark the death of Prince Philip - the Duke of Edinburgh. Jackie Leonard looks back at the life of Queen Elizabeth's husband, his place in British history and his contribution to the monarchy.
09/04/2124m 20s

President Biden signs executive order to impose modest controls on gun ownership

The president says gun violence has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, also, French president Macron closes the elite school ENA, and the trouble with Peppa Pig in China.
08/04/2128m 56s

AstraZeneca vaccine challenges

Countries across the world have changed their advice on who should have the AstraZeneca vaccine. Also, Call My Agent star joins plea to reopen French theatres, and mind altering art - we find out why prehistoric cave painters chose such remote chambers.
08/04/2126m 19s

Under-30s offered alternative to AstraZeneca vaccine

A review finds a "plausible" link to rare blood clots but says the AstraZeneca vaccine remains beneficial for most people. Also: Myanmar ambassador to UK "locked out" of embassy, and "strong evidence" found for a new force of nature.
07/04/2126m 43s

Coronavirus: How is Astra Zeneca vaccine safety row affecting public confidence ?

Concerns voiced over whether Astra Zeneca vaccine causes blood-clots in the brain. Several countries have restricted use of the vaccine until more is known about possible links. Also, China tries to persuade its 'one-child' generation to have more babies, and how Kim Kardashian has joined the ranks of the world's billionaires.
07/04/2128m 52s

US joins talks aimed at reviving Iran nuclear deal

Diplomats in Vienna are discussing how the US can lift sanctions and Iran return to compliance. Also: Brazil variant drives South America covid surge, and a man is arrested over Van Gogh and Frans Hals art thefts.
07/04/2131m 27s

N Korea to skip Tokyo Olympics over Covid

It ends S Korea's hopes of using the Games to engage with Pyongyang. Also: Netanyahu is asked to form a new Israeli government, and alone on a ship for four years.
06/04/2129m 7s

US police chief says Chauvin broke force policy

The Minneapolis police chief has testified in the trial of the ex-officer accused of killing George Floyd. Also: Google handed win in 10 year Oracle court battle, and the demise of LG mobiles.
06/04/2130m 42s

Jordanian prince vows to defy 'house arrest'

Prince Hamzah says he won't stay quiet after being accused of plotting to destabilise the state. Also: the Israeli PM's corruption trial is told he sought improper benefits from media bosses, and the business owner who offered a job to the man who tried to burgle his restaurant.
05/04/2129m 27s

Jordan accuses Prince Hamzah of plotting to destabilise kingdom

The Jordanian deputy PM says King Abdullah's half-brother sought to mobilise tribal leaders against the government. Also: lorry boss apologises over Taiwan train crash, and tighter Covid restrictions for India's Maharashtra state.
05/04/2131m 38s

Claims of a coup plot in Jordan

The authorities detain the former crown prince and other high profile figures in Jordan for what's been described as "security reasons". Also: the German president tells the country's political leaders to "get it together" in the face of a third wave of coronavirus, and a ceremony unlike any other in Cairo as mummified Pharaohs are moved to a new home.
03/04/2130m 33s

The US Capitol goes into lockdown

A police officer has died after he was hit by car driven by a man who was shot and later pronounced dead. Also: we hear from a doctor in Myanmar who has been treating victims of the military crackdown, the Netherlands pauses the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and are we about to find out who will be the next James Bond?
02/04/2129m 59s

Tigray conflict: World powers angry over 'human rights abuses'

G7 group of economic powers has condemned killing of civilians in northern Ethiopia. The group also called for investigation into reported crimes, and for those responsible to be held to account. Also, at least 50 people killed as a crowded train crashes in Taiwan, and how animals - just like humans - try to follow the latest trends and fashions.
02/04/2130m 46s

Fresh evidence emerges of atrocities in Tigray

Videos appear to show the massacre of unarmed civilians by people in Ethiopian army uniforms. There’ve been persistent allegations of serious abuses by all sides in the conflict - but a government media blackout has so far limited attempts to examine them. Also today: The new head of the WTO condemns vaccine inequality. And has home advantage in football really disappeared during the pandemic?
01/04/2131m 1s

Aung San Suu Kyi charged with violating Myanmar's official secrets act

She faces up to fourteen years in prison. Also: seven Hong Kong activists are found guilty of organising unauthorised pro-democracy protests in 2019; and the Eurovision Song Contest allows fans in as part of a covid trial.
01/04/2128m 35s

Biden unveils two trillion dollar package to boost economy

The aim is to modernise roads, repair bridges and promote climate initiatives. The plan will be financed by a tax increase on corporations. Also: the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny says he is going on hunger strike to demand better medical treatment in jail, and Russia has registered the world’s first coronavirus vaccine for animals.
31/03/2129m 11s

Italy: Naval officer 'caught selling secrets to Russia'

Police say officer was caught in act of handing secret documents to Russian official. Russia's ambassador has been summoned to Foreign Ministry in Rome. Also, heavy gunfire close to presidential palace in Niger two days before new leader due to be sworn in, and new report says white-majority countries should look to UK for model of how to reduce racial inequality.
31/03/2129m 13s

More work needed to rule out Covid lab leak - WHO

A report says all possible causes of the pandemic remain on the table. Also: Germany is limiting the use of the AstraZeneca Covid jab, and how far can sperm counts fall?
30/03/2127m 0s

China limits Hong Kong parliament to 'patriots'

The sweeping changes are the latest efforts by Beijing to step up its influence in Hong Kong. Also: world leaders call for treaty on future pandemics, and Nike sues over "Satan Shoes" with human blood.
30/03/2130m 30s

George Floyd trial under way

The white former policeman Derek Chauvin is accused of murdering the African American. Also: the Suez Canal has reopened after a stranded ship was freed, and the Italian gangster identified by his tattoos.
29/03/2129m 52s

Final operation to free Suez Canal ship

The 400m Ever Given has been wedged across the canal, one of the world's busiest trade routes. Also, the Thai Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, has said his country is preparing for a potential flood of refugees from Myanmar following the military coup there, and baby Galapagos tortoises wrapped in plastic found in suitcases.
29/03/2130m 55s

Dozens dead after Islamist attack in Mozambique

Civilians with boats have been evacuating survivors of the violent raid on Palma. Also: watching a volcano erupt, and how to perform a socially-distanced 'Romeo and Juliet'.
28/03/2126m 16s

More than 90 killed in Myanmar 'day of terror'

Dozens of deaths were reported as anti-coup activists defied warnings and protested. Also: Mozambique militants 'ambushed workers', and fresh efforts to refloat ship stuck in Suez Canal.
28/03/2129m 44s

France was 'blind' to Rwanda genocide, report says

French historians say France bears "heavy responsibilities" over the 1994 Rwanda massacres, but they found no evidence of French complicity. Also: at least 32 people are killed in a train crash in Egypt, and Fox News is sued for $1.6bn over an election fraud claim.
27/03/2133m 34s

Abiy Ahmed: 'Eritrea to withdraw its troops from Tigray conflict'

Ethiopian PM says Eritrean forces to leave Tigray, nearly 5 months after conflict began. Eritrean soldiers have fought alongside Ethiopia in war that's reportedly claimed thousands of lives. Also, Suez Canal remains completely blocked for fourth day by huge stranded container-ship, and new research shows an octopus may be able to dream.
26/03/2129m 27s

Joe Biden gives his first news conference as US president

Mr Biden pledged to deliver 200 million Covid jabs to Americans in his first 100 days in office, double his original goal. Also, AstraZeneca has published revised results for the US trial of its Covid vaccine after its earlier report was criticised for using outdated information, and the acclaimed French director Bertrand Tavernier has died at the age of 79.
25/03/2131m 30s

EU summit on Covid

EU leaders discuss how to increase vaccine production and tighten export controls, as many European countries face a surge in Covid infections. H&M and Nike face a backlash in China for acknowledging human rights concerns about cotton grown in Xinjiang, and why the African elephant is now critically endangered.
25/03/2124m 7s

China hackers 'target Uighurs on Facebook'

Social media giant says platform used to spy on activists, journalists and dissidents living abroad. Also, India halts AstraZeneca vaccine exports, the saliva test that detects concussion on the spot and are food apps killing the restaurant business?
25/03/2130m 38s

Germany cancels plans for Easter lockdown - a day after it was announced

Chancellor Merkel announces sudden U-turn on strict Coronavirus lockdown measures. She calls plan a 'mistake' and takes 'ultimate responsibility' for reversal. Also, disruption to world trade as huge container-ship blocks Suez Canal, and Prince Harry finds new job - in Silicon Valley.
24/03/2130m 55s

Netanyahu claims 'huge win' in Israel election

Analysts say the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, could win the most seats but without winning a parliamentary majority. Also:, US president Joe Biden calls for swift action on gun control following mass killing in Colorado, and Banksy painting raises more than $23m for health charities.
24/03/2128m 10s

Hundreds missing after fire at Bangladeshi refugee camp

The UN has described the blaze in Cox's Bazaar as catastrophic. Also, Germany extends its coronavirus lockdown, and new data from the Large Hadron Collider could change our understanding of the universe.
23/03/2131m 34s

US government to ask Mexico and Guatemala to help reduce flow of migrants

The United States says it is concerned about the number of unaccompanied children arriving at border crossings. Also, western states sanction China for Uighur "abuses", and Aretha Franklin's family reject Genius biopic.
23/03/2132m 31s

US trial of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine confirms safety

It proved nearly eighty per cent effective at stopping Covid-19 symptomatic cases and there were no problems regarding blood clots. This paves the way for the US to start administering the jab. Also: the French subsidiary of the Swedish retail giant IKEA has gone on trial accused of spying on staff, and how ‘adopt a kiosk’ is saving a British icon that has lost its purpose.
22/03/2130m 8s

US defence secretary's surprise Afghan visit

Lloyd Austin's trip comes weeks before a planned withdrawal of all remaining US troops. Also, Buckingham Palace reviews diversity policies, and a large asteroid swings by Earth.
21/03/2127m 3s

Protests against Covid-19 restrictions in many European cities

In the German city of Kassel, police used pepper spray and batons to disperse demonstrators. Also: Turkey pulls out of gender violence convention, and Iceland's lava-spewing Fagradalsfjall volcano is "subsiding".
21/03/2129m 45s

COVID-19: Europe expects a third wave amid vaccine shortage

Sixteen regions of France, including Paris, go back into lockdown, while Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany could see more restrictions. Also, the US and China conclude a two-day meeting marked by confrontation and blunt talk. And Samia Suluhu Hassan becomes the first female president of Tanzania.
19/03/2126m 47s

BBC journalist detained in Myanmar

Aung Thura was taken by unknown men as more people were reportedly killed by the military. Also: virtual reality Shakespeare, and the organisers of this year's Oscars ban Zoom.
19/03/2130m 1s

EU agency says AstraZeneca vaccine is 'safe and effective'

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) reviewed the jab after 13 EU states suspended use of the AstraZeneca vaccine over fears of a link to blood clots. Following the announcement, Germany, France, Italy and Spain announced they would restart their roll-out of the vaccine. Also: President Biden has announced that the US will on Friday meet his target of vaccinating a-hundred million people in his first one-hundred days in office, more than a month ahead of schedule, and up to ten Russian track and field athletes will be able to compete as neutrals at the Tokyo Olympics this summer.
18/03/2129m 28s

WHO endorses AstraZeneca jab - as Europe awaits safety verdict

The European regulator's decision is due - following EU countries' pause of the jab. Also: the Covid survivor who was left with a stutter, and why Donald Trump's time in the White House has left him poorer.
18/03/2125m 1s

Russia recalls envoy after Biden remarks about Putin

President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin would "pay the price" for alleged election meddling. Also: The European Union threatens to block Covid vaccine exports to countries including the UK, and the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, has died aged 61.
17/03/2127m 39s

Coronavirus: EU announces plans for 'vaccine passport'

Officials say digital certificate to boost foreign travel should be issued to EU citizens. But announcement overshadowed by threats to restrict exports of coronavirus vaccine from EU. Also, 8 people shot dead in attacks in and around US city of Atlanta, and why an Australian bird species forgot how to sing its own song.
17/03/2128m 48s

Europe's medicines regulator says benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh its risks

The French president calls EMA assurance 'encouraging', also, new study reveals what may have happend to the water on Mars, and why pickleball has become more popular in the US.
17/03/2127m 35s

Mozambique militants 'beheading children'

Aid agency says Islamist fighters are targeting children as young as 11 in northern province of Cabo Delgado. Also: Britain shifts foreign policy focus to Asia, Facebook 'friends' Australia's News Corp, and what's in a name? Tesla boss Elon Musk changes his title to "Technoking".
16/03/2130m 3s

More European countries suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine

Their decision comes despite the WHO urging use of the vaccine, Also, Nigerian primary school children kidnapped, and the unusual visitor to the west coast of Ireland.
16/03/2125m 29s

Myanmar military continues its suppression of protesters

More than 50 people were killed in the worst single day of brutality since the protests began. Also, a new UN push to end the decade-long Syrian war and the nominations for this year's Oscars.
15/03/2127m 19s

Myanmar: Protesters killed in clashes

Security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Yangon where martial law has been declared. Also, the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the US is brought in to care for migrant children, and the controversy in Afghanistan where girls over the age of 12 have been banned from singing in public.
14/03/2130m 38s

Leader of shadow civilian government in Myanmar vows resistance to military

In his first public address, uploaded onto Facebook, Mahn Win Khaing Than said this was Myanmar's darkest moment. Also, Moscow police raid election forum, and former F1 motor racing commentator Murray Walker dies aged 97.
14/03/2129m 11s

Minneapolis to pay George Floyd family $27m

The settlement comes as a jury selection resumes for the murder trial of ex-officer Derek Chauvin. Also, Covid vaccines top the agenda at Quad meeting, and scientists unlock mysteries of ancient "computer".
13/03/2130m 56s

Mozambique: Can the government defeat radical Islamist insurgency ?

