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Thousands march through George Floyd's hometown

His family members were among the tens of thousands of people protesting in Houston, Texas. The continued violence in the US has prompted international concern. Also, scientists say the blood of someone with coronavirus could provide clues as to how ill they are likely to become.
03/06/2027m 43s

George Floyd violence continues after Trump's army threat

President Trump has been criticised for threatening to use military force to end the unrest. TV, radio and music industries mark 'Blackout Tuesday'. Germany divided as states lift coronavirus lockdown.
02/06/2023m 41s

Trump calls on state governors to be tough over protests

President's call comes as protests across the United States continue, also: new ebola cases in the DRC and what to do about smombies?
02/06/2028m 18s

US George Floyd death: Violence continues on sixth day of protests

Unrest over the death in police custody of an unarmed black man has now spread to 75 cities across the United States. Police in Hong Kong ban a vigil for victims of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. A glimmer of hope for the world's rarest primate.
01/06/2024m 55s

Protests erupt in the US for a sixth day over the death of a black man in police custody

Almost a week after George Floyd died as a police officer knelt on his neck, there’ve been fresh demonstrations in dozens of American cities. One sacked officer is due in court today charged with third degree murder. Also: Brazil records the world's fourth highest coronavirus death toll; and a privately built rocket delivers two American astronauts to the International Space Station.
01/06/2032m 6s

Minnesota governor says protests ‘no longer’ about Floyd death

Minnesota fully mobilises the National Guard as it and other US cities prepare for more unrest. Also: private SpaceX rocket takes astronauts to space station, and 12-year-old Keedron Bryant’s song about Floyd death goes viral.
31/05/2030m 42s

A police officer is charged with murder in Minneapolis

Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck for several minutes before he died. Also: President Trump says he is ending Washington's relationship with the World Health Organisation, and the Self-Isolation choir prepares to perform Handel's Messiah despite the lockdown.
30/05/2031m 30s

US: Protestors set fire to police station in Minneapolis

Station attacked on third night of protests over death of black man in police custody. President Trump described demonstrators as 'thugs' and called on National Guard to restore order. Also, Philippines reports rise in online child abuse during lockdown, and how two men in Australia broke into wrong house during 'fantasy role play'.
29/05/2031m 35s

Trump signs order targeting social media giants

The US president's move follows a decision by Twitter to add a "fact-check" notice to his tweets. Also: Moscow more than doubles Covid-19 death tolls, and scientists in Peru discover a population of Chinchilla rats -- thought to have been extinct.
29/05/2031m 57s

China passes controversial Hong Kong law

The law allows China's intelligence agencies to be present in the territory. Also: Workers protest at plans to close Nissan factory in Spain, and the spike in coronavirus cases in South Korea.
28/05/2029m 21s

US coronavirus deaths top 100,000

The United States has seen more deaths and infections than any other country. Also: top Huawei executive suffers US extradition ruling, and the big day for Nasa and SpaceX hindered by the weather.
28/05/2029m 23s

Hong Kong: Police use force to disperse new wave of protests

Police arrest hundreds of demonstrators angry over new laws planned by Beijing. These include a bill penalising any insult against the Chinese national anthem, and new security measures. Also, a warning that Coronavirus crisis may affect young people throughout their working lives, and a Pakistani pigeon is held by India on charges of spying.
27/05/2026m 53s

Coronavirus: Is Latin America the new epicentre?

Brazil is now second only to the US in the number of confirmed cases and the rate of infection is increasing. Also: how billions of years of evolution is under threat from humans, and JK Rowling reveals her first non-Harry Potter children's book.
27/05/2029m 24s

Hong Kong leader dismisses concerns over security law

Carrie Lam says the new law proposed by China will protect the law-abiding majority. Critics say it will curtail civil rights. Also: Egypt doctors accuse government over medics' deaths and Stanley Ho, Hong Kong's 'King of Gambling' dies aged 98.
26/05/2024m 45s

WHO suspends testing of malaria drug for Covid-19 patients

Testing of hydroxychloroquine was put on hold due to safety concerns. Some public figures including President Trump had suggested it could work against Covid-19. Also: the British Prime Minister' chief advisor has said he has no regrets about travelling several hundred kilometres during the coronavirus lockdown, and security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir say they have a pigeon in custody on suspicion of spying for Pakistan.
26/05/2025m 28s

Japan lifts Covid-19 State of Emergency

Japan's Prime Minister ends Tokyo's seven-week long coronavirus state of emergency; A German pensioner wins a landmark court case against the carmaker Volkswagen, and a very special guitar goes on sale
25/05/2027m 32s

Israel’s Prime Minister stands trial over corruption charges

Israel's longest serving Prime Minister has become the first holder of that office to stand trial in a criminal case while still in power. Also: Protests return to Hong Kong as China plans to ban what it calls "treason, secession, sedition and subversion”, and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his senior aide after claims he broke lockdown rules.
25/05/2027m 18s

Afghan Taliban announce Eid ceasefire

Three-day truce with government forces timed to coincide with Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan. The move has been welcomed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Also: Myanmar tries to convince the world it's turned its back on what's been dubbed a textbook case of ethnic cleansing; and the end of the road for the octogenarian reptile known as ‘Hitler’s alligator’.
24/05/2029m 31s

Trump declares houses of worship 'essential' amid the pandemic

President Trump has told US state governors they must immediately reopen places of worship. Also: quarantine plans for UK arrivals revealed, and the African music star Mory Kanté dies aged 70
23/05/2032m 16s

Pakistan: Passenger plane crashes in Karachi

Pakistan International Airlines plane carrying 99 people crashes in residential area. A major rescue-operation is underway to find survivors. Also, how middle-class New Yorkers are relying on food-banks as US unemployment soars, and why bumble-bees are much cleverer than we'd realised.
22/05/2030m 39s

China proposes controversial Hong Kong security law

The law could ban what Beijing defines as subversion and sedition, and may spark new social unrest. Also: US pulling out of 'Open Skies' arms control deal, and what did two school boys discover in an attic in rural France?
21/05/2029m 25s

Cyclone wrecks Kolkata and leaves scores dead

Amphan struck land on Wednesday, lashing coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain. Also: Facebook to 'take down' coronavirus misinformation, and Spandau Ballet and a $10K riddle.
21/05/2028m 45s

Brazil approves anti-malarial drugs to treat Covid-19 despite warnings

President Jair Bolsonaro has promoted the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Also: Greece to start tourist season in mid-June, and the spiral twist leading to the birth of a planet.
21/05/2028m 9s

Cyclone Amphan makes landfall in India and Bangladesh

Millions of people have been evacuated before arrival of super-cyclone. Storm is forecast to cause huge waves, ferocious winds and torrential rains. Also, Taiwan's re-elected president demands that China learn to coexist with the island, and will the French have to give up their traditional greeting kiss ?
20/05/2029m 45s

Climate change: Huge daily drop in CO2 during lockdowns

Scientists warn that the reduction is likely to be temporary, as people around the world return to work. Also: the head of the WHO defends its role in the coronavirus pandemic, and in China, a son is reunited with his parents - 32 years after being abducted.
20/05/2029m 4s

Trump lashes out again at the WHO

President Trump accuses the WHO of being a 'puppet of China'. Also: TikTok appoints a new boss from Disney, and why the Getty Museum in LA now has a toilet paper genre.
19/05/2028m 27s

President Trump taking unproven drug to ward off Covid-19

US president says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine despite medical warnings about its safety. Also: US firm reports promising early results in its vaccine trial, and a Ghanaian war veteran aims to follow in Colonel Tom Moore’s fundraising footsteps.
19/05/2026m 27s

Italian business reopens after months of lockdown

Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece and Poland are also further relaxing restrictions imposed because of Covid19. China backs a virus inquiry but not until after the pandemic. In Hong Kong, parliamentary mayhem as lawmakers are dragged out of the chamber.
18/05/2029m 41s

Israel swears in unity government after long crisis

Benjamin Netanyahu will serve for another 18 months as prime minister under the new deal. Also: Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah have signed a power-sharing agreement, and Brazil struggles to cope with a surge in coronavirus infections.
18/05/2027m 28s

European football resumes after the coronavirus shutdown

The German Bundesliga matches took place in crowd-free stadiums. Also, a man suspected of involvement in the Rwandan genocide has been arrested in France, and the former US president, Barack Obama, has delivered a scathing attack on the Trump administration.
17/05/2028m 3s

Second Brazil health minister quits in a month

Nelson Teich resigned after disagreements with President Jair Bolsonaro, who opposes lockdown measures. Also: Trump outlines plans for coronavirus vaccine, and the Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr dies aged 81.
16/05/2032m 48s

Hong Kong: police watchdog clears officers over crackdown

Official report largely exonerates police over handling of pro-democracy protests in 2019. The report's welcomed by the territory's leader Carrie Lam, but opposition groups dismiss it as a whitewash, Also, a warning that Covid-19 could kill nearly 200,000 across Africa, and does the pandemic mean that spontaneous socialising is a thing of the past ?
15/05/2027m 2s

Yemen sees ‘surge’ in coronavirus deaths

There are reports of a huge rise in people dying with coronavirus-like symptoms in the city of Aden. Also: a former top health official says the US risks its ‘darkest winter in modern history’, and the Hollywood actor Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with a surprise radio call.
15/05/2032m 30s

State of emergency lifted in most of Japan

Covid-19 infections have fallen in much of the country, but the Japanese prime minister has urged the public to be vigilant. Also: shops, parks and cafes reopen in New Zealand, and scientists in Australia say they've found a way to make coral more heat-resistant.
14/05/2027m 11s

US accuses China of hacking coronavirus research

The FBI said it had seen hacking attempts on groups researching vaccines, treatments and testing. Also: the Chilean government is to impose a total lockdown across the capital, Santiago on Friday, following a spike in the number of coronavirus infections, and two giant pandas from a zoo in Canada are being sent home to China early because of a shortage of bamboo.
14/05/2034m 30s

China responds to new Coronavirus clusters

Small groups of new infections reported in Wuhan city and Jilin province. These come as China eased its restrictions in recent weeks. Also, EU's executive outlines plans to gradually lift borders and restart tourism, and how moths play 'secret role' - as vital pollinators of wide range of plants.
13/05/2028m 57s

Fauci warns of 'needless suffering and death'

The top infectious diseases doctor in the United States has warned senators the virus will spread if the country opens up too soon. Also: the British government is extending its coronavirus job retention scheme until October, but businesses will be asked to pick up some of the costs, and a New York law firm acting for many celebrities says hackers have stolen vast amounts of documents and are demanding ransom.
13/05/2027m 10s

Gunmen storm Afghanistan maternity hospital

Two babies among those killed in an attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital. Also: The Chinese city of Wuhan is drawing up plans to test its entire population of 11 million people for Covid-19, and celebrating the cancelled Eurovision Song Contest on the day the semi-finals should have been performed.
12/05/2029m 26s

Russia to ease its coronavirus lockdown despite a record number of new infections

President Vladimir Putin's decision comes after Russia registered a record number of daily cases on Monday. Also: The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his plan to relax restrictions in England, and White House staff told to wear masks at work after high-profile infections.
11/05/2025m 0s

Coronavirus restrictions eased across Europe

Many businesses and shops are starting up again. The British government publishes a detailed strategy after initial plans for a relaxation of lockdown in England is criticised for a lack of clarity. And the Chinese city of Wuhan reports a new virus cluster.
11/05/2021m 38s

Special: Postcards from isolation

In this special edition of the Global News Podcast, we share your experiences of isolation and quarantine during the pandemic. Whether its music, nature, craft or doing good deeds, there’s lots of inspiring tales and tips from across the globe. And we’ll pick some of the most intriguing contributors to have a longer chat with, as Jackie Leonard learns more about life in lockdown.
10/05/2029m 56s

British Prime Minister announces easing of coronavirus lockdown

Boris Johnson signals 'a change of emphasis' on the rules. Also: Italy ends earlier release of senior mafia figures from jail, and has the pandemic brought an end to kissing?
10/05/2033m 15s

Obama describes Trump's handling of pandemic as 'chaotic'

In a leaked web call Obama said Trump had only been thinking about what was in it for him. Also: one of the kings of rock and roll - Little Richard - is dead, and British-based airlines are told that a 14-day quarantine period is likely to be imposed for almost everybody arriving in the UK.
10/05/2031m 56s

Queen Elizabeth marks 75th VE Day anniversary with a televised address

The queen said the message of VE day was never give up, never despair, also Gurkhas rescue British tourists stranded in Nepal, and a renaissance of bartering in Fiji.
08/05/2025m 23s

VE Day: Europe marks 75th anniversary amid coronavirus lockdown

Nations across Europe hold low-key ceremonies on anniversary of Nazi Germany's surrender. Celebrations are small-scale due to lockdown measures. Also, WHO warns it could take at least a year to determine exact origins of Covid-19, and Germany bans use of 'gay conversion therapy' on children.
08/05/2028m 49s

Charges dropped against former Trump adviser

Michael Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI shortly before Donald Trump took office. Now the Justice Department is dropping the charges against Mr Trump’s former national security adviser. Also: Paris faces continuing curbs as France plans to relax its coronavirus restrictions from Monday; and marking seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War in Europe.
08/05/2028m 4s

Indian gas leak leaves at least 13 dead

There's been a leak of poisonous gas in India. At least 13 people have died; After a record daily coronavirus death toll in Brazil, there's growing criticism of president Bolsonaro, and how joining video calls when working from home during the lockdown can be fraught with danger.
07/05/2027m 47s

Germany is easing lockdown restrictions

Shops and schools are reopening and the German football league will restart next week. Also: China refuses to allow international experts into the country to investigate the origins of the virus, and how one Danish musician held a drive-in concert amid the lockdown.
06/05/2027m 41s

Coronavirus: A warning that EU faces 'worst economic crisis since 1930s'

A new forecast says the European Union faces a 'deep and uneven recession'. European Commission says this could be worst downturn since the Great Depression. Also, Joe Biden demands justice over killing of unarmed black man in US state of Georgia, and how pandemic is harming Africa's lucrative tourist trade.
06/05/2029m 47s

White House plans to disband coronavirus task force

US Vice-President says the task force may wind down by the end of the month. Also: UK overtakes Italy to have the highest number of officially recorded coronavirus deaths in Europe, and Chinese Olympic champion Sun Yang tries to overturn an eight year doping ban.
06/05/2030m 1s

India records biggest daily jump in infections and deaths

It's the 4th day of rising figures and comes as India continues to ease its lockdown; also: evidence emerges that Covid-19 was present in France in December, and what next for the US film industry which has been crippled by the lockdown?
05/05/2029m 21s

