The Assassination

The Assassination

By BBC World Service

The award-winning inside story. An investigation into the death of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Includes interviews with those accused of her murder.


Episode 10: Dead Ends

“I laugh at it.” The accused speaks in the series finale. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
28/02/1839m 35s

Episode 9: The Other Dead

A trail of bodies leads deeper into the conspiracy. “Someone doesn’t want us to connect the dots.” With Owen Bennett-Jones.
21/02/1828m 53s

Episode 8: The Assassin’s Journey

The nasty, brutish and short life of Benazir’s killer - confidential police files reveal investigators weren’t interested. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
14/02/1828m 48s

Episode 7: The Funeral

Benazir speaks from the grave to lay blame for her murder. Riots mar the burial as the struggle to control the investigation begins. And her handwritten will reveals an unexpected successor. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
07/02/1831m 59s

Episode 6: The Murder

A final warning and the final day. “I felt there was a fire. Then, there was a blast”. An emotional and forensic account of Benazir’s last hours. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
31/01/1821m 12s

Episode 5: Near Misses

"Suicide bombers got through the security check. What should we do?" Plots, house arrest, appeals for help; time is running out for Benazir Bhutto. Including contributions from her close friend, Victoria Schofield and reporter Ron Suskind. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
24/01/1822m 22s

Episode 4: The Karachi Files

Secret reports, an arrest and “hidden hands” – why the official investigation into the Karachi attack on Benazir Bhutto failed. Owen Bennett-Jones gives a deep dive on Pakistan’s deep state as the saga of Benazir’s death continues. Includes interviews with key anti-terror officers.
17/01/1834m 57s

Episode 3: The Call

“He warned me not to come back”. Benazir’s attempt to ensure a safe return to Pakistan ends in fear, triggered by a disputed telephone conversation with Pakistan’s military ruler. With contributions from three people close to Benazir: the former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani; her American advisor Mark Siegal; and Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author Ron Suskind. With Owen Bennett-Jones
10/01/1812m 34s

Episode 2: Family Matters

An execution, a wedding and exile. Benazir Bhutto becomes the Muslim world's first female prime minister. The story of the Bhutto dynasty, the allegations of corruption against them and the growing power of their enemies. With Owen Bennett Jones.
03/01/1831m 55s

Episode 1: Return of the Queen

"Her days were numbered." Introducing Benazir Bhutto and the story of her final journey home. Eight years of self-imposed exile ended when she returned to Pakistan to campaign for high office. Pakistani politics have long been lethal and Bhutto was in no doubt about the danger she faced. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
27/12/1717m 28s

Benazir Bhutto: The Prologue

She was assassinated 10 years ago but no-one has been convicted of Benazir Bhutto's murder. Why? Her family is to Pakistan what the Kennedys are to the US. Owen Bennett-Jones investigates. Episode 1 is out on 27 December.
18/12/172m 47s
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