Parts of northern Mozambique is under siege by radical Islamists. More than half a million people have fled their homes to escape the insurgents' brutal attacks. Also, gunmen abduct dozens of students near an army base in Nigeria, and how the disappearance and killing of a young woman, Sarah Everard, in London has generated debate in UK about women's safety.
12/03/2129m 22s

Brazil hospitals struggle as Covid death toll soars

The governor of Brazil's most populous state, Sao Paulo, has announced tough restrictions. Also, UN alleges the military regime in Myanmar is most probably guilty of crimes against humanity, and sniffing out Parkinson's disease.
12/03/2128m 19s

Army accuses Suu Kyi of taking $600,000 and gold

Myanmar's military claims the ousted leader took illegal payments, but offers no evidence. Also: Prince William says the royal family is 'very much not racist', and China approves a plan to control HK elections.
11/03/2129m 30s

US gets huge Covid financial relief package

The green light is given for President Biden's $1.9 trillion package which provides additional funding for vaccine distribution as well as one-off payments of $1,400 for most Americans. Also: the pro-democracy activist in Myanmar who helped elderly people escape a police raid and, for the first time, the sound of lasers are heard being fired on another planet.
10/03/2130m 18s

Syria: How war has left young people with both trauma and hope

Research by International Red Cross looks at the civil war's impact on younger Syrians.While most have suffered pain and loss, many are optimistic about the future. Also, efforts in India to save a 4000-year-old community from extinction, and Japan's award for the Most Sexist Remark has been won by a woman.
10/03/2128m 59s

WHO: One-in-three women suffer violence

It says situation will be even worse since the report due to the pandemic. Also: The British Royal family responds to allegations of racism from Harry and Meghan; and the highly diverse BAFTA nominations.
09/03/2126m 53s

EU parliament lifts Catalan ex-leader’s immunity

Carles Puigdemont is wanted in Spain over a failed independence referendum. Also: A leading international agency has upgraded its forecasts for global economic growth, and the family driveway hit by a meteorite.
09/03/2126m 27s

Brazil’s Lula cleared of corruption

A Supreme Court judge annuls ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s conviction, clearing the way for a possible presidential run next year. Lula was freed in 2019 after 18 months in jail over a huge bribery scandal which ensnared politicians and business leaders. Also today: The shockwaves from Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview continue, fear on the streets of Myanmar, and giving voice to Ghanaian women accused of witchcraft.
08/03/2126m 13s

Harry and Meghan interview

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a series of dramatic revelations about their life inside the British Royal family. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, said concern had been expressed by a member of the royal family about how dark the skin of her first baby might be. Also: President Biden's climate envoy John Kerry heads to Europe on a quest to reduce global warming, and we hear about a stand-off between the elephant and the avocado in Kenya.
08/03/2127m 19s

Explosions rock the economic capital of Equatorial Guinea

The blasts in Bata killed many and injured hundreds, Also, the people of Switzerland vote to ban the public wearing of face coverings such as niqab and burqa, and the sailors from Kiribati stranded in Hamburg.
08/03/2130m 8s

US Senate passes Covid relief plan

President Biden called it a 'giant step forward' and said it should become law next week. Also: The Yazidi women - raped by IS fighters - who are reunited with their children, and the 130km journey to pick up a sandwich.
07/03/2129m 40s

WHO head warns of more pandemic waves

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said there must be no relaxation in the fight against Covid-19. Also: the Pope's first visit to Iraq, and Ukraine's campaign to have Borscht recognised as its national dish.
06/03/2129m 20s

Pope Francis begins tour of Iraq

Pontiff intends to show support for Iraqi Christians and foster dialogue with Muslims. This is considered the Pope's riskiest international trip yet - due to instability and the pandemic. Also, China reveals plans to tighten its grip on Hong Kong, and the world's oldest known wild bird has a chick - at the age of 70.
05/03/2127m 57s

Italy blocks AstraZeneca shipment to Australia

The ban on shipping 250,000 doses, amid a row with the firm, is backed by the EU. Also: the store where shoppers walk out without paying, and saving the butterfly.
05/03/2127m 20s

Myanmar: Opponents of the coup continue to demonstrate

There are reports that the police used tear gas and gunfire to break up the protesters. The UN human rights chief has demanded the military government stop murdering and jailing protesters. Also: Hong Kong has been excluded from an annual league table of the world's most free economies, and we hear how poetry is helping one doctor cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
04/03/2129m 19s

ICC 'war crimes' inquiry in West Bank and Gaza

Israel rejects the court's investigation, while the Palestinians praise it. Also: South Korea's first transgender soldier is found dead, and the vultures threatened by poison in Kenya.
04/03/2129m 21s

Myanmar: Further deadly clashes despite appeals for calm

At least nine people killed in confrontations between security forces and demonstrators. One teenager is reported to be among the dead. Also, a BBC investigation finds evidence that members of China's Uighur minority are being uprooted from their homeland, and country superstar Dolly Parton reworks one of her best-known songs to encourage Americans to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
03/03/2129m 44s

US sanctions Russians over Navalny poisoning

The Biden administration imposes its first sanctions on Russia over what it says was Moscow’s attempt to kill Alexei Navalny. The move, which targets Russia's top spy and six other officials, was co-ordinated with the European Union. Also: scientists discover a group of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo are able to suppress HIV without medication, and one of reggae's most important voices, Bunny Wailer, dies at the age of 73.
02/03/2129m 18s

Hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls freed

The girls were abducted by gunmen from their boarding school in Zamfara state and taken to a forest. Also: the Prime Minister of Singapore condemns the violence in Myanmar, and the extraordinary journey of a wolf on the west coast of the United States.
02/03/2125m 35s

Jamal Khashoggi: US defends decision not to punish Saudi crown prince

The Biden administration had been strongly criticised for not sanctioning the Crown Prince directly, despite blaming him for the journalist's murder in an official report last week. The US State Department insists it is focused on Saudi Arabia’s future conduct. Also: a BBC reporter covering the deadly conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray province is detained by the military, and the Nobel prize winning author Kazuo Ishiguro discusses the inspiration behind his new novel.
02/03/2130m 0s

Fresh charges against deposed Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi is charged with two more offences, as the security forces again use tear gas and stun grenades against peaceful protesters. Also: the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, is found guilty of corruption and influence peddling; and Donald Trump hints at a new bid for the White House.
01/03/2125m 56s

Donald Trump returns to political stage

Mr Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference he would not be starting a new political party. Also, police in Myanmar open fire on protesters, and a Russian warship enters a port in Sudan where Russia is planning to build a new naval base.
28/02/2130m 56s

Political tensions escalate in Armenia

The Armenian president has refused to follow through an order from the prime minister to sack the army chief. Also: hundreds of arrests across Myanmar as the military authorities harden their response, and researchers dig out a near intact Roman ceremonial chariot in Pompeii.
28/02/2131m 8s

Jamal Khashoggi: US says Saudi prince approved Khashoggi killing

A US intelligence report has found that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the murder of exiled journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. The report said this conclusion was based on the crown prince's absolute control over the security apparatus, and his willingness to use violence to silence critics. Also, Myanmar's ambassador to the UN has condemned the military coup in his country and has sided strongly with mass protests, and we hear why fish in Kenya are dying in large numbers.
27/02/2129m 47s

Nigeria: More than 300 schoolgirls kidnapped

Unidentified gunmen abducted the girls in tge early morning from a school in Zamfara state. This is latest in a series of attacks targeting schools in northern Nigeria in recent years. Also, court rules that British-born IS recruit Shamima Begum cannot return to UK from Syria, and BBC investigation finds portions of Brazil's Amazon rainforest being sold illegally on internet.
26/02/2130m 56s

EU leaders vow to speed up vaccine production

Greece and Austria are urging other EU states to adopt coronavirus vaccination "passports". Also: jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny "moved out of Moscow remand centre", and the black browed babbler bird is not extinct after all.
26/02/2129m 36s

Armenian leader denounces 'attempted coup'

PM Nikol Pashinyan leads crowds of supporters after the army says he must resign. Also: how elephants in zoos are helping their relatives in the wild, and the pandemic's impact on the German language.
25/02/2130m 50s

US says report on Khashoggi murder in Saudi consulate expected 'soon'

A US intelligence report on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul will be published soon. Also: single-shot Covid-19 vaccine ‘stable and effective’, and Van Gogh painting on show for the first time.
25/02/2130m 37s

Covid: WHO's Covax scheme delivers first vaccines

Ghana is first nation to receive Coronavirus vaccines through sharing initiative. Covax scheme aims to encourage richer countries to share vaccines with poorer nations. Also, German court jails Syrian former intelligence agent for complicity in crimes against humanity, and the Texan truck-driver who rescued hundreds of people stranded by ferocious winter storm.
24/02/2129m 47s

Capitol security officials blame US intelligence failures in January 6 riot response

Testifying to a Senate committee, officials said that the rioters 'came prepared for war'. Also: suspect in Malta journalist murder pleads guilty. Thousands protest in Tbilisi after arrest of Georgian opposition leader, and the American Beat poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, has died at the age of 101.
24/02/2129m 42s

UN could suspend aid for N Korea's 'hungry millions'

The UN's World Food Programme says Pyongyang's strict Covid rules could halt its aid. Also: Facebook reverses its ban on news in Australia, and how wasps helped date cave paintings of kangaroos.
23/02/2129m 20s

US Covid-19 deaths pass half a million

President Biden describes it as a truly grim heartbreaking milestone. Also: NASA releases videos of its Perseverance rover landing on Mars and the first audio recording from the surface of the planet, and the French electronic dance group Daft Punk announce a split after 28 years.
23/02/2128m 6s

Italian ambassador killed in DR Congo

Luca Attanasio and two others died after a UN convoy was attacked near Goma. Also: Boeing 777 airliners are grounded after an engine falls apart in mid-air, and a Chinese tea shop chain apologises for calling women a 'bargain' on its mugs.
22/02/2128m 27s

Myanmar: Huge crowds mourn three demonstrators killed in protests

Thousands of Burmese activists held ceremonies and vigils for those killed by the military authorities as they try to suppress a campaign of civil disobedience against their coup. Also: The head of the UN nuclear watchdog says Iran has agreed to extend UN inspectors' access to its nuclear sites for a further three months, and NASA is to reveal the first video footage containing the sounds of the Red Planet captured by the cameras onboard its rover in Mars.
21/02/2129m 5s

Myanmar: Two protestors shot dead

Myanmar security forces open fire on protestors in the city of Mandalay, in the bloodiest show of force since the military coup earlier this month. Also, police in Barcelona clash with supporters of the jailed Catalan rapper Pablo Hasel. And Australian entrepreneurs look to the ocean for sustainable business opportunities.
20/02/2127m 51s

G7 leaders pledge billions of dollars for UN global vaccination fund

The jabs will be distributed by the UN's COVAX scheme, also, a more lenient approach to drugs possession in Norway, and why a black footballer won't 'take the knee'.
19/02/2127m 58s

Harry and Meghan not returning as working members of Royal Family

Buckingham Palace has said Prince Harry and Meghan "remain much loved members of the family". UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers, not self-employed. The UN asks for proof that Dubai's Princess Latifa is alive.
19/02/2126m 41s