World leaders pledge billions for vaccine development

More than $8 billion has been pledged to develop a vaccine and fund research into the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the money would help kickstart global co-operation. Also: scientists have discovered a microbe that completely protects mosquitoes from being infected with malaria, and the US has said it wants to borrow a record $3 trillion in the second quarter, to cope with the economic fallout from COVID-19.
05/05/2026m 44s

Italy begins to relax its lockdown

Italy has started easing some of the restrictions it introduced to curb the coronavirus. The number of deaths there is at its lowest since the lockdown began 2 months ago. Also, virtual conference attempts to raise $7.5 billion to combat the virus, and young people in the US use music to express their feelings about the lockdown.
04/05/2030m 29s

Coronavirus: Europe passes 100,000 deaths, but the outbreak is slowing

Italy and Spain both reported the lowest number of daily fatalities since their lockdowns began - at under 200. Also: Russia records its biggest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases and the city of Madrid finds a novel way for some residents to go to the cinema together.
04/05/2027m 1s

Spain eases lockdown and allows adults out to exercise

The Spanish PM says people will have to wear facemasks on public transport. Also: India orders workers to use an app that traces the infection, and the blood plasma trials to treat patients with coronavirus.
03/05/2027m 19s

India extends its lockdown for two more weeks

The restrictions have slowed the infections, but brought hardship to millions. Also: Canada bans military-grade assault weapons, and the US presidential contender, Joe Biden, denies allegations of sexual assault.
02/05/2025m 55s

UN's chief: Lack of global co-ordination enabled virus to spread

UN Secretary-General says he's 'shocked but not surprised' by global response to pandemic. Antonio Guterres also hit out at criticism of the World Health Organisation. Also, Sudan criminalises female genital mutilation, and Tony Allen - the 'world's greatest drummer' - dies aged 79.
01/05/2026m 39s

President Trump claims coronavirus may have come from Chinese lab

President Trump says he's seen evidence linking the coronavirus to a laboratory in Wuhan in China. Also: Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has gone to hospital after he was diagnosed with coronavirus, and Britain celebrates the 100th birthday of the Second World War veteran and master fundraiser Captain Tom.
01/05/2025m 51s

Steep rise in daily Covid-19 infections in Russia

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia has now passed the 100,000 mark and 1,000 people have died, France suffers its worst economic downturn in decades, due to the pandemic and the global lockdown is affecting how we sleep, with people reporting unusually vivid and strange dreams.
30/04/2027m 56s

Hope grows for coronavirus drug breakthrough

The United States' top infectious diseases expert says the trial of an antiviral drug to treat Covid-19 has produced promising results. Dr Anthony Fauci said tests suggested the drug remdesivir could cut patient recovery times. Also: the world of film mourns the Indian actor, Irrfan Khan; and hugs are back – at least for Swiss grandparents.
30/04/2031m 58s

China angry over Australian PM Scott Morrison's call for coronavirus inquiry

Morrison says it's 'entirely reasonable and sensible' to find out how pandemic began. His comments have generated anger among Chinese leadership. Also, US economy sees worst slump in over a decade, and remembering Irrfan Khan - Indian film actor who became global star.
29/04/2030m 36s

Number of coronavirus cases in US passes one million

President Trump says milestone was passed because US was carrying out so many tests, also: France will start lifting restrictions in 2 weeks, and how to dial a hymn.
29/04/2030m 44s

IRC says 'one billion' could become infected with Covid-19

The International Rescue Committee said financial and humanitarian aid were needed to help slow the global spread of the virus. Also: BP profits dive 66% as coronavirus hits oil demand, and the hills are alive in a small English village.
28/04/2029m 36s

The WHO says its coronavirus warnings were ignored

The World Health Organization insists that it gave the United States and the rest of the world the right advice on dealing with Covid-19 following stinging criticism from President Trump. Also: the rabbi in New York helping families who can't be at the graveside for Jewish burials, and the Dutch teenagers and their teachers who sailed across the Atlantic to get home during the pandemic.
28/04/2029m 23s

British PM Boris Johnson is back at work after recovering from Covid-19

Mr Johnson says he will not endanger lives by relaxing coronavirus lockdown measures in UK too soon. Also: schools are reopening in some of China's biggest cities, after a lengthy closure during the pandemic, and we hear from the Gruffalo illustrator helping children understand the coronavirus.
27/04/2024m 18s

Italy to ease some lockdown restrictions from early May

Italian bars and restaurants will be allowed to serve takeaways from May 4, also: Spanish children enjoy first day outdoors in weeks, and the challenges of home schooling
26/04/2025m 36s

Worldwide Covid-19 death toll climbs to 200,000

The worst hit countries so far have been the United States, Italy, Spain, France and Britain. Also: the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to return to work on Monday after recovering from the virus, and Colombian police capture a top drug-trafficking suspect after he held a lavish party in breach of the lockdown.
26/04/2029m 27s

US coronavirus deaths surge past 50,000

The grim news comes as parts of the US reopen after weeks of lockdown. Also: the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro defends his actions, after the explosive resignation of his justice minister; and after raising millions of dollars for charity, 99 year old 'Captain Tom' becomes the oldest person to have a number one single in the UK music charts.
25/04/2031m 34s

Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant

Trump also appeared to propose irradiating patients' bodies with UV light. Also: the 30th anniversary of Hubble, and the toilet roll hoarder told to "bog off."
24/04/2025m 28s

Syria civil war: Germany holds unprecedented state torture trial

Two suspects are on trial in the first case worldwide examining the use of torture under Syria's regime. Also: the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the US warns it might never resume its funding of the WHO, and children in Spain get an apology from the government after being confined to their homes for weeks during lockdown.
24/04/2028m 28s

China denies a cover up over coronavirus

The Chinese ambassador to London said blaming and scapegoating were futile. Also: there are concerns Japan's healthcare system could become overwhelmed after a worrying rise in Covid-19 cases, and the Zoom video conferencing app enhances security after so called "Zoom bombing" incidents, where uninvited guests crash meetings.
23/04/2027m 8s

Worrying upward trends in virus cases, warns WHO

The head of the World Health Organization singles out Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Also: we hear from the French pastor who's received death threats over his decision to hold a church gathering, coronavirus sniffer dogs and Roger Federer's tennis merger plan
23/04/2030m 42s

Spain debates lockdown extension

It has been one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Also: the World Bank warns of a huge drop in the sums of money migrant workers are sending home, and Iran's Revolutionary Guard says it's launched a military satellite into space.
22/04/2029m 52s

Trump says he will suspend immigration for sixty days

President Trump has said he will temporarily halt immigration into the United States for foreign nationals seeking permanent residency, a move that he said would protect American jobs during the coronavirus crisis. Also: oil price falls to 18-year low as turmoil persists, and Oktoberfest in Germany cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak.
22/04/2028m 43s

Coronavirus: Immigration to US to be suspended amid pandemic

President Trump has said he will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend all immigration to the US because of the coronavirus. Also: Indonesia bans Ramadan exodus over Covid-19 fears, and Kim Jong-un illness rumours denied amid intense speculation.
21/04/2029m 15s

US oil prices turn negative as demand dries up

Coronavirus downturn has put major pressure on oil prices with demand slumping and storage running out. Also: Netanyahu and Gantz sign Israel coalition deal, and Thailand reports cleaner seas as a result of less tourism due to the pandemic.
21/04/2029m 5s

India eases virus restrictions

India is allowing millions of people to return to work such as farmers and construction workers, but most people will remain at home in the world’s biggest coronavirus lockdown. Also: an investigation into the alleged exploitation of migrant workers in Spain and how nature and wildlife are pushing back.
20/04/2029m 25s

Cuomo says NY state to test thousands for Covid-19 antibodies

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said the test had been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Also: Turkey has overtaken China as the Asian country with the most coronavirus cases, and in search of global sounds while in isolation.
20/04/2030m 10s

Trump says some US states 'to begin a safe, gradual and phased opening'

The US president said Texas and Vermont would allow certain businesses to open on Monday with "appropriate social distancing precautions". Also: Spanish PM promises to ease confinement of children, and One World music event pays tribute to health workers.
19/04/2028m 5s

Coronavirus: President Trump ‘incites’ protests against lockdowns

The tweets followed mainly right-wing protests in several states calling on governors to relax stay-at-home orders so they can resume normal activities. Also: The World Health Organisation has cast doubt on the usefulness of antibody tests for COVID-19, and an expert gives tips on how to be happy during this pandemic.
18/04/2028m 11s

China increases official coronavirus death toll in Wuhan by 50%

China has been accused of downplaying the severity of its virus outbreak. Also, Germany’s health minister says the month-long lockdown has brought his country’s Covid-19 outbreak under control. And, three astronauts return to a very different Earth they left last year.
17/04/2028m 23s

Trump’s guidelines for reopening the US economy

President Donald Trump proposes a three-phase lifting of the lockdown. Also, Brazil’s Health Minister is sacked; and in India hundreds attend a bull’s funeral.
17/04/2029m 45s

EU offers heartfelt apology to Italy over coronavirus

Italy's Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio welcomed Ms von der Leyen's comments, calling them "an important act of truth". Also, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announces a boost to its Covid-19 relief fund. And, the Queen of Denmark celebrates her 80th birthday.
16/04/2026m 53s

The WHO regrets President Trump's decision to halt US funding

Head of WHO calls for unity in the fight against coronavirus. Also: The G-20 suspends debt repayments to help the world's poorest countries, and a Second World War veteran smashes his own record.
16/04/2027m 45s

Trump faces international anger over ‘dangerous’ decision to freeze global health funding

The US is by far the World Health Organisation's biggest contributor. Also: Nurseries and primary schools have reopened across Denmark, with young children being kept further apart than usual, and the Canadian who is the worldwide self-isolation champion sailing the world alone during the pandemic.
15/04/2025m 42s

Coronavirus: 'World faces worst recession since Great Depression'

The IMF’s latest forecasts for the global economy see massive hits from COVID-19 lockdowns. Also: President Trump is suspending US funding for the World Health Organization, and Amazon is ordered to deliver only essential items in France.
15/04/2027m 41s

India: doctors say Covid-19 death toll much worse than reported

Lockdown is extended as doctors say far more people have died than figures say; also President Trump hits out at media as he is accused of not having done enough to stop the spread of the disease, and the extraordinary story of the reluctant French aviator who ended up having the flight of his life.
14/04/2029m 26s

Pressure grows to ease coronavirus lockdowns – but the WHO urges caution

Italy becomes the latest country to relax restrictions – but Emanuel Macron extends France’s lockdown. Also: the schoolkids helping beat the shortage of personal protective equipment – and star crossed lovers meet across a street in the city that gave us Romeo and Juliet.
14/04/2029m 23s

Spain eases some lockdown restrictions

Some factories have resumed work to end 'economic hibernation'; also China steps up controls around its north-eastern border with Russia which has emerged as its new frontline for coronavirus infections, and the bad luck that began even before the Apollo 13 spacecraft blasted off the launch pad in April 1970.
13/04/2030m 53s

British PM thanks hospital staff after being treated for coronavirus

After leaving hospital, the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, said there was no question the National Health Service had saved his life. Also: Pope Francis calls for global solidarity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and Andrea Bocelli live streams a concert from empty cathedral in Milan.
13/04/2023m 45s

US coronavirus death toll the highest in the world

The governor of the worst affected state, New York -- said the death rate there is stabilising, but at a horrific level. Also: there are concerns in Sweden about its strategy to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.
12/04/2030m 34s

Confirmed coronavirus deaths pass 100,000

Italy has suffered the most deaths, followed by the United States. Lockdowns imposed to limit the spread of the virus have crippled economic activity, and many governments are facing a dilemma on when to start easing restrictions.
11/04/2032m 59s

New Tokyo measures to tackle Covid-19

The city's governor has been arguing for tougher restrictions for some time. Also: some Botswana MPs under quarantine go shopping, and Google data charts people on the move during lockdown.
10/04/2026m 48s

EU agrees €500bn coronavirus rescue package

EU finance ministers reached the deal after marathon talks in Brussels. Also: the US state of New York has seen its highest number of deaths in a single day since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is now out of intensive care but is still being treated for symptoms of coronavirus in hospital.
10/04/2028m 28s

Italy PM warns EU future could be at risk

Giuseppe Conte says leaders need to rise to the challenge of coronavirus. Also: after a period of strict quarantine a three man crew heads to the International Space Station, and celebrating online the Jewish festival of Passover.
09/04/2025m 1s

Coronavirus: World facing ‘deepest economic recession of our lives'

The global trade body is projecting steep falls in every region of the world. Also: Britain records its worst daily death toll as coronavirus infections increase around the world, and the Russian ballerinas taking their traditional moves into a novel setting during isolation.
09/04/2024m 57s

Top EU scientist forced out in Covid-19 row

Mauro Ferrari says he's lost faith in the system, but officials say he was asked to leave. Also: the pandemic pushes South African gangs into some unlikely alliances, and JK Rowling shares a coronavirus tip.
08/04/2026m 3s

Lockdown restrictions lifted in Wuhan

The Chinese city where the coronavirus outbreak began has been re-opened. Also: the acting secretary of the US Navy has resigned, and European finance ministers are meeting to discuss an economic recovery plan in response to the pandemic.
08/04/2024m 29s

China reports no new deaths from coronavirus for the first time since January

The report comes as the Chinese government is under scrutiny as to whether it is underreporting its figures. Also, the British Prime Minister remains in intensive care due to coronavirus but ministers insist the business of government will carry on. And, the Vatican says it welcomes an Australian court’s decision to quash Cardinal Pell’s sentence for child abuse.
07/04/2028m 15s

British PM Boris Johnson in intensive care

The British Prime Minister's coronavirus symptoms worsen. He's moved to an intensive care unit. Also: A New York politician warns that bodies may have to be buried in parks, and practical tips to cope with self isolation - from a former NASA astronaut.
07/04/2025m 30s

Austria plans to ease some of the restrictions imposed because of coronavirus

Austrians will have to wear masks in all shops and on public transport, and there will be no public events until June at the earliest. Also, Ecuador’s Vice-President apologises after bodies of people killed by coronavirus are abandoned in the streets. And, scientists use cold war nuclear tests to work out the age of the world’s biggest fish.
06/04/2026m 32s

British prime minister admitted to hospital

Boris Johnson taken to hospital 10 days after testing positive, also Queen Elizabeth urges people to show self-discipline and resolve, and how the virus affects religious feasts
06/04/2028m 5s

US Covid-19 deaths top 8,000 – but hopes rise in Europe

New York records its worst day yet -- but Spain and Italy sense the worst may soon be past. Also: India’s wildlife reclaims the streets, and dating in the days of social distancing.
05/04/2028m 12s

IMF head says Coronavirus pandemic has created economic crisis like no other

Kristalina Georgieva says the IMF has a one trillion dollar war chest, also how Andorra is coping with the outbreak and love across borders during the pandemic
04/04/2028m 37s

Another huge daily toll of Covid-19 deaths in Spain

Spain and Italy are the European countries with the most coronavirus cases. Also, Google has released data showing which governments are succeeding in restricting people's movements, and bones found in a cave in South Africa show that three different species of mankind's ancestors existed at the same time more than two million years ago.
03/04/2029m 43s

Coronavirus: Confirmed global cases pass one million

The US accounts for the most cases; Italy the highest death toll. Also: NATO steps up efforts to help member states fight the virus, and the faith healer selling ‘plague protection’ oil he claims can cure the virus.
03/04/2026m 1s

US Coronavirus Death Toll exceeds 5000

President Trump says US stockpiles for tackling coronavirus are almost exhausted; Also: More than ten thousand people in Spain have now died of coronavirus, And India's largest slum records its first coronavirus death, raising fears about the rapid spread of the disease there.
02/04/2029m 49s

WHO says it's extremely concerned about the rapid rise in coronavirus cases worldwide

The head of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the global number of confirmed coronavirus cases would reach a million in the coming days. Also: in the US more than two hundred thousand people have been infected with Covid-19, and Britain has recorded its worst one- day figure for coronavirus-related mortality.
02/04/2031m 36s

Coronavirus: Are loss of smell and taste key symptoms?

