No Country For Young Women

No Country For Young Women

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Life, love and work in a white man's world. Let's help each other figure it out!

Presenters: Sadia Azmat and Monty Onanuga


Laughter, learns and our last episode…

We look back on our favourite episodes including some of our biggest and best guests and what they taught us. Plus we say thanks to you, our amazing listeners, for the things you’ve taught us along the way! No, we’re not crying, you’re crying.
13/10/2042m 7s

Celebrating black women, Kelechi Okafor and Monty

We’re hilarious, we’re resilient and we’re a force to be reckoned with, according to actor, dance studio boss and podcaster Kelechi Okafor. We talk about how pre-colonial Yoruba spirituality inspires how she sees herself, the misconceptions of black women in dance and twerk and why we get angry about people calling us angry when we aren’t. In my final solo episode, I wanted to celebrate all things black women!
06/10/2039m 37s

Interracial dating, Ayesha Perry-Iqbal and Athena Kugblenu

I’ve never dated outside of my race and I wanted to hear stories from people who are. We chat about why interracial and interethnic dating isn’t the same thing, model and TV presenter Ayesha says that being British in LA actually makes more of a difference than her race and comedian Athena explains why colourism affects what we see on Instagram and the issues her parents faced in their own relationship.
29/09/2036m 56s

Money, mindset and Monty

Conversations about money should be really simple, so why don’t we talk more about it? Monty asks Bola Sol and Franklin Asante (aka The Urban Financier) what the receipts really are for drip culture, to share hacks for your bank balance and about their own journeys to getting better with money.
22/09/2038m 2s

Sudan, Netherlands and Gaidaa

Life for people of colour varies hugely across Europe. We hear what growing up in the Netherlands was like for Dutch-Sudanese artist Gaidaa compared to living in the UK. We talk about outdated Christmas traditions, the Dutch response to Black Lives Matter, the creative scene in Sudan and how she uses her music and performances to highlight what’s happening in Sudan.
15/09/2035m 3s

Stripping, Samantha Sun and April Fiasco

We rarely hear from strippers who are women of colour, so I wanted to find out how they feel about being eroticised for their race, what their families think of their jobs and why my preconceptions of their job are wrong. And I learned we have something surprising in common… with Samantha Sun and April Fiasco.
08/09/2037m 27s

Notting Hill Carnival, what it means to us in 2020

This Bank Holiday weekend in the UK marks the first in 61 years that we haven’t celebrated Notting Hill Carnival. Originally set up to ease race tensions between black and white Britons and to celebrate Caribbean culture, I wanted to take a deeper look at its roots and the impact its cancellation this year will have on the black British community’s economy, spirit and psyche. I speak to three guests, Lil’ C a queer dancehall DJ, Maxine Marshall a mas and Samba dancer and Portia Clarke a Music Marketing Consultant, to hear their views.
01/09/2053m 30s

Women in Sport: The Netball Sisters

Sasha and Kadeen Corbin are more than just sisters, they play Netball for England. I wanted to speak to this very talented duo to discuss the importance of sport and exercise for our mental wellbeing and to see what their experience has been like being Black and British and professional sportswomen.
25/08/2053m 29s

Travelling: Solo, Black & Female

Lockdown has had us all dreaming about holidays and wanting to get away. I wanted to speak to travel guru, journalist and the first black woman to travel to 195 countries, Jessica Nabongo, along with award-winning podcaster Tolani Shoneye (aka ‘Tolly T’ from the Receipts Podcast) to talk about what their experience is like travelling as a black female.
18/08/2044m 2s

Black, British and Jewish

I wanted to speak to Nadine Batchelor-Hunt, a podcaster and journalist and black Jewish female who recently got caught up in Wiley’s latest Twitter rant in which he made some anti-Semitic comments. Nadine joins me to speak about what it’s like being both black and Jewish in the U.K.
11/08/2053m 29s

A book for summer with Kiley Reid, Sarah Shaffi and Black Girls Book Club

Such A Fun Age is a novel which starts with a racist misunderstanding and kickstarts our chat about race and class, the “pet to threat” phenomenon in business and why we don’t need any more slave movies. With author Kiley Reid, journalist Sarah Shaffi and Natalie and Melissa of Black Girls Book Club.
04/08/2033m 56s

Redefining dance music, getting paid and Aluna Francis

Should we recategorise dance music to be more racially inclusive? How did it become disconnected from its black queer origins? And why are black and women of colour consistently underpaid in music? Aluna Francis joins us to talk about her open letter to the dance music industry, being a member of the Black Music Action Coalition and getting paid what you’re worth.
28/07/2035m 13s

