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Ep 1939: Paulie Enters, Duffer Departs, Sports Calendar Shredded - 11/01/21

Stephen Kenny has had a highly eventful time as Ireland manager with a penalty playoff loss, a pandemic, a Covid close contacts crisis, a video storm, 8 games without a win and now he has lost his assistant coach Damien Duff. Ken journalist is on the case, and he has some strong leads (1.00). Paul O'Connell is maybe Ireland's best-ever forward, one of our best ever captains, a Lions captain, but besides a curtailed spell in Paris and some short stints in Ireland, he hasn't got a very extensive coaching CV. We ask Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley to predict how good he will be, and why (20.30). Plus there's Roy Keane football manager, mighty Leinster, Connacht butchering a 15 on 13 overlap and Eoin McDevitt's shredded sports calendar.
11/01/2156m 25s

Tom Parsons Says Goodbye, NFL Tales Of Redemption, King Of Trolls

Tom Parsons joined us alongside his old friend and former teammate Andy Moran to discuss his decision to retire this week, one of four Mayo careers which came to a close over a handful of days. US Murph has been prepping us for the start of the NFL postseason this weekend, while Stephen A Smith prepped Dallas Cowboys fans for the premature end of their season.
08/01/216m 51s

Ep 1934: Can A Caterpillar, Given Time, Turn Into A Chelsea Lion? - 04/01/21

We talk about Frank Lampard's struggle at Chelsea - which might now, if history is any guide, be entering a terminal phase. Meanwhile Ken reveals he has made important changes to his lifestyle - but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time to round on the losers and haters. We're joined by Jonathan Wilson and Dion Fanning to discuss some of the weekend's football in more detail. What went wrong for Chelsea against City, and is it ever a bad time to Give Him Time? Are Manchester United serious title contenders? Why are they getting more penalties than anyone else? And is refereeing in the age of VAR increasingly vulnerable to influence by #narrative?
04/01/211h 20m

Ep 1929: Big Sam's Big Christmas, Frank's Thin Skin, Bielsa's Busy Tongue - 28/12/20

Ken and Jonathan Wilson talk over the post-Christmas football, as is the tradition. We all know the image we will remember the weekend by....but did Sam Allardyce's tactics actually cost his team victory at Anfield? Why should Chelsea fans be worried about Frank Lampard's uncompromisingly direct criticism of his players after losing to Arsenal? Why have Tottenham ground to a halt? And why is Jonathan sick of having to defend Marcelo Bielsa?
28/12/2053m 30s

Ep 1925: Dubs Win 6, Oisin & Andy On Last Quarter Composure, 90's McTominay - 21/12/20

2020 threw up a lot of surprises, so we should be thankful at least for some certainty and security in life - and few things in life now are as certain or secure as Dublin finishing the year as All-Ireland football champions. Oisin McConville and Andy Moran are on the line to pick through the bones of it, how much of the gameplan went right for Mayo, why Dublin were still able to pick them off... and how to stop Dublin from scoring goals direct from the throw-in. Ken also tries to get into the mind of Stephen "The Clinker" Cluxton, good people making good Dubs, and a mention too for Scott McTominay's heroics yesterday.
21/12/201h 11m

Dinosaur Jr, Klopp's Ground War, Why not Mayo?

It was a week that featured more soccer than you could shake a stick at, a review of the All-Ireland hurling final, a preview of the All-Ireland football final, and the start of the European champions cup in rugby... so what the hell are you waiting for? Join us today and hear Ken lauding the return of the dinosaurs to the Premier League, why the war on Chris Wilder is Jurgen Klopp's Vietnam, and why Andy Moran still believes Mayo have what it takes to win the All-Ireland final.
18/12/208m 52s

Ep 1920: Arsenal Win At Losing, Story Time With Evra, Houllier's Romance - 14/12/20

This morning we heard the sad news of the death of Gerard Houllier, former manager of France, Liverpool and Aston Villa among others. We talk about the mark Houllier made on English football. Then we turn our attention to the weekend, in which Arsenal stole the show from some other underperforming clubs then had the show quickly stolen from them by Patrice Evra. We are joined by Dion Fanning and John Brewin to talk about Houllier, Arsenal, and whether some critics are right to suggest this is the worst season ever. Plus there's Thierry Henry's media fence, reaching maximum outrage and Paul Ince's 5-a-side record.
14/12/201h 22m

Ep 1915: Millwall Tilt At Windmills - 07/12/20

With Jose Mourinho's Spurs riding high at the top of the league you might think there should be only one question for Ken this Monday: would he like his humble pie plain, or with salt? But there was much more going on in the world of football over the weekend, not least at The Den, where Millwall fans rejected the kneeling protests. We try to figure out why they reacted this way. Richie Sadlier was at the FAI Cup final in the freezing fog, we talk about the prospects ahead for Jack Byrne, how Irish football is going to respond to the news that it can no longer export teenagers to Britain, and what he made of the events at his old club Millwall on Saturday. And Jack Pitt-Brooke joins us to discuss the North London Derby. What are the secrets of Mourinho's mysterious chemistry at Tottenham? And how fast is faith in Mikel Arteta fading?
07/12/201h 35m


For once, The Isolators put down their parsnips of war and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas Tops-Off-Thursday. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month plus VAT at
03/12/2025m 55s


It’s beefs galore in the Imagination Cave as the Isolators turn on each other. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month plus VAT at
30/11/2029m 40s

Ep 1910: Cowardly Lions, Furious Celts - 30/11/20

As Raul Jimenez recovers in hospital after fracturing his skull in an awful clash of heads with David Luiz, Troy Deeney has attracted derision by arguing that players should self-diagnose when they have suffered brain damage. But why does he feel that way, and how should we understand his legitimate concerns? Miguel Delaney and Jacob Steinberg join us to talk about last night's stalemate between the London title contenders, and confront the awkward question of how certain people might have been 'wrong' to write off Jose Mourinho. And Kieran Canning explains why angry Celtic fans were protesting outside the stadium last night.
30/11/201h 21m


To celebrate being certified pox-free, David gives us the sexiest ever Tops-Off-Thursday. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month + VAT:
26/11/2024m 39s

BONUS SHOW - 'Where Is George Gibney?' Bonus Q&A Episode

Since episode 8 of 'Where Is George Gibney?' aired last month, we've been inundated with questions, comments and emails about the making of the show, and the impact it's had. So to tide people over until the final two episodes drop on BBC Sounds on December 3rd and 10th, we have a Q&A with the podcast's creators Mark Horgan and Ciarán Cassidy, which was originally released on the World Service. We discuss the final, fateful meeting with Gibney, feeling an obligation to the survivors to do this thing right, and the emotional toll it took just living in this story for 2 years. There's also plenty of questions from our listeners, crazy golf, and what it's like to spend many, many weeks in a car with foul-mouthed podcast host Mark Horgan.
24/11/2052m 56s


David's stitches are out and he is in the mood for vengeance. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month + VAT:
23/11/2026m 45s

Ep 1905: Magic Weekend As Tipp Take Munster & Cavan Shock Donegal; Klopp Goes Off On Sky - 23/11/20

In yesterday's Munster football final, Tipperary wore jerseys which commemorated the team, featuring Michael Hogan, that played in Croke Park 100 years ago on Bloody Sunday. They did more than wear a jersey though, they went out and won their first provincial title since 1935, and they were good value for it too.   Two hours later, Cavan created an even bigger shock when they beat Donegal in the Ulster football final. Put that with Dublin's demolition job on Meath on Saturday evening, and you have the sort of weekend that only Andy Moran and Oisin McConville could do justice to (23.00). Plus there's Jurgen Klopp going off on one about the three-sub rule and the role of broadcasters in this season's manic fixture list in an unbroadcast interview on Sky (5.45).
23/11/201h 14m

Cannibalising Ireland, Shutting Down Tony Kelly, Stabbing David O'Doherty - 19/11/20

Ireland's goal drought is beginning to warp the minds of everyone at Second Captains HQ, with Murph and Ken turning to a discussion of which Ireland player they'd eat first in a crisis. In a slightly saner conversation, we unveiled a new hurling pundit in Jamie Wall this week who gave us the definitive account of how to stop Clare's superstar Tony Kelly. And over on Isolating with David O'Doherty, there's stabbings, the musical stylings of Kriss Kross and Anthony Hopkins. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month + VAT at
19/11/208m 58s


Unriddled by the Covids, David takes us on his daily cycle to the spot where, as a teen, he mourned the death of Kurt Cobain by making out with a stranger. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month + VAT:
19/11/2021m 9s


Snitches get stitches. Following his shivving, David receives well-wishes and threats from the Isolators. Join the World Service now for just €5 a month + VAT:
16/11/2025m 33s

Ep 1900: Andy Moran & Oisin On Mayo's Connacht Title, Meath's Goals & Donegal's Level - 16/11/20

It was a big weekend of Gaelic football, and we have the best punditry team in the business to pick over the bones of it this Monday, as Andy Moran and Oisin McConvillle are with us. We talk about Mayo's first Connacht title since 2015, why Croke Park might suit them better than Salthill in November, and why Donegal are still a bit short of the Dubs... we reckon. Plus there's Murph's ducks (and why they'd have drowned this weekend), Mickey Harte's decision to step away from Tyrone, and Ireland's goal drought.
16/11/201h 2m

Scottish Winners, Another Irish Cul De Sac

It could have been the morning after the night before of a famous Irish victory in Wembley but alas, it was not to be and the culture wars keep roaring on. In our little taster of the week's World Service shows, we turn to the Scots, David O'Doherty and an amazing new documentary on Jack Charlton to cheer us up.  Join the World Service now at for just a fiver a month plus VAT.
13/11/209m 46s


On a huge Tops Off Thursday, David deep-dives into the sad history of his former favourite breakfast cereal, RiCiCLES. Plus there's ballcock success, Doctor Oooops, nerd alerts and stupid things kids are scared of.
12/11/2029m 43s


Nice day for a goth wedding. David reveals some of the incredible celebrities who have dined at his local Fish and Chipper. Plus there's bad knees and magic moments.
09/11/2026m 8s

Ep 1895: Are You Not Entertained? - 09/11/20

Not for the last half hour anyway, as City and Liverpool were too tired to play a full match. David Sneyd joins us to keen over Grealish and look ahead to Thursday. And Kieran Canning explains what’s been going wrong for Shane Duffy at Celtic.
09/11/201h 8m


Tops Off Thursday makes its triumphant, and quite chilly, return, and there have been a series of Doddles sightings around the city.
05/11/2029m 12s

GAA Democracy, US Revolution And Goooooogle

Have a whiff of this week's shows on the Second Captains World Service. To access daily shows go to Its 5 euro a month for independently produced advert free daily shows including Isolating with David O'Doherty, twice weekly football shows with Ken Early, the Book Club with Murph, The Player's Chair with Richie Sadlier, all anchored by television star and marathon bore Mr. Eoin McDevitt.
05/11/208m 43s


As 2020 continues its relentless bullshit, David gets the band back together. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
02/11/2023m 44s

Ep 1890: Ole Melancholy, Arteta Looks Better - 02/11/20

Why are Manchester United so inconsistent? To Roy Keane the answer is obvious: too many of the players lack too many of the key qualities of real Manchester United players. Aggression. Leadership. Courage. Men. But maybe there are a couple of other reasons besides these. Ken is back today to suggest a few. Dion Fanning and Miguel Delaney join us to talk about how Solskjaer and Arteta matched up, whether Pogba is reaching the end of the road, the growing momentum at Spurs, and who else besides Liverpool can be considered contenders.
02/11/201h 13m

Ep 1885: United/Chelsea Bore Draw, Shamrock Rovers Are Champs, The Enemy of Pundits - 26/10/20

After the fireworks of recent weeks, this was an altogether more sedate weekend in the Premier League. In fact the most blood-curdling battle of the entire round of fixtures was in the Sky Sports studio as Patrice Evra and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink went at each other in extremely entertaining style.   Richie Sadlier joins us to talk about why that was altogether more fun than the United/Chelsea game which preceded it, and why letting two people talk for 15 mins about football is altogether rarer than it should be. Jonathan Wilson is with us as well, as he remembers his colleague Kevin McCarra, and we also salute Shamrock Rovers, who bestrode this shortened League of Ireland season and are the worthiest of champions.
26/10/2050m 54s

Ken Meets Tim Robbins, GAA Green Light, Ole's Week

Welcome to your weekly sample of the Second Captains World Service which included the surreal but brilliant chat between Ken and Tim Robbins, Champions League, and Oisin and Andy Moran on the GAA getting the green light. Go to to access daily shows. No contract, no obligations, no minimum sign up.
22/10/207m 44s

Ep 1880: This Is Your Brain On Pickford - 19/10/20

Ep 1880: This Is Your Brain On Pickford - 19/10/20 by Second Captains
19/10/201h 12m

Ep 1875: Stephen Kenny's Crazy Week, Goalless Again, Mick's Shtick - 12/10/20

Ireland were goalless again against Wales, but with half a team out due to Covid complications, with a bombshell false positive from Slovakia leaving a bitter taste in the mouth, and with a new manager left bearing the brunt of communicating all this drama to the public - a 0-0 draw was a pretty good result, and the performance was encouraging too. Richie Sadlier and Gavin Cooney of join Ken, Eoin and Murph as we discuss a pretty stressful week in the life of Stephen Kenny. Mick McCarthy's continued presence as a kind of Greek chorus around Kenny as he starts his international management career is still a disgrace, and we also discuss just what Liverpool and Man United have in common with Marcus Crassus.
12/10/201h 22m

Ep 1870: Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Guuuhls - 05/10/20

Manchester United losing 1-6 to Spurs is the sort of result you could just about imagine happening in real life, if things ever went as badly off the rails for United as early in the game as they did yesterday. But Liverpool losing 7-2 to Villa in the very next game... does... not... compute... Is this just what football is now? How did it get this way? And should we just enjoy it while it lasts? Richie Sadlier joins us to talk about the 7-2 and the 1-6. Are they really the same thing? And at whom does he point the finger of blame in the target-rich environment of Manchester United?
05/10/201h 27m

Klopp Feasts On Keane, Kobe's Mean Days, You'll Never Break The Irish

This week's look around the Second Captain show house includes Ken's theory on Klopp's Sky savagery, the truth about young Kobe Bryant and ex Connacht coach Pat Lam on the game that changed his life and the unbreakable Irish spirit. Go to for full access. Its 5 euro a month (plus VAT) with no contract and no minimum sign up or hidden costs. AND its the start of the month, so the perfect time to jump aboard.
01/10/209m 27s

Ep 1865: Careless Hands, Crusty Haunches - 28/09/20

It was a weekend that reminded you of what we treasure about the game of football - the chance for everybody to absolutely lose their minds over something that really does not matter at all. We talk about why almost all the outrage over "the new handball rule" misses the point. There is also Pat Kenny, Paddy Kenny, Neil Warnock's crusty haunches, Lord Bamford and the latest from the Suarez-Messi telenovela, before Jonathan Wilson and Jacob Steinberg join us to talk about hands, Pep and Super Frank.
28/09/201h 20m

Nice Guys Come First, Sugrue At Us Open, Forgive Frank

On this week's taster we chat to green jersey winner Sam Bennett about imposter syndrome, Ireland's next golf superstar James Sugrue about playing alongside Bubba Watson and Lee Westwood at the US Open and Ken about forgiving Frank Lampard - is where its at!
24/09/206m 40s

Ep 1860: Hard Choices Ahead At Chelsea - 21/09/20

Was that the end of Chelsea's title challenge? Two games in it's too soon to say, but they'll need to play a lot better if they want to cut down last season's 33-point gap to Liverpool, who have added a new dimension with the signing of Thiago. Was yesterday's easy Liverpool win a question of incidents involving Christensen, Kepa and Jorginho not going Chelsea's way - or were there deeper problems too? Jack Pitt-Brooke and Mark Critchley join us to talk about the contrasting fortunes this weekend of Tottenham and Manchester United. Why was nobody else but Spurs in for Gareth Bale? Does Mourinho want to get rid of Dele Alli? And what was it about Paul Pogba's Covid-19 hit pre-season that convinced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer he was ready to start against Crystal Palace?
21/09/201h 5m

Ep 1858: Champagne Football With Mark Tighe And Paul Rowan - 17/09/20

Champagne Football is out today. It’s the definitive history of John Delaney’s rise, reign and spectacular fall at the FAI, by the journalists who brought him down.   Eoin and Ken interviewed authors Mark Tighe and Paul Rowan at the book's virtual launch last night and we're making the chat available to everybody for free. Plus there's episode 4 of 'Where Is George Gibney?', Scorsese goes Irish, and truth is stranger than fiction.
17/09/2047m 23s

Ep 1855: The Risen Leeds, Right Back Wars - 14/09/20

Better to live one day as a Lion than a thousand years as a Sheep. Such is the Leeds United philosophy under Marcelo Bielsa... the downside of course is that you only get to live one day. Though if Leeds can keep scoring three goals a game they should live a bit longer than that. The Spurs-Everton game was dominated by Jose's headline-grabbing soundbites about lazy pressure and so on, but more interesting was the rivalry of the Ireland right backs. Who would you rather be right now: Seamus Coleman, or Matt Doherty? Miguel Delaney and John Brewin join us to discuss (the bit we have so far seen of) the Premier League's opening weekend. What is Bielsa's secret? Are Chelsea poised to storm to the title under their legendary young coach? And can John Brewin say the word Doherty?
14/09/201h 9m

Put A Little English On It

Sir Bradley Wiggins, Boris Johnson, Declan Rice, Jack Grealish, the return of the English Premier League….. we’ve been covering a wild week for the people of England on the world service and you can access our daily shows for a fiver a month at Today’s taster also includes Triple H, Ken looks into his crystal ball, and there’s the great Spanish Podcast Mystery. When you join theres no contract, no minimum stay, no sneaky tie-ins just daily shows in your app, plus instant access to all our archives. Disfrutar!
11/09/205m 14s

Ep 1850: Ireland 0 - Finland 1, Messi Dupes Us All - 07/09/20

Stephen Kenny is now winless in two as Ireland manager. It is time to admit it just hasn't worked, and retreat to the safety of the old ways? Or after four training days and two matches, might it still be too soon to pronounce definitive judgment? Dion Fanning and David Sneyd join us to analyse the game. If there's a culture war in Irish football, who are the warring sides? And are there any quick solutions to the problems that have revealed themselves? Ken also complains about being taken for a ride by the Nine Figure Man himself, Lionel Messi.
07/09/201h 16m

Irish Football Culture War Looms, Mick Hovers, Premier League Is Coming

It's been a big week for Irish football as the FAI's succession plan is finally complete and Stephen Kenny holds the reins, which means it's also been a big week on the World Service.  Richie Sadlier and David Sneyd joined us for a bumper chat after Kenny's first match in charge against Bulgaria on Thursday evening which is available on the World Service now.  Earlier in the week, Ken cast a critical eye over the new Spurs documentary on Amazon Prime, a series which - surprise, surprise - features some massive bigging up of Jose, by Jose.  Come join us and sign up to the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month - the start of the month is the perfect time:
04/09/208m 0s

Ep 1845: Kenny's Fresh Start, FAI's Old Problems, Messi's Move, The Lampard Effect - 31/08/20

Stephen Kenny will play his first game as Ireland manager this week, and he's outlined his modest plans for Ireland - just a complete reconstruction of how the world views Irish football AND qualification for major tournaments. Richie Sadlier is with Eoin, Ken and Murph to talk about Matt Doherty's move to Spurs, Doherty or Coleman for Ireland, Obafemi Bolt, Stephen Kenny's ambition, and the questions the FAI need to answer. We also discuss the Frank Lampard effect, which is currently drawing all of Europe's top talent to Chelsea. And while Man United bulk up their options by signing Donny Van de Beek from Ajax, there's still no movement from Liverpool in the transfer market.
31/08/201h 6m

Messi Jeopardy, Ashen Faced Choker, The Greek, Player Walkouts

We had a lot of fun talking about Messi and Maguire this week, and if you want to join in go to Its a fiver a month, with no contracts and no obligations, so give it a whirl. This week's taster menu includes Ken V Murph + Eoin on Messi the "ashen faced choker", the brilliant Sid Lowe on the reality that Messi could fail big at his next club, Harry The Greek, and one of our favourite contributors, Caitlin Thompson of Racquet Magazine, on player walkouts in the NBA. MLS, WNBA, MLB and tennis.
28/08/208m 54s

Ep 1840: Bayern Risk It All to Win It All - 24/08/20

Bayern Munich have won their sixth Champions League, becoming the first team to win every game on the way to becoming champions of Europe. Hansi Flick took risks, got lucky, and won the treble. For Thomas Tuchel there can only be regrets. Are there any obvious candidates to succeed him as PSG manager?  Richie Sadlier and Jonathan Wilson join us to analyse the game. Have the players adapted to the post-fans reality a little too well? Is the job spec for coaches at the biggest clubs changing? And what's the next move for PSG's stars? There's also some initial reaction to Stephen Kenny's first squad announcement as Ireland manager. It's a big week for us at Second Captains with our new international investigative podcast series coming to BBC Sounds this Thursday, August 27th. We're excited to say you can hear the full trailer for Where Is George Gibney? on today's show.
24/08/201h 12m

Ep 1835: Barca's Mess, Raheem's Miss - 17/08/20

Barcelona have been in slow decline since 2017, but the annual Champions League knockout reminders get more traumatic every year. What needs to happen now? Where can they go from here? And can anyone stop the march to the final of Bayern's eminence grise, Thomas Goal-ler? Eh? Thomas Goal-ler? Meanwhile Man City have Pepped it up again. Why does Guardiola do this to himself? Can Sterling ever live the miss down? And what are the prospects of Pep turning this around? We talk to Raphael Honigstein and Miguel Delaney about those incredible Champions League quarter-finals. Why are German coaches leading the way in Europe? Has Guardiola betrayed his own principles? And how would they each solve a problem like Messi?
17/08/201h 33m

In Pursuit Of Happiness, That Morikawa Moment, Tasty Champions League

Second Captains Snifter Time! We chat to former GAA dual star Jamie Wall about sliding doors moments, a life changing diagnosis and why the constant pursuit of happiness is sure to lead to misery. Brian Murphy was the perfect man to talk to about the USPGA because not only did he predict Colinn Morikawa would win it, it’s also his local course, and he covered it for the New York Times. All of this made for a happy US Murph. Plus Ken has been covering the Champions League, and enjoying the Champions League, which is turning out to be a very tasty tournament. To hear daily Second Captains shows, plus access to years of archive go to - its a fiver a month with no contracts, no obligations, no minimum sign up... just top top top broadcasting.
12/08/208m 5s

Ep 1830: It's Champions League Time - 10/08/20

The time horizons of the final stages of the 2020 Champions League have been compressed from six weeks down to 12 days. The competition has to make up for lost time. Meanwhile for a generation of stars, time is running out. For David Silva, who has one last chance to win it with Manchester City. For Robert Lewandowski, whose hopes of winning the Ballon D'Or were dashed by France Football's decision to cancel the 2020 award. Lewandowski's stunning achievement in almost single-handedly defeating Frank Lampard's effervescent Chelsea would surely have been enough on its own to seal the award. And most dramatically of all for Lionel Messi, whose Barcelona look hopelessly outgunned in their quarter-final fixture against Bayern, but nevertheless still have a chance because he plays for them. Time has already run out this year for Cristiano Ronaldo, whose Juventus were knocked out in the second round by Lyon. We're joined by The Athletic's James Horncastle to analyse where things went wrong for Maurizio Sarri, what we can expect from the new coach Andrea Pirlo, why Ronaldo hasn't been able to turn Juventus into Champions League winners and whether they should persevere with him for another season.
10/08/201h 15m

Ep 1825: The Player's Chair With Danny Rose - 03/08/20

Danny Rose has been one of the most outspoken and arresting voices in English football for the last number of years, and he’s our guest today on The Players Chair - as Richie Sadlier and Ken Early present a change to our regular Second Captains World Service Monday schedule. In this exclusive interview with Richie, we hear Danny’s thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, and we focus on the incidents of racism he still faces as a premier league footballer going about his daily life. We also discuss why he can't wait to see the back of his football career, the reason he wants another season at Tottenham and why he speaks up on social issues in society and football. And as well as all that, we also find time to briefly touch on Mikel Arteta jumping into the brawny, welcoming arms of serial winner David Luiz ahead of tomorrow’s Football show on the world service.
03/08/2051m 40s

Ep 1820: Vindicated Managers, Lampard's Littl'uns, Grealish Goodness, Unadorned Silva - 27/07/20

The Premier League is over, and with Man United and Chelsea securing Champions League football it’s time for some seriously vindicated managers to remind the critics that they don’t get everything right either. We try to understand why a zippy zephyr like David Silva has completed his career in England unadorned with individual awards while individual honours pile up at the hairy feet of Hendo. Jacob Steinberg and Jack Pitt-Brooke join us to talk about the climax to the Premier League. With Chelsea spending big what is the outlook for Lampard’s Littl’uns? Can the likes of Spurs meet this renewed challenge from Chelsea? And can Jack finally show Ken the light, David Silva-wise? Plus there's plucky underdogs Man United, Aaron "lightning" Connolly, Grealish goodness and faith healers.
27/07/201h 16m

Ep 1815: Luiz & The Losers, Big Time Bielsa, Pearson's Passengers, O'Shea's Surprise - 20/07/20

David Luiz had a busy weekend with his last ditch tackles, accurate passes, aerial dominance, classy interviews and of course silencing all the losers and the haters out there. The debate is over, surely? Richie Sadlier wades into the deep end. The really big news in football land is that lovely lovely Leeds and their genius coach Marcelo Bielsa, are back in the big time. We chat to Phil Hay of The Athletic about Bielsa's remarkable impact at the club, the end of a 16 year journey, and the ambitions they have for next season. Nigel Pearson is out the door at Watford with two league games to go, but have the club really made the right choice?  Plus there's Pearson's passengers, John O'Shea's big surprise and Richie Sadlier on playing your way to the chop.
20/07/2051m 53s

Ep 1811: Our Tribute To Jack Charlton (1935-2020) - 14/07/20

Jack Charlton was the most popular Englishman in Irish history, and the news of his death on Saturday morning came as a huge blow to so many people. Today we look back at his career as Irish manager, his upbringing in Ashington, near Newcastle in his beloved north-east of England, his relationship with his brother Bobby, and his enduring love of this country. We speak to his biographer Colin Young about the Jack that he grew to know, his personal warmth, his humility, and his solidarity with the mining communities of his birthplace. And there’s young Eoin interviewing Jack in 2005 - the unabridged version. We discuss the value of a man with a plan coming into a culture of failure, and how Jack made people love a style of football that opponents hated. Amidst it all there was Dunphy, Giles, letters to the editor… and we take a moment to appreciate how lucky we were to have lived through it all.
14/07/201h 35m

Ep 1810: City Fought The Law, The Law Takes The L - 13/07/20

Manchester City breathe the sweet air of freedom after UEFA's FFP case against them collapsed at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. In the short term, the race for the top four suddenly got a lot more exciting. In the medium term, the future for City, for their coach and top players, is looking much more optimistic. In the long term - the repercussions could be huge. We're joined by Tariq Panja of the New York Times and Miguel Delaney of the Independent to discuss the verdict. Where does the credibility of UEFA's enforcement stand after this verdict? What's the future for the FFP system? Is this a decisive moment in revealing where the power really lies in European football? Plus there's Jack's story, Brendan's bombs and a possible final day face off between Leicester and Man Utd.
13/07/201h 6m

A Fox's Tale, The VAR Zone, Stephen Kenny's Ambition, Pierce Brosnan Gives His All

Buckle up non members, its time for your weekly World Service test drive. Ken on Vardy's heel, Stephen Kenny's ambition, Man United's (he believes well founded) hope of overtaking Man City next year, and being up at the crack of noon. Plus there's beef and beefs with Bryson DeChambeau, US Murph on NBA in the Covid 19 hot seat and Mahomes' massive money contract, Brosnan does Robin Hood, Connell's GAA twin and Bobby Bonilla day. Its 5 euro a month, no contracts, no obligations - just daily podcast fun. Go to
10/07/205m 28s

Ep 1805: The Listener Hour, Bruno The Catalyst - 06/07/20

Today the Second Captains listeners take centre stage, whether in the form of original music, outstanding Rory Best impersonations or the bumper mailbag on last week's racial-bias-in-commentary discussion that prompts a struggle session for Ken. Fortunately for him, the conscientious self-criticism can be softened with the reassuring balm of some fresh Frank Lampard content. Jonathan Wilson and Miguel Delaney join us to talk about the weekend's football. Who deserves the credit for Manchester United's recent resurgence? Where could Jack Grealish fit in to this more promising picture? And what are the chances of United being the best team in Manchester next season?
06/07/201h 13m

Anger Rules, Hurlers And The Hydrogen Cycle, Fernandes Love, Finding Family

Welcome to our weekly Second Captains World Service taster menu: Ken covers Frank Lampard's magnificent leadership, Keir Starmer's defund the police stance and on Friday will discuss Man City Liverpool and Bruno Fernandes' impact at Man Utd. All-Ireland winning Clare hurler and Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Shane O'Donnell on Friday Night Lights and the burden of being a sports star at a young age. What is the function of anger and how has it become the most powerful emotional influence on our politics and economics? Ken talks to the author of Angrynomics, Eric Lonergan. And Irish sprinter Leon Reid, who grew up in England, first in a “crack den” with a drug addicted mother, then in foster homes, on how he finally found a stable home life with his adoptive mother Claire Russell. For the full feast of shows go to - no contracts, no obligations, no minimum sign up, just a fiver a month for access to all our archives, all new shows, Richie Sadlier's Player's Chair (Andy Cole, Luke Chadwick, Sean Dyche and many more), Ken's Politics Pods, The Book Club, all the breaking sports news, the big interviews, and maybe some day.... grunge week.
02/07/208m 9s

Ep 1800: The Glory Of Frank, LFC Celebrations, Richie On Player Activism - 26/06/20

In 1956 a young Senator named John F Kennedy wrote a bestselling book, Profiles In Courage, about eight times American political leaders had demonstrated outstanding courage, leadership and integrity in the line of duty. The collection of inspirational stories about inspirational men would win the Pulitzer Prize for Biography. It is a pity Kennedy was shot dead in 1963, for if he were still alive today the 103-year-old ex-President would at this very moment be sitting at his desk composing a ninth Profile in Courage, to be added to an all-new edition of his classic work, as the only fitting way to mark Frank Lampard's triple substitution at Leicester City yesterday afternoon. After paying our own humble respects to the deeds that took place at the King Power yesterday we talk to Richie Sadlier about how much political activism was going on in the Millwall dressing room 20 years ago, and what he has made of the tortured efforts to get Irish football going again.
29/06/201h 21m

Klopp's Charisma, Brains And Determination - Can One Man Turn A Club Around?

