A to Z of Psychedelia on 6 Music

A to Z of Psychedelia on 6 Music

By BBC Radio 6 Music

A definitive, but light-hearted look at the world of mid to late-Sixties psychedelia. Exploring the world changing counter-culture on both sides of the Atlantic via music, art, mind-bending band names and an impressive rogues gallery. Paying homage to legends such as Hendrix and Pink Floyd whilst celebrating lesser-known artists like Linda Perhacs. Some wonderful stories too - George Clinton’s hair-straightening job, The Beatles’ chauffeur on backing vocals and what Brian Wilson and his brothers did when their mum and dad went on holiday. Researched and presented by BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley and music journalist Rob Hughes. Adult themes and drugs references mentioned throughout.


Welcome to the A to Z of Psychedelia on 6 Music

Full length introductory episode to welcome you to the box set. Marc and Rob set out their stall discussing the main themes and players & their flexible approach to the alphabet!
17/07/1816m 51s

A is for Acid, Animals and Ambrose Slade

Did you know the Rolling Stones took a witch on tour with them? How drugs affected the 13th Floor Elevators' Roky Erickson and the treatment he had to endure? It's all in here.
17/07/1824m 3s

B is for Barrett, Buckley and Byrds

When Syd met Gilmore, what is the definition of psycedelia, the truth about the Byrds song Eight Miles High and how a gift of a banjo aged 13, influenced the young Tim Buckley.
17/07/1821m 36s

C is for Cream, Crazy World and Chocolate Watchband

The Chocolate Watchband support Frank Zappa but don't support The Grateful Dead or Jefferson Airplane - disaster. The Creation play an electric guitar with a violin bow - unique.
17/07/1822m 17s

D is for Doors, Donovan and Dantalian's Chariot

Was Jim Morrison's dad responsible for the escalation of the Vietnam War? Was there tension between Donovan and Bob Dylan? - see Donovan's song Hey Mr Tangerine Eyes.
17/07/1822m 56s

E is for Easy Riders, Experiments and Electric Prunes

Which band were given their first break by an estate agent and played the definitive Psych song? Eddie Kramer helps the beatles and the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix - legend.
17/07/1822m 57s

F is for Funkadelic, Fairport and Flowers

Non violent demonstrations and the flower power symbol linked to HG Well's Time Machine - wow. There's an in-depth look at The Fool a Dutch Design company working for The Beatles.
17/07/1821m 26s

G is for Groundhogs, Garcia and Grace Slick

Advice for Jerry Garcia's parents, while a middle finger goes missing. Bill Graham is discussed, the greatest rock promoter ever. Plus Grace Slick's lift off moment - pun intended
17/07/1822m 11s

H is for Hendrix, Head and Hapshash

A plot-less film called Head as the Monkees go slapstick, Beatniks are explained, discussed and dissected and band posters come into their own under Hapshash and the Coloured Coat
17/07/1823m 5s

I is for International Times, Iron Butterfly and Incredible String Band

In The Park becomes a tribute to Brian Jones and why were Marc's wife's grandparents there. Jeff Lynn and Roy Wood a match made in heaven and Marianne Faithfull's botty on show?
17/07/1823m 47s

J & K are for Jefferson Airplane, John's Children and Kevin Ayers

The only band to play at Woodstock, Monterey and Altamont - Jefferson Airplane. Marc Bolan leaves John's Children after 4 months to join Tyrannosaurus Rex & Kevin Ayres in Malaya
17/07/1821m 38s

L is for Love, Lewis Carroll and Lucy In The Sky

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - the stories behind this iconic title. The Leaves take over The Byrds' residency at Ciro's on sunset Boulevard and the real Pat Boone steps forward.
17/07/1822m 53s

M is for Move, Monterey and Moby Grape. Part 1

Moby Grape launches first album at The Avalon Ballroom - they had their own wine made - but nobody brought a corkscrew - oops and somebody skips recordings by The Move - naughty.
17/07/1822m 25s

M is for Moody Blues, Misunderstood and Magical Mystery Tour. Part 2

Facts - The Beatles's Magical Mystery Tour reaches only number 2 in the UK charts, John Peel champions The Misunderstood and The Moody Blues perform their first gig in 1964.
17/07/1822m 32s