Research has backed the finding that a loss of smell and taste may be one of the first signs that a person has been infected with Coronavirus. Also: the health authorities in the Netherlands have invited thousands of people to take part in a controversial investigation into herd immunity, and as millions of us are now having to use video calls to keep in touch, a video messaging app comes under scrutiny for privacy hacks.
01/04/2033m 3s

US coronavirus death toll overtakes China's official count

The number of people who've died in the United States from Covid-19 is now more than 3600. Also: Italy records a relatively low number of new infections for a second day in a row, and an invention by a Jamaican student that could help fight the virus.
01/04/2028m 9s

Spain suffers highest daily death toll so far

Hospitals are struggling to deal with the pandemic after 849 die in 24 hours. Also: Russia introduces strict measures aimed at containing the Covid-19 outbreak, and what to watch while you're in lockdown - the surprise TV hit about the eccentrics and cult personalities in the stranger than fiction world of big cat fanciers.
31/03/2034m 1s

Italy reports lowest number of new coronavirus cases in two weeks

Italy reckons the peak will come in just over a week’s time, as officials say it is evidence the country is heading in the right direction after three weeks of lockdown. Also, a new date for the Tokyo Olympics is announced. And, a Van Gogh painting is stolen from a museum in the Netherlands.
31/03/2026m 35s

Special: Your coronavirus questions answered

In our latest coronavirus special, we put your questions about Covid-19 to experts in the fields of health and science, business, and politics around the world.
30/03/2040m 58s

Spain registers more cases of Coronavirus than China

But the Spanish foreign minister says the upward rise in cases appears to be flattening. Also: the Japanese media says the government is preparing to deny entry to foreigners; and how sports organisers are turning to online gaming to fill the void left by cancelled fixtures.
30/03/2032m 34s

President Trump vows to ‘vanquish’ coronavirus amid warning 200,000 Americans may die

Mr Trump said death rates would peak in two weeks' time and movement restrictions would be extended until the end of April. Also: Italy sees its first drop in the number of deaths and new infections, Britain is told to brace itself for a possible six months of isolation and tips from a neuroscientist on how to combat loneliness during isolation.
30/03/2025m 3s

New York quarantine proposal

New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, said he hadn't discussed a mandatory quarantine with President Trump but didn't like the sound of it. Also: Italy has become the first country in which more than ten-thousand people have died of the coronavirus, and we look at the growth of online exercise classes, including yoga, for those people in self-isolation.
29/03/2028m 43s

Trump signs largest bailout in US history

The $2 trillion boost is the largest ever in the United States as virus cases continue to rise, hitting the economy. Also: the World Health Organisation has warned that the chronic global shortage of personal protective equipment is now one of the biggest obstacles to preventing deaths from Covid-19.
28/03/2030m 29s

Coronavirus: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive

Following Mr Johnson's announcement, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said he had tested positive for the virus. Also: The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, tells Donald Trump that Washington and Beijing should work together to tackle the pandemic, and how to stay safe if living in shared accommodation.
27/03/2026m 1s

US overtakes China with most coronavirus cases

According to John Hopkins University, the United States has more than eighty-two thousand positive tests. Also: a nationwide three-week lockdown has begun in South Africa, and Russia has grounded all international flights apart from those bringing Russian nationals home from abroad.
27/03/2029m 8s

G20 countries assemble to devise coronavirus action plan

The UN has warned the world leaders that they must focus on the severe threat to millions of displaced people and refugees worldwide. Also: 3.3 million people sign on for unemployment benefits in the US, and how to get married in a world that’s shutting down.
26/03/2029m 46s

UN says the coronavirus is a threat to all of humanity

The United Nations says the coronavirus outbreak is threatening the entire human race, as it launches a multi-billion dollar appeal for the world's poorest people. Also: the US Secretary of State has repeated criticism of what he called Chinese disinformation in the early stages of the pandemic, and the Village People's YMCA is preserved for posterity.
26/03/2034m 54s

Coronavirus: US Senate agrees 2 trillion dollar emergency deal

Markets surged in the US on Tuesday in anticipation of a deal, and shares rose in Europe and Asia on Wednesday. Also: China's Hubei province tentatively emerges from lockdown, and have scientists found a way to reverse the ageing process?
25/03/2031m 1s

India in lockdown

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told the population of 1.3 billion to stay at home for the next three weeks. Also, the US state of New York demands a massive increase in hospital beds, and Manu Dibango, a giant of African music, has died.
25/03/2021m 59s

Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021

The Games, due to begin in July, will now take place no later than summer next year because of the pandemic. They will still be called Tokyo 2020. Also: we hear from a Wuhan resident getting ready to leave the city as authorities say restrictions will soon be lifted, tips about self-isolation and the cultural importance to France of Asterix and Obelix after their creator dies.
24/03/2031m 45s

Coronavirus: British PM says 'stay at home' as UK locks down

Gatherings of more than two people outside the home are now forbidden. Also: more African countries have imposed strict regulations to tackle the Coronavirus, including Ethiopia which has closed its borders, and how in Catalonia -- in the north east of Spain -- researchers have turned to 3D printing to plug a desperate shortage of life-saving ventilators.
24/03/2031m 26s

Coronavirus: Italy tightens lockdown despite fall in daily deaths

Italy has entered an even tougher phase of lockdown, as the government clamps down on travel and businesses to try to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the OECD says a huge, co-ordinated effort is needed to stop the coronavirus pandemic causing a long global recession. And, keepers move in to a wildlife sanctuary to look after animals when it closes due to coronavirus.
23/03/2028m 39s

Coronavirus: Germany bans gatherings of more than two people

Germany is banning groups of more than two people in public outside work, as part of new measures to try to curb the spread of coronavirus. Also, for the first time since the pandemic began, Italy has announced a slight decrease in the number of new infections. And, how religious leaders are staying connected with their followers amid worldwide suspension of religious services.
23/03/2028m 34s

Coronavirus: Italy reports the highest daily number of deaths worldwide

The number of deaths in Italy from the coronavirus is up more than a quarter on the previous worst figure, which was announced on Friday. New infections have also risen considerably. Also, Australia closes its iconic Bondi Beach due to coronavirus. And, what should parents tell their children about the virus?
22/03/2032m 37s

Coronavirus: WHO delivers stark warning to young people

The World Health Organisation says young people are not invincible and must avoid social contact to save their lives and others. Also: governments ramp up quarantine measures to stop the virus spreading; and the song that’s uniting people anxious about the pandemic.
21/03/2031m 2s

Coronavirus: World Health Organisation delivers stark warning to young people

The global health body says young people are not invincible and must avoid social contact to save their lives and others. Also: Governments ramp up quarantine measures to stop the virus spreading, and the song that’s uniting people anxious about the pandemic.
21/03/2018m 21s

Coronavirus: number of deaths worldwide exceeds 10,000

German state to lock down after authorities say people aren't taking it seriously enough. Also: four men are hanged in India after they were convicted of gang raping a young woman in 2012, and the Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo but will the games go ahead?
20/03/2034m 35s

Italy coronavirus death toll overtakes China

The number of deaths in Italy has risen to more than three thousand four hundred, which is more than in China where the virus originated. Also: President Trump has announced that the anti-malarial drug, chloroquine, has been approved for use as a treatment for Covid-19, and the Congress in Chile has agreed to postpone a referendum on a new constitution so the country can deal with the pandemic.
20/03/2032m 14s

Coronavirus: Nationwide shutdown in Italy extended

The number of deaths there may soon overtake China, where the outbreak began. Also: there are calls in the United States for shelters to be built to house thousands of homeless people sleeping rough in big cities and who are at risk from the Coronavirus, and a project in Britain to establish an online choir to boost people's mental health during the crisis.
19/03/2024m 58s

Italy virus deaths rise by a record number in a day

Nearly three thousand people have now died from the coronavirus in Italy - the most affected country after China. Also: the World Health Organisation says sub-Saharan Africa has recorded its first deaths from the coronavirus.
19/03/2034m 53s

Coronavirus: More countries close their borders and lockdown

Tough new measures restrict free movement as the number infected with Covid-19 passes 200k. Also, in the US, Joe Biden has swept to victory in Florida, Illinois and Arizona accelerating his momentum in the race to be the Democrats' candidate in November's presidential election, and abortion becomes legal in New Zealand.
18/03/2030m 1s

US and UK announce massive economic packages to counter the coronavirus pandemic

The US Treasury Secretary,Steven Mnuchin, says he supports sending money directly to Americans as part of a $1tn stimulus package aimed at averting an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. Also: the European Union has agreed to ban most foreigners from entering the territory for thirty days, with exceptions for Britain, Switzerland and three other states.
18/03/2032m 28s

Social restrictions ramped up around the world following coronavirus outbreak

The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to the emptying of public spaces around the world, whether by government decree or by more personal responses. Also: Euro football 2020 is postponed until 2021.
17/03/2029m 7s

Europe expands lockdown in battle against coronavirus

President Trump has warned that the coronavirus outbreak could push the US economy into recession. Also: the United Arab Emirates has sent two plane-loads of gloves, surgical masks, and other medical supplies to Iran to help combat the virus.
17/03/2029m 5s

Coronavirus: Restrictions continue to tighten across Europe as outbreak worsens

Meanwhile the Head of France’s health service says the situation is deteriorating fast in France. Also, airlines across the world cut more flights as demand slumps as the result of the virus. And, why we stockpile items in times of crisis.
16/03/2029m 28s

Coronavirus: US slashes rates, adds $700bn emergency funds

It is part of a co-ordinated action announced on Sunday by some of the world’s leading economies. Also: Germany closes significant parts of its borders with its neighbours and why some South Africans are laughing in the face of the pandemic.
16/03/2029m 30s

Sweeping new Coronavirus restrictions are introduced across Europe:

France closes its cafes, restaurants, and most shops, and Spain bans non essential travel. Also as Covid-19 continues to spread across Africa, six more countries have reported their first cases. After last month's inter-communal riots, can India still be considered a secular country? And the havoc the coronavirus pandemic is causing in the film industry.
15/03/2029m 13s

Coronavirus: Trump declares national emergency in the US

The move loosens regulations on the provision of healthcare and could speed up testing – the slow pace of which has been criticised widely. Also, the head of the World Health Organisation says Europe is now the epicentre of the global coronavirus pandemic. And, why Tik Tok might be the next big thing for businesses.
14/03/2028m 39s

Coronavirus: English Premier League football season suspended due to outbreak

EPL joins long list of major sporting fixtures halted by pandemic. French football federation and European Champions league announce similar measures. Also, New Zealand 'fundamentally changed' since Christchurch mosque attacks one year ago says PM Jacinda Ardern, and a South African king is arrested after 'axe rampage.'
13/03/2030m 1s

How different countries deal with the spread of the Coronavirus

While Italy is in lockdown, the UK aims to delay drastic measures, also: Are sanctions hampering Iran's efforts to fight the virus? And the dangers of the internet for women?
13/03/2031m 57s

Coronavirus: Trump suspends travel from Europe to US

Mr. Trump imposing travel restrictions on 26 European countries to curb coronavirus. The EU condemned the measures, which it said were taken "unilaterally and without consultation". Also, India suspends all travel visas until mid-April due to virus, and why young French people are switching from wine to beer.
12/03/2030m 16s

Italy shuts most shops in virus crisis

Only food stores and pharmacies will stay open, as the WHO declares a pandemic. Also: Harvey Weinstein is jailed for 23 years, and how rugby is helping women in Pakistan.
12/03/2031m 29s

Coronavirus: Merkel warns that up to 70% of Germany could become infected

German chancellor Angela Merkel says large numbers of Germans might contract COVID-19. Countries across Europe step up efforts to deal with outbreak. Also, Joe Biden extends lead over rival Sanders in Democratic presidential race, and pranksters say they duped Prince Harry by impersonating activist Greta Thunberg and her father in phone-calls.
11/03/2031m 27s

US fights virus outbreak near New York

The National Guard cleans a New York suburb as the US unveils new measures against Covid-19. Also: the coronavirus in Italy and Iran, and rape as a weapon of war.
11/03/2031m 46s

Italy struggles to cope with coronavirus lockdown

Pope Francis has urged priests to visit those suffering from the virus, despite official advice to avoid contact. Ugandans arrested for distributing a fake coronavirus vaccine. A US appeals court rules Led Zeppelin did not steal part of 'Stairway to Heaven' from another band.
10/03/2030m 47s

Coronavirus: Italy extends quarantine measures nationwide

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says people will only be allowed to travel for work or family emergencies. Also: Sudan's prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, survives an apparent assassination attempt, and Meghan and Harry make their final public appearance as working members of the British royal family.
10/03/2027m 53s

Shares plunge around the world

The coronovirus is threatening the health of millions of people and is causing chaos on global stock markets. The MH17 plane crash trial opens in the Netherlands. Was the Earth once fully covered in water?
09/03/2027m 3s

Coronavirus: Italian deaths soar

Italy's Lombardy region records a significant increase in daily deaths from Covid-19, Afghanistan's defence minister issues an ultimatum to the Taliban over its commitment to reduce violence - and a battle between old and new on the canals of Amsterdam.
09/03/2029m 11s

Coronavirus: Italy extends quarantine measures nationwide

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that people would only be permitted to travel for work or family emergencies. Also: Sudan's prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, survives an apparent assassination attempt, and Meghan and Harry have made their final public appearance as working members of the British royal family.
10/03/2027m 52s

