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Ethnic Armenians flee Nagorno Karabakh after military takeover

Armenians flee Nagorno Karabakh as fears grow of an ethnic bloodbath following Azerbaijan's military takeover. Also: a deal to end the Hollywood writers’ strike after almost 150 days, and Lego's plastic bottle recycling plan: why people won't be lining up for blocks.
25/09/23·30m 42s

3 dead in Kosovo monastery stand-off

Belgrade and Pristina blame each other for the violence in the mainly Serb-populated north of Kosovo. Also: Hundreds of ethnic Armenians flee Nagorno Karabakh following Azerbaijan's seizure of the territory, and a NASA space capsule returns to Earth with samples from an asteroid that could shed new light on how planets were formed.
24/09/23·32m 26s

Urgently needed aid sent to Nagorno-Karabakh

Food supplies arrive in the Armenian-majority enclave after Azerbaijan captured the disputed territory. Also: Ukraine says senior Russian commanders were injured in a missile strike on its Black Sea fleet HQ, and how French film survives despite not meeting its production costs.
23/09/23·31m 19s

The Happy Pod: Teamwork and pride - Saudi women's football

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the extraordinary growth of women's football in Saudi Arabia, ambitious plans to rewild southern rhinos in Africa, and the fierce competition to be crowned Montenegro's "laziest citizen".
23/09/23·27m 17s

Ukraine missile strikes Russia’s Black Sea fleet HQ

A Ukrainian missile damages the Sevastopol HQ of Russia's Black Sea naval fleet in occupied Crimea. Also: The Pope says it's humanity’s duty to rescue migrants crossing the Mediterranean, and the lock of hair on its way back to Ethiopia.
22/09/23·30m 15s

Nagorno-Karabakh: anti-government protests are held in Armenia after defeat

Demonstrators are demanding a humanitarian corridor to be opened for Karabakh Armenians. Also: The Indian parliament passes a bill that will reserve a third of seats in the lower house and state assemblies for women, and 7 years after blasting off - a rocket prepares to deliver what scientists hope will be the secrets of how life began on Earth.
22/09/23·32m 3s

Biden tells Zelensky US will pay for air defence upgrades in Ukraine

At talks in the White House, the US president told his Ukrainian counterpart that he has approved $325m worth of security assistance for Kyiv. Also: Rupert Murdoch's eldest son Lachlan to head Fox and News Corp, and what has been threatening the orange juice industry in some parts of the world?
22/09/23·33m 18s

Peace talks held over Nagorno-Karabakh dispute

The Azeri government meets ethnic Armenians to discuss integrating the region as part of a ceasefire agreement. Also: India suspends visas for Canadian citizens, and King Charles gets warm welcome in French Senate.
21/09/23·25m 57s

Azerbaijan hails surrender of Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians

Ethnic Armenian separatists agree to disband and give up their weapons as part of a ceasefire. Also: Venezuelan security forces regain control of a prison run by a powerful criminal gang, and the discovery of ancient wooden logs suggests humans were building shelters almost half a million years ago.
21/09/23·31m 58s

Azerbaijan announces ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenian separatists will disarm and surrender to Azerbaijan following an agreement reached with the mediation of Russian peacekeepers in the contested territory. Also: Spain's women's football team agree to return to the pitch in exchange for reforms to the sport, and the opera performer who hit back at a mistaken critic.
20/09/23·30m 34s

Zelensky tells UN that Russian 'evil cannot be trusted'

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky tells the UN General Assembly that the world must unite to end Russia's aggression. Also: Azerbaijan targets Nagorno-Karabakh and demands surrender, and a new AI tool speeds up search for disease genes.
20/09/23·26m 55s

Azerbaijan launches military action in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region

Azerbaijan described the intervention in the majority ethnic Armenian territory as an "anti-terrorist" operation. Also: Canada and India both expel diplomats in a row over the murder of a Canadian citizen and, is the social media platform X about to make all users pay for access?
19/09/23·30m 50s

Trudeau says India may be linked to Sikh leader's death in Canada

The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, says there are "credible allegations" that India was involved in Hardeep Singh Nijjar's death. Also: US citizens freed from Iran in $6bn prisoner swap, and the blue crab -- loved by the Koreans.
19/09/23·34m 52s