M is for Middle Earth, Mardas and Mamas and Papas. Part 3

Michelle Phillips is served with a writ to leave the Mamas and The Papas, Mama Cass is involved in blanketgate & Magic Alex promises The Beatles x ray cameras and invisible paint.
17/07/1823m 1s

N is for Nirvana, Nice and Nuggets

Todmorden is revealed as the rock capitol of the north, The Nice recruit Lemmy as a roadie and Floyd's Nick Mason owns a helicopter and completes the Le Mans classic car race.
17/07/1822m 58s

O is for Owsley Stanley, Other Half and Os Mutantes

Does Randy Holden save the day for The Yardbirds? Did he really leave The Other Half because he didn't like his guitar? And what band used to be called The Six Sided Rockets? Enc.
17/07/1823m 2s

P is for Prankster, Procol Harum and Pink Floyd. Part 1

Where did Syd Barrett get the name Pink Floyd from? Which Procol Harum track sold over 10 Million copies? And Linda Perhacs releases Parallelograms.
17/07/1823m 52s

P is for Parliament, Pearly Queens and Pink Fairies. Part 2

George Clinton straightens hair for a living but goes onto produce cosmic funk operas. Janis Joplin has a sad decline but The Pink Fairies are on the up and up.
17/07/1823m 9s

P is for Peel, Protest and Purple Band. Part 3

It's all kicking off in Vietnam and the Civil Right's Movement is centre stage. The Purple Gang's singer was a disciple of occultist Aleistar Crowley, John Peel was a huge fan.
17/07/1823m 12s

Q & R are for Quicksilver, Roky and Rolling Stones

Virgos and Geminis are all ruled by the planet Mercury - a good way to name a band? The Rolling Stones take inspiration from African culture and Rocky Erickson's hair cut protest.
17/07/1822m 25s

S is for Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Part 1

Marc's Uncle Chris played the Sgt Pepper album to him when he was 6 so The Beatles were the first band he ever got into, Rob's first was I'm a Tiger by Lulu - enough said.
17/07/1825m 11s

S is for Seeds, Sky Saxon and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Part 2

Can Marc and Rob solve the mystery of Sky Saxon's birth date? Did you know The Seeds coined the phrase Flower Power? Plus Strawberry Alarm Clock on tour with The Beach boys.
17/07/1821m 5s

S is for Skip Spence, Studios and Syd Barrett. Part 3

Skip Spence's life is dissected as is his album Oar, learn more than you've ever forgotten about legendary studio Abbey Road and hear Marc's Abbey Road anecdotes - tempting.
17/07/1824m 28s

S is for Small Faces and Steve Marriot. Part 4

The Small Faces and their singer Steve Marriott profiled in this episode. Steve was a huge Buddy Holly fan, a prankster and played in the stage play Oliver, much more inside.
17/07/1824m 35s

S is for Smoke, Shankar and Strawberry Fields. Part 5

Giggles galore as Marc and Rob discover The Smoke were managed by The Krays. Strawberry Fields is put under the microscope and Ravi Shankar too small to dance? - discuss.
17/07/1822m 27s

S is for Steppenwolf, Spirit and Sly Stone. Part 6

Some great names in this Acid Rock episode - Mars Bonfire, Goldy McJohn, Hoyt Axton and Rushton Moreve download to check for other humdingers. Spirit play with Led Zeppelin - wow.
17/07/1823m 1s

S is for Soft Machine, Simon Dupree and Side Trips.Part 7

Soft Machine's first single was produced by Chaz Chandler, Jimi Hendrix was very shy and polite, extremely courteous to a Victorian extreme.
17/07/1824m 31s

T is for T. Rex, Trip and Tintern Abbey. Part 1

T. Rex go from making rock to baroque in a musical career change. The film The Trip, staring Peter Fonda, happily confuses Marc and Rob as to its location.
17/07/1823m 15s

T is for Traffic, Tomorrow and Technicolour Dream. Part 2

Marc calls Traffic's Steve Winwood a genius Rob calls him something all together different. While still as school Steve supported the likes of Muddy Waters, BB King & Chuck Berry
17/07/1821m 59s

U & V are for UFO, Vanilla Fudge and United States of America

Politics feature highly in The United States of America band, courtesy of singer Joseph Byrd and singer Dorothy Moskowitz. Plus The UFO club was a victim of it's own success.
17/07/1822m 19s

