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1Xtra joins forces with podcast makers for some special collaborations. Hear your favourite podcasts with a 1Xtra twist. Expect lively and entertaining chat and discussion featuring The Receipts, 3 Shots of Tequila and more! One hour of real talk with no filter, weekly on Fridays.


Brave Conversations: Trans Living

Richie Brave is joined in the studio by Lili Ming and Roshaante to have a conversation about the intersections between being Black and Trans. Things go from light-hearted to deep and back again as topics include safe spaces, bottom surgeries, dating, discrimination and more.
08/11/1938m 17s

Brave Conversations: Sexual Health

Richie Brave is joined in the studio by his close friends, sexual health experts Angelina and Alysha to talk all things sex and relationships, from porn to STIs to consent and everything in between.
01/11/1940m 37s

Brave Conversations: Life After Death

How do you move forwards in life when you've lost someone you love? Richie Brave is joined by writer, researcher and co-founder of Swim Dem Crew, Nathaniel Cole and singer, youth mentor Charlene Grant to talk about grief and the aftermath of losing someone close to you.
24/10/1942m 34s

Brave Conversations: Young Parents

Richie Brave is joined by Youtuber Tay Kabs, and filmmaker and activist Kayza Rose to chat about life as a teen parent. Tay and Kayza share their stories from breaking the news to parents, being iced out of motives and unsolicited advice.
17/10/1946m 0s

Brave Conversations: My Generation

Richie Brave sits downs with his father Bevan to discover his origin story. Brave Sr recalls moving to the UK from Guyana as a child, his early sports years, navigating his way through racism, marrying a mixed woman and general life as a black man in South London back in the day.
08/10/1928m 54s

Brave Conversations: Disabled and Able

As someone who suffers with an invisible disability themselves, Richie Brave hosts a discussion around being black and disabled. In the studio with him this week: Tobi Green Adenowo, Fats Timbo and Otim the Great, discussing everything from invisibility, dating, kids asking awkward questions, to dancing in the club.
01/10/1942m 5s

Welcome to Brave Conversations!

What do you do when you have a platform? Richie Brave hands it to others. As a conscious creative with previous experience in community and youth work, Richie Brave has a network of people whose voices he wants to raise. From disabled yet able, to young parents and trans people, this is the podcast where those without a voice are being passed the microphone.
23/09/191m 15s

How to Thrive - Social Media for Good!

How real are online connections? Meggan and Dr Reem are joined by co founder of The Good Quote Wale Kalejaiye. They chat about the impact of social media on mental heath and finding your tribe online
23/08/1926m 28s

How to Thrive - Food for thought

Lots of food for thought on today’s episode, as Meggan and Dr Reem are joined by holistic health and lifestyle coach Coupe DC to chat about his journey to a plant based diet, fasting and more
16/08/1927m 52s

How to Thrive - All Boobs Matter!

What’s the best way to love the skin you’re in? Meggan and Dr Reem are joined by author Chidera Eggerue to talk about her saggy boobs matter movement, and why it’s time to tackle society’s fat phobia.
09/08/1928m 12s

How to Thrive - Boys do cry

Phrases like ‘Man up’ and ‘boys don’t cry’ are much more damaging than we realise. On this episode, Meggan and Dr Reem chat with artist Swiss and podcaster and coach Alex Manzi about why it’s important for men to express their emotions and show vulnerability
02/08/1938m 22s

Life Hacks: Losing Your Parents with Shonagh Marie

For more episodes subscribe to Life Hacks in BBC Sounds.
31/07/1939m 3s

How to Thrive - Dealing with death

Losing someone you love suddenly can be tough. Hussain Manawer joins Meggan and Dr Reem on this episode to talk about the loss of his mother. A raw and honest conversation about how it affected his mental health and how he managed to get through the darkest times of his grief.
26/07/1934m 5s

How to Thrive - Money matters

Money matters can have a massive impact on our mental health. In this episode, Meggan and Dr Reem are joined by budgeting gurus Toni Tone and Bola Sol to talk about how to save, generational wealth and how to deal with debt.
19/07/1933m 10s

Welcome to How To Thrive

A deep dive into wellbeing, mental health and mindfulness. Intimate conversations offering enlightenment, support and clarity from the voices of phenomenal people and industry experts.