Ahoy Liverpool fans and haters, we have so much to discuss and learn together. After all, its not that long ago that Liverpool were a rabble, and now they are the most dominant Premier League winners English football has ever seen. How did they turn it around so quickly, is it sustainable, and is it mostly down to Klopp? This thimbleful of the Second Captains World Service can be turned into a waterfall by joining for 5 euro a month - no contracts, no obligations, no minimum sign-up, just daily gulps of podcast joy. Go to
26/06/204m 26s


David turns the polytunnel into a musical recording studio for an emotional final Tops Off Thursday. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
25/06/2026m 3s


The solstice has passed and David begins the slow trudge into Winter’s loveless arms. Contains the inspirational story of Randall the Starling and the truth about David's listener emails. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
22/06/2017m 22s

Ep 1795: Keane Spleen, Trenchant Trent - 22/06/20

We can bet that Roy Keane might not be waiting too long to sign a contract for his TV punditry services next season, the legendary former United captain having worked out that when analysing goalkeeping errors, "I'd be throwing punches at that guy" generates more engagement than "He'll be disappointed with that." Contrasting Keane's words and demeanour with those of a much younger footballer in a different interview over the weekend, we talk about how and why young footballers today sound so different from their counterparts of 20 years ago. Then we're joined by David Sneyd and Mark Critchley to talk about the Premier League weekend. How has behind-closed-doors football been to cover? Was Roy Keane for real? And is it really taxi time for David De Gea?
22/06/201h 6m

Luiz V Bald-Headed Gammons, Premier League For Real, The Voice Of Ireland-Romania

Ken makes surely his last ever defence of David Luiz's defending by attacking the people who attack Luiz. Plus the Premier League starts for real this weekend and the voice of the greatest moment in Irish sport, George Hamilton, tells us about that time a nation held its breath. Join now for a fiver - no contracts, no obligations, no ads - just heaps of podcast fun at
18/06/206m 12s


It’s Tops Off Thursday and Susan The Satanic Hare has tried to murder David. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
18/06/2022m 34s


David is heartbroken. He cycled all the way to Grace O’Malley’s pirate castle to tell her that he loved her only to find that she died in 1604. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
15/06/2027m 23s

Ep 1790: Premier League Returns, 2020 Season Is Real, Football Lads Face New Climate - 15/06/20

Ireland should have been playing Poland in the Euros today. Instead it's Project Restart Matchday One Minus 2. Rory Smith and Miguel Delaney join us to talk about the return of the Premier League - and also the very patriotic Football Lads performance in London on Saturday afternoon. To what extent are these Lads really Football Lads? And as they argue over whether it should be All Lives Matter or White Lives Matter, how significant is it that the Premier League has openly taken the opposite stance? Is the inevitable destiny of English football to go the way of American sports, sucked into the vortex of a sundowning former power's culture war? And with a promise of rapid redemptions for any team that can win 5 games in a row, do Arsenal really have a chance of making the Champions League? And will there even be a Champions League next year? Plus there's Gatland & Son, Eoin's tiny table, Trump snubbing soccer, and why this football season is as real as any other.
15/06/2056m 16s

Premier League Is Back, Ken-spiracy Theories, Kinahan's Role, Derval's Lane

Premier League football is back next week, and Ken is chomping at the bit. But will it mean less of his conspiracy theories? His latest centred on England's 1966 World Cup win. Tyson Fury. the heavyweight champion of the world. announced what could be the biggest fight of the century by lavishing praise on the leader of the most profitable organised crime group in Irish history - we talk to the one US journo covering this story. We have a brand new episode of the Game That Changed My Life with Derval O’Rourke who revealed herself as an athlete you probably wanted to give a wide berth to on major championship race day. Sign up for five Euro a month for daily shows plus "isolating" with comedian David O'Doherty - no contracts, no ads, just member led independent journalism.
11/06/206m 40s


It’s Tops-Off-Thursday and a frighteningly fit David accuses the listeners of underwear pilfering. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
11/06/2020m 55s


David and Susan the Satanic Hare are excited as lockdown restrictions start to lift in Ireland. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
08/06/2021m 21s

Ep 1785: Liverpool Hedge On Timo, Britain's No Win Race, Colston's Gone, Churchill Next? - 08/06/20

England is coming out of lockdown but Liverpool and Klopp are not feeling so bullish about football’s future profitability, and have turned down the chance to sign German sensation Timo Werner. If Chelsea sign him will it be seen as the last ever big money transfer, or a bargain? Slave trader Edward Colston, and as he’s been described in some sections of UK society, “philanthropist”, is under water. Is Winston Churchill getting nervous? We also speak to Derek Bardowell about his William Hill-nominated book, No Win Race. The book is about growing up as the British-born son of Jamaican immigrants, his evolving sense of his own identity and his shifting relationship to sport between about 1980, when the Minter-Hagler fight exposed him for the first time to the meaning of racism, to the present day. Via the West Indies, Michael Jordan, Lloyd Honeyghan and Ian Wright, Bardowell reflects on how sport has shaped the experience and influenced the perception of black Britain and black America.
08/06/201h 6m

America's Collapse, Football's War On Joy, Luke Chadwick, Lance Love, Everyone's Favourite David

Ahoy podcasters! Its the start of the month which means its the best time to sign up to the World Service. Its 5 Euro a month which gives you instant access to all our archives, as well as all our current shows which now include daily doses of everyone's favourite David, David O'Doherty, isolating in Achill Island. This week we spoke to ESPN’s Howard Bryant about racial inequality and police brutality in the US and Ex Man United player Luke Chadwick about the anguish he suffered as a young player when he became the butt of repeated gags on the tv show They Think It’s All Over. And we review the new Lance Armstrong documentary and examine football's war on joy. Go to
04/06/208m 55s


It’s the coldest ever Tops Off Thursday, but that won’t put David off tripodding with his guns blazing. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
04/06/2022m 30s


David has avoided being struck by the fuselage of Elon Musk's rocket and is delighted to tell you about the time a Beatle visited Achill Island.
01/06/2020m 49s

Ep 1780: Dara Ó Cinnéide On The Game That Changed My Life, Bye Matt Damon, Mescal Hurls - 01/06/20

"You only have three All-Irelands? Jesus, I thought you had more" - this is the sort of thing a footballer of Dara Ó Cinnéide's quality gets met with from time to time. Along with those three All-Ireland medals, he has 8 Munster medals, and is the sixth highest scorer in the history of Kerry football.   He joins us today to tell us about "The Game That Changed His Life", being happy with his place in the pantheon, car journeys with Páidí, a stolen glance, the Kerry drought and why abuse beats pity. We also discuss Paul Mescal's hurling career, the sad end to Matt Damon's stay in Dalkey, Eoin and Murph's experience in the Damon household, Eddie Irvine, indoor pools, and Baz Ashmawy.
01/06/2052m 28s


It's Thursday so David has taken his top off and is fantasizing about having feet like a lobster. A huge day on Achill Island. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
28/05/2024m 39s

Ep 1775: Smallfolk And Sovereigns, "On This Day" Week - 25/05/20

Another pandemic football pod - the Bundesliga continues, American sports media turns its attention to Saipan, for the most part we keep going in search of lost time. As Spain continues its staged lifting of lockdown, we discuss Pepe Reina's approval of the self-styled freedom fighting patriots in Madrid, and Jean Michel Aulas' disbelief at the hasty actions of the French government in cancelling Ligue 1. Jonathan Wilson and Miguel Delaney join us to talk about trips to Barnard Castle, the latest in Project Restart, and for the week that's in it, reminiscences of great Champions League finals gone by.
25/05/201h 7m


David attempts to podcast during an Atlantic storm and reveals he spent some of the weekend kissing a cliff. #CovidHorn
25/05/2018m 34s


The tops of the world are being removed around you which can only mean one's Tops Off Thursday on Achill Island! Today's show is packed full of Jigsaw News, celebrity emails and of course nudity. Lord Doddlesworth reveals how the podcast nearly ended for good yesterday and receives an effigy of himself from Joe the Postman. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
21/05/2022m 0s

Ep 1772: Let Us Be Your Apollo Creed, The Second Captains Running Playlist - 20/05/20

Today's free-to-air bonus podcast features your new fitness best friend. But it can also be your gardening/cooking/cleaning/resting best friend and it'll be right here for you whenever you need it. Many of our listeners around the world have started training over the lockdown. So we've compiled some of our favourite Second Captains audio beds from over the years to pump you up, to make you laugh, and most of all, to stop you from thinking about your burning legs. It's a 30 minute playlist that Eoin, Murph and Ken will introduce and countdown to. You'll get a polite and inspirational reminder of how much time has passed after the 10 and 20 minute mark. Your running playlist will start after 7.15 minutes of this podcast and your sprint finish will be the beautiful mix of David Bowie's 'Where Are We Now?' and Robbie Brady's goal against Italy in 2016. Soon you'll be sprinting on the beach à la Rocky Balboa. We're your Apollo Creed so let's finish our runs by celebrating in the sea in tiny shorts together. Good luck and join us on the Second Captains World Service at
20/05/2039m 59s


It's a miserable day on Achill but David's car steams up with the tale of his near death encounter with a shark. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
18/05/2024m 29s

Ep 1769: Fussball Returns, Hips Don't Lie - 18/05/20

Football is back - in Germany at least - but might there be an incredibly obvious way in which its return could be improved? Eoin is pleased that running has become the sole sporting outlet of a people in chains, but he is by no means the most enthusiastic proponent of the no-ball game. Meanwhile Ken has been trying to develop correct hip alignment, incorporating advice from some of the greats. We speak to Felix Tamsut of Deutsche Welle about the Bundesliga restart: were there any setbacks on the first weekend of the return? How is the football changed by the absence of fans? Why did polls suggest that most Germans were against it? And if it's so unpopular, why did Sky Deutschland report record audiences for its Bundesliga programming this weekend? Plus there's Eoin's tropes, hostile Haaland and runner's friend.
18/05/2058m 52s

Andy Cole's Armour, Normal People, Bundesliga Is Back, Romantic Achill

We had a series of brilliant guests on Second Captains this week, starting with Shane Lowry on “the game that changed my life”, Andy Cole on his mental health struggles since his kidney transplant, Oscar nominee Lenny Abrahamson on his hit show Normal People and David O’Doherty on the baffling success of Romantica ice cream. You can try it out at for 5 Euro a month - no contract, no obligations, just top class pods.
15/05/208m 20s


Things have taken a huge turn on Achill Island as Tops Off Thursday takes over the Tripod. And, after a rollercoaster of a week (more of a log flume into a pit of turds), David has found his fizz again. Also he has taken his top off. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
14/05/2023m 24s


David is shocked by the sexiness of his own legs and welcomes his Dad back on the tripod to play your requests. It's a brilliant bumper Monday edition of Isolating! Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
11/05/2030m 53s

Ep 1764: Shane Lowry On "The Game That Changed My Life" - Time, Thrift And Toughing It Out - 11/5/20

Shane Lowry is the reigning British Open champion and one of Ireland's most popular sportspeople, and he's the latest guest on our slot "The Game That Changed My Life". He's got a few memorable wins to choose from, whether from Portrush last year, from the WGC Invitational in 2015 against the best field in golf, or the break-out win of his career at Baltray at the 2009 Irish Open.  He talks us through his choice, how you go about building a career in professional golf, the benefits of having to be thrifty, why time is the greatest gift, and what it means to have golf's return back on the horizon.   There's also big news on the Players Chair front, some Lotto results, and Eoin plays "God" - aka The European Ryder Cup captain.
11/05/2046m 4s

Why Always England, Young Eoin Attacks Sir Bobby, Carli Abides

Have England been denied major tournament glory by the sinister machinations of the rest of the football world? Terry Fenwick thinks yes, based on his experience at the 1986 World Cup. Young Eoin savages Sir Bobby Robson and Carli Lloyd tells us about the time her coach laughed at her for saying she wanted to be the best player in the world. Join the world service for 5 euro a month, no contracts, no obligations, just bundles of podcast fun.
07/05/208m 37s


All-Killer-No-Filler Thursday is thrown wildly out of sync when a hare appears beside David’s car. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
07/05/2022m 49s


David has achieved his life goal by having a wool colour named after him. What is left? Settling scores.
04/05/2022m 2s

Ep 1759: Andy Lee Watches Hagler V Hearns, The Greatest 3 Minutes In Boxing History - 04/05/20

Today we go back 35 years to tell the story of arguably the greatest fight of all-time – Marvin Hagler v Thomas Hearns. We hear about bank robberies, dodgy entourages and watch back the greatest round of them all with the brilliant Andy Lee. It’s one of those glorious occasions when the hype beforehand ended up significantly *under-selling* the action once the bell went. Andy tells us why this loss hurt his and Hearns’ coach Emmanuel Steward more deeply than any other. He tells us about the man in the tuxedo who carried Hearns to his corner, and why Hearns hates that photo so much...about a character called Willie ‘Caveman’ Lee, and why 35 years on, it’s still hard to get people from the Kronk Gym to acknowledge the greatness of this one.Through the wonders of modern podcasting technology, you guys can watch the fight right along with us, just check twitter/insta for details. And if you missed our brilliant show with Andy on his fight with Peter Quillin check it out here -
04/05/2052m 50s

Solidarity Shout-Outs, Sausage Spillages and Unchecked Egos

This week saw the return of the World Service Small Business Solidarity Shout-Out and with it, good old-fashioned donks.  Eoin continued to dish out scandalous stories of members' run-ins with Murph and Ken in our new Egomaniacs slot, run-ins which, needless to say, left them with a sour taste in their mouths.  And over on Achill Island, David regaled us with a description of a slightly surreal former job of his cleaning up sausage spillages in a German grocery warehouse. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
01/05/208m 19s


Today David lifts the lid on his career as a nine-year-old detective as the pain of our badly named listeners comes back thick and fast in 'Say My Name'. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
30/04/2023m 24s


On today's Isolating podcast David announces his (at this time still untested) cure for Coco Pox and ignites his Monday mood with a brand new slot.
27/04/2023m 54s

Ep 1754: Ultras v Bosses, 2003 Men v 2020 Boys - 27/04/20

The question of whether the Bundesliga should return behind closed doors has proved controversial in Germany. On one side millionaire bosses, on the other, accelerationist ultras. Who really has the best interests of the game at heart? Felix Tamsut brings us up to speed... We also discuss the quality of information in opinion polls, pandemic diabetes management, and why nothing can ever, ever, ever, ever compare to the men - and we use that word advisedly - of ‘03.
27/04/201h 0m

Penalty Posterity, Ken Keano Redux, The Anti Elvis

This week we did one of our best ever interviews - it was about the Oisin McConville final, with Oisin McConville, who told us what was going through his head at HT in the 2002 All Ireland Final. Plus there's David O'Doherty daily, Ken V Keane REDUX, Djokovic the anti Elvis, egomaniacs, and a Player's Chair with Megan Campbell. Go to to join.
23/04/2010m 1s


David watches the sun go down while sitting in the ruins of a Celtic ring fort and listening to Enya. It’s very mystical. Today's show also features his Dad playing your requests. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
23/04/2026m 14s


Today on the podcast David explores Achill Island’s relationship with the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and reminisces about his karaoke days. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
20/04/2019m 13s

Ep 1749: Out Of Frying Pan And Into Saudi Arabia, Scared Footballers, Keane For Ken - 20/04/20

The miserable Mike Ashley era at Newcastle looks to be drawing to a close. Cue mass rejoicing. But is it possible things could be about to get... even worse?    How are Newcastle fans feeling about the prospect of their club being taken over by a Saudi-backed consortium? We talk to Alex Hurst, host of the True Faith podcast and chair of the NUFC Supporters Trust.    Is a Saudi takeover the equivalent of winning the football lottery, or is one of the game's least lucky fanbases about to get acquainted with a new form of exploitation?
20/04/201h 0m

Do You Mean To Insult My Balls?

Its time for your weekly waft of Second Captains FOMO. Ken talks about the Spain of old, Kenny Cunningham talks about the time he had Raul in his pocket, plus there's the apocalypse lovers, Kevin McStay turning down Brian Clough and World Cup hockey star Nicci Daly on her family business (motor racing), and delaying the Olympic dream for a year. Go to to join.
17/04/2010m 2s


Let's cut to the chase here: today, David gets in the nude. Plus, get ready for the greatest Jigsaw News™ there's ever been. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
16/04/2018m 54s


As David struggles with another jigsaw, his pianist father, Jim is back on the podcast to remind us all what an actual talent is. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
13/04/2023m 38s

Ep 1744: Barca's Lockdown Meltdown, Brews At WC 2002, Eoin-A-Likes - 13/04/20

It's a very very special day for Eoin McDevitt, not that anybody notices until he reminds them of it, but several of you have noticed young Eoin's voice-a-likes. Today we're joined by Sid Lowe, to talk about how FC Barcelona have managed to career off the rails even though Spain has been in lockdown for weeks. Why have six directors resigned, and what is the nature of the scandalous allegations pursuing the reviled President Josep Bartomeu? Plus there's Roy Hodgson's documentary feast, Jose's jog, Ken's potholes and we give details on our next Second Captains watch-a-long, Ireland v Spain in the 2002 World Cup.
13/04/2048m 54s


David is sad when he scares away a bee with a dildo but all is saved when, mid-episode, he receives his dream gift. Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
09/04/2021m 40s

World Service Taster: Ken Goes Full Shankly, Week Of Limerick Legends With Andy Lee & Paul O'Connell

The World Service was, as always, a broadchurch this week. The reincarnated Bill Shankly chose Ken as his host so we could finally get to the bottom of what he would have made of the Liverpool furlough scandal. Andy Lee watched the most gruelling fight of his career back for the first time before joining the lads to relive the whole experience. And to top things off, Paul O'Connell became our very first guest on our new slot, 'The Game That Changed My Life.' Join the World Service now for just €5 + VAT a month:
09/04/209m 33s


It's to Achill Island we go again to check in on our Isolating host, David O'Doherty. The Joe Wicks of shouting in a car greets the new week with a breath of fire. Today's show also features his first ever recorded collaboration with his father, Jim on piano.
06/04/2021m 42s

Ep 1739: Succession Plan Complete, Stephen's Philosophy, Mick's Legacy; Players Must Pay - 06/04/20

There was some major Irish football news over the weekend but before we get into the Mick McCarthy / Stephen Kenny story, we ask the question that has been obsessing much of the UK media: have greedy Premier League footballers done enough to protect society from the coronavirus?  Richie Sadlier and David Sneyd join us to talk about the Ireland managerial succession. How will Mick McCarthy's second stint be remembered? And what are their expectations for the Stephen Kenny era?  Plus there's bitin' yer hand off, our NHS, and Irish manager rhetoric.
06/04/201h 24m

Ep 1738: Kenny Gets The Top Job, Murph Introduces Our Liberty Hall Interview - 04/04/20

You've probably heard the news that Stephen Kenny has just been confirmed as Republic of Ireland manager with immediate effect, so we think it's a pretty damn good time to replay our brilliant interview with the man himself from our most recent The Gang's All Here Shows (boy will there be a live show party when we get through this by the way). Murph introduces the show this Saturday night. Stephen spoke to us in front of a packed house at Liberty Hall and this interview is one not to be missed, as his passion for his job shines through in every answer. We discuss his advice to young players, why loan deals can be a poisoned chalice, why you shouldn’t be punished for being an Irishman, his commitment to his attacking philosophy, and how the u-21s performances have been a rare bright spot for Irish football last year. We'll be back for more reaction with Ken, Eoin and Murph on Monday in the meantime this Saturday, you're allowed ONE DRINK, NO MORE, THEN YOU'RE OFF TO BED
04/04/2039m 1s

The Greatest, Magic Memories, Good Hare Day

The greatest Premier League game of all time, US Murph's memories of the day Magic Johnson told the world he was HIV positive, and David O'Doherty tries to make peace with the hares - its been an audio stew on the Second Captains world service this week, and you can eat and drink your fill for a fiver a month. No contracts, just love at
03/04/2012m 24s


Like President Bill Pullman in Independence Day, David uses his incredible rhetoric to make peace with the hares. It's a four-part Isolation podcast masterpiece (you'll barely notice the windy conditions of part two 😬). To continue listening to David's daily podcasts from Achill, join us now so you never miss an episode:
02/04/2017m 45s


Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. We make our way back to the island for the first show of the week where we find our host returning to the lair of the hare, armed only with a carrot. In differently-spelled hair news, David also gave himself a quarantine do and made an absolute balls of it.
30/03/2019m 48s

Ep 1733: Green Fingers, Football's Fragility And Seeking Utopia - 30/03/20

When will football be back? What should happen when it does? Will the old structures still exist? And after the pandemic, will people still care? Rory Smith and Jack Pitt-Brooke join us to talk about what football could look like when it starts back up again. Is there a moral argument to write off the 19-20 season and move on? Plus there’s solidarity donks, McGregror music, a Second Captains watch-a-long, Eoin’s green fingers, Ken’s noble aims and Murph’s nothing.
30/03/2052m 11s

A Contemptible Piece Of Hackwork, XXX DOD, McGregor's Plea

Ken reviews the official film of the 2018 FIFA World Cup from his exercise bike, DOD goes XXX, Pat Kenny freestyles and McGregor addresses the nation. Things are weird. LETS GO PODCASTING.....
27/03/209m 24s


Today's trip to the island consists of a mix of essential fashion tips and a tale of blood-curdling horror. David discusses how to look fabulous during a pandemic and learns of the terrifying Monster of Achill. To continue listening to David's daily podcasts from Achill, join us now so you never miss an episode:
26/03/2020m 10s


David O'Doherty is still tucked away on Achill Island with his parents as we go west again for Episode 4 of Isolating. Like Columbus or Magellan, David sets off on a great adventure to get a Lotto Quick Pick for his mother. He also receives important social distancing advice from Shaggy. To continue listening to David's daily podcasts from Achill, join us now so you never miss an episode:
23/03/2025m 18s

Ep 1728: 2020 Olympics Hanging By A Thread, IOC Give Themselves Four Weeks To Make A Call - 23/03/20

As one sporting event after another fell inevitably to the coronavirus pandemic, the silence from the Tokyo Olympic Committee was deafening. As the calls for it to be postponed grew louder and louder, they maintained an almost baffling optimism that the Games would be able to continue at their appointed time and in their appointed place. Over the last 4 days, reality it appears has come crashing into the IOC's world. Tariq Panja has been covering this story for the New York Times, and he joins us today to tell us why the IOC have given themselves four weeks to make a decision, why cancellation was never an option, and why postponement for a year might yet make the most sense. We also hear why it was Nature 1 - Murph 0 this weekend, Ken opens a window into his current living condition, and Eoin's pronunciation of omelette finally gets the treatment it deserves.
23/03/2044m 12s

What's Happening On The Second Captains World Service

With David O'Doherty's brand new podcast 'Isolating' going daily on the Second Captains World Service next week, now is a great time to support independent, commercial-free broadcasting. Go to for details.
20/03/205m 40s


Back to Achill Island we go for this week's final episode of Isolating with David O'Doherty, where we encounter our host goading local sheep to bleat for the podcast. David compares his victory in the 1990 Achill Island Junior Angler of the Year competition to the life of pirate queen Grace O'Malley. He also dearly misses his bikes.
20/03/2023m 52s


It’s time to return to Achill Island and a "Smurf-blue sky" for episode 2 of Isolating with David O'Doherty. In today’s podcast, David is almost mugged by a gang of hares, but escapes back to the house where he intends to grow peaches and avocados. Join us now so you don't miss an episode:
19/03/2022m 43s


Everything in David O’Doherty‘s life has been cancelled so he decided to make a podcast. Come with us to a car on Achill Island for episode 1 of Isolating with David O’Doherty. Strange new times in the world call for a strange new show on the Second Captains World Service. Short trips to David’s car will be daily during the Dystopian Spring Break. Join us now so you don't miss an episode:
18/03/2014m 10s

Ep 1725: Jack McCaffrey On COVID 19, Ken On The Euros, Unveiling Our New World Service Pod - 18/3/20

Jack McCaffrey is one of Ireland's most decorated sportspeople, and one of the best footballers of the last 30 years. But he's also a doctor, and he's experiencing life on the front lines of the HSE's battle to minimise the impact of COVID 19 on the country. He joins us this morning to talk about how he's found the last week, the steps that we can all take to prevent further spread, how to protect your own mental and physical health and what to do if you're symptomatic. Everyone else seems to be scaling back, but now sees like a good time to start *increasing* your intake of podcasts - David O'Doherty (!!!) joins us from a top-secret location to tell us about his new show with us here on the World Service. Plus there's Ken on UEFA's decision to postpone Euro 2020, j'adore Inchicore, and opening the Tutankhamun's tomb that is Mick McCarthy's FAI contract.
18/03/2045m 59s

Ep 1723: Trivial Vital Sport, Coping With Covid, Rooney Says Stop, Big Jack n Little Eoin - 16/03/20

Eoin, Ken and Murph discuss their different ways of coping with the COVID-19 shutdown. Jonathan Wilson joins us to talk about the British government's after-you response and where football goes from here now that Wayne Rooney is leading the way for player's rights. Jack Charlton teaches young Eoin a thing or two about preparing a squad for international competition. Plus there's the Gibraltar Open, presenters in pants, and WWE does Beckett. And please keep social distancing.
16/03/2052m 58s

World Service Taster: It's Coronavirus Week On Second Captains World Service!!

It might have been one of the madder weeks in sports history - for the sport that went on, the sport that didn't go on, and the sport that may not now go on. Have a listen to this small audio taster of what we got up to on the Second Captains World Service as we talk about just how Cheltenham went ahead, why the Olympics is the Petri dish to end all Petri dishes, and thus should be cancelled for 2020... and, just for some light relief, we talk about the new Nike miracle sneakers with the sixth-best marathon runner in the world. To join the Second Captains world service, just go to, and we'd be delighted to have you ❤
12/03/207m 57s

Ep 1718: Ireland's 6 Nations Fate In Our Hands, Never-Ending Tournament, French Collapse - 9/2/20

France blew their chance of a Grand Slam yesterday as they capitulated to ill-discipline against Scotland, and this now means that two bonus-point wins for Ireland in our last two games will see us crowned (rather unlikely) Six Nations champions. When these games will be played, and if they get played at all, is another matter entirely, of course. As the coronavirus looks set to wreak havoc on all sports over the coming weeks, we speak to Gerry Thornley and Tom English about red cards, Scotland's revival and the likelihood of finishing this tournament in 2020. Plus - the permutation king makes a come-back... and then makes a bold, anti-Italian suggestion, Alun Wyn Jones gets his balls grabbed in his place of work, Joe Marler's previous banter bona fides, and Scotland earn our respect.
09/03/2041m 31s

Ep 1717: Superspreaders And Supersaturates - 09/03/20

Is it within the power of one man to resurrect an entire football club? Perhaps science can produce some metaphors for Bruno Fernandes' astonishing impact on the Man United team. Meanwhile Jose is once again throwing chunks of meat to the mob - but is anyone still eating it up? We speak to Tobias Jones in the locked-down city of Parma about how people have reacted to the measures taken by the Italian government to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and the implications for the football season.
09/03/201h 18m

Ep 1712: Dubs/Tyrone Skirmish Breaks Out In The Tunnel, Hurling Says Bye To Black Card - 02/03/20

Hurling folk are never shy of offering an opinion when it looks like people want to meddle with their beautiful game, and they were out in force over the last few weeks to ensure that the black card would not be introduced in hurling. That motion was duly blasted out of the water at Congress on Saturday, and there was also a full set of league fixtures this Sunday for Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times and former Waterford manager Derek McGrath to pore over. Dublin and Tyrone played a football match in a hurricane, but it was a fight in a tunnel that garnered most of the attention on Saturday evening. Plus there's 34-man teams in hurling, Leinster's 6 foot 6 inch secret, Simon's starting 15 for our game vs France (in October), the Bank of England, and the Master of Wind.
02/03/2043m 10s

Ep 1711: A Million Morons, Hopp Hopping Mad - 02/03/20

According to Emmet Malone's survey of Irish football supporter preferences over the weekend in the Irish Times, the situation is much, much worse than Dermot Keely thought. It turns out that more than a million morons in this country support Manchester United or Liverpool. Today we try to figure out what's going on. We also discuss the Sunday Times latest revelations about Mick McCarthy's golden handcuffs, and Stephen Kenny's media handcuffs. Also we talk about the end of Liverpool's run, Man United's lucky escape at Goodison, a mediocre Clasico which saw the return of Argentina Messi, Villa's doomed bravery in the League Cup final, and different methods of handling the media. And we're joined by Felix Tamsut of Deutsche Welle to talk about the farcical scenes at the end of Hoffenheim 0-6 Bayern - when play was twice stopped due to abusive banners directed at Hoffenheim's billionaire owner, and eventually resumed with a truce between the teams. Why have German football fans turned on the Hoffenheim benefactor?
02/03/201h 26m

World Service Taster: Champions League Fries Ken's Brain, Debunking Deontay, Oisin Says The C Word

On the World Service this week, Ken's brain-feed was scrambled by the Champions League, while Pep learned not to repeat the worst mistake he's ever made: listening to his players. Andy Lee dropped into studio after arriving back from Las Vegas following Tyson Fury's rematch victory over Deontay Wilder, and he sincerely hopes Wilder doesn't believe his own excuse for losing. Meanwhile, the now notorious Dub-basher Oisin McConville admits that Dublin's cynicism is something to be admired.
27/02/207m 1s

Ep 1706: Ireland's Twickenham Horror-Show, Murray & Sexton Under The Microscope - 24/02/20

Optimism wasn't exactly in massive supply ahead of yesterday's 6 Nations game against England, but the scale of the defeat is nowhere near told by the final scoreline of 24-12. The scoreboard flattered us, but the performance spoke volumes. Ireland are way off the pace. Shane Horgan and Denis Hickie give us their view on what was a dispiriting performance after two wins in our first two games in this year's championship. Scrum, lineout, driving maul, attack, at half-back... there are a lot of areas where vast improvement is required. Former England out-half Paul Grayson joins the show to give us the England viewpoint, while Ken Early questions the patriotism of our players, Murph pines for the Twickenham wins of yesteryear, and McDevitt attempts to boil lances and lance boils, all in the same podcast.
24/02/201h 0m

Ep 1705: Pep's Deal, Tears of the Sad One - 24/02/20

In amongst all the VAR mistakes some football happened over the weekend. We look at how Man City shaped up ahead of what could be their last appearance in the Champions League knockout phase for a while, and empathise with the latest torment pulling at the heartstrings of The Sad One. Dermot Corrigan tells us whether he shares Ken's view that Manchester City should destroy Real Madrid. And John Burn-Murdoch joins us to talk about the Financial Times' recent look at the evolution of the link between wages and points accumulation - which turns out to be more complicated than you might expect.
24/02/201h 11m

Ep 1700: The Hurling That Survived The Storm, Eimear Considine On Facing Mighty England - 17/02/20