Healing, Grace F Victory & Coco Khan

I'm often seen as a strong black woman, so how can I make space to heal? Grace F Victory and Coco Khan join me to discuss how going to a protest could be seen as self care, why Grace is training as a therapist and Coco explains how even the concept of the self is very different in some Asian communities.
21/07/2031m 47s

Intersectional veganism, Riyadh Khalaf and Tomi Makanjuola

I’m asking how you can make vegan food using recipes from your own culture, learning what intersectional veganism is and wondering if I should be better at cooking Indian food. Chef Tomi Makanjuola aka The Vegan Nigerian and Celebrity Masterchef contestant Riyadh Khalaf join me to talk all things plant-based…
14/07/2034m 25s

Dating, Sex and Scotty Unfamous

I wanted to explore what it’s like for fat, black women navigating the treacherous world of sex and dating. Joining me to discuss this was Scotty Unfamous, one third of the sex positive Laid Bare podcast. We swapped stories about our dating experiences, getting in to kink and how to be more confident in the bedroom. I also revealed that the best way to win me over is via cup-cakes and eba, a traditional Nigerian dish. Send us your FAQs to
07/07/2039m 19s

White Women’s Privilege, Amelia Dimoldenberg and Dr Charlotte Riley

I wanted to explore privilege, specifically white women’s privilege, and was joined by the CEO of Chicken Shop Date Amelia Dimoldenberg and historian Dr Charlotte Riley from Southampton University. We talked about diversity in the media and academia and bonded about being followed by famous people on social media (spoiler alert Amelia wins). Charlotte provided us with an insight into the historic context for ‘Karens’ among many other things and we talked about stereotypes, feminism and FAQs too.
30/06/2039m 9s

Monty, my family and black lives matter

I talk to three generations of my family about life in Britain. My parents describe moving to an all-white area and facing down my headteacher, my brother talks about the realities of growing up as a black man and my 15 year old niece tells me her hopes for the future…
23/06/2044m 14s

Outrage, Lockdown and Dotty

We chat all things outrage with the BBC Radio 1Xtra breakfast presenter who’s just written a book all about it. We also talk about ‘that’ Wiley interview, virtue signalling, activism, female rappers, lockdown and feminism. By the way, our interview with Dotty was recorded a few weeks ago before the death of George Floyd and everything that’s happened since. Before getting into it though there’s a chance for us to catch up about how we’re feeling right now.
16/06/2042m 43s

Ramadan, Thanna Alghabban and Mobeen Azhar

Sadia’s first solo episode of the series, exploring the different ways to be British and Muslim with Mobeen Azhar and dating expert Thanna Alghabban. We chat fasting, dating experiences, generational and regional differences, secret relationships, safe spaces and social media. Send us your FAQs to
09/06/2041m 2s

Family Photos, Passing and Jade Thirlwall

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall joins us in lockdown to talk about growing up mixed race in North East England. We ask her how her being bullied at school affected how she portrayed herself when she joined Little Mix, how she’s exploring her Arab heritage and why her DMs are so empty…
02/06/2043m 43s

We're back together again… almost!

We’re so excited to be back for Series 4. We’re reunited lockdown-style to share our plans for this season – we have some big guests and exciting news to announce! As ever we want to hear from you this season – you can send us your FAQs to
26/05/202m 31s

Festive feels, love eggs and Vir Das

‘Let's say 400 people are offended by a joke… so?’It’s our final episode of the season and our festive special! We pull some crackers with comedian Vir Das and find out what women want. Plus we ask how to have fun when you don't celebrate Christmas and share the love (eggs) with each other ;)
10/12/1943m 35s

Androgyny, Accra and Amaarae

‘You have to be sensual, you have to sell sex… or they try to present you as the African queen’We’re in different countries and different continents, but that won’t stop us from chatting with singer-songwriter Amaarae about cultural respect and African attitudes to androgyny.
03/12/1931m 2s

Begging, benefits and Solomon Smith

"Literally, the day I started… it’s never been the same."We take a trip to the Brixton Soup Kitchen to meet some sofa surfers, rough sleepers and its founder Solomon Smith. He talks feeding the homeless with rice and peas, failing at school and making his dreams come true, and why we’re all only two pay cheques away from being homeless.
26/11/1930m 5s

Virginity, disability and the Triple Cripples

Cancelling dudes and sharing your pubes with Kym & Jay, who use their YouTube channel the Triple Cripples to talk being black, disabled women.Plus how men control our hymens: from T.I. and his daughter’s virginity, to our cherry popping.
19/11/1943m 40s

Gentrification, change and Joy Crookes

Being punched in the face by gentrification with singer-songwriter Joy Crookes. How she stays humble and keeps control, plus who should we change for?Send your FAQs to!
12/11/1931m 8s