US and Iran swap prisoners

Five Americans have been freed in a deal that sees five Iranians released from US jails and $6 billion in frozen assets made available to Tehran. Also, a new lawsuit claims the Australian government failed to protect the Great Barrier Reef from climate change. And the grandfather of Russian rock music leads a star-studded charity album for Ukraine.
18/09/23·31m 38s

Von der Leyen: Lampedusa migrant crisis is a European challenge

The European Commission president promises a detailed plan on a visit to the Italian island, which has seen thousands of migrants arrive. Also: Rescue teams are still recovering bodies in the flood stricken Libyan city of Derna as the international aid effort gathers pace and, the Grammy-award winning producer who has made an album with prisoners in a notorious US jail.
17/09/23·31m 32s

Mounting anger over slow response to Libya floods

Furious survivors in the worst-affected city of Derna accuse the divided administration of failing them. Also: Sporadic anti-government demonstrations have been held in Iran - and across the world - to mark the first anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini, which inspired a mass protest movement, and the British comedian, Russell Brand is accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse.
16/09/23·30m 13s

The Happy Pod: Superhero dog saves family from fire

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the superhero hero dog who saved a family from a fire finds a forever home, the international effort to rescue a man from a cave in Turkey. And the electronic bra that can spot signs of breast cancer.
16/09/23·27m 16s

Few signs of foreign aid in devastated Derna

International agencies still have to arrive in force to help the victims of the deadly floods in Libya. Also: The former head of the Spanish Football Federation is handed a restraining order over the controversial Women's World Cup kiss and, the acclaimed Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, has died at the age of ninety-one.
16/09/23·32m 33s

Special Edition - Artificial Intelligence - who cares?

What is AI? What can it do and what are its current limitations? A tool for good - or should we be worried? Will we lose our jobs? Are we ready to be cared for by machines? Our Tech Editor, Zoe Kleinman, and a panel of international experts explore AI's impact on healthcare, the environment, the law and the arts in a special edition recorded at Science Gallery London.
15/09/23·51m 53s

Breakdown in US Motor City

Autoworkers at Detroit's three big car firms launch a simultaneous strike over pay that could cost the economy billions. Also: Scientists discover how brain cells die in Alzheimer's patients, Spanish prosecutor seeks restraining order for disgraced former football president and Iran one year after the Mahsa Amini protests.
15/09/23·27m 53s

Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges

He's the first child of a sitting US president to be criminally prosecuted. Also: The Red Crescent in Derna says eleven thousand people are now thought to have died in the catastrophic flooding that swept through the Libyan port, and the bull sharks that adapted swimmingly to life on an Australian golf course.
14/09/23·31m 25s

UN sends aid after deadly Libya floods

Thousands are feared dead after the catastrophe in the city of Derna. Also: BBC learns a Russian fighter pilot attempted to shoot down a British surveillance aircraft and an Australian multi-millionaire rows back on his controversial comments after a backlash.
14/09/23·30m 55s

UN says Libya's rival governments coordinating efforts after catastrophic floods

Help is slowing starting to arrive in the Libyan city of Derna. Also: a dog catches a crawling Pennsylvania prison fugitive, and a former US Secret Service agent who witnessed JFK's assassination in 1963 breaks his silence with shooting theory.
14/09/23·33m 15s

More than 5,000 dead after floods in Libya

Thousands more people are still reported missing in what the United Nations has called a calamity of epic proportions. Also: President Putin meets with Kim Jong Un, and a new look at the life story of rock legend, David Bowie.
13/09/23·27m 25s

Rescuers try to get aid to eastern Libya after devastating floods

Two dams and four bridges collapsed near the Libyan city of Derna when Storm Daniel struck on Sunday. Also: US House of Representatives to open Biden impeachment inquiry, and stolen Van Gogh painting handed to art sleuth in Ikea bag.
13/09/23·34m 38s

North Korean leader to meet President Putin

Kim Jong Un travelled to Russia on an armoured train. It's not clear where the meeting will take place. Also: Deadly floods in Libya, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent launch an emergency appeal after the earthquake in Morocco.
12/09/23·28m 6s

Morocco urged to accept more aid following earthquake as death toll grows

Rescuers have been using their bare hands as desperate search efforts in Morocco continue for survivors of Friday's earthquake. Ukraine claims to have retaken Black Sea drilling rigs, and Dolly the Sheep creator Ian Wilmut dies aged 79.
12/09/23·34m 55s