It was a pretty crazy weekend of weather in Ireland, and yet somehow some hurling went ahead. Wexford/Kilkenny was the pick of the bunch, and we talk to Michael Duignan about what Davy can take from Wexford winning a battle like this against the former market leaders in that area. And Irish rugby international Eimear Considine is in studio to talk to us about the Tackle Your Feelings app, aimed at teenagers to try and promote mental wellness. She talks to us about facing down the England juggernaut this weekend, losing wunderkind Beibhinn Parsons to her leaving cert commitments, trading the GAA for rugby, and confronting personal tragedy as a teenager. Plus there's hurling goalkeepers and their Tom Crean impersonations, playing with the storm in the first half, and the politics of calling a game off.
17/02/2058m 46s

Ep 1699: Manchester City Banned From Europe For 2 Years, Dublin Derby Weather Madness - 17/02/20

As surely as night follows day, then the onset of Ken Early's holidays will precipitate some truly earth-shattering football news. But fear not, because on hand to discuss Man City's European football ban is the inimitable Richie Sadlier. Richie was also in Dalymount Park for Saturday afternoon's Dublin derby between Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers, which was allowed go ahead, but which wasn't shown live on television for safety reasons. Richie tells us which one of him, Pat Fenlon and George Hamilton refused to get up in the gantry. We're also joined by Sam Lee and Miguel Delaney to tell us how defiant Man City will be as they attempt to defend themselves in court, how huge a story this is, and we try and speculate as to how this will affect City's squad. Plus there's swingers clubs, Monkeano, James Joyce, and Jodie Foster.
17/02/2055m 9s

Let's Get It On Cos... We Don't Get Along

It was heated debate week on Second Captains: The truth about Sinn Fein, good and bad. Are themed jerseys, supporting good causes and craft beer the best for LOI clubs to grow their fan base? And is it fair to point out a rugby player's age? LETS GET IT ON!
13/02/205m 42s

Ep 1694: Ireland Marry Skill & Passion, Andrew Conway On Tackles, Tap Downs & Tries - 10/02/20

Andrew Conway joins us in studio today, fresh off the back of what was probably his best-ever performance for Ireland on Saturday afternoon against Wales. He tells us about the conscious choice he made not to settle for being a provincial player when his career was faltering, how Joe Schmidt helped in turning his aerial game from being a weakness to a strength, and how he has worked on his mental game. Ireland were confident, skilful and ambitious against Wales, but Shane Horgan thinks the team have a lot more to improve on before we can get too excited. Gerry Thornley believes Farrell’s faith in Conor Murray and Peter O’Mahony has been vindicated, Shane believes we must also look at the opportunity cost. Plus there's Finn Russell’s nuclear option, Beibhinn Parsons tearing it up for Ireland in the Women's 6 Nations, Eddie Jones playing the straight bat and sub-zero post-match interviews.
10/02/201h 14m

Ep 1693: No Change For Mick McCarthy, Jordan Pickford's Alternate Reality - 10/02/20

It's been a seismic weekend in Irish politics, and so everyone's first question as they watched the results roll in was surely - how are all the members of our favourite Oireachtas Committee getting on? All in all it was a mixed couple of days for those men and women tasked with investigating John Delaney and the FAI - Ken gives us the low-down. If it was all change in the political sphere, Mick McCarthy wasn't impressed. Speaking in Dublin today, he was more than happy to say that he would remain true to his more experienced warriors. Plus there's teleporters, Troy Parrott staying put, Jordan Pickford bemoaning how heavily criticised England internationals are, and asks the question - at what stage can we start to forgive and forget the origin story of... RB Leipzig?
10/02/2042m 36s

Second Captains World Service Tasting Menu

This week's Second Captains World Service tasting menu includes - a soupçon of US Murph on teaching his kids life lessons after the Niners blew the Super Bowl - 'filet of Stuart Barnes' on Owen Farrell (side order of Shane Horgan, Matt Williams, Gordon Darcy also available on request) - a 'Clare FM birthday message to Ken Early' sorbet - and our delicious 'Sid Lowe on Messi vs Barcelona' dessert platter If you want the full menu, then just sign up to the world service on to enjoy all the meats of our podcast stew.
06/02/208m 44s

Ep 1688: Ireland’s Labour And Luck, Hogg Horror, France Blow Predictions To Smithereens - 03/02/20

It wasn't the prettiest win you've ever seen, and it might not have been a win at all if Stuart Hogg had remembered how to score a try, but the Andy Farrell era is on its way. Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley give us their verdict - what has changed since Joe Schmidt left, what changes should we make for Wales, will grit be our defining characteristic, and would 3 wins satisfy all involved? France, meanwhile, blew all the pre-tournament predictions out the window with their stunning win over England yesterday... the pre-tournament predictions of everyone except Simon Nostrodamus Hick. Plus there's Girvan Dempsey's try-scoring technique, French rugby's "handsome outhalf - success" correlation, Andy Farrell at the Web Summit, and what Ken Early stands for.
03/02/2048m 6s

Ep 1687: 22-Point Gap: What's THAT All About? - 03/02/20

We briefly discuss the don't call it a bailout deal agreed between the Government and FAI last week, and the reasons why many people are against it. City are winning the xG league so why are they 22 points down in the real one? We try to analyse some of the reasons why Liverpool have opened up such a gap. Also today Ken casts a critical eye over the various portions of humble pie that have been presented to him by recent football events, and swallows a small morsel. Michael Cox joins us to talk about why he believes football needs to take a harder line on tactical fouling.
03/02/201h 16m

Grealish's Coiff, Andy Farrell's Pivot, US Murph's Tower Of Babble

The 6 Nations is back, and we’ll have the best coverage €5 can buy throughout the tournament with Shane Horgan, as we demonstrate on this latest gentle nudge in your direction towards the Second Captains World Service. US Murph reports live from Miami as he looks forward to his beloved 49ers in the Super Bowl this Sunday night, and there’s Ken with a word of warning to Jack Grealish’s team-mates - do NOT touch his hair. Sign up now for all 6 shows every week on the World Service at, for just €5 a month plus VAT.
31/01/207m 49s

Ep 1682: Inter-County GAA Is Back, Kerry & The Dubs Draw Again, Kobe Bryant's Death - 27/01/20

The Allianz national hurling and football leagues are back, and Kerry and the Dubs gave us a pretty much perfect opening night performance. We had sportsmanship, brawls, insane cameos from Brian Fenton, Ciarán Kilkenny and David Clifford, and at the end of it all, another draw. Oisin McConville and Sean O'Sullivan are on hand to talk us through all that, as well as Donegal's Mayo problem, Mayo's talent problem, and talented footballers named after fish. Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash yesterday has sparked a huge global reaction - we speak to Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated about his complicated legacy in the sport. Plus there's planning for the mark, senior hurling politics, Duff beer, and the deeply unsatisfactory way we find out about celebrity deaths now.
27/01/2044m 32s

Ep 1681: Jurgen's Shame, Quinny's Game - 27/01/20

Jurgen Klopp has thrown down the gauntlet to English football. Best of luck with your little competition, hope it goes well but I'm afraid I'm away that week. Nobody has ever disrespected the FA Cup like this before. Will he be allowed to get away with it? We discuss where it all went wrong for the FA Cup, and what is happening with the mooted Saudi takeover at Newcastle. Richard Sadlier joins us in studio to discuss Niall Quinn's new role at the FAI. What does Quinn's record suggest his priorities will be? And how happy should people be about the appointment?
27/01/201h 5m

Ep 1676: Saracens - Relegated And A Squad On The Brink; Pondering GAA Club Game Status - 20/01/20

It was the last round of the European Cup pool stage, and as Munster waited in vain for a miracle that never really looked like happening, Leinster and Ulster are the last two Irish provinces standing. Leinster's reward for finishing as the top seed is a home quarter-final against the reigning champions, but what shape Saracens will be in by that stage is anyone's guess. Shane Horgan is back on the pod with Paul Rees of the Guardian to discuss why we still don't know what exactly Saracens did, what impact relegation will have on their English internationals, and what it means even for this year's European Cup. Malachy Clerkin joins us in studio to talk about wins for Corofin and the Shamrocks of Ballyhale on All-Ireland club final day yesterday, and also why the GAA would do well not to over-sell the broader appeal of the provincial or All-Ireland club championships. Plus there's the salt tears of Stephen Jones, Conor McGregor's winning return to the octagon, and a very bad week for the fíor-gaels.
20/01/201h 5m

Ep 1675: Liverpool Power On, United's Unhappy Family - 20/01/20

Liverpool continue to sweep all before them and yesterday's victory at Anfield made it 21 wins in 22 matches. About such near-perfection, what is there left to say? So naturally much of this podcast is about Manchester United. The heated viral argument between Keane and Carragher illustrated the tension at the heart of a struggling institution. Does Ole deserve more time? Has he been as selfless a custodian of the club's long-term interests as he makes himself out to be? There's also talk about Chelsea's antisemitism initiative and Steve Cook's approach to game theory, before Mark Critchley and Jonathan Wilson join us to give their reaction to the game at Anfield and their analysis of where the two sides are at.
20/01/201h 25m

BONUS SHOW - The Second Tan War With Ken And Brian Hanley

Last Friday on the Second Captains World Service Ken spoke to historian Brian Hanley about what Fine Gael were thinking with the planned RIC event and what the controversy tells us about Irish memory and the development of Irish nationalism - the show got a phenomenal response from listeners, and many asked us to make it free to all (as we did with the Jackson/Olding rape trial discussion - If you enjoy it, all that we ask when you finish up listening is to take 10 seconds to consider whether you might like to become a part of the World Service. It costs a fiver a month + VAT and you get daily podcasts plus full access to the archive, and can cancel whenever you want.
14/01/201h 12m

Ep 1670: Munster Beaten By Magical Teddys, Ulster Expect, 12’s O’Clock, Mic’d Up - 13/01/20

It always looked pretty tough, and now Munster's European Cup hopes are hanging by the thinnest of threads after they battled bravely for 70 minutes before coming up short in Paris against Racing 92. Gordon D'Arcy and James Coughlan tell us what Munster's next step should be if qualification proves beyond them, if the talent gap is now too wide to bridge, what Ulster’s expectations should be and who should play 12 for Ireland. Plus - we permutate up a storm, Eoin marvels at Teddy Iribaren and Teddy thomas as his new mic’d slot gains traction, and Ken berates Murph for his terrible, really bad, no-good, borrowed-from-rugby, VAR idea.
13/01/2049m 33s

Ep 1669: Jose's Special Plan, Sergio's Success - 13/01/20

Jose Mourinho came up with a plan to defy Liverpool and it resulted in his team being passed off the pitch and failing to score in another defeat - his 5th in 13 matches at Spurs. Nevertheless most Spurs fans seem happy with what has been redefined as progress. We try to break down this apparent paradox. We also talk about Sergio Aguero's record-breaking feats and the sadness in Declan Rice's eyes. We talk to Carlos Martin Rio of Panenka magazine about what's happening with Barcelona's overtures to Xavi, and why they seem to be convinced Xavi is their man, despite showing little apparent promise in his managerial career so far.
13/01/201h 6m

New Year, New Slot, Charlie Austinisms, Australia's Apocalypse Now

Its our first reminder of the year to non-members of just what they're missing on the Second Captains World Service, and this week we're debuting a brave new slot curated by Eoin McDevitt. There's also Ken Early's breathless reporting of Charlie Austin's holiday making, and how Charlie and his wife Bianca make major decisions in their marriage. On a rather more serious note, there's also a report from Australia, as friend of the show Rohan Connolly tells us just how devastating the fires have been, and how saddened he's been by the reaction of the country's political class. **To join the Second Captains World Service, simply go to and get full access to all shows for just €5 + VAT**
09/01/207m 18s

Ep 1664: The 2019 Football Championship's Top Scorer Heads For Oz, Munster Woe/Ulster Grow - 6/1/20

The top scorer in the 2019 All-Ireland championship was not David Clifford, Seanie O'Shea, or any of the Dublin five-in-a-row heroes... it was Cathal McShane of Tyrone. So it's a pretty big deal that he's heading to Australia this month for pre-season training with the Adelaide Crows of the AFL. If, as seems likely, McShane is on his way, what will that mean for Tyrone - and what will it mean for the future of GAA/AFL relations that one of the best players in the country ups sticks mid-career and heads to the other side of the world? Oisin McConville joins us. Gerry Thornley and Darren Cave, meanwhile, are ready to tell us about a pretty one-sided inter-pro series last weekend and the wave of new faces pushing for inclusion in a 6N squad, including big Stu McCloskey and a trio of Leinster backrowers. Can Munster do a Munster and turn it all around in Europe, and can Ulster do what they’ve always struggled to do and beat a good French side away from home?
06/01/201h 2m

Ep 1663: Sports Science Of The 70s, Youthquake, LFC Hypercapitalism - 06/01/20

Adam Idah's spectacular hat-trick for Norwich was a glimmer of the old magic on a typically bleak FA Cup third round weekend. Inspired by Chelsea's retro kit, we consider possible ways to spice up football's tired relationship with the Cup. Tom Pope gets a mention. Elsewhere we consider Jurgen Klopp's comments on the craziness of the fixture schedule, and compare the physiological load on players today with what we know about the demands of football in the 1970s. David Sneyd is in studio to talk to us about Ireland's Youthquake. And Miguel Delaney joins us on the line to defend his thesis that Liverpool's ascent is just more of the same old hypercapitalism.
06/01/201h 36m

Ep 1658: FAI AGM, LFC Victory Tour, Wolves Christmas Classic - 30/12/19

Ken reports from the FAI's reconvened AGM which took place at the Citywest Hotel yesterday. Is there anything to be said for setting up another committee? We talk about Liverpool's 19-game victory lap, the emergence of the shoulder as the key part of the footballing anatomy, and the rest of the Christmas football, including that Friday night classic between Wolves and Manchester City. Jonathan Wilson joins us to talk about Chelsea's win at Arsenal, what the January transfer window might hold for these clubs, and whether there is a way to fix VAR.
30/12/191h 16m

Ep 1657: Best of 2019 - Richie Meets Andy Moran - 27/12/19

Last summer Richie travelled to Mayo for a chat with one of the most loved Gaelic footballers of all time, Andy Moran. It was such a fun interview we decided to make it our best of 2019 and its now available to all. During the interview, Andy revealed, unprompted, he had retired from inter-county football – a first ever X5SADS scoop - and how a good sleep conquers all.
27/12/1938m 37s

Ep 1654: Stormzy, Sky, Gary Neville, AFTV Strife, De Gea Faith, Firmino's Extras - 23/12/19

It was a weekend that saw several more episodes in Britain's long national nervous breakdown. A day that began with one national broadcaster misleadingly quoting Stormzy ended with another assuring their audience that they are solidly committed to the fight against racism, despite any accidental impressions to the contrary. Meanwhile Manchester United lost 2-0 to Watford with David de Gea making a mistake that leaves you wondering how close he is to losing the faith of the crowd. At least it was a good week for the new FIFA Club World Champions Liverpool... Jack Pitt-Brooke joins us to discuss what happened at Spurs yesterday, where the responsibilities of broadcasters lie in this increasingly fraught time, and whether the honeymoon is already over for Jose. Plus there's AFTV strife, Souness' contribution to the race hate solution, and Cecil Rhodes' guilt.
23/12/191h 8m

Ep 1649: Munster Miss Out, Leinster & Ulster Roll On, Connacht Live On; Revenge for Conlan- 16/12/19

Munster are still very much alive in their pool of the European Rugby Champions Cup, but they will rue missing out on a bonus point on Saturday against Saracens in London. Shane Horgan talks to us about on-field decision-making, the magic of Larmour and Cooney, loose lips on the sideline, and Connacht's battling win over Gloucester that still gives them a mathematical chance of making it through to the European Cup quarter-finals. We speak to Michael Conlan, after he went to 13-0 in his professional boxing career, with a win in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night against his last ever opponent in the amateur ranks - the man who beat him in the Rio Olympics and which sparked one of the abiding Irish memories of those games. Plus there's a new brush sweeping cleanest in the ranks of the Olympic boxing judges, great European train journeys with Ken Early, and Simon's passions get impugned and disrespected by Eoin.
16/12/1943m 53s

Ep 1648: KDB Wrecks Arsenal, Arsenal Wreck Themselves, Big Dunc's Big Call - 16/12/19

Today it turns out that John Giles and Ken do agree on at least one thing, but there are still some minor areas of difference to be ironed out. Arsenal were made to look weak on the field by Manchester City, and off the field by their own communications department, who were quick to distance the club from Mesut Özil's post criticising Chinese persecution of the Uighurs in Xinjiang / East Turkestan. We discuss how Western sports teams should treat the question of their employees commenting on what in China are considered third-rail issues. We're joined by Patrick Boyland, who covers Everton for the Athletic, to talk about Duncan Ferguson, his treatment of Moise Kean, and whether Everton think Ferguson or some other coach is the best long-term prospect. And Joshua Robinson of the Wall Street Journal explains Arsenal's stance on Özil, and how their thinking changed on Arteta.
16/12/191h 14m

Books A Plenty, UK Election With Ken, Champs League, Mellow Jack Mc

If you’re listening to this mini-podcast you probably know what you need to do to become a member and hear all the good stuff - go to, and its 5 euro a month. We do this independently, driven by the support of our awesome members. If you’d like to get involved we’d love to have you, and don’t forget you can sign up for just one month, cancel after that if it’s not working out (but it will work out)... (but if it doesn't that's fine).... (but it definitely will).
12/12/197m 4s

Ep 1643: Inspecting the Damage at the FAI - 09/12/19

On Friday afternoon, the FAI revealed the true disastrous state of its financial affairs. Later that evening, we welcomed Richie Sadlier and 2019 Journalist of the Year Mark Tighe, whose reporting in the Sunday Times helped to bring about John Delaney's downfall as FAI CEO, to help us sift through the wreckage.
09/12/1943m 11s

Ep 1642: Wins For 3/4 Provinces, But On-Field Events Overshadowed By World Cup Fall-Out - 09/12/19

Munster, Leinster and Ulster all won in Europe this week, with only a disappointing second half from Connacht between us and a clean sweep... but the shadow of the Rugby World Cup malfunction still hovers. Munster/Saracens was ruined by the weather in Thomond on Saturday, while Leinster made hay in the sunshine in Northampton. But not even those results could move Rory Best's comments in the IRFU World Cup review from top billing. Did he really throw Joe Schmidt under the bus? And did David Nucifora give him a hand while he was doing it? Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times, and Chris Hewitt cover the on-field action, and Dennis Hickie refuses to completely agree that Schmidt's reputation is getting a battering. Plus there's roofless theatres, host nations, and book reviews.
09/12/191h 6m

Ep 1637: The Rodgers Hypothesis, Being: Barcelona - 02/12/19

Freddie Arsenal DNA Ljungberg's Arsenal were recognisably Arsenal, and that is not necessarily a good sign. Is there a chance that Brendan Rodgers' links with the job could become more than "hypothetical"? Jack Grealish's sensational performance at Old Trafford was a big part of the reason why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team still has only four wins from 14 matches. How long can this form go on before the patience runs out? We also discuss Barcelona's new season documentary, just released on Rakuten TV. Andy Hunter joins us to talk Everton. How can a team that on the face of it has a core of good players be... so bad? And with a list of upcoming fixtures that reads something like Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid 1956-60, Arsenal, Holland 1974, Leicester, Barcelona 2009-11 - what chance is there for Marco Silva to turn this around?
02/12/191h 13m

Ep 1636: Jim Gavin Resigns As Dublin Senior Football Manager - 02/12/19

If Jim Gavin had resigned shortly after the five-in-a-row had been achieved, then it would have been seen as surprising, but not shocking. The fact that he has left the most high-profile job in the GAA as the calendar ticks into December means the news, which broke on Saturday morning, qualifies as a bombshell. Oisin McConville and Michael Foley of the Sunday Times talk to us about why it happened now, what he did while he was in the job, and who's going to take over from him. And in the midst of all that, we celebrate a final record which reads - played 107, won 86, lost 11, drew 10. Six All-Irelands, and one championship defeat in 7 years. Ken wistfully recalls the Jim Gavin that he knew and loved, Murph's news nose was on-point in the hours before the announcement, and we have a little Blindboy taster ahead of a stellar month on the Second Captains World Service.
02/12/1943m 46s

Bye Unai, Tiger's Rise And Fall And Rise, Celebs On Celebs

Much like last week on the World Service when Maurico Pocchetino was relieved of his duties at Spurs, the Emery news threw all our careful planning out the window - let’s just put out a podcast on the big news of the day and so that’s what we did. That pod is out now - along with a fun look back on Tiger's last 10 years, a Champions League review and all the week's other big sports stories - you can have listen once you’re signed up on
29/11/1910m 10s

Ep 1631: Pep Possessed, United Expect(ed) Better, The Two Deles - 25/11/19

Manchester City kept the chase going with a narrow win over Chelsea that saw Guardiola's team notch up an unwanted first. Are we seeing cracks appear on the glittering City facade? Meanwhile the Ole-outometer was swinging more wildly than a Phil Jones attempted clearance as the Uniteds of Sheffield and Manchester traded the lead and shared the points. United stay ninth in the Premier League - but they're doing a lot better in a certain Other table, where they have some surprising company in the top six. Jonathan Wilson and Rory Smith join us to talk about the weekend's football. Why can't Jonathan bring himself to believe in Ole? What emotions did the return of Jose make Rory feel? And what do they think of the BBC giving such prominence to offbeat South American ding-a-ling, the Copa Libertadores Final?
25/11/191h 4m

Ep 1630: European Cup Review With Returning Hero Donnacha Ryan, Marvellous Brendan Maher - 25/11/19

Ireland had 4 wins from 4 in Round 1 of the European Rugby Champions Cup last week, but we had to make do with 2 wins and a draw this week - and the only defeat came from what might have been the best performance of the lot, Connacht away to Toulouse. We talk about Munster's thrilling draw at home to Racing with Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times and one of Racing's returning Munster-men Donnacha Ryan, as well as Leinster's gritty 7 point win in Lyon, and Ulster's victory over a sorry Clermont on Friday night. That Clermont performance led some (including Murph) to question the integrity of the competition, and we also discuss nutmegs in rugby, November hurling in the tropics, and marvellous Brendan Maher.
25/11/1948m 45s

Meat For The Gods

It has been a dramatic week on the Second Captains World Service, and we thank the football Gods that Ken, Murph, Eoin and Richie were not armed during a particularly heated debrief on Tuesday after Ireland's 1-1 draw with Denmark. With disaster narrowly averted, Ken went to Tallaght to see the Ireland u-21s, and his love of the game was duly restored, before his heart was crushed again by Daniel Levy and Jose Mourinho. Check out what you've been missing on the Second Captains World Service as we roar at each other about James McClean, Matt Doherty, Mick McCarthy and many, many others...
20/11/196m 0s

Ep 1625: 4 Wins From 4 For The Provinces, Angry Irishmen Take Out RWC Frustrations - 18/11/19

The Rugby World Cup is barely over but time waits for no man, and it seemed like the Irish players were only too happy to re-focus their attention on a tournament that they actually like playing in, and have even won from time to time. Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times guide us through the main talking points of the opening weekend of this season's tournament - with Saracens fielding a second string, Ireland's provinces invincible, and a lot of Irish players generally looking pretty angry. Plus - there's an admonishment for Ken for not 'spoiler-alerting' the ending of a book that was written in 1856, Murph salutes a young GAA player heading 'off foreign', and an emailer tells us of the perils of coaching kids.
18/11/1944m 39s

Ep 1624: Ireland V Denmark, McClean Escalates, Refuge in Nostalgia, All Island Future - 18/11/19

With the Danes in town and maybe ready to teach us another cruel lesson, we take refuge in nostalgia and revisit the week 10 years ago when Ireland went full Alex Jones. We also look to the longer-term future, with Kieran Lucid and Brendan Dillon joining us in studio to bring us up to speed with what's been happening on the question of the all-island league. But we can't hide forever from the present. Tonight it's Ireland v Denmark for a place in the Euros, and hopefully James McClean can prove as uncompromising a presence on the pitch as he was last week in the pressroom. Eoin does his best to talk us into positivity, and there’s Mick bites your hand off, goal communism and cheats a-plenty.
18/11/191h 2m


Ken Early gives his thoughts on the rise of the poppy.
15/11/196m 55s

Danes To Get Just Deserts, Ken Jousts With Yanis Varoufakis, Hooligan In MMA Cage

Name another podcast that in one week gives you a 2 minute Denmark grudge audiobed, Yanis Varoufakis being told the EU humiliated him and Paddy Holohan telling Richie Sadlier what its really like to step into an MMA cage? ITS THE SECOND CAPTAINS WORLD SERVICE.....YO!
14/11/199m 8s

Ep 1619: Rugby Is The Sport Eating Itself, New Nike Oregon Project Revelations - 11/11/19

The European Rugby Champions Cup starts this week, with last year's champions Saracens widely tipped to retain their title... or at least they *were* widely tipped, until they were given a 35 point deduction in the English Premiership, and fined £5 million for salary cap infractions. We talk to Shane Horgan and Mike Aylwin of the Guardian about what Saracens' suspension tells us about the sport's business model, why rugby clubs need to rethink their strategy, and why other English clubs have wasted no time sticking the boot into Saracens since the punishment was announced. Mary Cain used to be one of America's most talented young athletes, but in an interview with the New York Times last week she revealed the horrendous pressure she was put under while in the Nike Oregon project to drastically lose weight. Sunday Times journalist Rebecca Myers wrote a fascinating piece yesterday on the back of this Mary Cain story about the culture of the sport and the effect on their bodies and minds of trying to live up to all the demands, and Rebecca is on the show today. We also discover why passionate anthem-singing = wins, David Clifford wows us again, good news for fans of our "I'll Tell You Who Wrote It" book club, and we discover why rugby's demise is (predictably) actually football's fault.
11/11/1946m 4s

Ep 1618: Liverpool Simply Stronger, City Get Mugged Off, Title Race Realities, Poppy Heat - 11/11/19

Ep 1618: Liverpool Simply Stronger, City Get Mugged Off, Title Race Realities, Poppy Heat - 11/11/19 by Second Captains
11/11/191h 14m

Ep 1618: Liverpool Simply Stronger, City Mugged Off, Title Race Realities, Poppy Heat - 11/11/19

Liverpool have taken control of the title race with a 3-1 win over Manchester City that perhaps wasn't as controversial as Pep Guardiola believed it to be. Were City robbed or did they just get mugged off? Does Pep mean it when he says he was proud of the performance? And have we reached the point where Liverpool simply look like the stronger team? Sam Lee and Miguel Delaney join us to analyse the match at Anfield. Is the title race over? How did City end up with a defence of Walker-Stones-Fernandinho-Angeliño? And has Miguel been taking much heat for asking questions about the poppy campaign?
11/11/191h 15m

Ep 1613: The History Makers, Katie's Emotional Win, Boks Bludgeon RWC, Ireland's Big Fix - 04/11/19

The Ireland women's hockey team can't stop creating history - from a World Cup final, to record crowds, to The Olympics. We talk to Nicci Daly, one of the stars of a team that keep getting it done in tight games and on big occasions. South Africa were far from perfect and won the Rugby World Cup with a game-plan that lacked ambition and scope, but had the best basics - scrum, lineout, maul, defence - of any team that's ever played the game. Were England and NZ too idealistic? Are defence coaches the most important men in the game? And we ask Eoin Reddan and Shane Horgan if Ireland were right to be conservative after all, and what the next step should be in the giant fix that's required. Plus there's Katie's emotional night, styles make fights, Ken's tribute to Gay Byrne, and Ireland's peno shootout DNA.
04/11/1954m 14s

Ep 1612: 3pm Frenzy, Pep Points Finger, Bizarro-VAR, Deconstructing Harry

Saturday saw probably the most heartbreaking come-from-behind win of Pep Guardiola's career, as City returned to their dressing room only to hear that Liverpool had scored a late winner of their own - but were the City manager's supposed comments about Mané's diving misreported? Mané didn't really dive, of course, as VAR should have decided - and no, we can't avoid talking about VAR forever - it's clear now almost everyone has now turned against it, we discuss what's going wrong and why. We also talk a little bit about Richard Keogh and Harry Arter. Then we welcome David Sneyd to studio to talk about Shamrock Rovers' win in the FAI Cup final, his interview with Jack Byrne and the season that was in the League of Ireland.
04/11/191h 13m

A Faint Whisper Of Second Captains

From F2 freestylers, to Xhaka haters, to free love, to Irishmen loving England - its been another big week on the Second Captains World Service, and as its the start of the month, its the perfect time to
01/11/195m 31s

Ep 1607: Xhaka Meltdown, Trent Masterclass, F2 Freestylers - 28/10/19

Arsenal v Crystal Palace didn't look a likely game of the weekend beforehand, but at the bloodthirsty cauldron the Emirates has become, anyone can end up being fed to the lions. We also discuss Liverpool's victory over Spurs and what the future might hold for Trent Alexander-Arnold and Harry Kane. Then we're joined in studio by the F2 Freestylers, Jez Lynch and Billy Wingrove, who talk to us about how young players learn skills these days, and how the culture of football is changing - almost too fast to keep up.
28/10/191h 19m

Ep 1602: Another RWC, Another Disaster - Horgan And Reddan On Another Quarter-Final Exit - 21/10/19

Why always us? It’s been another horrendous Rugby World Cup campaign for Ireland, and we are left with the same old questions. Eoin Reddan and Shane Horgan are both on the show today to try and make sense of our 46-14 mauling at the hands of New Zealand on Saturday. There’s a fair bit of blame to go around, and we apportion it as judiciously as possible. Eoin tries to rank and rate our World Cup humiliations (where does 2019 come in?), there’s tenured rugby players, and Eddie Jones’ finishers.
21/10/191h 7m

Ep 1601: Ole Wheels Around The Corner? - 21/10/19

We've been trying not to talk about VAR too much but the Premier League isn't making it easy. With video referees apparently reluctant to intervene, is it time for the referees to be forced to take the opportunity to overrule themselves? We also discuss a new study that suggests that while football may be a game you play with your brain, it appears not to be very good for your brain. John Brewin and Mark Critchley join us to analyse yesterday's draw at Old Trafford. Was this a turning point for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Has Ed Woodward's propaganda blitz over the last week reassured United fans? Did Liverpool show their true colours?
21/10/1956m 53s

Ireland Target NZ Wings, Joe Canning On Galway Controversy, Ken V Clean Glass

Its been another wet n wild week on the good ship Second Captains. But amidst all the on- and off-field drama of our national teams competing on two fronts, one constant remains. When we send Ken Early out on assignment, something daft **will** happen. And so it was this week that he walked at a brisk speed into a plate-glass door in a McDonalds in Geneva, and this incident makes up but a fraction of this week's preview of current attractions on the Second Captains World Service. There's also Eoin Reddan and Shane Horgan expertly breaking down Ireland's chances against New Zealand on Saturday morning, and Joe Canning gives us a pretty bleak look into the controversy currently enveloping Galway hurling, as they lurch into winter still without a senior hurling manager, as the county board fights off criticism from its main sponsor, concerned fans and auditors.
17/10/199m 25s