Italy to quarantine 10 million people in Lombardy

The Italian government is preparing to introduce radical new restrictions in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus. Also: Three senior members of the Saudi Royal Family are reported to have been arrested in the Kingdom, and the jazz world loses one of its most influential pianists, McCoy Tyner.
08/03/2026m 54s

Coronavirus: Global number of cases reaches 100,000

The number of people that have been infected with the coronavirus since it first emerged in China has now surpassed the hundred-thousand mark. Also, the French publisher Hachette has decided not to release the memoirs of the Oscar-winning film-maker, Woody Allen, after a protest by employees, and NASA says that lettuce grown in space is just as nutritious as when it's grown on earth.
07/03/2025m 23s

Coronavirus: Iran suspends Friday prayers in major cities

Iranian authorities take measures to try and halt spread of virus. This comes as people complain of shortages of food and essential medical equipment. Also, chaos in Kabul as gunmen kill dozens at ceremony, and how plastic is affecting all marine species - including those we've never encountered before.
06/03/2030m 15s

Russia and Turkey agree a ceasefire in Idlib

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan also agreed to establish a security corridor and joint patrols. Also, Elizabeth Warren announces the end of her presidential campaign and a truck crashes into a sacred statue on Easter Island.
06/03/2029m 43s

Afghanistan: Top international court backs war crimes probe

International Criminal Court says investigation of alleged war crimes can go ahead. It's expected the actions of the Taliban, the Afghan government and US forces since May 2003 will be scrutinised. Also, Putin and Erdogan hold talks on Syrian conflict, and why is Nigeria failing to provide adequate housing for millions of its people ?
05/03/2030m 28s

Coronavirus: Italy to close all schools as deaths rise

A total of 107 people have now been killed by the coronavirus in Italy, which has the most serious outbreak in Europe. Also: The billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg pulls out of the US presidential race, and the 80s rock favourites returning to the scene.
05/03/2027m 7s

Biden wins big on Super Tuesday

The former vice president seals his comeback - just weeks after looking like a lost cause. He won nine of the 14 states that voted to pick a Democratic White House candidate. Also: The World Bank announces a multibillion dollar package to help the world's poorest countries combat the new coronavirus outbreak, and the Anglo-Saxon epic, Beowulf, rewrites its own history -- as it's released for the first time as an audiobook.
04/03/2028m 54s

Interest Rates cut to protect world economies from Coronavirus

An emergency interest rate cut in the US because of the economic risks posed by the new coronavirus ... Coronavirus leads to tens of thousands of prisoners being temporarily freed in Iran; How to stop criminals gaining remote access to baby monitors
04/03/2023m 48s

US Election 2020: Joe Biden boosted on Super Tuesday

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has picked up three endorsements from former rivals on the eve of the most important day in the 2020 White House race so far. On Super Tuesday, voters in 14 states will pick their preferred Democratic candidate for November's election; Iran coronavirus cases continue to rise; Why today's children have nightmares about climate change.
03/03/2029m 15s

Increased Coronavirus death toll in the United States

The number of confirmed deaths in the western US state of Washington has trebled to six; Exit polls suggest yet another inconclusive Israeli general election - though indicted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu may remain in office; And scientists sniff out the reason why dogs have wet noses
03/03/2024m 22s

Official deaths in Iran from Covid19 rise to 66 - the highest outside China

Other reports suggest the real figures on the virus in Iran are much higher. The Vatican opens archives of Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII. Pete Buttigieg drops out of the Democratic race for the White House.
02/03/2025m 50s

Coronavirus Special

We put your questions about Covid-19 to experts in the fields of health and science, business, politics and communications.
02/03/2047m 43s

Coronavirus: US state of Washington declares state of emergency

Up to fifteen hundred people could be infected with the virus. Over the weekend, a man in his fifties from the northwestern state became the first confirmed fatality from the virus in the US. Also, Turkey has shot down two Syrian fighter jets in Idlib. And, Germany’s harvest of ice wine fails for the first time due to the winter being too warm.
02/03/2030m 19s

Trump hails deal with Taliban

He says the deal will end the Afghan conflict and 'bring our people back home'. Also: the first coronavirus death in the US, and the country where public transport is free for all.
01/03/2032m 11s

WHO says global risk of the coronavirus is 'very high'

The BBC understands more than 200 people have died in Iran, as the outbreak worsens. Also: The UN describes the rising conflict in Idlib as one of the most alarming moments of the Syrian War, and the US and Taliban are set to sign a peace deal.
29/02/2024m 9s

Syria: Nato appeals for halt to Idlib offensive after 33 Turkish soldiers killed

Many Turkish soldiers died in Syrian government attack on opposition-held enclave. Russia, Syria's key ally, says Turkish troops were attacked by Syrian forces while operating alongside jihadist fighters. Also, Coronavirus has reached Nigeria - Africa's most populous country, and astronomers have discovered 'biggest explosion since the Big Bang.'
28/02/2029m 29s

Coronavirus: Outbreak at 'decisive point'

The WHO says new cases outside China are now 'the greatest concern', as more than forty countries struggle to contain the infection. Also: an airstrike in Idlib province in northern Syria kills Turkish soldiers, and why you'll never see a baddie in the movies with an iPhone.
28/02/2025m 55s

Coronavirus: Japan to close all schools to halt spread of disease

Japan's Prime Minister says government will ask all schools to close from Monday. And governments worldwide take tougher measures to try and halt the outbreak. Also, the realities of life - and death - inside Syria's last rebel-held enclave, and why a new perfume's been launched in Russia to commemorate a dark episode in history.
27/02/2028m 46s

Brazil confirms first coronavirus case in Latin America

World Health Organization says Covid-19 is not yet a pandemic. Also: Genetic study shows the red panda is actually two separate species, and Maria Sharapova retires from tennis.
27/02/2027m 29s

Covid19 now spreading faster outside China than inside

In Europe the virus has spread to new areas, with Greece reporting its first case. Delhi remains tense after Hindu-Muslim clashes leave 23 dead. Democratic rivals intensify attacks on Bernie Sanders at the South Carolina debate.
26/02/2029m 9s

Fears as Coronavirus outbreak worsens

World Health Organization says sudden increase in cases outside China is "deeply concerning"; European Union sets negotiating goals for post-Brexit UK trade deal; Israeli government to build thousands of new homes in occupied West Bank.
26/02/2027m 23s

Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian president ousted during Arab spring, dies at 91

The country was stable during his time in power, but many Egyptians saw him as a dictator who governed with an iron grip. Iran's deputy health minister tests positive as the coronavirus outbreak worsens. Plácido Domingo apologises to women who accused him of sexual harassment.
25/02/2027m 35s

Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape and sexual assault

The film producer was found guilty of two of the five charges he faced. Also, the WHO urges countries to prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic, and a man is arrested in Germany after a car drove into people at a carnival.
25/02/2029m 10s

Coronavirus spread raises fears of global pandemic

There are concerns about cases in countries with a weak health infrastructure like Iraq and Afghanistan. US President Donald Trump visits India. The world's oldest prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, has submitted his shock resignation.
24/02/2031m 16s

Venice carnival closes amid coronavirus outbreak

Italy quarantines whole towns, closes schools and cancels sports fixtures as infections increase. Also: protests in Budapest against anti-Roma campaign, and celebrating the theremin -- the Soviet-invented hands-free electronic instrument.
24/02/2031m 30s

Coronavirus cases double in one day in South Korea

The South Korea PM Chung Sye-kyun described the situation as "grave". Also: South Sudan rivals strike power-sharing deal and remembering Ladysmith Black Mambazo's founder, Joseph Shabalala.
23/02/2031m 34s

WHO says there's a 'narrowing window' to contain virus outbreak

The World Health Organization says the number of Covid-19 cases with no clear link to China is a concern. Also: US and Afghan Taliban start partial truce, and the buzz around brainy bees.
22/02/2027m 52s

Coronavirus: South Korea 'emergency' measures as infections increase

The country's army is on lockdown after several soldiers tested positive. After Hanau attacks, Germany boosts security amid far-right threat. Lesotho's Prime Minister fails to appear in court to face charges of murdering his estranged wife.
21/02/2027m 7s

Trump Ally Roger Stone sentenced to prison.

President Trump's former adviser Roger Stone is sentenced to forty months in prison for lying to Congress; Angela Merkel leads condemnation of an attack by a far right extremist that left nine dead; A special bracelet designed to switch off any prying Alexa speaker
21/02/2031m 2s

Germany: Suspected far-right extremist kills 9 people in gun-attack

Police investigate background of gunman who carried out mass-killing in western Germany. Most of his victims had migrant backgrounds. Also, South Korea becomes latest focus of global concern over coronavirus, and Swiss prosecutors bring corruption charges against two leading figures in world of football.
20/02/2030m 22s

Optimistic signs over global Coronavirus crisis

Japan rejects criticism of its handling of the coronavirus cruise ship; More bad news for Boeing after debris is found in the fuel tanks of brand new 737 Max aircraft; Could ammonia prove the green alternative to diesel to transform the world's shipping industry?
20/02/2029m 32s

Coronavirus: ‘Quarantined’ cruise ship criticised by experts

Japan is facing mounting international criticism of its response to the outbreak on the ship, the largest outside of mainland China. Also: Controversy at the Brit awards in London as a rapper calls the Prime Minister a racist on live TV, and the new research which claims to explain why modern dating isn’t working.
19/02/2028m 50s

Bloomberg to join Democrat debate

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will take part in a nomination debate for the first time on Wednesday. Also: The judge in the Harvey Weinstein rape case has warned the lead defence lawyer not to talk to the press, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed one of his closest advisers.
19/02/2026m 30s

Fresh Chinese data on Covid-19 fatality rates

Health officials in China say Coronavirus shows a fatality rate of two point three per cent; Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, says it will axe 35.000 jobs, after pre- tax profits fell by a third last year; We hear what it's like to get caught up in a swarm of locusts as South Sudan braces for their arrival...
18/02/2028m 43s

Uighurs ‘detained for beards and veils’ – leak

A document that appears to give the most powerful insight yet into how China determined the fate of hundreds of thousands of Muslims held in a network of internment camps has been seen by the BBC. Also: The United Nations says fighting in the Syrian province of Idlib has displaced 900,000 people since December, and a woman who dated more than 100 men and remained a virgin until she was 41 years old.
18/02/2027m 15s

Coronavirus threatens to push Japan into recession

Analysts are concerned travel restrictions, which have led to a sharp drop in tourism from China, will cause Japan's economy to contract further. General Motors scraps the historic Holden car brand in Australia. A Spanish actor is being tried for insulting God.
17/02/2028m 27s

Americans from virus cruise ship leave Japan

Hundreds will be quarantined in the US, while 40 confirmed cases will be treated in Japan. Also: Elton John halts concert due to pneumonia, and turning human corpses into compost for green burials.
17/02/2028m 19s

Coronavirus: First death confirmed in Europe

The victim was an 80-year-old man from China's Hubei province. Chinese officials say the coronavirus outbreak is generally under control but the World Health Organisation insists it's too early to predict whether it will become a global epidemic. Also, Europeans and Americans hold different views on the health of the Western alliance at the annual Munich Security Conference. And, how an overnight trans-European sleeper train could be part of the solution for climate change.
16/02/2029m 29s

1,700 Chinese health care workers infected with Coronavirus

China's National Health Commission says there's high pressure on doctors and nurses, also a short truce could be in sight in Afghanistan and some different Valentine's Day events
15/02/2027m 9s

Coronavirus: New China figures reveal toll on medical staff

Chinese officials have given figures for health workers infected with the new virus. More than 1700 have fallen ill and at least 6 have died. Also, concern over plight of people fleeing across Mediterranean from Libya to Europe, and how an iconic photo was taken - showing Earth from deep space.
14/02/2031m 8s

Thousands of Syrians camp in freezing conditions

The UN says 800,000 have been displaced since December in the government offensive in northwestern Syria. Also: The row over whether music festivals book enough female performers, and what one Russian grandmother thinks of President Putin.
14/02/2030m 48s

Coronavirus: China reports steep rise in cases in Hubei

Beijing confirms huge increase in deaths and infections in worst-hit province. And top officials have been sacked over their handling of crisis. Also, city of Dresden marks 75th anniversary of WW2 bombing-raids which killed tens of thousands of civilians, and could children's drawings be used as evidence in trial of Sudan's former president ?
13/02/2029m 36s

Coronavirus: Extreme caution urged by experts

Measures include the provision of straightforward diagnostic kits in all countries, implementing robust infection prevention measures, and accelerated research into treatments and possible vaccines. Also: A major shake up in the Italian parliament as right-wing politician Matteo Salvini faces a trial for illegally detaining migrants, and how a Russian man shot himself dead in the middle of a packed courtroom
13/02/2023m 14s

Coronavirus: Formula 1 calls off April's Chinese Grand Prix race

Motor-racing officials cancel race due to fears over spread of virus. Meanwhile World Health Organisation holds summit on how to deal with outbreak. Also, Pope France rules against allowing married men to become Catholic priests in Amazon, and Syrian refugees in Jordan grow crops - using old mattresses instead of soil.
12/02/2030m 19s

Sudan agrees ex-president must face ICC

Omar al-Bashir will answer genocide and war crimes charges. Also: Spain's high court upholds a company's right to deduct break times from employees' working day, and music fans pay tribute to Joseph Shabalala, the founder of Ladysmith Black Mambazo - who's died at the age of seventy-eight.
12/02/2028m 1s

New coronavirus named Covid-19 by the World Health Organisation

The name was chosen so that it 'did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual or group of people'. Thousands pack a stadium for the funeral of Kenya's Daniel arap Moi. More than three decades after the end of apartheid in South Africa, what is it like to be in a Blasian relationship?
11/02/2028m 39s

President Trump presents election year budget

The President asks for increases in military spending and cuts to social programmes. Also,Turkey says Syrian government shellfire has killed Turkish soldiers in Idlib and the US has charged four Chinese military officers over a cyber attack on a credit rating agency.
11/02/2029m 37s

Germany's 'successor' to Merkel quits

The decision comes as questions were raised about her ability to command authority in the party, after CDU delegates in eastern Germany defied the party headquarter’s ban on cooperating with the far right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). China's president Xi Jinping say his government will work to prevent large-scale job losses due to the coronavirus. Joe Biden's race for the White House gets into trouble - again.
10/02/2024m 1s

Millions in China due to return to work despite coronavirus outbreak

Many factories and offices in China have been ordered to stagger their working hours to limit the number of people in public places. Also: Sinn Fein to try to form governing coalition after Irish election success, and the renowned opera singer Mirella Freni has died at the age of eighty-four.
10/02/2028m 59s