Morocco earthquake death toll rises

The death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of Morocco's worst earthquake for more than half a century. Also: We hear from residents in war-torn Sudan, and the toxic culture of British ballet is exposed.
11/09/23·30m 34s

Spanish FA president Rubiales resigns over kiss

Luis Rubiales resigns for kissing Spain's team captain Jenni Hermoso after they won the Women's World Cup. Also: Morocco faces a race against time to save survivors in earthquake rubble, and the magical sounds of a primeval European forest.
11/09/23·34m 30s

Morocco quake kills more than 2000

Entire villages have been flattened, and families are trapped under the rubble. Also: G20 leaders have come under fire for issuing a watered-down and ambiguous statement on the war in Ukraine. Kyiv said the text was nothing to be proud of, and after days evading capture, Britain's most wanted man is back in custody.
09/09/23·32m 24s

The Happy Pod: The little boy making a big difference

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the blind schoolboy who helped rebuild his school in Yemen, a new app teaching people literacy skills in the Horn of Africa. And, how Tilos has become the world's first zero-waste island.
09/09/23·27m 17s

UN: World not tackling climate change 'fast enough'

In It's first 'global stocktake' the organisation warns that radical change is needed, quickly. Also: Newly released documents in the US show that a grand jury in the state of Georgia recommended many more indictments, including that of Senator Lindsey Graham, and, Ezra Collective, become the first jazz band to win the prestigious Mercury music award.
08/09/23·32m 0s

Record rain causes floods in Hong Kong

The worst downpour in 140 years shut schools and offices, and left streets under water. Also: The UK's massive manhunt for the terror suspect who escaped prison strapped under a lorry, and what it's like to go on a night out in wartime Ukraine.
08/09/23·30m 35s

Stoltenberg: Ukrainian counter-offensive gradually gaining ground

But the NATO chief acknowledged that at 100 metres a day, it was painfully slow. Also: Dozens are killed in an attack by Islamist militants in north-eastern Mali, and Freddie Mercury's piano sells for two million dollars at auction.
07/09/23·32m 27s

Japan boyband agency boss resigns amid sex scandal

The niece of, Johnny Kitagawa, the agency's founder has admitted for the first time that sexual abuse happened, as far back as the 1950s. Also: The ousted president of Gabon, Ali Bongo, has been released from house arrest. We find out where he is likely to be now, and despite years of civil war - in Yemen there's a story of hope and change, and we hear from the G20 chef in Delhi.
07/09/23·30m 5s

Israeli scientists grow human-like artificial embryo

They've done it without using sperm, eggs or a womb. Also: The US promises another billion dollars' worth of assistance for Ukraine - including depleted uranium ammunition for battle tanks, and the Rolling Stones unveil their first new album in 18 years.
06/09/23·28m 19s

The head of the UN says 'climate breakdown has begun'

It comes as two studies show that this year is likely to be the hottest in human history with alarming consequences. Also: The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is on a surprise trip to Ukraine, and the plague of bedbugs that's taken hold in France.
06/09/23·29m 37s

Ex-Proud Boys leader jailed for 22 years over Capitol riot

Enrique Tarrio was found guilty of seditious conspiracy and obstructing official proceedings at a Washington court last May. Also: The Spanish women's football coach is sacked amid continuing scandal over controversial kiss, and conservationists to free 2,000 rhinos from a farm in South Africa.
06/09/23·34m 17s

Afghanistan: Millions face ‘catastrophic winter’ as food aid slashed

The cut in rations comes amid growing alarm over shrinking aid for Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Also: Two Swedish oil company executives go on trial accused of complicity in war crimes committed in Sudan, and why the old adage ‘opposites attract’ may be the opposite of good advice for daters.
05/09/23·35m 13s

US: Kim Jong Un to meet Putin for weapons talks in Russia

It's believed the North Korean leader will discuss supplying arms to Russia for use in Ukraine. Also: scientists say invasive species are responsible for the majority of plant and animal extinctions, and the search engine Google turns 25.
05/09/23·32m 8s