Ep 1596: It's The All-Blacks In The Quarter-Final, Sub-Two Hour Marathon For Kipchoge - 14/10/19

Ireland beat Samoa on Saturday morning, but that never looked likely to be enough to get us top spot in the pool, and so it's New Zealand in a World Cup quarter-final next Saturday morning. Are there ANY grounds for optimism? Eoin outlines a few, and Gerry Thornley feels there's still enough quality in this Irish team to pull off a major surprise. New Zealand television superstar and friend of the show Scotty Stevenson gives us his impressions of an extraordinary night in Yokohama last night. We also talk to David Epstein, author of "The Sports Gene", about Eliud Kipchoge's sub-2 hour marathon in Vienna on Sunday morning, and Brigid Kosgei smashing the women's world marathon a couple of hours later. Plus there's Stuart Barnes and why the rugby world wants us to lose, sneakers, and a grandchildren to tell time moment.
14/10/191h 6m

Ep 1595: Ireland 0 - 0 Georgia, Connolly Conundrum Has Mick Feeling The Pressure - 14/10/19

Ireland and Georgia played out the dullest of 0-0 draws on Saturday, but we must ask an unpalatable question - was it any worse than any of our other performances this year, with the only difference being this time we didn't score? Any lingering concerns that Aaron Connolly might be 'over-awed' by international football lasted about 2 minutes, as he created more in 12 minutes than his 10 team-mates could muster up in the preceding 78. Former Irish international Damien Delaney is genuinely excited by him, but can't help wondering why we keep giving man of the match awards to centre-halves. Connolly's electrifying performance might have even been a little embarrassing for Mick McCarthy - does he now start him, or would that be bowing down to his critics, the vast majority of whom of course have never played professional football? Plus there's Daniel James' extraordinary acting prowess, England's anchor Declan Rice, and the Schmeichels père et fils.
14/10/1954m 25s

A Light Zephyr Of Second Captains World Service

A Light Zephyr Of Second Captains World Service by Second Captains
10/10/197m 33s

Ep 1591: Richie Sadlier On His New Book, "Recovering" - 08/10/19

Last night we helped to launch Richie Sadlier's new book, Recovering, at the Chocolate Factory on King's Inns Street. In this interview, Richie explains how he decided to write the book, discusses some of the personal revelations in the story, and tells us how he feels now it's all out there.
08/10/191h 0m

Ep 1590: Typhoon Ahoy, Ireland Need A Bonus Point, Salazar Dominates World Championships - 07/10/19

Ireland have been undone at rugby world cups in many different ways over the years - from Michael Lynagh, to 15-man lineouts, to Juan Imhoff... but we've never been knocked out by a freak weather event before - UNTIL NOW. It turns out there are alternative arrangements in place if indeed a typhoon does roll into town on Saturday and makes our final match against Samoa unplayable... but it's a World Cup, which means we're a little jumpier than usual. Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times joins us from Japan. The World Athletics Championships in Doha have been a bit of a disaster, from the empty stands that we saw at the start of the week to the 4-year ban handed out in the middle of the event to the most recognisable coach in the sport, Alberto Salazar. Salazar's woes began with a BBC Panorama documentary, and we speak today to the maker of that programme, Mark Daly. Plus there's permutations galore, Seb Coe, Ciara Mageean and the Tier 1 golden circle.
07/10/1942m 21s

Ep 1589: Happy Shamrocks, Unhappy Families - 07/10/19

Irish football has been free of John Delaney for just over a week now - and already a great green wave of Gaelic genius threatens to engulf the Premier League. Is it fair that Mauricio Pochettino's position at Tottenham should be questioned simply because his team were blown away by the most talented human being ever to emerge from the city of Galway? After we have surveyed the happiness and unhappiness of various Premier League families, Miguel Delaney and Simon Hughes join us to analyse the weekend's football. How are Liverpool keeping their heads while all around are losing theirs? And what are Manchester United and Tottenham going to do about their embattled managers?
07/10/191h 11m

Matt Doherty On The Truth, Shane Horgan On Ireland, Pat Kenny On Fitness

It's the start of the month, which means it's high time you joined the Second Captains World Service - but if just asking you isn't persuasive enough, here are some highlights from this week so far. The Players Chair was back this week, with a rollicking good chat with Ireland and Wolves defender Matt Doherty. Richie talks to him about Martin O'Neill, Richard Keogh, 'personal' injuries and how likely or otherwise he is to start in Georgia next week. You'll also hear Shane Horgan's rather scathing assessment of Ireland's performance against Japan, and there's Pat Kenny's rallying call to any Irish rugby players feeling the heat with this 5-day turnaround in Japan...
03/10/197m 10s

Ep 1584: The 2019 Second Captains Grudge Match Power Breakfast Live From Liberty Hall - 30/09/19

Ireland are still in the Rugby World Cup but... our 19-12 loss to Japan now means we must talk about the bad old days again. We recorded a live podcast moments after the final whistle in our home-away-from-home, the Liberty Hall Theatre in Dublin, with Andrew Trimble and Eoin Reddan, and some uncomfortable home truths were brought to us. We are now an inconsistent team, and we have no real understanding of how well or badly we're going to play from week to week. That still means we could do something at this World Cup, but the smart money wouldn't be on it. We also had the searing rugby insights of David O'Doherty, who gave us a master-class in the dark arts on the David O'Doherty Rugby World Cup Skillz Mat. One emailer reminds us of Ireland's glorious tradition as rugby missionaries, and there's the Sexton conundrum as the team announcement for our next match on Thursday looms.
30/09/1956m 21s

Ep 1583: Delaney Departs, Vardy the Velociraptor, Mahrez Magic - 30/09/19

It's all over between John Delaney and the FAI. We reminisce about the bad times, and the crazy times. Leicester's 5-0 demolition job on Newcastle posed a couple of questions. Is Jamie Vardy the most underrated player of his generation? And how has Coach Rodgers gone so quickly from being a bright young manager learning his trade, to a grandee of the game? We also talk about Manchester City's victory at Everton, which featured a stellar performance from Riyad Mahrez, and more slightly confused soundbites from Pep. Then Mark Tighe of the Sunday Times joins us to reflect on the last six months in the story of John Delaney and the FAI.
30/09/191h 7m

Ep 1578: RWC Fireworks, How Good Are Ireland, Managing Sexton, Prepping For Big Bad Boks - 23/09/19

Ireland outmuscled Scotland, but that aside, what else did we do right, and what else did we learn? Will Jordan Larmour hold onto the 15 jersey? Is Stockdale now a master defender? Have we the forwards to beat South Africa? We chat to Shane Horgan about vintage Ireland, pathetic Scotland, crafty Kiwis and a thrilling opening weekend. Shane says there’s plenty for Ireland to be encouraged by in the Boks opening display, but can we survive a 20 minute physical onslaught the way NZ did? We chat to Gerry Thornley about the positivity flowing through the Ireland camp, managing Sexton’s physical load and why the hosts will improve dramatically from their opener against Russia. Plus there’s Eddie V Heaslip, group flow, ITV’s dojo and Cheika getting caught out by Fiji’s smiling assassins.
23/09/1952m 32s

Ep 1577: The Bridge Of Love, Bernardo's Blunder, Ole Hammered - 23/09/19

Liverpool made it six wins in a row but finished the match clinging on as Chelsea, inspired by their fans' generosity of spirit, threw everything at them in search of an equaliser. Manchester City won 8-0 and then the hero of the day, Bernardo Silva, soured the moment by blundering into a social media racism controversy. Gabriele Marcotti joins us to discuss why the mood at Stamford Bridge remains buoyant in the face of poor results, the absence of Pulisic from Lampard's teamsheets, and to give his thoughts on Inter's victory in the Milan derby. And Laurie Whitwell was at the London Stadium to see Manchester United's defeat to West Ham. Can he see any positives for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, where Jose Mourinho could not?
23/09/191h 15m

Champions League Underway, RWC2019 Underway, And Grunge Week Over - Time To Join SCWS

The Champions League is underway, the RWC 2019 is underway and grunge week is over - its the perfect time to join the Second Captains World Service . Shane Horgan told us this week that he reckons England are going to win the whole thing, and along with Donnacha Ryan, Eoin Reddan, Gerry Thornley and Mattie Williams, you'll get all the biggest rugby brains giving you the best insight and analysis. Earlier this week, Jonny Cooper told us about the words of consolation from Jack McCaffrey after his sending-off in the drawn All-Ireland final that inspired him for last Saturday's replay. Plus Ken bullying Eoin, live show discounts and trouble in the camp.
20/09/197m 1s

Ep 1572: Dublin Win 5-In-A-Row, And Noelle Healy On Completing An Amazing Weekend For Dubs - 16/9/19

'No-one likes us, we don't care' would appear to be the attitude of some Dublin fans... but is there a silent majority of the country who, while they'd rather see the cups getting shared around a bit, are nonetheless more than willing to give credit where it's due? Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke give us their thoughts on the greatest team of all time, the players and manager that made them, and the fault-lines that could yet appear on the horizon. Not even 24 hours after the Dubs won the men's final, their women's team were at it as well, and we speak to 2017 footballer of the year Noelle Healy, who kicked the last point of their 2-3 to 0-4 win over Galway. Plus there's crowd trouble on the Hill, Eoin meets Michéal Martin, Oisin's beef with Johnny Magee, and Mike Quirke's new job.
16/09/1958m 21s

Ep 1571: Pukki Plagues Pep, Lampard Lights The Way - 16/09/19

Eoin returns from Seattle, and he's bearing gifts, which translates to both good news and bad news for Second Captains listeners. There is no doubt what the theme is today as the dazzling young stars of Frank Lampard's talent factory blazed far too hot for Wolves to handle. Sam Lee and Jonathan Wilson join us for a closer look at some of the weekend's football. Is there a solution for City's defensive problems in their youth teams? And why does Jonathan believe a reckoning is coming for Frank Lampard?
16/09/1958m 21s

Brolly's Licence To Ill, C'est Troy Bien, Dubs Doubt, Eve Of RWC

The Second Captains World Service aches for you. Here is a taste of what you've been missing. Oisin and Mike on Brolly's Licence To Ill, Richie Sadlier on Troy Parrott's rise, Ken on Dubs all Ireland ceremony, and RWC 2019 build up.
12/09/199m 5s

Ep 1566: RWC Panic Button Defused, Ireland Go Big, Camogie Gets All-Ireland It Deserves - 9/9/19

Two weeks ago, Ireland conceded almost 60 points to England... so what the hell are we doing at number 1 in the world rankings? No-one seems to be paying it much heed, least of all here in Ireland, but it suggests we must be doing something right. Eoin Reddan and Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times pick out the best bits from a second win over Wales in 7 days in the Aviva on Saturday, and why after the Twickenham humiliation, the only way was up. James Ryan has emerged from Devin Toner's lineout shadow, and maybe there are less places to hide now, while Eoin Reddan is confident that Joe has remained confident throughout the last fortnight. Sinead O'Carroll of is in studio to talk to us about the best camogie final in years, as Galway win just their third title in thrilling style against Kilkenny. Ken worries that the world is sniggering at our no.1 status, and we say goodbye forever to the Eoin McDevitt Rugby World Cup Panic Button... thank Christ.
09/09/1955m 37s

Ep 1565: Guardian Angels Georgia, Mick Shuffles Pack, English Stock Rises - 09/09/19

If Ireland are Homer Simpson, then Georgia are Homer's assistant and guardian angel Karl, who helps him get promoted to executive in the Dimoxinil episode. Once again they have sabotaged Ireland's opponents and simplified the task of Euro qualification. Tomorrow Ireland play Bulgaria in a friendly that allows Mick McCarthy to look at some of his bench options. We talk about this morning's press conference, and catch up on what else was happening around Europe on international week. Miguel Delaney joins us to talk about whether England are likely 2020 Euro champs, to give his scouting report on Ireland's next opponents Bulgaria, and to share his theory on why the international game in Europe has started to mirror some of the inequalities of the club game.
09/09/191h 0m

Twittering And The Nature Of Addiction, Richie Meets Paul O'Connell, Professional Pinting

There simply is no better time to join the Second Captains world service than the first week of the month, with new editions of both Richie Sadlier's Player's Chair and Ken Early's Politics Podcast, and an Ireland V Switzerland review coming on Friday. Richie was speaking to Paul O'Connell at Electric Picnic last Saturday, and Ken spoke to Richard Seymour, author of a new book called The Twittering Machine. For those of you who haven't succumbed just yet... here's a taster.
04/09/197m 12s

Ep 1560: Dublin & Kerry Draw A Pulsating All-Ireland Final, RWC Squad Named, Toner Axed - 02/09/2019

Dublin set off yesterday in pursuit of history, trying to become the first team to win the five-in-a-row. They eventually came within one kick of it yesterday evening, before Dean Rock's sideline free-kick dropped short and wide, and condemned us to a replay of yesterday's thrilling All-Ireland football final. Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke were there, loved it as much as we did, and tell us why there's room for improvement everywhere, even amidst all the drama. Mike Quirke's bullish pre-match summation of the power of Kerry's bench was proved correct, Oisin's love affair with David Clifford, flaws and all, continues, and we cast half an eye towards a replay that is far from a foregone conclusion. Shane Horgan gives us his instant reaction to the World Cup squad being announced today as Devin Toner, Jordi Murphy and Will Addison miss out. Ken has some technique questions for Dean Rock, and some security questions for the Irish rugby team dressing room, as well as crying toddlers, unbearable excitement and card-happy Royallers.
02/09/191h 3m

Ep 1559: Poch Troubleshooting, Salah/Mane Beef, Ken Teleports to Abbotstown, Colemaniac - 02/09/2019

Mane and Salah provided the drama but as far as the title race is concerned, the most significant moment of the Premier League weekend happened elsewhere. Miguel Delaney was at the Emirates to see Arsenal come back to draw with Spurs. Is Unai Emery getting closer to his best first XI, and what bug fixes would Miguel recommend for the latest edition of the MP operating system? Then we’re joined by David Sneyd who saw Seamus Coleman lead Everton to a 3-2 win against Wolves. We also have the latest from the Ireland camp out at FAI HQ in Abbottstown.
02/09/191h 12m

Andy Moran Retires From Inter-County Football

2017 Footballer of the Year Andy Moran has announced his retirement from inter-county football. In a wide-ranging interview for ‘The Players Chair’ with Richie Sadlier on the Second Captains World Service, the man with more appearances for Mayo than any other player has said that having discussed it with James Horan this weekend, he’s made his decision to retire, and has told his team-mates that he will not return for another season. Moran won a National League title earlier this year, Mayo’s first national title in 18 years. In between those two league wins the county had reached 10 national finals, three league and seven All-Irelands, including the 2016 replay. Andy was in the Mayo panel for them all, and only serious injury prevented him playing in all 10 – a cruciate injury that forced him to miss the 2012 All-Ireland, when he was the team captain. Over the course of a 16-year career, he became one of the totemic figures on a Mayo team that was the compelling story of the GAA world in this decade. He also spoke to Richie about becoming a father, losing his own Dad, Mayo’s goldfish bowl, and the second-half collapse against Dublin in this year’s All-Ireland semi-final. The interview will be released on the second Captains World Service tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, at 7am. To subscribe to the World Service for just €5 per month (plus VAT), click here -
26/08/194m 21s

Ep 1554: Ireland Hit Rock Bottom, McIlroy Wins 15M And Koepka Crumbles, Ashes Superman - 26/08/2019

Ireland suffered a record defeat to England on Saturday, and the rather uneasy rumblings of last week have become fully-realised fears in the eyes of many Irish rugby fans - we press the panic button on today's show. Shane Horgan sees our hopes of winning the World Cup disappearing over the horizon, and he's on with Gerry Thornley to pinpoint the many, many areas for improvement from a shockingly poor Ireland display in Twickenham. Ken questions the very reason for the existence of these matches, before we move onto to an Irish sportsman who had a rather better time of it this weekend - Rory McIlroy won the Fedex Cup, and $15 million last night, and Alex Myers from Golf Digest tells us why, yes, 2019 has been a very good year for Rory. Plus there's Ross Kemp on Ben Stokes, Jack Leach saves Superman, why the Connacht u-20s should take on Wales, and the Rory-Brooks Koepka FEUD that refuses to go away.
26/08/1957m 56s

Ep 1553: Silva Sublime And Luiz Ridiculous, Arsenal Take A Pass, Rash Takes Peno - 26/8/19

The Premier League weekend: David Silva sublime. David Luiz ridiculous. Eoin has some questions - cheap, nasty, and obvious ones. Did Unai Emery play it too conservatively at Anfield? Who was to blame for Crystal Palace's first goal against Manchester United? And are managers seriously going to keep complaining about penalties not given even in the VAR age? We're joined by Mark Douglas to talk about Newcastle's surprise win at Tottenham. Who are the people Steve Bruce claims to have shut up? Plus there's Rash's peno pain, the Giles walk, Klopp's whatever and setting the bar for racist trolls.
26/08/191h 13m

Ep 1548: Tipp Are Champions, Real Life And Hurling, Richie's Red, Seamie's Wonder Year - 19/08/2019

It's been a bit of a roller-coaster year for Tipperary - an All-Ireland win looked pretty unlikely at the end of the league, looked very likely indeed after the Munster championship round-robin, and then after a 12 point hammering from Limerick in the Munster final, it looked a rather remote possibility again. But from the ashes of that chastening day, they came good when it mattered - and in a game that will be remembered for Richie Hogan's red card, they were crowned All-Ireland champions yesterday. Michael Duignan and Malachy Clerkin tell us why they reckon Tipp would've won it anyway even without the red card, how real life scar tissues helped this Tipp team mature, and even speculate on what next for Brian Cody. Plus there's Eoin's hurler of the year, Murph's end of season celebrations, and Liam Sheedy's glazed eyes.
19/08/1942m 40s

Ep 1547: Game Of Pedantry, Spurs Stink It Up, Being Frank, “Brexit” Blades, WOW Felix - 19/8/19

It's Monday, so it's time to talk about VAR. Ken defends himself against the "gammon" accusations and explains why his critics are wrong. In between there is some time to discuss the details of how Man City took Spurs apart. We also talk about Frank Lampard's downbeat and strangely detailed assessment of Chelsea's draw at home to Leicester, and generally incorporate a range of up to date movie references. David Sneyd was at Bramall Lane to see the "Brexit" Blades - featuring half an Irish international team - beat Crystal Palace. And Dermot Corrigan talks to us about the sensational Liga debut of Joao Felix, and the somewhat less sensational start to the season by Barcelona.
19/08/191h 13m

Ric Flair, Derek McGrath, When Eoin Met Peter, The Mighty Magyars

Q: What do Derek McGrath, Ric Flair, the Mighty Magyars and Eoin tanking a Peter O'Mahony interview have in common? A: THIS WEEK ON THE SECOND CAPTAINS WORLD SERVICE
15/08/195m 47s

Ep 1542: Dubs Crush Mayo, History Beckons - 12/08/2019

On a balmy September night in September 2011, Eoin stood outside Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street basking in the celebrations of Dublin’s first All-Ireland title in 16 years. More than that, he was basking in the love being shown by supporters from other counties who seemed genuinely happy for the Dubs to have their day in the sun. Fast-forward to 2019 and with Dublin on the brink of 5-in-a-row, it’s fair to say that the neighbourly spirit on show that night has long since disappeared. Many neutrals don’t like the Dubs, not even when they produce 2 goals and 6 points without reply in one of the most exhilarating periods of play ever seen on a football pitch, perhaps ESPECIALLY not when they produce 2 goals and 6 points without reply in one of the most exhilarating periods of play ever seen on a football pitch. Was it the defining performance of the greatest team of all time or just another step towards the death of Gaelic football? Oisin McConville joins us to work through the jumble of emotions he experienced watching Saturday’s All-Ireland semi-final. And Mike Quirke takes a close look at Kerry’s mix of youthfulness/Kerryness/David-Cliffordness and does his best to make a case that the Dubs can still be stopped on September 1st.
12/08/1948m 17s

Ep 1541: Frank Tanks At Old Trafford, VAR Annoys World - 12/08/2019

Manchester United destroyed Chelsea at Old Trafford, with Daniel James' emotional celebrations reminding the crowd why they love football in the first place. It meant Frank Lampard started with the worst result of any Chelsea manager in the Premier League era, and there have been quite a few Chelsea managers. Is the selection of young players just a political ploy, as Jose Mourinho seems to think? Or does Lampard really believe Mount and Abraham can be the backbone of his new look Chelsea? We also discuss the essential pointlessness of VAR as we saw it in the first round of matches. Jack Pitt-Brooke joins us to talk about how Spurs turned it around against Villa, and what the future holds for Christian Eriksen.
12/08/191h 0m

Ep 1536: Community Shield, and Window Lessons - 05/08/2019

Whether or not the Community Shield counts as a trophy, it's become plain that there are no friendlies any more when Manchester City play Liverpool. We talk about how the teams seem to be shaping up, the relevance of the old wisdom that you should buy when you're strong, and touch on a few other issues in the soon-to-shut transfer window. Miguel Delaney joins us to talk about the importance of yesterday's game, and why Manchester United's move for Paulo Dybala fell through.
05/08/1958m 17s

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It's August 1st, which means this is the PERFECT time to sign up to the Second Captains World Service!! Sign up today, and you get maximum bang for your (5) buck(s), and to pique your interest, have a quick listen to this - as Murph gets humiliated by Oisin McConville, Stephen A Smith outlines how Eoin could get even more militant with those of you hesitating before signing up to us, and a clip from Ken's latest politics podcast, premiering tomorrow.
01/08/197m 51s

Ep 1531: Robbie Don't Dance, Arsenal’s War Chest, Bale Out, Conway Outmanoeuvres Ross - 29/07/2019

Robbie Keane is not in the mood to reminisce. Funny? Funny how? Arsenal have found some spare cash, or at least some sellers willing to discuss terms. We also talk about why Gareth Bale is not going to China, and whether Real Madrid's technical committee has ever seen Paul Pogba play. Also today, Gavin Cooney of the42 joins us to talk about what happened over the weekend at the FAI AGM - where Donal Conway appeared to outmanoeuvre Shane Ross.
29/07/1959m 53s

Ep 1530: Kilkenny’s Enduring Glory, Un-Tippical, Davy’s Decision, Limerick's Lesson - 29/07/2019

There really isn't enough time between All-Ireland hurling semi-finals to digest the full magnitude of what went on this weekend, but we'll give it a shot today, as we try and sort out just how we're left with a fifth Tipperary/Kilkenny final in the last 10 years. Michael Duignan and former Kilkenny legend Brian Hogan are magnanimous as Eoin admits that - yes, hurling folk DO bang on a bit about it but... bloody hell, what a sport. We talk about the myth of Cody, Liam Sheedy's magnificent job, and why the sweeper system is all Brian Hogan's fault*... (*might not actually be his fault). Plus - 'Brits out' says Donal Óg Cusack (we think), Ann Downey's insights into the Kilkenny mindset, Captain Murph, Cody - Sheedy comparisons, and if things get tough, just quit.
29/07/1956m 30s

Ep 1525: Lowry Wins The Open, Shane's Amazing Granny, Kerry & Donegal's Modern Classic - 22/7/2019

The Open came to Ireland for the first time in 68 years, and the Claret Jug will stay in Ireland, after Shane Lowry's extraordinary 6-shot win over the field at Royal Portrush yesterday. We salute a man we can all say is as nice as he appears on TV, with Malachy Clerkin and Lawrence Donegan. We also lament the fact that just 24 hours after his success, Shane has already been usurped... by his own granny's scene-stealing cameo on RTE News. Mike Quirke and Oisin McConville outline just why Lowry's win was so lustily celebrated by GAA people (and men of a certain age), before we delve into the modern classic Kerry and Donegal played in Croker on Sunday. Plus there's turf mould, Tiger Woods in the bog, brandies, refreshing honesty and pop psychology snake-oil.
22/07/191h 23m

Ep 1524: FAI Under Pressure, City Displease China, Bale Bargaining - 22/07/2019

It's been another turbulent weekend for the FAI - but on the field maybe there are some signs that Irish football's fortunes are looking up. Meanwhile Premier League clubs have been touring some humid and not-so-humid locations, aiming to boost fitness levels and bank balances, with varying degrees of success. Sid Lowe joins us to talk about the increasingly hostile stand-off between Real Madrid and Gareth Bale.
22/07/191h 2m

Ep 1519: Super 8s, Wimbledon, Cricket World Cup Won By An Irishman, Return Of Diarmo - 15/07/2019

It was a stunning weekend of sport, which had all the hallmarks of summer - Wimbledon finals in baking heat, GAA in front of massive crowds, with an added soupçon of Cricket World Cup final madness. At the end of it all we have Novak Djokovic as Wimbledon men's champion - but why is he so unpopular? Caitlin Thompson of Racquet magazine answers that question in pretty emphatic style. We have Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke on hand to tell us the main headlines of a huge weekend of Gaelic football, which included a massive win for Kerry over Mayo in Killarney. And there's the return of Diarmuid Connolly to the Dublin panel, announced in typical Jim Gavin style. But is this decision the most un-Jim Gavin thing he's ever done? Plus there's triple-screening, heroic hurling losing efforts, and an Uncle Jim update.
15/07/191h 10m

Ep 1518: Pricing Harry & Koulibaly, AFCON Final, Neymar Wins Friends & Influences People - 15/07/19

It was a sunny Sunday when for once football was pushed into the shadows - but nobody keeps this baby in the corner for long. La Liga clubs have been the most active in the summer transfer market so far. Has there been an outbreak of caution in the Premier League or is everyone just waiting until the last minute to lose their minds? We discuss Manchester United's reported interest in Harry Maguire. Is £80 million for England's World Cup hero solid business, or one of the most insane examples of transfer mania yet recorded? We join Oluwashina Okeleji in Cairo to talk about the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. What has happened to Nigeria's 90s flair? How does Kalidou Koulibaly compare to some other highly-valued centre-backs? And why are the Egyptians supporting Algeria?
15/07/1948m 1s

ZZ Tops, Kerry Mayo, US Murph On Quakes, Uncle Jim Radio

A spritz of the Second Captains World Service
11/07/197m 38s

Ep 1513: Mayo Keep Summer Alive, Laois Shock World, UnCork, Irish Open Tales - 08/07/2019

After missing out last year, Mayo are in the Super 8s, and they seem destined to keep us entertained for another month or so... at least. Mike Quirke and Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times give us their thoughts on the weekend's football, with Mayo surging past Galway, and wins for Cork, Meath and Tyrone. There's one team the lads fancy to take a few heavy beatings... and it's not the Division 3 team. And there's the unbelievably tasty prospect of Mayo against Kerry in Killarney next Sunday to look forward to as well. Willie Dunphy was one of the real leaders in the Laois hurling team that shocked Dublin yesterday, and he's on today's show talking to us about the day they conceded 10 goals to Cork, sweet deliverance over the last 8 days, and why they can keep it going too. Plus there's Phil Neville's advice to the Cork footballers, Nesbitt watch, lovely Lahinch for the Irish Open, and Frances Murphy's molten hot take on the young men of Ireland.
08/07/1955m 37s

Ep 1512: Liberté Egalité Fraternité USA, The Humble One, Pogba PR - 08/07/19

Richie Sadlier joins us in studio to discuss covering the FIFA WWC for RTE, Team America, male and female celebrations, and Phil "the humble one". We talk to Johnette Howard about how the team is perceived in the US, confusing brashness with confidence, Rapinoe's wars with Trump and where the fight for equal pay will go from here. Tim Vickery chats to us about Brazil winning the Copa in Brazil, Jesus' moment of madness, and how Argentinian fans' calls for Leo Messi to become more vocal and communicative may have created a monster. Plus there's Phil Brent, Jonathan Pearce magic, Pogba PR, COYDIG boos and CR7 watching himself on the big screen.
08/07/1951m 22s

Glazed Eyes And Slippy Fingers, Money McEnroe, Tiered Schmeered, Cult Hero

Jonathan Pearce went full Jonathan Pearce, England went full England and Dr Ken diagnoses glazed eyes. Plus Murph on the GAA's Mr fix it, and Frances Murphy's birthday greeting. Welcome to another taste of the Second Captains World Service.
04/07/196m 29s

Ep 1507: Good Guys And Bad Guys, Audacity Of Hope Solo, Arsenal's Lost Decade - 01/07/19

A spying scandal has erupted ahead of the World Cup semi-final between England and the USA and Phil Neville has another national team set-up to criticise. We look back at the quarter-finals and forward to tomorrow's much-anticipated Anglo-American showdown in Lyon. Also today, we go through Swiss Ramble's snapshot of Arsenal's lost decade. We're joined from Lyon by Caitlin Murray, author of "The National Team", a history of the USWNT, to talk about the Americans' march toward the final and why many perceive them as the villains of the tournament. Plus there's the audacity of Hope Solo, football idealists, selling jerseys and putting out a Lance vibe in France.
01/07/1956m 59s

Ep 1506: Feel-Good Monday, Wonderful Wexford, The Davy Job, Hungry Hungry Limerick - 01/07/2019

The first part of the hurling summer has ended, and it's ended with Wexford and Limerick on top in Leinster and Munster. If that sounds like it has a real mid-90s vibe to it, then you'd be right. Hurling Uber-mensch and the soul of Wexford, Liam Griffin, tells us why winning on the double, in minor and in senior, was so important for Wexford, and why it's a reward for hard work, planning, an exceptional playing group, and for Davy Fitz's application. Two-time all-star Seamus Hickey wasn't surprised by anything he saw from Limerick yesterday, as they dismantled the form team of the summer so far Tipperary in the Munster final. He tells us what drives this young team forward. Plus there's an attack on Wicklow from Murph, two fingers to Oliver Cromwell, professional fouls, flawless hurling, and feel-good vibes all over the place.
01/07/1939m 51s

Ep 1501: Donegal Dominant, Dublin Dismissive, Kerry Unconvincing, The Dublin Q - 24/06/2019

Ep 1501: Donegal Dominant, Dublin Dismissive, Kerry Unconvincing, The Dublin Q - 24/06/2019 by Second Captains
24/06/1950m 37s

Ep 1500: Pip Lets Rip, Ref Quits, LVG On Messi - 24/06/19

Ep 1500: Pip Lets Rip, Ref Quits, LVG On Messi - 24/06/19 by Second Captains
24/06/191h 28m

Scotland's PHD In Pain, Donegal For Sam, High And Goodbye

We didn't think we'd spend at least part of this week discovering factoids about the many and various ways that Scotland have managed not to qualify from World Cup groups, but after the misadventures of their women's team against Argentina last night, that is exactly what we've been doing on the Second Captains World Service. We present the results of those findings here on this SC taster menu, along with Eoin's wife pranking him, Oisin McConville backing Donegal for Sam (in a manner of speaking), and US Murph on the Toronto Raptors' NBA finals win.
20/06/198m 40s

Ep 1495: Leinster's Wild Finale, Tippy Tappy Stuff In Munster, Galway's Horror Weekend - 17/06/2019

The Munster hurling championship last year had plenty of fire-works, but it didn't have drama to match the last few minutes of the Leinster hurling championship round-robin series on Saturday, as first Galway, then Dublin, then Wexford, then Kilkenny all found themselves staring elimination from the All-Ireland championship in the face. When the music stopped, it was 2017 champions, and All-Ireland finalists in 2018, Galway who were left in fourth place, and staring at a long summer. Michael Duignan and Malachy Clerkin were in Wexford Park and Parnell Park respectively, and they could hardly have asked for any more entertainment. Galway's horrible weekend was compounded when their footballers lost to Roscommon in the Connacht final on Sunday, and there's a mention to for the rather bloodless affair in Thurles between Tipp and Limerick, which nonetheless attracted almost 40,000 people into the stadium. Plus there's some typically exuberant Roscommon radio commentary, permutation puzzlers, blasé Galway fans, and Murph's festival of pain.
17/06/1946m 15s

Ep 1494: Pogba Wants out, USWNT Power On - 17/06/2019

Nine of the 16 second round teams at the Womens' World Cup have been confirmed, and the Americans still look like the team to stop, after following up their demolition job on Thailand with a 3-0 defeat of Chile. Meanwhile Paul Pogba has announced that he feels like a new challenge, somewhere else. But where? Who can afford him? And what direction do United take after he leaves? Rebecca Myers of the Sunday Times joins us from Nice to talk about the USWNT - a "super-elite" sporting institution that has to deal with more than the usual share of political pressure.
17/06/1947m 6s

Do You Want To Be Famous?