Nasa's Perseverance Rover lands on Mars

The robot will spend the next two years looking for evidence of past life. Also: an inquiry in Colombia finds that the army under President Alvaro Uribe killed more than 6,000 civilians, passing them off as combat deaths; and the scientists trying to create a robotic nose to detect cancer - inspired by dogs.
19/02/2128m 38s

US life expectancy falls by a year amid pandemic

The life expectancy for the entire population dropped to 77.8 years. The Australian Prime Minister says his government will not be intimidated by Facebook blocking news feeds to users. New Tokyo Olympics chief is seven times Olympian Seiko Hashimoto.
18/02/2123m 12s

Biden administration to transfer more than $200m to WHO

Transfer is part of new president's reversal of his predecessor's policies, also, Britain to launch Covid trial with healthy young volunteers, and what mice learn of men.
17/02/2129m 16s

Myanmar: Roads blocked in Yangon as thousands protest

Demonstrators used vehicles to obstruct major roads across city. UN's special rapporteur for Myanmar has warned of potential violence. Also, gunmen have abducted dozens of schoolchildren in raid in northern Nigeria, and former pop star Glenn Medeiros alleges that 1980s music business was rife with sexual exploitation and Mafia links.
17/02/2127m 11s

Democrat congressman files federal lawsuit against Donald Trump

Bennie Thompson who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee also accused Mr Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and far right groups, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers of inciting the crowd to disrupt the certification of the election results by the use of force, intimidation and threat. Also: the Hamas authorities in Gaza have agreed to revise a controversial ruling that banned women from travelling without the permission of a male relative, and the European Space Agency says it's planning to recruit someone with a physical disability as a potential astronaut.
16/02/2129m 47s

Princess Latifa: 'I want to be free'

In secretly recorded messages, the Dubai ruler's daughter says she's being 'held hostage'. Also: Cuba's coronavirus vaccine programme, and the big freeze on the Texas riviera.
16/02/2131m 14s

Myanmar protesters threatened with 20 years in jail

The military says fines will also apply to those found to incite "hatred" towards the coup leaders. Also: World Trade Organization names its first female African boss, and high-altitude birds have evolved thicker "jackets".
16/02/2129m 35s

Myanmar soldiers use rubber bullets against protesters

The military has also warned protesters they could face up to twenty years in jail. Also: searching for the vanishing great white shark, and the new way of photographing subjects - without the photographer being there.
15/02/2131m 17s

Myanmar: Armoured vehicles roll through the streets

The leaders of Myanmar's military coup try to consolidate power, as they face continued protests across the country. Also, the World Health Organization plans a mission to Guinea, where an Ebola epidemic has been declared. And the Catalan region of Spain holds elections for the first time since its failed bid for independence in 2017.
14/02/2125m 16s

Trump acquitted of inciting mob to attack US Capitol

Fifty-seven senators voted to convict Mr Trump - 10 short of the number needed to convict. Mario Draghi is sworn in as Italy's new prime minister. Fifty years on, why Carole King's Tapestry remains influential.
13/02/2124m 36s

Trump's lawyers present impeachment defence

Lawyers for the former president, Donald Trump, argue that his remarks in the hours leading up to the storming of the US Capitol should be protected by free speech laws. Also, Iran reacts defiantly to warnings that it once again breached the 2015 nuclear deal. And the United Nations Security Council calls on the leaders of Myanmar's military coup to give up power.
13/02/2128m 7s

Nigeria: Polluted communities 'can sue Shell in English courts'

UK Supreme Court ruling allows lawsuit by oil-polluted Niger Delta communities. People in this area say their lives and health have suffered because repeated oil-spills have heavily contaminated their land and water. Also, Russia warns it may cut ties with EU if the bloc imposes sanctions over treatment of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and was Stonehenge originally built in Wales ?
12/02/2129m 7s

US Impeachment: 'Convict Trump or it could happen again'

They said the rioters who stormed Congress believed they were acting on Trump's orders. The Duchess of Sussex has won a privacy case against a British newspaper. Ten years on from the Arab Spring, what life like in Egypt?
11/02/2126m 52s

Myanmar is planning to increase internet censorship as protests continue

There's been a fresh wave of arrests in Myanmar of officials linked to the former civilian government. Also: Tokyo Olympics chief to step down over sexism row, and are pigs clever enough to play computer games?
11/02/2128m 20s

Trump: New footage of Capitol violence

Democrats tell his impeachment trial his election fraud claims led directly to the riots. Also: we hear from young activists in Myanmar, and the reinvention of the Barbie doll.
11/02/2129m 57s

Covid-19: EU's von der Leyen admits failures in vaccine rollout

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen publicly accepts criticism. She says EU was slow to authorise vaccines, overconfident about meeting production-targets, and 'still not where we want to be.' Also, why Serbia's achieved huge success with its vaccination-effort, and how a Texas lawyer became an internet star - as a cat.
10/02/2128m 18s

US Senate votes to continue with Trump impeachment

The Senate found that the trial is constitutional, allowing full proceedings to begin. Also: the UAE puts a space probe into orbit around Mars, and the 82-year-old climber breaking records to pay tribute to the elderly victims of coronavirus.
10/02/2129m 52s

WHO says Covid-19 laboratory leak 'extremely unlikely'

A team of international and Chinese experts say more work is needed to identify the source of the virus. Also: rubber bullets used as Myanmar protestors defy ban, and the Supremes co-founder and singer Mary Wilson dies aged seventy-six.
09/02/2128m 3s

Trump's second impeachment trial

The trial starts today, with Mr Trump's lawyers denying he incited supporters to riot. Also: Myanmar's military defends its coup, and Tesla buys more than a billion dollars of Bitcoin.
09/02/2125m 20s

Myanmar: Military issues warning as protests continue

State TV tells protestors that action will be taken if they threaten 'rule of law'. Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated for third day following military coup. Also, rescuers search for 200 people who are missing after flood in northern India, and US Senate prepares for second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.
08/02/2129m 9s

Haiti 'coup foiled'

Officials say a bid to murder the president and overthrow the government has been halted. Also: protests sweep Myanmar, and rebuilding the old Iraqi city of Mosul.
08/02/2129m 11s

Myanmar coup: Internet shutdown as crowds protest against military

The national blackout comes amid the biggest protest so far against this week's military takeover. Thousands of people took to the streets of the main city, Yangon. Also: remembering the 'Wuhan whistleblower' doctor a year after his death, and rare meteorites from the Moon, Mars, and beyond, go under the hammer in New York.
06/02/2131m 39s

ICC rules its jurisdiction extends to Palestinian Territories

The International Criminal Court's decision could lead to an investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas. Also: Russia expels European diplomats over Navalny protests, and the Sound of Music star Christopher Plummer dies at the age of 91.
05/02/2130m 23s

Russia: Opposition leader Alexei Navalny in court to face fresh charges

Mr. Navalny is accused of slandering an elderly Second World War veteran, which he denies. His lawyer says this is 'criminal persecution' aimed at preventing his client from standing in parliamentary and presidential elections. Also, how the pandemic has made life even harder for Bulgaria's Roma minority, and scientists discover a reptile the size of a sunflower seed.
05/02/2129m 40s

President Biden promises US will 're-engage the world'

In his first major foreign policy speech, Joe Biden said global challenges could be solved by nations working together. Also, the Brazilian mining firm, Vale, has agreed to pay seven billion dollars in damages for the collapse of the Brumadinho dam, and Denmark plans to build the world's first energy island.
04/02/2128m 1s

Former child soldier convicted of war crimes

Dominic Ongwen was abducted by the LRA in Uganda and had argued he was a victim. Also: the Myanmar military has blocked Facebook in a clampdown on the opposition days after the coup, and doctors in New York hail the first operation to transplant a face and hands from the same person to have been a success.
04/02/2131m 16s

Canada labels Proud Boys a terrorist organisation

The Canadian minister Bill Blair said the decision was influenced by the group's "pivotal role" in January's riots at the Capitol in Washington. Also: the European Union warns there's a real danger of renewed civil war in Afghanistan, and expect a socially distanced Eurovision song contest 2021.
04/02/2132m 48s

Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi is charged after army coup

Police bring charges against elected civilian leader whose whereabouts are unclear. She and the President were detained during military coup on February 1st. Also, Uighur women detainees in China allege systematic rape and torture in 're-education' camps, and how a 110-year-old British great-grandmother became an internet singing sensation.
03/02/2127m 58s

Russia jails Putin critic Navalny despite protests

Alexei Navalny had returned to Russia after treatment in Germany for Novichok poisoning. Also: US Democrats lay out impeachment case against Trump, and a prize for those who invented LEDs - Light Emitting Diodes.
03/02/2131m 13s

Mass arrests as Russian court considers Navalny jail term

The court is deciding whether to convert a suspended sentence given to the Russian dissident Alexei Navalny into an actual prison term. Women struggle over their inheritance rights in Nigeria. Top tips on working from home.
02/02/2126m 1s

Biden threatens sanctions following Myanmar coup

The US president, Joe Biden, has strongly condemned the military coup in Myanmar, saying those responsible would be held to account. Also: the head of the UNHCR says the situation in Ethiopia's Tigray province is "extremely grim", and why are readers of the Times newspaper getting annoyed?
01/02/2128m 48s

Unease and anger in Myanmar after a military coup

Myanmar's democratically-elected leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi, detained, also: international condemnation of the military takeover, and: Silver rises to an eight-year high.
01/02/2129m 33s

Thousands join Navalny protests across Russia

More than 5,000 people have been arrested amid demonstrations for the jailed activist. Also: AstraZeneca 'agrees to boost EU vaccine supplies', and the first commercial launch of a rocket powered partially by bio fuel.
01/02/2127m 18s

WHO criticises EU over Covid vaccine export controls

The WHO says the controls on vaccines produced in the bloc could prolong the pandemic. Also: Vladimir Putin's judo partner says he owns the mansion said to be for the president, and a four-year-old girl finds a dinosaur footprint on a beach.
31/01/2128m 12s

EU confirms new export controls on vaccines

The controls will apply to vaccines made in the bloc, following a shortfall in deliveries. Also: the French village - left a fortune by a fugitive from the Nazis, eighty years after the residents there saved his life, and buying books to impress on a video call.
30/01/2130m 40s

Myanmar: UN and US and EU warn military not to stage a coup

Warnings issued as Myanmar's military threaten to revoke constitution. This follows their poor performance in elections in November 2020. Also, EU publishes its contract with AstraZeneca as row continues over Covid-19 vaccine supplies, and pioneering African-American actress Cicely Tyson dies aged 96.
29/01/2129m 13s

Biden starts rebuilding Obamacare

President Joe Biden says he is “undoing the damage” done by Donald Trump, as he reopens online enrolment for government-subsidised healthcare. Also, the European Union has sent inspectors to an AstraZeneca plant to find out why Covid-19 vaccine goals are not being met. And Facebook’s new oversight board hands down its first decision.
28/01/2128m 57s

Germany warns Europe's vaccine shortage could last months

The shortage of Covid-19 vaccines in the European Union is being felt across the continent. Also: China tells the US not to interfere with a WHO investigation into the origins of the virus, and Alexei Navalny denounces his detention as illegal after a judge turns down his appeal for release.
28/01/2130m 32s

Biden signs executive orders on climate change

He says the US will lead a global response to the climate crisis. Also: police in Russia search properties linked to Alexei Navalny, and a previously unknown work by Mozart has its world premiere.
27/01/2126m 52s

Coronavirus: French firm agrees to manufacture vaccine developed by German rival

Sanofi pledges to manufacture 125 million doses of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine. European Union is currently struggling with vaccine supply issues amid a row over shortages. Also, a stark warning from South Africa about future danger posed by new Coronavirus variants, and how one man cheered up his US neighbourhood - by giving away free pizza.
27/01/2129m 29s

Britain records 100,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus

The UK has one of the highest death rates in the world, Also: President Biden raises concerns in his first talk with Vladimir Putin and a former slave and abolitionist on the US 20 dollar bill.
27/01/2128m 19s

Further calls for fairer distribution of coronavirus vaccines

The European Commission President has added her voice to the growing number of world leaders. Also: Chaos in parts of the Indian capital as thousands of farmers converge on the Red Fort to demand that the government drop its agricultural reforms, and the Thai parliament has voted to allow abortions in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.
26/01/2129m 58s

Trump article of impeachment delivered to US Senate

US Democrats have delivered an impeachment charge to the Senate - accusing Donald Trump of inciting insurrection - and triggering the process of putting him on trial. Also: Covid-19 has cost global workers $3.7tn in lost earnings, and baby tyrannosaurs - the size of Border Collie dogs.
26/01/2128m 1s

Boeing 737 Max: 'new safety concerns'

