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Kenya's opposition leader rejects presidential election result

Raila Odinga says the figures are "null and void" after narrowly losing to William Ruto. Four electoral commissioners say there were significant flaws in the vote tallying process. Also: Russia's Defence Ministry admits that an ammunition depot in Crimea has been damaged by sabotage, and the smoky mouse in Australia - and efforts to protect dozens of threatened species from extinction.
16/08/2229m 28s

William Ruto wins Kenyan election amid drama

The announcement was marred by scuffles, claims of vote-rigging and a divided electoral commission. Also: the British proposal to put chips in lawyers' brains to boost their productivity, and answering questions at your own funeral - courtesy of ground-breaking technology.
16/08/2226m 54s

Afghanistan: Taliban marks first anniversary of seizing power

Hundreds of armed fighters, supporters and officials take part in parades and celebrations in Kabul and Kandahar. Also: Iran denies it has any links to the man who stabbed Salman Rushdie, and China begins new military drills near Taiwan.
15/08/2233m 4s

NY state governor praises freedom of expression after Rushdie attack

Kathy Hochul said a man with a knife would never silence a man with a pen. Also: a fire has killed dozens at an Egyptian church, and why the Chelsea and Tottenham managers were both sent off in the Premier League.
15/08/2227m 18s

Man charged with attempted murder of Rushdie

Hadi Matar pleaded not guilty during an appearance in court in New York state. Also; a warning from Ukraine's President Zelensky over the nuclear plant occupied by Russia's invading forces, and, a British family's fight to get their schizophrenic son returned from Jamaica having been deported by the government who say he is a convicted criminal.
13/08/2231m 18s

Trump house search warrant was for espionage

The warrant was unsealed after the former US president made no objection to the move. Also; the British novelist, Salman Rushdie, has been stabbed at a speaking event in New York State, and after a four year break, Belgium's Flower carpet is set for a stunning return.
13/08/2234m 54s

Zaporizhzhia nuclear workers 'kept at gunpoint'

Ukrainian workers tell of daily threat of kidnap in Russian-occupied nuclear plant. Also: the Taliban in Afghanistan say university courses will be developed in accordance with Islamic law; and Johnson and Johnson is to stop selling its baby talcum powder.
12/08/2227m 16s

US Attorney General personally ordered Mar-a-Lago search

The US Attorney General personally ordered the search of Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago. Also; a key agency warns that more than a million people in Somalia have been displaced by drought, and, why the world's number one snooker player thinks the next big star could come from Asia.
12/08/2228m 42s

Ukraine: Extensive damage to Russian airbase following explosion

Eight warplanes damaged or destroyed in occupied Crimea. Also, European countries send help to France to tackle enormous wildfire and Brazilian police arrest a woman accused of using psychics to swindle her mother.
11/08/2228m 23s

Trump pleads the 5th in tax fraud case

The former US President declines answering questions as part of a New York investigation. Also: A nationwide curfew is imposed in Sierra Leone following deadly clashes between police and protesters, and, from the brink of extinction -- why the only giant flightless parrot in the world is making a comeback in New Zealand.
11/08/2230m 36s

Ukraine's president vows to fight until Crimea is regained

Volodymyr Zelensky says the peninsula will never be given up. Also: The BBC uncovers organized torture in Russia's prison system, and the illustrator Raymond Briggs has died at the age of 88.
10/08/2225m 46s

Mississippi jury declines to charge Emmett Till accuser

Carolyn Bryant Donham had faced potential charges of kidnapping and manslaughter of the black teenager in 1955. Also: blasts rock Russian airbase in annexed Crimea, and Serena Williams suggests retirement from tennis after US Open.
10/08/2232m 32s

Donald Trump says FBI agents have broken into a safe during a raid on his Florida home

He described the raid as an attempt by opponents to prevent him running for president again. Also: The UN accuses the army in Myanmar of committing crimes against humanity following last year's coup, and the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake dies, aged 84.
09/08/2228m 50s

US announces $1bn of military aid for Ukraine

The US package to Ukraine will include rockets, ammunition and more precision missiles. Also: Fire at Cuba oil facility spreads; the actress and singer Olivia Newton-John dies aged 73.
09/08/2225m 46s

Gaza's only power plant re-starts generating electricity

Much needed aid and fuel begin arriving after a ceasefire ends three days of conflict. Also: a report says Russia is struggling to replenish its stocks of weapons because they contain high-tech components only made in the West, and retiring at the age of 103 - the British actress bowing out from the world's longest running soap opera.
08/08/2230m 49s

US Senate passes landmark climate and healthcare bill

The legislation includes billions of dollars to fight climate change. Also: Hopes as Gaza ceasefire comes into effect, and Carlo Bonomi - the voice of Pingu the penguin dies at the age of 85.
08/08/2230m 55s

'Russian rockets damaged part of nuclear plant at Zaporizhzhia'

Ukraine says Russian rockets hit part of the giant nuclear plant but Russia blames Ukraine for it. Also: Gaza death toll rises as Israel targets militants, and The Seekers lead singer Judith Durham dies aged 79.
07/08/2227m 30s

Israel strikes Gaza killing top militant

Palestinian militants from Islamic Jihad fire dozens of rockets into Israel in response. Also; Russia and Ukraine say shells have hit the site of Europe's biggest nuclear power plant, at Zaporizhzhia, and the busiest climbing season ever for K2 the savage killer mountain.
05/08/2230m 27s

China halts co-operation with US over climate change and defence

It's in retaliation for Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, as China continues its military show of force for a second day. Also: what are Russian forces up to at Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant? And the Bangladeshi man arrested for singing out of tune.
05/08/2226m 12s

Russia jails Griner for nine years

President Biden says Washington will use all means possible to guarantee the double Olympic gold medallist basketball player's release. Also; vigilantes in a South African township have been hunting down illegal mine workers days after a gang rape in an abandoned mine, and, the pioneering Jamaican film, The Harder They Come, returns to the cinema 50 years after its debut.
05/08/2231m 12s

Japan says Chinese missiles have landed in its territory

Beijing is conducting live fire exercises around Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi's visit. Also: temperatures in parts of Iraq have risen above fifty degrees Celsius, and tourists flock to see a volcano erupt in Iceland.
04/08/2229m 54s

Guterres accuses energy firms of grotesque greed

Antonio Guterres urges governments to tax excessive profits made by oil and gas companies, accusing them of exploiting the poor. Also; experiments on pigs have led scientists to claim a breakthrough on organ transplants and, 90 million dollars blown as Batgirl the film based on DC comics is binned.
04/08/2231m 21s

Nancy Pelosi leaves Taiwan after controversial visit

The US Speaker met leaders in the capital Taipei. China responded by announcing live fire exercises in Taiwanese waters. Also: the American state of Kansas votes to uphold abortion rights and the British supermarket selling carbon-neutral eggs.
03/08/2229m 13s

Chinese fury at Pelosi's Taiwan visit

Washington urges Beijing not to turn the trip into a crisis - saying it is consistent with America's longstanding one-China policy. Also: the first shipment of grain from a Ukarinian port since the Russian invasion reaches Turkish waters; and why the Commonwealth Games is a golden opportunity for smaller countries to shine on the global stage.
03/08/2229m 5s

Al Qaeda leader killed in US drone strike in Kabul

Washington says the Taliban should not have been harbouring Ayman al-Zawahiri. Also: Imran Khan's political party is accused of concealing foreign funding; and Ian McKellen plays Hamlet in a ballet.
02/08/2229m 9s

UN says world is one misstep from nuclear annihilation

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made his remarks at a conference in New York. Also: al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is killed in a US drone strike, and would you fancy getting woken up at 6am by the sounds of Scottish bagpipes?
02/08/2231m 7s

First grain ship leaves Ukraine

A deal with Russia allows passage through a safe corridor. Also: Myanmar's military leaders extend emergency rule until 2023, and researchers find a lack of sleep in childhood can effect brain development.
01/08/2229m 10s

UN troops in shootout at DR Congo-Uganda border

Arrests are made after at least two people were killed when UN peacekeeping troops opened fire at a border crossing. Also: Ukraine grain tycoon killed in Russian shelling, and England beat Germany to win their first major women's football trophy.
01/08/2231m 57s

Protestors injured as Iraqi parliament stormed again

Supporters of the Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr breach the high-security Green Zone in Baghdad, as they oppose the nomination of a pro-Iran rival candidate for PM. Also: Biden positive for Covid after "rebound infection", and Bob - a lost homing pigeon - back in UK after American adventure.
31/07/2229m 42s

Ukraine seeks UN and Red Cross prison deaths probe

More than 50 prisoners of war were killed in a prison camp in the occupied part of Donetsk region. Also: "major disaster" in Kentucky as floods toll rises, and eye-popping fossil fish found in cattle-field.
30/07/2227m 33s

Hope for Ukraine grain blockade

The first grain ship from Ukraine since Russia's invasion is ready to leave port. Also; Wagatha Christie legal case reaches its climax and the multi billion dollar pests.
29/07/2228m 36s

China warns US not to 'play with fire' over Taiwan

Beijing says Mr Xi told his American counterpart that "those who play with fire will only get burnt." Also: Is the world's largest economy in trouble or not? Plus, tiger populations bounce back in Nepal, but it’s not good news for everyone.
28/07/2222m 2s

Ukraine’s counter offensive gathers pace

Forces are using US long-range rockets. Also, President Biden and China’s Xi Jinping hold their first talks since March. We look at the ways the paper industry is trying to cut carbon emissions. And after nearly four decades on screen, we say goodbye to the Australian soap opera "Neighbours".
28/07/2228m 54s

HIV surges globally

The UN warns that millions of lives are at risk around the world. Also: we hear from Haiti where gang violence has killed hundreds so far this month, and Neom -- a future city in the Arabian desert with no streets or cars and horizontal skyscrapers .
27/07/2229m 25s

Russia halves Nord Stream pipeline gas flow to Germany

Long: Russian state-controlled energy giant Gazprom cuts gas being delivered. Also: Turkey opens centre for Ukrainian grain exports, a magnitude seven earthquake strikes the Philippines and the economic crisis affecting Argentina.
27/07/2225m 34s

Trump’s Washington comeback speech

The former President returned to a familiar theme, the US Mexico border, in his first address in the capital since riots by his supporters 18 months ago. Also: a warning that the bleak economic outlook could tip the world into recession; and the men who tried to flee a car crash in an English market town, only to be stopped by Emus.
27/07/2231m 35s

EU agrees to curb gas demand

The bloc reach a compromise deal to limit the cuts to some countries as Russian reductions in supply loom. Also: A row over gay marriage is overshadowing the start of a once-in-a-decade conference of Anglican bishops, and the infestation of giant African snails that is worrying the US state of Florida.
26/07/2229m 50s

Pope Francis makes ‘pilgrimage of penance’ after child abuse in Canada

Indigenous children were abused over decades in Catholic- run schools. Also: Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky says he's confident grain exports will restart this week and scientists uncover a fossil of the world's earliest animal predator.
25/07/2227m 45s

Myanmar military executes four democracy activists including ex-MP

The executions mark the first cases of capital punishment in the country in decades. Also: Tunisians vote on an increase to President Saied’s powers, and the UK will host Eurovision next year after organisers said the event could not take place in Ukraine.
25/07/2230m 34s

Russia denies causing global food crisis

The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, who is visiting Egypt, says the West is distorting the truth as the Ukraine war rages. Also: The Pope's "pilgrimage of penance" to Canada, and the model Kate Moss reveals how a photoshoot as a teenager opened her eyes to the dangers of the fashion industry.
25/07/2228m 41s

WHO declares highest alert over monkeypox

The World Health Organization says more than 16,000 monkeypox cases have been reported from seventy-five countries. Also: Missile strike in the port of Odesa puts Ukraine grain deal in doubt, and calling all potential crime fiction writers - head to Harrogate.
24/07/2233m 58s

Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt of US Congress

A former senior advisor to Donald Trump, Mr Bannon refused to co-operate with the 6 January committee. Also: Ukraine and Russia sign "beacon of hope" grain deal, and rolling pins are at the ready as "The Great British Bake Off" television programme becomes a musical.
23/07/2228m 48s

Officials say Ukraine-Russia grain deal agreed

The deal will allow Ukraine to reopen its Black Sea ports for grain exports. Also: Sri Lanka's president swears in new unity government to tackle the political and economic crisis and, the authorities in Mali say they've repelled an Islamist attack on the country's main military base.
22/07/2231m 44s

Ukraine and Russia 'poised to sign grain deal'

There's been a global shortage of Ukrainian grain since Russia invaded the country. Also: Sri Lanka forces raid anti government camp, and Biden "doing well" after testing positive for Covid.
22/07/2234m 15s

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns

Mr Draghi lost support of three of his coalition partners. Surveys suggest that most Italians wanted Mr Draghi to remain in his post. Also: Ranil Wickremesinghe is sworn in as Sri Lanka’s new president, and doctors say they've made a breakthrough in curing the rare bleeding disorder Haemophilia B.
21/07/2230m 54s

Biden pledges billions on climate change

The US President makes his financial commitment as countries around the world grapple with record temperatures, raging wildfires and deaths. Also: Italy’s government teeters on the brink of collapse and the race to become the next British PM is down to just two people.
21/07/2230m 26s

Sri Lanka has a new president

Ranil Wickremesinghe calls for unity but protestors are already speaking out. Also: the devastating European heatwave moves north-east, a UN report lays bare the oppression of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban and how bullfighting is being used to canvass votes in Kenya.
20/07/2228m 41s

UN climate chief warns humans are poisoning the planet

The warning comes as UK breaks records for the hottest day and night. We hear from Athens where they are making changes to the city to help people cope with the heat. Also: Netflix loses nearly a million subscribers, and could polygamy return to the Ivory Coast decades after being outlawed.
20/07/2229m 11s

President Putin meets his Iranian and Turkish counterparts

Breaking sanctions is high on the agenda. Also Europeans suffer unprecedented temperatures and why vultures are actually nature's good guys.
19/07/2229m 59s

Warnings of the deadly consequences of climate change

Scientists predict more climate change chaos as Europe endures higher temperatures. Also: the scandal over allegedly plagiarised art gripping Cairo, and misunderstandings over the meaning of emojis.
18/07/2225m 18s

Officials warn vast areas of Europe are at risk of drought

Record temperatures and wildfires hit large parts of Europe. Also: The Ukrainian security chief and state prosecutor have been suspended over accusations of treason within their departments, and an historic one-two-three for Jamaica's women sprinters at the World Athletics Championships.
18/07/2230m 57s

Uvalde shooting: report finds 'systemic failures' by authorities

A report by Texas lawmakers says there was a 'void of leadership'. Also: a heatwave sweeps across western Europe and President Macron has warned that anti-Semitism remains rampant in France.
18/07/2230m 55s