Thai soldier kills many people in shooting rampage

Thai security forces rescued hundreds of people from a shopping centre while searching for the gunman. Also: WHO says the number of new coronavirus cases has stabilised in Hubei province, and "lightning strike" kills rare mountain gorillas in Uganda.
09/02/2027m 15s

Hong Kong imposes new quarantine rules over virus

Travellers from mainland China will be isolated for 14 days in new efforts to stem the coronavirus. Also: Impeachment witness escorted from the White House, and unseen Charles Dickens letters open a window into the life of a genius.
08/02/2027m 49s

Coronavirus: Death of Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang sparks public anger

Widespread grief after death of doctor who tried to warn about the coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Li died after contracting the virus while treating patients in Wuhan. Also, Syrian army says it's seized a key target in Idlib province, and we meet a Kenyan singer who uses music to challenge attitudes about sexual consent.
07/02/2029m 26s

Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor

The hospital in Wuhan treating Li Wenliang confirms his death after a day of conflicting reports. Also: Trump celebrates acquittal and blasts rivals, and climate change could push bumblebees to extinction.
07/02/2031m 3s

Coronavirus: Beijing introduces tough measures to try and stem the outbreak

China's government insists it's doing all it can to contain the virus. More than 560 people have now died and nearly 30,000 been infected. Also, UN Security Council will meet to discuss situation in Syrian rebel-held enclave of Idlib, and we look back at the career of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas.
06/02/2030m 10s

President Trump acquitted of all impeachment charges

The Senate, run by the president's fellow Republicans, voted to acquit him 52-48 on charges of abuse of power and 53-47 on obstruction of Congress. Also, the World Health Organisation asks for nearly seven hundred million dollars to help developing countries prepare for the coronavirus which has killed nearly 500 people. And, Finland's new government has announced plans to give all parents the same parental leave.
06/02/2029m 3s

Coronavirus: China takes further steps to address the epidemic

China takes further steps to address the coronavirus epidemic, as death toll nears 500. Also, the new coronavirus will finally get a proper name. State of the Union: Trump hails 'American comeback'. And why penguins' speech patterns are similar to humans.
05/02/2030m 54s

Iowa Caucus: Pete Buttigieg leads US Democratic hopefuls as partial results are released

With 62 per cent of the votes counted, Pete Buttigieg leads this first leg of the race to be the Democrats’ presidential candidate, while Bernie Sanders is a close second. Also, the WHO praises China for containing the new strain of coronavirus, but patients in the city of Wuhan struggle to get treatment. And, in southern Africa, the wife of Lesotho’s prime minister is charged with the murder of his previous wife.
05/02/2024m 52s

Coronavirus outbreak not yet pandemic

A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease, according to the WHO. The Democrats get off to a bad start in the US presidential contest, as the Iowa results are delayed. Kenya's former President Daniel arap Moi dies aged 95.
04/02/2025m 56s

HIV vaccine hopes dashed by trial results

An experimental trial of a new HIV vaccine has been abandoned after an independent study found it was ineffective, dashing high hopes. We hear from Democrats as they take their first step towards confirming who will challenge President Donald Trump in November. Also: Chinese artist Ai WeiWei explains why he's left Germany for the United Kingdom.
04/02/2032m 20s

Coronavirus:China accuses US of causing panic and 'spreading fear'

The virus has now killed more than 360 people, triggered a sharp fall in shares as China's financial markets reopened after the Lunar New Year holiday. Yemen's medical air bridge offers a rare glimpse of hope. Chaos as Nigeria's commercial capital bans motorbike taxis.
03/02/2030m 23s

Police shoot man dead in London terror attack

The attacker, who stabbed two people in South London, had been released from prison in January. He had been sentenced in 2018 for terrorism-related offences. Also: as fears rise about the coronavirus, China injects a hundred and seventy billion dollars into the economy; and the British war film '1917' dominates the BAFTA awards.
03/02/2023m 21s

Hong Kong hospital workers call for border with China to be closed to halt spread of new coronavirus

Health workers threaten to strike from Monday unless checkpoints are closed. Also, the Arab League condemns President Trump's new Middle East peace plan, and new evidence suggests the composer Beethoven was able to hear his final compositions.
02/02/2025m 25s

Brexit: UK leaves the EU

Britain has taken one of the most momentous steps in its recent history. We look at how this moment was marked, UK's Brexit journey, and what happens next. Also: Donald Trump's impeachment trial is basically over and a new voice for Peppa Pig.
01/02/2031m 59s

Brexit: UK prepares to leave EU as PM promises 'new dawn'

UK will officially leave European Union at 23:00 GMT after 47 years of membership. In pre-recorded video message, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will call Brexit a "new dawn." Also, debate over whether China could have acted sooner to tackle coronavirus epidemic, and Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop series on Netflix is criticised by chief of UK's National Health Service.
31/01/2029m 45s

Coronavirus declared a global health emergency

The World Health Organization says efforts must be made to stop the virus spreading to vulnerable countries. Also: the Palestinian PM defends stance on Trump Middle East plan, and governing body of world athletics set to rule on Nike running shoe range.
31/01/2031m 41s

Coronavirus: Russia closes its border with China

Russia orders the closure of its 4,000km-long border and imposes visa restrictions to help prevent the spread of the virus, which has now known to have killed 170 people and infected thousands. Also, Mali launches an army recruitment drive to fight jihadists, and the longest drug-smuggling tunnel ever is found on the US border with Mexico.
30/01/2028m 11s

WHO says world 'must be alert' over China virus

The World Health Organization will hold a further emergency meeting on the coronavirus on Thursday. Also: White House warns former advisor, John Bolton, not to publish book, and scientists say lungs "magically" heal damage from smoking.
30/01/2025m 5s

Evacuation of foreigners from virus-hit China

Hundreds fly out of Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak. Also: the Syrian army 'recaptures' a key town, and the challenge of researching climate change in Antarctica.
29/01/2030m 25s

President Trump releases his Middle East peace plan.

It's been applauded by Israel, but condemned by the Palestinians. President Xi Jinping says China is sure to beat the new coronavirus; and, #Girldad - inspired by Kobe Bryant.
29/01/2031m 30s

Coronavirus: Hong Kong to slash border travel

Japan and Germany have both reported their first cases of the new coronavirus in individuals who did not travel to China. Huawei is allowed a limited role in UK 5G networks. Jeffrey Epstein accusers outraged by Prince Andrew's 'lack of co-operation'.
28/01/2028m 52s

Remembering Auschwitz

Survivors return to the Nazi death camp 75 years after it was liberated. Also: a revolutionary approach to removing cancerous lungs, the danger posed by shipping to whale sharks off Australia and the perils of competitive eating.
28/01/2030m 11s

Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 81 as China extends holiday

China’s People’s Daily reports one wing of the new specialist hospital in Wuhan has already been constructed, in just 16 hours. Mystery surrounds a plane crash in Taliban territory in Afghanistan. Billie Eilish is the big winner at the Grammys.
27/01/2027m 57s

Kobe Bryant: Basketball legend dies in helicopter crash

The five-time NBA champion was widely considered one of the greatest players in the game's history. Also: China is extending its Lunar New Year holiday to help control the coronavirus outbreak, and the sheep that only eat seaweed foraged from beaches and are apparently more environmentally friendly because of it.
27/01/2029m 39s

Democrats trying to undo election, say Trump lawyers

President Trump's lawyers have begun defending him at his impeachment trial, accusing Democrats of seeking to overturn the result of the 2016 election. Also: Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that the spread of a deadly new coronavirus is accelerating, and Brazil marks the first anniversary of the Brumadinho dam collapse.
26/01/2028m 30s

Virus casts shadow over Chinese New Year

Growing threat interrupts holiday plans as France confirms three people there are sick with coronavirus. Also in this edition: thousands of civilians flee a fresh front in Syria’s civil war, and one of England’s top football clubs tackles racism head on.
25/01/2029m 49s

WHO says it's too early to declare a global epidemic

Coronavirus in China has killed 26 people and infected more than 800; In Iraq, tens of thousands of people march to demand the removal of US troops; There are fears about huge swarms of locusts in East Africa which are destroying crops:
24/01/2033m 21s

China fights to stop new virus spreading

Beijing cancels Lunar New Year celebrations and cities like Wuhan curb public transport. Also: The world remembers Auschwitz, and a 3000 year-old Egyptian priest speaks again
24/01/2033m 57s

China coronavirus: more cities under lockdown

Beijing's palace complex, the Forbidden City,will be closed to the public. The International Court of Justice has ordered measures to prevent the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. World leaders attend a forum in Jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.
23/01/2029m 58s

Probe of Saudi crown prince urged over Bezos phone hacking

UN experts say they've seen information suggesting prince may have been involved, also no international health crisis yet over Coronavirus and billionaire helps Zimbabwe's doctors
23/01/2027m 11s

China warns against travel to virus-hit Wuhan

China says it is now at the "most critical stage" of prevention and control of the new virus. Also: Saudi Arabia denies that its crown prince was responsible for hacking Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' phone, and why are iguanas falling out of trees in Florida?
22/01/2028m 37s

Trump impeachment trial starts with rule wrangling

Debate on witnesses and evidence marks the start of Senate proceedings. Also: First coronavirus case diagnosed in US, and swimming in freezing Antarctic waters - to save the planet.
22/01/2026m 9s

Trump decries 'prophets of doom' on environment

President Trump attacks activists at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, with Greta Thunberg in the audience. Also: there's a warning against a cover-up as China virus cases jump, and what did a man and two dogs find on a beach?
21/01/2033m 24s

Sri Lankan president says war missing are dead

Gotabaya Rajapaksa announces the deaths of thousands who disappeared in the civil war. Also: the stand-off between Central American migrants and Mexican border forces, and the two men on opposite sides of the world who tried to make an Earth Sandwich.
21/01/2033m 55s

China virus: Cases triple as infection spreads to Beijing and Shanghai

State media in China has been urging people not to panic as the new respiratory virus spreads across the country. The long-awaited extradition hearing in Canada of the senior Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou. Africa's richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, tells the BBC she's the victim of a politically motivated witch-hunt by the Angolan government.
20/01/2032m 9s

Progress reported at Libya summit in Berlin

World powers agree to uphold weapons embargo as part of efforts to end Libya conflict; General support for deal allowing Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back from their royal duties - but Meghan's estranged father is critical; SpaceX has conducted a successful test of the emergency systems of its new spacecraft.
20/01/2028m 9s

Prince Harry and Meghan drop royal duties and HRH titles

The couple also intend to repay more than $3m of taxpayer money for the refurbishment of their UK home. The Queen and Buckingham Palace have issued statements following recent talks to discuss new roles for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Also: Violent clashes in Beirut between anti-government protesters and the Lebanese security forces have left 160 people injured, and why The Simpsons actor Hank Azaria says he will no longer voice the character Apu.
19/01/2027m 35s

Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr to defend Trump

President Donald Trump brings in high-powered legal firepower for his impeachment trial. The team include a prosecutor who helped to impeach President Bill Clinton more than twenty years ago - and a celebrity defence lawyer. Also: The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, demands Iran pay compensation for the shooting down of a plane with many Canadians on board, and why Apple's Lightning cable could soon be outlawed in the European Union.
18/01/2025m 45s

Malta's police chief resigns after heavy criticism over journalist murder investigation

No one has yet been convicted of the murder in 2017 of Daphne Caruana Galizia. She'd been investigating corruption among Malta's political and business elite. Also: Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has led Friday prayers for the first time in eight years, appealing for national unity while criticising the US, and a horse becomes a surprise passenger on a bus in Wales.
17/01/2025m 49s

Senators sworn in for Trump impeachment trial

The articles of impeachment were read aloud on the Senate floor. Also: "alarming" one in five deaths worldwide due to sepsis, and an English bookshop has been inundated with orders after tweeting it hadn't sold a single book last Tuesday.
17/01/2031m 29s

Russian parliament elects new prime minister

New PM is Mikhail Mishustin, a little- known former head of the federal tax service, also Hong Kong's freedoms could last beyond 2047 and a turn of fortune for a Paris dustman
16/01/2024m 0s

Trump impeachment case heads to Senate

Donald Trump will become only the third US president to face trial in the US upper chamber. Also: last decade confirmed as warmest on record, and Neanderthals 'dived in the ocean' for shellfish.
16/01/2032m 32s

Russian PM and government resigns

The resignations came after President Putin proposed constitutional changes that could prolong his own grip on power. Also: a treason trial has begun of the Cambodian opposition leader, Kem Sokha, and we hear about a man who broke a marathon world record after being told ten years ago that he would never walk again.
15/01/2027m 46s

Army clashes with mutineers in Sudanese capital

Sudan's army has overrun the HQ of mutinous forces from an intelligence agency once loyal to ex-leader Omar al-Bashir. Also: Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen says China needs to show Taipei respect, and scientists claim the first 'living robots' have been developed.
15/01/2029m 58s

Iran nuclear deal: European powers trigger dispute mechanism

France, Germany and Britain say Iran has violated the existing deal but they hope the agreement can be saved through the dispute resolution mechanism. More than a hundred people have died in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan as a result of unusually heavy snow. Spike Lee becomes first black Cannes jury head.
14/01/2029m 46s

Sahel summit partners step up jihadist fight

France and nations from Africa's Sahel region have agreed to step up military co-operation. Also: Queen Elizabeth agrees prince Harry and Meghan 'transition period' and the trees grown from seeds that spent months in space.
14/01/2029m 52s

Royal "Sandringham summit"

Meanwhile, ahead of the talks, the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge have dismissed a "false story" in a UK newspaper speculating about their relationship. Iranian police deny shooting anti-government protesters. Pope Francis is warned by his predecessor Benedict not to relax the rules on priestly celibacy.
13/01/2029m 0s

Iran: Anti-government protests continue after plane crash

Many Iranians remain angry that Tehran took days to admit the military shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane. Also: Australia’s prime minister concedes he could have responded better to the bush fires still raging across the country. And Buckingham Palace prepares for a meeting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their plans to step back from royal duties.
13/01/2025m 50s

Anti-regime protests in Iran over downing of civilian jet

Tehran admits it shot down the Ukrainian airliner in error killing all 176 people on board. Also,Taiwan's president, Tsai Ing-wen is re-elected with a record vote; and, the centenarian who's fathered 800 children.
12/01/2029m 36s

Ukraine says Iran is cooperating in plane crash inquiry

Kyiv is considering if the jet was shot down but warns against drawing hasty conclusions. Also: Mexican boy kills teacher, and the teenager whose life was saved by a friend thousands of kilometres away.
11/01/2025m 29s