Welcome to our weekly sprinkling of the Second Captains World Service.
13/06/196m 29s

Ep 1489: Glorious Mysteries Of The Ulster Championship, Rory's Crazily Successful Year - 10/06/2019

It's been a dark time for the Gaelic football fans out there, as their game has been ignored in favour of the small ball, on television at least. So there's no better antidote for that than a reunion of the Second Captains punditry dream-team of Mike Quirke and Oisin McConville on today's show. It will be a Cavan/Donegal Ulster final, after their stunning wins at the weekend - just what exactly has happened to make the Ulster championship the greatest show on turf this summer? And with the Dublin dominance continuing unabated, what steps are Meath taking to ensure that one day they'll be able to mount a challenge? Plus there's another very profitable weekend on the golf course for Rory McIlroy, a day of shame for hurling (as one of their refs actually applies the rules), good news at last for Graeme McDowell, and a silver medal for the Irish oche-artistes at the world darts championship.
10/06/1942m 52s

Ep 1488: Same Faces Different Footprint, The Norwegian Saipan, De Ligt’s Destination - 10/06/19

The Women's World Cup is underway in France, but the best player in the world is nowhere to be seen. We discuss the case of Ada Hegerberg and the Norwegian Saipan. Meanwhile Ireland are top of the Euro 2020 qualifying group after an encouraging performance in the 1-1 draw in Copenhagen. The Nations League final was a fascinating duel - we talk about Matthijs de Ligt, why he's so highly rated and why he hasn't yet decided on a destination. Damien Delaney gives his view on Ireland's performance - are there real reasons to be hopeful, or is optimism getting the better of us? Lars Johnsen of Josimar magazine joins us to talk about the case of Ada Hegerberg - why isn't she at the World Cup, and how has her stance gone down in Norway?
10/06/191h 26m

A Shard Of Second Captains World Service Spite - 07/06/19

WELCOME TO HELL, or as its better known, Copenhagen.
07/06/195m 58s

Ep 1483: Liverpool Win The Champions League - 03/06/2019

Ep 1483: Liverpool Win The Champions League - 03/06/2019 by Second Captains
03/06/191h 19m

Champions League Final Fun, Klopp Chill, Ken On Tour

Champions League Final Fun, chilled Klopp, Ken On Tour and Rice to Man United all feature on our latest snifter of the Second Captains World Service. Disfrutas!
30/05/198m 1s

Ep 1478: Leinster Reign Supreme, Rossies Reignite Championship, Eoin's Supreme Segue - 27/05/2019

Leinster were able to bounce back from defeat in the European Champions Cup final to secure a third trophy in the last 2 years with a 18-15 defeat of Glasgow. Eoin Reddan and Gerry Thornley run the rule over the Pro 14 final - a game where that defeat to Saracens, and the opening game of the Rugby World Cup against Scotland, both cast a shadow. While Leinster were winning in Glasgow, Roscommon were doing what Roscommon do best - wrecking the best laid plans of Mayo with a stunning one-point win in Castlebar. We're joined by Shannonside FM legend Willie Hegarty. Plus there's polished wood swing seats, Sir Bradley Wiggins' culture fix (and John Lennon fixation), the Connacht internecine hatred pie-chart, and another summer of Mayo.
27/05/1956m 20s

Ep 1477: Khaldoon Makes Eoin Swoon; Chelsea's Culture War - 27/05/2019

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, has attacked Manchester City and PSG for inflating the European football market, prompting a spicy response from Khaldoon al Mubarak. The City chairman's smooth delivery has charmed McDevitt - but do his arguments stand up? We also discuss whether Matthijs de Ligt would be throwing his career away by joining Manchester United. Finally Terry Daley joins us on the line to talk about the Chelsea culture war: Maurizio Sarri's first season seems respectable enough from a results point of view - so why are so many Chelsea fans against him?
27/05/191h 13m

Ep 1472: Munster Can't Break Semi-Final Hoodoo, Armagh Outlast Down, Ken Scouts Glasgow - 20/05/2019

Munster have now lost 8 semi-finals, and 2 finals since they last won a trophy. Many people saw last Saturday's Pro14 semi-final against Leinster in the RDS as a must-win game, but what they were left with was more questions, departing coaches and a thoroughly bewildered-looking head coach and captain. Former Munster player James Coughlan and Gerry Thornley try and assess their next move as they look to progress, while Leinster have another final to look forward to, this one against Glasgow in Celtic Park next weekend. Oisin McConville joins us to talk about an extraordinary game in the Ulster championship which saw Armagh beat Down and win their first game in the province since 2014. Plus Ken scouts Glasgow Rugby, while marvelling at all the Scottish players who have first names that are surnames, and there's golden Fairview days, the GAA herrenvolk, and Leo Cullen's cultural insensitivity.
20/05/1945m 23s

Ep 1471: MCFC's Treble: The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times - 20/05/2019

"What is life, what is the reason why we live? It is to live these kind of emotions..." So Pep Guardiola told the BBC in his pre-FA Cup Final interview. By this standard Saturday was another great day for the City manager, as he got to live almost the full range of emotions - from exultation as his players gave another fantastic performance, to fury as a reporter took the opportunity to ask him about money matters. Why do City feel as though they're not getting the credit they deserve? What more do they have to do? Jonathan Wilson and Rory Smith join us to analyse a week that was the most successful and perhaps the most irritable in the history of Manchester City, and the part the media have themselves played in the apparent decline of trust in their integrity. We also chat about Kompany's next move, Mbappé's bombshell, and a flurry of dubious quotes involving Gareth Bale.
20/05/191h 14m

Who "barely fogs a mirror", and who "is as bould as a pig"?

Who "barely fogs a mirror", and who "is as bould as a pig"? These, and other important issues are discussed on today's mini-promo-pod for non-members of the Second Captains World Service. The two men responsible for those illuminating, evocative phrases are US Murph and Michael Duignan, and you can decide for yourself who said what about whom. This week we cover Bielsa and Lamps, Tiger back to back, hurling's comedy show and Man City's many troubles off the field. There's also Ken on Harvard and it's pompous wrought-iron signs, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, stupid laughs, and the bizarre listening habits of our world service members.
16/05/196m 25s

Ep 1466: Leinster Lose To Saracen's Slow Poison, Eoin On Tour With The Dublin Hurlers - 13/05/2019

Afterwards, it seemed inevitable that Saracens' power-game would eventually wear down Leinster in Saturday's European Champions Cup final. But - was it really all that inevitable? Or were key mistakes at key times the reason why Leinster couldn't add a fifth European title? Shane Horgan and Donnacha Ryan, a losing finalist last year with Racing 92, join us to discuss the turning-points, the decisions and the individual performances that turned this game in the London club's favour. Eoin McDevitt was on tour with the Dublin hurlers on Saturday, and was in the ground for one of the great moments of hurling shithousery from Dublin selector Gregory Kennedy - if he had seen it. Plus there's Mattie Williams getting confused with Declan Kidney, baldness is not a reason for despair, match-day car-parking, and genetics.
13/05/1937m 25s

Ep 1465: City Champions 2019 - 13/05/2019

When City won the league in 2012, Carlos Tevez caused consternation by waving a banner saying "RIP Fergie" at the title party. This time the top two have expressed nothing but mutual respect, gratitude and admiration. It's all very decent and civilised, and everybody can congratulate themselves on their new found maturity. But with Guardiola promising City will return even stronger, where now for the chasing pack? Can Liverpool possibly sustain their form into next season? Must Jurgen Klopp turn to the dark side if he hopes to ruffle Pep's beautiful plumage? We speak to Sam Lee, Manchester City correspondent with Goal, about how Guardiola has kept City consistent and where they are planning to reinforce the squad for next year.
13/05/191h 9m

Thank You Football, Spurs Break History, Ajax Light, Sadlier At Anfield

A snifter of Spurs lunacy, Richie Sadlier after his trip to Anfield and Ken on Ajax's trench foot
09/05/194m 58s

Liverpool fans! Football fans! And drama fans in general... The SC World Service awaits

On this week's message to those of you wavering on the sidelines anxious but still unsure as to whether €5 can be spared for a subscription - we have a soupçon of our coverage of last night's Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona 'ridiculo', a sprig of Murphy misfortune, and a hefty dose of Ken Early. It was a ridiculous night last night, and you won't hear better analysis of the fall-out anywhere else, so why not sign up today at second and be a part of the magic.
08/05/198m 52s

Ep 1460: The Silence Of The Fans, Liverpool's Luck, Mo Out, FAI Family - 06/05/19

Everything is settled except the destination of the title. For Manchester City to drop points once already to Leicester City this season might have been bad luck. But twice would look like carelessness. Liverpool are already counting the cost of their progressive stance on concussion with the news that Mohamed Salah has been ruled out of Tuesday night's semi-final against Barcelona after the head injury he suffered at Newcastle. It has been another tough weekend of headlines for the FAI, who are now openly soliciting ideas from the football family as to how they might sort out this mess. Kieran Canning and John Brewin join us to talk about the weekend's football. Will Pep be spooked by Liverpool luck? Can anyone explain the collapse of Arsenal? How would they advise Ed Woodward? And what exactly did Steven Gerrard think he was doing by announcing that Scottish football had surprised him - by how poor it is?
06/05/191h 4m

The Messi Show, Ryan McHugh, Souness And The Night King Of The Tactics Twats

It's been another history-making week on the Second Captains World Service, as we call one of our most beloved guests 'a twat' live on-air. Come have a listen at some of the other non-insulting stuff we've been talking about this week by joining us on for just €5 a month - stuff like Ryan McHugh, Donegal footballer, on being the scion of a great footballing family, concussion, and winning All-Irelands with Donegal. Plus there's Damien Delaney on Lionel Messi... and why he thinks David Silva is the best player of the last 10 years in the Premier League! #awkward
02/05/197m 17s

Ep 1455: Marathon Mo Farah/Haile Gebrselassie Beef, Conor Murray Injury Update - 29/04/2019

Ep 1455: Marathon Mo Farah/Haile Gebrselassie Beef, Conor Murray Injury Update - 29/04/2019 by Second Captains
29/04/1957m 14s

Ep 1454: City Closing In, Misery Mini-League, McDevitt v Bielsa - 29/04/2019

Marcelo Bielsa ordered his Leeds team to concede an equaliser against Aston Villa for reasons of sportsmanship, but at least two people aren't impressed by his act of integrity: Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder, and our own Eoin McDevitt. The title race inched remorselessly towards what looks an inevitable conclusion with City's victory at Burnley, but Leicester's form means Liverpool still have hope. We discuss the high-stakes comedy of the top-four mini-league, with Arsenal and Spurs suffering bad defeats and Manchester United's good start against Chelsea undone by another baffling De Gea error. And Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post joins us to talk about how Marcelo Bielsa's self-sacrificing gesture went down with the Leeds fans.
29/04/191h 10m

Ken & Eoin Embrace The League of Ireland, Trauma of Penalties Past With Colin O'Brien, SC Countdown

In this week's sampling of World Service fare, Ken outlines the cure for dissociation from reality as caused by our obsession with technology: League of Ireland football. We looked back at the trauma inflicted upon the nation during last year's u17 European Championship quarter-finals with Ireland manager Colin O'Brien. And there's also Countdown, a la Second Captains.
25/04/196m 30s

Ep 1449: United - A Wounded Animal, Or Already Dead? - 22/04/2019

After the hysterical overreaction to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's initial success, we're surfing a wave of hysterical counter-reaction to Manchester United's dismal recent form. After six defeats in their last eight, United face City on Wednesday, at risk of recording their worst run of form since 1981. We discuss another weekend in this unprecedented title race, in which Liverpool after 35 matches have already broken their club record for Premier League points in the season, and yet are still rated just a 40-60 shot to win the title. Alan Smith joins us to talk about Man United's humiliation at Everton and whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tough talk in the aftermath was convincing.
22/04/191h 6m

Shane Horgan On Champions Cup Semis, Blood-Gate 10 Years On, The Cost Of Ignoring Climate Change

It's time for us to once again give you a little taster of what you could have been listening to this week, had you taken the plunge and become a Second Captains World Service member. Leinster and Ireland legend Shane Horgan was in rare form looking ahead to this weekend's European Champions Cup semi-finals, as well as looking back 10 years, to the day when Leinster were nearly cheated out of their first Heineken Cup by the Harlequins 'bloodgate' controversy. And there's also Ken's politics podcast from last week, after he spoke to David Wallace-Wells, author of "The Uninhabitable Earth", about the looming disaster of climate change.
17/04/195m 46s

Ep 1444: Tiger Wins The Masters, In One Of The Great Sports Stories Of The Decade - 15/04/2019

Tiger Woods has won a few major titles in his time. 22 years ago he won his first Masters title by 12 shots. He won the US Open in 2000 by 15 shots. He won the British Open the same year by 8 shots. But has there ever been anything like the 1-stroke victory he held over the field yesterday afternoon? Malachy Clerkin and Lawrence Donegan join us to talk about the magnitude of Tiger's comeback, the drama of his victory, and the lamentations of his vanquished foes. Is there now a chance again that he will take on Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major wins, or will the brilliance of his 15th carry him off into the sunset? Plus - Eoin McDevitt is a tiger, and he wants you to hear him roar; Murph wants a lizard named after him, and Ken has the latest non-seismic news from the FAI.
15/04/1946m 44s

Ep 1443: Delaney Agonistes, Hendo Unchained, KDB's Nirvana - 15/04/19

With John Delaney's departure from the FAI expected - but at time of recording not yet confirmed - we discuss the latest developments at Abbottstown and how Irish football ended up in this mess. It was another sensational weekend in what already looks like the highest standard of title race ever in the Premier League - with Salah returning to his best, Hendo forcing chunk after chunk of humble pie down Ken's throat, and Kevin de Bruyne compensating for the relative lack of drama in City's win over Palace with a superior Players Tribune interview. We are joined by Rory Smith to talk about Liverpool's win, how they have evolved since last season, and why this rivalry - at least between the managers - has been so damn respectful.
15/04/191h 19m

This Is How Ireland Works, Legal Advice On Praise, Forget Your Dreams, Champions League Conserves

Ken's mood got darker as the week went on, and it started with his philosophy on dreaming big. John Delaney said nothing, which said everything about how Ireland works. And in the Champions League we ask is Ole careering off course? Its our weekly taster of the Second Captains World Service...
11/04/195m 21s

Ep 1438: FAI Set Scene For A Nervy Wednesday, Westmeath's PhD-Writing Talisman, 7s Win - 08/04/2019

It has been a banner few weeks for FAI statements, with each one more dramatic than the last. Today's edition featured confirmation that John Delaney would indeed appear at the Oireachtas committee hearing on Wednesday, and a tantalising suggestion that the FAI board were not quite as up to speed on matters relating to the €100,000 bridging loan as had been previously suggested. John Heslin has been a part of Westmeath football for a while now, so he knows better than most of the crazy yo-yoing that Westmeath have done in the football league - of the last 12 years, 10 of them have finished with them either getting promoted or relegated. They won promotion from Division 3 this year, and finished it off with a league final win over Laois on Saturday, and John joins us on the show. Matt Williams tells us how excited he is about the arrival of the Irish 7s team onto the main circuit for the 2020 season after their victory in Hong Kong this weekend plus there's PhDs and football, Rory McIlroy, Becky Lynch and 'real' sports.
08/04/1945m 52s

Ep 1437: The Sack of Troy, Hendo's Redemption, Spurs on the Launchpad - 08/04/2019

Watford are in the Cup final and Troy Deeney has some learnings he'd like to share. It was another weekend when again City gently outwitted their opponents like a superintelligent AI. The impression of City's challenge is cool blue and serene, like a picture of our planet from space. Liverpool's challenge is summed up in the pictures of the celebrating Jordan Henderson, a man-sized aneurysm about to explode. We're joined by Jack Pitt-Brooke to look ahead to Spurs v City in tomorrow night's Champions League quarter-finals. Does Kevin de Bruyne have the best brain in football?
08/04/191h 2m

Kenz Poemz, Horse Play, Premier League Run In, Delaney Daily, Murray On Acting

A lock of Second Captains World Service hair (probably Ken's)...
05/04/194m 23s

Ep 1432: Beirne Baby Byrne, Dashing Earls, Leavy's Knee, Mayo Happy To Be Happy - 01/04/19

It was an utterly brilliant weekend of rugby, with huge wins for Leinster and Munster, and a host of heroes and villains. If Jacob Stockdale had touched the ball down when already over the try-line, or if Tadhg Beirne hadn't ensured he got the ref's attention to an off-the-ball incident, both Ulster and Edinburgh might have semi-finals to look forward to. We ask Shane Horgan if he's ever hammed it up... and if he's ever dropped the ball over the try-line. Plus there's Ross Byrne's platoon moment, Mayo fans in tears in March, Dan Leavy's injury nightmare, and the morals of diving.
01/04/1941m 17s

Ep 1431: Kop Sucks, Bottle Or Choke, Trolls Beat Hotheads, FAI To Infinity - 01/04/19

Liverpool's late win over Spurs at Anfield didn't show either side at their very best - but it sure as hell gave everybody a lot to talk about. Why do we always praise and criticise players and performances based on how they end? When is the right time to pass in front of goal? Who should be the Player of the Year? Jonathan Wilson joins us to explain the difference between bottling and choking and which of Liverpool and Manchester City are more likely to fall victim to either phenomenon in the coming weeks. And Kieran Canning talks to us about yesterday's Old Firm game in which Steven Gerrard's hotheads were played to perfection by Celtic's troll king, Scott Brown. Plus there's Kop sucking another one in, Salah on Salah, Bill Hicks, Philip Larkin, l'il Grizou and FAI to infinity.
01/04/191h 26m

Sadlier On Football And Fan Free Will, Ole The Only One, Irish Identity Test, Champions Cup QF, AFLW

Richie Sadlier on Mick's joyful football and fan free will, Ken on Ole (the only choice, James McClean's scary Irish Identity Test, Irish woman in AFLW Grand Final and Champions Cup QF AHOY!
28/03/195m 20s

Ep 1426: Tennis Protests, Hurling Semis, Mayo's Strange Campaign, Ken In OT - 25/03/2019

Ep 1426: Tennis Protests, Hurling Semis, Mayo's Strange Campaign, Ken In OT - 25/03/2019 by Second Captains
25/03/1948m 5s

Ep 1425: The FAI's Wild Weekend, Stormy In Abbotstown, Occasional Outbreaks Of Hendrick - 25/03/2019

In the history of totally daft weeks in Irish football, this one would have to rank pretty high - and we still have plenty of drama to come on and off the field. As John Delaney retires from his role as Chief Executive of the FAI, for a newly-created role as Executive Vice-President, we ponder what this all means for the balance of power in the association. Is this tantamount to a demotion for Delaney, or will he continue to be the main power-broker? We speak to Mark Tighe of the Sunday Times, who has done so much brilliant work to reveal this story, on how it went to press, the reaction, and the drama of a high court injunction mere hours before your story is due to go to press. We're also chatting to former Ireland international Damien Delaney on Ireland's short-comings on the field on Saturday night, and why we can't use conditions as an excuse for a pretty terrible first performance of Big Mick's new era. Plus there's Statement No. 7, teleportation devices, John The Baptist, and Sergio Ramos.
25/03/191h 9m

Big Mick Week, Rice Enrages, Dublin Do A Keyser Soze

A taste of the Second Captains world service this week
21/03/195m 55s

Ep 1420: Joe's Biggest Challenge, Delaney's €100,000 Loan, Corofin's Class - 18/03/2019

Ireland have had a miserable spring, and the scale of the 25-7 defeat to Wales on Saturday could hardly be over-stated. Why do the players lack composure? What has happened their skillset? Why are they so poor at comebacks? Is it time for a major overhaul of the game-plan? Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times and Mattie Williams try (12.50 mins) and take stock of where we are after two really depressing defeats at either end of the tournament. Is Joe Schmidt burnt out? Does he need help from outside the group, and have we, in fact, become a bad team overnight - we try and supply some answers. Ken gives his reaction (6.15 mins) to the news over the weekend that John Delaney loaned the FAI €100,000 of his own money to solve a short-term cash-flow problem in the association. Plus there's Owen Farrell's Jedi mind trick, Corofin's All-Ireland final brilliance on St Patrick's Day, and Eoin reheats a McTepid Take first aired while under the influence...
18/03/1957m 53s

Champions League Drama, Pushy Parents, Take That Germania, Ken Burley

A taste of whats on the Second Captains world service this week...
14/03/198m 45s

Ep 1415: Ireland Learn And Win, Ken Burley Update, Integration in GAA - 11/03/2019

Ireland seemed to learn something about themselves in the games against Italy, Scotland and England - and that regained momentum led them to a comfortable bonus point win over France. Eoin Reddan joins Gerry Thornley to figure out what changed in the intervening weeks, what tactical issues were resolved, and what role high 5's and bro hugs played in the turnaround. Aoife Lane, founder and former chairperson of the WGPA wrote a brilliant column in the Irish Examiner about why ladies football and camogie are run by separate organisations set aside from the GAA, despite the many and obvious ways in which the games co-exist together with Gaelic football and hurling - and she joins us for a chat. Plus there's the man Eoin is pinning all our hopes on to win the 6 Nations, we get an update on the current whereabouts of friend of the show Ken Burley, we talk some more (but still not enough) about Carlow, and McDevitt workshops some of his stand-up material.
11/03/191h 0m

Ep 1414: Broken Britain, Ramos Speaks Truth To Power, Solksjaer's Ouija, Ridic Refs - 11/03/19

So looking back, Sergio, what have you learned from your experiences with Real Madrid? Well, that's a tricky question, Terry. But as I always say, we skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels cross the floor... Sergio Ramos' Twitter self-interview provides some light relief after a more-than-averagely violent and chaotic weekend of football. It's a problem football hasn't spent much time thinking about lately: how can fans be dissuaded from invading the pitch and attacking the players? Also today, we speak to Rory Smith about his NYT interview with Raheem Sterling and the media's role in fuelling racism and prejudice.
11/03/191h 13m

Ep 1409: Ciara Mageean Medals At European Indoors, The Third Coming Of Tommy Walsh - 04/03/2019

When Ciara Mageean sat down to record an episode of The Players Chair with Richie Sadlier last year, she was coping with changing coach, living in England, and trying to put disappointment behind her. We're delighted to catch up with her today to talk about her bronze in the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow last night. Tommy Walsh is experiencing a third coming in the Kerry football team - 11 years after bursting onto the scene as a teenager, and 4 years after failing to make any impact on his return from Australia. It's been one of the stories of the NFL this year, and his club manager Mike Quirke is on the line to tell us what's changed. Plus there's Ken's by-now obligatory near-death experience while abroad, we reveal the exclusive audio of the moment Peter O'Mahony asked Joe Schmidt if he and the boys could have a few beers, and the abomination in Ulster schools Gaelic football that had the country talking.
04/03/1959m 13s

Ep 1408: Ken Returns, Eoin McCatalan, Mo’s Right Foot, Klopp’s Patience Not A Virtue - 04/03/19

Ken is back from Australia and Eoin is back from Premier Sports to talk about the weekend's football. Jurgen Klopp's tetchy responses after Liverpool's draw at Everton suggest that some of those questions about whether they took enough risk in the game were a bit too close to the bone. Meanwhile City shrugged off more Football Leaks revelations to cruise past Bournemouth and retake the lead. How does this weekend affect the balance of the title race psychodrama? And why would neutrals rather see Liverpool choke than City? Also today, Dermot Corrigan joins us from the Real Madrid training ground to discuss how the European champions are taking a week off being dominated by Barcelona at their own stadium.
04/03/191h 18m

Ep 1403: Ireland Wobble in Rome, England Battered Into Submission, GAA Congress Blunder - 25/02/2019

Just what is going on with Ireland? It might seem a strange question to ask after a weekend that saw England beaten, Ireland win their second game in a row, and secure their first bonus point of the tournament - but that's where we are. Shane Horgan is starting to get a little worried, and he's on the line to share his concerns. Ireland might just be trying too hard to force the issue. But when the brilliance of the New Zealand performance is still so fresh in the memory, it's hard not to be frustrated at the sheer number of elementary mistakes being made. Wales legend Jonathan Davies is on the line to tell us just how good people in Wales are feeling after their monumental performance in taking down England on Saturday - a game that showcased all the glorious madness of the 6 Nations. And while Congress was for the most part, deathly dull, there was one decision that rankled - Dublin will continue to be allowed play 2 games in Croke Park this year. There's a lot of blame to go around regarding this situation, and Murph doesn't spare any of the guilty parties... Plus there's Peter O'Mahony's pre-France game hangover that we feel needs to happen, tired Italian stereotypes make a social media comeback, and Eoin actually really likes Warren Gatland.
25/02/1952m 56s

Ep 1402: Football Is The Asylum And The Players Have Taken Over, Liverpool Struggle On - 25/02/2019

The moment when Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to come off at the end of yesterday's Carabao Cup final might have been sadly indicative of the insanity of Chelsea's dressing-room, but Eoin McDevitt believes it might have more widespread implications for the game as a whole - was yesterday the day the lunatics took over the asylum? Miguel Delaney found himself in the heart of the action yesterday as he interviewed and interpreted for the young Spanish goalkeeper after the game, and we're also joined by Dion Fanning and Jonathan Wilson. And as you'd expect, Jonathan has an example from the dim and distant football past... and the story is peak Jonathan Wilson. Kepa's run-in with his manager overshadowed Jordan Henderson's own mini-strop on the sideline after Jurgen Klopp took him off, but what's going on with Liverpool? They failed to fire again against a severely-understrength Man United. Plus there's Eoin vs Kinger, at least Chelsea's PR unit are a team, and as football tears itself apart over Kepa, the GAA world says 'so what, this happens every week'.
25/02/1951m 34s

A Gentle Zephyr Of The Second Captains World Service

New slots including McTepid, Irish Scapegoats Of Days Gone By and Nesbitt's Lonely planet emerged this week but that hasn't helped Eoin's ego after once again he was made to look a fool by one of our rugby pundits. We had loads of Champions league analysis, Damien Delaney on managers losing the dressingroom, previews for Man Utd v Liverpool, 6N talk, and Pep gets the "where did you get it all SO wrong" treatment.
21/02/199m 14s

Ep 1397: It's Limerick's World, Rest Of Hurling Just Live In It; Kaepernick And NFL - 18/02/19

Limerick ended 2018 as All-Ireland champions for the first time in 45 years, and they've started 2019 in menacing fashion - beating Wexford away before hammering Tipperary and Kilkenny in successive games. Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times, and former Limerick captain Donal O'Grady are on the show trying to figure out if Limerick are going all-out for league glory, or if it's a case of them water-skiing on the good vibes of last August. And we discuss Jackie Tyrrell's assertion that they're not in the top 3 teams in the country - gross blasphemy, or something even worse than that? We had a brilliant chat with Howard Bryant about his book "The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism" late last year, and he's back on the show today to talk to us about the news that Colin Kaepernick has settled his collusion lawsuit against the NFL. Plus Murph reveals that some of his best friends are from Clare, we pay homage to Ken's hurling nous, and Stuart Barnes throwing petrol-bombs.
18/02/1945m 14s

Ep 1396: Bayern Beef, Without Virgil, Hakeem, Sports And Politics In Middle East - 18/02/2019

It's shaping up to be a big week for Jurgen Klopp, as his Liverpool team meet the challenge of Bayern Munich, a team Klopp has had reason to be at logger heads with over the years. Simon Hughes of the Independent joins us to talk about why Klopp so angered Bayern during his time with Dortmund, his relationship with Uli Hoeness, the loss of Virgil, and why a draw might not be such a bad result tomorrow night for Liverpool. We also talk to James Montague, author of the brilliant "The Billionaires Club", about the story of Bahrainian footballer Hakeem Al Araibi, who was saved from deportation and possibly death by a global movement led by former Australian Socceroos captains Craig Foster. Plus there's #JadoreInchicore, Ken's Kastaway, Klopp sings, why a German curse can equal Irish good luck, and we launch German indie week.
18/02/1942m 4s

Expect The Worst, Declan Rice's Valentine, Emma's FAI Stress, Good Clean Fun

Expect the worst says Eoin, after having his Irish heart crushed by England's Declan Rice. Ken explains this whole sorry saga via a Valentine's message. Pat Kenny has some good clean fun for you all. And we have a teaser for Richie Sadlier's latest Player's Chair interview with Ireland's most decorated and most capped player of all time, the legendary Emma Byrne.
14/02/198m 12s

Ep 1391: Sarri On The Brink, Sergio The Magnificent, Solskjaer For Keeps - 11/02/2019

Eoin questioned the wisdom of Maurizio Sarri berating his players in public a couple of weeks back - today he informs us that in their last 3 away games since he said those words, they've conceded 1.2% of their entire premier league goals against. Dion Fanning and Jonathan Wilson are on hand to discuss just how doomed Sarri is, and whether the only thing saving him is Roman Abramovich's new-found disinterest in the Chelsea project. They also discuss whether the clamour for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to get the Manchester United job for keeps is now too loud to ignore, or if the games in the next 3 weeks against Paris Saint Germain and Liverpool will give us all a much better idea of his capabilities. Plus there's Brian Clough, Gary Crosby, and apologetic punch-recipients.
11/02/1936m 58s

Ep 1390: Nervy Ireland, Carbery Class, French Cliche, Kerry The Redeemers - 11/02/2019