Wildfires spread as heatwave grips southern Europe

Thousands of firefighters are battling wildfires in Portugal, Spain and southwestern France, in the grip of a heatwave that shows no sign of easing. Also: North Macedonia takes step forward towards starting EU accession, and two athletes at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon have been sent home for doping violations.
17/07/2229m 12s

Biden raises Khashoggi murder with Saudi crown prince

President Biden is in Saudi Arabia to rebuild relations, having previously promised to make the country a "pariah" over its human rights record. Also: Sri Lanka seeks way forward after president quits, and France faces a shortage of mustard.
16/07/2234m 15s

Biden supports two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The US president made his comments during a visit to the West Bank. Also: A former German army officer is jailed for plotting terror attacks, and what is unusual about this year's hot summer in Spain.
15/07/2231m 38s

President resigns after fleeing Sri Lanka

Protestors celebrated in Colombo after Gotabaya Rajapaksa stood down, having fled to Singapore. Also: Italy lurches into crisis as PM offers resignation, and social support helps orphaned elephants cope.
15/07/2227m 47s

US and Israel sign historic agreement

The two countries pledge to deny Iran nuclear weapons. Also: in Sri Lanka, demonstrators begin to leave official buildings after the president flees on a military plane, and the remarkable discovery of a hidden Van Gogh self portrait in a Scottish museum.
14/07/2231m 13s

Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa ignores resignation deadline

The president of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has fled the country in the face of massive anti-government protests. Also: Biden visits Israel ahead of thorny Saudi trip, and three men are charged with plot to sell stolen Eagles lyrics.
14/07/2227m 57s

Sri Lankan protestors target acting president

Demonstrators accuse Ranil Wickremasinghe of being too close to the previous leader. Also: Russian and Ukrainian delegations meet to discuss re-starting grain deliveries, Joe Biden touches down for his first Middle East tour as president and for the first time, a cat’s life has been saved using a pet oxygen mask.
13/07/2231m 22s

Sri Lanka's president flees the country

There have been mass protests over the country's economic crisis. Also: America says it has killed a top ISIS leader, and China's super strict gaming rules for kids.
12/07/2230m 5s

UK elite forces killed Afghan detainees, BBC finds

A BBC investigation has found evidence that British special forces, the SAS, killed dozens of detained and unarmed men more than a decade ago. Also, thousands of mourners pay tribute to the former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated last week. And conservationists in Malawi drive hundreds of elephants to a new home.
12/07/2230m 52s

Date is set for a new British prime minister

Governing Conservative party announces rules and a date for a new leader to take charge. Also: Ukraine says thousands of soldiers are missing since Russia invaded, Britain’s gold medal winning Olympian Mo Farah says he was trafficked in to the country as a child and Monty Norman, the composer of the timeless James Bond theme, has died.
11/07/2229m 22s

Russia shuts down main gas pipeline to Germany

Moscow says move is temporary but Berlin fears it may become permanent. Also: Former Trump adviser to testify at Capitol riot hearing, India to surpass China as most populous country and grey squirrel birth control plan.
11/07/2230m 23s

Sri Lanka President 'is no longer in the country'

The speaker of parliament says President Rajapaksa will return by Wednesday and step down. Also: the South African president vows to tackle violent crime after a weekend of deadly shootings; and leaked documents reveal how some top European politicians secretly helped the taxi service, Uber.
10/07/2230m 41s

Sri Lanka’s president to resign after palace stormed

Protesters descended on his official residence and set the prime minister's house on fire. Also: thousands have marched to the US capital to protest the reversal of abortion rights, and we speak to actor Daisy Edgar-Jones about their female-dominated creative team for their new film, ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’.
09/07/2229m 48s

President Biden signs order on abortion access

The executive order aims to boost protection for women seeking an abortion. Also: Elon Musk pulls out of his multi-billion dollar deal to buy Twitter, we report from the Turkish border with Syria where the last aid corridor into rebel-held north-west Syria is in danger of closing, and reflections on the 50th anniversary of The Godfather.
08/07/2229m 54s

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe assassinated at election campaign

Japan’s longest serving prime minister, Shinzo Abe, was shot in the city of Nara. Also: In Switzerland, former heads of FIFA and UEFA are cleared of corruption charges, the Ukrainian city of Sloviansk prepares to use drones to defend itself and a pilot study reveals microplastics in the meat, milk and blood of farm animals.
08/07/2231m 46s

Pressure mounts on Boris Johnson to stand down now as British PM

On Thursday, Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative party following one of the most turbulent periods in British political history. Also: ex-president Blaise Compaore returns to Burkina Faso after years in exile, and the Godfather actor James Caan dies aged 82.
08/07/2229m 42s

Boris Johnson resignation special

All the latest reaction and analysis to Boris Johnson's announcement. What next for the UK?
07/07/2211m 55s

British PM defies calls to resign despite cabinet revolt

Boris Johnson tells cabinet ministers he will not quit, as support dwindles across the ranks of the governing Conservative Party. Also: hundreds at large after Nigeria prison break, and England's women start Euro 2022 with win over Austria.
07/07/2228m 21s

British PM vows to continue after more ministers resign

Boris Johnson said his government was delivering results for the country. Also: thousands of mourners attend a mass funeral for teenagers in South Africa who died in mysterious circumstances at a nightclub, and we hear about controversial plans at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power station eleven years after the disaster.
06/07/2228m 58s

Pressure on British PM as two key ministers resign

Boris Johnson is plunged into leadership crisis as top ministers say they have lost confidence in him. Also: a suspect is charged with murder over 4 July attack near Chicago; and is Germany about to adopt English as an official language?
06/07/2228m 3s

UK PM accused of lying over sexual misconduct complaint

Government business manager was suspended last week, accused of groping two men. Also: Turkey promises to confiscate grain taken by Russian ship from Ukraine, five speech therapists on trial in Hong Kong over a children’s book, and we hear about the first battery made from sand.
05/07/2229m 48s

Six dead in Chicago shooting

Highland Park police said the suspect appeared to target the parade's attendees at random with a high-powered rifle. Also: US releases result of Abu Akleh fatal bullet test, and how dangerous are "loot boxes" in video games?
05/07/2233m 9s

Putin presses on after Lysychansk capture

Vladimir Putin ordered the attack to continue in Ukraine after Russia captured the city. Also: China has formally put a billionaire Canadian-Chinese tycoon on trial, more than five years after his alleged abduction in Hong Kong, and a 22-year-old Danish man appears in court in connection with the killing of three people at a shopping centre in Copenhagen.
04/07/2230m 30s

Several dead in Copenhagen shopping mall shooting

A man is arrested by police who have not ruled out an act of terrorism. Also: Russians capture last Ukrainian stronghold in Luhansk, Sydney floods force thousands to flee homes and Wimbledon celebrates its Centre Court centenary.
03/07/2230m 31s

Heavy fighting in Ukraine-held city of Lysychansk

Ukrainian forces say they are being pounded by Russian heavy artillery in Lysychansk and other cities. Also, Israel says it has intercepted three drones flown by the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah towards an offshore gas rig; and the Dutch university which has made a profit paying off hackers.
02/07/2231m 0s

WHO calls for urgent action on monkeypox in Europe

It says cases have trebled to 4,500 in two weeks. Also: President Biden promises to protect women who need to cross state lines for an abortion, and victory for Ukraine in the war on borsch.
01/07/2225m 9s

Special episode: Abortion rights around the world

In June, the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v Wade and ended the constitutional right to abortion in America. In a special episode, we investigate the changing dynamic of abortion rights globally in countries like Colombia, China and Ireland. We'll also be examining the restrictions still faced by women in Africa and places like Malta and El Salvador. Audio for this episode was updated on 4 July 2022, due to a factual error in an earlier version.
01/07/2231m 38s

Russian missiles hit Ukraine's Odesa region

Ukraine accuses Moscow of waging a war on civilians; the Kremlin says it doesn't fire on civilian targets. Also: China celebrates 25 years since the return of Hong Kong, and how sharks of South Africa appear to have met their match.
01/07/2231m 35s

US Supreme Court limits Biden's power to cut carbon emissions

The landmark ruling curbs federal power to limit greenhouse gas emissions in a setback for President Biden. Also: a tooth of Congo hero Lumumba has been buried after 61 years, and a casting of Rodin's "The Thinker" fetches nearly ten million dollars at Paris auction.
01/07/2233m 21s

Russia withdraws troops from Snake Island

Moscow claims it's a "goodwill gesture" but Ukraine celebrates a military victory. Also: Afghanistan's Taliban rulers hold their first big gathering since seizing power last year, and the beach in California returned to an African-American family nearly a century after it was seized.
30/06/2231m 54s

Paris attacker given France's most severe sentence

Salah Abdeslam and 19 others were convicted over the 2015 attacks, which killed 130 people across Paris. Also: the singer R. Kelly is sentenced to 30 years in jail for sex abuse, and nearly a quarter of Earth's seafloor now mapped.
30/06/2232m 13s

NATO declares 'unshakeable' commitment to Ukraine

Western defence alliance declares Russia a direct threat to its security -- and prepares to welcome new members and boost military readiness. Also: the former Mrs Gates talks about life after Bill, African leaders urge Sudan and Ethiopia to step back from conflict, and scientists studying the bones of an ancient giant kangaroo say it belongs to a previously unknown group of species.
29/06/2233m 23s

Turkey supports Finland and Sweden Nato bid

Russia strongly opposes the two states joining the military alliance, and had used its possible enlargement as a pretext for the invasion of Ukraine. Also: Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years over sex trafficking, and who was the famous singer who played a couple's wedding song in a pub?
29/06/2231m 55s

G7 vows to drive up costs for Russia over Ukraine war

Leaders promise to tackle global hunger and a price cap for Russian oil. Also: forty-six migrants have been found dead in an abandoned truck in the US state of Texas, and the oldest Nazi criminal ever to stand trial in Germany.
28/06/2231m 40s

Many killed in crowded Ukraine shopping centre hit by Russian strike

Ukraine's president says more than one thousand people were inside the complex in the city of Kremenchuk. Also: Jordan reports fatalities in toxic gas leak in Aqaba, and the artwork of a London man goes viral after his death.
27/06/2223m 49s

G7 to stand with Ukraine 'for as long as it takes'

The G7 nations promised to tighten the squeeze on Russia's finances with new sanctions. Also: a BBC investigation exposes a human trafficking network smuggling disabled children from Tanzania to Kenya, and schools in Beijing re-open two months nearly two months after closing because of Covid.
27/06/2230m 54s

G7 leaders pledge billions in investment for developing countries

US $600 billion dollars is promised for infrastructure projects. Also: how the Red Cross is reconnecting families divided by conflict, and why scientists are concerned about a possible one metre tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea.
26/06/2228m 26s

Russian forces occupy Severodonetsk after weeks of fighting

The eastern Ukrainian city falls after Kyiv withdraws its remaining troops to neighbouring Lysychansk. Also: Norwegian police are treating Friday's attacks on bars and nightclubs in Oslo as Islamist terrorism; and how a new bridge in Bangladesh is connecting millions across the country.
25/06/2228m 1s

US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade

Millions of women lose their constitutional right to abortion. Also: Prince Charles speaks of his personal sorrow at the suffering caused by the slave trade; and Instagram tests new age verification tools.
24/06/2226m 32s

Ukrainian troops withdraw from Severodonetsk

Ukraine on the verge of losing one of its final strongholds in eastern Luhansk region. Also: About two thousand migrants attempt to storm the Spanish enclave Melilla in Morocco, scientists find a giant bacterium in Guadeloupe and in New Zealand, Māori New Year is celebrated.
24/06/2224m 17s

Gun rights expanded by America's top court

US Supreme Court overturns century-old restrictions in New York. Also: The Taliban call off the search for survivors of Afghanistan's earthquake, and the Alexa feature that mimics the voices of your dead relatives. .
23/06/2235m 43s

Afghan earthquake: Poor weather and infrastructure hamper rescue efforts

Unknown numbers were buried in the rubble of ruined, often mud-built homes. Also: EU leaders to back Ukraine as candidate at Brussels summit, and Myanmar authorities move Aung San Suu Kyi to solitary confinement.
23/06/2228m 37s

Taliban appeal for international aid after deadly earthquake in Afghanistan

More than 1,000 people have died after a devastating 6.1 magnitude earthquake. Also: the Ukrainian government says the eastern city of Lysychansk could soon be cut off by invading forces, and Europe is told to prepare for Russia turning off gas this coming winter.
22/06/2230m 58s

Powerful earthquake kills 1,000 in Afghanistan

The Taliban appeals for international help. Also: the Saudi crown prince visits Turkey for the first time since the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, and festivalgoers are back at the first Glastonbury in three years.
22/06/2230m 37s

US Committee hears of pressure campaign by Donald Trump

Republican state officials say they were pushed to overturn the 2020 presidential election result. Also: A Senate hearing in Texas hears testimony from a public safety director about last month's Uvalde school shooting, a French court upholds a ban on burkini swimsuits, and the Spanish city set to charge those who urinate in the sea.
21/06/2227m 42s

Russia threatens Lithuania over Kaliningrad transit ban

Moscow reacted to ban on using Lithuanian railways to send sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad. Also: South Korea sends first satellite with locally-produced rocket into orbit, and Nobel Peace Prize medal raises 100 million dollars for Ukrainian refugees.
21/06/2225m 0s

Israel's coalition government collapses

Israel is set to hold it's fifth election in less than four years. Also: allegations of sexual abuse, fraud, and high level corruption at the UN, and an intimate look into the elusive life of barn owls.
20/06/2228m 23s

EU says Russian blockade of Ukraine exports is a war crime

The European Union's head of foreign policy, Josep Borrell, says people around the world are starving, while millions of tonnes of grain are trapped in Ukraine. Also, dozens are dead as floods sweep across India and Bangladesh. And, more than 60 years after the Democratic Republic of Congo's prime minister was murdered, one of his teeth is returned to his family.
20/06/2229m 7s

Former rebel Gustavo Petro wins Colombia's presidential election

The former rebel Gustavo Petro is elected the first ever left-wing president of Colombia. Also: President Macron of France has suffered a serious setback in the National Assembly, and Apple Store workers vote to form first US union.
20/06/2231m 52s

Boris Johnson warns against ‘Ukraine fatigue’

The British PM says it's vital that allied nations continue to support Ukraine as the war drags on. Also: Miami hosts no-questions-asked gun buyback event in support of Ukraine, and why bones from the Battle of Waterloo casualties may have been sold as fertilizer.
18/06/2229m 59s