Paris, racism and Rokhaya Diallo & Grace Ly

The très fantastique Rokhaya & Grace, aka Kiffe Ta Race podcasters, chat race and racism in France. Plus we hit the streets of Paris to talk burqa bans, yellow fever, and French men...
05/11/1953m 9s

Westernising names, worst dates and Ahir & Emily

We go deep with comedian Ahir Shah on drinking and depression and force Asian Network presenter Emily Lloyd-Saini to share her worst dating story… and what she does when the comment section gets too hot to handle.
29/10/1941m 45s

Therapy, county lines and Ashley Madekwe

South London girl Ashley is over from Hollywood to talk about County Lines, her new film on child drug trafficking in Britain. Plus, what happened when we asked a therapist ‘why can’t I get dick?’
22/10/1936m 36s

Food, foreplay and Ainsley Harriott

Icon alert! We’ve got Mr Ready Steady Cook himself, Ainsley Harriott on food as love, food as foreplay, and being one of the first black chefs on TV. Plus, are kids going to save the planet?Send us your FAQs to
15/10/1927m 34s

Motherhood, Michelle and Phoebe Robinson

We’re with no ordinary B and Michelle Obama’s BFF, Phoebe Robinson. She teaches us how to beat the gatekeepers, why she’s done schooling us on sexual harassment and why it’s nobody’s business that she’s dating outside her race. Plus, what are we willing to give up for children?Send us your FAQs to
08/10/1933m 37s

Culture vultures, empire and Phil Wang

Our favourite Wang, Phil gets personal about open relationships and his take on empire. Plus Wiley vs Ed… who’s a culture vulture? Send us your FAQs to
01/10/1935m 46s

Cults, Hollywood and Rose McGowan

Honey, we’re home!! The BBC has given us a third series and we're going big with Hollywood legend and #MeToo silence breaker Rose McGowan.Rose chats growing up in a cult, Hollywood corruption, daddy issues and cemeteries. And we find out why #MeToo is ~not~ a movement!Send us your FAQs to
24/09/1934m 37s

No Comedy For Young Women! Part 2

We've gone on holiday and we're bringing you with us! We're getting up close and personal with the hottest comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.In Part 2 of our comedy special, Charlie George and Darren Harriott give you their best stand-up live from the BBC's big blue tent! Then it's our turn to make you laugh... enjoy! ;)
17/09/1938m 6s

No Comedy For Young Women! Part 1

We've gone on holiday and we're bringing you with us! We're getting up close and personal with the hottest comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.In Part 1 of our comedy special, Michael Odewale, Aditi Mittal and Loyiso Gola give you their best stand-up live from the BBC's big blue tent!Enjoy ;)
17/09/1936m 36s

Big, blue and back

For one night only join us for a live showcase of comedy from the hottest talent in Edinburgh! We're bringing you stand-up from our new favourite comedians, before we chat to them about life, love and work!Get your free tickets:
06/08/193m 51s

Fasting, feels and finales

The last time you’ll hear our fresh, sexy, horny voices this season! We answer your questions and crush on all the queens (and kings) we’ve had on the podcast this time around.
14/05/1931m 48s

Wives, girlfriends and Sadia Azmat

It’s my turn to go solo, or should I say go poly? I share with Monty some tales of multiple partners as I explore polygamy and polyamory with the help of some new friends.
07/05/1940m 8s

Nonna, Nigeria and Monty Onanuga

I’m ditching Sadia and heading home for some jollof, jokes and feels with my fam to figure out what you miss out on when your nonna lives in Nigeria.
30/04/1934m 9s

Dudes, dungeons and Desiree Burch

It’s UK vs USA as we eat cake with comedian and ex-dominatrix Desiree and talk finding home and losing dudes. Plus Stormzy and stereotypes.
23/04/1935m 23s

Strength, swords and Shaina West

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Martial artist and stunt actor Shaina aka The Samurider kicks-ass in every way! Plus nightmare flatmates and J Hus’ return.
16/04/1932m 41s

Faith, pride and Riyadh Khalaf

Meet our new best friend, and accidental activist Riyadh! He talks coming out to his Muslim-Catholic family, how his Nan lost faith, and how to party with pride! Plus, love letters from listeners.
09/04/1936m 55s

Big hair, self-care and Freddie Harrel

Getting a girl crush on Freddie and her big hair, no care attitude. Plus a sex tape request…
02/04/1932m 27s

Coming, comedy and Nish Kumar

We enjoy multiple fun times and get our comedy geek on with Nish Kumar ;)
26/03/1934m 20s