Ireland picked up their first win of the 2019 Six Nations on Saturday, but it was pretty hard sledding for most of Saturday. Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley are on hand to adjudicate on where we stand after two games. England's points bonanza against the woeful French means the title might be beyond us already, but does that give us free rein to experiment with the World Cup in mind? What are we learning from our hesitancy and nervousness in recent weeks? And is there any other option for Johnny Sexton but to stand where he stands and take the punishment he got again at the weekend? We salute the rebirth of Gaelic football, the most entertaining sport on the planet, Jimmy Nesbitt makes a welcome return to our hearts and minds, and we have a new French cliché for the world to adopt.
11/02/1948m 54s

Six Nations Second Chancers, Facing The Enemy, Wrong Wrong Wrong, Noah McDevitt Needs A Win

Essence of Second Captains World Service - Noah McDevitt is only three weeks old but he needs a win this weekend. Eoin explains.
08/02/195m 43s

EP 1385: Ireland's Out-Fought And Out-Thought By England In Crushing 6 Nations Defeat - 04/02/2019

Ireland had an extraordinary 2018, but in their first game of the 2019 6 Nations, their back-to-back Grand Slam dream came crashing down around them. They were out-fought out-thought, and out-kicked by a brilliant England team. Is it time to press the panic button? No, says Eoin Reddan - and there's a chance we learn quite a bit from this humbling experience. Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times, Simon and Murph all try and make sense of it. Plus there's proud Preston, unreasonable expectations, widespread navel gazing, and looking ahead to Scotland.
04/02/1948m 36s

Ep 1384: The Miracle Of Manchester, Spurs And Son, Everton Squander, Thoughtless Man City - 04/02/19

Manchester City kept the pressure on Liverpool by beating Arsenal while Manchester United continued their resurgence under The Sunshine Man. Rory Smith was at the Etihad to see Manchester City defeat Arsenal. Is Guardiola overthinking it? What happens when managers want to prove points rather than win them? And why do teams seem to find it so difficult to enjoy the process of winning a title? Andy Hunter joins us to talk about where things have gone so horribly wrong for City's next opponents, Everton. How have they managed to spend £300m on players in less than two years and end up with this?
04/02/1953m 19s

Calm Obsessive Ireland, US Murph Predicts, Premier League Fright Nights

Have a whiff of the Second Captains musk - from Donnacha Ryan to Mike Tindall to US Murph on the Super Bowl, to Premier League fright nights.... its been a hell of a week. Join the world service for daily shows, Richie Sadlier's Player's Chair, top class interviews and to observe Ken's continuing loyalty to David Luiz - at
01/02/195m 27s

Ep 1379: Dublin Skyscraper, The Great Djokovic Mystery, Osaka's Apologies And Slams - 28/01/2019

It was a rough start to the GAA season on Saturday night, when it briefly looked as if Castlebar's MacHale Park might be blown away for the opening match of the Allianz National Football League. A hurricane of a different sort ripped through Clones on Sunday however, as Monaghan turned a 6-point deficit into a 3-point win against the reigning league and championship winners Dublin. Their captain Colin Walshe joins us on the line to talk must-win moments, super subs and offensive marks. If the men's final at the Australian Open sounded like a pairing that could have happened in 2009, then the women's final would've sounded impossible even this time last year. Caitlin Thompson of Racquet Magazine joins us to talk about Naomi Osaka's back story, apologies and back to back grand slams, Petra Kvitova's return from getting stabbed in the hand, the great Novak Djokovic mystery and why variety beats dominance. Plus there's the Blair Witch Project, motion sickness, Long Hug Therapy, Eoin McDevitt Junior, and Derek McGrath > Jose Mourinho.
28/01/1940m 29s

Ep 1378: Luke Kelly And Irish Football, McIlvanney's World, Franno On Football - 28/01/19

It was another FA Cup weekend, so today's football show is mainly about Luke Kelly. David Sneyd wrote about Kelly's links to Irish football in yesterday's Mail on Sunday and he joins us to discuss it further in studio today. We also talk about the former Ireland coaching dream team reuniting at Nottingham Forest. It was a particularly big weekend for journalism, with Hugh McIlvanney's death reminding us of an old world that is vanishing, and Jesse Lingard's triumphant few days showing us the way ahead. We talk about other pundits including Neil Francis, Ruud Gullit and the email marketing consultant who annoyed Andros Townsend. Plus there's McViolence, village elders, Germans importing English flair, Ole Gunnar Sunshine and Fergie on journalism.
28/01/191h 13m

Sadlier's Summers, Kerry Hope, Ulster Ageism, Football identity And Brexit

January is a long, cold month, and sometimes the only thing for it is to wrap up warm, hunker down by the fireside, and download a podcast or two. Ken and Murph talk you through what you missed on this week's Second Captains World Service - as we hear why Kerry are no longer contenders for the All-Ireland football championship, 40 is NOT elderly, and why football is still an integral part of Leave-Voting Britain's identity. And we have US Murph on the Superbowl, Neymar's foot, a sneak and a Player's Chair interview with Steven Reid, as we discover Richie Sadlier was not always the bastion of common-sense he is these days...
24/01/197m 46s

Ep 1373: TOO MUCH WINNING - Shane Lowry Back On Top, All Irish Provinces in QF - 21/01/19

It was a very, very satisfying weekend for Irish sports fans, with one of our most beloved sports-people Shane Lowry back in the winner's enclosure after a dramatic one-shot win at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship on Saturday morning. Having led by three going into the final round, he found himself 4 shots back on the 12th tee before making three birdies to win by a shot - and he joins us on the show to discuss how he was determined not to relive the mistakes of the US Open in 2016 when he found himself in a similar position. And we look back at the seamless progression of all 4 provinces into the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup and the Challenge Cup, with Gerry Thornley and Tom English. Leinster face Ulster, Munster must travel to Edinburgh, and Connacht have to play Sale yet again in their quarter-final - but it was another impressive weekend of Irish muscle-flexing on the European stage. Plus there's yet more Eddie Jones updates, Ken's latest impressions, and the world's greatest sports co-commentator.
21/01/1942m 56s

EP 1372: Sarri's Calm Rant, Andy Robertson Sells His Soul, The Solskjaer Backstop - 21/01/2019

It seems a little early for the Premier League run-in jitters, but Liverpool were made to sweat for their 4-3 win over Crystal Palace. Mo Salah is the fall-guy, but why has everyone conveniently forgotten about Andy Robertson's handball in the build-up to what turned out to be the winning goal? James Horncastle joins us to discuss Maurizio Sarri, who launched the calmest ever verbal broadside against his own players after their 2-0 defeat to Arsenal on Saturday evening. Of the 3 rats that downed Mourinho's sinking ship, only 1 remains, but there are still plenty of problems for him to contend with, including the plodding Jorginho, who has failed thus far to impress many, including Rio Ferdinand. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may now be the Man United backstop, but has he done enough to be seen as the favourite for the job full-time now? Thierry Henry might be out of his job soon too at Monaco, while Neymar suffers baby heart-break with PSG.
21/01/1955m 52s

Bielsa-bub, Lampard's League, Ken Torched On Twitter, Brexeter And The Dying Wasps

Your weekly spritz of Second Captains on the (Leeds) World Service
17/01/196m 22s

Ep 1367: Leinster, Munster And Ulster In Prime Position, Murray's Maudlin Goodbye - 14/01/2019

Ireland haven't had three provinces in the quarter-finals of the European Cup since 2014, but they're looking good to get it sorted this year, judging by the form shown by Leinster, Munster and Ulster this weekend. There were three fantastic victories, and pinpoint precision kicking was the theme - with Joey Carbery, Ross Byrne and Jacob Stockdale all using the boot to devastating effect. Matt Williams tells us what Irish proficiency with the boot does to opposition defences, and why Munster's win might have been the most impressive, and most significant, of them all. Laurent Depret joins us from Paris with the latest on Simon Zebo's tweet, and whether the French sides wilted mentally, or tactically, in the face of Irish pressure. Plus we speculate on just when even Andy Murray decided things were getting a little too maudlin this morning as he exited the Australian Open, and Snoop Dogg makes a very impressive sports-commentating debut.
14/01/1944m 21s

Ep 1366: Red Hot Rice, Zero Chill Lamps - 14/01/19

It's been a great weekend for Irish Premier League goalscorers and Brian Clough anecdotes, as Declan Rice, Shane Long and Jeff Hendrick ran riot while Martin O'Neill returned to management with Nottingham Forest. Meanwhile, Frank Lampard is convinced that Marcelo Bielsa has flouted English moral norms, but luckily for the Argentine he appears not to have broken any actual rules. It was not such a good weekend for Rio Ferdinand: when any controversy pits you and Richard Keys against the world, it's time to start worrying. We're joined by Jacob Steinberg and John Brewin to discuss Declan Rice's development, Mesut Özil's exile, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's credentials to be named the next permanent Man United manager.
14/01/191h 11m

Slating David Silva, Second Captains' Yoko, 1995 Dunphy, Double Doink

It was the week that very nearly tore Second Captains apart - but we've made it to this time of the week again, unscathed, which means it's time for us to tell you what you've missed on the Second Captains World Service over the last few days. We debate the achievements of David Silva, and things get heated when Murph is asked to put his money where his mouth is. And we get a taster of what delights lie in wait for us this month as US Murph talks us through the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, which go on for all of January. Plus there's FIFA 19 stats, Eamon Dunphy's greatest ever radio performance, 'fanny merchants', Spurs - Man Utd manager playoff, and reports of a Neymar Coutinho swop deal .
10/01/197m 52s

Ep 1361: Carbery Class, Munster's Muddled Middle, GAA Rules U-Turn, Salt Bae Gold - 07/01/2019

Munster put in their best performance of the season and showed enough quality at the vital moments to keep Connacht at arm's length, and central to that effort were Joey Carbery and the centre pairing of Dan Goggin and Chris Farrell. But Shane Horgan still has some reservations about the Munster midfield - we discuss what Chris Farrell has to do to get to the next level for province and country, and what their best combination should be, when everyone is fit. The GAA announced a series of rule announcements to try and revitalise Gaelic football in October. The National League hasn't started and already there are signs those changes may not see the light of day. Oisin McConville watched the McKenna Cup this weekend (so you wouldn't have to) and reports back from the front lines. Plus there's Andres Iniesta, gold steaks, salt bae and strange salutes.
07/01/1953m 30s

Ep 1360: How the Premier League became the richest, most disruptive business in sport - 07/01/19

Josh Robinson and Jonathan Clegg's new book "The Club: How the Premier League became the richest, most disruptive business in sport" provides a fascinating account of the business development of the Premier League, from the initial realisations in the 1980s that maybe football was something you could make money out of, to the multibillion-pound global business it is today. We speak to Josh about the story of the Premier League and the people who have shaped it. Where did the founders get the idea? Does the league owe its success to the insights and actions of a few key individuals, or would it have happened anyway? And what is likely to come next? But first up on today's pod, we speak to Newport County hero - and Carlow native - Padraig Amond, whose 85th minute penalty knocked Leicester City out of the FA Cup last night.
07/01/191h 4m

World Service - Premier League 2.5 Horse Race, Ken Quits, Brian Kerr's 2019, Canny Mackem

Happy New Year! Now go listen to this, our weekly reminder to you of the manifold benefits of being a Second Captains world service member. We will have all the best coverage of the premier league title race - for a race is what we have, after City's 2-1 win over Liverpool last night - and we remind you of what Brian Kerr is looking forward to in 2019. And we explain why Ken told Eoin to f**k off earlier this week.
04/01/194m 18s

Ep 1355: NYE Feel-good Special With Limerick Hurling And Hockey World Cup Stars! 31/12/18

Sometimes, after a long, tiring festive period, you might feel your energy levels flagging. So as you prepare for another big night of socialising, what you might need right about now is a solid dose of positive vibes, and feel-good stories. So we present to you two of the best from the sporting year of 2018 for our New Year's Eve show. Recorded live in front of a packed audience at the Liberty Hall Theatre, we speak to Limerick hurlers Kyle Hayes and Tom Morrissey, and Irish hockey heroes Nikki Evans and Chloe Watkins. Limerick ended 45 years of hurt by winning this year's All-Ireland senior hurling championship, and our two young guests reflect on going through life-changing events at 20, playing with no nerves... and being born the day after the 1998 World Cup final. Ireland's women's hockey team weren't chasing past glories, they were creating some history of their own by qualifying for a first ever World Cup final - and Nikki and Chloe tell us why you're allowed have fun at these things too. Plus there's a reminder of how great this year's hurling summer was, Ken's managerial impressions, pre-match haircuts, and chilled out winners.
31/12/1840m 14s

Ep 1351: Happy Christmas Eve - Paul Kimmage Talks To Richie Sadlier - 24/12/2018

It's Christmas Eve, and maybe you're on your way home for a couple of days of peace and quiet with your family. So to ease you on the road, here's a very special Christmas Eve show containing what might just be our favourite World Service interview of the year. When Paul Kimmage sat down with Richie Sadlier for an episode of the Player's Chair, we were unsure just how it would go. What we got was an emotional roller-coaster as Richie and Paul talked about where the anger and passion that drives Paul's best work comes from, visiting Tom Humphries in jail, and the loss of Paul's father, who he still misses terribly. It's an extraordinary hour of radio, and we're delighted to present it to you now. Plus there's Eoin channelling Kimmage, Roy Keane and dancing fucking leprechauns.
24/12/181h 4m

A Shot Of Mourinho Gets The Sack

A Shot Of Mourinho Gets The Sack, our breaking news podcast on today's world service.
18/12/184m 0s

Ep 1346: Munster Take A Beating, Leinster Hum, Ulster Puzzle Taking Shape

Ep 1346: Munster Take A Beating, Leinster Hum, Ulster Puzzle Taking Shape by Second Captains
17/12/1846m 5s

Ep 1345: Klopp Better Than Fiction, Mourinho's Olden Days, Saudi Investors - 17/12/18

Jurgen Klopp knew that the power of narrative was against his team on Sunday evening, if this had been fiction, the writers could probably not have resisted inserting a "Mourinho Masterclass" plot twist. But this was reality not fiction, and Liverpool were too good. With Mourinho's hold on Manchester United visibly unravelling, how long before the club's decision-makers bite the bullet? We also talk a bit about the new Sunderland documentary which is showing on Netflix, and why the stony soil of Wearside is better ground for good documentaries to take root than the glossy surfaces of the City Football Group. John Brewin and Daniel Harris join us to discuss the weekend's big match. Is the gap between Liverpool and Manchester United as wide as they ever remember it? How can the collapse of United's defence be explained? And how do they feel about the speculation surrounding an imminent possible takeover of the club by investors from Saudi Arabia?
17/12/181h 10m

Second Captains World Service Amuse Bouche

It's just about that time again, when we remind you what you've been missing on the Second Captains World Service. Our members will be hearing plenty from our live shows over the next couple of weeks, including our interviews with US Murph, Eamon Dunphy and the charismatic world champ Kellie Harrington. We revealed our Second Captains Sports Book Of The Year... and we reveal the barely-believable story behind the Eddie Jones "scummy Irish" clip that we unleashed on the world the week before Ireland's Grand Slam game against England in March. Plus there's a Champions League review, a Man Utd V Liverpool preview and and Dembele's "war on practice".
13/12/187m 19s

EP 1340: Mullinalaghta Defy The Odds And The Gods, JJ's 10, Ryan's Gongs, Happy Ulster - 10/12/2018

Clubs like Mullinalaghta (population: 447) just don't beat clubs like Kilmacud Crokes - it just, shouldn't happen. And yet in Tullamore yesterday, that's exactly what happened. Gary Rogers scored a penalty in the last minute of normal time to put them ahead, and he joins us on the show to talk about what it means for his club, for Longford, and for rural Ireland. Gerry Thornley and Eoin Reddan talk to us about Leinster's ever-rising expectations of themselves, JJ Hanrahan's performance at out-half for Munster and Ulster's joy at their win away to Scarlets. Meanwhile Stuart Lancaster says everything and nothing about his future; We read the tea leaves. Plus there's crannog marsh huts, Judes man to the core Ken Early wraps a consoling arm around the shoulder to his neighbours and friends of a Kilmacud persuasion, and Murph reveals his super-power.
10/12/1846m 16s

Ep 1339: Lionheart Luiz, Sterling Response, Negative Steve G, Pep Pressure, Copa Loco - 10/12/18

Saturday was a bad night for all the losers and haters out there as David Luiz showed just what kind of footballer and what kind of man he is against Manchester City. We also talk about the controversy ignited by the apparent racist abuse of Raheem Sterling by some Chelsea fans and his Instagram response linking such incidents with racist media coverage. Meanwhile in Scotland, Steven Gerrard is not happy with what he is seeing and he doesn't care who knows it. We also bring you the first section of last night's show at the Liberty Hall Theatre with Jonathan Wilson, Dion Fanning and Jack Pitt-Brooke. They discuss the title race, how Pep works under pressure, and why Liverpool have emerged as the leading contenders this season. Plus there's Mailbag with Ken Early, Hazard diplomacy, Copa Loco, and Matt Doherty goal machine.
10/12/181h 2m

Ep 1334: Tyson Fury's Redemption Road, Eamon McGee Still Kicking It With Gweedore - 3/12/2018

Deontay Wilder was the champ, and the favourite going into this weekend's World heavyweight title bout, but Tyson Fury emerged with the plaudits and the praise, if not the victory, after their heavily disputed draw in Los Angeles. Legendary boxing commentator 'Colonel' Bob Sheridan joins Eoin and's boxing correspondent Gavan Casey to discuss just how 'disputed' this draw was, Fury's outrageous comeback from drugs, PED busts and humongous weight gain, and what fight they want to see next in the Fury-Wilder-Joshua triumvirate. If it's December then it must be Ulster club football final time, and yesterday we were given a doozy, as Gaoth Dobhair became the first club from Donegal to win their provincial title in over 40 years. The most heartwarming thing in all of club GAA is the old county-man proving he can still kick it at club level, and Eamon McGee tells us just how good being that man is. Plus there's the super-mario-kartification of football, lazy west Clare cattle farmers, and unbelievable comebacks.
03/12/1847m 29s

Ep 1333: Klopp Charge, Arsenal Rising, Pogba Virus, Fergie's Boneyard, Euro 2020 Fun - 03/12/18

City's imperious form puts all the challengers under unbearable pressure. Do Liverpool have the nerves of steel to respond? If they don't have nerves of steel, will luck do? And does there come a point at which repeated doses of luck crystallises into something more durable? Christian Eriksen didn't have his best ever game in the North London derby. Another Dublin date with destiny weighing on his mind or is he simply a little bit scared of mad dogs? Meanwhile as often happens after a disappointing result, the Manchester United bus has hit a few player-shaped speed bumps. Jacob Steinberg was at Southampton to see Mark Hughes' last match in charge of the Saints, as Michael Obafemi contributed with an assist to their 2-2 draw against United. Plus there's Fergie's boneyard, Southgate on Brexit, Victor Hugo, irrelevant Dier, Mick McCarthy filling the space and the "era of the gamesman".
03/12/181h 11m

Paris Cheek, Noble Englishmen, Irish Manager Stew, Brexit Baloney, ARMAGEDDON

On this week's taster menu of the Second Captains world service, we invite you to sample some of our choicest, most delicious bon mots from the week just gone. Angry Richie Sadlier has been replaced by Rock of Sense Richie Sadlier in light of Ireland's managerial appointments, while Fintan O'Toole was in studio to talk to Ken on our latest politics podcast about Brexit, and "Heroic Failure", Fintan's brilliant new book. For the uninitiated, there's chess ARMAGEDDON, and there's also Jordan Henderson's running style.
29/11/185m 26s

Ep 1328: Irish Managerial Merry-Go-Round - Schmidt Out, Farrell In, Kenny In (2 Years) - 26/11/2018

Ep 1328: Irish Managerial Merry-Go-Round - Schmidt Out, Farrell In, Kenny In (2 Years) - 26/11/2018 by Second Captains
26/11/1852m 41s

Ep 1327: McCarthy, Kenny, Robbie - This Just Might Be Crazy Enough To Work? 26/11/2018

Ken has this unfamiliar feeling....and he thinks it may be optimism?? Seven days ago, Martin O'Neill was preparing his Ireland team to face Denmark in our final Nations League fixture. Since then, he and Roy Keane have left their posts, and the FAI have hired not one but two managers, and a high profile assistant. Mick McCarthy is back in charge for one qualification campaign, and one qualification campaign only - before he hands over the reins to Stephen Kenny, who leaves Dundalk to take over the Ireland u-21s for 2 years. What if Mick is wildly successful, or flames out? What if Stephen Kenny gets headhunted by a big Premier League club? Maybe it was just Mick's refreshing perspective-filled press conference that has Ken feeling this way, or the look in John Delaney's eye!? We have Joe's Dion Fanning in studio to talk about what the FAI and John Delaney have done right, and wrong, what Robbie Keane brings to the table and what's next for Gun For Hire Roy Keane.
26/11/1859m 17s

Angry Sadlier, The Stephen Kenny Debate, Smooth Andy Lee, Shane Horgan On Next Step For Ireland

It's time for our weekly sneak peek at what we've been up to with our brilliant Second Captains world service members, and this week has been pretty bloody dramatic. The reaction to our extraordinary win over the All-Blacks continues with Shane Horgan, and we said goodbye to Irish football team manager Martin O'Neill. We have a debut for our new football pundit - ANGRY Richie Sadlier, a really brilliant interview with Andy Lee about his new book "Fighter", Eoin's Poems made a thoroughly unwanted return, and Ken picks his new man for Irish football... And it's NOT Mick McCarthy.
22/11/188m 22s

Ep 1321: IRELAND BEAT THE ALL-BLACKS - 19/11/2018

It was a game between the teams ranked 1 and 2 in the world, and for a breathless 80 minutes, that's exactly what it looked like - a game of huge quality between two evenly matched teams. That Ireland were able to win such a match augurs well for the future, but there's enough in the here and now to keep us very satisfied indeed as Ken, Eoin and Murph reflect on a classic Irish sporting occasion, before we are joined by Gerry Thornley and Eoin Reddan to give us the Irish angle. And we hear from Jeff Wilson, The Golden Boy, one-time record New Zealand try-scorer to tell us just how awesome we are, and maybe give us a little hope that we'll be able to hold onto Joe Schmidt for another couple of years yet. Plus there's former Tipp hurling legends assaulting hard-working journalists, re-watching the game in a happy daze on Saturday night and Sunday morning, and late 90's Otago Highlanders' highlights.
19/11/181h 10m

Ep 1320: Gareth Southgate's Fun House, Throw Like An Englishman, Is This.... Rugby Country? 19/11/18

Is this... rugby country? The very real chance that life may be imitating advertising is the appalling prospect that greets the Irish football team as they prepare to take on old buddies Denmark in Aarhus tonight. Seamus Coleman and Martin O'Neill insisted that they and the squad greatly enjoyed the win over New Zealand but can they really have enjoyed seeing the difference in the way the crowd at the Aviva reacted to the rugby and football versions of Ireland? Jonathan Northcroft joins us to talk about his World Cup diary, Deadlines and Darts with Dele. He was mainly covering England for the Sunday Times, and 2018 has been a transformative year for the English national team. Is there anything in their turnaround from which Ireland can take heart?
19/11/1859m 11s

Alien Invasion, New Zealand Matrix, Dad Of The Year, ROI V NI

It's our weekly taster menu of Second Captains fare - and this week things took a turn for the extraterrestrial as Ken wrestled with the news that alien invaders had been spotted along the west coast of Ireland. In light of that devastating bombshell, the build-up to Ireland vs New Zealand seemed almost frivolous, but we had TV3 New Zealand's Ross Karl in studio waxing lyrical about Beauden Barrett, Shane Horgan on the things that have to happen for Ireland to win, and lest we forget - tomorrow we have a football show on all the reaction to Ireland/Northern Ireland tonight.
15/11/188m 21s

Ep 1315: Now For NZ, Respect And Results, Coping Without Murray, Number 1 Talk - 12/11/2018

Ireland defeated Argentina on Saturday, the team that has ended our World Cup on 2 of the last 3 occasions lest we forget, but rarely has a win over a bona fide top tier nation been so readily digested and then ignored in the rush to look ahead to next Saturday's clash with New Zealand. Gerry Thornley of the Irish Times and Matt Williams join us to take whatever learnings we can from last Saturday, before the hype begins in earnest. Are New Zealand all that brilliant any more? If they can barely squeak past an England team that couldn't win a line out, what have we to be scared about? Is Rory Best's position in the team under threat? We discuss the loss of Conor Murray and Robbie Henshaw, and the battle for number 1 in the world. We enlist the spirit of Will Greenwood and Scott Quinnell to turn the hype up to 11, Ken and Murph are at daggers drawn already - and it's only Monday, and we salute the return of the trash-talking Eddie Jones... after one moral victory.
12/11/1846m 15s

Ep 1314: City Bring the Hammer Down - 12/11/2018

Manchester City's crushing dominance in the Manchester derby means Manchester United are roughly back to where they were before the last international break. It feels now as though their recent string of comeback wins have been papering over cracks that haven't gone away, and the outlook for the season heading towards Christmas is bleak. Jack Pitt-Brooke joins us to analyse the Manchester derby. Was there anything United could have done to wrest the match away from City? And will fans ever really care about what many of them see as little more than creative accounting? And Tom Williams talks to us about how France is adjusting to PSG's unprecedented dominance. Tom also explains the reasons behind Thierry Henry's miserable winless start as Monaco coach.
12/11/181h 18m

Biles The Best, Happy Jose, Economy Schmonomy, Los Pumas, Here Come The All Blacks

Welcome to our spritz of world service goodness. This week we talked about happy Jose, the Manchester derby, Liverpool's mojo, and we made the case for Simone Biles as the most influential and most dominant athlete in the world. Plus there's Ireland V Argentina build up with Shane Horgan and Diego "Mr 99" Albanese tomorrow (next week we will be talking All Blacks)and we had a great show on Wednesday - Ken talked to David McWilliams about liberal Ireland's economic miracle.
08/11/185m 39s

EP 1309: Poppys and Papists - 05/11/2018

As the Centenary edition of Poppy Mania hits full throttle, James McClean and Neil Lennon have both complained that they have become the victims of anti-Irish racism in the UK. Meanwhile Nemanja Matic has unexpectedly entered the drama as a striking new character who could have a big future. In this bumper football show, David Sneyd joins us in studio to talk about the FAI Cup Final, the difference between happiness and joy, and whether the future of Irish football is Irish-based. And we speak to Rory Smith about the latest Football Leaks reports from Der Spiegel and its associated publications. Please join us at to listen to our daily shows and support independent, member-led, commercial-free broadcasting.
05/11/181h 35m

Ep 1308: Larmour Lights It Up, The Unseen Work, Hurling Gets Respect - 05/11/2018

Ireland eased their way to an 8 try win over Italy in Chicago on Saturday evening, and the two players many people were looking at to make an impact on their debut starts for their country contributed 5 tries between them - the hard-carrying, turn-over king Tadhg Beirne, and the electric Jordan Larmour. Eoin Reddan and Gerry Thornley join us to talk about Larmour and why, as Eoin points out, he's not just good at the mercurial stuff, but is also doing all of the things Joe Schmidt is asking of him. Will he make the World Cup starting XV? Eoin says yes, but he's not sure in what position. There's also Tadhg Beirne's all-around brilliance, and the form of the back up half backs. We also find time to discuss Ballyea and Ballygunner's epic shoot-out in the Munster club hurling championship, which led to an all-time great outbreak of mutual respect. Plus there's a new slot for World Service members to get excited about, and we find out hurling snobbery is not just for summer-time, it's for life.
05/11/1844m 22s

Davy Fitz on Settling Scores, All Black Backs Are Up, The Conor Murray Ruse

A little taster of what was on the Second Captains World Service this week: Davy Fitz on whether he set out to settle scores in his new book, Kiwi conspiracy theories, rattled All Blacks.
01/11/185m 19s

Ep 1303: The End For Julen Lopetegui And The Leicester City Helicopter Disaster - 29/10/2018

It's almost certainly Julen Lopetegui's last day as coach of Real Madrid, after his side were hammered 5-1 at Camp Nou. We talk through the aftermath of the match and conclude that the European champions have problems that a change of coach is not going to solve. Jacob Steinberg was at Leicester this weekend to cover their match against West Ham. He joins us to talk about the helicopter disaster that claimed the lives of five people including the Leicester chairman, Vichai Srivadhannaprabha.
29/10/181h 6m

Man United Punch In The Face, Murray On Gossip, Munster Parish

A taster of what was on Second Captains World Service this week: Man United's cunning plan, Murray on privacy and gossip, Champions League fun, beefs and brawls with US Murph.
25/10/186m 25s

Ep 1298: Katie On "Katie", Toulouse Throwback, Zebo Wave, Fog Of GAA War - 22/10/2018

Katie Taylor had a routine defence of her world title in Boston on Saturday night against a fighter who was woefully unable to offer anything on the front foot. Rather more dramatic is a new documentary, "Katie", which gets a cinema release this week and which offers deep insight into Katie the person. Director Ross Whitaker (who has made "When Ali Came To Ireland" and "Axel" among a string of great Irish sports documentaries), is in studio along with Katie to talk to us about her relationship with her father, heartbreak in Rio and living a new life in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut. We also look back at the weekend's rugby with Mattie Williams and Gerry Thornley, as Leinster's mask of invincibility fell in dramatic fashion in Toulouse, Munster defeated Gloucester, Cipriani went high and Simon Zebo annoyed some Ulstermen. Plus there's the fog of GAA war, the art of small talk with promoters (and UFC stars), and showboating.
22/10/181h 11m

Ep 1297: Seamus Takes Aim, The PL Table Lies, Madrid Manage, Joke Is On Bayern - 22/10/18

The Nations League may be gone for the next few weeks but the aftershocks continue to shake up the Irish punditry scene as Seamus Coleman takes clinical aim at Keith Andrews for criticising the team. Meanwhile the Premier League title race looks exceptionally tight with the top five potentially separated by two points if Arsenal manage to beat Leicester tonight. But does the table belie the real story - which is that Manchester City's form is looking increasingly ominous for everybody else? Dermot Corrigan was at Real Madrid's press conference to see Julen Lopetegui confirm that he would continue as coach at least for another few days. And we speak to Deutsche Welle's Felix Tamsut about an extraordinary press conference at Bayern Munich, where the club main power-brokers called the media in for no other reason than to give them a damn good thrashing.
22/10/1859m 46s

Ep 1292: Munster Mettle, Electric Leinster, Ken Vs Joe Brolly On UFC, God Is Watching - 15/10/2018

