Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy

Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy

By BBC Radio 5 Live

Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed discuss topical sports talking points.

Three-time winners at the Radio Academy Awards: Best Podcast; Best New Show; Best Presenter (Andrew Flintoff)!

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I Believe In Christmas

Fred, Robbie and Matthew talk about all things Christmas and discuss what it is like to be a sports person over the festive period.
24/12/1840m 24s

Can You Deal With It

Fred, Rob and Matthew discuss the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards. Then Andy Burnham comes in to try and explain where we are with Brexit and talk about politics.
17/12/181h 11m


Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Tyson Fury’s fight against Deontay Wilder, Raheem Sterling and racism in football.
10/12/181h 20m

In The Tower

Meaty topics include; Tony Bellew’s final fight and the morality of football vs other sports, plus the trio reveal whether the famous people they’ve met matched up to their public personas.
12/11/181h 14m

Walk Of Life

Fred, Rob and Matthew discuss life changing moments, creativity in sport and following Freddie's new job as co-presenter of Top Gear, they all talk about their favourite cars.
05/11/181h 19m

The Sound Of Silence

Fred, Rob and Matthew talk about why some sports have silent crowds, what they’ve all learned about themselves over the last 12 months and the psychology of losing streaks.
15/10/181h 15m

Do You Know The Way of Senhor José

Fred, Rob and Matthew discuss Jose Mourinho’s difficulties at Man United, the football academy system pathway and the UFC controversy after the McGregor v Khabib fight.
08/10/181h 12m

He Ain't Injured, He's My Brother

Fred, Robbie & Matthew ask why some sportspeople are better competing as individuals rather than in a team. They then debate if kids should be given so much homework.
01/10/181h 8m

Don't Call It A Comeback

Fred, Robbie & Matthew return to talk about Tiger Woods & their own comebacks. They also discuss who Anthony Joshua should fight next, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury or Dillian Whyte.
24/09/181h 5m

'Til the Wheels Fall Off

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about the fallout from the Australian Cricket teams ball tampering scandal. They then discuss young peoples' potential and their fear of failure.
09/04/181h 30m

Simply The Best Funny Moments Of Series One

Listen to Fred, Rob and Matthew's funniest moments from the first series including Valentine stories, the time Robbie bought a boat and Fred becoming an England football fan.
01/04/1850m 44s

Got You By The Balls

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about the Australian’s getting caught ball tampering, their humiliations on the sports field and some of the things they have done for charity.
26/03/181h 9m

Last Ango In Paris

Fred, Robbie & Matthew debate if ranting in a sporting environment are effective or not. They then put forward their manifestos for trying to become Prime Minister.
19/03/181h 16m

(I Want to Be) Elected

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about Jamie Carragher’s spitting incident and provocation, cycling and drug use in sport and they end by revealing their future ambitions.
12/03/181h 15m

The Pink Panther

Fred, Robbie & Matthew debate if sport should be about entertaining the fans or getting results. They then discuss people who made them believe they could breakthrough in sport.
05/03/181h 22m

Million Dollar Question

Fred, Robbie & Matthew answer listener questions including; do you need to love your sport, which Winter Olympic sport would they like to try and what is their favourite cheese?

Viennetta Waltz

Fred, Robbie & Matthew ask if sports people are fitter and more skillful now than when they played and compare different sporting eras. Then they discuss sexism in sport.
12/02/181h 6m

Going to Mexico

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about how they control their nerves in sport and life, then discuss the times in their lives when they feel like they have been wronged.
05/02/181h 11m

Hanging on the Telephone

Fred, Robbie & Matthew call in on the phone to explain why there isn't a full Podcast this week and talk about topics they want to discuss on the next one.
29/01/187m 34s

Forest For The Trees

Fred, Robbie & Matthew ask if they have got their work-life balance right, debate which of their sports is harder mentally and requires more skill. Then they play a guessing game.
22/01/181h 10m

Anyone For Tennis

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about their Christmas holidays, discuss the latest Ashes series and reveal the things they are excited by and what is going to bore them in 2018.
15/01/181h 4m

Rhinestone Cowboy

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about pressure and preparation for a big sporting event like the Ashes. They then reveal which historical event or time they would want to go back to.
20/11/171h 21m

Loving the Alien

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about the positive and negative use of anger in sport, they then move on to debate three different conspiracy theories.
13/11/171h 9m

Fly Me to the Moon

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about making the jump from youth to senior sports teams, debate if a managers body size matters and reveal what new challenge they’d like to take on.
06/11/171h 24m

Dancing in the Dark

Fred, Robbie & Matthew talk about the moments in their career they'd most like to relive, the things they've said that have come back to haunt them and reveal their genuine fears.
30/10/171h 5m

Fools Gold

Fred, Robbie and Matthew discuss awards, fair and unfair criticism they’ve received during their careers and which sports team they think is the greatest ever.
23/10/171h 7m

Diamonds Are Forever

Find out who makes their Ashes 2005 & 2017, Manchester clubs and Manchester United & Liverpool dream teams. They then reveal what sporting replicas they’d have in their gardens.
16/10/171h 6m

Drive My Car

Flintoff, Savage & Syed debate where the line should be drawn on sports people going out and what young people aspire to be today with the rise of YouTube & reality TV stars.
09/10/171h 1m

When Will I Be Famous?