Africa aims to be leader in green energy

The Kenyan president has opened Africa's first climate summit, urging fellow leaders to focus on solutions rather than who's to blame for global warming. Also: Ukraine's Defence Minister confirms he is leaving his post, and we hear from dogs performing with an orchestra in Denmark.
04/09/23·30m 6s

Ukrainian generals claim they have punched through a key Russian line

The generals say Ukrainian troops have breached the first line of Russian defences in the south, near Zaporizhzhia. Also: many people killed after air strike on Sudanese capital, and Paul McCartney launches a global search for his missing Beatles' 1961 Höfner guitar.
04/09/23·29m 34s

Israeli police clash with Eritrean asylum seekers

Dozens of people are reported injured in Tel Aviv as demonstrations turned violent. Also: Ukraine's tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky detained in fraud case, and US singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett dies aged seventy-six.
03/09/23·31m 13s

The Happy Pod: The gift of sight

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the extraordinary difference a pioneering stem cell treatment has made to one of its patients, the man who saved a toddler as she fell from an apartment block in Italy. And, a chance to hear our politics correspondent, Rob Watson, like you've never heard him before.
02/09/23·27m 5s

Lengthy sentences for 2 more Proud Boys

The members of the Pro-Trump group were convicted over the US Capitol attack in January 2021. Also: Christie's cancels sales of jewellery from the widow of a German billionaire who made his fortune during the Nazi era, And Mohamed Al Fayed - the Egyptian businessman who owned Harrods in London has died.
01/09/23·29m 6s

Thailand's ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra has jail term slashed

74-year-old had appealed for a royal pardon from the Thai king. Also: Hong Kong is hit by a massive hurricane and why some bloggers in Russia are allowed to criticise the war in Ukraine.
01/09/23·30m 44s

Ramaphosa: South Africa building fire a 'great tragedy'

The President calls for urgent action to address inner city housing problems after dozens were killed. Also: Long sentences for two former leaders of the far-right Proud Boys for their role in the storming of the Capitol building in Washington in 2021, and the massive Watusi bull spotted in the passenger seat of a car on the move in Nebraska.
01/09/23·32m 15s

More than 70 dead in Johannesburg fire

A fire in a block of flats in the South African city of Johannesburg has killed more than 70 people. Officials said bodies had been found piled up at a locked gate that had prevented people fleeing. It's not known what caused the blaze. Also: the man the military has named as Gabon's interim leader says the ousted president Ali Bongo had no right to continue in office, and we find out how a team of online love scammers was brought down in Indonesia.
31/08/23·29m 20s

International condemnation of Gabon coup

The deposed president, Ali Bongo, appeals for support while under house arrest. Also: Hurricane Idalia batters the US state of Florida before heading to Georgia, and Switzerland proposes sweeping new laws to combat money laundering.
30/08/23·30m 28s

Gabon coup: Army annuls elections and seizes power

Military officers have placed President Ali Bongo under house arrest. Also: overnight drone and missile attacks on targets in both Russia and Ukraine, and Hurricane Idalia makes landfall in Florida.
30/08/23·26m 48s

Wagner boss laid to rest in Russia

Yevgeny Prigozhin was buried during a private service in his home town of St Petersburg. Also: Evacuation orders are issued in parts of Florida as an extremely dangerous hurricane heads towards the US Gulf coast, and could music from Mozart help to reduce pain in babies?
29/08/23·28m 43s

Pakistani court suspends Imran Khan's jail sentence

But the former Prime Minister is unlikely to be released soon. Also: A new study by the Energy Policy Institute of Chicago says the impact of air pollution is now the greatest external threat to human health - and people in South Asia are among the worst affected, and how doctors in Australia extracted a live worm from a woman's brain.
29/08/23·30m 45s

Rubiales resignation demanded by Spanish football leaders

Spanish Football Federation regional leaders have called on their president Luis Rubiales to immediately resign after he kissed the player Jenni Hermoso at the Women's World Cup final in Australia. Also: Trump faces trial a day before the vital Republican vote on Super Tuesday, and what was discovered in a time capsule when it was opened at the US Military Academy at West Point?
29/08/23·33m 38s

Shares plummet in Chinese real-estate company Evergrande

The big drop highlights China's current problems in the property sector. Also: The billionaire founder of the electronics giant Foxconn is announcing he'll run for the presidency of Taiwan, and France announces that it is banning schoolgirls from wearing abayas, the loose fitting full length robes usually worn by Muslims.
28/08/23·31m 25s