Submissives, shame and Candice Carty-Williams

Our leading lady and Queenie author Candice on submissive encounters, the joys of therapy and rejecting shame. Plus we chat work romance, holiday fails and unicorn jizz.
19/03/1935m 14s

IUD, BAME and Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

Gal-dem gal Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff on making magazines. Plus we debate the BAME game, meet our new host aka Monty’s coil, and take a test to see if we’re really British.
12/03/1934m 6s

Baking, belonging and Benjamina Ebuehi

Getting on with Bake Off contestant Benjamina who loves cakes almost as much as us. Plus we get real about Shamima Begum.
05/03/1931m 34s

Twerking, tunes and Grace Carter

Getting down on the d-floor, it’s all about music and dancing this week! We talk twerking and shaking plus chat to soulful singer Grace Carter about growing up in a white family when you’re mixed race.
26/02/1930m 28s

Art, inspiration and Nicole Krystal Crentsil

Black Girl Festival founder Nicole Krystal Crentsil sits down to talk art, creativity and being a role model. Plus we ask: are kids racist?
19/02/1931m 25s

Exes, accents and Basma Khalifa

We talk head game and the car wash for our Valentine’s special ;) Plus documentarian and fashion queen Basma Khalifa gives us the lowdown on living in Saudi Arabia, ranked one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman.
12/02/1931m 11s

Jollof, jobs and Stephanie Yeboah

Nerd about town Stephanie Yeboah teaches us how to fight imposter syndrome at work, and a jollof showdown! Plus canceling culture and R Kelly.
05/02/1931m 28s

Sin, drag queens and Amrou Al-Kadhi

We find out what happened when Amrou Al-Kadhi aka Glamrou did love duets to Allah in a thong.
29/01/1932m 48s

Fetishes, blackfishing, and Coco Khan

Writer Coco Khan helps us work out the fetishes we’re into and the ones we’re definitely not ok with. Plus what we think about blackfishing and skin lightening.
22/01/1933m 18s

Ghettos, games and Jay-Ann Lopez

We try to figure out what makes you ghetto and chat to Black Girl Gamers founder Jay-Ann Lopez about how she is fighting misogynoir in gaming.
15/01/1930m 20s

We’re back…. almost!

Get ready, we’re coming back with a new season in the New Year. Will we get to meet Idris Elba? Subscribe to find out.
13/12/182m 35s

E12: Food, feels and finales

Stripping it back for our season finale and setting goals for our second series :) Get in touch -
03/07/1834m 40s

E11: Sisterhood, confidence and London Hughes

What happens when you swear on live radio and our best FAQ session yet! w/ London Hughes
26/06/1836m 36s

E:10 Love Island, the N-word & Alfie Brown

Who qualifies for Love Island? How soon is too soon for sex? and we get controversial comedian Alfie Brown to explain himself.
19/06/1831m 28s

E09: Burkas, bikinis and Salma El-Wardany

A debut dick pic and a live cold approach! This ep has it all. Featuring the amazing author and poet Salma El-Wardany. Thanks to Laura for the FAQ - send yours to!
12/06/1834m 0s

E08: Munroe Bergdorf, bets and mental health

Losing bets and talking love, hate and controversy with transgender model/activist Munroe Bergdorf. Send your FAQs to!
05/06/1834m 56s

E07: Ramadan, royals and Florence Adepoju

When you're fasting but you record your podcast at a cafe :| ft. cosmetic scientist Florence Adepoju
29/05/1835m 16s

E06: Body positivity, self-care and Grace F Victory

Learning new words and how to love ourselves with blogger/creator Grace F Victory. If you've got an FAQ, let us have it!
22/05/1836m 4s

E05: God, dating and Bilal Zafar

We talk dating when you're black, Asian and minority ethnic with comedian Bilal Zafar and dating coach Jack Grattan
15/05/1835m 14s

E04: Famalam, yonis and Vivienne Acheampong

Yoni steaming and Famalam scheming with the excellent Vivienne Acheampong
08/05/1831m 12s

E03: Porn, feminism and Lina Bembe

Porn performer Lina Bembe joins us to talk spanking, feminism and fetishes
01/05/1833m 16s

E02: Ghosting, privilege and Sofie Hagen

So the BBC are gonna actually let us do this thing! In this ep you'll get an extreme tale of ghosting, explore white privilege and hear from Danish comedian/podcaster Sofie Hagen.
24/04/1834m 54s

E01: Sex, headscarves and Yassmin Abdel-Magied

We take a no-filter dive into what it’s like for Black and British Asian women to navigate a white world. Joined by mechanical engineer and Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
17/04/1830m 42s

Welcome to No Country For Young Women

Hi, we're Sadia and Monty and this is our new podcast. Subscribe and get ready for our first real episode on April 17!
11/04/184m 26s
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