Russia's Putin condemns 'mad and thoughtless' Western sanctions

The president claimed the EU could lose more than $400bn because of its sanctions against Russia. Also: The European Commission has recommended that Ukraine be given official candidate status as it applies to join the EU, and the debate over whether meat grown in a lab could be classed as halal..
17/06/2226m 44s

Ukraine moves a step closer to joining the EU

It could take many years for Ukraine to meet the full EU membership criteria. Also: The host cities for the 2026 FIFA World Cup are announced, Nepal prepares to relocate Everest base camp, and a mobile phone app that can hear if someone has tuberculosis.
17/06/2229m 38s

Damning evidence reveals how Trump put his deputy in danger

US Capitol attack inquiry hears how rioters got within 12 metres of former VP Mike Pence. Also: Ukrainians give testimony about their experiences in so-called Russian "filtration centres", and Bloomsday celebrates 100 years since Ulysses by James Joyce.
17/06/2230m 51s

European leaders meet for talks in Ukraine

President Zelensky welcomes Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz in Kyiv. Also: millions facing malnutrition in Afghanistan, an Anglo-Saxon burial site is unearthed on a train route, and an exhibition on the life and music of Lou Reed opens in New York.
16/06/2231m 31s

Fed unveils biggest US interest rate hike in nearly thirty years

The US central bank, the Federal Reserve, has announced the biggest rise in interest rates since 1994. Also, thousands of civilians trapped in Severodonetsk are awaiting evacuation. And astronomers believe they've discovered the fastest growing black hole in nine billion years.
15/06/2229m 11s

EU takes legal action against UK over post-Brexit deal changes

The UK government wants to scrap parts of the post-Brexit deal for Northern Ireland. Also: an elderly Ukrainian woman has become the unlikely face of Kremlin propaganda. And, a look ahead to the World Cup in Qatar.
15/06/2230m 30s

A controversial deportation flight from the UK to Rwanda has been grounded

Challenge by European Court of Human Rights blocked removal of asylum seekers. Also, Russia has offered to allow hundreds of civilians trapped at a chemical plant to leave and the K-pop supergroup BTS have announced they're taking an extended break after nine years together.
14/06/2229m 12s

Ukraine: Russian army tightens grip of Severodonetsk

An estimated 15,000 civilians are trapped in the Ukrainian city. Also: Scientists in the UK plan to sequence the genomes of all life in Britain and Ireland. And, Lizzo changes a lyric after online backlash.
14/06/2229m 12s

UK court allows Rwanda asylum flight

The British government's first flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda is scheduled to take place on Tuesday. Also: former US attorney-general says Donald Trump was "detached from reality" after the 2020 election; and "Lightyear" film banned in Middle East over same-sex kiss.
14/06/2231m 46s

More evidence of the Russian use of cluster bombs and potential war crimes

The battle for the Donbas in eastern Ukraine continues; misery for millions across Beijing as three days of mass testing and lockdowns begin. Also: the backlash against an Australian newspaper after it was accused of "outing" the star, Rebel Wilson.
13/06/2223m 29s

US Senate moves towards limited gun control

A cross-party group of US senators has agreed a framework for potential legislation on gun controls, following a spate of mass shootings. Also: left vote surge threatens Macron majority in France; and Google engineer put on leave after claiming AI chatbot is "sentient".
13/06/2232m 44s

Thousands rally across US for stricter gun laws

Following several recent school shootings in US, protestors -- especially young people -- demand change. Also: Russia hands out passports in occupied Kherson and Melitopol cities, and the pop star Justin Bieber reveals facial paralysis as tour is paused.
12/06/2230m 50s

UK court allows Rwanda asylum seeker flight

Campaigners failed in their High Court bid to halt the removal of illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda but they will appeal. Also: US to drop Covid test requirement for air travel, and a 17th century royal shipwreck off the English coast begins to reveal its treasures.
11/06/2229m 36s

Graphic testimony as Trump accused of coup attempt

New film evidence sheds light on the 6 January attack 2021 on Capitol Hill. Also, Ukrainian officials are worried about an epidemic in Mariupol, and the superworms that eat plastic.
10/06/2230m 59s

Death sentences for foreign fighters in Ukraine

Two British men and a Moroccan man sentenced by a pro-Russian court in Donetsk. Also: French police admit failings in crowd control outside the Champions League final, the remains of one of Europe's largest ever predators is found off the southern coast of England and the newly deployed James Webb telescope is hit by a meteoroid.
09/06/2225m 59s

Ukraine: No let up in battle for Severodonetsk

President Zelensky says fate of the eastern Donbas region could be determined there. Also: Why there's growing concern over Iran's nuclear ambitions, and Thailand legalises the use of cannabis, with caveats.
09/06/2230m 49s

UN: Ukraine war threatens global catastrophe

Secretary-General warns of hunger and destitution for 1.6bn people. Also, Saudi-backed golf tournament faces accusation of sports-washing, and US Congress hears from 11-year-old survivor of school shooting.
08/06/2230m 49s

Russia denies Ukraine war has created global food crisis

The foreign minister held talks in Turkey as pressure mounts for Moscow to end its blockade of Ukrainian ports. Also, a notorious Thai policeman is jailed for life for torturing and killing a drug suspect, and scientists have high hopes for a gel that could mend hearts.
08/06/2229m 59s

Belgian monarch makes historic visit to DRC

King Philippe seeks to make amends for his country's brutal colonial legacy. His aunt tells us it's long overdue. Also: the World Bank warns that much of the world is heading for recession. And millions of Chinese students grapple with a gruelling three-day university entrance exam.
07/06/2233m 30s

British prime minister seeks to move on after winning confidence vote

Boris Johnson told ministers it was time to push ahead with government plans. Also: a row has broken out between Ukraine and the IAEA over a planned visit to a power plant under Russian control, and lawyers take aim at Top Gun sequel.
07/06/2230m 28s

British prime minister Boris Johnson survives confidence vote

The British PM was backed by a majority of MPs from his own party but more than forty percent voted against him. Also: wealthy Gupta brothers linked to corruption in South Africa arrested in UAE, and a rare Stradivarius violin could fetch millions of dollars at auction.
07/06/2231m 54s

Boris Johnson faces vote of confidence over lockdown parties

If he loses, he will be forced to stand down as UK's prime minister. Also: US climate envoy, John Kerry, says the Ukraine war is no excuse for prolonging global reliance on coal; and why Ryanair's plan to use tests in Afrikaans for South African passport holders is causing outrage.
06/06/2227m 34s

Nigeria church attack: Gunmen kill Catholic worshippers

Nigeria has experienced an upsurge in violence in recent months. Also: Officials in Bangladesh say exploding chemical containers have hampered efforts to extinguish a blaze which has killed dozens of people, and Queen Elizabeth has made a surprise appearance at the end of celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee.
05/06/2229m 7s

Platinum Jubilee special

We mark Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the British throne from a special concert outside Buckingham Palace. We’ll hear how the Queen’s reign is being marked with four days of celebrations in the UK and across the world, and reflect on the future of the British monarchy and how it’s perceived across the Commonwealth.
04/06/2232m 0s

UN warns Ukraine war is causing worsening food shortages globally

The World Food Programme says more than eighty million people in East Africa are facing acute food shortages. Also: a number of people killed in train derailment in southern Germany, and UEFA apologises to Liverpool and Real Madrid fans.
04/06/2230m 31s

Ukraine: Scale of destruction 'defies' comprehension

After 100 days of war the Red Cross says it's hard to exaggerate the toll on civilians. Also; the military authorities in Chad are pleading for help from the international community after declaring a food emergency, and a service of thanksgiving has been held in St Paul's Cathedral in London to mark Queen Elizabeth's seventy-year reign - but the monarch herself was absent.
03/06/2230m 0s

Crowds cheer Queen as Platinum Jubilee begins

The Queen joined other royals on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the first of four days of celebrations. Also: 100 days have passed since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, and South Africa's former spy chief has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of kidnapping and bribery.
02/06/2226m 0s

A military parade initiates Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee

The start of pomp, pageantry and parties to honour Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee. Also: Yemen's government and Houthi rebels agree to extend their current ceasefire by another two months, and the UN accepts a request from Ankara to change the name of Turkey to its local version - Türkiye.
02/06/2227m 30s

Jury finds in favour of Johnny Depp in lawsuit against his ex-wife

Mr Depp was awarded $15 million in damages over the opinion piece written by Amber Heard in 2018. Also: anger in Moscow over President Biden's decision to send weaponry to Ukraine, and Libya's first skate-park opens in Tripoli.
01/06/2228m 37s

US promises Ukraine advanced rocket systems

Russia says America is adding fuel to the fire. Ukraine says its forces only hold about a fifth of Severodonetsk, but that there's still hope the city will not fall. Also: China re-opens the city of Shanghai after two months, and a plant three times the size of Manhattan is discovered off the west coast of Australia.
01/06/2232m 25s

ICC prosecutor declares Ukraine 'a crimescene'

Karim Khan said Russia's invasion of Ukraine is the court's largest ever investigation. Also: the funerals begin of those killed in last week's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and a rare Roman coin fetches almost 3 million dollars at auction.
31/05/2232m 28s

Fighting intensifies in Severodonetsk

Ukrainian defenders dig in, as EU approves oil ban. Also: Taiwan deploys fighter jets to ward off Chinese warplanes; Andy Murray draws on his own very personal experience of gun violence to reflect on last week's school attack in Texas; and the day the Queen of England danced with a Black African President.
31/05/2235m 7s

EU deal on banning Russian oil

Compromise reached on two thirds imports after Hungary opposed a total ban. Also: fighting in Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk intensifies and one of the world's most famous paintings hit by a cake.
30/05/2230m 32s

Ukraine says Russian troops closing in on Severodonetsk

It's a key objective in Moscow's offensive to control the Donbas region, but Ukraine says its forces are holding on for now. Also: China fails to persuade ten Pacific island nations to join a regional security pact, and the new world champion in timbersports.
30/05/2230m 44s

US to review response to Texas school shooting

The US Justice Department will investigate the Uvalde school shooting amid criticism that there was a delay before police tackled the gunman. Also: Zelensky makes first front-line trip to Kharkiv, and the record-breaking jockey Lester Piggott dies aged 86.
29/05/2227m 37s

Putin urged to hold direct talks with Zelensky

In a lengthy telephone conversation with Russia's leader, France and Germany call for "direct, serious" talks. Also: UN's Michelle Bachelet defends visit to China's Xinjiang region amid criticism from rights groups, and a Californian company is preparing to send messages into space in the hope that "aliens" might get in touch!
29/05/2232m 37s

Texas police admit shooting response was 'wrong'

Police officers delayed storming a school classroom in Uvalde, believing it was no longer an "active shooter" situation. Also: Iran seizes two Greek tankers amid rising tension in the Gulf, and a court fight looms in the UK after the assistance cat Chloe is banned from a supermarket.
28/05/2231m 32s

Ukrainian forces under pressure as Russia makes gains

Ukraine's president warns parts of his country could be left uninhabitable. Also: Spain approves new sexual consent laws, violence in West Africa drives 36,000 refugees to Niger, and inside Thailand's new Parliament building complete with a ballroom and spa.
27/05/2232m 52s

Ukraine says fighting in Donbas region is at maximum intensity

Ukrainian foreign minister makes a fresh plea for heavy weapons to fight against Russia. Also: husband of a teacher killed in Texas mass shooting dies "of grief", and high temperatures could affect the mango harvests in India and Pakistan.
27/05/2229m 56s

German Chancellor wades into Ukraine war

Scholz says Russia must not be allowed to dictate peace terms with Ukraine. Also: Britain announces a windfall tax on oil and gas companies and Singapore turns urine into beer.
26/05/2230m 5s

Gunman posted just before Texas school shooting

The killer of 19 children and two teachers wrote on social media that he'd carry out the attack. Also: the British prime minister, Boris Johnson says he won't resign over "bitter and painful" judgement of a report into parties held in Downing Street during Covid restrictions, and scientists in the United States have developed a remote-controlled robot smaller in size than a flea.
26/05/2230m 34s

US President calls for new gun controls after Texas school shooting

A teenage gunman killed nineteen primary school children and two teachers in Uvalde. Also: a report on lockdown parties in Britain's government buildings criticises leadership failures and the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will not sell drugs for profit in poor nations.
25/05/2230m 5s

School shooting in Texas - at least 15 killed

14 of the dead were pupils - aged between 7 and 10 years. Also: the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is under further pressure over parties held at his official residence during Covid lockdowns, and a new digital radio station opens for the indigenous peoples of Panama.
25/05/2233m 47s

China's Uyghur detention camps revealed in data leak

Thousands of police files show harsh treatment of minorities in Xinjiang. Also: Russia's opposition leader condemns Putin, Airbnb announces it will leave China over its zero-covid policy, and smuggled kangaroos turn up in India.
24/05/2231m 30s

Russian diplomat resigns, slams Putin’s invasion

The Geneva-based envoy, Boris Bondarev, expressed his shame and revulsion at the attack on Ukraine. Also: pictures emerge of the British prime minister raising his glass at a leaving do during a Covid lockdown; tributes to the Parisian street artist known as Miss Tic; and we ask how good are apps at helping us learn new languages.
23/05/2237m 32s

First Ukraine war crimes trial verdict

Russian tank commander jailed for life for killing a civilian. Also: US warns China over Taiwan, explosive Tonga volcano 'surprisingly intact' and plant powering your computer.
23/05/2231m 27s

Baby formula shortage: help arrives in the US

A plane carrying 35,000 kilos of infant formula to ease critical shortage has landed. Also: a colonel in Iran's Revolutionary Guard has been assassinated, and Kurt Cobain's iconic Fender Mustang guitar sells for $4.5m.
22/05/2231m 0s

Australia elects new prime minister

Anthony Albanese becomes first Labor premier in a decade. Also: fierce fighting is reported around parts of eastern Ukraine, and President Biden visits South Korea.
21/05/2232m 21s

Russia declares victory at Mariupol steelworks

Ukraine says the last defenders at the besieged site in Mariupol have been given permission to leave. Also: US warns Northern Ireland row threatens Western unity, and is Sprout - a robotic vegetable picker - safe from cyber attacks?
21/05/2232m 16s

Ukraine: Russian forces intensify attacks in Donbas region

President Zelensky says the situation there is "hell". Also: a court in Argentina finds the state guilty of the massacre of indigenous people nearly a century ago, and eight UK towns are made cities for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee.
20/05/2229m 50s

US accuses Russia of using food as weapon of war in Ukraine

The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, told the UN that Russia was deliberately worsening a growing global food crisis. Also: Biden says US fully backs Sweden and Finland Nato bids, and Chariots of Fire composer Vangelis dies aged 79.
20/05/2228m 7s