European Rugby is back, and it was an excellent week for the Irish provinces, as Leinster and Ulster both won against English opposition, and Munster came out of Exeter with a doughty draw. Gerry Thornley and former Munster back-rower James Coughlan join us to talk about Leinster's thrilling style, Ulster's young fullback, Tadhg Beirne's best game so far for Munster, and Freddie Burns' horror-show. Joe Brolly has called for the UFC to be banned, and Ken can't believe that he's talking about the Ultimate Fighting Championship and not the Ulster Football Championship. Plus there's Gabriel Batistuta, Rui Costa, li'l US Murph's photographic memory, and Django Unchained.
15/10/1852m 3s

Ep 1291: Good Ship Ireland, McCarthy Charm Offensive, Natural Goalscorer Worship - 15/10/18

Ep 1291: Good Ship Ireland, McCarthy Charm Offensive, Natural Goalscorer Worship - 15/10/18 by Second Captains
15/10/181h 1m

Ep 1286: McGregor Taps Out, Khabib Chaos, Leinster/Munster Classic, Connacht Party - 08/10/2018

So it turns out if you insult Khabib Nurmagomedov's family, religion, and country... he's not going to like it very much. Conor McGregor's pre-fight posturing might have just seemed like good PR, and even a good laugh, but Khabib was deadly serious when it came to seeking retribution in the ring, and against Mcgregor's team, in the immediate aftermath of the UFC lightweight world title fight. Petesy Carroll and Joe Callaghan are on hand to talk us through a fight in which McGregor was comprehensively outclassed, and to discuss who was best served by the crazy, chaotic scenes afterwards - was it Conor, the fans, the sport of MMA or Dana White and the UFC? Leinster and Munster served up a brilliant game on Saturday evening, a game where strangely enough pretty much everyone had something positive to take from it. Gerry Thornley and Denis Hickie look at Munster's new attacking formation, King James Lowe, and the Joey Carbery Ross Byrne battle. Plus there's Galway's new rugby party HQ, making your own reality, and Karl Rove.
08/10/181h 7m

Ep 1285: Man U Manhunt, Pep Pragmatism, Mahrez Waddles Up, Lopetegui LOL - 08/10/18

It turns out Pep Guardiola can do pragmatism with the best of them, and the much-hyped clash of Liverpool and Manchester City fizzled out in mild disappointment for an uncharacteristically conservative City and mild relief for misfiring Liverpool. Instead we had to satisfy ourselves with an astonishing game at Old Trafford, in which Jose Mourinho defied the implacable forces bent on his destruction with a masterclass in rabble-rousing. John Brewin joins us to discuss that match and how things are likely to play out from here. But with some of Europe's biggest clubs also checking out the managerial market for replacements, is now the right time for United to act?
08/10/1859m 17s

BONUS EPISODE 1281: The Player’s Chair With Brian Lenihan

**NOTE: This was initially a World Service members-only show broadcasted first on 2nd of October 2018. We have decided to re-publish the podcast today, the 4th of October, with the support of our members. For independent, member-led journalism like this in the future, please join the Second Captains World Service. Enjoy the show and thanks to all our members as always.** On the World Service today we have one of the most impactful interviews we've ever done. It's the story of former professional footballer Brian Lenihan who played with Cork City before getting a move to Hull City and winning a call-up to the Republic of Ireland senior squad in 2014. In April of this year, aged just 23, Brian was forced to retire from football for his own wellbeing. And in the latest episode of The Player’s Chair, he opens up to Richie about the mental health issues that lay behind that decision to step away from the sport. Brian reveals the difficulties he had in coming to terms with his injury, the suicidal thoughts he experienced, and the multiple sessions of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) he received as part of his treatment. It’s a difficult, sometimes dark but compelling interview for The Player's Chair. Brian hopes his openness will help others who may be going through similar difficulties.
04/10/1842m 30s

Ep 1280: Europe Toy With Tiger, Leinster Assert, Munster Fly, Grunge Week Ahoy - 01/10/18

Europe were deemed to be the underdogs going into the weekend's Ryder Cup, but it was very much an old-school Ryder Cup in the end - the US had all the stars, Europe had all the team spirit, and it ended with a convincing 7 point win for the home side. Malachy Clerkin had barely set foot back in Ireland before he came in to us, and he's joined by Lawrence Donegan to pick apart another European celebration... and another fractious US aftermath. Leinster and Munster will be feeling good ahead of their meeting in the Aviva this saturday, as they both had confident, assured wins against Connacht and Ulster respectively. Mattie Williams and Gerry Thornley give us their views on Munster's new 9 Alby Mathewson, Joey Carbery's instincts and relentless Leinster. Plus there's Tiger Woods' woeful Ryder Cup record, Moliwood, Europe's lovely and lame stars, and the father of Grunge.
01/10/181h 2m

Ep 1279: Chelsea And Liverpool Get It On AND Get Along; Der Spiegel Reports On Ronaldo - 01/10/18

Chelsea and Liverpool used to straight up not like each other. And yet their last two matches, despite being played out in a bizarre atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration, have been remarkably entertaining. Can you get it on even if you also get along? We discuss that match and some of the other weekend highlights, including a searingly honest and yet perplexing analysis of Manchester United's failings from Luke Shaw, and reports of Benjamin Mendy sailing close to the wind. Then we speak to Der Spiegel's sports editor Christoph Winterbach about his magazine's reporting of the Ronaldo story, which has made global headlines over the weekend. Raphael Honigstein joins us to talk about the weekend's Premier League action. If Liverpool's attack is not flowing quite so well as last season, is this because attackers are out of form or because Jurgen Klopp has decided to tweak the style of play? And how much of Chelsea's improved form can be put down to their improved mood?
01/10/181h 28m

Ep 1274: Tiger's Back, Ryder Sizzle, Joey Carbery's Munster Jigsaw, Connacht Friends - 24/09/18

Last year, Tiger Woods could barely walk. Last night, in chaotic, brilliant circumstances, he won his first PGA Tour championship in 5 years to reaffirm his return to the top of the sport. Not only has he battled back from technical, physical, psychological and emotional setbacks, he's also won a few new friends along the way. Author, podcast host and friend of the show Lawrence Donegan tries to put it all into historical perspective. Gerry Thornley and Mattie Williams join us to talk about Munster and Joey Carbery's awkward initial fumblings as they strive to make this relationship work, Connacht have their groove back under Andy Friend, and Felipe Contepomi is adding even more pizzazz to the Leinster back-room. Plus there's Souness' stove-piping, Ken awaits Eoin McDevitt's return with unbearable anticipation, and we mention Jamie Dornan, Brian O'Driscoll and Condoleezza Rice in the same sentence so it must be Ryder Cup week.
24/09/1848m 48s

Ep 1273: Pogba's Points, The Mendes Derby, Chelsea's Control Freak, Liverpool's Headstart - 24/09/18

Ep 1273: Pogba's Points, The Mendes Derby, Chelsea's Control Freak, Liverpool's Headstart - 24/09/18 by Second Captains
24/09/181h 16m

Ep 1268: Dublin Tick Cork Off List, Cavanagh's Face, Dominant Puspure - 17/09/18

Dublin have been the best team in ladies football for the last two years, but yesterday they finally got the result they needed to truly frank that form, when they beat their old nemesis Cork in the All-Ireland final in Croke Park. 10-time All-Ireland winning legend Valerie Mulcahy and Malachy Clerkin join us to discuss whether this is a changing of the guard, and if Dublin are about to embark on a period of dominance similar to their men's team - we're not so sure. Sean Cavanagh was in studio with us last Thursday talking about on-field violence, and just two days after that, he suffered horrific facial injuries in a Tyrone senior club championship game. Oisin McConville talks to us about whether Tyrone have a problem, or if its endemic in the GAA nationwide, and if the PSNI is an organisation that GAA players in Northern Ireland are comfortable reporting such incidents to. Plus there's sports mad Shane Ross, Murph finally feels respected, and Ken tells us his bombshell leaving cert results night story which we were cruelly denied last week.
17/09/1841m 22s

Ep 1267: Hammer-Time For Spurs, Milner-Time, Rice and Doherty Light Up PL

Stand-in host Ciaran Murphy, like many Manchester United supporters, is angry with the double standards employed by the fake news media. Is it not time to HAMMER TOTTENHAM? Why should they always get off easy? We discuss a Premier League Sunday that was dominated by unhappy shamrock Declan Rice and bench shamrock Matt Doherty, while on Saturday, victorious coaches Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola were angry with their players for different reasons. Then Rory Smith and Jonathan Wilson join us to dissect Spurs' performance and Harry Kane's malaise. We also talk about the benefits of the ever-expanding army of ancillary coaches that can be found at many football clubs, and we ponder what Ketchup symbolises.
17/09/181h 9m

Ep 1262: Why Serena Is A Nuance-Free Zone, Dominic Ryan Retires, Solos In Slaughtneil - 10/09/2018

Ep 1262: Serena's Outrage, Why She Is A Nuance-Free Zone, Dominic Ryan Retires With Concussion, Solos In Slaughtneil - 10/09/2018
10/09/181h 16m

Ep 1261: Nations League Works, Irish Strife, Peter Crouch On How To Be A Footballer - 10/09/18

The Nations League turns out to be not bad, eh. We discuss the opening weekend of UEFA's new tournament, why it seems to be working despite the dull and convoluted format, and the latest reports on the strife in the Ireland camp. Then we talk to Peter Crouch about his new book, How To Be A Footballer, and look at some of the Jon Walters related highlights in the book.
10/09/1852m 2s

Ep 1256: Harry Takes A Break, Roy's Beefs, Super Patriots, Dane Chaos - 03/09/18

Harry Arter has become the latest Ireland international to decide that he'd rather not join up with the squad right now. Martin O'Neill has admitted that his decision may have been influenced by an altercation with Roy Keane during a previous Ireland camp. We discuss the reasons why players play international football: do you have to be a super-patriot like James McClean, or does careerism have its place? Meanwhile Denmark have sacked off their entire squad because of a commercial dispute between the DBU and the players. Jacob Staehelin of Danish podcast Mediano Fodbold joins us to explain the chaos. And Kieran Canning was at Celtic Park to see Brendan Rodgers' Celtic beat Steven Gerrard's Rangers in the first Old Firm clash of the season.
03/09/181h 15m

Ep 1255: Dublin Make It Four, Begrudgery And Spreadsheets, Ken Surfs - 03/09/2018

Dublin are now utterly dominant, that dominance franked by a convincing fourth All-Ireland final win in a row against a valiant but outclassed Tyrone team. Oisin McConville thinks Tyrone missed an opportunity, and Mike Quirke tries to put this Dublin era into a historical context. From the moment the season began, it was clear that Dublin were heavy favourites to end the summer as champions. Is that level of superiority good for the game, should the Dubs care, and did Tyrone offer anything yesterday that other teams can replicate in the future? At the moment the Dubs have too many options, too much patience, are too well coached, and have a number of stratospherically good players. So can anyone challenge them next year, or the year after? Ken says ignore the begrudgery and the spreadsheets, lets talks to the children of the nation about this Dublin team. And he tells us some tall tales of his adventures on the Portuguese high seas.
03/09/1855m 50s

Ep 1250: Rice Talks To England, Jose's Existential Vacuum, Mo's Dispute - 27/08/18

Oh Declan. The news that Declan Rice is "deliberating" over an offer to play his international football with England has sent Irish football into a tailspin, as many of us had already mentally installed Rice as the bedrock of the team for the next 15 years. We discuss possible solutions for Jose Mourinho as he wanders in an existential vacuum and Eoin describes how he dealt with getting Poped out on Sunday early afternoon. Richie Sadlier joins us in studio to discuss the news about Declan Rice. How should we feel about this latest lost sheep? Then we are joined from Cairo by Mustafa Omar to hear more about the continuing dispute between Mo Salah and the Egyptian FA. Plus Rodgers gets rattled, Keyes has a pop, Owen talks about his groin and Ozil has some phlegm.
27/08/181h 5m

Ep 1249: Seamie O'Shea On Challenging The Dubs, Tyrone's Hope, Rule Changes - 27/08/2018

The All-Ireland Football Final is next Sunday, a game in which few people, if anyone, give Tyrone much of a chance of discommoding Dublin. So just how do you get under their skin, and bring them to places they don't want to go? The only team capable of doing that in the last couple of years is Mayo, and we talk to their midfielder Seamus O'Shea about how to go toe-to-toe with Dublin, what Mayo bring to the table that Jim Gavin's team don't like, and why Tyrone's build-up couldn't be going much better. We also talk about recovering from injury, Stephen Rochford's proposed new backroom team, and being pinned down in Clonmel general hospital as they tried to pop his shoulder back in place... we salute the bravery of south Tipperary's first responders. Plus there's Tipp's u-21s, Ken's chicken wings, and we solve the future of Gaelic football.
27/08/1839m 30s

Ep 1244: "Hurling's Just Mad" - The All-Ireland Final Edition, Limerick's Wait Is Over - 20/08/2018

Even in a bad game, in this extraordinary year hurling found a way to be exceptional, as Limerick dominated the All-Ireland champions Galway for 70 minutes, and still nearly got caught in injury time. Thus ends a 45-year wait for an All-Ireland title for Limerick, and they celebrated in style. We try and celebrate the year in review with two All-Ireland winners of our own, Eoin Kelly and Michael Duignan, and we discuss Limerick's winning blend of aggression and style which won the hardest-earned All-Ireland of them all. Ken smugly reminds us of his confident pre-match prediction of a crushing Limerick victory, Murph convinces himself that in fact Galway wuz robbed, and we hail the stunning co-commentary stylings of Anthony Daly. Plus Shane Dowling is having a party and everyone's invited, Ken ponders a trip to Limerick to hang out with his celebrity pal, and Limerick face down their demons and win anyway.
20/08/1847m 43s

Ep 1243: Performing Pep, Jose's Prep, Pogba's Attitude, Shane Duffy's Rise - 20/08/18

Ep 1243: Performing Pep, Jose's Prep, Pogba's Attitude, Shane Duffy's Rise - 20/08/18 by Second Captains
20/08/181h 8m

Ep 1238: Are The Dubs Bored Of Winning, Tyrone's Final, Koepka's Knocks, Rhys' Gold - 13/08/2018

This year's All-Ireland football final will be between Dublin and Tyrone, after Tyrone pipped Monaghan by a point, and the Dubs eased past Galway in the semis. The question is starting to be asked though - are even the Dublin fans bored by Dublin's dominance at this stage? Ken launches a stirring defence of his boys with a passionate charm offensive, before Mike Quirke and Oisin McConville join us to discuss if Dublin will be forced to break sweat at all this year. We talk about Brooks Koepka's consistent efforts to look for slights real or imagined, even as a three-time major champion. We also discuss Rhys McClenaghan's brilliance in winning gold for Ireland on the pommel horse, and the incredible Ingebrigtsens. Plus there's misunderstood Murph, natural born Dubs, and what do Mayo have that the rest don't?
13/08/1848m 59s

Ep 1237: Stupid Passing, Big Sam Roars, Mendy Media, Pogba Or Jose, What Are Arsenal? 13/08/18

Ep 1237: Stupid Passing, Big Sam Roars, Mendy Media, Pogba Or Jose, What Are Arsenal? 13/08/18 by Second Captains
13/08/181h 6m

Ep 1236: Gary Neville And Second Captains Premier League Night With Cadbury 2018 - 10/08/18

Welcome to a very special edition of the Second Captains Football Podcast, a live broadcast from the wonderful Liberty Hall Theatre in Dublin. Warning: contains *beef Our guest star is one of the best TV analysts in any sport, not just football, who spent an entire career racking up trophies at Manchester United…. We welcomed GARY NEVILLE to the stage. We talked to Gary about mistakes he has made and how he has learned from them, how he lost and regained his confidence, and how his time as manager at Valencia impacted him personally and how he deals with managers now throwing his managerial career back at him. The Premier League has returned and Manchester United haven’t set the transfer market ablaze with big money signings. Ken asks Gary why, if they’re so brilliant at making money off the field, why United aren’t the biggest spending club in the world, and if they have their priorities all wrong? *Things get heated between Ken and Gary, Eoin gets dragged into it, the crowd get involved, strong opinions get aired. Plus there’s Pep showing the English how to play football, can Liverpool win the league, the Vieira Keane tunnel bust-up, the Wright Keane ITV bust-up, and we ask Gary “could anybody analyse those teams on telly?” It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you stand up and shout at your podcast device - its the 2018 Second Captains Premier League Night with Cadbury! Cadbury - Official Snack Partner of the Premier League
10/08/181h 21m

Ep 1232: Monaghan Make Semis, Fitzmaurice's Fan Fracture, Brogan Back, Alisson's Aviva - 06/08/18

The hardest working man in showbiz, Ken Early, has been working right through the Bank Holiday weekend. He soaked up the goodwill towards Alisson Becker in the Aviva stadium, pored over the latest transfer news, and admires Steven Gerrard's Rangers mindset. Monaghan mastermind Malachy O'Rourke has guided the county to their first senior All Ireland football semi final in 30 years, and the locals are starting to believe. Meanwhile things have gone sour very quickly in Kerry, culminating in the resignation of Kerry manager Eamonn Fitzmaurice. We talk to Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke about Kerry's fan fracture, measured Monaghan, phase 1 of Galway's All Ireland masterplan and the amazing return of Bernard Brogan from ACL surgery. Plus there's Courtois to Madrid, Bielsa's life lessons, and Eoin's cocktail class.
06/08/1847m 58s

Ep 1227: The Ascent Of Hurling, Limerick Refuse To Lose, Clare Can, Mullane's Spotify - 30/07/18

Hurling is no longer a sport, more a sneak preview of what the heavenly after-life will be like. Murph is apparently still walking in a daze around Croke Park, so we get Ken's thoughts on the sport of the Gods. Is this a freakish year, or has the sport got better? Can Clare win the replay? Is there anything Limerick can't do? And what's on John Mullane's Spotify playlist? Clare’s All-Ireland winning captain from 2013 Patrick Donnellan and Malachy Clerkin of The Irish Times talk to us about a magical weekend of action. Plus there's weeping journos, Shane Dowling's plea to fans, mystery audio and human VAR.
30/07/1844m 31s

Ep 1226: Jose's Job Security, Flog Pog, Neymar's Boy Inside, Wayne Finds Happiness - 30/07/18

The Premier League season starts on Friday week with Manchester United against Leicester, which is an interesting match-up because Jose Mourinho and Claude Puel are currently the first and second favourite managers to leave their jobs. Mourinho has spent much of pre-season complaining about the quality of the squad at his disposal and for once Ken has some sympathy with his position. If Manchester United aren't prepared to pay big money for the experienced players Jose wants, do they have to reconsider whether he is the right man for the job? Miguel Delaney joins us to analyse what is happening behind the scenes at United. Plus there's Neymar's boy inside, Wayne Rooney finds happiness and does positivity have any impact on outcome?
30/07/1845m 1s

Ep 1221: David Clifford Saves Football, Tiger's Heart, Molinari's Pressure Principle - 23/07/18

So it turns out those people writing off the Super 8s as a bad idea after one weekend might have been a little premature. It was a brilliant weekend of football, with pride of place going to David Clifford's injury time heroics to save Kerry from a second consecutive defeat. Oisin McConville and Micheal Quirke discuss Clifford's luminous display, Rory Beggan's kick-outs, and Eoin breathlessly reports from his excursion to Omagh for his beloved Dubs' 3-point win over Tyrone. We chat to Lawrence Donegan about Francesco Molinari's first major title for Italy yesterday at the British Open, and just how close we came to seeing Tiger write a story for the ages. Plus there's Dave Alred's pressure principle, so much for Free Derry, Galway's easy side of the draw, Tiger's kids, and Omagh forgetting to bring the Galatasaray.
23/07/1858m 54s

Ep 1220: Özil Drops The Mic, Karius Makes Plea To Humanity, Jose in Cali - 23/07/18

Mesut Özil has quit the German national team and issued a four-page statement that concludes "I will no longer be playing for Germany at international level whilst I have this feeling of racism and disrespect." The fact that arguably Germany's highest-profile sportsman no longer feels comfortable representing the national team makes this one of the biggest stories in Germany's sports history - a super-Saipan that dramatises the conflicts in Germany's increasingly fractious debate on immigration and cultural integration. After analysing Özil's lengthy statement, we are joined by Raphael Honigstein to discuss the resulting fall-out. Plus there's Jose in Cali and Karius' plea to humanity.
23/07/1858m 45s

Ep 1215: Mediocre 8's, Kerry Flounder, Dull Dublin, Limerick Leverage, Ken Train - 16/07/2018

The opening weekend of the All-Ireland Quarter-Final Group Stages, otherwise known as the Super 8s, was supposed to be, well... super. But that's not quite how it panned out. Can we blame Murph? It was overshadowed entirely by a six-goal World Cup final, and by Limerick's thrilling 2 point win over Kilkenny in the All-Ireland hurling quarter-final. Michael Duignan pays tribute to Limerick's new-look team, and to Kilkenny, who lost nothing in defeat but are now reduced to being a significant staging post in other teams' development. Oisin McConville and Mike Quirke join us to talk about wins for Tyrone, Dublin, Monaghan and Galway, and why we should probably withhold judgement until at least week 2 of this grand experiment. Plus there's Ken's latest travel woes, Dublin's two-finger salute, Oisin's travel-guide to the full Ulster GAA experience, and why we need more Lothar Matthaus in our lives.
16/07/1842m 25s

Ep 1214: La Gloire, Didier Deux, Putin's poodle, Ref Brain, Croatia Never Ever Die - 16/07/2018

Here ends a bizarre, uplifting, brilliant, outrageous World Cup - France are champions after a 4-2 win against Croatia, in a game where bafflingly they managed to play poorly for large stretches, and still win comfortably. Ken was there to witness Pogba, politicians and a penalty decision that shaped the game. For this latest VAR controversy, Ken peaks into the mind of the ref during the World Cup final. We speak to Philippe Auclair about this French team, their cautious, under appreciated, ridiculously-garlanded manager Didier Deschamps, and a beautiful 20 years of success. We talk to Dario Brentin in Zagreb about Croatian pride in defeat, Modric's perjury charges, and how politics has always been a murky force in their football, and will continue to be despite this magnificent month. Plus there's reaction on the streets of Dublin to the World Cup final, Vladimir Klitschko, Putin's poodle Conor McGregor, umbrellas, and Ken's team of the tournament.
16/07/181h 11m

Ep 1209: Irish Athletes Ask Euro Championships To Inspect The Damage, Super 8s, Galway Grow - 9/7/18

It was a brilliant weekend for the Irish girls at the European u-18 championships with four medals from three athletes, and some championship records and PB's to boot. Sarah Healy was the star of the show, winning a 1500/3000m double, but there was also gold in the 200m for Rhasidat Adeleke, and a silver for Sophie O'Sullivan, daughter of Sonia, in the 800m. Derval O'Rourke is in Finland at the World Under 20's and she tells us why we should both be excited and patient with this extraordinary new crop of potential stars. We ask where all this success has come from and what the path from underage to senior is like in athletics. Oisin McConville and Michael Foley join us to talk about the last round of qualifiers, and the annual post mortem on the Cork footballers - this year's looks particularly gruelling. Plus there's sprinter's choice, the Leinster hurling final replay, Sarah Healy asks Europe to inspect the damage, and Sonia the supportive, stressed-out mum.
09/07/1856m 6s

Ep 1208: Easy Breezy England, Harry's Head, Belgium Dazzle, Neymar Punchline - 09/07/18

It was, for a change, quite routine on Saturday afternoon (by England tournament knockout game standards) as a 2-0 win over Sweden saw them qualify for only their third ever World Cup semi-final, and their first since 1990. Ken is a journalist, and so is unmoved by those who would suggest that he's not exactly embracing this England team... even if news that he was watching "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" on Saturday night leaked out online. Jonathan Liew of The Independent in London and Rory Smith of the New York Times talk us through England's impressive win, Pickford magic and look ahead to their match against an increasingly leggy-looking Croatia. And we discuss Waddle's lip wobble, self aware Ross Kemp, Harry Maguire's slab-head, Stuart Barnes on Neymar, Richard Clayderman, and Didier Deschamps' "that'll do" management which has gotten them all the way to the World Cup semi-final.
09/07/1858m 59s

World Cup Everything, Penalty Positivity, Primeval Ken, Becker Republic

World Cup Everything, Penalty Positivity, Primeval Ken, Becker Republic by Second Captains
06/07/188m 1s

Ep 1202: Mbappé Takes The Torch, Russian Comfort, Limp Spain, Alpha Kasper - 02/07/2018

Another weekend, another barely believable series of storylines. We said goodbye to Messi AND Ronaldo on the same day, clearing the way for the supporting cast to take centre-stage. Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani are long-established in their own right, but Saturday felt like Kylian Mbappé's coming out party. We talk to Philippe Auclair about the French sensation who appeared in the football world apparently fully grown and self-assured. Ken was in the Luzhniki Stadium yesterday and spoke to Sid Lowe and Barney Ronay after Spain departed limply at the hands of the hosts. And today Ken speaks to us live from the cobblestones outside a boiling hot Samara Airport before heading to Brazil/Mexico, as he bemoans Mexican airplane etiquette, squashed sombreros, Cavani's cheekbone and Kasper Schmeichel's Zaire 1974 impersonation.
02/07/181h 5m

Ep 1203: Mayo's Story, Kildare Win Wars, Cork Belief, Cody Jape, Boris Becker Diplomacy - 02/07/2018

Mayo have illuminated the last decade of football, but they were dumped out of the championship last Saturday night when they lost a classic All-Ireland football qualifier to Kildare in Newbridge. Oisin McConville is in studio to talk about the structure that Mayo's players need in order to get them over the line, why they might not get that with this manager, and why they're still the GAA story of the decade. Michael Duignan is with us as well as we look back on the Munster and Leinster finals from yesterday, and the essential differences between hurling in the two provinces. Plus there's Cork's belief, Boris Becker's diplomatic immunity, and Kildare winning the battle and then winning the war.
02/07/1851m 30s

Argentina, Babushka, Fresh and So Clean, #SoccerIsPopular

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28/06/184m 25s

Ep 1197: Arlene In Clones, Provincial Landslides, Ireland Complete The Dream Down Under - 25/06/2018

Ulster final day is always pretty special, and Oisin McConville has been there for a few of them over the years. Leader of the DUP Arlene Foster was in Clones yesterday for her first, and we ask Oisin about the special significance of her decision to attend. Oisin and Mike Quirke cast their eye over the action on the field, as Dublin, Kerry and Donegal all completed routine provincial title wins. Shane Horgan joins us to talk about Ireland's dream rugby season - rounded off on Saturday morning with a gutsy series win against one of the Big Three Southern Hemisphere teams. We ask what's been learnt about Ireland's gameplans, and Ireland's players, on this tour? Plus there's Ryan McHugh's fly in a jam-jar impersonation, the potato-eaters' win over Phil "Crocodile" Kearns' men down under, and Felipe is on his way to educate Leinster!
25/06/1850m 15s

Ep 1196: Wild World Cup Weekend - Kroos Call For Germany, Swiss Hands, English Swagger - 25/06/2018

There may have been a few dissenting voices prior to this weekend, but be in no doubt now - this has been a brilliant World Cup. 27 goals in 6 games meant the tournament went turbo-charged in the last two days. Ken was on hand to see England's hammering of Panama Was he impressed? Raphael Honigstein tells us about the German reaction to Toni Kroos' impossible, magnificent last-minute goal to beat Sweden. And ahead of the last round of matches, we catch up with Oluwashina Okeleji as Nigeria's Super Eagles face Lionel Messi's Argentina. Plus there's Maurice Fitzgerald, sending referees to The Hague, and unflattering Second Captains player ratings.
25/06/1859m 48s

Ken in Russia, Laughing Gas, Bonus Pod

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21/06/184m 24s

Ep 1190: Ireland Learn And Win, Galway Into Super 8s, Connacht Spanner, Eddie's Future - 18/06/2018

Ep 1190: Ireland Learn And Win, Galway Into Super 8s, Connacht Spanner, Eddie's Future - 18/06/2018 by Second Captains
18/06/1848m 18s

Ep 1189: Brazil, Argentina, Germany Toil, Ronaldo Soars, Mexico Roars, England Darts - 18/06/2018

Ep 1189: Brazil, Argentina, Germany Toil, Ronaldo Soars, Mexico Roars, England Darts - 18/06/2018 by Second Captains
18/06/181h 4m

World Cup Trap, Ken The Samaritan, Spain Shenanigans, Super Eagles Fly

World Cup Trap, Ken The Samaritan, Spain Shenanigans, Super Eagles Fly by Second Captains
14/06/186m 18s

Ep 1184: GAA Survival Plan, Tipp And Waterford OUT, Ireland Lose, Ken's Presidential Time - 11/06/18

The All-Ireland hurling championship was always going to claim a few high-profile early exits, but it's still hard to believe that two of last year's All-Ireland semi-finalists, Tipperary and Waterford, are gone already. Michael Duignan is in studio to help us look back over Clare's seminal win over Tipperary in Thurles, and Kilkenny's ten-point turnaround against Wexford which saw them come back from the brink and land in a Leinster final. Shane Horgan watched Ireland against Australia, and has reasons to be cheerful despite the fact we got schooled in the air, at the breakdown and in contact. It's going to be an interesting week for Joe Schmidt, but Shane has a specific solution in mind for the threats posed by Folau, Beale and Pocock. Plus there's Ken's Presidential Time, the GAA's World Cup survival strategy, MO Salah goes down Grozny way, and bad news for Eddie Jones and his acolytes (Ken, for example).
11/06/1850m 5s

Ep 1183: RUSSIA 2018 PREVIEW EDITION - 11/06/18

Ken goes to Russia tomorrow battling accusations that he has been spreading orientalist brain-rot via the pages of the Irish Times. Has he anything to say for himself? Has Putin got to him? Then Tim Vickery and Jonathan Wilson join us for our big World Cup preview. After finding out their respective earliest World Cup memories we turn to what we can expect on the field. Can Brazil rescue the reputation of South American international football? Can Argentina shake off their fatalism and prove themselves worthy of Messi? Are Germany and Spain getting enough respect? What would Jonathan's Auntie Doris have made of it? And can England find a new way to disappoint? Getting ready for Russia, good luck!
11/06/181h 8m

James Lowe, King McGregor, Second Captains at the World Cup

James Lowe, King McGregor, Second Captains at the World Cup by Second Captains
07/06/186m 41s

Ep 1178: Why Do We Play, Watch, Love Sport - With David O’Doherty And Adam Hills At Cat Laughs

We were in Kilkenny at the Cat Laughs Festival this weekend, and took two of our favourite comedians, David O'Doherty and Adam Hills, for a walk on the mild side. With the World Cup starting in Russia in a few days and sports fans everywhere about to take a break from real life, we asked them why does sport get so much attention/love/hatred? David also has some breaking news on the Real Madrid job, Adam tells us about his Rugby League career, and we explain the Socceroos World Cup curse. Plus there’s Roseanne’s racism, the problem with gyms, and a very special live edition of Ken’s Champions League voice.
04/06/1835m 36s