A whistle-blower has raised fresh concerns about the safety of Boeing's 737 Max aircraft. Also: President Putin condemns protesters demanding the release of the jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and the international appeal of Scotland's National Bard.
25/01/2128m 30s

US passes 25 million Covid-19 cases

President Biden has implored Americans to wear masks, warning that the death toll could get worse. Also: clashes erupt during Dutch Covid curfew demo, and SpaceX sets a world record for the number of satellites launched.
25/01/2127m 27s

'Thousands detained' at Navalny protests in Russia

Tens of thousands joined some of the largest rallies against President Vladimir Putin in recent years. Also: Italian PM brands Covid-19 vaccine delay "unacceptable", and the veteran talk show host Larry King dies aged eighty-seven.
24/01/2126m 16s

Trump impeachment trial to begin in February

The US House of Representatives will send an impeachment article, or charge, to the Senate on Monday. Also: UK Covid-19 variant "may be more deadly", and SpaceX is to repurpose oil platforms as launch pads.
23/01/2129m 17s

Coronavirus: Delivery delays halt Pfizer jabs in parts of Europe

Cut in delivery of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine slows down inoculations in several countries. The European Commission has asked for clarification from Pfizer about delays. Also, Japan's government denies claims that it's considering cancelling Tokyo Olympic Games, and how Donald Trump was prank-called by someone impersonating Piers Morgan.
22/01/2130m 46s

President Biden warns Covid-19 deaths in US will soon exceed 500,000

The US President has promised 100 million vaccinations within his first 100 days in office. Also: China calls for a renewal of cooperation with the United States, and the Mexican government welcomes a new bill sent to the US Congress.
21/01/2127m 30s

US top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci addresses the WHO

The top US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci addresses the WHO as the US administration under Biden prioritises its fight against Covid and joins the global vaccine plan. Also: we hear from Central American migrants as they attempt to reach the United States, and we look back at the 1980s HIV Aids pandemic in Britain.
21/01/2131m 30s

Joe Biden sworn in as 46th US president

He promises to work to heal the bitter political divisions of recent years. Also in this podcast which is entirely devoted to the inauguration, we look at the challenges facing the new administration, how Kamala Harris has made history by becoming the first female, first black, first Asian-American vice-president, how the news of the inauguration is being received around the world, and we ask what next for Donald Trump and his supporters?
21/01/2129m 34s

Trump leaves White House and pledges 'We will be back in some form'

Donald Trump has departed White House for last time as President. His successor Joe Biden will be inaugurated amid heavy security. Also, we look at Trump's legacy as President, and key challenges facing Biden's administration on the international stage.
20/01/2130m 17s

Donald Trump bids US presidential farewell

He said he was proud of what he'd achieved and asked Americans to pray for the incoming Biden administration. Also: The Italian Senate backs PM in confidence vote, the smart watches being used in the early detection of coronavirus and a new German exhibition about female concentration camp guards.
19/01/2131m 1s

Trump's last day in office

We look back at Donald Trump’s four very eventful years as US President. Also: We get an update on the Chinese miners trapped underground for nine days, and Oxford university researchers start tackling antibiotic resistance due to overuse thanks to a multimillion dollar donation.
19/01/2129m 44s

WHO warns of 'catastrophic moral failure'

Unequal Covid vaccine policies are blamed. Also: dozens of the Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny's supporters are arrested for demanding his release from prison, tens of thousands of people respond to a social media campaign in France designed to shed light on sexual abuse within families, and what is the perfect background for video-conferencing?
18/01/2127m 50s

Alexei Navalny jailed in Russia

Russia's most prominent opposition figure has been jailed for 30 days after returning to Moscow,. Also: WHO chief warns of "catastrophic moral failure" over vaccine rollouts. And the unusual bat discovered in West Africa.
18/01/2126m 0s

Poisoned Kremlin critic Navalny detained in Russia

The activist returned to Moscow from Germany months after a nerve agent nearly killed him. Also: the music producer and convicted murderer, Phil Spector, has died, and climbing a Hong Kong skyscraper in a wheelchair.
18/01/2128m 32s

Uganda's Museveni declared election winner

His main rival, Bobi Wine, claims vote-rigging and vows to produce evidence. Also: India launches 'the world's biggest vaccination drive', and Nepali climbers make history with K2 winter summit.
17/01/2128m 49s

Biden unveils vaccination plan

He gave details after it was announced two million people worldwide had died with Covid. Also: the sports doctor - sent to prison for masterminding an international doping ring, and English football players face a ban on hugs on the pitch.
16/01/2126m 3s

Uganda elections: President Museveni takes early lead

President's main challenger Bobi Wine alleges vote-rigging on huge scale. Mr. Museveni has been in power for 35 years and is hoping for 6th term. Also, North Korea unveils new ballistic missile which state media describes as 'the world’s most powerful weapon', and we mark 100th anniversary of one of the greatest ever feats of stage magic.
15/01/2130m 41s

Brazil warns of a health system 'close to collapse'

Officials in Manaus say hospitals are failing as a new Covid strain fuels infections. Also: France tightens its Covid curfew, and why the number 39 is so unpopular in Afghanistan.
15/01/2130m 48s

Washington takes stock after vote to impeach Donald Trump

President-elect Biden welcomes the vote but doesn't want trial to delay urgent business. Mr Trump was impeached for inciting insurrection, after his supporters attacked Congress to stop it confirming his election defeat. Also: Uganda elections - Bobi Wine takes on Yoweri Museveni, and in Indonesia archaeologists find world's oldest animal cave painting.
14/01/2131m 58s

Historic second impeachment for President Trump

Ten Republicans joined the Democrats in the House of Representatives in finding the president guilty of inciting insurrection through his words to his supporters shortly before they stormed the US Capitol building a week ago. He’ll face a Senate trial next, but what does it mean for his political influence? Also: How Indonesia's vaccination programme is giving priority to its working population, and the Duchess's new venture as a romantic novelist.
14/01/2128m 22s

Trump faces second impeachment vote

US politicians debate whether to charge President over his supporters' riot at Capitol. A growing number of Republicans have voiced support for impeachment. Also, trial begins of hundreds of alleged members of Italy's biggest mafia group, and do zebras' stripes help them evade their enemies ?
13/01/2130m 58s

President Trump dismisses moves to impeach him as a witch hunt

Mr Trump said his speech urging supporters to march on Congress was totally appropriate. Also: Britain and Canada announce sanctions on companies which profit from China's persecution of its Uighur minority, and farewell to Inji, the world's oldest orangutan, who's died at the age of 61.
12/01/2129m 53s

Uganda Elections: Opposition leader says military raided his home

The incident comes just two days before Ugandans vote in a general election following a campaign marked by violence which has killed dozens of people. Also: an Indonesian search team has recovered a black box flight recorder from the airliner which crashed on Saturday, and we hear from one of the advocates who assisted the defence team of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row in America, after her execution is postponed just hours before it’s due to be held.
12/01/2129m 40s

Trump faces 'incitement of insurrection' charge

Democrats introduce a resolution to impeach President Trump for his role in the attack on the Capitol in Washington last week and give the vice president, Mike Pence, 24 hours to respond to their demand that he invokes the 25th amendment to remove Trump. Also: The World Health Organisation warns that herd immunity to the coronavirus will not be achieved this year, and plans to convert Paris's most famous boulevard into an 'extraordinary garden'.
12/01/2132m 11s

US: What options available to Democrats as they try to oust Trump ?

President Trump has 9 days left in office but Democrats want him out sooner. We look at the tactics they could use. Also, Beijing accuses Washington of trying to sabotage its interests over Taiwan, and how 'DNA origami' might change the way scientists create new medicines.
11/01/2129m 14s

Democrats ready for Trump impeachment after riot

The Democrats say the House of Representatives could vote on Tuesday on whether to impeach Donald Trump. Also: Indonesia crashed plane’s ‘black boxes’ located, and South Africa’s efforts to save the rare pangolin.
11/01/2131m 28s

US lifts restrictions on contacts with Taiwan

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says contact with officials in Taiwan should no longer be shackled. Also: Boeing 737 plane feared crashed in Indonesia; Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip vaccinated against Covid-19.
10/01/2128m 3s

Democrats plan second impeachment of President Trump

Democrats plan to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump for "inciting" the invasion of the US Capitol building. Also, the UK sees its highest daily toll of 1,325 coronavirus deaths. And the road signs bringing humour to the motorists in Cape Town.
08/01/2129m 2s

Democrats plan second impeachment of President Trump

Democrats in the US plan to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump on Monday for "inciting" the invasion of the US Capitol. Also, the UK sees its highest daily toll of 1,325 coronavirus deaths. And the road signs bringing humour to motorists in Cape Town.
08/01/2129m 2s

US: Trump denounces supporters who 'defiled the seat of American democracy'

Donald Trump criticises followers who occupied Capitol on Wednesday. But more and more senior officials are quitting his administration. Also, Indonesia releases radical Muslim cleric linked to deadly 2002 Bali bombings, and young children contribute to book aimed at helping families survive Covid-19 lockdown.
08/01/2129m 59s

Calls grow for President Trump to be removed from office

US President-elect Joe Biden is blaming President Trump for the recent insurrection on Capitol Hill. Also: China places eleven million people under lockdown following Covid-19 outbreak and Elon Musk becomes world’s richest person.
08/01/2128m 8s

Capitol riots: US Congress certifies Joe Biden's victory after violent disruption

Lawmakers resumed the session after police managed to remove the mob, which had been encouraged by President Trump in a bid to overturn his defeat. Four people were killed during the attack. In response, Mr Trump finally pledged an “orderly transition” of power. And the World Health Organization warns that Europe is facing a dire situation in its fight against coronavirus and says measures need to be intensified. Plus a British man stuck in Taiwan due to the pandemic inspires locals to clean up a river.
07/01/2128m 8s

President Trump supporters storm US Capitol building

Police say one person is dead after protesters broke into the US congress. Meanwhile, the Democrat party has gained control of the US senate, after victories in Georgia’s runoff elections. And we hear from staff at a UK hospital struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
07/01/2130m 55s

US: Democrats poised to win control of Senate

Biden's party hoping for victory in two run-offs in southern state of Georgia. Full control of Senate would make it easier for Mr. Biden to put his agenda into practice. Also, new crackdown in Hong Kong as Communist authorities tighten their grip, and 10 years after start of Arab Spring - what happened to hopes of a better future for Middle East and North Africa ?
06/01/2129m 47s

A World Health Organisation warning about the way vaccines are used.

A WHO warning, as the coronavirus lockdown is extended in Germany. Also: A run-off for control of the Senate in the US State of Georgia. And the world's music festivals try to work out how they can take place this year.
06/01/2122m 14s

Polls open in unprecedented Senate race

Crucial Georgia Senate run-off will decide whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate. Also: France takes measures to speed up its Covid vaccination campaign and why car companies from Italy, France, and the USA are merging.
05/01/2126m 34s

Britain heads back to Covid lockdown

Prime minister Boris Johnson warns next weeks will be the hardest yet as he issues a tough new ‘stay at home’ order for England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also tighten restrictions. Also: decision day dawns for the US state of Georgia in a knife-edge Senate race, fighting for justice for the poor in Africa’s jails – and how the pandemic’s changed life for new mums.
04/01/2128m 30s

Britain rolls out the first Oxford AstraZeneca injections

It has been described as a game-changer in the fight against Covid-19. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange's extradition to the US is blocked by a UK judge. Iran resumes enriching uranium to 20% purity.
04/01/2123m 40s

Trump tells Georgia official to 'find more votes'

A recording has been released of President Trump urging Georgia's Secretary of State to overturn Joe Biden's electoral victory there. Also: how safe is the vaccine developed in India, and Gerry Marsden, the singer of Liverpool Football Club's anthem, dies.
04/01/2124m 1s

US senators dispute election certification

The group of Republican senators want an investigation into alleged voter fraud. Also, India approves a second Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use, and police in France shut down an illegal rave which breached the coronavirus curfew.
02/01/2127m 23s

Setback for Trump as senate overrules his defence bill veto

Republican-controlled chamber delivers rebuke to the president, also: India takes big step towards approving Covid-19 vaccine, and The KLF allow their music on streaming services
02/01/2128m 7s

Brexit: What will it mean for UK's relations with the world ?