Report says nearly 60 million people internally displaced

Conflict and climate change are driving the numbers up globally. Also: the police in Britain have closed their investigation into breaches of Covid rules in the prime minister's office, and the Ethiopian man finally following his dream at the age of 69.
19/05/2231m 14s

UN chief warns of global hunger, urging Russia to free Ukrainian grain

Antonio Guterres said the war in Ukraine was compounding global food insecurity, already worsened by warming temperatures and the pandemic. Also: Russian soldier pleads guilty in war crimes trial, and US Soccer agrees to equal pay deal.
19/05/2230m 49s

UN warns climate catastrophe getting closer

The annual report by the World Meteorological Organisation says four key indicators of climate change hit record levels in 2021. Also, the secret schools for girls in Afghanistan, federal agents find an underground railway between Mexico and the US, and how victory celebrations knocked a ground-breaking African cyclist out of the race.
18/05/2230m 11s

ICC sends 'largest ever' team of investigators to Ukraine

The International Criminal Court will collaborate with French detectives who have been working at suspected crime scenes in Ukraine. Also, few answers at rare US Congressional UFO hearing, and movie stars gather as the Cannes Film Festival gets underway.
18/05/2233m 26s

Ukraine working on 'next stages' of Mariupol evacuation

The fate of more than 260 soldiers taken to Russian controlled territory on Monday remains unclear. Ukraine suggests a prisoner exchange but Moscow has not confirmed this. Also, a study into the behaviour of mosquitos could change the way malaria is tackled across Africa, and Nasa's rover begins work to find life on Mars.
17/05/2229m 9s

Hundreds of Ukrainian fighters evacuated from Mariupol steelworks

Many have been admitted to hospital in the Russian controlled town of Novoazovsk. Also, Sri Lanka's new prime minister warns of further difficult months, a huge dust storm hits the Middle East, and how robot-assisted surgery might speed up recovery times.
16/05/2229m 19s

Ukraine: The children's camp that became an execution ground

The authorities in Bucha accuse Russian soldiers of war crimes. Also, North Korea's leader orders his military to help respond to the Covid outbreak, and we report on how some people in the food-producing giant Brazil are struggling to get enough to eat.
16/05/2226m 48s

Finland and Sweden confirm Nato bid

They want to join the alliance after Russia’s Ukraine invasion. Also, the killing of 10 people in a US supermarket shooting is a “hate crime”, and Tonga’s volcano explosion was the biggest in a century.
15/05/2231m 31s

World's most powerful nations 'will never recognise' Ukraine border change

The G7 says it will not acknowledge land seized by Russian military action. Also, thousands of pro-life supporters march in the US, and India bans wheat exports with immediate effect.
14/05/2227m 27s

Violence at funeral for Al Jazeera reporter

Israeli police with riot-gear hit mourners saying they were pelted with stones, as crowds carried the coffin. Also, Russia to suspend electricity supply to Finland, and critics praise "thrilling" Top Gun movie sequel.
14/05/2232m 21s

Ukrainians trying to leave Russia complain of frightening interrogations

Men passing through a transit point in Estonia say they have been questioned for hours. Also, Russian troops fighting in Ukraine have suffered what looks like another major setback, and Platinum Pudding - Britain's new dessert to mark Queen Elizabeth's 70 years as monarch.
13/05/2226m 9s

UN to investigate Russian abuses in Ukraine

The UN Human Rights Council has voted to set up an inquiry into allegations of abuses by Russian forces in Ukraine. Also, astronomers reveal the first ever image of the large black hole in our galaxy, and the Nepali woman who has climbed Everest 10 times.
13/05/2231m 16s

Finland announces intention to join Nato

**The report on Nigeria in this podcast contains descriptions of violence that some listeners may find upsetting** Finland says its decision follows Russia's invasion of Ukraine; Moscow reacts angrily. Also, the White House says more than a million Americans have now lost their lives to Covid-19. And the professional aircraft designer hoping to set a new world record - with a paper plane.
12/05/2229m 57s

Sri Lankan president says he will appoint a new cabinet within a week

The Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa used a late-night address to offer a number of concessions, but said he needed to stay on to stop the country descending into anarchy. Also, US Democrats' bid for federal abortion law fails, and a passenger who had 'no idea' how to fly lands a plane in Florida as pilot falls ill.
12/05/2232m 47s

Al Jazeera reporter killed during Israeli raid in West Bank

Shireen Abu Aqla was shot while covering a military operation at a refugee camp. Also, Ukraine says it is suspending the flow of Russian natural gas through a transit point and the authorities in Shanghai extend a coronavirus lockdown.
11/05/2232m 24s

Sri Lankan soldiers told to shoot law-breakers on sight

Troops are on the streets of Colombo after anti-government unrest, fuelled by the economic crisis. Also, US spy chief says Putin preparing for long war in Ukraine, and EA Sports to stop making Fifa video game.
11/05/2232m 38s

Sri Lanka: Escalating violence as protests continue

Curfew in force across Sri Lanka amid mounting anger at the economic crisis. Also, the Marcos political dynasty returns to power in the Philippines, and Spain sacks spy chief over phone hacking scandal.
10/05/2232m 27s

Ex-dictator’s son leads Philippines vote

Initial results suggest Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr is heading for a landslide win in the Philippines election. Also, Ukraine reacts to Putin’s Victory Day attempts to justify the war, and New York considers funding abortions for women from states which ban it.
09/05/2222m 39s

Putin defends Ukraine war but no hint of next steps

The Russian president said the invasion of Ukraine was necessary and had been provoked by the West. Eastern and southern parts of Ukraine are still being hit by relentless Russian shelling. Also, the Sri Lankan prime minister has resigned as violence gripped parts of the capital, and the machine using light and sound to create illusions in the mind.
09/05/2227m 22s

Zelensky: 60 people dead after bomb hits school

Volodymyr Zelensky says 60 people died after a bomb hit a school in the Donbas region. About 90 people had been sheltering in the building which Ukraine says was hit in a Russian strike. Also, the people of the Philippines are voting to choose a successor to President Rodridgo Duterte, and the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has travelled to Iran to meet the country's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
08/05/2228m 33s

Afghanistan: Taliban orders women to wear full face veil in public

Afghan women already face restricted access to jobs, travel and education. Also, for the first time the Northern Ireland election is won by a party which wants a united Ireland, and Ukraine says all women, children and the elderly have been evacuated from the besieged steelworks in Mariupol.
07/05/2228m 36s

Amnesty International accuses Russia of inaction over human rights abuses

The human rights group says there is evidence of attacks on civilians and extrajudicial killings. Also: a rescue operation is underway in Cuba after an explosion at a hotel in Havana; and Yemeni prisoners freed by the Saudi-led coalition have been flown back to Yemen.
06/05/2233m 14s

Fresh fighting scuppers rescue of civilians trapped in besieged Mariupol steelworks

Ukrainian soldiers accuse Russians of ruining plans for an evacuation ceasefire. The UN and Red Cross are expected to make another attempt to extricate non-combatants from the 'hellscape' of the Azovstal plant. Also: the Philippines prepares to elect a new president; the first African American - and openly gay woman -- to be White House press secretary; and the world's smallest porpoise fights back from the edge of extinction.
06/05/2235m 38s

UN says evacuation convoy heading to Mariupol 'hellscape'

Another attempt to get civilians out of the besieged Azovstal steelworks is planned for today. Also:  a number of fatalities in attack in Israeli city of Elad, and Queen Elizabeth to miss upcoming garden parties.
06/05/2227m 28s

Ukraine says Russia is trying to destroy Mariupol defenders

Russia denies storming Azovstal steelworks, saying it has offered a ceasefire instead. Also, World Health Organisation says nearly 15 million people have died due to the coronavirus pandemic since 2020, and Bill Gates talks to the BBC about divorce, conspiracy theories and his feud with Elon Musk.
05/05/2230m 42s

Russia launches major assault on Mariupol steelworks

Ukraine says Russian forces have entered the city's Azovstal complex. Also: French Left join forces to fight Macron, and Maradona's "Hand of God" shirt sells for millions of dollars.
04/05/2228m 51s

EU proposes total ban on oil imports from Russia

The head of the European Commission says it should come into force by the end of the year. Also; Sri Lankan government faces no-confidence vote, and the sweaty football shirt worth millions of dollars.
04/05/2232m 2s

Relief as Mariupol steelworks refugees reach safety

Hundreds of civilians still remain trapped in the bunkers under the industrial site in Mariupol. Also: US Supreme Court says abortion ruling leak is genuine, and the Sex Pistols re-release God Save The Queen song.
04/05/2233m 15s

US Supreme Court may overturn abortion rights, leak suggests

A draft opinion leaked from the top court in the US appears to show that the judges will reverse Roe vs. Wade, the landmark ruling which guarantees abortion rights nationwide. Also, Washington accuses Russia of trying to legitimise its occupation of eastern Ukraine with a sham referendum on independence. And in Somalia, Al-Shabaab militants attack an African Union peacekeeping base.
03/05/2228m 39s

Hundreds of civilians still trapped in Mariupol steel complex

The Ukrainian defenders of the Azovstal steel works in Mariupol say Russian troops are using planes, tanks and warship missiles to pound the sprawling industrial site. Also: EU divided over how to step away from Russian energy, and the hunt in Alabama for missing prison inmate and guard.
03/05/2231m 27s

Israel outrage after Russia's foreign minister claims Hitler had Jewish roots

Israel demands an apology and summons the Russian ambassador for clarification. Also: Spain says the mobile phones of the prime minister and his defence minister have been infected with spyware, and New Zealand reopens to tourists.
02/05/2228m 3s

Dozens of citizens evacuated from Mariupol

Evacuees speak of desperate conditions for those holding out there against Russian forces. Also: a week-long protest march against the Sri Lankan government's mishandling of the economy has culminated in a mass demonstration in the capital, and three critically endangered Asiatic cheetah cubs are born in Iran as part of a captive breeding programme.
01/05/2231m 40s

Kyiv warns that Russia is gearing up to intensify its assault in eastern Ukraine

A Ukrainian spokesman says Moscow's objectives remained to surround Ukrainian troops. Also: an MP in the UK announces his resignation after admitting watching pornography in the House of Commons, and the story of the Duke and the Queen - the jazz legend and the British monarch.
30/04/2231m 2s

Suicide attack in Kabul mosque

Religious leaders in Afghanistan say at least fifty people have been killed. Also: the former tennis star, Boris Becker, is jailed, and preparations for biggest fight in female boxing.
29/04/2228m 42s

Former Afghan general vows new war against Taliban

Operations could begin next month but many are weary of more conflict. Also: the World Health Organisation accuses baby milk producers of unethical social media practices, James Corden announces his departure from The Late Late Show, and why assumptions about certain breeds of dogs may not be true.
29/04/2233m 43s

Russian missiles strike Kyiv during visit by UN chief

Antonio Guterres criticises Security Council's failure to end the war in Ukraine. Also: Indonesia bans exports of palm oil, people in China rail against Covid measures, and evidence of a fearsome prehistoric predator is found in the Swiss Alps.
28/04/2231m 50s

Ukrainian civilians forcibly deported to Russia

Human rights groups say tens of thousands are being relocated. Also: The United States and Russia carry out a prisoner swap, the 3D printed wind turbines, and why virtual meetings could limit our creativity.
28/04/2228m 58s

EU says it won't give in to Russian blackmail

The statement comes after Russia stopped gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Also: Bitcoin becomes legal tender in the Central African Republic; and calls for action to save reptiles from extinction.
27/04/2230m 20s

Russia cuts gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Both countries have refused Russia's demand to pay for gas in roubles. Also: Aung San Suu Kyi is sentenced to jail for corruption; and a methane mask for cows wins a climate design award.
27/04/2227m 19s

UN chief tells Putin Ukraine invasion contradicts UN charter

Antonio Guterres said he was deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Also: Gazprom to suspend supplies to Poland, and the tiny book that sold for more than one million dollars.
27/04/2231m 28s

UN chief in Russia for Ukraine talks

António Guterres says he is "messenger of peace". Also: reaction to Elon Musk's Twitter deal and we hear from the Oscar winning star Viola Davis.
26/04/2228m 24s

Elon Musk strikes deal to buy Twitter for $44bn

The billionaire said he would unlock the social media firm's potential. Also: US judge holds Donald Trump in contempt, and smelly art at the Prado Museum in Madrid.
26/04/2233m 56s

US defense secretary: 'We want Russia weakened'

Washington pledges another $700 million in military aid to Ukraine, as US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says Moscow should not be left with the capability to launch another invasion. Also: panic buying in Beijing, as the Chinese capital braces for another potential Covid lockdown; and the Ethiopian town of Lalibela - once a major tourist site - struggles to regain its footing in the midst of a pandemic and a war.
25/04/2226m 0s

Macron defeats Le Pen and vows to unite France

Emmanuel Macron triumphs over his far-right rival and becomes the first French president to win re-election in 20 years. Also: a father of a baby killed in a missile attack in Odesa says his world has been destroyed, and on the ganja trail in Jamaica.
25/04/2233m 18s

Odesa apartment block hit by missiles

Ukraine says the fatalities in Odesa included a baby. Also: new Ebola case confirmed in DR Congo, and how does a mountain lion cross a major highway in California?
23/04/2229m 13s

Dozens killed in a bomb blast at a mosque in Afghanistan

The attack happened during Friday prayers in the northern province of Kunduz. The Taliban say children are among the dead. Also: Indonesia bans the export of palm oil, researchers say Anglo-Saxon nobles were mostly vegetarian, and music lovers get ready for Record Store Day.
22/04/2229m 5s

UN calls Ukraine war a 'horror story of rights violations'

The UN Human Rights Office said that respect for international law has been "tossed aside". The UN monitoring mission has received allegations of more than 300 unlawful killings in Ukraine. Also, Shanghai escalates Covid lockdown restrictions, and an international arrest warrant has been issued for Carlos Ghosn, the former executive of the car maker Nissan, who escaped from Japan hidden in a box.
22/04/2236m 43s

Mariupol: 'We have wounded and dead inside the bunkers'

One of the city's last defenders tells the BBC conditions are dire and they won't surrender. Also: the Honduran ex-leader is extradited to the US on drug charges, and how dressing up as a vampire could break a world record.
21/04/2225m 46s

Putin claims victory over Mariupol

President Putin says Russia controls the strategic port city, and tells his troops to seal off the Azovstal steel plant. Also: clashes between Israelis and Palestinians at the al-Aqsa Mosque; and Manchester United confirm their next boss.
21/04/2225m 17s