Iran plane crash: Tehran rebuffs claims it shot down jet

Victims of the crash included 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians as well as nationals from Sweden, the UK, Afghanistan and Germany. The Duchess of Sussex has returned to Canada to join her son amid discussions within the Royal Family. Also how fat is your tongue? How losing weight there could help with sleep.
10/01/2028m 55s

Iran plane crash: ‘Evidence’ jet downed by missile

The leaders of Canada and the UK are calling for a full and thorough investigation into the crash, which killed all 176 people on board. Also: Queen Elizabeth is said to be working with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan as they step back from royal duties, and how satellites in the night sky are causing problems for astronomers.
10/01/2027m 25s

Iran crash: Airliner 'was trying to return to airport'

Iranian investigators said preliminary findings indicated the plane had tried to turn back to Tehran airport, but that the pilot hadn't made a distress call. Prince Harry and his wife Megan say they want to "step back" from their roles as senior royals and become financially independent, but how will that work? A campaign to end rape in war spearheaded by Angelina Jolie and a British politician is heavily criticised.
09/01/2025m 43s

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step back from royal duties

The announcement is said to have been made without consultation with senior royals. Also: President Trump has said the military confrontation with Iran has de-escalated, and the Japanese Justice Minister rejects criticism of the country's legal system made by the fugitive Renault Nissan boss, Carlos Ghosn.
09/01/2030m 47s

Iran attack: Missiles fired at US forces in Iraq

President Donald Trump responded on twitter saying ‘all is well’. Also: A Ukraine International Airlines plane crashes near a Tehran airport killing everyone on board, and a man on trial in Japan for killing nineteen mentally disabled residents of a care home admits the killings - but denies murder.
08/01/2028m 38s

President Trump backs down from his repeated threat to target Iranian cultural sites

After criticism that such attacks could constitute a war crime, Mr Trump said if that were the case, he would obey the law. Also: the foreign exchange company Travelex is being held to ransom by hackers, and a vast "star nursery" region has been found in our galaxy.
08/01/2027m 59s

Stampede kills dozens at burial in Iran

Calls for retaliation over the US killing of the top General continue. A British teenager, found guilty of lying about being gang-raped by Irsraeli men in Cyprus, has been given a four-month suspended sentence. Plus Facebook is to ban 'deepfakes'.
07/01/2025m 52s

Libya rebel forces 'take over' strategic city of Sirte

General Khalifa Haftar's forces say they have taken Sirte from fighters loyal to the Tripoli government. Also: Trump under fire for threat to Iran cultural sites, and a new plant-based burger launched in the UK is "not for vegans".
07/01/2029m 59s

Milions pack Tehran for commander's funeral

The vast event was part of three days of nationwide ceremonies. Britain's 'most prolific rapist' is jailed for life. Plus we look at what's behind violent disturbances at one of India's top universities.
06/01/2031m 24s

Iran rolls back nuclear deal commitments

Tensions have been high over the killing of the Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, by the US in Baghdad. Also: Guaido's rival declares himself parliament speaker in Venezuela, and Georges Duboef, the "Pope of Beaujolais" wine dies aged 86.
06/01/2028m 54s

Thousands mourn assassinated Iranian general

The funeral procession which began in Baghdad on Saturday marks the beginning of days of mourning for Qasem Soleimani. Also: strong winds whip up Australian bushfires, and the Chinese paddlefish has been declared extinct.
05/01/2025m 53s

Fears of fallout from US assassination of top Iranian General

President Trump says United States killed General Soleimani to stop not start a war; But Iran describes the assassination as an act of international terrorism and vows to respond at a time and place of its choosing; and the Chinese authorities say they're investigating the source of a mysterious pneumonia outbreak
04/01/2027m 34s

Iran swears revenge for killing of top general

The US killing of Qassem Soleimani marks a major rise in tensions between the countries. Also: Why some European countries are slow to reform their rape laws, and how protest groups across the world share tactics.
03/01/2033m 1s

Turkish troops to be deployed in Libya

Turkey's parliament approves troop deployment to support UN-backed government in Libya; Australian Prime Minister heckled for his handling of the devastating bushfires; Why tourists are unwittingly helping poachers in South Africa's biggest wildlife reserve:
03/01/2030m 13s

Thousands of people flee bushfires in Australia

The evacuation of communities is underway in Victoria and New South Wales. Interpol issues a request for the arrest of the fugitive ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, and Turkey's parliament debates a bill which would allow troops to be sent to Libya.
02/01/2029m 7s

Netanyahu requests immunity from prosecution

The Israeli prime minister’s move could delay the start of his trial on corruption charges. Also in this edition: a German zoo mourns the loss of its collection of endangered apes and monkeys, Hong Kong sees in the New Year as it saw out the old – with another big pro-democracy demonstration, and the footballers taking the long view of life after the beautiful game.
02/01/2031m 45s

Thousands join a pro-democracy march in Hong Kong

Protesters formed human chains stretching along busy roads. At least eight more people have died in bushfires in Australia, and North Korea ends its suspension of nuclear testing.
01/01/2028m 34s

Australia sees in 2020 as wildfires rage across countryside

Thousands flee to a beach to avoid flames in Victoria. Also: How did Carlos Ghosn smuggle himself out of Japan? And will one of the brightest stars explode?
01/01/2027m 24s

US Baghdad embassy attacked by protesters

The protest by the Iranian-backed militia group was in response to American air strikes on Sunday which killed at least twenty-five of its members. Australia burns while parts of India suffer the worst cold for more than a century. Plus the Greeks swapping New Year clubs for dance classes.
31/12/1926m 19s

Nissan's ex-head Ghosn in surprise Lebanon arrival

Carlos Ghosn was arrested over allegations of financial misconduct in 2018. He denies any wrongdoing. Also: Bolivia is planning to expel foreign diplomats, and Neil Innes, the Monty Python songwriter dies aged seventy-five.
31/12/1930m 44s

Death sentences for Sudanese intelligence officers over teacher's killing

It's the first time Sudanese courts have handed down convictions over the violent response to the protests. China jails 'gene-edited babies' scientist for three years. A British teenager is found guilty of lying about being gang-raped by Israeli youths in Cyprus.
30/12/1931m 42s

Trump urges unity against anti-Semitism 'scourge' following an attack in New York

The US president described the stabbing attacks on a New York rabbi's house as "horrific". Also: Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists swap prisoners, and Big Ben will bong for New Year 2020.
30/12/1930m 18s

Rush-hour bomb kills dozens in Somali capital

The blast took place at a checkpoint at a busy intersection in Mogadishu. Also: Biden appears to rule out testifying at Trump's impeachment trial, and more than one thousand addresses published in UK honours list error.
29/12/1931m 50s

Survivors describe Kazakhstan air-crash

Remarkable stories from those who emerged unscathed from the aircraft wreckage at Almaty airport; A quarter of a million people flee Syrian government military offensive in Idlib province; French government to inspect social media for signs of tax avoidance and fraud.
28/12/1930m 17s

Dozens survive Kazakhstan plane crash

At least twelve die after the Fokker 100 crashes on take-off from Almaty airport. The aircraft was carrying one hundred passengers. Also, Nigerian Islamists release a video showing the execution of Christians; and, New England - in Crimea.
27/12/1929m 40s

Mexico and Bolivia in diplomatic row

Mexico says it's taking Bolivia to the International Court of Justice over the intimidation of its diplomats in La Paz. Also, Iranian security forces have been patrolling Tehran and other cities to try to prevent widespread protests and one of the leading lyric tenors of the last century, Peter Schreier, has died at the age of eighty-four.
27/12/1931m 39s

Russia: Security forces raid offices of Alexei Navalny

Raid carried out on premises of opposition leader's Anti-Corruption Foundation. Mr. Navalny says raid is linked to his refusal to comply with a court order to delete an online film accusing Russian Prime Minister of corruption. Also, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces challenge for leadership of Likud party, and how eco-activist Greta Thunberg inspired remix of a dance music classic.
26/12/1929m 47s

The Happy Pod 2019

The most inspiring, uplifting and heartwarming stories from 2019 with lots of brilliance, bravery and courage. How rugby raised South Africa to heights not seen since Nelson Mandela; a 50th birthday for Big Bird and friends; plus singing seals, driving rats and a flying fat cat. Photo: Siya Kolisi lifts Webb Ellis Cup after South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in 2019 Credit: Getty Images
25/12/1956m 54s

Pope Francis celebrates Midnight Mass at the Vatican

The leader of the Catholic church called on people not to abandon God’s love. Also, India agrees to hold a census and national population survey, thousands of people in northern Ghana remain displaced after floods in October, and thirty years after Romania deposed Nicolae Ceausescu we hear how the country has changed.
25/12/1927m 42s

India National Population Register: Database agreed amid protests

Critics say it will be a list from which "doubtful citizens" will be asked to prove they are Indian. We'll hear from Russia's reluctant teen activist, whose mum is under house arrest. Prince Philip leaves hospital for Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham.
24/12/1929m 51s

Boeing fires boss amid 737 Max troubles

The company says it hopes to "restore confidence" but still faces questions about its commitment to safety. Also: Romanian court acquits UK trafficking suspects, and Putin takes Crimea train over new rail link.
24/12/1930m 40s

Saudis sentence five to death for Khashoggi murder

Jamal Khashoggi was killed last year inside the kingdom's consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul by a team of Saudi agents. Warnings that the defeated Islamic State group is on the rise once again in Iraq. We hear from an Australian mayor about bushfire flames that are seventy metres high.
23/12/1930m 48s

Turkey says it can't cope with any more Syrian refugees

The Turkish president says more than eighty thousand people have fled Idlib province. Also: an email reveals that the White House blocked Ukraine aid just after Trump call, and a young girl's find in a Tesco card halts China production.
23/12/1930m 50s

Pompeo condemns Russia and China for veto on cross border aid to Syria

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said the vetoes cast were shameful, and that the two countries now had blood on their hands. Also: Germany and Russia condemn US pipeline sanctions, and the 1966 football World Cup winner Martin Peters dies aged 76.
22/12/1932m 13s

MPs back British PM's plan to leave EU on the 31st of January

The British PM Boris Johnson says Brexit is "one step closer" after MPs back his EU withdrawal bill by a majority of 124. Also: ICC seeks inquiry into alleged West Bank and Gaza "war crimes", and Boeing astronaut capsule stalls in orbit.
21/12/1930m 21s

Brexit: MPs debate Boris Johnson's bill for UK to leave EU

The bill was expected to pass after Conservatives won huge majority in general election. Also, former bosses jailed following suicides among France Telecom staff, and Australian PM apologises for taking US holiday while huge bushfires rage at home.
20/12/1929m 47s

Trump impeachment: a country divided

The bitter divisions again on show in US politics, as Republican and Democrats argue over the impeachment of President Trump. Also, one dead after attack outside Russian spy HQ in Moscow, and astronomers discover how 'monster' black holes are born.
20/12/1928m 24s

India: Thousands held for defying ban on protests

Demonstrators have defied a ban on protests against a controversial new citizenship law. The measure offers citizenship to non-Muslim illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Also, reaction in Washington DC as the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Trump, and the Queen sets out the new British government's plans for the year ahead.
19/12/1928m 21s

Will President Trump be impeached?

Donald Trump is expected to become only the third US president to be impeached by the House of Representatives. Also: Bolivia's attorney-general issues a warrant for the arrest of the former president Evo Morales; and the small Welsh community putting on a Christmas nativity- with just a few students playing all of the roles
19/12/1928m 9s

Report says UN peacekeepers in Haiti fathered hundreds of children

Interviews by a team of researchers found young mothers were abandoned. The report says girls as young as 11 were forced to trade sex for food. Also: a new chemotherapy delivery method for cancer patients is tried out by doctors, and Europe sends a planet hunting telescope into space.
18/12/1926m 9s

Trump impeachment: President pens ‘open war’ letter on eve of vote

Mr Trump faces an impeachment vote on Wednesday over allegations he pressured Ukraine for personal political gain. Also: Scientists in Denmark sequence the genetic code of a stone-age woman using a piece of ancient chewing gum and why Lord of the Rings casting directors are searching for ‘ugly’ people.
18/12/1926m 29s

First Global Refugee Forum underway in Geneva

Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants a million Syrians to be resettled in a part of northern Syria where Turkey recently forced out Kurdish fighters. The Pope lifts the 'pontifical secret' rule in sex abuse cases. A Pakistani court has sentenced the former military ruler Pervez Musharraf to death in absentia for treason.
17/12/1931m 39s

Mexico: 50 bodies found in mass graves

Forensic experts say they have been able to establish the identities of more than a dozen people. Also: The French official in charge of pension reforms which have triggered nationwide strikes resigns; and the hospital in Syria operating entirely below ground.
17/12/1922m 55s

India protests: PM appeals for calm

The demonstrators see the new law as "anti-Muslim" and in conflict with India's secular traditions. China accuses the Arsenal footballer, Mesut Ozil, of being deceived by fake news after he criticised the treatment of Muslim Uighurs. Also, why a Californian church nativity scene is depicting Mary, Joseph and Jesus in cages.
16/12/1928m 45s

UN climate talks called a 'failure'

The longest summit on record has ended with a compromise deal that left many big questions unanswered. Also: Indian police have been accused of forcefully entering a university campus and beating students. And an undercover investigation into the women being trafficked from Africa to India for prostitution.
16/12/1926m 26s

UN climate talks hit rough waters

Negotiators in Madrid are working towards a deal for countries to commit to new carbon emissions cuts by the end of 2020. Also: "Sardines" pack in for anti-Salvini Rome protest, and is it possible to complete Beethoven's unfinished Tenth Symphony using artificial intelligence?
15/12/1933m 51s

British PM urges let the healing begin after poll win

Boris Johnson says he hopes his party's "extraordinary" election victory will bring "closure" to years of acrimony. Also: Key committee passes Trump impeachment charges, and Algeria hit by more protests as new leader elected.
14/12/1929m 38s

UK general election 2019: Boris Johnson says it's time to 'get Brexit done'

UK's PM says he hopes his party's election win will bring 'closure' to Brexit debate. And Labour's leader Jeremy Corbyn gives his response to his party's huge defeat. Also, we look at the challenges ahead for Britain's Conservative government after election victory, and how they'll handle relations with the EU and the US.
13/12/1926m 28s

Resounding win for the Conservatives in Britain's general election

With most of the votes counted PM Boris Johnson secures overall majority. It means he can push through his plans for Britain to leave the EU at the end of next month. The Scottish National Party surges in Scotland. The SNP says it is has a mandate for a 2nd independence referendum.
13/12/1928m 20s

Exit poll suggests Conservatives on course to win majority in UK general election

Exit poll suggests the prime minister, Boris Johnson has secured a strong overall majority with his promise to get Brexit done. Also: New Zealand troops on volcanic island to recover bodies, and Paul McCartney unwraps his 'secret' Christmas album.
13/12/1933m 12s

Protests mar Algeria's presidential election

Demonstrators boycott the vote demanding the sweeping away of the entire political establishment. Also, the 44,000 year-old cave paintings that may be the oldest story ever told, and the lucky employees sharing an unexpected ten million dollar Christmas bonus.
12/12/1927m 36s

India approves 'anti-Muslim' citizenship law

The controversial law offers amnesty to non-Muslim immigrants from three countries. Also: it's reported that the disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinsten has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with accusers, and a painting has been found in Italy after a 22 year Klimt mystery.
12/12/1925m 55s

Aung San Suu Kyi defends Myanmar against genocide allegations

Aung San Suu Kyi has rejected the allegations of genocide against Rohingya Muslims at the International Court of Justice. Also; Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg addresses the UN climate change conference in Madrid, and how much exercise do you need to burn off the calories contained in a chocolate bar?
11/12/1931m 13s

Democrats unveil Trump impeachment charges

US president accused of abusing his powers and obstructing Congress. Also: Ex Mexican security minister arrested on drugs charges; new warning over Greenland ice melt and music industry mourns Roxette singer.
11/12/1927m 56s

Myanmar Rohingya: Suu Kyi to defend genocide charge at UN court

It marks a remarkable fall from grace for the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi. In the Czech Republic, a gunman has killed six people in a hospital waiting room. And a paramedic rescuer describes a 'Chernobyl'- like scene on New Zealand's White Island after Monday's volcanic eruption.
10/12/1926m 9s

No sign of life after volcanic eruption in New Zealand.