We look at look at implications for future British trade across the globe. And which countries will be UK's key partners from now ? Also, why some believe the noble South African ideal of 'Ubuntu' has been exploited, and how new technology allows you to travel the world - without leaving your home.
01/01/2129m 56s

New era for UK as it separates from the European Union

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, has called it a new beginning. Also: Covid dampens New Year celebrations around the world, and Australia changes anthem to reflect indigenous past.
01/01/2135m 48s

China approves Covid vaccine

Beijing says it hopes to inoculate tens of millions by Chinese New Year in February. Also: 'Glacier Bro' is presumed dead after a waterfall accident, and sitting your exams up a tree.
31/12/2028m 43s

British MPs back post Brexit deal with EU

The British PM's agreement is on its way to becoming law after parliament approves it by 521 votes to 73. Also: houses buried as landslide hits Norwegian village, and the project that ensures wildlife and humans co-exist in the Masai Mara.
31/12/2030m 34s

Covid-19: UK approves Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

New vaccine is much cheaper and easier to store than existing ones. UK will begin rollout of this vaccine alongside Pfizer jab. Also, deadly attack on Aden airport as government ministers fly in, and what can we expect from the global economy in 2021 ?
30/12/2029m 59s

Biden warns US vaccine roll-out falling behind

The US president-elect calls for vaccinations to be ramped up as he warns of a "tough period" ahead. Also: there is "extreme concern" in UK as Covid cases surge, and could drinking tea help our brains function better as we get older?
30/12/2033m 30s

UK faces Covid 'catastrophe'

A leading scientist says immediate government action is needed to halt soaring cases. Also: a child is killed and rescuers search the rubble after an earthquake strikes Croatia, and the French designer Pierre Cardin dies.
29/12/2030m 28s

WHO says transparency is crucial in the fight against COVID-19

The World Health Organization is working with the UK and South Africa on how to tackle new variants of the coronavirus. Also: Biden says "enormous damage" to US agencies by Trump, and illustrating a diary in the year of Covid-19.
29/12/2032m 8s

A Chinese journalist who helped reveal the scale of the coronavirus outbreak has been jailed

Her lawyer says she is weak as a result of a hunger strike. Also: hundreds of British tourists are reported to have fled the Swiss ski resort of Verbier to avoid having to quarantine, and goodbye to 2020 - New Yorkers send in the things they would rather forget about this year to be shredded in Times Square on Good Riddance Day.
28/12/2027m 44s

Covid: Trump fails to sign economic relief bill

Millions of Americans lost their unemployment benefit on Sunday as President Donald Trump failed to sign into law the coronavirus relief package. If he doesn’t sign it by Tuesday it could result in a US government shutdown. Also: Care homes and health staff are the first to get Covid jabs as mass vaccinations start across the EU, and why it’s been winning year for the gaming industry.
28/12/2030m 17s

Coronavirus: EU countries begin mass-vaccination

Several EU member-states have started inoculations using Pfizer/BionNTech vaccine. This comes as a new more infectious strain of coronavirus begins to spread from UK to mainland Europe. Also, China's economy forecast to overtake US by 2028 due to Covid-19, and infamous former Cold War double-agent George Blake dies in Russia aged 98.
26/12/2028m 58s

Happy News Podcast 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we present this collection of our favourite stories from the past year, ranging from the inspirational to the uplifting to the silly: A nine-year-old Kenyan inventor helps his village take coronavirus precautions. Scientists make major advancements in preventing serious illness. And the power of music.
25/12/2046m 17s

UK and EU agree post-Brexit trade deal

The deal ends months of arguments over business rules and fishing rights. Also: the journalist who knew one of the victims of an explosion she was reporting on, and why a digitally-created Queen Elizabeth is delivering a Christmas message to the nation.
25/12/2029m 46s

Brexit: UK set to unveil trade deal with EU

Britain and EU say they're near agreement on post-Brexit trade and security. This follows months of complicated and tense negotiations. Also, at least 20 people die as a boat carrying migrants sinks off Tunisian coast, and Bethlehem to hold its Christmas festivities despite pandemic.
24/12/2027m 4s

Trump vetoes 'unconstitutional' defence bill

He objects to troop withdrawal limits and removing Confederate names from military bases. Also: hopes of an EU-UK trade deal rise, and why more than half of Chinese adults are overweight.
24/12/2030m 29s

Fire breaks out at migrant camp in Bosnia

Thousands of migrants are having to live outside in freezing conditions after an emergency camp in Lipa was closed. Also: Afghan election activist killed in Kabul ambush, and is there a connection between Santa Claus and quantum physics?
23/12/2031m 3s

France eases UK virus travel ban

EU citizens and residents, and freight drivers can return - with a recent negative test. Also: Israel heads for an election as its unity government falls, and a giant iceberg breaks into large fragments.
23/12/2027m 17s

French ban on lorries from UK remains for now

France shut its UK border on Sunday amid fears of a new coronavirus variant. Also: Russia hits EU with sanctions in Navalny backlash, and Thai man revives baby elephant with CPR.
22/12/2029m 1s

Flights cancelled as EU considers UK virus threat

EU officials discuss a joint response to a new, more infectious Covid-19 strain in the UK. Also: Joe Biden is vaccinated on live TV, and tips to lighten your mood under coronavirus.
22/12/2030m 24s

Covid-19: US passes massive aid package

Republican and Democrat lawmakers in Washington agree to a stimulus plan worth nearly $900 billion. Also, the European Union’s health authorities have approved the Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine for use against the coronavirus. And the Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is voted the 2020 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
21/12/2030m 31s

Covid: Nations impose UK travel bans over ‘out of control’ variant

European nations have begun to impose travel bans on the UK after it reported a more-infectious and "out of control" coronavirus variant. Also: A new $900 bn support package for US citizens is edging closer- after months of deadlock, and the French film fuelling conspiracy theories about the virus...
20/12/2026m 37s

Christmas rules tightened for millions in UK

Tough new lockdown measures are being imposed on London in response to a highly infectious new strain of coronavirus. And: President Trump dismisses allegations made by his own administration about a massive espionage attack, and hundreds of people line up for the famous Christmas lottery in Madrid.
19/12/2031m 9s

WHO secures coronavirus vaccine for poorer countries

The first of two billion doses are due to be delivered in early 2021.The World Health Organisation's COVAX initiative was set up to ensure that vaccines are distributed fairly around the world. Also: a suicide bomber kills at least 10 people at a stadium in Somalia where the prime minister was due to speak, and why Sony has pulled Cyberpunk 2077 - one of the year's most-anticipated games - from its PlayStation store.
18/12/2029m 57s

Nigeria school attack: Hundreds of boys return home after release

More than 300 schoolboys are reunited with their families, a week after mass-kidnapping. Local authorities say the boys were abducted by 'bandits' and not by Boko Haram militants. Also, hundreds of thousands flee Islamist insurgency in Mozambique, and how an American couple's dream home contained a hidden surprise.
18/12/2031m 10s

Hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian boys 'freed'

The authorities in northern Nigeria say more than 300 boys are on their way home, but it's unclear if all have been freed. Also: US warns of "grave" threat from major cyber-attack, and for football fans the correct spelling is Mauritius not Mauritus.
18/12/2027m 12s

Putin faces questions about his handling of the pandemic

The Russian president spoke at his annual news conference, also: The French president tests positive for Covid-19, and what is the ugliest orchid in the world?
17/12/2027m 25s

China's Chang'e-5 mission returns Moon samples

A capsule landed in Inner Mongolia with the first lunar rock to be brought to Earth in 44 years. Also: fourteen guilty in 2015 Paris terror attacks trial, and Qatar beats Saudi Arabia to host 2030 Asia Games.
17/12/2031m 50s

EU countries begin vaccinations against Covid-19 next week

The European Commission president says they have enough doses for everyone in the EU. Tougher Covid-19 restrictions have come into force in Germany. Also: schools have been closed across much of northern Nigeria after the kidnapping of hundreds of pupils last week, and can kangaroos communicate with humans?
16/12/2030m 46s

Top Trump ally ends silence to congratulate Biden

Weeks after the election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulates the US president-elect. Also: EU outlines digital services rules overhaul, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sign podcast deal with Spotify.
16/12/2029m 50s

Putin congratulates Biden

Six weeks after the election, the Russian leader sent Mr Biden a telegram on his victory. Also: Pakistan's new anti-rape law, and the monster iceberg of the South Atlantic.
15/12/2028m 30s

Joe Biden wins electoral college vote to confirm US presidential win

The electors in each US state are appointed to reflect the popular vote, which was won by Mr Biden in November. Also: report names "Russian agents" in Navalny poisoning, and South Korea to ban balloon leafleting of North.
15/12/2030m 13s

Covid-19: US begins its biggest vaccination programme ever

America's first Covid-19 inoculation has taken place. The programme aims to vaccinate 100 million people by April. Also, continuing confusion over fate of missing schoolchildren in NW Nigeria, and why one man spent 10 years collecting world's weirdest books.
14/12/2030m 46s

Brexit: Negotiators say they will ‘go the extra mile’

Britain and the European Union have agreed to keep talks going until the end of the transition period on 31 December. Also, hundreds of Nigerian children are still unaccounted for after an attack on a school. And John Le Carré, the author of such classic novels as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, has died.
13/12/2029m 53s

UN says the world needs to declare ‘climate emergency’

António Guterres was speaking at a virtual summit on the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement. Around 70 world leaders took part in the meeting organised by the UN, UK and France. Also: the Red Cross delivers aid to the capital of Tigray in northern Ethiopia for the first time since fighting broke out last month, and why scotch eggs have seen an unexpected boost in sales due to coronavirus restrictions in Britain.
12/12/2028m 2s

Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: UN ‘alarmed’ by treatment of Eritrean refugees

The head of the UN refugee agency Filippo Grandi said if such acts were confirmed, it would be a major breach of international law. Also: the World Health Organisation says nearly a billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have been acquired for low and middle income countries, and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You finally reaches number one in the UK singles chart after being released 26 years ago.
11/12/2032m 44s

Brexit: Boris Johnson and EU say trade deal 'unlikely' by Sunday

Sunday deadline was set after months of talks failed to achieve agreement. If trade deal isn't achieved by December 31, the EU and UK could impose taxes on each other's goods. Also, EU leaders set higher targets for cutting greenhouse gases by 2030, and new film celebrates singer Ma Rainey - 'Mother of the Blues'.
11/12/2029m 59s

Morocco and Israel agree to diplomatic relations

For the fourth time this year the US has brokered a deal between Israel and an Arab country, but peace with the Palestinian Authority remains elusive. Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there's a "strong possibility" the UK will fail to strike a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union. And the French football star Antoine Griezmann drops the tech firm Huawei as his sponsor, over an app that could help China track Uighur Muslims.
10/12/2028m 29s

Europe sets out contingency plans in case of a no-deal Brexit

It's proposing reciprocal measures covering air and road connections, and fishing. Also: Facebook hits back after legal action is launched over competition, and the musicals brought to your door in London.
10/12/2029m 27s

Brexit: UK prime minister and EU Commission president hold crucial talks

The two leaders meet in Brussels to discuss "critical issues". Also, the French cabinet endorses proposed new laws targeting extremism and, scientists say the weight of human-made objects could soon exceed that living things.
09/12/2027m 13s

Climate change: UN says global 'elite' must cut carbon-emissions

Report says wealthiest 1% generate more than twice the carbon emitted by poorest 50%. UN urges developed nations to rapidly cut CO2 'footprint' to avoid dangerous rise in global temperatures. Also, how race and inequality shape death-toll from Covid-19 in US capital, and why 'Miracle on 22nd Street' brought joy to thousands at Christmas.
09/12/2030m 57s

Biden vows 100m vaccinations in first 100 days

The US President-elect says he can't promise to end Covid-19 quickly but he can change its course. Also: British PM heads to Brussels on Wednesday for Brexit talks, and the England Rugby World Cup winner Steve Thompson says he is suffering from early onset dementia.
09/12/2028m 34s

UK pensioner is world's 1st to get Pfizer vaccine

90 year-old Margaret Keenan got the jab as the UK's largest vaccination programme began. Also: John Lennon's legacy - 40 years after the murder of the former Beatle, and Everest is now officially 86 centimetres higher.
08/12/2027m 0s

British PM to meet EU chief in bid to save Brexit deal

The UK and EU say "significant differences" still remain as the leaders prepare to talk face-to-face. Also: Eritrea releases Jehovah's Witnesses after they served prison terms of over twenty years, and Bob Dylan sells song rights to Universal Music Group.
08/12/2030m 44s

UK-EU talks resume in final push for trade deal

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has told diplomats that talks with Britain are not going well. Mr Barnier said he could not guarantee a deal would be struck. Also: Large parts of California have been placed under a strict new Covid lockdown, and could breakdancing be coming to the Olympics.
07/12/2027m 10s