French rivals for presidency clash in TV debate

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen argued over her links to Vladimir Putin. Also: the anguish continues for thousands trapped in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, and the producers of a film whose cinematographer was accidentally shot dead by Alec Baldwin have been given the maximum fine possible.
20/04/2225m 40s

Mariupol commander pleads for international help

In a video sent from the besieged city, a Ukrainian marine says his men might have only hours left. Also, French presidential rivals Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen prepare to go head to head in a televised debate, and China signs a controversial security pact with the Solomon Islands.
20/04/2232m 33s

Clashes continue in eastern Ukraine

Dozens of missiles are launched as Russian and Ukrainian forces fight along a 480km front in the Donbas region. Also: British PM sorry for party during Covid-19 lockdown as opposition calls apology a joke, and what are the rules determining a double-barrelled name?
20/04/2227m 7s

Russian forces clash with Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine

Also: Israel has carried out its first air strikes on the Gaza Strip for months in response to a Palestinian rocket attack, and The World Food Programme is warning that up to twenty million people are at risk of hunger in the Horn of Africa.
19/04/2230m 49s

Zelensky says the battle for the Donbas region has begun

Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, says he can now confirm that Russian troops have begun the second phase of the war. Also: Libya’s National Oil Corporation says a wave of protests affecting the energy sector are likely to get worse, and British PM's Downing Street network targeted with spyware.
18/04/2231m 3s

Russia launches missiles on Lviv in western Ukraine

Ukraine says seven people were killed in the city, which had largely escaped attack until now. Also: South Africa deploys thousands of troops to help with the rescue efforts in KwaZulu-Natal province where flooding and mudslides have killed more than 400 people, and China acknowledges for the first time that there have been deaths in the current coronavirus outbreak in Shanghai.
18/04/2232m 2s

Ukraine says Russian forces are determined to destroy Mariupol

The Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, says the situation in the besieged port of Mariupol is both dire and heartbreaking. Also: Iranian authorities investigate a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency scam, and Finland is named the happiest country in the world -- for a fifth year in a row.
18/04/2229m 58s

Russia claims it has taken nearly all of Mariupol

The Russian defence ministry says the only remaining defenders of the Ukrainian port of Mariupol are in the Azovstal steelworks. President Zelensky says the situation is extremely difficult. Also: remembering the film "Bend It Like Beckham" 20 years on.
17/04/2231m 39s

Ukraine says 900 civilian bodies recovered in Kyiv region

The areas have recently been liberated from the Russian army. Also: Ukraine says Russia did not manage to evacuate all the crew from the Moskva, and the Algerian migrant who's struggling to claim a lottery prize
15/04/2233m 37s

Russia attacks Ukrainian missile factory after Black Sea warship sinks

Russia says it hit the factory after losing the flagship, Moskva. The attack came hours after it admitted that the warship had sunk following an explosion on Wednesday. Also: a city on edge, as clashes take place in one of Jerusalem holiest sites; and how the hacking attack of a Vietnamese computer game has been linked to North Korea.
15/04/2231m 46s

Russian warship Moskva 'sinks in storm'

President Zelensky calls on the West to give Ukraine more weapons now. Also: there's criticism of the UK's plan to fly asylum seekers to Rwanda; and a guilty verdict for the Islamic State 'Beatle' jihadist.
14/04/2228m 31s

Russia says its Black Sea flagship is afloat after Ukraine claims missile strike

Moscow says the Moskva was damaged by a fire on board. Fifty days into the conflict our security correspondent gives us his assessment. Also: Britain strikes a deal to send asylum seekers arriving by boat on a one way trip to Rwanda, and the tech billionaire Elon Musk makes a takeover bid for Twitter.
14/04/2234m 13s

Mariupol: Ukraine says it still controls the city

Ukraine denies mass surrender of troops to Russia as the US boosts military assistance to the tune of 800 million dollars. Also: New York police arrest a suspect for the shooting at a subway on Tuesday, and we find out why the Brazilian army says it is buying Viagra.
14/04/2228m 10s

Mariupol: Russia says Ukrainian troops are surrendering

Ukraine denies that the besieged port city has fallen, after Moscow says it accepted the surrender of more than 1,000 Ukrainian marines. Also: President Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of genocide. And we hear about the campaign to free the man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda, now serving 25 years in prison.
13/04/2232m 24s

British Prime Minister apologises for not observing Covid lockdown rules

Boris Johnson was fined by the police for going to a birthday party at Downing Street. Also: Ukraine and Russia are ramping up forces in the eastern Donbas region, and the police in New York are searching for a man who shot ten people at a Brooklyn subway station during the morning rush hour.
12/04/2232m 24s

British prime minister and finance minister to receive fines

Police say this is in connection with gatherings at government buildings during lockdown. Also: President Putin defends Moscow's military operation in Ukraine, and the world's skinniest skyscraper opens in New York.
12/04/2232m 8s

Austria pessimistic after Putin talks on Ukraine

The chancellor, Karl Nehammer, says he was left with no positive impression after the first face-to-face talks between the Russian president and an EU leader since the war in Ukraine began. Also: France is expelling six Russian diplomats after accusing them of spying, and scientists say psilocybin - a compound in magic mushrooms - "may help to treat depression".
12/04/2227m 48s

Zelensky says tens of thousands are likely to have died in Mariupol

Ukrainian troops in the city say they face a final battle – and death or captivity. Also: Pakistani MPs elect a new prime minister, hunger stalks Somalia, and Emmanuel Macron meets voters as he begins his presidential run-off campaign against the far-right leader Marine Le Pen.
11/04/2228m 20s

Macron and Le Pen to fight for French presidency

Emmanuel Macron wins the first round but the run-off against Marine Le Pen is set to be far closer. Also: Ukraine says the bodies of more than 1,200 people have been found in the Kyiv region, and The Eagle Has Landed author dies aged 92.
11/04/2233m 5s

Imran Khan ousted as Pakistan's PM after key vote

The former cricket star loses a no-confidence vote thirteen hours after his ruling party in Pakistan tried to delay it. Also: Ukraine calls on civilians in the eastern region of Luhansk to flee immediately, and the International Space Station welcomes its first all-private crew of astronauts.
10/04/2229m 35s

President Biden blames Russia for 'atrocity' at Kramatorsk station

Ukrainian officials say thousands of people were at the railway station in Kramatorsk trying to flee Russian attacks. Also: FBI's Michigan governor kidnap plot case collapses, and the actor Will Smith is banned from Oscars for 10 years.
09/04/2232m 47s

Dozens killed at crowded train station in eastern Ukraine

Thousands of civilians in Kramatorsk were fleeing Russian attacks. The Kremlin denies responsibility. More evidence emerges in northern Ukraine of abuses by Russian troops. Also: Israeli security forces track down and kill a gunman who shot dead two people in Tel Aviv, and scientists rejuvenate a woman's skin cells to make them thirty years younger.
08/04/2230m 20s

Russia is suspended from UN's Human Rights Council

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN Sergiy Kyslytsya accused Russia of “horrific” abuses – raising the issue of alleged civilian killings in the city of Bucha. Also: The US senate has confirmed America's first black female Supreme Court Judge, and Taylor Swift lyrics as you've never heard them before- translated into Latin.
07/04/2228m 15s

Ukraine asks Nato for 'weapons, weapons, weapons'

The Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, says the alliance must do more, as Nato meets in Brussels. Also, President Zelensky prepares for a renewed Russian attack in the East. And archaeologists say they've found a limb from a dinosaur killed on the very day the giant asteroid hit Earth.
07/04/2226m 34s

Ukrainian civilians used 'as human shields'

Russian forces accused of taking hostages to protect themselves against attack. Also: Covid death of Russia's nationalist politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Pinterest crackdown on climate change misinformation and Italy's digital nomads.
06/04/2229m 44s

Western leaders consider tougher sanctions on Russia

It comes amid outrage over allegations of war crimes in Ukraine. Also: record Covid infections in China leads to chaos in Shanghai, and Ed Sheeran wins his court case over his song Shape of You.
06/04/2232m 2s

Zelensky accuses Russia of worst crimes since WW2

In a speech to the UN Security Council he called for Russia to be held to account. Also: the International Red Cross says a major hunger crisis in Africa is going unnoticed as the world focuses on Ukraine, Elon Musk becomes a member of the board at Twitter, and Tiger Woods announces he intends to play in the US Masters this week.
05/04/2231m 6s

Russia renews military offensive in eastern Ukraine

Shelling reported in cities including Kharkiv and those in the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. Also: Landmark ICC Darfur trial begins, findings of major new air pollution study revealed and environmental education for gamers.
05/04/2229m 42s

Ukraine's president visits site of alleged atrocities

Volodymyr Zelensky visits Bucha, leaving Kyiv for the first time since the invasion began. Also: IPCC warns of dramatic climate change, and Elon Musk buys shares in Twitter.
04/04/2229m 53s

More evidence of civilian killings near Kyiv

Russia has dismissed proof of atrocities in Ukraine as Western propaganda. Also: Hong Kong's controversial chief executive, Carrie Lam, announces she'll step down in June, a new Covid-related crisis hits some of Europe's biggest airlines and the world's first robot artist on show in Venice.
04/04/2232m 21s

Zelensky says Russia is committing genocide

He said Moscow was attempting to eliminate an entire people, and described the war as the torture of an entire nation. Also, the whole Sri Lankan cabinet - with the exception of the prime minister - has stepped down as widespread protests continue, and the nightclub in London that is open just for Muslim women to party.
03/04/2227m 12s

Ukraine says it has retaken entire Kyiv region

Russian forces retreat from key towns around the capital Kyiv, including a strategic airport fought over since the start of the war. Also, Macron holds first rally as France election race tightens, and is it really windy on the Red Planet?
03/04/2230m 17s

Red Cross forced to postpone evacuation of Mariupol

The Red Cross team - due to lead a convoy out of the besieged Ukrainian city - had to turn around when conditions became "impossible". Also, UN says Yemen's warring sides agree to two-month ceasefire, and a full human genome sequence is completed for the first time.
02/04/2232m 1s

Doubts grow over Mariupol relief operation

The southern Ukrainian city has been under Russian bombardment for several weeks. Also: an oil depot is on fire in a Russian city near the border with Ukraine, and protests in Sri Lanka's capital as an economic crisis causes thirteen hour power cuts.
01/04/2231m 4s

Red Cross to lead operation to evacuate Ukrainians from Mariupol

Provided all parties agree to the exact terms, the evacuation will happen on Friday. Also: representatives from Canada's indigenous community are meeting Pope Francis to discuss historic abuse suffered at Catholic run institutions, why Bruce Willis is stepping away from acting, and how the Academy is wrestling with what to do about Will Smith after his violent behaviour at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday.
31/03/2230m 34s

UN: Russia may be guilty of war crimes in Ukraine

The United Nations Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet says Ukrainians are enduring a living nightmare. Also, trial has begun for a man accused of being among the four so-called Islamic State militants nicknamed the "Beatles". And a new report finds Facebook's algorithm pushes climate change sceptics towards disinformation and conspiracy theories.
31/03/2230m 12s

Russia launches new strikes on Ukraine after peace promise

On Tuesday Russia said it would reduce forces in Kyiv and Chernihiv, and we hear from Ukrainians trying to live a normal life. Also: British supreme court judges are withdrawing from Hong Kong's highest court, saying China's national security law made their position untenable, and Australians come together to remember cricketer Shane Warne.
30/03/2231m 43s

Western leaders urge caution on Russia’s pledge to reduce attacks on Ukraine

The US and UK warn actions are more important than words after Russian and Ukrainian peace talks in Turkey. Also: we hear from a volunteer at a Nigerian hospital following Monday’s train attack, and the Danish football player, Christian Eriksen, returns to play at the stadium he suffered a cardiac arrest during the Euros.
29/03/2229m 8s

First peace talks in two weeks

Russia says it will reduce combat operations in Kyiv and Chernihiv. Also, the British police issue fines over parties in Downing Street and the Queen appears in public at the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial.
29/03/2232m 49s

Abramovich suffered suspected poisoning at talks on Ukraine

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who has now recovered, reportedly suffered sore eyes and peeling skin. Also: Israel says regional partnership will deter Iran, and the caves being set aside for romantic bats.
28/03/2231m 24s

Ukraine outlines priorities for talks with Russia

President Zelensky has said he's prepared to discuss adopting a neutral status. The next round of face-to-face negotiations between Ukraine and Russia take place this week in Turkey. Also: an investigation has found that the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was shadowed by a government agent for almost a year before he was shot dead in Moscow in 2015, and drama at the Oscars after Will Smith takes exception to a comment about his wife's hairstyle.
28/03/2231m 26s

Ukraine urges Red Cross not to open office in Russia

Ukraine urges the Red Cross not to open an office in southern Russia, saying it legitimises forced deportations; Also Kyiv says Moscow is trying to split Ukraine in two. And China's commercial capital, Shanghai, is introducing a lockdown, as the country battles a resurgence of Coronavirus.
27/03/2235m 30s

President Biden warns of a long fight against Russian aggression

On a visit to Poland, Mr Biden said President Putin cannot remain in power. The White House said Mr Biden was not proposing regime change. Also: Afghan girls and women hold a rare protest in Kabul, urging the Taliban to reopen schools and the drummer from the Foo Fighters is found dead at the age of 50.
27/03/2229m 49s

Russia says first phase of Ukraine war's over

Russia's military says it will now focus on the Donbas region in the east. Also: a truce has been agreed by the warring sides in Ethiopia so that emergency aid can be delivered to the northern region of Tigray, and we take a look at the tour of the Caribbean by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which has caused some controversy. .
25/03/2230m 32s

Young voices special

Is the nuclear threat real? What does Putin want? Who is winning the war in Ukraine? We took questions on the invasion from young people around the world and looked for answers from BBC correspondents. Jackie Leonard speaks to Martin Forster, a senior child psychologist with the healthcare company, Kry, in Sweden. Listeners' questions are tackled by Vitaliy Shevchenko, Paul Adams, Theo Leggett, Lyse Doucet and Mark Lowen.
25/03/2235m 22s

The US and EU agree a major gas deal

The US aims to ship enough liquified natural gas to replace its supplies from Russia and President Biden arrives in Poland. Also: Tigrayan rebel forces fighting in northern Ethiopia agree to a truce to allow aid in, and the study that suggests birdsong really can make us feel better.
25/03/2233m 11s

Biden: NATO has never been more united

Mr Biden also said the international community must keep applying the pressure to Moscow until it backs down. Also, the latest from Moscow and those fleeing the conflict, and Ethiopia has declared an indefinite and unilateral humanitarian truce which it says will allow aid to get to war-torn Tigray.
24/03/2228m 16s