Moscow says Wagner boss Prigozhin confirmed dead in plane crash

Russian officials say Yevgeny Prigozhin has been confirmed dead after genetic analysis of bodies found in Wednesday's plane crash. Also: Zimbabwean opposition leader has accused Emmerson Mnangagwa of carrying out a coup after official results showed the president won the recent election, and an Austrian town protests against mass tourism.
28/08/23·34m 25s

Fifa suspends Spanish FA president over kiss at women's World Cup

Luis Rubiales refused to resign after kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips following Spain's victory in Australia. Also: thousands mark the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's March on Washington, and a high-altitude heist shocks Switzerland.
27/08/23·24m 59s

The Happy Pod: Relief and joy: Pakistan cable car rescue

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, huge relief in Pakistan after the rescue of two adults and six schoolboys after a cable car line snapped, the volunteers in Switzerland protecting livestock from wolves and therefore wolves from people, and some of the very best things about this year's Women's football world cup.
26/08/23·27m 21s

The Happy Pod: The disabled TV director pushing for change

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, Jordan Hogg and his campaign to get more disabled people working in the film and TV industry, the Ukrainian soldier who became a ballet star after losing both legs in the war, and the surfers rescued after 36 hours adrift off Indonesia.
19/08/23·27m 31s

The Happy Pod: Six months on, revisiting the baby born under the rubble

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, Afraa, the newborn rescued from the debris of Syria’s earthquake, is a symbol of hope, the mother and daughter who won the lottery to travel to space, and the dog who surfed to victory at the world championships.
12/08/23·27m 19s

The Happy Pod : The Norwegian Nepali duo reaching new heights

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, smashing the record for climbing the world's fourteen highest peaks, the remarkable musician who plays the French horn with his toes, and an eight-year-old chess prodigy from Nigeria - sharing her passion for the game.
05/08/23·27m 33s

The Happy Pod: Farmers strike truce with bears

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the deal to get Colombian coffee growers and bears living in harmony, the power of sound in restoring Australian coral reefs, and how sending a fax can win you a fortune in Taiwan.
29/07/23·27m 14s

The Happy Pod: New hope for Alzheimer's treatment

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, a "breakthrough" drug that could slow down Alzheimer's, and the men remaking trees. Plus, solving a puzzle that stumped mathematicians for over 50 years.
22/07/23·26m 58s

The Happy Pod: The portable incubator saving lives in a war zone

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the portable incubator saving lives in Ukraine, a tale of heroics on the streets of Taiwan. And, how putty might help to preserve Australia's coral reefs.
15/07/23·27m 0s

The Happy Pod: Everyone has a story to tell

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, how sharing life stories is helping elderly patients connect with their carers. Also, the baby born onboard an express train in Kenya, and China’s “butterfly father” dedicating his life to protecting the beautiful insects.
08/07/23·26m 42s

The Happy Pod: Monkey rescue mission

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, 100,000 Sri Lankan monkeys saved from export to China. Also: an Australian man born in a taxi seeks the driver, and the 16-year-old fulfilling a dream by playing Glastonbury.
01/07/23·26m 40s

The Happy Pod: Magical voice from the past

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, an old cassette tape brings a mother's voice back to life, researchers find that napping is good for your brain. And: The mission to bring light to bombed houses in Ukraine. Presented by Jackie Leonard and music produced by Iona Hampson.
24/06/23·26m 40s

The Happy Pod: Saved from skin cancer

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, thanks for the eagle eyed doctor in Australia who spotted a serious medical problem on a TV interview and issued a very timely warning.  Praise in Colombia for the big sister who kept her little siblings alive in the jungle after their plane crashed. And the Mongolian women re-invigorating an old art-form for the twenty-first century. Presented by Jackie Leonard. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
17/06/23·26m 52s

The Happy Pod: Rescue mission in Sudan

Around 300 children and babies rescued from an orphanage in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Also: We hear from one of the researchers helping a paralysed man to walk again, and why some people in Japan are relearning how to smile.
10/06/23·26m 35s