UK-EU trade talks continue as 'sticking points' remain

The UK chief negotiator David Frost is taking part in discussions with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier in Brussels. Also: Iran says the assassination of its top nuclear scientist last month was carried out using a satellite-controlled machine gun, and the voice of golf, Peter Alliss has died at the age of 89.
07/12/2028m 54s

UK-EU trade talks to resume over 'critical issues'

Negotiators will talk on Sunday but 'significant differences' between the two sides in post-Brexit talks remain. Also: French security bill protests turn violent again, and Australia's rugby team sings anthem in indigenous language.
06/12/2029m 58s

The UN says the fighting goes on in Tigray

This is despite the Ethiopian government declaring victory there last week. The United Nations says it's unable to deliver aid supplies because of the crisis. Also: Brexit talks are on hold after negotiators admit they're deadlocked and the Earth Orchestra which features a musician from every country in the world.
05/12/2033m 8s

Brexit: Critical talks in London between UK and EU

Time is running out for post-Brexit trade deal between EU and UK. Britain has accused EU of making last-minute demands - which EU's negotiators deny. Also, organisers of Tokyo Olympics say they'll need billions of dollars more if games are to go ahead, and why US is introducing new laws on private ownership of big cats.
04/12/2031m 4s

Coronavirus: Hackers targeted vaccine supply

The tech company IBM says it tracked a campaign aimed at the delivery "cold chain" used to keep vaccines at the right temperature during transportation. The attackers' identity is unclear - but IBM said the sophistication of their methods indicated a nation state. Also: Facebook says it will start removing false claims about Covid-19 vaccines and the winner of this year’s Global Teacher Prize gives half away
03/12/2027m 5s

Coronavirus: Moscow will begin immunising people on Saturday with Sputnik-V vaccine

Medical staff, teachers and social workers will be eligible for the first jabs. Also: Hundreds of Rohingya refugees are moved to a remote island and, a warning about the effect of digital technology on climate change.
03/12/2028m 26s

Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine judged safe for use

Britain's medicines regulator, the MHRA, says the jab is safe to be rolled out. The first doses are already on their way to the UK, with 800,000 due in the coming days. Also: The US Department of Justice is investigating claims that lobbyists offered bribes in exchange for a presidential pardon, and two otters find love during lockdown
02/12/2027m 52s

Covid-19: UK is first country to approve Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

Decision paves the way for mass-vaccination in Britain. Vaccine offers up to 95% protection against Covid-19. Also, Nigeria is epicentre of new cyber-crime networks, and Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher's son hopes to follow in his footsteps.
02/12/2030m 33s

No evidence of widespread fraud in the US presidential poll says one of President Trump's closest allies

Attorney General has seen nothing that could have overturned Biden victory, Also: Chinese craft lands on the moon, and Belgian orgy that caused a Hungarian politician's downfall.
02/12/2028m 0s

US cases soar but 'light at the end of the tunnel'

America's top infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, says vaccines offer hope as the county hits its worst period of the pandemic. Also: controversy in France over a proposed charter aimed at integrating all groups of Muslims into society, and an extraordinary rescue at sea.
01/12/2027m 55s

Biden picks Janet Yellen for US treasury secretary

She is on a diverse list of officials chosen for top economic roles in his administration. Also: France is to rewrite its police bill after protests, and the dramatic increase in Brazil's Amazon deforestation.
01/12/2030m 40s

Iran buries assassinated nuclear scientist

State funeral held in Tehran for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh who was killed on Friday. Iran blames Israel for his death. Also, Australia demands apology from China for 'repugnant' fake image on Twitter, and a new film profiles colourful and contradictory singer-songwriter Shane McGowan.
30/11/2031m 8s

President Trump attacks the FBI

The president said the FBI had thwarted his bid to overturn the election result. Also: Maradona's doctor is investigated over his death, and the flying elephant - on his way to a new life after years of suffering.
30/11/2028m 53s

Ethiopian PM claims capture of Tigray capital

Abiy Ahmed said the army had taken control of Mekelle from the dissident local leadership. Also: the Pope installs the first African American cardinal, and washing your dirty laundry in space.
29/11/2030m 23s

Israel blamed for assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist

Tehran believes Israel was involved when gunmen targeted Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Also: the Inuit hunter whose habitat is changing, and the refugee who is now an MP in New Zealand.
28/11/2028m 33s

Ethiopia: The PM meets an African Union delegation seeking to end the conflict in Tigray

Prime Minister Ahmed rejected offers of mediation and is still insisting there can be no foreign interference in an internal affair. Also: Sri Lanka bans commemorations for Tamil Tigers killed in the country's decades-long civil war. And, how a locust genome could be the key to ending devastating crop damage.
27/11/2031m 54s

Body of late Argentine footballer Maradona taken for burial

A motorcade has taken Maradona's remains from the presidential palace in Buenos Aires to the Bella Vista cemetery in the west of the capital where the bodies of his parents are also interred. Also: the head of AstraZeneca says fresh trials will be conducted on its coronavirus vaccine after some scientists questioned its results, and a man in Florida saves a puppy from an alligator attack.
26/11/2028m 8s

More than 300 people are sentenced to life in prison in Turkey

In 2016 a faction within the Turkish military spearheaded a failed coup against President Erdogan. Also: Argentinians have been paying their respects to the footballer, Diego Maradona, whose body is lying in state in the presidential palace, and a British genetic research project is seeking to eradicate scarring within a generation by studying the Zebra fish.
26/11/2033m 25s

Football genius Maradona dies aged 60

Argentina declares three days of national mourning. Also: President Trump pardons ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and could a long-extinct volcano heat homes in southern New Zealand?
25/11/2028m 19s

France to tax US high-tech giants on 2020 earnings

French government wants to impose new digital tax on huge firms like Google and Amazon. The US says it will retaliate with tariffs on imports from France. Also, Ethiopia tells international community to avoid 'interference' in Tigray crisis, and why some US families will be deeply divided at this year's Thanksgiving.
25/11/2029m 7s

Joe Biden says 'America is back'

The US President-elect Joe Biden says America is back, ready to lead the world as he unveils his top team. Also: a patriotic board game is released in Russia, and Beyonce leads the pack in the Grammy’s with the most nominations.
24/11/2026m 0s

Trump acknowledges transition of power to Biden

The US president says the “initial protocols” must be carried out, though he’s stopped short of admitting defeat. Also, a European Union report finds that Afghanistan has become a major producer of crystal meth. And Russian scientists announce the promising results of their coronavirus vaccine trials.
24/11/2032m 27s

John Kerry named as Biden's climate envoy

The former secretary of state is among the names announced for key roles in the new US administration. Also: Qantas says a Covid-19 vaccination will be a requirement to fly, and is Hanko about to disappear from being a Japanese tradition?
24/11/2030m 23s

British coronavirus vaccine up to 90 percent effective

The Oxford University jab, developed with the drug company AstraZeneca, is cheaper and simpler to store than its rivals. As a result, it should be easier to supply to developing countries. Also: the 23 year-old who’s created a home cancer test kit, the words that have been making headlines this year, and the American kid who survived life in Syria under the Islamic State group.
23/11/2028m 53s

Merkel 'worried' over vaccine rollout despite G20 pledge

G20 leaders said they will "spare no effort" to ensure fair distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Also: Ethiopia PM issues 72-hour ultimatum to Tigray, and the environmental problems caused by disposable synthetic gloves.
23/11/2029m 26s

California imposes Covid-19 curfew as US cases hit 12 million

Millions face stay-at-home orders as the US faces a surge in coronavirus infections. Also: a virtual G20 summit opens in Saudi Arabia, and Sentinel-6 - a "dog-kennel" shaped satellite blasts off on ocean mission.
22/11/2026m 48s

UN warns Yemen is in imminent danger of a catastrophic famine

The UN secretary general Antonio Guterres blamed the situation on Yemen's continuing war. Also: Georgia officially certifies Joe Biden as winner, and the travel writer Jan Morris dies aged ninety-four.
21/11/2031m 24s

Uganda: Politician Bobi Wine released on bail

Outspoken presidential candidate released after being charged with spreading coronavirus. Human rights groups say the virus charge is pretext to suppress opposition ahead of election on Jan 14. Also, Japanese retail store introduces robots to make customers comply with Covid restrictions, and Melania Trump's home town in Slovenia uses pastries to celebrate its links with her.
20/11/2030m 21s

Americans urged not to travel for Thanksgiving holiday

US health officials say coronavirus infections were spreading rapidly and they were alarmed at the speed at which intensive care beds were filling up. Also, President-elect Joe Biden has warned that the US faces a "dark winter" due to the pandemic, and how a mass extinction millions of years ago is helping to understand our current environmental problems
20/11/2027m 59s

Pompeo makes unprecedented visit to Israeli settlement

The Secretary of State is the first top US official to tour a West Bank settlement. Also: Australian troops 'killed Afghan civilians', and turning the weather on Mars into music.
19/11/2029m 10s

New York schools close amid virus surge

Return to remote learning comes as US approaches 250,000 Covid deaths. Also: vaccines ready for distribution across US within weeks, Boeing's 737 Max cleared to fly and understanding our digital legacy.
18/11/2032m 28s

DR Congo declares latest Ebola outbreak is over

Democratic Republic of Congo say it's Ebola-free after more than 40 days without a case. The country has seen 11 outbreaks since virus was discovered there in 1976. Also, Trump fires top election official who contradicted his claims of voter fraud, and how Rocky the disabled dog found a new life in a new country.
18/11/2028m 53s

Facebook and Twitter bosses defend social media

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey have been grilled by US Senators over their platforms' election role. Democrats questioned whether the social media giants had done enough to flag up disputed claims. Also: the Pentagon confirms that Donald Trump will almost halve America's troop presence in Afghanistan before he leaves office, and the human cost of Ethiopia's action in Tigray.
17/11/2031m 38s

Ethiopia humanitarian crisis warning

UNHCR fears for civilians fleeing fighting in Tigray. Also: A BBC investigation on the treatment of women working in India's garment industry, the European scientists creating an archive of historic smells and the business of royal fashion.
17/11/2029m 29s

COVID-19 vaccine: Concerns over global distribution

Experts say poorer countries could struggle to access new vaccinations, once they are approved. Also, Greek police have charged an Afghan asylum seeker whose son died at sea. And Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are set to buy a little Welsh football club.
17/11/2030m 31s

Second promising coronavirus vaccine

US firm, Moderna, claims clinical trials show its jab is nearly 95% effective. Also: BBC investigation uncovers evidence of illegal child theft and trafficking in Kenya, IOC says Tokyo 2020 Games likely to go ahead with spectators and a new device which helps drinkers sober up.
16/11/2032m 33s

Asia-Pacific countries form world's largest trading bloc

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is made up of 10 Southeast Asian countries, as well as South Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The pact is seen as an extension of China's influence in the region. Also: the founder of the German firm behind the first successful coronavirus vaccine says he is confident that life can return to normal by next winter, and the British racing driver Lewis Hamilton becomes the most successful driver in the history of Formula One motor racing.
15/11/2031m 28s

Rockets 'fired from Ethiopian region' hit Eritrea

An internal conflict over Ethiopia's Tigray region is spreading, with thousands of civilians fleeing. Also, pro-Trump protestors hold rallies as tensions grow, and Egypt unveils ancient coffins and mummies found in huge necropolis.
15/11/2032m 52s

Trump speaks in public for first time since defeat

The US president, who has yet to concede, focused on the US response to Covid-19.  Also: Biden takes Georgia to solidify victory, and Australia showcases its diverse indigenous languages.
14/11/2030m 8s

US Election: Security officials reject Trump's fraud claims

Officials say 2020 presidential election was the 'most secure in American history'. They spoke after Mr. Trump alleged that 2.7 million votes for him had been 'deleted.' Also, France remembers victims of deadly attacks in Paris in 2015 by Islamist militants, and how one young man in Siberia went to great lengths - and heights - to access the internet.
13/11/2029m 8s

Amnesty says 'hundreds massacred' in Ethiopia

Fighting between the federal army and Tigrayan forces broke out last week. Also: scores die in migrant shipwreck off Libya, and the popularity of playing music during Covid-19 lockdown.
13/11/2030m 54s

China condemns mass resignation of pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong

Beijing says the move is a blatant challenge to its authority. Also, the Armenian prime minister defends his peace deal with Azerbaijan and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting some provinces in Russia.
12/11/2029m 41s

Tigrayans ordered to defend against Ethiopia army

Ethiopia's northern region orders the total mobilisation of its population as a crisis escalates. Also: UK coronavirus death toll passes 50,000 and why did the cuddle of a panda by a K-pop band raise hackles in China?
12/11/2028m 23s