NATO strengthens forces along border with Ukraine

40,000 more troops will bolster security following the Russian invasion. Also, Ukrainian forces say they've destroyed a Russian landing ship, and the United Nations says four million Ukrainian children are now displaced.
24/03/2232m 52s

Special: Global News Ukrainecast part 2

A month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are collaborating with Ukrainecast again. We answer more of your questions. Jackie Leonard, presenter of the Global News Podcast, alongside Gabriel Gatehouse and Vitaliy Shevchenko from Ukrainecast, guide us through questions about civilian life in the country, military tactics, and the international response to the invasion. BBC chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet, joins us from Kyiv to talk through what is happening on the ground there, and BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, tells us the latest on the physical and information war. This episode was made by Chris Flynn. The studio director was Ash Taylor. The assistant editor was Sam Bonham.
24/03/2232m 49s

Ukraine: Nato prepares troop boost in eastern Europe

Leaders are expected to agree the increase at an emergency meeting in Brussels. Also, a top adviser to Vladimir Putin has resigned, citing the war in Ukraine, we hear from a survivor of the bombing of the theatre in the besieged city of Mariupol, and America's first female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, has died.
23/03/2232m 8s

Ukraine's President Zelensky warns of Russian attacks on nuclear plants

He made the accusation in an address to the Japanese parliament. Russia says President Putin plans to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia later this year. Also, the Taliban deny Afghan teenage girls a return to the classroom, and Ash Barty, the world's best female tennis player, retires.
23/03/2232m 40s

The UN calls Ukraine a ‘living hell’

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, has said the situation is becoming more destructive by the hour. Also, the latest on bombardments of civilian areas in Mariupol and Kyiv, and a Palestinian man has killed a number of Israelis at a shopping mall.
22/03/2228m 16s

Zelensky insists Ukraine will overcome the Russian offensive

The president's defiance comes as intense fighting continues. Also, the leading Kremlin critic, Alexei Navalny, is sentenced to nine more years in prison and hearings begin for the US Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.
22/03/2225m 27s

Kyiv hit by heavy shelling

Eight people are killed by Russian strikes on a shopping mall in Kyiv. President Zelensky says his country will not bow to Russian ultimatums. And the United States describes violence against the Rohingya by the Burmese military as genocide.
21/03/2231m 39s

Ukrainian government refuses to surrender Mariupol

Ukraine says Russia has not allowed a humanitarian corridor to be established into Mariupol after Kyiv refused to disarm its forces and surrender the besieged city. Also, Russian warships have bombarded Ukraine's biggest port, Odesa, hitting some residential buildings on the city's outskirts, and a Chinese plane carrying 132 people has crashed into hills in southwestern China.
21/03/2233m 32s

Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol given deadline to surrender

Russia calls on Ukrainians defending Mariupol to surrender - promising safe passage out of the besieged city. Also. the reaction from Israel after Ukraine's president addressed the country's parliament. Plus, how the Omicron strain has taken hold in several Chinese cities, despite the country's zero tolerance policies.
21/03/2227m 29s

More heavy street fighting in southern Ukraine

A street by street battle has been taking place for control of Mariupol. What are the prospect for peace talks? Many Ukrainians are cautious. Also, why Russia's security services are being blamed for military failures.
20/03/2228m 57s

Dozens killed in Mykolaiv as Russia attacks Ukrainian army barracks

The Ukrainians are continuing to defend Mykolaiv as Russian forces group outside it. Also: President Biden warns Xi Jinping of "consequences" if China backs Russia's war in Ukraine, and wildfire smoke linked to Arctic melting.
19/03/2231m 7s

Western Ukraine comes under assault

Ukrainian authorities say there has been a Russian missile strike outside Lviv. Also: Poland continues to welcome Ukrainian refugees and Facebook's parent company Meta is facing legal pressure in Australia to act against scammers.
18/03/2224m 54s

Putin lays out his demands for a peace deal with Ukraine

The Russian president rang his Turkish counterpart and told him what Russia's precise demands were. Also: Russian forces release the mayor of Melitopol who was abducted earlier in the week, and Nasa's giant new moon rocket makes its debut.
18/03/2227m 15s

"Tear down this wall!" says President Zelensky

Ukrainian leader evokes Berlin Wall in address to German Parliament. Also: Ukrainians post videos of captured Russian troops and a baby is born on the frontline.
17/03/2228m 42s

Russia bombs theatre in Ukraine sheltering 'hundreds of people'

The Russian word for "children" was reportedly painted in huge white letters on the pavement outside the building in Mariupol. Also: President Biden promises a further eight hundred million dollars in military aid to Ukraine.
17/03/2228m 35s

President Zelensky addresses the US Congress

An emotional appeal for help to fight the Russians. Also, Iran releases Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe and Afghan children face starvation.
16/03/2232m 20s

Kyiv imposes a 35 hour curfew as Russia continues its attacks

President Volodomyr Zelensky of Ukraine has thanked the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia for travelling to Kyiv to meet him - despite the continuing bombardment by Russian forces. Also: Nato has convened an emergency meeting next week, and the dangers facing those who are trying to escape the besieged southern port of Mariupol.
16/03/2225m 12s

Ukraine: Leaders from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia travel to Kyiv

The prime ministers are entering the besieged capital city, as President Volodymyr Zelensky calls for greater practical support. Also, the EU and Britain lay new sanctions against Russia. And a court in the Indian state of Karnataka upholds a ban on wearing hijabs in schools.
15/03/2226m 16s

Convoy of civilians escapes besieged Mariupol

A convoy of 150 vehicles left Mariupol but has not yet reached its intended destination. Also, Russia continues its bombardment of civilian and military targets across Ukraine, and Russian state TV employee storms news broadcast with 'no war' protest.
15/03/2228m 46s

Ukraine: Fighting continues despite talks

Ukraine calls for tougher sanctions. Also, China dismisses reports Russia asked for assistance and Khrushchev’s great granddaughter speaks out on President Putin’s use of history.
14/03/2230m 34s

Russia strikes Ukraine army base near Polish border

At least 35 people killed and dozens injured in missile attack in Yavoriv. Both sides say talks to try to end the war could make further progress within days. Also: Iran's Revolutionary Guards say they carried out a missile attack near US consulate in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, American actor William Hurt dies aged 71 and a western takes top honours at Britain's Bafta film awards.
14/03/2229m 7s

Evacuation convoy attacked outside Kyiv

Ukrainian officials say seven people, including women and children, were killed. Also: Saudi blogger freed after decade in prison, the new Deltacron Covid variant and why are Russian classical music composers so influential?
13/03/2231m 38s

Biden says the US will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US administration has pursued an increasingly aggressive sanctions campaign against Vladimir Putin and his country. Also: the UN says it's not aware of any biological weapons programme in Ukraine, and Gabriel Boric -- a former student protest leader -- has been sworn in as Chile's youngest ever president.
12/03/2231m 55s

Russia widens attacks on Ukrainian cities

Lutsk, Dnipro and Ivano-Frankivsk are among those targeted and President Putin calls for Syrian volunteer fighters to join the invasion. Also, we hear from Irpin, where thousands of people emerge from bombed houses and basements, and the Chinese city of Changchun imposes a strict Covid lockdown.
11/03/2233m 55s

Ukraine: Mariupol 'running out of food and water'

Charities warn of a humanitarian crisis in the besieged city of Mariupol. We report from the frontline of the battle for Kharkiv. Also, EU leaders meet to discuss how to increase pressure on Russia to end the war, and new research shows coronavirus came from an animal market, not a laboratory.
10/03/2231m 11s

No progress at Kyiv-Moscow talks

Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers fail to agree an end to the war in first high-level negotiations since invasion began. Also, as the UK imposes sanctions on Roman Abramovich, what does it mean for Chelsea football club? Narendra Modi's party triumphs in India's bellwether state and Dolly Parton on her debut novel.
10/03/2232m 5s

Zelensky says Russian bombing of children's hospital in Ukraine is a war crime

The Ukrainian authorities say the strike destroyed the maternity and children's wards in the hospital complex in Mariupol. Also, western officials are concerned that Russia could deploy non-conventional weapons in Ukraine, and a man who was given a genetically modified pig heart has died.
10/03/2231m 42s

New ceasefire agreement allows some civilians to leave Ukraine

Thousands of people leave Sumy in the north-east. But Ukraine's president accuses Russian forces of continuing to attack civilians. Also, the Chernobyl nuclear plant, which is under Russian control, has lost its power supply, and in other news, Shackleton's lost ship is found in the Antarctic.
09/03/2227m 51s

Zelensky vows to fight Russia in 'forests, fields and shores'

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has given an unprecedented address to British MPs in the House of Commons. Also, US "surprised" by Poland fighter jets offer, and will it be possible to spot the early signs of pancreatic cancer by changes in gut microbes?
09/03/2232m 0s

Special: Global News Ukrainecast

BBC correspondents tackle questions from listeners around the world about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Jackie Leonard speaks to Gabriel Gatehouse, Vitaliy Shevchenko, Lyse Doucet and James Landale.
08/03/2237m 16s

Russia allows some evacuations from besieged cities

A humanitarian corridor in the north-eastern city of Sumy is largely holding. Also: Shell announces its complete withdrawal from Russian oil and gas; and the role of social media in documenting troop movements and human rights abuses in Ukraine.
08/03/2225m 57s

UN aid chief calls for safe passage of civilians from Ukraine

Martin Griffiths has called for fleeing Ukrainian civilians to be allowed to leave in the direction they want. Also, what is the significance of the Z symbol on the Russian tanks, and brain changes seen after mild Covid-19 infection.
08/03/2231m 5s

Ukraine rejects Russia's proposals for civilians escaping the bombing

Ukraine says the idea they travel to Russia or Belarus is "completely immoral". Also, energy prices surge and stock markets fall, and on the outskirts of Kyiv a wedding takes place among the barricades.
07/03/2232m 24s

Ukraine reinforces defences in Kyiv

The Ukrainian army reinforces the defences of the capital Kyiv as the Russian military continues its attacks. Also the International Atomic Energy Agency expresses concern over two nuclear power plants in Ukraine. And more than three thousand people in Russia are arrested for protesting against the war.
06/03/2232m 7s

Ukraine: Mass evacuation near Kyiv

The town of Irpin, just 25 km outside Kyiv, is being evacuated amid heavy shelling. Also, President Volodymyr Zelensky pleads for US military aid. And a Taliban leader, facing a $10 million FBI bounty, makes a rare public appearance in Kabul
06/03/2226m 28s

US Secretary of State Blinken: 'Russia using brutal methods against Ukraine'

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Ukrainians have shown great resilience in the face of "tremendous humanitarian suffering." Also, Nato says it has strengthened its defence capabilities, but once again rejects calls for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. And we look back at the life and career of the legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne.
05/03/2229m 30s

Ukraine nuclear power plant attacked and captured

The International Atomic Energy Agency says there's been no radiation leak and the Russian army have been tightening their siege of several cities. Also: Russia's parliament decrees those deemed guilty of spreading fake news on Ukraine could go to jail for 15 years, and the Australian cricketer Shane Warne has died at the age of fifty two.
04/03/2233m 4s

Putin claims invasion is going to plan

The Russian president was speaking as his troops stepped up their attacks and civilians continued to bear the brunt of the fighting. Also, the head of Ukraine's biggest gas corporation says it is time the West weaned itself off Russian energy, and the threat of a new type of war, in cyberspace.
04/03/2231m 49s

Ukraine conflict: Russian forces take control of Kherson

The southern port is the first major city to be occupied. Russia's foreign minister says Ukraine's desire to join Nato threatened Russia's security. The UN says a million people have already fled the country. Also, the International Criminal Court begins an investigation into possible war crimes in Ukraine, and athletes from Russia and Belarus will not now be allowed to compete in the Paralympic Winter Games.
03/03/2232m 3s

UN General Assembly condemns Russian invasion

Just five countries opposed resolution demanding Russian forces withdraw from Ukraine. The port of Kherson becomes the first major Ukrainian city to be taken by invading forces. Also, world leaders agree historic plastic pollution pledge and a new mobile phone Covid swab test.
03/03/2228m 35s

Ukraine conflict: Russia intensifies its assault

Ukrainian emergency services estimate more than 2,000 people have been killed since the invasion began. Also, the UN says nearly 900,000 people have left Ukraine, the governing body of the Paralympics confirms that Russian and Belarusian athletes can compete at the winter games in Beijing, and we hear from Ukrainians at home and abroad, caught up in the conflict.
02/03/2231m 3s

Ukrainian president warns his country can't win the war with Russia on its own

Volodymyr Zelensky is urging Nato to rethink its refusal to impose a no-fly zone. Also: the UN launches an appeal to provide humanitarian aid to fleeing Ukrainians, and several sporting federations ban athletes from Russia and Belarus.
02/03/2232m 29s

Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes in Kharkiv

President Zelensky says missile and rocket attacks amount to state terrorism. Also, the Russian foreign minister suggests the invasion is about preventing Ukraine from developing nuclear weapons, Russia’s one-time richest man gives us his take on Vladimir Putin’s mindset, and the Munich Philharmonic sacks its star conductor over his ties to the Russian president.
01/03/2235m 37s

Fighting continues despite Ukraine ceasefire talks

The cities of Kharkiv and Chernihiv suffer fierce shelling despite talks between Ukraine and Russia. Also, ICC prosecutor to investigate possible war crimes in Ukraine, and Fifa and Uefa suspend all Russian football teams.
01/03/2232m 57s

Half a million Ukrainians flee Russian invasion

Poland says 250,000 are being processed for entry. Also, Moscow's stock exchange fails to open and the value of the rouble plummets, and a major new climate report has found that global warming is already causing dangerous disruption affecting billions of people.
28/02/2232m 6s

Putin places Russia's nuclear forces on high alert

Nato condemns the move on the fourth day of the Ukrainian invasion. Also, the energy giant BP says it is divesting its 20% stake in the Russian Rosneft company, and the European Union bans Russian state media outlets from broadcasting to its member-states.
27/02/2230m 20s

Ukrainians in Kyiv face another night in bomb shelters

The capital of Ukraine is still resisting the Russian advance. Also, chaos at a railway station near the Polish border as Ukrainians continue to flee the country, and Germany has decided to supply anti-tank weapons to Ukrainian forces in a major policy change.
27/02/2232m 42s

Ukraine's Zelensky asks citizens to resist and Europe to do more

The second day of fighting saw Russian tanks advancing on the capital Kyiv. Also, the US, EU, UK and Canada freeze the assets of the Russian president and his foreign minister over Ukraine, and more false conflict images shared online.
26/02/2227m 22s

Ukraine conflict: Kyiv braces for Russian assault

The sound of gunfire has echoed through Ukraine's capital. Also: The European Union has announced new sanctions to freeze Vladimir Putin's personal assets in Europe and The Kremlin says that Russia is ready for talks
25/02/2228m 6s