Flintoff, Savage & Syed talk about doing things that were very much out of their comfort zone. They then discuss sports commentators and all end up having a go at doing some.
02/10/1759m 48s

The Blueprint

Flintoff, Savage & Syed lay out their blueprints for youth cricket, grass roots football and the world of business. Then they talk about bad decision making in sport and life.
25/09/171h 27m

Back In The Saddle

Flintoff, Savage & Syed debate the sporting summer, reveal what phrases and sayings annoy them and talk about the madness of football managers being sacked after only a few games.
18/09/171h 21m

The Boys Are (Almost) Back In Town...

Set your alerts and tell your friends! Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy returns on Monday 18 September...
15/09/171m 11s

In The Army Now

Flintoff, Savage & Syed debate if team building exercises work, reveal their fantasy dinner guests and talk about what they’ve learned from doing this Podcast.
26/06/171h 3m

What Have You Done For Me Lately

Flintoff, Savage & Syed reveal what goes on inside a dressing room; debate if sport helps build character and discuss how hard it is to make real friends.
19/06/171h 23m

It Started with a Kiss

Flintoff, Savage & Syed discuss why the England football team under perform, suggest rule changes to make sport better and debate if sports people are intelligent.
12/06/171h 19m

The Colonic

Flintoff, Savage & Syed discuss the psychology of playing in big finals, reveal their guilty pleasures and debate what are the most undervalued and pointless sporting positions.
05/06/171h 19m

You Can Leave Your Socks On

Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed discuss whether Arsene Wenger should remain as Arsenal boss, talk fashion on and off the field and reveal some of the things they’ve done just for money.
29/05/171h 19m

Sink Twice

Flintoff, Savage and Syed discuss John Terry’s final game for Chelsea, reveal their embarrassing moments on and off the field and talk about the important role mums play in sport.
22/05/171h 15m

Captain Sav

Flintoff, Savage & Syed discuss are sports people becoming boring. What it's like to suddenly earn big money. Then talk black box thinking & what they learned from their failures.
15/05/171h 13m

Walking In Fresh Air

Flintoff, Savage & Syed discuss sports people they believe were overrated and underrated, what is cheating and talk about their own experiences of mental health issues.
08/05/171h 15m

Bust A Move

Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed reveal their dressing-room bust-ups, talk youth versus experience after Anthony Joshua’s victory over Wladimir Klitshcko and discuss the abuse of positions of power in sport.
01/05/171h 28m

One Moment In Time

Flintoff, Savage & Syed reveal moments in their careers they'd change. Discuss the issues around kids hoping to be professionals and discuss why home field advantage is important?
24/04/1759m 33s

Mop! In the Name of Love

Flintoff, Savage & Syed discuss the role of a pundit. Share their experiences of terrorism and threats in sport. Plus give us an insight into dressing room pranks.
17/04/171h 11m

I Need A Hero

Flintoff, Savage & Syed ask what is the sporting definition of the term ‘World Class’? Which sporting hero inspired them? Is going to see a sports event live better than on TV?
10/04/171h 10m

Under Pressure

Join Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage, and Matthew Syed as they debate the psychology of performing under pressure, what are the mental effects of a long term injury and leadership in sport and life.
03/04/1759m 33s

I've Got The Shower

Are ticket prices in football overpriced? Playing sport at international level. Can 10,000 hours of practice lead to a sporting career? These are the topics up for discussion.
27/03/171h 6m

Return Of The McEnroe

Join Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage, and Matthew Syed as they debate the delicate relationship between the media and sport, is a sports person only in it for the money and the irrational hatred of people in sport.
20/03/171h 2m

Bark at the Moon

Former England cricket captain Andrew Flintoff, former footballer for Wales and 606 presenter Robbie Savage, and former Olympic table tennis player and sports journalist Matthew Syed discuss the week's sporting talking points. Tonight they tackle: red cards in cricket, the challenges of being a sporting parent and the issue of legal and non-legal use of drugs in sport.

The Only Way Is Up

In episode four of the new series, Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage & Matthew Syed discuss trash talk, the impact of sport on relationships and sports best and worst fans.
06/03/1757m 27s

Hungry Like The Fox

In the third podcast of this new series Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed discuss hunger in sport, should the Olympics be gold or go home and controversy in sport.
27/02/1758m 0s

We don't need no motivation

In the second podcast of their new series Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed discuss what sport takes the most out of you, retirement, sports films and motivational speakers.
20/02/1755m 7s

Smells like team spirit

In the first episode of their new podcast series Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed discuss team spirit inside a dressing room, David Beckham, sports people on social media and what unusual gift Robbie gave to his wife for Valentine’s Day.
13/02/1751m 37s
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