Hong Kong: Pro-democracy lawmakers resign after China ruling

Opposition legislators quit after Beijing forced removal of four of their colleagues. The dismissal of the four is seen as China's latest attempt to restrict Hong Kong's freedoms - something Beijing denies. Also, several wounded in bomb-attack on Remembrance Day ceremony in Saudi city of Jeddah, and Britney Spears loses court bid to end her father's control over her estate.
11/11/2028m 49s

Vatican report finds Catholic Church ignored sex abuse allegations about US cardinal

The 450-page report includes testimonies and dozens of letters and transcripts from Vatican and US Church archives. Mr McCarrick is alleged to have assaulted a teenager in the early 1970s, while working as a priest in New York. Also: a new species of monkey is found in the remote jungles of Myanmar, and the co-creator of the TV cartoon character Scooby-Doo Ken Spears has died at the age of 82.
10/11/2027m 45s

Russia brokers a deal over Nagorno-Karabakh

Celebrations and protests greet the deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia to end the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. Russia is deploying hundreds of peacekeeping troops. Also: the BBC is to investigate how a reporter gained an interview with Princess Diana 25 years ago, and the veteran Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat has died at the age of sixty-five, after contracting coronavirus.
10/11/2029m 16s

World reacts to the news of first Covid vaccine

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it is still early days and the US President-elect Joe Biden said the virus was far from over, while the World Health Organisation also remained cautious. Also: the former Bolivian leader Evo Morales returns home from exile in Argentina, and a look at the future of transportation.
10/11/2029m 19s

First 'milestone' Covid vaccine offers 90% protection

The developers - Pfizer and BioNTech - described it as a "great day for science and humanity", and say they plan to apply for emergency approval to use the vaccine by the end of the month. There are still huge challenges ahead, but the announcement has been warmly welcomed and the international stock markets have soared. Also: Azerbaijan's president rejects eye-witness accounts by BBC journalists of civilians being targeted in Nagorno-Karabakh.
09/11/2032m 48s

US Election: World leaders react to Biden’s win

The president-elect of the US received congratulatory messages from leaders around the world including the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Also: Luis Arce is sworn in as President of Bolivia a year after the resignation of Evo Morales, and why Joe Biden’s win was extra special for one American boy.
08/11/2029m 50s

Joe Biden makes victory speech

The president-elect of the US called for the country to unite and heal, Kamala Harris will be the first woman of colour to become vice-president but says she hopes not to be the last, and President Trump says he'll go to court on Monday.
08/11/2028m 36s

Joe Biden is America's president-elect

Mr Biden won the key state of Pennsylvania, taking him beyond the necessary 270 electors, Kamala Harris will be the first female vice-president; Also: President Trump says he'll go to court on Monday.
07/11/2027m 18s

Biden widens lead over Trump

Biden overtakes Trump in Pennsylvania; if he wins the state, he wins the presidency. Also: Johnny Depp is sacked from a major film role after losing his libel case, and Swiss employers object to the world's highest minimum wage.
07/11/2026m 52s

US Election: Biden leading in Pennsylvania and Georgia

Democratic candidate has pulled ahead of Donald Trump in two key battleground states. If Mr. Biden wins Pennsylvania, he will secure overall victory in election. Also, Ethiopian PM insists that army operation in Tigray state has 'clear, limited and achievable objectives', and how an English couple earned a fortune from the contents of some rubbish-bags.
06/11/2029m 20s

Trump sues as path to victory over Biden narrows

The Trump campaign launches lawsuits in key states as Joe Biden moves nearer to the presidency. Also: France increases security following terror attacks, and the Formula One controversy over human rights in Saudi Arabia.
06/11/2025m 29s

US Election: Counting goes on in key states

The final result hinges on the states of Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign is taking legal action in several states. Also: a new hotline in Hong Kong to encourage people to snitch on their neighbours, and we look at America’s election through African eyes.
05/11/2027m 50s

US Election: Biden takes Michigan and says ‘clear we will win’

Democratic challenger Joe Biden says it is clear he is winning enough states to take the US presidency, despite key results still outstanding. Also: Austria’s intelligence service is criticised over Monday's deadly shootings by a convicted Islamist, and more European nations introduce coronavirus restrictions.
05/11/2033m 45s

US Election: Tense wait as winner remains unclear

Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden are neck-and-neck in key swing-states. The final result may not emerge for days. Also, Ethiopia's PM orders a military response to 'attack' in Tigray state, and why a South Atlantic island is under threat from a gigantic iceberg.
04/11/2026m 42s

US presidential election on a knife edge

Both Donald Trump are Joe Biden are optimisitic of victory after a nail biting night which saw the president projected to hold the key states of Florida and Ohio. Mr Biden told supporters that he was still on track to win but President Trump accused him of trying to "steal" the election. We take you through the night as it came down to a handful of states in the American midwest.
04/11/2025m 32s

Arrests after ‘freed jihadist’ kills four in Vienna

Austria has been mourning the four victims of an Islamist attack in Vienna. Fourteen people are held but authorities now believe the dead gunman may have acted alone. Also in the programme; the world's biggest stock market listing has been postponed just two days before shares were to make their debut, and a new study which examines the effects of light pollution on different species.
03/11/2022m 36s

US election: Polls open in presidential vote

Voting begins in one of the most divisive elections in recent US history. Also, in the wake of a deadly act of terrorism in Vienna, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says the country’s real enemy is intolerance. And a company in Tunisia is creating 3-D printed body parts for amputees.
03/11/2028m 9s

US Election: Biden and Trump make final pitches to voters

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are using the last hours before election day on Tuesday to exhort supporters in battleground states to get out and vote. Also: Austrian police describe a shooting in Vienna as a terrorist attack, and more lockdowns are introduced across Europe as coronavirus cases climb.
03/11/2029m 22s

US Election: Final day of campaigning

Donald Trump and Joe Biden hold last rallies in swing states. Also, nineteen people are killed in an attack at Kabul university, and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp loses libel case against a newspaper that labelled him 'wife beater'.
02/11/2030m 33s

Trump and Biden criss-cross the US as vote nears

Both candidates are making last ditch appeals to voters in battleground states that could determine the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election. Also: Hong Kong police arrest seven pro-democracy MPs after a parliamentary meeting descended into violence, and security forces in Belarus fire stun grenades and warning shots at protesters in the capital Minsk.
02/11/2031m 51s

England to lock down for four weeks

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces a second national lockdown from Thursday. Also: a Greek Orthodox priest is seriously wounded in a shooting in the French city of Lyon, and the search for survivors continues in the Turkish city of Izmir, after Friday's powerful earthquake.
31/10/2031m 2s

Deaths and floods as quake hits Turkey and Greece

There were fatalities in Turkey's Izmir province and on Greece's Samos island, with a mini tsunami triggered. Also: France increases its security at places of worship and schools following stabbings in Nice, and Qatar to prosecute officials over forced examinations of women at airport.
31/10/2030m 36s

Earthquake strikes Aegean coasts of Greece and Turkey

Reports of deaths and injuries due to powerful quake centred off Turkey's Izmir province. Tremors were felt as far away as Athens and Istanbul. Also, troops deployed on French streets following deadly knife-attack in Nice, and what do Russian politicians and public expect from US election ?
30/10/2029m 50s

French church attacker arrived in Europe from Tunisia last month

Three people were stabbed to death in Nice in what France says was an "Islamist terrorist attack". Also: Argentine police evict hundreds of families from makeshift homes in Buenos Aires, and what does the DNA show us about dogs as man's "best friend"?
30/10/2027m 22s

Three killed in France 'terror attack'

Three people were stabbed to death at a church in the southern city of Nice. France has raised its terrorism alert to the highest level. Also: The German chancellor has warned of a long, hard winter ahead as Europe tries to contain coronavirus cases, and why scientists have printed the first 3-D replica of the human tongue.
29/10/2030m 36s

Macron declares second national lockdown in France

Non-essential businesses in France will close, but schools and factories will remain open. Also: Tech chiefs face tough questions over internet law, and remembering John Blanke - the black trumpeter at the royal court of Henry VIII.
29/10/2030m 19s

Coronavirus: Germany and France to decide on new lockdowns

Both nations are preparing to further tighten Covid restrictions as cases rise. An EU advisor says 1000 Europeans are now dying every day from the virus. Also, Philadelphia rocked by further protests over shooting of black man by police, and why Kim Kardashian West's birthday party has created controversy on social media.
28/10/2029m 51s

Biden hits new election battleground, Trump blitzes Midwest

In Georgia, Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic; in Michigan, Donald Trump warned the state's "economic survival" was on the line if Mr Biden won the US presidential election. Also: Hong Kong activist Tony Chung detained near US consulate.
28/10/2028m 34s

UN: '100,000 children could die in Yemen'

The UN says malnutrition rates among the under-fives are the highest ever recorded. Also: immunity to Covid-19 may not last long, and an Islamic religious school is bombed in Pakistan.
27/10/2026m 8s

NASA: conclusive evidence of more water on the Moon

NASA says there is water on the Moon in far larger quantities than previously thought. Also, US Senate to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice, and a BBC investigation into a mass poisoning in Malaysia.
26/10/2030m 56s

Trump nominee to be voted onto Supreme Court

The Republican-controlled Senate moves to confirm Amy Coney Barrett's appointment. Also: the general strike in Belarus, and the clock - frozen in time by Beirut's huge explosion.
26/10/2024m 50s

Spain imposes national curfew to curb Covid

A coronavirus state of emergency with immediate effect - hits Spain; President Trump's coronavirus expert admits infections are still rising, and Lewis Hamilton has now won the most races in Formula One history.
26/10/2027m 21s

Turkey condemns French pledge to defend secular society

France recalls its Ambassador to Turkey after President Erdogan launches personal attack on Emmanuel Macron; Trump comment on 'blowing up' dam angers Ethiopia, and hopes artificial intelligence could help diagnose Alzheimers disease.
24/10/2026m 47s

Libya: Government and opposition sign permanent ceasefire deal

The deal between military leaders from Libya’s government and those from opposition forces lead by General Khalifa Haftar was brokered by the UN. Also: Sudan becomes the third Arab state in recent months to normalise relations with Israel, and a busker whose guitar was smashed by a passer-by receives a brand new one from a rock star.
23/10/2028m 31s

Who came out on top? US debate fallout

Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash over pandemic, immigration and corruption allegations. Also: protests in Poland against court ruling to outlaw abortion in almost all cases, and Santa reassures children that Christmas isn't cancelled.
23/10/2030m 8s

Final TV clash for Trump and Biden

We get analysis from our US correspondent and fact check the last presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Also: the controversial conservative nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, clears another hurdle on the way to a place on the US Supreme Court, Belgian doctors face a ‘tsunami’ of new Covid cases, and the wonder of Hermès – how luxury goods are dodging the downturn.
23/10/2033m 40s

Trump and Biden meet for final presidential debate

The battle lines are drawn for next month's election -- as the president and his Democratic Party challenger go head-to-head in the last TV debate before Election Day on November 3. Also today: the controversial conservative nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, clears another hurdle on the way to a place on the US Supreme Court, Belgian doctors face a ‘tsunami’ of new Covid cases, and the wonder of Hermès – how luxury goods are dodging the downturn.
22/10/2030m 42s

Australia aged care: sexual assault allegations

An estimated 50 sexual assaults occur each week across Australia, an inquiry has heard; also, heading to the afterlife - tales of human sacrifice in ancient China, and what we can learn from the diabolical ironclad beetle.
22/10/2030m 21s

Unrest in Lagos after protest shooting

Amnesty International says at least 12 people were killed on Tuesday during protests in Nigeria's largest city. Also: Pope Francis indicates support for same-sex civil unions, and "cooling paint" could cut emissions from buildings.
22/10/2030m 49s

Nigeria: President appeals for calm after unrest in Lagos

A number of people have reportedly been shot at a protest against police brutality. Also: at least fifteen people have died after stampede in eastern Afghanistan and an unknown attacker has vandalised art works on display at several galleries in Berlin.
21/10/2027m 48s

Protestors 'shot dead' in Nigeria's biggest city

An indefinite 24-hour curfew has been imposed on Lagos and other regions. Also: US files landmark lawsuit against Google, and elation as NASA's Osiris-Rex probe tags asteroid Bennu in an effort to pick up samples.
21/10/2030m 17s

US Election 2020: what the world wants

A special edition with a global perspective on the upcoming presidential election. We find out which countries are keeping a close eye on the vote, and hear from our correspondents around the world about the situation in their region. Also: we assess whether President Trump has kept his promises on trade, and how his strategies have shaped geopolitics.
20/10/2036m 32s