New Zealand's Prime Minister says further survivors unlikely following White Island eruption; High level talks taking place in Paris on the conflict in eastern Ukraine; Healthy body, healthy mind - how sport can help your brain.
10/12/1924m 5s

'No sign of life' after New Zealand volcano erruption

Conditions are too dangerous for a rescue mission to take place at the popular tourist destination. Russia has been handed a four-year ban from all major sporting events by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The Finnish minister Sanna Marin who's 34 is to become world's youngest PM.
09/12/1933m 2s

FBI believes Florida navy attacker acted alone

The FBI says it is treating Friday's deadly attack on a Florida navy base as a presumed terrorist attack. Also: Police in India have arrested the owner of a Delhi factory where a fire killed 43 people, and an artwork of a banana duct-taped to a wall that sold for $120,000 has been eaten by a separate performance artist.
09/12/1928m 5s

US and Iranian men in prisoner swap

Iran freed US student Xiyue Wang; America released Iranian scientist Massoud Soleimani. Also: Oceans running out of oxygen, and the ID photo that sparked an antisemitism debate in Sweden.
08/12/1927m 41s

Saudi student kills 3 in US

Donald Trump says the Saudi king has expressed condolences. Also: how to translate foreign languages in one-and-a-half seconds, and the child who invited school mates to his adoption.
07/12/1931m 40s

Auschwitz visit: Angela Merkel warns of resurgence of intolerance

German Chancellor makes her first trip while in office to Auschwitz death-camp in Poland. She says Germany has an unending responsibility to remember the Nazis' war crimes. Also, Indian police have shot dead four men suspected of raping and killing a young woman, and how a British woman was revived after a six-hour cardiac arrest.
06/12/1928m 43s

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump impeachment will go ahead

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House of Representatives will file impeachment charges against US President Donald Trump for alleged abuse of power. Also: The World Health Organisation says the cases of measles are rising at dangerous levels, and six rowers are planning to make a trip from Cape Horn in South America to Antarctica.
06/12/1931m 29s

Workers in France stage a nationwide strike against pension reforms

Transport workers, teachers and other public sector workers join demonstrations. Also; an Indian woman who was raped has been attacked and set on fire on her way to court, and scientists have developed a pioneering new vaccine against typhoid.
05/12/1931m 10s

Trump impeachment: Law experts give legal opinion for and against impeachment

As the investigation entered a new phase, law experts testified to the House Judiciary Committee which began hearings aimed at drawing up articles of impeachment. Also: Greenpeace accuses the Japanese government of covering up hotspots near the starting point of the 2020 Olympic torch relay in Fukushima, and New York launches a test-run for cargo bikes to replace delivery trucks and vans.
05/12/1940m 5s

NATO leaders signal unity at meeting amid rows

Despite a joint condemnation of Russian aggression, the French president Emmanuel Macron repeated his belief that NATO should not be structured around treating Russia and China as enemies. Also: Germany expels Russia diplomats over Berlin murder, and researchers suggest that people should check their cholesterol from the age of twenty-five.
04/12/1932m 45s

Trump impeachment evidence 'overwhelming'

The impeachment inquiry report says evidence suggests Donald Trump abused his powers. Also: Scientists develop artificial neurons to fight disease, and Utopia, North Korean-style.
04/12/1927m 2s

Nato: Trump blasts Macron 'brain dead' comments as 'nasty'

He also said he could see France 'breaking off' from Nato, but did not explain why. The Syrian currency has slumped to a record low. Which European country is outperforming all others when it comes to education?
03/12/1929m 2s

Prince Andrew's accuser calls for public support

A US woman who says she was brought to Britain aged 17 to have sex with Prince Andrew has implored the British public to "stand beside her". Prince Andrew has denied any such relationship. Also: Scientists have identified parts of the brain that appear to be linked to an increased chance of suicide, potentially offering a way to identify those at risk, and why the fashion rental industry is now bigger than ever.
03/12/1926m 36s

Climate change: COP25 Madrid gets underway

World leaders have been urged to take rapid action to tackle the climate emergency. Vigils are held in England to pay tribute to the victims of last week's London Bridge terror attack. Continuing protests in India after the alleged gang-rape and murder of a 27-year-old woman.
02/12/1930m 15s

Malta prime minister Joseph Muscat to resign in new year

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has announced on national television that he will step down in the new year, amid a crisis over a murdered journalist. The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declares efforts to tackle climate change “utterly inadequate”. And at least seventy people have been killed in Syria in two days of fighting between government forces and militias in the last major rebel-held region of Idlib.
02/12/1927m 16s

Maltese businessman charged over journalist murder

Yorgen Fenech is charged in connection with the 2017 murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The investigation has rocked the island's government and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is under pressure to resign. Also: Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro blames the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the recent Amazon fires, and why the city of Bethlehem will have more reason to celebrate Christmas this year.
01/12/1927m 18s

London Bridge attacker had terror conviction

Two members of the public died and three were injured in what British police declared a terrorist incident. Also: Suriname president Bouterse sentenced to twenty years for 1982 killings, and can music return life to dead coral reefs?
30/11/1930m 34s

Iraq: PM Abdul Mahdi to resign after bloodiest day of protests

Announcement comes after more than 40 anti-government protestors were killed in one day. Earlier, Iraq's top Shi'a cleric condemned use of force against protesters and called for new government. Also, South Korean court sentences two K-Pop stars to prison for sex-crimes, and do mobile phones damage children's emotional and mental health ?
29/11/1929m 40s

Trump makes first Afghan trip for Thanksgiving

In an unannounced visit to American troops, the US president says the "Taliban wants to make a deal". Also: Turkey accuses Macron of sponsoring terrorism, and the row in Ireland over a giant printer bought for parliament.
29/11/1932m 26s

Iraq: More deaths in latest wave of protests

More than 20 anti-government protestors killed in clashes with security forces. For several weeks, demonstrators have been demanding more jobs, an end to corruption, and better public services. Also, China rebukes US for its support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, and why Scotland's Gaelic-speakers are using modern technology to preserve an ancient language.
28/11/1930m 7s

More protests in Malta demanding the resignation of PM Muscat over murder scandal

The demonstrators in Valletta have criticised the Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat over his handling of the murder of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Also: Zimbabwe doctors say hospitals are "death traps", and Russian cows get Virtual Reality headsets "to reduce anxiety".
28/11/1928m 45s

Bangladesh: Islamists sentenced to death for 2016 attack at Dhaka cafe

Seven Islamists sentenced for attack in which 22 people, mostly foreigners, were killed. Eight people were on trial, accused of planning assault on the Holey Artisan cafe and supplying the weapons used. Also, senior doctors in Zimbabwe go on strike in support of their junior colleagues, and why robot police-dogs are being tested in the US.
27/11/1929m 26s

Resignations spark Malta crisis in murder scandal

Two years after the murder of the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, a volley of resignations has rocked Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's government. Also: rescuers continue their search after Albania quake, and in England a couple speak of their shock at winning $135m.
27/11/1931m 50s

UN says drastic action needed over carbon emissions

Warnings that current targets fall far short of what's required to avert disastrous climate change. UN says if strategies don't change then global temperatures could rise to more than double the limit agreed under the Paris climate deal. Also: Albania is struck by a powerful earthquake, and why bad dreams could be good for you.
26/11/1927m 33s

Argentina: Catholic priests sentenced in child sex abuse case

The clerics were convicted of sexually assaulting children at a school for the deaf, over 12 years. Also: on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, France and South Africa both announce plans to prevent domestic abuse. And the residents of a Nigerian village called Area of Idiots decide their home needs a new name.
26/11/1927m 7s

Hong Kong elections: Carrie Lam promises 'open mind' after election

It's thought 17 of the 18 district councils are now controlled by pro-democracy councillors. Thieves have stolen three priceless sets of jewellery from one of Europe's largest treasure collections - the Dresden Green Vault in eastern Germany. Uber loses licence to operate in London.
25/11/1937m 19s

Opposition win huge victory in Hong Kong election

Pro-democracy candidates deliver a stunning reverse to the pro-Beijing chief executive, Carrie Lam. Also: the WWW founder wants a ‘Contract for the Web’; and, the search for the sunken cocaine-carrying submarine.
25/11/1928m 39s

Bolivian Senate approves election bill

The bill allows a fresh presidential election. Marches in France against domestic violence, and dozens of pirates surrender to police in Bangladesh.
24/11/1925m 33s

Donald Trump wants full trial in impeachment investigation.

The president says he’ll welcome the chance to defend himself in the Senate against the allegations that he tried to coerce Ukraine into investigating his political rival Joe Biden. Also: India says more than 30,000 of its citizens have died while working in the Persian Gulf in recent years. And a woman makes a surreptitious call to the police, while pretending to order a pizza.
23/11/1923m 0s

Chagos Islands dispute: UK misses deadline to return control

UK has ignored a deadline to return control of an overseas territory to Mauritius. Britain says it does not recognise Mauritius' claim to sovereignty over the islands. Also, why a social media influencer is accused of contributing to the suicides of at least two of her followers, and how computer animation will be used to bring iconic 1950s film star James Dean back to life.
22/11/1930m 28s

Israel PM Netanyahu charged with corruption

The prime minister calls the charges an "attempted coup, insisting he will not resign. Also: tuk tuk drivers storm a morgue in Indonesia to take a dead baby for burial; And, how being a K-pop star doesn't get you out of military service in S Korea.
22/11/1927m 2s

DR Congo: Measles outbreak kills nearly 5000

Health ministry says there have been nearly 250,000 cases since January. This is the world's worst current outbreak of the disease. Also, why Russian women struggle to address domestic abuse, and the band Coldplay they'll stop performing abroad - to help save the planet.
21/11/1927m 32s

Prince Andrew stepping back from royal duties

The Duke of York says he is stepping back from royal duties because the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has become a "major disruption" to the Royal Family. Also: US diplomat says Trump directed Ukraine pressure, and what is the best passport to own in the world?
21/11/1930m 57s

UK consulate worker in Hong Kong alleges Chinese torture

Simon Chen says he was abused for allegedly inciting unrest in Hong Kong. Also: Malta businessman arrested in an investigation into killing of journalist, and a nine-year old is set to become world’s youngest university graduate.
20/11/1927m 56s

Impeachment witness 'concerned' by Trump call

Lt Col Alexander Vindman told Congress that President Trump made "inappropriate" political demands of his Ukrainian counterpart. Also: Sweden drops Assange alleged rape investigation, and does Marie Kondo's online store spark joy?
20/11/1930m 39s

Iran protests: UN fears dozens of people have been killed

The protests in Iran started on Friday and were sparked by a sharp rise in petrol prices. US and Australian hostages are freed in a Taliban prisoner swap. Do you know what the gayageum is?
19/11/1929m 47s

US says Jewish settlements no longer illegal

The United States reverses four decades of foreign policy in a move seen as a boost to Israel. Also: Brazil's Amazon deforestation 'highest since 2008', and rare Charlotte Bronte miniature work returning to UK after sale in French auction.
19/11/1928m 51s

Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Protesters arrested as they run from campus

Protesters trapped inside the Polytechnic University are attempting to escape a police blockade of the campus. Demonstrations across Iran over fuel price rises have left at least twelve people dead. A rare Charlotte Bronte book is coming home.
18/11/1925m 1s

Fires blaze as Hong Kong police move on university

Police had warned protestors in Hong Kong that they could use live bullets if violence against officers continued. Also: Sri Lanka wartime defence chief wins presidency, and the British photographer Terry O'Neill dies aged 81.
18/11/1930m 27s

Prince Andrew: exclusive BBC interview

The Queen's second son discusses his relationship with convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, and denies ever meeting the teenage girl who says she was forced to have sex with him. Also: Chinese Communist Party documents leaked to the New York Times reveal new details about the mass detention of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, and we hear from the man some call the Indiana Jones of the art world.
17/11/1934m 21s

Trump accused of witness intimidation

The US president tweeted his contempt as Congress interviewed a key impeachment witness. Donald Trump attacked the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, in the middle of her testimony to the Congressional impeachment inquiry. Also: echoes of the Cold War with a spy swap on the Russian border, and is broadband internet access really an essential human right?
16/11/1926m 53s

US: Ex-ambassador speaks at Trump impeachment inquiry

Second day of public hearings in impeachment inquiry into Mr. Trump. The former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, is giving her testimony. Also, how African migrants are brutally mistreated by traffickers shipping them to Europe, and should the office meeting be seen as a form of therapy ?
15/11/1929m 57s

MH17 disaster: Phone-taps show 'Russia directed Ukraine rebels'

Investigators allege a top aide of President Vladimir Putin was in contact with rebel leaders on a regular basis. Also: Italy declares a state of emergency in Venice, following catastrophic flooding, and the young scientist that's made a new form of plastic out of fish waste materials.
15/11/1924m 54s

Gaza: Rockets fired at Israel after ceasefire starts

Palestinian militants in Gaza launch rockets towards Israel, hours after ceasefire begins. The truce was meant to end two days of intense fighting, in which 34 Palestinians were killed and dozens of Israelis injured. Also, India's Supreme Court to review landmark judgement allowing women of menstruating age to enter a Hindu shrine, and how a group of cows in the US showed some remarkable survival skills.
14/11/1928m 8s