V is for Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart. Part 1

Unravelling the truths from the many claims made about Beefheart's extraordinary & dark life from the LA Zoo to Trout Mask Replica. Marc recounts a story about a Beefheart doodle
16/07/1825m 10s

V is for Voorman, Vincebus Eruptum and Velvet Underground. Part 2

The emergence of 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' under Warhol's management, 'Revolver' sleeve designer Klaus Voorman and ground-breaking and gut-busting volume from Blue Cheer.
16/07/1823m 7s

W is for Woodstock and Brian Wilson's Beach Boys

We explore the psychedelic brilliance and sandpit of Brian Wilson and hear how Woodstock became a free festival by default with Hendrix playing the Monday morning graveyard shift.
16/07/1823m 24s

W, X & Y are for Who, Yardbirds and West Coast

A band named The Detours change their name to The Who, write Tommy and sell over 20 million copies - but was it an original idea, controversial - See, The Pretty Things.
16/07/1821m 56s

Y & Z are for Yellow Submarine and Zombies

Ringo Star sings, Abbey Rd sound effects room is raided and The Beatles Chauffeur performs backing vocals. Marc and Rob also look at the career of the Zombies.
16/07/1821m 15s

Z is for Zappa and Year Zero

Zappa and the Mothers of Invention 'Freak Out!' and insist 'We're Only In It For The Money'. Plus the ultimate death of the psychedelic Summer of Love at Altamont.
16/07/1827m 41s

A to Z of Punk: A is for Anarchy, Ants and Adverts

Stories from the notorious Anarchy Tour in 1976, how watching The Sex Pistols inspired Stuart Goddard to form Adam and the Ants and ‘One Chord Wonders’ The Adverts get a deserved mention.
24/10/1717m 33s

A to Z of Punk: B is for Boredom, Brains and Blondie

The story of Buzzcocks including the seminal ‘Spiral Scratch’, ‘hardcore’ punk band from Washington Bad Brains, who famously hated the association with hardcore and the band Blondie, not just the lead singer.
24/10/1719m 14s

A to Z of Punk: C is for Complete Control and The Clash

The Clash sign to CBS, New York's CBGB venue becomes the home of punk and New Wave and the bard of Salford himself Dr John Cooper Clarke makes an appearance.
24/10/1719m 21s

A to Z of Punk: D is for Damned Damned Damned

Find out how Chrissie Hynde was very nearly in The Damned and what Dave Vanian did before he became lead singer of the band.
24/10/1719m 1s

A to Z of Punk: E is for EMI, Eater and the Electric Chairs

Ever wondered who Eddie was in Eddie and the Hot Rods? Wonder no more. Plus learn all about Erics, Liverpool's Punk rock answer to the Cavern.
24/10/1719m 48s

A to Z of Punk: F is for Falling Out, Fire Engines and Factory

Tales of The Fall with its 66 members, the phenomenon of fanzines including the bible of the punk movement, ‘Sniffing Glue’ fanzine plus the ubiquitous record label Factory Records, set up in 1978 by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus.
24/10/1721m 41s

A to Z of Punk: G is for Grundy, Goading and Gobbing

The story of the provocative Bill Grundy interview with Sex Pistols and the furore that followed. Plus, the story behind why Glenn Matlock wasn’t in the film ‘The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle’, a film accounting the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols.
24/10/1722m 0s

A to Z of Punk: H is for Heroin, Heartbreakers and Hynde

Marc and Rob take a look at the introduction of Heroin into the Punk scene. H is also a tribute to Buzzcocks frontman Howard Devoto, the influence of the 100 Club, plus Marc reads some special memories from Vic Godard of Subway Sect.
24/10/1722m 14s

A to Z of Punk: I is for Idol, Iggy and Influences

Marc proposes that 1930's band leader Louis Jordan is the godfather of Punk Rock and in some shocking news, reveals Sid Vicious was named after a hamster - true fact.
24/10/1721m 27s

A to Z of Punk: J is for Jam, Jelly and Jordan (not that one)

Marc and Rob discuss how Jello Biafra was influenced by the assassination of JFK and went on to form ‘Dead Kennedys’ with East Bay Ray, plus some of the exploits of Jordan including how she worked for Vivian Westwood and was married to an Ant. Also (spoiler alert) J is for The Jam.
24/10/1721m 55s