The Happy Pod: Back to class for Afghan girls

Our new weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, educating girls in Afghanistan, the Finnish octogenarian mastering Taekwondo, and dogs enjoying art in Greece. Presented by Andrew Peach. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
08/04/23·26m 28s

The Happy Pod: Striking gold

Our new weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, how an amateur digger in Australia hit the jackpot, the boy who spent three years camping out for charity, and could the secret to happiness lie in our sweat? Presented by Andrew Peach. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
01/04/23·26m 28s

The Happy Pod: The smiling cow

Our new weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, an unusual cow brings joy to Australia, the happiest places in the world are revealed and how shrimps are saving lives. Presented by Andrew Peach. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
25/03/23·26m 28s

The Happy Pod

Our new weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, how a computer data centre could heat pools around the globe, Paris Opera appoints its first black star ballet dancer, and a robotic elephant helping to improve animal rights in India. Presented by Andrew Peach. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
18/03/23·26m 28s

The Happy Pod

Our new weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, sharing the things about your home country that make you happy, NASA's new head of science on how her dad gave her a love of space, and how bees can not only solve puzzles, but teach each other how to do it. Presented by Andrew Peach. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
11/03/23·26m 28s

The Happy Podcast

Our new weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world along with the sounds that bring joy to our listeners. This week, the naughty Finnish huskies who've found a new home, the Caribbean sailor who survived 24 days at sea on ketchup, and the crafty octogenarian who knits for Hollywood. Presented by Andrew Peach. Music produced by Iona Hampson.
04/03/23·26m 28s

Special episode: Indigenous peoples

We hear from our Indigenous and tribal listeners around the world, as we mark US Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We also meet an Amazon tribe defending their land from illegal loggers; a Maori singer who makes pop music in his traditional language; Native American chefs bringing cultural foods to the restaurant scene; and more.
10/10/22·34m 32s

Special episode: Abortion rights around the world

In June, the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v Wade and ended the constitutional right to abortion in America. In a special episode, we investigate the changing dynamic of abortion rights globally in countries like Colombia, China and Ireland. We'll also be examining the restrictions still faced by women in Africa and places like Malta and El Salvador. Audio for this episode was updated on 4 July 2022, due to a factual error in an earlier version.
01/07/22·31m 38s

Young voices special

Is the nuclear threat real? What does Putin want? Who is winning the war in Ukraine? We took questions on the invasion from young people around the world and looked for answers from BBC correspondents. Jackie Leonard speaks to Martin Forster, a senior child psychologist with the healthcare company, Kry, in Sweden. Listeners' questions are tackled by Vitaliy Shevchenko, Paul Adams, Theo Leggett, Lyse Doucet and Mark Lowen.
25/03/22·35m 22s

Special: Global News Ukrainecast part 2

A month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are collaborating with Ukrainecast again. We answer more of your questions. Jackie Leonard, presenter of the Global News Podcast, alongside Gabriel Gatehouse and Vitaliy Shevchenko from Ukrainecast, guide us through questions about civilian life in the country, military tactics, and the international response to the invasion. BBC chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet, joins us from Kyiv to talk through what is happening on the ground there, and BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, tells us the latest on the physical and information war. This episode was made by Chris Flynn. The studio director was Ash Taylor. The assistant editor was Sam Bonham.
24/03/22·32m 49s

Russia-Ukraine: On the brink of war?

Our experts in Moscow, Kyiv and London answer your questions about the crisis.
28/01/22·34m 2s

Omicron versus the world: Your questions answered

As the Omicron variant spreads around the world and cases surge, BBC correspondents tell us how Covid-19 is impacting our lives, our businesses and our economies.
21/12/21·33m 36s

Afghanistan Special: Your Questions Answered

BBC correspondents answer your questions about the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. We ask how did the Taliban overthrow the Afghan government so quickly? What now for human rights, the economy and international relations? Photo:People on board an evacuation flight out of Kabul airport, August 21, 2021 Credit:MoD/PA Wire
30/08/21·35m 17s

Global News Brexitcast

We team up with the award-winning Brexitcast team to bring you a special update on what Britain leaving the EU means for you. You’ve sent us questions from around the world and Jackie Leonard puts them to the experts from the podcast that’s all about Brexit. There’s also cake, phew. Spread the word! #GlobalNewsPod #Brexitcast Find the Brexitcast podcast here:
25/10/19·50m 39s
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