Trump calls impeachment hearings 'a joke'

The first public hearings heard Mr Trump cared more about Ukraine investigating his rival, Joe Biden, than the country itself. Also: The importance of coffee to the Swiss, and cherry blossom to the Japanese.
14/11/1925m 49s

Hong Kong: police warn of total law and order breakdown

Parts of the territory are paralysed for a third weekday in a row due to street battles. Also, people in Venice battle the highest water levels for fifty years, the public hearings into the impeachment inquiry of President Trump get underway, and the curious case of the cat and the airline.
13/11/1925m 50s

Bolivian leader arrives in Mexico for asylum

Attempts to choose an interim leader to replace Evo Morales are thrown into confusion. Also: The Zimbabwean dollar makes a come back, and how cocaine washed up on French beaches has the police baffled.
13/11/1929m 25s

Flare-up as Israel kills top Palestinian militant

Dozens of rockets hit Israel after Palestinian Islamic Jihad vows to avenge Baha Abu al-Ata's death. Also: American IS suspect "stranded on Turkey border", and Lilou - the world's first airport therapy pig.
12/11/1932m 54s

Bolivia’s ex-president offered asylum in Mexico

Mexico says the decision was taken for "humanitarian reasons" after a request from Mr Morales. Also: A vast area of Australia's east coast is bracing itself for one of the nation's worst ever bushfire threats, and the co-founder of the White Helmets aid organisation has been found dead in Turkey.
12/11/1925m 45s

Two people critical after Hong Kong day of chaos

Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam has warned that protestors will not succeed in getting their demands. Also: Brexit Party rules out standing in Tory seats, and shopping frenzy in China's Single's day event.
11/11/1930m 27s

Bolivian president resigns after protests

Evo Morales quit following his disputed re-election last month. Also: the drunken man trying to dispose of his murdered lover, and Sesame Street at 50.
11/11/1928m 43s

'No wall too high to be broken down' says German chancellor

Germany celebrates 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall; Powerful cyclone forces thousands of people from their homes in Bangladesh; India and Pakistan agree visa free corridor to allow Sikhs to visit a holy site:
10/11/1924m 56s

Brazil's ex-President Lula released from jail

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was freed from jail after the Supreme Court ruled that convicted criminals should go to prison only if they have exhausted their appeal options. Also, firefighters in Australia are battling an 'unprecedented' number of bushfires across the state of New South Wales, and why the hashtag 'KFC proposal' has gone viral worldwide.
09/11/1922m 35s

Hong Kong: Student's death leads to fresh protests

Student Alex Chow has died after being injured during pro-democracy protests on Monday. News of his death sparked impromptu protests and vigils by fellow-activists. Also, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns of dangers posed by Russia and China, and why Albania is providing a home for thousands of Iranian opposition activists.
08/11/1929m 0s

Judge orders President Trump to pay $2m for charity fund misuse

The Donald J Trump Foundation closed down in 2018, after prosecutors accused it of working as "little more than a chequebook" for Mr Trump's interests. Also, an Italian Holocaust survivor has been given police protection after receiving threats from the far-right, and archaeologists in Mexico have discovered at least fourteen Mammoth skeletons in what they say is the first man-made mammoth trap discovered anywhere in the world.
08/11/1925m 32s

Iran cancels accreditation of IAEA nuclear inspector

Teheran says inspector triggered an alarm at gate to a uranium-enrichment plant, and may have been carrying "suspicious material". Also, President Emmanuel Macron of France describes NATO as 'brain dead', and one of Africa's most notorious warlords is jailed at International criminal Court.
07/11/1929m 56s

Trump impeachment: Public hearings start next week

Democrats announce public hearings next week in an inquiry that may seek to remove President Donald Trump from office. Until now, lawmakers from three key Congress committees have heard witnesses behind closed doors. Also: Police in Mexico have arrested three men in connection with an attack on a US Mormon convoy which killed nine people, and why staff at a zoo in Japan are dressing up as penguins.
07/11/1928m 18s

Tourists stabbed at popular Jordanian site

Four tourists and four Jordanians have been wounded in the attack in Jerash, also: election campaign begins in Britain and a victory for women's football in Australia
06/11/1924m 53s

Trump envoy revises testimony on Ukraine aid

Gordon Sondland says he now remembers saying US aid "likely" hinged on an inquiry sought by President Trump. Also: thousands of scientists warn climate emergency "clear and unequivocal", and a New Zealand man accidentally buys 1000 hens for less than 1 US$.
06/11/1926m 46s

Iran rolls back another nuclear deal commitment

This is the fourth step taken by Iran since July in response to US sanctions reinstated by President Donald Trump. At least nine US citizens, including six children, have been killed in a violent attack by suspected drug cartel gunmen in northern Mexico. Chilean President Piñera tells the BBC he will not resign despite mass anti-government protests.
05/11/1930m 59s

Recalled US ambassador felt 'threatened by Trump'

Marie Yovanovitch said Mr Trump's remark in a call to Ukraine's leader left her "very concerned". Also: It's just emerged that a Dutch air strike killed about seventy in Iraq in 2015, and the veteran Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne dies aged 85.
05/11/1926m 43s

Delhi air quality: Judges accuse authorities of 'passing the buck'

Levels of dangerous particles in the air - known as PM2.5 - are at well over 10 times safe limits in the capital. Also: Vietnamese police have arrested eight people over the deaths of 39 people found inside a lorry trailer in the UK, and behind the Hollywood curtain with the actor Julie Andrews who played Mary Poppins.
04/11/1924m 34s

Huge anti-government protests in Lebanon, despite appeals for unity.

Lebanese President calls for national unity but anti-government protesters remain defiant; The Indian capital is engulfed in a choking smog - residents are told to stay indoors; And why is an oven and baking ingredients aboard a rocket going to the International Space Station ?
04/11/1928m 36s

Deadly car bomb in Turkish controlled border town.

At least thirteen people killed in a bomb explosion in a town on the Syria-Turkey border; Fresh clashes between police and protestors on the streets of Hong Kong; And what European bee-keepers have to do to prepare their charges for the winter
03/11/1928m 23s

Progress reported in stalled Trade Talks

The White House raises hopes of a deal to end the US - China trade war; Demonstrators on the streets in Algeria calling for revolution; And a new insight into how sleep helps clean your brain.
02/11/1926m 58s

Five million face masks handed out in Delhi

A public health emergency has been declared in Delhi, which is ranked as the world's most polluted city. Also: the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is told to scrap his deal with the EU and form an alliance with Nigel Farage in December's general election, and we hear from a women's rugby team in South Africa which is hoping for Springbok success in Saturday's World Cup final.
01/11/1933m 47s

US House endorses impeachment inquiry into President Trump

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to formally proceed with the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, setting the rules for the next stage of a bitter political battle; A study of measles has found the virus has a devastating impact on the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight other infections; And a warning that the global outbreak of African swine fever could kill a quarter of the world's pigs.
01/11/1926m 55s

Pakistan train fire kills dozens

More than 70 passengers have died in Pakistan's worst rail disaster in over a decade. The train was travelling between the Pakistani cities of Karachi and Rawalpindi. Also: Just over a week after the bodies of 39 people were discovered in the back of a trailer in England, we hear from others who have taken the dangerous human smuggling route, and how spiders might be able to help stick body tissue together after surgery.
31/10/1927m 13s

Social media giant Twitter to ban all political adverts

Social media giant Twitter will ban all political advertising worldwide, saying the reach of such messages "should be earned, not bought"; Chile’s embattled president cancels two major international summits because of domestic unrest; And survivors of London’s tragic Grenfell Tower blaze are calling for senior fire brigade staff to be sacked.
31/10/1923m 44s

Talks start on new Syria Constitution.

After years of civil war, fresh efforts to kick start Syrian peace talks; Turkey rejects US Congress vote recognising the mass killings of Armenians as genocide; And how the England team hacked-off World Rugby.
30/10/1924m 41s

British MPs vote to hold a general election on 12th December

Boris Johnson is hopeful he can secure a parliamentary majority and push through a Brexit deal, as the turmoil surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU drags on. Also: The prime minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, has said he’ll step down after facing two weeks of anti-government protests. And a Nepali mountaineer has set a new climbing record, scaling the world’s fourteen tallest peaks in just seven months.
30/10/1923m 13s

Heavy casualties in overnight protests in Kerbala.

Protests in the Iraqi capital Baghdad - and reports of deaths in the Shi'ite holy city of Kerbala; Britain looks to be heading towards a snap December election after the opposition Labour Party gave its backing; Researchers say they've identified the birthplace of modern humans in southern Africa
29/10/1923m 33s

Boris Johnson fails to trigger general election

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has again failed to secure backing for a general election, as the tortuous agony of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union continues. Also: Senior US military figures are unable to confirm President Donald Trump's description of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death. And a scientific breakthrough promises to transform our understanding of time and space.
29/10/1928m 0s

EU approves another Brexit extension

EU leaders have agreed in principle to extend Brexit until 31 January 2020 - meaning the UK will not leave as planned on Thursday. Meanwhile British MPs are due to vote on proposals to hold an early general election. Also, Alberto Fernandez has been elected as Argentina's new President and Virgin Galactic becomes the first space company to list on the New York Stock Exchange.
28/10/1924m 44s

President Trump confirms death of IS leader

The US says t the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has blown himself upafter being cornered by US special forces in Syria. Also: thousands turn out for a Spanish unity march in Barcelona and a painting which hung in a French kitchen for years sells for 26 million dollars.
28/10/1927m 40s

New evacuations and power cuts as wild fires hit California

Fifty-thousand more people ordered to leave their homes which are threatened by the fires,
27/10/1927m 16s

Mueller report: Criminal probe into Russia inquiry begins

US Justice Department launches criminal investigation into origins of Mueller inquiry. The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election did not establish any criminal conspiracy between Moscow and the Trump campaign. Also, Vietnamese families fear their relatives are among 39 dead in UK lorry-trailer, and how migrating eagles ran up huge roaming-charges.
26/10/1930m 24s

Global News Brexitcast

We team up with the award-winning Brexitcast team to bring you a special update on what Britain leaving the EU means for you. You’ve sent us questions from around the world and Jackie Leonard puts them to the experts from the podcast that’s all about Brexit. There’s also cake, phew. Spread the word! #GlobalNewsPod #Brexitcast Find the Brexitcast podcast here:
25/10/1950m 39s

Boeing 737 Lion Air crash caused by series of failures

Five months after the disaster in October last year, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed, killing all 157 people on board, which led to the grounding of the entire 737 Max fleet. Also: Iraqi security forces have fired live rounds and tear gas at protesters marching in Baghdad, and the Australian rock closed to climbers in case they were ‘hurting’ it.
25/10/1928m 25s

US Vice-President launches a scathing attack on China

Ahead of fresh trade talks, Mike Pence accused Beijing of military posturing against its neighbours, criticising its trading behaviour and treatment of religious minorities. Also: Britain's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is giving the opposition more time to discuss his Brexit deal ... so long as they agree to a General Election in just seven weeks. And Asterix the Gaul gets its first female heroine.
25/10/1926m 50s

UK Police: 39 found dead in truck are Chinese nationals

Police are questioning a lorry driver on suspicion of murdering 8 women and 31 men. Also: The remains of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco have been moved from a vast mausoleum to a low-key grave, and how a global pop band took promoting new music to a local level.
24/10/1924m 41s

Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey over Syria assault

President Trump says he will lift sanctions on Turkey but makes no apology to the Kurds; Republicans have stormed into a hearing of US congressional committees to disrupt the impeachment investigation into the president; Google says it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing, with a machine that far exceeds the power of conventional computers.
23/10/1928m 45s

39 dead bodies found in UK lorry

The driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder and there is speculation the lorry started its journey in Bulgaria. Also: NATO says the ceasefire in northeast Syria could form the basis for a lasting solution; and the rodents that are being sent to driving school.
23/10/1923m 27s

Brexit deal "in limbo" as MPs reject timetable

Defeat for the British Prime Minister means he's unlikely to meet his pledge to get Brexit done by the end of October, Kurdish fighters in northern Syria face deadline to withdraw thirty kilometres from the Turkish border, and have scientists made a major breakthrough in the treatment of dementia?
23/10/1923m 46s

Canada election: Trudeau's Liberals win but lose majority

The Liberals will be forced to depend on other parties to govern. Japan's Emperor Naruhito formally ascends to the throne in a lavish ceremony in Tokyo. Anger mounts in Bolivia over election result confusion.
22/10/1922m 56s

Israeli PM Netanyahu fails to form a government

Mr Netanyahu gives up on building a coalition after the recent election deadlock - his rival now gets to try. Also: Protests continue in Lebanon, despite the government announcing emergency reforms. And the British government fails in its latest attempt to hold a vote on the Brexit deal in parliament.
22/10/1924m 53s

Lebanon protests: cabinet agrees reforms

The proposals involve scrapping new taxes and halving the salaries of top officials. Canadians are voting on whether to give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal party a second term. A Royal rift ? Prince Harry says he and his brother, William, are on 'different paths'.
21/10/1927m 37s

Kurdish-led forces in Syria say they have left a strategic border town

The withdrawal is part of a truce brokered by the US. Also: Green parties' success in Swiss elections, and the price for gorillas of the perfect Instagram shot.
21/10/1925m 30s

Brexit: British PM sends letter to Brussels seeking further delay

British PM Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay to Brexit - but without his signature. Also: A state of emergency has been declared in the Chilean capital, and a football match in London is abandoned when players are racially abused by fans.
20/10/1927m 18s

British parliament votes to force further Brexit delay

Amendment forces Boris Johnson to seek another delay - but he says he won't do it, meanwhile hundreds of thousands march in London against Brexit
19/10/1916m 33s

Barcelona hit by fresh protests amid general strike

Half a million Catalans on the streets in protest against their leaders' jail sentences, also: crunch time in Westminster over Brexit deal and Nelson's battle plan discovered.
18/10/1926m 13s

Catalonia: Barcelona paralysed by protests and general strike

Tens of thousands on streets amid ongoing fury over jailed Catalan separatist leaders. Also, Turkey's president says Kurdish fighters are withdrawing from Syrian border, and two NASA astronauts make the first ever all-female spacewalk.
18/10/1929m 23s

Turkey suspends Syrian offensive- for now

The five day pause in hostilities was announced after talks in Ankara between the Turkish president and the US Vice President, Mike Pence. Also: The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, says he's convinced the British parliament will back his new Brexit deal, and the ‘smart’ bracelet that the Vatican hopes will get young people praying more.
18/10/1929m 36s
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