Taliban conflict: Afghan fears rise

Afghanistan's National Security Advisor has warned that his country faces a very real threat of a renewed civil war. Also: Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have their microphones muted during portions of the second and final presidential election debate on Thursday and the Canadian town of Asbestos is hoping to get rid of its negative image with a new name.
20/10/2028m 18s

US charges Russian intelligence officers in global cyber attacks

Prosecutors in Pittsburgh accuse the men, operating out of Moscow, of carrying out malware attacks between 2015 and 2019. Also: Trump says Sudan will be removed from terror list, and saving Australia's koalas by planting gum tree seeds using a drone.
20/10/2031m 34s

France teacher attack: Police raid homes of suspected Islamic radicals

The Interior Minister said there would be no respite for enemies of France. Also: exit polls suggest the socialist party has won the election in Bolivia and China releases economic figures showing its recovery from Covid-19
19/10/2028m 28s

Thousands rally to pay tribute to murdered French teacher

Samuel Paty was killed on Friday close to his school after showing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed to his pupils. Also: Thai police fire water cannon as crowds defy ban; and do sleep apps with "white noise" really work?
19/10/2032m 16s

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia and Azerbaijan agree new truce

Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to another humanitarian ceasefire in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Also: French prosecutors say the teenager who beheaded a teacher outside a school was a Chechen refugee from Russia, and thousands of anti-government protesters have again taken to the streets in Thailand.
17/10/2031m 8s

Terror inquiry launched after teacher beheaded in Paris

The victim reportedly showed controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad to his students. Also: the UN warns that peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban could be derailed by a new wave of violence, and a new study suggests flying during the pandemic may be safer than you think.
16/10/2033m 30s

Brexit: Johnson says UK must prepare for a 'no deal' trade relationship with EU

Britain's PM said unless EU changed course, there'd be no post-Brexit trade agreement. Also, China denies report that it is separating Muslim Uighur children from their parents in Xinjiang, and Disney updates warning about racist content in classic films.
16/10/2031m 0s

US: Republican leaders accuse Twitter of electoral interference over Biden article

Twitter prevented people from posting links to a New York Post article, which contained screenshots of emails to and from Mr Biden's son, Hunter, as well as photos of him. Also: The Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, have both flown on planes on which a fellow traveller has tested positive for coronavirus, and we look into the one sector of the entertainment industry that’s benefitting from the virus.
15/10/2025m 59s

Thai protesters defy emergency rules with rally

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gather in Bangkok despite a new emergency decree. More than 20 people were arrested, including a number of the movement's leaders. Also: the President of Kyrgyzstan resigns, how thousands of people are living with long-term coronavirus symptoms, and why biodegradable glitter is environmentally no better than the original product.
15/10/2030m 41s

France orders curfew to combat second wave

President Macron imposes strict night-time restrictions on Paris and eight other cities as coronavirus cases surge. They’ll come into effect from Saturday and last for six weeks. Also: the Netherlands extends its controversial 'right to die' laws to children as young as one. And humanitarian medics in Afghanistan tell us of their battle to save lives as the battle rages for Helmand.
14/10/2031m 23s

Thai protests: Police stop pro-democracy demonstrators from reaching PM's office

Big demonstrations staged in Bangkok by pro-democracy activists and their royalist rivals. Pro-democracy protestors want the King's powers curbed and the Prime Minister's resignation. Also, a report on Armenian community in Nagorno-Karabakh where ceasefire looks in danger of collapsing, and a veteran astronaut tells us we need to cherish our planet.
14/10/2028m 0s

China and Russia join the UN Human Rights Council - but Saudi Arabia is rejected

They were elected despite criticism of their human rights records. Also: US Supreme Court nominee Barrett evades questions on key issues, and the flight record without aeroplane.
13/10/2024m 38s

Coronavirus: China reports strong growth in trade

China was the first country hit by the virus - and its economy appears to have been the first to recover. Also: President Trump returns to the campaign trail, less than two weeks after being diagnosed with Covid-19, and the race to defuse a world war two bomb in Poland.
13/10/2029m 8s

Trump Supreme Court nominee testifies

Amy Coney Barrett said she was 'honoured' by the controversial nomination. Also: Facebook bans content that denies or distorts the Holocaust, and the row over the remake of the film Cleopatra.
13/10/2027m 47s

Bangladesh is to introduce the death penalty for rape

The announcement follows days of protests about levels of sexual violence against women. Also: Aboriginal groups in Australia tell an inquiry they are in mourning over the damage done to sacred sites by mining, and the Nobel Prize for Economics has been awarded to two American professors for their work on the theory of auctions.
12/10/2025m 0s

Mutual accusations over broken ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh

Azerbaijan and Armenia accuse one another of having violated ceasefire after shelling of Ganja, Also: brutal crackdown on protests in Belarus, and the asteroid hurtling towards earth turns out to be something more innocent.
11/10/2027m 0s

Nagorno-Karabakh: Reports of fresh shelling dent ceasefire hopes

The violence came just hours after a ceasefire came into force, with both Armenia and Azerbaijan swapping blame. Also: Donald Trump makes his first significant campaign appearance since being diagnosed with coronavirus, and what role are online conspiracy theories playing in this presidential election?
10/10/2031m 10s

President Trump re-launches campaign as he recovers from coronavirus

Less than a week after leaving hospital with coronavirus, President Donald Trump will speak to hundreds of supporters at the White House on Saturday. Also: The World Bank says Latin America and the Caribbean are suffering the worst economic and health impacts from the virus, and what role do national anthems play in international football games when there are no fans?
10/10/2027m 53s

Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 awarded to UN's World Food Programme

WFP was given prize for its efforts to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace. The agency said it was 'deeply humbled' to have won. Also, Moscow tries to broker a ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh, and the Cook Islands' leader causes controversy - by giving himself nearly all the posts in his cabinet.
09/10/2028m 7s

FBI busts militia 'plot' to abduct Michigan governor

The Democrat was targeted by coronavirus sceptics after enacting strict lockdown measures. Also: European nations impose new restrictions as the continent records almost 100,000 new coronavirus cases, and the US places more sanctions on Iran.
08/10/2028m 48s

Trump says he will not participate in next US presidential debate

Donald Trump says he will not “waste his time” on the second debate of the US presidential campaign, after organisers announced it would take place virtually. Also, a Spanish court has struck down a partial Covid lockdown in Madrid. And Britain’s Prince William and nature broadcaster Sir David Attenborough launch a prize for environmentalism, worth more than $60 million.
08/10/2029m 33s

Islamic State 'Beatles' charged in US over hostages' deaths

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh appeared in a US federal court in Virginia by video link, accused of killing four American hostages in Syria. The men, who were part of a group known as 'The Beatles' because of their British accents, face life imprisonment if convicted. Also: the former US police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd in May is released from prison on bail, and billionaires see their fortunes hit record highs during the pandemic.
07/10/2029m 0s

Greece: extreme nationalist political party Golden Dawn is outlawed

Leaders of Neo-Nazi party found guilty of running criminal organisation. And members found guilty of range of crimes - including murder. Also, two women scientists given 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing tools to edit DNA, and how traditional method of gathering wild honey is being revived in mountains of Georgia.
07/10/2029m 33s

Trump ends Covid budget stimulus relief talks

The US president says he will only resume talks after the election. Also:  opposition 'seize power' in Kyrgyzstan, and the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen dies aged sixty-five.
07/10/2028m 13s

Kyrgyzstan election result annulled after night of violence

Demonstrators storm parliament in the former Soviet republic. Also: President Trump is criticised for playing down the severity of Covid-19, and Singapore offers a 'baby bonus' to couples prepared to have a child during the pandemic.
06/10/2027m 42s

Trump leaves hospital to continue Covid-19 treatment

The US president vowed to hit the campaign trail very soon, though he is still receiving medical care. Also: riot police clash with protestors in Kyrgyzstan, and feuding in the world of Japanese mascots.
06/10/2028m 29s

President Trump criticised over drive-past

The decision to greet supporters while being treated for Covid-19 is under scrutiny. Also: The WHO’S top officials meet to discuss the global response to the pandemic, and the creature being reintroduced to mainland Australia after three thousand years.
05/10/2029m 21s

Trump briefly leaves hospital to greet supporters

The US president is seen waving inside a car, hours after doctors said he might be discharged on Monday. Also: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict grows as big cities hit, and the Kenzo fashion brand founder dies from Covid-19.
05/10/2031m 36s

Confusion over timeline of Trump's diagnosis

The US president was given oxygen before his admission to hospital. Also: Sudan's transitional government has signed a peace deal with an alliance of rebel groups aimed at ending decades of conflict, and Egypt announces the discovery of dozens of sarcophagi at an ancient site, south of the capital Cairo.
04/10/2027m 47s

President Trump flown to hospital with Covid-19

The White House says he was admitted for tests as a precaution. Also: Germany's bid to reform social media, and Scottish criminals turn to music.
03/10/2029m 40s

Trump and Melania test positive for Coronavirus

White House says President has 'mild symptoms' and he and First Lady are self-isolating. We assess likely impact of Mr. Trump's announcement on presidential elections - due on 3rd November. Also, Spain sees new surge in cases of Covid 19, and how European cities are changing as pandemic leads more people to take up cycling.
02/10/2029m 10s

Anger grows after India 'gang rape' deaths

The death of a second Dalit woman after an alleged gang rape has shocked India. Also: More fires in the Amazon, and when bread is not bread.
02/10/2025m 33s

Brexit: EU starts legal action against UK

Legal proceedings begin after UK refuses to ditch plans to override Brexit divorce deal. Also: Kremlin critic Navalny blames Putin for poisoning, and scientists say people who have a certain gene inherited from Neanderthals are more at risk from Covid-19.
01/10/2029m 43s

Nagorno-Karabakh: Turkey denies sending Syrian mercenaries to fight

The battle in Nagorno-Karabakh, between Azerbaijan and Armenian separatists, is just the latest in a decades-long struggle for control of the region. Also, China and Russia react to the chaotic US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And, from pop concerts to professional wrestling, fans are being asked to keep their mouths shut, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
01/10/2028m 40s

Presidential debate: Trump and Biden in chaotic encounter

President Trump and Joe Biden have held a bitter and angry White House debate. They argued fiercely over Coronavirus, the economy, healthcare and far-Right extremism. Also, senior figures in India's governing BJP found not guilty of inciting Hindu extremists to demolish mosque, and why some experts think the world needs to drastically change its diet.
30/09/2027m 9s

US presidential debate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash in a chaotic and combative debate. We hear from Cleveland, Ohio, where this first election debate is taking place and have analysis from our reality check correspondent. Also: the young people born and raised in Italy who are fighting for their right to citizenship, and could keeping exotic pets lead to their extinction?
30/09/2029m 39s

UN holds emergency meeting about Azerbaijan and Armenia

Dozens have been killed as the violence between the countries escalates. Also: a horrific rape case in India has once again raised questions about women's rights and the caste system, and more people are keeping exotic reptiles as pets than previously thought...but could it lead to their extinction?
30/09/2028m 51s

Global coronavirus deaths pass one million

The US, Brazil and India account for nearly half the total. Experts say the true figure is probably much higher. Also: Amnesty International says it has been forced to stop work in India, could emergency teams soon be using jetpacks to get to patients, and how the fashion world is adapting designs for the Covid era.
29/09/2027m 3s

WHO to give cheap, quick coronavirus tests to poorer countries

They cost 5 dollars and give results in less than 30 minutes. Also: fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia escalates; and a pigeon that went missing 24 years ago in New Zealand has finally come home.
28/09/2027m 47s

India passes six million coronavirus cases

It comes on the day eighty-two thousand new cases were reported. We look at where the pandemic is heading there. Also: why the English football league system could be facing financial collapse, and we hear from the veteran naturalist and now Instagram king, David Attenborough.
28/09/2028m 11s

New York Times says Donald Trump 'paid $750 in federal income taxes' in 2016

The newspaper says it has obtained tax records for the US president over two decades. Mr Trump denied the report as "totally fake news". Also: Armenia and Azerbaijan battle over disputed region.
28/09/2028m 28s

Trump picks Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

The nomination of a conservative judge paves the way for a bitter Senate fight as an election looms. Also: Madrid at "serious risk" without virus lockdown, and NASA is working with a cosmetics company on space station commercialization.
27/09/2030m 31s

Trump 'to pick Amy Coney Barrett' for Supreme Court

The judge and former law professor from Indiana is a favourite of social conservatives. Also: Paris stabbing attack 'an act of terrorism', and polio vaccination campaigners in Pakistan battle misinformation and distrust.
26/09/2031m 13s
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