Galdem Sugar: No Limits

Cassie Rytz, Madders Tiff and Laughta from BBC Three’s Galdem Sugar discuss female empowerment, rising up and following your ambitions no matter what obstacles stand in your way.
04/07/1930m 56s

Galdem Sugar: We Need To Talk

Madders Tiff, Pre Wavy and C Cane discuss mental health and the pressures in society that can affect young people, opening up about their own personal journeys, sharing stories and tips on managing mental health issues.
27/06/1929m 28s

Galdem Sugar: Keeping Up Appearances

Cassie Rytz, C Cane and Laughta from Galdem Sugar discuss image in the industry.
20/06/1932m 32s

Galdem Sugar: Money Talks

Madders Tiff, C Cane and Laughta from BBC Three’s Galdem Sugar come together to share stories and strong opinions - this week, the hot topic of money.
13/06/1925m 27s

Galdem Sugar: Know Your Roots

Pre Wavy, Madders Tiff and Laughta from BBC Three’s Galdem Sugar chat about the importance and influence of family and background.
06/06/1929m 17s

Galdem Sugar: Galdem in a Mandem World

In the male dominated scene of the Grime industry – what is it like as a woman trying to make a name for yourself? Laughta, Pre Wavy and C Cane from Galdem Sugar discuss the challenges they face.
30/05/1926m 28s

Galdem Sugar is coming to 1Xtra Chat!

From the BBC Three series, Galdem Sugar the podcast follows the lives of five fierce women who are up and coming in the Grime scene, each week they’ll be coming together to share their experiences, support one another and speak up and be heard.
25/05/191m 47s

Dope Black Dads: Coming of Age

Marvyn, Lawrence and Darwood get together for the final time this series to share their rites of passage stories. Is your son the man of the house if he beats you in an arm wrestle? What’s the difference between a blessing and an outdooring? How do you tell your elders they’re wrong without disrespecting them? The Dope Black Dads have the answers. The Black British Protected List is back with a twist. Plus we’ve an extra bonus story from the legendary Richard Blackwood to gear you up for the next series.
24/05/1948m 32s

Dope Black Dads: with Kojo

The Fresh Prince of Hackney, Kojo Anim sits down with Marvyn, Lawrence and Darwood to talk about his experience as a Father and how it's helping his career as a comedian, receiving the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell and preparing for the Britain's Got Talent live shows. He also talks about growing up in foster care, getting his son circumcised and his contributions to the scene. Plus, which rapper does he want to add to the Black British Protected List?
17/05/1943m 28s

Dope Black Dads: With Jamelia

Jamelia shares stories about dating, parenting and meeting her husband.
10/05/1956m 48s

Dope Black Dads: With Jordan Banjo

Jordan Banjo joins the crew as he attempts to get himself inducted into the Dope Black Dads group chat, but will he get through the whole hour without losing his DBD card? Jordan shares stories with Marvyn, Darwood and Lawrence about his kids, his relationship with his father, Britain’s Got Talent and his DM’s. Plus, who would win in a dance battle between Jordan and his brother Ashley Banjo? And why would Mo The Comedian have to be the judge?
26/04/1951m 11s

Dope Black Dads: How do you find the one?

The Dope Black Dads are here on 1Xtra! Hear their origin stories as Marvyn Harrison and Lawrence Lartey share how they met their wives. Meanwhile Darwood Grace takes us through his journey to dopeness as a single Dad. As well as how to find the one, the boys also discuss how to recognise the signs she’s not the one. Plus, who will be the first to be inducted into the Black British protected list?
19/04/1955m 17s

The Dope Black Dads are coming to 1Xtra!

Join Marvyn Harrison, Darwood Grace and Lawrence Lartey here for the next 6 weeks as they bring you their brotherhood of stories, a bit of wisdom and their general dopeness, whilst having a laugh. Plus, listen out for some very special guests and familiar voices.
15/04/191m 22s

Cut the Chat on 1Xtra: Wrestlemania and Gambia Grannies

Ace is back from an exciting trip to New York where he witnessed Wrestlemania 35, Lee talks about another awkward encounter in a cab, and the guys share their thoughts on the shenanigans of the 'Gambia Grannies'

Cut the Chat on 1Xtra: Clout chasing and the N word

What does the N word ACTUALLY mean? Ace talks about tackling this question with his son. Meanwhile, Lee relives the horror of a disgusting cab ride and the guys share their views on what it means to be a clout chaser on social media.
05/04/1958m 10s

Cut the Chat on 1Xtra: Jamaica stories and weightloss tips

Femi is back from Jamaica with Buju Banton stories, Ace shares his weightloss tips and Damon brings along some long awaited gifts. Lee considers coming out of comedy retirement, and could there be a new Cut the Chat line up?
29/03/1942m 54s