Ukraine conflict: Fighting rages near Kyiv

Ukraine's army tries to repel a full-scale Russian invasion. We hear from our correspondents on the front line in the east, and in the capital, Kyiv. Also, a Ukrainian MP tells us he is ready for battle, and the US and EU announce further sanctions against Moscow.
25/02/2224m 51s

Ukraine under full-scale Russian attack

Ukraine's president says a new iron curtain is falling and closing Russia off from the civilised world. We hear from ordinary Ukrainians, who are now living in fear. We get the view from Ukraine's neighbour, Estonia, and reaction from people in Russia.
24/02/2223m 54s

War in Europe: Russia invades Ukraine

Nato secretary general condemns Russian attack on Ukraine as a cold-blooded invasion. How did events develop overnight and what is the outlook? This Special edition podcast has been reuploaded to include the correct clip of Volodymyr Zelensky, after an incorrect clip was used earlier in error.
24/02/2233m 4s

US warns of imminent Russian attack on Ukraine

Kyiv imposes nationwide state of emergency. Also: the World Food Programme warns that Yemen is at risk of losing all humanitarian aid and South Korea records its lowest birth rate since records began.
23/02/2228m 9s

While Moscow celebrates its armed forces, Ukraine is about to declare a state of emergency

Ukraine's state of emergency would last for at least 30 days. Also; America's maternal mortality rate rises to its highest level in fifty years, and do we re-live some of our best moments at the time of our death?
23/02/2229m 42s

President Biden announces new Russia sanctions

The US president criticised Moscow's order to deploy troops to eastern Ukraine. The upper house of parliament in Russia has authorised President Putin to use the military abroad. Also, a Japanese court makes a landmark ruling on compensation for victims of a forced sterilisation campaign; and Gary Brooker, the man best known for the song A Whiter Shade of Pale, has died aged 76.
23/02/2226m 48s

Ukraine's President says security of Europe at stake

Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, says it could cut all diplomatic links with Russia, after Moscow recognises the independence of two breakaway regions. Also Germany suspends the gas pipeline Nord Stream Two in retaliation against Moscow. And the authorities in Hong Kong have declared that they'll test everyone in the territory for Coronavirus.
22/02/2227m 1s

Putin recognises Ukraine separatist regions as independent states

Russian troops are ordered to perform "peacekeeping functions" in Donetsk and Luhansk, raising fears they may cross the border. Also: England is ending Covid-19 isolation laws, and Chile is to return a Moai carved statue to Easter Island.
22/02/2229m 35s

The Kremlin plays down reports of 'meeting' with Joe Biden

Shuttle diplomacy continues, as war in Ukraine looms. Also: Australia finally reopens to the world after nearly two years and Apple hosts a platform for Trump supporters.
21/02/2229m 42s

US sounds fresh alarm over Ukraine invasion fears

The US secretary of state Antony Blinken says Russia is "on the brink" of invading amid reports of an imminent attack. Also: Credit Suisse denies wrongdoing after big data leak, and lime wars in Mexico.
21/02/2230m 45s

British PM says Russia plans biggest war in Europe since 1945

The British PM Boris Johnson tells the BBC that intelligence suggests Russia intends to launch an invasion encircling Kyiv. Also: Canadian police push back demonstrators in Ottawa, and the prestigious library in the Iraqi city of Mosul rises from the ashes after being destroyed by Islamic State militants.
20/02/2230m 21s

Biden 'convinced' Putin has decided to invade Ukraine

The US president Joe Biden said an invasion into Ukraine by Russia could happen in days and the capital Kyiv will be a target. Also: Canadian police move in to end protests in Ottawa, and Covid-19 shutdown linked to record rainfall in China.
19/02/2230m 27s

Tensions rise further in eastern Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is to oversee nuclear missile drills on Saturday. Also: 38 Indians sentenced to death over 2008 bombings, and six African countries to produce their own mRNA Covid vaccines.
18/02/2229m 42s

US warns Russian invasion would destabilise region

The US secretary of state has urged Moscow to formally announce that it will not invade, while the Kremlin has warned of a "military-technical" response if its demands are not met. Also: Donald Trump has been ordered to give evidence under oath to a state investigation into alleged fraud at the former president's family business, and what can the sounds of marine life tell us about climate change?
18/02/2224m 14s

Clerical sex abuse in Italy

Why is an abuser still working as a priest? We have a special BBC investigation. Also: French military withdraw from Mali after nine years, reports of shelling in Ukraine's Donbas region and the original manuscript of The Little Prince on display for the first time.
17/02/2231m 58s

'No sign of Russian military de-escalation'

The Ukrainian President vows his country would fight back if Russia invades; Soul searching in the US as a man is finally released from prison.....and how a religious work of art has caused serious anger in a small town in southern Italy.
17/02/2231m 34s

Ukraine: No sign yet of Russian withdrawal

NATO says Russian military build-up appears to be continuing. Also: EU court dismisses Poland and Hungary's rule of law challenge and we pay tribute to the celebrated American commentator, PJ O'Rourke, who's died.
16/02/2231m 45s

Prince Andrew settles civil sex assault case

Out of court settlement reached with the woman who'd accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. Also; US guns manufacturer held liable for a mass shooting, and gay dating app in India used for homophobic attacks.
16/02/2228m 0s

Novak Djokovic breaks silence over vaccine refusal

He says he's willing to miss major tournaments rather than receive a Covid jab.  In an exclusive BBC interview, Djokovic distances himself from the anti-vaccination movement, but insists everyone has the right to choose what to put in their body.  Also: Russia Ukraine diplomacy continues, and the secrets to living to 100.
15/02/2231m 4s

Ukraine president says his country is ready to fight for freedom

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has called for calm. The United States has insisted there is still space for diplomacy and Russia continues to deny it's planning to invade. Also: the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is invoking the emergencies act to give his government extra powers to tackle anti-vaccine protests, and can teaching people about good sex help them have safe sex?
14/02/2229m 55s

Final Western diplomatic push over Ukraine

German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, flies to Kiev and Moscow amid fears of imminent Russian invasion. Also: the Russian ice skater who failed a drugs test is allowed to compete at the Winter Olympics, the leader of the Ladies in White Cuban dissident group is arrested in Havana and tributes are paid to Ghostbusters director, Ivan Reitman, who's died.
14/02/2230m 44s

Ukraine seeks meeting with Russia within 48 hours

Ukraine accuses Russia of ignoring requests to explain a build-up of Russian troops on its border. Also: Canadian police clear protestors from bridge at Windsor, and Swiss approve tobacco ad ban years after most European countries.
14/02/2230m 43s

Biden and Putin speak as tensions rise over Ukraine

President Biden told the Russian leader Vladimir Putin that the US and its allies would impose "swift and severe costs" if Russia invaded Ukraine. Also: Hugo Torres - a leading opponent of the Nicaraguan president - has died in prison, and Barry Manilow songs are used to try to disperse vaccine protestors in New Zealand
13/02/2224m 12s

US warns Russian invasion of Ukraine could begin within days

The White House says Moscow now has the troops in place to invade Ukraine "at any time". Also: Canada court orders end to trucker bridge blockade, and record high deforestation of Amazon in January.
12/02/2228m 14s

Russian figure skater's failed drug test confirmed

Russia defends the participation of Kamila Valieva at the winter Olympics. The teenager helped her team win Monday's team figure skating event, but the medal was not awarded. Also: The WHO says a measles outbreak has killed dozens of children in Afghanistan, and life could exist on a planet with a dying sun.
11/02/2229m 31s

Russia continues its build-up along Ukraine's borders

The British prime minister Boris Johnson said that Europe faced its biggest security crisis in decades. Also: the head of the London Metropolitan police Cressida Dick resigns after a series of damaging controversies, and Luc Montagnier -- co-discoverer of HIV, dies aged 89.
11/02/2230m 57s

Russian military exercises in Belarus get underway

Ukraine describes them as amounting to "psychological pressure". Also: voting begins in India's most populous state, and the Canadian truck convoy against Covid restrictions remains at a standstill.
10/02/2232m 20s

Protests over a ban on Muslim headscarfs in Southern India

Schoolgirls demonstrations spread to the rest of the country and beyond. Also: trouble for the Premier League footballer who kicked his cat, and Jamaica's bobsleigh team braves the cold at the Winter Olympics once again
09/02/2225m 36s

Scientists make nuclear fusion breakthrough

The possibility of almost unlimited carbon-free energy is brought a step closer. Also: British lawmakers find leaving the European Union has so far been harmful to trade, and pressure grows for a footballer to be censured after he's caught kicking his cat.
09/02/2229m 48s

Diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis floated by President Macron.

Meanwhile Russia deploys assault ships to the Ukrainian coast; US justice department arrests a couple on suspicion of laundering over 3.6 billion dollars worth of bitcoin and scientists say having more sleep at night could help you lose weight.
09/02/2224m 22s

UN: Millions face hunger in the Horn of Africa

UN's World Food Programme says Covid and conflict make the impact of the drought worse in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. The WFP is asking for more than three hundred million dollars in aid after three rainy seasons failed to materialise. Also: Jewish worshippers go undercover at Jersualem's Al- Aqsa Mosque, and China's American-born snow princess takes gold - but no politics, please.
08/02/2230m 44s

Russian and French presidents discuss Ukraine

Both sides say the talks between Presidents Putin and Macron in Moscow were constructive. President Biden and Germany's Chancellor Scholz have also been meeting in Washington. Also: a state of emergency grips the Canadian capital; and the Razzies nominations are out for the worst films of 2021.
08/02/2231m 24s

Ukraine Crisis: Macron visits Moscow

The French President says a deal to avoid conflict is possible. Also: Firefighters in Kenya battle a huge blaze in the famous Aberdare National Park, and a paralysed man who beat the odds twice - first he walked, then he became a dad.
07/02/2231m 14s

India bids farewell to legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar

The Bollywood star beloved by Indians around the world is cremated with full state honours. Also: North Korea funding missile projects with stolen cryptocurrency, and the future of Neighbours -- the Australian soap opera is under threat after being dropped by a UK television network.
07/02/2224m 55s

Queen Elizabeth marks 70 years on the British throne

Queen Elizabeth wants Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, to be known as Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes King. Also: tragic end for boy trapped in Moroccan well, and second storm in weeks hits Madagascar.
06/02/2232m 21s

The Beijing Winter Olympics begin

It was a toned-down opening ceremony at the Bird's Nest stadium; we look at the row in India over headscarves in schools. Also; the astronomers fighting back against satellite light pollution
04/02/2226m 3s

China's President Xi Jinping opens 2022 Winter Olympics

The head of the International Olympic Committee thanked China for making the Games happen. Also: scientists in South Africa who've produced a Covid vaccine similar to that made by Moderna say they hope to begin trials by the end of the year, and a team prepares to leave to search for Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance.
04/02/2228m 45s

President Biden says IS leader blew himself up

The president said the raid had removed a major terrorist threat. Also; US says Russia may create pretext for an attack on Ukraine, and how giving Disney an idea made a dream come true for an English girl.
04/02/2229m 1s

President Biden says the leader of the Islamic State group has been killed in Syria

Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed in a raid by US special forces in the Syrian province of Idlib. Also: Turkey's leader visits Kyiv in an effort to ease the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and scientists begin the trial of a vaccine to protect elephants from a deadly disease.
03/02/2229m 38s

US boosts troops in Europe amid Ukraine tensions

President Biden authorises the deployment of 3,000 soldiers to Poland and Romania. Also: experts say they may have pinpointed the cause of so-called 'Havana Syndrome' which has afflicted a number of US officials and diplomats around the world, and we celebrate the life of the Italian film actress Monica Vitti.
02/02/2229m 46s

Afghan universities reopen with trickle of women attending

Enforced gender segregation as universities open for first since Taliban seized power. Also: European Commission declares nuclear and gas to be green with certain conditions; and details on a huge lightning bolt which breaks record for longest ever recorded.
02/02/2228m 26s

Ukraine tensions: Russia's President lambasts the US

President Putin says Russian security concerns are being ignored. Also: another attempted coup in the West African state of Guinea-Bissau; and NFL legend, Tom Brady, announces his retirement.
02/02/2231m 17s

UN: Myanmar in a state of civil war

The UN Human Rights Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, says the situation in Myanmar is catastrophic and threatens regional stability. Also, Ukraine expands its army by 100 thousand troops, and a major engineering prize for the man who invented the world's strongest permanent magnet.
01/02/2230m 59s

British Prime Minister Johnson says sorry

His apology came after the publication of a report into lockdown-breaching parties. Also: US and Russian diplomats have clashed over Ukraine in a heated session of the UN security council, and Mali has expelled the French ambassador in a row over security.
31/01/2228m 42s

Myanmar prepares to mark the first anniversary of its military coup

Burmese people reflect on a year of violence and hardship. We hear voices of resistance and exile. Also: a fresh start for the footballer Christian Eriksen -- who collapsed during last summer's Euros, the latest from flood-stricken Malawi, and saying goodbye to one man's best friend.
31/01/2230m 55s

Rafael Nadal makes tennis history

Spain's Rafa Nadal wins his 21st and record breaking Grand Slam at the Australian Open. Also: North Korea's state news agency says the country launched an intermediate ballistic missile which is thought to be its most powerful for five years. And, the acclaimed Spanish filmaker, Pedro Almodavar on why it's time for him to address his country's civil war.
31/01/2232m 41s

Italy president re-elected amid successor row

The Italian president Sergio Mattarella has agreed to serve a second term after coalition parties failed to put forward a compromise candidate. Also; death sentences for the murder of UN experts in DR Congo, and the Desert Island Discs radio programme turns eighty.
30/01/2231m 58s

US says the Russian troop build-up near Ukraine is the largest since the Cold War

The top US military official, General Mark Milley, said the forces Russia had assembled on Ukraine's borders, could cause significant casualties if they were unleashed, especially in urban areas. Also: Oxford University estimates that ten billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have now been administered around the world, and what is happening to the Disney icon Minnie Mouse?
29/01/2229m 51s

Russia's Foreign Minister says Moscow doesn't want war with Ukraine

Sergei Lavrov was responding to US proposals to resolve the crisis. He said Moscow would however defend its interests. Also: Health experts call for more to be done to help the billions of people who still haven't had a Covid jab, and Australia has promised to spend a further seven hundred million dollars to save the Great Barrier Reef.
28/01/2229m 47s

Russia-Ukraine: On the brink of war?