A to Z of Punk: K is for Killers and Kaos

Hear stories about Killing Joke including their manifesto and connection with Kurt Cobain. K is also for Nick Kent and Kevin Rowland, who formed The Killjoys and later, Dexy’s
24/10/1722m 36s

A to Z of Punk: L is for Lux Interior, Lydia Lunch and Lesser Free Trade Hall

Marc and Rob champion the letter L including Lux Interior of the Cramps, who was once described as "a cross between Iggy Pop and Lurch". Lydia Lunch meets Brian Eno in New York and No Wave is born. Also tales about the Lesser Free Trade Hall, the venue famous for the Sex Pistols concert credited for the start of the punk rock movement.
24/10/1723m 45s

A to Z of Punk: M is for two Malcolms and a Marquee

Marc and Rob bring you tales of The Ruts singer Malcolm Owen and music promoter and manager, amongst many things Malcolm McLaren. Also, Marquee Moon, a contender for the best debut album by Television.
24/10/1721m 20s

A to Z of Punk: N is for Nipples and No Future

Marc and Rob have No Future...on their minds at least. They also dip into Northern Ireland's punk rock scene and investigate the punk pasts of Nick Cave and Shane McGowan.
24/10/1721m 59s

A to Z of Punk: O is for Outrage and Osterberg

The A to Z of Punk reaches O for outrage, so be warned. It's also for Gene October, Terry Ork and James Newell Osterberg.
24/10/1722m 50s

A to Z of Punk: P is for Punk and Post Punk (obviously)

P can only be for Punk and its close relative Post Punk. It's also for Pere Ubu, Public Image and the Prefects. Plus we discover just who invented the Pogo and why.
24/10/1722m 49s

A to Z of Punk: Q is for Queen, the Queen and Queensland

Discover how Freddy Mercury's teeth played a pivotal role in punk and how the Sex Pistols celebrated the Silver Jubilee.
24/10/1719m 52s

A to Z of Punk: R is for Ramones, Raincoats and Rough Trade

Discover the secret history of the brothers Ramone before they actually became brothers and learn just how John Lydon turned into Johnny Rotten. Plus Rough Trade Records and Rock Against Racism feature.
24/10/1722m 43s

A to Z of Punk: S is for Stranglers, Suicide and Spitting. Part 1

The Punk A-Z reaches S for the Stranglers, Suicide, Sham 69 and Swell Maps. Plus Marc and Rob investigate the murky question - just who invented spitting? Nice
24/10/1721m 35s

A to Z of Punk: S is for Siouxsie, Strummer and Stiff. Part 2.

The second instalment of the letter S, with stories featuring Siouxsie and the Banshees, Patti Smith and the Skids. Learn how Woody Mellor became Joe Strummer and the story of Stiff, "the World's Most Flexible Record Label"
24/10/1720m 19s

A to Z of Punk: T is for Talking Heads, TV Personalities and Throbbing Gristle. Part 1.

David Byrne's journey from Dumbarton to Talking Heads, "Part Time Punks" TV Personalities, plus The Producers - a whistle stop tour of the men behind punk's finest records. There's so much to fit in there will be more T in the next episode.
24/10/1721m 49s

A to Z of Punk: T is also for Transmissions, Thau and TRB. Part 2.

A guide to the TV and radio transmissions that brought punk to the nation (or in some cases, didn't) including The Old Grey Whistle Test and Top of the Pops. T is also for Marty Thau, the Boy Looks at Johnny and 6 Music's Tom Robinson.
24/10/1722m 49s

A to Z of Punk: U & V are for Undertones, Upstarts and Vibrators

The A-Z of Punk brings you two letters for the price of one with U and V, for Undertones, Upstarts and Vivienne Westwood. Learn how Sid Vicious was named after a hamster (yes, really) and how Charlie Harper went from hairdresser to punk hero.
24/10/1722m 33s

A to Z of Punk: W is for Wally, Wire and Wreckless Eric

Marc and Rob discuss W for lost Pistol Wally Nightingale, 'not-a-punk-band' Wire and the dysfunctional success that is Wreckless Eric. Plus stories of glam rock from Wythenshawe and learn whose middle name isn't Penelope.
24/10/1721m 42s

A to Z of Punk: X,Y & Z is for X-Ray Spex, Y and Less Than Zero

Stories about X-Ray Spex' Poly Styrene, The Pop Group's first album 'Y' and Elvis Costello
24/10/1722m 26s
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