Cut the Chat on 1Xtra: Shell Toes and Church Socks

Femi is in Jamaica and Ace thinks he has a FOMO problem. Damon needs advice when it comes to buying the right size trainers, and Lee relives the trauma of his Dad's cooking.
22/03/1957m 58s

Cut the Chat on 1Xtra - M is for 'mother'

The Cut the Chat guys - Ace, Damon, Femi and Lee - bring their barbershop banter to 1Xtra Chat. Ace considers a 'man weave', Femi doesn't really rate famous people and Lee would streak at a football game... for a price!
15/03/1941m 13s

The Receipts on 1xtra - Goodbye My Friends

In the final episode of the series The Receipts are solo as the guest failed to show. No fear talk turns to unknown lyrics, why men should not wear short sleeved shirts and why doctors need to be more discreet. Join the conversation using #TheReceiptsOn1Xtra
28/01/1959m 24s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - Getting Merky

Jude Yawson joins Tolly, Audrey and Milena to talk about his journey from troubled youth, to bestselling author. Jude talks about discovering his creativity, Milena remembers a Twitter mishap involving a footballer, and Tolly ALMOST slid into someone's DMs... but whose?
21/01/1956m 8s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - Gold diggers at the gym

Yasmin Evans joins Tolly, Audrey and Milena to talk about dating woes and some shocking past jobs. Yasmin recalls when she got fleeced by a gold digger, Audrey reveals why she was terrible at telesales, and Tolly reminisces about an old workplace crush.
14/01/1953m 48s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - Making History

As it’s the new year we thought we’d start as we mean to go on so Radio 1/1xtra’s new rap show host Tiffany Calver joins Tolly, Milena and Audrey to discuss the big things in life…Chicken Wings, British food and Strippers. Tiffany shares her experiences being a woman in a male dominated hip hop world, Audrey reps for the saveloys and can you guess what Milena’s world record would be?
07/01/1958m 9s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - Christmas Special

As it’s Christmas we thought we’d go big with a special episode recorded at Maida Vale studios The Receipts ladies have their own house band Kioko provide the Christmas tunes, Professor Green shares his holiday traditions and Milena joins Kioko for a special performance. Feliz Navidad!
24/12/1842m 3s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - When Podcasters Meet

Chuckie Online joins Milena, Audrey and Tolly to discuss past loves, pettiness and accidental heartbreak. Chuckie may just be king petty and Tolly has a toothache.
17/12/1859m 12s

The Receipts on 1Xtra: Keep that energy

Yxng Bane joins Milena, Tolly and Audrey to talk inspiration behind his HBK visuals, first love and flexes his linguistic skills. Bane may or may not have spoken more than he wanted to, Audrey lets us know about her Shakespeare skills, Milena has bars and Tolly…
10/12/1852m 42s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - What is the essence of time?

Playwright and Actor Arinze Kene joins The Receipts ladies to discuss his hit play Misty, Tolly makes Meta plays relatable, Milena Moonlight makes a debut and Arinze finds the plot holes in Tolly’s attitude to dating.
03/12/1849m 32s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - Let’s hear it for the boys

The Receipts are joined by Love Island legend Jack Fowler to discuss break ups, life after the island and future plans. The girls get all the behind the scenes info and we may just be witnessing Tolly’s TWK love story beginning.
26/11/1858m 26s

The Receipts on 1Xtra - The Girls are Back in Town

The Receipts are back, they’re on the London Eye and they are podding in a pod. It’s nearly Winter and cuffing season is here but how have the girls done in securing their seasonal beau? Tolly discusses her lavish dates, Milena is so overcome with emotion she literally loses her seat and Audrey invents farm animals and gives her comedy career another go.
19/11/1850m 46s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Episode 6

Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black are here with their sixth episode on 1Xtra! The boys talk about their journey so far, Tazer not being able to handle getting roasted by the mandem and TV shows with misleading titles. Plus, some very potent advice with this week’s dilemma. Are you ready for your final dose of 3 Shots? For now...
12/11/1852m 6s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Episode 5

Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black are here with their fifth episode on 1Xtra! Joined by Kenny Allstar, the boys talk about cuffing season: is it time to get boo’ed up? Men’s swag is also up for debate. Plus, someone gets violated in this week’s listener dilemma, can the mandem help or does our dear friend have to hold that L for the rest of his life? Are you ready for your 3 Shots?
05/11/1857m 56s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Episode 4

Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black are here with their fourth episode on 1Xtra! Joined by Rapman, the boys talk about platonic friendships; do they exist? Are they allowed in your relationship? The conversation gets a bit heated. A listener gets some help on their dilemma, as per usual. Plus, find out who acts the most ignorant out of the boys on a day to day.
29/10/1855m 47s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Episode 3

Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black are back with a bang with their third episode on 1Xtra! Joined by DJ Ace, the boys talk about being bait vs being popular, back in the day Channel U videos and of course they have to tackle a burning listener dilemma – as well as unpack all the questionable advice being sent in. Plus, Ace sticks on it on the mandem – will they all tell the truth?
21/10/1853m 57s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Episode 2

Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black are back with their second episode here on 1Xtra. Joined by DJ Target, the boys talk about beg friends, not being “that guy” towards your girl and of course they have to tackle a burning listener dilemma – as well as unpack all the questionable advice being sent in. Are you ready for your 3 Shots?
15/10/1856m 21s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Episode 1

Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black are finally here with their highly anticipated first episode on 1Xtra! Joined by the prolific music video director Daps, the boys talk about love vs lust, why some elders don’t wear underwear and of course they have to tackle a burning listener dilemma – as well as unpack all the questionable advice being sent in. Are you ready for your 3 Shots?
08/10/1852m 27s

3 Shots On 1Xtra - Coming Next Monday

Available from next Monday- 3 Shots on 1Xtra is a fun and light hearted podcast about any and everything under the sun. From sex and relationships, to religion and current affairs, nothing is off limits! Hosted by Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black - the 3 men who tell it as it is will be joined on 1Xtra by a bunch of special guests. Plus, they’ll be going in on your questions and dilemmas.
01/10/184m 6s

The Receipts On 1Xtra Episode 8

It’s the final The Receipts on 1Xtra of the season, Summer is over, no more bank holidays and winter is coming so the full team is in the house. Tolly, Audrey and Milena are joined by the behind-the-scenes duo of Renay Richardson and Keturah Cummings. If you wanna know how to start a podcast, be a freelance creative and or the L’s we’ve all taken, we’ve got you covered. Tell us your stories using #TheReceiptsOn1Xtra

The Receipts on 1Xtra Episode 7

Irene Agbontaen, cultural engineer and TTYA founder joined Tolly, Audrey and Milena to talk practical tips on how to make an impact in your life, career and culture. Be prepared to be inspired. Share your tips using #TheReceiptsOn1Xtra
16/09/1858m 55s

The Receipts on 1Xtra Episode 6

Tolly, Audrey and Milena are joined in the studio by Hollyoaks star and X Factor alum Rachel Adedeji. Did you know Tolly has love for Simon Cowell? Well we all do now. The ladies talk, love scenes X factor gossip and how black women are villainised on reality TV.
09/09/1846m 46s

The Receipts On 1Xtra Episode 5

Tolly, Audrey and Milena are joined by AJ Odudu to chat about her show Manhunting with my Mum but obviously things take a turn to cheating, solving arguments with emails and Audrey reminiscing about her sleepy time. Join the fun using #TheReceiptsOn1Xtra
02/09/1857m 51s

The Receipts On 1Xtra Episode 4

Tolly, Audrey and Milena are joined in the studio by singer Ray BLK to discuss keeping it real with your talent-less friends, Audrey’s comedy career and things get serious when the inspiration behind Ray’s RUN video is discussed. Join in the using #TheReceiptsOn1Xtra
26/08/1849m 6s

The Receipts On 1Xtra Episode 3

Tolly, Audrey and Milena are joined in the studio by 1Xtra presenter Sian Anderson. The women discuss their Stars in Their Eyes goals, why Tolly could never have a male PT and discover Sian is living the high end underwear life.
19/08/1857m 45s

The Receipts on 1Xtra Episode 2

Tolly, Audrey and Milena get serious and talk micro aggressions with guest Kelechi Okafor. Tolly shares an infuriating story and Audrey is trying to unlearn the “grateful to be included” feeling. Use #TheReceiptsOn1Xtra to join the fun.
12/08/1856m 0s

The Receipts on 1Xtra Episode 1

It’s hot out there so Tolly T, Audrey and Milena break down the seasons of dating, including how to make your Summer Hoetation a success and setting yourself up for cuffing season victory. We also find out Milena’s perfect man and we’re a little scared.
05/08/1846m 24s

Welcome to XtraChat from Radio 1Xtra

1Xtra joins forces with your favourite podcasters for some special collaborations - 1 hour of real talk with no filter weekly on Fridays.Dotty previews our first series.
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