Our experts in Moscow, Kyiv and London answer your questions about the crisis.
28/01/2234m 2s

US urges China to 'influence' Russia against Ukraine invasion

A US State department official said Western countries were unified in wanting a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis but she said the costs must be swift and severe for Russia if it took military action. Also: Honduras' first female president sworn in, and scientists find "spooky" object in Milky Way.
28/01/2229m 36s

Fukushima youth sue after developing cancer

Six Japanese plaintiffs say they got cancer from radiation exposure after the 2011 nuclear disaster. Also, Honduras swears in its first female president; and why Spotify is removing the music of Neil Young.
27/01/2226m 37s

US and Nato tell Russia they will not compromise

Washington says it will not bow to Moscow's security demands on eastern Europe. Also, some of Italy's largest companies have held a controversial video conference with Vladimir Putin, amid the escalating tensions over Ukraine; and conservationists have discovered hundreds of new species in South East Asia.
26/01/2227m 40s

Kurdish forces say they have retaken Syrian prison

Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces say they have retaken a prison attacked by IS militants. IS overran the jail and tried to free the prisoners, some of whom are hundreds of children. Also, Thailand and Saudi Arabia end a 30-year row over a scandal involving stolen jewels; and why Disney has been criticised over a remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
26/01/2227m 48s

Could President Putin face personal sanctions over Ukraine stand-off?

The West ratchets up warnings to Russia against invading Ukraine. The International Monetary Fund is downbeat about global economic growth citing inflation and the pandemic. Also: Plans to criminalise medical treatments that try to restore the appearance of virginity.
26/01/2230m 37s

British police to investigate lockdown parties at PM's official residence

Boris Johnson welcomes the investigation. But a spokesperson says the prime minister does not believe he has broken any coronavirus laws. Also, Russia accuses the US of stoking tensions over Ukraine, and one of the most remote museums in the world reopens.
25/01/2229m 59s

US troops on high alert over Ukraine

The Pentagon says 8,500 combat-ready US troops are on high alert to deploy at short notice amid rising tension over Ukraine. Also, the army in Burkina Faso says it has removed President Roch Kabore from office, and the penguins highlighting climate change in Antarctica.
25/01/2230m 46s

Ukraine crisis: Nato sends more planes and ships to Eastern Europe

Nato says it's to reinforce its defences, and for the purposes of deterrence. The Kremlin has accused Nato of escalating tensions. Also: reports from Burkina Faso say the president has been detained by the military; and Julian Assange wins the right to ask the British Supreme Court to block his extradition to the US.
24/01/2229m 51s

Burkina Faso soldiers mutiny at barracks

Protesters set fire to the ruling party's headquarters. Also: Taliban leaders are in Norway seeking aid for Afghanistan, and why are images of God so controversial?
24/01/2228m 43s

Fierce battle between IS militants and Kurdish forces in Syria

IS fighters attacked a prison where thousands of jihadists are held. Also, Kiribati imposes its first lockdown, and the robot vacuum cleaner that got away.
23/01/2226m 50s

Yemen: scores killed in air strike on prison

Saudi-led coalition steps up air strikes on Houthi rebel targets. Also: there's cautious optimism as Russia and the US agree to futher talks over Ukraine, and Che Guevera's daughter publishes a book of his very personal letters.
22/01/2231m 6s

Ukraine tension: US and Russia hold talks

Both sides said they were open to further dialogue. Also, the UN says initial estimates of the effects of Typhoon Rai that hit the Philippines last month badly underestimated the damage it caused and, tributes are paid to the singer Meatloaf who's died aged 74.
21/01/2229m 25s

Many feared dead after huge explosion in Ghana

Videos show many destroyed buildings near the mining town of Bogoso. Also: Ukraine hits back at Biden amid Russia tensions, and teenage pilot Zara Rutherford completes solo round the world record.
21/01/2230m 45s

Former Pope Benedict accused of failing to act over child abuse cases

Report claims he failed to act to prevent abuse when he was Archbishop of Munich. Also, the ICRC is targeted by cyber hackers and, the first aid flights arrive in Tonga.
20/01/2231m 5s

Biden believes Putin will 'move in' on Ukraine

The US President has warned that Washington will do significant harm to Russia if it decides to invade Ukraine. Also: DR Congo inmates found guilty of rape during prison riot, and airlines cancel dozens of flights to the US because of safety concerns surrounding aircraft altimeters and 5G technology.
20/01/2229m 0s

British PM under increasing pressure to go

Boris Johnson is accused of misleading people about lockdown parties; US urges Russia to take "peaceful path" as fears mount of a new invasion of Ukraine. And we remember the ground breaking life of the African American journalist André Leon Talley.
19/01/2227m 58s

Washington says Moscow could 'at any point launch an attack on Ukraine'

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, will meet his Russian counterpart on Friday to warn Moscow to de-escalate the situation. Also, the rollout of 5G technology at US airports is postponed, and a Rome villa with Caravaggio mural fails to sell.
19/01/2230m 26s

Tonga says it has been hit by an 'unprecedented disaster'

The Pacific island nation of Tonga was hit by volcanic eruption and tsunami. Also, US airline bosses are worried about 5G. And some of the world's best known cricketers get a telling off.
18/01/2224m 33s

UAE condemns Houthi attack in Abu Dhabi as 'heinous crime'

The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi militia in Yemen. Also, a distress signal has been detected in low-lying Tongan islands after volcano eruption, and the Scottish poet Robert Burns ignored advice not to write in Scots.
18/01/2228m 44s

Tonga tsunami: Anxious wait for news and aid

There are reports of significant damage and no mass casualties. Communications with the country are extremely limited. Also, thousands are without power as the US is hit by a winter storm, and a suspect is identified over Anne Frank’s betrayal.
17/01/2230m 6s

President Biden says hostage-taking at synagogue was act of terror

President Biden says the hostage-taking at a Texas synagogue was an act of terror. Also New Zealand sends a plane to Tonga to assess the damage caused by the volcanic eruption and tsunami. And the Australian Open tennis gets underway without Novak Djokovic.
16/01/2228m 24s

Tsunami waves reach Hawaii and Japan

An underwater volcano erupts near Tonga. Also: worshippers at a synagogue in Texas are taken hostage and Nino Cerruti, one of Italy's great fashion designers, has died at the age of 91.
15/01/2230m 15s

US warns Russia preparing for war in Ukraine

Moscow denies the claim which followed a cyber attack on Ukrainian government websites. Also: Malians rally after army calls for protests over ECOWAS sanctions, Google's UK boss on hybrid working and French dressing freed from strict US rules.
15/01/2230m 44s

Australia cancels Novak Djokovic's visa again

His lawyers are trying to prevent his deportation. Also: the Ukrainian government is hit by a major cyber-attack, and Britain's Prime Minister apologises to the Queen for two lockdown parties the night before Prince Philip's funeral.
14/01/2229m 43s

Chinese spy 'infiltrated' UK parliament

MI5 says Christine Lee engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. Also: Prince Andrew loses military titles and use of HRH, the murders of a family who fought to protect endangered turtles, and French bakers in pain over cut-price supermarket baguettes.
14/01/2231m 40s

Germany convicts Syrian of crimes against humanity

The trial of Anwar Raslan was the world's first criminal case over state-led torture in Syria. Also: terrified Afghan teachers still hiding from Taliban and Be My Baby singer Ronnie Spector dies aged seventy-eight.
13/01/2231m 58s

Prince Andrew to face sex assault case

Queen Elizabeth's son is to face a civil case in the US after decision by judge; Israel detains what it claims is an Iranian spy ring. And the couple on their first date who were trapped together for four days.
12/01/2227m 8s

British PM apologises for attending lockdown drinks party

The British prime minister Boris Johnson faces calls to resign after lockdown party apology. Also: Russia talks to Nato in Brussels, and planting the right trees for red squirrels.
12/01/2226m 38s

Biden pushes for voting reforms

President Joe Biden says changing the way elections are held is crucial to saving US democracy. Also, Liberia places an entire ministry under investigation following allegations of corruption, and Palestinian militants accuse Israel of using dolphins for military purposes.
11/01/2226m 24s

Half of Europe to catch Omicron, says WHO

The World Health Organization warns that more than half the population of Europe will be infected with the Omicron variant within the next two months. Also, Kazakhstan's president says a Russian-led force he invited to quell unrest will begin leaving on Thursday, and doctors in the United States have carried out a pioneering operation to give a man a genetically modified heart of a pig.
11/01/2232m 12s

Is it game set and match to Novak Djokovic?

The tennis world number one wins his fight to stay in Australia; Moscow and Washington discuss Russia's troop build-up near Ukraine....and.....are badgers better treasure hunters than their human counterparts ?
11/01/2229m 26s

Djokovic wins Australia court battle

Lawyers for the tennis star Novak Djokovic argued in court that his visa cancellation at Melbourne airport was unreasonable. Also: Russia-US talks on Ukraine may prove crucial, and a huge fossilised "sea dragon" is found in UK reservoir.
10/01/2229m 2s

Twice postponed showcase of African football starts in Cameroon

The 2021 African football Cup of Nations kicks off with host victory; A fire at an apartment building in New York has killed at least nineteen people....and in Saudi Arabia...women get a bespoke showcase for their ships of the desert.
10/01/2230m 32s

Controversy for tennis star Djokovic

Photographs show the tennis player at events when his lawyers say he tested positive for Covid. It is unclear whether he knew he had Covid when the photos were taken. His lawyers argue he had been given an exemption for the Australian Open because of the confirmed case. We hear from a former Australian minister who says that that exemption doesn't exist. Also: an airstrike on a refugee camp in northern Ethiopia kills dozens, and how Turkmenistan hopes to close the "Gates of Hell".
08/01/2225m 12s

Hollywood trailblazer, Sidney Poitier, dies aged 94

The US-Bahamian star was the first black man to win a best actor Oscar. Also: the white killers of a black jogger in the US State of Georgia are sentenced to life in prison; and scientists pull animal DNA out of thin air.
08/01/2228m 51s

Kazakh president orders troops to fire without warning

The crackdown comes after he said '20,000 bandits' had attacked the country's biggest city. Opposition activists have dismissed the allegation. Also: a warning that the world could see a threefold increase in dementia by 2050, and the excitement reaches fever pitch in Cameroon as it prepares to host its first Africa Cup of Nations for half a century.
07/01/2231m 18s

President Biden condemns rioters who stormed Capitol building

On the anniversary of the attack Joe Biden said it was an armed insurrection. Also: violent clashes have been continuing in Kazakhstan's main city, Almaty, and Serbia's president says he will fight for "justice and truth" for Novak Djokovic.
06/01/2229m 16s

Biden attacks Trump’s ‘web of lies’

A year on, Joe Biden blames his predecessor for last January’s attack on the Capitol. Also, Novak Djokovic sits it out in detention as the row rumbles on over the world’s number one male tennis player; and Leonardo DiCaprio has a tree named after him – we hear why.
06/01/2234m 24s

Kazakhstan calls for Russian help amid unrest

A Russian-led military alliance will send a peacekeeping force to Kazakhstan, as nationwide protests escalate. Also, Australia cancels visa of tennis star Novak Djokovic, and British army officer Preet Chandi completes solo South Pole trek.
06/01/2229m 34s

Kazakhstan protests over rising fuel prices

Unprecedented anti-government demonstrations are spreading across Kazakhstan - sparked by rising fuel prices. Also, Hong Kong brings in strict new rules to combat Covid - in line with the rest of China. And there's anger in Australia over Novak Djokovic's medical exemption from a Covid jab, allowing him to compete in this month's Australian Open.
05/01/2229m 35s

US reports 1m Covid cases in a single day

US officials warn the peak of a fast-spreading Omicron surge is still to come. Also: Poland to build fence on its border with Belarus, and Thailand's Maya Bay beach reopens to tourists
05/01/2229m 43s

China forces a city of more than a million people into lockdown

The move comes after just 3 people test positive for the coronavirus. Also:The former Silicon Valley star, Elizabeth Holmes is convicted of fraud against those who invested in her start up Theranos, and a James Bond car has been found 25 years after it was stolen,
04/01/2226m 48s

WHO warns that Omicron will not be the last coronavirus variant

The World Health Organization says it is vital that vaccines are distributed more fairly around the world. Also: Haiti PM survived assassination attempt, and David Bowie's estate sells the publishing rights to his entire body of work.
04/01/2233m 57s

India: Millions of teenagers in Covid vaccination push

Teenagers in India begin receiving Covid vaccines as the country tries to contain its sharpest ever surge in infections; Turkey inflation surges 36 per cent amid financial turmoil, and 'Emily in Paris' Ukraine complains over Kyiv character stereotype.
03/01/2228m 1s

Sudan Prime Minister resigns after mass protests

Abdalla Hamdok quits just weeks after he was reinstated; fire rips through the South African parliament. And: the dark side of Avocados.
02/01/2234m 10s

South Africa bids farewell to Desmond Tutu

President Cyril Ramaphosa described the late Archbishop as the country’s spiritual father. The veteran anti-apartheid campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize winner died a week ago. He was 90. Also: a Nigerian state closes all camps for displaced people – despite the ongoing threat of Jihadist violence. And a Chinese man who was abducted as a child more than thirty years ago has been reunited with his biological mother after drawing a map of his childhood village.
01/01/2228m 41s

The funeral of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

South Africa has held a state funeral for the anti-apartheid hero, Desmond Tutu. The president, Cyril Ramaphosa, delivered the eulogy, describing him as a crusader in the struggle for freedom, justice, equality and peace.
01/01/2225m 52s

WHO sees light at end of covid tunnel

The World Health Organisation has said coronavirus may be beaten in 2022; thousands flee Colorado fires. We go around the world to celebrate New Year.
31/12/2129m 11s

The head of the WHO says the coronavirus pandemic can be brought to an end in 2022

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the world has to work together to achieve that goal. Also: Tens of thousands of people in the US state of Colorado flee an unusual winter wildfire, and why hands are linked when we sing Auld Lang Syne to welcome the New Year.
31/12/2128m 18s

South Africa lifts coronavirus movement restrictions

It says all indicators suggest it has passed the peak of the latest wave of infection. Also: Bangladesh opens a beach just for women and children - and then scraps the idea after a social media outcry, and why you need to keep telescope mirrors really cold in space.
30/12/2130m 46s

Ex- Afghan president explains fleeing the Taliban

Ashraf Ghani says he had to abandon his position in Kabul and did it to prevent the destruction of the city. Also: Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Sudan to demand that the military relinquish power and how Elton John’s famous performance at Princess Diana’s funeral almost didn’t happen.
30/12/2126m 22s

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty

The British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell is found guilty of helping the late financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse young girls; World Health Organisation warns of coronavirus tsunami; and one of the wonders of the modern world - the Venice lagoon flood barrier.
30/12/2134m 26s
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