Ep 1173: Carlow Can't Stop Winning, Tipp And Cork Classic, Galway Flex Their Muscle - 28/05/2018

At half-time in Thurles yesterday, it looked like Tipperary's hurling world was falling in around them. Nine points down, at home to Cork, and with the criticism of the previous week's defeat to Limerick still ringing in their ears they somehow managed to resurrect their season, coming back to draw a thriller. Michael Duignan and Malachy Clerkin were there, and join us to talk about that, Waterford's horror opener, and Murph reports from Pearse Stadium as Galway's physicality and superior skill finally wore down Kilkenny. The big story in the football championship was Carlow's brilliant win over Kildare, and we speak to their manager and Svengali, Turlough O'Brien about why this is important for Carlow's self-image as a county, beyond sport. Plus there's Ed Sheeran, Linford Christie, the death notices on Shannonside FM, and Sean Óg de Paor.
28/05/1852m 50s

Ep 1172: Champions League Heartbreak For Liverpool, The Essential Meaninglessness Of Life - 28/05/18

We expected a dramatic Champions League final, and it didn't disappoint. Real Madrid are three-in-a-row champions of Europe, and Liverpool are left to rue Loris Karius' extraordinary, unprecedented performance, and Mo Salah's first half injury. Ken was there for us, and saw Karius' horror display, and the greatest goal he's ever seen, in the flesh. There's also his thoughts on Sergio Ramos being the exact opposite of a master of the dark arts, and we get reaction from all quarters, including the European Judo Union. Ken spoke with Miguel Delaney, Jonathan Wilson and Mark Critchley in the stadium after the game, and we also have time to talk about Tana Umaga's tip tackle on Brian O'Driscoll, Gareth Bale's 'come and get me' plea, and how sport is cruel, God doesn't exist and the Champions League respects no moral code. HAPPY MONDAY EVERYBODY!!
28/05/181h 16m

Ep 1167: Hurling Championship Off To A Flyer, Leinster On The Double - 21/05/2018

The Leinster Championship was first into the fray last week, and with four games across both provincial round-robins yesterday, Eoin has called it - he's a big fan of the new-look All-Ireland hurling championship. We have Michael Duignan and former Tipperary legend Eoin Kelly in studio to talk about Cork and Limerick's opening day wins, and Dublin's second spirited display in seven days, which ends with them leaving empty-handed again. Will Tipperary's hurling public turn on their team, are Cork the real deal, and are Clare destined to forever lose close games? All issues up for debate on today's show. Plus we remember the day Ken met Haddaway, Jonno Gibbs is put on the spot, and we lament Munster Rugby's inability to pass which is perhaps a more vexed problem than they're willing to admit.
21/05/1844m 56s

Ep 1166: Chelsea Win FArewell Cup, Abramovich’s Visa, Jose’s Warrenball - 21/05/2018

Chelsea won the FA Cup but the future of the club looks uncertain, with question marks over the future of Antonio Conte, Eden Hazard and even Roman Abramovich, whose investor visa has not yet been renewed by the UK Foreign Office. Jonathan Wilson joins us to talk about what is likely to happen there over the summer, and whether Chelsea as we know them could weather the departure of their owner. We discuss the claims of Manchester United directors that the club's profitability is not affected by relative lack of success. Does success off the field really lead to success on the field, or is something getting lost in translation? Plus there’s the Portuguese Cup Final heroics, Iniesta’s beautiful battles, Ken’s scrapes, Team Willian, and did Jose Mourinho choose the wrong sport?
21/05/1856m 58s

Ep 1161: Leinster’s Plan Comes Together, Iron Ryan, Galway Win In Castlebar Again - 14/05/2018

Leinster are European champions for a fourth time after their gruelling 15-12 victory over Racing 92 in Bilbao on Saturday, bringing them level with Toulouse as the most-decorated team in northern hemisphere club rugby. Shane Horgan, Matt Williams and Gerry Thornley are all on hand to discuss how Leinster have managed to turn it around just 2 years after losing 5 from 6 in their pool and Johnny Sexton questioning the culture of the club. With a barely believable strength in depth, a huge fan base, an adaptable playing style, and a few more years left in Johnny Sexton, the future looks uncommonly bright all of a sudden. So the suggestion that Leo and Lancaster could take the reins with Ireland after RWC 2019 is the only foreseeable problem for Leinster. Murph had his first taste of WWE live action on Friday, he breathlessly tells us what "Delete, Delete" means, plus there’s iron Donnacha Ryan, The Swerve to Bath and Ken gives his views on child labour.
14/05/1849m 47s

Ep 1160: Season's Over, Game's Gone - 14/05/2018

Barcelona threw away the chance to complete an unbeaten season in La Liga by resting Lionel Messi to ensure his availability for a moneymaking midweek friendly in South Africa. Meanwhile, Manchester City reached the 100-point mark in the Premier League. Is it too early to say The Game's Gone? Also under discussion are Mauricio Pochettino's "shtones" challenge to Daniel Levy, and the fact that Mikel Arteta is now the favourite to take over Arsenal. We talk to Tariq Panja of the New York Times about some of the big changes that are being considered in football's future. FIFA have been presented with a radical new idea for the World Club Cup - what has been suggested, and who is behind it? Arsene Wenger says a European super league is "inevitable" - is he right? And what about a new threat to the TV money that financially underpins the game? Richard Keys and Andy Gray have thoughts...
14/05/181h 10m

Ken Early Rules The World, Eamon Magee, Champions Cup Preview

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10/05/187m 29s


Steven Gerrard has agreed to become the new manager of Rangers. Ken, who earlier today was exposed by his own sloppy journalism to the unforgiving nature of the Glasgow football rivalry, expresses his sympathies. Arsene Wenger left the Emirates for the last time as manager towing a six-litre keg of wine gifted to him by an appreciative press corps; meanwhile Chelsea are mounting a late charge for the Champions League after beating Klopp's Kop flops at Stamford Bridge. Have Liverpool lost their rhythm at the worst possible time, or are they just running on empty? Dermot Corrigan was in Barcelona to see the ten-man Spanish champions defend their unbeaten domestic record in a low-key end-of-season clasico. Are Real Madrid likely to change things up for the final against Liverpool? Plus there's the return of Nesbittwatch...
07/05/1857m 49s

Ep 1149: Friends Become Enemies, Enemies Become Friends - 30/04/2018

In football nothing lasts forever, neither grudges, nor coaching mind-melds. Over the weekend Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho posed for a friendly picture on the sideline at Old Trafford, while Zeljko Buvac, Jurgen Klopp's "Brain", surprisingly left his role at Anfield - at least for now - on the eve of the Champions League semi-final second-leg. Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri is also clinging to the line that nothing lasts forever because it seems that Juventus' domination of Serie A is an exception. After an astonishing, yet also grimly predictable weekend of results, it sounds as though everyone involved in Italian football could do with a break to cool down. Kieran Canning joins us to discuss the state of the Old Firm rivalry. Is it possible to enjoy winning a one-horse race over and over again? Have Rangers fans learned to laugh at themselves? And can Steven Gerrard turn things around at Ibrox?
04/05/181h 8m

Liverpool In The CL Final, Murph's Mammy, Stephen Rochford On Being Called A Donkey

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03/05/185m 42s

Ep 1150: Ulster's New Head Coach, Katie Wins World Title But Not Fair Share Of Attention - 30/04/18

Ulster Rugby couldn't get the bonus point win against Munster that would have given them a sniff at a Pro14 playoff place, and now face a battle to even qualify for next year's Champions Cup. Shane Horgan give us his view on a turbulent, depressing season for them, the arrival of their new head coach Dan McFarland, and John Muldoon's emotional send-off at the Sportsground on Saturday. Katie Taylor unified world titles in the ring in Brooklyn on Saturday night, but judging by the online reaction as it happened, there weren't many watching at home in Ireland. Michael Foley of The Sunday Times tries to figure out why her achievements still aren't capturing our imagination as a country. Plus there's Ken feeling disrespected, showboater's guilt, and the pride of the Arabian world.
30/04/1853m 40s

Ep 1144: Leinster Stroll Through To European Cup Final, Munster Monstered By Racing - 23/04/2018

Leinster marched imperiously through to a first European Rugby Cup final since 2012 on Saturday, but Munster failed to complete the Irish double after a massively disappointing semi-final defeat to Racing 92 in Bordeaux yesterday - European Cup winners Shane Horgan and Barry Murphy assess the weekend's action. Are Munster just not good enough, or was Sunday a case of some really poor individual performances? Whatever the reason, it was a desperately disappointing display, and a sixth straight semi-final defeat since their last final appearance in 2008. Leinster on the other hand were exceptional against the Scarlets, and are now firm favourites to win a fourth European Cup. We analyse just how effectively they utilise all the various weapons at their disposal. Plus there's Scott Quinnell, Ken's travelling travails, bums in dressing-rooms, Simon gives James Ryan some gym advice, and fans give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back.
23/04/1846m 27s

Ep 1143: Arsene Questions the Fanbase - 23/04/2018

It was a good weekend for Mo Salah, Ander Herrera, Olivier Giroud and Napoli, and a bad one for Shane Long, Declan Rice, Harry Kane and Mauricio Pochettino. We discuss the weekend of glowing tributes to Arsene Wenger, and what they have tended to leave out. What kind of manager should Arsenal go for after Arsene? John Brewin joins us to discuss Wenger's remarks after yesterday's match expressing disappointment with the failure of Arsenal fans to portray an appropriate image of unity to the club's global fanbase. Might this suggest that Wenger is somewhat... out of touch? And we talk to Jack Pitt-Brooke about whether Spurs can be said to have bottled the Cup semi-final against Manchester United. And what are we to make of Mauricio Pochettino's repeated references to "another coaching staff" possibly being at Spurs in the not-too-distant future?
23/04/181h 6m

Bye Bye Wenger: SC Breaking News Special for Arsene

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20/04/184m 33s

Ep 1137: Are Man City Happy, The Greatest PL Team Of All Time, Salah Days - 16/04/18

Manchester City have won the league and sponsors Etisalat have saluted the achievement with one of the great football videos. We comb through the many "How City Did It" stories in today's papers and talk to Howard Hockin of the 93:20 podcast. When Pep asks his players a question, is he always expecting an answer? And if setting a points record would not necessarily be enough to establish City as the best Premier League team of all time, then which team deserves that distinction? Jose Mourinho gave Paul Pogba another rocket after Manchester United lost 1-0 to West Brom. Can the two of them afford to take the chance that everything will work itself out in their third season together? Plus there's Pep's refusal to compromise, I am Gigi Buffon, Rafa madness, Salah days, and where should the Player of the Year award end up?
16/04/181h 8m

Ep 1138: The Extraordinary Life And Sad Death Of Andre The Giant, Conor Murray Safari - 16/04/2018

It was Eoin McDevitt's birthday last week, and since he's not on Facebook, we all obviously neglected to get him anything. So it is no coincidence that today, our entire pod is dedicated to the life and work of the Eighth Wonder of the World, and li'l Eoin's favourite wrestler. "Andre The Giant" is the subject and the title of a brilliant new HBO documentary, and we speak to the show's producer Matt Maxson about Andre's amazing life, his Olympian drinking, his deep-rooted unhappiness, and the gilded cage that his gigantic frame came to represent. We also discuss the best two weeks of Conor Murray's life, the funniest book of all time, and Eoin's favourite Samuel Beckett story.... Happy Eoin McDevitt Day everyone!
16/04/1838m 0s

Champions League On The World Service: Bald Frauds, Ronaldo, Buffon, Liverpool & The Rest

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12/04/185m 28s

Ep 1132: Patrick Reed - The Most Hated Man In Golf, Kilkenny Ruthless In League Win - 09/04/2018

Patrick Reed won his first major title last night at the US Masters, seeing off a seriously off-colour Rory McIlroy, and rather more serious challenges from his American compatriots Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. But why does everyone dislike him so much? Golf writer Lawrence Donegan joins us to explain the complicated backstory, from allegations of cheating during college, to arrests, arrogance and family drama. Michael Duignan said in February that Kilkenny wouldn't win another All-Ireland under Brian Cody - Michael is in studio today wondering if he might live to regret that remark. We look back on their crushing league final win over Tipperary yesterday. Plus there's another year of Masters betting woes, Rory's caddy, and a few bars of Ken's favourite song to swim along to...
09/04/1854m 28s

Ep 1131: Pogba Pops Pep - 09/04/2018

As one bald fraud to another, Eoin McDevitt has pity for Pep's pain. Saturday was a good day for the Hairy Man, who heaped indignity upon the Smooth Man. Is there still hope of redemption for City after their nightmare week? As for the matchwinner Paul Pogba, where has this player been until now? And can we expect to see more of him in the future? We analyse the game with Jonathan Wilson: why have Pep's teams developed this unfortunate habit of conceding several goals in several minutes? And Kieran Canning reports on City's mood from their pre-Champions League press conference.
09/04/1858m 13s

Ep 1126: Leinster And Munster March On, Dublin Secure Another Title, Dele Alli Painting - 02/04/2018

So it's never happened before, but after this weekend a first Munster-Leinster European Rugby Cup final is looking perhaps more likely than at any previous stage in this competition's history. Matt Williams and Gerry Thornley talk us through Leinster and Munster's thrilling wins over Saracens and Toulon, who between them had shared the last 5 titles. From Andrew Conway's miracle run, to Dan Leavy's almost supernatural performance in the back-row, it was an exceptional weekend of Irish rugby. Oisin McConville is in studio to tell us how Dublin have managed to keep the show running despite blooding another batch of young players, and we all think it's time we started to take Galway seriously as contenders. Plus there's Dele Alli's Renaissance painting, not being able to hit your driver, and Conor Murray in the boardroom.
02/04/181h 5m

BONUS EPISODE 1124: Belfast Rape Trial, Sexual Consent, Dressingroom Culture

**NOTE: Our members have requested that this podcast be made free-to-air and we're happy to do so. This was initially a World Service members-only show broadcasted first on 29th of March 2018. The podcast was re-published for all today, the 30th of March. For independent, member-led journalism like this in the future, please join the Second Captains World Service. Enjoy the show and thanks to all our members as always for their support.** The 'not guilty' verdicts in the Belfast rape trial yesterday sent shockwaves across the country.  It was described on national television last night as 'one of the most high profile trials in the history of this island', and today we discuss the fall-out from it, and the lessons sport - and wider society - can learn. Sinead O’Carroll of and Richie Sadlier are in studio to discuss the privilege of sportsmen, and their attitudes to women. Is the dressing room a breeding ground for toxic masculinity? And we ask what can be done to educate young people, particularly young men, about sex and sexual consent.
30/03/1855m 41s

Ep 1121: Andy Moran On Mayo's Survival Act, Wexford Beat Galway, Dublin Under Gilroy - 26/03/2018

Mayo needed a win or a draw against Donegal in Ballybofey yesterday, and by hook or by crook, a draw is what they got. We talk to Footballer Of The Year Andy Moran about Kevin McLoughlin's wonder point to save their bacon, why their league form has been so patchy, and what we can do to get cynicism in the final moments of a game out of the sport for good. We also speak to Michael Duignan and Malachy Clerkin about the weekend's hurling, which saw Wexford inflict a first defeat in knockout hurling since 2016 on Galway, and Pat Gilroy's Dublin endure another long day of learning at the hands of Tipperary in Croke Park. Plus there's Ken Loach's views on a united Ireland, human fallibility, and Ken (Early) vows to track down the missing Lord of Ana Livia, Diarmuid Connolly.
26/03/1851m 38s

Ep 1120: Rice, Rugby, Russia - 26/03/2018

An international football weekend with almost no international football on the actual weekend means that today we are forced to discuss whether rugby really is the heartbeat of the race, as some rugby pundits compulsively insist after every big rugby victory. If the oval ball game has displaced all other sports in the affections of the people, why do Irish viewers prefer Mrs. Brown's Boys? After we speak about some of the international action, Emmet Malone joins us to talk about Declan Rice's impressive international debut and ponder whether he really is locked down for the team.
26/03/1846m 44s

Paul Kimmage with Richie Sadlier, The Podcast That Made People Call Their Dad

What are you waiting for? Go and listen to this interview on the Second Captains World Service. Join us at
22/03/186m 38s

Ep 1115: Ireland Are 2018 Grand Slam Champions! Sean Cronin On Our Mission Accomplished - 19/03/2018

For just the third time in our history, Ireland are 6 Nations Grand Slam champions. And this one was in a style that brooked no argument - from the moment Le Drop found it's way over the crossbar in Paris Ireland were the best team in the championship, accomplished front-runners, comfortable wearers of the favourites' tag and worthy champions. Sean Cronin gave us that image of a bruised and beaten Mike Brown sitting on the Twickenham turf with three minutes to go - a fine, last-ditch tackle extinguishing the last faint hope of an English comeback, and Sean joins us on the show to tell us about his worst ever bout of pre-match nerves, post-match joy and meeting Shane Ross. And Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley are on hand again to salute this fine Irish team, smokin’ Joe Schmidt, and talk about why the 2009 Grand Slam was the end of a journey, and this year can be the start of one. Plus there’s Tadhg the magnificent, Jacob and the young un’s, how to Borg the All Blacks, why Le Drop is different to every other moment in Irish sports history, and have Ireland outgrown European rugby…
19/03/181h 4m

Ep 1114: There Will Be Blood - 19/03/2018

Many managers have spoken about the risks of criticising players in public. The players know when they've messed it up, they say. No need to labour the point, they say. Keep the criticism behind closed doors, they say. As his treatment of Luke Shaw demonstrates, Jose Mourinho takes a different view. But why? Is there a higher purpose to this, beyond making it clear that certain squad members will be available this summer at a discount price? Jonathan Wilson joins us to analyse Mohamed Salah's sensational form. Why should many wide forwards now be scoring more goals than orthodox strikers? What does the ideal false nine look like? And now that Liverpool's attacking set-up is paying off so brilliantly, will other clubs copy the template?
19/03/1849m 55s

Eddie Jones Exclusive, Vincent Browne, Paul Kimmage & Michael Cheika

Now that's a week on the Second Captains World Service. Join us at
15/03/186m 38s

Ep 1109: Ireland Chase Grand Slam, Schmidt Wins 3 In 5 Years, Eddie Jones Unravels - 12/03/2018

It's our fifth birthday, and it's celebrations all-round as we begin a massive week for the Irish rugby rugby team this Monday afternoon. Ireland are 4 wins from 4 games, scoring 17 tries in the process, and are now just a win in Twickenham away from a third Grand Slam in our history - so why are there still a few lingering questions surrounding our style? We talk to Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley about the room for improvement still in this Irish team, the difference between peace-time rugby and war-time rugby, and why 3 Championships in 5 years might be more satisfying than a one-off Grand Slam. Whatever about the lingering issues in Irish minds, the English team appear to be unravelling in a cycle of negativity, tiredness on the field, and excuses off it - is the Eddie Jones honeymoon well and truly over?
12/03/1844m 55s

Ep 1108: 5 Years, LFC Get Mourinhoed, Campbell's Thriller - 12/03/2018

It's the fifth birthday of Second Captains and we'll be bringing you some special interviews over the next month to mark the occasion - But first Eoin wants to know whether Ken is going to give Jose Mourinho the credit he deserves after a trademark tactical masterclass saw Manchester United crush Liverpool. Some LFC fans were spitting venom afterwards, others spitting mere saliva. Meanwhile things have got extremely shambolic at West Ham United, where the crowd apparently caught in five minds over whether to cheer, boo, invade the pitch, fight or throw coins at the owners, decided to do all five. Alastair Campbell has published a Troubles-themed thriller set in the world of 1970s football. We're joined in studio by Seamas O'Reilly, the world's foremost authority on the novels of Steve Bruce, to see if Campbell's book is any better than Bruce's. We also discuss what Seamas made of Michael O'Neill's comments on the FAI pursuing Irish internationals born north of the border.
12/03/181h 2m

Ep 1103: Team Sky Reputation In Tatters, Scotland's 2010 Win At Croke Park - 05/03/2018

The Big Snow of 2018 is over, and after a weekend of sport denuded by the weather, we still have plenty to chew on this Monday afternoon. Team Sky, David Brailsford and Bradley Wiggins stand indicted again after the release of a report by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select parliamentary committee which outlines how Team Sky gamed the anti-doping rules to help their riders. Jeremy Whittle of The Times joins us to talk about the reputational damage done to everyone involved in Team Sky on the back of this damning report. Jim Hamilton was on the last Scottish team to win in Dublin, in 2010, and he talks to us about Scotland's woeful away form, Ireland's imposing home form, and why that doesn't necessarily mean this Saturday is a foregone conclusion. Plus there's smoking guns, the team GB tide of public opinion, and Mumford and Sons.
05/03/1845m 18s

Ep 1102: Glenn's Gaffe, Conte's Crime, Arsene's Analogy - 05/03/2018

MY lapel badge is apolitical. YOUR lapel badge is a political statement. The FA chief executive Martin Glenn has already apologised for appearing to bracket the Star of David as an offensive symbol alongside the emblems of ISIS and Nazi Germany, but was some kind of mess inevitable given the FA's confused policy on what is and isn't a political symbol? It feels as though the Premier League is falling out of love with Antonio Conte. The Chelsea manager has been accused of a "crime against football" by Jamie Redknapp for setting up in a 5-5-0 formation at Eastlands. Is there any sense in which Conte deserves this? Once again we turn our attention to the rotting carcass of Arsenal. Is Rio Ferdinand correct that this is the worst Arsenal team of his lifetime, or is it time to give Glenn Murray the credit he deserves? Miguel Delaney joins us to analyse the fallout from City v Chelsea. Is there a pattern to Gary Neville's occasional splenetic outbursts when he disapproves of a team's performance? And what do Pep's employers think of his ribbon stance?
05/03/1855m 14s

Ep 1097: Ireland Beat Wales To Keep Grand Slam Alive, Man Sent Off For No Gumshield - 26/02/2018

Ireland are three games in, and are still on course for a Grand Slam. And after another hugely enjoyable weekend of Six Nations rugby, certainly the championship appears well within our grasp. Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley talk us through Ireland's roller-coaster 37-27 win over Wales, with plenty of errors as well as sparkling, physical rugby to consider. And with James Ryan, Jacob Stockdale and Chris Farrell all starring, we consider what might be one of Ireland's biggest ever lineups. We talk to Tom English of BBC Scotland about that wonderful win for the home team in Murrayfield that leaves us within touching distance of securing the championship with a weekend to spare, and we also discuss Eoin Doyle's sending off for Kildare... for not wearing a gum shield.
26/02/1857m 49s

Ep 1096: Red Rom, Yellow Ribbons, Jealous Hearts - 26/02/2018

Ken's absence last week has led some listeners to wonder whether an automated Ken-3000 replacement could be commissioned to cover future time off, remixing and replaying the vast library of past Jose Mourinho commentary. Ken adds some new clips to the algorithm's memory cache with a dramatic U-turn. Chelsea are now struggling to get back into the race for Champions League qualification. Has Antonio Conte forgotten that motivation is about more than simply telling your players what to do? Does Scott McTominay have the potential to be a fixture in the Manchester United team? Is there anything new to say about Arsenal? And how will the yellow ribbon stand-off between Pep Guardiola and the FA play out? Jonathan Wilson and John Brewin join us to analyse. Meanwhile Diego Torres' reports on the goings-on at PSG have assumed the same place in the culture as Dallas occupied in the 80s. We crank his latest despatch through Google Translate.
26/02/181h 12m

Ep 1091: Ireland Managers Past And Future, Sid Lowe on Barca V Chelsea - 19/02/2018

Richie Sadlier joins Eoin and Murph in studio to talk about how football management can be an emotional business. When Ipswich took the lead against local rivals Norwich on Saturday, Mick McCarthy couldn't resist having a go at his own fans. Is there ever a right time to shoot back at the same people who have been criticising you for months? On reflection, probably not... but it doesn't mean it doesn't feel really good while you're doing it. We also praise the job Chris Hughton is doing as he leads Brighton to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and analyse his potential to be the next Ireland manager. Plus Sid Lowe joins us to wax lyrical about Andres Iniesta before he returns to Stamford Bridge, the site of his favourite goal-not-scored-in-the-World-Cup-final goal.
19/02/1834m 11s

Ep 1090: Winter Olympics Wow, Luge Life, Michael Duignan On Home Advantage In Hurling - 19/02/2018

Without the burden of knowledge or insight, and freed from the pressure of expectation of Irish medals, the 2018 Winter Olympics has been a non-stop fun-a-thon in Second Captains HQ. Sinead O'Carroll, news editor with The Journal, told us on the World Service ten days ago why she spurns sleep in order to follow the Games, and she's in studio today to talk over all the hurt, heartbreak and heroics. If your sole focus is winning the All-Ireland, is it okay to throw your hat at the league? That's the question we ask Michael Duignan, as Waterford lost their third game in a row on Sunday. Clare are a study in contrast, and he picks one county out as a team that could win the league, and use it as a springboard for success in the summer. Plus there's Murph's biased local commentary experience, and the spectacle of watching an athlete go through the entire span of human emotional experience on television.
19/02/1851m 52s

Ep 1085: Ireland Annihilate Italy, Furlong And Henshaw Injuries, We Love Keith Earls - 12/02/2018

Ireland remain on track for the Grand Slam after their fully-expected 56-19 win over Italy, but what happened that we didn't expect? Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley give us their thoughts on week 2 of this year's Six Nations championship. Tadhg Furlong and Robbie Henshaw going down injured certainly wasn't in the play-book, and the expected stern Italian resistance for the first 60 minutes didn't materialise either. We also didn't see the impact of the Irish bench that we expected, but is that to be expected when the game is over after 20 minutes? We also salute Owen Farrell's almost perfect performance for England, rate the threat posed by doughty Wales, and discuss why the relationship between the IRFU and the Irish media appears to be at an all-time low. Plus - Eoin explains why he loves Keith Earls, Simon has an idea for livening up Ireland/Italy games, and we salute our skating-to-work Dutch listeners.
12/02/1849m 53s

Ep 1084: Peace On Earth And Goodwill To All, Except Pogba, Conte Victim Of His Success - 12/02/2018

It was an amazing weekend for the King of the Golf but a bad one for Chris Smalling who finds himself serving as the Manchester United 'Pinata of the Week'. Jose Mourinho debuted a new magnanimous personality at St. James' Park but there is one person on whom the sunbeams of his warmth do not fall: his superstar midfielder Paul Pogba. Hooked twice in less than two weeks with United losing: is this war? Meanwhile Antonio Conte has explained that he is a victim of his own success at Chelsea: the club don't cooperate on transfers because he is too good at working with the players he already has. Jonathan Wilson joins us to discuss the North London derby, and the increasing hostility between football clubs and the journalists who the clubs have increasingly come to see as competitors.
12/02/181h 9m

BONUS WORLD SERVICE EPISODE: Ep 1077 George Gibney Case 25 Years On

This is a special World Service episode that we feel everyone should hear so we've made it available to all. World Service members will be familiar with our recent coverage of the extraordinary events in a Michigan courtroom, where the victims of ex-USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar finally had the opportunity to stand up to their abuser in court. It’s the sort of justice that’s long been denied to the alleged victims of George Gibney, the ex-Ireland swimming coach. It’s almost 25 years since Gibney was charged with 27 counts of indecent assault and carnal knowledge of young swimmers. Those charges were later quashed, Gibney moved to America, and he’s remained there ever since, but new information has emerged that has resulted in a fresh push for justice. It’s a push being led by Maureen O’Sullivan TD who joined us on the show today, along with the Sunday Times journalist Justine McCarthy, author of Deep Deception: Ireland’s Swimming Scandals.
07/02/1838m 39s

Ep 1079: Le Drop, Sexton Transcends, Irish Flaws, Super Bowl Celebrations in Philly - 05/02/2018

With the clock entering the 83rd minute, things were looking extraordinarily bleak for Ireland. And then, from 42 metres out, with one swing of his right boot, Johnny Sexton reignited Ireland's Championship hopes and gave us a memory to savour from week one of the 2018 Six Nations. Denis Hickie and Shane Horgan were just as impressed as the rest of us by Sexton's steely resolve in the dying moments, and were mightily relieved that his piece of magic gives us the chance to work on the deficiencies in our game that so nearly cost us dear. Gerry Thornley of The Irish Times is still in Paris and gives us a flavour of the French reaction. There's also drop goal hipsters, police scanner highlights as Philadelphia celebrate their first Super Bowl win, and HIA shenanigans.
05/02/1857m 45s

Ep 1078: Step Off Salah and Wanyama, Step Up Moss and Smart - 05/02/2018

Yesterday, after Crystal Palace drew 1-1 with Newcastle, Roy Hodgson laid down some truth... With Roy's words in mind, we try to spend as little of today's show as possible discussing the penalty decisions at Anfield, as some other things happened besides. ('As little of today's show as possible' still equals a lot of time discussing those decisions). Rory Smith of the New York Times joins us to talk about touchline misconduct, and whether Liverpool currently have much to offer beyond the sensational goalscoring form of their top man Mohamed Salah.
05/02/1857m 55s

What You Missed On The World Service This Week: World Cup Champions

Eoin and Ken give you a rundown on what you missed on the world service this week with some help from US Murph, Shane Horgan, Matt Williams, Millie and Gareth Edwards. Join now at
02/02/184m 26s

Ep 1073: Kerry's Kids Are Alright, Top-Heavy Footballers Of Ireland, Post-Prime Fed - 29/01/2018

The National Leagues are back, and first-day drama came mostly from Killarney, where Kerry pulled out a dramatic last-minute win against Donegal with a team full of fresh-faced young guns. Micheal Quirke and Oisin McConville are back in tandem to talk us through the major issues, including teams that are jaded in January, footballers who have over-dosed on the weights this winter, and the Dubs getting back in the swing. Roger Federer won the Australian Open on Sunday so we talk to the AMAZING Luke Jensen of ESPN about why he still holds the whip hand over tennis' bright young things. Plus there's Michael Lyster, Ken's theory as to why all our best current sportspeople are the best sportspeople there will EVER be, and we debut an exciting and mean-spirited new slot called "Shame The Spongers".
29/01/1858m 39s

Ep 1072: Pep’s Handcuffs, ControVARsy, Buying Aubameyang, FA Cup Tropes - 29/01/18

A growing number of Manchester United fans are peeved that Pep is getting a pass from the lamestream media despite his increasingly histrionic touchline behaviour. Does the City boss deserve condemnation for his latest display at Cardiff over the weekend? A terrific game at Anfield was overshadowed by controversy over VAR. We try to unpick the problems with a system that puts all the responsibility for calling in video replays on the referees themselves. Raphael Honigstein joins us to analyse Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's move to Arsenal. Is Dortmund's buy-young sell-young business model compatible with a successful club culture? And what can we learn from the German experience with VAR? Plus there’s FA Cup tropes, Roy’s ticket, Germany’s appeal and being Neil Warnock.
29/01/1853m 24s

What You Missed On The World Service: Shane Duffy

Join us now at Come on! The Gang's All Here.
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